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    The Rising Action

    Psychosocial begins to play throughout the arena, the crowd erupts as the calling card of The Punisher FDS plays, As the lyrics begin The Punisher emerges dressed in his black and red coat and a black mask and the fans cheer as it is clear the psychotic mad man that tormented BPZ is back and the confusion within his mind is no longer apparent. FDS stands at the top of the stage, he looks around and he tells his opponents exactly what he thinks of them. FDS then makes his way down to the ring as the fans continue to cheer for him, he gets into the ring, an unamused Echo Wilson stands in the ring, FDS looks over at him with his back turned, FDS takes off his mask and throws it at Echo provoking him, Echo tries to get into his face but FDS just invites him to and then pie faces him to the ground. Yelich is laughing as he is filming the whole ordeal, FDS looks at him, he goes over and snatches the video camera from Yelich and throws it out of the ring to the floor, Yelich scrambles out of the ring to go pick up his camera. FDS snatches the mic out of the hand of the cameraman trying to hand it to him. Oi, Mr Video Nasty just use your phone, you idiot! The fans cheer FDS and then begin to chant “FD FD FD F’ing S” Echo Wilson stands there looking annoyed at the sight of FDS and the chants, he says “Really?” off mic. FDS is pacing back and forth in the ring with venom and intensity, FDS turns to Echo and looks at his enraged face. Aww, is the little rich kid mad? Do we need to go get your butler to feed you some applesauce you spoilt brat? Trust me these… people I guess annoy me too but hey you’re rich aren’t you? Why don’t you just go back to your yacht or whatever and just leave the rest of us to actually do our god damn jobs? I mean seriously what are you so annoyed about? I thought you were rich and yet the sound of other peoples voices annoy you? Pathetic. Also superstar? Yeah, buddy, you’re a superstar… a superstar at failing drug tests and screwing up pay-per-view main events. Now moving on to you Mr Porn Director. Seriously why are you so god damn perverted? I mean I get that you have multiple personalities and all that but seriously just be regular insane, not creepy, perverted, filming everything insane. FDS drops the mic for a minute and then looks at the other two men, both seething from FDS’ previous insults, he slides out of the ring suddenly, the two men confused, when suddenly FDS starts throwing chairs into the ring, both men look ready for a fight, after FDS has thrown the fourth chair in, he slides back into the ring, he then begins to set up the chairs as if they are going to have a meeting of some kind, FDS picks up the mic and then takes a seat. Alright, down to business now. At saint valentines day massacre, I am going to tear your faces off and wear them like masks… but before that, I’d like to have a little bit of group therapy considering we are all considerably mentally unwell… Echo then looks at FDS offended. You have delusions of grandeur and possible daddy issues, you need the most help out of all us. Now both of you take a seat and if the god damn cult leader could get out here… let's have a little group therapy. FDS lowers the mic as Yelich and Echo sit down reluctantly looking angry at FDS as they await the arrival of Kieron black.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Rising Action

    {A deafening ring can be heard over the audio system. Strolling from the back, fit with his Burberry scarf and his very clean look. He smirks a bit menacingly as he taps the mic once before beginning. He clears his throat and silences the crowd.} "Ladies And Gentleman, In Case you are deaf, dumb, blind or by the looks of it bored of this guy's shtick already then.....MY NAME is Echo Wilson. And If you haven't caught on yet. I'm better than you, and you know it." {A loud arousing boo can be heard from all corners of the arena, as Echo Wilson smiles at the chaos and noise he's caused. He continues his trek to the ring as he talks directly at Yelich now.} "That applies to you, you little tape pervert. Look, kid, I don't really know where you're going with this and I don't frankly care all that much. All I care about is wrapping this thousand dollar Burberry scarf around your neck and choking you the hell out with it. You've pissed me off Yelich and I'm this close to being completely done with your bullcrap and flipping out on you. How dare you speak my name in that way? I am not just an actor, I am the REAL THING. While you can create a fantasy world for yourself, I'm living in my own dream right now. The fact is, this isn't your movie. Nothing was ever your movie. You've never had the million dollar idea my friend, you've always been the extra. You see, when time after time again I am the guy they push to the top, when month after month and week after week I am the guy that Bailey continues to lend his trust in, I gain a sort of reputation about myself. I gain a reputation for being the Ace in the hole. I gain a reputation for the guy you can always count on. That's me, Mr. Reliable. But tell me Yelich, when have you ever delivered when it matters. You haven't against me, You haven't against Flynn, You Haven't against Julius. There is nothing you can tell me that will prove to me that you are a clutch performer like I am. When the game is on the line, and you have the ball, you let everyone here down. You remind everybody that you're just a let down. The fans, The backstage people who are pushing for you, even your damn parents are disappointed in what you've done with your life. But you've been around the block one too many times, and at Valentines Day Massacre, it's gonna be the end of the road for the Video Nasty. There will be no more adapting, it will only mean perish for you." {Echo Wilson finally reaches the ring and slips between the top two ropes and gets in the ring. He adjusts the collar on his dress shirt and begins again, looking Yelich more intently in the eye.