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    BPZ KOTR ROUND ONE GEORGE AK VS BUDDY ACE Here comes Buddy Ace, the longest reigning NXT Champion here in BPZ. As he gets ready now, for his King Of The Ring journey to begin right here right now as he faces George AK. We know how much this match means to Buddy Ace, just looking at him you can see how badly he wants to win this tournament and have his opportunity to win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. And here comes his opponent, George AK, making his way down to the ring right now. A man who in recent weeks has promised that he is going to be the winner in this match and in this tournament as a whole. Let’s see if he sticks to his word or if Buddy Ace can pull off the upset in this match. First round action in the King Of The Ring tournament is underway once again! Look at these two, circling each other. Hunting each other down like prey to begin this round. And Buddy makes the first move, charging towards George, who ducks. Buddy clings onto the ropes though to prevent himself from going to the outside. As here comes George for the clothesline, nope reversed by Buddy as he flings George over the top rope and to the outside! But, George recovers staying on his feet. But will he recover from this suicide dive! Oh no, George stops him! With a stiff blow to the jaw! Buddy collapses onto the concrete floor. George gets him up and slides him into the ring looking for the early pin, but Buddy easily escapes. George looks to keep Buddy grounded though as he holds him in a headlock position. Buddy is squirming around to try and free himself and get out, which he eventually does, and he gets up quick enough to deliver a kick to the face on George who was still down on the ground. Buddy looks to continue his assault though as he sends George to the corner and sends a barrage of knife edge chops his way! Now Buddy, brings George away from the corner and goes for a vertical suplex and hits it. Buddy continues his attack though as he lifts George up and pushes him carelessly to the corner of the ring. And he delivers a splash onto George, who stumbles away from the corner allowing Buddy to deliver a hurricanrana to George! And now he looks to follow up with an elbow drop, no George moved out of the way and gets back up. Buddy stumbles up after the fall and gets sent through the turnbuckles and right into the metal ring post! George shows no sign of letting up now, as it looks like he is setting up for his running knee. He is beckoning Buddy up. George is feeling it, running knee! Cover from George, 1,2, kickout from Buddy. It looked for sure that George was heading to the second round of King Of The Ring. Instead he has to continue fighting. As both men are up on their feet. Buddy goes for a strike to the head of George who ducks, sneaks behind Buddy and hits a back suplex. Now George is getting in position. And here it is! Black out! Cover from George, to go to the quarter finals. 1,2,3. George AK is your winner, beating Buddy Ace in this match. Celebrations from George AK the self proclaimed 8th wonder of the world, up high on the top rope hyping up the crowd here, as Buddy walks to the back holding onto his ribs. George AK is your winner, and he will go to the quarter finals.
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    Breakdown: The Rookie Duo

    The titantron comes up after the theme song with the Live via satalite message as it comes cutting to Blade who is sitting back in a chair instead of coming out to the Portugal crowd. Blade, "Do you all know who I am?I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. If you are all disappointed against, you should have seen the last message. The only place I need to physically turn up to is at the King of the ring event where Kieron and I will be taking part in the tag team fatal four way contenders match Last time I did the breakdown of the club, now we move forward and look at the Rookie Duo of Alex Costa, and mek...oh right his name is Raven that's right he has a problem with people not calling him by his name. So lets breakdown this next tag team." Blade pulls out a list of two names Blade, "Thankfully this is only a two man team, that is the only good quality they share with the Deadman's hand heading into the King of the Ring Pay Per View. We have two men both rookies in the NXT division or were in the NXT division not sure, I know one of them is the current NXT champion and the other is a former NXT champion. Here is the thing I have to say about this. The first thing I say after asking all of you do you all know who I am is that I am a former NXT Champion myself so we have a bit of common ground there right? Wrong because just because the three of us has held that title doesn't mean a darn thing. Look at the men I have had to face when I was still in the NXT division. People like Slim, and Flynn was just leaving. Who do you guys have? Oh right most of the SSW Club so easy competition. But this isn't about breaking down the SSW club this is about the Rookie Duo so we will begin with one first." Blade places Alex Costa's name down onto the table. Blade, "Alex Costa, greetings this will be the first time you or your partner will be facing me in a PPV. Let's look at your career, you had your moment earlier this year at Saints Valentines day Massacre. You had a chance to be a spotlight in a division that really needed that spot light. Instead what did you do? You dropped off the planet and couldn't be asked to give it your all going into BPZmania of all events! Beaten by Hans, then where did you go from there? That's the real question, you have been floundering around in the lowest division of BPZ. Letting guys just past right by you. How is your run in the Power Trip Cup go? You did just a well as I did, at least the person I face was a finalist. How is your spot in the King of the ring going? Oh you lost or losing to a former degenerate teammate of mine in the first round. At least your partner is having success, he beat Kenji for the NXT title. The title you couldn't keep a hold of at the biggest event in BPZ. Now you are going up against real competition at King of the Ring for the first time. So you better take notes kid, because you are going to hit the harsh reality is, the NXT division you have been part of is a distraction from what real competition is. You are going to lose it is just that simple." Blade pushes the first name out of the way and puts Raven's name down and another name with it Meko. Blade, "Next up is Meko, no wait I am sorry, Raven he wants to be called. The current reigning NXT champion of a division of who is left in it? They have that kid Kenji, and Sheridan possibly but you really don't have that many people in your division to be proud about beating do you? At least you seem to have that drive that your partner didn't have when he took that title. But not that you need it am I right? You got nobody to face. That most likely is for the best because you might fumble and end up losing your title to a SSW club member. Your biggest problem you have with people is them not calling you by your name. Everywhere you look someone is calling you Meko here and Meko there, and you wonder when will people start calling you Raven. See here is the thing, nobody cares what you are called because nobody knows who you are. So why would they know what your name is? Well that isn't going to change much after King of the ring because I regret that I have to inform you, that when the people look back to this match, you will just be that guy in the tag contenders match who just happened to be the NXT champion at the time. That is it. A place holder with a shiny title, and that's all you are" Blade puts the two names on the table and throws them in the trash where he put the names from his last Breakdown. Blade, "And they go right where they belong. They weren't the first, had to get the worst out of the way first, but they aren't the last. By no means the last is the best, the Rookie duo are nothing more then if the SSW Club with accomplishments that is just split up between two. One man who just could not care to actually give any effort in during the biggest night of BPZ for the NXT division and the other who nobody knows who he is or can be bothered to remember his name That is all for this Breakdown, now the next team for me to reeducate you all about,, is the breakdown the United Nations. Another larger man group this time unlike the others these are a group of retirees. So that should be great. So see you all next time." The screen cuts to black as the Breakdown: The Rookie Duo is now done.
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Indiana Pacers ________________________________________ Rosters: Victor Oladipo Miles Turner Domantas Sabonis Bojan Bogdanovic Sekou Doumbouya Austin Rivers Frank Kaminsky Aaron Holiday Killian Hayes TJ Leaf Doug McDermott Cory Joseph Taj Gibson PJ Tucker Jordan Crawford Head Coach: Nate McMillan Prediction: 41-41 New Orleans Pelicans ________________________________________ Roster: Jarret Cluver T.J. Warren James Wiseman Cam Reddish Darius Garland Gordon Hayward Evan Fournier Jaxson Hayes Kent Bazemore Richaun Holmes Goran Dragic Christan Wood Glenn Robinson Tyrese Maxey Devon Dotson Head Coach: Alven Gentry Prediction: 39-43 Detroit Pistons ________________________________________ Roster: Andre Drummond Mike Conley Luke Kennard Jaden McDaniels Mario Hezonja Trevor Booker Kris Dunn Blake Griffin (Torn ACL out 4-6 Months) Alec Burks Thon Maker Talen Horton-Tucker Isaiah Whitehead Torrey Craig Wayne Ellington Jordan Nwora Head Coach: Dwayne Casey Prediction: 35-47 because Blake is out for so long LET ME KNOW
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    BPZ KOTR Round One - Prince vs Bob

