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    An exclusive interview with Yelich post his To The Top Ladder Match is uploaded to the BPZ YouTube channel, Yelich is asked by the interviewer if he has any thoughts and a crying Yelich answers. Why? why am I being targeted? I- I don't get it. I try so hard. I try so hard for you people, I try so hard for your enjoyment and in return I am handed loss after loss after loss. I swear this isn't my fault... I almost get to what I want and what I've been striving towards and then someone else takes it. I should've won at the Royal Rumble but Flynn took it from me. I should've won the North American Championship Ladder Match but Arius took it from me. I should've won my match at Judgment Day but Julius took it from me. I should've won my match in the first round of King of the Ring but Hans took it from me. I should've won To The Top but Joh took it from me. WHY CAN'T I GET ANYTHING? Why does someone else always have to be a tad bit better, why am I never enough? People think this whole conspiracy thing is a funny gag. It's not funny. This is how I feel. I don't know how to process these losses since I always am so close. But everything is taken from me. I get encouragement, people always like to say "You're doing great just keep it up, things will turn around" but they never do. I've been waiting for things to turn around for years... they haven't. And sometimes they say "You came closer than a lot of other people have" but that means nothing. I get so close and I try so hard, yet I never get to reap any rewards. I'm always a narrow second place. Why can't I ever get first? Why? Yelich slowly walks away and to the locker room area, the microphone still picking up him asking himself "Why?" more and more until the video ends.
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    The time for waiting is over. All the cheap comments, the near mauling of one man's body, attempting to end his career, all comes to a end tonight. We got Kenji, one of the fastest rising stars BPZ had in recent time, then we got Brad, a BPZ Hall of Famer and a eight time Champion in BPZ, and it's not about titles, being number one contender, this is about pride, this is about respect, this isn't business, this is personal. Backstage, it's shown with BPZ's resident interviewer, James SweedinFerg. James: "Brad, you're just moments away from what could be one of the most brutal matches in BPZ history. You face Kenji in Barbed Wire Massacre. The ring ropes replaces with barbed wire, tables, chairs, everything you can think of. What's your mind set going into this match up?" "My mindset? For the past month and a half, I have shown that a man like Kenji is nothing more than a sensitive, "oh give me pity" snowflake that when shown disrespect to someone, and when that person decides to do something about it, he won't fight back, he won't do nothing. Kenji you're supposed to be the future, but to be the future, you must pass me. And unfortunately, I don't see you doing that. This is Barbed Wire Massacre! And what happened on Carnage, is nothing….." Brad looks at James as he slowly lifts his arms up, showing his hands wrapped in tape before he starts sliding on a pair of thick black gloves before kneeling and comes back up with barbed wire in his grasp. He stares at it, almost in a trance by the sight of this dangerous weapon. He lets out a sigh of relief before looking at James. "Is nothing compared… to the hell I'm going to put you through." Brad looks at James then the camera, a devilish grin appearing on his face as he walked off. Then the camera transitions over to another part of the arena as Josh Trenton is backstage with a bandaged up Kenji. Josh: "Kenji you're here in what can be said as the biggest match in your career, but what can also be said to be the most dangerous match in your career here in BPZ. You face Brad, who's not only considered a legend in this company but also someone who has been accumulated with matches like this. What's your game plan going into this match?" Kenji looks down at the floor, his arm around his bandaged up abdominal region, seemingly at a lost of words with what has happened over the last month and a half. He then gulps before looking up at the camera. Kenji: "Congratulations Brad. You done something that no one in professional wrestling ever done. You made me be something I never wanted to be. You made me in something you didn't need me to be. I might be hurt, but tonight, you're not going to leave breathing. You understand me?" Kenji eyes the camera before walking off and the camera transitions back to the ring as the bell rings and the ring announcer Hannah starts the introductions. Hannah: "The following contest is Barbed Wire Massacre! In this match, the Barb Wire will surround the ring. There are no Disqualifications, no count outs, Falls Count Anywhere. First superstar to get a pinfall or submission will be the winner." "Say It To My Face" blasts through the PA system after a countdown as the crowd in the home of Emergence this year, Tropicana Field of twenty five thousand fans are all on their feet, booing the Hall Of Famer as he steps out onto the stage, dressed in jeans, wrist taped up with the gloves on his hands, and barbed wire wrapped around one of his gloves. He stares out at the crowd before the ring, which is filled with bats, chairs, tables, and ladders, and three of the weapons covered in the razor wire too. He slowly starts walking to the ring as Hannah introduces him. Hannah: "Introducing first, he is the BPZ Hall of Famer, he is Brad!" A roar of boos start pouring down on Brad, who's simply walking by, focused on the task ahead of him. He uses his gloves to lift up the wire and slowly slides under the ring. He looks at the scene in the ring, covered in razor wire as an evil smirk grows on his face. His theme song ends as as he stares at the stage, awaiting his opponent. The crowd starts to cheer and cheer loudly as the theme song of Kenji hits the PA system, and Brad gets into fighting position as he waits and waits for Kenji to come on down to the ring. From the crowd is a commotion, and the camera rushes over and sees Kenji jogging through the crowd, holding his stomach as he jumps onto the apron and, with extra layers of tape on his hands, he climbs to the top rope and then jumps off, hitting a bulldog on Brad, getting a hot reaction from the crowd. Brad caught off guard by the attack, rolls over to the corner, to which Kenji follows and puts his boot to the throat of Brad, choking him with his foot as the referee pulls Kenji back some. He gets him to the corner and orders the bell to ring, which the bell keeper does, and Kenji runs full head of steam and hits a low corner dropkick to the head of Brad, sending him forward to the mat and causes Kenji to hold his stomach as he sits on the mat. He's obviously still in pain, but he knows he has to go to another level to beat a healthy Brad when he's not one hundred percent. Kenji has to use a lot of energy to get up quicker than Brad and tries dragging him by the head, but Brad hits him with one good elbow to gut, sending Kenji back with a groan. Brad elbows him square in the head and goes for a whip, but Kenji stops before he hits the wire ropes. Brad runs after him but gets drop toe hold, sending Brad face first into the barbed wire, causing a loud reaction from the crowd. Brad starts twitching some, the effect of the razor wire digging into his skull shown from his body movement. Kenji looks over, a shocked look on his face. That shocked look, however, turns into a look of craziness and evil as he crawls over to Brad, flipping him over, Brad's face slowly dripping red. Kenji mounts Brad, and lays quick rights to the open wound of Brad, right after right after right and repeat. Kenji pulls himself off, letting out a roar to the crowd before grabbing his stomach, getting another reaction from the crowd. While Kenji show boats to the crowd, Brad starts to crawl to the corner, reaching down by the post and down in the gap of the steel steps. Kenji notices, thinking Brad is trying to escape, walks over and leans his head close by Brad to grab him, but Brad swings back, hitting Kenji in the skull, sending him back. Brad slowly spins around, a smile turned to laugh comes from his blood filled face as he shows his hand, revealing a wooden spike. He slowly gets to his feet, wiping the blood around his eyes with his glove before walking over to Kenji, tossing the spike out of the ring to the floor before he pulls in a duffle bag while the camera man examines Kenji, who from the spike to the forehead is also cut himself from the shot with the spike. Brad carries the duffle bag in and kicks Kenji right in the ribs before setting the bag down and opens them up. He pulls out light tubes, and a bigger smirk fills his bloodied face. He goes to grab Kenji, who instead lows blows Brad, and uses Brad to get to his feet, picking up a light tube and places it under Brad's shoulders and locks Brad in and delivers a tiger Suplex, Brad's neck and shoulders making the tube shatter. Brad slowly rolls out of the ring, his body already cut deep from the shattered glass pieces that covered his body as Kenji kneels in the ring, and sees Brad slowly pull himself up. Kenji steps back some and runs and dives over the rope onto Brad. Both men are laid out onto the floor, both from the shots that they have taken so early into the match up. The physicality, the danger of this match, it's not for the date of heart, but a match like this is what both men are willing to go through to get their revenge on the other. The referee cannot exit the ring as easy, so he has no choice but to watch from the ring as Brad slowly starts to gain his composure and drags himself to the railing, as he looks over at Kenji, who's doing the same. They both lean on the apron, God knows how much blood they lost already, but Kenji pushes himself off the railing and runs at Brad, who drops to his knees and hits a gnarly low blow on Kenji with the glove that has the barbed wire wrapped around it, and the face on Kenji, the absolute pain he had on his face tells the story. He struggles to stand as Brad keeps his arm in position, and Brad looks up, an evil smirk growing on his bloodied face as he quickly yanks his arm back towards him, grinding the razor wire against the grapefruits of his opponent, dropping him to his knees fast. He then grabs Kenji by the head before slamming him face first into the metal grate that is the ramp way before slowly unwrapping the wire that's wrapped around his glove, the camera catching his face, his eye twitching straightens out the wire before stomping on the back of Kenji, causing him to yell, but Brad grabs the upper part of his jaw with his free hand and looks at the crowd before grinning. He then slowly brings the barbed wire around to his face, sliding it across his lips before having the wire between both of his lips. Brad let's go and grabs both ends and pulls on the wire, causing it to dig into his mouth and lips as Kenji screams in agony, while Brad also jams his knee into his back to keep him still. Brad yells at Kenji "YOU WILL NEVER DISRESPECT ME AGAIN!" while the NXT prospect is yelling his heart out from the pain he's in. Brad pulls with all his strength before simply letting go. He stumbles over to the railing to keep himself up. He reaches to his back and pulls a piece of the glass that went into his skin from the light tube. He then grabs Kenji by the head and slowly pulls him up before dragging him to the apron and pushes him into the room. Brad drops to his knees and lifts the skirt of the ring up and reaches under the ring for something. He weakly pulls on something, which in view is a makeshift stand with light tubes and the crowd is anticipating what's going to happen. He pulls it out and in a spot that he looks at the ring then it. He stumbles to the ring before pulling himself up. But with all the time taken, Kenji caught his composure and got to his feet. He then ran and jumped over the barbed wire and hits Brad with a wicked Canadian Destroyer that puts them both through the light tubes with an eruption from the crowd. Crowd: "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Holy shit indeed. Both men lay in the shattered pieces of glass as the referee looks on his shock. The brutalness of this match is unheard of. Both men lay on there sides, Brad twitching as he was the one who got piledrived into the tubes. Kenji slowly raises an arm, showing some life in his body. He uses the apron to sit himself up as he looks at Brad, a disgusted look on his face. He uses his forearm to wipe some blood off his face before pulling himself up, touching his cheeks, feeling the cuts from the barbed wire. He then pulls himself over to the steel steps before pushing them over. What's shown next is electrical cable, a battery, and a box cutter. Kenji staggers as he stands before grabbing the box cutter. He looks at Brad, before grabbing his head and arm and starts to drag him to the apron. He bends down and slowly and weakly picks Brad up to his feet and sets him up against the apron. He then grabs Brad's arm and wraps them both in the barbed wire, trapping him for the time being. He takes the cutter from his pocket before grabbing Brad by the chin and getting in his face. He yells "F#!? YOU!" before digging the cutter into the cheek of Brad, causing the legend to yell in absolute pain. Kenji gets the cutter deep into Brad's cheek and starts dragging it towards his mouth before stopping at the lip. He then proceeds to copy on his other cheek before dropping the box cutter on the ground. He lets out a sigh before letting Brad go and pushes him into the ring. He then slides into the ring and covers Brad, hooking the inside leg as the ref counts one, two, and- no barely a three count as Brad gets his shoulder up. Kenji sits beside Brad, breathing heavy as he shakes his head. He crawls over to the corner and grabs a pair of handcuffs. He limps over to Brad, but Brad kicks Kenji directly in the stomach, making him drop the cuffs. Brad then kicks Kenji's leg in, making him fall forward. Brad then pushes himself into a sitting position, looking at Kenji then the cuffs. He coughs blood onto the back of Kenji before grabbing the cuffs, then proceeding to cuff the hands of Kenji together. He then uses the barbed wire to pull himself up before grabbing Kenji by the ear and pulls him up roughly. He then grabs Kenji by the chin and then tosses Kenji over the post, causes his arms to be caught by the top of the post, putting him in a position where he is dangling over the post. Brad falls to his back, slowly rolling out of the ring before limping over to the battery and cable. He grabs both, and starts limping over to where Kenji is. He sets the battery down and looks at Kenji and the cables, a sick and twisted look appearing on his face. He then grabs two ends of the cables, and attaches them to Kenji's Great Balls Of Fire, causing Kenji to get very very concerned. Brad slowly smiles as he sees this and he applies the red cable to the red port, watching Kenji. Brad slides the black cable across the steel steps before he flips Kenji off and attaches the black cable to the port for fifteen seconds, shocking his testicles for a short period, causing Kenji to yell but the fans to gasp and groan is pure shock. Brad then puts the cable to the port for another fifteen seconds, causing another shock for a short period. Brad then holds the cable to the port, causing Kenji to be electrocuted the entire time Brad has the cable to the port. Brad finally drops the cable and unhooks Kenji from the cable, his slumped body falling onto Brad's shoulder, who struggles to carry him to the apron, where he pushed him into the ring and Brad slides in and immediately covers Kenji. One, two, and thr- NO! Kenji continues fighting as he got the shoulder up. Brad is furious. He looks at the face and gets into his face, which Brad pushes the ref, but the referee pushes Brad back. Brad holds his arms up, saying "I'm Sorry", but he then grabs the referee over the top rope, causing him to catch onto the barbed wire, getting stuck as he yells in pain. Brad flips the referee off and turns around as Kenji runs at him. Brad tosses Kenji over head, but Kenji grabs the wire with his tapped hands and lands on the refs back, and bounces back onto the shoulder of Brad and spins around with a tornado DDT as the crowd feels like there is still hope in this young man as he is sitting up, his fist in the air shaking. The crowd is fully behind Kenji right now as he pushes himself off the ground, his fists shaking and his head nodding fast. Brad slowly gets up himself as both men now face each other. Brad goes for a clothesline but Kenji ducks it and starts to swing kick Brad in the leg, causing Brad to stumble and nearly fall. He kicks his leg over and over and over again before hitting a spin kick to the stomach of Brad, before jogging near the barbed wire ropes and runs back but Brad counters with a hip toss and he runs and jumps onto the barbed wire and off for a Lionsault, laying them both out. Brad and Kenji lay flat out on the mat, blood running from their body profusely, but it's Brad who gets his arm up in the arm gingerly, before he starts to slowly crawl over to Kenji and places his arm on Kenji as the referee is slowly removed from the barbed wire by other referees and is attended to by members of the medical staff. A referee turns and sees the cover, carefully sliding into the ring and starts to count, one, two, and thr- KENJI WITH THE SHOULDER UP! Brad rolls to his back as both men are laid out and the crowd goes from quiet to standing up and giving a ovation to both men from the hell these two men are putting each other through at this moment. Kenji gets to his feet and yells, holding his stomach as the crowd returns the emotion as he picks Brad up and gets him in a powerbomb position, but he doesn't stop there as he bounces Brad's back off the barbed wire then back up and spins around with a sit out Powerbomb. He keeps Brad's legs hooked as the ref starts to count again. One, two, and a kick out from Brad, leaving Kenji sitting up as Brad is pushed to his side. Kenji shakes his head as he as he mustard enough energy to get himself back to his feet. Kenji looks up at the ceiling, raising an eyebrow is confusion on how to beat Brad. Then he reali, he must hit his big moves to get it done. He then pulls himself up before doing a quick throat slit before forcefully lifting Brad up and turns him around and hooks his arms with a straight jacket and goes for a German Suplex but Brad flips over and lands on his feet. Kenji gets up and swings at Brad who ducks and grabs his arm and gets him into the arm trap position and spins him around into a Codebreaker from Brad, dropping the rookie. Brad will wipe his hands and yell "IT'S DONE!" before covering Kenji, hooking the outside leg as the ref starts to count, the fans were already booing as they are expecting this terrific match up to be over. The referee drops down and starts to count the expected count. One…. Two…. The fans boo louder as the referee's hand is about to hit the mat for three but pop up out of their seats. Kenji gets his right shoulder up before three, making Brad nervous and shocked. This NXT Rookie to him, who went through all this pain and everything for the last God knows how long, kicked out of Brad's finisher. The crowd of twenty five thousand is screaming "YES!" to the miracle. Kenji is still breathing! Kenji is still kicking! There is still hope for Kenji and everyone else that Brad has disrespected since returning to action! He scoots over to the corner, now talking to himself, questioning what he has to do to to keep Kenji down. He looks over at Kenji, who's slowly moving his hand around, before pushing himself up gingerly. He limps over to Kenji, the look of disbelief written on his face. He gets to the rookie, who starts to move to his knees, using Brad to get himself to stand up. Brad shakes his head at the sight before yelling "STAY DOWN!", but he doesn't stay down. Kenji is up, and he wants more. Kenji staggers to his feet, before looking Brad in his eyes, before spitting right in his face and says "Is that all you got motherf#$!er?!?!". Brad looks more shocked, but that shock turns into anger as Brad pushes Kenji off him and goes for a Codebreaker, but Kenji catches him up in the air, slowly walking over towards the barbed wire, Brad shows fear as he begs and pleads to Kenji to drop him. Kenji without hesitation obliged and drops Brad back first' onto the barbed wire ropes, causing Brad to sit up some as the barbed wire is logged into the back of Brad. Brad pulls him back into the ring and stumbles to the corner before slowly climbing each turnbuckle till he gets to the top. Kenji stands up slowly, letting out a sigh as he hits a Phoenix Splash on Brad. Kenji lays on top of Brad, counting as a pin as the referee starts to count: one... two… and thr- HOW?!? BRAD GOT HIS SHOULDER UP AS WELL!!! The fans cannot believe how these two are still fighting after all this time and all the pain they have gone through. Brad coughs violently as Kenji rolls to his back, as every fan, even the two Superstars know that the next big move can definitely be the last. The crowd is absolutely stunned by what they have seen, and are remaining on their feet, in no way able to take their eyes off this match up. Kenji slowly rolls his body under the barbed wire and to the floor. There, he goes under the skirt of the ring, pulling out a metal sheet, sliding it in the ring. He stumbles to stand before going back under and pulls out another barbed wire board as the crowd roars. He slides the board in and slides in the ring. He grabs Brad and slowly drags him and places him back first onto the metal sheet, before grabbing one of the barbed wire and ties it to the table and then to Brad. He looks at Brad and sees the barbed wire board, before looking at the crowd, who's yelling at Kenji to do it. He then grabs Brad's legs and flips him over, slamming Brad gut first into the barbed wire and Kenji is… wait… HE LOCKED IN BRAD'S OWN WALLS OF FAKERS ONTO BRAD! HE'S GETTING SANDWICHED BETWEEN KENJI AND THE METAL SHEET AND THE BARBED WIRE BOARD! Brad is yelling in pain, and Kenji shows zero sign of letting go, and the crowd is yelling and demanding Brad to tap and…. BRAD TAPS OUT! KENJI MADE BRAD TAP OUT AND THE CROWD IS GOING ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Kenji falls to the mat as the bell rings and his theme song plays, with multiple referees rushing over, cutting the barbed wire that faces the ramp off and enters the ring to attend to both superstars. Two referees help Kenji up, one raising his hand as the winner of what is his biggest win in BPZ so far. He stumbles to his feet as he looks at the screaming crowd, slightly bowing to each side before looking down at Brad, who's barely moving himself, but slightly waves Kenji over. Concerned, Kenji safely limps over as medical team helps Brad to his feet, and the two bloodied superstars are eye and eye once again. No words spoken, nothing, and Kenji's theme stops as the crowd goes silent. Brad moves his arm from over the medics shoulder and he slowly raises it to Kenji, offering to shake his hand as everyone waits to see what Kenji does. He looks at Brad shocked, and Brad says "You…. You finally… earned my… Respect." Kenji looks even more shocked before he slowly shakes Brad's hand and the crowd cheers loudly, and then both men bow at each other. Kenji limps to the steel steps, walking down them as his theme starts playing again, high fiving the fans as he makes his way to the back. His theme stops as medics are helping Brad to the back, the crowd even cheering for Brad for the effort he given tonight and his performance as when the medic team makes it half way up the stage, Brad stops them, saying he can do the rest. He moves from them, limping up to the stage, turning back to the fans as he sees the respect they are giving him, but all that goes away as the lights go out, leaving the arena to dark. (planned reply no one else reply)
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    A Prophecy We open up the show here tonight with a fired up Julius. He opens up about his match this Sunday against Xavier King. He proclaims that he will walk out the first ever TV Champion. And Xavier King will perish beneath him. Bulldozer vs Arius Awesome match here, Toxik makes his debut tonight against the World champion. He really showed that he belongs here in IUM. Arius aswell proved why he is the World Champion in the first place. The chemistry was very good and the back and forth actions really was enjoyable to watch. But at the end of the match, the World Champion comes out on top. With a Jacknife Powerbomb. Time:10:24 Rating:3.50 Julius vs James Knight Solid match here, Julius needs a win here, to keep the momentum up for his title match at Vengeance this Sunday. But James Knight did not make it easy on him. With technical encounters, back and forth action and splendid chemistry, this was a pure classic right here. In the last couple minutes of the match, Julius would get back the advantage and hit the Claymore kick to secure the victory. Time:16:04 Rating:3.90 After the match, Julius would celebrate and grab the microphone. Stating that Xavier King better get ready to be embarrased and get his ass handed to him this Sunday! But that is not gonna stop him, because Xavier heads out to the ring and hits him with the Go To Sleep, laying out Julius. Xavier now stands over the laid out Julius, if we see this sight this Sunday. We will be looking at the first ever TV Champion in Xavier King. Ropati vs Siege Good match here, both men proved their worth here last week, both getting a win in their respective matches. Their chemistry in this encounter was really good. A back and forth bout for sure, after 15 minutes of action, Ropati would end the match with a Kiwi Kick! Time:23:43 Rating: 3.45 After the matchup, both men would get in each others faces and get involved in, a heated brawl! Leading to a match at IUM Vengenace. Sameer vs George AK What a match, instant classic right here. The chemistry i feel would be unmatched in this encounter. Back and forth action for 20 minutes straight. George AK would use his fast paced action to his advantage, meanwhile Sameer would use his techinal advantage. But at the end of the match, Sameer would hit the Curb Stomp to end George. Time:20:23 Rating:5.00 After this matchup, Sameer would celebrate but would be met by Arius who would run to the ring and attack Sameer. Arius would begin to get a steel chair from under the ring, and hits Sameer in the skull 6 times. He lays out Sameer before their World Title matchup this Sunday. IUM Vengeance Sameer vs Arius(C)- IUM World Title Match Ropati vs James Knight Prince vs Bulldozer Xavier King vs Julius-TV Title Match Rick Tomhard vs Jack Bashka vs Brad Joshua Scott vs Siege
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    BPZ Commentaries

