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    We've returned from commercial break and the arena sits in silence waiting for the next segment to begin before a countdown begins on the titantron. 5,4,3,2,1. Silence then "Monster" By Kanye West hits and the arena comes to life knowing what this means "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati who's been out of action for almost 4 months has returned. Ropati walks out to the top of the stage before stopping to take it all in. After looking around the arena and seeing all the cheering fans Ropati just smiles as its clear he's missed the fans just as much as they missed him. Ropati would continue to walk down to the ring handing out high fives to the fans before he run into the ring and into the corner before climbing to the top turnbuckle and yelling "LETS GO" which resulted in more cheers from the crowd. 116 days, that's how long I was out injured I went from being at the top of the company to being stuck at home injured. There were two people I thought I could trust going into and out of that events and those two men were also the two who backstabbed me and tried to end my career indefinitely. Ropati pauses for a second making it clear that he's still not over the betrayal They failed however because here I am stronger than ever and ready to battle with anyone at anytime. Now for the question I'm sure you're all asking yourself. What's next for Ropati? Will I go after Julius?, Flynn? A Title like the IC belt? And my answer to those questions is well I don't know. I don't know whats next for me I'm just trying to take it one step at a time. However one thing I do know is well I AM BACK And with those 3 words the crowd lose is and begin to chant Ro-Pa-Ti over and over again much to the joy of Ropati who hs just confirmed his return to the BPZ ring. (Hey btw don't respond to this please guys cheers)
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    Sound of Silence

    Bashka eagarly awaits for BrendenPlayz' arrival and after what seemed like an eternity, BrendenPlayz' music finally played and the CEO slowly walked out to the stage. Clearly injured, Playz was hobbling step by step as he decided to stop close to the ramp and he grabbed a microphone to begin speaking. "Well... Here I am Bashka. I mean seriously? Where did you think I would be? I was in the hospital for three days last week! I've been at home trying to recover after you kicked my ass at King of the Ring. By no means am I deliberately avoiding you, I physically couldn't be here. I'm not even supposed to be here tonight, my doctor told me that I'm racing against the clock to be cleared for Emergence. But I had a feeling you would show up and say something, so I made it a point to be here tonight. I just don't understand. After everything we have been through, you would stoop this low to send a message to me? You would throw away years of friendship just to try and show everyone how tough you are? Why couldn't you just step into the ring, shake my hand and wait for Summerslam? You really had to attack me for no good reason? Not even that, you attacked me before I could even react. I had no idea what was happening and you took me down when I couldn't even fight back. Fair play to you, it was a smart move on your behalf but you have lost any respect I had left for you that's for sure. Look at me Bashka. I am a wounded man. I am severely hurt. I have a huge tag team championship match coming up against a team that I know little to nothing about. I've had no time to train or prepare. Sameer is conqueering in the world and all I've been doing is reading terrible magazines in a hospital bed. This is not what I wanted. This is not how I planned it. I wanted to have one big Summerslam match and ride off into the sunset. Instead, I'm in agonising pain every single moment of the day. You may have cost me my tag team championships, something I treasure more than anything. But worst of all, you have ruined years of friendship over your selfish need to prove to the world that you truly are a star. I'll just quickly say this, Emergence will be one of the toughest nights of my career. But I promise Sameer that I will do everything in my power to get ready for that match. I refuse to give up on these championships and I refuse to let those two muppets that are now the contenders take away these championships I worked so hard to achieve. Bashka for years you've struggled to remain at the top. With Bailey Justin kicking your ass every time he got close to you, your stock fell so far down you were forced to retire. You walked away from this business, not by choice. But because you were ran out of town. Now you're trying to weasel your way back at my expensive. I'll be damned if I let that happen now. You keep saying I'm taking the spotlight away from others. Well Bashka your spotlight burned out years ago. There is no spotlight to take. You are a distant memory. You're in the past. Your prime is over. You don't belong here anymore. Hell, if you had of just came to me and asked for my help I could've tried to book you against a formidable opponent to make you look a million bucks. Instead this is what you do? You can trash talk me all you want. But when you blindside me and attack me and make me look like a joke, then we have a problem. I may not get in this ring every night, but trust me I always have an ass kicking up my sleeve. I won't be 100% for Emergence. But you can bet that I'll be ready for Summerslam. I'll be ready to put you back in your place. I'll book your reservation for the retirement home, because after we're done, that's the only place that will ever accept you back." A pissed off BrendenPlayz demands that the crew go to commercial as he struggles to walk to the back. Bashka is unmoved in the ring and clearly not impressed. But referees and security surround the ring to make sure that he doesn't attempt to attack BrendenPlayz again.
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    New theme music plays, as the crowd is confused before suddenly, it's the man who officially will return at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental Championship, Slim. He wears a gold and white vest as he has two chains around his neck, and a gold rolex on his wrist. He walks down to the ring, as "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" by Pusha T plays. He stands in front of Ropati, with his own microphone, as he moves the hair from his face before beginning to talk. Allow me, to be the first superstar to welcome you back. Ropati, I've always liked you, I've always thought very highly of you, but right now, you're acting like a fool. Ropati looks offended, as Slim shrugs his shoulders before continuing to talk. You pander to these fans, like you owe them something, but, we, the superstars, owe them NOTHING. The past year of my career has been undisputedly the worst of my wrestling career, and why? I tried to tell myself it was me, blame myself for these shortcomings, and while it partially was, it was also these ignorant people, holding me back from the animal I once was. I spent so much time searching for this mysterious redemption, retribution, trying to gain the respect of these people, before realizing exactly what it was... Imaginary. These people will turn on you in an instance, make you feel like you aren't enough and that's evidenced by them cheering Julius after I redeemed my SummerSlam loss back at December to Dismember. You don't owe these people shit. You're a former Tag Team Champion, a former United States Champion, and well-liked by many of the people who hold power in this company... Especially me. Flynn and Julius aren't your enemies... These people are. They manipulate friendships, plot people against each other, and together, we need to create a balance of power between these people and superstars. Ropati, join me at my side, say screw these people, and make the best decision you ever could. You see this suit, this watch? These chains! I make sure the people around me are in good shape, and that includes you. Just make the decision, shake my hand. Slim puts his hand out, for Ropati to shake, and Ropati takes a minute to decide, as the crowd chants "NO", before Ropati shakes his hand no, to a huge pop from the crowd. Slim stands there, with a smirk on his face... LOWBLOW FROM SLIM TO ROPATI! Ropati sits on his knees, holding his groin as the fans boo, Slim smirking at them, before he picks Ropati up, placing him in between his thighs as he hooks both arms... We know what's coming... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR TO ROPATI! Slim stands over the fallen Ropati, as he ducks out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair, as he puts Ropati's face on it before picking back up the microphone, clearly not finished with whatever message he's sending. Men like Ropati are WEAK, and will only amount to being US Champion. If you wanna be successful, you gotta do somethings that aren't "morally" right, and I have made those tough decisions, because the hardest decisions require the strongest wills, and I've proved that my will is stronger than anyone in this god-damn company, especially Bashka! You know what, screw that. I wanna show Bashka's true colors, the self-centered son of a bitch that he is. Bashka, get your ass out here right now, take this beating, OR WATCH AS I BREAK THIS KID'S F*CKING NECK RIGHT NOW! CHOICE IS YOURS, CHAMP! Slim holds Ropati's face onto the chair, as he awaits Bashka's decision. (No one reply, reply is planned)
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    Danse Macabre

    Playing: Danse Macabre ______________________________________________________________________________ We're in the week lead up to Emergence as everyone on the BPZ roster relent their final words to the Carnage audience. Declaring their ambitions of victory any way they can. But the night brings both familiar faces and faces of old as the in-ring footage plays live. We've been witness to comments from contenders in the upcoming To The Top contest but now Ark Universe stands making his open challenge to the multiple champions that have risen through the ranks in his absence. Leaving with his hands in the air the scene fades over as the camera pulls back from a monitor backstage the footage was playing on to reveal a well lit room. At first glance we see Rin Akane who had been watching the television monitor up high in front of her. Simultaneously an alarm began ringing on her phone. Without a second thought she takes a quick glance at what was a reminder to let her know that the next agenda set on their Pay-Per View week schedule was soon approaching. Looking away she puts to silent, focused on the agenda at hand as she leans her hands on top of the headrest. A suited Arius has his legs crossed as he leans back upon the black cushioned chair with the BPZ North American Championship rested across his lap, watching curiously at the sudden change of events. It's been a long night of contemplation as he takes in the changing scenery in his division. A foreign creak can be heard echoing as the walls behind him begin to slit and chatter. Arius and Rin are both unnerved as the scene falls into a sudden darkness. The final words from the broadcast echoing. "I am Ark Universe, Ally to Justice" A slight breeze is heard whistling as it hits against a flickering overhead light, it illuminates the outlines of both Arius and Rin before coming full circle. Arius seated in his chair as Rin stands to his side. The audience lean in curiously from their seats, the silence finally broken as Rin speaks Rin: There is something to be said about preparation and meditation. To get your head in the correct mindset. To close your eyes.....Rin walks behind the chair as she continues to speak, moving her hand over the shoulder of Arius as she places it over his eyes ...and clear your mind of all distractions, to focus on that one sole thing you aspire to achieve. To breathe deeply Rin demonstrates - breathe in, and then out. Yes, just like that. To continue that focus, pace...and now Ark Universe, remember all the sacrifices and struggles you made to get back into the business you once quit on. To think on the ego it takes to feel yourself the most worthy of a championship opportunity after failing to live up to the former standard. Many before you have found their supposed path to glory but this is not a game you can manipulate. The naive step forward unknowing that the crown weighs heavy and slips from the head unworthy. Arius moves her hands from his eyes as the light flickers, reappearing and illuminating the faces of both of them as the camera zooms in on his intense stare. Arius: But he who suffers the thorns gladly, and marks not the slings and arrows of fate, he will carry his head proudly, and his trumpet will sound even as all other bastions fall. Simultaneously a spotlight appears behind them lighting up the stage, the violins picking up their pace as the music takes over the scene intertwining with the words spoken by Arius At Emergence, all who wish to have their time in the limelight, let your senses be exposed for the trumpets will sing. Victory but within my grasp...patience however a foreign concept to those who will be waiting eagerly behind the lines, briefcase in hand, is the simple advice i can share. For this is a time of great peril for those wishing to cross my path. Rin Akane raises her hand to the air behind Arius as she snaps her fingers, introducing several new lights turning on behind them as it faintly lights up the stage. Silhouettes stand in a circle under the light surrounding a single ladder standing centre stage. Their attention turns to the to ceiling above Not yet taking notice to the actions behind him Arius leans forward as he continues his address ..It is not foreign to me, that my challengers will often wax poetic about their long perilous journey and deliver easy applause lines of their virtues and sacrifices which lead to my stage. "I was overwhelmed. I was desperate for approval" Arius leans back in his chair as he rest his finger tips against his chin, pondering Then again, what is a challenger without the lust for heroism? Redemption? Maybe this is the gift i'll supply to the foe who looks to strip away my championship. The question therefore put forward...In the clarity, what will rise? What will be built from the rubble. Arius turns his head to the left as he takes a glimpse at the chaos behind him, the silhouettes fight and squabble under the light as they try their hardest to fight towards the ladder standing amongst them. Arius turns backs to the camera with a smirk across his face...Intrigue is the dance of the court my friends - Danse Macabre - The Dance of Death. Death of an industry prospect, death of an opportunity. Regardless the revellers gather, willing to sacrifice anything for the taste of ecstasy. But one false step..and a man loses his head. As the final words of that line are spoken the prevailing silhouette, fingertips reaching for the bright light hanging above the ladder slips from their footing falling back and evaporates into the air. The scene cast into nothingness as the masked form of a Ghoul takes its place. Devouring the light. The stage returning to a single spotlight over Arius Neglect to watch your back at your peril. Turn your head and lose sight of what is affront. How is the would-be king to proceed? Instead stand back to the wall, safe but ever on the fringes - never to be... Holding the BPZ North American Championship in his hand Arius holds it to the sky as the light follows his presence downstage...the champion they have fought to become. Emergence. Our shared platform. A moment to find the will within themselves. What they find flickering amidst the darkness will determine their destiny. Take a hold of it. As I've taken a hold of mine. For destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Let us dance.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax Night 11 6 Tag Team Match Kenji, Brett Storm, and Jay Sellers vs Prince, Bubba, and Beastly First match of the night is a 6 man tag match between ASCENT and Villain’s Kingdom, pretty decent 6 man match, with lots of great teamwork from both teams. It would be Kenji getting the win for his team after pinning Prince. 9:24 6 Tag Team Match Raven, Hollow, and Gill vs Joshua Scott, Evolution, and Bulldozer Another 6 man tag as Necce’s Gathering takes on Joshua Scott, Evolution, and Bulldozer. The match doesn’t last very long as Josh’s team gets dominated, with Josh getting some offense in but Raven would pin Bulldozer for the 1,2,3. 3:23 Singles Match Brad vs Alex Costa Brad takes on Alex Costa in the first tournament match of the night, both using their offense to the best of their ability, the match was hard hitting with Brad getting the win at the end via pinfall. 10:23 Singles Match FDS vs Yelich Next match is between Yelich and FDS, both members of Necce’s Gathering, despite them having an alliance, these two go at it as they both want to win this badly. At the end it was FDS with the victory after hitting his finisher. The two shake hands after a hard fought battle. 14:25 Singles Match Bailey vs Kieron Black Next contest is battle between Bailey and Kieron Black, Kieron is looking to win his 2nd match here in Global Series Climax. The match was pretty solid, with tons of great counters and big moves. What may be the biggest upset in the entire tournament Kieron defeated Bailey however it was from a countout victory. Bailey could not make the 20 count after bleeding from his head. 15:45 Singles Match Maasa vs Bart Nextup, Bart takes on Maasa, wasn’t an easy match like Bart expected as Maasa would try his hardest to defeat Bart but it wasn't enough, Bart wins via pinfall. He is now 6 - 0 in this tournament. 8:01 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Slim Main event of the evening as Xaiver King takes on Slim, both have a shared history with King winning his first world title from Slim. Very fast paced, lots of great wrestling between these two. At the end it would be King getting the win here as Slim gets pinned after King hits his finisher. 27:24 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 12 Tag Team Match Buddy Ace & Yelich vs George & James Hunter Buddy Ace and Yelich takes on George and James Hunter to open things up, was pretty decent match with Buddy and Yelich getting the win after pinning James Hunter 7:23 6 Tag Team Match Sameer, Ropati and Bailey vs Slim, Natedog, and Ross Huge 6 man tag as Big Ballers took on ASCENT. Was an awesome 6 man tag match with everybody giving it their all. The match would end with Sameer pinning Ross for the victory. 12:10 Singles Match Mikey vs Arius First tournament match of the night as Mikey takes on Arius this win can be crucial for both men need this victory. Arius with his mind games and Mikey’s explosive offense makes for a great match. However it would be Arius with the win after making Mikey pass out with a submission. 16:21 Singles Match Bashka vs Marker Nextup, Bashka takes on Marker who has been on a losing streak as of late, can Marker get his first win in the tournament? Pretty solid match with Marker using his strong style offense but it would be Bashka with the win getting him 6 points in the tournament. 11:58 Singles Match Flynn vs Aaron North Flynn goes one on one with Aaron North, can Aaron North get a win over the veteran Flynn tonight? Another alright match, with North using his technical abilities to try and make Flynn tap but it would be the dreaded FKO would be North’s downfall with Flynn picking the win. 12:21 Singles Match Hans vs Evolution Before the main event, Hans takes on Evoultion in what was a short match with Hans picking up the easy victory. 4:45 Singles Match Necce vs Julius Main event of the evening as Julius goes up against Necee. This was an amazing match with both men using their in ring psychology to tell a fantastic and brutal story, Just when we thought Necce won the match, Bang! Julius hit the Claymore Kick and defeats Necce! The crowd goes insane as Necce has gained his first loss of the tournament. 24:23 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 12 Julius 11 Bailey 8 Flynn 11 Slim 8 Necce 10 Xaiver King 8 Hans 8 FDS 8 Arius 8 Yelich 6 Bashka 6 Brad 4 Mikey 4 Kieron Black 4 Aaron North 2 Alex Costa 2 Marker 0 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    Beauty and the beach