    We come back from a video hyping King of the Ring as we are set to see the number 1 seed Prince take on the 16th seed Bob Sparks. This a controversial match to some as some thought Bob should not have been allowed to be in the tournament at all. As they felt Raven should not have been allowed to drop out of the King of the Ring Tournament. Will we see Bob upset the number one seed for the second time in his career or will Prince pick up the expected easy victory. We hear “Blood in the Water” play as Bob Sparks makes his way to the ring. This time though to thunderous boos as Bob has recently turned on the people as he felt they betrayed him by cheering on Kenji instead of him in the NXT Championship Match at Judgement Day. As Bob is waiting in the ring we hear Prince’s music play as Prince makes his entrance as he is also booed by the people. He looks in a mirror as he checks to make sure he looks good as he heads down to the ring. The two men stand in the ring as the match starts. Right away Bob goes for a huge clothesline but Prince ducks under it as he then works on the right leg of Bob as he begins to kick it over and over as Bob falls to his knees. Prince then pushes Bob over face first to the mat as he walks on the back of Bob and poses to the crowd. Bob gets up though as Prince turns around as he locks eyes with Bob. He gets in the face of Bob as the two begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Prince stuns Bob for a second as he drives Bob to the rope but Bob pushes Prince back and hits him with a huge chop. Prince falls down to the mat with a huge mark on his chest. Bob then picks up Prince for the Bob Bomb but Prince gets out of it as he then ducks a big punch from Bob and pushes Bob out of the ring through the middle rope. Bob is fazed as he hobbles around on the outside eventually falling down. We see Prince climb to the top rope as he looks to hit Bob with an elbow but Bob rolls back into the ring as Velveteen crashes to the outside elbow first. As he grabs his elbow in pain. Bob then goes to the outside as he drags Prince’s body and sets him up against the barricade. Bob then looks at Prince as he backs up laughing as he quickly grabs a fans beer and takes a sip. Bob then runs at Prince and hits him with a huge kick to the head as Prince is busted open. Bob rolls Prince back in the ring as he climbs into the ring himself but as he does Prince pops up as he begins to pummel away on Bob. He begins to work the leg up Bob again as Bob is barely standing Prince then goes to bounce off the ropes and knock over Bob but runs into a huge boot and a monsterous clothesline after that. Bob goes for the cover but Prince kicks out at 2! Bob is furious but then he looks down at Prince then to the top rope. Bob slowly is slowly climbing his way to the top rope as his leg gives out. Prince then pops up and grabs Bob as he manages to put the huge man on his shoulders as he hits him with an AA off the middle rope. As Prince looks to be back in this match. Prince then climbs to the top rope as he poses and wipes the blood off his face. He signals that the match is over to the crows. He looks down at Bob as he jumps and he delivers a huge elbow drop! Bob is down as Prince goes for the cover 1..2.. But Bob Kicks Out. Prince is in shock as Bob managed to kick out. Prince is on his feet furious. We then see Bob slowly get to his feet as Prince runs at him in rage. Bob is ready though as he picks up Prince and hits him with a scoop slam as Bob then falls to his knees. Bob is gassed as he looks down at Prince and to the top rope again. He wipes the seat off of his face as he climbs to the top rope. He looks up as he points up and closes his eyes for a second then he turns looks back to see Prince still down. What the hell? Bob goes for a moonsault as Prince though gets his knees up. The crowd is shocked as a man of that size is rarely ever able to do anything like that. Princes knees are hurt but he was able to avoid most of the damage. Prince then looks at Bob as he picks him up and throws him to the corner. Prince then looks at Bob and spits in his face as he then laughs in his face before he begins pummeling him with heavy rights and lefts as Bob seems unable to fight back. Bob eventually fights back though as he pushes Prince back as we see Bob with a little bit of blood pouring down his face. Bob is pissed now as Prince is unfazed as he runs at Bob but Bob kicks him in the gut and hits Prince with a Bob Bomb! Bob goes for the cover 1..2..3. Bob did it once again he upset the number 1 seed in the tournament as he has busted brackets all around the world. Bob is now going to move onto the next round as he looks to become King of the Ring. For Prince there is an uncertain future ahead but we don’t expect him to fade away after tonight's incredible performance. We see Bob in the ring celebrating and wiping the sweat off of his face as this is a huge win for him to get some of the momentum he once had back. But then suddenly out of nowhere Rory Orton RKO’s Bob! What the Hell! That’s Rory Orton from NXT! A man Bob has had problems with over the past couple of weeks. Both are serious contenders down there in NXT and it seems to have spilled over into the King of the Ring Tournament! Rory Orton then laughs at Bob who down in the ring as we then cut to another King of the Ring video package.
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    Hometown Pt.1

    Show Location: Netherlands After a break from carnage a camera switch’s to man with a lunch bag over his head on a bench. In when the music plays the man sprints away and the camera follows, for a few minutes they continue to run and when they stop. They hide in a back of a alley behind a dumpster where the man starts hyperventilating and rocking back and fourth with his knees about to his neck. But then some footsteps start getting close to them, them hearing that makes the cameraman use his hands to cover the man’s mouth. It goes away after a huge noise something fallen and afterwards sounds of running they compose themselves. Cameraman: What was that? The Man: I don’t know, the only thing I could go off is that I have heard rumors of that song signaling danger. Cameraman: Do you know what type of dangerous we talking like one man or a whole gang The Man: One Male... Cameraman: Then what are we scare about then one man versus two that is going to be a big disadvantage for him and what are you 6’1, 6’2 The Man: Don’t underestimate him I saw him snap what one of my friends bones when he wouldn’t let go of the submission. Well as soon as I saw that I ran the other way and by the time he took care of my friends, I disappeared Cameraman: That is just not true I am going to try to reason with him The Cameraman starts to stand up The Man: Don’t! Footsteps come close to them and they see a hooded figure standing on the other end of the alley. The Cameraman: Can we talk this out? 30 seconds later the man is heard screaming in agony and saying please stop, all while the man is trying to keep his cool while the person he just ment is screaming and he knows its his fault. After that, he’s next...
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    United States Pro Wrestling

    June 2019 With the debut show of USPW less than a month away, CEO Lebron James recently released a statement regarding the company's most recent signings. In doing so, he released the names of 30 workers he had recently hired. These include: Roppongi 3K Three of the hottest stars on NJPW's scene as of late, Roppongi 3K is one of James' personal favorite groups. The party life, the fancy clothes, the championship wins, it all fits him perfectly. James looks to build this trio up into a formidable foreign stable in his company, where they will likely lead the tag division. Will Ospreay Ospreay was never one of James' prime targets, but after seeing a match of his and witnessing all the "flips n shit", James thought he would be entertaining to watch. Little does he know, Ospreay's been putting on classics all year, but he'll figure out soon enough. Motor City Machine Guns In the company ROH, Shelley hinted at coming out of retirement. In USPW, this fantasy is a reality. The promise of a large payday, being teamed up with his best friend, and good booking (whatever that entails) was more than enough to give the Machine Gun another magazine. James has also been watching Sabin and is a fan of his work, which also helps. TAKA Michinoku The company of USPW was lacking in veterans, and Michinoku was one of the solutions to this problem. That and James saw his employment history with both WWE and NJPW and that was enough convincing for him. Ren Narita One of the young lions in NJPW, Ren Narita caught the eye of James with his alright great work rate and promo ability. Experts have also confirmed they encouraged this decision in James, and it is safe to say that Narita will find himself in a prominent role as one of USPW's "Next Big Things". The Briscoe Brothers These guys look like psychos who can wrestle, and that was right in James' wheelhouse at the time of their discovery. With that being said, the Briscoe Brothers are now the psycho team in USPW. Rosemary A very intimidating figure, Rosemary has always been on the eye of James. He feels like her weird persona fills in a spot missing on the roster, and of course he hired Rosemary to fill in the position. Su Yung And why not have one when you can have two. For similar reasons to Rosemary's, James believes Yung fills a spot in his company that was severely lacking, and it is safe to say these two will meet each other in the near future once again. Marty Scurll One of if not the most liked wrestlers of James', Scurll was destined to be hired from the start. Positioned to be pushed like a mega star, Scurll was signed along with those from the WWE roster wipeout, and he is rumored to be part of the first world title match of the promotion. Zack Sabre Jr Sabre Jr has been a hotspot in wrestling lately, no one can get enough of this technical wizard, including James. James wants to build his roster so it's technically sound, and Sabre is a fantastic way to start it off. Hiromu Takahashi The Time Bomb's return date is still ambiguous, but it is safe to say that he is a worthy pickup nonetheless. Takahashi was a centerpiece in the junior heavyweight division in Japan, and James hopes he can perform at that high of a level in USPW. GOD It doesn't need to be said that GOD are one of the most successful tag teams in recent NJPW history. James plans to use them as a menacing team, facepaint and all. Reports say that the duo have already struck up a friendship with James, and we'll see how far that gets them. Mayu Iwatani Despite the cute look, James was able to put that aside and pay attention to the real talent Iwatani possesses. He carefully signed her, not sure of what to do with her yet but he claims he'll think of something very, very soon. Jay Lethal Lethal has always been known as a solid worker in all aspects of wrestling ever since his debut. It is rumored that James is looking toward making Lethal a potential company figurehead with his great look and nearly unmatchable talent. Maxwell Jacob Friedman MJF has recently appeared on the scene as one of the most hateable and natural heels in the wrestling scene. Experts see a lot of potential in him and just as with Ren Narita, James is looking toward making MJF one of his personal prospects. The Lucha Brothers The duo of Pentagon Jr and Fenix have captured the eyes of many intense wrestling fans. Their extraordinary aerial offense stuns even the most hard to impress fans and their risks are only that comparable to those in ECW. And they're headed toward USPW. Tenille Dashwood Dashwood (known as Emma in WWE) has shone in the independent scene since her departure from the company. James has been a fan of her work and would like to see how she fairs in USPW, and he got his wish. Tessa Blanchard One of the newer women wrestlers on the scene, Blanchard has already proven herself to be a prodigy in the art in her short tenure. She is the complete package, and James is a massive fan of her work and pounced on the opportunity to sign her. Details were kept confidential, but it doesn't take a genius to know he's going to book her to the moon. Jay White Love or hate White, it doesn't matter to James. At the end of the day, it is 100% confirmed that Jay White is coming to USPW. James hopes to portray him as a lone wolf type of character that he was in early 2018 in NJPW. James has been surprising open about his plans for White, but many believe he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Stu Bennett Having not been seen for a long time in the wrestling world, Stu Bennett is making his return to wrestling. After taking a break from the movie industry, James approached him and asked if he'd be interested in kickstarting his company. Bennett agreed, but his time in the company is confidential. The Young Bucks These two jokesters were reported to be exclusive to AEW and AEW only, but when approached by Lebron, they couldn't help but give in. Just like Bennett, their time in the company is most likely short and is certainly confidential, but it can be guaranteed for them to show up once. PAC PAC (formerly known as Neville in WWE) has decided to extend his deals in the states. A very talented high flyer, PAC is already planned to be a main event star who James is very keen on making look good for the company. Jon Moxley And of course, there's this man. By far the biggest signing James was able to pull out of his pocket, Moxley has been all over the place recently. Japan, the states, and now in USPW. James has hardly revealed anything about the signing other than that he will certainly be a main feature in the company and that he should be around for a very, very long time. And now with a roster of nearly 50 wrestlers, James believes he is ready to go. In this release, he confirmed that July 4th will in fact be the debut of the American company, with the events name being USPW Independence. Furthermore, James was also kind or careless enough to release the card for the event, and it is certainly a big one. USPW Independence Match 1 (Lightweight Title Match): Will Ospreay vs Lio Rush Match 2: Mystico vs Rhino Match 3: MJF vs Ren Narita Match 4 (Lightweight Tag Title Match): Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) vs Primo & Epico Match 5: Mercedes KV vs Tenille Dashwood Match 6: GOD vs The Lucha Brothers Match 7: TAKA Michinoku vs Eric Young vs Jay White vs Uhaa Nation Match 8 (Winner enters match for World Title): Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal Leave your predictions below!
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    Aaron North