    How I Would Have Booked: BPZMania IV BPZMania IV is regarded as one of the best of the four manias so far, but with so many superstars such as Slim, Smith, and potential matchups being wasted, I can do it better. I'm Jay Scott, aka Young Metro, the newest addition to the BPZ Commentaries team, and here's how I would have booked BPZMania IV. NXT Championship Battle Royal: This largely stays the same, with Hans winning the battle royal eliminating Aaron North. A really good match to showcase the future of BPZ in this match, as everyone in this match has extreme potential to become something decent, or even great. This is the one thing from the card I would keep the same. United States Championship: Arius(c) vs Echo Wilson This is an exciting matchup on many levels. Echo Wilson, former member of the Kingdom, calling himself The King in Slim's absence, trying to regain the title he once held as Arius, a hot newcomer, has took the forums by storm. It's the case of a man who has proven himself, versus a man who has come in and looked the part, but can he get it done? My booking would be Arius retaining over Echo, as Echo took some time off after Mania and it would be a career-defining win for Arius. Premium Championship: Natedog(c) vs Joh This would be an extremely personal rivalry, as Natedog and Joh are widely considered very close backstage. Nate and Joh would go for the Tag Team Championships at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, but fall short. Feeling angered, as Joh was the one who got pinned, Natedog lashed out, attacking Joh and leaving him lying, in a pool full of his own blood. Nate would boast about how he was the best Irishmen in BPZ history over the coming weeks, before Joh returned, attacking Nate and announcing his plans to go for the Premium Championship. Here, I feel that Joh deserves a BPZMania moment, and defeats Natedog, proving himself as the best Irishmen on this night. Money In The Bank: BiC vs Blade vs Sameer vs FDS vs Brad vs Bart Money in the Bank would be of five guys who aren't considered the cream of the crop, but guys who are underrated and dedicated to their craft. In this match, I would have Sameer so close to victory, before Brenden would come out and lowblow him, costing his tag team partner the match as Bart would scale the ladder, retrieving the contract as the chairman clapped on. Intercontinental Championship: Bashka(c) vs Smith After defeating Bart for his Intercontinental Championship at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Bashka would issue an open challenge for BPZMania, and Smith would come out, making his return as he ran down Bashka, talking about how when you name the greatest of the great, Bashka's name never comes up and a man like him holding the 2nd biggest championship in the company is a disgrace. Smith would prove his point right at Mania, handling Bashka with ease as he began another Intercontinental Championship reign, solidifing himself as the greatest IC Champion of all-time. Tag Team Championship Match: Sameer(c) vs Julius & Ropati After screwing over his partner earlier in the MiTB match, Sameer would have to go at it alone as Brenden refused to stand alongside Sameer and defend the championships. In quick fashion, the numbers game would catch up despite a gutsy effort from Sameer, and Julius and Ropati would strike with their finishing moves as Julius and Ropati claimed the Tag Team Championships. Undisputed Championship Match: Necce(c) vs Slim(c) The unification match would not be a triple threat, but a blood feud as Slim defeated Echo Wilson at the Royal Rumble, before finally claiming the Global Championship from Bart at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, defeating all three of his former Kingdom. The next step? An old burden from his past, the Universal Champion, Necce in a unification match. Slim and Necce would trade barbs, talking about how they were the reason Legacy failed, before BPZMania. At Mania, a classic was put on, as neither man wanted to lose, before Necce would run out of gas, and Slim would pat him on the face, giving him his respect before nailing him with the Lights Out and becoming the first Undisputed Champion. Undisputed Championship CASH-IN: Slim(c) vs Bart After a 40 minute war with Necce, Slim was blasted from behind by Bart with the Money in the Bank briefcase, as Bart signalled he was cashing in! Slim would put up a fight, even nailing an Essential Eliminator, but was too exhausted to make the cover. In the end, as Slim went for another Essential Eliminator, Bart reversed, nailing Slim with the Hammerlock DDT to pick up the Undisputed Championship. This allows Bart to become a major champion, while lets Slim ride out his current face run by chasing Bart for Undisputed. MAIN EVENT: BAILEY(c) VS FLYNN VS JULIUS FOR THE BPZ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP This situation feels like Punk/Cena/Rock to me. So, at Royal Rumble, Julius loses his championship to Flynn, but later that night, enters the Royal Rumble #30, last eliminating Bailey to win the battle royal. Bailey announces he will cash in MITB at SVDM, and at that pay-per-view, four years later, Bailey once again defeats Flynn, rolling him up to win the title. Julius vs Flynn have a match to determine who will go onto face Bailey at Mania, with both men having legitimately claims. The match is interrupted when Bailey beats both down, grabbing a microphone and saying that at Mania, he will prove he is the Greatest of All-Time, and he'll face both. And in this match, I would have Julius win the championship, making him a true star before he loses the title at Judgement Day or King of the Ring, setting up a money match for SummerSlam, where you could go any direction you wanted to. This has been me booking BPZMania IV, hope you enjoyed!
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    The camera pans to Slim in the crowd, as The King breaks out in a huge smirk, as he stands up from his seat, hopping over the barricade, as all four men are laid out. Slim slides into the ring, as Sameer crawls in, sitting on his knees as the ever-opportunistic Slim stares down the BPZ World Champion, before running and nailing him with a boot to the face! Slim spreads his arms out, as he then picks Sameer up, putting him under his thighs, hooking both of his arms... Slim looks to the stage, confused as he backs into the corner, as "Monster" by Kayne West, Ropati's theme, plays before the theme cuts and Slim smirks, laughing at his fake-out as the crowd begins to boo. THEN, the theme hits AGAIN, as Slim backs into the corner, confused as he squints, looking at the titantron... ROPATI SPRINTS DOWN TO THE RING, WITH PROTECTIVE TAPE ON HIS NECK, AS SLIM GOES FOR A PUNCH ON ROPATI, BUT ROPATI BLOCKS BEFORE FIRING OFF ON SLIM! Ropati dropkicks Slim into the corner, as he slides out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair as he gets back into the ring, determined to stop Slim, as Sameer watches on, stumbling to his feet... ROPATI NAILS SAMEER! Ropati puts Sameer down, as Slim begins to smile, watching as Sameer makes it to his knees, unaware of what's happening... AND ROPATI NAILS HIM AGAIN! Brenden is now to his feet, as he runs at Ropati... NO! SLIM INTERCEPTED! GUTKICK TO BRENDENPLAYZ! Slim puts Brenden under his thighs, hooking both of the chairman's arms, as he taunts to the crowd, walking Brenden into the middle of the ring... AND DROPS HIM WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim puts his hand on Ropati's shoulder, as he smirks at him, with the Kiwi finally taking Slim's advice and aligning himself with The King just a few nights after Slim brutalized him. Slim rolls out of the ring, picking up the referee by his collar, throwing him back in as Ropati slides out, and the referee comes to, as George gets Brenden up, waiting for him to turn around... THE LAST RIDE! Blade into the cover: 1... 2... 3! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Deadman's Hand has won the BPZ Tag Team Championships thanks to Ropati and Slim. Ropati and Slim join the new champions in the ring, as they lift their hands in victory, before Slim asks for a microphone. "What are four men, who have a common goal, coming together to make it that... much... easier... they're a... SYNDICATE. And trust me when I say... this is just the beginning. This.. is a movement... Slowly, we will make BrendenPlayz... perfectly balanced." Slim drops the microphone, smirking as he and Ropati leave the ring, giving Blade and George their moment to celebrate. Slim, Deadman's Hand, and Ropati have aligned themselves together, with SummerSlam right around the corner, and the biggest news of it all... WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
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    BPZ Power Trip Emergence: BPZ Tag Team Title Match The Big Ballers(c) vs The Deadman's Hand The time has arrived for the tag team title match to get ready to get started. First the Deadman Hand's theme plays. Coming out of the crowd both George and Blade emerge, wearing skull masks at two different entrances within the crowd. The jump the barricades and get into the ring. The first title opportunity for the Deadman's hand looking to capture the gold tonight. Both men removing the masks once in the ring George handing his Premium title to the ring side trainers. They seem to be ready for the title math tonight. Next out are the BPZ Tag team champions of the world. Brendenplayz and Sameer the Big Ballers. They are coming to the ring looking to defend their titles. Both men have been distracted as of late with others things on their plates at the moment. Sameer a big match at Summerslam against the 2019 King of the ring winner and Brenden with his plans on stepping away from the ring and his big match against Bashka. Whether or not these distractions are effecting them though, that isnt seen. They both looked focus right now to defend their titles. Getting to the ring neither man looked like they wanted to hand their titles to the referee but ultimately they handed them off to the referee who raised them high into the air to show that they are on the line. The prizes that both teams want to walk out of Emergence here tonight with. Brenden telling Sameer he gots this and he wants to start things out. Sameer tries to argue that he should begin and both men get nailed by a dropkick by Blade! Sameer is dropped kicked out of the ring and Brenden is in meaning he is starting the match. Getting up before Brenden Blade nails him with a stiff forearm to the back of the head then proceeds to drag him away from his corner. Then nails Brenden with three elbow strikes, one to the back, then to the neck ,last one right to the back of the head. Then locking in a head lock. Blade isnt a technical wrestling in the ring but showing a bit of mat wrestling skills. Using power Brenden forces himself to his feet. Blade then uses his power and leverge to throw Brenden into his corner. Then starts throwing punches in bunches. Tagging out at the count of four to break the count. He drags Brenden out of the corner then lifts him up for a spinebuster and turns his back to the ropes and George hits Brenden with a high roundhouse kick then Blade drops him with a spine shattering spinebuster. Blade rolls out of the ring as George gets in runs into the ropes and hits Brenden with a low basemen dropkick just as he is getting up and hits him right in the side of the head. George grabs Brenden with a front head lock and gator rolls him to the ropes near Blade. George gets up tags Blade then jumps up then drives his knee right to the back of the neck of Brenden. Both members just focusing Brenden keeping Sameer out. Who now just got onto his corner. He stomps on the ring steps to try and help rally Brenden. Blade gets in and he starts punching away at Brenden. Letting him stand up then just nails him with right and left jabs to the head. Getting Brenden into a corner of the ring that doesnt belong to either team. Blade hits Brenden with a forearm then starts to grind his forearm across his face. Brenden pushes Blade away breaking the crossface move. And the count of the referee. Brenden gets to his corner quickly and tags Sameer in. Sameer gets in the ring right when Blade tags out and George gets back into the ring. Both men have a staredown. George fresh from beating Sameer at King of the Ring for the Premium Championship. They lock up in a coller and elbow tie up. George tries to push Sameer into the ropes but Sameer instead up pushing decides to pull George and uses his opponets effort against him. Turning and pulling George back into the corner where Brenden is. Sameer hits George with a few over hand forearms to the upper back and back of the neck. Brenden tags back in gets in the ring walking towards Blade then turns and runs towards George and Sameer pushes George away and right into Brenden who clotheslines him to the back of the head. They are now focusing on George. Brenden lifts and drops George with a sidewalk slam, goes for a pin attempt doesnt get a one count. Brenden grabs George by the head pulls him to his feet and drags him to Sameer and tags out. Sameer gets in he takes George down with a snapnare out of the corner, and then gets up and dropkicks him in the back. Sameer walks to Blade's corner and yells at him, "I will always match sure you lose!" Blade tries to get in the ring to get at Sameer but the referee stops him. Sameer grabs George and Irish whips him into the ropes and Brenden knee's George into the back. Sameer grabs George and lifts him up for a powerbomb. This is one of Sameer's signature moves. Sameer runs into his teams corner and nails the Blockbuster Bomb (Buckle Bomb). Sameer grabs George keeping him near their corner but goes for a pin attempt. One...two...no! George kicks out! He is refusing to lose here. Sameer then tags Brenden after starting to slap George around before getting out of the ring. Brenden picks George up with ease lifting him up then rams him into an empty corner. Brenden starts to hit George with shoulder thrusts to the gut just working George's ribs. Brenden is more stronger then George, but he gets countered by the much faster George. During a shoulder thrust George grabs Brenden 's head then climbs up onto the middle rope then uses his technique skills to drop Brenden with a tornado DDT! Both men start crawling to their corners but George was faster and tags out first. Blade runs across the ring and stomps on the back of Brenden then steps up on Brenden using him for leverage to jump up and nail Sameer with a forearm. Preventing them from tagging out. Blade turns then stomps hard onto Brenden's shoulder. Stomps four more times. It is obvious Blade is weakening Brenden up for the rings of saturn submission hold. Blade kicks Brenden to the middle of the ring. Stomping away at the shoulder, switching it up and stomping the other. Brenden tries once to spring up and grab Blade by the lege during a shoulder stomp attempt, but ends up collapsing under Blade's weight from the work done to his shoulder. As he falls down all of Blade's weight lands on his shoulder. Quickly standing Blade grabs Brenden and drops him with a DDT. Blade goes for a cover. One...two...It is broken up by Sameer, he has had enough of Blade and George singling out Brenden. He is going nuts with punches and elbow to Blade. Referee counting to get Sameer out of the ring. George gets in the ring and hits Sameer with a kick to the side of the head Sameer stumbles upwards towards the ropes and gets clotheslined by George and both men get out of the ring ending the count that George reset. Both men fighting outside the ring George throws Sameer into the barricade. Sameer fires back by throwing George into the side of the ring. In the ring wait Blade is lifting Brenden up with a military press. He did this to Bulldozer and Buddy Ace but they were smaller then Brenden. Blade lifts him up struggling to get him up. George holds Sameer still as Blade runs towards the side of the ring and throws Brenden at Sameer with a military press to the outside of the ring George gets out of the way and Brenden only hits Sameer. Rolling out of the ring Blade meets up with George then motions him to run around the ring. Both men runs around the ring Blade runs around and hits Brenden with a clothesline from hell. At the same time George runs around the ring and nails Sameer with his signature running knee strike. Blade gets up and motions for them to run around the ring again. Both men turn and run the other away around the ring how they did before. George runs around and hits Brenden with a running knee strike, Blade runs around the ring and drops Sameer with a clothesline from hell. Rolling in and out of the ring Blade stops the count. Then grabs Brenden and drags him to the top of the edge of the ring. Blade preparing to set up for a piledriver on the edge of the ring. Brenden fights out of it hitting Blade with chops to the back of his legs and pushes Blade away. Keeping Blade from piledrivering him onto the edge of the ring. Brenden shoves Blade onto the ring post Blade walks off the post. Brenden runs on the edge of the ring going for a clothesline. Blade ducks it wait he locks Brenden into a full Nelson on the edge of the ring. Wait this is Blade's set up to his finisher. He lifts Brenden up and hits the full nelson bomb onto the edge of the ring! The hardest part of the ring! Blade rolls Brenden into the ring then gets in. He goes grabs Brenden he isn't going to a pin attempt. Blade grabs Brenden's arm and then moves and locks in the rings of Saturn! Blade wants to make Brenden give up for his team and give up his tag titles! Brenden refusing to tap but this is like deja vu. Much like what Blade did to Brad of the United Nations Blade has Brenden stuck in the middle of the ring with Brenden stuck in Blade's submission hold. Sameer gets up to his corner of the ring but he sees Brenden in the submission hold. He reaches his arm out but Brenden doesn't seem to be able to crawl. Wait George gets up on Sameer's corner and hands Sameer a towel. Sameer looks at it and knows what George wants him to do. George telling Sameer to end it and throw in the towel for Brenden. Sameer looks like he is fighting this decision. Suddenly he throws the towel down onto the ground outside the ring then yells that they wont give up! George then nails Sameer with a running knee strike both men fall off the ring apron. Sameer narrowly misses the ring steps but George lands bad on his shoulder on his way down. Brenden got to see Sameer's will and resolve. He fights he lifts Blade up while still in the Rings of Saturn. Shocking not only Blade but everyone else. Brenden lifting Blade up onto his shoulders Blade keeping the hold locked it. Brenden spins Blade around using all his strength and hits a modified gut wrench powerbomb out of the rings of Saturn. But he takes out the referee by accident by throwing Blade into the referee. The referee is out anything can happen now!
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    Alex Costa

