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    The most technically gifted Wrestler.

    Walking closer to the lights overhead, the mans weathered face is revealed. His right eye reveals a scar, and his blue eyes seem shaken yet determined. His right fist is gripped, and in his left appears to be some sort of photograph. He also is carrying a large backpack, seemingly filled with his ring gear. Monda has returned. So we meet again FD. Or should I say FDSlater. How about FDNether? You, man, I've got a lesson to teach you, so I'm actually glad that you're sitting. First things first, I have to congratulate you. You're in the hall of fame and you're the current premium champion. Things seem to have turned up for someone with so little potential early on in their career. When you first came on the scene, you were what you hate. A gimmick. The only reason that any of those "heathens" knew of your existence was due to your phenomenal work as FDSlater. It's in your Hall of Fame speech. Monda reaches into his pocket, and takes out a business card. Here FD. It's my therapists business card. He helped me deal with my coping issues after my grandfathers debacle. It seems you would benefit from him more than I ever could. Monda goes into his backpack, and reaches for a photo album. The cover reads, "Years of BPZ". He places the album on the table in front of FD. FD, I'd like you to have a look through this. These are all my pictures from my time in BPZ. Especially around the winter of 2014 to the summer of 2015. You remember those times. That was your peak. Here, read through these too. I've made a list. Monda moves the album to the annointed page, showing all of FD's previous gimmicks. There's a piece of paper labeled "FD" in said page. Monda reaches for it and begins to read it out loud: FDSlater, FDNether, FDMizdow, FDBNB, FDWyatt (oh goodness), FDAustin, FDNF, FDCharisma, FDR, FDKO, FDRKO. I count eleven. Now I know you won't just sit and listen, you'll retaliate. Let me answer your quips ahead of time: Yes, I leave and come back a lot. That's my choice. The reason I have any relevancy is from my gimmicks. I know that. And I use that to my advantage. You should learn from my history. And yes, grandpa is fine. Monda grabs another seat from across the aisle, and places it next to FD. He leaves the album and business card, along with the photograph in his left hand, of American soldiers applauding FD during his FDSlater days for being so entertaining and endearing. Monda walks away and begins to walk into a locker room...
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Devil's Remain

    Coming off a commercial success pay per view in Mayhem where the main event saw The Bailey successfully defended his World Championship against three other contenders, but that's not the least of it as it's now announced at JUDGEMENT DAAAAAAAAAAY he will defend his World Championship in a second fatal four way match with JoshNow, Hall Of Famer Nanovirus, and former World Champion Bashka. Earlier in the night, Bashka made his return and announced his going for the World Heavyweight Championship, which also had some strong words going for Nanovirus himself, which in quote was "Nanovirus..well, he certainly won't do it because he just sucks", then the screen freezes on that quote before going static. The scenario places up at a graveyard, marked tombstones placed in the ground, graves everywhere you stepped, and then stopped at a open grave in the ground, and Nanovirus standing beside the grave, a emotionless look planted on his face as he stares down at the open grave, inside looking like a bottomless abyss. "Everyone said that I would never come close again. They said I was washed up, that being old and missing six months of action, the Ruler Of Hell would never preform good, yet, I proved everyone wrong. One second I was from sealing my destiny, but Slim…. Slim getting pinned was what angered me the most. I was close… a hairline away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship, until this now useless part timer lost. But, I don't gotta worry about him at Judgement Day, but now, I got to worry about another challenger for the Championship I'm going for, Bashka. You ran your mouth about me, but fail to realize that you're the one that has this coming. You call yourself God, but let the truth be be heard that you, you're no God. Because no God needs someone's help two out of three times to win the title, and not cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on his tag partner out of nowhere. A God doesn't run when Heel comes a knocking on his door. And a God doesn't leave, come back, says he's staying for good, only to leave a week later. Bashka be honest with me. When you sit at home, thinking of a return to BPZ-" Nanovirus then places his hands together, almost like a prayer and looks up at the sky. "You look at the heavens above, and you try to talk to God. "Oh God, give me the strength to come back. Give me the strength to dig down deep to the find the loyalty I lost for this company. Give me the strength to comeback after I lost the passion for BPZ. LORD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO LOOK THIS COMPANY I WALKED AWAY FROM EAZY AND COME BACK AND ACTED LIKE I'M OWED A DAMN!" Nanovirus breathes heavy as thunder rips through the sky as lightning lights up the scenery as rain starts to pour down, Nanovirus getting soaked within the first two minutes of the rain falling down as Nanovirus remains looking up at the sky before looking at the camera. "And God looked down at you, ashamed. He's ashamed at what you became. Went from General Manager to a General Nothing. From Intercontinental Champion to the Champion of Couch Sitting. You went from bragging that no matter what I achieve, I'll never ever make it to the Hall Of Fame, and I did, and trust me, it's not because they needed a extra body, or else they would of thrown your buddy Joh in there ages ago. This isn't 2015 Bashka, this is 2019 and times has flown by you with ease. You need to keep up with the times and see that if we ask the name guys about you, that your name would get a "Who?". "Who is Bashka?" What a legacy Bash. Your legacy is known by those who were with you, let my legacy was known by the new guys and they never saw me go. I'm not a former three time World Champion like you, and I was known. I'm not a former General Manager like you and I'm more known. And by their terms, to them your legacy is a JOKE. Run your mouth, and you'll be seeing me sooner than you want. Hell Bashy, I was free at Power Trip Cup too. And what a better way for Bashka to return then getting pinned by the man he never beat one on one? Getting pinned by the man who can easily pin you against at Judgement Day and become the World Heavyweight Champion? Maybe, if the General Manager is willing enough when he's not taking spotlight from other members, gives you and me a match up at Power Trip Cup. Do you think you can handle it? Do you still got it? Do you believe in yourself enough or will you let these people down like you let us down whenever you leave? Times ticking Bash." Nanovirus looks down at the ground before picking up a plastic bag. He reaches inside the bag and pulls out a Bashka action figure, available on BPZShop.com. "Ticking on your washed up career." Nanovirus tosses the action figure into the grave and laughs as inside the grave a fire starts, and it gets bigger the louder Nanovirus laughs as BPZ goes to commercial.
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    Following this verbal warning by Flynn, the Undisputed Champion stares at the 5 time World Champion. The two locks eyes for a while, but in the end, Bart grabs his microphone. He takes a deep breath before speaking once again. I am sorry Flynn. I am sorry that the people have to deal with a paper champion. I can’t believe their celebration if the paper champion is replaced by someone who has had even less matches than him throughout the year. I am sorry sorry that the paper champion didn’t show up at a ppv as he remembered for the first time in a month that he had a match to promote like a workhorse like you did. I am so incredibly sorry that the paper champion didn’t come out here to ramble on about the workhorse who hadn’t been here since his most recent nostalgia trip when he had already made his thoughts clear on that desperate attempt at seeking old glory. I know you want me to be upset by you calling me a paper champion but frankly, I can only laugh. You have been calling me a paper champion for almost a year now. Back then, your jealousy had already risen to the point where you had to come out on a show that you weren’t a part of to call me a paper champion. Since then, I have defended my titles more times than you have even had matches, and yet nothing in you wonders just how true that idiotic statement of yours is? I don’t think that you are retarded Flynn, I have heard too many good things about you to believe that. I think you are just a little afraid. You are scared that I will see the real story here. Let me tell you a story Flynn, the story that you have tried not to hear. This story isn’t about whether someone is a paper champion or not, the fans have been told that story to many times. This story is about a man who wants everyone to think that he is the best. This goes so far that he needs to tell people who he is never even interacted with that he doesn’t think they are good. For awhile, he could. He may had come up short at a few big events, but he had done enough to back up his claims. Until now. He currently is on a losing streak, and is coming up against the one guy that he has constantly tried to slander. Whenever he had the smallest of chances to bring him up, he would do his best at belittling this person, giving his best to prevent anyone from ever thinking that this person could be better than him. And now here you are Flynn, your ego and eagerness for compliments have become your worst enemy. You need to win, because you are so afraid that the public’s opinion on you will change when you lose. It is something that has always amazed me. How people care so much about what other people think. Even you Flynn, who has been so successful needs the satisfaction of others telling him that you are great. One of my favourite things about myself is that I lack that in his entirety. Never have I once cared about how the fans perceive me, about what they think of me and how they rank me against others. I can very well make that up myself. For you Flynn, it makes the devastation when you lose even bigger. Not only will you be sad about having lost to me, but even bigger will your tears be when you find out that the fans have realised that you simply aren’t the best anymore. Right there Flynn, there was your biggest advantage heading into this match. This match meant so much more to you than it meant to me. You HAVE to win this match, and while I surely wanted, up till now I hadn’t reached the point where a win would mean more to me than simply proving my spot on top of the BPZ once again. It hadn’t reached the same level as my matches against Julius and Echo and Necce, where a win was a must. But now Flynn, it has. Your embarrassing claims have made me want to destroy your career like all the others that have gone down the same road as you. You are quick to point out that Julius lost his World Championship, but do you really think that it was you that forced him to break, instead of the events that took place a month prior? Echo has lost his passion and hasn’t been seen since I embarrassed him three times in a row. And then there is your frenemy Necce, the person with you who hold the most intense relationship here. Before I faced him at BPZMania, he was considered undefeatable. After I dealt with him, he lost to a rookie who had just had his first match the month prior. And now Flynn, you are destined to go down the same path as them. You are scared of this and I know you won’t admit it. But if you really are the genius that you proclaim to be, you should come to accept your faith.
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    The most technically gifted Wrestler.