    [ Carnage continues to roll on a mere 3 days before Emergence as the titantron begins to play the entrance video of Mirage ] [ slowly though the video and music that accompanies it begins to fade out as no one comes out as the fans who were cheering then begin to go to silence as they are very confused as to why no one has walked out yet when suddenly a new video begins to play as the sound of the ocean’s waves can be heard and the video is of the beautiful Siesta Keys beach in Florida ] [ then suddenly the video is flipped around revealing the recorder of this now obviously live video and that it’s being recorded with a phone as Mirage’s face then appears on the video as he begins to speak ] Ah beautiful Florida, you know as I lay here at Siesta Keys watching the waves move so majestically and I rest my feet on the sand that truly does feel as if you’re walking on a cloud made of baby powder I just can’t help but get my mind off one thing no matter how much I relax, and that’s you Josh. [ Mirage then sits up showcasing what he’s currently wearing as he is dressed in lavish gold and silver swim trunks with a swimming shirt to match and we see his stunningly beautiful silver fur coat hanging on the back of his beach chair then the sunlight begins to shine brightly on his face making his sky blue eyes sparkle like the most perfect of diamonds as well as show off the emotions so purely those of which being a mix of sadness, anger, but mostly passion ] See now Josh you have been quite the busy bee haven’t you, first you betray me by getting another of your former protégés George to run me down with a car, then you foolishly pick a fight with FD a man that utterly despises you with every fiber of his being and who will also do everything he can to bring as much harm and suffering to you in your FD Rules match at Emergence, but then the cherry on top of you will you face me at Summerslam in a last man standing match. To be honest Josh I doubt you will make it past Emergence, but should you still be cleared to compete at Summerslam know this I won’t hold anything back even though I once saw you as a brother. [ Alice then walks into frame wearing a gold and silver robe as she brings Mirage a drink that at first glance appears to be whiskey however as Mirage takes off the lid the words apple juice can be plainly seen as Alice then takes a seat in a beach chair next to Mirage and puts on a pair of pink sunglasses that have been bejeweled with diamonds and other precious gemstones as Mirage then takes a sip of his drink and sets it down on a small table next to his seat ] Ah why thank you Alice that was very refreshing, now back to what I was saying you see Josh back when I ran with you in the stable of SSW Club I saw you as a brother as someone that I could trust because no matter how many times I lost my matches you were always there to comfort me and tell me that soon we would hold all the gold in BPZ but yet those were all just lies. For that is all you are good at is lying Joshua Scott, so I hope and pray that you are cleared to compete at Summerslam because I can promise you this Josh in our match should you compete I will make you feel of this pain you have caused me and unlike myself and this beach it will not be beautiful. [ then shortly before Mirage can end the live video a young boy runs up to him and Alice and holds out a picture of Mirage and ask for it to be autographed which Mirage happily does then proceeds to end the live video as the cameras resume on the crowd in the arena who are chanting “ Mirage is gorgeous “ as the cameras then fade to black ending this segment ]
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    We are live on the BPZ network, where just like earlier this week, we cut to a screen displaying a message. Shown is what comes across as “an important announcement” for all of BPZ. The screen fades to black before yet again we find ourselves face to face with the Undisputed Champion and a man who literally snapped on live TV just earlier this week. However unlike earlier this week, he appears to be in a much better mood. A clear smile across his face, he stands in front of the America flag with pride. He deeply exhales before speaking, a much softer and friendly tone as apposed to his mannerisms in his prior appearance. Hey there BPZ Universe! It’s Flynn again and unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve either heard of, or witnessed first hand my little rant from earlier this week. Now you see I’m here to clear the air. I’m well aware I offended and even hurt some of my fellow coworkers and even some of you in the BPZ Universe. Simply put I’m here to apologize. Because honestly..... I’m sorry none of you can accept THE GOD DAMN TRUTH! Flynn’s voice turns dark and angry, he removes a piece of paper he had been hiding below the camera before ripping it to shreds and tossing it to the floor. He proceeds to stomp on it before focusing back on the camera, the smile now replaced with anger and rage. A warning sent to me directly from the man himself. This company they wanted me to come on here and apologize. I was told I went too damn far, that I couldn’t of meant everything I said, they told me I WAS “DRUNK”. Well I’m plenty god damn sober now and I’m here to say I meant every damn word. And you know what, if I’m going to be paraded back out here, and made to look like a damn fool, then I might as well pick right back up where I left off. You see I only briefly talked about the resident “future” of BPZ, and that being Hans and Arius. FOR YEARS, I have heard about the future of this company. Whether it was Alyx or Bart or now Arius and Hans. What the hell have any of them done? I’ve been told my time is almost up for years. BUT WHO THE HELL IS TAKING ME DOWN? The god damn truth is, I am the past, I am the now AND I AM THE FUTURE OF BPZ. It’s time to accept it, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Another complaint I have were that people were surprised on how “respectful” I was to Julius. Julius is a god damn p*ssy. I am going to stomp a mud hole in that boy, and whoop his ass pillar to post. I’m going to whoop his ass in the front row, the second row, and all the way to the backstage area I’m going to whoop his ass all over the god damn arena. Julius doesn’t stand a chance, and just to express how much I respect him, I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. You see Julius is my former student, I made the man into the killer he is. I am everything he is, and more. I am his superior in this ring, and on this microphone. I am a star. I’m not just a star, I’m the face of this f*cking company. I run this place. I can do and say whatever the hell I want. The higher ups can’t do anything about it, without me this company goes down the damn toilet. I am the man who draws the crowds, I am a cash cow. That locker room isn’t going to step the hell up because every single one of them fears the ass kicking they will receive and I promise, I can kick the ass of every member of that locker room. I can’t be censored, I will not read off your damn scripts. Everything I say and do you can all bet comes from the bottom of my loving heart. Because wrestling is something I love but I hate each and everyone of you and that’s what motivates me every time I step in that ring. I’m going to leave you all with a promise.... no, a guarantee. The next time you see me live on BPZ, it’ll be stomping a mud hole in someone. Whether it is Julius or the poor son of a bitch that just ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, someone’s taking an ass kicking and I don’t care who it is. You try this sh*t again Playz, I promise you, I have a whole lot more to get off my chest. Flynn marches off the set, back to back messages now sent to the entire locker room.
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    BPZ is live on the final Carnage before Emergence, where one of the most anticipated matches comes to ahead as Brad takes on Kenji in a Barbed Wire Massacre match up. No man is guaranteed to even walk out of this match, and both men know this. This is why Angelo Caito had this meeting between the United Nations set up. The camera cuts to a restaurant in the town where Carnage is taking place, and it shows Joh and Monda are enjoying their meals, while Angelo is just staring at his plate, sliding his fork around the glass plate. Monda grabs his beer and takes a second to take a sip from it, noticing Angelo and his behavior. Monda: "Angelo dog you alright?" "Yeah…. I guess…. Actually no, I'm not." Joh: "Speak your mind lad, what's wrong with you?" "It's… it's just that I feel like I let United Nations down at King Of The Ring. I am the reason we lost, not you Joh or you Monda, me. Blade locked me in that hold, and I couldn't escape it. I don't blame you Monda for throwing in the towel, but I got myself in that situation, I cost us a chance to become the tag team champions. That seems like what I've been good for. Destroying chances for myself then making golden ones, and it affected you both. I just ..." Angelo stops talking, and looks down at the plate, a silence in the air as Monda and Joh look at each other before back over at Caito. Angelo sighs and shakes his head. "At Emergence, I'm facing Kenji in Barbed Wire Massacre. This match is guaranteed to put me out for a while, or maybe forever….. but maybe it's for the best. You two will most likely propell to higher heights with this group without me in it." Monda: "Hold on a second Angelo. Us three didn't make United Nations because we wanted wins or the money, that's not what it was about. It was about a message, that we are not only just friends, but we are brothers till the end, no matter what loss or anything happens. That we mean we are UNITED when we say we're United Nations." Joh: "Monda is right Angelo, we aren't here for wins, or Championships, those are our secondary goals. Our main goal is to show that no matter what, we stand together. We know of your match at Emergence, we know what it's capable of, we know that you're going to be gone for a while to heal, but there isn't a worry here. You're apart of United Nations, you are in this brotherhood till the end no matter what." Angelo chuckles and wipes his face, looking up and shows some tears running down his face as he looks at both Monda and Joh. "While I'm gone, I know you both will hold this group in place and bring us to great lengths. Joh, I know without a doubt that you can and will win the To The Top Ladder match at Emergence, I got complete faith in you. And Monda, whatever you have planned, I know you will excel at it. This is the United Nations, and we're not going anywhere. But, until then." Angelo stands up, pulling a small Italian flag out of his pocket and sets it down on the chair. Monda and Joh then stand up and all three men embrace in a hug before letting go and Angelo wipes his face again. "Dinner is on me, enjoy. I got to go prepare more. I'll see you guys later." Angelo lets out a sigh before turning around and proceeds to walk towards the exit. He stops and turns his head and sees Joh and Monda waving at him. He waves back before leaving the restaurant.
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    Answering The Questions