    He is back!!!

    After the grueling To the Top Ladder Match and a break we come back to Emergence but instead of going straight to the next Match we see the video that's been playing over the past couple of weeks. Once again we see the man with the Death Riders Jacket in a bar however now we know it's in Tampa, Florida the site of tonight's BPZ Emergence. The man walks out the Bar and into his Bike and speeds along towards the Arena as Lights go out. Suddenly Stardust by KAZSIN begins to play as the crowd welcomes back the man who on the Go Home Show was revealed as the Mysterious Biker... Alex Costa walks out to a somewhat mixed reaction from the Crowd as they don't really know what to expect from the Portuguese Star. As his music dies down Alex begins to address the Emergence Crowd... Alex Costa: Boy it's been quite a while since I have been in a BPZ ring and to be fair I have missed this! Crowd Cheers But you know I had to take some time off after last month because ever since BPZMania I have not been myself. I've had loss after loss after loss and really it's been eating inside me. Because I know what I am worth and I know that I am not that guy who in the past couple of months has been presented here. Sure I probably had two of my best matches in this company when I faced guys like Jonathan and Nate but the fact is I knew at this time beating them would be almost impossible. Crowd cheers But that doesn't excuse my lazyness when it came to the other matches! I had made a vow to myself that I would do whatever it takes to get to the top and win championships! And time and time again I chellanged for the United States Championship only to fell flat on my face. Crowd Cheers But I know it I can win it. I have already beaten Hans in the past and I know I can do it again. So Hans he turns towards the entrance I know right now you are probably in the Medical Room and that's fine. That match took a lot out of you and you deserve to rest, because at Summerslam in 3 weeks your time is up! Because I came back to take something that should have been mine a long time ago! I came back to win that United States Championship from you and it doesn't matter if I pin you, ICON, Ark Universe, Dikey, hell even anybody in this audience! I am going to beat your ass in the Biggest Party of the Summer in the bright lights of Hollywood and that my friend will be a Blockbuster! Crowd begins to slowly boo So Hans, ICON, Dikey rest well I will see you at Summerslam maybe earlier. Ark I dunno where you are but I will be excited to find out what exactly you are capable off. And now I bid you adieu and I hope you all enjoy the show! Alex walks to the back as STARDUST begins to play once again. However he does pose on top of the ramp doing his signature trademark pose. He then walks towards the back as the show continues. Alex Costa will be at Summerslam fighting to once again claim the BPZ United States Championship! What will the other competitors in that match say about that.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BrendenPlayz to take time off after SummerSlam from Wrestling. It has been rumored that BrendenPlayz the owner of BPZ Wrestling and the current tag team champion will be taking time after SummerSlam. BrendenPlayz currently has a match with Deadman's Hand where the Big Baller will most likely lose and he will also have a match with Bashka at SummerSlam now we are uncertain with the results of this match is going to be and the aftermath of it. It was rumored a couple of months ago that BrendenPlayz would take a step away from the wrestling world and go ahead and start another business up. We are unsure what will happen to the big baller after they most likely lose at BPZ Power Trip Emergence but we here at BPZ Commentaries are thinking that it will be the end of the Big Ballers one of the best tag teams that has been in the company. They will end as the 2nd longest reigning tag team champions if they lose at Emergence. We do think though that BrendenPlayz will be back maybe for December to Dismember or The Royal Rumble.
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    Shiz Buster