    Retki Suomeen - II

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and we see Aaron North and Starbuck who have just arrived at the Olympiastadion. The Olympiastadion is under construction and so Aaron and Starbuck can't get in. Aaron: "Closed, for authorized personnel only". Shit.. well i guess we'll just have to head back to the arena. They don't spend a lot of time there and decide to leave and head to the Hartwall Arena. After an hour they finally get to the arena, they enter the arena and hangout in Aaron's locker room. Starbuck: So... what should we do now? Aaron: Well i suppose we could head out there and greet the fans. Starbuck: Sure that sounds like a plan. Interviewer Gerald Grey walks by and he notices Aaron talking but he can't see who Aaron is talking to. He walks into Aaron's locker room and notices that Aaron is talking to himself. Gerald: Aaron? Who are you talking to? Aaron: What do you mean who am i talking to? I'm talking to one of the greatest pro wrestlers that ever lived, Starbuck! Now run along boy because you are in the presence of a future king and the future of America. Gerald: Alrighty then. It was good meeting whoever you're talking to. The camera shows Aaron but we can't see anyone else, Aaron is talking to someone but we can't hear this someone talk back. Is it Starbuck or something else? Something more powerful and extremely dangerous perhaps? Suddenly Aaron shakes his head and tells Starbuck to come with him to the ring and he leaves the locker room and heads out to the ring. Aaron's music hits and the fans pop. Aaron greets the fans on his way down the ramp and the crowd chant: "Welcome back". Aaron: Thank you, thank you. It's so good to be home and it's so good to know that my first win in the KOTR tournament is gonna be here at home. Now ladies and gentlemen i would like to introduce you all to Starbuck! The crowd is completely silent as no music plays and no one comes out to the ring. Aaron: Show some respect for god sakes. This man has worked his ass off in the wrestling business to show that Finland shouldn't go unnoticed when talking about great wrestling countries. Now i know he hasn't exactly done as much as i have but he deserves some credit and respect. The crowd chant: "What?". Aaron starts arguing with Starbuck and then he starts punching the air almost like he's fighting someone. He irish whips "Starbuck" outside the ring and laughs, "Starbuck" gets back inside the ring and shakes hands and hugs Aaron. The crowd start chanting: "What the f***!?". Aaron can't hold it anymore and bursts into a laugh. Aaron: If you wanna see the real Starbuck, he's right there in the crowd. Aaron points and waves at Starbuck. Aaron: You really thought i was going insane!? I can't even trust my own people anymore! Aaron keeps laughing but his laugh quickly turns weird. His other eye turns red and his damaged eye starts bleeding as he smiles to the camera. Then in a demonic voice he says. Aaron: Well.. you were right... The lights go out and Aaron disappears and a maniacal laugh echoes throughout the arena, leaving the crowd in shock. Suddenly a demonic looking Aaron appears on the titantron and in a demonic voice he says. "The World Is Formed Through Words.... the world has spoken it's words. They wanted insane, they all got insane. They said Arius is insane and Arius is immortal... well they're all wrong because, i am immortal and i am insane... Welt Ist Gebildet Durch Wörter. I will no longer be known as Aaron North i will now be known as Lord Yautja.
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    If You Had One Wish On The Forums

    I want to win a match for once.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    SmackDown VS RAW 2008 GM Mode

    Smackdown Episode 17 SmackDown opens with SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, in the ring. He first thanks the fans for a successful PPV, and claiming he's happy with how hard the wrestlers worked. Teddy then says he's getting right down to business, as SummerSlam is coming up and Vince McMahon will be giving every brand two matches each. As such, Teddy Long wants to put on the best match he possibly can, and he feels the way to do that is to put the best men SmackDown has to offer in the most grueling and destructive match type he can think of with the richest prize on SmackDown on the line. With this in mind, Teddy Long officially announces that at SummerSlam, Bobby Lashley will defend his World Heavyweight championship in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match! Teddy says his five opponents will be decided in qualifying matches tonight, but he's then interrupted by Johnny Nitro. Nitro tells Teddy that he wants to use his final championship match that he earned at Judgment Day to guarantee a spot in the Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam. Teddy agrees to let Nitro in the match, but since he has two guaranteed participants for the match already confirmed and not competing yet tonight, he wants them to face each other in a match right now! Teddy says he wants Lashley to come out and face Nitro in a match, and Lashley hits the ring only a few moments later, with the match beginning as he does. . Bobby Lashley VS Johnny Nitro In a good match between these two incredible competitors, Lashley would continue his impressive streak by putting Nitro away with a spear. Lashley and Nitro are the only two men already confirmed for the World Heavyweight title match at SummerSlam, and Lashley has just scored a massive victory over his only confirmed opponent. . MVP VS Rey Mysterio VS Gregory Helms (WHC qualifying match) In a fantastic match, MVP manages to score another victory over Gregory Helms this week, earning his spot in the WHC Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam. The woes for Rey Mysterio and Gregory Helms continue, and one must wonder what these two men must do to get back on the winning track. . King Booker VS Marcus Cor Von VS Chris Masters VS Elijah Burke (WHC qualifying match) In a near-rematch from The Great American Bash, King Booker scores yet another victory in a fatal 4-way, putting Masters away with a Scissors Kick and earning a chance at the World Heavyweight title at SummerSlam. . Mr. Kennedy VS Chavo Guerrero VS Snitsky (WHC qualifying match) Mr. Kennedy is able to emulate his partner earlier in the night, putting away his challenger from The Great American Bash again with a Mic Check, earning his spot at SummerSlam. . Finally, we get to tonight's main event, but before it starts, CM Punk announces that once again, he will be putting his Cruiserweight championship on the line in this match, looking to further prove that he is the top champion on SmackDown. CM Punk VS Ric Flair VS Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy (WHC qualifying match, Cruiserweight title match) In a fantastic main event, CM Punk is able to yet again defend his title against impressive opposition, not only racking up his 10th defense in only two months, but earning a chance to compete at SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight championship. As CM Punk celebrates to close out the show, a graphic displays Bobby Lashley, Johnny Nitro, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker and CM Punk, the six men who will compete in the World Heavyweight championship Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam.
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    Big Bailey Sports Talk.

