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    Raid BPZ Headquarters: Part 1

    Carnage returns from commercial break and on the titantron a poor quality handheld phone video is shown with a disheveled Yelich looking into the camera with a twitch in his eye, his face only lit by the light coming from whatever he is using to record this video. There's big talk all across the internet about conspiracies, it's a constant topic in conversations across the globe and the US especially. Right now the current conspiracy capturing the minds of Americans are the hidden secrets inside Area 51. There are plans in the making that are seeking to raid Area 51 and see just what the American Government has been hiding from the public in there, and if extra terrestrial life is real and on Earth. But there's a bigger conspiracy. One that's being brewed right here in this very company. And that conspiracy revolves around one man... me, or so one would think. The thing is... there is only one such occurrence in which an ellipse has one focus. And that is when the revolution of a planet is a perfect circle. But my friends, this is NOT a perfect conspiracy because if it was then the person that is being negatively affected by it would deserve what is coming to them. But I don't deserve it. Someone or something has a grudge against me and is making me lose all of my matches, so there has to be two foci, this conspiracy must be revolving around two people. I need answers... no WE need answers. We need to start a movement, we need the answers to this conspiracy that is ruining me. I have deserved victory after victory yet all I am given in return for my hard work is defeat. I think I know where those answers lie however. The answers we are seeking lie in the headquarters of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. I can feel it in my bones that inside of those headquarters lies the answers to this conspiracy against me, I just need to find them. So instead of raiding Area 51 for these stupid answers to "What has the US Government been hiding from its citizens" we need to raid BPZ Headquarters to answer the real question that needs answering. "What has been making Yelich lose." Now all we need to do... is find out where BPZ Headquarters is.... shit. The video feed suddenly cuts out and Carnage returns to a commercial break.
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    ROUND THREE RESULTS We're at the half way point of the season and it was a quiet week among all the teams. With only one platinum scored this week, our teams took it easy as they prepare for the big match ups later in the contest. Let's take a look at the results: The Royals suffered their first defeat of the contest, going down to Two and A Half Men. With their star player Brenden3 out of action for most of the week, he was unable to return in time to guide his team to a late comeback. @Meko750 (Raven) single handedly scored his team the victory by earning the only platinum of the round on Spyro 3. Platinum Maximums secure their second win after knocking off Golden Victory in a tight contest. It could've gone either way but @Brad had a stellar week and secured a much needed victory for the team. It keeps their finals hopes alive for now. Golden Victory fought hard but unfortunately didn't have the fire power to win. BBB grab their second win after beating the winless Team Three. Team Three remain generic with their name choice and their gameplay isn't much more exciting either. @Julius was their top scorer, mainly thanks to his handicap. It looks like Team Three need to win all of their remaining games to have any chance of place in the finals. It might be an individual focus that Team Three needs to worry about now. Here's how the competition stands: After three rounds, we have four teams locked in at eight points each. Golden Victory are still an outside shot of moving into the top two soon due to their impressive effort to score one trophy each for the week. BBB move into equal first after their win this week. The Royals sit in seconnd and Two and A Half Men jump into third. Platinum Maximums despite their low scoring efforts on occasion, still find themselves well and truly in contention to make the finals as they sit in equal first. PLATINUM OF THE ROUND With only one platinm this week it was an easy choice, but well done to Meko750 for his great consistency and efforts with another platinum. this is his 10th platinum of the contest. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Party like it's 2024 Win all trophies in Spyro 3 Rarity: 36.52% (Uncommon) -- With just two more rounds left before finals, every round is cruicial. Every team needs to earn a victory to stay alive in the contest. Here's how next rounds matches look. It should be an interesting round as two top teams Platium Maximums and BBB finally meet. The Royals may have an easier time against the struggling Team Three and Golden Victory must win to have any final aspirations against the improving Two and A Half Men. -- Good luck to everyone and remember that even if you can only earn one trophy in a round, it'll help secure your team a bonus point! Every trophy counts now. Go and earn them.
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    Alex Costa

    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    However right after Blade stopped talking a new theme song began playing with only some words playing saying the King to the World in English, Japanese and Portuguese A Man comes out wearing only a towel over his head and wearing just his wrestling trunks before stopping at some point of the music on the ramp and with some fans in the arena recognizing the chant they sing "KAZE NI NARE". As the music stops the man removes the towel to reveal the former NXT Champion Alex Costa who no one has seen since the 1st round of the Power Trip Cup. Costa who has been sitting on top of the ramp looks on at the SSW Club and the UN in the ring with some special disdain especially at the SSW Club as he begins to talk Alex Costa: I think everyone is here is wondering where and how I have been since my loss two weeks ago to Nate. Crowd Cheers You know at first I was angry and pissed because I thought once again I had lost because certain people didn't allow me to win, but then I realized something. I and only I am to blame for my recent streak of losses. Everybody in the ring and the arena are wondering Alex's point See I allowed myself to grow soft, I allowed myself to not be that ruthless competitor that conquered the wrestling scene all over the world. I felt under the same issue my tag team partner felt when he decided to align himself with that nobody loser over there Points at Bulldozer and his washed up has been talenteless excuse of a former IC Champion! Points at Josh with both men feeling angry Now before you all ask did I really ran over Bulldozer? The answer is unfortunatly in my case no, even though I would have loved to be the one to do it and save the Boss from having to pay that excuse of a wannabe wrestler money. But don't worry "Bulldozer" if that is even your name, by the time me and Raven are done with you in the match next week you will be beaten up so badly you gonna wish whoever ran over you ended your career right there and then. Crowd cheers as they clearly don't like Bulldozer And as for you Josh. You really think Sameer and Bailey give a crap about you? The only reason they have mentioned you at all is to talk of how embarrassing it is with so much great talent in this company that you are even allowed to sniff that World Hevyweight Championship. Face it old man, you are past your prime and it's embarassing how you dragging yourself with a bunch of talentless nobodies even my eleven year old niece could kick there asses. The Crowd laughes and so does some of the UN Also if you are really Manchester's number one than boy oh boy Manchester must really suck. But enough about you nobodies, let me address the real competition here. The United Nations. 3 of the best legends in this business. Now I could go on and on about all of your accomplishments or why they don't matter but honestly that's been so overdone and well even though your jokes about the Jobber Gang over there were funny. I want you three to realize one thing. I am a very dangerous man and me and my partner Raven we got losing nothing to lose here. We going to do anything we need to win this match even if it means putting you all on the shelf permanently. Crowd Boos Of course now you boo but then again we are in Italy and well everyone knows the Italians haven't accomplished anything of note in the last decade or so other than be news for how dirty there cities are. Crowd Boos even harder as they chant Angelo's name But enough about that, let's talk about the last time in this match, the Deadman's Hand. Now Blade you really like to blabber a lot about what you accomplised don't you? While yes it's impressive what you accomplished and you remember it, you seem to think we are already in England. While yes that will be true when we get to King of the Ring proper we are actually in bloody Milan. So Strike One for you, you don't know Geography. But besides that don't worry I know what real competition is yet I have already faced some of the best competition and you know what? I LOVED IT! So please Mister Blade and Mr Kieron, bring it on! I wanna fight you, much like I wanna fight those three gentlemen in the ring. And as for you two little pieces of cosplayers, you will know what real pain is soon. Because we are ICHIBAN! Costa and Raven soon to be your Tag Team Champions of the world! Alex's music plays off again as he walks off but not before giving a murderous look to SSW Club and then a nod of respect to the UN.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ King Of The Ring As tradition, in the month of July, from the 1st to the 28th, BPZ will be going overseas to tour around Europe as this year's King Of The Ring tournament commences. Every year, sixteen BPZ superstars get the chance to compete in a single-elimination tournament with the winner earning a one on one title match against the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of SummerSlam. Below are the details on the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament, including the first-round matchups, show dates, and venues. Round Of Sixteen Matches First-Half Aaron North vs KENJI Bulldozer vs Julius Jones Alex Costa vs George AK Monda vs Natedog Second-Half Buddy Ace vs Hans Clayton Arius vs James Knight Bart Hoogveld vs Bob Sparks James Ropati vs The Marker Dates & Locations Round Of Sixteen 1st July | Altice Forum Braga | Braga, PT 8th July | Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam, NL Quarter-Finals 15th July | Luzhniki Palace Of Sports | Moscow, RU Semi-Finals 22nd July | 3Arena | Dublin, IE Finals 28th July | Wembley Stadium | London, UK Predictions Make predictions by clicking here! This includes the use of Challonge as it allows for better tracking of predictions. Please post a screenshot of your fully predicted bracket below!
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    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    The spot light hits the entrance way in Manchester as the theme of the Deadman's hand plays, but nobody comes out onto stage instead on the titantron Blade appears sitting in a room with a poker table live via satellite Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Now lets get down to business, look who all showed up. Well not me because I couldn't be asked to show up here in Manchester since that isn't the location of where it matters and that will be at London for BPZ King of the ring. Now I was sitting at home scrolling through things to watch and saw on BPZ TV that you all were running your mouths. For that second I saw that I nearly feel to sleep just watching you guys go at it. I mean we have the failed group of the SSW club and the group of retirees who are past their prime exchanging words with the former group. Like who even is giving you all the TV time to come out here? Nobody wants to see the SSW club, and nobody asked for them to come out, so you can sure bet nobody cares what you guys have to say. So you guys claim Alex Costa attack Bulldozer? And? Who cares? Nobody in the SSW club if they were attacked anyone would care. You guys are nobodies. If the SSW Club disbanded right now the amount of people depressed by that are just those members of the SSW club who haven't left it yet. And there is the United Nations a group of legends that are nearly just like the SSW club." Blade pauses and sits forward towards the camera Blade, "I did the breakdown for the United Nations, the retirees and looking at this group of legends and I just have to shake my head in disappointment. I mean there are so many legends in BPZ and you three are at the bottom of the pool of legends that are in BPZ. If you were a team of Bashka, Neb, and Bailey, then yeah you guys could be a formidable team but the thing is, you guys are the legends that is just like the SSW Club and that means nobody cares about any of you. You are the lowest legends there are, the only reason two of you are legends because you guys have been here longer then others and the other is Brad." Blade points at the camera to point at the ring Blade "None of you have what it takes to be a winning tag team. You guys have numbers but with your bigger teams you lack in what actually matters and that is a drive and the will to get the job done. That's what Kieron and I will do at King of the Ring, get the job done and become the number one contenders to the BPZ Tag Team Championship! The Deadman's hand is going to win. The SSW Club is going to go back to being the nobodies they are, Alex and Raven are going to finally see what real BPZ competition is like. Then the United Nations can go back into retirement. We hold the cards, and well you guys are all..." Blade then lightly kicks a trash bin to get his message across Blade, "Is that message clear? While you are all that you will soon all know who are the Deadman's hand." Blade stops and the theme plays again.
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    Empire Pro Wrestling

    EPW Rumours With EPW remaining pretty quiet heading up to their TV Debut many rumours are circulating about what will go down on EPW’s debut show. With that being said these are the top 5 rumours heading into EPW’s debut TV show. Number 1: WWE Legend to make appearance It is rumored that Randy Savage will make an appearance tomorrow night. Although it is unknown what Savage would do. He has been rumored to be in talks with the company for a while now and what a better time to debut than on their ESPN TV debut. Number 2: Numerous Celebrity Guests to be present With Robert Watts connection to hollywood it is expected that he will invite some of his close friends to come and watch maybe even making an appearance on TV in the crowd. This could help the company get some more media attention helping bring in more viewership. Number 3: Big WWE Star to jump ship This should be taken lightly as it always seems a WWE superstar is rumored to be jumping ship whether to EPW or TNA. Would it be surprising no, but is not something that people should expect to happen tomorrow night. Number 4: EPW owner to announce next PPV This seems to be the most likely as reports point to EPW holding a PPV at the end of September, which is only about 3 weeks away. With the date so close it seems EPW is going to make the announcement in the near future. Number 5: The Elite to Main Event A strange rumour but it has been known that the company reportedly have big plans for the group going forward and what a bigger stage than the main event on night one. Although it is not confirmed it seems this could be a more likely rumour for tomorrow night. So with that we look forward to tomorrow night where we will see EPW Resurgence go live on ESPN at 9 PM Eastern Time. Hope to see you there as we see the start of something great.
