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    Marc Aaron Newton

    Aaron's BPZ Forums TEW WARS

    Rules: Every Roster is required to have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 workers at all times. You are NOT allowed to edit any of the database unless approved by Aaron North. If you cheat you will be penalized. You are NOT allowed to add any new workers. All rosters must be kept up to date on the forums page and on the spreadsheet. Sometimes owner goals will be allocated to your company. If you fail to complete them you will be penalized. There will be rewards for being the best company of the month and penalties for being the worst. There will be end of year awards chosen out by Aaron North and the winners will be rewarded. You may sign a worker for a one night appearance they must have less than 20 POP in the region your show is in. You MUST post your monthly results on the forums in a separate post for each month. Please use screenshots to show your results, this includes the show rating for every show you had in the month, your monthly finance result and your monthly popularity gain (if applicable). Anybody who fails to do this will be penalised. If you fall below cult sized you must stay there and earn your way back up. If you quit the game, your roster will be drafted out. You must remain active in the game, if you cannot play for certain reasons please do your shows in advance and inform Aaron North about this. You must finish and post your shows in time or you will be penalised. You cannot loan to another player and there is no working agreements allowed. You must stay as a solo based company. You must enter your OWN product settings when starting the game. You must post your product settings in the spreadsheet. You may drop a worker you no longer want at any time. You just have to tell Aaron North about it. You cannot sign any broadcasting deals, only the allocated deal with your home broadcasting network for example "TEW Wars USA". You cannot sign workers/personalities/managers, you must use the waivers, they are considered to be exclusive only. Announcers, Colour Commentators, Referees and Road Agents can be signed whenever and are not exclusive. You CANNOT use your user characters EVER. Not on shows, not for road agents, they must be set as a personality and do nothing. You MUST post your product settings on the forum or the product setting channel on the discord. You cannot create a minor show in the first year of play. You can only sign TWO Road Agents, TWO REFEREES, 1 Announcer and 1 Colour Commentator Road Agents, Referees, Announcers and Colour Commentators cannot be used in matches, angles or anything outside of their role. You may use your own wrestlers to commentate. You can only do one PPV per month. Submission Rules: Players are required to book one month of shows during Monday - Friday. Players are required to book one month of shows during Saturday/Sunday. You may book both months of shows and post them if you cannot do it during the allocated time slot for whatever reason. Please inform Aaron North if this is the case. You're allowed to play 2 weeks ahead, and if you play more you will be penalized. You must submit all your shows, finance, popularity progress and medical in one post. Waiver Rules: Post all claims on the forums The waiver wire is available to view on the spreadsheet, any persons above you can claim that worker before you. After claiming you must wait 24-48 hours and for Aaron's approval before you can sign the worker you claimed Tag Teams or stables cannot be claimed with one claim, only single individuals can be claimed. The person on top of the waiver gets his claim immediately and then after that he can claim another person. You can change your claims by editing your claim post. After you sign the person you've claimed you can immediately claim another person after that. Trading Rules: All trades must be recorded and approved by both parties in the Discord and on the spreadsheet or you cannot add that worker to your roster. You may trade with another person at any time, however you must release the traded worker once the trade is approved. You CANNOT keep your worker and have him lose to help your roster. Once the trade is made you must immediately fire them or shorten their contract to 1 day. Even if they have a title. You cannot sign another worker whose contract is ending you can only get them by trading. Aaron North reserves the right to veto any trade. Giving away workers to other players isn't allowed and, they must be traded for another worker. When trading you must send the pop and skills of the worker that you traded away to the player who got the worker.
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    The Elite One

    A new theme plays on the titantron Epic comes out with a mic and wearing a leather jacket, while walking to the ring he puts his hand out to a man, the man goes to high five him but Epic spits on him. "Now you are all wondering why I am out here, And to be quite honest it is because I want to be paid, now I am only going to be here for a few minutes, so buy my merch, follow me on twitter and" *a kid in the crowd shouts "you suck!"* "Listen kid I don't suck but your mum does *Epic pulls out a cigar and lights it* "Screw your hero's I'm the one they all fear" Epic goes to the back and taunts the man he spat on, Then he shouts "Fear the elite one!"
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    Down With The Shoot

