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    "Déjà Vu"

    {Carnage TV is interrupted momentarily with the sound of a car engine. The sound echo's throughout the arena as those in attendance scramble their minds to try and find a reasoning for this. The titantron then cuts to black, before it switches to the camera lens of a phone to which Julius stands in his car. He surveys his surroundings before steering the wheel to the right and parking the car off the side of the road. He undoes his Seat belt and runs his hands through his face before focusing his attention on the Phone} "When something important comes into the forefront of your mind sometimes you need to let it out, you need to let it be heard and this is exactly what I'm doing. I'm not in that stupid building, I'm not scheduled to appear on this show, I do what I want when I want and there isn't a thing anyone in this company can do to stop me. What I bring to you today is a notion or a feeling that almost every single person watching this has felt in their lifetime, as a matter of fact I'm feeling it right now. It's a little something called Déjà Vu, the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before and everything I'm seeing is oh so familiar" "Everything I see, every emotion I feel it's the exact same thing from two months ago. Just have a look at this" {Julius reaches behind him and brings out a Wrestling Magazine with BiC's face plastered on the front} "Every magazine, every radio show or podcast is saying the exact same thing that was already said and it amuses me. It makes me realise how intellectually lacking each and every one of you are, you latch on to the newest momentous superstar and buy in to all their bullshit without making an educated analysis on the reliability of their statements. All of you, every single one of you believe in the hype that surrounds BiC and it infuriates me. Maybe this is all my fault, maybe I didn't inflict enough damage, maybe I didn't put that dog down. I may have made that mistake in the past, but I will not make that mistake again" "I saw what you had to say BiC, and yes it was motivational it was uplifting but it was the same re-run of what you said in the lead up to our match at Backlash. You promised a victory, you promised a win not for just yourself but for all the people in the BPZ Universe but of course you failed. You let them all down and you made yourself look like an ignorant fool in the process and I know you BiC I know what your capable of and I know how your mind works. You are a master in the art of delusion and manipulation. You can make yourself look more appealing than you actually are and all of these people buy into it. Not me, I've been in the ring with you and I know who the real you is. You're average you have no uplifting qualities and it was highlighted in your downfall at Backlash. I'm not easily manipulated BiC I'm just a realist and I know that what you show on television and what you produce to the people in the build to this match isn't anything close to what you are truly capable of it's all just a facade" "The funny thing about momentum and public support is that is works in two ways. On one side you have the hero and on the other the Villain. There is all this talk about the Hero overcoming the odds, defeating this vile inhumane creature and he feeds off of it. In this scenario I have been given the role of the Villain, a role I play very very well. I don't care for how the people see me I only have one critic and that is myself. What you are all too blind to see is that this "Support" for BiC urges me, gives me a reason to bury his face into the ground. You see there isn't a more joyful sight in this world than seeing the distraught the horror on the faces of the people once their hero is dead, the realisation that fairytales don't exist and that happy endings are never achieved. I live for that." "You may have a way with words BiC, but words don't win you wars. Actions do. Now I'm going to foreshadow something for you, when we fight on June 14th I WILL decimate you and I WILL beat you, you're facade will once again be exposed and I will be on my way to becoming the new Undisputed Champion of the world. What you will witness at the Power-Trip Cup Finals is the feeling of Déjà Vu" {Julius rips the phone off of its stand as the feed cuts to black. We return back to the Carnage arena to resume the show}
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    Bold - Actions/Descriptive Black - Rin Akane Blue - Arius --June 2nd, BPZ Mayhem-- As the match has come to an end, Arius stands on the stage victorious after defeating Hans Clayton and Alex Costa, retaining his United States Championship. Taking one last look over the live crowd he blows a kiss to the responding audience before disappearing into the darkness. With the sounds of Fugue coming to a soft end, the curtains beyond the stage entrance part as Arius pushes through with the United States and North American Championship hanging over his shoulders. Claps from near by personal follow Arius along the way as he nods towards them briefly, not stopping to interact with them as he presses forward down the stairs and into the near by hallway. There awaiting his arrival is Rin Akane, standing near an awaiting fold out table. Seeing her client she approaches him, taking hold of both championships from his shoulders and pushes him to rest against the wall momentarily. I suppose congratulations are in order? Arius, reigning, defending, United States Champion. It was quite the performance from what i saw in guerrilla position. The gasps from the crowd never grow tired. Kneeling down by his side she reaches for an icepack resting on the table and proceeds to place it against his neck, in unison moving the resting hand of Arius, pushing it against it to make sure he holds it in place as she continues. We're going to need to make sure you focus more on evading high risk maneuvers. It's one thing to know how to keep a man grounded but it's another to prepare for the potential of the unpredictable. Once their whole body becomes a weapon we're in a whole new style of combat. Arius moves the icepack from his neck as he looks towards Rin, responding Not that i'm one to be bias but from my perspective i feel like i did quite well making sure to avoid becoming the victim of their aerial assaults Rin moves his hand and the ice pack back against his neck with a little force as she continues to fix him up But you could be better. Training keeps you prepared for anything that this company might surprise you with. This isn't going to be the final time you find yourself confronted with such obstacles and if you feel like you've accomplished all you can as a ring technician already, we're both in trouble. A handkerchief appears in her hands, retrieved from her coat pocket as she wipes away some blood collected from his opponent off his forehead, followed by a comb from the same coat as she uses it, brushing against the champions unruly hair. Rin lets our a huffed laugh as she finishes up. One of these days you might actually come out of a match looking half as good as prepared yourself to appear when i sent you out. Well anyway. They're expecting us any moment now. Just because you were a match doesn't mean we need to present you as such. RIn takes the ice pack from Arius who had at this point began resting it against his forehead and tosses it on the floor beside them. Bringing herself to her feet she dusts of her outfit and gestures to the champion to rise up as well Now let's get this over with so we can make our way out of this arena as quickly as possible. For my own sanity. Arius and Rin Akane step in through the left side door from the darkened hallway into a brighter setting. This room noticeably allowing more room for the plethora of press and tripods to breathe compared to previous settings. Black chairs line the room evenly separated as men and women alike take their seat waiting anxiously to be able to throw the first word in before they run out of their allocated time. The podium placed in front of a soothing city line backdrop, Arius holding both his championships over his shoulder steps up to the table and takes his seat. A quick sigh of relief escapes as he rests in comfort momentarily after a hard fought defence at BPZ Mayhem. A slight smirk takes over as he murmurs, caught only by those in the front row if they were paying attention. I feel their is a man in BPZ who might be annoyed about my presence in this setting... Arius leans back as the cameras flash against the champion, eyes closed to the bright noise. Rin Akane waves the press back towards an invisible line she motions on the floor, waiting for them to comply before she leans back against the raised table whispering to Arius. The anxious waiting of those holding their hands mid air, looking for their chance to shoot up and seek their headline, sit in the room in silence. Only disturbed by the sounds of the excited BPZ fans in attendance, shouting in the distance making themselves heard as the night rolls on. Suddenly an enthusiastic reporter jumps at the chance to gain a leading start amongst the rest as he speaks up "Arius, what are your thoughts following tonight's..." Before he could finish Rin Akane turns around towards the red haired man and cuts him off. Taking control of the event herself Straight to the predictable questioning i see. Are you at all surprised at the result? Triumph has been a word closely associated to my client this last half-year and beg me this indulgence to call this a triumph for us all here tonight. We have noticeably avoided disaster of the United States division taking a dive in representation. Rin directs her hands at near by monitors positioned on the side of the rooms walls, as the highlights replay for those in the room Look at the aftermath of tonight, they didn’t know what hit them, did they? The naive Hans Clayton and the faulty Alex Costa. Both were very much out matched, decisively decimated at the hands of The Revenant. As reigning and defending United States and North American Champion here in BPZ , it is my duty to promote an exceeding standard of competitor and the job of Arius to deliverer it night in, night out. Both of which we accomplish tenfold. Rin rises from her seated position as she makes use of the space given across the stage, pacing herself across to gauge the eyes of those in their seats below. Showing confidence in her expression You see, in this industry there is never rest. There are always going to be those foolhardy enough to take a step too far and reach for prestige out of their grasp. "ME, IT IS I, FOR I AM.." and so on, and so on. Rin Akane rests her hands to the side as she shows the brief glimpse of a smirk before addressing the wrestlers in the locker room Now boys, don't think your words fall on deaf years. You say that the future has your name in it, and sure, you can believe that all you wish, but you’ve already seen the early legacy my client is carving for himself so far here in BPZ and to stand in his way right now is only ensured destruction. In this industry there is a lot to be said about picking your moment, to avoid just becoming another statistic and instead etching your own name in the history books. Myself, i'm still relatively new to this lifestyle compared to certain personal. Some might say i came from a entirely different world, that I myself am out of my depth? But i beg to differ. In the end this is all a form of expressionism, an outlet to showcase ones unique offerings on a larger stage. Trading in a canvas for another canvas isn't a stretch for anyone with the talent to adapt. A trait me and our champion both share. Arius picks up the microphone from the stands on top of the table as he leans forward, peering over the sea of the cameras. As you can see my representation is synonymous with the word humble Arius smirks as he continues But her words are not fictitious. Tonight at BPZ Mayhem i showed once again my intentions as a champion of this company. Being in the ring with two former NXT Champions. All of us cut from a similar path earlier in our careers but in turn their the ones who maybe didn’t have the proper experience for a match of this magnitude. My friends, this is a lesson that sometimes leaping at the first chance an opportunity presents itself can be detrimental, to act at the last minute feeling this is an easy victory to make. You've overestimated yourselves. This is a whole new landscape for you in this division. The competition is harder and the victories are..well they are far more pleasing. Arius motions the camera with his index finger to come closer as he looks to continue Costa, not so fresh from returning to the company after your brief and abrupt absence...it hasn't been working out for so far has it? What did you lose along the way during your time hidden and will you ever regain it? And Hans Arius leans forward on the table, peering into the camera you may have gotten a few wins recently, some captivating moments, but you must not rest on them in content because as you can see just as quickly as you secure them they are struck back at you with a bitter taste of reality. I applaud that you’re both working hard towards improving, but the truth is you didn’t have what it takes to win this match. Not yet. Now this isn’t me overlooking you, this is me being honestly observant. Hans it's true you kept up with Julius, sure, but you didn’t have what it took to put him away. And maybe that should've been your sign Arius shifts the championship on his shoulder for the audience to admire That to face the United States Champion was to be far too daunting of a task. Just stating to be Extraordinary won’t help you here. Arius clears his throat as looks to end his remarks Ladies and gentleman, If my previous monologues weren't a testament of my devotion to enhancing this company, surely, after tonight's performance, there’s no question as to how committed I am to seeing this through on both title fronts. The room falls into a brief silence, the sounds of a few reporters typing on laptops from their laps as those in attendance seeing their chance look to get their questions answered. A tall woman being heard first Where is your mind going into the BPZ Powertrip Cup event where Arius will be defending the North American Cha... Rin interrupts once again, assured of where the questioning was leading 馬鹿も一芸 Even a fool has one talent. I'm not ... Arius is seen twirling the microphone behind Rin as she begins to speak directly but Arius quickly takes the initiative, raising it to his face, cutting off Rin who turns to her client allowing him to take the question Tonight i was able to prolong my time as champion. Put my body through all it needed to to assure my continued presence in this division. In this industry, you can't foresee just how much you will be expected to sacrifice to reach the endgame you may be shooting for. More so than any title or accolade, whether you hold an iron grip on your own destiny Arius motions a fist to those in attendance, or continuously prove that you won't be halted. There's nothing or nobody that should be able to turn you back except yourself. At BPZ Powertrip Cup I have no intentions of committing any less to my next opponent. Rin Akane looks at her watch as she sits up from the table, simultaneously clapping her hands together Ladies and Gentleman this has been a pleasure i'm sure but we must depart. Keep your questions for speculation until the next time if you please. Arius. Rin motions towards the door way as Arius rises from his chair with both championships in his hands. The cameras flashing on the two of them as they head towards the exit. Before stepping through the door Arius stops and turns around towards the flashing lights, holding up both championships for the onlookers before finally making his exit through the door. Rin looks at Arius as she stands just ahead in the hallway, arms crossed, head titled as the door is closed behind him by arena security. Wanted to get your last few seconds in did you? Arius looks at the two championships hanging over his shoulders as he shrugs for Rin What can i say? The commotion brings out a side of me that wants to bask in the noise. Sometimes you must indulge and give the people what they truly desire for if only a moment. Rin drops her arms as she motions her arm towards the end of the hall. Arius nods as he moves with a slight pain in his step towards their exit. Taking notice, Rin Akane shakes her head, moving towards her client and takes him by the arm as the two of them press forward. My job would become a lot easier if you would stop finding yourself in these multi-man matches every pay-per view. It's almost like you're magnetised to putting as much pressure on yourself to come out in pieces. Arius chuckles but soon turns into a momentary grimace There does feel to be an ongoing trend these last few months but it's best not to dwell too long on such minor inconveniences. May it be ten, five men or one..they all want to try their hardest to break me. But the experience that is gained over time for those who endure it is rich in value. It can make an individual stronger and for those lesser men it shall fortunately break them down over time. Gaining nothing from their experience other than lost hope. Rin looks up towards Arius as she takes in his words I hope you're prepared for it's going to be a busy a week ahead of the next event, my calendar has filled up with commitments across the city of San Antonio As double-champion you're in high demand. ..I also hope that sentiment means you're ensuring me a enduring confidence going into BPZ Powertrip Cup. One man. One challenge. One focus. Arius nods to Rin to show her he is on the same page, allowing a moments to reflect on the journey between World at War and now These past few weeks have brought me to a place in my career so far i hadn't felt before. I know the man I face has felt the brief touch of the strap once before, that type of experience makes a man more determined but potentially more reckless in his attempts in securing the gold. The very actions which might work to our favour. Someone faulting to overthink, to overlook careless errors on their attempted shortcut to victory..regardless of what could possibly happen we have a lot of prepare for leading up to June 14th Aided by the arm of Rin Akane, the champion Arius makes his way down the last legs of the hallway towards the nearing parking lot. Staff of the event walk past him in a rush as the PPV rolls on, a few taking the moment to acknowledge the champion. "Congratulations Ariu..." Just as the unnamed production manager looked to pat Arius on the shoulder he was stopped dead in his tracks by a cold glare from Rin, leaving his arm retreating as quickly as it reached out as he hurries down the corridor. As the two of them step out on to a short staircase leading into the parking lot, in the distance a long glistening black limo can be seen awaiting their arrival as a Masked Ghoul appears from around the rear of the vehicle, standing nearby the door as the duo approach. Arius takes control as he walks himself down the stairs and across the concrete surface. Rin Akane follows at his side where she continues their conversation. I just want you to realise that indulging this man isn't going to help you in your match. I watched the last monologue you suddenly released, Rin elbows him softly in the ribs without my knowledge. This fascination you have with the competition has gone beyond scouting, observing and is bordering admiration. For an opponent? No, no this is unacceptable. Arius puts his arm around Rin as he pulls her closer, catching her off guard Fear not. I shall, forever and always, stare down war and opposition in the face with a careful eye and a smile. Never broken, never bent but the endgame shall never be different. Any less would make me a different entity entirely. Rin pushes his arm away from her face as the two of them reach the awaiting limo as the Masked Ghoul opens up the door for them both, holding it by the handle for them to enter. Rin just ahead from entering the car as she takes a moment to collect her words. Either behind a smiling face or a provoking jeer, these men all want the same thing, they all have the same intention of dethroning you. Never mistake that. Rin slowly moves her handed across the front plate of the BPZ North American Championship Next month is going to be your first showcase as defending North American Champion. Our moment to further solidify our presence here in this company. Don't ever falter. Resting her hand on the shoulder of Arius with a single pat, Rin Akane proceeds to enter into the vehicle first, moving across the seat towards the other side as Arius hands in the BPZ United States and North American Championships to her awaiting hands. Taking a moment, he looks around the parking lot as he holds the roof of the car, thinking on the night that he has experienced. Just as he prepares to follow inside the vehicle, suddenly the distance sounds of KENJI's entrance theme can be heard in the distance of the arena. Arius turns back around towards the path he just came with a puzzled look before turning into a head shake and smirk before continuing into the car.
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    the beginning of a revolution part 1

    { A few days has gone by since the last time MARKER's "fun" side first appeared, since then he had dreams of him, telling him to let the darkest enter into him and let begin the revolution. He is driving to where the next episode of Carnage is as he is doing an interview about the loss of his title. MARKER arrived and got out of his car, MARKER sees Angelica and gets ready….} Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Angelica Grace and today, my guest at this time… MARKER. {MARKER appears on scene, looking very tired, but it seems he able to keep himself composed.} Now a couple of days ago, you lost your Premium Champion to "The Wrestler" FDS in a Triple Threat Match at Mayhem, how will you be able to bounce back from your defeat. Well, I'm not sure, in my opinion, he absolutely deserves to win the title, I didn't know what to do against him, my cockiness got the better of me and I admit it, all I have to say is congratulations to FDS, hopefully you can do better than I did. With KOTR coming up, will you enter….. God, this is absolutely boring….. Why are you still here? Like I told you, I am apart of you, you need me more than ever, I know you hear me your dreams, I know you want it, I know I want it and I feel that we are in a agreement. NO I DON'T NEED YOU ARGEHEHGEHE Cut, MARKER are you OK? You seem to be very tired, you need to go home. {Suddenly MARKER's shadow comes right out and slaps Angelica in the face and everyone runs away Including her, MARKER's shadow drags him and put him in a car and drives off.} Don't worry, I know exactly where to go… HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….
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    American Idiot.

