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    Kirk Design

    Here is some of the work I've done for Brenden. I'll update this thread as things are completed. https://kirkdesign.net
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Commentaries exclusive Another week has gone by which see's us with yet another BPZ Commentaries Exclusive and this time its a really big one. The BPZ locker room has for the most part been pretty stable but according to our sources all of this has drastically changed over the last few weeks. This is what our source has reported "Seems like BBB have all hit a rough patch on their real life friendship backstage. There have been some fights between the 3 which have mainly between Bailey and Brenden with Sameer taking Baileys side. Is this not only the end of BBB on screen but as long time friends off screen" Now at first glance it may seem that this is just some sort of minor disagreement and all will be fixed shortly but apparently Bailey and Brenden aren't on speaking terms and many of the BPZ Roster have been caught in the cross-hairs. Not only does this impact the 3 men involved in this said dispute but there are talks of a potential Civil War plaguing BPZ something that is definitely not best for business. There has been a toxic environment backstage with various other members of the roster being handed out fines and warnings by top officials in the company because of their stance on this argument. When you have two polarising figures in a position of power in a company such as BPZ there is ought to be some sort of disagreement and the latest between this two has been brutal. Stay tuned for more developments as this story unfolds. I have been Mike Hunt and this was another BPZ Commentaries exclusive
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    Name: Kirk "The Fist" Kelly Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Age: 30 Size: Heavyweight Height: 6'3" Weight: 255 lbs. Body Type: Muscular Styles: Regular, Technician Finishing Move: "The Jawbreaker" (a vicious uppercut) Face Gimmick: Bad Ass (or similar) Heel Gimmick: Bitter Veteran (or similar) Bio: From an early age, Kelly was always the athletic type. He was the captain of the wrestling team and a star on the football field in high school. It was no surprise when he excelled as an amateur boxer in college. Before he graduated, Cliff Anderson of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling noticed Kelly and felt like he might transition well to the world of professional wrestling. Kelly jumped at the opportunity and spent 2 years working with CZCW where he continued to develop his technical skills. At the age of 23 Total Championship Wrestling recruited Kelly and he soon became a success as "The Fist", a bad-ass brawler who never backed down from a challenge and knocked opponents out cold with his finishing move "The Jawbreaker". After five years with TCW, Kelly was forced to take a break from wrestling following a knee injury in a match that costed him his World Title. During his time away, Kirk continued to train and box, knowing that it wouldn't be long before he made his return.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    Hi, guys, this is my New Era diary. Little backstory for this, this was my original plan for a WWE 2K19 Universe Mode, but I could never find the will to get a series for that started up. Because of that, I'm transitioning my booking plans over here. Couple of quick notes: - This is taking place immediately after WrestleMania 33. - Because this is being repurposed from 2K19, the same roster in that game will be used in this. I may decide to add DLC characters in later down the line. - This diary will attempt to be as realistic as possible, so don't expect to see Steve Austin coming back and becoming WWE champion or something. - Continuing on that, guys like Okada and Omega won't be showing up in this unless WWE actually does sign them. The roster will generally stay in line with the active 2K rosters, though some exceptions may be made due to unexpected releases and exclusions. - I'll be keeping this running as long as I'm still interested in it, and will attempt to upload installments daily. At the very least, this will hopefully run until at least WrestleMania 34. - RAW, SmackDown and NXT will all be used. - Rosters will be updated after the draft, which will take place after the first episode of RAW. . I think that covers everything. I hope you enjoy the New Era as it goes, and I'm always happy to hear feedback. This is my first diary, so I'm sure it will be very rough. Any and all criticism is appreciated.
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    Sixth Match @Maasavs @mikey0619
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    Name: Kirk "The Fist" Kelly Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Age: 30 (Born 1988) Size: Heavyweight Height: 6'3" Weight: 255 lbs. Body Type: Muscular Styles: Regular, Technician Finishing Move: "The Jawbreaker" (a vicious uppercut) Face Gimmick: Bad Ass (or similar) Heel Gimmick: Bitter Veteran (or similar) Bio: From an early age, Kelly was always the athletic type. He was the captain of the wrestling team and a star on the football field in high school. It was no surprise when he excelled as an amateur boxer in college. Before he graduated, Cliff Anderson of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling noticed Kelly and felt like he might transition well to the world of professional wrestling. Kelly jumped at the opportunity and spent 2 years working with CZCW where he continued to develop his technical skills. At the age of 23 Total Championship Wrestling recruited Kelly and he soon became a success as "The Fist", a bad-ass brawler who never backed down from a challenge and knocked opponents out cold with his finishing move "The Jawbreaker". After five years with TCW, Kelly was forced to take a break from wrestling following a knee injury in a match that costed him his World Title. During his time away, Kirk continued to train and box, knowing that it wouldn't be long before he made his return.
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    Hans Graphics

