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    The Lunatic Ginge steps up to the Podium and gets far too close to the microphone. Testing! 1,2,3! Is this thing on?! Ok cool! ESPN.com - Ginge, what made you come back to wrestling, and why now? Well, I just put on 2 pounds last week so I thought, what could I do to lose weight, then I realised. WRESTLING. Plus my buddy Bails needed an extra pair of fists. NoDQ.com - Will we see you stay with the company beyond Survivor Series, or does that depend of your performances in your upcoming matches? I'm washing my hair the night after Survivor Series so I can't stay past then. I never cancel Hair Wash Day. WrestlingInc.com - Does facing the Intercontinental Champ on your first night back scare you in any way? Now let me get this straight, there are only 2 things that scare me in this world, Outward Belly Buttons & Babies. Man they freak me out! Their heads are too big for their little bodies!!! FOX Sports - Ginge, do you have any words for Bart before you face off at Redemption? My momma said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Oh and she also said actions speak louder than words so ... Suddenly Ginge darts for Bart and he tackles him to the ground and gets a few good shots on the face of the Intercontinental Champion before Bailey can separate the two and moves Ginge to the other side of the stage. Ginge, still riled up starts destroying the set, tables and chairs that were laid out for this press conference until everything has been overturned except one solitary chair. Ginge spots it out of the corner of his eye, lifts the chair high above his head and .... Lightly places it down on its side. Ginge then wanders backstage followed by a slightly worried Bailey after that strange performance by The Lunatic Ginge.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    The phone rang in the kids hotel room. He was in the middle of sleeping considering it was 3 AM. Who the hell was this? Brenden: "Wake up! It's Brenden Dammit!" The Kid scrambled and sat up in bed. The Kid: "Mr.Playz. What can I do for you sir?" Brenden: I've just back from a meeting in Canada with Owen Hart. I've never met such a disrespectful punk in my life! I can't believe I agreed to sign him!" The Kid: "But Sir..." Brenden: "No buts dammit! Owen can kiss my ass!" The Kid: "I'm so sorry sir." Brenden: "And as for you...." The Kid stopped, he could hear apparent laughing in the background. Brenden, or so he thought was Brenden, tried to continue but he broke out laughing himself, sounding nothing like Brenden. No one could misplace the voices and laughter of Jason Ryan and Necce. Jason Ryan: "I can't keep this up! Relax Kid! It's just me Jason and The Flock are here as well! I told you he'd fall for it guys!" Necce: "Sorry kid, Kyle Reeves insisted." Kyle Reeves: "No hard feelings kid? Come down to the bar and I'll buy you a drink." The Kid: "Thanks for the offer Mr. Reeves but I'm not much of a drinker." Kyle Reeves: "Oh man, now you're making me feel bad. Just come down for a few solid minutes and let me say hi to the kid who got me a job." Kyle had a real soft tone in his voice, The Kid had really no choice. The Kid: "OK guys, 5 minutes" The Kid had a blase with the Flock and Kyle for more than 5 minutes. One by one they all went to bed as The Kid sat there beaming to himself. The next day, the Kid got to the arena at the crack of noon. That was 3 hours late. He swore that he'd never drink again, well at least till the next time. Ross: "Nice of you to join us kid." The Kid: "I'm sorry guys, I never usually drink like this." Smith: "Relax kid, we've all been there. Brenden isn't here yet and he doesn't need to know. So I take it you had a good night?" The Kid: "Yeah...i think so. I can't really remember much." Smith: "Ahhh the mark of a truly good bender. Who was out?" The Kid: "Jason, Necce, Mark, Buddy and Kyle." Ross broke out laughing for whatever reason. Ross: "Woah what happened to Sirs and Misters? You must be moving up in the world." The Kid: "Sorry Mr. Ross." Ross: "I'm just yanking your chain kid. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. So listen, back to business, Flynn told me about your meeting with Brenden." Suddenly, the Kid's hangover was the smallest of his problems. The Kid: "I can't believe Brenden wants me to do this. Why did I agree to this?" Smith: "Don't beat yourself up about it. There's worse things he could've asked you to do, believe me when I say that." The Kid: "But I ain't met anyone who has a bad word to say about Angelo. I can't help but feel guilty." Bailey piped up for the first time today. Bailey: " Good. I'm glad you feel guilty kid. You know, that proves to us all that you're gonna be a better booker than all of us one day. It's only human to feel regret and yeah Caito's an okay guy but this is the business. Look we all saw his run in on LAOCH, Brenden was right, it was embarassing. Now you might not agree with his methods but Brenden always gets results. Angelo knows what he did was wrong and he's gonna get punished cause of it. He'll get over it and so will you." The Kid: But why bury him? Why give him a bad gimmick? You could just release him or take him off the air." Bailey: "Brenden knows Angelo could probably make a splash elsewhere so he won't release him. Give him a bad gimmick and start jobbing him out and he starts putting other people over. I've known Angelo for some time now, there's no one who is gonna make a gimmick his own more than him. He doesn't really care what you give him, he's gonna do his darn'dst to make things work. So...what you got in mind. The Kid: "Well...... I was thinking....."
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    Contract Signing

    Ginge sarcastically pleads with Bailey to give him a Microphone & Bailey obliges and Ginge smiles and does a little hop like he's a kid on Christmas. "Barticus. How nice of you to join us in, wait Bailey where are we? Oh it doesn't matter, all that matters is you're here Bart. Every second passes we draw ever closer to Redemption, are you excited? cos I'm excited. I'm excited to get back to what I do best that's clean the trash, are you are most definitely trash. Now don't get me wrong, you are talented trash, you wouldn't be holding that belt otherwise, but trash nonetheless. I wanted you to come out here so I could get a good look at ya, to see you into your eyes, into your soul. And what I see is a dark & twisted soul. I like that. And I see a soul & a person that is overconfident. I like that too. I know you have every right to be confident, but you're looking past me to Survivor Series already. People who look past me end up on the ground looking up at the lights. Just ask anyone who was here when I was, I was always underestimated, until I joined Evolution. It took me rolling with 2 CERTIFIED HALL OF FAMERS, to realise that the Lunatic wasn't just a joke, he had some skills. So I'm warning you, don't look past me, don't underestimate me, because if you do, it will be your downfall. Good luck at Redemption." Ginge stars deeply and menacingly at Bart, and it doesn't even seem like he's blinking.
