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    Lord Yautja

    Confusion Within

    Carnage comes back from commercial break as the titantron is showing Aaron North and Cody Cage at a McDonalds drive thru. "Cody do you really need this? We're not gonna take long." "Shut up, i'm hungry man and when i'm hungry i'm going to eat." "Okay relax, if it's that important to you just order already!" Cody orders a big mac burger and once he gets it Aaron and Cody quickly take off. Aaron who is driving the car tells the camera where they're headed. "Okay, you all might be wondering what the hell we're doing so that's why i'm gonna tell you. We're headed to Angelo's house because we haven't seen him since he returned and Nanovirus attacked his wife so we've started to get a little worried. Now i know i'm fighting Marker and FDS at Mayhem and i should be focusing on that but i can't do that when i don't know where my advocate is." Cody starts smelling his burger and Aaron just stares at him. "Are you gonna eat that or not?" "I can't eat when i'm in a car, i'm gonna get sick." "Alright then eat it later." After a short while Aaron and Cody finally arrive at Angelo's place. Aaron knocks on the door but no one answers. They notice that the door is not locked and go inside, they notice weird writing on the walls. "What the hell is this?" Cody drops his burger on the floor in shock. He starts reading the things on the walls but can't make much sense of them because of how shocked he is. "None of this makes any sense. Where's Angelo?" "I don't know i can't see him. Maybe he's in his room." "Okay let's go there." Aaron and Cody find Angelo's room and approach Angelo's room.
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    Confusion Within

    The two open the door, a cold air hitting them right in the face, sending chills down their body as they then see writing above the bed of Angelo Caito. Both Aaron and Cody read it, saying "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn Out The Light?". Both Aaron and Cody looked at each other, before Aaron decides to slowly walk over to the wall, shakingly before turning the light off. Angelo appears in front them, supporting a new look, a new mask, and a new attire all together, a new look, for Nanovirus. Cody and Aaron look at each other, before Cody runs out the room. "Dude youre on your own!" Cody runs down the stairs, stepping on his burger he dropped earlier and runs down the dirt driveway and over to the street, running as fast as he can. Aaron sighs as he slowly turns around and faces Nanovirus. Before he can speak, Nanovirus turns, facing the wall that was behind his as he then chuckled. He walks to the wall, his boot prints leaving a loud noise after each step. "Aaron.. North. My client. My friend. You seeking Angelo's well being is quite…. Remarkable. However, Angelo is weak to fight me off son, and Angelo isn't what's needed for this fight. A fight made for someone, who has no emotions, no feeling for any safety nor care of anyone who thinks they got the balls to step up to me. Angelo… is DEAD! And The Ruler Of Hell, the Demon From The Underground lives on. At Mayhem North, we will do the unthinkable. We bring BPZ to it's knees and make everyone against us SUFFER!" As soon as Nanovirus yells, lightening blasts on the outside, thunder ripping through the sky and rain begins falling. "Also… Aaron. Being your manager, no longer defines my legacy. I'm back, digging Graves and killing off names. I'm back, and at Mayhem, we're taking over. And…. At Judgement Day. I have, one more grave, for someone." Aaron takes a second, thinking about that last part, before his eyes widen and his jaw drops. Aaron: "Does this mean…." Nanovirus cracks his neck before looking back up at Aaron, breathing heavy and slowly nods. "I'm….. Back…. And at Judgement Day, I'm going to compete, and claim my next soul! BPZ will never be the same again. The world will never recover from my wrath. And God won't save anyone who steps in my way and will fall to the powers of the Underworld. Possa Dio pregare che Angelo ritorni, o il cielo perderà molte anime." Aaron: "But… but what does that mean?" "...... May God Pray That Angelo Returns, or heaven will lose many souls." Nanovirus laughs loudly as lightening and thunder blasts more in the background as the camera fades to black.
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    Nearly Impossible

    The cynical feeling of darkness is met by a large splashing sound, as a small ball of light, followed by a human body floats down to what appears to be a body of water. As the body slowly sinks downwards, air bubbles escaping from its partly opened mouth, a small box floats to the top of the water and the camera focuses in on it, and in the dim moonlight that hangs over Boston, you can see a dirty pack of cigarettes, the same brand that the mysterious man from Boston was smoking when he spoke to BiC. As the last bit of air bubbles stop rising, and the ciggerate pack begins to float away, the camera cuts off. As the camera fades back in, we get a skyline shot of the moon, in full color as it hangs high above, watching over the trees and life that takes place during the night. A slight pattern of foot steps can be heard and as the camera pans out, looking towards a cement sidewalk in the middle of a park we see where its origins are coming from, a hooded man jogging down the sidewalk. As the man stops and sits down on a park bench, exhaling and leaning back, putting his hands over his face before leaning forward once again and looking up at the camera. Where we see this hooded man is BiC, who is clearly training for his match against Bob. BiC removes his hood, revealing his brown, curly hair before speaking in a hushed yet aggressive tone. Do you want to talk about time Bob? How it is coming to an end? Your entire spiel about my time coming to an end just proved to me that you have no clue on what I am, who I am. I have more heart, more passion, and more will then anyone else who works for this company and if that sounds cocky that's because it is. I use to act confident, use to show my wealth, but I realized that if I went into that ring and proved it that I would finally get the respect from the fans I have always wanted. I am in no way slowing down, no way running out of time, in fact Bob. If anything, I am only getting faster, stronger, smarter then I have EVER been. The metaphorical clock on my career is not going to stop ticking, my name is not Angelo Caito and I will not be held up against the walls of a retirement home. I understand and respect you Bob Sparks,you're young, have all the hype in the world behind you. But I am not sorry when I say that I am going to kick your ass in 8 days and I am going to pin you, go onto the finals and finally prove my worth in this god forsaken company. Hell, I have put my life on the line for four years and there is not a chance in the world I stop here. The one thing I don't like about you Bob, you have no passion. You just fight, kick ass, part of me respects that but the other looks at it as a weakness, because there's nothing that brings you into that ring and drives you to win, and like many great minds have said before this moment, a man who is driven by passion is impossible to stop. Impossible. What a great word to describe this fight Bob, you got good fight kid, but when you comes down to it. I'm impossible to stop. BiC takes a deep breath before putting his hoodie back on and taking his phone out, turning on his music as "Middle Child" by J. Cole can be slightly heard. He stands up, and gives the camera a wink before giving his final words. Be seeing you, Mr. Sparks
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    Fork In The Road

    BrendenPlayz and Sameer stride to the ring full of smiles and even giving a little chuckle as they grab the microphone. BrendenPlayz speaks first: "Oh what a glorious day in the world of BPZ. It's great to be back in front of the fans after being gone for the last month. I gotta say, I do miss this place. It's a shame that I'm very busy right now, otherwise I'd be here every night! Juggling all my office duties and being in the ring is difficult and I've had to make some tough calls about my future. But, now that I am here it's time that we address the elephant in the room and that is the Royal Flush. Yep, we heard what Sheridan had to say and what very little Johnny boy said. I get it. Sheridan, you're trying to make a name for yourself here. You're looking to grab onto the legendary names that are myself and Sameer and try and grab whatever little ounce of respect you can from being in the same ring as us. You give the same usual speech I've heard a thousand times "The Royal Flush is the best, we're number one, yay go us", blah blah blah. I'm already bored. You come out here and you speak for what felt like a hour and you spew out the usual garbage. So what is it this time? Sameer has other plans other than the tag team titles? I'm sorry, isn't your tag team partner clearly focusing on winning the Power Trip Cup? I don't see him out here trying to win these championships. I don't see him out here campaigning about how great your team is? Where is he? Oh yeah that's right, focusing on his OWN career. But wait! Where is Sameer at? I don't see him talking about cashing in Money In The Bank? I don't see him competing in tournaments. He's right here, focused on the task at hand and that's defending these championships. So look Sheridan you can say what you want to say. Use your big fancy words and try and fool the audience into thinking that you're somewhat intelligent. But the fact of the matter is this, if you had half a brain you would've stepped aside a long time ago. This ring isn't a place for you. You've beaten nobody, you are nobody and this place is where I consider my home. I know these ropes, I know how to win and I know how to be a champion. Something that you cannot do and will never do. Besides, you need to give your partner a call and just double check to make sure that he's even going to show up for our match, because if he doesn't. This match could be your last. Sameer grabs the microphone.
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    "The Ace"

    {A countdown timer appears on the screen before the static takes over leaving the audience with a moment of silence. A piano begins to play in the background as a video highlighting "The Ace" Jonathan begins to play. It recaps his career accolades, his multiple championship victories, his success as a part of Ruin before ending off with him being victorious and capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship} {As the video slowly begins to fade out, slow sequential clapping can be heard until the screen cuts to black. The camera then zooms out revealing a theatre with one sole seat occupying the area, a sit in which the Intercontinental Champion occupies} "Truly a legend aren't you Jon? See I left out the part where I brutally dismembered you because I already know that it's eating at you every single day like a plague. When you look at me you see terror, you replay all the horror I caused over the last year and you know, you realise that you could have stopped this. When you look at me you see anger, hatred it overcomes you and takes you to a place where your darkest thoughts lay. But when you see me, you also feel fear. A reminder of all your failures, a reminder of the time you failed to become truly immortal" "See Jon I left you with a choice, last time I spoke. Take the easy route, win the Tag-Team Champions become the Ace of the division, or delve into the unknown. Visit the past that has haunted you for 306 days and risk it all. I'm a smart man though Jonathan, I know you. I have studied your patterns your thoughts throughout history, I even made you this nostalgic video to give you some hope, pump the adrenaline through your veins because I am a mastermind and I know with all certainty that you will take this horror road. You're Valiant, you'reproud and you fight for Justice. You fight for what you think is right even if your chance of success ranks immensely low. So I know that you are going to pursue this, and I commend your courage but courage is a very very dangerous device. You seem to think that your the only man in this match with a point to prove, but you're wrong. I can count in days too Jonathan" "349 days Jonathan, 349 days sine I failed, since I lost in the Power-Trip Cup final. But what differentiates an Ace to a legend is the ability to respond. With me, I made a decision to work harder than ever before to make sure I never let an opportunity like that slip away again. I made a promise to myself that I would become the most dominant monster this company has ever seen and in doing so I got to taste the sacred fruits, I became that unstoppable monster. But with you, you spiraled out of control, your mystique disappeared, you wore a mask to try and hide your insecurity, you tried to find a solution but nothing ever came. So what did you do when there was no clear way out? You walked away like the coward you are and now you're back, with a point to prove and a vendetta to seek but it's all too late" "If you don't walk into Chicago with an enhanced strategy, your chances are next to none. That's not me being over confident and it sure as hell isn't me being cocky and arrogant. It's the truth. If you don't show me how much of an Ace you really are, if you can't find the formula that brought you success once before, come Mayhem you're not going to walk out of Chicago at all"
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    Toxic Waste

    We return from commercial break, static sounds throughout the arena. The titantron fades in and out before that earing image is focused in on. You know this week has given me time to think about what i said, and i dony apologize for anything. I spoke about postive energy, something that i would pride myself on back just a few months back. It ate me alive, i wasnt able to think straight, this energy was eating me alive. I found this new kind of energy on my time away. A powered energy, classified as a toxic energy that takes your distractions away. Icon pauses, grabbing his head viciously, banging his head on the background wall repeadetly. See what you all make me do? This is all your fault, not mine, is it my fault?Why would it be my fault, THINK ICON! I cant let the postive energy consume me again. As i was saying before i was i was rudely interrupted, you all dont understand what it is like to be the outsider. The man who can never be in the open, never can be the champion. I was always the joke, was laughed at for being the one who lost everything. But maybe that isnt a bad thing, losing everything might just have been the best thing to happen to me. The real question is can you hear that, that is the sound of a new era. The picture cuts out, leaving the crowd in shock.
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    A video of FDS is played, a simple black background, soft piano music playing in the background. FDS stares into the camera lense. Well. This is different… no not different this is right. I shouldn’t have to do sit in a run down murder workshop, I shouldn’t have to burn down houses, I shouldn’t have to murder people to get your attention… and yet for the last two years that's all you’ve wanted, you haven’t cared about the man that I am all you cared about was watching me do insane things in and out of the ring. So now you expect me to Entertain you oh boy let’s get the old novelty act and get him to yell baybay and murder people and rain money from the sky and… No. No. No are you kidding me!? I worked my ass of to get here, I worked extremely hard to be here and all you care about is watching me be a carnival act, you just want me to come out there and act like a tiger jumping through a ring of fire and just listen to the circus conductors. So you know what I did, I the tiger has left the circus, I ran out and I went into the wilderness I belong and I set myself free. So now I am what I always should have been, A Wrestler. A professional wrestler because that's why I work here isn’t it? Isn’t it? No. No its not apparently. All this company cares about is money and the way I best make this company money is by killing myself. Hurting myself, breaking my body and you know what they do when I do it? They laugh. They make fun of me. They call me a failure, a joke well no more. I am not here to entertain anybody, I am not here to be a joke, I am here to be a professional wrestler and I am here to win matches. So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to Wrestle and I am going to win. Now MARKER, You said you’re ready for me, you said you’re disappointed in me and you said I always needed groups to win championships. Let me tell you something to start with I never needed anybody, everybody I’ve worked i’ve used and then I threw away. Ryan, I threw him out when I was done with him, Necce and Jon, I couldn’t care less about them at this point and Echo, who gives a damn about him he’s gone. I have won more championships outside of groups than I have in them, you know why? Because I can rely on myself and I always have. I didn’t have help when I won the United States Championship for the first time or the second time, I didn’t have help winning any of my 3 intercontinental championships or when I won the global championship. I work better alone than I do with others so I don’t see any real merit to your claim that I need people to survive here. The only thing I need is a Wrestling Ring because that’s what I do, I Wrestle and I win. I am independent and I am wrestler. I don’t need anybody's help. So you’re disappointed? Good. I don’t want people to be happy with this, I am not here to make you excited or to make you entertained. I am here to wrestle you, I am not going to make some fancy statement about how I’m gonna “Kill you” or “make you my bitch” because i don’t care about that. All I care about is beating you and winning the premium championship, a championship I haven’t held in a long, long time so I plan on taking it from you and making you even more disappointed. You’re ready for me, Ok. I don’t doubt that you think that, I doubt that you might be ready for me it’s very possible but keep in mind i’ve been focused on you a lot. I’ve seen what you can do and you may think you know what I can do but i’ve got some new things I will be showing you in our match. I can’t wait to face you at Mayhem because I know we will have a great Wrestling match. You and I MARKER, we’re not so different we both just wanna be seen as the best wrestlers in a division but there's one thing that separates you and me: Experience. I am more experienced than you in the ring and I can out wrestle you in ways you can’t think of. So I hope at Mayhem you and I can have a great Wrestling match but I will beat you and I will win the premium title because I am really good at professional wrestling. The picture fades out as the piano music gets louder and a graphic for the Premium Championship match at Mayhem appears on screen.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    Josh Trenton is seen backstage with Sir Raven, who the audience reacts to with some light cheers. Sir Raven has a smile on his face, decked out in an especially flashy suit for this interview, but the smile seems a bit disingenuous. Josh Trenton: Now, Sir Raven, you've recently left SSW Club. Can I get some insight as to why you left the group that brought you into this company? Sir Raven: Well, Mr. Trenton, it's very simple...First off, I'd like to apologize for my heated words in my resignation. I harbor no ill will towards my former SSW Club allies, but...We were diametrically opposed. SSW Club likes to attack people from behind, use the numbers advantage, just cause a general ruckus...That's not my style. I could no longer pretend to adhere to that mindset. It's just not who I am. Josh Trenton: Well, Sir Raven, now that you've left SSW Club, you've told us that you want to compete for the NXT championship at Mayhem. What are your thoughts? Sir Raven: Well, Josh...Allow me to be quite real for a second. I've been in BPZ for a few months now, and I haven't had the most success so far. The disappointing loss in the North American ladder match, the failure against Royal Flush...And the heartbreaking defeat at Mr. Julius' hands. Sir Raven takes a breath before continuing, the loss against Julius still visibly shaking him. Sir Raven: That, uh...That one stung the most. Coming so close to topping the Intercontinental champion and a surefire future Hall of Famer...But that loss did something to me. It lit a fire in my heart. A fire I hadn't felt since before I was in this company. Knowing the crowd was able to see the real me on that night, hearing the faint sounds of their warm embrace yet again...Knowing that if I hadn't made just one careless mistake, I would've beaten the Intercontinental champion...Everything clicked for me in that moment. Sir Raven looks down for a second, contemplating his past actions in BPZ Wrestling. I know I speak of being a British wrestling legend, but...At heart, I am just a man. A man who came to this company, to this country, with a dream. A man who not only fights with submissions and strong strikes, but...A man who fights with heart. I left my friends and family at home, and all I want to do is prove that their sacrifice to help me get to this point wasn't in vain. That brings me to Mayhem. I don't care who I have to run through, whether it's 10 men or an entire club of people looking to get revenge on me. At Mayhem, I will finally become NXT champion. Not only for the honor of my family and friends watching me from across the sea...But for the family I have now. The fans watching me, cheering me on, and seeing my rise throughout this company firsthand. And make no mistake, at Mayhem...The Raven will Rise. Sir Raven hears the crowd cheer at this, and he has a new smile on his face at the reaction. A smile of pure joy, slightly undercut by a quiet contemplation. He takes another deep breath before continuing, this time egged on by the reaction from the audience. I'm through with resting on my laurels of being a British wrestling legend in my native country...That doesn't matter here. I'm finished relying on a group of people who ultimately can't win my matches for me to get ahead in my career. I'm done shutting off the fans who brought me to this point to begin with...When I become NXT champion at Mayhem, I plan to do it with the crowd on my side, because the sounds of their adoration are just so intoxicating. I know I have yet to win a match in this company, but make no mistake...The old, bitter man who didn't know his place and desperately sought approval from anyone...He is, Quoth the Raven, never more. You'll see a new Sir Raven at Mayhem. One who fights for the fans. One who puts his body on the line for his new family. One who is worthy of the honor and prestige of representing this company as NXT champion. Sir Raven begins to exit, but he thinks about it and stops, returning for one final word. Sir Raven: Also, Mr. Julius...If you're ever looking for a rematch, I'll be more than happy to show you exactly what being an Extraordinary Gentleman truly means. Sir Raven winks at the camera before again walking off, a smile on his face and a newfound pep in his step.
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    Lord Yautja

