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    Just "Marker" Done


    Day 2: The prisoners wake up, the cellars open and all the prisoners come out, the prisoners are talking to each other, especially a Aussie and British person..... Julius: Smith, do you have a plan on how to get out of here?. Smith: Calm down Julius, I haven't seen the entire prison to have an actual idea of how to get out of it, maybe in a couple of days, I'll see. Julius: Well, you better hurry, we have to do that one heist and then we can move to Jamaica for the rest our lifes, in peace of all the bull**** that has been happening. Smith: Yeah, I understand, I'll find a way out, promise..... We move to another conversation between two different prisoners...... Frank: This is so dumb, I can't believe that in prison, all my friends betraying me, once I'm out, I'm going to murder them all. Deco: Jeez, what happened with your friends huh to get this all pissy attitude?. Frank: STFU Deco: Fucking hell, alright Jesus, but can I touch your **** Frank: What? Deco: What? From that conversation, it was silent...... however, there are other people who are hating it more then others..... Suzuki: (Japanese) **** ALL OF YOU, I'LL BEAT YOUR ASS IF YOU DARE FIGHT ME..... Chris: ............... Gwyn: Well this is not what I expected at all, maybe I can make friends with others and use them to get out of here quick.....
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    "In theory, the NXT division should be a thing of beauty. A proving ground for warriors who have recently broken into the wrestling business, competitors who are fuelled by ambition and the hunger to climb the ladder of this excellent promotion, becoming nationally recognised athletes and forging alliances along the way. Such a concept should have the audience defending their favourites to the bitter end, debating who has the most potential out of an aligned class and which of that class will even make it out of such a brutal division. Hypothetically this division should illustrate and produce the future talents of this business, but in practise it is a fallacy, cancerous. In spite of the fact that the biggest event this company produces is fourteen days away, sports television networks aren't speaking about the spectacles lined up at the peak of the card. Journalists do not care for dream bouts set up through months of rivalries and vicious battles, oh no. Instead, their attention lowers to the base of the card. Where the cockroaches lay in waiting, the smoke from an absolute dumpster fire rising through the card, automatically stifling the potential greatness in each and every match. Such a problem has become so prominent, that people don't discuss the likes of Bailey, Echo Wilson or Bart. Instead their displeasure voices itself when discussing the parasites sticking around in the NXT division when truthfully they should have been cut long ago. So it is with great eagerness that I announce my in-ring return at BPZMania IV, with the intentions of committing a mass genocide on the diseases that have been allowed to cavort within my once beloved division and capturing the NXT Championship in the process." Sheridan Müller kicks her feet upon the expensive desk she is situated at, revealing a pair of golden, shimmering wrestling boots enshrouding her feet. The pattern is feminine, golden sparkles covering the majority only differentiating with three cream lines shooting along the side, curling at the peak of her footwear where the lines burst into an angel wing design. She releases a confident laugh before reclining in her chair briefly, only to push her form upright into a standing position. She saunters around the side of the desk, clutching the camera cautiously within her soft, well-kept hands. "I shall single-handedly pave the streets of Atlanta with gold. In truth I am unsure of my competition, but realistically speaking it should not matter, for I can assure you none have the pure athleticism or technical superiority which I possess within my palm. Half are yet to have a match in this promotion and the rest should have met their demise long ago. Whilst I myself have little momentum heading into this bout, neither would I be considered a favourite against the puroresu aficionados and brutal powerhouses, one thing I do have going for me is experience. I have competed for a championship before, twice in fact. I have shared a ring with the likes of Necce, Flynn and Julius and taken them to their absolute limits. The fact of the matter is regardless of my late entry I should be considered a threat and simply pushing my aura to the side would be a huge mistake. This division needs a cleansing few within it can provide and although I have not competed in so long, I bring a certain spark and drive to the table that others simply cannot muster. In two weeks from now Sheridan Müller makes her much anticipated return to a BrendenPlayz wrestling ring and she shall be walking out the saviour of the NXT Championship and the healer of a dying, breathless division."
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    You continue to mention something, and at this point it is simply.... baffling. You mention my loss to Necce, as if you were the one that defeated me. You mention it nearly every single time we come face to face. That I shouldn’t be where I am. Does that not make my current position all that more impressive? Five months ago, you and everyone in that locker room thought I WAS DONE! Now I stand here YOUR BPZ WORLD CHAMPION AND THE MAIN EVENT OF BPZ MANIA! You believe you handed me this championship? I’m a FIVE TIME CHAMPION FOR A REASON? I don’t need luck, I’m the best god damn talent this company has, and to be the best you have to find ways to win over and over again and that’s what I did at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. And you say you created me? I dumped you to the side all those years ago because you held me back. You prevented me from accomplishing my true goals, you were never going to allow me to flourish under you. And you think I regret any of that? I became the most successful man in the history of this company. You are by every means a fraud who so desperately wants to be able to say that you are my mentor that created me. No I created me, five months ago when I killed the Old Flynn, and The New Flynn was BORN! You want to talk about my failure to get it done in the main event of BPZ Mania? How about yours. You were the champ, you stepped in the ring with Nebakos and he obliterated you! It was pathetic, he decimated you corner to corner and he took this title from you. Atleast I have the ability to say that I was robbed of my chance to become champion in a four way, you? That’s stuck with you forever. That’s ok though, because at BPZ Mania, lightning will strike twice and you will be decimated again. And when all is said and done, I’m going to put you away for good.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    WWE Network Special - One Night Only UK Tonight is the night, WWE takes over the UK! With stars such as Pete Dunne, Walter, Tyler Bate, and Buddy Murphy here tonight its going to be a wild and amazing night. All on the WWE Network! The superstars are ready, the commentators are ready, and the fans are ready! Lets do this! Rhea Ripley vs Ronda Rousey - RAW Womens Championship In a match that could change the Wrestlemania card in major ways, Rhea Ripley would make a one-off debut, taking on Ronda Rousey for the RAW Womens Championship. Ronda Rousey has been dominate ever since winning the RAW Womens Championship and she is looking to do no different tonight. Ronda Rousey and Rhea Ripley would tear the house down, having one of the hardest hitting women matches we've seen in a WWE ring. Both women would have welts littered across there bodies early on, the battle would rage on and eventually, Ronda Rousey would catch Rhea Ripley off of the middle rope and lock in the armbar, causing the NXT call-up to tap out in her hometown. The crowd boos as Ronda lifts her title, but coming behind Ronda is Becky Lynch! Becky Lynch attacks Ronda! At Wrestlemania, these two square off but Lynch is getting the upper hand! Becky Lynch locks in the Disarm her, and security forces her off. Lynch is standing tall! John Morrison vs Bobby Lashley vs Tyler Bate - Number One Contender Ladder Match A match with a Wrestlemania spot on the line, three of RAWs best mid-carders would go head to head in a ladder match. All three men would make their respective entrances, all looking at the Wrestlemania 35 sign and the several ladders that surround the ring. The bell would ring and all three men would begin a fast-paced, exciting contest that saw the speed of John Morrison, the wrestling ability of Tyler Bate, and the pure strength of Bobby Lashley all showcased inside the ring before going for the ladders. Welts would soon build from the ladders, and the crowd would be intrigued with every move. Up until the end, when John Morrison would jump off of the top rope onto Bobby Lashley who is played out on a ladder. They would go through the ladder, and that would allow Tyler Bate to scale the ladder and get the contract, eanring his shot for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. As Tyler Bate is celebrating in the ring, the thought of Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate at Wrestlemania is in the mind of every fan. These two young guns are going to go at it like never before. Lars Sullivan vs John Cena Lars Sullivan and John Cena, two men who do not have a set up match for Wrestlemania battle it out after months of attacking each other. As both men go to the ring, we can tell John Cena is more serious than ever ready for the fight against "The Freak", who has been the most dominant superstar on the roster since making his debut. Before the match could even begin, Lars and Cena would begin a brawl that would take to the crowd. Using various weapons in the crowd to take each other down before moving to the ring, where the match would offically start and the violence would continue as both men would hit big shots and moves on each other, the match would continue on and Lars Sullivan would kick out of the AA to many fans surprise. But it would only take one Freak Accident to end John Cena, giving Lars Sullivan the win over John Cena. Lars Sullivan would stand in the center of the ring, dominant as ever. Watler vs Pete Dunne - United Kingdom Championship The crowd would be all in, cheering loud as ever for both mens entrances as its time for our co main event. And its between one of the hardest hitting wrestlers in the world, and the champion Pete Dunne. Dunne and Walter stand across from eachother in the ring, and when the bell rings go full force towards eachother. And what a match these two would put on, the UK crowd involved in it throughout the entire match as Walter powerbombs Dunne onto the apron, announce table, on the floor, everywhere. Dunne would hit several big moves as well and would perform many vintage moves, a number of near falls would come as Walter and Dunne would trade some of the biggest moves of the night, including a belly to belly from the top rope. But it would all come to an end when Walter would hit his powerbomb for the 5th time in the match, this time where it counts in the center of the ring. And for the first time in nearly 700 days, Pete Dunne is no longer the United Kingdom Champion. Dunne is still the Intercontiental Champion, but tonight he lost what made him, him. And Walter walks away the United Kingdom Champion. Buddy Murphy vs FInn Balor - Cruiserweight Championship As we get closer and closer to WrestleMania 35, the cruiserweight division has only got more competitive, more heated and exceedingly more exciting, and now right before the biggest stage of them all they take the top spot on the card. Simultaneously, Buddy Murphy's reign as WWE Cruiserweight Champion has only grown more and more impressive but tonight, he faces his last hurdle before defending his title and representing 205 Live on the grandest stage of them all. Tonight, Buddy Murphy hosts an open challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship which is open to every single cruiserweight signed under a WWE contract. With a profound variety of cruiserweights across the company, there's no doubt that there's a lot of eyes on Murphy tonight but the question is, who is going to step up and take their shot at the champ? The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, makes his entrance before standing in the ring, waiting for a challenger until... The familiar sound of a deep boisterous heartbeat can be heard as the fans soon realize that Finn Balor has answered the challenge! Many people questioned why Balor wouldn't be appearing at the United Kingdom special event but here he is, challenging Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. To begin with, the two take some time to feel each other out as we are witnessing a first-time ever matchup. Inevitably, the pace quickens and neither man seems to be backing down even an inch as they both clearly have something to prove tonight. Just like at Elimination Chamber where Buddy Murphy defended his title against Ricochet, Murphy would once again prove tonight that he can go toe to toe with the best that this company has to offer as he and Balor would put on an absolute stellar of a match. The two would continue to go back and forth until the very end where Balor would go for the Coup De Grace. However, Murphy would get up before Balor could even jump from the turnbuckle. Murphy would strike Balor and then lift him onto his shoulders, looking for Murphy's Law but Balor would slip out of it. Balor would then go for the Slingblade but Murphy would catch him with a devastating bicycle knee strike before continuing to plant him with the Murphy's Law. This would allow Murphy to pick up the pinfall, retaining his WWE Cruiserweight Championship and setting his sights on WrestleMania. The show come to a close and the first ever One Night Only: UK event is in the books, and with more to come. The crowd cheers.
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    BPZ Brother Season 1

