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    Echo Wilson


    The arena lights dim, the eyes are on the stage. IT"S ECHO! HE'S HERE! The pyro goes off and Echo Wilson smirks as he emerges. He twists the microphone in his hand, looking around at the vast crowd. He sees the people in the ring as they are all fighting for the United States Championship, he begins. "Somewhere down the line, you all knew it was gonna come to this eh? Somewhere down the line, you must've guessed this was gonna happen. I want a stake in this war, and I'm putting my name into the circle, I'm ready to be United States Champion. I've taken that title once before, and it was over a year ago that I held that title. It's time to make it mine once again. Yelich, long time no see brother, If I remember correctly you're the man who thought you could take the title out of my hands last year. You took advantage of me being injured and stole my title. No, no, no Yelich, not again. This time, It's my turn to rain on your parade. I'm out here to make a point, and that is that I am the DOMINANT champion of BPZ and when I hold two titles, it'll prove just that. Yelich, as far as I understand it, you feel like you deserve more. Well, nothing's gonna happen if all you do is ask for a chance. You have to take it, like I'm doing right now. I wasn't even in the title picture 1 minute ago but now look at me. I'm the automatic favorite. Yelich, that's just the factor I bring, that's just the presence I have when I'm in a BPZ ring. You're nothin but my pawn for December To Dismember. You have a head start for now but I'm catching up by the second. But You're right, Julius is killing the United States Division, and I'm here to save it." Echo turns his gaze onto Diego Garcia these two have never met before. This should be different for Echo. "Welcome to BPZ Diego Garcia, let me tell you a little welcome story, about the man who you destroyed to garner a place in this company. That man is Kieron Black, how many times did I have to destroy him to let him know that he had no place in this company. For Premium, For US, I crushed his dreams time after time. So before you get confident with yourself about how you're the future, listen really closely Kieron. This is gonna be all about me. I'm stealing your spotlight, I'm here to ruin your moment. Diego Garcia, you are just a passing man. People will no as much about you as they do right now. I'm gonna end you at December to Dismember, send you right back to whatever bingo hall you used to main event. Diego Garcia, you aren't experienced, you don't know your way around a BPZ ring and that's what will hurt you at DTD. I'm gonna make sure, that all of this talk you're doing? Doesn't come to any fruition at all. Don't even bother unpacking, when I'm done with you, everyone backstage will wonder why they ever thought you were worth paying atention to. Trust in that." A long breath by Echo Wilson and he turns to Julius, the man who is really the root of all this. He looks him up and down, before walking right past him and down the ramp. He gets into the ring and stares menacingly at his former partner. The situation between the Kingdom has been more than rough as of late. "Where did this go wrong Julius huh? You've got a lot of nerve friend. First you go and answer Slim for all 3 of us, without asking us first. Then you go and decide to team with Ropati? I tried to save you Julius, I tried to let you know that you were doing something wrong. Of Course you were too blind to see it. Now look at this, I had to do it. You've gotten too big for your boots and at DTD, It's gonna be friendly fire. It's gonna be Night of Legends come early when we step between these ropes. We're gonna eliminate all of these other factors until its just you and me. And then we'll really find out who the weak link is. Then we'll really find out where the loyalties lie huh? You think you're so talented, in fact you think you're more talented than the other two of us, don't you? I'm gonna knock you down a peg, and that's what's gonna take you back to reality. Back to the fact that you aren't on top. It's all about me, and Change is coming. Change is inevitable. That change is which of the Kingdom members hold the United States Championship. It's time your reign of terror is broken. It's time your masive ego is chopped in half. Julius, we're gonna do this, and we're gonna make the most of this. Consider this the preview, consider this round 1. I'm gonna show the world what's gonna happen at Night of Legends."
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    You most likely don't know me. You most likely don't know what I stand for. You most likely don't know what I am: greatness. A wrestler of my caliber and a speaker of my talent can't go ignored for very long, and I'm out to prove exactly my point. My name is Odyssey Sellers, and once I have gotten through what I plan to achieve, everybody will associate the "Crippler" with one thing: the best. I am the best of the best. I am the cream of the crop, the top dog, pull out whatever phrase you wish. It doesn't matter, because what does matter is the fact that I am somebody to watch out for. I am here to prove exactly what I say, because what I speak is the truth, and the truth is what I speak. Talk is cheap if you can't back it up, but somebody of my excellence would have absolutely no problem proving that I am the best. I'm willing to take a piece of everybody if it means that people will truly accept who the greatest of all time happens to be. The crippler of man and the annihilation of dreams has arrived, and the journey is nearing it's end, while I am only getting started. The Odyssey has arrived.
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    Garcia: If you allow me, I would like to interject. First. I recall that it was only this August that Kieron Black beat you, fair and square. One on one in the middle of the ring. If that is destroying the man then my attack on him was a demolition my friend. Garcia points the shovel at both members of Kingdom Garcia: I would also like to point out something I have pointed out multiple times. Your entrance to this just makes my chances greater. Yelich is a bum and you two are in the middle of an inter-faction war. There is zero doubt in my mind that none of you are focusing on me. According to Julius not only is my age of 25 "Old" but I am a "Rookie" and to quote you Echo. I only have wrestled in "Bingo Halls" before this moment. WHile this is very obviously wrong, you all greatly underestimate me. Which is why, on December 23rd. On the eve of the eve of Christmas. The night where it will be everybody against Julius. I will walk out as Premium and United States champion. Diego throws the shovel out of the ring and waits for somebody else to speak.
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    Kieron's Random Graphics & Videos

    @BrendenPlayz Logo's 200x200's
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    A Career: Storm's Story

    January 1, 2018 Its a usual Monday morning for Storm. Working on the indies like he has done for the past 180 days. Still a rookie, he is not used to the drag of getting up and continuing the same routine every single day but he will get there like we all do. Storm is startled when his phone rings on high volume. He reads the caller ID and it is BrendenPlayz. He is shocked, why is one of the biggest company owners calling me? He answers the phone. Brenden: Good morning, am i speaking to Storm Hunter? Storm: Yes you are. What can I help you with sir? Brenden: I have seen some of your indies work, and bloody hell it is beyond awful. Like I have never seen anything worse in my life. Oh and I have seen awful, I have Angelo Caito. Storm: Thanks for the feedback or whatever that was. Anything else before I go back to my beyond awful wrestling you think i perform? Brenden: SO I TAKE THE TIME TO CALL YOU OUT OF MY BUSY SCHEDULE AND THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME! Actually I have an idea, we have our first ppv of the calendar year coming up, BPZ Royal Rumble 2018. Would you like to show me that you are not as awful as i think you are in a triple threat match for the NXT Championship? Storm mutes the cell phone and pauses to think about the offer. On one side he probably just wants you to be the laughing stock of his company. But yet again you can make a name for yourself. Storm: Ok Brenden, if you want me as the laughing stock of your company, so be it because I am going to make a name for myself and you will see! Everyone will see. Brenden: ......... Sorry I was just laughing my ass off, did you say you were going to make a name for yourself ahahah. That's like Smith saying he has not been stoned in the ring. It will never happen. But im happy you know you will be the laughing stock of BPZ. Oh yeah by the way i forgot to tell you, your opponents are the NXT Champion Julius and Arrow. Good luck making a name for yourself, you'll need it Indie Star. Meet me at my office in 1 hour, any later and ill make sure you don't make it here to be a laughing stock. Storm, 1 hour later makes it to Brenden's office just on time and Brenden has a stern expression on his face. Storm walks on over and sits down patiently. Brenden: Welcome to the place that we make stars, retire legends and slap titles on Slim over and over again. So as i was referring to on the phone earlier, Julius and Arrow will be your opponents on the 21st of January. Arrow will win the championship because he has been absolutely killing it. His promo skills have been top notch and I believe the fans will agree with this decision as well. Storm: Yes Brenden its a great decision.... before Storm can say another word a tap on the shoulder would start a feud that we know and love today.
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    As soon as Diego enters the ring "Gallantry" plays and both men snap their heads to face the ramp where the US champion Julius appears. Julius stands at the top of the ramp and taps his microphone before surveying the arena and starting to talk "I'm sick of all this bullshit that both of you have been spewing out of your mouths these past couple of weeks, and I am going to put an end to all of this because I am going to set the record straight. You both seem to think that I don't value this US title and that I made it my goal to kill this division, but that it horribly incorrect because I have taken on all competition for this title, it's not my fault that I am so much better than you that you can't defeat me. It's not my fault Yelich that I work my ass off each and every night defending this title all around the world normally in my third match of the night. So don't you dare come out here and say that I don't have the drive because I can tell you right now Yelich I want this more than you can ever imagine. It isn't my fault that I am the best damn thing in this company, what I see in you Yelich is weakness and if you feel the need to come out here and talk about how desperate you are, then you better walk right out of this company because that desperation isn't going to get you anywhere but the back of an ambulance. You paint me as someone who is the villain of the division, someone who is a cancer but separates me from the two of you is that I never stop trying to become the best, the both of you have become complacent with how your careers have played out just look at Mr Garcia here continuously reliving his days in NJPW, and I speak for everyone here when I say that no one gives a shit what you did in Japan, this is Brendenplayz professional Wrestling and you're just some old ass Rookie who is too arrogant for his own well-being" The crowd explode into cheers as Julius continues to speak "The last time we faced Yelich, I brutalised and decimated you to where it was an ultimate embarrassment for you, and to be completely honest I don't see what has changed with you. You may claim to be more desperate this time but I have continued my reign of dominance and I have become an unstoppable force that no one will be able to halt, you're desperation won't be enough come December 23rd. Both of you think that I don't want this match because I am scared or I'm too afraid to lose this belt. Wrong! Every time I step into the ring I demand a challenge and from what I have seen out of you two there won't be much of a challenge. So come December to Dismember the two of you have a chance to prove that you belong in this business by stepping up and challenging the World Heavyweight Champion. But don't think that just because I have 2 other matches on the card I won't bring it my all because you damn well know that I will, so the both of you better bring everything you got and more or I'll make sure you never get an opportunity like this again"
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    The Kiwi and the Kangaroo