    Fighting With The Stars

    Aaron stands in the ring with Jenna Jameson, they look over at the ramp where Arrow is standing, they quickly look at each other and start laughing. Aaron takes the microphone from Jenna. "Are you lost little boy? This is a wrestling ring i don't think you've never been here at least not longer than 1 minute because the crowd boo you and your short garbage promos out of here. If you wanna fight me at Mayhem boy you're gonna have to learn how to cut a promo first." Aaron gives Jenna Jameson the mic and Jenna looks at Arrow who looks confused. "Why are you looking at me like that? Have you never seen a woman in a wrestling ring before? You look scared boy don't worry Aaron will take care of you later because you don't deserve a match against him at Mayhem. When you're high up enough Arrow, Aaron will fight you but you're not high up and you'll most likely never be high up because you're a low life like these people in this arena and you're defiantly perfect." Jenna drops the mic, and she and Aaron walk out of the ring and past Arrow to backstage as Carnage goes to commercial break.
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    WWE Dystopia

    Smackdown Live! - April 9th, 2019 Playing: Countdown - Dangerkids And NEEEWW WWE Champion Smackdown opens to a ring filled with balloons, pancakes and everything need to kick of the new year of WWE. The crowd is chanting along as Big E yells the intro for New Day before they burst on to the stage and make their entrance. Promo: Kofi On Top of the World Xavier Woods and Big E celebrate Kingston's title victory by talking up how important it was to see their friend as WWE champion. Kofi then took the microphone as he talked about how he has always wanted to represent himself and the WWE at this level and to be sure that this reign is no end in sight. Just as the celebration continues the theme song of Becky Lynch takes over to a full ovation from the crowd. Microphone in hand she joins them in the ring to the surprise of the audience, two nights removed from winning the RAW Women's Championship. Becky remarks that if this is a champions celebration she didn't want to be missing out. Becky Lynch talks to the crowd saying tonight is bittersweet, on one hand being able to be home again on Smackdown Live a champion but also knowing that tonight is a farewell. Either brand she is on doesn't matter because she is going to be The Man wherever she goes. Becky is interrupted by the amused Charlotte Flair and Daniel Bryan who come out in casual attire. Big E remarks that he didn't realise this was an open house before Charlotte continues. Charlotte says good riddance to bad rubbish as Daniel Bryan with Rowan follows remarking that it seems like the ring is a landfill. Becky invites them both to the ring so she can shut them up and when they refuse she followed by Kofi goes to meet them as a brawl ensues. Backstage: Match Made Backstage we see Shane McMahon on the phone talking in a loud whisper about the controlling power in the company "Right now we are just testing the waters to see who is interested in selling. This shouldn't of been the way this played out. Now the direction of this company is...god knows what....What?..No I haven't heard from Hunter since" Shane notices the interviewer approaching with a microphone and quickly says his goodbyes. The announcer asks what he thinks about what happened out in the ring which hastily Shane McMahon announces, in an attempt to move along, that later tonight in the main event we will see a mixed tag team match with Kofi Kingston & Becky Lynch teaming together to face Charlotte & Daniel Bryan Backstage: The Prey As Shane leaves the view of the camera we see in the distance Dominilk Mysterio and his father talking before his match as Rey instructs him to wait in the locker room. As Rey warms up as he walks to the ring Samoa Joe emerges from the door hallway looking towards the leaving US Champion, anger across his faces as the camera fades out to ring side Rey Mysterio vs Rusev vs Rusev chants filled the arena briefly which agitated the Bulgarian Brute which lead to Lana standing on the apron covering his ears during the match. It was a competitive match up showing Rusev, a former US Champion might be itching to be a contender for Mysterio down the road but towards the end of the match Rusev while attempting a Machka Kick was tripped on to the ropes allowing Rey Mysterio to connect with the 619 and the victory Promo: Andre Cien Almas(?) When we come back Andrade is standing in the ring in well fitting suit with Zelina Veg by his side. Vega takes a moment to introduce him to the crowd, making to list his accomplishments before ending on "Winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and FUTURE..." Andrade stops her mid sentence, smiling as he says "That is to be decided" he continues to talk about how regardless of he picks Rey Mysterio or if he decides to go to Raw next week and hijack their Intercontinental Championship it doesn't matter. All that does is that Almas is destined for greatness. He fist bumps the Andre the Giant trophy to finish the segment before R-Truth comes out Andrade Cien Almas vs R-Truth vs R-Truth during the early portion of the match was able to surprise Almas who was riding his confidence from Wrestlemania but the momentum was short lived as Almas was able to secure his victory with a Hammerlock DDT Promo: Asuka Asuka talks about how Sonya impressed her during their Smackdown Women's Championship match at Wrestlemania but, as she looks at championship, it wasn't close to enough to dethrone her. The interview asks about her thoughts about the Raw Champion showing up. Asuka mentions that Becky can have her time in the spotlight for tonight because now this is Asuka Live. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs Naomi & Carmella vs Coming off her impressive victory at Wrestlemania in the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal Mandy Rose is riding high with her partner Sonya Deville who unfortunately for their pair was unsuccessful in her attempt to defeat Asuka. Tonight the two of them will go against two women who made it to the end of the battle but came up short, Carmella especially annoyed having lost in front of her home state. During the match Sonya was visibly off her game against Naomi and Mandy and her talked outside the ring. Towards the end of the match Naomi was blindsided after Paige suddenly got up from commentary to distract to the referee allowing Mandy Rose to attack from behind and land The Bed of Roses for the teams victory. Absolution is here Moving up the ramp with the victorious team Paige shouts for the audience "This is my team" confirming her the re-forming of the alliance of Absolution here on Smackdown! Live. What does the women's division as a while have in store for them now that the numbers have grown? Promo: The Takeover "Sanity. A violent and beautiful creation. We are a force above monsters & men. At Wrestlemania you all were able to witness what we are capable of, amongst the chaos..haha we FEED on choas and we will continue to beam our message through force across Smackdown Live" Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston vs Charlotte and Daniel Bryan During the match Becky Lynch tried her luck challenging Daniel Bryan to step into the ring before Charlotte attacked her from behind sneaking around the side of the ring while Bryan teased stepping in. Kofi Kingston dived back first on to Charlotte was able to apply the figure four but Becky escaped with a rope break. Rowan who had pulled Bryan out of the ring saving him from pinfall. In the end Becky Lynch & Kofi Kingston by pinfall after Kofi Kingston hit the Trouble In Paradise on Daniel Bryan
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    More alike than you think

    Then we hear Bob’s music and sure enough here he comes. He comes out shaking his head. He almost begins to speak then closes his eyes and then re opens them and then shakes his head in disapproval again as he sees Bulldozer in the ring. [He then laughs and begins to speak] Really we are doing this again. But I mean if you really like being buried that much good for you man. I mean what else is there to say about you I already proved your a shit wrestler, a shit person, and have the least amount of potential than anyone in this business. Oh yeah then there was the whole thing were I smashed the hell out of your girl. But I know that is a sensitive subject for you since you were never able to go all the way so will just move on from that for now. So what which of your flaws can I point out today? Hmmm… maybe that your spotlight seems to get dimmer and dimmer every week cause they are slowly cutting it out of the budget, or maybe I could talk about how many wrestlers Alice has been rammed by this week, or maybe just maybe I can tell you how we are not even close to the same person in the ring and outside of the ring. Yeah let’s go with that last one see if I can finally put you down like the bitch you are this time. [We then see Bob laugh as the crowd cheers him on] Okay so you are not even a man compared to the likes of me to begin with. See I am the type of guy that can actually get the job done unlike you Bulldozer. I get it done inside of the ring which I have proven over the past weeks. But also I mean we all know I get the job done outside of the ring that's for damn sure. Isn’t that right Alice you’re clearly not out here with Bulldozer so I am guessing your backstage looking for a guy who can please you like I can but guess what you ain’t ever gonna find it sweetheart. Cause let’s just say I’m a big boy and with a big man like myself I come with a big present down under. [Bob then winks at the camera and smiles as he turns his attention back to Bulldozer] So bitch boy I find it real funny you call out the one guy you know will bury you when we talk like this in front of all this wonderful people. Then you want me to go into a even more savage state of mind by unleashing my inner darkness. Well just so you know my demons ain't like your Walmart version Mave in the SSW Club. Speaking of SSW Club is that even a thing anymore or did that fall apart like we all thought it would. Back to Mave though I mean the guy made his voice a bit deeper put some facepaint on and said he was a demon you think I am afraid of that. My demons are from the deepest darkest pits of hell compared to that Kiddie Show PG shit. If I were to unleash my demons on you alot more than your ACL would be torn believe that. [Bob then looks at his watch and looks surprised] Oh well look at the time, I have to go you know big money endorsement deal to sign on. Oh wait yeah you don’t know. See this is the stuff that happens when you are actually relevant in this business unlike yourself. So my family, I leave the rest up to you. I know y'all can handle this scrawny little boy like it’s nothing. So all of you have a good night. I am sure I will see you all soon. [Bob then drops the mic and walks backstage as the crowd levels Bulldozer with thunderous boos]
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    Fork In The Road

    Sameer grabs the microphone from Brenden with fire in his eyes. The Fans chant his name through excitement for the Superstar after a month off from the ring. Wow, After a month off, Coming back out here brings back some recent memories where we handed Ropati and Julius an ass-kicking and ending that little pathetic duo and from one pathetic duo to another. The "Royal Flush" have claimed that they have us outmatched chemistry wise. So you would think they have done something HUGE as a group together. Yet all I have seen is that they have won one match against the SSW Club??? Congrats you beat a bunch of clowns. Now in my absence, I was able to recover from an injury that occurred during the war games match and spend time with my girlfriend/family. But I also saw Sheridan come on live TV, She made a very bold accusation that Brenden and I are not on good terms. Well, we are out here together as a TEAM. This Money in the Bank briefcase will have no effect on Me and Brenden as a tag team because everything we do is best for US as a team. We don't go ahead and focus on things that will affect our tag team reign like the "Royal Flush" You want to make a name for yourself, I get it. But teaming with a declining Hall of Famer isn't going to get you anywhere. No matter how good Jonathan thinks he is, No matter how good Sheridan thinks Jonathan is, I will make sure to OUTPERFORM HIM to not only show Sheridan that I was right. But to show Jonathan that he is not as good as he thinks he is. I am going to rip the chances of these two winning the tag team championship. As they give me everything they have in the tank every type of beating they could come up with, As they hit me with every punch, every uppercut, every kick and you all will see me as I take it all and none of it is enough. Then I crush their skulls in with my boot and take every little type of hope of them winning away. Sameer tosses the mic as The Big Ballers climb the turnbuckle posing for the crowd before leaving the ring and heading backstage
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    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown The King Of Strong Style Before the opening intro would play, Smackdown would open up with a cold open, showing Smackdown superstar Rey Mysterio walking backstage, but as the camera follows his movements, he is soon cut off by a knee to the guy. The knee came from nonother then Shinsuke Nakamura, who attacks Rey Mysterio and throws him back first into a car before hitting a Kinsasha. Shinsuke Nakamura laughs at his Under The Dome opponent, as he walks out of camera view, leaving Mysterio knocked out cold. Braun Strowman vs Rusev - United States Championship Braun Strowman would kick off the show officially as he is going to be taking on yet another superstar on his "Monster Tour", where he will defend the United States championship every week on Smackdown Live and the whole roster wants a shot at the monster. This time around, it would be Rusev who would walk out from the back and attempt to take down Braun. The match would be fast paced and brutal, as Rusev would nearly kick the head off of Braun multiple times and even get a near fall. But the raw power of Braun Strowman would be too much for Rusev to handle, and he would be hit with a running powerslam before being pinned. Braun Strowman taunts, as he beats his chest and raises his title in the air. He walks up the ramp, nearly unstoppable as he may be United States champion forever. Becky In The Bank Kairi Sane would come to the ring with a microphone in hand, and would cut a very to the point promo, saying she is hear to take championships and last week she had to make an impact. That is when Toni Storm would interrupt her, and come to the ring, challenging her to a match, saying that this is her brand to conquer. But before she could answer, the music of Becky Lynch would play, and out would come "The Man" to a large number of chants and cheers. She would also come to the ring, and begin to cut a promo on how none of these women will be walking away with her title in the future. Nia Jax would come out next, followed by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Each woman cut their respective promos, and that's when the final entrant would be made, which would be the general manager of the womens division, Paige. Announcing that she loves the talent in the ring, and she wants to see a good fight. So in 9 weeks at Money In The Bank, Becky Lynch will be defending her womens championship in a ladder match. Against the 5 other women in the ring .Paige would also make a 3 v 3 womens tag match tonight. Ali vs Finn Balor In a match simply to see who is better, Finn Balor and Ali would have a stellar 20-minute matchup which showcased everything both men had, Ali would hit moves never before seeing and Finn Balor would be on the top of his game as the two go back and forth and the crowd gets into it. Both fan favorites would hit everything, but it would be the coup de grace that would put away the young Ali, but take nothing away from either men as Finn Balor shakes the hand of Ali, and Balor walks away with a huge victory. Elias Concert Elias would return to Smackdown Live for the first time since the night after Wrestlemania and would throw a huge concert, including flashing lights and an entire set up stage. Elias would begin to sing his song, before he would be interrupted by the word "TEN" and the crowd would erupt into cheers, as Tye Dillinger would make his Smackdown return since the Royal Rumble and would come to the ring to confront Elias, challenging him to a match. Elias vs Tye Dillinger With the crowd in full force "TEN" chants, Tye Dillinger would take the fight to Elias and vice versa, as both men would attempt to make there returns worth while, and we would even see Tye Dillinger hit a new springboard moonsault move for a nearfall. Dillinger would look impressive, but a hidde low blow from Elias would allow him to ruin Tye Dillinger returns. As Elias walks up the ramp, as tonights winner, you can only imagine that this feud is not close to over. Shinsuke Nakamura Speaks Shinsuke Nakamura would be interviewed, where Renee Young ask him why he attacked Rey Mysterio earlier in the night. Nakamura would simply reply "Because I can", Nakamura and Mysterio face off at Under The Dome, and it may very well be Nakamuras biggest match yet. Inside The Office We would be taken inside Ethan Carters office once again, where he would be on the phone, talking about how it is great to have you signed and that he can not wait for him to join the Smackdown Live roster, the fans are left to wonder who it is as Carter hangs up the phone and speaks to the crowd, announcing that next week is going to be "Viewer Choice" Smackdown, where you will be able to decide on match types, opponents, and more! All, NEXT WEEK! Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, And Kairi Sane vs Mandy Rose, Soyna Deville, and Nia Jax. After the announcement that Becky Lynch will have to defend her womens title in a 6 women ladder match at Money In The Bank, a 6 womens tag match was made for our main event and it would be a fast paced one. As the 6 women would all hit there finishing moves, and even brawl on the outside. The ending pinfall would come when Toni Storm would hit the Storm Zero on Mandy Rose, and pin her in the center of the ring. As the ring clears out and Nia Jax is laid out on the outside, while Soyna Deville tends to Mandy Rose, Becky Lynch would come into the ring, only to get hit by a Storm Zero of her own. Becky Lynch would roll out of the ring as Toni Storm and Kairi Sane stare down, two of WWEs top women rookies, standing tall on Thursday Nights. Respect Andrade "CIen" Almas, the reigning WWE champion would come to the ring with Zelina Vega and cut a brilliant promo, as Vega would explain how he is going to be WWE champion. Andrade would call out anyone that think they can beat him, and when the music of 16x world champion John Cena hit, Andrade would be in shock. John Cena returns for the first time since One Night Only: UK, and would stare down Andrade. The show would come to a close, with John Cena starring down Andrade. The WWE championship on the mind of both men.
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    Lord Yautja

