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    BPZ records a backstage reaction video for their social media regarding Jonathan and Sheridans comments. BrendenPlayz is interviewed for the video. "Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking". That's the real test of a tag team. Sameer and I have been through the toughest of wars and have failed. But we picked ourselves up and we fought again and won back what is rightfully ours. Now, can I say the same for Royal Flush? Well we're about to find out how much these two individuals want to pretend that they can make this team work. At the end of the day, Sheridan and Jonathan can colour code, they can wear the same shirts they can dress like eachother, they can speak like eachother, heck they can even wrestle like eachother. But we all know that this is just a means to an end for them. This is just a step in their overall goal and that is to be singles stars. They don't care about this division. They weren't here when this division was on its last breath. Where we they? Gone from the company. On hiatus, not a care in the world about this place. Where was I? Lacing up my boots again with my brother Sameer and going to war. We have been down this path for 6 months plus and we have showed that these tag team championships deserve the spotlight it has been given. I don't just say that I love these titles, I truly mean it. Yes, I recently talked about the fact that this could be my last ride. I wanted everyone to know that because this isn't a game to me. This isn't about gaining credibility or moving up the power rankings. This is about being the best team in the world and representing this company the way it should. After our battle, I do respect Sheridan and I've always respected Jonathan. But I know, once this over and The Big Ballers retain, that Sheridan and Jonathan will never be seen together again. It's just how it works around here. I hope I'm wrong, but coming out to the ring making a fool out of yourselves pretending to be an evil villianous group that was known for making mistake after mistake on their failed atempt at world domination, isn't exactly the best idea. Much like Team Rocket, the hero will always win in this scenario. You may knock us down, but we will get back up. The Big Ballers have been tested, we have been hurt. But we are ready to get back up and fight again. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are the real deal. This is the realest team you will ever see. Sameer isn't cashing in that briefcase because we have these titles to defend. His focus is on the prize at hand and my focus is on making sure that I do everything in my power to kick Royal Flush's ass. BrendenPlayz raises the tag team championship belt in the air and gives a smirk to the camera. We'll be seeing you two soon. I hope you play your cards right, because you're going to need a Royal Flush to beat us. The video ends.
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    The Powertrip Cup Pay Per View is coming closer and closer as the final are taking place. Last week, we saw a war of words between the two men who will take part in the Main Event of show, with the Undisputed Championship on the line. The encounter was abruptly ended when Julius came out to lay out Flynn, who was heading towards the backstage area, before pointing at Bart’s Undisputed Championship. Now, the Undisputed Champion is back on BPZ television for a final time before the PTC ppv to give his final thoughts heading into the event. He walks to the ring with a smirk on his face. I am so sorry Flynn. I am so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your victory in the 6 way the day after the Royal Rumble. The PPV where I wrestled in two matches. While you were only wrestling for a total of 3 seconds, I had wrestled for a total of over an hour. The day after, when I was outside of the ring, you were able to defeat the men who I had cut into pieces the day prior. I thought that a 5 time World Champion wouldn’t think highly of an accomplishment like that, but I was wrong. You seemingly love it. You are so proud that you managed to defeat me that you look past the obvious fact that the way how makes it mean NOTHING. You know what does make it matter Flynn? It matters when you are the one who is being defeated. When you are one taking the fall, when you are the reason for the other ending up with the victory. Now of course, that wouldn’t happen to you, especially not against a paper champion like me, right? On the titantron in the arena, a video begins to play highlighting the Survivor Series match between the Kingdom and Evolution. We hear the commentator shout “Bart with the cover on Flynn, 1,2,3! The Kingdom have won!!”. Now Flynn, is this why you are so angry? Is this why you constantly can’t stop talking about me? I get it, it’s never fun to lose. Especially when you are a multiple time World Champion, but the sad reality for you is, that there are now guys who are better than you. I know you don’t want to hear it, I know you will always refuse to believe it, but at the PTC Finals, you will once again be shown that the statement is completely correct. It is up to you whether or not you want to believe it, but denying it won’t bring you any further. Saying you are coming up with new strategies while I catch you saying the same thing over and over again will only make you more delusional, but trust me, it won’t help you win a match. Maybe against your previous opponents, but you ever faced off one vs one against some like me. I have not been relaxing since you were laid out by Julius, Flynn. I have been scouting you, watching your matches. As I told you before, I am not a man who is led by pride or arrogance, but rather by efficiency. I am sure you are confident that your weaknesses won’t have been discovered, but you couldn’t be further from the truth with that assessment. You will be surprised when we step in the ring Flynn. You will think that you have it all worked out with a self-proclaimed masterplan. Then when the bell rings, the only emotion that you will feel is regret. So much of it. Tears will drop down from your eyes once you realise that you have lost your opportunity to become Undisputed Champion, and with that, the last bit of hope that you had that you could turn your career back around. What a sad story, with only yourself to blame. All of this could have been prevented Flynn, I hope you know that. See You Soon, Flynn.
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    Crazy How Things Can Change.

    Sameer is seen backstage getting prepared for his match vs Royal Flush tonight as a reporter for ESPN 'Amanda' asks for an interview. At first, Sameer doesn't seem too interested in the interview but He sees that the reporter really wants to get this interview with him and accepts a quick interview before his match. Amanda: ESPN we are live @ The BrendenPlayz Powercup Finals. I am here with BrendenPlayz SuperStar current reigning Tag Team Champion and Mr. Money In The Bank Sameer! Glad to have you here. Sameer: I am glad to be here being interviewed by you. Thanks for the great introduction. Amanda: You're Welcome, let's get down to some questions shall we? Sameer: Go Ahead and fire some question at me Amanda: Almost 7 months ago You and BrendenPlayz decided to Team Up. I want to know what was the idea of doing that and how has it help you stand where you are today? Sameer: Well there was no idea with it. I was slowly put down the card. Underappreciated by management and overlooked. When Brenden came up to me with the idea to team up and accepted because what did I have to lose at the time? Nothing at All. Teaming with him has been one of the most fun times I have had in this company since I entered it back in 2014. I can truly say that he is a brother to me and one of the best friends I have had in this business or just in general. The past 7 months have been great just driving on the road with him defending the tag team championships and It has helped me stand back up here today as one of the very best this company has been. If you told someone about 8-9 months ago that I was gonna be in the position I am today nobody would believe it. Amanda: Your next championship defense is coming up soon, What are your thoughts on "Royal Flush" as a team? Sameer: I think that they are very talented maybe we underestimated them a little bit the last time we faced off but I can tell you this time Brenden and I are very focused on this match. Jonathan is a Hall of Famer, World Champ and much more. Sheridan is trying to prove that she belongs here and that is a mindset for greatness. We know how talented they are in the ring. They do have chemistry together. But people seem to forget that Me and Brenden have known each other for years now. When we are at our best it is dangerous and I don't know what the outcome will be but I can tell you it is going to be a hell of a match, That you aren't gonna want to miss Amanda: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview Sameer, Good luck on your title defense tonight. I'll be out there rooting for you two. Sameer: Thank you, Amanda I'll see you later out in the arena tonight Sameer exits the room where the interview was taking place and gets prepared for his match later on tonight
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    A Formal Apology

    We open Carnage up to a roaring crowd just days away from the Power Trip Cup where we will see a host of top bouts ranging from the returning Monda, to the Cup Finals and a heated Undisputed Championship match between Bart and Flynn. Flynn steps out onto the stage, no music, no graphics. He stares at the thousands in attendance before marching down to the ring, waisting little time tonight. He sports his ring trunks and a “Flynn Lives” T-Shirt. He rolls into the ring before removing a microphone from his boot, speaking with a low deep tone. Tonight, you will not here from “The King” Flynn, but the man. For years now I’ve made BPZ my home. I’ve given this company everything I have and I’ve attempted to make changes for the better. I have crafted a legendary career and it is no doubt that my resume speaks for itself. I have faced and defeated nearly everyone I’ve ever stepped into this ring with. However it would be a lie if I was to say that I did it all for the fans. I am an extremely selfish individual and this is something I own up to. Coming from the man, I do apologize for my past sins. I do hope you take my apology sincerely. It will only make taking in what happens this weekend so much easier for you all. Because when I step into this ring with Bart, I’m going to yet again do what I am needed to do, for the better of BPZ. Because while I have been selfish, what I’m going to do to Bart, I dedicate to my mission going forward of saving this company from the sad and pathetic wrestlers that seemingly plague it. I’m going to take that Undisputed Championship, and I’m going to hold it for a long, long time. I’m going to do so by humbling him. I’m going to beat some respect into him and then when he truly understands who I am, who the MAN FLYNN IS, I’m going to put him down. Bart your “Villain” mantle is nothing more then a cheap knock off title they gave you for marketing reasons. Everyone in this arena knows who the Villain of BPZ is, and he doesn’t need a stupid costume or to go around insulting the fans to gain such a title. I’m going to show you Bart what true evil is, and when it’s all over you will be thankful for the lessons I have taught you. All I ask of the people now, is to not pretend to be shocked after what I do to win that Undisputed Championship this weekend. I’ll see you at Power Trip Bart. Flynn drops his microphone and leaves the ring, the final message sent before the war truly begins.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Power-Trip Cup Preview Hey, hey it's me once again Big Boy Mike back in the studio and yes you have been seeing me a lot recently and if you haven't make sure to check out my previous two interviews with BPZ World Champion hopeful Bashka and an interview with a bizarre newcomer to the BPZ roster Stardog and his beautiful valet Parsley. But today we aren't here to talk interviews, we are here to speak about the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals event which is taking place in San Antonio, Texas on June 14th. There are a whopping 10 matches on the card but today because I am attracted to the number 5, we will be previewing the Top 5 matches on this stacked card. Let's get on with it shall we 5. Hardcore Havoc Nearly every person employed in the company is slated for a match at the Power-Trip Cup Finals event but none will be possible more brutal and action packed than this hardcore fatal-four-way number one contenders match for the North-American Championship. We have four of BPZ's rising stars in Hans Clayton, Bob Sparks, Alex Costa and Aaron North all vying for a shot at the North-American championship and all of them are ready to go to war. You will see blood, you will see violence and it's all going to be absolutely lovely. All of these men come into this match with some solid credentials behind them. Hans being a PTC Quarter finalist and a former NXT Champion, Bob being the current NXT Champion and a PTC Semi-Finalist, Aaron North being a PTC Quarter Finalist and finally Alex Costa being a former NXT Champion. These lads have a lot to prove and they have been given a big stage to show it 4. Making a Statement Speaking of that North-American Championship clash two of the brightest young stars in the company at the moment face off in Arius' first defence as the North-American Champion. Now this match was announced way ahead of time nearly going 2 months back to after the World At War PPV and in that time Kenji has not been featured in a single match while Arius has defended his United States title on separate occasions. That has to play into this match with Kenji being out of the ring for 2 months surely Arius has the upper hand from the get go. But as we saw from the inaugural Ladder Match for the championship and the various promos between the two, they do have charisma and they do have chemistry. The eyes of the world will be on this one as we determine who will walk out the North-American Champion 3. Déjà vu We now take a look at the final of the aforementioned Power-Trip Cup where Julius takes on BiC with the winner receiving a Undisputed Championship opportunity at either King of The Ring or Summerslam. Julius has been in dominant form throughout the tournament taking out Sir Raven in the first round then taking out Hans Clayton in a cracking contest in the second and then outlasting BPZ Hall of Famer Jonathan to make it to the finals. But there is a case to be made for BiC being even more dominant than Julius, defeating Blade in the first round then breezing past Aaron North in the second and then defeating Bob Sparks in the Semi-Final to make his final berth. Julius and BiC have met before with Julius picking up the victory to win the IC title and that will surely be in the mind of BiC. Julius brought up the notion of Déjà vu recently and the power it has, but I am sure that he himself has not forgotten his failure at this stage last year 2. No More Second Chances After the shocking double count-out finish at BPZ Mayhem in the much anticipated Tag-Team title contest between The Royal Flush and The Big Ballers, many fans were left robbed at not seeing a true winner. This time however, there will be no count outs, no draws and no DQ's as The Royal Flush and The Big Ballers meet once again for the BPZ Tag-Team Champions. Brenden and Sameer have been great as champions storming through the competition while the Royal Flush are a bit of an unknown entity. A big chance for one of these teams to rise above the pack in what could definitely be the match of the night 1. Who will be Undisputed? Bart's Undisputed Championship win at BPZ Mania IV over Necce and Echo Wilson was a crowning moment for that young man and he hasn't looked back since winning in his only other championship defence comfortably against the aforementioned Echo Wilson. But now he faced a whole new challenge when he takes on Flynn a man who held the BPZ World Championship just earlier this year. It's a big moment for these two, both of these men fighting at the top of their game but there is only room for one of them to become Undisputed
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    Lord Yautja