    FDS is seething, he picks up the photograph of the american soldiers cheering at the sight of FDSlater, FDS rips the photograph in half and then throws the whole album on the floor. He wants to talk about shit that happened 3 or 4 years ago… Are you kidding me? What the hell has he done since then? Nothing that's what! Look you talk a big game about relevancy Monda but are you really even relevant anymore? You can bring up my past and I’ve already denounced those. I hated doing all those stupid characters because I forced to do them so this stupid company could sell shirts and make money off me looking like an absolute asshole. You wanna call what I did then my peak? Please. That wasn’t even close, I was doing better when I was breaking body during deathmatches in the winter of 2017 to the middle of 2018, I did better in the winter of 2016 too. I have been doing much better since I stopped being a comedy act. And even then I was still seen as a novelty and Now I’m doing this because I wanna show the world that I am a professional wrestler and I am not what you are and that is a sports entertainer MR. American Hero. You wanna talk about my hall of fame speech, yeah I acknowledged it because I knew people would expect me to. If I didn’t I’d have to deal with a bunch of morons tweeting at me asking why I did talk about it. So listen here Monda: you can hand me therapists cards all you want but the last time I got into a room with a therapist I “Murdered” them if you recall. I’ve got no issues because right now I’m being the best I can be and That is being a professional wrestler and this title on my shoulder proves that. The only i’ll learn from your history is how not to fade into obscurity. I don’t care about Grandpa, all I care about is winning and keeping this title. I’m assuming we’ll be having a match soon and I look forward to dropping you in on your head because I am really good at professional wrestling and I am not here for your entertainment. FDS grabs his championship and he flips over the chair on his way out as the reporters quickly try to write down any last notes that they needed.
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    Sheridan is found backstage alone, kicking at the ground in frustration. Alongside her tag team partner Jonathan, the team of Royal Flush battled the Big Ballers to a double count-out decision minutes ago. The blonde has her hands on her hips and her head tilted down, her attire slightly misplaced and torn due to the intensity of her match. BrendenPlayz interviewer Josh Trenton cautiously approaches Sheridan who briefly looks up, only to roll her eyes before staring back towards the ground folding her arms while grinding the heel of her boot against the floor. "Josh Trenton here currently alongside one half of BrendenPlayz's hottest tag team at the moment in Sheridan Mueller, now Sheridan coming into this match against the Big Ballers, you made some bold comments regarding Brenden and Sameer's chemistry as a team. Stating that Sameer and his Money in the Bank contract could be the cause of some tension within the duo. Now despite Big Ballers not getting the win they did retain the titles through a double count-out. Do you think you misjudged Brenden and Sameer's relationship or do you still believe that the Money in the Bank contract will be the end all of their relationship?" Sheridan takes her time to compose herself, it is quite clear she's still somewhat emotional after going through her match. Slowly looking up towards the camera and then turning to Josh, she wipes her eyes and inhales. "I'll hold my hands up and say that I was wrong to an extent, Josh. Although it won't mean much coming from me, a rookie, Brenden and Sameer impressed me tonight. Our match wasn't the most fluid and I can't imagine it'll leave a lasting impression but Brenden showed me he's more than just the boss and Sameer justified why he's more likely than not a future BrendenPlayz World Champion. They're both brilliant wrestlers and showed not just Jonathan and I but the world why they're the most credible tag team in this promotion to date. But, they're a tag team who got pushed to their absolute limits and then some by the Royal Flush. A team that Brenden labelled just another championship defence, something that wouldn't last past the current date and I think that Jonathan and I had a great showing too. I perhaps under-estimated the Big Ballers in terms of their longevity but I do still believe that down the road problems will begin to show. Them failing to defeat Jonathan who already had a match tonight and myself could prove to be their first falter. The first event which begins their downwards spiral towards their inescapable breaking up." "You mentioned Jonathan, who has been your partner for two months now. Obviously earlier in the night he lost to Julius and he failed to get the win alongside you against the Big Ballers. I can see he's not with you now, how do you think the results of these matches tonight will affect the goals of Royal Flush and Jonathan as a wrestler?" "Jonathan is more stable than you instantiate him to be. Yes, he lost to Julius, but you fail to mention that Julius is one of, if not the best wrestler in the entire world at this point. Jonathan had an amazing showing against him, both have a tremendous amount of accolades and are individually as athletic and as talented as one another. Now you can ask me my thoughts on that match, you can even track down Jonathan if you'd like but he'll tell you the same thing I have. However if you speak to Julius I am sure he'll tell you what a difficult opponent my tag team partner is and that battling him no doubt was his toughest match in his career to date. For Jonathan to take that loss and walk out of our tag team match with a well-earned draw is nothing short of inspiring and I can assure you our long term goals have not changed in the slightest, if anything Royal Flush validated that we can go with the best and walk out with our heads held high." "Sheridan you've made big waves in your return to BrendenPlayz just a few short months ago. Some would argue you're one of the lesser committed and honed members of the roster so I've got to ask, how're you feeling in general and how do you view your future in this promotion, especially after this match?" Contemplating this question for a moment, Sheridan seems unsure of what to answer. She looks down towards the ground in thought before meeting the interviewer with her eyes once more. Stroking her cascading, blonde hair back behind her shoulder, she sniffles and shrugs her shoulders, bringing her hands from her hips to clutch against the lining of her golden shorts. "Well right now I'm a little disappointed, a little bitter. Jonathan and I have worked so hard so it hurts not to walk out with the championships. I emphasised that I wanted to win the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships alongside such a compassionate and brilliant wrestler and to come away from the match touching that possibility for mere moments before having it ripped away from us, it hurts. That doesn't take away from Sameer and Brenden, of course. As I said they showed me why they're at the top of this division and the company as a whole. So although I am a little upset right now I can take this match as a learning experience, I am still young and fresh in this business so to step into the ring alongside Jonathan and take on people with much more knowledge than I, it's something that is priceless. I realise that some might view this as a failure for Royal Flush, but I think we did a great job considering the circumstances and I'd like to think that Jonathan would be proud of me. Like I said not getting those belts stings but I see myself sticking around and perhaps the Royal Flush will meet with the Big Ballers again somewhere down the line. We will have to see what tomorrow brings." Sheridan's eyes wander from Josh, her mouth from the microphone that he is holding up. The other half of the Royal Flush, Jonathan, is seen due to the camera turning its attention towards him. The brooding, tired looking wrestling motions for Sheridan to walk with him, disregarding Josh Trenton and the cameraman for the most part excluding a slight nod of the head. Josh takes two steps forward and opens his mouth to ask a question, but Sheridan stops him. "I think that will be all for now. Jonathan has fought so well tonight and I personally think he is in need of a much deserved break away from the cameras for a little while. Like you said, the Royal Flush are one of the best tag teams in this promotion right now but that doesn't come with just in-ring talent. We have a lot to discuss and acknowledge about tonight but I will assure you this, the Royal Flush are just getting started with our desires to improve tag team wrestling and rejuvenate a fallen division and what we have just went through shall not discourage Jonathan or myself. We will be back, revitalised and we won't stop fighting until those titles are fit snugly around our golden, chisled waists." The Golden Girl walks off, linking her arm around the back of Jonathan and sauntering off alongside him, their conversation beginning but growing faint to the camera almost suddenly. The Royal Flush turn a corner in the arena and they're out of sight. The camera turns back to the BrendenPlayz interviewer who signs off and acknowledges Sheridan's words and the impact they'll have in the near future.
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    Backstage at mayhem a table is set up, a title stand is in place, FDS stumbles backstage carrying the Premium Championship over his shoulder, he takes the title and places it on the title stand quite elegantly and then points at it. Look at that! Remember how you all said I need to go hardcore in order to win? Well would ya look at that title right there! I didn’t need to go hardcore once to win tonight, I barely left the ring in tonight’s match and I still became champion. I didn’t hit my opponent with any weapons, I don’t low blow my opponents and I didn’t cheat and yet the fans still boo me, you know why? Because I tell the truth, Because I am deserving of this title! FDS sits down in the chair provided. It has been over a year since I have been a champion in fact, the last time I was at Mayhem I lost the tag team championships with Jonathan, tonight I proved something, I proved to everybody that I don’t need to be a part of a group and I don’t need to be a novelty act to win a championship. What I did in that match wasn’t for entertaining people and It wasn’t to help benefit a larger organism by winning it. I won this title for me and me alone and this division now belongs to me. Marker, I’ll admit you took the fight to me and you were very well prepared tonight… but well prepared enough. You didn’t think I knew what I was doing? I think you thought I was still fixated on the hardcore styles, you thought I would fight you in the way that entertains these people but no no tonight I had a technical wrestling masterpiece planned and I showed everybody the athletic prowess of the Wrestler! So MARKER my question is, what’s next for you? Actually, you know what? I don’t care. MARKER you can go and do whatever you want, you can challenge anyone want, you can challenge me again for this belt but let me just tell you this: I will beat you again if you come after me again. Simple as that. Aaron, you thought by being the wild card and challenging last minute you’d throw me and MARKER off our games but no, you didn’t and you failed. You beat in the Power Trip Cup, good job you were impressive that night but you can’t beat me at my technical best. You may have beaten the novelty side of me designed to entertain these heathens but you can’t beat the athlete, the specimen, the physically most perfect wrestler in the business today. You can call yourself the perfect one all you want but you can’t deny that tonight you made a mistake, you showed your imperfection and you lost to the wrestler. I have a feeling this isn’t the last i’ve seen of you but I wish you good luck on your journey through BPZ, I’m not going to deny you have a lot of potential and I’ve seen it but that doesn’t mean for a second that you were ever going to beat me in this match or ever again. So enjoy that victory from the power trip cup because I guarantee you, it won’t be happening again. Finally, I don’t have an opponent for the power trip cup but I’m sure a certain general manager/world champion will have something for me. But until then, I guess i’ll just look forward to seeing who my next challenger is for this big gold beautiful belt. FDS grabs the championship and he’s about to leave but suddenly, he’s somebody off camera walking towards him, he looks confused. And What in the hell do you think you’re doing here?
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    February 3rd 2001 Manhattan, New York Hammerstein Ballroom ECW Guilty as Charged 2001 ECW Guilty as Charged opens up with Joey Styles who is standing in the ring, running down tonight card, he goes through the main matches of the ppv as the fans in The Hammerstein Ballroom, are going nuts 72 B- The Classic ECW intro plays, showcasing the numerous segments and moments that has happened leading up to Guilty as Charged. The First match of the night will be a good one as The Ace of Japan, The Legendary Jushin Thunder Liger is here as a working relationship with AJPW allowed this to happen, as he goes up against the young and upcoming AJ Styles, who has had great matches with the likes of Kaz Hayashi and Little Guido. Its Wrestling’s Present vs Wrestling’s Future. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, AJ Styles defeated Jushin Liger in 16:20 by pinfall with a quick cradle. 67 C+ In surprising fashion, AJ Styles gets the win over Jushin Liger with a quick cradle. A big win over Liger as certainly put AJ Styles on the map here on ECW. Both men shake hands as the crowd give the two a standing ovation. Backstage segment as Rhino is looking sinister and sadistic. He has the TV Champion over his shoulder and says he knows, no one wants him as champion, he understands that, but he ain't going anywhere and certainly not against Juventud Guerra. 77 B Next up, it will be a three way dance for the ECW Tag Team Championship, as Crazy Kash, The Unholy Alliance and Doring/Roadkill will battle in action. In a decent match, Crazy Kash defeated The Unholy Alliance and Danny Doring & Roadkill in 10:12; the order of elimination was Danny Doring & Roadkill first, and then The Unholy Alliance. Crazy Kash win the ECW World Tag Team titles. 60 C Kash and Super Crazy celebrate in the ring as the are the new ECW Tag Team Champions. Both men are in the crowd, sinking it all in as the crowd cheer for them. John Cena is rapping is way to the ring, cutting raps on how this ppv just got interested because John Cena just entered the building. he said he gonna feel bad when beats this New York scum quicker then a whistle, Word….. then suddenly the lights go out and nobody knows what's going on, the lights come back on and my god, its Sabu!!!! The ECW crowd is going absolutely bonkers as Sabu does his trademark pose as Cena's face is in disbelief. 64 C In a decent match, Sabu defeated John Cena in 11:16 by pinfall with a Triple Jump Moonsault. 65 C Sabu gets the win over Cena as he was the one to answer the challenge and make his return to the land of extreme. Young Blood make there way to the ring as the anticipation of Crediable’s partner is growing stronger and stronger. Credible comes out with Dawn Marie, and out comes with them is Lance Storm, a huge shock as the crowd can’t believe Storm is back in ECW to reform the Impact Players as is Joey Styles going crazy on Commentary 73 B- In a decent match, The Impact Players defeated Young Blood in 8:26 when Lance Storm defeated Christian York by pinfall with a Flying Spinning Leg Lariat. 66 C+ Justin Credible and Storm celebrate as they get a decisive but yet satisfying victory over Young Blood. The Impact Player do their signature taunt in the middle of the ring. 79 B Up next is our ECW Television Title match as Rhino defends the gold against Juventud Guerra. Does Juvi have what it takes to beat the Man Beast, or will Rhino reign supreme once again. Let's find out. In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Rhino defeated Juventud Guerrera in 13:59 by pinfall with a Gore. Rhino makes defence number 1 of his ECW World Television title. 75 B- Rhino successfully defends the TV Title in a great match with Juventud Guerrea. Rhino walks out with the Gold, but Juvi walks out with Respect. Joey Styles puts both Rhino and Juventud over. 82 B Corino will go one on one with The Sandman in a New York City Street Fight. Corino enters the ring a little hesitant but he’s ready to go. Sandman enters from the rabid New York crowd as the all sing along to Enter Sandman. In a good match, Steve Corino defeated The Sandman in 9:02 by pinfall with an Old School Expulsion. Steve Corino makes defence number 1 of his ECW World Heavyweight title. 65 C Corino is still the ECW Champion after a brutal Street Fight as both men are bruised and bloodied Our main event for the evening is match between Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam. A video package plays highlighting the feud as it all ends tonight, after classic matches with each other in the past, this rivalry will end tonight at Guilty as Charged. 84 B+ In an exceptional match, Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn in 23:06 by pinfall with a Five Star Frog Splash. 81 B Rob Van Dam celebrates after the match as the fans chant RVD, RVD, RVD. The Feud is finally over, RVD stands tall over Jerry Lynn in an instant classic. Guilty as Charged ends with RVD standing proud and celebrating with the ECW audience. Overall Show Rating: 79 B Feedback for the PPV would be greatly appreciated
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    Those Best Suited...

