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    Just "Marker" Done

    One on One

    {Julius celebrates in the ring after defeating former Kingdom partner Echo Wilson, Yelich and Diego Garcia for the US title, now he has two other matches tonight against Slim and a Triple Threat for the World title, who can stop him now, there nobody else left in the division that stand up to "The Beast", as Julius is about to leave the ring, a familiar song plays....} {IT'S MARKER, he said weeks ago calling out the US division that it didn't matter who he faced because he'll take the title off of him, MARKER comes with a crutch to the ring.} {He gets in and stare down commence, we know that Julius and MARKER do have history with one another with the start of the year in NXT and these men have stray onto different paths, but now they meet once again at a cross road. MARKER extends a handshake, maybe trying to official confirm the match with him, surprisingly Julius shakes MARKER hand and I think the match has been confirmed. It Julius and MARKER at Royal Rumble for the US title. Julius let go of MARKER and he waves goodbye, ending the segment.}
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    I Can't Odd

    Freed Up

    We are live on the Carnage after December to Dismember and the crowd is buzzing with excitement here tonight. Buddy Ace is making his first appearance on Carnage since July, which is now the only show in BPZ with the brand split over. Buddy is quick to grab a microphone and enter the ring. "Hellooooooo Carnage, did ya miss me?" The crowd unanimously boos but the noise just makes Buddy smile. "Ya know, I did not see myself ever coming back here, not after Bailey letting me take a backseat to Prince in the draft. But now I don't exactly have a choice. Evolve, the brand that The Flock ran, is no more. And you know what...I'm actually happy about that. You see, being restricted to one brand is suffocating. Now The Flock will no longer be restricted to simply one brand and we're free to go wild all over this company. Rather than destroying Storm and Josh over and over, now we can hit all the other punks that were previously out of reach. I hope everyone back there is ready, but I guess no one can ever be truly ready for The Flock." "Now this past Sunday, The Flock lost the Tag Team Championships, and to a team I would have never expected to even get a shot at the belts. Good job Sameer and Mister BrendenPlayz, you definitely need those belts a helluva lot more than we do. You two weren't around at all as we rose to prominence together these past few months and need those belts to be even slightly relevant in this company nowadays. On the other hand, we certainly don't need them, nor do we want them. Winning the Tag Team championships was simply us making a statement. We have shown that we can take any title at any given moment if we so choose, and of course Necce showed that he didn't need that bum Flynn. Just keep in mind that you're reign isn't safe if we come back for those belts." "There's one last thing. Recently, there has been a wave of new talent here in BPZ, injecting this company with some life that it desperately needed. I'd like to let all of you know that you better stay the hell out of our way because we will not hesitate to completely destroy any of you and send you packing. You're all beneath us, so just figure out your roles and stay in your lanes and you'll be fine. Have fun playing around in the shithole division we killed off, kids."
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    Broken Insanity: Pt. 5

    The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hours after the two out of three falls Street Fight, Hollow refused medical attention after his loss and just simply went to the unsanctioned zone The arena he built at the start of the year. The front doors of the arena are wide open with blood on the door where it had been opened. The camera goes in and follows a trail of blood to a dark room within the arena Sitting in the corner of a dark room is Hollow. Still in his in ring gear, from the light of the camera, seeing the broken bloodied person sitting in the corner of the room. His face paint faded away and mostly replaced by his own blood. His mask in tatters Hollow sits there talking to himself. Hollow, "No, no ,no no, no, not again, not again. We lost again...we are lost again. Who are we? Are we Hollow? Who is Hollow? Is he the madman that he claims to be? Or is he the clown of BPZ? Just the laugh of the everyone who sees his antics? No, no no no, those questions aren't allowed. Not allowed...those questions arent allowed for us to ask. Doubts lead to inaction. Inaction leads to being forgotten. No, no, no, no. Two out of Three falls was supposed to be ours but what happened? What did we do? What didn't we do? We lost, but why? Why? Why? Why? We prepared for the match, like we did all year We fought all year battled in matches against many. We fought Julius, Kieron, Angelo, Storm, Josh, Ropati, Prince, and many others. We started the year against Julius Cesar no, we started the year in the Tag tournament that started this year. We fought our way to the semi finals there as well. With Kazma we beat, Bashka, Mr Fourteen, and BPZ in a wild tag tournament that went nowhere. It created this place. It created the Unsanctioned Zone.orginally we were going to fight Kazma but we rightfully made an open challenge and Julius accepted. He was a new rookie and we did battle here....and we lost...But this was one of the greatest matches all year. This was an accomplishment even if we ended in defeat. This pushed towards our first and only Premium title reign. We left after winning then returned to fight Kieron, then went on to the Halloween Havoc Elimination chamber. Everything was different we were winning, then we faced Echo Wilson. We brough him to his limits but we lost. Then the tag tournament before December to Dismember. We had a few more wins but when we sought out a prize of revenge we lost again. All month we declared we would go into January into what was a Carnage event to win the scramble event then go to BPZ Mania four to fight the Universal champion and win the title. But now...who are we... No, no, no ,no, no...." Hollow keeps muttering to himself. The caretaker Hollow picked for the Unsanctioned Zone Senior Alfredo walks into the door way. Senior Alfredo, "Master Hollow, sir I saw your match at December to Dismember. You need medical attention sir. You need to leave this room and get help sir..." Hollow, "Go away! We are going. Who are we? Are we Hollow?, OR are we Blade? The original the one who came before. He lost all the time, we lost our big match, are we the same? OR maybe we are Rey Espada. The luchadore we created, he showed up once remember? He showed up flopped lost and lett. Are we him? Who are we? We said we were the madman once , we also said we were a demon, a monster, a hero, a million dollar whatever. We have said so much. We were NXT champion, European Champion, intercontinental Champion, and premium champion all once at least once. Are we a champion? No that isnt right we lost and the champion doesnt lose. But champions do lose. That's how they make their legacies, winning and losing and winning again. Becoming multi time champions is how they make their legacies, but did our loss mean anything like this though? Or was a nothing loss that makes us a loser? No...no..no...no" Senior Alfredo, "Sir, we don't know but you are hurt sir. You need help..." Hollow, "We said go away...or we will make you forget who you are.." Senior Alfredo leaves quickly and shuts the door. The camera only sees the door and hears Hollow speaking a few words before fading to black. Hollow, "Who are we? Are we Hollow? Who is Hollow? Who is Hollow..."
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    Wall Ace - "Good enough??? GOOD ENOUGH!!!!! Brenden and Sameer are you good enough to hold those titles? Do you think were a joke. Something to mess around with. Well we are not a joke. We are The New Bloods. In a matter of months we will be running this division. Bringing it out of the "Legends" era and into the New era. So if you have a problem with that, step up so you can be knocked down." Jack Bishop - “So let's talk about them. Our first promo Brenden comes out thinking he runs the damn place, and says we need to prove ourselves. Let’s talk about what you’ve done to prove your self Brenden. Name one thing that you’ve done since you become old. You are nothing but a suck up to the “authority” so you can get what you what. You have no right to hold those titles. And let’s talk about Sameer. The dead cat that Brenden dragged back into this company so he had an excuse to hold a title. And honestly, I’m not even sure why you trust Sameer, Brenden. The man barely seems loyal. Hell Brenden, even your relatives keep mailing you euthanization papers. Brenden, I will glad cave your face in to make that happen sooner.” Wall Ace - "So Sameer why are you with this old man. He is holding you back. You should just leave him man you are better then the Tag Team division. *mumbles* like a grave. So you 2 old times should just quit before The New Bloods spill some Old Blood." Together - Because some New Bloods are rising.
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    My Journey Part II

