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    ______________________________________________________________________________ Previously on Carnage, a suited Arius is seen sitting in his locker room within the arena. Legs crossed he is leaning back upon the black cushioned chair with the BPZ North American and United States Championships resting upon pillowed comfort on the coffee table in front. Rin Akane, coming off her press event appearance the previous week, stands a few steps behind him concentrating on her phone as she conducts her business, giving quick momentary glances towards the screen as Arius catches the beginging sounds of "Power Glove - Firebird" As the segment continues Arius finds himself walking towards the television, resting his hands against the wall watching closely as he takes in what KENJI has to say. As the segment nears the end Arius is seen smirking towards Rin with a shake of his head in amusement but in return she shares an unimpressed glare, taking the remote from the table and turning the screen off. In unison the current broadcasting screen turns black. ______________________________________________________________________________ With Carnage now completed for another week the fans are abuzz, talking about the upcoming Mayhem event and the ongoing Powertrip Cup as competitors and champions alike fight to be heard. The following day an impromptu video message appears out of the blue on the social media accounts and official website for BPZ Wrestling. With no leading title to speak of fans curiously click on the video player displayed on the front page wondering what could be in store. At first glance the screen shows cut together phone footage from fans live in attendance recording the titantron. The footage though at times unfocused shows the playing vignette from KENJI that was showed live on Carnage, from his hometown he addresses the crowd and his future opponent. The perspective changes a few times switching between different vantage points of the arena, cutting quickly to key words in the segment as the crowd soak in what he has to say. From a small dot on the screen the light reemerges on this pre-recorded video, a white gloved hand pressed against a steel door our first glance on what is in store, dragging his fingers across the steel he moves to the handle as he pushes through. We hear the creaking of the ageing door echo through this room as it is being swung upon and the following loud bang as it closes shut behind him. The camera follows Arius, keeping the perspective lower on the ground as Arius finishes off his coffee, placing the disposable cup on top of a lone circular table as he passes through to the centre of the room. Dressed elegantly in black, a chair sits in front of the camera illuminated by the skylights above. Arius moves his hand across the arm of the chair briefly before continuing to pace around the room. Layer upon layer... Looking towards the camera from a distant he decides instead to look up towards the skylight, the sounds of loose gravel catching beneath his feet as he begins to speak You know, I've taken plenty of time to look up and down and all around this company during my short time here in BPZ Wrestling. Whose done this. Whose accomplished that. Those that got the opportunities and achieved greatness by seizing them, those who failed to take advantage at their momentum and fall to obscurity. You could consider quite a few in this company right now live inside a perpetual limbo..becoming "The future of pro wrestling!" while yelling at an unenthusiastic audience. Arius finally makes it to the chair as he sits and leans against the back, holding two fingers against his lips and his thumb under his chin as he continues Everyone, however unique they claim to be, eventually falls into a category. Society dictates that is how we shall exist, with labels to help us better comprehend each other. Example you provided KENJI. I sit here labelled a coward? Arius chuckles as he leans on his hand against the arm of the chair A charming notion. Me, apprehensive of the lights and glamour, shying away from men and women on edge in a room desperately looking to prod me for their next headline? I'm starting to feel I've yet to make an impression if you walk away such ideas.That or perhaps Rin truly unnerved you during your meeting... Arius leans back once again, his expression showing wonder Hm..but the straw that broke the KENJI's back? His apparent fixation on an absentee day and look at where this has gotten you. All this built up frustration from an empty chair, watching you back in your hometown you exemplify unease walking under those city lights. Leading us here, airing your grievances by...let's see, ah yes, flying out to the other side of the world to address me? KENJI, i'm almost flattered. You got further away from me than i ever could've dreamed of. Arius calls the camera forward as he leans up from his chair Now don't make me fear you're not the competitor i thought you were? Throwing a verbal punch before hastily taking five steps backwards to avoid the very idea of what would follow. Arius pushes the camera back as he flops back down in his chair, crossing his legs and looking to the side of the room Crossing seas and home comforts can't do much for you heading into our match. You've left yourself exposed, quite charmingly though. What were those crucial words? Arius conducts the air as he recites the quote "but nothing such in return....." Arius slaps his hand against the arm of the chair in amazement So is THAT what you need from me KENJI? An expression of respect, my approval? I thought...no, no we both know your'e above such low hanging sentiments. In an industry built upon vile and backhanded compliments, words will not cover actions and i feel you haven't been paying close enough attention to my actions if you feel there isn't admiration. Airus leans forward I know what type of competitor you are. We're doing what we were destined to do, and we're willing to go out there and do it to the best of our abilities, that of which got us here to this point. Though this journey has graced me much more kindly Arius moves his hand across his shoulders you could say I've ventured and gained aplenty. This chapter so far shows to me at least that you do things on your own terms where I ultimately want and do continually get that job done. Arius sighs as he runs his hand through his hair calmly But...i'm afraid at some point this positive light you bring to BPZ can't make up for this chronic case of coming up short. I very much want you to keep pushing no matter the circumstances, to push the limits within in yourself and in turn maybe make me a better competitor, to prolong me being a better champion...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let you push through me. And it certainly doesn't mean i'm going to coach you through this championship match with kind reminders. You want me to bring my best? Arius turns his head and stares into the camera, eyes wide That isn't even a question. I bring my best to each match hoping to be proven wrong and i won't tolerate any less from you. I see such waste in this company but i endure. The prospect of bringing out the best of what they could be, casting away their stagnation and instead igniting a more focused competitor...When i step in the ring at Powertrip Cup event this will be no different. Arius takes a handkerchief from his inside jacket pocket, unfolding it with a flick in the air and covering it over his hand. Looking down from the camera he rubs it vigorously around the left eye, removing the thickly layered paint . This isn't a hand held venture. I intend to be the road block that you can't surpass When he is finished he drops the handkerchief to the side of his leg as he looks up to the camera once more now showing a purposely exposed quarter of his face to those watching, a grin slips across this face Layer upon layer cast away, in the end there is only Arius and always will be. The camera fades to black as Arius pushes the camera to the ground out of view
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    "Death Machine"

    We’re placed in the screen room of the Royal Flush manor, all lights dimmed, but enough remain to cast light on the brooding Jonathan, piercing eyes placed on the camera as he begins to speak. “Your omission was an interesting one Julius. Well-intentioned as though you wanted to keep the proceedings respectful. I think it was something else.” Without warning, the projector springs to life, shining past the lens of the camera to the screen. The camera sweeps around to capture the image being displayed in the room. Jonathan and Julius come into the picture, nose to nose as they look to find the new BPZ Champion. The result of the clash of the Titans has been well documented, the camera pans back to Jonathan, whose fists continue to clench tighter and tighter until the red of the knuckles turns to white. His eyes are glued on the motion picture, watching the back and forth that ensued in the early moments of the match. He finally pries his eyes from the contest, looking back at the camera as he begins to speak once again. “You feel it too don’t you? Each goosebumps ticking upwards on your arm, leaving you shivering in awe when you watch this match. The unadulterated emotion it leaves you with. You get that same, unparalleled feeling of pure adrenaline as you revisit the match. You become more and more aware of your beating heart until all you can hear is the rhythmic clanging against your rib cage. But then it settles, you get the feeling of comfort, knowing what you did and what you’re capable of doing, it reassures you, lulling your adrenal gland and restoring your “Death Machine” disposition.” “I can feel it too, each uptick on my forearm as I revisit the match. I could recount it without the video aid, but I force myself to witness the self-destruction, knowing what it can accomplish. Julius, I live in this moment each and every waking second. Seeing the insufficiency of everything I did to get myself to that moment, understanding that I wasn’t the same man I used to be, it presents me with a choice. To accept this reality and whimper to a halt, leaving without a fight but retaining the memory relatively unblemished by losses to the leaders of this industry, or I can press on, trying to redeem something deep inside of me.” “That thing, I can’t name it. It pushes me forward in every moment, regardless of whether or not I desire that. It creates restlessness within, every thought goes back to the men who were responsible for my downfall. I’m unable to resist this Julius, and right now, it’s telling me that the next step in my path to Redemption is repaying the deed down here Julius.” Jonathan pauses, refocusing on the matchup set to be revisited in days time. Anguish is spilled on his face, his jaw clenching tighter as every vein present in his forehead is unveiled. The camera turns to see Julius gaining control of the match, slowing the match to use his noticeable size advantage more efficiently. As the camera reverts, Jonathan rises from his seat, approaching the camera as he begins to take more noticeable breaths, pausing to collect himself before a smirk spreads across his lips. “I orchestrated as much as I could, I defeated Echo and dispatched of FD, I began a conquest of another division with Sheridan by myself to put the unsettling demons to rest but they remain. There’s no escape now, all roads lead through June 2nd, where our paths cross once again. It won’t be like before, it won’t be solely in the desire of a gilded belt to wear around my waist, this means far than any championship can satisfy alone.” “One reality remains, one man continues on through this tournament, losses avenged with path leading to everything that’s being fought for. One man crowned victor and the other trying to rationalize the events that have occurred, and this is the truth Julius, that when I beat you it won’t be due to some “Ace in the Hole”. It’ll simply be due to the Ace standing over you.”
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    The New Attitude