    Fighting With The Stars

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and Aaron North comes out to the ring. "Alright alright alright, calm down everyone. I didn't come out here to listen to you low lives and i didn't come out here because of you. The only reason i came out here is because i want a match at Mayhem. After that fluke win that BIC got over me in the PTC Tournament i feel like i need to get back some momentum and so i have decided to announce that i have a new valet to accompany me to ringside since my advocate Angelo Caito is busy with many other things. The valet that is going to start accompanying me to ringside used to be one of the most famous adult film stars and her name is JENNA JAMESON!!" Jenna Jameson walks out to the ring and she grabs the left hand of North before taking the microphone. "This right here is the future power couple of BPZ Wrestling. We don't take shit from anyone and we don't care what anyone says because we are perfect! Now let's get down to business my man Aaron North doesn't have a match at the upcoming BPZ PPVs or events which is the main reason we're out here. We're here to issue an open challenge to anyone backstage. Aaron is ready for a fight and that's what he came out here to get."
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT: May 15th 2019 We are just 10 days away from the next installment in the NXT TakeOver series, the 25th edition of TakeOver and it comes to live from Full-Sail University. We have yet another big show in-store for you tonight including a big Tag-Team Main Event where The Undisputed Era will take on Heavy Machinery, as they look to fine tune themselves before their Tag-Title defence at TakeOver Homecoming. Also in action tonight we have the return of Io Shirai who will take on the Brazilia's own Taynara Conti Io Shirai vs Taynara Conti Io Shirai made her return to NXT TV where the last time we saw her she defeated Kairi Sane in an epic TakeOver affair. Tonight she comes up against the feisty Brazilian Taynara Conti. Conti would be aided by her Brazilia stablemates Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude who throughout the match saved Conti from defeat before Io Shirai took both of them out with a moonsault to the outside. With Jaoude and Conti taken care of Shirai was able to shift her focus entirely on Conti hitting the Asai Moonsault for the win Feast your Eyes NXT's own Cathy Kelley caught up with Dominik Dijakovic after his gym session to get his thoughts on the announcement of his match against Keith Lee at TakeOver Homecoming. Dijakovic stated that this is an opportunity for him to show the world how dominant he is, to show that he is the next big thing in WWE. He said that Keith Lee would be his next poor victim and challenged Lee to be at Full-Sail next week for a final face to face confrontation before TakeOver Babatunde vs Raul Mendoza After immediately making his presence felt in the Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Backlash, the half Nigerian, half polish Monster Babatunde made his arrival to NXT. His not so lucky opponent was Raul Mendoza who was flattened by Babatunde with ease. Babatunde took mere seconds to finish off the Mexican Native before brutally beating him down post-match David vs Goliath: Gargano vs Martinez A video package plays recapping the feud between Johnny Gargano and Punishment Martinez for the NXT Championship, with the sole focus of showing the brutality exerted by Martinez. It shows his impressive victories over Danny Burch and then most recently The Big Show before transitioning to the many beatdowns of Johnny Gargano. The video ends revealing that on next weeks show Martinez and Gargano will come face to face for a contract signing before their match The Ultimate Athlete arrives soon Before our Main Event of the evening another Vignette plays for "The Ultimate Athlete" Denzel Dejournette. It once again focuses on his intense workout regiment before transitioning to his success as an amateur wrestler. To end the Vignette, Dejournette states that he will make his arrival to NXT in two weeks Undisputed ERA vs Heavy Machinery The Main Event of the night, pitted NXT Tag-Team Champions Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish against the qwerky duo of Tucker Knight and Otiz Dozovic, Heavy Machinery. The crowd were enormously behind Tucker and Otis but that wouldn't be enough as the Undisputed Era pulled out a victory in a very exciting match with the Total Elimination on Tucker Knight
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    {MARKER bluntly stares off of FDS, being bored by his blabbing, he seems to not care as much, finally MARKER goes face to face with FDS and once again begins speaking.} FDS, once again, you fail to impress me…. Let me tell you the facts OK. I didn't need to win a championship with The Flock, I already won my first title without needing them in the first place and I didn't need them when winning at BPZMania for the Premium Championship, I did everything by myself, I always did the dirty work for myself and nobody else, what did you do? You always were in groups trying to progress your career further and further along, sure I had The Frontier, but that was because nobody was paying attention to us. People were always paying attention to you FDS while you we were one of the big guys in BPZ. Also FDS, I doesn't matter to me if it is a Death matches, Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fights, No DQ's, Hell in a Cell, Fatal 4 Way, Elimination Chamber or ANYTHING ELSE, I'll fight anywhere because I know I can beat anyone that stands in my way when I am bother with you, but if you want to have that One on One match, I'm all for it. I'll break your spirit, I'll take what you want because I know I'm more deserving than you… I Am Ready For You FDS……
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    WWE Dystopia

    Monday Night RAW - April 8th, 2019 Playing: We Are Harlot - Denial Opening The show opens with a music video recap of the highlights of last nights premier event, Wrestlemania 35. The voice over reminds the audience that the arena was will with an impressive 82,265 in attendance as we see the victories in still shots. A New Beginning The cameras open to the arena parking lot as Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon are seen talking about the future of the company, worried about how they will find control within the company now that the 80% voting power was inherited to another. Triple H is noticeably absence as the long black limo makes it way down the ramp parking itself near the cameraman. The siblings look at each other momentarily as they hold their conversation for now. The driver steps out of the front seat and walks over to open the door as out steps the former Hornswoggle, suited up as he gives a smile towards the two McMahons. He greets them with handshakes which they hesitantly comply as he tell them they can address him as Dylan. He invites them to his new office so the three of them can discuss business for Raw. A New Champion Just 24 hours after conquering Brock Lesnar and capturing the Universal Championship, Seth Rollins kicked off Monday's show to a thunderous ovation. Chants of "full-time champ" rained down on him as he talked about the triumph of last night, thank the fans. Before Rollins could continue Drew McIntyre's theme interrupts bringing the celebration to a standstill. Playing: "Broken Dreams Mix" Already holding a microphone McIntyre boasts about his own victory, stopping short the "Grand return" of Roman Reigns. Says that Roman returned half the competitor he once was, maybe too soon. He looks to the faces of the front row as he explains that they, the WWE Universe are to blame for his ego rising to the size it had. Now he is on to his next promise and that is becoming the WWE Universal Champion. McIntyre challenges Rollins tonight. Before it could continue the familiar theme of Roman Reigns follows and he waste no time talking himself, saying Drew talks a lot for a man who just a month ago was hiding near "Can't Get It Done" Corbin. The two come face to face in the ring as Rollins watches on from the ring corner. The two continue to talk each other down before in a moment McIntyre headbutts the Samoan kneeling him as McIntyre then goes to attack Rollins but to no avail as Rollins sends McIntyre to the outside. Drew is left rubbing his jaw as he attempts to enter the ring again but walks back picking his battles, as Rollins accepts the challenge from the ring. The Tournament Begins After a quick commercial Micheal Cole on commentary begins to talk about the social media announcement made before RAW went on the air. News of a tournament for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership. Over the next few weeks leading into Backlash RAW will hose a series of tag team matches to determine who will face The Revival at the PPV. Hoping this breathes some much needed life in the competition. Just as they look to run down the prospects they are interrupted by a familiar theme to the WWE audience here tonight who eat it u. World's Greatest Tag Team make their way on to the RAW stage for the first time since 2008. Playing: "Let Battle Commence" The arena goes dark as the words "Now is the time to reduce your heroes to ashes" Next our are The Ascension who haven't been seen on RAW in quite a while. They step out wearing similar gear to their time in NXT, maybe hoping to harness some of that former momentum they had dominating the division years ago. Two teams tonight looking to prove themselves again in an evolving division The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Ascension vs Konnor and Viktor had been keeping Charlie Hass at their side of the ring using quick takes and shoulder barges into the corner to their advantage as they taunt to the crowd. It had been a while since we had seen this aggressive side to The Ascension and The World's Tag Team showed they still have what it takes to be competitive. Towards the end of the match after Konnor was caught by surprise counter by Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin rolls up Konnor to get the three count as The World's Greatest Tag team go on to the next round of this tournament. Konnor kneels with Viktor as they look up the ramp towards the winning team. Tonight they lost but they showed that there is more to The Ascension than once perceived. Backstage: Nia Jax Backstage we see Nia Jax knock repeatedly on the door of the personal locker room for Alexa Bliss. As she answers Nia looks to motion herself inside but Bliss hurriedly tells her to hang on and asks what's going on for she is in the middle of something. Nia Jax exclaims that the only reason she and Tamina aren't champion here tonight is due to being individually targeted. She says that she wasn't pinned and that they should be next in line for the championships. Alexa looking frustrated and ready to return to other interests says she hears Nia, comments that she isn't sure how much longer she will be able to have a say in the show but for now, tonight Jax will face on half of the current Champions, Natalya. With that she shuts the door on Nia Jax who seems pleased with the results As we return from commercial Nia Jax has already made her entrance with Tamina as she stands in the ring waiting for Natalya. Accompanied by the other half the Women's Tag Team Champions, Beth Phoenix, the two keep their eyes on the imposing Jax as the match looks to start. Nia Jax vs Natalya vs Nia Jax dominated early, but Natalya mounted a comeback surprising Jax as Phoenix supported her verbally on the outside. She unloaded on the Irresistible Force and was able to dodge an attack that otherwise would have spelled her demise. Natalya attempted to take advantage by applying the sharpshooter, a hard task on Jax and though she did apply it briefly she was overpowered and pushed off. Towards the end of the match Jax took advantage of failed crossbody planting her with a Samoan Drop to score the victory. Vignette: Batista After Party In this vignette we have behind the scenes footage of Batista celebrating his Wrestlemania victory at his estate with Chris Hemsworth, the man who assisted during the climax of the match shocking the WWE Universe. Batista moves around the night greeting guests, replaying the ending to his match. As the segment ends he remarks "I'm the true King of Kings" Finn Balor vs Bobby Roode vs Fresh of his Intercontinental Championship victory at Wrestlemania, Finn Balor graces the stage a man not a demon but with the championship secure around his waist as he poses for the crowd. Early on the match turned into a game of cat & mouse as Bálor & Roode circle the ring before Roode left, got back in, left again yelling to the crowd that he is just preparing. Bálor catches him off guard with a suicide dive to the joy of the crowd. Towards the end of the match Finn having the upper hand has just had his eyes raked by Roode unknown to the referee As the referee checks on Balor who retreats to the other side of the ring, Roode reaches into his robe to remove a pair of brass knuckles. Suddenly an agitated Gable storms the ring from down the ramp and starts throwing hard forearms into the shocked Roode. The referee turns around and rings for the bell immediately. Roode & Gable brawl with Gable getting near all the offence in keeping Roode close. Just as Gable looks to prepare to hit a german suplex Roode is able to reverse and escape out of the ring and up the ramp. Finn Balor grabs Gable by the shoulders and turns him around annoyed at the result of the match, himself not sure of the situation that had unfolded but Gable isn't looking to give explanations as he steps out of the ring and heads to the back. Backstage: Superstar Shake-Up Discussions We return backstage to the main office of Dylan Postl as The McMahon Family are seen discussing between themselves the superstar shakeup that will take place next week over Raw and Smackdown. Dylan remarks that he hasn't been the fan of the structure of the brands in recent months to implement some new ideas to make for better competition. Promo: Buddy Murphy Buddy Murphy in the ring promos about being the definitive champion of the cruiserweights after dominating the division since his arrival. Holds the championship in the air as he claims history begins anew. Tonight he wants to continue the tale as he holds an open challenge for anyone looking to have their five minutes of fame. Playing: "Make Some Noise" "BREAK IT DOWN" The crowd go wild at the sound as X-Pac hot off the D-Generation X induction at the Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday returns to Raw. Microphone in hand X-Pac talks to Buddy Murphy, saying he has been watching and knows he is a great competitor but that he has a long way to go before he can match the names such as Rey Mysterio, Jushin Liger or...X-Pac Murphy chuckles to himself as he tells X-Pac time has made him delusional. He didn't realise they still let your generation past the gorilla position as he welcomes X-Pac to step into the ring. WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (c) vs X-Pac vs Both men played to their strengths. X-Pac did all the crowd favourites but in moments caught the current champion off guard visibly frustrating him, and Murphy used his power and speed to keep the pace up working the only way he knows how. In the end Buddy Murphy defeated X-Pac in 11:54 by pinfall with a Murphys Law, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship After the match X-Pac comes to his feet, holding the back of his neck, and attempts to shake the hand of the prevailing champion only to receive an almost disappointed look from Buddy Murphy as he exists the ring behind him. Promo: The Man has Arrived Becky entered the arena with an outpouring of support as The Man had made her journey complete winning the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. She says even with the championship over her waist she will always persist and will always overcome. With that sentiment she issues a call to the Raw women's locker room saying this is her brand now, issuing a promise to whoever is first in line is facing a Becky not many can handle. Gulak & Gallagher vs Lucha House Party vs While Lucha House Party were able to get in some decent offence early on, using their highflying and agile advantage against their opponents, Gallagher and Gulak used their technical ability and teamwork to control most of the action. Towards the end of the match Dorado was set-up for a Shooting Star Press, but Gulak pulled Gallagher out of the ring just in time. Kalisto went for a suicide dive to stop them in their tracks but ended up eating the floor when Gulak pushed himself & Gallagher out of the way. After dispatching Kalisto to the outside, Gulak reentered the ring taking the downed Dorado to apply the Gulock, getting the team their victory. Gulak & Gallagher move on to the next round of this tournament. Vignette: Welcome The vignette starts playing as the high winds can be heard. It shows the outside of a closed or possibly abandoned carnival as the camera moves inside. Suddenly we get a slideshow of different creepy perspectives or broken down rides, caged animals angry, screaming as the roller coaster can be heard speeding in the distance. It all turns to silence as we see a podium in the middle of a spotlight where an unidentified man stands "Come One. Come All" Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre vs After Drew McIntyre made his entrance, tossing his coat to the side the fired up Seth Rollins wasted no time coming to the ring, storming the ring and starting the brawl quickly leaping at the eager McIntyre. The two hit back and forth across the length of the ring however, McIntyre managed to slow the action with some brutal knees bringing it in his favour. Commentary are distracted for a moment as they address news backstage as a camera is shown looking over an incident, Roman Reigns is seen hurting from an attack as referee kneels near Roman, Dean Malenko seen calling for medical attention. Throughout the match McIntyre continued to take notice of the minor wear Rollins was suffering from after his match with Lesnar, continuing to work on the back of Rollins but this couldn't stop the champion returning the favour with a superkick, a pair of suicide dives, Slingblade and a low superkick kneeling the Psychopath. Towards the end of the match Rollins seeing near victory looks to hit the curb stomp when suddenly Rollins is hit with a short-arm elbow smash..by..wait, it's Wade Barrett! The referee rings for the bell as he tries to get their wrestlers out of the ring but is intimidated to retreat. The two of them take turns hitting their finishers on the Universal Champion as the crown rain down boos Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre pose together, a single boot on the chest of Rollins as the show comes to an end.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 1st 2001 ECW Is Saved! Despite numerous set backs from the promotions, and despite several people in the wrestling industry saying its the end, ECW has a new home! ECW has reached a TV deal with MTV 2 to air their weekly programming ECW Hardcore TV. Many in the company thought it wasn't going to happen and finally they reached a TV deal and with a deal with MTV's sister channel, things are about to be interesting to say the least. Addition to this, ECW owner Paul Heyman aka Paul E Dangerously has his eyes to enter ECW into a new era, with potentially bringing in new talent, usher in new stars, and more. ECW will truly put buts into seats. ......................................................................................................................................................... Ballz Mahoney Bill Alfonso C.W Anderson Chilly Willy Chris Hamrick Christian York Cyrus Danny Doring Dawn Marie Elektra EZ Money Francine Jack Victory Jerry Lynn Joel Gertner Joey Matthews Joey Styles Julio Dinero Justin Credible Kid Kash Little Guido Matt Bently Mikey Whipwreck Nova Rhino Roadkill Rob Van Dam The Sandman Scotty Anton Simon Diamond Spike Dudley Steve Corino Super Crazy Swinger The Sinister Minster Tommy Dreamer Tony Mamaluke Tajiri AJ Styles Billy Kidman Juventud Guerrera Mike Awesome Fit Finlay Shane Helms Lance Storm Paul London Sabu Kaz Hayashi ECW World Heavyweight Champion ECW Television Champion ECW World Tag Team Champions
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    "The Crippler" Jay