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    UFC | Anderson Silva

    Veterans deliver a solid start to Anderson Silva's reign at the cost of potential dream bout By Sheridan Mueller, 24/06/19 The first duo of Fight Night shows delivered both critically and commercially, both cards featured a base of prospects moving their way up the hierarchy while UFC veterans would clash in the two main event slots, the fights each stretching towards the twenty minute mark and delivering excitement in which what can be described as a successful commercial start under the Anderson Silva era. Al Iaquinta topped Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone to edge close to the top five rankings of the lightweight division, but with Khabib Nurmagomedov as champion, a man who has already faced and comfortably beaten Al Iaquinta, an exciting payday doesn't look to be on the horizons for poor Al. The same can be said for Cerrone, the veteran was heavily rumoured to headline against Conor McGregor in the near future had he managed to overcome Iaquinta, now he returns to just outside the top ten rankings. Rafael Dos Anjos career at welterweight looks to be in jeopardy after he suffered a surprise loss to stalwart Demian Maia, in an exciting contest on an otherwise alright show. The bout marked his third successive loss in the division, his first to a competitor outside of the top five rankings. Demian Maia on the other hand flies into the top ten rankings. The forty-two year old competitor seems to be making one last push towards a potential championship fight. Most will be thinking that his next loss will be his last in the business, the question now is does he have enough left in the tank after this shock win. The full results from UFC: Fight Night 151 and UFC: Fight Night 152 can be found below. UFC Fight Night 151: Cerrone vs. Iaquinta results Ohio - 15/06/19 UFC Fight Night 152: dos Anjos vs. Maia results Quebec - 22/06/19 UFC next take their business to Texas for their first pay-per-view event. With former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold's debut at light heavyweight, as well as the exciting Valentina Shevchenko in action the card is certainly not short on drawing power. The question on most lips is will the rest of the card help hold the main event together, which most experts are predicting to be a poor fight.
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    {Carnage continues as they air a pre-taped segment involving Hans Clayton who is now advancing to the semi finals of the King of the Ring, he sitting outside in Sweden, behind him in the distance is a huge bridge and Hans begins to speak} Its been one hell of a journey hasn’t it, from stepping into this company as a rookie not knowing who or what I was a person, from a stable that never really never went anywhere, to the NXT title at the grandest stage of them all, and now last month at Judgement Day, I become the United States Champion dethroning, a man who was at one point unstoppable Arius, its crazy how life has gone by so fast. Now I’m in the Semi Finals in the King of the Ring. {Hans looks around before he speaks again} I’ve defeated a man with many personalities, defeated a killer machine, the journey in becoming king is closer than ever, two down, now just two to go, I made it this far in the King of the Ring, and I’m not holding back what so ever, that dream of being the World Champion is right at my fingertips, and I need to beat this man to get to that next step. Natedog, he’s been in this position before plenty of times, he’s a true veteran, a man who’s been in the finals and knows what it's like to be in that position in becoming king. The thing is, I’m not letting you go this far Nate, the work have been putting in, to perfect my craft every single night, I ain’t going to let you run over me and if you think it's going to be an easy road to be King of the Ring think again. I’m the United States Champion for a reason, I didn’t win this by some fluke, I earned it, just like how I earned my victory against Yelich, and Bob who were fantastic to step into the ring with. I’ve got all this momentum, all this support from not only my peers but from my fans, this support is gonna help motivate me to be 110 percent when I face you in Italy. The dream is what I want, and the dream shall I get. I want you to bring your best Nate, because when we have this battle on Sunday night, it will be even sweeter to win that match and go on to face either Julius or George at the King of the Ring Pay Per View, because this is my moment Nate, my moment to be on top and If it means go through you, I want to bring the best, because I didn’t come to be beaten, I came for a fight with the best there is. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m Hans Clayton, I can get it done, with my heart beating, my mind is ready to take the throne, this is what everything has lead up to, the ups and downs of my life will be forgotten when that bell rings. A fire will lit inside that beating Heart and I will throw everything, and I mean everything to beat you in that wrestling ring, one, two, three. All eyes are on that prize and I promise you that I will bring my best, and hopefully you bring yours too. This is an intense matchup, all those doubts left behind because I want to become king, this journey will end with me being king, and that lit up heart will lead me to the crown. {Hans then stands and walks away from the scene as the camera zooms in on the bridge as the segment cuts to commercial break}
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Location: NJ Izod Centre Attendance: 20,213 Opening up Summerslam, The Celtic Warrior wastes no time making his way to ring-side during his entrance. Walking outside of the ring, before Cesaro is able to make his way to face him, Sheamus cuts his music as he begins to rant about Cesaro to the crowd. Emphasising that he is the superior competitor and he’ll send Swiss Miss back to the Alps. Outside of the arena the WWE cameras catch a glimpse of Chris Jericho who is attempting tirelessly to sneak into Summerslam to be there for Kevin Owens. Seeing an opening as catering make their exit with empty platters he hides behind the door while holding it open until they are gone. He looks left, right and then goes to walk inside but is greeted by the suddenly appearing Christian. Arms crossed he tells Jericho he knew he wouldn't make this easy, they have too much history together to think otherwise and so he went out of his way to hire some extra security for the night. From around the corner appears Jimmy & Jey..THe Usos! They taunt Jericho, waving goodbye before pushing him out the door and shutting it close.e The Miz is seen on camera searching throughout the backstage area of the arena, stopping superstars left and right asking if they've seen the chairman Vince McMahon. Finally catching him coming out of his office The Miz exasperates the hurdles he has tirelessly had to overcome on Smackdown since the draft. He stands putting all blame for his loss on Daniel Bryan stacking the odds against him, in a championship Daniel Bryan took from him. Vince McMahon tells The Miz straight that he lost and there is no way around that tonight. You're not Intercontinental Champion. But..he has an idea to compensate. After the match As Finn Balor celebrates the lights go out through-out the arena as the light screams and confusion of the crowd echo throughout. The minimal flashes of light from the cameras in the arena illuminate Balor looking around the ring wondering what might be going on before we hear a thud, a struggle and the lights turn back on. Braun Strowman! Strowman hasn't been seen since the brand split returned as Balor attempts to get to his feet. Before he has a chance the Braun bulldozers Balor back down to the mat as Wyatt joins him in the ring.The Black Sheep has returned to the family. As both The New Day and Prime Time Players look to get this match started after the heated few weeks that had past, the referee tries his best to keep them to their corners of the ring as they wait for the newest contenders into this match inserted by Vince McMahon himself. As The Miz makes his way to the stage holding a microphone he goes on to talk about the hardships of an A-Lister, the struggles of fighting against the biases of those who wish to derail The Miz. But he has found someone who understands completely those same burdens. Introducing my tag team partner for tonight.... Alberto Del Rio Outside the defeated Kevin Owens makes his way past The Usos who are leaning against the wall flicking cards, pushing past the door where Chris Jericho is standing waiting for his best friend. Jericho consoles Owens on his loss as he promises this isn't the end of the fight, that despite the hurdles of tonight that he still has his back. Back with the crowd "I'm here to show the world!" Coming up is a contest set for one fall, to crown the World Heavyweight Champion for the RAW brand. First making his entrance, the resilient Dolph Ziggler outstretches his arms energised and focused to take the championship away from the grasps of Rollins. And....wait... ROLLINS! As Ziggler is making his way to the ring Seth Rollins has rushed from backstage and attack Ziggler before the bell has even run. The two of them continue to brawl down the ramp, around ring side until they finally end up in the ring for the bell to be rung. After the match ends Triple H stands in the ring basking in the anger of the crowd as Kane & Seth Rollins surround the fallen Dolph Ziggler. Taking off his suit jacket and ripping open his shirt he instructs them to lift up Ziggler, The Cerebral Assassin is looking to put the explanation point on this night...PEDIGREE! Dolph lays motionless on the mat as Rollins holds up the World Heavyweight Championship for the crowd.. The Authority is BACK! As the commentary talk extensively about the hard-hitting match they just saw between four of the best in WWE today they show the highlights of the ending of the match as the video appears on screen. We see Dean Ambrose who is on a roll, fired up with the crowd behind him suddenly hitting a Dirty Deeds on the unsuspecting John Cena with the three count within his grasp. One-Two...Roman Reigns holds on to the match as he breaks the pinfall. The highlight moves on as we see Dean Ambrose pushing against Roman Reigns as the two argue in the middle of the ring. Distracted, AJ Styles is able to take advantage of the disintegration as he flys down from the sky with a Phenomenal Forearm hitting them both of them, knocking Roman Reigns to the outside and leaving Dean Ambrose dazed in the ring. Styles sees his chance, lifting up Ambrose and hitting the Styles Clash on Ambrose for the victory. New WWE Champion: AJ Styles
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    ........................................................................................................................................................ Tuesday Night Dynamite ........................................................................................................................................................ After months of anticipation, the time has finally come for AEW to debut their flagship show on the TNT Network called "Tuesday Night Dynamite". The first ever show is coming live from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in the home of AEW, Jacksonville Florida. This is a historic event in the world of Professional Wrestling. This is the night AEW is officially taking over the world The first ever Tuesday Night Dynamite is opened by none other than the AEW World Heavyweight Champion himself. The Ageless Chris Jericho. Jericho defeated Adam Page to become the World Champion at August's All Out event and has now formed a bizarre perception that AEW are in debt towards him. Jericho starts off by basking in his own glory, stating how great he is and that there is no one on planet earth who can even come close to stopping him. Jericho is then interrupted by Adam Page who demands another shot at the title. He is then interrupted by rising star MJF who also throws his hat in the ring for a championship opportunity. Jericho dismisses them both but announces that only one of them could challenge him for the title. Page challenges MJF to a Number One Contenders match in the Main Event to which MJF accepts We kick off the in-ring action with some first round action from the AEW Tag-Team Championship tournament. The first two teams are the Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix taking on the Stronghearts, T-Hawk and El Lindaman. We last saw the Stronghearts at Double or Nothing, putting on an impressive display in a losing effort against SoCal Uncensored. On this occasion, despite their best efforts the Stronghearts came up short once again against the AAA Tag-team Champions with Pentagon hitting the Fear Factor on T-Hawk for the win. The Lucha Brothers move on to the next round and look to be on of the favourites to hold the titles by the tournaments conclusion As we return back from commercial break we are shown a video package for AEW's newest recruit to an already stacked Female Roster. It is announced that Gibbs will make her AEW debut soon One of the stars of the next generation of Pro-Wrestling Darby Allin, took the world by storm after his performance at Fyter Fest against Cody. He wowed the world with his jam packed arsenal, putting up an amazing fight in a losing effort. Now Allin would match up against industry veteran Brandon Cutler, to continue his momentum and secure his first win under the AEW banner. After a nicely paced match, Allin was able to pick up the win with the Last Supper. After the match as Allin was having his hands raised in victory Shawn Spears made his way down to the ring. Both men would stare each other down, before Spears would exit the ring while still staring at Darby Allin. Allin would taunt Spears as he would walk to the back, possibly hinting at a future program between the two We would cut backstage where Luchsaurus and Jungle Boy are stationed. Both men announce that they are entering the AEW Tag-Team Title tournament and will be in action next week against the Young Bucks for a first round match. Luchasaurus spoke about how he and Jungle Boy bring unpredictability, making them a threat to the Brothers Jackson The exciting duo of Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, tore the house down at Fyter Fest making them instant fan favourites to all of the AEW Fans. In this second first-round match of the night, Private Party would take on the experienced duo of Angelico and Jack Evans. After a very high-paced, electrifying match Private Party picked up the victory sending them into the next round to take on the Lucha Brothers who advanced earlier The first women's match on Tuesday Night Dynamite would be contested between Nyla Rose and Smiley Kylie Rae. Rose was in an angry mood from the beginning, having no time for Kylie's antics and quickly putting an end to the match after dominating proceedings. After the match Nyla would challenge AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker to a match for the title. Will the Doctor accept her challenge? Before the Main Event match of the night the Rhodes brothers would make their presence felt in Jacksonville to a standing ovation from those in attendance. They announced that they would be participating in the Tag-Team Tournament and had plans on winning it. They were quickly interrupted by the Young Bucks who came out and started talking about how they defeated the Rhodes' Brothers at Fight for the Fallen and would love to do that again with the AEW Titles on the line. Suddenly the lights in the arena would cut out and the Dark Order would appear on the Titantron. They dismissed both the Bucks and the Rhodes' claiming that they will capture the titles and the era of darkness will begin With a potential opportunity to challenge for the AEW World Championship on the line, both MJF and Adam Page walked into this match with completely focused. The match would be an all out brawl with neither man getting a clear advantage, however the match would unfortunately end early as Jon Moxley would interfere through the crowd and attack both men. Mox would then announce his intentions to challenge Jericho for the AEW championship when Kenny Omega would attack him from behind and the two would begin to brawl. The show would end in chaos as Omega and Moxley brawled as Tuesday Night Dynamite went off the air