    DISCLAIMER: IT’S A LONG READ ... GO GET YOUR POPCORN NOW. After the infamous Montreal Screwjob, many workers in the wrestling industry took this time as an opportunity to voice their concerns and, even though there was not an official Wrestler's Union, many of the big names in the WCW and WWF came together and decided to go on strike. The only way they would agree to work again is if a major change happened. James Hellwig, more notably known as "The Ultimate Warrior", was the so-called leader of the strike. During his recent retirement, Warrior had been in discussions with many investors about the possibility of launching a new wrestling promotion. After the Screwjob, The Warrior saw this as an opportunity to launch the new company; after many long meetings with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, the three men set aside their differences momentarily and made an agreement that would change the face of wrestling forever. All current workers in the WWF and WCW would have their contracts terminated and there would be a draft between the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and the newly formed Triple X Wrestling. The draft would consist of 30 rounds for each company. The undrafted workers would then become free agents, available to anyone. Established tag teams may be drafted as a unit, or a member may be drafted individually. This is how it went down … --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The scene opens with a packed house at Madison Square Garden. A stage is set up with three podiums spaced evenly across it. JR and Jerry “The King” Lawler are at a special announce table in front of the stage and are commentating the event for the viewers at home. JR: Hello everyone, I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and welcome to the event that everyone has been talking about, the event that will only happen once in a lifetime, the event that will change the face of professional wrestling forever … The New Attitude Draft! King: Haha! I know it’s only December 1st, but Christmas has come early, JR! JR: That it has, King; the order of this draft was chosen randomly and the first pick of the draft goes to … “No Chance” blasts through the PA system and Vince McMahon walks out on stage amidst a barrage of boos. King: This crowd isn’t very happy with Mr. McMahon. JR: Well, It was less than a month ago that Vince screwed Bret Hart out of the WWF Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. King: What are you talking about, JR? Mr. McMahon didn’t screw Bret Hart; Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart. Vince ignores the crowd, walks to the far left podium and adjusts the microphone. He opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by the chanting crowd … “ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” JR: And this crowd is letting Vince know exactly what they think of him! King: This crowd is about as intelligent as my ex-wife, JR. JR: Which one? King: Both of them. Haha! Say, who do you think Vince will choose with his first pick? JR: I have no idea, King. It could be anyone who had a contract with the WCW or WWF. Vince snarls, takes a deep breath and begins his announcement, JR: We’re about to find out ... Vince: With the first pick of the draft, the World Wrestling Federation selects … Shawn Michaels! The crowd turns from hostile to a loud cheer as the name leaves Vince’s lips. King: Shawn Michaels!? JR: The Heartbreak Kid is staying with the WWF! King: That’s a pretty solid pick, don’t you think? JR: You certainly can’t go wrong with HBK. He is the WWF World Heavyweight Champion after all. King: I thought all of the titles would be vacated after tonight? JR: I think it’s up to the discretion of the company, King. However, if Michaels had gone to Triple X or WCW then I imagine it would be vacated. But now … I’m not sure to be honest. A rock guitar begins a steady stream of notes, soon accompanied by a complementing drum beat. The crowd pops and The Ultimate Warrior walks out on the stage. He is wearing a suit and tie but still dons his iconic face paint. JR: Here he is! The man of the hour! The one you’ve all been waiting for … The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior is now the CEO of the newly formed Triple X Wrestling and he’s here to make the second pick of the draft! King: I can’t wait! Warrior smiles and waves at the crowd and pumps his arms in the air as he makes his way to the center podium. He glances over at Vince and then looks back at the crowd. Warrior: Thank you … with the second pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling chooses … Stone Cold Steve Austin! An even larger pop from the crowd and the chant begins … “Austin! Austin! Austin!” JR: And business has just picked up! King: AH! The Texas Rattlesnake is moving to Triple X Wrestling! JR: Indeed he is, King! An excellent first choice for Warrior and the three X’s. “Bite Me” begins to play throughout the arena and the crowd reacts with mixed emotions as Eric Bischoff walks out to the remaining podium. King: JR, who do you think Bischoff is going to take with his first pick? JR: I know about as much as you do, King. King: I hope it’s Sable! Eric: With the third pick of the draft, World Championship Wrestling chooses … Hulk Hogan! As they did in the previous rounds, the crowd pops when Bischoff says Hogan’s name. JR: Hulkamania will continue to run wild in WCW, folks! King: Well, did you think Eric Bischoff was going to choose anyone else? JR: Certainly not Sable. Vince: With the fourth pick of the draft, the WWF selects … King: Uh oh, here we go ... Vince: The Undertaker! JR: Well, no surprises there! King: The Deadman is Mr. McMahon’s right hand man … woah, try saying that five times fast, JR. JR: I’ll pass, thank you. Warrior: With the fifth pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling will choose … Bret “The Hitman” Hart! JR: And Bret Hart has found a new home! King: Do you think he’s happy he’s not working for Vince anymore? JR: I think that’s the understatement of the 20th century, King. Eric: With the sixth pick of the draft, WCW will select … Kevin Nash! King: Nash is staying in WCW, JR! JR: Well Kevin Nash is a big and powerful man … he may have influenced Bischoff to keep him with the company. King: Tell me something, JR … why wouldn’t Bischoff select Nash AND Scott Hall as the tag team unit ‘The Outsiders’? They’re allowed to choose established tag teams as a unit. He could’ve gotten two for the price of one! … What an idiot … JR: I don’t know, but I’m sure Eric Bischoff has his reasons. Vince: With the seventh pick of the draft, the WWF selects … Scott Hall! King: What?! Scott Hall? JR: Well, I guess we won’t be seeing ‘The Outsiders’ as a tag unit anytime soon. Warrior: With the eight pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling will select … Sting! JR: And Sting is Warrior’s next selection. I think it’s a damn good pick! King: I bet Sting is happy he is going to be far away from Hogan now! JR: I don’t think Sting is scared of anybody, King. King: Well, he should be! Eric: With the ninth pick of the draft, WCW chooses … Bill Goldberg! JR: I think we have our first upset of the night! King: Who knew Goldberg would go so high in the draft?! JR: Well, Bill Goldberg is a talented athlete but I can’t help but think there are others who may have been a better choice for that pick. King: I told you Bischoff was an idiot! Vince: With the tenth pick of the draft, the WWF is proud to select … Paul Wight. King: The Giant is making his move to the WWF! Oh my! JR: Oh my is right, King. Paul Wight is a powerful young superstar and I think McMahon has big plans for him, no pun intended. King: If Paul Wight was the Titanic, the iceberg would’ve sank! JR: Well, that’s the first 10 picks of the draft done and gone. We will continue after this short ad break … The draft continues throughout the night (see below for the full draft list - for now, we skip to the end) JR: Well, we’ve come to the final 3 picks of the draft, King. King: What a night it’s been, JR. I can’t believe that Chyna and Luna were drafted but Sable and Sunny have yet to be picked! That’s absurd! JR: Folks, let’s recap a few of the top picks by each company ... Other notable selections by Vince McMahon and the WWF include: Triple H, Roddy Piper, Vader, The Rock, The New Age Outlaws, Jeff Jarrett and Buff Bagwell. King: And selections by Triple X Wrestling include: Mick Foley, Owen Hart, DDP, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Chris Benoit and The Steiner Brothers. JR: That’s right. And, finally, WCW’s new roster includes: Curt Henning, Randy Savage, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr. Vince McMahon readjusts the microphone and prepares to make his final pick … King: Shut up, JR. Vince is about to make his last pick of the draft! Vince: With the 88th pick in the draft, it is with pleasure that I select a loyal friend of mine … the great Gorilla Monsoon! JR: Gorilla Monsoon is right back where he belongs! King: In the grave? JR: Oh stop it, King! Warrior: With the 89th pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling selects the team of … King: Who? Who? Warrior: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler! Warrior points to the announce team and smiles. The arena explodes with cheers. King: AHHH! We’ve been drafted JR! JR: Well, we are just as eligible as anyone else on the WWF and WCW rosters. King: We’re going to Triple X Wrestling! JR: What an honor it is. Eric: With the 90th and final pick in the draft, WCW proudly selects … senior official Earl Hebner! King: Earl Hebner? JR: Earl Hebner, in my view, is the best damn referee in the business. Bischoff can’t go wrong having him on staff! The crowd booms with excitement. JR: Well that does it folks. We thank you for joining us on this historic night at The Garden. Have a good night! FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS. special thanks to @The Crippler for help with this.
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    Alex Costa

    Calling the opposition out

    It's the Go Home Show for Carnage before Mayhem when suddenly Lights go out The Crowd is wondering what the hell is happenning before they see an American Flag come up which provokes cheers from the crowd however before those cheers erupt the Flag suddenly vanishes only to be replaced by the face of Alex on the Flag Then a new theme however one which is familiar to many on the BPZ Crowd begins to play We see Alex come out from under the ring an American flag on his back Alex who is looking fully focused heads directly to the ring with purpose as he looks pissed about something. He enters the ring and then proceeds to grab the mic as the music dies down with people giving him mixed reactions Alex Costa: CUT MY DAMN MUSIC! Mixed Reactions Now last week I was watching the show and I heard Hans talking a lot of crap about me. Fans cheer for Hans That little ass punk called me a coward? Me a COWARD?! I am no coward Clayton so if you wanna say that why don't you say it to my face, hein? Or do you need to ask your life partner permission first? Crowd is shocked at Alex mentioning BIC, as he turns to the Stage Now before you come out, because I know you are back there watching Hans, I do wanna address someone else. Because you know Hans for all his faults he does have a bit of a point. Crowd is confused There is a coward in this match, however that coward ain't me. ARIUS, I KNOW YOU ARE BACK THERE TOO CHAMP! So unless you are too scared about Kenji's upcoming chellange, step right into my face, because you have run away from me for far too long. Crowd is excited at a potential fight So how's it going to be? You both gonna come out and prove me wrong or maybe like Hans said they are Cowards in this match, but maybe they are both of you Alex waits for there opponents to come out
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    WWE in 2011 has birthed one of the greatest and most organic runs in WWE history. After a failed run with the New Nexus, CM Punk became Number One Contender for the WWE Championship as he faces John Cena at Money In The Bank in Chicago, his home town. This, was the slow steps to a new era of wrestling. Weeks of telling the crowd that he was leaving Chicago and the WWE with the WWE Championship, as his contract ended midnight after Money In The Bank, and then dropped the Infamous Pipebomb, CM Punk was slowly transitioning from the evil villain to the beloved hero. Next up, was Money In The Bank. CM Punk defeated Cena in a amazing classic five star match up to win his first WWE Championship. A few weeks later, John Cena became WWE Champion after defeating Rey Mysterio for the title, which prompted the return on the Straight Edge Champion. Now the stage is set. SummerSlam. John Cena vs CM Punk. WWE Champion vs WWE Champion. Who's walking away with the Gold? [This diary is how I would of booked the Summer Of Punk and his entire World Championship reign, including doing some of the things that Punk should of done in his title reign. Thank you for reading if you have and let's have fun with this!]
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    Week 1 of May 2019 Carnage's first show is in 2 weeks and many fighters are getting prepared, heat on Twitter is showing already and interviews are already getting set out. After this Tweet has been put out, Yelich has been asked this question whilst training at his camp, his response was: "Prince isn't going to bother me, I know what he's doing, he's trying to get into my head, he calls me a nobody but yet he clearly knows me, I'll respond further after our fight, in which I will feel victorious" Prince's response hasn't been heard yet because he told the security guards to not let reporters/interviewers distract him, Prince has been behind closed doors and hopefully we will hear from him soon. Week 2 of May 2019 In this week, we get to hear from the mysterious, Arius has been a menacing figure, not in size nor in his trash talk, but more in his hidden thoughts and expressions. Arius puts out this Tweet in a pre-view to what his mindset is on ahead of his match with Kyle Pain, Kyle isn't exactly interested in what Arius has to say, we've been seeing Kyle work hard in the gym and at his camp. The main event happening this week has been the press conference, the two of the most important fights on the card has had heat building up, in the press conference for Frank Robertson vs Angelo Caito had these interesting answers and statements. "Angelo, did you have to turn up your training intensity ahead of your match with Frank?" "I don't care for extreme intensity in training, I care for the naturality that comes with it, I've been fighting for about 20 years, I never change the way I train, and that is exactly why I've won more than 80% of my matches, I stick with what I've got, change isn't efficient enough" "Frank, what do you think of Angelo's track record and how does that affect your strategies in the fight?" "I don't care for the past, I care for the present, he won 80% of his matches, but that's all before I came along, my goal is to lower that percentage down and it only drives me more towards my goal seeing Angelo finally shut up" After this fight press conference ended, we are going to see the Main Event's press conference, with Bart going up against Markov Drago in the very first Carnage event. "Bart, how does the pressure of being one of BPZ's top fighters affect you in fights like these?" "It's great that you asked, I see myself as a humble guy, so when I enter the cage, I am no longer the top fighter, but the average fighter, I set myself the same standards I would've set out 4 years ago, I may be one of the top fighters but in the cage, it all matters how you do that one night" "Markov, you have been fighting ever since the age of 15, how does that experience help when fighting someone like Bart?" "You win, or you lose, I won many fights and I am proud of myself but this fight, is just the same fighter who thinks they're good enough for Markov, I've fought better fighters, Bart isn't anything new to me, I shall crush him, and then he will no longer be "The Top Fighter" When the press conference ended, fans got around to asking questions and talking to the fighters, none of the questions stood out, and the fighters were done quickly with the fan meet-ups. What was next for BPZ? The very first Carnage. Week 3 of May 2019 The Weigh Ins are here, the results show the different weight classes that will be fighting eachother. The Carnage show will be coming up shortly. The match card has been an interesting one with Bart vs Markov Drago being an interesting fight in which Bart proved why he is one of the best fighters in BPZ! Post Fight Comments: Atsushi Onita - "It was fun, we got the match of the night and I proved myself to the crowd, the name of Onita is legendary in Japan, USA is only an another opportunity to bring glory to my name." Kyle Pain - "Fuck, that was tough, I didn't know anything about the dude, but now I know that I was lucky to get that stoppage, for now I belong in the category of BPZ's first winners, time to hit the showers, fuck. James Ropati - "That was a mis-match, I feel bad for Duncan, he was paired up with the wrong guy, and that kinda pisses me off, my first win in BPZ wasn't even fair, I guess I'll convince Duncan to speak to the BPZ Managment about this, we both didn't know what was coming." Big Gus - "Aaron North, he ain't shit, he's overrated, next time, I deserve someone like Ropati, that motherfucker knows how to throw punches, Aaron, he just isn't the right guy for me, he can go fight Duncan for all I care, I want Ropati." Prince -"Haha, Yelich wasn't a bad draw y'know, he was doing good, until the 3rd round, I took him straight down, and forced him to tap, that's definetly an achievement, I feel like I can handle Markov, he just doesn't seem that good anymore, I should ask the BPZ Managment to let me fight him, would be a fun clash." Johnny Kills - "Fucking hell, the time limit saved that cunt, next time I'll fight him and end him in the 1st round, I was just playing with my food and he escaped in time, next time he won't get that lucky." Dikey - "Wow, I beat Smith, he was one of the most anticipated fighters... and I beat him, I wonder what's next, I just can't wait for my next fight, I kind of want to fight Kyle Pain, I think me and him are a good match." Dan Marsh - "Carlinhos, he got lucky, I wasn't trying hard, I should've but atleast I didn't lose, I guess that was a nice warm-up match, I want someone stronger next time." James Peralta - "Nice, I think my execution was ok, next time I'll try a little bit more, and see if I can get a better result, but Kieron did a good job, I'm glad we put on a good fight." Angelo Caito - "Gotta love it, Frank couldn't finish off a 39 year old, how pathetic of him, in reality, I win, I got payed the most, and I got the most money! I wish I could have one more chance, just to mess him up a bit more." Markov Drago - "Get that fucking microphone away from me, I'm tired and devastated, Bart won't get away with this." Week 4 of May 2019 In the final week of May, there wasn't much that happened, many fighters went on to public TV shows to talk about their fights, but none really stood out, Johnny Kills signed a sponsorship deal with Nike and Kyle Pain became a partner of a charity which helps orphans find a home.
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    IMPACT - The Rebirth

