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    Alex Costa

    The Champ is pissed off!

    Carnage continues as the commentators keep on mentioning the mess that the NXT DIvision has been the last couple of weeks. Attacks on children, people running rampant thinking they deserve title shots and all this can be attributed to the lack of firm hand by the Champion says Heel. Suddenly the lights go out as the first verse of Alex's theme plays before a Static sound is heard. The Crowd is confused for a moment but then a violin begins to play some background music for a couple of seconds: Suddenly it stops as fireworks pop up and a new theme is now heard through the arena: The Crowd is at first confused but then they being to cheer as it's none other than Alex Costa. No one has heard from the NXT Champion in a while and he looks pissed sporting a completely new look. The champ stays on the ramp as the song fades away. Fans are unsure how to react to this although many hope the champion will finally put some semblence of order in the NXT Division. So ever since I won the NXT Championship at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, this division has been a mess! Crowd boos I know it also pisses me off. It really pisses me off than random ass nobodies like Bulldozer, who after the stunts he has been pulling over the last couple of weeks should be arrested and fired because who the heel is he, some random ass Hilllbilly from Alabama to come out here and beat up a fan and constantly cheap shot people because he feels he is owed a title shot! Crowd boos for the mention of Bulldozer and some chants of "Fire Bulldozer!" begin Here's some news for ya punk! You aren't owed a damn thing and you definatly are not going to get a title shot anytime soon with that atitude of yours. So before you come out here and call me, maybe put your money where your mouth is and win a damn match, jackass! Crowd cheers Oh and the next time you decide to try and hit a member of this audiance, I will kick your ass so hard you will beg Brenden to let you go back to the Bingo Halls where you belong jack! Crowd cheers again hard and more "Fire Bulldozer" chants are heard Now that this punk ass is talked about, let me mention the other idiot who thinks deserves a shot. Arrow Rollins, which by the way is the worst name I have ever heard of, jeez your parents must really hate your guts! If you think you too are qualfied for a title shot, you can also forget about it. I don't defend my belt against guys who can't even properly take a move. So if I were you I would really look towards finding another job, because you clearly suck at this! Crowd begins chanting "Arrow Sucks! Arrow Sucks!" Seriously what is wrong with this division! No wonder Arius left. He clearly saw that this division is a mess and a clear waste of time! Heck I have been here for two months and I am already the champion! Nobody is on my level! Nobody! The only guy who clearly deserves my respect is the man I pinned last month, Cody Cage. I admit you are the only bright spot in this joke of a title division. Even a guy like Jack Bishop who was a killing machine in Japan has become such a joke, he is riding the coattails of Hans Clayton a guy who I admit at the Rumble we had some real magic moments! Crowd keeps cheering on Alex who they think is now shooting Clearly there is something damn wrong with this company that allows any random scrub to get a title shot whenever they please without even doing anything, ANYTHING TO DESERVE A ****** TITLE SHOT! Alex is clearly pissed off now Well no more I say! If you people wanna face me you need to prove yourselfs because from now on I am going to refuse to defend my title against random idiots who think they can get a title shot just because they are here! NO! If you want a title shot, prove it, earn it! Because I am not one for handouts and like all the other champions in this company! Like Flynn, like Bart, like Echo Wilson, like Nate and like Arius I deserve respect and I deserve to face the very best in this industry! Not some random peasant who hasn't even won a match in his god forsaken life and only has a job because the Boss finds you funny! So until I have worthy competition, you can kiss this title goodbye and seeing me, because I refuse to lower myself to face scum like Bulldozer, like Mave Deltzer and like Arrow Rollins! Alex leaves the ring as the crowd is shocked at this turn of events! The Champ is leaving and who knows when we will see Alex again!
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    Costa's Dream

    *We cut to a backstage segment as Hans Clayton appears to be holding a book* Hello ladies and gentleman, my name is Hans Clayton and I have something special to read to you. Its a story and its a very satisfying one. If there's any children in the room I suggest they stay in the room and see what a true fairy tale is. I will be reading to you... Costa's Dream By Hans Clayton *Clayton then reads the book as if he was a narrator* Our story begins with a man named Costa, Alex Costa He was living as if he was a king Holding the thing most precious to him, the NXT title He won the title in February, holding it proud He has challengers left, right, and center He promised to defeat them all to the crowd But he will soon realize that the dream he's living will be his own nightmare And his title reign will disintegrate up into the air Hans Clayton is one of those challengers He has defied logic and he's staring at his own destiny He's willing to sacrifice everything to get what he wants Even though Alex hustles and tussles every inch of his body to retain what is his At BPZ Mania, those efforts will no longer live Out of his throne, Clayton will sit on the top The hardware that he has held on, will be vanished right on the spot "Don't worry Alex" shouted a man, "It will be fine" The New Blood will reign supreme until the end of time. THE END *Clayton then shows the last image of the book with him winning the NXT title at BPZ Mania*
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    A change?

    *there is an awkward silence as no music plays, but suddenly, a voice is heard through speakers* "When it comes crashing down, and it hurts insideYou have to take a stand, it doesn't help to hideIf you hurt my pals, can you hurt my prideI gotta be a man, I can't let it slideI am a real Englishman-" *Crowd begins to boo as Kyle Pain comes out, with a microphone in his hand, as he is the one who was singing all along. He is sporting new gear, resembling something from the 1600s* "Cut! Cut! Cut the music! These imbeciles don't deserve to listen to the voice of a god in human form, how dare you be so disrespectful to an artist like me? I am trying to change NXT for the better, and this is the ovation I come out to? Maybe it wasn't such a good idea treating you fools with something fresh, something innovative, compared to all of these idiots who think being edgy is cool nowadays! *A short silence as Kyle collects himself* Anyway, let's keep calm, and get to the performance, and as a pilot episode, let's dedicate this one to my good friend Alex... Spotlight please!" *The instrumental to 'My Time Is Now' starts playing* "His time is up, my time is now Yes you heard me, my time is now I am the franchise, I'll shut him down Yes you heard me, Alex is down-" *Crowd oddly begins to cheer as the performance is so great* "Silence! How dare you so rudely interrupt my performance, I am getting absolutely sick and tired of this, and if I can't put a stop to all of this nonsense that is happening, then no one can. Bravo to all of you for ruining everything, time and time again, I appreciate it so very much!" *Storms out of the arena, the fans still confused about what happened, guess they'll have to find out next week*
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    I’ll Cast a Shadow