    Episode 3 - First time for many, last time for one. Tonight's show kicks off at the stage area with Aaron North and the live audience. North: Welcome, everyone here and watching at home to another episode of BPZ Brother. Yesterday we introduced our house quests to everyone watching, let us see how they're doing now. 7:00 AM The tron cuts back inside the house where we see Sage and Epico making breakfast for everyone. Maasa: Can you pass me the eggs? Epico: Sure, here you go. Maasa: Thanks. So what do you think of this place so far? Epico: It's a nice place but some of the people here really bother me, don't worry you're not one of them. It's that Christina i think her name was, she just seems a little bitchy and annoying, yesterday i saw her talking to that Nick guy and i swear i heard them mention me. I don't know why they would be talking about me but... i hope it's nothing bad because Nick seems like a great guy. Maasa: Don't worry i'm not sure they were talking shit about you, i mean it's pretty childish to do that behind someone's back. Christina wakes up and walks straight to the bathroom. Maasa: Wow, she doesn't seem to be doing so well herself. Epico: I'm guessing she's hungover. Oh well that's what you get for drinking too much. Mudda wakes up as well and walks into the kitchen. He's looking very happy. Mudda: Morning, boys. Maasa: Morning, Mudda. Looks like you didn't drink as much as others did yesterday. Mudda: Nah i'm not really into drinking until i pass out, it's just stupid. Anyway, did you hear anything weird from last night? Sage & Epico: No, why? Mudda: Good, me neither.... Epico: Well... that's kind of suspicious. Maasa: Yea what's up with him, he seems suprisingly happy. Christina finally gets out of the bathroom. Mudda sits down near the bar. Christina: Good morning. Epico: Morning, drink too much? Christina: None of your business, how much i drink. She walks over to the couch and sits down. Epico: See, i told you, bitchy. Maasa: I'm starting see what you mean. Emma Wilson wakes up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She's also looking very happy. Maasa: First plate of breakfast is ready! Mudda: What is it? Maasa: Bacon & Eggs. Mudda: Sure, i'll have some. Maasa: Eggs & Bacon a la Sage & Epico Mudda: Thank you, so i've been meaning to ask why do your friends call you Maasa? Maasa: If i tell you this you're gonna have to tell me why you're so happy. Deal? Mudda: Deal. Maasa: Ok, so... people call me Maasa because once i was visiting Finland and i went to a bar with some of my finnish friends. We got into a fight with some locals and i was the only one taken down and being on the ground in finnish mean maassa. So my friends started calling me Maassa but then they changed it Maasa for some reason. Mudda: Ok, weird story but i'll tell you why i'm so happy. Last night... well me and Emma got together. Maasa: Oh wow, no wonder you two are so happy. So how was she? Mudda: It was like a dream almost. So very very great. Emma gets out of the bathroom and arrives to the kitchen and sits down near the bar just as Mudda finishes eating breakfast. Emma: Can i eat now? Maasa: Yea i just finished the next plate. Epico: Here you go eggs & bacon a la Maasa and Epico Buddy wakes up he walks straight to the fridge and bumps into Maasa who drops all the eggs on the ground. Maasa: What the hell man?! Buddy: Why'd you get in the way!? Look at my shoes they're ruined and it's your fault. Maasa: You should look forward when walking you shit head. Buddy shoves Maasa at the fridge and Maasa slips and falls on the ground. He gets up and retaliates by punching Buddy on the stomach. Nick wakes up and him and Epico quickly break up the argument. Nick: Lance, stop it! Try to be professional and don't use your martial art skill outside the octagon. Buddy: This asshole dropped some eggs and they ruined my shoes. Epico: This asshole wasn't looking forward, bumped into Maasa and ruined breakfast for everyone. Nick: Shut up this doesn't concern you i wanna hear what Maasa has to say. Maasa: It happened exactly as Epico said it happened. Buddy also pushed me at the fridge and then i fell and hurt my head. Nick: Ok i think both of you need to go and calm down. Maasa i'll get you a bag of ice, go rest. Maasa: Thanks Nick, i appreciate it. Nick: No problem. Epico takes Maasa to one of the bedrooms so that he can lie down after that Epico goes to the kitchen and starts preparing some new food. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Lance go into the diary room. Lance goes on a rant in the diary room about Epico and Maasa. Echo Wilson and Angelo Caito wake up. Echo goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth but Angelo makes it before him and Echo's trying to hurry Angelo up but Angelo has to take a shit so Echo needs to wait a very long time. Angelo finally gets out of the bathroom and Echo gets mad at him for taking so long. Echo: What the hell took you so long? Angelo: I had to take a shit and i'm also a little hungover so... Echo: Oh god that smell! I can't go in there now! Angelo: Oh sorry... Echo: Hygiene is a very important thing to me. You'll pay for this... Angelo: I can go get your toothbrush and toothpaste if you'd like. Echo: Ok that sounds good. Angelo goes and grabs Echo's toothbrush and toothpaste. Angelo: Here you go. Echo: Why thank you that's very kind. Gina wakes up next to Eden Marigold. She looks at Eden whose still sleeping and she looks very confused. She decides to wake up Eden. Gina: Hey, Eden wake up. Eden mumbles something in her sleep then she suddenly wakes up. She turns rights and looks at Gina, she also looks very confused. They both sit on the bed and put their clothes on and they decide not to tell anyone. Gina: Good morning everyone! Everyone one the couch says morning. Gina goes to the bathroom to take a shower. Cody wakes up and takes a seat at the dinner table. Epico: Ok everyone, food is ready. Salad and Bacon a la Epico Everyone starts eating, Eden doesn't eat because she's waiting for Gina to get out of the shower. Gina gets out of the shower and Eden takes a shower next. Gina takes a seat at the dinner table next to Cody who whispers her something. Cody: I know what you did last night, don't worry i won't tell anyone. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, everyone else take a seat on the couch and Angelo sit in front of the couch and the rules for tonight's competition. Angelo: In tonight's HoH competition, every house quest will be called to the diary room one by one starting with the reader of the rules Angelo. One of the people who enter the diary room will be given a bottle of water and it's an "infected" bottle of water and the owner of the bottle and the people the owner of the bottle talks to will be "infected". The last house quest remaining who doesn't get infected will win the competition. The house quests stare at each other for a while before Angelo gets up and walks to the diary room. Gina who's sitting next to Cody whispers something. Gina: Can i talk to you for a second, in private. Everyone gets up and Gina & Cody walk in to the other bedroom. Gina: How do you know you were sleeping in another room. Cody: I saw you two last night, you were both very drunk and you were kissing each other then at some point you disappeared from the party area. I decided to go to sleep then i saw the two of you but you didn't see me, i decided to go sleep in another room because i knew i couldn't sleep in the same room when the two of you were well... you know. Gina: Oh my god... please promise me you won't tell anyone. Cody: Don't worry i won't tell anyone but i need you to do me a favor. Before Cody can ask for a favor, BPZ Brother interrupts. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Gina go into the diary room. Gina leaves and goes into the diary room. The cameras then cut to the stage area with Aaron North. Aaron North: Well this is where we leave Episode 3 of the BPZ Brother diary. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next time. The BPZ Brother outro plays. To be continued in the next episode...
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    Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Rebirth Episode 1 - The show comes on, the stage of BFW Rebirth lights up with pyro as it starts with lots of fireworks. The screen cuts to the announce table where Blade sits, "Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to Rebirth! The next incarnation of BFW! We have a big night in store for you tonight. We have the Quarter Final openers of the BFW World Championship Tournament. Eight of the greatest superstars we have and our Main event the debut of BFW's Internet Championship for Rebirth. Angelo and Brad will do battle to crown our first internet champion. Lets get started with our first match of show." - Match 1 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Davey "The Extreme" Wonder vs Kozuchi Onikama - The first match gets ready to start, Davey Wonder and Kozuchi Onikama both in the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Both men circle around inside the ring. Then they rush each other. Davey goes for a big clothesline Kozuchi counters with an arm drag right into a cross armbreaker. He doesnt have a firm grasp over Davey's arm and he manages to escape. Then Onikama gets up and gets taken down by an arm drag by Davey! Another arm drag! Then a Third! Onikama getting back up with each one. After the third when Onikama gets up and gets hit by a very stiff. Davey springs off the ropes looking for a leg drop from a springboard. Onikama rolls out of the way and Davey misses. The pain on his face after missing the springboard dive is very visable. Onikama gets up and runs up and with a swift kick to Davey's head. It hits hard. Onikama goes for a second but Davey ducks it. Gets up and drops Onikama with picture perfect dropkick! Onikama gets up and stumbles into the referee and accidently to push him up into the corner. Davey walks up to grab Onikama and Onikama kicks behind himself kicking Davey in the groin! Low Blow! The referee didnt see it since Onikama's body was in the way of view of the shot! Davey falls out of the ring though. Onikama gets out of the ring wanting the pinfall. Davey had crawled part of the way under the ring. Onikama lifts up the ring skirt and goes to pull Davey out who grabs ahold of Onikama's arm then pulls Onikama head first into the exposed steel of the ring. Not once, not twice but three times as hard as Davey can smash Onikama' s head into the edge of the ring's exposed steel. He is clearly knocked for a loop. Onikama slides back in the ring dazed Davey gets up and jumps up and this time hits the springboard leg drop he tried before! He then drags Onikama to the corner of the ring then climbs up the other one. Coast to coast! Davey with a great show of agility jumping across from one corner to the next to hit Onikama with a kick right to the jaw. Davey moves to the edge of the ring and pulls Onikama out to it. He could win it now but what is he doing. Davey starts setting up for a piledriver! He beings to lift up Onikama shifts his weight getting back ot his feet. He stand sup sending Davey back with a back suplex. He lands hard on the edge of the ring back first! Hardest part of the ring! Davey rolls into the ring Onikama follows. Davey stands up Onikama grabs him and throws him into the ropes, he pops him up and turns it into a piledriver! He calls that Oyasumi Nasai! He quickly covers Davey up. One..Two...Three! The first and only pinfall attempt was the one that ended this match. the bell rings. Ring announcer, "The winner of this match by pinfall and moving on in the tournament to the semi final rounds Kozuchi Onikama!" He wins the match but he isnt done. He starts kicking Davey in the head. More like push kicking his head. Until he kicks Davey out of the ring then he begins celebrating once Davey is out of the ring. Onimaka might have one the match but he isnt a very good sport about doing so. - Blade at commentary, "What a match was that opening match. Both men came out strong. With a couple of arm drags and fast pace moves. We see Kozuchi Onikama take the win. Seeing some underhanded tactics in the match. Davey almost pulled through but couldn't get the job done. It was a nice opening tournament match. Its time for the next match and next match in the tournament now back to the ring!" - Match 2 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Aaron North vs Epic - Once again there are no entrances just Aaron North and Epic the next two who will be fighting each other are in the ring after the commentary break. The bell rings. Both men walk to the middle of the ring and shake hands. A show of respect between the two a major different between this match and the last. They run around the ring then lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. Epic breaks free and Irish whips Aaron into the ropes. As he runs back he jumps over Epic and keeps running but Epic runs into the other ropes as they run towards each other both men try for a dropkick and they both miss since they both attempted the very same move. Both get up but Epic was a bit faster and grabs Aaron and tries to throw him with a monkey flip. Aaron gets thrown but lands on his feet. He turns jumps up onto Epic's shoulders Hurricanrana attempt. Epic flips lands but rolls through quickly and is back on his feet. Running to the ropes. Aaron does the same they run up both jump with a cross body. They collide in air taken both each other out! The fast pace offense is halted for the moment with both men having to recover through the mid air collision. They both get up at the same time and the crowd are on there feet applauding what they are seeing. The show case of two lightweights showing off their athletic abilities. They both run to the middle of the ring now exchanging shots. Epic slabs Aaron in the chest, Aaron answers back with a chop to Epic's chest. Epic kicks Aaron in the ribs with a stiff swift kick. Aaron answers back with a kick of his own. Both men exchanging kicks to the ribs. Alternating between the back of the leg and the ribs where the kicks hit. Epic was the first to falter his leg gives. Then Aaron kicks Epic in the chest. Sending him down to the canvas then his other leg gave out from the attacks it sustained. Both men on the ring canvas having to recover from the attack each hit each other with. Aaron slapping feeling back into his own leg. Epic getting back to his feel slowly. Aaron goes to get up and Epic hits Aaron with a step up Enziguri. It hits and Aaron falls to the canvas but rolls out of the ring very quickly. Bad spot for him as he goes to get up Aaron suicide dives through the ropes dropping Aaron. Epic gets back in the ring runs towards the ropes jump to the top rope. Turning on the top rope jumping back with a moonsault to the outside the ring towards As he is mid flip. Aaron with a superkick! Kicking Epic right in the jaw when he is upside down. He falls and hits the ground hard. Aaron goes to lift Epic up but it is having to lift up his dead weight. Aaron barely gets Epic and himself in the ring before the ten count. He pushes Epic into the ring right into the drop zone of the corner of the ring. Aaron climbs up. 450 splash! No! Epic with the legs up and roll up! One...two...no Aaron counters shifting Epic with his shoulders now pinned, one...two.. Epic shifts back but this time Aaron's legs are caught in the ropes so the referee doesnt count. They get up Epic runs to the ropes and jumps over Aaron and tries to roll Aaron up with a sunset flip. He gets to the position but Aaron sits down countering the pin attempt into one off his own! One...two...three! Aaron got the win. He and Epic cannot believe it The referee raise Aaron's arm and the ring announcer, "The winner by Pinfall and moving on to the semi finals of the tournament. Aaron North!" Epic is a bit upset and rightfully so but he goes to the middle of the ring and extends his hand to show respect one more time. Aaron shakes his hand. Epic clearly telling Aaron next time he will beat him. They stop and Aaron begins to celebrate with his victory for this match. - - Cutting to the announce table after the match where Blade sits, "Wow what a match! High speed action of to lightweights here in BFW! It was high speed from bell to bell. Sure thought Aaron would have lost it after Epic got those legs up to block the 450 splash. But Aaron proved me wrong. Got that well timed pin attempt and gets the win. Both men showing the respect for the craft they doing in the ring. We have another tournament match following this one lets get to it! Cant wait to see what happens in the next match!" - Match 3 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Bubba vs Maasa - Once again not entrance just going right into the action. Bubba and Maasa the next two in the tournament and in this match are in the ring waiting for the bell the ring. Maasa looking very fired up. The bell rings. Maasa runs up. Superkick! Bubba just nearly took Maasa's head off. Bubba seen stalking around Maasa. Who gets up. Another Superkick! Ouch that was stiff. Bubba looks like he is trying to kick Maasa's teeth out. Maasa gets pulled to his feet by Bubba and to the center of the ring. Maasa is completely out of it now Bubba then wrestles Maasa to the ground and pulls Massa's arm back locking in his crossface submission. In the middle of the ring, wrenching the submission hold. Maasa has no choice he starts tapping. A bit weakly still completely out of it from the superkicks Bubba lets go when he hears the bell and the referee raises Bubba's arm. The crowd is speechless of how fast this match just went. Maasa was all fired up and Bubba quickly killed that fire with his deadly superkicks. Bubba might be a very threatening person in this tournament. The ring announcer, "The winner by submission, and going on to the semi finals of the tournament Bubba!" - - After the match the screen cuts to the commentator table. Blade, "Well that was something. I certainly thought that would be a very competitive match between two lightweight technicians to battle with submission but wow was I wrong. Bubba with his signature superkick might be a big threat in this tournament! One more match left in the quarter finals. Let's get to it!" - Match 4 Co Main Event Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Arius vs Drew Irvin - The next match Drew Irvin is already in the ring, a bit different then the others but we now await for the most recent showcased superstar Arius's arrival. Suddenly the lights start to dim and smoke starts to come out from underneath the ring. The sound groaning is heard. One person comes out from under the ring. Then another, this keeps happening until the ring is surrounded. These are the ghouls! Arius's followers. They surround the ring Drew seems a bit disturbed by this. One starts smacking the ring, then the rest follow. The sound of the minions hitting the ring sounding like drums. Suddenly on the stage appears Arius's manager, Rin Akane. She stands there until right from behind her the masked face painted Arius appears. They both walk to the ring. All the ghouls turn and face and kneel towards Arius. He gets to the ring leaving his manager standing there. As he gets to the ring the ghouls stand. Once he is in the ring Drew seemed to have enough of these antics and attacks the moment Arius is in the ring. Drew hits Arius with a forearm then starts battering him with mma style knee strikes. Until Arius just trips Drew's other leg then pushes him down and stands over him menacingly. Arius then walks past Drew leaving his back facing him. Drew gets up and he cannot believe Arius just knocked him down and now isn't facing him. Drew goes for a clothesline. Arius just ducks forward ducking the clothesline and walks backwards then sits up now facing Drew as he turns around. Arius looks dead at Drew with no emotions. He is almost just playing with Drew, he has MMA style fighting and Arius is playing him like some fool. Drew runs right at Arius and gets hit right in the face with one single forearm strike. Drew is knocked back. Arius moves his arms back down and just stares at Drew after the forearm strike. Drew tries to rush Arius again this time more angry and once again get hit in the face with a stiff forearm strike. This time he is gripping his noses. Drew is bleeding, did Arius just break Drew's nose? Once again Arius just stares at Drew still with no emotions. Drew now enraged by his own blood. He rushes again. This time Arius just kicks Drew straight in the gut. Arius then hits Drew in the side of head with a forearm. bring him down to his knees. He then grabs Drew's head and drops him with a snap DDT. He rolls Drew over and puts on hand on his chest for a pin attempt. One...two...Drew kicks out. He drags Drew to his feet, just now taking control like he has mentally now taking control physically. Arius hits his signature maneuver a lifted Osaka Street Cutter with ease. He then grabs Drew puts him in Final Testimony his Dragon sleeper. Drew fights for a bit but soon all movement just stops. The referee raises and drops Drew's arm three times and calls for the bell. Then Arius lets go letting Drew drop onto the canvas. He is out cold! His manager pushes the referee out of the way and raises Arius's arm in victory. He gives a bow to the crowd just as the announcer says, "The winner by submission, and going on to the Semi finals of the tournament. Arius! Once the announce stops talking the lights go out. They come back on only the referee and Drew are in the ring. Arius, his manager and the ghouls are all gone. An artist in the ring and he proving he is a big threat in this tournament. - - The camera cuts to Blade after the match at the announce table, "Well what an experience that last match was. Drew Irvin you came out there got a few hits in but Arius just showed that wrestling is his art and got inside's Drew's head and manipulated him from bell to bell. Its going to be an interesting semi finals. The lower half of the brackets we are going to get Bubba and Arius, and the upper part we will get Aaron North and Kozuchi Onikama. The one both men dominated the match controlling it completely. the other match is going to show the difference between two men, one who uses underhanded tactics the other shows respect for things he does in the ring. The semi finals are going to be something else. But now we have our main event. The internet championship match up. Julius and Angelo Caito. Two men that have proved themselves in pasted carnations of BFW they are going to do battle in the main event to crown the first Internet champion. Lets get to our main event!" - Match 5 Main Event Internet Championship Match Singles Match Julius vs Angelo Caito - The main event we start with the ring announcer in the middle of the ring. Announcer, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have made it to our main event of the evening! It is time! This will be bout to crown our first BFW Internet Champion! Now Are you ready? Are you ready to rumble!!!" First out onto the stage is Julius the ring announce, "First to the ring weighing in two hundred and fifty pounds, Julius!" The crowd with a mix reaction for Julius not that he cares he is here to win not to make friends with the crowd. Next out is Angelo the ring announcer begins again, "Next to ring the other competitor . Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds Angelo Caito!" He gets in the ring and the referee is handed the internet championship the prize for the match. He shows it to the two in the ring then lifts it up then gives it to the bell keeper the the bell rings starting them match. Claymore kick! Julius right out of the gates hitting Angelo with his defeating Claymore kick! This is looking like the other match that opened with a super kick. Julius looking set up the End of Days. He throws Angelo through but he rolls completely through getting back to his feet. He hooks Julius leg lifting him up and dropping him down with Brainbuster finisher! Angelo goes for a cover looking for a quick upset. One...two...no! Julius kicks out. Both men looking for a end this match with maneuvers and both failing to do so. Angelo gets up and tries to go for his springboard cutter finisher. But Julius counters and locks in his Vice grip submission. Angelo doesnt go quiet as he starts hammering back with some elbows, But Julius isnt letting go but Angelo does back Julius into the corner of the ring and manages to grab the ropes. Julius is forced to break the hold. Angelo walks away from Julius but turns and slaps him. This angers him but Angelo runs out of the ring and Julius gives chase angry from the slap. Angelo slides in the ring then when Julius goes to follow and gets hit by Angelo's signature spinning back Elbow. Julius is rocked Angelo then springboards off the ropes and hits his springboard cutter on Julius! This could be Angelo's moment He covers Julius. One...Two....No! At the last possible second Julius kicks out. Angelo cant believe but the crowd go nuts as this match continues. Angelo goes for another springboard cutter, as he goes to hit Julius for the cutter Julius muscles out if and turning Angelo around then hits the End of Days! Julius with the cover to try and end this. One...two...and at last second Angelo kicks out. First Julius kicked out of Angelo's finisher now Angelo kicked out of Julius's. Both men want to be champion and arent going to let the other stop them. Julius looks like he wants to go for the final move as he grabs Angelo and locks in the vice grip then proceeds to drag to the corner and pulled him up while in the vice grip and dragged him to the top rope. Julius is signalling for the End of the days. From the top turnbuckle. He can not be serious. This might be the end of Angelo's Days for good if he hits. This. Julius throws Angelo through but he rolls threw while on the top rope Counters! Cutter off the top rope! To the outside of the ring! Both men crash hard. The referee begins counting. One...Two...Three...neither are moving. Angelo might have just ended both their careers with that move if not their chances in winning the Internet Championship.. Five, six, seven, eight. Both men are stirring, Angelo is up first, Nine...ten...Angelo gets in the ring but the bell is already ringing. Angelo can't believe it as the referee tell the result to the announcer, "The result of this match is a double count out." Angelo cant believe it and the crowd arent happy but they just got a great match between to guys who both can state claims to saying they should be the champion. What will happen with the internet championship now? Who will win the title? Who will go on to the finals of the BFW World Championship Tournament. Find out in the next episode of BFW Rebirth!
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    Memory lane

