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    Echo Wilson


    A loud clapping can be heard all around the arena, echoing from ear to ear. Before we even see his face, we know whats coming. Echo Wilson steps out of the back, with a very different expression from the last time we saw him. We saw his thoughts directly after the match, as he and FDS were furious at the turn of events. Now Echo looks calm, almost amused, not quite. Echo Wilson stops on the stage and looks back, peering towards the entrance. Slowly, with a barbed wire bat in hand, FDS steps out. He is dressed in his all white suit with blood smeared over the front of his apron. He stands behind Echo Wilson quietly, who spins a microphone in his hand. He lets the crowds boos soak in. "Congratulations my friend. You did it. You Prove Me Wrong. You maybe, just maybe, aren't a worthless piece of crap Bart. Color me surprised. Still, it doesn't change what I've been saying for so long. You're in your own head Bart." Echo Wilson takes a step forward and slowly begins his trek down the ramp towards the ring where Bart stands patiently. "Bart, I'm not the type of person that whines and moans about my losses. I'm not the type of person who's gonna shrink into himself at the sign of failure. And Bart, I'm not the type of person...to let things I desire, slip between my fingers. You, just like all the fans seem to think think I'm going to tread lightly. You, like everyone else, seem to think that the Blacklist is over, or that my career has come to a dead end, or that I'm lost, with no direction. Trust me, I have two eyes and they're both staring at you and that title you wear so boldly on your waist. You want to talk about birth right Bart? There's no one who fits that title better than me. Because I'm better than you. That title is deserved to be worn by only the best in the world and you aren't that to me. I know I am, and it may not be clear to everyone else, but people like me. Our time comes. We get our time in the sunshine Bart, and while your daylight is slowly fading, I'm about to reach my new dawn. So don't come out here and big yourself up because you know that the fans, the Gods, want to see the true champion take the throne. You may see yourself as a God in your own right, you may see yourself as the man for the job. But let me tell you something Bart, to me, you're just a placeholder and nothing more." Echo finally reaches the ring and climbs in, with FD climbing in behind him. FD stays silently in the ring, gripping tighter and tighter onto his bat, so you can almost see the white in his knuckles. Echo Wilson looks like he might bring the fight to Bart, but all he does is raise the mic to his lips again. "So Bart, here's what I propose. You and I have unfinished business, no matter what you say, I'm the man who deserves the next shot at that title. You may have evaded me once, but you won't escape twice my friend. So, in order to set the mood, in order to show you truly who is the best. I've made a request to the boss. Now, obviously you don't have him as much in your back pocket as you thought you did, because I've got something approved on my own accord. At World At War, while the Ballers and the Saviors go to war, you and I will ignite a war ourselves. You see, my mate here on the side, with the barbed wire bat, he's itching to tear into you. He cannot wait to rip you apart, and he wants to show you exactly what the Blacklist are about. So FD and I are enforcing our authority over you. Me and FDS, the Blacklist, the next big thing in pro wrestling. Will take on you and a partner of your choice, at World At War. No matter who you choose, no matter who you decide to drag along with you in this battle. You will fall. But right now, Bart, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't export my anger out to you right now. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't take advantage of your sticky little situation. The numbers don't lie Bart, you either accept or perish." Bart realizes the situation he's in, 2 on 1. He tries to charge the most dangerous of the two, FDS, and knocks the barbed wire bat to the outside of the ring. As soon as Bart gets on FDS, Echo Wilson comes from behind and clubs him with a fist. He smirks as he knows he has Bart beat on this ocassion. He throws Bart to the wolves and allows FDS to hit a Blood Rainmaker onto Bart. As if it isn't enough he orders FDS to hold Bart down as he climbs to the top rope. We know what comes next.....STARDUST STOMP! Effortless from Echo. The statement has been made clearly. Bart either complies or he stays on the mat. Which choice will Bart make? Defiance or Compliance?
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    I Can't Odd