} "I am a sucker for a good beating Yelich. So before we get to Valentines Day Massacre, allow me to take the director's chair for you. We all know what's going to happen, people will not stand in the face of me losing. You see, I am still and will always be the future. You are still and will always be the second choice. And I hope I'm hitting a nerve Yelich because this sequel, this spin off will end like all the others. With Echo Wilson standing tall over your broken and battered body. Because the truth is, no one beats up Yelich like I do. It's like I have your number or something because you are one of those guys who always tries to tread on my coattails but never ever manages to keep pace with me. You're always the guy I have to beat to reach glory Yelich, and I'll do it again, just watch me." {Echo is interrupted by repetitive waves of boos and groans. They all despise Echo Wilson and even though Yelich is not much better, he is a saint in their eyes compared to Echo. Echo addresses the crowd right in front of Yelich's face} "What's wrong? Have I offended you? GOOD. I deserve better than this. I deserve better than a video tape pervert, a non existent villain and death match garbage. If I wasn't on thin ice already guys, I'd be going to creative and complaining straight to their faces. Because I deserve better as a legitimate athlete and a SUPERSTAR to wrestle 3 little pieces of shit like these guys. I deserve better, in fact, to wrestle in front of white trash garbage like you guys. I deserve better than to play second fiddle to anyone because I'm the main event. But I don't know why you guys are all hating on me, to be honest, if I was in your shoes, I'd be excited. You get to see the triumphant return of the brightest star in BPZ, you get to witness Echo Wilson. I am everywhere and everything to all you fans and I am going to be all that these 3 losers think about by the end of Valentines Day Massacre. In fact, let's wrap this up because I'm not gonna waste my time with you second class idiots. My name is Echo Wilson, I'm better than you. You Know It. No Ifs, or But's about it." {Echo Wilson drops the microphone and glares daggers through the eyes of Yelich. He makes a motion to exit the ring, but a very loud and obnoxious theme cuts through the silence and turns the fans reactions upside down. Echo Wilson's face says it all. He is not happy.}
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    The Rising Action

    Carnage returns from commercial break when an unfamiliar theme tune rings out throughout the Staples Center. Yelich walks down to the ring with a microphone in one hand and a video camera in the other. Yelich will be in the Global Championship Fatal Fourway match against Echo Wilson, Kieron Black, and FDS, with the winner replacing the recently departing Necce as champion. He is filming the crowd around him as he walks down, the audience jeering as they do not like this personality shift of Yelich. He keeps the video camera on as he gets in the ring and he places it on the top of one of the upper turnbuckle pads. He keeps it pointed at himself and he looks towards the video camera as he speaks. The Exposition has ended, you've met our cast of characters in this movie, but there have been some changes to the script. For example, I as the director believed Echo Wilson was gonna play the character he had played in so many films before in this one, the Jock. But it seems he's gone ambitious, and he's changing things up just for this, and I believe FDS put it best as to who Echo is playing in our movie, he's "The Rich Kid." He's the boy who thinks he's better than everyone else because the way he was raised made him that cocky. But that is just a minor change to our story, the end result has stayed the same, and the end result is decided by the writer, the director, the producer, to filmmaker, me, and while I won't spoil the ending for everyone, I've dropped many hints as to what will happen, and I'd like to believe the reveal will be very obvious. But we are not at the end of our story yet, we haven't even reached the climax. We are merely at the beginning of our rising action, and the rising action is where the bulk of our flick takes place. But we need plot, we need something substantial to add to our film. And that means we can't have just monologues, we need more, we need dialogue. So, Rich Kid, Antagonist, Creep, let's advance our story. Let's create dialogue. Yelich grabs his video camera from the corner where he placed it earlier and begins to film the ramp. So come on out, and let the Video Nasty make his masterpiece. Yelich sets down his microphone so he can put all his attention into filming as he waits for one of his "characters" to walk down to the ring.
