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    Hans Graphics

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    The First BPZ PowerTrip event after BPZMANIA 4 comes on April 12th live from Washington D.C. Where we see the 2nd Installment of The War Games Match! A brutal match that takes places inside a Cage around 2 Rings as either 2 Teams of Three or 3 teams of Two battle it out. At World At War we will find out what Teams step inside the War Games! Also we will see the return of Hollows unsanctioned zone match. Who will he face? And many more matches as well. Will we see the Universal or Global Championship on the line or will there be a new Championship? This will all go down on April 12th on the BPZ Network Venue: Washington D.C. Capitol One Arena Date: April 12th 2019 Theme: -Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch Match Card: War Games Match: BBB vs The Saviors FDS and Echo Wilson vs Bart and Jonathan Unsanction Zone Match: Hollow vs Marker North American Championship Ladder Match: Hans vs Arius vs Aaron North vs Kenji vs Yelich vs Meko vs Toxik vs Buddy Ace Alex Costa vs Jack Bishop vs Maasa BIC vs Prince
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    “2015 should of been my year!” {That screams through the PA System, causing the entire Mania crowd to go hush. Then the titantron goes to a blank screen, but the audio of a door slowly opening, it creaking slowly plays over the crowd before loud footsteps walking is now heard. The titantron slowly fades into a picture of a bedroom, with Angelo Caito standing inside of it. He slowly sits on the bed, the spring making a loud cranking noise. He runs his finger against the mattress before looking at the camera that follows him.} “I was taken in early into my career, to be apart of greatness, because that's what I was with that United States Championship that been irrelevant since because of lack of attention, or favorites of people. I was on the mountain top like I deserved to be, and no one succeeds often, because the same man who kicked me out of that group LOST his title the same night I won my first Intercontinental Championship. Why? Because he picked his favorite boy to join with, only to be turned on by him a few months later. Favoritism then lead to this moment. This has been boiling for YEARS now, and who cares about it right? Who cares about what a “Jobber” like myself who only has a total of eight Championship reigns overall in his career. Speaking of that, how many lasted over a month? None, and except two we're justified. BPZMania III, I was SCREWED of the Premium Championship, all because Echo Wilson kissed all the ass needed to the “top guys” to get this opportunity. And I was SCREWED at King Of The Ring, because Sameer never deserved the Intercontinental Championship to begin with, but gets it for being buddy buddy with the owner of the company, only to drop it to the next kiss ass in line. And don't get me started with the World Heavyweight Championship, because we'll be here for years talking about it. But at last, today is the day. BPZMania IV, the day where the undeserving wins again. The day where old part timers steal the spotlight again from people. Another chance to watch the same old faces hold the same old title. Rinse and fu***** repeat, am I right? ]Angelo shakes his head as he then lays on the bed, relaxing himself.} “I find it incredibly funny that this Mania is being called the Greatest Mania ever, despite it not ending. Lies, this is the most boring Mania ever and it's because of how things will work. Bailey will put himself back as Champion. Brenden will make sure that him and Sameer retain. Hell, might even give Sameer that extra push in that Money In The Bank match. Give me a break. This company is worse than the NFL, and they are crooked like a motherfu****. God I'm tired of speaking of this hell hole, go. Come back later and we'll continue.” {The cameraman turns to leave, Angelo starts whistling, almost matching a old cowboy whistle, stopping the camerman in his tracks as the camera fades to black.}
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    BPZ Commentaries

    Top 5 Moments of BPZ Mania IV Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of the Top 5 and what an episode we have in store for you today. BPZ Mania IV took the professional Wrestling world by storm delivering some exciting matches and insane finishes really proving its worth as being the best PPV in all of wrestling today. Anyway without further ado lets take a look at the top 5 moments of BPZ Mania IV 5. New King of NXT We kick off the top 5 speaking about the NXT Championship Battle Royal. Going into the match there were a handful of potential winners. You had Aaron North who under the tutelage of Angelo Caito seemed to be poised for a breakthrough, KENJI who appeared out of nowhere and immediately captured the worlds attention and then you had one of the more underrated, forgotten members of this match the extremely talented Hans Clayton. Well we asked the question of who would breakthrough and take the NXT Championship and the man who did it was Hans Clayton. He is the new king of NXT and hopefully this is only the start of a long and successful career here with the company. Congratulations to Hans, and we hope he continues this momentum forward into the future 4. Tag-Team Shocker Well striking in at number 4 is one of the biggest surprises this show had to offer. Going into this Tag-Team title match, there was a lot of talk about who would walk out with the titles. Brenden and Sameer had already defeated Julius and Ropati in the past and it looked like they would do it once again. No one really believed that Julius and Ropati were actually going to walk out the champs. Oh boy we were wrong, Julius and Ropati pulled off one of the upsets of the year defeating the champs and becoming your new Tag-Team Champions. They promised a new era after BPZ Mania and it looks like we are getting one, The Saviors have arrived and I'm sure that they aren't going anywhere 3. Taking the next step Speaking of upsets, in our preview show of BPZ Mania we spoke about how this ppv was a chance for Hollow to finally take that next step into the Main Event scene by claiming the Money in the Bank briefcase but it turns out that just wasn't meant to be. But coming out of nowhere climbing the ladder and becoming Mr Money in the bank we had None other than The Beast himself Sameer. Now you want to talk about surprise no one saw this coming, but this might be all Sameer needs to claim his maiden World Heavyweight Championship a title that has alluded him for too long. Sameer know has the ball in his court will we be seeing this Man atop the Kingdom of BPZ some time soon? 2. Undisputed Champion One of the more anticipated matches of the night was the three way Unification match between Necce, Echo Wilson and Bart. Coming in it was a coin toss to see who would walk out as champ but a true star prevailed a man who has been dominating this company for a long time now, The Villain Bart walked out of BPZ Mania as the sole undisputed Champion. This is just another accolade to Bart's name making him one of the more dangerous threats in this company. The question is will Echo continue to challenge Bart or will another person step up to the seemingly unstoppable Villain 1. The One and Only GOAT Lets set the scene, it's the Main Event of BPZ Mania student vs Teacher, World Champion vs Challenger, One win to Bailey one win to Flynn it doesn't get much bigger than this. In front of the mass crowd these two put on an absolute epic match with The Bailey claiming the rubber match along with his 6th World Heavyweight Championship reign. Not too long ago many questioned if this man still had it in him, well let me tell you now Bailey has cemented himself as the GOAT of BPZ, who will be willing to take that title away from him Thank you once again, this has been another episode of the Top 5. With BPZ Mania done we look forward to the next PPV World At War 2 which is not too far away at all. A War Games match and an Unsanctioned Zone match have been advertised. Who will step up who will reign supreme find out when World At War 2 streams live
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    Echo Wilson

    NBA 2k19 Historic Career Sim

    NOTABLE PLAYER RETIREMENTS: Toni Kukoc, Rick Fox , David Robinson ___________________________________________ DRAFT LOTTERY RESULTS: Chicago Bulls New York Knicks Utah Jazz New Orleans Pelicans Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers Sacramento Kings ______________________________________________ NBA DRAFT 2004 RESULTS: Chicago Bulls select PG Chris Paul from Wake Forest New York Knicks select SF Francis Paul from Illinois State Utah Jazz select SF Danny Granger from New Mexico New Orleans Pelicans select SG Lewis Castro from Houston Memphis Grizzlies select PG Raymond Felton from North Carolina Milwaukee Bucks select PG Peter Slater from Butler Indiana Pacers select PG Melvin Bennett from Kansas 10. Sacramento Kings select SF Gerald Green from Gulf Shores Academy High School 12. Orlando Magic select PF Marvin Williams from North Carolina 15. Philadelphia 76ers select SG Louis Williams from South Gwinnett High School _________________________________________________ NOTABLE FREE AGENTS: Chris Webber , Zydrunas Ilgauskas , Antoine Walker , Zach Randolph, David West Chris Webber resigns with the Sacramento Kings for 161 million Zyrdrunas Ilgauskas resigns with the Cleveland Cavaliers for 160 million Antoine Walker leaves the Detroit Pistons to join the Miami Heat for 100 million Zach Randolph leaves the Portland Trail Blazers to join the Detroit Pistons for 52 million David West resigns with the Minnesota Timberwolves for 87 million MAJOR PLAYER TRADE: After voicing his concern at being the 4th String PG for the LA Lakers, Ben Dover has forced a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers for a low level SF and a first round pick. Now Dover will slot into the Clippers starting lineup at the PG position alongside fellow prospect Julius Jones.
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    Unsanctioned Challenge Returns