    We return back from commercial break where in an interview room infamous wrestling journalist Mike Hunt is waiting impatiently for his guests to arrive. Mike paces back and forth when the door swings open revealing Ropati and Julius. Mike greets both men and sits in his seat ready to start the interview Mike Hunt: Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please welcome my guests at this time Ropati and Julius also known as the Kangaroo and the Kiwi. How are you guys doing today? Julius: You know what Mike, I’m great. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion. Life is good at the moment Ropati: I’m feeling pretty good if I’m being honest Mike, I mean I’ve got this man as my tag team partner so how can i not feel good Mike Hunt: I completely understand Ropati just look at the size of this man. Now before we get to Brenden and Sameer, Ropati you may produced a stroke of genius getting this man to be your tag team partner, when did this occur to you? Ropati: Well Mike as soon as this tournament was announced I knew I had to be in it but the problem was I couldn’t find a partner i felt was good enough. Then i see that Julius has just been rejected by the idiot known as Echo Wilson and so I make a move and it worked. Mike Hunt: And Julius I don’t mean to play devil’s advocate here put have you thought that Ropati has an ulterior motive in doing this. Maybe Ropati is trying to break you away from Echo and Bart Julius: Mike, I’m not dumb, I’m not an Idiot. Of course I have taken it into consideration but I know and Ropati knows that if he even thinks about double crossing me or doing anything to jeopardise my career I will break his fucking neck Julius stares in Ropati’s direction who seems a bit uncomfortable with Julius’ recent comments Mike: Now this past week on Carnage, both of you answered Brendenplayz’s callout and Julius your response in particular caused some mixed reactions, some applauding what you said to Brenden and some condemning it saying and I quote “He lacks the respect”. What are both of your responses to this? Julius: I don’t give a shit about what anyone says or thinks, the reason I have been so successful is because I do whatever I want whenever I want to whoever I want. Now in regard to Mr Brendenplayz the owner of BPZ Wrestling, he called me out and I responded and he better believe that everything I promised to do to him come 7th December is all going to come true. He’s old news and it's time for him to realise that I am the most dangerous creation this company has ever made Ropati: I don’t even understand why people are angry at Julius. Brenden called us out not the other way round, he was asking to be challenged so we came out and let him know that he can’t just get an easy win against us, we’re not a bunch of pushovers Mike: And Sameer? Julius: Mike you invited us onto your show to speak about us not our opponents. Sameer is nothing to me, he’s useless and he is old news Ropati: Who cares what Sameer thinks also knowing him he won’t even show up for our match so as far as i’m concerned he doesn’t even matter. Mike: Sameer however did show up this past week on Carnage so Ropati your last statement can’t be valid- Julius stands up out of his chair and picks Mike up by the throat and holds him against the wall as Ropati laughs Julius: Now what did I just tell you Mike, you just returned from a life threatening injury and if you continue with this bullshit, I’ll make sure you never return again. This interview is over. Ropati and I will dominate and decimate Brendenplayz and Sameer come December 7th and you better believe that Julius exits the room as Mike looks on horrified. Ropati then walks over to him and takes a good luck at him before patting him on the head and following Julius out the door
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    Yelich looks around, with an angered and almost offended look on his face. Are you kidding me? This is all I had to do to get some attention around here? I'm flattered boys I really am, but your assumptions are wrong. First off I would like to welcome the new member of our little club, Echo Wilson welcome back the United States Championship Division, you will see that unlike your little Universal Championship, we accept all comers. In this division you have to watch out for anyone can face you at any time, which you have clearly taken advantage of, but this will not be as easy as you you make it out to be. But you are right Echo, Change is coming, whether it be in the form of the Kingdom's qualm resulting in a new US Champ, or Diego Garcia shocking the world and proving himself in a big debut match. Those both can happen, and most likely will, but they will all finish with the same end result. The man who wants to win the most will win. And that man is me. Julius you may say that you love this division with all of your heart but we all know where your head is at, it's at bigger things, like the World Heavyweight Championship, or your match with Slim, or your match with Brenden, or your Universal title match against your Kingdom buddies. Your head is not with us "lowly peasants," it's with the big money matches. Same with you Echo, I doubt you actually are 100% focused on this belt, this match, because you are in a tag team tournament match, where because of your experience in AK-17, you're expected to win. If you were to lose, well that would make you look bad wouldn't it? And Diego.... eh no one really cares for you. You're new, who cares? Go to the minor leagues, build up your status with wins over some trash heaps like Akki and shit before you step up to the US division. Guys, this will only end one way, it won't be the guy with much bigger fish to fry keeping his "fallback plan" alive. Nor will it be the Universal Champion wanting more in his career and gaining it. Neither will it be the up and coming superstar from NJPW, bursting onto the scene here in BPZ Pro Wrestling, making a name for himself as US Champ. No, it will be the man who has scratched and clawed for one thing over the past year, attaining his goal. This ends with the man that has been here the longest getting what he deserves, it will end with the man who has fought in and for this company and this division the longest winning the United States Championship. And you all can go on and on about the fact that I shouldn't be asking for what I want, or blaming others for my losses. But those subplots affect the main story, and that story will finish the same no matter what. So come on, say I'm wrong, it won't change a thing. Yelich brings his microphone down, looking at the other three men, almost daring them to say something as the audience in Hartford watch on intently.
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    No One Likes Me

    If you're feeling this kinda way, I'd suggest focusing on enjoying yourself rather than trying to get others to like you. Once you jump in on the fun, it should help you realize that none of us hate you, we really have no reason to. However, if you're still feeling bad about this and need to talk to someone, I'm always open for a chat buddy.
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    Julius still confused and perplexed by Echo Wilsons' arrival walks towards Echo and stares him down face to face "You know what Echo you got some goddamn balls coming out here and saying all that Bullshit thinking your the best this company has to offer. Well fuck that, you say I'm too big for my boots but look at you, coming out here claiming to be the most dominant champion in this company when you lose at least one match per month, and you call me too big for my boots. Everything I say I back up I said I would defeat Slim and I did it, I said I would beat Flynn and I did it. I'm going to the top in the tag team classic and you better believe I'm going to rip that Universal Championship right out of your hands, so don't you dare come out here saying I'm too big for my boots because everything I say I make sure I do. I mean you promised to defeat Jason Ryan and where did that leave you down on the ground where I had to pick up the mess and the only reason you didn't want to team with me was because you were too scared to face the Flock once again, and you call yourself the most dominant champion in this company" Julius continues to get closer to Echo showing the huge size difference between the two men "The only times I have lost since becoming the World Heavyweight Champion is in Tag-Team competition where you have been the one to take the pinfall every single fucking time. So I'm going to say this right now Echo Wilson, you're the weak link in the Kingdom and everyone knows it. I know it and these people sure as hell know it, you have dragged me down in every single match we are involved in and when I win the Tag Team Classic with Ropati I'm going to show everyone that you are only a side act to Kingdom, you're the one the people feel empathy for" Echo is shocked and angered by Julius' comments "If you want to come at me and challenge me for my United States Championship, be my guest. You're no saviour, you're just another person who thinks they can beat me when history says that they cant. That's right Echo, the result you have been hiding from ever since I joined Kingdom. That fateful night in the Semi-Finals of the Carnage Power-Trip cup where I defeated Echo Wilson to move onto the finals. You were the chosen one then, you were the one destined to break out and become the next big thing, but I ripped that all away from you with one decisive victory. And who knows Echo, if you had just won that match maybe you would be the one who won the King of the Ring, maybe you would be the one who holds the US and World Heavyweight Championship, but you failed and I succeeded, I made the most of my opportunities and that's why I am the most successful and dominant force in this company. So at December to Dismember, you best believe Echo Wilson everything is going out the window, I'm going to brutalise you and show everyone that you are the weak link by defeating you once again and proving that you are nothing more than my little Bitch" Julius throws his mic down before walking up the ramp raising his US title in the air. Echo looks angered in the ring as he watches Julius walk up the ramp. The Kingdom is showing some cracks
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    No One Likes Me

