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    We come to you live here from the Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee for the final match of the BPZ Power-Trip Cup second round where the "Death Machine" Julius takes on the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton. We have already seen some big wins tonight with BiC continuing his run of excellent form defeating Aaron North, Bob Sparks continuing his meteoric rise to the top with another impressive display, this time taking down Yelich and then most recently Jonathan keeping his run of good form alive with a win over Prince, he now awaits one of these two men in the semi-finals. Tonight will we see a Massacre in Memphis or will we be exposed to a music city miracle, this is the Main Event, Julius vs Hans We kick things off with the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton making his way out to a raucous reception from this capacity crowd. He has spoken a big game and now when the lights shine the brightest we will truly see what this young man is made. He looks confident, calm and collected, understanding the War he is about to walk into as he looks to make a Semi-Final berth in the Power-Trip Cup As Hans prepares himself in the ring, the lights in the Fedex Forum dim as "Gallantry" begins to play. After about 20 seconds Julius steps out onto the ramp with one sole spotlight following him down the ramp. He stops to take a look at the capacity crowd before raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head as the lights in the arena turn back on. Julius stares intently at Hans as he confidently marches down to the ring. As both men stand in their respective corners the referee calls for the bell to begin this Second-Round match To begin the match, Julius stalks his prey walking circles around Clayton before getting himself ready and engaging in a lock up. Almost immediately it is Julius who is able to gain the upper hand overwhelming Hans with his strength before shoving him to the mat. Julius then proceeds to taunt Hans laughing at his opponents attempt to match his strength before begging him to get up and try again. Once Hans gets back up to his feet, both men once again lock up but this time Hans uses his quickness to spin around Julius and kick him in the hamstring causing the Australian to yelp in pain. As Julius heads towards the corner to recover from the hit Hans takes his turn to taunt the Australian Animal asking him if that's all he's got. Understandably, this infuriates Julius who shakes off the pain and immediately charges at Hans, but similarly to their confrontation on Carnage Hans moves out of the way at the right time allowing him to hit a dropkick to the back of Julius' neck sending him into the ropes before following it up with a running forearm, sending the big man to the floor. After taking the hit, Julius rolls to the outside of the ring to regather his thoughts and reassess the situation as Hans plays up to the crowd. Once again this enrages Julius who jumps up onto the ring apron to enter the ring but is met with another standing dropkick sending him to the outside once again. As Julius gets up to his feet, he pushes away a cameraman in frustration before turning into an amazing suicide dive from Clayton Already this talented young man has given the Memphis natives belief as he takes control of the match in its early days. Wasting no time however, Hans smartly stays on the assault hitting a beautiful standing moonsault on the outside before dragging Julius back into the ring to continue his damage. As he waits for Julius to get back to his feet, Hans waits on the ring apron and just as Julius gets up he launches himself up and delivers a springboard forearm which once again floors the IC champ before going for the first pinning predicament of the night however Julius kicks out at only the count of one. Hans continues his offence, targeting the right leg of Julius looking to take away what could be his most dangerous weapon the Claymore kick. He locks in a kneebar but Julius is immediately able to grab the ropes stopping any chance of damage. Hans once again looks to target the leg of Julius, wrapping it across the ring ropes before kick away at them to the count of 10 before the referee breaks it up. Hans then runs to the other side of the ring and launches himself at Julius hitting a forearm smash in the corner As Julius stumbles back into the center of the ring Hans hits a step-up enziguri dropping Julius on his knees before connecting with a running bulldog for another close fall. Hans realises that he has Julius in a prime position and heads to the top rope looking for the Shooting Hans press but just as he is about to launch, Julius rolls out of the ring to a chorus of boos from the Memphis faithful. Hans however re-figures his plan and jumps off the ropes and hits a splash to the outside however he is pushed by Julius on Impact sending him crashing into the barricade. Hans immediately clutches at his ribs as he screams in pain. Julius is the first one to get to his feet and immediately realises Hans clutching his mid-section, the Death Machine then locks in his target and starts delivering brutal knee blows to Hans' mid-section before throwing him into the ringpost. Julius then lifts Hans and looks to powerbomb him onto the ring apron but Hans jumps out of it onto the apron and looks to kick Julius' head off but his leg is caught allowing Julius to raise him up once again and launch him into the barricade, taking a nasty bump in the process Now Julius starts taking control of the match, throwing Hans into the ring and once again stalking his prey. Julius waits until Hans gets onto his knees before hitting an impressive Deadlift Vertical Suplex before letting the fans know how great he is. He then cockily starts kicking the head of Hans before stooping down to his level, grabbing him by his hair and shouting "You're not so special are you" before slapping Clayton across the face. He then laughs at Hans' fallen body shouting to the fans "Is this what all of the excitement was all about?" Julius then picks up Hans once again and sets him up for his patent Crucifix Powerbomb Julius keeps the hold and goes for the cover 1..2.. but Hans breaks out much to the surprise of the Intercontinental Champion. Hans continues clutching at his ribs causing the referee the come to his aid to determine whether or not he can continue with this match. Seeing this, Julius sits in the corner of the ring watching as a Hawk as Hans struggles to his feet. Hans pushes away the referee as Julius comes charging towards him, only for him to be shoved into the ringpost as Hans escapes barely. Julius falls into the centre of the ring and Hans realises the opportunity in his grasp and hits the Lionsault!! Hans however can't roll over to make the cover as he once again clutches at his ribs coughing violently before spitting some blood onto the white canvas. Hans slowly gets back to his feet and rises to the top rope setting up for a 450 splash but Julius moves out of the way sending Hans crashing onto the canvas in a heap. Julius then rises to his feet and walks over to the fallen body of his opponent and once again deadlifts him up onto his shoulders before hitting a Samoan drop. Instead of going for the cover however, Julius sets up in the corner of the ring looking to hit the Discuss Forearm onto his opponent. As Hans gingerly gets back to his feet, Julius rushes at him looking to hit the discuss forearm but Hans pushes the referee in his direction who is met by a brutal elbow knocking him to the ground. Julius looks on in shock at what has just transpired before cursing in Hans' direction and delivering a big boot sending the Extraordinary one back to the mat. Julius then stands in the ring thinking about what to do next before a rye smile begins to appear on his face. Julius exits the ring and begins searching underneath looking for a weapon to cause some more damage. He pulls out a Kendo stick and smacks it against the barricade testing it out before slowly creeping his way back into the ring. He then twirls the Kendo stick in his hands as he walks towards Hans ready to strike when suddenly It's BiC!! Julius looks like he has just seen a ghost as Hans' tag-team partner and friend rushes his way down to the ring. He rolls into the ring to which Julius responds by swinging the Kendo Stick in his direction only to miss and be caught by a bicycle knee sending him down. As Julius rolls to the outside of the ring, BiC rushes over to Hans and helps him to his feet before rolling back outside and continuing the fight against Julius. BiC gets some punches in before Julius pushes him away as Hans delivers an awe-inspiring Fosbury Flop which causes the Fedex Form to become unglued Hans has found some new Energy and urges the crowd to get behind him as the referee begins to stir. Hans rolls Julius back into the ring and heads to the top rope hitting the 450 splash for the 1..2.. NO Julius kicks out at the last second. Hans looks over to BiC his face filled with uncertainty. BiC barks at Hans to keep fighting as he once again heads to the top rope looking for the shooting Hans press. He flies off the top rope but see's Julius dodge out of the way and land on his feet. He goes to clothesline the big man but misses leading to the Hell's Welcome!! 1..2..2.5 NO HANS KICKS OUT. Julius can't believe it as he pleads with the referee. He puts his head in his hands and heads to the corner looking for the Claymore Kick to finish it all off. BiC however pulls his partner out of the ring to let him recover, but Julius was having none of it as he runs the ropes and hits an amazing Tope Suicida taking out both Hans and BiC as the fans gasp in shock! Julius then throws BiC into the steel steps taking him out of action before rolling Hans back into the ring and looking to finish the job. He once again sets up for the Claymore Kick but once again Hans evades and delivers a beautiful Pele kick sending the IC champ to the ground. Hans then heads to the top rope, looks around the crowd, gestures a cross with his hands before going for the insanely rare Spinal Tap only for Julius to move out of the way at the very last second. Both men are down and the fans erupt into a "This is awesome chant". As both men slowly get to their feet, Hans passion and aggression is smeared all over his face as he starts battering Julius with elbows and fists before running the ropes looking for a springboard moonsault only to be caught by a CLAYMORE KICK ' 1..2..3 It's over. Julius collapses to the floor after the pinfall and rolls out of the ring. He lays at the bottom of the entrance ramp with a look of relief in his eyes. As the referee announces him as the winner he begins to smile before looking at the carnage around the ring. Julius understands that he came oh so close to being eliminated but his instinct and experience pulled him through as he moves on to the Semi-Final where he will meet Jonathan
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    Alex Costa

    Studying the Tapes

    We return to Carnage and a pre-taped seguement. It shows a Dark room with a man standing up looking at many monitors in front of him We see footage showcasing Arius in all his matches since he debuted. The match he won the US Title against Julius and Marker, his victory of the North American Championship in the Ladder Match. We then see footage of Hans Clayton when he won the NXT Championship at BPZMania, of his match again Marker at the PTC Cup. However that is cut off as we begin to see other footage. Saint Valentine's Day Massacre as we see when Alex nailed Hans with Destino at one point in the match. We then cut back to later in that match as Alex had his hand raised after winning the NXT Championship. The Camera then stops as we see footage of all 3 Men in the US Title Match all of them holding the NXT Championship The Man then suddenly punches the Monitor right where Hans was and turns around to reveal Alex We see him looking angry, annoyed at something clearly. He then proceeds to talk. Alex Costa: I don't know how you did it Hans, but somehow you survived your encounter with the Executioner that was Julius. I don't know how you did it, but sometime over these past couple of months you slipped ahead of me. Alex paces back and forth I am disgusted by it. You make me sick. I should be the one getting the praise of the BPZ Universe, not you. I beat you back at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and the only reason you ever won the NXT Championship is because I didn't give a damn about it after I won it. Alex paces once again before pointing at the camera And then we come to the PTC Cup. Here it was, my chance to finally prove how good I was and yes I know I lost to Jonathan. Quite frankly I am not ashamed of it. He is a bonafide Hall of Famer and the fact that I took him into his limit is something I was proud off. But then what happens? You overshadow me again by not only beating the Premium Champion Marker but you also give Julius one hell of a fight. Once again, all I hear is how good Hans is, what an amazing athlete Hans is. Alex grabs a chair and tosses it around I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU OVERSHADOWING ME. Not anymore Hans. At Mayhem I am gonna do what I should have done at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. I am going to end your career for good! Alex then looks at Arius' picture And as for you champ? You been dodging me ever since January when I debuted. You got out of the NXT Division because deep down Arius, you knew I was better than you. But trust me I will enjoy nothing more than to take that United States Championship from you and embarass you in front of the entire world like the fraud you are. Alex smirks But you know why wait for Mayhem? Next week I will be on Carnage live and you two better show up, because I will be there. If you aren't a bunch of cowards. Alex knocks the Camera out
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    More alike than you think

