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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Back To Another Episode of the Andrew Walsh's Interview, my name is Andrew Walsh and today guest is a wrestler that has been in BPZ for years and has won many titles in the process, please welcome BIC! It's a pleasure to be here man, MnMs as well, much better than at BPZ Commentaries craphole. Always great to hear from you BIC. Let's move on to the questions, My first question is how long do you see yourself in BPZ Wrestling? You have been here for a while and has won everything here in BPZ, do you think it enough for you or is there something more you want? I've explored MMA in my early years, I've bought my fathers old bar and Im running that in my off time. Am I as active as I once was? No, I'm not afraid to admit time has caught up to me and my body but I am still ready to go anytime this company needs me, my ankle may be very messed up but I'm still signing autographs and shaking hands. It's a great feeling, despite being away from the ring, I love it. But to answer your question, there's nowhere for me besides BPZ Wrestling. My next question is that for people that you have faced during your time here in BPZ Wrestling, who was the toughest competitor and if so, who would you like to face again? Well Julius is an easy one but I'll save that for a later date. Facing Natedog was easily the worst, 9 times we faced off in different matches and I only beat him once. Hes easily one of the best and I give him every props I can give. For facing again, I gotta say Bart man. We are 1-1 and we put on classics and the fans eat it up, we just need one more match. As of right now, the KOTR tournament is underway as first round has been finished, as of right now, who would be the favorite to win and maybe the Underdog to win the tournament? Hans, hes possible my best friend and I've been reported saying this before. He's a great man and deserves it, but realistically anyone could win and that's the beauty of it all. Speaking of Hans, he has been one of the best talents we have seen in a long time for BPZ, while there him, there are also a few other talents that are there, do you see some of them on your level? I see every single one of them besides Bulldozer having the potential of being beyond my level, I hope to encounter some of them in the near future because they are truly top talent here in BPZ and I can't wait to do some work with them. My next question is, if you were to make a faction on the current BPZ Roster, which one would you like to be alongside you? That's a good question man there is so much talent, I'd want someone I can trust and respect so of course Hans, and then to add a weird fun factor throw in Arius in there. Along with Bashka to bring that name value and legendary vactor, along with someone like George AK to really pull it together. My next question is that throughout your career, what your favorite title to hold and did you think that you brought prestige to the title? Recently IC was great, seeing it finally get attention after so long. All of my reigns have been pretty short and that's one thing I want to fix so it's nothing to memorable, but that's one of my goals when I come back. My final question to you BIC is, did you ever see yourself making it this far into your journey here in BPZ? You had phenomenal success and that has landed you as one of the best in BPZ and the most respected, how you feel about that? Of course I would have made it far here, I know my talents very well and I knew that one day I would reach to the top and that is exactly what I did and I know I'm well respected, that why Hans came to me and wanting to be helped and I couldn't decline that. Thank You for Your Time BIC! No Problem.
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    "In My Shadow"

    {The first round of the King of the Ring Tournament is now finished as we move towards the post-show press conference. Reporters wait in the room for one of the wrestlers to arrive and much to their surprise the first man out is none other than the current Intercontinental Champion Julius who walked through Mikey in the first round and has kickstarted his 2019 King of the Ring Campaign in style} "First of all Julius congratulations on the victory, what were your thoughts on the match in general? It looked like you were enjoying yourself out there beating him up" "I told him exactly what I was going to do, none of this should have been a surprise for him. He ran his mouth, he thought he could have a strategy for whatever I threw at him, but unless his strategy was to walk away with a few missing teeth, then it failed badly. If you guys think I'm not going to make a statement out of these young guys or if you think I am going to treat them any differently then you're wrong. I was on a warpath while I was NXT Champion, I became a star while NXT Champion so I don't see why they should be treated any differently. If he expected me to come out and give it only a 50% effort then he should walk out that door right now because this place isn't for him" "You obviously are the reigning King of the Ring Tournament winner but last year you came into the tournament far from being the favourite, but this year the roles are reversed and you are considered the favourite to earn yourself that World Title Shot. Has anything changed for you heading into the years tournament?" "To think last year I walked into this tournament just as a person to fill out the numbers but walked out the BPZ World Champion is something no one has ever seen before or will ever see again. It's hard to top that, but as you said it yourself I'm the favourite. I'm the man that's expected to win and that's what I do. I was expected to win the Power-Trip Cup and now I have a shot at Flynn whenever I want to, I was expected to beat BiC and become IC Champion and now this beautiful title is draped around my shoulder. To think that this year I come into this tournament more dangerous than ever before is such a scary sight for anyone who draws me" "You've got yourself in a pretty good position now Julius, you have a guaranteed Undisputed Title Shot whenever you want and you could possible gain yourself a World Title Shot at Summerslam, on top of that you are Intercontinental Champion. How do you focus on three different aspects of your career at one time?" "See what you explained right there is what makes me so much better than anyone else. If you guys have forgotten I was a Triple Champion last year and I would retain those titles day in and day out without a problem. I can shift my focus to anyone at anytime, tonight my focus was solely on Mikey and I got the job done. Next week it will be on The Marker and I'll get the job done there as well. There is a reason I am as good as I am and being able to place my attention on many things at once is one of them" "What about Bashka, he has made his intentions clear that he wants your Intercontinental Championship, when will you address that situation?" "Next question" "You alluded to it earlier but you face the Marker in the next round. You two have a lot of history so how do you expect him to come out after picking up a strong victory tonight and how are you going to attack that match next week?" "How am I going to attack it you ask? The same way I always do, I'm going to walk in beat him real bad and then walk out pack bags and on to the next town"These guys Marker, Storm I feel sorry for them because they really came here at the wrong time. They are both talented individuals especially the Marker, 2x NXT Champ, Premium Champ and Tag Champ he definitely hasn't had a lousy career but see he never could really break through while I was there. I can remember month after month facing Marker in NXT title matches and just beating him every single time, it was easy it was a breeze I never ever had to try and pay attention to him because he was always living in my shadow. He'll come out firing, he'll talk smack during the build like he always does, like he did before we fought at the Rumble. He had a good win over Aaron North but I'm different competition, I'm on such a higher level than the Marker that only a miracle would be able to stop me from moving into the Semi-Finals. He always comes up with something new every time I run into him so it will be interesting to see what he brings up this time because what he brought back in January before the Royal Rumble was pathetic and he paid the price. I embarrassed him and put him back in his place. I hope he remembers that before mouthing off about me" {As the reporters finish asking their questions Julius walks off the stage the first shot already being fired in the hype towards his Quarter-Final match with The Marker}
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    Tacko Fall was born and raised in Senegal but moved to the United States at the age of 16 to seek a better life. He was not immediately drawn to the sport of Basketball but Tacko continued to grow to a massive 7'7 (231cm) and was immediately scouted by College coaches. He would end up agreeing to play for the Knights at the University of Central Florida. Tacko's huge size and massive Wingspan made him a very unique player and enjoyed a successful college career averaging around 10 points a game 2 blocks and 8 rebounds in the 4 years he played for UCF However, Tacko was never seen as any sort of prospect because of the way he played and the way the NBA was moving away from traditional big men who work the paint and get inside looks. Tacko emerged back into the basketball spotlight when his Knights took on Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett from Duke University. There Tacko would matchup with Zion and put on a very entertaining contest with the Knights only barely losing to the Duke Juggernaut. After this the questions were asked. Could Tacko Fall play in the NBA? After setting many records at the NBA Combine, Tacko worked out for many NBA Teams such as the L.A. Lakers, Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics to name a few who were all seemingly impressed by what the Giant could bring to their team. Draft day then came and went, Tacko wasn't primed to be a lottery pick but many thought he could sneak in late in the second round and be given a chance on the NBA Roster, however that opportunity never came as Tacko went undrafted After the NBA Draft, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge reached out to Tacko and his management offering him a deal to play with the Celtics during the Summer League to which Tacko happily accepted. This story starts in the Summer League of 2019. Can Tacko Fall make his NBA Dream come true or will he be left in the dust?
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    Looking to the Future

    A camera backstage shows Mikey walking into a post conference room. The roar of the crowd can be heard as the faint tune of Bob Sparks' theme song plays in the background. The first round King of the Ring match Mikey vs Julius has just concluded, and Mikey is clearly feeling the effects of it. Mikey stumbles into the center of the camera, ready for his interview. However, when the first interviewer begins to ask their question, Mikey cuts him off with his own words. Well that was quite the experience. Clearly I'm not ready to hang with the big boys just yet, but that's what NXT is for. And despite the clear skill gap, I'd like to congratulate you on a good match Julius, I hope to meet you in the ring again sometime in the future. Mikey suddenly grabs his head and falls to one knee before shouting. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A CHAIR? A chair is tossed in front of Mikey from offscreen and he sets it up. He sits in it backward, resting his arms on the back of the chair. Ahh, sweet relief. Sorry for that outburst, I'm a little distressed right now is all. But, King of the Ring is out of the way for me now. The beast got the best of me, and that's that. No repeats, no second chances. Until next year of course, but we wouldn't be having this conversation if it was next year. Mikey stops talking, seeming to be waiting. The interviewer begins to ask a question, but he is once again cut off by Mikey. But here in BPZ, we do not dwell on the past. We look toward the future. At the King of the Ring event, I return to my roots. You heard me correctly, ladies and gentlemen, Mikey is coming back home to NXT. And I heard something I'm quite displeased about. Bob, my main man, dropped the belt to...Crow? Sir Birdman? I'm not exactly sure who, but it happened. Disappointing, if I'm being honest. So, Flamingo, or whatever you call yourself, listen closely. I don't care who you think you are, who you beat in that match to win that title, or where you plan on going. You and I are on an even playing field. No seed difference, no division difference, and hardly a size difference. I promise you I won't make the same mistakes I did tonight. All right, I'm ready for the questions, hit me. The interviewer stands up and utters the first few words of the question, but Mikey stands up and walks toward the exit of the room, stunning the interviewer once more. The camera follows him and before he can leave the room, he is confronted by another man.
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    Fifteen people (and Arius) have joined, meaning we have a 16 man tournament for season I. Brackets and the type you're assigned with will be done through list randomise and will be edited onto the first post of this thread. Once you have been assigned your type, you have seven days to make a team of eight Pokémon. This will be an active squad of six Pokémon and two substitutes who will be interchangeable with your squad should you make it past the first round. This squad should be posted on this thread within the seven day time period. Regulations and limitations to what you can use in your squad will be edited onto the first post of this thread. If you do not post a team which complies with the regulations set out before the seven day period is up you automatically forfeit your place in the tournament. Good luck to all competing in the official BrendenPlayz Pokémon Showdown Tournament!
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    We're a couple of days into Round Two and it's been an explosive start for a few of our teams. We've had a number of platinums already and the lead for some of our teams has grown inito a strong position early in the round. Let's take a look: Golden Victory have started well after a tough loss in round one. Team Three has relied soley on their best player StupidRef03. It could be another tough round for Team Three unless some help arrives. Luckily, StupidRef03 has kept them close in the fight. Two and A Half Men move on from an amazing Round One performance against BBB. But ultimately, they lost their first round. Platinum Maximums have forgotten to show up in the openiing couple of days. Only Racoonman457's 35 points represent the teams score so far. Two and A Half Men have enjoyed early success to competition heavyweight Meko750 and has given the team a strong lead early on. In our match up of the round so far, BBB have taken a considerable lead over The Royals. It's been a battle back and forth between the two teams but BBB have snatched the lead with P1ckleCh1ps and TheBestBeast84 putting up big numbers. The Royals have relied on GeorgeAK199 to score for them and they badly need support for George. Will Brenden3 or UntouchableT0ma1 help? If they don't it will be a defninite loss for the team. PLATINUM OF THE DAY @Meko750 (Raven) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Ripto's Remorse Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Rarity: 41.24% PLATINUMS @GeorgeAK Slyde Hooah In it for life. Rarity: 98.49% @BiC Storm Boy Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy Rarity: 98.35% @TheBeastlyKing Fullblast Platinum Ship Get all the trophies Rarity: 97.99% @GeorgeAK Big Adventurer Obtain all trophies Rarity: 97.17% @BiC @TheBeastlyKing Energy Cycle Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Rarity: 95.82% -- Lot's of time left in the round. Rally the troops, get some trophies and take the W! Good luck everyone.
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    Indiana Pacers ________________________________________ Rosters: Victor Oladipo Miles Turner Domantas Sabonis Bojan Bogdanovic Sekou Doumbouya Austin Rivers Frank Kaminsky Aaron Holiday Killian Hayes TJ Leaf Doug McDermott Cory Joseph Taj Gibson PJ Tucker Jordan Crawford Head Coach: Nate McMillan Prediction: 41-41 New Orleans Pelicans ________________________________________ Roster: Jarret Cluver T.J. Warren James Wiseman Cam Reddish Darius Garland Gordon Hayward Evan Fournier Jaxson Hayes Kent Bazemore Richaun Holmes Goran Dragic Christan Wood Glenn Robinson Tyrese Maxey Devon Dotson Head Coach: Alven Gentry Prediction: 39-43 Detroit Pistons ________________________________________ Roster: Andre Drummond Mike Conley Luke Kennard Jaden McDaniels Mario Hezonja Trevor Booker Kris Dunn Blake Griffin (Torn ACL out 4-6 Months) Alec Burks Thon Maker Talen Horton-Tucker Isaiah Whitehead Torrey Craig Wayne Ellington Jordan Nwora Head Coach: Dwayne Casey Prediction: 35-47 because Blake is out for so long LET ME KNOW
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    "Not My Fault"