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    Hello everyone, This is the Grizzly ENT Universe Mode Pay-Per-View History Page! Just in case you are low on time you can look at this and say "What? How did this happen?" *SPOILERS!* *The symbol "(c)" Means they were the champion at the time of the match* *Red = Raw Match/Superstar, Blue = Smackdown Match/Superstar* Backlash *April* WWE 2K18 Seth Rollins(c) D. Bobby Lashley, Buddy Murphy, The Miz - Intercontinental Championship Match Asuka D. Nia Jax(c) by DQ after Bayley attacked Asuka - Raw Women's Championship Match Jeff Hardy(c) D. Baron Corbin - United States Championship Match Bludgeon Brothers(c) D. The Bar - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Braun Strowman D. Lars Sullivan Samoa Joe(c) D. Finn Balor - World Heavyweight Championship Match The Show D. The Deleters Of Worlds(c) - Raw Tag Team Championship Match AJ Styles(c) D. Rusev - WWE Championship Match King Of The Ring *May* 2K18 The Revival D. Bludgeon Brothers(c) - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Seth Rollins(c) D. Buddy Murphy - Intercontinental Championship Match Bayley D. Nia Jax(c), Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Match *This was the final match of the Raw Women's Title* Jeff Hardy(c) D. Roman Reigns - United States Championship Match AJ Styles(c) D. Bobby Roode - WWE Championship Match Carmella(c) D. Alexa Bliss - No DQ's Match for Smackdown Women's Championship *This was the final match of the Smackdown Women's Title* Samoa Joe(c) D. Braun Strowman - World Heavyweight Championship Match Aleister Black D. Finn Balor - King Of The Ring Finals Match Extreme Rules *June* 2K18 Tommaso Ciampa D. Buddy Murphy, Andrade "Cien" Almas, Seth Rollins(c), Noam Dar, The Brian Kendrick - Extreme Trials Match for the Intercontinental Championship Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins(c) D. The B-Team - Tornado Tag Team Match for Raw Tag Team Championships Dolph Ziggler D. Drew Mcintyre - Falls Count Anywhere Match Pete Dunne(c) D. Eric Young - 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match for United Kingdom Championship Finn Balor D. Jeff Hardy(c) - Ladder Match for United States Championship Samoa Joe(c) D. Braun Strowman - Parking Lot Brawl for World Heavyweight Championship Nikki Cross D. Ember Moon, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Nia Jax, Bayley - Elimination Tables Match to crown the first WWE Women's Champion *Ember Moon was not signed to a brand, as she debuted in this match* AJ Styles(c) D. Aleister Black, Bobby Roode - Steel Cage Match for WWE Championship Clash Of Champions *July* 2K19 Finn Balor(c) D. Mojo Rawley - United States Championship Match Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins(c) D. SAnity (Eric Young & Baron Corbin) - Raw Tag Team Championship Match Shelton Benjamin D. Mustafa Ali - Intercontinental Championship Match to determine a new champion Ruby Riott D. Alexa Bliss - WWE Women's Championship Match to determine a new champion Samoa Joe(c) vs. Hideo Itami for World Heavyweight Championship never started due to Braun Brutalizing both men before the match began The Revival(c) D. Wyatt Family (Harper & Rowan) - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Drew Mcintyre D. Pete Dunne(c) - United Kingdom Championship Match AJ Styles(c) D. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Match Summerslam *August* 2K19 Randy Orton D. Tye Dillinger Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Noam Dar & Bobby Lashley D. The Miz Network Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio D. The Revival(c) - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match *Rey Mysterio was not signed to Smackdown at the time* Drew Mcintyre(c) D. Pete Dunne - Submission Match for United Kingdom Championship Ruby Riott(c) D. Shayna Baszler - WWE Women's Championship Match *Shayna Debuted in this match* Finn Balor(c) D. Hideo Itami - United States Championship Match Tyler Breeze D. Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan, Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura, Mojo Rawley - Elimination Match to crown the first World Television Champion Authors Of Pain D. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins(c) - Raw Tag Team Championship Match Aleister Black D. AJ Styles(c) - WWE Championship Match *John Cena as Summerslam host changed the match to a NO DQ's Match halfway through* Braun Strowman D. Samoa Joe(c) - Last Man Standing Match for World Heavyweight Championship No Mercy *September* 2K19 Hideo Itami D. Kassius Ohno Finn Balor(c) D. Apollo Crews - United States Championship Match Randy Orton D. Daniel Bryan - Unsanctioned Match Mickie James D. Ruby Riott(c) by Countout - WWE Women's Championship Match Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio(c) D. The Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Braun Strowman(c) D. Bray Wyatt - World Heavyweight Championship Match Tommaso Ciampa(c) D. Noam Dar - Intercontinental Championship Match Aleister Black(c) D. AJ Styles, John Cena - WWE Championship Match Rebellion *October* 2K19 Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio(c) D. Bludgeon Brothers - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Tommaso Ciampa(c) D. Adam Cole - Intercontinental Championship Match Kassius Ohno(c) D. Heavy Machinery, Authors Of Pain - Elimination Match for The Raw Tag Team Championships Miz Network D. AJ Styles & British Strong Style Apollo Crews D. Finn Balor(c), Roman Reigns - United States Championship Match Aleister Black(c) D. Seth Rollins - WWE Championship Match Sami Zayn D. Rusev - Loser Leaves Raw Falls Count Anywhere Match Braun Strowman(c) D. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Championship Match Survivor Series *November* 2K19
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    This is The Grizzly ENT Roster Page, Where you can see where all your favorite wrestlers reside in My Universe Mode Raw Roster AJ Styles Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar) SAnity (Eric Young, Baron Corbin & Alexander Wolfe) Bobby Lashley Dolph Ziggler Drew Mcintyre (Evolution Member) The Miz Ricochet Sami Zayn Seth Rollins Nia Jax Riott Squad (Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan) Sasha Banks Mustafa Ali Aleister Black - WWE Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas - United Kingdom Champion B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) Buddy Murphy Chad Gable (Miz Network Member) Asuka Becky Lynch Tony Nese (Miz Network Member) Roderick Strong (Miz Network Member) Tommaso Ciampa - Intercontinental Champion Kassius Ohno - Raw Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler Noam Dar Pete Dunne (Evolution Member) Tyler Bate Heavy Machinery Lio Rush Samoa Joe (Evolution Member) Smackdown Roster Braun Strowman - World Heavyweight Champion Bray Wyatt Rowan The Revival Ascension Mojo Rawley Rey Mysterio - 1/2 Smackdown Tag Team Champions Tyler Breeze Alexa Bliss Natalya Apollo Crews Daniel Bryan Finn Balor - United States Champion Kevin Owens - 1/2 Smackdown Tag Team Champions Killian Dain Lars Sullivan - World Television Champion Randy Orton Roman Reigns Shinsuke Nakamura The IIconics Ember Moon Mickie James The Undisputed ERA Velveteen Dream Kane Cedric Alexander Gallows & Anderson Johnny Gargano (inactive with a leg injury) Jeff Hardy (inactive with a shoulder injury) General Managers Drake Maverick (Raw General Manager) Shawn Michaels (Smackdown General Manager)
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    P.W.E Wrestling Chapter 15 Hans Clayton and Kevin Owens would open the show with there P.W.E Global Championship match, and the crowd couldn't be more ready as both men make there entrances, Hans Clayton has been on a wave of momentum, never being pinned inside a P.W.E ring, and inside the ring, he can go with anyone. But Kevin Owens wouldn't but into the hype, and would hit moves such as a canonball into the barricade, a senton onto a proned Hans, and even more, but Hans would continue to kick out and would impress many, and eventually Hans would be able to hit his finisher move. Clayton would strike perfectly and would pin Kevin Owens in the center of the ring, picking up the big win and becoming the P.W.E Global Champion! Hans walks up the ramp with title in hand, celebrating his victory with the fans, and this episode has kicked off right! The P.W.E womens division would be given a promo package, highlight all 12 women in a 15 minute promo where the women would be able to talk about themselves, the biggest reactions would go the Sheridan Mueller, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks face off at P.W.E "High Stakes", where the womens division kicks off! As the promo ends, we would cut backstage to a huge commotion, as Julius Jones and James Ropati would be trading shots in a huge brawl backstage, and as workers and referees attempt to break the two apart, punches would continue to be throwing and James Ropati would be busted open, and as blood pours from his head, Julius Jones walks off cocky as ever. Jon Moxley would come to the ring, ready for his deathmatch open challenge. Moxley has beaten the likes of Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel in the past few weeks, and now he takes on a new opponent, the man who would answer the challenge would be Killshot. Who would come to the ring ready for war against Moxley. The match would be hardcore as promised, as everything from steel chairs to light tubes would be used and both men would be bleeding. Killshot would show just why he deserves to be signed by P.W.E, and would hit his finisher move to the outside on Moxley in an amazing spot, however, Jon Moxley would come back and hit his finisher onto barb wire. But through all of it, the end would come when Killshot would hit the double footstomp off of the top rope, and Moxley would be pinned, and with the destruction surrounding him, Killshot celebrates in his debut on P.W.E
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    Hans GFX Requests