    [ the lights here in Madison Square Garden go out we return to Carnage and the crowd are confused before a sole spotlight is shined onstage revealing Bulldozer standing on stage doing his pose with a mic in his hand ] [ Bulldozer then turns around with a smirk on his face as his theme song right here right now begins to play and he walks down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd begin to boo him ] Alright that’s enough you all can and should shut your filthy mouths now, Because unlike all of you what I have to say actually matters and that is Bob we have a very important issue because you see these past few weeks i’ve noticed something and that’s all the so called fans on the internet are constantly talking about how invested they are in our battles against each other and normally I wouldn’t care but the reason why they are invested is what caught my attention. [ the sold out crowd here in Madison Square Garden is then confused and are eager to hear Bulldozer out ] For you see Bob they care because we are “ polar opposites “ two sides of the same coin if you will you’re the big strong guy while i’m the small but lethally fast and agile guy, you’re their hero while i’m their enemy, you fight for them while I fight against them and at first I did something I never thought I would do I actually agreed with them until I thought more about it and realized how wrong they are yet again. [ The crowd then boo Bulldozer again but not as loud this time as now they are curious about what he’s got to say ] Because quite frankly Bob we are more alike than either of us wants to admit, I mean just think about it I also used to be their hero and fight for them and we both deep down enjoy the pain and suffering we put our opponents through in our matches and deep down inside you know all of this to be true you know that deep down inside you’re just as aggressive, just as vindictive, just as evil as I am but the one difference is you don’t want to admit it you don’t want to let your darkness out you want it bottled up and thrown away where as I let it flow through me, But yet again that’s where we are just alike because I also used to neglect my inner darkness and deny it. After all we both have beaten people so bad they haven’t even dared to show their faces here again since you with Necce and myself with Resin. [ The crowd then are so stunned at this as half of the crowd is starts to see Bulldozer’s point and agrees with it while the other half deny it and boo causing the crowd to erupt in a chant battle with one half chanting “ Bulldozer rocks “ and the other half chanting “ Bulldozer sucks “ but then they all stop once Bulldozer grabs at his head showing signs that perhaps part of him still enjoys the crowd cheering him but he then shakes it off and resumes his speech ] So Bob let me ask you this why do you deny your inner darkness? Why not just let it free and flow through you and embrace it and finally give into you sadistic and more evil side? [ Bulldozer then stands in the ring waiting to see if Bob will respond as the spotlight goes away and the lights go back to normal ]
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    [Then we hear someones music hit it’s Bob “the bomb” Sparks] Hello my family, how are we all doing on this fine night? I’ll tell you I am doing just fine now that I get the chance to bury another jobber in the NXT Division. The funny thing is I kind of like you Dikey. It’s just everyone needs to know where they stand in this division and that is below me. [Bob then laughs as he points to Dikey then the ground] You really think you are carrying this division. Let’s all be honest here I run this division now. After Hans moved up I am the only one in NXT anyone backstage and the fans gave a damn about. You’ll never come close to what I have already done in this business in such a short time. I mean I beat Yelich a solid competitor that would squah you in the ring. Hell, I beat Necce a goddamn legend in this business. You are not even good enough to get into that position to be honest. I was put it the Power Trip Cup because the people backstage saw potential in me. A hell of a lot more than anyone else in the shit hole of a division these days. [Bob then takes his glasses off and stares at Dikey] So next time you call someone out be careful bud cause after I bury you real quick. I would recommend just not showing up to the match at Mayhem. At mayhem, I’m going to beat you and everyone else in match easy. It will just be a warm up match for me then I will go on to beat a man 100 times the competitor than you in BiC. So let it be known that I run this division from now on and there is absolutely nothing you or any other of the garbage competitors can do about it. I let you say your final words though before I have to completely bury. So go ahead tough guy shut me down if you think you can. [Bob then waits on the ramp laughing as he waits for a response]
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    Lord Yautja

    Fighting With The Stars

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and Aaron North comes out to the ring. "Alright alright alright, calm down everyone. I didn't come out here to listen to you low lives and i didn't come out here because of you. The only reason i came out here is because i want a match at Mayhem. After that fluke win that BIC got over me in the PTC Tournament i feel like i need to get back some momentum and so i have decided to announce that i have a new valet to accompany me to ringside since my advocate Angelo Caito is busy with many other things. The valet that is going to start accompanying me to ringside used to be one of the most famous adult film stars and her name is JENNA JAMESON!!" Jenna Jameson walks out to the ring and she grabs the left hand of North before taking the microphone. "This right here is the future power couple of BPZ Wrestling. We don't take shit from anyone and we don't care what anyone says because we are perfect! Now let's get down to business my man Aaron North doesn't have a match at the upcoming BPZ PPVs or events which is the main reason we're out here. We're here to issue an open challenge to anyone backstage. Aaron is ready for a fight and that's what he came out here to get."
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    @Arius - I know in NXT our feud was basically one on one but I want a true Kayfabe matchup against him. I feel like both of us have improved a lot since the beginning of this year and I'd love to put both of our skills to the test. We already would have a story down and the rest takes care of itself. @Gwynfro - Another guy who I've sadly never had a chance to feud with so far and someone who would produce a very fun match. I also feel like a good story could be produced from our non-existent background. @Alex Costa - I've wanted to face him since our debuts one on one because I feel like we're very similar in skill and we had a pretty good thing going back when he was NXT champion, and I'd love to build off of that. @ArrowColeBayBay - Still need revenge for that McDonald's attack (never forget). @BiC @Bart @Julius @Jonathan @Angelo Caito - Just going to lump all of these guys together because these are the guys I look up to in kayfabe and I'd love to test out my skills against them. In each situation the story would define itself (veteran vs youngster) and at the end of the day it would just be a hell of a lot of fun to go one on one with any of these great competitors.
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Oh now this is gonna be fun for me and I hope I get to do some the feuds at some point so let’s get into it shall we 1. Julius, enough said..... ok but seriously he’s definitely one of the best guys in the kayfabe possibly ever in the kayfabe and he’s been extremely helpful to not just me but many new comers as well both on kayfabe and just in general over on the discord. 2. Josh, who better than my current mentor and a good friend of mine Josh is very experienced here in the kayfabe while I do love learning from him I also would love testing how far i’ve come and the best way to do that is to have a feud with my mentor. 3. Alex Costa, while technically we had a bit of mini feud in the battle royal match at BPZ Mania it wasn’t a true 1 v 1 feud and I would enjoy doing one with him at some point in the future. 4. Kenji, this one is very obvious pick for me and while I admittedly would probably get destroyed in the votings against him in a singles match I certainly still would love a match with him. 5. Arius, really in the same boat as Kenji and you could really swap their spots on this list if you wanted to because the reasons are mostly the same and while I did have a run in with him at World At War in the ladder match I would still very much enjoy a 1 v 1 feud with him. 6. Storm, now this is someone i’ve recently met over on the discord and while I haven’t known him for a while he seems like a nice enough guy but I haven’t seen much from him kayfabe wise and what better way to find out than a feud with him. 7. Bic, another very experienced member of the kayfabe that has been doing extremely well as of late on his promos but I would love to get in a feud with him to really test myself against one of the best the kayfabe has to offer. 8. Meko/Sir Raven, well I think everyone who knows my kayfabe career knows why he makes this list my former tag team partner who has now left the SSW Club and while I understand his decision and there’s no bad blood between us personally I think a feud between us would be great given our character’s history. 9. Hans, well he’s on this list for very similar reasons as Arius and Kenji but nonetheless I do think we could put together a good storyline and have a great match together. 10. Bart, the current undisputed champion and while i’m definitely a long way away from facing Bart in a match much less a singles match i’m still up to the challenge and I hope to lock up with him at some point in my career.
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    Dikey looks at Bob with a face of fake shock and rummages around in his right back pocket. He whips out a pair of sunglasses and puts them on in a very delicate manner. BAM! How do you like me now? Hold up, I got more. Dikey rummages around in his other back pocket and pulls out a fake beard and what looks like to be a bald cap. Dikey fastens the beard on and applies the cap despite it clashes horribly with his natural skin color. Furthermore, his long, dark hair is still showing in the back and it is different color than the brown beard. Bob looks on in pure confusion and what seems to be disgust as the crowd cheers Dikey on. Alright, now that's more like it! I have transformed into you, Bob. Now let's see here, what did I say about Dikey earlier? Carrying the division... squash... bury... jobber, I'd say that just about covers it. Now I'm going to renounce all of those things I said. Dikey is certainly carrying this division and there's no way in hell I could squash him! Did I say I'd bury him? Sorry, other way around, Dikey would destroy me. And he's no jobber, he's the best in NXT, no one even comes close. Not. A single. Person. A mix of laughter and cheering is heard ringing throughout the stadium and Dikey finally drops the persona. He takes off the cap and beard, leaving them in the ring. He pockets the sunglasses for later. Listen closely, Bob. It's time for the real stuff now. I get it, you're new, you got the hype and you think you're hot stuff. I'm going to put what I'm about to say as simply as I can. You think you're the toughest guy around here? Let's find out, shall we? Dikey steps out of the ring and runs toward the stage to meet Bob, who meets him at the entrance ramp. The two begin trading punches, and Bob lands a blow that sends Dikey stumbling backwards. Dikey recovers but Bob is already run at him and he lands a devastating lariat that causes Dikey to do a flip onto the ground. Bob grabs Dikey by the hair and slowly drags him to his feet, posing for the crowd. Dikey is able to recover in time and land a kick to the gut before Bob can land another punch. Dikey grabs Bob by the back of the head and throws him torso-first into the barricade. Bob stumbles back toward Dikey, who lands punches and forearms that send him up the entrance ramp toward the stage. The two men reach the stage and Dikey delivers a knee to Bob's gut which drops him to one knee. He then grabs Bob by his back and attempts to throw him into the titantron, but Bob counters and ends up throwing Dikey into it instead! Bob taunts Dikey as he waits for him to get up, but before he can do anymore damage, security comes out and stands in between the two men. Bob throws his sunglasses to the ground as he is being pushed away from Dikey while Dikey puts a smile on his face and puts on his pair of sunglasses. He beckons Bob toward him, taunting him to attack him again. Bob breaks through the line of security and runs at Dikey, who's smile vanishes instantly. He leaps into the air, knocking over some guards and hitting Dikey with a flying clothesline. He quickly picks up Dikey and gets him into position for The Bob Bomb, but more security pours out from the back and is able to separate the two men for good before the finisher is hit. The segment ends with Bob shouting insults at Dikey and Dikey mocking Bob with his pair of sunglasses.
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    Isaiah Carter

    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Would be cool to feud with @FDS since I've never done that before An actual kayfabe feud with Julius would also be cool since it'd be an easy W Jonathan Arius/Kenji/Hans, all the new guys that are amazing And obviously Toxik
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    Akki comes out to his theme song "Revive" as he walks all the way to Mave. The crowd booing, negativity rises as Akki picks up the microphone. All of you hating on my boy Mave. Never underestimate the power of an uncommon man. Mave will show you at the Mayhem why he is the best NXT wrestler, Mave will show you why he will be a future HOF and Mave will show you why he is going to be World Champ later in time. The future of this company and the future best in the world Mave will make such an impact to the roster, to the wrestlers. I saw this the moment I put my eyes on him. Therefore, from today on, Mave lets the SSW jobber squad behind as his new manager "Heel Akki" takes his decisions from now on. Thank you, see you at Mayhem people!
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    Yeah honestly same
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    Arius and his Graphics