    At the start of the Carnage after December to Dismember, the titantron shows a pickup truck driving down a road with farmland all around. The truck drives past a sign that says Welcome to Harrisburg Missouri home of the Bulldogs Population 720 The pickup truck drives by a very humble town with the only things of interest being a general store, a gas station and a few schools. The pickup truck pulls into the empty high school parking lot and its driver gets out revealing him to be the Global champion, Jason Ryan Never thought I'd be back here Jason heads towards the empty football field, his championship draped across his shoulder. He reaches the end zone and looks around as the sun starts to set Harrisburg Missouri. A little farming town a few miles outside Columbia Missouri. Like me this little place has small and humble beginnings. We moved here, my family and I when I was seven to get away from the snake pit known as Billings Montana. I remember playing little league football here. My team I played on each year old lost two games in four seasons. Of course, not even that pleased my old man. He always expected so much out of his firstborn. It was here, in the years we lived here that he began to push me. My father never accepted failure or weakness from me, as the firstborn of his children he expected me to be perfect to serve as an example to my siblings. For so long all I wanted him to say was " that's my boy" or something along those lines. Sadly, he passed on before I ever managed to get him to say that. Jason looks at the empty stands, not saying anything for a moment before sighing Necce. We are more alike then you know. Like me, you understand the pain of trying to get someone you want to please to acknowledge you. After all, I know your story very well. Like me, you grew up feeling ailenated. Of all the Flock, the two of us have become the closest. I have told you things I haven't even told my own bride to be. There isn't a human alive I trust more than you. And now at Crossfire, you and I are set to go one on one for my Global championship. And I know I owe you a lot. You took The Frontier under your wing and under your instruction and guidance, we became a force to behold. Not even Kingdom in all their power and grandeur could stop us. Put aside our last show which didn't end too well for us, we have taken out everyone. The four of us have made an empire in mere months. December to Dismember was our first major defeat as a group. Hell, we were successful in getting rid of EVOLVE, just as we planned to do from the start. And now, we shall do the same to Carnage. Everything we've talked about is in our grasp but in the midst of all our successful campaigns, something happened, something that made it that much better. Our friendship. We became best friends. Jason closes his eyes for a moment and chuckles And yet here we are. Two men willing to kill each other for the prize Jason opens his eyes once more and looks at the camera Doesn't seem right does it Necce? I'm feeling rather torn up about the whole thing. Like me you grew up all alone. Imagine my joy when I learned there was someone like me around. To tell the truth, I wanted to approach you right off the bat...but I just didn't have the nerve. You were Universal champion after all, you would never have cared for a fresh-faced rookie such as me. Which is why Marker and I decided to try and take the titles off Ruin. We foolishly thought we could become worthy rivals of you. However, when you approached The Frontier and offered to take us under your wing... you have no idea how happy you made me that day. And as we started to cause bedlam on EVOLVE together, I decided I wanted to fight you someday. Then... I began to see The Flock as my own family. Which is why, whenever I saw you in pain, I also hurt. When I first understood what you went through, that's when I first started to think of you as a friend. But as I watched you soar to higher and higher heights, I just couldn't ignore you. You have a strength that I still lack. You have always been walking in front of me, just as my father did. That being said... Jason looks at his championship, seemingly mesmerized by it momentarily If you think I am going to simply roll on my back and play dead while you take this title away from me, you've got another thing coming. You see, while I have all the respect in the world for you , I cannot let you beat me. To me holding this title isn't some accolade or something to put on a resume. To me, this validates all the times I slept in my truck, all the times I had to worry how I was going to pay the rent, all the times I would stay awake at night wondering if I was making the right choices in life. This makes all the struggles in my life worth it. So rest assured Necce that you are going to need to take it to a whole nother level in order to take this title from me because I will NOT part with it easy. When my children are born I want to still be holding this title so they know that no matter how much life kicks them down and spits on them, all they have to do is hold on and work hard and eventually they will make something of themselves, just like I did. Necce, I know that I can beat you. Because whether these fans or the boys in the back like me or hate me they know that I deserve every once of success I have achieved here. I have faced down the impossible before and overcome. No matter the odds, I will overcome. So come Crossfire don't expect me to just hand this over. Jason looks right at the camera Necce, you know me better than everyone here so you know I mean this. If you are not prepared to kill me, you will NEVER take this! Our day of fate is on its way Necce. And I promise, on that day, you will see a different side of me. I highly advise you to prepare yourself The screen goes back and shows the advertisements for Crossfire with the following song playing
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    Isaiah Carter


    {Echo has done it! Echo Wilson has pinned Jason Ryan and is our NEW Premium Champion!} {Echo Wilson rolls over and lays on his back, looking up at the lights with a giant smile on his face. Finally reclaiming gold inside a BPZ ring as he stands up and looks at his former partner Brad, who lays unconscious on the outside of the ring. Echo Wilson sooks in the cheers before the lights in the arena would turn to a dim purple light and a theme song not heard before would begin playing} {Echo would stand confused in the ring, with his Premium championship in his hand as the stage would fill with a cloud of purple smoke and a dark figure would step out on stage, beginning to dance as the crowd now knows who stands before them} {BiC would walk down the ramp in a slow, charisma filled walk as he looks through his blacked out sunglasses at the electric crowd who boos BiC, who hasn't been seen in BPZ action in months. He poses for the camera before stepping into the ring and standing across from Echo Wilson. Out of both of these mens careers they have only shared the ring once, and now to of the best mid-carders to run the ropes stare each other down. BiC looks Echo up and down, before locking eyes with the title and slowly bringing the microphone up to his mouth, ready to wow this crowd with his words. Each word dragged out and said with a sound of cockiness in his voice} "Echo...congrats. Because with your victory of that very championship that I much admire you have earned yourself a match with me...and with that comes some great perks...first off for the next few weeks I will come out here and I will speak your name...each and every week giving you the attention you so desire. And when I face you for that very title, it'll be a match to remember. And finally, the dream will come true and the pro wrestling dream will be one top of the world...once again." "I admire you Echo, able to hide your insecurities under your love for the crowd. Maybe after I beat you for the title I will consider teaming with you, what a dream team we would be. But for now, I promise you...I will defeat you whenever we step into this. And I will have the gold on my shoulder anytime now.....my sweet baby." {BiC reaches for the belt and Echo swats his hand away and backs up, throwing the title on the ground ready to fight. However, BiC just smiles, his earrings shining in the light} "You got some fight in you don't you champ? I love that...I love every bit of it...keep it up Echo. We're going to have some fun." {BiC drops down on his knees and slides backward out of the ring, not taking his eyes of the Premium Championship before lifting his glasses up and winking at Echo as the camera cuts to black}
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    Good Enough??!! (The New Bloods)