    Yelich, fuming after his loss to Hans in round one of the King of the Ring tournament, is being led to the press area to make a statement on his match that he just had with Hans. Yelich stomps his way toward the press and gives his piece. Every damn time. I do the training, I do everything that people tell me to do. All the constructive criticism I receive, I take and I try to use to better myself. But EVERY DAMN TIME I lose. It's not me. Most people would think that this is my fault, that I'm just not good at my job and that I should consider a different profession. But it's not me, if it's my fault that I keep losing, then why do I keep hearing this endless praise from the masses for my great wrestling ability, my great promo ability. I'm not the person at fault here. There's some other force, someone has some sort of grudge against me making me lose this. Is that you God? Dickhead, is it you making me lose all of these matches? Asshole. I used to think it was me, that it was my personality holding me back. Well after constant changes in my personality, it's not that. I used to think that maybe it was my wrestling ability, so I trained, I trained and I trained and I GOD DAMN trained. Other people constantly praise me for how good I am in the ring and as a professional wrestling. Hell, I wouldn't be in this company if I wasn't one of the best wrestlers in the world, none of us would. It's not that. I used to think that it was the people I surround myself with, well I got the best of the best, the BPZ Undisputed Champion in my corner for my last two matches. I lost both. It's not that. I have come to the conclusion that my failures are not my fault. Where I have fallen short has never been due to the faults of mine. I am the victim of a supernatural conspiracy. That is the only logical explanation left. And until I figure out why, why the hell I am being targeted even though I'm just trying to live the best life I can, it is not my fault for any of my losses, past or present. It is everyone else's. You are all at fault for my failures, not me. Yelich storms off, slapping away a water bottle on a table angrily as he goes to hit the showers. The Round One of the King of the Ring tournament post show then keeps rolling on with more interviews and statements on the way.
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    I was playing a game called Cricket Captain 2019. It is game a Cricket management game in which you didn't play matches but you select the sqaud of your country and playing 11. You also control other aspects of the match such as how aggressively a batsmen will play or which bowler will bowl an over, etc. This game is available for both PC and mobile. I was playing this when I thought about making a diary of this game. I know that most of the people here doesn't know about Cricket but I will be playing this game anyway so I decide to make a diary of this and I choose Afghanistan because I thought that it would become so easy after a point to win matches if I choose strong team. In this diary, I will try to make Afghanistan a better Cricket team. ICC Cricket World Cup is about to begin in game time but before that we have two ODI series coming up of two matches each first against Scotland and second against Ireland. So, this is this squad which I have selected for two matches ODI series against Scotland. I have made some changes in the squad to test some of the players in the first class Cricket. To improve the batting of Afghanistan which is their main concern I have selected two names which 21 years old ihsanullah Janat and 19 years old Darrwis Rassooli who is so young but he has an average of 50 in One Days in First class Cricket. Next thing I wants to improve is fast bowling for that there is a bowler named Hamid Hassan who has a bowling average of 20.59. I have also give a chance to a all rounder from first class Cricket as a sixth bowler and his name is Azmatullah Omarzai who is 19 years old. There are so many young players in this team with three experienced players, Mohammed Nabi, Mohammed Shahzad and Captain Asgar Stanikzai who is playing his 100 ODI. Scotland won the toss and decided to bowl first which turned out to be a bad decision.Here is the scorecard of Afghanistan's innings. A fantastic knock by Mohammed Shahzad of 160* guides Afghanistan to 289. In this match, Mohammad Shahzad break two records, first is most runs by an AFGHANISTAN player with 2772 runs and second is the highest runs scored by an AFGHANISTAN cricketer in One inning. Also, debutant Darrwis Rasool made 73 runs in his debut match after being dropped at a score of 5. Then, the rest of the work was done by the bowlers with Hamid Hassan took his career best figure of 5 for 30 and Mujjeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan took wicket 3 and 2 wicket respectively as Scotland went all out for 129 ensuring an easy win for Afghanistan. Mohammed Shahzad got the man of the match for his unbeaten 160. As Afghanistan got the 1-0 lead in this two match series.
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Julius- One of the top guys on the forums, feel like we could put together a great feud. BiC- Had one match at the PTC Finals and felt we built that up pretty good would be cool to see what we could do with a proper feud. Toxik- Just because its toxik. Bailey- Writes some of the best promos on the forums would be really fun to go against. Arius- Got me into this stuff so it would be cool to go against the guy who got me started. Hans- Seem to always be connected somehow and have always loved his content so I think we could build a good story. Brenden- Chances are pretty slim this happens but it would be pretty cool.
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    Ropati's Movie Reviews

    High School Musical 1 review by Ropati (WARNING: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 1 SPOILERS WILL BE IN THIS REVIEW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) High School Musical wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be as while its not my kind of movie since I'm that big of a fan of musicals so the jumping into songs every 5 minutes got old quickly for me but if you are a fan of musicals I suggest for you to watch this movie. Zach Efron plays his part well in this film although he is quite cringe half the time but what do you expect its a disney movie that was made in 2006 that was guaranteed. One thing that did annoy me was at the end of the film they just got rid of the character arcs they'd been building the whole film for example Sharpay and her brother Ryan are trying to stop Efron and Vanessa Hudgens characters from getting the main part in the play, but then after they win the role Sharpay and Ryan are all like "congrats you earned it" and then they act like best friends with them for the last song. The best song is definitely breaking free it just is a banger. OK but now i'll be honest the worst thing about this film that this high school basketball team wins the championship being lead by a 5ft8 white guy like what the fuck that would never happen in real life. Overall High School Musical wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be and if you like musicals i'd give it a watch if you don't then don't bother. Movie Rating 6/10
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    (We hear MARKER's theme being played as we see him coming through the curtains, we seem him coming through with his followers beside him, his followers carry him on his throne, while he is given some water, an interviewer comes up to them wanting to ask questions to MARKER, his followers nearly attacks him until MARKER raises his hand, his followers put him down on his throne and MARKER signals that he wants an interview, the camera begins rolling and the interviewer begins speaking.) Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Angelica Grace and tonight, I am with MARKER who has just beat Aaron in quick fashion, MARKER, one of my few questions are, what was your strategy going into this? Strategy? What strategy do I need to beat Aaron North? Well Angelica, let me tell you sweetheart, I didn't need a strategy to beat Aaron, I did my entrance, I got to the ring, I beat him up a little and win, simple as that, strategies are for people who want to fail in what they are doing because their minds are too focused to see a bigger picture that is in front of them. Right, so anyways, we know that you will be facing Julius in the next round of the KOTR and he is one of the favorites to win this tournament, do you think your ready for him? After all you have lo….. (MARKER puts a finger on Angelica mouth and begins speaking.) Look Angelica, that was the old me, a man that wasn't ready for anything, that thinking that he can "out wrestle" someone or "break someone poor fingers" see that we're lies to cover up the true facts that he was weak, he was nothing more than a nuisance, he was never confident in his own self. You know why "me" lost to Julius at the Royal Rumble, he was dumb, too cocky, arrogant and blinded with rage with the fact he couldn't take betrayal, which every man goes through in his life. He was a shell of my former self, with this feeling, I am more confident than I have ever been before, let take Aaron North for example, if I was "me" I would try to outsmart or use some submissions, now I don't care at all, I don't use that fancy stuff, I just make stuff "fun" for my own entertainment and beat him up no problem, I do everything for myself, no one else. Also Julius, never and I mean never put me in a sentence with that disgusting human being known as "Storm" ever again, We both know he is irrelevant piece of trash that has been put in the garbage disposal where he belongs and I was the man to do, even though you beat him like six times already, I am surprised that he still walked through those doors to get his ass kicked, then again he wasn't the sharpest tool in the toolbox, maybe he gained a concussion through and nobody cared to look at it? Anyways enough of the rambling, you are correct Julius, it's gonna take a miracle to beat "The Death Machine", but that what people pay to see, some sort of Underdog story, but that my Underdog story, not any one to share for themselves, so I wish you all a good night and FAREWELL FOR I HAVE A BANQUET TO FEAST! And by that I mean a really nice Streak that is ready to be eaten. SEE YOU LATER. (His followers brings him up to his throne and start carrying the throne as they keep moving along to the circus, which ends the segment.)
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    Eric Shun

    Next Task

    King Of The Ring round 1 has been and gone. We now know the 8 men remaining in the tournament. As one of them George AK faces possibly the toughest task in his career in the next round. As he faces Arius, the man who has only ever lost 1 match. And has never been pinned by anyone. The bracket for the King Of The Ring tournament is displayed up on the titantron, showing all the quarter final matches for this weekend. After they are displayed for 30 seconds to allow fans to familiarise themselves with the updated bracket, the fans hear this song. And George AK comes out to a tremendous pop from the crowd. He smiles, and keep the smile imprinted on his face the entire time he walks down to the ring and enters the ring. It is easy to tell just by looking in that there is a newfound belief in the fans into George. As chants of “George-A-K” break out amongst those in attendance. The atmosphere in the arena is electric. And fans have clearly reinstated their belief back into George after everything they have gone through. “Wow. What a night eh guys. Lets just relive a moment real quickly together. Close your eyes for me guys. And think really hard, harder than you have ever thought in your life before. Imagine in fact, that’s a better way of putting it. Imagine the 3arena this weekend. It will be easier for those of you who were in attendance but those who weren’t please try. Now, I want you to go back to the last stages of that match, as I went for the cover on Buddy Ace. And 1,2,3! I won, the referee raised my hand and proclaimed to the nation, no screw that, TO THE WORLD. YOUR WINNER, AND ADVANCING TO THE QUARTER FINAL, GEORGE AK!” The crowd go mental at this point. Once again showing their appreciation. George points the microphone towards the crowd. Alternating the sides at which he does this. Before speaking again. “But now guys, things get serious. And Buddy Ace, as much respect I have for you, this is where things get important for me. My next match in this tournament is against Arius. A man who in a much shorter time frame than me, has accomplished more than I ever have. The Revenant. Ladies and gentlemen, this man is a fraud. Everyone here, whether it is backstage or sadly one or more of you guys. You think he is a machine. An unbeatable monster, that despite the situation or stipulation he finds himself in will wriggle away and escape scot free and everything will be okay. But no! That is not true, and all of you know I wouldn’t lie to you so please listen. This Arius man, this Revenant, no way is he as intriguing, or intimidating as you guys perceive him to be. Instead he is a coward. Hiding behind that stupid face paint, using it like a mask. Hiding his true identity from us. I mean, how are you even meant to trust this man. If he is scared to even show his face, how are we meant to be sure of his intentions. How are we meant to be able to trust everything or anything that he says. Exactly. You can’t. Now, going into Judgement Day I said this and I am going to reiterate myself, iron things over and make everything clear right now. Arius, I know you are in the back listening to me. Slowly and carefully digesting every word I say. Analysing every sentence I say and trying to decipher every paragraph that leaves my mouth. Well, you can have a go at this. It is all a facade, you are a scared man full of false pretences, trying to make yourself seem intimidating to something. Desperately trying to get something back from this dumpster fire that you call a life. Well, drop the act around me. I can see right through you Arius. I know what you are like, you don’t want to do this, you don’t want to be a professional wrestler stepping inside of this ring to fight week in week out. You are doing this because you have too. And whilst you had to do this, you found some talent, I will give you that. But not as much talent as I have.” “You see Arius, your United States Championship reign was great. You were compelling, you were interesting, you were destructive. You left a path behind you that will indeed be really hard to follow. But, I have followed it perfectly, I tracked your every move, ever since I was sitting at home with a can of beer in my hand and a packet of cigarettes on the table by my side. Arius, I have been watching you this entire time. I know everything there is to know about you. You may think that you always have the upperhand, and you always are in control of the situation. But let me make you face the facts real quick. Judgement Day, 2019. What happened. The fatal-4 way for the BPZ United States Championship, a belt that you owned at that time. A belt that at that time you had treasured and cared for and defended with your life. Beating every set of opponents possible. Until finally you met your match. And no, I am not talking about Hans. I am talking about me. You see, isn’t it fascinating. The only time you have ever lost a match just so happens to be the only time you have ever been in a BPZ ring with me. Just admit it Arius. I have you beaten, I am in full control here. As, when you where in the ring with me, you lost that belt that you held so precious and sincerely to yourself. And not only did you lose the belt. You lost your air of dignity, so let me leave things at this. I promise I have you figured out, and I promise that you will go out of this tournament because of me. Now, I started tonight, by praising myself for getting to the quarter finals, and this is how I will end things tonight. And funnily enough it will be the same ending as on Sunday. As my hand will be raised high in the air. As YOUR WINNER, ADVANCING TO THE SEMI-FINALS, GEORGE AK! And Arius, you will be defeated, again.” On this last word, George would drop the mic. Engulfed by cheers from the fans surrounding him. As he would leave the ring and walk up the stage. Bowing and saluting the fans before disappearing.
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    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Julius - The man is on an absolute tear right now as both Intercontinental Champion and the Powertrip Cup winner, his promos are so consistently great and in-line with his character that I would love to feud with him at some point in the future when I move up divisions.....or for the KOTR finals.....mayhaps..... Bashka - I admittedly don't know so much about Bashka, but since he has returned to the forums and kayfabe full time, I really see a lot of potential stories in feuding with him. The Bailey - Bailey's promo style is going to be an interesting challenge to top if I ever feud with him, but I would love the opportunity at some point. BIC - One of the stronger promo-ers I've seen while on the forums, and I really appreciate BIC's dedication to telling a story and driving some character development. That's not an easy thing to keep up with, so I'd love for a feud with BIC to shape both mine and hid characters. FDS - I absolutely love his new gimmick as "The Wrestler". It's a bare bones, no nonsense heel gimmick that I would love to be on the opposite side of, especially in my current role as a pure babyface. I'm sure we could make some fire promos together.
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    Something Simpler