    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    . BAD BLOOD MATCH ANNOUNCED The team formerly known as Deadman’s Hand consisted of Blade and Kieron Black, a team together for so long destroyed after Kieron was sick of the losing streak they were on, so he took out Blade and sent him to the hospital for weeks. While Blade was in hospital, Kieron took on a new partner, former Premium Champion with a tough new demeanour in Marker. George AK became caught in the crossfire of this rivalry when he took on Marker one week, in a match which ended after Kieron interfered and beat him with a steel chair. The same happened again the following week as he took on Kieron, in a match which was ended after Marker interfered with a steel chair. However this time, he was saved from the post-match beating by Kieron’s former partner, Blade who had returned from injury which was suffered at the hands of Kieron. Over the next few weeks, Blade and George are going to have to learn how to work together efficiently enough to defeat the duo of Marker and Kieron, one that has looked extremely dominant since their formation. Will George & Blade be able to get revenge over this destructive duo or will Kieron & Marker prevail, proving that Kieron dropping Blade as a partner was the right decision? Find out when Bad Blood streams live on Sunday, Sep. 29, at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning BPZ Network!
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    Global Series Climax Night 13 Tag Team Match Kenji, and Flynn vs Mikey and Echo Wilson First match of the night is a tag team match between Kenji and Flynn of ASCENT and Mikey and Echo Wilson of Villian’s Kingdom. The match was pretty good with Kenji and Mikey shining through. The match ends with Kenji pinning Echo Wilson for the win for his team. 9:34 8 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Bashka, and Hans vs Necce, Marker, Raven, and Hollow 8 man tag team match as Royal Flush, Bashka, and Hans team up to face Necce, Marker, Raven, and Hollow of Necce’s Gathering. Everybody got their spots in and was a fun little match. Raven would pin Sheridan for the win for his team. 8:25 Singles Match Brad vs Kieron Black Brad takes on Kieron in our first tournament match of the night. Good hard hitting bout with Brad’s slow and methodical style mashing well with Kieron’s Strong style. It would be Brad getting the win after cheating his way to a win. 14:23 Singles Match FDS vs Alex Costa Our next match is a bout between FDS and Alex Costa. Both men are determined to get the win here as they use their brutal moves to destroy each other. It would be Alex Costa getting the upset win as rolls up FDS for the victory. 12:02 Singles Match Slim vs Yelich Slim goes up against Yelich in what was a great and exciting match. Both men put on a show with Yelich’s high flying style and Slim's hard hitting offense. The match ends with Slim getting the win after hitting his finisher on Yelich, and getting the victory. 14:45 Singles Match Bailey vs Maasa Semi main event, as Bailey takes on Maasa as it was a basic match with Maasa getting some offense but Bailey gets the win here. 6:51 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Bart In our main event, Xaiver King takes on Bart in what was a great back and forth match both men’s efforts were shown and the crowd were on their feet at the end. The match would end with Bart about to hit his finisher but King would roll him up for the win. Bart’s first loss in the tournament is a big one. 25:11 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 14 Tag Team Match Sameer, and Bailey vs FDS, and Gill First matchup of night 14 as Sameer and Bailey team up against FDS, and Gill. Sameer shows off why he’s the top dog in BPZ as is great skills are shown in this match. Sameer pins Gill for the win after hitting a beautiful looking Blockbuster to Gill. Tag Team Match Bubba, and Beastly vs Maasa and Maddrix Tag team action as the Killer Machines take on Maasa and Maddrix. These two kill it as they dominate in deceive fashion. 3:01 Singles Match Flynn vs Mikey Flynn takes on Mikey in what was a great match, as once again he shows he can hang with the best. Great wrestling between the two but it be Flynn picking up the win after a vicious looking FKO. 15:00 Singles Match Bashka vs Aaron North Our next contest, will be a matchup between Bashka and Aaron North. A solid contest with both men using their skills to their advantage, it would be Bashka with the victory as he pins North for the win. 10:45 Singles Match Marker vs Evolution In a match that was alright, as Marker takes on Evolution, as both men are looking for their first win. It would be Marker with the win, getting his first victory in the Global Series Climax Tournament. 8:21 Singles Match Julius vs Arius In our semi main event, Julius goes one on one with Arius as these two Australian superstars go at it. These two go the absolute limit tearing each other bit by bit. At the end of the match Julius would go for a Claymore Kick but the referee was in the way. Arius takes chair under the ring and starts beating the hell out of Julius. A new referee comes out and Arius pins Julius right in the middle of the ring. Arius would continue the assault after the match. 22:53 Singles Match Hans vs Necce Main event of the evening, as a dream match takes place between Necce and Hans. Both men’s contrasting styles mashes very well, as Hans tries to go for a big high flying move but it would always get countered by Necce. Eventually towards the end all the big moves have been pulled out by Hans. The match would end with Necce dodging a 450 splash and hits the even flow for the win. Necce celebrates to end the night. 21:12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 12 Flynn 13 Bailey 10 Necce 12 Slim 10 Julius 11 Xaiver King 10 Arius 10 FDS 8 Hans 8 Yelich 6 Bashka 8 Brad 6 Mikey 4 Kieron Black 4 Aaron North 2 Alex Costa 4 Marker 2 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Emergence: BiC vs Raven

    _________________________ *Gentleman* The camera turns away from Slim and points towards the entrance ramp which is now covered in a black light, a single spotlight coming onto the ramp way as Raven stands on top of the stage. Soaking in the crowds cheers, before walking down the ring, ready for this match that could change his career forever. As for the first time ever he takes on BiC. He enters the ring and removes his jacket, and as it goes silent, chants of "B I C" ring through the arena. *Gold Coast* The crowd explodes into cheers as BiC steps out from behind the curtain with a smile on his face, his Shazam inspired attire glowing in the light. This is the first time he will be in a match since the Power Trip Cup finals and he is facing a great rookie as he enters the ring and stands just a few feet from the future of this company as he reaches his hand out and they shake hands as the bell rings. _ The bell rings and BIC NAILS A SUPERKICK! Raven stumbles backwards into the corner as BiC runs at him, nailing him with various punches and showing his MMA background. Bringing his knees into the ribs before putting Raven pushes him off. BiC smiles, cracking his neck as Raven wipes the cut that was opened on his lip before spitting in the face of BiC. The crowd and BiC both look on confused at this cheap act from Rave before he starts running at BiC, HITTING A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE! What a fast paced start to this match. Raven calls that the "Pumping Bomber" as he stomps on the chest of BiC before putting him into powerbomb position and hitting a running powerbomb what the hell are we witnessing?!!?! However, Raven does not go for the cover, instead he stands up and smiles at the crowd who look on in shock. Not knowing what they are seeing, as Raven wipes the blood off once again before flinging it somewhere onto the ring. He begins to stomp away at BiC, picking him up by the head and putting him into the corner, doing exactly what BiC did at the start of the match. However, BiC starts to fight back, nailing a few forerams before going for a running move however a kick to the ankle would prove that BiC is not 100% as he falls to the mat in pain. Raven would lift him up for the powerbomb again and NAIL IT! BiC lays lifeless in the ring as Raven stands over him, the crowd in absolute shock. However, BiC crawls to the ropes and once again gets up only to get his ankle stomped on once again. This is a more aggressive Raven and it has been good for him so far, as he pulls the former IC champion towards the center of the ring once again, as BiC is in a very bad position and Raven looks around at the thousands of fans. As all of the fans look on in silence and Raven gets distracted, pushing his hair out of his face as he lets go of BiC. Looking out at the fans, before getting a worried look on his face. Almost as if he can feel the crowd turning on him, however, as he turns to go back to BiC. BiC has recovered. As Raven collapses to one of the deadliest knees in the company, the crowd pops and BiC stands back up, trying to gain momentum back as he does not let Raven out of the corner. Before turning him around and hitting a german suplex, and a another german, and another german. BiC hits 6 germans in a row before screaming out and taunting, the crowd fully behind him as Raven rolls out of the ring and BiC dives out onto him!!!!! Raven pissed BiC off as BiC hits various chops before throwing Raven over the announce table. BiC stands on top of the announce table and spreads his arms out, taking to long to taunt as Raven is able to tackle him off of the announce table to the concrete below. At the count of 7 Raven gets back into the ring, leaning on the ropes before BiC hops up on the apron!!! THE "TRANQUILO SUNRISE" HE HITS IT!!! BiC covers Raven, 1..2..NO! Raven kicks out and BiC sits up, laughing as the crowd cheers. BiC has made his way back int the match as he stands up, his ankle still not at 100% as he geoe to pick Raven up and Raven goes after the ankle again! Knocking him down before running and bouncing off the ropes, hitting the "21 PLEX"!!! However, once again, Raven does not go for the cover. Instead he grabs BiC by the arm and drags him in position to the corner, possibly going for the Bird Bomb. But, BiC stands up, and there is a staredown as Raven looks on almost with a disappointing thought. BiC takes a deep breath before stepping backwards, making a small gesture towards Raven, allowing him to come down. Showing him his willingness as the two grapple for the first time in the match. As soon as BiC begins to get the upper hand however, Meko stomps on the ankle of BiC and pushes him away, and when he does BiC bumps into the referee sending him to the outside of the ring as both men hit a double clothesline, and Raven rolls to the outside. As BiC chases him down, he THROWS A CHAIR AT HIS HEAD!?!? Raven runs and throws BiC back into the ring as he goes into the ring with a chair. Hitting him over the back multiple times!!! Before driving it into his ribs what the hell are we seeing! Meko then throws the chair, looking at the referee who is still down on the outside before unhooking his belt. Looking down at a clearly injured BiC before reaching down with his belt, wrapping it around his neck before choking him out?!??! Raven throws the belt as the referee gets back up and into the ring, the crowd boos Raven. As he yells "I"m Sorry", before turning around to look at BiC who spits out blood before standing up. Struggling to his feet as Raven once again hits the "Pumping Bomber" and this time, goes for the cover. But before the 3 count, he lifts him up. What the hell has gotten into Raven tonight as he drags him to the ring apron. Smashing the back of his head on the apron before climbing up the ring apron, what the hell is Raven doing.... "Holy F*ck" chants ring out through the BPZ crowd, as whatever has gotten into Raven tonight as driven him to use weapons, use his belt, spit in the face of BiC, and now this. Even BiC can not believe it as he sits up and holds his ribs, rolling out of the ring and grabbing Raven. Throwing him into the ring and standing over Raven....who laughs. BiC looks down at Raven, and sticks his hand out, giving Raven one last chance to stop whatever he is doing in this match. The crowd cheers as Raven grabs BiCs hand, standing up and ready to go one on one once again. But Raven goes for yet another cheap shot to the ankle but BiC doges it, setting up the hurt Raven for the No Regret and nailing it....pinning him in the center of the ring. _ As BiC sits up, he has won the match but does not look satisfied. As he calls for a microphone and gets it, standing up, as the crowd chants "B I C" once again. And BiC looks down at Raven who holds his ribs. Before we came out here, we hugged in the back, wished eachother the best of luck. But something snapped in this match Raven....The little thing I said like you being just like everyone else....it happened, and look where it got you...turn back while you still can..you're a good man. Raven sits up, holding his ribs, as BiC rolls out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp. High fiving fans, he was taken to the limit by a more aggressive Raven tonight, and it was fast paced all the way through. As Raven may have lost a few fans tonight with his actions, but certainly earned BiCs respect as Emergence kicked off with a bang. As the camera gives us a view of Slim, still wearing his suit, as we get set for our next matchup.
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    Smackdown Episode 24 Ric Flair VS Matt Hardy (Cruiserweight title qualifying match) To kick off SmackDown tonight, we see two more men look to join Rey Mysterio in the Cruiserweight title match at No Mercy. In a fantastic bout, Matt Hardy punches his ticket to No Mercy with a Twist of Fate and joins Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. . SmackDown then cuts backstage to Teddy Long, where he's joined by Snitsky and Gregory Helms. Snitsky and Helms say that they want the next crack at the tag team titles, but Teddy's apprehensive, as they've only managed a single victory as a team these last few months. Snitsky and Helms insist, so Teddy makes them a deal. Teddy tells the duo that if they can win their next three tag team matches, they will compete for the tag titles at No Mercy against either SmackDown's MVP's or CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von, depending on who wins tonight. Snitsky and Helms agree to these terms, and Teddy tells them their first match will be right now in a rematch against the Pride of Mexico. . Time Fault VS The Pride of Mexico In a great match, Snitsky and Helms make history repeat itself with a victory over Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. This is the first of their three tag matches they need to win, and if they can keep up this momentum, they'll have their tag title match at No Mercy. . Before the next match begins, we see Johnny Nitro and Elijah Burke backstage. Nitro asks Burke about his breakdown two weeks ago, and Burke shrugs it off. Nitro tells Burke that they have a Cruiserweight title qualifying match in two weeks, and he warns Burke that he needs to focus up if he wants to beat Nitro. Burke then gets in Nitro's face and warns him that he's as focused as he's ever been and will have no problem knocking him out. The two men have a tense stare-down before Nitro's entrance music hits, causing him to go out to the ring for their tag team match. . Johnny Nitro/Chris Masters VS Elijah Burke/King Booker In a bout that both serves as a preview for the US title elimination chamber match at No Mercy, and a warm-up for Johnny Nitro and Elijah Burke two weeks ahead of their Cruiserweight title qualifying match, we see Johnny Nitro prove his point from earlier by putting Burke away with Starship Pain. Nitro and Masters celebrate after the match, and Burke looks utterly stunned as his downward spiral continues. . Before tonight's tag title rematch, we see Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy brawling backstage, which has become something of a normality with Bobby Lashley these days. Security breaks them up before too much damage can be done, but it's clear that the tension between the two men in the World Heavyweight title match at No Mercy hasn't dissipated. . SmackDown's MVP's VS CM Punk/Marcus Cor Von (Tag team titles) Finally, tonight's main event is a rematch of last week, where CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von shocked the world by scoring the tag team titles. In the third match between these teams in as many weeks, Punk and Cor Von prove both previous victories to be more than just a fluke as Punk pins MVP with a GTS. Your winners, and STILL Tag Team champions, CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von! SmackDown ends with Punk and Cor Von celebrating, and it seems like nobody can stop their meteoric rise through the tag team division. Will anyone be able to take down this mighty duo?
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    Steve Graphics Is BACK

    Hey guys, i made a lot GFX in last few years, so here i am showing some of them, which i created.😊 I can't post all of them, which i created, but here are some of those.😊 Hope you like it. They are Concepts for my channel.
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    Medium Freeze