    "It Showtime" hits and the arena fills with boos as Buddy Ace makes his way to the ring with a big grin on his face and a microphone in hand. The new BPZ North American Championship has been announced and the inaugural champion will be decided in an eight man ladder match at BPZ Powertrip: World At War in which Buddy will be competing in. "At World at War eight men will try to climb the ladder to etch their names into the history books as the first ever BPZ North American Champion though as they say there can only be one first ever. Only one man will be able to climb that ladder, pull that championship down, and forever be able to call themselves the inaugural North American Champion. Before tonight I thought I would merely be the United States Champion this month but as it turns out I'll also be the champion of Mexico and Canada! What an exciting thought, becoming the first ever North American Champion and then winning the United States Championship at Backlash." The crowd boos at the idea of Buddy winning either championship. "Let me not get ahead of myself though. I never saw this kind of opportunity coming but I am absolutely thrilled. Eight different men were handpicked by management to be in this match and that must mean that I am doing something right to be included in this historic match. Every person that has been selected to fight for this championship has something to offer and any one of us has a fair chance at winning. I'm looking at this match as the biggest of my career because quite frankly that's what it is. Winning this match would mean that my name would be up there with BPZ Hall of Famers as an inaugural champion. I need this win far more than any of the other competitors. I have been starved of success for some time now and I am reaching a breaking point. I don't know how much longer I can take it so I have to make every shot count. I will do anything and everything to come out of this match the victor. Then again, so will the other seven or they wouldn’t be in it. Look at Hans Clayton, your brand new NXT Champion.” The crowd pops at the mention of Hans. “Hans proved at BPZMania that he has the drive, the pure passion, stamina, and skill to be successful here when he outlasted what must have been about twenty men, including myself, and became NXT Champion. Now here he has a surely grueling ladder match that will require those same qualities to win yet another piece of gold. Hans is right to call himself a machine but trust me when I say I can go too. Maybe you don’t know this but I successfully defended the very belt he wears now in a brutal Hell in A Cell match before. I’ll keep getting up no matter what and I will keep trying to climb to the top till I make it and I don’t plan on coming down without the North American Championship.” “Yelich...I haven’t seen Yelich since he got all mopey about losing at Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre but here he gets another big time shot. Can we even count on this man to show up to the match because I think he might just skip out on us to avoid another loss. I’m sorry to knock him like this because I know he can be one hell of a fighter but if I am a man close to being broken then he is a man broken beyond repair. Perhaps it is for the best that he stays away so that only his spirit is broken and not his body alongside it.” “The God of Pro Wrestling Bulldozer is one of the more sadistic brutes that we’ve seen here in quite some time. This man crosses all sorts of lines and I have come to realize just how dangerous of a loose cannon he is. The ladder match works well for a guy like him, a competitor willing to stomp people’s heads in and destroy them through any means necessary in order to get whatever he wants. Well I have faced others just as bad and you can use whatever weapons, whatever moves, it won’t matter on me. I understand you but I know you don’t understand me. I don’t even think you realize we were in the same match this past Sunday but you’ll ve painfully aware of me at World at War. And I see your geeky little club grew by one moron recently. Birdman, is it? Hell of a debut match but you’re flying a little too close to the sun here and your last flight will be me throwing you off a ladder.” “Well how about the man with probably the most hype coming into this match, the Sendai Supernova KENJI.” Before Buddy can continue speaking the crowd cuts him off as they erupt into cheers and a KENJI chant goes for a little bit. “Ahaha...you guys just eat that theatrical BS of his up, don’t you? The guy is good, great even. He made it to the final three with multiple eliminations at BPZMania for a reason. My problem is that there is just too much flash and too little substance to his act. He wants to bring ‘excitement’ to his dear followers and goes out of his way to do so. That could ultimately be his undoing. I just hope you people don’t ruin him. That said, I do admit the fire he possesses is admirable even if founded on foolish beliefs. He certainly has the credibility to be in this match.” “The Punk Prince of Perfection Aaron North! He certainly is something though I don’t know if perfect is the right word. He is a gifted man, a true superstar in the making. He’s even being endorsed by a Hall of Famer that’s how much potential he has. Aaron more than earned my respect at BPZMania when he eliminated me and was the runner up. Now not only are we in the same match at World at War but he has followed me up into the US division and we’ll both be challenging for the title at Backlash. Aaron may have gotten the best of me before but it won’t happen again. He is on my radar now and I will expose his flaws in our matches together.” “For as good as everyone in this match is perhaps Arius is the favorite here. The man has had a meteoric rise in the rankings and there is a very real chance he continues that rise by winning this match. Well I plan on stopping him here. There is an air of mystique about him that I plan on shattering. The illusions will be ruined and you all will get a brief glance at who he really is before the spotlight shifts back to me where it always should have been.” “There is of course one last man in this match, myself Buddy Ace. But the only time I hear myself mentioned is when people either dismiss me or ask ‘Who is Buddy Ace?’ You people still don’t know? Well at World at War you’re all gonna learn who I am and you’ll never forget because you’ll recognize Buddy Ace as being the first ever North American Champion! You'll all be saying my name then. This is everything to me and that championship is all I need for the little bit of respect I’ve been asking for.” After months of loss could World at War finally see the end of Buddy's championship drought?
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    Loudspeaker: Everyone please rise and put your hand over your hearts, for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem. We have returned from commercial break here on Carnage and- Oh god not this again. Yelich's back and it seems he's not Yelich, he's Peter Wilchester. Oh lord someone save us from this. Yel- Peter walks out with the Canadian flag over his shoulder as he looks out at the AMERICAN people in the audience, standing up without their hands over their hearts, but booing. Yelich looks at this and sighs while shaking his head. He seems disgusted and appalled by this foul seeming behavior by the Newark, New Jersey audience. But I mean he should have expected this. This is New Jersey. He makes his way into the ring and props his flag in the corner after waving it a bit and asks for a microphone, which he recieves. He then looks out into the Newark crowd and speaks. God, you people STILL can't respect your greatest ally can you? Still booing me. You see this, THIS is why I hate you American scumbags. The audience in the Prudential Center boo louder. Peter waits for them to quiet down before continuing, they eventually do and he begins speaking again. So, your making a North American Championship eh? Well allow me to reintroduce myself to you people of Carnage, as you seemingly have forgotten all I have done for you people. Hello, I am Peter Wilchester, and I am the heart and soul of Canada. Allow me to list off my accomplishments for you. I am the first ever Canadian born man to main event a BPZ Pay-Per-View. I defeated that dumb American hack Echo Wilson and took his sad United States Championship and made into a real belt, the BPZ Canadian Championship, of which I am the only man to ever officially hold. I was the leader of the greatest stable in BPZ history in The Commonwealth. I am the first ever Evolve Global Champion. I've already held the belt of the filthy United States, I've held the best championship ever to grace your little television screens in the BPZ Canadian Championship, and Mexico is essentially a landfill so it doesn't even get a championship, but if it did I'd have won that too. Ya know I'd look at who my opponents are but I don't really give a damn. I'll win anyways. I haven't learned the names of any of them because frankly I don't care. Is it BiC? Maybe that scum Echo Wilson again? I don't know who but I heard I'm in a multi man match to become the North American Champion. And may I remind you how I became the first ever Evolve Global Champion? Why yes of course, it's because I won the inaugural To The Top Ladder Match, defeating four other men in my quest to become champion of the globe. I was once champion of the globe, and that included trash countries like the United States, but in my heart I've always been the champion of the greatest nation in the world: Canada. And when I become North American Champion, I will still be the champion of Canada, but just more officially. So at Powertrip: World At War in my hometown of Washington D- Wait a second, I'm not from that second rate slum that some people call a "city," I'm from the great city of Calgary in the greatest country in the world, Canada... yeah. Yelich seems to be getting confused, his hometown is actually Washington D.C, so he must have snapped back into his old self for a moment. But he's back as Peter again, even though I so SO wish he wasn't. God he's such a prick when he's Peter, why can't he be babyface again? He was so much cooler then. So when I lace up my boots and step into the ring on April 12th, mark my words, Peter Wilchester will become the official, inaugural, CHAMPION OF CANADA! And some other worse places too. Now if you please, play that glorious anthem. The Canadian National Anthem which is still being booed loudly by the very American crowd plays as Peter places the microphone down, grabs the Canadian flag from the corner he propped it up on, and waves it around for a moment before exiting the ring and resting it on his shoulder as he walks to the back. He is unfazed by the boos of the audience as he hums "O Canada" as he leaves to the backstage area and Carnage returns to commercial break.
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    The scene opens with Birdman exiting the arena, clearly agitated by something. An interviewer runs up to him before he can leave. Interviewer: Birdman! Congratulations on being placed in the inaugural North American championship match. Can we- Birdman rips the microphone from the interviewers hands, causing the interviewer to recoil. Birdman: Calm yourself, good sir. I'm not one of those ruffians from the Blacklist who would choose to assault an interviewer because they can't handle their emotions. I prefer to handle my issues with a little more class. That being said, you were about to inquire about my thoughts on being placed in the North American championship match. My thoughts are quite simple, my good chap. What greater sign of this company's lack of faith in my abilities than to place me in a match against seven other men? My big debut, the debut of a British wrestling legend, and the spotlight is shared with seven others as though I am merely a warm body to make the other "real stars" look good? If this company truly believed in me, I would've been allowed entry in the NXT Open Invitational not even a week prior, but now I get to challenge for the North American title? Like the North American championship is some sort of "honor" higher than the level of the NXT title? May I remind everyone, I am a BRITISH wrestling legend. What use do I have for that American trinket? Interviewer: But Birdman, every title in BPZ is important, you can't- Birdman: Oh, grant me reprieve. Mr. North and Mr. Ace have already shifted their focus to the US title. Mr. Clayton and Mr. Arius have their hands full with their titles. And have you, or anyone else, heard a word from Mr. Yelich on the matter? The North American championship is little more than a consolation prize. But don't worry your pretty little head about the North American championship. There is one man in that ladder match who can bring the proper worth and prestige to that title, and luckily for all of BPZ, he is the Extraordinary Gentleman, the Birdman. I can't think of a more fitting way for the Birdman to rise than by climbing a ladder to become the first ever North American champion in my first ever match with this company, and more importantly, the first ever person in BPZ to represent this company with actual class. Oh, and for Mr. Bulldozer...May the best gentleman win. Birdman begins to walk off, but the interviewer stops him. Interviewer: Wait, Birdman, what about Kenji? Birdman: ...What about him? Birdman chuckles and leaves the arena.
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    August 31 PWE Uprising II On The Wall Following a tremendous first night of action for PWE, we continue in on in the preliminary showcases of the talent assembled by Johnny Kills, Wayne Keown, and Edwin Baker. There would be another five tournament matches tonight, which Kills and Keown reiterated when the camera panned to the two outlining the contests to come. Strong Style Pro vs Austin Tyler In the opening match of the evening, it’d be Austin Tyler making his professional wrestling debut against one of the members of Strong Style Pro. The pair made their entrance and Dwayne Williams would be the one to take the ring, with Hideki at ringside. Neither man seemed too interested in initiating the action, Williams being the counter wrestling extraordinaire and Tyler sizing up the protege of Takahiro Hideki. The match flowed evenly between the two, both being as methodical as possible and seizing each opportunity as it presented itself, though control was never held by a competitor for more than thirty seconds. As the end neared, Williams was caught with a massive belly to belly whilst looking to hit his patented “In Knees We Trust”. As he escaped the ring, he regrouped with Hideki. The two seemed to be talking gameplan, irritating Tyler, who followed them out the ring. As he approached the two, Hideki stood between him and Williams, going nose to nose with the Olympian. The distraction worked, Williams using the confrontation to scamper on the apron and connect with a running penalty kick to the dome of Tyler, which echoed off the arena walls. Williams rolled Tyler into the ring and hit a reDrum Driver for good measure, securing his progression in the championship chase. Epic McDonald vs James Ropati The second match of the evening pitted Epic “Braveheart” McDonald against “Auckland's All-Star” and the self-proclaimed “King of the Kiwis”, as there would be another professional wrestling debut made as Epic would grace the squared circle for the first time in a sanctioned match against the sensational New Zealander. Ropati started the match going after the knees of Epic viciously, not wasting any time in implementing his gameplan to ground the giant Scot and had tremendous success in doing so. Controlled barrages of strikes and holds almost entirely eliminated the power of McDonald, who spent the majority of the match simply trying to recover. However, the damage proved too great as McDonald was a husk of himself. His athleticism and power were neutralized by the ever-savvy Ropati, showing exactly why he was such a sought after talent. The match was over from the start, but it was a Kiwi Kick from Ropati that garnered the three count. Nanovirus vs The Marker Following the dominant performance of Ropati, we’d get a chance to see the ever-mysterious Nanovirus making a rare appearance to take on the “Vainglorious Terminator” in what was sure to be a good contest. As soon as the bell rang, Marker began to take his bows as Nanovirus looked on. Marker climbed each turnbuckle and blew kisses to the crowd as he shouted his thanks for all the support before exiting the ring. He walked over to Johnny Kills at ringside and spat at him, telling him that he had no intention of fighting Nanovirus or anybody until he formally apologized, making sure everybody heard when he yelled, “Enjoy replacing my star power!” before walking to the back, gifting Nanovirus a free win and advancement in the pursuit of the PWE Intercontinental title. Travis “Yaju” Joyce vs Storm In the penultimate match of the evening, it’d be a contrast off two opposing styles as the NJPW dojo graduate in Joyce took on former gymnast in Storm. This match was far more tightly contested than anticipated as the complexion of the match was reversed multiple times whether it was the tremendous athleticism of Storm allowing him to keep Joyce on his toes, or the unparalleled power and controlled aggression of Joyce which kept Storm out of the skies. As the matches climax approached, it was Travis Joyce once more in the drivers seat after nearly slamming Storm through the ring with a thunderous Chokeslam. Joyce was looking to put the match to a close as he lifted Storm and whipped him into the ropes, preparing for his Pop Up Fastball Punch. He launched Storm into the air but Storm was able to use his athletic profile to flip over Joyce’s head. Storm continued his momentum into the ropes and looked to connect with a Slingblade after rebounding off the rope. But as he leaped at Joyce, “Yaju” plucked him out of the sky to launch him back up and hit the Pop Up Fastball Punch for the victory. Ross Haslam vs Bailey Justin The main event of another fun night of total nonstop action... wait a minute, whatever lets roll with it, came when the Ross “Spitfire” Haslam took on the “Jersey Devil” in former TNA Superstar, Bailey Justin, as two of the most unique talents would hash it out in the ring. The match belong to Ross in the early portion, as it was his flying but his technical wrestling ability that allowed him to gain control of the match paired with his quickness to keep him one step ahead of Bailey. It seemed that Bailey simply struggled getting out of the blocks to start, but after Ross missed a 630 Splash, Justin surged to life, slowing the tempo to suit himself better. Bailey coupled his hard hitting strikes with his renowned ring awareness to keep Ross in corners, punishing him before connected with a plethora of suplexes. As the match came to its close, Bailey was still firmly in control but Haslam broke away for long enough to with an incredible Springboard Forearm. Both men remained on the mat for several seconds, but it was Ross who got to his feet his feet first. He waited for Bailey to begin his ascent before sprinted towards the rope and springboarding off in search of the RossCutter, BUT BAILEY SPEARED HIM OUT OF MIDAIR, Bailey’s Impact getting him the three count as he capped off PWE Uprising II with a dominant victory. PWE Sound Off Fans of the show can air their opinions below by using these hashtags: #WOTR: Who had the most each catching performance of the round? #MOTN: What was your match of the night? #ChampionshipChase: Who do you think will end this tournament as PWE Intercontinental Champion? Congratulations @Angelo Caito For Winning The PWE Prediction Challenge With 8/10 Correcf Guesses
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    The Big Baller's Theme hits as they rush out to the ring to save the World Champion The Bailey from an ambush from The Saviors. The Saviors quickly slip out the ring before any type of attack can form against them. Sameer, Bailey, and Brenden stand in the ring as both teams stare at each other, Clearly showing that there has been history between each one of them out in the arena right now. Sameer picks up the microphone that Flynn throw down in the ring earlier. He begins to talk with Brenden and Bailey by his side looking directly at The Saviors. What's wrong guys? Even odds scare you? You three disgust me coming out here to ambush one man. Once again Flynn has a pact of fools to do his dirty work for him. Bunch of reckless and stupid dogs because he cannot finish it himself and instead of coming out here and admitting to defeat, He makes excuses and trying to get his anger out by beating up a guy that he knows is far superior to him and can't accept the truth. Julius and Ropati sure you did beat Brenden and me at BPZMania. You got the better of us and I'll admit even though it hurt too. But since we are all out here and clearly want to beat the crap out of each other why don't we set a date for that. BPZ PowerTrip: World at War April 12th with the Tag Team Titles on the line in a WAR GAMES MATCH.
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    *The words 'Inequality' are shown up on the titantron, the lights go out for a brief moment before a spotlight is seen shining down on the stage; Kyle is seen walking out to a flurry of cheers. No entrance music is played, the fans are a song themselves with their reactions. Kyle walks down the ramp without emotion, not even striking a single smile, he picks up a mic and enters the ring.* *Kyle puts the mic to his lips, and stalls, the fans still cheering, he finally sighs and opens his mouth, that's when the fans go almost silent* "Why does it never go my way?" *The fans start cheering, Kyle stalls again and looks around the arena, and laughs* "I tried my hardest to make give this place some life, some character, some personality, and at BPZMania all of that just goes down the drain in the blink of an eye..." "We have come to this day where real talent isn't treated, we are in an era where you can get to the top by doing something like, I don't know, drawing silly pictures and posting them on the internet. Or how about this, you can get to the top by looking around after every sentence you say and by basing your gimmick around having two syllables in your name; how pathetic is that! And all of you know exactly who I'm talking about!" *The fans start chanting KEN-JI in a mocking type of way, Kyle smiles and very ironically, looks around* "If it's that easy, then why didn't I think of this earlier, screw creativity, screw love for this business, let's revolve my whole character about learning simple English!" *The fans start chanting KY-LE. Kyle laughs hysterically and puts the mic back to his lips* "Is this even the real life? Or is it just fantasy? Are we caught in a landslide? Is there even any escape from reality? I shall never understand. For now, I think it's time for me to take a break, think this whole 'wrestling' thing through, because with these bland morons around me every second of my life, I don't even know how I can survive. This is inequality at its finest, the true talents get sent down to the bottom, where they will rot for the rest of their days, and the weaklings are at the top, constantly having to find ways to get their cheap heat from you guys, and you guys are sheep, and give into it... I honestly expected better from a lively and smart audience like you; but what can I say, apart from: enjoy the rest of your day. Because as far as I'm concerned, you're never going to see this face again. Not now, not ever... Not forever. This is the end of the road, and the start of a new one, and it's time for me to say my final goodbyes, and it's time for the fools to die." *Kyle puts the mic gently down, and again, with no emotion, makes his way to the back, he spells out 'WaW' with his finger when he's on the ramp before he finally moves backstage*
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    Just "Marker" Done