    The distorted and muffled sounds of "Break Heart" reverberate through the speakers of the arena as the titantron plays some rare backstage footage immediately following the First Round King of the Ring Match between KENJI and Kieron Black. The titantron screen remains dark as the voice of the ring announcer is heard with a slight echo. "Here is your winner by submission, KENJI!!!" The screen lightens slightly to the cameraman's angle primed to the curtain at gorilla position. Soon the curtains part and out stumbles a tired, and wide-eyed KENJI into the backstage area. His breathing is heavy, looking around at the busy producers and tech staff trawling the arena, then to the cameraman. His bewildered expression indicates that he's still in the middle of processing what has happened, but the gleeful smile on his face is that of pure elation. "I.....hahaha! I did it....I actually did it.....wow......I haven't felt like this in a very long time, what a rush that is. To be fighting for something so simple as a victory for so long, and now to finally achieve it......Phew sorry, I'm still trying to digest all of this.....Maybe I was reaching too high too quickly when I arrived in BPZ; challenging for the NXT Championship at BPZ Mania and Judgement Day, challenging for the North American Championship at World at War and the Powertrip Cup.....maybe this was the step back that I needed. Something simpler, stripped back and pure. Just a straight wrestling match. This was my first non-title match in BPZ, and I've worked incredibly hard to get this far". Kieron, you are a respectable opponent, and I thank you for gracing the ring with me. I hope we can do that again someday, when we've both improved beyond our limits, and even beyond that". ".....heheh, I said that tournaments are in my blood, it's what I live and breathe.....This might be the chance I've been waiting for, to really show the world who KENJI is.....wait wait no, I'm getting ahead of myself, one opponent at a time....." KENJI starts to calm down slightly from the adrenaline and holds up three fingers. "One down, three to go. Who am I facing next? It's Nate, right? Very interesting.....he's won King of the Ring before....ok then, what better opportunity to prove that KENJI is a tournament wrestler than overcoming a former King of the Ring winner. I have this spark of momentum now, I can let myself throw it away. This is the one chance I have to really solidify myself here, but now that I have the reassurance of this first round victory, I can fight on with guns blazing. Now, time for me to celebrate my first victory in BPZ". KENJI begins to walk away when a backstage interviewer comes rushing up to him with a microphone. "KENJI! A moment please?!?! You are yet to comment on the brutal tactics and attacks at the hands of Brad and Aaron North at Judgement Day, care to make any statements about them? What are your feelings about their resentfulness towards you?" KENJI stops dead in his tracks as he slowly turns to face the interviewer. His once elated and celebratory expression begins to slowly fade into the background, being gradually replaced with one of sadness and frustration. Like the face of someone that was in a tranquil and almost blissful dream, only to be woken up to realise that the reality is not so bright. KENJI sighs and looks at the interviewer with an almost defeated expression. "......I....I want to just celebrate my victory tonight, not worry over what brings me down......I've finally achieved something meaningful here, but now I remember. They cost me my chance at the NXT Championship, and the same to Arius, because they're threatened by our chances at success. So they want to leech off of anything that has a modicum of potential until there is nothing left but them standing atop the pile". So, in order to not ruin the good night I'm having I'll say this. My run in the King of the Ring tournament may not be what's on everyone's lips, but I assure you, my mark will be felt at this event. It doesn't matter what the vampires, Aaron and Brad, do to me. I will not let you sully my chances at winning King of the Ring. The Resentfulness is returned in full, and I will perform beyond my horizons in this tournament not because of Brad, it will be solely for me and the legacy I am building the foundations of. Come and try to knock it down, you won't get very far". KENJI's stern words ring out slightly into the hallway as he walks off to freshen up after his hard fought victory, ending the segment.
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    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 239 - Post Show Analysis Michael Chiesa def. Diego Sanchez - Unanimous Decision Yay, I got a prediction right! Chiesa with the decision win. As expected, the fight was full of wrestling and grappling. Some say it was boring but I didn't think it was that bad. Chiesa showed a great performance against Sanchez. The size difference between them was very telling during the fight, it's insane how Chiesa was previously a lightweight. Sanchez looked intimidating at the start but soon enough he was scrambling. So yeah, I'm happy I got the prediction right. I hope Chiesa gets a strong opponent next now that he's won all his fights since moving up. Sanchez on the other hand? Who knows, maybe he's done. Jan Błachowicz def. Luke Rockhold - KO via Punches (1:39 R2) Oh boy. To be fair, I got most of my prediction right in this one, but I predicted the wrong guy to win. Yes, Jan Błachowicz defeated Luke Rockhold in a shocking KO win in the 2nd round. In the 1st round both fighters were gearing up for more action so they eased into the fight nicely. Rockhold surprisingly tried going for takedowns against Błachowicz who certainly has good ground game, but Rockhold wasn't necessarily successful there. It was looking look the first round would end smoothly until Błachowicz suddenly bursts out in the last few seconds with a punch and head kick (a head kick which Rockhold argued was after the time was over but I'd say it was right on the edge) which definitely changed things up a bit. Then the 2nd round came.....and so did that left hook. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I witnessed that KO, it really came out of nowhere. I had belief in Rockhold to showoff his good striking game here but what I forgot to think about was one of his greatest weaknesses........that CHIN. Absolutely non-existent. All 5 of his losses in his MMA career have been by KO and I really should've been worried about Błachowicz's mean hands. Funnily enough, Rockhold doesn't seem to block left hooks well, as that's also how he lost the UFC Middleweight Championship to Michael Bisping. But yeah, that KO was absolutely brutal. It was so sudden and Rockhold fell right away. He looked like he didn't know where he was afterwards. A great win for Błachowicz, I hope he gets a good opponent in the future, maybe someone like Dominick Reyes. Rockhold? Well, with a broken jaw and another L on his record, I don't know how longer he's gonna be fighting. Even Dana White said it might be time for Rockhold to stop. But you never know, he might still have something in him. Hopefully he gets a favourable fight next. Jorge Masvidal def. Ben Askren - KO via Flying Knee (0:05 R1) Ho ly SHIT. What else can I say at this point that hasn't already been said by literally everyone? Masvidal defeated Askren with a FLYING KNEE 5 SECONDS INTO THE FIGHT. Our new fastest KO in UFC history. Arguably, the fight was over in 2 seconds. It still feels surreal to me at the moment. Watching it live was an unbelievable experience. I was SHAKING as soon as I saw that knee hit. It's safe to say I got my prediction wrong haha. I predicted Askren to submit Masvidal in round 3 and wow I was wrong. I definitely should've taken into account the animosity between the two of them, it was stupid of me to expect this to just be a stall match. It looked calm in the octagon at first when the fight started and then Masvidal bursts out of his corner. For some reason, Askren ducks his head and boom. Knee right to the head, Askren's out. Personally, I think Askren really needs to stop relying on his wrestling. If he wants to survive in such an exciting and competitive division like welterweight he needs to step up and improve his stand up. Masvidal is obviously in line for a title shot at this point, but he might be contested by names like Colby Covington, Tyron Woodley and Rafael Dos Anjos. It's a tough time for Askren getting his first loss in his MMA career but I do see him coming back eventually, probably against an opponent that's better for him. This fight will go down in MMA history. Amanda Nunes def. Holly Holm - TKO via Head Kick and Punches (4:10 R1) Unfortunately I missed this fight due to internet issues during that time, but yeah I got the finish and time wrong but got the victor correct. Amanda Nunes retained her UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship against Holly Holm with a head kick and following punches. Holly Holm got Holly Holm'd. Amanda Nunes is the GOAT. De Randamie or Ladd next in line. End of story. Jon Jones def. Thiago Santos - Split Decision Finally we have reached the main event of UFC 239, where Jon Jones successfully retained his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Thiago Santos. As I predicted, Jones won by going all 5 rounds with Santos, but wow, I did not expect this fight to be as close as it actually was. In fact, a judge even gave the win to Santos but the other 2 gave it to Jones, thus making it a split decision. This fight has been causing quite a stir in the MMA community because of the controversial result, with many saying Thiago Santos was robbed of the victory and some saying Jones definitely deserved the W. Dana White came out and said Jones dominated the fight and that anyone who said Santos won shouldn't be judging fights. Personally, I thought it was an extremely close bout, with many rounds where it could've been Jones or Santos that won them. In my opinion, I thought Jones won the fight. I gave Santos rounds 1 and 5, but Jones won 2-4 for me, making it 48-47 in favour Jones. It seemed like in the rounds where Santos won that Jones didn't really want to do much in those rounds, in the first round he was just getting comfortable and in the last round he was holding out for that decision. Santos on the other hand just wanted to go all out, no matter what round it was. Jones definitely played it smart by winning the middle rounds. Both fighters came out with leg injuries and you could tell how just by watching the fight, with both of them throwing so many leg kicks. I feel like Santos' injuries hurt his performance most though, he was getting dropped multiple times because of it and was constantly hobbling. Surprisingly, Jones didn't go for many takedowns against a mainly strike-orientated fighter like Santos but I think he just wanted to keep his distance. Anyways, Jones walked out with his title and honestly I think it was the right choice. Prediction Count: 3/5
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    BPZ KOTR Round One - Prince vs Bob