    “Look Brenden, we get you think you’re all high and mighty, but let’s be real. You can barely cut a halfway decent promo, how can you be sure you’ll produce a win at NOL? Even if you defend those titles at NOL, could you really beat us? I mean, me, Jack Bishop, a 6’10, 305 pound man? And Wall, definitely a future champ in any division. And did you think that was it? We have another member coming soon. And believe me, he is just as incredible in the ring as us two. But don’t get me wrong Brenden, I want you to to win at NOL, so me and Wall can rip those titles from your limp bodies.”
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    I've been against it all year long. I'm done with him holding the title. I don't mind him being in attraction matches. The fact that braun strowman did not beat lesnar for the belt is a disgrace. Strowman should be red hot yet they keep holding him back in favour of Brock who isn't even that big of a deal for fans now days.
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    You just don't get it do you Wall? You're not ready to face me. How dare you call me undeserving. I'll tell you what I have done. I won the tag team classic with Sameer. I then proceeded to smash the tag team champions to win the title that sits on my shoulder to this day. That is called being a champion, maybe you will experience it one day. The thing is Wall and Jack we have already proven that we are the best tag team right here. You have been teaming for 5 minutes and you already think you have what it takes to take down the best. Look I admire the optimism but let's be real here, you're two punk kids looking to get your name out there. I respect the hustle but you really are picking a fight that you cannot win here. Sameer and I have come together a made a fantastic alliance. We have worked flawless together so far and nothing will change that. We will be heading into our first title defense at NOL and we will be retaining. We are going to give every ounce of energy we have to making sure we keep these titles. Don't be a fool and believe we will be weak and can't take you down too. We don't need any energy to beat two new bloods. Maybe once we are done at NOL we can see you two at the Royal Rumble. That is of course if you two even make It to the rumble. Because as far as I am concerned your two egos will clash soon enough and this little act will be over before it begins.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week Knock Knock, Who's there? Mike, Mike Who? Mike Hunt and he is back once again with the Top 5 this week in the world of BrendenPlayz Professional Wrestling. Yes I am back and yet another week has gone by without a response from Smarks Daily. Looks like I am doing my job around here. Anyway we have a great show for you showcasing the Top 5 Segments of the week including some recapping of December to Dismember, here we go 5. The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius seems to frequent this list a lot and his recent message to Slim this past week once again placed him in the Top 5. He showed a magnificent video of Slim and all of his achievements throughout his legendary career. However what made this so impactful was the visual of Slim being beaten by Julius in the Main Event of Summerslam, a moment which shocked the World and announced the arrival of a future star in this company. Julius did his usual shtick talking about how he would destroy Slim which is perfectly fine because well he backs it up 90% of the time and that's why this neat little Segment comes in at Number 5 4. Coming in at Number 4 it's one of Julius' brothers or at least I think they still are Brothers, yes we are talking about Echo Wilson. It was Echo's turn to come out to the Carnage Arena this week and hype up the Kingdom Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship and as always might I add he did a bloody good job with it. He stood in the ring and delivered a well-constructed, well-devised sermon about his Kingdom Brothers which made big Boy Mike a little excited for their match up on January 11th. Echo also promised to take Julius' US Title which didn't go according to plan with Julius taking home the win and keeping his US Title. I guess that's now Julius 2 Echo 0. Anyway onto 3 3. Now onto someone who has been featured here on the Top 5 quite heavily these last few weeks, he's my employer and the creative Genius behind the company that is BrendenPlayz Professional Wrestling I'm talking the man himself BrendenPlayz. We always knew that this man was great on the mic but this was something else. The way he hyped himself and Sameer up before their match with The Flock at December to Dismember (More on that later) was truly motivational. A true poet with his words Brenden made sure that everyone knew who they were and what they were going to accomplish and it achieved them ultimate success. More of this please sir 2. Well we don't have to go far for number 2 because this also features Brenden, Sameer and the Flock. Marker and Jason opened things up talking about how they were going to beat Brenden and Sameer talking about how Brenden was washed up and Sameer was a joke, you know the same old stuff we have heard before but when Brenden and Sameer made their presence felt boy oh boy did things start to get very interesting. I mean some insults were thrown and promises were made but at the end of the day these two put on a very entertaining segment and made me very excited for their Main Event match at December to Dismember. Oh and on that Brenden and Sameer actually defeated Jason and Marker to become Tag-Team Champions I mean if someone had told me a month ago that Brenden and Sameer would be Tag Champs by the end of the year, I would have checked them into a mental health clinic ASAP 1. But coming in at number one it's another masterful display by the legend himself Slim on EVOLVE this week, Evolve's last second ever to quite frankly and what a way to send that show off into the sunset. Slim has embraced his good side over the last month on his quest to defeat Julius and The Kingdom which has made him someone the fans at home and myself in general can cheer for. He spoke about defeating Julius and how this was his redemption, something he needed to get off of his chest and what he did next was spectacular. He burnt down EVOLVE just like he said he would do to Kingdom. Truly poetic December to Dismember results 1. Brenden and Sameer defeated The Marker and Jason Ryan to become BPZ Tag-Team Champions 2. Julius defeated Diego Garcia, Echo Wilson and Yelich to retain the US Title 3. Echo Wilson defeated Jason Ryan and Angelo Caito to win the Premium Championship 4. Bart defeated Angelo Caito to retain the IC Title 5. Julius defeated Bashka to retain the WHC 6. Jonathan defeated Diego Garcia 7. Arius defeated Legends to win the NXT Championship 8. Flynn defeated Hollow Superstar of the Week This week folks we have a new superstar winning the honour of Superstar of the week, yes this week the honour goes to none other than the Boss BrendenPlayz. He featured in 2 of the Top 5 segments this week, Wrestled in the Main Event of December to Dismember and won the BPZ Tag-Team titles. Can't get much better than that congratulations to Brenden
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    Death on the Michigan