    FDS looks unimpressed by Monda. He raises the microphone still with the premium championship draped over his shoulder. Typical Monda. Always trying to be patriotic and always talking out of your ass. You wanna talk about world war II, let’s not forget the beginning of that war saw the apparently “greatest country in the world” sitting back on their asses not wanting to intervene because they adopted a policy of isolation like the little cowards that they were. It’s even more pathetic that you keep calling it that because really in the last 20 or so years you’ve just been china’s bitch right? The fans boo FDS for his comments, he just looks at them with a look disdain. And typical of the american fan base you guys hate being told the truth and that’s why you have so many liars as presidents. Now I think that’s enough of talking about how terrible this country and it’s pretty obvious at this point but let’s talk about you training me to “wrestle”. You took me in when I was younger and you did start me in this business but Monda what you taught me was not professional wrestling. What you taught me was Sports Entertainment because you first and foremost are an entertainer. You are not a pro wrestler, you are here to entertain these people and you wanna act like these people kept me here? Really? THEY kept me here?! That is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve ever heard Monda. If these people were the reason I stayed here then why the hell at the end of 2015 was I released from BPZ Contract and then I spent 6 months in Japan working on myself until they finally resigned me. They didn’t keep me here, I kept myself here. I worked my ass off to get back here and stay here because I am just that damn good of a pro wrestler. I am the best pro wrestler on this planet today and you can talk about the other champions on this roster but the fact of the matter is that they are all Sports Entertainers, they live to entertain these people and I live to wrestle and to win matches! I’ve proven I can put on 5 star classics, I fight in deathmatches, I can beat every single man in this company in terms of technical wrestling ability and that’s why I have this title, that’s why I’m a 3 time intercontinental champion and that is why I am the best wrestler in this company or any other! And monda if i’m really so boring why in the hell did you come back to fight me? If you are really so disappointed in THIS side of me, where were you when I was running around beating the hell out of everybody on this roster with Chairs, Thumbtacks, Staplers and barbed wire? Where were you when I was in Japan breaking my body into pieces beating the hell out guys day in day out? Because that is the worst side of me that you have never seen before and you will never see because I don’t work to things that entertain these idiots. And the thing that got me into this “Hall” as you put it is simple: I got here because I knew people like you and Ryan Infinite but what kept me here was my own wrestling ability and my desire to succeed and be a champion something you would know nothing about MR American Idiot. So Monda what cheap response to that do you have? FDS lowers the mic still angry at the words of The American Hero. He awaits his response.
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    Yuvraj (RIP Rory Orton)


    Commentator 1: Ladies and gentleman, we welcome back you to Carnage after the commercial break. Commentator 2: As you have know that there are only few days left until PTC finals.So Let's have a look at the matches announced so far......... Suddenly a music hits that surprised everyone as they have not heard it before. Commentator 2: What is this? Commentator 1: I know whose theme song is this.This is the theme song of the Rory Orton man who debuted last week on Carnage.Let's see what he has to say today. Rory Orton walks slowly to the ring.As a few bunch of crowd booing but most of the crowd still don't know who is he? Rory Orton enters the ring and takes the microphone. "Do you remember who am I. I am the same idiot from last week." A small section of crowd started booing him "Hey, Shut up I don't have time for losers like you. I will came to my point straight away. Since, last time when I introduced me to you and tell everyone that I am here to start a Revolution, I am here to bring age of Orton in BPZ and the first step to is winning the NXT Championship.Since then I notice that NXT division in BPZ is garbage. Ton of people going for the same Championship and everyone are stupid enough to think that they can beat everyone. Seeing all of this, I am hearing a voice which is telling to take that NXT Title which is piece of garbage and turn it into pure gold and become a champion that everyone will scare to face and show them all that those interior beings should fear me as their master And while all the Challengers are claiming that they will become NXT Champion what is the Champ doing. What? He don't care about anyone of these and he coward enough to sit back clutching his worthless NXT Championship and praying to God to let him win another worthless title. If you are watching me champ don't get too nervous I have a advice for you. You should not waste your time to do something which you can't do but what you should do is beg me to let you go back in your locker room in one piece when we will face each other and then I may forgive you. Forgive you for all of the shame that you put to that NXT Title when you get your hands into it and forgive you to think that you are the next big thing , forgive your mind that thinks that you can became a double champ. And what you call yourself Bob 'the Bomb' but when I will beat you for NXT Championship what you will become is Bob 'the loss'. Bob listen don't let the fact that you are the holding the NXT Title makes you think that are the best wrestler in NXT division because the only reason why you are the NXT Champion is that you have not faced me. I will not take too much time I just wants to say to Bob and everyone who thinks that they are the next NXT Champion I have got just three letters for you, R K. O. Rory Orton then drops the microphone heads back to the the backstage area as his music hits. Commentator 1: OMG!!! Now, this is a way to give your opponent a message. Commentator 2: Ladies and Gentlemen, Rory Orton has most sends to warning to everyone in the NXT division, stay tuned to find out will he get a the NXT Title shot after this.
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    American Idiot.

    Carnage rolls on as we are on the road to the Power Trip Cup finals. The night has been action packed so far and then the sounds of Tech N9ne begin to play in the arena sparking a chorus of boos. FDS walks out onto the stage holding the Premium Championship, he walks down to the ring. He gets onto the ring and then just leans back on the ropes taunting the crowd stating that he’s the best wrestler on the goddamn planet. FDS gets into the ring and he looks like he’s about to go and pose on the second rope but instead just sits down in the corner. FDS’ entrance music cuts off, he stands in the ring with the Premium Championship over his shoulder. The fans boo him, he asks for a mic and gets given one by a ring crew member. FDS just shrugs it off but then the fans start chanting “You Can’t Wrestle”, this infuriates FDS. If I can’t wrestle why the hell did you buy a ticket to come see me at a wrestling show?!? If I can’t Wrestle how the hell am I the Premium Champion?!?! You wanna answer me that you god damn marks? Or do you just wanna sit the hell down and listen to what i’ve got to say?!?! The fans boo him but FDS just rolls his eyes. As he begins to speak the fan's reluctantly quiet down Look I don’t really care about your opinion, I’m not here to entertain you idiots and normally I wouldn’t even want to be out here and have to speak on the mic but I know the only way I am going to get a certain someone to speak to me is by coming out here in front of all you idiots so why don’t all of you just give me some goddamn peace and quiet so I can get this over with. Alright, now after my championship VICTORY I thought i’d be having a pretty easy interview where I could tell all of you exactly how wrong you all were about me and what I needed to do… but then some American Her- No you know what I refuse to call him that, what has he done that has warranted him being called that word. How many United States Championships has he held? None! I’ve held two and I’m not even american! Did he serve in a war? No! Did he do something great for America? Well judging by this countries standards for “great” he very well might have but I don’t think i’ve heard of it. No I am going to refuse to call him that word so Instead I’ll reference a little bit of Green Day and I’ll be referring to him as The American Idiot. That American Idiot came in and does what he does best: Try to take the spotlight away from people who actually deserve it. He’s a buffoon and he embodies everything I hate about this company. He thrives of the fact that he is a sports entertainer and the key word in that phrase is entertainer because that is all he is. He comes out here, he does little song and dance and he leaves because he doesn’t care about the actual sports side of this, the part of this that involves professional wrestling and that frankly sickens me. You work for a wrestling company but all you wanna do is entertain the fans. This is why you like to consider yourself Relevant and successful when in reality all you are is a joke to all these people and everyone in this company. So why don’t you drag your clowny ass out here and actually come tell me your stupid reason for wanting to face in the first place because honestly I can’t put my finger on it but I really wanna drop you on your head right now. FDS lowers the mic and stares down at the ramp awaiting the arrival of Monda.
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    The crowd cheers at the thought of potential championship between Bart and Flynn taking place right in front of them tonight. Chants out of excitement begin to develop, before they are interrupted by a laugh coming from the champion. Once again he starts talking to "The King Of BPZ". See Flynn, I was going to accept. I was so close to saying yes to your incredible proposal and showing that I am truly the best with my first ever title defense. But then, I realised that I had already defended my title before, just a month ago in the main event of Backlash. That incredible speech of you loses a bit of it’s credibility now doesn’t it Flynn? For someone who claims to game plan for all of his opponents in a different way, you are a bit behind on the research collum. I hope you have laid out the perfect strategy, because otherwise you may begin to look a bit foolish. Maybe I should open up about my strategy Flynn, it’s unfair to let you unleash all of your plans and yet you know nothing about my approach. I am different from your average opponent Flynn. I am not like Julius, who simply relies on his his god given talents. Like I have told Echo prior, I am not ashamed to admit that I study my opponents. I know that it doesn’t sound cool, but it’s insanely effective. I am no man of pride, I don’t care if I roll you up or if I win in dominant fashion, all I need is the match to end in victory. You think that I am just like the rest of them. Just another Julius, another Yelich. As much as you claim to look at every opponent differently, everything you do screams for the exact opposite. But don’t hesitate to keep that same approach. That’s what everyone else did. Ask them if they recommend it. Don’t feel insulted, I am not comparing you to other wrestlers. You have won a zillion titles and even more matches. You have main evented more matches than whoever else you could think of. But sadly, there is one thing about that analogy. NONE of that was against me.
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    Broken Down

    [We cut to Bob as he is outside the shack as it is looking a bit cleaner than usual] Bob: As you can see I am back at the shack. I have been here a lot lately. Been thinking about the match coming up at the PTC Finals. How much pain I am going to have to absorb in the harcore match I have been given the oppurtunity to compete in. To be honest though I have felt the worst pains of all throughout my life so there is nothing these beta males in Hans, Aaron North, and Alex Costa can do to truly hurt me. You see true pain is pain that sticks with you and is nearly impossible to get free of. A few bumps and scratches in a harcore match that will go away. Hell, a broken bone goes away after a while. What is nearly impossible to overcome is a broken spirit, a broken soul. A soul that has been beaten down over and over and over. A soul that has given up fighting back because it knows if it does it will only get worse. Well the three other men in this match are about to lose their spirits and hopeful souls. As I will be the one to break them and then beat them into absolute submission. [We then see Bob walking around the shack] Bob: You know back when I had first lost my family. I spent a lot of time in church. I met some people and then gave me a bunch of advice to keep pushing on. I remember one quote that really stuck with me was when an older man named Nigel told me, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” You see throughout life we have struggle and hardship. But it is how we deal with that determines how it affects us. Although I will feel pain in our match, I will not suffer. My opponents will though because when they are weak spirited. They will quickly lose hope but I will still continue to beat them further and further into suffering. Why continue the beating you may ask? Well it’s no doubt they will get there shots in. For a bruise I receive and every drop of blood that I lose. That will add up to another minute of suffering for them. I will come out with a few bruises maybe a broken bone here and there for sure. But they will all walk out with broken souls. I will cause so much torment on them that they won’t want to do this anymore they will give up, leave, as they have lost what they feel is everything. [Bob enters the shack as he picks up a bloody sledgehammer in the corner of the room] Bob: Now as much as I feel I could beat these men with just my bare hands. I am going to take every advantage I have. So this sledgehammer will me my force of destruction in the match. The power behind me swinging a sledgehammer and having it connect on another man. It will fracture that man’s body and will quicker than I could snap my fingers. 3 swings and 3 men done and out for good. Fractured souls, fractured bones and fractured men lying everywhere. As one man stands tall over the broken pieces and that man is me the current NXT Champion, Bob “the Bomb” Sparks. So to Hans, Aaron North, and Alex Costa your end is coming your body and your spirits will be broken for good at the PTC finals. [Bob says as he looks into the camera sledgehammer in hand as the camera fades to black]
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    American Idiot.

    The lights flash red, white, and blue as we hear the paramount piece of American audio, the national anthem: Monda walks down the ramp, microphone in hand, with a look of determination in his eyes. His American robe sparkles under the bright lights. He walks just outside the ring, and sits on top of the guardrail. I adore people like you FD. I love the hypocrisy in your words as it gives me something to bounce right off of. And just like in World War II, it takes American intervention to set things straight. Allow me to offer you some rebuttals, champ: You mention that I haven't won the United States championship, yes that is true. To have a championship causes great impact. And I bet you were ecstatic to hold to that title. What I mean here is, there's a reason the European championship is extinct. There's a reason there's no Australian championship. No one would care. There'd be no impact. You need a symbol strong enough to have the glorious fans of this company care about the piece of leather around your waist. Speaking of the fans of this company, let me tell you why you're still employed here: them. They dish out their hard earned cash to watch you get your ass beat. So if anyone's the clown, that may appear to be the guy from down under. I'll stop going into how to appeal to people and how to have human interaction cause I know you don't care. You're here to destroy and conquer. Monda gets up, and starts walking around the ring at a slow pace Let's focus on you and I. You're a wrestler, yea. We get it. That's cool man, now please can you not put me to sleep? I know how to wrestle, but I actually make people look towards the ring when they hear my theme music. Also, I'd like to say thank you. You do remember who showed the ropes of the wrestling world, correct? Oh yeah, his name started with an M, ended with an A... uhh... Fans? The audience begins to chant, "MONDA! MONDA!" as Monda points his ear towards all facets of the crowd Oh yeah, right. That was me. Stealing the spotlight again, hey? Maybe if you weren't so gutwrenching awful on the microphone peoples eyes and attention wouldn't automatically go towards someone else in the room. I guess I also should begin to steal some more spotlight by reminding you of how entertaining you used to be, what got you into the Hall. Who in this company encouraged you and befriended you from the start? It sickens me knowing that one of my former pupils has this undesirable mean streak in him. I'll bring you back to your senses don't worry. You may also get dual citizenship in the process from how long I'll be beating your ass in the greatest country in the world. Monda lowers the mic and stares at FD, awaiting a response...
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    History Lessons with the Great One

    THE GOAT plays as the still 6 Time BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD The Bailey makes his way to the ring just days after Mayhem where we saw him beat 3 other men to retain the title. FINALLY...... The Bailey has come back to Jacksonville Florida... The Bailey is gonna make this quick because quite frankly the Bailey doesn't have much to say. The Bailey is gonna be honest here The Bailey is stumped. The Bailey has run out of things to say about 3 Particularl individuals that just Won't go away. There like 3 little mosquitos that just keep coming back even when you come so close to killing them. In fact the Bailey isn't gonna even mention there names but the fact is The Bailey has already beaten all 3 of them and if they all really want another ass whopping then fine they can get another ass whopping at Judgment Day. The Bailey has 1 particular persona he wants to speak on. You alll know this man. Hes one of the Bailey's greatest Rivals. And hes just finally returned to BPZ. That man is Bashka. Now The Bailey and Bashka go way way back. We go so far back that Bulldozer was still crapping in his diapers.... Oh he still does that my bad. We go so far back to a time where believe or not Flynn was actually relevant. The Bailey knows crazy right Flynn actually being Relevant imagine that. The point is we go way back. The Bailey in fact has been whopping Bashkas ass since the day he came to this company. The Bailey won his first World Championship in March of 2015. He won his first World Championship in May of 2015. 4 years later The Bailey is main eventing BPZMANIA and becoming a 6 TIME 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. While Bashka is a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion and the last time he won it was in 2015. Get the Picture. Get the difference. There is no comparison between Bashka and The Bailey. Bashka isnt on the Bailey's level. He never was or will be. And at Judgment Day that wont change. Bashka i promise you this at Judgment Day the Bailey is whopping your Candy Ass. The Bailey will Layeth the SMACKDOWN on your Candy Ass in front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey Fans. Then The Bailey is gonna check you into the Smackdown Hotel on Jaborni Lane. Then The Bailey is Gonna take one of the Hotel Lamps turn that bitch sideways and shove it right up your Candy Ass. This Match is no joke to me. This one is personal. You've been gone for so long people thought you were retried. Well the Bailey is gonna make sure you do go into Retirement. BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING
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    First, Making his entrance to the ring is the "Extraordinary", Hans Clayton. “I am” plays as Hans looks focused as he enters the ring and does his signature pose. Fans cheer for the Phenomenal One. Next is, the self proclaimed “Best in the World” Alex Costa! “Demi-Gods” blasts through the PA system as Costa looks ready as he stares down Hans when he enters the ring. Finally the Champion, Arius enter the arena as he is with Rin Akane holding his title with pride as “Fugue” plays. All three men are in their respective corners, the bell rings, and this match begins. __________________________________________________________________________________ Hans Clayton vs Arius vs Alex Costa - United States Title Match Immediately, Hans and Costa start attacking Arius, seemingly a quick alliance as both men don’t want Arius walking out with his gold once again. They both get Arius out of the ring and the two lock it up. Costa has Hans in a chin lock, Hans pushes Costa to the ropes then Irish whips him into the other side of ropes. Costa comes running down, Hans jumps, Costa comes back and eats a devastating drop kick from Hans as the crowd clap. Then Arius comes from behind and Bang! Clothesline from the champ. Arius then works the leg of Hans, brutally smashing his elbows to the knee. Arius then applies some sort of leg lock on to Hans, and Hans is complete pain. Costa then comes back into the ring and lays a devastating a German Suplex to Arius who never saw it coming. Arius gets back up, and Costa lays some forearms onto Arius, Costa looks to being for jumping knee strike but Arius doges and gets Costa into an Octopus Stretch. Arius has that for a solid 30 seconds, Costa is screaming in pain. Then Hans comes out of nowhere and hits a flying forearm from the air, preventing a possible submission victory, Costa rolls out of the ring. Hans runs up towards Arius and hits a beautiful Hurricanrana and then immediately hits a suicide dive onto Costa who was standing outside the ring. The Crowd at this point is cheering, as it has been a very exciting matchup between 3 excellent workers. Hans is fired up but you can see that his knee almost gave out. Hans comes into the ring and picks up Arius as he looks to hit some sort of powerbomb but Arius reverses it into a neckbreaker and Arius then removes a knee pad from Hans hits a leaping knee drop onto the knee that was caused damage earlier from Arius. Hans hits the ring canvas hard with his hand as he is in absolute agony. Arius then goes for a figure four leglock onto Hans. This may very well may be the end of this match. This goes for one whole minute before Costa breaks it up by hitting a senton onto both men. Costa pins Hans for the cover, 1,2…… and Hans Clayton Kicks out. Costa argues with the ref, saying it was a three. Alex picks up Hans and hits a brutal Brain Buster. Alex goes for the pinfall again, 1,2... and still Hans kicks out. Arius then comes back into the ring to hit some chops onto Costa and it echoes the entire arena. Arius eventually has Costa in a corner as he may be looking for a Superplex on the top rope. Arius tries to go for it but Alex refused to do so. Arius does hit the superplex but from out of nowhere, Hans springboards a 450 splash onto Arius! 1,2…… and no! Arius kicks outs. Hans is in disbelief, and he looks shocked that Arius kicked out. Hans then tries to go for a suplex of his own but Arius gets out of it and he goes for a clothesline but Hans dodges and hits beautiful looking Pele Kick, Arius is dazed but still manages to hit a Nazuma Leg Lariat, and both men are down. What a great sequence. Costa gets back into the ring and a big smile appears on his face as he sees an opportunity. Costa goes towards and hits a Tornado DDT to Hans, he covers Hans. 1,2,..... and kick out! Costa then tries to Destino but Hans somehow reverses and get Alex into a Fireman's Carry and hits a brutal looking neckbreaker. After the move was delivered, Hans couldn’t make the pinfall because of the bad knee. Hans tries to get back up and slowly goes and climbs the corner, and he is looking to end this. He hits the Shooting Hans Press but Arius comes in throws Hans onto the outside of the ring. Arius picks up Costa and then nails “The Sentence”. 1,2, and 3! The match is over as Arius retains his title in very good 3 way bout. Arius holds his title up high with Rin Akane beside him. Hans is seen looking disappointed that he was this close in getting the title. Arius is still your United States Champion. __________________________________________________________________________________
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    History Lessons with the Great One