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    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    The crowd and fans in the Mediolanum Forum arena in Milan, Italy await the next team to come out after the challenge. But, of course the slow rising chants of "WE WANT ANGELO!' before the five claps of the hands and a repeat of the chant fills the arena quickly as SSW Club of Bulldozer and JoshNow get annoyed as the live Italian crowd chants loudly in sync for their hometown hero, the only full Italian superstar and BPZ legend, Angelo Caito. And thus, an explosion of raw emotion, huge ovation of cheers from all near thirteen thousand fans in the arena is heard and seen by the cameras shot by BPZ cameramen as Angelo's titantron plays, with commentators being extremely hard to hear over the loud ovation. The pop gets even louder as pyro explodes all over the stage, in green, white, and red colors. The crowd erupts out of their seat harder and louder when United Nations stands on the stage, Angelo front and center as a wide smile on his face, joy on his face after hearing and seeing the love his home country is giving him. He lets a deep breath out before the three legends start walking down the ramp, Angelo scooting over and high fiving fans on all sides of the railings, taking pictures and signing autographs while Monda and Joh let him, sliding under the bottom rope as Angelo finishes giving some more high fives and handshakes before sliding under the bottom rope. Angelo quickly run up to the corner and jumps on to the middle turnbuckle ropes and spreads his arms, taking in all the love and reactions he's getting before jumping down. He looks at SSW Club, before he starts laughing and he takes the microphone from Josh and walks back over to Monda and Joh, leaning on the turnbuckle. The music dies down and Angelo asks for silence, which does so as Angelo takes a deep breath. "Testing testing. My Italian is a little tuff right now, but I think I can have it down. Let's try this……. ITALIA!!!! SONO TORNATO!!! ANGELO CAITO È ITALIA !!!! The crowd roars loudly as Angelo smiles brightly as the crowd then starts chanting "ANGELO!" loudly and loudly. He walks around the ring, laughing as he looks at the thirteen thousand going crazy. He then waits and waits for them to calm down, which they do before he starts speaking again. Joh: "Now gentlemen, while you and Scooby Dooby Doo over here are out here solving mysteries, us United Nations, we've been in these roads grinding in the gym, looking at all of our opponents and looking to become the next Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Championships that we plan on winning at Emergence." Monda: "Look here assholes…. I'm Monda. You're…. Nobodies. And one of you is from Alabama you sister f-' Angelo and Joh quickly yanked the microphone from his hands before looking at each other then the crowd. "Anyway, hey Bulldozer, how's the leg? I mean, such a brutal hit and run two weeks ago, right? Guess what Italy? HE'S A FAKE! Do your research kid, hit and run at the speed you say you got hit is almost two months then another two weeks of rehab. You're like your mentor here, you see no one give a damn about you or anything you so you can gain a tad bit of relevance. But the only relevance you've had is being known for is from trying to sniff Sheridan's hair every week you sick freak! Or try locking yourself in the bathroom before your match and "Release your sins" onto a picture of Alexis Kaufman in every freaking day. Or go around, and try not to laugh Milan, but say that Ezio from that stupid Assassin's Creed game, is better than Mario and Luigi, Italy classics! Well that's ok because you look like a classic piece of shit. Your fake hit and run and your stupid lil fake Hawaiian Five O series rip off ain't winning you shit!" Joh: "United Nations is set and in stone for beating you all. All these phony tag teams, they ain't ready for this. Josh you aren't ready for this either. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if one of these men turn on you during the match, because look how well JoshTourage did, right? Playing dress up as a cop now to pretend to be anything else except the one thing you're horrible at which is wrestling. And at King Of The Ring, you're going to wish you became a cop instead when we untie and put SSW Club in the ground." Joh lowers his microphone, which Monda quickly grabs and yells: Monda: "ALABAMA IS ABOUT SISTER F*#$ING!" The crowd pops hard as Monda drops the microphone and runs to the ropes, cupping his ear before climbing the top rope and poses.
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    Tacko Fall was born and raised in Senegal but moved to the United States at the age of 16 to seek a better life. He was not immediately drawn to the sport of Basketball but Tacko continued to grow to a massive 7'7 (231cm) and was immediately scouted by College coaches. He would end up agreeing to play for the Knights at the University of Central Florida. Tacko's huge size and massive Wingspan made him a very unique player and enjoyed a successful college career averaging around 10 points a game 2 blocks and 8 rebounds in the 4 years he played for UCF However, Tacko was never seen as any sort of prospect because of the way he played and the way the NBA was moving away from traditional big men who work the paint and get inside looks. Tacko emerged back into the basketball spotlight when his Knights took on Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett from Duke University. There Tacko would matchup with Zion and put on a very entertaining contest with the Knights only barely losing to the Duke Juggernaut. After this the questions were asked. Could Tacko Fall play in the NBA? After setting many records at the NBA Combine, Tacko worked out for many NBA Teams such as the L.A. Lakers, Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics to name a few who were all seemingly impressed by what the Giant could bring to their team. Draft day then came and went, Tacko wasn't primed to be a lottery pick but many thought he could sneak in late in the second round and be given a chance on the NBA Roster, however that opportunity never came as Tacko went undrafted After the NBA Draft, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge reached out to Tacko and his management offering him a deal to play with the Celtics during the Summer League to which Tacko happily accepted. This story starts in the Summer League of 2019. Can Tacko Fall make his NBA Dream come true or will he be left in the dust?
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    The crowd are sit in anticipation as they await for the next competitors to arrive, "The Sendai Supernova" KENJI and former King of the Ring winner, Emperor Nate. Both men looked strong in their previous bouts and have great expectations in this competition to go all the way to the final. The Emperor's music hits as the crowd react a lot differently to Nate than they last week, as he was in his home ground against Alex Costa, with the fans showing that they aren't here for Nate. Nate walks down the ramp with intentions on destroying his opponent Kenji. He enters the ring and goes to his respective corner as he waits for Kenji to arrive. Kenji makes his entrance as the crowd cheer for The Sendai Supernova. He walks down the ramp and starts high fiving fans, whilst also staring at Nate as he gets a good look at what he's coming up against. He enters the ring with a calm look on his face and goes to his corner. The referee asks both men if they're ready to compete and they comply and the bell rings to signal the start of the match. The match starts with the two men approaching each other and trying to gain the upper hand on one another. Nate hits Kenji with a leg kick but it isn't effective. Kenji looks to gain control but Nate takes a step backwards and hits Kenji with another leg kick. The two try and size each other up again, Nate goes for another leg kick but Kenji catches his leg and flattens The Emperor with a stiff clothesline. Nate makes his way back up to his feet and Kenji catches him with a side headlock takedown. Nate slowly begins to get up to his feet as Kenji is applying pressure to his head. Nate then grabs Kenji's back and hits a back suplex to break the hold. The two men get back up to their feet quickly and Nate hits Kenji with a forearm strike which slightly sends Kenji backwards, but Kenji fires back with a forearm of his own, and begins to hit Nate with multiple more before The Emperor hits Kenji with a kick to the gut. He lifts Kenji up for a standing vertical suplex but he escapes Nate's hold and jumps off, landing on his feet. Nate turns around and gets hit with a superkick which takes him down to his knees. Kenji comes off the ropes and hits Nate with a penalty kick. He goes in for the cover. 1...2. kickout from Nate. Kenji picks up Nate looking to continue this assault. Although Nate pushes him away and leaves the ring looking for a breather. In the ring Kenji is looking to take a dive to the outside. He comes off the ropes, but as he goes to jump through the middle rope, Nate sees it coming and hits him with a forearm smash sending Kenji flying backwards. Nate sits on the apron looking to take more of a breather. Nate then stands back up on his feet and sees that Kenji is laid out on the ground. He jumps off the ropes and hits Kenji with a springboard elbow drop and covers The Sendai Supernova. 1...2. kickout by Kenji. Nate then starts punching Kenji in the face before locking him in an armbar as Kenji begins to roll around in pain, before finally breaking the hold by giving Nate a taste of his own medicine by turning over and hitting him with some vicious strikes of his own. Nate rolls back up to his feet quicker than Kenji and goes for a running knee, but Kenji gets out of the way of Nate, as Nate stops himself from going into the turnbuckle. He turns around and runs into a dropkick, in a desperation move from Kenji. Nate begins to crawl and goes into the corner to try and regain his footing. Kenji gets up to a knee, and then sprints at Nate looking for a cannonball in the corner but Nate moves out of the way last second as Kenji goes flying into the turnbuckle, as he hangs himself up on the ropes in a tree of woe position. Nate sees this as an opportunity, he runs to the opposite corner and back to Kenji and hits him with a dropkick to the face as Kenji collapses to the ground. 1...2..kickout by Kenji! Kenji barely got 1 arm up that time to get out of that pinfall. Nate goes to the outside, and waits for Kenji to get back up to his feet to hit another springboard move. Kenji turns around and faces The Emperor as Nate jumps off the top rope and looks to hit something devastating...Guillotine choke!!! Kenji caught Nate in mid-air, reversing his strike into a guillotine choke, as Kenji begins to put pressure on Nate with whatever he has left. Nate goes down to a knee as he begins to fade. Kenji is finally able to get Nate down to the ground as The Emperor is now in a precarious position. Just as it looks like Nate is out though, he begins to fight back, as he gets back up to a knee, before finally standing back up on his feet, with Kenji still holding onto to Nate's neck. Nate, somehow, has the strength to fight out, as he then throws Kenji away sending him into the ropes. Kenji comes towards Nate, but gets hit with a big knee to the face! Now Kenji is on a knee. Nate runs towards the rope as he looks to go for a big running move. Hi no Kokoro from Kenji!!! Nate ran right into that boot to the face, and Kenji looks to take advantage with the cover. 1...2..Nate kicks out! He's still in it. Kenji is in disbelief as he can't believe he didn't put Nate away. He picks him up from behind as he holds him in the air. He's looking for Horizon Suplex Hold to finish it off! Nate begins to hit Kenji with hard elbows to the face, and after multiple hard shots, Kenji is finally forced to let go. Nate turns around and hits Kenji with an enzeguri which stuns him, Kenji comes off the ropes from the impact and Nate fires back again with a back elbow spin to the face as Kenji begins to teeter. Nate gives him the middle finger and kicks him in the gut before lifting him up in the air in a powerbomb position. Backbreaker!!! Nate rolls into the cover and has surely finished the match. 1...2...KICKOUT! Nate can't believe that he kicked out of that massive backbreaker. He then mounts Kenji and begins to hit him with fierce elbows to the face in a pit of rage. The referee then moves Nate away, but Nate pushes the ref and continues to hit Kenji with more big elbows. Nate stops his attack for a moment as he begins to take a breather. He then starts to laugh at the damage he's caused to Kenji, as there's bruises all over Kenji's face. Then Kenji's eyes suddenly open. He's laughing in the face of The Emperor now!!! Nate is in shock as Kenji has seemingly awoke from the dead. BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! Kenji has the Bermuda Triangle locked in deep as Nate starts squirming for a way to release the hold, as the crowd start going nuts for Kenji who is looking to deliver a crazy upset. Nate starts fading slightly, but then starts to show some more fight by moving around. Nate eventually is able to get his foot on the rope to the disappointment of the crowd. Nate starts using the ropes to get back up to his feet, as a smile comes across his face, almost saying that he knew he was lucky to get away there. Nate sees that Kenji is struggling to get back up to his feet and goes running straight after him...BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! NATE IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN! Nate is in the middle of the ring now, and it looks like he has nowhere to go as Kenji is really applying the pressure. Nate tries to throw some punches but they don't cause any damage to Kenji. He tries to move his legs closer the ropes as he uses the mat to draw him closer. Kenji rolls back over into the middle of the ring again! Nate is in grave danger currently and is edging closer to an early King of the Ring defeat. Nate begins to get back off the ground, with some mad freakish strength. He eventually gets back up to his feet, but the force of Kenji sends him backwards into the turnbuckle, as Kenji still has the Bermuda Triangle locked in! Then suddenly when it looked like Nate has zero life left he begins to charge at the opposite corner as he throws Kenji into the turnbuckle as both men are laid out on the ground from exhaustion as the crowd begin to clap for their efforts. Nate and Kenji both get back up on their knees in the middle of the ring. Nate grabs Kenji by the hair as he starts to pick him up. Nate starts to talk trash to his opponent, but Kenji pushes him away and hits Nate with a sweet superkick to the face which takes The Emperor down to the ground. Kenji sees a chance to go to the top rope whilst Nate is down. He goes to the outside and stands on top. He takes his time as he tries to set himself up. Nate then sees what's going on and gets back up to his feet as he runs up to Kenji, who took too much time. Nate starts to hit him with vicious forearms to the face before finally stopping as Kenji is dazed on top. Nate lifts Kenji up with a suplex from the top rope, this can't be good at all. OH MY GOD! Nate planted Kenji on his head, that move surely killed him!!! Nate lifts Kenji's leg up as he goes for the pinfall to end this fight. 1..2...3-NO!!! KENJI IS STILL IN IT. Nate lies down in shock as he can't believe that he hasn't ended the fight right there with that vicious inverted suplex from the top rope. He gets back up to his feet and looks at Kenji who is still laid out on the ground. Kenji slowly begins to get back up to his feet as he gets onto his knees as Nate stands across the other side of the ring. Kenji asks The Emperor to bring it to him, and Nate hits Kenji with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head which knocks him back down for good. Nate runs up to the top rope and signals this as the end of the fight. RED ARROW!!! Nate crawls for his life as he gets the cover on Kenji. 1...2...3! NATE HAS WON!!! For the third time in his career Nate has advanced to the King of the Ring Semi-Finals and is now on course to once again hold that crown. Kenji brought an amazing fight and almost caused an upset on numerous occasions towards the end, this definitely won't be the last we see of him in a big match scenario like this. Nate begins to taunt the crowd who boo the living hell out of him as we go for a break before the next match.