    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic. “Part Timer…” “Overrated…” “1 day title reign…” “Failure…” “Washed up…” “Meidocore…” The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form. “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.” “I’m sorry guys… for everything…” Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?
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    What a warm night here in California. We are just two weeks away from the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, BPZMania. In the commentary booth is Cody Cage and his other colleague. The rings is all decorated with red and blue balloons, a big cake and some nice furniture. In the ring stands Dean Kellings, a good friend of Akki, alongside Dean stands WWE234 who came in just for this night. Between them we also have NateLong, Slim, Smith and many friends of Akki, all here to wish him this beautiful title as BPZ's Hall Of Famer. Here's comes the man himself. Some people call him a legend, some people call him a disgrace, but even with all the hate and everything he has been through, Akki always showed up. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that he should deserve the Hall of Fame. The crowd giving out a standing ovation as Akki slowly arrives at the stage. The music stops, the fans fades out their applauding. Akki slowly walks down the ramp, no sound, everything silent. He keeps on walking around the ring, step for step, he arrives all the way to his desired destination but doesn't head to the ring. He walks to the announce table and looks Cody Cage dead in the eye before he enters the ring. Left foot in, right foot in. Akki stares at NateLong before giving him a big embrace, same to Dean Kellings, he goes to Smith, Slim and all the others to give them a thoughtful handshake. Akki feels come, a bright smile on his face. We've never seen that in the past few months, usually Akki's always emotional and upset. Tonight there's a different vibe into the Underdog. Akki stands in the middle of the ring, spotlight on him, the crowd silent, the world stops to hear this speech. 4 years ago I walked into this building and it was for one reason and one reason only, it was to prove to the world that I am the best in this business. But like everywhere in the world there's corruption. And like everyone else in the world I was screwed for my mistakes and I was never given a chance to prove myself right. And because of that, it brought me here, it brought me to a path I'll never forget, to a story that could never be re written. It took me three years to win a championship, it was a struggle, it was a fight. The odds were always against me, but till today I never dared to say, "I QUIT." I've known this industry for years and this place was never full of astounding acts, it was never full of chances. It always scoured us into a position we were never ready to take, it pinned us down to the ground and only the bad ones were chosen. I do admit it, the company has changed a lot. In this day and age you don't have to sell your souls anymore to win a major championship. I can't even trust my friends because this company took their souls away. Everyone standing in this ring has sold their souls, EVERYONE! Except for me. And even with all this pinning down and democracy, I never dared to say, "I QUIT." After three years the light did shine on me, that entire year the light shined on me. Everyone started to think I sold my soul, the media was buzzing, 'Akki is on the main card, Akki is the center of attention on Evolve, will Akki win To The Top.' I was on every wrestling observer. I was the main spot on Evolve, until I fell flat on my stomach. I was mistreated since december, 2018 was the worse year in my entire career. I was pushed away to the dumps, I was never mentioned again. I became irrelevant. I wasn't even at the bottom page of a wrestling observer. My world turned upside down. And even with all the turning and with all the pain, I never dared to say "I QUIT!" BPZMania is in two weeks and it will be my second every BPZMania where I will be a happy man. My best friend and bitter enemy WWE234 knows about my first one, we shared on of the greatest moments in BPZMania history, we ended our 3 year rivalry. From the New Forums Order all the way to BPZMania, but we never made it into the real show because we were too good for the game, they never treated as real competitors. We were like circus animals. Talents like George AK, Aidanator, BiC, Bizzy were all kicked to the curb because we never tried to sell our souls. And even with the unfairness, the unsporting, I NEVER DARED TO SAY "I QUIT!!" Cody Cage, I know you can hear me. I know I forced you into a tag team, I know I turned my back on you and destroyed your momentum, I'm sorry for everything I've done. But I respect you, please get out of the commentating booth and come inside this ring. Shake my hand and at BPZMania we will take the tag team champions, I promise us! I don't care how strong the other team is, I don't care how big they are. I know they are unstoppable. And even with their strength and overness, I WILL NEVER SAY "I QUIT!!!" The crowd gives a warm applause, the wrestlers inside the ring praising Akki for the amazing speech. Cody Cage at ringside looking Akki on. Remember Akki forced Cody into a tag team just to double cross him and destroy his momentum in his NXT run. Cody was demoted to being a commentator just for this exact reason, Akki is now feeling bad and wants to make it up to Cody but the real question is, will Cody forgive. Cody stands up from his chair, he slowly walks up to the ring, he gets up on the apron. Cody goes underneath the rope and enters the ring. Cody and Akki face off in intense fashion. Akki reaches out for Cody's hands until! Oh no, it's the boss of BPZ Wrestling. BrendenPlayz himself, we haven't seen him in a while. BrendenPlayz is here, the ground is going nuts, everyone screaming, Akki with a smile on his face thinking Brenden is here to congratulate him. Brenden standing on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The crowd still going insane. Brenden does a gesture to calm down the ground as the crowd lowers down a bit. Brenden hesitates before saying these lines. BrendenPlayz: Hello Akki, you dumb idiot. Why are you even here? What's all this, balloons? decorations? Is it your birthday? Lemme see what the cake says. Wait what? You're not in the Hall of Fame and even if you were nominated I wouldn't have put you. Get this out of here. And stop wasting major show time. Akki looks destroyed down as he looks over at Cody who tries to embrace him in this emotional moment but Cody delivers a clothesline. Cody runs off the ropes and delivers a dropkick to Akki. Akki slides out of the ring as the entire ring's decoration gets torn apart. Everyone in the ring runs out, Dean Kellings tries to help out Akki but Cody dropkicks Dean out of the ring. Akki jumps on the apron though, springboard, Cody ducks as he runs off the ropes, tries to deliver a clothesline, Akki ducks, misses the superkick, Cody with a neckbreaker. Akki down as Cody tries to lift the crowd but gets an output of boos instead. Akki tries to get up as Cody runs to hit a clothesline and drops Akki out of the ring. Cody with a smile on his face leaves the ring to drop a big springboard splash on Akki. Cody brings out a steelchair as he destroys Akki with shots to the back and midsection. Cody grabs Akki's head and spits right into the eye. He screams 'This is what you get.' Cody's referring to the time Akki screwed him. Cody not done as picks up Akki and delivers a massive powerbomb to the outside of the ring. The fans booing, Dean Kellings again tries to save but Cody drops the steelchair on the head of Dean as he turns his attention back to Akki and gives him a punt kick. Cody walks out of the arena with his back turned against the BPZ Universe. It's getting all emotional as Akki's left alone outside of the ring. He stares at the BPZMania sign after sitting up, thinking what he's about to do now.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Kid In the Business