    Russell Westbrook on the way out? To the Knicks? As soon as Paul George was Traded from the Thunder. Reports started to hit of a possible Rusell Westbrook trade. With Teams like the Heat rumored to be a landing spot. But now The Knicks have started to slide into those trade talks. Now i personally don't like Westbrook or would want to trade for him. But honestly the Knicks being in the state they are. Should probably land the Considered Superstar. The Knicks are the joke of the NBA right now and even as much as i think Westbrook is overrated even he could help the Knicks out. They need a star, a Franchise player. Westbrook is an MVP i cant take that away from him. If they can a good deal for him they should totally go through with it. He would be there best player. And you would rather have him then let the heat create an interesting Duo in Westbrook and Butler. Id personally think it would be interesting to see him in NY. And with how disastrous there Free agency was. They owe it to there fans to get the former MVP
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    Emperor Nate

    Nate's Music Reviews

    Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2019...so far (Part 2) 5. Injury Reserve by Injury Reserve (87/100) Injury Reserve is a trio including rappers Richie with a T and Groggs with producer Parker Corey. This is an other great experimental album which uses a lot of sampling in the background of their songs with very futuristic sounding instrumentals. The rappers aren't anything great lyrically but their boastful wordplay works well over the hard hitting beats. There is also a lot funny humour and lines on the album. GTFU featuring JPEGMAFIA is a gritty experimental banger with a lot of hard hitting raps and shouting over the noisy instrumentals that Injury Reserve are known for. JPEGMAFIA brings the hype to the song with his chorus. Jailbreak the Tesla is one of the craziest songs I've ever heard. The song samples the beginning of Tokyo Drift with the car screeching noise in the background of the song. Corey is bloody crazy with the production and amazes me every time with the crazy sampling all over the album. The concept sounds like it shouldn't work at all, and it probably won't to see some people's ears, but I bloody love it. Amine brings the heat with his verse, especially with the lyric "Your engine go vroom, my engine go-" and then it's just silence, funny as fuck. Three Man Weave almost has an early Kanye West sound to it with the jazz inspired production. It feels like a massive old school throwback song. The lyrics mostly have basketball references so someone else would probably get some of these lines more than me because I'm not the biggest expert. 4. tears of joy by MIKE (89/100) MIKE is a rapper from New York who has been involved in the recent SLUMS rap movement that Earl Sweatshirt seems to be leading at the moment. The songs on this tape are going to appeal to very few people unless they enjoyed the last Earl Sweatshirt album as the production is very glitchy and experimental like Some Rap Songs and his voice could turn some people off. The topics can be pretty depressing and heartbreaking at times. MIKE mostly raps about the recent loss of his mam and the life struggles he faces with depression. Even though he's clearly influenced by Earl he doesn't sound like he's copying him and his music sounds different to Earl's with more aggressive instrumentals. Like Earl though a lot of these songs feel more like skits with most of the tracks being under 2 minutes in length. I really love the vocals on the sample on Take Crowns. MIKE raps about being poor and not being able to find a place for himself in society, and also being desperate to make money and taking his chances he gets them at being able to make a living for himself. Summer 17 had some hard hitting drums on the production. MIKE raps about fake friends and doing favors for people without them helping him back and asks what the point in having friends if there's the chance they could always be snakes behind your back. The beat switches up for the 2nd verse with more glitchy production with MIKE having a lot more deep and introspective lyrics that are difficult to breakdown. PLANET has a more upbeat lo-fi sound and is probably the most good feel track on the album, but it's mostly due to the production. MIKE goes into wanting to reach his dreams and to be able to have a good living because he feels it could turn his life around and make him feel a lot happier. 3. Hiding Places by Billy Woods & Kenny Segal (91/100) Hiding Places is an album by wordsmith underground rapper Billy Woods and Kenny Segal is the producer providing the dark and cryptic production. Billy Woods has a very abstract style and it's almost spoken word because when he's rhyming it seems like he's just talking to you rather than rapping. Like Aesop Rock he's an amazing lyricist that has a lot of hidden messaging behind his words. Spongebob is a sick opener to the album, and the guitar in the background really adds a lot of his grit to the song. Despite the title of the song sounding like it would be a fun meme song, Woods raps about underwater operations in Tora Bora where Osama Bin Laden was hiding during the US invasions in Afghanistan after 9/11. Checkpoints is another great hard hitting song with the production sounding like something out a horror movie with the haunting instruments being used in the song. Woods makes references to the American government caring more about funding space exploration rather than trying to help struggles with blacks in America, which he thinks would be a better use of finances. A Day in a Week in a Year featuring Mothermary is one of the more chill songs on the album compared to the hard hitting production on most of the songs, with the lo-fi production from Kenny Segal with the piano keys in the background. The beat feels more electronic when Mothermary's hook kicks in. I enjoy Woods' rapping on this but can't say I have a clue what he's talking about, I just enjoy the mood and setting of the song. Red Dust is a beautiful closer to the album. The production by Kenny Segal is just so amazing, he's one of my favourite current producers after his work on this album. Woods seems to be rapping about hiding places during wars, which could be referring to Anne Frank. Woods sounds a lot more angry on this song and it sounds like he's really giving out to someone towards the end of the track. 2. A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 by Slauson Malone (93/100) Slauson Malone, like MIKE, is a part of the underground SLUMS movement in New York, but it's really not like Some Rap Songs or tears of joy. It's difficult to even do track reviews for this album, you can't really rate some of the songs, it's more of an experience if anything. The album definitely took awhile to grow on me because of how crazy and out there the sampling and production is on here. It's one of the weirdest albums I've ever listened to but it doesn't make it unlistenable for me, whereas for 90% of listeners are going to think it's absolute garbage and give up after the first song. The performances from Slauson Malone on here doesn't even make it feel like he's rapping, he almost feels like he's in the instrumental and is a part of the production because his vocals blend in so well. I'm really not expecting anyone to love this album, even those who enjoy Earl's music might think that this is too much. I love to put this album on in the background when I'm working on something, I think it helps relieve a lot of stress as well. Again, I really can't describe any of the songs on here and can only really talk about my experience, even Anthony Fantano struggled to review the album. 1. Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (100/100) Bandana is a classic album in the making by gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs and one of the best producers of all time Madlib. My score is probably going to change but at the moment I'm loving every second of this album. The production from Madlib is hypnotic as fuck and the samples he uses are beautiful. His psychedelic instrumentals really help compliment Freddie Gibbs hard hitting gangster rhymes. This honestly feels like the rap match made in heaven, I'm not sure if there's a better duo in hip hop. Crime Pays is smooth as hell and the beat sounds like an early 90's hip hop song. Freddie flows like crazy on this track, I don't think I've heard someone flow as seamlessly as he does over this production in the 2nd verse. His usual crack selling and drug dealing bars go hard as per usual. The soul sample from Madlib is also really sweet. Palmolive featuring Pusha T and Killer Mike is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life. Freddie Gibbs raps his ass off and then Pusha T comes in and absolute bodies the track. Pusha T's slick bars feel so aggressive and smooth at the same time. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing the first time I listened to this song, it's just flames everywhere. Then Killer Mike gives a memorable hook on the side to top the song off nicely. Situations feels a lot more laid back than the rest of the albums with quiet and nice production from Madlib which brings out a lot more emotion out of Freddie Gibbs. He raps about the social justice system being set up for black people to fail, even when Obama was the president of America. On Giannis, Anderson .Paak makes an appearance and has one the best features on the album. The power in .Paak's vocals is just so nuts, when he comes in he really controls the entire song. His rapping is better than his rapping on Oxnard in my opinion, he really flowed well over Madlib production. Then Cataracts is another one of my favourite songs I've heard this year. Freddie sounds very ruthless and relentless on here, some amazing flowing from Gangsta Kane as well and the production is crazy, as you'd expect from Madlib. This is easily one of the best rap albums of all time, everything is perfect from back to front. I would 100% recommend this to hip hop fans, don't sleep on this.
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    All the sounds of the crowd in the videos have been added by myself so far, cutting off the original video audio. The only one to slip through was a "Rocky" sound bite in Baileys entrance. I agree that mixing with boos and cheers for each character would make it more personalised though and it's something i'd like to improve on and offer as i go on. I'm enjoying the concept, i'm glad it seems to be enjoyed by others as well.
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    Name: Var Backstory: Var is a college dropout who put her life toward wrestling. Although she is not great she has now moved on to a manager role. She now lives off of the fortune of wrestlers who need something to push them to the top. She can often be seen distracting wrestlers with her swinging hips and spray bottle. She has built up her body over the years by eating nothing but corn. She looks to become the top face of wrestling in the near future. Born: 28th of December, 1994 Set to debut: April, 2016 Gender: Female Race: White Nationality: Ukranian Based in: USA Active Wrestler/Manager Style: All Around Body Type: Skinny Size: Crusierweight Minimum Size: Crusierweight Maximum Size: Light Heavyweight Moves: The Corn Cruncher, Spray and Pay, Swinging Hips Toss Face Gimmick: Stripper Heel Gimmick: Stripper Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Manager Pictures:
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    UFC - The Promise Land