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    Playing: Symphony No. 25 in G minor There’s a clear, cloudless sky overhead the Arius estate as the camera pans overhead the grand building before cutting to an inside view. A lone Ghoul moves past with laundry retrieved from the suitcase of Arius. Having returned home from Europe as the King of the Ring festivities continue to train and recover ahead of his next defence. Inside one of the otherwise-unoccupied studies is Arius who sits back again in the familiar chesterfield armchair. The screen flashes back to the previous fortnight to the memory of the crackling flames that once sparked within the fireplace but now instead sits ash as Arius gets lost in his own thoughts. The image of being stuck in that high-rise window sill. The lights are turned down with-in the room as he swirls a glass of whiskey, finding relaxation in the motion as he thinks back on the last few weeks of his career. The echo of Hans Clayton speaks over the footage “It ain't gonna stop me for reaching that glass ceiling..." Simultaneously on the screen now is footage of a an emotional Hans hoisting the BPZ United States Championship in the air as a devastated Arius looks on from outside of the ring. “... And when I win. Which I will. I will be glad, I will scream it to the rooftops so that everyone in the world can hear..." Caught with a surprise roll-up by George AK, Arius’s shoulders are down. The referee drops down to count, the European crowd counting in tandem right along with him. “ONE! TWO! THREE!” The official calls for the bell amongst cheers from the audience. A ecstatic and bruised George AK is shown with his hand held up on the ramp by the referee as Arius is shown kneeling on the canvas, clutching the ropes with a monotone expression. A vacuum. “... i am immortal and i am insane.…” Arius regains his grasp on reality as those words echo through his mind. He looks down at his drink, his hand still motioning without a real thought into the action as he stops it and finishes the last of the alcohol. Arius chuckles for the first time since that fated Quarter finals match thinking of whats to come. Placing the glass to his side he rises from his chair and turns around coming face to face with a previously assembled camera awaiting his address. No Ghoul, No Rin. He motions to fix his cuffs and collar as he takes his seat again upon an awaiting stool. The red light blinking towards Arius as he finds the words to begin Some might suggest this isn't the best state of mind to put yourself in front of a camera. That the best advice to be given is to take your time to process the events taken place...but that isn't who I am. To bask in the illuminating presence of a lens...it's therapeutic. Arius eyes wander to the side of the room for a moment as he faces the most pressing matter at hand Having returned home so early..this has been a bit of a bitter truth to swallow. I have no excuse as to why I lost, as frustrating as this early exit has been simply put George AK was the better man that night. Finding himself one step ahead of me during our match...Arius lifts a single finger into the air interrupting himself...I will contest that disguising yourself as one of my faithful was a dastardly movie, possibly ill fitting for someone who holds themselves with such high regard Arius drops his hand but one i wouldn't be tempted to do myself had the occasion arose. Consider me amused for now but we'll meet again quite soon i assure you. Suffice to say, that was never how I pictured King of the Ring going for me. For weeks before that night I’d resigned myself to the idea that I was walking into that arena in Europe with the intent of moving on to face....Arius pauses just at the moment of mention a name before following with a breathy laugh..My plans seem to have fallen apart quite miraculously. One after the other. Arius looks up at the wall behind the camera as portraits of his accolades and key moments so far line across, crossing his legs upon the stool as he leans his elbow on top in a trance It's easy for myself to forgot that my time here has been so short compared to others for it feels almost like I've experienced twice as I've lived. The luxury of walking into BPZ an unknown entity is having the ability to shock people both in our audience and behind the curtain. I never had that anticipation but never the less I sought the eyes of the wrestling world looking upon me. I still remember clearly in mind the atmosphere as our audience were greeted with their first sight of The Revenant. Just silence. Pure, simple silence. Is there anything more thrilling? Arius rises from his chair as he moves over towards the window where the gleam of a case can be seen in the distance Some might shy away at the thought, the desire for instant gratification...but to be greeted with an audible blank canvas was just what i needed to direct their tastes to a new style of competitive prowess. To cleanse the palate. Something i hope I've achieved to some success. Arius takes hold of the BPZ North America Championship from its pedestal near the window, sitting next to an empty pedestal unmoved since it was last used by the BPZ United States Championship. Holding it over his shoulder he continues to speak as he returns to the cameras front view I didn’t blow in from lands or organisations people here are familiar with but slowly in my mind the tides were turning. I walked into this company with an idea and nothing else aside from the attire i wear before you now. Patiently waiting in the dark corners of the arena and keeping to myself. It allowed me to survey this place, to study everything I could about it. The culture, the men that stood between me and everything I wished to achieve. Julius stood out like a blinding light; the door was perfectly open and all he needed was someone to step up. But i first had to climb. Every performance I put in between my debut, claiming the NXT Championship to finally being able to face the man who caught my attention at the beginning. All with the aim of capturing the attention of those surrounding us. The ones who breathe life, who rest easy with the reassurance i'm on the right path. Even now after this disastrous month i feel their eyes. I have my audience and so...the curtains haven't closed. Arius eyes are unfocused on the cameras as he squeezes tight the strap of the BPZ North American Championship visible to the camera as the expression around his eyes grow more tense, the paint slightly cracking Perhaps my initial success has placed a world of expectation on my shoulders...I've heard the whispers. For all eventually trickles back to my ear...Arius leans forwards in his seat, peering into the lens The last act any competitor wants to commit is regress to a former version of themselves, a lesser version of themselves. I rest assured that the challenge makes someone a worthy champion even in the presence of a man on the brink of being institutionalised. The symphony we compose being the ever lasting reason for our meeting. The question lingering for now being will you show me a classic crossover or will it be an amateur modern composition..my faith in your ability waivers week to week. We all like to toss around the idea and the dream that we’re the best of our division. We all like to proclaim we’re “great and powerful” and nothing can stop us. Nothing can unnerve us. That we’re flawless...perfect. But right now, only few of us have a foot to stand on. Arius rises from his stool, standing straight and his voice growing louder towards the camera as he starts to regain his nerve in the face of opposition Here I stand as champion with the one thing that allows me to speak my mind in such a way. I clutch this strap, clinging to the last object that gives me a voice in this company. Men can stand there beyond belief and find a handful of excuses to undermine others but i stand here saying no more games. I will die by this championship, i shall push forward and fight until this time next year a stronger competitor. I will Die as King. Emergence. The Last Stand
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    In the world of Professional Wrestling,there were many moments that changed the course of industry. The Montreal ScrewJob, Rock vs Austin, The Monday Night Wars,the Year of Punk. The list goes on.In this series of journals,we shall explore what could happen if the events of yesteryear played out differently and what position we would be in now if these famous events didn’t occur. Welcome to Parallel Pandemonium. On 28th July 2014,it was confirmed that the wrestler known as Fergal Devitt would be signing with the WWE performing in it's ever growing developmental territory known as NXT before eventually making it to the main roster of either Raw or Smackdown. By March of 2015,the NXT Universe had began to see the rise of the Demon whom had began to appear in red and black paint and was now on his path towards the NXT Championship. However,Balor's capture of the gold didn't happen at one of NXT's signature Takeover events. It took place at an event in Balor's former home of Japan at a WWE live event on the WWE network known as The Beast in The East in Tokyo, Japan. Despite the main feature having supposed to have been Brock Lesnar, the main attraction of this night was a Japan Hero in Balor claiming the gold that many decorated names had captured. During the next record breaking 292 days, Finn Balor became an NXT Icon with his special entrances and mind blowing matches but the title reign came to an end at a very shocking conclusion. After defeating Samoa Joe at both NXT Takeover: London and NXT Takeover: Dallas, it seemed that Balor would be moving onto new horizons with new challengers coming his way. He was right about one thing,he would be facing new competitors but not as the Champion as he lost the NXT Championship in the same manner that he won the Championship : A live show showing exactly why anything can happen in the WWE. Despite all his best efforts, Balor failed to regain his Championship at NXT TakeOver: The End in a superb steel cage match. It seemed at that point that he would be potentially working his way back to become the 1st ever 2-time NXT Champion. However that was not what would happen. The Brand Split had been introduced after the return of Shane McMahon and Vince demanded Brand Warfare. In a shock to many members of the WWE Universe as well as Smackdown Live, Finn Balor was the 5th overall pick of the 2016 draft being joined by Irresistible Force: Nia Jax on Raw whilst fellow NXT superstars American Alpha,Alexa Bliss,Carmella and Mojo Rawley were brought to Raw. How will the Raw Landscape change with Finn Balor making his extravagant entrance into the main roster fold? I do hope you all enjoy the start of this new diary,it really did suck that Balor got himself injured at Summerslam 2016 and wasn't allowed to capitalize on the momentum that he had picked up upon entering the Main Roster. This should be a rather good journey,not sure how far this will go but this may develop into a general Finn Balor diary because I genuinely think he is a great character just had a lot of missed opportunities such as building the Demon side of him,Pumpkin Balor as well as his Big vs Small feud with Baron Corbin.
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    Ropati upsetting Prince for US definitely comes to mind.