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    A False Saviour

    It is the Saturday Carnage, as we look forward to tomorrow’s Backlash. We see Josh sat backstage, looking at a screen. It shows SummerSlam as Bailey beat Josh in a grudge match. Following this we see Bad Blood where Bailey triumphed over Blade and Josh in MITB. Now, as Josh watches the screen, interviewer John Trenton appears behind him John: Josh? Josh turns around to see one of his oldest friends. John’s face is full of warmth whilst Josh just turns around emotionless, much to the obvious disappointment of John Josh: Hello John. I suppose you want to interview me John: Well I didn’t know if you perhaps wanted to catch up or something. I mean we’ve not talked in months Josh: John, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve got a world title match tomorrow. I don’t have time to catch up John: But Josh it’s me Josh: Interview or nothing Jonathan John’s shock is obvious but he sits down to interview Josh John: Ok Josh, so it seemed like you’d retired, that the doctors had told you that you couldn’t return. What happened? Josh: Well I’ve explained my reasons for coming back Trenton: Right you’re saying you’re this grizzled bitter veteran Josh: I’m only young please. I prefer grizzled young veteran Trenton: Ok then. But still we know why you returned. But how were you able to? Josh: Please that whole retirement speech was bullshit Trenton: You don’t swear? Josh: I didn’t. Anyway I was just fed up of putting my body on the line for these fans. But when Bulldozer came to me with an offer like that I simply couldn’t refuse. I saw 4 young stars, as unappreciated as I was, that I could mould into world beaters, I took the opportunity gladly John: Now final question. Why are you challenging for the World title at Backlash this early in your return? Josh: Because I’m already good enough this early on. From Day One, people said I was the next Blade but they were wrong. I’m already 2x the wrestler he ever was. And Bailey is past his prime. I fell to him twice. He won’t get a 3rd time lucky. And with my boys at ringside I will have the numbers game and be victorious Trenton: Surely you want to win fairly Josh: The record books aren’t going to say how someone wins, they say who wins. Like Bailey at Bad Blood, where he illegally entered the MITB match last minute. The records say he won. Trenton: Josh this isn’t you Josh suddenly aggressively stands up and grabs John by the neck Josh: John. We were good friends. But I have changed. You are not my saviour. This is me and next time I see you John there will be a title around my waist. Josh drops John to the floor as superstars begin to help him to his feet. Josh walks out, with championship gold on his mind
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    Break Down the Wall