    Friday, April 19th - IMPACT Wrestling Live from Manitoba, Canada As usual by now, Jon Stewart kicks off the show, he gets in the ring and says: "Right, I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, at least I'll try to, well basically, I need to stop rambling on and announce who this fantastic new signing is, uhh, I may be running out of time-" An unfamiliar theme tune plays... OH MY GOD! THE FRENCH VIGNETTE! IT'S NONE OTHER THAN: IT'S RENE DUPREE! AND FIFI! Rene Dupree makes his IMPACT debut, but hold on, Jon Stewart has something else to say "Hold on! You're not the man I was talking about, well, forget it, next week it is!" Jon leaves as we prepare for our first match - MATCH 1 vs Rene Dupree Trey Miguel Rene Dupree defeated Trey Miguel in 6:33 by submission with a Bonne Nuit 44 - After the match Dupree grabs a mic, and as he prepares to talk, he is interrupted by another legend! Rob Van Dam is here! He has a mic of his own, and says a few words to Dupree: "So, how does it feel to get interrupted, seeing as you think it's ok to do it to poor Jon, the guy's crying now, let me just tell you something now big guy; just because you're new doesn't mean anyone here likes you, so I suggest you take that big stinking French ego of yours over to Vinny's promotion, I heard they like snobs like you over there. Why did you come here anyway, did poor Dupree need a couple bucks to pay his rent?" "Ok Rob, you wanna be like that? Fine, next week, we'll see who's doing the talking, because we are going to go one on one, and I will show you exactly why I came here, now why don't you excuse me, I have better things to do than to argue with an imbecile like you, so jog on won't you?" Dupree then drops the mic and walks backstage, barging Rob in the shoulder as he walks past. - MATCH 2 VS OvE The Rascalz In a valiant effort, OvE defeated The Rascalz in 10:19 with an Irish Air Raid 28 - After the match both members of OvE started assaulting The Rascalz, but eventually Rich Swann came to the aid, and helped Dez and Wentz fight off the Crist Brothers, further heating the rivalry between Swann and Sami Callihan: the leader of OvE - Backstage Interview with Rob Van Dam "You know, I didn't want to go out there and humiliate Rene like that, but some things just have to be done, the guy was being a dick, not only to my good friend and General Manager Jon Stewart, but to all of the fans out there in attendance. I can't let someone like him steal the spotlight from our talent, anyway, we'll just have to wait until next week to see what happens, maybe I'll be proved wrong and he may beat me... Who am I kidding, I'll humiliate him again, just for the joy of the fans, then we'll really see who the imbecile is." - MATCH 3 Before the match, Johnny Impact came and joined the commentary team for the match featuring his rival, Brian Cage. vs Brian Cage Killer Kross In a match with sub-par wrestling, Brian Cage defeated Killer Kross with a Drill Claw in 13:56 38 - Main Event vs In a decent match, Johnny Impact defeated Eddie Edwards in 16:42 with a Starship Pain 60 - After the match Brian Cage and Johnny Impact stare down ahead of their title match at Rebellion, but neither of them come to any sort of blows.
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    WWE or AEW?

    As of Right now were all rooting for both companies to succeed. We all want the competition in Wrestling. It's what makes Wrestling good just look at the Monday Night Wars. So I think I can say all of us right now are rooting for AEW to succeed and for WWE to get there shit together. But there will come a time where Eventually you're going to have your preference. And you're gonna be pulling for one of the two companies to be the top Dog. With Every War theres a side to pick. The question i have for you is will you always Stay loyal to the only major Company we've know in WWE. Or could you see yourself one day becoming a full Fledge AEW supporter and not rooting for WWE anymore. Basically what I'm asking is. 5 years down the road one of these companies are going under just like WCW. Which compay are you hoping is the one Killing it and took out there competition. Are you a WWE guy forever or could you see yourself being "All In". Let me know
  9. 2 points

    The New Attitude

    In an alternate universe, the Professional Wrestling landscape looked very different in 1997. Stay tuned for more ...
  10. 2 points

    Josh’s Football Debates

    Well you’re right actually in 1 sense. You’ve raised 2 good factors I should be basing it on. Ballon D’or Wins and Continental Performance Ballon D’or Wins 1. La Liga 22 10 overall points 31 overall points 2. Serie A 18 9 overall points 32 points 3. Bundesliga 9 8 points 40 overall points 4. Prem 6 7 points 41 overall points 5. Eredivisie 2 6 points 26 overall points 6. Liga NOS and Ligue 1 1 4.5 points NOS31.5 points Ligue1 21.5 overall points 8. MLS, Championship and J1 League 0 2 points each M25 C17.5 J10.5 Champions League performance 1. La Liga 18 wins 10 points 41 overall points 2. Serie A and Prem 12 wins 8.5 points S40.5 overall points Prem 49.5 overall points 4. Bundesliga 7 wins 7 points 47 points 5. Eredivisie 6 wins 6 points 32 overall points 6. Liga NOS 4 wins 5 points 36.5 points 7. Ligue 1 1 win 4 points 25.5 points 8. J1 League, MLS and Championship N/A 2 points MLS27 C19.5 J12.5 So whilst Prem still tops it followed by Bundesliga, we have a few changes. La Liga takes 3rd, Serie A 4th and Liga NOS 5th
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    Brock Party has been the best thing in Wrestling in 2019. And honestly we didn't deserve that as fans. Let the Lesnar Memes live on
  12. 2 points
    Jokes on you, i read that bit you wrote abt me lol. A little late but welcome to the big leagues lads.
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    Week 1 of April 2019 Cody Cage's tweet reminds the world that BPZ MMA is now officially a MMA company and it's events will start running soon, fighters that were signed to the company before hand started their training expeditions at numerous camps, they will stay with those camps for their selected times: In the first week of BPZ MMA, no shows have been happening but CBS has agreed on a TV deak with Cody Cage over airing "Carnage". No other news have been in the media for the first week. Week 2 of April 2019 The 2nd week has been a boring one, not many events have happened and we are seeing 3 fighters join various training camps, the BPZ MMA are looking to find a PPV deal to extend their product. Week 3 of April 2019 This week has been an interesting one, with many events happening and the BPZ Carnage card being unvieled, fans are only happy to see the show date and who will be going up against eachother. Prince has went out to find himself a camp to participate with. And the PPV deal for BPZ has been established with the PPV events being shown on Dish Network. (FULL EVENT) (TUESDAY, WEEK 3, MAY, 2019) Week 4 of April 2019 The final week of April hasn't had any events to happen, with April ending and May coming up, there isn't much to talk about but April has been a wild month with it's first event being anoounced and Carnage starting up in May, we can only wait and see what's going to happen!
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 19th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW opens with a table in the ring as Paul Heyman is standing by. They will make the ECW Title match official for Guilty as Charged. Corino comes out and he looks disgusted to be here. His facial mannerisms tells that he has no passion being here for this contract signing. Then Sandman comes from the crowd as the ECW audience sing along to Enter Sandman by Metallica. Sandman has the Singapore Cane along with a can of beer. He enters the ring as the Crowd chant, Sandman, Sandman. Sandman offers Corino a drink but Corino refuses. Sandman signs the contract and tells Corino he’s nothing but a pussy. The crowd explode for that comment. Corino then proceeds to tear Sandman apart calling him a negative influence to everybody in the world, and if everybody were like The Sandman, everyone would be dead. Corino says he will out class, and out wrestle Sandman. Corino signs the contract and then Paul Heyman steps in and forgets to mention that the match will be Street Fight! Corino looks genuinely scared and his title reign is at risk. 70 C+ Joey styles introduces us into our first contest of the evening as Crazy Kash takes on The Unholy Alliance of Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck In a decent match, Crazy Kash drew with The Unholy Alliance in 11:57 when the referee lost control and stopped the match. 60 C All the competitors in the match ignore as the referee throws away the match. The brawling continues as they all hit their finishers. Both teams want to be tag team champions. Juventud Guerrera is backstage getting an interview from Joel Gertner. Juventud says he here to make an impact in ECW and that starts by becoming the Television champion. Then suddenly Rhino walks in and talks about he doesn't care about tradition or who Juventud is, all he cares about is ripping his off and retaining his prime possession. Rhino then walks out as Juvi looks focused 81 B John Cena then comes out raps about how he’s been running chain gang since day one but the people in ECW are too greasy to be in it. He makes fun Ballz Mahoney’s weight and calls him a fat slob turned wrestler. He tells the crowd he’s only gangster In this town and that nobody can touch the Doctor! In an extremely short match, John Cena defeated Ballz Mahoney in 4:15 by pinfall with the F-U. 40 D Video package plays showing a highlight of death defying maneuvers. A hooded figure then appears and it revealed to be Billy Kidman. then it reads Coming Soon. 73 B- Justin Credible is backstage hanging out with Dawn Marie, he tells her that he needs to pick up a win that he really needs it. Credible doesn't want to be seen as a loser a he says that changes at Guilty as Charged as he will 2 on 2 with the Young Blood of Christian York and Joey Mathews with a partner of his choosing. Marie smiles back at Credible before the segment ends. 67 C+ Its main event time as Jerry Lynn will go one on one with a young individual by the name of Shane Helms who is a promising worker and is getting in the main event with a top performer. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jerry Lynn defeated Shane Helms in 14:19 by pinfall. 68 C+ RVD comes out and he means business as he goes straight to ring as he fights with Jerry Lynn, the two brawl it out as they will face each other at Guilty as Charged. Lynn and RVD throws some good punches at each other and then eventually RVD hits a flying crossbody onto the outside. ECW fades to black with the two still fighting. 86 B+ Overall Show Rating: 75 B-
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    WCW 2001: Shane O'Mac Style