    Bailey drops the mic, and he waits for his theme song to hit so he can leave the ring, however the theme song that plays is not the one he expected, but he would be glad to hear it given his words tonight.. Bashka walks out to the sight of his long time rival and on the rare occasion, friend staring at him with a huge grin on his face. Bashka stands at the top of the ramp for about 10 straight seconds, perhaps it's all the memories of the matches these two had, or he's just preparing what to say. Whatever it's for, the sight of these two back in the same arena gives goosebumps to long-time viewers of the product. Bashka begins his walk to the ring and as he approaches, the excitement from The Bailey cannot be contained as he begins to pace around the ring. Bashka enters the ring and the entire BPZ Universe stands to their feet to see this staredown between two hall of famers. Bailey, it's lovely to see you again. It has been a while, the last time I remember talking to you was when you begged me to come back because your brand needed me. It's quite the shame that no matter where BPZ goes, it'll always come back to you with that big, gold belt. You see, while you've stayed here and become a six-time World Champion which I do commend you for, I was busy doing other things because I don't need this company, this company needs me. That's why I returned, because I saw the absolute disaster that this place was turning into and realised this place needs me. You, however, need this company. That's why you've never left, because you need this company, this company doesn't need you. You can't leave, you've got nowhere else to go because you're not decent at anything else. You see, it's funny that while you've stayed here being "Mr. BPZ" I've gone out and made my name known WORLD WIDE. Everyone knows who I am, wants to be like me, wants to look like me and while it's sweet you're so dedicated to this company, your time is coming to an end because, well...I'm back. Nobody actually likes to watch you, none of these people actually tune in to watch you. All you are is a placeholder until the true King of Everything returns home and claims what I deserve without even breaking a sweat. It's cute that you've had the same three challengers since BPZMania but none of them know you as well as I do and are as capable of beating you as I am. It's sweet and all that you use the same 5 lines every single time you speak since you're barely capable of speaking a proper sentence without biting your tongue but it's time that beauty returns to someone who doesn't just have statistics and dates to show why they're gonna win because that's not a champion, that's just a scrub *wink*
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    Proclamation of the Chaser

    After the commercial break, the camera pans along the hallway backstage until it lands on one Odyssey Sellers, who is leaning against the wall while adjusting his wrist tape. He looks into the camera before letting go of the tape and beginning to talk into the camera. “Well, what a surprise. You all thought I had left, that I didn’t have the balls to show up after being interrupted by another upstart. But, alas, here I stand. I do have a few things to say, so I’ll say them while I have the time. Firstly, I’d like to take a second to congratulate Bob Sparks, the new NXT Champion. Having been in the BPZ Rumble, I can attest to the difficult nature of battle royal matches. Secondly, while what Kirk Kelly did to me during my return was absolutely disgusting, I don’t hold any grudges over it. I understand, as a matter of fact. I understand that I am incredibly talented and that people wish to be within the same sentence as The Crippler, despite having no reason to be in that sentence.” The crowd begins booing at Odyssey’s words and showing clear disdain for his arrogance. After a second, the booing clears and is replaced by chants of “Kelly! Kelly!” Sellers begins talking once again. “What I do find odd is that you refuse to say my name, Kirk Kelly. You refuse to mention the name of greatness, the name that will one day be known as the present and future of BPZ. Maybe it is of disrespect, or maybe you’re just so sad as to not even learning a man’s name before verbally assaulting him. Either way, that is not my concern. A fist can break, it can shatter when the slightest slip up occurs in the punching motion. Yet, the will of those who desire is quite the opposite. The will of a man who wants something desperately burns like a raging inferno, a piece of coal slowly taking shape by the forces of external pressure. I have that will to win, to gain what I need to be known as the best, but you do not.” Odyssey stops for another breather, giving the crowd an opportunity to express their opinions, and the chorus of boos becomes somewhat engulfed by cheers from the crowd. Odyssey looks back at the camera. “Now that I am finished in that regard, let me circle back to what I started with, “The Bomb” himself. You have something in your possession many people want, and while you think you can defend it, your quite ironic and yet so fitting name would tell you otherwise. When sparks collide with the fuse, a bomb will explode. But what is left from the explosion? The broken shards of something once useful, now just a fragmented waste of space in the aftermath. The target on your back is ever growing and, while you might be the NXT Champion in the aftermath of a battle royal, could you replicate that ending in a legitimate wrestling match? Could you retain that title when so many people are gunning for it, and by association gunning for you? I don’t have any ill will towards you, Bob, but the words I speak may soon become your reality.” The crowd isn’t sure what to make of this entirely, less intent on letting themselves be heard and more intent on hearing the voice of Odyssey. “I know the thought of me challenging likely terrifies you, and with good reason. I’m not saying I am challenging for the NXT Championship, though. But you know as well as I, there’s no beating the Premium Wrestler of BPZ if I decide I’m going for the NXT title. And to all you, the paying fans of BPZ, I know you want me so bad to return to in-ring competition, but I’m likely not going to at the Power Trip Cup finals. All good things must come after a wait, and right now the wait is me holding back the urge to kick somebody’s ass.” The crowd erupts into mixed responses as “The Crippler” walks off, having left quite a statement off the table. Don’t change the channel, Carnage will be back after the commercial break!
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    "Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Down With The Shoot! I'm your host Brad and today I got a repeat guess, who was very fun to have on the show the first time but now is back, please welcome FDS! Welcome back to the show" FDS: What's up king of fake retirements? "......... I'ma let that slide. Anyway, first thing is first, What's In The Bag, you played before so you know what's the game is about, ready to start?" FDS: Haha, alright mate lets do this probably gonna get some different answers this time "Whiskey bottle" FDS: Me. It's only a problem if I admit it right? "No, it's a problem either way, you need help. Crack" FDS: Toxik or Arrow... Do I need to explain that one? "Nope nope I got it. Next up is weed" FDS: Probably Necce, dude loves to get high man which is fair enough I guess "Cocaine" FDS: Ross. Not even gonna elaborate pretty sure everyone else has talked about it "Pill bottle" FDS: Hmm a little bit harder, can't really think of any pillheads in the locker room but umm I guess if I have to throw one out there Arius seems like he'd be taking something out of that bottle sometimes "coughs Viagra. ANYWAY! Syringe" FDS: Julius, lads so fucking built he's gotta be on somethin "Roid headass. Pink dildo" FDS: hmm pink's an odd one umm i'm just gonna say BIC cuz its kinda funny" "How about a black dildo" FDS: Sheridan, keep it the same colour as Johnny ya know "How about a pile of shit?" FDS: Josh. Nuff said. "And a new item added to the game, how about this Playboy magazine?" FDS: Hmm who's overly horny but also old school enough to use a playboy... just to piss you off, Brad. "ALRIGHT LISTEN YOU!" We're Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties, We'll Be Back In A Moment "... Alright.... Now that I'm tied to this fucking chair you're lucky. First question is, since our last talk, how do you seen your career been? Has it been at a higher point since or a lower point?" FDS: A bit mixed really since our last talk I won the intercontinental title twice, the tag titles, The global title,the tag tournament and now i'm the premium champ currently but I also got injured was out for most of the second half of 2018 as you know which kinda sucked having to sit back, I did what is dubbed the FDHavoc character which people enjoyed until a point and now i'm doing my own thing so it's been alright I guess "Do you feel like gimmicks like Havoc, any demon gimmicks, or any gimmicks involving evil is over used? Or do you feel like gimmicks like those are done a lot but not perfected?" FDS: Well it's a difficult thing to say because dark gimmicks are good to an extent. If you can master and make it your own it's great like I mean look at someone like Arius who is doing an incredible job in his current dark character but If you can't do it right don't bother with it. Dark gimmick's require a lot of commitment and a lot of mental preparation and doing it because you think it's the cool thing to do isn't really the point of it. It's a type of gimmick that requires commitment and study not just doing it for the sake of doing it. "I agree on that one, which I also say do a gimmick that fits your personalites. Those gimmicks are what works the best, which is why I am safe to say I can do my gimmick of Nanovirus because that's something I went through, and same for you as FDS Havoc, because it's our mindset, but now speaking of gimmicks, what gimmick would you see being a big hit that hasn't been done here yet?" FDS: Hard to say really, a lot of characters have been in BPZ so trying to pick a character that hasn't been done that could be a success is difficult but I could see people enjoying maybe a more hipster kind of gimmick if you get what I mean, like going all out with being just a complete surperiorist over everybody because of how you live your life "I got you on that one. Now moving from gimmicks we got storylines. From the beginning of 2019, how do you feel about the storylines we seen? From The Kingdom battle to Bailey's rebirth of his career to today's storyline of BiC trying to find his passion. Do you think this years storylines so far out match the ones from previous years?" FDS: It's too early to say, we still have a good half of a year left to go but It has been a very good year in terms of storylines but I wouldn't say they complete out match the ones from previous years because that would discredit rivalries like Flynn VS Necce, Flynn VS Slim, Julius ascent to the main event, Smith VS Myself, The Survivor series match in 2017 and numerous others. So would I say they have objectively improved? Yes. Would I say they far out match the ones from years previous? not all of them no "Understandable and respectable. Charlie, mind loosing up this rope? Thanks. Now for a second game. Rate the members. I list off members and your rate them as a whole, personality, kayfabe, and contribution." FDS: Alright Easy "Let's start small with Bob" FDS: currently a solid 7/10 if i think of everything mainly because I don't know his personality and he still does have room for improvement obviously it's still early in his career "How about a lad like Joh?" FDS: probably a 7 as well, I know him well and i've never had an issue with him and his kayfabe is good but his work rate has definitely dipped over time "Someone like Yelich?" FDS: Again 7, funny ass dude really cool to talk to and his kayfabe is solid but again work rate dipped quite a bit "Julius" FDS: 10 easily, excellent work rate, cool dude to talk to and has some really good kayfabe "Myself and boy I can't wait for this one" FDS: Hahaha 0 Duh! Nah Nah just kidding mate, umm probably an 8 sometimes you can be a bit of a yeah "I honestly was expecting a zero from you because you're a- BEEP now, Bailey" FDS: 8 literally because his personality is just so obnoxious other than that hard worker and has good kayfabe "Last, Necce" FDS: Man I feel bad but 7 mainly because his work rate is just so low cuz he does not give a shit about that side of BPZ "Now for the dick bag. You love this game because it got a dic- because you can shoot hard if you want. First is Slim" FDS: Dick but honestly I don't have any issues with him anymore but he knows he can be YOU DICK "How about Bailey?" FDS: Dick. YOU DICK "Toxik" FDS: He's not a dick he's just annoying "Arrow" FDS: Annoying but not a dick "Sameer" FDS: Dick but I get why he is towards me YOU DICK "Yeah because he got screwed of the title that you were facing him for.... Anyway me" FDS: You can be but you're alright for the most part "Yourself" FDS: Complete fucking Cunt "Yeah that FD guy is a absolute cunt bag tool. Dick em" YOU DICK!* "Arius" FDS: Nope. "Hans" FDS: Nope "Kenji" FDS: Nope "Cody" FDS: Not to me "And lastly, Julius" FDS: No way "Now for an final game. I'll list ten members and you give a word or two describing then. Sound good?" FDS: Yep all good "Me Arius Kenji Sheridan Sameer Toxik Bash Mikey Julius Bart" FDS: Retirement, Makeup, Sword, Whatevs, Hates Me, annoying, neutral, don't know, Cool, Cool "THAT'S IT! LISTEN YOU F-" Show ends
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    Following this verbal warning by Flynn, the Undisputed Champion stares at the 5 time World Champion. The two locks eyes for a while, but in the end, Bart grabs his microphone. He takes a deep breath before speaking once again. I am sorry Flynn. I am sorry that the people have to deal with a paper champion. I can’t believe their celebration if the paper champion is replaced by someone who has had even less matches than him throughout the year. I am sorry sorry that the paper champion didn’t show up at a ppv as he remembered for the first time in a month that he had a match to promote like a workhorse like you did. I am so incredibly sorry that the paper champion didn’t come out here to ramble on about the workhorse who hadn’t been here since his most recent nostalgia trip when he had already made his thoughts clear on that desperate attempt at seeking old glory. I know you want me to be upset by you calling me a paper champion but frankly, I can only laugh. You have been calling me a paper champion for almost a year now. Back then, your jealousy had already risen to the point where you had to come out on a show that you weren’t a part of to call me a paper champion. Since then, I have defended my titles more times than you have even had matches, and yet nothing in you wonders just how true that idiotic statement of yours is? I don’t think that you are retarded Flynn, I have heard too many good things about you to believe that. I think you are just a little afraid. You are scared that I will see the real story here. Let me tell you a story Flynn, the story that you have tried not to hear. This story isn’t about whether someone is a paper champion or not, the fans have been told that story to many times. This story is about a man who wants everyone to think that he is the best. This goes so far that he needs to tell people who he is never even interacted with that he doesn’t think they are good. For awhile, he could. He may had come up short at a few big events, but he had done enough to back up his claims. Until now. He currently is on a losing streak, and is coming up against the one guy that he has constantly tried to slander. Whenever he had the smallest of chances to bring him up, he would do his best at belittling this person, giving his best to prevent anyone from ever thinking that this person could be better than him. And now here you are Flynn, your ego and eagerness for compliments have become your worst enemy. You need to win, because you are so afraid that the public’s opinion on you will change when you lose. It is something that has always amazed me. How people care so much about what other people think. Even you Flynn, who has been so successful needs the satisfaction of others telling him that you are great. One of my favourite things about myself is that I lack that in his entirety. Never have I once cared about how the fans perceive me, about what they think of me and how they rank me against others. I can very well make that up myself. For you Flynn, it makes the devastation when you lose even bigger. Not only will you be sad about having lost to me, but even bigger will your tears be when you find out that the fans have realised that you simply aren’t the best anymore. Right there Flynn, there was your biggest advantage heading into this match. This match meant so much more to you than it meant to me. You HAVE to win this match, and while I surely wanted, up till now I hadn’t reached the point where a win would mean more to me than simply proving my spot on top of the BPZ once again. It hadn’t reached the same level as my matches against Julius and Echo and Necce, where a win was a must. But now Flynn, it has. Your embarrassing claims have made me want to destroy your career like all the others that have gone down the same road as you. You are quick to point out that Julius lost his World Championship, but do you really think that it was you that forced him to break, instead of the events that took place a month prior? Echo has lost his passion and hasn’t been seen since I embarrassed him three times in a row. And then there is your frenemy Necce, the person with you who hold the most intense relationship here. Before I faced him at BPZMania, he was considered undefeatable. After I dealt with him, he lost to a rookie who had just had his first match the month prior. And now Flynn, you are destined to go down the same path as them. You are scared of this and I know you won’t admit it. But if you really are the genius that you proclaim to be, you should come to accept your faith.
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    Shut your mouths

    when I come down you shut your mouths because I’m speaking and I’m better faster stronger than anyone of you fans bob you better be holding your title because I’m taking it within seconds and minutes and then we will all see who’s a real champion I’m a real champion your the a fake champion I’m a real champion unlike these fans and you o yeh I forgot something I have a bag opens the bag brings out a pooper scooper and a gas mask so I don’t get germs from you people who don’t deserve this talent in me.
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    I'm Superior

    THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS PRE-RECORDED BY YOURS TRULY, BASHKA... The crowd turn their eyes to the screen to see the man they've seen more times than they would've liked to in the past couple of days, Bashka sitting in the comfort of his own hotel room right next to the window, sitting in front of a camera. Well, as it appears I not only have the challenge of facing World Champion 'The' Bailey, but I also have to worry about some guy who thinks he's cool and edgy because he plays in graveyards. I wanted to let you know, Nanovirus that during my time I have faced plenty of people like you that think you're scary but in reality, I have no reason to be scared of you. You couldn't even beat Bailey and in contrast to what everybody believes, he's really not that good. You can brag that apparently everyone here knows who you are and not me, well it's because you just won't quit. You linger around this company like a bad smell and every month you come out going "This month is my month!" and in the past 4 years, you've challenged for that belt how many times? And how many times have you won? It's honestly quite pathetic that some people actually look at you and begin to quiver in their boots when the fact of the matter is you've done NOTHING that should make people shake other than stare into an empty grave and throw a Bashka action figure in there. Wow, how scary! The only reason Brenden put you in the Hall of Fame was because it'd been like 3 years with no new inductees and people like you, who believe you're actually owed a damn would bitch and moan if you weren't put in there. In all honesty, there's a reason he went three years without inducting anybody else, and that's because nobody else deserved it. Nobody else proved that they've changed this company in such a way that they deserve the title of an 'official' legend. However, you did get in and I'd like to say well done. Don't let it get to your head though. We made our debuts 3 months apart, I won my first World title in 5 months while you still haven't won one. I got inducted into the Hall of Fame in just over a year, it took you nearly FOUR YEARS to get in. Why did I get shown much more recognition than you're still yet to have received? Because I may not have that 'never say die' attitude but I sure as hell made a bigger splash in this ocean than you have ever made. So, you can throw my action figure into an empty grave all you like, it doesn't scare me. But while you're doing that, I'll be busy preparing a grave for the actual Nanovirus, not the action figure version. As the audience take in what they have just seen they get ready to tune into the next segment, until the theme song of the man they just heard from plays Bashka wastes no time in sprinting to the ring to get his message across I wasn't really planning to come out here right now but I was watching that and it got me fired up, and if you think I'd pass up an opportunity to call out that scumbag then you'd be mistaken. You see Nanovirus, the fact that you actually consider yourself a threat to me pisses me off and it's gets the blood rushing in my veins. You get so under my skin it annoys me that you just won't leave. You're of no value to this company, you're no threat to Bailey and quite frankly the only reason I accepted your challenge for PTC was so that when I walk into Judgement Day to take down Bailey, I've at least had a match. I don't want to wait until the 14th to come face to face with you, I want you to come out here right now and look me in the eyes and tell me that I'm washed up
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    TLC 2011: CM Punk (c) vs The Mix vs Alberto Del Rio: Triple Threat TLC match for the WWE Championship The 21:10 minute TLC match up saw many great moments, like Punk going for a Suicide Dive with Miz whacking a steel chair at his head, Miz getting superkicked off the top rope by Del Rio through a table, and all three men climbing the ladder before the ladder fell to the side and all men tumbled to the outside. Punk wins after pushing Miz off the ladder causing him to fall into Del Rio sending them through the table and Punk grabbed the title and retained. The next night, Triple H announced the next four weeks that well have two triple threats and the final one to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Ziggler, Miz, and Del Rio win their matches before facing off in a last triple threat match, with Ziggler winning and goes to challenge Punk at the Rumble. The last week before the Rumble, Punk teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on their challengers, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry. Ziggler won the match by pinning Punk after a Zig Zag. Royal Rumble 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler: WWE Championship Great match between the two before CM Punk wins via pinfall after a GTS at 16:50 before celebrating. The winner of the Royal Rumble match, Chris Jericho the next night told CM Punk that he was added to the Elimination Chamber match because of Triple H, and that if Chris wins the WWE Championship in the Chamber match up, Punk gets Jericho's title shot at WrestleMania, to show no unfairness. Over the next few weeks we had men enter the Chamber, and the match was set, Punk, Jericho, Ziggler, Kingston, Miz, Truth. Elimination Chamber 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth: Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship Great chamber matches, one of the best ever. During the match, Punk kicked Jericho against the head and sent him flying out the Chamber and was cleared unable to finish the match. At 35 minutes, Punk forced Kofi to tap out with the Anaconda Vice and retain the Championship. The next night, after Punk defeated Ziggler in a non title match, Jericho came out and attacked Punk, hitting him with a Codebreaker before talking about Punk's sister how she is a druggie and would "do anything" for another hit. The following week Jericho then mentioned Punk's dad as a drunk, who was very violent as a drunk, and lastly mentioning his mother, who had Punk before she got married, making him a bastard. This sends Punk over the age and he beats down Christian, which injures him and takes him our till late 2013. Punk and Jericho, or The Rock and Cena? Punk faced Cena in a one on one match where their match was the main event. Punk rolled Cena up at 25:10 to gain the main event spot for Maina, but will he manage to retain his title against Jericho? Will he be the Best In The World then?
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    Alex Costa

    A fight worth fighting for

    Carnage rolls on as we move on towards the Powertrip Cup Finals Suddenly Demi Gods by Labrats feat Slim Jim plays signifying the arrival of Alex Costa. Alex is looking confident despite the recent losses as he feels the opportunity that is coming to him at the PTC Finals He enters the ring and grabs the mic as the crowd shove him under some boos Alex Costa: Well you can all shut the fuck up now! Crowd Boos Harder Well in a little under two weeks I will be in perhaps one of the most important matches I have ever had, when I get the chance to be the next in line for the BPZ North American Championship. Crowd Boos But more importantly, it will help rectify a wrongdoing, you see I should have been in that Ladder Match at World at War! Instead I was being in a meaningless Triple Threat Match against two hacked up nobodies like Jack Bishop and Maasa! Crowd begins chanting "You lost!" Did I really lose, BPZ Universe? Then just answer me this? Where has Maasa been all these weeks? As far as I am concerned I beat up Maasa so badly in that match that even though he got lucky to pin Jack, he has been out of comission and for good. So it seems I retired his sorry ass and I mean you can all thank me because I made sure that club of losers lost a member. Mixed reactions Now as far as my opposition at the Powertrip Cup finals is concerned it seems they only care about showing the weapons they need. Whether it's Aaron trying to pull out a Sledgehammer or Hans going finally insane and showing a Baseball Bat cut with Barbed Wire. Crowd Cheers Well I am sorry but was that supposed to scare me? So what big deal you guys can hold those weapons, well do you know how to use them? You see I've been through these Hardcore Matches before and let me tell you something when your body goes through Barbed Wire and Light Tubes you will feel the biggest pain you have ever suffered in your life. So yeah you all can bring your weapons, because I got mine right here. Alex goes out the ring and raises the ring apron before revealing his weapon of choice and raising it Alex Costa: Do you remember this Hans? I am sure you do, because this is the same weapon I used to knock your ass out all the way back in January when I was making my debut here. And this same Baseball Bat is what I am going to use in two weeks when I kick you, Aaron and Bob's sorry asses at the PTC Finals and I get one step closer to becoming the next North American Champion and I rectify the History Books and claim that which should have been mine ALL ALONG! Alex music hits as he heads to the back
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    Aaron North

    The Arsenal

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and the titantron shows Aaron North at his home and in his basement. Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my humble home. As you can see we're in my basement because i want to show you something that i have prepared for the Powertrip Cup event. Aaron opens a door that's behind him and it leads to a dark hallway. Come on then cameraman, go into the room. The cameraman walks into the room and Aaron closes to door behind him. It's very dark but the cameraman finds the light switch, he uses the light switch and the hallway lights up with very bright lights. The hallway has shelves with plenty of different weapons on them, the cameraman walks forward until he sees a door on his right. The cameraman opens the door and Aaron North walks into the room. Well well you found the light switch. If you didn't you would have probably stepped into that bear trap right over there. You probably want to know why i have all these weapons here, well i have to get ready i mean... it is a hardcore match and Hans is bringing his barbed wire baseball bat, Bob is probably bringing an axe or something, Alex is probably bringing nothing which is what he brings to his every match, so i figured why don't i bring something as well, and so i decided to call a couple of my old friends to get me some stuff and well here it all is. It's gonna be a hard choice though so Mr. Cameraman i'm going to let you decide what i bring with me, please follow me. The cameraman follows Aaron and the cameraman almost steps into the bear trap that Aaron set up. Aaron grabs a baseball bat and he starts swinging it with his right hand. Aaron and the cameraman finally reach the end of the hallway and Aaron opens a door that leads into a room with tons of different weapons in it. Now Mr. Cameraman i'm gonna give you the power of choosing what i'll take with me. Pick one of the weapons from this shelf, one of the weapons from this shelf and one more from this shelf. The first shelf includes multiple baseball bats with different thing taped onto them, the second shelf includes multiple edged and blade weapons and the third shelf has small pouches and sacks with things such as thumbtacks, glass shards and legos. Alright, i'm gonna be right back just take your time boy. Aaron leaves the room and a few minutes later returns with a shopping cart. So... what have you chosen? The cameraman points at the nail baseball bat, and Aaron puts it in the cart. The cameraman then hands over a knife and a sack of thumbtacks, Aaron puts those in the cart. You know what i have a feeling that this isn't enough. Now if i were you, i'd watch out. The cameraman quickly moves back into the hallway as Aaron pulls down all the shelves and all the stuff falls into the shopping cart. Aaron then walks into the hallway with the shopping cart. There we go, that should be enough. Aaron starts walking back but he stops and grabs a duffel bag of light tubes from one of the shelves, he keeps going before stopping again and grabbing a sledgehammer from the end of the hallway. That should do it. Hans, Bob and Alex... see you at the Powertrip Cup event. Aaron winks and quickly takes a baseball bat and hits the cameraman with it taking him down and breaking his camera. The screen quickly fades to black and Carnage heads to a commercial break.
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    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.
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    I'm Superior

    Bashka stands there, taking in what he just heard and he goes to speak with a serious look on his face, however that look turns to a smile and laughter Oh, Brad. That was such a beautiful speech you just gave. I enjoyed the part where you said no matter what task this company has given to you, you've completed it with a smile on your face, that really warmed my heart. But you see, that's the difference between you and me. All you care about is making these people happy and being 'employee of the month'. While I, the guy that's globally recognised as a talented superstar in every single area, care about getting my job done, whether or not I have a smile on my face is irrelevant because at the end of the day, I'm simply just a bigger draw than you are. These people may love you, and that's really sweet, but seeing that I am advertised for a Pay Per View is way more appealing than seeing you, a guy who's appeared at nearly every show since 2016 but done jack shit to make people remember him if he left. You keep going on about how nobody remembers me and you think that hits me in the heart, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I don't require the validation from these people in order to feel like I've been successful. If I want to feel successful, I just look in my bank account. Now, as for my World Championship reigns, you ask why screw Bailey twice to win? Well because it just made it all the more sweet. The hate that I had for Bailey in 2015 was so strong I didn't want to just beat him like any average win, I wanted to win in such a way it would piss him off right down to his core and I wanted it to be a loss that he would remember for the rest of his life. As for Smith, I betrayed Smith because I saw an opportunity. An opportunity like that is one that only a man with true ambition could take and perhaps that's why your list of feats is missing "BPZ World Heavyweight Champion". You say that I use the same jokes from 2015 by saying you haven't won a world title yet, and yeah that's true. I use the same jokes because it's pathetic, it's pathetic that the joke of you not being able to win the top prize is still accurate four years on from when it was first made. Brad, when are you going to realise that no matter how many times you walk around 'doing your job with a smile on your face' it means nothing because all you are is a guy who's, yeah decent as an Intercontinental Champion I guess, but nothing more than that. When you race with the big boys, you always put up a fight but trip in the last few seconds of the race and mess everything up. Bailey could disappear for until Judgement Day and you'd still find a way to mess it up. You're just not that good. Wow, you lost to Flynn so badly that he stopped caring, that's truly incredible. It can get boring winning every single time I guess, not that you would know about that. You beat Razor and Storm, well done. Now I ask, who are they? Who cares about them or the victories you've taken against them? Nobody. All you are trying to prove to me is that I should be scared of you because you have pointless wins and apparently I should be praying to God for him to save me from you. "I was a second away from being World Champion." That's nice, I've heard that one before because that's all your career has consisted of. "I was this close to this, I nearly won that--" Nobody remembers second place, and second place defines your career. You're Mr. Nearly. You come close but you don't. It's sad, it might be nice to see you win one day but we'll never know because YOU NEVER WIN. You've been training and training since I've been gone to perfect your craft and that's great. You truly are a work horse and I'm proud of you for that. But I don't need to train to get better, I just get better because that's just how I am. You need to train to try and keep up with everybody else but I just naturally keep up. So Brad, for our match on the 14th, I won't be needing to pray to God to save me from you, because I am God. I am the best thing this company has right now and you just can't see it because even though you call yourself 'the most humble guy in the company', your own ego blinds you. And before you try and deny that, the most humble guy here wouldn't call himself the heart and soul of this company. If you're going to have an ego, at least have the balls to admit you got one and don't hide it just to stay on the good list of these people. Bashka throws the microphone back at Nanovirus, the crowd dead silent as they wait to hear what he has to say.
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    Death Notorious Angel

    I'm Superior

    Bashka stands in the ring after challenging Nanovirus to come out and confront Bashka, the lights go out in the arena, causing the fans to cheer loudly as thunder and lighting rip through the air, a cold feeling fills the atmosphere as the crowd eagerly awaits the arrival of the Leader From Hell, before the lights come back on and Bashka stands face to face with the man himself, Nanovirus, and the crowd is going wild at this sight, seeing two established and Hall Of Fame members staring down at each other. Nanovirus continues to stare Bashka directly in the eyes before grabbing the microphone from his hand. He slowly raises it to his mouth and tilts his head and says exactly what Bashka told him to say. "You're washed up." [/B] The crowd cheers loudly as the look on Bashka's facial expressions change from angry to down right pissed off. Nanovirus doesn't move a muscle or change facial expressions before continuing to talk. "You're washed up Bashka, and there's no way to beat around the bush. You see, when you go off to Hollywood to film B Rated movies as the background guy who goes "Yeah You Got Skill", this company has advanced and moved on without you. You haven't adapted Bashka, this place isn't for you no more, because we don't take lazy souls who feel like because they onced achieved something in 2015 that they are automatically to be given everything. Wrong Bashka, you haven't earned anything in this company now and days, and that's where your ego is going to bite you straight in the ass and you're going to go from telling us "I'm going to beat Bailey" to "I got my ass kicked by Nanovirus. As for our match, Bashka I don't know why you're so confident. Last time we went one on one was in 2016, and I won. You NEVER beaten me one on one, ever. Yes, it's been three years since then, but I only gotten better. And you? You only gotten lazier. Day by day passes by and there's not a day where I'm not I perfecting my craft to prove that I am the heart of any company or storyline I'm in. Wither it be me vs Flynn or me kissing Storm's sl*# of a mother, or even me being a Homosexual Hero, I do everything to the best of my ability to perfect my craft. What do you do since? Perfect your ability to do nothing? To sit on a couch? Do nothing in a movie? Or fail to make any BPZ superstar care about your return to the ring? You question why I'm in the Hall of Fame? Maybe you not being here often kinda confuses you, but the reason I'm in, is because I am the best at what I do. Wither it's putting these new talents over, being Brad, being Angelo, being anything that's required. Wither it's sell shirts or lose profit. I've done it with a smile on my face because for four years, I've had to prove myself that I'm worthy, not get handed the ring because I joined in 2014 and licked the ass of BrendenPlayz ever since. Just like how I had to work hard for EVERYTHING I got in this company and world, and not apply the world famous cherry Chapstick and apply my lips to the boots of the bosses like you did. I mean that's how things worked in 2015, but this isn't those times anymore. You got to earn everything in this era of wrestling. Now you bring up my lack of World Heavyweight Championship reigns, hell, the most unoriginal insult in history. What I've been saying about you being stuck in 2015 is true because all you've used is old jokes, old man. But when I lack in World Heavyweight Championship reigns, I make for elsewhere. One time NXT Champion, one time United States Champion, a record tying three time Intercontinental Champion, a former tag team Champion, a former Global Champion, a former To The Top Briefcase winner, and co main evented the best BPZMania in history. Let me ask you a question Bashka, how many of those World Heavyweight Championships where earned on your side? Let me answer. None. You had to have help to screw Bailey twice to win the title. Now if Bailey isn't that good, why screw him over twice? And if you're so good, why attack Smith first, someone who was supposed to be your brother, and cash in instead of cashing in like a man? Bashy boy, the whole world owes me a thing has never been farther than the truth. Three years ago, yes I believed that. But some twisted reality hit me in the face and I learned that being so into yourself, that thinking the world only involves around me wasn't the correct way. In the last few years, I've gotten wiser in my decisions. While my success may remained the same, I've changed these last few years and proved that I'm the most humbled guy in this company and for good reason. Time made me like that, and so did age, but for you, it made you even more stupid than before. It made you more reckless than before, and it made you blindly accept my challenge without thinking of the outcomes. Let me tell you what happens, let me tell you what I've done to many people. Hell In A Cell, I tortured and dismantled Razor so badly, we haven't seen him since. Storm, he was never the same after getting squashed at my hands and buried alive. Flynn, he can claim it was a walk in the park, but after my match, it went down hill as he slowly stopped showing up and stopped caring. That's what I did to him. And now, Bashka, I'm going to head to Power Trip Cup June Fourteenth and I'm going to maul you alive so bad, you won't make it to Jydhe Day. At Mayhem, I was a second away from being World Heavyweight Champion. Hell, I wasn't even the one beat. Slim is why I'm not World Heavyweight Champion, and this month, he's not in my way again. But Josh, Blade, and you are in my way of the title. And I don't care what I got to do to get to Bailey for that Championship.I will Chokeslam my own grandmother through the ring to hell if it meant getting a shot at the title. Then I would easily Chokeslam your grandmother through the ring to hell just to enjoy the look on her face. Everyday I've been here. Wither as a wrestler or as a fan, the pass four years I've been here. I am here because of chances and these chances are why I got faith even after four years of failure. Chances is why after so many defeats I still do my damn best Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday, even weekends to because I AM BPZ and I'm the fu*#ing Heart And Soul of this place, while you're now just a unknown in this place. So bring whatever you want to Power Trip Cup and Judgement Day, because it's not going to work. And on a personal note,I hoped you prayed Bashka, I hope you did. I very much hope you got on your knees, hands together and asked God for all that strength I talked about, but you're going to add a new one and it goes like this. "oh dear God. My name is Bashka, and I'm facing the leader of hell at Power Trip Cup?". And you hear nothing, nothing because God himself knows that you're screwed against me. He skipped past you because he knows that the hounds of hell are hungry for your rotting corpse that you will receive at Power Trip Cup. Mop that up bitch." Nanovirus tosses the microphone back to Bashka, the crowd cheering loudly as he waits for Bashka's response.
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    WWE Current Brand Split vs AEW 2019

    The Lucha Bros defeated the War Raiders to win the NXT Tag Team Championships Jay Lethal defeated Kassius Ohno Mustafa Ali defeated Buddy Murphy to retain the Cruiserweight Championship The Velveteen Dream defeated Keith Lee to retain the NXT North American Championship Biance Belair defeated Kaire Sane to become the NXT Women's Championship Pete Dunne defeated EC3 and Tyler Bate to become the NXT Champion when he pinned EC3.
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    Top Five Storytellers

    1. Bart 2. Arius 3. Julius 4. Necce 5. ME
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    NXT Discussion: June 5th 2019

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    Aaron North

    Top Five Storytellers

    1. BIC 2. Julius 3. Arius 4. Necce 5. Bart
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    Street Profits were a good choice to have as the new Champions. While I know a lot of people wanted Undisputed Era to get their third reign to be honest I don't see a point in that. UE didn't need the victory and are pretty much ready to head up to the main roster, I feel like the NXT Tag Team titles needed to go to a fresh team that hadn't ever been champions before and the Street Profits have both the Charisma and in ring ability to have a solid reign with the Tag Titles. Dawkins especially deserves it since he's been in NXT for a long ass time and he's finally hitting his stride with Montez so hopefully they have a decently long reign with the titles and have some entertaining feuds before dropping them to a new team.
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    Top Five Storytellers