    One Year Ago. March 30th, 2018 - The message and challenge was extended. Dropping of the gauntlet, and the challenge accepted by The first challenger. It now begins again. On Carnage TV Hollow appears and makes his way to the ring. Getting in the ring after grabbing a microphone. Hollow sits in the middle of the ring. Hollow, "BPZmania has come and gone. Hollow is here without his prizes. Robbed of his briefcase. Robbed of his championship. The opportunity of a life time stolen from Hollow but that isn't why we are here. We are here to issue a new challenge. A War of Worlds is coming again and Mister Fourteen needs the best matches that he can get on his card for this show. One year before now, we issued the challenge for the greatest match that has ever been in BPZ last year. We had our preparation the Unsanctioned Preparation two to build up the ultimate arena to showcase the greatest contest ever! A fight inside the Unsanctioned Zone. But who will be the challenger this year." Hollow pauses and then starts saying the same word Who! Who!! WHO!!! Hollow then stops again then goes back to speaking normally Hollow, "The year before we left this challenge up to chance. A nobody came up took up the gauntlet after we created the challenge. He rose up and became a king afterwards. This time, Hollow isn't leaving the challenge open. This time Hollow is going to issue the challenge to one person. This person created the biggest insult. He took our precious away from us. He took our championship away. It belongs to Hollow and he stole it from us. No we want to take away from him his pride. We want a match with this one person and we issue this challenge. Not for the title, as this goes beyond championships, this is war. A World at War. Hollow extends the this challenge to one person. The BPZ Premium Champion Marker! Hollow issue you this challenge. Are you brave enough to accept the challenge to the most destructive match in BPZ History? You the thief, who stole our title now we want our revenge the only way Hollow can take it. We now sit here. We wait your answer. Do you accept the challenge bestowed before you? Accept at your own risk. But know this, the last challenger rose to greatness. If you accept maybe you will see this greatness for yourself. A chance at glory that can sky rocket your career. Or this could be the beginning of the end." Hollow stops and waits then resumes speaking. Hollow, "Now we wait for Marker. Do you accept the challenge? We await your answer."
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    {Meanwhile, some people are playing Basketball, there are a few people there, two of them are Bailey and Sameer. Sameer passed through two men, Sameer passes to Bailey, Bailey gives it back and Sameer dunks the ball in.} DAMN, YOUR ALL TRASH AT THIS, ME AND BAILEY ARE TOO GOOD… {Then Sameer sees Julius and Smith walking toward them.} Yo, what up G's. Nothing much, playing some basketball, look I have the plan on how to get out of here, I'll tell you later, but let's play basketball first. Sounds good G {The game begins and Sameer and Bailey with their teamwork get a couple of points for them, it looks down and out until Julius started attacking, then Julius using his size dunking multiple times on them, it the last shot, Sameer passes through Smith, but Julius is in the way, Sameer passes to Bailey, Bailey looking for Sameer and Julius takes it away and Julius shoots and gets it in.} DAMN. Lovely stuff Julius, that was really good. Thanks Smith, I saw that coming, the difficult part was….. {While Julius and Smith were talking, Sameer and Bailey were doing some on their own.} Yeah, that big guy seems very useful Bailey, I feel he more useful then that other guy Smith. Yeah I see it now, maybe he could join us when we get out of here. {That is the end of Day 3.}
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    Conspiracies With Maasa

    This will a similar series to conspiracies with Shane Dawson but with different conspiracies. This will be a weekly show on sundays, starting next Sunday I will randomly take 1 suggestion for each show. There will be a sneak peek of the show on mondays and I hope you enjoy the secrets that will be revealed.
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    The Crawling Dead

    Extra part of night 3 Brenden is watching MLW when he sees a figure walking down the street. The figure sees Brenden staring at him and does a hand symbol. The figure pulls his hand up and spreads his fingers out and lowers his middle and ring fingers, Brenden smiles but then the figure gets hit by a car, Brenden is shocked then Jim Cornette walks out of the car and says "thank you, fuck you, bye" then goes in his car and drives off. Brenden runs outside to see long time viewer of Brendens channel Shroud dead on the floor.
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    Gwyn's Music Menagerie

