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    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his way out to the Ring to talk to Flynn after just hearing that cold statement by Flynn You know Maybe your Right. Maybe everything you just said is the complete truth. Maybe I am done. Passed my prime. Maybe im not the best of all time. Or maybe every single thing you just said is completely bullshit. I mean are you delusional? I didn't know the whole New Flynn thing meant you lost a brain. You talk about taking care of your body like i haven't? Yeah i hung up the boots fulltime for the suit. And yeah maybe i did go corporate. But that does not mean i haven't been busting my ass in the Gym everyday. I work just has hard as i did 3 years ago Flynn. And im in the best shape of my life. You saw it just a few months ago where i went into Bad Blood and climbed a Ladder to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase. This contract means I'm guaranteed to become a 6 time World Heavyweight Champion. Flynn last time i checked have you even won 5? There are no choices come Night of Legends Flynn. Only a war. I'm not backing down. Ive never backed down from a fight and I certainly will not back down from the Man I made. Your whole career is thanks to me. I trained you. I taught you how to make it in this Business. I made you Relevant. I saw something in you and took a chance on you 4 years ago and I made you a Star Flynn. I know that is what truly eats you up inside Flynn. It kills you doesn't it. The fact that you owe your Whole Career to me. Because without me you don't rise up so quickly and become a Star. Without me you don't become Universal Champion or even come close to Holding it for a year. I have spoon fed you every single Accomplishment in your Career. Everything! And I know that hurts you inside especially with the fact that you also have never beaten me. The funny thing is Flynn. Everything you just said man has been said by everyone else before that has stepped up to the plate to face me. I know everyone around the world considers you to have a great promo but Kid if you wanna be the Very Best actually maybe try and come up with new material. I don't know maybe take a few tips from necce. Because just like everyone else before you come out here and run your mouth. You call me a fuad. You say I'm washed up and i don't go it anymore. That I'm overrated. That im a terrible person and not the GOAT. You're not the first to say it and you won't be the last. But here I am 4 years later still competing in the biggest matches of the biggest show. Here I am in 2019 holding the Money in the Bank Briefcase and on my way to be a World Champion again. So you can say whatever you want about me. You can competently discredit my Career but the real facts are Flynn that im still the Biggest Star in this business and that you have never or will ever beat me in a match One on One. Because the fact is I Will always be better than you. My Legacy will never die. I will never die. But it seems like you deep down inside has already Died! But thats why you call yourself the "Fallen King" ain't it. Well heres another fact for you. REAL KINGS NEVER FALL.
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    Night Night

    Carnage resumes from commercial break after the Julius segment on his opponent for Royal Rumble, Angelo Caito. This must of triggered something, because in the ring sits the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Angelo Caito. He sits on a black folding chair as "Slow Chemical" blasts through the PA System, with his head focused on the stage area, knowing that he might say something that gets a response from someone, which everyone assumes to be Julius. His theme song cuts out, which allows Angelo to lift his mic up and speak. "Do you all remember the days of when a man would walk out here, and let his abilities speak for themselves? The days that men would actually step inside this ring with pride? Where has those days gone? Maybe it's this "new era". This new era when they try to push out the men who've been here since the golden years, but fail miserably, because people say this era would isn't made by the new guys, no no. This new era is made on guys like me, Bailey, Flynn, Necce, Slim, and us guys who've been here for four to five years day in and day out longer than these snot nose punks make them look like stars. And who runs this new era? The same man I made look so dominante, so malicious, so evil, Julius. Now I didn't make him a good Wrestler because you can never make garbage look good ever, but the reason for his success came at the lessons us "old stars in this company" gave him. Without guys like Flynn, he would still be Josh's bitch in the Josh-Tourage. Without guys like Slim, he would still be Flynn's and Ross's bitch. And without me, he would be nothing but a fake Champion. Come on, you faced Slim and Flynn, who let's be honest, wasn't the real them. You faced a fifty percent Flynn and fifty percent Slim, and you damn well know if they were coming after you at one hundred percent, your title reign, would of been snapped in half. Without me, you would be another case of BiC as World Champion, won because of another event taking place. Come on Julius, am I making you angry? Am I upsetting you? Are you upset like you were that day when you were eighteen getting arrested for a fight? Got three years in jail Julius, at the age of eighteen, but no one knows what happened or who started it, until today. I searched for over a week for evidence of what happened, then I found it. Monkeys in the back, role the footage." Angelo points at the screen, and a video plays showing a younger Julius in a gym, working out. Next thing shown is a guy walking beside him, yelling at Julius. Julius placed his bar back in place and sat up, looking at the man. The man continues to yell in the face of Julius, which causes Julius to grab his head and slams his head into the glass mirrors. He then grabs the man and Rams him into a section holding weights. When the man falls, Julius grabs a empty bar and starts beating the man, strike after strike, metal colliding with his body. He drops the bar and picks up a weight, seemingly to smash his head in, only to be stopped by his trainer, which causes him drop the weight on the floor and walk off. The video ends as Angelo looks straight into the camera. "You beat the man, because he made fun of you, called you a freak, a disgrace to life, and even went as far as to say you don't deserve to live. And you made to where he almost didn't live. You got three years off of that. Three years you will never get back, three years behind solid steel bars, waiting for night time to sleep your tears away. At eighteen, I won my first title, celebrating life, while you were wanting yours to end at that very age. Fast forward many years later, you will once again be locked inside a cell, and you won't be alone, because those demons you battled in your head all those years ago, will be standing in front of you, ready to get the job done, and when they do, you family will not be able to blame me for your demise, they will blame yo-" Angelo stops as the theme song for the World Champion plays as th crowd roars a loud ovation, as the fight feeling returns when Julius bolts to the ring, showing no sign of stopping. He slides under the bottom rope as he is met by a ready Angelo and the two start brawling, trading stiff rights with each other at a fast rate as the crowd comes unglued. Right after right until Julius gets the advantage, dropping rights and lefts to the body of Angelo, only before kneeing him in the head, sending Angelo back. Julius grabs his arm and tries pulling him back, seeming like he's going for a End Of Days, but Angelo grabs the rope, avoiding being pulled in and kick his hand, breaking free and rushing out of the ring and over the barricade through the fans, escaping from Julius. The World Champion looks at the escaped Angelo, fury in his face before he kicks the chair, it bouncing off the ropes before being kicked under the ropes. He then slides under the bottom rope, power walking up the ramp before turning around, yelling "RUN YOU BITCH! RUN YOU BI-" before Angelo sneaks and places him in his sleeper hold. Julius struggles and struggles to fight out, but the position of Angelo is enough to keep him from being grabbed by the Champion. He squeezes and squeezes, and the face of Julius gets red, before turning purple. The camera pans to Angelo's face, a sick and twisted look of enjoyment plastered on his face as Julius starts to fade slowly, his arm movements getting slower and slower before Angelo drops back and wraps his legs around Julius's legs, the rear naked choke applied fully. A valid fight ends in defeat as Julius lays motionless in the arms of Angelo, which causes Angelo to push him off, then stands over his body, a wicked grin on his face as he holds his arms up, keeping on his promise to put his opponent to sleep, but when awaken, who would be able to stop the angry beast?