    Andrew Walsh's Interview

    Welcome everyone to Andrew Walsh's Podcast I am Andrew Walsh And today is the first episode of this podcast Today with meIs someone very special Today we have one half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions Julius welcome. Thanks for having me Andrew. Now Julius, as everyone is looking right now, you are one half of the Tag Champs, how does it feel beating The Big Ballers at BPZMania, did that feel special?. Well it had to, I pinned the owner of this company my boss 1..2..3 in the center of the ring on the biggest platform with everybody watching. But you're not going to hear me come out and gloat about it because that's not what I do. I'll be there on Carnage and I'll be waiting on our next challengers and if the Big Ballers want to dance again let them be my guest. Which lead to my next question, who would you like to face for the Tag Team Championships besides Big Ballers? Who would I like to face? Anyone. Our goals when we started as a team post-SVDM was to be the greatest tag-team this company has ever seen and that means beating each and every person that comes in and steps up to the plate. Old or new we'll be happy to accept that challenge. Do you see yourself going after the World Heavyweight Championship after the Tag Titles? Do you see a future with The Saviors? Obviously winning the World Heavyweight Championship is at the peak of any professional wrestlers list but what separates me from the rest is that I've been there before and I know what to expect. These guys like Echo and Bart have never been there before and trust me it's a struggle but as of right now I'm 100% focused on this tag-team. The World Championship is something I will chase down the line and to answer your question about the Saviors as long as we keep winning everything will be just fine. Speaking of Bart, what do you think of him winning and unifying the titles to make the Undisputed Championship? Good for him, I've always had a lot of respect for that man and it's good to see him at the top of his game. However for Echo Wilson, it seems that you had a lot of problems with him over the last couple of months with him in Echo, did the problems arise when you lost to The Flock? No not really, I think it's about time I clear this whole situation up because a lot of people have different opinions on this and I'm going to set it straight. Echo Wilson and I as a tag-team worked really well, what annoyed me however was the fact he ruined what was supposed to be the most anticipated match of 2018. That's what pissed me off. It wasn't losing to The Flock, it wasn't him constantly being arrogant and thinking he was it. It was the fact he ruined a dream match and if you ask Bart I'm sure he will tell you the exact same thing. With Flynn with you, it seems that you are changed man, from losing World and US to now beating Big Ballers for the Tag Team Titles, Flynn was with you as well in another group, tell me, how much Flynn changed your career? I wouldn't go as far to say he changed my career, he provided me with an opportunity and I capitalised on it. He saw the potential in me during our ROA days and that launched me into becoming a Main Event Star. Do I like Flynn? No. But we have a mutual goal and that is to get rid of the corruption and everything that is wrong with this company. I would say we have a professional relationship. One last question before we end the first episode How do you see yourself at the end of the year? Good question, to be completely honest I don't know. I made that mistake looking too far into the future before and it cost me my world title, so now I am taking it every day at a time not planning for anything in the future. Well thank you Julius for being on the first episode. No worries Andrew, thanks for having me. We'll see you. NEXT TIME.
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    BPZ Brother Season 1

    Episode 6 - Too Far. This week's episode kicks off with a party organized by Echo Wilson. Echo: I would like to raise my glass to the one who saved me from elimination and to the one who replaced me. I want to raise my glass to Emma Wilson and Logan Paul. Everyone raise their glasses and shout: To Emma & Logan. After that Echo and Emma move aside for a bit. Echo: Hey thanks sis for saving me. Seriously this means a lot to me. Emma: No problem bro we're in this together. Emma walks over to Mudda and Logan goes to Echo. Logan: Well... i guess it's pretty clear whose out first. Echo: Yeah... hey, i have been thinking about that putting things to the past stuff and i'd love it if we could do that, since i don't wanna be your enemy i'd really like it if we could be friends. Logan: I'd like that too, he hey look who's softening up. Logan pats Echo on the back and they shake hands. One of the security cameras spot Lance & Nick and Lance is drinking heavily, Lance already drank 2 bottles of Vodka and looks very drunk. Lance: This is the best party ever man. Nick: Lance maybe you should take it easy, just remember your family at home they're all probably watching this and if you do something stupid you might not see your family when you get back home. Lance: You know what Nic? F*** you and f*** my family as well! Today is all about partying, doing stupid shit, having sex and then leaving the house with happy thoughts on my mind. At that point Lance falls off his chair and Nick drags him on the couch. Nick: What the hell is wrong with you?! You can't say things like that about your family. Lance: You're asking what the hell is wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with you!? Why are you being so cranky all the time? Learn to have some fun and learn to be free Nickie Boy. Lance gets up from the couch and pushes Nick who falls on the floor, Nick retaliates and pushes Lance. No one else is there to see the fighting between the two, because everyone else is outside in the courtyard. Lance: What did you just do? Don't ever do that again! Nick: Or what you're gonna throw me into something like you did to Maasa? Lance: You shouldn't have said that, i'll make you regret it! Lance punches Nick in the face and Nick falls on the ground. Maasa, Epico, Emma and Angelo hear the commotion and quickly run inside the house and see that Nick. Lance starts punching Nick's face in but Nick punches back, before anyone can interfere, Lance grabs Nick by the collar of his shirt and pushes Nick who goes through a glass table. Everyone outside hear the glass table shattering into pieces and they quickly rush back inside the house and they look at Nick and Lance in shock. Nick is badly injured, he's taken to the hospital by EMT's and Lance is told to go into the diary room. Lance goes into the diary room and BPZ Brother tells him that he's getting thrown out of the house. Lance steps out of the diary room, he packs up all his stuff and he gets escorted out by the police and security. To be continued in the next episode...
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    BPZ is live as we are on the Carnage after BPZMania, a show that lived up to the historic name. The show saw thrilling action, new champions crowned and rivalries decided upon, while others got even more heated. We now await the next series of events to take place tonight. Currently, we see a table displayed in the middle of the ring with an object being covered by a blanket. We get a sense of what will go down once “One True Villain” hits the speakers in the arena and we see “The Villain” walking down the ramp without a title around his waist or on his shoulder. Instead, he walks out wearing a suit with a big smile on his face. The crowd seems unsure whether to cherish the competitor that won such an amazing contest, or boo the man behind his terrible antics and behaviour. For now, they are stuck in the middle as we hear both cheers and boos in the audience. Bart walks up to the ring, gets handed a microphone from a ring crew member and calmly walks to the center of the ring. There he begins to speak for the first time as Undisputed Champion. You feared it. You kept telling yourself that it couldn’t happen. That it was impossible. Now, Echo, that day as come. No longer is it just an obvious, rational thought. It’s now an hard fact. No longer can you get away with the few what if scenarios that benefited you. You will know have to acknowledge the reality that you have tried to avoid with a passion that even I have to admire. You kept convincing yourself that it was false. That I was lying. That the voice inside your head was lying. But no, as it turns out, all of them were right. You were left alone with the miserable reality, the one of your nightmares, when you saw me walk away with the titles. I have no idea how terrible you must feel, I don't experience failures like you. What will you do? Cry? Beg me to help you out again? Or will, oh no Echo, please don’t go on the drugs again. I promise you it’s not worth it. Maybe you just need to accept that your talent doesn’t live up to the big words that you use to describe it. Or will you continue to believe the fairy tales that you keep telling yourself. You can try as much as you want, you can train as hard as you possibly could. You are not on my level, the only person who struggles to understand that is you. Do yourself a favour, grow up. Bart then looks at the table and a huge smile appears on his face. Now, I hope you guys have your cameras ready. This is what they a call a history making moment. The moment where you dream of, or in my case, was born for. For some, this may be emotional, but for me, it’s what I had always expected to do. I knew that for a talent like me, moments like these would arrive. I don’t expect any of you to understand, you obviously can’t relate. But I just need you to be quite as we document one of the most historic moments in the BPZ, and more importantly, my career. The crowd begins to boo heavily as Bart orders the ring crew to get the noise edited out of the broadcast. I present you: The Undisputed Championship. Bart picks up the championship and poses with it in front of a lot of cameras from BPZ.com along with other media. The crowd boo as loud as they can but doesn't impact Bart in the slighest.The Undisputed Championship has arrived.
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    Isaiah Carter


    Its one night after BPZ Mania IV which quite possibly is the greatest BPZ show in history, a show that you had to experience first hand in order to understand the spectacle, superstars are still on the "Mania High" as we head into the first Carnage after BPZMania IV and we move towards World At War, highlights of the Intercontinental Championship fatal fourway match would play, and as it would end, a theme that hasn't been heard in a Carnage arena in a long time would begin to play. The familiar purple lights that join BiC in his entrance have been replaced by a rose gold, tinted light. BiC steps out on stage, holding his championship in his right hand with a cocky smirk on his face, possibly bigger than ever. BiC is once again wearing a familiar suit, this one gold in color, BiC holds the title out for the world to see, and as it shimmers off the arena lights, a laugh comes from the champion. BiC walks down the ramp, making sure to show the championship to everyone in the front row before walking up the steps and along the ring apron, adjusting the collar of his suit before stepping through the middle ropes, the feeling in the building is ecstatic, despite the boos, there is nothing like a BPZ crowd and the superstars know it, and BiC sets the Intercontinental Championship onto his shoulder, something the BPZ crowd has never seen. Like I have said since day one. I. Always. Win. A smile comes over the face of BiC as the Atlanta Crowd, hot off the heels of BPZMania, boos at the "Pure Athlete", BiC takes a deep breath before speaking again For some odd reason, for the past 3 years, every time I come to this ring people doubt me, they get this crazy idea that I am not as good as I say I am but take one glance at this title and it shows that I am EVERY damn bit as good as I say I am, since day ONE I have told all of you that I am the man around here and that hasn't changed one bit. I am not a character, I am not a gimmick, I am a pro wrestler and I am the best pro wrestler in the world. But when you're as good as I am, and you've done everything I have done you often think to yourself whats next, and for the past 24 hours I've stared at this Intercontinental Championship, I flew home saw my wife and kids, and I drove 16 hours back in time to walk out here, to finally tell the world what's next. At the Backlash PPV, I will defend this title against any challenge who decides to come for it, FDS, Prince, Bart, Echo Wilson, hell Brenden himself can walk down that ramp and I will hit him with a No Regret as well because this championship that rests on my shoulder is the most important championship, whether its the World Championship, United States Championship, I instantly raise the bar for any title and this championship is no different. At Backlash, King Of The Ring, Summerslam, any other PPV, I will make sure this title doesn't become a second hand like Bart made it, because that is what I do. I fix things, I save things. BPZMania IV was great because of me and BPZ for the next year is going to be great because of ME and this championship. The BPZ fans, you slobs should treat me as ROYALTY, because that is what this gold means....I like the sound of that..Royalty... ...Since day one, to whenever I retire...one thing will stay the same. I. Always. Win. BiC drops his microphone, letting it hit the mat with a thud as he raises the championship with one arm in the air, the crowd boos, but its hard to neglect the success of BiC. BiC soaks in the pictures being taken, before letting the title rest on his shoulder once again before making his way to the ropes
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    Welcome To My World Bitch