    The lights switch off and one of the reporters screams. The lights switch back on and The Fiend is stood staring face to face with George, George goes for a punch and hits it, The Fiend just stands there continuing to stare into the face of George. George punches him in the face before being hit with a devastating headbutt, sending George stumbling back into one of the reporters. The Fiend runs at him and spears him into the crowd of reporters and fans before standing up and chasing them all out of the room. George begins slowly getting up to his feet before The Fiend grabs him and throws him onto the table and follows him up there. He grabs a drink and pours it onto George before picking him up and hitting Sister Sophie through the table. The Fiend then picks up George again and drags him over to the doorway which reads "BPZ VIP Meetup With GeorgeAK" and opens it to see all of the fans and reporters, he screams "Are these your people champ! "ARE THESE YOUR PEOPLE!?!?!?" before throwing him into the crowd. The Fiend walks back over to the table and picks up George's Premium championship before walking back over to George, who is being helped up by the fans. They get George back up to his feet before The Fiend sprints over and hits him in the face with the title, sending him back down. The Fiend just stands there chuckling as the lights go out and a few seconds later they come back on with the door now reading "Fiend" in red messy lettering and the Premium Championship nowhere to be seen.
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    WWE:Current Day

    Orton's Proclamation Two days removed from Summerslam, Orton enters the arena, gold in hand a smirk upon his face. He goes on to tell the WWE Universe and everyone in the back that Kofi Kingston is dead and he wants a new challenger. So by the end of the night he wants an answer, he wants a challenger for the WWE Championship at Vengeance! Ali vs Cesaro Fantastic match here, both men really showed that they are super underated. Cesaro seemed to have the advantage for the most part, using his strength factor for his advantage. But Ali would fend him off with his high flying aerial maneuvers. Towards the end of the match, Cesaro would go for an uppercut but Ali would counter with a slap, than Cesaro would finish it off with a neutralizer for the 3 count. A Dethrone Monachry As NXT and NXT UK have disbanded, we begin to see those familiar faces realign in bigger brands, such as Raw and Smackdown. We would like to welcome the newest signee to Smackdown, "The Brusierweight" Pete Dunne! Pete Dunne vs WALTER A shocking duo of debuts here tonight. Insane matchup, the chemistry was great, but that seems expected when they have faced each other before. Walter would use his viscous chops to his advantage. Pete Dunne becoming vulnerable, Walter would try to pick him up but Dunne would hit with a viscous forearm, and continue for a Bitter end for the win. Every War leads to another Battle After the war with Natayla, that gave Becky Lynch a black eye, Lynch lays out a challenge. She lays out an old challenge to an old foe, Becky wants Flair! She begins to say, once a friend now a bitter enemy for almost a year now. She cant fight the urge to beat Flair's skull open any longer. Woah thats not Flair, this is Sasha Banks! We havent seen this woman, since Wrestlemania! Sasha enters the ring, getting in the face of Becky Lynch. The challenge being laid out for Vengeance! Will the Challenge be Answered? Orton enters the ring tonight as promised, awaiting a challenger that is for Vengeance. Who will it be? And who will the next victim be? The Titantron turns on, with a suprise lurking in the viper's venom. It is Aleister Black who has answered the challenge. We have our match at Vengeance!
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    The Juggernaut Corey

    The Beginning...

    * 'The Undisputed' Corey makes his way to the ring for the first time to cut a promo* Wow, I thought this crowd was big when I was walking down to the ring but from in the ring, you guys look like nothing. I am here to shock the system and to be the face of NXT, so a quick message for the champion, I am coming for you. NXT now has an Undisputed one in town! *Everyone boo's as The Undisputed Corey exits the ring and leaves the stage.*
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    Eric Shun

    Answering The Questions

    Carnage has concluded and George AK is backstage in the conference room. In the middle of the room is a long oak wood table. With soft looking chairs surrounding it. On the table are trays of food like sandwiches and cakes, as well as drinks. On the door is a sign saying “BPZ VIP Meetup With George AK”. Outside a plethora of fans all desperate to see George. However, before the doors open allowing all the fans inside, a bunch of reporters push their way to the front and get inside the conference room. Reporter One: George, last week you suffered a brutal attacks from the hands of the new look Fiend. Can you shine any light on the situation for us? George AK - “What do you want me to say. It was an accident? He didn’t mean it. Look, I know what he is after and I know how he thinks he is going to achieve it. He is after my Premium Championship and it is easy to see just by looking at him how desperately he wants and craves it. Like an addict, he needs it in his life or he is gonna implode or something. The entire time though he is going to say oh no, it’s not about the belt. It is about vengeance or whatever he wants to say as an excuse to cover himself up, but really just don’t buy that crap. Anyway, he is willing to do whatever it takes for him to get an advantage and to get into my head. Because that is how this match is won and lost, I have seen it happen. You have someone like Kieron who got the wrong date for Halloween and has dressed up in his nice little demon looking costume too early coming for you and trying to play mind games. And you have the Champion, determined not to let the mind games work. Now 99.9% of the time the mind games work and the Champion has all but lost the match before it has even begun. But no me, I am a walking anomaly. That is something that I have shown time and time again. If this is the route he wants to take, then so be it. And if he wants to test me he can, he can try and push me to whatever boundaries he wants to. Because I am resilient and I promise that whatever he tries will not work. And I will walk into Summerslam confident, and I will leave on that same night as the BPZ Premium Champion. Next question.” Reporter Two: Last time we saw Kieron, he was so different personality wise. It is almost like your looking at a new person when you look at him now. What do you think of the change? George AK - “All he did was whack a bit of facepaint on and start walking like a hunchback. It doesn’t impress me, doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t do anything. It pretty much is the exact same thing as what Arius does. Remember when I said how the face paint was a facade, hiding his true identity. Then Arius was so annoyed by what I had said that he left his guard down and I took advantage to win. It is the same situation with Kieron again. Underneath the disguise, the reason he wears that disgusting thing is because he is hurting. Thus far in BPZ he has been a failure, and he thinks that by changing himself into a spooky monster his fate will flip on its head and he will win it all. He is in pain under that mask. Not just because of the beatings he has suffered over the years, but because of the chances he has missed. And him missing those chances have been his own fault. He didn’t want to put in the work required to get somewhere, he tried to leash off of other people to succeed. And look where that got him. I mean, prime example is Deadmans Hand. He left Blade alone because he knew that he would cause the ship to capsize, and if he jumped off early then he would look like the smartest guy in the world. Instead look what happened, he jumped ship and now we are plain sailing. And I think that he is annoyed at me for that. I took his place in the successful team he wanted to be a part of so badly. And now he is trying to let the anger out from that onto me? It is ridiculous. But, what are you gonna do?” George would suddenly be cut off by a weird noise, leaving everyone startled.
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    September 2nd 2019 | Road to Bad Blood BRENDEN EXPLAINS HIS ACTIONS A week after attacking what was believed to be his best friend, Brenden began this episode Carnage to explain his actions. There was a mixed reaction from the crowd; half excited to see the former chairman appear and the other half despising him for his actions last week. Brenden: “Last week I did something that not many people would have the balls to do and that is grab the bull by the horns and I attacked Sameer. Sameer, a guy I have plenty of history with, we were tag team champions together, I mentored this guy and made him the star he is today so what I did last week was nothing personal, it was just a reality check for Sameer. He won that belt while 5 other guys were fatigued from a gruelling match, he successfully defeated Bailey but that’s not that impressive, and he only defeated Julius thanks to Bart. So me sending him into the mat was not a personal attack, but me showing that he needs to cut back on the pride when he can barely win without help. ” Following this, Sameer’s music hit and he walked down to the ring, grabbing a microphone and when it looks like he’s going to speak to Brenden, he hits him with a SUPERKICK! Sameer then stands over the body of Brenden with a smile on his face, clearly unhappy with what Brenden just said. MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFIER: ARIUS VS MIKEY For the third spot in Bad Blood’s Money in the Bank match, we saw United States Champion Arius take on Mikey in a pretty good match for the time it was given. It was well balanced but it seemed that everybody knew that with Arius’ eyes completely set on the briefcase, he wasn’t going to lose here and he picked up the victory in this match. Could be become a double champion sooner rather than later by holding both World and US titles? NATE’S OPEN CHALLENGE Newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Nate came to the ring with Slim & Necce by his side to deliver this promo Nate: “FINALLY, that scum known as Bailey has gone back to the hole he came from and hopefully he stays there because we don’t really need him anymore. The New Order, mere days after formation already stand before you all with a title over our shoulder and now there’s simply no denying that we are already becoming one of the greatest factions of all time. I digress, with Bailey gone and a championship in my grasp, I need to find a new challenger for who can try to step up to me before I send them right back to their level. So let’s get this over with and whoever feels like they can step up to me, take your best shot. The stage is yours.” After this message, the theme song of the United Nations would hit and all three members would walk out. They would approach the ring and once they got in it, Angelo Caito would stand at the forefront. Angelo: “So, I heard Open Challenge and that championship you hold has my name practically written into it. I am a three time holder of that belt and so if anybody deserves the right to rip it out of your hands, it’s me. Also, for those titles that your boys, Slim & Necce hold, I have two friends that would love to take those as well.” Nate: “Hold on a minute bud, I’m giving you a free opportunity to challenge for my belt and you think you can start demanding things from me? No, that’s not how it works. If Joh and Monda want an opportunity at The New Order, you can head to the back of the line because I don’t like your greediness.” Angelo: “Give them any team in the back for an opportunity at those titles and I can assure you that they’ll walk out victorious.” Nate: “Alright, next week Joh & Monda will take on the First Class Express, with the winners taking on Slim & Necce for the tag team championships at Bad Blood. As for you, Mr. Caito, I’ll see you at Bad Blood.” Nate puts down his microphone and begins to leave the ring, before all of The New Order turn around and a brawl gets underway! The United Nations throw all members of TNO out and stand tall to end the segment. GEORGE AK VS KIERON BLACK Last week George took on Kieron’s partner, Marker in a match that ended in disqualification after Kieron interfered in this match. This week, George takes on Kieron in a match that ended the same way as Marker ran in with a kendo stick and starts beating away at George. Kieron and Marker continue the beatdown on George before BLADE RUNS DOWN TO THE RING FOR THE SAVE! Blade is back to save George from his former team mate. Blade gets rid of Kieron and Marker and then helps George get back to his feet. TAMER VS BOB SPARKS In his first televised match on BPZ television in two years, Tamer would take on former NXT Champion Bob Sparks in a match where we saw the older generation vs the newer generation. Tamer hasn’t lost a step after time away on the independent scene and was able to win this match with a CultureShock. Notably, Premium Champion FDS was on commentary for this match and when Tamer won, he stood on the announce table and began to clap. ROPATI VS PRINCE Two out of three of the already qualified Money in the Bank contestants competed in this match which was Ropati’s second since returning. Ropati was impressive given his time away and was able to put Prince away with a Kiwi Kick. After the match a video played of Arius watching the match, looking impressed with Ropati. ROYAL FLUSH RETURNS In their first appearance since SummerSlam, Royal Flush came to the ring to tell everybody what their intentions were looking forwards. They explained that they are both interested in joining the Money in the Bank ladder match at Bad Blood and then dethroning whoever the tag team champions are at Halloween Havoc. SMITH VS YELICH After being screwed out of a money in the bank spot last week by Flynn & Yelich, Smith would take on the Hired Gun of the Undisputed Champion in Yelich. Flynn was at ringside for this match and when Smith won with an 8th Sin, Flynn immediately came into the ring and hit an FKO onto The Enigma. Afterwards, Flynn and Yelich began to best down Smith exactly like last week. NXT CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH: JAMES KNIGHT VS ALEX COSTA To determine who would face KENJI for the NXT Championship at Bad Blood, we saw James Knight who defeated KENJI last week, take on a former champion in Alex Costa. ‘The Demented Knight’ would secure the victory after Raven’s music would hit, distracting Alex Costa and allowing Knight to hit a backstabber for the win. SSW CLUB VS MAASA & MIRA SSW Club would take on the brother and sister combination of Maasa & Mira in a match between two very unspoken teams in BPZ. This match was okay with Josh and Bulldozer picking up the win in a match the crowd weren’t very excited for. BART VS JULIUS CONTRACT SIGNING A week after Bart vs Julius was announced for Bad Blood, we witnessed the contract signing tonight. Unfortunately, it ended the same way all contract signings do after Julius muttered that he ‘was going to kill Bart’ into his microphone which ignited a brawl and Bart standing tall as Julius went back to the backstage area as the show came to a close. CURRENT MATCH CARD: BART VS JULIUS INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH: PRINCE VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS TBD NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT
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    Showtime: Title Defense [#SZN2]