    The full moon is rising outside as the night sky flows over the land. A first person view of a vehicle driving into a long gravel driveway towards a hidden estate, amongst the trees and flowing nature that surrounds it. We skip forward to the camera leading us down a familiar hallway, light emerging slightly from beneath a door frame as the eerier silence unsettles the crowd watching. A creaking door way is all the sound that escapes the footage as suddenly we see in the moonlight that is shining within the room a gloved hand reaches out as a microphone falls from the ceiling into it's palm. The reverb echoes throughout the room as the man clears his throat. This is your captain speaking...we did it Cheers shout all around as suddenly the lights shoot on and the room is revealed to be packed with men, women and questionable as the celebrations begin. Balloons fall from the netted ceiling on to the crowd as the camera spins around the room showing a sea of masks interacting and drinking to their content. An iced sculpture sits to the left of the room in the shape of the finishing moments of the match with Arius executing the Dragonsleeper on his opponent as the personal peacock extends his feathers to the awe of small gathering of onlookers. The camera turns it's attention back to Arius who is still seated in his throne next to the US Championship, positioned on the same pedestal graced by the NXT Championship. Imagine knowing that you had the world resting in the palm of your hands and not losing it because you allowed it to slip through the gaps between your fingers, but instead having it ripped away by a man that some doubted could reach that position to begin with. As the world you created for yourself comes crashing down, the pillars crumbling around you.. Arius signals for his Ghoul to pass down the championship from it's potion as he continues The silver-tongued man in paint claims the United States Championship. An unfamiliar woman graces the stage in the middle of the hall as she begins a rendition of Numb by Marina and the Diamonds for the applauding crowd Arius sits up and leads the camera towards the balcony with the US Championship over his shoulder and a glass in his hand, letting the door shut behind him as the music and commotion becomes muffled. The sounds of crickets and nature leave Arius calm as he lights a exaggerate from his pocket, taking a deep breath of fresh air after his first drag before turning to the camera Friends, followers, those forced to watch against their wills. Those who are continuing to bear witness to my ongoing triumph. I'm overjoyed to see you have decided to join us again for this celebration. And what don't we have to celebrate? Resting on my shoulder right now is one of the most sought after prizes in BPZ. A prize that reinforces the sound nature of my mission that set my on this path only mere months ago. Arius glances at the US Championship as he continues I will be the first to say, these journeys we take, whether they’re major or minor on the surface are never simple. There’s always going to be unexpected twists and turns along the way, that’s how it’s always been and always will be. I don’t have the power to change fate as it stands but through determination i can change the course of my history and with it the history of this company all the same. Arius reflects as looks over the landscape as the singing can be heard in the background ♪♫ "I feel numb most of the time. Lower I get the higher I'll climb, and I will wonder why I got dark only to shine" ♪♫ Arius smirks as he turns back to the camera Music has a wonderful way of speaking for ourselves when we lose our train of thought. Weeks out from the grandest stage of them all i have one opponent already who doubts himself going into our match. Entering into this triple threat contest it is truly anyone's game, that is the nature of the battle but when i hear only words of doubt it saddens me deeply. To know that someone handed this opportunity would be wasting their talent, their opportunity...in some veiled attempt in finding purpose within themselves. Arius paces around the balcony Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers, will climb jagged mountains and put themselves in danger to reach their target. What will you be willing to do to secure your kill? To secure your right to continue living in this industry. To secure your right to stand amongst the other beasts in this company. It's a dog-eat-dog world if you allow it to be. And right now from my position i can say half the work is done when I hold this championship to the sky and say 'Look at what is out of your grasp" The mysterious woman from before opens the door ajar to get his attention "Darling, come back to the party, the guests are waiting" Arius finishes his drink and leaves the glass placed on an outside table ....I am calling from the valley of kings, with nothing to atone for, for i only wait patiently to be joined by those willing to show me that they are all they should be. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then so shall be meritorious, execution and determination. If it takes stepping into the ring with me to find yourself then so be it. Arius reaches out the camera, covering the lens as the screen goes to black as we hear his final words Take my hand when Armageddon's near.
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    The following BPZ Network Program has been interrupted to bring you the following service announcement  The camera cuts to an empty field next to the warehouse that houses the unsanctioned zone. In the middle of the empty field Hollow sits alone. He looks at the camera Hollow, "Welcome BPZ fans. The loyal followers of legion of insanity we are here in the newest part of Unsanctioned. The Fields Unsanctioned Ends. Another ring of insanity will be placed in the very spot we sit. This place is different then all, this place's ultimate meaning is simple. It is the End. But what does that mean, what is the end. It is something everything must come across. Legends, rookies, championships, matches, careers, teams, everything must face the realization that there is an end. A new champion must come to terms when they win their first championship that their reign will ultimately come to an end. Teams that form, one day they will fall apart and that team will collapse then that will be their end. The Unsanctioned Zone, was and has been the place where dreams of insanity come to life. The first match up inside the hallowed grounds was with Julius and the master of unsanctioned Hollow, It ended in the middle of the ring that Hollow built and that was that. The second match in the grand opening of the Unsanctioned Zone 2.0 must live to out shine and out do the first. Even it will have an end it should out shine the end of the first. Reach new heights this is where it will end. The match may end anywhere but the spectacle of will end here. As everyone will see this will be ending of the second opening the Unsanctioned end of the unsanctioned match inside the Unsanctioned zone will be the stuff of legends. Now that leads what will end at BPZmania 4..." Hollow stands up and picks up his umbrella. Hollow, "Before we get to when Hollow throws down the gauntlet to decide his opponent here in the zone. Another end must come first. The end of an emperor the end of Marker, the end of an unworthy BPZ Premium title reign. The end of Natedog the emperor, he will find his deletion will be harsh and he will find the irony of his loss to the thing he created. He brought the art of deletion to BPZ he brought it here and left it to be forgotten. It has been Hollow to make the idea live once more. How fitting this will be when Nate's premium title reign will end and the man himself to the Hollow and be the first victim to the Unsanctioned Deletion Then the other challenger who isn't Hollow, the man called Marker. You are a sad soul that decided to get in Hollow's way during this movement. During Hollow preparation for his grandest match you get in his way at the grandest stage of them all. You will share the same fate as the unworthy champion as you are the same as he is, another unworthy person to be near out championship. The title that belongs to Hollow. You will meet the end and take your place as the second victim of the Unsanctioned Deletion. But you both and anyone else who gets involved all will have the same fate, that will be the ultimate loss at the showcase of the immortals in the most brutal way possible. As this is the only way it will end. Hollow will not be denied his return to his reign as champion. The Premium title is precious to Hollow.... and we will have our precious returned to us..." Hollow walks back to the warehouse with no more words he walks away. Leaving his message clear for the Unsanctioned Zone and for his path to BPZmania 4 for his future match for the Premium Championship.
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    The Champ is pissed off!

    Greatest hits and Jack Bishop walks out. ” No, no , no,”*Jack begins to laugh* “ You can’t be serious. I’m riding on the coattails of Hans? I’m sorry but you’re the one who lost control of your own damn division the moment you won the title. I mean come on. You have to be kidding me. I talked about this two weeks ago. Yeah, sure, Arrow, that piece of insolent trash, as well as Bulldozer have made it ten times worse, but you started it. You know what, I’m not done let’s talk this out in the ring. Hey, light trick boy, you too.” Maasa and Alex follow him, reluctantly. ” I don’t know how you think Cody Cage is more worthy of your respect than me. I’ve worked my ass off every damn month, and you pin Cody, and all of a sudden he is “worthy” of your respect? I earned your respect a long damn time ago, and you earned mine. And as for you, Maasa? Who said you needed to be recognized? I mean, you’ve put on great matches and all, but you haven’t done anything of note in a while. Alex comes up and stared Jack right in the eyes. After a while, Maasa walks up next to Alex and tries to turn him around when all of a sudden Alex picks him up, and Jack goes to the middle rope! Stray Bullet! Their old tag team finisher! Alex looks at Jack before rolling out of the ring.
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    NBA 2K19 Career Sim