    {Carnage comes back from commercial break hyping the upcoming War Games match at World At War, the titantron starts playing the music of Aaron North, but North doesn't come out to the ring and, instead the cameras cut to a street where Aaron is seen smoking a cigarette, he just finishes smoking as the cameraman walks over to him.} "Well look who it is, if it isn't my favorite stalker the BPZ Universe... well now that you're here i might as well tell you something i hope it suprises you as much as it suprised me. I think i'm actually gonna get my shot at the US title at Backlash, but also to go along with that i'm gonna be in the ladder match to crown the first ever BPZ North American Champion" {The crowd cheers wildly and starts chanting "Double Champion, Aaron North, Double Champion, Aaron North, Double Champion, Aaron North."} "Looks like i was right once again you were as suprised as i was, but for a different reason. You see i didn't expect management to give me these great opportunities, because let's face it they suck, but i can see why they did it, because there's no one perfect in that match there's just Buddy Ace, Arius, Bulldozer, Hans, Birdman, Kenji and some guy called Yelich, they should just give me the belt now since it's pretty obvious i'm gonna win it anyway, because i'm perfect." {North starts walking and explains something to the camera.} "I know these streets very well, i remember i used to have a gang when i still lived here, and trust me i know every damn corner and every place and every way you can suprise someone, but that's not all i also remember how i used to spend my time around here apart from wrestling." {North turns around a corner and walks up to an abandoned building, he goes inside the building and finds a piano. He starts playing Hella's Kitchen by Lordi on the piano.} "This is what i used to do when i got bored and there was no one looking to hire me for independent shows. I know you're all wondering if i there's a certain point as to why i showed you this, and yes there is a point. You see this Arius also plays the piano and so do i and we're both very talented and obviously i'm a little better than him which is why i wish to challenge him to "The Piano Contest of Darkness". So Arius what do you say? {The cameras fade to black as Aaron North keeps playing the piano}
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    WWE Reborn

    205 Live - April 5th, 2019 As we are now only two nights away from WrestleMania 35, an ecstatic Nigel McGuinness introduces the fans in attendance and the viewers at home to a momentous show of 205 Live as tonight we will bear witness to not only a WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match between the champion, Buddy Murphy, and Noam Dar. Furthermore, in the main event, the five qualifying competitors for the title match at WrestleMania will compete in a gauntlet match.we are only two weeks away from the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 35. Tonight, the two final qualifying matches for the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 35 will take place as Chad Gable takes on TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander takes on Tyler Breeze. The Story Of Chad Gable The show begins with a video package exhibiting the story of Chad Gable's career from his struggle in NXT, to his rise as apart of American Alpha to his recent adventures as a superstar on the main roster since splitting up with long-time partner Jason Jordan. It ends by displaying what a talented technical specialist Gable truly is as he heads into the six-man ladder match at WrestleMania for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy vs Noam Dar The first matchup of the night would be a WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match as Noam Dar would challenge the champion, Buddy Murphy. Noam Dar would put on a stellar performance, proving why he's been one of the constant highlights of 205 Live since it's the origin, but Murphy would slip away with the win, retaining his title and his position at WrestleMania 35. NXT Qualifier Match Recap The qualifying matchup from only two days ago on NXT between Fenix, Mark Andrews, Oney Lorcan, and Roderick Strong to decide who gets the final spot at WrestleMania 35 in the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship would be showcased through a video package. It would end with Roderick Strong standing tall as he would secure his first-ever appearance on the grandest stage of them all. Christian Is Caught Having An Important Phone Call In the backstage area, a cameraman would be with Charly Caruso in the corridor just outside Christian's office as she would explain to us that the General Manager of 205 Live is in the middle of an important phone call with a recent signee that could shift the landscape of the cruiserweight division soon enough. Caruso finishes off by saying that more will be revealed on the subject later on as Christian can still be heard in the background on the phone. Five-Way Gauntlet Match Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander The main event of the night is a momentous competition as five of the best cruiserweights in the world will compete in a gauntlet match only days before they will all meet in a ladder match at WrestleMania. It begins with Chad Gable and Lio Rush who have an extremely competitive matchup but it's a surprise roll-up by Gable that gets him the victory. Gable then continues to beat Kofi Kingston and Roderick Strong, making it to the final two and proving himself as the ironman. However, the damage done by 'The Messiah of The Backbreaker' Roderick Strong would line up perfectly as Cedric Alexander would swoop in and finish Gable off with a Lumbar Check. Cedric would then plant Gable with another Lumbar Check after the match, making a statement to his competitors heading into WrestleMania as the look on Cedric's face reads 'nothing but business'.
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    Hans Graphics