    Necce Flynn Bart Arius Julius
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary December 3rd, 2011 Bob is walking past the locker room when there's something going on. He stands by the door and listens in on the conversation. Stephen Jackson: You think you’re actually good kid. Nah bro you absolute trash. This is why you’re gonna carry my bags and do whatever I need whenever I want from now on. We see Joakim Noah come up behind Bob. Joakim Noah: Mr. Sparks what is going on? You looked worried. You good? Bob: Hey, Joakim I might need you in a second just listen in and be quiet. We see Joakim then listen in on the conversation immediately seeming upset yet shocked. Jimmer Fredette: Just leave me alone bro. I am trying to text my girl. We then hear something scatter across the floor and shouting. Stephen Jackson: C’mon rook what are you gonna do? Should have gotten a better phone. We then hear someone throw a punch as the two start fighting. Bob and Joakim storm in the room as we see Joakim drop Stephen with a haymaker. Bob: Stephen you better start packing your bag cause this is your last day as a Chicago Bull. Jimmer I want you to come up to my office with me. Joakim keep an eye on him, I don’t want this getting out till I trade you away at full value. We see Bob and Jimmer walk up to his office as Alice and Tom are sitting there. Alice: Oh my god what happened? Jimmer are you okay let me get you some ice. Alice then runs out of the room to get some ice. Bob: Tom I need you down to the locker room. Stephen just threw a punch at Jimmer and I think this goes a lot deeper than just a scrap. Tom: Right on it Bob. I am gonna give this asshole a piece of my mind. We then see Tom storm out of the room as he makes his way to the locker room. Bob: Ok Jimmer you good? You know we are not gonna tolerate this stuff here. He will be gone very shortly believe me. Jimmer: Yeah I will be fine. I’m glad he is gonna be gone though. Bob: How long has this been going on? Jimmer: I mean it has been going on all season but only when it was just us two. He acted nice when the rest of the team was around other than the few dirty looks. Bob: Well I am going to make sure this doesn't happen again at least in our organization. Alice should be back with some ice for that eye soon. Meanwhile sit tight cause I am going to work on a trade to get rid of this guy. Jimmer: Ok Sir. I am going to go sit down on that couch over there. We then see Jimmer go over and sit down on the couch as Bob looks for somewhere to trade Stephen Jackson to. Then he finds a team the San Antonio Spurs. RIght now there best small forward is Kyle Singler. Plus they need a center and we have two decent backups. He then see one name Danny Green. The team has been desperate for a good perimeter defender with the lack of defense between Nate Robinson and Jimmer Fredette. Bob then calls the Spurs. Gregg Popovich: What’s going on Chicago? Surprised hearing from you so early on this morning. What can I do you for? Bob: Well it’s been keeping me up all night but I have been looking to make a trade with you. Gregg Popovich: Okay what are you thinking? Bob: Well it’s no secret you guys need a small forward. What do you think about Stephen Jackson would you be interested in him? Gregg Popovich: I mean he would definitely help our team out. That question is what do you want for him cause I don’t plan on getting rid of much. Bob: In exchange I want Danny Green and your first round pick this year. Gregg Popovich: I like the idea but I am going to need a bit more if you want our first round pick. Bob: We will also send you Kendrick Perkins. Gregg Popovich: I don’t know it’s pretty risky. I mean if my team goes down with injury I am out of my first round pick. I don't know if I can do that. Bob: Okay I will tell you what make it lottery protected. So if you somehow have an injury bug and miss the playoffs you still have your pick. Gregg Popovich: Okay so Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins for Danny Green and our 1st round pick lottery protected. You know what deal, let’s do it. Bob: Great Pop, talk to you soon bye. We then see Bob look over to see Alice checking on Jimmer as he now has a bag of ice up to his eye as we see it begin to swell and darken. Alice looks over to Bob as she walks over. Alice: How did it go? Bob: You know I think I did pretty good. Got Danny Green and their first round pick although it’s lottery protected. Sadly I had to send them Kendrick. But it’s a business. Alice: You want me to tell them? Bob: No I have got it, just stay up here with Jimmer and make sure he is okay. We then see Bob go down back to the locker room as we see the whole team in the locker room as Tom is catching them up on the situation. We then see Bob grab Kendrick and take him into the hallway to break the news to him. Bob: Kendrick I am sorry but I had to trade you away to the San Antonio Spurs today in the Stephen trade. I wanted to tell you this face to face like a man, I know it’s not the best news in the world but I hope you can respect that. Kendrick: I am a bit upset not gonna lie but I can respect that you told me face to face instead of hiding up in your office and calling me. Hopefully I can come back someday. Bob and Kendrick shake hands as Bob heads back up to his office. The day begins to go by normally as we see Bob eating lunch as Derrick Rose walks into his office. Derrick comes and sits down at Bob’s desk as they shake hands. Derrick: Okay Bob, I know it has been a hectic day but I have some good news for you I want to extend my contract with the team. Bob: Great let’s work on that right now. Bob and Derrick negotiate for over an 3 hours before agreeing on a deal. The deal is a 3 year addition on to his contract worth 100.47 Million. Bob: Derrick I just want you to promise me one thing. I want you to lead this team. Bring everyone together stronger and better than we were before today. Derrick: Deal. I promise you I will lead this team and give it my best effort to make everyone welcome on the Chicago Bulls. The two shake hands as Alice walks in as Derrick walks out. Alice: Been a long day you going home soon? Bob: Actually I am heading out now. Alice: Oh okay well I will wait for you. Need someone to talk to anyways. Bob and Alice then walk out together as they head home for today. The Bulls are now looking ahead to a road game against the Atlanta Hawks
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    Monda's Music Corner

    Random Recordings 5/25: TisaKorean TisaKorean is a soundcloud rapper from Houston, Texas and he is a character. He calls himself "soapy", specializes in "Houston jiggin base knocking sound" and wears all Aeropostale jumpsuits to flex. And you would be able to guess that by his music. He had a hit with the creation of his #woahchallenge. Oh man. Note for this review: No bias in the review, but I already have heard of Tisa. from the woah challenge. I just have never listened and figured he'd be a great candidate. I'm going to add a 'Favorite Lyric: tidbit just because he says some completely outrageous shit. TisaKorean - A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman (8gency) LalalaLah (Intro): 1/5 - man what is this. The beat is too disjointed giving it no jig or dance ability. The song is borderline ominous with Tisa's "lalalalala" as apart of the chorus beat. Tisa didn't really have his charisma in his voice either. Favorite Lyric: "I'm like, have you seen her ass suck a fuckin' popsicle?" WatchOut (1st Period): 2/5 - The beat sound like someone flipping through the channels on TV. There's a slight dance ability here. The skit in the beginning is... interesting? Favorite Lyric: These n****s lame, they put the N in lasagna Slush From Sonic: 3/5 - A sly intro from Tisa start the track out right. His off-beat, sloshy rapping works perfectly. Favorite Lyric: "But the bitch got bread, and I want that crust (ew, pizza)" 4th Period Test (TESTINGSWAG): 4.5/5 - A very jiggy beat leads the way for this track. The gunshots instead of a traditional snare is a cool choice. The name of the song is phenomenal as well. Favorite Lyric: "Dick on her face, help her acne" Frunt (5th Period Crush): 1/5 - Another song with a skit, and Tisa doesn't have that charisma to carry this many skits. I'm afraid it's gonna be a theme here. This song stinks. It smells. If I had to describe it, it's the musical form of eating pizza from a Chinese food place. Favorite Lyric: none Lunchtime (Riddlesong): 3/5 - Favorite Lyric: She got the beans but where the fuck the rice at? Author's Edit: Yeah, uh, I'm not going to finish this. It's unbearable. Tisa is a 5-song mixtape guy. A full album is absolute torture. Score: 49 Next review: Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor, suggested by @Arius
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    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the premier Event for Wii Blood Sports! To kick off the show Shigeru Miyamoto is standing in the middle of the ring with the Original WBS roster that is taking part in the very first show. Workers in the ring include New Jack, Sabu, Hayabusa and Tomoaki Honma. Shigeru Miyamoto thanks all the fans for coming and wishes them a very bloody show! FIRST MATCH: [Monster's Ball Match] "The GLADIATOR" Mike Awesome vs "The Monster" Abyss VS First to approach the ring is the GLADIATOR, Mike Awesome. The man is walking with purpose as he wants to be in the history books as the first person to ever get a win on a Wii Blood Sports event. Next to enter is a man completely unknown to the wrestling world, appearing seemingly out of nowhere with missing teeth and a tattered mask covering his face "Abyss" looks like he has risen up from Hades itself to seek revenge on any and all who stand in his way, and his first target is a gladiator. ======================================================================================= Shigeyo motions for the bell to be rung and we are underway! The first ever scheduled match in the history of WBS and its a doozy. A MONSTERS BALL match.. Whatever that means.. as we have never seen nor have ever been told what actually happens in a monsters ball match, all we know is that Abyss asked for it and the powers that be gave him it. As soon as the bell is rung both Abyss and Awesome leave the ring and start looking under the ring, Abyss finds 4 chairs a Table, and a bag of unknown contents. Awesome finds a Barb wire board, a box full of light tubes, and a chair of his own, they throw them all into the ring and start going at it! It doesn't take long until the chairs start getting used, and its Abyss with the first shot as he clatters Awesome on the dome piece. Then he gets a receipt from Awesome! and before long they're having a striking exchange with steel chairs! After about 3 minutes of none stop chairs Awesome is beginning to lose the exchange when he rakes the eyes of Abyss! The goes to the top rope for an insane TOP ROPE CHAIRSHOT After that Chairshot Awesome is in control, and just begins manhandling the near 300 pound monster. A few moments later Awesome see's the table Abyss introduced... smirks to himself and begins to construct the table a few feet away from the edge of the ring at ringside, he then enters the ring and picks up a lifeless Abyss, and after steadying himself... YEETS Abyss right over the top rope and through the table on the outside! As Awesome is moving to the outside to pick up a lifeless Abyss, the arena that had been silent wondering whether Abyss is still alive heard a little click, and as soon as that click echoed Awesome's eyes expanded and he keeled over holding his groin, Abyss struggles to his feet only to show a STAPLER! Abyss had just stapled Awesome's balls! The crowd is going wild for the underdog even if it is his own match type. Abyss has a solid 5 minutes in control throwing Awesome and hitting him with Chairshots. Once he has Awesome down enough, he starts rummaging through the trash, looking for something to use.. its there he finds the box of light tubes that Awesome had found earlier, he grabs these, and places around 10 of them on top of the barbed wire board that he found in the beginning of the match. he then makes an X symbol with his arms and goes to put Awesome away, HOWEVER Awesome had been given too much time to recover and hits a LARIATTOOOOOOO that would make Hansen proud. Awesome see's Abyss's monstrosity and raises him one bag of mysterious contents, those mysterious contents turns out to be TACKS. Awesome lathers the barb wire and light tubes with the tax and goes to pick Abyss up, he waits a second, composing himself... and BANG.. a plume of white smoke appears and mixed with the agonising screams of Abyss makes for one horrific sight, Mike Awesome just Awesome bombed Abyss through light tubes and tacks onto a barb wire board!!! (the associated gif isn't the best but its the only one I could see that looked anything like what I was going for, just imagine the board on the ground and the glass is light tubes lol) Mike Awesome collapses onto Abyss, still feeling his lower body.. and with the first cover in this unholy mess of a match... Mike Awesome defeats Abyss by Pinfall at 14:43 (TEW rating 56) (I've posted this now as a little introduction, the other matches will be on the next post I just wanted to see people's responses to this haha, also if anyone knows how I can improve or just thinks i'm doing a really bad job of this hmu on discord cause I know i'm bad lol)
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    FDS FDS in May 2019 Birth name Daniel Stevenson Born February 23rd 1989, Sydney, Australia Residence Sydney, Australia Professional wrestling career Ring name(s) FDS FD FDSlater FDKO FDWyatt FDMizdow FDBNB FDAustin FDR FDNF Daniel Vice Billed height 5ft 10 Billed weight 205lbs (92 KG) Billed from Sydney, Australia Trained by Monda Ryan Infinite Debut December 2012 Daniel Stevenson (Born February 23rd, 1989) is an Australian Professional Wrestler best known by his Ring Name FDS. FDS is best known for his work in BPZ where he is the current BPZ Premium Champion. and work over in Japan under the ring name Daniel Vice. Early life Stevenson was born on February 23rd of 1989. He was born into a middle class family and has noted that he was bullied severely throughout his childhood. In one interview in regards to the inspiration for one of his more famous characters Stevenson noted "When I was growing up I recall wanting to murder and hurt all the people who picked on me because of my smaller size and that made me an easy target, so I would write down all the horrible things I wanted to do to them and would later use that as inspiration". It is notable that Stevenson's family also moved around a lot with Stevenson having lived in four separate countries due to his father's job requiring them to relocated several times, Stevenson has noted that this has helped him adapt to life on the road throughout his career Professional wrestling career[edit] Early Career (2012-2014) Stevenson began training to be a pro wrestler in early 2012, it has been stated that Stevenson was not a product of the BPZ Performance Centre as many believe but in fact was trained to wrestle by Ryan Infinite and Monda two men who he would later encounter throughout his time in BPZ. Stevenson wrestled on the independents for two years mostly as an enhancement talent only winning a handful of championships along the way to BPZ. Stevenson would have his final independent wrestling match in August of 2014 before officially signing with BPZ for the first time. BPZ (2014-2015) In September of 2014 it was announced that Stevenson had signed an exclusive contract with BPZ. He would quickly find success in BPZ debuting under the name FDSlater and becoming the inaugural United States Champion however he would be forced to vacate the championship due to injury. In January of 2015 he would make his return to BPZ where he would become the first ever two time united states champion however like his previous run with the championship he would immediately lose the title to Apex a month after winning it. Stevenson would then move away from the United States Championship instead opting to pursue other championships. He would begin with the European Championship however would find no success within that division during his first run in BPZ. Stevenson would also continuously have multiple character changes throughout his first run in BPZ which lead to backstage frustrations and he would feel that his work was going unnoticed. Stevenson would have a notable lengthy feud with Sameer over the Premium Championship during what was called the streak. Stevenson would eventually defeat Sameer to capture the Premium Championship however would lose it back to Sameer a month later in what was called at the time "The worst Championship Reign in BPZ History". Stevenson's contract would expire in September of 2015 however he would continue to work the promotion making on again and off again appearances before leaving the company in October 2015. Japan (2015-2016) Stevenson would begin making working in Real Japan Pro Wrestling in October of 2015 dropping the name FD entirely and moving over to the identity of Daniel Vice. Stevenson would credit his time in Japan for teaching him many valuable lessons and helping him find his passion in Pro Wrestling yet again. Stevenson would win the RJPW Openweight Championship, RJPW Tag Team Championship and RJPW Intercontinental Championship during his time there however it was his Violent Deathmatches that wowed audiences that Stevenson credits for saving his life. Stevenson stated in an interview "I was at my whits end, I had just left BPZ and I didn't have anything left in me but then RJPW gave me a call and offered me a deathmatch, I took it because I figured my body was worthless anyway I might as well tear it to pieces but it was through that pain that I found the spark in me that I needed to keep going, to keep wrestling and to keep on living.". Stevenson would work his final match in RJPW in February of 2016 losing the RJPW Openweight Championship to long time rival Tetsuya Sano. Return to BPZ (2016 - Present) In January of 2016 Stevenson made a one off appearance in the Royal Rumble but would be quickly eliminated. It wasn't until March of 2016 that Stevenson would make his full return to the company, Stevenson would begin entering the European Championship picture participating in the Ladder match at BPZMania 1 however he would lose in the match. Stevenson would continue to pursue the European Championship until July of 2016 where at the King of The Ring Pay-Per-View under the persona of "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" he won a multi man match to win the Title. Stevenson would then lose the championship a month later to the returning Prince, he would then feud with Prince briefly over the championship ultimately failing to win the championship. In October of 2016 Stevenson would form a tag team with his former trainer Ryan Infinite known as the Empire of Greatness, They would go onto win the BPZ Tag Team Championship ending the reign of the Kings Amongst Peasants (Tamer & Slim). They would unfortunately vacate the titles due to Ryan suffering an injury, Stevenson would then move into the intercontinental Championship division and would fail multiple times at winning the title, during this time Stevenson would be awarded the Carnage Television Championship however he would lose the championship two weeks later to Ark Universe who would be the final champion in the titles short history. Stevenson would reform the Empire of Greatness with Ryan Infinite (Now going by Ryan Reeves) but would turn on him in February of 2017 as Stevenson would debut the Rainmaker gimmick. At BPZMania II Stevenson would capture the Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his career but would quickly lose it to Smith a month later after a short lived rivalry with Apex. Stevenson would then enter a rivalry with Flynn, who 6 months beforehand had defeated Stevenson in dominant fashion to retain the intercontinental championship, for the Carnage Universal Championship. Stevenson would ultimately fail to defeat Flynn in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the championship at Judgement Day. Stevenson would then enter the King of The Ring tournament for the third time, the previous two times he had been eliminated in the first round, in this tournament however Stevenson defeated Josh Scott and Ark Universe, his then CHAOS stablemates, before ultimately losing to tournament winner BIC in the Semi-Finals. After this match Scott would turn on Stevenson and align with BIC, Ark and Stevenson would then quietly disband CHAOS. Stevenson would then continue his pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship failing to capture it multiple times with the final time being at Halloween Havoc 2017 after the match Stevenson abandoned the Rainmaker persona and became "The Emperor Of Chaos", A psychotic, vicious, maniacal persona that would seek to compete in the most brutal matches possible. Stevenson would then go on a short period of dominance defeating BIC at Carnage Power Trip: Redemption, then defeating Ark Universe in a Number One Contenders Match for the EVOLVE Global Championship at Survivor Series and defeating Smith to win the Intercontinental Championship for the Second Time. Stevenson would then capture the EVOLVE Global Championship from Natedog at Evolve Takeover: PRIDE, Stevenson would successfully defend the Intercontinental Championship at December to dismember before losing it to Slim at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-view, He would also successfully defend the Global Championship against Jonathan however after the Intercontinental Championship match Ark would cash in his To The Top Contract on Stevenson defeating him for the championship. Stevenson would then win the Intercontinental Championship for the Third time at Saint Valentines Day Massacre 2018 but would lose it at BPZMania III to Josh Scott, during this time he would also begin teaming with Necce as they would make it to the semi-finals of the BPZ Tag Team Classic before beginning a short lived rivalry which resulted in the formation of the faction Ruin. Stevenson would team with Johnny Kills (formerly Jonathan) as Ruin to win the BPZ Tag Team Championships for the second time in his career. Ruin would successfully defend their tag team championships at Backlash 2018 before losing them to the Kingdom at Mayhem 2018. Ruin would disband after this loss, Stevenson would then challenge for the BPZ World Championship for the first time in his career at Judgement Day against Flynn a full year after their match for the Universal Championship, Stevenson would fail to capture the championship due to interference from Slim causing for the match to be ruled a no contest. Stevenson would then compete in the King of The Ring Tournament for the Fourth time before being eliminated in the Quarter Finals by eventual winner Julius Jones. Stevenson would then announce he'd be taking time off due to injury. In November of 2018 videos would begin to air teasing the return of Stevenson, Stevenson would make his return to BPZ in December of 2018 begin a feud with Necce, Stevenson would defeat Kieron Black in his return match at the Night Of Legends Pay-Per-View however his rivalry with Necce would suddenly end due to Necce taking a scripted leave from the company. Stevenson would then compete for the vacant global championship ultimately losing in a four way match also involving Kieron Black, Yelich and eventual Winner Echo Wilson. Stevenson would then align himself with Wilson under the name "The Blacklist" the two would compete in matches at BPZMania and Backlash both losing in their respective matches, The Blacklist would disband after Wilson quietly left the company. Stevenson would then compete in the Power Trip Cup being eliminated in the first round by Aaron North. Stevenson would then begin working under the persona "The Wrestler" which he would find success under defeating MARKER and Aaron North to win the Premium Championship for the Second Time in his career. After the match, Stevenson would be confronted by a returning Monda backstage. Personal Life Stevenson is mixed race, his father is Asian and his mother is caucasian. Stevenson is a firm believer in Animal Rights and openly supports the World Wildlife Fund and has made several donations to them. Stevenson has stated that he is single by choice and that he doesn't see how a relationship could bring any increase in value to his life. Stevenson has an Older Brother in business. Stevenson has his own signature bottle of Whiskey known as "The Gimmick Changer" a reference to his multiple personas over his career as a pro wrestler. Stevenson has two cats Albert and Diesel. Championships and accomplishments[edit] BrendenPlayz Wrestling BPZ Intercontinental Championship (3 Times) BPZ United States Championship (2 Times, Inaugural) BPZ Premium Championship (2 Times, Current) BPZ European Championship (1 Time) BPZ Tag Team Champion (2 Times with Ryan Infinite (1) and Johnny Kills (2)) BPZ Evolve Global Champion (1 Time) BPZ Carnage Television Champion (1 Time) BPZ Tag Team Classic (2018) with Necce & Johnny Kills Slammy Awards (3 Times (The CHUMP is Here (2015), The Storyteller (2016) and Mr. No Days Off (2017)) BPZ Hall of Fame (Class of 2019) Real Japan Pro Wrestling RJPW Openweight Champion (2 Times) RJPW Intercontinental Champion (1 Time) RJPW Tag Team Champion (1 Time with Tetsuya Sano) RJPW Match of the year with Tetsuya Sano (2015) All Australian Wrestling AAW Hardcore Champion (3 Times) AAW Outback Champion (1 Time) South Pacific Pro Wrestling SPPW Cruiserweight Champion (1 Time) Black Forest Pro Wrestling BFPW Heavyweight Champion (1 Time) BFPW King of the Forest (2013)
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    Jeremiah Flynn