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    WAR OF IMMORTALS OCTOBER RESULTS DIVISIONAL RANKINGS: LEADERBOARD: REWARD WINNERS: Division One: Keeley (Aaron North DQed) - Reward: Make one workers popularity go to 50 in all areas of your country Division Two: Hans - Reward: Make one workers popularity go to 48 in all areas of your country Division Three: Bubba - Reward: Make one workers popularity go to 46 in all areas of your country PUNISHMENT RECEIVERS: Division One: Brett Storm - Punishment: No title changes for 3 months Division Two: BrendenPlayz - Punishment: No title changes for 2 months Division Three: Elite - Punishment: No title changes for 1 month IMPORTANT: Month 11 is due Friday 11am (EST) There will be penalties for late submissions. Please ensure you have all the following screenshots in your posts: Every show you booked for that month Every rating for every show you booked that month Your PPV buy rate for the month Your monthly finance report. Your popularity changes for your home region. (Go to "size", "track progress" and screenshot that data. You don't need to show other countries outside of your own). Failure to present this data will result in an incomplete submission and therefore you won't be eligible for any rewards. You may be also given a punishment as well as a loss of score. OWNER GOALS: A reminder that two owner goals are now effect, please be aware of them. There will be penalties if you fail them. The goals are: - Achieve 40 popularity in ONE area NOT in your home country! (USA cannot do this in Canada) - Must be accomplished in 1 year (by April 2011) - Achieve 1 wrestler with 100 popularity in 5 areas (Must be a NEW wrestler if you already have one) - Must be accomplished by the end of the year (2010) - You must increase to national size (by January 2011) Penalties will apply if you fail these goals. IMPORTANT REMINDER THAT YOU MUST POST: - Your franchise players at the beginning of the month and at the end of your month in your monthly posts. - Your medical in your monthly posts. - When posting an injury on the discord, please disclose what month the injury occurred and how long it has left to give the most accurate results. - Whether you are National or not in your monthly posts if you are division two and three. PLAYER CHANGES Daredevil has quit the game due to being unwilling to even attempt to overcome his punishment for violating the rules. Daredevil quit and blocked all contact from all players in the game because he couldn't follow the rules. Because of this, his roster has been drafted out with all players having the chance to select two members of his roster in the draft. SIGN MORE WORKERS! With Minor Shows coming in January. I would like players to increase their roster to 45 people. I feel like the ideal number come January will be 50. But for now 45 will be the allowed number. -- Next month's divisions are as follows:
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    NXT: World Takeover

    NXT UK: 1/30/19 Hello everyone and welcome to this week's edition of NXT UK! After the great great show that was NXT Takeover: Phoenix, how will NXT UK respond to such a great show? Well with their own great show, and that will be this week's show. But before we get into the action, we are here to announce that this weekend will be the World's Collide Tournament! 16 men from NXT UK, NXT, 205 Live, and NXT Australasia will compete in a tournament and the winner will recieve a title match of their choosing at any time they want, on any of those four brands. It doesn't get much bigger than that! Now that we have that huge news out of the way, let's start this great show with a great match that involves some of the women of NXT UK. Making their debuts tonight for NXT UK will be Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray and they are taking on Killer Kelly and Nina Samuels. In the match Kelly and Nina could not seem to agree on who should be in the ring, and whenever the two got the chance they tagged themselves in. This would eventually lead to be these two's downfall as Piper Niven hit a big forearm on Nina Samuels who was just forcibly tagged out, sending her out of the ring. She then Irish Whipped Killer Kelly to her and Kay Lee Ray's corner. When Killer Kelly reached the corner, Kay Lee Ray swept her feet out from under her, putting her in a seated position, setting her up for the Cannonball. Niven would then tag in KLR, who got Killer Kelly up before hitting her with the Gory Bomb! 1.. 