    One Night Only: Under The Dome (made for WWE - Reborn Era) Link to diary
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 5 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Round 1: Mark Davis VS Apollo Crews To kick off the show one half of Aussie Open and Schadenfreude member Mark Davis took on The Blue Chipper Apollo Crews. The match was a real strong mans contest with the two men trading lariats to see who could hit harder followed by a large amount of power moves by the two strong men. During the match Kyle Fletcher tried to distract Crews but Crews was able to fight the two headed assault from the Aussie duo before hitting the Crews Combination (Gorilla Press followed by a Moonsault followed by a shooting star press) for the victory on Davis. After the match Crews had a face to face confrontation with his quarter final opponent Rusev in which the two men shook hands in a showing of respect. Match 2 JR Heavyweight Championship match qualifier: Robbie Eagles VS Kid Lykos In the next match on the show Firing Squads JR Heavyweight Representative “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles took on Schadenfreude member Kid Lykos in a JR Heavyweight Championship match qualifier. The two men went move for move with each other and it appeared that Lykos who had already secured a spot in the Tag Title match would be securing his second match for the night as he was about to go for the brainbuster but then suddenly K.E.S appeared and began attacking Lykos’ tag partner Chris Brookes. Lykos went to chase them off but when he got back in the ring he ate a superkick from Eagles which Eagles followed up with a picture perfect 450 onto the Leg of Lykos which he had been targeting throughout the match before locking in an inverted figure four for the victory. After the match K.E.S would taunt CCK ahead of the tag team championship match. Match 3: Shane Strickland & Mexablood VS Suzuki-Gun (Austin Aries, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado) Up next we saw Mexablood team with “the king of swerve” Shane Strickland to take on Suzuki-Gun representatives in the form of Austin Aries, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado. Suzuki-Gun pulled out every dirty trick in the book during this match taking advantage of every single opportunity they had but the Athletic Mexabloods and Strickland managed to fight them off, the match would come down Strickland going to the top rope about to hit it on Aries before Kanemaru would sneak into the ring while Desperado distracted the referee allowing for Kanemaru to spit whiskey in the face of Strickland blinding him. Kanemaru and Desperado would then stop the Mexabloods from interfering as Aries hit a rope hung Brainbuster before following it up with a Discus Fivearm for the victory. After the match, the other 3 participants in the JR Heavyweight Championship match would emerge and the 6 men would have a confrontation which would lead to an all out brawl between the men with KENTA standing tall over the other 5 men. Match 4 Tag Team Championship Match Qualifier: Guerillas of Destiny VS Best Friends In the tag team qualifier of the night, The Guerillas of Destiny took on The Best friends. The Firing Squad leader and his brother took it to the best friends demonstrating how just how good they worked together but the Best Friends managed to bounce back and repel some of the offense of the Guerillas. It didn’t appear to be enough though as the Guerillas managed to continue their dominance throughout the match, It appeared that the Guerillas had it all but won when suddenly Legion’s music started playing distracting the Guerillas and thus the best friends were able to capitalise by drop kicking Tama Tonga out of the ring and isolating Tanga Loa allowing for them to hit Strong Zero before Chuckie T hit Tama with a tope con hilo stopping him from breaking up the pinfall allowing for the best friends to qualify for the tag team ladder match. Match 5: CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero) VS Legion Next up, in a six man tag team match that pit the Strong Style masters against the European Style masters CHAOS took on Legion. The two teams went to war with hard hitting offense and we got to see a preview of Mikey Whiplash VS Tomohiro Ishii which will take place in the Ironman Championship Tournament quarter final. The two teams battled it out but just as Legion looked as if they were about to win as End was setting up for the Fade to Black on Romero, The Firing Squad (The Guerillas, Keith Lee and Killer Kross) came out and attacked everybody dismantling both teams causing for a double disqualification. CHAOS and Legion however teamed up and fought back The monsters and the Guerillas before a polite nod from the two teams as a show of respect meanwhile the Firing Squad would be aggressively shouting at the two teams saying that they ain’t sh!t. Match 6: Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad, Zack Sabre JR & Minoru Suzuki) VS The Briscoes, Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown In a colossal eight man tag Suzuki-Gun’s premier heavyweights took on 3 of Wrestling's most insane men and an incredible debuting Heavyweight brawler as KES, Zack Sabre JR & Minoru Suzuki took on The Briscoes, Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown. The match began with a massive brawl instigated by Suzuki-Gun but reciprocated by the opposition. Havoc and Suzuki would go at it as the King of the Goths brawled violently with the King of Pro Wrestling on the outside for most of the match. The Briscoes and KES obviously fought ahead of their stand off in the ICPW Tag Team Championship ladder match at Clash of The Titans which lead the Submission Master with the not so easy job of Fighting Rampage. The match continued with it descending into Chaos with every man in the match hitting their finisher before Suzuki barely got the pinfall on Havoc with the Gotch Style piledriver. After the match, Zack and Suzuki threatened to end Havoc’s career but luckily Shinsuke Nakamura, Roppongi 3K, Mark Haskins and Cesaro came out and made the save for Havoc. After this there was a brief moment where Nakamura re extended his offer for Havoc to join CHAOS but meanwhile Havoc’s tag team partner Mark Haskin as well as Rampage and Cesaro told him to decline so Havoc just ended up walking away from the situation leaving the two groups at odds. Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr & Jeff Cobb) VS Ringkampf In a beautiful technical wrestling match, WRSTLING took on Ringkampf. The two teams went at it with the two teams exchanging Holds and Strikes and Starr managing to hold his own against the heavyweights. Starr even managing to take it to his long time rival in WALTER. The two team went hold for hold with each other and strike for strike but at the end of the day Starr being involved in that brawl earlier in the night hurt him a lot with WALTER picking up the victory making him pass out in the Gojira Clutch. After the match, WALTER and Cobb had a stare down as the two heavyweights looked as if the match may be over but the fight was nowhere near being done. After the staredown finished just before the main event it was also announced that the first ever ICPW General Manager would be announced at Clash of The Titans Main Event Ironwomens Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Becky Lynch VS Tessa Blanchard In the main event of the evening in the first semi-final match of the ironwomens championship tournament “The Man” Becky Lynch took on “The Diamond” Tessa Blanchard. The two women went at it throwing every move in their arsenal at each other with multiple Suplexes, DDTs and Submissions. The two women went at it brutally fighting each other until it appeared Blanchard had the match won with an impressive figure four leglock but Becky somehow managed to make it to the ropes. The match came to an end after Schadenfreudes female representative hit a gruesome looking Fisherman’s driver on Blanchard for the Victory. After the match a graphic on the titantron showed that on the next night of the tour would be a second chance battle royal for the final spot in the ICPW Heavyweight Championship match.
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    Hello everyone and welcome to another new addition to my championship belt reviews today I shall be taking a look at the WWF Hardcore championship Now as is tradition we shall start with the main plate which obviously takes very heavy inspiration from the classic winged eagle belt but has been shattered and taped back together with the word hardcore written over the tape but other than that this is a very classic design and is a very beloved championship by many fans myself included and points will be given for the creativity of the design. Now as for the side plates not much to say about them other than they are practically the same as the winged eagle belt as most of this belt is but with noticeably less tape which in my opinion does drag the side plates of it down a bit. Now as for the strap it works fine and it’s the typical black strap however one touch I would add is put little tears and cuts here and there on the strap to really make it seem like it this classic belt that has been completely destroyed. Now that shall do it for this addition of my championship belt review and as always please feel free to comment your thoughts on any belt designs you see here and or suggest new belts and I hope you all read the next addition and until then good day.
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    Chapter 4: Earthen Sea The Topaz Desert, Year 3545, Third Age Hours of marching. Hours upon hours with only one colour in site, the pale orange of the sands beneath their feet. North and Epic shuffle their way through the delicate ground, often losing their footing as the shifting sands were ever in motion. It's heat radiating up through their feet, and each grain slipping it's way into their boots. The shimmering, sweltering sun was burning down upon them as it peaked over as midday hit. Poking out of the ground like an upward-facing phalanx of stone spears, were the remnants of very old temples and ruins. Their copper orange stone almost glowing in the noonday light. Where ancient monuments of a long-lost civilisation had once called their homes, lost and buried to the ever-encroaching sands of time. The Desert winds whipped and twirled over the rolling dunes, lifting a wave of sand grains up at any traveler foolish enough to get lost in it's open maze. North was ahead by a number of paces, shielding his eyes from the light scattering of earthen dust gusting it's way over the barren lands. Epic was less than cheery, rubbing his eyes incessantly, cursing this damned weather under his breath. "Are you sure we're not lost in this damn place, Dwarf?" North was too busy peeking out through squinted eyes to listen, monitoring the horizon of dunes with adept vigilance. "We're getting closer, keep going" He called back casually, glancing at the bounty page before pressing on. He allowed himself to drift and slide down the dune to the bottom. His tracks kicking up a small flourish of sand in his wake. Epic was grumbling and trying to hold his light hood over his face once he reached the top of the dune. Unbeknownst to the both of them, their tracks were being followed. The slender Half-Elf was tracing the more than obvious footsteps of Epic. He could only see one set of tracks, as surprisingly, the stout dwarf was light-footed enough for his tracks to disappear into the insecure foundation that they walked upon. With his scarf and hood pulled tightly up to his face, Minef cunningly kept a generous distance from his marks. So much so that he would follow from an entire dune behind to avoid detection. From atop the inscrutable dune that had infuriated him so, Epic exhaled deeply as he reached the top, looking down at the small spec that was his unusual companion at the bottom, who was wandering around this circular basin between the dunes curiously. However, in a slightest moment of instinct, his dallying at the elements had given him an edge. A few feet ahead of where North was standing, there was a shifting in the sands. Twisting and pulsing with movement.....and it was getting closer. Epic's eyes widened, too consumed in the moment to care about the whipping sands. "NORTH!!!" He called at the top of his lungs "Look out ahead!!" The dwarf turns as the growing mount of sand at reached him, taller than himself. He pulled his arm up to shield his eyes from the sudden and seismic explosion of earthen grains while he stepped back. North was sent flying back a good few feet by it's force. The dwarf cleared his eyes, and both of them gasped when they saw what was before them and the fog of sand cleared. Perched on six angular, pointed legs, the colour of it's armour a deep black, as black as the most opaque of oceans. It's hide bearing threatening red markings along the side, the warning to those who might take up the foolhardy challenge of fighting this beast. It's mouth was a wince-inducing image of fangs and teeth, gnashing as the sand poured off it's back. It's sharpened maw was flanked by two bulbous, intimidating claws, reaching nearly the entire length of the foul creature. That would be the worst part, were it not for the elevating tail it bore. Fading from the darkest black to the sickly yellow of a festered wound, it's tail, clad in carapace. It arched over it's armoured body like a hangman's noose, it's glowing and pulsating stinger poised to strike at any and all that would come near. It was a Pitfall Scorpion! North paled over as he fumbled for his bow, struggling to focus as the Scorpion's emergence had shifted much of the sand in this clearing, creating a sloped circumference leading all those trapped within it's area to be gradually pulled in by the sands, closer to the predator. He groaned as he knocked an arrow, loosing it towards the beast. It whistled and soared through the air, the beating sun glinting off the polished, pointed tip. Unfortunately, it found no purchase on the Scorpion's thick and durable carapace. The arthropod shuttered off the hit as it snapped it's claws and maw, the foreboding stinger hanging over it like a meat hook in an abattoir. Epic scowled, quickly reaching for his tremendous axe. "Hang on! Come here, beast! Come have a taste of some real steel!! AAHHHH!!!" The last thing that Minef saw as he eclipsed his dune was Epic jumping off the edge of the sand mount ahead, weapon in hand. A small cascade of sand fell over him like snow. Something must've really disturbed the sand bed here to cause that. He drew his trusty knife and made haste towards the commotion. To be Continued....
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    The scene opens inside, what appears to be, a boxing gym. It's relatively small with little activity, apart from a couple of young muscle heads lifting weights in a corner. On the opposite side of the room, separated by an empty ring, hangs a heavy bag used for practicing powerful body punches. A 6'3" 255 lb man in his early 30s wails on the bag with bare fists. *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* The same pattern of strikes continues and echoes throughout the building. "You're going to need to change your name from The Fist to The Cast if you don't put on some damn gloves, kid." And older man's voice comes from behind Kelly and he turns around to see an old friend and former manager, Tony Williams. Tony continues to approach Kirk, allowing his walking cane to support his weight as he moves. Kirk smiles and wipes the sweat from his brow, "They let you out of the hospital, Old Man?" "Of course not ... I escaped." Both men share a laugh. "Great to see you again, Tony. What brings you here?" "Well, I heard you were signed with the guys over at BPZ and I wanted to tell you that you're an idiot." Tony points at Kirk's right knee with his cane, "How's that knee doing?" "It's a lot better. Damn near 100%, I'd say." "You would? What would your doctor say?" There's a brief moment of silence. "Damn it, Kirk, you're going to end up like me! You shouldn't have come back to the business. You should've stayed out while you still have your original knees and hips. What have you got to prove?" "What have I got to prove? I've still got plenty in the tank, Tony. I'm not going to let a knee injury keep me away from entertaining the world and showing them I can still compete at a top level. Besides, have you seen all of the young guys on the roster these days? It's sad." Kirk grabs a sip from his water bottle, "Their skills just aren't there. Even the champions in the BPZ are mildly interesting at best. The world needs me. The BPZ needs me. The fans need me." Tony studies Kirk for a moment ... then he lets out a heavy sigh, "You're so much like me when I was your age." Tony shifts his gaze to the window and peers outside as if lost in thought. "I could only hope to be a fraction of how good you were in your prime." Tony looks back at Kirk, "If you're really going to do this, you need to stop underestimating the talent in BPZ. Most of those guys are nothing to scoff at. You've got plenty of ring rust and I think you'll find if you try to jump back in that ring with those guys, you'll be punching up." Somewhat annoyed, Kirk turns back to the bag and is about to start throwing more punches when Tony places his cane on Kirk's arm. "You're right, Kirk. In some ways you are right. I think the BPZ could benefit from you. That SSW Club is causing a lot of trouble and becoming a big distraction. They need a guy like you to go in and help fix some problems. But, you're not going to do it hitting this bag. I know how powerful that uppercut is. Your Jawbreaker is one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers I've ever seen. You've got the arm strength ... but ..." His voice trails off as he turns and points his cane to the empty ring. "Have you still got the ring skills? If you're going to do this, you need to be prepared. So, get your ass in that ring and let me see what you've got" Kirk smiles and nods, "You've got it."
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    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    My current goal is to win the nxt championship and improve as much as possible but obviously I would love to win the world title some day but that’s a very long time away so for right now my ultimate goal for this year is improve the most I can and be the best I possibly can be at promos
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    We are back and out comes Mave Deltzer, who's gonna tell us what he will do to his opponents in the battle royal for the NXT Championship at Mayhem. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say. "At Mayhem, I will eliminate everyone and become your new NXT Champion. When I become NXT Champion, I'll be the greatest, I'll be in the HOF, I'll also be the best in the world, and in the future, I'm going for the World Title. I don't care who wants me in the ring or not, nobody can stop me! Mave walks out of the ring.
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    WWE Reborn

    WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 2 David Starr | The Product | Israel | 203 lbs Despite his Israelean descent, David Starr was raised in the states and almost became an all-American athlete in amateur wrestling, losing only one match before receiving such honor. After this disappointing loss, Starr would take an interest in professional wrestling and would join the Wild Samoan Training Center, owned by the Hall Of Famer, Afa. In just one month, Starr would become the fastest ever graduate of the wrestling school before going on to prove himself as one of the best in-ring competitors in the world, making himself a top figure in the USA and European independent scenes. Starr takes pride in being an independent wrestler and is here in the Cruiserweight Classic to show you can succeed on your own. DJ Z | The Filipino Flex Factory | Philippines | 175 lbs After making bursting out as an up-and-coming star in TNA because of his ability to excite a crowd with buoyant energy both inside and outside of the ring. From his lively personality to his thrilling maneuvers, DJ Z takes great pride in entertaining the fans. However, last year, a career-threatening injury sustained in Mexico would question his future in wrestling. Nevertheless, DJ Z would make his return to wrestling and would be better than ever before. Now, he continues to prove that you should never give up on your dreams as he enters the same tournament that the man who inspired him to wrestle, Tajiri, took part in last time around. Dragón Lee | The Wonder Boy | Mexico | 165 lbs After his older brother would take on the mask of Místico following the original's departure to WWE where he would become Sin Cara, the mask of Dragón Lee would be left for the man who owns it today. As apart of a celebrated family within the luchador culture, Lee and his two brothers are currently three of the top stars in Mexico. In CMLL, Lee would quickly rise to success, becoming the youngest ever CMLL World Lightweight Champion at the age of nineteen. Furthermore, Lee has also found success in Japan, capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at the young age of twenty-three. Now, Dragón Lee looks to continue his meteoric rise in the states, in the Cruiserweight Classic. El Hijo del Fantasma | The King Of The Hunt | Mexico | 200 lbs When you step in the ring with El Hijo del Fantasma, you become his prey as he goes on the hunt. Ever since his mask was removed after his loss to LA Parka in a Lucha de Apuesta, Fantasma hasn't been quite the same. He has struggled to find his footing but is now entering the Cruiserweight Classic with an extra something to prove, to prove that he does deserve to be considered one of the greatest luchadores of his generation. Furthermore, as the son of the legendary Fantasma, he was born to do this and definitely has no intention of letting his father down by giving up because he lost his mask. It's the man underneath that spent years putting on top performances and has no intention on stopping now. El Phantasmo | ELP | Canada | 183 lbs Originally making his name in Canadian promotion, ECCW, El Phantasmo would capture their world championship on three different occasions. He would also venture across the border and into the USA, sometimes teaming with the aforementioned Angélico. Later, ELP would go on to make his name known worldwide, winning both the RevPro British J Cup Tournament and GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup Tournament in consecutive years, as well as aligning with the infamous Bullet Club in NJPW, a stable that previously included WWE superstars Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, El Phantasmo looks to follow in their footsteps and find success in WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic. Emil Sitoci | Smash-Mouth | Netherlands | 204 lbs Emil Sitoci began wrestling in Europe but moved to the USA as an exchange student where he would find tutorage under NXT superstar, Kassius Ohno. Upon returning to Europe, Sitoci would achieve success in German promotion, wXw, capturing the wXw World Lightweight Championship and defending it against the likes of Evan Bourne, Sami Zayn and Neville. In addition, Sitoci's master's degree in media studies would lead him to feature in numerous Dutch television programs. However, despite his success in both wrestling and television, Sitoci would be constantly overlooked, causing him to grow cold, hungry for a feeling, a feeling that he can only experience by tearing through his opponents. There's no doubt that he is a danger to anyone and everyone in the Cruiserweight Classic. Flamita | Fireball | Mexico | 165 lbs Flamita is a third-generation luchador and at the young age of twenty-four has already been dubbed one of the best high-flyers in the world. In addition to finding success in his native country of Mexico, Flamita would claim championships abroad, most notably in Japan's Dragon Gate and the United Kingdom's PROGRESS. Flamita isn't a luchador that has fully proven himself yet but critics have claimed that he has all the potential in the world and has even been compared to the likes of the most historic luchador in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio, and the Cruiserweight Classic could be the platform that Flamita needs to prove he's worthy of such an honorable claim. Fred Yehi | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs Fred Yehi is best known for his time in EVOLVE Wrestling where he would face the likes of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, current NXT North-American Champion, Matt Riddle, current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, TJ Perkins as well as Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In fact, Gulak would be so impressed with Yehi during their match that he would offer him a position in his stable at the time named Catch Point. With his innovative offense and numerous clashes with WWE superstars, it seems as though Yehi would be a perfect fit for the WWE's cruiserweight division but he has to make it through thirty-one other men in the Cruiserweight Classic to make it there.
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    The Life of Bob the Bomb

    Story 17- My fight with a Druggie So I was hanging out with some friends at a party. The night was going great till one kid showed up. Now I'm sure we all know that kid that was known for doing tons of drugs all the time. Well lucky me that kid walks in. His name is Tim. So yeah this is the time I had to beat Tim's drugged up ass. So Tim stumbles into the party looks like his is going to try and kill someone. So I watch him to make sure that he isn't walking toward were me and my friends were. Lucky for me he walks into another all seems fine. Party goes on for a while play a few rounds of cards against humanity and have a few drinks life is going good. Then shit started to go down. So me and a couple of my friends head outside for a bit just to get some fresh air. Cause a bunch of people were vaping and the smell was awful. They must have had some shit flavors. So we talk for a bit and then walk back inside, Sure enough I see Tim talking up a storm with my girl and she looks very uncomfortable. So I head over there right away to see what is going on. Her friends were with her and they looked the same way. So I go up to him and ask him what the hell he is doing. Then these guy had the balls to ignore me and talk my girl he goes. "Really? This is your guy. Please I could kick his ass then fuck you a whole lot better then he can." Then the guy grabs my girls ass. So at this point I no longer give a fuck about anything else then beating this guys ass. So I rock this kids world real quick a big right hand to the side of the head and sent him to the ground. People all start to notice and swarm around us to watch the fight. So just get on top of the kid and start pummeling him. A bunch of rights and lefts and man was not getting up. He had a bloody nose and a big ole cut on his left cheek. I got off of him and told him off. Then we kicked him out of the party. By kicked I mean me and a friend literally threw him out the door. The rest off the night went great. Then I went to school Monday. My vice principal called me down to his office and I told him what happend. He let me off with a warning but he is a family friend so he gave me a look of approval and I went back to class. So yeah I definaltey made one thing clear to my school especially the druggies and that was to never mess with my girl or you're gonna get your ass beat.
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    I'm in
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    Name: Odyssey Sellers Figureheads: Adam Cole, Aleister Black Alignment: Tweener (Leans Heel) Nickname: "The Crippler" Height: 6'2"/1.88 m Weight: 200 lb/90.72 kg Hometown: Oakland, California Theme: Tear Away - Drowning Pool Gimmick: Narcissist Bio: Grew up in a rough Oakland area, around tons of violence. Had a love of wrestling rooted deep from a young age, and tried his hand at backyard wrestling for many years. Had a love for Japanese wrestling and Japanese culture from the age of 14, when his family went to Japan to see a wrestling event live. He ended up practicing MMA, specifically Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, achieving red belts in both martial arts. The MMA training both benefitted him during his wrestling training and keeping himself alive in the rough streets. Fighting Style: Puroresu, Hard Striker and Agile High Flier Moveset Guidelines: Basically none, the moveset is extremely flexible, and basically any move is possible (of course taking into account weight differences in terms of lifting), especially in the realm of striking. Loves kicks and knees due to his amateur kickboxing experience, and is a red belt in Muay Thai and BJJ. Heavily influenced by Japanese wrestling, and as such has a good submission game. Signatures: Springboard 450, Frog Splash Finishers: Soul Search (Black Mass), Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Crippler Crossface
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    If Styles takes advantage of the vintage kick to the balls this is the one time i'd appreciate the Wildcard rule just so we can have a moment between Styles & Nakamura where he is just looking at him remarking "See? See? It's effective"
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    The Clock is Ticking

    [Carnage cuts to a video of Bob sitting in a church as coffin lays on the stage] [Bob sits up a bit and looks into the camera] This is where I came. Here and the gym. This is what got me through it all. The loss, the pain, and grinding back to get my leg working again. They tried to end me but I came back hungrier and stronger than ever. I came here to pay my respects to my wife and kids. But I also made a promise. A promise that I would work my ass off to make them proud. To cement our family legacy as one of the strongest and resilient families in the world. They might not be here anymore but they played a vital role in me joining this business and they are the reason I will succeed in this business. I am going to fight for them and all of the fans when I face you BiC. As I run through you just like I did with Yelich and Necce. [Bob rubs his face as he takes his glasses off and looks straight into the camera again] A man always beats a boy. See I am the big man while you are a little boy. We all know how this world works the big men are the ones in charge. While the little boys try and climb there way to success just to be thrown back down to where they belong the bottom of the food chain. This is because we are tougher, stronger, and smarter than you little guys. We are bigger in all aspects to at least when I compare myself to you BiC. Bigger brian, bigger muscles, bigger potential, and oh yeah a bigger pleasure tool too. Just to throw that out there. [Bob says as he winks at the camera] Just remember BiC I have nothing else to lose going into this match. You though, what will they say when a main event talent like yourself loses to a new up and coming rookie like me? What will they say when you get squashed by Bob “the Bomb” Sparks? I’ll tell you exactly what they will say. They’ll say your washed up, that you are over hyped, another guy who will never live up to his full potential. They will say that your time is up as I stand tall. Cause I am coming for you BiC so keep your head on a swivel cause the clock is ticking. I am going to destroy you in our match and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Cause you are just a boy and I am a man. [We then see Bob get up and walk over to the coffin and open it. It’s a figurine of BiC!] There he is the boy I have to beat down. The boy who is going to be begging for mercy as I stomp his head into the mat with my boot. The boy that will have blood pouring down his face when beat it in with my bear fist. The boy who will not be able to walk after I pull his legs clean off his body. The boy who thought he had a chance in this match against a man like myself. who The boy that will suffer the same fate as Yelich and Necce when I hit him with a Bob Bomb and pin him one, two, three. Finally, the boy who will see my hand being raised as I move onto the finals of the Power Trip Cup and he then fades into a new state of irrelevance. [Bob then looks over to the camera and points to his watch] Your time is ticking. So after our match everyone will be saying rest in peace the career of BiC. [Bob then slams the coffin shut puts his glasses on and walks out of the church as the camera fades to black]
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    {MARKER bluntly stares off of FDS, being bored by his blabbing, he seems to not care as much, finally MARKER goes face to face with FDS and once again begins speaking.} FDS, once again, you fail to impress me…. Let me tell you the facts OK. I didn't need to win a championship with The Flock, I already won my first title without needing them in the first place and I didn't need them when winning at BPZMania for the Premium Championship, I did everything by myself, I always did the dirty work for myself and nobody else, what did you do? You always were in groups trying to progress your career further and further along, sure I had The Frontier, but that was because nobody was paying attention to us. People were always paying attention to you FDS while you we were one of the big guys in BPZ. Also FDS, I doesn't matter to me if it is a Death matches, Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fights, No DQ's, Hell in a Cell, Fatal 4 Way, Elimination Chamber or ANYTHING ELSE, I'll fight anywhere because I know I can beat anyone that stands in my way when I am bother with you, but if you want to have that One on One match, I'm all for it. I'll break your spirit, I'll take what you want because I know I'm more deserving than you… I Am Ready For You FDS……
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    "I don't need to speak in metaphors Johnny boy to get a point across, so I'm going to give it to you straight" {A camera is turned on in the locker room, where Julius is seen shining his Intercontinental Championship before Smiling at the camera and draping the band of gold across his shoulder} "304 days is it, 304 days since you were publicly humiliated by the next big thing. I compliment you for realising your failures 304 days ago but what I do see from you Jonathan is a new found sense of confidence. Delusional Confidence. See I have been following your return closely. Victories left, right and center and rightly so it has instilled some belief into you, a sense that you can still compete with the very best still compete at the very top. Although the thing is Jonathan it's not like you have come up against any real competition recently. You rode the coattails of Bart in your return match, you employed the services of a beautiful blonde to help you take out the SSW Club, a club I took out all on my own and now a few less than convincing wins against less than convincing opponents. But yet Jonathan you have that confidence. Inducted into the Hall of Fame, immortalised in this company you have developed a false sense of belief, and just like Mr Clayton so devastatingly found out belief is a dangerous dangerous weapon" {Julius sits up in his seat and crouches forward, his eyes piercing the camera lens as he continues to speak} "But you are right though Jonathan, in two weeks time at Mayhem we are going to go to war. There will be blood and there will be pain something I'm not so sure you are ready for anymore. "Piece by piece, brick by brick, limb by limb" I have heard it all before. The thing that I find common with most of my opponents is that they have this plan, this action that seems unstoppable in theory but they just can't put it into action. These are false promises Jonathan and you know it" "This Vendetta, this personal quest to fix an error you made almost a year ago, it's cute but it's weak. What I did to you in the final of the King of the ring tournament, was only the beginning. I have evolved, I have become a more complete a more dangerous wrestler than ever before while you have been declining, disintegrating hoping that you can ride the wave of the new generation in order to keep yourself afloat. You have other things on your mind, you have a tag-team championship opportunity against Brenden and Sameer and this war is not something you need. You have a partner who is dependent on you to be at 100%, but after I'm done with you "The Ace" will be nothing more. Think about your choices Jon, your days are numbered your entering the final stages of your career. You have a perfect end waiting for you as apart of the Royal Flush, dominating the Tag-Division and cementing your status as nothing more than a supporting act. Do you want to have it end in heartache or do you want it to end in success. Don't let this Vendetta cloud your judgement because if it does I'm sorry Jonathan but I'm going to kill you. The question isn't who is going to let me rather it's who is going to stop me, and that answer isn't you"
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    Mystery of Darkness and Despair