    Lakers fall short to the Warriors, LeBron James injured: December 25th, 2018 The Christmas Day slate of games, with the Bucks defeating the Knicks without Giannis Antetokounmpo (86-85), the Thunder defeating the Rockets, and the Celtics losing to the 76ers in a playoff rematch from last year. The primetime game, the Lakers vs the Warriors, would be a shootout, but in the end, the Warriors, led by Curry (39pt, 11a), Klay (31pt), KD (33pt) would overcome the Lakers despite LeBron's excellent game (45pt, 11r, 10a). The Lakers would drop the game 145-139, as LeBron would get injured in the third quarter but would finish the game. The Lakers would make a late surge as Stephen Curry fouled out, but the trio of Durant, Klay, and Draymond would be enough to close out the game. But unfortunately for the Lakers, after the game, it would be confirmed LeBron James had severely strained his groin and would be out for the foreseeable future. The Lakers would get off to a strong start the next two games, winning both games before making a trade, realizing that Zubac is not a good enough backup big man. The Lakers would strike a deal with Detroit, sending Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Ivica Zubac, along with a second round pick for Nerlens Noel, adding Noel to a rotation of bigs that was very thin before... Next episode: vs OKC (31-4) (without LeBron, and along with Nerlens Noel's debut)
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    Name: Corey Age: 15 (turning 16 on 4th of October) Favorite Former WWE Superstar, Diva and Tag Team/Stable: Shawn Michaels, Kelly Kelly and DX! Favorite Current WWE Superstar, Diva and Tag Team/Stable: Adam Cole, Becky Lynch and The Undisputed Era! Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me! (Personal or Wrestling Related)
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    . CARNAGE 9TH SEPTEMBER 2019 PREVIEW After another notable episode of Carnage, it’s time for the second ever preview of the upcoming show, the September 9th edition where we continue our built up to a show that’s consistently awesome every year, Bad Blood! Let’s get straight into it Qualification Continues - After witnessing United States Champion Arius qualify for the ladder match, it’s time to decide some more members to this match with an incredible opportunity. We saw Royal Flush claim that they both wanted an opportunity into the Money in the Bank match so their wish will be granted, as Sheridan will take on Bulldozer and Jonathan will take on Joshua Scott, with the winners entering the match. Sameer Responds - On the post-SummerSlam episode of Carnage, Sameer was attacked by who we thought was his best friend at the time, Brenden Playz. We have heard Brenden’s response, but we are unsure what Sameer has to say and we’re going to hear it. Who Will Be The NOC - It was announced by Intercontinental Champion Nate that on this week’s episode of Carnage, First Class Express will take on United Nations members Joh & Monda to determine which of the two will face The New Order for the tag team championships at SummerSlam. The Enigma Faces A Disadvantage - After taking on Flynn’s protege, Yelich and winning last week before immediately getting attacked post-match, Smith said in an interview on BPZ.com that he was willing to take on Flynn & Yelich in a handicap match if that’s what it takes to get his hands on Flynn. Tamer Gets His Chance - Two week’s ago we saw Tamer make his return after nearly two years away, and last week he competed in his first match since then which he won. This week, Tamer will be given a microphone and deliver a message which will be one fans will surely be looking forward to. The Demented Knight’s Rampage Continues - Only two weeks after debuting, James Knight has solidified himself as a star in the making as he defeated Mikey to enter into Bad Blood’s NXT Championship match against KENJI. The BPZ Universe are surely keeping their eyes on Knight. That’s all for this week’s preview, let us know what you think of our points and your predictions for the upcoming show!
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Observer

    Hello! Welcome back to the BPZ Observer. And although it is earlier than usual, today we are going to be going through our predictions for the upcoming BPZ Payperview, Emergence! I am your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and strap in. Enjoy the ride. That didn't sound right. Eh who cares. Lets go! First up is a match-up that I think will be really interesting. As BiC faces Raven. After returning, BiC looks more focused than ever and 100% ready for this match. Personally, I feel like he should win this match as well. As at this point of his career, BiC needs wins so he is seen as a threat once more. Lets not forget that BiC is a former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Meanwhile for Raven, does he need this win? The guy is a 2x NXT Champion and has a bright future ahead of him. Already he has been singled out as one of the favourites for the NXT Championship match at Summerslam and I feel like he doesn't need the win here as much as BiC does. So I am saying this will be a close match with BiC barely able to come out on top. Up next is the return of Kierso as he faces Prince. After being eliminated from the King Of The Ring tournament in round one by Bob. I feel like Prince has to get a win here. He has just suffered a huge upset loss, and is in desperate need of some momentum for his new gimmick. He is facing Kierso, a guy who has recently returned to BPZ. And may have only been brought back for this match, to give Prince a win against a well known BPZ talent. So here, I have Prince coming out on top in what should be a good match. Then the triple threat match between Bob, Icon and Mave. After Icon let out an open challenge for Emergence, Mave answered, determined that he was going to win at Emergence and take the souls of Icon and Bob. However, the later name mentioned (Bob) would come to the ring just after Mave, and say how he was clearly superior and was going to get the win. I feel like, considering not long ago Bob was the NXT Champion, he needs to get a win here to get the momentum that he once had back. Icon is a former BPZ United States Champion, so once again it is a recognisable character that Bob would be beating. And Mave has shown great determination throughout his career, meaning that if Bob were to win it would highlight the determination he has. Now a match that promises to be possibly the most barbaric in BPZ history. As KENJI and Brad clash in a barbed wire massacre match. I personally am not going to watch this match as mum and dad won't let me because there 10000000% will be blood. However, rumours circling have been suspecting that Brad is going to be taking some time away from BPZ just to have a rest. So I think that KENJI is going to take the win here. It will only be his second win in BPZ and it could really help him make a name for himself. To The Top next. Probably the match that most people are tuning in to see. All 6 competitors in this match have a good reason and good chance of winning. Let me break down why I think everyone could win here real quickly. Firstly, Hans. Hans is the current BPZ United States Champion, who did he beat for the title? Arius. I feel like Hans legitimately could be the man to take the title away from Arius as he has the skill and the will power to. Next is Sheridan, after herself and tag team partner Jonathan both lost matches for the BPZ Undisputed Championship. I feel like the Royal Flush need a new target. This could be perfect for them. As they need a title and having Sheridan win this match would establish her as a real threat. Now Mikey, after winning the NXT Championship and vacating it instantly, BPZ must have a big plan in place for Mikey. He needs to get the win here to establish himself as a threat on the main roster. Or else, why would they bring him up to the main roster in the first place? Yelich next, and after his extremely entertaining promo series, he has the crowd support in this match. As fans around the world are desperate to see Yelich leave Emergence with a North American Championship match at some point in the future. Another man with fan support behind him is Joh. After the United Nations failed to become number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships, Joh has took a new direction in the form of the To The Top match. I feel like it would be really entertaining to have Joh win this match. As the possibilities for him are endless. Lastly, Buddy Ace. After losing in the first round of the King Of The Ring tournament to George AK. We haven't seen much of Buddy Ace at all. I feel like he could return with a bang. Shocking everyone and winning the match despite probably being the least likely to. However, my prediction for the winner is Joh! Right okay, now I have some time to get my breath back. Phew. Anyway, the BPZ Tag Team Championship match between the Big Ballers and Deadmans Hand. I feel like this match will be won by the Big Ballers. Deadmans Hand have already got a strong win proving themselves as a strong tag team, George has also got a one on one win with Sameer as well. So I feel like they don't really need the win here. Also, rumours have been circling suggesting that the Big Ballers are going to break the longest reigning record set by Pride. With Brenden coming back into the ring by himself against Bashka at Summerslam, I feel like a win here could help them get the momentum he needs to win that one on one match. The second Championship match on the card is the North American Championship match, as Arius faces Aaron North. I feel like Arius will retain here. There is no real reason why Aaron should win here, as Arius has picked up two losses recently and cannot pick up anymore without risking losing his momentum. Now FDS Vs Joshua Scott. I feel like Josh will get the win here. Really, this match can go either way, as both men winning would make the match beneficial. It is hard to split the two and basically this was a coin flip. But after the long promo series from Josh, I feel like it has to end with him picking up a win. Lastly, the main event. As we see Julius challenge the near unbeatable Undisputed Champion Flynn. I feel like Flynn will pull of the win here. Shocking everyone by beating Julius in dominant fashion. I am not saying that BPZ should bury Julius, I am saying that Flynn should win cleanly cementing himself as a huge player in BPZ Wrestling. That is all we have time for today here at the BPZ Observer. Be sure to watch Emergence this Sunday, and I have been Jimmy the Jabroni, wishing you a good afternoon/morning/night.
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    Justice League - Earth 58