    WWE | Siblings at War

    𝑆𝑚𝑎𝑐𝑘𝑑𝑜𝑤𝑛 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. WWE Championship - AJ Styles (c) vs John Cena After his victory at WWWE Summerslam AJ Styles was on top of the world and made sure the WWE Universe bore witness to his triumph. Overcoming three of the best the company have to offer and becoming their new WWE Champion. Streamers, Balloons and a questionably fashioned suit, the celebration was short lived as John Cena broke the high of the champion interrupting and putting himself at the front of the line for the first challenger for his WWE Championship. The following week we would find of course he isn't the only one looking to put the champion to the test at No Mercy where Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose respectively made their intentions clear. AJ Styles ducking their challenges and Daniel Bryan under pressure to make a decision the General Manager announced that a number one contender's gauntlet would take place on Smackdown involving John Cena, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Erick Rowan. Cena through tough obstacles was able to come out on top defeating The Miz in the main event of Smackdown. The match was set. AJ Styles vs John Cena and mimicking AJ Styles a few weeks prior Cena rejoiced in his victory, rallying the fans before he himself was interrupted. The word stared down holding back their blows stating the other would be falling short at No Mercy. Two weeks until the PPV the WWE Champion tried what he could to put the favour to his side going into the match. Confronting the General Manager Daniel Bryan over the gauntlet result before Shane McMahon stepped in, going as far as to try and beat down the challenger after his match against Rhyno but to no avai. The final image before their match at No Mercy being John Cena holding the WWE Championship in the air looking on to a frustrated AJ Styles. Will Styles be able to continue his reign as champion or will it be cut short as John Cena looks to make history adding another championship reign to his legacy? Establishing A Brand: El Dorado After falling short at WWE Summerslam and failing to re-capture the WWE Interconnection Championship, The Miz moved quickly through the corridors backstage looking for Vince McMahon. Pushing unhelpful staff to the side in his pursuit, when he finally reached the Chairman he pleaded his case, putting all the blame for his loss on Daniel Bryan stacking the odds against him, for a championship Daniel Bryan took from him. McMahon growled for Miz to compose himself but...had an idea to even out his woes. Moving on to the match to determine the inaugural WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions both Thew New Day and Prime Time Players waited eagerly in the ring. The two having got under the others skin but the referee got word to hold the bell. The Miz made his entrance as he announced his place in the match with a partner....Alberto Del Rio! After winning the tag team championships The Miz wanted to make a proper introduction to their new establishment hosting another segment of Miz TV live on the following Smackdown. Re-introducing his new tag team partner the two of them dubbed themselves El Dorado. The embodiment of the city of gold. Their triumph celebrations were shorted lived as The New Day crashed the set looking to establish themselves as next in line for the championships as the team that went unpinned. Comments that didn't go unnoticed as Xavier Woods the following week "mysteriously" was attacked unnoticed during the live show. The medical staff tending to the third member of The New Day while El Dorado casually made their way to the awaiting locker room. The Miz and Alberto Del Rio both had their work cut out for them in the next few weeks both fending themselves against the tag team division and being inserted into a number one contender's gauntlet for the WWE Championship. Together they were able to get the better of Dean Ambrose as The Miz throughout the match gained the referees attention, used underhand tactics to aid his tag team partner. Enough was enough though as Roman Reigns marched down from the stage to put an end to it. The Miz would evade Reigns but in the process accidentally cost Dean Ambrose the match as Alberto Del Rio snuck away with the flash-pinfall. The two argued before the visibily frustrated Ambrose stormed off leaving Roman Reigns to take his place in the gauntlet. The Big Dog came fighting though taking the anger accumulated to defeat Alberto Del Rio with a spear but the numbers game played again as The Miz during his match distracted the referee while Del Rio held on to the legs of Reigns as he tried to re-enter the ring, being counted out in the process. Not waiting for John Cena to make his way out for his place in the gauntlet the two of them pummelled Roman Reigns until the cavalry arrived. Cena & The New Day send El Dorado back and in close proximity John Cena got the pinfall over The Miz to take his place in the main event at No Mercy. Neither member being able to make their way into the WWE Championship match, now both of them are looking for blood as The New Day have not let up their determination in re-capturing their title as tag team championships. Will The New Day show that the team of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio is built on a weak foundation or will El Dorado live up to their name? Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Paige The tournament to crown the inaugural WWE Smackdown Women's Champion was gruelling but when the final match took place at Summerslam it was Becky Lynch who was able to come out on top! The following Smackdown though the problems persisted with the new friendship of NIa Jax & Naomi as the two of them wasted little time trying to make an example of Paige causing a DQ. An incident that that had Becky Lynch rushing to make the save to little success. Daniel Bryan wasted little time making an offical match for the following week, now both tournament finalists after the havoc caused found themselves partnered together attempting to take down the cunning of Naomi & Jax. A partnership that felt almost perfect on paper instead to the shock of the crowd ended in shock as mid-way through the match Paige turned Lynch around and hit the RamPaige! Leaving Jax & Naomi to pick up the pieces the "Anti-Diva" moved up the ramp smiling ove her actions. Wasting no time Becky Lynch took over Smackdown demanding Paige face her actions but wasn't answered, Lynch then proceed to explain she wasn't surprised but upped the anti. Officially challenging Paige to a re-match at No Mercy because all and all she just wanted to rip her limb from limb. It wouldn't be until the following week where we heard from Paige sporting a less social attitude she sat behind the camera explaining her actions and calling Lynch foolish for being so easily pushed into the match. A mistake she'll soon come to regret. Will Paige prove she is the superior woman on Smackdown Live or will Becky Lynch have Paige regretting her actions, walking away empty handed? Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor The Black Sheep has returned home. Braun Strowman stands behind Bray Wyatt as he poses, arm-spread wide over the decimated Finn Balor. Though having earned the victory he wouldn't be walking away from the night intact. What this means for Smackdown Live? A question that can't easily be answered as 'The Eater of Worlds' laughed in a chaotic joy introducing the world once again to the prodigal son of his family. It wouldn't be until a week later that Finn Balor would return to Smackdown, tapped up and bandaged as he recovered from the post match beat down would refuses to stand down, calling out Wyatt to face him right then. The call would be answered but not from the man he expected. Strowman standing at nearly twice his size would instead accept and though Balor put on a valiant fight it would end by stoppage as the Braun refused to released the crippling bear hug. A familiar image as Balor in pain lays at the feet of this returning monster. This is the confidence that Bray Wyatt needed, reassuring his fireflies himself as he spoke words of the broken man known as Finn Balor and the sickness he introduces. Now with The Wyatt Family rejuvenated and seemingly putting to rest their foe, the force would bring destruction against The Lucha Dragons but the resilient Finn Balor would return once again against orders attacking Wyatt as he attempted to do the same to the lucha-duo what was done to Balor prior. The three of them teaming together were able to send Braun over the top rope as Finn hit Wyatt with the Coup De Grace. The rematch set, will Finn Balor be able to overcome the obstacles set before him and once again put Wyatt down or will Bray Wyatt instead inflict more damage on Balor at No Mercy? WWE Intercontinental Champion: Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper Taking full advantage of the opportunity given to him, Adrian Neville became the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion at Summerslam after pinning Apollo Crews and the new champion wasted no time riding his momentum taking a victory on the following Smackdown. Eager to prove his worth as a fighting championship 'The Man That Gravity Forgot' looked to quickly establish who might be stepping up to become his first defence at the upcoming No Mercy PPV. Standing in the ring he called to the back listing possible names such as Finn Balor, Shelton Benjamin but was soon cut short by the interrupting words echoing throughout the arena. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah" 'The Backwoods Brawler' would appear on Smackdown Live again for the first time two weeks later making quick and dominating work of Kalisto as Neville watched from the commentary table. Laying out Kalisto as a sacrificial example for the Intercontinental Champion. Neville followed suit the following week showing off his skills but the high was cut short as Harper would appear from the crowd and hit a discuss lariat on the unsuspecting Heath Slater post match. The two left staring down as the mind games persisted. Will Adrian Neville prove his victory at Summerslam wasn't luck or will Luke Harper be the shadowy presence that brings this reign to a whimpering end? 𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑤 𝑆𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 Week 1, September 2016 | South East| 17.9 Million Viewers | 81 Show Rating Week 2, September 2016 | South East | 17.5 Million Viewers | 77 Show Rating Week 3, September 2016 | South West| 18.1 Million Viewers | 82 Show Rating Week 4, September 2016 | North West | 17.9 Million Viewers | 81 Show Rating Week 1, October 2016 | Mid Atlantic | 18.1 Million Viewers | 82 Show Rating
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    Cody Cage

    Real Baller (NBA 2K19 Diary)

    Welcome to Real Baller, an interactive diary in which I create your players and put them into the NBA, the first people to sign up will be put into the 2018 Draft Class, as more people sign up at a later date they will be put into the later Draft Classes. Everybody will be around the same level when it comes to overall and everyone's potential will be pretty high to guarantee multiple stars to be made. Sign-Up Sheet Name: Height (ft): Weight (lbs): Build/Playstyle: Look: Age (19-23): Position: Badges (One Silver Badge, Three Bronze Badges):
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    I'm back

    So if you didn't know already, I'm back bitches. I got banned for reasons that will not be named. But I'm back so yay. BUT I'M PISSED OFF. I'm not in summerslam votings which makes no sense cos emergence is the closest ppv but oh well. There's always next month. So uh Yeah I'm back. now I just need to be unbanned from the Discord
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    NXT Episode 16 Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese NXT kicks off with the new Cruiserweight champion's first appearance since winning the title. Drew Gulak won the right to be the first number one contender to Cedric's title last week, and as a warm-up, Cedric now faces Gulak's partner, Tony Nese. Ultimately, Cedric is able to put Nese away with a Lumbar Check, proving exactly why he's the man on top of the division. After the match, Drew Gulak comes out to attack Cedric, but TJP arrives right behind him to even the odds before too much damage can be done. TJP and Cedric bump fists as Gulak and Nese retreat, but TJP glares at Cedric's title for a few seconds after. Cedric doesn't seem to notice, but it's clear that TJP has his eyes set on championship gold. . Liv Morgan VS Shayna Baszler Last week, Liv Morgan faced Asuka in an NXT women's title match and fell in quick fashion, but the Riott Squad saved her before Shayna could do too much damage after the match. Tonight, she will have no such luck, facing the Queen of Spades head-on. In a slightly longer match, Shayna Makes Liv Morgan tap to the Kirifuda Clutch in quick fashion. Shayna refuses to let the hold go, and the Riott Squad run out to save their friend. As they enter, Shayna releases the hold and smiles as Ruby and Sarah pull Liv out and retreat, before screaming at the camera that Asuka's next. . Before tonight's main event, NXT cuts to William Regal's office, who announces that courtesy of their victory two weeks ago, next week we will see the Street Profits VS Red Dragon for the right to face the Authors of Pain at TakeOver: Brooklyn III. He wishes both teams luck before turning focus back to NXT for tonight's main event. . Adam Cole VS Gran Metalik In an incredible bout showcasing two of the best NXT's roster has to offer, Adam Cole puts away Gran Metalik with a Last Shot, continuing his impressive momentum since debuting in NXT. After the match, Triple H arrives and says he's been paying attention to NXT closely these past few weeks. He says three men have caught his attention with impressive victories, and as such, we will see a triple threat match in two weeks between Lars Sullivan, Aleister Black and Adam Cole for the right to face Bobby Roode at TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Adam Cole celebrates the news as NXT comes to a close.
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    It's good to be back!

    Welcome back to the forums Steve.
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    It's good to be back!

    Welcome back Steve! Glad to have you back my guy.
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    December 5th Record Standings 1. Houston Rockets 16-4 Russell Westbrook and James Harden have been killing it to start off the season. Harden averaging 28 points per games and Russell getting his triple-double. They have only taken 4 losses this season and all of them being close and less than double-digit. 2. Memphis Grizzlies 15-7 With the 2nd overall pick in the draft, The Grizzlies selected Anthony Edwards. The Grizzlies took the next step despite being such a young time. The young core of Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Anthony Edwards, and Brandon Clarke. Ja Morant has taken the next step and become one of the leagues best point guards and the Grizzlies as of right now are on a roll however with such a young team we really don't know if they could keep this up until the end of the season. 3. Los Angeles Lakers 12-9 The Defending Champs LeBron James entered his 18th season and is still a superstar in the NBA. After his 4th NBA Championship and overcoming a 3-2 lead in the western conference finals last year there is no pressure on LeBron James anymore but you can tell he still wants to win more championships in LA and being the third season in a stacked western conference at the age of 35 is crazy his averages are 24,6,10. He's taking a step back in scoring and Anthony Davis has become the top scorer for the Lakers this season and it has work pretty well for them as of right now. 4. Los Angeles Clippers 12-9 Right next to the Lakers is the Clippers who had most likely the best off-season this past off-season in getting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They have been right there with the Lakers this season and the best defensive team in the NBA as of right now. Paul George is leading the team in scoring and Kawhi is top 5 in MVP votings for this season as of right now. 5. Minnesota Timberwolves 11-8 Karl Anthony Towns and Jarrett Culver have been killing it, Culver came in and played a huge role in the Timberwolves success last year and being a 3rd seed in the western conference and making it to the second round of the playoffs. The Timberwolves continue to have success this season going 11-8. Maybe Jarrett Culver was the piece they needed to make that next step into being in the playoffs. 6. Golden State Warriors 11-8 Despite not having Stephen Curry, The Star of the Warriors. The Warriors seem to still be a playoff team in the west with D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Klay Thompson. It will a little rough after there first win they went on a little bit of a losing streak but they were able to get it going last month only losing 3 games that month. D'Angelo is averaging nearly double digits in assists. While Klay Thompson and Brandon Ingram are averaging 24 points and 20 points a game as of right now. 7. San Antonio Spurs 11-8 Despite the loss of DeMar DeRozan in the offseason, Dejounte Murray has taken the next step and is a runner up as most improved player. Him and Jaylen Brown are right now keeping the Spurs in the playoff picture. Once again Gregg Popovich is keeping his Spurs in the playoff picture but it's only December and there are many teams that are not in the playoff picture right now but are very close to these teams so it will be fun to see before the all-star game to see how this changes. 8. Denver Nuggets 11-9 The Nuggets right now have the 8th seed over the Trail Blazer because they have a more home games that they have won over them. Jamal Murray has been a little bit of a disappointment this season don't get me wrong he is doing things that he did last year even on better shooting percentages but people thought that he would be taking that next step after getting that max rookie extension but there is still alot of the season left to play and he could step it up and break out soon. Next up: The Eastern Conference Standings
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    Return of Bob

    We cut to a video as we see Bob Sparks! A man we have not seen in a fair bit. But he looks a bit different. He has a bit more serious demeanor about him. He looks straight into the camera as he begins to talk with a stern cold look on his face. So you people have wondered where I have been. To be honest I just don’t feel the need to talk to you people. I don’t feel the need to waste my time with those who are below me. And I especially don't feel the need to waste time talking where I could be improving my game. But you people wanted me back so badly and it makes me laugh. We see Bob look at the camera before laughing and beginning to talk again. Now that only makes sense because no matter how badly you hurt me and put me down. You just always seem to want more. More pain, more shattered bones, more dangerous stunts, just for your peoples entertainment. Bob stops for a second as he looks around the room as if he is looking for something, before he brings his focus back to the camera. You see I used to want to entertain you people. But then I thought about it and realized it was not worth it. It’s not worth the pain, the suffering. Cause at the end of the day all I would get is a cheap pop and a few worthless scumbags cheering my name. Bob strokes his beard as he looks up. Remembering the times when he was the hero, the guy that the people loved but that is a very different story now. So from now on I don’t care, I don’t care what you think, how you feel, and how much pain you go through when I crush your heroes and ruin your entertainment. I will destroy everyone in my path and it starts tonight with Icon and Mave. So boys I will see you out there. Be prepared for the hell that is coming to you. Bob then walks off as the camera fades to black.
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    We are backstage in a dark room, a spotlight his shone though on Prince and alongside him is a canvas while in his hand he has a paint brush and pallet. Prince smirks at the camera before beginning to speak. “Ah, perfect timing. You see, before The Prince was blindsided by that numpty Keriso he was explaining to you all how he was an artist. While The Princes elegance in the ring is one example of this, another way is on canvas. He welcomes you to join him on creation of his newest piece “Keriso: The Man Who Messed Up”. Prince gains to put brush to canvas, starting with three men, one on the ground and one standing up with his arm raised by the other. “You see, the process of painting is very similar to The Prince’s philosophy in the ring. You begin by understanding the basics, making sure the foundations are there before you try go that extra step.” Prince continues on, adding more details to the three men, the one getting his arm raised as a joyful look on his face while the one on the ground has a look of painful across their face. “Then, you can have fun. This is where you challenge what people think of you, The Prince adds these details that gets the people thinking; always leave them wanting more. Make these people actually use their brains for once, get them to understand what the Prince does is rare. Those are the finer details.” Prince paints the customs of the men, one in a referee’s kit, the one on the ground in pain being Keriso and Prince being the one with his arm raised. “At some point, they will realise. You keep going until they can’t ignore you anymore, you MAKE them pay attention to you. How? By answering them. ‘Can The Prince do better?’ ‘Does he even still have it?’ The answer is yes. You see…” Prince is reluctant for a second as he stops painting before taking a deep breath. “The Prince has a tendency to get stuck in his own head, thinking the people say more about him then they really do. He has been in a slump for quite a while now, which hurts him. What Keriso did also hurt him. Yet we all know an artist’s best work comes from an emotional view so in a way, he is happy with what Keriso did. He gets to show the world why he is still a force to be reckoned with, no longer will he have this artists block.” We go into a time lapse as Prince finishes in drawing, by the end it has Prince being victorious over Keriso in a ring with his hand raised with the words Emergence painted into the background of it. He gives one final look into the camera before walking off.
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    Shiz Buster