    If there was one part of the business The Kid hadn't grown used to, it would be the atmosphere backstage before a show. It was a bustling hive of activity, and multi colored characters rushing about in all different directions. The Kid and BPZ Jr cut through the madness to find Ross and Brenden. Brenden: "Get over here and learn something! Tonight's the night. We're pulling the trigger on the Slim situation. Speaking of which, anybody seen him?" Ross: "Well, he got here a couple hours ago. No one's seen him since." Brenden: "Well go get your finger out of your butt and find him Ross! He's up first!" A shady gentleman in a business suit appeared and pulled Brenden aside, saying something quietly that brought a smile to the owner's face. The group separated. BPZ Jr and Brenden went off with the mystery man and left The Kid and Ross to find Slim. The Kid: "Who's He Ross?" Ross: "I'm afraid I can't tell you Kid. Brenden is playing this one pretty close to his chest. Only those who gotta know, gotta know. All I can tell you is it's someone big time.....anyways, I heard you got shafted to the new show. I was looking forward to having you on my team." The Kid: "Yeah well, It's Brenden's call. I'm just happy I still have my job." Ross: "Don't be so modest, you got a bright future. You'll be an A Show type of guy soon enough. How are you and Junior getting along?" The Kid: "Pretty good so far thanks." Ross: "It's just that I hear he can be a little shy, likes to party hard as well. Just cause he's Brenden's son, don't let him give you all the work Kid. I'd hate to see him take advantage of you." The Kid: "It's been good so far. We're working well together, and have a few solid ideas." Ross: "It's just, if I know anything about the Playz family, it's that they can be real nice when things are going well, but don't mistake it for weakness. Just keep your eyes open..." The end of the last preshow match occured and Ross rushed off to put The New Bloods on ahead of Slim. The Kid was left to find Slim and fast. He headed for the locker rooms. He saw Julius reciting a promo, and despite them being alright recently, he still ducked into the bathroom to avoid confrontation. He wasn't sure why, but he swore he could sense Slim in one of the bathroom stalls. Whatever it was, it was clear Slim was there. The Kid approached the door silently and knocked on it slowly. Very awkward indeed. The Kid: "Mr Slim sir. Is that you?" Slim: "Get lost. Can't you see I'm busy." The Kid: "But Mr Slim. The show's starting. You're due up second." Slim: "I ain't going on, do the show without me!" The Kid: "Sir, we told everyone you'd appear tonight. All these people bought tickets for you." Silence. Slim: "Get in here Kid." The Kid: "What?" Slim: "I ain't gonna bite. Get in here!" The Kid: "What's wrong Slim?" Slim: "It's just....i don't know. I've been in this business a long time Kid, and I've always been on top. I've always made the most money cause I brought in the crowds. I don't wanna have to use my creative control all the time, but I don't wanna lose my top spot either. Dunno what to do." The Kid could see Slim needed a confidence booster, if this plan was gonna go through. He drew up all his experience, and all he could come up with was.....let's just say it came from a very dark place. The Kid: "You see....Mr Slim" Was he really gonna do this? The Kid: "Good Wrestling is a lot like....." He was really gonna do it. The Kid: "Good sex." Slim: "What the hell are you talking about Kid. I didn't ask you in here for that. Why you gotta make shit weird?" The Kid: "No, no, no. You don't understand. What I mean is...when you're in the ring. You know how you want things to end up. Well when you make love to woman as well...don't you know how you want things to end up? Now there's a million ways to get to the end, and your partner might have a totally different idea to you. But as long as you get to the finish, both equally satisfied then everyone's happy. Sometimes it's good to be on top, but your partner's gonna wanna be on top sometimes as well." Slim was not amused. The Kid: "Look, what I'm tryna say is. It doesn't matter whether you take on Julius for the title, or Bailey in the cage, because the fans will always love you. There will always be a Slim, but if you let someone else on top from time to time, you won't be making love to yourself all the time." Slim: "You know Kid, that made sense in some weird, sexual way. I think I know what I gotta do." Slim pushed his way through and The Kid trailed behind. They found Brenden, Ross and Junior near the gorilla position. Brenden: "There he is! You better have a good explanation Slim! We had to reorganize our whole show to your little disappearing act!" Slim: "Apologies Brenden. I had a little soul searching to do." Brenden: "Well next time, don't do it during the tapings. Now we're gonna give you a small segment at the end of the show to get on the mic. Don't screw it up." The show went as planned. And then the eyes turned to the cameras as Slim went out to cut the promo which was promised. It would cap off a very interesting night in the life of the Kid.
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    Killer Instinct (Maasa)

    Red/Blue/Black Lights Come on in a Red every two seconds and Blue every two seconds and Black every 2 seconds. Maasa comes out does his pose as soon as he gets to the entrance ramp. After, he walks to the ring and climbs to the top rope and does the pose again. He Climbs Down to Sit Down in the Middle of the Ring. Then he begins to speak. "NXT you are here to see me, the main event of anything great I stand from the rest. I am not forgettable because I scare you with what you call Little tricks. You can say they are fake but you don't know the real danger of me. I have the Killer Instinct to destroy any of you fools who challenge me." {One Guy who looked to be in his 40s Jumped Over the Fence and Slides into the ring. He goes from Clothesline from Behind but Maasa dodges by ducking and hits the guy with an Enza Guri. The guy looks to be struggling to get up after that. Maasa throws the guy outside the ring near the announce table. Maasa sets the announce table up and puts the old guy on it. He goes back inside the ring and climbs the top rope. He jumps and a double foot stomp connects to the guy and the table breaks. After 20 seconds Maasa gets up and grabs the guy and throws him into the crowd} Maasa slides into the ring and gets back to his position in the middle of the ring. Security picks him up and escorts him out the building. "Like I said I have a Killer Instinct, go big or go home. I like that old guy's confidence but it was never gonna work. That's also a lesson for all you people who want to test me and my skills to wrestlers. If you want to fight you can have one but it will be short there is no doubt about that. I am the Demon of NXT and I woke be disrespected by you idiots in front of me, Behind me or to the side of me trying to fight me. Your not on my level and you never will be. I have trained all me life to get to this place. I am not gonna let 4 years olds take that from me." Maasa walks to the back with a grin on his face.
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    Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 1 Match Card - Match 1 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Davey "The Extreme" Wonder vs Kozuchi Onikama - Match 2 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Aaron North vs Epic - Match 3 Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Bubba vs Maasa - Match 4 Co Main Event Tournament Quarter Finals Singles Match Arius vs Drew Irvin Match 5 Main Event Internet Championship Match Singles Match Julius vs Angelo Caito - Superstar Showcase- We get a look at one of the great talents that are inside BFW. Arius Arius- Is the first person we have to showcase. He is a dark soul with many followers, he is a mystery with his manager. Most don't know anything of this man or his ghoul followers. His finisher is a deadly Dragon Sleeper that he calls The Final Testimony. A deadly move for this deadly technician master in the ring. Like art, his moves are that a work of art in the ring. Showing off amazing moves in clear crisp ways, in deadly fashion. He will be one of many to appear on the BFW show and one to look out for in the days to come. -
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    BPZ Results January, 2019 February, 2019 March, 2019 April, 2019 May, 2019 June, 2019 July _
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    The List of Perfect Defenses

    {We come back from commercial break that was showcasing the new BPZ Survivor: Worlds Apart and now the titantron starts showing the new intro movie of Aaron North, and the sound system starts playing the entrance theme of "The Punk Prince of Perfection" Aaron North} {North gets out on the stage with the crowd loudly chanting: "Perfect". North stands on the stage for a while and smirks before walking down the ramp, leaning on the ring post and rolling inside the ring and stealing the ring announcer's mic.} "See NXT division? Again i'm getting all the love but whenever anyone else from the NXT division comes out here it's always..." {North points at the crowd and the crowd boos.} "Although there's one man who also gets cheers and that's Kenji and to be honest i don't know why. What's so special about him? Is it the fact that he hasn't debuted yet and that he hasn't shown us if he really is as good as you all think or is it the fact he's Japanese and everyone assumes that every Japanese wrestler is good? Maybe it's his gimmick, i don't expect you people to understand his gimmick because you're not perfect like i am. Let's move on to something more entertaining then talking about Kenji." {The crowd cheer when Aaron grabs a clipboard from the announcers desk.} "I've been meaning to make another list recently it's not a list of people i'm going to eliminate in the battle royal because, i've already made that list, now it's time to make a list of people who i'm looking to face after i win the NXT title." {North grabs a pen from the pocket of his sleeveless jacket and starts writing his list.} "Ok i've been thinking about this list for a while and it's hard to decide who i wanna face for the NXT title since it feels as though no-one is worthy of facing me for the NXT title, but i think this is a good order" {North finishes writing the list, and then starts reading it.} "My first defense - Bulldozer - Because i think it would be a good way to show how dominant i will be in every upcoming challenge that opposes me." "My second defense - Resin - It would be a good way to show people how i will continue to dominate when i move on to the "real opponents". "My third defense - Cody Cage - I've been waiting to face this man one on one ever since i first saw him and he won't be wrestling at BPZMania so i think after two defenses he would be a good first real opponent" "My fourth defense - Maasa - I feel as though Maasa deserves another shot at the NXT title after losing to a "wrongfully crowned champion" Alex Costa who didn't even care about the title." "My fifth defense - Jack Bishop - Finally we get to someone who might bring a small challenge with him and that challenge is the rest of the New Blood at ringside" "My sixth defense - Hans - He might be the only challenge talent wise on this list so far and i know the two of us can make magic happen in the ring" "My seventh defense - Kenji - This might prove to be the biggest singles challenge i've ever faced in my professional wrestling career but i think i will find out if he's gonna be a challenge or not at BPZMania when, yours truly "The Punk Prince of Perfection" Aaron North wins the NXT title" {North drops the mic and leaves.}
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    Echo Wilson

    Brotherhood or Business?