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    This Is Everything To Us

    It's all or nothing for Sameer and I, the Big Ballers are Night of Legends. We have worked incredibly hard to reach the position we are in over the last couple of months and we couldn't be more proud to be your tag team champions. Winning the titles at December to Dismember was the highlight of my career. It showed that I can still compete on a high level and it was a friendly reminder to everyone about how good Sameer truly is. I'm very lucky to have a fantastic partner by my side and we have loved being champions so far. So this is where we get down to business. We want these titles. Buddy Ace came out and said that we don't care about this match? We don't care who we face Buddy, whether it is you and Marker, Jason and Marker The New Bloods, Heel and Monda we don't care who it is. We just want competition. If you think you're the right competition for us, then bring it on. Our focus isn't on any team in particular, it's on the titles themselves. You think I would be that naive to not pay attention to every team in the division? Maybe that's why The Flock failed to retain their titles to begin with. You don't have the awareness of your surroundings, you're two steps behind everyone else. Get with the times, there are new teams here. We're still relatively new as a duo and we already kicked The Flock's ass! Buddy you're in no position to ever criticize anyone around here. To be honest, I forgot you even worked here. We've never even considered putting your name on a billboard, hell you don't even have a T-Shirt. Why? Because you're nobody. But what you are to me is an opponent. An opponent, no matter who, I won't take lightly. Yes I will be ready to fight, we both will be. You can underestimate Sameer all you want, but he's beaten Julius, Ropati and your two buddies along the way to be champion. I think that says it all doesn't it? Also Buddy, why weren't you the original duo for The Flock? So Jason Ryan bails on the group and Necce has to call upon his "B Team" to challenge us? If you're "A-Team" can't get the job done, what in the world makes you think that YOU can beat us? Seriously, take a look around you. Not even your own group values you and you're trying to tell Sameer how poorly his career is? Maybe you should look in the mirror before you speak. Sameer has done more in a day than you will ever accomplish. If you want proof? You'll get it when you're staring up at the lights for the 123 at Night of Legends. Face it the facts, we have the chemistry, we have the momentum and we have the ability to win at Night of Legends. You two are just two psychos who are so deranged that you've begun to believe your own lies. You have convinced yourselves that you are more deserving and would make better champions than The Big Ballers. Let's get back to reality here, there will be no showing off. It will be nothing but business as usual for us and our business is simply all about winning. We're ready, let's do this.
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    Total Drama: BPZ

    The already arrived competitors begin to talk, most friendly and looking to make some friends quick for this mad aventure that they about to participate in. While they do, Brenden is looking at the sea, waiting for the next person to row towards the island. As he finally sees the next boat inching closer to the island, a bird begins to sign. Brenden: Can that damn sparrow shut his mouth, we are trying to record a show here. Daniel: Actually, it’s a Orange Bellied Parrot. It’s a very rare bird that is almost non-existent nowadays. It’s a true wonder than we can hear it sing. Brenden looks impressed about the knowledge of Daniel, who has arrived on the island and begins to shake everyone’s hands. Brenden: That’s one of the main reasons why we settled here. We here at BPZ entertainment care a lot about animals, and we will do everything in our power to protect them. We can hear Heel whisper something to Brenden, presumably about what the boss just said, but Brenden neglects it. We are shocked when the next participant arrives, because for the first time, we don’t see a boat. Instead, we see someone swimming towards the island. Brenden is flabbergasted by this, why on earth would someone want to swim such a distance when there is a boat that they can use. Brenden: Hey you there, fish, what the hell are you doing? Mike: Aye, just swimming man. I wanted to have some exercise today, couldn’t go to the gym today. Brenden: Looking at your body it seems like you haven’t had any exercise for years mate. Welcome to the island, what’s your name? Mike: The name is Mike, Mike Hunt. This is a face that everyone watching from the tv will become familiar with, no doubt about it. Prepare for me, Hollywood! Brenden: Whatever, as long as I don’t get to familiar with your face. Mike begins to walk towards the rest of the group, but is completely spooked out when a small rabbit walks by him, which leads to everyone laughing. Brenden: Oh god. Poor luck kid, there goes your chance at a movie opportunity. Right after Mike as joined up with the rest, the next person arrives. He is pretty young, but an adult and seems to have being hitting the gym frequently. He walks up to Brenden and comfortably begins to talk. Mark: Hi, my name is Mark. Brenden: Ok. Mark: What? Is that it? What type of presenter are you man? Brenden: One that has become bored. Mark: I see it, very small attention span. It’s fine Brenden, I got bored of those long wrestlings shows that you used to put out too, I get it. Brenden: Go the rest of the bunch, FAST. Mark: Ok. Brenden is visibly frustrated by Mark’s mocking of him, but he cools off quickly as he once again is looking over the sea, waiting for the next boat to pass by. Alex: Hello everyone. Brenden: Woah, where are you coming from? Alex: I took a different route, it was quicker. Brenden: Why didn’t you just take the regular road that I wrote down? Did you hear me? Hey, HEY. Alex: Oh sorry, those trees were very interesting, couldn’t help it. But yeah, I just thought it would be more fun to take a challenge and find my own route, and it worked too! Brenden: Well buddy, you won’t like this, but on this island everything goes the way that I want it to go. If I want you to do something, you do it exactly the way how I told you to do it. I don’t care if there’s a better, faster, ethically more acceptable way to do it, you do it my way. Understood? Alex: We will see Brenden, we will see. As Alex tries to begin to walk to the rest of the group, the next person is already walking out of his boat. Brenden says that it’s a new record. Alex wants to point out that he was infact faster, but he is completely ignored by Brenden, who walks towards the latest arrival. Meanwhile, Sameer and Maasa look at each other, both upset that their time has been broken. Sameer: BRUH, that dude