    Blade makes his way to the ring with no music just with a chorus of Boos. Walking around Blade grabs the microphone from the announce and takes the ring bell and gets in the ring. Blade then sits in the middle of the ring. Blade, "This weekend is BPZ Backlash twenty nineteen, Last year I was still Hollow, I still tried hard and worked to create new opportunities that I made for myself. Last year, I beat Echo Wilson for the BPZ Premium Championship. That was last year when the hardworking man could break through the wall management puts up and grab the brass ring of success that they rightfully earned. This year, after BPZmania a new wall was created and created the death of the working man getting what they deserve. You fans let management take control again and now we are going to have a moment of silence. The bell will ring Three times for all those who had their moments stolen from them for management's hand picked winners. Now all you in the BPZ Universe shut your mouths!" The crowd begins to boo loudly for Blade as he hits the bell. Ding! Boos are loud Ding! The crowd get louder in booing Blade Ding! The crowd going berserk booing Blade Blade, "Now that is done you all are disrespectful for the guys who earned their opportunities from hard work who were screwed out of having their moments shine. Now lets look at my opponent at Backlash. Or should I now say opponents as another challenger approaches. Josh you inserted yourself into my match against Bailey. I will the first person to congratulate you of finding a group that accepts you. I see you for what you were Josh, you were in my shoes before, that guy who put in so much effort in for these people working hard, scratching and clawing your way up then to have your moment torn from your grasp. We have had this battle before, at Bad Blood twenty eighteen's money in the bank match. We both worked towards the match then someone else took our opportunity away from us. The same person who is the BPZ World Champion right now who we face at BPZ Backlash. The thing is now I don't find acceptable is that you are now playing the same role as the Bailey did at Bad Blood. You put yourself in a match you have no business being in and trying to take my prize away from me. You see that is completely unacceptable and unforgiveable. You joined the loser club, sorry the SSW Club now you think you are one of the big boys now. Got yourself some friends, now you are thinking maybe you can use them to get what you want. The thing is you picked the wrong target to start with. You could have and should have gone after the Intercontinental championship, or maybe helped the SSW team lose in the Number one contenders match, because spoiler they aren't winning there. But you put yourself into the BPZ World title match now you made a mistake as got in my way. Now when topple that ladder of success that Bailey put himself on at the top. You too Josh will end up falling after I beat you as well." Blade stops and taps the microphone twice Blade, "Now my other opponent and the man I orginally have been preparing for. The Bailey. Still calling me Hollow, and calling me a loser putting me in the same list with another, but this time Josh. You look at this and think that winning is my only goal at Backlash. Winning will be a bonus, but my goal is simple is to take down everything you created. Everything you put together in BPZ to make this place yours is going to be destroyed. You created the wall which people like myself cant get past so that your handpicked guys can have an easy pass and make their legacies that you are developing. The wall that you set up is going to shatter as I am going to break down the wall and get what I want! I will see you at Backlash champ! Let's see if after Backlash if anyone else will call you that ever again."
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    Astralis Natus Vincere
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Name: Christian “Superkickin’” Crude  Age: 29 Nationality: American Gimmick: Refuses to stop fighting no matter what hold him back. Face/Heel: Face  Tag Team?: I’m for sure down but want a singles run definitely first Backstory: Christian grew up in a rougher area in Brooklyn, he learned how to fight early, but his parents protected him from most of the darker stuff. He eventually was working at a gym when a man came up to him and offered to train him in wrestling. He had watched some as a kid so he agreed. He became amazingly good very quickly, and was quickly signed by a smaller company and he just went up from there. He has a high flying/striking style. Height: 6’2 Weight: 230 lb Finisher: Superkick, Cutting Edge (Leaping Shining Wizard) Signatures: Blink of an Eye (Andrade style elbow), Chasing Ghosts (Shooting Star Press)
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    Yes, surely they are. They are probably the only stable ever to see .3 complete new guys debut and by the end of it, they were all former world champions and some of the biggest full time stars in the wrestling business. That's an accomplishment that goes over my head sometimes, it's extremely impressive how much this group helped the career of the singles wrestlers in it. The run itself was incredible, they always delivered on RAWs, Smackdowns, Ppvs. It didn't matter, they always killed it. As for where to rank them, I would probably have them around the 5th spot.
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    @Grizzly ENT We have merged your topics into one topic, this makes it a lot more clear for those who want to look up your universe mode as they will not need to search for each seperate topics, and this will be the same for you if you wish to update it or add something new. Looks like you put a lot of work into this, can't wait to find out more about it !