    "I thought you said we wouldn't be bothered. I'd rather do this in the privacy of my own home but you know how it is. We can't always please everyone." Echo Wilson looks one last time at the man as he walks away. He straightens his suit collar and begins. "Honestly, FD. I agree with you. We haven't made that spark yet, we haven't ignited our plans just yet. But let me tell you this, we haven't even begun to tell the story of The Blacklist. If you knew the things I have going on my genius brain than you wouldn't even shed a doubt of worry. But I'm guessing, as my business associate in this, you want to know what I have planned.....I cannot tell you just yet. There are gears spinning and things evolving. A plan will come to fruition in time. Now, what I can tell you is what the purpose of this agreement is. We're here to ruin people's lives. You see, you and me, we have a similar mindset when it comes to these fans, and to our unfortunate compatriots in the locker room. We despise them and pay them absolutely ZERO respect. So what we plan to do with make sure that all of those idiots who try and put themselves at a higher peg than us, we'll make sure they all crash and burn. You see, think of the things we could accomplish. With my mind, with my money, with my athletic ability, with my absolute business IQ, and then with your complete and uttter disregard for the rules of the establishment. We could make something special out of this. You can be my sidekick, and I'll help guide you and save you from making stupid decisions. You can help me by doing the utmost of important jobs and being my trustee when I need advice or assistance." "Now the real question is.....how are you going to help me? You see, you know and I know, that there's a very crucial match on the horizon for me. Now....I'm all about fairness and I'm all about equality, so you won't be interfering in the match directly. But what I need you to do for me is to make their lives a living hell until then. Bart, the Villain, I know him all too well, but yet so do you. By now, you know his weaknesses and you know where his pressure points are. Then we have Necce, nearly no one knows him like you do. Necce, he is a snake and a disgusting creature from the darkest corners of this planet. But you, you can match his blood thirsty nature and absolute insanity. You once called Necce you friend FD, you have secrets that he wouldn't dare to tell. Let's expose Necce and bring down their stupid empire once and for all. I've got the mind of a champion now, and I know where the grassroots start on the path to making a successful partnership. I've done this so many times, I've lost track. But you want to know what I want out of this? You want to know what you want out of this yourself? It's simple. We want the same thing. Absolute Chaos. And when we burn this hole in the wall company down to the ground. In the rubble, we'll reveal the truth of the matter. The Blacklist were never going to be stopped. The downfall is inevitable and the revolution is set to ensue." Echo Wilson pauses for a moment, dusts himself off. "Now that we know the terms and conditions, Let's make the Blacklist the next world wide sensation, shall we?"
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    Just "Marker" Done


    Next up, Epico, this man work for a tycoon of a wrestling company, but he wasn't getting any matches so he attacked his boss, instead he is now going to rot in a prison cell. Gywn or Gwynfro is a hacker who stayed on the internet, he realized that he had a talent for hacking, once he notice, he quickly started hacking bank accounts and stealing money from people, police was able to trace him and put him down Toxik is up next, he doesn't have any blood relatives as far we know of, reason he in is because of murder, it was so bad that it was the worst we have ever seen, we were lucky to catch that boy Arius is next, used to be a successful violinist until an investigation started and the police found out that he kidnapped a lot of people, using him for his mind games, sick bastard...... TO BE CONTINUED.......
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    BPZ vs Twitch: TEW 2016 Histories Credit: @Hans Credit: @Kirk for Championship, Event and Company logos My aim with this thread is to collect the overall history of the mod progress for the wrestlers, companies and championships. Updated: July, Week 2, 2019 (In Game)
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    Brotherhood or Business?

    Video start. Echo Wilson is seen walking through the streets at night, he walks over to a park bench, disgusted feeling unsure of himself as he sits, suddenly the Punisher FDS walks up and takes a seat, both men dressed in formal attire FDS in a full Black suit, Wilson in a grey-blue suit with his scarf. I know this isn’t usually the type of place you’d like to meet but i prefer the silence of the night… also considering a good amount of people around this time know my reputation… I doubt anyone will bother us. Now Echo, I have to say I’m impressed. You’ve remained focused, You’ve remained unwavering… and Yet I can’t help but feel uneasy… I can’t help but feel that the Villain and… that disgusting rat is getting under your skin and for what? You don’t want those two ruining our plans, do you? Or perhaps this is all a part of the plan and I might be missing something. I have to say you and I have kept this very… shall we see strained when it comes to the details of this plan. Listen Echo, I think we need to establish what we want out of this, how we want to do this and who we want to target. I do believe we both want something, so what is that something? The Blacklist is yet to make a large statement regarding our intentions so why don’t you inform me? FDS takes out a flask from his jacket, he takes a swig and then places the flask back inside his jacket pocket. He leans back in the bench, neither man looking at each other continuously looking forward, a man suddenly approaches the two men, FDS looks at him with a gaze, the man suddenly stops looking at FDS and Echo both men looking at the man with a gaze of fury, the man slowly staggers away in fear of the two men. Both men continue to look forward as FDS awaits a response from Echo
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    As “Devil” blasts through the arena, we are greeted by the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn. He steps out, alone carrying his BPZ World title firmly around his waist. Flynn makes his way down to the ring waisting little time. He rolls directly into the ring, removing the microphone from his boot as he circles the ring before looking directly into the hard cam. Here I stand, your BPZ World Champion, your self-proclaimed HERO, and the man who for nearly four years has been the only true constant in this company. For months I have preached about how I am saving BPZ by removing these false idols and exposing them for what they really are. It all began with Bailey. Bailey is a man for years who simply put, has overstayed his welcome. This company may be called “BPZ” but it belongs to me. There’s no one in the back that would dispute that claim either. I am the man, the CONSTANT. I exploded onto the scene when I first showed up to BPZ. I took on everyone and I took out EVERYONE. No stone was left unturned, no one was safe. However I was never publicly acknowledge as the man, that belonged to Bailey. Of course came Bailey’s great fall from grace, a time period where I still reigned supreme over anyone that stepped into the ring with me, however it was then that the mythical name of “King” was given to Slim. And like all false idols, he fell and has never truly recovered. Four years, two supposed “Kings” and you people still believe me to just be another cog in the wheel. No I’m the man who makes the wheel turn. Anytime this company needed anything, I gave it to them. You need the Universal Championship to be given relevance, I MADE IT THE MOST RELEVANT CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE DAMN COMPANY. Yet I am forced to listen to “The Bailey” come out here week after week and speak so confidently on how he is going to beat me. Bailey, you haven’t won a real match IN SIX MONTHS. And who knows the last time you won anything before that? It’s SAD, it’s PATHETIC! You aren’t the GOAT. The GOAT mantra belongs to someone who can own up to it, someone who exemplifies that they truly are the greatest to have ever stood in this ring and god damnit that’s me! You are a nostalgia act with crappy one liners that you didn’t even come up with. You aren’t special, there’s nothing about you that makes you unique. Your strongest attribute is how well you kiss the boss’ ass. Yet these disgusting people eat it all up, they attempt to believe this is the Bailey of old but I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, it’s not. However it’s not like the old bailey was any good to begin with. He was more someone Brenden believed in what never truly showed what the package promised. Let’s be honest though, it’s not like Brenden ever had a true eye for talent anyways. For years I’ve listened to criticism backstage about my style of work, my limited schedule. But the honest to god truth is, whether I am here five days out of the year, or 365, I’m still outperforming, outshining and accomplishing more then any of those “superstars” in the back. I mean just look at all the current champions aside from myself. You have a nostalgia act as the Tag Team Champions in Sameer and Brenden, both men that wouldn’t ever dare to step in this ring with me one on one. You have the Universal Champion and Intercontinental Champion Bart, a man who has single handed lyrics made the Championship I built one of the most irrelevant titles in this company. No one even cares about the Global or Premium Champions and even I have no idea who the NXT and United States Champions are. Yet I am plastered about being an “irrelevant” champion.... I’m the only Champion in this company that matters. I’m the only true relevant one. I’m the only one with any type of credibility. Come BPZ Mania, if Bailey gets his hands on this companionship, that all goes away. I am keeping this company afloat singlehandedly currently, and Bailey’s greed and jealousy of myself can be what ends us all. It’s why I will defeat Bailey and remain your BPZ World Champion. Because I have to, because you people need me to.
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    https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=olvWiDNp-Fg&feature=share Everyone, I'm ready to show my true side of me. A kick-ass side of me that you have never seen before. And I'll prove it at BPZMania that I can hang with the big boys.
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    BrendenPlayz Wrestling Founded: May, 2014 Location: South West (USA) Owner: BrendenPlayz (2014 -Current) Carnage Championships: Universal Game Start: 1: Bart - Won on Week 2, December, 2018 Defences: 1 2: Bailey Justin - Won on Week 4, January, 2019 Defences: 0 3: Bart - Week 4, March, 2019 - BPZ Mania 4 Defences: 2 United States Game Start: 1: Julius - Won on October, 2018 Defences: 6 Current: 2: Sameer - Won on Week 2, May, 2019 - Carnage Defences: 2 Evolve Championships: Global Game Start: 1: Necce - Week 1, January, 2019 - Defences: 1 2: Slim - Week 3, Febuary, 2019 - BPZ ST. Valentine's Day Massacre Defences: 0 Current: 3: Flynn - Week 4, March, 2019 - BPZ Mania 4 Defences: 3 Intercontinental Game Start: 1: Bart - Week 2, October, 2018 - Defences: 3 2: Johnny Kills - Week 4, January, 2019 - BPZ Royal Rumble Defences: 3 3: Jason Ryan - Week 4, March, 2019 - BPZ Mania 4 Defences: 3 Current: 4: NtaVi - Week 4, May, 2019 - BPZ Mayhem Defences: 2 Floating BPZ Tag Team Game Start: 1: Big Ballers (Sameer & BrendenPlayz) - Week 2, December, 2018 Defences: 2 :2: The Kingdom (Julius & Echo Wilson) - Week 4, March, 2019 - BPZ Mania 4 Defences: 2 Current: Commonwealth (George AK & Yelich) - Week 4, June, 2019 - BPZ Judgement Day Defences: 0 Royal Rumble Flynn - January, 2019 - BPZ Royal Rumble Money in the Bank Bailey Justin - 2018 Ropati - March, 2019 - BPZ Mania 4 Roster (Intro) (Intro) Personal & Other Tag Teams/Stables Former Tag Teams/Stables -
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    AWC June 2011 Results Beginning of month FP Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 PPV Week 4 Minor shows ---- ---- ---- Finance & Pop Medical Overseas PPV - COMPLETE Posted above for this month's PPV 80 Pop Worker - COMPLETE (If you need progress tracked, please let me know) Tag Team Expereince Goal - COMPLETE End of month FP Notes
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    THE GOAT plays as The Bailey walks down the Ramp in front of the thousands of fans packed inside the TD Garden in Boston. He picks up a Microphone but before he can even speak thousands of fans all start to chant Bailey.....Bailey.....Bailey FINALLY..... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS..... Let The Bailey get this straight "New" Flynn. Because The Bailey must of missed something. Fall from Grace? Nostalgia Act? You question The Baileys ability to get it done instead this ring. You call the Royal Rumble a fake match the same match you won 2 years ago. But what happened when you went on to BPZMANIA and challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh yea thats Right you lost. You had this whole elaborate plan to break up Slims stable. You created this fatal 4 way match and after all that you still lost in the end. You Wanna talk about big matches, Lets mention the Fact Flynn that your career was supposed to be over at Survivor Series when Necce Whooped your ass. Seems hypocritical that your saying i should of been long gone by now. Then at the SVM PPV The Bailey basically Handed you the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship after i accidentally Took that 6 Foot Piece of Monkey Crap Julius. If it wasnt for the Bailey you wouldn't even be in this position Flynn. You'd be on the undercard working against some Mediocre Midcarder like Ark Universe. You don't want the Catchphrases fine the Bailey will hold off on them. The Bailey will talk straight with you here Flynn. The Bailey doesn't care how big you think you are. The Bailey doesn't care what you've done in the last few months and The Bailey doesn't care about what I've done. The Royal Rumble is irrelevant to me. Night Of Legends irrelevant to me. 2 years ago , 3 years ago irrelevant to me. All that matters to the Bailey is March 31st at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta George. The Bailey goes one on one with You Flynn for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. This is for all the marbles Flynn. The Bailey has beaten you Once and you've beaten me once. It's the Rubber match and its for the Biggest prize in our industry. The Bailey Is going into his 2nd Main event of BPZMANIA. You're going into your 2nd. The Bailey is a 5 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. You are a 5 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Flynn it doesn't get any bigger than this. But at the end of the Day all it comes down to for the Bailey is you have the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Flynn and The Bailey wants it. The fact that you are the champ means nothing to me. It could of been anyone in your position and nothing changes. The Bailey will become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once again. Yeah, Legacy and greatness will be talked about and this match will be remembered for Decades. But all that's ever mattered to the Bailey is that Championship. The Bailey can come out here every week and Gloat up to everyone about how Great i am but none of that Means anything Unless that Title is around my waist. You go and boost your ego about alll the titles you've won your career. None of that Means anything to the Bailey. Thats the only thing that matters to me Flynn. And your right Flynn, You are the Champ. And the Bailey hasn't had the best success in awhile. But that only means The Bailey has nothing to lose. The Bailey knows how great of a talent you are Flynn but The Bailey is coming into BPZMANIA, FASTER, STRONGER, SMARTER and the Most Dangerous The Bailey has ever been. The Bailey taught you everything, The Bailey Created you. And The Bailey will Finish you on the Grandest Stage of them All.
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Observer

