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    One Year Ago April 1st 2018 the ultimate arena was created and an opponent was chosen The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hollow appears on the screen in a darkened arena. "We're baaaaccccck!" The lights come on revealing the ring and rest of a fully set up warehouse turned arena and Hollow yells, "WE ARE BACK LIVE FROM THE UNSANCTIONED ZONE Hollow jumps out of the ring when his butler Senior Alfredo approaches the ring. Hollow, "Alfred! My friend it is WONDERFUL to seeee youuuu," Senior Alfredo is a bit shocked Hollow called him by his actual name Senior Alfredo, "It is well to see you too sir. I am very pleased to tell you the workers have finished with all the repairs. On the ring in the duck pond....." Hollow, "AH! Senior Alfredo that is wonderful news! The last voyage of relevancy has been recovered within the lake of irrelevancy. Then with that everything is ready to begin again!" Senior Alfredo shakes his head as his name is called to what Hollow normally calls him Senior Alfredo, "Sure you don't mean you are going to try and have another match here again sir? I must protest, last time you got beaten to all hell. There was extreme damages to all over the area. It took nearly year to set a ring up in the pond again. Rebuilding the shack in the small patch of trees you burned down took almost as long. Maybe you can do another Asylum Cage match or take part in another Elimination Chamber...." Hollow, "WE were not beaten Senior Alfredo! We were reborn in that spectacle in the greatest match that last year has seen. Slammies be damned what they say was the best of last year. This is the house Hollow built, the doors are nearly ready to be opened again. Senior Alfredo is a bit confused Senior Alfredo, "Sir you mean we aren't ready now? Everything as it was, I wont argue if you want to wait..." Senior Alfredo was silenced by the sound of a truck horn followed by more horns, and Senior Alfredo and Hollow go outside to see Semi trucks parking in the parking lot of the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo, "Master Hollow....what did you do?..." Hollow laughs Hollow, "Oh they are arriving. Good, and no we are not ready Senior Alfredo. The match inside the unsanctioned zone cannot be replicated doing the same match in the same arena and hoping for the same magic. We must rebuild, so we can burn it down once again Yes...yes...yes we must rebuild and create the Unsanctioned Zone 2.0" Senior Alfredo, "Alright, but where is stuff coming from....wait is that truck say evolve...? Hollow..." Hollow, "Senior Alfredo that is just BPZ surplus stuff. A bunch of stuff left over. You see last year Mister Fourteen caused a great fall that ended up with us getting this stuff. We must make the way of the Unsanctioned Zone's evolution now and what a way to evolve but with this BPZ surplus stuff that nobody is using or will miss anymore. We got sound stuff, fireworks, lights, maybe another ring or two, we have stuff and now we must start the preparations to rebuild because it is starting again. Now lets get to work!" Hollow laughs as the screen goes to black as the Unsanctioned Preparation has begun again.
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    We are over twenty minutes into our thrilling main event. In which, Julius has been absolutely dominating Flynn for the most part, however has slowly became gassed as he’s failed several times to put Flynn away. Finally, it appears he has Flynn exactly where he wants him as he eyed up for the “Hell’s Welcome”..... Could Julius finally be putting away his mentor! No wait Ropati rushes onto the apron and Bailey, our special guest referee is there to stop him. Bailey begins arguing with Ropati on the apron telling him to “know his roll” and get back to Flynn’s corner. Julius in a sudden fit of rage, spins Bailey around, screaming at “The GOAT” to “do his job”, before shoving the referee. Bailey, in a sudden fit of rage shoves Julius back which is quickly taken advantage of by Flynn with the quick roll up! 1...2...3 NO! Julius just barely kicks out! Flynn now waisting little time goes to rebound off the ropes before catching a massive shoulder tackle from a pissed off Julius. Julius now screaming at Bailey for almost costing him everything. However from behind, it is Ropati that shoves Bailey straight into Julius, causing both to bump heads. Bailey for a brief moment is dazed as Ropati throws Flynn the BPZ World Championship to use as a weapon! IT CONNECTS! Flynn slams the title straight across the skull of Julius before quickly falling to the pin. Bailey however before even counting points out the championship belt laying in the ring. Flynn now furious his plan doesn’t fool Bailey, begins to berate the guest referee who now holds the championship. Flynn begins to mock him, before seemingly slapping Bailey and calling him “FICKLE”! Bailey quickly lunges forward, clearly having enough of Flynn tonight, however Flynn dodges and instead Bailey clobbers Julius with the BPZ World Championship! Flynn quickly takes advantage, with a swift FKO to Julius! Flynn with a smile on his face, looks up to Bailey before slowly crawling over the pin. Bailey looking absolutely shocked, is seemingly forced to drop down to the mat, as he makes a slow count... 