    Prologue - Metropolis Another bright and sunny day rises upon the bustling streets of Metropolis, the single largest city in America. Many an executive to eager intern taking to the streets as the work day begins. The usual rush for caffeine hits and quick-fix pastry breakfasts are the standard mornings for your typical Metropolis citizen. One such individual is a slight man, his shoulders falling shorter than the majority of suits around him, all consumed on their phones or bluetooth earpieces. The smell of freshly ground coffee invading the air. The small man is dressed in dark green checkered suit pants, a light shirt with suspenders and a messenger bag at his side. A small green bowtie is meticulously positioned at the collar of his newly bought shirt, matching the faint green of his eyes which are surrounded by spots of freckles. Light red hair sitting on his head, slightly spiking up at the forehead. Underneath the bowtie, lies a camera. By no means the latest model, but certainly professional enough. The man shuffled meekly though the crowd as he paces across town, his timidity causing him to miss his turning into the large office building to the right. In the hustle and bustle, he just barely escapes the path of a police car that stops in front of the building. He eventually pushes his way to the entrance, a thrilled look on his face as he peers up at the engraved words reading 'Daily Planet' over the large doors. He entered through the rotary door into the spacious and grand lobby area. While indeed grandiose in design, the Art Deco style of the building makes the Daily Planet Building is quite striking in comparison to the modern landscape around it. He walks up to the receptionist, pausing for a few moments before speaking. ???: "Um, hello....This is my first day here, and ur, the email said that I'll get my staff card here. The name is Jimmy Olsen". The receptionist doesn't look away from her computer screen and takes her time to look through a drawer in her desk, walking her fingers through a handful of staff cards before sliding one over the desk to Jimmy. Receptionist: "Head up to the 15th floor, and they'll sort you out". Jimmy Olsen: "Oh, t-thank you...." Suddenly, as Jimmy is making his way to the elevator, there is the loud cracking sound of metal snapping. Then another, and two more. Jimmy looks back to the building entrance, seeing a large crowd of people shift quickly away from the entrance, all of them looking up in horror to the skies. A number of voices cry out in shock. Onlookers: "Oh god, they're falling! Everybody stand back!" Jimmy gulps as the tingle of fear works it's way up his spine. He takes a step closer to the door, only to be pushed back by a forceful gust of wind that pushes it's way into the building, the rotating door spinning at a scary speed. Jimmy cowers slightly as papers and stationary from the foyer go flying around the lobby, the receptionist letting out an exasperated screech. The photographer glimpses out into the street as the crowd amassed around the police cordon are ducking and holding onto their hats and bags. Jimmy expected some blood-curdling crash to come next, but nothing of the sort did. The crowd fell silent for a moment as the wind kept blowing before breaking out into cheers. Jimmy elected not to test his luck with the turbine of a rotary door, and took the manual door outside. He looks up as what seems to be the large blue frame of a window-washing platform is slowly placed down to the ground, an ethereal swirl of wind lowering it down. It is closely followed by three shaken, but unharmed cleaners spinning in their own small vortexes of air, touching down to the pavement safely in their dizzy states. Jimmy Olsen's smile beams brightly as he looks up to see the man behind this heroic rescue. Above the crowd, descending upon them in a whirling dervish of scarlet red with streaks of blue and yellow. The billowing cape flying around in the swipes of wind. His form becomes properly visible as the clank of metallic feet hits the stone pavement. Onlookers: "Look! It's Red Tornado!!" The crowd quickly gathers around the scarlet hero as the police and emergency services tend to the cleaners, all of which quickly go over to thank Red Tornado for their saving. In the flashes of phone cameras and live stream reactions, Jimmy wishes he was able to get one photo of Red Tornado descending. He frowns slightly as the public masses make getting another shot practically impossible. A rush of adrenaline surged though the young man's veins, getting a perfect shot of Red Tornado would really start his first day at the Planet off on the right track. He carefully pushes past the congregation of people scrunched together infront of the Daily Planet, eventually reaching the front of the crowd, to see Red Tornado up close and personal. Red Tornado stood at a good two metres fall, vastly taller than Olsen himself, and most of the crowd in general. The gleaming red metal plates on his body shone as the morning sun peered over the skyline, reflecting off of the yellowish-golden 'T' on his chest. Jimmy could even see all the small ports and vents across the robot's frame that assisted with wind manipulation. He managed to eventually get up to Red Tornado, who was curiously greeting all that would approach him, many of which were taking as many photos and recordings as they possibly could. Jimmy Olsen: "That was amazing, Red Tornado! Not sure what Metropolis would do without you sometime. Um, if you don't mind, could I perhaps take a picture of you? It's my first day at the Daily Planet, and uh-" Red Tornado turned down to face the diminutive man next to him. His unmoving face did not show any emotion whatsoever, but to Jimmy Olsen's surprise, Tornado's response was pleasantly humble despite the robotic tone. Red Tornado: "You are the first one to ask for my photograph to be taken. Your admiration and consideration is appreciated. My makers mentioned a social custom called 'manners'. I thank you for showing me what manners looks like in a day-to-day scenario. If the Daily Planet requires my photograph, then I am satisfied that is it taken by a well-mannered individual. What is your name?" Jimmy Olsen: "Oh, um, it's Jimmy Olsen....uh, Mr. Tornado?.....I'll just call you Red Tornado". Jimmy shook off the nerves and took Red Tornado's photograph next to the cleaner's platform, with the Daily Planet's sign in the background, perfect for the front page. Jimmy Olsen: "Thank you very much, Red Tornado. I'm sure this will make tomorrow's front page, you take to photo stills quite well". Red Tornado: "I am bestowed with the ability to stand perfectly still when required.....Another matter has presented itself, I must return to S.T.A.R. Labs. It was pleasant meeting you, Jimmy Olsen". Jimmy Olsen: "Oh-uh, same to you, Red Tornado!" Jimmy averts his eyes as a sharp wall of wind cascades over the crowd, with Red Tornado taking off with incredible speed into the skies, taking the time to circle the globe statue atop the Daily Planet building before disappearing into the distance. He smiles and holds his camera tightly, walking back into the Daily Planet Building. What a way to start a first day.
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    The scene opens with a vague shot of a shimmering skyline. As the camera zooms out and general city noise fills into the picture, from surrounding street signs it could be made out that Florida was where this broadcast was coming from. The camera sits mindlessly taking in the spectacular backdrop, the sun is glistening, showing why the state is known for always being bright and a warm temperature. Abruptly, workmen in fluorescent jackets pull onto the road and begin blocking off traffic, an all too familiar face hopping out of the truck and beginning to direct those around her to begin blocking off the road. Sheridan Müller is shown in a bright green high-visibility jacket, with steel aviator sunglasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. The men with her are dressed in more typical clothing in association to their job. She is barking orders at them to begin blocking off the road much to the dismay of the couple of cars which have already piled up before the truck, as men begin pulling out large blockades she catches the cameras attention, walking over to it with an attitude, removing her sunglasses before speaking. "You might be fooled into believing that he's ingenious, Hans. That he had this brilliant idea to purchase a run-down bus and spruce it up, really create a party atmosphere heading into the height of the Summer. But when it comes to those two words, party and summer, well he wasn't the first to birth that idea, I was. Oh yes, you can ask anybody from the boardroom down to catering, before their was such thing as a party bus, there was a summer party growing through the back of my mind, and not only has my opponent within the To The Top ladder match at Emergence, one many would label the favourite, stolen this idea from me, you might as well call it full blown gimmick infringement, and I am not happy." "I imagine a lot of people will be calling me a party pooper. Asking why I care so much about this word play, about the First Class Express driving a party bus. Well if I am going to win the To The Top ladder match, ascend to the summit and grab that briefcase, define myself as a future champion and a future star of the promotion, I have to do so with commitment. I have to dedicate myself to my marketability, to this business, this career path. Allowing this thief to get away with stealing my idea, my summer party, it can't happen. If I allowed Hans to commit such fraud it would set a precedent, that I do not care about my ideas, about my creativity. Well let me tell you all something, I am without a doubt the brightest spark in this promotion and I will not stand for Hans and his little sidekick to get away with evident daylight robbery." "So to counteract these fiends, I am placing blockades all around Florida. I am going to stop this party bus, puncture that abominable, detestable show at the wheels. You mention all these big moments you've had recently, Hans. Beating Arius to become the United States champion and reaching the King of the Ring finals, only to fall to Julius. In spite of these achievements you have to rip off my idea and put your obnoxious spin on it. Be it out on the streets or within the ring I am going to disprove this favourite tag you've been associated with. As impressive as your climb has been you don't need another big moment and you're not going to get it. Only one individual is going to walk out of that match with a guaranteed future North American Championship shot, anytime and anyplace, and that person is Sheridan Müller." "I have plans for a big future in this company, plans which will see my ascent to stardom. Becoming the first female to capture a championship, to represent half of the North American population, the women of this world, something that only I am capable of out of the participants within this match. My suggestion to you Hans would be to halt on the breaks of your trashy little bus, and head back wherever you came from and I'd advise the rest of the participants to do the same. For too long I have been the resident jobber and it is now time for me to shine, and the sparks will fly, the revolution will begin, once I defeat the rest of you by climbing up that ladder, clutching my briefcase, and beginning my path to the top."
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    You can absolutely join Kayfabe Cozza. All you need to do is create a promo in the Kayfabe section introducing yourself and your new character. You can be whoever you like, so if Adam Cole is your choice go for it. Take a look at other users promos to get some ideas and examples on how it all works. By posting on the forums it is your way of "progressing" your character and earning opportunities to be involved in championship matches in NXT. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact a moderator and they will assist. Read this for more information.
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    Xavier's Promise After Last week, Bic won the Semi Finals of TV Title Tournament. But tonight he is here to address the finals match with Julius at Vengeance. He begins to tell how his long life dream, is to be Champion and Vengeance is finally the place to do it! George AK Vs Benjamin Wolf Solid match here, good chemistry. The high flying from George was very impressive. Benjamin really showed his aggressive side. The limb work, non stop action and big impact moves really showed that both men are going to go big places. But at the end of the match, Benjamin Wolf would put away George with a Canadian Destroyer. Time:13:24 Rating:3.50 After the match Benjamin Wolf would celebrate before James Knight comes into the ring and lays out Wolf, standing over him, laying out a challenge! Jack Bashka vs Mikey Good match here tonight, Bashka came out here last week, and said he is going to prove how good he is. Tonight he truly proved how good he is. Mikey was able to fend off Bashka with his quickness and arieal encounters. The chemistry seemed to be on point, but at the end of the day, Jack Bashka proves his dominance with the win! He ends off Mikey with a Bitter end. Time:21:46 Rating:4.25 Joshua Scott vs Prince ' Fantastic match, both men were excellent. With high impactful moves, chemistry off the roof and non stop action, this was a bout to definitely look out for. Joshua Scott, really showed his technical side here tonight. And on the other hand Prince showed his high flying sense of wrestling. After a good 15 minutes of wrestling, Joshua Scott puts away Prince with a Spear. Time:15:29 Rating:4.60 Rick Tomhard vs Siege An alright match, but really nothing special here. The match seemed to really drag here. Siege would use his strength advantage over Rick here. There seemed to be little to no chemistry here in this bout. At the end of the bout, Siege would put away Rick Tomhard with a ripcord/lariat clothesline. Time:23:43 Rating:2.40 A Vengeance Brawl Sameer would come out to the ring and calls out Arius! A few moments pass before Arius comes out with a steel chair and runs into the ring, hitting Sameer with the chair across the skull. He then hits the Jacknife Powerbomb, and leaves him laying on the ground, thriving in pain.
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    It's all about Emerging here at BPZ. And on August 9th we will have the 3rd Annual Emergence PPV. Emergence it's right in the middle of the Summertime. Just a few weeks after KOTR where a new King will Emerge. You will see Undisputed, North American and The Tag titles all on the line. Emergence will come live from Tampa Bay, Florida at Tropicana Field. Who will Rise up and Emerge as the new Faces of BPZ. At Emergence we will also see the return of To the Top. Where the winner will receive a North American Championship shot at anytime, anywhere they want it. 6 Competitors will be announced for that match as the weeks go by. It's time to Emerge. Venue: Tampa Bay, Florida, Tropicana field Theme: TBD Advertised: Flynn, Bart, Julius, Arius, Big Ballers, and Plenty more Match Card: Undisputed Championship Match Flynn (c) vs Julius North American Championship Arius (c) vs Aaron North Tag Team Championship Match Big Ballers (c) vs Deadmans Hand To The Top Ladder Match: Hans vs Sheridan vs Mikey vs Yelich vs Joh vs Buddy Ace FDS vs. Joshua Scott Barbwire Massacre Match: Kenji vs Brad Bob vs ICON vs Mave Prince vs Keirso BiC vs Raven
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    An Untalented Hack.