    TNA 2012 - The Rise of TNA

    July 1st, 2012 The New Rise of TNA? With Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan still in control of the company TNA is looking to start a new rise and Bischoff and Dixie Carter look to bring in some changes and instead of removing or getting rid of things or adding new things they're gonna bring things like the six sided ring back. Fans are apparently happy about some changes as it feels like TNA is returning back to it's old identity. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TNA World Heavyweight TNA X-Division TNA World Tag Team TNA Knockouts TNA Knockouts Tag Team TNA World Television
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    NXT UK, Thursday July 4th Hereford, England Paige: "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the Inaugural Episode of NXT UK, brought to you live from Hereford in the heartland of the UK! With so much elite talent under the WWE Umbrella, NXT has been expanded into this UK branch, where we hope to bring you the very best of British and European wrestling! I am Paige your play-by-play commentator joined by Drake Maverick here at the booth. Drake, what sort of action can we expect from tonight?" Maverick: "We've got a fantastic trifecta of matches here for the rabid fans here in attendance and your everyone watching at home. Firstly we have a tag team bout between the impulsive tandem of Wild Boar, and Primate, a team called the Hunt versus Gallus, a trio of Scottish brawlers that wish to make their mark on the wrestling scene by any mean necessary. This match is going to be a slugfest. We'll also be featuring our women's division as Xia Brookside takes on the Mysterious Isla Dawn in singles action. And, in tonight's main event, as the first round in our 8-man tourney to crown the first United Kingdom Champion, the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, will have to contend with the Bruiserweight himself, Pete Dunne! And speaking of, let's take you right to the action". Tag Team Match The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) Primate and Wild Boar make their entrance, gnashing and snarling their way to the ring, but oddly enough receiving cheers from the crowd. They're certainly strange, but let's see how they fair in the ring. The foreboding music of Gallus hits the arena as the crowd boos these vindictive Scots. Wolfgang mouths off to the crowd as Mark Coffey stares menacingly at their opposition, wary to turn his back on the Wild Boar as the bell rings to start the match. Much to Coffey's expense, Wild Boar immediately charges and levels Coffey with a shoulder block, sending him clattering down to the mat. Boar roars and shakes the ropes as he lays in a series of headbutts to the chest of Mark Coffey, who quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his bearings. Wild Boar rolls out of the ring and whips Coffey into the barricade to the crowd's delight. Coffey splutters and blindsides Boar with a straight punch to the face, before bodyslamming Boar on the mats at ringside! Primate tries to save his partner, but Coffey runs Primate into the steel steps, returning to the legal man and shoving Boar into the barricade himself. Coffey rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for a pin, but only gets a 1 count. He lays in some ground and pound onto Wild Boar, dragging him over to the Gallus corner and tagging to Wolfgang, who continues the beatdown. Wolfgang hoists Wild Boar up into a gorilla press, before slamming him back down to the mat with an unforgiving thud. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2. Primate is getting restless on the apron, pacing along it frantically and pounding the turnbuckle pad with his hand to fire up both the crowd and his tag partner. Wolfgang suplexes Boar, followed by a whip into the ropes, but he gets caught with a huge clothesline! Both men are down, their tag partners calling for the tag! and they both get it! Coffey and Primate are in! Coffey lands some punches, but Primate fights through and shoulder charges Coffey into the corner, landing a train of meaty clotheslines, followed by a ring-shaking falcons arrow for a 2 count. Primate fires up, calling for his spear finisher! But no! Wolfgang is back in the ring, he's just levelled Primate with a chop block from behind! And it looks like Wolfgang has beatdown Wild Boar at ringside, what dastardly tactics are these! Wolfgang goes back to his corner as Coffey tags him in. Gallus then proceed to double team the downed Primate. Mark Coffey rebounds off the ropes and hits the Crowning Glory! His huge sliding Forearm Smash! Primate is out and prone on the mat. Wolfgang scales the turnbuckle and lands his High-Angle Senton Bomb, he calls it The Howling! Wolfgang goes for the cover!...1....2...3! Gallus are victorious, despite their devious ways. Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) def. The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) in 8:42 via pinfall with The Howling to Primate Paige: "A strong victory for Gallus on the first episode of NXT UK. I may not agree with their tactics, but it's netted them results". Maverick: "Exactly! When you have such a spotlight, you need to use all the tricks in the book to ensure you get the win. With this victory, Gallus could very well be in line to compete for the Inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Championships. I don't see why they wouldn't after a victory like that". After the teams leave the ring, the arena goes dark as the titantron displays a hype package for a large and imposing wrestler from Austria. He wears a long black trench coat with white trim, the words "Ring General" embroidered on the back. His face is obscured in shadow, with the thunderous images of devastating chops and powerbombs being delivered by this behemoth flashing on the screen. This man is then flanked by two other men, one tall and leaner, the other shorter, bald, and stockier. As the video package comes to an end, the camera focuses on the three men as two simple sentences is uttered. "Our Ring. The Mat is Sacred" The screen goes black as the words "BARTHEL. WALTER. AICHNER. IMPERIUM. COMING SOON" appear on the titantron before the lights return, the crowd murmuring in a mixture of excitement and confusion. Maverick: "Hahaha yes! It looks like we're finally going to get some authority around here! Imperium cut such an imposing visage, I can't wait to see WALTER in action! And you can see him in his in-ring debut next week in the UK Championship tournament as he takes on Mr. Charisma himself, Trent Seven". Paige: "Yes, that's certainly a match you won't want to miss. Meanwhile let's check in with Radzi backstage as he has some words from the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin". We cut to NXT UK's backstage interviewer Radzi as he approaches Jordan Devlin while he is exiting the arena. Radzi: "Jordan! If you please! Just a moment! Do you have any comments about your upcoming match in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. You will be going head to head with the Beast of Belfast, Killian Dain, in two weeks time. Surely going up against a man of such size is going to be a challenge". Devlin: "That's really the question you ask me? Taking up the precious and valuable time of the Irish Ace with boring, robot questions like that? Dain isn't going to be a problem, do you know why? Because I am the very best on this brand, I am the future of this industry. Dain is big, well done, does he want a medal? I'll beat him by any means because he is a dumb, hairy blob of a man who thinks he's a bigshot around here. I'm only one who can say that they're the real deal in NXT UK. Killian Dain is in my way to the UK Title. Got that, Radzi? Once I'm champion, have some stronger questions for me, otherwise I'll have you shipped off to day time TV". Devlin scowls at Radzi before strolling through the door, exiting the arena, leaving Radzi high and dry as we cut back to the ring. Singles Match Xia Brookside vs. Isla Dawn The crowd get to their feet for the bubbly music of Xia Brookside, one of the youngest members of the roster, and with some huge potential behind her. Followed by the ominous Isla Dawn, sauntering her way to the ring. Paige: "Here we go with the first women's division match of NXT UK up next. Drake, did you know that Xia Brookside is only 19! She has come so far in her fledging career. To think, she's already at this level now, just wait to see where she will be in 5 to 10 years". Maverick: "Absolutely, Paige, Brookside is one of the future stars of women's wrestling, she is a second-generation wrestler as well, being the daughter to british wrestling legend, Robbie Brookside. However, I take umbrage with her attitude, you can't scoot by on this bubbly, family-friendly thing. She needs to take some pointers from Isla Dawn, look at her. She has an air of mystery and flair about her, but in the ring, she is no nonsense, none of this 'clap hands with the fans' malarkey". Oddly enough, as the match starts and the bell rings, Brookside and Dawn shake hands before locking up. Some camaraderie and honour on display. Isla Dawn gains the advantage of the chain wrestling exchange and takes a side headlock, spinning into a takeover to ground Brookside, whose moveset is quite a mobile one, so Dawn taking the match to her pace is beneficial for her. Brookside tries to escape by applying a headscissors but Dawn slips out of it. Brookside is eventually able to escape by rolling Dawn over onto her shoulders for a quick pin attempt! 1...2...no, Dawn kicks out. Both women get to their feet and exchange strikes; Brookside landing knife edge chops and kicks, while Dawn lands an uppercut followed by a series of forearms. Brookside may be diminutive, but her strikes appear to be doing the trick as Dawn stumbles slightly, with Brookside's assault sending her into the corner. Brookside lands a flurry of chops to the Scot before performing a snapmare, followed by a neck snap, jumping over the seated Dawn. Brookside goes for the pin, but again, only a 2 count. As Dawn is getting to her feet, Brookside steps back to hit a big running attack, but no! Dawn gets her knee up and it connects flush on the chin of Brookside! Xia is down! Dawn smiles as she quickly capitalises by lifting up the smaller Brookside with ease, landing a snap suplex. She floats over for the cover....1....2...Brookside kicks out. Dawn lays in some painful kicks to the back of Brookside as she grimaces in pain. Dawn then lifts Brookside up over her shoulders, and connects with a big air raid crash! That has to be it! Dawn goes for the pin! 1.....2....no! Brookside kicks out again, the resiliency and perseverance of the Young Brookside on full display here. Dawn begins to look frustrated as she hits a ground and pound of forearms to a downed Brookside. She grabs Xia's arms and applies a Half Nelson hold, she's looking to hit "Call of the Quarters" her Half Nelson Suplex finisher. Xia fights and wriggles to fight against it, eventually breaking the hold and landing a spinning back kick to the gut of Isla Dawn. Xia Brookside fires up as she connects with a strong boot to the face, rebounding off the ropes and hitting another boot! Brookside runs the ropes again hopes jumps, landing a slick tilt-a-whirl headscissors on her opponent! With Dawn out on the mat, Brookside scales to the top rope, rallying support from the NXT UK Universe. She jumps in the hopes of landing a Crossbody, but Dawn suddenly hops up to her feet and catching Xia in mid air! Dawn transitions to a wheelbarrow hold, trying to apply her Half Nelson again, but no! Brookside rolls though into a victory roll! 1.....2.....3! Xia Brookside wins! Dawn is wide-eyed in disbelieve, thumping the mat in frustration, as Xia Brookside is equally surprised that she pulled out the victory tonight! But none the less, she celebrates by running around the ring, clapping hands with the fans at the barricade. As both women reach the ramp, they slowly shake hands again, with Isla Dawn raising Xia Brookside's hand, respect still intact. Xia Brookside def. Isla Dawn in 11:04 via pinfall with a Victory Roll Paige: "What a victory for Brookside! That is definitely a push in the right direction! She may not look it, but is going to be big things someday". Maverick: "Well, let's not take away from Isla Dawn, she was bested by a quick pinfall, can happen to anyone. Brookside had lady luck on her side tonight, let's see what happens on a rematch. I don't think it would end so well for Brookside. But none the less, a win is a win". Paige: "Yes it is. And in the last few minutes we've had word from NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint that next week, we will have a battle royal to decide who will face Brookside for the Inaugural NXT UK Women's Championship!" But right now, it's time, for tonight's main event". Main Event: United Kingdom Championship Tournament 1st Round Match: Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar The crowd pop loudly and raucously as the Bruiserweight makes his entrance, walking to the ring with his rugged swagger. Even for a man of 25, he has seen enough battles and scraps for a man double his age, a battle hardened student of the game. The Scottish Supernova comes out next to a mix of boos and cheers, and looking to be in the best shape of his career. His usual actions in the ring are deplorable, but his innate charisma seems to win some fans over despite it. Maverick: "This is it, I've been waiting for this match for a long time. Two immensely talented men with years ahead of them in the ring, and both of them love to break bones! What's not to love?! haha" The bell rings and both men lock up with a collar and elbow tie up, the crowd already at a fewer pitch. Dunne gets the slight power advantage, pushing Dar to the corner. The ref calls for the break as Dunne slowly backs away. But suddenly, Dar tries to blindside Dunne with a rake to the eyes, but no! Dunne is keen to Noam's tricks, grabbing Dar's hand before it connects. The crowd cheer as Dunne motions to break his opponent's fingers! Dar just manages to escape by kicking the brawler from Birmingham in the knee, sending him down to the mat. Dar lays in a spirited and vicious chain of stomps to Dunne's leg, quickly grabbing a hold of it, stretching and contorting the knee. Bending the knee and ankle like a sick surgeon, Dunne scowls and groans at the pain, making his way to the ropes, finding respite on the apron....or so he thinks. Because the Scottish Supernova smirks and forcefully lands a shoot kick to Dunne's leg, sending him rolling down to the mats a ringside. Noam chuckles to himself and taunts the crowd, gesturing for them to be quiet as he dismantles his opponent. Dar rolls out to join his opponent, whipping the dazed Dunne into the announce table, before sadistically grinding the Bruiserweight's face long the surface. He kicks and stomps away at Dunne's leg some more, moving them over to the ring steps. Dar, the twisted individual that he is tries to wedge Dunne's leg between the ring and the steps, that could break his leg! Thankfully, Dunne manages to escape as Dar flies to dropkick the steps, taking himself out in the process. The audience cheer and chant "Bruiser-weight! Bruiser-weight!" as Pete Dunne rallies. The Bruiserweight whips Dar into the steps, into the barricade and the ring post. Then he grabs Noam Dar by the nose!! Dar squirms as his nasal groans are heard while Dunne hit him with slaps and forearms, all with his vice-like grip on the Scotsman's nose. Dunne exhales in his usual calm demeanour as he rolls his opponent back into the ring, laying in a brutal stomp to Dar's hand, this time able to break the fingers with an audible crack, and gasp from the audience. Favouring his knee, Dunne doesn't let up as he continues to stomp down onto Dar with his other foot, targeting his head and arm. As Dar scrambles to the corner, the barrage continues as Dunne stomps a mudhole. Pete Dunne pulls up Dar by the hands into a greco-roman knuckle lock and lifts him over with a wrist-clutch suplex, with the bridge! 1...2...no, Noam Dar kicks out, but the knuckle lock is maintained. Both men battle in this test of strength while still on their backs. Dunne's shoulders hit the mat...1...2...shoulder up. Now Dar's shoulder's are down! 1...2...shoulder up. Now both men are holding each other down for a double pinfall! 1....2....both men kick up by balancing on their heads, all while maintaining the knuckle lock. Dar rolls over to his knees and gains the advantage because Dunne is still favouring his leg. Noam breaks the knuckle lock by using his legs for leverage, morphing the hold like a snake to Dunne's leg, he's working to apply the Champagne SuperKneeBar, one of his finishing holds! Dunne tries to fight towards the ropes, but Dar gets the better of it, the Kneebar is locked in! Will the Bruiserweight tap! Dunne is straining and crawling and wailing in pain, trying to make his way to the ropes, but Dar drags him back into the middle of the ring. However, in the transition, Dunne is just able to escape the hold, trying to lift up Dar for the X-Plex, but Dar counters into a small package! 1....2....No! Dunne kicks out! Both men jump to their feet on instinct, Dunne is limping on his one good leg, throwing a vicious right hook to the Scottish Supernova, but Dar kicks Dunne's leg again, getting the advantage once again. Dar hooks the bad leg of the Bruiserweight and connects with a huge Fisherman's Suplex! But know, fighting through the pain, Dunne suddenly locks in a Kimura Lock!! He seems a little groggy from the suplex, but isn't releasing the hold! Dar is screaming in pain! Dar tries to stand, gaining a vertical base, but Dunne quickly hooks the other arm and lands a massive Butterfly Suplex!! The crowd go wild as both men are down. Dar clutching at his damaged arm, while Dunne tries to get some feeling back into his leg. Dunne goes for a pinfall! 1...2...Dar kicks out! The Bruiserweight swiftly moves and locks in another Kimura Lock, refusing to relent against Dar. As Noam tries to escape, Dunne quickly transitions into a Triangle choke!!! Dar is fading! But how long can Dunne keep the hold on! Wrenching away at Dar's injured arm while applying the dangerous blood choke, Dar's eyes begin to roll into his skull! Aaaanndd that's it, Noam Dar has no choice but to tap! Pete Dunne wins! Pete Dunne shakily gets to his feet and celebrates with the referee raising his hand in victory. Dunne favours his leg in a hard fought victory, advancing in the tournament. Pete Dunne def. Noam Dar in 16:21 via submission with a Triangle Choke Paige: "What an impressive submission victory for the Bruiserweight tonight, a real showcase of classic british wrestling. Noam Dar put up a strong showing, but Pete Dunne prevails. With a submission victory like that, Pete Dunne could be a strong contender against a lot of the larger competitors in the tournament". Maverick: "It was indeed a decisive win for Dunne tonight, but that match with Dar seems to have made it's mark, Dunne is favouring his left leg, I wonder how that will affect him as he runs deeper into this tournament". Paige: "Anyway that's all we have time for tonight, thank you so much for watching this inaugural episode of NXT UK! Be sure to join us next week as we see a women's battle royal with championship contention implications, as well as the much-anticipated in-ring debut of the Ring General, WALTER as he takes on Trent Seven in the United Kingdom Championship tournament. We'll see you next week".
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    The year was 1878, the setting was deep in the mid west of what was America at this point, outlaws roaming the fields, gangs fighting for what they believe in, but also a small town called Blackwater. A small organization called the "Pinkertons" were the law in that town, but some people didn't care. People are walking around, middle class civilizans and even the homeless people too. Then suddenly, a young boy is seen running through the streets, followed by a group of men, yelling at the boy. "Stop boy!" The young boy continues to run before dipping into a alley way. He runs down the alley only to see it's a dead end. He turns to leave but sees the men surrounding him. They all pull out their revolvers and aims at the boy. Male 1: "End of the line boy. Also end of your life." Boy: "No… please." Suddenly a bang comes from a gun and the boy closes his eyes. He then open them and sees he wasn't hit. He looks up and sees the person in the middle bleeding and falls to the ground. The two men remaining turn around and catches two bullets themselves. The savior puts his gun back into his holster and approaches the boy. ?: "What's your name son?" Arthur: "Arthur…. Arthur Morgan." ?: "My name is Dutch Van Der Linde. How about you come with me son?" Dutch then offered his hand to Arthur, who looked on terrified. Normally he doesn't trust people, but since Dutch just saved him, he decided to give it a try and he grabbed his hand. Dutch helped Arthur out of the alley way and placed him on his horse. Dutch got on and rode away from the crime scene. Dutch: "Don't worry son. Everything will be alright." [So I decided to give a try at a Red Dead Redemption diary. Hopefully y'all enjoy and thanks for reading.]
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    Summer Of Punk: The Rise Of The Voice