    BPZ Observer Hello everyone, welcome to the inaugural episode, the announcement episode of the new place to find all your BPZ news, top tens and rants. The BPZ Observer! I am going to be your host, Jimmy The Jabroni. Yes I am back, worship me and worship me right this second. And this time, well this show is going to be the best you have seen, so stick around for well, everything I said before!
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    Welcome to the return, and a new rebirth of Blade forum Wrestling. I am Blade, or Hollow at the moment, and this is my wrestling forum diary. A former multiple time Diary of the Month winning. What is it? It is basically a wrestling promotion that I write out each episode with people everyone in the forums has created. I write out full length matches, sometimes angles and what not. This is the sign up for the return of this diary! To sign up all you have to do is fill out the fill out sheet down below and you will have a character in this diary. Fill out Name- Weight- Fighting Style- Heel/Face/Tweener- Frequent moves- (What moves does you character do often) Signature- Finisher- Tag Team-(Yes or No) Other- (this spot is anything you want to add to the character to give it a bit of a background. Like the forums there are no other promotions then there are in the BPZ Universe. If you want to leave this spot blank that is fine too.)
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    Hans Graphics

    Updated with the US and IC title matches.
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    Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 2 Match Card Match #1 Singles Match Charles Lupin vs Shirada - Match #2 Singles Match Davey "The Extreme" Wonder vs Epic - Match #3 Tournament Semi Finals Singles Match Kozuchi Onikama vs Aaron North - Match #4 Co Main Event Tournament Semi Finals Singles Match Bubba vs Arius - Match #5 Main Event BFW Internet Championship Match Last Man Standing Match Julius vs Angelo Caito Superstar Showcase- Bubba! Next in the superstar showcase we have to showcase is Bubba. A submissions genius. We saw in the first episode of Rebirth even though we didn't see his submission skills fully we saw he is a formidable person to face in the squared circle. In seconds he can turn the match from a competitive match into that he controls. All he needs is that superkick. But without it he has his submission skills. He can pick nearly anyone apart, bending them and making them pay for being in the ring. His crossface submission finisher might be the most deadly move in his arsenal if one can get past the onslaught of other submission moves. He will either leave a man tapping or make them wish they tapped when he gets in the ring with them. He is one of many to watch in BFW Rebirth. And one that is in the World Championship Tournament. He is one to watch for sure.
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    Hello everyone

    Hey everyone im new on here just wanted to see what is happening on here. Im always looking for help/ views (opinions) on my universe mode. I also watch wrestleing all the time and im always open for a chat. Feel free to message me.
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    This is looking alright so far Marker, the concept is good and the backstories have been good in giving some characteristics to everyone; personally I would of tried to incorporate the backstories INTO the story instead of the individual posts because it's a bit scrabbled. Julius and Smith look like a good team though if you wanna try bust out of prison so I'm interested to see where that leads. Keep going, this has a lot of potential!
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    I think that the women's triple threat should be the main event. Although I agree that Bryan vs. Kingston is the hottest storyline at the moment, in terms of mainstream appeal I don't think Kofi Kingston is popular enough to main event WrestleMania. Whilst Lesnar and Rollins are both popular enough to main event WrestleMania, I think it has the weakest storyline out of the potential matches which could main event. The women's triple threat has hardcore fan and mainstream media appeal due to Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey respectively, and while the storyline has been convoluted I still think it is engaging enough to justify the women closing the show.
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    I Can't Odd

    Hello everyone

    You have Miz as Universal Champion so you're already cool.
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    WWE Current Brand Split 2020

    Monday Night RAW John Cenas Music hits to open up the show only to be attacked on the the top of the stage by Braun Strowman who took out his challenger The Usos cut a promo on Ziggler and Elias and then have a match against AOP. In which they win this match The Miz cuts a promo on how he is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time when then Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt all get involved wanting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship when then Vince McMahon in the spirt of Wrestlemania season decides to Make a 6 Man ladder Match at WM for the Intercontinental Championship. All 6 Men Brawl with Dean Ambrose Standing Tall Asuka Defeated Alica Fox in a match and after the match had a staredown with Ronda Rousey Paul Heyman comes out and explains why Brock Lesnar attacked Bobby Lashley last night when then Bobby Lashley introduces his new Hype man Lio Rush. Rush and Heyman get into a promo battle. Lashley pushes Heyman onto the floor where than Heyman makes it Official that Brock Lesnar will take on Lashley at Wrestlemania. Chad Gable Defeated Apollo Crews. Before the match Titus Brand told the world they would be participating in The Andre The Giant Battle Royal Kurt Angle challenged Triple H to a match where the stipulation is if he wins he gets to become the General Manager and if he Loses he will retire. Triple H accepted but then goes onto say the Current General Manager Baron Corbin will be the Special guest Referee Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt ends in DQ when Aliester Black attacks Roman Reigns beating him to a pulp. The Undertaker comes out wanting to know who attacked Shawn Michaels, preventing them from facing one last time at Wrestlemania. When JAMES MITCHELL comes out and introduces The Undertaker to the Monster ABYSS Both men have a stand off which ends in Abyss hitting the Blackhole Slam to end Monday Night RAW
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    Hans Graphics

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    I Will Reclaim

    We cut to an area with a fire burning and a man sitting next to it facing away from the camera. “Summerslam 2017, it was mine” A video of Ropati pinning Prince at Summerslam 2017 to win the United States championship cuts onto the screen “But then it was stolen from me” Now a Video of Josh winning the United States championship from Ropati at Bad Blood 2017 now shows up on the screen “At BPZMania, I will reclaim MY title, It doesn’t matter if the Champion is Arius who looks unstoppable, because I will stop him at BPZMania. And Yelich well just like you said when you came out to talk to the people NO ONE CARES. The man now stands up revealing himself to be Ropati and he stamps on the fire putting it out as he walks off leaving shot as the camera cuts back to Carnage.
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    Hans Graphics

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    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    I think character work is more important then in ring ability. Why do you think someone like Apollo Crews isn't getting anywhere, he need some sort of character/direction rather just being like everyone else on the planet.
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    BPZ Hunger Games Sim 2

    BPZ Hunger Games 3 Season 3 Episode 4 The Second Day Returns The fourth episode and second day of the season three BPZ Hunger Games has begun. We have two sponsors giving away items today. Natedog has receives an explosive. Arius also has received an explosive. Someone is wanting to some explosions in this season of hunger games. If forty eight people weren't enough we also have some explosives now added in the mix! We already had two people step on explosives now we have more being given to others. Keeley is the first seen in this second day, she is seen making a shack. Shelter is a nice idea to have in these hunger games. Someone is learning very quickly what to do. Bailey is also making a shack. Looks like everyone wants to have a little place to stay in these games. Oh look at this Odd is also making a shack, anyone else? Echo is also making a shack. Maybe when these games are done this can be the little BPZ Hunger Games Village. Even though nobody will be around to be living inside it except for the winner. Sameer, Zack, Alyx, BIC, and Maasa explores the arena looking for other tributes. Maybe if they run into the group of shacks they could find someone. Yelich finds a cave, and Epic finds a cave. Same cave? Who knows. Maybe it is the same cave Epic tried to hide in the past seasons. Hopefully this time it doesnt late him down. FDS is seen talking to himself and questioning his own sanity. That might not be good, first he was trying to convince Yelich to kill him now he questioning his sanity. Crazy Yelich is one thing but an unstable FDS now these games might be getting crazy. Bart is seen chasing after Gwynfro, maybe Bart wants to eliminate the season two winner. But he seem like he cant catch him. Apex is also seen running away from Arrow. People are chasing others while the others are running away. Oh look at the Slim is running away from Ropati. The same as the rest Slim seems to be. Gill out of nowhere attacks Cpe with a hammer?!? Where did he get a hammer at? Gill hits a tree then Cpe then yells 'STOP!' Gill stops for a second and that was all Cpe needed as he turned an ran away. Well that is one way to escape an attack . The master of positivity with a quick thinking way to escape an attack. Suby attacks George and stabs him in the leg with a spear! He has another spear he killed Bubbajr with one and now looks to do so with George who starts begging for his life trying to keep pressure on the wound on his leg from the where he was stabbed at. Suby backs off listening to George's begging. George gets to live for another day. Bashka and Brenden have formed an alliance to work together this day, that could be a powerful team for this day. Nobody is going to kill them on the second day. Alex and Smith formed a team this day as well. People working together, hopefully they arent working with someone that will stab them in the backs later. Hans tries to attack Mave but he says, "I am not the tribute you are wanting to kill." Hans stops and Mave runs away. How did that work? Mave got away from Hans in a very bizzare way. Kansheek is wandering the arena exploring it, it is often done in the past and people still gets lost. Its almost as if the Hunger Games is always changing. Necce and Marker are working together and what is this they come across Aaron and Sheridan. Marker goes after Sheridan while Necce goes to deal with Aaron. Neccc pulls out a knife and tries to stab Aaron who narrowly dodges the knife attack. But gets hit with a backhand and pushed to the ground. Necce gets ready to kill Aaron when suddenly a body hits the ground and a head goes rolling across the ground. Sheridan is still standing she chopped off Marker's head! Necce looks and gets stabbed in the gut with the same sword Sheirdan has been using in these games so far. Necce falls down clutching his stomach and Sheridan then swings the sword down across Necce's head chopping his head off next. That is two kills for Sheridan now. She then helps Aaron up looks like he gets to live, after all they were teaming together. The sun begins to set after this battle that means that is also the end of this day and episode. We are heading into the second night and these games keep getting more brutal by each day. What will happen in the next day? Will the teams that formed last? Or will they turn to be disastrous? Find out in the next episode of BPZ Hunger Games. Stay tuned!
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    Eric Shun

    Unknown Arrival

    Thirteen days stood between the current date and BPZMania. Fans in each section of the arena were energised, with mexican waves, signs and chants producing an electrifying atmosphere. It almost seemed as if the day was too perfect. But, this positive buzz was soon halted. Replaced, by an eerie silence. Smoke rose from the stage and the titantron buffered and cut like the signal had been lost. Before, alas music came from the speakers, and a hooded figure walked out onto the stage. Engulfed by the smoke, although unscathed, stood the figure of a seemingly new arrival to BPZ. Nothing had been said about anyone new being employed, and nothing had been said about anyone returning. The smoke cleared to a thin fog, revealing a man in a full suit, wearing a long jacket and hat. Head tilted slightly downward as if he was concealing his identity. Microphone in hand as well, which he slowly lifted to his lips. Everlasting power, a signal. A signal that you are respected, you are doing something right. A signal that is earned, not bought or granted by an overseeing leader. You see, many people aspire to get to a level where everlasting power is bestowed in them, but rarely does anyone make it that far. They will get themselves excited and pumped up like they are at the start of a one-hundred meter race, getting comfortable in the starting blocks. But, nothing in life is a basic, easy, straightforward sprint. Especially when it revolves around something as key and important as power. The analogy I would instead use is a marathon. The task many strive towards is a marathon, whilst they treat it like a sprint. Using all their energy and exposing themselves in the process of trying their hearts out to try and complete what they will inevitably fail at doing. I say rarely, as only a few men that I know of have achieved this feat. And ladies and gentlemen, you really must have done something amazing, spectacular, outstanding, because not only do you get to know about this man, but you get to see him right in front of your very eyes. You see, I am one of a minuscule group who know how it feels to have everlasting power inside of them. For me, it is engraved into my heart, my soul and my brain. It is its own person inside of me, helping me with every decision that I make. Impressive, isn't it. How getting up and actually doing something with the life you have been given can get you here. Its like, I have assembled my psychological stature on top of mount Kilimanjaro, and I am just looking down at all of you beneath me. That is how it feels. I am more of a person now, they say that we do not use our brain to its fullest extent. Apart from me, I use every single part of my brain. My cerebral cortex, cerebellum and medula all work constantly, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Purely because that is what you need to be great, you need to have that fire en-stowed inside of you. A burning light that is hard to see for others but easy for yourself. And once you do obtain these things, reflect, look in the mirror and think. The figure lowers the microphone before turning around, as he turns the fog lifts and slowly disintegrates into nothing. The fans in the arena are so astonished by this that they do not even realise, the hooded man had gone.
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    One Shot!

