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    The Powertrip Cup Pay Per View is coming closer and closer as the final are taking place. Last week, we saw a war of words between the two men who will take part in the Main Event of show, with the Undisputed Championship on the line. The encounter was abruptly ended when Julius came out to lay out Flynn, who was heading towards the backstage area, before pointing at Bart’s Undisputed Championship. Now, the Undisputed Champion is back on BPZ television for a final time before the PTC ppv to give his final thoughts heading into the event. He walks to the ring with a smirk on his face. I am so sorry Flynn. I am so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your victory in the 6 way the day after the Royal Rumble. The PPV where I wrestled in two matches. While you were only wrestling for a total of 3 seconds, I had wrestled for a total of over an hour. The day after, when I was outside of the ring, you were able to defeat the men who I had cut into pieces the day prior. I thought that a 5 time World Champion wouldn’t think highly of an accomplishment like that, but I was wrong. You seemingly love it. You are so proud that you managed to defeat me that you look past the obvious fact that the way how makes it mean NOTHING. You know what does make it matter Flynn? It matters when you are the one who is being defeated. When you are one taking the fall, when you are the reason for the other ending up with the victory. Now of course, that wouldn’t happen to you, especially not against a paper champion like me, right? On the titantron in the arena, a video begins to play highlighting the Survivor Series match between the Kingdom and Evolution. We hear the commentator shout “Bart with the cover on Flynn, 1,2,3! The Kingdom have won!!”. Now Flynn, is this why you are so angry? Is this why you constantly can’t stop talking about me? I get it, it’s never fun to lose. Especially when you are a multiple time World Champion, but the sad reality for you is, that there are now guys who are better than you. I know you don’t want to hear it, I know you will always refuse to believe it, but at the PTC Finals, you will once again be shown that the statement is completely correct. It is up to you whether or not you want to believe it, but denying it won’t bring you any further. Saying you are coming up with new strategies while I catch you saying the same thing over and over again will only make you more delusional, but trust me, it won’t help you win a match. Maybe against your previous opponents, but you ever faced off one vs one against some like me. I have not been relaxing since you were laid out by Julius, Flynn. I have been scouting you, watching your matches. As I told you before, I am not a man who is led by pride or arrogance, but rather by efficiency. I am sure you are confident that your weaknesses won’t have been discovered, but you couldn’t be further from the truth with that assessment. You will be surprised when we step in the ring Flynn. You will think that you have it all worked out with a self-proclaimed masterplan. Then when the bell rings, the only emotion that you will feel is regret. So much of it. Tears will drop down from your eyes once you realise that you have lost your opportunity to become Undisputed Champion, and with that, the last bit of hope that you had that you could turn your career back around. What a sad story, with only yourself to blame. All of this could have been prevented Flynn, I hope you know that. See You Soon, Flynn.
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    Aaron North

    TNA 2012 - The Rise of TNA

    July 1st, 2012 The New Rise of TNA? With Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan still in control of the company TNA is looking to start a new rise and Bischoff and Dixie Carter look to bring in some changes and instead of removing or getting rid of things or adding new things they're gonna bring things like the six sided ring back. Fans are apparently happy about some changes as it feels like TNA is returning back to it's old identity. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TNA World Heavyweight TNA X-Division TNA World Tag Team TNA Knockouts TNA Knockouts Tag Team TNA World Television
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    NXT UK, Thursday July 4th Hereford, England Paige: "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the Inaugural Episode of NXT UK, brought to you live from Hereford in the heartland of the UK! With so much elite talent under the WWE Umbrella, NXT has been expanded into this UK branch, where we hope to bring you the very best of British and European wrestling! I am Paige your play-by-play commentator joined by Drake Maverick here at the booth. Drake, what sort of action can we expect from tonight?" Maverick: "We've got a fantastic trifecta of matches here for the rabid fans here in attendance and your everyone watching at home. Firstly we have a tag team bout between the impulsive tandem of Wild Boar, and Primate, a team called the Hunt versus Gallus, a trio of Scottish brawlers that wish to make their mark on the wrestling scene by any mean necessary. This match is going to be a slugfest. We'll also be featuring our women's division as Xia Brookside takes on the Mysterious Isla Dawn in singles action. And, in tonight's main event, as the first round in our 8-man tourney to crown the first United Kingdom Champion, the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, will have to contend with the Bruiserweight himself, Pete Dunne! And speaking of, let's take you right to the action". Tag Team Match The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) Primate and Wild Boar make their entrance, gnashing and snarling their way to the ring, but oddly enough receiving cheers from the crowd. They're certainly strange, but let's see how they fair in the ring. The foreboding music of Gallus hits the arena as the crowd boos these vindictive Scots. Wolfgang mouths off to the crowd as Mark Coffey stares menacingly at their opposition, wary to turn his back on the Wild Boar as the bell rings to start the match. Much to Coffey's expense, Wild Boar immediately charges and levels Coffey with a shoulder block, sending him clattering down to the mat. Boar roars and shakes the ropes as he lays in a series of headbutts to the chest of Mark Coffey, who quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his bearings. Wild Boar rolls out of the ring and whips Coffey into the barricade to the crowd's delight. Coffey splutters and blindsides Boar with a straight punch to the face, before bodyslamming Boar on the mats at ringside! Primate tries to save his partner, but Coffey runs Primate into the steel steps, returning to the legal man and shoving Boar into the barricade himself. Coffey rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for a pin, but only gets a 1 count. He lays in some ground and pound onto Wild Boar, dragging him over to the Gallus corner and tagging to Wolfgang, who continues the beatdown. Wolfgang hoists Wild Boar up into a gorilla press, before slamming him back down to the mat with an unforgiving thud. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2. Primate is getting restless on the apron, pacing along it frantically and pounding the turnbuckle pad with his hand to fire up both the crowd and his tag partner. Wolfgang suplexes Boar, followed by a whip into the ropes, but he gets caught with a huge clothesline! Both men are down, their tag partners calling for the tag! and they both get it! Coffey and Primate are in! Coffey lands some punches, but Primate fights through and shoulder charges Coffey into the corner, landing a train of meaty clotheslines, followed by a ring-shaking falcons arrow for a 2 count. Primate fires up, calling for his spear finisher! But no! Wolfgang is back in the ring, he's just levelled Primate with a chop block from behind! And it looks like Wolfgang has beatdown Wild Boar at ringside, what dastardly tactics are these! Wolfgang goes back to his corner as Coffey tags him in. Gallus then proceed to double team the downed Primate. Mark Coffey rebounds off the ropes and hits the Crowning Glory! His huge sliding Forearm Smash! Primate is out and prone on the mat. Wolfgang scales the turnbuckle and lands his High-Angle Senton Bomb, he calls it The Howling! Wolfgang goes for the cover!...1....2...3! Gallus are victorious, despite their devious ways. Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) def. The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) in 8:42 via pinfall with The Howling to Primate Paige: "A strong victory for Gallus on the first episode of NXT UK. I may not agree with their tactics, but it's netted them results". Maverick: "Exactly! When you have such a spotlight, you need to use all the tricks in the book to ensure you get the win. With this victory, Gallus could very well be in line to compete for the Inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Championships. I don't see why they wouldn't after a victory like that". After the teams leave the ring, the arena goes dark as the titantron displays a hype package for a large and imposing wrestler from Austria. He wears a long black trench coat with white trim, the words "Ring General" embroidered on the back. His face is obscured in shadow, with the thunderous images of devastating chops and powerbombs being delivered by this behemoth flashing on the screen. This man is then flanked by two other men, one tall and leaner, the other shorter, bald, and stockier. As the video package comes to an end, the camera focuses on the three men as two simple sentences is uttered. "Our Ring. The Mat is Sacred" The screen goes black as the words "BARTHEL. WALTER. AICHNER. IMPERIUM. COMING SOON" appear on the titantron before the lights return, the crowd murmuring in a mixture of excitement and confusion. Maverick: "Hahaha yes! It looks like we're finally going to get some authority around here! Imperium cut such an imposing visage, I can't wait to see WALTER in action! And you can see him in his in-ring debut next week in the UK Championship tournament as he takes on Mr. Charisma himself, Trent Seven". Paige: "Yes, that's certainly a match you won't want to miss. Meanwhile let's check in with Radzi backstage as he has some words from the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin". We cut to NXT UK's backstage interviewer Radzi as he approaches Jordan Devlin while he is exiting the arena. Radzi: "Jordan! If you please! Just a moment! Do you have any comments about your upcoming match in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. You will be going head to head with the Beast of Belfast, Killian Dain, in two weeks time. Surely going up against a man of such size is going to be a challenge". Devlin: "That's really the question you ask me? Taking up the precious and valuable time of the Irish Ace with boring, robot questions like that? Dain isn't going to be a problem, do you know why? Because I am the very best on this brand, I am the future of this industry. Dain is big, well done, does he want a medal? I'll beat him by any means because he is a dumb, hairy blob of a man who thinks he's a bigshot around here. I'm only one who can say that they're the real deal in NXT UK. Killian Dain is in my way to the UK Title. Got that, Radzi? Once I'm champion, have some stronger questions for me, otherwise I'll have you shipped off to day time TV". Devlin scowls at Radzi before strolling through the door, exiting the arena, leaving Radzi high and dry as we cut back to the ring. Singles Match Xia Brookside vs. Isla Dawn The crowd get to their feet for the bubbly music of Xia Brookside, one of the youngest members of the roster, and with some huge potential behind her. Followed by the ominous Isla Dawn, sauntering her way to the ring. Paige: "Here we go with the first women's division match of NXT UK up next. Drake, did you know that Xia Brookside is only 19! She has come so far in her fledging career. To think, she's already at this level now, just wait to see where she will be in 5 to 10 years". Maverick: "Absolutely, Paige, Brookside is one of the future stars of women's wrestling, she is a second-generation wrestler as well, being the daughter to british wrestling legend, Robbie Brookside. However, I take umbrage with her attitude, you can't scoot by on this bubbly, family-friendly thing. She needs to take some pointers from Isla Dawn, look at her. She has an air of mystery and flair about her, but in the ring, she is no nonsense, none of this 'clap hands with the fans' malarkey". Oddly enough, as the match starts and the bell rings, Brookside and Dawn shake hands before locking up. Some camaraderie and honour on display. Isla Dawn gains the advantage of the chain wrestling exchange and takes a side headlock, spinning into a takeover to ground Brookside, whose moveset is quite a mobile one, so Dawn taking the match to her pace is beneficial for her. Brookside tries to escape by applying a headscissors but Dawn slips out of it. Brookside is eventually able to escape by rolling Dawn over onto her shoulders for a quick pin attempt! 1...2...no, Dawn kicks out. Both women get to their feet and exchange strikes; Brookside landing knife edge chops and kicks, while Dawn lands an uppercut followed by a series of forearms. Brookside may be diminutive, but her strikes appear to be doing the trick as Dawn stumbles slightly, with Brookside's assault sending her into the corner. Brookside lands a flurry of chops to the Scot before performing a snapmare, followed by a neck snap, jumping over the seated Dawn. Brookside goes for the pin, but again, only a 2 count. As Dawn is getting to her feet, Brookside steps back to hit a big running attack, but no! Dawn gets her knee up and it connects flush on the chin of Brookside! Xia is down! Dawn smiles as she quickly capitalises by lifting up the smaller Brookside with ease, landing a snap suplex. She floats over for the cover....1....2...Brookside kicks out. Dawn lays in some painful kicks to the back of Brookside as she grimaces in pain. Dawn then lifts Brookside up over her shoulders, and connects with a big air raid crash! That has to be it! Dawn goes for the pin! 1.....2....no! Brookside kicks out again, the resiliency and perseverance of the Young Brookside on full display here. Dawn begins to look frustrated as she hits a ground and pound of forearms to a downed Brookside. She grabs Xia's arms and applies a Half Nelson hold, she's looking to hit "Call of the Quarters" her Half Nelson Suplex finisher. Xia fights and wriggles to fight against it, eventually breaking the hold and landing a spinning back kick to the gut of Isla Dawn. Xia Brookside fires up as she connects with a strong boot to the face, rebounding off the ropes and hitting another boot! Brookside runs the ropes again hopes jumps, landing a slick tilt-a-whirl headscissors on her opponent! With Dawn out on the mat, Brookside scales to the top rope, rallying support from the NXT UK Universe. She jumps in the hopes of landing a Crossbody, but Dawn suddenly hops up to her feet and catching Xia in mid air! Dawn transitions to a wheelbarrow hold, trying to apply her Half Nelson again, but no! Brookside rolls though into a victory roll! 1.....2.....3! Xia Brookside wins! Dawn is wide-eyed in disbelieve, thumping the mat in frustration, as Xia Brookside is equally surprised that she pulled out the victory tonight! But none the less, she celebrates by running around the ring, clapping hands with the fans at the barricade. As both women reach the ramp, they slowly shake hands again, with Isla Dawn raising Xia Brookside's hand, respect still intact. Xia Brookside def. Isla Dawn in 11:04 via pinfall with a Victory Roll Paige: "What a victory for Brookside! That is definitely a push in the right direction! She may not look it, but is going to be big things someday". Maverick: "Well, let's not take away from Isla Dawn, she was bested by a quick pinfall, can happen to anyone. Brookside had lady luck on her side tonight, let's see what happens on a rematch. I don't think it would end so well for Brookside. But none the less, a win is a win". Paige: "Yes it is. And in the last few minutes we've had word from NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint that next week, we will have a battle royal to decide who will face Brookside for the Inaugural NXT UK Women's Championship!" But right now, it's time, for tonight's main event". Main Event: United Kingdom Championship Tournament 1st Round Match: Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar The crowd pop loudly and raucously as the Bruiserweight makes his entrance, walking to the ring with his rugged swagger. Even for a man of 25, he has seen enough battles and scraps for a man double his age, a battle hardened student of the game. The Scottish Supernova comes out next to a mix of boos and cheers, and looking to be in the best shape of his career. His usual actions in the ring are deplorable, but his innate charisma seems to win some fans over despite it. Maverick: "This is it, I've been waiting for this match for a long time. Two immensely talented men with years ahead of them in the ring, and both of them love to break bones! What's not to love?! haha" The bell rings and both men lock up with a collar and elbow tie up, the crowd already at a fewer pitch. Dunne gets the slight power advantage, pushing Dar to the corner. The ref calls for the break as Dunne slowly backs away. But suddenly, Dar tries to blindside Dunne with a rake to the eyes, but no! Dunne is keen to Noam's tricks, grabbing Dar's hand before it connects. The crowd cheer as Dunne motions to break his opponent's fingers! Dar just manages to escape by kicking the brawler from Birmingham in the knee, sending him down to the mat. Dar lays in a spirited and vicious chain of stomps to Dunne's leg, quickly grabbing a hold of it, stretching and contorting the knee. Bending the knee and ankle like a sick surgeon, Dunne scowls and groans at the pain, making his way to the ropes, finding respite on the apron....or so he thinks. Because the Scottish Supernova smirks and forcefully lands a shoot kick to Dunne's leg, sending him rolling down to the mats a ringside. Noam chuckles to himself and taunts the crowd, gesturing for them to be quiet as he dismantles his opponent. Dar rolls out to join his opponent, whipping the dazed Dunne into the announce table, before sadistically grinding the Bruiserweight's face long the surface. He kicks and stomps away at Dunne's leg some more, moving them over to the ring steps. Dar, the twisted individual that he is tries to wedge Dunne's leg between the ring and the steps, that could break his leg! Thankfully, Dunne manages to escape as Dar flies to dropkick the steps, taking himself out in the process. The audience cheer and chant "Bruiser-weight! Bruiser-weight!" as Pete Dunne rallies. The Bruiserweight whips Dar into the steps, into the barricade and the ring post. Then he grabs Noam Dar by the nose!! Dar squirms as his nasal groans are heard while Dunne hit him with slaps and forearms, all with his vice-like grip on the Scotsman's nose. Dunne exhales in his usual calm demeanour as he rolls his opponent back into the ring, laying in a brutal stomp to Dar's hand, this time able to break the fingers with an audible crack, and gasp from the audience. Favouring his knee, Dunne doesn't let up as he continues to stomp down onto Dar with his other foot, targeting his head and arm. As Dar scrambles to the corner, the barrage continues as Dunne stomps a mudhole. Pete Dunne pulls up Dar by the hands into a greco-roman knuckle lock and lifts him over with a wrist-clutch suplex, with the bridge! 1...2...no, Noam Dar kicks out, but the knuckle lock is maintained. Both men battle in this test of strength while still on their backs. Dunne's shoulders hit the mat...1...2...shoulder up. Now Dar's shoulder's are down! 1...2...shoulder up. Now both men are holding each other down for a double pinfall! 1....2....both men kick up by balancing on their heads, all while maintaining the knuckle lock. Dar rolls over to his knees and gains the advantage because Dunne is still favouring his leg. Noam breaks the knuckle lock by using his legs for leverage, morphing the hold like a snake to Dunne's leg, he's working to apply the Champagne SuperKneeBar, one of his finishing holds! Dunne tries to fight towards the ropes, but Dar gets the better of it, the Kneebar is locked in! Will the Bruiserweight tap! Dunne is straining and crawling and wailing in pain, trying to make his way to the ropes, but Dar drags him back into the middle of the ring. However, in the transition, Dunne is just able to escape the hold, trying to lift up Dar for the X-Plex, but Dar counters into a small package! 1....2....No! Dunne kicks out! Both men jump to their feet on instinct, Dunne is limping on his one good leg, throwing a vicious right hook to the Scottish Supernova, but Dar kicks Dunne's leg again, getting the advantage once again. Dar hooks the bad leg of the Bruiserweight and connects with a huge Fisherman's Suplex! But know, fighting through the pain, Dunne suddenly locks in a Kimura Lock!! He seems a little groggy from the suplex, but isn't releasing the hold! Dar is screaming in pain! Dar tries to stand, gaining a vertical base, but Dunne quickly hooks the other arm and lands a massive Butterfly Suplex!! The crowd go wild as both men are down. Dar clutching at his damaged arm, while Dunne tries to get some feeling back into his leg. Dunne goes for a pinfall! 1...2...Dar kicks out! The Bruiserweight swiftly moves and locks in another Kimura Lock, refusing to relent against Dar. As Noam tries to escape, Dunne quickly transitions into a Triangle choke!!! Dar is fading! But how long can Dunne keep the hold on! Wrenching away at Dar's injured arm while applying the dangerous blood choke, Dar's eyes begin to roll into his skull! Aaaanndd that's it, Noam Dar has no choice but to tap! Pete Dunne wins! Pete Dunne shakily gets to his feet and celebrates with the referee raising his hand in victory. Dunne favours his leg in a hard fought victory, advancing in the tournament. Pete Dunne def. Noam Dar in 16:21 via submission with a Triangle Choke Paige: "What an impressive submission victory for the Bruiserweight tonight, a real showcase of classic british wrestling. Noam Dar put up a strong showing, but Pete Dunne prevails. With a submission victory like that, Pete Dunne could be a strong contender against a lot of the larger competitors in the tournament". Maverick: "It was indeed a decisive win for Dunne tonight, but that match with Dar seems to have made it's mark, Dunne is favouring his left leg, I wonder how that will affect him as he runs deeper into this tournament". Paige: "Anyway that's all we have time for tonight, thank you so much for watching this inaugural episode of NXT UK! Be sure to join us next week as we see a women's battle royal with championship contention implications, as well as the much-anticipated in-ring debut of the Ring General, WALTER as he takes on Trent Seven in the United Kingdom Championship tournament. We'll see you next week".
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    The year was 1878, the setting was deep in the mid west of what was America at this point, outlaws roaming the fields, gangs fighting for what they believe in, but also a small town called Blackwater. A small organization called the "Pinkertons" were the law in that town, but some people didn't care. People are walking around, middle class civilizans and even the homeless people too. Then suddenly, a young boy is seen running through the streets, followed by a group of men, yelling at the boy. "Stop boy!" The young boy continues to run before dipping into a alley way. He runs down the alley only to see it's a dead end. He turns to leave but sees the men surrounding him. They all pull out their revolvers and aims at the boy. Male 1: "End of the line boy. Also end of your life." Boy: "No… please." Suddenly a bang comes from a gun and the boy closes his eyes. He then open them and sees he wasn't hit. He looks up and sees the person in the middle bleeding and falls to the ground. The two men remaining turn around and catches two bullets themselves. The savior puts his gun back into his holster and approaches the boy. ?: "What's your name son?" Arthur: "Arthur…. Arthur Morgan." ?: "My name is Dutch Van Der Linde. How about you come with me son?" Dutch then offered his hand to Arthur, who looked on terrified. Normally he doesn't trust people, but since Dutch just saved him, he decided to give it a try and he grabbed his hand. Dutch helped Arthur out of the alley way and placed him on his horse. Dutch got on and rode away from the crime scene. Dutch: "Don't worry son. Everything will be alright." [So I decided to give a try at a Red Dead Redemption diary. Hopefully y'all enjoy and thanks for reading.]
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    WrestleMania 28: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho: WWE Championship The main event of WWE WrestleMania 28. Trying to compare to Triple H vs Undertaker in Hell In A Cell End Of A Era then John Cena vs The Rock in Once In A Life Time Will be difficult, but these two end up putting on the best wrestling match of the night. After 28:10, CM Punk hit the GTS into Anaconda Vice combination to make Punk tap out. After their match up, Chris Jericho made this even more personal. He invited Punk to the ring and he apologized to Punk. The two then shake hands but Jericho hit Pink with a Codebreaker. He then pulls handcuffs from his pocket and handcuffs Punk to the ropes. Chris looks on the outside and exits the ring before dragging Punk's father over the barricade and locking in the Walls Of Jericho as Punk watches on screaming at Jericho. Over the next few weeks, CM Punk has called out Chris Jericho but Jericho only showed up on the titantron, angering Punk more. The stages were set for a rematch. Extreme Rules. Chicago Street Fight. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.
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    Sheridan stares off into the distance, one hand laced with Jonathan's and the other running over her recent dyed pink hair. Her Team Rocket attire sits loosely on her frame with black boots running against the curve of her thigh. Slowly turning her face to gaze out into the world past the Royal Flush manor garden, she brings her hand away from her tag team partner's and invites the cameraman to walk alongside her. "You know, in spite of our mission statement and the clothes I am fit in, even with how wicked we seem when stood across from the most popular duo in the wrestling industry today, Royal Flush are not the villains of this fantasy. Yes we pushed our opposition to retain their championships in a somewhat tainted manner and Jonathan will always hold the nostalgia of being a stone cold killer. But when you take out the bright lights and the exaggerations of this business, as a duo Jonathan and I just want to revitalise tag team wrestling, make it something that it isn't at the moment. For the first time in a very long time, journalists and insiders are paying attention to a division which has been brushed aside and left in the dark ages for far too long. As a tag team we are bringing a light to that darkness, illuminating secret treasures which wrestlers and fans alike can receive the benefits of. Just yesterday you heard Brenden, who I'll remind you is the owner of BrendenPlayz Wrestling, say that tag team wrestling is thriving and that ratings were soaring once the Big Ballers and Royal Flush met in the ring and I hate to sound narcissistic, but the change causing this, the movement creating this positive swing is the beautiful, talented dynamic that is Jonathan and I." "For too long now the Big Ballers have remained at the summit of this division. Puppeteering their own destiny through void matches and false rivalries, deflecting attention away from their crude actions, being the cause of tag team wrestling to fall into this pit. I find it ironic how Brenden speaks about his need to remain in this division when he and his tag team partner, Sameer, are the ones slowly pushing the knife further in, twisting and slicing until the division is gutted. He fails to see that change is good, necessary in most cases for something to naturally improve. Do you really want somebody so null of confidence in their future? How Brenden speaks about this potentially being his last ride, that without the Tag Team Championships his place in this company is without worth. While I am sure the majority find this warms their hearts I find it indeed selfish, how one can take hostage such beautiful championships and wave around the threat of retirement unless their utterly boring and sterile reign continues on. Childish actions from a grown man, people. Sometimes it is just time to go and when you leave this business you do so with dignity, with honour. If this is truly the end of Brenden's career which I don't doubt for a second is a lie used to generate revenue and sympathy, when I personally will be happy to take a leaf from my mentor and deliver that killing blow which knocks the old man down for good." "We may have faltered the first time, but as the clock ticks closer towards our rematch the smell of blood fills my nostrils, I can smell the weakness and the doubt enshrouding Sameer and Brenden alike. So prepare for trouble! And make it-" Pausing, she looks around to see that Jonathan is nowhere in sight. The woman must have walked at least fifteen minutes from the Royal Flush manor, vacantly sauntering along the path exiting from their garden. Her Team Rocket inspired pose quickly falls and she motions for the cameraman to shut off the camera, ending the broadcast.
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    We’re jerked away from the Carnage action as the titantron abruptly cuts to black. We navigate through wings of a home, assuredly the lavish palace of Royal Flush. As the cameraman maneuvers through a seemingly mile long wing of the house, the destination is seemingly met. It isn’t one of the bedroom doors of Sheridan or Jonathan, instead, the cameraman twists the doorknob and swings the door open, revealing a spacious field unraveled in front of us. The cameraman steps out the corridor and through the doorway, panning the camera to show the brightly lit garden of the Royal Flush Manor. He continues through, finding two vignetted figures amongst the meadow, as he approaches, he finds Jonathan and Sheridan... bickering. Jonathan is dressed in a slim navy suit, looking all business and drastically opposing Sheridan, who is cosplaying Jesse of Team Rocket. As the camera approaches, the words begin to be transmitted. Sheridan: “You said that you would dress as James and we would be Team Rocket!” Jonathan: “I told you that it was a horrific idea and I refuse to dress up as Pokémon’s perpetual losers.” Sheridan: “I recall you explicitly saying, ‘sure Sher, whatever you want’!” Jonathan: “Because you wouldn’t shut up about how cute it would be if we did it, think about the message we’re sending by dressing as losers before our chance of redemption!” The bickering stops for a moment, and Jonathan turns his head to see the camera. With a sigh, he puts his head in his hands and turns to face the cameraman, also alerting Sheridan to the cameras presence. Jonathan lifts his head, jutting his chin out and puffing his chest as he adjusts the suit, pulling down the sleeves and toying with the buttons. Sheridan narrows her Cerulean eyes, pursing her lips as she stands besides Jonathan, who starts to speak. “A show of unity. That’s what caused this comedic miscommunication. It was an attempt to show that Royal Flush remains on the same page regardless of the result of the encounter two weeks ago, that our momentum will not be undercut by one failure. I suppose that the message failed to come across as fully intended due to this situation, how could a group bickering over small details amongst themselves defeat the powerhouse of this company’s owner who’s on the warpath and Mr. Money in the Bank?” “I’d invite you to read into this situation as much you want, say that the pair of us are off kilter, no longer matching strides and doing anything to show our willingness to defeat the both of you. Brenden, Sameer, there’s no wardrobe malfunction, no illness, nothing in this world that could tear the focus to Royal Flush away from the titles fastened around your waist. Our singular focus is more binding than any thoughts on Team Rocket, were formed to take away those titles you hold so close. Our mission statement hasn’t been altered whatsoever.” Sheridan and Jonathan interlock hands, a smile creeps onto the face of Jonathan and spreads to Sheridan, Jonathan runs his free hand through his hair and speaks once more. “Underestimate our drive, underestimate our insatiable desire to become our tag team champions. And it’ll be the Big Ballers blasting off again.”
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    Karl Gunnarsson - The Icelandic Journey