doesn’t even have any muscles. Well at least I don’t have to fear for him picking any of my ladies now, HAHA. Brenden: Welcome to the island, what’s your name? Cody: Cage, Cody Cage. It was fun to do man, the rowing. I thought it could have been a bit longer tho, give us a challenge. Brenden: Trust me, you will have plenty of challenges on this island. But hey, you are the current holder of the fastest time, so that gives you something good to show off about. We wait for a bit before the next person turns up, it’s a young man, around the age of 20, a little bit older probably, who walks up to Brenden. George: Is this the island for Total Drama BPZ? Brenden: Nah fam, this is the island for the special unit that is training to go to the moon. George: Ah well, I guess I turned a wrong corner, even though there weren’t any. Maybe I misread a sign, heck, I didn’t even see a sign, that’s where I went wrong. Or ma- Brenden: STOP! You are in the right place, I was obviously making a joke. I won’t even ask why you didn’t get it, cause otherwise you would be talking for another hour. Now, group up with the others. George: What do you mean group up? Do we already have groups? OOH, I get to choose the groups, that’s so cool Brenden, thanks. It’s just like picking football teams on school, but now I will actually get picked, heck, I will get to pick. Brenden: NO, no, no, and guess what, no. Let me make it clear to you. You walk to the rest, and stand there, until I say you can do any different, understood? George: I think so, but I can’t promise you, alright. Brenden tries to stop thinking about his previous conversation and instead looks over the water, hoping to see some ripped bodybuilder with a good talk come out of the water. But that’s not what he sees. Brenden: Oh you gotta be kidding me. ANOTHER KID! Jericho: Sup lads, my name is Jericho. Brenden: Funny, listen kid, I am gonna need your real name here. Jericho: Jericho is my real name. I don’t why everyone keeps telling me that. It’s not my choice, my stupid parents decided to give it to me. They are so stupid, they thought that I would be the first one gone on this show. Brenden: Well I wouldn’t blame them, but looking at what we have got so far, I could honestly see everyone leaving. That’s not because I think the level of talent is high, rather the opposite. Anyways, welcome Jericho, or whatever your name may be. Jericho: AAARGHHHH. Then, seeminly out of nowhere Sah Meer beigns to scream. Sah Meer: Oh my god, it’s a women. A female. A lady. A whatever else you call them, I don’t care, it got tits! Brenden: Come on guys, keep yourself together. Kate: Hello. Brenden: Welcome to the island, what’s your name? Kate: Kate, but a quick question, where all the women? I thought this was for both genders, but yet I only see, sigh, man. Brenden: Well, most women thought this was far too gross to take part in, trust me, I tried. But hey, you could use it to your advantage, if you know what I mean. Kate: Oh no, I won’t use it to my advantage. i don’t need an advantage. I am here to proof that women are just as good as men, actually better, far better. Instantly, everyone who got their hopes up are turned off by Kate’s behaviour. Sameer and Sah Meer look pissed as Kate joins up with the rest of the group, not shaking any hands but instead going to stand by herself in a corner. Finally, Brenden gets what he wants, a ripped, tall strong guy comes out of the sea. Brenden runs to him in full excitement and shakes the new person’s hand. Brenden: Welcome to the island. Gully: Hey, my name is Gully Bully. I am here to tribute Ahmed Johnson. I know that you see this, Mushmouth. I know you do. I will proof everyone what you were capable of back in the day, homie. Brenden: Oh wow, impressive story. So uhm Gully, what is your obsession with Ahmed? Gully: Obsession? No it isn’t. It’s respect for a legend, like anyone should have for someone with a career like his. He is the man, the complete package. Brenden: Wow, if you win this, you could give a million dollars. Ahmed: Well, I would love to, but Ahmed is such a great guy, he would probably refuse to take my money. Brenden: I doubt it but hey it’s up to you to find out. Sasuke: My quest continues here. Brenden is suprised, the next arrival is already on the island. In his excitement about Gully, he had completely forgotten to look in the water. Brenden: What quest? Sasuke: I will find my brother. It’s my life goal. With the money, I will get the information necessary to find out where he is. Where we would could get the Higher Power together, and form a bond stronger than anything else on this planet. Brenden: Ok kid, you are taking this too far. At this point, I have accepted that kids will sign up, but you don’t have to come up with these fancy bullshit stories of yours. You are just another kid, looking to spend money on candy. It’s fine, but don’t come up with insane stories to make yourself look cool. Sasuke: I have given up everything for this. You can talk all you want, you won’t get to me. You are too stupid to understand, you are just another guy trying to get money out of shitty entertainment. But it’s fine, I will accept it. This is what I must do. As much as I despise it, I know that it’s the right thing to do. Brenden: Alright… someone has watched too much movies. For a second, it looks Sesuke plans to do something, but he manages to reclaim his cool before anything happens. Sameer: WOW Out of the sea, we finally see the beauty that all the men had been waiting for. Sah Meer and Sameer are staring at the girl as she approaches Brenden, even he struggles to keep his eyes on the face. Jemma: Hello everyone. Brenden: Welcome to the island, nice to meet you. What’s your name? Jemma: Jemma. That’s J-E-M-M-A. Nice to meet you too Brenden. Brenden: So why did you decide to sign up? Jemma: Well, I need the money. Me and my boyfriend want to go on holiday, but we don’t have enough money to do a massive roadtrip which we would like to do. Sameer: Oh fuck off. Sah Meer: Come on. Brenden: That’s lovely. I hope you have a nice, long stay on the island. You can now go the rest of the group. Jemma: Can’t I decide myself when it’s time to join the rest? I surely would like to meet them all, but still, it should be up to me to decide. Brenden: Not over here miss, I am sorry. Brenden: Well, that concludes everyone. You can head over to the big tent set up right over there, take your rest. Tomorrow will be a busy day. “WAIT FOR ME” Brenden: What is this then? I swear we went past all the sign ups. Heel: We sure did. Christian: Sorry, I was too late to sign up but I saw this and I thought it would be really cool. Please let me join. Brenden: Well alright, that ups the amount of people that can die- I mean, the more souls the merrier. Welcome Christian, go the tent like the rest of them, introduce yourself there. To the viewers, see you all next time, on TOTAL DRAMA BPZ!