    Name (First And Last): Gordon "Stargazer" Constantine Height: 5'8 Weight: 145 Ibs (66kg) Division will be decided on Weight and Height Personality (Cocky, Humble, Etc.): Quiet, Reserved and Professional Walk Out Music: "Synchronicity II" by The Police Fighting Style (Brawler, Submission, Ground Game Etc): Submissions Appearance (Tattoos, Hair Color, Etc.): Green Eyes, Curly Dark Brown Hair, No Tattoos, clean shaven
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    I Can't Odd

    Match Of The Year: WWE Edition

    Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle - WrestleMania 21
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    If You Had One Wish On The Forums

    To be admin
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Hans KENJI Godsent Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
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    United States Pro Wrestling

    Match 1 (Lightweight Title Match): Will Ospreay Match 2: Mystico Match 3: MJF Match 4 (Lightweight Tag Title Match): Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) Match 5: Mercedes KV Match 6: The Lucha Brothers Match 7: Uhaa Nation Match 8 (Winner enters match for World Title): Marty Scurll
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    I Can't Odd

    Match Of The Year: WWE Edition

    Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar - No Way Out 2004
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    Name: John Stark Age: 26 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 345lbs Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Brawler Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Monster heel think Braun when he debuted could also be a bodyguard Heel/Face/Tweener: heel Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): think every move done by big show, braun etc and you're good Signature Moves (Up to 3): Frog Splash, Stark Bomb (Batista Bomb) Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Tombstone, Running Powerslam, Shooting Star Press (Super Rare)
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    Arius KENJI Godsent Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Hans Kenji Godsent Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Arius Kenji Godsent Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
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    This is amazing Arius, if you could I love to have an entrance of my own, it would be incredibly helpful and it would make stuff more interesting to look at.
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    NXT UK Discussion

    I think Rhea Ripley could be an absolute star on the OG NXT especially in a Women's Division who really need bodies at the moment. She's got a good character, she's menacing and can work really well in the ring and on the mic. I'm a big fan of hers, loved her in the Mae Young Classic and if she does transition over to NXT then I'll be all for her being pushed to the moon and hopefully getting a title reign quickly
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    United States Pro Wrestling

    Match 1 (Lightweight Title Match): Will Ospreay vs Lio Rush Match 2: Mystico vs Rhino Match 3: MJF vs Ren Narita Match 4 (Lightweight Tag Title Match): Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) vs Primo & Epico Match 5: Mercedes KV vs Tenille Dashwood Match 6: GOD vs The Lucha Brothers Match 7: TAKA Michinoku vs Eric Young vs Jay White vs Uhaa Nation Match 8 (Winner enters match for World Title): Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal
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    This is my main #1 forever and always. No matter how much they nerf him, he'll always have a place as my main. Ike Side B and Up B will always have a place in my main squad. If we're allowed to have more than one main, these guys are definitely #2. I just learned how to play them with Ultimate and it's a very fun experience. They're just so bad but at the same time just so good if you can play them right (the few times that I do). Also that tornado Side B is so annoying but just so fun at the same time. And if we're allowed to include a third, it would definitely be Mewtwo for me. I haven't completely got the moveset down yet and I mess up at least 5 times a game but when Mewtwo's played right he's absolutely deadly.
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    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    Var on a path to solve world hunger The womens wrestler/valet Var has recently opened up her own corn plantation in the Ukraine. She is said to be sending this corn all around the world to feed the hungry and the poor. Var is not usually a generous person but maybe this is a shift for her we will see how much she can do with this corn project. Will she be able to solve world hunger and spread the love of corn around? Or will she go back to her selfish ways and keep the corn for herself? Only time will tell but this looks to be a small step in the right direction for Var.
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Bulls 2011 Diary NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs Magic Round 2 Game 4 This is a win or go home game for the Bulls as they are down 3-0 in the series as it seems they are destined to have a second round exit. The first quarter starts as both teams come out hot as the Bulls lead 34-31. Derrick Rose and Daniel Gibson lead the way with 8 and 6. For the Magic it is Brandon Roy leads the way with 7 and Markieff Morris added on 6. In the second quarter we saw the Magic come out and take the lead as they head into the half leading by 6, 57-51. For the Magic we saw Brandon Roy once again lead the way with 14 as Markieff Morris added on 12. For the Bulls it was Derrick Rose and Daniel Gibson leading the way scoring 10 a piece. In the third quarter we saw the Magic extend their lead to 10 as they lead 89-79. For the Bulls it was Jimmer leading the way with 18 as Danny Green added on 13. For the Magic it was Brandon Roy with 20 and Markieff Morris with 14. As the Magic look to close the series out in the 4th. In the end the Bulls just didn't have an answer for Dwight Howard as they fell 121-99 in the one as they have been eliminated from the playoffs. For the Bulls it was Jimmer with 22 and Derrick Rose with 22 and 13 assists. For the Magic it was Brandon Roy with 30 and Dwight Howard with 20 points and 20 rebounds. The Bulls season is now over as the Magic move on to the conference finals to take on the Miami Heat.
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Now these are some solid NBA Teams, you have the Mavs who have that good core with Kristaps and Luka with Horforf complimenting as well and a pretty solid bench with JJ Reddick providing some shooting, I think you're being a bit harsh on the mavs I think with that team it would be almost impossible to not go .500 so unless there is something else going on there I think Dallas are a safe bet to play in the playoffs. The interesting thing about the Nuggets in general is that they work so well in irl but when they are on 2k they actually aren't one of the best teams. I think they do well, they should do well but they won't be a contender to the chip
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Dallas Mavericks ________________________________________ Roster: Kristaps Porzingis Luka Doncic Al Horford Theo Maledon Tim Hardaway Jr Jaylen Brunson Myers Leonard J.J Reddick Keldon Johnson Lance Stephenson Kosta Koufos Dorian Finney-Smith Killian Tillie Kenny Wooten Head Coach: Rick Carlisle Prediction: 37-45 Brooklyn Nets ________________________________________ Roster: Jimmy Butler D'Angelo Russell Kevin Love Jarrett Allen Shabazz Naiper Joe Harris Rodions Kurucs Rui Hachimura Delon Wright Kevin Porter Jr George Hill Dylan Windler Grant Williams Ashton Hagans Emmitt Matthews Jr Head Coach: Kenny Atkinson Prediction: 50-32 Denver Nuggets ________________________________________ Roster: Nikola Jokic Jamal Murray Gary Harris Michael Porter Jr Malik Beasley Pual Milsap Monte Morris Trey Lyles E'Twaun Moore Josh Green Brad Wanamaker Charles Bassey George Niang Thabo Sefolosha Head Coach: Mike Malone Prediction: 46-36 LET ME KNOW
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    Just "Marker" Done