    The Early Days - Lav Tísadak Dagestav Karl Ari Gunnarsson was born on the 31st of May, 1999, just one year before the new millennium. He was born in the small island country of Iceland, a country of around 300,000 people located in the North Atlantic Ocean, separated from the rest of the mainland European continent. He was the offspring of Gunnar Jónsson and Kristin Ólafsdóttir. They named him Karl, gave him the middle name Ari and he took his father’s first name and adding the suffix -sson to make up his last name Gunnarsson, as is normal with male Icelandic last names. As an only child, he and his family grew up in the tiny town of Ólafsvík. Ólafsvík is a small town on the western coast of Iceland, only consisting of about 1,000 people. It’s surrounded by a vast amount of hills and mountains, with a nice view of the ocean. Karl grew up bilingual, he spoke the national language of Icelandic and he spoke the regional language of Stólafak, which he would mainly use to communicate with his family. His school life wasn’t very eventful, the schools he went to had the same small size, due to a small population. He wasn’t a very quiet kid, but he wasn’t a loud popular kid either. He was reserved, chill and determined to perform well in class, which is what he did. Teachers commended his work and intelligence anytime his parents met with the staff at parent-teacher meetings. He found an everlasting love of languages during his school life and learned quite a lot of English and German. He was a top class student. But it was during this time where Karl Gunnarsson found a true passion, a passion that would lead him to become the figure that he is today. And all it took was flicking through channels on the television and stumbling upon……….WWE wrestling.
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    Death Notorious Angel


    Bad Blood (2018) Promotional poster Promotion BPZ Brand(s) Carnage and Evolve Date September 20th, 2018 City Columbus, Ohio Venue Nationwide Arena Attendance 11,000 Tagline(s) Step Up Or Step Off Bad Blood (2018) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by BrendenPlayz Wrestling (BPZ). It took place on September 20, 2018, at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. It was the fourth annual Bad Blood event. The main event was Julius defeating Angelo Caito in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the BPZ Championship. The two main under card matches where the six man Hell In A Cell match for the Premium Championship, which Echo won, and Money In The Bank match, which Bailey won. Results[edit] No. Results Stipulations Times[1] 1 Marker (c) defeated CRM Singles match for the NXT Championship 3:44 2 Echo Wilson defeated Kieron (c), Hollow, Ark, Angelo Caito, and Storm Six Man Hell In A Cell for the Premium Championship 23:35 3 BrendenPlayz defeated Sameer Fortnite Battle 15:00 4 Bailey defeated Hollow, JoshNow, Bashka, and Joh Money In The Bank Ladder Match 20:20 5 Julius (c) defeated Ark and Yelich Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship 04:43 6 Bart (c) defeated JoshNow, Hollow, and Ark Fatal Four Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship 8:51 7 Julius (c) defeated Angelo Caito Falls Count Anywhere Match for the BPZ Championship 38:42
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    Karl Gunnarsson - The Icelandic Journey

    Welcome to The Icelandic Journey, a deep look into the life of Karl Gunnarsson. In this diary, we will see the ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, and success and struggles this man went through to get to the top of the wrestling world. From a humble beginning in his small fishing town in Iceland, a risky move away from home, a beginning of a childhood dream and an unexpected career change, we will see how the man later known as the "Icelandic Ace" made himself known to people across the globe. Join us, as we go on The Icelandic Journey. ComingSoon
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    After waiting and messaging guys to send me their songs and they didn't, they've been DQed from this round. Here's the playlist.
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    WEEK ONE & TWO The first two weeks of the Champions League is over. The league is underway, some good games and some shocking results. But here is what happened: WEEK ONE Lyon 0-0 Ajax A nil nil draw to open the tournament. In a game dominated by Ajax. Neres, Schone and De Jong all had chances, but the best for them fell to substitute Dolberg. Who rose and met a ball from Tadic but headed slightly wide. The best chance in the game though fell for Lyon, as after De Ligt came off with a slight injury, their defence crumbled. A scramble in the box lead to a loose ball that fell to Fekir, who struck the post! PSG 1-1 Tottenham And the first goal of the Champions League goes to… PSG. Cavani to be exact, scoring a first time finish off the back of a through ball from Dani Alves. Tottenham quickly equalised through a neat finish from Son. And in a half dominated by Tottenham, the teams went into half time 1-1. PSG dominated the second, but the score never changed. Valencia 0-0 Chelsea A third straight draw to open the season. Chelsea dominated with both Willian and Higuain hitting the crossbar. The first half was dull but the second was much better. Atletico Madrid 1-0 Dortmund The first win for a team in the tournament in a one goal game. And it was Griezmann who got the one goal as well, as he scored the rebound from a shot of his own that hit the crossbar. Dortmund tried to get back into it in the second half, but Atletico defended well, preventing any major attacks. Roma 1-2 Juventus It was a tight game between two of the four qualified Italian sides, with Roma taking the lead early on due to a nice finish from Edin Dzeko. However, the early goal only seemed to wake up Juventus, who got 2 in 10 minutes from Matuidi and Dybala to give themselves the lead. A third from Ronaldo was disallowed for offside just before the half time break. After half time, Juventus defended well, their only attack being a run from Bentancur through the entire Roma team, he looked as if he was brought down at the end but no penalty was given. Roma were stuck to longshots, apart from one late chance, a Cengiz Under cross was flicked on by Dzeko at the front post. El Sharawaay came sliding in but just couldn’t get to the ball. Full time, Juventus win. Napoli 0-3 Bayern Munich It was actually the Italian side that went through qualifying prior to this game that dominated to begin with. The first half being almost completely theirs. Insigne hit the crossbar with a tough tap in from a tight angle, just before Mertens forced a great save out of Neuer. In the second half it was all Bayern though, James forced 2 amazing saves from Meret. And Coman gave Bayern the lead with a tough finish after a good pass from Muller. Late on there was controversy surrounding the second, Koulibaly was seemingly tripped by James. The referee gave nothing, as the defender fell he inadvertently knocked the ball away from Meret who had dived to collect the ball. Lewandowski was in the right place to make it 2-0. The third was also from the Polish striker, but this one was nicer. He won the ball from kick off, took a touch and smashed one from the edge of the box straight past Meret and into the back of the net. Bayern win. Schalke 1-0 Real Madrid The first shock of the Champions League, Real Madrid dominated with chance after chance. But it was Schalke who scored the only goal. A cross headed into the back of the net by Steven Skrzybski. What a win for Schalke. Inter Milan 1-2 Manchester City City opened the scoring early on, a scramble in the box was eventually converted by Bernardo Silva. But Icardi soon equalised with a near post header. Handanovic kept Inter Milan in the game making great save after great save. But in the 81st minute he was beaten for the second time thanks to Ilkay Gundogan. City take a 2-1 win against Inter. Porto 2-1 Manchester United And another shock, this time in favour of the only Portuguese side left in the competition. They started on the front foot, as an attack on the near side lead to a pinpoint cross being headed in by Aboubakar. Then Hector Herrera made it two in added time before half time. After half time, Luke Shaw got one back for Manchester United and they started to be on the front foot in the last twenty minutes. But it would prove to be too late, and they pick up their first loss in their first game. Barcelona 1-1 Liverpool In the final game of the gameweek the prior seasons champions made the perfect start. As Mo Salah broke in-behind the barca backline and began bearing down on Ter Stegen before passing to Mane for the simple tap in. But the lead wouldn’t last long as messi would get the wrong side of robertson, cut in past Van Dijk and send a rocket into the top corner. The rest of the game was back and forth action with little penetration. One one. WEEK TWO Manchester United 0-0 Barcelona Week two started off with probably the best nil nil draw ever. A really end to end game, both sides had 8 shots on target and possession was even. For either side to win the game would have been unfair on the losers. Sergi Roberto will get praise from Barcelona fans after his goal line clearance in the 90th, as will Chris Smalling from United fans for his man of the match performance. Liverpool 1-2 Lyon A huge shock at Anfield, as Liverpool are outplayed by Lyon. Traore scored for Lyon early on. Van Dijk equalised with a header from a corner, but then 3 minutes later Fekir restored the lead for Lyon. Lyon play well defensively, scoring from 2 of their 3 shots in the game. Although the stats were in favour of Liverpool, the result wasn’t. Manchester City 1-1 Porto A surprising even game between these two sides. Man City looked on top for most of the game after a first half goal from David Silva, but they were pegged back after a late equalizer from Francisco Soares meant the points are shared. Real Madrid 2-2 Inter Milan A somewhat surprising result in this one. Icardi was immense though, scoring two in the first half to give the Italian side a 2 goal lead going into the break. They were dominating the start of the second half too, however they were unable to add any more goals to the scoreline. Then the unthinkable occurred, Gareth Bale scored one for Real Madrid, the comeback was on. And completed in the 89th as Casemiro scored after the ball broke free from a corner. Great game. Bayern 2-1 Schalke Quite an even game between these two German sides. James gave Bayern the lead with a fantastic volley early on, but Nabil Bentaleb equalised in added time. The entire second half was full of end to end action, although not many chances were created. In the end it took an 88th minute goal from Arjen Robben to split the two sides. Juventus 1-0 Napoli Juventus, coming off of a win in their first game needed to build up momentum. But their first half wasn’t amazing. They struggled against Napoli, with the first half being quite even. The goal eventually came in the second half, in the 65th minute. With Mandzukic scoring a header from a corner. Dortmund 2-0 Roma Complete dominance in this one. Roma failed to even have a shot on goal because of how well Dortmund performed. Their opening goal came 10 minutes before half time, as Gotze accelerated into the box and finished well to break the deadline. In the second Jadon Sancho made it two with a shot across the keeper. Good win for Dortmund and an amazing performance. Chelsea 0-1 Atletico Madrid Tough one to swallow for Chelsea, they dominated the game, kept Atletico to only 2 chances. But despite this, Sauls sole goal gave Atletico the win. Chelsea had chance after chance, but just weren’t able to get the goal. Much like in their game against Valencia, as Jan Oblak ends up with 8 saves in the game. Tottenham 2-1 Valencia Good result for Tottenham, good performance as well. The side representing north london dominated this match. Completely controlling the tempo in the first half, and getting their reward in a tap in by Son. However, the second half saw the resurgence of Valencia. As they had a great period of control for the first 20 minutes of the second half. And they got their reward through an equaliser by Santi Mina. However, there was still one more twist left in the tale. As a header from a Trippier cross by Harry Kane, which Neto got a hand to struck the post and snuck across the line and in to make it advantage Tottenham with 10 minutes remaining. A lead that they held onto for the lead. Ajax 0-2 PSG PSG bounce back from dropping 2 points against Tottenham. And they really did start strong. Di Maria netted inside 20 minutes and they continued to press right up until minutes before half time where Neymar made it two. However, after the break it was a completely different story. The tide had turned completely as it was now Ajax in full control. But, despite all their pressure they were not able to even get one goal back, losing 2-0. LEAGUE TABLE 1. Bayern Munich 2. Juventus 3. Atletico Madrid 4. PSG 5. Porto 6. Manchester City 7. Tottenham 8. Lyon 9. Dortmund 10. Schalke 11. Barcelona 12. Inter 13. Liverpool 14. Real Madrid 15. Valencia 16. Manchester United 17. Chelsea 18. Ajax 19. Roma 20. Napoli
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary The year is 2011 in the NBA and the league has been flipped upside down as the Magic have somehow won the nba championship. The super teams Miami heat and Oklahoma Thunder were no match as the the Orlando Magic hold the Larry O’brien Championship Trophy has as they are the reigning NBA champions. Teams around the league are reshaping their teams resulting in lots of firings and new unknown coaches and general managers taking over as teams feel they have a chance now. As they saw a single player in Dwight Howard carry his entire team beating two super teams and winning the NBA Finals. One of these changing teams is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have fired their general manager Gar Forman even though he won NBA executive of the year. Gar he is now seeking revenge as he has joined the Atlanta Hawks. He stated “That organization (Bulls) have no idea what they are doing. They are a dysfunctional mess that I am glad I have gotten out of. They brought in some guy that was a mailroom clerk for the Orlando Magic this year. So yeah good luck Chicago as you are never going to win another title as long as I am alive and managing the Atlanta Hawks. We are going to be winning titles year in and year out as the Bulls crumble back into irrelevance.” That mailroom clerk was Bob Sparks. The Bulls were looking for any magic they could take out of Orlando and bring it to their team. So how will Bob Sparks fair as he tries to return the Bulls to its former glory days when they were lead by Michael Jordan back in the 90’s. So without further a do let’s get this story started at the 2011 NBA draft. We see Bob and his staff in the Bulls draft room watching on as the NBA Draft is about to commence as the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick. Bob: Okay guys here we go. Cavs are on the clock. It’s gotta be Kyrie Irving right he’s the best player in this draft. I don’t see how you don’t take him at one. We then see a woman begin to speak it’s Alice Jones, Bob’s financial advisor who helps him manage the salary of players and make sure he has enough money to keep things running. Alice: Yeah ever since Derrick Williams dropped out of the draft last second yesterday Kyrie has been the clear number one option. We then see the commissioner David Stern come to podium to announce the first pick on the 2011 NBA Draft. David Stern: With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Kawhi Leonard. The room is in shock as everyone though Kyrie was going to be the clear pick. Bob: Well then that changes things up a bit. I mean Leonard is good but Kyrie is clearly the better option there. We then see the Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau look at the screen shaking his head. Tom: Well it looks like Kyrie is going to end up teaming up in Minnesota with Kevin Love. That will be fun to deal with it. At least Kyrie will be in the west though. We then see David Stern come back up to podium as he announces the next pick. David Stern: With the second pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select Tristan Thompson. We see the Head Scout Hal Olson look at his notes then the screen. Hal: What is happening I didn't even have him going top 5 yet he is being taken at two. I mean the only thing I can think of is they think he is going to be the next Dwight Howard. I can’t see the Jazz up next taking Kyrie they already have Deron Williams and he has proven to be a high tier point guard in this league. So maybe the Cavs get Kyrie after all. The room waits in anticipation as David Stern announces the next pick. David Stern: With the third pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Utah Jazz select Klay Thompson. Bob sits up there as he nods in approval of the pick. Bob: That’s a good pick he’s good and they need a shooting guard badly. Kyrie is still on the board though can’t believe that. We then see David Stern walk up to the podium again. David Stern: With the 4th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Jonas Valanciunas. Bob and his staff stand in the room just laughing. Bob: They had two chances to get Kyrie Irving and they passed on him wow what is going on over there in Cleveland. We then see David Stern come to the podium again as the Toronto Raptors are on the clock. David Stern: With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select Kyrie Irving. Bob claps his hands as we see Hal cross Kyrie off the list. Hal: Well there he goes, a bit of a slide but still top five where he belongs. We then see the next 5 picks announced. As the draft has calmed down a bit. Pick 6 Wizards: Kemba Walker PG Pick 7 Kings: Jimmy Butler SG Pick 8 Pistons: Reggie Jackson PG Pick 9 Hornets: Bismack Biyombo C Pick 10 Pacers: Enes Kanter C Then we hear the phone ring as Bob answers it, it’s Luol Deng. Bob: What’s up Luol, why are you calling me in the middle of the draft. Luol: Listen Bob I have given this a lot of thought but I just don’t want to be here anymore. I can’t sit in the shadow of Derrick anymore. I just need to go somewhere and be my own man. Bob: Well Luol I can respect that thanks for letting me know just sit tight I’ll see if I can work something out. Just keep this own the down low until we get a deal to go through. Luol: Thanks man I’m sorry it had to come to this I will talk with you soon. Luol hangs up the phone as Bob is in shock. Bob: Well Luol just called me and requested a trade. So let’s see if we can work something out. Whos coming up in the draft? Tom: The Nets are up next and they need a small forward badly they were looking for one last year but never got one. Hal: Also there really is not any good small forwards for them to take in this position. Bob: So let’s call New Jersey. We see Bob call the New Jersey Nets phone line as we hear their coach Avery Johnson pick up the phone up. Avery: This is the New Jersey Nets what’s up Chicago? Bob: I heard you might be in need of a small forward. Avery: Maybe, what do you have in mind. Bob: We want your 12th pick and in exchange we will give you Luol Deng. Avery: That's a good start but I am going to need your first this year and next year if you want this number 12 pick. Bob: I can give you this years but not next years. Avery: Well then I am going to need a bit more. Bob: Okay ummm I can give you one our young guys you clearly need forwards so how about Omer Asik he’s young and still has lots of potential. Plus he is on a cheap deal. Avery: Okay just to confirm thats Luol Deng the 24th pick and Omer Asik for our 12th pick? Bob: Yes Avery that’s what I am offering. Avery: You know what screw you got yourself a deal. Pleasure doing business with you. I'll talk with you later hopefully. Avery hangs up the phone as we see David Stern walk to the podium to announce the Knicks 11th pick. David Stern: With the 11th pick the New York Knicks select Brandon Knight. We see all of Bob’s staff look at him as they are on the clock. Tom: I’m leaving this up to you, I am going to trust you on this one. Alice and Hal all shake their heads in agreement. Bob: I am going to take a walk I will make they call as I am walking. Bob then leaves the room and begin to take a walk. He looks out a window as he sees kids playing a pickup game on a court outside. He looks at one kid he is just shooting threes. He is making them he's not as big as the others but he keeps fighting. He is wearing a Karl Malone jersey number 32. Bob then makes the call as he walks back to the draft room just as David Stern is walking to the podium to make the pick. David Stern: The New Jersey Nets have traded the 12th pick to the Chicago Bulls and with the 12th pick the Chicago Bulls select Jimmer Fredette. The room is in shock as they did not except that pick. Eventually Tom breaks the silence. Tom: You believe in this kid Bob? Bob: 100 percent. He is going to be the future. Tom: Then so do I let’s go win us a title. Jimmer range baby! The group celebrates as Jimmer Fredette is the newest member of the Chicago Bulls! The group then watches the rest of the draft as they don’t have a second round pick and aren't looking to make any trades. Pick 13 Pelicans: Alec Burks SG Pick 14 Clippers: Nikola Vucevic C Pick 15 Rockets: Jeb Vernie SF Pick 16 Warriors: Julian Moss PF Pick 17 Suns: Isaiah Thomas PG Pick 18 Nuggets: Tobias Harris PF Pick 19 Celtics: Kris Longley C Pick 20 76ers: Jake Wise PG Pick 21 Grizzlies: Marshon Brooks SG Pick 22 Spurs: Albert Sherman C Pick 23 Trail Blazers: Marcus Morris SF Pick 24 Nets: Nikola Mirotic PF Pick 25 Hawks: E’twaun Moore SG Pick 26 Thunder: Kenneth Faried PF Pick 27 Heat: Iman Shumpert SG Pick 28 Lakers: Cory Joseph PG Pick 29 Mavericks: Jake Holt SG Pick 30 Magic: Markieff Morris PF [2nd Round Picks were mostly irrelevant] We see the draft end as the Chicago Bulls now look toward free agency
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    Free of Debt