    WCW June 1, 2001 WCW Voltage The first WCW Voltage show comes on air as we Shane O'mac make his way to the ring. We see him grab a mic and begin to talk Shane: Welcome to the very first episode WCW and boy are all of you in luck as we have a huge night planned. We will see the first round of our Global Championship Tournament which include some of Voltage’s biggest stars. We see Shane point to the titantron as the bracket shows up Hulk Hogan Goldberg ------------------------ ------------------------ Shane Helms ------------------------ Mike Awesome Winner John Cena ------------------------ Sting ------------------------ ------------------------ Ken Shamrock Jeff Jarrett Shane: Tonight we will see two of these matchups as we will see Jeff Jarrett take on Sting in the main event and we will also see Hulk Hogan take on Shane Helms. But we will also see a fatal four way tag team match to establish the first ever Voltage Tag Team Champions. We will see some of the new debuting tag teams in our division in action tonight as they compete for the brand new and beautiful Voltage Tag Team Championships. We then hear Hulk Hogan music hit as he makes his way down to the ring Hulk: Listen here brother I don’t know what went wrong in that tiny brain of yours but what made you think that this whole tournament idea was a good idea. You should just hand that title to the hulkster brother. Cause this is the Hulk Hogan show no one on this show brings in the views and boosts the ratings like me. Without me none of these people would even be here tonight. Actually I wouldn't mind that to be honest why don’t you all pack up and go home cause Hulk Hogan runs this show now and I don’t want people as low as you all ruining my show. Shane: Listen Hogan, I think it’s great that you actually showed up to a show finally and you aren't filming that garbage movie you were making anymore. I think you forgot that this is a new WCW and things have changed. You have to earn your opportunities now there won’t be any finger pokes of death on this show. So I wish you luck in the tournament Hogan cause you’re match starts right now. Hogan is furious as we see Shane exit the ring walk backstage as Shane Helms makes his way down to the ring along with a referee. Match 1- Shane Helms vs Hulk Hogan We hear the bell ring as Shane runs at Hogan and hits him with drop kick sending Hulk down to mat. The crowd cheers on Shane but Hogan gets up and is even more pissed of his points at Shane and hits him with a huge clothesline sending him crashing to the mat. We then see Hogan hit Shane with a leg drop and go for the cover. 1...2...3. Hulk Hogan has beat Shane Helms and move on to the next round of the Global Championship Tournament. Southern Justice Promo We cut backstage to see Dutch Mantell with two young men at his side Dutch: This is the brand new up and coming tag team in WCW, Southern Justice. This is Bart Gunn and James Storm. We are about to run Voltage, I mean this is the definition of the american dream right here so tonight we will be fighting for America as Southern Justice will be the face of America with the Voltage Tag Team Championships with us. C’mon boys let’s go get ready for our match. The Johnsons Promo We then see Voltage cut back to the ring as we see two giant african american men standing in the ring mics in their hands. Ahmed: I’m Ahmed Johnson and this is my brother Nelson we are going to be running Voltage from now on. Cause we are genetically superior to any other competition on Voltage. Nelson: It’s time for us to crush some kids real quick so I am sick of waiting let’s get this fatal fourway started already. So we can be crowned the new WCW Voltage Tag Team Champs. Match 2- Fatal Four Way Voltage Tag Team Championship Match: Southern Justice vs Wolfpac vs The Johnsons vs Jung Dragons We see the other teams all make their way down to the ring. We see the teams all take a corner. Kenny Omega and Chris Hero representing Wolfpac. We hear the bell ring as James Storm goes after Chris Hero and Nelson goes after Kaz Hayashi. We see Nelson quickly throw Kaz out of the ring then join Chris Hero in double teaming Storm. They work together to quickly dismantle Storm before throwing him out of the ring. We then see Nelson tag in Ahmed as Kaz makes his way back into the ring. Hero hits him with a huge clothesline and goes for the cover. But Ahmed breaks it up. We then see Ahmed and Hero face off in the middle of the ring. Ahmed hits Hero with a huge right hand as he goes for the cover 1...2..Kick Out. Ahmed is furious as he tags in Nelson and they hit Hero with a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Nelson goes for the cover 1..2..James Storm gets back in the ring to break up the count. We then see Nelson go for a chokeslam on Storm but Storm breaks free and hits Nelson with a superkick. Nelson is staggering in the ring as Storm tags in Bart Gunn they both point fake guns at Nelson and shot as they hit him with a double superkick. Nelson is down but Kaz is in the ring as he runs at Bart Gunn but is met with another double superkick but Bart and Storm as Bart goes for the cover 1...2...3. Southern Justice is the new Voltage Tag Team Champions. Cena Promo We see Cena backstage as he begins to talk Cena: So John Cena managed to has a match with Mr. Shamrock next week Now we all now this ain’t mr original this man ain’t unique He's just another meathead whos gonna get his ass beat Cause I’m John Cena don’t expect me to feel any defeat No one in this competition can even touch me It’s like Shane basically said Cena want a new shiny belt it’s free Gonna run this show every day and night Cause John Cena is gonna bring the fight Cause I'm untouchable you can call me care free Cause I’m John Cena you can’t see me We then see Cena watch off somewhere backstage. Mickie James and Lana Star Promo We then see a new face backstage as we see a young lady sitting in catering with a cupcake. Mickie: Oh hi there I’m Mickie James, and I am so happy to be here representing the women of WCW on Voltage. Now you all probably don’t know who I am yet but don’t worry you will. We are all gonna be best friends. Mickie and the fans the dynamic duo. I can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun. I am so excited I can’t even sit still. We then see a women walk up to Mickie James and stand over here. Lana Star: Listen sweetheart this is a show for real women like Lana Star a real star. Not some little girls like you who are still fantasizing over rainbows and unicorns. I’ll see you in the ring next week when we have our womens title match. Well you’ll be seeing me for about two seconds before I knock out you and all the other competitors and become the first ever Voltage womens champion. We then see Lana grab the cupcake and throw it in the garbage as she walks away. Mickie James: Meanie now I have to go and get another cupcake I hope they have strawberry that is my favorite. We then see Mickie skip over to the back off catering to go find a cupcake. Match 3- Balor vs Air Paris We cut back to the ring to see Balor and Air Paris in the ring. This is preview of next week's match were we will see a 6 man ladder match to decide the Cruiserweight Champion. The match gets off to a hot start as both competitors exchange blows Balor gets the advantage though hitting Paris with a spinning back fist. Balor is fired up as Paris slowly makes his way up Balor hits him with a crossbody as Paris is down. Balor stomps on the chest of Paris then gets on top of him a pummels him with punches. Balor sees his opportunity as he climbs to the top rope. He then jumps and hits Paris with a Coup de Grace. Balor then quickly goes for the cover 1...2...3. Balor has defeated Air Paris leading into the championship match next week for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. AJ Styles Promo We see AJ backstage with his young bloods title. AJ: Well are you happy I’m back lucky for me I don’t have to go out there today. I can’t stand the sight of you people. All you do is boo me yet I am your young bloods champion why don’t you all show me the respect that I deserve. You should all be kissing my feet every time I show my face because quite frankly none of your deserve to see the phenomenal one. Now everyone has been calling me out saying I am too scared to defend my title. Well guess what I am going to hold an open challenge next week on Voltage so if you’re a young blood who wants to get beat down next week is your opportunity to do so. I’ll see you all later I have a lot better things to do then entertain you worthless people. Match 4- Sting vs Jeff Jarrett We cut back to the ring to see Sting and Jeff Jarrett ready to go as it is time for the main event. The bell rings as we see Jarrett get off to a hot start hitting Sting with a clothesline. Jarrett then begins to stomp on Sting in the middle of the ring. Jarrett goes to pick up Sting but Sting begins to fight back hitting Jarrett with some huge punches. Jarrett is in trouble as Sting picks him up and powerbombs him. Sting gets up and hypes up the crowd. Jarrett is now sitting up in the ring heavy breathing. Sting sees this and picks him up. Jarrett tries to fight back but Sting just elbows him in the back of the head. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop and hits its. Sting goes for the cover on Jarrett 1...2...3. Sting has defeated Jeff Jarrett and is moving on to the next round of the Global Championship Tournament. We see Sting stand in the ring victorious as Voltage goes off air
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    I think GSW to win in 6 but I really hope Kawhi can pull off a miracle and win.
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    no reason why they shouldn't. They had a great first show. A big TV Deal. Credibility, Money. A Reliable Star in Chris Jericho to help bring credibility to your show. Young Talent and Good Workers. Pretty popular guys like Rhodes, Omega. Unscripted Promos. They should find AEW as a threat completely. Especially with how shit WWE has been recently. People are gonna be completely on board with AEW. Hopefully WWE turns it around and gets there shit together
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Oney Lorcan vs Sami Zayn As the RAW intro ends, we're treated to the return of Sami Zayn, who comes to the ring and cuts a promo on the fight of a WWE superstar, and that although he came up short against Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. He believes he can still become champion in WWE, Oney Lorcan would come out and challenge Sami Zayn to a match, and the two would face to kickoff Monday night RAW. Sami Zayn would excite the crowd with his impressive dives and reversals, but Lorcan would hold him back with the hardest and loudest slaps in the company. Even resorting to headbutts to try and defeat Sami Zayn, with the crowd fully behind it and social media going wild. Oney Lorcan would eventually defeat Sami Zayn, hitting his finisher move before pinning him to kick off Monday Night RAW. Paul Heyman Makes An Announcement As Oney Lorcan and Sami Zayn leave the ring, the music of Paul Heyman would hit and he would come down to the ring with a microphone in hand. As Heyman normally does, he would cut an amazing promo on what RAW is going to be for the next few weeks. Announcing that next week there will be a "RAW Roulette" event held, and that coming up next, the War Raiders will be taking on the former tag team champions, The Revival in a number one contender match. The Big Dog Is Back A video package showcasing Roman Reigns biggest career moments would play, such as defeating the Undertaker and winning multiple titles. It would end with a short word from Roman Reigns, saying that he is coming back next week to take back his yard. War Raiders vs The Revival - Number One Contenders Match As Paul Heyman announced, the War Raiders and The Revival would once again go against each other and this time, its for a number one contenders match. Hanson and Rowe would continue to impress thousands around the world as they take down The Revival early on and hit many diving moves. But the amazing teamwork by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, Hanson would eventually send Dash Wilder through the announce table, and Rowe would spear Scott Dawson through the barricade. The referee counts to 10 and its a draw, with the crowd confused and the brawl continuing. The All Americans would come on top of the stage and announce that they will proudly defend there titles against either team, and at the same time, at One Night Only: Japan. The Phenomenal One Knows Who Attacked Him Aj Styles would be caught in the trainers' room and would stand up, prepared for an interview when he would say that he knows who attacked him. Thats when Kevin Owens would come into frame, and stare down Aj Styles before Styles would say who attacked him. Kevin Owens shakes his head at Aj Styles before kicking his injured leg and throwing him into a pile of equipment. Kevin Owens walks out of frame, leaving Aj Styles once again laid out. Lacey Evans vs Nikki Cross Lacey Evans would quickly defeat Nikki Cross, pinning her in just 30 seconds. PWE Sends A Message Seth Rollins, the current Universal Champion would come to the ring and cut a promo on is brother Roman Reigns returning, and PWE. But before he could finish, the two men and there manager would come to the ring and have a brawl with Rollins. Rollins would be able to hold the two back for the most part but eventually the two athletes would take down Rollins. Posing over the champion, what does this mean for the future of RAW? Randy Orton vs Tomasso Ciampa - Steel Cage Match In the main event of the night, it would be Orton and Ciampa going against each other one on one inside a steel cage. As both men make there entrances and prepare to enter, you know its going to be war. But as soon as Orton and Ciampa begin to fight, blood is drawn and the steel cage is used as a weapon. As the match continues, moves such as an RKO, top rope brain buster, suplerplex and more would be hit and it would come down to both men on top of the cage, and as both men fall back into the ring it would be Orton who would cover Ciampa and get the pinfall victory. After the match, when the Steel Cage would be raised and both men would be knocked out. The masked man would come into the ring and stand over the lifeless bodies before taking off the mask, revealing himself to be Eric Young?!?! Young laughs at the crowd reaction before picking up Randy Orton and hitting one of the most vicious pile drivers we have ever seen, Ciampa stumbles to his feet and shakes Eric Youngs hand before Eric Young nails Ciampa as well!!!! What the hell?! Monday Night RAW ends with Eric Young, standing over two bloody men.
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    SummerSlam 2011: John Cena (c) vs CM Punk (c): Undisputed WWE Championship The match was amazing, not as good as their Money In The Bank match, but amazing non the less. CM Punk would win the match at 27:49 via a GTS, but had controversy as Cena's foot was on the rope and the special guest referee, Triple H, didn't see it. After the match, Triple H goes to raise the hand of the winner, but CM Punk brushes it off and celebrates. Then, when Punk gets off the middle rope, he is met by a Pedigree, by Triple H. Hunter, stares down at the fallen WWE Champion before Cena runs back in and chases off Triple H. Suddenly, when things look all good... CENA PUT PUNK IN THE STF!!!! CENA IS CHOKING OUT THE WWE CHAMPION!! WHY JOHN?!? WHY?!? Cena let's go, looking down at the defenseless CM Punk before exiting the ring. Here comes the Raw Money In The Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio! He's cashing in! The ref rings the Bell and Del Rio covers but Punk kicks out at two with a thunderous pop, shocking Del Rio. Del Rio waits in the corner then BAM! A superkick dropping Punk long enough for the three count! Punk then was helped to the back, as the fans in the arena chanted "CM PUNK!" as loud as they could. The Straight Edge Superstar became the Straight Edge Hero tonight. The next night on Raw, he challenged Cena and Triple H to come out and explain their actions, which both men come out and do. They say that all the work they put in, the blood, sweat and tears and some Indy darling comes in, makes ridiculous demands and act like he owns the place. Then, Triple H announced a match tonight, Cena vs Punk and winner faces Del Rio at Night Of Champions. Another good match, with Cena brutally throwing Punk into steel steps and the ring siding, but Punk fought back and fought hard. Punk hit the GTS, sending Cena out of the ring, and the ref went to check on him, giving Triple H time to sneak in and hit a Pedigree on CM Punk before sneaking out. Cena recovered and entered the ring, hitting a Attitude Adjustment on Punk for the win. The following week, Punk stated he was sick of the crap and wanted Triple H to come out to the ring, which he does. CM Punk then threw a challenge for Night Of Champions at Triple H, with his stipulation that if Punk wins, he faces the winner of Cena vs Del Rio at the next payperview event. Triple H says he'll accept if Punk puts his WWE career on the line, which he accepted. Night Of Champions will have it's main event, CM Punk, Voice Of The Voiceless against Triple H, The King Of Kings, WWE Championship Shot vs Career.
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    manchester united
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    Isaiah Carter

