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    The camera then switches to the ring where Brett Storm is already in the ring with a serious look on his face. "So the guy that was The Crippler has turned himself into a bland spooky dude called Odyssey Sellers. You don't scare me. No one is scared of you. Superkicking a mirror, you think that's supposed to intimidate me? I've dealt with a lot more bigger, badder, meaner wrestlers than you. I don't expect people to bow at my feet. No, no. What I know is going to happen is everyone who faces me, everyone who gets on my bad side will look up at the lights after I knock them out. And Mr. Sellers, you're on my bad side. So you'll be knocked out. You think you're the only one who can be a sick, twisted individual well you haven't met me. You haven't seen what I can do. I'm not a guy who should be taken lightly. I'm a guy who can be a World Champion. I've proven how sick and twisted I can be while I was outside of BPZ, honing my craft. I'm a guy who carry a brand on my back and make it interesting. You're just a guy who thinks he's scary, who thinks they can hang but I got news for you. You can't hang with the top guys. Now you may think I am not a top guy, so you'll be able to hang with me but that's just not the case. Watch what I can do, I've been Champion elsewhere outside of BPZ. I'm a top guy. Hell, the weaker side of me, the side of me that I now despise won a Championship here, what does that say about the competition here in BPZ? It tells me that I'm going to be World Champion in BPZ. That's my goal. I'm a top guy. You think you'll be the greatest in BPZ, that's delusional, which isn't surprising considering you think you're something your not. You think you're a big deal when you've not proven yourself. Not here, not anywhere. I've proved myself outside of BPZ winning many Championships including World Championships. Here, the side of me that was "happy to be here" & did everything for the fans, that side of me became United States Champion. So I know I'm going to be World Champion. I know this new side of me is going to be World Champion. I won't let someone like you, with your unoriginal insults, your unoriginal personality, I won't let someone like you have the pleasure of beating me." Brett Storm just laughs as he looks up at the tron. "You decided to talk trash about me behind my back, in an undisclosed location. I'm out here, in the ring. I'm in a position where we can talk trash about each other, face to face but instead you, the guy that's thinks he's scary, supposed to be scary, is the one acting like a coward, choosing to talk ill of me far away from the arena. I'm not scared but I know who is. Odyssey Sellers is scared. Because he doesn't know what I can do. He's scared because he's going into the unknown as he has no idea what I'm capable of. You say I'm old news, when the spooky, scary persona you're wanting to show off has been going on for decades now. You have indeed arrived, and at Night Of Legends, you'll go back where you came from like so many supposed spooky guys do. I ain't afraid of you Odyssey." Brett then is about to leave but decides against it. "You know what, I'm gonna stay in this ring and give you the chance to grow a set and face me in the ring to repeat what you said about me. So come on." Brett grabs a steel chair from ringside and sits on it in the ring.
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    ACW TV Show: Octane I feel like a company like this would have PPV names similar to Rock/Metal/Metaclore songs. Examples: Championships: - Death-or-Glory Championship - Genie In A Lamp (MITB copy) TPW PPV: New Found Glory, Kingsroad, Tombstone, Showdown in Tascosa BZP PPV: Bedlam in ___,
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    SSW: Untouchable (around like July) BPZ: Insurgence (Universe Mode reference) ACW: One Night Stand
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    I'm taking sign ups for people who want to be in a tag team on my upcoming BPZ vs Twitch Mod. Please let me know who your partner is and which company you're BOTH in. You must both be in the same company for the tag team to be added. Here's an example: Company: BrendenPlayz Wrestlers Names: BrendenPlayz & Bailey Justin Tag Team Name: Playz & Bailey Tag Team Finisher: Double Drop Kick -- Fill out this form and let me know who you want to team with. Please try and get the other persons approval before posting, so that a team isn't formed when both guys don't want to be in it. Company: Wrestlers Names: Tag Team Name: Tag Team Finisher: If you want to view the rosters and current tag teams already in the game you can check out the roster page here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T8uteAuCJMt_yDZGMO8X1VksCE6bY1qunITg1oCoV4s
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    Join for Carnage, Left for Dead