    Well, whoever does hate you needs to sit the fuck down, because you've done nothing to get hate or deserve hate from anyone. You're a cool kid to me and I like you as a member.
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    Over estimation

    I've been doing some thinking lately and i realised that i might be preparing a little too much for my match with Mave against ROA i mean come on they're nothing just some guy called Flynn who thinks he's the best thing going and some guy called Ross. They don't even have last names, they don't have a legacy, they sound like two jobbers in need of money and recognition. They're worse than Arrow for crying out loud. Now let's move onto Arrow, a kid who doesn't know what he's doing and a kid who doesn't know who he's gotten himself involved with. I'll be sure to make him pay for provoking me and calling me out, i promise to beat his face in until his mother doesn't recognize him.
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    Yelich stands looking towards the stage for what feels like forever before Diego Garcia steps out onto the stage with a microphone in one hand and a shovel in the other. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks down at Yelich with a huge grin on his face. Garcia: I am very sorry Yelich. But no matter how much you try, you will just never be good enough to earn the United States Championship from Julius, or me. All you are doing is making it easier for me to get the victory at December To Dismember. You are desperate and I can respect that about you. You really want it. There is no lie in what you say. You WANT the United States Championship because you NEED relevance. However. You just WON'T get it. Julius has beat you before, you are old news. You have taken time out of your day to come out here an bitch about it. "Oh, I'm going to be irrelevant!" "Oh, New people are here and are taking my spotlight!" "MANAGEMENT NEVER LOVED ME!" Boo fucking hoo. I will give you a recommendation. You should probably focus more on working hard and keeping your head down coming into December To Dismember instead of coming out here and delivering your BTEC Pipe-bomb promos to divert the blame onto other people. When you lose it is not Arrow's fault. It is not Aaron North's fault. It is not managements fault. It is YOUR fault. You need to get that into your head before your worst fears come true. Before you get buried at December To Dismember. Garcia puts the mic into his pocket and picks back up the shovel. He bursts out into laughter before rolling into the ring with the shovel in hand before pulling out his mic again Garcia: You wouldn't want that to happen to you yet again. Would you?
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    The Classic has Begun

    We are live from Chicago, Illinois and the crowd is buzzing for the upcoming Tag Team Classic. The crowd then buzz even more from afamiliar theme song that only can mean one thing, Storm. Storm hasn't been here since yet another loss and now in the form of Angelo Caito and Jason Ryan for the Premium Championship. But tonight we have something a bit different, an important announcement from Storm himself. So i am here tonight, asking myself who I truly am. What have I become? Cant get a win, cant find what I need for a win. When I lost my United States Championship in July to Julius, the spiral began. Haven't gotten a win since. Haven't got a damn win for nearly half a damn year. What is wrong with me? I was a champion, a role model to all of you.But now im not a hero, Im a man who lets you all down every month. But now you all ask yourselves where have I been? Your question will be answered but not in one answer but in two. The Flock have been a pain in my as for far too long. Marker, Jason Ryan, Necce and Buddy Ace its over. I am done with letting you guys run me straight to the ground. I wont let it happen, I will not just stand by and take the attacks without any consequenses. The Flock have walked through BPZ without a care in the world for these past few months. But the thing is, these careless acts have left a toll on my body. As you can tel I have only been appearing for matches, not on these weekly shows I love to appear at. That's because I've had to endure these injuries that the Flock have handed to me. So with that being said Flock its time for you to learn the hard way. You are not gonna run around here like its your Kingdom. Its not, first off Jason when you first came to BPZ, you were nothing, you tried to peel off of my success and take it for yourself and congrats that is exactly what you have accomplished. Then you come back from leaving and get these guys who needed someone to carry them and leeched off of their nxt acccomplishments, yet again great job. So I decided it is finally time to make a change, take a stand and take over The Flock. I got my own tourage. In the form of the Joshtourage. A man who is sick of losing, sick of your bullshit as well, Josh is sick of your shit which i am not surprised. So when we enter this Tag Team Classic, we aren't going to look back, we are going to blow through this competition and I cant wait to see some familiar faces. We will see you at December to Dismember, Flock. As Storm finishes his sentence and drops the microphone, a familiar theme song begins to play, and the crowd goes crazy not knowing what to expect from this man.
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    Looks like they've done a great job on Fury's de-ageing CGI. It seems like marvel movies are doing that technique a lot and it's come a long way. I was kind of hoping they wouldn't reveal the old lady being a Skrull until the movie (despite how likely it was) since it was funnier to live in a world where maybe Captain Marvel got it wrong. Trailer has me looking forward to Captain Marvel joining the universe but i will say her voice feels too flat, not enough energy but that could just be the trailer.
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    I keep wondering on and off who is going to be the next Neville (PAC). He was a great wrestler coming into WWE but his time in the company helped make him the star he is today improving his screen presence and microphone skills. Ever since leaving the WWE he has been on fire in Dragon Gate and his independent dates are only going to get more frequent. I look at someone like Buddy Murphy who has improved a lot since coming into WWE and being given the time to show it has been fantastic. He has benefited this time and if he were to suddenly decide he feels stuck he could survive outside of the company, especially with the increased interest in the Australian wrestling scene and it's crossover with big companies in 2018. The difference being he has a personal relationship in the company. The system WWE has created for themselves and the talent behind the scenes training them is second to none but is it safe to say that it is inevitable that they will create someone who can do it all (to various success) but not use them to the talents liking creating another unintentional rift. It's going to be interesting as time goes on and rumours of talent securing across multiple companies continue. Thoughts?
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    Source: Yahoo! Sports
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    We are live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut for Carnage. We are about halfway through the show when a certain theme tune people haven't heard in awhile plays. "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays over the PA System as Yelich walks out with a microphone in hand, he makes his way to the ring, giving high fives to the fans on the way before finally entering the ring and addressing the audience. I'd hate to be that guy but I gotta say it, these new guys are ruining the company. Arrow, BK Strong, Aaron North, Smith718, Diego Garcia, these guys have never fought once in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling and they act like they're hot shit and that they deserve everything. Newsflash, you have to WORK to win opportunities around here. You can't just waltz in and ask for a World title match just because Arrow. Plus have you seen these guys' promo abilities, they're about as good as my dog at promo's and they're nowhere near as cute. Everyone that has come after me has ruined this company... I don't recognize what this company was when I first walked in. There are no more constants in this company. I lie... there is one constant, one constant here in BPZ and in life in general, it's change. But most of that change has been bad for the people to come before them.... I've been here about 2 1/2 years now, I have won a grand total of 4 titles with 2 defenses among all those reigns. I've seen what's happened to the people to come before me... Nate, BiC, Ross, hell Alyx Wilde debuted on the same night with me, he's gone, Kieron Black actually died, same with Chris White (kinda). And then you have the people who have failed to find success with all these new people here, Brad, Bashka, Bailey to an extent, even Slim is having trouble regaining his footing in this new era. It's all about Julius, Echo Wilson, Jason Ryan, Bart, and The Marker now. I'm scared that soon it will also be about Arrow, BK Strong, Aaron North, Smith718, and Diego Garcia soon as well soon, and that there will be no more room for Yelich. In my latest promo I said Julius was killing the United States Division... I lied. He's killing my career. I need a win or else I will be forgotten. And not one against Prince or Ropati or whoever I've beaten at the last two Carnage PPV's, but a major win. I need relevancy or else I'm going to be ousted from my spot in this company. I'm already on the bad side with upper management after forcefully changing my gimmick without their consent, calling out creative's bullshit. A few more losses I'm probably done, especially with this big batch of up and coming newbies trying to take our spots, my spot. I need to dig in and keep my spot. I need to beat Julius, or else I fear my end. Julius, you're a great wrestler, but at December to Dismember it's gonna come down to who needs this win more, me, you, or Diego Garcia. And we are all going to find out that the answer to the question of who needs that win more, is me. Now if you'd like to refute that statement Julius, or Diego for that matter, waltz out here and show me why I'm wrong. Yelich leans forwards on the ropes facing the ramp, waiting for either Diego Garcia or Julius to come out.
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    No One Likes Me