    NBA SEASON 24/25 PRESEASON Prospects Echo Wilson will be starting getting 33 mins Senor Arius will be starting getting 33 mins Kai Campbell will be starting getting 36 mins Massa Kent will be starting getting 34 mins Mikey Dikey will be starting getting 34 mins Dunkosarus Rex will be starting getting 38 mins George Kent will be starting getting 35 mins Bailey Justin will be starting getting 29 mins BrendenPlayz will be starting getting 30 mins Sameer Ahsan will be starting getting 31 mins Julius Jones will be starting getting 33 mins Hans Zings will be starting getting 34 mins Bart Baller will be starting getting 34 mins Other Teams  The Philadelphia 76ers are predicted to win it all  Unhappy Prospects Sameer, George and Julius are all unhappy at how their team is playing at have all been put on the trade block by request. ALL-STAR BREAK BIG TRADES Brandon Ingram has been traded for the Lakers to the Spurs for Dejounte Murrary BIG SIGNINGS The Jazz sign Sekou Doumbouya on a 1 year deal The Lakers sign Josh Hart on a 1 year deal The Timberwolves sign Nikola Vucevic on a 1 year deal ALL-STAR GAME SAMEER AHSAN HAS BEEN SELECTED AS A TEAM CAPTAIN The user players joining his team are Dunkosaurus Rex, George Kent, Hans Zings and Senor Arius as starters. BrendenPlayz, Julius Jones, Kai Campbell, and Massa Kent will also be on team Sameer on the bench Bart Baller is the only user player that is not on team Sameer and he will be starting for team Giannis TEAM SAMEER WINS 138-114 Bart got 8pts 8 rebounds and 7 assists Massa got 7 pts 2 rebounds and 2 assists Kai got 9 pts 2 rebounds and 4 assists Senor Arius got 11 pts 1 rebound and 6 assists Dunkosaurus Rex got 11 pts 4 rebounds and 8 assists BrendenPlayz got 15 pts 9 rebounds and 0 assists George Kent got 16 pts 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Julius Jones 18 pts 3 rebounds and 3 assists Sameer Ahsan got 19 pts 2 rebounds and 7 assists Hans Zings got 22 pts 3 rebounds and 4 assists. END OF REGULAR SEASON Awards   MVP Senor Arius ROTY Fabrico De La Rosa   6MOTY Kyrie Irving DPOTY BrendenPlayz  MIP Conrad Potter COTY Brad Stevens    Prospects Bart Baller, Dunkosaurus Rex and Senor Arius make the All NBA 1st team Sameer Ahsan, George Kent, and Massa Kent make the All NBA 2nd Team Kai Campbell makes the All NBA 3rd Team Bailey Justin, George Kent and BrendenPlayz make the All Defensive 1st team Averaged Points Echo Wilson 21.3pts 6.1 rebounds and 2.7 assists Senor Arius 23.8 pts 11.3 rebounds and 7.4 assists Kai Campbell 24.7 pts 7.4 rebounds and 3.1 assists Massa Kent 16.5 pts 6.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists Mikey Dikey 16.8 pts 4.7 rebounds and 8 assists Dunkosaurus Rex 24.4 pts 13.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists George Kent 18.1 pts 9.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists Bailey Justin 16.5 pts 1.4 rebounds and 6.1 assists BrendenPlayz 14.7 pts 12.6 rebounds and and 4.3 assists Sameer Ahsan 28.2 pts 2,2 rebounds and 6.9 assists Julius Jones 22.8 pts 7.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists Bart Baller 21 pts 9.5 rebounds and 6.6 assists Hans Zings 20.2 pts 4.7 rebounds and 6.6 assists Table I will just be covering the top 8 for both sides and teams that have bpz prospects on them.  Western Conference UTA 1ST DAL 2ND LAL 3RD DEN 4TH SAS 5TH MEM 6TH POR 7TH PHX 8TH Eastern Conference  BOS 1ST CHI 2ND MIL 3RD NY 4TH BKN 5TH ATL 6TH PHI 7TH ORL 8TH Other user teams RAPTORS 10TH HEAT 13TH PlayOffs 1ST ROUND UTA (1st) vs PHX (8th) DEN (4th) vs SAS (5th) LAL (3rd) vs MEM (6th) DAL (2nd) vs POR (7th) BOS (1st) vs ORL (8th) NY (4th) vs BKN (5th) MIL (3rd) vs ATL (6th) CHI (2nd) vs PHI (7th) 1ST Round Results The Suns pulled off a huge upset beating the Jazz in 6 games with George averaging 19.8 pts 9.8 rebounds and 4 assists The Nuggets beat the Spurs in 7 games The Lakers SWEEPED the Grizzlies in 4 games with Sameer averaging 36 pts 2.3 rebounds and 7.2 assists as he carried the Lakers The Mavericks beat the TrailBlazers in 5 games The Celtics SWEPPED the Magic with Mikey averaging 18.8 pts 2.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists while Julius only averaged 24 pts 6.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists The Knicks SWEPPED the Nets with Brenden Averaging 17.7 pts 13.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists and Bailey averaged 13.5 pts 1.7 rebounds and 5.3 assists The Hawks pulled of an upset beating the Bucks in 6 games with Arius averaging 23 pts 11.5 rebounds and 8.5 assists The Bulls beat the 76ers in 5 games with Kai averaging 28.4 pts 6.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists and Massa averaged 20.8 pts 7 rebounds and 7 assists while Echo averaged 20.4 pts 4.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists 2ND Round DEN (4th) vs PHX (8th) DAL (2nd) vs LAL (3rd) BOS (1st) vs NY (4th) CHI (2nd) vs ATL (6th) 2ND Round Results   The Suns beat the Nuggets in 5 games The Lakers beat the Mavericks in 7 games with Sameer averaging 32 pts 1.9 rebounds and 7 assists The Celtics beat the Knicks in 6 games with Mikey averaging 17.3 pts 3.3 rebounds and 6.5 assists while Brenden Averaged 13.5 pts 13.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists and Bailey Averaged 13.8 pts 1.5 rebounds and 4.5 assists The Bulls beat the Hawks in 7 games with Kai averaging 23.9 pts 7.3 rebounds and 3.6 assists and Massa averaging 16.4 pts 7.1 rebounds and 7.6 assists Conference Finals LAL (3rd) vs PHX (8th) BOS (1st) vs CHI (2nd) Conference Finals Results The Lakers beat the Suns in 5 games with Sameer averaging 34.8 pts 2.8 rebounds and 7.4 assists The Celtics beat the bulls in 5 games with Mikey averaging 16.6 pts 3.4 rebounds and 7 assists while Kai averaged 27.6 pts 4.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists and Maasa averaged 18.8 pts 8 rebounds and 8.2 assists NBA Finals  CELTICS (1st) VS LAKERS (3rd) THE CELTICS WIN IN 5 GAMES Mikey averaged 15.2 pts 5 rebounds and 8.4 assists while Sameer averaged 34.2 pts 3 rebounds and 6.4 assists Finals MVP Zion Williamson People that can demand a trade are Dunkosaurs Rex, Senor Arius Bart Baller and Hans Zings Both Julius and George will be traded if you have a request of where you would like to go let me know and i'll see if it can work
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    Alex Costa

    The Champ is pissed off!