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    A loud laughter blasts loudly throughout the arena as Willow's way plays and Hollow walks out to the table. With an Umbrella in hand and Hollow is wearing a suit! Still in his mask and face paint but Hollow is in a suit. In his other hand is another mask just like his. Hollow takes his seat and lays the mask right out in front of him. Hollow, "Echo, Echo, Echo, how easily have you forgotten what happened at Backlash. There was no tricks, Hollow fought you without any tricks, while still broken and battered from the the biggest match that started the year inside the Unsanctioned Zone with your pal Julius. The next week we faced you and there were no tricks only Hollow. How is Julius by the way? Have you asked him about what truth Hollow said. Hollow told you the truth you needed to hear. Your so called friend doesnt want you to win. He wants you to fail and Hollow will make it so. But anyway you arent here to answer Hollow's questions. Hollow is hear to answer these Patrons of questions. Now ask away but be warn, you anger Hollow he will put you in a box and send you to who knows where!" First to Question Hollow s the representative from the commentaries. Daniel Daniels, "So at redemption this is your first match for the Universal Championship. You have faced the champion Echo Wilson before you had both won and lost to him earlier this year. Is this title match any different then your battles with Echo in the past?" Hollow, "Hollow has beaten Echo earlier that is true but he never was beaten by Echo. Hollow beat Echo for the Premium Champion back at Backlash. Then Blade lost it back to Echo. As for your true question let Hollow answer you with his truth. This match will be on a whole different level then what happened in the other matches this year. The prize is different and what is in store is so much greater than what we can put together with words. You will have to see at Redemption to watch the spectacle of this main event that Fourteen finally allowed to come to the light. Next question," Next question comes from Smark Daily's Deco Wilson. As Deco spoke Hollow stares right at him almost staring a hole right through him. Deco Wilson, "Mister Hollow, a question from Smark's daily. Do you believe is there any chance that Echo Wilson is right and you will lose at Redemption?"" Hollow, "Interesting question Mister Wilson. We hate your last name by the way. Makes you sound like Echo. As for your question, does Hollow believe there is a chance? The truth to that question is the same thing Hollow has been saying. Hollow will be the Universal champion after Redemption. So those chances of Echo winning are none. Brave question Mister Wilson. Especially after what happened to commentaries' very own Mike Hunt but Hollow isnt Necce so you are safe for now. Anyhow next question!" The Third question now from the ESPN representative Dave Johnson Dave Johnson, "We have a question from ESPN...." Hollow, "No," Dave Johnson, "Um.." Hollow, "No to ESPN next. Maybe Free agents corner" Hollow shuts down any questions from Dave Johnson and points at Gary Green with the umbrella Gary Green, "Um Hollow, I had a question in store for you but I have to ask what's with that mask you have with you that you brought to the table?" Hollow smiles before answering then picks up the mask. Hollow, "Ah this, a mark to bestow upon the victims that lose and get beaten. This one is for Mister Wilson. Not Deco, don't worry Hollow will not turn you into his next victim. This is for Echo Wilson. Hand picked for when we decimate him and leave him broken in the ring. In the front row guests of his fellow Kingdom members hopefully in the seats Hollow provided for them. Hollow will do what he did to the last two victims. Echo will be left laying in the ring with the mark left on him as reign is burned down by Hollow." Hollow sits back in his chair and laughs to himself letting out his signature cackle as the Press conference goes on.
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    Diego makes his way out, a suprise appearence as he isn't even booked for the show after his debut earlier today. He grabs a chair and places it in the middle of the stage before grabbing a mic and sitting down. ESPN.COM: We saw Kieron Black introduce you to the world here today but you current brand situation is still up in the air, yet alone wether or not you have a match at Redemption. Why are you here tonight? Garcìa: Well. Since Kieron had the decency to quit while he still could walk, there is a hole in the card. A jobber waiting to be broken in half. It was supposed to be Kieron VS Suby. Now, its Diego Vs Suby. A slight murmur begins from the reporters before another steps up to the plate. Wrestlinginc: I feel like it's safe to say that you did your best to make am impact on your first day on Carnage but, why did you do what you did to Kieron Black? What was your relashionship like with him before? Garcìa: As far as I see it, Kieron will understand. This is the man who taught me everything I know. The man who has done unspeakable things. If anyone understands it's him. As for our relashionship. As far as i'm concerned, there isn't one. Kayfabe News: What can we expect to see from you at Redemption? Garcia: If you know you know. One more question. Wrestling Scoops.net: Are you Noah? Garcia: Who? The reporter just stares into the eyes of the masked Diego before speaking. Wrestling Scoops.net: Did you change your legal name from your original to Noah in late 2016 and serve a year and a half in prison. Garcìa: Listen, I dont know who you thinl I am but im no Noah, now thats all the questions I will answer until after my victory. (Font colours stopped working for some reason)
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    As we draw closer to Carnage Powertrip: Redemption, we have the chance for the fans to gain more information about the wrestlers’ insights at the press conference. The media have gathered in bunches to get the latest news from the Carnage stars ahead of the major event this Friday. Cameras are everywhere, all pointing at the stage at which a table and a couple of microphones are displayed. We hear the media chatting around, until “One True Villain” is heard, as Bart walks out and takes place on a seat, before laying his Intercontinental Championship on the table. He looks calm as ever as he begins to answer questions from different media outlets. ESPN.COM: Hi Bart, Dave Johnson here from ESPN. My question for you is is as followed. You have spoken a lot about the match, but one thing that you haven’t mentioned is the managers on both sides of the battle, how do you think that they will impact the matchup? Bart: I haven’t spoken about them because I know that I will have the advantage there, and if I am honest, everyone with a properly working mind can figure that out so I didn’t think that it was necessary to point that out. Julius is the world champion, while Bailey has only been able to win 2 matches this year while losing several. It’s honestly like the GM is trying to have me win this match, maybe he is scared that Ginge’s ego will run wild if he wins, but trust me Bailey, it’s sweet of you and I appreciate the kindness. I am sure that Julius has some frustrations about Bailey’s act as of late, so I can’t guarantee that the action will permitted to taking place inside the ring. BPZ Commentaries: Hello Bart, Danny Daniels here, I am replacing Mike Hunt who was scheduled to be here tonight but unfortunately couldn’t make it. How do you think that this match will have affect the 3 vs 3 match later in the month? Bart: Let’s hope that Evolution doesn’t back out, that’s all that I can say. I am just not confident that this man that calls himself a lunatic will continue to fight against us after he realises that we are just that much better than him. It’s not even his fault, he doesn’t know. Bailey and Flynn didn’t tell him what he was up against, which is rather sad. But they had to, otherwise no one would have joined them in their fairy tale story. Go ask everybody else that they begged to join and who all said no to their offers. After Friday, Ginge will be fully aware of what he is up against, but I can’t promise you that the will continue to fight afterwards. Smarks Daily: Good evening Bart, I am Deco Wilson from Smarks Daily. I am wondering what’s next for you following this month, any plans or things on your sight? Bart: Well, I still have this beautiful title that you see laying on the table here, and I can assure that after Survivor Series I will still hold it in my posession. Let’s be honest, I have the best title in the BPZ, what else could I want? As for Carnage, I have no idea what the incompetent management that we have over here will come up next, but I will just do it. They compensate me well enough to accept their foolish booking and all the flaws that come with it. I am not a man of honor on that department. Maybe they will have me compete for the title, maybe they will throw some more dead weight in my way, we will have to wait and see. Free Agent Corner: Hello, Gary Green from Free Agent Corner here, I was wondering how you would respond if you lost to Ginge at Redemption? Without any hesitation, Bart leaves the room and closes the door. Gary Green looks confused and we hear some complaining, as we wait for the next Carnage star to arrive.
