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    Bash I’m calling u out

    Bash fight me as the fans boo well guess what idc what y’all think about me because u can’t be me I have better talent than u fans all u fans have are jobs and then u get fired because you suck at your jobs but bash fight me at King of the Ring if not I will come to your house and beat you down until you agree drops the mic
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    Gunner Flynn

    The career of Icon

    Under the walls of hope, there is betrayal, over a hill there’s victory but there is defeat, over a heap of mountains there is gold, but there is a legacy, this is the story of ICON Those lines above, really hit home. A career is not all sunny and rainbows. You will have your defeats, you will have victories but most important you will have a legacy. This all started in early 2018. A call from Bpz leads a man to his professional wrestling career. A call from the owner of Bpz, Brenden startled the newcomer, as he answers. This is Storm, how can I help you? Brenden: So I have been watching you lately, and I have decided to give you a 2 year contract how does that sound to you. That sounds amazing, when do I start? First of all, your kindness sickens me, so shut up before I change my mind. And you can start tonight at the Royal Rumble. Well tonight is actually- Brenden: I can just rip up this contract right now smartass. No no I will be there. A few hours later… Storm’s plane arrives and is met by Brenden with a cocky look on his face. Brenden: Listen up kid, tonight you will face Julius and RedArrow in a triple threat match for the NXT Championship. But I can’t stress this enough kid, make Julius look strong. You understand? Yes sir, but, oh never mind I just got this job. The stage is set, will Storm fail or will he be the kid to get the job done….
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    We see Josh, Gary Green and Bruce Willis sat inside the room, looking at the 10 suspects sat in front of them. They know it is one of them, but who could it be. They all exchange looks nervously as dramatic music plays, and we cut into a slightly edited version of the opening theme As the theme hit instead of the weird montage we see some highlights of the series. We see Brenden chasing Gary Green and we zoom in on the face of Gary Green. We then see Josh throwing himself out of a vent and the screen freezes, zooming in on Josh. We then see Gary sitting in interview rooms, Julius stood over Gary and Josh on the London Eye, Green hypnotising Bulldozer and numerous other clips before the montage ends. We return to see Josh, Green and Willis in the room Green: So the 10 suspects we know it must be. Aaron, Alex Costa, Bashka, BiC, Brenden, Cody, me, George, Raven and Sheridan. Willis: How do you guys know that? Josh: Jesus Christ Bruce have you not been paying attention Willis: I have no idea who you are Josh: Back at you. Now, we know that because we hacked into Brendens computer and found some limited security camera footage and we know from other footage it is one of these people who did it. However when we watched the footage again I discovered Gary had made some mistakes. George wasn’t at the show that day and doesn’t appear on the footage and look at Aaron here Josh pulls out a very smashed tablet and places it on the table. Willis and Green have to squint but we can see Aaron North turn left into Brads locker room before he leaves the guerilla position. He doesn’t leave until 9:47pm, after Bulldozer had been run over. Willis: So whoever that guy is, Aaron, he is innocent Josh: Yes he is Gary: Why is your tablet so smashed? Josh: I dropped it when I went to an anniversary party 2 Wednesdays ago. Green: Ah Ok. So do we shred these 2 With that Gary picks up the pictures of Aaron and George and puts them in a shredder, shredding them. We’re down to 8. Josh: Ok let’s go in alphabetical order. Alex Costa. Now he claimed he was on the phone to the president at the time. Willis: Donald Trump? Green: No Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President Of Portugal. Alex claimed he was getting a medal from the president and was on the phone when Bulldozer was attacked. It’s true, I tried to call Sousa to verify it but he didn’t answer Willis: How do you know he is telling the truth then. Green: He was on the phone for nearly an hour, starting at 9:43pm. Bulldozer was attacked at 9:45, therefore Alex’s alibi checks out and he is innocent and therefore we can shred him Green shreds Alex Costa, taking us down to 7 Green: Now as I was telling you both, I hypnotised Bulldozer to get some information. And he backed up Cody and Brenden with alibis Willis: How so? Josh: Cody said he was at KFC when Bulldozer was attacked. How could Bulldozer provide him with an alibi Green: Bulldozer remembered seeing Cody eating KFC across the parking lot. It’s likely Cody did go to KFC, he just didn’t know what time he was there. Cody was seen seconds before Bulldozer was attacked so therefore it can’t be him Willis: What about this Brenden guy? Green: Bulldozer saw Brenden talking with the interviewer after Bulldozer had walked away. Therefore both are innocent and they can be shredded Brenden and Codys pictures are picked up by Green and put into the shredder. With that he has eliminated it to 5 suspects, BiC, Bashka, Green, Sheridan and Raven. Suddenly Willis stands up Willis: Well Gary only booked me to do this sh*tshow for 20 minutes and my time is up. Yippee Ki Yai y’all Willis leaves and Josh and Gary shrug at each other before looking at the 5 suspects Josh: And then there were 5. Well I mean didn’t BiC want Bulldozer dead and say that he would run him over himself? Green: Yes that is true but you’re forgetting something. The car wasn’t found Josh: So it probably was a personal car as you assumed hence they must be hiding it Green: BiC couldn’t drive, he had a bad ankle and he couldn’t put any pressure on it. Josh: What does that have to do with what you just said? Green: Nothing, I just wanted to show off. Now let’s shred BiC The photo of BiC is shredded Green: So it’s down to Raven, Bashka, me and Sheri Josh: Well we know it’s not you, you were kissing a picture of my wife Green: Why yes I was Josh: And Sheridan saw you which means she couldn’t have been in the car. So she is innocent too Green: Put them in the shredder Green shreds Sheridan’s picture before Josh picks up Gary’s and violently shreds it. Then we see the final 2 suspects, Bashka and Raven. Which one will it be? Josh: Well I know it isn’t Bashka Green: And I know it isn’t Raven Josh: Explain Raven first Green: Remember what I said earlier about the car being a personal car. Raven doesn’t own a car. And he has no family because he left them in Britain. Therefore he can not have been driving the car and therefore is innocent. How do you know Bash is innocent Josh: I went back into Brendens office to see if I could dig anything more up from the night. I found one late piece of security footage and it showed at 9:44 Bashka stood outside calling for a taxi. The taxi arrives 7 minutes later Green: Hang on it has to be one of those people, how can it not be? Suddenly Gary’s phone starts ringing. He looks confused at who is phoning before he picks it up Gary: Who is this? Oh. Hello President De Sousa. Yes this is Mr Green talking. Yes I phoned earlier because I understand you were talking to a Alex Costa. Yes you were that is good to hear, now did you hear the sound of a car hitting a Bulldozer during this call. Aha ok, erm yes I understand what you mean. Where was Alex at this time do you know? Wait how do you know that. Really. Ok thank you President De Sousa. Gary puts the phone down and looks seriously surprised Green: That was the Portuguese President. He informed me was speaking to Alex Costa and that he had heard a sound similar to a car hitting something quite near. Josh: So Alex was near, that goes against his original statement that he was far away Green: And, the President said he was speaking to Alex and Alex was speaking hands off. So Alex was driving Josh: Alex was driving. That means he is the only suspect that fits. He has motive and now we have evidence. It was Alex Costa Green: I’m gonna go tell Bulldozer Green runs out of the room and Josh goes to join him before picking up the phone that had been filming this entire segment Josh: Alex I don’t know if you’ve been watching this but if you are watching it right now I promise you that when we meet in the Fatal 4 Way Tag match at KOTR you are going to suffer. If you honestly thought you could run over my best friend and get away with it you are mistaken, you shall pay Josh turns off the phone and the screen turns black. The words The End appear on the screen, only to be followed by the words “Or is it?”
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    Smarks Daily

    5 Superstars That Should Return To BPZ by Dave Jones July 13th, 2019, 3:35 pm AEST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With the rumoured return of former World Champion, Slim, there have been plenty of superstars that we have seen come to BrendenPlayz wrestling, make an enormous impact and then leave for a number of reasons,and today we're going to be going over five superstars that we'd love to see return to BPZ to join this extremely talented roster of today 5 Zombie Somebody that we haven't seen since late 2015 is Zombie, one of the first wrestlers in BPZ and somebody that set the standards for champions to come. His technical ability along with his mic skills meant that he was in the second Hall of Fame class alongside The Bailey and Monda. He has gone under the radar since leaving, saying that he was going to focus on his family life but if he ever did return, we'd love to see him face somebody newer like Julius or even reignite an old rivalry with Bailey. 4 Tamer Another man with incredible technical ability and mic skills is Tamer. He achieved essentially everything there is to do in BPZ before he left. Tamer left BPZ in late 2017 to go to Twitch Wrestling where the world has seen him succeed and take over another company, being a main-stay and somebody I'm sure Brenden would love to have back, despite their clashing of heads in the past. 3 Alyx Wilde BPZMania II Main Eventer Alyx Wilde was one of the most exciting prospects when he was signed with BPZ Wrestling, however due to a number of injuries he has had to take many breaks and this has led to BrendenPlayz not trusting him as much anymore as he once did in Alyx's fantastic run in 2016/17. However, if Alyx was to recover from injuries and leave them in the past, it would be great to see him back in the ring. 2 Smith Almost one year ago today, it was reported that one of BPZ's Hall of Famers, Smith had been fired after a confrontation with Brenden himself after constant misuse of drugs which came after a losing streak from Smith. Smith, who main evented BPZMania II against Slim and lost, was one of the best in-ring talents we have ever seen and it would be amazing to see him back after patching his issues with BPZ Wrestling. 1 Nebakos One of the best to ever grace the ring in BPZ, there was speculation 'Neb' would make his return during the European Tour in July when Carnage visited Greece, however there was nothing more than a promo from his former rival, Bashka on why he wasn't there which garnered a lot of heat. He was the first ever wrestler to be signed with BPZ and was one of the most hard-working superstars ever, which is why he was included in the first ever Hall of Fame class alongside honourable mention for this list, Jake. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Class Begins

    *The camera turns on in a classroom, pointed at a chalkboard with the name Mr. Ace on it, the classroom door opens and Mr. Ace walks through* Mr. Ace - Wow, you came early... *Sips coffee* Well, since you are here I do have some things to say. Last time BPZ saw me I was apart of a team called The New Bloods, a kinda guerrilla group who was set for glory....... that sadly, we never achieved. Now we have gone separate ways I had to make some extra income. So, I got a degree and now I teach quantum physics, which is too complicated for the like of you mindless, inbred, jackasses. The worst of all of you is Raven, the guy you call the NXT Champion... *Sips coffee* He is so ignorant he is a disgrace to that promising title..... so when he does have enough balls to accept my challenge, I'm going to Chalked him him out, *Laughs* You see what I did? No...... Figures. *Stands up* You're brain is so small you could be classified as a lizard, well that's all I have for class today, please make sure to write notes Raven.... you meant need to use them when your wrestling career fails.... *Mr. Ace stands up and walks out of the classroom as the camera fades to black*
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    Showtime: Title Defense [#SZN2]

    Meet the Lakers 2018 Draft Class: June 21st, 2018 The Los Angeles Lakers made two selections, along with acquiring the rights to the 30th overall pick Omari Spellman and 48th overall pick from the Atlanta Hawks for the 34th overall pick, and three second round picks (2021, 2023, 2024). With the 30th pick, the Hawks selected Spellman, a F/C out of Villanova, a man with college averages of 10.9 points, and 8.0 rebounds and a championship pedigree, winning a National Championship at Villanova. With Cleveland's first round pick acquired in the Isaiah Thomas trade, the Lakers selected Wichita State G Landry Shamet, who has college averages of 12.9 points per game, 4.3 assists, with a deadly 43% clip from 3 point range. Shamet has the opportunity to grab a rotation spot in year one, whereas the other two rookies will most likely be redshirts. And with the 48th overall pick, the Lakers selected Elie Okobo, a guard from France. Playing for France Jeep Elite, Okobo averaged 13.8 points and 4.7 assists while knocking down three point shots at a 41% clip. Okobo figures to be a G-League player for year one.
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    Hometown Part 3: The End

    We continue a week later at the end of the KOTR Tournament Round 2 during the end of the show because of the great action we saw throughout it this will be the cherry top with Bailey’s emotion 5 year song... Hometown Part 3: The End We left off on the hooded figure running away after the man had tricked him into thinking he was trapped when actually he had the advantage because there was a camera outside the arena. So you would think that hooded man would give up by now but he had extra motivation because he had let this man slip away one time before and a few moments ago. So the hooded man followed the smell and switched clothes from a 18 year old kid, he left him unconscious on a bench into the middle of night where no one was walking or driving. But he realized something there is someone following behind him and he believes that she saw him put the 18 year old down on the ground he really hadn’t of noticed because before he had only looked behind him only one while doing this “job”. He always thought that he would be the predator but that changed quickly he stops at a motel and gets a room he walks to his room and waits on the right side of the door for the door to get kicked down. In the end it is opened with the key and BrendenPlayz walks in. Hooded Man: Boss... I mean MrPlayz what are you doing here. Brenden: G’day I just came here to check up on you. Hooded Man: Uhh, I have been doing great... Brenden: So have you been up something while we have been Netherlands for the show and tell me the truth or your job is on the line. Hooded Man: Would you like some tea? Under Brenden’s Breath: Tea is shit. Brenden: No! Now answer the damn question Maasa! Maasa: Alright if this loses me my job and puts me in jail, your right to do so... I have been... getting Bailey some fireworks for Bailey’s 5 year anniversary in this company. Brenden: Is that so? Well that bloke deserves it even though even though he is... A sentence of censored curses occurred Brenden: So there is no prostitution ring here? Maasa: What! No! Why in the hell would I run in a prostitution ring in a country I barely visit. Brenden: Must be that Bailey then. Brenden walks off without saying anything, after a few minutes of catching his breath Maasa walks out of the motel and continues on with search of a “The Man” just much more difficult after the 10 minute long conversation with BrendenPlayz. Maasa has losted the man’s trail so he has to think about where he could be and he gets a idea that the man has gone back for the cameraman and sure enough he nots there and the other body in the dumpster is gone he looks a few streets up, he sees him on the right carrying a body. The Man here’s footsteps of running and starts running himself the man has a big headstart so Maasa will have to choke away at that lead. Right before the man gets caught something surprising happens a couple cars are lined up in front of the road on side of the car it say GO5 that means The Mafia in code. The Man keeps on running and gets away but the man have to takedown a squad of Mafia with brass knuckles. The Leader: A few of the locals saw you in areas so we decided to park up and wait for you to come to us because you look everywhere for so action Maasa: Let’s make this quick then. 15 minutes later, all the men are down on the ground but has a cut on his cheek and a bunch of bruises to back and couldn’t continue to run so he limped to hospital and by that point had made it to safely and left the country as soon as possible and after that night Maasa gave it up once and for all to focus on his wrestling career.
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    The Birth of Stars.