    Alex sees Maasa blocking his path and then grabs the mic he had just dropped before turning to face Maasa I'm sorry, was I supposed to be scared of those light tricks you pull? Because I will be honest I forgot about it while listening to you drooling over and over. Was that drooling you pulled supposed to mean something? Because all I heard was Blah Blah Blah NXT Title Blah Blah Blah I wasn't focused Blah Blah Blah. Crowd Laughs So why don't you run to the back, grab your manager Gill and let him do the talking from now on, because here's a news flash to you mate. Nobody here can understand a word you just said because it all sounded like dribble. Maasa begins to be annoyed by this Oh no! The Big Bad Maasa is now annoyed! What shall I do guys?! Perhaps if I start speaking in a language he will understand, he won't beat me up. Alex then proceeds to begin mocking Maasa Me...Very Strong...You...Lost...at...SVDM...I...Don't...Understand...You! The Crowd Laughs at Alex's clear moking of Maasa In case you still haven't understood a word I said then let me make it clear. You are a Dumb Idiot who needs his handler to talk for him. But see I never got payback for the beating you gave me and since you are here alone... Alex drops the mic and the title and tells Maasa to bring it
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW - February 25th, 2019 Its the night after Elimination Chamber, and the main event of Wrestlemania 35 is set as Seth Rollins will take on Brock Lesnar. But we still have tons of matches to figure out, and every win counts for these superstars. Tonight, Seth Rollins takes on Pete Dunne in our main event and Triple H is in the building. Fight Owens Fight Kevin Owens would open the show, saying how last night he got screwed over by his former best friend Sami Zayn after forgiving him, the plan was to act like they broke up to fool the opponents in the Chamber, and Zayn betrayed him. Kevin Owens looks at the Wrestlemania sign and explains how he has never had a Wrestlemania moment, and defeating Sami Zayn at the show of shows will be his moment. Thats when Sami Zayn would come out to a huge amount of cheers, the crowd once again behind the underdog. Sami Zayn would accept the match, on one condition, a street fight! And just like that, we have another match set for 6 weeks. As Kevin Owens will take on Sami Zayn in a street fight. Kassius Ohno vs Bobby Lashley In his first singles match on the main roster, Kassius Ohno would go to war with Bobby Lashley. Ohnos tag team partner Apollo would be at ringside as they continue to spread their brand known as "Pure Athlete Entertainment", Kassius Ohno would knock out Lashley multiple times before hitting his finisher and getting the pinfall victory, Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews may be a huge threat to the roster. Ambrose Walks Out A cameraman and interviewer would capture Dean Ambrose in the hallway, walking with his fiance Renee Young when the interview attempts to talk to him Ambrose pushes the mic down and walks towards the exit. He gives Renee a kiss and walks out, what could this mean? War Raiders vs The Revival War Raiders came so close to taking the tag titles off of The Revival, and in six weeks The Revival will face The Club for the WWE Tag Team Championships, but before then they will face off against Hanson and Rowe once again. The match would start right where it left off last night, with both teams giving it there all. After 10 minutes of exciting action, it would end in a double count out as both teams brawl. Finn Balor vs Drew Mcyntire Finn Balor would make his return to RAW, he hasn't been seen in weeks due to an ankle injury and he is back better than ever. Balor comes out and says that he missed out on the Chamber due to an injury, and deserves a shot at the Wrestlemania main event. Thats when Drew McIntyre would come out and say that he dominated the Chamber, and is the only man who could beat Brock Lesnar. A war of words would lead to a brawl and eventually a match, and in the match a missed coup de grace would allow Drew Mcytnire to hit the claymore kick and pin Finn Balor, where are these two going to go? Can they find a place on the Wrestlemania card? Lars Sullivan Is Ready For Cena Lars Sullivan would get a video package, showing his dominance inside the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, Lars Sullivan is set to face John Cena at the One Night Only event in the UK. And its going to be a war. Pete Dunne vs Seth Rollins In the main event it would be the No. 1 Contender vs Pete Dunne, and what a match it would be as 20 minutes in the crowd would be giving the two a standing ovation as Dunne and Rollins stare each other down. Multiple spots would happen and it would be exactly what you would expect between these two, but in the end a curb stomp would be enough to put away Dunne as Rollins stands up and looks at the Wrestlemania sign, can the 'Kingslayer' become the "Beastslayer' at Wrestlemania?! The Game Triple H would come to the ring with tons of security, obviously worried about Braun Strowman. At the Royal Rumble PPV Triple H interfered in Strowmans match with Lesnar and cost him the Universal Championship, Triple H says how Braun is unsafe. But Braun comes out, and this time the security is not enough to hold back 'The Monster' who gets to the ring. But Triple H was ready, as Drew Mcyntire runs out and begins to take down Braun and a sledgehammer shot from Triple H would allow him to take down Braun. Triple H holds the Sledgehammer and points towards the Wrestlemania sign with it, copying Undertakers cutthroat motion as RAW goes off the air.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Elimination Chamber 2019 Its Elimination Chamber time! The last pay per view before Wrestlemania is here and what a night it's going to be, two Elimination Chamber matches which set up the main events for Wrestlemania are set but not only that we have one of the most hyped fatal fourway matches as Becky Lynch pus her Wrestlemania shot on the line against Toni Storm, Charlotte, and Asuka. Not only that, but we have multiple championship matches AND a huge matchup as Brock Lesnar faces Andrade "Cien" Almes. Lets get into it! Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman vs Lars Sullivan vs Dean Ambrose - Winner Faces Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania As the 4 men who would start in there pods would make there entrances, Drew McIntrye, Lars Sullivan, Dean Ambrose, and Kevin Owens would all go into there respective pods. But before Kevin Owens could get into his pod Sami Zayn would rush out with a microphone, saying he forgives Owens for eliminating him at the Royal Rumble and is sorry for attacking him. Kevin Owens says that, best friends always forgive each other and both men go into the pod! This can't be legal! That would mean Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins would be starting the match, and what a start they would have as Braun would use his strength early on. Seth and Braun would use the chamber as a weapon, and would hurt each other as each hit would only anger Braun more, eventually, Seth Rollins would run to the top of the pod and hide from Braun whos back is bloodied from the steel. The first man to enter would be Lars Sullivan, and what a stand down it would be as Lars and Braun would hit each other with shots that could stop a train, to much surprise Lars would knock down Braun and throwing him over the top rope onto the steel. But before Lars could do any more damage, Seth Rollins would jump off of the top of the pod and hit a crossbody. Braun Strowman wouldn't take long to capatlize and lift Rollins up with one hand throwing him out of the ring into the side of the cage before throwing him into the support beam of the Chamber. Lars and Braun would continue to brawl, as the countdown begins once again. The next man, or men to enter would be Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and it seems to be that Zayn is a legal man because he goes for a cover on Lars and the referee counts, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayns strategy seemed to be fake a breakup and come back together, and as they beat down on the three men in the ring it seems to work. But as Kevin Owens hits a powerbomb on the outside and taunts, SAMI ZAYN WITH THE ROLL UP! Kevin Owens is the first man eliminated and he can't believe it! Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn stare down before beginning there famous trading punches, Kevin Owens low blows Sami Zayn and screams at him before Lars Sullivan would rush in and take out Owens, along with Sami Zayn hitting the freak accident and pinning him. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been eliminated, and Lars Sullivan waits for the next entrance. Dean Ambrose would step out of his pod and instantly go after Lars, taking him out and throwing him face first into the pod. Dean would climb up the cage, and jump off taking out Lars before staring down with Seth Rollins a man he has had a huge history with. Seth and Dean battle before Braun would come out of nowhere and throw both men onto the steel, Braun steps out of the ring and runs straight at Seth, but Seth moves! Braun goes crashing into the pod! Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins team up on Braun and hit a double suplex and all 4 men are down, as the next and final man is ready to come into the ring. Drew Mcytnire, the final man to come into the chamber runs out and instantly makes an impact. Hitting a claymore kick on Braun, the match would continue with all 5 men hitting there separate big moves and when Dean Ambrose would hit the dirty deeds on Seth Rollins everyone in the arena thought that was it for Rollins but he would kick out at two. The next elimination would come when Dean Ambrose would jump off the top of the pod and hit an elbow drop on Lars Sullivan, but before Dean could cover him Drew would hit a claymore and pin Dean in the center of the ring. As Drew stands up Braun Strowman comes into the ring, bleeding from the top of the head but Lars Sullivan is able to lift Braun up for the freak accident and pin the monster in the middle of the ring! Lars stands up but not for long as Seth Rollins and Drew Mcynitre take down "The Freak". The match would continue up until Seth Rollins would hit the curbstomp on Lars and get the pinfall, Rollins has been in since the start with Braun and is hurting and Drew, who is still very fresh stands over him, looking at the Wrestlemania sign. Drew and Seth battle for 10 minutes, a back and fourth near fall battle but the end would come out of nowhere. As Seth would hit a buckle bomb into the edge of the pod before throwing Drew into the ring and hitting the curbstomp, getting the win! Seth Rollins is going to Wrestlemania! Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship Match The match begins with both men ready to fight and it shows, as Hardy runs at Joe and lands a stiff couple punches and dropkicks him out of the ring. But when Hardy tries to dive over the top rope onto Joe, Joe catches Hardy and throws him back first into the announce table. Hardy and Joe continue to fight, and Jeff Hardy is able to almost defeat Samoa Joe but when Hardy would go for a swanton bomb and Joe would move, it would signal the end as Joe locks in the coquina clutch and causes Hardy to pass out. We have a new United States champion and his name is Samoa Joe! The Revival vs War Raiders - RAW Tag Team Championship Match The Revival have been on top since winning the tag titles, but they face their biggest challenge yet in the War Raiders. Hanson and Rowe would open up the match dominant, taking out Scott Dawson and beginning their fast-paced offense as both teams would have multiple near falls and high risk moments, even seeing Hanson dive head first out of the ring onto Dash Wilder, but after 18 minutes of an absouloute war of a tag team match Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson would hit the shatter machine on Rowe and get the pinfall, retaining there tag team championship and punching their ticket into Wrestlemania, where they will face Gallows and Anderson. Pete Dunne vs Bobby Roode - Intercontinental Championship The "Glorious" Bobby Roode has been on a major winning streak and has had the best run of his career since leaving his tag partner behind, and tonight he has a chance to win his second singles title in his career. However, the United Kingdom champion is going to defend his second title with pride. And the match would be a back and fourth, 10 minute war that saw welts come over both mens body. But by the end of it, a Bitter End on the apron would put Roode out for good and allow Dunne to pick up the win, retaining his championship in a battle that almost saw him lose his title mulitple times. The real story would come after the match, as Tyler Bates music would hit and Bate would walk out and enter the ring as the crowd goes crazy. Dunne and Bate stare each other down before looking at the Wrestlemania sign, Bate looks at the United Kingdom championship and shakes his head before pointing at the Intercontinetal championship as the crowd chants "One More Match" The Ronda Rousey Expirence - Womens Championship Ronda Rousey would come to the ring and unveil the brand new Womens Championship, which has been fitted to a white strap to fit both brands and a platinum lining. The women who would answer Rondas challenge was Lacey Evans, and what a match it would be. Ronda Rousey would attempt to put Lacey away early but the antiques of Lacey would allow her to go toe to toe with Ronda, and she would impress fans around the world by almost defeating Ronda, but that wouldn't be enough as Ronda Rousey would lock in "Pipers Pit" and make Lacey tap out, Ronda stands up and points at the Wrestlemania sign. Lacey impressed tonight but Ronda Rousey was better, and whoever wins the fatal fourway better watch out. Brock Lesnar vs Andrade "Cien" Almes Before the match could start, Paul Heyman and Zelina Vega would have a promo battle and in the middle of it Andrade would take advantage and low blow "The Beast", from that point on Andrade would have a slight upperhand on Brock and would get Brock into a postiion we haven't seen him in, however Andrade would get caught out and a pissed off Lesnar would throw Andrade all around the ring. The Royal Rumble winner would not be able to comeback besides a few kicks and Lesnar would hit 2 F5s, before going for the cover and pinning Andrade. Don't take anything away from Andrade, because he took it to the beast tonight, as Lesnar would raise his title in the air and look at the Wrestlemania sign, Seth Rollins would come out of knowhere and nail a curbstomp! Rollins faces Lesnar at Wrestlemania, and he is ready to slay the beast. Toni Storm vs Charlotte vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch The fatal fourway that everyone is looking forward to, when "The Man" makes her entrance the crowd explodes and as the bell rings, we are underway as all four women go to war. Asuka, the former champion would go after Toni Storm and Charlotte would take out Lynch. Charlotte and Asuka would stare down and on the outside of the ring Toni Storm and Becky Lynch would battle it out, throwing eachother into the barricades. The match would continue and there would be various big spots, such as Charlotte hitting a moonsault off the top to the outside of the ring, Asuka would also impress, almost making Charlotte tap out with the Asuka lock. The highlight of the match would come when Charlotte would hit a spear on Asuka, and Toni Storm would come out knowhere and tackle Charlotte out of the ring knocking both women out. That would allow Becky Lynch to lock in the Dis arm her on Asuka and cause her to tap! Lynch is going to Wrestlemania! This crowd is going crazy! Becky Lynch won the Royal Rumble, she won this match through an injury! Buddy Murphy vs Ricochet - Cruiserweight Championship (Smith) Carrying through the momentum from January to February, the cruiserweights have continued to show why 205 Live is a special attraction within the scheme of WWE. A video package runs before tonight's WWE Cruiserweight Championship match which begins by showing the end to the amazing fatal 4-way from the Royal Rumble which saw Buddy Murphy retain his title. It then continues to Christian announcing how the next contender will be decided before highlights of the three qualifying matches and the final number one contender match are shown, ending with the stand-off between number one contender, Ricochet, and the defending champion, Buddy Murphy. Murphy and Ricochet would begin this match just by feeling each other out as this first time that these two competitors have clashed within the squared circle. However, Murphy would soon learn exactly why Ricochet is a world-renowned athlete as "The One and Only" ups the tempo and catches Murphy off-guard with his incredible speed. Nevertheless, Murphy would manage to catch Ricochet in mid-air with a huge bicycle knee strike which would swing the momentum to Murphy now. The two would continue to go back and forth repeatedly, putting on an intensely competitive matchup until Murphy would move out the way of Ricochet's 630 senton before finally planting him with Murphy's Law. Murphy would follow by using the last drops of energy he had left to make the cover and pick up the three count, retaining his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in the process. After the match, Murphy is able to crawl over to the ropes where he is handed his title. He eventually gets to his feet, using the ropes to aid him, and then celebrates with his gold in his hand. As he comes down off the top rope, he turns to Ricochet who has his hand extended, offering a handshake. Murphy hesitates before slapping Ricochet's hand away and getting right up in his face. Murphy can clearly be heard saying "you're not on my level" before telling Ricochet to leave his ring as he continues to celebrate yet another title defence. Rey Mysterio vs Killian Dain vs Aj Styles vs Elias vs Daniel Bryan vs EC3 - WWE Championship Match Rey Mysterio and Aj Styles would start out as the others look on in the pods, and what a wrestling match these two would put on as the crowd pops multiple times and both men hit amazing moves. Eventually, the chamber would come into play as Mysterio would go to the top rope before being pushed into the pod from behind. Styles and Mysterio would both go to the top rope and a frankensteiner off of the top rope would put both men down, as number 3 gets ready to come into the ring. EC3 would come out of his pod and instantly throw Rey head first into the pod, sending him crashing through it. EC3 would continue his dominance onto Aj Styles, throwing him into the chamber several times before hitting a sitout powerbomb for the two count. Rey Mysterio hasn't moved and EC3 slowly beats down Aj Styles, yelling at the crowds chants of "You Can't Wrestle" as the next entrance would come out, and EC3 would still be as fresh as a daisy" Killian Dain walks out of his pod and EC3 runs away but the speed of Killain would allow him to jump over the top rope and crash into EC3, EC3 and Killain Dain would battle it out but Rey Mysertio, who has gone to the top of the pod would jump onto both men and take them out. It wouldn't be long till Killian Dain would get up and begin to take out Rey Mysterio, but a phenomanal forearm from Styles would take out Dain, but Styles would be to hurt to make the cover and we still have two men who need to make there entrances. EC3 and Rey Mysterio battle it out in one corner as Aj Styles stumbles to his feet and the next man is ready to come out. Elias runs out with his gutair in hand, and as Rey Mytserio springboards off of the top rope he gets nailed by his gutair and it explodes over the body, Elias picks up Rey and hits a brand new finisher he calls the "World Tour" and he would pin Rey in the center of the ring! Rey Mysterio is the first man eliminated! Mysterio rolls out of the ring and leaves the chamber as Elias smiles from ear to ear, roll up! Aj Styles almost gets Elias with the roll up, Killain Dain comes out of nowhere and knocks both men down with a double drop kick. A handful of spots happen, including a powerbomb to the outside and Aj Styles climbing halfway up the chamber before jumping off onto Dain. Everyone is down, as the champion comes out to many boos. Daniel Bryan walks out of his chamber slowly and walks into the ring where all 4 men are on their knees, Daniel spends nearly 3 minutes kicking all men in the chest leavng red welts on everyone. Bryan gets handed a microphone and begins to cut a promo, on why this Chamber is bullcrap. Daniel throws his microphone and hits a running knee on EC3, eliminating him for the second elimination in this match. Daniel Bryan taunts but Aj Styles is able to take advantage, Aj Styles promised to win this match and Aj Styles gets Daniel down! But before Aj Styles can capitlized, EC3 would hit a low blow and would turn Styles around, nailing the One Percent and freaking out on Styles, throwing him into a pod and the support beam of the chamber and referees would rush into the Chamber. The referre throws up the "X" sign and Aj Styles is dragged out of the chamber, and I guess he is eliminated? We're down to two. Daniel Bryan who looks at his opponent, the beast from Belfast Killain Dain. Dain runs towards Bryan and Brayn runs away, and what an impressive final two it would be as Killain Dain would kick out of multiple running knees, and Bryan would get sent through a pod, powerbombed on the outside, and Killain Dain would even hit a top rope splash but the champion would stay alive. Eventually, Daniel Bryan would hit the 4th running knee on Killain Dain and defeat the "Beast From Belfast", and despite the crowd being behind Dain, the chamber would raise and Bryan would retain his championship. Daniel Bryan is still WWE champion.
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    Arrow Dream's promo