    *We are back with Carnage as Hans Clayton music hits as he makes his entrance* Man, I've got something to say and it may rub people the wrong way but whatever. I feel that I don't get the respect I truly deserve, night in and night out, I bust my ass, working hard, trying to get some respect. Unlike some other morons in this company, I'm actually a superstar. I have the skills, the athleticism, and the abilities that anyone would have dreamed for. I'm one of a kind! Yet, where is my sports car? where's my big money offer? *Clayton pauses as the crowd boos him* In the meantime I'm stuck on division full of people who are below my level! Yes you have people like Aaron and KENJI who are the future but I should be considered better then them, but I'm not. Not from management, not from the fans, I say I'm overlooked by the majority of the Wrestling industry. I help people when they need something and all i get in return is nothing but crap. There is one thing I need that's going finally put me on the map, The NXT Title. Unlike Costa who disrespected that beautiful hardware, me being your NXT Champion well help BPZ everywhere, BPZ stock will go up, more people will pay attention to Carnage, because I'm the damn draw! *Clayton is visibly upset and the crowd boo him even more* I'm going to walking into BPZ Mania, with everything on the line. If I don't win, I will be lost in the shuffle no where to go! I need to win, I'm the only freaking option there is. No one is better then me, no one I say! *After shouting to the fans, Clayton takes a deep breath before continuing* All of you will see why they call me Extraordinary, why they call me death defying, I'm risking it all to get that one shot at glory. I'm going to take that one shot and snipe it for the game winner and my prize will be the gold and prestigious, NXT Championship. Goodnight from yours truly. *Hans Clayton drops the mic and leaves the ring as Carnage heads to commercial break*
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    BPZ Brother Season 1

    Tonight's episode kicks off with a recap of yesterday's episode and the intro of BPZ Brother. The show then continues from where it was left off last time when Logan Paul was about to enter the house. Logan opens the door and enters the house, he sees Gina. Logan: Hey! Gina: Hey, welcome my name is Gina. They shake hands. Logan: I'm Logan Paul you might know me from Youtube. Gina: Oh.. i know you, you're the one who was involved in that scandal. Logan: I hope we can all put that to the past and move on, i hate talking about it and i hate myself for what i did. Gina: Ok, i guess we can try. Logan: Thank you. Hey aren't you that actress lady? Gina Marie or something? Gina: Yea that's me, and i'm actually suprised at how many people here have recognized me so far. The next person who enters the house is Eden Marigold. BPZ Brother: Eden we've prepared some vegan food for you so you don't have to worry about that. Eden: Oh my god that's so creepy. Gina: Hey, who are you? Eden: Oh, hey! My name is Eden. Gina: My name is Gina and this is Logan. Logan: Hi... why are you looking at me like that? Eden looks very shocked when she hears Logan's name. Logan: Ummm... hey you alright? Eden: .... What? Oh yea yea i am... where's the bathroom? Gina: It's right there. Eden quickly runs to the bathroom, Logan and Gina go to the door and try to listen. Logan and Gina hear Eden throwing up in the toilet. Logan: Is she hungover or something? Gina: I think she's a vegan and i think she recognized your name and it made her sick to her stomach. Logan: Oh no this is what it's gonna be like all the time isn't it? Gina: Don't worry i'm sure she'll be fine as long as you stay away from her. Angelo and Christina walk in to the living room. Angelo: Hello sir what's your name? Logan: My name is Logan Paul i think you know who i am. They shake hands. Angelo: Wait.. aren't you that "Youtube Star" who got into big trouble in Japan? Logan: Yea that's me.... Angelo: Well don't worry i'm sure we can put that in the past right? Logan: Yea that's exactly what i was hoping. Were you the first ones in here? Angelo: Yea we were this is my sister. Christina: Hello Logan my name is Christina. Logan: Hi, Christina. Eden walks out of the bathroom and into the living room. Eden: How long was i in there? Gina: Not for long these guys were the first ones here. Eden: Oh, hello! Angelo: Hello, what's your name? Eden: My name is Eden Marigold, i'm a vegan. Angelo: Ohhh, interesting. Christina: Hello Eden my name is Christina. Angelo: And my name is Angelo i'm Christina's brother. Our next guests enter the house, it's Echo Wilson and Emma Wilson. Echo & Emma: Hello everyone! They hug and shake hands with everyone else except for Logan Paul who Echo notices after hugging Eden. Echo: What the hell are you doing here?! Logan: I was voted by the fans to enter. Echo: You son of a bitch, i'm gonna be keeping my eye on you. Logan: I was hoping we could put everything behind us and just have fun. Echo: No, i don't trust you. Not after everything you've done. Echo goes to sit down and opens up a can of water. Emma: I'm sorry everyone, my brother can overreact sometimes. Logan: Don't worry i'm used to being yelled at. Eden: Well welcome i guess. Emma: Thanks. Next house quest who enters is Epicó Cólon. Angelo: Hello and welcome to the house. Epicó: Hello to you too, my name is Epicó. Gina: Hi, my name is Gina. Epicó: Hello my name is Epicó Logan: Hello i'm Logan. Epicó: I'm Epicó Angelo: So Epicó... where are you from? Epicó: Well i was born in Puerto Rico and i currently live in New York. Angelo: Aah so that's why your name is Epicó. Everyone start drinking and celebrating and after a while a new house quest called: Sage Karam enters. Karam: Well well well, what a party you all have started, don't mind me i'll join in. Echo: Hey what's your name? Karam: Sage Karam but my friends call me Maasa. Echo: I'm Echo, that over there is my sister Emma. Maasa: Hello everyone else! They all shake hands and introduce themselves. Maasa joins the celebration. Maasa: So Logan i hear you have a Youtube channel. Are you popular or something? Logan: Well i used to be... not as much anymore because there was an incident and my fans left me and i can understand why. Maasa: What happened? Logan: Well... i was in Japan, we went to this tourist spot called: "Aokigahara" which is apparently a suicide forest. I filmed someone who had hung himself and well... i laughed at him and filmed him, i didn't think about it at the time and after i had uploaded the video i got comments and tweets and it was all over the news and well i realized what i had done and i immediately regretted it. Echo: Yea but remember what happened before that? You know when you slept with my girlfriend... A sudden silence enters the room before two new house quests: Lance Franklin and Nick McKay. Lance & Nick: Hey, how are ye lads? Emma: Hello, boys and welcome to the house. Lance: Thanks, didn't expect to feel so much heat so quickly Lance looks at Emma and winks. Echo: Alright boys you wanna join us? Lance: Sure Echo: Okay what's your name? Lance: My name is Lance Franklin but people call me Buddy, i'm a MMA fighter in the UFC. Nic: My name is Nick McKay i'm Buddy's coach and i currently work in Harvard University as a professor. Echo: Welcome both of you! Lance & Nic: Thanks They keep partying and a few moments later our last house quest: Cody Case enters Cody: Hello everyone! Lance: Hello sir.. please take a seat and join us Cody: Ok then Lance: So what's your name? Cody: My name is Cody Case, i'm a lawyer. I came here to take a break from work to just have fun. Angelo: I think you're the last house quest this should be interesting. Everyone picks up a glass of champagne or wine and clang them together yelling: CHEERS! The cameras cut back to the stage area with Aaron North. North: Thank you everyone for joining us today for another episode of BPZ Brother, have a great rest of the evening and see you next time! To be continued in the next episode... tune in then.
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    BrendenPlayz Bunker

    Day 6/14 All the wrestlers get a message on their phones saying today’s meeting is off but calls Monda to report to Brendens office. There’s also one more message. “I know who you are. Turn Arius in and you'll get no punishment. If not you get kicked out of the Bunker.” Smith, Bash and Arius turn to each other worried. Smith: It’s a bluff there’s no way he can know Bash: Oh yes he can Arius: How? Bash: We all had to declare our possessions when we entered the Bunker. I declared a smoke machine Smith: So what are we going to do Arius: We’re going to fake a theft Meanwhile Brenden is in his office. He decided not for a meeting today because he wanted to give Bash’ confession privacy. The match today was Team Monda against Team Forgotten NXT Champs. Purp, Milan and Sheepy, Leedles and Doc Sarcastic. Monda arrives, and to Brendens surprise he’s with Suby and Kieron. Suby: My Father always said Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates Brenden: Alright Suby Gump. You 8 have got a match in the ring. Go report to Keeley. And I don’t think anyone will be interrupting this one He sees Bash walking towards him as he says this and smiles. He dismisses the 8 and addresses Bash Brenden: Yes Bash. Is there something you want to get off your chest Old Buddy Old pal. Because you’re not going to be punished for that. There’s still 7 Iron Man points available at any time Bash Bash: I’m here to report a theft Brenden: What? Bash: My smoke machines been stolen Brenden: Ok. When? Bash: Days ago Bren: I’ll look into it. Please leave Bashka leaves and Brenden rips up the Hall of Fame paper in annoyance. He holds a phone to his head Brenden: Damn it Bash that’s your lying face. Oh yes hello. I was wanting security to do a full search on Team Prides room and I want a security man out there at all times. Thank you Meanwhile in the ring it’s a 2-2 classic with a win for Team Monda qualifying them for the semi final round. Meanwhile Suby (super speed) and Monda are using there no found super powers and as Monda floats in the air Suby super speed charges into all of the other team. He covers Purp for the 3 and for Team Monda to become the first quarter finalists. It’s later announced Evolution and KAP will join them based on impressive performances. Meanwhile Smith and Arius have just hid the smoke machine in Evolutions room but there was something bothering them. Where were Evolution. It had to have been something serious for them to leave their room unguarded. Smith would have at least thought he would have to distract someone. However they saw their answer when they got to their room. Arius hid round the corner as Smith approaches Bash Smith: Bash what’s going on Bash: They said they were searching my room to see if I “misplaced” the smoke machine. And now they are going to keep someone on the door to keep an eye out for Arius. Arius heard all this and gulped. He had nowhere to hide
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    "One opportunity"

    BrendenPlayz heads to the ring to respond to Julius' recent comments. As the crowd erupts when they see him come out, you can immediately see the anger on his face and focus in his eyes. He steps inside the ring and grabs the microphone. Here I am! You wanted me to show up, well you got me! I'm not hard to find Julius. Whenever I am required, I am here. You're right, I don't show up every week, because I don't need to. I have other commitments that keep me away from the ring. But whenever I need to be here, I am always here, ready to go. I'm glad the "real" Julius decided to finally appear. It was almost sad watching you stand in that ring with your tag team partner and embarrass yourselves. All you've done is talk yourselves up about how great you are as a team when in reality, you have no proof, no records or history to show it. So I guess we'll have to take your word that you two are "good" enough to beat us. Because you've beaten nobody else to be here. But wait, didn't you say that I am the one being "given" every opportunity and we didn't earn our spot here? But here you are with a title shot with no wins to get into this position. Yeah, how ironic. The fact is Julius, we never said you weren't great on your own. We never said that you didn't achieve greatness all those months ago. But what we did say is that you aren't what you once were. You have fallen off the wagon. Your star quality has dropped. You're not the marquee that you once were. If you were, you would be talking to Bailey right now and not me. But here you are, teaming with a guy that you don't have any confidence in. You're trying to win a battle when you know you're outnumbered. You can't honestly stand there and discredit all the work The Big Ballers have done together as a team when you two aren't even a real team. You haven't done anything to be in this position but we have done everything possible to earn our way here. We have beaten everybody that has EARNED their chances at our titles. We have taken down all comers, whether they're new to this company or established stars. We have beaten everybody fair and square. We have shown our competitors the respect they deserved, something that you might want to try and learn. I can't help but notice your lack of praise for your own partner. You talk yourself up but yet here you are with a TEAM. This is a TAG TEAM MATCH. If we were facing each other as a singles match then yeah, you might have the upper hand on me. But here's the facts. Sameer is one of the biggest stars the company has ever produced. He has done everything but win the big one, but not through a lack of effort. Unfortunately it just was not his time when he was fighting as a solo. Perhaps one day he will try again. I can trust Sameer in any situation. I know he has my back. I know he can do anything I can do in the ring and a helluva lot more. I'm not half the worker he is. He is a future Hall of Fame talent and has proven that he can fight the best of the best and win. If you are doubting his abilities you're just heading down another path of failure once again. You have doubted him in the past and he took you down on our path to win these championships. He is the real deal, it might be time you accept it. If you want me to show up next week I'll be here. If you want me here tomorrow I'm there. I can be everywhere and still make time for this. I am committed. I have been since the day I entered the tournament and took you out. I am committed to winning at BPZ Mania. I'm committed to being here until Summerslam, until however long we can keep this championship reign and this tag team alive. We are no joke Julius, stop treating us like one. BrendenPlayz drops the mic and leaves the ring.
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    "One opportunity"