    Arrow gets jumped from behind by someone with a hood on! Jack just stands there and laughs. The Man pulls his hood off and reveals himself as Mikey! He picks Arrow up and hits the Cosmic Ascension! Then he picks up Arrow's limp body and tosses into Jack, who then hits the Last Breath. Bishop hands the mic over to Mikey. That's what he means "We". Anyway, calling all janitors in the back, we need a cleanup of this shit in the middle of the ring. The two stand over Arrow's broken body and smile, proud of their work. This dangerous new alliance is only just beginning.
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    EPW Redemption Day PPV Mauro: Welcome to EPW Redemption Day where we kick things off with the Great One The Rock in his wrestling return against Sweet Papi Sanchez. Cornette: The Rock better whip this disgrace of a wrestler or I am gonna whip his ass myself. Stephen A: For once I agree with you Cornette, what have we come to? We then see Sweet Papi Sanchez in the ring as the Rock makes his entrance with the young Hans Clayton by his side. They make their way to the ring as the Rock then helps Hans into the front row as Hans is then seen smiling in his front row seat. [The match then begins] Match 1- The Rock vs Sweet Papi Sanchez In an extremely short match The Rock defeated Sweet Papi Sanchez after hitting him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock would then celebrate in the ring as he the crowd cheers. The Rock would fist pump Hans Clayton on his way backstage as he also gave a hug to Hans’ mother. Match 2- Tag Team Championship Match: Young Bucks vs Steenerico Mauro: We are now set for tag team action as the Tag Titles are on the line. Cornette: And these bums are in it, great can’t wait. Stephen A: Why are you so stupid it just leaves me speechless. Cornette: Then shut the hell up. In a great match Steenerico would defeat The Young Bucks when El Genrico beat Matt Jackson with a quick roll up. We would then see the Steenerico celebrate in the ring as the Young Bucks watched on. Post Match We see Steenerico go to shake the hands of the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks would spit in the face of Steenerico before superkicking them both. The Young Bucks would begin to beat down on Steenerico. When we would see Kenny Omega run down to the ring as he looks to save Steenerico from this assault. Kenny would roll into the ring as he would stare down the Young Bucks as Kevin Steen would make it to his feet to stand by Kenny. Kenny then takes a step toward the Young Bucks before superkicking Steen! What the Hell? Kenny then would point at El Generico who was now getting to his feet before Kenny and the Young Bucks would superkick him too. The three would then walk up to the commentary table and grab Cornette and superkick him also as Stephen A laughed and fist pumped the three men. Then would then head backstage as everyone in the arena is left in shock. Match 3- Christain vs Bobby Lashley Mauro: Well Stephen it looks like we will have to call this match with just us as Cornette is being tended to backstage. Stephen A: Hallelujah, hopefully this headache can go away now. In a solid match Bobby Lashley would defeat Christain after hitting him with a massive spear. Lashley would then walk backstage as he laughed at the crowd and flexed on the stage as Christain sat disappointed in the ring. Match 4- Maryse vs Tenille Dashwood Mauro: It is time for some female action as we will see Tenille Dashwood take on Maryse. Stephen A: Well Mauro I am always down for female action if you know what a mean. In a nice match Maryse defeated Tenille Dashwood after beating her with a French Kiss. After the match we would see Maryse throw Tenille out of the ring as she would then point to the back as she mouthed out the words I’m coming. It seems Maryse has made her intentions clear as she is looking toward the EPW Womens Title. Mauro: Well it’s time for our next match as we wait to see who this hooded man is. Stephen A: Look at Tyler down their in the ring I can’t tell if he is just fired up or he is shaking in his boots. Mauro what do you think? We then hear music play as the Hooded man appears on stage and removes his hood. Oh my god, it’s AJ Styles! Match 5- Hooded Man (AJ Styles) vs Tyler Black In a short match AJ Styles defeated Tyler Black after beating him with a Styles Clash. AJ Styles celebrates in the ring as he walks backstage as he has clearly left his mark already in EPW. Tyler Black is in the ring as he looks around as he is still in shock. Match 6- Edge vs Walter In a great match Edge defeated Walter to win the EPW World Title after beating him with a roll up. Walter is furious after the match as he goes to attack Edge but Edge rolls out of the ring before Walter could get a hold of him. Edge stands at the top of the ramp with his title high as Walter storms around the ring furious as Redemption Day goes off air. (Congrats to Bailey for winning the PPV with 100% correct) Predict the PPV Rankings Bailey 100% 1 Win Mecko 83% 1 WIn Meko 56% 1 Win GeorgeAK 80% Ropati 80% Bash 50% Kenji 50% Mikey 50% Sameer 44% Arius 42% Julius 42% Hans 33% Massa 33% Marker 16% BiC 0% Icon 0%
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    UTAH JAZZ - Completing The Journey Roster - #11 Mike Conley #27 Rudy Gobert #45 Donovan Mitchell #2 Joe Ingles #44 Bogdan Bogdanovic #11 Dante Exum #22 Thabo Sefolosha #17 Ed Davis #1 Emmanuel Mudiay #33 Ekpe Udoh #13 Tony Bradley #31 Georges Niang #32 Jeff Green #23 Royce O’Neale Our starting 5 and bench is strong. But it could still do with some improving, let me know what you would do!
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    The Akki

    The Mave Effect: Hungry

    Evolve welcomes you to another show as we return from a really boring commercial break. The camera cuts to the backstage area as HeelAkki is in the building. HeelAkki has been promoting his upcoming album recently, but with a face like this I don't think Akki is here to promote albums. Akki's theme song Revive hit, a whole sea of "Sobbing" chants pops off as Akki steps foot on the stage. The crowd going crazy. The last time they saw Akki was when he brutally slaughtered Toxik in a verbal assault. Ofcourse Akki the manager of Mave, they are known as the Mave Effect, Akki keeps on the walk as he enters the ring. The light beaming down, the commentators talking on, the referee handing mics. Ladies and gentlemen, HeelAkki has returned. I was gone for a few weeks and left my son, Mave alone. But he's a big boy now. He can take care of his own. So why am I here? Well obviously to tell you that my new mixtape "Incursion" will be dropping 27th of September, lots of big names like Kanye and Nicki Minaj featuring. But there's two more reasons on why I'm here. The first one is that Bulldozer has crossed the line and sued Mave for 1.4 million dollar. Mave was not intended to pay that fee so he called a lawyer, ME!. I'm a good lawyer so I dropped the money to 17k and paid Bulldozer. After that I sent some hoodlums to go attack the man but he nearly killed him. I don't know who I sent but he was also desperate to hurt Bulldozer so I just paid him 20k and let him be. Just when I thought it was all over, Bulldozer called Mave and threatened to send Arrow after him. Which brings me to reason number 2. Arrow is a scared little boy, there's no way he will dare touch Mave. Arrow in a couple of minutes I will bring Mave out and you will show yourself! The SSW Club was nothing and will stay nothing, but you was dumb enough to believe Bulldozer. I am a 5 year BPZ veteran, this is really irrelevant but I'm just saying I'n a 5 year BPZ veteran, so stay in you're place Mave. (Who tf writes these things) HeelAkki backs out as Mave's theme song plays.
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    “Cold Shoulder” blares through the arena, stopping the decree from Flynn and effectively pissing him off as Jonathan slowly saunters out to the stage, putting the fans on edge with his return from hiatus. He emerges at the top of the stage, mouth hanging slightly open, staring down Flynn with no discernible amount of focus. He’s seemingly in a daze, without the calculated menace he’s infamous for. He continues down the ramp, pausing frequently at an incredibly slow pace. He ends his march at the apron, gazing up at the Universal Champion as he puts his microphone to his mouth, still hanging ajar. “A fall from grace isn’t it Flynn. You aren’t far removed captivating encounters with your former best friend, headlining show after show. The audience fed out of your hands, enveloped in every story you created, hanging on every word you said. Now you work with talent that you believe is so far below you, undeserving of mention in the same breath as your name. You come out here, telling this people to believe what you say, just like they used to. You vie for their acceptance, and decide to besmirch my dear Sheridan to gain it, a bit desperate don’t you think.” Jonathan mounts the apron, running his hand through his tangled hair as he looks around the arena, before bringing his eyes to back to Flynn. “Perhaps you are still trying to prove that you’re the most dominant man in this company, with more and more people coming to breathe down your neck and wrestle the crown away from you, you want to know that you’re good enough still to reign as king.” Jonathan enters the ring, pausing as his right leg rests on the apron before pulling it through and stopping mere inches from the the current Universal Champion. He breaks the eye contact, only serving to irritate Flynn further as he brings the microphone back to his lips. “Am I worthy to face you? A competitor to make you feel like the superstar you are? One to be cautious against, one who can actually take everything from you? How about I try to snatch that crown from your scalp, your highness?” Jonathan does a faux bow, with a smirk dancing onto his lips as he steps back, shrugging his shoulders after the proposition, as he rests on the ropes, awaiting a response.
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    Pure Disappointment.