    After we come back from commercal break, an odd message drapes the titantron. "We interrupt this broadcast of Carnage to bring you a News Flash that will brand the past with your future and take you through a Soul Search" Confused murmurings among the crowd, curious to see who, or what, emerges of this. The lights dim as the crowd begins to get louder, until the arena is lit up by a titantron video and the mystery superstar's theme song. The camera, which had been focusing on the titantron, pans to the ring, where a man becomes visible. As the lights come back on, it becomes apparent the man is the once thought to be gone Odyssey Sellers! A loud pop erupts, before boos rain down on the controversial superstar. He takes a breath and raises his mic. "Did you miss me? I know I missed the rush of competing, the joy of a fight. It wasn't my decision to stop competing, however." The crowd begins a what chant, most confused as to what he means. "Doctors confirmed that my knee injuries from my past had caught up to me recently, and that the Carnage Showcase match, which I won, had aggravated my past injuries. I was forced to take time off from wrestling, but I certainly wasn't about to stay away from training. For the past few months, I have trained in the art of boxing. I have found a way to become even deadlier and even better at what I have perfected, at what I do best." As he puts down his mic, some fans begin to cheer for him, but others still find the edge in his words a bit too cutting for their liking. He chuckles, enjoying the near 50/50 split on fans cheering and jeering. After a few moments, he puts the mic up again. "I feel this next sentence will make what I'm after even clearer, so listen up and listen good. I've noticed that in my absence, the NXT title has become somewhat vacant. This plays exactly into my hand, as now is a better time than ever to pursue the title that will prove just how dangerous I am. I don't care who or what stands in my way, I don't care what lengths I have to go to, and hell I don't care if I get reinjured. Nothing will stop me from winning the NXT title, whether it is won by the time I step back into the squared circle of BPZ, or if everybody has lollygagged their way around winning the belt. And believe me when I say, it will take somebody prying that belt off my cold, dead hands to take it from me. Now, I could walk to the back, but I want to sit out here. I will stay out here and if anybody wants to come out here and mouth off to me, I'll have fun proving I'm the best at more than just wrestling." Odyssey walks over to the corner as the 50/50 continues from the crowd, waiting for anybody from the NXT Title picture to step up. Carnage cuts away to a commercial break.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 5th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV The shows starts with the crowd as they are hot for ECW.The fans chant EC Dub, EC Dub, EC Dub for a solid 2 minutes. Then in the ring is none other than ECW announcer Joey Styles. Styles is in the ring and welcomes everybody to a New Era in ECW! Styles says that tonight will be night for great action, then Cyrus comes out and interrupts Styles. He is booed out of the buildings as the crowd chant things such as, “Fuck you Cyrus” and other chants to Cyrus. Cyrus says he can't believe that this dump found a TV deal and tells everyone it will be in the same situation that it was before in a few years from now. Joey Styles then tells Cyrus to get off of their show, and that you don’t run this show anymore. Then from behind its Paul E Dangerously! He smacks Cyrus with his phone. He hugs Styles and the ECW crowd chant, “Thank You Paul E “ *clap* *clap* *clap* Styles then goes to the announcers desk as he introduces us into our first contest. It will be Kid Kash taking on Tajiri! 78 B In a decent match, Tajiri defeated Kid Kash in 13:12 by pinfall with a Brainbuster. 55 C- Tajiri and Whipwreck attack Kash after the match, they beat him down. Then Super Crazy’s music starts playing as he runs down to the ring. He fights off Tajiri and hits a triple moonsault on to Whipwreak. 58 C- Backstage we see RVD and Bill Alfonso cutting a promo on Jerry Lynn. RVD and Bill Alfonso run down Lynn. RVD and Bill come off as faces and they are excited to be apart of the new era of ECW as it will be officially be RVD's house as he is the Whole Fucking Show! 82 B Styles then hypes up the upcoming match between C.W Anderson and Tommy Dreamer you have been going at it for a couple of weeks. In a decent match, Tommy Dreamer defeated C.W. Anderson in 6:24 by pinfall with a Piledriver. 60 C Dreamer then takes a mic after the match and cuts a promo on Corino and says no matter how long it takes, he will be ECW champion once agian, he promises that... Then from out of nowhere, Rhyno comes out and gores the living hell out of Dreamer. Rhyno then takes a chair and starts brutally attacking Dreamer. Dreamer is bloody and is lying in the middle of the ring as Paramedics come out and stretch out Dreamer to the back. 78 B ECW comes back from commercial break as a hip hop beat starts playing as out comes the Doctor! John Cena. The crowd are intrigued on what's happening as Cena starts rapping. Cena raps about himself, putting himself over. Calls himself the next best thing professional wrestling. He then raps about ECW in talking about the doctor owns the yard and how he was bulit to be extreme. Then says if you don't think that, you can go suck his dick. 44 D Styles then says the doctor will surly make a name for himself in ECW. We move on to our tag team main event match. As Steve Corino and Justin Credible takes on The Sandman and Rob Van Dam. The crowd is electric as they are hyped for the main event. In a decent match with good heat, Rob Van Dam and The Sandman defeated Steve Corino and Justin Credible in 10:11 when Rob Van Dam defeated Justin Credible by pinfall with the Five Star Frog Splash. 70 C+ Rob Van Dam picks up the win for the team as he pins Credible. ECW Hardcore TV fades to black with The Sandman and Rob Van Dam standing tall. Overall Show Rating: 73 B-
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    More alike than you think

    [ Bulldozer waits for the crowd to calm down ] Oh Bob why am I not surprised you continue to be in denial however make no mistake Bob for I see the real you and recently you spoke of what you’re going to do to Bic and when you approached the casket with the statue of Bic in that church well let me make one thing clear Bob I saw the look in your eyes when you stared at that casket and Bob that was the look of satisfaction and enjoyment. [ the crowd then boo Bulldozer more as they don’t want to believe it’s true ] You see Bob these people much like you are in denial and that’s ok because at Mayhem if Bic doesn’t expose the monster you truly are then I will and my holy light will cleanse the NXT championship and this entire division, but what happens when these people see the monster you truly are i’ll tell you what happens because it’s already happened to me they will turn on you because they are nothing but fickle. [ the crowd then erupt into even more and louder boos but this doesn’t phase Bulldozer ] Make no mistake Bob I see the monster in you and I respect the desire that said monster has and I respect your power and you would make an elite level security or body guard but with that being said at Mayhem two sayings will be proven true yet again and those two sayings are firstly speed kills, and secondly there is a monster that lays dormant in us all and it’s up to us to let it free. [ the crowd continues to boo Bulldozer who is still unphased by it all ] So Bob if you truly want any real chance at stealing what is rightfully mine you’ll have no choice but to set your monster free and if you don’t then i’ll just take what I should have won at BPZ Mania and that’s the NXT championship. [ Bulldozer then smirks as the crowd boo even more ] Oh and speaking of which at BPZ Mania Hans, you got lucky I lost focus because we all know at BPZ Mania it should’ve been me that won not you do you understand me Hans? It should’ve been me! [ Bulldozer then does his signature pose in the ring before getting out of it and walking backstage as the crowd shower him in boos despite him showing it not effecting him at all as he is completely focused on the battle royal ]
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    My top 5 underrated members of the forums huh? Alright well I guess it’s time to put this list together 1. Aaron, does his fair share of contribution around here and arguably more and in the kayfabe his promos really don’t get as much attention as they probably should and on top of all that he’s very active. 2. Alex Costa, very underrated as well but also does a good bit of work around here and his work doesn’t really get the credit it arguably deserves either. 3. Kirk, a relatively newer member to the forums but already has done a great deal of work and his work is already super great and already does work that takes most people years to produce 4. Sheridan, without a doubt one of nicest members of the forums if not the nicest and while she’s not the most active at times when she is active she does some solid work around here 5. Bic, this one baffles me a bit while he does get a fair amount of acknowledgement for his work around here I feel he is just slightly underrated with the actual quality of his all around work around here. So there’s my top 5 underrated members of the forums and I hope they all get a bit more attention soon
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    WWE Reborn

    WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 2 David Starr | The Product | Israel | 203 lbs Despite his Israelean descent, David Starr was raised in the states and almost became an all-American athlete in amateur wrestling, losing only one match before receiving such honor. After this disappointing loss, Starr would take an interest in professional wrestling and would join the Wild Samoan Training Center, owned by the Hall Of Famer, Afa. In just one month, Starr would become the fastest ever graduate of the wrestling school before going on to prove himself as one of the best in-ring competitors in the world, making himself a top figure in the USA and European independent scenes. Starr takes pride in being an independent wrestler and is here in the Cruiserweight Classic to show you can succeed on your own. DJ Z | The Filipino Flex Factory | Philippines | 175 lbs After making bursting out as an up-and-coming star in TNA because of his ability to excite a crowd with buoyant energy both inside and outside of the ring. From his lively personality to his thrilling maneuvers, DJ Z takes great pride in entertaining the fans. However, last year, a career-threatening injury sustained in Mexico would question his future in wrestling. Nevertheless, DJ Z would make his return to wrestling and would be better than ever before. Now, he continues to prove that you should never give up on your dreams as he enters the same tournament that the man who inspired him to wrestle, Tajiri, took part in last time around. Dragón Lee | The Wonder Boy | Mexico | 165 lbs After his older brother would take on the mask of Místico following the original's departure to WWE where he would become Sin Cara, the mask of Dragón Lee would be left for the man who owns it today. As apart of a celebrated family within the luchador culture, Lee and his two brothers are currently three of the top stars in Mexico. In CMLL, Lee would quickly rise to success, becoming the youngest ever CMLL World Lightweight Champion at the age of nineteen. Furthermore, Lee has also found success in Japan, capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at the young age of twenty-three. Now, Dragón Lee looks to continue his meteoric rise in the states, in the Cruiserweight Classic. El Hijo del Fantasma | The King Of The Hunt | Mexico | 200 lbs When you step in the ring with El Hijo del Fantasma, you become his prey as he goes on the hunt. Ever since his mask was removed after his loss to LA Parka in a Lucha de Apuesta, Fantasma hasn't been quite the same. He has struggled to find his footing but is now entering the Cruiserweight Classic with an extra something to prove, to prove that he does deserve to be considered one of the greatest luchadores of his generation. Furthermore, as the son of the legendary Fantasma, he was born to do this and definitely has no intention of letting his father down by giving up because he lost his mask. It's the man underneath that spent years putting on top performances and has no intention on stopping now. El Phantasmo | ELP | Canada | 183 lbs Originally making his name in Canadian promotion, ECCW, El Phantasmo would capture their world championship on three different occasions. He would also venture across the border and into the USA, sometimes teaming with the aforementioned Angélico. Later, ELP would go on to make his name known worldwide, winning both the RevPro British J Cup Tournament and GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup Tournament in consecutive years, as well as aligning with the infamous Bullet Club in NJPW, a stable that previously included WWE superstars Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, El Phantasmo looks to follow in their footsteps and find success in WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic. Emil Sitoci | Smash-Mouth | Netherlands | 204 lbs Emil Sitoci began wrestling in Europe but moved to the USA as an exchange student where he would find tutorage under NXT superstar, Kassius Ohno. Upon returning to Europe, Sitoci would achieve success in German promotion, wXw, capturing the wXw World Lightweight Championship and defending it against the likes of Evan Bourne, Sami Zayn and Neville. In addition, Sitoci's master's degree in media studies would lead him to feature in numerous Dutch television programs. However, despite his success in both wrestling and television, Sitoci would be constantly overlooked, causing him to grow cold, hungry for a feeling, a feeling that he can only experience by tearing through his opponents. There's no doubt that he is a danger to anyone and everyone in the Cruiserweight Classic. Flamita | Fireball | Mexico | 165 lbs Flamita is a third-generation luchador and at the young age of twenty-four has already been dubbed one of the best high-flyers in the world. In addition to finding success in his native country of Mexico, Flamita would claim championships abroad, most notably in Japan's Dragon Gate and the United Kingdom's PROGRESS. Flamita isn't a luchador that has fully proven himself yet but critics have claimed that he has all the potential in the world and has even been compared to the likes of the most historic luchador in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio, and the Cruiserweight Classic could be the platform that Flamita needs to prove he's worthy of such an honorable claim. Fred Yehi | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs Fred Yehi is best known for his time in EVOLVE Wrestling where he would face the likes of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, current NXT North-American Champion, Matt Riddle, current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, TJ Perkins as well as Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In fact, Gulak would be so impressed with Yehi during their match that he would offer him a position in his stable at the time named Catch Point. With his innovative offense and numerous clashes with WWE superstars, it seems as though Yehi would be a perfect fit for the WWE's cruiserweight division but he has to make it through thirty-one other men in the Cruiserweight Classic to make it there.
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    Lord Yautja

    The Journey To Perfection

    Chapter 1 - The Start of The Journey. Day 3 - Sunday Aaron wakes up in the morning he does his usual routine but he does it quicker because he has to head out to a creative meeting with Coach Emmerson who's gonna come pick him up. Aaron dresses up and heads out to get his mail. In the mail Aaron gets a letter from one of the wrestlers in wrestling school Luke Sensus. In the letter he talks about possibly having a match against Aaron on TV, but before Aaron can start writing a response he hears a car horn outside his house and it's Coach Emmerson. Aaron quickly heads out and gets in the car and they take off. Aaron tells Emmerson about the letter and Emmerson thinks they should have the match and thinks it would be a good way to debut Aaron on TV by having a match with someone so extraordinary. They get to the headquarters of Wrestling School and they sit down in "the meeting room". Coach Emmerson talks about Aaron's gimmick and just says that this is what he should be doing because it fits him but, he should change his gear up because black is very bland. Coach suggests that Aaron starts using green tights instead of black and Aaron just says: "Defiantly not. Green doesn't suit a gothic bad ass and this is the gear i used to wear when i trained in Finland and i'm not gonna change it." Coach seems very understanding but also a little mad with Aaron's response. He asks Aaron to tell him if he changes his mind. Aaron and Coach leave and Coach takes Aaron home. He hopes to see Aaron tomorrow before his match because they have more to discuss. Aaron does his usual routine and he writes a response to Luke Sensus accepting his challenge. He goes to sleep and that's how day 3 ends.
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    Warriors dominate in full Conference Finals Recap. Pull out the brooms because the Nuggets have been swept by the Warriors pretty much all thanks to Steph Curry who dropped more than 30 points in all 4 games as the Nuggets didn't even come close to having a chance with curry hitting 3 shots in the series from the logo. Following this performance, it's fair to say the Warriors are the clear favorites going in the NBA Finals. Meanwhile in Boston vs Toronto Kawhi Leonard decided to play through his injury and helped the Raptors get a 3-1 lead after 4 games averaging 28.5 pts before Kawhi got hurt again this time it was more serious as Kawhi got hit with Right Knee Tendinitis this opened the door for the Celtics to make a huge comeback with Kyrie likely to be leading the way and while Kyrie averaged 36 in the series and dropped 39 in game 5 Kyle Lowry somehow played even better and dropped 41 points to send Boston home and Toronto to the NBA Finals. Now while we doubted the Raptors before in our predictions and we were wrong we will go against them again with Kawhi being out and Boogie Cousins looking like he will be able to make a return for the Finals. So our prediction here at NBA.com is that the Warriors will yet again sweep and destroy the Raptors in 4.
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    We are back and out comes Mave Deltzer, who's gonna tell us what he will do to his opponents in the battle royal for the NXT Championship at Mayhem. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say. "At Mayhem, I will eliminate everyone and become your new NXT Champion. When I become NXT Champion, I'll be the greatest, I'll be in the HOF, I'll also be the best in the world, and in the future, I'm going for the World Title. I don't care who wants me in the ring or not, nobody can stop me! Mave walks out of the ring.
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    It’s My Time.

