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    Respect Me

    We are live from a sold out arena for Carnage Live! Air Sirens echo the arena with everyone clueless into what is going on. That is until a figure slowly comes back from the curtain and onto the stage and the fans finally recognise the familiar face. ITS BEEN MONTHS SINCE HE'S BEEN HERE! ROSS IS BACK! The former EVOLVE General Manager hasn't been seen since the disbanding of the BPZ Brand Split but here he is. Ross rolls onto the middle of the stage looking around embracing the crowds huge surprised reaction to the return. Ross cracks his knuckles and begins his walk down to the ring. Sporting a different look than usual with short hair and a casual beard. He rolls into the ring and looks around the sold out arena as the crowd shouts his name. He grabs a microphone and waits for the rowdy crowd to calm down as they await Ross the address them. Did you miss me? The crowd go mental and cheer for Ross as a cheeky smirk comes across his face. For months I've been on the sideline coping with an injury that I thought was behind me. Thinking to myself will I ever still inside the wrestling ring again and compete. And now I can answer that question for everyone because the answer is yes. Just last week I was cleared to make my return to BPZ by the medical staff and backstage management but I thought I would wait until now to address you all. That's because last week all I was doing was scouting, looking at the new competition and I'll be honest I was quite impressed by them. The only thing I wasn't impressed by is the lack of respect that these new wrestlers are showing the likes of Flynn, Bailey and even Slim. They are nothing but disrespectful towards the people that have been carrying this company on their shoulders for years. However that isn't the only thing that annoyed me. Another thing was how they are so disrespectful to the best performer that has ever stepped in the ring and that is me. The arena bursts into a mixed reaction as Ross makes a bold statement. Just from walking backstage into this ring the amount of rookies thinking they run the place is abysmal. It's time to put these new guys back in there place and let me make a promise with you all, I will be the one to do that. I bet you all thought I was going to come back and say I missed this place didn't you? Well if you did then your just all as deluded as eachother. I came back for only two reasons. One of them is to show these rookies who the real talent is and the other reason is to win titles. Now, a really big PPV is on it's way and every single Championship will be on the line. Ross paces around the ring with the fans cheering "YES YES YES" It sounds like you people want to see me fight at BPZ Mania?! I've thought long and hard the past week about who I want to face at BPZ Mania. And the person I will be facing at BPZ Mania is... Absolutely nobody. You people don't decide when I fight. And I certainly won't be fighting because you want me too. I'll fight where and when I want to. Just one thing to management and everyone in the back. Consider this all your final warning, respect me or the the consequences. Because ladies and gentleman, "The One" is back. Ross drops his microphone and smiles to everyone in attendance. But what we just found out is that Ross is back and he's put everyone on notice.
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    FIFA 19: Chelsea FC Career Mode Since the sacking of Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea have been on the search for the right man for the job but as of right now it looks like the search has come to an end. With only a few months left in the current season it seems that Roman Abramovich has finally come to a decision on who to make their permanent manager. But to surprise his choice would shock the world as he appoints Ross Haslam as Chelsea first team manager. As one of few managers these days to not play football but be a successful manager. Ross began his journey by jumping the gun and going straight for his coaching badges. Ross has said previously he never wanted to become a Footballer full time but to achieve his dream in managing the best clubs around the world. Ross who has just joined Chelsea FC today recently managed Ipswich Town in the EFL Championship which he left to join "The Blues". Before he managed Ipswich Town, Ross had only managed one team professional which was his hometown club Oldham Athletic which he managed to get a 6th place finish and also won the EFL Trophy all in one season. The sacking of Maurizio Sarri came as a shock to many people as many thought he was doing well at the club. Chelsea are going sitting third in the Premier League which is why many people thought the sacking was quite harsh on Sarri. However recently details occurred that the reason behind the sacking was a lack of team backing and respect from the player towards the manager. Sarri also reportedly got into a fight with Chelsea captain Azpilicueta. However Chelsea FC will want to put the Sarri era behind them and look onto the future with they have invested in Ross Haslam. Chelsea are also still in a few competitions including the FA Cup and also the UEFA Europa League. *Chelsea are third because I've simmed to March and couldn't get any lower, also still in the FA Cup because it gives us something to play for.* *If there is anything you would like to see or any special requests of sorts just let me know*
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    FDS walks out to the surprise of Echo Wilson, he is dressed in his black long coat, a t-shirt and jeans very casual, FDS slips into the ring and looks the confused Wilson in the face, he smiles, the ring crew nervously hands a microphone to FDS, FDS snatches it out of the ring crew members hand terrifying the young man. The fans Chant “FD FD F**** S” enthusiastically. FDS smiles up at Echo before his face suddenly drops. Did you bring the Hardcore to me? That’s not what I thought happened when you couldn’t even knock me down after cheap shotting me with a light tube. But that’s not why I’m here. After our match at Saint Valentines Day Massacre, you approached me with an offer, I believe your exact words were “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend” very very interesting way to see things, young man… but one thing strikes me very very much that annoys me: You think you’re better than everyone else, at let me tell you something kid… that’s not a problem. You can have a huge ego but the thing is the people backstage and these people are going to hate you for that… so let me give you a little bit of advice: They are all wrong. The fans looked stunned and chant “WHAT?” FDS looks at all of them with just a look of disgust. You’re going to what me? Really? Are you kidding me? When I came back you all hated the fact that I was trying to better myself, you hated the fact that I was the sadistic psychopath who tormented people for months and yet… when I was that person you all booed me, you all hated my guts and now that i’m back to being like this… Do you think I care about any of you? You think I care about the little piece of shit wearing my shirt just because he thinks i’m cool now when months ago his parents probably would’ve been teaching him how to say some words I can’t say because the backstage people are afraid to lose any more sponsorships. You people act as you support me but in reality, all you do is try to make yourselves look good, try to make yourselves look like you’re a part of the show. “Oh, let's cheer for FDS because he’s back to being crazy and tearing apart his body for our entertainment!” You’re all so pathetic. I don’t give a damn about what any of these people think of me Echo… and neither do you and I think that’s exactly the kind of person I need watching my Back. I hate these people, I hate this company and most importantly I hate Necce, So my young friend in regards to your offer: I accept. FDS sticks out his hand awaiting a handshake from the Evolve Global Champion Echo Wilson.
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    Booking Discord Server