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    COO of BPZ and General Manager of Carnage Bailey makes his way to the podium to answer questions ESPN.com: This is now the 2nd Installment of Redemption here on Carnage, How does it feel to make this Far with this brand that at one time was considered dead. Bailey: It's not easy running a company, a Brand or really anything. You have to gameplan. You have to prepare for anything and that's what we have done here at Carnage. My Job is to Produce the Best Shows possible and the only way for that to be is we need the best talent. I Think we have done a great job getting the Best Talent on this Brand. My Job is as easy as these guys make it for me. We've created an Image here on Carnage. Only the best of the best can be at the top and I think that's what keeps guys going and makes them push each other to greater heights. Nodq.com: Is there a Reason the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius isn't fighting on the show? Julius will be in a fight at Redemption trust me on that. I will have my eyes on him at all times and make sure that what goes down in the Bart vs Ginge match is completely fair. So that is why I ordered Juliis to be at Ringside for this match so that he cant come up from behind. Wrestlinginc.com: Is bart making a mistake underestimating Ginge and Talking this match down like it will be an easy Victory for him? See that is the Thing. As Evolution we dont underestimate anyone. We know the Kingdom is pure Talent. The greatest mistake you can make in sports is underestimating your competition because that is when you get upset. Would I call Ginge beating Bart an Upset? No but Bart should be ready for a fight. He's never faced anyone like Ginge. Hes stepping into the Ring with a Lunatic. He'll find out what a Lunatic is come Friday. Rajah.com: What's Next for Evolution If you lose at Survivor Series? Unlike many people I'm always prepared for every outcome possible. I always am. So there is always a Plan in place for any outcome. Trust me when I say every Kingdom has a Crack and this Kingdom is soon to be demolished. Enjoy Redemption everyone, Hope you Enjoy the Show!
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    Echo Wilson makes his way out of the curtain and sits down, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lays back. He has the Universal Championship strewn idly over his shoulder and he looks like he does not have a single care in the world. He glares at Gary Green, obvious history behind these two. Gary, are you a retard? I'm asking because you have the nerve to ask Bart what happens if he loses. The answer if you didn't assume it already was that Bart never loses, him losing isn't even a thought that has crossed his mind because he knows, I know, we all know that Ginge is a phony. We're going to run the mile over Evolution and that's the end of story. Echo Wilson moves back in his chair a bit more, taking up more space than expected. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to speak about the Unsanctioned Hollow. The man who thinks he's gonna steal the Universal Championship from me. Hollow, you're just as blind as the rest of the world. You are not the hero of this story, in fact if you even think there is a fairy tale to tell than you are mistaken. This world is not a fine line of light and dark Hollow, we're all threading the barrier. You'll see soon enough where you went wrong. You'll see soon enough where you made your mistake. If you think you read me than you don't know yourself. You don't know me either because if you did than you'd know that I know you Hollow. I've spent months studying your game. Your tendencies, your every action has been scouted and I have a counter to every single move you'll try to throw at me. You see, we fight on my turf, under my terms at Redemption. There is no unsanctioned zone, there are no distractions for you to take advantage of. You wanted a fight and well you've got a proper one right here. All of the fates above, the gods in heaven can't save you from your fate. All of the dark spirits you hearken to can do you no favors. You've made a deal with the devil, the most evil of all of God's children. You're not gonna walk out of Redemption with your life intact, with your body intact or even your pride intact. I will destroy everything you fight for, this is the blowoff Hollow. I'm gonna send you to your grave. Questions please. DANNY DANIELS: So Echo, has Hollow not had your number in the past? You seem like you're good at your job Danny. You seem like you like your job, you seem like you'd wanna keep it. If you want an answer though, I'm not scared to answer it. Hollow, is a treacherous man. He will go to any length to win what he wants, even putting me in a match outside of my comfort zone. You see, I am adjustable, I am ever evolving. Hollow, won't get past me twice. You know what they say. Fool Me Once shame on me. Fool me Twice shame on you. Hollow knows that all of his usual dirty tactics are futile in a fight with me. He knows that I'm not gonna fall for the same tricks. So he's gonna try and find new ones but he knows well that he's fresh out of bright ideas. You see, Hollow, Hollow is a scam artist. He makes you think he's on your case but he's far off. He thrives off of moments of uncertainty and I am certainly not that. Hollow may have had my number in the past Danny, but I have his now. I'm smarter with my craft, I'm faster with my act, I'm going to run literal rings around Hollow in the ring. Bet on that. DECO WILSON: So Deco...I mean Echo...my bad. How are you going into this, considering you have a massive 3v3 feud on the horizon. Two things Deco, If you fucking mess up your names again, I will personally kill you. Second of all, what did I say earlier? Evolution is not of concern to me today. I came here to talk about Hollow and that's what I'll do . But you asked and you shall recieve. Evolution should watch Redemption, I'm sure Bailey will be. His star main event talent will be running this arena tomorrow. And he'll be able to watch from his office as I run through his best challenger and show exactly what I'll do to him and his boys. Bailey, I'm your champion, I'm the greatest talent you've ever had the pleasure of employing. I've proven to you that I'm better than you already. Carnage is my domain and it will be as long as I hold this championship. I'm the one building you up as we speak but trust me, I'll be the one to break you down. Ginge, Flynn. You are all pawns in the game. You are nothing but Bailey's tools to get back at the peopl who have stolen his only worthy title. He wants to prove that he runs Carnage? I'm gonna show at Redemption why he doesn't. Ginge, you think you're the next face of Carnage? Bart is going to make sure you never walk again in your life. Flynn, you aren't even Carnage loyal so you're gonna have to watch safe from your couch as we make the goods tomorrow. Redemption is really an opportunity for salvation. The Kingdom are going to save the world. Evolution will be beheaded. Deco, I hope you got your money's worth there. Fucking dickhole. GARY GREEN: Hello. Gary from Free Agent Corner here. What happens if you los- GARY! SHUT UP! We don't have time for your antics. You are a failure Gary, remember when I gave you the chance to be my microphone? Remember when I handed you the keys to the Kingdom? Yet you turned me down, for what? For Josh? We saw how far that took you Gary. You aren't anything anymore. Free Agent Corner has been overtaken and you aren't worth a single penny today. Gary, I'll tell you something, you really wanna know what happens if either of us lose tonight? You really wanna know? If I lose I'm coming for you first. I'll personally beat you to a pulp. Luckily for you, I won't lose. I have more than just luck and skill on my side. El Diablo returns for Redemption. It's time to end all of the games, shed all my dead skin. I'm out for blood and geared for war. Hollow, you are out of your element and its clear to see you have no idea what you're doing. It's too late to get a grip Hollow, tomorrow is gonna be the realization of your worst nightmare. I'll make sure of that. Echo now flips the microphone he had in hand into the crowd and leans back. He turns smirking as another Carnage superstar makes his way out. It just so happens to be the one he wanted to see most.