    (Carnage returns from commercial break as you see Hans Clayton is sitting down on a chair, looking down. Hans then begins to speak) Powertrip Cup, June 14th, Live on Pay Per View, I get to have the chance to be next in the line for the Arius' or Kenji's North American Championship, but I have to defeat three other men to get to that position. I see it clearly, I see the gold at the end of the road and I'm not gonna let that slip through. I have fought way, way too hard to get the NXT Title, I gave it my all against Julius and hell even had a match for the United States Title at Mayhem. I need to prove to everyone, that I was meant to be here, that I take all risks for the sake of stealing the show. Has it payed off, maybe, maybe not.... I won't let another chance slip through my fingers, becuase i need to get out of my comfort zone. (Hans then stares directly at the camera) I know this ain't going to be some high flying bout. It's a brutal and devastating Hardcore Match, just for the chance at a title. I know my body can take a few chair shots, and some tables, I feel that pain and I can take anything that these four competitors can lay on me. You may think that I all I do is fly to the sky, what you don't know that I'm ready to adapt. Just like what Darwin said, survival of the fittest, those best suited to their environment. Environments like this where you have Steel Chairs, Tables, Kendo Sticks, anything that can cause pain and agony is all legal, and I can adapt! (Hans then pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat and holds it beside him) Especially with a barbed wire baseball bat. Like i said anything is legal, I'm bringing it to the table, and I'm going to cause pain to the 3 wrestlers who are going to be in the ring becuase I want the title! I want what Arius has! I'm willing to sacrifice everything to do so, even if it costs my own flesh to get that North American Title, it what makes me want more, its something I desire to be, champion. So Bob, Aaron, and Alex, bring everything you got boys, I'm willing to give all of you the taste of pain, along with your entire body being filled with torture and misery. When its all said done, it will be a battlefield with soldiers lying on the floor tasting their own blood while one man stands tall with crowd cheering along. That man my friends, is Hans Freaking Clayton! (Hans stands up and walks away holding his barbed wire baseball bat)
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    {After the insane BPZ PPV that was Mayhem we turn our attention to the Post-Match press conference. The Press room is flooded by Wrestling Journalists from around the world trying to get a word from the Wrestlers who had just performed tonight. To start the proceedings, in walks the Intercontinental Champion Julius, who was successful in both of his matches at BPZ Mayhem including a berth in the Power-Trip Cup Final for the second time. Julius now dressed smartly in a suit makes his way to the conference table and begins answering questions} Joshua Trenton: "Julius, congratulations on your victories tonight how does it feel to make it to the finals of the Power-Trip Cup once aga.." "I don't want to answer any of your stupid questions, because its the same thing every time. You lack intelligence, you lack the urge to find information and its a waste of time so I'm going to do your job for you. As I have maintained throughout the entirety of this tournament these matches don't mean anything emotionally for me. I don't care about beating Sir Raven, but that match meant the world to him. I couldn't care less about a match against Hans Clayton but that was meant to be his coming out party and with Jonathan, he was meant to avenge his loss he put too much emotion into this match and look what happened. Brutalised now he walks out with nothing. It's business as usual for me I go in and I get the job done, I've been doing that ever since I walked in and I'm not stopping" "Now that's finished, we can get into the real business and that's The Power-Trip Cup final and if you want to talk about emotion, the man who opposes me, the man who stands in my way as already let his emotions be known. I took this title from him and embarrassed him, dismantled him and humiliated him in-front of the world at Backlash because I am just simply better than him. What I also find piercingly disgusting is all the talk from you supposed journalists who say that BiC is in the form of his career, that he is "The best performer in the company right now" well show me what the hell your looking at because nothing he has done impresses me at all. He beat Blade, a known loser. He beat Aaron North exactly no one knows who the hell that is and then he beat a guy named Bob. Congratulations BiC you defeated the worst of the worst and now you have inflated your ego. But he remembers, he knows quite vividly that he when he steps up against the true best in this company he stands no chance. He's going to try and use his family as motivation, he's going to do the same things he always does to try and instill belief into you all but its fake. I exposed him, he promised you all a triumphant victory at Backlash and it never happened. He promised that with his family by his side and his Fathers Legacy beating strong that he would slay the beast and he didnt. So don't make that mistake again by believing anything he has to say because it's false it's fake and it's delusional" "I've been here before, I made it to the Power-Trip Cup finals last year and I lost. But that was when I was a misguided easily manipulated ego-filled idiot who thought that he was untouchable. Well I know what I must do, I have learnt how to win in pressure situations I've been doing that my whole career. When Flynn beat me It woke me up it lit a fire underneath me that no one has been able to put out. I buried the boss at BPZ Mania, I snatched the Intercontinental Championship from BiC and I killed a supposed BPZ Hall of Famer. None of this is new to me, I won't prepare any different, this guy doesn't present a challenge and I will win the Power-Trip Cup. You all wont like it, you all want to see the Underdog prevail. Well wake the F**k up welcome to reality only the best succeed. This interview is done"
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    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.
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    We are live on YouTube for Gary Greens new series - “Being The Green.” The camera turns on and we see the familiar face of Gary Green, in the woods Green: Hello everyone and welcome to mine and Josh’s brand new series, Being the Green. Upon the request of our many fans we are using this series to show what happens in our everyday lives. Following Josh’s defeat to Julius, we have flown back to England because Josh doesn’t want to spend anytime outside “The One True Country” unless he has to. Anyway, he has a match against Birdman in 2 weeks so we will get to see how he prepares and how... Suddenly there’s a loud gunshot and we hear something hitting the floor. Gary drops the camera and we hear footsteps walking towards him Gary: F**king hell Josh. What are you thinking Josh picks up the camera and balances it on a tree so we can see both men Josh: Keep hold of the camera Gary. I’m pigeon shooting what did you expect. Don’t swear on BPZ TV Gary: We’re on YouTube not Carnage. Besides aren’t we live Josh: Yes Gary: Then how did it get bleeped out oh never mind. Anyway did you just kill a bird Josh: Yes. Well I was trying to shoot a clay pigeon but my phone beeped and I ended up hitting the real thing. Could you check my phone Gary: Sure Green pulls out the phone and shakes his head Josh: What is it Green: Get ready to pack your things. It’s a message from Bailey. He’s been watching our live stream Josh: He has? Green: Well his assistants brother has been watching it, but he’s found out we’re in the UK and wants us to fly back to the States immediately. Come on. Not the best way to end the first episode is it. Gary Walks off camera and Josh goes to join him, but suddenly picks up the bird smiling to himself. He stares at the camera Birdman, if that’s the name we are really going for here, you have already made a big mistake. When I first got here, I saw the websites naming me as favourite for the NXT Championship, and you know what I did. I ignored them. I didn’t listen to the hype I got my head down and won my first 2 matches. Instead you let the hype go to your head. You legitimately believed you didn’t need my Club. Well guess what Raven you do. No matter how much you try to deny it you do. And you told us all to go our f ourselves. That was a mistake Raven. You’re no British wrestling legend. I have proved time and time again I am Britain’s greatest export, and in Texas you’re going to see that. I’m going to give you one last chance. I’m going to be at Sam Antonio Comic Con on Thursday, you wanna apologise and come crawling back to SSW Club, talk to me then. “I will be successful once I leave SSW Club” quoth Sir Raven nevermore
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    Mayhem has been a huge success, Julius not only retaining the Intercontinental Championship against Josh, but also defeating Jonathan in the semi finals for the Power Trip Cup tournament, BiC defeating Bob in the second Power Trip Cup tournament match, Bob winning the vacant NXT Championship in a Battle Royal, Arius retaining the United States Championship against Hans and Alex Costa, Royal Flush and Big Ballers fighting to a double count out, and "The Wrestler" FDS winning his second Premium Championship since 2015, and we're down to the main event, a fatal four way for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship as The Bailey puts his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Slim, Blade, and the returning Nanovirus. "The Beaten Path" kicks in as the crowd boos loudly as the newly reborn Blade makes his appearance in this match up. Blade, the man who once took these fans in as the Creatures Of The Night, now turned on these fans and brought in on a more brutal side of him, which showed at Backlash, where it was his first challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship but ultimately fell short at the hands of Bailey in a triple threat match up with The Bailey and Josh. Blade entered the ring and grabs his hat and tosses it to the ground as the next challenger theme song emergences over the PA system. Nipsey Hussle's "Blue Laces" plays as the crowd cheers as the former four time and longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all time, Slim makes his way out to the stage, no members of Legacy in sight after they returned at Backlash. Slim marches down the ramp before walking up the steel steps then hops over the middle rope before he looks at Blade then starts laughing as he climbs the middle rope and throws his arms up as "Blue Laces" ends. Both Slim and Blade look at each other as the arena started getting colder, almost enough to cause a most from letting out a breath as fans begin to shiver as the arena suffers a blackout. The crowd pops as "Dark Side" slowly plays and at nineteen seconds, when the guitar solo plays, fire explodes from the stage. The crowd cheers louder as they await for Nanovirus, who hasn't competed since January at the Royal Rumble against Julius, but he's returned to the ring and first announced that he was going to return to action at JUDGEMENT DAAAAAY but he made a surprise entry to the World Heavyweight Championship match a few days ago on Carnage, which shocked a few people. Suddenly, arms begin reaching up from the ground at the stage area, then Nanovirus walks from the back, walk past as the hands try to grab him. Nanovirus walks down the stage before up the steel steps then raises his arms as the lights come back on, Slim and Blade looking at the dangerous Nanovirus as he steps between the ropes and takes his coat off and tosses it to the floor as his theme song ends. Nanovirus stands in one corner of the ring as the crowd started chanting loudly, which starts with "NANOVIRUS!" and five claps before repeating until the champ arrives. The "GOAT" plays as The Bailey walks out from the back, the World Heavyweight Championship in his right hand as he walks up the steel steps and walks across the apron to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle to the middle turnbuckle and raises the BPZ World Championship up in the air as the crowd cheers loudly. Bailey then hops down and enters the ring before handing the referee the Championship as Jack Charles, the senior official of BPZ raises the title up in the air as the crowd cheers. He then hands the title to the ring announcer before going to each man, asking if they are ready, when all men nods, that's when Jack then rings the Bell. All four men look at each other, the crowd cheering as they are expecting a big fight as Slim runs after Bailey and Blade rushes Nanovirus as the two pairs begin brawling as the crowd becomes unglued. Strikes after Strikes until Bailey hits a Bailey Bottom on Slim, followed by Nanovirus hitting a Chokeslam on Blade, both men rolling out of the ring. Nanovirus then turns around and sees Bailey staring at him before both start trading shots, back and forth, more cheers coming from the crowd as these two Hall Of Famers start trading strikes before Nanovirus elbows Bailey in the head which staggers the Champion into the hand of Nanovirus, and when he lifts Bailey up for the Chokeslam, Bailey maneuvers behind Nanovirus and sets him up for the Bailey Bottom, but Nanovirus reverses by punching Bailey in the gut before grabbing Bailey by the throat and runs forward which sends Bailey over the top rope onto the floor by Slim and Blade. They get to their feet and grab Bailey, beating down on him, not seeing Nanovirus runs off the ropes and dives over the ropes as the crowd cheers. Nanovirus quickly gets to his feet and grabs Slim before throwing him into the ring and covers him for a one count. Nanovirus climbs to the middle rope and goes for a leg drop as Slim rolls out of the way and causes Nanovirus to land on his ass. Slim rolled to the apron and pulled himself up and springboard off the ropes and hits Nanovirus with a clothesline. Slim covers Nanovirus but only gets a one count. Slim picked up Nanovirus and sets him up for the Pedigree but Nanovirus back drops Slim before running off the ropes and hitting a leg drop before covering for a one and a half. Blade slides into the ring and eyes Nanovirus before looking at Slim before convincing Nanovirus to team up and beat down Slim. Blade starts hammering forearm shots on the back of Sim as Nanovirus watches. Blade turns around and goes for a double high five, which Nanovirus accepts to the shock of fans before twisting Blade's wrists and causing pressure as Bailey runs in and clobbers Nanovirus in the back, sending him to the corner as he starts uploading rights to the face of Blade as the crowd cheers. Bailey gets Blade into the corner and started hitting shoulder tackles to the ribs of Blade as the crowd starts chanting "BAILEY!" as the Champion pulls Blade into a belly to belly before covering for two. Bailey then pushes Slim into the corner before throwing Blade into him, causing both men to be in the corner as Nanovirus runs and ducks Bailey, but gets elbowed by Blade, who then elbows Slim before kicking Bailey in the face. Blade turns around into a spin kick from Slim then suplex hold before slightly lifting him up and dropping him in small package pin that gets a two count. Slim gets to his feet and gets a nasty right hand from Bailey, who sees Nanovirus standing and runs, ducking a clothesline before rebounding off the ropes and gets a Deep Six from Nanovirus that gets a two count. Nanovirus lifts Bailey up and goes to whip him but Bailey ducks underneath and pulls Nanovirus in for a spinebuster as the crowd roars. Bailey then runs and rebounds off one pair of ropes before jumping over Nanovirus and runs over the other ropes and goes to hit something till Slim hits a superkick on Bailey, dropping the world champion. Slim sees Blade in the corner and runs and elbows him in the face before lifting Blade up to the top rope and climbs up himself. He goes for a hurricanrana but Blade catches him and nails a Powerbomb from the top rope as the crowd pops. All four men are down, the crowd is cheering until Nanovirus sits up, causing a louder reaction from the crowd. Blade uses the ropes to get up as Nanovirus starts to throw meat hooks, sending Blade into the corner as Bailey gets to his feet opposite of them as Nanovirus runs and hits a body splash on Bailey before running back and hitting a splash on Blade before turning around and booting Bailey in the face, sending him back into the corner before grabbing Blade and hits a sidewalk slam on him for a two count. He kicks Blade out of the ring before sliding under the bottom rope and follows Blade before lifting him up from the ground and then powerbombs Blade through the announcers table. Nanovirus slips into the ring but eats a Pedigree from Slim as the crowd cheers. Slim turns around as Nanovirus rolls out of the ring as Bailey grabs Slim and hits him with the Career Killer. Bailey covers Slim and gets the three count, continuing his sixth Championship reign as as all men are down as the bell rings and "GOAT" plays as the referee grabs the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Bailey as he gets up Bailey then walked to the corner and climbed to the middle rope and held the World Heavyweight Championship up.
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    Alex Costa

