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    Present Day

    Live on Carnage, there has been a lot of talks of Icon being severely hurt from Baileys attack. With ICON comepting for the United States Championship at Summerslam, we will find out what his state of health is. As Icon enters the arena, he holds on to his torso. The boos filling the arena, hatred for Icon has been a usual trend here on Carnage. So last week, I proclaimed my victory at Emergence with a challenge. One that involves the United States Championship. But instead of proclaiming a challenge, a one man with the name of The Bailey, would attack me with no common interest. I have heard the rumblings backstage, with the question is Icon 100 percent for Summerslam? Well to answer that question, I haven't felt better in my life. I haven't been more motivated ever, and at Summerslam I will take what has been owed to me, the United States Championship. For the past two weeks, promo packages have began to play. Showing the climax of Icon's career, and for the third week in a row a promo package begins to play Start of the Climax When did my defeat come to mind? King Of the Ring 2018 was the day. The day everything was taken from me, and nothing was left to survive. I cant explain how hurt i was, how depressed i was. I was on top of the world and I fell to hell. So, my main proclaim is over one year later, to get my prize back around my waist. Summerslam is the place i accomplish this and show the world who I truly am. Icon circles around the ring continuing to be booed out of the ring. He lifts the microphone back to where he can speak. Present Day I look down at myself and I see failure. For the past year I have witnessed failure. And when I have lost, i left. I didn't want to face my own downfall. So when i look at myself in the mirror, I dont want to see failure, I want to see a sight that im proud of, but at the end of the day what should I be proud of? Every single one of you have left me in the dust and backstabbed me. And on the day of September 1st my mission completes and my "accomplishments" are fulfilled. Icon leaves the ring, and lifts up his middle finger to every one of the haters before going backstage.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax (Finals) Night 19 - August 11th 2019 Madison Square Garden - Attendance: 16,237 1st Match - 20 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Our opening contest for Night 19 sees Brad and his protege Aaron North team up as they take on Joshua Scott and his protege Bulldozer. This match got what it was designed to do, get Brad and Aaron over has a legitimate Tag team and plus show what Bulldozer can do in the ring. Bulldozer did some decent work including hitting a flying crossbody Despite their efforts, Josh and Bulldozer lose the match as Aaron North pins Bulldozer for the win as he hits a beautiful looking North Plex. Brad and Aaron North is a team you will need to look out for in BPZ. 10:22 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd Match - 20 Minute Time Limit 10 Tag Team Match FDS, Yelich, Raven, Hollow, ICON vs Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Joh, Monda, and Kieron Black Second match of the evening, as Necce’s Gathering are being represented by FDS, Yelich, Raven, Hollow, and ICON as they take on Johnny Kills, Sheirdan, Joh, Monda and Kieron Black in a 10 Man Tag Team Match. Everybody looked good in this match, with guys like Kieron Black and Raven shining through. It was a good hot match, the MSG crowd into it and at the end everybody was pulling out of everything they could with Johnny Kills pinning ICON for the win hitting a Death Wish Piledriver. After the match a slight confrontation between Royal Flush and Joh & Monda. Very interesting to say the least. 14:55 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Singles Match Bashka vs Ross In our next match, It’s personal one as Bashka takes on Ross. Bashla is looking for vengeance after Ross costed him his night 10 match against Flynn. The match starts off hot as Bashka lays some punches onto Ross. The match turns very exciting as every move they do, seem to flow. Ross would go for an ankle lock but Bashka would turn transition that move into a crossface. The crowd are really enjoying this technical brawl. Near the end of the match, Ross would go for a Five Star Attachment but Bashka would get out of it and hit a devastating Knee of God to Ross. Bashka would pin Ross for the rewarding victory. 