    WrestleMania 28: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho: WWE Championship The main event of WWE WrestleMania 28. Trying to compare to Triple H vs Undertaker in Hell In A Cell End Of A Era then John Cena vs The Rock in Once In A Life Time Will be difficult, but these two end up putting on the best wrestling match of the night. After 28:10, CM Punk hit the GTS into Anaconda Vice combination to make Punk tap out. After their match up, Chris Jericho made this even more personal. He invited Punk to the ring and he apologized to Punk. The two then shake hands but Jericho hit Pink with a Codebreaker. He then pulls handcuffs from his pocket and handcuffs Punk to the ropes. Chris looks on the outside and exits the ring before dragging Punk's father over the barricade and locking in the Walls Of Jericho as Punk watches on screaming at Jericho. Over the next few weeks, CM Punk has called out Chris Jericho but Jericho only showed up on the titantron, angering Punk more. The stages were set for a rematch. Extreme Rules. Chicago Street Fight. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.
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    Intro Hulk Hogan's Speech The show opens up with the new World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan who defeated Ric Flair at Bash At The Beach, everyone is very happy and excited to see Hulk Hogan once again become champion, he gets the microphone and tells his HulkaManiacs that he thanks them for supporting him all these years and hopefully he will have a great reign as champion, he is interrupted by Ric Flair who tells Hogan he has a rematch clause for the World Title at Clash of The Champions, Ric tells Hogan that he can beat him and he'll make sure of it. WCW Television Championship: Lord Steven Regal vs Paul Levesque We begin the first match of the card as Lord Steven Regal takes on Paul Levesque for the WCW Television Championship, this match lasted 10 mins as both men gave it their all as Regal used his technical style to slow down the stronger Paul as he sometimes got the best of Regal, however Regal was able to win due to using the brass knuckles from the Ref being distracted to get the win. Steve Austin Wants A Challenge In an interview with the US Champion Steve Austin, he tells everyone that he wants a challenge for his US Championship and he only wants the best of the best to face him for his title just to prove that he is one of the best talents on the roster, so next week will a number one contenders match for the US title. Harlem Heat vs Nasty Boys This match is a number one contenders match for the Tag Team Championships as Harlem Heat takes on the Nasty Boys, this match last 15 mins as Harlem Heat got the victory over The Nasty Boys, after the match Pretty Wonderful attacks Harlem Heat from behind, showing that they weren't messing around and that they own the Tag Team Division. Hype Promo For Vader BIG VAN VADER COMING SOON TO WCW! Ric Flair vs DDP This match was the best match of the card as both men gave it their all in this match. This match lasted 25 mins as there were plenty of reversals, signatures and Finishers being hit on one another one, however it was Ric Flair who won with the Figure 4 Leglock, Flair goes to the camera and tell it "You Like That Hogan? THAT WHAT I'M GONNA DO TO YOU AT CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS." {The show ends}
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    WWF Monday Night RAW - July 04, 1994 Tonight's show kicks off with the new Monday Night RAW Intro. After the intro we are welcomed to Monday Night RAW by the familiar voices of Randy Savage and Jim Ross who are standing at ringside and talking about some of the action coming up tonight before making their way to the announcers desk. Owen Hart makes things clear to his brother. Tonight's show starts with Owen Hart in the ring he has a microphone in his hand and something is clearly on his mind. He starts talking and tells Bret that he has three options and those are to face him tonight, at In Your House or at Summerslam and then Owen tells Bret that there's no way out of this title match because it's bound to happen due to the contract that these both men signed after King of The Ring. Owen tells Bret that if he wants to see what he's going up against he should watch Owen's match tonight against Lex Luger. The promo ends as Owen drops the mic and walks to the back. The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy In a decent match to open the show The Underfaker defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall after a Chokeslam. This Undertaker felt a lot like the real one but some of his mannerisms aren't really the same and he could barely sit up after being taken down. This can't be the real Undertaker and even the fans know it. This match leaves the fans pondering if this really is The Undertaker. Frank Drebin searches for The Undertaker. The cameras suddenly cut to a graveyard where we see Detective Frank Drebin who is searching for The Undertaker. Drebin runs into Paul Bearer and questions Bearer about what he's doing there so late at night. Bearer tells him that Drebin asked Paul to come with him but Drebin doesn't believe Paul and instead takes Paul into police custody. RAW heads to commercial break as the police van with Paul Bearer drives off. Adam Bomb vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte In a decent match to hype the crowd, Adam Bomb defeated Jean Pierre Lafitte after a distraction from Jacques Rougeau. Jacques got some revenge after Pierre's betrayal and Adam Bomb scored a major win over Jean Pierre Lafitte. Ted Dibiase interview. The match is over and the titantron shows Ted Dibiase at the interview podium with Vince McMahon. McMahon asks him about Tatanka and Dibiase says: "Oh McMahon, i've said this multiple times and i thought you would understand it by now, but i'm gonna say it anyway... EVERYBODY'S GOT A PRICE for the million dollar man. I don't care if he's a native american, a hobo or a dumpster man if he works for me i'm fine with it." Dibiase leaves and McMahon thanks him for his time. Lex Luger vs. Owen Hart In a great match Owen Hart defeated Lex Luger in 15 minutes after a low blow and a roll up to Lex Luger when the ref was distracted. Owen Hart gains some momentum by defeating Lex Luger. Bret Hart was at ringside for this match and he doesn't look happy. Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart attack and beat up Bret Hart. The match is over and Owen Hart goes out ringside and confronts Bret. The two start brawling and Neidhart rushes to the aid of Owen as Bret starts to gain the advantage. Bret manages to fight the two of them off but Owen manages to hit Bret with a chair as he tries to leave and Neidhart and Owen starts kicking him and stomping him. They throw Bret inside the ring where Owen locks in the Sharpshooter on Bret and Neidhart keeps stomping Bret's head. Blood starts pouring out of Bret's head and suddenly he is knocked out but Owen doesn't release the hold. WWF wrestlers rush to the ring and manage to fight off Owen and Jim, one of them calls and ambulance and RAW ends as Bret is put in the ambulance on a stretcher.
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    Sheridan stares off into the distance, one hand laced with Jonathan's and the other running over her recent dyed pink hair. Her Team Rocket attire sits loosely on her frame with black boots running against the curve of her thigh. Slowly turning her face to gaze out into the world past the Royal Flush manor garden, she brings her hand away from her tag team partner's and invites the cameraman to walk alongside her. "You know, in spite of our mission statement and the clothes I am fit in, even with how wicked we seem when stood across from the most popular duo in the wrestling industry today, Royal Flush are not the villains of this fantasy. Yes we pushed our opposition to retain their championships in a somewhat tainted manner and Jonathan will always hold the nostalgia of being a stone cold killer. But when you take out the bright lights and the exaggerations of this business, as a duo Jonathan and I just want to revitalise tag team wrestling, make it something that it isn't at the moment. For the first time in a very long time, journalists and insiders are paying attention to a division which has been brushed aside and left in the dark ages for far too long. As a tag team we are bringing a light to that darkness, illuminating secret treasures which wrestlers and fans alike can receive the benefits of. Just yesterday you heard Brenden, who I'll remind you is the owner of BrendenPlayz Wrestling, say that tag team wrestling is thriving and that ratings were soaring once the Big Ballers and Royal Flush met in the ring and I hate to sound narcissistic, but the change causing this, the movement creating this positive swing is the beautiful, talented dynamic that is Jonathan and I." "For too long now the Big Ballers have remained at the summit of this division. Puppeteering their own destiny through void matches and false rivalries, deflecting attention away from their crude actions, being the cause of tag team wrestling to fall into this pit. I find it ironic how Brenden speaks about his need to remain in this division when he and his tag team partner, Sameer, are the ones slowly pushing the knife further in, twisting and slicing until the division is gutted. He fails to see that change is good, necessary in most cases for something to naturally improve. Do you really want somebody so null of confidence in their future? How Brenden speaks about this potentially being his last ride, that without the Tag Team Championships his place in this company is without worth. While I am sure the majority find this warms their hearts I find it indeed selfish, how one can take hostage such beautiful championships and wave around the threat of retirement unless their utterly boring and sterile reign continues on. Childish actions from a grown man, people. Sometimes it is just time to go and when you leave this business you do so with dignity, with honour. If this is truly the end of Brenden's career which I don't doubt for a second is a lie used to generate revenue and sympathy, when I personally will be happy to take a leaf from my mentor and deliver that killing blow which knocks the old man down for good." "We may have faltered the first time, but as the clock ticks closer towards our rematch the smell of blood fills my nostrils, I can smell the weakness and the doubt enshrouding Sameer and Brenden alike. So prepare for trouble! And make it-" Pausing, she looks around to see that Jonathan is nowhere in sight. The woman must have walked at least fifteen minutes from the Royal Flush manor, vacantly sauntering along the path exiting from their garden. Her Team Rocket inspired pose quickly falls and she motions for the cameraman to shut off the camera, ending the broadcast.
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    We’re jerked away from the Carnage action as the titantron abruptly cuts to black. We navigate through wings of a home, assuredly the lavish palace of Royal Flush. As the cameraman maneuvers through a seemingly mile long wing of the house, the destination is seemingly met. It isn’t one of the bedroom doors of Sheridan or Jonathan, instead, the cameraman twists the doorknob and swings the door open, revealing a spacious field unraveled in front of us. The cameraman steps out the corridor and through the doorway, panning the camera to show the brightly lit garden of the Royal Flush Manor. He continues through, finding two vignetted figures amongst the meadow, as he approaches, he finds Jonathan and Sheridan... bickering. Jonathan is dressed in a slim navy suit, looking all business and drastically opposing Sheridan, who is cosplaying Jesse of Team Rocket. As the camera approaches, the words begin to be transmitted. Sheridan: “You said that you would dress as James and we would be Team Rocket!” Jonathan: “I told you that it was a horrific idea and I refuse to dress up as Pokémon’s perpetual losers.” Sheridan: “I recall you explicitly saying, ‘sure Sher, whatever you want’!” Jonathan: “Because you wouldn’t shut up about how cute it would be if we did it, think about the message we’re sending by dressing as losers before our chance of redemption!” The bickering stops for a moment, and Jonathan turns his head to see the camera. With a sigh, he puts his head in his hands and turns to face the cameraman, also alerting Sheridan to the cameras presence. Jonathan lifts his head, jutting his chin out and puffing his chest as he adjusts the suit, pulling down the sleeves and toying with the buttons. Sheridan narrows her Cerulean eyes, pursing her lips as she stands besides Jonathan, who starts to speak. “A show of unity. That’s what caused this comedic miscommunication. It was an attempt to show that Royal Flush remains on the same page regardless of the result of the encounter two weeks ago, that our momentum will not be undercut by one failure. I suppose that the message failed to come across as fully intended due to this situation, how could a group bickering over small details amongst themselves defeat the powerhouse of this company’s owner who’s on the warpath and Mr. Money in the Bank?” “I’d invite you to read into this situation as much you want, say that the pair of us are off kilter, no longer matching strides and doing anything to show our willingness to defeat the both of you. Brenden, Sameer, there’s no wardrobe malfunction, no illness, nothing in this world that could tear the focus to Royal Flush away from the titles fastened around your waist. Our singular focus is more binding than any thoughts on Team Rocket, were formed to take away those titles you hold so close. Our mission statement hasn’t been altered whatsoever.” Sheridan and Jonathan interlock hands, a smile creeps onto the face of Jonathan and spreads to Sheridan, Jonathan runs his free hand through his hair and speaks once more. “Underestimate our drive, underestimate our insatiable desire to become our tag team champions. And it’ll be the Big Ballers blasting off again.”
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    Karl Gunnarsson - The Icelandic Journey