    Carnage cuts to Bob and we pick up from where we left off last week as we see him in the field looking at the cabin with the lights on after hearing the voices. We see Bob start to walk up as he hears singing coming from inside. Kimmy: Hush little baby don’t say a word daddy’s gonna buy you a mocking… We then hear snarls coming from inside as we hear Kimmy speak again. Kimmy: Guess what kids, daddy’s home! It looks like we are gonna play after all. We then see Bob open the front door to a horrific sight. We see the kids start to approach as Bob steps back. Children: What’s wrong daddy why won’t you play with us? We missed you. Why can’t you just stay forever. We really miss you. Bob: It’s time to go back to wherever you came from. I am getting really sick of this twisted sick game. Daddy loved you very much but you died you’re not supposed to be here. Children: But mommy said we could all be one big happy family again. All we have to do is come and get you. Then we can play together all the time. Kimmy: Yeah hun. Us 4 together again. Is that not what you always wanted. Bob: Back in the day yes. Now though you are all dead and I have moved on from it. So go back before I have to make you go back. Children: Daddy we can’t go back till you fulfill your promise. The only other way is for you to come with us. But it’s okay we can be happy again. We see Bob grasp the sledgehammer a little firmer in his hands. Kimmy: We could have done this the easy way but now I guess we have to take you back by force. We see the kids run at Bob. Bob begins to cry as he swings the sledgehammer causing both kids to fly across the room. As they lie motionless on the ground. Bob begins to yell. Bob: Why is this happening to me? You caused this their blood is on your hands not mine. I never thought I would ever have to do that but you forced it upon me. I wish I could have you all back. But I can’t it is not possible. You all died along time ago and there's nothing I can do about that Kimmy! Now please just leave I don’t want to do the same to you. Kimmy then sits up from the rocking chair as she raises her hands in the air and lightning strikes the shack catching it on fire. Kimmy: You will come with us Bob and we will be a happy family once again. Kimmy then runs at Bob. Bob though swings the sledgehammer knocking her into the corner. Bob has completely lost it now. He keeps swinging down even though Kimmy is clearly gone. Bob has gone full berserk. Bob: This is your fault, I never wanted this! You sick me own kids on me and made me kill them and now you tried to kill me. Whatever demon you are I am making sure you never come back. Bob eventually stops swinging as he runs out of the building and falls to his knees looking at it. Bob: Their blood is not on my hands. It is on hers. I am no longer going to be held responsible for others blood. They all made the mistake of messing with me. Now they will all feel the consequences. I have nothing and no one left to lose now. I am all alone. I am a free man. A man that is going to begin to dismantle and destroy everything in my path from now on. No more setbacks and no more broken promises. My rise to the top will continue no matter who or what gets in my way. Both in life and in the ring I am a new man. A man free on debt and a man with nothing to lose. We see the camera cut inside the burning building to Kimmy’s corpse as it disappears. We then cut back to Bob walking away from the burning shack with a stern look on his face heading into the PTC Finals and his hardcore match.
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    Defiantly an interesting diary you got going on, not many career diaries for wrestling have caught my attention but this one for sure is one to keep an eye out for. Keep it up
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    It's Tournament Time here in BPZ Wrestling. You think March Madness is good well you haven't seen anything yet. With King Of the Ring coming up soon but first we have the 2nd Powertrip Cup Tournament! Last Year Flynn took home the Cup and a Championship Match after beating Julius. This year the 2nd winner of the Cup will earn a Undisputed Championship Match at Either The King of the Ring PPV or they Can wait it out to Biggest Summer Party of the year Summerslam! The Powertrip Cup Tournament is a 16 Man Single Elimination Tournament. 16 Men have been seeded based on there success in BPZ Wrestling. But the finals aren't the only thing that will happen at the Powertrip Cup PPV. We will also See Bart defend his Undisputed Championship against Last years Cup Winner Fiynn. In what is definitely a highly anticipated match. We will also see Arius make his first North American Championship defense against no one other but Kenji who came so close himself of becoming the first ever North American Champion. The Powertrip Cup PPV will be live in San Antonio at the AT&T Center. Round 1 of the Tournament will take place May 3rd in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse New York. The Quarterfinals will take place on May 17th at the FedExFourm arena in Memphis Tennessee. And finally the Semifinals will be held on May 31st at the United Center in Chicago. Here Below is the official Powertrip cup bracket! Goodluck to all the Superstars! Dates: Round 1: May 3rd Quarterfinals: May 17 Semifinals: May 31st Finals: June 14 PPV Venue: AT&T Center San Antonio Texas Theme: TBD Match Card: Powertrip Cup Finals: Julius vs BIC Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik NA Number One Contenders Hardcore Match: Hans vs Bob vs Alex Costa vs Aaron North BPZ Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Big Ballers (C) vs Royal Flush Josh vs Sir Raven Monda vs FDS Nanovirus vs Bashka Buddy Ace vs Blade
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    Powertrip Cup Finals: Julius vs BIC Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik NA Number One Contenders Hardcore Match: Hans vs Bob vs Alex Costa vs Aaron North BPZ Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Big Ballers (C) vs Royal Flush Josh vs Sir Raven Monda vs FDS Nanovirus vs Bashka Buddy Ace vs Blade
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    REBUILDING THE BULLS POST SEASON Player Retirements - Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Jamal Crawford, Tyson Chandler, Nene, Dwyane Wade, Kyle Korver HOF Inductees - Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter Draft Lottery Results 1) Mavericks 2) Cavaliers 3) Grizzlies 4) Knicks 5) Suns 6) Bulls 7) Hawks 8.) Wizards 9) Pelicans 10) Celtics (Via MIN) 11) Lakers 12) Heat 13) Celtics (Via SAC) 14) Hornets Quite a disappointing draft lottery as we end up with the 6 pick. We desperately need a guard so I am going to try and trade up to get Ja Morant or RJ Barrett. If we can’t then we just have to hope someone falls to us like Coby White or Keldon Johnson. Staff Signing During the staff signing period, we sacked our head coach and signed Michael Stauffer. We also tried to get a trainer as currently we had none. We ended up getting Sean Lee. NBA DRAFT 1) Mavericks select Ja Morant 2) Cavaliers select Zion Williamson TRADE ALERT! Memphis Grizzlies trade their 3rd overall pick to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love and a 2021 1st round lottery protected pick 3) Cavaliers select Nickeil Alexander-Walker TRADE ALERT! New York trade their 4th pick and Mitchell Robinson to Chicago for the 6 pick, Kris Dunn and the 38 pick. 4) Bulls select RJ Barrett 5) Suns select Coby White 6) Knicks select Sekou Doumbouya 7) Hawks select DeAndre Hunter 8.) Wizards select Rui Hachimura 9) Pelicans select Darius Garland 10) Celtics select Keldon Johnson 11) Lakers select Cam Reddish 12) Heat select Jarrett Culver 13) Celtics select Brandon Clarke 14) Hornets select Bol Bol Player/Team Options & Qualifying Offers We had 2 players on team options, as both of their contracts are small we decided to resign both Walter Lemon Jr and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot. Players That Rejected Their Options Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Jimmy Butler Julius Randle Khris Middleton TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Otto Porter to the Los Angeles Clippers for Landry Shamet and Rodney McGruder. We made this trade to free up cap space, giving up a big contract to get 2 very small contracts. Free Agency We still needed a PG, so we went in for Kyrie, Kemba and D’Angelo. Kyrie resigned with the Celtics, Brooklyn matched our contract offer to D’Angelo and Kemba resigned in Charlotte. This meant we were left unable to get a star point guard, so we signed Derrick Rose on a one year deal worth 19 mil. We also got Lance Stephenson and Trey Burke to help our depth. Training Camps Lauri Markkanen - Untapped Potential Wendell Carter Jr - Untapped Potential TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Denzel Valentine and Cristiano Felicio to the Miami Heat for Kelly Olynyk.
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Interesting trade there depends on what the picks turn into to know who wins the trade. Deron Williams and Klay would be fye tho. Really enjoying how u are formatting this bob good job
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    ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 8 Opening Match Ironman Championship Quarterfinal: Jeff Cobb VS WALTER To kick off the show we had the final quarter final match of the Ironman Championship Tournament with a titanic heavyweight clash as the Ring General WALTER took on the monstrous Jeff Cobb. The two men began the match by hitting each other with massive amounts of chops and other strikes. Cobb’s superhuman strength was displayed as he threw WALTER around the ring but WALTER would fight back and after a sidewalk slam on the apron WALTER turned the momentum around completely giving himself the advantage. The two men would continue to fight each other but every time Cobb tried to get the victory with the tour of the islands his back would give out. This would cause WALTER to defeat Cobb after hitting him with a Gojira Bomb for the victory. Match 2: Mexablood VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado In the next match, tag team competition took place as Mexablood took on Suzuki-Gun’s El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (OOC: Feel free to leave a suggestion for their tag team name). Kanemaru and Desperado continued to utilise their dirty tactics against the Luchadores attempting to remove the masks of the two men and using every opportunity to bend the rules to their whims. Mexablood would fight back using their innovative offense against the Suzuki-Gun JR heavyweights. Mexablood looked to have the match won with a moonsault press from Bandido to Desperado but Kanemaru yanked the referee out of the ring breaking up the pinfall. This would allow Suzuki Gun to turn the tables with a sattori mist to Flamita followed up by a Deep Impact off the apron from Kanemaru. Desperado and Kanemaru would then Bandido with the deep 6 dropkick combination for the victory. After the match, Kanemaru and Desperado gave Bandido to Aries who had been watching from ringside, Aries would then drop him with a massive Brainbuster before Suzuki-Gun would pose over the broken bodies of the luchadores. Match 3: The Briscoes VS The Wolves In the next match, two of the most vicious tag teams in ICPW as the Briscoes took on the Wolves. The Briscoes would beat the hell out of the Wolves to begin with demonstrating their dominance as a tag team. The wolves got some offense in however for the majority of the match the Briscoes appeared to have control over things and looked to have the match won after they hit Richards with the Jay Driller followed up by a Froggy Bow from Mark but Edwards would end the match in a disqualification hitting Mark with “Kenny”, Jay would then get a taste of Kenny as the Wolves would then hit the lungblower powerbomb after the match. A livid Jay Briscoe would get up afterwards however and while clutching his ribs and would demand a rematch for the next night of the tour in a no disqualification match. Match 4: Schadenfreude (CCK & Becky Lynch) VS Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad & Jordynne Grace) In a mixed tag team match, Schadenfreude’s Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos and Becky Lynch took on Suzuki-Gun’s Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith JR and Jordynne Grace. The Heavyweight powerhouse team of Suzuki-Gun proved to be dominant over the Schadenfreude trio beating them up before the match began but continue to beat them down during the match with massive amounts of power. Grace would throw “The Man” around like a ragdoll just throwing her around the ring like she weighed nothing. Meanwhile on the outside, Archer was having a lot of fun throwing Lykos into stuff on the outside. Meanwhile DBS JR would beatdown Brookes in a more traditional sense. It would not take long for Grace to put Becky away after dropping her with a backpack stunner. After the match, KES hit the killer bomb on Chris Brookes and when Kid Lykos tried to break it up DBS would hit him with the Running Powerslam. Match 5: CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Roppongi 3K) VS Firing Squad (The Guerillas of Destiny & Killer Kross) In the next match, CHAOS’ Tomohiro Ishii and Roppongi 3K took on Firing Squad’s Killer Kross and the Guerillas of Destiny. This match was very interesting, the brutality alone between Kross and Ishii was very interesting as the Hired Gun and the Stone Pitbull took it to each other smashing each other with Strikes and hitting each other as hard as they physically could. The Guerillas and 3K would demonstrate a very impressive amount of tag team offense, Assisted Tongan Twists, Assisted inverted powerslam, stereo headbutts, Stereo jumping names just to name some of the offense seen in this match. The match came to an end after the Guerillas hit YOH with Guerilla Warfare for the victory. After the match, Firing Squad continued to Brawl with CHAOS, with Ishii dropping Kross with a brainbuster to leave CHAOS standing tall. Match 6: Apollo Crews & Shane Strickland VS CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Rocky Romero) In an interesting tag team match, Apollo Crews teamed up with Shane Strickland to take on CHAOS’ Hirooki Goto & Rocky Romero. The two teams shook hands before the match started with Romero and Strickland beginning the match with some fast paced offense, The King Of Swerve getting the advantage over the former Black Tiger. It wasn’t until Goto and Crews entered the match though that we saw the personal nature of this rivalry with the brutality shown by the two men with Goto hitting Crews as hard as he could releasing the violent Nature of the Blue Chippers days in Dragon Gate. Crews would then attempt to take it to Goto but Goto would slowly take the advantage back from Crews before reversing the Crews Combination into a GTR for the victory. After the match, Goto would taunt Crews which would escalate into a full fledged brawl which would require Strickland and Romero to break the two apart. Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr, LAX & Eddie Kingston) VS Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) & KENTA In the semi-main event of the evening, WRSTLING was in full force as David Starr, Eddie Kingston and LAX took on the unlikely combination of Legion and KENTA. KENTA easily meshed with Legion’s hard hitting style but WRSTLING sought to ground the 4 men not allowing them to quicken the pace of the match. The match would continue on as the Trios Championship match opponents would take it to each other with LAX fighting the Summerian Death Squad and Kingston facing off with Whiplash leaving the JR Heavyweight Championship opponents KENTA and Starr to beat the hell out of each other. The match would come down to KENTA and Starr beating each other down with extremely painful moves but Starr would catch KENTA with a schoolboy and use the ropes for leverage for the victory. After the match, WRSTLING would retreat taunting Legion and KENTA. Main Event: Cesaro VS Rampage Brown In the main event of the evening, in a special singles match The Swiss Cyborg Cesaro would take on Rampage Brown. The two men would have an incredible contest of power with the two men taking it to each other with immense amounts of strength. Rampage and Cesaro would hit each other as hard as they possibly could, Cesaro drilling Rampage with Uppercuts and Rampage taking Cesaro off his feet with massive clotheslines. Rampage looked to have the match won with a sit out powerbomb but Cesaro managed to kick out, Cesaro hit a springboard european uppercut and looked to finish off Rampage with it but Rampage was able to power out. Rampage and Cesaro would then exchange maneuvers hitting each other with almost everything they had. Cesaro looked to end the match after locking in the sharpshooter after a Cesaro swing on Rampage but Rampage got to the ropes, Cesaro would stay on Rampage and then attempt to drop him with a neutralizer but Rampage would escape the position and then drop Cesaro with a brainbuster. Rampage would then finish things off with a Piledriver on Cesaro for the victory. After the match, Cesaro and Rampage shook hands but also signalled a rematch at a later date.
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    Josh’s Football Debates

    Hello and welcome back to Football Debates. Today my question is from Alex who asks “What are your thoughts on Reals signings.” Their first signing was 60 million euro forward Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt. Luka had an amazing season, scoring as many goals as Benzema and Bale combined. The question is he has had one good season, so was he worth all the money. My answer is yes However I don’t believe Rodrygo was worth €45 million. I’ve heard people raving about him but he is yet to be proven. He’s yet to have a great season like Jovic. It’s possible he could be the next Neymar but he needed one more season to be worth this much Next two players I hadn’t heard of - Ferland Mendy and Eder Militao. I think they may have overpayed for these players also but the stats don’t lie, they’ve had incredible seasons and could easily slot into Real’s team Finally the main man Eden Hazard. I have to say €100 million. What a bargain. Hazard could’ve been pushing Neymar for me as the most expensive player ever so to see Chelsea agree to sell him for only half of that surprised me Overall I’d expect the, to spend €300 million of these players so Perez has done good business to pay €303 million. Was it a good move. Have a look at my predicted Real team for next season and tell me Navas Carvajal Militao Ramos Mendy Hazard Kroos Modric Jovic Benzema Bale Remember Guys keep sending me in questions and give me feedback on how many football debates I should answer per post. Thanks for the question @Alex Costa Tomorrow, who is the most overrated player currently playing in world football. Thanks for reading
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    Liam Star: Welcome To The Big Leagues

    June 3rd, Post-Mayhem Episode of Carnage, 2019. So, today was it. The big day, the day I made my debut in BPZ. BrendenPlayz Wrestling, the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and I, a boy from Sydney was going to make my debut against NXT Champion, Bob. I've been dreaming of this day ever since I began wrestling, but now it's finally coming true. I sit backstage shaking as I see people I've watched on TV for years such as The Bailey and Flynn walk around like normal people. I've made plenty of debuts elsewhere but why am I so worried now? I don't know. A producer comes up to me and lets me know that my match is coming up next. I see Bob walk up to the curtain and he looks to me holding his belt and says, "Good luck out there, kid." His theme song begins to play as reality sinks in, it's nearly my time to shine. His theme song stops, and mine begins to play. Some people in the audience know who I am, which is a huge shock to me but a pleasant surprise. I hear the words I've been wanting to hear all my days of wrestling. AND NOW, MAKING HIS BPZ DEBUT, FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA......LIAM STAR. I walk to the ring, with very little charisma as I'm too busy being struck by the reality which is that I'm making my BPZ debut! I get into the ring and I stand there, starstruck by seeing Bob and the referee rings the bell. I run at him but he hits me straight in the gut with a kick that sends me crashing back down to earth as he begins to start working away at my winded body. As he starts to become cocky and stop attacking me I hit him in the stomach which annoys him but gives me enough time to get back to my feet. I get up and go to run at him once again but he hits me with a big boot, a standard move of Bob's that the audience have become accustomed to. Bob picks me up and drags me over to the corner, where he lifts me up and hits me with a running powerslam! Bob goes for the cover on me, 1.....2..and I kick out! He begins working away on me once again to the 'ooh' and 'aah' from the audience of me being absolutely pummeled by the NXT Champion. He stands over my lifeless body and puts his foot on my chest, assuming that I won't kick out but I break the count at 2 and a half! Bob is shocked by this and picks me up once again and applies a bear hug to me! It's one of the most painful holds I've been in throughout my career and everyone believes it's all over for this match. Just as I start to fade I get a sudden gust of life which brings me enough power to hit Bob with a rush of elbows to the head, enough to make him break the hold and to leave him leaning against the corner. I notice him winded and see this opportunity to perform by signature move, THE KNEE OF GOD! Could it be? Could I really beat the NXT Champion on my debut? I drag him out of the corner and throw him onto the mat. 1........2........NO! BOB KICKS OUT! The audience begin to start rooting for me after this lively performance against the Champ. I take advantage of Bob laying on the mat and go to the top rope to perform a 450 splash but he puts his knees up, once again giving him the advantage in this match. We are now both out of breath which gives us both enough time to recover by due to his large stature, Bob hits a shoulder tackle which takes me tumbling down. He lifts me up and hits a Bob Bomb on me which takes me right out of it. He goes for the cover, 1.....2.....3! Bob beats me but it wasn't without a fight. He celebrates and while he does I roll out and begin to make my way to the back. I receive several high fives and 'good job's as I walk back to the locker room. I begin to wipe off the sweat using a towel and Mr. Playz walks into the locker room and says "Welcome to the big leagues, you did a good job out there. I think we'll be giving you another call sometime soon."
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    No Matter..

    This Carnage crowd are red hot, right off the back of the Brad promo they saw mere moments ago, they turn their eyes to the screen once again to see what comes next.. The crowd, as usual boo the superstar they simply just love to hate. He steps out from behind the curtain, with a spark of hatred in his eyes from what he just witnessed and the blood rushing through his body, his mind filled with malicious thoughts and vengeful intent all can be gathered just from looking at the way he stepped out from behind that curtain seconds ago. He begins his journey down the ramp, members of the BPZ Universe from either side jeering him as he stops halfway down, turns to his left for 2 seconds and simply stares at an audience member, with a look of nothing that can be described as anything but pure hatred for every single person that is sitting in this audience. He continues walking and once he gets into the ring he once again just stands there, observing everything around him for just a few seconds, however he begins to slowly raise the microphone to his chin as he opens his mouth and mutters the phrase When... He pulls the microphone back down and begins to blow off some steam by pacing around the ring, the audience confused WHEN?! When are you going to get it through your thick skull that no matter how many identity crises you have, you’re still the same old Brad. When will you understand that no matter how many sob stories you give for these people, you need a whole lot more than the backing of useless nobodies holding up some signs and screaming your name in order to win. You say that the passion for this industry and the support these people give you fuels you. Well you know what fuels me? Success. Success that I have earned, EARNED, throughout my career whether it be in this industry or another I go out and I get SUCCESS. So, I ask again, when will you learn? When will you learn that no matter how many times you switch between Brad, Nanovirus and Angelo that you will be the same old loser who is nothing more than just a man with a struggle. That’s all you’ve ever been in your career, a man with a struggle. Whether it be the struggle of a rough childhood or the struggle of “oh, I’m an underrated legend”, or “the people in the back don’t appreciate me enough”. You’re simply just a man with a struggle trying to gain the appreciation from these people by telling them sob stories so at the very least when you go out and lose you can come out saying “well, I had these people by my side at least.” I’m sick of it, and so is every performer in the back that has half a brain. I’m sick and tired of you trying to get people to be scared of you because you play in graveyards or you bring out a chainsaw, because I’m not scared of you. You could put a gun to my throat, be 0.1 seconds away from pulling the trigger and I still wouldn’t be scared of you. You know why? Because all throughout your career you have given me way more reasons to pity you than to be scared of you. You come out here telling everybody that your father didn’t love you and you had it rough growing up and I say that’s really sad and I’m here for you, I really am. But keep that shit away from this ring. When I come out here, I put my backstory and what I was before I came here aside, I talk strictly business and I don’t need these people on my side in order to get my business done. ....and yet, here we are. I still waste my time on you because you linger around like a bad smell and talk all big because “I’VE NEVER LEFT” and I’m really proud of you for never leaving, good job on being loyal to this company, it’s truly a great attribute and that’s very good. But be honest here, what has not leaving gotten you? You’ve been here for the past 4 or so years, day in and day out, you’ve seen the highs and lows of every single ones of these championship divisions but has it gotten you a World Championship? No. Has it gained you that legendary status that makes everybody respect you wherever you go? No. Did it get you your Hall of Fame ring any quicker? No. So what else have you got to say other than that, huh? You’ve never left, that’s great if you’ve actually gained something from never leaving. But I’ve left several times and I still walk through the company with these people respecting me and being glad to see me WAY MORE than they ever will be with you. That’s the way it is and that’s how it always will be. Because no matter how long you leave, no matter how many times you have an identity crisis, no matter how many times you make that charge for the World title, no matter how many times you put names on walls, no matter how many times you tell everybody how you’ve never left, no matter how many times you brag about your accomplishments, no matter how many times you flex that Hall of Fame ring, no matter how many times you said THAT YOU’RE GOING TO WIN.. The crowd in complete silence, listening to the passion-filled voice of Bashka in this time where he’s obviously got a serious issue with Brad and wants nothing more than to put him away at PTC ....nobody cares. Bashka drops the microphone and leaves the ring, the crowd unsure of how to respond after that
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    A Toast!