    The King & The Boss

    . As Emergence continues to go underway, the crowd’s attention is turned to the titantron where they see Bashka, with a camera set up on a table opposite him and him sitting on a chair, staring directly into the camera with a pissed off look on his face. The last time we saw him was when his call out of Slim was ruined by Flynn. It’s a safe bet that he is not happy with Slim sending Flynn out to do his dirty work and now he’s here to address that. He sits there for about 15 seconds, dead silence and nothing more than just his stare visible for the audience. Eventually, he breathes in, breathes out and begins to speak Ruined. Everything, ruined. My entire month, this was supposed to be MINE. I finally beat the system and reclaimed my spot in this company by regaining this belt, simply a belt. A belt I’ve been striving, scratching and clawing to claim every I came back to this company but this time, I did it. I thought this was my time to shine, but the spotlight has been turned away from me. I sit in this chair, with my title over my shoulder and yet Slim seems to believe he already has possession of it, and I’m just keeping it warm for him. He couldn’t be more wrong. I did not fight this long to get back to where I am to let you take it from me without a fight. You may not be my main focus heading into Summerslam and that’s for a reason, but I’m damn sure that I’m still going to walk out of that arena potentially covered in blood and sweat, but with my championship grasped firmly in my hand still. As for my real opponent, Brenden..goddamn Playz. You asked me why? Why would I tarnish years upon years of friendship simply out of an adrenaline rush and for the hoping of a match? Well you can take your friendship and you can shove it straight up your ass because it doesn’t mean a damn thing to me anymore. If you were anything else to me besides th guy who hands me my cheques than maybe, just maybe I would’ve come to the ring and politely asked ‘I would like a match with you at SummerSlam.’ But people just don’t pay to see that. They pay to watch us come out here and kick ass, not to see a friendly agreement, so I did what anyone with a set of balls would do and I put my fists straight into your face and sent you to hospital. I don’t care that your name is also the name of the place I work for. If you want a match, if you want to be a champion, then you better learn to handle the damn heat and take the hits like a man. Bashka stands up and kicks the chair he was sitting on, before lifting up the camera to his face and continuing his message You claim that my spotlight burnt out, but you never even had a spotlight. Nobody cares about you, until you throw in formidable opponents like myself and Bailey, then people care. Nobody cares about you, until you’re paired with great tag team partners like Ross and Sameer, then people care. People see you as the boss, they don’t see you as a great wrestler, they don’t see you as somebody they pay to watch, it just so happens you’re at the head of this company that people pour money into to see ME. So Brenden, you better believe that I’m at the Tropicana Field tonight, I’m not filming this from my home town, I’m in the building and if I was in your position, I’d watch your back because you never know when this face is going to appear. Right. Behind. You. Bashka winks into the camera and instantly, the shot flashes to black and all the lights in the arena come back up, leaving the audience to wonder about what role ‘The Leader’ will have in tonight’s tag team title match.
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    Global Series Climax Night 11 6 Tag Team Match Kenji, Brett Storm, and Jay Sellers vs Prince, Bubba, and Beastly First match of the night is a 6 man tag match between ASCENT and Villain’s Kingdom, pretty decent 6 man match, with lots of great teamwork from both teams. It would be Kenji getting the win for his team after pinning Prince. 9:24 6 Tag Team Match Raven, Hollow, and Gill vs Joshua Scott, Evolution, and Bulldozer Another 6 man tag as Necce’s Gathering takes on Joshua Scott, Evolution, and Bulldozer. The match doesn’t last very long as Josh’s team gets dominated, with Josh getting some offense in but Raven would pin Bulldozer for the 1,2,3. 3:23 Singles Match Brad vs Alex Costa Brad takes on Alex Costa in the first tournament match of the night, both using their offense to the best of their ability, the match was hard hitting with Brad getting the win at the end via pinfall. 10:23 Singles Match FDS vs Yelich Next match is between Yelich and FDS, both members of Necce’s Gathering, despite them having an alliance, these two go at it as they both want to win this badly. At the end it was FDS with the victory after hitting his finisher. The two shake hands after a hard fought battle. 14:25 Singles Match Bailey vs Kieron Black Next contest is battle between Bailey and Kieron Black, Kieron is looking to win his 2nd match here in Global Series Climax. The match was pretty solid, with tons of great counters and big moves. What may be the biggest upset in the entire tournament Kieron defeated Bailey however it was from a countout victory. Bailey could not make the 20 count after bleeding from his head. 15:45 Singles Match Maasa vs Bart Nextup, Bart takes on Maasa, wasn’t an easy match like Bart expected as Maasa would try his hardest to defeat Bart but it wasn't enough, Bart wins via pinfall. He is now 6 - 0 in this tournament. 8:01 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Slim Main event of the evening as Xaiver King takes on Slim, both have a shared history with King winning his first world title from Slim. Very fast paced, lots of great wrestling between these two. At the end it would be King getting the win here as Slim gets pinned after King hits his finisher. 27:24 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 12 Tag Team Match Buddy Ace & Yelich vs George & James Hunter Buddy Ace and Yelich takes on George and James Hunter to open things up, was pretty decent match with Buddy and Yelich getting the win after pinning James Hunter 7:23 6 Tag Team Match Sameer, Ropati and Bailey vs Slim, Natedog, and Ross Huge 6 man tag as Big Ballers took on ASCENT. Was an awesome 6 man tag match with everybody giving it their all. The match would end with Sameer pinning Ross for the victory. 12:10 Singles Match Mikey vs Arius First tournament match of the night as Mikey takes on Arius this win can be crucial for both men need this victory. Arius with his mind games and Mikey’s explosive offense makes for a great match. However it would be Arius with the win after making Mikey pass out with a submission. 16:21 Singles Match Bashka vs Marker Nextup, Bashka takes on Marker who has been on a losing streak as of late, can Marker get his first win in the tournament? Pretty solid match with Marker using his strong style offense but it would be Bashka with the win getting him 6 points in the tournament. 11:58 Singles Match Flynn vs Aaron North Flynn goes one on one with Aaron North, can Aaron North get a win over the veteran Flynn tonight? Another alright match, with North using his technical abilities to try and make Flynn tap but it would be the dreaded FKO would be North’s downfall with Flynn picking the win. 12:21 Singles Match Hans vs Evolution Before the main event, Hans takes on Evoultion in what was a short match with Hans picking up the easy victory. 4:45 Singles Match Necce vs Julius Main event of the evening as Julius goes up against Necee. This was an amazing match with both men using their in ring psychology to tell a fantastic and brutal story, Just when we thought Necce won the match, Bang! Julius hit the Claymore Kick and defeats Necce! The crowd goes insane as Necce has gained his first loss of the tournament. 24:23 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 12 Julius 11 Bailey 8 Flynn 11 Slim 8 Necce 10 Xaiver King 8 Hans 8 FDS 8 Arius 8 Yelich 6 Bashka 6 Brad 4 Mikey 4 Kieron Black 4 Aaron North 2 Alex Costa 2 Marker 0 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    Sameer Ropati Prince Xavier King Jack Bashka Siege
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    Shiz Buster

    Steve Graphics Is BACK

    I like them Steve! The first two give me a Red Dead Redemption vibe which I feel like is what you were going for. Good to see you back in the graphics game.
  27. 1 point
    Alex Costa

    It's good to be back!

    Glad to see an old member return so welcome Steve. You might not know me but I will enjoy learning about your Graphics work and talk about wrestling with you.
  28. 1 point

    It's good to be back!

    Fantastic to have you back. I look forward to seeing your new graphics work.
  29. 1 point
    The Juggernaut Corey

    It's good to be back!

    Welcome Back Steve, I recently returned also! I don't know you well but I can't wait till I do!
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    Isaiah Carter

    UFC - The Promise Land

    FIGHT NIGHT 5 RESULTS Bailey Justin Defeated Aaron Lehmann By KO 56 Seconds Into Round 2 - NEW WORLD CHAMPION (REDACTED) Gordon Constantine Defeated Storm Jacobs By KO 3:41 Minutes Into Round 2 - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT James Ropati Defeated Ben Francis By KO 3:43 Minutes Into Round 2 Julius Jones Defeated A Kid By KO 2:41 Minutes Into Round 1 James Barros Defeated Mark Andrews By Judge Decision Connor Mcgregor KILLED TOXIK BULLDOZER - HES DONE
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    I Can't Odd

    The Protest

    A new song plays as a familiar face comes out from the back. Buddy Ace struts back and forth on the stage with a microphone in hand letting the music play out for a bit, soaking up the fan reaction. “Quite the spectacle we have here, huh fellas? Yelich as always is here throwing things into chaos. I do have to admit it's pretty entertaining to watch you rant and rave about conspiracies and such being plotted against you. And hey, maybe there is a conspiracy against you and one against me and one against Bulldozer and do you see how ridiculous that is? Trust me Yelich I know all about what it's like to lose and lose over and over. It can drive a man crazy, and in this case I think it literally has, but that doesn't entitle you to anything. You need to stop embarrassing yourself with all this nonsense and just own up to the fact that up to his point you have just not been able to cut it. It's a hard truth to face but you have to before you get anywhere. Trust me when I say I think you and everyone else in this match is great but you're making such a ruckus over this and I think the hilarity of it has started to wane just a bit. Save all that energy for the match this Sunday because you will need it. Nobody here plans on rolling over and letting you walk away with that briefcase without a fight and it will be one hell of a fight at Emergence." "Joh, you have the highest seniority in this match. A long time veteran here in BPZ. I don't agree with our pal Mikey's assessment about you. You have the skill and the heart to keep going even today and at a higher level than many others. You've had what some would say qualifies as a Hall of Fame career so far and I think you'll probably add a few more accolades to your record before you're through. With that out there, what would it say about the rest of us in this match if we let you win this match? I mean sure, we can always use the cop out of saying you're a longtime veteran and how there's no shame in it, you know the typical stuff. While it is true that there would be no shame in losing to you I can't help but feel that we would be letting down this company. I mean the North American Championship is a brand new championship that I think should be carried by new guys into being just as prestigious as the rest. We wouldn't really be doing our job if a long tenured man such as yourself can overcome us, right?" "Hans...you're simply one of the best there is today. When you first came to BPZ everyone agreed that there was a special air about you but then you surpassed expectations. BPZMania you came out of left field and managed to win the NXT Championship. You're the current US Champion, you had a career defining performance against Julius in the Powertrip Cup quarter finals, then had another incredible run to the finals of the King of The Ring tournament, once again only falling to winner Julius. It's only a matter of time before you break through to the next level and winning the To The Top match could be the first step towards that. Well let me take this moment to put you on notice. Sooner or later I will once again challenge for the United States Championship and when I do I plan on winning it. Whether or not you'll be champion or not I don't know but if you are, I plan on beating the crap out of you." "Mikey you just won your first championship in this company very recently and you chose to vacate it as you are now ready for the next step. I like you a lot, I always did. You say you'll go on to do great things and I believe you. If you think that you'll be doing all those great things before me though, you're in for a rude awakening. We're chasing the same things but I will come out on top. You are in fact the underdog because you are not ready. You've got too big of an ego and it's blinding you. I'm sure you feel on top of the world but let's be honest, you aren't above NXT, you ran away from it because you were afraid of getting your head pounded into the mat by one of the many other talented people in that division. I'd say it's a smart move but frankly it isn't. All you've done is run right into an even tougher challenge and you'll fine that out soon enough. Eventually you'll get your jaw broken but until then feel free to keep talking wild while you can." A group of security guards rushes past Buddy and the other competitors to finally take back control of the show. As the security scuffle to remove the protesters, Carnage goes to a commercial break.
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    Kicking off Emergence

    We kick off Emergence with a video hyping our main event, Julius vs. Flynn. Then, we cut to the stage as pyro lights up the arena before lights flash, and we are welcomed to the Emergence pay-per-view by our commentary team, TheGRV and Sandman. They welcome us to the show before they are cut off by a theme to the boos from the crowd. "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" by Pusha T blasts through the arena, as Slim emerges, donning a blue and white suit tonight, with his two chains, with a gold rolex on his left wrist. He walks down to the ring, smirking at the crowd, as he grabs a microphone, to begin Emergence. WELCOME. TO. EMERGENCE. Tonight, you will see second-rate superstars fight over meaningless conflicts, men who aren't good enough to be booked on our second biggest pay-per-view of the year, SummerSlam. So you may ask, why am I here, if all there is, is second-rate superstars? Well, I have a message to send. While these are second-rate superstars, I do feel disrespected I'm not on this card, so I'm here to f*ck someone over. No one will see it coming, no one will know what, how, or when, but tonight, someone will fall at my hands and they will regret the day they decided to disrespect The Don. Boos as Slim confirms he is here to indeed screw someone over tonight, not watch as a spectator. Tonight marks a new era, for so long I have wadded away in meaningless feuds without any direction, letting other people decide what I do, but tonight, I regain my grip on this company's throat with my iron fist as I rule over. Because at the end of the day, all these superstars you see competing, they answer to me. I am not just a man, I am a don! I am a KING. I control shit around here and tonight will be the biggest chess move of all-time. What separates me from the rest is that I am always... three... steps... ahead. So now, I'm gonna allow these matches to proceed, and I'm gonna take my seat... Enjoy the show, everyone. And don't worry, you haven't seen the last of me in this ring tonight... Slim breaks out into an evil smirk, as he throws the microphone out of the ring and slides out, hopping over the barricade as he takes his seat, with the camera panning to him smiling, before it's flipped to the stage as a theme song hits.
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    WWE 2013.