    We come back from a video hyping King of the Ring as we are set to see the number 1 seed Prince take on the 16th seed Bob Sparks. This a controversial match to some as some thought Bob should not have been allowed to be in the tournament at all. As they felt Raven should not have been allowed to drop out of the King of the Ring Tournament. Will we see Bob upset the number one seed for the second time in his career or will Prince pick up the expected easy victory. We hear “Blood in the Water” play as Bob Sparks makes his way to the ring. This time though to thunderous boos as Bob has recently turned on the people as he felt they betrayed him by cheering on Kenji instead of him in the NXT Championship Match at Judgement Day. As Bob is waiting in the ring we hear Prince’s music play as Prince makes his entrance as he is also booed by the people. He looks in a mirror as he checks to make sure he looks good as he heads down to the ring. The two men stand in the ring as the match starts. Right away Bob goes for a huge clothesline but Prince ducks under it as he then works on the right leg of Bob as he begins to kick it over and over as Bob falls to his knees. Prince then pushes Bob over face first to the mat as he walks on the back of Bob and poses to the crowd. Bob gets up though as Prince turns around as he locks eyes with Bob. He gets in the face of Bob as the two begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Prince stuns Bob for a second as he drives Bob to the rope but Bob pushes Prince back and hits him with a huge chop. Prince falls down to the mat with a huge mark on his chest. Bob then picks up Prince for the Bob Bomb but Prince gets out of it as he then ducks a big punch from Bob and pushes Bob out of the ring through the middle rope. Bob is fazed as he hobbles around on the outside eventually falling down. We see Prince climb to the top rope as he looks to hit Bob with an elbow but Bob rolls back into the ring as Velveteen crashes to the outside elbow first. As he grabs his elbow in pain. Bob then goes to the outside as he drags Prince’s body and sets him up against the barricade. Bob then looks at Prince as he backs up laughing as he quickly grabs a fans beer and takes a sip. Bob then runs at Prince and hits him with a huge kick to the head as Prince is busted open. Bob rolls Prince back in the ring as he climbs into the ring himself but as he does Prince pops up as he begins to pummel away on Bob. He begins to work the leg up Bob again as Bob is barely standing Prince then goes to bounce off the ropes and knock over Bob but runs into a huge boot and a monsterous clothesline after that. Bob goes for the cover but Prince kicks out at 2! Bob is furious but then he looks down at Prince then to the top rope. Bob slowly is slowly climbing his way to the top rope as his leg gives out. Prince then pops up and grabs Bob as he manages to put the huge man on his shoulders as he hits him with an AA off the middle rope. As Prince looks to be back in this match. Prince then climbs to the top rope as he poses and wipes the blood off his face. He signals that the match is over to the crows. He looks down at Bob as he jumps and he delivers a huge elbow drop! Bob is down as Prince goes for the cover 1..2.. But Bob Kicks Out. Prince is in shock as Bob managed to kick out. Prince is on his feet furious. We then see Bob slowly get to his feet as Prince runs at him in rage. Bob is ready though as he picks up Prince and hits him with a scoop slam as Bob then falls to his knees. Bob is gassed as he looks down at Prince and to the top rope again. He wipes the seat off of his face as he climbs to the top rope. He looks up as he points up and closes his eyes for a second then he turns looks back to see Prince still down. What the hell? Bob goes for a moonsault as Prince though gets his knees up. The crowd is shocked as a man of that size is rarely ever able to do anything like that. Princes knees are hurt but he was able to avoid most of the damage. Prince then looks at Bob as he picks him up and throws him to the corner. Prince then looks at Bob and spits in his face as he then laughs in his face before he begins pummeling him with heavy rights and lefts as Bob seems unable to fight back. Bob eventually fights back though as he pushes Prince back as we see Bob with a little bit of blood pouring down his face. Bob is pissed now as Prince is unfazed as he runs at Bob but Bob kicks him in the gut and hits Prince with a Bob Bomb! Bob goes for the cover 1..2..3. Bob did it once again he upset the number 1 seed in the tournament as he has busted brackets all around the world. Bob is now going to move onto the next round as he looks to become King of the Ring. For Prince there is an uncertain future ahead but we don’t expect him to fade away after tonight's incredible performance. We see Bob in the ring celebrating and wiping the sweat off of his face as this is a huge win for him to get some of the momentum he once had back. But then suddenly out of nowhere Rory Orton RKO’s Bob! What the Hell! That’s Rory Orton from NXT! A man Bob has had problems with over the past couple of weeks. Both are serious contenders down there in NXT and it seems to have spilled over into the King of the Ring Tournament! Rory Orton then laughs at Bob who down in the ring as we then cut to another King of the Ring video package.
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    BPZ KOTR ROUND ONE GEORGE AK VS BUDDY ACE Here comes Buddy Ace, the longest reigning NXT Champion here in BPZ. As he gets ready now, for his King Of The Ring journey to begin right here right now as he faces George AK. We know how much this match means to Buddy Ace, just looking at him you can see how badly he wants to win this tournament and have his opportunity to win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. And here comes his opponent, George AK, making his way down to the ring right now. A man who in recent weeks has promised that he is going to be the winner in this match and in this tournament as a whole. Let’s see if he sticks to his word or if Buddy Ace can pull off the upset in this match. First round action in the King Of The Ring tournament is underway once again! Look at these two, circling each other. Hunting each other down like prey to begin this round. And Buddy makes the first move, charging towards George, who ducks. Buddy clings onto the ropes though to prevent himself from going to the outside. As here comes George for the clothesline, nope reversed by Buddy as he flings George over the top rope and to the outside! But, George recovers staying on his feet. But will he recover from this suicide dive! Oh no, George stops him! With a stiff blow to the jaw! Buddy collapses onto the concrete floor. George gets him up and slides him into the ring looking for the early pin, but Buddy easily escapes. George looks to keep Buddy grounded though as he holds him in a headlock position. Buddy is squirming around to try and free himself and get out, which he eventually does, and he gets up quick enough to deliver a kick to the face on George who was still down on the ground. Buddy looks to continue his assault though as he sends George to the corner and sends a barrage of knife edge chops his way! Now Buddy, brings George away from the corner and goes for a vertical suplex and hits it. Buddy continues his attack though as he lifts George up and pushes him carelessly to the corner of the ring. And he delivers a splash onto George, who stumbles away from the corner allowing Buddy to deliver a hurricanrana to George! And now he looks to follow up with an elbow drop, no George moved out of the way and gets back up. Buddy stumbles up after the fall and gets sent through the turnbuckles and right into the metal ring post! George shows no sign of letting up now, as it looks like he is setting up for his running knee. He is beckoning Buddy up. George is feeling it, running knee! Cover from George, 1,2, kickout from Buddy. It looked for sure that George was heading to the second round of King Of The Ring. Instead he has to continue fighting. As both men are up on their feet. Buddy goes for a strike to the head of George who ducks, sneaks behind Buddy and hits a back suplex. Now George is getting in position. And here it is! Black out! Cover from George, to go to the quarter finals. 1,2,3. George AK is your winner, beating Buddy Ace in this match. Celebrations from George AK the self proclaimed 8th wonder of the world, up high on the top rope hyping up the crowd here, as Buddy walks to the back holding onto his ribs. George AK is your winner, and he will go to the quarter finals.
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    Empire Pro Wrestling

    WWE Signings News WWE have responded to the huge signing that EPW made a few days ago as they have brought in 2 WCW legends. 1 they were able to steal from TNA while the other they were able to convince to come back to the wrestling industry. Signing #1: Sting Sting a WCW legend has finally made the jump to the WWE. it is said the company has huge plans down the line with what many are thinking is a Sting vs Undertaker feud coming soon. Sting should be a good part for this company going forward as they look to stop talent from jumping to EPW by signing them for themselves. Signing #2: Goldberg Goldberg is back in the industry after starting a family and settling down. Many are saying that WWE gave him a lucrative deal as EPW was also interested. Goldberg is said to be a future focal point that the company is going to build up to be one of its top guys. Goldberg should be interesting because no one knows what is really planned. So these are two big additions to the WWE and it should be interesting to see how EPW and the rest of the wrestling world reacts as WWE is now making moves.
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    I don't think he's ever going to get the momentum that he once had over a year ago. He had so much heat and was popular with the crowd mostly due to the fact that he was feuding with Reigns when everyone hated Reigns and the fans would cheer for anyone he faced. They really should have just pulled the trigger when they had their chance but they just decided to be predictable and keep the belt on Lesnar. It's going to take some work to get him back to being the top monster he once was but I believe in Heyman's ability as a booker so you never know.
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    UFC Official Discussion

    I'm a passive viewer of UFC. I try to keep up with what's happening but i'm one that needs the hook. Seeing that knee was brutal. It's difficult to think of a situation that would do more to change your life than Ben Askren being knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in <5 seconds. In five seconds, he went from undefeated wrestler in UFC, to a potential retiree. His whole story changes with those five seconds. It's always going to follow him and will make his next fight more important.
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    Emperor Nate

    Nate's Music Reviews

    Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2019...so far (Part 2) 5. Injury Reserve by Injury Reserve (87/100) Injury Reserve is a trio including rappers Richie with a T and Groggs with producer Parker Corey. This is an other great experimental album which uses a lot of sampling in the background of their songs with very futuristic sounding instrumentals. The rappers aren't anything great lyrically but their boastful wordplay works well over the hard hitting beats. There is also a lot funny humour and lines on the album. GTFU featuring JPEGMAFIA is a gritty experimental banger with a lot of hard hitting raps and shouting over the noisy instrumentals that Injury Reserve are known for. JPEGMAFIA brings the hype to the song with his chorus. Jailbreak the Tesla is one of the craziest songs I've ever heard. The song samples the beginning of Tokyo Drift with the car screeching noise in the background of the song. Corey is bloody crazy with the production and amazes me every time with the crazy sampling all over the album. The concept sounds like it shouldn't work at all, and it probably won't to see some people's ears, but I bloody love it. Amine brings the heat with his verse, especially with the lyric "Your engine go vroom, my engine go-" and then it's just silence, funny as fuck. Three Man Weave almost has an early Kanye West sound to it with the jazz inspired production. It feels like a massive old school throwback song. The lyrics mostly have basketball references so someone else would probably get some of these lines more than me because I'm not the biggest expert. 4. tears of joy by MIKE (89/100) MIKE is a rapper from New York who has been involved in the recent SLUMS rap movement that Earl Sweatshirt seems to be leading at the moment. The songs on this tape are going to appeal to very few people unless they enjoyed the last Earl Sweatshirt album as the production is very glitchy and experimental like Some Rap Songs and his voice could turn some people off. The topics can be pretty depressing and heartbreaking at times. MIKE mostly raps about the recent loss of his mam and the life struggles he faces with depression. Even though he's clearly influenced by Earl he doesn't sound like he's copying him and his music sounds different to Earl's with more aggressive instrumentals. Like Earl though a lot of these songs feel more like skits with most of the tracks being under 2 minutes in length. I really love the vocals on the sample on Take Crowns. MIKE raps about being poor and not being able to find a place for himself in society, and also being desperate to make money and taking his chances he gets them at being able to make a living for himself. Summer 17 had some hard hitting drums on the production. MIKE raps about fake friends and doing favors for people without them helping him back and asks what the point in having friends if there's the chance they could always be snakes behind your back. The beat switches up for the 2nd verse with more glitchy production with MIKE having a lot more deep and introspective lyrics that are difficult to breakdown. PLANET has a more upbeat lo-fi sound and is probably the most good feel track on the album, but it's mostly due to the production. MIKE goes into wanting to reach his dreams and to be able to have a good living because he feels it could turn his life around and make him feel a lot happier. 3. Hiding Places by Billy Woods & Kenny Segal (91/100) Hiding Places is an album by wordsmith underground rapper Billy Woods and Kenny Segal is the producer providing the dark and cryptic production. Billy Woods has a very abstract style and it's almost spoken word because when he's rhyming it seems like he's just talking to you rather than rapping. Like Aesop Rock he's an amazing lyricist that has a lot of hidden messaging behind his words. Spongebob is a sick opener to the album, and the guitar in the background really adds a lot of his grit to the song. Despite the title of the song sounding like it would be a fun meme song, Woods raps about underwater operations in Tora Bora where Osama Bin Laden was hiding during the US invasions in Afghanistan after 9/11. Checkpoints is another great hard hitting song with the production sounding like something out a horror movie with the haunting instruments being used in the song. Woods makes references to the American government caring more about funding space exploration rather than trying to help struggles with blacks in America, which he thinks would be a better use of finances. A Day in a Week in a Year featuring Mothermary is one of the more chill songs on the album compared to the hard hitting production on most of the songs, with the lo-fi production from Kenny Segal with the piano keys in the background. The beat feels more electronic when Mothermary's hook kicks in. I enjoy Woods' rapping on this but can't say I have a clue what he's talking about, I just enjoy the mood and setting of the song. Red Dust is a beautiful closer to the album. The production by Kenny Segal is just so amazing, he's one of my favourite current producers after his work on this album. Woods seems to be rapping about hiding places during wars, which could be referring to Anne Frank. Woods sounds a lot more angry on this song and it sounds like he's really giving out to someone towards the end of the track. 2. A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 by Slauson Malone (93/100) Slauson Malone, like MIKE, is a part of the underground SLUMS movement in New York, but it's really not like Some Rap Songs or tears of joy. It's difficult to even do track reviews for this album, you can't really rate some of the songs, it's more of an experience if anything. The album definitely took awhile to grow on me because of how crazy and out there the sampling and production is on here. It's one of the weirdest albums I've ever listened to but it doesn't make it unlistenable for me, whereas for 90% of listeners are going to think it's absolute garbage and give up after the first song. The performances from Slauson Malone on here doesn't even make it feel like he's rapping, he almost feels like he's in the instrumental and is a part of the production because his vocals blend in so well. I'm really not expecting anyone to love this album, even those who enjoy Earl's music might think that this is too much. I love to put this album on in the background when I'm working on something, I think it helps relieve a lot of stress as well. Again, I really can't describe any of the songs on here and can only really talk about my experience, even Anthony Fantano struggled to review the album. 1. Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (100/100) Bandana is a classic album in the making by gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs and one of the best producers of all time Madlib. My score is probably going to change but at the moment I'm loving every second of this album. The production from Madlib is hypnotic as fuck and the samples he uses are beautiful. His psychedelic instrumentals really help compliment Freddie Gibbs hard hitting gangster rhymes. This honestly feels like the rap match made in heaven, I'm not sure if there's a better duo in hip hop. Crime Pays is smooth as hell and the beat sounds like an early 90's hip hop song. Freddie flows like crazy on this track, I don't think I've heard someone flow as seamlessly as he does over this production in the 2nd verse. His usual crack selling and drug dealing bars go hard as per usual. The soul sample from Madlib is also really sweet. Palmolive featuring Pusha T and Killer Mike is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life. Freddie Gibbs raps his ass off and then Pusha T comes in and absolute bodies the track. Pusha T's slick bars feel so aggressive and smooth at the same time. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing the first time I listened to this song, it's just flames everywhere. Then Killer Mike gives a memorable hook on the side to top the song off nicely. Situations feels a lot more laid back than the rest of the albums with quiet and nice production from Madlib which brings out a lot more emotion out of Freddie Gibbs. He raps about the social justice system being set up for black people to fail, even when Obama was the president of America. On Giannis, Anderson .Paak makes an appearance and has one the best features on the album. The power in .Paak's vocals is just so nuts, when he comes in he really controls the entire song. His rapping is better than his rapping on Oxnard in my opinion, he really flowed well over Madlib production. Then Cataracts is another one of my favourite songs I've heard this year. Freddie sounds very ruthless and relentless on here, some amazing flowing from Gangsta Kane as well and the production is crazy, as you'd expect from Madlib. This is easily one of the best rap albums of all time, everything is perfect from back to front. I would 100% recommend this to hip hop fans, don't sleep on this.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Hans Kenji Godsent  Julius Bart  Big Ballers Flynn Bashka
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Observer