    Brad: "Hello everyone and welcome to the returning episode of Down With The Shoot. I'm your host Brad and today I'm joined by one of NXT's hottest superstars in recent time, Kenji. Welcome to the show." "Thank you for having me on the show, Brad, it's a pleasure to be here" Brad: "Pleasure is mine. First things first and I loved doing this, we'll play a game to start this show off. Good ol game called "What's In The Bag". I'll list a item and you have to name the first member off the top of your head. Easy?" "Sounds easy enough, fire away" Brad: "first up is Jack Daniel's" "Hmm, for some reason I'm thinking of Josh, might just be that Josh and Jack are similar" "Haha, Akki comes to mind" Brad: "Crack" "I'll have to go with Akki again, not sure why though" Brad: "Roids" "Hmm, I guess since he is a physical specimen, probably Julius" Brad: "Pills" "I'm seeing a pattern of items here, mmm I'm not sure, Gill sounds like Pill, so I'll go with Gill" Brad: "Pink dildo" "Oh, ok, that's out of nowhere. Wow, I guess I'll go with Toxik? I don't know what to say to be honest" Brad: "Black dildo" "Ah, another one. I'll just say Toxik again" Brad: "Hopefully he doesn't use them on his si- FRIEND! I MEAN FRIEND! Anyway, first question. What brought you to BPZ forums?" "Well, I've been watching Brenden's content for a while, I started with the TNA TEW series. Living in the UK means that I'm not always around for the streams, so I wasn't aware of the forums. Eventually I caught a stream, found the forums, and here I am" Brad: "You joined and people have praised your Kayfabe. Did you expect this praise or no?" "I wasn't expecting it to this degree no, it was quite a surprise how well it's been received. I have a fair bit of experience with roleplaying so I'm not unfamiliar ground, but yeah, I'm very happy that it's an area that I thrive in" "Now that you built your place in BPZ, you immediately set yours eyes on Arius, another great promoer, how do you feel that you two could do in a feud?" "I think we can tell quite the story together, especially in the long term, something more nuanced and different than the typical feuds that you would see. Arius is someone whose promos I naturally gravitate to, they feel unique and fresh, and I'd like to think that mine share those qualities" Brad: "Now, aside from Arius, which members of BPZ would you like to feud with?" "The first name that comes to mind outside of Arius is definitely Julius, I think he has that magnetic charisma and presence, one of the most successful years in 2018 that someone could possibly have. He's someone who I'm very much looking forward to interacting with in the future" "Hmm who else? I'd like to feud with Royal Flush, I think they've got a really exciting pairing between them. Another name is Bart, his promos really are fantastic, he's the Undisputed Champion for a reason. As someone who takes pride in their kayfabe, he's the final boss in that regard, he's a goal to reach. "The first name that comes to mind outside of Arius is definitely Julius, I think he has that magnetic charisma and presence, one of the most successful years in 2018 that someone could possibly have. He's someone who I'm very much looking forward to interacting with in the future. Hmm who else? I'd like to feud with Royal Flush, I think they've got a really exciting pairing between them. Another name is Bart, his promos really are fantastic, he's the Undisputed Champion for a reason. As someone who takes pride in their kayfabe, he's the final boss in that regard, he's a goal to reach" Brad: "Now for another game. Rate the member. 1-10 rate the member on how you feel there are in chat. Sound good?" "Sure, lets hope I don't offend anyone" Brad: "Toxik" "I knew that name would come up. I'll give him a 5/10, he's nice, just makes some comments that get people riled up" Brad: "Cody" "Probably a 7/10 for Cody, he's someone I speak to more than others and he's really cool. Does get a little heated at times, mostly with Toxik haha" Brad: "Gonna get this out of the way early. Me" "Ah interesting. I'll probably give you an 8.5/10, you've always been chill and a nice person to interact with" Brad: "Arius" 10/10 for Arius, he's always courteous talking to everyone, with endless patience in the face of arguments. He's also funny, can't hate anything about him. An ideal moderator for the chat" Brad: "Lastly Akki" "Probably a 6.5/10 for Akki, he's been nice in the small moments we've interacted, but loading up the chat with lyrics can get a little overwhelming sometimes haha" Brad: "One more game. Rate the promo. I name a promoer and you date their Kayfabe" "Ah I like the sound of this game, let's go for it" Brad: "Aaron" "Hmm, Aaron is an interesting name. He's a solid promo, but I think there is a little bit of indecisiveness when sticking to a character for that long, but that's something that a lot of people have trouble with. I enjoyed his promos on me in the build to BPZ Mania, that was fun. As for a rating, I'll give him a 7.5/10" Brad: "Jonathan" "I've really enjoyed his promo work in the build to World at War with Bart, that was a lot of fun to follow. His pairing with Sheridan in Royal Flush has been great too. I think it's an 8.5/10 for Johnathan" Brad: "Me" "You're a unique case since I've only been around for your promos post-retirement, but none the less, they have been great, really making your words matter. Great stuff in advocating for Aaron North, and getting some glimpses into something more sinister to come. 9/10 for you" Brad: "Bailey" "Bailey is a strong promo, very charismatic at any opportunity on the microphone. I definitely knows how to pick apart an opponent with his words, it's a different style but very engaging none the less. Probably an 8.5/10 from me" Brad: "Last Arius" "I've gave my praise to Arius' kayfabe earlier, but he is unique in his promos. I gravitated to him for a reason, he's ambiguous but intriguing at the same time, all while asserting his dominance over his divisions. 9/10 for Arius" Brad: "Fianl thing, you got one paragraph for a Kayfabe post for you. Can be whatever. Time is yours." "I've been in BPZ for a couple of months now, and I've made good use of my opportunities, but fallen short on both occasions. I came so close at World at War, too close for me to simply brush off. I was the first to feel The North American Championship in that match, I hope to hold it in my hands once again, sooner rather than later. If Arius wants me to improve and become a real challenge for him, then I'll give it to him, and thank him for it" Brad: "That's all we got. Thanks for joining me Kenji" "I had a lot of fun Brad, thanks again for having me on the show" Brad: "Tune into Wednesday as I got my guest, United States Champion. North American Champion, and Junior Mod, Arius. See you all then."
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    WWE Current Brand Split 2020