    This Carnage broadcast continues as the show transitions from the previous segment to this one, as the crowd turn their attention to the ring to see Bashka standing there, before the unusual concept of this crowd cheering for him happens. He continues to stand there, taking in the affirmation that's been thrown his way from this Greek crowd. He lifts up the microphone to speak but as he does, the cheering gets louder and he looks around once again. And that, was all it took? Years upon years of slandering you people was tossed away for love and just like that, you all love me? Pathetic. All it took for the BPZ Universe to get behind me was for me to sit in this ring and talk about how sorry I am, say that I need you all to beat Julius and then all of a sudden, I am a hero to you all. It just goes to show that everything I've ever said was true, that you don't care about the best and most talented, you only care about the ones that kiss your ass and nobody has shown that better than GREECE'S VERY OWN, NEBAKOS! An image of Greek's own Nebakos, BPZ Hall of Famer and three-time World Heavyweight Champion on his most recent appearance, waving goodbye to the crowd is shown on the screen to a huge ovation from this crowd tonight I'm sure he would've loved to hear that because he cared about the people, he truly did, he loved you all to the point where he hasn't made an appearance for a year and a half. If this is the guy you all aspire to be like, if this is the guy you all love so much, where is he? Because to me it looks like you're all fat slobs waiting for another Nebakos to come along and kiss your ass. He was a great guy, it's just a shame he looked towards the admiration of the people over the fame and success he could've had, but never received. In two weeks I go to war with Julius, a man who has dominated everything in his path on who you support. You can pick either Julius, a guy who sent one of your favourite wrestlers to a hospital bed and now he will be out for who knows how long and a guy who through all of his success, has shown no respect towards any of you. Or you can choose me, a guy who couldn't give two shits what you think about me and will do everything I aspire to do with or without the backing of you all and WILL walk out of Wembley Stadium with the Intercontinental Championship draped over my shoulder and fly home to celebrate not with you, but with the people who actually matter to me. My one desire for you all is that you prepare for something that you have been accustomed to these days, and that is pure and utter disappointment, because there is no hero to save you this time. Bashka drops the microphone and begins to walk away with a huge grin on his face, no music playing so the only noise that can be heard is the disdain from this crowd in Greece
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    March 24th 2001 ECW Living Dangerously 2001 Official ECW Living Dangerously Theme Song We open with Joey Styles on Commentator as he’s running down tonight’s card like he usually does. We go right into action as Billy Kidman goes up against Jerry Lynn, both very talented, should be an amazing match. In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Billy Kidman defeated Jerry Lynn in 21:21 by pinfall with a fast roll up. 75 B- Billy Kidman with somewhat of an upset win as he rolls up Lynn for the victory. Lynn seems pissed after the match as Kidman escapes with the win. RVD cuts a promo backstage, hyping up his 6 man match. He says Mr Pay Per View will shine once again. 100 A* In a bout that had superb wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, The Impact Players defeated Crazy Kash in 11:33 when Lance Storm defeated Super Crazy by pinfall after Dawn Marie interfered. The Impact Players win the ECW World Tag Team titles. 77 B The Impact Players celebrate after the match with Dawn Marie as they are the new ECW World Tag Team Champions. They do their signature pose with the titles over their shoulders. 86 B+ Styles vs Finlay is up next, this should hard hitting affair as both men are looking to beat hell out each with their unique styles. In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Fit Finlay defeated AJ Styles in 16:57 by pinfall with a Celtic Cross 70 C+ Finlay beats Styles but it took him to his absolute best. The Belfast Bruiser gets the win here but Styles earns the respect from the audience. 81 B The Doctor! John Cena takes on Sandman in what became a personal rivalry. Will Cena’s distasteful comments backfire tonight? In a decent match, John Cena defeated The Sandman in 9:14 by pinfall with an F-U through a Table. 63 C Cena defeats Sandman as he smirks at Sandman. Sandman looks disappointed as Cena gives him the middle fingers. 60 C This is a big match folks, as Steve Corino takes on Mike Awesome for the ECW Title. Whoever loses then must leave ECW, big risk but a big reward for the winner of this match. In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Mike Awesome defeated Steve Corino in 14:49 by pinfall with an Awesome Bomb. Mike Awesome makes defence number 1 of his ECW World Heavyweight title. 75 B- Mike Awesome wins here as Corino looks shocked after his defeat. The Crowd are happy that Corino is leaving and Corino then proceeds to give the crowd the middle finger and leaves the arena with a man with no job. 85 B+ In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Juventud Guerrera and Sabu & Rob Van Dam defeated Kaz Hayashi and Full Blooded Italians in 14:52 when Rob Van Dam defeated Tony Mamaluke by pinfall with a Frog Splash. 75 B- Video Package plays, highlighting the feud between Rhino and Dreamer. Dreamer says this his final shot, if he doesn’t get it done, he will retire. 94 A In an exceptional match, Tommy Dreamer defeated Rhino in 16:42 when Tommy Dreamer retrieved the World Television Title. Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW World Television title. 78 B Dreamer did it! Dreamer is the new ECW Television Champion. The crowd are cheering as an ECW Icon like Dreamer finally gets his happy ending with no shenanigans. Beleau comes in the ring and she hugs Dreamer and the two hug it out as the crowd are in delight. Rhino is no longer the champ, and Living Dangerously ends with a satisfying ending. 85 B+ Overall Show Rating: 81 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback on the show would be appreciated.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    March 23rd 2001 ECW Hardcore TV We open ECW with a contract signing in the middle of the ring. Joey Styles has been assigned by Heyman to sign the contract for the match between Awesome and Cornino where the loser must leave ECW. Both Cornio and Awesome, they both look focused and ready for Living Dangerously. Both of them talk about how they are gonna walk out with the ECW Title. Corino says this phase in his career will be over while Awesome says he’s gonna kick his ass one more time and send him packing. Both sign the contract. They stare each other while Awesome holds up the ECW title. 76 B- Tag Team Match, C.W.S take on Young Blood, both teams are looking for a win. In a poor match, C.W.S defeated Young Blood in 6:15 when C.W. Anderson defeated Joey Matthews by pinfall. 42 D A Video package plays on how this rivalry between Rhino and Tommy Dreamer started. Rhino injured Dreamer in the first episode of the new year and was out for over a month. It became more and more personal and that's how this lead to a stairway to hell ladder match for the TV Title and if Dreamer lost, he would retire. 93 A Jerry Lynn in action as he goes up against 1 half of 2Kilq in Paul London. London being in the ring with someone like Lynn will be very interesting. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jerry Lynn defeated Paul London in 15:31 by pinfall. 69 C+ Billy Kidman is backstage along with Torrie Wilson cutting a promo on what happened just a moment ago. He’s gonna prove to Jerry Lynn that he can stick with the big guns, because he’s gonna prove he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world! 84 B+ Camera cuts to the locker room area where The Impact Players jumped Crazy Kash. Impact Players are beating them up, calling them weak, and they will take those tag titles at Living Dangerously. 78 B Next up, AJ Styles is in action as he goes one on one with Tajri, should an exciting matchup to say the least. In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, AJ Styles defeated Tajiri in 13:42 by pinfall with a fast roll up. 65 C AJ builds up some momentum before his match with Fit Finlay at Living Dangerously Sandman cuts a promo in the back, talking about his issues and being honest about it. He says Cena picked a fight with the wrong man, a very dangerous man! He promises to take Cena from rapping to tapping! 62 C In the main event Sabu will take on Kaz Hayashi, this will be a brutal and car crash match, both men are looking to destory each other. FBI are in Kaz’s corner while RVD and Juvi are in Sabu’s corner. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Sabu defeated Kaz Hayashi in 14:14 by pinfall with a Arabian Facebuster. 69 C+ The Show ends with a big brawl as FBI get in the ring as well as RVD and Juvi and a brawl ensues. Show goes off the air with both teams beating the living hell out of each other, its pure choas and insanity. 94 A Overall Show Rating: 78 B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Living Dangerously 2001 Match Card Rhino (c) vs Tommy Dreamer in a Stairway to Hell Ladder match for the ECW TV Title Mike Awesome (c) vs Steve Corino in a Loser Leaves ECW Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Juventud Guerrera vs The F.B.I and Kaz Hayashi in a Six Man Tag Match John Cena vs The Sandman Impact Players vs Crazy Kash (c) for the ECW Tag Team Titles AJ Styles vs Fit Finlay Billy Kidman vs Jerry Lynn Leave Your Predictions Down Below!
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    March 16th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV We start ECW Hardcore TV with a match as Fit Finlay goes up against, Jushin “Thunder” Liger. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Fit Finlay defeated Jushin Liger in 17:45 by pinfall with a Celtic Cross. 68 C+ After the match Finlay starts disrespecting, Jushin Liger, calling him “overrated” he then tells AJ Styles he will destroy you at Living Dangerously but out of nowhere AJ Styles hit a phenomenal forearm onto Finlay and he starts having a fight with him. It ends with AJ Styles hitting a styles clash from the apron to the outside. It looks brutal 76 B- RVD, Sabu, and Juventud cut a promo on their opponents at Living Dangerously, RVD basically said they are going to win this six man tag and prove to the whole world at he and Sabu are the best team in the entire wrestling world. Juvi is out to prove that he can hang and tends to stay here in ECW. 90 A In a decent match, Tommy Dreamer defeated Julio Dinero in 8:09 by pinfall with a Piledriver. 63 C Rhino comes into the ring and he tries to spear Dreamer, but Tommy sees it coming and dodges it and Rhino hits the corner face first. Tommy pulls out a chair and the crowd are cheering as they want Tommy to kick Rhino’s ass. Tommy looks around and he starts laying it onto Rhino with brutal chair shot to the back of Rhino. Rhino retreats as Dreamer holds the chair up high. 95 A* Paul Heyman is backstage and he calls both Lynn and Kidman into his office. He says he wants this issue settled at Living Dangerously. They both agree. 85 B+ In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, 2 Kilq drew with The Unholy Alliance in 9:05 when the match descended into chaos. 57 C- Video package plays highlighting how the Cena vs Sandman rivalry started. Both Cena and Sandman aren't here tonight. 69 C+ In the main event, before their world tag team title match at Living Dangerously happens, Lance Storm takes on Kid Kash. Should be a fast paced affair. In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Lance Storm defeated Kid Kash in 15:43 by pinfall. 73 B- Backstage we Corino and Awesome fighting in locker room area. Both men want to kill each other for that ECW World Title, as ECW Hardcore TV fades to black. 80 B Overall Show Rating: 80 B
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Wrestlemania 35 Pre Show Elias Concert To kick off Wrestlemania 35, we would get the classic “Ladies and gentleman, Elias”, and Elias would being to strum his guitar. For weeks the world has been wondering who is going to interrupt Elias, Elias continues his concert to a bad reaction. As Elias is singing, the music of hall of Famer Honky Tonk Man would play to a huge pop, Honky Tonk Man would come out in a pink convertible and would dance with Elias, strumming his guitar. Elias would then threaten the Hall Of Famer, and that's when the newly announced hall of Famer Christain would come to the ring and hit a killswitch on Elias, Christain would taunt for the Wrestlemania 35 crowd, dancing with Honky Tonk Man. As the women in the battle royal match begin to come down to the ring. Womens Battle Royal In the first match of the pre show , 20 women on the WWE roster would step into the ring. The last one remaining in that ring would get a shot at the womens championship, notable names such as Ember Moon, Nia Jax, Kairi Sane, and more. As the bell rings it would chaos, as multiple big moves would be hit. Nia Jax would be dominate, eliminating 10 out of 20 women before being thrown over by Ember Moon, The match would continue and we would see various spots, such as a powerbomb from the apron to the outside from Sasha Banks. But in the end, when four women stood in the ring it would be Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, Asuka, and the returning Alexa Bliss. As the women battle it out, it would end with Alexa Bliss last eliminating Ember Moon to win, Alexa Bliss has earned herself a womens championship match in the future and what a way to kick off the Wrestlemania Pre Show! The main show would open up with a video package, showcasing the road to Wrestlemania we have seen and the matches tonight. As the video ends, we are treated to a pyro intro and the American national anthem being sung as flags from around the world are showcased from behind, truly showing the international fanbase WWE has. As the commentators welcome us to the show, we are ready for cruiserweight action! Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match As we get set for cruiserweight action, the six men competing tonight, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Kofi Kingston, Lio Rush, Roderick Strong and finally the champion, Buddy Murphy, make their entrances as they get set for a ladder match of which the victor will be crowned the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. However, just before the referee would call for the bell to ring, Christian would interrupt the proceedings and announce that his newest signing to 205 Live will be added to this matchup. After a suspense-building pause, the theme of former WWE superstar and the world-renowned free agent would hit as a much more mature and experienced Evan Bourne would make his entrance, making this a seven-man ladder match! This match would be filled with exciting moments, from Chad Gable's German suplex on both Roderick Strong and Lio Rush into a ladder stacked up in the corner, to Cedric Alexander's somersault plancha to the outside by using a ladder as a ramp over the top rope, to Buddy Murphy's sit-out powerbomb on Chad Gable from the apron to a ladder set up on the outside, to Roderick Strong's capture suplex backbreaker to Kofi Kingston onto a ladder positioned on it's side, to Lio Rush's Final Hour onto Roderick Strong laid out on a ladder on the outside, to an Air Boom reunion as Kofi Kingston would hit a Trouble In Paradise on Cedric Alexander who would fall onto the other competitors already on the outside. Evan Bourne would then follow up with an Air Bourne off of a 12-foot-tall ladder set up onto the outside onto the wrestlers as they would just get to their feet. The end of the match would come as Buddy Murphy would find an opening to climb the ladder and get a hand on his title. However, out of nowhere, Chad Gable would grab the leg of Murphy as Lio Rush would scurry up the other side of the ladder. Rush would then hit Murphy off the ladder and Murphy would fall onto Gable's shoulders. As Gable would go for a powerbomb to the outside, Murphy would reverse it into a hurricanrana over the top rope but both men would end up falling to the outside. Back inside the ropes, Rush would be about to win when Evan Bourne would springboard from the ropes onto the ladder. He and Rush would go back and forth until Rush would finally drop off the ladder. Bourne would then get his hands on the title and secure the strap, winning the match and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship! Evan Bourne just won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania in a seven-man ladder match on his first night back after an almost five-year hiatus from WWE! The Revival vs The Club - WWE Tag Team Championship Before the match would begin, as the brand new WWE Tag Team titles would be unveild, a brand new general manager for the now combined tag team division in WWE would be announced, and that man would be WWE Hall Of Famer Edge, possibly one of the greatest tag team competitors of all time. With Edge at ringside, and the crowd still in full force, the bell would ring. Two of WWEs best tag teams would battle it out and it would be a hard-hitting match that the crowd would love, both teams would hit their finisher moves and do everything in there playbook in the 13 minute wrestling match, one of the big moments of the match would be a middle rope powerbomb from Luke Gallows onto Scott Dawson. But that wouldn't be it, as both teams would continue there battles and impress nearly everyone in the arena with multiple nearfalls and big moves, such as an outside brawl resutling in a huge dive from Karl Anderson. Karl Anderson would take on The Revival 2 on 1 after Luke Gallows would be hurt on the outside, and would hit both men with a jumping cutter, and just when everyone thought the match was over, Scott Dawson would break up the pinfall. The end of the match would come shortly after, despite the battle that Anderson would put up, The Revival would hit the shatter machine and become the first time holders of the new WWE Tag Team Championships, The Revival is one of the best teams in the world and they proved it tonight Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere A rivalry that has boiled over into something WWE can barely control, these two women have had brawls throughout the entire Smackdown arena for the past month, and Charlotte is looking to keep her place as queen. Charlotte would come to the ring in a limo, with a gold robe, and Toni Storm would come to the ring ready to go to war with her biggest rival since signing with WWE. The match would be 100 MPH from start to finish, as they would do everything in their power to defeat one another. The match would eventually spill to the outside, and moves such as a spear off of the announce table into the time keepers area, hard hitting chair shots, and even a moonsault through a table. The two would battle into the crowd and even into the garage area, where the two women would break apart a car with eachothers body including Storm being thrown through a car door. s it would last nearly 15 minutes. The ending would come when Toni Storm and Charlotte would be battling it on stage, and Charlotte would be set up to spear Toni Storm off of the Wrestlemania stage, and Toni Storm would catch her, hitting the Storm Zero off of the 12 foot stage onto a set of equipment tables, as EMTs would rush to the two women. Toni Storm would get her arm over Charlotte, and would get the win over the queen at Wrestlemania! Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship In the first singles title match of the night, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, two staples of the UK scene in WWE would be going head to head, both men would come to the ring, but before the bell could ring. William Regel would be a surprise appearance and congratulate both men, before saying that he will be at ringside for the match. With Regal at ringside, both Dunne and Bate bring much more to the table. As they would battle it out in a match of the year candidate that would see both men hit there finisher moves, not only that, but moves such as a powerbomb onto the apron, a northen lights suplex off of the announce table to the floor, and various other big moves would be hit. It would come down to both men covered in red welts, and barley being able to stand just at the 15 minute mark, the match would go another 5 minutes from there, as both would trade shots like non other. The crowd would be split down the middle as one last Tyler Bomb would be hit. But even that wouldn't keep Dunne down, as Dunne would catch Bate off of the springboard clothesline in the Bitter End and pin Bate 21 minutes into the match, winning back his Intercontinental championship and defending it with pride. Dunne walks up the ramp, getting his armed raised by William Regel, these two men are truly the future! Hall Of Fame Class Of 2019 In a moment of calm at Wrestlemania 35, we honor the class of 2019, which featured WWE legends Honky Tonk Man, Harlem Heat, the Hart Foundation, Trish Stratus, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Christain, and D - Generation - X! The inductees would stand on stage, waving at the fans, as the 2019 hall of fame! Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have had a feud spanning over there entire careers and tonight, it comes to an end. But on the grandest stage of them all, both men are ready. They make there entrances and enter the ring 100% ready for a fight, and what a fight it would be. They would waist no time getting weapons and using them to there advantage, as both men would use every weapon you can think of as they go into the crowd, on the stairs, and on the announce table. The announce table would be broken when Owens would hit a senton off of the barricade through a lifeless Zayn, and a wooden table would be broken when Zayn would dive over the top rope and land on Owens. Chairs, kendo sticks, and trash cans would all be used in creative ways including a spinout powerbomb onto a opened chair, and driving a kendo stick throat first into Sami Zayn. Despite all of the big moves, both men would kick out of everything thrown at them, that is until steel steps would come into play, and a package piledriver onto the steel steps from Owens would be just enough damage to allow him to pick up the victory and walk away from Wrestlemania as the winner, despite the lost, Sami Zayn is cheered as he leaves the building. Daniel Bryan (C) vs Aj Styles vs Andrade "Cien" Almas - WWE Championship The crowd is at an all time high of excitment as it's time for our first world championship match of the night and it’s a big one, as 3 of WWEs best in ring works are going to battle it out on the grandest stage of them all. A highlight package plays, showing all 3 mens amazing talent and there journey to Wrestlemania 35, including the feud of Bryan and Styles, and Andrades surprising Royal Rumble win. All 3 men make their entrances, Andrade and Styles have special attires on, while Daniel Bryan keeps it classic. The match kicks off and all three men survey each other, the energy in the crowd is like none other and as the 3 men go after each other and hit big kicks and punches, and it would be a classic triple threat for the better half of the match. However, the match would take an exciting turn as the speed of all 3 men would be showcased, big moves including a hurricanrana from the top rope to the outside from Andrade, Aj Styles using a phenomenal forearm to catch Daniel in mid air from a diving move, multiple backflips and powerbombs would be hit. After a total of 3 running knees on "The Phenomanal One", Aj Styles would be completely knocked out by the champion and it would appear the match would be over, but a ever opperutistic Andrade would attack the champion and hit the Tranquilo. However, Bryan would kick out, saving his championship for the time being. The match would continue, and the three men would show the effects. Kneeling in the ring looking at eachother in a picture perfect moment, by the end of the match, it would be Andrade hitting the Tranquilo for the 2nd time on Daniel Bryan, and he would pin the champion. Andrade celebrates, walking up the ramp, at his first ever Wrestlemania, Andrade "Cien" Almas has become WWE Champion! Wrestlemania Battle Royal In a match thats been recuring since Wrestlemania 30, the Wrestlemania Battle Royal now means much more as the winner will receive a championship shot of there choosing, and as the 30 men in the match come to the ring, its time! The first elimination would come when Jinder Mahal would attempt to eliminate Lars Sullivan, and would pay for his efforts by being thrown over the top rope. It would be a brawl from there, with random eliminations coming from the likes of Killian Dain, Rey Mysterio, and Lars Sullivan who all managed to be the highlights of the match. It would be action packed and would gain attention from fans, but when it came to a close it would be Lars Sullivan and Rey Mysterio in the ring. Mysterio and Sullivan would battle it out for severel minutes before Sullivan would use his inhuman strentgh to throw Rey Mysterio over, and win the match, earning himself a championship match of his choosing. The thought of Lars Sullivan as champion is in everyones mind as he walks up the ramp and we get set for more insane action. Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred The video package for one of the most intense feuds on the card would finish and both men would make there entrances, Triple H would come to the ring, sledgehammer in hand and be ready for Braun Strowman. But before Braun could get to the ring, none other then the Authors Of Pain would rush out behind Strowman, two men who Triple H has said in the past he enjoys working with. The Authors Of Pain would send Strowman through a table, and leave, allowing Triple H to get the easy win, but a kickout by Strowman would take "The Game" by suprise, Triple H would attempt to use his sledgehammer but it would be snapped in two by Strowman, who would begin to destroy Triple H, as Strwoman tosses HHH around the ring, dominating the man who cost him his Universal Championship, the Authors Of Pain would return, this time they would suffer a running powerslam onto the steel steps, and this would allow Triple H to get the upperhand. Strowman would leave the match bleeding, but he would also leave the winner, as he would hit two running powerslams on the CEO of WWE and pin him, getting his revenge and walking away the winner despite the Authors Of Pain. The Monster is back. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins - Universal Championship The hype inside Metlife is at its highest, as the video package for Lesnar vs Rollins ends and we are gifted an amazing entrance from Rollins, who once again has a Game Of Throne inspired entrance, but the feeling changes when Brock Lesnar enters and the two men begin to brawl. And a brawl is what it would be, as Brock Lesnar would leave Seth Rollins limping around the ring. It would take being sent into the ringpost, steel steps, and a dive through the announce table to finally keep Lesnar down. An F5 wouldn't be enough to keep Rollins down for the count, and the ever resiliant Rollins would battle the beast to tooth and nail. A bloodied and hurt Brock Lesnar would be hit with two curbstomps and be pinned in the center of the ring, meaning we have a new Universal champion and his name is Seth Rollins! Rollins taunts on top of the stage, the man of Monday Nights finally holds the gold and he did it in a short but brutal match against Brock Lesnar! Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy - Championship vs Career In what could be his last entrance, Jeff Hardy would come out to a huge reaction, but before he could get to the ring, Samoa Joe would begin to attack Hardy. Joe and Hardy would brawl into the crowd and begin to use weapons before the ball could even ring, it would end up with Samoa Joe flat on his back, laid out on a large electrical box. Jeff Hardy would climb up a support system for the Wrestlemania 35 stage, and would jump 20 feet onto the solid electrical box in one of the most insane spots of the year, EMTS would rush to the scene, and Hardy would refuse to be taken in, dragging the lifeless Joe to the ring. Once in the ring, the bell would ring but a hurt Hardy wouldn't be able to stop Joe from locking in the coquina clutch, and that would end the match. Samoa Joe limps up the stage, before exiting with his championship. As the crowd chants "Thank you Hardy", Hardy leaves the arena, walking up the ramp and looking at the chaos he caused with a smile on his face, his in ring career is, over. Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship The energy in the building, although they have been sitting there for hours is the highest of the night and that is because "The Man" is making her entrance, and she does so with a large smile on her face as she is ready to take on Ronda Rousey, who makes her entrance with a live band before entering the ring, the crowd chants "Becky Lynch" as the match begins. It would be a huge brawl, and Lynchs face would show it early on as her nose would be busted open, and despite the referee reaching the count of ten as both women slam eachother into the barricade, the referee wouldn't end the match and would let both women tear into eachother. Rousey would hit moves such as a powerbomb onto the apron, a top rope belly to belly, and more. While Lynch would keep kicking out of every move, it would allow her to hit moves such as a moonsault off of the top rope, and lock in various submissions that would cause the baddest women on the planet to almost tap out. The match would continue on to nearly 15 minutes, and Lynch could barley see with her nose being busted up. The main event of Wrestlemania 35 would come to an end when Ronda Rousey would jump off of the middle rope and be caught out, being trapped in the "Disarmher", Rousey would tap out and the crowd would go crazy, and as Becky Lynch is handed the WWE Womens Championship, the crowd would fill the ring, and Becky Lynch would be raised above the crowd, and she would raise the title in the air as Wrestlemania 35 comes to a close. _________________________________________ Predictions @mikey0619 - 7/12 @Hans -10/12 @Arius 7/12 @bailey14 6/12 @Gwynfro 8/12 @Yelich10/12 @Sameer 7/12 @Emperor Nate 7/12 @Realtoxik431 6/12 @Aaron North 6/12 @Epic1237_ 9/12 Winner(s): Hans & Yelich Thank you for reading!!
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    A BPZ Story