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    Day Five (A Block): Kenta (Free Agent) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): As a concept, this was a "big man vs little man" match which consisted of Archer putting down Kenta numerous times with various power moves (including bringing back his WWE finisher from the forgotten Vance Archer days 😂) and Kenta having to battle back with as much of his striking offense as he could and he eventually managed to bring down Archer and lock in the Lebell Lock for the submission victory. This match was awkwardly similar to the Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass matches from last year in WWE, also speaking of WWE, there was a moment in the match (my personal highlight) where Archer said something to Kenta like "You're still Hideo" to which Kenta responded by kicking the Hideo Itami out of Archer (practically using him as a "Hideo Itami" dummy) which I thought was really cool. Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon): I was surprised to see this match act as Match #2 for the night as I would've expected it to be the Semi-Main Event, the match itself wasn't too bad, it kind of summarized the build which normally for inner LIJ matches have a lot of build to them and usually one member looking like he is about to quit the faction but this year there wasn't too much in that department (excluding the encounter in the preview Tag Team match) other than Evil acting a little "rogue". There was no "are we still friends?" moments during the match as both guys went full steam ahead as if they were enemies and I thought it could've gone either way. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): This match and everything around it (except Fale's loss 😁) is what makes Bullet Club unique in Japan which involved a surprise attack and Fale bringing out extra backup in the form of Chase Owens & Jado. Much like Okada's previous matches against rivals such as Hiroshi Tanahashi and Zack Sabre Jr, this match ended in shorter time than the usual Okada/Fale match. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like New Japan are back to overpowering Okada 😂. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): Speaking of Tanahashi and Sabre: Poor Zack 😂. With these two being two of the top four to potentially win the Block, this was a battle to scrape by which normally we wouldn't see it happen with two world-class athletes (in the context of G1). I predicted Tanahashi getting his win back from the G1 Supercard in this match which meant that another Zack Sabre Jr tantrum was coming up and that's what happened 😂. I don't know if this is New Japan's method of making things interesting or they are just destroying three quarters of their top guys. Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Will Ospreay (Chaos): First of all, I was glad to see that Ospreay was healthy enough to be cleared to continue in the G1 as it would've been a shame to see him pull out due to injury in his debut appearance. Second, I had really high expectations coming into this match (I did not take their injuries into account) but then as the first ten minutes passed I started to realize that because of both of their real injuries (I didn't know that Ibushi's injury was real until I read about it) they would have to work a slow match. However, the last seven minutes of the match proved me wrong as Ospreay and Ibushi did everything to destroy each other's injured parts including Ibushi dropping Ospreay on his neck with a move similar to Hangman Page's Deadeye which I thought was a bit too much as injured parts obviously need to be protected and not attacked especially in tournaments. But I have to say that I actually enjoyed the match and the storytelling which they did towards the end with the Wrestle Kingdom 13 spot where Ibushi was in the Tree Of Woe and Ospreay was taunting, slapping, and kicking Ibushi however this time the roles were reversed with Ibushi on the offense which looked cool. I am really confused by New Japan's G1 booking this year as it seems like they decided to drag or dump all major stars that are not named Okada especially the ones that faced Okada as New Japan made it look like Tanahashi can't keep up with anyone anymore and Sabre just doesn't know how to win. Obviously Tanahashi and Ibushi have managed to scrape by however Sabre seems to be almost "mathematically eliminated" as he seems to be handing out victories to the rest of the A Block. I'm curious to see how New Japan will protect these top guys going forward. Also apologies for not posting the points leaderboard, I accidentally forgot 😁. Points: Kenta - 6, Kazuchika Okada - 6 Lance Archer - 4, Evil - 4 Bad Luck Fale - 2, Sanada - 2, Will Ospreay - 2, Kota Ibushi - 2, Hiroshi Tanahashi - 2 Zack Sabre Jr - 0 I will post the updated points leaderboard for the B Block in my next post.
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    Defiant Message

    We're on BPZ TV, and then suddenly the titantron goes to the backstage area with just a seat in the middle of it. A man goes over to the chair and as he sits down, it's revealed to be The Emperor, Nate. He stares into the camera with a serious look on his face as he has something to say to the audience, likely about his upcoming King of the Ring fight. "So far in this tournament I have made a mockery of my first two opponents, just as I had previously predicted numerous weeks ago. Alex Costa was no match for me and neither was KENJI, for their entire careers now they'll remember how "close" they were, but they were never close, I was ALWAYS in control in both of those matches and I was never in any doubt that I would advance on in this King of the Ring tournament. They were both only here to make up the numbers, I'm in this competition because I am an incredible athlete who strives to be the greatest wrestler alive. None of those men would match up to me if I had my hands tied behind my back, but now I've got a different challenge in Hans. A man who I have heard so much about recently that everyone seems to be so high on, and I can see why. He's an impressive guy in the ring, he's shown lots of talent so far, but anyone can show talent, before they come up against someone like me. Just like Alex and just like KENJI, Hans is talking about this being a dream for him, but he needs to take himself out of this clouded mindset of believing and living in fantasies and peak an eye out at the real world for a moment and realise that I am The Emperor. You can go on all these fancy bridge walks all you want, but while you're looking into the ocean thinking what can be, but the truth is all your wishing and luxury walks mean nothing in the wrestling ring." "I remember a man just like you believe it or not. It's quite ironic actually because that man used to be me. I used to sit around all the time dreaming and wondering about what I can accomplish in this company, and that was my downfall for so long. I tried to play the underdog, I tried to be the hero but where did it all get me in the end? Nowhere. I spent months wasting opportunities, losing match after match after match, until finally I realised, that to do well in that ring you've got to be vicious in your path to pursuit and you shouldn't be sitting around thinking about what-ifs, and that I should show no mercy instead of leaving myself so vulnerable. I like your optimism Hans, I really do appreciate that you have some belief in yourself but I hope you realise that I'm not just any wrestler, or some new guy on the block fighting for the US Championship. I have accomplished so much in my tenure here in BPZ but not being able to win that World Championship, it eats at me that I've never held that title, and there's no chance that I let a little pesk like yourself get in the way of my legacy." "To you, this is just a fun ride, a nice experience with a chance at the jackpot at the end of it all. You have zero chance of beating me when you step into that ring, because the moment you do you will finally pop out of that dream phase and see that I'm THE best who have ever came up against in your career, and you'll know that you don't have enough to pull off some sort of miracle. This King of the Ring tournament is serious to me, I have never been so dedicated to achieving something so much in my life, do you really think I would let myself slip-up now after 4 bloody years of work? At the end of this bout Hans, you will have learned a valuable lesson, and that is that I am an unbeatable, untouchable freak who shows no surrender in the face of a war, I'd just hope that for your sake you've already booked up a session at the hospital for after our match, because there is no way I will let you leave on your own two feet if I get my way, and that's a fact." A clearly angry Nate gets up from his chair and leaves the backstage area after delivering a defiant message to Hans.
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    Nate's Music Reviews

    Song Reviews Doing my first song reviews on this topic, I'll be getting @Sameer and @Smith recommendations done and I'll move on to the album recommendations afterwards. Dave - BLACKBOX Freestyle: 9/10 I listened to Dave for the first time earlier in the year when PSYCHODRAMA came out and he definitely has a lot of a talent. This freestyle might be better than anything off of that album though if I'm being honest. This freestyle just sounds really raw and you can feel the passion in his voice when he's rapping. The fact that he was 16 when he did this is just nuts, his flow is insane and he shines lyrically on this as well. He raps about a lot of the personal problems that he's had to deal with, like the police being unfair to him and the people that he hangs around with, claiming one of his friends got arrested for a crime that he didn't even commit, calling out Wale as well for being a snitch. The lyrics are just really gritty and it sounds like Dave was going through rough stuff when he did this freestyle. It gets to a point towards the last minute of the freestyle were you can almost hear his voice shaking like he's about to breakdown in the middle of the freestyle, it's mental. The beat choice is great as well, it really fits the atmosphere of the song because of how dark it is. This is definitely a good song/freestyle to put on if you're interested in storytelling rap music and like a lot of interesting topics in your music, 100% recommend if you fit those categories, only reason I can see people hating this is if they don't like the voice. Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea): 7/10 This just a decent banger. The rapping isn't anything special but the beat is pretty good. It's just the usual money brag raps that you usually get from these type of trap songs. I thought it was pretty funny since DaBaby was dressing up as Suge Knight in the video. I think DaBaby has a lot of potential and I think he will do well if he continues to go this direction with his music, because this is a lot better than most trap songs. The song is fine but it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, if I heard the song on the radio or if one of my mates put it on then I wouldn't listening to it. If you listen to a lot of trap music or need a song to get hype to then you should be able to get on board this, it's a fun banger but nothing more than that for me.
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    Eric Shun

    Fifa 19 - Forums Decide!

    BOURNEMOUTH SQUAD GOALKEEPERS - A. Boruc A. Begovic M. Travers J. Holmes A. Ramsdale DEFENDERS - S. Cook N. Ake A. Smith D. Rico C. Mempham J. Simpson C. Daniels S. Francis D. Gillela S. Sherring B. Smith T. Mings MIDFIELDERS - D. Brooks D. Gosling J. Lerma R. Fraser A. Surman J. Stanislas J. Ibe M. Butcher L. Cook N. Ofoborh K. Taylor G. Kilkenny M. Pugh H. Arter E. Hyndman C. Mahoney A. Dobre ATTACKERS - J. King C. Wilson L. Mousset D. Solanke S. Surridge J. Anthony J. Defoe M. Ndoji
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Observer

    Hello everybody on this planet. I am of course THE Jimmy the Jabroni. And today we have more BPZ rumours for you this week. So should we start. Maybe, okay we will. In 5,4,3,2,1. World Champ Banished - Rumours coming out of BPZ this morning are telling us that during the midweek house shows, the BPZ World Heavyweight, Premium and Tag Champion Sameer got kicked out of the dressing room. We don't know what he did to get kicked out, but apparently the hierarchy at BPZ are not very happy with him. Potentially meaning he could lose some titles soon. Return Of The King - How fitting. Recently we saw the return of 'The King' Slim. He came out after a King Of The Ring match. I mean, wow the king returning at king of the ring. Anyway, sources tell us that he is after a few feuds with the newer guys in the company. Like Julius and Arius. Mr King Of The Ring? - So far we have got all King Of The Ring predictions wrong. Fake stories have been released to try and throw us off of the scent. However, we believe that it will all end with Mr King Of The Ring winning again. Out of the four men left, 2 are previous winners. Nobody has won the competition twice, but we feel like that will happen now. As we have Natedog winning the tournament. That is all we have time for today. Be sure to come back next time when we will talk about something else. I have been Jimmy the Jabroni. And this has been the BPZ Observer.
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    BRADLEY BEAL IS A Denver Nugget. After the Wizards engaged trades with the Nuggets, Heat and Pistons it was the Nuggets that had the best offer for the all star player Beal. The Heat didn't want to give up Bam and Tyler Herro and felt as if it wasn't worth it and knowing Pat Riley it was probably the right move as he is very found of Herro and Bam, they both could become great players later on. Here is the trade Wizards get: SG Gary Harris, PF Trey Lyles, PG Monte Morris, 2023 first round pick Nuggets get: SG Bradley Beal Why: The Nuggets would get a second All-Star to run with Nikola Jokic, while the Wizards would be in good shape with Harris, who has All-Star potential.