    The Fate of a Continent

    We cut backstage after the United States Championship Match to see Alex Costa walking frustrated after the loss in the Triple Threat, he then decides to turn around when he notices the Camera Alex Costa: I feel shame on what happened tonight! TONIGHT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT! Alex Kicks a chair in frustration Alex Costa: But yet I lost the fuc***ing match! I am pissed, but mostly I am pissed at myself because I have allowed Arius to beat me tonight. Arius you got lucky tonight, but trust me your luck will run out some day, because I know I can and will beat you someday for that championship. And as for you Hans, you damn piece of sh*t, I know that... Alex stops mid setence as he sees Hans approaching Alex Costa: What the hell do you want? Hans: Do you want to repeat what you just said to my face? Alex says nothing but continues to stare to Hans as both men look at each other ready to throw blows when suddenly a producer comes to seperate both Producer: Gentleman you will have time to take care of business later as at the PTC Finals you two will be in the same match alongside Aaron North and the new NXT Champion Bob "Da Bomb" Sparks in a Fatal Four Way to determine a new Number One Contender for the BPZ North American Championship. Both Alex and Hans smile at hearing the news Alex Costa: Guess I will settle on kicking you, Aaron and that newbie Bob's ass at the PTC Finals in two weeks time then. Enjoy your two weeks of rest, "extraordinary man". Because when I am down with you and the other two guys in that match, I don't care if it's Arius or the Sendai Supernova, you are looking at the next North American Champion and that, that is Undisputed! Alex poses right in front of Hans and goes to walk out but Hans grabs him and proceeds to answer back.
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    A New NXT Champion

    We are backstage at BPZ Mayhem. In the background, the sound of the roaring crowd is heard along with the music of what seems to be Arius. The NXT title match has just wrapped up, and here is one of the competitors now, Dikey. He steps into the room, opens his mouth to say something but closes it shortly after and instead collapses in a chair. I hate to say it, but I lost...again. Another opportunity that slipped through my fingers. Such an easily preventable situation too. Dikey lets out a long sigh and brushes the hair out of his face. I fought a long, hard battle against some of the best talent in NXT I've seen in months. And what happens? I get knocked out of the ring by one singular move. A clothesline. Courtesy of the winner himself, Bob Sparks. Congratulations Bob, you won a difficult battle among some of the best. You got the best of everyone this time, but things can change. So, I've got one message for you, and one message only. Keep that title nice and warm, because next time, you won't be so lucky as to finish me with one move. Dikey leans back in his chair and takes a swig of water. He hands the bottle off to someone offscreen before dusting his pants off and standing up. Before I leave here, I'd like to acknowledge one more thing. Even though I didn't go on to win this aforementioned match, I at least got something out of it. Love or hate to hear it, you can't deny what happened. And that is that I eliminated Bulldozer. Well, I'm no expert predictor of the future, but that seems like a red flag right there. I know you got let off easy this time, Bulldozer, just a clothesline, but I can promise you that your fate at the PTC Finals will be much, much worse. Thank you all for your time. Dikey tosses his towel around his shoulder and begins to walk out. Before he can take a step, the door opens and Bob Sparks enters, his newly won NXT championship hoisted on his shoulder already. He is already walking with a stride of increased confidence from his title win. Furthermore, he is followed by a swarm of photographers, interviewers, and journalists who caught wind of his title victory during his first photo shoot, all of who pour into the room, ready for Bob's post match speech. Dikey takes a look back at his "entourage" to see merely one photographer and a cameraman. He sighs and walks toward the door. As the two men pass each other, they both look at each other and stop in their tracks. Dikey takes a single step back to stare face to face with Bob. Camera lights are going off all over the place to capture the moment. Dikey pats the NXT championship on Bob's shoulder before walking past him and out of the room, the shouts of the interviewers and journalists following him.
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    Isaiah Carter

    The Heart Of Opportunity

    The camera brings us backstage, and it's during an unnamed time as "Gold Coast" by Nate Good can be heard in the background, as the fans clap, and we can see a defeated Slim in the background. The camera catches the gorilla position curtain opening, and out walking a younger looking BiC. In his left hand, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. He is wearing the same attire he wore that night, the night he won the big one. He walks past the clapping workers, a slight smile on his face as he comes face to face with his father, who finally made it to one of his shows. BiC and his father talk, and although the camera can not pick it up, you can tell there is so much emotion behind his words. BiC hugs his dad, before a slight tear runs down his eye and the camera cuts to black. 2 Years Later The camera turns back on, this time showing BiC in his recent years, and the posters behind him tell us this is just minutes after defeating Bob in the Power Trip Semi Finals, BiC collapses to his knees inside the gorilla position as workers walk over to him, BiC looks down at his hands and opens and closes them, reaching up and touching the cut over his right eye and nodding. Without speaking a word, BiC painfully stands up and walks over to the exit, before his Power Trip Cup Finals opponent, Julius, stands in his way. The two stare down, as security pull them apart before anything major can happen, BiC smiles in the face of Julius before walking past him, as the camera once again, fades to black. 24 Hours Later The carnage arena explodes in cheers as they realize who the theme song we here belongs to, as coming out to one of his first theme songs, the Power Trip Cup finalist, BiC. BiC steps out on stage, stitches over his right eye from the war with Bob Sparks the night previous to this one. The electricity in this building is matched to none and BiC shows the expression on his face. He is wearing his normal attire, and with the crowd heavily behind him, he begins to walk down the ramp. The feeling of a new found confidence can be found on the walk of BiC, but deep down, there still an underlying sense of being a loss. A sense of something missing, and many suspect that is what BiC is out here to talk about tonight as he steps into the ring, thanking the announcer before grabbing the mic and scanning the thousands of fans in attendance for Carnage Wrestling. He slowly lifts the mic up before speaking. Last night was easily one of the toughest, most sought after victories I have ever had in my 4-year tenure with BPZ. Bob Sparks is a new breed of superstar and to him, I give my respect completely. A sign of approval comes from the audience as the give BiC a round of applause for his sportsmanship, BiC also claps, but not for himself, but the man he faced last night before raising his eyebrows and speaking again Hell I didn't even know if I was going to be able to come out here and talk tonight, the scar over my right eye may very well be there forever and if Bob ever wants to trade shots again I am 100 percent willing to fight. However, with that said, a new victory calls for a new match, a new chapter you could say. Because now, an enemy from the past reemerges and stands in my way of winning this tournament and that man is a man who I've never beaten, a man who kicked my ass at Backlash and ripped the Intercontinental Championship from my grip only to have the division die off instantly. Of course, I am talking about 'The Machine' Julius. Who has the strength, speed, and intelligence to not only be successful in this company but dominate the whole damn thing and he has proven that, but the one thing about the ever so dominant Julius reign is that there was one factor missing....Me. Julius is an amazing competitor, one of the best in the company today but I use the term 'one of' very lightly because just like at BPZMania, just like with every other man I've faced in this tournament I will come out on top and in the ring on the 14th of June when I take him on for the second time in my career and this time, successfully walk away the winner not only will I prove that at Backlash it was nothing but a slight slip up on my part, but that I am truly the man who the people can get behind, the people can love, a daisy in the field of dead sunflowers. BPZ spawns a lot of evil, a lot of hatred, but over my time I realized you don't need that evil inside you. All you need is a little bit of motivation and passion and you can create something beautiful. The crowd cheers, as BiC steps back and lowers the microphone, taking in the cheers and letting his voice settle before speaking once again. The past 5 months, going up against men like FDS, Bart, and Prince have taught me one thing. That the idea of opportunity, being able to compete in front of thousands of roaring fans and possibly fulfill the dream you've had as a little kid is one of the most fascinating parts of pro wrestling, when I started wrestling in Downtown Boston my father hated it, he always hated it, and then. A BPZ recruiter gave me the opportunity, and when given opportunity, I make the best of it and if I fail I get right back up and wait for the next one.....The moment I won the BPZ World Heavyweight championship, besides the dark moments that followed, was the last memory I had of my father. The last opportunity he saw me take and I threw it all away for drugs, the metaphorical knees of my career collapsed under the weight of opportunity. But on June 14th, the heart of opportunity will beat faster than ever and I will take it and run miles, and miles, and miles. Until I finally reach the wonderful lust of the championship I've wanted since its conception. The Undisputed championship, and the man who sits on the iron throne of BPZ. Bart, holds that title proudly on his shoulder and will sadly cease to hold the title anymore. Because just like BPZMania IV, when I stand across the ring from Bart. I will take his championship once again, and the world will know who truly is....Undisputed. With that said, BiC drops his microphone and turns towards the entrance ramp, a large smile on his face. He mouths thank yous to the crowd as he exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp, turning only to wave goodbye before turning and entering the curtain.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 26th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW opens with a match as Joey Styles welcomes everybody to ECW Hardcore TV. Little Guido makes his entrance alongside Tony Mamaluke, who will be singles action tonight as he will go one on one with ECW’s newest prospect, AJ Styles! Styles makes his entrance as he looks like he’s ready to put on a show for the ECW Crowd. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, AJ Styles defeated Little Guido in 12:19 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. 62 C A fantastic match up between Guido and AJ, Joey says. AJ Styles is definitely the future of wrestling as the crowd clap for AJ Styles in the ring as he takes a bow. Backstage segment, we see RVD and Bill Alfonso. Alfonso is yelling at the camera, saying Jerry Lynn is nothing but a filthy, punk, and there is no bigger superstar then Mr. Pay Per View! RVD then says Alfonso right, Lynn is just jealous that he is liked more by the ECW fans and he isn’t and that's perfectly fine says RVD. But Rob Van Dam starts to get serious as RVD is gonna make Jerry Lynn pay what he did last week and will tore the house down and walk out victorious. Why? Because he’s Rob Van Dam, The Whole Fucking Show. Alfonso is whistling intensely as we move to our next contest. 84 B+ The Man Beast known as, Rhino is up next as he goes one on one with Paul London who is trying to make a name for himself. London looks scared but he looks ready to go toe to toe with the ECW Television Champion. In an extremely short match, Rhino defeated Paul London in 5:11 by pinfall with a Gore. 64 C After the match Juventud music starts playing as Rhino was expecting Juvi to come running down but Juvi comes out from behind with a steel chair to get an upperhand at Rhino ahead of their match at Guilty as Charged. Rhino gets out of the ring as Juvi is laughing holding the chair up high. 83 B+ Kid Kash and Super Crazy are backstage with Joel Gertner talking about they are ready to take the ECW tag division by storm, and that all starts by becoming the Tag Team Champions. They say they will defy logic, take flight, win those belts! Then, Sinister Minister interrupts them and warns Crazy Kash, that they regret ever messing with the Unholy Alliance. 62 C Before his match with Spike Dudley, Cena is on the entrance way rapping about the muscles he has, what Spike Dudley wishes he could have. He then told Spike to hit the weights, and go eat some nuts he's gonna turn that smile into a frown, as The Doctor is gonna check him out of town. In an extremely short match, John Cena defeated Spike Dudley in 3:51 by pinfall with a F-U 49 D+ John Cena wins, he takes the mic and says he will be at Gulity as Charged for an open challenge to anyone in the ECW locker room, as he feels the Doctor can’t be let off the PPV. Word Life! The Sandman is in the ring cutting a promo while drinking a beer. He says that no matter how good Corino is, he's just a punk ass bitch, who just wants to ruin everyone’s fun. He says that the ECW Championship will be his by the end of the night at Guilty as Charged. Sandman sits ringside as he watches tonight's main event. 77 B It's time for our Main event as once again Shane Helms is looking to prove he got what it takes to be here in ECW, as he goes one on one with the Champ. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Steve Corino defeated Shane Helms in 12:56 by pinfall with an Old School Expulsion. 66 C+ Corino celebrates after the match as Sandman looks on. Corino points at Sandman and hold his title up high to end the show. Overall Show Rating: 72 B-
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 1st 2001 ECW Is Saved! Despite numerous set backs from the promotions, and despite several people in the wrestling industry saying its the end, ECW has a new home! ECW has reached a TV deal with MTV 2 to air their weekly programming ECW Hardcore TV. Many in the company thought it wasn't going to happen and finally they reached a TV deal and with a deal with MTV's sister channel, things are about to be interesting to say the least. Addition to this, ECW owner Paul Heyman aka Paul E Dangerously has his eyes to enter ECW into a new era, with potentially bringing in new talent, usher in new stars, and more. ECW will truly put buts into seats. ......................................................................................................................................................... Ballz Mahoney Bill Alfonso C.W Anderson Chilly Willy Chris Hamrick Christian York Cyrus Danny Doring Dawn Marie Elektra EZ Money Francine Jack Victory Jerry Lynn Joel Gertner Joey Matthews Joey Styles Julio Dinero Justin Credible Kid Kash Little Guido Matt Bently Mikey Whipwreck Nova Rhino Roadkill Rob Van Dam The Sandman Scotty Anton Simon Diamond Spike Dudley Steve Corino Super Crazy Swinger The Sinister Minster Tommy Dreamer Tony Mamaluke Tajiri AJ Styles Billy Kidman Juventud Guerrera Mike Awesome Fit Finlay Shane Helms Lance Storm Paul London Sabu Kaz Hayashi ECW World Heavyweight Champion ECW Television Champion ECW World Tag Team Champions
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    A New Side Of Arrow Gargano