    The Preface Hello everyone! My name is Gwyn and I'm an Undergraduate Student studying Jazz at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales. I've both struggled and revelled in the pressures of being a musician, and studying in a hub full of the very best (I'm definitely not one of the best). This Diary is designed to basically be, well, a journal and diary of my Musical listening for the foreseeable future, as well as my directions both as a Bass Player and a Music student. The Musical Menagerie So, what sort of music do I like listening to? Well, I'm a Rock, Prog Rock and Blues guy at heart, with roots in; Pink Floyd, Alan Parson Project, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, The Police and Supertramp to name but a few. In the last 7 years from when I started playing music, my tastes have developed away from edgy Punk Rock to Jazz and a light dashing of Power Metal (I know, an eclectic clash of styles there). So, if you want to hear about my listening habits, my opinions on albums, and my discoveries as a Jazz Student, this is the place to be. Musical Styles that I listen to regularly; Rock Progressive Rock Blues Jazz Funk (If there is any albums or songs in these genres you'd like me to listen to and share my thoughts on, feel free to sound off below). Hope you enjoy my musical ramblings to come!
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT: March 27th 2019 We are now only just two weeks away until the stars of the future head to the Barclays center in Brooklyn New York to takeover. We have a stacked card already announced but tonight, plates continue to spin and things continue to roll as we present you the hottest hour in professional wrestling, this is NXT! Queen of spades delivers a warning To kick off this week's episode of NXT, the Queen of Spades and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler flanked by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir made her way out to the ring to continue the build to her title defense against Bianca Belair. Baszler spoke about how she is the most dominant woman this company has ever seen and Belair doesn't even present a challenge to her. This then brought out the EST and the both of them went back and forth on the mic. Belair stated that she could beat all three of them at the same time, prompting Shayna to issue the challenge to Belair a 2 v 1 handicap match next week. Belair looked unsure but eventually accepted the challenge Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs The Forgotten Sons In the first Semi-Final of the Dusty Rhodes tag-team classic the brawlers of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch took on the in-form Forgotten Sons. These two teams have had issues with each other in the past and it showed in the hard-nosed brutal nature of the contest. Lorcan and Burch had the crowd on their side but they were unfortunately no match for The Forgotten Sons who once again picked up another impressive victory moving them to the finals of the tournament The Rebel Heart Johnny Gargano The show transitions to a video package showing Johnny Gargano's training and preparation for his match at TakeOver New York. He puts over the importance of a Hell in a Cell match and how this is do or die. His last chance to defeat Ciampa and take the NXT Championship into his grasp. Johnny then recaps his friendship with Ciampa and talks about the moment he turned on him. The package then ends with Gargano promising to end Ciampa at TakeOver New York The Undisputed ERA vs Grizzled Young Veterans Our second Semi-Final match featured the Tag champs from both NXT and NXT UK with The Undisputed ERA up against The Grizzled Young Veterans. In an extremely intense back and forth match, The Undisputed once again showed that they are the best team on the planet picking up a great victory over Drake and Gibson with the High Low to James Drake. After the match the Undisputed ERA had a face to face staredown with their opponents at TakeOver The Forgotten Sons Dream is watching Before we get set for the night's Fatal Five Way match, Cathy Kelley caught up with the NXT North-American champion himself The Velveteen Dream. Dream stated that he would be keeping a close eye on this contest watching to see who will emerge as his next challenger for TakeOver Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic vs Adam Cole vs Fenix (NA Championship NOC) The Main Event of the night pitted 5 of NXT's greatest performers in one match with the chance to earn a spot on the TakeOver New York card. Before the referee could ring the bell all 5 men started to brawl with the entirety of the match being fought all over the Full Sail arena. The action quickly spilled to the entrance ramp where Fenix once again took out all his opponents with a tope suicida getting those in attendance on their feet. However there was no clear winner as the show was cut off the air with all 5 men still brawling around the arena, the commentators confused as to what just happened
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    Name - Big Gus Weight - 300 lbs Fighting Style - Brawling and High Flying Heel/Face/Tweener - Face Frequent moves - Knees, Elbows, Kicks, Forearms, Suplexes, etc. Signature(s) - End Game (Kneebar) and Crown Jewel (Jumping Corner Knee Strike) Finisher(s) - Bloody Sunday (Rolling Cutter) and Stardust Stomp (Diving Double Foot Moonstomp) Rare Finisher - Blood Sport (Spanish Standing Fly) Tag Team - The Wrestling-Tang Clan (Myself and Nate) Bio/Other: Hood rappers. we like to have lots of sex with girls, earn money from our many illegal drug deals and lastly shoot people with our guns cause they stepped on our J's. We basically a better version of Cryme Time.
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    Xtroardinary Championship Pro Wrestling Limitless Ep.1 Match Card Maasa vs Lord Wallace vs Marker Andrews Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf To advance to the world title match Charles Lupin vs Aaron North Also to advance to a world title match Kenneth O'Connell vs Frank Cage
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    Name - Charles Lupin Weight - 93.8 kg / 207 lbs. Fighting Style - Striker Heel/Face/Tweener - Face (But I can work as a heel if you use my 'Son of the Moon' gimmick in some way) Frequent moves - Step-up Enziguri, Superkick, Sling Blade, Standard kicks, German Suplex, Head Lock, Basement Dropkick, Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb, Uppercut, Springboard moves, Standard punches, Running Knee & Leg strikes Signature(s) (up to two) - Moonsault, Hammerlock DDT Finisher(s) (up to two) - Into the Light (Running Single Leg High Knee), Wolf's Claw (Triangle Armbar) Tag Team - No (Open to one in the future, if needed) Bio/Other - Charles Lupin, aged 27, was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1991 (Assuming we're starting in March of 2019). Growing up, he always loved to visit local wrestling shows, and watching the WWE. At the age of 19, he travelled to Manchester, England where he began to train in the hopes of becoming a wrestling star. He wrestled in many local promotions, two years after arriving. He won his first Championship at the age of 23, against a man known as 'the Terminator'. At that match, a scout for the WWE approached him, and offered a tryout. It was accepted, but he was injured in the performance centre. In mid 2018, he moved back to the Netherlands and won his second Championship. In early 2019, he heard of an opportunity to wrestle for a promotion known as 'Xtraordinary Championship Pro Wrestling'. The offer was accepted, and he has left his home country to travel with XCPW.
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    We've come to a decision to end the competition. Thanks to all of the players who have participated and stayed active over the last few months. It was a blast. We may do another competition in the future.
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    Co-op Universe Mode Diary

    Money in the Bank Results Main Card RAW Tag Team Championship Match Undisputed Era def. The Revival (c) via submission with a Guillotine Choke to Scott Dawson. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are the new RAW Tag Team Champions. Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Bobby Roode (c) def. Kalisto, Xavier Woods, Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and the Miz to retain and make his first defence of the Intercontinental Championship. RAW Women's Championship Match Charlotte Flair (c) def. Sasha Banks vis pinfall with a Natural Selection to retain and make her second defence of the RAW Women's Championship. Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The Club (c) def. The New Day via pinfall with a Gun Stun to Kofi Kingston to retain and make their first defence of the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. United States Championship Triple Threat Match Aleister Black (c) def. Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn via pinfall with a Black Mass to Chris Jericho to retain and make his second defence of the United States Championship. Money in the Bank Ladder Match Shinsuke Nakamura def. Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Jinder Mahal and Noam Dar to become Mr. Money in the Bank. WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match AJ Styles (c) def. Killian Dain via pinfall after several kendo stick shots followed by a Phenomenal Forearm to retain and make his second defence of the WWE Championship
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    Smackdown live results Samoa Joe beats DB, Johnny Gargano beats KO, The Hardyz beats The Bar, Dean Ambrose beats Karl Anderson, Xavier Woods beat SZ, Aj Styles beats John Cena
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    Goose (BPZ vs Twitch)
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    Isaiah Carter

    Highly Underrated Games

    Watchdogs 2 was a game that I had loads of fun with, it was so fun and the freeroam on it was better then the first, the world was fun, the gadgets was fun, and the story was quite good as well. The missions were fun, I highly enjoyed this game and while I don't see people hating on it, I never see people rank it on there list or even talk about it, and I can not wait for Watch Dogs 3 if it becomes a thing
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    The Crawling Dead

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    The Crawling Dead

    Night Three after the Outbreak As the sun sets Bullet finds a house to camp in for the night, he goes to use to toilet when someone screams it's Maddrix who is on the toilet reading Manga, Bullet excuses himself and leaves the house and finds another house and double checks that it is abandoned then locks the front door and sleeps. The London Riots have set up a stage at Buckingham Palace and Akki is performing to the rest of the Riots. Everyone is enjoying it except Hollow who has locked himself in a room where the lights have gone out. The London Riots have ran in since all the electricity has gone out. Hollow and James go to the dungeon to check on Julius only to see he has escaped, suddenly they hear shooting and screaming they run up stairs only to see Kansheek dead on the third floor with his brains splattered on his Laptop Hollow says "I'm in charge now, everyone secure the palace" everyone spreads out making sure the killer or killers have left the palace. Dick Togo and FDS are on lookout while Cody is peeing in a house when 4 strangers come in the house Togo pulls out his massive sword and shouts "who goes there" one of them shouts "hello there I'm Brenden, this is Keeley, this is Bart and this is BiC , there was someone else called Arius but we left him in a toilet" "hmm" grunts Cody who then tells them the plan and everyone is down for it except Bart who is hesitant. Odd and Sweet Papi Sanchez switch pub and drink away their tears. Aaron is telling Maasa his encounter with Storm but Maasa doesn't believe him.
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    Co-op Universe Mode Diary