1.......2.............3! Theres a sudden silence in the arena....... ANNNNNNND YOUR NEW BPZ WORLD CHAMPION, THE FIVE TIME CHAMPION, FLLLLLYNNNNNNNNNNN! Flynn with a massive smile on his face, is handed the BPZ World Championship. However before he has any time to relish, he is shoved back by Bailey who is absolutely pissed! Bailey now in the face of Flynn, shouting out an onslaught of insultes. Ropati quickly rushes the ring to take defense of Flynn, standing in front of Bailey as now the two men seemingly corner the Royal Rumble winner. Ropati and Flynn however before they can take advantage of the numbers advantage, are greeted by Julius! Julius stands alongside Bailey looking absolutely pissed as his 8 month title reign has seemingly been robbed from him. NO WAIT! JULIUS! CHOKESLAM TO BAILEY! Bailey is absolutely laid out as now Julius eyes down both Ropati and Flynn. Julius, with a crazed look lifts up the BPZ World Championship, a Championship he fought for and held the past 8 months, before handing it to Flynn! He proceeds to raise “The New” Flynn’s hand high in the air to an encore of boo’s. With Bailey laid out in the middle of the ring, Flynn stands tall with both Ropati and Julius, his newly won World Championship in his grasp.
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    DREAM MATCH? We haven't even made it to the Elimination Chamber yet and our second Wrestlemania match is official. Velveteen Dream made his Smackdown debut having won the Dusty Rhodes Classic in NXT just a few nights previously. After claiming the trophy should be renamed in his honour, the son of the WWE Hall of Famer took exception to this looking for a fight. Velveteen Dream told Cody Rhodes he'll only compete at a stage befitting the Dreams stature. So its set, at Wrestlemania 36 it'll be the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes vs The Velveteen Dream in a 'Dream Match'. What's more is that the Interconinental Championship will be on the line after Cody Rhodes upset Daniel Bryan just weeks before he's scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber match itself for a shot at the WWE Championship.
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    *headstrong by trapt starts playing as the fans look around confused then out walks a new wrestler with a mic in his hand* Hello everyone i’m The Bulldozer now I was once like all of you just a fan of the wrestling business and in my time as a fan i’ve seen many legends come and go however none of them and no one of the active roster has the talent I have the charisma I have the looks I have and none of them are the one and only true GOD of pro wrestling and mark my words I don’t care when or how but I will go down as the all time greatest competitor not just this company has ever seen but the entire wrestling world has ever seen and my first title i’m Looking towards is the nxt championship so it doesn’t really matter who wins that championship because eventually they will have to face me and they won’t ever be the same again when I leave them on the mat while I raise the nxt championship high into the heavens and usher in a new age of wrestling along the way
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    Name Kanako Urai NJPW name Kana WWE name Asuka WWE Debut 2015, Lost 3 times in her first year in NXT 1 Televised Match 2 house show events, Went on a 1 on 1 Undefeated Streak and won the NXT Championship, Now I wasn't really a big fan of Asuka hell for months i was fed up with Asuka's Streak being shoved down our throats And i wanted it to end Fast forward to the main roster And she had a decent start on RAW and then it all went down hill when she moved to Smackdown Royal Rumble 2018 Asuka Wins the Royal Rumble and it was suppose to be a memorable Moment HOWEVER who should come out and steal that Spotlight Ronda Rousey Here's where her downward spiral continues Wrestlemania 34 and the moment i feared was going to happen happened she was fed to charlotte and her streak was taken from her and from there Asuka was fed to carmella and james ellsworth nothing against Carmella she was just at the right place at the right time HOWEVER Asuka not so much fast forward to Tables Ladders and Chairs Asuka Wins the WWE SDLive Womens championship Here's where The Bray Wyatt Treatment comes into play Asuka Defeated Becky Lynch To Retain the Championship And what happened next Well Rewind To Royal Rumble 2014 Bray Wyatt Vs Daniel Bryan it was a good match however the Winner was Bray Wyatt However He Was forgotten about because Daniel Bryan fans kept pushing WWE To give Bryan the WWE Championship and ever since Then Bray Wyatt was forgotten about UNTIL he won the WWE Championship and what happened after that he went back to being irrelevant after being buried by randy orton What's my point? Asuka has been forgotten about Because the Fans Were so focused on Becky Winning the Royal Rumble to the point they Forgot about Asuka and said Well Asuka Can Have charlotte and there was even a photo of Becky Lynch Charlotte Sasha Banks and Bayley Standing in the Wrestlemania 35 Ring holding up both Womens championship and the tag team championship And that my friends is the Rise and Fall of Asuka after looking back at Asuka's past year She had her Royal Rumble Moment Stolen By Ronda Rousey She Had her Undefeated Streak Taken From Her by Charlotte She was forgotten about even tho she Beat Becky Lynch So my friends if anyone needed a Huge Wrestlemania moment and Redemption its Asuka, not becky Lynch but that's just me
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    Who are AEW's Main Targets Going Forward

    The Revival despite their championship victory seem to be the hot choice along with some 205 Live members like Gran Metalik I think AEW will have their eyes on the glut of NXT. WWE have a top of the line performance and training centre that can produce great talent but there is only so much room for talent as they funnel through television. I think when AEW poaches some talent it will be an unexpected name that might not be established.