    The pyro goes off as The crowd cheers here in Phoenix Arizona!. The bell rings as Lillian Garcia says the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the world heavyweight championship! The big shows music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Lilian: Introducing first weighing in a over 500 pounds, he is the challenger for the world heavyweight championship, The Big Show! *JBL and Cole recap the last few weeks of Smackdown showing how Del Rio became champion and how the match came about* *Backstage we see Del Rio walking with Ricardo when they are stopped by Bret Hart who endorses Del rio, Ricardo becomes a Mark for the Hitman and in return Hitman puts his Glasses on Ricardo as Del rio tells Ricardo his match is next* *We get back to ringside to where Cole, JBL and King introduce The Spanish announce team, Lilian Introduces Del Rio’s personal Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriquez* Ricardo says something in Spanish then says: ALBERTO DELLLLLLLLLL RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIOOOOOO! *Del Rio’s music hits as The World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the fans.* *The Bell rings as the match begins, Big show taking Del Rio to the corner and delivering some of his vicisous chops, Del rio tries to get some offense in but Show just regains control. Show is dominate in the early parts of the match, reminding the fans of the Big Show of old. Big Show decides that his hands aren’t enough to do damage and he decides to grab a chair. He takes his time which allows Del rio some Time to recover. As Show is getting in the ring, Del Rio kicks the Top Rope which causes Show to fall in the ring and drop the chair. The Fans begin to cheer as Del Rio picks up the chair, He points to Show as the fans begin to chant Si with every chair shot. After many Chair Shots, The Ref begins to count: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 1- No Big Show makes it up before the count of 10. Del Rio is on the middle rope now with the chair in hand, He Jumps off but Big Show Catches him and Delivers a Choke Slam. Del Rio is down, Big Show is Groggy on the Ropes, as the ref is on the count of 5, Show walks over and picks up Del Rio breaking the count, He Throws Del Rio out of the ring and soon follows him. He Takes Del Rio and Battles up the ramp as he is just dominating Del Rio 10 minutes into the match. Big Show looks around and sees a table, He Grabs it and sets it up. He Tells the Crowd he’s about to finish it when he grabs Del Rio and Chokeslams him through the table. The Ref begins the count, Slowly counting to 10, Del Rio gets up at the count of 9 and then falls back down, breaking the count. Big Show clearly upset, Grabs Del Rio and starts beating him all the way back to the ring. He Gets him to into the ring, and Begins to set up for the KO Punch, Del rio slowly gets up, Show goes to deliver the KO Punch, Del Rio ducks and Hits Show with a Enziguri, this rocks big show, Del Rio then Hits another, Big Show goes to a knee. Del rio grabs a Chair and then hits Show in the back of the head, Knocking him out for a 10 count as Alberto Del Rio Successfully Retains the World Heavyweight Championship @15:45 *We cut backstage to where Matt Striker is standing by with Mr.MITB Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E.* Matt Striker: Dolph you outlast Sheamus and Randy Orton in the beat the clock challenge- Dolph Ziggler: Yeah yeah, Vickie Guerrero knows there is no difference between one and two when it comes to the royal rumble match. So tonight, Im going to enter the royal rumble at number one. I’m going to go on to wrestlemania and become the new WWE Champion and then Im going to cash in and become the First Ever Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion on the grandest stage of them all then everyone will know exactly why I am the Show Off! *Team Rhodes Scholars music hits as they make their way to the ring for the tag team title match* *Kanes Music hits as Team Hell No makes their way to the ring to defend their tag team titles* The Bell Rings as Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes start the match, Neither man can one up each other. There’s a clear indication here that both men are evenly matched. Damien Sandow ask for a tag from cody, Cody tags in Damien as Bryan Tags in kane. Kane and Sandow stare each other down, Sandow then begins to get into a battle of wits with Kane, who just delivers a throat chop to Sandow sending him to the canvas. Kane begins his assault on Sandow in the corner as he begins laying in a fury of punches, Cody screaming in his corner for Sandow to get free. Kane grabs Sandow by the arm and makes the tag to Daniel bryan. Bryan grabs the arm but is raked in the eyes by Sandow, the ref admonishes Sandow who begins to gain the upper hand on Bryan. Sandow showing off his mat wrestling capabilities with one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today. Sandow makes a tag to cody who locks in a chin lock on Bryan Slowing the match down a bit. Daniel Bryan is trying to fire the people up asking for their help, Cody shaking his head and yelling no and shut up. Daniel fights up and delivers a couple elbows to cody as he goes to hit the ropes only for Cody to pull Bryan down by his hair. Cody makes a tag to Sandow as Sandow hits the Cubito Aequet or the Elbow of Disdain, he goes for a cover but bryan kicks out at two. Sandow can’t believe it. He goes on a range and begins to kick Bryan while he is down, Kane enters the ring as does cody. A big brawl ensues by all four men, kane sends cody to the outside with a big boot. Sandow turns his attentions to Kane, Kane grabs Sandow by the throat and hit a Chokeslam as Daniel Bryan makes the cover for the three count. Winners and Still Tag Team Champions Team Hell no! @12:21 *We get a video package telling the fans the stats of the Royal Rumble* *Justin Roberts is standing in the ring as he explains the Royal Rumble Rules when Dolph Ziggler’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring* *Ziggler cuts a quick little promo as Chris Jericho’s music hits as he is returning to the WWE at the number two position* The match starts and Ziggler and Jericho trade some words before locking up and doing some standard wrestling. Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Time Eliminations[18] 1 Dolph Ziggler 27 Sheamus 49:47 2 2 Chris Jericho 25 Dolph Ziggler 47:53 2 3 Cody Rhodes 12 John Cena 27:39 4 4 Kofi Kingston 9 Cody Rhodes 22:18 2 5 Santino Marella 1 00:55 0 6 Drew McIntyre 2 Chris Jericho 02:40 0 7 Titus O'Neil 3 Sheamus 07:30 0 8 Goldust 5 Cody Rhodes 09:41 0 9 David Otunga 4 Sheamus 04:24 0 10 Heath Slater 11 John Cena 15:49 1 11 Sheamus 28 Ryback 37:23 5 12 Tensai 7 Kofi Kingston 05:37 0 13 Brodus Clay 6 Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Darren Young, Heath Slater & Sheamus 03:47 0 14 Rey Mysterio 13 Wade Barrett 15:43 0 15 Darren Young 8 Kofi Kingston 02:51 1 16 Bo Dallas 21 Wade Barrett1 21:42 1 17 The Godfather 10 Dolph Ziggler 00:05 0 18 Wade Barrett 20 Bo Dallas 20:34 2 19 John Cena - Winner 26:39 4 20 Damien Sandow 22 Ryback 16:26 0 21 Daniel Bryan 16 Antonio Cesaro & Kane2 07:55 2 22 Antonio Cesaro 18 John Cena 08:50 1 23 The Great Khali 14 Daniel Bryan & Kane 03:08 0 24 Kane 15 Daniel Bryan 01:46 2 25 Zack Ryder 17 Randy Orton 02:34 0 26 Randy Orton 26 Ryback 10:20 1 27 Jinder Mahal 19 Sheamus 02:10 0 28 The Miz 24 Ryback 05:08 0 29 Sin Cara 23 03:27 0 30 Ryback 29 John Cena 09:06 5 The Winner of the Royal Rumble match at the 56:06 mark and going to Wrestlemania to either face The Rock or CM Punk, JOHN CENA! *The key points in the Royal Rumble match* -Ziggler and Jericho feud gets reignited -Goldust returns and sets his sights on Cody Rhodes -John Cena gets his redemption and gets his mania match *The Camera cuts backstage where The Rock is standing by to get interviewed by Matt Striker* Matt: Now Rock tonight you have the chance to do something historic and that’s end the reign of CM Punk as WWE Champion and win your 8th WWE Championship, my question is, what is running through your mind at this moment? *The Rock pauses as the fans cheer* The Rock: FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO PHENOIX ARIZONA! Matt Striker you ask the Rock what’s going through his mind, The answer is this. I’m going to open up a grade A can of whoop ass on CM Punk, tonight in front of the millions! *Fans chant Millions* and Millions of the Rock Fans and tonight The Rock will become the next WWE Champion and go on to main event Wrestlemania! If you smellllllllll what the rock! Is Cooking *We get a promo package highlighting the Feud between The Rock and CM Punk* *Cult of Personality hits as CM Punk makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. The Champion showing a arrogance on his face as he knows he has a ace in the hole so to speak. Punk as cocky as ever taunts in the ring as Heyman holds the WWE Championship high for all the world to see.* *Theres a pause as theres a chill in the arena as the fans are waiting for the rock to make his entrance* *IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!* *The fans come unglued to see The Rock make his way to the ring, Rock stops on the ramp to take it all in. He makes his way to the ring and Steps onto the middle rop in the corner and raises his arm in the arm, the fans going nuts. The Rock gets into the ring and the Crowd is pumped and ready for the Main Event of the lifetime* Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for One Fall and is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Miami Florida weighing in at 235 pounds, The ROCK! And introducing the champion- *He gets cut off by paul heyman* Paul Heyman- Ladies and Gentleman introducing the reigning and defending WWE Champion! From Chicago Illinois! The BEST IN THE WORLD C M PUNK! *The Bell rings as Rock and punk have a staredown, they share some words unaudible to the cameras, They lock up and do some old school wrestling, neither man getting the better hand of each other, Punk being the heel he rakes Rocks eyes and begins to take control of the match, He taunts Rock and the Crowd at every move. Punk has the upper hand here when Rock begins firing back, the fans cheering with every punch the rock delivers. The Rock Grabs put and sets up for a Rock Bottom, Punk gets out of it and hits Rock with a Kick to the head. The match has been a great one with ups and downs at every moment. The Rock locking in a sharpshooter on Punk, Punk Locking in a anaconda vice on Rock. Punk hitting a GTS on Rock for rock to kick out at 2 and three quarters. The Ending of the match would occur on the outside of the ring when Rock and punk are battleing inside the ring when the lights go out and The Shield triple powerbomb Rock, when the lights come back on, punk is covering Rock as Punk gets the 3 count defeating the rock to retain the WWE Championship. *Vince McMahons Music hits* VKM: Punk, I suppose you think everyone here is stupid, I’m cutting your celebration short because I told you if The Shield interfered that I would strip you of the WWE Championship and that is exactly what I am going to do. So as The Chairman of the board- *The Rock on the outside of the ring has a mic* The Rock- No No that is not how this night will end, Vince, Punk wants to win with the help of the shield then restart this match as a no dq match! VKM: You heard him time keeper! RING THE BELL! *The Match restarted, Rock back in the ring, he drops punk with a rock bottom and hits a peoples elbow, he covers Punk but Paul Heyman breaks up the three count. The Rock turns his attention to Heyman, He Grabs Heyman and hits a rock bottom on Heyman, Punk is back up now as Rock has his back turned, Punk title in hand he Nails the rock with the title, picks him up and hits a GTS as the ref counts 3!* Justin Roberts: Your winner of the match! And Still WWE CHAMPION! CM PUNK! *The crowd reigns down boos as Punk stands victorious over the great one, he holds the WWE Title high over his head as Rock is Laying bloodied on the canvas as Royal Rumble comes to a close*
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Emergence Preview Well it's that time once again where I come into the studio to take a break from my amazing A-List life to preview for you the upcoming BPZ PPV, and this time we are making a stop at Tampa Bay for BPZ Emergence. Some exciting matches on this card and of course some interesting storylines heading in making this yet another unmissable event on the BPZ Calendar 5. The Return of BiC In what was an event filled with returns, King of The Ring brought us the return of Smith and Bart but something that was seemingly forgotten was the return of BiC who has been sitting out the last couple of months with an ankle injury suffered at the hands of Julius. BiC has his hands full with one of the stars of the future in Raven. Raven however enters this match fresh off losing the NXT Championship so a bounceback win will definitely be on the budding star's mind. This should be a great contest between two very different competitors and a win by either man should continue to move them up the BPZ Totem Pole 4. Tag-Title Showdown At the King of The Ring PPV we determined a new Number One Contender for the Tag-Team Championships. In what was a brutal affair, George and Blade known collectively as Deadman's Hand took the victory and now have themselves an opportunity to take the titles off of the Big Ballers. This opportunity couldn't come at a better time for these two with George in sublime form recently and both Brenden and Sameer having different matters on their minds. In saying that, Brenden and Sameer are amazing talents and will still be the favourites heading into this match. Will the Big Ballers retain their tag titles once again, or will they fall to the Deadman's Hand 3. Barbed-Based Brutality It's safe to say that KENJI's time in BPZ thus far hasn't gone exactly the way he had planned. Coming in with major potential, Kenji would be plagued by a losing streak which he was able to break in the King of The Ring First Round and is now looking to keep that momentum alive taking on BPZ Hall of Famer Brad. The catch to this is that this wont be your regular 1v1 match this will be a Barbed Wire Massacre. We know Brad has the killer mentality but with KENJI not so much. This match is the perfect chance to show what KENJI is really made of 2. To The Top It's back, The To The Top ladder match has now returned and we have a very impressive field taking part this year. Hans, Sheridan, Mikey, Joh, Buddy Ace and Yelich will all be vying for that chance to challenge the North American Champion any time anyplace. Yelich has experience being a winner of this match in his own right, Hans is on fire at the moment, Buddy Ace has the potential, Mikey has the momentum, Joh is a bonafide Hall of Famer and Sheridan brings something unique to this contest that most of these competitors won't be expecting. This should be great and all 6 of these competitors are deserving but who will rise to the top? 1. Flynn vs Julius: Unleashed Our Main Event of the evening features the Undisputed Champion Flynn taking on the Red Hot, 2019 King of The Ring Winner Julius. These men have history, everyone knows about it and this should be another cracking contest. Both these men have become a lot more vicious since they last faced in the ring so look for utter carnage to take place throughout the arena. This should be a war, a war you wont want to miss
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    Cody Cage: The Arrival

    As Cody walks down the ramp, overwhelmed by the positive reception to his return, he was caught entirely by surprise when the lights suddenly cut to black during his entrance. The audience is unsure of what happened, initially seeming like it's a power outage, but the lights soon return, a bit dimmer than before. Cody is surprised, but he shakes it off and continues his entrance. This time, he makes it to the ring apron before the lights cut to black yet again. When the lights return once more, they're much dimmer than before. Cody and the audience are now sufficiently confused. Cody continues his entrance, much slower and more wary than before, but enters the ring and appears to be continuing with his promo. Before he can say anything, the titantron lights up the arena. A distorted voice makes a brief narration, hidden behind the image of a hypnotic black and white swirl. Nervous, Cody? Not the big return you expected? Heh heh...Isn't that funny? Hate to say it, but BPZ's moved on since your absence...We don't need you here anymore...And now that you've set your sights on the NXT championship...It's my duty to erase you. As the voice says this, the titantron cuts out once more, shrouding the arena in darkness. The audience is left in a state of utter shock and concern, and as the lights return, their fears are realized. Cody is left laid out in the middle of the ring, nothing nearby except a baseball bat covered in blood, and next to it, a card depicting a Joker from a deck of playing cards, a splotch of blood staining the corner. The arena is then serenaded by the horrific sound of laughter blasting over the titantron, as though this mystery assailant has earned some sense of disgusting joy at his handiwork. Whoever this strange man is, he's clearly set his sights on not just Cody, but on the NXT division as a whole, and the segment concludes with the sickening laughter cutting through the arena.
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    Cody Cage