    I am Arrow Dream and if you don't like me then too bad because I am taking Alex's title at BPZ maina if you like it or not I am not resting till I take Alex's belt and I will because I am Arrow Dream I am the best NXT superstar on the roster if you don't like me well guess what? I don't really care I am not here to worry about crowds I am here to worry about the NXT title and the only person who is in my way is the champion himself which his name is Alex Costa I am not resting till I get that belt Alex Costa can't run from the dream I will hit the purple rainmaker and pin Alex Costa at BPZ Maina and take his belt he isn't gonna be NXT champion for long in fact he don't deserve to be NXT champion I do so I am telling you I am taking your belt Alex Costa and I will be NXT champion for a long time till I get called up to the main roster I am gonna beat Alex at BPZ Maina take his title when I do your gonna be crying .
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    Death Notorious Angel

    The Retired Legend

    {Carnage is a week removed from a eventful Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, and the sold out crowd here in Detroit, Michigan is on their feet, excited for what should be a great show ahead of them. The normal song plays for Carnage while the announcers talk about the final steps on the road to BPZMania IV, the lights go out and the song ends. The crowd gets confused, as a harsh silence waves over the entire arena. No fan has a single clue of what's happening at all. Then, the solo of a guitar is heard over the PA System, which leads to a short drum solo then "Black Or White" by Bleeding In Stereo plays, leaving the fans more confused. The song continues to play, leaving the crowd in even more confusion, till fifty eight seconds into the song sends the crowd into a defying ovation for only one man, he's back! Angelo Caito bursts through the curtain, getting hyped as the crowd gets loud, the lights coming on to a new Angelo Caito tron as Angelo looks out at the loud crowd as he points out at them before walking down the ramp a few spots before stopping. He looks around the with a smile on his face as he flips his long hair back and then he spreads his legs out a little, shakes his body some before throwing his arms up, pyro following behind him. Angelo then throws his arm forward as he looks out at the crowd, seemingly just as excited as they are. Caito walks down the ring, high fiving fans before sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet fast and then walks around the ring, soaking in everything. He grabs a microphone, happy to be back it seems. The theme song ends, leaving Angelo to the cheering of the future Hall of Famer as he smiles from ear to ear as he hears a loud "Angelo!" chant from the crowd as he walks around, waiting patiently. Once the fans have calmed down, he starts talking.} "One month ago, I retired from active Wrestling, which has allowed me to sit at home for the whole month, and during that time, I've kept little track of BPZ, hell I didn't even know Julius lost both his titles. But being back so far, it felt like I was gone for years. Flynn won the World Heavyweight Championship, Arius won the United States Championship, Alex Costa is the NXT Champion, we got even more new guys. And what's not only weird to me, but also upsetting is to see how far along BPZ went since my retirement at the Rumble last month. And coming back is bitter sweet. Sweet because I love this business and this company with all my heart and soul. I left my blood, sweat, and tears on this mat weekly for four years, and the part that makes me upset is when I got here, I was welcomed by my good friends here at BPZ and it's great to see them, but it feels like these newer guys don't know who I am. Well, let me introduce myself, my name is Angelo Caito." {The crowd cheers, which then leads to a "Angelo!" chant once again as he looks around, another on his face before he speaks again.} "I also go by the names Brad or Nanovirus. I've done a lot here, but too lazy to list off my achievements. But to sum it up, I'm the guy who kept on going, even though everyone else said I shouldn't. That I should give up for everything that happens, but I didn't. That says it all that you need to know about me. Now, I know me coming out here, everyone in the back is going "Oh he's breaking his retirement, what a shocker!" No, I'm not coming out of retirement." {The crowd boos that last statement, displeased with Angelo sticking to his retirement, and they then start chanting "One More Match!" loudly and repeatedly, to which Angelo shakes his head.} "Trust me guys, with how the last person to "retire" went, someone here actually needs to stick to their word. So now the question remains, why am I here? If I'm not here to compete, why am I here? And the answer is a three part answer. One is you guys, the BPZ Universe. The fans who no matter what I went through, you guys gave me a reaction, wither it was cheers or boos and I am forever thankful for it. Two is to watch over these NXT guys. They are new and they got a long way to go and always got time and room to improve. Secondly, to remind some other guys here, more importantly from the 2015 era that we don't need to hog the spotlight anymore. We've proven ourselves long enough to stop. While we ate, the new guys got hungry, and when the new guys got hungry, they either get inpatient and leave, or they just sit out their contracts. We don't need that, because then BPZ suffers, the fans get bored and tune off, and the company goes out of business. Those reasons are why I'm back. And while I'm not no wrestler, manager, or any kind of authority figure, I will keep by what I say and I will help this new era to reach their peak of their careers. Let me introduce myself again. I am Angelo Caito, and I am the Retired Legend." {Angelo places the microphone on the mat as "Black Or White" kicks in again, with the crowd cheering as Angelo points to the fans again and claps along with them.}
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    Balor retains at Wrestlemania, probably in a big multi-man ladder match. Meanwhile Styles, Anderson and Gallows get drafted to RAW. Finally getting the Balor/Styles Bullet Club storyline for the Intercontinental Championship. Book it, Vince.
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    United States Championship Discussion