    Episode 4 All the BPZ Stars sat in the bar and Smith poured himself free drinks thanks to the all inclusiveness of the system. He then returned to the table where the Kingdom and Nate were. They are joined by Flynn. Flynn: Yo guys. Smith: Hey Flynn Bart: Who’s Flynn again? Julius: The man who’s career I destroyed Flynn: I think you’ll find it’s going to be Necce that retires me Smith: Enough. Now Bart, Echo, Julius let’s cut to the chase. What’s this secret? Echo: We have no secret Bart: Is it about the key you’ve been hiding in your front pocket Julius: Bart Bart: The Key Julius said will unlock such a fortune we can afford to retire Julius and Echo look at Bart in disbelief as Smith and Nate seem to listen in. Flynn however seems most interested as he holds up a key of his own. As Echo berates Bart, Echo notices the key Julius: Flynn that key Flynn: How about this, we discuss this at dinner Echo: Julius what are you doing? Julius: We’ll see you at dinner Nate: What on Earth is... With that Ginge’s voice comes over the tannoy. Ginge: Please all BPZ Stars report to dinner. It’ll be as good as my return was Everyone begins to stand up as Ginge heads over to Flynn Ginge: Flynn have you seen Brett he’s meant to be doing this type of crap not me. Flynn: I’ll have a quick check in engineering room. That’s where he was. I’ll see you all at dinner Flynn heads down to the engineering room and tried the door. It was locked. Luckily he carried a spare key. As he unlocked the door and pulled down the handle what he didn’t notice was that someone was quickly walking towards him. He turned around to see the intruder, the man who had snuck onto the ship Flynn: Buddy Buddy: It was you that caused me to get kicked off the ship. You’re the man Bailey put in charge of organising this all. Why did you kick me off? Why? Flynn: You know what people call you. The next Slim. I hate Slim. Buddy: Is that your reasoning. That’s stupid Flynn: So are you for sneaking on Buddy: And what are you gonna do about it. Flynn: This He pulls out a radio Flynn: Attention all staff. Please detain the intruder Buddy Ace Buddy starts running and Flynn follows in pursuit. What Flynn doesn’t notice is the door of the engineering room opening and Brett weakly crawling out screaming for Flynn’s name
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    Should Brock Lesnar have the belt?

    I agree with you all, he literally doesn't even show up for some pay-per-views. It's a shame really, if he was an active wrestler I'd say he definitely deserves to have it. He has popularity and he's not even that terrible of a wrestler, he just needs a solid opponent like he showed with Daniel Bryan. He also has Heyman as his mic piece, which completes the package. But he doesn't show up, so none of that matters.
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    “You remember all that much, I have to catch up on my WWE knowledge”
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    I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas.
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    BPZ Booking Division

    Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 10 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown! To open the show Joseph Conners reminds everybody of his victory of the inaugural Battle For Atlantis match, and warns AWA World Champion Kenny Omega to be aware at all times of him cashing in and taking the belt. Then out comes William Regal, who announces that he sees the Battle For Atlantis contract as a championship, and he likes fighting champions, so he is making Conners defend his contract against the winner of the first match tonight at Unsafe Working Conditions. Conners gets outrages at this as Regal just smiles and goes to the back. In the opening match that is now for a shot at Conners' Battle For Atlantis Contract, Noam Dar went one on one with Jay Lethal as Joseph Conners bitterly watches from ringside, throwing jeers every now and again that this match was even occurring. In the finish, Jay Lethal would hit his famed "Lethal Injection" on Dar for the pin and the win. After the match Conners and Lethal would have a staredown before Conners spat in Lethal's face and stormed to the back. Kevin Owens is walking backstage as he passes by AWA GM William Regal who stops Kevin to tell him about tonight's main event, which is The Elite vs Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Kevin Owens & Two Partners, and that Owens needs to find two partners or else it will be a 3 vs 3 vs 1 match. Owens gets mad he didn't get enough notice about this but Regal says that its Owens' fault he missed his call earlier in the day, Owens gets mad at this and just shouts out his angers before walking away to find potential partners. In our next match we have a 4v4 matchup between the Alliance of Ego (Ethan Page, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Tomohiro Ishii) and CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano, and Roppongi 3k). In the finish Yano would try to coerce his former partner Ishii to return to the faction and Ishii would seem to consider it before suddenly knocking out Yano with a viscous headbutt followed by a Brainbuster for the three count. It seems their friendship is no more. Owens asks The Class, who he teamed with and beat The Elite with two weeks ago to team with him tonight. but their manager and teacher Matt Striker says their in the middle of a class right now and he can talk to them after school ends if he wants to, Owens just flips off Striker before slamming the door shut and looking for different partners. In this match, Bald World would go two on two with Jack Jester and Grado, representing The Pinky Party. Lorcan and Burch would look like they would lose from the start as they are still seen as weak from getting thrown around by Bad Bones at Battle For Atlantis in a match they should've won as it was a handicap match. But Lorcan and Burch would surprisingly dominate Jester and Grado and get the win quite easily, showing they do deserve to be #1 contenders to the AWA Tag Team Championships. Kevin Owens is seen backstage paying off Micheal Bennett about 1000 dollars for the services of The Kingdom tonight. Owens has found his partners in TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia tonight, and it seems he even gets the bonus of Mike Bennett and Maria at ringside as well. In the match everything would be going as a normal 3v3v3 matchup until out would run the man carried out of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center by a stretcher last week, Matt Taven. Taven would wipe out The Kingdom and send them running away as fast as they could out of the building as he chased them down with a steel chair. Owens would scream at them to get back here and help finish the match, but he would be abruptly turned around by Dalton Castle and hit with a Bangarang for the three count, giving Dalton Castle and The Boys the win. After the match, Castle would hold up Omega's AWA World title, reminding him that he does not need to be pinned in the Triple Threat match at Unsafe Working Conditions to lose the title, like Castle did to Owens tonight. As Thursday Night Throwdown comes to a close.
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    Just "Marker" Done