    Flynn nods, fully taking in what Bart has thrown at him. Finally Flynn speaks, he speaks with passion continuing his war of words with “The Villain”. You know you are correct. I do need to win this match but it’s more then for my own personal glory Bart, in case you couldn’t tell I’ve experienced far more then I ever expected to here in BPZ. I need to win because that Undisputed Championship needs me to be its champion. It needs me to raise its prestige, it needs a true champion. You want to know why I don’t have too many matches? What is my place Bart? Me being here every single week with no purpose burying whoever I’m out against does nothing but hurt the product. Surely you aren’t too thick skulled to see that? However I’m back on a full time basis and I can promise you that. Prior to my hiatus, I had worked every single show in 2019, and more importantly I’ve Main evented more shows in 2019 then anyone else. Because I was the World Champion and at the heart of it all I am exactly what I claimed to be when I came to this company four years ago, a prize fighter and you hold my prize. And in case you haven’t done your research and so far it’s seemed you’ve lacked, my win column as a challenger of a championship outweighs my losses tenfold. Now I’ll try to repeat myself as you have by consistently reminding me that you are a paper champion which while just being an off handed comment to begin with, it appears to have struck a nerve with you. However Bart it is indisputable. 60 days with NO TITLE DEFENSES. And the days only grow now. It’s pathetic. When I was Universal Champion, within my first sixty days I had FOUR Title defenses to my resume. So what is your excuse Bart? I showed every week just why I am “The King” of BPZ. All you’ve shown is your the “Villain” of catering because since dealing with Echo you’ve lived there. Champions don’t wait for their challengers, champions go out and find them. Yet you have the nerve to say I’m afraid? I’d like to show you just how afraid I am. Put that title on the line right here right now. Show the World who the best in the world is.
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    WWE Brand Split Official Discussion

    I feel with the declining ratings over the last year and people generally losing interest in the product, the one thing everyone turned to for the problem was the brand split. We have seen this story before with the original brand split where WWE just seems to get bored of it so they try and Shake it up to make it feel more entertaining which is what they have done here with the wildcard rule. The fact that RAW and SD are going to be on different TV networks may mean however that the brand split will remain. I don't think Fox wants to promote stars on USA and visa versa
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    Blade's theme song hits and he makes his way to the ring carrying a chair in hand. Get throws the chair into the ring and goes around and takes the announcers microphone from him then gets in the ring. Setting the chair up in the middle of the ring then sits it in then lifts the microphone up to speak. Blade, "Its been a while hasn't it since I been in a Carnage ring like this. Mayhem has come and gone. Once again I sit here with a all too familiar feeling that have grown to loathe more and more every month. That is Failure." Blade pauses as the crowd boo what he said and him. Then resumes speaking after a moment of silence Blade, "Failures, each and every month since BPZmania and before I have seen failures at every step I try to step out and break out from the glass ceiling that I have been stuck under for all too long now. First as Hollow I tried to break out using insane ideas to rise up and grab the brass ring of success and I failed. Failed to win the Universal Championship. Failed to recapture the Premium Championship. I even failed to capture the Money in the Bank Briefcase on the same night I failed to recapture the Premium Championship. BPZmania 4 wasn't the first but it was the start of the biggest failures I have seen as of late. World at War 2 was moment of glory even though it ended in failure. I achieved what I wanted, a match that I created. I got just that as Hollow, but after World at War 2, it has been all down hill from the loss of that match. I went into Backlash for my first world title match. Facing the corrupt champion that you all worship like the sheep you are. I failed to dethrone him then so I decided I would take out everyone he would put me in the ring with after that. So in comes round one of the Power Trip cup. I faced BIC that I said I'd leave him a heap in the ring after I beat him in the very first round. And guess what to surprise to nobody I failed again. Then Mayhem the last event I made promises to beat Bailey and Slim and save the championship from the egomaniacs that hold and chase that title. Nanovirus was added and everyone but the champion failed. So the title is still in the hands the biggest egomaniac of BPZ and I failed again. Failure after failure, after failure. Its enough to form a hatred for the lack of success. But now with this hatred of failure and anger from losing. Is that great? Blade keeps losing over and over again. I have fallen lower then I have ever have. And you all cheer for it." Blade pauses as the crowd chant 'You deserve it' Blade, "Fallen so low, but I have a chance coming up at the Power Trip Cup event itself to let out my anger on a poor individual to be picked to my opponent in this event. One would assume this is the best chance for someone to make a name for themselves. Get a shot at a multi time champion that has been losing constantly. Who wouldn't jump at a chance at that. It could spark to make someone get a streak of winning. Looking to make a name for themselves out of the expense of one that keeps losing, but there is a problem in that line of thinking at the next power trip cup. As the one who keeps losing has nothing left to lose, and what is more dangerous then a man with nothing to lose? An angry man with nothing to lose and looking for someone to unless his anger on. So lets look at the Power Trip Cup Event. My opponent, Bubby Ace. I am not going to waste my time telling you all the faults of my opponent. I will just say this. Buddy Ace you got dealt the short straw here. Out of anyone you could have faced you are against the one person on the BPZ roster that will do anything it takes to make sure he wins. You will be facing my wrath at this Power Trip Cup Event. My failures are going to be the fuel that drives me forward that instigates the pure destruction that will happen on the fourteenth. All these failures come to an end one way or another." Blade lays the microphone down and sits there just listening to the boos of the crowd as he sends his message to his opponent at the Power Trip Cup Event.
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Devil's Remain

    Coming off a commercial success pay per view in Mayhem where the main event saw The Bailey successfully defended his World Championship against three other contenders, but that's not the least of it as it's now announced at JUDGEMENT DAAAAAAAAAAY he will defend his World Championship in a second fatal four way match with JoshNow, Hall Of Famer Nanovirus, and former World Champion Bashka. Earlier in the night, Bashka made his return and announced his going for the World Heavyweight Championship, which also had some strong words going for Nanovirus himself, which in quote was "Nanovirus..well, he certainly won't do it because he just sucks", then the screen freezes on that quote before going static. The scenario places up at a graveyard, marked tombstones placed in the ground, graves everywhere you stepped, and then stopped at a open grave in the ground, and Nanovirus standing beside the grave, a emotionless look planted on his face as he stares down at the open grave, inside looking like a bottomless abyss. "Everyone said that I would never come close again. They said I was washed up, that being old and missing six months of action, the Ruler Of Hell would never preform good, yet, I proved everyone wrong. One second I was from sealing my destiny, but Slim…. Slim getting pinned was what angered me the most. I was close… a hairline away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship, until this now useless part timer lost. But, I don't gotta worry about him at Judgement Day, but now, I got to worry about another challenger for the Championship I'm going for, Bashka. You ran your mouth about me, but fail to realize that you're the one that has this coming. You call yourself God, but let the truth be be heard that you, you're no God. Because no God needs someone's help two out of three times to win the title, and not cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on his tag partner out of nowhere. A God doesn't run when Heel comes a knocking on his door. And a God doesn't leave, come back, says he's staying for good, only to leave a week later. Bashka be honest with me. When you sit at home, thinking of a return to BPZ-" Nanovirus then places his hands together, almost like a prayer and looks up at the sky. "You look at the heavens above, and you try to talk to God. "Oh God, give me the strength to come back. Give me the strength to dig down deep to the find the loyalty I lost for this company. Give me the strength to comeback after I lost the passion for BPZ. LORD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO LOOK THIS COMPANY I WALKED AWAY FROM EAZY AND COME BACK AND ACTED LIKE I'M OWED A DAMN!" Nanovirus breathes heavy as thunder rips through the sky as lightning lights up the scenery as rain starts to pour down, Nanovirus getting soaked within the first two minutes of the rain falling down as Nanovirus remains looking up at the sky before looking at the camera. "And God looked down at you, ashamed. He's ashamed at what you became. Went from General Manager to a General Nothing. From Intercontinental Champion to the Champion of Couch Sitting. You went from bragging that no matter what I achieve, I'll never ever make it to the Hall Of Fame, and I did, and trust me, it's not because they needed a extra body, or else they would of thrown your buddy Joh in there ages ago. This isn't 2015 Bashka, this is 2019 and times has flown by you with ease. You need to keep up with the times and see that if we ask the name guys about you, that your name would get a "Who?". "Who is Bashka?" What a legacy Bash. Your legacy is known by those who were with you, let my legacy was known by the new guys and they never saw me go. I'm not a former three time World Champion like you, and I was known. I'm not a former General Manager like you and I'm more known. And by their terms, to them your legacy is a JOKE. Run your mouth, and you'll be seeing me sooner than you want. Hell Bashy, I was free at Power Trip Cup too. And what a better way for Bashka to return then getting pinned by the man he never beat one on one? Getting pinned by the man who can easily pin you against at Judgement Day and become the World Heavyweight Champion? Maybe, if the General Manager is willing enough when he's not taking spotlight from other members, gives you and me a match up at Power Trip Cup. Do you think you can handle it? Do you still got it? Do you believe in yourself enough or will you let these people down like you let us down whenever you leave? Times ticking Bash." Nanovirus looks down at the ground before picking up a plastic bag. He reaches inside the bag and pulls out a Bashka action figure, available on BPZShop.com. "Ticking on your washed up career." Nanovirus tosses the action figure into the grave and laughs as inside the grave a fire starts, and it gets bigger the louder Nanovirus laughs as BPZ goes to commercial.
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    Jeremiah Flynn


    It doesn’t take too long to be greater by “The King” himself as he steps out onto the stage, his eyes firmly locked on Bart, before finally he marches directly to the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope into the ring and locks eyes with the Undisputed Champion. He slowly circles around “The Villain” before retrieving his own microphone. He looks long and hard at Bart before finally, he speaks. For years I’ve prided myself on my ability to stay a step ahead of the curve. That no matter how much physical and mental pain I’ve been put through that it doesn’t slow me down. I am always ready for the next battle. I understand that when it comes to you Bart, it is a mental battle. You are no hulking beast like your peer Julius, it isn’t about overcoming your raw physical abilities, it’s about outsmarting you, and for you, it’s about finding a way to beat me that so few have done. So Bart, how intelligent do you find it to walk down to this ring after nearly taking a months hiatus as Undisputed Champion and making the claim that the biggest opponent of your life is just like everyone else. You know Julius said that earlier this year when I challenged him for the World Championship. That was Bailey’s one argument against me heading into Night of Legends. Yelich made the claims that I wasn’t the Flynn of old and I beat him in six seconds. Maybe I’ll just have to settle with beating you in FIVE Bart? You see it wasn’t until Bailey admitted who I am that he was able to overcome me at BPZ Mania. He knows to this day who is the best in this god damn company. So you must understand just how ignorant you sound when you come out here and you say that I’m just like everyone else, don’t you? Because by saying that you know that you literally sound JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. It’s not fresh, it’s not new to throw your opponents into a grouping with the rest of the trash you’ve been mopping the floor with for years but I’m not the rest of the trash Bart. You must understand though Bart, I’ve been at this for a long time. I’ve come to the understanding to go into every match with a new strategy, a new mindset because all of my opponents are different in their own little ways. It’s how as I said earlier I’ve remained a step ahead of the curve. You are on the rise Bart and you believe BPZ is yours for the taking. You’ve had no reason to this point to not think that either. You’ve dominated and you’ve beaten all that defy you. I was a lot like you. I’m going to put you through the harsh reality that I faced many years ago. In BPZ, anyone can win on any day. Never believe that you are untouchable. Expect anything else.
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 6 Opening Match Ironman Championship Tournament Quarter Finals: Hirooki Goto VS Taichi In the opening match of the show, one of CHAOS’ Heavy hitters took on the Holy Emperor Himself. The two men went back and forth strikes and throws just taking each other around the ring. Taichi of course threw in his usual dirty tricks, stretching the rules to his whims. Taichi looked to have the match won after a black mephisto but Goto got his foot on the ropes forcing the referee to throw out the pinfall. Taichi would then try for several more moves but after a shouten-kai from Goto it spelled the beginning of the end. Goto would then mount a serious comeback before finishing things off with a GTR for the victory. Match 2: Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) VS Firing Squad (Keith Lee, Killer Kross & Tanga Loa) The next match came about due to Firing Squad interfering in the match between CHAOS and Legion last night. The match pitted the two teams that will collide at Clash of the Titans for the Trios Championships although it will be a different combination of Firing Squad. Legion would immediately go after Firing Squad hitting them with stereo suicide dives to jump start the match. The two groups would then brawl throughout the entirety of the match. The match would conclude suddenly with Keith Lee catching Tommy End with a spirit bomb to pick up the victory over Legion. After the match, the monsters would continue to dismantle Legion until Tomohiro Ishii and The Best Friends made the save from them. Legion and CHAOS would then show each other respect but the animosity between Ishii and Whiplash was apparent ahead of their quarter final clash in the Ironman Championship tournament. Match 3: Kairi Sane & Toni Storm VS Ruby Riot & Mia Yim In some women’s division action Kairi Sane teamed up with Toni Storm to take on Ruby Riot and Mia Yim. The hard hitting team of Yim and Riot took it to the japanese style of Sane and the UK Influenced style of Storm. The two teams went at it beating the living hell out of each other with hard hitting maneuvers and extremely powerful strikes. The match ultimately came down to two women who had previously faced off in the quarterfinals of the iron women's championship tournament in Mia YIm and Toni Storm however this would be interrupted by Jordynne Grace who would take out both women causing a double disqualification. Grace would then beat down both Riot and Sane as well bulldozing her way around the women’s division. Match 4: CCK VS K.E.S In a match that pit two teams that have already qualified for the Tag Team Championship ladder match CCK took on KES. Predictably KES attacked CCK before the bell beginning the match by swinging it in the favour of the two monstrous super heavyweights. CCK would have to fight back valiantly even to just make up some ground. Another issue that came with CCK facing KES was their inability to hit the Ink bomb on either member of KES. CCK somehow managed to get a little bit of an advantage being able to hit Lance Archer with the Sick Fucking tag move… or so they though as Lance countered it and powerbombed Lykos into Brookes before they could complete the move. Brookes would get taken out of the match by DBS JR who would hit Brookes with a running powerslam on the outside. KES Would then finish the match with a Killer Bomb on Lykos and pin him for the victory. After the match KES began to beat down CCK but were stopped barely by WALTER and Timothy Thatcher who came and helped their Schadenfreude stablemates. Match 5: Schadenfreude (Aussie Open & WALTER) VS WRSTLING (LAX & Jeff Cobb) WALTER would not have anytime to recuperate as he would immediately have a match teaming up with his other Schadenfreude team mates Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis to take on WRSTLING’S Jeff Cobb, Santana and Ortiz. The two groups would go it and WALTER and Cobb especially would fight ahead of their quarter final Ironman Championship tournament Clash exchanging suplexes and chops as the two heavyweight behemoths beat the living hell out of each other. LAX and Aussie Open meanwhile demonstrated their tag team chemistry against each other being able to display excellent tag team maneuvers that just flowed like a river. The match came to an end when LAX managed to isolate Kyle Fletcher and hit him with the Street Sweeper to pick up the victory. After the match, WALTER and Cobb would continue to brawl beating the living hell out of each other. Match 6 Tag Team Ladder Match Qualifier: The Wolves VS Mexablood In the final tag team ladder match qualifier, The Wolves making their ICPW debut would be taking on Mexablood. The two two teams displayed hard hitting, fast paced offense with the wolves matching the Lucha Libre style of Mexablood utilising the hard hitting strong style the two have perfected over time. The Wolves were especially vicious though brutalising Flamita and Bandido with strikes and throwing them into the steel steps and barricade. Mexablood would fight through the pain however trying their absolute best and it even looked they had the match won after Bandido hit a moonsault press on Richards but the referee was knocked down before this so Bandido was unable to make the count. The match concluded when Bandido would go for the 21-Plex but would get hit in the face by Edwards with “Kenny” the kendo stick. The wolves would hit the powerbomb, backstabber combination for the victory. Match 7: Robbie Eagles VS David Starr In the semi-main event of the evening, two of the JR Heavyweights in the JR Heavyweight Championship gauntlet faced each other as The Sniper of the Skys took on The Product. Eagles and Starr had a very distinct clash of styles with Starr focusing on his technical ability while Eagles demonstrated his distinct targeted high flying style that he has perfect over a long period of time. Eagles would manage to take control of the match during the early stages but Starr would be able to peak his way through every now and then demonstrating his impressive ability. Starr and Eagles would continue to have an incredibly solid technical wrestling match but it would come down to Eagles missing the 450 splash which would allow Starr to take advantage and lock in the inverted sharpshooter on eagles for the victory. Main Event: Second Chance Battle Royal Heavyweight Championship qualifier (Mark Haskins, Tomohiro Ishii, Apollo Crews, Sami Callihan, Cesaro, Eddie Kingston, Chris Renfrew (Spot awarded by Tommy End), Rampage Brown, Timothy Thatcher & Trent Seven) In the second chance battle royal it was a scramble to get the ultimate opportunity to qualify for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship match at Clash of The Titans. The first elimination was Eddie Kingston who got taken out by Rampage Brown who tossed him out of the ring after a piledriver. Surprisingly Timothy Thatcher was out next as KES ran down and pulled him off the Apron then hit him with a Killer bomb through the announce table. Trent Seven would then go out after getting eliminated by Chris Renfrew and Sami Callihan. Callihan would then try to turn on Renfrew who would therefore trick Callihan dropping him with the T-Virus before eliminated him. Renfrew would stay in the match for much longer as Cesaro would send him onto the Apron before uppercutting him off it eliminating him. Rampage Brown and Tomohiro Ishii would then have a stare down as the two men beat the living hell out of each other before Ishii would eliminate both of them with a brainbuster off the Apron. The final 3 were Mark Haskins, Apollo Crews and Cesaro. Cesaro and Crews went at it first trying to take each other out, Crews appeared to have it ready but Cesaro would manage to get the shock elimination on Crews countering the Spin out powerbomb. Cesaro and Haskins then had a back and forth of trying to take each other out of the match Haskins would finally eliminate Cesaro with a Death Valley Driver over the top rope onto the Apron to qualify for the world title match. After the match, Jimmy Havoc came out and congratulated his tag team partner but would send a very stern warning considering they would be opponents in the Title match. Suzuki and Zack would then come down and attack Havoc and Haskins which would turn into a full on brawl to close the show with Suzuki-Gun standing tall.
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Pokemon League Conference