    Cody Cage: The Arrival

    "Man, what can I say, this has been a very rough time." "I'm not a fan of trying to make things dramatic, I'm more of just, trying to hide meaning into what I do and let others figure it out themselves." "I took a break from wrestling for a reason, I needed to clear out my mind, give me some space and figure out the roads for myself, that's until I realised that this is what I love, I love wrestling, I love being out here and entertaining all these fans, I love trying to make people happy. I love the competition this business offers, I love doing this "And there is nothing I can do about it other than follow my dreams." Cody Cage takes a look at the city that he lives in, he thinks to himself about all the buildings and how they were made, all by hand, all were started from the bottom and risen up to the top, he then takes a look back at his career and realises that he never got off the starting stage, he never truly continued his way to the top, he always gave up. Cody Cage takes a look at the lakes in the country side area, he looks at them and thinks about how polluted all these lakes are getting, all these lakes are getting ruined because nobody cares about them, there is nobody to protect the lake from getting more rubbish throw inside of it, Cody then takes a look at himself, he realises that such things like trash may slow him down but he can't let it bother him. Cody grabs the car keys from his wallet and rushes inside of his car, his mind has one place on his mind, and that is exactly where he is heading. Cody is rushing to that place, his isolation, his escape from reality, he is breaking the speed law and Cody knows it. At this point, death doesn't matter to him. After a stressful ride, Cody hops out of the car with alcohol in his hand, he walks over to the forest and walks down a hill, he gets to a clear spot with multiple logs around the open field, he takes a seat on one and opens up the beer can. "This life is truly a gift, I shouldn't be wasting it like this, but what else can I do? It's not like I can go back, I've messed up this dream of mine and now I regret it. I'm pathetic, I shouldn't let this hold me back, maybe if I try hard enough, I can get back to where I left off. But is it worth it now? Maybe I've been giving up on my dream for so long that it gave up on me?" Cody stands up and puts the beer can down, his mind rushing to try and make a decision but he is overwhelmed with feelings. He doesn't feel human anymore, he feels broken. Cody gets back in the car and with a mind at war, he must make a decision quick, this war in his mind keeps the demons away. Cody realises what he must do and starts the engine to the car, his mind still at war. Cody stands outside of the office building, it isn't just any office building, it is the BrendenPlayz Wrestling Office, this building holds many memories to Cody and he wants to make his dreams come true again. He enters the building without a smile, no emotion, he doesn't know what's gonna happen next, but he is trying to ready himself mentally. After an hour passed in the building, Cody Cage leaves with a journal in one of his hands and his phone in the other. Cody stands outside looking at the ground until he suddenly breaks down crying, pushing himself to the floor, he tries wiping his tears but they keep coming, his mind will finally be able to rest as he opens the journal and the first thing he sees is a schedule, the big red circle is marked around SummerSlam, the event that Cody will return at, but for know, he must re-introduce himself to the fans. The big day for Cody has arrived, he gets to meet the Carnage crowd again, he gets to hear the cheering and most importantly he wants the crowd to remember his name. Cody takes a big breath and drinks some water before his entrance, he is waiting patiently for his moment. Cody hears the producer saying his name, before suddenly realising that it's finally his turn. His heart drops and Cody starts panicking, he takes one last drink from his water bottle and runs up to the curtains, as he moves them out of his way and rushes to the entrance ramp, he gets reminded of all the memories of doing this. He takes a look at all the bright lights whilst he embraces the crowd, this is a feeling he hasn't felt in a long time, they chant his name, "Cody Cage! Cody Cage! Cody Cage!" and the other side of the arena chants "Welcome Back! Welcome Back!", Cody takes a look at all the faces in the crowd and moves slowly down the ramp. And then terror struck...
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    Shiz Buster

    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    September 9th 2019 | Road to Bad Blood SAMEER RESPONDS Sameer opened up this episode of Carnage by explaining what he thinks of the statement Brenden Playz has declared against him. Sameer: “Over the past two weeks I’ve had quite a while to think and consider why Brenden, somebody I thought was my best friend and somebody I could rely on is the same guy that when I reached the top of the mountain and felt untouchable, reached peak jealously by attempting to bring me down to earth. I am dedicated to doing what I say and what I say is that this reign will not be a little stint, but I will become the greatest champion in the history of this company, and if that goal requires I beat the guy that used to pay my cheque’s, then that’s what I’m willing to go through. I’m it going to back down from this fight and if Brenden wants my title, he better f*cking fight for it. At Bad Blood, I WANT PLAYZ. ” Following this, the wife of Brenden, Keeley’s music hits and she wanders down to the ring to address Sameer. She grabs a microphone and goes to speak, until Sameer rolls his eyes and NAILS HER WITH A SUPERKICK! HE SUPERKICKED BRENDEN’S WIFE! Sameer then picks up his mic and says “I didn’t want that one” before leaving the ring and heading backstage as medics check on Keeley after the actions of the World Champion. TAG TEAM NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH: FIRST CLASS EXPRESS VS UNITED NATIONS The team that will face The New Order at Bad Blood for the tag team championships will be decided in this match; whether we see a rematch from SummerSlam or the rest of United Nations take on the rest of The New Order. United Nations picked up the victory here and afterwards, Joh & Monda motioned that they would have the titles around their waist come Bad Blood. ROPATI IS HOME After returning two weeks ago and securing his spot in Bad Blood’s Money in the Bank match, Ropati came to the ring and delivered this message. Ropati: “After so many days, I am finally home and damn, it feels good. What a way to mark my return than winning the money in the bank match, cashing in my opportunity on Sameer and walking out of wherever I decide with the big gold belt over my shoulder. For too long have I been overlooked and seen as an underdog despite proving myself time after time. Sameer uses the briefcase as his launching pad into the main event scene, onto the posters and and it’s time I take a page from his book and use it against him.” This led to “Suge” by DaBaby hitting and for the second time tonight, World Champion Sameer makes his way to the ring showing off his belt on the way down. He hops in the ring and grabs Ropati’s microphone Sameer: “It’s great to see you back, James. I guess it’s just a shame that you wrote your own ticket back to the hospital by mentioning my name. You see, I scratched and clawed for years to get where I am now and now that I’m here, don’t think for one second I’m letting it go to you, a paranoid businessman or whoever wins that briefcase.” To the surprise of everyone, Nate’s music hits and the Intercontinental Champion walks out alone. He staunches to the ring and offers a handshake to Ropati, which is declined by the Kiwi Buzzsaw. Nate: “I don’t know about Sameer or these people, but I am so excited to see you back Ropati. I completely agree with you, it’s awful how much you get overlooked despite you jumping hurdle after hurdle and I know how you feel, I’ve been in that position before. You know how I overcame that moniker of ‘The Underdog’? I joined forces with the most dominant forces at the time, which was Slim & Smith to form The Order. I am offering you an opportunity, defeat that degrading title, win Money in the Bank and secure yourself at the top of this company alongside myself, Slim & Necce. Be part of The New Order, you’ll be considered a winner forever.” Sameer & Ropati look at each other and laugh, before Ropati begins responding to Nate’s offer Ropati: “While good, I am not interested at all in your offer. I have been stabbed in the back far too many times to trust guys with a track record like Slim or Necce. You shouldn’t have bothered wasting your time coming out here and trying to propose this to me. However, while you’re out here I want to address something. I’ve seen the sh*t that you and your cronies have spoken over the past few weeks, and I’m sick of it. So I guess this is a proposition for you too, Sameer. I challenge The New Order to a match, tonight against myself and Sameer. What do you say?” Nate nods in the direction of Ropati before rolling out of the ring as the segment wraps up A STORM IS COMING After a string of losses under the name ICON, former US Champion Storm appears on the titantron in an unknown location, declaring that he is sick of being walked all over and that he’s coming back with a vengeance. MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFIER: JONATHAN VS JOSHUA SCOTT Former World Champion and Hall of Famer, Jonathan would take on Joshua Scott in a solid match. However, five year BPZ veteran in Jonathan’s experience proved to be pivotal in securing the victory as he defeated Josh to claim the fourth money in the bank spot. ARIUS VS PRINCE One half of the men qualified for the money in the bank would compete as United States Champion would take on Prince in a good match. However, Arius’ recent dominance would prevail over the veteran. However, during celebration a livid Prince would attack Arius due to his recent string of losses which he is looking to change at Bad Blood. SMITH VS FLYNN & YELICH Smith would face a disadvantage as he’d take on the Undisputed Champion, Flynn and his protege, Yelich un a handicap match. Flynn & Yelich would use constant tagging to preserve their energy and keep Smith down. However, a brief moment off guard would lead to Smith sending Flynn crashing down on the outside of the ring and hitting an 8th Sin to Yelich to pick up the victory. After the match, Smith would grab a microphone and say “FLYNN! I want you at Bad Blood for the Undisputed Championship.” Which would end the segment as Flynn would storm off to the back area with his belt in hand. WHY TAMER IS BACK Like promoted on BPZ.com, former World Champion would be able to cut a promo for the first time since returning on the post-SummerSlam episode of Carnage. He would deliver this message. Tamer: “After two long years away, I’m back. In those two years I was travelling the world, gaining experience in places I never thought I’d go and teaching myself to come back as the best I could possibly be. I went everywhere and still, no place amounted to how this place feels. The atmosphere here is unmatched and nobody is like it. I returned and made a statement by delivering a CultureShock to the Premium Champion, but why? It wasn’t anything personal against FDS, he’s quite talented and I acknowledge that, but it just so happens he is standing in the way of the position I want to be in, and I can’t let it stay that way. I want to become Premium Champion again and to get that match at Bad Blood, I’ll do anything I have to, fight anyone I have to assure that I walk out on September 29th as YOUR Premium Champion.” MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFIER: BULLDOZER VS SHERIDAN To attempt to land the fifth spot in the Money in the Bank match, Bulldozer would take on Sheridan in this qualifier. This match would however end like the one earlier in the night as the Royal Flush member would prevail over the SSW Club member. After the match, Jonathan would come down to the ring and hug Sheridan before letting go and both members of Royal Flush would stare at the hanging briefcase to end the segment in suspense. BART IS LOOKING FORWARD TO BAD BLOOD Last week we saw the contract signing for Bad Blood’s main event, Bart vs Julius which ended in Bart coming out on top to end the show. This week, Bart would come down to the ring and cut this promo. Bart: “Bart vs Julius, a match for the ages. Two of the fastest rising stars in BPZ history compete to determine who is truly the better of the two. Unlike Julius, I’m not using all my energy before the night to try and kick his face in at any given opportunity. I don’t want to get my hands on him just yet, I want to make sure he’s 100% so that when I beat him he doesn’t have any excuses. I’m so excited for Bad Blood, it’s the night I prove that Julius is just a fraud.” Julius’ music would play and Bart would turn his attention toward the entranceway, before he turns around and gets hit with a CLAYMORE FROM JULIUS Julius would then pose over the body of Bart to close the segment THE NEW ORDER VS SAMEER & ROPATI In tonight’s main event, Slim & Nate of The New Order would take on World Heavyweight Champion Sameer & Ropati. This match was back and forth and Sameer had some great chemistry with Ropati considering they’ve never teamed before. However, the long term experience as a team for Nate & Slim would be crucial as they’d pick up the win by Slim pinning Ropati. After the match, Nate would go in the ring and lift up Ropati, offering him to shake their hand once again to join The New Order, which would be declined by the Kiwi Buzzsaw, and when he begins to walk away, he gets hit with a LOW BLOW FROM NATE! The New Order would stand over Ropati as Sameer watches on from ringside, closing the show. CURRENT MATCH CARD: BART VS JULIUS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE NEW ORDER (C) VS THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS BRENDEN PLAYZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS SMITH INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH: PRINCE VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS SHERIDAN VS JONATHAN VS TBD NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT
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    . CARNAGE 9TH SEPTEMBER 2019 PREVIEW After another notable episode of Carnage, it’s time for the second ever preview of the upcoming show, the September 9th edition where we continue our built up to a show that’s consistently awesome every year, Bad Blood! Let’s get straight into it Qualification Continues - After witnessing United States Champion Arius qualify for the ladder match, it’s time to decide some more members to this match with an incredible opportunity. We saw Royal Flush claim that they both wanted an opportunity into the Money in the Bank match so their wish will be granted, as Sheridan will take on Bulldozer and Jonathan will take on Joshua Scott, with the winners entering the match. Sameer Responds - On the post-SummerSlam episode of Carnage, Sameer was attacked by who we thought was his best friend at the time, Brenden Playz. We have heard Brenden’s response, but we are unsure what Sameer has to say and we’re going to hear it. Who Will Be The NOC - It was announced by Intercontinental Champion Nate that on this week’s episode of Carnage, First Class Express will take on United Nations members Joh & Monda to determine which of the two will face The New Order for the tag team championships at SummerSlam. The Enigma Faces A Disadvantage - After taking on Flynn’s protege, Yelich and winning last week before immediately getting attacked post-match, Smith said in an interview on BPZ.com that he was willing to take on Flynn & Yelich in a handicap match if that’s what it takes to get his hands on Flynn. Tamer Gets His Chance - Two week’s ago we saw Tamer make his return after nearly two years away, and last week he competed in his first match since then which he won. This week, Tamer will be given a microphone and deliver a message which will be one fans will surely be looking forward to. The Demented Knight’s Rampage Continues - Only two weeks after debuting, James Knight has solidified himself as a star in the making as he defeated Mikey to enter into Bad Blood’s NXT Championship match against KENJI. The BPZ Universe are surely keeping their eyes on Knight. That’s all for this week’s preview, let us know what you think of our points and your predictions for the upcoming show!
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Week 3, September 2016 | South West | 1.1 Million Buys | 83 Show Rating Enzo Amore and Big Cass open Vengeance to a decent reaction. They run down their feud with The Dudley Boyz, which began before SummerSlam. Not one to over-complicate a situation they call both Bubba Ray Dudley as well as D-Von Dudley "sawft," promising to take the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships tonight. Randy Orton is making his entrance when Rusev attacks him from behind, putting him down with a single forearm. "The Brute" continues to beat down on Randy Orton with Lana watching attentively. At the command of his manager, Rusev throws 'Orton into the ring-post, before rolling into the ring as medical attends "The Viper." Cesaro wasn't too pleased with his hot rival Sheamus getting the win tonight. After the match the two bickered in the ring before punches were thrown. The disagreement quickly turned into a full-on brawl which had to be broken up by Christian. It seems as though this feud has some distance to it yet. Following on from a backstage segment highlighting The Authority's game-plan to ensure a Seth Rollins victory, Christian made an impromptu match between two of the most talented tag teams on RAW. Revealing he felt The Dudley Boyz won their match decisively, he made sure to crown a new contender for their titles tonight. With a steel chair in hand, while not winning the WWE Raw Women's Championship, Charlotte was intent on making sure that she would leave the ring having comfortably disposed on her opponent, Bayley. That was until Sasha Banks returned, rushing "The Queen" out of the ring and standing tall with Bayley to end the segment. Sami Zayn was on his way to his United States Championship defence, when he bumped into Alexa Bliss backstage. After apologising to each other, the two exchanged pleasantries which ended with "The Goddess" wishing Sami Zayn good luck in his match against Chris Jericho. Following a successful defence, against the favourite of the match, Sami Zayn's celebration was cut abruptly as his long-time rival Kevin Owens attacked him from behind. The assault quickly became a two-on-one beatdown, ending with "The Prizefighter" pushing the champion into an oncoming Codebreaker.
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    As salty as I am that my guy lost. Your writing is really good, the matches are easy to follow and you have established your feuds really well. Your storytelling is also good. I will try to keep an eye out for this, keep up the good work Mikey.
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    To be honest if you wouldn’t watch a movie about ATTACK HELICOPTERS DATING then you can get off the forums
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