    NXT Moustache Mountain opened up the show by issuing a challenge to NXT Champ EC3. They dared to face off against them in a tag team match, if he was able to find a partner. EC3 came out and accepted their proposal, saying that he couldn beat them with anyone. Bate laughed this off, saying that their chemistry was something that EC3 would never experience himself. Bianca Belair beat and later destroyed an local competitor. She showed a new aggresion, refusing to pin the beaten opponent several teams until the ref called off the match and awarded her the win. She then proceeded to call Io Shiria, saying the title was coming to her. Jay Lethal was being interviewed backstage. He spoke on his goals for his time in NXT, saying that he wanted to become the NXT Champion. However, before he could finish his interview he would be attacked from behind by Kassius Ohno. EC3 was seen backstage looking for a partner. To his suprise, he was rejected several times before Pete Dunne walked up to him and made him a proposal to team. EC3 was suprised, but Dunne explained that while he was going to take EC3's title, his bad blood with Dunne was something that couldn't wait until the PPV. Moustache Mountain defeated EC3 and Pete Dunne. After Moustache Mountain's experience allowed them to take control of the match, EC3 decided to leave the ring. This alllowed Tyler Bate to finish up Pete Dunne and pin him for the victory.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    RAW EPISODE 1 The show begins with the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon in the middle of the ring. Mr. McMahon begins by expressing his satisfaction with the success of WrestleMania 33, but follows up by saying that he has been listening to the fans. He's heard their complaints about the quality of RAW, and how SmackDown and NXT have been far better. With this in mind, Mr. McMahon makes the following announcements: 1. The superstar shake-up will take place after RAW. 2. Triple H has retired from in-ring competition and will take over as commissioner of NXT, and he'll have announcements of his own on NXT. 3. All championships on RAW and SmackDown have been vacated to accommodate the draft. 4. The concept of rematch clauses for titles has now been retired. 5. The Universal championship has not only been vacated, but it has been retired. The World Heavyweight Championship will replace it, and the first World Heavyweight Champion of the New Era will be decided in tonight's main event between all former Universal champions, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, and the returning Finn Balor! Mr. McMahon leaves the area after these announcements, and is replaced by... . The Hardy's VS The Good Brothers After making their long awaited return to WWE, The Hardy's won the RAW tag team titles at WrestleMania from Gallows and Anderson. The Good Brothers are looking to get their revenge on The Hardy's, as they feel The Hardy's didn't actually beat them and shouldn't have been able to compete for the titles in the first place. As both teams compete, they're clearly slowed down by their grueling match the night before, but on this night, nobody was going to stand in the way of The Hardy's, as they topple the Good Brothers following an Extreme Combination. . Kevin Owens is being interviewed backstage, and he announces that Mr. McMahon has told him that whoever is pinned in tonight's main event will be forced to leave the WWE forever. Owens says that he has his fair share of issues with Finn Balor, but he's just as tired as everyone else is with part-timers taking spots on this roster. Owens says that tonight will end with him being Universal champion and Lesnar or Goldberg being out of WWE forever. . 10 Women Battle Royal RAW continues with the 10 women who were involved in women's championship matches competing in a battle royal for a future title opportunity on whichever brand they land on after the shake-up. Those women are the former RAW women's champion Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Nia Jax, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Mickie James, Alexa Bliss and the former SmackDown women's champion, Naomi. At the end of the match, it is Charlotte who redeems her loss at WrestleMania by last eliminating Bayley to win the women's battle royal and secure a future title opportunity. . Before the WHC fatal 4-way, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins meet up backstage and discuss them retiring the Undertaker and Triple H respectively. Roman displays a bit of arrogance, claiming that whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is, he's the only person who's in line to face them. . World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way First, Brock Lesnar makes his entrance. The crowd goes crazy for the newest Universal champion, but his demeanor remains serious and unchanging. Then after him, his rival and WrestleMania opponent Goldberg makes his entrance. The two men lock eyes, but keep their distance from one another. Then, as Kevin Owens' music hits and he begins walking down the ramp, they both turn their eyes to the man who promised to retire one of them tonight. Owens walks up to the ring, but refrains from entering as the two behemoths inside eyeball him. Kevin seems unsure of how to proceed, when suddenly, the lights go out entirely. As the lights come back, the crowd is met with... The demon. The audience is awestruck at the return of Balor, and the crowd goes electric for the inaugural Universal champion. Balor walks up next to Kevin Owens, and the two men nod as they both rush the ring and start brawling with Lesnar and Goldberg. The bell rings as these four men lay into each other. Although Owens and Balor start off getting an upper hand over their larger adversaries, Goldberg and Lesnar fight them off, tossing them to the outside of the ring. Rather than following Balor and Owens, however, Goldberg and Lesnar lock eyes again. The crowd goes wild for these two beasts and begs for them to start fighting, which they happily oblige. Lesnar starts by pushing Goldberg into turnbuckle, but Goldberg pushes him off again. Goldberg tries to follow with a spear, but Lesnar sidesteps and counters into a Kimura. Goldberg tries to escape the Kimura, but can't find the strength to power out. Just as it seems he's going to have no choice but to tap out... In comes Balor out of nowhere with a Coup de Gras on both competitors! He goes for the pin on Lesnar, but Kevin Owens rushes in and throws Balor out of the ring. He tries to pin Lesnar. 1... 2... Kickout! As Owens argues with the referee about the kickout, Balor comes back into the ring and starts arguing with Owens. Before they start fighting, though, Owens convinces Balor that they need to take out Lesnar or Goldberg. Balor lets Owens' attempt to steal the match slide, and they begin to roll Lesnar out of the ring. However, Balor turns to Goldberg, and when he does, he's immediately met with... A spear! Balor rolls out of the ring to recuperate, and Owens is still focusing on removing Lesnar. Owens then turns around, and when he does, Goldberg charges into Owens for the spear. However, this time, Owens counters into... Pop-Up Powerbomb! Goldberg is laid out, but before Owens capitalizes, Brock Lesnar lifts him onto his shoulders for an F5. Before Lesnar can get the move off, however, Balor hits Lesnar with a missile dropkick, causing Lesnar and Owens to both tumble out of the ring. Balor sees his opportunity, noticing Goldberg prone on the mat from Owens' powerbomb, and quickly scales the turnbuckle, following up with... Coup de Gras! Balor makes the cover and the referee counts... 1... 2... 3! Finn Balor has become your new World Heavyweight champion, and Goldberg is now forced to resign from WWE forever. Balor celebrates with his newly won World Heavyweight championship, the first World Heavyweight Champion of the New Era, as RAW goes off the air.
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    Josh’s Football Debates

    Hello and welcome to my new football show where I answer various football related questions. Right now I’m using questions I’ve seen online so if you guys could give me some more questions that would be better. Today’s question is Is Virgil Van Dijk better than Sergio Ramos? This is a tough question. Ramos is one of the three best CBs in the world whilst VVD isn’t yet. So overall no he isn’t. But this season it’s been VVD. Overall: Ramos triumphs here. VVD has been playing football for 8 years and has played for Groningen, Celtic, Southampton and only Liverpool for a year. Ramos has been playing for Real for 14 years. That shows how good he is. Another thing is trophies; VVD has won 3 trophies and that’s the Scottish Premiership and League Cup. He’s been in 6 TOTYs, won 2 POTMs and only 1 POTY. In 8 years. To contrast 24 trophies for club and country in 15 years for Ramos. He’s been in 36 TOTYs, 7 Defender of the Years, 1 POTY, has been the top scorer in a competition, won a Golden Ball and won 3 national awards. That’s Ramos again This Season: Appearances: VVD (54) beats Ramos (52) Minutes: VVD (4285) beats Ramos (3645) Goals: Ramos (15) beats VVD (8) Assists: VVD (4) beats Ramos (1) Discipline: VVD (4Y 0R) beats Ramos (12Y 1R) Shots per Game: Ramos (1.2) beats VVD (0.8) Passing Accuracy: Ramos (92%) beats VVD (89%) Aerial Duels won per game: VVD (4.4) beats Ramos (2.2) Man Of The Matches: VVD (4) beats Ramos (2) Overall these stats show VVD has had the better season. If he has another 3 seasons like this then the question could be closer. But right now Ramos is better. Even though he plays with better players, he does play in a tougher league and thus overall Ramos is better. Right now, VVD
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    Welcome to Nova Pro Wrestling one of the biggest organizations in the world, we will be showing the finest wrestlers in the world as well. All we need you do is. Name: Age: Nationality: Gimmick: Face/Heel: Tag Team?: Backstory: Height: Weight:
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    Aaron's BPZ Forums TEW WARS