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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown - April 4th, 2019 The Queen Charlotte would open the show with a promo against her Wrestlemania opponent, Toni Storm. Charlotte and Storm have had a war as of late and it all ends at the showdown of the immortals. Charlotte would insult Storm, but Toni Storm would interrupt and would skip talking, walking down to the ring with a straight face and punching Charlotte in the face. Charlotte and Toni Storm would brawl and it would take multiple roster members and officials to separate the two, the brawl would go on for several minutes, even to the parking lot where Charlotte would throw Toni Storm onto the hood of a car. The Club vs The Colons The Club would take on The Colons in two v two action and it would be dominance, as Karl Anderson would take Primo Colon to the outside and tear him apart, as The Club would show dominance they have never shown before as they would defeat The Colons with ease, and finally The Revival would step out on stage, staring down The Club from affair. These two teams are going to face off at Wrestlemania for the WWE Tag Team titles and its split down the middle on momentum! Killian Dain Speaks Dain would cut a promo in the backstage area, speaking about the Wrestlemania Battle Royal, and that when he wins it he will go on to defeat the WWE Champion, and be the best star he can. Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus Jeff Hardy would take on Sheamus, Sheamus has had problems with Ricochet in the past few weeks and now he takes on the United States champion. Jeff Hardy and Sheamus would battle it out for nearly 10 minutes and by the end of it, Sheamus would get hit by a Swanton bomb and be pinned in the middle of the ring. The true story would come after the ring when Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardys opponent at Wrestlemania, would come down the ring and once again attack Jeff Hardy, locking in the Coquina Clutch, standing tall before the big event. "The Man' vs "The Baddest Women On The Planet" A preview for the Wrestlemania 35 main event would play, featuring highlights of both womens careers and there feuds up to this point, including Beckys war at the Royal Rumble, and Rondas dominance since winning the title. Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet In a dream match of sorts, the main event of Smackdown Live would see Daniel Bryan taking on Ricochet. With Aj Styles and Andrade "Cien" Almas at the announce table, this is going to be an exciting one. The two stars would put on a show and go for 15 minutes as Ricochet would show just why he is the "One and Only" Daniel Bryan would catch Ricochet with a running knee when Ricochet would go for a springboard moonsault and that would allow the champion to win heading into Wrestlemania 35. After the match, Andrade would run in and attacks Bryan and that would start yet another brawl, and as it settles down, it would be Aj Styles standing over his two Wrestlemania opponents. Shane McMahon Hypes Up Wrestlemania To close the show, Shane McMahon would come out and run down the Wrestlemania 35 Card, hyping it up until he gets interrupted by The Miz. Who would come out and ask why he isn't in a Wrestlemania 35 match, Shane would give The Miz a match. Adding him into the Wrestlemania Battle Royal, The Miz would thank him. The Miz would look at the Wrestlemania 35 sign, before being interrupted. Rousey Is Here Ronda Rousey would walk out, staring down Shane Mcmahon and The Miz before ignoring them, raising her title in the air, proving that Becky isn't the only one who can invade, the final image is Ronda raising her title in the air.
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT: April 3rd 2019 We are now just around the corner from Wrestlemania weekend where the stars of NXT will takeover New York City and the Barclays center to present NXT TakeOver New York. We will see what tonight has in-store for our superstars on the last stop before NXT TakeOver New York Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Contract signing We kick off this weeks episode with William Regal stationed in the ring getting ready to conduct a contract signing between the two team vying for the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic trophy. Regal then welcomes out both teams before announcing that not only will the Dusty Rhodes Trophy be on the line but the NXT Tag-Team Championships will also be up for grabs. Both teams then go back and forth on the mic before each signing on the dotted line. Things then start to get tense between the competitors until Wesley Blake cheap shots Kyle O'Reilly and a brawl starts to erupt. The Forgotten Sons have the numbers advantage with Jaxson Ryker putting Bobby Fish through the table. The Forgotten Sons have all the momentum heading into TakeOver, determined to be forgotten no more Bianca Belair vs Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir Following on from last weeks events, Bianca Belair took on 2 of the MMA Horsewomen in Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir in a handicap match. Duke and Shafir dominated early but as soon as Belair looked like she was getting set to make a comeback, Shayna Baszler ran interference causing the DQ finish. All three women then proceeded to beat the hell out of Bianca Belair sending a statement before their takeover match. The numbers advantage was too much for Bianca Belair tonight and come TakeOver they might be a problem once again. Will Belair be able to overcome the numbers advantage and stay Un-De-Fea-Ted? North American Championship Announcement We then head backstage where The North American Champion The Velveteen Dream is seen exiting the office of William Regal. Regal was then asked about what the confrontation was about. Regal spoke about how last year the inaugural North American Champion was decided in a 6-man ladder match. Regal then stated that this years event will follow the same pattern when The Velveteen Dream defends his Championship in a Ladder Match against Adam Cole, Dominik Dijakovic, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee and Fenix Io Shirai vs Mercedes Martinez In an unsuspecting turn of events, former best friends Io Shirai and Kairi Sane will do battle at NXT TakeOver New York after weeks of mishaps and attacks. Shirai took on the dangerous Mercedes Martinez tonight as a warmup for her match at TakeOver. Shirai looked great in the bout picking up the victory with a moonsault sending a message to her opponent at TakeOver Oney Lorcan vs Fenix vs Roderick Strong vs Mark Andrews ' A major opportunity was handed to one member of the NXT roster to represent the brand and challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania 35. All 4 of these men looked intent to pick up the victory and qualify for the Cruiserweight Championship ladder match making this match a very important one. Fenix looked like he had the win when his opponent at TakeOver New York, Adam Cole attacked him from behind and took him out of the ring. Cole then delivered the Last Shot to both Oney Lorcan and Mark Andrews and then placing the body of Roderick Strong over Mark Andrews for the pin and the win. Strong and Cole celebrated the victory on the ramp as Fenix looked on in disgust Ciampa and Gargano: One final confrontation In the final segment of the show, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano came face to face one final time before their Hell in a Cell match at TakeOver. Not many words were said before both these men started to brawl all over the arena. Security rushed out from the back separating the two with the final images showing Ciampa and Gargano being restrained screaming at each other before their brutal war at NXT TakeOver: New York
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    As The Bailey poses in front of “the millions” the sudden impact of the former BPZ World Champion is felt as out steps Flynn. Flynn looks visuably exhausted, as if he hasn’t slept in days. His eyes are fixed on Bailey as he has a microphone in his hand. He stands on the stage before taking said microphone andproceeding to scream at the top of his lungs. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You did NOT beat me! You are unrightfully calling yourself the BPZ World Champion and more importantly unrightfully posing with my BPZ World Championship, a title that’s prestige somehow in just a short twenty-four hours has been dumped down the drain as it is held by someone who should of NEVER laid claim to it again. I am the rightful BPZ World Champion. I am this companies SAVIOR, I AM THE PEOPLES CHAMPION, NOT YOU! All you did was prove to the world that your stroke backstage is clearly still more powerful then your pathetic punches in that ring. At BPZ Mania I tore you apart in front of the millions, I physically and mentally dominated you pillar to post just like I did at Night of Legends, just like I’ve been doing to you FOR YEARS! You make the claim that you are unaware of who your next opponent is? Do you really believe that you can just take MY championship and not suffer the consequences? No all you did was seal your fate. You see Bailey in this business it pays to have friends. Unfortunately for you, I realized how much it pays to have “The Great One” as a friend. A costly mistake that will never be repeated. In your place, I as you know have acquired two new friends. The most dominant tag team in this company. YOUR NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. THE SAVIORS OF BPZ..... Out steps both Ropati and Julius, each man now carrying the twin Tag Team Championships. They stand alongside Flynn as the trio now eye down Bailey in the ring. Flynn slowly begins marching to the ring, continuing his rant as Ropati and Julius follow. You know Bailey, it didn’t have to come down to this. You could of had all the spotlight at BPZ Mania but in the end you didn’t do what you should of. Instead you STOLE my championship and proceeded to parade it all around this arena as if you truly are the best in this company. Now you will pay the price. The price being? A one way trip to the hospital for the next six to nine months- Flynn throws down his microphone. The Saviors all surround the ring, each man taking a different side as the posistion themselves for an attack. Bailey stands center ring, prepared for a fight.
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    Welcome Adventurers, to Primus Gaia This is an ancient land steeped in history, overflowing with endless perils and equally endless opportunity. For even the most humble of farmhands can hold the potential to become legend. Most commonfolk wouldn't dare to venture away from civilisation, in fear of what may lurk in the dark. But you, weary traveller, are different. You seek something that cannot be found in the cosy confines of your home, what you seek lies beyond, in the uncharted length and breadth of the world itself. There also happens to be much coin, glory and self-discovery thrust upon those of such bravery and strength of character, should you survive what the world, and the worlds beyond this one have in store for you. The Lands of Primus Gaia The Continent of Nirinos Said to be the oldest area of civilisation, the now small landmass of Nirinos to the north of the world has never been the same after the Maelstrom that clove the ground in two. All islands and countries were a part of Nirinos long ago. Home to the hub of Arcane Discovery in the capital of Ranvar, also know as "The City of Everything", Nirinos still has many mysteries to uncover. The wilderness here is particularly dangerous, with many attempts to settle new towns foiled by the creatures and forces of the world. Fustora, Land of the Chimera This large landmass located towards the south of the world is home to three powerful empires; The Leo Dynasty, The Kingdom of the Goat, and the Serpent Clans. They are constantly in a state of unrest towards each other, with battle and wars breaking out frequently in their bloody histories. From the highest of noble bloodlines to the simple peasants in the streets, the tension of this land is always felt. In a state of recovery after the Apocalyptic Planar Rift War that occured 600 years ago against invading demonic forces, Fustora is in need of heroes now more than ever. The Isle of Drakon-Zurr A small, powerful, and advanced desert island to the east, sitting on the equator of the world. It is home to the dominant, scaled Dragonborn Empire of Drakon, led by their High Pharaoh. This mysterious land is mostly insular and reclusive, with the sands obscuring the dark and untold tales of the ancient dragons. (If you have any questions regarding character creation or want something different than what is listed below, feel free to dm me on the Discord) Available Races; Human Half Elf High Elf Wood Elf Half Orc Dwarf Hafling Gnome Dragonborn (A scaled, humanoid dragon. If chosen, specific your scale colour: Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass or Copper) Tiefling (Demon/Infernal ancestry) Goliath Genasi (Elemental Ancestry, either; Earth, Air, Fire or Water) Aasimar (Celestial Ancestry) Available Classes and Subclasses; Barbarian (Subclasses: Berserker, Zealot, Totem Warrior, Ancestral Guardian) Bard (Subclasses: Lore, Blade, Glamour, Whispers) Cleric (Subclasses: Knowledge, Life, Light, Trickery, Nature, War, Forge, Grave, Tempest) Druid (Subclasses: Moon, Land (Specify the landscape your Druid is from), Dream, Shepard) Fighter (Subclasses: Battlemaster, Champion, Eldritch Knight, Cavalier, Arcane Archer, Samurai) Monk (Subclasses: Open Hand, Four Elements, Shadow, Drunken Master, Kensai) Paladin (Subclasses: Vengeance, Devotion, Nature, Conquest, Redemption) Ranger (Subclasses: Hunter, Beastmaster, Horizonwalker) Rogue (Subclasses: Assassin, Thief, Arcane Trickster, Swashbuckler, Inquisitive) Sorcerer (Subclasses: Dragon Blood (Specify Colour from the Dragonborn Race list), Wild Magic, Divine Soul, Storm, Shadow) Warlock (Subclasses: Fiend, Fey, Great Old One, Celestial) Wizard (Subclasses: Evocation, Illusion, Conjuration, Necromancy, Divination, Enchantment, Abjuration, Transmutation) (No more Rogues please, we have more than enough of them already) Available Backgrounds; Acolyte Charlatan Criminal Entertainer Folk Hero Guild Artisan Hermit Outlander Noble Sage Sailor Soldier Urchin Sign up Sheet Name: Age: Race: Class: Subclass: Background: Based in (Nirinos, Fustora or Drakon): Physical Description: Fighting Style (Archer, Dexterous Fighter, Strength Fighter, Spellcaster, Stealthy etc): Favoured Weapons/Gear (Armour, Personal items etc.): Backstory/Bio:
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    The First BPZ PowerTrip event after BPZMANIA 4 comes on April 12th live from Washington D.C. Where we see the 2nd Installment of The War Games Match! A brutal match that takes places inside a Cage around 2 Rings as either 2 Teams of Three or 3 teams of Two battle it out. At World At War we will find out what Teams step inside the War Games! Also we will see the return of Hollows unsanctioned zone match. Who will he face? And many more matches as well. Will we see the Universal or Global Championship on the line or will there be a new Championship? This will all go down on April 12th on the BPZ Network Venue: Washington D.C. Capitol One Arena Date: April 12th 2019 Theme: -Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch Match Card: War Games Match: BBB vs The Saviors FDS and Echo Wilson vs Bart and Jonathan Unsanction Zone Match: Hollow vs Marker North American Championship Ladder Match: Hans vs Arius vs Aaron North vs Kenji vs Yelich vs Meko vs Toxik vs Buddy Ace Alex Costa vs Jack Bishop vs Maasa BIC vs Prince
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    The Following program on the BPZ Network you are trying to watch has been interrupted to bring you this announcement "LIVE From the arena that Hollow Built, in the middle of nowhere. A spectacle that has only happened once, and is about to Happen again. We are here at The Unsanctioned Zone! Lets take an in-depth look into the match that Marker signed onto to face Hollow at World at War" The camera goes to the unsanctioned Zone and goes inside the warehouse that houses the arena. Inside is lit up, in the middle of the room with lights and chairs is a wrestling ring. A spot light shines into the middle of the ring. "This is where the battle will begin, inside this glorious arena. This was were the first match here started and ended. To gladiators fought in this arena for all the five stars to see. The match is intense as there are no rules, no limitations to what one can do. As the only limitation was where the match was to start. And the same of old, this next contest inside this arena will begin the same. Hollow will stand in the middle of that ring and await his challenger to approach. Then this battle of the World at War can finally begin. They are not confined to this ring. They have freedom to do whatever they want and whatever they need to do to get the victory in this match up." The camera moves going to the roof of the Unsanctioned Zone and back outside. On top of the warehouse building is another ring. Surrounded by a few lights. "The next place where the first match went. Taking the match to great heights the first to gladiators did battle ontop of the Unsanctioned Zone and through caution to the wind. This wasn't a normal fight, this was one to define what levels of insanity the two would go through to put the other away. The villain in the first tale, tossed the hero from the top of this building, trying to solidify he claims of being the most dominate monster in BPZ. But that wasn't enough to bring the first battle to its conclusion. This time, we brought a second ring of insanity to here, and now this is now the Height of Escalation. The battle against Marker will Escalate. Hollow must find new heights if he is to do battle against him. That's why, at the highest spot of the Unsanctioned zone this place exists. To bring the two fighters this year to the extreme higher then has ever been seen in BPZ" The camera then goes back down stairs and leaves the building and moves towards the small woods next to the Unsanctioned Zone. Going inside we see another wrestling ring and a small burnt up wooden shack "The Woods of Insanity, the third place the first contest went. The villain searched for the man he through from the Unsanctioned Zone, and he found Hollow and Hollow's legion. He fought strong, and fought through the waves of madness. The villain and the hero did battle inside these woods. They did battle inside the home of begins. The villain burned it down. That Monster! But it didn't stop this match and this year, the woods of insanity has been graced with a ring of insanity. Where this was once a place of early beginnings, This will be the place Marker will find will be the place that will begin to drive him to the point of madness." The camera then moves again to a small lake with a small boat and a wrestling ring in the middle of the lake. "The Lake of Irrelevancy and the last vestige of relevant. The fourth place the first went. Driving to this point purely by the hero that created this place. His insane thoughts drove them to the ring in the middle of the lake. Where the gladiators took the battle. Falling into the lake nearly meant certain doom, that nobody in BPZ wants to see. The first contest got so intense that the last vestige the wrestling ring broke, sending the two fighters into the lake itself. They managed to escape the lake, for their will to do battle wasn't going to be ended there. This year the battle will be much the same. Marker and Hollow will fight in the last vestige of relevancy and bring it all crashing down again. The camera moves taking another look at the Unsanctioned Zone from the Outside "The first contest after the last stop went back to the Zone once again and that is where it ended. The brave hero fought valiantly against the villain of the first tale. With a great swan dive, Ended the match. He might not have been the victor, but he put the end to the match that will go down forever as the ultimate contest. The greatest Match in BPZ History, Until the second match starts and goes beyond even what the first did!" The camera goes to a completely empty field next to the Unsanctioned zone with a small area labeled the end. "This is where things go to end. A new part to the Unsanctioned Zone is and this is where the next contest will end. While the match can be ended at any time, by a count of three. This is where everything will end. This is The Fields Unsanctioned Ends. What will end here? Will it be the match? Or will it be the careers of those in this match? Or will this just be where the spectacle as a whole will end? That will be revealed when the second contest will begin, and when it comes to its conclusion." The camera then turns and Hollow comes into view. Hollow, "Welcome all. Marker did you get a good view of the place? This is the Unsanctioned Zone. We hope you understand what kind of match this is. Because if you come here unprepared you will not even come close to reaching where the first went. Unless you aren't able to live up to those standards. Then you will disgrace this place will your presence and Hollow will have another reason to destroy you other then when you stole from him. See you in nine days Marker, the World at War is quickly approaching. Be ready."
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    the GOAT echos throughout the arena to open up The Show after BPZMANIA live from Atlanta Georgia where there is a thunderous Crowd in attendance as the new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion The Bailey makes his walk down to the Ring. He grabs a Microphone but can't speak because of the loud chants of Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! The Atlanta Crowd says along as Bailey does his Iconic FINALLY..... The Bailey is your new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Of The World! In the most ELECTRIFYING Main event in BPZMANIA history Flynn went one on one with the Great One. And after a long hard fought War. After all the smoke had cleared and all the dust had settled The Bailey layeth the Smackdown on Flynn's Candy ass and became a 6 TIME 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. And as the Bailey got back to his feet and looked up into the rafters to see the MILLIONS...and MILLIONS of Bailey fans. The Bailey finally came to the realization that the Bailey JUST IN FACT BROUGHT IT! And now the Bailey stands here today as the People's Champion! Flynn gave everything he had and The Bailey respects him for that but it just wasn't good enough to beat the Great One. But now BPZMANIA has passed us and it's a new year in BPZ. It's a new season. The Bailey has all intentions on being a fighting Champion. The Bailey will have an opponent for Backlash That is a Guaran-Damn-tee. The Bailey doesn't know who that will be or who will have the balls to step up and face me. But you can bet all your money on it the Bailey will be ready to defend this BPZ World Heavyweight Championship! BECAUSE IF U A SMEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING. The Bailey holds up the Heavyweight Championship posing in front of the crowd to start off the show
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    Name: Arius Age: 25 Weight: 220lbs Wrestling Style: Puroresu/Technical Gimmick: Appearing on to the scene seemingly from thin air he moves around the arena and ring with an observant eye. Arius is a dark soul who is often followed at times by masked ghouls who take on menial tasks. Accompanied by his orchestrator and fellow competitor Rin Akane they intertwine their passion for the arts and the technical marvel of processional wrestling. Bringing spectacle and intrigue where he goes. Behind his painted mask he can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level. Additional Information: Loves to be challenged, Accompanied to the ring by Rin Akane (If allowed) Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Usual/Basic Moves: Inazuma Leg Lariat, Half nelson choke, Bow & Arrow, Snap DDT, Forearms, Inverted Death Valley Driver, Sicilian Barrage, Leaping Knee Drop, Running Forearm Signature Moves (Up to 3):: Lifted Osaka Street Cutter , Kick and Sweep combination, Octopus Stretch Finishing Moves (Up to 3): "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper with Scissors, "The Sentence" Omega Driver
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    Name: Joey Marvelous Age: 26 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 200 lbs Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Cruiserweight Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Young Lion ( trying to make it big and wants to prove to everybody that he got what it takes) Heel/Face/Tweener: Face Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Dropkick, Hurricanrana, Flying Crossbody, Head Scissors Takedown, Arm Drag, Top Rope Splash, Running Enzuigiri, Enzuigiri, Nothern Lights Suplex, Pele Kick, Suicide Dive, Neckbreaker Signature Moves (Up to 3): Lionsault, Shooting Star Press Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Phoenix Splash, Code Red Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee😞 Additional Information: New York Cruiserweight who has worked for several small indy promotions
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    WWE Reborn