    As Arrow Gargano comes down to the ring with a mic in his hands you fans are the reason why I can't win so you don't deserve this talent in me take your cheers and shove them throw them in a pocket throw them away cheer for someone else I don't care what you do with them when my hand or my theme plays that means to shut your mouths because I'm sick of your cheers I'm going to make your lives a living hell from the moment I step in this ring till I step out but I make more money then you all and then when I beat bob for his title I'll be making millions of cash now I know your asking why have you snapped well I'm tired of being overlooked by management I'm sick of being told your not good enough to go against people higher then NXT I'm sick of it why can't I have 1 v 1s because of you idiot fans well guess what you can't achieve your dreams because your all to lazy to do so so go back to your run down lives shut your mouths and deal with this side of Arrow Gargano, Arrow drops the mic and walks out. watch.html
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    Better than divine

    [ the camera pans down at the foot of Mt.Olympus as we see Bulldozer walking down the mountain path and up to camera with a big smile on his face as Alice walks down the path with him ] Bulldozer : Well that’s one thing off the old to do list. [ Bulldozer and Alice then notice the cameraman standing patiently ] Bulldozer : Ah I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, however it was for a very good reason I assure you for you see there’s a reason I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling and that is because I am on God’s level, actually no I am above it for you see I didn’t come here for enlightenment no quite the opposite in fact I came to enlighten the gods and goddess of Greece, for you see I am wiser than Athena the goddess of wisdom, stronger than Aries the god of war, faster than Zeus the god the lighting and thunder, more calm than Poseidon the god of the ocean, and more sadistic than Hades the god of death and the underworld. [ Bulldozer takes a moment to savor the sights of Greece because it’s not everyday you get to visit such a beautiful place as Alice begins to speak ] Alice : Yes indeed that is all very true Bulldozer but you forgot to mention that you’re a better shot with bow and arrow than Apollo and Artemis combined. Bulldozer : Ah yes of course thanks for reminding me Alice. [ Bulldozer then picks up a bow and a quiver of arrows off a nearby table him and Alice must have set up earlier and takes aim at a target that’s easily two hundred feet away and fires ten arrows and hits bullseye every time and spilts each arrow that came before it leaving the tenth and final arrow the only one unsplit ] Alice : Simply divine marksmenship Bulldozer but I would expect nothing less from a man more beautiful than Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. [ Bulldozer then sets the bow down and walks back over ] Bulldozer : Sorry Alice I couldn’t hear you from the distance and the noise from the nearby market place what did you say? [ Alice then blushes slightly before responding ] Alice : Nothing just telling the how world how much better you are than everyone else in BPZ. Bulldozer : Well thank you for that Alice it’s much appreciated, however there’s just one last thing I need to mention before I defeat the strongest warriors Greece has to offer in combat, and that brings me to you Dikey you see because after our match at the PTC Finals you’ll end up worshiping Dionysus the god of wine in a Futile attempt to drink away the depression I ultimately put you in after you lose our match and you realize you just aren’t good enough to hang with the best much less a god of pro wrestling. [ Bulldozer and Alice then walk away towards the city laughing off the threat of Dikey as the camera fades to black ]
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    Aaron North

    Aftermath of Mayhem

    The BPZ Premium title match has just ended and the titantron shows Aaron North backstage in the locker room. "Every bloody time... i get so close to tasting victory and getting that gold around my waist... every goddamn time. Oh, oh but next time i won't even have a title match because next time it's the PTC Finals Event and at that event i'm facing 4 of the most boring and imperfect people in this company because i'm facing Hans, Bob and Alex Costa and the winner of our match will get a shot at the North American Title at the... the... well i don't bloody know when no one tells me anything around here anymore and they think i know everything because i'm perfect. I'm just so pissed off about people expecting so many things from me when they don't even know sh** about me. They don't know what lurks inside and they don't know what happens when i get pissed off. You haven't seen my darker side in quite a while now but i feel as though it's about to claw it's way through my chest and be free once more!" Aaron storms out of the locker room and kicks the door off it's hinges. The door slams into the face of a ring crew member and Aaron grabs the ring crew member by his throat and throws him into a pile of boxes. One of the boxes including some glass cups breaks under the weight of the ring crew member and the shards pierce into the crew member's arms. The crew member screams in pain as paramedics rush to the scene and Aaron North walks off. The video stutters as Aaron leaves and the screen suddenly fades to black and shows and unfamiliar mask before cutting to a commercial break.
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    All Those Moments

    We're reaching the final few matches of BPZ Mayhem, in a brief moment's respite from a brutal and impressive athletic contest. Curiously, the bright lights of the arena grow dark as the long lost "Break Heart" theme bounces off the arena walls. There is an audible gasp from the crowd who suddenly leap up from their seats, they hadn't expected to see him on tonight of all night. They cheer and clap wildly for a man they have not seen in person for many long weeks. Too long. The audience roars with cheers as the Supernova, KENJI, appears from the stage. The noise pounds through the arena as he smiles to the crowd, making his way down to the ring. He stops half way down the ramp, as he would usually do, that same infectious, hopeful glint in his eye to match the smile on his face. However, he pauses. He doesn't gesture to the BPZ Universe, not in the same way at least. His finger drops from his ear as he closes his eyes and just listens......listens to their voices. Their chants of "KEN-JI! KEN-JI!". He does not gesture for more, as the ovation is already too great. He makes his way down to the ring and scales the turnbuckle, taking in the love before picking up a microphone. He holds it to his lips and pauses for a while, looking down at the mat, but his gaze slowly rises to meet the BPZ Universe. His eyes shimmer with enjoyment, like a painter returning to the easel after months kept away from what they love. ".....Long time no see, I've missed you guys" The Audience cheer loudly as pockets of "KEN-JI" and "Welcome back" chants break out across the arena. Even some "Missed you too" chants. "It's been too long since I've stepped in this ring, and looked at all of you. It's unfortunate but I've been shying away from it a little. I've been up on the titantron, going to a stage show, and back home to Sendai. It's been so long since I've heard your cheers loud and in person that I'd almost forgotten. Almost". "My opponent fought valiantly and strong today, no doubt celebrating and recovering from his match. I congratulate you on yet another successful title defence, what is that now? 3? Maybe even 4? It's very impressive, I truly mean that. That is at least part of why I haven't interrupted anything with yourself, Alex and Hans. That's why I didn't come out at the end of your match, it was out of respect for you, and your ever-growing legacy. Because that is not my time to glow. It was not my moment, and not my place to sully it. All those moments belongs to you, Arius, and you alone". KENJI sighs for a moment and exhales slowly before returning to the microphone. "The other reason is harder to admit to anything, because I almost wasn't aware of it. But I think I am, deep down, a bit scared of this. Why else would I elect to speak from the safety of home? Fly out to another country? Perhaps you're right, Arius, maybe coming up short all these times is finally cracking the glass. I don't have this dominant aura of victory behind me, no star-studded hall of championships and accolades in my past, nor a manager at my side. I have no legacy. But my opponent is already forging their own right this very moment....." KENJI pauses again, producing the ghoul mask gifted by Arius from his jacket pocket, looking at it intently "Legacy....it's what is left of us when we leave this world, right? What we're truly remembered for. Arius has his devout 'ghouls', they follow and hang on his every word, be that through love or fear. Rin Akane is ever loyal to his cause, and, his short history is already wreathed in gold. Sounds like quite the legacy already, to me. So many moments that ring in harmony around and for the name 'Arius'. I didn't know how I could measure to that. I've fallen short twice before, I'm even yet to have a victory here in BPZ. Our paths couldn't be more different. "I think that is where my fear comes from. Walking the knife's edge between legacy....and obscurity. That's what this match is, in the end. In retrospect, If I lose, I would just be another notch on the belt, another statistic, a footnote.....another moment for you". The audience fall on curious silence that is almost piercing as KENJI pauses. His voice is smaller and quizzical. "Do you guys think I'm a footnote?" The settling silence of the crowd is suddenly broken like a rock to a still pond as voracious chants of "No!" and KEN-JI" break out from the invested audience. KENJI can't help but smile warmly and look around the arena as the BPZ universe stand to their feet. KENJI's voice grows stronger, bursting with conviction. "I'm glad you disagree, I don't think I am either. You see that is where we differ most of all, Arius. You have your moments of gold and grace, history will remember you for that.....But that is not my way.....I don't have my moments conjured up like that......" KENJI holds out a hand to the crowd, slowly spinning on his heel to look at them all. "My moments are just like this. because of them. I do have a legacy after all, and it is right here in front of me, because of them. The histories may not remember me here, but the faces I see will never forget!" KENJI then goes still for a moment before dropping the ghoul mask to the mat. Leaving it there to rest. The crowd explodes into rapturous applause and chants, their feet stamping into the ground. "Enjoy your moment while it lasts, Arius, have tonight for yourself. Because in just a couple weeks time, it will be decided. This love from the BPZ Universe is far more powerful than any fear I have of you. Give me your absolute best, because I won't accept anything less. The match will be something to behold for sure, but I will not simply be another moment for your legacy. Win or Lose, I will etch my mark on you, as I have done with everyone watching right now, I can ensure you of that. The crowd cheer wildling and shower the Supernova in "KEN-JI" chants as he drop the microphone and exits the ring
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    February 2nd 2001 ECW Hardcore TV Joey Styles is in the ring as the ECW Crowd chant EC Dub. It is electric in the building. Joey Styles introduces Juventud Guerrera as he makes his entrance. Juvi says he is looking to make Rhino his bitch and take the TV title. Then from out of nowhere Rhino Gores the living hell out of Juventud. Rhino gives Juvi the middle finger as he leaves the building. 85 B+ Styles is in the announce table as he we get ready for AJ Styles as he takes on international superstar, Kaz Hayashi. In a bout that had good wrestling but didn't have much heat, AJ Styles defeated Kaz Hayashi in 14:59 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. 65 C Aj Styles shakes the hand of Kaz Hayashi after the match as the crowd clap after an amazing performance. Billy Kidman is backstage with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson. He talks in front of the camera on his tenure in WCW. He talks about the highs and lows but discussed how he was too small for where the big boys played. No matter how great he was every night, management never saw anything of him. So he decided to leave and make a name for himself, and now that he’s in ECW he can make it to the big dance and reach the top of the ECW mountain. 53 D+ Corino is in Paul’s office, he looks frightened that needs to face the Sandman in a New York City Street Fight. Corino begs to Heymen to change the match at Guilty as Charged but Heyman says hell no. Heymen tells Corino he needs to step up or may never step foot in another ECW ring ever again. 70 C+ 2 new teams have formed in ECW as Paul London and Shane Helms team up to form 2 Kilq as they take on C.W. Anderson and Swinger also known as C.W.S. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, 2 Kilq defeated C.W.S in 8:02 when Shane Helms defeated Swinger by pinfall with a Vertebreaker. 58 C- After the match the Full Blooded Italians attack 2 Kilq, Little Guidio takes the mic and says they won’t let new teams take their spotlight anymore, they are here to stay and eventually become tag champs once again. F.B.I poses and exits the ring. 63 C Hardcore TV comes back from commercial break as Justin Credible is with Dawn Marie as he is cutting a promo on Young Blood Joey Matthews and Christian York. He said those 2 are young and quick but they don't have the experience that he and his partner has. His team will win this match and losing streak of Credible will end. 74 B- Joey Styles announces that Japanese Icon, Jushin Thunder Liger will be in action at Guilty as Charged as he will go one on one with the Phenomenal, AJ Styles. Its time for a 3 Way Dance between Super Crazy, Tajiri, and Danny Doring. In a decent match, Tajiri defeated Super Crazy and Danny Doring in 9:21 when Tajiri defeated Danny Doring by pinfall with a Brainbuster after The Sinister Minister interfered. 74 B- Tajiri picks up the win after pinning Both Doring and Crazy in this 3 Way Dance. John Cena is backstage sitting on a step of stairs. Rapping about how much of a Superstar he is. No one can touch him, because he’s Superman, too invincible to beat him. Whoever the poor sucker is at Guilty as Charged will feel the goosebumps that the doctor will bring into the Building. 48 D+ Main Event is up next as Jerry Lynn takes on The Sandman. Both looking for momentum before their matches at Guilty as Charged. In a good match, Jerry Lynn drew with The Sandman in 11:24 when the referee threw the match out. 66 C+ All out brawl ensues as the referee couldn't control these two. Corino comes out and beats down The Sandman as Lynn helps him out. However RVD music pops and he comes running down and starts brawling with Jerry Lynn on the outside. Corino tries to hit DDT on The Sandman but Sandman reverses it and hits a DDT of his own. Sandman holds the ECW Title. ECW ends with Jerry Lynn and RVD still brawling on the outside. 91 A Overall Show Rating: 76 B- _____________________________________________________________________ ECW Gulity As Charged 2001 Match Card Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn The Sandman vs Steve Corino (c) for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Rhino (c) vs Juventud Guerra for the ECW Television Championship The Unholy Alliance vs Crazy Kash vs Roadkill and Danny Doring for the ECW World Tag Team Championship John Cena vs ??? Justin Credible and ??? vs Young Blood AJ Styles vs Jushin Thunder Liger (Leave Your Predictions Down Below)
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    ECW PPV Schedule 2001 ECW Guilty As Charged 2001 Saturday February 3rd 2001 _______________________________________________________________________________ ECW Living Dangerously 2001 Saturday March 24th 2001 _______________________________________________________________________________ ECW Hardcore Heaven 2001 Saturday May 19th 2001 _______________________________________________________________________________ ECW Heat Wave 2001 Saturday July 28th 2001 _______________________________________________________________________________ ECW Anarchy Rulz 2001 Saturday September 15th 2001 _______________________________________________________________________________ ECW November to Remember 2001 Saturday November 24th 2001
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 5th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV The shows starts with the crowd as they are hot for ECW.The fans chant EC Dub, EC Dub, EC Dub for a solid 2 minutes. Then in the ring is none other than ECW announcer Joey Styles. Styles is in the ring and welcomes everybody to a New Era in ECW! Styles says that tonight will be night for great action, then Cyrus comes out and interrupts Styles. He is booed out of the buildings as the crowd chant things such as, “Fuck you Cyrus” and other chants to Cyrus. Cyrus says he can't believe that this dump found a TV deal and tells everyone it will be in the same situation that it was before in a few years from now. Joey Styles then tells Cyrus to get off of their show, and that you don’t run this show anymore. Then from behind its Paul E Dangerously! He smacks Cyrus with his phone. He hugs Styles and the ECW crowd chant, “Thank You Paul E “ *clap* *clap* *clap* Styles then goes to the announcers desk as he introduces us into our first contest. It will be Kid Kash taking on Tajiri! 78 B In a decent match, Tajiri defeated Kid Kash in 13:12 by pinfall with a Brainbuster. 55 C- Tajiri and Whipwreck attack Kash after the match, they beat him down. Then Super Crazy’s music starts playing as he runs down to the ring. He fights off Tajiri and hits a triple moonsault on to Whipwreak. 58 C- Backstage we see RVD and Bill Alfonso cutting a promo on Jerry Lynn. RVD and Bill Alfonso run down Lynn. RVD and Bill come off as faces and they are excited to be apart of the new era of ECW as it will be officially be RVD's house as he is the Whole Fucking Show! 82 B Styles then hypes up the upcoming match between C.W Anderson and Tommy Dreamer you have been going at it for a couple of weeks. In a decent match, Tommy Dreamer defeated C.W. Anderson in 6:24 by pinfall with a Piledriver. 60 C Dreamer then takes a mic after the match and cuts a promo on Corino and says no matter how long it takes, he will be ECW champion once agian, he promises that... Then from out of nowhere, Rhyno comes out and gores the living hell out of Dreamer. Rhyno then takes a chair and starts brutally attacking Dreamer. Dreamer is bloody and is lying in the middle of the ring as Paramedics come out and stretch out Dreamer to the back. 78 B ECW comes back from commercial break as a hip hop beat starts playing as out comes the Doctor! John Cena. The crowd are intrigued on what's happening as Cena starts rapping. Cena raps about himself, putting himself over. Calls himself the next best thing professional wrestling. He then raps about ECW in talking about the doctor owns the yard and how he was bulit to be extreme. Then says if you don't think that, you can go suck his dick. 44 D Styles then says the doctor will surly make a name for himself in ECW. We move on to our tag team main event match. As Steve Corino and Justin Credible takes on The Sandman and Rob Van Dam. The crowd is electric as they are hyped for the main event. In a decent match with good heat, Rob Van Dam and The Sandman defeated Steve Corino and Justin Credible in 10:11 when Rob Van Dam defeated Justin Credible by pinfall with the Five Star Frog Splash. 70 C+ Rob Van Dam picks up the win for the team as he pins Credible. ECW Hardcore TV fades to black with The Sandman and Rob Van Dam standing tall. Overall Show Rating: 73 B-
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    WWE Reborn