    Puritania rings throughout the arena and Dikey steps out onto the stage for the first time in weeks, his match with Bulldozer nearing quickly. He walks out onto the center of the stage and poses for the fans, who cheer loudly. He then turns back around and waves his arm in. Four men dressed in black wheel out a very large object placed on a roller covered on a blanket. Dikey strolls down, taking his time and waiting for the four men to catch up. On his way, he high fives some fans, gives out a few signatures, and even removes his necklace to give to a young fan. Dikey and his entourage finally make it to the ring and Dikey rolls on inside. He sets up a ramp leading up to the ring apron and loosens the ropes so the object can enter, doing so quite easily for the size of the object underneath the blanket. They do so without a hitch and Dikey takes a microphone out from inside his leather jacket. Ah, it's good to back. What is up BPZ Universe? The fans in attendance cheer loudly and start chanting "Dikey! Dikey! Dikey!" I must say, it is fantastic to hear you all again. Now, in two days time, I face Bulldozer in a match at the Power Trip Cup event. And as his inevitable fate draws nearer and nearer, I'd like to offer a toast. A toast to everything that has led up to this moment. So, let's begin. Dikey motions to a ringside personnel and they hand him a fine silver chalice filled with wine. So first, a toast to all of you! Yes, yes, yes, no need to applaud, I should be the one applauding you. It's because of each and every single one of you that I will be competing in this match and recording my first ever win, and not anyone else. If you did not demand, management would not have listened. It's because of all of you that I have the support of an entire universe behind me and a clear mind headed into this match. So, a toast! To all of the lovely members of the BPZ Universe. The Carnage fans cheer as Dikey takes a drawn out sip from his chalice. Next, a toast to management! I know, this may come as a shock to many of you, but it has to happen. I'm just kidding, this match being made isn't even partially because of them. So thank you, but next. Instead of taking a sip, Dikey pours a small bit of liquid outside of the ring. A toast to...Bulldozer! Yes, you all knew it was coming, and it has to happen. Despite speaking, Dikey's voice is drowned out in a loud chorus of boos when Bulldozer's name was mentioned. Many offensive chants start up, most not appropriate for TV. Dikey lowers his mic and looks around at all the fans, a smile on his face but a bit of fire in his eyes. He lifts up the microphone once the fans calm down. I don't like it as much as any of you do, but hey, without him this match would have never happened. Bulldozer, thank you for willingly participate in this match. Thank you for being the for being the mere stepping stone I need to become relevant. Thank you for sacrificing any chance you ever had of making it big in this company. Thank you for putting your physical, mental, and emotional well being at risk knowing god damn well that I'm holding nothing back in this match and you won't stand a chance at winning. If you even decide to show up...So a toast! A toast, to good old Bulldozer. Dikey takes a healthy swig from the chalice, shakes its remnants around and lifts up the microphone once more. And finally, the toast you've all been waiting for. A toast to...myself. I mean come on, it had to be done, right? If not for me, you would all have Bulldozer coming out here every single week and running his mouth. But I put him in his place, and I will make him stay there in two days from now. I am the saving grace to all of you, the destroyer of Bulldozer, and the true savior of pro wrestling. I will be the one to finally put down the biggest disgrace to pro wrestling this planet has ever seen. I will be the one who will rise above the others and shoot into super stardom. And why? It's because I am me, and no one else is as good as me. Dikey drinks the remaining liquid in the chalice and drops it to the ground. He prepares to leave the ring but stops himself and once again lifts the microphone. Oh right, I almost forgot. I know it, all you great people know it, everyone knows it, and it's that there is an elephant in the room. This veiled masterpiece. Well, to commemorate the last time you will all see me without my first win and at the start of my journey to the top of the BPZ food chain, I had this life-size statue of myself built. I know, call me egotistical or self absorbed, but you'll take those words back once you see this beauty. Drum roll please! A drum roll effect is played throughout the arena, and the fans all say "Ohhhhhhhh" which gets louder and louder with every passing second. Dikey finally yanks the blanket off to reveal not a statue of himself, but Bulldozer! The two men stand off for a moment, Dikey looking at Bulldozer in absolute shock. Suddenly, Bulldozer leaps off the podium on which he was standing and takes Dikey to the ground. Dikey shoves Bulldozer off of him, but Bulldozer is able to recover quickly and continue raining down punches on Dikey. Bulldozer finally picks Dikey up and throws him out of the ring. He exits the ring, right on Dikey's tail, grabs him by the pants and neck, and throws him back first into a barricade. Bulldozer once again picks Dikey up and tosses him carelessly into the ring post. Bulldozer slowly walks over to Dikey and kicks him every time he tries to get back to his feet, keeping him grounded. Bulldozer finally lifts Dikey up by the hair and gets right into his blood-ridden face, yelling insults. Dikey is thrown onto the announce table, and Bulldozer hops up right after him. Bulldozer takes a step back and runs up to hit God's Ultimate Blast, driving Dikey's head right into the table, causing it to collapse under the force of the stomp. Bulldozer places a foot on the back of the fallen Dikey and poses for the fans, absorbing the rain of boos being showered upon him.
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    The show cuts to a scene where BrendenPlayz is sitting in his office chair at the BPZ Headquarters. He sips his cup of coffee and is ready to speak Well, here we are again. Another match, another battle and another war is coming. I gotta say, I'm surprised that the Royal Flush were as good as they were. Sheridan really impressed me, I thought she was just all talk and no action. But, she put up a helluva fight. Johnny was simply the killer he has always been and that's great to see from a company perspective. It'll be great to see him capture major championship gold and be one of our top draws again, I hope he can do that. Our match at Mayhem was a major success. The ratings soared when we were in the ring and we were all the buzz after the show with social media numbers spiking greatly. It's fantastic to see that the tag team division is thriving. It's great for business. But that's where I draw the line. Business is great, but when I take my suit off, that's where my care for the business ends. My care, is about this tag team championship title. A title that I've held for majority of this year so far. A title that I care more about than any other in history. You don't think I couldn't dabble in the top spot? Take the belt from the World Heavyweight champion any time I wanted? Be on top of the world and be known as the Undisputed Champion? I know I can do it. I know I could be the headliner for this company. But that's just not me. That's not what motivates me. You see, unlike those other egomaniacs at the top who only care about themselves, I care about making a difference. Whether that be a difference to my partners career, or a difference in reviving a struggling division. I insert myself into positions that matter for the greater good, It's not about what I want, it's about what the company needs. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little greedy on this journey. I love being tag team champion, Sameer and I we ride up and down the roads defending our titles every chance we get, it's a special time for me. I don't want it to end. I don't want this ride to go, because I don't know if I am needed anymore. I've always stayed away unless I was needed to help fill a hole in the company. The way I see it, this company is thriving. I don't know if I am needed anymore. If I lose these tag team championships, I truly believe that this could be the end of me. My purpose, my motivation, my desire will all be gone in a flash. This could be the end of my career. I don't want this to end. I don't want to ride off into the sunset. For the first time in my career, I'm being a little selfish in saying that I want to stay here and I want to remain the tag team champion to keep my own career alive. I know I'm in for the fight of my life. The Royal Flush took us to our limits. We were lucky that we all were out of the ring for the countout. If not, we may have been on the losing end on that night. But, The Big Ballers have taken a step back, studied the tape and realised where we went wrong. We know what we need to do now. We are ready for one more battle. This is a fight that we determine not only who is the best team in the world, but a fight that could dictate where my career goes in the near future. Will this be the end of my career? Or the continuation of the one of the greatest teams that the company has and will ever see? I guess we will find out soon. BrendenPlayz gives a nod to the camera man to shut it off and production cuts to a commercial
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    The scenary takes place inside a lightless room. No light source, no nothing from anywhere, but the sounds of laughter, crying, giggling, and pain haunts the surroundings, then the sound of a flickering comes from within the darkness before a light bulb comes on, revealing the presence of Nanovirus. He stands in an empty room, but the noises remains loud and, causing the demonic being to chuckle. "Bashka. You think that you gotten the best of me? You think that you slightly exposing the unbearable Brad in me provided the weaknesses you need to beat me, right? Wrong. You think that…. You… Think… that…." The lights start flickering, the noises get louder as Nanovirus grabs his head with his left hand. He groans as he then falls to a knee, slowly saying "No… No!" before he starts yelling "NO! I GOT THIS!" before the screen goes black. The screen then starts staticing crazy as the name Nanovirus appears on the screen before the name fades out then the name "Angelo" appears on the static before the tron goes black again. The scene now turned to a bar. People sitting around, beer or shots in their hand and a smile on their face. Laughs and giggles of joy comes the males and females inside the bar, until a loud revving noise overlaps the laughter, causing everyone to stop. People look around, looking for the source of the noise before a female screams and people start running out of the way and out of the bar, and the camera catches a clear shot of someone cutting a table with a chainsaw INSIDE the bar. He laughs and sticks his tongue out crazily as the table gets sliced in half. He laughs even louder before letting out a "WOOOOO" and sets the chainsaw down. He sees the camera and smiles. "Hello! It's Angelo Caito here! I'm going to be honest, I ain't remember shit. Last thing I remember is Christina talking all her smack to me, then darkness. Quite spooky if I can tell you. HEY TRISTAN CAN I GET A BEER?!" The bartender hears this and grabs a bottle before opening it and brings it over to Angelo. He then holds her hand out, which Angelo looks at before giving a high five to her. She shakes her hand out more. Angelo sips his beer and comes to realizing what she wants. "Oh you want a tip? Oh you want the tip of this di-" She stops Angelo before telling him she wants an money tip. He realizes now before sipping his beer again. "I do got a tip better than money. The tip is….. DEEZ NUTZ! HA GOTEM!" The bartender, clearly aggravated by Angelo's childish comments, storms off behind the bar as the cameraman sits beside Angelo. He then tells Angelo everything, from him turning into Nanovirus, attacking Christina, unretiring, and now facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and Bashka, Bailey, Josh, and Blade at Judgement Day for the World Heavyweight Championship. This leaves a blank stare on his face before shaking it off. "Well this is a surprise to me. So I'm facing Bashka? When did that couch potato return? Wait wait wait… you just said, he does movies now? You're playing? MOVIES?!?!" Now that's funny. How you gonna put a guy who can barely wrestle in a movie. How you going to put the least entertaining guy BPZ ever had and put him in a movie? What are these producers smoking man? So a rematch from 2015 huh? I remember that time period, number one contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship. And I beat that ass son! Then it took only three other guys in the match and you pinning Apex to saying "Hey look Mommy, I finally got a win over Angelo even though I didn't pin him!" Wait I brought up beating him already? For real? Damn what happened to me?" I…." Angelo then grabbed his head, it starting to pound and feel like it's beginning to drink. He looks at his beer before looking at Tristan and yells "YOU POISONED ME YOU HOOCH!" before collapsing onto the floor and then the tron going static again before "Angelo" reappears on the stage before they vanish, then the words "Brad" appears on the tron. The next scenery takes place in the BPZ arena live in Detroit, Michigan as the crowd is on their feet, excited for a action packed Carnage tonight before the lights go out. Then, a countdown on the tron starts from ten. "SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!" The crowd roars as "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour plays, the reaction getting even louder as Brad himself stands on the stage, a camera in his hand as he looks at the crowd, them on their feet as they haven't seen Brad as Brad since 2018 when he left Carnage and went to Evolve as Angelo Caito. He then walked down the ramp as the fans saw him as Nanovirus, Angelo Caito, and now Brad all within fifteen minutes. He enters the ring and then walks to the ropes and stares out into the crowd. His theme songs ends as Brad looks around at the crowd starts chanting "BRAD!" loudly and loudly before he grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. "DETROIT MICHIGAN!" The crowd cheers loudly. "And all of you are a jackass!" Those cheers quickly turns to boos as Brad smirks looks around, now the fans turned on him as he edges them on more and more with his hand movements before speaking. "Miss me assholes?!? One year gone from BPZ and now Brad is back! Wait a minute, what are you saying over there! Get over here junior and speak louder!" The bell keeper, Tory McDaniel walks over and walks up the steel steps and Brad lowers the microphone at his mouth. "Well sir you never left. You became Angelo Caito, stayed as him for a year before becoming Nanovirus earlier this year. You then retired before coming back and now you're facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgement Day. You were told this just ten minutes ago as Angelo Caito sir-" "SHUT UP YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" Brad lifts the camera up and takes a picture of the man and sends him down, watching the man walk back to the time keeper station. "You stupid idiot. Now, I have zero clue on what you're talking about. Nanovirus and Angelo Caito are dead! They haven't been here since 2017 and they are staying there! Now this assumption I'm facing Bashka, if this is true, I'm going to feed him the fist of Brad…… I'm going to knock him out maaaaaaaaan! And Bashka, after our match, you will never, and I mean EVER, be the same, again!" Brad drops the microphone and holds his arms out as the lights go out again. The titantron plays again as it shows all three men before saying "Bashka. You will Rest In Peace" before going to "Bashka,. I'm going to kick your ass" "and then ends with "Bashka, You Just Made The Wall!" as the segment ends.
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    Alex Costa

    Continental Showdown

    It's the Go-Home Show before the Powertrip Cup Finals. A lot of excitement is in the air as we see 3 titles being contested plus the finals of the PowerTrip Cup. However for Alex, only one thing is on his mind. We hear him addressing someone as he is near the curtain Alex Costa: Trust me these idiots will not see this coming man. I know you need to focus on your match this Sunday man. But I know you got it. Anyways I will talk to you later, gotta address the idiots. Alex talks with the Backstage Producer then: Hit my music Demi Gods by LabRats featuring Slim Jim begins playing signfying Alex heading towards the ring. Alex looks pretty confident before the match as he is seen smiling for the cameras Costa heads towards the ring all the while walking very confident and making Title Motions. It seems he is pretty assured of his victory this Friday. The Crowd Boos him hard as Alex enters the ring and he does his pose that he has begun to do lately. As the Music dies down, Alex begins to speak Alex Costa: In just a couple of days, me and three other crazy bastards will be envolved in what will be a War as I face the Bloody Finnish Imperfection Aaron North, The Unextraodinary Hans Clayton and the Champion of the Jobber Division Bob "Da Little Bomb" Sparkles. Crowd Boos as Alex messes up his opponents names Oh, I'm sorry did I get that wrong? My bad, my bad. You see I clearly meant to say me "The One and Only Undisputed Future of this Business", "El Ingobernable" Alex Costa face against 3 losers in a match to determine the Number One Contender for the BPZ North American Heavyweight Championship! Crowd Boos again But all joking aside, this Friday it will be a war and I hope my opponents are really ready because you see this is not your typical Wrestling Match. No, No, No. This is a freaking HARDCORE MATCH! Crowd Cheers Where anything and everything goes. I can do whatever the hell I want to my opponents and they can do it to me. So say for an instance I wanted to throw Aaron's ugly Pirate Face through a Glass Window onto a Table full of Thumbtacks from the top of the Stage. It's perfectly legal! But I am not going to do that, trust me, I know you idiots would love to see me do it but here's a newsflash for you all. Alex closes the Mic even closer I don't give a DAMN what you people think! I tried seriously to appeal to you all and what did that get me? Nowhere! You all rather cheer for a Naive and Idiotic Spot Monkey like Hans Clayton or for a miserable dumbass like Bob Sparks. But see being nice doesn't get you anywhere in this business. In this business you need to be Ruthless, you need to be Aggressive and quite frankly I had enough of talking so here is how we going to do things. Alex takes his Baseball Bat off his back One of you three idiots in the back will come out. Or maybe all of you will I don't care and I am going to smack you in the face with this Bat so these people get a Spoiler of what is going to happen this Friday. Crowd waits as Alex readies himself with the Bat for who is coming out.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    Raven stares down Josh, his faced flushed with surprise and a glimpse of fear. They stand watching one another for a second, Josh's utter astonishment contrasting with Raven's calm, dead demeanor. Josh realizes he's alone, with Gary nowhere to be found and his SSW Club allies still in the back, and he decides to take the fight to his younger foe. Josh attempts to take out Raven's knee with a chop block, but Raven sidesteps and blasts Josh in the back with his baseball bat. As Josh screams in pain, Raven looks down at him and simply says this. "I could finish you now...But I'd rather save your punishment for PTC." Raven's voice is nearly unrecognizable, with his heavy, posh British accent almost entirely replaced by a deep, gruff growl, only a twinge of his accent remaining. He continues, still looking down at Josh. "June 14th...The day I bury your career once and for all. I sincerely hope you enjoy the time you have left...The time until I erase this cancer from wrestling once and for all." As he says this, the lights once again go out, and when they return, the only thing left in the ring is Josh, holding his back from the baseball bat shot earlier, and the returning Gary, concerned over what just occurred. However, just before the segment appears to end, the thunderous sound of a raven's caw blasts throughout the arena, scaring both men in the ring, as well as the audience watching.
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    SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 23 Opening Match: Arius VS Brett Storm In the opening match of Saturday Night Battlefield, The Brawler of Strike Force took on the Artist of Pro Wrestling Arius. Arius continued to impress SFW audiences taking it to Brett Storm right out of the gate as Storm tried to attack Arius before the bell but Arius sent him into the ringpost. The two men then had an impressive brawl with Storm trying to slow down Arius but the Artist would take it to Storm dropping him multiple times before hitting him with a lifting Osaka Street Cutter. This signalled the beginning of the end when Arius would pick up Storm and drop him with The Sentence for the victory. Match 2: The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force (Overheel & Nathan Clarke) In a match that left the fans divided on who they hated more The Street Dawgs took on Strike Force’s Overheel and Nathan Clarke. The Dawgs looked to rebound from a disqualification loss on Friday Night Carnage but the unusual combination of Overheel and Clarke proved to be an effective one. Clarke and Overheel managed to hit multiple hard hitting maneuvers, utilising every single part of the ring to their advantage. At one point in the match, they took out Morales with a sidewalk slam double stomp combination onto the outside. This would leave Willow all by himself who would be dismantled by the Strike Force duo, Overheel and Clarke would put Willow away with a top rope german suplex from Clarke followed up by a corkscrew moonsault from Overheel. After the match, the tag team champions would appear and attempt to beat down The Street Dawgs only to be interrupted by Strike Force who would sneak attack them. Strike Force would then grab Bramson and drop him with the Sidewalk Slam Double foot stomp combination, then would take out Gardyner with a top rope German Suplex followed up by a Corkscrew Moonsault. Strike Force would then stand tall over the tag team champions but would not steal the championships. Match 3: Bart Johnson VS KENJI In the semi main event of the evening we got to see Bart Johnson take on the young up and comer KENJI. Johnson cemented his status as the anti-hero taking it to the more technical proficient KENJI but KENJI appeared to have the advantage after a Gaudi Bakudan but Johnson would rebound then cut KENJI off with a superkick. The two men would then exchange maneuvers with KENJI avoiding a 450 splash from Johnson then countering it into a lion tamer but Johnson would be able to escape it barely with KENJI not having it in tight enough. A similar situation would befall KENJI when he attempted the KJR but Johnson would counter it into a brainbuster onto the knee. KENJI would appear to have the match won locking in the bermuda triangle but Johnson would barely get to the ropes and the same thing would happen with Johnson locking in the cross face on KENJI with KENJI barely getting to the ropes. The match would come to an end after KENJI would counter the Butterfly DDT from Johnson into a small package defeating Johnson with the maneuver. After the match, Johnson would get on the mic and state that when KENJI first entered SFW he saw a great deal in him and he said he couldn’t think of a better man to be his new tag team partner, Johnson would offer a handshake to KENJI who would accept as the two appeared to begin their pursuit of the SFW World Tag Team Championships. Main Event, Winner enters the SFW Television Championship Match at Last shot: Aidanator VS Angelo Catio In the main event of the evening, Angelo Catio looked to get some revenge on the man who cost him the SFW World Championship as well as get an opportunity at the SFW Television Championship. Before the match even started Aidan assaulted Catio taking him out as he was making his entrance, Aidan would then throw Catio into the steel steps. Aidan would then take Catio into the ring and hit him with a DDT and attempt to finish the match quickly but Catio would kick out, Aidan would then go for a Piledriver but Catio would reverse it into an alabama slam. The two men would then go back and forth hitting each other with impact moves trying for everything they had in their arsenals. Aidan would look to hit the spear on Catio but Catio would reverse it and lock in the STFU only for Aidan to get to the ropes. The match came to an end after an impressive comeback sequence from Catio followed up by a five knuckle shuffle and then an AA for the victory. After the match, Almas came out to confront his second challenger only for Aidan to attack Catio from behind. Aidan would then hit Catio with a spike piledriver before allowing Almas to hit a Corredor De La muerte on Catio before posing with his championship over the body of Catio.
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    This isn't for the TEW. This is for the forums itself.
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    "Public Mauling"

    {We are now only 4 days away from the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals and the card is absolutely stacked. We have a clash for the ages where Bart defends his Undisputed Championship against Flynn, Arius and Kenji do battle over the North-American Championship and the Big Ballers battle against the Royal Flush in a No DQ match for the BPZ Tag-Team Championships. However one other big match slated for the Power-Trip Cup Finals is the finals itself where Julius takes on BiC with a Number One Contender opportunity at the Undisputed Title up for grabs} {"Gallantry" plays throughout the arena as "The Death Machine" Julius steps out from the back and makes his way to the top of the ramp. He takes a second to survey the area before taking his Intercontinental Championship off of his waist and raising it high in the sky on his way down to the ring. As he enters the ring, he once again shows off his Intercontinental Championship to the Carnage crowd before being handed a microphone. Julius taps it a couple of times to silence the audience before beginning to speak} "BiC, wherever it may be that you have gone and hidden to I want you to listen to what I have to say. You're pathetic, you're weak minded, you're a natural born loser and most importantly you are a failure. You reach the biggest match you have had in a number of years and what do you do, you run and you hide. You make me sick, you preach about how you are "Mr No Days off" but yet you don't have the decency to make an appearance and simply hype this proclaimed Big Money Match. So what I am going to do about this is what I always do best and that is play the role of the Saviour. I saved the Tag-Team Division from obscurity defeating the Boss of this company in the center of the ring at BPZ Mania, I saved the Intercontinental Championship Division from BiC's wretched hands and now I am going to save the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals by delivering a public mauling of a fake, weak man. When you see my face, when you hear my name I want to make you shudder in your steps, I want to give you sleepless nights knowing that I am your downfall" "However, I don't blame you BiC, If I were you I wouldn't want to go through that public humiliation all over again. You made the right decision, you stayed away because you know that this is a fight you simply can't win. You don't even believe in your own hype, you know that there is no happy ending in reality and I commend you on that. Maybe you are crippled by that notion I spoke of not too long ago. Déjà vu." "But see BiC, unlike you I deliver on my promise. I made a promise to each and every person in the world that I would walk into San Antonio and beat the living hell out of you, beat any sort of belief and spirit out of your pathetic, worthless body and that is exactly what I plan to do. I am going to make a statement out of you and I am going to show the world why they call me "The Death Machine". And whether it's Bart or it's Flynn, no matter which one of you punks ends the night the Undisputed Champion, I am coming for that title and there isn't a thing in this world that you can do to stop me. Ladies and Gentlemen, get used to not seeing BiC around because after I am done with him in the final of the Power-Trip Cup, he will be gone for good"
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    Playoff Game 1 (3) DALLAS VS (6) PELICANS @American Airlines Center Mavericks Starting 5 PG: D'Angelo Russell, SG: Malcolm Brogdon, SF: Luka Doncic, PF: Kristaps Porzngis,C: Dwight Powell Pelicans Starting 5: PG: Lonzo Ball, SG: Brandon Ingram, SF: Kyle Kuzma, PF: Zion Williamson,C: Enes Kanter In the first quarter The Pelicans come out hot scoring at will and the Mavs Defense looked shellshocked. The Mavs are able to hang on into the game but at one point in the first quarter, they were down by double digits however at the end of the first quarter, The Pelicans only lead 35-30. In The Second Quater, we see and bounce back from the Mavs hitting shots they normally make, Getting open looks and Luka Doncic goes off with 10 points in the quarter. But Zion Williamson would keep the Pelicans in the game with 9 points of his own in the 2 quarter for the Pelicans. The First Half Ends 62-65 Mavs Up In The 3rd quarter, both teams play great defense which leads to each team scoring less than 25 points in the quarter. Mavs lead 86-84. In The fourth quarter the lead going back and forth from each team exchanging baskets. But in the end, D'Angelo Russell Scored every single Maverick bucket in the clutch. The Mavs have the ball with 1:20 on the clock Russell hits a step back three right in the face of Lonzo Ball. At the end of regularation, The scores is 110-106 Mavs Win Cameras in the Mavs Locker Room pick up D'Angelo Russell saying "Say I ain't-a leader again, I dare you B*tch Boy." Mavs up 1-0 In the series D'Angelo Russell: 31,5,8 Zion Williamson: 30,11,4 Luka Doncic 25,7,6 Lonzo Ball 15,7,10 Other News: (3) Raptors win game 1 vs (6) Magic (4) Hawks win Game 1 vs (5) Celtics
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    Russell vs Ball continues Before the game Lonzo Ball had a pre-game interview with ESPN Lonzo Ball said to ESPN on his thoughts of D’Angelo Russell as a player. “ I think he’s a phenomenal player, scorer. But what he lacks is Leadership and it’s not just me that thinks that you can go ask Magic Johnson himself” After Ball said this Russell was asked about what his thoughts are on what Ball said “ I am a 2X All-Star, I made all Nba Third team this year, What has Lonzo Ball done?"
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    (Sorry, I didn't have time to write descriptions this time but here you have your update for the month of June.) June 2019 (credits to @Kirk for the title design) NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @Yelich 4. @Aaron North 3. @BobdaBomb 2. @Hans 1. NOC: @Gwynfro (once again credits to Kirk for the design). UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 10. @Nanovirus 9. The Royal Flush: @Jonathan and @Sheridan 8. @BobdaBomb 7. @FDS 6. @Hans 5. @Julius 4. @Arius 3. The Big Ballers: @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer 2. @bailey14 1. NOC: @Flynn
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    ALL NBA FIRST TEAM Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Giannis Anteptokmpo, Nikola Jokic ALL NBA SECOND TEAM Ben Simmons, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins. ALL NBA 3RD TEAM Damian Lillard, D'Angelo Russell, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid NBA SEASON AWARDS MVP: Giannis Antetokompo (Bucks) DPOTY: Anthony Davis (Lakers) Most Improved: Colin Sexton (Cavs) ROTY: Zion Williamson (Pelicans) 6 Man Of The Year: Lou Williams (Clippers) HERE IS THE PLAYOFF BRACKET: NOTE: I WILL BE DOING A RECAP OF EVERY GAME THE MAVS PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS
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    Hans Graphics