    saying wow that was amazing 205 Live is best show in this diary
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    GRV: Welcome back to Carnage everyone! And we are about to hear from backstage... Suddenly a chorus of boos come up as somebody is walking through the crowd Heel: What the hell is this comotion? WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT... GRV: What in the world is he doing here! Heel: Apparently he has a ticket and he is sitting front row to watch the show. We need some security to check out his ticket. Alex Costa is confronted by security but proceeds to show them the ticket he bought. Security seem to accept it but warn him to try not anything funny and they will be watching him. He then proceeds to sit down and watch the show with a stoic but smiling face as he repositions his cap.
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    When she first came out to that theme i really just got flashbacks to Shrek fighting all those knights in the first movie and i can't imagine i was only one. Luckily for me Ronda been able to claim the song as her own at least in the WWE. I don't hear "Give him the chair! The chair!" while she makes her entrance 😂 Still i'm with you that hopefully it isn't a train wreck. If not it might return to images of Shrek again.
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    #WOTR: James Ropati #MOTN: Ross Haslam vs Bailey Justin #ChampionshipChase: Bart Hoogveld
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    Name: Alex Costa Shortened Name: Alex Nationality: Portuguese Age: 25 Height: 6'4 Weight Class: Middleweight Allegiance: Heel Speaks: English/Spanish/Portuguese Gimmick (No Unique) - Old School Heel Role: Active Wrestler Alliance (If Any) - None Fighting Style (Options: Strong Style [Japanese, Japanese Shoot, American Shoot, Russian], Agile Technician, High-Flying Brawler, Pure High-Flyer, All Around, Ring General, Brawler, Jobbah) - Agile Technician Attributes [Select Maximum Of Three] (Options: High Spots, Superstar Look, Announcer, Shooting Ability, Booker, Fonz Factor, Menacing, Trainer) - High Spots, Superstar Look, Fonz Factor Vintage Moves: Tiger Suplex Signature 1: El Sueño (Phenomenal Forearm) Signature 2: Ankle Lock Finisher 1: Path of Destiny (Styles Clash) Finisher 2: Final Hour (Destino) Tag Team Finisher: None
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    Name: Baron North Shortened Name: North Nationality: Finland Age: 32 Height: 6'3 Weight Class: Middleweight Allegiance: Face Speaks: English & Finnish Gimmick: Underdog Role: Active Wrestler Alliance: None Style: Brawler Attributes: High Spots, Booker Vintage Moves: DDT Signature 1: Frog Splash Signature 2: Impaler DDT Finisher 1: Tornado DDT Finisher 2: Spike Bulldog Tag Team Finisher: None
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    #WOTR Ropati #MOTN Ross Haslam vs Bailey Justin #ChampionshipChase I have my eyes on Josh but after tonight's performance maybe Ropati would be one to get behind
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    Music Discussion

    Australian rap has been popping recently and what's intrigued me the most is their drill music. It's interesting seeing the influences they've taken from the UK and that they're not afraid to show it with references to various UK drill artists throughout the song linked below. So far, from what I've seen, I'm diggin 14, especially YP.
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    I want to add a worker Name: SKY Date of birth: May 1992 Set to debut: December 2009 Gender: Male Nationality: Canadian (White) Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Technician Body Type: Toned Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: Light Heavyweight Moves: Maximum Overdrive Boston Crab Face Gimmick: Show Stealer Heel Gimmick: Chosen One Mask: No Hair: Yes Favoured Role Wrestler: Usually Occasional Wrestler: Never Manager: Rarely Announcer: Rarely Colour Commentator: Sometimes Bio/Backstory: SKY is a reliable wrestler. He mostly spent his career in local backyards and high school gyms, honing his craft and improving his skills. After touring Japan he came to the US to hopefully, finally get his shot in the big leagues. Picture:
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    The Lord Have Arrive