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    "Wake up"

    {We are live from the beautiful country of Switzerland where BPZ are currently undergoing some house shows before the King of the Ring Semi-Finals. In the ring is George who is taking on a local competitor in a warm up match before his crucial Semi-Final encounter with Julius. George gets his opponent ready for the Blackout!} {George picks up the win and continues his sublime form heading into the match with the Intercontinental Champion Julius. Just as George is celebrating his victory, “Gallantry” blasts throughout the arena as George readies himself for a sneak attack by Julius. George looks around cautiously, checking every corner of the arena to be prepared for Julius to strike however nothing ever happens. George then looks up at the titantron and that is where Julius appears. The crowd boo as the Intercontinental Champion appears in-front of their eyes} “You know what George, you almost had me. That speech you made a couple of days ago, it was truly inspirational wanting to see your name aligned with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, it’s stuff made for fairytales, for feel good stories where the plucky underdog always comes out on top. Well unfortunately for you, that isn’t how this story ends my friend. You say you are going to stop me from running through this tournament, but I can’t help but take a look at you and laugh, wonder how the hell you are going to manage to do that. You’re just a skinny little kid who’s happy to be here, no talent or skill accompanies you George and I’m sorry to say this but people like you just don’t succeed in a world that’s filled with monsters like me. When you think that you are at your best, when you are riding high with momentum, you still don’t compare to me. I am just that much better than you and I know deep down inside your pathetic soul you know it as well” “You have this warped imagination, this thought that experience and past-performance don’t matter. That is such a naive thing to say George. You choose not to look at your past because you know that you’re a failure. You look at what I have been able to do in the 18 months that I have been here and you can only dream of being in the position that I am in. You’re weak, you’re a loser and that’s what awaits you this Sunday in the Semi-Finals. I don’t care what you say, how loud you say it or who you say it to, this Sunday everything is going against you. Not only am I bigger than you, not only am I smarter than you. I am also better than you. Don’t compare me to Buddy Ace don’t compare me to Arius these guys aren’t on my level and if you think that just because you beat Arius you’re going to walk into this match with the upperhand then you have another thing coming. See I have fun beating people like you, desperate men who leave everything on the line but still can’t get it done, that’s you George. You’re that pathetic useless guy who does whatever he can, maybe even has a moment where he might look to steal it but at the end of the day it slips through his fingers and you do what you always do best and that is fail” “I’m sorry to be this guy George, I truly am. You look like someone who has the potential to be great one day, but I just can’t let you get in the way of what I want. I want to be the first ever two time King of the Ring Winner, I want to be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and I want to beat you so badly that you never ever turn up to work again. I’m that guy who is going to haunt your dreams, give you nightmares after what I put you through this Sunday. Not only am I going to crush your dreams and eliminate you from the King of the Ring Tournament but I’m also going to be keeping this Intercontinental Championship firmly around my waist. You asked if I am ready George? I’m always ready but I know you’re not. Here’s your chance to shut me up, and make everything you say believable. This is the once chance you have to become the star you always wanted to be, I’m standing right in-front of you. Don’t shy away now, the clock is ticking George, it’s time for you to put up or shut up” {With his message sent, the titantron turns to static. The camera turns back to George who looks a bit confused and distraught by what Julius had to say. Can George be the one to slay the monster. Find out at the King of the Ring Semi-Finals this Sunday}
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    Hello, I am Yuvraj.

    Never really welcomed you but just gonna let you know that you're gonna be a star for sure as long as you keep up the great work.
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    Nate's Music Reviews

    Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo Reviewing this MGK album by Brad's request. Have never been a massive fan of MGK, don't think I'll like this that much but it's worth giving a listen anyways to find out. Sex Drive: 7/10 A nice intro to the album, MGK isn't rapping on this one but it's definitely a song, just that's he's started it off with an instrumental which is nice. The production feels slightly dark, I like the beat switches that were packed into the song considering it was only 2 minutes long, kept me interested, song isn't anything crazy but a decent way to start the album. El Diablo: 5/10 The song isn't terrible, I like the instrumental even though it's pretty simple, gets good when it kicks in for the chorus as well. The rapping is mediocre to me. He obviously has a good flow but he really isn't saying much at all and the bars are just weak. MGK tries to act like a gangster and says that he can handle beef even though Eminem bodied him. He also calls himself one of the best of this generation which is a bit much. Song is still okay, mostly due to his flow and instrumental. Hollywood Whore: 6/10 I kinda like this song. It might be because of the Linkin Park influence with the Numb sample and it's meant to be a tribute to Chester, beat makes the song feels nostalgic. MGK raps about record labels and being screwed out of business deals throughout his career. Song isn't great but I don't mind listening to it. Glass House ft. Naomi Wild: 5/10 This is another emo rap song on the album. I like the message of the song with MGK paying tribute to a lot of rappers and artists who have died in recent years, I just don't think the song itself was that great though. It just feels like a basic pop tune with the beat. The feature is a bit mediocre, feels like something that would be on one of Eminem's op songs. I like the message more than anything, the beat and rapping isn't exactly great but it's listenable. Burning Memories ft. Lil Skies: 4/10 This is the first song that I'd actually say is bad, which I didn't expect to take 5 songs, so I guess that's solid. MGK rapping is just annoying on this song to be honest. MGK is rapping about his early life but it feels really bland and it's like he's trying to be edgy. I'm not a fan of his flow and the chorus and post-chorus with Phem just sounds really corny. I'm not a massive fan of Lil Skies either, nothing he said was that memorable. Best part of the song is the outro. A Message From The Count: Not rating skits but this was mad unfunny, just glad it only lasted 30 seconds. FLOOR 13: 8/10 This is actually a really good song. Love the instrumental on this. This song follows some more of the rap rock influence that I'm used to hearing from MGK and I honestly think it brings out some of his best music. MGK brings up his Eminem beef and says that Eminem missed with Killshot, I think he just needs to take the L and move on honestly, but I still enjoyed the song besides that. He also raps about the struggles he faced when the world was against him during the Eminem beef. The production just seems really glitchy at points and reminds me of something on Yeezus, the beat switch up to the quieter and darker instrumental is good as well. Roulette: 5/10 This is another song that's just listenable for me, nothing that really stands out as good or bad. This is another song were MGK tries to come across as a killer or gangster when I don't think he's actually either of those things. The production and his flow are fine though. I like the beat switch-ups in the last verse, keeps some interest in the song. Truck Norris Interlude: Don't even know what's going on in this skit, but there's Chuck Norris referencing in 2019. Death In My Pocket: 5/10 I'm really not a fan of a lot of the poppy stuff on this album, especially when it gets to MGK's singing. I like the message on this song as well though, with MGK rapping about his family and losses that he's suffered over the years. His rapping is fine but the beat is pretty poor and corny. The female singer is just your basic pop hook. Candy ft. Trippie Redd: 3/10 This is meant to be a feel good song and I could see why some people would enjoy it but it's definitely not for me. MGK sings about his problems with drugs, it's not really a feel good song in that aspect to be fair, but it's something I could see being played at a party or something because of the repetitive hook. MGK's singing is just awful and it gets tedious after awhile. Trippie Redd's feature is bad as well but it's only like 20 seconds long. I guess the beat is okay. Waste Love ft. Madison Love: 3/10 This is another bad emo pop song. Again I can see why people might want to listen to stuff like this but it's not for me. His singing just feels really awkward and bland. The song topics are just talking about love and relationships. I can definitely see this being a song that gets played on the radio or it being played at an underage disco but it's not my type of music. 5:3666 ft. Phem: 5/10 MGK is rapping about having problems with sleeping and battling with demons. This is a nice reminder of some of the earlier songs in the album with some more substance but it's too poppy for me to really enjoy. The production is kinda eerie and dark so that's cool. A lot of the lyrics aren't great and there's some corny stuff, but I like the topic and message he's trying to get across. Phem's hook is quite bad, not a fan of her voice at all. I Think I'm OKAY ft. YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker: 2/10 Mate, why? This sounds like an awful rock song straight out of 2012. Wow this is bloody shite. It sounds like it tries to be another feel good song but it's so annoying. I honestly don't even know what to say, the production is dreadful and so is the mixing. YUNGBLUD is definitely one of the worst singers I've ever heard in my life, I don't know who would actually listen to him. The topic of the song is just about drinking and drugs and partying I guess. Definitely try and avoid this song at all costs. OVERALL RATING: 48 (D) Yeah this wasn't great to be honest. It started off quite well but the second half of this album sucks. I enjoyed some of the rap rock tunes on here, the production was quite good and his rapping was decent. A lot of the more emo and pop based song weren't really doing it for me though, like at all. There's definitely some improvement from MGK on this album and I can see there being an audience for some of the music on here, but it's really not my thing at all.
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    RUSSELL WESTBROOK TRADE TO THE HOUSTON ROCKETS FOR CHRIS PAUL AND PICKS!!! Houston will get a Superstar in Russell Westbrook and getting away from Chris Paul's contract. In this trade the Thunder get a huge amount of picks from the rockets including 2024 first round pick, protected 1-4, 2026 first round pick, protected 1-4, 2025 swap, 1-20 protected, 2021 swap, protected 1-4 -- OKC can swap Clippers pick or Heat pick. Rumor is that Sam Presti owner of the OKC Thunder is looking to trade Chris Paul to a contender as that is his wish and they can get more assist out of it. If not they will have to keep him. OKC Thunder's goodbye to their most loyal player Russ and the player they started their franchise with
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    BREAKING NEWS The L.A. Clippers have acquired six-time NBA All-Star Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, forward Danilo Gallinari and the Clippers’ first round draft picks in 2022,2024 along with two first-round choices via Miami (2021 and 2023), and OKC obtained the right to swap first-round picks in 2023 and 2025, George requested a trade earlier this morning after losing in the first round to an 8th seed and having another MVP type year Paul thought it was about time to move on. Rumor is that Kawhi Leonard will also be signing with the Clippers as he is a Free Agent again signing a 1 year deal with the Raptors in last years Free Agency. He has also made it known to the Raptors that he will not be accepting his player option. Leonard give the Raptors a NBA Championship and led them to the Eastern Conference Finals this season it will be interesting to see what he does
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    So I want to get to the offseason so instead of posting match by match I just simulated the whole Playoffs and this is how it went LeBron James wins one for the LA Lakers beating the Brooklyn Nets ( with out Durant ) Irving balled out in the playoff it just wasn't enough to beat the powerhouse of AD and LeBron. The Lakers had somewhat of a tough path to the finals having to play in 2 game 7s but I think the biggest suprise of the playoffs was Memphis beating OKC in 5??? Could tihs mean that the OKC Russ era is over?? In other news league sources are telling ESPN that G/F Brandon Ingram had a dispute with head coach Alvin Gentry. Appreantly things have gotten so bad that Ingram has asked for a trade. Ingram did not get as many mintues as he would've liked and tried to come off the bench this year but apparently he did not like it as the season was progressing and Head Coach Alvin Gentry told him to "deal with it" Ingram has stated 2/3 teams that he wants to be on them being the Golden State Warriors to team back up with his former teammate D'Angelo Russell. That has been the only team disclosed at the moment. League Soruces have not been told if the Warriors are looking at this deal and seriously thinking about trading for Ingram or they are keeping info very closed about their next moves.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Judgement Day | 30th June, 2019 | Royal Farms Arena | Baltimore, MD BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs Hans Clayton Kicking off arguably one of the most significant shows on the BPZ calender, the BPZ North-American Champion, Arius, defends his title against the qualifying number one contender, Hans Clayton. These two men began competing in BPZ at similar times and both have become prominent figures in the current generation of rookies but it is truly Arius that has been the top, stand-out performer. Tonight, Hans looks to change that and prove who the best of the two men really is. The match begins very slow as the two feel each other out in their very first one on one match-up. As the pace quickens, the superior athleticism of Hans Clayton becomes visible as he is clearly quicker and more agile than Arius. However, as the match goes on, Arius' impeccable technical skill set comes into play as he is able to slow down Hans and tire him out through painful holds and smart wrestling. In the end, neither man backs down and the pair push each other to the limits, showing that BPZ has a bright future ahead. As for now, Arius is able to prove why he has been named by many as the leader of the new class of BPZ superstars, picking up the victory over Hans and retaining his BPZ North-American Championship. Bob Sparks vs KENJI Since joining BPZ, Bob Sparks has dominated and destroyed his opponents through his brute strength and intimidating build. On the other hand, KENJI has found success through pure wrestling ability whilst carrying a proud sense of honor into every match-up. Now, the two men go head to head and there's no doubt that the winner of this battle will be in-line for a BPZ North-American Championship shot. The match gets underway and straight away, Bob is on the attack. He gains an early advantage and continues using his clear size advantage to overwhelm KENJI in what shapes up to be a David versus Goliath type of match. Every time KENJI fights back and looks as though he is overcoming the giant, Bob smacks him back down to the ground but eventually, after working his way back into the match over and over, KENJI is able to keep Bob down for the three-count and get the victory. BPZ Tag Team #1 Contender Match The Godsent vs SSW Club In the third match of the night, we get the first set of tag team action as the newly debuted duo of Maddrix Delgado and Odyssey Sellers, known as The Godsent, go toe to toe with Bulldozer and Epic McDonald of the infamous SSW Club, who would have Maasa in their corner. Both of these teams approach the matchup in a similar fashion, trying to keep the action closer to their corner in order to keep an advantage. They both also show no fear to get vicious and gritty, throwing stomps and punches between tags and whilst the referee isn't looking. The match looks as though it is heading in SSW Club's favor as Maasa gets involved, giving his teammates the upper hand but the undeniable, ever-so fluent, team chemistry of The Godsent allows them to turn the situation around and come out victorious, earning a shot at the BPZ Tag Team Champions who are defending their titles later tonight. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs Monda In the second title match of the night, the eminent BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, defends his title against the returning legend and American hero, who won a fatal four-way to earn this shot, Monda. To begin with, they step up to each other as the two men of incredibly brawny physiques stare each other down. They begin trading blows as the action gets underway. Julius, who has been asking for a challenge, is seemingly surprised by Monda who is able to overpower Julius at points in the matchup, something we don't see very often. The two continue to go at it in what turns out to be an awesome clash of titans. Nevertheless, despite the success of his recent return, Monda is unable to capitalize on his momentum as Julius conquers the Hall Of Famer and earns the victory after a hard-fought slugfest. Bart Hoogveld vs Xavier King It would be Xavier King that would challenge Bart Hoogveld to a match at Judgement Day without really giving any reasoning but perhaps, with Bart being dubbed as the future figurehead of the company, Xavier King wants to prove that nothing in his career has been a fluke and that he deserves to be considered as a top talent within the rankings of BPZ and it there's no doubt that he has shown the potential to be but he just hasn't quite put all the pieces together. On the other hand, Bart is progressively and impressively rising through the ranks, proving himself as a highly skilled superstar. In this match, the two men go back and forth but it seems apparent that Bart is the superior talent. He receives louder reactions from the crowd and outperforms King on various occasions. Nevertheless, Xavier keeps battling and shows those signs of a top-level superstar but whenever he does, he gets ahead of himself, boasting to the people watching instead of focusing on the man he is facing. In the end, it's this exact fault that costs King the match as whilst he takes time to boast, Bart recovers enough so that he can reverse the No Regret maneuver into a Cardiac Arrest, forcing King to tap out. BPZ Tag Team Championships Two Out Of Three Falls Match The Big Ballers (c) vs Royal Flush In tonight's premiere tag team action, The Big Ballers defend their BPZ Tag Team Championships against Royal Flush after the two teams previous two bouts both resulted in a draw. In order to help ensure that a decisive winner is crowned tonight, the two teams will face off in a two out of three falls match where the first team to gain two pinfalls over their opposition will be victorious. This match starts off reasonably slow as both teams avoid giving up an early pinfall. As the competitors begin to become more comfortable with the stipulation at hand and settle into the matchup, the pace quickens and the intensity thickens. With The Big Ballers knowing this is their opportunity to prove themselves as the greatest tag team in the company's history and Royal Flush knowing this is their opportunity to prove themselves as a top-flight tag team, neither team shows a single sign of backing down and truly go to war. By gaining the first pinfall, Sameer puts his team on track to glory but against all odds, Royal Flush comes back from being down and get the next two pinfalls, making them the victors and new BPZ Tag Team Champions! After Royal Flush finishes celebrating their victory in what was an epic war between two great teams, Brenden and Sameer, The Big Ballers and former champions, are left at ringside, filled with disappointment and frustration. Inside the ring, Brenden invites Sameer to join him in taking a bow to which Sameer hesitantly accepts. As the two men stand in the middle of the ring together, the crowd give them a standing ovation but all of a sudden, those high spirits drop and everything goes silent as Sameer, after finding success alongside Brenden and building a five-year strong friendship, blasts Brenden with a devastating superkick out of nowhere that leaves the chairman of BPZ unconscious in the middle of the ring. Sameer demands that he is handed his Money In The Bank briefcase with which he poses over the body of his friend, claiming that he doesn't need that man because he is going to prove that he is the man. Echo Wilson vs Flynn Following his loss to Bart Hoogveld, Flynn would take his frustrations out on Bart's former partner, Echo Wilson, injuring him in the process. Despite Bart offering to take care of Flynn, Echo Wilson would refuse to stand by and let his former partner have all the glory. Thus, tonight, Echo Wilson and Flynn go one on one in a matchup that has become very personal, very quickly. Straight out of the gates, Echo Wilson is gunning for Flynn, attacking the former world champion with what seems to be no end. Whether it's been his training over his absence or the anger locked up inside of him being unleashed, Echo Wilson relentlessly goes at Flynn with everything he has but there's just one problem, Echo Wilson's shoulder is still hurt from Flynn's attack last week. This ultimately decides the fate of the match as the heavily experienced Flynn is able to target that injury over and over again until he is finally able to lock in a deep submission hold, wrenching at Echo's shoulder, forcing him to either tap out or suffer an injury that could put him out for months. With tears in his eyes and shame written all over his face, Echo unwillingly taps out and gives Flynn the victory. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Bashka In the main event of Judgement Day, a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match that dates back to the year of 2015 that saw the true uprise of BPZ Wrestling takes place as the career-long feud between two of the greatest BPZ superstars in history, The Bailey and Bashka, is reignited. The match itself is compelling as before the two can even lay a finger on each other, it's clear that the fans are excited to see these two legends clash once again. The match is fairly even for the most part but there's a sense of something that seems to be allowing The Bailey to get the upper hand. As we get deep into the matchup, it becomes evident that Bashka's long-term absence from in-ring competition has resulted in his performance deteriorating whilst The Bailey has continued wrestling on a regular basis, only progressing as a superstar. After realizing this, Bashka hits a wall and seems to be falling behind, giving Bailey the advantage until the fire of this blood feud drives Bashka to have the champion inches away from a pinfall but The Bailey narrowly escapes and finishes off his opponent with the Game Changer! After an intriguing matchup, The Bailey stands tall and still the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Prediction Results
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    Steph Curry was asked on his thoughts of Game 3 against the LeBron James led Lakers. It was rough out there tonight man. To play in a overtime match never the less a playoff game that goes to overtime and we lose is pretty disappointing. After I hit that 3 to send it into overtime I really thought we could win it after being down at the start of the 4th. It's just really a tough lost that's why I looked so disappointing when we lost. But we have to learn from our mistakes and get better and that's what I know we are going to do with the coach and coaching staff. We had 4 turnovers in the overtime quarter that cannot be happening if we want to win. We have to be more careful of keeping the ball. You know everyone says LeBron defense isn't good anymore but I have to give him credit because he was tough man to get pass and go into the paint in the playoffs he really does turn it on. We'll respond back in Game 4, I am that confident in my teams skill and determination to win this series especially since we are viewed as the underdogs
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    AEW: ALL OUT (Thanks @Hans once again for the Amazing Graphics!) ........................................................................................................................................................ "Buy in" Pre-Show ........................................................................................................................................................ The start of a weekly AEW TV Show is just around the corner which means the Tag-Team Championship Tournament is fast approaching leaving both So Cal Uncensored and The Dark Order with a huge opportunity to become the top seeded team once the tournament begins. The Dark Order was an unknown commodity coming in to the match but their ability to cause destruction was on full display as Stu Grayson and Evil Uno took apart SCU eventually picking up the victory and shocking the crowd. The Dark Order have secured the number one seed in the tournament and look like a major threat to become inaugural AEW Tag-Team Champions ........................................................................................................................................................ Main Show ........................................................................................................................................................ The Young Bucks had run through all the opponents they have faced thus far in AEW and put out a challenge on Being the elite to any team to show up in Chicago and challenge them to a match. Not only did the Bucks get a match they got a brawl as the Briscoe Brothers made their AEW debut! The Bucks and The Briscoes have had wars all over the world in places like NJPW, ROH and PWG before now taking that war into AEW. The Briscoes put up a fight but it was the Young Bucks who remain undefeated in AEW and head into the Tag-Tournament with a lot of momentum The Future of Pro-Wrestling was on display next as two of the brightest stars in the business MJF and Jungle Boy battled it out with a chance to make a statement in the landscape of AEW. MJF proved to be just a little better than Jungle Boy picking up a victory, his second in the promotion and putting him in prime position to challenge for the top title very soon A battle between two behemoths, two of the most dominant Female Wrestler's in all of Pro-Wrestling History. Awesome Kong made her name in the US while Aja Kong is heralded as a Japanese Wrestling God in her home country. Both these women have laid out the path for the new generation of Women Wrestlers. In this hard hitting contest, Awesome Kong was able to even up her AEW record at 1-1 defeating Aja with the Awesome Bomb. Awesome Kong may prove to be a threat to whomever walks out the AEW Women's Champion Both Cody and Pentagon were accompanied to the ring by their respective brothers to get a front row seat for this showcase match. Throughout the match Fenix and Dustin would interject to keep their brothers alive in this energetic contest. However a miscommunication error between Cody and Dustin would lead to Pentagon being able to hit the Fear Factor and pick up the victory. After the match Cody and Dustin would be seen arguing before Cody would walk out on his brother joining his wife Brandi half-way up the ramp and walking to the back One of the most anticipated matches on the entire All Out card was the Death match between Joey Janela and Jimmy Havoc. Both these men have made their names as Death match specialists around the world and have now arrived to AEW to show off their craft. This match was not for the feint of heart as Havoc and Janela completely trashed the Sears Center with Havoc picking up the victory with the Acid Rain-Maker using a glove of tacks to execute the move The first of two championship matches featured a fatal-four way match with the winner being crowned the inaugural AEW Women's Champion. These four women had to fight in separate qualifying matches to get here with Allie defeating Brandi Rhodes, Nyla Rose defeating Riho and Yuka Sakazaki, Bea Priestley defeating Shazza McKenzie and Mercedes Martinez while Britt Baker survived Awesome Kong. These women tore the roof off of the Sears Center with Britt Baker executing the pinfall on Allie to become the first AEW Women's Champion. After the match as Baker was celebrating Scarlett Bordeaux made her debut standing atop the ramp and taunting the champ A match that was set up after the events of Fight for the Fallen where Jon Moxley attacked Kenny Omega is seen to be a dream match of sorts. Moxley brought the aggression from the outset which Omega matches almost immediately making this an amazing match between two of the worlds best. Moxley would reign supreme, picking up the victory with an elevated Dirty Deeds and moving him to 2-0 in AEW The Main Event of the night was contested for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Adam Page won the inaugural Casino Battle Royale while Chris Jericho beat Kenny Omega in a qualifying match to get here. This was a match between two generations, the old firm in Jericho and the rising prospects in Adam Page. This time however it was the experience and composure of Chris Jericho which allowed him to hit Page with a series of Codebreakers making him AEW's first ever World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho would end the show raising the title above his head. He is the man to beat in AEW
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    happy 5 years

    happy 5 years
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    AEW: Fight for the Fallen ........................................................................................................................................................ "Buy in" Pre-Show ........................................................................................................................................................ Angelico and Jack Evans vs The Dark Order Mercedes Martinez vs Shazza McKenzie vs Bea Priestley ........................................................................................................................................................ Main Show ........................................................................................................................................................ MJF vs Jimmy Havoc Brandi Rhodes vs Allie Christopher Daniels vs Achilles Ben Kenny Omega vs CIMA The Young Bucks vs Cody and Dustin Rhodes