    A monitor flickers, shuttering on in relative darkness until a lone, dim light shines. In the background, a standing mirror sits idly behind Odyssey. Sellers is sitting on a wooden barstool, looking directly into the camera. He slicks back his hair quickly before standing up and taking a breath. ".......I told you all, and it came true. I said that I wouldn't stay in the shadows for long, and not even 24 hours after my coming out announcement, I get signed to Carnage, easily the superior brand in BPZ. Now, I could've gone off and joined Evolve for an easy path to the top. But, I'm not about that lifestyle. I might be self-absorbed. Hell, some would have the audacity to call me egotistical. But what I am not is somebody who takes shortcuts, somebody who cheats to get out of slippery situations. Joining Evolve would be a waste of my talents, especially when the GM isn't even there to call any shots." Odyssey paces around for around thirty seconds, taking short and controlled breaths. "Joining Carnage was the logical decision, not that there was another one. But, let's look past that and fast forward to the future. January Eleventh, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada. It's ironic on so many levels that I debut on Night of Legends, where the tagline is "Where Legends are truly made." At Carnage PowerTrip: Night of Legends, I will pave my path to legendary status, and begin the journey to the domination of BPZ. My match on the card happens to be the "Showcase Match", a fatal four-way bout between myself, Brett Storm, George AK, and Bubba. Brett had some not so kind words about the competitors in this match, but to that, I would ask a solitary question. What makes you think you are still relevant? You leave for a year and a half and expect to have everybody bowing at your feet. News flash, you're old news, used product who's talents are equal to your initials. Fill that one in for yourself." Odyssey rolls his neck and cracks his knuckles before walking over to the mirror. "Bubba and George, I don't have a formulated opinion on just yet. All I know is that Bubba has a penchant for no-showing and that George needs the assistance of a psychiatrist. But, all three men will have bigger problems when I'm done. This Showcase Match is just that, a showcase of the talents of the greatest superstar in the history of BPZ. After I leap this stepping stone, I will have proved to everybody that I am the creator of carnage and the one that will tear every single one of these weaklings limb from limb in my quest to prove myself as the greatest wrestler to ever compete in BPZ." Suddenly, Odyssey superkicks the mirror. "That mirror is a perfect example of my opponents. They used to work, but now they don't. They are crushed and they are shattered. There is no way to run away. The path is paved, and the course is set. I'm facing the shining example of has-beens, while my journey is just beginning. Don't look now, but I have broken unto the scene. The journey has begun, and the Odyssey has arrived." The light begins to cut out when the monitor shuts off slowly. Odyssey lets a sick smile creep across his face as the camera cuts out.
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    Flynn’s Open Challenge

    "Well look at what we have here... Flynn being overconfident again and underestimating his opponents? Same old Flynn." The voice booms throughout the arena and on the titantron appears Hollow. Hollow, "Greetings, it is Hollow live via satellite! Flynn you speak but all we hear from you is the sad wreak that you are now. You take about Hollow and wonder why we are still allowed to be here?. We can't all be putting our careers on the line and not honoring our word can we now? Flynn you are a disgrace and you know it. You took part in the biggest match at Survivor Series it was nearly perfection. A way for you to go quietly into that good night. All you had to do was just leave and you could have achieved perfections but now here you are just a mess, a shadow of your former self. Your only place you will achieve perfection now is in a perfect annihilation" Surrounding the ring are Hollow look alikes as Hollow on the screen just stands there until the ring is surrounded by a dozen look alikes. Hollow, "You need not to worry about Bizzy because Hollow will defeat you all on his own. You ruined everything about yourself Flynn by one instance while Hollow all year has reinvented and grew into the biggest star in Carnage. You are limited Flynn you lost your biggest match and what do you do? Turn your back on everything and get mad. When Hollow lost he turned it into his moment of greatness. Now with the way you are and the way Hollow is now there is only one outcome. Here is the spoiler.. HOLLOW IS GOING TO WIN!" Hollow on the screen pulls out a mask just like his and like one he has left on those he has defeated Hollow. "Kieron Black, Angelo Caito, and Storm a few of many people who has lost to Hollow since his ascension. What do they have in come with you Flynn? They are a list of those Hollow defeated and left in the ring much what will happen to you in our match. They were all made victims of Hollow's wrath and Flynn you will soon be added to this list. You will be set as Hollow's next victim. With the true mark of the biggest truth that you refuse to acknowledge. Your career is done. The great Flynn is no more. There will be no more Flynning, no more championships, no more evolution team ups, no more wins, and no more Flynn. At the semi finals when Hollow crosses paths with Flynn, you will wonder why you didnt let Necce retire you because what will left is just another irrelevant footnote in Hollow's quest to becoming the tag team champions. This mask will forever mark you as Hollow's victim and you will never recover from this defeat." The lights flicker on and off the titantron goes dark and in the ring sits the mask Hollow was holding right at Flynn's feet. With Hollow's message sent wanting to turn Flynn into a victim like those other who Hollow beat and left a mask with.