    Matt Riddle vs Fenix (North-American Championship) We kick off the night's TakeOver proceedings with action from the North-American Championship division where the Undefeated in SIngles Action Matt Riddle takes on the dangerous High-Flyer from across the Wall Fenix. From the beginning of this opening contest both men immediately skipped the feeling out process and immediately turned up the pace. Fenix would send Riddle to the outside with a superkick before launching into the air and delivering an awe-inspiring Springboard Moonsault to the outside Both men would continue to brawl on the outside of the ring with Riddle being able to take control, countering an attempted Sunset flip powerbomb into a powerbomb onto the ring apron. Riddle then used his MMA skills to his advantage wearing down the Masked Phenomenon with brutal knee and elbow strikes. For the rest of the match both men continued to go back and forth on the offence with no clear cut advantage being given. Fenix looked to have had it won when he hit a top-rope Spanish Fly but Riddle was able to kick out at the last millisecond The finish came as Fenix went to the top rope looking for a 450 splash to end the match but Riddle moved out of the way and locked in the Bro-Mission. Fenix was able to power out of the submission something no one else has done in NXT but Riddle answered back with a flurry of exposed elbow strikes to the mask of his opponent before once again locking in the Bro-Mission leaving Fenix with no choice but to tap Riddle continues his undefeated streak in NXT as he celebrates his title defence in the ring when the lights proceed to dim. Riddle along with the thousands in attendance look very much confused as to what was happening into the Velveteen Dream's theme song hit sending the place into uproar The Dream returns to Full Sail for the first time in a couple of months and he immediately makes his way to the ring to confront the North-American Champion. Dream and Riddle faceoff as the crowd go ballistic before Dream points at the North-American championship and snaps his fingers as a sole spotlight shines on him. Riddle nods his head in approval as Dream walks to the back his future intentions being known The Street Profits vs The Undisputed ERA (NXT Tag-Team Championships) A match that has been brewing for weeks now finally comes to a head as the dominant NXT Tag-Team Champions The Undisputed Era took on the Street Profits. Over the last couple of Months, the Street Profits have presented a new look attitude filled with aggression and desire to become the next Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era started the match trying to taunt their relatively inexperienced opponents however it never worked as Ford and Dawkins immediately brought the aggression and focus required as soon as the bell rang. Dawkins and Ford worked miraculously together to start the match with a near fall coming off the back of an electric chair blockbuster giving the crowd some belief that the Profits may actually get it done. The Undisputed Era were able to wrestle back control in the match when Montez Ford got too overconfident and tried to end it early missing with a frog-splash allowing O'Reilly to tag out to Bobby Fish The Era then isolated Ford to their side of the ring and worked away at the left-leg of Ford looking to eliminate the Profits most powerful weapon, speed. Fish and O'Reilly worked a technical masterclass and mocked Dawkins in the process as he urged his tag-partner to make it back to their corner of the ring. With Fish locking in a Heel Hook, O'Reilly went to the top rope looking to hit a devastating leg-drop but Ford twisted his body therefore making O'Reilly land on his Tag-Partner. Seeing this Dawkins screamed at his Partner to get to the corner and the crowd went absolutely ballistic as Ford made the hot-tag to Dawkins. Dawkins ran wild on the era delivering multiple suplexes to both Fish and O'Reilly before hitting a Spear sending Fish out of the ring. Dawkins sensed the opportunity in-front of him as he called upon Ford to head to the top rope. Dawkins hit the pop-up spinebuster before Ford launched for the Frog Splash looking for the victory, but at the last second Bobby Fish put O'Reilly's leg on the ropes causing the break. The crowd groaned in synchronised disappointment with the Profits as they realised their opportunity may have faded. Dawkins then went to the outside to deal with Fish as Ford stayed in the ring with O'Reilly. Dawkins launched Fish into the barricade and looked to hit a spear sending him through it but Fish moved out of the way. This left Dawkins out and the Era with a 2 on 1 advantage. O'Reilly halted Ford's offence and tagged in his partner Bobby Fish to hit Total Elimination for the victory The Era celebrated atop the ramp with Roderick Strong making his way out to congratulate his buddy's as the posed with their Titles before heading to the back. In the ring Ford looked distraught as Dawkins came back to his senses. Both men looked at each other before embracing with a hug and raising each others hands in the air. What an amazing performance by the Profits and this isn't the last time they will have their chance on a grand stage such as this Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic Godzilla vs King Kong, Hulk vs Hulk-buster, the irresistible force vs the immovable object. All big time matchups and this is the next chapter in that book as Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic go to war here at NXT TakeOver Homecoming. Ever since their first encounter these two have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on one another with multiple backstage attacks and all out brawls consuming NXT TV over the last couple of weeks. Now they have their chance to go to war There was no time to waste for Dijakovic as during Lee's entrance Dijakovic attacked him from behind and immediately started the beatdown. He brawled with Lee atop the entrance ramp before power-bombing him into one of the LED boards. Dijakovic then took the action to the announcers table where he cleared the way and once again delivered a power-bomb sending Lee crashing through much to the crowd horror. Dijakovic then dragged Lee into the ring and forced the referee to ring the bell. The referee checked to see if Lee was willing to fight to which the limitless one responded with a resounding yes before kicking off the match. Dijakovic took control straight away hammering away at his opponent at launching him across the ring Dijakovic looked to hit the Feast your eyes early but Lee collapsed due to exhaustion before Dijakovic could even make the connection. Dijakovic then laughed at Lee's effort before starting to slap him across the face multiple times calling him pathetic. This however was a very bad decision as he awoke a sleeping giant in Keith Lee who powered up much to the shock of Dijakovic and took the fight to the 6'7 behemoth. Lee took over hitting powerslam after powerslam before ascending the top rope and hitting an incredible moonsault. The crowd were on his side completely as he continued to lay waste to Dijakovic. Lee went for a pounce but Dijakovic stood strong and both men fell to the floor as the crowd showed their approval standing to their feet and chanting this is awesome. Both men rose to their knees at the same time before they engaged in a slugging match, clubbing each other with stiff forearms to the face. Dijakovic then broke sequence picking up Lee and hitting a chokeslam backbreaker for a near fall Dijakovic once again looked to end it with the Feast your Eyes but just as he was going to make connection with his knee, Lee caught it and threw his knee to the ground. Dijakovic looked like he had just seen a ghost before eating a stiff discuss forearm. With Dijakovic down Lee once again powered up and hit an amazing Spirit Bomb which shook the ring before pinning Dijakovic and winning the match As soon as the bell rung Lee collapsed to his knees and roared in victory as his hands were raised. The noise was deafening in the arena as Lee walked to the back. A new star has been born Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair (NXT Women's Championship ) For the first time in the history of the Black and Yellow brand, the NXT Women's Championship was defended inside the demonic structure known as the Steel Cage. Ever since Baszler lost the Women's Championship to Belair at TakeOver: New York she has gone unhinged laying waste to everyone in her path as she seeks revenge on the woman who took her prized possession away from her, Bianca Belair. The Undefeated EST looks to keep that streak alive and maintain her spot as the Alpha Female by surviving the cage and surviving Baszler Belair made her entrance first being escorted by a crowd of VIP Security down to the ring as she stepped into the steel cage awaiting her challenger. As Baszler's theme hit out walked Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir before the Queen of Spades made her appearance felt carrying two kendo sticks in each hand as she walked to the ring. Immediately Belair felt horror seeing the most dangerous woman in NXT wielding a Kendo Stick. As the match began, Shayna tried to blast Belair with the Kendo Stick, but the athleticism of the EST allowed her to escape the grasps of the challenger. Belair immediately ran for the cage wall and leaped about half-way up and started to climb but Baszler halted all of that with a cracking shot to the back of Belair with the Kendo Stick. Belair crashed to the mat and Baszler continued the attack with the Kendo Stick, welts already forming on the back of the champ As Baszler continued to batter away at Belair, the Kendo Sticks broke before Shayna tried to impale her opponent with one side of the stick although Belair was able to stop that from happening. Shayna then proceed to choke Belair with the Kendo Stick as Belair headed for the ropes. She finally made it there but the referee couldn't break the hold because all holds are legal in a steel cage match. Belair now with tears streaming down her face stood up and fell backwards finally breaking the hold. Belair went into a coughing fit forcing the referee to check up on her as Baszler stalked her downed opponent. Baszler then continued to take control of the match before realising that she had finished tormenting her opponent, telling the referee to open the door so she could walk out. Shayna mocked Belair as she strolled towards the door before Belair launched at her and locked in a sleeper hold Baszler scrambled to get out of it before Belair hit her with a wicked Superkick and then transitioning to the K.O.D. Belair then walked over to the cage door and asked for it to be opened but she was cornered by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Duke and Shafir entered the cage and started beating down Belair before from the back Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai ran out to help even the odds with Kacy Climbing up the cage before letting Io in It turned to a wild 6 woman brawl before Shirai and Catanzaro dispatched of Duke and Shafir turning their attention to Baszler. Baszler was left alone in the corner of the ring facing Belair, Catanzaro and Shirai. The three woman then started battering Baszler, hitting all their finishing manoeuvre's before Belair pinned Baszler for the win All 3 women stood in the middle of the ring to celebrate as Belair kept her undefeated streak alive and more importantly retained her championship Punishment Martinez vs Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship) Our Main Event of the evening was kicked off with a Video Package highlighting the resurgence of Punishment Martinez in his arrival at NXT. It highlighted the vicious beatdowns of Danny Burch and Johnny Gargano before focusing on the Mastermind that is Paul Ellering. It then showed their contract signing with Gargano standing tall giving those in attendance hope that Johnny could walk away with the win As the match began, Paul Ellering immediately ran strategy with his client on the outside, baiting Johnny into taking a suicide dive to which Martinez caught and then bodyslammed into the barricade. From then on Martinez dominated proceeding using his immense physical advantage to wear down the NXT Champ and snap any hope or belief the crowd had. Martinez hit an insane chokeslam in the ring for a close two fall before once again being called over by Paul Ellering to talk strategy Ellering told Martinez to end it immediately so Martinez ran to the corner of the ring and looked to hit the Running Curb Stomp but Johnny was able to roll out of the way and start getting his offence moving however Martinez shut it down immediately with another chokeslam. Martinez continued to take control before once again making a costly mistake by posting himself allowing Johnny to regather steam. Gargano then went full throttle just like we have seen many times before throwing everything at Martinez. Gargano then hit his larger opponent with a swinging reverse STO for a pinfall to which Ellering pulled the referee out of the ring. The crowd urged the referee to eject Ellering and that's exactly what he did tossing Martinez's manager out and leaving Punishment all by himself. Martinez looked flustered by Ellerings removal allowing Johnny to resume control of the match and pick up the victory by locking in the Gargano escape where Punishment had no choice but to tap out Johnny celebrated his victory, he had done it, he had overcome all the odds and defeated one of the toughest men on the NXT roster. The crowd paraded him with cheers for an outstanding performance as Gargano looked to exit the ring. However before leaving he walked right back into the ring and continued to pose the win finally sinking in as the fans urged him on. Suddenly the lights in the arena cut out with a loud gasp overcoming full sail. When the lights turned on, Johnny was still standing in the corner of the ring but the crowd gasped in shock as behind him was none other than PENTAGON JR. Gargano turned around and nearly stumbled to the floor as he came face to face with the devil. Pentagon then attacked Gargano hitting the Fear Factor in the center of the ring to the shock of the wrestling world. Pentagon Jr then held the NXT Championship in the air the era of zero fear has now begun
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    BPZ Battles