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    LeBron James and the Cavaliers celebrate, having dispatched the 'teamball' mantra of the Atlanta Hawks in five games. (2012) CHAPTER I, PART VI: Four... Games... Away... After the seven-game scare against Philadelphia, coach Brad Stevens promised for the team to respond in this series and keep the focus away from the Western Conference Playoffs, which he believes hurt them in their quest to defeat Philadelphia. In Game One, in Cleveland, the Cavaliers would SHOCKINGLY lose on their home court, 106-101, behind seven Hawks scoring in double figures. Following the loss, the Cavaliers reportedly had a heart-to-heart team meeting, regarding the status of their play and unfortunate loss of Trevor Ariza. In Game 2, the Hawks stayed neck-and-neck with the Cavaliers until the fourth quarter, where Chris Paul closed the game out, scoring the last eight Cleveland points, and win the game 121-113 to tie the series up. Going back to Atlanta, many feared Cleveland would drop both games, but the Cavaliers responded with a 17-point win in Game 3 behind a near triple double from Chris Paul (19pt/12r/9a), and 38pt, 7r, 9a from LeBron James. The final two games of the series would come down to the clutch, as in Game 4, a buzzer-beater would end the game as Chris Paul sunk a game-winning three to win 111-108 after a near perfect game from Hawks star Al Horford (30 points, 11 rebounds). In Game 5, with the Hawks trying to starve off a Cavaliers Finals birth and begin the comeback from a 3-1 lead, despite only shooting 28% from the 3pt line (8-29), the defensive ability of the Hawks would limit the forces outside of LeBron James and Chris Paul, allowing them to keep it close. With a one-point lead with ten seconds left, a pick-and roll with Chris Paul and Shaquille O'Neal forced the switch of a a small guard onto the frame of Shaq, who caught the ball from Paul, bodied Jeff Teague, spun around him, and laid the ball up, sinking it for a 97-96 lead with just 0.3 seconds left. As the Hawks tried an alley-op to tip the ball in, LeBron James smacked the ball down and the celebration was on in Cleveland, as for just the second time in Franchise history, the Cavaliers were headed to the NBA Finals. Meanwhile, on the Western-side of things, the two powerhouses, on a collusion course, would prove to have a similar type of series. San Antonio would take the first game, but drop the next four as the best starting five in the NBA would overwhelm the technically-sound Spurs and force them into ill-advised shots, and the Thunder's offensive firepower would smash into the Spurs defensive wall and break it down in just five games, as the Thunder advanced to face the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals...
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    Ark Universe

    Meet the Cast

    Ark's entrance music cues and he walks out to roaring applause. He walks around and gets a mic and a chair form the timekeeper before sliding in the ring. He smiles and sets the chair up to face the entrance ramp and sits down. Happy new year to everyone watching. Haven't seen you all since last year! good-hearted boos and laughs come from the crowd. Listen, and old joke it might be, but you can't go wrong with the classics. I know most of you are curious, as to why the chair, and why facing the ramp like I am waiting for someone. Well, I am about to say something that I know might irk some ego's backstage and they would want to come out. If there is one thing I learned in my childhood its manners, so I might as well get ready to greet them. What is it I am about to say? Well, I feel that the Night of Legends scramble hasn't gotten any attention since it was announced. So I have decided to be the host for what I have dubbed the Mania Scramble Meet the Cast! First up, you all know, and love him, Ark Universe. A slideshow begins to play showcasing Ark's high flying ability. It won't be a stretch to say Ark is one of the best, if not the best. BPZ superstar in terms of the pure show. He has gone by meaning monikers of flight, and recently, it won't be too hard to call him the Founding Father of Flight. He's entering this fight with the drive he's best known for, that familiar never get up attitude, and with the determination to start the year off like he has every year, with a win. Oddly enough this will be the first time Ark enters January without a title match lined up. In 2017 he won the Carnage Championship, and in 2018 he cashed in his TTT and won the Global Championship. He looks to instead make it a chance at either of those titles instead. Ark is the clear favorite of the fans here to be the winner, and he looks forward to trying his hardest to not let them down. The fans cheer for Ark, and Ark waves to quiet them down. Let us now look at the other contestants, shall we? A slideshow for Yelich begins Our least favorite clown, Yelich, or whatever he goes by these days, also has a spot in this match. A traitor who threw away his career when he hit Ark with that wrench, he has a target on his back to this day. Ark has told me personally that in this match, and I quote, "It's on site." Strong words from Yelich's former brother in arms. Yelich himself has been rather silent on the matter. He came out, parading around like a peacock, making declarations. What he fails to release is, like a peacock, he is all flair, all sparkle, no substance. "Now, wait just a minute Ark," you might all be thinking, "what is this? I thought you were all friendly and peaceful?" Well, only to those who deserve it. Those who won't even meet me half-way, who look me in the eye as I offer a handshake, but spit venomous words in my face? They don't deserve my respect. I'll still give them a fair fight, and if they do win, ill give credit where credits due, but that doesn't mean I will give them unearned respect. Now enough about Gotham's Ronald Mcdonald. Ark nods and waves as the slideshow changes from Yelich to Angelo. Another old friend of mine, Angelo Caito. He beat me, that is true. He has quite the resume on him, it is undeniable that he is coming off what may be his hottest year yet, and he has a chance soon to finally obtain the World championship, a title that he has dogged after for the entirety of his career. It should be said that all his focus is on that title, and this match is still a threat, however, and it, or rather I, maybe here as a stumbling block on his road to the crown of BPZ. The titantron continues to change, this time from Angelo to Hollow. I actually do like Hollow, however, it should still be said that if Yelich wants to be Joker, Joker wants to be Hollow. This man is deranged and is a wild card in whatever match he is in. I have to be honest here people, and as I said, give credit where it is due, Hollow is the biggest threat to me. He's unpredictable and dangerous. If I'm not