    The Titantron turns to a darkroom and art painting. The portrait is a picture of the face of Alex Costa and a knife through the gut of him. A mystery figure comes out with candles, wine and bread while wearing a bright jacket. Now ready to speak he starts, "I am the guy who has won, lost and attacked I am a Man who has been thrown into bad situation after bad situation and have made the best out of it my name is Maasa". He takes off his jacket sporting a new look. "I am a new man who has been tamed not fully but enough to mangle and compete, against fellow competitors of my own ability. But this is not my full side like I said I am controlled now but I have a take caution to the wind kinda side, a crazy per say. I will be the most infamous and insane person to come through this division and Alex Costa. Speaking Alex Costa let's talk about him the thorn in my side the potrait on my wall the guy I am obsessed with. My goal in like is to defeat him basically I have all ready done that though so what more do I have to do. I have proven myself to capable of such feats it just the time I am not putting in to replicate the success." "The one thing to everyon in the locker room I don't replicate... I create and innovate to make the path to my future of winning and others of losing to me. I guess I'll pop the question here who can stop me? Remember the truth of that statement. The titantron fade out...
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  30. 1 point

    The Life of Bob the Bomb

    Got the idea to do this so I figured why the hell not. Gonna tell you some funny life stories of mine. I'm going to try to do them daily so be on the lookout for when they come out. Story 1: The Food Truck Flash So I took a school trip down to Washington D.C this year which was really fun and defiantly had it's moments. Here is just the story of one of them. It was our second day down in D.C and we were going around to the Smithsonian Museums. Which were fun we went to Air & Space and American History just to name a few. We arrived in the area around noon and we were all pretty hungry. Lucky for us there was a part of it with about a hundred food trucks with lots of different choices. So we split into groups with one chaperone each. My group was lucky and got a lady who didn't care what we did so she kind of just went off on her own 10 minutes later. We didn't see her again till around 7. Now my friends and I decided to meet back at this tree in the corner of the park after we got our food just so we could make sure no one got raped or killed. So we all went our separate ways to go and look for what we wanted to eat. Now I'm thinking to myself as I'm walking, lets get something exotic and not be the generic white guy who just gets a burger. So I walked around for another 10 minutes or so then I found a Taco truck. Now it wasn't that different but it wasn't a burger so it worked for me. So I went over and started ordering ,this is where things started to get interesting. The cashier at the truck was this Latin chick who looked to be in her early 20's and she was was a solid 8 nothing special but defiantly above average. And as I'm taking my order she's like biting her lip and twirling her hair and shit. So I start thinking to myself, well I'm in Washington D.C and my girlfriend is back in New York, she'll never meet this girl. So I'm like fuck it what happens in D.C stays in D.C. So I finish taking my order and now waiting around for my food as other people order. Now I'm thinking of how to score this girl in less than an hour. Then I realized I'm staying at a hotel so I take the ticket she gave me and wrote down my name, the hotel and, room number I'm staying in. So I wait around for a bit then get called up to get my food. By this time one of my friends had found me and also placed an order and was waiting around to. So I go up and hand her my ticket and she looks at what I wrote and smiled then winked at me. So then I let out a smirk knowing that it worked. So she handed over my food and said see you tonight. Ill be there around 10. So I'm hype at this point. I start walking back to my friend smiling and happy. Then she shouts out my name. So naturally I turn around. Then she winked at me again and flashed me. This were some nice tits to, That was the greatest moment of the trip right there. Then after a few seconds she covered them back up. So I turn back to my walk toward my friend and his mouth is hanging wide open in shock. He couldn't even get a word out a first. Then we talked about it for a bit and I explained what happend leading up to that. So we got back to our group of friends and my friends and the friend I was with Keegan started telling them all about how I got flashed. Did I want him to do this? No not at all. Did I enjoy all the high fives and hell yeahs I got? Of course. But I never got to reach the end zone though as she never showed up to the hotel. Although it was probably for the best as she probably would have gotten in trouble if she got caught. Plus my girlfriend hasn't found out which is good too. But when I go back next year when I'm 18 you can bet your ass I'm going all the way. Hell it sounds pretty fun to fuck in a taco truck.
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    Institute of Brooklyn

    Nice to see this come back Icon, some of the dialogue is genuinely funny and enjoyable to read. Keep it up I look forward to more of it
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    Who Are Your Biggest BPZ Rivals?

    I haven't been around here for a very long time but some guys who have always been pains in my back (just kidding you all are great) are probably Arius and Maasa, and right now it would have to be Toxik and Bob of course.
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    I had a funny feeling that would get requested but i’ll add it to the list
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    NJPW: King's Road

    Road to New Beginning Tour Show Highlights While his tenuous relationship with Bullet Club is sill in flux, Jay White pinned David Finlay with the Blade Runner in a multi-man tag team match while teaming with Yujiro Takahashi and Kenny Omega. He attempted to "too-sweet" with Omega after the match, but was left in the ring. Following the match in the backstage interview area, Switchblade was confronted by Juice Robinson. Juice expressed his desire to face Jay in a match, as retribution for him beating his tag partner, David Finlay. Jay smirks, oozing egotism and accepts, only to blindside Juice as they go to shake hands. Switchblade attacks and stomps on Juice's left hand, leaving him to be helped away by the young lions. The final show of the tour featured a vicious beatdown and brawl between El Desperado and KUSHIDA, no love has been lost since their altercation at New Year Dash.
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    {We continue the show as out next is the Premium Champion, MARKER. MARKER has been on incredible form as of late, however with him losing to Hans, will he start crumbling apart? , will he lose confidence in himself? the theme music plays and out comes the champ.} {He enters the ring with the same cocky expression he has on his face as always, he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.} FDS…… I guess you finally let go of yourself, your alter ego, your identity that made you into the man that you are today, it pathetic to see this, I thought that I was gonna get a fight, a fight that everyone will remember, but I guess that now, it just a massacre waiting to happen. FDS, I've been waiting to face you for the longest time one on one, you see after losing against you for the Tag Team Championships, I had a feeling that one day we would meet one on one in the middle of the ring with nobody there to ruin it, just you and me… I see what you are doing FDS, you are just annoying me, your not giving me what I want and that your Hardcore FDS, the man deep inside your body, the man that you famous in BPZ Wrestling…. You see FDS, you say that you are one step ahead of me, when you two steps backwards, I know what I have to do to beat you, however without "him" your nothing but a poor soul waiting to be crushed by me. I want you FDS to come out and prove me wrong, PROVE TO ME YOUR NOT USELESS WITHOUT "HIM". {MARKER waits for FDS to come out….}
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    NXT’s not so holy future

    Voice : for far too long i’ve been seen as nothing more than a joke and a loser but that all ends at Mayhem when I take what is rightfully mine. [ the camera then turns around revealing the voice to be coming from none other than Bulldozer who seems to be alone talking to himself oblivious to the cameraman next to him ] Bulldozer : At BPZ Mania I lost focus, at WAW I got careless, and at Backlash I got cocky and it not only cost me the match but a partner that I trusted, but now I’m done making mistakes. [ Bulldozer then walks off camera as the camera cuts back to ringside here at Carnage ] GRV : Well that certainly was interesting now let’s get back to our regular sho. [ GRV is suddenly cut off as Bulldozer’s music hits and he steps out on stage and does his new pose ] [ Bulldozer then walks down to the ring with the mic in his hand ] Bulldozer : Listen up and listen good because I am not a fan of repeating myself, I am the future of this whole company actually no the entire wrestling industry! [ The crowd then boo very heavily at Bulldozer ] Bulldozer: Go ahead boo all you want it’s not going to change the fact that it’s the truth, Now as for the NXT championship battle royal match at Mayhem i’ve got a list of some names I am going to go over stored right up here because unlike worthless nobodies I don’t need to read off a paper. [ Bulldozer points at his head while referring to his list of names he’s gonna discuss as the crowd boo him even more ] Bulldozer : Now then firstly let’s start with my fellow member of SSW Club, Mave,Well our friendship with each other is certainly well known by now I just can’t allow that to stop me from achieving my current goal, but worry not as I will spare you from my full strength. [ the crowd then erupt into even more boos that continues for 3 minutes before settling down ] Bulldozer : Good now that you’ve all remembered your place and shut your mouths now onto my next person Sir Raven, You betrayed me and the rest of SSW Club and I wish you hadn’t because now I’m gonna have to tear you apart which admittedly does pain me because we’ve been friends for a good while now even before our time here in BPZ but you threw that all away when you sided with these marks! [ The crowd then start to boo but are cut off as quickly gets out of the ring and stares down an elderly member of the audience in the front row who then stops booing and sits back down as Bulldozer gets back in the ring ] Bulldozer : Now I trust there won’t be anymore interruptions? No, good because I’m not going to repeat myself on this next one, Bob “ the bomb” Sparks well i’ll admit you’ve done very well in the Power Trip Cup but what you fail to realize is that success will be your own undoing as the further you progress into that tournament the more wore down your body becomes and on top of that your match with Bic is at Mayhem meaning you’re in not one but two matches at Mayhem both of which require you to be at one hundred percent but let’s face it you won’t be for either of them so you can kiss winning either of them away. [ Bulldozer then laughs to himself as the crowd boo him ] Bulldozer : Now as for my next person Dikey well I would tell you why he’s going to fail at Mayhem and the PTC Finals but i’d rather show you. [ Bulldozer then turns to titantron as a video of Bulldozer’s brawl with Dikey backstage a few weeks ago plays out ending with Bulldozer hitting the God’s ultimate blast ] Bulldozer : See there’s all the proof you’ll ever need about why Dikey will fail at both Mayhem and the PTC Finals, now for the worst person in the match and someone who really only in it to fill up the numbers for the match, Arrow well where to start let’s see he can’t speak more than two and half sentences before needing to catch his breath, he can’t even find his way out here without the help of backstage personnel guiding him, and lastly he’s Arrow and that’s really all you need to know about why he’s going to be tossed out onto the floor where he belongs at Mayhem. [ Bulldozer is then surprised as he is very surprisingly cheered for discussion of Arrow as the cheers last for four minutes and slowly turn to “ Arrow’s a joke” chants ] Bulldozer : Well I must admit i’m rather surprised at that reaction, but don’t think for a second it means I care what you people think now onto the last man in the match, Epic the new guy, the Elite one is what they call you huh? Well I guess we will just have to wait and see about that one but you didn’t look very elite when I put you through the table for running your mouth about SSW Club, but bring your best at Mayhem because believe me you’re gonna need it and more. [ Bulldozer then drops the mic on the floor and exits the ring and walks up the ramp only stopping at stage to do his pose as the crowd boo him before he heads backstage and the camera fades first to a crimson red then black ]
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    WWE Current Brand Split vs AEW 2019

    Money In The Bank 2019 Dean Ambrose wins the RAW Money in the Bank in 17:03 Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated The Iiconics in 8:06 to Retain the Women's Tag Team Championships Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Defeated Kings of Wrestling in 11:36 to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships Becky Lynch Defeated Charlotte in 18:45 to retain the Smackdown Women's Championship Natayla wins the Women's Money In The Bank in 15:28 Roman Reigns Defeated Aleister Black in 20:39 American Alpha Defeated the Usos in 10:21 to win the RAW Tag Team Championships The Miz Defeated Daniel Bryan via low blow and roll up in 16:47 to retain the WWE Championship Drew McIntyre Defeated Finn Balor in 13:36 to win the Intercontinental Championship Adam Cole wins the Smackdown Money In The Bank in 19:48 Ronda Rousey and Asuka Defeated Shayna Baszler and Jassemyn Duke and Marina Shafir in 9:41 when Rousey made Shafir tap John Cena Defeated Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing match in 18:57 to retain the Universal Championship
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    NXT'S Elite Future