    I just found this bro and WOW, its one of the best looking diaries on the forums and even though I've never been a big pokemon fan, this is hella cool man. Keep it up!
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    WCW 2001: Shane O'Mac Style

    WCW Lives June 8, 2001 WCW Voltage Shane Promo WCW Voltage kicks off as we see the commissioner of Voltage Shane O'Mac is backstage. Shane: Hello everyone and welcome to WCW Voltage. Now do we have a night for you. We will have not one but two championship matches here tonight. We will see womens title and the returning cruiserweight championship on the line. We will also see the two remaining first round matchups in the World Championship tournament take place. We will see Goldberg vs Mike Awesome and Ken Shamrock vs John Cena. The winners of those will go on to the second round and become one step closer to becoming the first ever WCW Global champion. But let’s get down to business as we start off with a triple threat match for the womens title. The crowd cheers as we cut to the ring. Match 1- Triple Threat Match for Voltage Womens Title: Lana Star vs Stacy Keibler vs Mickie James We see the three women in the ring; Lana Star, Stacy Keibler, and Mickie James. We hear the bell ring as Stacy and Lana both start beating down on Mickie. We see them throw Mickie out of the ring as they then focus on each other. Stacy and Lana begin exchanging punches in the center of the ring but Stacy hits Lana with a big kick sending her to the mat. We then see Stacy begin to slam Lana’s head into the mat. Mickie though climbs back into the ring as she grabs Stacy off of Lana and hits her with multiple punches driving her into the corner. She then runs at Stacy in the corner hitting her with a clothesline. Stacy staggers around the ring still on her feet. Mickie though drops her with a Mick Kick! She goes for the cover but Lana Star throws her out of the ring and goes for the cover instead. 1...2...3. Lana Star is the new Voltage Womens Champion after stealing the pinfall from Mickie James. Southern Justice Promo We cut backstage to see Dutch Mantell with the new voltage tag team champions Bart Gunn and James Storm, Southern Justice. Dutch Mantell: Last week you all saw why Southern Justice is the top tag team on Voltage. No one can compare to the team of Bart Gunn and James Storm. These two are the premiere athletes on Voltage and we are going to prove that day in and day out. These titles are not going anywhere as long as we are on Voltage. There is no tag team on this brand that can change that cause they are just like all of you people worthless people that fill their roles and that role is being at the bottom where you belong. So we have wasted enough of our time with you low lifes. C’mon boys we have better things to do. [We cut back to the ring as we see the Youngbloods Champion AJ Styles with a mic] AJ Styles Open Challenge AJ: Okay let’s get this over with whoever thinks they are a young blood and wants to get beat down. Just come on out here it’s time for your beating. [We see AJ wait in the ring as we hear a new theme hit as it’s Brian Kendrick with Sunny] We see Kendrick enter the ring as the bell rings. AJ simply laughs at him and goes for a clothesline but Kendrick ducks hitting Styles with a pele kick. Styles though gets right back up annoyed. He hits Kendrick with a few forearms then a dropkick sending Kendrick flying through the middle rope. We then see Styles go for a suicide dive but Sunny gets in the way. Styles stops in his tracks yelling at Sunny. Styles and Sunny continue to argue as Sunny gets up on the ring apron. We then see Kenrick sneak around the ring entering behind Styles. Kendrick rolls Styles up from behind 1...2...3. Brian Kendrick has beat AJ Styles and is the new WCW Young Bloods Champion. After the match we see Styles walk backstage furious as he can’t believe what just happened. [Voltage then cuts to a commercial break] Match 2- Mike Awesome vs Goldberg We cut back to see Goldberg and Mike Awesome in the ring. As it is time for their first round match. We see Awesome take it to Goldberg driving him to the corner right away. But Goldberg has none of it hitting Awesome with a big right hand sending Awesome staggering toward the middle of the ring. We then see Goldberg run at Awesome and hit him with a spear! Goldberg then heads to another corner and lines Awesome up again. He then runs at Goldberg delivering another spear! Goldberg then goes for the cover quickly on Awesome. 1..2..3. Goldberg has defeated Mike Awesome and moves on to the next round of the Global Championship Tournament. P.C.O Vignette We cut to a video and we see the man they call James Mitchell in a dark room lit by candles and the starlight seeming through a hole in the middle of the ceiling, with a large table with a even bigger figure lying on top. We see Mitchell point to the hole in the ceiling as lightning comes down striking the table as the figure begins to move. We then hear Mitchell shouting P.C.O is alive multiple times before we see the camera fade to black. Match 3- Cruiserweight Title Five Man Elimination Match: Ultimo Dragon vs Balor vs Shane Helms vs The Tiger Mask vs Rey Misterio We cut back to the ring as we see a group of competitors in the ring as it is time for the Cruiserweight Title Match. We see some new wrestlers in the ring, Ultimo Dragon and The Tiger Mask. We then also see some of WCW’s top cruiserweights in Shane Helms, Rey Misterio, and Balor. We see the bell ring as Balor and Ultimo Dragon both go after The Tiger Mask as Rey and Shane Helms go at it. We see Ultimo Dragon absolutely destroying The Tiger Mask with a mixture of punches and kicks before dropping him with a dropkick. We then see Balor hit The Tiger Mask with a coup de grace but the damage is not done yet as Ultimo Dragon locks in the dragon sleeper on The Tiger Mask. The Tiger Mask quickly taps out and just like that we are down to four men. Suddenly as Ultimo Dragon gets up though Balor rolls him up from behind 1..2..3. Ultimo Dragon has been eliminated. Now we are down to just three men. We see Ultimo Dragon exit the ring furious as Shane Helms bumps into him. Ultimo Dragon the delivers a superkick to Helms before walking to the back. We see Balor take advantage quickly as he rolls Helms into the ring. He climbs to the top rope and delivers another coup de grace. He goes for the cover 1..2..3. Shane Helms has been eliminated as we are own to two men. We then see Balor go pick up a downed Rey who was driven into the steel steps early on in the match. He rolls Rey into the ring. He goes to climb in but Rey is ready. Balor runs at Rey but Rey hits him with a hurricanrana sending Balor onto the middle rope. Rey then delivers a 619. Sending Balor onto his back in the middle of the ring. Rey then climbs to the top rope and hits Balor with a frog splash. He goes for the cover 1..2..3. Rey Misterio is the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Cena Ambush We cut to the locker room as we see John Cena layed out. John Cena has been attacked. We then see broken guitar pieces littered across the room. We then cut to the ring as we see Ken Shamrock in the ring. We then hear an announcement saying since John Cena is unable to compete Ken Shamrock is the winner by forfeit and is moving on to the next round of the Global Championship Match. The crowd is unhappy but the tournament must go on. Nitro then goes off air as we see Ken Shamrock smiling in the ring.
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    The Path

    [Carnage cuts to Bob Sparks driving through the woods on a 4-wheeler] [We can hear the song God’s Country by Blake Shelton playing in the background from a radio set up on the back of Bob’s 4-wheeler as Bob sings along] [We then see Bob stop to pick up a log that fell on the path as he looks at the camera] Bob: Well you know what they say on the path of life there are always obstacles that will try and get in your way. It is how you deal with them that shows who you really are. Yes, BiC did beat me at Mayhem and I am not afraid to admit that. He beat me fair and square 1..2..3. But I am not going to let me stop me from reaching the top. Although I may have not beaten BiC I did win the NXT battle royal. Which makes me the new NXT Champion. I also had great success in the PTC Cup beating Necce and Yelich. Although I may have not won the tournament I have opened some eyes. So much so that there was a new match announced that I am sure you have all heard about the number one contenders match for the North American Championship that I have been put in. [Bob throws the log down on the side of the path as he continues to speak] Bob: Now I will admit there are some tough opponents in this match for sure. But I also have to admit the nickname Double Belt Bob has a nice ring to it. So when I win that number one contenders match I am going to go on and beat whoever the North American Champion may be. If it is Arius I may be the only one in this match that can defeat him. Cause at Mayhem we all saw what happened Arius defeated Hans and Alex Costa. Two men who just couldn't get the job done. Both of which are in this match and both are going to once again lose as I stand tall. But first I have something to show you all so please come and follow me. [We see Bob get back on his 4-Wheeler as we see him drive to the shack] Bob: As you can see I fixed it up a little bit got a bunch of the boards that were blocking stuff out of the way and cut down most of the vines. Still haven’t been able to work much on the inside yet but I am hoping to do so soon. There is also a man by the name of Aaron North in this match who thinks he is some hot stuff, perfect even. Well Aaron I have dealt with your type before. You see there is a NXT jobber by the name of Bulldozer. He thinks he is perfect, he calls himself the god of wrestling. He put himself on such a pedestal, that when I came around all I watch as it crumbled beneath him as I exposed his girl and exposed him for the fraud he is in the Battle Royal. Now I may not be able to expose your girl Aaron but I promise to expose you in our match. [We then see Bob walk into the shack] Bob: What the hell is that? How did that even get in here? [We cut to see what seems like a Bulldozer tire sitting in the corner of the room] Bob: First the puppet in the rocking chair now this, what is going on? Well I will deal with that later right now I have to focus on my next match. A match that I have nothing to lose in. If I someone do lose I still have my NXT Championship to fall back on. For the other three guys if they lose what will it look like for them? Hans came up with all the momentum in the world from NXT. Now that he has made it up he just hasn't lived up to expectations. Alex Costa we will see how you deal with the loss after you lose to a so called “newbie”, my guess would be that you just continue your trend toward absolute irrelevance. We will also see as I expose Aaron North for the fraud that he really is. Cause I am the new rising star of BPZ and none of these men will be able to stop that. I as run through each and every one of them and go on to face the North American Champion. [We then see Bob grab a jug of moonshine as he looks into the camera, behind him we see a chalkboard now with 3 marks on it. As the camera fades to black]
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    We are live on YouTube for Gary Greens new series - “Being The Green.” The camera turns on and we see the familiar face of Gary Green, in the woods Green: Hello everyone and welcome to mine and Josh’s brand new series, Being the Green. Upon the request of our many fans we are using this series to show what happens in our everyday lives. Following Josh’s defeat to Julius, we have flown back to England because Josh doesn’t want to spend anytime outside “The One True Country” unless he has to. Anyway, he has a match against Birdman in 2 weeks so we will get to see how he prepares and how... Suddenly there’s a loud gunshot and we hear something hitting the floor. Gary drops the camera and we hear footsteps walking towards him Gary: F**king hell Josh. What are you thinking Josh picks up the camera and balances it on a tree so we can see both men Josh: Keep hold of the camera Gary. I’m pigeon shooting what did you expect. Don’t swear on BPZ TV Gary: We’re on YouTube not Carnage. Besides aren’t we live Josh: Yes Gary: Then how did it get bleeped out oh never mind. Anyway did you just kill a bird Josh: Yes. Well I was trying to shoot a clay pigeon but my phone beeped and I ended up hitting the real thing. Could you check my phone Gary: Sure Green pulls out the phone and shakes his head Josh: What is it Green: Get ready to pack your things. It’s a message from Bailey. He’s been watching our live stream Josh: He has? Green: Well his assistants brother has been watching it, but he’s found out we’re in the UK and wants us to fly back to the States immediately. Come on. Not the best way to end the first episode is it. Gary Walks off camera and Josh goes to join him, but suddenly picks up the bird smiling to himself. He stares at the camera Birdman, if that’s the name we are really going for here, you have already made a big mistake. When I first got here, I saw the websites naming me as favourite for the NXT Championship, and you know what I did. I ignored them. I didn’t listen to the hype I got my head down and won my first 2 matches. Instead you let the hype go to your head. You legitimately believed you didn’t need my Club. Well guess what Raven you do. No matter how much you try to deny it you do. And you told us all to go our f ourselves. That was a mistake Raven. You’re no British wrestling legend. I have proved time and time again I am Britain’s greatest export, and in Texas you’re going to see that. I’m going to give you one last chance. I’m going to be at Sam Antonio Comic Con on Thursday, you wanna apologise and come crawling back to SSW Club, talk to me then. “I will be successful once I leave SSW Club” quoth Sir Raven nevermore
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    Aaron North