    The Early Days - Lav Tísadak Dagestav Karl Ari Gunnarsson was born on the 31st of May, 1999, just one year before the new millennium. He was born in the small island country of Iceland, a country of around 300,000 people located in the North Atlantic Ocean, separated from the rest of the mainland European continent. He was the offspring of Gunnar Jónsson and Kristin Ólafsdóttir. They named him Karl, gave him the middle name Ari and he took his father’s first name and adding the suffix -sson to make up his last name Gunnarsson, as is normal with male Icelandic last names. As an only child, he and his family grew up in the tiny town of Ólafsvík. Ólafsvík is a small town on the western coast of Iceland, only consisting of about 1,000 people. It’s surrounded by a vast amount of hills and mountains, with a nice view of the ocean. Karl grew up bilingual, he spoke the national language of Icelandic and he spoke the regional language of Stólafak, which he would mainly use to communicate with his family. His school life wasn’t very eventful, the schools he went to had the same small size, due to a small population. He wasn’t a very quiet kid, but he wasn’t a loud popular kid either. He was reserved, chill and determined to perform well in class, which is what he did. Teachers commended his work and intelligence anytime his parents met with the staff at parent-teacher meetings. He found an everlasting love of languages during his school life and learned quite a lot of English and German. He was a top class student. But it was during this time where Karl Gunnarsson found a true passion, a passion that would lead him to become the figure that he is today. And all it took was flicking through channels on the television and stumbling upon……….WWE wrestling.
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    Bad Blood (2018) Promotional poster Promotion BPZ Brand(s) Carnage and Evolve Date September 20th, 2018 City Columbus, Ohio Venue Nationwide Arena Attendance 11,000 Tagline(s) Step Up Or Step Off Bad Blood (2018) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by BrendenPlayz Wrestling (BPZ). It took place on September 20, 2018, at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. It was the fourth annual Bad Blood event. The main event was Julius defeating Angelo Caito in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the BPZ Championship. The two main under card matches where the six man Hell In A Cell match for the Premium Championship, which Echo won, and Money In The Bank match, which Bailey won. Results[edit] No. Results Stipulations Times[1] 1 Marker (c) defeated CRM Singles match for the NXT Championship 3:44 2 Echo Wilson defeated Kieron (c), Hollow, Ark, Angelo Caito, and Storm Six Man Hell In A Cell for the Premium Championship 23:35 3 BrendenPlayz defeated Sameer Fortnite Battle 15:00 4 Bailey defeated Hollow, JoshNow, Bashka, and Joh Money In The Bank Ladder Match 20:20 5 Julius (c) defeated Ark and Yelich Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship 04:43 6 Bart (c) defeated JoshNow, Hollow, and Ark Fatal Four Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship 8:51 7 Julius (c) defeated Angelo Caito Falls Count Anywhere Match for the BPZ Championship 38:42
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Bulls Diary NBA Trade News The Toronto Raptors and the Utah Jazz have made a trade. The details are: Raptors receive: SF Gordon Hayward Jazz receive: Raptors 2012 1st round pick lottery protected and 2013 2nd round pick According to league sources Hayward was unhappy with his minutes coming off the bench and splitting minutes with Chandler Parsons. Many teams were interested in trading for Hayward as there phone was buzzing when the news broke. The Raptors were the ones to get the deal one though as they are developing a great young core up in Toronto built around; Kyrie Irving, Demar Derozan, and now Gordon Hayward. For the Jazz it gains them more draft capital although they are in a weird position with a star such as Deron Williams and a developing Klay Thompson the team needs to decide soon if they are going to contend for a championship now or build around Klay Thompson and look toward the future. But we are sure to find out soon what they decide to do.
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    Karl Gunnarsson - The Icelandic Journey

    Welcome to The Icelandic Journey, a deep look into the life of Karl Gunnarsson. In this diary, we will see the ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, and success and struggles this man went through to get to the top of the wrestling world. From a humble beginning in his small fishing town in Iceland, a risky move away from home, a beginning of a childhood dream and an unexpected career change, we will see how the man later known as the "Icelandic Ace" made himself known to people across the globe. Join us, as we go on The Icelandic Journey. ComingSoon
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    [ROH] Honor Rising

    Sunday, Week 3, 2020 Location: PA PPL Center (Tri State) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, Teddy Hart defeated Brody King in 14:02 by pinfall with a Corkscrew Senton. Teddy Hart makes defence number 11 of his ROH World Television title. RATING: 72 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After retaining his Television title, Teddy Hart is blindsided by a man in a hoodie. The man removes his hood and it's revealed to be a debuting Brodie Lee! He picks up the TV title, admires it, and walks off with Hart's title. RATING: 70 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video from earlier in the day with Daniel Cormier arriving to the arena. He will be addressing the crowd later tonight. RATING: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Japanese Rain Clouds defeated BFF's in 15:45 when Mayu Iwatani defeated Jessie McKay by pinfall with a Diving Double Foot Stomp. RATING: 53 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Mayu & Maya picked up the victory, a graphic is shown displaying at ROH Anniversary show, we will get Mayu vs Maya vs Tenille for the ROH Women's of Honor championship. RATING: 60 C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "About a month ago, I made what was probably the biggest signing in ROH History. I brought the great Jon Moxley on board. But, as soon as the ink was put to paper, that bastard stabbed me in the back. Moxley, I am suspending you INDEFINITELY! Here in One month, you will be summoned to ROH Head Quarters where you can appeal your suspension. If you are caught on ROH premises before that hearing... YOU'RE FIRED!!!" RATING: 91 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jay Lethal comes out to the ring, and issues an open challenge. He is tired of Devitt ducking his challenge and needs to let off some steam. RATING: 70 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, Jay Lethal defeated Matt Taven in 10:46 by pinfall with a Lethal Combination. RATING: 55 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Lethal picked up the victory, we see him get that crazed look in his eyes he got on Last weeks episode of ROH TV. He then begins laying into Matt Taven. ROH Officials quickly hit the ring, and pull him off Taven. It is clear that Devitt has gotten into Lethal's mind, and he will stop at nothing to get that match. RATING: 50 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had good wrestling but didn't have much heat, Motor City Machine Guns defeated RINGKAMPF and The Briscoes in 22:09; the order of elimination was RINGKAMPF first, and then The Briscoes. During the match we also saw Dawson distract Jay Briscoe, and Wilder also distract Mark Briscoe. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley win the ROH Tag Wars Tournament titles. RATING: 71 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After costing The Briscoes the Tag Wars title, we see The Revival beating them down two PPV's in a row. After nailing Jay with a Shatter Machine, they say they will see The Briscoes at ROH Anniversary Show next month. RATING: 45 D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video package recapping their classic match at Final Battle. It then comes to the title celebration where Moxley hit Death Rider on Aries. With Moxley being banned from the arena, will Titus be able to regain his championship, or will Aries reign continue? RATING: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus in 22:42 by submission with a Last Chancery. Austin Aries makes defence number 1 of his ROH World title. RATING: 82 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Aries won the match, the lights faded to black. When they came back on, he was face to face with Fergal Devitt. Devitt looks down at the ROH World Championship, and the show fades to black with the two in a staredown. RATING: 88 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 82 B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hans Graphics

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    BPZ 2019 Music League

    After waiting and messaging guys to send me their songs and they didn't, they've been DQed from this round. Here's the playlist.
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    Champions League - Literally

    WEEK ONE & TWO The first two weeks of the Champions League is over. The league is underway, some good games and some shocking results. But here is what happened: WEEK ONE Lyon 0-0 Ajax A nil nil draw to open the tournament. In a game dominated by Ajax. Neres, Schone and De Jong all had chances, but the best for them fell to substitute Dolberg. Who rose and met a ball from Tadic but headed slightly wide. The best chance in the game though fell for Lyon, as after De Ligt came off with a slight injury, their defence crumbled. A scramble in the box lead to a loose ball that fell to Fekir, who struck the post! PSG 1-1 Tottenham And the first goal of the Champions League goes to… PSG. Cavani to be exact, scoring a first time finish off the back of a through ball from Dani Alves. Tottenham quickly equalised through a neat finish from Son. And in a half dominated by Tottenham, the teams went into half time 1-1. PSG dominated the second, but the score never changed. Valencia 0-0 Chelsea A third straight draw to open the season. Chelsea dominated with both Willian and Higuain hitting the crossbar. The first half was dull but the second was much better. Atletico Madrid 1-0 Dortmund The first win for a team in the tournament in a one goal game. And it was Griezmann who got the one goal as well, as he scored the rebound from a shot of his own that hit the crossbar. Dortmund tried to get back into it in the second half, but Atletico defended well, preventing any major attacks. Roma 1-2 Juventus It was a tight game between two of the four qualified Italian sides, with Roma taking the lead early on due to a nice finish from Edin Dzeko. However, the early goal only seemed to wake up Juventus, who got 2 in 10 minutes from Matuidi and Dybala to give themselves the lead. A third from Ronaldo was disallowed for offside just before the half time break. After half time, Juventus defended well, their only attack being a run from Bentancur through the entire Roma team, he looked as if he was brought down at the end but no penalty was given. Roma were stuck to longshots, apart from one late chance, a Cengiz Under cross was flicked on by Dzeko at the front post. El Sharawaay came sliding in but just couldn’t get to the ball. Full time, Juventus win. Napoli 0-3 Bayern Munich It was actually the Italian side that went through qualifying prior to this game that dominated to begin with. The first half being almost completely theirs. Insigne hit the crossbar with a tough tap in from a tight angle, just before Mertens forced a great save out of Neuer. In the second half it was all Bayern though, James forced 2 amazing saves from Meret. And Coman gave Bayern the lead with a tough finish after a good pass from Muller. Late on there was controversy surrounding the second, Koulibaly was seemingly tripped by James. The referee gave nothing, as the defender fell he inadvertently knocked the ball away from Meret who had dived to collect the ball. Lewandowski was in the right place to make it 2-0. The third was also from the Polish striker, but this one was nicer. He won the ball from kick off, took a touch and smashed one from the edge of the box straight past Meret and into the back of the net. Bayern win. Schalke 1-0 Real Madrid The first shock of the Champions League, Real Madrid dominated with chance after chance. But it was Schalke who scored the only goal. A cross headed into the back of the net by Steven Skrzybski. What a win for Schalke. Inter Milan 1-2 Manchester City City opened the scoring early on, a scramble in the box was eventually converted by Bernardo Silva. But Icardi soon equalised with a near post header. Handanovic kept Inter Milan in the game making great save after great save. But in the 81st minute he was beaten for the second time thanks to Ilkay Gundogan. City take a 2-1 win against Inter. Porto 2-1 Manchester United And another shock, this time in favour of the only Portuguese side left in the competition. They started on the front foot, as an attack on the near side lead to a pinpoint cross being headed in by Aboubakar. Then Hector Herrera made it two in added time before half time. After half time, Luke Shaw got one back for Manchester United and they started to be on the front foot in the last twenty minutes. But it would prove to be too late, and they pick up their first loss in their first game. Barcelona 1-1 Liverpool In the final game of the gameweek the prior seasons champions made the perfect start. As Mo Salah broke in-behind the barca backline and began bearing down on Ter Stegen before passing to Mane for the simple tap in. But the lead wouldn’t last long as messi would get the wrong side of robertson, cut in past Van Dijk and send a rocket into the top corner. The rest of the game was back and forth action with little penetration. One one. WEEK TWO Manchester United 0-0 Barcelona Week two started off with probably the best nil nil draw ever. A really end to end game, both sides had 8 shots on target and possession was even. For either side to win the game would have been unfair on the losers. Sergi Roberto will get praise from Barcelona fans after his goal line clearance in the 90th, as will Chris Smalling from United fans for his man of the match performance. Liverpool 1-2 Lyon A huge shock at Anfield, as Liverpool are outplayed by Lyon. Traore scored for Lyon early on. Van Dijk equalised with a header from a corner, but then 3 minutes later Fekir restored the lead for Lyon. Lyon play well defensively, scoring from 2 of their 3 shots in the game. Although the stats were in favour of Liverpool, the result wasn’t. Manchester City 1-1 Porto A surprising even game between these two sides. Man City looked on top for most of the game after a first half goal from David Silva, but they were pegged back after a late equalizer from Francisco Soares meant the points are shared. Real Madrid 2-2 Inter Milan A somewhat surprising result in this one. Icardi was immense though, scoring two in the first half to give the Italian side a 2 goal lead going into the break. They were dominating the start of the second half too, however they were unable to add any more goals to the scoreline. Then the unthinkable occurred, Gareth Bale scored one for Real Madrid, the comeback was on. And completed in the 89th as Casemiro scored after the ball broke free from a corner. Great game. Bayern 2-1 Schalke Quite an even game between these two German sides. James gave Bayern the lead with a fantastic volley early on, but Nabil Bentaleb equalised in added time. The entire second half was full of end to end action, although not many chances were created. In the end it took an 88th minute goal from Arjen Robben to split the two sides. Juventus 1-0 Napoli Juventus, coming off of a win in their first game needed to build up momentum. But their first half wasn’t amazing. They struggled against Napoli, with the first half being quite even. The goal eventually came in the second half, in the 65th minute. With Mandzukic scoring a header from a corner. Dortmund 2-0 Roma Complete dominance in this one. Roma failed to even have a shot on goal because of how well Dortmund performed. Their opening goal came 10 minutes before half time, as Gotze accelerated into the box and finished well to break the deadline. In the second Jadon Sancho made it two with a shot across the keeper. Good win for Dortmund and an amazing performance. Chelsea 0-1 Atletico Madrid Tough one to swallow for Chelsea, they dominated the game, kept Atletico to only 2 chances. But despite this, Sauls sole goal gave Atletico the win. Chelsea had chance after chance, but just weren’t able to get the goal. Much like in their game against Valencia, as Jan Oblak ends up with 8 saves in the game. Tottenham 2-1 Valencia Good result for Tottenham, good performance as well. The side representing north london dominated this match. Completely controlling the tempo in the first half, and getting their reward in a tap in by Son. However, the second half saw the resurgence of Valencia. As they had a great period of control for the first 20 minutes of the second half. And they got their reward through an equaliser by Santi Mina. However, there was still one more twist left in the tale. As a header from a Trippier cross by Harry Kane, which Neto got a hand to struck the post and snuck across the line and in to make it advantage Tottenham with 10 minutes remaining. A lead that they held onto for the lead. Ajax 0-2 PSG PSG bounce back from dropping 2 points against Tottenham. And they really did start strong. Di Maria netted inside 20 minutes and they continued to press right up until minutes before half time where Neymar made it two. However, after the break it was a completely different story. The tide had turned completely as it was now Ajax in full control. But, despite all their pressure they were not able to even get one goal back, losing 2-0. LEAGUE TABLE 1. Bayern Munich 2. Juventus 3. Atletico Madrid 4. PSG 5. Porto 6. Manchester City 7. Tottenham 8. Lyon 9. Dortmund 10. Schalke 11. Barcelona 12. Inter 13. Liverpool 14. Real Madrid 15. Valencia 16. Manchester United 17. Chelsea 18. Ajax 19. Roma 20. Napoli
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    REVOLT! Against Wrestling - 1987