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    I would probably imagine my wrestler at 40 popularity but performing on good matches. It may get a title or two for myself as well. I'll see when that project begins.
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    I would like to have had at least one run with either the Internet Championship or the Tag Team Titles. At most though, hopefully reach 30 Pop in the game and be considered an Upper Midcarder.
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    Company: SSW TITLES: Next Generation Champion ( Lower Midcard campionship) Stronghold Winner (Royal Rumber Winner) North American Championship (Upper Mid Card) SSW Global Championship (Main Event) TV: Sunday Showdown ( Minor) SSW Super Show (Main) PPV: Stronghold (Royal Rumble style) Immortality Hardcore Holiday ( Extreme Rules in December)
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    Final Battle 2018

    Predictions — Jay Lethal vs. Cody for the ROH world championship — SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs. The Briscoes vs.The Young Bucks in a ROH tag team championship ladder war — Jeff Cobb vs. Adam "Hangman" Page for the ROH television championship — Sumie Sakai vs. Madison Rayne vs. Karen Q vs. Kelly Klein in a Four Corner Survival Match for the Women of Honor championship — Dalton Castle vs. Matt Taven — Flip Gordon vs. Bully Ray in an "I Quit" match — Jonathan Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr. — Christopher Daniels vs. Marty Scurll
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    Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox vs Carmella and R-Truth, well WWE you have outdone yourselves greatly here, I mean what the hell is this. I guess the injury bug bit them big time here but seriously, I think this match might take worst PPV match of 2018. R-Truth and Carmella to win. Can't wait to be disappointed remembering that R-Truth is number 30 come January
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    "Tonight the Undisputed Era celebrates the holidays early. Bobby FIsh embraces and humiliates the top one percent of morons in EC3." "Make no mistake about it, 2018 was not a career year for us. It was the start of a decade of Undisputed dominance and that's a fact." The perfect way to open up NXT with Cole on the microphone and FIsh getting some time to shine as a singles competitor. It was a little worrying at NXT War Games seeing him panicked about his knee but that is understandable after so much time off but he looked quite past that tonight. I always appreciate a good Dragonscrew. -Though i'll admit that every time i see Bobby Fish i am reminded of Old Tom, an old cartoon from my childhood. - EC3's theme still hasn't grown on me since his debut but it suits him perfectly all the same. Trouble was just too good of a theme that it's hard to let go easily. - EC3 being the powerhouse in a contest is something that hasn't crossed my mind but that powerbomb to the struggling Fish was beautiful. Reminded me on a much lesser level of Lesnar handling Dudley. "Say my name" Velveteen Dream is going to remember that Ethan! - Adam Cole made Dozovic's clotheslines look like tidal waves knocking down palm trees. - Otis was made for WWE. Power, entertainment and dance moves to match. I'm glad to see that Heavy Machinery are going to be given a show with more prominent screen time going forward. - 'Kingslayer' Dakota Kai is underrated on the microphone i think. She has the possibilities of being a top face on NXT. - Io Sharai turning up being able to speak English is a big deal. I think both Asuka and Kairi found a way to connect, but both took some time and they've paved the way for Io to make a bigger impact if all goes well. - I really like how NXT uses their house shows to continue the story of their main shows. Taking a camera to these events to film an attack, a victory ect and showing that footage in brief to those at home works well and if i was in America it would make more excited about attending the local events. - The Mighty changing their name this year might of been a saving grace because TM61 felt like a ship from Thunderbirds. I'm a big fan of these two from their time in NOAH. They had some good momentum during their conquest to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and hopefully in 2019 they are able to regain that. - I wish i was a bigger fan of Burch & Lorcan but as much as i enjoy their no bullshit in ring style i can't connect with them for some reason. But make no mistake there are no winners in the game of trading palm strikes with Lorcan. It's like trying to headbutt a Samoan, you have no chance! "Johnny Gargano did nothing wrong" I want to see Gargano and Bryan in the same ring one day because the delusion would be out of this world. - That is a sweet Bruce Lee shirt Duke is wearing - Seeing Mia Yim signed by WWE after the Mae Young Classic was a great moment becuase her talent deserves to be shown to as many eyes as possible. (Plus that theme is a banger). Glad to see her progress forward towards a potential match for the NXT Women's Championship - The Stan Hansen comment from Mauro was on point the way Gonzalez was throwing around