    The NXT Generation

    William Regel To Address The State Of The NXT and NXT Womens Championships Fans were shocked by the arrival of Shayna Blazer at last weeks first episode of NXT TV, and the absence of the NXT championship surprised many and this morning on Twitter, William Regel would announce that he will address the problems with both issues and with the tag team tournament brackets being revealed, this is an episode to look forward to!
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    BPZ Battles

    Watchmen V for Vendetta The Dark Knight Aquaman
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 6 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament: Hirooki Goto VS Taichi Match 2: Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) VS Firing Squad (Keith Lee, Killer Kross & Tanga Loa) Match 3: Kairi Sane & Toni Storm VS Ruby Riot & Mia Yim Match 4: CCK VS K.E.S Match 5: Schadenfreude (Aussie Open & WALTER) VS WRSTLING (LAX & Jeff Cobb) Match 6 Tag Team Ladder Match Qualifier: ??? VS ??? Match 7: Robbie Eagles VS David Starr Main Event: Second Chance Battle Royal Heavyweight Championship qualifier (Mark Haskins, Tomohiro Ishii, Apollo Crews, Sami Callihan, Cesaro, Eddie Kingston, Chris Renfrew (Spot awarded by Tommy End), Rampage Brown, Timothy Thatcher & Trent Seven)
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    "The Crippler" Jay

    The New Attitude

    Those who went undrafted are free agents.
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    I was really hoping for a good show to follow up AEW's Double or Nothing. I thought they would have a good response planned . But they really didn't. They basically repeated two matches from last week. Had an elimination fatal four way but changed the rules mid-match. Too much time was spent on Dolph and Kofi's feud. Which is a feud that should stay on Smackdown. It had some good moments though Bray was good as usual and Sami mentioning AEW was cool to see. Had the generic memorial day party for all the jobbers like we have every year. Main Event was solid but would have liked to see Brock come out at the end. A solid show but expected more. Hopefully Smackdown can be a better show.
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    WWE must deliver tonight following Double or Nothing, but lookingat this preview makes me doubt it will happen. I think Lesnar will say that he is cashing at the Saudi Show, which means that we will have 2 cash-ins that are announced way ahead of time, and show how the MITB has been on a negative trend since 2017. If used right, it could be a magical instrument to elevate talents to the next level, but over the last few years it's importance has fainted with 2 (and now likely 3) failed cash-ins in a row.
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    Lord Yautja