    May Smackdown Live Results and Money in the Bank build up May Week 1 AJ Styles affirmed his spot at the top of Smackdown, only to be confronted by Sanity again, this rivalry is far from over Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Jinder Mahal def. Zack Ryder via pinfall with a Khallas Breezango def. The B-Team via pinfall with an Unprettier to Curtis Axel Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Kalisto def. Akira Tozawa via pinfall with a Salida Del Sol The Club celebrate their title match victory at Backlash Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Matt Hardy def. The Velveteen Dream via pinfall with a Twist of Fate The Miz is infuriated at his title loss, ravenous to get a rematch against Bobby Roode. Shane McMahon says that he has his rematch, however, it will be in a ladder match against 4 other chalengers Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Rusev (w/Aiden English) def. Seth Rollins via submission with an Accolade May Week 2 Daniel Bryan expresses his desire to be in the Money in the Bank match, Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels insert him into the Qualifying Tournament Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Braun Strowman def. Cedric Alexander via countout after slamming Alexander onto the ring steps AJ isn't afraid of facing Killian Dain again, and would accept his challenge Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Andrade "Cien" Almas def. Daniel Bryan via pinfall with a Hammerlock DDT The New Day (Woods and Kingston) def. Breezango via pinfall with a Trouble in Paradise to Fandango to become No.1 Contenders to The Club's Smackdown Tag Team Championships Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: The Big Show def. Jack Gallagher via pinfall with a Knockout Punch Shane McMahon announces a Battle Royal to determine Smackdown's final entrant into the Money in the Bank Match Money in the Bank Qualifying Tournament Match: Kevin Owens def. Big E via pinfall with a Pop-up Powerbomb Current Money in the Bank Card (More Matches to be announced) The Revival (c) vs. Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish) - RAW Tag Team Championships Bobby Roode (c) vs. The Miz vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD - Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sasha Banks - RAW Women's Championship The Club (c) vs. The New Day - Smackdown Tag Team Championships Aleister Black (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn - United States Championship Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Noam Dar vs. TBD vs. TBD - Money in the Bank Match Next Post, Continuation of Smackdown's May Results
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    Flynn after a long pause, with a smirk on his face, speaks. His eyes are fixed on his BPZ Mania challenger, who has just unloaded his declaration to defeat the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. So blinded by your own ego Bailey, that you forget the facts. You so desperately hold onto that one single win you have over me from all those years that you place that above anything you have ever achieved. Because it is your biggest achievement Bailey. That was the high of your career. Do you believe defeating you was mine? The fact is the last time we stepped in the ring for this BPZ World Championship, you didn’t walk out on top. No that was Summerslam of the same year, 2016. I was yet again BPZ World Champion. I walk in with three challengers. Yourself, Bashka and Jonathan. Three of the most elite in BPZ history. An opportunity as the time to say who was the top dog in the company, and I came out BPZ World Champion. From there I’ve beaten in in head to head match-ups in a variety of ways. I’ve beaten you in the stat sheets, I’ve beaten you in comparisons of wins and losses. Night of Legends wasn’t anything special, it was just a different type of way that I beat you. See Bailey I have absolutely nothing to prove here. I know I’m better then you, whether anyone of these people want to admit it or not, I’m the top dog in this company, I have been since the moment I kicked you to the curb four years ago. A couple months ago when I lost to Necce, there were those that made the claim that I had finally fallen off. How did I respond? I beat you, then I beat 5 of BPZ’s best one being Bart who all of you nerds at home are always tweeting about how he is the next big thing and deserves more opportunities. WELL GUESS WHAT, HE HAD IT AND I PUT HIS ASS DOWN. Then I went on and I put Julius away who you didn’t have the balls to ever cash in on. I didn’t even need a briefcase, just one shot and I capitalized. You talk about the big moments, that’s why you work your ass off? Bailey I was born for these moments, I was bred for them. Even if, somehow you do defeat me Bailey, and you earn what will yet again be the biggest victory of your career. But then what? You’ve proven several times over that you can’t hold the fort down anymore. You can’t lead anymore. Your body, your mind can’t handle it anymore. Anytime I have ever been in question I’ve proven the doubters wrong. You’ve only proven them all right. 2015 was the greatest year of your career. There is no singular year that you can claim was my best. Bailey you are forced to respect me. I have done too much for you not to go into this knowing that this will be a cake walk. But I hold zero respect for you. Because since Saint Valentines Day Massacre three years ago, you’ve done nothing to show me why I should even reconsider the thought of you beating Me! Flynn throws the table out of the way from between the two as now nothing stands between them. This is it. No more running our mouths. BPZ Mania is upon us and I will make the claim that it is in this match that I show the world that the real Bailey never is, and never was the GOAT. He was just my placeholder. The biggest match in each of our careers is upon us. WHO IS THE MAN? WHO IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME? Good luck Bailey, you are going to need every bit of it. Flynn throws his Championship high above his head, the thousands in attendance on their feet as we are set for the biggest match in BPZ history. Flynn vs Bailey for the BPZ World Championship, in the main event of BPZ Mania.
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    As “Devil” blasts through the arena, we are greeted by the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn. He steps out, alone carrying his BPZ World title firmly around his waist. Flynn walks around the Ring before taking a seat in front of the Table waiting for the arrival of his challenger in just 2 Days The Bailey. The GOAT plays through the arena as the Challenger and 2019 Royal Rumble Winner The Bailey makes his way out to the Ring The Bailey paces back and Fourth before Finally taking a seat. Sign The Contract Champ Flynn hesitates to sign the contract so the Bailey grabs the Pen and Immediately signs the Contract. He tosses the Contract and Pen back at Flynn. Flynn Merely laughs him off before than going head and singing the contract. Flynn grabs the Microphone but before he can talk he is interrupted by The Bailey. FINALLY..... The Bailey has returned to New York City! Flynn once again tries to speak but is now interrupted by the crowd who is now chanting Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! The Bailey looks up at the crowd before speaking again We are just 2 Days away Flynn from the Most ELECTRIFYING Main Event of all time. 2 days away from the Biggest show of em all BPZMANIA. The Bailey is glad it is finally here. The Bailey couldn't take it anymore. The Bailey, The People are dying, itching for this match to finally happen. In Front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Fans The Bailey will become the 6 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion of The World. At BPZMANIA The Bailey once again passes you in World Championship Runs. At BPZMANIA The Bailey once again Upstages you Flynn. The Bailey is going to send you on a nice vacation Flynn. As The Bailey is kicking your candy ass all over Atlanta Georgia. The Bailey is personally going to send you to the SMACKDOWN HOTEL on Jaborni Lane. It's going to be electrifying Flynn. It's going to be intense and it's gonna be a war. You've beaten The Bailey once and The Bailey has beaten you Once. This is what you would call the Rubber match. And it doesn't get any bigger than this. Bpzmania, The Main Event for the World Championship. This is what this business is all about. This is what the Bailey lives for. Bailey points as the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship That's what i work my ass off everyday for. It's The Bailey vs Flynn! BPZMANIA, 70k packed in the Mercedes Benz stadium. The History is there, The Story is there. The Hatred and The Respect is there. But at the end of the day all that matters is who Walks out with that Championship. The Bailey wants that Championship so The Bailey is going to take that Championship. Let the Bailey remind you that the last time we fought for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, The Bailey won. And just like the First time, The Bailey will win the second time. The People are ready. The Bailey is ready. Are you Ready Flynn? The Bailey doesn't got anything else to say to you Flynn. Simpy, JUST BRING IT. Flynn stands up and proceeds to grab a Microphone as the Crowd waits in anticipation.
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    Last Chance

    Julius, we have said what we have needed to say. We don't need to keep coming out here and telling the fans the same things over and over. We get your point. You believe you're the man, but all you are is a guying clinging on to dear life, using the tag division as a way to get on the BPZ Mania card when you would've been working the pre-show otherwise. You don't care about this division. You don't care about the titles. Infact, you don't even care about Ropati. This is just another way to get a pay day and get your name more exposure which you so desperately seek. Sameer and I are the glue that holds this division together. We have proven to everyone that we are the best. You talk so much for someone who hasn't done anything to prove that they're deserving of being in this position. You were great. You were a star. But the fact is, your star quality has diminished. Your stocks are rapidly dropping and without this match, your career at the top would be on it's way to being over. You can feed off my name, you can devalue our accomplishments. You can do your best to try and strike me down. But I won't give it up. I won't stop until these titles remain in my hands at the end of the night. I said that my journey was all about BPZ and beyond. Well I meant every word. You can laugh off my dreams and Trash talk Sameer and I. But our journey has shown that we have become one of the great tag teams in this companies history. Your journey shows that you found a bum off the street and pretended to call him your friend in order to weasel your way onto the match card of BPZ Mania. You have done nothing in this division. You have done nothing to be here. You two believe you're so great, but all I know is that we have beaten you once and we know we can do it again. Sameer has said his peace. Sometimes you need to learn to pick and choose your spots. Coming out here and regurgitating garbage isn't our strategy. Taunting you isn't what we're here to do. We're here to present the facts and they have been said. I'm here because I will not allow you to try and diminish our accomplishments to put over your own. You believe that BPZ's future will be yourself, Ropati and Flynn. As far as I am concerned, when BPZ is over. The Big Ballers will stand in the ring with the next BPZ World Champion Bailey Justin and we will hold his hand up high with the championships in our other hand. You wanted a fight, you got that. We're not just fighting to retain our titles, we're fighting to keep this division alive and stop you two from undoing all the work that has been made to make the tag division great.
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    Your 'What If" Episodes

    What if TNA was never formed? What if Kurt Angle stayed with WWE in 2006?
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    How I make my renders pop!