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    Contract Signing

    As Ginge stares at Bart, Bart looks to Julius and both members of the Kingdom begin to laugh. Bart then turns his attention back to Ginge, who is still staring at him deeply. Isn't it funny. The same guy who told me that he didn't care about me and that he didn't want to know anything about me is now begging me to take him serious. What a turn of events. What happend Ginge? Did Bailey tell you something? Did the footage that I showed you change your mind? It's fine that you are backpaddling, we still think that you are crazy and insane. We still think that you are very very tough, don't worry. You even seem to understand your own role, it took 2 Hall of Famers taking you by the hand to look decent. Now that's just pathetic. But it is great to see someone realise that he is just isn't anything special. Maybe you are different after all Ginge, maybe you know that in reality you aren't all that. I would like explain one thing to you however. You are right, there is a difference between confident and overconfident, but sadly it doesn't occur to me. See, I have been dealing with people like you for months now. Old timers who say that I am too cocky and that I will fail to back up my words. And yet every single time, we have the same result. I destroy them. Go ask Johnny Kills, who isn't even around anymore. Go ask Smith, another certified hall of famers who left the company after being humiliated by me. Do you want to be like them Ginge? Do you want to fade away into the shadows only to be never seen again? Sadly, you no longer have the choice. Once you agreed that you would face me, in your desperate attempt to look tough, you also agreed to give up on what many consider a great career. Now that you slowly start to realise what you brought yourself into, I feel sad. But unfortunately, there is no turning around. Bart and Ginge then proceed to stare each other in the eyes with an intensity on a level that's rarely been seen in BPZ.
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    Contract Signing

    "This Fire Burns" plays and out comes the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Julius. He doesn't taunt anyone and instead walks straight up to the ring, staring at Bailey and Ginge the whole time. But before he enters the ring, he waits. He waits for his Kingdom brother that he will be accompanying this Friday at Redemption. That man comes out when "One True Villain" starts to play. With a concert of boos in the arena he walks up to Julius and together they move inside the ring. Bart snatches a microphone out of the hands of Bailey and says: "Tell us Ginge. What is on your mind that is so important? Please, enlighten us"
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    Contract Signing

    The Evolution Theme Song Plays as Bailey And Ginge 2/3rds of Evolution make there way out to the Ring as it is now time for the Contract Signing of Bart vs Lunatic Ginge where they will fight in just Two Days at Redemption. Ginge Picks up a Mic but Bailey stops him. Be patient, Wait for Bart and Julius to come out here at least and then say whatever the hell you want. Bailey and Ginge Patiently Wait for the Arrival of the Two Men.
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    Braving the Frontier

    (WARNING! We here at The Flock are not responsible for any burial on this show and get off on the fact that we will receive no consequences for insulting all you good for nothing pieces of shit. If you find yourself offended at the end of the show, then by all means, go drink bleach and go play in the highway until you get ran over by a semi so that we have one less cock sucking parasite in the world. Oh and always remember to try and fail to Follow That. Węłçømę Tø Thę Ågę Øf Thę Flock) ( Jason shows up on the webcam, holding his Global championship over his shoulder.) Hello everybody and welcome to the greatest show to ever exist, Braving the Frontier! I am just one of your hosts, the Premium and Global champion, I go by many names. The Megastar, the Anarchist, The Gunslinger, Wrestling’s Reckoning, The new Global and Premium champion, Big Dick Daddy, God God oh my God, Jason Fucking Ryan. But I’m not here alone baby! Oh now as always I am with my family, my brothers. Gentlemen, get your asses on-screen! ( Buddy Ace shows up on-screen, his Tag Title draped over his shoulder.) Hello all you good for nothing people. You all know who the fuck I am but because I love to brag about how much better I am let me remind you. I am the true number one draft pick, fuck you Prince, go make toast in the tub. I am a former NXT champion, and now I am one half on the Tag Team champions, Buddy Ace. Suck it Flynn. Alright Marker you’re up. ( Marker shows up wearing Jason’s Premium championship) And I know damn well you people know who I am, the greatest NXT champion of all time, the rightful NXT champion, and the man who will beat the shit out of each and every single one of you who say otherwise, Marker. Alright Necce, you’re up man (Necce shows up on the camera. He’s wearing the baseball cap and glasses from the first episode, and he’s in his usual ring attire. He has a small boy sitting on his lap, who is also wearing Necce’s second tag team title belt on his shoulder. Rather than introduce himself the same way his cohorts have, he decides to do things his way. By breaking out into an off key song number. His voice is crackling and has an obviously forced twang in it.) “I GOT UP FEELING SOOOOOOO DOWN. I GOT OFF BEING SOOOOOLD OUT. IVE KEPT THE MOVIE ROOOOOOOLIN, BUT THE STORIES GETTING OOOOOOOOOLD NOW. OH YEAH. I JUST LOOKED IN THE MIRROR, AND THINGS ARENT LOOKING SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. IM LOOKING CALIFOOOOOOORNIA, BUT FEELING MINNESOOOOOOOTA. Come on boys sing along.” (The other 3 men break into the song with him word for word. This is a song that Necce has played countless times while traveling with them. As they all harmonize over the pre chorus of “Outshined” by Soundgarden.The other 3 put their fingers to their ear as if they’re recording their own vocals.) The Frontier: “So now you know!” Necce: “WHOOOOOOO GETS MYSTIFIED!” The Frontier: “So now you know! Necce: “WHO GETS MYSTIFIIIIIIIIIIIED!” (All four men then belt the chorus in perfect harmony) “SHOW ME THE POWER CHILD, ID LIKE TO SAY, THAT IM DOWN ON MY KNEES TODAY.” (Necce does the guitar parts with his mouth) “IT GIVES ME THE BUTTERFLIES. GIVES ME AWAY, TILL IM UP ON MY FEET AGAIN!” (The other 3 back out of this part, leaving Necce to finish this musical number solo) “IM FEELING, OOOOOH IM FEELING OUTSHINED OUTSHINED OUTSHINED OUTSHINED.” (The room is now overtaken by silence as Necce finishes singing. He then quickly looks at the camera.) Oh and I’m Necce by the way. Ya know Necce, that song should be your new theme the way you keep singing it. Regardless, we have a special guest with us tonight. This little boy right here is my nephew, Jacob Ryan who I’ve been looking after ever since one of my sisters tragically passed away. Say hi to the people Jacob! ( Jacob shyly mutters hi to the camera) Hey Jacob, do that thing I taught you. (Jacob shakes his head no while smiling embarrassedly. Necce just smiles softly, almost as if he were interacting with his own child.) Come on man. (Jacob sits up straight on Necce’s lap, does his crucifixion pose, and mugs the camera with his eyes as wide as possible.) “Quote The Raven, Nevermore.” ( Everyone claps and cheers for Jacob. Jason pretends to wipe tears from his eyes) What