    A BPZ Story So I got this idea why not make a story. When I got this idea, I started to think of what the story was going to be about but did not have a clue. As of right now I still have no clue, but what is a great way to start a story build it around some characters. So with that being said I don’t really know what direction this story is going to go in but I think your characters could shape it into really interesting. There is no max to the characters as they will all find their way in eventually. So this is what I am looking for in a character sign up: Name: Jeff Jefferson Age ( 5-95 ) : 46 Occupation: Janitor Race: Asian Short Backstory: Jeff is a janitor for the local taco shop. He lives in his parents basement at the age of 46. Jeff thinks the world is flat and he is looking to prove to everyone that it is. So with that I look forward to your character sign ups and how this story is going to unfold.
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    United States Pro Wrestling

    The show USPW Independence has just concluded and has been declared a massive success so far, and here we have some comments from those who have wrestled tonight. Mystico, Rhino, and Eric Young have chosen not to speak backstage. Ospreay enters the interview area, his hair swept up in a mess but the Lightweight championship fashioned nicely around his shoulder. He takes a seat at a table and begins his speech. Ospreay: You know, I never doubted myself coming into USPW. I may not be the biggest guy, but when you put me against someone my own size I sure as hell prove my worth in that ring. And if you had any doubt before I debuted, well...Just look at me now. Ospreay gets up and exits the room. A few moments later his opponent earlier tonight, Lio Rush, enters the room. He doesn't even take a seat at the table but instead stands in the center of the room. Rush: I'm not gonna sit here and waste your time bitching about how I should've won. It was Ospreay's night tonight, even I'll acknowledge that. But any man with a brain knows that if I had another chance, that title would come to me. Just something to think about. And with that, Rush exits the room, thanking the reporters. MJF walks in next, a cocky smile on his face as always. He sits down at the table and puts his feet up, making himself comfortable. MJF: Well the first one is in the books ladies and gentlemen! Not to mention a fantastic performance from me, best of the night I'd say. Honestly, that American dude should just put me in that world title match right now. So a message to you, Mr. Mox, watch your back while you still can. Because soon enough, it'll be broken over my leg. Because I...am better...thank you. Thank you all. MJF dramatically waves to everyone in the room and exits the room. Ren Narita is the next to enter, and he is clearly still feeling the effects from his match. The English subtitles at the bottom of the screen read. Narita: That was not quite the debut I was expecting. However, it was enjoyable nonetheless. I'm sorry to have failed you all tonight, I promise I'll do better next time. Thank you to the American fans for making this night as great as it was. That's all I've got, thank you for your time. Narita bows and exits the room right as Roppongi 3K enters with a popping bottle of champagne. The reporters back up as Romero speaks for his two new champions. Romero: Oh baby boy! Roppongi 3K are worldwide champions! Japan, America, who knows where next! Roppongi 3K is on a roll, and who's gonna stop us? Absolutely no one! Send your lightweights, send your Motor City Machine Guns, we'll take em all on. But the common factor is, no one is ripping these titles away. Good day to you all. Roppongi 3K walks out of the room, still hollering and cheering about their win. Shortly after, Epico & Primo walk into the room. They sit down to begin their interview but are attacked from behind by MCMG. The Machine Guns quickly escape from the room as Primo and Epico chase after them. Soon after, Mercedes KV enters the room after her match. KV: I know you all saw what happened out there, so I'll spare you the details. But I know, you know, everyone who watched know, that bitch got lucky. One slight move and boom. Didn't have a good enough grip to kick out, didn't lock in the submission right, and a bunch of other things. The point is, I could beat her any day of the week, so don't count me out just yet. KV storms out of the room as Dashwood enters. The two standoff for a moment but Dashwood walks past eventually. She takes a seat at the table. Dashwood: I apologize for her, she can be a bit over dramatic. No need to worry, you have a true beautiful face in front of you now. This win...this win is just the first of many. Kana, Rosemary, whoever is back there, look out. Ms. Dashwood is coming for you all, and she is a very impatient woman. Dashwood leaves the room as the Guerrillas of Destiny take her place. They flip over the table and knock down the chairs before speaking. Tonga: Man, fuck this bullshit. We put everything we had in our bodies into that match, and for what? To take some hits to the head that'll leave us messed up for a little bit? No. We're going to do something about it. Lucha Bros, keep a lookout, because we'll be back sooner than you could even imagine. GOD storms out of the room as their opponents take their place a few moments later. They simply stand their until Pentagon speaks. Pentagon: CERO! MIEDOOOO! And with that, the tag team leaves the room even quicker than they entered. A bewildered TAKA Michinoku and Zack Sabre Jr enter after them and sit down for their speech. Michinoku: Tonight...was simply not the night. When put in a match with three other elite competitors, the chances of victory obviously decreases, which clearly happened here. Maybe in a one on one situation I could've picked up the win, but just not tonight. I'll be back though. Sabre Jr: You did great, TAKA. And for any of you in that match who'd like another match with the hottest foreign star in USPW, he's right here. Sabre Jr and Michinoku thank the reporters and exit the room as Jay White enters. White smirks at the two and stands in the middle of the room. White: Before we get started, where's my chair? Chair? CHAIR? Ah, you know what, forget it. No, nope, you ruined the moment. Anyway, tonight was a travesty. I had that match won and all Uhaa did was snatch it like a wimp. So, Nation, I challenge you. One on one, no excuses, just you and me in the ring. I'll be waiting. White goes to exit the room but bumps into the entering Nation. All hell breaks loose as a brawl emerges between the two. They are eventually escorted out of the room, being held apart by security and even Kurt Angle himself. Despite all of that, Jay Lethal has took it upon himself to get his portion of the interview done. Lethal: You know, it just hurts. It hurts knowing that all those people were depending on me to bring home one big victory for the US today, and I couldn't deliver. Now only one question is left: what next for Jay Lethal? The truth is, I'm not sure, but I'll see you all around. Lethal leaves the room, his head hanging low. Scurll enters the room right after, his broken umbrella carried in his two hands. Scurll: God dammit! Look at my poor baby! Snapped in two like a fucking twig. I bear the symbol of your people's country on it, and this is how you treat it? Disgraceful, us Brits would never do such a thing. As for my match tonight, what did you expect? A fake Macho Man to take a victory home, against ME? Not a chance, not in the slightest. This win was expected, and next is line is Jon Moxley or whoever else I have to go through if it means winning that world champion. G'day to you. Scurll throws his umbrella parts across the room and marches out of the room, much to the amusement of an entering Jon Moxley. Moxley: Well, what do you want me to say? The fans love a good show, and that's what I gave them. I drilled that bastards head straight into the ground and let me tell you, I've never felt more alive. The thrill of inflicting pain...it's like nothing else in this world. Welp, I've gotta wait till the next event to get some blood on my hands, so for now, peace bitches. Moxley knocks the camera over, cutting the screen to black and ending these post match promos.
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    The Rock Steenerico Bobby Lashley Tenille Dashwood Hooded Man Edge
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    BPZ Battles

    Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) vs Steve (Minecraft) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) vs Abe (Oddworld) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) vs Vault Boy (Fallout) Blinx the Time Sweeper vs Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Marth (Fire Emblem) vs Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) Master Chief (Halo) vs Kirby Duke Nukem vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) vs Kratos Samus Aran (Metroid) vs Pikachu Solid Snake vs Bomberman Jak & Dexter vs Ratchet & Clank Monokuma (Danganronpa) vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Rayman Shantae vs Clementine Captain Falcon vs Tony Hawk John Marston vs Doomguy Simon Belmont (Castlevania) vs Lara Croft Agent 47 (Hitman) vs Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause) Earthworm Jim vs Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) Conker the Squirrel vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Slime (Dragon Quest) vs Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Sly Cooper vs Banjo-Kazooie B.D Joe (Crazy Taxi) vs Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) Frank West (Dead Rising) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Morrigan Aensland vs Crash Bandicoot Donkey Kong vs Mai Shiranui Mario vs Max Payne Mega Man vs Link Bubsy vs Marcus Fenix GLaDOS vs Chun-Li
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    Who are the top 10 players in the world right now Honourable Mention: Allison Won the UCL and Copa America and was named in Team of the Tournament for both. He also won the Golden Glove in the Copa America and Premier League and was integral in both competitions (10) Sadio Mane Another Liverpool player who was integral to Liverpool this season, he was named in both the Premier League and UCL Team of the Years, winning the latter and receiving the Golden Boot in the former, and won the Onze D’or, awarded to the worlds best player (9) Harry Kane Although he didn’t win a trophy this season he was the difference maker for club and country as he received silver in the UCL and bronze in the Nations League. To top that all off, he became Harry Kane MBE (8) Virgil Van Dijk Another UCL winning player who was integral to the team, he won Liverpool Fans and Players POTY, was named in the TOTY for the Prem, Nations League and UCL and he was named Premier League and PFA POTY (7) Luis Suarez An integral part to Barcelona’s La Liga winning side. (6) Neymar Won the Ligue 1 with PSG and was named in TOTY for it, he is the the difference maker for both PSG and Brazil (5) KDB He is integral for Belgium and for club he won the domestic treble this season. He was also excellent in the Champions League, despite City’s elimination he was named in the UCL TOTY (4) Eden Hazard This is where Hazard ranks on my list. He has carried Chelsea and Belgium for the past year, taking Chelsea to two finals and winning one of them. He dominated Chelsea’s awards ceremony, winning Players Player, Supporters Player and Goal of the Season, as well as taking home the PFA Fans Player of the Year, was named in the UEL TOTY and got more assists than anyone else in Europe (3) Mo Salah Integral to Egypt and Liverpool’s difference maker, he was their top scorer and was also the top scorer in the Prem. He became the fastest Liverpool player to reach 40 and then 50 PL goals and was rewarded by a UCL win at the end of the season. To top that all off he was named in Time 100 (Top 2) Ronaldo and Messi I can’t separate them. First Messi, he is the difference maker for club and country and as well as winning back to back La Ligas he also won a 3rd consecutive Golden Shoe (after being La Liga Top Scorer for the 3rd consecutive year and being top scorer in the UCL for the 6th time), won a 3rd consecutive Picchini Trophy, was the playmaker of La Liga for the 2nd consecutive year and was awarded a Cruz de Santi Jordi As for Ronaldo, this season he not only won the inaugural Nations League, he was named in the Team of the tournament and was top goalscorer. He also took to life in Serie A, not only winning it but also being named MVP. He was also named in the UCL Team of the Tournament for the 6th consecutive time, proving his class
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    BPZ Battles

    Commander Sheppard Cloud Strife Sweet Tooth Ezio Sora Marth Master chief Duke Scropian Kratos Pikachu Solid Snake Jax and Dexter Spyro Pac man Clementine Tony Hawk John Marston Lara Croft Agent 47 Jill Valentine Dante Nathan Drake Banjo-Kazooie Sackboy sonic the hedgehog Crash bandicoot Donkey Kong Mario Link Bubsy GlaDOS How could u forget Arthur Morgan
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    2012 Chicago Bulls Diary

    Bulls 2012 Diary NBA 2012-2013 Teams Preview We will be looking around the league to see how everything is looking and which teams are contenders and which are in need of a rebuild. We will look at the top 10 players of each team and their overall ratings as well. Philadelphia 76ers Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PG Jake Wise 78 SF Evan Turner 78 C Anderson Varejao 76 The 76ers are a team that should make the playoffs but at most make it to the second round. They have guys to build around in Igualada and Holiday they just have to add on more talent to compete for an NBA Title now. Sacramento Kings Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PG Jose Calderon 78 SF Omri Casspi 76 PF Terrence Jones 75 The Kings are a team that has flown under the radar quite a bit but are for sure on the come up. With young stars in Jimmy Butler, Tyreke Evans, and Demarcus Cousins they look to compete for a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference this year. This team could for sure compete for a title in the near future. Indiana Pacers Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players SF CJ Miles 80 PF Jon Leuer 75 PG Guy Lowry 75 Another young promising team the Pacers are a team that could compete for a title very soon. With guys like Paul George and Josh Smith leading the way they could be a darkhorse to go to the NBA Finals out of the East this year but if not they still have a large window to get it done. Toronto Raptors Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players C Vitaly Bilous 76 PF Amir Johnson 75 PG Shelvin Mack 74 SF P.J Tucker 72 SF Darius Miller 70 The Raptors are one of the top young teams in the league at the moment. They look as if they should sneak into the playoffs this year and give a top seed a challenge. With a surprise upset this team could have a chance to make it to the second round of the playoffs. Golden State Warriors Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PF Julian Moss 75 PF Andrew Nicholson 72 The Warriors are a team that will compete for a playoff spot this year in the strong Western Conference. With two young rising stars in Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis they should be the foundation for this team going forward. WIth still a few holes to address they are not championship contenders yet but are very close. Next 5 teams coming soon… (shoutout to Bailey for the idea)
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    Father Georgemas

    Ropati's Movie Reviews

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    Hans GFX Reviews

    The render doesn't look clean in my opinion, get to have the edges be clean, look at Rollins' left hand, there some white to it as well as some of Rollins' head. I suggest when cutting it, the feather radius should be about 0 to 0.5 imo. Also using something like Topaz Labs, would help make the render pop more. The background seems alright and overlay is pretty good, something else to it would make it much better. The text seems a bit generic, maybe a different font would have been better. I think its decent Bashka, getting Topaz wouldn't hurt and seeing pen tool tutorials on YouTube wouldn't be bad either for cutting renders.
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    Name: H.R. Pufnstuf Age: 27 Nationality: Canadian Height: 7 ft 1 Weight: 252 lb Winspan: 97.8 Looks: Just as weird as you want Archetype: Pure Rim Protector Position: Centre
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    American Ian Kenton 22 180 6'5 6'5 Wingspan Looks: Jaylen Hands Lockdown Defender Shooting Guard
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    Forums Graphics Request

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    Ratchet & Clank Platinum: The Hero Of Heroes
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    𝑅𝐴𝑊 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - World Heavyweight Championship After the vacating of all active championships in the draft, as well as the WWE Championship being drafted to SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon alongside her chosen general manager Christian revealed that the World Heavyweight Championship would be returning to Monday Night's. Seth Rollins felt that he should be awarded the championship which drew the interruption of Dolph Ziggler, arguing his case for the opportunity to compete for the title. This lead to the inaugural main event of Christian's reign, where Ziggler and Sami Zayn defeated the team of Rollins and Kevin Owens, with Rollins attacking Ziggler after the match. The following RAW, Christian set up qualification matches to decide who would compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. Dolph Ziggler defeated Cesaro and Rusev in his match, thanks to the help of Sheamus, while Seth Rollins overcame Randy Orton and Sheamus in the main event, although he was attacked post-match by Brock Lesnar. Ziggler would also compete the week after, beating Baron Corbin in a singles match, but not before pleading his case as to why he should become the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion of the new era, citing his history with the belt, as well as Seth Rollins' alliance with the McMahon family. Seth Rollins later in the show squashed these claims, stating that Dolph Ziggler was making excuses for when he eventually loses their match at SummerSlam. The highlight of the go-home show was Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler meeting face to face to discuss their chances. This built up to a tag team match where Ziggler alongside Randy Orton would defeat the duo of Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins. The two contenders would clash after, however Brock Lesnar would once again inadvertently barge in on their rivalry to attack Randy Orton, delivering an F-5 to "The Viper" alongside Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins, as Dolph Ziggler watched on. Will "The Architect" deliver on his promises to become the first World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Dolph Ziggler's experience and heart be too much for Seth Rollins? Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton A match that had been made before the WWE Draft was tuned up to eleven on the RAW following, Paul Heyman alongside his client made the claim that Randy Orton didn't have a chance against "The Beast" at SummerSlam, however his claims were rebuked fairly quickly as Orton appeared out of nowhere to deliver his signature "RKO" to the unaware Lesnar, leaving him face down as his advocate looked on speechless. Christian wasn't happy with the attack and shouted at Orton for putting the brand's priority match at the second biggest event of the year in jeopardy, and to much surprise Randy Orton apologised to the new general manager. Christian rewarded his apology by placing him in a qualification match for the World Heavyweight Championship, however Lesnar showed up towards the end of that bout, delivering an F-5 to Seth Rollins and Sheamus as Randy Orton barely managed to escape. Paul Heyman would sit down with executives to promote the bout the following week. Calling the match a "once in a lifetime" clash with a predictable ending. Randy Orton meanwhile was in action in a six-man tag team match, winning alongside the duo of Sami Zayn and Zack Ryder. He would also compete on the go-home show, himself and Dolph Ziggler picking up a victory over Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins. But "The Beast" made his presence felt, finally getting his revenge on "The Viper" as he delivered a brutalising F-5 to Orton, alongside Jericho and Seth Rollins to end the go-home show standing tall. Brock Lesnar is a favourite for this one, but will Randy Orton be able to take down "The Beast" with his most deadly move like he did on the RAW after the WWE Draft? Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz With the RAW Tag Team Championships being established following the WWE Draft, the teams that had been drafted to Monday nights were looking to stake a claim to the championships.The Dudley Boyz in their wealth of experience would be the team to do so, not only promoting their many accolades as a duo, but attacking their seemingly biggest threats in the form of Big Cass and Enzo Amore, after Big Cass beat Luke Gallows in a singles match. The latter would be put through a table as Big Cass was down and out. This would lead to Enzo & Big Cass coming out the week after and challenging the decorated tag team duo to a match, however the match would be the following week. Enzo and Big Cass would win their match against The Dudley Boyz, but it would be by disqualification after Bubba Ray Dudley had enough and illegally attacked Big Cass. This would lead to another beat down, though this time it would be Big Cass who they would attempt to put through a table, however Enzo Amore made the save in sneaky fashion leaving Bubba and his brother D-Von frustrated. Christian would make a rematch for SummerSlam, with the RAW Tag Team Championships on the line. The Dudley Boyz would attempt to attack their younger opponents backstage, however their plans were foiled and reversed as Big Cass and his size advantage allowed him to single-handedly overthrow their more experienced counterparts. Will The Dudley Boyz and their success guarantee their victory over Enzo Amore and Big Cass? Or will the more brash and cocky duo get the better of them once again and become the first holders of the RAW Tag Team Championships? 𝑆𝘩𝑜𝑤 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. Week 1, August 2016 | South West | 15.3 Million Viewers | 84 Show Rating Week 2, August 2016 | Mid West | 17.2 Million Viewers | 81 Show Rating Week 3, August 2016 | New England | 16.6 Million Viewers | 78 Show Rating Week 4, August 2016 | Hawaii | 17.0 Million Viewers | 85 Show Rating
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    Smarks Daily

    Hello, I am Gary Green, welcome to Smarks Daily. Today me and the team at Smarks Daily preview and review all of the matches from the KOTR first round Marker vs Aaron North Preview: The first one on one meeting between Marker and Aaron and their second meeting in total after they met in a triple threat match for the Premium Championship at Mayhem, where Mark lost the title to FDS. Who will come out victorious tonight? Prediction: Manny Moleman, Austin Johnson, James SweedinFerg, Robert Rave, Alex Costa, Meko: Aaron North Green, Bashka, Ropati: Marker Result: Marker wins (1-0 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: ** 1/2 George vs Buddy Ace Preview: Who will come out on top in the first ever match between the two Prediction: Everyone: George Result: George wins (2-1 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: *** Yelich vs Hans Preview: Who will emerge victorious as the tournament throws up yet another first time meeting although the two have previously come head to head in a North American Championship? Prediction: Everyone: Hans Result: Hans wins (3-2 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: ** 1/2 Julius vs Mikey Preview: Yet again a first time meeting in this one. Who shall win it? Prediction: Everyone: Julius Result: Julius wins (4-3 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: *** 1/4 Nate vs Alex Costa Preview: A recent war of the words between these 2 comes head to head as they face off for the first time. Who wins? Prediction: Rave, SweedinFerg, Johnson, Bashka, Ropati, Manny Moleman - Nate Meko, Alex, Green - Alex Result: Nate wins (5-4-3) (5 to Bash and Rop, 3 to Alex and Meko, 4 to everyone else) Match Review: **1/2 Kieron vs KENJI Preview: Kieron has remained fairly silent heading into this first time meeting between the two but will that give him the advantage. Or will KENJIs recent experience give him his first ever win? Prediction: Everyone - KENJI Result: KENJI (6-5-4) (6 to Bash and Rop, 4 to Alex and Meko) Match Review: **1/2 Prince vs Bob Preview: Prince has remained fairly silent similar to Kieron before this first time meeting but will that give Bob the advantage? Or will a Prince finally become a King Prediction: Moleman - Prince Everyone Else - Bob Result: Bob wins (7-6-5) (7 to Bash and Rop, 5 to Moleman, Alex and Meko) Match Review: ***1/2 Arius vs Crippler Preview: And in the final match we preview and review, the heavily favoured Arius meets Crippler. Will Crip cause an upset? Or will Arius deliver? Prediction: Everyone - Arius Result: Arius wins (8-7-6) (Bash and Rop on 8 ) Match Review: **1/2 And that means the Smarks Daily Predictions Championship goes to both Bashka and Ropati. Congrats to both of you. Join me, Gary Green, next week when I do the same for the KOTR Quarter Finals. Goodnight
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    Ropati's Movie Reviews