    BOOKING DISCORD SERVER Click To Join -> https://discord.gg/yxzzZsK For the past year or so Brenden has blew up the TEW scene with his streams and videos. A few months ago I put together a booking server where members of the community can post there own saves in their own room on Discord. So far we have around 40 members in the server and we are looking to add more and take it to the next level. Normally people will post their TEW saves in a post however some people don't have the effort for that or other people will just keep their save to themselves. In this discord you can post all your shows in your very own room and book as you wish taking advice and opinions from the rest of the discord. Or you can just sit back and read other peoples TEW saves and give them advice or things you think would be cool. Here is some of the features we currently have in the Discord server: - Mods Room: Got any cool mods you enjoy playing? Share the mod with the rest of the server to play and see what they think! - Mod Requests: If you want to play a certain year in TEW or just can't find a new mod to play then ask for the mod in this chatroom, Someone will be sure to help you find the right mod you are looking for. - News & Rumours: In this room you can find all the latest news from up and coming booking games such as the next TEW game aswell as new updates for current booking games. - Your Own Room: If you have a save you want to share with the server then be sure to head to the room request chatroom and ask for a room. One of the Admins/Mods will allocate you your very own room. @Bart @Julius @Smith I want to thank these boys for looking after the server for me whilst I was absent and making sure everyone got a room etc. @bailey14 Bailey will also become an Admin on the server helping out where needed and enforcing the rules so thanks to him also. @BrendenPlayz I also want to thank Brenden just for being in the server and making it look cool. I'll also speak to him about adding a feature where you guys can ask him questions about his saves and future plans.
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    The One Bullet

    Cody Cage has arrived at the arena, his presence is felt and the fans are booing, Cody Cage walks out from the back, lifting his arms up and pointing to the roof, with a rush of adrenaline he runs to the ring and bounces off the ropes a couple of times, before picking up the microphone from the announcer's table, he gets in the ring once again and puts his head down and licking his lips ready for a speech. "I've got a gun with one bullet in it, and it's aiming at Alex Costa, last week I addressed my issues with the NXT title, a dear possession that everybody dreams of, but nobody possesses the skills to hold it other than three or four superstars in the locker room, and I can tell you right now, that my dream is on Alex's shoulder and with all the power and confidence that I yet still hold with a firm grip, I will fight for that title, I will win that title and I will shove it in the face of everyone who disbelieved me, you are looking at The Reformed Cody Cage, the one with a murder weapon instead of a camera, the one who hides his face instead of showing it to everyone, the one that doesn't act on a stage or at the movie-set, but at the fighter's den, I am a superstar filled with talent and potential, and I will use that to gain that title, and rip from Alex's hands, whether he will be cold-blooded or not by the end of it, that title will belong to me, Cody Cage, and I will run around the world with it, I will hold it close to me and never let it go, I am gonna be the NEW Champion, and nobody will stop me in my way, run on my side of the road or not, but be aware of the truck coming your way..."
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    Echo Wilson