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    This is the Grizzly ENT Universe Mode Championship History *Raw =Red, Smackdown = Blue, Women's title is dual-branded and it combines both Raw Women's and Smackdown Women's, so it's in purple* This begins on April 1st 2K18, so WM took place on March 31st 2K18 in my series, so the champions after WM34 were my champions when I started the series WWE Championship AJ Styles (2nd Reign) 297 Days Jinder Mahal on Smackdown November 7th 2017 Jinder Mahal in a Steel Cage Match at Starrcade 2017 Jinder Mahal at Clash Of Champions 2017 Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn in a Handicap Match at Royal Rumble 2018 John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin in a Six-Pack Challenge at Fastlane 2018 Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania 34 Rusev at Backlash 2K18 Bobby Roode at King Of The Ring 2K18 Aleister Black & Bobby Roode in a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 Dolph Ziggler at Clash Of Champions 2K19 Aleister Black (1st Reign) *current* AJ Styles at Summerslam 2K19, Match was turned into a No DQ's Match halfway through AJ Styles & John Cena at No Mercy 2K19 Seth Rollins at Rebellion 2K19 World Heavyweight Championship Samoa Joe (1st Reign) 153 Days Finn Balor & Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown April Week 1 to be crowned first champion Finn Balor at Backlash 2K18 Braun Strowman at King Of The Ring 2K18 Braun Strowman in a Parking Lot Brawl at Extreme Rules 2K18 A match with Hideo Itami at Clash Of Champions 2K19 never started due to Braun Strowman attacking both men Braun Strowman (1st Reign) *current* Samoa Joe in a Last Man Standing Match at Summerslam 2K19 Bray Wyatt at No Mercy 2K19 Hideo Itami at The Velocity Special Event 2K19 Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan at Rebellion 2K19 Intercontinental Championship Seth Rollins (1st Reign) 91 Days Finn Balor & The Miz at Wrestlemania 34 Buddy Murphy, The Miz, & Bobby Lashley at Backlash 2K18 Buddy Murphy at King Of The Ring 2K18 Tommaso Ciampa (1st Reign) 1 Day Buddy Murphy, Andrade "Cien" Almas, Seth Rollins, Noam Dar, & The Brian Kendrick in an Extreme Trials Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 *Title was vacated due to Tommaso being stripped of the title, due to his suspension* Shelton Benjamin (4th Reign) 33 Days Mustafa Ali at Clash Of Champions 2K19 to crown new champion Tommaso Ciampa (2nd Reign) *current* Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, & Mustafa Ali in an Elimination Match on Raw September Week 1 2K19 Noam Dar at No Mercy 2K19 Ricochet on Raw October Week 2 2K19 Lio Rush on Raw October Week 3 2K19 Oney Lorcan on Raw October Week 4 2K19 Adam Cole at Rebellion 2K19 United States Championship Jeff Hardy (1st Reign) 91 Days Baron Corbin at Backlash 2K18 Roman Reigns at King Of The Ring 2K18 Cedric Alexander on Smackdown June Week 2 2K18 Finn Balor (1st Reign) (123 Days) Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 Mojo Rawley at Clash Of Champions 2K19 Hideo Itami at Summerslam 2K19 Apollo Crews at No Mercy 2K19 Apollo Crews at The Velocity Special Event Apollo Crews (1st Reign) *current* Finn Balor & Roman Reigns at Rebellion 2K19 United Kingdom Championship Pete Dunne (1st Reign) 437 Days Tyler Bate at NXT Takeover: Chicago Wolfgang, Trent Seven, & BT Gunn at ICW's Shug Hoose Party 4 Wolfgang on NXT September 13th 2017 Johnny Gargano on NXT November 22nd 2017 Tyler Bate on NXT December 20th 2017 Roderick Strong on NXT February 14th 2018 Adam Cole by DQ on NXT March 14th 2018 Eric Young in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 Drew Mcintyre (1st Reign) 77 Days Pete Dunne at Clash Of Champions 2K19 Pete Dunne in a Submission Match at Summerslam 2K19 Dean Ambrose on Raw September Week 1 2K19 Mike Kanellis on Raw's NXT Showcase September Week 3 2K19 Andrade "Cien" Almas (1st Reign) *current* Drew Mcintyre on Raw October Week 3 2K19 World Television Championship Tyler Breeze (1st Reign) 6 Days Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan, Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura & Mojo Rawley in an Elimination Match at Summerslam 2K19 to become first champion Velveteen Dream (1st Reign) 49 Days Tyler Breeze on Smackdown September Week 1 Tyler Breeze on Smackdown September Week 3 Killian Dain on Smackdown September Week 4 Loss to Lars Sullivan by Countout at The Velocity Special Event Lars Sullivan (1st Reign) *current* Velveteen Dream, Tyler Breeze & Roman Reigns in a Fatal 4 Way Match on Smackdown Week 4 October 2K19 Raw Tag Team Championship The Deleters Of Worlds (8th Reign for Matt Hardy & 1st Reign for Bray Wyatt) (30 Days) *Crowned first champions when Universe Mode began* The Show (1st Reign for Dolph Ziggler & 2nd Reign for Drew Mcintyre) (13 Days) The Deleters Of Worlds at Backlash 2K18 The Deleters Of Worlds (9th Reign for Matt Hardy & 2nd Reign for Bray Wyatt (14 Days) The Show on Raw May Week 2 2K18 Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (2nd Reign) (99 Days) The Deleters Of Worlds on Raw May Week 4 2K18 The B-Team in a Tornado Tag Team Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 SAnity at Clash Of Champions 2K19 The Authors Of Pain (1st Reign) (1 Day) Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins at Summerslam 2K19 *AOP were stripped of the titles because Jericho-Ohno were scheduled for the match, but attacked and replaced them* Kassius Ohno (1st Reign) Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder on Raw September Week 2 2K19 *Y2J abandoned Ohno on Raw October Week 1 2K19 to sign with NJPW* Heavy Machinery & AOP in an Elimination Match at Rebellion 2K19 Smackdown Tag Team Championship Bludgeon Brothers (1st Reign for Rowan & 2nd Reign for Harper) (61 Days) The Usos & New Day at Wrestlemania 34 The Bar at Backlash WWE 2K18 The Revival (1st Reign) (92 Days) Bludgeon Brothers at King Of The Ring 2K18 The Ascension on Smackdown July Week 1 Tye Dillinger & Randy Orton on Smackdown July Week 2 Wyatt Family (Harper & Rowan) at Clash Of Champions 2K19 Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio (1st Reign) *current* The Revival at Summerslam 2K19 The Revival on Smackdown September Week 1 The Undisputed ERA at No Mercy 2K19 Bludgeon Brothers at Rebellion 2K19 WWE Women's Championship Nikki Cross (1st Reign) (1 Day) Ember Moon, Nia Jax, Bayley, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay in an Elimination Tables Match at Extreme Rules 2K18 to become new champion *Nikki had to vacate title due to an injury* Ruby Riott (1st Reign) (62 Days) Alexa Bliss at Clash Of Champions 2K19 to become new champion Shayna Baszler at Summerslam 2K19 loss to Mickie James by count-out at No Mercy 2K19 *Ruby had to relinquish to injury caused by Shayna Baszler*
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    A False Saviour