    Nah we do actually hate u tho. But Metzler i like u
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    No One Likes Me

    This is very incorrect. If anyone is making you feel like that, hit me up and I'll deal with it
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    WWE: 2018

    WWE NXT results, Nov. 21st 2018: Aaand Still NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa escaped NXT last night with the NXT Championship still around his waist after a 53 minute slug fest of a Gauntlet Match where he entered 1st and exited as the winner. With Triple H vowing to have every main roster's NXT Titles taken from them, what is the future of Tommaso Ciampa and his NXT Championship? Aswell as that the gauntlet match gave host to the debut of the NXT generation of NXT. First of all, we have the NXT North American Champion James Ropati. The 24 year old Kiwi has proven he has what it takes to rise to the top, making it known on Smackdown Live that he is not afraid to take deals with the devil to get what he wants. He is also a well tested superstar with his list of accomplishments including Progress World Champion, NJPW Jr Champion, IPW World Champion, 2x MJPW Jr Tag Team Champion. Secondly, we have Eli Smith. A 27 year old Englishman and a lovable character. His list of accomplishments include 1x RevPro BHC, 3x RevPro Cruis erweight, 2x RevPro Tag Team, 2x PROGRESS Tag Team, 1x ICW WHC, 1x EVOLVE, 1x Dragon Gate OTBG, 1x TN A X-Division Champion Next, we have the 23 Year old Buddy Ace, hailing from the United States! A fairly new face in professional wrestling this guy has shown in his past that he is not afraid of showing that he believes he is the best in the world. Fourthly, we have El Hijo De Echo. Hailing from Mexico this 23 Year Old is wise beyond his years gaining many accolades in such a short space of time. He has become the Lucha Underground Champion, CMLL World Lightweight champion, NWA World Historic Light Welterweight Champion, Impact X Division Champion, AAA Mega Champion, AAA Latin American Champion in just a few short years. Angelo Caito, a bonafied Ass Kicker hailing from Italy and a man every single NXT Superstar should fear if they ever make the mistake of crossing him. Finally, we have Bizzy. This Puerto Rican has spent all of his career in ROH and has been a hero to the fans the whole time. This is the future of NXT and the future of the wrestling business and we hope that you will join us next Wednesday as William Regal tries to figure out what is next for the WWE's third brand.
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    NJPW vs ROH VS RPW - Version 2.0

    RevolutionPro Live: Episode 8 The Cockpit, Marylebone - May 3rd Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood The show begins with women's singles competition as "The Demon Assassin" Rosemary takes on "All About Me" Tenille Dashwood. Rosemary made her debut the show before Epic Encounter whereas Dashwood was competing for the British Openweight Women's Championship at the PPV. The match would come to an end as Dashwood would attempt a diving crossbody. It would connect on Rosemary but Rosemary would be able to roll through and back onto her feet with Dashwood in her arms. However, the weight of Dashwood alongside a couple elbows to the side of her head would force Rosemary to drop Dashwood. Nevertheless, before Dashwood would be able to take advantage, Rosemary would hit an exploder suplex that would send Dashwood flying across the ring. Dashwood would roll out of the ring after the suplex. Rosemary would chase after her but Dashwood would instantly run back into the ring. As Rosemary would get back in, Dashwood would attempt to hit the Spotlight Kick but Rosemary would duck it, hit the ropes and then connect with a spear. Rosemary would then finish Dashwood off with a Red Wedding before picking up the pinfall. Winner: Rosemary via Red Wedding (Pinfall @ 11:37) Shayna Baszler Uses Her Glory As Fuel Baszler is in a gym cooling down. After wiping her face with a towel, she eventually turns her attention to the camera, picks up her British Openweight Women's Championship and begins to talk. "This championship, the British Openweight Women's Championship, didn't accidentally fall into my hands. I wasn't named The Queen of Spades for no reason. You all saw what happened at Epic Encounter. I decimated Dashwood and if I wanted, I could've put her out for months, but evidently, that isn't what I want. I want my competition to be as healthy as possible, as strong as possible because that match at Epic Encounter was way too easy." "I didn't come to RPW to sit around doing nothing. I want a challenge and whoever thinks they can challenge me better make themselves be heard soon because unlike most champions who soak in their glory whilst at the top, I use my glory as motivation, as fuel for this bone-breaking machine. By the way, don't worry, just because I want competition, don't think that I won't be beating the fuck out of whoever wants to challenge me." Baszler smirks before pushing the camera away. Roppongi 3K vs Worldwide Underground Before the match, John Morrison and PJ Black would make their way to the ring but once they were inside the ropes, Morrison would grab a microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, myself and PJ Black have brilliant news. As Worldwide Underground continues its venture to truly becoming worldwide, we have picked up a third accomplice. Arguably the only man that could stand next to the two of us and be considered on the same level. Please, allow me to welcome the newest addition to Worldwide Underground... Matt Sydal!" Sydal makes his way out and is embraced by both Morrison and Black. Morrison then steps out the ring as Sydal and Black take on Roppongi 3K in a tag team match. Nevertheless, RPG3K's superior experience as a team would prove more sufficient as the new teaming of Sydal and Black would see some communicational errors. Momentum would begin to build as Sydal would save Black from a Shock Arrow by Sho with an enzuigiri. Sydal would then take out Yoh before heading to the top whilst Black would set up Sho for the Black Diamond. At the last second, Sho would escape, leaving Black to fall to the ground by himself. By this time, it would be too late for Sydal to stop himself from hitting a Shooting Sydal Press on his teammate. Yoh would then run in the ring to capitalize by hitting a superkick on Sydal which Yoh would then follow up with the Shock Arrow. Black would attempt to recover by attacking Sho from behind but he would instead be caught with the 3K and Sho would pick up the pinfall. After the match, Rocky Romero would climb in the ring to celebrate with RPG3K. Romero would then grab a microphone and begin talking with his talented friends standing tall behind him. "Wow! What a stellar of a matchup! Congratulations to all four men for that fantastic performance but more importantly, let's appreciate how great these two men truly are. When these two men returned to NJPW from a life-changing excursion to Mexico, they won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions on their first night back and then continued on to win the Super Jr. Tag Tournament that same year. This team is the greatest tag team to grace the tag team scene for years so can someone explain to me how Chris Brookes can stand in this ring and name CCK as the leaders of this new era. Brookes, Lykos, this is us accepting your challenge. We're coming for those tag titles so you better keep watching." Romero drops the microphone before the three men known as Roppongi 3K pose together in the ring. They then head to the back. Winner: Roppongi 3K via 3K (Pinfall @ 18:55) Lio Rush Reminisces His Struggles A dark room would be presented with a steel chair in the middle. After moments of omniscience, Lio Rush would stroll into the shot with a fully black suit on and his newly won British Cruiserweight Championship on his shoulder. He sits down on the chair and stares straight down the camera. "All my career- no. All my life, I've met struggle after struggle, adversity upon adversity, hard times of the many. I've had to scratch and claw to climb over every obstacle put in front of me. I'd love to tell you why but honestly, I'm not sure. However, this isn't me complaining. If anything, this a thank you because all these battles and conflicts that I've met throughout my lifetime have made me into the man I am today and continuing my honesty, I couldn't be more proud with the man I am." "Relentless determination and raw willpower built upon the foundations of my struggles have allowed me to beat some of the top guys this industry has to offer and now that I hold the British Cruiserweight Championship in my hand, you best believe that I will do anything humanly possible to keep it and have my name put down in history as the greatest ever competitor to hold this title. It may be a long road but step by step, inch by inch, I will prove myself to every single one of you. As he finishes speaking, Lio looks down at the floor for a few moments before gradually getting to his feet. He looks up and casually walks away with his title on his shoulder once again. Big Damo vs Tommy End Following his cryptic message that he aired last week, "The Anti-Hero" Tommy End would compete in a one on one matchup with "The Beast of Belfast" Big Damo. End has seen success as of late, most notably his KO victory over NJPW's Jay Lethal, whereas Damo has failed to you really gain any momentum here in RevPro. Throughout this matchup, Damo's obvious size advantage would help him but End's prolific striking ability would be the deciding factor as End would be able to chop down the big man with his blistering kicks. The match would come to an end as Damo would look to finish End off with an Ulster Plantation following a huge Barn River Boot. However, End would slip off the back of Damo's shoulders, land a kick to the back of his knee causing Damo to fall to his knees. End would then connect with an awfully devastating Owari Death Kick from behind on Damo that would put the big man out for the three count. Winner: Tommy End via Owari Death Kick (Pinfall @ 24:11)
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    Why does every heel in the WWE need to be a coward who runs away and acts scared all the time? Why can't a heel be badass but just like the crowd or other wrestlers. This whole feud between Ambrose and Rollins doens't make sense when Ambrose is playing a chicken heel, it made sense with Rollins when he was aligned with the authority, but now.... The heel turn doesn't make sense this way, and I am scared that the match won't be nearly as good as it could be. Ambrose should be looking for Rollins just as much as Rollins is looking for him, here I was thinking WWE couldn't fuck this up, but oh boy, I was wrong. The haven't yet for me, but I have now realised that no feud is safe from being a disaster in WWE, even one with a good story like Ambrose vs Rollins.
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    I do agree with that, however I think the goal in the long run for them is a Dolph vs Drew rivalry, so in terms of that it’s more effective. Also I think Dolph will interfere in Drew/Balor in some way.
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    It was still alright. Charlie made the show good. But there was still some value to it. But they probably should've just ended it.
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    Just "Marker" Done