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    Name: KENJI (In all caps) Born: August 27th, 1996 Set to Debut: July 2015 Gender: Male Race: Asian Nationality: Japanese Status: Active Wrestler Style: Puroresu Body Type: Toned Height: 6'0 Size: Middleweight Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: The one above Middleweight Move Set: Bermuda Triangle (Cross Armbreaker/Triangle Choke Combination), Horizon Suplex Hold (Bridging Package German Suplex), Gory Bomb Face Gimmick: Ace/Diamond in the Rough sorta thing. Potential star in the making/Foreign Star Heel Gimmick: Best for Business Foreigner/Arrogant Heel. He is what the people want, but is an asshole about it Mask: No Mask Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler Bio: KENJI was a young prospect of the Japan Wrestling Dojos and groomed to be a future star of the business. However, after his young lion days were done he found himself stuck in the background of endless multi-man tags and overcrowded factions, finding dissatisfaction in his lack of progress and making little impact or connection with the crowd. He now looks to greener pastures to show his true quality.
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    Kayfabe Character Information Thread

    Moves as Mirage figurehead - Ricochet style - high flying technician with a mix of strikes regular moves - spinning neckbreaker, sunset flip , 450 splash , roundhouse kick , yes kicks , half and half suplex , corner trapped kicks , hurricranna , forearm smash , knee strike to gut , frog splash , standing moonsault , insult to injury , standing foot stomp , trouble in paradise , coup de grace , kamigoye, shooting star press , spring board 450 , springboard knee strike , moonsault, Liger kick, double rotation moonsault , exploder suplex, snap Dragon suplex, Phoenix splash, knee bar, running shooting star, Top rope triangle moonsault, double rotation shooting star spots - suicide dive , jumps from top rope through announcers table , Ricochet flip spot signatures - Heaven’s Grace ( 630 ) , Beauty lock ( dragon sleeper ),Siren’s song ( the last shot ) finishers - Super model kick ( super kick ) , God’s ultimate blast ( curb stomp ), Beauty’s Judgement ( unprettier ) rare finisher - Final Judgement ( Top rope cartwheel ddt ) theme song - HBK
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    The Revival are probably a main target because they are rumored to be unhappy in their current situation at WWE. Other than the Revival I could probably think of some of Impact's guys like Rich Swann because he has name value. Eddie Edwards, Moose and all of these sort of guys. In-regard to others in WWE I think AEW would take anyone that's put in front of them just for the sheer fact of taking a name away from the WWE
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    Born:July 19,1993 Gender:Male Race:White Nationality:Russian Based in:America Active wrestler Style:Brawler Body:Ripped Size:Light Heavyweight Min-Light heavyweight Max-heavyweight Face gimmick-monster Heel-monster Wrestler mainly Finisher-Knockout punch, Sweet chin music Viktor Drago has always the favorite child of the family. As Viktor was carrying his father's legacy, in the boxing ring Viktor holds an impressive 37 KO winning streak. Ending four legendary competitors. Viktor brother, Markov always fell short of what Viktor became. Viktor trained with his father and retired after his 37th boxing match. Where he began to train fellow mma rookies. But Markov professional wrestling success had Viktor by surprise. Viktor knew he could beat his brother at his own game
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    Brenden: "Does anyone get the feeling we've been here before?" Brenden had been drinking heavily and he was still buzzing even though he should be soppy. The lack of stench and smell of ale gave off the impression that Brenden was right. The only difference was the extra seat occupied by The Kid. Brenden: "Gotta give you the props kid. You've lasted this long. Not all of us coulda done it. But enough of the small talk....we didn't come here to give you a blowjob. Let's talk business. Financially January was a very good month, we have the Rumble to thank for that. And Slim and Julius merch sales are through the roof. Now anyone have a guess as to who the 3rd highest seller of merch is for us?" The room went silent. Everyone tried to think but as usual it was clouded by the wall of alchohol. Brenden: "BAILEY! A FUCKIN HEEL! Either that means you all aren't doin your job right, and people don't give a shite about our faces OR we need to turn bailey face. Which one is it?" Bailey smirked across the table from Brenden. Ross piped up to save the hung over crowd. Ross: "Definitely the second one. No matter what we do, Bailey continues to get over." Brenden: Try again. it's a mix of both Ross. It's BPZ Mania season but we need as many superstars as we can get! Which brings me to you Kid. I gave you the chance to run with the gimmick of FDS. So far...he's not getting over at all. Even the attack didn't work." The Kid: "Sir....I was not the one who rushed through the match with FD. If we had the time, FD could be the most over heel in the company in 6 months time." Brenden: "Cool your jets hotshot. Point is, I don't wanna wait 6 weeks for this, never the less 6 months." The Kid: "But sir...once the vignettes start." Brenden: "Look what I'm sayin. There will be no vignettes for FD. He's not worth my time, my effort or my money." The Kid was stunned, he felt as