    Backstage epic is in a darkly lit room "A normal battle royal is kind of like a dice, there are different ways it could go, but this one is different as there is only one way it can go with me throwing every last person out of the ring and becoming your new NXT champion, oh what an elite champion I will be, now lets have a look at my opponents, The Job Squad oh wait I mean SSW Club, Mave you may have unleashed your demon but there is nothing your demon can do to stop me throwing you out of the ring." Epic takes a shot of whiskey "Bulldozer who the hell do you think you are, I wasn't prepared for the assault but now I am ready to end your god damn career, you will be the last person I eliminate just so I can torture you without any interruptions." "Sir Raven I congratulate you for leaving the SSW Club but I call dibs on kicking Bulldozers ass, but you don't have that great of a win loss record so I will not even need to try to eliminate you." Epic takes another shot "Arrow my god they really need to increase the number of people in this battle royal don't they." "Dikey now I am not 100% sure if you are cleared for the battle royal but if you are I will make sure you get eliminated softly so you don't get injured again." Epic takes another shot "Bob now I ain't to sure if you actually want to win or if you want Alice, just do me a favour and stay out of my way, now if anyone else enters you better do the right thing and stay the hell out of my way if you want at least 5 seconds of action."
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    The Carnage Center is enveloped in black. Only a dim backlight from the titantron provides some sort of reasonable lighting. The titantron is as dark as everything in the arena, the only thing visible is an outline of a shrouded figure. Silence ensues. It’s not a silence of peace, but one filled to the brim with anticipation and anxiety, goosebumps begin to trickle down the arms of everybody in attendance, the expectation continues to build past every potential climax as people begin to become impatient, wanting nothing more than to be released from the wait. Finally, their request is obliged as the shrouded figure’s words roll through the arena. “I wanted nothing more than to secure my place in the history of the company.” The voice belongs to Jonathan, but there are no protests to his words. There’s a certain desperation that line his words, one borne out of disappointment. This desperation is what drove Jonathan mere months prior, pushing him to his breaking point where he radically transformed from champion of the people to champion of his own heart. The words rattle in the midst of the attendees, echoing what Jonathan would ramble about, his desire to be immortalized not only in the eyes of the people but undisputedly by each and every record book, that nobody could ever refute his impact on the industry. The desire to be good enough to be remembered that led him to run headlong into every title match he could, despite loss after loss. The shadowy silhouette of Jonathan drops it’s head, as he begins to speak once again. “You could say that you killed me, Julius. You did what I proclaimed no man would ever be able to accomplish, you took my spirit and snapped it into innumerable pieces. After my chance encounter with you, there was nothing left but a decrepit husk to challenge Bart and Echo and lose twice over. I couldn’t cope with the staggering reality of the situation, that when I most needed vindication from my peers and devotees, I wasn’t good enough to gain it. You took everything I built and turned it to smoldering ashes because I couldn’t make good of my promises. That shattered every narrative I’d grown to believe, that made me realize that my best was nothing in the grand scheme of things, that I was yet another flash in the pan, sharing in the same fate as the rest, not an incredible sendoff which captivated the mass but just like every other goddamn wrestler, violently fazed out a business that I was no longer capable of competing in.” “That was my Death Julius, three hundred and trout days ago. Buried underneath the feet of a new era of captivating talents that ran circles around the generations of old, I was just the last to stand of the equally disappointing, not transcendent assembly of talent. Unfortunately, Julius, the story didn’t come to a close there.” Jonathan lifts his head, and rummages through his pockets, producing a lighter that he holds in front of him. It small flame irradiates the face of Jonathan. There’s a new level of focus displayed in his features, no smile nor smirk but an aura of absolute self-assurance. “Julius, you took something from me far more precious than any gold plated belt. You took everything I thought I was as part of your conquest and tossed it aside, this no longer angers me. You snatched the soul from my body and left me for all but dead, and I would’ve done the same. But now Julius, I get to strip you of the same when I dismantle you Julius; piece by piece, brick by prick, limb by limb, I will pull you apart until I find myself in possession of the one thing I needed. I’m going to rip your goddamn heart out when we see each other Julius.” For the first time in what feels like a century, the riveting words spoken by “The Ace” send the audience into a frenzy, the battle cry spoken by the former hero causing a clamor for what can only be an absolute war to come on in two weeks time.
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    NPW GM MARKER Has A Announcement Next Show We have heard rumors these last couple of weeks in NPW and it seems like it they are gonna announce this "big change" next week in NPW, people have been speculating what this announcement could be. MARKER has spoken about this in many different news outlets and this what he had to say. I am very excited for what are doing in NPW, there are many different stars that has come to NPW and any of them could be a star, they could be the future of this industry and you don't know it. I have a feeling that people will be excited for what I am gonna announce for next week NPW. Websites have said that it could be a big superstar that could be arriving in NPW, other have said it could be the introduction to a brand new championship, currently NPW has no titles to call it own, guess we will find out next week.
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    Accepting Your Fate

    Josh is sitting, still in the Manchester gym, sitting in the boxing ring surrounded by the steel cage. Gary Green walks in, flanked by Bulldozer, Mave and Maasa. Josh is sat in the cage, bouncing a ball against the cage, sat in the middle of the ring. Gary Green begins to climb the cage, but decides against it Green: So this is where you’ve been Josh: Yes Gary, it is Gary: How did you get a steel cage surrounding a boxing ring Josh: Hang on where’s Sir Raven? Josh stands up and looks at the 4 men surrounding him. Gary looks around awkwardly, perhaps annoyed at being ignored by Josh before Bulldozer, well, bulldozers past him, shoving him to the floor Bulldozer: Josh he quit Josh: What why? Mave: He believed he was bigger than us Maasa: How can you not know? Josh: I don’t watch Carnage, how am I supposed to know? Gary: Well you obviously don’t know Julius has accepted your challenge. Suddenly Josh turns and puts his face against the cage Josh: Well Julius, guess what, it’s nice of you to finally pay attention to me. I know you won’t be 100% focused. My parents were physiologists and they analysed the study of an idea called the paradise complex. It’s all in relationship to when you get things. The paradise complex is when you get a lot too soon, like winning a World title 7 months into your career. Where do you go from there Julius? You have nothing to fight for because you’ve reached the top. I have a plan to get to the top and I plan to achieve it. You have no ambitions now. I appreciate that you’ve face me inside this cage, but you accepted to fail. I don’t need SSW Club, no offence guys Bulldozer: None taken Josh: You see Julius, all you’ll be thinking about, if you even spare a thought to think about me, is how you are going to brutalise me in that cage. Did it not occur to you I would be thinking the exact same? Revenge drives us Julius, and at Mayhem you’re going to find that. I don’t need this club, they won’t even be at ringside. No more training montages, no more promos from Manchester. I’m flying back to America Julius and confronting you face to face. I personally cannot wait for this steel cage match when a “Death Machine” falls. You won’t be leaving that cage alive.
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    Gunner Flynn

    Institute of Brooklyn

    Sheriff: Welcome to the 2nd day of the Institute of Brooklyn. It is 5 am, GET UP! Ropati: God this place is so boring, you took my knife last night, you know i cant sleep without some blood. Sheriff: If you behave today, you can sleep with your knive tonight, now shut up. Angelo: Woah, woah, almost fell there, sorry im very clumsy. Ropati: Hey, watch it, you bang it to me again and youll be sleeping with your eyes open. Leeson: Can yall just shut up, sick of this shit, your like an old married couple. Johnathan: This is why i like being alone, shit. Sheriff: Alright, just calm down, wheres Sasuke? Sasuke: No Speak Gay. Sheriff: Alright then... Harold: Excuse me you irrational fools, cant a man read in peace without all this rucus? Everyone: SHUT UP HAROLD! Jack:Oh my god, i cant with any of you, you all are so annoying, shit. Leeson: Well last night Ropati started some shit and im here to end this pussy. Ropati: Leeson, listen, listen... Sheriff: Shut up you two, we have to get some challenges started. Leeson: Aight, we will settle this later Ropati. Ropati: Shit As all of the prisoners seperate, Sheriff presents a round circle for multiple fights. Sheriff: Now as you see there is a circle and this will decide who will be the first to be eliminated. First up is Leeson vs Aaron. Leeson: You gonna get fucked up kid. Aaron: Help me please. Both of them square off, Leeson hits a forearm, taking Aaron straight down to the floor, but gets back to his feet releatively early, and Leeson strikes him with a right arm, knocking out aaron cold. Aaron has been eliminated, bye bitch. Until next time, hope yall liked this episode.
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    Johnny Supernova vs Golem Bonkei This is the debut of Johnny Supernova tonight as he takes on a man that debut last week, Golem Bonkei and this match doesn't disappoint as both men give there all, but it was Johnny Supernova that got his first victory here in his debut, Golem goes in for a hand shake and Johnny accepts and he kicks Golem in the ****. This will probably not be the last time we see these men in the ring with one another. {"Vignettes Of "The Revenant"} {The Revenant speaks once again and he speaks about how he sees the visions he sees at night, that he has a dream, to take over NPW and rule it as a King and that he will go on a journey to find what he needs to take over.} Bob Bottock vs Alex Costa This match ends in pretty quick fashion with Alex Costa hitting the Rites of Passage on Bob for his first victory, Alex is getting his hands raised and everybody's is cheering for him, hopefully that he gets more victories in the future. Frank Cage vs Dikey This match was a great match to watch as both men proved why they brought into NPW in the first place, Frank Cage with his MMA background got the best of Dikey as he made Dikey submit with his Rear Naked Choke hold, who can stop Frank Cage? Who knows, but he keeps on going and there nobody stopping him. {"The Villain Has A Message"} Bart isn't here tonight, however it doesn't matter where he is, he has a plan in the back of his mind to take down Jax and Julius and the next time he meet with them, they will be surprised with what they sees. Julius vs Birdman This match is both men first match in NPW and they did not disappoint, both men tore the house down with them hitting loads of moves on one another with Julius hitting his finisher to end the match. Jax gets in the ring and raises Julius's arm, ending this episode of NPW, will they be able to take down Bart and what plans does the Dutchman has?
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown - Mary 6th, 2019 The New Sheriff In Town Last night, Shane McMahon would give full general manager control to Ethan Carter III, who comes to the ring to kick off Smackdown Live, he would be wearing a nice suit and would introduce everyone to the next era of Smackdown Live. He wants to start his run off right, and announces that in tonight's main event, there will be a championship match! Thats when, the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch would come to the ring to loud cheers and would challenge Carter, wanting to defend her title tonight. Ethan Carter loved the idea, and would make it official. Becky Lynch will defend her title tonight, against an opponent that will be revealed later on. Luke Gallows vs Erick Rowan After Sunday nights Daniel Byran vs Johnny Gargano matchup, two of Smackdown Lives largest men would join the corner of either man and it would be an exciting war, but tonight, the two men are going to go head to head in a brutal war. Brutal would be the only word to describe it, as Luke Gallows would do well in hsi first match since his partner was sent over to RAW and Erick Rowan would hold his own against the 7 footer. But when Luke Gallows would hit his middle rope powerbomb finisher, he would pin and defeat Erick Rowan in the center of the ring. After the match, Johnny Gargano would come into the ring and fist bump Luke Gallows, thanking him for the help before the two would go separate ways. The Monster Tour Backstage, Braun Strowman would be found with his United States championship, holding it lightly as he introduces his open challenge idea, wanting to defend his championship every week against people to prove that he is a monster, and it starts tonight. Braun smiles, and says he is ready for the "Monster Tour" Daniel Bryan Is Heading To Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan would cut a backstage promo with Erick Rowan behind him, Daniel Bryan yells at him for losing his match earlier before turning towards the camera and saying that he is going to enter the Money in The Bank ladder match and get his WWE Championship back. Daniel would get interrupted by a WWE intern before hitting the coffee out of his hands and walking away, Erick Rowan close behind. The Revival vs Lucha House Party In tag team action, the current tag team champions would take on the Lucha House Party and although The Revival have been on top of the world since winning the tag titles, Kalisto and Lince Dorado would be able to keep up with the tag champions, using their speed and unique offense to nearly defeat the tag team champions. However, the crafty champions would hit the Shatter Machine out of nowhere and pin Kalisto in the center of the ring, Lucha House Party gave it there all and looked good, but in the end, it was once again the tag champions who remain tall. Raising their championships high in the air. Money In The Bank Promo A highlight video for the Money In The Bank PPV would play, the Money In The Bank PPV will be coming in July, and will feature the Money in The Bank ladder match, as well as many more amazing matches! Braun Strowman vs Mike Kanellis - United States Championship In the first "Monster Tour" match, Braun Strowman would take on a random opponent, that man would be Mike Kanellis. Who would answer the challenge with his wife by his side, and it is a brave move by Mike as he comes to the ring and stands across the "Monster". The match wouldn't last long, but Mike Kanellis would be able to get the offense in. Hitting a baseball slide after his wife would grab the legs of Braun, and sending Braun face first into the steel post, but when the action would go back into the ring. Braun would hit Mike Kanellis with not one, but two running Powerslams and pin Kanellis in the center of the ring, retaining his championship once again. Who the hell is going to stop this monster? Cruiserweight Classic An advert introducing the first 8 competitors in the cruiserweight classic would play, showcasing their talents they bring to the ring as the hype for this tournament only continues to grow. EC3s Office Inside Ethan Carters office, he would be sitting in his chair on the phone with a mysterious man, he talks about finalizing the contract before Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville would barge into his office, they would demand that one of them is put into the champions match main event. Ethan Carter would grab a coin, and flip it, but before it lands, the camera cuts out to commercial as we're left wondering who'll answer the challenge. Becky Lynch vs Soyna Deville - Womens Championship In the main event and the second title match of the night, Becky Lynch would defend her womens championship against Sonya Deville, who comes to the ring with Mandy Rose by her side. Soyna and Becky would have a very aggressive match, as Becky Lynch would not only beat up Sonya, but Mandy Rose as well. As Becky Lynch and Sonya Devilles war continue before the match could end, the lights would go out and on screen, a video of a treasure chest being opened would play, as it ends, and the lights come back on. Kairi Sane would be in the ring and would nearly kick the heads off both Lynch and Deville before hitting her signature elbow drop on Mandy Rose. Kairi Sane is here, and she arrived in a big way!!!
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    Lord Yautja