    BPZ Booking Division

    ESW HOUNDS OF WAR Cody Rhodes vs Apollo Crews Ringkampf vs GYV - Tag Titles Championship Travis Banks vs Austin Aires- IC Championship Kazuchika Okada vs "Hooded Figure" - ESW World Heavyweight Championship APOLLO CREWS VS CODY RHODES What a great match from these two competitors, as Cody officially debuts for ESW, however he couldn't pick up his first victory here tonight, instead Apollo Crews defeats him with Crews Control in 25:25, after the match, Cody was on his knees, but Apollo got him up and shake Cody hand, Cody is definitely gonna be a big star at ESW. RINGKAMPF VS GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS Ringkampf once again got the win over GYV in 30:00, these guys once again put on a classic with each other, but WALTER and Timothy Thatcher were too good for GYV to handle, where does GYV go from here, who knows?. AUSTIN AIRES VS TRAVIS BANKS This match ends in DQ as Austin Aires low blows Travis as he was very close in defeating Aires for the title, Travis is in the ring looking very annoyed as Austin got out of there as soon as possible as it didn't matter as long as Aires was still IC Champ. KAZUCHIKA OKADA VS HOODED FIGURE Okada once again waits for the Hooded Figure to come out, once again the lights go out, the lights come back on and....... What? There another hooded guy, he a lot bigger than what we have seen in the last couple of weeks and WAIT, THE FIRST HOODED MAN COMES FROM BEHIND AND ATTACKS OKADA, HE GARBS FOR 1916..... WAIT NO THAT CAN'T BE, HE GOING UP THE TOP ROPE AND HE HITS THE DOUBLE FOOT STOMP, NO WAY, HE GETTING PIN, NO NOT LIKE THIS..... 1...2....3 WE HAVE A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, THE HOODED MAN HOLDS THE TITLE WITH THE OTHER HOODED MAN AND NOW THEY STAND AND NO, THEY ARE TAKING THEIR HOODIES AND oh....my.....god IT PRINCE DEVITT AND TYRUS, WHAT IN THE WORLD, WE HAVE TO GO OFF, WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON ESW.
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    BPZ Booking Division

    Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 9 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown! To open the show William Regal congratulates the roster on a great PPV in Battle For Atlantis. He then announces that tonight we will be deciding the matches for our next PPV, Unsafe Working Conditions, he announces that we will have three matches, them all being for #1 contenderships. Our opening match will be a tag team turmoil match between The Class, Roppongi 3k, Bald World, The Young Bucks, The Pinky Party, The Kingdom, Nese & Gulak, and The Boys, with the winners facing the Alliance of Ego at Unsafe Working Conditions for the AWA Tag Team Championships. We will also have a Fatal Fourway between the first four men eliminated from the Battle For Atlantis matchup, them being Michael Bennett, Jackie Polo, Matt Taven, and Shinsuke Nakamura. The winner would recieve a shot at Ethan Page and his AWA Oceanic Championship at Unsafe Working Conditions. And finally, in tonight's main event, a new chapter to the epic saga unfolds, as Dalton Castle and Kevin Owens face off once more to decide the #1 contender to the AWA World Championship. In the tag team turmoil opener, we'd start with The Class having to face off against The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan), The Class would win that bout and after would come The Boys, The Boys would put up a fight but with the help of a distraction from Matt Striker, Mike Bailey would pin Boy #2. Then would come The Young Bucks, the team that defeated The Class at Battle For Atlantis, The Class would put up a good fight and get a handful of nearfalls, but they were too gassed to keep up with the fresh Matt & Nick Jackson, who would defeat The Class, eliminating them. The out would come Nese & Gulak, who would blindside both The Bucks and The Class as they tried to shake hands post match. This would give them the upper hand to start the match but ultimately The Bucks would mount a comeback and beat the duo. Then would come the bitter rivals of The Young Bucks, Roppongi 3k. SHO & YOH would fight with their all against the tired Young Bucks and would get the win after SHO made Nick tap with a Sharpshooter. Then would come Sha Samuels & Grado representing The Pinky Party, they would give their best shot but Roppongi 3k would put them away as well. But then the final team came out in Bald World, Roppongi 3k were tired as all hell after facing The Young Bucks and The Pinky Party back to back and would actually fall to the team who just last night lost to Bad Bones in a handicap match, making Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, The Bald World, your new #1 contenders to the AWA Tag Team Championships. Getting straight into the action without a segment in between we have our fatal fourway for the #1 contendership to the AWA Oceanic Championship. Bennett would use his cronies in Marseglia and O'Ryan to take Matt Taven out of the match, making him get pulled out by a stretcher mid match. Leaving us down to three. In the finish, Nakamura would hit a Kinshasa on Jackie Polo, but before he could go for the pin, Bennett would pick Shinsuke up and try to go for a Miracle in Progress, only for Nakamura to reverse it into a pin opportunity and a three count, stunning Bennett and Maria. Nakamura now will face Ethan Page for the AWA Oceanic Championship at Unsafe Working Conditions. Before their match a hype video plays showing what has occurred between Dalton Castle and Kevin Owens leading to tonight, showing the many times Castle has been screwed out of AWA World Title Opportunities by Owens as well as the big Street Fight they had at The New Beginning. In the match Castle and Owens would go all out in their fight, Castle would use his Boys as weapons against Kevin while Kevin tried to bludgeon Dalton in as many ways as possible. But both seemed to forgot what the match was about, as while they both fought on the outside, they drew after a double count out. The two would argue about this decision before Kenny Omega would walk about with a microphone and say that at Unsafe Working conditions it doesn't matter who he faces, he'll take them both on. So it was decided at Unsafe Working Conditions, the main event will be Kenny Omega putting his AWA World Title on the line in a triple threat match against Dalton Castle and Kevin Owens.
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    The Gun Man episode 2 As Marcus looks at Jean with a sick look on his face the other members Drake, Robert and Grover just laugh and Jean tells them to shut up with a serious look on her face then looks back up at her dad and says "dad why would you just send him right in?!," Richard responds by saying "he will never get that experience if we hold his hand,it is time for him to prove himself" Richard then pulls out the box and says "alright kid get in".Marcus scared but knowing if he turns back now he'll be alone and left for dead so reluctantly climbs in the box as he gets in Richard hands him two sliver pistols with the Gun Men logo on them and a walkie talkie saying "this is all you should need and remember to get the top and let Drake and Robert in they should be able to handle it from there,also don't forget to wait for are call to tell you to get out of the box".He then shuts the box and begins to roll Marcus into the building as the rest of the group heads to there postion. As Marcus sits in his box for about 30 minutes tell he hears Richard come in over the walkie telling him it's time to go.As Marcus reluctantly steps out to a empty room his fear turns into to confidence so much so he leaves his walkie since now he thinks the job will just be super easy and he'll prove to his whole team he is worthy.Just as soon as confidence enters Marcus body fear soon enters Jean's as she sees three limousines followed by a car that Bull and Logan are in as they get out to introduce there guest.Jean gets on the walkie right away screaming at Marcus multiple times to get in the box.As for inside the building Marcus is in another room trying samples of food to celebrate his new found confidence why Bull the first to enter the room picks up the walkie hearing Jeans screams and crushes it.Now outside everyone hearing the crushing on the walkie leads to comotion and with Drake and Robert stuck on the top of the building Richard and Grover suit up to go in.Inside Marcus confidence has changed as Bull opens the door on him asking him if "he is enjoying the meal because it's the last you will have" taking the the gun from his side leading Marcus to take one of the pistols out of his belt and fires the first shot at Bull in his arm. Now gun fire rings through out the building and Richard and Grover join the party as they kick open the door stand back and allow Jean to shoot in six shots killing a total of eight people.Richard pops in with his Uzi and let's bullets fly as he tries to head up to find Marcus and tells Grover holding a Glock 17 to let Drake and Robert in.As for Marcus he is now behind the food table covering his wounds serounded by three men shooting at him including Bull who has wrapped his arm wound but Marcus not knowing if he has any backup knows he must do something or die with three bullets left in his second pistol.So he throws down the table landing one head shot and shooting the other two in the belly allowing himself to limp up and stab the other men with the knife on the table and takes one of the guns the men has and opens the door to begin firing just as a gun shot hits him causing him to fall down.Drake and Robert have now joined Grover as Grover has let them in surprisingly only being hit a couple times the men decide to triangle creating a lil bit of separation but just enough to so they still have protection as they look for there two men but after only finding bodies and hearing sirens they decide to exit through the back. As soon as they get out a frantic Jean tells the men to hurry and get in and when the men get in they see Richard in the back of the van frantically trying to bring Marcus back.Drake says in a loud angry voice "IS THIS THE JACKASS THAT ALMOST GOT US KILLED!!!" Jean looking back at him in disgust says "shut up if it's anyone fault it's my father's knowing this was his first time" Richard looks up at Jean with a distressed look on his "listen I didn't know a whole group would come in,but one thing I do know is Marcus did the right thing killing both Logan and Bull" Robert now jumping in says "death is just a part of the job we came here on a mission and he did his job" the group knowing Robert is right goes into a intense slince as just darkness and sounds of sirens engulf them. Next morning.... (news reporter standing in front of the building) "last night gun fire rained supreme once again in the district as a shoot out involving Bull and Logan two drug lord's in the area were pronounced dead as with other tragic deaths,but the head guards have confirmed all involved are dead" Richard sipping his coffee says "another job completed" and Drake sitting back eating a giant bowl of cereal ask "boss you know if the kid is going to be ok" Richard responds "yeah he'll be fine right now Jean is checking on him".In Marcus's room a heavy wounded Marcus with wrap all over his body ask Jean who is sitting on the table by his bed "did I do it" Jean who is now playing with his hair gives a little chuckle "yes Marcus you did it" Marcus looking into Jean's eyes smiles and says "guess I'm officially a gun man" all of sudden Grover walking past the door shouts "yes yes you are!!!" Leading both Marcus and Jean to look at each other and smile. Episode 3 next Sunday
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    TNA: 2003