    Final Result Winner - The Dark Knight - 5 Points Second Place - Batman Begins - 0 Points And the winner by a absolute majority is The Dark Knight showing the last impact the film has with the iconic performance by Heath Ledger as The Joker. The next BPZ Battle will be Walt Disney Animation Films, excluding Pixar for now which was suggested previously. So everything from Snow White to Moana. This should be one of the toughest tournaments to date. The tournament will follow the same format and will be started sometime in the next week hopefully. Thank you again for those who participated in the DC Movies battle.
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    Hans Graphics

    This is the first time I'm seeing your work and I'm blown away. You resemble an old member of the forums named Elliot with your style and it's amazing to see. This AJ Styles Rumble poster is one of my favourite things that you've done. That Bailey sig also looks sweet.
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    xXx Results
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    Quick tip for those making topics on here, one reoccuring thing that I see on here that people still say that ppv's are being produced by BPZ for the Carnage and Evolve brands, which probably is a copy from the orginal ppv post on this thread. As we all know, the Brand Split has ended which makes this simply untrue and takes away from one of the biggest events in the Kayfabe world from the last year. It also isn't the most demanding thing, as it would literally mean you had to remove 6 words from a sentence when copy/pasting the basic lay out. Love the posts, hope they keep on being made, with 6 words less 😉
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    Something i made for fun Wii Blood Sports Miyamoto's journey from Mario to Ultra-violence Link to Diary:
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 6 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Quarter Finals: Hirooki Goto VS Taichi In the opening match of the show, one of CHAOS’ Heavy hitters took on the Holy Emperor Himself. The two men went back and forth strikes and throws just taking each other around the ring. Taichi of course threw in his usual dirty tricks, stretching the rules to his whims. Taichi looked to have the match won after a black mephisto but Goto got his foot on the ropes forcing the referee to throw out the pinfall. Taichi would then try for several more moves but after a shouten-kai from Goto it spelled the beginning of the end. Goto would then mount a serious comeback before finishing things off with a GTR for the victory. Match 2: Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) VS Firing Squad (Keith Lee, Killer Kross & Tanga Loa) The next match came about due to Firing Squad interfering in the match between CHAOS and Legion last night. The match pitted the two teams that will collide at Clash of the Titans for the Trios Championships although it will be a different combination of Firing Squad. Legion would immediately go after Firing Squad hitting them with stereo suicide dives to jump start the match. The two groups would then brawl throughout the entirety of the match. The match would conclude suddenly with Keith Lee catching Tommy End with a spirit bomb to pick up the victory over Legion. After the match, the monsters would continue to dismantle Legion until Tomohiro Ishii and The Best Friends made the save from them. Legion and CHAOS would then show each other respect but the animosity between Ishii and Whiplash was apparent ahead of their quarter final clash in the Ironman Championship tournament. Match 3: Kairi Sane & Toni Storm VS Ruby Riot & Mia Yim In some women’s division action Kairi Sane teamed up with Toni Storm to take on Ruby Riot and Mia Yim. The hard hitting team of Yim and Riot took it to the japanese style of Sane and the UK Influenced style of Storm. The two teams went at it beating the living hell out of each other with hard hitting maneuvers and extremely powerful strikes. The match ultimately came down to two women who had previously faced off in the quarterfinals of the iron women's championship tournament in Mia YIm and Toni Storm however this would be interrupted by Jordynne Grace who would take out both women causing a double disqualification. Grace would then beat down both Riot and Sane as well bulldozing her way around the women’s division. Match 4: CCK VS K.E.S In a match that pit two teams that have already qualified for the Tag Team Championship ladder match CCK took on KES. Predictably KES attacked CCK before the bell beginning the match by swinging it in the favour of the two monstrous super heavyweights. CCK would have to fight back valiantly even to just make up some ground. Another issue that came with CCK facing KES was their inability to hit the Ink bomb on either member of KES. CCK somehow managed to get a little bit of an advantage being able to hit Lance Archer with the Sick Fucking tag move… or so they though as Lance countered it and powerbombed Lykos into Brookes before they could complete the move. Brookes would get taken out of the match by DBS JR who would hit Brookes with a running powerslam on the outside. KES Would then finish the match with a Killer Bomb on Lykos and pin him for the victory. After the match KES began to beat down CCK but were stopped barely by WALTER and Timothy Thatcher who came and helped their Schadenfreude stablemates. Match 5: Schadenfreude (Aussie Open & WALTER) VS WRSTLING (LAX & Jeff Cobb) WALTER would not have anytime to recuperate as he would immediately have a match teaming up with his other Schadenfreude team mates Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis to take on WRSTLING’S Jeff Cobb, Santana and Ortiz. The two groups would go it and WALTER and Cobb especially would fight ahead of their quarter final Ironman Championship tournament Clash exchanging suplexes and chops as the two heavyweight behemoths beat the living hell out of each other. LAX and Aussie Open meanwhile demonstrated their tag team chemistry against each other being able to display excellent tag team maneuvers that just flowed like a river. The match came to an end when LAX managed to isolate Kyle Fletcher and hit him with the Street Sweeper to pick up the victory. After the match, WALTER and Cobb would continue to brawl beating the living hell out of each other. Match 6 Tag Team Ladder Match Qualifier: The Wolves VS Mexablood In the final tag team ladder match qualifier, The Wolves making their ICPW debut would be taking on Mexablood. The two two teams displayed hard hitting, fast paced offense with the wolves matching the Lucha Libre style of Mexablood utilising the hard hitting strong style the two have perfected over time. The Wolves were especially vicious though brutalising Flamita and Bandido with strikes and throwing them into the steel steps and barricade. Mexablood would fight through the pain however trying their absolute best and it even looked they had the match won after Bandido hit a moonsault press on Richards but the referee was knocked down before this so Bandido was unable to make the count. The match concluded when Bandido would go for the 21-Plex but would get hit in the face by Edwards with “Kenny” the kendo stick. The wolves would hit the powerbomb, backstabber combination for the victory. Match 7: Robbie Eagles VS David Starr In the semi-main event of the evening, two of the JR Heavyweights in the JR Heavyweight Championship gauntlet faced each other as The Sniper of the Skys took on The Product. Eagles and Starr had a very distinct clash of styles with Starr focusing on his technical ability while Eagles demonstrated his distinct targeted high flying style that he has perfect over a long period of time. Eagles would manage to take control of the match during the early stages but Starr would be able to peak his way through every now and then demonstrating his impressive ability. Starr and Eagles would continue to have an incredibly solid technical wrestling match but it would come down to Eagles missing the 450 splash which would allow Starr to take advantage and lock in the inverted sharpshooter on eagles for the victory. Main Event: Second Chance Battle Royal Heavyweight Championship qualifier (Mark Haskins, Tomohiro Ishii, Apollo Crews, Sami Callihan, Cesaro, Eddie Kingston, Chris Renfrew (Spot awarded by Tommy End), Rampage Brown, Timothy Thatcher & Trent Seven) In the second chance battle royal it was a scramble to get the ultimate opportunity to qualify for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship match at Clash of The Titans. The first elimination was Eddie Kingston who got taken out by Rampage Brown who tossed him out of the ring after a piledriver. Surprisingly Timothy Thatcher was out next as KES ran down and pulled him off the Apron then hit him with a Killer bomb through the announce table. Trent Seven would then go out after getting eliminated by Chris Renfrew and Sami Callihan. Callihan would then try to turn on Renfrew who would therefore trick Callihan dropping him with the T-Virus before eliminated him. Renfrew would stay in the match for much longer as Cesaro would send him onto the Apron before uppercutting him off it eliminating him. Rampage Brown and Tomohiro Ishii would then have a stare down as the two men beat the living hell out of each other before Ishii would eliminate both of them with a brainbuster off the Apron. The final 3 were Mark Haskins, Apollo Crews and Cesaro. Cesaro and Crews went at it first trying to take each other out, Crews appeared to have it ready but Cesaro would manage to get the shock elimination on Crews countering the Spin out powerbomb. Cesaro and Haskins then had a back and forth of trying to take each other out of the match Haskins would finally eliminate Cesaro with a Death Valley Driver over the top rope onto the Apron to qualify for the world title match. After the match, Jimmy Havoc came out and congratulated his tag team partner but would send a very stern warning considering they would be opponents in the Title match. Suzuki and Zack would then come down and attack Havoc and Haskins which would turn into a full on brawl to close the show with Suzuki-Gun standing tall.
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    Hell yeah. Going into chat at anytime during late 2015 would always create some memories, whether it was the mods having kick parties or simply just walking into somebody talking to themselves it always made for a great time. I love discord but it’s not the same 💔
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    Isaiah Carter