    Hello, it is my first show here. I am kinda nervous, whats my name again? I forgot, wait its Matt, Matt Mattson. Not Matt Matt Mattson, its Matt Mattson I just said another Matt because. Eh you probably understand. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the BPZ Wrestler Review. This week, we are going through the three belt holder, Sameer! Gimmick - 7.5/10 Over the years Sameer has had many gimmicks, some bad well terrible. And some amazing, but if we are being honest then his promo game is strong. Like my game in. Actually I'll stop before my contract is terminated. Anyway, Sameers gimmicks are mainly good, they entice fans and you can easily get lost in the moment when watching him on the mic. Move-Set - 8.5/10 As of right now, Sameer is one of the best wrestlers in BPZ. Yes, you may think isn't he the best because he has so many belts. But to be perfectly honest, I think other guys are better in-ring workers than Sameer. With that being said, Sameer is still capable in the ring. He can make amazing matches happen and has been a part of some amazing moments in the BPZ ring. History - 8/10 Sameer has been around for a long time. Although he hasn't been wrestling for 100% of all the time he has been here, he has still been backstage having his word heard. He has a strong history with the company and h e is one of the first names you learn when you decide to start watching BPZ wrestling. Usage - 6.5/10 This is where Sameers overall rating will unfortunately fall, although we can see now he has the capability of being a strong main eventer. He wasn't always looked at this way. As guys like Bash, Slim and Neb have took the spotlight away from him during his rise in BPZ. Meaning Sameer has been stuck in some controversial and poor feuds. Career Highlights - (Not 100% sure on accuracy) 1x & Current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion 1x MITB Winner 1x Global Champion 2x BPZ Intercontinental Champion 3x & Current BPZ Premium Champion 3x & Current BPZ Tag Team Champion Sameer Overall - 30.5/40 That is all we have time for right now on the BPZ Observer. Next time you will be back in the hands of Jimmy the Jabroni, and yeah, bye.
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    A Paper Champion

    James Knight appears a bit amused by the promo, and picks up his mic and starts to respond You consider me a weak threat? Raven you must be mistaking me with someone else. I am James Knight! I am the hungriest competitor you have ever stepped foot in the ring with. I'm the man you know nothing about. And, I am the man who will take that NXT title from you! See you mention all these other guys you wanted to face because you know you can beat them, but when it comes to me I feel like you're trying to convince yourself that I am not a threat. Your trying to convince yourself that I stand no chance at KOTR. Well Raven we both know deep down inside, you are scared to see what I can accomplish. You know deep down that your title reign will end sooner than you would like to admit! And you know deep down that the man who is going to end that title reign is standing right in front of you. So please Raven continue to think nothing of me. Because when I take that title from you at KOTR I want to see the pure look of shock on your face as I hold the NXT Championship high over my head whilst I am standing over your defeated carcass. James Knight drops the mic and just stares Raven down
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Bulls 2011 Diary NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs Magic Round 2 Game 4 This is a win or go home game for the Bulls as they are down 3-0 in the series as it seems they are destined to have a second round exit. The first quarter starts as both teams come out hot as the Bulls lead 34-31. Derrick Rose and Daniel Gibson lead the way with 8 and 6. For the Magic it is Brandon Roy leads the way with 7 and Markieff Morris added on 6. In the second quarter we saw the Magic come out and take the lead as they head into the half leading by 6, 57-51. For the Magic we saw Brandon Roy once again lead the way with 14 as Markieff Morris added on 12. For the Bulls it was Derrick Rose and Daniel Gibson leading the way scoring 10 a piece. In the third quarter we saw the Magic extend their lead to 10 as they lead 89-79. For the Bulls it was Jimmer leading the way with 18 as Danny Green added on 13. For the Magic it was Brandon Roy with 20 and Markieff Morris with 14. As the Magic look to close the series out in the 4th. In the end the Bulls just didn't have an answer for Dwight Howard as they fell 121-99 in the one as they have been eliminated from the playoffs. For the Bulls it was Jimmer with 22 and Derrick Rose with 22 and 13 assists. For the Magic it was Brandon Roy with 30 and Dwight Howard with 20 points and 20 rebounds. The Bulls season is now over as the Magic move on to the conference finals to take on the Miami Heat.
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    Been loving these Arius, If you get the chance and want to try it would love to see one with Bob.
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Bulls 2011 Diary NBA Playoffs: Round 2 Recap Magic sweep the Banged up Bulls We see the Orlando Magic sweep the Chicago Bulls as Dwight Howard dominated in the paint all series as the Bulls best inside defender in Joakim Noah went down with an injury. We also saw Brandon Roy also have a good series as he exposed the weak defense of Jimmer Fredette. The Bulls are a team with a good future ahead of them but the Magic were just the better team in this second round. But no doubt the Bulls will be back next year. Lebron to much as the Heat beat the Pacers in 5 We saw Lebron really show why he is the MVP this year as he dominated in this series. This Pacers team has a lot of solid pieces but the big three of Miami was too much for them to handle. With good young pieces this Pacers team should only get better as time goes on. For the Heat they move onto the next round. OKC continues dominance beating the Spurs in 5 The Spurs were able to take game one which surprised many people but this only woke the beast. As the Thunder would win the next 4 games with a lead of 20 or more. For the Spurs they are only aging as they are still on the hunt for one more title. For the Thunder they are by far the best team in the league and are heavy favorites to win it all. Cinderella Story ends as Lakers beat Wolves in 6 The surprising Timberwolves which have shocked many people with how far they have come were just not enough as the Lakers took this one. Kobe and Love really had a great series as they seemed unstoppable. We will see if the Timberwolves repeat what they did this season as the Lakers move on to the conference finals to take on the Thunder.
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    I went to a PROGRESS show on Sunday in Manchester, Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends. It was an incredible show that introduced me to some new stars. Pre Show: Soner Duson vs Luke Jacobs. Rating: C - A fun way to kick off the show as both showed their skill The show opened with some of Jim Smallman's brilliant stand up, where he mocked a man who hadn't gone to the show as well as mocking several audience members who were there for the first time. Brilliant way to start the show M1: LJ Clearly beat Chuck Mambo. Rating: B - A brilliant match. Mambo is an excellent wrestler and Clearly looks like one for the future, his Canadian Destroyer finisher is out of this world After this, the ref Luchapas I believe his name to be, tried a lucha entry into the match but ended up landing on his stomach M2: Holidead beat Lana Austin. Rating C - It is always fun to see Lana Austin but it was a shame this match was so one sided in favour of Holidead M3: Jordan Devlin beat Connor Mills. Rating B. A fast paced technical contest where Devlin showed how good he was, whilst Mills showed a lot of potential M4: Jonathan Gresham beat Eddie Kingston. Rating: B. With this being Kingstons last year in wrestling it was an honour to finally see him live. This match was a comedy match that was done brilliantly, showcasing both talents abilities and in the end Gresham won via countout. After the match, Kingston cut a promo he claimed "I'm not supposed to be saying all this" and he went on to verbally destroy CCK, referring to them as "the skinny one" and "the one that's always injured" before promising to confront all 3 of CCK with his homies, which I interpreted to be LAX Following the break and another Smallman routine we got M5: Trent Seven beat Paul Robinson: Rating A - An insane match. Paul cleared most of the seating section by throwing Seven into chairs and jumping onto Seven, and after numerous near falls it was Seven that came out on top M6: Do Not Resuscitate beat More Than Hype. Rating: D. The very definition of a cool down match, the best parts were the two teams amazing theme songs. Not a terrible match but nothing in comparison to what we have already seen M7: WALTER beat Ilya Dragunov to retain the PROGRESS World Championship: Rating: A*. There was a genuine belief among the crowd that we were gonna see a title change and I was one of the minority of the 700 in attendance that were cheering for WALTER. In the most hard hitting match Ive ever seen and one of the best matches I have ever seen, WALTER reigned victorious Overall I would give the show a rating of a B-. A great show.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Arius Bob SSW Club Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Arius Kenji Godsent Julius Bart Royal Flush Flynn Bailey
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    Never thought I would see a Cricket Diary on the forums and I love it. Cricket is one of my favourite sports and only a couple of people here also enjoy it with me so it's good to see us cricketing fans get some sort of diary to look at. Love the pick of Afghanistan, look forward to seeing what you can do with an aspiring Cricket Nation. Keep up the work Yuvraj
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    Your Reputation Milestones