    Carnage rolls on and suddenly the theme music of a certain split personality person hits. FDS comes out dressed in his casual gear but as he walks down the ramp he throws his hat into the crowd and slides into the ring. FDS looks extremely intense. He rolls back out of the ring and snatches the microphone from the ring announcer. The fans begin to chant “FD FD FD F****** S” FDS just pacing back and forth in the ring and he finally begins to speak. You know, I’m out here because I am so god damn pissed off right now. While I was a little glad to see Ark’s back from Injury, the fact that my name just got mentioned in this piss poor excuse for entertainment in the whole “Who attacked the bulldozer?” Bullshit has royally pissed me off. So BPZ guess what? It’s time for a little hostile takeover! I’m highjacking Carnage and I am going to stand out here for as long as I want and say whatever the hell I want. Let’s start off with this “Who attacked the bulldozer?” Crap… WHO THE HELL CARES?! Oh boy, another semi interesting middle of the card storyline that’s gonna fizzle out into nothing after summerslam and will never be mentioned. Now usually I wouldn’t care… but then you had to bring up my name didn’tcha Joshy Boy? AND YOU KNOW I HATE IT WHEN YOU EVEN MENTION ME! Next thing: Why in the hell do you have an assistant? What is he there to help you carry your bags because you’re too weak to do it yourself? God, if he shows up to our match with you I will personally take a rusty butter knife, cut his face off and shove it down your throat! FDS stops and breathes in for a moment. The fans begin Chanting “KILL FD KILL”, FD smiles and nods Oh don’t worry guys because you better believe I am going to tear this little man apart limb from limb and maybe I’ll send the remains to Manchester so they can display their “Number one’s” grave somewhere. Then again his skull could make for a nice wine glass… ah doesn’t matter. FDS stops again though, with the fans still continuing to chant for him but he just looks up again. Actually… you know what? Screw me doing all this psychopath talk. Screw me trying to tell you all the horrible i’m going to do to him because you all know what’s going to happen to Josh, I don’t need to describe it but what I do need to say is all the things I hate about this man. You see, Josh is so desperate to maintain relevance in wrestling not just BPZ but in professional wrestling as a whole he said he’d do anything to make himself remain with his head above water including this completely ridiculous story about how his former “protege” who spoiler alert Josh had nothing to do with training him, he was a performance centre project like 90% of this roster, got hit by a car and they had to solve the mystery of who did it. And yet somehow that snivelling little leech has somehow managed to make some money of it. For once in his miserable pathetic virmon life he was able to make something actually decently interesting… too bad he stretched it out for way too long and wasted everyone’s time with a reveal that probably won’t matter in the long term anyway. The thing is though… isn’t that the perfect metaphor for josh’s career? Nothing matters in the long run. See everytime Josh does something it’s cool at first but then it ends the same way: with it fizzling out and Josh back to doing what he does best: Losing. Everybody always wonders why do I hate Josh? And I could say several things, I could talk about how he’s a second rate version of me, I could talk about how he’s never been able to make his career without piggy backing off someone else, I could talk about how he’s not even that good of a pro wrestler but what really makes me despise this man is his ego. Josh by far has the biggest undeserved, unchecked ego in the locker room which is surprising to me because the man has lost so many more times than he’s won and yet he seems to think that he is this top level guy, he seems to think he can go around backstage talking to everybody anyway he wants to when in reality all he is is a pathetic excuse for a lower mid card level talent for some reason being put into matches for the world championship. Now I've only been in one world title match in my entire career and Josh for some reason has been in 2 or 3 so Josh is taking the spot of a world title contender away from other guys on the card who are more talented than he is, who are more charismatic than he is and who are better people than he is. Josh is one of the biggest wastes of space on this roster and yet for some reason not only is he still around he is a contender for the goddamn world championship… but I say contender very loosely because there is no way in hell he is going to ever win that title. So the untalented hack is going to be around and I can’t stop that… except I can. You see an FD Rules match, I should probably use that more right? But instead this is only the second time i’m bringing out this stipulation. Why is that many of you ask, it's simple really. There are very few people deserving of the brutality of the FD Rules Match. BIC was previously the only rival I had worth the brutality of it due the intensity of our rivalry and I have grown to respect that man very much although he somewhat is responsible for my hatred of Josh however why am I bringing out this match for Josh? Because I want to brutalise him and to make him feel so much pain that he will be finished. Now I am going to get a chair because that untalented hack is going to come out here and defend himself now isn’t he? Well, come on then let's do this. FDS rolls out of the ring, he grabs a chair and slides it in the ring and sits down facing the stage awaiting the response of Josh Scott.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    As Carnage returns from commercial break, the audience is met by the dimming of the lights and the caw of a raven, the sound that is now synonymous with The Enigma of BPZ. Raven makes his entrance, this time notably without the NXT championship, his first since losing the title. Notably, Raven's face paint is slightly altered, with a streak of red coloring his cheeks to accompany the usual black and white. As Raven stands in the ring, the his usual spotlight lights up the former NXT champion, but his face seems more down than it was when he was champion. His cold, dead eyes are back once again, but now filled with a twinge of regret. Raven shakes his head and begins talking into the microphone he carried out with him. Gotta say, I was getting used to hearing "NXT champion Raven" every time I entered this ring...Isn't it funny how just a month ago, I was on top of the world? New NXT champion, finally reunited with my long-time friend and tag team partner, the opportunity to defend my title in front of my family and friends at King of the Ring...Now, I have no title, my partner's out with an injury, and all my mother witnessed at King of the Ring was crushing disappointment... But with failure and disappointment...Comes opportunity. BiC said it himself, I have a new mission goal. A goal that can only culminate with me making history. Not only will I win the NXT championship back, MY NXT championship...But I will be the first man to ever be a three-time NXT champion. And people hear that and think I'm getting ahead of myself. My W/L is clearly favored in the negatives, and I never had a successful NXT title defense...Men like BiC and Julius could only ever muster two NXT title reigns, and I'm shooting for three. But let me make this clear. I'm not some cocky, upstart rookie with his head in the clouds. I've been through hell and back before I ever came to this company. I've experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, and I've always bounced back. Now...I have nothing left to lose. The only man who ever watched my back is laid up in a hospital bed because I couldn't help him the way he helped me. My family witnessed two embarassing losses right in front of their eyes...And the most important thing in the world to me, the NXT championship...Was ripped away from me. I'll be damned if I don't win it back. At SummerSlam, I will become NXT champion again, and there's nothing any of you can do to stop me. I don't care if you're James Knight, Benjamin Wolf, Siege...All of you are merely bodies that I'll rip through at SummerSlam. But more pressing is my match next week at Emergence. The man who wants to halt my journey to making history is the first ever two-time NXT champion. And BiC, I understand...You don't want anyone to overshadow your accomplishment. A history making second reign that's lasted for years and never been outdone. But BiC, I don't care how much you've accomplished in this company. I don't care if you're the first ever two-time NXT champion. At Emergence, I'll prove that I'm not just a challenger of the month that falls to the great...Bobby Isaac Carter? No, BiC...At Emergence, I'll prove that you made a mistake choosing me as your first opponent back. I'll try not to shatter your ankle again, but I have full intentions on shattering your dreams of a successful return. And once I beat the first ever two-time NXT champion, nobody can doubt my ability to become Raven three-time. Raven drops the microphone, but before he can leave, the lights on the arena turn back on, with a beloved superstar making his first appearance on live TV since King of the Ring...
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    Isaiah Carter


    After BiC makes his electric entrance and stands face to face with Raven, the crowd would be chanting his name as he is handed a microphone. He raises the microphone to the crowd, who begin chanting even louder. Before lowering it and speaking. "Raven three time. It has a nice ring to it truly, but let me make something clear. I am not hear to try and keep you from becoming a 3 time NXT Champion I am here to keep you from becoming to hot headed and turning your back against the fans like very other superstar who has come and gone has done. I am going to not only face you but defeat you for the sake of this company and to keep you in line. I can see it now, the headlines reading, hot headed Raven turns on the fans after devastating loss because as much as I respect you Raven. I know you're like every other upstart rookie who has his heads in the clouds" You're exactly right, I will give you that much. I returned at King Of The Ring and challenged you for one reason and thats to get my name back in the lime light and I will be dammed if I don't do so. Whether is takes 1 or 5 No Regrets, or making you tap out with the Cardiac Arrest. Hell I could win by count out because at this point I will not take no for an answer, I will not take a loss at this time in my 4 year career" "In just a few days raven, we clash, we clash and it will be one hell of a fight but there is no chance that I will be walking away with my head lowered, because at the end of the day you will end up just like Aaron North, just like Bob Sparks, and just like many other rookies who have stepped up to me. On your back, looking up at the lights, because BiC just knocked your ass out." BiC smiles and flips the mic towards Raven, doing finger guns before walking backwards and exiting the ring. Leaving his words to hang in the air of the Carnage arena as he walks up the ramp. A large smile on his face.
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    Sameer's NBA Talk Show

    Top 10 Duos in the NBA (Without Injuries) 10. Donvon Mitchell and Rudy Gobert Donvon Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are a very young duo and very talented hence why they are in the top 10. They have a playoff win to their belt and a 50 win plus season the reason I put Gobert over Conley is because Gobert and Mitchell have played togethor and Conley will have a lesser role on this team. Like I said they are very young and after this upcoming season could definitely go up the list. 9. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray The sky is the limit for these two if I am being honest, Jokic being arguably the best center in the league and Murray being a top 15 point guard in the league, Out of nowhere they had a break out season and where the 1st seed for most of last season. Jokic was playing at MVP level and in there first playoff run Jokic played amazing, Murray was kinda inconstant and he hurts them not being lower on the list but I think he is surely in for a break out season this year and They will go up on the list. 8. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid Joel Embiid being one of the best centers in the league if not the best center right next to Nikola Jokic and Ben Simmons being a 6 foot 10 point guard is very scary for the league but they just don't really fit right in my opinion and I think it would be pretty easy to stop them because neither of them can really shot the ball. However I put them at 7 because they were one game away from making the Conference Finals and they lost to the team that won it all. 7. Damian Lillard and CJ McCullum This season Dame and CJ proved alot of people wrong and went all they way to the Western Conferance Finals which is why they are 6th on the list, Lillard being the 3rd best point guard in the league and CJ being a borderline all-star. Now they did get swept by the warriors but what counts is that they made it there and people weren't really counting on them making it that far especially with Nurkic out of the whole playoffs. 6. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton These two just had a 60 win season last season and made it to the eastern conference finals and were two games away from going to the finals where I think they would've won because of all the injuries to golden state. We all know what giannis is doing, MVP and DPOTY type player, Although Middleton really brings them down. 5. James Harden and Russell Westbrook After trading Chris Paul to the Thunder, The Rockets got back Russell Westbrook who was the MVP the year before Harden won it, The Talent is there and on paper they look like a great duo. If they work out and can work on the court together this is where I am putting them but if not I think they'll drop maybe a spot or two. 4. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson There is no denying what these two can do together winning a NBA Championship and breaking the winning record in one season before Kevin Durant came to the warriors. The Splash Brother are still one of the best duos in the NBA and maybe they could be 3rd but I can't see them being higher than that. 3. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant was the 2nd best player in the NBA before he got injuries and this is without injuries if he comes back as the same KD we saw last year I think him and Kyrie Irving will be a deadly combo and make some real noise in the NBA. They are both great offensive players, Kevin Durant can make any shot from the court and Kyrie Irving can create and make shots for others. 2. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Kawhi and Paul are the best two way wings in the league and there defense will be nasty however I wouldn't put them over who is number 1 which you could probably who that is now. 1. LeBron James and Anthony Davis LeBron James is the best player in the world and than you pair him up with a top 6 player in the world in Anthony Davis. I really think they are the best duo in the NBA and the Pick and Roll with these two will be unstoppable. I know this doesnt have anything to do with duos but I have them winning the NBA Finals this year.
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    Justice League - Earth 58

    Prologue - Gotham City The feeble and regular drops of rain fall upon the pavements of Gotham once again, just like most nights. Emerging from the night sky through the thick miasma of soot and smog covering the skyline. Puddles of water form across the roads as the sea of traffic halt and holler to proceed though downtown Gotham. The streets are lined with black umbrellas and trench coats, with the slight flickers of cigarettes being shakily lit though the biting cold and dreary weather. A lone, large red umbrella pushes past a clumped up crowd to cross the bustling street, likely electing to take a safer route back home. If there really is a safer route to be found here, even the smartest men around couldn't answer that. The City of Demons they called it, back in the 20s. Partially from all of the stone gargoyles carved into the old and decaying masonry on high perches. How superstitious and foreboding their presence is to any that dare look up at the gnarled and fanged visages that oversee the life happening below. But nowadays, it is one's own demons that are out to get you, and soon, those demons turn on those around you. The red umbrella shields the three people taking shelter under it. The large canopy masking their faces as they walk across Fitzgerald Street. The scarlet circle veers off to a small alleyway, most likely on the way to the nearest car park. The man holding the umbrella is dressed in a smart black tuxedo, the large form of his broad shoulders taking up much of the umbrella's coverage, but still finding room for a slender figure in a dark blue dress, and a small man in equally smart attire. The white of the man's shirt and pocket square paired with the faint orange glow of a cigarette being the only features standing out from the dark night. The smartly-dressed man, along with his two companions suddenly come to a stop, as a shadowy figure emerges from the darkness, his face masked by the dark and dank nature of the alleyway. The one moment where time stopped ever so briefly, a quick scramble beneath the umbrella as the slight reflection of the moon bounces off of the cold metal revolver in the man's hand. One pull of the trigger. The umbrella was no longer the only red to be seen on the streets that night. Crime Alley had taken a drink from the chalice of Gotham once again. 20 Years Later Fitzgerald Street is much quieter that it once was many years ago. Several shops and windows boarded up with whatever wood and timber that can be found. From businesses shutting down, to cover the shattered glass caused by criminals. One of the few windows standing features a large grid of screens. 'Fifty Percent Off all stock' written in bold letters above the gathering of televisions in the window. In front of the glass is a sturdy and durable metal mesh cage, likely to prevent further break ins. The TVs are tuned in to the Gotham Evening News with Jack Ryder. Sports Correspondent: "And last but certainty not least in today's sporting news, collegiate football prodigy Victor Stone was drafted second overall pick to the Metropolis Mavericks. With the rocky season the Mavericks had last year, they seem to be pinning all their hopes on Stone, and I must say, that's not too bad of an idea. Holding some of the most impressive statistics we've ever seen in collegiate football, the world is waiting to see if young Victor Stone can replicate that success in the big leagues. Congratulations, son. Back to you, Jack". Jack Ryder: "Thanks, Liam. Now, back to our main story. Tonight, Gotham has been swirling with more and more reports of a masked vigilante taking to the rooftops, seemingly to fight against the growing crime rate in Gotham City. It is no secret that under Major Sharp's leadership, the incidents of petty and organised crime have only risen since he came to office. Several eye witness reports claim this vigilante to have the appearance of a large bird or winged creature. Some even going so far as to liken him to the gargoyles of the Gotham Life Building. We managed to get a few comments from Newly appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent earlier today". The screen flicks over to video footage of D.A. Harvey Dent, standing tall and handsome in his dark grey suit with dark shirt and white tie. A large tan trench coat draped over it to cover from the usual Gotham rain. His jaw like an anvil. A bold, but sophisticated look. His dark hair slicked back like some high-up advertisement mogul from the 60s. He steps out of his car in front of Gotham Crown Court as a sea of reporters butt in with their microphones and cameras. Journalist: "Mr. Dent! Mr. Dent! What are your comments about the recent reports of a masked hero flying around Gotham? In the face of G.C.P.D. being unable to reduce the crime rate, many citizens are already rallying behind his cause and dubbing him the Owlm-" Dent butts in before the journalist can go any further. Harvey Dent is not like most District Attorneys that Gotham has had the displeasure of having before. Unlike his predecessors, Dent relishes in an unscripted public statement. His voice is smokey and smooth. Stern and calm, full of conviction. A small smile veers through his stoic, professional demeanour. Harvey Dent: "The people can call this rogue whatever they like, he like all of us, should not be placed above our own court of law. I have spoken many times to Major Sharp about increasing funding and recruitment to the Gotham Police Department. Meanwhile Thomas Wayne has pledged to fund a new scheme of Criminal Rehabilitation along with a complete overhaul and upgrade of both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary facilities. Whether this guy thinks he's an Owl, a Bat, or Demon-whatever, he is another problem on the streets of Gotham that I will bring to justice. The fact is that four culprits of armed robbery were found dead at this guy's hands last night, instead of being brought to proper justice. I know it's fashionable nowadays. Every city seems to have it's own crime fighting carnival act. But unlike Metropolis or Central City, ours is leaving bodies all across town. We cannot allow this menace to run rampant over our city. We did not ask for this rogue, and we do not want him. Thank you very much". Jack Ryder: "Strong words from District Attorney Harvey Dent there. As much as he may want it off our lips, only one thing is on the mind of Gotham City. Who is the Owlman?"
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    Justice League - Earth 58