    High School Musical 1 review by Ropati (WARNING: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 1 SPOILERS WILL BE IN THIS REVIEW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) High School Musical wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be as while its not my kind of movie since I'm that big of a fan of musicals so the jumping into songs every 5 minutes got old quickly for me but if you are a fan of musicals I suggest for you to watch this movie. Zach Efron plays his part well in this film although he is quite cringe half the time but what do you expect its a disney movie that was made in 2006 that was guaranteed. One thing that did annoy me was at the end of the film they just got rid of the character arcs they'd been building the whole film for example Sharpay and her brother Ryan are trying to stop Efron and Vanessa Hudgens characters from getting the main part in the play, but then after they win the role Sharpay and Ryan are all like "congrats you earned it" and then they act like best friends with them for the last song. The best song is definitely breaking free it just is a banger. OK but now i'll be honest the worst thing about this film that this high school basketball team wins the championship being lead by a 5ft8 white guy like what the fuck that would never happen in real life. Overall High School Musical wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be and if you like musicals i'd give it a watch if you don't then don't bother. Movie Rating 6/10
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    March 9th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV RVD, Sabu, ands Juventud are all in the ring having an interview with Joey Styles. Juventud explains why he helped RVD and Sabu as he feels he needs to even out the odds against the F.B.I and Kaz and he didn’t want to watch in the back any longer. RVD and Sabu then say that F.B.I are a little jealous that they could beat them at Ultracard, but both of them promises and this will all end at Living Dangerously. F.B.I then come out with Kaz, who are looking like complete douches. They said that RVD and Sabu’s win at Ultracard was just a fluke and they have been talking to Paul and they said that it will be a 6 man tag match at Living Dangerously between all of them. Both sides stare each other down. 92 A Opening Contest is a good one as Jerry Lynn goes up against Nova. Nova is looking for change and a win over Jerry Lynn could be huge for him. In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jerry Lynn defeated Nova in 13:16 by pinfall. 67 C+ Jerry Lynn takes a microphone after the match and explains why he attacked Kidman after their match at Ultracard, he was sick of seeing guys like Kidman come to ECW and kill it. He doesn't want to stand in the back watching new guys take his spot. Lynn calls out Kidman and Kidman comes running down with Torrie watching along and the two are laying it down. The referees come out and try to pull Lynn and Kidman away from each other. 79 B Backstage, Rhino is cutting a promo on Tommy Dreamer. Rhino looks sadistic as he talks about he going to tear apart Tommy Dreamer limp by limp. Dreamer shouldn't have put his career on the line says Rhino as he says there is no way in hell he’s beating him, Tommy needs to pray to god if he even wants to walk alive at Living Dangerously. 85 B+ Tag Team Action coming up as Crazy Kash takes on the Team of C.W. Anderson and Swinger Also known as C.W.S. In a decent match, Crazy Kash defeated C.W.S in 9:44 when Kid Kash defeated Swinger by pinfall with a Dead Level. 60 C Afterwards Storm and Credible get into the ring and start attacking Crazy Kash. Both of them up sending a very clear message that those tag titles belong to them. 76 B- In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, AJ Styles defeated Christian York in 7:23 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. 50 D Finlay then cuts a promo in the back saying Styles may be talented but hasn’t earned his respect just yet, he needs to see what Styles can do with man as vicious as him as they will go against each other at Living Dangerously. 73 B- John Cena is at a local bar, having a drink while he raps about the Sandman’s addiction. He says he drinks responsible unlike a certain individual. From out of nowhere Sandman appears and he and Cena brawl in the bar. Sandman would win the brawl by spilling beer at Cena's face and telling him, nothing, not even you, can change his life and how he lives it. 57 C- In the main event, we will see ECW Champion, Mike Awesome go one on one with Tajiri, should be an excellent contest. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Mike Awesome defeated Tajiri in 15:04 by pinfall with an Awesome Bomb. 71 C+ Mike Awesome gains momentum, as he gets ready for his loser leaves ECW match against Corino at Living Dangerously. ECW goes off the air with the current champion standing tall. 74 B- Overall Show Rating: 77 B
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    March 2nd 2001 ECW Hardcore TV Mike Awesome starts off ECW Harcore TV as he looks pumped up. He cuts this passionate promo on how he wants to regret his decision to leave for WCW and says he will earn everyone’s trust once again, he promises that. Corino comes out and asks why does he need everyone’s trust when he is gonna leave in 4 weeks as he is gonna take back his title and Awesome can go fuck off. Awesome tells Corino he was nothing but chump when he was champion and that Awesome will make sure you go back to Canada. Corino then low blows Awesome and takes a steel chair and starts beating the crap out of Awesome. He spits in his face as Corino starts laughing. 74 B- Our opening contest is the debut match of Fit Finlay as he goes one on one with Ballz Mahoney as Mohoney attempts to defeat Finlay in his debut match. In an extremely short match, Fit Finlay defeated Ballz Mahoney in 5:03 by pinfall with a Piledriver. 61 C Fit Finlay celebrates but out of nowhere AJ Styles attacks Finlay, payback to what he did two weeks. The two start brawling it out and it with AJ standing tall after as he hit a crossbody from the ring on to the outside. 73 B- We see both Hot Commodity and 2 Kilq in the ring as we get ready for our next matchup. Both teams looking for some momentum. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, 2 Kilq defeated Hot Commodity in 9:46 when Paul London defeated EZ Money by pinfall with a London Calling. 63 C 2 Kilq celebrate their win, both young guys London and Helms are starting to connect with the ECW audience. Tommy Dreamer makes his entrance wearing his street clothes alongside Beleau. Dreamer speaks about what happened last week and he admitted that he couldn’t defeat Rhino. Tommy calls out Rhino to the ring right now. Rhino comes out and he starts laughing and says Dreamer should have just gave up, instead of enduring the pain. Dreamer says he has waited too long for another shot at gold and says wants to face Rhino one more time, one final time. He wants Rhino in Stairway to Hell match at Living Dangerously for his TV championship. If he can’t defeat Rhino once again he will Retire. Rhino starts smiling and accepts the challenge. Dreamer’s career is on the line at Living Dangerously. Both men stare intensely. 79 B Backstage John Cena is talking to Paul Heyman, rapping about the Sandman’s issues and there should be consequences for Sandman. Heyman says that Sandman is fine, the Sandman comes into Heyman’s office and asks for a match between him and Cena at Living Dangerously, Heyman says that’s a great idea, Sandman then leaves calling Cena a pussy. 67 C+ #1 Contenders match is next as The Impact Players take on Doring/Roadkill and Young Blood in a 3 Way Dance. The winners will face Crazy Kash at Living Dangerously In a decent match, The Impact Players defeated Young Blood and Danny Doring & Roadkill in 9:32; the order of elimination was Young Blood first, and then Danny Doring & Roadkill. 66 C+ After the match Storm and Credible take a mic and they both state that they are here to make the Tag Team Division theirs and that starts by taking the titles off of Crazy Kash. 75 B- Main Event time! RVD is in action as he goes up against the talented Kaz Hayashi, should be an excellent encounter. In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Rob Van Dam defeated Kaz Hayashi in 15:18 by pinfall with a quick roll up. 74 B- RVD, Sabu, and Bill Alfonso are celebrating in the ring but suddenly The F.B.I come from behind and they start attacking them. Kaz helps them out as its now 3 on 2 situation. Then Juventud's music hits and gets a huge pop from the audience. Juvi is full of energy as he is hitting spectacular moves onto F.B.I and Kaz. He stands tall with RVD and Sabu who look beaten. 89 A Overall Show Rating: 78 B
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    WWE Reborn