    After 5 LONG YEARS, I have FINALLY reached 500 rep. I wanna thank Jesus, my parents and Sameer and BiC for repping me when I pointed out I was close to 500 rep.
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    To be honest if you wouldn’t watch a movie about ATTACK HELICOPTERS DATING then you can get off the forums
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    Going to have to go with Driving for me been doing theory practise and i've realised driving as a whole scares me not only the thought that i may crash but what if i crash into someone else? Whole thing just scares me but hopefully i'll get over it.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    Arius these entrances are dope, keep going with the graphics ur improving everyday! ❤️
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    After James says this, the lights in the arena suddenly go out. Though this is usually followed by the caw of a raven, this time, the only thing accompanying the darkness is deafening silence. After a few seconds, the lights come back on to reveal... Raven, right behind James Knight, baseball bat in one hand, microphone in the other. Most strange of all, the NXT championship is worn around his waist, something we've never seen from the NXT champion before. James senses the presence of the NXT champion and turns around, staring directly into the cold, lifeless eyes of The Enigma. The audience erupts at seeing the NXT champion confront his most vocal challenger. James, let me make this clear. Me challenging for the tag team titles doesn't make me unfocused. It doesn't make me weak. It sure as hell doesn't make me a 'paper' champion, which is a piss-poor playground insult considering that unlike you, I've actually won matches in this company. I don't lack focus, friend. I'm fully aware that I'm double-booked at King of the Ring and destined to compete in the most grueling night of my life. The reason I backed out of King of the Ring is because both these matches will require my full attention. But you wouldn't understand that, James, considering that you have no idea what it takes to actually succeed here. You think I don't represent this title with pride, but let me run down some history for you. BPZMania, my dear friend and tag partner, Alex Costa, throws away his NXT championship. It's won by Hans Clayton, an incredible competitor in his own right, but he vacates the title to pursue bigger and better things. Then Bob Sparks enters the picture, and he aims straight for the top, picking up the NXT title along the way as a consolation prize. Those three men, all amazing competitors in their own right, desecrated this championship in one way or another. All I've ever done since picking up this belt is hold it close and represent this division with pride. I aim to better the prestige of this championship by placing it on the biggest, most high-profile stage possible. I've said it once already, James...This is my NXT now. I love this title more than anything, and I plan to make it the most important title and the hottest division in BPZ. However, there's a problem with that...To make a title more prestigious, I need to face worthy competition. KENJI and Bob are more than worthy, and I look forward to putting down Sparky again once he chokes in King of the Ring. Mave Deltzer? I think that one's self-explanatory. Dikey? He has potential, but he's unproven. A victory over Bulldozer isn't exactly the stuff of legends. Maasa? He got a few lucky shots in, but he actually reminds me of you. A man who runs away and hides when things don't go his way. A man who refuses to tough it out when it gets tough, a man who doesn't push back, even when the odds seem insurmountable. A man who crumbles when he faces adversity. You wanted to know what I think of you, James? Raven then drops his bat to the side and walks right up to James' face. I think nothing of you, my friend. Ever since you came to this company, you've done nothing except stand around and talk. You're a nobody who only challenged for NXT because you think I'm weak, oblivious to the fact that you're the weakest threat to the NXT title since Arrow. Actually, scratch that. Arrow's done more to deserve this title than you ever have. Raven drops the microphone as he says this, the audience exploding at the insult, and he grabs his NXT championship, raises it above his head right in front of James' face, and waits for a response.
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    Breakdown: The Rookie Duo

    The titantron comes up after the theme song with the Live via satalite message as it comes cutting to Blade who is sitting back in a chair instead of coming out to the Portugal crowd. Blade, "Do you all know who I am?I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. If you are all disappointed against, you should have seen the last message. The only place I need to physically turn up to is at the King of the ring event where Kieron and I will be taking part in the tag team fatal four way contenders match Last time I did the breakdown of the club, now we move forward and look at the Rookie Duo of Alex Costa, and mek...oh right his name is Raven that's right he has a problem with people not calling him by his name. So lets breakdown this next tag team." Blade pulls out a list of two names Blade, "Thankfully this is only a two man team, that is the only good quality they share with the Deadman's hand heading into the King of the Ring Pay Per View. We have two men both rookies in the NXT division or were in the NXT division not sure, I know one of them is the current NXT champion and the other is a former NXT champion. Here is the thing I have to say about this. The first thing I say after asking all of you do you all know who I am is that I am a former NXT Champion myself so we have a bit of common ground there right? Wrong because just because the three of us has held that title doesn't mean a darn thing. Look at the men I have had to face when I was still in the NXT division. People like Slim, and Flynn was just leaving. Who do you guys have? Oh right most of the SSW Club so easy competition. But this isn't about breaking down the SSW club this is about the Rookie Duo so we will begin with one first." Blade places Alex Costa's name down onto the table. Blade, "Alex Costa, greetings this will be the first time you or your partner will be facing me in a PPV. Let's look at your career, you had your moment earlier this year at Saints Valentines day Massacre. You had a chance to be a spotlight in a division that really needed that spot light. Instead what did you do? You dropped off the planet and couldn't be asked to give it your all going into BPZmania of all events! Beaten by Hans, then where did you go from there? That's the real question, you have been floundering around in the lowest division of BPZ. Letting guys just past right by you. How is your run in the Power Trip Cup go? You did just a well as I did, at least the person I face was a finalist. How is your spot in the King of the ring going? Oh you lost or losing to a former degenerate teammate of mine in the first round. At least your partner is having success, he beat Kenji for the NXT title. The title you couldn't keep a hold of at the biggest event in BPZ. Now you are going up against real competition at King of the Ring for the first time. So you better take notes kid, because you are going to hit the harsh reality is, the NXT division you have been part of is a distraction from what real competition is. You are going to lose it is just that simple." Blade pushes the first name out of the way and puts Raven's name down and another name with it Meko. Blade, "Next up is Meko, no wait I am sorry, Raven he wants to be called. The current reigning NXT champion of a division of who is left in it? They have that kid Kenji, and Sheridan possibly but you really don't have that many people in your division to be proud about beating do you? At least you seem to have that drive that your partner didn't have when he took that title. But not that you need it am I right? You got nobody to face. That most likely is for the best because you might fumble and end up losing your title to a SSW club member. Your biggest problem you have with people is them not calling you by your name. Everywhere you look someone is calling you Meko here and Meko there, and you wonder when will people start calling you Raven. See here is the thing, nobody cares what you are called because nobody knows who you are. So why would they know what your name is? Well that isn't going to change much after King of the ring because I regret that I have to inform you, that when the people look back to this match, you will just be that guy in the tag contenders match who just happened to be the NXT champion at the time. That is it. A place holder with a shiny title, and that's all you are" Blade puts the two names on the table and throws them in the trash where he put the names from his last Breakdown. Blade, "And they go right where they belong. They weren't the first, had to get the worst out of the way first, but they aren't the last. By no means the last is the best, the Rookie duo are nothing more then if the SSW Club with accomplishments that is just split up between two. One man who just could not care to actually give any effort in during the biggest night of BPZ for the NXT division and the other who nobody knows who he is or can be bothered to remember his name That is all for this Breakdown, now the next team for me to reeducate you all about,, is the breakdown the United Nations. Another larger man group this time unlike the others these are a group of retirees. So that should be great. So see you all next time." The screen cuts to black as the Breakdown: The Rookie Duo is now done.
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    Aaron North

    Retki Suomeen - II

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and we see Aaron North and Starbuck who have just arrived at the Olympiastadion. The Olympiastadion is under construction and so Aaron and Starbuck can't get in. Aaron: "Closed, for authorized personnel only". Shit.. well i guess we'll just have to head back to the arena. They don't spend a lot of time there and decide to leave and head to the Hartwall Arena. After an hour they finally get to the arena, they enter the arena and hangout in Aaron's locker room. Starbuck: So... what should we do now? Aaron: Well i suppose we could head out there and greet the fans. Starbuck: Sure that sounds like a plan. Interviewer Gerald Grey walks by and he notices Aaron talking but he can't see who Aaron is talking to. He walks into Aaron's locker room and notices that Aaron is talking to himself. Gerald: Aaron? Who are you talking to? Aaron: What do you mean who am i talking to? I'm talking to one of the greatest pro wrestlers that ever lived, Starbuck! Now run along boy because you are in the presence of a future king and the future of America. Gerald: Alrighty then. It was good meeting whoever you're talking to. The camera shows Aaron but we can't see anyone else, Aaron is talking to someone but we can't hear this someone talk back. Is it Starbuck or something else? Something more powerful and extremely dangerous perhaps? Suddenly Aaron shakes his head and tells Starbuck to come with him to the ring and he leaves the locker room and heads out to the ring. Aaron's music hits and the fans pop. Aaron greets the fans on his way down the ramp and the crowd chant: "Welcome back". Aaron: Thank you, thank you. It's so good to be home and it's so good to know that my first win in the KOTR tournament is gonna be here at home. Now ladies and gentlemen i would like to introduce you all to Starbuck! The crowd is completely silent as no music plays and no one comes out to the ring. Aaron: Show some respect for god sakes. This man has worked his ass off in the wrestling business to show that Finland shouldn't go unnoticed when talking about great wrestling countries. Now i know he hasn't exactly done as much as i have but he deserves some credit and respect. The crowd chant: "What?". Aaron starts arguing with Starbuck and then he starts punching the air almost like he's fighting someone. He irish whips "Starbuck" outside the ring and laughs, "Starbuck" gets back inside the ring and shakes hands and hugs Aaron. The crowd start chanting: "What the f***!?". Aaron can't hold it anymore and bursts into a laugh. Aaron: If you wanna see the real Starbuck, he's right there in the crowd. Aaron points and waves at Starbuck. Aaron: You really thought i was going insane!? I can't even trust my own people anymore! Aaron keeps laughing but his laugh quickly turns weird. His other eye turns red and his damaged eye starts bleeding as he smiles to the camera. Then in a demonic voice he says. Aaron: Well.. you were right... The lights go out and Aaron disappears and a maniacal laugh echoes throughout the arena, leaving the crowd in shock. Suddenly a demonic looking Aaron appears on the titantron and in a demonic voice he says. "The World Is Formed Through Words.... the world has spoken it's words. They wanted insane, they all got insane. They said Arius is insane and Arius is immortal... well they're all wrong because, i am immortal and i am insane... Welt Ist Gebildet Durch Wörter. I will no longer be known as Aaron North i will now be known as Lord Yautja.
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    I brought this up in another section but I see that it would be better posted here so I'll say it here. We should bring back the European Title as a bridge between US and IC as we have many new members that are making their way up to US and IC and if we had a bridge it would allow for better divisions with more people being recognized for their work instead of something like what happened last month with George, Arius, and Hans who all did a ton of work on the forums with only one (Hans) being recognized truly for it as he won the voting. With Euro returning we could recognize more people for work they've done on the forums, and I could see that being beneficial now more than ever.
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    Aaron North