    I claim Yuji Okabayashi
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Name: Ángel "Caballo Oscuro" Rodrìguez | Gran Santo Age: 24 | 26 Nationality: American (with Mexican heritage) | Mexican Gimmick: Hispanic-New Yorker who escaped his life as apart of a gang in order to travel to Mexico and become a wrestler | Respectful son of a legendary wrestler turned badass in an attempt to escape his grandfather's shadow Face/Heel: Face Tag Team: Two luchadores who have come up in the business together, they consider each other as brothers and appear as Hispanic gangsters, similar to the current LAX. Their tag team name is Guerilla Santos. Backstory: Trained together in Mexico before debuting on the same night, they would continue to try and 1-up each other until they would meet in a mask vs mask match. Ángel would win and bring an end to Santo's mask as well as the rivalry. The following week, the two would finally unite and form Z. | No ties to wrestling but his passion for it burned so badly he traveled to Mexico to begin training. | Gran Santo is the grandson of legendary El Santo. Height: 5'9 ft | 6'3 ft Weight: 197 lbs | 265 lbs
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    Alex Costa

    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Name: Alex Costa Age: 25 Nationality: Portuguese Gimmick: Technical Wizard Face/Heel: Face Tag Team?: None Backstory: A mainstay of the UK and European Indie Scene, the young Alex Costa has wrestled all over the world, including short stints in NJPW and ROH. Now looking to make an impact in NPW, he is hoping to carry the new company. Height: 6 foot Weight: 215 Lbs Finishers: Rite of Passage (Styles Clash), Belem Tower (Walls of Jericho) Signatures: Wings of Freedom (One Winged Angel), Lariat, Silk Route (Moonsault), Crossface chikenwing
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Name: Arius Age: 25 Nationality : Australian Gimmick/Backstory: Arius is a dark but social soul who is often followed at times by masked ghouls who take on menial tasks. Accompanied by his orchestrator and fellow competitor Rin Akane they intertwine their passion for the arts and the technical marvel of processional wrestling. Bringing spectacle and intrigue where he go. Behind his painted mask he can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level. Face/Heel: Heel Height: 6ft 3 Weight: 230 lb
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Name: Jax Saturn Age: 29 Nationality: UK Gimmick: Daredevil Face/Heel: Face Tag Team?: none Backstory: Saturn is a British wrestler known for his brawling/daredevil style doing stunts to entertain the fans and being at the height of 6'5 and doing the stuff that he does is insane. He Began training at the age of 18 in the UK and is looking to make an Impact in Nova. Height: 6'5 Weight: 242
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    Josh’s Football Debates

    Question 2: Who is Going to finish 3rd and 4th in the EPL? This is the EPL table at time of writing. Spurs have 2 games left, a game at home to Everton and a trip to Bournemouth. I expect they will take 6 points from these, meaning they finish on 76. Arsenal have been on poor form. They can easily beat Brighton at home however they’ve been very poor away from home and they face trips to very in form Burnley and Leicester. I can only see Arsenal take 3 points and finishing on 69. Chelsea host Watford which they should win but trips to United and Leicester will prove difficult. However they have more quality than the other teams and despite underperforming I see them beating United and drawing with Leicester, taking 7 points and finishing on 74 Although United are out of form and will struggle with Chelsea, Cardiff and Huddersfield should be a breeze and I see them taking 6 points and finishing on 70 So in answer to your question I believe Spurs will finish 3rd, and as for 4th it will be decided by whoever wins between Chelsea and United.
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    Main Event: Flynn (C) vs Necce - BPZ Universal Championship Bart vs Joh - Last Man Standing Match KENJI vs Arius - BPZ North American Championship Aaron North vs Angelo Caito Slims Open Challenge (Slim vs COLD)
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    Alex Costa

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    Title: Costa winks eye to other companies? Date: 1st Week of August Narrative: Frustrated with his lack of push on Twitch Wrestling and the owner's distraction with an Online Game, Alex Costa has begun looking at other career options. It is said he is looking to move on. It is rumored he has caught the eye of both SSW and TPW which could start a bidding war over the Portuguese Star. Effect: Simmering Tension with Keeley
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    Sixth Match @Maasavs @mikey0619
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    Name : Fortnite King Born: 12th, February 1991 Set to debut: you choose Brenden Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: English Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Striker  Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Death Valley Driver [finisher] and my signature is the Khalllas Face Gimmick: I'm like Jeff Hardy, happy and enthusiastic. Will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Heel Gimmick: Imagine Randy Orton but ×2. More dangerous, more torture, more gore. Mask: None Hair: long blonde hair Favoured Role: wrestler  if you can give me a picture rep, either ricochet or EC3 or Matt riddle
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    Hans GFX Requests

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    Kirk Design

    Here is some of the work I've done for Brenden. I'll update this thread as things are completed. https://kirkdesign.net
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    Mission for BPZ 2019