2.. 3. Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray after that performance, should definitely not be taken lightly in the future. Especially with them having each other's backs. Toni Storm best be afraid. As Niven and KLR go to the back, Samuels and Killer Kelly argue over what occured in the match, and the two are not pleased with each other. Nina Samuels would hit a thunderous slap heard all the way around the O2 Academy before rolling out of the ring, leaving Killer Kelly in the ring seething with rage. Our next match tonight will be booked by Sid Scala, and he seems like he is going to announce it right now, as he is currently walking down the ramp and into the ring! Sid Scala: Hello Birmingham! Tonight I have the privilege to bring you this next match. Coming up right now we will se- Jordan Devlin: Wait just a moment there Sid, I am still not over what that damn Kiwi and his friends did to me last week. He may not be here, but I want answers! And I expect you to give them to me Sid. So tell me, who were they! Sid Scala: If you just would have waited a moment I would've told you. Jordan tonight you will be facing one of the two people who attacked you last week. Now come to the ring, because you will be facing this man and his girlfriend, who are the next two signings for NXT Australasia, but are here in NXT UK for one night only, TK Cooper and Dahlia Black, The South Pacific Power Couple! The South Pacific Power Couple! Former mainstays of Progress Wrestling, the duo had been forced to leave due to visa issues, TK would end up returning but Dahlia would temporarily retire, but she's back tonight with her boyfriend here in NXT UK! And now the two will be reunited with the man and stablemate in the South Pacific Power Trip whom they helped beat Jordan Devlin last week Travis Banks. TK and Dahlia walkout, hands all over each other, the two cant seem to take their eyes off of their significant other, it's honestly annoying how much they flaunt their relationship. Cooper finally gets into the ring as Devlin who's in the corner gives him a deathstare. The match would be a nice well rounded match, Devlin when near the middle of the ring would have the advantage but when near the ropes or on the outside, Cooper would normally be in control of the match thanks to Dahlia Black. This would be quite detrimental to Jordan Devlin, as he could not take advantage of his aerial offense, this was shown when he set up for a moonsault on TK Cooper, but Dahlia would push is legs out from under him, resulting in Jordan landing jaw first on the top turnbuckle. TK would then go for an O'Connor Roll on Devlin, resulting in a two count nearfall. Cooper would then hit a Superkick on Devlin and try and set up for the Belly to Back Piledriver but Devlin would reverse it into a hurricanrana. Devlin would then get Cooper up and hit him with Ireland's Call. Jordan would go for the pin as Black screamed on the outside, 1.. 2.. 3! Jordan Devlin gets his hand raised before forcing his hand down from the referee's grasp. Devlin then goes to the back with a stone face, but satisfied with his revenge. In the ring Dahlia Black is checking in on her boyfriend, she seems to ask where it hurts, he says his mouth, and then she kisses him there. Oh Wrestling. Dahlia then helps TK to the back as we are told it is time to announce another wrestler for NXT Australasia. Let's take it to the titantron The indy star from Australia, "Mr. Juicy' Gino Gambino is taking his talents to NXT Australasia. Many people may not have heard of this man