if a rug had been pulled out from under him Ross: "Now hold on a minute Bren. Maybe these videos are a bit much but how about we throw the kid a bone. Maybe give him a manager. A good manager can do better than any video can." Brenden: "Damn Ross, that must be a record for you. Two decent points in one meeting. Scrap the vignettes, I'll give you a manager. Deal Kid?" The Kid : "Deal, I'm pretty sure I can still get everything across." So the meeting continued and the talk turned to the outcome of the main event matches. The contingency plan was also put into effect, considering Slim's very large possibility of hijacking the plane. The bookers were herded out of the room and they went to go inform their wrestlers. The Kid went to go talk to Ross instead. The Kid: "Uh....hey Ross. Thanks for that back there." Ross: "No Problem. It's just a shame I had to. The way I see it, you and Smith are partners right? He shoulda been the one to back you up. I don't think he believes in you Kid. You heard what he said to Slim last night right? He said you don't have any power. We've had our differences but I call em like I see em. You've got the brains kid and you're onto something with this FDS gimmick. Either he's bored of it, or he's worried you're gonna take his job. But you gotta decide Kid. You with us....or are you with him?"
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    I use my reward from December to make Kiyoshi 50 pop in all Mexican areas.
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    Dark Angel

    Challenging The NXT Champion

    NXT Champion, I want to face you at BPZMania! Why? Because I can't wait to beat you for that title and I want to prove myself to all the naysayers that I belong in this company. That will be after St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown - February 21st, 2019 Tonight, its the final Smackdown before Elimination Chamber and it's going to be one hell of a show. As United States champion Jeff Hardy teams up with Elias, Rey Mysterio and Aj Styles to take on Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Killian Dain, and EC3 in 4 on 4 tag team action. Not only that but its the finals of the tag team tournament as Undisputed ERA takes on Gallows and Anderson. 'The Man' The 2018 wrestler of the year Becky Lynch would open up Smackdown Live, she would speak about Ronda Rousey and how that she has become a way to confident in her ability for someone who 'can't even act'. She would be interrupted by Charlotte, one of her opponents at Elimination Chamber. Charlotte and Becky Lynch have a huge amount of history but another one of Smackdowns titans would come out, Asuka. She would cut a very short promo, saying how she shouldn't of been stripped in the first place. These three women will battle it out at Elimination Chamber, plus one more. And that one more would come out, none other than Toni Storm. Who is one of the favorites, all four women would stare down before looking at the Wrestlemania sign. Sheamus vs R Truth In order to get momentum, Sheamus and Cesaro would host an open challenge. R Truth would come out and challenge Sheamus to a one on one match. Sheamus would underestimate R Truth at first, and Truth would be able to almost defeat Sheamus but Sheamus would hit a brogue kick on Truth and pin him in the center of the ring, gaining much-needed momentum heading into the Elimination Chamber. Rusev Crush A highlight package of the dominant superstar that is Rusev would play over Bulgarian music, it would end with Lana introducing Rusev and a title card that says "Rusev Returns Next Week" Mandy Rose vs Naomi Mandy Rose would come out and call out Naomi, saying that she is not nearly as great as she once was and that she should go back to being a cheerleader for an overweight dinosaur. Rose and Naomi would have a match and it would be back and forth, but eventually Mandy Rose would roll up Naomi for the win. Undisputed ERA vs Gallows and Anderson - Smackdown Tag Team Tournament Finals A match of the year candidate, the only way to describe this match. The two teams would battle for the better half of 20 minutes and the crowd would be into it completely, Gallows and Anderson would use their mix of strength and speed and show just why they are one of the greatest teams in the world. Gallows and Anderson would put away Bobby Fish, the NXT champions would walk out of the arena defeated but with nothing taken away from them. Gallows and Anderson vs The Bar, at Elimination Chamber. Winner goes to Wrestlemania! Shane Mcmahon Gives The Miz A Chance Shane Mcmahon would meet with The Miz outside of the Smackdown Live arena, despite The Miz turning on Shane. Shane would forgive The Miz, and say that he respects what he did, he has the fight to be WWE Champion and he respects that. So next week, he will face whoever is the WWE Champion at the time for that championship. The Miz would nod his head, happy with what Shane has given him. Daniel Bryan, EC3, Killian Dain, and Samoa Joe vs Aj Styles, Rey Mysterio, Elias, and Jeff Hardy A 4 on 4 tag team match would end the show and the action would be fast and furious, Killain Dain would be the dominant force in the match. Taking out everyone with a top rope dive, about 14 minutes into the match everything would break down and everyone would begin brawl. But inside the ring Daniel Bryan would get hit by a 619 and pinned by Rey Mysterio. Daniel Bryan would roll out of the ring and grab his championship running into the crowd and raising it. Elimination Chamber is this Sunday!