an amazing sight. Alright folks, let’s get down to it. It’s been awhile since we did this but when you’re The Flock, you do whatever the flock you want. So let’s get the less important shit out of the way. Evolution’s back. Whoopdiedo. Raise your hand if you care. (Buddy plays a YouTube video of cricket noises on his phone) Seriously, who even are these guys? We’ve got Bailey, who gets more boring each time he comes out to the ring, we’ve got Flynn who is gonna be unemployed before long, and Ginge which…. Who the fuck is that? I think that’s Angelo’s wife’s favorite pornstar but I’m not sure Bailey is convinced Evolution returning is gonna matter but one of them is on their way out after Necce kicks Flynn’s ass. I mean, no one remembers Evolution anymore if we’re being totally honest. When Ginge came back, 99% of the locker room was like “ who?” Listen brethren, because unlike all of you, I was there when Evolution was ruling the roost. I was there when they ruled over BPZ with an iron fist. And I can tell you from first hand experience, nobody really cared. They were the top guys on the roster because Brenden was involved, he basically made them the big boys by placing them there. And this isn’t the years of excessive drug use and concussions speaking. And now they have a match with Kingdom at Survivor Series. That really should be us but we’ve kicked Kingdom’s ass twice now, I’m pretty sure they’re sighing in relief knowing they have an easy win ahead of them instead of us beating them for a third time. Necce: I mean, it’s just Bailey being Bailey again. He knows he’s as interesting to see wrestle as a bag of moist dirt. He knows his promos are as pleasing to dear as being fucked with gravel. But he’s gonna put himself at the top because he can’t stand the fact that nobody has or ever will care. He needs to feed his own ego, but nobody else wants to have to suffer through a match with him by choice, so he needs to force them actually talented starts to drag him and his band of misfit jobbers to a decent match. Buddy: The thing is, all our viewers, no one can even stand Bailey in that locker room if you want the honest truth. He’s the reason Prince never shows up, because Prince got sick of his shit. Bailey is a total primadonna. Necce: And Prince was Bailey’s golden boy too! Buddy: Exactly. And even he was like “ I can’t deal with it anymore.” The only reason Bailey brought Evolution back is so he can be with two people who don’t hate his guts. Because everyone else literally wishes he would just either retire or die already. Necce: Preferably both. Jason: I mean he had me on his roster and didn’t give me shit all to do which is why I was all too happy to join EVOLVE, thanks Necce for convincing Ross to sign me and look at me now. I’m more relevant than all of Carnage, same with everyone here. So Bailey, good job in giving up one of your premiere attractions you fucking retard. Drink bleach and fuck your sister for the hundredth time. Marker: Speaking of irrelevant returns, some Justin Bieber look-alike named Akki is back. (Everyone shrugs) Jason: Ok next topic. The Frontier’s Halloween Havoc, what did you guys think of that card? Necce: I mean, the card was the standard BPZ fair. The only true bright spots were you winning Premium and me making sure Flynn didn’t become World Champion again. Buddy: If Flynn had won the World Heavyweight title again, I would’ve legit cut my dick off. Flynn is just like Slim. Untalented and worthless as all hell. I laughed my ass off Necce when you cost Flynn, that was the best. But, I think we should take a moment to congratulate Jason here for putting Echo is his fucking place. Jason damn near killed Echo. Jason, you just won the Premium championship, how do you feel? Jason: I have a list of people to thank. Um, The Flock for being the best group of guys on Earth. The First Lady Vala for always being the queen she is and little Jacob here for burning all of the Echo Wilson merchandise he had and making sure all his friends did so as well. And… fuck everyone else. Now as for how I feel. I took everything Echo has worked so hard for and took it from him. I have what made Echo relevant. I might as well have Echo’s soul. I know it is killing Echo that I have the Premium championship, it is burning a hole in his ass and he knows he can’t beat me, I proved it. I beat him at his absolute best. So Echo, see you the fuck later you fucking bitch. High fives all around. Marker: Alright, time for us to speak about some bullshit. I lost MY NXT title. I’m going to speak last on this because oh boy do I have a lot to say so, someone go ahead and take the reins for now. Necce, I’m curious to see what you think, you’re no stranger to shit like this. Necce: Well my boy, fear not, because I have a present for you. Go ahead and hand Jason his Premium belt back. (Marker hands Jason the Premium title) Necce: Marker Zuckerberg. I know how much that Championship meant to you, and since I can’t get you that belt back, I’m going to do the next best thing. (Necce grabs the tag team titles from Jacob’s shoulder) Necce: Now, at Survivor Series, I’m going to be busy ending some careers, so I want you to take my place in the Survivor Series Tag team title defense. (Necce hands the tag title belt over to Marker) Marker: Sniff Sniff…. I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry Buddy: Again, due to Freebird rule, The Flock is tag team champions so blow us. Now as regards to Halloween Havoc, Legends, go get hit by a bus. I hope your family dies in a house fire. I hope you get AIDS. Jason: You stole Flock property you no talent having ass cock bite. Trust me when I say, we’re coming for you. Marker: Alright, this is what I think. I legit hate BPZ now for them making me drop my title to that nobody who can’t even work. He has a blank stare in his eyes because he has no idea what the fuck he is doing. So the fact they told me that I was dropping my title to that brain dead fucktard has me pissed off. And they told me it’s because there’s no one for me to face, well whose fault is that?! You’re the ones that can’t sign new talent to save your lives. Blame yourselves for your own fuckups, don’t blame me. I sincerely hope BPZ management all die in slow and painful ways. In fact, after we’re done here, we’re heading over to BPZ HQ and we’re gonna do some remodeling and if anyone gets in our way, they’re not gonna like the result. Let’s move on before I get too heated. Let’s talk about how Necce beat up Mike Hunt (Everyone yells “SHAME!” at Necce and throws trash at him. He just sits there with a shit eating grin on his face as they do. Necce tries to calm them down, but they keep throwing trash.) Necce: Alright...alright (Necce finally lets out a guttural scream.) Necce: HEY! (All of them stop dead in their tracks. Necce has the same murder in their eyes as he did when he attacked Mike Hunt. He slowly lifts his index finger) Necce: In..my..defense….did you see when he pissed himself? (All of them bust out into hysterical laughter.) Jason: Damn it Mike, I thought we potty trained you! I wonder if he got our card yet full of us saying “ Fuck you” “ We hope you die” “ You’re a good for nothing whore” etc. But Necce, we’re still gonna have to send you to the corner (Necce slowly lifts his leg so all of them can see his shoe) Necce: Look, I still got his blood on my chucks Marker: Damn it Mike, look what you did. Wonder if we can sue him for dirtying your shoes… Vala’s a lawyer right? I’ll have to ask her. ( Jason speaks again, this time sounding like a father scolding a child) Necce, I