    Earth 58. One amongst an infinite number of worlds scattered across the multiverse. It's history can align with others, and differ in endless ways. One constant remains the same within every facet of the multiverse, heroes rise to repel the darkness of the world, in whatever form that may be. Those who you may expect, might be quite different people here. They say that something as simple as killing a butterfly can cause cataclysmic changes to the world around you, that is how fragile it all can be. Just one slip of the finger. One document signed. One pull of the trigger can spiral what you know into a vortex of the unknown. This is not the story you will expect. This is not the world you will expect. This is the story of Earth 58, and of Earth's greatest defenders. The Justice League.
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    New Orleans Pelicans: Ready To Fly

    Just a few months ago, the Pelicans looked to be in deep, deep trouble. The team's superstar had requested a trade and wasn't going to change his mind. No deal was made before deadline, leaving many to wonder if the Pelicans had played their cards wrong with Anthony Davis only having 1 year left on his deal. All momentum changed following the 2019 draft lottery, where it was revealed that New Orleans would get the number 1 selection in the 2019 NBA draft. This gave them the oppurtunity to draft the most hyped up rookie since Lebron James, Zion Williamson. Much like Lebron, Zion is a freak of nature with unheard of athleticism. This, together with a solid haul in their trade with the Los Angeles Lakers and the signing of JJ Redick, has put the Pelicans into a far more positive daylight. The New Orleans fans have gone from suicide watch to looking forward to one of the most exciting seasons in Pelicans history within a span of weeks. But how will the season go? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The New Orleans Pelicans will be holding a press conference with their preview on the upcoming season next week. Anything basketball will be discussed, from their thoughts on the next season to long term goals. Leave your questions in the replies!
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    Continuing What Got Started

    Blade walks down to the BPZ ring he walks around grabs two chairs and tosses them into the ring then grabs a microphone before getting in the ring and setting up the chairs Blade, "I am not going to ask you all who I am right now, you all know that I am Blade and I am part of the Deadman's hand, but I am going to ask do you remember what happened before the King of the ring event? The first ever BPZ Tag team summit we of the Deadman's hand set it up and we started something that hasn't happened almost all year since Backlash 2019. We made the tag team division relevant. Not only that helped put the tag contenders match at one of the highest points from King of the ring. Raising and elevating the tag division to where it hasn't been in a while, now that we started something at King of the ring we are going to follow through with that going to Emergence and finally elevate the tag division fully when we take on the tag champions and we will rescue those tag titles from the Big Ballers." Blade stops for a second and sits forward in the chair Blade, "When the Deadman's hand was first starting out we had three teams that thought they could stop us. SSW Club, Alex and Raven, and the United Nations. We told them and the world what was going to happen. They ran into a beating then the next night after the King of the ring I told everyone I told you all so then. Now after Emergence I will be telling you all the exact same thing, but I will also be saying, the Deadman's hand is your new tag team champions. That isn't a prediction that isn't even a spoiler at this point that is just what is going to happen. It also is something that must happen. The Big Ballers caused this division to go stagnant. So they must be stopped and put down. They have fought nothing but rookie tag teams and teams that couldn't be that much of a threat to them. Twice now this year we seen them at their weakest. Once at BPZ mania 4, then when they took on the Royal Flush the first time. When they face real competitors they buckle, this weekend they aren't going just buckle from the threat of a real tag team but they are going to completely snap into pieces as they are finally beaten once and for all." Blade stops and point up the ramp way, Blade, "You see this weekend it isn't just myself against the Big Ballers. It is myself and my tag team partner. You see, my tag partner has beaten half of the Big Ballers already, and I have a win over the other half. So now when we go into the ring as a team to face the Big ballers both my partner and I will have a win over the Big Ballers as a whole. Now who is this tag team partner? He is a former NXT champion, a two time slammie award winner, a 2019 king of the ring semi finalist, and is your current BPZ Premium Champion the other half of the Deadman's hand Ladies and Gentlemen it is George AK!" Blade introduces George out and now awaits his entrance.
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    The Talk with a big Thank You

    *Wall Ace is storming up the flights of stairs, throwing punches at Security and kicking them down the stairwell, Wall Ace finally makes it all the way up to the Brenden's office* Wall Ace - OPEN UP BRENDEN!!!!! I'M COMING IN!!!!! *Brenden is seen holding a baseball bat and barricading the doors* Brenden - I'm not scared Wallace!!! Just leave now before you're brains are on the floor!! *Wall Ace starts to laugh manically, but all of a sudden, the laughing stops, all Brenden can hear is this own heartbeat* Brenden - he is gone..... *As he says that Wall Ace busts through one of his office walls* Wall Ace - OHHHHH YEAH!!!!! WHAT YOU THINK I WOULD GIVE UP?!?! *Brenden screams and swings the bat as he misses Wall Ace spears Brenden through the other wall, Wall Ace then grabs a chair and puts it around Brenden's neck, applying a little pressure* Wall Ace - ADD ME!!!!!!! *Brenden is nodding his head a little, but Wall Ace can't see and he applies a little more pressure* Wall Ace - BRENDEN ANSWER OR YOU'LL END UP LIKE DROZ!!!!!! Brenden - You are already added..... *Coughs* *Wall Ace looks around* Wall Ace - Cool, cool *Picks up the Bat* *Wall Ace starts to beat Brenden with his own Cricket Bat* Wall Ace - THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! *Wall Ace walks away taking Brenden's Cricket Bat with him*
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    And the winners of the first round are Dark Knight, Black Panther, Spider-Man 2, Spiderverse and Endgame. Please vote in the second round now
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    Was a pretty decent Raw. I really enjoyed this direction they are taking with Samoa Joe and well not gonna lie I feel he really needs this Face turn right now. Fans love Joe and he doesn't need to lose his badass cool edge to him to be an effective Face. You can also play on his Samoan roots and even though he is not related you can play on that island connection with Reigns who himself is also Samoan of course. Not to mention funny that both men are called Joe xD. I am still of the ideia that Daniel Bryan and Rowan are behind these attacks which will probably lead to a Tag Team Match at Summerslam between Reigns/Joe and Bryan/Rowan. As for the rest of the show the Tag match (Or should I say 2 on 1 Handicap match considering Trish basically didn't do a thing except save Becky in the end from Natalya's Sharpshooter) was pretty good and it outshined the Tag Title Match. Seriously I still say Natalya is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the Female Roster (Do not forget she is the only Woman to have graduated from the Famous Hart Dungeon) and I feel her match with Becky will be pretty good. Also I liked the fact they kept the story of Charlotte and Becky not trusting each other (I feared for a minute they were going to act like they were best friends again and that feud didn't happen, good callback by the WWE to an old stoyrline). While I am glad Alexa and Nikki won the titles I don't really care much about them. I feel the IIconics ended up being terrible champions since they made the belts feel meaningless and sadly they dragged not only themselves and the belts down but also Asuka, Kairi Sane, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville with them. Hopefully now with the titles on Alexa and Nikki we can see some progression going forward. The OC is one of my favorite parts of Raw right now and I like that Gallows is back to wearing facepaint like he did in New Japan. The 6-Man Tag was pretty good and I can't wait for AJ and Ricochet's match for the US Title. Didn't really care much about the other seguements although I will say this. When will the Viking Raiders get real competition? And why is the Fiend attacking Legends every week? What will the payoff be? A match with Undertaker? Also R.I.P Dolph Ziggler.
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    Impact - Reborn

    This is a very cool idea man! It’s going to be cool to see what you do with dead brand. I liked how you put them in new ownership, very good choice. Can’t wait for you to start up on this diary bro
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @I Can't Odd
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    Chill Lounge

    Icon: Welcome to the Chill Lounge bro! Hans:Glad to be here. Icon: So as long as you’ve been on the forum, what is your favorite part? Hans: Probably the diary section, just love writing scenarios and matches whether it was real world or a real company, that’s probably my favorite part. Also love the kayfabe section too. Icon: Very great choices bro, what would you say is your favorite part of the discord chat? Hans: Just talking about various topics, I guess. Icon: Ye, if you could fix one thing about the forums, what would it be? Hans: I wouldn’t really fix anything, I think it’s fine the way it is. Icon: Now let’s get into kayfabe, what does it feel like to be US Champion. Hans: It’s been good, my work has earned me this championship, and I’m proud to be champ. Icon: Good for you, now you have a lot of challengers on your tail, does that make u anxious or more motivated? Hans: Makes me more motivated to be the best, whoever steps up, I’ll bring them all down. Icon That’s awesome, so what do you like to do outside of the forums? Hans: Playing games on PS or just hanging out with friends if I’m not doing anything related to the forums. Icon: Noice, who’s your favorite and least favorite of the forums and why? Hans: I don’t have a least favorite on the forums, my favorite has to be bic, dude is a legend. Icon: What is your favorite feud to date? Hans: Probably they mini feud with Julius, had a lot of fun working with him. Icon: That’s awesome man, so last question for you, do you have a favorite kayfaber? Hans: I see a lot of people who are great at kayfabe but I don’t really have a favorite to be honest. Icon: Thanks for joining me buddy. Hans: No problem
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Odd and grv
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    What a show again Bash. Technically SSW Club were the main event so I will take that. Bart vs Julius is being built up brilliantly, and I am interested to see if the NXT match turns into a triple threat or what. Smith vs Flynn is looking good and with Royal Flush returning it looks good for the Tag scene in the future. Meanwhile MITB is being built up well and I actually like the feud between Blade and George against Kieron and Marker and how it’s been built up a lot. Meanwhile Tamer vs FDS is going to be great and Brenden vs Sameer is looking awesome. I can’t wait for more Bash
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    Eric Shun