    {Saint Valentines Day Massacre has come and gone and the countdown begins, we are in crunch time ladies and gentleman. Yet again, history has repeated itself and the way we see BrendenPlayz wrestling has shifted. Our BPZ Mania IV marquee matches are official and we could not be more excited. The New World Champion, The New Flynn is officially bringing the fight to the Royal Rumble winner, Bailey, the man in charge. But the one people are most intrigued about, the match that is expected to tear the roof off of the Mercedes Benz Arena. The Global And Unification Match. Villain vs King vs Devil. As we look to the wide entrance way tonight on Carnage Television, we see the flashing lights and the boos tell the entire story.} {The heavy piano plays and Echo Wilson steps out, shinining brighter than ever. Why? Because he has added some new gold to his hardware collection. The Global Championship sits comfortably on his shoulder and Echo Wilson confidently fiddles with the microphone in his hand as he makes his way down to the ring. His attire screams out arrogant and rich. The Burberry Scarf, the Timberland boots, even donning a fancy suit. When Echo steps into the ring, he pauses. He looks around confused and begins to talk on the microphone.} "You know guys, it's funny, I coulda sworn that I made the executive order backstage for a chair to be placed in the ring. Waiting for me to sit in it. But I guess the company's Global Champion ain't so important after all. HEY YOU! You little mouth breather! Grab a chair for your CHAMP Will ya?" {The poor technical assistant in the ringside area, sprints at full speed for an available chair and after a few moments of wait, he comes running back out with one. He tries to hand it to Echo Wilson but Echo forces him to set up the chair for him, which he ends up doing. Echo Wilson is finally content with the situation and sits down.} "Better. Now notice how I placed an important inflection on one particular word in that past sentence. CHAMP. That's right, ladies and gentleman and all you poor creatures. I am your Champion. And not just any champion, the GLOBAL CHAMPION. It just fits so well because I have been and will continue to be the world's answer, the world's hero. So this title is proof that I will continue to be the King of the World. And I told you all that I would become Global Champion, but none of you listened. All of you couldn't see through the veil that was my past. All of you thought that I would never be the same, never bounce back the way I did. BUT IT ALL MEANT NOTHING IN THE END. I am still a champion and a winner in all of your eyes. We can all forgive and forget because there's no one who is more proven and more adaptive than me. That's pure truth as well. There is no one, who in my shoes, could do what I did. So DOMINANTLY. I brought the fight to Kieron Black, I ended the career of the Video Nasty, and most importantly I brought the hardcore to FDS. Whatever occurs between the two of us is a separate matter from the caves we will be exploring today, my loser friends. Some might say that even though I outlasted three less than competent men, the greatest challenge lays ahead of me. But yet again, you all are ignoring the facts. No matter, how good you are, or even how good people say that you are. No one, and Nobody, is as good as me. I cannot stress it enough, I am better than you, And You Know It." {Echo Wilson sits up in his chair, lays out the Global Championship, and then rests his elbows on his knees. He begins again, lazily raising the microphone to his lips.} "No matter what happens at BPZ Mania IV, I will go down in history. As the last man to ever hold the Global Championship. That is right ladies and gentleman, yet another feat to add to the long list of accomplishments. But at BPZ Mania I have two different sorts of challengers, both men who say they are great, and have the resume to back it up. At the end of the day, no one can give proof just as I can but all the same to whomever. On one hand we have Necce, a man who, and some of you may not know this, but I've been trying to get across the ring from for over a year. The man is said to be the most talented talker in this company's history. That is factually incorrect on so many levels but this is what they say. I'm all about burying legacies, and that's what I've been wanting to do with Necce for some time. On the other side, we have a man, or should I say a Villain, who my path has crossed with one too many times. As the record states, I have not beaten this man ever before. But yet again, Echo Wilson now is much more complex, much more confident, then the Echo Wilson that was involved in all of the Kingdom's business. Bart, you and I have basically ridden on the same coattails and have sipped from the same cup. We were born and bred together practically and everything we've done has been so damn similar. But the similarities, unfortunately for you idiots who love parallels, end at BPZ Mania IV. For once Bart, I do something that you've never done before. And that is not only beating you but becoming the UNDISPUTED BRAND CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE. And that's an accomplishment, no one can ever say that they've achieved before. It places me in a league of my own and proves that I'm the BEST in the world and the universe no doubt." " At the end of the day, BPZ Mania IV is all about making your BPZ Mania moment your own. And no one deserves to have a BPZ Mania moment more than I do. No one deserves to be King of the Mountain, UNDISPUTEDLY like I do. I am deserve the world, I deserve the universe and I'm going to have it all in the palm of my hand when we're flying out of Atlanta. It isn't just a dream either is it? I don't have to dream. Unlike all you painfully sickening faces in attendance tonight, I'm fingertips away. I just have to make that final push and prove where I'm at. On the other hand, we cannot say the same for the other two can we? Necce, you little snake. You gave up your chance at being Global Champion, you backed out right when the going got rough and you deserve to pay for that. But no, BPZ must protect and nurture, its big star. It's what the FANS want isn't it? Bullcrap if you ask me. Necce, opportunities are hard to come by around here and you are being handed them. I'll show you what I do to undeserving losers at BPZ Mania IV when I send you right back to your couch. And then Bart, don't even get me started. The golden boy around here, Bart, you make me sick. Always having Brenden in the palm of your hand, always getting the perks of being his little pet. And then not to mention Bailey has a man crush on you for whatever reason. You and everyone else in the world know that things could've been very different for you and for me. You were about to take a loss and If it weren't for mistakes in the past, we would not have the Villain as the Universal Champion today, count on that. But you got lucky, I payed my dues and you thrived in my absence. Well now I'm back and I'm just as much of a worthy champion as you are. Global, Universal, they both are prestigious but being UNDISPUTED champ? That's a whole new beast. And I'm going to conquer it by conquering you. And conquering the Raven and ending all these stupid fan boys and girls who drool over the both of you. There is only room for one star and that is me. BPZ Mania IV, the day that everyone's eyes are awakened. The day that people realize that whether you're deaf, dumb, blind, or generally a failure, or even poor. There is a man you can look to for an example of dominance. There is an idealistic King amongst you. That King is me, Bow down in my Glory. As I become the FIRST UNDISPUTED Champion in our company's storied history." {Echo Wilson smirks with his sinister smile. He believes everything he says and he's going to stick by it till death. Will Echo live up to his promise of being an UNDISPUTED champion of BPZ? Or will past demons come back to haunt him?}
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    Echo Wilson


    {Echo Wilson smiles and takes a step back. He looks at the prone hand of FDS and smirks. He looks at the crowd who are booing like mad. Normally an alliance like this would bring about cheers and excitement but this is a partnership for the worst. Echo Wilson looks back at the hand. In one quick motion he shakes it. Much to the dismay of the audience.} "I always knew you'd come around FD. Now that we are a united front, I believe that we have a mission at hand. Necce, this goes out to you. Watch your back, You've got an army coming for you. FD, the insane enforcer, the Psycho of Strong Style. And then me, your worst nightmare, the killer of ravens. And believe, me this is only the beginning. On the shows of shows, the biggest stage of them all. I will ostracize you, I will embarass you, and I will Blacklist you." {Echo Wilson raises the arm of FDS to the shock of the crowd. A new duo of sorts has formed in retaliation against Necce. And the odds are stacked. Echo Wilson is tired of being the sole fighter, he's come with an army. Will Necce be able to withstand the onslaught?}
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    Xtreme Pro. Wrestling - Sign Up

    I will be creating a custom wrestling promotion, using Google Sheets. There will be a new topic posted with events of Pay-Per Views and such. I would be very thankful, if you could comment with your superstar as such: Template: Wrestler Name = Finisher = Alignment ( Face, Heel or Tweener) = Tag-Team (Create a second superstar) = Size (e.g. Cruiserweight) = Image = Example: Wrestler Name = Kang Tanaka Finisher = “Lights Out” (GTS) Alignment = Heel Tag-Team (Create a second superstar) = N/A Size = Lightweight Image =
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    Arrow Dream Promo 3