    WWE - Resurrection

    WWE Resurrection - Smackdown Live - April 17th Rey Mysterio talks about Wrestlemania 35 Tonight's show kicks off with Rey Mysterio who makes his way to the ring to cut a promo. He talks about Wrestlemania 35 and how he disappointed his son by losing so quickly to Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania. He doesn't get to talk for long because Joe interrupts him and he looks at Rey and laughs. He says that Rey will get a rematch if he wins tonight but if he doesn't he's gonna get beaten up but then Joe says that it doesn't actually matter if Rey wins or not because he's gonna get beaten up anyway. Then Joe runs and tries to clothesline Rey out of the ring but Rey pulls down the ropes and Joe flies out instead. A big brawl between the two kicks off as Rey runs and hits Joe with a suicide dive. They brawl outside the ring before security split them up. The Usos vs. The Bar In a great match The Usos defeated The Bar by pinfall with a Double Superkick. Batista announces a huge main event for tonight Smackdown Live comes back from commercial break and Batista is standing in the ring. He talks about the draft that's coming up this Friday and about people he'd love to pick up from NXT such as Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano and The War Raiders. He announces a big match as tonight's main event and that match is AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to determine the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship. Rowan vs. Rey Mysterio In a good match Rey Mysterio defeated Rowan by pinfall with the 619. Samoa Joe gets the last laugh The match is over and Samoa Joe's music plays. He runs out and he dodges a dropkick attempt from Rey Mysterio and chokes Mysterio out quickly. Samoa Joe celebrates in the ring with his United States Championship he looks at Rey as he rolls out of the ring and walks away. Harper vs. Mustafa Ali In a great match Harper defeated Mustafa Ali by pinfall with a Discus Clothesline. Randy Orton interview about the upcoming match The cameras cut backstage where we see Randy Orton and the interviewer asks him about the triple threat match that's coming up next and Randy says he's ready for anything and he's expecting an interference from Bryan's lackey Rowan and if that happens he's gonna hit Rowan with the RKO he then says that he's gonna get his revenge on AJ for beating him at Mania and he's gonna become the new #1 contender. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan In an awesome match Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan by pinfall with the RKO to AJ Styles after interference from Batista. Orton and Batista celebrate The match is over and Orton has won and he is now the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship. He walks out of the ring with Batista and they taunt AJ and Bryan. AJ Styles who is still a bit dizzy from the RKO, gets up and looks at them in anger as they walk away.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Monday Night Carnage - July 15th 2019 KOTR Quarter Final Match: KENJI vs Yelich A week after Yelich and shockingly made an alliance with Flynn by attacking Blade and helping Flynn retain the Universal Championship, he was in action against one of Japans Brightest Up and Coming Stars, KENJI It was Yelich who seemed like he was going to win until Blade's music started hitting. Blade stood on the apron and held up 4 playing cards, 2 black aces and 2 black eights, commonly known as the Deadmans Hand. A confused Yelich watched as Blade walked to the back Yelich turned his attention to KENJI and ran at him, only for KENJI to counter by locking Yelich in the Bermuda Triangle. Yelich tapped out immediately, sending KENJI through to the semi finals of KOTR against the winner of tonight's main event A vignette aired on the screen. Following the off-air announcement that Evolve had signed a mystery superstar set to debut soon, Carnage's free agent signing was shown to be Kieron Black KOTR Quarter Final Match: FDS vs George FDS had been through many trials and tribulations in BPZ and despite being one of the favourites for the 2017 tournament, he ultimately crashed out. Desperate to win the World Championship, he would have to first get past George FDS succeeded in putting George away, winning in relatively quick time with the WRSTLMaker. With a semi final showdown with KENJI next week, can anyone stop this Australian Physcopath? Next, Universal Champion Flynn was in the ring with Yelich. Flynn expressed his feelings on Blade and noted no matter how many times they faced, Flynn always came out on top. He called Blade out, saying Blade's problem was with him, not Yelich. Blade came out, still holding the Deadmans Hand and explained his problems were with Yelich because Yelich cost him the Universal Championship last week. Then, Yelich and Flynn came out of the ring and began walking down towards Blade when suddenly Kieron Black came out to the shock of the crowd. Him and Blade began walking down the ramp and confronted Flynn and Yelich in the middle Just as it seemed we were going to get a fight between these 2 makeshift teams, "The Goat" hit and Bailey came out. He made a match for our main event, Kieron Black against Universal Champion Flynn, with Yelich and Blade banned from ringside Flynn vs Kieron Black With their 2 partners banned from ringside, it allowed Kieron Black to get a deserving Carnage debut as he went head to head with Flynn. With Kieron seemingly forming an alliance with Blade, it made this match personal for Flynn who took his frustrations out on Kieron A series of underhand tactics left Flynn on top however Kieron managed to hit a Sister Sophie on the Universal Champion for a close 2. He went for another one but Flynn managed to reverse into an FKO. As Kieron crawled to the turnbuckle, Flynn followed up with a V-Trigger for the 3 count, only just beating Kieron. After the match, Flynn carried on his assault until Blade came rushing down to the ring, quickly followed by Yelich. This time it erupted into a mass brawl until Bailey came out with security to separate the two teams As the two teams were separated Bailey announced that at King of the Ring, we would see Blade and Kieron take on Flynn and Yelich in tag team action.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    On a night that would feature 4 KOTR matches, the show was opened by World Champion Sameer. He talked us through his victory at Judgement Day and how proud he was to be here as World Champion. However his talk was interrupted by Ryan Reeves, who congratulated him. Sameer however did not take the congratulations well, reminding Ryan that in 2016, Ryan refused to draft him, and asked Ryan if he knew how much of a mistake that was now. Ryan laughed and said he could still beat Sameer today. Sameer laughed this off, saying that Ryan doesn't deserve to have a title shot, unless he was willing to wager his position as Evolve General Manager for it. Brenden came out and made it official; at KOTR, Sameer would make his first defence of the belt against Ryan Reeves and if Ryan lost, he would be stripped of his position as Evolve General Manager KOTR Round of 16 Match: Arius vs Mave Deltzer With Julius in tonight's main event, it meant for the first time in the past few weeks that we would get an uninterrupted match on Evolve starring Arius as he faced former SSW Club member Mave Deltzer And Arius proved his class, making Mave submit to the Final Testimony to book Arius' place in the quarter finals against the winner of tonights match KOTR Round of 16 Match: Bashka vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Former 3x World Champion Bashka is desperate to get his hands on the 4th World Championship, and by winning King of the Ring, a competition that gives you a World title match at SummerSlam, it would give him that opportunity but standing in his way was the young Crippler And perhaps Crippler may have caused a few upsets when he locked Bashka in the Cripple Crossface but Bashka managed to reach the ropes. Crippler continued to gain advantage but Bash managed to reverse the next Crossface Attempt into The End. That would probably have been enough to secure Bashka victory but he took no chances, following up with a Revelation for the 3 count and put Bash through to the quarter finals KOTR Round of 16 Match: Sheridan vs Akki Sheridan Mueller has impressed a lot of people upon her time in BPZ, and the first woman of BPZ was looking to move away from the tag team scene and into the singles scene but she faced a physical battle in the much bigger Akki Akki used his physicality well, manhandling Sheridan Mueller across the ring. But as time went on the match turned more technical and this was where Sheridan shined, proving her status as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. However as she tried to hit a Standing Shiranui Akki placed her in a Sleeper Hold. Sheridan used the turnbuckle to reverse the hold and roll up Akki, pinning him for the 3 and sending her to face Bash in the quarter finals. KOTR Round of 16 Match: Julius vs Alex Costa Before the match Arius decided to come and watch the match to scout who his quarter final opponent would be. However he didn't get involved, leading to a great match between Julius and Alex Costa The unfancied Costa took Julius all the way until eventually Julius managed to lock in the Vice Grip on him. As Alex passed out, Julius and Arius stared at each other without blinking. As Julius was announced as the winner and the ref raised his hand, Arius came into the ring and stared down with Julius, holding his North American Championship in the air. Julius did the same with his Intercontinental Championship, setting the scene for our incredible quarter final main event next week: Julius vs Arius. Goodnight
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    Upset on the way

    [We see Bob sitting in the back of an Irish pub smoking a cigar] So the boys backstage decided that I should be in King of the Ring after all. Smart decision on their part wouldn't want to live a rising star like me out of it. A guy that shocked the world in the PTC Tournament and is going to do it again in King of the Ring. [Bob takes a sip a moonshine] You see I have a past with old washed up part timers before. I mean look at the PTC Tournament. I beat Necce, I beat Yelich and I did that all as the 16th seed and guess what I got myself the same seed again. It’s time to see Bob run through the number one seed again a go on to win the King of the Ring Tournament. [Bob then laughs as he throws the cigar out of a window] So, Prince you have decided to come back finally. It’s just too bad your coming back to the guy who squahes half ass part timers like yourself. Cause I now can do whatever the hell I want. I am not confined by the restraints those people put on me anymore. I can bend the rules a bit, I can beat you down so much that I can finger paint with the blood that will be pouring out of your head after I pummel it with my fists and slam it into the mat. Now you still listen to these people because you need someone to give you any attention that you can get. This is why you came back because you needed these people to boost your confidence back up right well guess what know I am going to put you to where not even a haircut can save your confidence. Your face will be some messed up even these people won’t cheer you on anymore you will be once again and forever alone the way that it should be. [Bob takes a big chug of moonshine] So Prince I am sure you’ll respond to this with some sub par promo you throw together backstage as you slowly get the words out as you shake from the fear of Bob Sparks showing up and kicking your ass. So Prince I can’t wait to hear what makes you think a Prince could ever have a chance in winning a tournament meant for Kings. [Bob then gets up and walks back to the bar to get another drink as the camera fades to black]
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    The Conquest begins

    As Alex points to the entrance ramp, the lights in the arena suddenly cut out, shrouding Hartwall Arena in complete darkness. The typical loud caw echoes throughout the arena, followed by the theme of the new NXT champion. Raven emerges on the entrance ramp, his spotlight lighting up the area around him, and his newly won NXT championship firmly grasped in his hands. The Finnish crowd roars behind The Enigma, and just for a second, Raven cracks a smile at the reception he receives. He marches down to the ring, more pomp in his step than usual, and after he enters the squared circle, Raven raises his NXT title high above his head. Raven enjoys the moment for a few seconds, and as his entrance theme fades out, the light returns to the arena, bring Alex Costa back into the frame. The two men look at one another, both British wrestling legends, both NXT champions in their career, and now tag team partners. Raven walks over to Alex, taking the microphone from his hands. MAN, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE CHAMPION! The crowd roars in approval as Raven says this, causing him to smile once more. Raven puts his hand up and the crowd slowly dies down, letting him continue. Alright, alright, that's enough celebrating. I actually need to apologize to the man standing across from me. You see, at PTC Finals, Alex saved me from a cowardly attack at the hands of SSW Club...I never properly thanked him for that. After all, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have been able to win this championship at Judgement Day. That's not all, though...Back in our indie days, Alex and I were as close as it gets. He watched my back, I watched his...I taught him all I could, and he grew from that and became better. He was the closest friend I had. Raven takes a deep breath to recompose himself, clearly hitting a nerve with what he's saying. Then BPZ called. For one of us. They wanted Alex, and he would've been a fool to decline...I've never admitted this before, but Alex was the one who lobbied for them to sign me so hard in the first place. I helped him reach his full potential, and he helped me reach the promised land of BPZ. When I was finally here...I didn't know what to do, really. Alex was NXT champion, and I didn't want to get in the way of it. While he soared to new heights, I faltered. I joined a group of perpetual losers who nearly ruined my career...But my friend saved me. Raven turns to Alex and shakes his hand, to which Alex pulls him in for a hug. The audience applauds as these friends formally reunite. Raven catches his breath again, trying to stifle his emotions, and he continues. And just in time, too, because at King of the Ring, Alex and I have been granted an opportunity at number one contendership for the BPZ tag team titles, where we have the opportunity to not only end SSW Club once and for all, but to challenge the Big Ballers. And if you know anything about me... Raven holds up his championship again as he says this. When I'm granted an opportunity, I don't waste it. Though I've been excluded from King of the Ring this year, it matters little, because I know my friend, Alex, can get the job done in my stead. On the same night Alex becomes the 2019 King of the Ring, we put these other pretenders in their place and begin our conquest of BPZ. Raven drops the microphone and Alex's music plays again. As Alex and Raven exit, the audience cheers on the two men as they make their way to the back.
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    The Cards Fall

    A Voice Starts Speaking “Stables and Tag Teams are the ambitious ordeal when your winning matches and getting confidence there is always the one stand out that ruins it for everyone. In the Big Ballers its Sameer... in SSW it was Myself... etc... In the end the cards always fall in the end there is always a twist the story thats destroys something great.” Maasa walks out with his mic and the crowd is shocked that after weeks of a disappearance he has come back so they go wild, Maasa waits till they calm down to continue “Thats why I left SSW in this great place called BPZ betrayal is normal when someone gets what they need out of another or others its over. Ropati got the worst taste of that when Julius destroyed there stable but thats what happens when you trust someone it ends in fire and fury. It goes from cloud 9 to under the ocean being crushed by the depths that is just the fine print of being with someone but there are exceptions for example the big ballers the declining brenden trying to hold on to something he can’t with Sameer but some how he is but this one of very few. Maasa moves from the entrance ramp to the ring and stands in the center, he shows the scars on his back and chest “This is what happened to me! SSW Club this is what happens! I am coming for your members and the ex-members no one is safe and i’ll make sure of that. You destroyed my soul and broke my spirit and turned me into this sad sack of disappointment that couldn’t win a match for his life!” Maasa Whispers Especially You Bulldozer. Maasa Walks To The Back
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    Free Agent Corner