    Happy Birthday Thread

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    Ayyyyy. Welcome back Corey. Hopefully you enjoy ur stay and if u have any questions then ask!
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    Nice to see you back Corey, I hope you stick around this time and continue to enjoy yourself
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    Great to see you back Corey! Looking forward to getting to know you better and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    The show began with KENJI holding the Premium Championship high and as the fans shouted "You deserve it" he thanked them but said he wanted to get straight to business and called out Ark Universe, the man who low blowed him last week Ark came out, but to the surprise of many was accompanied by FDS, his former Chaos partner. Ark claimed he was fed up of being the hero for the fans, and that he never got anything in return other than a 1 day TV title reign in 2017 and now a 1 day Premium title reign in 2019. He knew that FDS could bring out his dark side at its best, and that he would reclaim his Premium title one day However following this, FD grabbed the mic and claimed KENJI had been lucky 2 weeks ago when he beat FD in the KOTR Semi Final and that FDS could easily beat him in a rematch, before FDS challenged him to a match at SummerSlam. KENJI claimed FDS would have to earn the match which bought out our General Manager Bailey made a match for tonights main event, KENJI vs FDS. If FDS wins, he will receive a Premium Championship match at SummerSlam Arrow Gargano vs James Hunter James Hunter surprisingly attacked Arrow and Epic last week, and tonight Epic was in Arrows corner as he watched his tag teammate take on James Hunter As Arrow went for a Superkick to put away Hunter he missed and accidentally hit Epic who was on the apron. Hunter rolled him up with both feet on the ropes for a 3 count and a victory over Arrow We returned from commercial break to see Bob Sparks in the ring. He mocked Ravens reign as NXT Champ where he hasn't even wrestled a match, and called down the "Fake NXT Champion" as Bob called him, to the ring Raven came out and Bob berated his reign, causing Raven to snap. Bob announced he would be cashing in his rematch clause at SummerSlam but Raven announced he didn't want to wait for SummerSlam and challenged Bob to fight right here right now. Bob agreed on one condition, if he won Raven would lose his automatic rematch clause. Raven agreed and Bailey came out to make the match official BPZ NXT Championship: Raven (c) vs Bob Sparks These 2 stole the show in an incredible title match as Raven made his first defence as champion against the man he beat to win the title at Judgement Day, Bob Sparks. It looked like Raven had the match won when he scaled the ropes, but Bob joined him up there, and Chokeslammed him off the top ropes but when he covered Raven kicked out. A furious Bob hit the Bob Bomb but again Raven kicked out. Bob dragged Raven to the outside, and began dismantling the announce table. He went to hit the Bob Bomb for a second time, this time through the announce table, but Raven hurricaraned him onto the announce table but it didn't break Raven scaled the ropes, and hit a Bird Bomb to Bob through the announce table. He then dragged Bob into the ring and hit a second Bird Bomb. He covered for what seemed like a certain 3 count but Bob somehow powered out Raven then "tuned up" the Superkick but his leg was caught, and dragged into a Bear Hug by Bob. Raven was unable to escape and eventually Raven succumbed to unconsciousness, meaning that Bob was the NEW NXT CHAMPION Our commentators hyped up the shock of a second title change in 2 weeks, before, talking of champions, they announced the United Nations had something to say UN were in the ring, with Brad and Joh saying how proud they were to have united two nations together to claim the Tag Titles. However they were interrupted by George, who criticised how bad the tag title scene had got to in BPZ He said he couldn't believe how UN were just given a tag title shot, as were Epic and Arrow, and George claimed the only reason they had banded together was because they were scared as singles competitors - Joh hadn't been relevant in years George claimed and last time Brad was in the ring George had pinned him George then said that UN had picked 2 easy competitors as their opponents and if they were real fighting champions they would accept George's challenge of George and a partner taking on UN for the belts at SummerSlam Brad accepted, before suddenly Ropati attacked Brad and Joh from behind. When "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" had finished, George claimed UN were just a Commonwealth rip off and that the Commonwealth (George and Ropati) would be taking the Tag Titles come SummerSlam KENJI vs FDS Ark was in FDS' corner in what was a massive match for FDS, as he looked to earn a Premium Championship match by beating the Premium Champ KENJI 1 on 1 tonight Every time KENJI gained momentum, Ark was quick to interfere, allowing FDS to get back on top. At one point FD mounted KENJI and began hitting the Gimmick Killer but just as it looked like KENJI was about to get knocked out, he began to fight back and punched FD back to escape KENJI began to build momentum, knocking Ark off the apron with a Hi No Kokoro before turning his attention back to FDS, and hitting the Horizon Suplex Hold but he only got a 2. KENJI then lifted FD up for the Gaudi Bakudan but Ark jumped up on the apron again, which distracted KENJI. This allowed FD space to slip out of the move and hit a WRSTLMaker for the 3 After the match KENJI was beaten down by Chaos until suddenly the music of Emperor Nate hit. It has been months since we saw Nate and he came to the ring and took out Chaos. Carnage's newest free agent signing picked up the Premium Championship and held onto it for some time before handing it to KENJI. He made his intentions clear, for now he is an ally but he wants the Premium title SummerSlam Card (Other matches TBA) World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron Black Premium Championship: KENJI (c) w/Emperor Nate vs FDS w/Ark Universe Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati)
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday George.
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday George
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    An Explanation

    . Three days after the most recent BPZ Pay-Per-View, the new music of the Intercontinental Champion we saw premiere at King of the Ring blasts throughout the arena speakers to a wave of booing from the audience, everyone livid to see Bashka after the disgusting actions that he committed on Sunday night when he attacked the chairman of this company, Brenden himself. ‘The Leader’ walks out with his belt over his shoulder and a smirk on his face, he walks down to the ring with much more confidence than we have seen from him in a long time. He steps in between the ropes and begins to twirl the microphone in between his fingers, before signalling the crowd to chime down. If you could all please keep your mouths shut I would like to deliver a message addressing my actions from the other night since my social media’s have been flooded with messages asking me why I did what I did, and I want to answer them. So I did it, I committed the unforgivable sin and I bit the hand that feeds me, I attacked the guy who hands me my pay cheque’s and puts food on my table but why would I do such a thing? Why would I, a loyal company man attack a guy who I’ve considered a close friend and somebody that I can rely on for years? Well maybe it’s because that when my eyes were opened up to the truth, they were pointed towards the direction of Brenden and my thoughts of him truly changed. Sure, he’s a good guy to spend a night out with and share a beer with, but his selfishness and ability to hog the spotlight from other people is truly unparalleled. The fact that day in and day out the workers are the one keeping the wheel of this company moving and yet Brenden is the one attending all the press conferences, he has his face on absolutely everything and he only shows up about three times a year. For the guy who everybody is supposed to look up to and the guy who is the apparent “leader” of this company, it shouldn’t be such a shock when he decides to get off his ass and make his way to the ring, especially when he holds some gold, it absolutely disgusts me. Don’t even get me started on his championship run with Sameer. He says that he put Sameer’s career back on the map but what I see is that Brenden noticed how hard Sameer works, how much time and effort he was putting in to make himself better last year and so he manipulated him, he saw a business opportunity and now Sameer is excelling, he’s taking all the credit for it and it disgusts me. Sameer is a pawn in Brenden’s little game and once they lose the belts, Brenden is going to toss Sameer aside like a used tissue. This is a message for World Champion, Sameer. I understand what it’s like to be manipulated by the boss, I truly do. When I decided it was in my best interests to retire in early 2016, Brenden saw the opportunity and he offered me the General Manager role at the first chance he got. Now, this could’ve been because he saw potential in my leadership, but with Brenden it goes deeper than that. His laziness just made him want to hand off all responsibility to me and while he sat on his ass for months, I was running the show, I was not just an ‘on-screen persona.’ He puts the microphone aside his chest as he takes a moment to calm down, the audience interested in this speech from the Hall of Famer. Once he has begun to breathe normally, he speaks again Brenden has given me everything and I cannot fault him for that, he took a leap of faith when he gave me my first contract and now I stand before you one of the best this industry has ever seen. Yet I’m still not content, I’m still not content because I’ve never gotten the opportunity to prove how much of a phoney our beloved boss truly is. He sits behind a desk all day, with somewhat of a decent wrestling ability but he’s too scared to do anything other than tag team matches in fear of being exposed for what he truly is, a scared little business bitch. When I sat in the locker room watching through a monitor and I heard Brenden utter the words about him wanting an opponent for SummerSlam, I had to seize the opportunity as this chance only comes once in a lifetime with his shitty schedule. And with this, I’m in all of your heads. You’re really starting to believe “Well, maybe he’s right.” And you would be correct, the truth that I’ve had my eyes open to is not just something that I believe, it’s something that I live by and it has made me a much better person. It opened my eyes to who the fake people are and Brenden, my friend, you are one of those fake people, which is why I want to stamp my knuckles into your face so bad come SummerSlam.
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    Global Series Climax Night 5 6 Tag Team Match Bashka, Hans and Epic vs Necce’s Gathering (Necce, Buddy Ace, and Marker) The match was alright as everybody had a chance to shine, pretty decent match overall but at the end Necce would pin the "Young Lion" Epic via pinfall. 7:57 Tag Team Match Shiba and Evolution vs Killer Machines (Beastly & Bubba) It was another okay match, Shiba was being a crazy bastard throughout the during match, trying to use a weapon but the ref would always prevent it, Bubba would end up pinning Shiba via rollup for the victory. 8:12 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Maasa Xaiver King took on Maasa in what was a solid match, as King picks up the win via submission. Maasa would throw a tantrum after the match. 10:12 Singles Match FDS vs Kieron Black Next up FDS took on Kieron Black, very solid competitive match. Both men trying to one up each other, good technical contest. FDS would pick up the win via pinfall. 12:34 Singles Match Yelich vs Alex Costa Another good technical match as the match starts off slow but quickly go into second gear. Both men would take each other to the limit but it was Yelich would end up getting the victory with a pinfall. 14:01 Singles Match Brad vs Slim Nextup we got Brad vs Slim as two veterans are going at it. Very good match, some solid back and forth action, Slim would end up with the victory after mocking Bashka’s signature pose and hitting his finisher to Brad for the win. 16:47 Singles Match Bailey vs Bart In our main event of the evening, Bart goes one on one with Bailey, and two put on a great match, lots of near falls and reversals. The match would end with Bart poking the eyes of Bailey and would end picking up a surprise win over the great one. Bart celebrates to close out night 5. 26:21 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 6 6 Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Raven, Hollow and Yelich) vs Big Baller Brand (Ropati, Sandman and Heel) In what was a solid 6 man tag match, it warmed up the crowd. Raven would end pinning the legend Heel for the victory, huge win for Raven. 8:01 Tag Team Match Royal Flush (Johnny Kills and Sheridan) vs Gill and ICON Next up the Royal Flush go up against Gill and ICON who are apart of Necce’s Gathering, ended up being a decent little match with the Royal Flush getting the easy victory 6:21. Singles Match Hans vs Bashka In what was an excellent matchup, Bashka took on Hans. Two put a performance as the gave there all in this match. Counter after counter, the crowd were really into this match. Hans would end up reversing Bashka’s finisher into a rollup for the victory. Both men would shake hands after the match. 16:46 Singles Match Marker vs Flynn In what was also a solid match, Flynn took on Marker. Marker would try different offense and Flynn doesn’t find any of it amusing. Flynn would get more and more angrier every time Marker kicked out. Flynn would eventually defeat Marker in this match up. 13:01 Singles Match Aaron North vs Evolution In what was an okay match, North defeated Evolution via pinfall, Evolution looks a bit depressed that he hasn’t won a match yet in the tournament. 7:19 Singles Match Mikey vs Julius Nextup, Mikey took on Julius in what was a very solid encounter. Mikey would go for various offense that would surprise Julius. Despite his great efforts from Mikey, Julius would end up winning the match. 14:59 Singles Match Necce vs Arius In our main event of the evening, Arius took on Necce in what was an excellent battle. The two told a great story in the ring, who are very similar in terms of promos and what they do in the ring. Necce would end up hitting a chair to Arius when the referee was down and winning the encounter between he and Arius. 22:37 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Block A Slim 4 FDS 4 Bart 6 Xaiver King 4 Alex Costa 2 Maasa 0 Kieron Black 2 Yelich 4 Brad 0 Bailey 4 Block B Julius 5 Flynn 5 Necce 6 Mikey 0 Bashka 4 Hans 6 Aaron North 2 Evolution 0 Marker 0 Arius 2
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