    The by-now familiar theme hits and Jack walks to the ring. “I’m going to be honest, even though you people don’t deserve the truth. I’m so sick of sitting here and watching other people get things that I deserve. I’ve been in this company for nine damn months and I’ve never gotten anything I’ve deserved. The people in the back refuse to acknowledge my skill, and they repeatedly screw me. Now Bob is being treated as the favorite, and he’s been here for how long? A month, less? This is a perfect example of other people being set up to take my shot. At Mayhem, I am going to make all of you pay, and shove your idiotic tweets and chants down your throats. I’m going to tear apart your heroes. I’ll make them wish they were never born, and I’ll be doing them a favor. I’ll help them realize, just like I did. They’ll realize that believing you people and letting you control them gets you nowhere. I learned that. It’s time everyone else does. I’ll open all of your eyes. You’ll see.”
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    Dikey looks at Bob with a face of fake shock and rummages around in his right back pocket. He whips out a pair of sunglasses and puts them on in a very delicate manner. BAM! How do you like me now? Hold up, I got more. Dikey rummages around in his other back pocket and pulls out a fake beard and what looks like to be a bald cap. Dikey fastens the beard on and applies the cap despite it clashes horribly with his natural skin color. Furthermore, his long, dark hair is still showing in the back and it is different color than the brown beard. Bob looks on in pure confusion and what seems to be disgust as the crowd cheers Dikey on. Alright, now that's more like it! I have transformed into you, Bob. Now let's see here, what did I say about Dikey earlier? Carrying the division... squash... bury... jobber, I'd say that just about covers it. Now I'm going to renounce all of those things I said. Dikey is certainly carrying this division and there's no way in hell I could squash him! Did I say I'd bury him? Sorry, other way around, Dikey would destroy me. And he's no jobber, he's the best in NXT, no one even comes close. Not. A single. Person. A mix of laughter and cheering is heard ringing throughout the stadium and Dikey finally drops the persona. He takes off the cap and beard, leaving them in the ring. He pockets the sunglasses for later. Listen closely, Bob. It's time for the real stuff now. I get it, you're new, you got the hype and you think you're hot stuff. I'm going to put what I'm about to say as simply as I can. You think you're the toughest guy around here? Let's find out, shall we? Dikey steps out of the ring and runs toward the stage to meet Bob, who meets him at the entrance ramp. The two begin trading punches, and Bob lands a blow that sends Dikey stumbling backwards. Dikey recovers but Bob is already run at him and he lands a devastating lariat that causes Dikey to do a flip onto the ground. Bob grabs Dikey by the hair and slowly drags him to his feet, posing for the crowd. Dikey is able to recover in time and land a kick to the gut before Bob can land another punch. Dikey grabs Bob by the back of the head and throws him torso-first into the barricade. Bob stumbles back toward Dikey, who lands punches and forearms that send him up the entrance ramp toward the stage. The two men reach the stage and Dikey delivers a knee to Bob's gut which drops him to one knee. He then grabs Bob by his back and attempts to throw him into the titantron, but Bob counters and ends up throwing Dikey into it instead! Bob taunts Dikey as he waits for him to get up, but before he can do anymore damage, security comes out and stands in between the two men. Bob throws his sunglasses to the ground as he is being pushed away from Dikey while Dikey puts a smile on his face and puts on his pair of sunglasses. He beckons Bob toward him, taunting him to attack him again. Bob breaks through the line of security and runs at Dikey, who's smile vanishes instantly. He leaps into the air, knocking over some guards and hitting Dikey with a flying clothesline. He quickly picks up Dikey and gets him into position for The Bob Bomb, but more security pours out from the back and is able to separate the two men for good before the finisher is hit. The segment ends with Bob shouting insults at Dikey and Dikey mocking Bob with his pair of sunglasses.
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    Lord Yautja

    The Journey To Perfection

    Chapter 1 - The Start of The Journey. Day 2 - Friday Aaron wakes up and does his basic morning routine. He leaves and heads to the Wrestling School training center. Aaron meets up with Coach Emmerson who talks about Aaron's training buddy Yap Massacre who he's gonna have a match with tonight. Coach Emmerson: "Hey, Mr. North and welcome to Wrestling School. I'd like to talk to you about your training buddy tonight. His name is Yap Massacre and he's a brutal wrestler as you can probably tell from his name. He's gonna come out to the ring with some kind of a weapon so i suggest you do the same. Take this kendo stick and take it with you when you head out there and get ready for a fight. I'm the referee so things are gonna be kept under control. So, Mr. North one more question remains. Are you ready?" Aaron North: "Hell yea." Aaron and Coach Emmerson walk off and Coach Emmerson heads out to the ring to wait for the two participants. Yap Massacre comes out first and he's wielding a brick. He has spiked hair and green wrestling tights and he looks ready for a fight. Next out comes Aaron North. He's gonna have his first ever training match in Wrestling School. He's got black hair and he's wearing black tights and he's showing off his tattoos by not wearing a shirt when wrestling. Aaron's First Match - Yap Massacre vs. Aaron North Both men stand in the ring and stare each other down, they get into their corners and the bell rings. The two lock up and Aaron pushes down Yap Massacre. Yap gets up and eats a clothesline from Aaron. Aaron runs to the ropes, bounces off and knee drops Yap. Aaron picks Yap back up and power slams him. After the power slam Aaron taunts the non-existent crowd and goes for a pin, Yap kicks out at 1. T he match moves quickly and Yap Massacre starts mounting a comeback. He's cut off by Aaron who stops a diving elbow drop by Yap Massacre by rolling out of the way. Aaron goes for a pin and Yap Massacre kicks out at 2. Aaron is in shock and he's starting to get angry. He starts complaining to the referee before slapping him and taking him down with a kick to the side of the head. Aaron heads outside the ring and grabs the kendo stick that Emmerson gave him before the match. Yap Massacre gets up inside the ring and Aaron swings but Massacre dodges, takes the kendo stick from Aaron and smacks him with it instead. Aaron goes down and he is in pain. The ref gets back up and both men are also up. Yap Massacre bounces off the ropes and tries to hit Aaron with a clothesline but he is caught with a hurricanrana that is turned into a pinfall attempt. 1, 2, 3 and Aaron North picks up the surprise win over Yap Massacre. Aaron is celebrating in the ring before both men and Coach Emmerson head backstage. Coach Emmerson: "Good job boys, especially you Aaron. You show the signs of a future star and if you keep going like this i'm sure that's what you'll turn into." Aaron North: "Thanks Coach. I'm just gonna keep working hard and i'll keep doing what i'm doing and make it to the top. That's a promise" Aaron and Yap Massacre shake hands before leaving and going to their individual locker rooms. Aaron dresses back up and goes home, he does what he usually does and goes to sleep and gets ready for a new day.
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    It's been a while. I'm Monda, or Mike, but Monda is preferred I guess. I joined the forums back in June of 2014 when I was a wee lad, now I'm in college and trying to back into wrestling through AEW (WWE lost me middle of last year) and I need something to do in my free time away from school. Expect me on around the summertime and at night. Things I enjoy are music (currently going for school with a minor in Audio Engineering, my goal one day to work in the music industry), sports (pretty much all of them, I don't judge), and that's about it. I make music in my free time and that's about it. Nice seeing old faces and new alike. Cheers.
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    NXT Discussion: May 22nd 2019

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    Once Chris Jericho joined it became a lot more legitimate. Not to take away anything The Elite have accomplished but there is a reason a lot of the articles say "Chris Jericho and AEW" in the titles. It seems that Omega and Page are positioned as the babyface star and the future during the promotional material so i'm really curious how this first year of the company is going to look like. It's a cool feeling being able to see the birth of a potential major company like this. If you want a Young Bucks match to get a taste of who they are i'd recommend them vs ReDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) at War of the Worlds Link to Match
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    More alike than you think

    [ the lights here in Madison Square Garden go out we return to Carnage and the crowd are confused before a sole spotlight is shined onstage revealing Bulldozer standing on stage doing his pose with a mic in his hand ] [ Bulldozer then turns around with a smirk on his face as his theme song right here right now begins to play and he walks down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd begin to boo him ] Alright that’s enough you all can and should shut your filthy mouths now, Because unlike all of you what I have to say actually matters and that is Bob we have a very important issue because you see these past few weeks i’ve noticed something and that’s all the so called fans on the internet are constantly talking about how invested they are in our battles against each other and normally I wouldn’t care but the reason why they are invested is what caught my attention. [ the sold out crowd here in Madison Square Garden is then confused and are eager to hear Bulldozer out ] For you see Bob they care because we are “ polar opposites “ two sides of the same coin if you will you’re the big strong guy while i’m the small but lethally fast and agile guy, you’re their hero while i’m their enemy, you fight for them while I fight against them and at first I did something I never thought I would do I actually agreed with them until I thought more about it and realized how wrong they are yet again. [ The crowd then boo Bulldozer again but not as loud this time as now they are curious about what he’s got to say ] Because quite frankly Bob we are more alike than either of us wants to admit, I mean just think about it I also used to be their hero and fight for them and we both deep down enjoy the pain and suffering we put our opponents through in our matches and deep down inside you know all of this to be true you know that deep down inside you’re just as aggressive, just as vindictive, just as evil as I am but the one difference is you don’t want to admit it you don’t want to let your darkness out you want it bottled up and thrown away where as I let it flow through me, But yet again that’s where we are just alike because I also used to neglect my inner darkness and deny it. After all we both have beaten people so bad they haven’t even dared to show their faces here again since you with Necce and myself with Resin. [ The crowd then are so stunned at this as half of the crowd is starts to see Bulldozer’s point and agrees with it while the other half deny it and boo causing the crowd to erupt in a chant battle with one half chanting “ Bulldozer rocks “ and the other half chanting “ Bulldozer sucks “ but then they all stop once Bulldozer grabs at his head showing signs that perhaps part of him still enjoys the crowd cheering him but he then shakes it off and resumes his speech ] So Bob let me ask you this why do you deny your inner darkness? Why not just let it free and flow through you and embrace it and finally give into you sadistic and more evil side? [ Bulldozer then stands in the ring waiting to see if Bob will respond as the spotlight goes away and the lights go back to normal ]
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    Fighting With The Stars

    Your on I accept your challenge.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    SmackDown Episode 6 SmackDown kicks off with the new WWE champion, John Cena, cutting a promo. He starts off by saying that being able to beat Ric Flair's record was an immense honor. He announces that he's been proud to be world champion before, and even though he plans to retire by next year's WrestleMania, he has no plans to just give up this title, stating that whoever decides to come after him for his belt will have to bring their A Game. He concludes by saying that although he has two more items to cross off his bucket list, his focus is solely placed on being a good world champion right now. . Naomi VS Dana Brooke Naomi enters first, pleased with her victory over Becky Lynch at Backlash. Dana Brooke enters next, still looking to turn around her recent string of luck. Although Dana does show impressive fire against Naomi, she is no match for the two time SmackDown women's champion, as she makes Dana submit to the Stretch Muffler. After the match and as Naomi leaves, she gives Maryse a warning that she's coming to reclaim her women's championship. . SmackDown returns with The Miz and Maryse backstage. They begin by stating that the amount of support they received at Backlash was surprising, but they did enjoy hearing the positive reception. They both vow to be good champions that will bring prestige to the titles they hold. The Miz then concludes by stating that now he's reclaimed his Intercontinental championship, his next plan is to win Money in the Bank for the second time and once again hold the WWE championship, solidifying him and Maryse as the true It Couple of the WWE. . SmackDown then cuts to a different area backstage, finding Rusev and Lana, who are lamenting their recent string of bad luck together. Rusev then asks Lana where everything went wrong, as he used to be an undefeated monster. Lana points to his loss at WrestleMania 31, which seems to cause a lightbulb to go off in Rusev's head. The promo cuts when Rusev tells Lana that she has given him a plan. . British Strong Style VS Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins/Mojo Rawley Ryder/Hawkins/Rawley are already in the ring as British Strong Style enters, led by Pete Dunne. Although Bate and Gallagher came up short at Backlash, they seem completely focused on decimating their opposition tonight. Ryder/Hawkins/Rawley do put up a fight, with Ryder and Rawley looking to avenge their recent loss to BSS, but they're no match for the British upstarts, with Zack Ryder falling to a Tyler Driver '97. Yet again, British Strong Style asserts their dominance here on SmackDown with another destructive effort. . SmackDown returns with yet another backstage promo, this time focused on the New Day. The New Day thanks the fans for their continued support, and even though Kofi is sad that he couldn't regain the Intercontinental championship, he expresses great pride in his partners for yet again claiming tag team gold. The New Day then announce their intent to maintain a title reign that could even surpass their RAW tag team title record. . AJ Styles VS Randy Orton VS Bray Wyatt (Money in the Bank qualifier) SmackDown's main event sees the three men who came up short at Backlash for the WWE championship compete in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. AJ Styles enters first, slightly agitated by his loss last Sunday. Next is Bray Wyatt, who the crowd reacts positively to after his impressive outing at Backlash. Finally, out comes Randy Orton, his normal cold and calculating self. In this match, Bray Wyatt impresses with another gutsy performance, but he would come up short yet again, as the match would end with AJ Styles pinning Randy Orton off of a Phenomenal Forearm. AJ Styles celebrates his victory, the first man to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, but after he leaves, Bray Wyatt assaults longtime rival Randy Orton. Bray Wyatt utterly decimates Randy Orton, beating him from pillar to post. Then, surprisingly, during the attack, out comes Bo Dallas. Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt have a brief stand-off, but then, Bo starts attacking Orton alongside Bray. SmackDown ends with the new union of Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt carrying the unconscious Randy Orton up the entrance ramp and out of the arena.
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Haven't done this for a while and with the new members coming in the landscape has changed so I'll give you five in no particular order 1. Ropati (We have some history, so it would be cool to do this little feud down the line) 2. Bob (Really big fan of his stuff and I think we could work well together) 3. Arius (The guy's unstoppable, and I'd like the chance to give him his first L. He is also Australian which factors in heavily and he's just amazing at Kayfabe) 4. Bailey (He is the GOAT, would like to see how I match up) 5. Necce (Really good storyteller and would like to see what we could whip up if we were in a feud together)
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    WCW 2001: Shane O'Mac Style