    I am Arrow Dream the best NXT superstar to be on BPZ NXT and too add on to it at BPZ maina I'm taking Alex's title Dream over is what I am gonna do to Alex at BPZ maina like how I squashed local talent and now I am coming up with a project and Idc what u think about my project its gonna be better then what u present at your jobs because your trash at presenting your files unlike Arrow Dream who is gonna be doing a project but u will have to wait to find out as the fans are booing Arrow again Idc what u think of me I am the best NXT superstar to live and your booing me why? Because you can't do your jobs right when its your big day so go home and learn about the best thing that I will tell you guys your lazy and always be lazy your trash and that's why I am doing my job right and your not I am saying this you guys don't deserve me or Angelo but we get paid more then you people sitting in the crowd so go home to your run down lives and go think that I can do anything but u can't.
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    Chelsea FC First Team Roster *This will be updated after every change* Goalkeepers Kepa Arrizabalaga (86 OVR) - Will Caballero (73 OVR) - Rob Green (69 OVR) Defenders Antonio Rudiger (83 OVR) - Andrea Christensen (81 OVR) - Cesar Azpilicueta (86 OVR) - David Luiz (83 OVR) Davide Zappacosta (80 OVR) - Emerson (77 OVR) - Gary Cahill (78 OVR) - Marcos Alonso (83 OVR) Ethan Ampadu (67 OVR) Midfielders Danny Drinkwater (78 OVR) - Jorginho (84 OVR) - Kovacic (85 OVR) - Kante (90 OVR) Ross Barkley (80 OVR) - Ruben Loftus-Cheek (79 OVR) Forwards Callum Hudson-Odoi (72 OVR) - Eden Hazard (91 OVR) - Gonzalo Higuain (87 OVR) - Olivier Giroud (81 OVR) Pedro (81 OVR) - Willian (83 OVR)
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    Aaron North

    The Era of The Northern Star

    The lights go out and the music of "The Northern Star" Aaron North starts playing. The lights come back on but Aaron North isn't standing in the ring but instead he's shown in a ski cabin in Northern Finland with a snowboard and some professional skiing equipment. North looks at the camera for a while, then out of nowhere the fans start chanting his name and he looks shocked. Well well look at all these people Alex Costa, listen to all these people Alex Costa, they're starting to warm up to me, and Alex they're finally starting to realize that i should be the NXT Champion. St. Valentine's Day Massacre has passed and it was great even without me on the card soon it's BPZ Mania time and it's also the start of a new era for me. Aaron than starts walking around and he picks up a cup of coffee. Great things have been happening lately, i had my first match against Maasa i lost that match but people were clearly impressed with my performance, i got my first win in NXT against Arrow Dream in a crushing victory, i hired Angelo as my advocate and it finally feels like my career is going somewhere and with Angelo by my side i'm sure i'll be NXT Champion much quicker than i expected. This cup of coffee describes my potential, me, my body and my momentum, hot and great. He then puts down his cup of coffee and turns to look at the camera and grabs the camera. Alex Costa, Arrow Dream, Bulldozer, Cody Cage, Maasa, Owen, Hans and Mikey. You all better be ready because i've been preparing and i've been training here in the cold, harsh weather of Northern Finland, i've been skiing, snowboarding, running, rock climbing, and lifting weights, because at BPZ Mania i have an opportunity that i don't wanna screw up, because this is the shot i've been craving for and fighting for, ever since i first stepped foot inside that ring and now i finally have that opportunity and i'm not gonna let it be ruined by anyone. The Northern Star then opens his cabin door and sees a big snowstorm. See? As i told you all it's a cold, harsh winter weather. I'm probably backstage right now for the show, so if anyone wants to fight me i'm available. North than turns off the camera and leaves the cabin.
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    The Akki