    REVOLT! Wrestling will hold it's second major event named Appetite for Destruction which will see the crowning of the first women's champion, company owner Ernie Ladd step into the ring and the Heavyweight Championship defended. Appetite for Destruction Location: AZ Leo Rich Theater, Tuscon, Arizona (Mid South)
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    TLC 2011: CM Punk (c) vs The Mix vs Alberto Del Rio: Triple Threat TLC match for the WWE Championship The 21:10 minute TLC match up saw many great moments, like Punk going for a Suicide Dive with Miz whacking a steel chair at his head, Miz getting superkicked off the top rope by Del Rio through a table, and all three men climbing the ladder before the ladder fell to the side and all men tumbled to the outside. Punk wins after pushing Miz off the ladder causing him to fall into Del Rio sending them through the table and Punk grabbed the title and retained. The next night, Triple H announced the next four weeks that well have two triple threats and the final one to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Ziggler, Miz, and Del Rio win their matches before facing off in a last triple threat match, with Ziggler winning and goes to challenge Punk at the Rumble. The last week before the Rumble, Punk teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on their challengers, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry. Ziggler won the match by pinning Punk after a Zig Zag. Royal Rumble 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler: WWE Championship Great match between the two before CM Punk wins via pinfall after a GTS at 16:50 before celebrating. The winner of the Royal Rumble match, Chris Jericho the next night told CM Punk that he was added to the Elimination Chamber match because of Triple H, and that if Chris wins the WWE Championship in the Chamber match up, Punk gets Jericho's title shot at WrestleMania, to show no unfairness. Over the next few weeks we had men enter the Chamber, and the match was set, Punk, Jericho, Ziggler, Kingston, Miz, Truth. Elimination Chamber 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth: Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship Great chamber matches, one of the best ever. During the match, Punk kicked Jericho against the head and sent him flying out the Chamber and was cleared unable to finish the match. At 35 minutes, Punk forced Kofi to tap out with the Anaconda Vice and retain the Championship. The next night, after Punk defeated Ziggler in a non title match, Jericho came out and attacked Punk, hitting him with a Codebreaker before talking about Punk's sister how she is a druggie and would "do anything" for another hit. The following week Jericho then mentioned Punk's dad as a drunk, who was very violent as a drunk, and lastly mentioning his mother, who had Punk before she got married, making him a bastard. This sends Punk over the age and he beats down Christian, which injures him and takes him our till late 2013. Punk and Jericho, or The Rock and Cena? Punk faced Cena in a one on one match where their match was the main event. Punk rolled Cena up at 25:10 to gain the main event spot for Maina, but will he manage to retain his title against Jericho? Will he be the Best In The World then?
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary The year is 2011 in the NBA and the league has been flipped upside down as the Magic have somehow won the nba championship. The super teams Miami heat and Oklahoma Thunder were no match as the the Orlando Magic hold the Larry O’brien Championship Trophy has as they are the reigning NBA champions. Teams around the league are reshaping their teams resulting in lots of firings and new unknown coaches and general managers taking over as teams feel they have a chance now. As they saw a single player in Dwight Howard carry his entire team beating two super teams and winning the NBA Finals. One of these changing teams is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have fired their general manager Gar Forman even though he won NBA executive of the year. Gar he is now seeking revenge as he has joined the Atlanta Hawks. He stated “That organization (Bulls) have no idea what they are doing. They are a dysfunctional mess that I am glad I have gotten out of. They brought in some guy that was a mailroom clerk for the Orlando Magic this year. So yeah good luck Chicago as you are never going to win another title as long as I am alive and managing the Atlanta Hawks. We are going to be winning titles year in and year out as the Bulls crumble back into irrelevance.” That mailroom clerk was Bob Sparks. The Bulls were looking for any magic they could take out of Orlando and bring it to their team. So how will Bob Sparks fair as he tries to return the Bulls to its former glory days when they were lead by Michael Jordan back in the 90’s. So without further a do let’s get this story started at the 2011 NBA draft. We see Bob and his staff in the Bulls draft room watching on as the NBA Draft is about to commence as the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick. Bob: Okay guys here we go. Cavs are on the clock. It’s gotta be Kyrie Irving right he’s the best player in this draft. I don’t see how you don’t take him at one. We then see a woman begin to speak it’s Alice Jones, Bob’s financial advisor who helps him manage the salary of players and make sure he has enough money to keep things running. Alice: Yeah ever since Derrick Williams dropped out of the draft last second yesterday Kyrie has been the clear number one option. We then see the commissioner David Stern come to podium to announce the first pick on the 2011 NBA Draft. David Stern: With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Kawhi Leonard. The room is in shock as everyone though Kyrie was going to be the clear pick. Bob: Well then that changes things up a bit. I mean Leonard is good but Kyrie is clearly the better option there. We then see the Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau look at the screen shaking his head. Tom: Well it looks like Kyrie is going to end up teaming up in Minnesota with Kevin Love. That will be fun to deal with it. At least Kyrie will be in the west though. We then see David Stern come back up to podium as he announces the next pick. David Stern: With the second pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select Tristan Thompson. We see the Head Scout Hal Olson look at his notes then the screen. Hal: What is happening I didn't even have him going top 5 yet he is being taken at two. I mean the only thing I can think of is they think he is going to be the next Dwight Howard. I can’t see the Jazz up next taking Kyrie they already have Deron Williams and he has proven to be a high tier point guard in this league. So maybe the Cavs get Kyrie after all. The room waits in anticipation as David Stern announces the next pick. David Stern: With the third pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Utah Jazz select Klay Thompson. Bob sits up there as he nods in approval of the pick. Bob: That’s a good pick he’s good and they need a shooting guard badly. Kyrie is still on the board though can’t believe that. We then see David Stern walk up to the podium again. David Stern: With the 4th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Jonas Valanciunas. Bob and his staff stand in the room just laughing. Bob: They had two chances to get Kyrie Irving and they passed on him wow what is going on over there in Cleveland. We then see David Stern come to the podium again as the Toronto Raptors are on the clock. David Stern: With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select Kyrie Irving. Bob claps his hands as we see Hal cross Kyrie off the list. Hal: Well there he goes, a bit of a slide but still top five where he belongs. We then see the next 5 picks announced. As the draft has calmed down a bit. Pick 6 Wizards: Kemba Walker PG Pick 7 Kings: Jimmy Butler SG Pick 8 Pistons: Reggie Jackson PG Pick 9 Hornets: Bismack Biyombo C Pick 10 Pacers: Enes Kanter C Then we hear the phone ring as Bob answers it, it’s Luol Deng. Bob: What’s up Luol, why are you calling me in the middle of the draft. Luol: Listen Bob I have given this a lot of thought but I just don’t want to be here anymore. I can’t sit in the shadow of Derrick anymore. I just need to go somewhere and be my own man. Bob: Well Luol I can respect that thanks for letting me know just sit tight I’ll see if I can work something out. Just keep this own the down low until we get a deal to go through. Luol: Thanks man I’m sorry it had to come to this I will talk with you soon. Luol hangs up the phone as Bob is in shock. Bob: Well Luol just called me and requested a trade. So let’s see if we can work something out. Whos coming up in the draft? Tom: The Nets are up next and they need a small forward badly they were looking for one last year but never got one. Hal: Also there really is not any good small forwards for them to take in this position. Bob: So let’s call New Jersey. We see Bob call the New Jersey Nets phone line as we hear their coach Avery Johnson pick up the phone up. Avery: This is the New Jersey Nets what’s up Chicago? Bob: I heard you might be in need of a small forward. Avery: Maybe, what do you have in mind. Bob: We want your 12th pick and in exchange we will give you Luol Deng. Avery: That's a good start but I am going to need your first this year and next year if you want this number 12 pick. Bob: I can give you this years but not next years. Avery: Well then I am going to need a bit more. Bob: Okay ummm I can give you one our young guys you clearly need forwards so how about Omer Asik he’s young and still has lots of potential. Plus he is on a cheap deal. Avery: Okay just to confirm thats Luol Deng the 24th pick and Omer Asik for our 12th pick? Bob: Yes Avery that’s what I am offering. Avery: You know what screw you got yourself a deal. Pleasure doing business with you. I'll talk with you later hopefully. Avery hangs up the phone as we see David Stern walk to the podium to announce the Knicks 11th pick. David Stern: With the 11th pick the New York Knicks select Brandon Knight. We see all of Bob’s staff look at him as they are on the clock. Tom: I’m leaving this up to you, I am going to trust you on this one. Alice and Hal all shake their heads in agreement. Bob: I am going to take a walk I will make they call as I am walking. Bob then leaves the room and begin to take a walk. He looks out a window as he sees kids playing a pickup game on a court outside. He looks at one kid he is just shooting threes. He is making them he's not as big as the others but he keeps fighting. He is wearing a Karl Malone jersey number 32. Bob then makes the call as he walks back to the draft room just as David Stern is walking to the podium to make the pick. David Stern: The New Jersey Nets have traded the 12th pick to the Chicago Bulls and with the 12th pick the Chicago Bulls select Jimmer Fredette. The room is in shock as they did not except that pick. Eventually Tom breaks the silence. Tom: You believe in this kid Bob? Bob: 100 percent. He is going to be the future. Tom: Then so do I let’s go win us a title. Jimmer range baby! The group celebrates as Jimmer Fredette is the newest member of the Chicago Bulls! The group then watches the rest of the draft as they don’t have a second round pick and aren't looking to make any trades. Pick 13 Pelicans: Alec Burks SG Pick 14 Clippers: Nikola Vucevic C Pick 15 Rockets: Jeb Vernie SF Pick 16 Warriors: Julian Moss PF Pick 17 Suns: Isaiah Thomas PG Pick 18 Nuggets: Tobias Harris PF Pick 19 Celtics: Kris Longley C Pick 20 76ers: Jake Wise PG Pick 21 Grizzlies: Marshon Brooks SG Pick 22 Spurs: Albert Sherman C Pick 23 Trail Blazers: Marcus Morris SF Pick 24 Nets: Nikola Mirotic PF Pick 25 Hawks: E’twaun Moore SG Pick 26 Thunder: Kenneth Faried PF Pick 27 Heat: Iman Shumpert SG Pick 28 Lakers: Cory Joseph PG Pick 29 Mavericks: Jake Holt SG Pick 30 Magic: Markieff Morris PF [2nd Round Picks were mostly irrelevant] We see the draft end as the Chicago Bulls now look toward free agency
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    Karl Gunnarsson - The Icelandic Journey

    Defiantly an interesting diary you got going on, not many career diaries for wrestling have caught my attention but this one for sure is one to keep an eye out for. Keep it up
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    It's Tournament Time here in BPZ Wrestling. You think March Madness is good well you haven't seen anything yet. With King Of the Ring coming up soon but first we have the 2nd Powertrip Cup Tournament! Last Year Flynn took home the Cup and a Championship Match after beating Julius. This year the 2nd winner of the Cup will earn a Undisputed Championship Match at Either The King of the Ring PPV or they Can wait it out to Biggest Summer Party of the year Summerslam! The Powertrip Cup Tournament is a 16 Man Single Elimination Tournament. 16 Men have been seeded based on there success in BPZ Wrestling. But the finals aren't the only thing that will happen at the Powertrip Cup PPV. We will also See Bart defend his Undisputed Championship against Last years Cup Winner Fiynn. In what is definitely a highly anticipated match. We will also see Arius make his first North American Championship defense against no one other but Kenji who came so close himself of becoming the first ever North American Champion. The Powertrip Cup PPV will be live in San Antonio at the AT&T Center. Round 1 of the Tournament will take place May 3rd in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse New York. The Quarterfinals will take place on May 17th at the FedExFourm arena in Memphis Tennessee. And finally the Semifinals will be held on May 31st at the United Center in Chicago. Here Below is the official Powertrip cup bracket! Goodluck to all the Superstars! Dates: Round 1: May 3rd Quarterfinals: May 17 Semifinals: May 31st Finals: June 14 PPV Venue: AT&T Center San Antonio Texas Theme: TBD Match Card: Powertrip Cup Finals: Julius vs BIC Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik NA Number One Contenders Hardcore Match: Hans vs Bob vs Alex Costa vs Aaron North BPZ Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Big Ballers (C) vs Royal Flush Josh vs Sir Raven Monda vs FDS Nanovirus vs Bashka Buddy Ace vs Blade
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Interesting trade there depends on what the picks turn into to know who wins the trade. Deron Williams and Klay would be fye tho. Really enjoying how u are formatting this bob good job
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    Josh’s Football Debates

    Hello and welcome back to Football Debates. Today my question is from Alex who asks “What are your thoughts on Reals signings.” Their first signing was 60 million euro forward Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt. Luka had an amazing season, scoring as many goals as Benzema and Bale combined. The question is he has had one good season, so was he worth all the money. My answer is yes However I don’t believe Rodrygo was worth €45 million. I’ve heard people raving about him but he is yet to be proven. He’s yet to have a great season like Jovic. It’s possible he could be the next Neymar but he needed one more season to be worth this much Next two players I hadn’t heard of - Ferland Mendy and Eder Militao. I think they may have overpayed for these players also but the stats don’t lie, they’ve had incredible seasons and could easily slot into Real’s team Finally the main man Eden Hazard. I have to say €100 million. What a bargain. Hazard could’ve been pushing Neymar for me as the most expensive player ever so to see Chelsea agree to sell him for only half of that surprised me Overall I’d expect the, to spend €300 million of these players so Perez has done good business to pay €303 million. Was it a good move. Have a look at my predicted Real team for next season and tell me Navas Carvajal Militao Ramos Mendy Hazard Kroos Modric Jovic Benzema Bale Remember Guys keep sending me in questions and give me feedback on how many football debates I should answer per post. Thanks for the question @Alex Costa Tomorrow, who is the most overrated player currently playing in world football. Thanks for reading
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    Liam Star: Welcome To The Big Leagues