    Wow you really made a huge statement on why you're going to win. Stick to Jobbing in the midcard for future events thanks.
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    NBA2K19: Brooklyn Nets

    Brooklyn Nets: Starting a Young Court of D'Angelo Russell, Jarrett Allen, and Caris Levert. The Nets haven't seen the playoffs since that one-sided trade that contained a lot of first round picks. The Nets somehow were able to get a nice young court and are looking to make that next level step to make the playoffs and win an NBA Championship. Portland Trailblazers: Starring the backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, The Portland Trailblazers are a playoff team but nowhere near a championship team and considering they are in salary cap hell it would be hard to get another piece to this team. Los Angelos Lakers: Starring: The King Lebron James and a young core of Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. The King is 34 years old now. Who knows how long he can play like he's 28, With some piece that could be moved and some salary cap to spend the Lakers are looking in a clear spot to an NBA Championship but that's only if they can make the right moves.
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    Mission for BPZ 2019

    -Win the World Title - Find another gimmick that I will enjoy to do. - Have a long running nba diary lol
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    REVOLT! Against Wrestling - 1987

    Wednesday, Week 1, April, 1987 Location: NJ Richard J. Codey Arena #2 (Tri State) Ernie Ladd opens Omen in the ring happy about the success of Ascension and the crowning of the new REVOLT! National and World Heavyweight Champions. Says that PPV will surely be remembered for years to come as a pinnacle step in the rise of the company. Just as Ernie Ladd is about to proceed to talk about what is in store for the night - "If the South woulda won, we woulda had it made" echoes through the arena as Tracy Smother walks down the ramp with an anger to him, the Texas Hangmen lumbering behind him as Tracy Smothers walks around the ring to snatch a microphone from the side. Poking the chest of the company owner Tracy goes to express his anger that he wasn't on the card this past week, saying it's disrespectful that a natural compeitior like himself isn't National nor World Champion right now because of Ernie Ladd. Ernie Ladd keeps his cool as he looks over to the towering Texas Hangmen behind him. Says that before he was rudely interrupted he was about to announce that REVOLT! was about to meet a new face and what better way to prove yourself than to meet him in the ring..RIGHT NOW! Ladd drops the microphone to the ground as he exits the ring, Smothers caught off guard as he looks around the arena. 48 "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing, making his REVOLT! debut, from Detroit, Michigan" Playing: Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle The crowd jump to their feet when one half of the famous Steiner Brothers, Scott Steiner, steps on to the stage, as he takes in the atmosphere. Tracy Smothers looks increasingly frustrated as he begins to talk and instruct his allies. Ernie Ladd takes the microphone back again talking over the music. "By the way. you're friends better get out of that ring and to the back now or you'll be be worrying about a lot more than just another loss". This sets Smothers off as the referee tries to keep his distance from the men as he points towards the back. In a decent match, Scott Steiner defeated Tracy Smothers in 14:06 by pinfall with a Frankensteiner 44 After the match Tracy Smothers dazed after his loss takes his frustrations out on the steel steps as the crowd taunt him from ringside. He stops, turning slowly towards the commentary table as he holds the back of head. Ernie responds standing up and placing down the headset, rolling up his sleeves as to motion that he is ready if Smothers is. But not today as Tracy heads towards the ramp, motion obscenely to the crowd. 57 Backstage: Susan Sexton introduces REVOLT!s own showstopper and the inaugural National Champion Shawn Micheal's. Saying that when she signed on to REVOLT she had a mission for herself but when she laid eyes on the specimen, the athlete that is Micheal's she knew she had to direct him towards golden pastures. During this segment Shawn continues to pose, nodding his head in agreement before taking the microphone to say a few words ending on "The party is only getting started" 72 Tony Rumble introduces us to another segment with Mayumi Ozaki, for the first time without her usual entourage of Lou Albano. Tony leads talking about the upcoming tag team match against Joyce Grable and Sabrina but is curious who she will be teaming with tonight, Just on that last word we see the debuting Cutie Suzuki fly across the screen in an energetic spirit. She shoots back again on screen standing next to Ozaki who stands still in a stoic fashion watching her partner. Rumble goes to talk but Suzuki takes the microphone and introduces herself, declaring her happiness to be here in REVOLT! and that tonight she won't let Ozaki down before leaving the interview to head to the ring. Ozaki still standing still just nods to Rumble as she heads to the ring herself. 57 Playing: Lita Ford - Can't Catch Me "From Japan..." Cutie Suzuki is already seen motion to the audience as she paces herself up and down the stage to the sound of 'Can't Catch Me'. Mayumi Ozaki joins her as she enters the stage, chain hanging from her hand, wrapped around it as she raises it to the sky. The announcer goes on to introduce them both collectively as Lost Eden as they head to the ring. Their opponents already in the ring. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Lost Eden defeated Joyce Grable and Sabrina in 12:37 when Cutie Suzuki defeated Sabrina by pinfall with a Cutie Special. 46 Angle: The World Heavyweight Champion Mark Calaway can be seen leaning against the wall of an an abandoned bar in the middle of god knows where, championship resting on his shoulder as the notable laugh of Lou Albano can be heard as the camera pans to the left. He talks about how this is only step one and that now with the grandest prize in their possession that REVOLT is at their mercy. Welcome to the new age. I am the Cryptkeeper. 61 Backstage: Brian Sawyer rants to Tony Rumble about how Brian Pillman is barking up the wrong tree. That the Mad Dog is going to bite back and stop Pillman in his career tracks, At least that is what we deciphered from the promo as the livid Sawyer was at times unintelligible to those listening 32 "Playing:  Buffalo Springfield - "Mr Soul" "Introducing first, from Long Island, New York..." As we return from commercial break. Mick Foley enters the stage and makes his way to the ring. With a giant grin he high fives the fans who reach out to Foley from the barricades. We've heard through the week that Mick Foley took his loss at Ascension as motivation and looks to earn his spot to be the first challenger for the new champion in the coming weeks. Playing:  Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin Live "Introducing second, from London, England.." Norman Smiley in a feathered robe walks on to the stage, spinning to show the name Smiley embroidered on the back as he slowly walks to the ring arms outstretched. He calls himself fabulous and at just 22 years old Norman Smiley has a lot to prove tonight against Mick Foley who is looking more determined than ever after falling short at Ascension. In a decent match, Mick Foley defeated Norma Smiley in 15:52 by pinfall with a Double Arm DDT. 42 Overall Show Rating: 52 C- __________________________________________________
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    Company Name: H.R. Pufnstuf's World of Wonder (WOW) Location: Ontario, Canada Owned by: H.R. Pufnstuf
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    "Broken Dreams"

    Jonathan doesn’t even raise his eyes to the titantron as Bulldozer concludes his rant, the craze which consumed him early seems to dissipate and the goofy smile which can only be birthed by absolute arrogance reveals itself. He shakes his head as his lips twist to an irritated scowl, pulling the microphone to his lips. “Friends? That crude sentimentality is what I can’t stand. That you would waste time imagining alternate realities where you have a pleasant relationship with the person you’re supposed to put down. The idiotic ideal of finding the humanity of your opponent instead of their weakness. You encapsulate those that you seek to make despise you, you so desperately just want to be friends with your opponent, to be accepted. Don’t worry, I’ll grant your wish.” Jonathan looks out at Toxik, bemused with the words spoken and almost chuckling as he looks at him, seeming more composed than he was a mere matter of minutes ago. He protrudes his lower lip, marking a patronizing pity as he begins to speak as if he’s addressing a child. “Me and my little girlfriend will give you everything you ever wished for. A supportive group of people admiring your every action, a sympathetic connection which means they’ll never let you down, and a lengthy vacation to commemorate the occasion. You won’t have to imagine a universe where you’re liked anymore buddy, we’ll change your world for the better. The pain part of it will just be a slight side effect.” “I know that you want to be tag champ so bad little buddy but it’s just not realistic. I’m sorry to tell you but I’m going to have to crush the dream, Royal Flush are just better. And sometimes in life, you meet people who are supremely talented. You meet Aces and goddesses carved from gold, and it’s no fault of your own. You’re the best you can be, but your best isn’t enough. One day little Bulldozer, you’ll accept this truth and know that the names of royalty shouldn’t exit your goddamn mouth.” Bulldozer evidently grows more infuriated at the end of every condensing syllable. Jonathan just cackles at the sight of Bulldozer boiling in his own blood and once more turns his back to the titantron, looking out towards the audience. “You’re nothing. You realize that? Absolutely nothing but a pissant that stands in our way, believing in that by some miracle you’ll reign victorious. You come out here and tell me that you’ll do what I said I’ll do to you as if you’re threatening? Reiterating my words in order to what? Shock me? Scare me? Hint at some sort of functional brain hidden underneath your skull? Listen Bulldozer, you’re a loser. A loser who keeps digging himself deeper into a false identity with misplaced, unfounded arrogance. You’ve accomplished nothing noteworthy, you’ve failed time and time again yet you have the gall to look all these people in the eyes and guarantee success? It’s pathetic really. My little girlfriend and I have battled legends of this industry, but you believe that you’ll put us out of commission? Please, try to dismantle every bone in my body at Backlash; knock the makeup off my ‘little girlfriend’s’ face. No matter how hard you struggle, you’ll find yourself in the same place you’ve always been. Square zero, nothing to show your efforts but a trail of broken dreams and shattered promises.”
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    WWE Reborn