    Hall of Fame

    It's the Evolve here tonight. The crowd excited for this night, we're starting off pretty strong as we just heard Akki's old theme song played and he's coming out to a very heated crowd. People booing Akki after the incident he to Cody Cage two weeks ago. Akki comes out of the Gorilla and looks pretty.. old. He has no masks, no fire, he's just Akki. The crowd immediately rolls their eyes and already starts to guess that he's going to lay down one of the sad promos. Akki walks down the ramp with a full sad face, the crowd doesn't give any major attention because they know what's about to kick in. Akki keeps on walking down the ramp, gets up the apron, looks at the crowd and then enters the ring. The ring announcer calmly hands Akki his microphone as Akki starts to tear down. The crowd in a bit of a shock but then returns back their normal position as Akki almost starts to talk. Before he could say a word he drops the microphone and dramaticaly walks around the ring in circles for about forty-five seconds. The crowd not buying in to his acting, Akki repeatedly slams his fist on the announcing table showing out his anger that he's been keeping down. It seems as if Akki's about to drop a massive bomb or a disstrack to the BPZ Universe like the fire disstrack of "RLA on AJ Tracey". Akki enters back in the ring and picks up the micropne and started finally speaking. Most of ya'll know who I am, but let me re introduce myself to some of the newer NXT members. I am The Akki, I am HeelAkki, I am GodAkki, I AM FREAKING AKKI. I am the greatest wrestler in the BPZ. None of you agree with me because all of you have an opinion of your own. I respect every single second of it, right now I am in full anger, why? I just came out of the back and I wasn't even scheuduled to be here, for the fact, I am NEVER scheuduled to be here, but I am here because I am Heel freakin' Akki! Now the reason I'm angry is because something has been bothering me for quite sometime. Something very unreasonable in some of your eyes. I don't care for anyone's opinion because I can't abide this situation, I've been enduring a treatment of disrespect and opprobrium. I've been here five years, I feel disgusted even standing in this ring, I'd rather go to GTS wrestling or SmackTalk's but I stand here because it's a habit, an unforgettable and unreviving habit. It's in my blood. I can't complain about opportunities because I got them left and right and I've always failed becuase the opportunities I was getting was unreal and I was always against the odds. It was always a setup. I'm not here tonight to give out my retirement speech because I'm leaving this wrestling ring under one reason and that reason is actually reasonable if you hear out what I have to say. I have fought for my dreams for many years, I've been through it all for many years, I've always failed and it was always my fault. I always self accusate becasue I know that it's always my fault. But down in my heart I know I am the fucking best, I know that I can do anything I put my mind into I do it. But tonight I'm here to talk about my history. In 2014 I joined the BPZ, and I was already labeled as the worst wrestling in the company. After being kicked out of the N.F.O. I revolutionized myself as HeelAkki. I was in the biggest rivalry of 2015 with WWE234, and when he left for a bit my world turned upside down. 2015 was one of my worst years in BPZ, I lost alot, I changed myself and called me a God. I completely flipped flopped. In 2016 my life kind of turned away, I almost became NXT champion. I tried to build a legacy with George and Aidanator but not everything last long. Then came 2017, the greatest year of my life, I've completed so much that I can't even start to begin where. The year started off with me disabling WWE234 from the BPZ, then I went on to win my 1st NXT champion, I lost it, but I won it again. I was named after a slammy and I went on to Survivor Series and teamed up with the biggest threat in the entire roster, Slim. I carried him through the entire tag team match, but then came my nightmare. Natedog! I was turned on and robbed away from the tag team championship the following month. Coming into 2018 I started a war with Carnage that didn't go pretty well, I was injured and my match with Bailey or Brenden didn't happen. Later on my nightmare, Natedog was manager and gave me opportunities left and right as a result of the betrayal few months ago. Nothing went to plan and I flipped flop again. I left BPZ and went to create a smash hit as a rapper. And now I'm back in the ring. So you've been wondering what I still am seeking? Well here it is, I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW - February 25th, 2019 Its the night after Elimination Chamber, and the main event of Wrestlemania 35 is set as Seth Rollins will take on Brock Lesnar. But we still have tons of matches to figure out, and every win counts for these superstars. Tonight, Seth Rollins takes on Pete Dunne in our main event and Triple H is in the building. Fight Owens Fight Kevin Owens would open the show, saying how last night he got screwed over by his former best friend Sami Zayn after forgiving him, the plan was to act like they broke up to fool the opponents in the Chamber, and Zayn betrayed him. Kevin Owens looks at the Wrestlemania sign and explains how he has never had a Wrestlemania moment, and defeating Sami Zayn at the show of shows will be his moment. Thats when Sami Zayn would come out to a huge amount of cheers, the crowd once again behind the underdog. Sami Zayn would accept the match, on one condition, a street fight! And just like that, we have another match set for 6 weeks. As Kevin Owens will take on Sami Zayn in a street fight. Kassius Ohno vs Bobby Lashley In his first singles match on the main roster, Kassius Ohno would go to war with Bobby Lashley. Ohnos tag team partner Apollo would be at ringside as they continue to spread their brand known as "Pure Athlete Entertainment", Kassius Ohno would knock out Lashley multiple times before hitting his finisher and getting the pinfall victory, Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews may be a huge threat to the roster. Ambrose Walks Out A cameraman and interviewer would capture Dean Ambrose in the hallway, walking with his fiance Renee Young when the interview attempts to talk to him Ambrose pushes the mic down and walks towards the exit. He gives Renee a kiss and walks out, what could this mean? War Raiders vs The Revival War Raiders came so close to taking the tag titles off of The Revival, and in six weeks The Revival will face The Club for the WWE Tag Team Championships, but before then they will face off against Hanson and Rowe once again. The match would start right where it left off last night, with both teams giving it there all. After 10 minutes of exciting action, it would end in a double count out as both teams brawl. Finn Balor vs Drew Mcyntire Finn Balor would make his return to RAW, he hasn't been seen in weeks due to an ankle injury and he is back better than ever. Balor comes out and says that he missed out on the Chamber due to an injury, and deserves a shot at the Wrestlemania main event. Thats when Drew McIntyre would come out and say that he dominated the Chamber, and is the only man who could beat Brock Lesnar. A war of words would lead to a brawl and eventually a match, and in the match a missed coup de grace would allow Drew Mcytnire to hit the claymore kick and pin Finn Balor, where are these two going to go? Can they find a place on the Wrestlemania card? Lars Sullivan Is Ready For Cena Lars Sullivan would get a video package, showing his dominance inside the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, Lars Sullivan is set to face John Cena at the One Night Only event in the UK. And its going to be a war. Pete Dunne vs Seth Rollins In the main event it would be the No. 1 Contender vs Pete Dunne, and what a match it would be as 20 minutes in the crowd would be giving the two a standing ovation as Dunne and Rollins stare each other down. Multiple spots would happen and it would be exactly what you would expect between these two, but in the end a curb stomp would be enough to put away Dunne as Rollins stands up and looks at the Wrestlemania sign, can the 'Kingslayer' become the "Beastslayer' at Wrestlemania?! The Game Triple H would come to the ring with tons of security, obviously worried about Braun Strowman. At the Royal Rumble PPV Triple H interfered in Strowmans match with Lesnar and cost him the Universal Championship, Triple H says how Braun is unsafe. But Braun comes out, and this time the security is not enough to hold back 'The Monster' who gets to the ring. But Triple H was ready, as Drew Mcyntire runs out and begins to take down Braun and a sledgehammer shot from Triple H would allow him to take down Braun. Triple H holds the Sledgehammer and points towards the Wrestlemania sign with it, copying Undertakers cutthroat motion as RAW goes off the air.
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    We are Live on Carnage a full week now has passed since Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where we witnessed Flynn dethrone his protege Julius, ending the second longest BPZ World title reign in history and claim his fifth World Championship. Since then, it has been made official that we shall witness possibly the two greatest to have ever done it clash in the main event of BPZ Mania, for the BPZ World Championship as the 2019 Royal Rumble winner Bailey will be challenging Flynn. ”The New” Flynn, THE BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, opens the show, stepping out holding his newly won championship. He stands center stage, a cocky smile placed firmly across his face, proving all the doubters wrong, as well as the many men before who had made the claims that Flynn was on a regression. Here he stands, on top of the world. He finally begins marching directly to the ring, waisting little time as he rolls under the bottom rope and with a microphone in his hand, he speaks to the world. I have for nearly four years, preached that I was the best wrestler in the world. I beat nearly everyone that stepped in this ring with me. However I was wrong. At Survivor Series last year Necce showed everyone just how weak I really was. He exposed me and I will be forever thankful for it. Because of Necce, the old Flynn died. For the greater good. The New Flynn was born from the ashes and since that moment, BPZ will never be the same again. We’ve entered a new era that I am personally leading us into. An era where all of your false idols will die, so I your true hero can rule. You allowed freakshows like Hollow to make you believe that this is some type of form of escape from reality. I shower Hollow the only reality is that he doesn’t belong in the ring with the elite of BPZ. You had false prophets such as Yelich, who use flamboyance as a shadow to cover up his shortcomings in this ring and because of that I exposed him in a mere seconds. I then went on to defeat the most elite of BPZ in a multi-man match, showcasing that if there was still any doubt that I wasn’t the best, well it was certainly confirmed. I put this company on notice, and I pledged to save it from the injustice that was an unworthy champion but more importantly this company was leading toward yet another Bailey championship reign. One that foreshadowed the possible demise of this company. And so Bailey apppinted himself to be the referee in my championship match not to ensure that nothing shady would go down, but to ensure that I would not get ahold of this BPZ World Championship because Bailey knows that he can’t beat me. I proved Bailey can’t beat me at Night of Legends merely one month ago, when I put him away right here in the center of this ring. Our paths from there took two very different turns. He became the luckiest man in the world by winning the Royal Rumble, and I earned my main event spot at BPZ Mania by defeating the most unstoppable force this company has ever seen. Overcoming consistent interference by the matches own referee to get the job done! However now, no one is going to stop me from accomplishing my final goal. Defeating Bailey, in the main event of BPZ Mania. When I began this journey, I seemed to destroy each and every one of your hero’s. Now? I will expose the figurehead of them all, your so called “great one” in the main event of the showcase of the immortals. It will be there that I become your hero, that I become YOUR SAVIOR. However, I’ve come to learn that as the days go by my list of enemies only grows. Bailey is one of the dirties players on the game and I know to ensure that I defeat him I would need aid. Every great hero, never truly accomplished his mission all by himself, and these two men are my angels. Messengers sent from god himself to further push my message. All of your hero’s must die, in order for BPZ to survive. So please, put your hands together for the most elite tag team in BPZ....
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    I Can't Odd