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    REVOLT! Against Wrestling - 1987

    Wednesday, Week 4, April, 1987 Location: MD John B. Schuerholz Complex (Mid Atlantic) Welcome to another night of Omen! Ernie Ladd & Sweet Daddy Siki greet us from the commentary table as the two of them talk about the show we have in store including a Mixed Tag Team Match involving the current World Champion and a massive main event with Buzz Sawyer taking on Scott Steiner. The two of them talk about the upcoming PPV Appetite for Destruction before suddenly... Just as the broadcast looks to begin the live feed is interrupted by Tracy Smothers & The Texas Hangmen standing outside a undisclosed farm house somewhere Tennessee. Tracy goes on to goad Ernie Ladd, berating him for not being able to stand on his own like he first thought he could. Says this is a fight that he started when he decided to turn the company against him (distorting history) and at Appetite for Destruction REVOLT will be in need of new leadership. 50 After that interruption Ernie Ladd decides to not talk about it as he decides introduces his to our opening contest "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Torreón, Coahuila" Playing: Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi Introducing first is Dr. Wagner Jr. A man who has been making an impacting in Universal Wrestling Association, a promotion closely associated with REVOLT and now looking to travel to the United States more frequently to adapt his wrestling style and use his current success to build momentum here. "Introducing his opponent, from Puerto Rico" Playing: Entre el fuego y la cruz by Hades Cackling laughs take over the arena as 'Entre el fuego y la cruz" takes the commentators by surprise. A lot is unknown about the mysterious Dantesco but despite what we don't know about him outside of the ring we do know inside the ring has a unique presence. In a bout that had decent wrestling Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Dantesco in 12:38 by pinfall with a Death Valley Driver. 44 "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina" Playing: Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day Coming out alone this evening, Rockin' Robin who has been in the race to become the inaugural Women's Champion here in Revolt looks tonight to get some revenge for the post-match attack by Luna Vachon last week. Warlock - Hellbound begins to ring throughout the arena as Luna Vachon again bursts through the curtains, herself coming out a one woman army leaving the towering Mad Maxine in the back for tonight. As she enters the ring while looking towards the turnbuckle she instead diverts and rushes over to attack Rockin' Robin, blindsiding her as the match is rushed to begin by the referee In a match that Luna Vachon dominated heavily at the start after attacking Rockin' Robin at the beginging, Robin made a comeback catching Luna off guard before Rockin' Robin defeated Luna Vachon in 15:27 with a fast roll up after a failed attempt at a Luna Eclipse. 44 Playing: God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash 'After a commercial break Cryptkeeper Lou Albano appears on the stage with a microphone, along side the World Champion Mark Calaway and Mayumi Ozaki. He speaks to the crowd about how at Appetite for Destruction, Mick Foley will so learn the truth about fighting out of your depth. The hope will doom all careers in wake of his grand plan for REVOLT! and that now and forever this championship will reign under his command. 66 "Playing: Buffalo Springfield - "Mr Soul" "And their opponents.." Mick Foley enters the stage with his partner and friend Tina Ferrari. Tonight Foley looks a lot more focused on his opponent then the cheers of the crowd as he rubs his face and talks to Tina briefly before heading to the ring. A few hightfives to those close enough but for the most part Mick Foley keeps his eyes on his PPV opponent. After their confrontation the previous week Foley is looking to prove he is more than he appears. In a match that had great wrestling between each of their respective opponents. During the match Mayumi Ozaki on a few occasions tried her luck attacking Mick Foley when the referee was turned away as Tina Ferrari tried her best to put an end to it. At the end it was a botched distraction that aided Mick Foley in landing a Double Arm-DDT on Mark Calaway for the surprise three count. 47 Mark Calaway sat up soon after the pinfall as the victorious pair made their way to the ramp. Tina Ferrari being held up by Mick Foley with a giant grin on his face as Lou Albano yells up towards the challenger to his champion, frustrated at the ending of the match. 52 The Public Enemy vignette followed by an off-site promo against the rest of the Tag Team Division 68 Playing: Ratt - Don`t Bite The Hand That Feeds Just as the commentary team are talking about the upcoming main event Brian Pillman makes his unexpected presence on the stage as he points to the crowd with his personalised cane. Ernie Ladd & Sweet Daddy Siki both express confusion as to what Pillman is doing here tonight as he makes his way to ring-side, taking a seat with them and a headset. 32 Playing: Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle "Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan..." It's time for the main event! The crowd jump to their feet as Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring. Steiner having debuted earlier this month defeating Tracy Smothers in a major victory for the young wrestler who is making his second appearance for the company tonight looking to continue that momentum by derailing Buzz Sawyer. Playing: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song "And his opponent, from St. Petersburg, Florida..." 'The 'Mad Dog' wastes little time making his way to the ring as Buzz Sawyer doesn't even take a look at Scott Steiner in the ring but instead moves around ring side to Brian Pillman on commentary as the referee jumps down to stand in between the two of them to avoid any confrontation. Ernie Ladd stands from his commentary desk as he tells Buzz Sawyer to focus. Sawyer rolls under the ropes he tries to keep one eye on ringside.  In a good match, Buzz Sawyer defeated Scott Steiner in 18:08 by pinfall with a Diving Splash. 64 Little time is wasted after the match ends as Buzz Sawyer provokes Brian Pillman into the ring. Vest flying to the side of the arena floor the brawl begins. The two of them now in the ring going back and forth with their punches, haymakers as the referee is knock down trying to break it apart. The crowd are caught up in the mayhem as the ringside bell continues to ring to break up the fight. Suddenly screams from the audience can be heard in the distance as Sweet Daddy Siki from commentary remarks "What the..." Before the cameras can process what is happening Shawn Michaels slides into the ring himself and superkicks the surprised Buzz Sawyer. Michaels is pumped up as the crowd eats it up. Before Brian Pillman can process the new player in this chaos Shawn Michaels pushes him back and superkicks him as well leaving both men on the canvas as Michaels poses in the middle of the ring. 46 Overall Show Rating: 61 C
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    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary December 3rd, 2011 Bob is walking past the locker room when there's something going on. He stands by the door and listens in on the conversation. Stephen Jackson: You think you’re actually good kid. Nah bro you absolute trash. This is why you’re gonna carry my bags and do whatever I need whenever I want from now on. We see Joakim Noah come up behind Bob. Joakim Noah: Mr. Sparks what is going on? You looked worried. You good? Bob: Hey, Joakim I might need you in a second just listen in and be quiet. We see Joakim then listen in on the conversation immediately seeming upset yet shocked. Jimmer Fredette: Just leave me alone bro. I am trying to text my girl. We then hear something scatter across the floor and shouting. Stephen Jackson: C’mon rook what are you gonna do? Should have gotten a better phone. We then hear someone throw a punch as the two start fighting. Bob and Joakim storm in the room as we see Joakim drop Stephen with a haymaker. Bob: Stephen you better start packing your bag cause this is your last day as a Chicago Bull. Jimmer I want you to come up to my office with me. Joakim keep an eye on him, I don’t want this getting out till I trade you away at full value. We see Bob and Jimmer walk up to his office as Alice and Tom are sitting there. Alice: Oh my god what happened? Jimmer are you okay let me get you some ice. Alice then runs out of the room to get some ice. Bob: Tom I need you down to the locker room. Stephen just threw a punch at Jimmer and I think this goes a lot deeper than just a scrap. Tom: Right on it Bob. I am gonna give this asshole a piece of my mind. We then see Tom storm out of the room as he makes his way to the locker room. Bob: Ok Jimmer you good? You know we are not gonna tolerate this stuff here. He will be gone very shortly believe me. Jimmer: Yeah I will be fine. I’m glad he is gonna be gone though. Bob: How long has this been going on? Jimmer: I mean it has been going on all season but only when it was just us two. He acted nice when the rest of the team was around other than the few dirty looks. Bob: Well I am going to make sure this doesn't happen again at least in our organization. Alice should be back with some ice for that eye soon. Meanwhile sit tight cause I am going to work on a trade to get rid of this guy. Jimmer: Ok Sir. I am going to go sit down on that couch over there. We then see Jimmer go over and sit down on the couch as Bob looks for somewhere to trade Stephen Jackson to. Then he finds a team the San Antonio Spurs. RIght now there best small forward is Kyle Singler. Plus they need a center and we have two decent backups. He then see one name Danny Green. The team has been desperate for a good perimeter defender with the lack of defense between Nate Robinson and Jimmer Fredette. Bob then calls the Spurs. Gregg Popovich: What’s going on Chicago? Surprised hearing from you so early on this morning. What can I do you for? Bob: Well it’s been keeping me up all night but I have been looking to make a trade with you. Gregg Popovich: Okay what are you thinking? Bob: Well it’s no secret you guys need a small forward. What do you think about Stephen Jackson would you be interested in him? Gregg Popovich: I mean he would definitely help our team out. That question is what do you want for him cause I don’t plan on getting rid of much. Bob: In exchange I want Danny Green and your first round pick this year. Gregg Popovich: I like the idea but I am going to need a bit more if you want our first round pick. Bob: We will also send you Kendrick Perkins. Gregg Popovich: I don’t know it’s pretty risky. I mean if my team goes down with injury I am out of my first round pick. I don't know if I can do that. Bob: Okay I will tell you what make it lottery protected. So if you somehow have an injury bug and miss the playoffs you still have your pick. Gregg Popovich: Okay so Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins for Danny Green and our 1st round pick lottery protected. You know what deal, let’s do it. Bob: Great Pop, talk to you soon bye. We then see Bob look over to see Alice checking on Jimmer as he now has a bag of ice up to his eye as we see it begin to swell and darken. Alice looks over to Bob as she walks over. Alice: How did it go? Bob: You know I think I did pretty good. Got Danny Green and their first round pick although it’s lottery protected. Sadly I had to send them Kendrick. But it’s a business. Alice: You want me to tell them? Bob: No I have got it, just stay up here with Jimmer and make sure he is okay. We then see Bob go down back to the locker room as we see the whole team in the locker room as Tom is catching them up on the situation. We then see Bob grab Kendrick and take him into the hallway to break the news to him. Bob: Kendrick I am sorry but I had to trade you away to the San Antonio Spurs today in the Stephen trade. I wanted to tell you this face to face like a man, I know it’s not the best news in the world but I hope you can respect that. Kendrick: I am a bit upset not gonna lie but I can respect that you told me face to face instead of hiding up in your office and calling me. Hopefully I can come back someday. Bob and Kendrick shake hands as Bob heads back up to his office. The day begins to go by normally as we see Bob eating lunch as Derrick Rose walks into his office. Derrick comes and sits down at Bob’s desk as they shake hands. Derrick: Okay Bob, I know it has been a hectic day but I have some good news for you I want to extend my contract with the team. Bob: Great let’s work on that right now. Bob and Derrick negotiate for over an 3 hours before agreeing on a deal. The deal is a 3 year addition on to his contract worth 100.47 Million. Bob: Derrick I just want you to promise me one thing. I want you to lead this team. Bring everyone together stronger and better than we were before today. Derrick: Deal. I promise you I will lead this team and give it my best effort to make everyone welcome on the Chicago Bulls. The two shake hands as Alice walks in as Derrick walks out. Alice: Been a long day you going home soon? Bob: Actually I am heading out now. Alice: Oh okay well I will wait for you. Need someone to talk to anyways. Bob and Alice then walk out together as they head home for today. The Bulls are now looking ahead to a road game against the Atlanta Hawks
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    Following this verbal warning by Flynn, the Undisputed Champion stares at the 5 time World Champion. The two locks eyes for a while, but in the end, Bart grabs his microphone. He takes a deep breath before speaking once again. I am sorry Flynn. I am sorry that the people have to deal with a paper champion. I can’t believe their celebration if the paper champion is replaced by someone who has had even less matches than him throughout the year. I am sorry sorry that the paper champion didn’t show up at a ppv as he remembered for the first time in a month that he had a match to promote like a workhorse like you did. I am so incredibly sorry that the paper champion didn’t come out here to ramble on about the workhorse who hadn’t been here since his most recent nostalgia trip when he had already made his thoughts clear on that desperate attempt at seeking old glory. I know you want me to be upset by you calling me a paper champion but frankly, I can only laugh. You have been calling me a paper champion for almost a year now. Back then, your jealousy had already risen to the point where you had to come out on a show that you weren’t a part of to call me a paper champion. Since then, I have defended my titles more times than you have even had matches, and yet nothing in you wonders just how true that idiotic statement of yours is? I don’t think that you are retarded Flynn, I have heard too many good things about you to believe that. I think you are just a little afraid. You are scared that I will see the real story here. Let me tell you a story Flynn, the story that you have tried not to hear. This story isn’t about whether someone is a paper champion or not, the fans have been told that story to many times. This story is about a man who wants everyone to think that he is the best. This goes so far that he needs to tell people who he is never even interacted with that he doesn’t think they are good. For awhile, he could. He may had come up short at a few big events, but he had done enough to back up his claims. Until now. He currently is on a losing streak, and is coming up against the one guy that he has constantly tried to slander. Whenever he had the smallest of chances to bring him up, he would do his best at belittling this person, giving his best to prevent anyone from ever thinking that this person could be better than him. And now here you are Flynn, your ego and eagerness for compliments have become your worst enemy. You need to win, because you are so afraid that the public’s opinion on you will change when you lose. It is something that has always amazed me. How people care so much about what other people think. Even you Flynn, who has been so successful needs the satisfaction of others telling him that you are great. One of my favourite things about myself is that I lack that in his entirety. Never have I once cared about how the fans perceive me, about what they think of me and how they rank me against others. I can very well make that up myself. For you Flynn, it makes the devastation when you lose even bigger. Not only will you be sad about having lost to me, but even bigger will your tears be when you find out that the fans have realised that you simply aren’t the best anymore. Right there Flynn, there was your biggest advantage heading into this match. This match meant so much more to you than it meant to me. You HAVE to win this match, and while I surely wanted, up till now I hadn’t reached the point where a win would mean more to me than simply proving my spot on top of the BPZ once again. It hadn’t reached the same level as my matches against Julius and Echo and Necce, where a win was a must. But now Flynn, it has. Your embarrassing claims have made me want to destroy your career like all the others that have gone down the same road as you. You are quick to point out that Julius lost his World Championship, but do you really think that it was you that forced him to break, instead of the events that took place a month prior? Echo has lost his passion and hasn’t been seen since I embarrassed him three times in a row. And then there is your frenemy Necce, the person with you who hold the most intense relationship here. Before I faced him at BPZMania, he was considered undefeatable. After I dealt with him, he lost to a rookie who had just had his first match the month prior. And now Flynn, you are destined to go down the same path as them. You are scared of this and I know you won’t admit it. But if you really are the genius that you proclaim to be, you should come to accept your faith.
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary Free Agency has just kicked off as there are some big names on the market. We see names such as Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Rajon Rondo looking for new teams. The Bulls have had their eyes on a few big names will they land one though we will see. DAY 1 We see Bob and his team in the office as they are deciding what free agents to pursue right away. Bob: Well looking at our roster right now when we traded away Luol we don’t have a single small forward on the roster. Looking at it there's really only one name that is sticking out to me and that’s Melo. Tom: I mean that would really help us out a lot why not give him a call. Bob goes to call Carmelo Anthony and his agent but they don't pick up. Bob: Why won’t he answer my call someone must’ve already got to him right. Alice: I don't know but we don’t have time to waste what else do we need. Hal: I mean we could use a backup point guard. Sure they might not get many minutes but we need a guy that is gonna give his best effort every game. Bob then looks through his list of free agents an he finds a name. Bob: What about Nate Robinson. I mean the man is a bit short but he plays with so much heart and never gives up on a play. He would be a good spark coming off the bench. Tom: God knows we could have used that last year. Sounds like a great idea to me. Alice: He should not cost up that much cap too which will be good. Let us spend some money in other places. Like small forward this year and center when Noah's contract comes up. We then see Bob call Nate Robinson’s agent Aaron Goodwin. This time the phone is picked up. Aaron: Hello, this is Aaron Goodwin. Who am I speaking with? Bob: Hey Aaron this is the Chicago Bulls and we are calling about Nate Robinson. Aaron: Oh well lucky for you I am actually with Nate right now we are just eating lunch, Nate has told me Chicago would be a team he would be willing to go. So what are you offering? Bob: We are offering Nate a 3 year deal worth 6 million, 2 million a season for 3 years. Aaron: Nate is willing to 2 years not 3 though. We are also going to need a bit more money than 2 million a year we are looking to double that. Bob: Okay we can agree on 2 years but we can only offer 7 million over those 2 years, so 3.5 million a each of the two seasons. Aaron: We are willing to met you in the middle and do a 2 year, 7.5 million dollar deal. Bob looks at Alice as she gives him a thumbs up. Bob: Okay we can agree to that. Tell Nate welcome to the Chicago Bulls. We will be seeing you soon. Bob then hangs up the phone as Bob and his team celebrate making their first signing. The celebration is short lived as reports are coming out that Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Atlanta Hawks on a 3 year/108.26 million dollar deal. Tom: Well that’s not good. Gar is going to be talking about that till the season starts. Still don’t know why he did not answer our call though. Bob: As much as that sucks we just have to focus on ourselves what else do we need. Tom: Well we need some more veteran presence on this team we are a really young team. They wouldn't even have to play we just need a guy that help our younger guys out and keep things in check. Bob: Well we can bring in Brian Scalabrine he’s been doing this for a while. He could definitely help mature our young guys. Alice: Plus it will cost pretty much nothing to sign him so let’s do it. Bob calls Brian Scalabrine. Sure enough he picks up. Brian Scalabrine: Hello, this is Brian Scalabrine who is this? Bob: Hey Brian, this is Bob Sparks from the Chicago Bulls and I will cut right to the chase. We want to offer you a 1 yr/ 1.57 million dollar come play for the Chicago Bulls. Brian Scalabrine: Well one else has given me a call so sure why not can’t wait. Bob then hangs up as Brian Scalabrine is now signed with the Chicago Bulls. The bulls did not make any other moves for the rest of the day but the league sure did. Some of the biggest signings across the league were. Tyson Chandler to Thunder on 4 year/118.28M Deal Carlos Boozer to Wizards on 4 Year/121.78M Deal Danny Granger to Suns on 4/112.02M Deal Allen Iverson to Mavericks on 1 year/5.84M Deal Day 2 We are back at the office as we see Bob on the phone making a signing with his staff also in the room going through lists and crossing out names as they are signed. They are also circling names they think the team should go after. We then see Bob hang up the phone. Bob: Well it’s not Melo but he should be a solid band aid at small forward for the year. Stephen Jackson agreed to a 1 year 20 million dollar deal. A bit more than we wanted to pay but a player we needed so it was okay to pay a little bit extra. Tom: Well at least we have a small forward now. The team is happy with signing although they would have liked Melo more. They would go on to sign some more players including another veteran on day 2. SG Tracy Mcgrady 1yr/ 4.0M Deal SF Brandon Rush 1yr/$1.57M Deal C Kendrick Perkins 1yr/4.20M Deal We would also see the league make some big signings on day 2. PG Rajon Rondo to Nuggets on 4 year/102.48M Deal C Andrew Bogut to Pelicans on 3 year/ 72.10M Deal C Yao Ming to 76ers on 3 year/52.98M Deal Day 3 Bob is walking into the office as his staff has arrived a bit earlier than he had. We see coach Tom Thibodeau furious as the Carmelo Anthony Hawks press conference is on TV. Bob: What's going on Tom? What’s the matter? Tom: It’s just Gar running his mouth about Carmelo and how bad he thinks we are as an organization. Bob: Well let’s see what Melo has to say. They watch as Melo begins answering questions. Reporter: Melo there are reports that the Bulls gave you a call but you never picked up the phone. Is this true and if so why? Carmelo Anthony: Yeah that’s true, 100 percent. I saw the area code pop up and I could tell it was Chicago. I don’t want to go to that mess over there. I’m not going to let some mail clerk and some under average coach have control over my career. I want to work for a organization that actually knows what they are doing. Not one that is not even going to make the playoffs. Also Chicago as a city --- We see Bob mute the TV as he can’t listen to anymore. Tom Thibodeau storms out of the room furious as he heads down to the practice court. Bob: I am going to go check on Tom. You two see if you can work on signing those last 3 guys we had in mind. I trust you two can get it done. Bob walks down to the practice court as he sees Tom shooting some hoops. Most of them missing as he is just chucking them up there in anger. Bob: Hey Tom, I get your upset. Trust me I am too. How about we go talk about this over breakfast? Tom: I could eat. Let’s do it. Just none up that cheap stuff. We see Bob and Tom drive to a local diner. They sit down at a both and order. Bob: Don’t worry Tom we will show them. They will shut up when we sweep them next year in the regular season then go on to win the title. Tom: You know I ain’t letting men let like push me around. I can’t wait till we face off against them this year and dominate them for years to come. We then see a group of highschoolers walk they sit down at a nearby table but one of them walks over to Bob and Tom. Bob: What’s up kid? What's your name? Jabari Parker: My name is Jabari sir I am a ball player. I heard what Melo had to say about the Bulls and Chicago. Can’t wait till he sees what Chicago is really like. D-Rose about to drop 40 on Melo when they come to town. Tom: Like the attitude kid, maybe one day we will see you in the league. Jabari: That's the plan sir. Enjoy the food though. We then see Bob and Tom smile as the kid walks away. Then they finish and pay. After they head back to the office. As they are met with some good news. Alice: Bob, Tom we made those signings you wanted. Hal: All three of them too. Plus we saved a bit of money cause Alice was able to sway them toward a more team friendly deal. Hal then hands Bob a sheet of paper with the details of the deals on it. C Darko Milicic 1yr/1.75M Deal SG Daniel Gibson 1yr/5.0M Deal PF Shane Battier 1yr/6.0M Bob then gives them both high fives as they have filled out there roster despite the setbacks. Bob: Well let’s get the players together so we can start getting ready for the regular season. The league also made signings on that day the notable ones were. Josh Smith to Pacers on 3 year/79.05M deal Elton Brand to Hornets on 3 year/74.87M deal The rest of free agency went by slow as it was mostly resignings and role players being signed. Here is the Bulls full roster heading into the 2012 NBA Season. Point Guards: Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson Shooting Guards: Jimmer Fredette, Daniel Gibson, Tracy Mcgrady Small Forwards: Stephen Jackson, Brandon Rush Power Forwards: Taj Gibson, Shane Battier, Brian Scalabrine Centers: Joakim Noah, Darko Milicic, Kendrick Perkins The Bulls now look forward to the regular season and the home opener against the Indiana Pacers.