careful here, he could easily still the win from me. So I'm going to be careful. I'm going to make sure my mind keeps track of BPZ's resident lunatic, and make sure he doesn't be more of threat. I'm not gonna knock his game, but I'm not going to be scared to tango with him. Finally, the titantron changes to Jonathan This guy is M.I.A at the moment, however, rest assured, if he does decided to make an appearance, i will give him his intro. Ark claps his hands That is the segment folks. That is who I will share the stage with at Night of Legends, who I must overcome to lock my spot in at BPZ Mania. I am going to do what I always do, and bring 100% like always. I expect my opponents to do the same, the only question is, who wants it more, and what are you willing to risk for it? Me, im risking it all like I always do, to Fight even harder, and Fly even higher. Ark walks back and gives the mic back to the timekeeper before turning around and walking back up the ramp as the fans cheer for him. They want him to win this coming Sunday, and Ark plans to not let them down.
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    This Is Everything To Us

    Oh, Brenden. If only we could face you. Me and Wall would gladly take your titles from you. But we already have a scheduled a**-kicking to take care of, but we’re perfectly free at the Rumble, or if you want to pull some strings, before then. And I’ll take this as a chance to say something about our opponents. Kyle, you’ve been too scared to say something back these past few weeks, which I thought was weird. I mean you are the “baddest mofo on the planet”, aren’t you? And James, look dude, I respect you, I mean it has to take some willpower to not punch your tag partner in the face if he was talking thst much crap about you that way. But man, how have you not said a word since this match was announced? I mean come on! I don’t know what’s going on with you, but at least say something! And I thought I’d give you guys a warning. Believe me, one of you will leave the arena with blood spilling from your face, and may not even leave on your own two feet. If you didn’t understand, Blood. Will. Be. Spilled.
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    What's on your mind?

    That is actually what he turned down, a WWE contract with a match with the Undertaker. The contest on the tips of every TNA vs WWE fantasy booking that was ever created during their rise. I look back wondering on what could have been. Would Abyss have been one and done after Undertaker? Just used to lose. Or would he have grown beyond that match and made a name for himself in this new company.
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    Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #6 Godzilla counts as Mythology right? Godzilla Origin Godzilla according to the movies, in this case, we will be going off of the 2014/monsterverse Godzilla as that is the one I am most familiar with, Godzilla is a prehistoric creature that feeds off of radiation and dwells in the ocean Location Varies, usually the earth's oceans Most Common Myth Surrounding it Godzilla is woken up from slumber by scientists testing the atomic bomb, he then goes on to remain to awaken only returning to land when he comes into conflict with a threat to the earth aka Godzilla's habitat Strengths Atomic Breathe Huge in size Able to remain underwater for a large amount of time Weaknesses Quite slow Low intelligence VS The Thunderbird Origin According to Native American Folklore, the Thunderbird has many origins depending on the tribe however the Ojibwe people believe that it was created by Nanabozho for the purpose of fighting underwater spirits. Location According to the Menominee people it is located in a great mountain that floats in the sky. Most Common Myth Surrounding It Was created by Nanabozho for the purpose of fighting underwater spirits. Strengths Can Fly Has the ability to created thunderstorms by flapping its wings Weaknesses Presumably not immortal Overall decision This battle is closer than believed since The Thunderbird would likely be able to avoid Godzilla's attack due to it being more agile and faster than the behemoth but overall Godzilla would defeat the Thunderbird most likely with atomic breathe. Winner: Godzilla Next Episode: That one AJ Styles theme song Perseus VS Hercules
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    Cyber Pro Wrestling: February 2010 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Justice For All 2010 Finance: Growth:
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    NXT UK Fantasy Booking

    Okay. Pt. 2, here we go. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala open the show after Blackpool. “At Takeover: Blackpool, our UK champion Pete Dunne was brutally assaulted by a man by the name of Jimmy Havoc. During the attack Pete suffered a piledriver which nearly left him paralyzed. He is now being held in a hospital in Birmingham where he lives. Now as for Jimmy Havoc, he left the arena immediately after the-“ Jimmy hit Sid over the back of the head and then started stomping on him, before turning to Saint. Johnny got out of the ring as fast as he could and was visibly shaken. Side was trying to get up using the rope, but Jimmy kicked his hand away from the rope and Sid just rested his head there. “Bite down on the rope.” Jimmy commands Sid to do it. “DO IT OR I’LL BREAK YOUR D*** NECK!” Sid bit down on the rope as commanded. “I said your neck, not your jaw.” And stomped on his head. The crowd went completely silent as Scala screamed in pain (if you want to see what he did look up jimmy Havoc curb stomp.) Security finally arriving tackled Jimmy down and took him out of the arena. Saint got back on the mic. “As I was going to say, Mr. Dunne will be out of the action for a month or so recovering. Let’s get on with the rest of the show shall we?” Their was a match scheduled for this evening but because of the events that took place that match will be pushed forward to next week. Our main event is Toni Storm trying to get some revenge on Deonna Purazzo, who turned her back on Toni at Takeover. Toni makes her entrance and grabs a mic. “On Sunday, one of my closest friends turned on me. Left my arm nearly shattered. Deonna, at least explain to me wh-“ Deonna jumps Toni from behind and the bell rings. Deonna goes straight for the arm, repeatedly attacking it. Toni finally gets a moment to breath and goes for a clothesline but her arm get caught in the modified fujiwara armbar and Toni taps out. Deonna picks up a mic and says “You wanna know why, Toni? You wanna know why I attacked you? Because you get everything. Every title opportunity, all the credit, when I, and many others on this roster are better or just as good as you. Hell, you aren’t even champion. Rhea barely gets any credit compared to you. I did what I did to put this division on the map.