    Win World Begin moving into Diaries again Become more respected Make sure all 4 of SSW Club are in a better state than they were when I joined
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    Steve Blackman, a bad ass character that if he had a manager, could've gone far as a solo. To be fair, they tried but he had about a 3 week push and that was that. Ken Shamrock is another who in any other era would've been a world champion. Just unlucky that he had so many massive names around him taking his spot. I'll say Owen Hart but he never really reinvented himself to adapt to the Attitude Era. They strapped him with the Blue Blazer gimmick a few times and that was never going to help. I think Test could've done a lot more. He was getting over during his Stephanie love angle. I don't know the specifics of what transpires after, but he could've had a stronger solo run. Chris Jericho I know got the push in the end, but specifically in the attitude era. He came in and fizzled out within months of debuting. I feel they should've put him against stronger opponents early on instead of Road Dogg, Shamrock and Chyna.
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    Yes, surely they are. They are probably the only stable ever to see .3 complete new guys debut and by the end of it, they were all former world champions and some of the biggest full time stars in the wrestling business. That's an accomplishment that goes over my head sometimes, it's extremely impressive how much this group helped the career of the singles wrestlers in it. The run itself was incredible, they always delivered on RAWs, Smackdowns, Ppvs. It didn't matter, they always killed it. As for where to rank them, I would probably have them around the 5th spot.
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    P.W.E Wrestling Chapter 15 Hans Clayton and Kevin Owens would open the show with there P.W.E Global Championship match, and the crowd couldn't be more ready as both men make there entrances, Hans Clayton has been on a wave of momentum, never being pinned inside a P.W.E ring, and inside the ring, he can go with anyone. But Kevin Owens wouldn't but into the hype, and would hit moves such as a canonball into the barricade, a senton onto a proned Hans, and even more, but Hans would continue to kick out and would impress many, and eventually Hans would be able to hit his finisher move. Clayton would strike perfectly and would pin Kevin Owens in the center of the ring, picking up the big win and becoming the P.W.E Global Champion! Hans walks up the ramp with title in hand, celebrating his victory with the fans, and this episode has kicked off right! The P.W.E womens division would be given a promo package, highlight all 12 women in a 15 minute promo where the women would be able to talk about themselves, the biggest reactions would go the Sheridan Mueller, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks face off at P.W.E "High Stakes", where the womens division kicks off! As the promo ends, we would cut backstage to a huge commotion, as Julius Jones and James Ropati would be trading shots in a huge brawl backstage, and as workers and referees attempt to break the two apart, punches would continue to be throwing and James Ropati would be busted open, and as blood pours from his head, Julius Jones walks off cocky as ever. Jon Moxley would come to the ring, ready for his deathmatch open challenge. Moxley has beaten the likes of Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel in the past few weeks, and now he takes on a new opponent, the man who would answer the challenge would be Killshot. Who would come to the ring ready for war against Moxley. The match would be hardcore as promised, as everything from steel chairs to light tubes would be used and both men would be bleeding. Killshot would show just why he deserves to be signed by P.W.E, and would hit his finisher move to the outside on Moxley in an amazing spot, however, Jon Moxley would come back and hit his finisher onto barb wire. But through all of it, the end would come when Killshot would hit the double footstomp off of the top rope, and Moxley would be pinned, and with the destruction surrounding him, Killshot celebrates in his debut on P.W.E
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    WWE Current Brand Split 2020

    Smackdown Live The Show Starts off With Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins who Challenge Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura to a tag match tonight. The match is made official by Hulk Hogan who then makes it that the winning team will qualify for the Smackdown Money In the Bank match he than goes onto say that the second qualifying match is taking place right now Jeff Hardy Defeated Rusev to qualify for Money in the Bank New Day and UE have a promo battle when they announce to the crowd that next week Kofi Kingston will take on Roderick Strong for a Money in the Bank Qualifying match and Adam Cole will be taking on Big E in a Qualifying match Randy Orton Defeated Ricochet after Distraction by the Kings of wrestling to qualify for Money in the bank. After the match KOW beat down Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Shane McMahon announces the 4 women that will be in the Women's MITB representing Smackdown. The 4 Women are Alexa Bliss, Lacey Evans z Natalya and Mandy Rose The Iiconics and Charlotte Defeated Becky Lynch, and the Boss N Hug connection when Charlotte pinned Bayley The Mizs WWE Championship Celebration is ruined by Daniel Bryan. Who tells the Miz he will be winning back his WWE Championship at MITB. Miz rips into Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan attacks the Miz but Miz gets away holding his Championship high as Bryan looks on a Hype video takes place hyping up the New Tag Teams of the SD division including Ziggler and Elias, DIY and Titus Brand. It's announced all 4 Teams will face each other next week to set each team apart of who are the best and who are the worst Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe Defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins when RAW Superstar Aleister Black attacked Roman Reigns for than Nakamura to pin Reigns. Joe and Nakamura have qualified for MITB as Aleister Black closes the show standing over Roman Reigns
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    Lost The Battle, Survived The War

    The setting is Gettysburg, the place is one of the most infamous battle sites in War history, Gettysburg Battlefield. The cameraman pans the camera around, catching a shot of a canon, shots of the dirt and grass, that's been stained with the deceased soldiers from the American Civil War. “America’s biggest battlefield. Blood was shed, lives were taken, families were left without a father. Now? We got this.” We now transition to a nightclub, people dancing around, having drinks, laughing and smiling in excitement. The camera then turns to show Angelo Caito, dressed in a suit and tie with the two mask men who aided him two weeks ago on Carnage. They look around at the party before looking up at the stage and sees a girl twerking on stage. A male gets up on stage and dances behind her, and next thing anyone knows, she is sent flying off the stage into people. Angelo watches her fall onto four people before shaking his head. He looks at his masked male on his right and says “No sex for him, he gonna kill someone” before they walk up some steps and went towards the VIP section. The bouncer sees Angelo and nods before opening a small gate, allowing the three in. They enter the VIP area and sits on the couch. A lady walks up to Angelo and hands him a beer before Angelo slides her a tip. She smiles and walks off before Angelo takes a sip. “American Revolutionary War. Despite us being on separate sides, America truly lost the battle. Men died, and for what? A difference of opinion that turned serious? But, America survived the war by ending all bickering and made a peace treaty to make sure America lives on. BPZ, this company is like the American Revolutionary War. Two sides separate. Management and the golden children, the Confederates. Then us, The Union, those who fight for rights and freedom to be successful.” Angelo pulls out three cigars, handing one to each of his mask attackers before placing one between his lips. He lights his and hands his lighter over as the remaining two light theirs and take a puff. “Gentlemen, I think it's time you removed your mask.” They both nod as the two men set their cigars down in the tray and slowly remove their ski masks, revealing the faces of Angelo's student Aaron North and Cody Cage. Angelo smirks as he leans back into the chair. “A war is coming BPZ. A Union is near. Can you survive it like I survived you? You won't be able to talk your way out of this. You won't be able to talk yourself out of it like you have in the past. You won't send me packing with something silly. You made your bed, and now you must lay in them. And that is something you're not comfortable with. That is something you cannot stomach. That is something that will haunt you for the rest of your lives, knowing I lead the group that defeated BPZ. BrendenPlayz Wrestling, welcome, to Caito Enterprise.” Angelo smirks as he takes another puff of his cigar, looking as Cody and Aaron smirk and puffs on their cigars before three ladies walk into their VIP area and sits beside them as the camera fades to black.
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    What's the point in bringing him if you don't keep his current gimmick? His current gimmick is what has gained him a lot of attention and is probably the only reason why AEW would be interested in him. I get why they would not want to get the gimmick on tv, but I don't see why they would want him without it.
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    Fifth Match @Meko750 (Birdman) vs @BobdaBomb
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    "Broken Dreams"