    Today I will be showing you a quick tutorial on how I do graphics, I will mostly talk about how I make my renders pop. So there 2 Ways you can make the render pop, Using Topaz Labs or Using High Pass. Method 1: Topaz Noticed the difference between the two? One render is normal while the other is more popped. The way I did this was using Topaz Adjust 5, think of it has a filter. When using Topaz, I usually go to HDR Collection, and then my go to Dynamic Pop (I also use Dynamic Pop II or Dynamic Brightness in different situations). On the right hand of the screen there's different adjustments. Use global adjustment and go I go under Details and then slightly boost the detail boost. 1.12 to 1.19 is where the range I say. After your all done you can use the brightness/contrast to help bring more color and life to the render. That's the method I use. Method 2: Highpass If you don't have topaz (or too lazy to get) another way to get a render popping is by using high pass filter. Duplicate your current layer then you can find the High Pass option under other in filters. Set to around 20 and then make the layer a soft light and adjust the opacity or fill a bit lower and then merge the two and using b/c thing that was used for method 1. Hopefully this helped some of you, or if didn't whatever. Just wanted to share my knowledge with you all.
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    Co-op Universe Mode Diary

    April and May RAW Results and Money in the Bank build up April Week 4 Shinsuke Nakamura def. Elias via pinfall with a Kinshasa Jason Jordan def. Sheamus via pinfall with a Jordan Slam The Usos def. Heath Slater and Rhyno via pinfall with an Uso Splash to Slater Sasha Banks def. Mickie James via submission with a Bank Statement Money in the Bank Qualifying Triple Threat Match Finn Balor def. Kassius Ohno and Drew McIntyre via pinfall with a Coup de Grace to Ohno to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match May Week 1 Drew McIntyre requests a second chance to qualify for Money in the Bank. Regal accepts, if McIntyre can win a match each week leading up to the PPV The Bar def. American Alpha via pinfall with an Assisted Brogue Kick to Jason Jordan The Revival ask for a real team to step up and challenge them, saying that they are the strongest tag team Natayla def. Ruby Riot via pinfall with a Liger Bomb Following his victory at Payback, Chris Jericho challenges Aleister Black for the United States Championship Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) def. The Usos via pinfall with a Schoolboy Pin to Jimmy Uso Randy Orton calls out Samoa Joe for a rematch, but Samoa Joe tells him to go to the back of the line Drew McIntyre def. Shelton Benjamin via pinfall with a Future Shock DDT Randy Orton, Sami Zayn and Aleister Black def. Samoa Joe, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall with a Blue Thunder Bomb to Chris Jericho May Week 2 Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall with a Future Shock DDT Becky Lynch def. Peyton Royce via submission with a Dis-Arm-Her Baron Corbin def. Sin Cara via pinfall with an End of Days Sasha Banks lays out a challenge to Charlotte for Money in the Bank Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn ended in a double countout after a brawl into the crowd Randy Orton is about to cut a promo in the ring, but is interrupted by a weird and creepy video package Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) def. The Bar via submission with a Fish Hook to Cesaro to become No.1 Contenders to The Revival's RAW Tag Team Championships May Week 3 Sasha Banks def. Natalya and Becky Lynch via submission with a Bank Statement to Natalya to become No.1 Contender to Charlotte Flair's RAW Women's Championship Drew McIntyre def. Tye Dillinger via pinfall with a Claymore Sami Zayn calls out Chris Jericho, saying that he should have the title shot since he pinned Jericho last week. Jericho interrupts, and both are silenced by Regal, who makes the US Title Match a triple threat instead Randy Orton def. Rhyno via pinfall with an RKO The Revival def. The Colons via pinfall with a Gory Bomb to Epico Colon The Revival reassert their control of the division, only to be cut off my the Undisputed Era, who easily beat them down with the numbers advantage Finn Balor and The Bar def. Samoa Joe and the Usos via pinfall with a Coup de Grace to Samoa Joe May Week 4 Shinsuke Nakamura def. Goldust via pinfall with a Final Cut Baron Corbin says that he will smash all the short, puny wrestlers on RAW Aleister Black vs. Tye Dillinger never got started as Chris Jericho attacked him during his entrance, smashing him with a steel chair. Sami Zayn attempted to make the save, but Jericho lays him out too with a Codebreaker Undisputed Era (Cole, Fish and O'Reilly) def. American Alpha (Jordan, Gable and Benjamin) via pinfall with a Samll Package pin to Benjamin Charlotte Flair def. Dana Brooke via pinfall with a Natural Selection. Sasha Banks and Charlotte stare down after the match Finn Balor says that whether he has the Money in the Bank Contract or not, he's coming for Samoa Joe, mentioning his pinfall victory over the champion last week Money in the Bank Qualifying Match Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton via pinfall with a Future Shock DDT to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match. After McIntyre leaves the ring, Erick Rowan attacks and beats down Randy Orton after the match Next Post, The May Smackdown Results and Money in the Bank build up
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    O thank u mate every nice of u to help me out. sorry
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    Co-op Universe Mode Diary

    WWE Backlash Results Pre Show Liv Morgan def. Nikki Cross and Nia Jax via pinfall with a Double Knee Facebreaker to Nia Jax Main Card Money in the Bank Qualifying TLC Match Noam Dar def. Akam to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match Smackdown Tag Team Championships The Club def. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) (c) via pinfall with a Magic Killer to Xavier Woods. The Club are the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Intercontinental Championship Bobby Roode def. The Miz (w/Maryse) (c) via pinfall with a Glorious DDT. Bobby Roode is the new Intercontinental Champion. Tag Team Match Zack Ryder and Seth Rollins def. Velveteen Dream and Braun Strowman via pinfall with a Rough Ryder to Braun Strowman. Smackdown Women's Championship Asuka (c) def. Naomi via submission with a Cross Armbar to retain and make her first defence of the Smackdown Women's Championship. WWE Championship AJ Styles (c) def. Killian Dain via pinfall with a Styles Clash to retain and make his first defence of the WWE Championship.
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    Isaiah Carter

    The BPZ Purge

    The 2nd BPZ Purge Time: 6:00 In a small town, wood-filled area controlled by a large metal fence, its time for the 2nd BPZ Purge, and this time we have more competitors, more carnage. And more opportunity. Completely unrelated to the first Purge In the dense woods of a town called Derry, sits several small cabins, a lake, and various wildlife. Inside the largest cabin, called "Longhorn:, sits Bailey. Who stars at monitors with cameras set around the entire area. He is the mastermind behind the Purge, and he sips on his cup of whiskey, and AR 15 sat next to him. He puts his feet on the desk and leans back, ready for the night to begin. Off in another cabin sits a group of men, all ready for the Purge to begin. They are holding a competition to see who can get the most kills, Jesse Winters, Hans, Julius, and Owen Dalton sit by the fire and sharpen their knives. All 4 of them have lived in these woods for a long time, and are ready to kill and take advantage of the Purge. In a cabin far east of the center of the woods sits Angelo Caito, who is wearing a hat made from bear fur and looks at his scar across his eye. He spits out his chewing tobacco and grabs his hunting rifle, ready for tonight's action. Ropati sits on top of a tree, looking out at the landscape with binoculars with a watch on his hand, he has a bag of food and water and is prepared to stay up there all night. Bart and Smith are sitting in there Honda Civic, hotboxing it with a familiar skunky smell. Bart and Smith laugh, and laugh, and keep on laughing as Echo Wilson looks on from a far, upset that he is being excluded once again. Echo then cries like a little bitch. Epic, Maasa, Arius, Joh, Kansheek, and Brenden are all in seperate locations. All trying to find different ways to prepare for the upcoming Purge. Some climbing trees, some digging holes, some loading there guns. But no matter what happens, people are going to die. Its time to Purge.
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    Fantasy WWE Universe