    The Next Step

    We are here live on Carnage and with BPZ Mania rapidly approaching and the supersgars have been whipped into a frenzy as they prepare for the biggest show of the year. Buddy Ace is making his way to the ring for the first time in a couple weeks since he layed out a challenge to his former stablemates that went unanswered. Now we'll see what's next for Buddy as he receives a microphone to speak. "Saint Valentines Day Massacre. You all know I wasn't there. Neither Jason nor Marker responded to my challenge because of course they didn't. Marker was supposedly injured at the Royal Rumble which if true would make him a lot more fragile than I thought. I still can't help but feel it's a bit convenient he screws me over and then gets to piss off and avoid the consequences. Now he decides to go and lose another title match. Marker may think he got even with me at the Rumble but trust me that is not the case. I will get him back for screwing me over whether it be six months from now or six years. As for Jason...well good riddance. Of course it took someone in the back getting pissy rather than every other concievable reason but it happened. All that left me feeling a bit directionless...until last week. The NXT division completely embarrassed this company all throughout the night. The division is still just as bad as when I debuted. This new wave of so called talent has none. They run around doing whatever the hell they want all the while making fools of themselves. Now if I'm being honest there are a few, and I do mean a few, of these guys that have at least half a brain. The champion Alex Costa has had his hands full and last week he took a stand against the jokes ruining the division. Alex has balls and I respect that. I certainly agree that most of those men do not deserve a shot at the title but the problem is if you refuse to face these 'peasants', you'll certainly be stripped and gone like Jason and that battle royal will be for a vacant belt. Nobody wants to see that. So now you say you want some worthy competition...what about me? I'm not like the other guys demanding a shot. I've won matches and I've even held that very title you do now. I can't stand by and watch the division erode any further so while I'm still in it I'm going to help clean it up. Basically what I'm saying is that I will be in the NXT Championship match at BPZ Mania, so I guess the question is whether or not Alex Costa will. Regardless, I will ensure that the NXT Championship does not fall into the wrong hands and I will take that championship back if I have to."
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    You need to be under the transfer ban Chelsea just got placed on them where they can't sign anyone till the Summer of 2020 transfer window.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    BPZ had been putting a few huge shows recently and with the upcoming tapings and the huge BPZ Mania show approaching, the Kid was starting to feel the pressure. He was also being pulled in a lot of different directions. Brenden expected nothing less than perfection from his employees. Brenden: "Hey! Good show tonight, am I right?" The Kid: "Course you are, Mr. Playz." Brenden: "Damn right I'm right!" The booking team was split into two camps with the Kid in the middle. On one side was Smith and The Kid was on his side for the most part but then there was....well.. everyone else on the other side. Whilst he felt closest to Smith, he heard what Ross was saying. Smith was underestimating him and it felt like he was being left behind a bit. Smith: "Didn't realize there would be so much savage violence until I saw it...what happened to wrestlers just wrestling for dominance?" The Kid: "I know...but I guess its what the people want." Smith: "What people want ain't always best for business right Kid? Look at all these small indy shows being cancelled recently. I heard that the networks are pushing for more high profile matches but like how far does that take you? How can we expect people to pay for a ticket or a network service when we get it for free as well? Just doesn't make sense to me sometimes. And not to mention that there ain't gonna be any stars if we keep on suspending people out here." The Kid: "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time." The last statement brought about the arrivals of Marker and Buddy Ace. They came to chat about their feud. Marker: "Well if it ain't the booker man! The anticipation for the rematch is gonna be off the charts man! Can't wait for BPZ Mania!" The Kid: "Yeah...about that....Brenden doesn't wanna do a rematch. He thinks the Rumble match was a bit underwhelming." Marker: "WHAT THE HELL! We had an agreement. I lose to Brenden and Sameer cleanly at the Rumble but then Sameer takes the pin for us at Mania!" The Kid: "I'm sorry guys, but Brenden wants a new direction. This thing is over my head, I can't change nobody's position on this one." The Kid stuck on that last phrase, he heard it from Slim originally. Buddy Ace: "That's not good enough Kid! You're makin us look like crap! What are you gonna do about it!" All the grief had got to the Kid. He played the only card he had left to play. The Kid: "Can I just remind you guys of all the suspension that Brenden has been dealing out recently. Jason already got caught but I seem to remember you guys failing your drug tests." Buddy Ace: "Oh that's so not cool Kid! Friend's don't pull shit like that!" The Kid: "Well friends don't make each other piss into cups either!" Marker: "Alright keep it down kid. We know you didn't have anything to do with it. There's no need for anyone to do anything silly now is there? Now we better hit the road so we can make it to the tapings. See ya!" The Kid's adrenaline was pumping hard. It wasn't that he had just stood up to Marker and Buddy but it was that he had also gotten some enjoyment out of it. He was still in his own head, speed walking when he bumped into BPZ JR. BPZ JR: " Whoa! Slow down there Speedy Gonzales! I got some great news! I just got word that they went and signed Gus to a BPZ contract! He'll be a BPZ wrestler in a week!" The Kid: "That's great Junior. But i don't know if Brenden has any plans to push him any time soon." BPZ JR: "I dont care, he's gonna get crazy over while working dark matches. Plus I know I can always count on you to use him in a match or two." The Kid: "Uh, I don't know about that...Brenden said..." BPZ JR: "Forget about my damn dad for a second! This could be the start of some big changes around here if you learned to stand up for yourself every once in a while." The Kid headed outside to his car. Smith was already waiting for him. Before he could get to the car though, he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Ross, Damnit. Ross: "So what's it gonna be Kid? Are you ready to play with the big boys? Or are you gonna stay in the Kiddie pool all the time with old man Smith?" The Kid felt the irony of the fact that Smith was being called an old man, he was probably younger. That being said, things were clearly changing, and Ross seemed to be at the forefront of said change. The Kid mumbled an answer. The Kid: "Yeah, I'm in." Ross: "Glad to hear it! Stick with me and sky's the limit! We'll get you off the live events right away Kid." The Kid: "Oh well....Ross....if it's alright with you. I'd like to have a few weeks to tie up some loose ends on those live events. " Ross: "Yep, no problem Kid. So what are you gonna tell Smith then?" The Kid: "Leave Smith to me."
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    Aaron North