    Abyss Daniels Punk AMW Konnan Ron Killings
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    Didn't watch SD as usual but I did watch the top ten and it looked like a great show so I rewatched it. I don't like that we don't have GMs because I am tired of seeing McMahons but it's not the worst yet, Mufasa gaining the pin on Daniel had to be my favorite part of the show. Ik it probably doesn't mean anything but a win over the champ proves that 205 ain't just a sleeper show and its participants can actually do entertaining shit and win. The Miz will probably get Shane as his partner and turn on him as soon as he can to set up a match at Mania, and I am liking that Joe vs Hardy is going to be a thing but I hope Joe gets the win. Its another case of an amazing superstar being underutilized but its whatever, I'm sure he'll get something. Nakamura has been a decent US champ, the title will never be what it was when Cena had it but its, not the worst main roster title either. I'm interested to see if Rusev will grab the title, which I hope he does because he defiantly deserves it. Smackdown is looking good, maybe I'll check out next weeks episode.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 60 SDL Goldust: You could have been a star. Your name could have been in lights. But you couldn't handle the pressure. You failed me. Tonight, the "Truth" is I call cut on your career. Michael Cole: Welcome to SmackDown Live. Tonight, Goldust goes one-on-one with R-Truth. No Tye Dillinger, no Colons. This feud comes to an end tonight. Corey Graves: And in our main event, the SDL Tag Team Champions Big E and Kofi Kingston team with Jeff Hardy to take on The Bludgeon Brothers and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar! Match 1 - Tag Team Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs The Bella Twins All four women are fighting outside the ring. Out of nowhere, Charlotte Flair Moonsaults off the top rope taking everyone out! Michael Cole: This Sunday, Nikki Bella will have her sister in her corner as she defends the SDL Women's Title against Beth Phoenix, who will have Natalya in her corner, and Charlotte Flair with the returning Becky Lynch in hers! Byron Saxton: Also this Sunday, Kurt Angle will finally defend the United States Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura! Match 2 - Handicap Shinsuke Nakamura vs Team Angle Shinsuke Nakamura picked up a disqualification victory as Team Angle ignored the referee's orders. Kurt Angle locked in the Angle Lock on Nakamura until multiple referees broke it up. Michael Cole: This Sunday will be a night for first-evers because at Super Show-Down, AJ Styles will go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio! But up next, AJ will face his old rival Batista and Rey Mysterio will join us on commentary. Match 3 - Singles Batista vs AJ Styles While outside the ring, AJ Styles side-stepped Batista who went crashing into Rey Mysterio. AJ Styles ran into the ring as Batista checked on his friend. He was counted out and lost the match. Batista would catch Styles and set him up in the 619 position for Mysterio but AJ would escape just in time. In the back, Jeff Hardy is being interviewed about facing Brock Lesnar this Sunday. Jeff says he is immune to the fear of facing Lesnar. He knows this is his last chance at becoming WWE Champion and says he's going into this match like its his last, too. Match 4 - Singles R-Truth vs Goldust In the back, Aiden English tells Rusev he is challenging Jason Jordan to a match on Velocity. Corey Graves: This Sunday, The New Day will be without Xavier Woods as they defend the SDL Tag Team Titles against The Bludgeon Brothers. Michael Cole: We heard from Jeff Hardy earlier. This Sunday, he puts it all on the line when he challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Match 5 - 6-Man Tag SDL Tag Team Champions The New Day & Jeff Hardy vs The Bludgeon Brothers & WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy and The New Day gain momentum before this Sunday! Thank you for joining us!
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    Change Is Coming...