    Since the start of the brand split in mid 2016, including one vacancy (thanks Dolph), the US Title has changed hands a whopping 19 times. A disturbing indication of how badly this title needs help. It needs a stable champion and to be regularly featured as a prestigious accolade, urgently.
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    Favorite Wrestling Finisher

    A good ole Frog Splash is one of my absolute favourites. Whether it be Eddie Guerrero's, Rob Van Dam's "Five Star Frog Splash", or Hiroshi Tanahashi's "High Fly Flow", I think it's a classic and fantastic climax of a match. As a huge fan of mat wrestling and technical prowess I also love submission finishers of every kind, as long as it doesn't look silly (Magna Claw to the traps, however in retrospect they're kinda funny). The Koji Clutch, Dragon Sleeper, Triangle Choke, Cloverleaf Hold, Stretch Muffler, Cross Armbreaker, Octopus Stretch and the Sleeper Hold to name but a few of my favourites.
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    The Champ is pissed off!

    Before the NXT Champion leaves, Blue/Black LIGHTS come out as Maasa looks confused as he looks at Alex. As he stands at the entrance ramp blocking Alex from leaving to go to the back. Alex, I just have one question... I know you mentioned all these scrubs and all these amazing people but from my stance, you're a weed in a pile of them your not special or unique your just a normal wrestler who won the NXT Title with I mean no competition because I was not working to become NXT Champion, I wasn't focused its my fault but you what's even worse I let you win the title... You're a meaningless wrestler who will never win take a title win from me again. The reason why I came out here was to ask what you think of me I just told you what I think you what do you think of me because you didn't talk about me in your little statement about NXT Division. Maasa Waits for his Answer
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    Twitch Wrestling: Viewers Choice
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    Brenden held his giant I Phone to his ear with his hand, the looked as his ear had turned on face time by mistake. He fixed it and continued. One look at Brenden's expression and you could tell that he was not happy, this was not a good call. As the call ended, his face was white with panic. Brenden: "This thing is bigger than I thought Kid. You need to get me a list of every drug test we've conducted in the past month." The man across the line of the phone was the BPZ doctor. People had become very interested in his practices and as a result were asking questions about his BPZ connections. Brenden: "I don't care who they are or what they took, we need to take anyone off TV who failed." The Kid: "Alright Bren, the list is pretty long." Brenden: "I don't care! Just list them out to me." The Kid: "Well, there's Josh, there's Brad, there's Storm, there's Bashka......" The Kid stopped there, he had left out Echo and Jason Ryan on purpose. The Kid: "....and that's all." Brenden: "Well we can afford to drop all these guys for a month or so until all this cools down. Make sure you let them all know Kid, well done." Did The Kid really deserve it?
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week In the words of the greatest man to ever live "I'm back and better than ever" it is me the prodigal son, the Messiah the One and Only Mike Hunt. It has been a long time since the Top 5's last episode but never fear because big boy Mike is here to present to you the Top 5 Segments of the Week along with the coveted Superstar of the Week. We are on the road to BPZ Mania IV after a very newsworthy St Valentines Day Massacre PPV so lets see what made it into the Top 5 5. A common theme around this time of year is surprise returns and surprise appearances because everybody wants that sweet sweet paycheck that comes with being featured on the BPZ Mania Card. One man that definitely wants that cash is none other than the self-proclaimed King and one of the best to ever step foot into a BPZ Ring, I'm talking about Slim. This past week on the Carnage following SVDM a standard video package was being played highlighting the BPZ Mania Main Event between Bailey and Flynn. But out of nowhere the stream cuts out and we are shown a room. The room then ignites and then bursts into flames as a message appears. "BPZMANIA... THE KING RETURNS TO BURN IT ALL DOWN. {3/2/19}" Slim is coming back, I love it we all love it and that lands him at the number 5 spot. Damn that man definitely knows how to make an entrance what an absolute beast 4. Speaking of the BPZ Mania Main Event, the 4th best segment of the week was one from the GM and current Royal Rumble Winner Bailey. He came out to a heroes welcome this week on Carnage as he told a fascinating story about Flynn and Slim. He embarrassed, he mocked and he patronized the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and to be completely honest I loved every bit of it. What we usually get on BPZ Tv is a whole heap of the same thing. A promo where someone threatens to embarrass and brutalize someone. Like seriously in the famous words of our Queen Ariana Grande Thank you Next we need something different and this is exactly what Bailey brought. I also want some merch with all of his catchphrases I love them all 3. Moving onto a man who is constantly looking to reinvent himself and we always ask the same question whenever he makes it on this list. Is this what will take Yelich to the top? Is this the one? Well hopefully it is because he may just be standing on his final legs here in this company if he can't pull it out come BPZ Mania when he challenges for the United States Championship. Yelich brought up his many gimmick changes and personality switches and finally realised he has had enough of losing. The man even threatened to retire if he couldn't pick up a win soon and that is some deep shit. We saw how talented Yelich can be on the mic in his war of words with Flynn but can he back it up in the ring who knows, but this seriousness and more focused drive of Yelich is intriguing to see and hopefully he can pull out a win do really kickstart a new push to the top of the Company 2. One of the biggest news stories coming out of SVDM was the fact that the seeming unstoppable Julius is not beltless. Not only did he fall to Arius for the United States Titles but was then controversially beaten by Bailey after he was attacked with the championship belt by the GM. This couldn't have come at a worse time for Julius as he now doesn't have a real direction heading into the showcase of the immortals. A package was played on Carnage highlighting the rise and fall of BPZ newest star and it showed that your place at the top isn't safe even for the seemingly unbreakable. Julius muttered one word "Redemption" before the feed cut out. This is a very crucial time for Julius, he needs to make sure he doesn't fade away and become known as a one hit wonder. We may be seeing a more dangerous, more desperate Julius in the coming weeks and that might spell danger for everyone in his way 1. But coming in at number one we have a segment involving the Global title. Yes the Global title the one we all thought was retired once it was stripped off of Bart. But nonetheless Echo Wilson, FDS, Yelich and Kieron Black put on a great match at SVDM with the new arrogant persona of Echo paying off as he became only the third man to win both the Universal and Global Championships. But what came after was pretty surprising. Necce announced that he had left BPZ but in a stunning turn of events, Necce returned to BPZ and made his presence felt. The crowd were in awe and so was Echo Wilson and FDS. Following the match FD was livid and so was Echo. Both men now have a common enemy in the returning Necce who has been unbeatable in the last year setting up what may be an amazing BPZ Mania program. Will FD and Echo put their differences aside to take down a common enemy? We will have to wait and see Superstar of the Week Seemingly for the 500th time already this week, FLYNN is your Superstar of the week. Not only did he win the BPZ World Championship but he also formed quite an army adding Julius as well as Ropati. I'm not sure if anyone can stop this man heading into BPZ Mania but I am sure we will find out very very shortly
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    Storm Highlights edits