    NXT: The New Age

    Matt Riddle Isn't Afraid Of Undisputed We begin this episode of NXT with the Number 1 Contender for the NXT Championship, "The King Of Bros" Matt Riddle, he speaks about his past on MMA and how he has been travelling the world finding new opponents to face and that why he came to NXT, to beat the best of the best and right now that the Undisputed Era. He wants a match one on one against any of them in the Main Event to prove why he is better than everyone and to show a different side of him. Street Profits VS Moss and Sabbatelli This is the first match of Street Profits reign as Tag Team Champions, this match is for the Street Profits to make a statement in the Tag Team Division, that their win wasn't a fluke and that they are the best Tag Team around, however for Moss and Sabbatelli, it all about beating them as this could lead to them to be Number 1 Contenders down the line. This match ends in 10 mins as Street Profits gets the win over Moss and Sabbatelli. After the match, both men attack Montez and Angelo from behind due to them not winning, then out comes Danny and Oney to come to the rescue. Danny and Oney gives the titles to them and Street Profits lifting them high, could this be a future title match? No One Can Touch Me Shayna has been unstoppable since beating Kairi Sane for the NXT Women's Championship and ever since, she has a stranglehold on the division with The Horsewomen. She wants competitors, real ones and that next week, she will ask William Regal to have a Number 1 Contender for the Women's title. Velveteen Dream VS Tyler Bate TYLER BATE IS THE MYSTERY OPPONENT OF VELVETEEN DREAM! This match lasted 15 mins as both men put their all into this match, however Bate gets the victory over Velveteen Dream, could this be Tyler Bate chance at facing The Dream for the North American Championship? It doesn't matter now as Tyler Bate celebrates the victory over The Velveteen Dream with his happy gesture. Undisputed Era Decision Adam Cole right now is deciding who would be the best competitor in his group to take on Riddle in the Main Event, Adam Cole decides Kyle O'Reilly as he Kyle has a mix martial art fighting style similar to Riddle and that could cancel it out. Kyle O'Reilly VS Matt Riddle This match lasted 20 mins and it was a very good match between Kyle O'Reilly and Matt Riddle, with both men MMA background, they used their kicks and submissions to tire each other, Kyle tried going for the Ankle Lock, but Riddle reverse into a Bro Mission, Undisputed Era comes out and attack Riddle which lead to DQ. Undisputed Era lays out Matt Riddle and Adam grabs Riddle head and tells him that he will never get near the title while Adam is the champ and he slams his head to the mat, ending the show.
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    G1 Climax 29 Discussion

    Definitely recommend anyone not familiar with the history of the G1 to give this a watch. It's a very informative video which doesn't shy away from addressing the highs and lows of the industry in the process. It's fantastic to be able to get an introduction into the stories and rich history of the contestants year to year. Like for example, when Hashimoto planted Mutoh directly on his head in '95 so harshly that it reopened the stitches on Mutohs forehead. They were friends but he was so dedicated to winning the G1 that he was willing to annihilate in the process. Has gotten me more excited to start this years G1.
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    Come back and give Shane'o Mac a stunner please
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    Earlier in the night of Judgement Day, Kenji and Meko are the final two in the NXT Championship Battle Royal, and it looks like Kenji is about to win when Brad's music plays, distracting him and causes Meko to gain the advantage and ended up eliminating him. Then the camera cuts to the United States Championship match up which has Aaron North running down the ramp and jumping on the apron, distracting Arius long enough for Hans to regroup and get the win. The tron then cuts to backstage as Aaron North and Brad are walking side by side, smirks on both their faces. Before they enter the door to the locker room, BPZ interviewer Mike Hunt stops them. Mike: "Brad. Aaron. Your words on your actions by costing both Arius and Kenji their Championship matches?" Brad: "Listen Tom-" Mike: "It's Mike." Brad: "Shut up. Now Tom/Mike, Mike/Tom, Rebecca, Christina Poopy Face whatever you want to be called, understand that those two men, they deserved that. They disrespected me over and over and over again by refusing to even mention me. After giving them the worst beating they ever got, the continued to avoid the Name Of Brad…… so I screwed them over maaaaaaaaaaaaan! And I will continue to until they- OH SHIT!" Brad is cut off as Kenji runs and tackles Brad to the ground, wailing on him with lefts and rights as Arius grabs Aaron by the neck and throws him back first at the wall, which both men now start throwing shots at each other, not backing up once. Brad continues to block his face before poking Kenji in the eye before kicking Kenji off, sending him back into the wall, which allows Brad to get up and slap him. He then yells "TRY SEEING THAT YOU CLOSED EYES ASSHOLE!" before he begins to punch Kenji in the head again and again. Aaron elbowed Arius in the temple before looking at Brad who nods. They both go to Irish whip their opponents towards each other, but Arius and Kenji reverse and sends Aaron and Brad into each other, causing Aaron to fall and Brad to go into the wall, holding his chest, yelling "YOU HAD ONE JOB YOU IDIOT!" before Arius and Kenji start attacking Brad, hitting him with multiple forearms to the back before Kenji turns around and gets speared into the locker by North, which distracts Arius for a few seconds, allowing Brad to low blow Arius, and then tackles Arius to the grab and grabs his legs before going for the Walls Of Fakers. Kenji then grabs Aaron and throws him out of the door of the locker room before Kenji grabs a water bottle and chucks it at the face of Brad, hitting him in the nose with it, causing Brad to let go and stumble out the room. "OW OW OWWWWW THAT WAS MY NOSE YOU JAP-" The sentence ends when Arius throws a metal trash can at Brad, the edge colliding with his head, sending him down. Aaron is up and he grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays down both Arius and Kenji with it, before using it as a weapon and rams the end into the guts of both men. He then throws the fire extinguisher, it hitting the foot of Kenji before he brawls with both as security starts to arrive and tries to separate all three men. The security team holds Kenji and Arius back together, which gives Brad time to run up and jump onto the crate and jumps onto the two wrestlers and the guards. When the camera catches a glimpse of Brad, it shows that he is busted open after the edge of the trash can cut his head. He started to punch both men's heads with his fist before grabbing a taser and lights it up and yells. "LIGHT THIS SUSHI BOY UP!". He goes to shock Kenji before he's tackled by more security and dragged back to position. Aaron and Brad are held back by guards as they demand to be let go from the guards grasps as Kenji and Arius finally get up and tries charging the two but to no avail. Brad and Aaron are dragged to a different room as the last shot of Arius and Kenji trying to get at them is the last shot seen of the brawl before BPZ Judgement Day goes to the next match.
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Charlotte Hornets ---------------------------------------------- Roster: Kemba Walker DeAndre Jordan Willy Hernangomez Cody Zeller Michael Kidd-gilchrist Malik Monk Miles Bridges Tyler Hero Precious Achiuwa Scottie Lewis Raul Neto Nicolas Claxton Ekpe Udoh Austin Wiley Head Coach: James Borrego Prediction: 34-48 Utah Jazz ---------------------------------------------- Roster: Rudy Gobert Donvan Mitchell Carmelo Anthony Emmanuel Mudiay Nerlens Noel Tyreke Evans Jae Crowder Ayo Dosunmu Dante Exum Joe Ingles Cameron Payne Royce O'Neale Jalen McDaniels Grayson Allen Luguentz Dort Head Coach: Quin Snyder Prediction: 42-40 Sacramento Kings ---------------------------------------------- Roster: De'aaron Fox LaMarcus Aldridge Marvin Bagley Buddy Hield Bogdan Bogdanovic Will Barton John Henson Romeo Langford Vernon Carey Jr Yogi Ferrell Brandon Knight Norman Powell Frank Mason Harry Giles (Injured) Steven Enoch Marcos Louzadi-Sliva (1 Year European Contract) Head Coach: Luke Walton Prediction: 38-44 LET ME KNOW
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Memphis Grizzlies ---------------------------------------------- Roster: Jaren Jackson Jr Jonas Valanciunas Kelly Oubre Jr. Josh Jackson Reggie Jackson Davis Bertans Nico Mannion Ivan Rabb Dillon Brooks Kyle Anderson Maxi Kleber Jevon Carter Omri Casspi Sindarius Thornwell Jordan Clarkson (Injured) Head Coach: Jacque Vaughn Prediction: 39-43 Atlanta Hawks ---------------------------------------------- Roster: DeMarcus Cousins Trae Young John Collins Anthony Edwards Kezie Okpala Derrick Favors Alex Len Taurean Prince Kevin Huerter Aubrey Dawkins Deyonta Davis Isaiah Mobley Tyler Zeller Zhaire Smith PJ Washington Head Coach: Lloyd Pierce Prediction: 51-31 Miami Heat ---------------------------------------------- Roster: Bam Adebayo Coby White Josh Richardson Willie Cauley-Stein Justise Winslow Kelly Olynyk Thaddeus Young Dion Waiters Ochai Agbaji Jeremy Lin James Johnson Derrick Jones Jr Dwight Howard Wesley Matthews Michael Beasley Head Coach: Erik Spoelstra Prediction: 28-54 Let me Know what you think of the 3 Teams just shown today!
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    Never say never but it really all depends on how his Run in AEW goes in the 1st Year. And i imagine its going to be great. They are gonna push him too the moon and hes going to have his creative freedom. So highly unlikely he leaves but you never know no one saw him leaving WWE coming. It takes 1 bad relationships with the higher ups for him to want out. Maybe theyll want him to job to Adam Page and that pisses him off. But i doubt it. I think he will definitely be in AEW for the full 3 Years and becike a multi time world Champion
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    Big Bailey Sports Talk.