    The arena lights fall without warning, causing some exclamation from the fans. The very nature of many BPZ Superstars means that this could quite possibly be anybody, all seem adept at appearing from the shadows. Small beams of light begin to form from the rafters, as fans seek to find out what exactly is occurring. More of these candle esque lights appear around the squared circle, a foreboding image as the ring becomes more unveiled, centimeter by centimeter until the center of the ring is dimly illuminated. A single spotlight shines down from the web of lights in the ceiling, directed at the middle of the ring where a hooded man is seated on a stool, guitar in hand, to the confusion of the sell-out audience of tonight’s send-off show for BPZ’s Backlash. The anonymous man begins tuning the guitar in the middle of the ring as the fans begin to become impatient to the peculiar situation they find themselves in. The man appears to finally finish tuning his instrument and begins strumming a C-cord, two beats per measure before abruptly stopping, dropping the guitar to the mat. He produces a microphone from his pocket and pulls it in tight, inches from his lips. “What's that metronome I hear? Perhaps the end is drawing near...You never hear the shot that takes you down.” The slow pace of the voice lulls the BPZ arena as the man places the microphone in his lap, before snatching the hood from his head, revealing the ever infamous Jonathan Kerse, who’s met with a chorus of boos for his performance. With a twisted smile painted on his lips, he stands, kicking the stool back as he cackles at the exasperated crowd. He steps over the guitar and approaches the ropes as the crowd continues to boo him relentlessly, though it doesn’t appear to faze “The Ace”. It's not until the chants rise in their volume that Jonathan brings the mic to his mouth, slicing through the noise with vitriol coating every word. “SSW Club has been tasked with testing the fortitude of a newfound tag team. It’s simply a matter of confirming the inevitable, a formality which all must undergo at some point. I’ve grown to accept this fact. It’s simply a thumbtack sized hurdle, it should bear no burden for me. Royal Flush should soldier through this match with no problem as expected. I’ve finally realized that it’ll never end.” Every person from the Carnage Arena to the Staples Center can detect the malice embedded in the final sentence that Jonathan speaks. Jonathan, however, continues smiling as though his lips have been drawn on to his face. This enmity causes a hush to sweep over the those in attendance as an increasingly red Jonathan looks out, one can almost see the smoke billowing from his ears. “The constant requirements, the constant benchmarks that I’m expected to pass through. The tasks that I have to endure to get what I want. This cycle has been perpetrated on my career, I’m SICK of it. You want me to prove myself to you all? You want me to dismantle starling careers in order to allow you to hedge your bets? Do I have to share MY RING with people who aren’t fit enough to drink my bath water? Is this what’s required of one of the best to step into this arena on a weekly basis? I don’t believe that you quite understand what you’re asking for here.” “You aren’t asking me to wrestle with Sheridan by myself, all these little hitches in the road no longer deserve the respect of a wrestling match. You want me to prove myself to you? How about I put Bulldozer and Meko on this very mat and only pin them after they stop breathing? Would that be sufficient? Should I put their careers on a shelf for an indefinite amount of time? Should I hit to injure, rather than hit to hurt? Should I instruct Sheridan to do the same so that when you see SSW beg for us to put an end to the match already, you understand that I’m fulfilling your wishes?” Boos once again rise from the BPZ Universe, the sickly smile on Jonathan’s tilts another couple of degrees. This is a rendition of Jonathan never seen before, not a dauntless upstart seeking to make a name for himself, a calculated intellectual seeking to burn everything to the ground, least of all a hero. You can see hinge after hinge break away from his consciousness as he continues to speak. He looks into the camera, invoking the name of the supposedly pestilent team he and Sheridan are set to face in a days time. “SSW Club, you’ve done nothing to deserve this fate. You simply have the forlorn luck to face somebody who’d want nothing more than to never have to prove himself again. Your dreams of grandeur will die at the feet of Royal Flush, stepped on and disregarded by those who make nightmares reality for the fun of it. So when you have had the fight sapped from you, don’t look towards me to be merciful, look towards all the thousands who insisted that I or anybody associated with me should ever have to prove themselves again. Ask them to make it stop, and maybe if they want to end your suffering, I’ll only prolong it for a little bit more.” The volume of the jeers multiplies tenfold as Jonathan allows the microphone to spike against to the floor. He retrieved the guitar he let drop before and begins to strum it once again before singing in a hushed voice once again. “Now, at last, the end has come, you are all alone. Out of time, so say goodbye. What was yours, now is mine." "I dream broken dreams, I make them come true”
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    "Broken Dreams"

    Jonathan doesn’t even raise his eyes to the titantron as Bulldozer concludes his rant, the craze which consumed him early seems to dissipate and the goofy smile which can only be birthed by absolute arrogance reveals itself. He shakes his head as his lips twist to an irritated scowl, pulling the microphone to his lips. “Friends? That crude sentimentality is what I can’t stand. That you would waste time imagining alternate realities where you have a pleasant relationship with the person you’re supposed to put down. The idiotic ideal of finding the humanity of your opponent instead of their weakness. You encapsulate those that you seek to make despise you, you so desperately just want to be friends with your opponent, to be accepted. Don’t worry, I’ll grant your wish.” Jonathan looks out at Toxik, bemused with the words spoken and almost chuckling as he looks at him, seeming more composed than he was a mere matter of minutes ago. He protrudes his lower lip, marking a patronizing pity as he begins to speak as if he’s addressing a child. “Me and my little girlfriend will give you everything you ever wished for. A supportive group of people admiring your every action, a sympathetic connection which means they’ll never let you down, and a lengthy vacation to commemorate the occasion. You won’t have to imagine a universe where you’re liked anymore buddy, we’ll change your world for the better. The pain part of it will just be a slight side effect.” “I know that you want to be tag champ so bad little buddy but it’s just not realistic. I’m sorry to tell you but I’m going to have to crush the dream, Royal Flush are just better. And sometimes in life, you meet people who are supremely talented. You meet Aces and goddesses carved from gold, and it’s no fault of your own. You’re the best you can be, but your best isn’t enough. One day little Bulldozer, you’ll accept this truth and know that the names of royalty shouldn’t exit your goddamn mouth.” Bulldozer evidently grows more infuriated at the end of every condensing syllable. Jonathan just cackles at the sight of Bulldozer boiling in his own blood and once more turns his back to the titantron, looking out towards the audience. “You’re nothing. You realize that? Absolutely nothing but a pissant that stands in our way, believing in that by some miracle you’ll reign victorious. You come out here and tell me that you’ll do what I said I’ll do to you as if you’re threatening? Reiterating my words in order to what? Shock me? Scare me? Hint at some sort of functional brain hidden underneath your skull? Listen Bulldozer, you’re a loser. A loser who keeps digging himself deeper into a false identity with misplaced, unfounded arrogance. You’ve accomplished nothing noteworthy, you’ve failed time and time again yet you have the gall to look all these people in the eyes and guarantee success? It’s pathetic really. My little girlfriend and I have battled legends of this industry, but you believe that you’ll put us out of commission? Please, try to dismantle every bone in my body at Backlash; knock the makeup off my ‘little girlfriend’s’ face. No matter how hard you struggle, you’ll find yourself in the same place you’ve always been. Square zero, nothing to show your efforts but a trail of broken dreams and shattered promises.”
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    Meet P.W.Es Newest Signees, 12 Of The World Best Women Wrestlers With the rumors of a womens division in the ranks of P.W.E swirling for the past week, fans have been waiting for the announcement of just who is going to be joining P.W.E, and fans have been speculating for weeks. Throwing around names such as Awesome Kong, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and many many others but it appears the roster has been released on the P.W.E website, and the names are as follows. Sasha Banks Toni Storm Rhea Ripley Tessa Blanchard Gail Kim Kay Lee Ray Rosemary Sheridan Mueller Sarah Longford Rin Anakane Lilltih Rei Smith As P.W.E "High Stakes" the first ever womens match will take place, as Sasha Banks wil take on Toni Storm, stay tuned!
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    BPZ: The Condemned