that cowbell was nostalgic, i love it. Though i'll say after seeing her match tonight i can say NXT will be great for her. I like her background, I like her size and I like her wrestling style, but she's still pretty green. A lot of potential for a talent of her style though to stand out. - 3 spots filled for the Fatal Four Way match, i hope Candice LeRae fills the last spot because since she has debuted in NXT aside from her involvement in Gargano's feud she has been missing in action more or less. "Johnny Wrestling is DEAD! And remember I showed you mercy! Now that is done. I will FIGHT you anywhere" This might be odd to say but Aleister Black has risen in 2018 for me. Of course his feud with Velveteen Dream was top notch last year but throughout this feud with Ciampa and Gargano his microphone work has been fantastic. I could listen to Black speak impending doom of the WWE roster all year round. "Hey look, everyone! It's Tyler!" I think i might of skipped a heart beat when that theme song played. Tyler looked happy to be back and showed against Ricochet how great he is in the ring. This is just a reminder of how over Breeze was in NXT, he's like royalty here compared to his time on RAW after being drafted with Fandango from Smackdown. Hopefully this turns the tide for Breeze in 2019. Triple H has talked about how he’d like to utilise main roster talent not being used by putting them on NXT TV so... - This NXT commentary team is A+ at putting over the competitive aspect of NXT. During the main event, they were so careful to paint Ricochet as a game champion, an open challenge contract being a rare, exciting risk, and the NXT championship being so important to Ciampa that he would never do an open challenge. All while making Breeze look like a credible midcard threat to Ricochet, which considering he's the first guy to "come back down" to NXT, even as a one off, that's a big feat. Kudos to all three. Incredible match between Ricochet and Breeze tonight
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    BPZ Predictions League

    R-Truth & Carmella vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox - Finals of Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton - Chairs Match Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Cedric Alexander - Cruiserweight Championship Elias vs. Bobby Lashley - Ladder Match Finn Bálor vs. Drew McIntyre Natalya vs. Ruby Riott - Tables Match The Bar (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Usos - SmackDown Tag Team Championships Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka - Triple Threat TLC Match For The Smackdown Women's Championship Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nia Jax - Raw Women's Championship Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin - TLC Match Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose - Intercontinental Championship The New Daniel Bryan (c) vs. AJ Styles - WWE Championship
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    SSW:King of the Star Tournament or 5 Star Grand Prix
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 49 NXT Michael Cole: Tonight is the night we've been waiting for. The NXT Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat Match. Dean Ambrose defends against Drew McIntyre and Lars Sullivan. Corey Graves: It's The Lunatic versus The Psychopath versus The Freak! Match 1 - Tag Team Street Profits vs The Mighty NXT Tag Team Champions A.O.P. Return Next Week Match 2 - Singles Andrade "Cien" Almas w/Zelina Vega vs EC3 After the match, EC3 called out Velveteen Dream. He said he did what Dream couldn't do. Velveteen Dream does not show. Byron Saxton: It looks like Velveteen Dream is making EC3 wait another week, at least. In the locker room, Johnny Gargano is approached by Eric Young and SAnitY. Eric Young says Gargano looks lost and extends an invitation to him to join SAnitY. Match 3 - Singles Kairi Sane vs Ruby Riott After the match, Shayna Baszler looked to capitalize on a Riott Squad-less Ruby Riott but she got away. Shayna then targeted Kairi Sane and choked her out. A replay shows Aleister Black vs Elias from last week. Elias will be out of action for an extended period of time. Aleister Black is in the ring and calls out Pete Dunne. Black says time's up and a fight is coming. The United Kingdom Champion makes his way out on stage and asks if Aleister thinks he's stupid to get in the ring with him. Aleister says he told Dunne to show up for a fight but not against him. All of a sudden, Tyler Bate hits Pete Dunne from behind. NXT General Manager Shane McMahon comes out with security to break them up. He tells them if they want to fight, they will next week. Michael Cole: Next week's NXT is shaping up to be just as good as tonight's! A.O.P. returns and Tyler Bate will face Pete Dunne. Byron Saxton: The question is, who will be the NXT Champion next week? Corey Graves: We're about to find out. Match 4 - Triple Threat (NXT Championship) Drew McIntyre vs Lars Sullivan vs NXT Champion Dean Ambrose Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre pins Dean Ambrose and becomes the new NXT Champion! Drew McIntyre delivered a post-match beatdown on Dean Ambrose before posing with the title.