am not going to say it again. Go to the corner. NOW! (Necce shoots Jason a glance. He says nothing, he just looks at Jason. His eyes are wide and his neck tenses up. His eyes show an expression of “you better watch yourself kid” as he slowly breathes out of his nose. Jason quickly backs down and tries to bring things to a lighter tone) Too much? Got it. I mean it was still funny when Necce kicked Mike in the face Buddy: Look at it this way guys, we avoided another Toys-R-Us incident. Marker: Oh God that was terrible! Jason: No one can prove we did that! But make no mistake people, we are the reasons they are no longer in business. Enough said. Necce: How was I supposed to know that it’s illegal to set the entire plush aisle on fire? I thought it would be funny. Jason: It was don’t get me wrong. Still say it was bullshit when we got banned for life, we did not deserve that shit Necce: Now Jason, my memory is a bit hazy. Was it you or me who got completely naked, stood on the register and recited the entire Shrek movie until the cops showed up? Jason: That was me Buddy: I was the one that went on the PA encouraging sexual harassment on small animals and hobbits Necce: Now I remember, I was on another P.A. singing Don’t Speak by No Doubt. In the Necce voice of course! Gotta stay in character boys. Marker: I was the one who set the employee break room and shit on fire while playing Freebird on my phone and Vala kicked every single cop in the dick. So really, what did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong! Yet they arrested us! Why?! What did we do?! Necce: I swear I heard on the cops whisper “Nevermore” sensually into my ear as he knelt on my neck. Jason: Everyone’s a mark for you man. But other than that, fuck the Justice system man, I swear. Getting back on track, The Frontier/Flock Series Finals… what do we think? Buddy: What is there to say? We did what we said we were going to do. Marker pretty much killed Storm like everyone does because he is not worthy to be on Flock programming. Me and Necce totally kicked Kingdom’s ass to make the score 2-0 Flock. Hey Kingdom, anytime you want to start trying, go ahead.And Jason became Global champion by beating that good for nothing jobber Josh. Which Gary Green,about time you grew a set man. Marker: The only downside is we had to watch Ark and…. Gill whoever the fuck that is. Not sure how they got on the card, someone’s losing their job once we found out who. But Storm, when are you going to realize, you just can’t Follow That! Each member of The Frontier has beat you in succession. Just quit man. Go raise your bastard kid. Jason: Hey Julius, you love to talk about how quick you reached the top of the mountain right? I did it even faster and unlike you, people actually cared when I did it. Now, Necce, after you end Flynn’s career, which, I’ll give you a Nobel Peace prize for that. I’ll pull some strings to make it happen. But after Survivor Series, It’s going to be me and you for the Global championship. Which, it’ll be my honor and a privilege to defend my title against you. We promised you the first shot at it when this whole thing got started. And together, you and I will put on the match to end all matches Necce: And to be honest, it will be quite a shame to see someone that I helped reach a height that many people can only dream of, be taken away by myself. And I apologize in advance. Jason: Hey, I’ve already had a Hall of Fame career in the five months I’ve been here, I’m already in the history books. Of course, I’m not going to insult you by giving you anything less than my best Necce. No need to apologize, to be honest, it’s about time you got an opportunity at a title without having to claw and scrape for months on end. But speaking of Survivor Series ( Jason brings out a blowup doll wearing a dress and with a picture of Angelo where the face is) Oh, look who’s back guys. It’s Brad, Angelo, whatever, no one really cares. But he’s not alone this time! ( Jason brings out a little troll doll with a picture of Storm where the face is) My former best friend Storm. The two people I get to castrate at Survivor Series. Wait, never mind, Angelo’s wife/sister already did that, damn it. Anyway, how’s it going Angelo? ( Jason speaks out of the corner of his mouth) Not so good. My wife kicked me out of the house again after I got home to see her fucking five guys at once. To be honest, I’m used to it, she’s done this every day since we got married. I went to the living room and watched my kids snort all my cocaine as usual before I packed my bags and went to the same shitty rundown motel that my wife uses to satisfy her clients. So I’m just sitting here crying. ( Jason speaks in his normal voice) Damn. When are you going to just say fuck it and slit your wrists man? Good God almighty. Anyway Storm, how are you doing? ( Once again Jason speaks out of the corner of his mouth) Well, I got beat up again by the same group of sixth graders as usual. Then I got molested by a dog but actually liked it and then my self-esteem dropped by only five points today so all in all it was actually the best day I’ve had in a while. ( Jason takes a moment to try and keep from laughing before speaking in his normal voice) So guys I have one question. You two are facing me for my Premium championship. Are you stupid, are you dumb, are you retarded, are you Autistic, do you have Down Syndrome, do you have too many X-Chromosomes, are you sexually attracted to your sisters and or children? “Angelo”: Yes, that’s why I keep acting out in the locker room. I keep telling everyone I go to anger management but really Dr. Shelby is really around to suck my dick because my wife won’t do it anymore. Speaking of which, Necce, I’m sorry I keep on bothering you in order to stay relevant, I’m sorry for always ruining your day with my existence, I’m sorry I keep having to ride your coattails, I’m sorry I dream about you at night, I’m sorry I have erotic fantasies about you, oh Necce you are my God, please don’t damn me to the pits of hell. (Jason pretends to sob) “Storm”: Also Jason, I’m sorry I keep bugging you. I just am in love with you, I always have been. It’s why I kept stalking you when we were highschool together. I’ll do anything to be you, you are my hero. I have a shrine dedicated to you in my house. It’s next to my Justin Bieber and One Direction shrines. Thank you for carrying me through another match, I’m sorry I’m so fucking pathetic, after you pin me at Survivor Series I am going to do everyone a favor and consume all the pills in my medicine cabinet. "Angelo”: I’ll join you Alright fellas, enough dick sucking. I understand that’s your side job but we’re not paying you. Now Brad, what’s it like being a good for nothing has been who doesn’t have it anymore? Someone who fails time and time again to the point your wife cannot stand the sight of anymore? Someone who thinks this Nanovirus bullshit is at all important? Someone who needs his wife just to get attention? “Angelo”: The… The only thing that stops me from biting the bullet is that I secretly like getting my ass kicked. Other than handicapped animals, it’s the only thing that turns me on. And after I watch this, I’m going to piss and moan backstage and then change my gimmick once again because I don’t know how to go over. I mean… I lost to Toro, a literal one hit wonder. I just hope my wife gives me back my dick in time for Survivor Series but considering she hasn’t given it back to me in years, I doubt it. Jason, you are a better wrestler than I ever was. I cannot wait until you are inducted into the