    Never Forget Perfection

    Carnage comes back from commercial break as we see Aaron North who makes his way to the ring with his valet Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson has a BPZ Premium Title replica that she's holding with her teeth. North gets a mic and he laughs as the crowd boo him. He keeps laughing before showing the middle finger to the hard camera. "FDS and Marker... FDS AND MARKER!? They think that the match coming up at Mayhem is only built around them but, i think there's someone and something that they both forgot because i still remember one month ago when i was attacked by Marker during my promo. He expects me to forget something like that but looks like i didn't. He also thought i would give up after being beaten up but unlike him when i get knocked down i get up again. Marker you could be doing a lot better but for some reason you've decided not to. You could work hard and start fighting for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship but instead you decide to fight for a belt that almost anyone can fight for. I also don't understand why you're picking a fight with someone who doesn't deserve a shot at the BPZ Premium Championship when you should be fighting someone who does deserve a shot and someone who actually has a chance at beating you. The crowd boo North. North mocks the crowd by booing them. Now we come to FDS, a man who's trying to turn his life around after being beaten by "The Perfect One". FDS i don't think you know what you're doing because your psychopathic side was the only thing you had going for you and now you suddenly decide to throw that away and you decide to become a hall of famer with nothing but a ring on his finger. You didn't beat me before and you're certainly not gonna do it now. Jenna Jameson throws the belt on the canvas and takes the mic and starts talking. "Boys, at BPZ Mayhem you're stepping in the ring with perfection and boys at BPZ Mayhem you'll be walking out of the ring beaten by perfection." Jameson drops the mic and Aaron carries Jenna on his shoulders and up the ramp as the crowd just keep booing them.
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    I think he's 1-0 at Royal Rumble PPV in sigles match and all of his losses come from being eliminated in the Royal Rumble match so it might work
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    With Mayhem fast approaching, and the Powertrip Cup reaching the latter stages, the Carnage titantron flips over to a pre-taped segment. The screen shows a city skyline from the perspective from a highrise apartment, empty and adorned with a modern and sleek decor. The sun disappears behind the skyline in a time lapse until only the deep dark of night is left. The window sits open slightly, the curtain lightly swaying with the gentle breeze. It is illuminated with the orange-yellow light of the sunset, the horizon pierced by the protruding spikes of numerous skyscrapers on the horizon. Their countless windows like eyes peering out from the evening night. Glowing neon of the night life blooms like exotic spring flowers down in the streets below. The camera pans through the open window into the freeing skies. A small tag appears in the corner of the screen as an unusual synthwave track begins to play as the screen dips down, tracking down the side of the tall building, all the way down to the neon streets, glowing like a circuit board. SENDAI, MIYAGI PREFECTURE, JAPAN As the camera levels out, resting on the busy streets. The rainbow lights are almost blinding in the bustling streets, the camera wading through the crowds to find a man in a white suit, with sweeping brown hair. He is walking casually through the masses of people down in the trenches, facing away from the camera. It's KENJI. The music syncs up with imagery of retro gaming on the massive light boards overlooking the roads. The music lowers in volume as KENJI's voice is heard over the retro montage "Home is where the heart is. As it should be. I am no exception. There is nothing more satisfying than returning home after venturing out into the world, and making your mark. Without that desire, or ambition, home can feel a bit hollow. I was numb to the comforts of home before I came to BPZ. It's not a reward when you don't feel satisfied inside. I came to BPZ for the challenge, it's what I live and breathe for. So when I do return home, I can sit back, take a breath, and have it feel earned". "Even with all the lights and life, wrestling wasn't big here, not like Tokyo or Osaka. I never belonged here, in this neon jungle. venturing out here was into the unknown, as much as anywhere else. To make it to where I am, the work was thrice fold, and the sacrifices even more, and I've only just begun. All the while, I keep respect for myself, and my opponents. I keep walking this road, this long road....but something is in the way...." Some of the neon screens in the Sendai city streets flicker with static and begin to display the dark onyx ghoul mask for a brief moment "Something isn't right at the moment, the puzzle isn't complete, not yet anyway. I'm walking the streets of my hometown, but it doesn't feel earned. It doesn't feel like I've completed the next step in my journey....you're probably wondering why. Over what feels like many weeks, that ladder match has all I've been thinking about. The summit, the drop, and what came after. I thought my next step would be to learn from you, Arius, but now I'm not so sure. I have expressed my respect for you countless times before, but nothing such in return....." "What's the matter? Not a fan of a few microphones and journalists? Prefer to have your director do the talking for you? Perhaps her carrying the belts is more fitting then, seeing as the courtesy of showing up was clearly beneath you. Or better yet, perhaps your North American Championship would be better served around my waist, rather than on Rin's shoulder. What was that phrase she said to me?....." 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず "If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch it's cub.....a very ponderous phrase, isn't it? Said that I was too afraid to make it to that elusive "next level". Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Seems that you've fallen on your own....or should I say, your director's words, Arius. I don't see you an our press conference, you're a ghost backstage, ever since that fateful day of World at War. Only your theatrics from afar, that's all we've had. You wound me with your presence, or lack their of". The neon boards flicker again, glimpsing a sword pointed down to the ground. The neon lights fill the screen, dissipating to show an empty arena, with KENJI standing in the middle of a BPZ ring "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.....the tiger is dangerous, only the foolhardy would dare enter it's cave so they said. But may I offer a new perspective.....it is not the hunter that is misplaced, it is the tiger. They wait in their cave because they're anxious. Scared of what might be right outside their door, refusing to leave the comforts of their own complacency. Too wrapped up in the bubble of home. Who knows what could be waiting for them. Hiding behind their masks.....the paint....their associates....the curtain of the stage. I am as much a threat to you, as you are to me. The bell tolls, Arius.....soon enough, time will run out, and you will have to come face-to-face with me. None of your many faces, or smoke and mirrors will be able to save you. Your mask will be lifted, I can assure you of that. The darkest hours all fade, Arius, thanks to the horizon". "I don't want you to cower away anymore, it's a disservice to both myself, and to you...wouldn't want this to play out as your tragedy now would we?". KENJI winks at the camera as the screen fades to black, ending the segment
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    I think give him a run with the IC belt would be great for him but not rn give it a few months and let him flesh out the character and give him control over what he says in character on his promos and it just might save his career and make him the main event guy he truly deserves to be
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    Eleventh Match @Blade vs @Prince
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    This was an amazing first show for AEW. The battle royale was great and Page winning was good since there weren't any other faces in it but 1 or 2 I could see challenging Jericho plus he is one of their boys so of course he will be in a prominent position. Cody vs Dustin was my favorite match, very emotional and I loved the embrace afterwards. I was surprised that The Young Bucks retained the AAA titles. It was a good match but I personally felt there was too much kicking out but a cool spotfest. Great matches from start to finish which is really important for their style and making a first impression, hopefully the entertainment side holds up too because I loved the MJF segment (been a big fan cuz of MLW) but I don't know how well everyone else can promo and such. The AEW belt is beautiful, lots of gold, looks like a real prize. The main event was good, Jericho winning was a pleasant surprise as I doubted their ability to keep the elite from running everything. Don't like the Judas Effect but at least Jericho is still evolving, just look at his awesome entrance to see that. So glad Jon Moxley is signed. If he didn't show up I would have been very disappointed and I think having him and Jericho will make this company. The only thing that bothered me was themes. Besides Kingdom and Judas, everything sounded like copyright free garbage. Good, recognizable themes are important for a wrestler and I hope that's worked on. Maybe I am just too picky but looking at all the modern greats, they have iconic songs. Who is gonna pop for whatever the hell Kenny's music was? Anyway, looking forward to seeing AEW succeed. They have a lot of potential and I will be watching future events.
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    “You wanted me campaigning isnt that right Brenden, in the middle of this square addressing you and Sameer, and only the two of you. I’m granting your request, my solely on you two, no mentions of any other pursuit shall arise tonight, I have enough to say about the Big Ballers.” “Bemusing is a word that comes to mind instantly when I consider exactly what it is that these men try to preach. It’s so incredibly egotistical, yet they’re adored, so uncompromisingly self-centered, each and every narrative supposedly crafted around them. The world, in their view, is out to get them. Brenden, Sameer, it’s with all so respect that I admit that your names mean nothing to me. It’s not about you, we just want what’s fastened around your waist.” “This isn’t the BPZ of old, where everything revolved around what The Authority did, where the changing of the guard only came when somebody could dethrone Brenden and company, this isn’t the world you created. But I didn’t have to tell you that did I? Perhaps it’s simple coincidence that you take months off after being pushed to the brink by this new generation who concern themselves less and less with the weight your name carries, but view you as just more competitors trying to stop them. You can feel it in every strike, every slam, the Ruthless Aggression coursing through every person that takes the ring with you. They just want what you have, and you’re the only people preventing that. No longer the unstoppable forces capable of being BPZ to their knees, you’re just another tag team, holding onto the world you knew for dear life.” Jonathan smiles up at Sheridan, the two intensely locking eyes as Jonathan tugs the microphone out of her grasp, moving towards the entrance ramp, directing his next words to the back, wherever the Big Ballers could be coupes up. “The two of you come out here, perform the charade that nothing has changed, that you’re the same two men from this company’s infancy. Your half hearted battle cries won’t save you, your promises to endure and endure like it’s a Rocky movie will be unable to rescue you from the situation you’re in. Perhaps it is a Rocky, perhaps it’s Rocky 4 and Drago is comprised to two of us in the ring. How confident are you that you’re Mr. Balboa, because it’s be quite the shame if there was nobody there to throw the towel in for you.” Jonathan allows the microphone to fall to the mat, retreating back to the corner with Sheridan, clearly satisfied with the message the Royal Flush delivered.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    My Roots

    The camera opens on a calm, desolate field. The sun is setting a beautiful hue of red and orange, but the beautiful setting is undercut by a constant sound of ravens cawing. The cawing is near silent at first, but it gets progressively louder and louder as the camera approaches a mysterious figure set in the middle of the field. The ravens surround him, flying around him and cawing all the way, but he remains unflinching. Then, one suddenly lands on his shoulder, alerting him to the cameras presence. He turns and looks directly into the camera, revealing the familiar visage of Sir Raven. Sir Raven's gaze is unwavering, looking directly into the camera. The cawing continues in the background, but all the focus is placed on the Extraordinary Gentleman's face. He finally begins to speak, his voice low and gravelly. I must confess a truth to you, BPZ Universe. The performances I've put on as of late have been somewhat...Dishonest. You see, I may be a noble gentleman, but...This is where I feel most at home... Sir Raven plucks the bird from his shoulder, lifting it with his index finger and looking into its eyes. When I suffered those embarrassing losses as part of SSW Club, this is where I came to calm myself, refocus, and carry on. Surrounded by nothing but familiar loneliness, silence, and the haunting cries of my ravens... Sir Raven gazes back into the camera, letting the bird sit on his index finger as he speaks. I've been coming to this field often as of late...In an attempt to recollect myself and move forward with my career. But the unfortunate truth is...With how I've been handling my career of late, there is no moving forward. When I came to this country, I came with nothing. Nobody to comfort me when I was down, nobody to support me at my lowest point...That's why I joined SSW Club in the first place, really. To feel like I had a place. A place where I belonged...A home away from home. He pauses again, looking once more at the bird and suddenly flicking his finger, causing the raven to fly away. He watches as it flies, reflecting somberly for a few seconds while he observes the creature. I don't walk into that NXT championship match as the most successful participant, or the most threatening, or even the most interesting...The only reason I have eyes on me at all is because I left behind the SSW Club and because I couldn't get the job done against the Intercontinental champion. In my BPZ career, I've been defined by my failures...And at Mayhem, everyone expects yet another one. Another failure from the self-proclaimed "British wrestling legend." He pauses for a second, then turns his gaze directly into the camera. The calm, focused Sir Raven we saw a few seconds ago is replaced by a more wild-eyed man, one who looks ready to strike at any second. That, ladies and gentlemen, means that I'm the man who goes into that match with nothing to lose...I'm the man nobody expects much from, the one who is more alone and ostracized than anyone else in this company, and that makes me dangerous. I look at my opponents, and it's clear they all only step into that ring for the glory. My former allies, the SSW Club, only search for glory. The glory of being NXT champion. The glory of representing this company...I have no interest in that glory anymore. I don't fight for glory. I fight because this is all I've ever known. I fight not because this is my passion, but because this is my livelihood. For my entire life, I've been trained to be a wrestling machine, designed to dismantle and pick apart my opponents...And the one thing I've learned from my tenure here in BPZ is that this façade I've concocted quite simply doesn't work...If I want to succeed...I must return to my roots. Sir Raven then pulls a mask out from his pocket and looks into the eye holes. The mask is revealed to be a familiar one. The mask of the former Birdman, the high-flying hero of the British independent scene. For too long, I have run from my past...I now embrace you...Wholeheartedly... Sir Raven bends his head down to put on the old mask he shed once more, but before he can place it on fully, the camera cuts away. As the screen cuts to black, the only thing that remains is the haunting sound of the ravens cawing, increasing progressively in volume until they suddenly stop, as well.
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    With all the eyes on All Elite Wrestling I must say they delivered big time. They put on a show that was so entertaining to watch and had something in there for everyone. It was also good to see what talent is out there and some of these wrestlers caught my eye, especially MJF who I think can be a great Heel in this business. I was very much impressed with Scorpio Sky the most out of all the talent tonight, not watching ROH at all this was one of the first times I have seen this man wrestle and my god is he good. Dustin vs Cody was incredible, Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks was insanity, Awesome Kong's return made me pop and the debut of Moxley was awesome. Great first start for AEW and hopefully we can see more quality like this going forward. Such a great time to be a wrestling fan
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    I can see behind your facade "The Wrestler" {We begin with MARKER looking into a camera in a dark backstage area with nobody to be seen, the camera spans to MARKER has he is frantically moving around…. He begins speaking.} You see, you speak a lot about how you feel about yourself, you treat yourself like God gave you a gift, a gift of salvation that you were desperately needed for so long…. However you say that experience is what separate us, but I don't see it that way, I see that I am better than you in every way possible, you could say I am a better version of you….. I see myself as one of the best talents in the company, yeah I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but let's look at the facts, I've already done more than any other people that are in NXT currently than any other….. I was in one of the best factions of last year with The Flock, holding my own against the best of the best and nobody can deny that. You know for a man who hates his other side….. You seem to want to talk about it a lot, is it because you can't let go? The other side that have gotten you the championships that you won? It seems that you are going into denial….. It doesn't matter to me because I will beat you FDS, see you soon….
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    Isaiah Carter