    The Return of Green Agent Corner: 2019 Half Year Review Hello, my name is Gary Green and welcome to our mid 2019 BPZ Wrestling Review. On todays show, we will rank the 5 best matches of the year, the best promos, and culminate with the power rankings. We also feature an interview with BPZ Legend Bashka about his career in the company Top 5 Promos of the Year (So Far) (5) "Hunger" by Julius - June 3rd 2019 As Josh Trenton asked Julius a simple question, he did not expect the brilliant rant that followed. Julius poured his emotion into this promo, showing us how much the Power Trip Cup meant to him after his defeat in the finals last year (4) "Egotistical" by Sheridan - June 20th 2019 Sheridan stole the show at one of her speeches, calling out Flynn for his misogynistic comments. An extremely powerful promo, it completely earns 4th place on my list (3) "The King Returns - An Open Challenge" by Flynn and Sheridan - June 17th 2019 Upon his controversial victory over Bart the night prior, Flynn issued an open challenge to anyone, and who would have thought that Sheridan would be the one to answer the call. She pointed out her history with Flynn and how she had improved but Flynn mocked her and promised to beat her to a "bloody pulp." As the match was set it was a genuine goosebumps moment and as a result one of the best promos of 2019 (2) "Greatest of All Time" by Bashka - June 19th 2019 Bashka took us through his belief on winning the World title, his problems with Bailey, his thoughts on the other competitors, his training and why he is the greatest of all time in a very short space of time. Brilliant promo by Bashka and I can say no more, it earns 2nd on my list (1) "Bitter" by Sheridan - June 3rd 2019 I have read this promo so many times and can not ever figure out what is so amazing about it. In an interview with Josh Trenton, Sheridan gave some brilliant answers and I think what makes the promo so good is the way she says it, the words she say. After this promo I genuinely believed Royal Flush could win Tag And I apologise that all the promos came from the same month but I legitimately thought all of them were the best 5 from 2019 so far And that means promo of the year so far is "Bitter" by Sheridan. And Sheridan proved herself as promoer of the year so far, having 3 of the top 5 promos in our list, and Flynn vs Sheridan proved itself to be a great feud with 2 promos of that feud featuring on the list Blast From The Past Now it is time for us to review a great match from the past. This month, I choose the main event of BPZ Mania II, Slim vs Smith. Highlights Smith hits Slim with a Knee Strike to Slims face Smith countered Slims suicide dive with a forearm Slim hit Smith with a Punt Kick from the Apron Slim locked in a headlock as he tried to wear down Smith Slim hit a Chop Block to Smith that required medics to check it out Smith hit the Black Rose Slim hit a Rebound German Suplex Slim connected with a Running Knee Strike to the back of the head Slim hit an Essential Eliminator for a 2 Smith hit an Elbow Drop to Slim on the announce table Smith hit a Burning Hammer for a 2 Smith hit a Pele Kick to the back of Slims head Slim hit a Missile Dropkick to the back of Smiths head and then followed up with a Throne of God for a 2 Slim won with a Lights Out NEW RATING: 6 STARS Interview with Bashka Green: 3x World Champion, former MITB Holder, former Tag, Intercontinental and Premium Champion, Bashka has had an incredible career in BPZ and has helped turn it into the major driving force it is today. But how did this come out. What happened behind the scenes. Find out in this interview with the legendary Bashka himself. Hello Bash Bashka: Hello Gary Green: You signed with BPZ in November 2014. How did that come about? Bashka: Well I’ve always been a fan of professional wrestling and I’ve known from a young age that it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. However, I never really had the available resources to make that dream come true by growing up in Sydney, Australia. Wrestling isn’t really a huge thing over there but I heard about the BPZ Performance Centre and so I moved everything I had at the age of 20 over to the United States and have been perfecting my craft ever since. Eventually, I signed with the company and made my debut shortly after. Green: Can you talk us through everything that happened in the first few months? Bash: The first few months weren’t the best for me, in the early days of my career I was annoying and I seemed to clash with many of the other superstars in the back. However, Brenden believed in me and saw the potential I had which is how I rose to the top so quickly. If somebody like me from back then showed up today I would want them gone. Luckily I was good at what I did so Brenden could overlook my toxic personality. Green: So would you attribute quite a bit of your success today back to how Brenden helped you then? Bash: I definitely would, Brenden is a great business man who wouldn’t let his personal issues get in the way of business. He made things tough for me but he always knew I could get through whatever he put in my way and I owe where I am today to him Green: Of course your hard work in changing wasn't unnoticed and then on April 16th 2015, a scenario happened that many thought was impossible only 4 months prior. You won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Talk me through the emotions going through your head when that happened? Bashka: Well the emotions that were going through my head on that incredible night were a build up of feelings from the past 2 or 3 months. In February I had my first legitimate World Championship shot against Bailey and Nebakos and it came down to the wire between me and Bailey. It was on that night I truly made my name known and then the next month I I had another intense match with Bailey where I made people think “wow, maybe this kid isn’t just a flash in the pan”. And then I did it, I finally came out on top after plenty of times where the higher ups didn’t think I could do it. It was an emotional journey leading up to that point and I can still look back on it 4 years later and say it was one of the best moments of my life. Green: However the incredible journey lasted only one month until Bailey won it back. Was there ever a bit of annoyance on your part that you had worked so hard for the title only to not be given a long run? Bashka: Well I discovered something from winning that and that was that the hard work doesn’t stop once you reach the top of the mountain, you’ve got to keep working to stay there and that lesson was proven to me when I was defeated a month later. It motivated me to work harder which I did. Of course the annoyance was there but the lesson learned was more important. Green: Then came Bad Blood 2015. Often considered the greatest PPV in BPZ history, it was of course a successful one for you winning MITB and Tag with Tamer. Did u know when you won MITB that you would soon be regaining World? Bash: September 2015 was a resurgence for me and I owe that to my great partners at the time Smith and Tamer. They motivated me once again to keep working and I did that, winning Tag and MITB. In that same night, my partner Smith dethroned my long time rival Bailey for the World Championship and it never occurred to me that I may have to turn on my partner to regain that belt until the opportunity was right in front of me. Green: How did Smith feel about you taking World off him? Bash: He held a grudge about it for a while since he worked so hard to get to that point and The Pride were on a great run but I think he got over it when he had one of the greatest runs in BPZ history as part of The Order. I haven’t talked to him much since he left BPZ but I imagine he’s not holding that grudge anymore. Green: Do you ever have any regrets about how The Pride ended? Bash: Looking back on it, I may have gained a World Championship from what I did but I always wonder what could’ve happened if I didn’t and The Pride continued to dominate like we did in our short amount of time. Afterwards, me and Tamer continued to work together but it felt like things weren’t the same without Smith. Green: Then you became a 3x champ after losing the title to Bailey shortly after winning it, only to win it back a few weeks later. Was the feeling still the same for you? Bash: I’ve held the top prize three times but I’ve never really had a reign that made me proud when I look back on it, and this is a driving force in my pursuit of it at Judgement Day. I want to not only be able to say I’m a 3x Champion, but after Judgement Day I want to say I’m a 4x Champion with a reign to be proud of. Green: What is your relationship like with Bailey? Rumours have always suggested you have had a friendly competitiveness Bash: Me and Bailey have never really been the best of friends, we don’t really have any interests that would make us really good buddies but we’ve evolved together, and we have a mutual respect for each other. If you asked me this question in early to mid 2015, I would’ve told you that we despised each other because we actually did. Green: What was the reason why you despised each other? Or was it as you just said, you evolved together and were rivals with each other? Bash: Well like I said earlier, when I signed I wasn’t the most popular guy and Bailey really didn’t like that about me and his hate for me was made stronger when I was seen as a road block for him getting his first ever World title which he’d been fighting for months for. Green: Someone else who has strongly been involved in your career was Brad. What is your history with him? Bash: Well during 2015 I saw Brad make his way up the ranks in BPZ and our paths never really crossed. The first match I ever had with him was at Mayhem 2016 for the Intercontinental Championship in which I won. We’ve had a few World title matches since then where we’ve both been the challenger but until recently, I haven’t really had much notable history with him. Green: Now Bashka, a few things we ask is do you have any funny stories from your time in BPZ? Bash: Well although this was a bad moment for me, it’s quite funny looking back on it. So back in the early days of BPZ we did a test run of a brand split which lasted about a month or two in which me and Bailey were managers. We did our draft with all the superstars present and when I chose Joh, you could hear him yelling “FCK OFF, FCK RIGHT OFF” and everybody lost it. Green: That is brilliant. Of course you got a second chance as Carnage GM in October 2016 before you left. How come you left the role? Bashka: I left the role because I didn’t believe I was needed anymore and I thought that my colleague at the time, Chris White could do a better job than me so I left the role in his hands. Green: Has there ever been a time you have ever thought about leaving BPZ? Bash: There’s been several moments where I’ve considered and attempted to retire from wrestling altogether but just as I think I’m getting away, I get roped back in for another run. I just can’t seem to stay away from this place. Green: I guess you have unfinished business here Bash: I guess I do, and that’s why I’m back for good. Green: Well thank u Bashka for your time Bashka: No problem Gary The Best 2 Matches of The Year So Far (2) Hans vs Arius vs Aaron North vs Peter Wilchester vs Kenji vs Birdman vs Bulldozer vs Buddy Ace: Ladder Match for the NA Championship - World at War - ****3/4 These 8 young superstars stole the show with one of the greatest matches in BPZ history. An amazing showcase and an amazing way to debut the division. 4.75 stars (1) Sameer vs Brad vs Blade vs Josh vs Bailey vs Bash - 6 Pack Challenge for the World Championship and Sameer's cash in - Judgement Day ******1/4 Unbelievable. A great match by itself, it was heightened when months of suspense was ended as Sameer cashed in his MITB Briefcase on his friend Bailey, winning his first World title by pinning Brad. 6.25 Stars Power Rankings And finally we conclude on the power rankings. Who has been the best star of 2019 so far. Lets go (10) BiC BiC hit his peak between March and May, where he won the Intercontinental Championship on the grandest stage of them all before reaching the finals of the Power Trip Cup (9) Hans Hans has already won 2 titles in his first year in the company, NXT and US, and after a slightly disappointing Power Trip Cup he will be looking to put on a performance in KOTR (8) Jonathan Jonathan has featured as more of a Tag team guy, teaming with Bart to beat Echo and FDS and forming Royal Flush who came very close to winning the Tag Titles. However he has also featured as a singles competitor, reaching the semis of the Power Trip Cup (7) BrendenPlayz The boss has had his most successful year yet, being Tag Champ for all but 14 days of the year with Sameer and also featuring in an incredible War Games match (6) Flynn The current Undisputed Champion has had a great way, also holding the BPZ World Championship. He has also secured victories over Bailey and Yelich. And talking of the former (5) Bailey The man claimed his 6th world title on the grandest stage of them all and it looked like he would never lose it, with it taking a Sameer cash in for that to happen. He also won the Royal Rumble and won the War Games match (4) Arius Arius has taken to BPZ like a fish to water, winning 3 titles in 2019, NXT, US and North American. At the rate he is going, next time we do FAC at the end of the year I could easily be calling him a World Champion (3) Bart It was a shame to see Barts incredible Undisputed Championship run end the way it did but along the way he defeated such stars as Echo Wilson, Necce, Hollow and Julius. He had a phenomenal first 4 months of 2019, also retaining the IC Championship twice and trying his hand at Tag Team Wrestling with Jonathan (2) Sameer Triple Crown Champion. Sameer topped off an incredible first 6 months at Judgment Day when he cashed in his MITB Briefcase to become World Champion and also claimed the Premium Championship. He has also dominated the tag team scene, him and Brenden not only survived War Games together but they have also beat the likes of Royal Flush, The Frontier, New Blood and Hells Alliance (1) Julius He headed into the year with the World and US Championships and after June he holds the Intercontinental Championship, having also claimed the Tag Titles with Ropati along the way. Julius has been dominant and he could hold another title very soon, as his Power Trip Cup victory means he will have the chance to challenge Flynn soon That is the 6 month review. Join me in the 6 months time to see if anything has changed by the end of the year. Goodnight and thank you for watching
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    Eric Shun

    WWE Wrestler Reviews

    KANE Gimmick - 9/10 Kanes gimmick throughout his career has always been good. The whole idea of him coming from hell as the Undertakers brother has worked immensely well. Throughout his entire time with the WWE, his gimmick has worked, although later in his gimmick began to be changed quite frequently, the fact that he went over 10 years with the same gimmick whilst keeping it fresh and exciting is amazing. Move-Set - 8/10 Kane was never the best in the ring. But he was also never awful. His move-set is full of impactful moves, which means that his move-set fits his gimmick perfectly. His ability to pull of the moves was great, and improved as he improved in the ring. Usage - 6/10 This is the department than Kane struggles in. And the sad part is that it isn't his fault. Countless times we have seen Kane thrusted into poor storylines and even more recently poor gimmicks. History - 9.5/10 What is there you can't say Kane has done during his entire time with the WWE. The man has done it all from winning World Championships to having the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble. The name Kane now oozes with history. MATCH REVIEW Kane Vs The Undertaker Wrestlemania XIV This match was amazing, as per usual it had the special Wrestlemania feel to it. Nobody really expected the match to happen, but the build-up and the match itself were superb. Both men told a story in the ring. In everything they did even down to their aesthetics. Therefore, this match for me really just sums up how good Kane is. His storytelling can be amazing and if he were handled correctly throughout his entire career he would certainly be up there as one of the greats. Kane Overall - 32.5/40
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