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    Things I want for WWE in 2019 are: Authority figures to stop playing such a big role on a week to week basis, take what William Regel does for example. I am so sick of seeing Shane Mcmahon come out every god damn segment when he is unneeded, there are other ways to get stories across other than having a GM push it The United States title to be relevant, whether it takes them changing the look or introducing a replacement the title is dead and needs to be helped. Maybe have someone like Cena come back and have a run with it to get eyes on it, or make it a title belt that produces great matches. Tag team wrestling to be fixed, the current state it is in is garbage. They have amazing talent and have all the ability in the world to be one of the best divisions in the world, maybe that's to fuze the tag titles together and focus on wrestling rather than idiotic stories And finally. Drew Mcyntire, Lars Sullivan, EC3, and many more stars to be pushed. As well as WWE changing there product for the better
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    BPZ Commentaries

    Mike: Welcome to another exclusive BPZ Commentaries interview and my guest today has caused quite a storm since returning, announcing himself once again to the BPZ Universe. How's it going Bic? BiC: It is going just fantastic Mike, and although this set smells like one the mens locker room I am thrilled to be here Mike: Okay then. I guess we can keep it that way. So tell me what have you been doing in your time off? BiC: I was training, improving myself, spending a lot of time meditating and truly figuring out the question many ask themselves, what am I here for, I took time off because I became a failure and I needed to train. I found my true spirit and thats how I became who I am, the dream, I worked out not only my body but my mind. I was sitting in my mansion with my kids for most of it, becoming the dad I've wanted to be before the dream had to get back to doing what he loves. Mike: Inspirational stuff, but why now? Why have you returned now in a period dominated by those of the future? BiC: "I wish I had some in depth answer but the truth is because I needed it, sitting at home wasn't doing anything for me so I called up Brenden and decided to once again come back and wow the crowd. And to say these times is dominated by the future is something I don't agree with, the people who use to run BPZ have taken a backseat to the people of the future because in the modern day BPZ the style is different. And I am here to bring the veterans back to the top. Mike: Very interesting there Bic. Just touching on the so called "New Era" what are your thoughts on some of the individuals? BiC: "I have an eye for talent, about a year or two ago I handpicked Josh and was going to make him the future of this company and the man had all the potential but he decided to throw it away and look at him now. But for the current champions, I do not think they do there jobs correctly. The divisions are not thriving, not producing the matches they should be because no one is stepping up to take them down because they are not giving people the chance and as a champion thats your job. Julius, Bart, all them guys are having there fun, but soon enough it'll come crashing down" Mike: Is this a preview of whats to come, are you the answer to these problems?. Will we see Bic challenge Julius for the World Heavyweight Championship in the future? BiC: "Only time will tell Mike, the dream tells no spoilers." "For now, I am focusing on the IC title and making it the best title in the business and with Julius doing what he is doing it won't be hard" Mike: Ooh Saucy, that sent a shiver down my spine, I love it. Now moving on to the Premium Championship. What are your thoughts on the whole Echo Wilson scandal? BiC: "Me and Echo have a rich history, we grew up together in the indies and we have faced once before. I was looking forward to taking him on and its unfortunate he had to be stripped of the title, but I'm sure we'll cross paths again" Mike: Will you still be competing for the Premium Championship at the Rumble? BiC: "No I will not be, I already won that title from Smith. A match you should defiantly check out, and I want to win the one title I haven't had on my shoulder and thats the title that Bart currently holds. So I have challenged him to the Rumble and I am going to finally get the championship around my waist" Mike: I will have you know I have watched that match and it was perfection. Now Bart has had an insane year winning nearly every match he was in. How do you plan on stopping the Villain? BiC: "Well If I revealed you my plan, I would not walk out champion. Barts defiantly an interesting man but I know something no one else does" Mike: Oh, you can't keep doing this to me I am getting heavily aroused. Now this whole Dream schtick, what inspired you? BiC: "Mike I don't what you think this is but you should not be getting aroused. And what inspired me?...its tough, probably myself. No one can make you great besides yourself, and no one can improve you like you can. I just found out that I am the dream, when you look at pro wrestling you want to be like me" Mike: Ok but what do you mean a Dream? BiC: "My body, my talent, my success, when kids wanna become BPZ stars they use me as an example" Mike: Now that is a very subjective statement, but as we wind down here, where do you see Bic at the end of 2019? BiC: "Its hard to tell, where do we even see the state of the company at the end of 2019. Where do we see the state of the earth, lets live in the moment and not dread on the past or worry about our future. We are living here, January 6th 2019, lets enjoy it. Mike: Well there you have it folks, a philosophical statement from Bic. Before you go would you like a Mike Hunt T-Shirt? BiC: "If it makes you happy" Mike: Oh great would you like Lime, Lemongrass, Yellow, Grape, Orange or Aluminium? BiC: "Grape.....have you tried seeing a psychologist" Mike: Ah no there is no need for that, if anyone needs a psychologist its u walking around here like your some sort of Dream {BiC throws the shirt} "I AM THE DREAM" Mike: Yeah well the Shirt never wanted your body anyway. Good day sir!
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    Should WWE Add A New Title?