    WCW Lives May 20, 2001 WCW Great American Bash Welcome to the Great American Bash Pay Per View brought to by WCW The show kicks off as we see the Steiner Brothers make there way to the ring As they wait in the ring we hear the Outsiders music hit as they make their way to the ring Match 1 - Tag Team Championships: Outsiders vs Steiners The bell rings as we start off with Scott Hall and Rick Steiner in the ring. They begin to exchange blows as Rick eventually gets the better of Hall. Rick then stretches out the arm of Hall almost pulling it clean off of his body. Hall though fights back delivering elbows to Rick’s head with his other arm. Hall eventually gets to his feet but so does Rick as he hits him with a clothesline. Rick then grabs a downed Hall by his hair attempting to get him up. Hall though fights back and managed to knock Rick down. Hall then makes his way to his corner at tags in Nash. Nash comes in hot knocking Scott off the apron and delivering a big boot to Rick in the ring. Nash then goes for a jackknife powerbomb but Rick breaks free and goes for a tag but Scott is still down on the outside. Nash then delivers a clothesline to the back of the head of Rick then picking him up a delivering a jackknife powerbomb. He goes for the cover 1..2..3. The Outsiders have retained the WCW Tag Team Championships. After the match we see The Outsiders walk backstage as The Steiners are in the ring. Scott rolls in to comfort his brother who is furious in the ring. Scott goes to calm him down but Rick hits him with a big right hand. Rick just turned on his brother Scott. Scott is down in the ring Rick delivers a flying bulldog to Scott. We then see RIck spit on Scott mouthing out the word failure as he walks backstage. Match 2 - United States Championship: Vampiro vs Rhodes We see Vampiro make his way to the ring with Balor by his side We then see Dustin Rhodes come down to the ring with Dusty Rhodes by his side The bell rings as the match gets off to a hot start. Dustin and Vampiro both exchange quick strikes. Vampiro though sweeps Dustin’s leg taking him down to the mat. Then starts pummeling him with heavy blows. We then see Vampiro look at Dusty as he points for to attack him. Balor makes his way over to Dusty about to attack. Dusty is ready for a fight though. We see Vampiro then get off of Dusty after stomping on him a few times and goes to distract Dusty. But Balor runs at Dusty but Dusty sees this coming and hits him with a bionic elbow! Vampiro is furious but Dusty comes up from and rolls Vampiro up from behind. 1..2..3. Dustin Rhodes has beat Vampiro and is the new United States Champion! Dustin and Dusty then make their way up the ramp with huge smiles on their faces. AJ Styles Promo We then cut to a video and it’s AJ Styles. He seems to be on the road and it’s seems he has been there awhile as he has grown a beard and his hair has grown out a bit. He looks at the camera and begins to talk So you all have heard the rumors I am returning to WCW on Nitro tomorrow night. Now I want to make it clear that I don’t want to come back. I was having a great time enjoying my time off on vacation. This country really is a great place it’s just a shame we have people like all of you living in it. A bunch of no good trailer park white trash. So when I come back I am going to beat all of the guys you send at me cause I am A.J Styles the hottest up and coming superstar in World Championship Wrestling. The camera then fades to black as AJ walks off We cut back to the ring as we see the wolfpac in the ring with 3 local guys standing in the corner waiting for the match to start. Match 3- 6 Man Tag: Wolfpac vs Local Talent The match rings as we see Kenny Omega in the ring with a local legend named Tank O’Rooney. Tank runs at Omega but is met with a superkick. We then see Punk and Hero grab the other two local guys and throw them into the ring. Punk hits his with a G.T.S and Hero hits his with a Hero’s Welcome.Then we see Omega hit Tank with a Winged Angel. The three celebrate in the ring as the ref has lost complete control. We then see the three pick up Tank and deliver End Game as Tank is motionless on the mat. Kenny then pins Tank 1..2..3. The Wolfpac win as they walk backstage laughing and high fiving each other. As medical personal check to make sure Tank is not dead. Sunny Promo We then see cut backstage as we see Sunny. She then waves over to someone of camera. As Brian Kendrick appears as him and Sunny kiss. Sunny begins to talk This is the power couple in WCW Kendrick and Sunny. Ric and Sable got nothing on us. So keep your head on a swivel everyone cause Brian Kendrick is going to be the next big thing in the business. With the power of love on our side we will be unstoppable. The possibilities are endless and with our youth and blossoming romance we plan on dominating this business for many years to come. Just remember Sunny and Kendrick cause you all are going to be hearing those names for a long time coming. Sunny then blows a kiss at the camera as they walk off holding hands as we cut back to the ring Match 4- John Cena vs Jeff Jarrett We hear Jeff Jarrett’s music hit as he makes his way to the ring We then hear John Cena’s music as Jeff waits in the ring Both competitors are in the ring and the match starts. Cena comes strong out of the gate taking Jarrett down with a clothesline and delivering a running elbow drop to him in the middle of the ring. Cena then gets up and hypes up the crowd. He goes to pick Jarrett up but Jarrett hits him with an elbow to the gut and then a knee to Cena’s face. Jarrett then continues the assault stomping on Cena’s head and his hands. Jarrett turns around as he yells at some of the fans in the crowd. Cena gets to his knees and Jeff sees this as he turns around. Jeff goes to pick Cena up but Cena pops up and has Jeff on his shoulders. He delivers an Attitude Adjustment to Jarrett. Cena goes for the cover 1...2...3. John Cena has defeated Jeff Jarrett. As Cena then celebrates in the ring. Match 5- Booker T vs Sting We see Booker T make his way to the ring first Sharmell though is not here tonight Booker T is waiting in the ring when we see Sting enter The match begins and Sting gets off to a hot start. As he backs Booker into a corner and starts punching him in the ribs multiple times. Booker then tries to push Sting off but Sting flies right back on as Booker can not seem to get a break. Sting keeps pummeling away as Booker is in total shock. Sting delivers a clothesline to Booker in the corner driving him to the middle of the mat face first. Sting locks in a Scorpion Deathlock as Booker T is crying in agony. Booker slowly claws his way to the ropes though and grabs them breaking the hold. Booker then purposely pushes Sting into the referee knocking the ref over.Booker’s knee though gives out soon after as Booker falls to a knee.Sting goes to then pick up Booker but Booker hits him with a low blow. Booker then smiles as he makes his way up on one good leg as the referee starts to stir. Booker goes and hits Sting with the Scissors Kick. Booker goes for the cover and the ref sees it. 1….2….3. Booker T has defeated Sting. After the match we see Booker T making his way up the ramp smiling and laughing at Sting who is now sitting in the ring upset. But then we hear someones music hit. It’s Goldberg! We see Booker T in pure shock as Goldberg appears on the stage and points at him. Booker T is in pure shock and he has no clue what to do. Goldberg takes advantage of this quickly as he hits a spear on Booker T. He then gives a thumbs up to Sting as he walks backstage. We then follow Goldberg backstage as he gets a round of applause from many people backstage. He does not acknowledge them though as he just walks back into his private locker room after smiling at the camera and giving it a thumbs up. Match 6- Womens Championship Match: Apache vs Daffney We see both competitors already in the ring as we return from backstage. The bell rings as they run at each other. Apache goes for a clothesline but Daffney hits first sliding into Apache taking out her knees. Apache looks seriously hurt as she is having trouble getting up. Daffney though keeps attacking the knee as she begins to stomp on it over and over again. Apache is sitting in the middle of the ring defenseless. Daffney then delivers a running drop kick to the face of Apache sending Apache laying on her back. Daffney then delivers some running splashs to Apache in the middle of the ring. Daffney then begins to smirk as she looks at a top turnbuckle and then begins to climb it. She then delivers a elbow drop to Apache in the middle of the ring. Apaches own move! She goes for the cover 1...2...3. Daffney has defeated Mari Apache to become the new WCW Womens Champion. We are now witnessing a new era of the womens division as Daffney looks menacingly at the crowd. Main Event- Mixed 6 Person Tag Match: Harts vs Flairs It is time for the main event as both families make their entrances and make their way down to the ring. If the Harts win Bret Hart will get a championship opportunity on Nitro tomorrow night. The match gets under way as we see Bret Hart start the match with Ric Flair. As they are about to fight though we here someones music hit. It’s Ken Shamrock! What is he doing here? He makes his way down into the ring and looks at both competitors he then lays out Bret Hart. The Flairs then attack all of the Hart members as David brawls with Tyson and Nattie brawls with Sable. We then see Ric and Ken continue to beat down on Bret. Bret is now busted open inside the ring as the others brawl outside the ring. But then we see someone running down the ramp it’s Goldberg he’s making his way down the ramp. David throws his crowbar at Goldberg hitting him and giving him a nice cut but Goldberg is unfazed. The Flairs and Ken then retreat into through the crowd. As Goldberg and the other Harts make their way into the ring. Goldberg is hyped up yelling at the Flairs and Ken to come back and fight but they don’t as they keep on retreating. Goldberg then helps the Harts backstage as The Great American Bash goes off air
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Oh now this is gonna be fun for me and I hope I get to do some the feuds at some point so let’s get into it shall we 1. Julius, enough said..... ok but seriously he’s definitely one of the best guys in the kayfabe possibly ever in the kayfabe and he’s been extremely helpful to not just me but many new comers as well both on kayfabe and just in general over on the discord. 2. Josh, who better than my current mentor and a good friend of mine Josh is very experienced here in the kayfabe while I do love learning from him I also would love testing how far i’ve come and the best way to do that is to have a feud with my mentor. 3. Alex Costa, while technically we had a bit of mini feud in the battle royal match at BPZ Mania it wasn’t a true 1 v 1 feud and I would enjoy doing one with him at some point in the future. 4. Kenji, this one is very obvious pick for me and while I admittedly would probably get destroyed in the votings against him in a singles match I certainly still would love a match with him. 5. Arius, really in the same boat as Kenji and you could really swap their spots on this list if you wanted to because the reasons are mostly the same and while I did have a run in with him at World At War in the ladder match I would still very much enjoy a 1 v 1 feud with him. 6. Storm, now this is someone i’ve recently met over on the discord and while I haven’t known him for a while he seems like a nice enough guy but I haven’t seen much from him kayfabe wise and what better way to find out than a feud with him. 7. Bic, another very experienced member of the kayfabe that has been doing extremely well as of late on his promos but I would love to get in a feud with him to really test myself against one of the best the kayfabe has to offer. 8. Meko/Sir Raven, well I think everyone who knows my kayfabe career knows why he makes this list my former tag team partner who has now left the SSW Club and while I understand his decision and there’s no bad blood between us personally I think a feud between us would be great given our character’s history. 9. Hans, well he’s on this list for very similar reasons as Arius and Kenji but nonetheless I do think we could put together a good storyline and have a great match together. 10. Bart, the current undisputed champion and while i’m definitely a long way away from facing Bart in a match much less a singles match i’m still up to the challenge and I hope to lock up with him at some point in my career.
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    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    Well technically my official mentor is Josh and he’s great and has helped me a good bit but i’ve also gotten tips from multiple other people and I try to use all the advice I can get and some other names that really helped me when I first joined were Julius, Brenden, and Ropati
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    Akki comes out to his theme song "Revive" as he walks all the way to Mave. The crowd booing, negativity rises as Akki picks up the microphone. All of you hating on my boy Mave. Never underestimate the power of an uncommon man. Mave will show you at the Mayhem why he is the best NXT wrestler, Mave will show you why he will be a future HOF and Mave will show you why he is going to be World Champ later in time. The future of this company and the future best in the world Mave will make such an impact to the roster, to the wrestlers. I saw this the moment I put my eyes on him. Therefore, from today on, Mave lets the SSW jobber squad behind as his new manager "Heel Akki" takes his decisions from now on. Thank you, see you at Mayhem people!
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    Lord Yautja

    WWE - Resurrection

    WWE Resurrection - Wrestlemania 35 Pre-Show - April 15th 2019 Wrestlemania 35 kicks off with the Wrestlemania 35 intro and the Wrestlemania 35 theme. After that the special host of WM 35; The Big Show welcomes everyone to the pre-show of Wrestlemania 35. Big Show talks about the upcoming action kicking off with Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy and ending with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy (C) for WWE Cruiserweight Championship In a decent match between Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy, Akira Tozawa defeated Buddy Murphy after a Diving Senton. Akira Tozawa is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion and after a great month he certainly deserves it. Buddy Murphy looks to head on to bigger things after Wrestlemania. After the match a video plays hyping tonight's main event between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. During the video all the participants of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal enter the ring. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal In a decent match Rowan won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal after eliminating Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, The Ascension and Breezango. Rowan was dominant in the match and eliminated a lot of people. Luke Harper also had a strong showing by eliminating Mike Kanellis, Ali, Andrade and Lars Sullivan. It will be interesting to see where Rowan's career goes from here and what he will do after winning the battle royal.
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    Alex Costa

    Studying the Tapes

    We return to Carnage and a pre-taped seguement. It shows a Dark room with a man standing up looking at many monitors in front of him We see footage showcasing Arius in all his matches since he debuted. The match he won the US Title against Julius and Marker, his victory of the North American Championship in the Ladder Match. We then see footage of Hans Clayton when he won the NXT Championship at BPZMania, of his match again Marker at the PTC Cup. However that is cut off as we begin to see other footage. Saint Valentine's Day Massacre as we see when Alex nailed Hans with Destino at one point in the match. We then cut back to later in that match as Alex had his hand raised after winning the NXT Championship. The Camera then stops as we see footage of all 3 Men in the US Title Match all of them holding the NXT Championship The Man then suddenly punches the Monitor right where Hans was and turns around to reveal Alex We see him looking angry, annoyed at something clearly. He then proceeds to talk. Alex Costa: I don't know how you did it Hans, but somehow you survived your encounter with the Executioner that was Julius. I don't know how you did it, but sometime over these past couple of months you slipped ahead of me. Alex paces back and forth I am disgusted by it. You make me sick. I should be the one getting the praise of the BPZ Universe, not you. I beat you back at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and the only reason you ever won the NXT Championship is because I didn't give a damn about it after I won it. Alex paces once again before pointing at the camera And then we come to the PTC Cup. Here it was, my chance to finally prove how good I was and yes I know I lost to Jonathan. Quite frankly I am not ashamed of it. He is a bonafide Hall of Famer and the fact that I took him into his limit is something I was proud off. But then what happens? You overshadow me again by not only beating the Premium Champion Marker but you also give Julius one hell of a fight. Once again, all I hear is how good Hans is, what an amazing athlete Hans is. Alex grabs a chair and tosses it around I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU OVERSHADOWING ME. Not anymore Hans. At Mayhem I am gonna do what I should have done at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. I am going to end your career for good! Alex then looks at Arius' picture And as for you champ? You been dodging me ever since January when I debuted. You got out of the NXT Division because deep down Arius, you knew I was better than you. But trust me I will enjoy nothing more than to take that United States Championship from you and embarass you in front of the entire world like the fraud you are. Alex smirks But you know why wait for Mayhem? Next week I will be on Carnage live and you two better show up, because I will be there. If you aren't a bunch of cowards. Alex knocks the Camera out
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    {We continue the show as out next is the Premium Champion, MARKER. MARKER has been on incredible form as of late, however with him losing to Hans, will he start crumbling apart? , will he lose confidence in himself? the theme music plays and out comes the champ.} {He enters the ring with the same cocky expression he has on his face as always, he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.} FDS…… I guess you finally let go of yourself, your alter ego, your identity that made you into the man that you are today, it pathetic to see this, I thought that I was gonna get a fight, a fight that everyone will remember, but I guess that now, it just a massacre waiting to happen. FDS, I've been waiting to face you for the longest time one on one, you see after losing against you for the Tag Team Championships, I had a feeling that one day we would meet one on one in the middle of the ring with nobody there to ruin it, just you and me… I see what you are doing FDS, you are just annoying me, your not giving me what I want and that your Hardcore FDS, the man deep inside your body, the man that you famous in BPZ Wrestling…. You see FDS, you say that you are one step ahead of me, when you two steps backwards, I know what I have to do to beat you, however without "him" your nothing but a poor soul waiting to be crushed by me. I want you FDS to come out and prove me wrong, PROVE TO ME YOUR NOT USELESS WITHOUT "HIM". {MARKER waits for FDS to come out….}
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    NPW: Nova Pro Wrestling