    What's on your mind?

    I'm thinking that I have a shit ton of tests and hopefully I pass all of them
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    I like the move. Promote your talent without needing to establish a territory of your own. It helps the indies a bit too. Evolve getting promoted would be really good. Would love to see NXT work there.
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    It was better than last week, not exactly the highest of praise. I'm at least glad they addressed the fact that Ziggler had been missing around McIntyre the past couple of weeks but it is sad to see them seemingly break up the best random pairing in 2018. I'm torn between mourning that and being happy that McIntyre being elevated consistently. It may be minor, but I am very interested in the Heath Slater storyline. If the stories are true of it being the in-ring retirement of Rhyno then it is a sad way to see him go but it wouldn't surprise me if Rhyno didn't want to draw attention to it. In other news the babyfaces are actually helping each other in 2018. Just in time for Christmas. There are some fun moments during the show but when it's a three hour show it drags with the duds. This is going to be a long road to TLC for Raw so at least at the moment i have Smackdown.
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    WWE Signings & Debuts Discussion

    Great to see another Australian heading to WWE. Hopefully they give him a good gimmick and he develops into a good worker
  30. 1 point

    Greatest Movie Performances?

    Jack Black in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a performance that I think was severely underrated. He made you truly believe that he was a teenage girl on the inside while still being him. He really put so much effort into that role and you can just tell when you watch the movie.
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    The titantron shows a dark road, full of rain, as a hooded figure walks down the road, before a nearby tv screen shows highlights of SummerSlam, with Julius decimating Slim before him making a nearly impossible comeback, only to be shut down by Bart. As the music continues to play, the voice of Slim is heard throughout the arena. Going into SummerSlam it was tough. I was caught between two roads, because in my mind, it was my legacy finally being established. Undoubtedly the greatest ever, the one claim anyone has on my head is that I haven't won that illustrious fifth World Championship. I lose. I lose miserably, and I walk out of the Staples Center that night, going backstage for the final time thinking this may be it. With so many guys in and out, Smith getting fired, Flynn and Necce constantly gone, I was thinking that the new age was coming and frankly I couldn't hang. The once unstoppable, unbeatable man who was untouchable for 310 days, I was at the lowest of my lows on that night. Slim continues speaking as the depressing music continues to play, highlighting how terrible these past three months have been. And I ghosted the company after that. I collected my paycheck for the night, flew home to Jacksonville and ignored texts from anyone who worked for the company unless it was from a close friend. My mental state was weak, because for so long I had built myself up, I came into every show, every night, having no doubts ever, because whenever something was important to me, I ended up on top. Yet... For the first time, that night, I fell. That immortal throne I stood on was snatched from under me and my tumble to the bottom was one my mind couldn't handle. No appetite, for days. Losing sleep, and if I came back, if I stepped foot in this place again, what was I gonna say? I failed? It was a once in a lifetime thing? No. For me, that was it, I had finally been unseated. It was over. But then, a few weeks later, my mind started to realize what I was giving up. And despite it never occurring to me while I was gone, the fans, the very reason I became a despicable person, were the thing I missed the most. But despite me feeling that I wanted to come back, I knew that I wasn't in the right mindframe, but the day I did choose to come back, it wasn't the World Championship I was after, it was the one thing that could truly say it broke me... The Kingdom. So now, as I walk deeper and deeper down this dark road, one I may never recover from, I must make you understand, for me, this is not about a championship piece, or a single victory. The Kingdom made me rethink who I am, the Kingdom broke me mentally. And for that, I thank you. Bart, Echo, and Julius. All three of you. But, breaking me may have unlocked a new side of me. Because these past three months, I've been gone, REBUILDING myself from the weak human you saw at SummerSlam. And at December to Dismember, you will truly understand what I mean, Julius. The titantron cuts to a date... December 23rd, before a black and white picture of a furious Slim shows up, marking the return date, and a rematch from SummerSlam, Slim vs Julius, at December to Dismember...
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    BPZ PPV Poster Challenge