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    The Road to Wrestlemania is here again and for the first time there will be two Royal Rumble matches. Finally the Womens Revolution gets its moment to shine as 30 women will compete to face the Champion of their choosing at Wrestlemania. As always, so will the men in one of the most stacked Rumbles in recent memory. However the Champion Seth Rollins isn't cleared to compete tonight so will have the night off to watch just who he could face at Wrestlemania. The WWE Champion Sami Zayn will face Randy Orton who earned his match in a number one contenders match at Clash of Champions. The Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan, who turned his back on the fans after losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre faces Zack Sabre JNR with William Regal in the corner of the Champion. Meanwhile Adam Cole defends his United States Championship against Will Ospreay much to Kevin Owens chagrin. Bayley def. Nikki Bella for the Raw Womens Championship - 63 ANGLE : HHH informs Seth Rollins he's not cleared to compete tonight so should watch the Royal Rumble with interest - 89 American Alpha def. The War Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship - 79 ANGLE : William Regal & Daniel Bryan promo on Zack Sabre Jnr - 82 Daniel Bryan def. Zack Sabre Jnr to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 80 ANGLE : Adam Cole wishes Kevin Owens luck in the Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens doesn't return the favour - 80 ANGLE : Charlotte & Becky Lynch promo about winning the Royal Rumble - 78 Charlotte Flair won the Womens Royal Rumble - 75 ANGLE : Seth Rollins promo about potential winners of the Royal Rumble - 86 Adam Cole def. Will Ospreay to retain the United States Championship - 80 ANGLE : Sami Zayn & Randy Orton Hype Video - 83 Sami Zayn def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship - 89 ANGLE : Paul Heyman introduces Drew McIntyre as the man who drew number one in the Rumble, Cena is number two - 89 CM Punk won the Royal Rumble - 86 (Final Four, CM Punk, John Cena, Punishment Martinez, Drew McIntyre) ANGLE : HHH comes to raise the hand of CM Punk but gets ignored - Seth Rollins appears pointing to the Wrestlemania sign - 88 OVERALL SHOW RATING - 85 B+ 22.92 TV Rating - WWE Network 45, 000 - Mid Atlantic Generic Venue Overall its been a tricky show, Royal Rumble was stacked as my Main Event scene on both brands is full to the brim as is the upper mid card. Sadly only three mid carders made it into the Royal Rumble and so many sat out this PPV. Tag Division is in a rebuilding stage as is the womens division. As previously states the save has been on and off, so a lot of the booking hasn't been great. Got a clear mind of the main Wrestlemania card so things should go a lot smoother from here to then. I think its also time to cut a lot of dead weight who are either in time decline, don't get used or simply are never going to get over. Its a weird roster at the moment with a lot of the NXT guys you're all familiar with on the brink of a call up, a few big name indy signings having been around just to fill up the shows but a lot of shaking up to do. The following Raw got a 95 rating which was incredible, finally bringing WWE to Global Size. Normally that's when you'd increase your roster, but I plan on cutting it down to a manageable size and hopefully give some other companies a chance to sign some good workers with good pop and see if they can challenge. Feedback as always is welcomed, as is advice, ideas etc. Wrestlemania predictions anyone?