    Nearly Impossible

    The cynical feeling of darkness is met by a large splashing sound, as a small ball of light, followed by a human body floats down to what appears to be a body of water. As the body slowly sinks downwards, air bubbles escaping from its partly opened mouth, a small box floats to the top of the water and the camera focuses in on it, and in the dim moonlight that hangs over Boston, you can see a dirty pack of cigarettes, the same brand that the mysterious man from Boston was smoking when he spoke to BiC. As the last bit of air bubbles stop rising, and the ciggerate pack begins to float away, the camera cuts off. As the camera fades back in, we get a skyline shot of the moon, in full color as it hangs high above, watching over the trees and life that takes place during the night. A slight pattern of foot steps can be heard and as the camera pans out, looking towards a cement sidewalk in the middle of a park we see where its origins are coming from, a hooded man jogging down the sidewalk. As the man stops and sits down on a park bench, exhaling and leaning back, putting his hands over his face before leaning forward once again and looking up at the camera. Where we see this hooded man is BiC, who is clearly training for his match against Bob. BiC removes his hood, revealing his brown, curly hair before speaking in a hushed yet aggressive tone. Do you want to talk about time Bob? How it is coming to an end? Your entire spiel about my time coming to an end just proved to me that you have no clue on what I am, who I am. I have more heart, more passion, and more will then anyone else who works for this company and if that sounds cocky that's because it is. I use to act confident, use to show my wealth, but I realized that if I went into that ring and proved it that I would finally get the respect from the fans I have always wanted. I am in no way slowing down, no way running out of time, in fact Bob. If anything, I am only getting faster, stronger, smarter then I have EVER been. The metaphorical clock on my career is not going to stop ticking, my name is not Angelo Caito and I will not be held up against the walls of a retirement home. I understand and respect you Bob Sparks,you're young, have all the hype in the world behind you. But I am not sorry when I say that I am going to kick your ass in 8 days and I am going to pin you, go onto the finals and finally prove my worth in this god forsaken company. Hell, I have put my life on the line for four years and there is not a chance in the world I stop here. The one thing I don't like about you Bob, you have no passion. You just fight, kick ass, part of me respects that but the other looks at it as a weakness, because there's nothing that brings you into that ring and drives you to win, and like many great minds have said before this moment, a man who is driven by passion is impossible to stop. Impossible. What a great word to describe this fight Bob, you got good fight kid, but when you comes down to it. I'm impossible to stop. BiC takes a deep breath before putting his hoodie back on and taking his phone out, turning on his music as "Middle Child" by J. Cole can be slightly heard. He stands up, and gives the camera a wink before giving his final words. Be seeing you, Mr. Sparks
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 5 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Round 1: Mark Davis VS Apollo Crews To kick off the show one half of Aussie Open and Schadenfreude member Mark Davis took on The Blue Chipper Apollo Crews. The match was a real strong mans contest with the two men trading lariats to see who could hit harder followed by a large amount of power moves by the two strong men. During the match Kyle Fletcher tried to distract Crews but Crews was able to fight the two headed assault from the Aussie duo before hitting the Crews Combination (Gorilla Press followed by a Moonsault followed by a shooting star press) for the victory on Davis. After the match Crews had a face to face confrontation with his quarter final opponent Rusev in which the two men shook hands in a showing of respect. Match 2 JR Heavyweight Championship match qualifier: Robbie Eagles VS Kid Lykos In the next match on the show Firing Squads JR Heavyweight Representative “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles took on Schadenfreude member Kid Lykos in a JR Heavyweight Championship match qualifier. The two men went move for move with each other and it appeared that Lykos who had already secured a spot in the Tag Title match would be securing his second match for the night as he was about to go for the brainbuster but then suddenly K.E.S appeared and began attacking Lykos’ tag partner Chris Brookes. Lykos went to chase them off but when he got back in the ring he ate a superkick from Eagles which Eagles followed up with a picture perfect 450 onto the Leg of Lykos which he had been targeting throughout the match before locking in an inverted figure four for the victory. After the match K.E.S would taunt CCK ahead of the tag team championship match. Match 3: Shane Strickland & Mexablood VS Suzuki-Gun (Austin Aries, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado) Up next we saw Mexablood team with “the king of swerve” Shane Strickland to take on Suzuki-Gun representatives in the form of Austin Aries, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado. Suzuki-Gun pulled out every dirty trick in the book during this match taking advantage of every single opportunity they had but the Athletic Mexabloods and Strickland managed to fight them off, the match would come down Strickland going to the top rope about to hit it on Aries before Kanemaru would sneak into the ring while Desperado distracted the referee allowing for Kanemaru to spit whiskey in the face of Strickland blinding him. Kanemaru and Desperado would then stop the Mexabloods from interfering as Aries hit a rope hung Brainbuster before following it up with a Discus Fivearm for the victory. After the match, the other 3 participants in the JR Heavyweight Championship match would emerge and the 6 men would have a confrontation which would lead to an all out brawl between the men with KENTA standing tall over the other 5 men. Match 4 Tag Team Championship Match Qualifier: Guerillas of Destiny VS Best Friends In the tag team qualifier of the night, The Guerillas of Destiny took on The Best friends. The Firing Squad leader and his brother took it to the best friends demonstrating how just how good they worked together but the Best Friends managed to bounce back and repel some of the offense of the Guerillas. It didn’t appear to be enough though as the Guerillas managed to continue their dominance throughout the match, It appeared that the Guerillas had it all but won when suddenly Legion’s music started playing distracting the Guerillas and thus the best friends were able to capitalise by drop kicking Tama Tonga out of the ring and isolating Tanga Loa allowing for them to hit Strong Zero before Chuckie T hit Tama with a tope con hilo stopping him from breaking up the pinfall allowing for the best friends to qualify for the tag team ladder match. Match 5: CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero) VS Legion Next up, in a six man tag team match that pit the Strong Style masters against the European Style masters CHAOS took on Legion. The two teams went to war with hard hitting offense and we got to see a preview of Mikey Whiplash VS Tomohiro Ishii which will take place in the Ironman Championship Tournament quarter final. The two teams battled it out but just as Legion looked as if they were about to win as End was setting up for the Fade to Black on Romero, The Firing Squad (The Guerillas, Keith Lee and Killer Kross) came out and attacked everybody dismantling both teams causing for a double disqualification. CHAOS and Legion however teamed up and fought back The monsters and the Guerillas before a polite nod from the two teams as a show of respect meanwhile the Firing Squad would be aggressively shouting at the two teams saying that they ain’t sh!t. Match 6: Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad, Zack Sabre JR & Minoru Suzuki) VS The Briscoes, Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown In a colossal eight man tag Suzuki-Gun’s premier heavyweights took on 3 of Wrestling's most insane men and an incredible debuting Heavyweight brawler as KES, Zack Sabre JR & Minoru Suzuki took on The Briscoes, Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown. The match began with a massive brawl instigated by Suzuki-Gun but reciprocated by the opposition. Havoc and Suzuki would go at it as the King of the Goths brawled violently with the King of Pro Wrestling on the outside for most of the match. The Briscoes and KES obviously fought ahead of their stand off in the ICPW Tag Team Championship ladder match at Clash of The Titans which lead the Submission Master with the not so easy job of Fighting Rampage. The match continued with it descending into Chaos with every man in the match hitting their finisher before Suzuki barely got the pinfall on Havoc with the Gotch Style piledriver. After the match, Zack and Suzuki threatened to end Havoc’s career but luckily Shinsuke Nakamura, Roppongi 3K, Mark Haskins and Cesaro came out and made the save for Havoc. After this there was a brief moment where Nakamura re extended his offer for Havoc to join CHAOS but meanwhile Havoc’s tag team partner Mark Haskin as well as Rampage and Cesaro told him to decline so Havoc just ended up walking away from the situation leaving the two groups at odds. Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr & Jeff Cobb) VS Ringkampf In a beautiful technical wrestling match, WRSTLING took on Ringkampf. The two teams went at it with the two teams exchanging Holds and Strikes and Starr managing to hold his own against the heavyweights. Starr even managing to take it to his long time rival in WALTER. The two team went hold for hold with each other and strike for strike but at the end of the day Starr being involved in that brawl earlier in the night hurt him a lot with WALTER picking up the victory making him pass out in the Gojira Clutch. After the match, WALTER and Cobb had a stare down as the two heavyweights looked as if the match may be over but the fight was nowhere near being done. After the staredown finished just before the main event it was also announced that the first ever ICPW General Manager would be announced at Clash of The Titans Main Event Ironwomens Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Becky Lynch VS Tessa Blanchard In the main event of the evening in the first semi-final match of the ironwomens championship tournament “The Man” Becky Lynch took on “The Diamond” Tessa Blanchard. The two women went at it throwing every move in their arsenal at each other with multiple Suplexes, DDTs and Submissions. The two women went at it brutally fighting each other until it appeared Blanchard had the match won with an impressive figure four leglock but Becky somehow managed to make it to the ropes. The match came to an end after Schadenfreudes female representative hit a gruesome looking Fisherman’s driver on Blanchard for the Victory. After the match a graphic on the titantron showed that on the next night of the tour would be a second chance battle royal for the final spot in the ICPW Heavyweight Championship match.
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    I feel like R-Truth is gonna pull some Crash Holly shit and find a way to dodge everyone. I didn't really like the idea of the 24/7 title at first but it seems like it could be good for comedy. Interested to see if the 24/7 Champe ever shows up at NXT.
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    I think this is a signing a lot of people felt was inevitable given his relationship with Cody but it was still a bit of a surprise to wake up to. Shawn (feels weird not to say Tye) isn't the most stand out competitor but he can still bring something to the early days of the company if he continues past this event. The video short announcing his entry was really cool, i continue to love the video production in All Elite Wrestling so far. Though i'm surprised they continued with the "10" gimmick. Thought it was getting kind of stale at the end of his WWE run but maybe they have found a way to refresh and revive it.
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    The Clock is Ticking