    NPW GM MARKER Has A Announcement Next Show We have heard rumors these last couple of weeks in NPW and it seems like it they are gonna announce this "big change" next week in NPW, people have been speculating what this announcement could be. MARKER has spoken about this in many different news outlets and this what he had to say. I am very excited for what are doing in NPW, there are many different stars that has come to NPW and any of them could be a star, they could be the future of this industry and you don't know it. I have a feeling that people will be excited for what I am gonna announce for next week NPW. Websites have said that it could be a big superstar that could be arriving in NPW, other have said it could be the introduction to a brand new championship, currently NPW has no titles to call it own, guess we will find out next week.
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    “We Are” by Hollywood Undead Plays throughout the arena as the lights in the Arena go out, the song plays but nobody comes out, MARKER is watching on from the ring. The titantron suddenly stops playing, the lights come back on, MARKER looks annoyed, he’s about to begin speaking again when suddenly…. “PTSD” By Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & Jay Trilogy begins to play throughout the arena. When the bridge begins a familiar man in an unfamiliar form steps out. FDS stands at the top of the stage, hair grown out, full beard in wrestling trunks and a white entrance jacket. The fans look confused, unsure what to make of this new FDS, MARKER looks unsure of what he sees as FDS stares at him from the top of the ramp. He walks down the ramp, not even acknowledging the fans. He gets up on the Apron and leans on the ropes, some of the fans cheer but FDS just gets into the ring not even saying a word to them or even gesturing as if their cheers affected him. He gets into the ring and he walks past “The Bruiserweight”. He walks over to the corner as if he’s about to get on the turnbuckle and pose but then instead just sits down. MARKER stares at him but FDS just stares straight back. A ring crew member slides a mic into the ring in front of FDS. He doesn’t even touch it. Just continuing to stare at the premium champion who seems to be visibly uncomfortable at the sight of the non disturbing version of FDS. MARKER is about to start speaking again when suddenly FDS picks up the mic. FDS then goes and he points to the announcer. The announcer steps into the ring hesitantly. FDS whispers something to the announcer then hands him the microphone before FDS goes and sits back down in the corner. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce to you: “The Wrestler” F-D-S! FDS sits back in the corner and smiles staring back at MARKER who looks annoyed at this whole thing as if he’s about to explode with anger. FDS then gets up and takes the microphone from the announcer, FDS offers a handshake, the announcer looks hesitant but he accepts. FDS then looks back at The Bruiserweight seething with rage. FDS smirks, then stands face to face with the premium champion and he teases saying something but then just walks away from it. MARKER is about to scream he lifts up the microphone but FDS cuts him off. FDS: You wanna talk about being useless without people MARKER since we all know that’s something you know a lot about. How long did it take you to win a title without the help of your frontier or flock or whatever buddies? Too long I’ll tell you that much. Alright now that i’m done making fun of you let me get down to business. First thing. You want a fight against me? No. You see this is a professional wrestling company, I didn’t come here to be fighter, If i want to be a fighter I’ll go find myself a fight camp train there for a few years and go do some MMA but I don’t because I am a professional Wrestler. Yes I am an athlete in a combat sport but I am not a fighter, I am a wrestler and I will wrestle you in a professional wrestling match. You understand that? Not in a fight, not in a hardcore deathmatch, In a pro-wrestling match. Second thing. To all these people and from this point forward this will be one of the limited times I acknowledge you as well as all the people sitting backstage in charge of booking this show: I am not your entertainment. I am not some little indy carnival folk that you can throw out here whenever you want and make me destroy my body for your sick amusement like the carnival act you all treat me as. Like I said before I am a professional Wrestler, I am here to compete in professional wrestling matches. I am not here to be like the stripper in your local shit hole club that has a busted up face and do whatever you tell me to for your amusement. I am a professional wrestler and I expect to be treated like one. So that brings me to my third and Final point. From now on I will not wrestle any matches with stipulations outside of normal wrestling rules. To all the people who don’t understand what that means, I don’t do deathmatch wrestling anymore. So that goes for Deathmatches, Street fights, Steel cage matches, Hell In a Cells, No Disqualification matches and anything else you can think of along that regard. I will only compete in matches under Wrestling rules because Like I said I’m not here for your entertainment. That’s what I was before. I was the guy they sent out to put a little bit of excitement into the audience, to make them see some crazy stuff like smashing a blender over someone's head or putting thumbtacks into the mouth of someone then punching them and just so you guys can’t chant “Holy Shit” or “you sick F***”. So from now on I’m done with that, I will be doing what I do best and that's being a professional wrestler. So MARKER, I hope you weren’t preparing for a street fight or a deathmatch because what we’re going to having is a one on one match. And that Is because I am really good at professional wrestling. FDS lowers the mic and goes and stands in the corner awaiting the response of the Bruiserweight.
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    The Fallen Angel

    . 24 Hours After Power Trip Cup: Round 2 Boston, Massachusets The camera brings us to a silent, yet powerful sight. As we are stood outside of a downtown Boston pub, right above it, the gym that BPZ superstar BiC so desperately loves. Inside it, a fire rages, and although there is no audio. You can almost hear the sirens, the panic, and the crack of the fire. As the camera now moves, and the audio slowly begins to fade into audibility. We see the silhouette of a man the crowd can only assume is BiC, he is wearing a hoodie, and as the camera reveals his face, a small tear drips down his cheek. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture of his father, which is now half burned. BiCs handshaking in trama, as the building he grew up in, the one his father built, has burned to the ground. 42 Hours Later The message comes over the screen as we enter the bar, and sitting at the bar is a clean shaved man, in front of him a shot glass. Pinched between his right fingers, a lit cigarette. The sign in the background tells us this is the bar underneath the gym that was burned just 2 days prior. The man takes one more drag of his cigarette before taking down the shot and asking for another and when he does, the seat next to him is taken by BiC. Who has grown out his beard slightly and looks over at a staircase that leads upstairs, which is now blocked off by a sign. BiC ask for a shot before putting his head into his hands, the man next to him does nothing but slides over a card, on it, a picture of his father, BiC looks confused at first, before flipping over the card, the back of it reading. BiC takes a deep breath, as his shot is served and he sets down the note. He looks over at the guy who gave him it, whos sit is now empty, filled with nothing but an empty cigarette pack. BiC grabs the photo and runs out of the bar, looking for the mysterious man, but he appears to be gone. BiC looks up at the gym above, now littered in a black mess of burned memories. BiC walks forward a bit, each step putting even more weight of the situation onto him as he sits down on the curb. He takes out the half-burned photo he has kept with him for years, and smiles, the sight of his father always bringing joy to him. As footsteps can be heard from the bar closing, a man sits next to him, the same man who gave him the photo. Before BiC can ask any questions, the man begins to speak in a hushed tone. I met your father in high school, he was a great man. Was nice to everyone, got good grades, and when I saw him give that class speech during graduation I knew I had to be best friends with him. So I did, for 10 years, we went into the adult world together. Owned a business, was college roommates. He was the truest man I ever met, and then in 1996 you were born. He gave all his attention to you, until he continued his MMA career and left you behind on the bus bench. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I took you in. I loved you like my own son, and your father knew that. He eventually took ownership of you before you were old enough to even remember what happened, your father may have not been perfect. Hell he may of liked the taste of liquor a little to much, but he was no doubt an angel, and you, Bobby, are his son. When I heard that the gym burned down I knew you would be here, and I just wanted to see you one last time. You don't know me, and you won't know me after this. Just know, the whole world was saddened to see an angel fall. Your father was not forgotten. The man pats BiC on the shoulder before standing up, turning around and walking off as BiC struggles to get words out. He just shakes his head, and laughs slightly as the camera fades to black. 24 Hours Later As "BURN IT" by Fever 333 plays over the sound of a ruckus crowd, the former Intercontinental Champion BiC would make his Carnage return for the first time in months, as he has been touring the nation for the Power Trip Cup, and tonight he walks to the ring with a large smile on his face. He steps into the ring and looks at the thousands in attendance, pulling a microphone out from his boot and holding it up to his lips before speaking, the crowd hanging on every word. In just a few weeks I walk into Chicago, Illinois with one intention and one intention only. Move on to the finals of the tournament I wasn't even meant to be in. Its crazy to think about, that a man who wasn't even in the original bracket now has a chance to go into the finals. Life changes, it changes fast. Hell just three months ago, I hated you guys and you guys hated me but I realized that life is short, we only have some time to achieve everything we wanted to and I figured that if I spend the next year of my career, shaving my head over and over again and turning my back against you guys then I won't go anywhere, and then. My father passed away, and that just gave me that last little bit of motivation to take this shit show of a career and turn it into something great. in 2019 I figured out that, my passion is not pro wrestling, its becoming the best. Its living up to the legacy my father created in a boxing ring, and its simply making this company great. I've had people tell me my father was an angel, but others told me he was a devil. He had the perfect bit of both and being a decedent of such madness. Some say, that I am sort of a..Fallen Angel." BiC takes a deep breath and steps back, he looks around the crowd as he thinks about his Dad, and the crowd gives him a round of applause as he looks into the hard cam. "Enough of the sappy shit...Bob. I know you're in your inbred home somewhere over in New York watching this, just know that you stand in the way of my road to success and I will run you over, back up, run you over again and again if I have to. You're a good kid, your minds in the right place, but that doesn't mean I won't drive it into the mat and pin you. You've gotten through Necce, you've gotten through Yelich but this is where your runs stops. You're one of the best rookies I've seen, its just a shame you have to go up against a man like me.... Be seeing you Bob.
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    When you anger a god

    The scene cuts from the commercial to Dikey quickly walking backstage, jerking his head side to side, looking for something. His movement is suddenly stopped by a larger figure than himself. Dikey raises his eye level slightly to make eye contact with his opponent at PTC finals, Bulldozer. Both men stand there glaring at each other for a count of 60 before Dikey says his first words. Just the man I was looking for. I saw what you said earlier. And I have two requests for you. The first is a question I wish for you to answer. You claim you took on a...bear by yourself as a teenager. Tell me, Bulldozer, what's the true story? You're a small guy, and bears attack the smallest ones. So what really happened? Did you see the bear and run back to your parents crying and wetting yourself? Certainly sounds more likely than killing it. To continue with my metaphor, let's say the bear is me and you are just you. I am the big one, the one who has name value, the one who is well known by all. You are just a small little loser who lies about what they're gonna do because they know that in reality they don't stand a chance with the big boys. My second request is for you to say everything you said in your promo to my face. Prove that you really mean it, that you'll truly leave me destroyed. Prove that you're not all talk. Come on, I'm waiting. Dikey stands impatiently with his arms folded across his chest. Bulldozer looks to the right and then to the left before looking back at Dikey and opening his mouth. The answer never comes, but a punch to the gut does instead. Dikey drops to his knees and Bulldozer follows up with a superkick to the chin. Bulldozer picks Dikey back up and attempts to throw him against the hard wall, but Dikey stops his momentum with his foot against the wall and delivers The Exhilirator when Bulldozer runs back at him, dropping him to the ground. Dikey lifts him up in a powerbomb position and powerbombs him through a table! Dikey picks Bulldozer up by the hair, taunting him while he does so, but he stops when he is suddenly hit in the back. He turns around to find the person behind the punch, Alice. Alice runs away and Dikey looks at her in confusion, but her distraction worked and when Dikey turns back, Bulldozer hits him with a low blow. Dikey is now down low to the ground and Bulldozer finishes him off with God's Ultimate Blast, driving Dikey's head straight into the cement backstage floor. Bulldozer looks down at Dikey's ruined body and lets out a chuckle before walking away, leaving him to be attended by medical personnel.
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    WWE Dystopia