    {We head backstage after the in-ring segment, where Julius isolated from everyone, is seated on a production crate playing with his thumbs. He occasionally looks up at the camera sparking a negative response from all those in attendance. He patiently waits until there is silence before he begins to speak} You were right {Those three words linger in the air, the tension can be cut with a knife as Julius continues to glance down towards the ground} 8 months ago I was on top of the world, the hottest thing in this company, the most destructive force this place has ever seen undefeated for 6 months, knocking down every opponent placed in front of me with absolute ease. Legends of the business, BPZ Hall of Famers all felt my wrath and it sent shock waves throughout. I walked the halls and the corridors of every arena we hosted looking around and reveling in the Kingdom I had formed. I felt invincible, untouchable until one day it was all gone, ripped away from me in an instant. My own naive self-believed that I would be on top forever. I never tried to change my style, I never paid any serious attention to my opponents because I never needed to. Everything I used to do made me the unstoppable monster I was. I was on the cover of all the posters the world in my hands until it stopped. No longer was I this dominant threat eager to takeover, I was just cast aside into the shadows threatening to become nothing more than a number in a pack All I needed was one opportunity to become what I was. I earned that opportunity at Summerslam when I beat the seemingly unbeatable Slim and became an instant star. And now I realise I have an opportunity staring me right in the eyes, I have a platform to remind the world that I am still that dangerous, psychopathic son of a bitch who struck fear into the eyes of all my opponents. That opportunity comes at BPZ Mania IV, an opportunity I sure as hell will not let go to waste. You say you have brought this division out of obscurity and into the spotlight, you say that you have made this tag-team division the best that it could be but howw can that be true when you're never around, you only show up once a month to take your paycheck and then take your ball and you go home only to be seen a month later. Don't insult me with false statements about how you have earned this, how you have busted your ass to make this division the best it is when in reality your're the one killing it. Since you won the titles all you have done is beat the lowest of the low this company has to offer, saying you've saved it from obscurity is a stretch. And I know you did defeat Ropati and I en route to winning those titles and that moment lives firmly in my mind slowly eating away at me every time I see your faces on posters or in the headlines because I know that should have been ME. I should have been the one taking this division and putting it on my back making it relevant once again. I show up each and every week and I do whatever is necessary to get the job done while you two lounge around living in luxury looking down at those who give their all for this company. While your at it how about you shut that little puppet you call Sameer's mouth because we all know the only reason he is where he is today is because he's friends with the boss. I mean you said you've been here since 2015 winning championships although you never ever won the big one. Pathetic. I walked into this company with nobody by my side and I won that title within 6 months. I have done more in a year than you've done in 4 so don't pretend like your some sort of star because your nothing more than an average player at best. It's a shame you need to be associated with the owner of this company to make yourself relevant. Well that all ends at BPZ Mania when we release those tag-titles which have been taken hostage by you. No more will you be seeing those titles once a month but you will be seeing them each and every week day in and day out because that's how much I care about this division. You continue to underestimate and disrespect us because you got lucky last time well let me warn you about the path you're about to go down. The Ropati that you embarrassed in December is no longer the man that stands before you today. He has become more vicious, more dangerous than ever before I can tell you right now he will not stop until you show us some damn respect And while your at it how about you shut that little puppet you call Sameer's mouth because we all know the only reason he is where he is today is because he's friends with the boss. I mean you said you've been here since 2015 winning championships although you never ever won the big one. Pathetic. I walked into this company with nobody by my side and I won that title withing 6 months so don't pretend like your some sort of star because your nothing more than an average player at best. It's a shame you need to be associated with the owner of this company to make yourself relevant You wanted a Mania moment Brenden well you've got it. This Mania moment you have been craving for your whole career will be remembered as the moment the creator seized to exist. I made the mistake believing that you two were washed up has beens and I can tell you right now I wont make that same mistake again. You asked if we were ready for a war, well you got it. See you at Mania...Champ
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    Just "Marker" Done


    Kai Campbell is next and this man is from Jamaica, his brothers and him lived a bad life and had to turn their lives into violence ones as they had to rob in order to save themselves, however they were caught. Next is Brift, we don't know his actual name, but we do know that he started his life of crime at the age of 16, since then he has been a criminal mastermind and plans everything, however his last bank heist failed and he was put under arrest This next one is a sick bastard, goes by the name of Deco, this disgrace uses his dick for everything and has rape everything in site, for Example he fucked his little sister at when she was 6 and he was 14, he has raped over 100 people Next we have Chris Black, when he was younger, Chris was bullied by a lot of people, all this stress turned him to a life of crime, he has done everything, GTA, Rape, Assault, Robbery, you name it
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    Just "Marker" Done


    Day 1: The criminals are in a small bus, traveling to the prison in an unknown country, on that bus are the most dangerous and violent criminals. Let's start off with Julius, this man is one tall son of a gun, his story dates back when he was young, parents were alcoholics, so he had to take care for himself, got into things with the police and committed murder, now he on this bus. Suzuki is a former pro wrestler working for Japan, but after some.... problems, he was sent by killing a man on accident, but somehow I don't believe that for a second Aaron North, aged 35, living in the streets begging for money, spend that stuff on indica and cocaine, but fatal night, he murdered dozen of men and when the police found him on the floor, begging to be sent to prison, well he got his wish. "God" or that he is called is 47 years old, when he was younger, he seen his dad kill his mom, that experience scar him for life, his crime was arson after burning his father alive, now "God" is going to prison TO BE CONTINUED.....
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    The Crawling Dead

    Night one after the Outbreak Sameer wakes up in the middle of the night and goes outside and steals a fiat 500 that was across the road and drives off. A shadowy figure enters the house with Keeley and Brenden still sleeping. BIC and Arius are about to leave Lidl when they spot Bad Attitude Bullet with a sawed off shotgun crossing the parking lot. He gets distracted by a Fiat 500 driving by so BIC and Arius make a run for it. They are now wandering London in the middle of the night with food from Lidl, pistol and Medical supplies. Sweet Papi Sanchez and co are camping in the pub Brenden wakes up and sees the shadowy figure walking towards him he thinks of making a run for it and leaving Keeley "HEY!!!" shouts a stranger who cuts the shadowy figures head off. "I'm sorry about that" says the stranger "I just saw that zombie enter the house and I ran straight here". Brenden start looking for Sameer and the stranger tells him "your friend left he took the Fiat 500 from across the road" Keeley wakes up and tells Brenden and the stranger to "shut up" "I know a safe house across the city" says the stranger. "fuck your safe house" yells Keeley. Brenden asks the Stranger for his name "Bart" says the stranger. The gang claim Buckingham Palace as there own with new members as part of there gang. Kansheek while playing Minecraft tells the New members Marker and Silky to be the "king Guards" and gives them AK-4s and then tells them to "patrol the grounds" Bullet walks out of Lidl eating Cheerios and sees George AK being devoured by a group of zombies bullet then pulls out his shotgun and gets a headshot on all of the zombies then walks over to Georges carcass and sees something In his pocket he pulls it out and finds a police baton. At the church Dick Togo starts itching a lot. FDS is still passed out drunk behind the alter and Cody hasn't took his eye off the both of them for the last two hours. Aaron goes over to Massa's for a sleep over.
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    Free Agent Corner

    Welcome to the FAC February Review. FAC has entered a new format and I’m now doing episodes in Monthly Instalments. Today we have special guest Aaron North, where we will conduct first an in-character interview and then he will join us for some fan questions. Also, we review all their matches this month, and review some classics from the past, as well as going through all the shows from the week and naming our Top 10 Superstars of the Month. Let’s get into it Recap Cody interrupts Akki promo * ½ Aaron promo * Bart promo *** ½ Yelich, Echo and FDS go back and forth ** Dikey promo * Mave Deltzer promo ½ Jack Bishop goes back and forth with Cody and Alex ½ BiC promo ** Hans Clayton ½ Marker promo * ½ Arius promo * ½ FDS promo *** ½ Echo Wilson promo *** ½ Bart promo *** ½ Mave Deltzer promo ½ Bulldozer promo * Hollow promoes ** Bulldozer promo Bailey promo ½ Alex goes back and forth with Mave * Mave promo Aaron promo * Bailey promo **** ½ Yelich promo ** Bishop promo * ½ Maasa interrupts Bulldozer promo Maasa and Bulldozer go back and forth Bulldozer interrupts Maasa promo Bulldozer promo Bishop promo * ½ Marker promo interrupted by Arrow * ½ Bishop goes back and forth with Maasa, Alex, Bulldozer and Arrow Julius promo ****** Maasa, Cody and Arrow go back and forth Slim promo *** ½ Hans and Arius go back and forth with Cody, Amai and Arrow ½ Kyle Pain promo * Echo interrupts FDS promo ** ½ Bishop promo * ½ Aaron and Alex interrupt Maasa promo ½ Maasa goes back and forth with Alex, Bart, Aaron, Cody and Bulldozer ½ Bulldzoer promo ½ Cody promo ** ½ Angelo promo ** Bulldozer promo -½ Hans promo **** ½ Arius promo **** ½ Arrow promo * ½ Alex goes back and forth with Maasa, Bishop and Arrow ** Amai goes back and forth with Arrow * Arrow promo ½ Arrow interrupts Aaron promo Arrow promo ½ KENJI promo ***** ½ Aaron, Angelo and Gill go back and forth ½ Flynn goes back and forth with Julius, Rop and Bailey **** Dikey promo *** Amai promo * Echo goes back and forth with FDS *** ½ Buddy goes back and forth with Alex * ½ Ross promo ******* ½ (PROMO OF THE MONTH) Mave and Angelo go back and forth with Buddy ½ Akki promo ** Aaron promo ** ½ Cody promo ** Arrow promo * Maasa promo Bart promo ** ½ Mave promo ½ Wallace promo Matches World Title: Julius vs Flynn ** (MATCH OF THE MONTH) Global Title: Echo vs FDS vs Kieron vs Yelich * ¾ Universal Title: Bart vs Hollow * US Title: Julius vs Marker vs Arius * ¼ NXT Title: Alex vs Cody vs Jack vs Maasa vs Odyssey vs Dikey * ½ IC Title: Bart vs FDS * ¾ Aaron vs Maasa * Aaron vs Arrow ½ Interview Section 1 Josh: Ok Aaron talk us through your month? Aaron: Well... my month has been crazy i mean i've been getting attacked, confronted, i've been working hard to get earn the spot i'm in right now and that spot is a match for the NXT title. I've been getting great advice from the man Angelo Caito he's been a great mentor, a great manager and he has been awesome to hang around with. There are many people who think they're better than me but the fact is no-one is better than perfect and i'm perfect so no-one's better than me. Josh: Now on that note what made you align with Angelo? Aaron: Well what made me align with Angelo was i needed some support, someone to teach and advice me and take my career to the next level. I had two options: Gill or Angelo i decided to go with Angelo because he's more of a legend than Gill and he's a lot more experienced in this business. Josh: He is more of a legend but does his lack of success not worry you in any way? Aaron: Lack of success!? You know who you're talking about here, right? Angelo Caito is succesful in many ways that you just can't see and you wanna know why you can't see his success? Because you're not perfect. (Suddenly we see Josh being moved out of the way and Gary Green steps in and clears his throat) Gary: Hello Aaron I am the official host of FAC, sorry that the idiot JoshsNow was interviewing you. Now "Most Perfect Star in BPZ" what are your plans for Mania? Aaron: Well at BPZMania i'm going to win the NXT title in a battle royal against all the imperfect so called wrestlers of NXT and that quitter Alex Costa. Gary: Sounds great to me. Join me later on for Section 2 where we play a game Blast From The Past Welcome to Blast From The Past where we look at Past matches. In the future if you have any matches from the past for me to review or even re-review I will but for now we will stick with this one Flynn vs Julius: Power Trip Cup Final (Originally given 5 Stars) Key Points Julius throws Flynn from one side of the ring to the other Julius hits a Big Boot Julius hits Flynn with a Running Powerslam Julius corner splashed Flynn Flynn nails a V-Trigger Flynn follows up with a second V-Trigger Flynn hits a Spear Julius countered the Frog Splash with an Uppercut Flynn hit the FKO out of nowhere Julius planted Flynn with a Hell’s Welcome Julius caught Flynn’s Suicide Dive Flynn hit an Omega Bomb Flynn followed up with an FKO Flynn hit the V-Trigger for the 3 Re Review: ** ¾ Interview Section 2 Gary: Ok its time for a Game, I say a wrestlers name you say the first word that comes into your head. BiC Aaron: Imperfect Gary: I can see where this is going. JoshsNow Aaron: Imperfect Gary: Bailey Aaron: The Imperfect Gary: Alex Aaron: Imperfect quitter Gary: Gill Aaron: Imperfect Gary: Hollow Aaron: Perfect Gary: Angelo Aaron: Perfect Gary: Bulldozer Aaron: An imperfect disgrace Gary: You Aaron: Absolutely perfect Gary: Yelich Aaron: Perfect Gary: Aaron thank you for your time Top 10 And we conclude with our Top 10 for the month 10. Julius 9. Ross 8. Nate 6 and 7. The Big Ballers 5. Alex Costa 4. Echo Wilson 3. Flynn 2. Arius 1. Bart Congrats to our Superstar of the Month Bart for the second consecutive month. Thank you for joining us on FAC Monthly Report. See you next month. Goodnight
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    Hans Graphics

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    Hans Graphics

    some old stuff I made in the past
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    Hans Graphics

    BPZ Mania IV Match Card: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    I hope this diary isn't dead because this is one of the best, if not the best forums based wrestling diaries I have seen. Its been going on for a year now and I hope we get to see more, I was reading the most recent show and it just kept getting better and better. Bring this back Julius
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