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    TNA: 2003

    Exclusives! TNA has apparently signed several new talents to the promotion and they are expected be apart of next week's edition of TNA iMPACT. Hans Zings had signed guys like CM Punk and Homicide to Contracts and expect many more to come to the promotion in the coming months. There has been reports for the past week about Raven not re-signing his WWE contract we would like to confirm that these reports are indeed true he will indeed not be re-signing with WWE. Its going to be an interesting few weeks on where Raven will show up. Quick Xplosion Results January Week 1 Friday January Week 2 Show: iMPACT Attendance: 2000 Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Arena: St. Petersburg Coliseum Pre Show: Main Show: iMPACT Opens up with an X Division Match Between Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels Christopher Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn. Daniels Takes the Mic and calls out AJ Styles and he comes out. He told AJ that this was a match he wanted as not only he once to face arguably one of TNA's most brightest stars. Daniels also says that he feels he deserves to be X Division Champ and he will do whatever it takes. Low Ki and Elix Skipper appears and beats up Styles and and Daniels hold the X division title up high. L.A.X Defeated Joel Maximo and Jorge Estrada Curt Hennig interrupts Konnan and L.A.X celebration. Hennig states that if Konnan really thinks Hennig doesn't have it anymore, he can prove it at Genesis. Brian Lawler calls out CM Punk. He says that Punk hasn't payed his dues and deserve to be in the position. Punk Comes out and completely rants on Lawler and asks if he has gone any success on paying his dues and where did that lead him to. We cut to the backstage area and we see BJ James beating the hell out of Ron Killings and referees come to stop James. We see Abyss in a deranged and weird room. He's looking very psychotic and he promises that he will win the TNA World Heavyweight Title and he going to reign supreme forever America's Most Wanted defeated The Harris Brothers. Triple X tried attacking AMW again but AMW fought it off and they will fight for TNA World Tag Team Championship at Genesis. Ultimo Dragon is Debuting next on iMPACT. Ultimo Dragon defeated Kid Kash. A contract signing for Jarrett and Abyss was hosted by Commissioner Father James Mitchell. Jarrett first questions why TNA named Mitchell Commissioner but then to proceeds to give his reason why he will end up beating Abyss and this nightmare will end. Abyss told this story of Jarrett wining the TNA World Title will end up being a dream that this "nightmare" will reek havoc forever. Two begin to brawl and Mitchell calls for the rest of the locker to come out and stop the brawl. They kept brawling to end iMPACT. Overall Rating: 58 C- Rating Show Rating: 0.05 (44,880)
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    The Celtics continue to haunt LeBron, even after last year's playoffs (2011) CHAPTER I, PART I: The New Kings of the East? Entering the 2011-2012 NBA season, the schedule pitted the new duo of LeBron James and Chris Paul to open on the road in TD Garden, against the Celtics, led by their big four of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. The chemistry between the Celtics would be evident, as would the growing pains of the new Chris Paul-LeBron James duo. For the first three quarters, the Celtics dominated, including a huge third quarter which pushed their lead to 17 going into the fourth. In the fourth quarter, Paul and James came to life, spurring a comeback that fell just short after a demoralizing three from Paul Pierce that pushed the lead to 104-98. The Cavaliers would attempt a three with Paul, but as it missed, the Celtics dribbled out the clock and started their 2011-2012 rebound campaign with a win over the men who ended their season last year. After this uninspiring loss, the Cavaliers would travel to Minnesota, destroying the Timberwolves 123-83. After this, they would have their home-opener, against the Miami Heat... Who had just acquired star center Andrew Bogut in a trade with Milwaukee. In a close game, the Heat would tie it up at 109 with 17 seconds remaining... LeBron James would win it at the buzzer with a stepback three over Carmelo Anthony and Andrew Bogut, dropping the Heat to 0-3 while the Cavaliers would hold a 2-1 record. After this, the Cavaliers would hit their early-season stride, winning THIRTEEN straight games, including another win over the Heat at home (93-74), a 19 point road win over the defending champion Bulls (105-84), and then the streak would finally be broken by the Bulls, who took the Cavs down 108-103 on November 25th at the United Center before the Cavaliers prepped for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. With an outstanding defensive rating of 95.6, the Cavaliers have built their foundation on tough, physical defense that has sucked the life out of their opponents while relying on Chris Paul and LeBron James on the offensive end, who have delivered. LeBron James currently posts an average of 31.6 points, 10.9 rebounds, 7.4 assists, 2.1 steals, 1.2 blocks, and a career-low 2.0 turnovers on 58% shooting and 42% from three. His co-star, Chris Paul, has posted 25.5 points (career-high), 11.9 assists, 4.6 rebounds, 2.9 steals, and only 1.9 turnovers on 49% shooting and 40% from three. Another reason the Cavaliers have been so successful is because they have averaged 12.7 turnovers, compared to the Pelicans 13.4 turnovers. The duo of Chris Paul and LeBron James have been aided by a supporting cast of Trevor Ariza, Tony Allen, Danny Green. One position they have lacked is a backup point guard, which should change as the Cavaliers have expressed interest in many backup point guards. The next game will be a battle, as LeBron leads his Cavaliers, looking to protect home-court against the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers, who have started the season 9-7 and have been adjusting with their preseason trade which netted them Andre Iguodala...