    Earlier that day before cameras begin rolling Triple H is taking phone calls in his office, visibly stressed with his coat tossed on the ground rather than hanging up on a hook. Triple H rubs his forehead as he exasperates "Look i don't care about the cost i just want some answers, any corners that needed to be cut do so just make sure it doesn't lead back to me." with that he slams the phone on the receiver and leans back into his office chair, hands covering his eyes. This is only the beginging of the day but it feels like he hasn't slept since Monday Night Raw. Who is he kidding he barely has. The desk in front of him is covered with still images taken from arena security camera footage that night and piled up newspapers. Finding closure is never an easy path especially where it feels like so many grey areas exist. Wrestlemania 35 Chyna Memorial Battle Royal From the pre-show panel we get a wide shot from inside MetLife Stadium as fans are still walking to their seats excited to see the grandest event in professional wrestling. On that note the Wrestlemania theme plays as the participants of the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal make their way down the ramp and to the ring. The participants making their entrance are Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Lana, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Maria, Mickie James, Naomi, Nikki Cross, The Riott Squad, Zelina Vega and from NXT Candiece LeRae, Kacy Catanzaro, Taynara Conti, Xia Li and Xia Brookside. One final entrance is for 'The Staten Island Princess' Carmella! Who dances down the ramp to a warm reception for those who've made their way into the arena already. The final four of the match are Mandy Rose, Mickie James, Carmella and last years winner Naomi. Naomi was eliminated by Mickie James after a sudden Mick Kick sending her off the apron. Caremlla was close behind to send James following taking advantage of the moment. The final two being Mandy Rose and Carmella where Mandy Rose was able to pull down the ropes to eliminate Carmella and win the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal in 15:30 Backstage: Braun Strowman The camera takes us backstage to one of the several locker rooms where No Way Jose and Curt Hawkins are joking around as they both discuss the match while attempting their best Andre the Giant poses for the cameras when either of them win tonight's battle royal. Their joy is interrupted by as Hawkins goes ghost white noticing Braun Strowman approaching as the camera turns upwards to the giant looking down on them both. Getting close to them both he tells them if they want continue having a career here in WWE they best not get in his way before marching back through the door, Hawkins letting out a loud sigh of relief. As he walks through the stage he turns the corner coming face to face with SAnitY who after a tense stare down step aside. Backstage: Alexa Bliss takes charge As Mandy Rose celebrates with Sonya Deville in the locker room with her newly won trophy Alexa lets herself in followed by security. She congratulates Mandy Rose on her victory tonight, making a quick comment about it must of been a relief knowing she was hosting instead of competing this year. She says that the reason she is here is to inform Mandy that she is confined to the locker room for the duration of the Smackdown Women's Championship match. Usually she wouldn't care but tonight she needs to look good running the show as the power shifts in WWE. Smackdown Women's Championship: Asuka vs Sonya Deville vs During the match was able to show off her MMA training, taking advantage of ground work when she could surprising the defending champion who started being more careful with her kicks so she wasn't grabbed and dragged down. In the end Asuka defeated Sonya Deville in 13:05 by submission with an Asuka Lock after Sonya attempt to change positions while delievering strikes only to be caught and dragged for the finish. Asuka retains her WWE SmackDown Women's title. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Here we go! The sixth consecutive Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is about to take place but for the first time in the match history the winner will receive also an opportunity for either the United States or Intercontinental Championship in the future. As the participants made their entrances from a distance we could see an angry Chad Gable run down the ramp towards the front of the line, throwing a haymaker towards the unsuspecting Bobby Roode who was mid pose in his 'Glorious' robe. EC3 nearby attempted to help Roode in the moment but he himself was stopped by Apollo Crews. In seconds this heated moment turned into an all out brawl on the ramp and the match hadn't even begun yet! "BRAAAAAAAAAUN" The familiar music sent a chill down the backs of some of tonights competitors as Braun Strowman made his raw on to the grand Wrestlemania stage, clutching his fist in his hand as he marched towards the carnage. The referees on the outside were trying their best to get the Wrestlers into the ring one by one as Braun reached Jinder Mahal lagging behind, grabbing him by the back of the head and dragging him to the ring with him. Throwing him inside the monster stepped up over the ropes as the bell finally rang. During the match we saw the early elimination of Jinder Mahal by Braun Strowman just before a large portion of the contests tried and failed to eliminate Strowman. Bobby Roode was saved by EC3 during the match as the two of them threw Chad Gable over the top rope for his efforts. During the tail end of the match the dominate SAnitY who had at this point eliminated several other superstars came face to face with Braun Strowman as the embodiment of controlled chaos met the uncontrollable force. Eric Young was energised he hit the chests of both Wolfe & Dain next to him as the sides proceeded to clash. Wolf & Dain both used their considerable power to try and bring the monster down, bringing him to his knees but Braun was able to find his own strength to push them back. Eric Young himself start throwing punches towards Braun but for his efforts got the beginning moments of a chokeslam from Strowman who with his spare hand pointed towards the outside of the ring. Stepping towards the ropes it looked over for Young when suddenly, just as the crowd let out a gasp of surprise Nikki Cross could be seen throwing herself from the top rope on to the back of the unsuspecting Strowman. Holding around his neck she threw anything she could at Strowman hanging on for dear life as Young fell to the met being released from the grip. Wolfe & Dain having recovered see their opportunity as the unit together go over to Strowman now leaning against the ropes and eliminate the monster who crashes to the floor with Storm. Nikki rolls to the side as Braun Strowman leans on his side showing an expression of pure anger. The match doesn't stop as those remaining fight with SAnitY. The Monster takes his time getting to his feet as he takes it upon himself to re-enter the ring and continue to bring the fight, blindsiding and eliminating Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young by himself before Killian Dain runs over taking the two of them to the floor. The brawl continues to the back between the two behemoths as the match continues without them. The final four of the match were Bobby Roode, Mustafa Ali Andrade "Cien" Almas and Curt Hawkins. Andrade "Cien" Almas won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal in 14:42 after throwing out Mustafa Ali. Main Show Show Opening Alex Bliss makes her way on to the stage after her introduction as she welcomes the international audience and those in the arena tonight to Wrestlemania. She says it is her job and her grantee that she will make this the best Wrestlemania she can and goes to introduce Classified who make their way on to the stage to give a live performance of this years theme song 'That Ain't Classy' After the chorus of the song the familiar strums take over the speakers of the performance as Elias walks on to the stage strumming the beginging cords of 'New York, New York' as the confused group look towards him. Elias apologises saying he was in mourning thinking Wrestlemania might've been in a superior city this year.Says just as disappointing as the location is that once again he isn't scheduled to perform once again but lucky for those here tonight he is taking initiative because WWE stands for! Just as the crowd look to reply "CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA!" echoes throughout the arena as Harlem Heat, two of the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame step on to the stage looking to deal with Elias who holds up his hands to the duo. Elias retreats as Harlem Heat celebrate with the band and Booker T gives the crowd a Wrestlemania Spineroonie. Wrestlemania Hype Package WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins vs In this match we saw Lesnar attack Rollins in full force, using his full arsenal of clubbing blows, big knees and suplexs worrying the crowd into a feeling of inevitability as the crowd cheered for Rollins for him to pick up momentum. Seth’s back a mess of red streaks from being tossed around the ring he is able to get the upper hand when Lesnar lets Rollins slip from the attempted F-5! He quickly goes to town on Lesnars legs with some side kicks kneeling The Beast. Heyman yells from ringside as Rollins gets a run up to hit the Blackout! He bounces off the ropes to hit a second time! The champion is down but Rollins wants to put an explanation point on this match and goes to the top rope. Seth Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar in 14:34 by pinfall with a Phoenix Splash. Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal title. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs During the match we saw Orton during a series of stomps he yelled that he will not overstepped by someone barley in this company, not now, not after all he has done. "You WILL respect me". AJ Styles and Randy Orton pushed each other to their limit showing the craft they have built on very different roads. Orton also attempted to hit the Punt twice but the ring aware Styles rolled to ring side on both occasions increasingly frustrating Orton. In the end AJ Styles defeated Randy Orton in 15:40 by pinfall with a Super Styles Clash after reversing an RKO attempt into a pele kick to gain the upper hand. WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (c) vs Tony Nese vs Buddy Murphy defeated Tony Nese in 12:09 by pinfall with a Murphys Law. WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Bar During the match we would see Cesaro use the ladder as a defence, swinging it around on his shoulders as Sheamus threw bodies towards him. Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on to the downed Sheamus from the top of the ladder. The Usos hit a double body splash on to Cesaro while he was placed on the ladder. In the last legs of the match Jimmy Uso and Jeff Hardy were brawling on each side of the standing ladder when Sheamus returned from the outside attempting to brogue kick the ladder from it's balance. Jimmy fell on to the ropes while Jeff was aided by Matt who balanced the ladder back for Jeff to then jump on to the shocked Sheamus. Matt Hardy then took to opportunity to climb the ladder himself. The Hardy Boyz defeated The Usos and The Bar in a Ladder match in 19:44 when Matt Hardy retrieved the item. The Hardy Boyz win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles for the first time. Vignette: The life of Dave Bautista A vignette appears on the screen showing the Hollywood lifestyle of Batista, walking the red carpet, attending premiers, award ceremonies and after parties. The night before Wrestlemania he welcomed celebrities and WWE superstars alike to a private function in New York where we see pictures of Bradley Cooper, Randy Orton, Titus O'Neil, Chris Hemsworth, Kumail Nanjiani among others attending the event. The ending is a replay of this last week of RAW as Batista pins EC3 and a voice over of Micheal Cole repeating "And your winner..." over and over. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship: Boss n Hug Connection (c) vs Samoan Slaughterhouse vs Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs The IIconics During the last legs of the match The IIconics had been laying on the outside of the ring for quite a while, the camera catching them talking to stay down and essentially play dead as they took turns to keep an eye on what was happening in the ring while the chaos ensued. At this point Sasha Banks and Natalya were trading shots in the ring when The IIconics decided to capitalise. BIllie Kay runs into the ring and grabs Natalya from behind, throwing her to the outside with a thud. Peyton Royce tries her luck attacking Sasha Banks but Banks is ready for her switching the momentum and throwing some midshot kicks into Royce in the corner turnbuckle. Royce slides down to her knees suddenly, grabbing what she can of Banks tights and pulls her into the turnbuckle. In the same few seconds a running Billie Kay runs and hits the Shades of Kay, the big boot, on Sasha Banks bringing her to the mat. The two of them are stunned for a moment but quickly scamper to capitalise. 1, 2, NO! Beth Phoenix and a recovered Natalya hit the ring grabbing The IIconics in tandem and throwing them to the outside with shrieks. Phoenix capitalises and pins Sasha herself. Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated The IIconics, Nia Jax and Tamina and The Boss 'n' Hug Connection in 15:08 Pre-Match Hype Package WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs This was an emotional bought between the never quitting Kofi Kingston and the dragon of the ring Daniel Bryan. During the last legs of the match Kofi Kingston continued to rise after the recent battering from Bryan, roaring in pain and determination, not willing to let his dream die. Daniel Bryan is beside himself as the two start trading kick for kick, punch for punch! Bryan slips and Kofi gets the momentum, hammering at Daniel Bryan who kneels to the floor. The crowd is wild now as he claps in the air above him "New.Day.Rocks" is the chant. Daniel Bryan is ever defiant but battered himself, attempting to stand he says "B +.." as Kofi Kingston launches himself and connections the Trouble In Paradise! Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan in 24:35 by pinfall with a Trouble In Paradise. Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship title. After the match Kofi Kingston is joined by Xavier Woods & Big E in an emotional hug as they lift their friend, their partner, their brother into the air as the crowd cheers. Snickers Commercial WWE United States Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio vs In a feud that has crossed into the personal life of Rey Mysterio these past few weeks we see Samoa Joe defend his United States Championship against the high flying inovator in Rey Mysterio. As he comes around the side of the ring he meets with his son Dominik as the two of them share some private words and prayers before this championship contest. Later in the match the referee has accidentally been knocked to the mat leaving a vulnerable Mysterio with Samoa Joe who wishes to inflict more punishment while he has the chance. With the steal chair in hand Samoa Joe approaches Dominick in the front row boasting to the young man "Watch closely at what's about to be do..." but before Joe can finish his words a right hook from the young superstar connects surprising Joe but before he can react another one is followed as Dominik jumps on the barricade and jumps on to the bewildered champion. The crowd goes wild as Dominick looks lost for a second. He kicks the chair out of the way has he runs over to his father, getting him to focus as he gets Rey to his feet. The count begins after referree himself finally recovers. Joe lifts himself up hanging on to the apron as it sets in what has happened. He stares over to Dominick who is being escorted back by security, in his eyes he wants to march over but the yelling of "5" is heard so he turns his attention back to the ring. That was enough to be caught off guard for Joe was immediately shot back towards the ropes as Mysterio signals for the 619! Rey Mysterio defeated Samoa Joe in 10:18 by pinfall with a 619 into the West Coast Pop. Rey Mysterio wins the WWE United States title. After the match Dominick returns to the ring and the two celebrate together in front of the crowd. Backstage: Triple H & Shane McMahon Triple H is seen in his personal locker room preparing for his match when Shane McMahon knocks and enters. The two of them talk, asking each other how they are holding up. Shane McMahon asks bluntly if he feels he is ready for tonight where Triple H says in a deep voice that tonight is just the type of cathartic relief he needs after the last week. Shane McMahon receives a message mid conversation, saying under his breath "It's him". With that Shane doesn't press the issue further just saying good luck with a pat on the shoulder. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre vs First out is Roman Reigns who soaks in the receptive crowd on the stage. Just a few months ago this moment seemed unlikely but the unlikely often does poorly in the circumstance of Roman Reigns in WWE. Roman does his signature pose as fireworks surge up from the ramp giving the audience a fireworks show before making his way to the ring. As Drew McIntyre steps out on to the stage, the bagpipes echoing throughout the arena the music transitions to a familiar tune, the bagpipes change to guitars ♪♫ "What's that metronome I hear. Perhaps the end is drawing near. You never hear the shot that takes you down...." ♪♫ Drew McIntyre lifts his head with a bellowing shout in that brief moment of lyrical silence ♪♫ "Out of time so say good bye. What is yours Now is mine!" ♪♫ the Scottish Psychopath marches down to the ring determined to make this his Wrestlemania. Could this song choice for tonight be a message, an omen for Roman tonight? The match begins with both men ready to fight with Drew McIntyre looking to get the first shot right on the bell but he is stopped short by the aware Reigns who throws a punch stopping him in his track. This is a brawl as both competitors give as much as they give to the other. Later in the match Roman has the upper hand with Drew missing a corner shoulder charge and hitting the side of the ring post instead, leaving him slouched in the corner as Roman sits up. Roman takes the moment as he looks around the crowd indicating the superman punch, momentarily turning his back on McIntyre. When he does turn back McIntyre has gathered the energy to rise and he storms forward to Roman and hts him with a surprise Claymore Kick knocking down Reigns. Without a chance to come to terms to what has happened Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns in 10:08 by pinfall. After the match as Roman groggily lays back on the mat Drew grabs a handful of his hair as he lifts his head, telling him that he got too full of himself as he drops his head back to the mat and walks to the back. Intercontinental Championship: Basilisk Lashley (c) vs 'Demon' Finn Balor vs The arena goes dark as the lighting of the Demon begins. The Demon is here! Conducting the crowd as he swiftly moves down the ramp. The arena throw up their arms with Finn Balor as he looks to reclaim his Intercontinental Championship tonight Bobby Lashley enters the stage with serpent white eyes and body paint reflecting the skin of a python, scales across his chest and arms with new dark green attire for his championship defence. Corey Graves on commentary talks that arlier tonight he spoke to Lio Rush who was to say the least frustrated but reassured everyone around him that despite going missing through out the week Lashley was going to retain his Intercontinental Championship. Mid conversation Lashley entered the room with this..unique look. After travelling across the country speaking to shamans and mystics, looking for the hidden secrets of the world he found his answer. Tonight he is Basilisk Lashley. God help us all. Lio Rush follows behind a little less enthusiastic than usual as they make their way to the ring. During the match we got to see a completely new offence from the Demon almost catching Lashley off guard during this match but the veteran grappler didn't go down without a fight surprising fans and even Rush in the ways he was willing to put his body on the line during the match. Suicide dives, top rope splashes. Both men brought a new side of themselves tonight but in the end Finn Bálor defeated Basilisk Lashley in 13:36 by pinfall with a 1916. Finn Bálor reclaimed the WWE Intercontinental title. No Holds Barred: Batista vs Triple H vs First out is, Dave Bautista as he has informed us he would like to be referred to as tonight as a small army of security make the way across the stage and down the ramp keep the audence at a safe distance before 'The Animal' makes his way on to the stage. Stepping out of his jet black hummer, sunglasses still on he slowly steps down the stage as he looks over the crowd. Arms stretched out he performs his signature entrance with fireworks and continues to the ring. A pre-entrance video plays showing a black and white montage of Triple H training during the week, mixed in with old footage of him and Vince McMahon behind the scenes, in the gym while cutting back to a determined look of Triple H. The montage ends as the familiar green lights cover the arena as the revving of a large motorcycle is heard heading up a ramp and on to the Wrestlemania stage. Wearing a skull decorated crown and with Stephanie McMahon hanging on the back of the motorcycle the crowd wait for his entrance music to play but are instead greeted by the bittersweet sound of "No Chance". A large cheer from the crowd is heard as Triple H lets a smile escape. The crowd chant along to the theme song as Triple H rides down the long ramp towards the ring. Stephanie McMahon The match was the most brutal of the night with the two friends turned bitter enemies once again went all out, using whatever they could get their hands on in the surrounding arena to inflict pain on the other. Broken pieces of table, collections of weapons spread across the outside of the ring. Towards the end of the match there is a sudden comotion in the crowd a hooded man is seen jumping the barricade as he leaps right to the side of the ring to grab on to the boots of Triple H, holding his weight to the floor to keep the 'Cerebral Assassin' in place momentarily. The confused Triple H looks down confused as he relentlessly shakes the hands off turning around to confront whoever it was. This distraction was just enough as Bautista takes the previously placed steel steps and launches them into the back of Triple H, releasing his grip of the sledge hammer. The masked man fumbles back towards the announcers table as the groggy Bautista taunts two thumbs up to the crowd only to recieve in return a chorus of boos. He turns the thumbs down towards Triple H as he takes the COO. Bautista defeated Triple H in 23:50 by pinfall with a Batista Bomb hit twice in succession After the match as Triple H is treated to at ring-side, looking on to the victorious Batista. The hooded man joins the tired Batista in the ring helping him to his feet and leaning him against the corner turnbuckle. He turns around to the crowd for a moment teasing a reveal as the hood comes off to reveal...Chris Hemsworth?!? The commentary are speechless as Hemsworth helps Bautista up the ramp. Backstage: Alexa Bliss Alexa Bliss is seen walking towards an awaiting limo in the parking lot when she is stopped by Charly Caruso just as she has her hand on the door. Charly proceeds to ask for comments about the ending of the Batista vs Triple H match and the reveal. Bliss showing a sign of worry instead graces a smile as she affirms Charly that she promised surprises tonight, so much so that that they surprise her. A male voice can be heard from inside the limo "We should be going". Alexa excuses herself as she enters the vehicle and it drives from the arena. Submission Match: Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin vs During the match we saw Corbin trying his best to stay on his feet and frequent escaping to the outside, Angle getting some early suplexes on a rattled Corbin but in return Angle fell short to Corbin working on his legs with some shoulders to ground Angle. In the second half of the match a battered Lashley and Lio Rush appear on the entrance ramp as Corbin leaning on the ropes calls them down to the ring but just as they begin to take their steps two familiar faces appear behind them. The crowd get their first glimpse at...Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass! Team Angle is here to help their former mentor! Before they have a chance to react to the changing situation the two are attacked from behind and set back towards the side of the ramp out of sight. A distraught Corbin is yelling towards the ramp as the cheers from the crowd heighten. Corbin looking to the ceiling turns to face his fate as he quickly tries to hit a right hook but Angle ducks! Positioning himself behind Corbin he hits the Angle Slam! Taking off his two straps the Olympian is fired up! He reaches down and takes the ankle of Corbin and locks it in. Corbin tries to desperately reach for the ropes but Angle doubles down by wrapping his legs around him and falling to the mat. Corbin taps! Kurt Angle defeated Baron Corbin in 8:49 by submission with an Ankle Lock. After the match Kurt Angle is celebrating on the ramp as the crowd chant "You Suck" for the Hall of Famer on his exit. Benjamin & Haas walk out behind him and the three embrace in a group hug to an ovation. Shelton passes Angle a hoodie with the Team Angle logo which gets a laugh from Angle, putting on the jacket. The three of them take their positions on the stage and pose to a flurry of fireworks. Pre-Match Hype Package RAW Women's Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vsvs In the final legs of the match, Ronda Rousey was recovering in the carnage of the announce table she had been put through by a Charlotte moonsault as Becky Lynch and Charlotte stand face to face in the middle of the ring once again. Charlotte holding her ribs, Becky with a bloody lip from a punch from Ronda earlier in the night. The two of them trade blows, Charlotte kicks Becky at the knee to pull bring her to the mat as she grabs her legs to try and quickly apply the Figure Eight but is instead dragged down by Lynch. In a quick movement Becky rises from the ground, applying the Dis-arm-her! Charlotte screams as she tries to fight it, Ronda Rousey is caught by the cameras rising from the rubble as she gets to her feet surviving on determination and just as Ronda gets to the apron she is met with Charlotte taping in the middle of the ring. Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey in 21:05 when Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair by submission with a Dis-arm-her. Becky Lynch wins the WWE Raw Women's title. Becky Lynch celebrates in the ring as the new Raw Women's Champion after an incredible year for her career. Ronda is attended to by medical staff but pushes them away as she chooses to walk herself to the back, yelling towards Becky "This isn't finished"
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