but he has been dominant in his time on the independent scene. He is the a two time MCW World Heavyweight Champion, has been in larger indy promotions such as NJPW and ROH, and has even joined the biggest faction in wrestling today in the Bullet Club. Gino Gambino as well as the man we introduced earlier in TK Cooper, will also be in the Australasian Championship Tournament, joining the likes of Kota Ibushi, KUSHIDA, Travis Banks, Aussie Open, TM61, and Wesley Blake as the 9th and 10th members of the tournament respectively. Now it is time for our main event of the evening, we have two big bad men ready to fight, as Dave Mastiff faces off with the man making his NXT UK debut tonight, "The Ring General" WALTER. When WALTER makes his entrance the O2 Academy erupts, as WALTER has finally made it to NXT UK and they are ready to see him in action. When the bell sounds these two behemoths run at each other and collide, both wanting to gain significant control early on. Mastiff would eventually gain control and Irish Whip WALTER into the corner and hit him with a chop. WALTER would then just shake his head, forcibly switch positions with Mastiff and hit him with one of the most viscous chops in the business. Mastiff would stumble to his knees after receiving the chop before WALTER picked Dave back up for a second one, which Mastiff would duck and respond with an uppercut to WALTER. Mastiff would then run to the opposite corner and run back and crush WALTER in the corner, making him go down to a seated position. He would then run back again towards the opposite corner and return with a big Cannonball to WALTER and go for the pin but WALTER would kick out at one! Shocking everyone in attendance and especially Dave Mastiff to their cores. WALTER would eventually later in the match comeback and with the power of a few chops and one glorious powerbomb, WALTER picked up the win. What a performance by "The Ring General," showing his dominance over Dave Mastiff. This man is surely going to be a major threat to the title reign of Pete Dunne. WALTER poses in the middle of the ring over a prone Dave Mastiff as we here at NXT UK sign off! Goodnight!
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    Free Agent Corner

    Welcome to the FAC January Review. FAC has entered a new format and I’m now doing episodes in Monthly Instalments. Today we have special guest Echo Wilson, where we will conduct first an in-character interview and then he will join us in the studio to put together a list. Also, we review all their matches this month, and review some classics from the past, as well as going through all the shows from the week and naming our Top 10 Superstars of the Month. Let’s get into it Recap Carnage (1st Jan-NOL) Arius Promo ** ½ Flynn promoed, Bailey came out and the two went back and forth *** ½ Julius promo *** Angelo promo * ½ New Bloods promo ½ Jason Ryan promo ** Buddy Ace promoed, Sameer responded **** ½ Bart Promo *** Maasa Promo Julius Promo *** ½ Owen promo * ½ Brenden Promo, Owen interrupts ** ½ Maasa promoes, Dikey interrupts ½ Ark promo ** Angelo promo * ½ Maasa promo ½ Julius promo **** Owen promo * BiC promo **** Bart promo **** ½ Maasa promo BiC promo ** Yelich promo, BiC interrupts *** Arius promo ** ½ Owen promo * ½ Angelo promo *** Bart promo, Julius interrupts ***** Prince promo **** Ropati promo ** ½ Night of Legends Carnage Scramble ** ¼ FDS vs Kieron Black * ¼ Carnage Showcase ** ½ Carnage (Night of Legends – Royal Rumble) Owen promo *** ½ Alex promo *** Kieron promo ½ Kieron promo * ½ Brett promo ** Hollow promo * ½ Bailey promo, BiC and Bailey go back and forth **** Marker promo, Julius and Buddy Ace appear *** ½ Maasa promo, Alex and Maasa go back and forth, Dikey and Maasa go back and forth ½ Black vs Garcia HIAC * ¼ Crippler promo **** BiC promo *** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Marker promo ** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Kieron promo * ½ Owen, Crippler and Alex go back and forth *** James Hunter promo ½ Nate