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT: Februrary 20th, 2019 After the shocking end to last weeks episode of NXT, we bring to you the next installment of NXT as we continue to march towards TakeOver New York during Wrestlemania Weekend. We have a huge Number One Contender Match for our night's Main Event plus a special announcement from NXT General Manager William Regal coming to you right now Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Announced NXT General Manager William Regal opens the show in the ring as the NXT Fans start chants of NXT much to the delight of the General Manager. William Regal starts talking about pioneers in WWE and how the legacy they created allowed for the wrestlers today to perform at their absolute best. Regal then announced that the 4th annual Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic will culminate at TakeOver: New York and wishes every single team entered luck The Forgotten Sons vs Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch After various issues with the Forgotten Sons over the last couple of weeks, the hard-nosed brawlers had their chance to take on NXT's newest duo with a chance to move themselves up the Tag-Team ranks here on NXT. After a hard-hitting contest, the distraction by Jaxson Ryker once again allowed for the Forgotten Sons to pick up the victory. The trio continued to beat down on Lorcan and Burch post-match but the Street Profits made the save and cleared the ring as the crowd danced along with the Street Profits Experience the Dream Next Week! An interview with current NXT North-American Champion played with the Velveteen Dream speaking about his goals for the future of NXT with him being the champion. Dream spoke about how he vanquished Adam Cole and Ricochet at TakeOver and now looks forward to the future. He announced that he is issuing an open challenge next week and states that the whole NXT Universe will experience the Velveteen Dream VIP Experience Fenix vs Tino Sabbatelli The Rolls Royce of NXT and former NFL Player Tino Sabbatelli would be the first roadblock in Fenix's quest to become NXT Champion. Tino arrogantly mocked Fenix throughout the match trying to show off his physique but it would not be enought to stop the aerial arsenal of Fenix who would pick up the victory over Sabbatelli and culminate a successful debut Keith Lee warns Gargano The Limitless one Keith Lee was backstage re-watching the ending to his match with Tomasso Ciampa watching as Johnny Gargano robbed him of his chance to become NXT Champion. Lee then turned towards the camera and warned Johnny that he would be coming for him and that when they finally do meet in the ring Lee will demolish and destroy anything and everything about Johnny Gargano. He then issued a challenge to Ciampa claiming that he had him beat and wants to make sure of it when they meet again Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair vs Io Shirai vs Mia Yim (NOC Match) In our night's Main Event, four women had the chance to become the Number One Contender to Shayna Baszler's NXT Women's Championship. The match was high-paced and extremely enjoyable with all four women putting everything on the line with a shot at glory. It was however Bianca Belair picking up the victory over Mia Yim meaning she is now the new number one contender. Before she could even celebrate she was attacked by Baszler to end the show
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    AFC AJAX AMSTERDAM - "TOTAL FOOTBALL" MEET THE SQUAD: PLAYERS IN: Daley Blind {Manchester United, 16 million}, Dusan Tadic {Southampton, 12 million}, Hassan Bande {KV Mechelen, 9 million}, Zakaria Labyad {FC Utretcht, 6 million} PLAYERS OUT: Justin Kluivert (AS Roma, 17 million}, Deyosalvio Zeefulk {FC Groningen, 400 K} 
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    Aaron North

    Axe, Promo, Improvise.

    The Music of Aaron North hits as he is seen approaching the ring from the crowd swinging AN AXE!? North then asks for a microphone he isn't given one and so he steals a mic from the ring announcer. He then starts talking. North: I'm tired of this bull crap! They told me backstage to take this axe, go out there and improvise! I mean what the hell am i supposed to do with this big piece of plastic. The management clearly doesn't know what they're doing, because i haven't been seen around here in a while and now when i finally make my triumphant return they give me a f****** axe! I worked hard to get here and what do i get? It feels like all the hard work i did wasn't worth it after all. North then picks up a lighter from his back pocket, gets a trashcan from under the ring and burns the plastic axe in the trash can. North: I don't know why but, i really feel like shoving this burning axe up someone's ass. North than gets a fire extinguisher and extinguishes the fire, he then reaches into the trash can and pulls out a title belt. North: This is what i should have been given! Not some idiotic viking axe. This is something i deserve and it's also something that i've earned.