    Monday Night RAW Episode #1 *After The Pyro Show Finishes Paul Heyman Music Hits* Paul Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. I’m out here to welcome all of you to the very first Monday Night Raw. Tonight we have an action pac…… *Gets Interrupted By “MOTH” Lio Rush* Lio Rush: Heyman. How are you doing. Actually…. I don’t care but, I’m out here for a reason. Paul Heyman: Oh “The Man of The Hour” want the hell do you want. Lio Rush: Well I see you don’t have me on your show. Or in any tournaments now I know you just made a mistake so when am I fighting. Paul Heyman: Well Lio. I don’t have any plans for you not because it’s a mistake. Because you are a nobody. You are someone I don’t care about. But I do need a Cruiserweight champion so I’ll give you a match for the vacant title. Lio Rush: Cool cool. Who am I facing? Paul Heyman: Well you have 2 people you are facing. In a Ladder Match. RIGHT NOW. So get you ass down here. *Lio makes his way to The ring. Then Styles. Then Havoc* Triple Threat Ladder Match for WWE Cruiserweight Championship Lio Rush vs. AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Havoc After 10 minutes of High Flying and Extreme Action Jimmy Havoc smashes Styles with a ladder and stomps the ladder on Styles’ fingers. As Styles rolls around in pain. Havoc starts to climb the ladder. He starts to unhook the title and somehow Rush springboards off the ropes on the ladder. And starts to battle Havoc on the top. Styles then gets up and joins Rush and Havoc on the ladder as all 3 men fight the ladder starts to tip. And the ladder falls over and all 3 men fall to the arena floor. Now it’s a race to get up and get to the ring. And all of a sudden Rush jumps to his feet and sets the ladder up. And races up it. As he unhooks it he sees Styles and Havoc getting up and so he decides to jump off the ladder onto the both of them. 4 more minutes past and Styles hits the Styles Clash on Havoc off the ladder through 2 tables and Havoc isn’t moving. Styles races up the ladder but Rush stops him pulls him down and hits The Rush Hour. Lio climbs and unhooks the championship. Havoc is carried off on a stretcher. Winner: Lio Rush *Lio Rush starts to attack Styles in till Ricochet stops Rush and helps Styles. Then Styles well exiting the ring hits Ricochet with Phenomenal Forearm. Styles yells “I didn’t need your help.” and Rush sneaks in hits The Rush Hour once again on Styles and he holds his title high* *Paul Heyman comes back out* Paul Heyman: As I was trying to say before I was interrupted by your NEW WWE Cruiserweight champion I was accounted 4 Tournament Brackets for all the vacant titles starts today. And 2 matches from each bracket starts now!!! First Round of The WWE Raw Women’s Championship Tournament Chyna vs. Nia Jax After a 5 minute match Chyna just dominates Jax but when Chyna goes to the top rope for her love Eddie. Nia Jax catches Chyna and slams her down with a Samoan Driver that shakes the ring. After another 2 minutes Nia Jax tries to run straight onto Chyna in the corner but Chyna moves. Jax is stunned and kick to the gut. The Pedigree. She hits The Pedigree! 1…..2…..3 Winner: Chyna First Round of The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Tournament Edge and Christian vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) After a great back and forth between both teams. The Shield final gets the upper-hand after Rollins Curb-Stomped Christian on The outside leaving Edge to battle alone. Dean Ambrose then distracts the referee for Rollins to try to hit a Curb-Stomped on Edge but he gets out of the way and Spears Rollins in half. Dean then jumps back in only for Edge to duct a Clothesline into a Spear but not from Edge. Christian Spears the shit out of Ambrose and slides out of the ring. Edge covers. 1…..2…. OH MY GOD Ambrose kicks out. After another back and force battle Edge is setting up Rollins for his Spears but Ambrose comes in. No he is stopped by Christian and KILLSWITCH. Christian rolls Ambrose out of the ring. Spears. EDGE SPEARED ROLLINS IN HALF!!! But wait is that yes. That’s Roman Reigns he is schedule to fight Kenny Omega later on what is he doing out here? He is distracting Edge. Ambrose he is up. Edge turns around and Dirty Deeds. Ambrose pins. 1…..2… Christian breaks up the pin. A great match here tonight time for a commercial break……………….. We are back and during the break we saw Reigns attacked Edge while Rollins and Ambrose distracted the referee. And he throws Edge back and the 2-Man Powerbomb. Edge is down. What is Reigns doing is he holding Christian foot down so he can’t get in he is. And Rollins pin 1…..2…..3. (As the pins reaches 3 Rollins flips off Christian) Winners: The Shield Renee Young: We are backstage with “The 8th Wonder Of The World” Chyna. How do you feel about your win against Nia Jax? Chyna: You know I feel great this win means I am going to dominate this division because I beat the baddest women there is *Nia Jax attacks Chyna from behind. Hitting Chyna with multiple Chair Shots. And now oh a straight shot to the head. Now though a Table. Nia Jax yells “Nice job beating me. But I think I won the war.” and again Chyna though another table.* First Round Match of The WWE United States Championship Tournament Devon vs. Zack Ryder Zack Ryder in a match that was only 5 minutes hits Devon with The Zack Attack. 1…..2…..3 Winner: Zack Ryder Oh wait no. I have just got news this match is 2 Out Of 3 Falls. Devon attacks Ryder from behind and hits Saving Grace. 1…..2…..3. We are all tied up folks. And Devon allows Ryder to get up. Devon talks to the referee and OH MY GOD it’s Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. Ace N Eights they are attacking Ryder. Bubba Bomb to Ryder and a Mic Check. And there Tag Team move the Full House. Bully rolls Ryder back in the ring and Saving Grace once again to Ryder. 1…..2…..3 Actually Winner: Devon *As Ace N Eights celebrates they decide to continue the beat down. Oh and again Full House. Zack is Knock-Out Cold. Ace N Eights leave and is that “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. There are taking Zack Ryder? Why?* First Round Match of The WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match Rosemary vs. Asuka Is a bizarre match. We see Rosemary attack Asuka and lick her. Asuka clear freaked out tried to get up but Rosemary kicks her straight in the face.Rosemary is pinning? Not even a one. She is nuts. She laughing uncontrollably. Asuka stands up clear shake and shit a kick to Rosemary’s head. I think she is out. Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock. Knocked Out? 1…..2…. NO Rosemary is up and she gets out of lock. And smacks Asuka and then Flying Crossbody. Rosemary is building up steam, and Boom Clothesline and another. And a Springboard Moonsault. NO Asuka catches her in a Asuka Lock. Rosemary taps. Winner: Asuka *After the match Abyss comes and takes Rosemary away* First Round of The WWE United States Championship Tournament The Great Khali vs. Crazzy Steve In match that was dominated by Khali. Crazzy Steve looks dead then lights out and when there come back on Khali is down. Crazzy Steve picks up Khail and hits King Kill. 1…..2…..3 Winner: Crazzy Steve *Then Abyss comes out again and walks to the locker room with Crazzy Steve* First Round of The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Tournament Lucha Houseparty (Gran Metalik and Kalisto) vs. The Broken Universe *Before the match Renee Young asked why The Broken Universe toke Zack Ryder and where? All “Broken” Matt Hardy did was laugh* This match was crazy. Well The Broken Universe was crazy and Pinatas started to talk and it’s weird.Hardy kinda just laughed the whole time and clapped and appalled Lucha Houseparty when they counter moves. Then he tagged Brother Nero and Nero and Hardy fit the move Delation!!!! 1…..2…..3 Winner: The Broken Universe First Round Match of The World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III This amazing match of 2 TNA classics was breathtaking. Ethan Carter III hit forearm after foreman and chop after chop but couldn’t take Mr. Anderson down. And a right punch from Anderson takes EC3 straights down.EC3 looks dazed and Anderson is laying of the elbows., But EC3 throws Anderson off and Colthine off and the into a Body Slam and then EC3 hits a Running Senton. EC3 is showoff and that’s Bully Ray. No not again. And is that “Broken” Matt Hardy attacking Bully Ray. There are brawling on the outside and in the ring Mic Check from Anderson to EC3. 