    [Carnage cuts to a video of Bob sitting in a church as coffin lays on the stage] [Bob sits up a bit and looks into the camera] This is where I came. Here and the gym. This is what got me through it all. The loss, the pain, and grinding back to get my leg working again. They tried to end me but I came back hungrier and stronger than ever. I came here to pay my respects to my wife and kids. But I also made a promise. A promise that I would work my ass off to make them proud. To cement our family legacy as one of the strongest and resilient families in the world. They might not be here anymore but they played a vital role in me joining this business and they are the reason I will succeed in this business. I am going to fight for them and all of the fans when I face you BiC. As I run through you just like I did with Yelich and Necce. [Bob rubs his face as he takes his glasses off and looks straight into the camera again] A man always beats a boy. See I am the big man while you are a little boy. We all know how this world works the big men are the ones in charge. While the little boys try and climb there way to success just to be thrown back down to where they belong the bottom of the food chain. This is because we are tougher, stronger, and smarter than you little guys. We are bigger in all aspects to at least when I compare myself to you BiC. Bigger brian, bigger muscles, bigger potential, and oh yeah a bigger pleasure tool too. Just to throw that out there. [Bob says as he winks at the camera] Just remember BiC I have nothing else to lose going into this match. You though, what will they say when a main event talent like yourself loses to a new up and coming rookie like me? What will they say when you get squashed by Bob “the Bomb” Sparks? I’ll tell you exactly what they will say. They’ll say your washed up, that you are over hyped, another guy who will never live up to his full potential. They will say that your time is up as I stand tall. Cause I am coming for you BiC so keep your head on a swivel cause the clock is ticking. I am going to destroy you in our match and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Cause you are just a boy and I am a man. [We then see Bob get up and walk over to the coffin and open it. It’s a figurine of BiC!] There he is the boy I have to beat down. The boy who is going to be begging for mercy as I stomp his head into the mat with my boot. The boy that will have blood pouring down his face when beat it in with my bear fist. The boy who will not be able to walk after I pull his legs clean off his body. The boy who thought he had a chance in this match against a man like myself. who The boy that will suffer the same fate as Yelich and Necce when I hit him with a Bob Bomb and pin him one, two, three. Finally, the boy who will see my hand being raised as I move onto the finals of the Power Trip Cup and he then fades into a new state of irrelevance. [Bob then looks over to the camera and points to his watch] Your time is ticking. So after our match everyone will be saying rest in peace the career of BiC. [Bob then slams the coffin shut puts his glasses on and walks out of the church as the camera fades to black]
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    Freight Trains

    [Carnage cuts to the party Bob had promised after he beat Yelich] [We then see Bob walk up to the camera man and lead him to a staircase away from the party and all the noise, Bob then sits down and begins to talk] Well I told you didn't I Yelich was not going to be a problem and we ran right through him. Now we are onto bigger and better things and the next round. Now I know that the NXT title match is coming up but I am going to address that at a different time. Right now I have someone much bigger to deal with. As this will probably be my biggest test. Sure Necce is a legend and all but he was past his prime, Yelich was a solid competitor too but now I am coming up against a man in the prime of his career, BiC. [Bob rubs his hands and continues to talk] Me and BiC have a lot of common to be honest. We are both men of the people we both respect you all and want to do our best to give you guys and gals the best entertainment you have ever seen. We have both lost those that we love and held most dear. Both instances changing us forever. Also we both have destroyed our competition on the way to this match not letting anything get in our ways. Now I respect BiC and all that he has done for this company but I have a job to do and a promise to keep. That is to win the Power Trip Cup and rise to the top of this company with my family behind me. Destroying all that try to stop me from getting there. [We then someone open the door leading to the staircase as Bob nods for them to go away and they do as they see the camera] So BiC for all the respect I have for you. I have a job to do and I never don't do something that I have promised so you can crack a joke about my inbred house when the fact is I would never have sex with my sis cause I know the baby would come out looking just as messed up as you. You then say you’re the man that is going to stop me. You’re not a man you are a boy compared to me. I will break you down and throw you aside like I have done with Necce and Yelich in rounds one and two. When It comes down to it I am the bigger man both physically and figuratively. So when we get in that ring together be prepared for a war. Cause two freight trains are heading straight for each other but I am going to come out victorious. As I move on to the finals of the Power Trip Cup then destroy whoever gets in my way. So you will be seeing me around BiC when I stand over you with my arm being raised I as win and move on to the finals of the Power Trip Cup Tournament. [We then see Bob nod at the camera man as he heads back to the party enjoying a night off before getting back on the grind in the morning]
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 5 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Round 1: Mark Davis VS Apollo Crews Match 2 JR Heavyweight Championship match qualifier: Robbie Eagles VS Kid Lykos Match 3: Shane Strickland & Mexablood VS Suzuki-Gun (Austin Aries, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado) Match 4 Tag Team Championship Match Qualifier: ??? VS ??? Match 5: CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero) VS Legion Match 6: Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad, Zack Sabre JR & Minoru Suzuki) VS The Briscoes, Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr & Jeff Cobb) VS Ringkampf Main Event Ironwomens Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Becky Lynch VS Tessa Blanchard
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 4 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Round 1: Wolfgang VS Tomohiro Ishii Match 2 Ironwomens championship tournament quarterfinals: Toni Storm VS Mia Yim Match 3 JR Heavyweight Championship qualifier: Bandido VS El desperado Match 4 Tag Team Championship qualifier: ??? VS ??? Match 5: Tommy End VS Tama Tonga VS Eddie Kingston Match 6 JR Heavyweight Championship Qualifier: Shane Strickland VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru Match 7: Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre JR & Taichi) VS CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura & The Best Friends) Main Event ICPW Heavyweight Championship Qualifier, Street Fight: Sami Callihan VS Jimmy Havoc
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Valley Of Death

    [The setting takes place inside the residence of Brad, from San Antonio, Texas. It's around twelve in the morning as he and his wife, Christina are asleep in their king size bed, until the window flies open, causing Brad to awake and look around. He looks at Christ before getting out of bed to close it, but his arm stops him from using both hands. He then shuts the door with one hand and turns to see Christina is awake. She pats the bed, which in return, Brad walks over and sits beside her. He lays down and Christina starts to massage his back.] Christ: "You know honey.... these injuries are doing you more good than you think." Brad: "Why you think that?" Christ: "Because you're getting close to getting to... you know who." [Brad looks forward, then down as he knows of who she is talking about. The demon that controlled Brad, that still lurks in Brad. The one he cannot control when released. He turns back to her.] Brad: "You know I can't bring him back. He is too dangerous. He can kill at any moment." Christ: "You need him. Right now, you're weakened by injuries. He feels no pain. It's you're only chance of making it past this whole thing, let alone a new fresh and hungry blood in Storm. Sure, he lies when he calls himself a demon, but he hasn't learned of yours. He must. His world will crumble babe. He will burn in the fire he claims to conquer." [Christina gets off of Brad's back and walks over to the light switch, turning the lights on. She then walks into the closet and looks onto the shelf, pushing bags around before getting to a wooden box from the back of the shelf and then returns to the bed. She sits cross leggeg on the bed. Brad slowly sits up and turns to Christ as she holds a mask out as a lightening strike rips through the sky and thunder roars through the quiet night. He looks at the mask then her before slowly nodding. He slowly grabs the mask and then slides it onto his face. When it gets all the way onto his head, the lights go out, but a growl can be heard from the room.] Carnage TV: 5-3-18: Armageddon [Thunder and lightening rip through the arena, a smoke covers the floor, and a strange feeling hits the atmosphere as the tron flickers to black. Then, disembodied voice echoes through the mind of others.] ?: "They are ashamed of me... They mocking me... They hate on me.... They are my Enemy....." [Another static sound comes up as the entire arena goes black. Then a sound of phone being off the line rings through the arena as sounds of three buttons being pushed follows as well. As the ringing stops, the sounds of the phone being answered comes in, along with a click of a gun.] "911, what's your emergency?" "HELP!! HE GOT A GU-" [The sound of a gunshot ends the call, as a familiar theme song plays. The crowd roars as the familiar song of the man who brought Hell to Earth, as the Ruler Of Hell, makes his long return home. He walks onto the stage, sporting a black mask, and white face paint. The signs of evil written on his body, like the ink of the Satan he once defeated to take his throne. Nanovirus walks down the ramp, as what seems like hands reaching out from the sides to grab him, but no prevail. He stops at the ring side area and turns, walking up the ramp and stands on the apron before stepping over the ropes and he slowly walks into the middle of the ring. The smoke turns misty red as the song ends, and red lightning fills the arena as the crowd cheers, chanting "Holy Shit!" as everyone thought the side of Brad of Nanovirus was dead, but was surley wrong. Hannah looks over scared as she slowly hands over the micrphone, which Nanovirus yanks from her hand. She rushes out of the ring and to her chair as Nano speaks.] "You... you all thought that I was locked away in Brad.. to never walk the earth again. But, even the good, needs some evil. The breaking moment.... World At War. That started my emergence back into power. Every shot, woke me up. Backlash, was the moment I had to break out of the body that claims he is "Iron Man". Brad is weak. He is damaged goods. He is washed up right now... But that is where I step in. I show no weakness. I show no fear. I will drag everyone to the depths of their own hell, find their fears, and make it reality. And it starts, with the kid who claims to already beat me..... Storm." [The crowd boos as Nanovirus stands there with little to no emotion coming out of him with each cold word spoken. As he speaks, the spotlight dims onto Nano and the room gets colder, as his breatj can be seen with a mist form.] "The claim of demon in you is highly mistaken. While you throw on paint... I sit on my throne in Hell, watching souls come, bow, and evaporate before my eyes. You rookie, are not ready for true hell. There’s been a problem, a problem eating away at me from the inside out. I’ve become weak, I’ve shown human compassion, and it has weakened me. But no more. Tonight I will once again feast on fear and suffering. My appetite for agony will be awakened. I will once again taste the pain of others. I will feast on the fear of the innocent, and that is the sweetest taste of all. I feast on your soul Storm. I will drag you to your mind, play flash backs and flash backs of moments you want hidden. Brad is washed up.... but you never have seen or felt the presence of Nanovirus. I don't wreslte... I hunt. I take. I kill. And i devour their souls for my hunger. I bloody men. I ruin lives. Ask... where is the one man... who tried stopping me? Where is the other man... who tried being me? Gone! They are rotting away in the cells I have formed them down in my playground, and been there for years. They threw the claim of God, but God could never stop me, and you wont either kid. In Death Valley, there is open coffin, and I will lay yet another body in the opening that is there. Your body will rot. Your body will be fed by maggots. You will die a hero at the hands of Satan himself." [The mist thickens as the crowd is in total silence of the segement of Nanovirus so far.] "May 11th, you don't face Brad... you face me. Bring your demon, so I can bury his soul like i will yours. See you in Hell." [Nanovirus drops the microphone as the crowd cheers. The lighting in the room turns to black and white as the segement ends with Nanovirus looking into the camera, puttimg one hand into a zero sign, then turning it to a three as he says "Zero Days".]
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    In terms of pure in-ring ability, the best horsewoman is Sasha Banks.
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    Croatia 2-1 England The end of a dream run from the young core of the England team which made the nation fall in love with its team for the first time in a long while, however, it leaves pundits and fans alike to ask the question. Was it all a fluke? With the UEFA Nations League coming very soon and with it, a chance for England to take revenge on Croatia, we will soon know.
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