    Horny Virgins

    Carnage comes back from commercial break as Aaron North is in the ring with a microphone. The crowd boo him loudly as he walks around the ring and laughs. Why are you booing me? I haven't done anything wrong. My girlfriend is alright, we had a talk about her appearing on camera and she said that she feels like it's not a good idea because she gets very pressured on camera and she felt like you aren't worthy of seeing her perfect body and perfect face on camera. The crowd boos even louder. Wow... i see there's a lot of horny virgins here tonight. If you haven't gotten any before you certainly won't get any now because you're booing me. The crowd start cheering. Well it's too late now. You've already ruined your chances of getting with a girl tonight. I hope you learn not to boo perfection next time. Anyway i'm gonna get to my point now and why i'm out here tonight. North clears his throat and spits in to the crowd. The SSW Club..... they've been here for 1-3 months and they've already failed. The one person i can blame for this is the man who started this travesty of a club and that's Bulldozer. He's not the only one i blame for SSW Club's failures though, there's another man who i blame even more and that's Josh. He promised to bring the SSW Club fortune and glory but then we all realized that he is no Indiana Jones and he's just a grenade thrown back by an enemy soldier. The crowd start chanting: "Grenade Josh" and it makes North laugh. Well isn't this just a great moment. It's the first time ever i hear someone chanting for Josh and it's an insult. I'm not surprised though since he sucks and unlike me he isn't perfect. Aaron drops the mic and leaves the crowd start chanting "Grenade Josh sucks" as Carnage heads to commercial break.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    Backlash 2017 . The Miz VS Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler VS Rusev VS Apollo Crews VS Big Show VS Kane VS Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental championship battle royal) Backlash kicks off with the Intercontinental championship battle royal. All entrants are already in the ring as the show opens, waiting for the bell to ring. As the bell finally sounds, Big Show and Kane are both attacked by the other six participants in the match, all clearly looking to eliminate the largest threats first. The two giants are pushed to the ropes, with three men on each of them, but Big Show and Kane are used to being ganged up on like this in battle royals. The two giants fight off their six smaller opponents, with The Miz, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Rusev all retreating to a respective corner. This leaves just Kofi Kingston and Apollo Crews to fight the two big men. They are able to stagger Big Show and Kane, leading to Kofi and Apollo running off the ropes to gain some momentum behind their offense. As they run the ropes, Kofi would end up running directly into a big boot from Kane and Apollo would run into a WMD from the Big Show. Kofi rolls away in pain, but Apollo is out cold, leading to Kane and Big Show lifting him by his throat and tossing him over the top rope. Apollo Crews has been eliminated. The celebration doesn't last long for the former tag team champions, however, as Baron Corbin, Rusev, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler quickly pounce on Kane, lifting him over the top rope as he is distracted. The Big Show attempts to stop the elimination, but he's too slow to prevent it, as Kane tumbles all the way down to the floor. Kane has been eliminated. The Big Show is enraged by the elimination of his current tag team partner, and he immediately floors The Miz and Dolph Ziggler with a double clothesline. The Miz and Ziggler roll away to recover, which leaves Baron Corbin and Rusev to take on the angry giant. Although Show does put up a valiant effort, he is unable to take down the combined might of Corbin and Rusev, who are able to fight him into the ropes. Corbin and Rusev attempt to lift the World's Largest Athlete over the top rope, but they can't get the giant over. Kofi Kingston then joins in, but the three men still can't eliminate The Big Show. Finally, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler join in on the effort, and this results in The Big Show finally topping over the top rope and down to the floor. The Big Show has been eliminated. The five remaining participants all back away to catch their breaths, and The Big Show watches on in disbelief. However, as Kofi is still recovering, Baron Corbin tries to run him over with a clothesline. He ducks, but is immediately met with a Machka Kick from Rusev. Corbin and Rusev lift Kofi into the air and launch him over the top rope, right into The Big Show. Although Show catches Kofi before he can hit the floor, Show decides to try to take his anger out on the New Day member, lifting him into the air for a choke slam. At the height of the move, though, Kofi wraps his legs around Show's arm, then starts punching him in the face. Kofi is able to stagger Show for a second, then crawls up the giant, eventually standing on the Big Show's shoulders. Before Show can realize what is going on, Kofi leaps from The Big Show's shoulders back onto the ring apron, yet again miraculously avoiding elimination. Kofi re-enters the ring as Baron Corbin and Rusev watch on in disbelief. Ringside officials order Big Show to the back, still fuming over his elimination and Kofi's antics. As all this was happening, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler were discussing a plan of action amongst themselves, and as Kofi re-enters the ring, Dolph Ziggler blasts Rusev with a superkick, while The Miz gives Corbin's knee a chop block. Ziggler then levels Corbin with a Superkick while he's down. With the two biggest men in the match down, Kofi, Ziggler and The Miz try to lift Rusev's body up to eliminate him. They're able to get him on the ropes and start to lift him over, but Baron Corbin recovers and fights them off. Rather than saving the man he's formed an alliance with during this match, though, Corbin lifts Rusev clean over the ropes, eliminating him. Rusev has been eliminated. Ziggler, Kofi and The Miz then try to focus their efforts on the Lone Wolf. The Miz kicks the knee of Corbin's he chop blocked earlier. He staggers Corbin, leading to Kofi and Ziggler joining in on the assault of the Lone Wolf. However, Corbin is able to push the three men off, and immediately levels The Miz with a massive clothesline. Ziggler blasts Corbin with another superkick, causing him to stagger over to the ropes. Kofi then charges at Corbin full-speed, but Corbin is able to recover and presses Kofi straight over the top rope, with him not even touching the apron. Kofi Kingston has been eliminated. Ziggler and Miz then lock eyes with the destructive Corbin, who has eliminated half the field of participants so far. The Miz and Ziggler whisper to each other about strategy, but The Miz is cut off by a superkick from Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler then goes over to Corbin and tries to hash out some kind of deal with him that would convince him to give Ziggler the victory. Ziggler offers him an entire month's paycheck, which Corbin agrees to. Ziggler then turns around to focus on The Miz again, but he's caught by... A Deep Six from Corbin! Corbin then lifts Ziggler up like he weighs nothing and tosses him straight over the top rope and down to the floor. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated. Corbin then locks eyes with The Miz, who is still recovering from Dolph Ziggler's superkick. The Miz is trying to pull himself up by the ropes, and Corbin waits for him to get back up. As The Miz finally stands back up, Corbin charges right at him, looking to clothesline him over the ropes. However, as Corbin approaches, The Miz quickly pulls down the top rope, which leads to Corbin flying right over the ropes and down to the floor. Baron Corbin has been eliminated. Your winner, and NEW Intercontinental champion, The Miz! The Miz celebrates him finally regaining the championship he's brought so much prestige and credibility to already, and the audience reacts in a strangely positive way, maybe because he won and Baron Corbin didn't, or they were impressed by his gutsy performance tonight. Whatever the reason, though, the audience cheers on as The Miz celebrates with his newly reclaimed intercontinental championship. . The Bella Twins VS The IIconics (SmackDown women's tag team championship) The next match of the night is the crowning of the inaugural SmackDown women's tag team champions. The IIconics enter first, competing in only their second match on the main roster. Their victory over Becky Lynch and Naomi was due to Naomi turning on her longtime friend, Becky Lynch, to the benefit of the two Aussie ladies. The Bella Twins enter next, the most well-established female duo in WWE history. Brie Bella has held up remarkably well as of late, despite giving birth not long ago and seeing her husband, Daniel Bryan, being sidelined yet again by concussion issues at the hands of British Strong Style. The twins look to earn an honor not bestowed on just anyone, that honor being the first ever SmackDown women's tag team champions. As the bell rings, it is Nikki Bella and Peyton Royce who start this match. The former and longest reigning Diva's champion takes control early, using her superior power to ground the NXT upstart. However, she refrains from moving Peyton to her corner, aware of how Brie Bella likely isn't at full strength yet after child birth. Nikki lifts Peyton into the air for a Rack Attack, but Peyton rakes her eyes while Billie Kay distracts the referee. This stuns Nikki Bella, who Peyton then lays out with a spinning heel kick. Peyton then backs Nikki into the IIconics' corner, and they take turns dominating the former Divas champion. After a minute of this, Billie is the legal participant and tries to line up Nikki Bella for Every Kick Begins With Kay (formerly Shades of Kay), but Nikki is able to duck and tag in Brie Bella. The crowd erupts for the new mother, who unloads on the IIconics. Although noticeably slower than before her pregnancy, Brie is still able to wrestle with enough fire to surprise the NXT upstarts. Brie lands her signature move, the running knee into the bottom rope, and goes for the pin on Kay, but Peyton breaks it up. Unfortunately for Peyton, Nikki is right there, and quickly lays her out with a Rack Attack. Brie then locks in a Yes Lock on Billie Kay, earning the submission. The Bella Twins are your winners, and NEW SmackDown tag team champions! The Bella Twins celebrate their victory, but are noticeably banged up, as Nikki is seen holding her surgically repaired neck and Brie is clearly tired from the match. The IIconics look on, disappointed, but they appear to have a plan in mind for if they ever get another chance at the titles. . Pete Dunne VS Tye Dillinger This match came together after Pete Dunne, alongside the rest of British Strong Style, attacked Tye Dillinger after his match against Bray Wyatt a few weeks back. However, as Pete Dunne enters, he is noticeably alone, surely because Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher are focusing on preparing for their tag team title match later tonight. Tye Dillinger enters next, looking to get revenge on the former United Kingdom champion. Although both these men first appeared on the same episode of SmackDown, this match marks Pete Dunne's official SmackDown in-ring debut. As the match begins, Dillinger immediately goes right after Dunne, with pure fire and fury filling his eyes. Dunne retreats to the outside, which leads to Tye Dillinger taking a massive dive through the ropes at the Bruiserweight to the surprise and delight of the audience. Dillinger throws the stunned Dunne back into the ring, but as Tye slides back in, Dunne steps on Dillinger's fingers on his left hand. Dillinger recovers and retreats back to a turnbuckle while covering his fingers. Dunne follows, which leads to Tye firing straight right hands at Dunne, but Dunne shakes them off and grabs Tye's left hand, bending it back as far as he can. As Dillinger screams in pain, Dunne lays him out with a massive clothesline, taking control of the match. Dunne wears down Tye for a bit, primarily focusing on his injured hand, then whips Tye into the turnbuckle. Dunne then charges at Tye, but Dillinger sidesteps, causing Dunne to run into the turnbuckle, stunning him slightly. Dillinger tries to take this opportunity to hit Dunne with a Tye Breaker, but he is unable to get a good grip on his opponent. Dillinger struggles for a bit to lift Dunne, but Dunne recovers and bends Tye's fingers back yet again. As Dunne bends Tye's fingers back, he slides between Dillinger's legs and catches him with a Bitter End from behind, following with the pinfall. Pete Dunne is your winner. Pete Dunne picks up a decisive victory in his in-ring debut as a member of the SmackDown roster, but Dunne isn't finished yet. He lifts Tye Dillinger's body up and hits him with another Bitter End, sending a message to the Perfect Ten and anyone else who decides to cross Pete Dunne. . Charlotte VS Maryse (SmackDown women's championship) Maryse enters first, looking to continue the hot streak she's been building for the past few weeks. This match with Charlotte is only her third since officially returning to the ring full-time, and Maryse is looking to earn a championship that she can take pride in wearing, unlike the Diva's championship. Charlotte enters second, with her typical over the top entrance and gusto, and as she comes down to the ring, she laughs at the threat of Maryse. As the match begins, Maryse charges right at Charlotte, taking the four-time RAW women's champion off guard. Maryse is quickly overpowered, though, as Charlotte immediately spears her leg when she gets the opportunity. Charlotte grinds down Maryse's leg for a bit, insulting and trash-talking the former Diva's champion at every turn. Maryse is able to start firing back at Charlotte, nailing her with straight right hands, but Charlotte pushes her back into a turnbuckle. She then attempts a spear on Maryse, but Maryse is able to sidestep, sending Charlotte careening into the turnbuckle post. Maryse takes this opportunity to hit Charlotte with a spinning backbreaker, but is only able to get a two count. Maryse then locks a Camel Clutch in on Charlotte, but Charlotte begins hitting Maryse's leg, forcing her to break the hold. As Charlotte recovers, she blasts Maryse with a big boot, which is only able to score a two count. Charlotte reacts in frustration, screaming at Maryse to stay down, which Maryse reverses into a roll-up, again only getting a two count. Before Maryse can get back up, Charlotte