    If somebody can send me a match card I can make graphics for those.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Commentaries Picks This is something new as we are always looking to get more clicks... I mean introducing even more quality contents surrounding the BPZ. This will be something where every author contracted to BPZ Commentaries will give his insight to a certain topic, whether they want to or not. Today's topic will be: Potential BPZMania Main Events: BPZMania is the most talked about event on the BPZ calendar, meaning that it generates tons of interest and therefore opportunities for us to grab some money. This is what we will be doing today, as we gave our ideas for what will be the last match on BPZMania. Weco Dilson: Julius vs Smith Everyone loves a surprise Rumble return and win right? Well look no further than Smith, he is quite possibly the greatest wrestler in BPZ's history and he has been absent as of late. Smith vs Julius could be the battle of the ages. Julius would be looking to defeat the final true threat to his reign as this would mean he'd have beaten Bailey in his cash in attempt and Slim at DtD and whenever else he wanted a match. While Smith is trying to prove that his Rumble win wasn't a fluke and that he truly still has it. Mike Hunt: Julius vs Brenden Brenden vs Julius for the World Heavyweight Championship. Big time match, the Boss vs the face of the company, Brenden's return singles match. Just imagine Brenden being the one to shut the mouth of the arrogant Julius and pick up the WHC only for his protege Bailey to cash in after. What a sexy ME that would be. James SweedinFerg: Bailey vs Flynn Now yes, they are best friends now, but doesn't deep down Flynn remember that Bailey was the one who took his chance at main eventing the first BPZMania by beating him for the World Championship? And to make matters worst, Flynn never got his revenge. Now, with Bailey as Money In The Bank, and the "New Flynn" active, I see Bailey possibly winning the World Championship via cash in and Flynn winning the Rumble and they battling at Mania IV". Peter Menthol (who couldn't make up his minds and decided to go with 2 picks Julius vs Flynn I know this match has already happened twice now, but the only time it has happened with the world title on the line, the finish was due to an interference and the fallout was seemingly overbooked. The match that these two men and this story deserves is a straight up one on one match with the title on the line. You can give it a “Teacher vs Student” tagline if you want, but I think that it would be a fitting conclusion to these two men’s story and would prove who is the better wrestler on the grandest stage of them all, one of the most decorated stars of all time, or the biggest star to come out of 2018. Necce vs Flynn 4 Now I know their Survivor Series Hell In a Cell match was supposed to be a “Career vs Career match” but as Flynn stated in his promo after the match, Necce has allowed him to stay for a reason that is unknown to us at the moment. And as any wrestling fan would, with Flynn still around, that makes me clamor even more for a 4th, and possibly final edition to this rivalry. This trilogy, and hopefully saga, started in the semi main event of BPZMania 3, so then what would make a more fitting end to the story than in the main event of the show of shows. There doesn’t have to be any titles on the line or any careers on the line, this match could just simply be a one on one match to finally once and for all prove who is the better man between these two rivals. Danny Daniels: Bailey vs Smith I think that we will head into the final week before BPZMania thinking that we would see Julius vs Smith in the main event. But true to his charachter, Bailey decides to be an ultimate heel and steal the main event from the upcoming star by cashing in when Julius expects it the least. The story works, the two of a backstory and it puts Smith, the returning star, against Bailey, the COO of company who could very well have had something to do with his firing. The two surely would be able to work a good match in the main event, and also set up Julius and Bailey to feud no matter what the outcome of the main event is.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    The Live Event was about to start. Ross: "Why don't you stick around and see how a real show is booked, eh kid?" The Kid was up to his neck with this, he called Ross out. The Kid: "What's up with you Ross?" Ross stopped dead in his tracks and turned to get in The Kid's face. Ross: You wanna know whats up with me? You little shit! I've been in this business, through thick and thin. You think that just cause you're the first kid with an idea in his head, that you can reinvent the fucking wheel! They come and they go kid, they just aint got the passion. Sure, you're enjoying yourself now Kid, but what happens when you're 6 months down the line and you've been on the road for 10 weeks. What happens when you gotta book a PPV and 3 shows in one week. You haven't shown me shit, NOT ONE LITTLE THING....Nothing. Nothing that proves to me that you're any different from the rest of em." The Kid wanted to back off, but Ross was in full swing. Ross: "There's a reason why we shake hands before the tapings, and it ain't gotta do with respect. It's because every night we go into business with each other. And it only takes one son of a bitch to ruin it for everyone. I've seen you come in here for your tapings and leave before the main event. You really say you're dedicated to this company? You are so lucky that Smith is watching your back. Get out of my sight before I knock you out. The Kid left, not sure what to make about that confrontation. Part of what Ross said rang a little truer than he wanted it to. He sat on his own in silence during his event, onyl saying hi to Kyle Reeves as he went out for his dark match. The next face he saw was Slim's. Slim: "Yo dude, I heard what Ross said to you. Tough break kid, stick in there." The Kid: "Thanks." That was far from what he expected from The King. Everything he had heard, led to The Kid expecting Slim to kick him while he was down. Slim walked on off to the ring for his main event match with the Homosexual Hero. The Kid was glad his creation was being used, even if it was being jobebd out, but he still hated that Ross had the ability to use him as well. A post match attack occurred but out of nowhere, Julius came in to save Slim from Bailey and Ginge. Smith: "Hey Kid, How's it going?.....Oh, I heard what Ross said by the way. Don't sweat it." The Kid: "He's so worried about me going into business for myself, and fucking Julius keeping the belt. Like what the fuck?" Smith: "Watch your language kid. Ross is old school. It's just gonna take him a while to win him over but you'll get there. And in the mean time, I got your back." The Kid: "I can fight my own battles thank you." Smith: "Trust me, you'll need all the help you can get." With that, Smith stood up, pat The Kid on the shoulder and left him alone.
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    Atlantic Division Boston Celtics Khris Middleton: SF Jaylen Brown: GF Reggie Jackson: G Danny Green: GF Wayne Ellington: SG Rodney McGruder: SG Kenneth Faried: PF Dwight Howard: C Mario Hezonja: SF Omri Casspi: SF Naz Mitrou-Long: G Dzanan Musa: SF Raul Neto: G Guillermo Hernangomez: C Nik Stauskas: SG Dorian Finney-Smith: F Davon Reed: SG Power Ranking Rank: 16 Brooklyn Nets Paul George: GF Klay Thompson: GF Trevor Ariza: SF Steven Adams: C Jeremy Lamb: GF Joe Harris: SG Jerami Grant: SF Zaza Pachulia: C T.J. McConnell: PG Solomon Hill: SF Alex Len: C Bam Adebayo: PF Bruce Brown Jr: SG Rawle Alkins: SG Ivica Zubac: C Isaiah Briscoe: G Thomas Welsh: C Power Ranking Rank: 10 New York Knicks Anthony Davis: FC Joel Embiid: C DeMar DeRozan: GF C.J. McCollum: G Jonas Valanciunas: C Lonzo Ball: PG Kris Dunn: PG Rodney Hood: SG Wendell Carter: FC Aron Baynes: FC Dante Cunningham: F Juan Hernangomez: F Rodions Kurucs: SF David Nwaba: GF Jerian Grant: PG Justin Anderson: GF Lorenzo Brown: PG Power Ranking Rank: 3 Philadelphia 76ers Kyle Kuzma: PF Darren Collison: PG Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: F Justise Winslow: SF Allen Crabbe: SG C.J. Miles: GF J.R. Smith: GF Tristan Thompson: FC Marquese Chriss: PF Jodie Meeks: SG Moritz Wagner: FC Devonte Graham: SG Maxi Kleber: PF Ryan Broekhoff: GF Theo Pinson: SG Daryl Macon: G Power Ranking Rank: 26 Toronto Raptors Jonathon Simmons: GF Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: SG J.J. Redick: SG Brandon Knight: G Troy Brown Jr: SF Ish Smith: PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: PG Matthew Dellavedova: G Andrew Harrison: SG John Collins: PF Justin Jackson: SF Vince Carter: GF Ray Spalding: PF Georges Niang: F J.P. Macura: SG Walter Lemon Jr: PG Power Ranking Rank: 30 in the first 5 teams, we have looked at we see 2 bottom teams in Philly and Toronto 2 mid to upper table teams in Boston and Brooklyn and our first super team in the New York Knicks. Next Division will be the Central Division
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    BPZ Booking Division