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    Free Agent Corner

    Welcome to the FAC January Review. FAC has entered a new format and I’m now doing episodes in Monthly Instalments. Today we have special guest Echo Wilson, where we will conduct first an in-character interview and then he will join us in the studio to put together a list. Also, we review all their matches this month, and review some classics from the past, as well as going through all the shows from the week and naming our Top 10 Superstars of the Month. Let’s get into it Recap Carnage (1st Jan-NOL) Arius Promo ** ½ Flynn promoed, Bailey came out and the two went back and forth *** ½ Julius promo *** Angelo promo * ½ New Bloods promo ½ Jason Ryan promo ** Buddy Ace promoed, Sameer responded **** ½ Bart Promo *** Maasa Promo Julius Promo *** ½ Owen promo * ½ Brenden Promo, Owen interrupts ** ½ Maasa promoes, Dikey interrupts ½ Ark promo ** Angelo promo * ½ Maasa promo ½ Julius promo **** Owen promo * BiC promo **** Bart promo **** ½ Maasa promo BiC promo ** Yelich promo, BiC interrupts *** Arius promo ** ½ Owen promo * ½ Angelo promo *** Bart promo, Julius interrupts ***** Prince promo **** Ropati promo ** ½ Night of Legends Carnage Scramble ** ¼ FDS vs Kieron Black * ¼ Carnage Showcase ** ½ Carnage (Night of Legends – Royal Rumble) Owen promo *** ½ Alex promo *** Kieron promo ½ Kieron promo * ½ Brett promo ** Hollow promo * ½ Bailey promo, BiC and Bailey go back and forth **** Marker promo, Julius and Buddy Ace appear *** ½ Maasa promo, Alex and Maasa go back and forth, Dikey and Maasa go back and forth ½ Black vs Garcia HIAC * ¼ Crippler promo **** BiC promo *** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Marker promo ** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Kieron promo * ½ Owen, Crippler and Alex go back and forth *** James Hunter promo ½ Nate promo, interrupted by Bic ***** Yelich and Flynn go back and forth **** ½ Owen promo, interrupted by Alex ** Wallace promo interrupted by Alex and Owen ½ Kieron promo interrupted by Crippler ** ½ Storm promo *** ½ Hollow promo *** Necce promo *** ½ Julius promo ** ½ FDS promo, interrupted by Bailey and BiC *** Owen promo interrupted by Alex * ½ Buddy Ace promo interrupted by Mark **** Jason Ryan promo * ½ Ropati promo ** Brett promo interrupted by Bart * ½ Kieron promo Bart promo **** ½ Arius promo interrupted by Maasa and Alex ** Owen promo interrupted by Maasa ½ Angelo promo interrupted by Julius *** Hans promo interrupted by Alex *** ½ Brenden promo ***** ½ Maasa and Alex go back and forth ½ Echo Wilson promo *** ½ Owen promo interrupted by Alex * Alex promo ** Josh promo *** ½ Bart promo interrupted by BiC ***** ½ Buddy Ace interrupted by Jason Ryan ** FDS promo **** Sameer promo **** Mikey, Alex, Mave, Hans and Crippler go back and forth * ½ Arius promo *** ½ Necce promo ******** ½ Echo promo ** ½ Alex and Gill go back and forth ** Cody promo ** Royal Rumble BiC vs Bart *** Flynn vs Yelich *** ¼ Royal Rumble Match ********* ¼ Carnage (Royal Rumble – 31st Jan) Suby promo ** ½ Alex, Crippler and Owen go back and forth * Akki interrupts Cody promo * Necce, Bailey and Mave go back and forth ½ Bailey and Julius go back and forth **** Nate interrupts Wallace promo *** FDS promo **** ½ Cody promo ** Joh promo **** Owen interrupts Alex promo ** Buddy Ace promo * ½ Mikey promo * Gill promo ** ½ Ropati interrupts Flynn promo ****** Bailey promo **** ½ Alex promo ** Yelich promo **** BiC interrupts Echo promo **** Gill promo ** ½ Arius promo ** FDS promo *** ½ BiC promo **** ½ Mikey, Alex, Cody and Gill go back and forth * ½ Interview Section 1 Josh: Alright let’s try get this started. Echo, welcome to the show. Do you want to talk us through the month? Because it has been a tough month for you Echo: First of all, don't ever speak to me like that ok Josh? Let's kick things off with one simple truth. I'm better than you, and you know it. Tough Month. Sure, it looks like that to the common eye but tell me when has someone ever come back with more ferocity and more determination than me. I don't really care to be honest about what I did because it can't really be changed now. So, what I am looking forward to is more important, me breaking more records, winning more titles, solidifying my status as an all-time great. Something I don't think you can say about yourself........so shut up Josh: Echo, you don't come onto my show and speak like that. What makes you already think you're an all-time great Mr Wilson Echo: I mean, look at me. Do you not smell the aura of greatness about me? As far as I'm concerned, I'm your guest, and hosts do not treat their guests this way. Also, everything I touch turns to absolute gold, you have to understand this Josh. So, when I agree with my agents who tell me that this is a good opportunity, I make this show my own damn show. I didn't come down here for arguing, I thought I came here for an adequate interviewer, move on Josh: Ok. Well what