    NXT TakeOver: XXV Discussion

    25 NXT Takeovers and there has not been a standout bad show or match, ever since the NXT Takeovers started being named after the cities they were in and we were getting matches like Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe, NXT Takeovers have become my favorite part of wrestling and I was beyond hyped for this show. Overall, every match was amazing and while some of my predictions were wrong, this was a PERFECT show. The first match was MOTN for me, as Roderick Strong really proved to me what I've been saying all along, that he is the 2nd best out of Undisputed Era. Matt Riddle finally impressed me and although I still believe the hype is a little to wide, he is amazing in-ring talent. His entrance theme is one of the best in WWE right now along with the "Bro" chants, this match literally made me jump up out of my seat. the nearfalls were perfect and I am excited to see what Riddle does next. The tag team title ladder match, while not as destructive as other ladder matches were stellar. Kyle O' Reily is a beast and he took so much friggin punishment in this match and I legit couldn't believe it. The "THEY KILLED KYLE" call has to be one of the best in a long time, and the Forgotten Sons were impressive. I hope the Street Profits do some good stuff with the belts because they are a great team. Breeze and Tyler I feel like got a rough position and was a little bit disappointing but I'm sure in 2 weeks time if you go back and watch it, its going to seem a lot better then it was. Both men had amazing moves and it was a great match and I'm glad Breeze is going to be staying in NXT. Even if it is a developmental, thats his home. The womens match was alright, I enjoyed the snap at the end and Io figthing for air before tapping out was a nice touch. I have no idea who is going to beat Baszler, all I know she is the best women heel in the company, maybe the world, and I can't wait for tll she dominates the main roster. The main event was simply beautiful, and it changed my mind on the chemistry that Cole/Gargnao has and just, holy shit man. I am so glad the Undisupted ERA didn't get involved to much at all throughout the night and, man did NXT really step it up. I loved every bit of it.
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    Round Two of the BPZ Pokemon League begins soon....
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night "Viewers Choice" Smackdown Andrade Can't Be Beaten The show would open up with the man who returned last week, John Cena, coming to the ring to a huge reaction as once again the WWE crowd is behind him as he has set his sights on the current WWE champion, Andrade. John Cena cuts a promo on Smackdown, and how he made his debut here, and that he wants to finally win that 17th world championship. But as he continues his promo, he is cut off by the music of "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin. Corbin comes to the ring wearing a new attire and stands in the ring with a man who cost him a WWE championship nearly 3 years ago. After a war of words, Andrade would come onto the screen cocky as ever, and say that Baron Corbin and John Cena can next week and whoever wins will face him at Money In The Bank. Later that night, Ethan Carter III would confirm this on Twitter. Finn Balor vs Ricochet - Best 2 Ouf Of 3 Falls Matchup A match, simply made for the fans, Finn Balor and Ricochet would make there entrances and the crowd would chant both mens names. As they bell is about to ring, the match stipulation chose by you the readers would be revealed as the best 2 out of 3 falls match and it would begin. Finn Balor and Ricochet would put on an absolute spectacle as the first fall would come 15 minutes in, both men would hit signature moves and amazing dives as they would prove they are the best in ring competitors on the Smackdown roster, but the first fall would go to Ricochet after he would hit an impressive powerbomb and get the shocking pinfall. Finn Balor would make a comeback however, as he would battle back quickly and hit the coup de grace to pin Ricochet and get the the 2nd pinfall just a few minutes after Ricochets pinfall. The 3rd fall wouldn't come for another 6 minutes, as the two would continue there back and fourth and would get a standing ovation as chants of "WWE" as the two would continue on, and eventually Ricochet would miss a 630 attempt and Balor would hit a nasty Bloody Sunday, and pin Ricochet for the victory. The two men would shake hands after the match, but as the two stand in the ring and take in the cheers, Samoa Joe would dive into the ring and take out both men. Hitting a Muscle Buster on either men and standing tall over both of them. Do It Yourself Johnny Gargano would be backstage and would be ready to cut a promo, saying that while he feels like he has a lot to prove here on Smackdown. He is focused on his NXT Championship defense against Punishment Martinez and promises to come back with his championship, as he says this, however. The camera would get pushed down and you would hear Gargano get taken down, by the time the camera recovers. All we see is Gargano laid out on the ground. Rey Mysterio and Ali vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev The second viewers choice match of the night, Rey Mysterio would be taking on Nakamura and Rusev with a various amount of available partners. But as the voting is revealed, Ali is the one who is Mysterios partner. But before Ali can get to the ring, Nakamura and Rusev begin taking down Rey Mysterio. Ali would have to take on Nakamura and Rusev in a 2 on 1 as Rey Mysterio would be down on the outside and Ali would do his best to take down the dominant team, but the strength of Rusev would be to much and Ali would get put in the Accolade, being forced to tap out. After the match, Nakamura would put Mysterio into the ring and hit a Kinsasha on the veteran. At WWE: Under The Dome, these two go one on one and Rusev may very well be a factor. Shocking The System. Ethan Carter III, the Smackdown GM would be seen once again on the cell phone talking to whoever his recent signing is. He says that he is glad to have him here and ask where he is, he hangs up and smiles and as the camera pans over its revealed to be Adam Cole. The former NXT North American champion is now on Smackdown Live, and what a signing for Smackdown!!! Kairi Sane vs Sonya Deville - Submission Match Once again the fans would be able to decide the match stipulation as Kairi Sane makes her in ring debut as she takes on Sonya Deville. The stipulation would be revealed as a submission and the battle would begin as Sonya leaves bruises on Sane with her big punches and spinebusters. Sane would attempt to use her speed and lock in various submissions, including a headlock variant that would leave the crowd wondering how Sonya got out. Sane would also show fight, as she would not tap out despite the near dozen different submissions she would be put in. For 18 minutes these two women would take on each other at a full extent and it would be a arm bar by Kairi Sane that would end the match, and Sane would be the winner. Toni Storm, maybe the best women wrestler in WWE, would come to the ring and would stare down the beaten Sane and grab a mic, challenging her to match at "Under The Dome", Sane would accept, and the show just got bigger!!! Cesaro vs Braun Strowman - United States Championship When Cesaro would be revealed as the winner of the voting, the crowd would pop louder than ever as Cesaro and Braun make their entrances and begin trading huge shots. Cesaro would take down Braun early on and the possiblity would be higher than ever as Cesaro would hit a neutrilizer and get a 2 count, but before Braun can even gather his thoughts, Cesaro would hit it again!!! CESARO WINS! Cesaro is the US Champion!!! Cesaro celebrates with the crowd as he shocked the world tonight with his win. The show comes to a close as Cesaro holds his championship high in the air with the crowd, and Braun Strowman looks pissed off at him.
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    Hans Graphics

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    The camera shot opens in the Royal Flush manor, positioned outside the angelic white and gold doors of the main study. The cameraman knocks twice before entering, only for Sheridan to be positioned on the aged balcony, allowing natural light to illuminate past the far desk and into the usually starless and dusky room. The Golden Girl is attired in casual attire, a white tee and blue jeans with three inch stilettos. One hand is resting atop of the stone handrail, the other has within it a glass of white wine. "In mere hours from now I'll be competing in the most important and highly promoted match of my unhurried and young career. Stepping between the ropes alongside my darling Jonathan to face the Big Ballers, without a doubt the most accomplished duo to reign in their division. One which was begging for the delicate attention of yours truly. When I made the choice to commit myself to this business, I had little clue I'd be in such a prominent position so quickly. When Jonathan and I found one another, I knew that it was written in the stars for he and I to create something never witnessed before in BrendenPlayz Wrestling. Not only an inter-gender pairing but one with the potential to become champions." "Destiny can only take you so far, however. Eventually the honeymoon period ends and the magic fades from that electrifying spark you first felt. You have to stop depending on the chances and playing to the odds and put in the hard work and gruelling hours to transform those potential successes into definite. I know that a lot of people underestimate me. I acknowledge that due to my height and inexperience they'll expect me to be the weak link in this upcoming, otherwise star-studded match. Since forming Royal Flush alongside Jonathan I have been pinpointed by the media and even my colleagues. They say awful things and disgrace my name in spite of the work and the time that I have put into this sport, to become a better woman and a better athlete." After a placed pause, Sheridan takes a sip from the glass she has held within her palm. She remains elegant and timed, the white wine flowing effortlessly into her curved lips. Once she her drink is finished she turns, placing the now empty glass on the small, fitting table placed towards the side of the balcony before retreating into the study. She paces towards the central desk and pushes herself up to perch confidently upon it. "This is the match which ignites that eventual explosion. Sheridan Mueller's coming out party. Both Brenden and Sameer have said similar things about me, claiming that I am in no position to evaluate their relationship or their wrestling ability, as I've achieved very little in my short career and they're somewhat right. My accolades do not match my words, neither my technical prowess or wrestling ability. Being able to perform for fans of the wrestling industry is not just a cheque for me, it is a need, something that I yearn for. I am not doing this to become another name in the historic reign of the Big Ballers and I am not teaming with Jonathan to simply add another championship reign to his résumé. While it will be fun facing off against the more experienced duo, while I'd like to be a successful protégé, this is for me. This match and the win that will come with it will begin the meteoric rise, the golden age that will come with my glowing existence in the upper echelons of this promotion." "I never said that you should be intimidated, Brenden. You've faced some of the toughest wrestlers this business has to offer, men with much more experience than I. Though I do grow bore-some of this sanctimonious attitude you often display. We get that you're the big bad boss but your words begin to appear less wholesome and more ignorant. You critique my partner on his lack of words but he's said as much as your partner has. Jonathan is competing across two fronts, what excuse does Sameer have? This mundane spell for the tag team division is about to be brought to a close. Royal Flush will bring restoration to the Tag Team Championships and bring promise to a division revelled in tyranny. Jonathan and I will be walking out with gold around our waists and our hands intertwined, with our minds assured that our futures are golden and our legacy is just starting to unfold." Sheridan retains her position on the desk, crossing her legs and smiling sweetly. She briefly looks over towards the open doorway behind her before looking towards the camera once more which begins to slowly fade out.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 12th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW intro plays as Joey Styles welcomes us to ECW Hardcore TV on MTV 2! Styles runs down the card for the night, we will name a #1 Contender for Rhino’s ECW Television title. It will be Justin Credible taking on a mystery opponent. Styles also announces ECW next PPV, Guilty as Charged will take place at the beginning of February. Rhino is backstage cutting promo about Tommy Dreamer, in how he could be out for months all thanks to himself because Dreamer is born to be a loser, Rhino says. He says he doesn't matter who I face next, they will be where Tommy Dreamer is now, in a hospital. 76 B- In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Simon Diamond &Swinger in 6:56 when Roadkill defeated Swinger by pinfall with The Amish Bomb. 44 D Roadkill and Doring took the mic and says they are here to stay as tag champs and then Kash/Crazy come out and say they want a shot at the tag titles, Then Whipwreak and Tajiri come out and tells the audience that Roadkill and Doring are a just losers holding something that they have. Kash then throws a punch at Tajiri and a brawl ensues. Everybody then starts brawling on the outside and Kash hits a flying swanton onto everybody. The crowd chant EC Dub numerous times. 52 D+ ECW comes back from commercial break as we see Jerry Lynn attacking RVD in a parking lot, Lynn is viciously attacking Van Dam, it ends with with Lynn throwing Van Dam into a side of car, he then says RVD will regret his choice in facing him at Guilty as Charged. 85 B+ Styles is speechless as he tries to move on to our next contest, between Young Bloods and The Full Blooded Italians 50 D+ Styles puts over F.B.I as they try to rack up wins for a future ECW World Tag Team title opportunity. Steve Corino cuts a promo on The Sandman. He says Sandman is nothing more than a bad influence to everybody and he doesn’t get why Everyone loves the Sandman. He then proceeds to take a bottle of beer and smashes into the ground, and then says “Beer is for the weak, who can’t resist the taste of it. I get a drink when I need to unlike The Sandman who is nothing but an addict. Corino then holds his title up high to end the segment. 63 C A pre tape segment airs as John Cena is seen in a club as he raps on how’s getting laid and nobody can be him. He then taunts the ECW audience, calling them virgins. Cena says he will have his debut match next week, and says it will be breeze. Nobody can touch him because he’s simply the Doctor! 41 D+ Main Event time as Justin Credible takes on a mystery opponent, as the winner will be the #1 Contender to Rhino’s ECW Television title. Credible makes his entrance alongside Dawn Marie. He then waits and out comes Juventud Guerrera! Crowd cheer as Juvi makes his way to the ring. In a decent match, Juventud Guerrera defeated Justin Credible in 13:53 by pinfall with a 450 Splash. 63 C Juventud celebrates after the match as you can see Credible looking disappointed that he didn’t get the win. 2 straight losses for Credible as ECW Hardcore TV goes off the air. Overall Show Rating: 68 C+
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    Founded: Unopened Location: Unknown Owner: Kirk "The Fist" Kelly Championship Lineage: ??? Game Start: 1: ??? Game Start: 1: ??? Game Start: 1:
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    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    First Round
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    Founded: Unopened Location: Unknown Owner: Unknown Championship Lineage: ??? Game Start: 1: ??? Game Start: 1: ??? Game Start: 1:
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    HFE Results June, 2019 July, 2019
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    Founded: June, 2019 Location: Hawaii (USA) Owner: Taiter Championships: HFE Islander Championship Game Start: 1: Keirso Harrison - Won on Week 4, June, 2019 - HFE Crowning Glory Defences: 1 HFE Tribal Championship Game Start: 1: The Punisher - Won on Week 3, June, 2019 - HFE Eruption Defences: 2 ??? Game Start: 1: Roster Personal & Other Tag Teams/Stables -
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    ACW Results January, 2019 February, 2019 March, 2019 April, 2019 May, 2019 June, 2019 July, 2019 _
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    (Intro) Akki Championship Wrestling Founded: August, 2018 Location: Great Lakes (USA) Owner: Akki (2018 -Current) Championships: ACW Best In The World Game Start: 1: CRM - Won on Week 1, December, 2018 Defences: 2 2: 2-3-4 Kid - Won on Week 2, March, 2019 - ACW Game On Defences: 4 ACW Hardcore Game Start: 1: Tyrone Wilson - Won on Week 1, January, 2019 - Fight Night Defences: 4 2: The Mailman - Won on Week 1, March, 2019 - Fight Night Defences: 13 ACW Tag Team Game Start: 1: Sky High (Suby & 2-3-4 Kid) - Won on Week 2, January, 2019 - Severed Bones Defences: 3 Tag Teams/Stables
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    TPW Results January, 2019 February, 2019 March, 2019 April, 2019 May, 2019 June, 2019 July, 2019 -
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    BPZ vs Twitch: Histories

    SSW Live Results January, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live and PPV February, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live and PPV March, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live and PPV May, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live June, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live July, 2019 SSW Nationwide Tour SSW Live _
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