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    SFW Presents: Goldrush! WHATS UP BAYBAY! WELCOME TO WHERE CHAMPIONS ARE MADE, WHERE CAREERS ARE DEFINED, WHERE THE BEST ARE PROVEN, WELCOME TO SFW GOLDRUSH! TONIGHT WE WILL SEE WHO WILL BE THE FIRST MAN TO ENTER THE MAIN EVENT OF CLASH OF THE TITANS II BUT FIRST WE HAVE A BITTER FEUD TO SETTLE SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET'S GET STARTED BAYBAY! Opening Match No Disqualifications: Hollow VS Ropati Alright ladies and gentlemen to kick off the show a brutal rivalry between two men that has finally come to a conclusion after its gradual development now finally the Mad Man Hollow takes on the Ultimate Underdog Ropati. Hollow entering first dressed in his usual sadistic attire but he looks pissed off ahead of this match, Ropati making his way to the ring and for the first time in a long time on SFW Pay-Per-View we get to see Ropati back in his casual attire instead of his disturbing paint that he’d been wearing for the last few months. Both men in the ring now this one is no disqualifications and here we go, Straight out of the gate Ropati going after Hollow the two men brawling as if they have nothing to lose right now, they have fallen out of the ring and they are still fighting! Ropati now coming ahead and he dropkicks Hollow into the barricade! Ropati now going under the ring and he pulls out a kendo stick, Hollow back up and now Ropati beating Hollow with the kendo stick just laying into him! With shot after shot on Hollow until he snaps the kendo stick over the back of Hollow! Ropati now grabs Hollow and he throws him into the steel steps! Ropati now gets Hollow back up and he takes him over to the announce table right in front of us and he smashes the head of Hollow off the announce table! Ropati now throwing Hollow back into the ring, Ropati goes to the top rope maybe looking for a diving double stomp but Hollow rolls out of the ring in an attempt to escape Ropati but Ropati goes for broke with a moonsault to the outside but Hollow moves at the last second and Ropati eats the concrete floor for dinner! Hollow now grabbing Ropati, he drapes him over the ring Apron and DDTs him onto the floor! Hollow now going underneath the ring with a sadistic smile on his face and he brings out a chair! Hollow now taking the chair and he smashes it over the back of Ropati! Continuously over the back of Ropati just smashing it into Ropati continuously, Hollow now setting the chair up he places the head of Ropati on it and like a guillotine he nails Ropati with Scissor kick into chair! Ropati looks to be hurt but he’s not giving up yet, Hollow now clearing out the announce table, he grabs Ropati, he gets up on the announce table looking like he’s going to go for the madness clash but Ropati managing to block it, Ropati counters it and he nails Hollow with a Jumping Cradle Belly to Back Piledriver on the Announce table! Hollow layed out but the Announce table standing firm through the Driver somehow, Ropati now goes under the ring and he brings out a ladder my god! Ropati now setting up the ladder but before he can climb Hollow rolls off the announce table, Ropati now grabbing Hollow he looks like he’s going to throw Hollow into the ring post but Hollow reverses it throwing Ropati into the ringpost! Hollow now scrambling he stumbles over to the ring and he goes underneath it and he brings out a barbed wire baseball bat! Hollow now grinding the baseball bat into the forehead of Ropati making him bleed like never before, i’ll tell you what this match has been insane so far and I have a feeling this is going to get even more brutal. Hollow now throws Ropati over the barricade, Hollow now going after him, Hollow now tries to suplex Ropati onto the concrete in front of the fans but Ropati blocks it and nails Hollow with a Brainbuster on the Concrete Floor! The two men collapsed on the floor in front of all the fans, Ropati now asking the fans to move out of the way as he gets himself and Hollow back up, Ropati now grabs Hollow and Alabama Slams him onto the chairs of the SFW Fans! Ropati now grabs Hollow and drags him underneath the balcony, what’s Ropati doing here? Ropati now going up to the balco- Oh dear god no, Ropati don’t do it, you’re so young don’t do it, Hollow back to his feet and Ropati MOONSAULT OFF THE BALCONY!!! HOLY SHIT!!! ROPATI JUST HIT A MOONSAULT OFF THE GOD DAMN BALCONY! NEITHER IS MOVING AFTER THAT JESUS CHRIST! Ropati now gets back to his feet and he drags Hollow by his hair, these two men bleeding like they both have a waterfall of wine on their foreheads, Ropati now throws Hollow over the barricade, Hollow trying to crawl away, Ropati though springs over the barricade and double stomps Hollow down making him splat on the floor! Ropati not done though he goes under the ring and he grabs out a table! Ropati sets up the table, Hollow still lying flat splat on the floor Ropati grabs Hollow but first, he rips off Hollows Mask! My God and he breaks it over Hollows back! Ropati now grabs the unmasked Hollow, he lays him out on the table, Ropati now climbing the ladder, Hollow stretched out on the table, Ropati goes for an Elbow Drop through the table but out of instinct alone Hollow falls off the table before Ropati hits it! Both men down still, neither man is moving right now, Hollow dragging himself to the steel steps slowly moving over to the steel steps where he props himself up staring at the broken body of Ropati, Hollow now going underneath the ring and he brings out another table, he sets it up underneath the ring apron, Hollow now dragging Ropati over, he brings him up onto the Apron, Hollow now screaming at Ropati “YOU COULD’VE BEEN SOMETHING! YOU COULD’VE BEEN A CHAMPION!” ROPATI THOUGH SPITS IN THE FACE OF HOLLOW! HOllOW NOW GRABS ROPATI LOOKING FOR A MADMEN CUTTER THROUGH THE TABLE BUT ROPATI SHOVES HOLLOW INTO THE RINGPOST! HOLLOW ROCKED AND ROPATI NAILS HIM WITH A BURNING HAMMER THROUGH THE TABLE! OH MY GOD, ROPATI NOW WITH A PRIMAL SCREAM THE LAST SHOT OF ADRENALINE HE HAS LEFT HE THROWS HOLLOW INTO THE RING, ROPATI IN THE CORNER CALLING FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC, HOLLOW BACK UP SLOWLY AND ROPATI NAILS HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC! HOLLOW THOUGH REFUSES TO GO DOWN, ROPATI GRABS HIM LIFTS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDERS AND NAILS HIM WITH THE GTS! COVER BY ROPATI AND HE VANQUISHES HOLLOW! My god, Ropati may have one but jesus christ that was brutal, these two men went through hell and spared no brutality, this match could’ve gone either way at any point, if Hollow hit the madness clash through the table, if Ropati missed the dive off the balcony, if Hollow hit the madmen cutter through the table but it was eventually Ropati who barely pulled out the victory and the big question now is where do these two men go from here, on their separate paths where do they go, you’d have to think Ropati would be in line for a championship match somewhere down the line whether he moves up to heavyweight or remains in the lightweight division. And just so everyone remembers that was the first match. Next up we have some championship action as Adam Masters defends the continental championship against Julius Jones. Match 2 SFW Continental Championship, If Masters get counted out or disqualified he will lose the championship: Adam Masters (c) VS Julius Jones Julius making his way out here first, the destroyer has remained undefeated since arriving here in SFW, he debuted at Winter Warfare challenging Masters for this very title after Masters defending it successfully in a four way contest against Tamer, David Haskins and Aidantor which Masters barely survived. Jones now awaiting the arrival of The Champion, Masters accompanied by his strikeforce brothers Nathan Clarke and Brett Storm, Masters though stopping at the end of the ramp he signals to Storm and Clarke who both get in the ring and they try to attack Jones but Jones grabs both men and nails them with a double chokeslam! Jones now picks both of them up and nails them with a double Hells Welcome! Jones throwing both men out of the ring and he stares down with Masters taunting him to come in. Masters reluctantly gets in the ring, he hands the championship to the referee. The ref calls for the bell and Jones goes for a corner clothesline immediately, Masters tries for a school boy but Jones out at not even 1! Masters now trying for a kneeling Summer Breeze on Jones but Jones catches the foot, the menacing Jones gets back to his feet, he grabs Masters and nails him with an exploder suplex into the corner! Masters now gets back to his feet, Jones grabs him by the throat and nails him with a Chokeslam! Jones now grabbing Him Masters backup and nails him with the KO Punch! Masters down now, Jones about to end it he grabs Masters and Nails him with the Hells Welcome! Cover by Julius and We have new Continental Champion! Jones now hoisting up his championship gold, he will not be in the goldrush match now but to be honest I don’t think Masters will be either after the beating he just took. Strikeforce clearly needs to hope and pray that Overheel can get the job in the Lightweight title match later tonight if not they may need to regroup and reevaluate what their next goal is. Jones will be looking to this next however as it could be an unofficial number one contenders match for his championship as up next we have Tamer VS David Haskins. Match 3: Tamer VS David Haskins This match is less based in hatred and more in competition. Both these men simply want to be champion once again, they have both tasted gold in SFW and they look to yet again be a champion in SFW. Tamer making his way to the ring first, the former continental champion hasn’t been in the best of moods since losing his title a few months back to Adam Masters but he may look to change things here tonight with a victory over David Haskins. Haskins now makes his way out here he hasn’t been a champion in a long time, the last title he held was back when he was Lightweight as the champion of that division but since then has been unable to gain any championship gold. Both men in the ring here we go, the ref calls for the bell the two men begin with a lock up, Haskins comes ahead gets a head lock, Tamer breaks the headlock transitions into waist control, Haskins breaks it changing it into a hammerlock, Tamer escapes it converts it into a victory Roll for a count of 1. Both men back up, Haskins charges at Tamer who hits him with a headlock takeover, Haskins reverses the headlock into a headscissors, Tamer transitions it into a jack knife cover only for a count of 1 again. The two men stare down after that exchange. Haskins now offers for another lock up, Tamer accepts with Tamer getting a Front facelock on first Haskins slips out of it and gets a waist lock, he goes for a german suplex but Tamer flips over onto his feet, Tamer then gets a school boy on Haskins, Haskins up at 1 but before Haskins can get up he gets hit with a sliding dropkick from Tamer. Tamer now gets Haskins up, he throws him into the ropes, Tamer goes for a Clothesline but Haskins counters it into a float over DDT! Tamer now gets back to his feet, Haskins goes for a rolling elbow but Tamer blocks and spins Haskins around into a backstabber, Tamer then staying on Haskins he gets him up and goes for an Inverted DDT but Haskins showing off some strength he counters it into a lawn dart on Tamer! Tamer rocked now, Haskins then nails him with a bridging Dragon Suplex! Tamer up at 1, Haskins now goes for a bicycle kick on Tamer but Tamer moves out of the way and he goes for a german suplex on Haskins but Haskins flips out of it, Haskins goes for a Tiger Suplex on Tamer but Tamer counters it into a victory Roll for a 2 count this time, Haskins now back up, he goes for a clothesline on Tamer, Tamer Counters into a swinging neckbreaker! Haskins down now, Tamer going to the top rope, he doesn’t often go high but when he does it's usually pretty impressive as Tamer nails Haskins with a picture perfect elbow drop! Cover by Tamer but Haskins up at 2, Tamer staying on Haskins gets him in position for what looks like a suplex but he transitions it into a neckbreaker onto the knee! Tamer could go for the cover but instead he puts him in seated position, Tamer now going for a PK but Haskins counters it and Haskins locks in a kneebar on Tamer! Haskins now trying to keep it locked in but Tamer able to crawl over to the ropes pretty quickly, Haskins lets go of Tamer and he gets up, Haskins going for a knee in the ropes but Tamer rolls out of the ring, Tamer then walks away as Haskins was signalling a pescato but Tamer moved to the other side and he eats a Suicide Dive from Haskins! Haskins now throws Tamer back into the ring, Haskins now standing on the apron waiting for Tamer to get back up, Tamer back to his feet, Haskins now goes for a springboard dropkick but Tamer moves out of the way! Tamer now grabs Haskins up, in position for a powerbomb, Tamer goes for a Buckle bomb but Haskins reverses it into a Code Red! Cover by Haskins but Tamer up at 2 and Haskins transitions it into a Boston Crab! Tamer now in the middle of the ring locked in a boston Crab, Tamer slowly crawling to the ropes he’s about to make it but Haskins drags him back in! Tamer though fights through and he makes it to the ropes! Haskins now aims at Tamer, Looking for the rope hung knee strike and he nails it! Tamer rocked, Haskins drags him back up and nails him with a Death Valley Driver! Haskins now moving to the top rope, Looking for the moonstomp but Tamer rolls out of the way, Tamer back up, Haskins turns around and goes for the roundhouse kick but Tamer ducks it, Haskins turns his back to Tamer and Tamer gets him with a Dragon Suplex! Haskins now down in the corner, Tamer goes to the opposite Corner, runs over and Nails Haskins with a sliding Dropkick! Haskins rocked now, Tamer drags Haskins out of the corner and he nails Haskins with a Fisherman’s Buster! Cover by Tamer but Haskins up at 2! Tamer though immediately sprints to the top rope, he goes for the inverted 450 but Haskins rolls out of the way, Tamer down on the mat, Haskins wasting no time and he looks in ankle lock! Tamer locked briefly but he turns himself over and kicks Haskins away, Tamer manages to get to his knees only to get hit in the side of the head by the knee of Haskins! Tamer rocked again, Haskins though runs over goes for a second Knee strike on Tamer but Tamer springs back and Turns Haskins inside out with a Lariat! Both men collapsing after the exchange, The two men crawl to opposite corners, they stare back at each other with a look of desperation in their eyes, they run at each other into the middle of the ring and just starting chopping each other in the chest over and over again, Haskins comes ahead pushing Tamer into his corner, Haskins then goes to the opposite corner and he goes for a corner Dropkick but Tamer moves out of the way, Haskins tries to get back up but he Eats a Superkick from Tamer just as he gets Back to his feet! Haskins though tries to fight through running at Tamer again but Tamer nails him with the Elevated Deep Six Lungblower! Tamer though not stopping springs to the top rope and this time nails the inverted 450! Cover by Tamer BUT HASKINS UP AT 2! TAMER THOUGH NOT GIVING UP IMMEDIATELY GRABS HASKINS IN POSITION FOR TERMINAL VELOCITY BUT HASKINS COUNTERS IT INTO A FALCON ARROW! Tamer though gets back up quickly still rocked and Haskins nails him with The Roundhouse kick! Cover by Haskins BUT TAMER UP AT 2! HASKINS NOW RISING TO THE TOP ROPE, HE GOES FOR THE MOONSTOMP AGAIN BUT TAMER ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND BEFORE HASKINS CAN ADJUST GRABS HIM AND NAILS HIM WITH TERMINAL VELOCITY! THIS HAS GOTTA BE IT BUT HASKINS SOMEHOW AT 2 AND A HALF! Tamer can’t believe it! The Ref Can’t believe it! The Fans Can’t Believe it! Tamer now calls for Haskins to get back up, Haskins back to his feet, Tamer gets him in position for Intervention but as he’s about to hit Haskins Counters it and he locks in the stretch muffler! Stretch Muffler in the middle of the ring, Haskins wrenching back on the leg, Tamer trying to move but he can’t but Tamer now reposition himself, both his legs behind the head of Haskins now, Tamer drags himself up on the shoulders of Haskins and Nails him with a spike poisonrana! Haskins now rocked back up and Tamer with a lariat knocks him back down! Tamer now drags Haskins back up, Torture rack position and he nails him with the Intervention! Cover by Tamer and he gets the 3 count this time! My god, that was intense. Those two men threw everything they had at each other and Tamer barely came away with the victory, Tamer now sitting in the corner staring at Haskins who’s laying down in the middle of the ring, Josh Scott out here now trying to help Haskins up, Tamer though surprisingly gets up and he goes over and pushes Scott away, Tamer maybe looking to continue the fight with Haskins but instead he offers a hand to him, Haskins accepts and Tamer helps him up, the two men shake hands staring back at each other, a respect formed here tonight the questions is where do they go from here? We will have to wait and see what happens to these two Wrestlers. Next up the SFW World Tag Team Championships are on the line as Ice Cold defend against the Anti-Heroes. Match 4 SFW World Tag Team Championship: Ice Cold (c) VS The Anti Heroes The Challengers making their way out first, Reeves and Johnson look focused and ready. The first title shot for Johnson here in SFW and the first non world title shot for Reeves, of course the first tag title shot for the Anti-Heroes who have remained undefeated in two on two competition so far with their lone loss as a team coming at the hands of Strike Force in a Six Man Tag Team match. And now the men who have dominated the SFW Tag Team Division, they have beaten almost every team they’ve come into contact with and have successfully defended the titles twice already and they are prepared to make it three. The two teams staring down at each other, the announcements are made, the titles are raised. Here. We. Go. Johnson and Gardyner starting the match off and it begins with a lock up, Johnson coming ahead and immediately getting that headlock takeover, Gardyner tries for the headscissors but Johnson gets the headlock back quickly Gardyner though manages to slide out of the headlock and then stares down with the Anti-Hero, Gardyner now looks to be initiating another lock up with Johnson, Gardyner breaks it though and kicks Johnson in the gut, Gardyner laughs then goes to rebound off the ropes but as he does Johnson runs at him and knees him in the gut, Johnson then throws Gardyner into the ropes, Gardyner holds on instead of rebounding, Johnson charges at him with a clothesline but Gardyner backdrops Johnson over out of the ring to the floor! Gardyner now goes to the ropes and he goes for a suicide dive only to get intercepted by Reeves on the Apron with a Knee Strike, Johnson gets back in the ring, he tags in Reeves, Johnson holds Gardyner over the ropes leaving rope hung and Reeves nails him with an elbow drop onto the body of Gardyner, Reeves drags Gardyner away from the ropes, he gets him in position for a suplex, Gardyner able to block, Gardyner breaks it and hits Reeves with a punch to deter him temporarily, Reeves then goes back around and tries to grab Gardyner again but Gardyner now hitting him with a dropkick taking Reeves down, Gardyner now grabs Reeves back up and throws him into Ice Cold’s Corner, Gardyner now charges at Reeves with a corner clothesline then tags Bramson in, Bramson grabs the former world champion and gets him position for a suplex and brings him up meanwhile Gardyner has moved to the top rope and Ice Cold hit Reeves with an assisted stalling suplex! Bramson now cover on Reeves but Reeves up at 2! Bramson now grabs Reeves in a front facelock maybe looking for a DDT but Reeves manages to push Bramson into a neutral corner before he can hit it, Reeves now hitting multiple shoulder tackles on Bramson in the corner, Reeves then sprints to the opposite corner and then runs back at Bramson nails him with a corner clothesline then takes him down with a flatliner! Reeves now moving strong, he goes to the top rope and nails Bramson with a Diving Double Stomp to the back! Reeves then grabs Bramson back up and throws him into the challengers corner. Reeves charges at Bramson nailing him with a corner splash as Johnson tags in, Reeves then picks up Bramson and takes him down with a sidewalk slam backbreaker in which Johnson then follows it up with a top rope knee drop! Johnson and Reeves not done though as Johnson holds Bramson in position, Reeves goes against the ropes and as Reeves hits a sliding Lariat Johnson kicks Bramson in the back! Johnson now grabs Bramson up on his shoulders as Reeves leaves the ring to stand on the Apron and Johnson nails Bramson with a death valley bomb into the corner! Bramson in serious trouble as Johnson drags him out for the cover but Bramson up at 2! Johnson now grabs Bramson in a headlock, Gardyner calling for the tag, this match has been surprising in that one member of Ice Cold has been isolated ironically considering their own tactic is being used against them, Bramson now slowly getting back to his feet, Johnson maintaining the headlock, Bramson tries everything to get Johnson to break it but Johnson will not be deterred so Bramson then grabs Johnson and Drops with a Saito suplex! Both Reeves and Gardyner calling for the tag, Both men make the tag successfully and Gardyner and Reeves get in their and both starting hitting each other with strikes in the middle of the ring, Reeves comes out ahead corner Gardyner, Reeves then goes for another corner clothesline but Gardyner slips out of it, Schoolboy Rolls Reeves through then nails him with a Superkick! Reeves rocked but still on his knees and Gardyner hits him with a sliding DDT! Reeves down, Gardyner now gets him back up, he throws Reeves into the ropes, Reeves rebounds into a dropkick from Gardyner! Reeves down Gardyner going to the top rope, maybe looking for a big move here but Johnson pulls Reeves out of the ring, Johnson tries to get Reeves back to his sense trying to get him away from Gardyner who’s still on the top rope but Bramson jumps off the Steel Steps and takes out the anti Heroes with a double jumping clothesline! Bramson now gets both of them back up and holds them in position, Gardyner now adjust himself and he Takes out everybody with a Corkscrew moonsault to the outside! All four men on the outside, the ref beginning his count, Gardyner gets up as fast as he can and he grabs Reeves throwing him back into the ring, Bramson joins him, Reeves still down, Gardyner Grabs him up, he gets him in position and he nails Reeves with a lawn dart into the corner! Reeves but Stunned and he eats a Running knee from Bramson! Cover by Gardyner on Reeves but Johnson springboards in with an Elbow drop to break it up! Bramson tries to Grab Johnson but he fights him off laying in several muay thai kicks and chops into Bramson, Gardyner goes to help his partner but Johnson on fire right now laying strikes into both members of Ice Cold, Johnson lets out a primal scream and he Kicks Bramson square in the head but this allows Gardyner to take advantage and hit Johnson with a backstabber! Both members of Ice Cold now see Johnson in the middle of the ring, Johnson slowly getting to his feet, Ice cold about to go for a double clothesline but as they do Reeves intercepts with a double spear! Reeves signals to Johnson as Reeves gets both Bramson and Gardyner back to their feet, he throws Gardyner to Johnson, they get both members in position for Suplex variations, Reeves first nails Bramson with a falcon Arrow then Johnson follows it up with an X-Plex to Gardyner forcing to land on top of Bramson! Both Johnson and Reeves now going to the top rope, they go for stereo frog splashes onto the tag team champions but both of them roll out of the way! The