    Next seasons MVP? My Prediction to win the NFL MVP Next Year is Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck is right there as one of the Elite Quarterbacks in the NFL today. And yet to me hasn't had his Best Season yet. He's been great throughout his Career but i just feel like he hasn't had that true Breakout season. I think Next Year could be the Year. After starting last Season 1-5? 1-6? It was one of the two. Andrew Luck lead the Colts back to an impressive 10-6 Record and a playoff appearance. Now I've always been a Luck Fan. But last Year just shows how valuable he is. To me hes probably the Most Valuable player to his Team. The Colts the Year before were without Luck for the whole season. They went 4-12. a Year later he returns and they are 10-6 in the playoffs. That just shows how valuable he is to his Team. Hes arguably the best pure talented Quarterback in the league. and i think next year is his year. I see the Colts making the playoffs again and Andrew Luck putting up Big Numbers. Were talking 40 Plus Touchdowns and 5000 Plus Yards. Massive Numbers by Luck i believe. Andrew Luck will be the MVP of the NFL next year.
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    I think Kofis feud has been pretty good especially with what he has been given. He made the filler feud with Ziggler welll and so far him and Joe have done well. Hes constantly putting on good matches every week and i haven't been disappointed in any of this title defenses. Kofi has done hes shown he ddeserves his spot
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    This just makes me very very sad. Three names that should be in WWE's Upper-Midcard scene are on Main Event facing the Lucha House Party. With Robert Roode especially, what happened to his "push" after Mania, it was like one week he was winning and then the next wwe completely forgot about it, talk about a continuity lapse... Hopefully with the new changes to RAW we won't have to see the Main Event Muscle Men look sad on Main Event for much longer
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    AEW: Fyter Fest ......................................................................................................................................................... "The Buy in" Pre-Show ......................................................................................................................................................... In the first of four Women's qualifying matches to take place over Fyter Fest and Fight For the Fallen, the dominant Nyla Rose picked up the victory over Yuka Sakazaki and Riho cementing herself in the Championship match at All Out. Nyla Rose used the Guillotine Choke to submit Riho to pick up the win In this Hardcore contest, Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey, hitting a spear through a table in the corner to pick up the victory ......................................................................................................................................................... Main Show ......................................................................................................................................................... The Fyter Fest main card kicked off with a very important match between three of AEW's Elite tag-teams, The Best Friends, Private Party and SCU. The winner of this match will not only gather some momentum within a stacked Tag-Team Division but will also receive a first round bye in the Tag-Team Championship Tournament airing in October when AEW airs on TNT. The experienced team of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky continued their impressive form as Scorpio Sky delivered a 450 Splash to Chuckie T picking up the victory. As SCU were celebrating their win, once again the lights in the arena cut out and the Dark Order attacked laying out Sky and Kazarian After Britt Baker defeated Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose at Double Or Nothing, she was beaten down after the match by the debuting Awesome Kong. Brandi Rhodes revealed that Awesome Kong was the newest signee on the AEW Roster and immediately set up a match between the two. Not only do these two have a score to settle but qualification is on the line for the winner as revealed on Road to Fyter a couple of weeks ago. Britt Baker seemingly pulled off the upset, defeating Awesome Kong with a shining wizard and placing her alongside Nyla Rose in the All Out Fatal-Four-Way match Hangman Adam Page was the winner of the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing earning him a spot in the Main Event of All Out in a chance to become the inaugural AEW World Champion. In this Fatal-Four Way Contest, Adam Page picked up another win pinning Jungle Boy after hitting the Rite of Passage. After the match MJF once again was annoyed that Page picked up the victory and took his frustrations out on Jungle Boy. This led to Luchasaurus running out to help Jungle Boy attacking MJF and sending him scurrying to the back. As Luchasaurus helped Jungle Boy to his feet, Jimmy Havoc revealed a staple gun and stapled the heads of both Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus before exiting Throughout the build to this match, there was no question about how great of a Tag-Team Wrestler Christopher Daniels was, however the question that clouded the mind of Daniels was whether he still had it as a singles wrestler. More questions needed to be asked of Daniels as he failed to defeat his long-time friend CIMA who picked up the victory with the Mad Splash. After the match Christopher Daniel's was visibly upset with the outcome possibly pondering if he still has it as a singles wrestler One of the more intriguing matches of the Fyter Fest card was the contest between Darby Allin and Cody. Allin is a relative unknown for the majority of viewers and this was his chance to show the world how good he is and that he did, coming oh so close to defeating Cody however he would just fall short with Cody winning via the Cross-Rhodes After making his shocking debut for AEW at Double or Nothing, Jon Moxley made his in-ring debut against Bad Boy Joey Janela. This match was one of the more anticipated on the card as people were curious to see Moxley unleashed. Moxley wrestled with a more vicious style defeating Janela with an elevated Dirty Deeds. After the match Moxley wasn't finished and continued to beat down Janela before eventually busting him open and delivering another elevated Dirty Deeds onto a steel chair Our Main Event of Fyter Fest was headlined by the in-ring debut of the Bastard PAC. The Elite Trio featuring Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks worked like a well oiled machine whereas Pentagon Jr and Fenix had problems with PAC who constantly decided to go into business for himself. In the end it was Kenny Omega who would deliver the One-Winged Angel to Rey Fenix to win the match and close out AEW's second ever PPV. The next AEW Show will be Fight for the fallen on July 14th
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    Eric Shun

    205 Live: New Opportunities

    WWE Clash of Champions 25th September 2016 After a good Tag Team Championship match between The New Day and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, it is time for the first ever Cruiserweight Championship match, Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary build up a lot of anticipation for the match. Until finally the time comes and both men come down to the ring. VERSUS CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH TJ Perkins (C) Against Rich Swann After an intense number one contendership match between Rich Swann and The Brian Kendrick, when Swann came out on top. There was only a small rest period for Swann before the start of this match, which is getting underway as we speak. And it is a fast start for TJ Perkins as he brings the fight to Swann with a variation of forearms and kicks, and backs up for a few seconds before delivering a clothesline. Swann is right back up, and ducks the second clothesline before delivering a good looking drop kick to the Cruiserweight Champion. Perkins gets back up to his feet but only to be sent right back down to the mat with an enzuigiri. Swann looks to end this one quickly, and in doing so win the Championship which would lead to a very short first title reign in this new Cruiserweight Division. Swann goes up top and looks for a 450 splash, but Perkins gets his knees up, and both men lay on the canvas, Swann in pain, Perkins in an attempt to recuperate. Both men begin to get up to their feet Perkins looks to strike first, but Swann rolls underneath, and using the top rope he hold himself in the air and delivers a hurricanrana to Perkins as he turned around. But good ring psychology by Perkins as he uses his awareness to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. However, Swann has that look in his eye suicide dive! No, the attempt for the high flying move does not pay off as somehow, someway, Swann was caught by Perkins who now just carelessly drops Swann onto the ringside barricade forcing Swann to fall into an empty area of the crowd. Wait a second though, look at Perkins, he is taking a run up and he clears the barricade and takes out Swann again, before retreating back into the ring himself. Is Perkins looking for the count-out win in this one, as Swann staggers back over the barricade with the referees' count getting up to 6. Swann is stirring on the outside, and just manages to get back inside the ring with the referee on a count of 9. Perkins wastes no time before going back to work on Swann, lifting him up to a vertical base before getting a few more kicks in on the legs of Swann, who drops to his knees. Allowing Perkins to deliver a pitch-perfect kick to the face of Swann, but the cover only delivers a two count. Perkins has done fantastically well to comeback in this match, he had a slow start but he has recovered well. Perkins allows Swann to get back to his feet, but on arrival he is met by a stiff forearm, the favour is returned by Swann. Perkins fires back, and Swann does to, the pace of the forearms increasing. The fans cheer along in song with the forearms too. Both men continue to increase the pace, before the chain is broken by Swann who pushes Perkins back into the ropes. Superkick by Swann! Cover on the Cruiserweight Champion, and it is a late two count the outcome. Swann really wants this win as he goes up top, is he going to go for the Pheonix Splash! But he is stopped in his tracks by Perkins with a kick to the head of Swann. Perkins is joining Swann on the top rope superplex! Perkins rolls straight into the cover. 1,2, an wow! An extremely late kick out by Swann. And somehow this match continues. And the fans are lapping up every second of this action. But I can tell you now, Perkins and Swann both just want this match over, and that is something that Perkins is trying to do now. As once more he gets Swann up to a vertical base. But this time the outcome is far, far more painful for Swann. As TJ Perkins locks in the TJP Clutch! They are right in the centre of the ring, Swann has nowhere to go, he has to tap out. But he doesn't he still has a little bit of fight left in him as he tries in every single way imaginable to get out of the submission manoeuvre that he is currently locked in. Swann is losing hope and taps out. Perkins retains his Championship. But hold on, a figure is climbing over the barricade with a black mask on and all black clothing. The figure is getting into the ring, and wait. He has a metal chain, Perkins doesn't know he is there. As the hooded figure begins to lash out at Perkins with several shots with the chain. Perkins is lying in pure agony in the middle of the ring as the figure manages to get away from the security guards trying to stop him. As Perkins gets up and leaves the ring at a very slow pace.
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    Eric Shun