Hall of Fame, something I will never achieve. Thank you for making me the most relevant I’ve ever been. And how do you justify your most recent promo? Nothing you said made any sense, none of it was at all true. You know this, all you had to do was Google my name and you could’ve actually had some valid points in your promo. Instead, it made zero sense, nothing you said was correct! “Angelo”: I’m sorry! I’m just too retarded to do anything right, which is why my children are going to grow up to whore themselves out and shoot up schools. Forgive me everyone for making a total ass of myself once again! Enough out of you ( Jason grabs a knife and uses it to pop “Angelo”.) I’m not even kidding when I say he literally made zero sense. Who the hell was he talking about? I was honestly confused. This is what happens when you lick windows and eat cleaning supllies, you deliver promos like that mess Angelo! Real quick, let me tell the people watching my actual story. I grew up on a commercial ranch that is family owned that makes more money than Brad ever has or ever will. So I don’t know where he got the homeless shit. I’m only 25 years old, I wasn’t around during the hippie age, thank Christ! So I’m confused about the hippie van. I never had a stepdad or mom, my parents were happily married all thirty years of marriage. They are no longer here, may they rest in peace, they were amazing people. What else did he say? Oh yeah he suggested Vala once worked as a hooker, um Angelo, that was your wife/sister, hate to break it to you. He made up some weird fucking story with myself, Triple H and Bo Dallas. I have no fucking idea where he got that, I never wanted to go to WWE, this is where I wanted to sign up on. Flock Programming Wrestling Entertainment. Right after high school, I married Vala for the first time and got deployed. Once I came back, I enrolled in a wrestling school and had a tryout match for BPZ and from there got on with Flock Programming Wrestling Entertainment. So Brad, lay off the drugs man and maybe next time you’ll deliver a promo that makes an ounce of sense, idiot. He brought up my match with Slim which was like wrestling a walrus with Down Syndrome, I had to talk to him like he was five years old just so he could keep up, I eventually just gave up. And he said some other stuff as well, but to be honest I fell asleep by that point, as I always do when Brad is on-screen. ( Jason picks up “Storm” and shakes his head) As for you Storm, I have nothing more to say to you. Go play in traffic. Oh and congrats on being named the Poster Child for condoms, birth control, abortion and Autism ( Jason throws “Storm” across the room) Alright guys, it’s sadly time to call it quits once again with our favorite game. Who’s getting fired. Marker, why don’t you do the honors my friend. Who you firing and why? Marker: This one’s easy. Ginge, who even are you? The business has passed you by. We don’t want you here, we don’t need you here. You are irrelevant. Nobody fucking cares about you or Evolution anymore. Go back to coaching little league softball or whatever you were doing before. Alright Buddy, who you firing? Buddy: Who am I going to fire? I’m going to say Gill. Gill, are you listening you pro wrestler wannabe? You couldn’t beat Ark. let that sink in. You couldn’t beat Ark, a man me and Jason nearly destroyed. You are a failure of a human being. There’s a reason you don’t get booked anymore, idiot. Alright Jason, who you firing? Jason: I am going to fire Brad because I am sick of his constant bitching and moaning. I am sick of his excuses. I am sick of his bitch attitude. I am sick of his high pitched voice because his balls still haven’t dropped, I am sick of him ripping off literally every professional wrestler to ever exist. It’s time for him to retire already. Necce, bring us home Necce: Flynn. And luckily at Survivor Series I am going to do just that when I retire him. Once I do I will be able to finally move on with my life. After Survivor Series, this thing between he and I will be done and I won’t have to deal with him anymore. I want him out of my life once and for all. There isn’t room in BPZ for the both of us. So Flynn, enjoy having a job while you still can. Because it all ends at Survivor Series. (Necce stands up and does his crucifixion pose “ Quote the Raven, Nevermore” as the screen fades to black)
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    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    Flynn helped me heaps and so did Slim, so those two are probably my biggest mentors although I did have a little help from Josh
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    {We open up on an unusual scene; a well lit hallway. The pale white light shines blankly on the dull white concrete bricks. The camera is placed at the end of the hallway, showing a large blue door at the end of it. The camera slowly pans away from the hallway, showing the space leading up to it. In an instant, we see the Antichrist walk up to the hallway. Necce walks hastily with the BPZ Tag Team title belt around his waist, but he stops at the entrance, staring at the door as if he had seen a ghost. But there is no fear in his expression, he stares at the door as if he were meeting and old friend. He walks all the way to the end with the camera following behind him. He stops once again, mere inches away from the door. He’s hesitant to enter the threshold that this door represents. He slowly lifts his arm from his side and places it on the door. While much of his palm is covered by the sleeve of his jacket, his fingertips rest against the cold, unforgiving metal. With his hand on the door, Necce begins to speak.} For years, this door represented a gateway to a safe haven. For many, the room that this door seals away was synonymous with me. For many years, this place was the only place I was truly free. I immersed myself in the darkness that this room offered, and I thrived in it. This place took me from the happy go lucky kid I was when I first stepped foot here in BPZ, to the man that you see before you. For many, it was simply a setting, a backdrop for my ramblings, but for me, it was the genesis... {Necce pauses for a second. He breathes slowly and deeply, slowly planning out the words he is going to say next before he says them.} ..of the Antichrist. {Necce takes his hand off of the door and places it on the handle. He stops for a moment, taking a deep breath, almost as if he is trying to center his nervousness. He opens the door and both he and the cameraman enter the room. The scene is engulfed in darkness. Suddenly, the light from the camera is switched on and it is revealed the true location of this segment; a bathroom. But it’s not just any ordinary bathroom, this bathroom was something of a home to Necce in his earlier days. This bathroom was where he allowed himself to embrace his darker urges and thoughts. This place is where Necce died, and the Antichrist was born. The camera pans around the bathroom. All of the urinals lay shattered in their former resting places. The shards of porcelain sit on the ground, untouched for years. No doubt done by Necce himself. The sinks are all dried, filled with dust and cobwebs, remaining unused since god knows how long. There are even a few dried splotches of Necce’s own blood sitting on the rim. The camera follows Necce to the lone stall that sits in the corner of the room. The pulpit that we have seen Necce deliver several sermons from in years gone by. He opens the stall door slowly and reveals that is the same as he left it. There are