    Definitely not add a new title, WWE are already packed with titles so there is no need for anymore of those. I would like to see the Universal Title changed back to the World Heavyweight Title because the "Red Belt" just looks stupid and the name itself isn't great itself. The World Heavyweight title does have some prestige so bringing that back wouldn't be a bad idea
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    STSMVs Graphics Room

    a graphic of my favourite wrestler, aint touched that photoshop program in a year and a bit
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    Its hard to tell, because for all we know it could just be another WCPW which runs for a year and then goes for a name change and everything. I think they will defiantly get big names, maybe some veterans but for now I just see indy guys going there, maybe some former WWE guys. I do not see them making their own talent, but using other peoples and signing them and I think it'll be good. As for WWE, I do not see anyone leaving for a while. Of course, there are people who can leave, but WWE knows this and will be signing longer contracts with more money. And no matter if you get a championship push or any push at all, many people will take WWEs contracts.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Smackdown Live would open with a cold open, showing Aj Styles walking through the arena. He is wearing his street clothes when Andrade "Cien" Almes would walk up to the former world champion and begin bragging about pinning him in last weeks Gauntlet match. But Aj Styles would snap, throwing Andrade into various containers and on top of a car roof before walking away. Smackdown Live - January 8th, 2019 Smackdown Live would be coming off one of its hottest shows and its first show of the year, on tonights show we will see Shinsuke Nakamura vs Mufasa Ali in a number one contenders match, Daniel Bryan taking on US Champion Rusev, and more. _ Naomi Is Ready For Asuka Naomi would come to the ring, and as she is cutting a promo the crowd gets behind her. Its been awhile since Naomi has had gold on her shoulder and as the music of Asuka hits the crowd would boo. Asuka would come out and not say a word, she would enter the ring, remove her jacket and grab the back of the head of Naomi and lock in the Asuka lock in such aggression that security would come out and break up the two as Asuka, who is more dominant than ever would stand over Naomi. _ Shinsuke Nakamura vs Mufasa Ali Mufasa Ali, who has been one of the most impressive men on the Smackdown Live roster would take on wrestling veteran Shinsuke Nakamura, who would put his United States championship match on the line to prove that Mufasa Ali is nothing but a 'Flash In The Pan", Mufasa and Shinsuke would battle it out on the opening match of Smackdown in a 10 minute match that would showcase both men's ability to get a reaction from the crowd. Shinsuke, who won last years Rumble match and would spend a long while as US Champion would get the upper hand on the cruiserweight before Ali would roll up Nakamura after a failed Kinshasha, getting the 3 counts and the victory to an amazing pop. After the match, Rusev would stare down Ali, as the crowd is split down the middle for the two. _ Gallows And Anderson vs The Usos The Usos, who have dominated the WWE tag team division for 9 years now would take on one of the most underrated teams on the roster in Gallows and Anderson. The two teams have faced before but this time it would be an aggressive matchup that Gallows and Anderson would dominate. The match would come to a close when Luke Gallows would hit one of the most dominant powerbombs in recent memory on Jey Uso, getting the victory and gaining much-needed momentum. _ Killian Dain Leaves Sanity Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Eric Young would be backstage in some sort of dark room. The three would speak before Killian Dain would smile and look at his tag partners before saying he is out, before walking out of frame as Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young look on confused. _ Killian Dain vs Primo Killian Dain would come to the ring with a new and improved theme song, "BURN IT" by FEVER 333 and he comes to the ring to a huge amount of cheers before grabbing the microphone as the large man explains why he is leaving Sanity. Saying that they are getting nowhere. and that he needs to recognize his true ability before he would be cut off by Primo. And the two would have a match that would last 14 seconds after Killian Dain would easily win over Primo. Killian Dain looks like he is going to be a dominant force. _ Samoa Joe, Aj Styles, The New Day, and A Returning Tye Dillinger Exchange Words Samoa Joe would come to the ring and announce his entrant into the Royal Rumble match, saying that he will win the match and that he will defeat Daniel Bryan or whoever is WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, however, the New Day would interrupt Joe and announce that Big E and Kofi would be entering the rumble, however it would all be topped off by Aj Styles. The former WWE champion who has been in one Royal Rumble before and he stakes his claim for the Rumble. Calling the 4 men in the ring nothing but a chopping block. That is before "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger would make his return after a hand injury in October, staring down the 5 men in the ring before general manager Paige would come out and make the 6 men face in a 3 on 3 tag team matchup next week, where whoever takes the pinfall will be entering number one. _ Daniel Bryan vs Rusev It'd be champion vs champion to end off Smackdown Live, as "The New" Daniel Bryan would take on Rusev. And as Rusev and Daniel Bryan began to fight the arena would explode in Rusev Day chants. Daniel Bryan would take down the brute multiple times as the WWE champion would eventually lock in the "GOAT lock", making the US champ tap in the center of the ring. However, when Daniel Bryan would grab his title the number one contender would come out with a microphone attempting to speak before Bryan would hit him with his title, as Bryan stands over Rey's lifeless body to close out Smackdown Live
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Top 5 Segments Of The Week G'day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first Top 5 of 2019. Before we get into the nitty gritty I would like to thank all of you viewers who have shown not just the show some love but the whole entire Commentaries team. We all thankyou and we will be rewarding you dearly with more fun content and insight into the world of Brendenplayz Professional Wrestling. Well enough of that, lets crack into the Top 5 5. Ding Ding Ding, I see we have a debutant here on the Top 5, someone who was going to make the Top 5 sooner or later, and yes I am talking about Arius the current reigning defending undisputed NXT Champion of the World. Arius has been on fire since coming into BPZ defeating Former Champ and future Hall of Famer Legends for the NXT Title at the December PPV while looking as the breakout star in 2019 in feuds against fellow newcomers, Mikey, Maasa and Hans Clayton. In a weird New Years part Arius thought it would be the right time to talk about spilling blood and defeating his opponents, you know things you say when ushering in the new year. And also how the hell did this man get access to Ghouls, get those things away from me. Anyway, this sort of unique promo stands out from the same boring