    The screen is pitch black "Change." A lighter flickers on and reveals the silhouette of small but toned man, standing at five foot ten and weighing just over 200 pounds "This world around me. This world of BPZ. There's not enough...variety. Everything is the same. Some wrestler who claims they're the best or that they're the next big thing burst onto the scene and win a title. Pathetic." The man slowly approaches the camera, his features becoming more visible "Everyone is the same. As for me, I'm here to bring a balance, so to speak." The man finally steps into camera in a completely clear view "You'll see what I mean soon enough. Besides, talking is my weak suit anyways. To whoever is listening, I hope to see you in the ring in the near future." The light slowly dims before finally dying out No one is safe... Dikey
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    T-Minus 1DAY20HOURS27MINS

    T-Minus 1DAY20HOURS27MINS
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    Flynn vs. Hollow: An Example

    We are live on the BPZ Network. December to Dismember is live and going strong with an absolutely packed card. Our next match-up is Hollow vs Flynn, which over the past few weeks had gone from a simple tag team match to a personal feud between two psychopaths. Tonight they are set to face off in a brutal 2 out of 3 falls hardcore match. Hollow steps out to several cheers from the crowd, who are firmly behind Hollow for this match. “The Madman” pushes a shopping cart down the ramp, crashing it into the apron before he slowly steps out to the ring. He rolls into the ring, leaving the shopping cart of weapons before sitting back into his corner for this match. The crowd’s mood turns as does the entire arena. Boo’s and several derogatory terms are exclaimed, “The Fallen King” being the sole target as he steps out onto the stage. He looks around the arena in disgust before making his way straight to the ring. He rolls directly into the ring, his eyes fixed upon Hollow. He climbs the top turnbuckle as he enters, staring down on Hollow as he does so. He hops down, before turning to the referee. He says several words to the official however they are too difficult to understand or make out. He turns around before taking to his corner. Hollow quickly with glee in his eyes, hops forward to the center of the ring. Pointing his umbrella high in the air, however before he can finish doing whatever it is the hell he was doing..... Flynn blindsides Hollow! Hollow collapses out of the ring hitting his head hard on the concrete. Due to the nature of the match, the bell rings. Flynn waisting little time rolls out of the ring before grabbing hold of Hollow and slamming him into the barricade hard. He proceeds to grab hold of Hollow yet again before throwing him skull first into the ring post! Flynn refusing to give Hollow any sort of chance quickly picks up a kendo stick from Hollows own weapons before beginning to nail him with it. Flynn proceeds to grab hold of Hollows own umbrella before snapping it in half and throwing it into the crowd, the fans booing like crazy. Flynn looking down in disgust on Hollow screams “IDIOT”, before proceeding with several kendo shots up until the stick actually snaps in half. Flynn now, with sinister thoughts grabs hold of both of Hollows arms before proceeding to stomp Hollows skull in! The fans are in total shock as Hollow is clearly busted open from this. Flynn releases Hollow, blood on his boots before he picks up Hollow and throws him in the ring. He then covers Hollow 1....2...3 Flynn takes the first fall! Officials quickly rush the ring, directing Flynn to his corner as they check up on Hollow. They clean up his blood before taking him to his corner. He insists that he can continue into the second fall of the street fight, as the officials nod and leave. The bell rings however Hollow collapses right away. Flynn laughing slowly approaches his downed opponent. He looks down on Hollow who rests on his knees. Flynn begins to look to want to finish this however- HOLLOW WITH A LOW BLOW TO FLYNN! Hollow with his own dirty tricks tonight! Flynn collapses on the mat as Hollow goes after him with a flurry of rights and lefts. He slowly rolls out of the ring before retrieving a trash can. He slowly enters the ring as Flynn is making his way to his feet. He smashes the trash can over the skull of Flynn! TWIST OF FATE TO FOLLOW UP! Hollow pins Flynn 1...2... NO! Flynn kicks out as Hollow only begins to smile. Clearly hurt from the blind sided attack, he retrieved a ladder from the cart, setting it up in the corner of the ring. He lifts Flynn up, setting himself against the ladder. He retrieves a chair. Lodging it against Flynn’s chest before calling for some running maneuver into Flynn from the other corner however as he sprints to Flynn, Flynn reveals to be playing possum, grabbing the chair and chucking it at Hollow, the weapon slamming against his skull hard. Hollow stumbles and Flynn takes advantage, grabbing ahold of him before throwing him hard into the ladder. Flynn in a burst of anger, grabs ahold of Hollow before yet again stomping him into the skull. He continues to do so however, until the referee is forced to stop him, grabbing ahold of Flynn and pulling him off before ringing the bell. Flynn has won the second fall and the match! Flynn however not finished, grabs ahold of Hollow before throwing him straight over the top rope. Medical officials check on him as Flynn now stands in the center of the ring. He demands a microphone is brought to him. HE IS ONLY THE FIRST. These false hero’s I will expose them all, I will make them all pay. They are not hero’s, they are nothing more then children who are pretending simply to get all of you losers approval. TONIGHT I took years off of that mans career. I brutalized him. And I’m not even finished.... Flynn drops his microphone. The fans in pure shock as to just how far Flynn has seemingly fallen. With Hollow’s blood on each of his boots, he matches out of the ring and straight to the back. The standard has been set, and his message is clear, this is not the last we will be seeing of Flynn for tonight.....
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    I Can't Odd

    ICO's NXT Special Event Reviews

    NXT Takeover Fatal 4Way ▪The event was opened with the longest reigning tag team champions in NXT The Ascension defending against the Lucha Dragons. It was a fun, well paced tag match with the Lucha Dragons getting the upset to dethrone The Ascension. Sin Cara turned out to be a better partner for Kalisto than El Local was. *** ▪Baron Corbin vs CJ Parker: There was another CJ Parker squash at this takeover. The match was like half a minute and was purely to build Corbin. Thank God Robinson has made it in Japan. * ▪Enzo Amore vs Sylvester LeFort: This was a hair vs hair match and Enzo deserved to lose for his God awful haircut. The match was short and boring, ending with Enzo rolling up his opponent, but the match itself was never all that important compared to the stipulation. Sylvester gets saved by his buddy and repays him by running off and letting him get covered in Enzo&Cass' special hair loss goop. Later in the night they find him and expose his now bald head. Pretty funny moment, Enzo and Cass were a good pair. *1/2 ▪Hideo Itami debuted as NXT's newest signee and The Ascension came out, starting the feud Itami would have with them. He was such a big deal and those injuries really threw off what was gonna be a great run in NXT. ▪Mojo Rawley vs Bull Dempsey: Ughhh, two squash matches on one card. Dempsey beat Mojo in a minute, great. * ▪Charlotte (c) vs Bayley: This was a decent match, not the best they can do, but still enjoyable. Charlotte worked Bayley over most the match but Bayley got a couple spots in, most notably a top rope hurricanrana. Charlotte won with the Natural Selection, continuing her reign. Sasha came out to beat a downed Bayley but Charlotte ran her off. *** ▪Adrian Neville (c) vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze: This was the first fatal fourway in NXT, hence the event name, and it delivered. All 4 men looked good and got their moments in the match. An instant classic and definitely sets the bar for fourway matches. The big story of the match is Zayn having the match won before Neville pulls the ref out and hits a Red Arrow on the already downed Kidd for the win. This was another chapter in Zayn's long road to the title and I loved it. ****1/4 This really wasn't a great event overall, with all the matches but the main event simply being good or below. We went from a step up to a step down, but it's worth it for the NXT classic of a main event. NXT Takeover Fatal 4Way: **1/2 I'm really excited for the next event, NXT Takeover R Evolution, which was headlined by another NXT classic in Zayn vs Neville.
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    TNA: 2003