    June 5th, 2019. 2 days after my BPZ debut and my first time at the performance centre as a signed competitor I arrived at the performance centre and as I walked in, I began to see faces such as Arius and Kenji who are some of the top rising competitions in the company and of course, the NXT Champion, Bob, who I faced two days ago in an unsuccessful but pretty life changing match. I walk into the centre to see announcer, interviewer, commentator and trainer Josh Trenton approach me. He comes up to me and says, “Well if it isn’t the guy on the tip of everyone’s tongues, or maybe just mine. I’ve seen some great debuts in the past, most of which end in their first match being a win, but that doesn’t matter. What you showed out there is that you’re capable of making your name known and putting up and impressive performance regardless of the result and that’s a big thing. If you’re able to get people speaking about you even through a loss, that’s something special. Over the past month or so, Bob has had several local competitors come in and lose but none of them had out up a fight until you and I think that’s really why people want to see more of you. Go out there and do some drills.” I walk away with a huge smile after what I just got told and I begin to start working out when Intercontinental Champion Julius comes over to me while I’m benchpressing. He stands there with his arms folded for around a minute or two and then tells me “Try not to hurt yourself, you’re just starting to make yourself known and you wouldn’t want to get injured already. The big man doesn’t like it when new talent gets injured and he believes it’s a bad investment which I can understand. I would introduce myself but you know who I am and I know who you are. Well, keep up the good work and yeah, try not to hurt yourself.” I’d seen Julius multiple times on TV during his run as World Champion and now as Intercontinental Champion. I would go on to have several interactions like this throughout my first session in the performance centre and at the end of the day I went to my locker, grabbed my stuff and went home. It was the first day of a long journey, hopefully to the top.
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    Liam Star: Welcome To The Big Leagues

    June 3rd, Post-Mayhem Episode of Carnage, 2019. So, today was it. The big day, the day I made my debut in BPZ. BrendenPlayz Wrestling, the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and I, a boy from Sydney was going to make my debut against NXT Champion, Bob. I've been dreaming of this day ever since I began wrestling, but now it's finally coming true. I sit backstage shaking as I see people I've watched on TV for years such as The Bailey and Flynn walk around like normal people. I've made plenty of debuts elsewhere but why am I so worried now? I don't know. A producer comes up to me and lets me know that my match is coming up next. I see Bob walk up to the curtain and he looks to me holding his belt and says, "Good luck out there, kid." His theme song begins to play as reality sinks in, it's nearly my time to shine. His theme song stops, and mine begins to play. Some people in the audience know who I am, which is a huge shock to me but a pleasant surprise. I hear the words I've been wanting to hear all my days of wrestling. AND NOW, MAKING HIS BPZ DEBUT, FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA......LIAM STAR. I walk to the ring, with very little charisma as I'm too busy being struck by the reality which is that I'm making my BPZ debut! I get into the ring and I stand there, starstruck by seeing Bob and the referee rings the bell. I run at him but he hits me straight in the gut with a kick that sends me crashing back down to earth as he begins to start working away at my winded body. As he starts to become cocky and stop attacking me I hit him in the stomach which annoys him but gives me enough time to get back to my feet. I get up and go to run at him once again but he hits me with a big boot, a standard move of Bob's that the audience have become accustomed to. Bob picks me up and drags me over to the corner, where he lifts me up and hits me with a running powerslam! Bob goes for the cover on me, 1.....2..and I kick out! He begins working away on me once again to the 'ooh' and 'aah' from the audience of me being absolutely pummeled by the NXT Champion. He stands over my lifeless body and puts his foot on my chest, assuming that I won't kick out but I break the count at 2 and a half! Bob is shocked by this and picks me up once again and applies a bear hug to me! It's one of the most painful holds I've been in throughout my career and everyone believes it's all over for this match. Just as I start to fade I get a sudden gust of life which brings me enough power to hit Bob with a rush of elbows to the head, enough to make him break the hold and to leave him leaning against the corner. I notice him winded and see this opportunity to perform by signature move, THE KNEE OF GOD! Could it be? Could I really beat the NXT Champion on my debut? I drag him out of the corner and throw him onto the mat. 1........2........NO! BOB KICKS OUT! The audience begin to start rooting for me after this lively performance against the Champ. I take advantage of Bob laying on the mat and go to the top rope to perform a 450 splash but he puts his knees up, once again giving him the advantage in this match. We are now both out of breath which gives us both enough time to recover by due to his large stature, Bob hits a shoulder tackle which takes me tumbling down. He lifts me up and hits a Bob Bomb on me which takes me right out of it. He goes for the cover, 1.....2.....3! Bob beats me but it wasn't without a fight. He celebrates and while he does I roll out and begin to make my way to the back. I receive several high fives and 'good job's as I walk back to the locker room. I begin to wipe off the sweat using a towel and Mr. Playz walks into the locker room and says "Welcome to the big leagues, you did a good job out there. I think we'll be giving you another call sometime soon."
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    Three Sided Die, Three Faced Guy

    The scenary takes place inside a lightless room. No light source, no nothing from anywhere, but the sounds of laughter, crying, giggling, and pain haunts the surroundings, then the sound of a flickering comes from within the darkness before a light bulb comes on, revealing the presence of Nanovirus. He stands in an empty room, but the noises remains loud and, causing the demonic being to chuckle. "Bashka. You think that you gotten the best of me? You think that you slightly exposing the unbearable Brad in me provided the weaknesses you need to beat me, right? Wrong. You think that…. You… Think… that…." The lights start flickering, the noises get louder as Nanovirus grabs his head with his left hand. He groans as he then falls to a knee, slowly saying "No… No!" before he starts yelling "NO! I GOT THIS!" before the screen goes black. The screen then starts staticing crazy as the name Nanovirus appears on the screen before the name fades out then the name "Angelo" appears on the static before the tron goes black again. The scene now turned to a bar. People sitting around, beer or shots in their hand and a smile on their face. Laughs and giggles of joy comes the males and females inside the bar, until a loud revving noise overlaps the laughter, causing everyone to stop. People look around, looking for the source of the noise before a female screams and people start running out of the way and out of the bar, and the camera catches a clear shot of someone cutting a table with a chainsaw INSIDE the bar. He laughs and sticks his tongue out crazily as the table gets sliced in half. He laughs even louder before letting out a "WOOOOO" and sets the chainsaw down. He sees the camera and smiles. "Hello! It's Angelo Caito here! I'm going to be honest, I ain't remember shit. Last thing I remember is Christina talking all her smack to me, then darkness. Quite spooky if I can tell you. HEY TRISTAN CAN I GET A BEER?!" The bartender hears this and grabs a bottle before opening it and brings it over to Angelo. He then holds her hand out, which Angelo looks at before giving a high five to her. She shakes her hand out more. Angelo sips his beer and comes to realizing what she wants. "Oh you want a tip? Oh you want the tip of this di-" She stops Angelo before telling him she wants an money tip. He realizes now before sipping his beer again. "I do got a tip better than money. The tip is….. DEEZ NUTZ! HA GOTEM!" The bartender, clearly aggravated by Angelo's childish comments, storms off behind the bar as the cameraman sits beside Angelo. He then tells Angelo everything, from him turning into Nanovirus, attacking Christina, unretiring, and now facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and Bashka, Bailey, Josh, and Blade at Judgement Day for the World Heavyweight Championship. This leaves a blank stare on his face before shaking it off. "Well this is a surprise to me. So I'm facing Bashka? When did that couch potato return? Wait wait wait… you just said, he does movies now? You're playing? MOVIES?!?!" Now that's funny. How you gonna put a guy who can barely wrestle in a movie. How you going to put the least entertaining guy BPZ ever had and put him in a movie? What are these producers smoking man? So a rematch from 2015 huh? I remember that time period, number one contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship. And I beat that ass son! Then it took only three other guys in the match and you pinning Apex to saying "Hey look Mommy, I finally got a win over Angelo even though I didn't pin him!" Wait I brought up beating him already? For real? Damn what happened to me?" I…." Angelo then grabbed his head, it starting to pound and feel like it's beginning to drink. He looks at his beer before looking at Tristan and yells "YOU POISONED ME YOU HOOCH!" before collapsing onto the floor and then the tron going static again before "Angelo" reappears on the stage before they vanish, then the words "Brad" appears on the tron. The next scenery takes place in the BPZ arena live in Detroit, Michigan as the crowd is on their feet, excited for a action packed Carnage tonight before the lights go out. Then, a countdown on the tron starts from ten. "SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!" The crowd roars as "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour plays, the reaction getting even louder as Brad himself stands on the stage, a camera in his hand as he looks at the crowd, them on their feet as they haven't seen Brad as Brad since 2018 when he left Carnage and went to Evolve as Angelo Caito. He then walked down the ramp as the fans saw him as Nanovirus, Angelo Caito, and now Brad all within fifteen minutes. He enters the ring and then walks to the ropes and stares out into the crowd. His theme songs ends as Brad looks around at the crowd starts chanting "BRAD!" loudly and loudly before he grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. "DETROIT MICHIGAN!" The crowd cheers loudly. "And all of you are a jackass!" Those cheers quickly turns to boos as Brad smirks looks around, now the fans turned on him as he edges them on more and more with his hand movements before speaking. "Miss me assholes?!? One year gone from BPZ and now Brad is back! Wait a minute, what are you saying over there! Get over here junior and speak louder!" The bell keeper, Tory McDaniel walks over and walks up the steel steps and Brad lowers the microphone at his mouth. "Well sir you never left. You became Angelo Caito, stayed as him for a year before becoming Nanovirus earlier this year. You then retired before coming back and now you're facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgement Day. You were told this just ten minutes ago as Angelo Caito sir-" "SHUT UP YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" Brad lifts the camera up and takes a picture of the man and sends him down, watching the man walk back to the time keeper station. "You stupid idiot. Now, I have zero clue on what you're talking about. Nanovirus and Angelo Caito are dead! They haven't been here since 2017 and they are staying there! Now this assumption I'm facing Bashka, if this is true, I'm going to feed him the fist of Brad…… I'm going to knock him out maaaaaaaaan! And Bashka, after our match, you will never, and I mean EVER, be the same, again!" Brad drops the microphone and holds his arms out as the lights go out again. The titantron plays again as it shows all three men before saying "Bashka. You will Rest In Peace" before going to "Bashka,. I'm going to kick your ass" "and then ends with "Bashka, You Just Made The Wall!" as the segment ends.
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    Alex Costa

    Continental Showdown

    It's the Go-Home Show before the Powertrip Cup Finals. A lot of excitement is in the air as we see 3 titles being contested plus the finals of the PowerTrip Cup. However for Alex, only one thing is on his mind. We hear him addressing someone as he is near the curtain Alex Costa: Trust me these idiots will not see this coming man. I know you need to focus on your match this Sunday man. But I know you got it. Anyways I will talk to you later, gotta address the idiots. Alex talks with the Backstage Producer then: Hit my music Demi Gods by LabRats featuring Slim Jim begins playing signfying Alex heading towards the ring. Alex looks pretty confident before the match as he is seen smiling for the cameras Costa heads towards the ring all the while walking very confident and making Title Motions. It seems he is pretty assured of his victory this Friday. The Crowd Boos him hard as Alex enters the ring and he does his pose that he has begun to do lately. As the Music dies down, Alex begins to speak Alex Costa: In just a couple of days, me and three other crazy bastards will be envolved in what will be a War as I face the Bloody Finnish Imperfection Aaron North, The Unextraodinary Hans Clayton and the Champion of the Jobber Division Bob "Da Little Bomb" Sparkles. Crowd Boos as Alex messes up his opponents names Oh, I'm sorry did I get that wrong? My bad, my bad. You see I clearly meant to say me "The One and Only Undisputed Future of this Business", "El Ingobernable" Alex Costa face against 3 losers in a match to determine the Number One Contender for the BPZ North American Heavyweight Championship! Crowd Boos again But all joking aside, this Friday it will be a war and I hope my opponents are really ready because you see this is not your typical Wrestling Match. No, No, No. This is a freaking HARDCORE MATCH! Crowd Cheers Where anything and everything goes. I can do whatever the hell I want to my opponents and they can do it to me. So say for an instance I wanted to throw Aaron's ugly Pirate Face through a Glass Window onto a Table full of Thumbtacks from the top of the Stage. It's perfectly legal! But I am not going to do that, trust me, I know you idiots would love to see me do it but here's a newsflash for you all. Alex closes the Mic even closer I don't give a DAMN what you people think! I tried seriously to appeal to you all and what did that get me? Nowhere! You all rather cheer for a Naive and Idiotic Spot Monkey like Hans Clayton or for a miserable dumbass like Bob Sparks. But see being nice doesn't get you anywhere in this business. In this business you need to be Ruthless, you need to be Aggressive and quite frankly I had enough of talking so here is how we going to do things. Alex takes his Baseball Bat off his back One of you three idiots in the back will come out. Or maybe all of you will I don't care and I am going to smack you in the face with this Bat so these people get a Spoiler of what is going to happen this Friday. Crowd waits as Alex readies himself with the Bat for who is coming out.
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    We are live on Carnage before the lights go out in the Carnage arena. Suddenly the titantron buzzes to life and we see the hated face of JoshsNow. The crowds begin to boo as Josh smiles, and a torch suddenly shines in Josh’s face Josh: Gary that’s too bright. We don’t need a torch Gary: Sorry Josh The torch is turned off and we see the face of Josh appear once more. The crowd are chanting abuse but of course Josh can’t hear them Well, well, well. We finally heard from the Mr Raven didn’t we. And as I waited for some message that could strike fear into me, waiting for a message that would mentally gain him the advantage. I have heard that Raven was a master on the mic, but I saw straight through him Raven is a broken man. This sport can break some people and poor Raven, without a victory to his name, is clearly not cut out for him. You see Raven, you criticise my nonchalance and say I am unable to change strategy but that’s where you are wrong. I have changed my strategy many times and that has enabled me to reach the final of the inaugural Global Series, reach the semi finals of the King of the Ring tournament and win the Intercontinental Championship at BPZ Mania. It is that which has enabled me to win 4 championships in this company. What have you done kid? Nothing The fact that you have these keyboard warriors drooling over your every performance still amazes me to this day. I have watched you since the day you joined SSW Club Raven and I have to admit, at first I was impressed. But then I saw through you. You don’t have “it.” You don’t have the confidence. And I think it was shown when you first walked in with that mask to hide yourself. You lack confidence Raven So when I first met you, Toxik and Mave, I was excited at seeing your potential. Yes, I could see your issue but I knew that if you worked with me, we could get past your confidence issue. All you needed was one win and you would be a superstar But unfortunately your lack of confidence cost you. You began to doubt yourself when you didn’t get that win and you began to listen to the voices of the Internet. They said “Leave SSW Club” and you believed them. And was this a great move Raven? No, because once again you lost. And now, again, you hide behind some face paint like a coward and hide in the shadows. And at Power Trip Cup Raven all I’m going to do is pile onto that misery. And what will you do then. Go to the mask? Put face paint on? Quit? You lack balls Raven and it’s as simple as that. I have plenty. And at Power Trip Cup, you’re going to have to fight me like a man. And you’re scared of that. You see Raven Suddenly, the lights on the titantron turn on. We can see the figure of Josh but the screen is complete darkness Josh: Gary why did you turn the lights off. Gary? Gary? Unknown: Gary isn’t here And with that the lights turn back on, and we see Raven standing there, staring down with Josh, holding a baseball bat in one hand Raven: You wanted me to fight you like a man, well here I am.
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    Open discussion.