    Aftermath of Mayhem

    The BPZ Premium title match has just ended and the titantron shows Aaron North backstage in the locker room. "Every bloody time... i get so close to tasting victory and getting that gold around my waist... every goddamn time. Oh, oh but next time i won't even have a title match because next time it's the PTC Finals Event and at that event i'm facing 4 of the most boring and imperfect people in this company because i'm facing Hans, Bob and Alex Costa and the winner of our match will get a shot at the North American Title at the... the... well i don't bloody know when no one tells me anything around here anymore and they think i know everything because i'm perfect. I'm just so pissed off about people expecting so many things from me when they don't even know sh** about me. They don't know what lurks inside and they don't know what happens when i get pissed off. You haven't seen my darker side in quite a while now but i feel as though it's about to claw it's way through my chest and be free once more!" Aaron storms out of the locker room and kicks the door off it's hinges. The door slams into the face of a ring crew member and Aaron grabs the ring crew member by his throat and throws him into a pile of boxes. One of the boxes including some glass cups breaks under the weight of the ring crew member and the shards pierce into the crew member's arms. The crew member screams in pain as paramedics rush to the scene and Aaron North walks off. The video stutters as Aaron leaves and the screen suddenly fades to black and shows and unfamiliar mask before cutting to a commercial break.
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    Mayhem rolls on as we have seen some incredible action already and the action continues right now as the Premium title match is up next! “The Perfect One” Aaron North makes his entrance first as he enters alone with his advocate Angelo Catio noticeably absent, Aaron is unphased as he simply slides into the ring. Aaron bows to the fans as a way to taunt them, His theme music cuts out as he waits in the corner. FDS now making his way out to the arena, the fans boo him but he simply ignores them standing at the top of the ramp He looks focused, he gets in the ring just sliding in under the ropes, he looks at Aaron and he walks past him, he looks like he’s about to go to the top turnbuckle but then turns around and sits down in his corner. Finally the champion makes his way out to the ring, MARKER walks down the ramp and just cockily strolls down with his championship. The Bruiserweight slides into the ring, he poses with his championship in the centre of the ring to the disgust of both Aaron and FDS. Marker hands the championship to the referee, he raises the championships after the announcements have been made and the bell is called for. The match begins with MARKER and FDS going after each other as they immediately begin exchanging blows, Aaron meanwhile simply rolls out of the ring and waits for the two of them to tire each other out, MARKER seems to get the advantage about to whip FDS into the ropes but before MARKER Does he knees FDS In the gut, he takes FDS to the other Side but before he can do it again Aaron grabs FDS by the legs and pulls him out of the ring, Aaron then tries to german Suplex FDS on the outside but FDS flips onto his feet, Aaron turns around into a jumping knee from FDS, FDS then grabs Aaron and throws him back into the ring, MARKER grabs Aaron up, he gets him in position for a powerslam on Aaron but Aaron slips out behind MARKER and drops him with a neckbreaker! Aaron gets back up but FDS slides in and catches him with a schoolboy but Aaron up at 1, Aaron charges at FDS, FDS takes him down with a headlock takeover, Aaron counters into a headscissors but FDS kicks out of it and goes into a pinfall position but Aaron up quickly, FDS grabs the arm of Aaron looking for an armbar but before FDS can lock it in he gets cut off by MARKER with a PK as he snaps back the arm of Aaron! Cover by MARKER on FDS but FDS up at 1, MARKER now picks up FDS, he looks for a back suplex but FDS blocks it hitting some elbows on MARKER, MARKER releases FDS, Aaron from behind grabs MARKER looking for a german suplex but MARKER flips onto his feet, MARKER gets waist control on Aaron, he pushes him into the ropes, O’connor roll pinfall but at the count of two and FDS hits MARKER with a shotgun dropkick! Aaron now back up on his feet, FDS runs at him going for a Lariat on Aaron but Aaron catches FDS and drops him with a spinebuster! Cover by Aaron but FDS up at 2! Aaron now grabbing FDS, he gets him in position for the perfect plex looking to end things early but FDS blocking it, FDS now trying for a suplex variation of his own but Aaron fights out of it, Aaron now going for a clothesline but FDS ducks it, Aaron turns around going for it again but FDS ducks it and Aaron gets caught by MARKER with a body slam! MARKER now gets Aaron back up, he gets him position for a back suplex and nails him! MARKER bridging into the cover by FDS quickly breaks it up, MARKER now up, he goes for the jumping knee on FDS and he sends him into the ropes but FDS rebounds with a massive lariat! Cover by FDS on MARKER but Aaron breaks it up! Aaron now grabs FDS by the waist, he goes for a deadlift bridging german suplex and he nails it! Aaron bridged perfectly into the cover but FDS up at 2! Aaron now climbing to the top rope, he might be looking for the frog splash on FDS but MARKER back up, MARKER goes to the top rope and he stops Aaron getting him in position for a top rope superplex but Aaron blocking it, FDS now gets up, he grabs MARKER from behind and he german suplexes MARKER as MARKER suplexes Aaron! FDS now gets MARKER up and he throws him out of the ring! FDS now turns around, he picks up Aaron with a front chancery, maybe looking for a falcon arrow but no he turns into a michinoku driver! Cover by FDS but Aaron somehow up at 2! FDS now going to the top rope but before he does he sees MARKER on the apron, MARKER trying to get back in but FDS cuts him off with a triangle lariat! FDS turns around now and Aaron clotheslines him out of the ring! Aaron now going to the top rope, FDS and MARKER slowly getting back to their feet and Aaron takes them both down on the outside with a Flying Crossbody! Aaron now gets MARKER back in the ring he wants to beat the champion, Aaron now scaling the top rope, he sees Marker and he hits him with a frog splash! Cover by Aaron but FDS slides in and breaks it up! Aaron now gets up, he’s staring at FDS, Aaron up and he goes for a dropkick on FDS but FDS blocks it, Aaron now gets back up, FDS grabs him in a front chancery, he lifts him up and drops him onto the knee! Aaron down now, FDS climbing to the top rope and he hits Aaron with a top rope elbow drop! Cover by FDS but MARKER grabs FDS by the waist at the count of two and he hits him with a deadlift german suplex! MARKER not releasing though and he hits FDS with another one and another one and finally one more into the corner! MARKER now has FDS right where he wants him, he’s setting him up for God’s Burden, MARKER in the opposite corner, he sprints across but Aaron intercepts him with a front Chop block! Aaron now grabbing the legs of MARKER and he locks in the Perfect Rule! MARKER trapped in the middle of the ring, Aaron wrenching back on the leg of MARKER, FDS in the corner a little bit hazy but wait a minute he’s climbing to the top rope, Aaron still keeping it locked in and he sees FDS on the top rope, FDS though with a diving double stomp to Aaron! Aaron breaks the hold, FDS now throws Aaron into the ropes, Aaron rebounds, he goes for a victory roll but FDS blocks it and drops him with the wheelbarrow tiger suplex! FDS bridging into the cover but MARKER with the last bit of energy he has breaks its up, FDS now grabbing MARKER, he takes him onto the apron, MARKER now trying to fight out of it with a series of punches but FDS catches him and drops him with a death valley driver onto the apron! FDS now gets back up, he gets into the ring but Aaron catches him with a dropkick! Aaron now sets up FDS, looking for the perfect plex but FDS blocks it again ramming Aaron into the corner! Aaron in the corner, FDS goes to the opposite corner, he points at Aaron then hits him with a corner crossbody and follows that up with a monkey flip out of the corner! Aaron now down in the middle of the ring, FDS now picks him up, he underhooks both arms and drops him with the double underhook piledriver! FDS not going for the cover though, he sees MARKER getting back up on the outside, FDS goes onto the apron, he sees MARKER and he takes him down with a jumping lariat off the Apron! MARKER down but FDS wanting to keep him down, he lifts him over his head and drops him with a belly to back piledriver on the outside! FDS now sliding into the ring, he grabs Aaron back up and now he’s looking for a WRSTLMaker, he goes for it on Aaron but Aaron counters it into a clothesline! Aaron now going to the top rope, he goes for the frog splash one more time but FDS gets the knees up! FDS now grabs Aaron again, he sets him up one more time and this time he hits him with the WRSTLMAKER! Cover by FDS BUT AARON UP AT 2! FDS IS SEATHING NOW, HE DRAGS AARON OVER TO THE CORNER, HE PUTS HIM ON THE TOP ROPE, FDS NOW GOING UP AND HE DROPS HIM WITH THE NFYE! COVER BY FDS AND HE WINS THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP! FDS IS A TWO TIME PREMIUM CHAMPION! The Referee raises his hand and hands him the championship FDS now taking the title over to the camera and showing off the spoils of war FDS now walking out as champion for the first time in over a year, FDS is once again a champion in BPZ but take nothing away from the other two men in this match as they put on a hell of a contest. Well let’s move on to our next match of the evening.
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    The Good Guy

    Jack Bishop walks to the ring more pissed off than ever. ” I’m done. This is the last time I let this corporate bullshit hold me down. I’m not going to let anyone tell me what to do, who to take eliminations from,” the crowd goes silent, realizing that this is serious. ” You’re kidding me. This nobody hick goes over the people who actually deserve a f*cking title? And I got eliminated by a fucking kid who can’t make up his mind on what his last name is. I should be the NXT champion. Not this cousin-loving idiot who calls himself “the bomb”. Sorry, he’s not literate enough to spell or say “the” right, so he calls himself “da” bomb.” ” It’s time you people, and the entire roster open your eyes. You’ve been blind from the beginning, thinking the people who you adore, who you cheer for every week, are doing this for you. Make no mistake, they’re doing it because they need to feed their massive egos, and also for the massive paycheck they get as champion. You people can save yourselves. But you choose not to. You choose to believe that I’m painting a false portrait, that I’m trying to coerce you into going against your heroes. You don’t understand that I’m the good guy. I’m the one trying to save you from this nightmare that you’ve been fooled into believing is a fantasy. But, for Bob... it’s too late. You’ve awoken a new side of me. You’re going to be destroyed by something you created. I hope you’re happy.”
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    We cut back from a video hyping up the main event as it is time for the NXT Championship Battle Royal. We see a group of superstars come down to the ring together including Owen Dalton, Kyle Pain, Arrow, and Epic. As they stand in the ring we hear the SSW Club music hit as the remaining members Bulldozer and Massa make their way down to the ring. Then we hear Demon Mave's music hit as he makes his way down to the ring. We hear Dikey’s theme as he then heads down to the ring after he poses at the top of the ramp. We then hear Sir Ravens music as he waves at Bulldozer and Massa in the ring as he makes his way down to the ring. We then hear Bob “the Bomb” Sparks music hit as he makes his way down to the ring as the crowd cheers. The bell rings as all the competitors in the match run at Bob and begin to pummel away. Bob though fights back as he pushes them all away as he is now standing. We then see both members of the SSW club run at Bob but they are caught and hit with a double chokeslam. Bob then dares the other competitors to approach him but they all just fight amongst themselves in the ring. We then Bob grab Kyle Pain from behind and chokeslam him through a table on the outside. Kyle Pain has been eliminated. We then see Arrow and Jack Bishop brawling eventually driving each other over the ropes to the ring apron then Arrow hits Jack Bishop with a superkick over the top rope. Then Arrow climbs back in the ring. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Arrow sees Bob down near the ropes and goes for a superkick. But it was a trap! Bob throws him over the top rope instead. Arrow has been eliminated. Everyone is down in the ring expect for Demon Mave. He climbs to the top rope but suddenly we see Sir Raven pop up. Mave is in shock as Sir Raven hits Demon Mave with a big right hand sending him to the outside. Demon Mave has been eliminated. We are down to six men as we see the SSW Club go and grab Epic. We see Sir Raven though go to help against the SSW Club which he is doing successfully but Epic hits him from behind. As he goes to help the SSW club up. It seems Epic has joined the SSW club! We then see them get up as we are down to 6 men. We see Bob, Dikey, and Sir Raven stand together as although they have had their differences they see that they are outnumbered. The battle lines have been drawn as we see the 6 men begin to brawl. We see Dikey and Bulldozer begin to brawl but Bob comes in from behind hitting Bulldozer as he made short work of Massa hitting him with a Bob Bomb. Dikey takes advantage of this as he clothes lines Bulldozer over the top rope. Bulldozer has been eliminated. We then see Sir Raven about to be about to be eliminated by Massa but he reverses it and throws Massa over the top rope instead. Massa has been eliminated. We then see Bob grab Epic and throw him over the top rope right at his fellow SSW Club members as he hits his head against the announce table. Epic has been eliminated. We then see Dikey and Sir Raven come up and try to eliminate Bob but Bob hits Dikey with an elbow and Sir Raven with a back elbow. We see Bob then grab a downed Dikey and attempt to throw Dikey over the top rope. Dikey though manages to get free of Bob and land on the ring apron. Dikey hits Bob with a big punch. Bob but retaliates hitting Dikey with a clothesline sending him to the floor. Dikey has been eliminated. Bob gets back in the ring and picks up Sir Raven. Sir Raven attempts to fight back but Bob hits him with a Bob Bomb. Bob then grabs the lifeless body of Sir Raven and throws him over the top rope. Sir Raven has been eliminated. Bob “the Bomb” Sparks is the new NXT Champion! As he celebrates in the ring with the NXT Championship as the crowd cheers.
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    The crowd is more hyped than ever as the semi finals of the Power Trip Cup are finally here and its been an amazing night at BPZ Mayhem and it only continues as the familiar theme of BPZ superstar Bob Sparks hits, meaning we're in for a treat as Bob Sparks takes on BiC in the semi final matchup!! As "Blood // Water" plays, the crowd cheers and Bob walks down to the ring maybe larger then ever, as he has defeated two greats in Yelich and Necce since debuting and tonight he takes another veterean who might be on top of his game in the form of "The Pure Athlete"...BiC. Joined to the ring by "The Jungle" by Zayne Wolf, BiC walks out on stage wearing gear inspired by Marvel superhero Spiderman. He walks down the ramp and high fives fans as this match may very well be the biggest in his career. He stands across from Bob Sparks and they stare each other down as the bell rings and the crowd is split right down the middle. Bob Sparks vs BiC - Semi Final Matchup Bob and BiC start the match by walking up to each other and the giant of a man that is Bob Sparks towers over BiC, although BiC stands at 6'3 he is nothing against Sparks but he tries to take him down anyways. Kicks, slaps, punches, anything to get Sparks down but nothing would move Bob and a simple shoulder tackle would send BiC for a flip. Sparks would continue his dominance with various big boots and a sick looking stomp to the chest. It would look like it would be over before it could even begin as Bob sets BiC up for the Bob Bomb, only to be sent into the turnbuckle. As BiC goes for a running dropkick, Bob would simply push BiC back in another feat of amazing strength as he throws him into the air and lets him fall nearly 9 feet to the mat. Bob would slap the chest of BiC repeatedly and despite an effort of punches, BiC would get barley any offense in at the start of the match. However, almost out of nowhere, BiC would be able to land a stiff knee to the chin of Bob before kicking out the shins and then hitting the first Fallen Angel of the match, despite BiC nailing Bob with a Fallen Angel it would barely move the monster, BiC would shake his head as Bob just laughs of the attempt as once again he would go for the signature move only to be chopped nearly off of his boots as the whole crowd winces. Bob stands over BiC who holds his chest, but still gets up, standing up and looking Bob in the eye and yelling at him to do it again?!?! BiC moves his hair out of his face and yells at Bob once again, but as Bob goes for the slap, BiC ducks and hits one of his own. He doesn't stop there, as he would leave red welts on the chest of Bob before kicking out his knee and hitting another Fallen Angel!! This time Bob stumbles and a german suplex would seal the deal, BiC has knocked down Bob! But Bob rolls out of the ring onto his feet, taking a breather but a diving BiC would catch him off guard sending him into the barricade. BiC wouldn't let off, tearing into the head of Bob with fist before being thrown back first into the ring apron. Every time BiC gets a lick of offense in, Bob comes right back with something even bigger as the two get back into the ring and Bob drops an elbow. Inside the ring Bob would lift BiC up into the corner and laugh in his face, calling him tiny before going for a slap on the chest. This time however, BiC would move and would jump onto the back of Bob. Choking him out, with the crowd behind BiC, Bob would fall to one knee before grabbing BiC by the hair and flipping him over, Bob stands up more pissed than ever and lifts BiC up to hit a chokeslam, but BiC would kick out and Bob would be furious. Standing up and attempting to drop another elbow onto the heart of BiC, but BiC would move and quickly stand up, hitting a superkick before grabbing Bob by the waist, NO WAY! BiC hits the Golden Heart on one of the largest men on the roster, what strength! But BiC would be to hurt to make the cover and Bob would already be getting to his feet by the time BiC would recover. BiC is on one knee as Bob stands up and the crowd gives the two a round of applause as once again, chops are traded and of course, Bob would win the battle. Knocking BiC onto his back before stomping onto the ribs and lifting him up for a deadlift suplex. BiC is able to land some kicks and even a jumping DDT, but when he would go for the Tranquilo Sunrise signature DDT, he would be dumped to the outside, and as he slowly got to his feet Bob would do something maybe more unexpected then anything we've seen as he goes for a dive but misses!!! Bob lands hard on the outside but begins to get up with help from the barricade, but a recovering BiC would slide into the ring!!! "Holy Shit" chants break out from the BPZ crowd as both Bob and BiC lay motionless on the outside, at the count of 8 both men would get into the ring and instantly begin walloping on each other with heavy shots, both trying to get a chance to breath as BiC would hit an enzgirui before attempting a pinfall. However, Bob would kick out and would throw BiC nearly across the entire ring into the corner before hitting a stinger splash into a belly to belly. Bob is showing amazing athleticism in this match as he once again hits a snap suplex. BiC attempts to roll out of the ring before being caught out, but BiC and Bob would battle with punches and surprisingly BiC would get the upper hand as he send Bob stumbling back before slingshotting himself through the middle rope and getting caught with a HUGE SLAP!!! BiC lays in the ring and yells in pain as the crowd chants "Bob" and Bob turns around, bending down and setting up for the spear. As BiC struggles to his feet Bob runs to him and attempts a spear only to get hit by a chop of his own, Bob is stunned by the shot and it allows BiC to hit a springboard kick which not only knocks Bob down but maybe down for good as BiC struggles to the top rope, BiC balances on the top rope and holds up a finger gun as he goes for the shooting star press, but as he does, he is CAUGHT IN A SPEAR!!! The crowd chants "Holy Shit" once again, before transitioning to a "BPZ" chant as the referee holds back Bob as he ask BiC if he can still continue when BiC doesn't respond, he goes to ring the bell only to have Bob stop him. Telling him he doesn't want this before turning to BiC and attempting to pin him, when the referee counts, he only gets to 2 as BiC would somehow kickout after possibly the sickest reversal in BPZ. The crowd cheers for BiC as he gets to one knee but Bob is no longer cheering or smiling as he pushes BiC down and begins stomping away at his chest, throwing him head first into the turn buckle before striking him with elbows and punches as the crowd watches in confusion and fear. Bob is pissed off as he picks up BiC by the throat, signaling for the end as he puts him in position for the Bob Bomb. But some way BiC would fight out of it and land on his feet as the blood begins to pour from his head, he lands a few strikes on Bob before Bob would once again take control, hitting a spinout scoop slam and continuing his beating. He climbs to the middle rope and looks down at a prone BiC before going for a splash, only to miss and be hit by a huge Fallen Angel. Bob falls down and BiC goes for the cover but Bob would kick out, quickly getting to his feet and pushing BiC away. As he pushes BiC away, BiC lands on his feet and stares into the eyes of Bob. Standing just 4 feet apart from eachother, Bob and BIC show a slight sign of respect as they stop the violence for one moment and take in the crowd giving them a round of applause. BiC touches the cut on his head and sees the blood which now has coated his face, as if he was wearing a mask. BiC turns around and sees his own bloody face on the titantron, before turning to Bob and as Bob runs at him, he ducks and lands one of the hardest kicks to the back of his legs. As Bob falls to one knee, BiC hits the Fallen Angel for the fourth time in this match and quickly goes to the outside of the ring, almost as if this match just started, BiC hits the tranquilo sunrise before once again rolling to the outside and hitting a springboard shooting star press on Bob Sparks. As the referee counts to 3 and BiC rolls over onto the mat, he is instantly handed a towel and begins wiping off the blood until you can sorta make out his face once again. With the help of a referee, BiC gets to his feet and stands on his own. A four year career finally being rebirthed, a passion finally being fulfilled, as BiC looks around at the crowd with a single drop of blood running down his skull, as a Power Trip Cup finalist.
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