    205 Live - May 3rd, 2019 Before tonight's cruiserweight action, a video package showcasing the WWE Universal Championship match at Backlash where the ever-resilient champion, Seth Rollins, will take on two destructive forces in Lars Sullivan and Kevin Owens. As we return to the show, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to an exciting night on 205 Live where Drew Gulak and Tony Nese will finally go head to head, and Evan Bourne will defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Gran Metalik. Evan Bourne Talks Ahead Of Upcoming Title Defenses The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Bourne, would start the show with a few words, as he will be defending his title tonight against Gran Metalik as well as at Backlash only days later against Lio Rush. Speaking of which, Lio Rush would interrupt the champion and the two would continue to go back and forth over the microphone until Rush would finish with a joke, mentioning something about an 'insurance policy', before leaving with a smug face. Drew Gulak vs Tony Nese For months, the tension between Gulak and Nese has only heightened to the point where they can't even stand in the same room without throwing hands at each other. Tonight, they are given the chance to do exactly that in a one on one match. In the end, Tony Nese is disqualified after he would grow too heated, ignoring the referee's count and continuing to beat down on Gulak. Despite the match being stopped, the two would continue to fight, brawling all over the arena until Christian would finally stop them and grant them a rematch in a falls count anywhere matchup. Chad Gable Promises He Will Not Stop Last week Chad Gable came up short in a triple threat to decide the #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. However, tonight, Gable takes the time in an interview to make it clear that the loss was only a bump in the road, the road to becoming WWE Cruiserweight Champion and proving himself as one of the best cruiserweights, or even one of the best wrestlers, in the company. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Evan Bourne vs Gran Metalik The second and final match of the night would see Evan Bourne defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Gran Metalik. "The King Of The Ropes" would push the champion to his limits but the wave of momentum Bourne has been riding since returning at WrestleMania continues to prove unstoppable. Bourne retains the title and goes on to defend it against "The Man Of The Hour", Lio Rush, at Backlash. Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Contenders Face-Off This week's 205 Live would come to an end with a face-off between Balor Club and the team of Noam Dar & TJ Perkins, supervised by the General Manager of 205 Live, Christian, and the CEO of WWE, Triple H. These two teams will be going head to head at Backlash for the right to be named the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. Karl Anderson explains how he and his brothers have been battling for years in WWE now and this is their chance, especially for Anderson, to put their name down in WWE history forever. However, Dar and Perkins reply by pointing out that they've been giving their all into the cruiserweight division since it's creation. With the crowd split between the two teams, this bout is set to be a thriller.
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    Thursday Night Smackdown - April 30th, 2019 Gargano Is Ready For Bryan To kick off Smackdown Live, the NXT champion would come to the ring without his title, as he talks about competing in both NXT and WWE and the challenges it brings, but he says no challenge is more important to him right now then going head to head with Daniel Bryan at Backlash. Gargano continues to speak, with the crowd following closely before Daniel Bryan would come out and say that he got one thing wrong, last week, Bryan did no attack Gargano. It was this man, and as Bryan smiles, Erik Rowan attacks Gargano from behind. Hitting him with a chokeslam before walking up the ramp with Daniel Bryan. Strowman/Dain vs Joe/Harper In a collision you could call a bullfight, the four men in the United States championship fatal fourway match would take eachother on in a tag team match, and as the four men make there entrances, you can feel the hatred coming off each men. The tag match would be hard hitting and brutal, as guys like Harper and Dain would hit unexpected diving moves while Strowman takes it to the outside and sends Joe through the barricade, steel steps would also come into play when the ref would be down, and after a hard fought battle, it would be Luke Harper pinning Braun Strowman after Killain Dain would hit his partner with his finisher move. At Backlash, its going to be even more crazy, because there will be no teams, and every one of these men want the United States championship! Moment Of Bliss Smackdown Live would have its very own "Moment Of Bliss' for the first time ever, as Alexa Bliss is here to interview Ricochet on his upcoming matchup at Backlash, but as Alexa is sitting in her chair, there is no sign of Ricochet. As the fans chant "Becky", Becky Lynch walks out from behind the corner and slowly goes and sits down in a chair, staring at Alexa Bliss who acts disgusted before trying to walk away. As she does, Becky Lynch stands up and blocks her off, raising her title in the air. In just 3 days, these two women go to war for the Womens Championship! Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali Two of the best international stars on Smackdown Live, Mufasa Ali and Shinsuke Nakamura would go one on one in an amazing matchup. As both men made there entrances, the crowd would be hyped as this is a sort of dream match inside the realms of WWE. Ali would use his impressive moves to counter Nakamuras unique offense and would pick up the win with his famous 054 finisher, however, after the match the former United States champion Rusev would come to the ring and would attack Ali. And as Nakamura and Rusev attack Ali, it would be Rey Mysterio who would come out and save Ali, and as the four men stare down we may have two new tag teams in WWE! Champion The WWE champion, Andrade "Cien" Almas would get his very own video package, highlighting his skills inside the ring and Zelina Vega. It would show his championship win and his road to Wrestlemania, as well as show Ricochet being hurt. At Backlash, Andrade "Cien" Almas defends his championship against Ricochet and its an interesting battle for sure! Finn Balor vs Big E Finn Balor and Big E would go against eachother in one on one action as both men have something to prove as singles competitors on Smackdown Live. Big E comes out to New Day music, and cuts a promo on how he respects his New Day brother. But all things come to an end, and that Big E is no longer going to be the New Day. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods hug Big E as they continue up the ramp. In the match, it would be a battle as both Balor and E would hit huge moves, and it would be back and forth. However, Finn Balor would pin Big E. As Balor celebrates, Big E walks up the ramp past his former New Day brothers, bumping into them. Ricochet vs Sheamus In the main event of the night, it would be Ricochet taking on Sheamus in one on one action. These two know eachother so well from the past few months, and we see this in there match as it is back and fourth. With Ricochet using his speed to stay away from Sheamus. Eventually, the number one contender would reverse the celtic cross into a pin and get the roll up victory, celebrating as Sheamus looks pissed off in the corner. But as Sheamus tries to attack Ricochet, Ricochet hits a deadly kick and knocks Sheamus out. However, just as Ricochet is taunting, he would be cut off by a title being slammed into the back of his head, as Andrade laughs at a hurt Ricochet. Posing, as Smackdown Live, comes to an end.
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    NXT: May 1st 2019 After the monumental announcement from William Regal last week that Full-Sail University will host the next NXT TakeOver event later this month, this weeks episode shapes up as being important as we look to continue filling out the card after two matches were announced last week. On schedule for tonight we have a huge Main Event, where the seeming unstoppable Dominik Dijakovic comes up against Fenix, as well as seeing The Forgotten Sons back in action after their TakeOver defeat. But first we head to the ring for some tag-team action Brazilia vs Eric Bugenhagen and No Way Jose After Eric Bugenhagen found himself in some trouble against Brazilia over the last couple of weeks, former NXT superstar No Way Jose came out to make the save and now these two extravagant superstars get the chance to team up and face Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi. Brazilia were less than impressed with the Party antics of Jose and Bugenhagen and looked to use their menace to their advantage. That was not meant to be however as Bugenhagen and Jose worked tremendously together and secured the victory. Both men danced the night away to end the segment, victorious in this tag-team match Punishment Martinez is bringing the NXT Championship Home Paul Ellering and his newest client Punishment Martinez make their way out to the ring to hype up the NXT Championship match at TakeOver: Homecoming. Ellering spoke about how Johnny could never be able to counter the size, power and speed of Punishment and therefore stands no chance in hell during their takeover match. Ellering then stated that Punishment wants to give Johnny Gargano a front-row seat to utter demolition and challenged any person in the locker room to a match next week The Forgotten Sons vs Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews The Forgotten Sons were in action next taking on the impressive tag-team of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews from NXT UK. Webster and Andrews brought their high-flying offence to start the match but, the grit and grind offence of Blake and Cutler was too much as they overpowered their opponents and took away their biggest strength, speed. The Forgotten Sons picked up the win with the Lost and Damned as they look to rebuild after their TakeOver loss to the Undisputed Era Belair demands a Steel Cage match at TakeOver We are shown a clip of the fallout that ensued after Belair and Catanzaro were attacked by Baszler last week with Bianca demanding that William Regal make their match at TakeOver a Steel Cage. Regal accepts Belair's demands but warns her that locking Shayna Baszler inside a steel cage might not be the best thing for her and her career Aggressive Street Profits Backstage the Undisputed Era are cutting a promo on how they are unstoppable as a Tag-Team and can't wait to assert their dominance when they face new competition at TakeOver: Homecoming. Suddenly, The Era are attacked from behind by the Street Profits who start going ballistic, throwing members of the Undisputed Era all over the backstage area and causing general havoc. Before dragging their fallen bodies to the office of William Regal. Regal states that he doesn't like this new Street Profits but will give them the match they have been craving making it official. At TakeOver, The Undisputed Era will take on The Street Profits for the NXT Tag-Team Championships Fenix vs Dominik Dijakovic In a battle of David vs Goliath, both Dijakovic and Fenix put on an amazing match, with both men having moments when they came so close to winning. In the final sequence, Dijakovic was looking for the Feast Your Eyes but Keith Lee rushed to the ring with a Steel Chair and started beating down Dijakovic to cause the DQ. Both men brawled all the way to the back when North-American Champion, Matt Riddle appeared and congratulated Fenix on his performance. Riddle then accepted Fenix's challenge for TakeOver and both men shook hands to end the show. Yet another match announced for a seemingly stacked card as Fenix battles Matt Riddle for the NXT North-American Championship
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    Monday Night RAW - April 28th, 2019 The Tag Champs Monday Night RAW opens up with the tag team champions The Revival, coming to the ring with microphones in hands, at Backlash they take on the new team of Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjamin called "All Americans", The Revival would come out and talk trash about there opponents before being interrupted by Ric Flair, who is PWE's manager. Ric Flair would announce that PWE is going to be going for the tag titles very soon and that The Revival should watch out, Ric Flair would "Woo" out of the arena as the segment comes to an end. Ciampa and Orton Brawl The camera would cut backstage and would show two men once again brawling, these two being Ciampa and Orton who downright hate eachother. Ciampa and Orton have pulled apart, as Paul Heyman, the current RAW GM, comes into view. Looking at both men who are being put in handcuffs, and announces that the two will face off in 6 days at Backlash!! John Morrison vs Aleister Black In one on one action, it would be John Morrison and Aleister Black going head to head and the fans would be behind it fully. Both men would make their entrances and the first match of the night would get underway. Aleister Black would hit his signature moves and so would John Morrison as both men would put it on the line to defeat one another, and it would feature some of the most athletic moves on RAW from John Morrison but none of it would be enough to put away Black, who would hit the black mass and pin Morrison in the center of the ring. Walking away as the winner. War Raiders vs PWE PWE would have yet another tag team match on RAW, and Crews and Ohno would come to the ring ready to take on there biggest challenge yet, the War Raiders. Hanson and Rowe who is arguably the most impressive tag team on the RAW roster. Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno do everything they can with Ric Flair in there corner to defeat War Raiders, but the former NXT tag team champions would not fall, and would be able to defeat PWE and any momentum they have. War Raiders had a chance at Revival at Elimination Chamber, but they may very well need one last shot coming up. Dunne Is Here Pete Dunne would cut an interview backstage, giving the reasoning behind his attack on The Velveteen Dream, saying that he can not believe that the crowd is mad at him for it. And that Dunne is done trying to pander to the audience, and will defend his title at Backlash easily against " The Dream" Buddy Murphy vs Oney Lorcan Two of RAWs newest members, Oney Lorcan and Buddy Murphy would go against eachother one on one and both men would bring there A game in the match of the night and what a match it would be. As both men would hit big moves and leave with welts on there chest, but in the end of the day it would be the former Cruiserweight champion, Buddy Murphy, who would walk away the winner after hitting the Murphys Law on Oney Lorcan. Buddy Murphy shakes the hand of Oney Lorcan, these two have a long future here in WWE and this match just proved it. Win. Owens. Win. Kevin Owens would come to the ring, in just 6 days he takes on Seth Rollins and Lars Sullivan in a triple threat match and if he is able to win, he will become the Universal champion for the second time in his career. Owens would come to the ring and would cut a classic promo, saying he needs to win at Backlash in order to revive his career. Thats when Lio Rush would interupt, hyping up Bobby Lashley. Who would come out for his match against Seth Rollins. Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins In the main event of the night it would be Bobby Lashley taking on Seth Rollins, and the big man would be able to dominate the champion as the bell rings. But the ever resilient and fighting champion, Seth Rollins, would fight through and would be able to take down Bobby Lashley. Kevin Owens would be at ringside and would watch as Seth Rollins nails Lashley with a curbstomp, and would pin the machine in the center of the ring. Rollins walks away with his title in hand, but will this be the scene in 6 days at Backlash? A Blissful Ending As the chaos ends, Alexa Bliss would step out on stage with a microphone at the end of the show, and as the show comes to a close she would pose on stage, saying that she deserves to end the show every week, and in 6 days, she will become womens champion! BACKLASH...THIS SUNDAY!
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    205 Live - April 26th, 2019 This weeks episode of 205 Live begins as per usual, with Nigel McGuinness introducing us to the purple brand. He explains that tonight we will see the second WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match as well as a #1 Contendership Match to decide who will be the next challenger to face the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Bourne, in a one on one matchup at Backlash. However, Nigel is suddenly cut off... Brawl Breaks Out Between Former Friends The show's feed cuts backstage where a cameraman is capturing a brawl between two former friends, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese, who failed to come out victorious in the first qualifying match for the newly announced WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships last week. It's unclear how this brawl began but it's been pretty clear over the past few weeks that the tension between these two has only grown greater. It takes numerous backstage personnel to break the two up as we continue back with regular broadcasting. WWE Cruiserweight #1 Contendership Match Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Trevor Lee Caddell The first match of the night is a triple threat match between Chad Gable, Lio Rush, and Trevor Lee Caddell to decide who will challenge Evan Bourne for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Backlash. All three of these men have been gathering momentum as of late but it's Lio Rush that gets the better of the other two here tonight, making the championship match at Backlash, Evan Bourne vs Lio Rush. Christian Announces A Match For Next Week We go backstage to the General Manager's office where Christian is seen talking to an unexpected superstar in Finn Balor! The two seem to be concluding a discussion and it becomes clear that Finn will be competing in the qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships later tonight as he thanks Christian for the opportunity. After Finn has left, Christian announces that next week, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese will be given the chance to settle their differences in the ring when they go head to head. Evan Bourne Wants To Be A Great Champion In another location backstage, Charly Caruso is interviewing Evan Bourne. She asks about his opinion on his next challenger, Lio Rush, who won the #1 Contendership Match earlier in the show. Bourne makes it clear that he respects the talented athletes that 205 Live has to offer and that he plans on defending the championship with honor. Bourne even goes as far as to say that he will put his title on the line next week against anyone in the locker room. That's when "The King Of The Ropes", Gran Metalik approaches. He and the champion share a look that more or less confirms that the two will compete next week with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line. WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match Moustache Mountain vs The Balor Club The second WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match is the main event of the night as Moustache Mountain, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, takes on Finn Balor and an unannounced partner. To the fans excitement, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows make their way out as tonight we see the reformation of The Balor Club, with Finn Balor and Karl Anderson competing as a tag team. The two teams put on a phenomenal match but it's The Balor Club that prevails victoriously and will go on to Backlash to fight for the right to be named the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions.