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    FDS was finally cleared to wrestle. A fresh wrestler with upwards mobility was a hot commodity for the booking team. Although FD wouldn't be the next big thing they couldn't wait to reinstill his bloody, crazy gimmick. Everybody wanted to be that guy to put over FD in his return match but nothing was set in stone yet. This was a jobber's dream match. The return match was scheduled for just 3 hours and people were on there feet. Smith: "Not sure if this is gonna work kid." The Kid and Smith were backstage, planning out each and every facet of FD's character. They were nervous but excited. The Kid didn't really know why Smith was over the moon about this, considering he'd been here many times before. The Kid: "I like it. You know, it's not exactly new but its improved. And better than what Brenden suggested." Smith: "I dunno man. An Evil Clown could be interesting..." The Kid: "I have a feeling that it just won't get over." Smith: "Agreed, I think you're right. I just wish we had one thing. More time to do vignettes or or some promos cause we're kinda just throwing him back in the mix without much build. " That's when it hit him. The Kid: "THAT'S IT SMITH!" Smith: "What's it?" The Kid: "We've been going about this all wrong. We can either send FD out there with his chainsaw and his mask and all the fake blood....but the crowd won't buy it like last time. Give me half an hour, I'll get down some notes and we'll present it to Brenden, alright?" The Kid scribbled down notes as the ideas popped into his mind repeatedly. When he was finally happy with his idea as a whole, he went to go see Brenden, FD and Smith who were all in Brenden's office. The reaction from them was mostly positive but they had some reservations still. Brenden: "Look kid, I gotta say. It's pretty original. How are we gonna get this over with the fans?" The Kid knew how to play into the bosses hands. The Kid: "Well for starters it's gonna need a lot of help from you and GRV on commentary. Secondly, we play it up for a few shows, maybe until the Rumble and then we start with the reveals." There were nods of approval from everyone, including FD himself. FDS: "I'm willing to give this a shot if you wanna go ahead with it Brenden. I got one question, what's my name gonna be?" A name! In all his excitement, the Kid had forgotten to give a name. The Kid: "Well...you see FD....I'm glad you asked cause..." Thankfully Smith took the helm. He stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences. Smith: "You see, I don't think he should have a name" Strike One. Smith: "Or a Hometown." Strike Two. Smith: "Or come to think of it, any entrance music at all." Strike Three. He's gotta be outta here. Brenden: "Hmmm Interesting." Foul Ball, Batter's still in it. Brenden: "Kinda adds to the mystique doesn't it? I see where you're going with this. Good work guys." Maybe not a home run but that's at least a ground rule double. The Kid was looking to go all the way though and he knew he could. The Kid stopped for a second what was with all these baseball metaphors in his brain? He turned to FD to get the final blow. The Kid "And we want you to keep your hat on, hide your face from the camera at all times, don't show any emotion, just get the job done in the ring. " Brenden looked around at Smith, then to FD. Brenden: "I love it! Let's get the ball rolling tonight then shall we?" HOME RUN! HOME RUN! The ball soars high over the fence and out of the park. This was a smash hit.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 48 SDL Michael Cole: Welcome to SDL! Last week's episode will go down as one of the most memorable episodes in WWE Dreams history. Corey Graves: The anonymous majority shareholder was revealed to be the first-ever SDL General Manager Ted DiBiase and he handed out a punishment to the current SDL General Manager Zack Ryder. Byron Saxton: Zack Ryder was forced to face the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar inside a steel cage. Michael Cole: But thanks to Jeff Hardy, Zack Ryder not only survived, but he won! Corey Graves: Which leads us to some breaking news. Byron Saxton: At Super Show-Down, Jeff Hardy will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. In the back, Ted DiBiase makes an announcement of his own. He says Jeff Hardy will get his title match at Super Show-Down, provided he even makes it to Japan after tonight. The majority shareholder puts Jeff in a Handicap Match against The Bludgeon Brothers. Match 1 - Singles Lana w/Rusev vs Tamina Aiden English looks disappointed as he watches from the locker room. Michael Cole: Coming up next, Shinsuke Nakamura makes his return to SDL to take on his rival Kurt Angle. Let's take a look at the history between these two. - Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kurt Angle at SummerSlam. - Kurt Angle Angled Slammed Shinsuke Nakamura after the match. - Kurt Angle defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in the rematch on SDL. - Kurt Angle made Shinsuke Nakamura tap out at Hell in a Cell. - Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kurt Angle at TLC. - Kurt Angle injured Shinsuke Nakamura's ankle after the match. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring. Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out on stage in a suit. Kurt Angle: Shinsuke, believe me when I say there was nothing I wanted more than to finish what I started and break both your ankles tonight. But unfortunately, I've come down with the flu. So I will not be competing tonight. But you will. I went out and found a suitable replacement for you to face. Him and I go way back. He's a former Tag Team, United States, and Intercontinental Champion. You're not the only one making a return to SDL tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Michael Cole: Shelton Benjamin is back in WWE Dreams! Match 2 - Singles Shinsuke Nakamura vs Shelton Benjamin w/United States Champion Kurt Angle Michael Cole: Still to come tonight, Charlotte Flair teams with Becky Lynch to take on The Bella Twins in our main event! In the back, Rey Mysterio is asked about his thoughts on AJ Styles insulting and assaulting him last week. Rey says he went out to the ring to thank the fans and to say goodbye. He was on his way out when AJ Styles showed up and blamed Rey for SDL losing at Survivor Series. Mysterio says AJ took a cheap shot. Rey says there's been a change of plans. He's not going anywhere. He's back and he's back to kick AJ Styles' ass! He says he understands AJ Styles is the greatest wrestler in the world today and one match back doesn't make him ready for AJ. Batista appears standing next to Mysterio. Rey says Batista has agreed to team up with him next week against any SDL team. Match 3 - Handicap Jeff Hardy vs The Bludgeon Brothers Big E and Kofi Kingston interfered, seeking revenge against Harper and Rowan for Xavier Woods. However, this would bring out The Beast Brock Lesnar who laid out Jeff Hardy and The New Day with Suplexes. On social media, The Bar respond to Rey Mysterio and Batista's challenge. They call them a "nostalgia act" and accept the match next week. Match 4 - Tag Team Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs The Bella Twins After the match, Natalya and Beth Phoenix make their first appearance since their absence at Survivor Series. They run through the crowd, into the ring, and attack Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Natalya locks Lynch in the Sharpshooter. The Bella Twins come back in the ring and applaud the beatdown. However, Beth and Nattie attack them as well! Natalya applies the Sharpshooter on SDL Women's Champion Nikki Bella and Beth Phoenix holds the title up as SDL ends.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    Brenden: " I don't care if you two dipshits have to beat the crap out of each other. I just want this shit between you two to be out of your systems by the end of the day." The Kid: "Mr. Playz sir, If I could just ...." Brenden: "Don't test me Kid. Ross, why do you fucking insist on embarrassing me. What is your problem." The Kid couldn't believe it. He thoughf or sure that Brenden was here to give him the hair dryer treatment but most of the abuse was being hurled Ross' way surprisingly. Ross: "Brenden, I've worked too damn hard in this company..." Brenden: "Save me the sob story Ross. You never, and I mean ever air your grievances with the booking team in public. As soon as all the workers see that we're not getting on, then the fucking inmates start running out of the asylum." The Kid couldn't stop smiling in spite of Ross. Although The Kid would admit that it got a little bit awkward eventually. Brenden: "Have you seen the EVOLVE numbers? The fuck were you thinking giving Slim so much time? Julius, our fucking World Champion, only gets a two minute run in?" Ross: "But sir you said..." Brenden: "Don't you dare try to turn this on me Ross" For all of Ross' faults, he had a fair point. He had done a lot to help BPZ recently. The Kid: "Sir....It's not Ross' fault, It's mine." Brenden: "What? You booked the fucking matches?" The Kid: "Not that sir...I started the fight. I called him out. If anyone is to blame it should be me." Brenden: "Let me get this staight. Mr. Bag of Bones. You called out Ross? Like tried to fight him? Is this true Ross?" Ross didn't know what to say, he stared The Kid down. Ross knew the Kid had every reason to leave the blame on Ross. Everyone already thought Ross was the one at fault. Ross: "Yes