walking into the ring and telling the fans something only to not do it again and again so kudos to you Arius, just keep those horrendous things away from me. Arius has an aura and a mystique that some of the other NXT Stars have and that's why BOLD PREDICTION ALERT he will see a lot of success this year, keep an eye out for this guy...And his horrible ghouls, who let them on there 4. One BPZ return that has sort of been lost in shuffle with December to Dismember and Night of Legends is the Returning Bic. Bic announced himself to the BPZ Universe once again with a flamboyant unusual sort of gimmick which I must say is intriguing. He is already announced in the Premium Title Match but no that's not enough for the so called "God" who has challenged Bart to an Intercontinental Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Yes that's right the Intercontinental Championship does exist and now Bart has seemingly found himself a challenge. Bic highlighted the facts about how the IC division has become quietened and as a fan of pro-wrestling I really hope these two put on a great match at the Rumble. Bic also stated that he had become a flop after his most recent run and he needs this so that he can stay relevant. Well Bic good luck because Bart is one tough man to beat 3. Speaking of Bart, well coming in at the number 3 position is Bart's response to Julius this week on Carnage TV. The same stuff happened with Bart being his usual amazing self using his words to captivate an audience, even blaming himself for the downward spiral that Echo Wilson has been on. But anyway we are going to look at his words for his former Kingdom Stablemate? Or are they still together, who knows. He called Julius' championship wins a fluke and spoke about his losses in Tag-Team action, you know the usual stuff. But what made this good was the way he built this match, making it must see heading into Night of Legends, pitting the Unstoppable Force against the Immovable option in what is going to be one of 2019's most hyped matches 2. Well enough of the standard promos for a second and lets look at a man who has been on his own quest to remove the past from his brain and move on with his life. If you haven't caught on I am talking about FD, who this week showed that there is still a bit of his old-self in him. While visiting his old Ruin Warehouse that he Johnny and Necce used to occupy, FD found some of his own toys. Now like the absolute dickhead he is, a mysterious voice popped out of nowhere and started baiting FD, reminding him that this is what he really is. At first FD resisted but when it was announced that FD was going to be facing Diego Garcia in a No DQ match all hell broke loose. He picked up the axe and drove it into a wall and I must say I think a little bit of shit is still left on my pants. This version of FD is dangerous and incredible to watch, this is what he needed and for Diego Garcia I send you my prayers 1. But at number 1, it's the man that has been taking over Brendenplayz, his name is not Flynn, rather the "New" Flynn. Another perfect promo from Flynn this week using the New Year as a way to remind us all that the old Flynn is dead and the New Flynn is here. His match with Bailey has gathered some serious steam in the last couple of weeks mostly because of the excellent content Flynn has been producing and now Flynn has once again become a serious threat. Bailey is a man who has accomplished a lot here in BPZ and Flynn taught him a lesson with the absolutely phenomenal line "Night of Legends won’t just be remembered as the place where legends were born, but where they died". This new Flynn is bloody amazing Superstar of the Week You know it, it's FLYNN enough said, have fun see you next week. This has been Mike Hunt signing out
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    Yeah its interesting what will happen with MLW and Impact because they have a bunch of great indie guys that is really great in the ring.And as for the product I think it will be alot like NXT great storylines and great wrestling.But as for the contracts I think they should give written deals to the talents they want to sign, they could even form an alliance with other promotion not just the ROH/NJPW. (Don't know if Penelope Ford,Shane Strickland,and Trevor Lee will be available.WWE has expressed interest in signing Shane and Lee.Don't know if Penelope will be signed but she has good looks and descent in the ring she might.)
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    Answering the Questions.

    An exclusive public interview is being conducted as the interviewer introduces the man he will be interviewing: FDS. FDS walks out to applause from the audience, he is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt looking slightly more in his comfort zone than previously. FDS takes a seat opposite the interviewer. Interviewer: Hello FD. FDS: Hello. Interviewer: Alright let’s get straight into it. It’s been announced that you will be making your return to the BPZ ring at Night of Legends, what is considered by fans to be one of the most prestigious pay-per-view events and this year will be your debut at the event so what are your thoughts on your match this year? FDS: Well currently I don’t know the match that I will be in since my opponent as of my knowledge is yet to be announced but the way I see it’s just another match. It’s been a few months since I’ve been in the ring but I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get back in the ring and regain the momentum I’ve lost from being away for so long. Interviewer: Alright, so since you’ve returned from injury what are your goals going into the new year? FDS: Well I still have to win the world title since it’s one of the last championships I have left to win in BPZ but other than that I’d like to maybe break the record for most Intercontinental Championship reigns or maybe win the tag titles for the third time. I don’t know man there’s a lot of options my main goal is just to keep these fans entertained. Interviewer: So does that mean we could see you wrestling deathmatches again? FDS: (exhales) Uh maybe but umm trying to avoid that style for a little bit. Interviewer: Ok… So now we’ll take some questions from the audience. Alright you in the back. Fan 1: Umm hi FDS, I was wondering what would be the chance of a Ruin reunion? FDS: (Sighs) Well you know Jon’s doing his own thing right now not really gonna bother him and Necce is… well, I don’t really wanna talk about that. So currently not a huge chance of a reunion but maybe one day who knows. Interviewer: Alright you in the red shirt. Fan 2: Uh Hi Daniel, I was just wondering how do you feel about the end of the brand split. FDS: Alright, first of all, please don’t call me Daniel and to answer the question I mean it’s not a huge deal to me it basically just gives me more opportunities to face people who I may not have had the chance to face people before. Interviewer: Alright last one, You in the ruin shirt. Fan 3: Hi FDS, So I was just wondering what’s the deal with You and Necce right now? Like what’s going on there? FDS sighs, he drops the microphone and flips the chair he was sitting in and walks off stage. The interviewer and the fans look confused as FDS walks away from the interview. The Interviewer closes the conference. FDS is then seen walking all the way back to his car he notices a Ruin sweatshirt on his backseat. He sighs as the camera cuts out.
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