    205 Live - April 19th, 2019 As the WWE Universe would be cooling down from the WrestleMania season, 205 Live would continue with the exciting shows with a special announcement from the CEO of WWE, Triple H, scheduled as well as the debut of a new cruiserweight who was trained by the legendary Hardyz themselves, Trevor Lee Caddell. Nigel McGuinness would welcome us to the purple brand before handing over to the General Manager of 205 Live, Christian. The WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Divison Is Formed 205 Live would have an extraordinary beginning tonight as we would begin with Christian in the ring. Christian would then announce the arrival of the CEO of WWE, Triple H! Hunter would share his admiration for the cruiserweights before announcing a brand new division for 205 Live as he would reveal the brand new WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships! Christian would then announce that four teams will compete in two separate two on two qualifying matchups with the winners of each match competing for the titles at Backlash. Trevor Lee Caddell vs Tyler Breeze In the first match of the night, as advertised last week, Trevor Lee Caddell would make his debut in a match against 'Prince Pretty' Tyler Breeze. With Breeze missing out on recent opportunities, he would be somewhat more aggressive in this matchup but the debuting star would make an imposing first impression, coming out as the victor after a competitive matchup. Drew Gulak Asks Tony Nese To Be His Partner Tony Nese is backstage in the locker room when Drew Gulak approaches him. Nese doesn't seem pleased at all but Gulak interests him when he says that he managed to get one of the spots in the tag team qualifying matches. Now with Nese's undivided attention, Gulak asks Nese to forgive him and join him in becoming the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. He then extends his hand and Nese reluctantly shakes it as the opportunity is too big to pass up. Chad Gable vs Mike Kanellis In the second match of the night, Chad Gable would take on Mike Kanellis. Both of these men would benefit for a momentum boost here tonight heading towards Backlash. Kanellis would almost get the victory after interference from Maria but Gable's undisputed will power would allow him to survive and eventually get the victory. WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match Noam Dar & TJ Perkins vs Drew Gulak & Tony Nese In the main event, recently new-found friends Noam Dar and TJ Perkins would team up against former friends Drew Gulak and Tony Nese in the first qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. Both teams would struggle with communication and coordination between themselves at first, but as the match would heat up, the teams would begin to work better together. Nevertheless, Dar would end up getting the pin over Gulak. After Dar and Perkins would finish celebrating, Nese would help Gulak to his feet before striking him back down and continuing to beat his former friend to a pulp. It's clear that Nese hasn't forgiven Gulak, especially after costing them the opportunity to make history here tonight.
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    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    Something I made for a BPZ Commentaries episode and then a poster I made for fun, thoughts?
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    Hans GFX Requests

  29. 1 point
    Interesting times ahead for the WWE Championship. On the face side you got Finn Balor and Roman Reigns as the two names who immediatly jump out and scream future WWE Champion. On the heel side besides Daniel Bryan, you got Kevin Owens and potentially Andrade. However I still find Aleister Black as a potential darkhorse to eventually get to this level.
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    Does it feel bad I forgot the Hardyz had won the Smackdown Tag Team Titles? Either way, boy oh boy is the Smackdown Tag Tem Division wrecked! No ideia on next champions other than Rusev and Nakamura personally.
  31. 1 point
    I feel Charlotte Flair is going to get the Smackdown Women's Title back at Money in the Bank. I don't think they will want Becky holding onto both in the long term.
  32. 1 point
    Interesting to see Becky defending each title separately which I believe is the right decision. Becky winning both titles at Mania was a cool moment in itself but that's all it should be. I think Lynch drops one of her two titles here at Money In The Bank and this match against Charlotte makes the most sense. Becky has already competed in a match with Lacey Evans earlier in the night and then Charlotte pounces to reclaim the Smackdown Women's Championship moving Becky Lynch to RAW permanently and keeping a top women's title on each brand
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    Roman Reigns vs. Elias

    I like the positioning of Elias as being the McMahon's lackeys so far and I think this Roman vs Shane story has started off pretty well. The only two outcomes I can think of with this match is either Shane costs Roman and Elias picks up the win or Roman defeats Elias clean. I think the match will be filled with rest holds and then Roman making one giant comeback at the end but that's all that it needs to be as we build to an eventual Shane vs Roman match
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    Another solid show from Smackdown once again, the Main Event scene is really starting to take shape which is great to see. Roman vs Shane as a feud is something I didn't know I wanted but am glad that we now have it and I think Elias' involvement with the McMahons can only help him because he is associated with such big names. The KO Heel turn was honestly something I had seen coming for a while now. I wish that they had continued the KO/New Day association for a little more than a week but I think that establishing KO as a monster heel is a great thing for Kofi and to be honest I am not sure if Kofi even makes it past KO which is something you always want in Wrestling, unpredictability. Also loving the Lars stuff lets hope he gets a feud soon though
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    Hans GFX Requests