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    Thursday Night Smackdown - April 18th, 2019 New Smackdown Live GM Shane Mcmahon, the current CEO of the Smackdown brand would announce that he needs a new man to take some of the weight off of his shoulders, and he will be looking all around the world to find a brand new GM for the blue brand, this gm will be announced at Backlash in two weeks. Who will Shane Mcmahon choose as GM?? Nia Jax vs Asuka Nia Jax would come to the ring with evil intentions on her mind, as she goes one on one with the former Smackdown live womens champion, Asuka. Ever since being stripped of the title, Asuka has been yet to get back to her winning ways and tonight may be her tonight. The dominant force that is Nia Jax would do her best against Asuka, and it would be a class matchup as both women would do everything in their power to defeat one another, attempting everything to gain momentum including a sick looking powerbomb from Nia Jax. However, Asuka would pick up the win nearly 10 minutes into the matchup, pinning Nia Jax in the center of the ring as the winner. New Day Turmoil JoJo would be backstage with the 3 members of the new day, and would be having fun with some of the backstage workers throwing pancakes at them. JoJo would ask the trio about there recent losses, and if they are going to get back to there winning ways. When asked however, the trio would get silent and would struggle to answer, and Big E would walk away as Kofi and Xavier struggle to get him back. The two chase him down and the struggles for the New Day continue. Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman Ends In Brawl Braun Strowman would once again hold his open challenge, attempting to prove he is the monster among men, and when Samoa Joe would answer the crowd know would it be a brawl, and before the match could even begin, Braun and Joe would brawl around the ringside area before two men would come out to join the brawl, those two men being Killian Dain and Luke Harper. As the dust is cleared, Shane Mcmahon would come on screen, reading a text message saying he has found himself a GM, and he has made the first match. At Backlash, Killian Dain vs Luke Harper vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman for the United States championship!!! All Americans vs Sanity Shelton Benjamin and Jason Jordan would come to the ring, in just two weeks they take on The Revival in a tag team match, but right now they take on maybe a bigger challenge in Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young, two criminals who have been attacking various roster members throughout the past few weeks. In an intense and back and fourth tag team match, both teams would show insane skill, including a moonsault from Shelton Benjamin and Jason Jordan, and it would come to an end when Eric Young would be down on the outside, allowing Benjamin and Jordan to pin Wolfe and pick up the win, increasing there momentum heading into Backlash. Gargano Challenges Bryan Johnny Gargano would come out to a large reaction with a microphone in hand, last week he faced Daniel Bryan, and Bryan would walk out before the match could even get going, and tonight he challenges Bryan to a match at Backlash. The former WWE champion would come out and would refuse to face Gargano, calling him an over hyped NXT piece of garbage, and that anyone who sees hints of Bryan in Gargano is "Fickle", Gargano would beg Bryan to face him, wanting to prove he is the best. But Bryan would refuse. Becky Lynch vs Tamina The womens champion would begin to cut a promo before being cut off by Alexa Bliss on screen, Becky Lynch would be annoyed and would insult Bliss, before getting ready for her match against Tamina. It wouldn't take long for Lynch to put away Tamina, and Tamina would walk away defeated after a disarmer would force her to tap out. Becky Lynch takes on Alexa Bliss at Backlash, and she could never be more ready. Acceptance Johnny Gargano would be filmed backstage, hurt and dazed on the ground, when asked who attacked him, he couldn't bring himself to an answer and thats when Daniel Bryan would come into view. Bryan would kneel down and accept Garganos Backlash challenge, saying he is tired of Gargano being cocky, Smackdown live would come to an end with Daniel Bryan standing over Johnny Gargano, with a large man in a mask standing next to him.
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    Thursday Night Smackdown - April 18th, 2019 Fickle Daniel Bryan would come to the ring more upset than ever, last week he lost his only chance at gaining the WWE Championship back, and he is livid. He cuts a promo on how "Fickle" the WWE Universe is, before saying he is going to change WWE forever. Thats when Johnny Gargano would make his debut to a huge ovation, he would come to the ring with his NXT Championship on his shoulder and would cut a promo on Bryan, Bryan and Gargano would stare down, and Bryan would challenge Gargano to a match, a dream match here on Smackdown Live and its happening right now! Daniel Bryan vs Johnny Gargano The crowd would be hyped up, as Bryan and Gargano would get set to face off in 1 v 1 action, but as the bell rings and the two lock up, Bryan breaks free and quickly rolls out of the ring, jumping the barricade as he laughs, mouthing that he doesn't want to impress the fans anymore. Johnny Gargano would win by count out, and would shake his head as his first match in WWE, although going down as a win, is disappointed and so are the fans as we switch gears. The All Americans vs The Revival Shetlon Benjamin would come to the ring, and would announce that he has found himself a new tag team partner, and his name is Jason Jordan, who returns to action to team up with Shelton Benjiman, before being interrupted by the tag team champions, The Revival. In yet another great match, The All Americans would be able to defeat the tag team champions in one of the most impressive finisher moves in WWE, The Revival would walk up the ramp with there titles, defeated here on Smackdown Live as Jason Jordan and Shelton celebrate in the ring to cheers. Becky Lynch Has It All In a backstage interview, the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch, would cut a promo on Alexa Bliss, calling her a "Petty Rich Girl", and saying she has taken down many girls just like her and it won't be any different at Backlash, Lynch leaves, showing just how much power she has in the Womens Roster. Braun Strowman vs Luke Harper Braun Strowman, who last week won the United States championship would take on his former Wyatt Family brother in Luke Harper, Harper would come out as a single competitor from now on, and is ready to bring his career to new heights with Braun Strowman. The match would turn into a brawl, and despite multiple big moves, would end in a double count out when Braun Strowman would hit a running powerslam through the announce table and both men would be counted out, the crowd would chant "This Is Awesome' as Braun grabs his United States championship and walks up the ramp. Mufasa Ali Is The Future Mufasa Ali, since his debut, has been nothing but impressive. His matches with Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, and more have gathered him fans all around the world and his career is only going to go up, and once he finally gets the title, he will hold onto it for a long time! Rusev vs Rey Mysterio Rusev would make his return to TV, taking on the one and only Rey Mysterio. Rusev is a former United States champion and shows of his skills against Rey Mysterio, who would attempt to use his speed to take down the big man. By the end of the match, Rey Mysterio would hit a 619 and would pin Rusev after an impressive match. Rey Mysterio would taunt, walking up the ramp before getting cut off by the music of Shinsuke Nakamura, who walks down the ramp and attacks Rey Mysterio, throwing him into the barricade before entering the ring and shaking Rusevs hand. One. And. Only. The number one contender for the WWE Championship, Ricochet, would come to the ring and would cut a promo on the current champion, Andrade "Cien" Almas. It wouldn't be long until Zelina Vega would come to the ring, dissing Ricochet, saying that Andrade couldn't make it tonight but will be ready to face Ricochet at Backlash. Vega would wish Ricochet goodluck, and the fans would chant "Ricochet" Charlotte vs Toni Storm Charlotte and Toni Storm would face off once again, and as Charlotte makes her in ring return, she would look more impressive than ever, taking down Toni Storm multiple times. However, Toni Storm would be able to hit the Storm Zero once again and pin Charlotte, meaning Toni Storm has defeated Charlotte nearly 3 times. And Smackdown Live ends with Toni Storm raising her arms high in the air, a large smile on her face.
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    Monday Night RAW - April 15th, 2019 Bliss Challenges Lynch To kick off Monday Night RAW, the winner of the Womens Battle Royal, Alexa Bliss would come to the ring and cut a promo, challenging the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch. Bliss is a former Womens Champion in her own right and she is challenged Lynch at Backlash, the womens GM Paige would come out and make it official, Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch at Backlash! Aleister Black vs Jinder Mahal In his RAW debut matchup, Aleister Black would take on former WWE champion Jinder Mahal, and while the crowd was in awe with Aleister Blacks entrance, they would be even more impressed with his in ring work as he quickly finishes of Jinder Mahal hitting various signature moves, but it would be a Black Mass that would put away Jinder Mahal and Black would walk away the winner, with loads of talent being shown through his debut. PWE Is Here To Stay Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews with there new cocky attitudes would be caught backstage, and would cut a promo with there manager Ric Flair by them, both men would announce that their contracts now belong with Ric Flairs brand, PWE, Pure Wrestling Entertainment. Crews and Ohno may be the future! PWE vs Lucha House Party Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews would come to the ring and take on Lucha House Party, Kalisto and Lince Dorado would put up a good fight, hitting various diving moves on the two cocky stars, but with Ric Flair at ringside. Apollo Crews would take out Kalisto, which use to be his good friend, and that would allow Kassius Ohno to pin and defeat Lince Dorado in the ring. Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews taunt in the center of the ring with Ric Flair, looking dominant here on RAW. The Experience A promo would play, highlighting the skills and the feeling that Velveteen Dream brings to the ring and to WWE, The Velveteen Dream will make his in ring debut at Backlash when he takes on Pete Dunne for the Intercontinental Championship, and the crowd can not be anymore ready! Lars Sullivan Wants The Championship Paul Heyman would be walking around backstage, and would be interrupted by a pissed of Lars Sullivan, who demands a championship match, and due to his Wrestlemania Battle Royal win, he would be granted it, and just like that. He would be added to the Backlash triple threat match!!! Tomasso Ciampa Is Here A small promo for Tomasso Ciampa, the former NXT champion would play and when it would end, Ciampa would be walking through the backstage area and come face to face with Randy Orton, Ciampa and Orton would exchange words before brawling, sending eachother over a railing and having the entire roster have to break them up. These two hate eachother already and it shows as they spit at eachother, and Ciampa laughs at Orton. Tomassa Ciampa has made an impact! Lars Sullivan vs Seth Rollins Sullivan and Rollins would compete in the nights main event and would put on a showcase, with the recent news at Lars Sullivan will be joining the Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins match at Backlash, this is a huge chance for Lars to get momentum. It would be Lars toughest match to date, as Rollins would use his speed to take down Sullivan and really work down the big man, but the insane Lars Sullivan would defeat Rollins, pinning the Universal Champion clean in the center of the ring using the freak accident, and at Backlash in 2 weeks, Seth Rollins may be in trouble.
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    NXT: Wednesday April 10th 2019 We are now one week removed from the historic NXT TakeOver: New York Event in the Barclays center and now we present to you back here in Full Sail University another episode of NXT. On tonight's agenda we have a huge Main Event where Dominik Dijakovic will take on Keith Lee as well as Bianca Belair making her first title defence against the former American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro. We will also hear from both Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano as they celebrate their championship wins Johnny Champion is here! We kick off tonight's NXT episode with the new NXT Champion Johnny Gargano, flanked by his beautiful wife Candice LeRae. Johnny soaks in all the cheers from those at Full Sail University as a "Johnny Champion" chant rings out throughout Full Sail. Johnny thanks the fans and tells them all that Tomasso Ciampa is finally GONE. As Johnny is thanking the fans for supporting him and unfamiliar theme song hits and out steps Punishment Martinez from the back alongside what seems to be his new manager Paul Ellering. Johnny tells Candace to exit the ring as Ellering and Martinez enter the squared circle. Ellering congratulates Johnny on his win but warns him that he shouldn't celebrate for too long because his client is coming for his NXT Championship. Martinez then blindsides Johnny and takes him out with a devastating big boot. Martinez then raises the NXT Championship in the air as the segment ends Eric Bugenhagen vs Cezar Bononi To kick off the night's in-ring action we are graced by the NXT debut of Eric Bugenhagen. Immediately Bugenhagen gains cheers from the fans as he struts to the ring playing his air drums and air guitar. His opponent on the night is one member of the new faction Brazilia consisting of Adrian Jaoude, Cezar Bononi and Taynara Conti. Bugenhagen makes fun of Bononi early but it costs him dearly as the Brazilian beast absolutely destroys Bugenhagen early. However Bugenhagen shows a more aggressive side and takes out Bononi and surprisingly picks up the victory. Before Bugenhagen can celebrate Jaoude jumps into the ring and takes out Bugenhagen and a 2 on 1 assault amasses. Brazilia show that they are not a force to be messed with ACH debuts next week! The charismatic aerial expert known as ACH will be making his NXT Debut next week! Bianca Belair vs Kacy Catanzaro After defeating Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship at TakeOver New York, Bianca Belair now defends her newly won Championship against former American Ninja Warrior and NXT Debutant Kacy Catanzaro. Both Women started the match out hot using their agility to one up each other after every move. As Cantanzaro went to the top rope she was pushed down by an interfering Jessamyn Duke who alongside Marina Shafir entered the ring and beat down both women. Suddenly Shayna Baszler's Music hit and she made her way down to the ring destroying both women. She locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Catanzaro before turning her attention to Belair. She then brutally assaulted the champ before raising the Women's Championship in the air showing that this battle is far from over Matt Riddle's Bro Party The new North-American Champion Matt Riddle came out to greet the Full Sail faithful for what he was calling a Bro Party. He spoke about how he won the North-American Championship in a grueling ladder match before stating that he would take the title to the next level. He was then interrupted by Fenix who demanded stated that Riddle had gotten lucky and that next time they face he will be the one walking out with the championship. Both men then had a faceoff before Riddle raised the NXT North-American Championship in the face of Fenix before exiting the ring Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic A match that has been brewing for the last couple of weeks finally came to a head when two behemoths in Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic did battle in the night's Main Event. Both men put on a phenomenal performance and the finish came when Keith Lee hit a Tope Suicida to the outside resulting in a double count out. Both men continued to brawl after the match but security and members of the NXT locker room came out to separate these two. Something is telling me that this is far from over
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    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW - March 26th, 2019 Ready For The Game Braun Strowman would open the show with a promo, calling out "The Game' Triple H, for the past month or so they have been at war and Braun wants him at Wrestlemania, so a No Holds Barred match would be made as Triple H would accept the challenge. Pete Dunne vs Jinder Mahal Pete Dunne, the man who faces Tyler Bate at Wrestlemania 35 would get a warm up match against the former WWE champion Jinder Mahal, and as both men are in the ring set for there match, the crowd is in full force. The match wouldn't last long, as in just 6 minutes Pete Dunne would hit the bitter end and pin Jinder Mahal, raising his championship in the air before bringing a mic into the ring. Saying that when he defeats Johnny Gargano at Wrestlemania, it will be history made. Becky Lynch vs Mickie James Becky Lynch has been on top of the WWE for months, and it seems nothing has changed as she comes to the ring to one of the largest reactions this year. Tonight she will be taken on Mickie James, and as Mickie James makes her way to the ring the veteran star can boost her career once again if she is able to defeat the number one contender. Ronda Rousey would come to the announce table as the bell rings and both Mickie James and Lynch would give it there all, but by the end of the match it would be Lynch picking up the win over James, as Lynch is celebrating. The champion Rousey would stand on the announce table, raising her title in the air. Kevin Owens, The Revival vs Sami Zayn, The Club Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be taking on eachother at Wrestlemania, along with The Revival and The Club who face for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Its a 6 man tag team match, and it begins now! As the match begins, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens would brawl along with The Club and The Revival, and after a back and fourth 6 man tag team match, it would come down to Scott Dawson pinning Karl Anderson in the center of the ring, giving the 3 bad guys the win over Sami Zayn, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. And with only 2 weeks until Mania these wins may mean everything. Rousey Backstage Ronda Rousey would be approaced for a backsatge interview, being asked about the momentum Becky Lynch has had for the past months inside WWE, the champion would reply simply with "I don't give a damn about momentum" The Beast Strikes Seth Rollins would be found struggling to stand in the hallway, when approaced by EMTs, Brock Lesnar would run out of knowhere and attack Seth, hitting an F5 on the concerete. Lesnar stands above the lifeless Rollins, a bandage still on his head from being put through the car window weeks ago. Tyler Bate vs Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler would make his return, taking on the young and talented Tyler Bate, earlier tonight we saw Pete Dunne defeat Jinder Mahal and the same story would play out, as the number one contender would go back and fourth with Ziggler in the main event. But by the end of the match, Tyler Bate would hit the Tyler Driver 98, pinning Ziggler in the ring and celebrating. As Tyler Bate is celebrating, Pete Dunne would step out on stage, nodding at his former enemy.
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    205 Live - March 22nd, 2019 After a United Kingdom special event taking place last Sunday, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to 205 Live and explains that Buddy Murphy will be celebrating after yet another impressive title defense as WWE Cruiserweight Champion. However, after earning Kofi Kingston earned a championship shot last night on SmackDown Live, Christian is set to explain how the title picture will pan out heading into WrestleMania 35. In the main event, Cedric Alexander and Hideo Itami finally go one on one after tearing each other apart since the start of the new year. Buddy Murphy's Celebration Is Cut Short Buddy Murphy would begin the show in the ring, celebrating his successful title defense at the One Night Only: United Kingdom event. However, one by one, competitors wanting a title shot would interrupt the champion including Lio Rush, Chad Gable, Tyler Breeze, Tony Nese and even TJ Perkins followed by his newest ally, Noam Dar. Eventually, Christian would come out and make sense of all the chaos, announcing that at WrestleMania 35, Buddy Murphy will defend his title against five other men in a ladder match! WWE Cruiserweight Championship Qualifier Match Lio Rush vs Tony Nese Following Christian's announcement, Lio Rush and Tony Nese would face off to decide who the first member of 205 Live to be confirmed as a participant in the ladder match at WrestleMania will be. Tony Nese puts on an incredible performance but Lio Rush continues to prove why he's one of the biggest stars in the division by picking up the victory when it matters. Hideo Itami Reveals Heart-Breaking News Hideo Itami is backstage with a WWE interviewer who asks Itami about his matchup later tonight against Cedric. When most would expect Itami to reply with a cold and calculated answer, Itami instead responds with emotion and a whole-hearted announcement. Itami explains that he doesn't like the man he has become and will be returning to his roots in Japan following WrestleMania in order to reform himself. Therefore, tonight may be the last time we see Itami on 205 Live. SmackDown Qualifying Match Recap Yesterday, Kofi Kingston beat Aiden English to earn a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 35 which originally seemed odd since the cruiserweights usually belong to RAW. However, with the six-man ladder match being announced, Christian explains that the winner of the match, Kofi Kingston, will be apart of the ladder match at Mania as a recap of the qualifying match is shown. Cedric Alexander vs Hideo Itami In the main event, two men who have gone to war over the last couple of months are set to face off one on one. Before tonight, it seemed like these two would be going after each other's throats but after Itami's announcement earlier in the night, the atmosphere has shifted to a much more sentimental feeling. Nevertheless, Alexander doesn't seem bothered at all by Itami's announcement and is fully focused on the match. Throughout, Alexander grows more and more aggressive and shows no remorse to a man who earlier apologized for his past actions and announced he will be leaving. Alexander picks up the victory but the fans don't seem to be cheering the man who was once the fan favorite of the cruiserweight division. They are instead chanting for Itami, letting him know how thankful they are for his hard work. However, it becomes clear that Alexander is somewhat less thankful as he attacks Itami after the match and claims that now is his time, turning his back on the moral values he used to compete by. After the show, after the crowd gives Hideo one last send off, a touching and thoughtful video package overviewing Hideo Itami's career in the WWE is played as the legendary Japanese wrestler continues on his journey as a professional wrestler.
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