    The Fall and Rise of NSW

    The Fall and Rise of NSW Chapter 1, Part 3, New Signings 2011 February, Week 1, Thursday Aaron North is walking backstage to his office but when he gets to his office he finds John Layfield who has somehow gotten in. North: "How the hell did you get inside my office?" JBL: "Mr. North how great it is to finally see you again it's been almost a year." North: "Answer my question!" JBL: "I have my money and i have my ways." North: "Anyway, you're here to negotiate a new contract with me, right?" JBL: "Yes indeed now let's get this started i have a very important meeting after this" North: "I'm willing to offer you 38,430 thousand dollars per month, your contract would be 4 years long, we wouldn't cover your travels and you wouldn't get creative control but you would get a 20,000 thousand dollar bonus for signing." JBL: "This seems like a fine offer to me but i'd like to have creative control" North: "Well than i'm gonna have to lower my money offer to 30,430 thousand" JBL: "Ok ok i don't need creative control that badly i'll sign the contract" North: "Great welcome to NSW" JBL: "Thanks, see ya later" North is than visited by Tom Zenk Zenk: "Boss i'd like to ask you something" North: "Sure Tom come in" Zenk: "I'd like to be released from my contract" North: "Why exactly?" Zenk: "Well my run with NSW hasn't really been the greatest i was with The Headbangers but than they left and now it's just me and i feel like i wanna spend some more time with my family so that's why" North: "Ok i'll release you than" Zenk: "Thank you so much boss" North is also visited by Harley Race who wants to negotiate a contract with Aaron North. Race: "Hey i know i'm here earlier than i promised but i just wanna get this done quickly, but i can come another time if you're busy right now?" North: "No no no it's fine come on in" Race: "Thanks now what are you looking to offer?" North: "Well i was thinking 28,000 dollars per month and a four year contract" Race: "That sounds fine but i'd want creative control" North: "Well if i pay you more money say... 30,500 would that be okay?" Race: "Sure that sounds better" North: "So do you want to sign the contract now or will you come by later?" Race: "I'll sign it now" North: "Ok thank you for this you're gonna a really big help on our roster" Race: "No problem i'll see you later" After Harley Race left, Jim Cornette came by to sign his contract as well And now North is looking to join the creative meeting to plan tomorrow's show the first NSW Live. North: "Welcome everyone once again to this creative meeting we've gathered here today to discuss tomorrow's NSW Live" "I'll be taking suggestions, but i also have lots of ideas for the show." "We also have a two new members in our creative team so please welcome Jim Cornette and Mike Tenay" Everyone claps and everyone welcomes them. Okerlund: "Well we could maybe kick the show off with a promo where i talk about The Harlem Heat and The Headbangers leaving and than i get interrupted by The Heartlanders who ask for a shot at the tag team titles and than there's a tag team match between The Perfect Event and Cade & Murdoch where Hiroyoshi Tenzan tries to interfere but hits Lance Cade by accident." North: "Yea that sounds good let's do that." Sunny: "And than we could have a bikini contest between Kelly Kelly & Chyna and than next week they will have a rematch but they'll be interrupted by someone" North: "Long term planning, i like that" North: "Now i think our main event could be Steve Corino vs. DDP and we could also have Starbuck vs. Mark Jindrak when Starbuck hosts an open challenge for his title and Mark Jindrak answers and gets a cheap win and wins the NSW World Television Title. Steve Corino and DDP is set up by Steve Corino demanding to get a rematch against DDP from Okerlund because DDP beat him last month." Cornette: "Maybe before those two matches Tatanka can face The Reborne Ones in a tag team match with a mystery partner, because Tenzan is out injured." North: "That's a good idea we'll do that as well" Tenay: "And maybe before the Corino vs. DDP match Corino can cut a promo and brag about how he may have lost last time but he's gonna win this time" North: "Yea that's also a good idea we'll do that as well." "I guess that pretty much fills up our 2 hours of shows i therefore declare this meeting to be over." The creative meeting is over and so is this part. The next part will be part 4 the first NSW Live of February.
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    I'm gonna start using this at the start of every new post in my diary, thanks!
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    Dark Angel