1…..2….NO. EC3 still has fight and he gets up. The ref is distracted with Hardy and Ray, And EC3 low blows Anderson and Top One Percent. 1…..2…..3 Winner: Ethan Carter III *Updated on Jimmy Havoc. He has a really bad concussion and maybe out for 2 months.* Thoughts and prayers are with Jimmy Havoc.* First Round match of The World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Kenny Omega vs. Roman Reigns In this match with an amazing beginning we see Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns just throwing haymakers. They both trying to knock the other one out. And it looks like Reigns is going to be the first. No Omega stops him with a pele kick. They are both down and Omega gets up. Picks up Reigns and delivers a Knee. An another Knee to Reigns head. And Omega is going for a third but, no Reigns moves and Spears Omega and he does it again he is going to split Omega in half. 1…..2. No Omega kicks out. Reigns can’t believe Omega kicked out. He lifts Omega up in yells “Stay Down” and goes for another Spear but no Omega counter and knees Reigns in the head. Reigns looks dead. 1…..2…. No Reigns kick outs. And he gets back to his feet. And Powerbomb to Omega and another Powerbomb. 1…..2….. NO Omega kicks out. How much heart does this kid have. And knee to Reigns gut and a flying knee to Reigns head. OMG The Winged Angel. 1…..2….. What is that The Shield. They are attacking Omega. Winner: Kenny Omega - DQ *After Reigns gets DQ'd the attack on Omega hasn’t stopped. The Shield is still beating him up and Reigns calling for the 3-Man Powerbomb and boom Omega isn’t moving. And Reigns is calling for it again. But they throw Omega outside the ring. He is calling a 3-Man Powerbomb through a table? He is and god Kenny Omega isn’t moving his life corpse if just there.* *The Shield puts their fist right over Kenny Omega and there yell “THE HOUNDS OF JUSTICE” into a Mic.* SHOW GOES OFF-AIR
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    Carnage Power Trip World at War The Unsanctioned Zone Hollow vs Julius The car with Julius arrives to the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo driving the car he looks in the mirror to Julius, "Master Hollow is waiting inside. Best not to keep the master waiting." Julius scoffs at Senior Alfredo and gets out of the car and goes to the building and opens the door and walks it. Hollow standing in the middle of the ring where he was standing in his last message. Hollow speaks, "Julius! We knew you would come! Get in this ring and the war may commence!" Julius walks inside the very messy warehouse with a ring in the middle of the area. Julius gets in the ring and looks at the Hobo referee who asks him if he is ready. Julius just threatens to punch him and Hobo Bob calls for the bell which is rung by Professor Pain. Right at the bell Hollow runs up and hits Julius with a running stiff headbutt. Julius is rocked into the corner and Hollow goes nuts unloading punches to the skull. Julius can only cover up for now. Hollow forces Julius's head onto the ring rope and then grabs Julius and begins to drag and grind Julius's face on the ring rope. They get into the middle of the ropes when Julius grabs Hollow and just chucks him over the top rope. Hollow falls flat onto the concrete floor on the outside. The unsanctioned zone doesnt have mats to cover the floors so they are just bare unforgiving concrete. Julius gets out of the ring to go after Hollow, and Hollow chop blocks Julius as he was on the ring apron to take him down to the floor. Julius gets back up and as soon as he just stands up Hollow pushes him into the table that has the ring bell pushing Julius head first into the ring bell. Hollow then yells, "DIng!" Hollow grabs Julius and starts bashing his head into the ring bell making it ring and he hits four times and Hollows yells with each hit, "Ding, Ding, Ding! Ding!" Hollow grabs the ring bell hammer and puts Julius head onto the ring bell and starts to hit the ring bell over and over again. He stops and laughs and pushes Julius down. Hollow doesn't go for the pin though he starts going around the ring looking for something. He finds a big bin and he smiles. "Are we having fun yet Caesar?!?! Lets have more fun!" Hollow pours the contents o the bin onto Julius. Legos?!?!? A kids toys Legos being poured onto Julius burying him under thousands of Legos. on the outside of the ring. Julius emerges from it confused why was he under legos. Hollow throws a handful into Julius's face then. Hollow grabs Julius and positions him right getting ready to hit a standing suplex to Julius onto the legos. Hollow goes to lift but Julius fights out of it and lifts Hollow with a standing suplex. Julius just holds Hollow there then instead of falling back, Julius throws Hollow forward onto the legos, stomach and face first. Hollow sits up in pain, those little things hurt if you step on them but getting tossed onto them with like that...ouch! Julius tries to lock the Vice grip onto Hollow to try and end this now. Hollow just kicks Julius right in the knee and makes Julius fall down.. Hollow stumbles away into the training arena of the unsanctioned zone. Leaning against bag of punching to catch is breath. Julius gets up and smacks his leg a few times and he is good to go. Julius rushes Hollow and Hollow pushes the bag of punching into Julius to stop him. Hollow then slams Julius face first into the punching bag then pushes him to the bench of strength. Hollow grabs the dumbbell on the bench and lifts it up then pushes it down onto Julius's throat. Hollow then yells at Julius, "Always bring a spotter Juju, Always!!!" Hollow pushes down and Julius choking he pushes the dumbbell off his throat and throws it back with Hollow. Julius sits up gasping for air, he turns to see Hollow running up the stairs to the second level of the Unsanctioned Zone. Julius is annoyed now that Hollow is running. Julius gets up and flips over the bench of strength in frustration and then proceeds to go up stars. The second level is dark and looks completely unfinished. Wood supports showing, Julius walks around a corner and out behind a post Hollow appear. "Found you!" Hollow throws something at Julius and it breaks. Hollow threw a light bulb at Julius. Hollow has a dozen of them in his hands. Hollow then proceeds to throw light bulbs at Julius one after the other they break against Julius and Hollow leaves one left in his hands when he rushes Julius and starts to beat him with the light bulb. Three shots and the light bulb breaks and Hollow throws it away and pushes Julius towards the stairs and then DDT's Julius onto the stairs. Hollow then drags Julius up the stairs. Julius is bleeding from his arms from the light bulb glass from before. Hollow drags Julius to the third level and roof of the building. Hollow stands ontop of the warehouse of the Unsanctioned zone, "We are getting some fresh air Mister Juice." Hollow then proceeds to kick Julius in the gut over and over again then he calls for Hobo Bob who runs up the stairs quickly. Hollow finds a spider and puts it on a down Julius and tells Hobo Bob to count. Bob confused starts the pin count, 1...2...Julius gets up and sees a spider on his chest. He squished it quickly. Hollow then yells, "You murder! You just squished Charlotte! Who will go back to Charlotte's web now!" Hollow goes nuts and attacks Julius with a rapid assault of punches. Pushing him towards the edge of the building's roof. Hollow then grabs Julius and turns his back towards the outside of the building. Setting up for a dragon Spanish Fly?!?! But they are outside the only thing below them is the car Senior Alfredo drove Julius here in. They are three stories up, Hollow is insane. Hollow jumps up but Julius just lifts Hollow up higher uranage! OMG! Julius just threw Hollow off the top of the unsanctioned zone and Hollow crashes onto the car, breaking in the roof of the car on impact. Julius looks down in disbelief, he only acted he didnt realize where they were. Hobo Bob then asks Julius, "You go there pin him? That's only way to end." Julius cannot believe this the referee for this match isnt going to end match after that. Julius then proceeds to climb down the stairs of the building the camera following him. Julius cannot believe what is going on. These people are insane, he just threw Hollow off the building and the match was still going. Julius goes outside and stares in disbelief, and the camera sees it at the same moment Julius does. The dented and broken car, was still there but Hollow wasnt. Julius looks around and sees