    Episode Eleven: Changing Of The Guard Pac comes out and talks about the results of his ladder match at the pay per view event and the actions of "Switch Blade" Jay White (4:50) Pac comes from the back, ACF Undisputed Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand as he enters the ring. Pac: "Last night, five of the best in the world tried taking The King's Crown. But, Royalty always comes through, and my men have made sure the King remains The King. Now, I have another pain in my ass to deal with. Jay White. You think it was smart to lay your filthy hands on the King? You are a fool Jay, and tonight, you will pay a fools price. Tonight you take on Baron Corbin. I wish you luck, and you may wish your king a happy new year." Kofi Kingston vs Chris Dijax: 15 Minute Iron Man For The IronMan Championship Highlights: Before the match up begins, Chris Dijax ambushed Kofi and powerbombs him onto the barricade before throwing him back into the ring, where the match finally begins after Kofi says he can go. Chris begins to work on the back of Kofi, with backbreakers, axe handling his back, and hitting a German Suplex. Kofi tries Fighting back, knowing his title is in trouble of going to a Royalty member. Chris Dijak secures the first fall after pinning Kofi after a Sit out Powerbomb with 11:39 on the clock. Kofi secures a fall after rolling up Dijax with a school boy for the Pinfall at 10:12, evening the score. Chris and Kofi battle on the outside and Kofi sends both over the barricade. Before Kofi can enter, Chris pushes him into the steps and enters the ring, getting a count out fall over the Champion, making it 2-1 with 6:50 left. Kofi once again even up the score when he got Chris with a S.O.S off the top rope for the three count, making it 2-2 with 3:10 on the clock. Last fall occurs when Chris runs off the ropes into a Trouble In Paradise that bounces him off the ropes into another that gets Kofi the three and him to retain the Championship. Winner: Kofi Kingston- Title Retained @ (15:00) ACF General Manager Sting Announces the Tag Teams for Tournament at Breaking Dawn. (7:00) Sting: "Hello everybody and tonight I am here to announce you the six tag teams for the tournament at Breaking Dawn, where the winners of all three matches will face each other in a tag team ladder triple threat match in the main event of the show. The teams are: Representing The Royalty, Chris Dijak and Baron Corbin. Next, Amazing Red and Crimson. Next in line is Rusev and Sheamus. Following them is the tag team of the IronMan Champion, Kofi Kingston, and Rich Swann. Next is The Big Show and Hardcore Holly. And lastly, the team of Matt Hardy and Nick Aldis. And now, it's definitely Show Time cause next up, the new ACF Women's Champion, Toni Storm, competes against Sasha Banks. WOOOOOO!" Toni Storm vs Sahsa Banks Highlights: The bell rings and Sasha and Toni shake hands before circling each other with a lock up. Sasha gets Storm in a waist lock before Toni breaks out and gets her into a headlock until Banks pushes Toni to the ropes and she rebounds off and both go shoulder block but neither fall. Storm dodges a clothesline attempt that sends Sasha over the top rope, and she runs, flips over the rope and hits a moonsault onto Sasha onto the outside padding. Toni goes up top and goes for a crossbody but Banks counters with a dropkick, catching Storm in the ribs. Sasha got Toni in the Bank Statement, until Tessa Blanchard storms the ring and she ambushed Sasha and kicks her out of the ring. She then turned to Toni and beats her down with brutal stiff strikes, even elbowing her skull, busting her open. She then picks up Storm and drops her onto her head with a Cradle Piledriver before picking up the Women's Championship and then drops it on her head and leaves. Winner: Sasha Banks via Disqualification (14:50) Durning the commercial break, medical is rushing down with towels. They enter the ring and tend to the wound while two medics rush down with a gurney and a neck break after the vicious Piledriver. While she gets tended to, the state of her condition and her reign as Champion is in serious Jeopardy. Sheamus vs Aryia Davir Highlights: The bell rings and Sheamus wastes no time hitting a Brouge Kick, flipping Davir inside out. Instead of going for a pin, Sheamus grabs Aryia by the throat and throws him into the corner before pumbling his body with rigged shots to the gut. Sheamus then pulls Davir into a Irsh Curse Backbreaker. For the next few minutes it is nothing but Sheamus toying with Aryia Davir before hitting him with a High Cross, getting the three count. Before he can continue his assault, the theme of the big man, Crimson comes running down, causing Sheamus to retreat. Winner: Sheamus (4:20) Crimson: "You know Sheamus, for the past two weeks, you've been attacking the little guys, knowing they can't defend themselves. Well, how about next week, you pick on me? See you next week, fella." Jay White vs Baron Corbin Highlights: Jay offers his hand, and when Baron goes to shake, until White gives a fast slap to the face. Jay whips Corbin to the corner, but he slides under the rope then quickly enters the ring and clothesline Jay to the ground. Corbin puts White on to the top rope, but Jay punches the face of Baron and nails him with a Tornado DDT. Jay runs off the ropes but caught with a perfect Deep Six. Baron goes for the End Of Days but Jay flips over and nails a Switch Blade for the three. Winner: Jay White (14:40) After the match, Royalty hits the ring, starting the number game on Jay White, with Nick, Chris, Pac, and Baron attacking on White. It ends with Pac climbing the top rope and hitting a Corkscrew Shooting Star and then he holds his Championship up, ending the show.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    UPDATE Xavier Woods was found moments after SDL ended this week. During a celebration on SDL, The Bludgeon Brothers attacked Big E and Kofi Kingston and then abducted Xavier Woods. No physical harm was found. Woods' return to The New Day is unknown at this time.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 43 NXT Michael Cole: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to NXT! We are one week away from the Triple Threat Match for the NXT Championship. Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Drew McIntyre and Lars Sullivan. Tonight, Dean Ambrose faces The Freak Lars Sullivan in singles action. Corey Graves: Also, tonight, Elias goes one-on-one with Aleister Black. Last week, Black crashed the first-ever edition of Talk with Elias and ended up delivering a Black Mass to Elias. But as you can see by the replay, the kick actually connected with Elias' throat, rendering The Drifter unable to sing tonight! Byron Saxton: And that is why Elias has requested and been granted the stipulation that Aleister Black's Black Mass finishing move is banned during their match. The NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon returns to NXT after being choked out at WarGames by Shayna Baszler. Ember calls out Shayna but gets The Riott Squad instead. Ruby Riott reminds Ember that she's not finished with her. Ruby then volunteers Liv Morgan to face Moon next. Match 1 - Singles (Non-title) NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan w/The Riott Squad Match 2 - Handicap Heavy Machinery vs SAnitY Michael Cole: I think its clear that Heavy Machinery are the top contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship. In the back, EC3, who made his debut last week, is interviewed and asked about what he thinks of Velveteen Dream. EC3 calls him a coward for refusing to face EC3 last week. Zelina Vega interrupts and says Andrade "Cien" Almas is not a coward and wants a match with EC3 next week. EC3 accepts. A replay shows the closing moments of last week's NXT when Lars Sullivan destroyed Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose. Match 3 - Singles (Non-title) Lars Sullivan vs NXT Champion Dean Ambrose As soon as the match ended, Drew McIntyre appeared out of nowhere and Claymore kicked Sullivan. He then delivered a Future Shock DDT to Ambrose. McIntyre lifted up the NXT Championship as he stood over his enemies. Michael Cole: Who will be the NXT Champion next week? It's The Lunatic versus The Psychopath versus The Freak for the NXT Championship! Match 4 - Tag Team Bayley & Naomi vs Absolution (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville) Corey Graves: What an upset! Bayley is a former RAW Women's Champion and God's Greatest Creation Mandy Rose has just pinned her in the middle of the ring! TOMORROW NIGHT, ON 205 LIVE, ITS A FATAL 5-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH FOR THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. KALISTO DEFENDS AGAINST ADAM COLE, RODERICK STRONG, CHAD GABLE, AND MUSTAFA ALI. WHO WILL BE WALKING OUT THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION? JoJo: Ladies and gentlemen, Elias. Elias attempts to speak but is overcome with pain. He begins to play his guitar when Aleister Black's music cuts him off. Match 5 - Singles (Black Mass is banned) Elias vs Aleister Black Aleister Black didn't care about the stipulation as he still delivered a Black Mass kick to Elias. He grabs a microphone. Aleister Black: Pete Dunne, this is your future. I know you aren't here tonight, but I advise you to show up next week. Show up next week and expect a fight! Michael Cole: Next week has potential to be an explosive episode of NXT! You don't want to miss it!
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    WWE Current Brand Split 2020

    TLC: 12/2/18 Smackdown Exclusive Kings Of Wrestling Defeated Team Hell No and New Day in a Ladder Match to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships in 23:38 Eric Young Defeated Bobby Roode in 10:16 after Distraction by Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe Shinsuke Nakamura Defeated Seth Rollins in 15:28 by putting him through a table The New Formed Team of Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Defeated The Revival in 11:31 after Rey Mysterio hit 619 on Dash Wilder followed by a 630 splash by Ricochet. Randy Orton Defeated Jeff Hardy in a chairs match in 13:42 after hitting him with an RKO on a chair. Randy Orton Retains The United States Championship Trish Stratus Defeated Alexa Bliss in 11:47 to retain The Smackdown Women's Championship Samoa Joe Defeated AJ Styles in a TLC match in 27:46 by Climbing the ladder and grabbing The WWE Championship. Samoa Joe retains The WWE Championship.
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    Who is BK Strong?