    *Regal Music Plays As I'm Carried To The Ring On My Throne* Lord Wallace - Hello you peasants. You are the scum of this Earth, that I wipe off the bottom of my shoes. *Spits In a Fan's Face* Lord Wallace - I have come to this filthy place you guys call..... BPZ. *Crowds Boo* Lord Wallace - To issue a challenge to the most disgusting, smelly, and unsightly person his name..... *From My Throne I Throne I Command One Of My Servants To Pour A Drink On A Fan* Lord Wallace - *Laughs* You fans are pigs. Anyways I want to call out Hans. Your NXT champion *The Crowd Cheers For Hans* Lord Wallace - Yes, cheer for him well you can. But after I'm done with him he'll be nothing more than a worthless has-been. And a new servant to add to my collection. So Hans. Do you want to step up to royalty? Or do you just want to give me the title now? *Laughs Methodically and My Servants Carries Me Back*
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    Chapter 1: A Tale of Scales Drakon-Zurr, Year 3545, Third Age The golden sands of the Topaz Desert shine and glisten as the midday sun spreads it's rays across the land. The eastern island of Drakon-Zurr is no stranger to such weather, with any visitors always unprepared and underestimating the climates. The city of Kuraz is one of the largest settlements in the known world, home to the mighty Dragonborn Empire. The almost otherworldly city is filled with architectural phenomena, pyramids marking the tombs of previous lords, layers of crops arranged in tiers. The grand palace stands directly in the centre of the city, a bastion of undisputed power. Even with all the grandeur and wonder, Drakon's hustle and bustle takes place down in the streets. A troupe of imposing Blue Dragonborn guards patrol the lower streets as a flicker of cloth is seen darting between the alleyways. This shrouded figure dodges nimbly, as if they know these streets and the guard patrols by hand. They hide on a rooftop as the guards pass by, along with a very angry-looking human merchant who is shouting profanities in Common. The hidden man smiles dryly under his hood as he rolls the bag of coin around in his hand. He fixes the long blonde hair that has fallen over his face behind his pointed ears before climbing back down, disappearing into the crowds. A few streets down, a young Dwarf with blond hair and an impressive beard tugs a bounty poster off of the wall. He appears to mumble at a minuscule gecko on the wall before it scurries away. He sighs as he looks upon the poster, written in Draconic. BOUNTY: Human-Monster Abominations, dead or alive (Proof must be provided) Located north of Kuraz 10 Gold per follower 50 Gold per Hybrid Abomination Consult Captain Karatorz at the western garrison for more information The Dwarf nods slightly before rolling up the bounty paper and tucking it into his bag. For such a dangerous job, he couldn't do this alone. He then heads onwards a few paces to a tavern, The Desert Rose, a favourite amongst the locals. He saunters in, leading with his shoulder to wade through the much taller scaled patrons. "One ale please" He says bluntly to the bartender, rolling 5 silver pieces along the bar. He quickly downs the drink and burps a little, only looking up as someone bumps into him. To his left is a well-built human in leather armour and a large Battle Axe slung over his back, he looks like someone who has seen many a bloody skirmish. "Hey watch it" the human says rudely. "You bumped into me" The dwarf says defiantly. His eyes squint a little as he looks the human over, perhaps this person could help him. "Look, I'm in search of some people to help me kill some monsters out on the sands, you look like someone who can handle themselves, are you game?" The human's irritated expression turns to one of curiosity. "What monsters are we talking about here? And what pay are we talking about here? You can't be the guy with the cash" The dwarf is unamused, but continues. "This guy is called Aaron North. And it's10 gold per follower, 50 per monster, are you in?" The human pauses for a good long while before downing his drink. "Sure, why not. I'm Epic, less go kill something. Come on, little man". North sighs and rolls his eyes, following his new companion out the door. Little did Aaron know that in the chaos of the tavern, his bounty poster was now missing from his satchel pocket, and in the hands of a blonde-haired Half Elf, who begins to tail the two adventurers cautiously. In another part of Drakon, alone on the quiet shores of the Topaz Desert is a tall human with black hair with a sword at his side is setting up a small rowing boat on the sands. There was something soothing out the calm shore of Drakon, and something eerie, and foreboding. He would hope to row to Kuraz to hitch a ride to anywhere but here. He stumbles and stuggles with the boat, as he is clutching something swaddled in grey cloth in one hand. The manner in which he is holding it suggests that it is something of significant value. After a few moments of pushing, the bow of the boat manages to kiss the water. Ominously, 5 shadows begin to cast over his back and the boat, the spins and draws his sword, a few clangs of metal ring out into the sky as the faint sound of a rattle takes it's place. He manages to get a mere glimpse at his attackers before his vision suddenly goes back as something strikes the side of his head, losing consciousness. The unsettling calm of the shore is met with with the shuffling sounds of dragging through the sand. Our story does not only begin here, as there are many a tale to tell. To be Continued....
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    One man's dream can not be taken from him. One man's secrets should not be taken away from him. One man's displeasure shall be feasted upon. The superstar of the hour has arrived, Cody Cage, a man filled with respect and honour has arrived at Carnage to deliver an entourage of words, his mouth symbolising a smile and his hand gestures signifying his calmness, his entrance just after BPZ Mania is one to encourage the crowd to stand up and cheer for him, in the match he and Akki have united against a force of opponents, this may have been the last time these two were seen together as allies. Cody walking down to the ring with an astonishing and shrivelling screech of cheering coming from the crowd which pumps his blood in the veins more, a man filled with pleasure after his impressive stand in the battle of the giants, as he enters the ring, he showers in the radioactive love from his fans that echoes across the arena and implies that a star favoured by the crowds has entered the ring and is ready to deliver an onslaught of comments favoured towards the crowd. "When I stepped into the ring, I felt an instant and sudden gloom over my head, a cloud that has been there ever since Day One in the business, I've tried to check the weather and leave the house when the cloud isn't there, but it hasn't worked, when I started getting the hang of what I'm doing, that cloud turned into a puddle from all the rain it delivered, I spat in the puddle and walked on, I didn't hesitate to continue what I'm doing, ever since that day, my happiness has become showing, my lifelong dream all in this bubble that isn't going to pop. But on that day, that cloud came in big and strong and it flooded me, the rain, the hail, all of it has showered over me, leaving me in calmity, when I threw the first punch, I knew that the cloud will be there, as I delivered my first suplex, it was still there, when I delivered my first powerbomb, it was still there, when I threw many men over the top rope, the cloud was still there, but I overcame it, the hail bounced off my body in a worthless effort of hurting me, I've stood up and spoke to god and told him to go bother me some other day, the one chance I had wasn't going to be ruined by a cloud that was there since Day One, I pushed on and the stronger man beat me to it, but I've learned something about each competitor and I've learned to take them seriously, and when all of this was happening, I've made a friend, a man who wrestled in the same matches as me, me and him went a long way from Japan to here, and I've respected him the first day he walked in. KENJI, you and me, I've been taught to respect my enemies, but I would gain even more respect for you, you're my friend and a soul brother, we both love what we do, so me and you as an alliance would be unstoppable, think about it, an unstoppable force, I would always have your back and help you out always like a brother would, I'll wait for you to respond, but until then, there is only one right option, and it is a key to future success for you."
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    BPZ Dream Matches

    Arius vs Julius Arius vs Hollow Aaron North & Angelo vs Julius & Ropati Hans vs Brenden: I just think the feud would be interesting to see
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    Echo Wilson

    Just the Beginning

    "I will not be made out to be a loser. I will not be identified as some fallen saint. I will not fall again." Echo Wilson pauses for a moment, so early. He keeps the same expression of rage on his face, cutting daggers into whoever gazes from the other side. "I will not take a loss as my answer Bart. You are a nobody and you are a fraud. You've never seen me angry till today Bart, but trust me, the shots have been fired. You will not escape with that Undisputed Title in hand, trust me on that. I'll find a way. I'll find a way to get back to you and that title. No matter who I have to run through, no matter who I have to prove myself against. You'll be seeing my face again sooner than you realize. Your dream is not over, because I'm about to turn it into your nightmare. Look forward, but keep eyes on the back of your head Bart. Because your next threat may come from behind you." "But for the time being, we're setting our eyes on something.....different. My goal here is to prove I'm the best. And the people I used to run with, the people I used to call my friends. They were only the most ELITE of talents in this company. We called ourselves The Kingdom, and we ruled with an iron fist. Yet somehow, legacy shows that I'm the weakest of the bunch. I'm out to shut up all of the idiot in attendance, like the people tonight who celebrated with Bart as he lifted that hunk of gold over his head. So naturally, when I watched backstage, my eyes landed on a familiar face. The Saviors promised what they'd do to the Boss and they delivered. But I'm promising something new to you Saviors. Julius, Ropati, there ain't no happy ending for you. The Blacklist has set their eyes on the prize and we want what you hold. It doesn't matter who you beat, it doesn't matter about any hurdle you've overcome so far. But let me tell you this, you're not just going to slide past us. We're more dangerous, more lethal, more brutal than anything you've experienced together as a team. Julius, you and I, we're in a similar boat to where me and Bart were. You're not going to be remembered as the superior. You're not going to be remembered as a savior of anything. When The Blacklist marks you as their target, everything you've built will go down in flames. Everything you've created for yourself, your name, your character, your reputation, it will all be tarnished black. Tarnished black in the memory of me. Your true overlord, your true savior Julius. I will live beyond anything and everything that you've created, and I will stand the test of time. I remember what you told me Julius, you said to me, that you were bored of the singles wrestling life, you were bored of winning title after title. And I smiled, and I spurred you onto this. I told you what you wanted to hear, knowing all along that this day would come. This day would come where I'd bring my own army and I'd crush all of these dreams that you have of being a Tag Team Superstar." "Then we have your little....sidekick. Ropati. How this little scumbag managed to slip between you and I is a miracle Julius. You ended the Kingdom Ropati. You did it. Right now, if it wasn't for you being a little snake, the Kingdom would be strong and happy. But no, you planted seeds of doubt in Julius' head and he bought into your stupid little lies. You took advantage of a moment where Julius' head was in disarray, you took advantage of his weakness and his confusion and tricked him into your little game. So yes, all of your partnership, your entire team is built on a pile of lies. Yes, your entire friendship was built off of Julius' weak little mind. What does that entail for the future? I don't see much of one at all if I'm honest. I always knew I'd come back for this and Ropati will get all that's been coming to him. Ropati, if you think that you're smart, if you think you've managed to trick Julius into your mind tricks, then you're stupider than I thought you were. Julius is using you, moving you around like a pawn and for what? So he can throw you away whenever you fail. And trust me, at Backlash, you'll fail hard, you'll fall hard. The Blacklist is just getting underway but the signs are all pointing to the moon. The Blacklist are destined to be the ones to end the reign short of the Saviors, because you've been targeted, you've been etched and singled out." "Saviors, you will make a mistake, you will make a misjudgment. And when you do, I'll be there to indulge in the sweet satisfaction, of "I told you so."
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    The Training of the future

    * Carnage returns to air after a commercial break hyping up the upcoming pay-per-view World At War and shows a dojo where the cameraman goes into showing Bulldozer training hard and viciously but stops once he notices the camera and walks over* I presume your here to inform me of me being in the match to determine the inaugural North American champion. *the cameraman then says yes and is about to leave when Bulldozer stops him and says he has more to say and the cameraman stays* Well the match will definitely be a legendary match regardless of the outcome and may very well be the biggest match i’ve ever been in my short time here at bpz however that will not stop me. *Bulldozer then grabs a bottle of water and takes a sip then sets it back down and continues* Now then as I was saying the reason this match is so big is due to the names in Hans Clayton who did manage to win the nxt championship at bpz mania and earned that accolade, but we also have more familiar foes such as Aaron North the punk prince of imperfection if you ask me who has recently moved up to the US division. *Bulldozer then grabs the bottle of water again and takes another sip presumably due to the exhaustion of training in this dojo for so long as the sweat on his face shows he has been training here many hours* However that won’t stop me and neither will Kenji the Japanese legend and while he performed admirably at bpz mania and came so very close to winning closer than myself even he won’t get as close this time around with this time around, now onto the newer foes first the biggest name of them Arius the US champion and while that’s a great honor he holds and he will be a big challenge for me he will also fall victim to me, the same can also be said for Yelich he will be a big challenge no doubt but be beaten down just like the rest. *Bulldozer then takes another sip of the water then pours some on his head to energize himself back up* Now as for Buddy Ace he is also a new opponent for me and while he does have experience here in bpz and i’m sure has his fair share of big time matches he hasn’t ever faced someone like me someone with the drive and fire that I have! *Bulldozer then chuckles and smiles* Then lastly but most certainly not least my good friend and tag team partner Birdman this match shall be his grand debut here in bpz now despite what you may think a victory for him or me will not separate our formation as a team no quite the opposite it shall only make it stronger however with that said I won’t go easy on him just because we are partners and friends I will battle him just as much as I would my biggest rival and he shall do the same to me. *Bulldozer then takes a big deep breath and is ready to finish his speech* Now with all that said I shall be the one to walk out with the gold I shall be the one to have the honor of being the very first ever North American champion and it’s legacy will be all the much greater for it and I shall be known and feared as the god of not just pro wrestling but also of North America! *Bulldozer then laughs and motions for the cameraman to leave as he sets the water down and gets back to training and the camera fades to black*
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    Feel the Goosebumps!