Hollow stumbling towards the place he calls the woods of insanity. Julius starts to run towards the woods now, wanting to end this once and for all. Inside the Woods of Insanity, Julius gets there but all he can see and the camera can see is trees and grass. Julius yells angrily, "Where are you Hollow! Where are you freak!" Hollow appears from behind a tree down the way. Hollow reply, "We are over here!" Julius walks over and he stops as suddenly there is more movement all around him. Hollow laughs as ten men who look like Hollow emerge from the trees. Hobo Bob, "They are coming out of the trees man, out of the trees!!!!" Hollow, "These are Hollow's woods, for we are legion!" Then the rest yell, "For we are many!" The ten men rush Julius and starts fighting him At first Julius was able to fight them off but soon they start to pin him down. Punching and stomping away Then out of a moment of great strength Julius pops up pushing away the minions of Hollow. Julius grabs a downed tree branch or stick and starts swinging it around hitting everyone that moved around him. He knocks all them down and yells, "Who's next!" Suddenly he is hit in the back by a stick held by the real Hollow. who is bleeding from the mouth. He smiles with a bloodied smile, "Sticks and Stones are going to break your bone!" Hollow goes to town hitting Julius with the branch like stick, then picks up rocks and throws them at him to add insult to injury as some would say. Julius begins crawling deeper into the woods of insanity. Hollow laughs and yells, "Good, good embrace the insanity!" Hollow then breaks the branch or stick over Julius's back right when they get to the wooden shack. Hollow, "This is the beginning Augustus, the place of beginnings and your end!" Hollow picks Julius up and pushes him into the door and he hits hard. Hollow, "Sorry let Hollow get that for you!" Hollow opens the door and pushes Julius inside. The room is only lit by a lantern and next to it is a brown sack and the barbed wire baseball bat. Hollow grabs the bat and says, "How rude of us, we forgot to introduce you to Lucile here! You see, Senior Alfredo is to take your coat and Lucile here is going to take your face!" Right then Hollow lifts the bat up and goes to swing it right down towards Julius's head but Julius moves and kicks Hollow hard in the gut, fighting for surival now. He looks around as he now is stuck within a small shack with this manaic... he tries to get past Hollow and Hollow stabs Julius in the gut with bat. Then slams it down across Julius's back. Hollow yells, "Not very nice she is just trying to say hello!" Hollow then hits Julius twice in the side and arm with the bat, the barbed wire cutting away at the arm's flesh. Hollow goes for a third hit and Julius spears Hollow into the wall. Hollow tries to hit Julius while pinned against the wall with the bat and Julius grabs the bat by the barbed wire end and pushes it into Hollow's masked face and starts to grind into the mad man's face. Hollow fights off by headbutting Julius in the eye. When they separate Hollow is bleeding his mask is torn and his face paint might as well be his own blood. Hollow manages to laugh and smile. The crazy man was still enjoying himself while bleeding. He grabs the bat and starts to unwrap the barbed wire around the bat then proceeds to wrap the barbed wire around his hand. Julius turns and gets punched in the face with a hand full of barbed wire. Hollow then goes nuts punching Julius with barbed wire until he he is cut and bleeding as bad as he is. Hollow grabs the bag and pours the contents on the ground of the shack. It is thumb tacks! Hollow tries to DDT Julius into the tacks but Julius fights out of it and pushes Hollow off of him and into the wall. Julius stands up but Hollow refuses to be denied this time. He rushes Hollow and hits him with a jumping DDT both fall into the thumb tacks! Tack are in Julius's face and Hollow's back. He is crazy. Julius is in pain he moves around in pain and knocked down the lantern and it shatters, the contents turn the shack ablaze! Its on fire! Hobo Bob goes running but Hollow grabs Julius to prevent him from leaving, "We arent done!" Hollow yells and starts punching Julius resuming the fight inside the burning shack. Julius pushes Hollow away then spears him through a burning wall! They are outside but the shack is ablaze. Senior Alfredo shows up with a fire extinguisher and starts to put the fire out as Hollow and Julius continue fighting. Julius shoving and punching Hollow out of the woods of insanity. Lake of Irrelevancy Julius pushes Hollow to the pond that Hollow calls the lake of Irrelevancy . Julius grabs Hollow and Hollow hits Julius with a low blow! Hollow laughs, "Werent expecting that were you!" Hollow goes to the canoes by the pond and grabs the paddle and hits Julius over the head with it. Hollow puts Julius on the front of the boat and begins to row towards the ring in the middle of the pond. Hollow begins to sing, "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream!!!!!!" He stops as they reach the ring then picks up Julius and pushes him in the ring carefully making sure he doesnt fall in. Hobo Bob was forced to swim or walk over in the water. Hollow puts Julius in the center of the ring and covers him. Hobo barely gets in the ring and counts 1...2...Julius kicks out. Hollow begins climbing a turnbuckle looking to go for a moonsault. Julius gets up and pushes Hollow outside the ring. Hollow falls into the lake of irrelevancy! Julius shakes his head and gets out of the ring looking for Hollow in the water.But wait out of the water behind Julius its Blade! Julius turns and Blade hits the Julius with the Blade cutter then falls back into the water. Then Hollow emerges out of the water dragging Julius back into the ring. Hollow grabs the canoes and pulls it into the ring He carries it over to one of the corners of the ring and positions it on the top rope so it is a spot right in front of the top turnbuckle like an extra platform. Hollow grabs Julius who springs up and grabs Hollow lifts him up and then drops him gut first onto the canoes. Julius climbs up onto the canoes. Julius picks Hollow up and goes for Welcome to Hell(end of days) Hollow counters! Lands on his feet and hits the Dragon Spanish fly! They hit hard and the ring collapses. The ring sinks into the water. On the shore there is someone swimming out of the water. It is Julius! He is coughing up water, covered in mud and blood. He turns to see someone in black and white coming out of the water. Julius runs up and hits the person with a running big boot! Julius then sees it is Hobo Bob! But where is Hollow! BAM! Hollow just hit Julius in the back of the head with a boulder size rock. Hollow drags Julius to the ground and goes for a cover....Hobo Bob is still out of it. Hollow gets up and then grabs Hobo Bob and Julius and starts carrying them back to the Unsanctioned Zone building. Unsanctioned Zone Warehouse Hollow carries both Julius and the referee back to the ring and puts them in it. Hollow nearly collapses by the ring. He is bloodied badly. Hollow reaches under the ring and pulls out a table...this madman isnt done....he wants to put Julius through a table. Hollow puts the table in the middle of the ring sets it up and puts Julius on the table. Hollow then gets out of the ring and starts limping towards the stairs. He is hurting and where is he going. Julius sits up and sees Hollow leaving up stairs but lays back down. He is playing possum! Hollow climbs to the third floor and opens the skylight right above the ring and yells, "This is where it ends Julius! This is your Swan Song This is the End!!!!" Hollow closes his eyes and throws his arms up into the air, and then dives down with a swan like dive into a swanton Bomb. The moment he jumped. Julius gets up and runs out of the way Hollow dives down onto the table breaking through the table and the ring! There is a crater in the ring! Julius nearly collapsing himself, but manages to keep standing. He is tired but he must get the win. He pulls Hollow out of the hole in the ring then covers him. Hobo Bob barely awake, goes for a slow count One.... Two... Three! Julius wins and the bell rings but nobody is left standing in the ring. The referee is down, Hollow is down and Julius is down. This was insanity this was a match inside the Unsanctioned Zone. Will these men ever be the same again? The screen goes off and back to next match in the World At War, this war is over.
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