Anti Heroes shocked, Ice Cold gets behind them and nails them with stereo german suplexes into the corner! Both members of the Anti heroes sitting in the corners, Ice Cold go to the opposite corners and they nail them with stereo sliding dropkicks! Ice cold now grabs Reeves, they get him up and they nail him with the Magic Killer! Cover by Gardyner on Reeves but Johnson breaks it up! Ice Cold looking frustrated, as they stare at the two members of the anti-heroes kneeling in front of them, Ice Cold then stereo superkicks on the Anti-Heroes but The Anti-Heroes just spit in their faces! Ice Cold now hit double Crash Carts on the anti-heroes! Gardyner then grabs both members of the Anti- Heroes and they hit a double modified Mental Health! Cover by Gardyner on Reeves and they retain the tag team titles! Ice cold manage to retain the titles in a hard fought contest, the two teams now staring down at each other, obviously there won’t be a handshake but Ice cold has proven to The Anti-Heroes why their the tag team champions an acknowledgement of each other with a knod. The SFW fans even cheering the Roundtable of Excellence members but WAIT A MINUTE FROM BEHIND ON THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS STRIKE FORCE! CLARKE AND STORM TAKING OUT THE CHAMPIONS! The Anti-heroes going back to help but Willow and Morales out of Nowhere attacking the Anti-Heroes! My god the two teams that just competed getting beaten down by Strike Force and Willow and Morales! Strike Force now posing with the tag titles but Willow and Morales get in the ring and as Morales hits a roundhouse kick on storm Willow hits that flying forearm on Clarke! Willow and Morales now posing with the tag team titles! I now am wondering what is the future of the tag team titles with Willow and Morales walking away with the tag titles stealing them from the champs. Well, I guess now we have to move on to the lightweight championship match but wow that was unexpected. Match 5 SFW Lightweight Championship: Prince Cutler (c) VS Overheel VS Liam Starr Well after all that chaos I guess here comes Overheel. His strikeforce brothers so far have not had the best night losing the one championship they had so now Overheel looks to fix that mistake right now. Now out comes the fan favourite of the match Liam Starr, this guy definitely has been lighting up SFW since he arrived but he’s been in the tag division for the last few months it’ll be interesting to see how he does here in his first singles title shot in a while. Now here he comes, the man who has run the lightweight division for a while now and probably one of top members of the Roundtable of Excellence. Well here we go now the lightweight division out in full force here, the champ looking at the other two men as the three of them staredown, Cutler now rolling out of the ring telling Overheel and Starr to fight it out, Starr not having any of it but Overheel grabs Starr from behind and nails him with a german suplex! Cutler now smiles, he slides back into the ring and he thinks that Overheel is gonna work with him but Overheel immediately hits Cutler with a spinning gut kick! Overheel now throws Cutler into the ropes, Cutler rebounds into a lariat from Overheel, Overheel now gets Cutler up grabs him position for a suplex but as he gets him up he gets taken down by a sliding dropkick to the knee from Starr! Overheel down now Starr grabs him back up he throws him into the corner, Starr then aims for a running corner dropkick but Overheel moves out of the way at the last second which Cutler follows up by superkicking Overheel! Overheel rocked now, Starr gets back to his feet, Cutler grabs Overheel in position for a DDT and Starr in position for a reverse STO and he nails both of them! Cutler now kicks Overheel out of the ring and grabs Starr back up, he throws Starr into the corner and he runs behind him nailing Starr with a Corner Lariat, Cutler now grabs Starr and he places him on the top rope, Cutler goes up with him, Cutler looking for a brainbuster from the top rope on Starr but Cutler sees, Overheel trying to the sneak in and get on the top rope after Cutler hits the Brainbuster, Cutler releases the position and he goes after Overheel on the apron as the two men spill to the outside, Starr still on the top rope, Overheel and Cutler stop for a second and Starr hits them with a massive moonsault to the outside! Starr now grabs both men and throws them into the ring, Starr now climb to the top rope, both of his opponents back to their feet takes them out with a top rope Dropkick! Starr now throws the two men into opposite corners and Starr begins to nail the two men with clotheslines before grabbing Overheel and throwing him into Cutler! Overheel still and Starr gets him from behind with a half and half suplex! Starr feeling it now, both Overheel and Cutler down in the corners, Starr now nails a hesitation dropkick Overheel and follows that up with a hesitation dropkick on Cutler! Starr now drags Cutler out of the corner, he gets him up and nails him with a bridging Fisherman’s suplex! Cover by Starr but Overheel in to break it up! Starr now grabs Overheel and just starts laying in strikes to him, Starr runs against the ropes but Overheel cuts him off with an overhead throw! Overheel now gets back up, He gets Starr in position for a bridging german suplex but Cutler out of nowhere with a backstabber to Overheel while He Still is holding Starr! Cutler now throws Overheel into the corner, Cutler with a corner clothesline he gets a front facelock on Overheel then nails him with a Tornado DDT! Cutler now staying on Overheel, not going for the cover yet, Cutler grabs Overheel in position for a Brainbuster on Overheel but just before he hits Starr slides in with a backstabber on Cutler! Starr now slides onto the Apron but Overheel pops back up and he nails him with a sliding German suplex to the outside! Starr may be out of the match for good but Overheel now gets Starr but before he can throw him back in the ring off the Apron Cutler nails both of them with Shooting Star Shoulder Tackle! Cutler now grabs Overheel leaving Starr out of the ring, Starr now gets Overheel in position and he nails him with the kingdom keeper! Cover by Cutler but Starr out of nowhere springboard Shooting Starr Press! Starr now grabs Cutler up, he gets him in position for Save our Starrs and he nails it! Cover by Starr but Overheel breaks it up! Starr now grabs Overheel he tries for a shiranui but Overheel counters and Lawn Darts Starr into the turnbuckle! Overheel going to the top rope and he nails starr with the corkscrew moonsault! Cover by Overheel but Cutler grabs him and throws him into the ring post! Cutler now grabs Starr up and he hits him with Long Live the Prince! Cover by Cutler and He retains the title! A short but impressive showing from the lightweight division, Cutler has managed to hold down the lightweight division and has continued his reign of dominance as Champion, so who’s ne- Wait a minute, that’s Ropati’s music. Ropati now coming out here perhaps to challenge Cutler for the title! Ropati now staring down with the champion but Cutler just shrugging him off and leaving with the title ignoring Ropati, Cutler saying from the ramp that Ropati isn’t worth his time. Well ok, I guess that's that but now we move on to a blood rivalry, a feud that goes back a long way now as the Rivalry between these two men comes to an end as the SFW Television Championship is on the line. Mil Almas defends against BIC in a last man standing match. Match 6 SFW Television Championship, Last Man Standing: Mil Almas (c) VS BIC The challenger makes his way to the ring first but this is about more than just Almas’ championship, BIC wants to make Almas pay and he wants his revenge against the Roundtable of Excellence. Almas now coming out here with the title, he looks focused and ready. Almas gets in the ring and immediately throws the title aside as the two men start brawling! The ref calls for the bell as the two men exchange shot after shot, BIC manages to push Almas into the corner, BIC now goes to the opposite corner then nails Almas with a corner splash! BIC now grabs Almas and he throws him out of the ring, BIC following him, BIC goes under the ring and he brings out a kendo stick as BIC just starts smashing Almas with shot after shot from the kendo stick, Almas not staying down though BIC smashing Almas with the stick beating him senseless and BIC just breaks the kendo stick over the back of Almas! BIC now going under the ring, he brings out a steel chair but before he can use it Almas hits him with a low blow! BIC now dropping the chair and Almas picks it up now brutally hitting BIC with the chair as BIC tries to lean on the announce table to stay up, Almas now places the chair over the neck of BIC and he throws BIC into the ringpost! The ref begins to count but Almas knows BIC is gonna get back up and in preparation Almas grabs a baseball bat form underneath the ring! Why is there a baseball bat under the ring? I don’t know honestly. BIC back to his feet, Almas goes for a shot with the baseball bat but BIC ducks it and hits Almas with a German Suplex on the outside! BIC now grabs Almas and he just starts repeatedly smashing his head on the ring post! BIC now grabs Almas and throws him over the barricade, BIC now grabs the steel steps and he lines them up in front of the barricade, Almas back to his feet, BIC now runs up the steps and Nails Almas with a jumping knee strike! BIC now telling the fans to move out of their seats, the fans move and BIC throws Almas into the rows of seats! BIC now goes to grab Almas from the seats but Almas grabs one of the chairs and Smashes BIC in the face with it! Almas now brutalising BIC with the chair! Almas now throwing the chair back to where he found it and he takes BIC, he gets him in position and nails him with a suplex on the concrete floor! Almas now dragging BIC over to the, the wall where an upper row of fans are sitting, Almas gets BIC Up again and he suplexes him into the concrete wall! Almas now going over to grab one of those production crates, he rolls over to where to BIC is, he goes for another suplex this into the crate but BIC blocks it, he fights out of it, Almas charges at BIC but BIC reverses it throwing Almas into the crate! Almas bounces of the crate into a german suplex on the concrete floor! BIC now gets back up, the ref counting as Almas scrambles back to his feet, BIC now grabs Almas and he brings him back over to the barricade, BIC now begins smashing the head of Almas over the barricade over and over again, Almas Rocked, BIC now grabs Almas and he nails him with a suplex facebuster onto the barricade! Almas now hanging on the Barricade, BIC backs up and he runs at Almas kneeing him in the face but Almas still hanging on the Barricade and BIC hits him with a DDT onto the concrete! BIC now throws Almas back over the barricade, BIC now climbing over the barricade and the steel steps he moved which Almas basically just tumbled down, BIC now clearing off the announce table as Almas crawls around trying to find something to lift himself up with, BIC now goes over and he grabs Almas, BIC perhaps looking for no regret on the announce table but Almas counters it and pushes BIC off the announce table into the barricade! BIC’s head bounces off the barricade and he falls into the gap between the announce table and the barricade! Almas now grabs BIC from the gap, he takes him over to the ring apron, Almas now hangs BIC off the apron and he nails BIC with a spike DDT! BIC down, Almas now grabbing a chair from under the ring as the ref counts, BIC slowly gets back to his feet, Almas now goes for a running chair shot but BIC counters it into a jumping knee sending the chair into the face of Almas! Almas stunned he drops the chair, BIC grabs him and drops with a DDT onto the chair! BIC now goes under the ring and he brings out a table! BIC sets the table up underneath the ring apron, he then goes and grabs Almas and takes him up onto the ring apron, BIC looking for No Regret off the ring Apron through the table but Almas counters it and he sends both of them through the table with a back suplex! Both men down now, the ref begins his count and they both just barely get back up. Almas now grabs BIC and he throws him into the barricade! BIC now leaning against the barricade, Almas now charges at BIC and out of instinct alone BIC with a back body drop to Almas over the barricade onto the concrete! BIC now with a smile on his face, he goes over the barricade and he grabs Almas up, Almas rocked and BIC with a jumping STO on the outside! BIC now grabs Almas up again and he drags him over to the wall and he smashes the head of Almas off the concrete wall! Almas now aimlessly trying to get away from BIC, he walks around all the fans in the crowd, BIC follows him and starts hitting him with Strikes but Almas trying to get from him, BIC, Almas now at the barricade, BIC charges at him going for a lariat over the Barricade but Almas with a Superkick cuts him off! BIC rocked now and Almas charges at him with a running sling blade to BIC on the concrete! Almas now grabs BIC and throws him over the barricade! BIC now trying to crawl away but Almas gets back over the barricade and with a sadistic grin on his face hits the corredor de la muerte on the outside! Almas now telling the ref to count it, BIC almost done for but at the count of 9 BIC gets back to his feet! Almas now laying into BIC with stiff shots, Almas grabs BIC and he drags him over onto the stage, Almas now gets BIC on his shoulders maybe looking for something off the stage but BIC gets out of it, he grabs Almas and hits No Regret on the stage! BIC though not done he grabs Almas, he gets him up and he powerbombs him off the stage! Both men down, the ref counting, is somebody gonna get up?! The ref continues to count but nobody gets back up and the ref reaches 10! We have a draw! Wait what? So ok nobody won but Almas retains the title? Almas is still Television Champion but he didn’t win but neither did BIC… my god the record between these two men still sits at 0 a piece neither man can beat the other and this is crazy, no matter what these two men do they can’t seem to beat each other but now neither man is gonna be competing for a while after that. Well alright, I guess we should move on to our semi main event of the evening as the SFW World Championship is on the line. Match 7 SFW World Championship: King Slim (c) VS Angelo Catio Well out comes Angelo Catio first. This man fought hard to get a shot at the title, the former tag team champion defeated Daniel Vice in a no disqualifications Ironman Match to earn his shot here tonight. Catio looks to unseat the champion right now but that's no easy feet. Here comes the champion, King Slim the longest reigning SFW World Champion winning the title in his first shot at the belt. Alright, Slim in the ring he hands the title to the referee, the ref raises the title. He calls for the bell and Here. We. Go. The match begins with the two men locking up, Catio comes ahead with a waist lock, Slim slips out of it and gets a Hammerlock before just hitting Catio in the back of the head. Catio turns around annoyed at Slim, Catio charges at Slim with a clothesline but Slim ducks it then gets Slim with a schoolboy, he goes for a kneeling Superkick on Catio but Catio blocks it, Catio then transitions the block into an exploder Suplex, Slim rolls out of the ring, Catio with the You can’t see me taunt to Slim, Slim gets back in the ring, Catio offers to lock up, Slim at first looks like he’s going to accept but then breaks it and begins hitting Catio with strikes, Slim throws Catio into the ropes, Catio rebounds, Slim goes for a rebound superkick but Catio side steps it and from behind Catio with a running bulldog on Slim, Slim now gets back up, Catio throws Slim into the corner, Catio goes for a corner clothesline, but Slim slides out onto the apron, Slim now with a forearm to the face of Catio, Catio steps back slightly, Slim goes for a springboard clothesline but Catio moves out of the way, Catio now leaning against the ropes, Slim goes for a running clothesline but Catio drops Slim over the ropes but Slim lands on his feet on the apron, Slim tries to hit Catio with a forearm but Catio blocks it then nails Slim with a clothesline sending Slim down onto the Apron, Slim down on the outside of the ring, Catio slides out of the ring, he goes to throw Slim back into the ring but Slim reverses this and smashes the head of Catio off the Apron before then nailing Catio with a dragon suplex on the outside! Slim now grabs Catio and looks as if he’s going to throw Catio back into the ring but instead decides to throw Catio into the Steel Steps! Catio now laying on the outside, Slim rolls back into the ring and he taunts the crowd as the ref begins to count as Catio is outside the ring, Catio gets back in at a count of 6 but he immediately rolls into a series of stomps from Slim, Slim then gets Catio up, he gets him in position for a northern lights suplex but Catio manages to block it, Catio frees his arms and he nails Slim with a snap DDT, Catio now grabs Slim up and throws him into the corner, Catio goes for a corner clothesline on Slim, Slim ducks out of the way and he gets a school boy on Catio, Catio up at 2, Slim then allows for Catio to get back up as Slim nails Catio with a lungblower! Slim now gets Catio up, he hits him with the northern lights suplex but he as he tries for the brainbuster Catio counters it into a falcon arrow! Catio now moving up to the top rope but Slim rolls out of the ring, Slim tries to get some breathing room but Catio dives onto Slim with a Crossbody from the top rope! Catio now grabs Slim up and he throws him back into the ring, Catio goes in after him, Catio then deadlifts Slim nailing him with a German suplex but Catio maintains control of Slim then transitioning into a Dragon Suplex still maintaining control before finally hitting Slim with a bridging Saito Suplex! Catio bridging into the cover but Slim out at 2, Catio now grabs Slim and throws him into the corner, Catio charges at Slim before hitting him with a monkey flip out of the corner! Slim now with his back face in the other corner, Catio then goes for a German suplex on Slim out of the corner but Slim manages to flip out of it, Catio turns around into a european uppercut from Slim who then follows it up with a running clothesline, Slim then taunts Catio with his own you can’t see me motion, Slim then goes for his own version of the five knuckle shuffle but Catio moves out of the way then as Slim gets back up Catio nails Slim with a running Shoulder tackle before following it up with another Flying Shoulder tackle, Catio then throws Slim into the ropes before hitting him with a spin out powerbomb! Catio now with the you can’t see me taunt, Catio then runs against the ropes but as he does Slim springs back to his feet and nails Catio with a massive high angle dropkick! Slim now gets Catio up, he grabs Catio in position for a powerbomb, Slim looking to Powerbomb Catio into the turnbuckles but Catio counters it into a hurricanrana sending Slim into the turnbuckles, Catio then grabs Slim from behind and he nails Slim with a rebound teardrop suplex! Catio now setting up for the five knuckle shuffle once again, he rebounds off the ropes and this time he hits it! Catio now calling for Slim to get back up, Slim back to his feet, Catio gets Slim on his shoulders for the AA but Slim rakes the eyes of Catio slipping out behind Catio before nailing him with a backstabber! Slim now grabs Catio and he gets him in position for a Northern Lights Suplex which he nails he rolls through then drops Catio with the Brainbuster! Catio though somehow still on his knees and Slim follows it up with a superkick finally sending Catio down! Slim with the cover but Catio up at 2 and Slim immediately locks in Talite, Catio drained but he’s not done yet, Slim doesn’t have Talite fully in yet and Catio manages to roll his way over to the ropes and gets his foot on the bottom rope, Slim though holds Talite in until the count of four before finally breaking it, Slim now grabs Catio back up, He gets him in position for the Essential Eliminator but Catio manages to counter it and he nails Slim with a modified Alabama Slam! Slim gets back up, Catio then takes Slim back down with a massive Clothesline! Catio now grabs Slim back up and he nails him with a massive spin out powerbomb, Catio then gets ready to hit the five knuckle shuffle but Slim manages to roll out of the way, Catio now gets back up, Slim tries to get into the corner but Catio charges at him but Slim moves out of the way and Catio hits the ref with the clothesline by mistake! The ref down now, Catio grabs Slim and Nails him with the AA, Catio with the cover and he gets the 3 count but the ref isn’t up to notice it… BUT WAIT A SECOND HERE COMES AIDANATOR, AIDANATOR GRABS CATIO BACK UP AND DROPS HIM DOWN WITH THE PILEDRIVER! NO NOT THIS WAY! SLIM CRAWLS ON TOP OF CATIO, AIDAN WAKES THE REF UP, THE REF STARTS TO COUNT BUT AT 2 AND A HALF CATIO KICKS OUT! SLIM NOT DONE THOUGH HE GETS CATIO BACK UP IMMEDIATELY AND NAILS HIM WITH THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! SLIM WITH THE COVER AGAIN BUT CATIO SOMEHOW KICKS OUT AT 2 AGAIN! SLIM THOUGH IMMEDIATELY TRANSITIONS INTO THE TALITE! CATIO TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, CATIO NOT TAPPING BUT HE’S FADING, THE REF CHECKS ON CATIO AND HE PASSES OUT! SLIM RETAINS THE TITLE! Well, Slim retains the title but he did need some help but I guess a win's a win. Slim maintaining his title as longest reigning SFW World Champion now getting his fifth defence as champion, who is left for Slim to beat is the question… well that question might be answered in our next match. It's time for the main event, the first ever Goldrush match. Main Event: Goldrush Match Alright, now the rules are simple 2 men start the match and after that every 90 seconds a new man enters the match until all 20 participants have entered the match, the match then ends after 19 of the 20 participants are eliminated and one man is left standing, eliminations can take place by pinfall, Submission or being throw over the top rope. The winner of the match will main event Clash of the Titans and will challenge the SFW World Champion. With that all out of the way here comes the Number 1 Entrant, Yelich Anderson and I’ll live his introduction to him. Yelich Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in tonight at EXACTLY 243 and a Half Pounds, Former SFW Television Champion, the man who drew number 1 and the man who will win the Goldrush match, From green bay, wisconsin: YEEEEEELLLLIICCHHHHH ANDERSON! ANDERSON! Well there ya go, Anderson hasn’t done that in a while but now here he comes ready for action but he does have the odds stacked against him tonight as he enters number one, He’s very mixed success in SFW while he is a former Television Champion, he is the shortest reigning television champion so it’ll be interesting to see how he does here tonight. Now time for the number 2 entrant and it is… Well ladies and Gentlemen starting off the match with the Return of the Anti-American Jacob Yamada. This man believes in nothing more than that Japanese wrestling is the best style of wrestling. Alright the number one and two entrants in the ring and here we go, the two men immediately going for a lock up, Anderson gets the waist lock but Yamada breaks it with a series of elbows to the head of Anderson, Yamada now charging at Anderson going for a clothesline but Anderson counters it into a swinging neckbreaker but not taking Yamada instead stunning him, Anderson now grabs Yamada from behind and he hits him with a backbreaker from reverse DDT position followed up by a neckbreaker taking Yamada down to the ground, Cover by Anderson but Yamada up at 2, now 10 seconds here comes the number 3 entrant. Here he is entering in at number 3 is…. Ark Universe. The former Lightweight Champion could be in line to get a shot at the World Championship. Ark now springing into the ring and he takes both Yamada and Anderson down with a double springboard dropkick! Ark now grabbing Yamada, he throws Yamada into the corner, Ark now grabbing Yamada and he takes him out of the corner with a monkey flip! Ark now springing up on the ropes, he goes for a double jump moonsault on Yamada but Yamada catches him, Yamada tries to eliminate Ark by throwing him over the top rope but Ark blocks it and he frees himself from Yamadas grasp with some kicks to the face, Ark then goes for a springboard cutter but Anderson intercepts and grabs Ark out of mid air then nails him with a bridging suplex, Anderson with the cover but Ark up at 1, Anderson now gets back up and Yamada catches him with a second rope lungblower! Yamada now with the cover on Anderson but Anderson up at 2, Ark now going from behind on Yamada he goes for a jumping Hurricanrana but Yamada maintains balance then counters it into an electric chair drop! Cover by Yamada on Ark but Ark up at 2! 