    Meet the Subjects 1 Marker Andrews The Young Lion from Ireland has been convicted and charged of various felonies throughout the Dublin Area. They include Robberies, various attempts at Murder as well as various counts of Grand Theft Auto. Marker Andrews brings the skills of evasiveness and stealth as his main strengths to the condemned however is lack of experience in the world of crime may lead him to become vulnerable. At the ripe young age of 21, Marker Andrews has the adrenaline which is matched by none other although this may be his letdown. Not being able to read a situation and understand when to strike may be the downfall for the man from Dublin. How will exposure with some of the worst vermin in the world affect the psyche of Marker Andrews? Angelo Caito The Italian Mafia affiliate Angelo Caito, is one of the most notorious men in the world of organised crime. Growing up in a family with Mafia blood within them, Caito has been exposed to crime for all 40 years of his life. However, this isn't the reason he has been sent to the Condemned. At the age of 25, Angelo brutally murdered his Mother and Father in their sleep as well as raping and then murdering the family nanny. Caito then went on to endure a life in the Mafia being the cause of an unknown amount of deaths. This man is cold-blooded, this man is dangerous and he has all the experience one could hope for in order to survive in the arena. All of this makes Angelo Caito one of the biggest threats to be the last man standing Sameer American Marine gone rogue, Sameer is a man who has spent a lifetime training in the art of combat and deathly situations. After being unlawfully discharged from the Marine Corps, Sameer witnessed the horrific death of his family by "Government Officials" which spiraled him on the course of crime. Sameer has gone rogue and hasn't let anyone get in his way from exacting revenge resulting in the murder of many high level government officials. Sameer has had the training of an elite Marine soldier, something which will benefit him in the arena. His skills to navigate around a situation and understand when to strike make him a true dark horse in the condemned. Will the New York native Vigilante become unstuck in a world full of criminals, or will the hope of seeking the truth carry him to victory? Eric Shun A BPZ Wrestling fanatic, charged with Jaywalking this past week has wondered why he has ended up in a world full of the worst criminals. Eric may look innocent and harmless, but if my research into him over the last 30 years is anything then he is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Don't be fooled by his lanky frame and his nerdy look, Eric Shun is a dangerous man. Are we sending an innocent man into the pits of hell, or will the thought of never reviewing a BPZ Carnage episode again unlock the his inner demons and release the serial killer I know him to be? Epic An armed robbery gone wrong lands Epic in the pits of hell, however this is not the only reason the man from England has been sent to the condemned. Epic's heartless, unsympathetic behaviour proves to be a major threat to society as in his post-arrest interview he stated and I quote "It would be fun". This makes Epic extremely dangerous, if the thought of robbery sounded fun for Epic imagine what a mass slaughter of all the other subjects would sound like. This heartless son of a bitch is a major threat to all the other subjects who must be taken seriously. Will everyone fall for his fun and games leading him to walk out the victor? John Maggi Born into an extremely wealthy family, John had access to everything he ever wanted in life his constant plotting and scheming allowed him to achieve whatever he wanted including becoming one of the worlds most wanted Hackers. John's art of persuasion looms to be a major strength in the condemned with the threat of an irresistible force fronted by Mr Maggi a very dangerous proposition. However, will the need to kill to survive plague this former Hacker or will it allow him unlock a killer instinct he never new he had. His parents sent him here to learn a lesson, well he might just learn one, he might learn a lesson in Slaughter
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    Fourth Match @Maddrix2900 vs @Gwynfro
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    ACW - BPZ vs Twitch
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    A fantastic video to hype the match. In less than six minutes I am more invested in this match than anything else on the card for Double or Nothing. There's a story here, there is bad blood, and Dustin did a great job expressing why we should care. It was disappointing at the time that WWE dropped the feud between the two when they were working on it but now we get the clash I like how they reference Stardust through bleeps. When a company reference WWE for the sake of referencing it then it's distracting but using it here adds to the history between the brothers. It will be interesting see what attire he enters with to match the new face paint.
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    BPZ Mania IV continues after a commercial break and the NXT Open Battle Royal is about to start. First man makes his entrance and it's James Hunter he's followed by Amai, Resin, Nathan Sawyer, Mave Deltzer, Bulldozer, Brett Storm and Wall Ace. After they enter Heyman Guy walks to the ring and he's looking ready to cut a promo but not wrestle a match. Arrow Dream enters next. After Arrow is in the ring Akki enters with Cody Cage and he raps their entrance theme. After them Sheridan enters and Heyman Guy turns his look to the entrance ramp. Heyman Guy looks astonished when Sheridan walks down the ramp. After Sheridan enters "The Demon of BPZ" makes his grand entrance on the biggest stage of them all. After Maasa's in the ring Buddy Ace enters. After he enters the ring Jack Bishop runs quickly to the ring. Hans enters after Jack Bishop has entered, Jack Bishop stares at Hans as he enters. Kenji enters next with, red and gold confetti falling down as Kenji walks down the entrance ramp. After that a car horn sound echoes throughout the arena. It's Aaron North driven to the ring by his valet Maria Menounos, they enter in a low rider both of them exit the car and leave it in front of the ring. After everyone else has entered the NXT Champion Alex Costa enters with the NXT Championship around his waist, he doesn't look very happy. Everyone is finally in the ring, the bell rings but before the match can begin Heyman Guy takes a microphone out of his pants and starts cutting a promo. "Finally i get to be in the match that i deserve, finally i get to be in royal rumble, next sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV i will win the royal rumble." The rest of the wrestlers in the ring just stare at Heyman Guy who's looking at the hard camera. Heyman Guy finally turns around before everyone pick him up and throw him out of the ring. Heyman Guy has been eliminated. After that everyone start brawling and the second man to be thrown out is Nathan Sawyer and he is eliminated by Kenji. Nathan Sawyer has been eliminated. The camera zooms to Brett Storm kicking Arrow Dream in the upper right corner of the ring. Arrow is saved by Amai and they eliminate Brett Storm, but then both of them are clotheslined out by Cody Cage & Akki. Amai, Arrow Dream and Brett Storm, have been eliminated. Cody Cage and Akki start fighting and Cody Cage gets the upperhand and he throws Akki over the top rope on the apron. Cody superkicks Akki and Akki falls off the apron and onto the floor. Akki has been eliminated. Mave Deltzer is fighting with Maasa and Mave gets the upperhand. Mave tries to eliminate Maasa but he gets pulled over the top rope instead. Mave Deltzer has been eliminated. James Hunter climbs up to the top rope and it looks like he's gonna go for an elbow drop but before he can do that he gets drop kicked by Jack Bishop and he falls on to the floor. James Hunter has been eliminated. Everyone else is fighting but Alex Costa is standing in the middle of the ring. He turns to look at the camera then he flips the bird and jumps over the top rope. Alex Costa has been eliminated Sheridan is trying to stay away from all the action but she is seen by Jack Bishop and Wall Ace. Sheridan is gently lifted up by Wall Ace and gently dropped on the apron. But when she stands on the apron she kisses Wall Ace and drags him out. Wall Ace has been eliminated. Resin is trying to eliminate Bulldozer but Maasa and Kenji sneak up behind Resin and eliminate Resin and Bulldozer. Resin & Bulldozer have been eliminated. Aaron North and Buddy Ace are trying to take each other down and Aaron North gets the upperhand after an uppercut to the jaw. North picks up Buddy Ace and suplexes him out of the ring. Buddy Ace has been eliminated. Sheridan tries to eliminate Aaron with a clothesline but she's lifted out by Aaron North and she's caught by Buddy Ace. Sheridan has been eliminated. We are down to 6 people: Cody Cage, Maasa, Jack Bishop, Kenji, Aaron North and Hans. All 6 men start brawling in the middle of the ring. Cody Cage is out first as he gets eliminated by Jack Bishop after a V-Trigger. Cody Cage has been eliminated. Maasa goes after Kenji as Jack Bishop and Hans go after Aaron North. Maasa throws Kenji on to the apron Maasa tries to punch Kenji but Kenji dodges and locks in a hanging arm breaker over the ropes. He pulls Maasa out of the ring with his legs and Maasa lands on the floor. Maasa has been eliminated. Kenji quickly rushes to the aid of Aaron North and they fight off Jack & Hans Jack, Hans, Aaron & Kenji have an intense stare down. Aaron starts fighting with Jack and Kenji with Hans. North hits Jack Bishop with a spinebuster and a double knee facebreaker. Jack Bishop is too exhausted to continue and North throws Jack Bishop out. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Kenji is on the apron and he tries to eliminate Hans with a german suplex, Hans fights out of it and hits Kenji with an enzuigiri after that Hans eliminates Kenji with a pele kick. Kenji has been eliminated. Two men remain, Hans and Aaron North. Hans and North have an intense staredown. Then the two start brawling and they have a long exchange of strikes before Hans gets the upperhand. Hans hits North with a fireman's carry back breaker and throws Aaron to the corner. North is down and in the middle of the ring, Hans climbs up the top rope and gets ready to hit North with the spiral tap. He hits it but both men are down and out. Hans gets up first and he tries to throw North out but both men are very exhausted and they both just fall on the canvas. North and Hans get up they both look ready for a fight, they start exchanging punches very slowly and Hans eventually gets the upper hand and he lifts up North. He almost runs into the ref because he's so exhausted. He throws North over the top rope and wins the match. "Here is your winner and new NXT Champion, Hans Clayton." The ref lifts Hans' hand in the air and puts the belt around his waist. Red and gold confetti fall down and Hans celebrates.
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    AEW Roster & New Signings