promo, interrupted by Bic ***** Yelich and Flynn go back and forth **** ½ Owen promo, interrupted by Alex ** Wallace promo interrupted by Alex and Owen ½ Kieron promo interrupted by Crippler ** ½ Storm promo *** ½ Hollow promo *** Necce promo *** ½ Julius promo ** ½ FDS promo, interrupted by Bailey and BiC *** Owen promo interrupted by Alex * ½ Buddy Ace promo interrupted by Mark **** Jason Ryan promo * ½ Ropati promo ** Brett promo interrupted by Bart * ½ Kieron promo Bart promo **** ½ Arius promo interrupted by Maasa and Alex ** Owen promo interrupted by Maasa ½ Angelo promo interrupted by Julius *** Hans promo interrupted by Alex *** ½ Brenden promo ***** ½ Maasa and Alex go back and forth ½ Echo Wilson promo *** ½ Owen promo interrupted by Alex * Alex promo ** Josh promo *** ½ Bart promo interrupted by BiC ***** ½ Buddy Ace interrupted by Jason Ryan ** FDS promo **** Sameer promo **** Mikey, Alex, Mave, Hans and Crippler go back and forth * ½ Arius promo *** ½ Necce promo ******** ½ Echo promo ** ½ Alex and Gill go back and forth ** Cody promo ** Royal Rumble BiC vs Bart *** Flynn vs Yelich *** ¼ Royal Rumble Match ********* ¼ Carnage (Royal Rumble – 31st Jan) Suby promo ** ½ Alex, Crippler and Owen go back and forth * Akki interrupts Cody promo * Necce, Bailey and Mave go back and forth ½ Bailey and Julius go back and forth **** Nate interrupts Wallace promo *** FDS promo **** ½ Cody promo ** Joh promo **** Owen interrupts Alex promo ** Buddy Ace promo * ½ Mikey promo * Gill promo ** ½ Ropati interrupts Flynn promo ****** Bailey promo **** ½ Alex promo ** Yelich promo **** BiC interrupts Echo promo **** Gill promo ** ½ Arius promo ** FDS promo *** ½ BiC promo **** ½ Mikey, Alex, Cody and Gill go back and forth * ½ Interview Section 1 Josh: Alright let’s try get this started. Echo, welcome to the show. Do you want to talk us through the month? Because it has been a tough month for you Echo: First of all, don't ever speak to me like that ok Josh? Let's kick things off with one simple truth. I'm better than you, and you know it. Tough Month. Sure, it looks like that to the common eye but tell me when has someone ever come back with more ferocity and more determination than me. I don't really care to be honest about what I did because it can't really be changed now. So, what I am looking forward to is more important, me breaking more records, winning more titles, solidifying my status as an all-time great. Something I don't think you can say about yourself........so shut up Josh: Echo, you don't come onto my show and speak like that. What makes you already think you're an all-time great Mr Wilson Echo: I mean, look at me. Do you not smell the aura of greatness about me? As far as I'm concerned, I'm your guest, and hosts do not treat their guests this way. Also, everything I touch turns to absolute gold, you have to understand this Josh. So, when I agree with my agents who tell me that this is a good opportunity, I make this show my own damn show. I didn't come down here for arguing, I thought I came here for an adequate interviewer, move on Josh: Ok. Well what are your plans for Mania Echo? Echo: Well, that's a secret isn't it. I wouldn't be keeping this aura of mystique about me if I let all of my plans loose on a B Show like this. but I will tell you this. By Mania, I will already be Global Champion and possibly more. So, you can keep your little nose out of my business and wait like all of the other drooling fans who are tracking my every move. Sitting in your basement, with your bowl of Cheetos, doing your little detective work. What makes you worthy to be an insider Josh? Gary Green: One minute I'll take over this interview, Josh is clearly being unprofessional, sorry about this Mr GOAT Wilson. Now, your opponents at the upcoming PPV where you challenge for the Global Championship. What are your thoughts on them? Echo: Appallingly bad, is the words that come to mind when I think of them. Two of them, Kieron and Yelich, are two guys who I've trumped before on multiple occasions. With