    I was introduced to wrestling at a very young age. I've always been a guy that if I set my eyes on something, I'm gonna keep my eyes on that one long term goal. I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler, I've always wanted a wrestling contract. I feel that being so introduced to professional wrestling at a young age makes me different because I know the business so well. This journey has hit a couple bumps along the way. Things that changed my life forever. I feel that if I didn't pursue my dream of wrestling, my life would be turned upside down. There has always been a lot of things I think about when I wrestle. People ask me "Why do I do this?" I'm asked that question every night by at least one fan at an event. Always loved wrestling, always. Carnage is obviously ever wrestler’s dream job. Even though I have a long way to go in my career I've been considering if time is gonna start to repel my interest in Carnage but I don't completely understand if that's necessarily true or not. "BK Strong is seriously overlooked. What a talented young man!" I am one the most technical, hard-hitting wrestler there has been in a very long time. Everywhere I go I wanna be the absolute best hands down and it's only a short amount time before I show the Carnage universe exactly what I work hard to be. The best. I feel like I haven't let people in enough. I haven't told my story and what my dreams are because the timing wasn't right yet. People have told me that when they see me they vision that kid in High School who was a stud in football, basketball, and baseball but um... that's not the case. My mom and dad didn't always have the best relationship at times but one of the only times we really bonded as a family with my two sisters and I was watching wrestling. We had a pretty toxic environment not just in our house but in our neighborhood. There were a lot of kids who loved to pick on short, small, weak kid like myself at the time. If you liked wrestling people thought you were stupid or delusional and that's something I wanted to change and I think that I'm well on my way and Carnage could be my chance of changing everyone's opinion that wrestling isn't fake, it isn't stupid. Wrestling should be treated just like football or baseball is. We're killing ourselves for this business and every person that pays their hard earned money to see us perform and everyone who spend their time watching us do our job. So that's why I wanna change people's opinion on wrestling even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, they should that we put our bodies in harms way every night for people's entertainment. But that's something that my dad taught me was to love what you do for a living. I've been asked by many fans when I would be going into the big leagues and I tell them the same thing, "I'm already there, just working for the next level." I feel that my biggest influence in my life was my father because he was someone I could talk to, I had a relationship with my dad that I didn't at the time I had with my mom. Here we are in Henrico County, Virginia where my mother grew up and now lives temporarily because her house is being renovated. But this also where my father died right here on this road. My father was heading back to home from my Grandparents' house when his car and a drunk driver collided. When you hear the news that your father someone who you were really close to is gone it's um *wipes a tear* very heartbreaking to hear and it was really hard to get used to not having that fatherly figure in your life anymore. Shortly after my father was killed, I was already saving up to go to wrestling school before my dad died so I had enough to start training. I was shy to show exactly who I really am because I didn't want there to be weakness. I believe that I did a good job by hiding what I was introduced to as a child and the weakness of myself not having self-confidence for a while. Wrestling brought back the confidence I lost as a child in Middle school. I knew that I needed to be absolutely successful at whatever I end up doing in life and my dream came true because I believed that I could do it. I had so much weakness in my system as a child I didn't think that I would recover from until I found professional wrestling. I felt like the only time I was myself was when I was at home mostly because I was shy kid never felt I let in with a lot of people. I feel that Carnage could easily be a landing spot for me. I feel that Carnage has always been where I deserved to be and I honestly it brings out that five-year-old kid thinking about one day having a WrestleMania moment. I want to prove that I'm the best wrestler in the world, let alone the best Cruiserweight. So here we are inside my grandparents' house and my mother's temporary home. Look at there. My mom always wanted the best for me. Like I said earlier, my family watched wrestling quite often when I was a child. My mom's favorite show was Carnage. Carnage has such a great roster, EVOLVE does as well y'know. Carnage is a big reason why I wrestle. I loved the promotion as a child. Now that I'm a man I could finally, hopefully live that dream. When I was eighteen years old I made a promise to my dad. I prayed to God and my father saying that one day I was gonna sign with Carnage. I was gonna live my dream the only thing I ever wanted as a child. Lisa Strong I always tell him to stand out. Go to work with high work ethic. Work as hard as you can work. Just be the guy you know you can be and just be yourself. The last few months have been life changing. From being some kid on the street to being a wrestler, something I deserved. Yeah, it's awesome. I was never supposed to make it this far, y'know. I'm one of the smallest wrestlers there is today. Not just talking about height but weight by far. I'm not even two hundred pounds, I'm very much one guy who when you look at me, you don't picture a high-flyer, you picture a non-athletic kid. But what did I do? I proved them wrong. I'm not the Cruiserweight you picture when you picture a Cruiserweight. I'm the most technical, hard-hitting wrestlers this business has seen in a very long time. My dad and uncle were great friends with Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. So one day Jim came down to see my father and to see what he was doing y'know. So Jim looked at our wrestling ring which was in our backyard and he started I guess you could say "saw what my dad had" y'know. So he saw what my uncle and dad could do but I was shocked to hear on what he told my dad. So my dad told me so after Jim left, "Y'know, Jim told me if you stick with this, you could very good." I was like "What? This guy at a level I wanted to reach says I have a bright future." It was such an honor to talk to Jim Neidhart. So when Jim went on the road, my dad and uncle started teaching me the basics. I was around thirteen or fourteen years old at the time. A lot of Jim's students came to see what I could do and it so crazy for grown men and women to come see a thirteen year old do around ten moves. Great experience, great experience. I had the opportunity to learn before I actually learned and I was all in. Carnage has always what I've been working at. It's every wrestler's dream. Wrestling taught me how to love, how to love my wife, how to be a family man. It made me grow up. Wrestling is everything I needed and Carnage could very well be the next chapter in my career that has a long way to go before its over. Wrestling taught me that even not everything was ok that life goes on and keep hope going. Everything I've been through, wrestling helped me get passed that. Carnage could be my chance to be myself and prove what I say I am and that's the best. I say that I can prove myself there because of how much the roster has been stacked since returning to the scene, I've already proved to myself and my family I'm the best and now it's time I prove to the some of the best according to sources that I'm the best wrestler in the world. My name is BK Strong and Carnage I want you to remember these three word. End. Of. Heartache.
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    The Old School Wrestling Review podcast OSW Review on Youtube. But i also love Bruce Prichard's Something Else To Wrestle With.
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    Currently I'm listening to Championships by Meek Mill, it absolutely amazing I highly recommend listening to it as this might be one of the best albums this year
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    5 Stars, 5 days.

    Well well we are only five days away from the first round of the tag team tournament. I had a discussion for once with my partner Mave Deltzer who seems to trust me now, we have been training together, dining together and telling stories to each other. It looks like we have an even bigger chance of winning now since we can both finally trust each other. 5 stars is only 5 days away from starting a reign of terror.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Match 1 - Tag Team R-Truth & Tye Dillinger vs The Colons w/Goldust Michael Cole: Could we be looking at a new tag team here on SDL? Well, from saying hello to a new team to saying goodbye to one of the greatest of all time, Rey Mysterio will be here to say farewell to the WWE Dreams Universe. In the back, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are asked about Natalya and Beth Phoenix being absent from Survivor Series. Charlotte says they haven't been able to reach either of them. Becky says their focus is on next week when they face The Bella Twins. SDL Tag Team Champions The New Day are in the ring. There's a table with something covered up on top of it. Big E and Kofi Kingston want to congratulate Xavier Woods on his win at Survivor Series. They take off the cover and there is a giant stack of pancakes for Woods to eat. The lights turn off and on and The Bludgeon Brothers are in the ring with The New Day. Big E and Kofi Kingston run at Harper and Rowan but get hit with hammers. The Bludgeon Brothers take the cover, put it over Xavier Woods' head, and take him to the back. Byron Saxton: What just happened? This is serious. Michael Cole: We'll try to keep you updated on the status of Xavier Woods. Still to come, we are expecting the arrival of the anonymous majority shareholder. What is the reason for their visit? We'll find out tonight. In the back, Rusev and Aiden English are still arguing over what took place at Survivor Series. Aiden says the Money in the Bank briefcase has gone to Rusev's head. Rusev suggests they take a break from being a tag team. Rusev says he's going to focus on helping Lana with her wrestling career. Match 2 - Singles Mickie James vs Lana w/Rusev In the back, Kurt Angle talks about Shinsuke Nakamura returning next week to face him. Angle says he's going to finish the job and break both of Nakamura's ankles. BOOYAKA, BOOYAKA Rey Mysterio comes to the ring to say goodbye to the WWE Dreams Universe. He says he was just doing a favor for a friend and thanks the fans for welcoming him back and allowing him to do what he loves. He waves goodbye and sets down the microphone, but before he can leave, he is confronted by AJ Styles. AJ blames Mysterio for SDL's loss at Survivor Series since he was the first one eliminated, which put SDL at a disadvantage. Rey says he couldn't hear AJ just now over the sound of Styles tapping out at Survivor Series. AJ takes a swing at Rey and then continues the assault. Batista runs down, which sends Styles out of the ring. Michael Cole: Not the way Rey Mysterio wanted to go out, I can tell you that. Folks, don't go anywhere. We are getting word that the anonymous majority shareholder is in the building. Corey Graves: Here comes SDL General Manager Zack Ryder. Last second guesses who the shareholder is, gentlemen? Byron Saxton: I think- Corey Graves: No one asked you, Saxton! Zack Ryder is in the ring, awaiting the anonymous majority shareholder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Michael Cole: It's The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, the first-ever General Manager of SmackDown! Corey Graves: It all makes sense! Ted DiBiase says he returned last season as a manager, but saw how the company was being run and needed to do something about it. He says everyone has a price, including Sting, who sold his shares to The Million Dollar Man. DiBiase also talks about being the first-ever SmackDown General Manager 12 years ago and how embarrassing it was for him that SDL lost to RAW at Survivor Series. He says there is one person to blame and that's Zack Ryder. He says a punishment is in order and then points up to the cage. Ted DiBiase: I know you have your gear. Go get dressed because you have a match next. You will be in a Steel Cage Match against Michael Cole: Oh no. Corey Graves: It may be a cruel punishment, but it's a necessary one. Byron Saxton: How can you even say that? Match 3 - Steel Cage (Non-title) SDL General Manager Zack Ryder vs WWE Champion Brock Lesnar w/Ted DiBiase Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy is on top of the cage! Corey Graves: What is he even doing out here? Byron Saxton: Get down, Jeff! Jeff Hardy leaps off the cage, taking out Brock Lesnar. This allows Zack Ryder to crawl out of the door and win. Jeff Hardy recovers and helps Zack Ryder up the ramp. Ted DiBiase and Brock Lesnar are furious. Michael Cole: I have a feeling more punishments will be handed out after what just happened. What will they be? Tune in next week to find out!
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    What's on your mind?

    DAMN. You got some delusional thoughts there. Im thinking about how I'm going 7-0
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    What's on your mind?

    I'm thinking of how badly I'm going to beat @bailey14 this week in fantasy.
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