    Official Genesis Match Card Abyss vs Jeff Jarrett for the Vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles(c) for the TNA X Division Championship CM Punk vs Brian Lawler America's Most Wanted vs Triple X for the Vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship Curt Hennig vs Konnan (with Homicide and Hernandez) Ron Killings vs Kid Kash *card subject to change* Leave your predictions down below
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    The Gun Man episode 1 and 6th addition to universe Richard is driving Marcus in his car until they stop at a brick warehouse and Richard says to Marcus "welcome home" as he lifts open the door.As they walk in Richard is eager to introduce him to his other four teammates.First is the Olson brothers Robert and Grover who Richard found about ten years ago at age seven when they were being chased by two police officers for stealing a woman's purse.Second was Drake a kid who he found six years ago in middle of Earth's doom after he had lost his family and was hiding out in the basement of his destroyed house.Then finally Richard introduced Marcus to his daughter Jean. After introductions Marcus is shown to his room and Richard says "get ready son the first mission is tonight", "so you have about three hours to get ready" Richard says looking down at his watch.As Richard walks off Marcus sits on his bed and looks at a picture of him and his three other friends which is two guys and one girl and they are all standing around a helmet with a trophey next to it.Marcus then decides to crumble the picture and throw it at the wall as he gets under the cover to take a quick nap.Soon Marcus wakes up to hard shaking from Drake on his side waking him up telling him "time to go to work big guy" throwing down a black ski mask, black vest with a yellow GM in the middle,a black long sleeve, some black pants,and a belt with gun holders in the side.Marcus puts the suit on and meets his team in the ally in front of the warehouse door and climbs in a black van where the rest of his team is.Inside the van Marcus is stunned by all the weapons on the wall but Richard soon gets Marcus back into form as he yells at Jean from the front telling her to catch him up on the plane. Jean then rolls out a long sheet of paper with a picture of two blonde, muscled up white guys named Logan and Bull at the top of the paper and taking up the rest of the paper is a long map of the inside of a building.Jean explains to Marcus that Logan and Bull are two big time guys in the drug smuggling and distributing business through all the districts but have held base in district 38 and tonight they where planning on taking down there operation.First her father would walk in dropping off a package with a member inside of the box instead of drugs.Once in the member would sneak his way to the top of the roof allowing two other members to come in why the last member sits gurad on top of the building across the street.Richard chimes before Jean can finish saying "alright Marcus time to get in the box" as the van stops in front of brick building Marcus looks up at Jean with a sense of fear in his face (thinking he would be the guy standing guard) he then says "I don't think I can do this" with a sick look on his face. Episode 2 next Sunday Words from writer Sorry it to so long to release just life got in the way and plus I think it's better to have time gaps between series.Also don't worry stories will get better and I think each character will have a short story released before a new episode/story comes out every Sunday but please remember some stuff is being kept secret for bigger reveals in future series
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    The Gun Man introduction and 5th addition to universe A young man named Marcus Saint Brown is walking down a dark ally in district 38 with clothes he has been wearing for a month and a empty stomach.Then all of the sudden he sees a group of three men gathering around an woman laying on the ground.Marcus notices the men are attacking the woman so he runs over to the men and pushes one down on the ground as he steps in between the woman and the men.The man to Marcus's left grabs him by the collar and says "this is none of your business kid" Marcus pushes the guy off of him and says "I think it is" getting in a fighting stance and just then the men who was pushed lundges at him and Marcus throws him to the ground.Then the other two run at him but Marcus makes quick work of them both leaving them both laying on the ground.As the men lay on the ground Marcus hears sirens from a cop car that soon comes around the corner down the ally.That is when Marcus finds out the woman was dating one of the men and everything was blamed on Marcus landing him in jail. The next morning Marcus is woke up by officers banging on his cell yelling "wake up!" Marcus gets up and walks up to the front of the cell and officer says "Mr.Brown you must have some high up friends" Marcus looks at him confused and wondering who the hell would help him out considering he has lived in the district for only two months.As Marcus exits the jail he greeted by a older short man in a heavy black jacket, and slicked back hair who was waiting for him at the bottom of the jail steps he says "Marcus I would like to present you with an offer you can't turn down" as Marcus walks down the steps Marcus shoves the man and replies with "sorry sir got stuff to do" storming past him.The man once again gets in front of Marcus and says "look kid me and you both know you have nothing to do and no one to go to all I want to do is offer you breakfast and offer you a chance",Marcus looks at the man knowing he is right but confused how he knew but either way he decides to join the man to at least get something to eat out of it. As the two men sit across the table from each other with Marcus eating the man says "I would like for you to work for me", Marcus says "like what you want me to do construction or something for you", the man then replies with "no I would like for you to join my organization to help clean the streets of this district making it safer".Then Marcus looks up from eating into the mans eyes and says "what do I look like some superhero" , "no but you look like a kid that needs a place to stay and people to go to and more importantly someone that wants to helps so if you come with me I can provide that" the man says in response to Marcus. Marcus then tells the man "how the hell do you expect me to go anywhere with you anywhere with you I don't even know you" that was when the man pulls out a sliver gun with a yellow top and words that have "Gun Men" labeled into it.All of the sudden Marcus eyes get real big as he looks at the gun in shock then says "I thought you guys were just a myth".That is when the men slides the gun in his jacket and says "my name is Richard Rodriguez and are you ready to be a part of something great son". Creator words I want to say sorry for the long wait just been busy and been thinking how I really want this character to be and what importance the character and series will be to the universe and how it will effect the first big event.Last points I want make is the reason I am posting this early is because it is not episode one, episode one will be next Sunday and instead of 5 there will either be 6 or 7 episodes.Also good or bad feedback is always appreciated
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