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    Meko750 (Raven)

    The Takeover

    Birdman is seen walking backstage, still clearly amused over SSW's recent display of power. His eye catches the camera following him, causing him to turn and look at the camera. "Oh, man...Isn't it amazing what can change in a matter of days? At World at War, Mr. Bulldozer and I were sadly unable to capture North American championship gold...But now, we're three members stronger than before. Now SSW Club is the only thing on everyone's minds. And as I'm sure all of you have heard, Mr. Bulldozer and I are lined up for a tag title number one contender's match. Our opponents? Mr. Jonathan and...Ms. Sheridan." Birdman holds back a chuckle before continuing. "Ms. Sheridan, 'The Golden Girl,' who, as Mr. Jonathan so eloquently put it, is a woman renowned for her losses rather than her in-ring ability. And I'm not sure if you are aware, but Mr. Birdman, the British wrestling legend, is most well known for his in-ring ability. I've been tying men in knots my entire life, but I can safely say, facing a lovely lady like Ms. Sheridan will be a new challenge." "Allow me to make this abundantly clear, Ms. Sheridan, for there can be no ambiguity here. People seem to have this idea that a proper gentleman should be "chivalrous." In general, that's true. But when a lovely lady like yourself chooses to mix it up with the big boys...I'll take no remorse in putting you down the exact same way. Especially one who proclaims herself a 'queen,' disgracing that term to any Brits, like myself. It would be a disservice to give you any sort of special treatment, and at Backlash, you will receive none. That is my gentleman's honor. And when you're locked in MY Gentleman's Honor, your squeals of terror will be that much sweeter to hear." "Now for your recent meathead, Mr. Jonathan...A man who proclaims himself a god, but creates delusions in his head like a child. You truly believe that you can carry this lady on your shoulders, unaware that she only using you for the many title belts you've held there. You've been performing at such a high level for years now, but everyone has their peak. And this new union with your 'Golden Girl' has proven that you've already passed it. You paired with a perpetual loser just for some beautiful eye candy. And while that eye candy is very beautiful indeed...When it comes to getting the job done between the ropes, it'll prove nothing more than a mere distraction." Ms. Sheridan, it is quite a genius tactic, winning over the most powerful man you can find who would cave to your... "womanly charms," since you've never been able to get the job done between the ropes. But Mr. Jonathan, I hope you realize...Your queen will only drag you down to her level. As for me, there's only one queen in my heart. And when Mr. Bulldozer and I become number one contender's for the tag team titles, my victory shall be dedicated to her." "Now since our victory at Backlash is all but assured, allow me to turn my attention to Mr. Sameer and Mr. Brenden, two men who only hold those tag titles right now because Mr. Bailey carried them to a victory at World at War...I hope you're paying close attention to me and Mr. Bulldozer. I hope you prepare for us like no opponents before, because when we bring these titles back to SSW Club, it'll be just one more step in our takeover. Brenden, you may own this company...But right now, you fail to realize exactly who runs it. SSW Club is taking over, my good man...And I only hope you're prepared when it happens."
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    I would pick KUSHIDA since I really enjoy his work, however I think he'll fit in very nicely to the NXT North American Title, although I'd be more than happy for him to win the big NXT Title. As an out there pick, I'd like Kyle O'Reilly to get a title reign. It would be a bit difficult to do it without splitting up Undisputed Era, but he has truly been one of NXT's greatest tag team wrestlers, and is very good in singles too. Domminik is a very good shout as a future title holder, the man is a beast and really brings some intensity to his matches.
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    NBA2K19: Brooklyn Nets

    Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers With The Los Angeles Lakers out of Playoff Contention and The Nets looking to keep the momentum going into this match, D'Angelo Russell faces his old team the team that drafted him the Los Angeles Lakers and traded him to the Brooklyn Nets. Can DLO get his bittersweet moment against The Lakers or will the Lebron James lead Lakers spoil his moment from him and Magic Johnson prove that he was right about D'Angelo Russell not being able to lead a team? Find out Monday
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    NBA2K19: Brooklyn Nets

    New York Knicks @ Brooklyn Nets The Battle of New York. After a Tough lost to the Rockets, The Knicks are looking to gain some momentum coming into the Barclays Center. The Nets that have been riding their momentum as of late being led by D'Angelo Russell have won 8 out of the 10 of their last games. (Injuries are off for this and I'm using start today which is all the results that have happened since today in real life) Here are the starting lineups for tonight's game: We start off the with the tip-off which the Nets win. The 1st quarter is back and forth between the Nets and Knicks. Both Teams scoring at a fast rate. Both D'Angelo and Porzingis doing whatever to get a win for there respective teams. The first quarter ends with Nets up by 2. At the end of the first half, It is still very close as both teams are doing everything in their abilities to win. In the First Half D'Angelo Russell has 15 points, 2 assist for Nets leading them in points. On the other side, Kristaps Porzingas has 19 points and 4 rebounds for the Knicks. The 2nd half starts and Spencer Dinwiddie starts it hot making 16 consecutive points for the nets and giving the Nets a little lead at the end of the third quarter as they lead by 7. 4th quarter sees the Knicks starting a huge run through of 14-4 however Caris Levert is able to pull the nets back into it. The Nets down 3 with 21 seconds left. Russell uses Allen's screen to get Enes Kanter on him. Russell starts dancing, using the miss match Russell hits a step back 3 to send the game into OT. In OverTime we see D'Angelo Russell just explode with 12 points in overtime to give the Nets the win in overtime. (Bold means who is player of the game) Box Score: Nets D'Angelo Russell: 44 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists Spencer Dinwiddie: 30 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists Jarret Allen: 12 points, 18 rebounds Caris Levert: 20 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists Box Score: Knicks Kristaps Porzingas: 46 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks Tim Hardaway Jr: 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists Emmanual Mudiay: 15 points and 12 assists
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    A False Saviour

    U know when the SSW Club is the only offer u could get to come back ur career is shit 😬
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