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    AEW: Fyter Fest ......................................................................................................................................................... "The Buy in" Pre-Show ......................................................................................................................................................... In the first of four Women's qualifying matches to take place over Fyter Fest and Fight For the Fallen, the dominant Nyla Rose picked up the victory over Yuka Sakazaki and Riho cementing herself in the Championship match at All Out. Nyla Rose used the Guillotine Choke to submit Riho to pick up the win In this Hardcore contest, Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey, hitting a spear through a table in the corner to pick up the victory ......................................................................................................................................................... Main Show ......................................................................................................................................................... The Fyter Fest main card kicked off with a very important match between three of AEW's Elite tag-teams, The Best Friends, Private Party and SCU. The winner of this match will not only gather some momentum within a stacked Tag-Team Division but will also receive a first round bye in the Tag-Team Championship Tournament airing in October when AEW airs on TNT. The experienced team of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky continued their impressive form as Scorpio Sky delivered a 450 Splash to Chuckie T picking up the victory. As SCU were celebrating their win, once again the lights in the arena cut out and the Dark Order attacked laying out Sky and Kazarian After Britt Baker defeated Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose at Double Or Nothing, she was beaten down after the match by the debuting Awesome Kong. Brandi Rhodes revealed that Awesome Kong was the newest signee on the AEW Roster and immediately set up a match between the two. Not only do these two have a score to settle but qualification is on the line for the winner as revealed on Road to Fyter a couple of weeks ago. Britt Baker seemingly pulled off the upset, defeating Awesome Kong with a shining wizard and placing her alongside Nyla Rose in the All Out Fatal-Four-Way match Hangman Adam Page was the winner of the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing earning him a spot in the Main Event of All Out in a chance to become the inaugural AEW World Champion. In this Fatal-Four Way Contest, Adam Page picked up another win pinning Jungle Boy after hitting the Rite of Passage. After the match MJF once again was annoyed that Page picked up the victory and took his frustrations out on Jungle Boy. This led to Luchasaurus running out to help Jungle Boy attacking MJF and sending him scurrying to the back. As Luchasaurus helped Jungle Boy to his feet, Jimmy Havoc revealed a staple gun and stapled the heads of both Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus before exiting Throughout the build to this match, there was no question about how great of a Tag-Team Wrestler Christopher Daniels was, however the question that clouded the mind of Daniels was whether he still had it as a singles wrestler. More questions needed to be asked of Daniels as he failed to defeat his long-time friend CIMA who picked up the victory with the Mad Splash. After the match Christopher Daniel's was visibly upset with the outcome possibly pondering if he still has it as a singles wrestler One of the more intriguing matches of the Fyter Fest card was the contest between Darby Allin and Cody. Allin is a relative unknown for the majority of viewers and this was his chance to show the world how good he is and that he did, coming oh so close to defeating Cody however he would just fall short with Cody winning via the Cross-Rhodes After making his shocking debut for AEW at Double or Nothing, Jon Moxley made his in-ring debut against Bad Boy Joey Janela. This match was one of the more anticipated on the card as people were curious to see Moxley unleashed. Moxley wrestled with a more vicious style defeating Janela with an elevated Dirty Deeds. After the match Moxley wasn't finished and continued to beat down Janela before eventually busting him open and delivering another elevated Dirty Deeds onto a steel chair Our Main Event of Fyter Fest was headlined by the in-ring debut of the Bastard PAC. The Elite Trio featuring Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks worked like a well oiled machine whereas Pentagon Jr and Fenix had problems with PAC who constantly decided to go into business for himself. In the end it was Kenny Omega who would deliver the One-Winged Angel to Rey Fenix to win the match and close out AEW's second ever PPV. The next AEW Show will be Fight for the fallen on July 14th
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    AEW: Double or Nothing ......................................................................................................................................................... The "Buy in" Pre-Show ......................................................................................................................................................... Adam Page defeated 21 other men to win the inaugural Casino Battle Royale and advance to a number one contendership match for the AEW World Title at a later date. Page lastly threw out the Impressive Luchasaurus while MJF, Shawn Spears and Jungle Boy where the other participants in the final 5 Kip Sabian defeated Sammy Guevara in the first ever AEW Singles Match, hitting the Deathly Hollows for the win ......................................................................................................................................................... Main Show ......................................................................................................................................................... To kick off the Double or Nothing Main Show, the Veteran SoCal Uncensored featuring of Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian took on CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman The Strong Hearts. This was a showcase of Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, with the Strong Hearts using their hybrid style. SCU picked up the victory with Christopher Daniels hitting "The Best Moonsault ever" on T-Hawk for the win. After the match CIMA laid out a challenge for Christopher Daniels to face one of OWE's top prospects at Fight for the fallen, but before that CIMA himself would challenge Daniels to a match at Fyter Fest to which Daniels accepted In the first ever AEW Women's match, Dr Britt Baker defeated Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae with a Rainbaker on Kylie Rae to secure victory. After the match, Brandi Rhodes came out to congratulate Britt and announced that she would be getting a major opportunity at Fyter Fest to face one of the greatest Women's Wrestlers ever. Just as Brandi said those words, Awesome Kong attacked Britt from behind and hit the Awesome Bomb laying out the Doctor Two teams who were fighting to make a good first impression faced off next with each team bringing a different style to the match. Best Friends were more aggressive and powerful with their style while Angelico and Evans brought a taste of Lucha Libre and aerial prowess. It was the Best Friends picking up the victory at the end with Beretta hitting the Dude buster DDT on Evans for the win. After teasing it all match Chuckie T and Beretta went for a hug when the lights in the arena cut out. Once they turned back on they were attacked by two mystery figures alongside a monumental amount of Druids. They announced themselves as The Dark Order making a statement to the rest of the AEW Tag-Team Division As apart of AEW's quest to show the fans great pro-wrestling from around the world, up next was a showcase match highlighting the Joshi Girls from Japan. The team of Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki and Emi Sakura took on Hikaru Shida, Riho and Ryu Mizunami. At the end it was the dominant force that is Aja Kong who defeated Ryo Mizunami and announcing herself as a major player in the AEW Women's Division One of the 3 featured matches of the night showcased Brother vs Brother, Era vs Era, Cody vs Dustin. They were told that this match wasn't big enough for the grand stage, that they weren't big enough stars to make this happen. Well here they are at Double Or Nothing going face to face. After a extremely emotional affair, Cody would put his brother away with the Cross Rhodes to pick up the victory. As Dustin sat in the corner, his face crimson red Cody began to speak on the microphone. He spoke about how at Fight for the Fallen he has a match against The Young Bucks and he asked his brother if he would be his partner. Dustin accepted with a hug as it brought the MGM Grand to tears Following the announcement of a partnership between AEW and AAA, the two best tag-teams on Earth go into war to fight for the AAA Tag-Team Championships. The Lucha Brothers defeated the Young Bucks after Pentagon hit the Fear Factor on Matt Jackson and recapturing the AAA Tag-Team Championships In the Main Event of the evening and the chance to contend for the AEW World Championship on the line bitter Rivals Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho went to battle. Chris Jericho promised that he would defeat Kenny Omega and that he did hitting a series of Codebreakers before locking in the Walls of Jericho and making Kenny Omega pass out in agony embarrassing him on AEW's first show As Jericho celebrated in the ring, he got on the mic and demanded a Thank You from all the fans in attendance. He spoke about how he is the reason AEW is a worldwide hit success and why they are the number one promotion, when some commotion hit the crowd. Making his way out of the crowd was none other than Jon Moxley who stormed the ring and attacked everyone in sight. Jon Moxley is now All Elite
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    SEASON 5 It's back! The BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest returns with a number of fresh faces participating for their first time and veterans returning for another round! This season, teams will be drafted and put to the test against one another as we look to find out who are the best trophy hunters on the forums! This season will be similar in terms of scoring as Season 4 with a focus on "quality" over quantity with our players having a chance to earn more points from harder games to combat the use of "easy platinum" games. We're set for another exciting season of action, so let's run through what you need to know about the contest. THE RULES The contest begins on June 29th. Three players per team. Players will be drafted to teams based on their trophy ranking and ability. Each team will compete in five head to head matches, playing each team once. Each round will play for one week at a time. Each round will be begin on Saturday 10AM EST and end Saturday 9:59AM EST the following week. The top two teams will compete in the grand final, with the winning team being crowned the winners. To win a match up, teams must outscore their opponents score. All three players in the team will have their scores combined and the team with the highest accumulated score for that round will win the match up. ALL Playstation systems are accepted. (PS3, PS4, PS Vita). Teams who win their match will receive 3 leaderboard points for a victory, teams who lose their match but all three of their players scored at least 1 trophy will earn 1 point. Teams who lost and not all of their players scored any points will score 0. If a draw occurs, the team with the highest individual score will win that round. Players MUST sync their trophies before the Tournament begins and before the conclusion of each round. Trophies that aren't synced will NOT included into your score. Any illegal methods of scoring trophies will NOT be counted and you will be disqualified for the round and potentially the tournament. If you cannot compete for an entire round you are eligible to receive your "average" score or a base score if an average has not been made. You MUST notify BrendenPlayz if you cannot play for the round. If you don't notify BrendenPlayz you will score zero. Each player has been allocated a handicap. This handicap will be used to provide lower ranked players a boost to their scores to assist them in competing. This is also designed to help players who have insufficient games to play. Handicaps are calculated based off your total trophies, PSN level and your game count. You must score at least one trophy to receive your handicap. Trophy Rarity percentages are based on http://www.psnprofiles.com THE SCORING Bronze Trophies are 5PTS. Bonus points of 1 point for "Uncommon" trophies, 3 points for "Rare" trophies, 4 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 5 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus. Silver Trophies are 15PTS. Bonus points of 2 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 4 points for "Rare" trophies, 10 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 15 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus. Gold Trophies are 50 PTS. Bonus points of 10 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 15 points for "Rare" trophies, 20 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 25 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus. Platinum Trophies are 125 PTS. Bonus points of 25 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 30 points for "Rare" trophies, 40 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 50 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus. Trophy Rarity may change overtime. Trophy rarity points are taken at the time of scoring and will be checked before the close of the round. Trophy rarity bonus points will NOT be checked after the round is completed. If a rarity has changed after the round it will not affect your overall score. If all players on a team score atleast one trophy, they will earn 100 points for their team score. The player who scores the "platinum of the round" will score a bonus 250 points for their team score. The player who top scored for the round will score a bonus 250 points for their team score. THE TEAMS The Royals: Brenden3 (BrendenPlayz) UntouchableT0mal (Prince) GeorgeAK199 (GeorgeAK) Two and Half Men: Sameer306 (Sameer) Meko750 (Meko750) KaizinoYT (James Hunter) Team Three: StupidRef03 (Emperor Nate) Bboy_Aatu (Aaron North) JulesBraaa (Julius) Platinum Maxixmums: Racoonman457 (John Moyniham) JZTG777 (JTZG777) TheSavageBrad (Brad) BBB: Bailey14Justin (Bailey14) P1ckleCh1ps (BiC) TheBestBeast84 (TheBeastlyKing) Golden Victory: Toxik431 (Toxik431) MeckoLegend (MeckoLegend) Just_Caoimhin (Marker) TIPS & ADVICE Trophy Guides are your 'bible'. Use trophy guides to help assist you in completing a game. Visit PSNProfiles or PSTrophies for guides. Before you start a game, take a look at the trophy guides overview, analyse the trophies of a game so you have a quick understand of what trophies you need to look out for. Always check which difficult the game requires you to play before starting! If you're not enjoying a game or finding trophies too difficult to come by, change games! Platinums are important, but if you feel as though the platinum is too far beyond your reach don't be afraid to switch it up and move to the next one. If you don't have many games to play or are looking for some new games to play check out the Playstation Plus free monthly games, you will always get 2 potential new games to add to your list. Here are a list of FREE GAMES you can get with trophies: Fallout Shelter. Realm Royale, Paladins, AdVenture Capitalist, Life of Strange Episode 1, Minecraft Story Episode 1, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, Game of Thrones Episode 1, King's Quest - Chapter 1, NBA 2k19: Prelude, Resident Evil Revelations Episode 1, Marvel Heroes Omega, Hitman PS4 Prologue and Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1. If you're looking for a list of easier games to platinum, that includes how long it will take, check out this list. Play with friends! If you're playing with friends and trophy hunting together you will enjoy the experience more and if they're on your trophy team, even better! Work together as a team. Help advise each other on what games you should be playing and help them earn a trophy if you can! Remember, the better your team mates score, the better chances YOU have of winning! THE PRIZES The prizes are been created as extra incentive for players to play and win the tournament, but also as a reward for your hard work. The format for the prizes has been created to encourage players to continue playing throughout every round of the tournament, regardless if your team is not performing well. The winning team will have all four of their players entered into a "Free For All", however they will also be joined by the top 4 players that are NOT from the winning team. This means there will be eight players who will battle it out in the final round to determine the final overall winner. The prizes for winning are: 1st Place: $20 PSN Card. 2nd Place: $10 PSN Card. The winning team will also receive a "forum award" for their profile and the bragging rights of being the best trophy hunters on BrendenPlayz!
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