pictures of Necce’s former opponents from when he was United States and European champion hung on the wall with thumbtacks. Men like Blade, CPE, Maestro, Bizzy, and Kieron all have their eyes scratched out with the thumbtack sticking into their forehead. On the toilet paper dispenser, there is a crushed pack of cigarettes. Necce picks up the pack and shakes it, he opens the pack to find one last cigarette in there. He places the cigarette between his lips as he takes all of the pictures off of the wall and throws them into the water of the toilet except for one; The picture of Blade, the man he has since gone on to defeat 11 times. He digs around in his pocket and finds a lighter. Rather than lighting the cigarette with the lighter, he decides to be extra and light the picture on fire instead. He places the lighter back into his pocket and watches the flame for a few seconds. After the flame has engulfed nearly half of the picture, he lights the cigarette with it and throws it into the toilet with the others. He takes a drag from his cigarette and blows it out towards the opening of the stall. He knows the sprinklers on the ceiling don’t work, so he’s not worried about them going off. He takes the tag title belt from around his waist and places it on the toilet paper dispenser that’s attached to the wall of the stall. He then steps up on the seat of the toilet and sits down on the top shelf. He has his feet on the toilet seat and his elbows on his knees with a cigarette placed between his fingers, facing the camera that is placed outside the stall. He takes another drag of his cigarette and begins to speak, each word blowing out more smoke.} I wanted to come here Flynn, I wanted to feel the energy that is imbedded within its very walls. I wanted to capture the moments that I spent here many years ago once again. I wanted to put myself back into the mindset I had when this was my old stomping ground. The mindset of a man with everything to prove, and everything to fight for. I wanted to be here Flynn because of our match at Survivor Series. The career vs career match. The match where the legacy of our legendary careers will take its final gasp. A true end of an era. To be honest with you Flynn. I’m ashamed that we have allowed this war to go where it has gone. We are 2 of the longest tenured men in the BPZ locker room, and yet we seek to end each other’s career rather than use them to help the younger stars. But I can’t say that I’m surprised by that either. We’ve both known since the moment we met each other that this company wouldn’t be big enough for both of us to reign. Two men as hungry and as selfish as we are, it was only a matter of not if, but when, we would destroy one another. We did it at BPZMania, we did it at King of the Ring, but neither of those could satisfy our cravings to be the true alpha. Two matches for a simple title belt wouldn’t be enough to prove who was superior, we need to keep killing each other until one of us is no longer employed. The promise of being a champion is too trivial, the promise of being the only man to walk out of the war and live to tell the tale of it? Now that’s right up our alleys. {Necce slowly takes another drag from his cigarette.} And yet, it still feels as if this puzzle is missing a few pieces. Because despite what I said, even a career vs career match isn’t enough for us. If there is one thing we have in common, it’s that we have an unquenchable craving for 2 things; Power, and Control. We don’t just want to beat each other by the skin of our teeth, we want to have the upper hand. We want to be the ones in the driver's seat. We each want to be the man who writes the closing chapter of this story Flynn, so why don’t we make it quite the story to tell. For the power aspect, I propose that the match also be a number one contenders match for the Global Championship. The loser must go away for good, and the winner gets a guaranteed title shot at the next EVOLVE event. And now, for the control portion. Like I said, we want to be the ones in the driver’s seat. We want to be the fate of the others career in our hands, so why not continue it after the final bell has been sounded? So the winner of the match not only gets a title shot, but he is the only man that can bring the loser back to BPZ. No GMs, not even BrendenPlayz himself, we’re the ones who will end each other’s careers, so we’re the ones who will choose whether it will see another match. I chose this stipulations Flynn, because it plays into yet another thing that we have in common, our greed. Our greed is what brought us into BPZ, our greed is what brought us to this match, and our greed is what will rip us away from this company. Without greed, there is no desire, and without desire, there is no use. There is no use in us simply ending the other’s livelihood, there must also be compensation. Neither of us will be happy after what we’ve done, unless we can stand tall as a champion, while the other has no choice but to sit at home and watch the man who snuffed out their career achieve the heights of being the top champion of EVOLVE. But that isn’t the only reason I came here Flynn. I came here to serve as a symbol of sorts, because those two aren’t the only stipulations that I have added to the match. I wanted to be in a place, a mindset, an environment that I haven’t been in for years, to prepare for yet another place that I haven’t been in many years. A place that both of us know very well. A match that has taken years off of our careers, and our lives aswell. A match neither of us have ever lost. A match that has become so synonymous with men who share such a hate, that they must be sent into the very pit… {Necce takes one last drag off of his cigarette and throws it into the water. The end of the cigarette and the water collide to make an audible hiss as it’s extinguished. Necce begins to speak as he continues to stare down into the bowl of the toilet.} ...of hell. {Necce slowly lifts his head to look back into the lense of the camera. His hair covers his face, leaving one eye to stare into the souls of anyone watching.} Flynn, either way, this match is going to be the end of us. The lucky soul who manages to leave the structure alive, will be lucky if the physical scars are all that he leaves with. Lives have been shortened inside the cell, bones snapped, gallons of blood lost, and in our case, careers ended. There is no way out for either of us. No escape. No sanctuary. The only place for us to go, is Survivor Series. 3 years ago, this story truly began with the formation of Legacy. One year ago, it came full speed ahead when you turned your back on your best friend, and in the main event of this year Flynn, it will all end. I don’t care what I have to do, I will spill my own blood, I will take years off of my own life, I will subject my body to the furthermost kinds of torture that can be performed if it means that you are out of BPZ. Out of wrestling entirely, and out of my life for good. And if that means that I have to go to the ninth circle of hell to do it, then I’m dragging you down with me. {Necce quickly jumps off of the toilet and stands on the ground. He does his crucifixion pose with each of his fists touching the walls of the stall.} Quote The Raven, {The camera zooms in tight on his face.} Nevermore. {The camera hangs on this image for a while. The image of Necce staring through the camera and into the eyes of Flynn, who he knows is watching this segment. After a few seconds, the camera slowly fades to black.}
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