    Just as Hans drops the microphone, happy with his in-ring declaration, a silent gasp takes over the live crowd as the lights turn out..the moment lingers before the lights start flickering white flashes as the beginning chords of Fugue by Yngwie Malmsteen begin to echo throughout the arena. The adoring screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music. They might not agree with his intentions but the spectacle leaves even the rigid fan weak to it's awe. Suddenly a spotlight appears mid ramp just as Hans was inching towards the ropes with his NXT Championship strapped around his waist., Rin is seen standing next to Arius as she holds the US Championship. The two of them move towards the ring but he signals for her to stay back as he moves forward, taking the championship in hand. Arius never seems to blink as the camera follows him down the ramp. Staring right into Hans he steps through the ropes as suddenly a microphone appears to slide down his sleeve, coming face to face with Hans, the tension in the arena is building. A light chuckle beings their interaction So Hans we finally come face to face again in this ring. No rest for the wicked, it would seem. We're not yet one week out from BPZ Mania and the daggers are already thrust forward across the company Arius smirks and i wouldn't have it any other way! This fire keeps all our hearts beating, keeps us all pushing ourselves...though naive competitors must be cautious for more often than not they are the ones who are burned and succumb to that fire. Just like Icarus, Hans, they fly too close to the sun and fall into obscurity. Arius holds silent for a moment as he paces across left and right for a brief moment, looking over the live crowd. Turning back he points at the NXT Championship Hans you stand where i once stood, a time that feels like many moons ago but you stand as half the man, half the competitor i have grown to be. You are a champion right now but you act as a chaser. You barely slipped away from Aaron North in your contest at BPZ Mania, just barely. So i ask only once..Is that the kind of champion you are going to be? Slipping away with the win. Or do you want to be the champion who enters HIS domain, makes HIS kill and with barely a conscious sweat dripping down your forehead knowing that no one even got close to touching what is yours. Right now you are no killer, you are no threat, no revolutionary. So what are you? Arius holds up the championship once draped around his shoulder Beautiful isn't it? A championship that commands action. The same action that i will be bringing to World at War. The North American Championship would be a fitting accolade for many in this match. An honour to be the first of a lineage, the holder classifying it's worth for years to come. And to fall on to the shoulders of any lesser man would be criminal. It's foreign melody speaks to me, the Violin Sonata playing through my mind as the world comes to a stand still, the picture of my grasp around it's strap..At World at War Hans you are going to be getting a sample of the competition that lays ahead. To learn that when champion comes to champion, competitor comes to competitor, that no one in this match can stand to the man who stands before you. Arius drops the microphone down to the wayside as he can be heard through the camera saying two final words Good luck. Arius lets the moment linger as Fugue by Yngwie Malmsteen begins to play again, not allowing Hans to reply as he proceeds to take his exit. Arius is seen holding the championship to his chest as he leaves into the same flashing darkness he entered in.
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    I think a WCW series starting in the early 90s would be interesting, with guys like Flair, Sting and Luger on the top of the card. I would be very interesting to see how Brenden books through to the mid 90s, where real life WCW became a rip off of 80s WWF with Hogan and his mates dominating everything.
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    World At War 2 Time for the doors of the Unsanctioned Zone/Hollow's Compound to open for a second time. Who will be the second person to go through the challenge to enter the Unsanctioned Zone? Who's next to compete in the arena created by the madman himself? To Be Revealed Soon #WAW2Hype!
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    Hans Graphics

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    PWE Presents : BPZ TV 3 _ The show would kick off with Bailey Justin announcing BPZs match for "Born For This" saying it would be for the BPZ Universal Championship, and it will be a battle royal featuring everyone in the company, including top guys like Slim, Flynn and even Toxik. In a rematch to the first episode of BPZ TV, it would be Bart and Joh going at it once again, last time, Joh got the upset victory over Bart, and that would upset Bart as Bart would take a sledgehammer to the skull of Joh. This time around it would be an even paced contest, as one of the greatest of all time in Joh would still be able to go against Bart, but in the end, it would be Bart who would hit the falcon arrow and pin Joh, picking up the win this time around, this time however Bart wouldn't grab the sledgehammer and would walk out of the ring in celebration. James Ropati and Apex would make there in ring debuts facing one another, and it would be a crowd favorite match as both underdogs would get a huge ovation, and after a shake of hands before the match, it would kick off a fast-paced match, and for nearly 15 minutes Apex and James Ropati would produce an amazing match, but by the end it would be James Ropati who would catch Apex with the Kiwi Kick and pin him in the center of the ring, earning a victory and sitting in the center of the ring. After a commercial break, BiC would be making his entrance ready to cut a promo, and he would speak about the injustice inside BPZ, and that at the "Born For This" PPV he is going to win the battle royale and continue on in his journey throughout BPZ, but that's when FDS would interpret him, a long time rival. FDS and BiC would stare down, as we get set for our next match. Angelo Caito and Arius would go one on one inside the BPZ ring and the young and old stars would put on a show for the crowd, but when Arius would go to the top rope to hit a diving move, Angelo Caito would catch him in mid air and hit a spear, pinning him and earning his first in since the P.W.E merge, after the match Aaron North would come to the ring, and begin to beat down Caito with a chair as the show goes to break with Aaron standing over Angelo. Slim, Flynn, and Alyx Wilde would come to the ring one after another cutting promos on the superstars of BPZ and eachother, eventaully as all 3 men would be in the ring it would end in a brawl, as Alyx Wilde would kick both men out of the ring before the music of Necce would hit and the crowd would explode, as maybe the greatest BPZ superstar of all time would come to the ring and hit reverse DDTs on all men, Necce would pose over everyone as the lights go out, ending the show.
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    Some sigs i did for other forums i have been apart of
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    Chapter 8 On Twitter after the Chapter 7 event, it would be announced that Jon Moxley and Bray Wyatt will be facing off at "Born For This" in a hardcore match, while the specifics are to still be figured out, we know Bray and Jon will face, and join the already amazing card. A promo video for one of BPZs recruits, James Ropati, would play and showcase his skills and what he represents, the montage would end with "Coming Soon" Julius Jones, the man who faces Kevin Owens at "Born For This" for the Global Championship, is caught backstage and holds an interview, he talks about how he appreciates the fans, and that he won't miss out on this opperunity In the first of two matches tonight, Kevin Owens would come out and take on Austin Theory, a man who has proved himself so far in P.W.E as a top compettitor, and as the two stand across from eachother it is time for them to go to war. Kevin Owens and Theory would face off for nearly 10 minutes, both hitting stiff superkicks and sending eachother into the steel post on the outside, Austin Theory would hit an impressive moonsault, but despite the crowd chanting his name, Kevin Owens would hit a package pilerdriver on Theory, and pin him in the center of the ring. Julius Jones would run out after the bell, and begin to beat down Kevin Owens to cheers. Julius would hit the End Of Days finisher move, and then taunt over Owens with a large smile on his face, Julius is ready for "Born For This"! After Julius Jones and Owens would leave the ring, the No. 1 contender, Adrian King would cut a promo on Chad Gable, saying he doesn't deserve this opportunity and that he will beat both Gable tonight and Gordon at P.W.E, but Chad Gable would come out to a new theme song, ready for war. The two would fight for 20 minutes in a back and forth match that could be considered one of the best, as Chad Gable would hit german suplexes every chance he got and King would land several dives that would make the crowd pop, Gable would fight for his life, but in the end when Adrian King would lock in the "Throne Setter", Gable would tap out, and Adrian King would win, meaning its him and Flip Gordon, one on one at "Born For This"
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    This is the real Main event of Wrestlemania. I do believe Kofi really stole all of Becky's Momentum. He needs to win. If he doesn't win then forget about the rest of the show because the crowd will shit on everything. Its time for Kofi to win the WWE Championship
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    BPZ Brother Season 1

    Episode 5 - Out of the house. This week's episode kicks off inside the house where it has just been revealed that the winner of the HOH competition is Eden Marigold. 4.30 pm Eden: Well... i guess not talking to other people paid off! She then starts celebrating. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Eden it's time for you to prepare for the safety ceremony please enter the diary room. Eden goes to the diary room. Logan: Welp... that didn't go too well i guess i must have been the last one infected. Epico: Looks like it, i'm actually glad i didn't win it would have been too hard to decide who's gonna stay safe. Logan: It wouldn't have been hard for me, because right now i only want 2 people out of here and for very good reasons. Epicó starts preparing the hamburgers so that they can eat after the safety ceremony is done. 6.00 PM Eden is finally ready to start the safety ceremony. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, house quests please sit down in the living room and begin the safety ceremony. Everyone goes to the living room and sits down. Eden: Welcome everyone to the first ever BPZ Brother Safety Ceremony. The purpose of these ceremonies is for the Head of the household to choose the people who are safe. The remaining 2 people are nominated for elimination. Now let's start the ceremony. Eden picks up all the notes she wrote down. Number 1 Gina Marie you are safe. Number 2 Cody Case you are safe Number 3 Sage Karam you are safe Number 4 Epico Colon you are safe Number 5 Emma Wilson you are safe Number 6 Angelo Caito you are safe Number 7 Christina Caito you are safe Number 8 James Hunter you are safe Number 9 Logan Paul you are safe Number 10... Nick McKay you are safe The last 2 people Echo Wilson and Lance Franklin are up for elimination. Echo looks mad and he quickly storms off. Epicó: It's time to eat now. Echo: I'm not hungry. Epicó: Ok then.... Everyone else starts eating without Echo. Everyone seems to enjoy their food after eating they all start doing their own stuff before... BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother it's time for the Fans Nominee. The fans have nominated Nick McKay Nick doesn't look suprised or mad. Nic: Well... i'm not suprised. The people with the greatest looks are usually out first am i right Lance? Lance: Yup. Lance & Nic grab a bottle of vodka and go to the courtyard of the house. Echo finally comes out to the living room and he doesn't look as mad as before. Echo: So, what did i miss? Emma: Well, Nic was nominated for elimination by the fans and now him and Lance are drinking. BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother it's now time for the Power of Veto competition. The winner of the Power of Veto competition gets to save 1 person from elimination. The concept of this competition is simple the Head of Household will compete, the nominees will compete and 2 randomly drawn people will compete. After all the people have been chosen one of the Head of Household will draw a name and the person he draws is the winner. 7.30 pm After a few hours of watching TV, drinking and just hanging out the house quests start The Power of Veto competition. BPZ Brother: House quests it's time to start The Power of Veto competition. Eden please draw the 2 random competitors. Eden draws 2 names out of her hat. Eden: Okay, first competitor is... Emma Wilson. Second competitor is... Sage Karam BPZ Brother: You will now draw a name again but now it's only going to be Emma's name, Sage's name, Your name, Lance's name and Nick's name in the hat. Eden draws one name out of the hat. Eden: The winner of the competition is.... Emma Wilson! Emma looks very happy and she looks like she already knows who she's going to save. BPZ Brother: Now it's time for Emma to choose who she's going to use the Power of Veto on, and after that Eden will decide who's going to replace the former nominee. Emma: This is a very easy decision, i'm going to use the Power of Veto on my brother Echo Wilson. Eden: I'm going to replace Echo with... Logan BPZ Brother: Echo Wilson has been saved via the Power of Veto and he has been replaced by Logan Paul. The cameras cut to the stage area with Aaron North. North: And this is how Episode 5 ends, see you next week! To be continued in the next episode
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