    205 Live: New Opportunities

    Monday Night Raw September 19th 2016 Stephanie McMahon Kickstarts Cruiserweight Division RAW comes back from the ad break as the second hour of the show begins fans at home watching the show are greeted by Stephanie McMahon in the ring, ready to speak. Stephanie McMahon: After the announcement of the brand split, which saw Raw and Smackdown Live split. I instantly knew that here on the flagship show, we needed a stand out event exclusive to us and only us. So what did I do? I watched the Cruiserweight Classic very closely. A tournament between a bunch of great wrestlers who all have a unique talent that many men and women in the WWE don't have. And in the tournament, every single man involved showed heart and determination. Which itself made for a fantastic tournament, with TJ Perkins managing to win in emphatic style. And after I looked back at this tournament a few times. I made the executive decision as commissioner of Monday Night Raw to bring the Cruiserweight Division here to Raw instead of letting Shane get them working Tuesday nights. Now we are here, with everyone in the wrestling world full to the brim with anticipation ahead of this new era that is about to unfold before all of our eyes. So without further a due the first match in the Cruiserweight era, Ariya Daivari against TJ Perkins. VERSUS NON-TITLE MATCH TJ Perkins Against Ariya Daivari As announced in an interview released on WWE.com. The first match in the Cruiserweight era between TJ Perkins and Ariya Daivari go head to head. Whilst these two do have clashing styles, with TJ Perkins loving his high flying moves and Ariya Daivari is not known for his acrobatics, but he will want to get a win over the Cruiserweight Champion. Now these two lock up, collar and elbow style to get this match started, but that is quickly broken up by Daivari with a knee to the gut of TJ Perkins. That knee is quickly followed up with a few kicks to the leg of Perkins and a few forearms too. Perkins attempting to comeback with some kicks of his own but Daivari stays in control in the early stages of this one. The tide may have turned as Perkins tries to take control now. Hurrincanrana sending Ariya Daivari into the ropes, but Daivari get back up to his feet before any further damage can be done. Daivari takes the fight to Perkins again with another string of kicks. Now he has got Perkins up, running powerslam! Quickly followed up by a delayed gutwrench suplex! That is something you would expect to see fro Cesaro not a Cruiserweight! Cover now but Perkins is out on two. Daivari isn't finished as he locks in the camel clutch. This has to be it, Perkins has no escape. We could see a huge shock here. But no, somehow, someway TJ Perkins managed to escape taking the legs away from Daivari. Now look at Perkins, he is going right into a submission manoeuvre of his own now. What he likes to call the TJP clutch. But Daivari gets out and both men return to their feet. Without wasting anytime however, Perkins gets right back on the attack with a few kicks to Daivari backing him into the corner. Now he continues with some chops with the fans counting along all the way to ten, when the referee pulls Perkins away. Daivari tries to take control with a hurricanrana, but wait no! Perkns just reversed a hurricanrana into a powerbomb! Perkins waits for Daivari to get back to his feet, now its Perkins with the hurricanrana sending Daivari rebounding off of the second turnbuckle, into a detonation kick! Perkins goes for the cover and wins.
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    Eric Shun

    205 Live: New Opportunities

    ROSTER |TJ Perkins| - Cruiserweight Champion |Ariya Daivari| |Austin Aries| |The Brian Kendrick| |Cedric Alexander| |Drew Gulak| |Gran Metalik| |Jack Gallagher| |Lince Dorado| |Mustafa Ali| |Noam Dar| |Rich Swann| |Tony Nese| Other Personal |Corey Graves| - Commentator |Mauro Ranallo| - Commentator |Mick Foley| - Raw General Manager |Stephanie McMahon| - Raw Commisioner |Charly Caruso| - Backstage Interviewer
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    Smarks Daily

    Roooooaaasttttt! Hello it's me Brian and I'm the King of Roast. Yes this is a new series called king of Roast if you couldn't tell. This won't be a daily or weekly show. This will only happen when me the King needs to let out a good Roast. I really hate Bashka I'm not gonna even show a picture of him because he changes his god Damn appearanc every month. So I'll just show you a picture of what I think about him. If you couldn't tell its Shit with some corn in it maybe. Anyway how can anyone invest into Bashka. How can anyone care for him when he changes his character so god Damn Much. I mean I could make a triva game and asks the contestants to name every bash character in just the last 5 months and people would still take 5 hours to answer it. I mean he's been the cocky heel. Then he was the typical Heel GM. Who would Kiss his bosses ass more times than Bailey telling everyone he is the GOAT. Then he became a cocky degenerate who was also still the GM like what the fuck man. Then he just went back to being bashka. Then he became the "Bad guy" meaning in every god Damn promo he would end with the bad guy always win. Well from your track record bash I would say you are wrong. And then he went back to bash. And now he is Prince Pretty of BPZ. Hell that will prob be gone soon as well. And what's next. Is he gonna become the adult film star of the company? Is he gonna come back as a Hollywood movie star even tho he's never been in a god Damn movie. Bashka just sucks he's the gimmck changer of BPZ. And that isn't a good thing. Hell is he even the GM anymore fuck Sakes. Get your shit together man. You might be a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion but I'd rather watch Akki then your bum ass. Stick to one god Damn character and stay with it or just quit the business. Because you're not supposed to change your character all the time in Wrestling it's not a good thing. At least get checked out by a doctor to see if you got a personality disorder or something mate. Bashka has always sucked though in my opinion. I mean he was once the biggest pussy in Kayfabe. He never had one good reign, I'm Pretty sure he's never even had one title defense where he actually retained the World title. He's not a GOAT, hell he isn't even top 3 all time. Helll i don't think hes top 5 all time. he's not entertaining. I don't like Bailey either but when bashka calls him washed up and tells him that his time his over all I can do is laugh and call him a hypocrite. At least Bailey Still finds himself in big matches and big feuds. While bashka just struggles with what character he actually wants to play. That's why this Smark Brian doesn't like bashka. He just honestly sucks. Well that's it for this Roast. I'm Brian from Smarks daily and i hate Bashka!
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    Smarks Daily

    Hey it's me it's me it's Tommy! Well actually I'm now tommy the jobber....... I was the first one to botched something important and now I have to say I'm a jobber and I have to wear this stupid hat. anyway this is our weekly show Power 5. It's basically the power rankings of BPZ. So yea let's get started #5 Yelich I mean duh. He beat 3 guys in 1 match. Of course hes gonna be on the list. He looks like an absolute Beast. He created Nexus and he buried Nexus what a man. #4 now this will be Split between 2 People. Ryan and Tamer But here is just a picture of Ryan because Fuck Tamer! I still Like you tamer it's just we don't have enough budget to be showing 2 visuals for one Number. But anywho, the reason they are both #4 is because well Tamer didn't win.... I know I'm a fuck up they actually drew. So they both get #4 because they are both great but equal right now in my book. Let's hope they have one more match at summerslam #3 Broken NATO I mean first off Broken NATO is awesome! Second he completely destroyed the NXT Champion BIC in the final deletion. I mean he basically raped Bic. His charisma is amazing and he's probably the favorite to win US. He'll probably rape BIC again. #2 Slim, I would call him King but he's not a King. Like why the fuck does he have the King In front of his name? He didn't win the tournament. He has no right to call Himself King but anyway. Slim is on fire right now winning the IC title and Tag team title at KOTR and then beating Bailey at Powertrip. He's doing great right now but man he better put Nebby Amore over or ill be pissed. Nebby is life, Nebby is love, Nebby is God. #1 and #1 is Akki no I'm just Kidding it's Flynn . Of Course it's Flynn. He did us all a favor by making Nate Broken NATO. He retained his WHC at KOTR easily. He's looking strong going into summerslam and i don't know if anyone can beat the man. I won't be surprised if he goes to Mania with the belt . He's just a beast. And that's it for our Power 5, if you liked hit the Green button and Leave a comment on the show. I'm Tommy.... the Jobber and I'm outta here .
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    Overrated Sports Stars

    Russell Westbrook most overrated player in basketball
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    Overrated Sports Stars

    Russell Westbrook. He stat pads which is why it makes him look a lot more impressive than he actually is. He also can't shoot the ball to save his life
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