are your plans for Mania Echo? Echo: Well, that's a secret isn't it. I wouldn't be keeping this aura of mystique about me if I let all of my plans loose on a B Show like this. but I will tell you this. By Mania, I will already be Global Champion and possibly more. So, you can keep your little nose out of my business and wait like all of the other drooling fans who are tracking my every move. Sitting in your basement, with your bowl of Cheetos, doing your little detective work. What makes you worthy to be an insider Josh? Gary Green: One minute I'll take over this interview, Josh is clearly being unprofessional, sorry about this Mr GOAT Wilson. Now, your opponents at the upcoming PPV where you challenge for the Global Championship. What are your thoughts on them? Echo: Appallingly bad, is the words that come to mind when I think of them. Two of them, Kieron and Yelich, are two guys who I've trumped before on multiple occasions. With Yelich being a guy who I've used frequently, time and time again, to make myself look better. He is merely a stepping stone and no matter what idiotic phase he goes through, he will always be a supporting cast member. Kieron, let’s not bring this guy up, how many times does he have to take L's before he sees that he's a B Level guy. Lastly, FDS, the most intriguing of all of these guys in my opinion. He's completely fresh in my eyes but what do I know. He's a fuckin psychopath. How are we letting guys who drink blood, kill people, skin them alive and eat them for dinner into our company? We are professionals here, FD knows nothing about professionalism unless it involves how to slice up the body that he's been keeping frozen in his basement for a few days. That is disgraceful. Green: I agree FDS is a disgrace. Final question of this part of the interview Echo, and this was wrote by Josh is this so ignore the ridiculousness of this question, how did you feel learning long-time rival JoshsNow had retired? Did you not care or did some part of you respect your rivalry Echo: Listen, one thing that people need to get through their skulls. I'm not a bad person. I'm not a cruel person. But can I say to the point that I care? No. I don't care that much. But what I do know is that it will be a shame for me never to beat Josh again. I guess you could say he's had enough? And that is not a bad thing to say. It is a respectable thing to say, meaning that I respect Josh as a person who was willing to sacrifice himself for my cause. He always knew who he was across the ring with and although he was thick headed, like no other, do not get me wrong. Josh did have a certain feeling about himself where he knew his place. He knew that whatever he did would always be outshone by me. So, in that sense I respect his ability to step back and let the real competitors shine. And then his ability to make others look good was also a plus. He will be missed in that regard, yes. Green: Thank you and that is Section 1 complete Blast from The Past Welcome to Blast From The Past where we look at Past matches. In the future if you have any matches from the past for me to review or even re-review I will but for now we will stick with this one War Games 2018 Key Points Slim hits Flynn with a Hangman Neckbreaker ROA kicked Slim to death in the corner Ross and Flynn hit a Pop Up Roundhouse Kick to Bailey Prince hits Flynn with The Crowning Prince hits Ross with Disciplinary Flynn hits Slim with a middle turnbuckle Exploder Suplex Julius attacks Echo Wilson before he can enter Ross hits Echo with a Five Star Attachment Slim hits Ross with the Essential Eliminator Prince hits Slim with a Crowning to the back of the head Flynn hits Prince with an FKO Bailey hits a Moonsault to Flynn off the top of the cage Slim hits a Skull Shatter to Bailey Flynn hits Echo with a V-Trigger Ross hit the RossCutter to Slim ROA hit the A&O Special to Slim for the 3 Analysis What a match, full of insane moments. I’m awarding this **** ¾ Section 2 Green: Now welcome to Section 2. This is Fans Question. We had one question sent in by a Mr Necce. He asked "How big is your dick" Echo: Necce, he sounds a bit too interested doesn't he? Well, that information is classified but imagine like a yard stick ruler and then you'll get a relative glimpse of my size. Although of course I am humbling myself. My dick or whatever is much larger than a yard stick Green: What’s weird is that he sent that question in 20 times. Now, Echo your promo of the month (I gave him my nominees) Echo: I am The Emperor by Emperor Nate Green: Thank you Echo for your time Top 10 of the Month 1. Bart 2. Bailey 3. Ropati 4. Nate 5. The New Flynn 6. Crippler 7. Arius 8. Hollow 9 and 10. The Big Ballers Overall the Superstar of the Month goes to Universal Champion Bart. Congratulations and also congratulations to Nate on his Promo of the month award. Join me next month for another edition of FAC Monthly Report. Goodnight
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