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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    WWE One Night Only: United Kingdom Live from the 02, on Sunday March 17th, WWE stars will invade the UK and will rage war for the first WWE Network event of 2019! WWE has announced a card, and with the PPV coming 3 weeks before Wrestlemania, everyone is looking for momentum. The stadium is already sold out, and what a card we have for you! Pete Dunne vs Walter - United Kindom Championship Match Buddy Murphy Open Challenge - Cruiserweight Championship Match Ronda Rousey vs Rhea Ripley - Womens Championship Match John Morrison vs Tyler Bate vs Bobby Roode - Triple Threat No. 1 Contender Ladder Match John Cena vs Lars Sullivan [card subject to change] [no need to predict]
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    FOOTBALL SEASON - 2019-20 Transfer Window (19-20): Top 10 Summer Transfers: Isco - Real Madrid to Man Utd - 101 million Paul Pogba - Man Utd to Real Madrid - 97 million Marcus Rashford - Man Utd to Real Madrid - 93 million Goncalo Guedes - Valencia to FC Bayern - 87 million Casemiro - Real Madrid to Man Utd - 85 million Marco Veratti - PSG to Arsenal - 67 million Mateo Kovacic - Real Madrid to Man City - 66 million Nacho - Real Madrid to Chelsea - 62 million Kalidou Koulibaly - Napoli to Barcelona - 62 million Ryan Sessegnon - AS Monaco to Barcelona - 60 million Top 5 January Transfers: Stepehen El Sharrawy - Roma to AS Monaco - 66 million Cristian Pavon - Inter to Chelsea - 65 million Mariano - Real Madrid to AS Monaco - 65 million Frenkie De Jong - Ajax to Liverpool - 59 million Yannick Carrasco - Yifang to AC Milan - 46.5 million Awards: World Golden Ball: Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd - Roberto Firmino / 3rd - Harry Kane World Player of the Year: Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd - Lionel Messi / 3rd - Neymar JR Player’s Player of the Year: Lionel Messi 2nd - Harry Kane / 3rd - Cristiano Ronaldo World U-21 Player Of the Year: Kylian Mbappe World Keeper of the Year: Ederson 2nd - Marc Andre Ter Stegen / 3rd - Alisson Becker World Team of the Year: GK: Ederson (Man City) LB: Lucas Digne (Inter Milan) CB: Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool) CB: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) RB: Kyle Walker (PSG) CM: Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) CM: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) LM: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) CAM: Nabil Fekir (Chelsea) RM: Luis Suarez (Barcelona) ST: Harry Kane (Tottenham Spurs) Season in Review: FIFA Premier League: This year had a few defining themes to make the Premier League worthwhile. First off is the usual dominance of the Spanish big two. The Real Madrid side who made so many changes in the summer bringing in the likes of Pogba and Rashford capitalized off of their total overhaul and came just around where they were expected as the Premier League Champions of 2019. Behind them came the dominance of the Manchester clubs. In 2nd was Man City with the additions of Kovacic, it proved that money can really buy you success as they overcame not only their Manchester rivals but their entire league as well. Manchester United surprisingly came 3rd place in the season behind a revival of their own. Saying goodbye to Pogba, Rashford, Smalling was hard but with Isco, Casemiro, Bernat coming in it was not bitter sweet at all. For a team that was barely predicted to make top 10 this year, they proved to be the more than just a legendary side. Rounding out the top 4 were the predicted champions this year, Barcelona. Typical moves in general from them bringing in Koulibaly and Sessegnon but it was the massive strike force of Suarez and Messi as well as the emergence of Dembele on a worldwide stage that brought them a top 4 berth. On the opposite side of the scale we have our unlucky bunch. Villarreal, Porto both found themselves out of the count early. But when it came down to the Relegation finals, Marseille found themselves in a suitable position winning 3-0 comfortably over Sevilla to stay up for good. Meaning Sevilla are the second Spanish club to go down this year. FIFA World Champions Cup: We pick up our journey of the Champions Cup in the quarter finals as Liverpool would defeat Real Madrid surprisingly to advance, Chelsea faced rivals PSG and lost in a nailbiter on penalties, AS Monaco squeezed out a shocking victory despite losing 2-1 in the second leg to Manchester United and then Juventus blew out the dark horses Athletic Bilbao. In the semi finals it would be a dominant showing as Liverpool came out victors 4-1 aggregate over PSG and then to make the finals complete, Juventus would edge one with a late goal to beat out AS Monaco. Making the finals, Juventus and Ronaldo vs Liverpool and the dynamic duo of Salah and Firmino. In what was a intense finale to the Champions Cup Firmino would open the scoring in the very first minute for Liverpool. 10 minutes later Rodrigo Betancur would answer back and then just in the stroke of half time, Paulo Dybala would seal the deal to give Juventus a tightly fought 2-1 victory. For a team that missed the top 4 in the league, the Cup was a very special moment for them, just the same. Our Prospects: William Smith: After 3 games for the Liverpool Under 23’s and 1 friendly appearance for the main squad against Malaga, Will Smith found himself going out to former MLS side, New England Revolution to play out his season in Division 5. Will Smith turned out to be a star coming out of Liverpool and into New England, playing all 20 of the league matches as well as averaging a very fine 6.96 rating with 2 goals and 1 assist from the back. The easiest highlight would be against Ferencvaros where he scored a goal and managed a team leading 7.7 rating. The future does look very bright for Will Smith though as he already has a transfer arranged for next season where he will join formerly Brazilian side, Sao Paulo on a full time deal to be one of their primary players as he ventures into League One. Nathan Gaffney: Nathan Gaffney’s season was a little bit disappointing. In a year where many others found their leap into full time or part time positions at other clubs, Nathan was still stuck at Manchester United in the Under 23’s system. After managing 17 appearances from the bench and on the starting 11 with the Under 23’s side, he managed to get 1 goal and 1 assist. His highlight match was his goal scoring affair against the Atletico Madrid Under 23’s where his club won 3-1. It was also yet another appearance on the international scale for Nathan Gaffney. He represented his Irish nation on two ocassions for the Ireland Under 21’s against Bulgaria and Luxembourg. His international highlight would be his part in the 4-0 rout of the Luxembourg Under 21’s where he scored 2 minutes in and Obafemi scoring 2 of his own. Mark Andrews: Mark Andrew’s season began in the roughest way possible. His contract was expired, he was wanted by 57 clubs but no one rang the phone. Finally, in his last ditch effort, a small club formerly from Greece named Larisa called him up and signed him off the free market. Larisa are in the 8th division but Mark Andrews was just the experience they needed to get a top 4 appearance in the league. Mark Andrews made a total of 15 appearances with a massive 6.92 average rating as well as a goal and an assist to his name. He did unfortunately miss 3 games to suspension, 1 game to injury and 1 game to being unused and on the bench. His highlight match in a Larisa jersey this season would be against Hercules CF formerly of the Second Division in Spain. Mark Andrews could not be lucky as Nathan Gaffney was to make the Irish National Team but the job was well done all the same for his club. Prince Scurlly: Prince Scurlly got a massive calling this year, from playing football on the Barcelona main side on 3 occassions to finding his dream loan location, and getting more recognition as the greatest Bangladeshi player of all time, he did it all. Prince started out his season on the Barcelona Chinese tour playing Changchun and Yongchang on the way managing two good appearances. His real moment to shine came at Leon formerly of Mexico. He managed 7 appearances and missed a few he should have started due to a rigorous campaign as captain of the Bangladeshi national team. He scored 2 goals in a 6.62 average rated season. His best performance would come against Wolves where he would score and get a 7.3 rating to match. He would have 3 matches internationally as well where he would get two wins off 3 against Northern Mariana Islands and Laos but losing to Kyrgystan. His brightest performance was a 2 goal, 7.4 rating showing against the Laos side wearing the captains armband. James Ropati: James Ropati was the second and final unfortunate man to not find a job out on loan, not garnering any interest at all from the other clubs of the world. Ropati, started out his season with 2 friendly appearances against Rochdale and Viktoria Koln where he managed above a 7.0 rating on both but his real club work came on the Under 23’s. He managed 14 games where he got a 6.77 rating and 2 goals and 1 assist. His best game to date was a his 7.5 rated game against the Atletico Under 23’s where he scored a goal. In what was an exciting new development for Ropati though, he managed to attract the attention of a few interested faces from back home in New Zealand. He only played one friendly which was a 2-0 loss to the Nigerian Under 23’s. Darius Gillison: Darius Gilisson was a lucky man, he only managed 1 appearance for the Bayern Under 23’s but it was where he went out on loan where he broke out. Darius managed 17 out of 20 possible appearances for the formerly Russian club Lokomotiv Moscow in Division 2. He averaged a 6.98 and scored 2 goals as well as getting 3 assists from his Enganche position. Easily his best performance was his 7.9 rated performance against Espanyol where he got one of his assists. Darius Gillisson was also one our lucky bunch to get selected to represent not just club but also country. Gillisson managed 2 appearances on the Greek Under 23’s side against their Serbian and Polish counterparts. He scored once in his time there against the Serbian Side in a 3-1 victory with his 7.1 rated performance. Joshua Scott: Joshua Scott, was in a sticky situation for...well not for long….when Real Madrid told him that they no longer had the space for him in their club. Josh would then push to get a new job in the free agent market and in no time he was picked up by a worst possible case. Meet Deportivo Lara, an Ecuadorian side in Division 9, the lowest of the low. Despite being one of their marquee players, he only managed 10 appearances for the club where he played 8 of them in the Division 9 and the remaining two in the Global Club Cup. In the league, he managed to score a single goal and average 6.56 overall much to the disappointment of his supporters. Overall, he will be dreading that he ever made the move from Real Madrid in the first place. His best performance will be remembered in the cup though as he managed a 6.9 rating in a blowout 6-0 loss to Atletico Madrid. Steven Maasa: Not much to say about Steven Maasa, he hasn’t played a minute of football all year. Similarly to Josh and Mark, he was a free agent, and well….he still is a year later. Despite drawing interest from Arouca, Esbjerg FC, Ferro and Leonesa all season he didn’t sign with any of them, playing a total of 0 minutes this year. Better luck next time Maasa, maybe we’ll spot you in the Parc De Princes serving as a vendor one day. \ Alex Costa: Taking a drastic turn for the better, Alex Costa managed a much more positive year in the black and white stripes of Newcastle United. It did not take Alex Costa long to find his way out of FC Bayern and into the St James’ Park. He didn’t even get to appear for Bayern before going over to Newcastle as their marquee signing of the summer. In the Global Club Cup he played once and managed a 6.40 managed as the team struggled overall, in the much easier League One Cup Newcastle managed to get to the semi finals under a massive 7.10 average rating performances from Alex Costa at winger. In the league though is here Alex Costa shined the brightest. In 37 games, he managed a 6.95 average rating with a staggering 8 goals from the wing and 1 assist. The real heartbreak came for the team though as they faltered in a 1-0 loss to Besiktas which gave Lyon the Promotion Playoff match and therefore kept Newcastle in 3rd place in the league. Alex Costa’s run as the Division 1 savior has faltered here this year. It cannot take away though from this experience Costa is getting on such a high level and most can only expect a true spectacular showing from him next year. Kai Campbell: Kai Campbell was also a loanee man this year, going from his home club of Chelsea to the very attractive side in Italy, Atalanta. In 14 appearances for the Italian former side, he averaged a 6.66 rating being empty on both the scoring and assist tally. This is highly disappointing for the fans who expected him to be so much better with his statistics. Yet again though, Kai Campbell impressed on the international front where he managed 5 appearances on the England U21’s, 7 on the U20’s and 2 on the U19’s. His best performance in the U21’s would come against Portugal in the U21 Euro qualifiers where he got a 6.7 rating, He participated in the U20 Elite League where he got a massive 8.1 rated match against the Poland U20’s where he scored a goal and lastly was the U19’s where his best was an average 7.0 rating against Norway U19 squad. Prospect Standings: 1. Alex Costa 2. Kai Campbell 3. Darius Gillison 4. Prince Scurlly 5. Will Smith 6. Nathan Gaffney 7. James Ropati 8. Mark Andrews 9. Joshua Scott 10. Steven Maasa
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    The Briscoes Info In case you are somehow unaware of these two men allow me to educate you. The Briscoes are one of the most decorated independent tag teams of all time. They have held a record 10 Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Championships and currently in their 10th reign as champions. In addition to this, they are Former IWGP Tag team Champions, 2-time CZW World Tag Team Champions, 2 Time NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champions with Toru Yano, Former GHC Tag Team Champions, Former Ring Of Honor World Six Man Tag Team Champions with Bully Ray and have held many many more championships as a team. As singles Wrestlers, Jay is the more accomplished of the two as he is a 2 time Ring Of Honor World Champion whereas mark’s biggest singles accomplishment is winning the 2013 honour rumble. They also won the 2009 honour rumble as a tag team. As a tag team, they use a combination of their singles finishers with Jay utilizing a Double Underhook piledriver known as The Jay Driller and Mark utilizing a modified top rope elbow drop known as the Froggy Bow. What WWE Should do with them I mean any tag team title would be acceptable. The Briscoes are one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling today and if they did get signed I think to give them a run as NXT Tag team Champions, Then As Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Then as Raw Tag Team Champions would be excellent. I think they play better heels so making them heels and having them run through every tag team division on every brand would legitimize them as the top tag in all of wrestling so I think that coupled with probably excellent matches with the likes of the Usos, New Day and the Revival could be excellent for the Briscoes. What WWE Could Do with them I think it’d be more likely after a run in NXT they would be more suited to smackdown. I think to put the Smackdown tag team titles on them after a lengthy feud with the Usos would be a smart move. The Usos obviously are seen as one of if not they premier brother tag team in wrestling currently so you’d think that a feud with the premier brother tag team in WWE VS The Premier brother tag team on the independents would be a smart booking decision on the part of WWE and I have a feeling that the Briscoes would probably get at least one run with the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. What WWE Will probably do with them I Hate to say this but the thing is I don’t know how the Briscoes would fair on main so I’d say it’s probably more likely to say they would take the NXT tag team championships if they were to sign with WWE. I have a feeling Triple H would like them enough to put the NXT tag team championships on them and let them run rough shot around NXT as a top heel tag team but I don’t know about the Main Roster, their gimmick is very interesting, to say the least, and it may come across as comedy in the eyes of Vince so it’s hard to say. Next Episode: (FINNNEEEEEEEEEEE) Jay *sigh* White
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    I don't have beef with announcing callups, my problem is that they're just calling people up to call them up. There was no plan for the new call ups they announced before the rumble, they just kinda flung them out there. EC3? Hasn't to my knowledge had a main roster match yet after over a month of being announced to become a member of the main roster. Nikki Cross? Buried in a team with Alicia Fox (though I quite like that team), didn't even get in the women's tag chamber, and seperated from SAnitY. Heavy Machinery? They've done nothing huge but they've done some stuff I guess, but they have no direction, they're just kinda there, though it is sad to me that they are probably the most successful out of the recent call ups (not that they're bad but imo the other call ups are better than Heavy Machinery either in-ring, gimmick wise, or both). Lacey Evans? Well... I think that speaks for itself. The surprise element usually fixes this because it gives a storyline to the people being called up. Like when Enzo & Cass were called up and interrupted The Dudley Boys, they started a small program with them and got a direction and a start on the main roster. They had a plan for them and it worked, Enzo & Cass then went on to become an over tag team and both guys did go on to have some success on the main roster. They have no plan for these people they just called up, they just want the novelty of having them. So are they ruining the surprise element of callups? No, I think a call up is surprising no matter what. I mean they technically announced many call ups back during the initial brand split draft but when they debuted it was still a surprise. But they are ruining the call ups a little bit by not using the surprise call up more often, because they aren't giving the call ups a direction by not doing so. With Asuka's call up, she got a direction with her initial program against Emma. With Enzo & Cass' call up, they got their direction with their initial program with The Dudley Boys. With Drew McIntyre, he got a direction with his debuting tag team with Dolph Ziggler. EC3, Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, and Lacey Evans got none of that. I hope this made sense.
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    ELITE PRO WRESTLING: DECEMBER RESULTS: FRANCHISE PLAYERS: BEGINNING OF DECEMBER: WEEK 1: WEEK 2: JAPAN PPV: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: US PPV: FRANCHISE PLAYERS END OF NOVEMBER: FINANCE: POPULARITY: MEDICAL: NOTES: Michael Hayes is now 90+ pop in all US regions. I am completely caught up! Thanks to @BrendenPlayz and @Keeley having patience with me, even at times when it looked like I was never going to catch up.
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    *bulldozer comes out to the ring while dragging a trash can while the fans look around confused and after Bulldozer places the trash can in the center of the ring he grabs a mic* now I understand all of you people must be confused as to why i’ve brought a trash can out here with me and I understand that so I will explain it to all of you but not with words *bulldozer then pulls out a picture of Alex costa holding the nxt championship up after he won it and drops it in the trash can then lights up a match and drops in there with it* now then if that’s not clear enough for you people or for Alex let me explain it in a way you can all understand at bpz mania Alex’s reign as nxt champion will go up in flames just like that picture did except at bpz mania it will be far far worse see you there Alex if you show up that is *bulldozer then proceeds to laugh while staring at the fire*
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