    An Interview segment is played as carnage rolls on. FDS and Monda are seen sitting in chairs, Monda dressed in a suit while FDS is dressed in casual gear with the Premium Championship slung over his shoulder. Jessica Drew: Hello BPZ Universe, The Power Trip Cup Finals are just days away and we have a stacked card coming up. The Undisputed, North American and Tag Team Championships will all be on the line in some very highly anticipated matchups and of course the tournament finals for The Power Trip Cup. The card also features what is a very bitter rivalry between Student VS Teacher as The Current Premium Champion FDS takes on Monda in a non-title match. The two competitors in the match join me tonight. Monda: Hello Ms. Drew thank you very much for having me here tonight. FDS: I’m honestly shocked you still work here Jess, jeez this company really is a sucker for blonde women. Jessica Drew: FDS’ Disrespectful comments aside, FDS this is your first match since winning the premium championship how are you feeling going into this match? Do you feel it’s more personal for you due to the identity of your opponent? FDS rolls his eyes FDS: Oh boy and Jess you still aren’t coming up with any good questions but I guess I should answer you to keep this crap going since I guess i’m getting payed for this. I’m feeling confident that I am going to beat the hell out of this patriotic idiot and no I don’t care about the fact that Monda and I happen to have a professional relationship in terms of him introducing me to the business. At the Power Trip Cup Finals I plan on beating the living hell out of you Monda and sending you back to catering where you belong, you can’t keep up with me anymore mate and I can’t wait to make you tap out in the middle of the ring. Jessica Drew: Before you respond to that Monda, FDS can you give us some details of how Monda trained you? FDS: sighs Fine. Monda trained me in the BPZ style to put it simply. He trained me in a manner similar to the BPZ performance centre however Monda did in fact teach me how to Wrestle originally but really I feel like Ryan did a lot more with me personally than he actually did but Monda loved to drill in the fact that Wrestling is about entertaining the fans which I completely disagree with and despise that mentality. The way I say Professional Wrestling is that, Pro wrestling is a competition, my job as a pro wrestler is to beat the hell out of my opponent and then win the match. The people who enjoy the sport just happen to be their to watch and I am not here to entertain these idiotic masses and Monda at Power Trip Cup I am going to teach you a few things such as how to actually win a match. Jessica Drew: Monda, how do you respond to that. The Camera zooms in on Monda as they await his response.
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    SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 23 Opening Match: Arius VS Brett Storm In the opening match of Saturday Night Battlefield, The Brawler of Strike Force took on the Artist of Pro Wrestling Arius. Arius continued to impress SFW audiences taking it to Brett Storm right out of the gate as Storm tried to attack Arius before the bell but Arius sent him into the ringpost. The two men then had an impressive brawl with Storm trying to slow down Arius but the Artist would take it to Storm dropping him multiple times before hitting him with a lifting Osaka Street Cutter. This signalled the beginning of the end when Arius would pick up Storm and drop him with The Sentence for the victory. Match 2: The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force (Overheel & Nathan Clarke) In a match that left the fans divided on who they hated more The Street Dawgs took on Strike Force’s Overheel and Nathan Clarke. The Dawgs looked to rebound from a disqualification loss on Friday Night Carnage but the unusual combination of Overheel and Clarke proved to be an effective one. Clarke and Overheel managed to hit multiple hard hitting maneuvers, utilising every single part of the ring to their advantage. At one point in the match, they took out Morales with a sidewalk slam double stomp combination onto the outside. This would leave Willow all by himself who would be dismantled by the Strike Force duo, Overheel and Clarke would put Willow away with a top rope german suplex from Clarke followed up by a corkscrew moonsault from Overheel. After the match, the tag team champions would appear and attempt to beat down The Street Dawgs only to be interrupted by Strike Force who would sneak attack them. Strike Force would then grab Bramson and drop him with the Sidewalk Slam Double foot stomp combination, then would take out Gardyner with a top rope German Suplex followed up by a Corkscrew Moonsault. Strike Force would then stand tall over the tag team champions but would not steal the championships. Match 3: Bart Johnson VS KENJI In the semi main event of the evening we got to see Bart Johnson take on the young up and comer KENJI. Johnson cemented his status as the anti-hero taking it to the more technical proficient KENJI but KENJI appeared to have the advantage after a Gaudi Bakudan but Johnson would rebound then cut KENJI off with a superkick. The two men would then exchange maneuvers with KENJI avoiding a 450 splash from Johnson then countering it into a lion tamer but Johnson would be able to escape it barely with KENJI not having it in tight enough. A similar situation would befall KENJI when he attempted the KJR but Johnson would counter it into a brainbuster onto the knee. KENJI would appear to have the match won locking in the bermuda triangle but Johnson would barely get to the ropes and the same thing would happen with Johnson locking in the cross face on KENJI with KENJI barely getting to the ropes. The match would come to an end after KENJI would counter the Butterfly DDT from Johnson into a small package defeating Johnson with the maneuver. After the match, Johnson would get on the mic and state that when KENJI first entered SFW he saw a great deal in him and he said he couldn’t think of a better man to be his new tag team partner, Johnson would offer a handshake to KENJI who would accept as the two appeared to begin their pursuit of the SFW World Tag Team Championships. Main Event, Winner enters the SFW Television Championship Match at Last shot: Aidanator VS Angelo Catio In the main event of the evening, Angelo Catio looked to get some revenge on the man who cost him the SFW World Championship as well as get an opportunity at the SFW Television Championship. Before the match even started Aidan assaulted Catio taking him out as he was making his entrance, Aidan would then throw Catio into the steel steps. Aidan would then take Catio into the ring and hit him with a DDT and attempt to finish the match quickly but Catio would kick out, Aidan would then go for a Piledriver but Catio would reverse it into an alabama slam. The two men would then go back and forth hitting each other with impact moves trying for everything they had in their arsenals. Aidan would look to hit the spear on Catio but Catio would reverse it and lock in the STFU only for Aidan to get to the ropes. The match came to an end after an impressive comeback sequence from Catio followed up by a five knuckle shuffle and then an AA for the victory. After the match, Almas came out to confront his second challenger only for Aidan to attack Catio from behind. Aidan would then hit Catio with a spike piledriver before allowing Almas to hit a Corredor De La muerte on Catio before posing with his championship over the body of Catio.
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    BPZ Hall of Fame Class of 2019

    This isn't for the TEW. This is for the forums itself.
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    "Public Mauling"

    {We are now only 4 days away from the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals and the card is absolutely stacked. We have a clash for the ages where Bart defends his Undisputed Championship against Flynn, Arius and Kenji do battle over the North-American Championship and the Big Ballers battle against the Royal Flush in a No DQ match for the BPZ Tag-Team Championships. However one other big match slated for the Power-Trip Cup Finals is the finals itself where Julius takes on BiC with a Number One Contender opportunity at the Undisputed Title up for grabs} {"Gallantry" plays throughout the arena as "The Death Machine" Julius steps out from the back and makes his way to the top of the ramp. He takes a second to survey the area before taking his Intercontinental Championship off of his waist and raising it high in the sky on his way down to the ring. As he enters the ring, he once again shows off his Intercontinental Championship to the Carnage crowd before being handed a microphone. Julius taps it a couple of times to silence the audience before beginning to speak} "BiC, wherever it may be that you have gone and hidden to I want you to listen to what I have to say. You're pathetic, you're weak minded, you're a natural born loser and most importantly you are a failure. You reach the biggest match you have had in a number of years and what do you do, you run and you hide. You make me sick, you preach about how you are "Mr No Days off" but yet you don't have the decency to make an appearance and simply hype this proclaimed Big Money Match. So what I am going to do about this is what I always do best and that is play the role of the Saviour. I saved the Tag-Team Division from obscurity defeating the Boss of this company in the center of the ring at BPZ Mania, I saved the Intercontinental Championship Division from BiC's wretched hands and now I am going to save the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals by delivering a public mauling of a fake, weak man. When you see my face, when you hear my name I want to make you shudder in your steps, I want to give you sleepless nights knowing that I am your downfall" "However, I don't blame you BiC, If I were you I wouldn't want to go through that public humiliation all over again. You made the right decision, you stayed away because you know that this is a fight you simply can't win. You don't even believe in your own hype, you know that there is no happy ending in reality and I commend you on that. Maybe you are crippled by that notion I spoke of not too long ago. Déjà vu." "But see BiC, unlike you I deliver on my promise. I made a promise to each and every person in the world that I would walk into San Antonio and beat the living hell out of you, beat any sort of belief and spirit out of your pathetic, worthless body and that is exactly what I plan to do. I am going to make a statement out of you and I am going to show the world why they call me "The Death Machine". And whether it's Bart or it's Flynn, no matter which one of you punks ends the night the Undisputed Champion, I am coming for that title and there isn't a thing in this world that you can do to stop me. Ladies and Gentlemen, get used to not seeing BiC around because after I am done with him in the final of the Power-Trip Cup, he will be gone for good"
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    "Public Mauling"

    As Julius finishes speaking, the crowds boo’s perform a full 180, with every fan in attendance exploding with cheers. Julius appears a bit taken back by this and confused however it is clear as day to all the viewers. Flynn, the very man Julius blindsided just earlier this week, stands firmly behind Julius fuming. Julius in his confused state spins around to see what all this buzz is about only to be on the receiving end of an FKO! Julius is out cold as Flynn picks up Julius’ microphone before rolling out of the ring. He heads directly up the entrance ramp before halting on the stage, turning toward the buzzing crowd with a smile firmly across his face. Julius now is visibly pissed, steam practically fuming from his nostrils as he attempts to use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Flynn finally shakes away the smiles and with a firmness in his voice, speaks. Let that be a lesson going forward. No ones untouchable, and no one is safe. I’ll be seeing more of you Julius very soon my friend. Keep that as a preview of what’s to come when I win that Undisputed Championship. Flynn tosses the microphone, Julius now standing on both feet his eyes dead locked on Flynn who leaves “The Death Machine” pissed and embarrassed, a rematch between the two seemingly on the horizon.
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    Playoff Game 1 (3) DALLAS VS (6) PELICANS @American Airlines Center Mavericks Starting 5 PG: D'Angelo Russell, SG: Malcolm Brogdon, SF: Luka Doncic, PF: Kristaps Porzngis,C: Dwight Powell Pelicans Starting 5: PG: Lonzo Ball, SG: Brandon Ingram, SF: Kyle Kuzma, PF: Zion Williamson,C: Enes Kanter In the first quarter The Pelicans come out hot scoring at will and the Mavs Defense looked shellshocked. The Mavs are able to hang on into the game but at one point in the first quarter, they were down by double digits however at the end of the first quarter, The Pelicans only lead 35-30. In The Second Quater, we see and bounce back from the Mavs hitting shots they normally make, Getting open looks and Luka Doncic goes off with 10 points in the quarter. But Zion Williamson would keep the Pelicans in the game with 9 points of his own in the 2 quarter for the Pelicans. The First Half Ends 62-65 Mavs Up In The 3rd quarter, both teams play great defense which leads to each team scoring less than 25 points in the quarter. Mavs lead 86-84. In The fourth quarter the lead going back and forth from each team exchanging baskets. But in the end, D'Angelo Russell Scored every single Maverick bucket in the clutch. The Mavs have the ball with 1:20 on the clock Russell hits a step back three right in the face of Lonzo Ball. At the end of regularation, The scores is 110-106 Mavs Win Cameras in the Mavs Locker Room pick up D'Angelo Russell saying "Say I ain't-a leader again, I dare you B*tch Boy." Mavs up 1-0 In the series D'Angelo Russell: 31,5,8 Zion Williamson: 30,11,4 Luka Doncic 25,7,6 Lonzo Ball 15,7,10 Other News: (3) Raptors win game 1 vs (6) Magic (4) Hawks win Game 1 vs (5) Celtics
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    Lord Yautja

    Wounded Man

    The previous match has just ended and the titantron is showing a press conference with many journalists, magazine and news letter writers. They're all waiting for Aaron North to arrive and so he does, Aaron sits down he has a scar on his lip and he is wearing sunglasses. He is being very quiet and he doesn't even acknowledge anyone sitting or standing in front of him. Jenna sits down on his right side and they turn their microphones on. One of the interviewers is about to ask a question but Jenna interrupts him. Jenna: Let's make one thing perfectly clear. I'm going to be answering all your questions today since Aaron is still in a bit of shock after what happened to him last week on Carnage. I promise i will answer everything you ask. Eli from Wrestling Viewer: Okay that sounds fine, now let me get back to my question. Mr. North do you know who attacked you and why? Jenna: Aaron has no idea who attacked him and neither do i. We suspect that it was one of the people in the ring with him but we aren't exactly sure which one of them and why. Annie from Ring Psychology: Mr. North how do you feel about heading into the match at Powertrip Cup without knowing if this attacker will strike again? Jenna: Aaron told me that he is as confident as before and the attack won't change a damn thing about this match. He has an arsenal of weaponry and "The Queen of The Adult Film Industry" by his side. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: Mr. North we've seen a bit of different side of you lately and we've learned a lot more about you lately. Now one question i have is how are you able to control this inner dark side that you have? Jenna: He doesn't want to answer that question, and so he will not. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: Why not? Jenna: Thank you for your interest but, next please. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: But you promised to give us an answer to every question. Suddenly Aaron stands up and walks over to the man who keeps asking the question. Aaron: An answer!? You want an answer!? I'll give you a f****** answer. Aaron grabs the man and spinebusters him through the table that the man's computer was on. Aaron then grabs the computer and breaks it in half. Aaron: There's your answer you god damn geeks and Arius i know it was you that attacked me. No one else would do a lights out trick like that except for you. You know i'm going to win that match and you know i'm a threat to that belt, so you decided to try and get the early advantage, but you know what... it's not gonna work and neither will any of your other mind games because you're stepping in the ring with perfection and perfection is not so easily thrown off. Aaron leaves with Jenna, the video stutters as Aaron leaves and the screen suddenly fades to black and shows and unfamiliar mask before cutting to a commercial break.
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    Storm's editing Plaza