10 seconds now here comes the number 4 entrant and it is… Daniel Vice! The former SFW Tag Team champion, he’s no stranger to world title matches so maybe he’ll be able to earn a shot here tonight. Vice in now and like a house of fire nailing all 3 men with strikes taking everyone down with Knees and Kicks, Vice gets Anderson in the corner and he nailss him with a corner dropkick, Vice now going to the top rope, he notices both Ark and Catio are in range and Vice first nails Anderson with a top rope Elbow but then gets back up and hits a back senton on Ark! Cover by Vice on Ark but Ark up at 2, Vice goes over to Anderson but Anderson up at 2 as well, Yamada in the corner, Vice charges him but Yamada catches Vice as he charges at him and nails him with a massive uranage! Vice now getting up on his knees and Yamada catches him with an explosive low angle Shotgun kick! Yamada now gets Vice back to his feet and he nails him with the Japamerica Experience! Cover Yamada on Vice but Vice up at 2, Yamada gets Vice up and in position for a DDT but before he can hit it he’s forcefully taken down by Anderson with a clothesline causing him to hit the DDT on Vice! Anderson with a cover on Vice but Vice up at 2 again, Anderson now grabs Vice up, he’s looking for the Anderbomb but Vice counters it into a sunset flip but Anderson up at 2, 10 seconds now who’s gonna be number 5? Well here is number 5… Gary Kirby, an interesting man in this match while he’s primarily been a tag team competitor he should be able to hang with these guys. Kirby gets in the ring and Vice immediately with a clothesline taking down Kirby, Vice now gets Kirby up and he nails him with a spin out spinebuster! Cover by Vice but Kirby up at 2! Vice now grabs Kirby back up, he gets him on his shoulders in position for a death valley driver and he nails Kirby with it but Vice doesn’t see Yamada who nails Vice with running Shotgun Knee! Vice down, Yamada now turns around into Anderson who throws Ark into Yamada, Ark then rebounds and Anderson catches him with a rebound Saito Suplex, Anderson with the cover but Ark out at 2, Anderson now gets Ark up, in position for the Anderbomb but Anderson gets taken down with a sliding dropkick from Kirby which allows Ark to convert the powerbomb into a facebuster! Kirby now grabs Ark from behind and he goes for the stop! Enziguri but Ark ducks underneath it, Kirby down now, Ark grabs him, Ark picks up Kirby, he takes him over to the corner and he nails him with a tornado DDT! Time for number 6, 10 seconds on the clock and now here comes number 6 and it is…. Brett Storm! The first member of Strike Force to enter the match and Storm slides into the ring and he immediately hits Ark with a Bullet! Storm now turns around and he nails Bullets on Vice and then on Anderson, Storm tries to hit a Bullet on Yamada but Yamada blocks it and spins Storm around then catches him with a Japamerican Experience! Yamada now gets Storm up and is looking for death protocol but Kirby dropkicks Yamada into the corner, Kirby now grabs Yamada up and he’s calling for the Sable Bomb but Yamada counters it into a belly to back Piledriver! Yamada now gets Kirby up and he gets him in position for a powerbomb and Yamada powerbombs Kirby out of the ring eliminating him! Kirby is the first man eliminated! Yamada now turning around and Anderson tries to eliminate him with a clothesline over the top rope but Yamada hangs on and he gets back in the ring barely skinning the cat. Anderson turns around and Ark Universe going for a jumping Hurricanrana but Anderson counters it into an Anderbomb! Anderson now gets Ark up for a Mic Check but Before he can hit it Yamada grabs Anderson from behind and drops him with a german suplex! The count down now for number 7 begins, 5 seconds left and number 7 is… Nathan Clarke! The second member of Strike Force in this match and Nathan Clarke now running into the ring, he takes out everybody with a series of clotheslines taking down everything that moves, Clarke now helps Storm back up to his feet, Storm and Clarke now grab Ark Universe Storm gets him in position maybe looking for that Brogue Kick Storm Driver combination but Anderson intercepts with a spear to Clarke! Ark with the small package on Storm and Storm is eliminated! Ark now gets back up, he targets Clarke, he charges at him but Clarke catches him and nails him with an Irish Curse backbreaker! Clarke now calling for Ark to get back up maybe thinking Brogue Kick but Anderson begins to fight with his former rival, these two men faced off for the television championship a while ago and it was a vicious feud now the two men brawling, Clarke gets Anderson in the corner, he goes for a corner big boot but out of nowhere Vice jumps in and nails Clarke with a running neckbreaker! Vice though now, sees both Clarke and Anderson in corners, Vice runs at Anderson nailing him with a corner clothesline and then hitting Clarke with a corner clothesline before throwing Clarke into Anderson, Clarke rebounds out of the corner and Vice hits him with a Tiger Suplex! Vice Bridging into the cover but Clarke up at 2! Number 8 coming up now, 5 seconds on the clock and Number 8 is…. Oh man Its Aidanator! Aidanator sprints into the ring, he slides under the bottom rope, Vice goes after him but Aidanator takes him down with a spear! Ark now charges at him BUT AIDANATOR HITS HIM WITH A POP UP PILEDRIVER! Cover by Aidanator and Ark is eliminated! Aidanator now, representing the roundtable of excellence and if he wins oh my god the discourse SFW would be thrown into if The Roundtable have control of the main event of Clash of the Titans, Aidanator now grabs Vice up, he’s setting him up for a piledriver but Anderson now going after the enforcer of the roundtable with strikes, Anderson now going to eliminate Aidan with a clothesline out of the ring but Aidan comes at Anderson with a spear! Aidan now grabbing for a piledriver but from behind Vice grabs him and tries to hit him with a german but Aidan breaks it! Aidan now turns Vice around and nails him with a DDT! Aidan now grabs Vice up and drops him with a piledriver! Cover by Aidan and Daniel Vice is eliminated! Aidanator appearing unstoppable right now but wait a second the heavyweight bruiser of Strike Force Nathan Clarke now staring down with the heavyweight destroyer of The Roundtable of Excellence and the two men begin to go at it exchanging blows left and right, Yamada and Anderson though begin to help out Clarke as the three men corner Aidan nailing with strike after strike, Aidan though pushes all three men off, the count down for number 9 beginning now, 5 seconds and number 9 is…. Hans Clayton! The debut of a new signing to SFW, Hans Clayton and man is he an impressive wrestler. Aidan tries to knock Hans off the ring apron but Hans avoids the strike then hits him with a slingshot cutter! Aidan rocked and Yamada catches him from behind and hits him with death protocol! Aidan still up though, Clarke charges at him nailing him with a Brogue Kick and Finally Anderson takes him down with the mic check! Aidan down, Clayton on the top rope and he hits him with a Shooting Hans Press! Cover by Hans and he eliminates Aidanator! An impressive start for the SFW career of Hans Clayton eliminating a man who has rarely lost in SFW! Clayton though gets up after pinning him and Clarke turns him inside out with a lariat! Well welcome to SFW Clayton, Clarke now gets him in position for a huge brainbuster but Clayton blocks it, he breaks the positioning, Clarke charges at Clayton for another lariat but Clayton counters it into a Spanish Fly! Cover by Clayton but Clarke up at 2! Clayton going for a lionsault but Yamada intercepts him and catches him with a tombstone double knee facebuster! Yamada looking to end Clayton’s time in the goldrush match quickly but from behind Yamada gets caught with a backstabber from Anderson! Countdown to Number 10, the halfway mark, 5 seconds on the clock and number 10 is…. Ropati! I’m surprised he is still standing let alone is able to compete, he’s getting down to the ring slowly but surely, he springs into the ring, Anderson goes for a lariat on him but Ropati counters it into a float over DDT! Clarke now charging at Ropati and Ropati nails him with a sling blade! Yamada now back up, Ropati sees him, Ropati grabs him and nails him with the RKO! Clayton now staring at Ropati, Ropati notices him, Clayton charges at Ropati, Ropati moves out of the way, Clayton goes for a double jump moonsault on Ropati but Ropati moves out of the way, Clayton lands on his feet, Ropati goes for a springboard RKO but Clayton catches him, Clayton going for an inverted Suplex but Ropati slips over, Ropati goes for a german suplex but Clayton flips onto his feet, Clayton charges at Ropati, the two men both go for stereo handsprings and they both land in the centre of the ring staring at each other! What a moment… but Clarke and Yamada now grabbing the two of them and putting them into opposite corners and beating them down with strikes. The number 11 entrant now about to come out, 5 seconds on the clock and number 11 is… David Haskins! Haskins had a brutal match with Tamer earlier tonight it’ll be interesting to see if Haskins can turn it around tonight, he gets in the ring and he immediately goes after Clarke, he gets Clarke in position for a bulldog, Yamada turns around and Haskins clotheslines Yamada as he hits Clarke with the bulldog! Haskins now feeling it, Yamada gets back up and Haskins nails him with a roundhouse kick! Haskins now gets turned around by Clarke but Haskins just kicking the hell out Clarke with kicks to the chest, Haskins takes Clarke down to his knees and he begins to make the chest of Clarke bright red just kicking the living hell out of the chest of Nathan Clarke, Haskins now with a primal scream, he runs against the ropes and hits Clarke with a knee! Haskins now gets up and he gets decapitated by a lariat from Anderson! Anderson now grabs Haskins up and he drops him with a picture perfect Brainbuster onto the knee! Anderson now getting Haskins up for an Anderbomb and he hits it but before he can cover Haskins Ropati with a sliding dropkick to Anderson over the body of Haskins! Meanwhile, Clayton is back up in the corner, Ropati goes for a monkey Flip on Clayton but Clayton lands on his feet just ahead of Anderson then nails Anderson with a standing double stomp! Countdown to Number 12 now, 5 seconds on the clock and Number 12 is… Oh My God It’s Kin Takeshi! Takeshi is back in SFW! We haven’t seen him in a long time but this man is still unpinned and unsubmitted in SFW, Takeshi into the ring, Clayton charges at him but Takeshi with a massive Superkick takes him down! Ropati now going after him but Takeshi drops him with a running knee! Haskins now back to his feet, he stares down with Takeshi and Now Takeshi and Haskins exchanging chops! The two men beating the hell out of each other, Takeshi coming ahead now pushing Haskins into the ropes, Takeshi goes for a running knee in the ropes but Haskins stops him with a kick to the head but Takeshi just nails Haskins with a massive lariat! Takeshi now grabs Haskins and drops him with a Snap German Suplex! Takeshi now has cleared house and now here comes Number 13, 5 seconds remaining on the clock, who will it be? Number 13 is… My God thats Kit Fukada! Kit Fukada and Kin Takeshi had a brutal rivalry back when the two men competed in japan. Fukada gets in the ring and immediately Takeshi and Fukada begin brawling! Just exchanging strike after strike here! Takeshi now gets Fukada against the ropes, Takeshi goes to eliminate Fukada but Fukada grabs onto him and both men spill to the outside eliminating each other still brawling on the outside of the ring! The two brawling still as they go up the ramp and the disappear backstage still fighting! Well now that leaves Haskins, Anderson, Yamada, Clarke, Ropati and Clayton still in the ring, Clayton and Ropati now look like their about to go back at it but Anderson and Haskins cut them off, Anderson going after Ropati and Haskins fighting with Clayton, Yamada and Clarke meanwhile exchanging blows in the corner, Clarke manages to come ahead now stomping on Yamada in the corner meanwhile Anderson and Ropati teeing off on each other, Clayton meanwhile going for a springboard dropkick but Haskins catches it and he counters it into a Stretch Muffler! Haskins now locking it in on Clayton in the middle of the ring, Haskins wrenching back on the leg and Clayton is forced to tap out! Clayton is eliminated from the match but after a strong showing at that, Number 14 now about to come out, Haskins notices this, he awaits the arrival of Number 14 and Number is… Tamer! Tamer now on his way out here, Haskins and Tamer maybe going to resume their fight from earlier tonight but Haskins and Tamer just staring at each other, they smile and they immediately go after Clarke! The two men beating down Nathan Clarke, stomping on him in the corner, Tamer and Haskins step back and Tamer whips Haskins into Clarke as Haskins hits a hesitation dropkick! Tamer and Haskins turn around and Ropati and Anderson seperate the two of them, Ropati going after Haskins and Anderson going after Tamer, Anderson and Ropati now isolate Haskins and Tamer in corners now laying strikes into the two men, Anderson and Ropati now whip Haskins and Tamer into each other but they both move out of the way and Tamer dropkicks Ropati as Haskins does the Same to Anderson! Ropati and Anderson now in opposite corners, Tamer and Haskins now go for stereo corner double knee smashes but Clarke and Yamada back in and they hit clotheslines on both Tamer and Haskins! Yamada then grabs Haskins back up and he gets him in position for a Back suplex, Clarke gets Tamer in position for a german but Haskins and Tamer both block the moves, Haskins now grabs Yamada in position for a dragon suplex, Tamer grabbing Clarke In position for a half n half and both Haskins and Tamer hit their respective Suplexes! Number 15 about to come out, Tamer and Haskins staring at the ramp awaiting the 15th entrant in this match, 5 seconds on the clock and number 15 is… KENJI! The Debut of the Japanese Star KENJI! Scouted on the SFW Japan tour originally but he was still quite early in his career but now it appears he has signed with SFW! KENJI now gets in the ring and he begins to strike at both Haskins and Tamer, KENJI now grabs both Haskins and Tamer in inverted DDT position and KENJI drops them both with a double Backbreaker! KENJI now being stared down by Jacob Yamada, Yamada was a top star in japan and hasn’t seen KENJI in a long time but now the two men going at it with chops! KENJI managing to come ahead now delivering rapid fire strikes to Yamada in the corner, KENJI now going for a corner lariat on Yamada but Yamada slips out of the way, Schoolboy by Yamada but KENJI out at 2, KENJI back up, Yamada going for a lariat but KENJI blocks it, he spins Yamada out and into a smashing forearm! KENJI now grabs Yamada, Gory special position and then drops him with the Gaudi Bakudan! Cover by KENJI on Yamada but Yamada up at 2, KENJI gets back up and he gets knocked straight into the corner with a massive shoulder tackle from Clarke! Clarke now grabs KENJI, he puts him on the top rope, Clarke now looking for that top rope German Suplex, KENJI Counters with elbows to the head of Clarke, Clarke releases his grip, Yamada now grabs Clarke in position for a powerbomb, KENJI now stands up and they hit a powerbomb Horizonsault combination! KENJI about to go for the cover but Yamada grabs him, he sets him up for a brainbuster but KENJI counters it into a suplex neckbreaker! Tamer now going for the cover on Clarke but Clarke up at 2 as they took to long to cover him! Number 16 now about to come out here only 5 more men left to enter the match and Number 16 is… Ryan Reeves! Reeves the first ever SFW World Champion, looking to get back into winning ways here tonight after failing to capture the tag titles with Bart Johnson. Reeves gets in the ring and Ropati surprisingly goes after the first ever SFW World Champion as the two men begin to brawl, Reeves comes ahead and he grabs Ropati and drops him with Lunacy unhinged! Reeves now gets back up and he turns around face to face with a man who knows all too well in Nathan Clarke, these two men feuded as both Singles wrestlers and in tag teams, Clarke and Reeves now going at it exchanging chops to the chest, Clarke appears to come ahead, Clarke now going for a rebound lariat but Reeves intercepts him with a massive dropkick! Anderson now up, he stares down with the first ever world champion, these two usually on the same side but tonight they will be fighting each other and Anderson and Reeves now laying into each other with strikes, Reeves appears to come out ahead, getting Anderson into the corner, Reeves now going for a corner elbow smash but Anderson catches him and drops him with a uranage! KENJI though back up and before Anderson can get out of the corner he eats a dropkick from KENJI! KENJI about to get up and go for a hesitation dropkick but KENJI gets cut down by Tamer and Haskins with a double lariat! Haskins and Tamer now standing in the ring and they await the arrival of number 17, 5 seconds on the clock and Number 17 is… Liam Starr! He was unsuccessful in the Lightweight Championship match earlier tonight but maybe he’ll be able to recover some momentum right now as Starr gets in the ring and he begins to try and fight off both Haskins and Tamer, Starr now about to go for save our starrs on Haskins but Tamer from behind grabs him in position for terminal velocity but he modifies it so that the legs of Starr are caught by Haskins and they hit an assisted terminal velocity on Starr! Cover by Tamer on Starr and Starr is eliminated! Short showing but he did have a match earlier in the night, maybe he’ll be able to bounce back later on but it has not been a good night for the Future Starrs, Tamer and Haskins now going after Reeves, they get him back up and he starts teeing off on them with Strikes, Reeves looks overwhelmed but he gets an unlikely ally in the form of Yamada going after Tamer as Yamada and Tamer brawl while Reeves deals with Haskins in the corner with strikes, Anderson gets back up and so does Clarke the two men then begin exchanging strikes in the corner attempting to eliminate each other by throwing each other over the top rope, Ropati now in the middle of the ring and he stares down with the debuting KENJI, the two men looking dead into each others eyes as the countdown for number 18 begins, the two men keep their eyes locked on each other as the countdown hits 5 and number 18 is… Josh Scott! Josh Scott now getting into the ring and he goes after both KENJI and Ropati but Ropati and KENJI having none of it, KENJI gets Scott in position for the Gaudi Bakudan and as he hits Ropati hits an RKO on Scott! Ropati and KENJI then grab Scott and throw him out of the ring see ya bye Scott! Two quick eliminations right there from two men teaming up but Ropati and KENJI had their backs turned as they get cut down by Clarke with a double Lariat! Clarke now calling for KENJI to get back up, KENJI back to his feet and Clarke brogue kicks him over the top rope eliminating him! Meanwhile Haskins and Tamer have turned the tables on Reeves and Yamada, having them isolated in the corners, Haskins and Tamer now going for corner splashes on Yamada and Reeves but Anderson intercepts Tamer with pop up Anderbomb and Clarke intercepts Haskins with a pop-up Irish Curse! Anderson now grabs Tamer up and he drops him with the mic check, Cover by Anderson and he eliminates Tamer! Reeves though out of the corner capitalising on the works of Clarke, he gets Haskins on his shoulders and drops him with the destabilizer, Cover by Reeves and He eliminates Haskins! Now number 19 about to make his entrance out here, 5 seconds on the clock and Number 19 is… Prince Jack III! Jack making his way out here, we knew he was going to be in the match but what a lucky draw he has. Jack now sliding into the ring with the other men in the ring, Ropati runs at him but Jack counters it into a wheelbarrow suplex! Clarke goes after him with a clothesline but Jack counters into in armbar! Jack with an Armbar on Clarke in the middle of the ring but Yamada grabs him from behind, he goes for a german suplex but Jack lands on his feet and he drops Yamada with a bridging tiger Suplex! Cover by Jack but Yamada somehow out at 2! Jack gets back up but he gets blindsided by a running forearm from Reeves! Reeves now the lone man standing in the ring, Ropati gets up and he goes after Reeves but Reeves throws him into the ropes then hits him with a rebound German Suplex taking him down! But wait a minute the countdown for number 20 starting early, Reeves staring at the countdown and 5 seconds left number 20 is…. KAZUCHIKA OKADA! WHAT THE HELL! THE RAINMAKER IS HERE! REEVES CAN’T BELIEVE IT! OKADA NOW SPRINTING TO THE RING AND OKADA AND REEVES GOING AT IT! THE TWO MEN BRAWLING THEY GET AGAINST THE ROPES, OKADA COMES AHEAD AND HE CLOTHESLINE BOTH OF THEM OVER THE TOP ROPE ELIMINATING BOTH OF THEM! OKADA JUST RUINED REEVES CHANCE TO HEADLINE CLASH OF THE TITANS TWICE! REEVES IS LIVID AND IS STILL FIGHTING OKADA! THE TWO MEN GO OVER THE BARRICADE FIGHTING UP THE STAIRS DISAPPEARING OUT OF THE ARENA! MY GOD WHAT DID WE JUST SEE! Well, it's down to five now, Anderson, Yamada, Ropati, Clarke and Jack, Anderson and Yamada now going at it, Yamada going for the Tribute again but Anderson flips out of it, Yamada turns around and Anderson catches him with the Mic Check! Cover by Anderson and Yamada is eliminated! 4 Men remain! Yelich Anderson, Nathan Clarke, Prince Jack III and Ropati. In the ring we have one of the most decorated men in SFW History, One of the most powerful heavyweights in SFW and two of the SFW Fan Favourites and one of them will headline Clash of the Titans! Clarke now going after everybody, corner Lariat on Anderson followed up by a shoulder tackle on Jack sending him into the corner, Clarke now goes for a powerbomb on Ropati but Ropati Counters it into a code red! Cover by Ropati but Clarke up at 2! Clarke back to his feet, he goes for a lariat on Ropati but Ropati ducks it, Clarke turns around into a springboard RKO from Ropati! Clarke Rocked, Jack back up and he hits him with an Enziguri out of the corner! Clarke still on his feet, Anderson out of the corner with a discus elbow to Clarke! Clarke leaning on the ropes and a sweet Chin music from Ropati Eliminates Clarke! We are down to three men! Prince Jack III, Yelich Anderson and Ropati, who’s it gonna be, who’s gonna do it, Anderson goes after Ropati first but Ropati catches him with an RKO! Ropati now calling for a sweet chin music on Anderson but before he can deliver it Jack catches Ropati with a corner enziguri! Jack now takes Ropati out of the corner, gets him on his shoulders and drops him with the One Winged Angel! Cover by Jack and Ropati is eliminated! We are down to the final 2 and it’s a fitting two at that! The only two men announced for the match, Anderson and Jack. These two met in the finals of the Heir to the throne tournament, Jack victorious that night and it looks like he might be again, Anderson back up, Jack gets him on his shoulders looking for the one winged angel but Anderson fighting out of it! Striking the head of Jack, Jack drops Anderson, Anderson grabs him from behind and drops him with a double chickenwing facebuster! Cover by Anderson but Jack up at 2! Anderson now staying on Jack, he gets him up for the Anderbomb but Jack counters it into a hurricanrana sending Anderson face first into the turnbuckle! Anderson rocked its not looking good for Anderson, Jack now going for a corner Enziguri again on Anderson but Anderson moves out of the way, Jack gets back up but Anderson from behind grabs him and Drops him with a tiger suplex! Jack on his knees! Anderson rebounds off the ropes and nails him with a sliding Lariat! Anderson now grabs Jack back up and Drops him with the Anderbomb! Cover by Anderson BUT JACK UP AT 2! ANDERSON THOUGH STAYING ON HIM, ANDERSON GETS HIM IN POSITION AND DROPS HIM WITH THE MIC CHECK! COVER BY ANDERSON AGAIN AND HE HAS DO- NO! JACK UP AT 2 AND A HALF! ANDERSON CAN’T BELIEVE IT! HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! ANDERSON GETS JACK UP FOR A SECOND MIC CHECK BUT JACK BREAKS IT AND LOCKS IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE ON ANDERSON! JACK HAS ANDERSON LOCKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, ANDERSON FADING, JACK NOW BREAKS THE TRIANGLE, HE GETS ANDERSON UP AND HE HITS HIM WITH THE ONE WINGED ANGEL! COVER BY JACK AND HE HAS D-NO! ANDERSON OUT AT 2! JACK THOUGH NOT GIVING UP, HE LEANS ANDERSON AGAINST THE ROPES, JACK NOW GOING TO ELIMINATE ANDERSON BY THROWING HIM OUT OF THE RING BUT ANDERSON WITH A BACK BODY DROP SENDS JACK ONTO THE APRON, ANDERSON TURNS AROUND AND JACK CATCHES HIM IN A ROPE HUNG TRIANGLE! JACK TRYING TO PULL HIM OUT LIKE THAT BUT ANDERSON REFUSING TO GIVE UP, ANDERSON POWERS JACK UP AND HE POWERBOMBS JACK OUT OF THE RING AND HE WINS THE GOLDRUSH MATCH! ANDERSON IS GOING TO CLASH OF THE TITANS BAYBAY! ANDERSON! EVER SINCE HIS DEBUT HE HAS COME SO CLOSE BUT HAS JUST BARELY FAILED BUT NOW HE HAS SECURED HIS SPOT IN THE MAIN EVENT OF CLASH OF THE TITANS II! ANDERSON CELEBRATING NOW AND WELL DESERVED! THE SFW FANS ARE GOING WILD FOR THIS UNDERDOG STORY! WITH THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE WILL BE CLOSING GOLDRUSH THANK ALL YOU FOR JOINING US WE WILL SEE YOU FOR SFW FRIDAY NIGHT CARNAGE BUT UNTIL THEN: SEE YA LATER BAYBAY!
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    A man driven by passion is nearly impossible to stop....
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    BPZ Powertrip Cup: June 14th 2019

    To step in the ring with a titan, someone who is seemingly undefeatable, and unstoppable, some would think that to be a losing battle. However, those that underestimate their opponent are destined to be truly surprised. Even a deity can fall from the tallest mountains, to the most unlikely of winds.
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