assaults her leg again. She then pulls Maryse to the apron and wraps her legs around the turnbuckle post, locking in a figure four on the outside. Charlotte breaks the hold at the four count, getting as much pain out of the hold as possible. She takes a moment to trash talk some fans at ringside who are booing her, then returns to the ring. She waits for Maryse to get up, setting up for a massive Spear to end her opponent. As Maryse gets back up, Charlotte charges at her, but she's caught by a French Kiss out of nowhere! Maryse quickly covers Charlotte and scores the major upset victory. Maryse is your winner, and NEW SmackDown women's champion! Maryse celebrates her newly won women's championship, and is then quickly joined by her husband, The Miz, with Intercontinental championship in tow. The It Couple of WWE celebrates their huge victories together, with the full support of the crowd backing them up. . British Strong Style VS The Usos VS The Hardy Boys VS The New Day (SmackDown tag team championships) In the second and last of tonight's tag team title matches, these four teams battle it out to become only the fifth ever SmackDown tag team champions. The Usos enter first, their eyes set firmly on becoming the first ever tag team to hold these titles more than once, and looking to regain the titles they never truly lost. The Hardy Boys enter next, with Broken Matt Hardy leading a chorus of "DELETE" chants along the way. The New Day are third, with Kofi Kingston choosing to sit this one out, still weary from his Intercontinental championship match earlier in the night. Finally, the newest team on the block, Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher of British Strong Style enter, flanked by the third man in that stable, Pete Dunne. Before the match starts, however, the referee orders that Kofi Kingston and Pete Dunne leave ringside, which they reluctantly agree to. The rules of this match work with all four teams having one legal participant at a time, and the four men who start this match off are Tyler Bate, Xavier Woods, Jimmy Uso and Jeff Hardy. The action starts fast and furious, with Jimmy wasting no time before he lands a massive superkick on Jeff Hardy. As Jeff Hardy rolls away, Matt Hardy makes the blind tag, but stays on the apron for the time being. Jimmy then tries another superkick on Tyler Bate, but Tyler catches it. However, as Tyler is distracted by Jimmy, he is unable to stop a quick Lost in the Woods from Xavier. Xavier and Jimmy then face off, with Jimmy backing Xavier into The Usos' corner. Jimmy tries to tag in Jey, but Jey is knocked off the apron by Jack Gallagher. Xavier fights off Jimmy, but both men are then taken down with a double twist of fate from Matt Hardy. Hardy goes for the pin on Jimmy, who kicks out, and while this happens, Xavier rolls away. Tyler Bate then recovers and squares off with the older Hardy, and though he tries to fight off Bate, he is overpowered by the younger athlete. Bate backs Hardy into BSS's corner, making the tag to Jack Gallagher. As Gallagher takes over, Bate notices Jimmy and Jey Uso recovering on the outside, and he chooses to dive over the top rope onto both Usos. After Bate's dive, Jeff Hardy then lands a Swanton Bomb on Bate and both Usos. Gallagher sees the carnage, and decides to join in on the fun, diving off of the turnbuckle onto the pile of bodies, but Jimmy Uso is able tp escape from the pile. Matt Hardy is the final man to join in on the dogpile, leaving both members of BSS, both Hardy's and Jey Uso down. Jimmy Uso looks to be going for a dive of his own, but he's caught out of nowhere by Big E, who holds Jimmy in position for an UpUpDownDown, followed by the pinfall. The New Day are your winners, and NEW SmackDown tag team champions! Big E and Xavier are quickly joined by Kofi Kingston, and the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history celebrate the newest titles to join their hardware collection. . Becky Lynch VS Naomi This match comes from Naomi's recent betrayal of her former friend and one time tag team partner, Becky Lynch. Naomi enters with her older, more grounded entrance, ditching the high energy and glow-filled entrance. Becky Lynch enters next, her demeanor serious and all business. Before the bell even rings, Becky Lynch goes right after Naomi, and the bell rings during the exchange of right hands from the two former SmackDown women's champions. Becky Lynch gets an early advantage. However, Naomi retreats into the ropes, causing the referee to back Becky away. As the referee is distracted, Naomi loosens the bottom turnbuckle pad. When Becky again approaches Naomi, she is caught off guard by a high kick to her head, staggering the inaugural SmackDown women's champion. Naomi follows up with a Rear View, covering Becky Lynch, but not being able to put her away. Naomi then starts to wear down Becky for a bit, but Becky begins to fire up soon after. She hits a Becks-Plex on Naomi, causing Naomi to fall into the turnbuckle from earlier. As Becky fires up, Naomi removes the bottom pad quickly, with both Becky and the referee not seeing it. Becky then tries to hit a running knee on Naomi, but Naomi dodges, with Becky's knee careening directly into the exposed steel of the turnbuckle. Becky limps away from the turnbuckle in pain, and Naomi kicks her other leg out from under her. As Becky is down, Naomi locks in her old submission hold, the Stretch Muffler, on Becky's newly injured knee, and this forces Becky Lynch to tap out. Naomi is your winner. After her victory, Naomi locks in her Stretch Muffler again on Lynch, refusing to break until officials force her to leave the arena. Naomi leaves, pleased with her work, as Becky is seen writhing in pain. . Curt Hawkins VS ??? Curt Hawkins enters before the main event, announcing that he's annoyed by WWE overlooking him lately. He believes he should've been in the WWE championship match, or at least the Intercontinental championship battle royal, but he's taking over this show and hosting an open challenge for anyone on the roster so he can prove his worth. Suddenly, the arena cuts to black, and the audience are greeted with... The debuting Shinsuke Nakamura! Curt Hawkins immediately yells at officials, trying to call off the match, but they refuse. As Curt is distracted, Nakamura enters the ring and the bell sounds. As the bell rings, Curt Hawkins turns around immediately into... Kinshasa! The pinfall afterwards is merely academic, and Nakamura celebrates his destructive debut in front of the audience. . AJ Styles VS John Cena VS Bray Wyatt VS Randy Orton (WWE Championship) The main event of Backlash tonight comes together due to the four previous WWE champions never receiving a proper rematch for the title. First out is AJ Styles, the man who lost the WWE championship to John Cena at Royal Rumble, and the man who believes he made SmackDown what it is since the brand split. Next is John Cena, the man who lost the WWE title to Bray Wyatt at Elimination Chamber, and the man who is looking to beat Ric Flair's record before he retires in one year. Third is Bray Wyatt, the man who lost the WWE title to his former ally, Randy Orton, at WrestleMania, and the man who surprised everyone with his rapid ascension to the WWE title. Finally, we have Randy Orton, the man who never lost the WWE title and looks to reclaim what he believes never should have left his possession. The match begins with two perennial rivals squaring off, as AJ Styles goes right after John Cena. While this happens, Bray Wyatt exits the ring, looking to pick his spots a bit more carefully. Orton eyes Wyatt, but chooses to leave him alone for the time being, watching AJ and Cena square off. After a bit, AJ Styles tries to whip Cena into the corner Orton is laying in, but he is reversed and Cena ends up whipping AJ into that corner, with Orton reacting quickly and giving him a backbody drop. AJ exits the ring to recover, leaving the two long time rivals. Cena and Orton battle for a bit, but Cena is able to get the upper hand on the youngest ever world champion, hitting him with his signature sideslam. As Cena goes for a Five Knuckle Shuffle, he's caught by surprise with... Sister Abigail! Bray goes for the pin, but AJ Styles lands a 450 splash on Bray and Cena, breaking up the pin. All four men are down, and the first two to recover are AJ Styles and Randy Orton. Styles is able to ground the viper for a bit, but Orton springs back into control, hitting AJ with his signature snap powerslam as AJ comes off the ropes. As AJ rolls away, Bray Wyatt tries to catch Orton off guard, but he's quickly caught by... RKO! Orton goes for the cover, but unlike at WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt kicks out this time. Wyatt attempts to roll outside, but Orton catches him just as he gets to the apron, then grabs Bray's head and pulls him into the ring over the second rope. As Orton has Bray Wyatt draped on the ropes, preparing for his signature apron DDT, he's caught fittingly out of nowhere by... Phenomenal Forearm! However, before AJ can go for the cover, John Cena catches him by surprise with an... Attitude Adjustment! Cena does for the cover on AJ Styles, but he is able to kick out at the last second. He then tries to cover Orton, but he has also recovered, kicking out. Cena then turns his attention to the downed Bray Wyatt, but as he tries to cover Bray, the Wyatt Family Patriarch recovers and tries to and a Sister Abigail. However, Cena was expecting this, and he is able to slip out of the Sister Abigail and land yet another... Attitude Adjustment! Cena goes for the cover on Wyatt, and this time, it is successful! Your winner, and NEW WWE champion, John Cena! John Cena has succeeded in the first of three tasks on his bucket list, and on this fateful night, Cena can say he has surpassed the record of Ric Flair. Backlash closes with John Cena celebrating his 17th world championship victory with the audience.
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT: May 8th 2019 Welcome to another episode of the Black and Yellow brand where we are just under 3 weeks away from NXT TakeOver: Homecoming. Tonight we have another stacked show, with our massive Main Event of the evening where Punishment Martinez has issued a challenge to anyone on the roster in preparation for his title match against Johnny Gargano. All that and much more tonight, but we start with some singles action from the Women's Division Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae We kick things off with two women, looking to make waves in the NXT Women's Division as we potentially may look for a new challenger post-TakeOver. Yim and LeRae put on a good match but just as Yim was looking to hit her finish Shayna Baszler pulled her out of the ring and started beating her down. After finishing Yim, she turned her attention to Candice LeRae and continued to beat her down. Baszler then grabbed a mic out of the announcer's hands and warned Bianca Belair about what she will do to her inside of a steel cage when they meet. Baszler then went on to put Candice LeRae to sleep after locking in the Kirifuda Clutch Performance Center Chaos We return from the commercial break with vision during week from one of the Performance Center's training session. WWE PC Coach Robbie Brookside was helping out Keith Lee with his grappling when Dominik Dijakovic interrupted and the two started to brawl. Brookside alongside many of the other PC trainees broke up the fight before it could escalate any further. As we return to NXT, William Regal is seen watching the footage and announces that at NXT TakeOver: Homecoming, Dijakovic and Lee will do battle to settle this once and for all The Street Profits vs Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss After it was announced last week that the Street Profits would finally get the chance to fight for the NXT Tag-Team Championships, Ford and Dawkins went to battle against the powerful duo of Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. Street Profits looked in trouble early but the power of Angelo Dawkins allowed the Profits to get the match back on their terms. Once Montez Ford got back into the ring and pushed the intensity there was no turning back as the Profits picked up a win and more momentum heading into the biggest match of their career against The Undisputed ERA ACH vs Dan Matha The electrifying ACH returned to action next taking on Dan Matha. ACH put on yet another impressive display here on NXT defeating Matha and having a lot of fun in the process. He looms to be a major threat to any championship he challenges for Sit-Down with Matt Riddle During the week, Mauro Ranallo sat down with NXT North-American Champion Matt Riddle to talk about his title defence against Fenix. Riddle put over how unique Fenix is with his high-flying ability before stating that he is undefeated in Singles Competition and will not just lay down for someone like Fenix. Riddle promised that the era of Bro will continue to live on after he puts The Flying Fenix down at TakeOver Punishment Martinez's Challenge Punishment Martinez came out for his Main Event match against a mystery opponent. Before his opponent was revealed, Johnny Gargano was invited to ringside to observe. As Punishment looked cockily at the entrance ramp, his face turned to shock as the Big Show made his NXT debut to challenge Punishment Martinez. Both men went to war with each other but it was Punishment Martinez who picked up an enormous victory defeating the Big Show. He is a very big threat to Johnny's championship at TakeOver
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    Isaiah Carter

    Arius and his Graphics

    Love the design you came up with here, I do like the bottom one better as the text looks better, but the only problem for me would probably be the font choice. I feel like you could find someone that blends well, however, this is an amazing sig and I wanna see more like this! Keep it up
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    Arius and his Graphics

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    AEW Roster & New Signings

    (Rumour) United Kingdom wrestler Sadie Gibbs is the newest member of the women's division signed to All Elite Wrestling. Former IMPACT Knockouts Champion Allie is the newest addition to the All Elite Wrestling roster. What a steal for AEW to sign Allie after Impact let her know that they had no intentions of re-signing her. Their loss is AEW's gain. I'm not going to say this is going to a blow to the company at large but i still think it's a key talent of their women's division that they have let go. Hope for all the success in the world for Allie. I guess she will continue to go under the Allie name instead of returning to Cherry Bomb?
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