Sir, that's right" Brenden started laughing heavily. Brenden: "Well fuck me six ways to Sunday! Looks like this Kid really has some grapefruits! You do know Ross could knock your head clean off your shoulders right?" Brenden's demeanor changed like lightning. Brenden: "Kid, give me one good reason I shouldn't send you home right now." The Kid: "Well sir...I...." Ross: "Wait...Brenden. Let's not be hasty here. You remember all of the amazing ideas this Kid came up with right?" The Kid was utterly confused. What Ideas? That's when Ross gave him a look that signalled for The Kid to play along. Brenden: "What ideas Kid?" Ross: "Well. He wanted to set up a Kingdom vs Slim and Bailey match. That's why we did the run in and gave so much time to Slim last night. Also the battle royale for the 30 spot idea was his. Seems like we can make a halfway decent booker out of him after all." Brenden looked around suspiciously. Everyone there knew that Brenden could smell bullshit but the issue is he had no way to prove it. Brenden: "Damn Lucky Kid. Looks like you've got a stay of execution. From now on no fighting, no verbal altercations. If I hear any whispers of anything between you two, I'm gonna send you both outta here. Also Kid, If you want something to fucking book, you come to me first. Alright you two" The Kid: "Understood Sir." Ross: "Yes Sir." Outside of the office, Ross turned to the Kid angrily. Ross: "You fucking owe me one."
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    We are about 10 minutes into this first-round matchup between the unconventional duo of Ropati and Julius and the Big Ballers Sameer and Brenden. Julius and Brenden go back and forth with stiff forearm strikes to the head before both land a crushing right hand to each others heads leading to a double down. Both men slowly crawl to their respective corners at the crowd get to their feet. Brenden gives the hot-tag to Sameer and Julius tags in The Kiwi Buzzsaw Ropati. Sameer takes down Ropati with a clothesline before following it up with a dropkick. He then roars to the crowd as he sets up for a spinebuster. He goes for the cover 1..2 but Ropati is able to kick out. Sameer then heads to the corner and starts tuning up the band looking for the Superkick but Julius grabs his leg and takes him outside the ring. Julius then lays out Sameer with a shoulder tackler before turning around into a Spinebuster by the Boss BrendenPlayz! Brenden then picks up Sameer and sends him back into the ring where both men start double teaming Ropati kicking him in the corner of the ring. Brenden lays Ropati out with a huge right hand before Sameer once again sets up for the SUPER KICK!! 1..2..3 They’ve done it! The Big Ballers have defeated Julius and Ropati and are moving on to the Semi-Finals Brenden and Sameer celebrate up the ramp where Brenden shouts “I told you so” in Julius’ direction as the World Champ rises to his feet and rolls into the ring. Julius stares down at his partner Ropati who is still coming to his senses. Julius gets down on one knee and helps Ropati to his feet. Just then Echo Wilson makes his way out to the stage sarcastically applauding Julius and Ropati’s efforts. Echo then screams at Julius to finish Ropati. Julius looks at Echo and then looks at Ropati before he walks to the ropes and flips off Echo who is shocked at Julius actions. Julius then raises Ropati to his feet and raises his arms in the air as Echo Wilson watches on in anger
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    Company: SSW (Superstar Wrestling) Titles: SSW Championship SSW Global Championship SSW World Tag Team Championships SSW Next-Gen Championship Company: ACW (Akki Championship Wrestling) Titles: ACW Championship ACW Billion Dollar Championship ACW Tag Team Championships ACW "I Did It For Akki" Championship
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    SSW TV: SSW Live PPV: SSW Takeover Boston (PPV for SSW should only be in the major cities of the New England area) SSW vs TPW One Night Stand (One Night of SSW and TPW coming together in a Survivor Series type of format.) Championship: SSW Light Heavyweight Championship (Specialty Title) or SSW Cruiserweight Championship (Specialty Title if we have enough Cruiserweights) SSW Tag Team Championship (Tag Team Titles obviously) SSW New England Championship (Mid-card Title) SSW World Championship (Main Event Title)
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    Company Name: SSW PPV or TV Show: PPV Name Suggestion: Showcase of Immortals (Could be a potential Wrestlemania like show for SSW)
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    @BrendenPlayz I was thinking, in one of your videos, you should sponsor my podcast
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