    (Rumour) United Kingdom wrestler Sadie Gibbs is the newest member of the women's division signed to All Elite Wrestling. Former IMPACT Knockouts Champion Allie is the newest addition to the All Elite Wrestling roster. What a steal for AEW to sign Allie after Impact let her know that they had no intentions of re-signing her. Their loss is AEW's gain. I'm not going to say this is going to a blow to the company at large but i still think it's a key talent of their women's division that they have let go. Hope for all the success in the world for Allie. I guess she will continue to go under the Allie name instead of returning to Cherry Bomb?
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    Name: Jacky Duddy Born February: 17th 1996 Set to Debut: June 2016 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: America Style: High Flyer. Body Type: Muscular Min Weightclass: Lightweight Max Weightclass: Heavyweight Moves: Phoenix Splash (Finsher) Duddy Knees (knees to the head repeatedly Skull Knocker (Claymore) Face Charcter: Moviestar Heel Character: Cocky Moviestar Mask: None Hair: Medium Dark Brown Fav role: Wrestler Bio: Former moviestar but was tired of movies so started wrestler Picture:
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    Name: Big Billy Buchanan (Triple B Age: 30 Birthday: August 10, 1988 Race: White American Size: Bulky Super Heavyweight Gimmick: Glutton Bio: Big Billy Buchanan started wrestling to get more money for his food habit. Pictures: Yes
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