    Mave's Plan At BPZMania

    I just want you to know that come BPZMania and you have about 1 or 2 months to realize this, I’m gonna kick your ass ’cause I’m the best in the world. I’m the best thing going today. I’m the best guy you’ve ever stepped foot in the ring with. And you need to understand, congratulations,@Alex Costa, you just graduated from the kiddie table, but you just bit off more than you can chew. You’re playing little league with your little insults and your rhymes and your ‘millions and millions’ and your ‘finallys’. And I’m in the big leagues and I’m swinging for the fence. You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it’s all kiddie games. You can’t leave a mark on my face. Come BPZMania, understand, when you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God.”
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    I Can't Odd

    Mave's Plan At BPZMania

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    Aaron North

    The Fall and Rise of NSW

    The Fall and Rise of NSW Chapter 1 Part 2, The First B-Show of February 2011, February Week 1, Wednesday (1 minor note the start of this intro is very bad quality but well i couldn't really do much about it and don't worry it gets better fast) Tonight's show kicks off with the new intro of NSW. Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to this month's first NSW Impact We have a great night of action coming your way tonight as we're gonna see Mark Jindrak take on Daniel Puder and Doink takes on a local talent Don West: And also in tonight's main event Tatanka will take on a big local an absolute monster in Nailz. Mike Tenay: We're gonna kick tonight off with Mark Jindrak vs. Daniel Puder. Both men make their entrances and the ref rings the bell as the two men lock up Mark Jindrak irish whips Puder to the ropes and clotheslines him out of the ring Puder is down on the outside and he tries to get up but Mark Jindrak keeps beating him down. Jindrak pulls Puder back up and pushes him back inside the ring Jindrak pulls up Puder and hits him with a spinning side slam and than pins him to win the match in a dominant victory against the former Sudden Impact tournament winner. But before Mark Jindrak can leave out comes Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson: Mark that was an absolutely dominant performance and the reason i came out here is to tell you that you're gonna have another match next week but it's gonna be against Sgt. Slaughter Mike Tenay: Mark Jindrak looks confident as he the stage and we move on to our next match which is Doink vs. Gunner Before the match Doink has an interview and Sunny asks him why does he need a bucket of water and Doink just answers: "You'll see" Both men make their entrances and Doink has a bucket of water and he throws the water on a fan But before he can get back inside the ring he's attacked by Gunner and Gunner takes him inside the ring. Gunner attempts a powerslam on Doink but is attacked by Mike Awesome but the referee is distracted when he tries to keep the fan away from entering the ring. The ref gets back inside the ring and Doink hits Gunner with the whoopee cushion. Doink pins Gunner and wins the match via pinfall After the match Doink looks like he's been possessed than he picks up a mic and cuts a short promo on Starbuck. Doink: Starbuck you may think you're the best wrestler in this company but you're nothing before you're saved and before you become Reborne. Mike Tenay: Doink sounds like he's possessed or something i don't think he has everything right in his head. Anyway it's time to move on to our main event of this evening it's Tatanka vs. Nailz Don West: Poor Tatanka he's gonna be crushed like a nail with a hammer. Before his match Tatanka has an interview with Jenna Jameson where he says he's gonna win because he believes in himself and advices everyone else to do the same and than he does and than he shouts like a native american. Both men make their entrances and the ref rings the bell Both men stare each other down in the ring before Nailz grabs Tatanka's neck with both hands and slams him down with a two handed chokeslam. Nailz tries to pin Tatanka but Tatanka kicks out and gets quickly back up. Both men start hitting each other before Nailz irish whips Tatanka into the ropes. Tatanka bounces back and hits Nailz with a low dropkick to the knees. Nailz gets back up and Tatanka is on the third rope ready to hit Nailz with the Tomahawk Chop. Tatanka jumps but Nailz catches him and hits a body slam. Nailz goes for a pin attempt but Tatanka kicks out at 2. Nailz gets back up and is getting ready to hit Tatanka with a chokeslam but Tatanka sees it coming and kicks Nailz' knee. Tatanka climbs back up to the third rope and he goes for the Tomahawk Chop again but this time he hits it. He than pins Nailz to win the match. After the match though cameras catch backstage that The Reborne Ones are attacking Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Tatanka than rushes backstage to save his partner but he's too late. The show ends and Don West and Mike Tenay wish everyone a good rest of the evening. The Aftermath North congratulates everyone on their good performances tonight and everyone seems happy with how the show went. There were no injuries and no backstage incidents. Wrestling reviewers gave the show a 63/100 rating There were 2,685 people in attendance. The show got a TV rating of 0.67 Backstage Aaron North talks with Jim Cornette who was there to watch the show. Cornette: "That was one helluva show, now listen do you remember when i told you about Harley Race?" North: "Yes" Cornette: "Well have you talked to him yet? North: "Yes i gave him a call he told me we can meet on Saturday" Cornette: "That's fantastic news i hope he's willing to sign with NSW." North: "I hope so too anyway i'll talk to you later bye" Cornette: "Bye"
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    Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #6 That One AJ Styles theme song Perseus Origin Greek, Son of Zeus & Danae Location Mycenae Most Common Myth Surrounding it He is the hero to have slain Medusa then taken the head of Medusa to King Atlas after he didn’t show him hospitality earlier he turned him to stone using the head of Medusa (also founded Mycenae but I felt this was far more savage) Strengths Supernatural Traits (Strength, Agility, Speed etc) Has a large number of weapons gifted to him by gods such as the helm of hades which he used to turn invisible Weaknesses Can be too optimistic? (Hard to say) VS Hercules Origin Greek, Son of Zeus & Alkeme Location Greece Most Common Myth Surrounding It The 12 trials of Hercules, he overcame many trials in order to seek his redemption after Hera sent him into a fit of rage causing him to kill many a person. The trials ended with Hercules making it to Hades by defeating the Cerberus, Hades would then release him from these labours. Strengths Superhuman Traits Has a large number of weapons and tools collected over his trials Weaknesses Lustful and Gluttonous
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    Twitch Wrestling: Viewers Choice
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    Chono's Angels - Made for a stable in 5SSW
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    TEW 2016: BPZ WrestlingCanadian Crushers ______________
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