Yelich being a guy who I've used frequently, time and time again, to make myself look better. He is merely a stepping stone and no matter what idiotic phase he goes through, he will always be a supporting cast member. Kieron, let’s not bring this guy up, how many times does he have to take L's before he sees that he's a B Level guy. Lastly, FDS, the most intriguing of all of these guys in my opinion. He's completely fresh in my eyes but what do I know. He's a fuckin psychopath. How are we letting guys who drink blood, kill people, skin them alive and eat them for dinner into our company? We are professionals here, FD knows nothing about professionalism unless it involves how to slice up the body that he's been keeping frozen in his basement for a few days. That is disgraceful. Green: I agree FDS is a disgrace. Final question of this part of the interview Echo, and this was wrote by Josh is this so ignore the ridiculousness of this question, how did you feel learning long-time rival JoshsNow had retired? Did you not care or did some part of you respect your rivalry Echo: Listen, one thing that people need to get through their skulls. I'm not a bad person. I'm not a cruel person. But can I say to the point that I care? No. I don't care that much. But what I do know is that it will be a shame for me never to beat Josh again. I guess you could say he's had enough? And that is not a bad thing to say. It is a respectable thing to say, meaning that I respect Josh as a person who was willing to sacrifice himself for my cause. He always knew who he was across the ring with and although he was thick headed, like no other, do not get me wrong. Josh did have a certain feeling about himself where he knew his place. He knew that whatever he did would always be outshone by me. So, in that sense I respect his ability to step back and let the real competitors shine. And then his ability to make others look good was also a plus. He will be missed in that regard, yes. Green: Thank you and that is Section 1 complete Blast from The Past Welcome to Blast From The Past where we look at Past matches. In the future if you have any matches from the past for me to review or even re-review I will but for now we will stick with this one War Games 2018 Key Points Slim hits Flynn with a Hangman Neckbreaker ROA kicked Slim to death in the corner Ross and Flynn hit a Pop Up Roundhouse Kick to Bailey Prince hits Flynn with The Crowning Prince hits Ross with Disciplinary Flynn hits Slim with a middle turnbuckle Exploder Suplex Julius attacks Echo Wilson before he can enter Ross hits Echo with a Five Star Attachment Slim hits Ross with the Essential Eliminator Prince hits Slim with a Crowning to the back of the head Flynn hits Prince with an FKO Bailey hits a Moonsault to Flynn off the top of the cage Slim hits a Skull Shatter to Bailey Flynn hits Echo with a V-Trigger Ross hit the RossCutter to Slim ROA hit the A&O Special to Slim for the 3 Analysis What a match, full of insane moments. I’m awarding this **** ¾ Section 2 Green: Now welcome to Section 2. This is Fans Question. We had one question sent in by a Mr Necce. He asked "How big is your dick" Echo: Necce, he sounds a bit too interested doesn't he? Well, that information is classified but imagine like a yard stick ruler and then you'll get a relative glimpse of my size. Although of course I am humbling myself. My dick or whatever is much larger than a yard stick Green: What’s weird is that he sent that question in 20 times. Now, Echo your promo of the month (I gave him my nominees) Echo: I am The Emperor by Emperor Nate Green: Thank you Echo for your time Top 10 of the Month 1. Bart 2. Bailey 3. Ropati 4. Nate 5. The New Flynn 6. Crippler 7. Arius 8. Hollow 9 and 10. The Big Ballers Overall the Superstar of the Month goes to Universal Champion Bart. Congratulations and also congratulations to Nate on his Promo of the month award. Join me next month for another edition of FAC Monthly Report. Goodnight
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