    Hope you all enjoy some feedback would be appreciated!
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    2011 Chicago Bulls Diary Free Agency has just kicked off as there are some big names on the market. We see names such as Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Rajon Rondo looking for new teams. The Bulls have had their eyes on a few big names will they land one though we will see. DAY 1 We see Bob and his team in the office as they are deciding what free agents to pursue right away. Bob: Well looking at our roster right now when we traded away Luol we don’t have a single small forward on the roster. Looking at it there's really only one name that is sticking out to me and that’s Melo. Tom: I mean that would really help us out a lot why not give him a call. Bob goes to call Carmelo Anthony and his agent but they don't pick up. Bob: Why won’t he answer my call someone must’ve already got to him right. Alice: I don't know but we don’t have time to waste what else do we need. Hal: I mean we could use a backup point guard. Sure they might not get many minutes but we need a guy that is gonna give his best effort every game. Bob then looks through his list of free agents an he finds a name. Bob: What about Nate Robinson. I mean the man is a bit short but he plays with so much heart and never gives up on a play. He would be a good spark coming off the bench. Tom: God knows we could have used that last year. Sounds like a great idea to me. Alice: He should not cost up that much cap too which will be good. Let us spend some money in other places. Like small forward this year and center when Noah's contract comes up. We then see Bob call Nate Robinson’s agent Aaron Goodwin. This time the phone is picked up. Aaron: Hello, this is Aaron Goodwin. Who am I speaking with? Bob: Hey Aaron this is the Chicago Bulls and we are calling about Nate Robinson. Aaron: Oh well lucky for you I am actually with Nate right now we are just eating lunch, Nate has told me Chicago would be a team he would be willing to go. So what are you offering? Bob: We are offering Nate a 3 year deal worth 6 million, 2 million a season for 3 years. Aaron: Nate is willing to 2 years not 3 though. We are also going to need a bit more money than 2 million a year we are looking to double that. Bob: Okay we can agree on 2 years but we can only offer 7 million over those 2 years, so 3.5 million a each of the two seasons. Aaron: We are willing to met you in the middle and do a 2 year, 7.5 million dollar deal. Bob looks at Alice as she gives him a thumbs up. Bob: Okay we can agree to that. Tell Nate welcome to the Chicago Bulls. We will be seeing you soon. Bob then hangs up the phone as Bob and his team celebrate making their first signing. The celebration is short lived as reports are coming out that Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Atlanta Hawks on a 3 year/108.26 million dollar deal. Tom: Well that’s not good. Gar is going to be talking about that till the season starts. Still don’t know why he did not answer our call though. Bob: As much as that sucks we just have to focus on ourselves what else do we need. Tom: Well we need some more veteran presence on this team we are a really young team. They wouldn't even have to play we just need a guy that help our younger guys out and keep things in check. Bob: Well we can bring in Brian Scalabrine he’s been doing this for a while. He could definitely help mature our young guys. Alice: Plus it will cost pretty much nothing to sign him so let’s do it. Bob calls Brian Scalabrine. Sure enough he picks up. Brian Scalabrine: Hello, this is Brian Scalabrine who is this? Bob: Hey Brian, this is Bob Sparks from the Chicago Bulls and I will cut right to the chase. We want to offer you a 1 yr/ 1.57 million dollar come play for the Chicago Bulls. Brian Scalabrine: Well one else has given me a call so sure why not can’t wait. Bob then hangs up as Brian Scalabrine is now signed with the Chicago Bulls. The bulls did not make any other moves for the rest of the day but the league sure did. Some of the biggest signings across the league were. Tyson Chandler to Thunder on 4 year/118.28M Deal Carlos Boozer to Wizards on 4 Year/121.78M Deal Danny Granger to Suns on 4/112.02M Deal Allen Iverson to Mavericks on 1 year/5.84M Deal Day 2 We are back at the office as we see Bob on the phone making a signing with his staff also in the room going through lists and crossing out names as they are signed. They are also circling names they think the team should go after. We then see Bob hang up the phone. Bob: Well it’s not Melo but he should be a solid band aid at small forward for the year. Stephen Jackson agreed to a 1 year 20 million dollar deal. A bit more than we wanted to pay but a player we needed so it was okay to pay a little bit extra. Tom: Well at least we have a small forward now. The team is happy with signing although they would have liked Melo more. They would go on to sign some more players including another veteran on day 2. SG Tracy Mcgrady 1yr/ 4.0M Deal SF Brandon Rush 1yr/$1.57M Deal C Kendrick Perkins 1yr/4.20M Deal We would also see the league make some big signings on day 2. PG Rajon Rondo to Nuggets on 4 year/102.48M Deal C Andrew Bogut to Pelicans on 3 year/ 72.10M Deal C Yao Ming to 76ers on 3 year/52.98M Deal Day 3 Bob is walking into the office as his staff has arrived a bit earlier than he had. We see coach Tom Thibodeau furious as the Carmelo Anthony Hawks press conference is on TV. Bob: What's going on Tom? What’s the matter? Tom: It’s just Gar running his mouth about Carmelo and how bad he thinks we are as an organization. Bob: Well let’s see what Melo has to say. They watch as Melo begins answering questions. Reporter: Melo there are reports that the Bulls gave you a call but you never picked up the phone. Is this true and if so why? Carmelo Anthony: Yeah that’s true, 100 percent. I saw the area code pop up and I could tell it was Chicago. I don’t want to go to that mess over there. I’m not going to let some mail clerk and some under average coach have control over my career. I want to work for a organization that actually knows what they are doing. Not one that is not even going to make the playoffs. Also Chicago as a city --- We see Bob mute the TV as he can’t listen to anymore. Tom Thibodeau storms out of the room furious as he heads down to the practice court. Bob: I am going to go check on Tom. You two see if you can work on signing those last 3 guys we had in mind. I trust you two can get it done. Bob walks down to the practice court as he sees Tom shooting some hoops. Most of them missing as he is just chucking them up there in anger. Bob: Hey Tom, I get your upset. Trust me I am too. How about we go talk about this over breakfast? Tom: I could eat. Let’s do it. Just none up that cheap stuff. We see Bob and Tom drive to a local diner. They sit down at a both and order. Bob: Don’t worry Tom we will show them. They will shut up when we sweep them next year in the regular season then go on to win the title. Tom: You know I ain’t letting men let like push me around. I can’t wait till we face off against them this year and dominate them for years to come. We then see a group of highschoolers walk they sit down at a nearby table but one of them walks over to Bob and Tom. Bob: What’s up kid? What's your name? Jabari Parker: My name is Jabari sir I am a ball player. I heard what Melo had to say about the Bulls and Chicago. Can’t wait till he sees what Chicago is really like. D-Rose about to drop 40 on Melo when they come to town. Tom: Like the attitude kid, maybe one day we will see you in the league. Jabari: That's the plan sir. Enjoy the food though. We then see Bob and Tom smile as the kid walks away. Then they finish and pay. After they head back to the office. As they are met with some good news. Alice: Bob, Tom we made those signings you wanted. Hal: All three of them too. Plus we saved a bit of money cause Alice was able to sway them toward a more team friendly deal. Hal then hands Bob a sheet of paper with the details of the deals on it. C Darko Milicic 1yr/1.75M Deal SG Daniel Gibson 1yr/5.0M Deal PF Shane Battier 1yr/6.0M Bob then gives them both high fives as they have filled out there roster despite the setbacks. Bob: Well let’s get the players together so we can start getting ready for the regular season. The league also made signings on that day the notable ones were. Josh Smith to Pacers on 3 year/79.05M deal Elton Brand to Hornets on 3 year/74.87M deal The rest of free agency went by slow as it was mostly resignings and role players being signed. Here is the Bulls full roster heading into the 2012 NBA Season. Point Guards: Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson Shooting Guards: Jimmer Fredette, Daniel Gibson, Tracy Mcgrady Small Forwards: Stephen Jackson, Brandon Rush Power Forwards: Taj Gibson, Shane Battier, Brian Scalabrine Centers: Joakim Noah, Darko Milicic, Kendrick Perkins The Bulls now look forward to the regular season and the home opener against the Indiana Pacers.
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    BPZ Powertrip Cup: June 14th 2019

    To step in the ring with a titan, someone who is seemingly undefeatable, and unstoppable, some would think that to be a losing battle. However, those that underestimate their opponent are destined to be truly surprised. Even a deity can fall from the tallest mountains, to the most unlikely of winds.
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    SEASON 1 AND 2 REVIEW SEASON 1 The season started in shock as Mark Cooper, the manager who in the space of 1 year at Forest Green Rovers had taken them to League 2, announced he was leaving the job. His replacement was his Assistant Manager, 18 year old Joshua Scott. Whilst there were many skeptics over it FGD believed that Scott knew the style and he also had incredible coaching qualifications, earning him the job. In a league where they were tipped to be in the relegation battle, the board set Scott a target of finishing mid table. Despite a poor pre season where they finished 4th/4 teams in the group stage of their friendly cup, Scott made some interesting Summer signings like Bristol City’s RB Zak Vyner, Oldhams CB Jamie Stott and Port Vale’s CM Danny Pugh, to join the team from last season and Mark Coopers 8 signings that he had got for free (Birmingham’s CMs Reece Brown and Charlie Cooper, Mansfield’s CB Lee Collins, Barnsley’s LB Callum Evans, Scunthorpe’s LB Scott Laird, Peterborough’s CF Luke James, Swindon’s MF Jordan Simpson and Port Vales GK Harry Pickering) (and loanee CB Alex Iacovitti from Nottingham Forest) as well as some players from the new FGR Youth Academy, fans were optimistic. 70 minutes into their first game of the season against Barnet at home they were 1-0 down but a Reece Brown duo followed by an Alex Iacovitti header secured a 3– victory. They carried on this form, unbeaten in the league for August and September topping the league, with their only loss coming to Chesterfield at home in the Carabao Cup first round, which, despite a Christian Doidge 9th minute goal, they lost 4-1 AET with FGR having 1 shot in the entire match before Chesterfield had a last minute equaliser before scoring 3 goals in Extra Time for the win. However they would win in the Checkatrade Trophy first round by beating Accrington 1-0 (a Christian Doidge 4th minute goal) but were knocked out on the 3rd October in the second round at Notts County where they lost 1-0, before County gave them their first league loss only 4 days later when FGR again lost at Notts County, this time 3-2. FGR went on to win 1 match throughout the rest of 2017, which also resulted in FA Cup second round elimination to Walsall, and although they hit a more consistent form throughout January and February the damage had already been done and Forest were stuck in limbo between 14th and 16th. However around them the league had got closer and with only Notts County and Luton pulling 10 points away from 3rd, they were 8 points now between 3rd and 14th. A win over Newport was followed by a tough match as FGR hosted Notts County. Instead of starting his 3 best midfielders Drissa Traore, Fabian Robert and Reece Brown he started Lee Collins, Danny Pugh and Liam Noble who each netted a goal to get FGR a 3-2 win over 1st despite being down to 10 men and 2-0 down within 15 minutes. From there FGR rose up the league, reaching 8th with 2 games left. Luton and Notts were still 13 points away from 3rd and fighting for top, whilst FGR was 7 points removed from anyone below and 3 points off 3rd (Exeter) and 4th (Colchester), 2 from 5th (Wycombe) and 1 from 6th (Coventry) and 7th (Cambridge.) FGR’s penultimate game was Luton, who could put a bid in to win the league following Notts County’s loss the day prior. 2-1 to Luton with 15 minutes left, an early goal from Olly Mehew seemed pointless as all teams above them were winning, ending promotion hopes. Then 5 minutes later it was 4-2 to Forest after CB Iacovitti netted a hat trick, and in the next 10 minutes Brown and James both netted before an own goal from Luton in injury time gave FGR a shock 7-2 win. Coventry had also conceded 2 and Cambridge had drawn, sending Forest to 6th, 2 behind 5th Wycombe and 3 behind Colchester and Exeter in 4th and 3rd. They were also 1 in front Cambridge and 2 in front of 8th placed Coventry The final day of the season saw 1st play 2nd (a draw) and 3rd play 4th (also a draw.) County just won the league on goal difference thanks in part to FGR whilst Luton came 2nd and Exeter 3rd. Colchester remained 4th and a Wycombe loss meant a Cambridge win got them 5th whilst Cambridge took 5th. Coventry ended up drawing, meaning FGR, despite losing 2-1 at home to last placed Grimsby, finished in play off position. They faced Colchester, the only team to have competed a double over FGR (other than Grimsby) but FGR won 4-1 in the first leg and secured victory with a 1-1 draw at Colchester to go to Wembley. There they met Cambridge however they suffered a devastating 3-0 loss, meaning Cambridge took promotion. Managers Player of the Year: Dale Bennett (who impressed me most) Players Player of the Year: Reece Brown (Best Overall Ratings) Supporters Player of the Year: Scott Laird (Best Overall) SEASON 2 Almost a sign, FGR had a better pre season, only missing out on getting to the next stage and began to incorporate more youth players as well as resigning Iacovitti on loan. They may have got sold of CB Emmanuel Monthe and lost CB Jack Fitzwalker, GK Sam Russel and CM Fabian Robert to contract expiry but they bought RB Deng Hangwen as well as CBs Yusuf Celik from Antalyaspor, Tom Lockyer from Bristol Rovers and Gao Zhunyi to bolster the squad. Tasked with fighting for promotion they struggled for the first month, taking 6 points out of 12, they remained unbeaten and moved up to 3rd by September following a 0-0 draw against recently relegated Gillingham who were previously top. Oldham (also recently relegated) then took 1st but a loss to FGR followed by FGR going on a winning streak throughout the next 2 months, winning all games except 1 loss and 1 draw, took them top by a considerable number of points. League success was also met by relative cup success where they advanced past Accrington, Bolton and Bristol Rovers in cup competitions but saw eliminations in the Carabao Cup 2nd Round and Checkatrade Trophy 3rd Round. However December was started tough when Walsall and FGR again met in the FA Cup 2nd Round but FGR pushed them, drawing 2-2, however the replay at FGR resulted in Walsall winning 3-0. FGR went on to be winless in 11 consecutive league games throughout December and January, losing their points advantage and dropping to 3rd. However a 6-0 win in the last game of January over Stevenage sent them on the right track and although they couldn’t quite finish 1st they pushed hard and ended up finishing 2 points off 1st placed Colchester earning a 2nd place position and promotion alongside Colchester, Yeovil and Playoff winners Wycombe. Managers Player of the Year: Christian Doidge Players Player of the Year: Reece Brown Supporters Player of the Year: Tom Lockyer
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