17:36 *Post-Match* After the match, Bashka would be breathing heavily, he takes a microphone and would start to speak Bashka: This match was brutal, hard hitting, and l loved every second of it. I respect Ross for bringing me to my limits tonight in front of this MSG crowd, but I want to get my hands on that Son of a Bitch, Slim! This man is jealous of what I've done in this ring, and in this industry. I swear to you pal, I will come at you when you least expected. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Hans & Xaiver King vs Mikey & Echo Wilson After a short intermission, it’s time for our fourth match of the evening as First Class Express of Xavier King and Hans take on Mikey and Echo Wilson representing Villain’s Kingdom. Mikey confidence after defeating Hans during the tournament has skyrocketed and he has been on a roll recently, can that result in a win. This match is really good with solid action from both teams, Hans and King’s chemistry while teaming is incredible. Mikey and Echo were also very good in this match executing multiple devastating moves onto Hans and King. At the end of the match Hans and King were looking to end it with a Buzzer Beater to Mikey but Echo would come in and hit King with a Superkick, taking him out of the match. Mikey would then hit a Blade Runner to Hans and pin the US Champ. Mikey and Echo Wilson wins, as Mikey now has 2 pinfalls over the reigning US Champ. 18:52 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit NWGP 6 Man Tag Team Championships Necce, Marker, and Buddy Ace © vs Ropat, Sandman, and Bob Sparks We move on to our 6 Man Tag contest as Necce, Marker, and Buddy Ace would take on Ropati, Sandman, and Bob Sparks for NWGP 6 Man Tag Team Titles. The started off with both Necce and Roapti as they exchange and punches and forearms. As the match progressed, each team was pulling out everything for those the 6 Man Tag Titles. Lots of great moves exchanged between all 6 guys with Buddy Ace especially hitting stiff clotheslines and lariats to everybody. The match would end with Necce hitting an Even Flow onto Sandman for the win, as “The Flock” retained their 6 Man Tag Titles. 16:12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Sameer & Brenden vs Slim & Kenji In our Semi Main Event of the evening, the experienced team of Sameer & Brenden take on Slim and the current NWGP Openweight Champion, Kenji. Slim could get a future NWGP World Title match in the future if he and Kenji can beat Sameer and Brenden tonight. The match starts off with Brenden and Kenji, a match that you would never expect. The match was very good with, Kenji pulling out some moves to Brenden and Sameer, making him look like a star. Brenden & Sameer would make their big comeback in the match with a very hot MSG crowd on their side. Near the end of the match, Sameer and Slim are fighting back and forth, Sameer would go for a Superkick but would hit the referee. Kenji notices and hands Slim a chair and Slim clocks Sameer with the chair. Brenden would try to get in but Kenji was preventing him. Slim would put Sameer into the Death Penalty Submission. Sameer would end up passing out instead of tapping out. Slim and Kenji win the match, and a match with Sameer for the title is inevitable. 20:01 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th Match - 60 Minute Time Limit Global Series Climax Finals Bart vs Flynn Its our Main Event of the evening, Bart takes on Flynn, the winner will win this year’s Global Series Climax. A very big match for these two, who will cement their legacy and go to the main event of Wrestle War 5. Before the match could even begin, they look at each other knowing they want to win this crucial match. Match starts off slow with each man taking turns holding holds and locks. As the match continues, Flynn would use his in ring IQ and work several body parts of Bart, to just wear him down. The match progressed, the match would turn more physical, with both men laying stiff punches and forearms and the crowd were into it. Every big move was countered and every near fall the crowd were gasp, the fighting spirit from both these competitors is visible. At the end of the match, both men willing to not give up is remarkable, with Bart would try to go for the Cardiac Arrest submission but Flynn would get out of it and hits an FKO. Flynn thinks that’s not enough, so he tries to go for another one, Bart would get out of it, goes for a clothesline, Flynn dodges and hits another FKO. One, Two, and Three! Flynn wins this exhausting match and is the 2019 Global Series Climax Winner. 34:06 *Post-Match* The rest of ASCENT comes out to celebrate with Flynn, as he’s presented with the Global Series Climax Trophy with BPZ Officials. Flynn was presented with the BPZ Flag but would refuse as he waved the ASCENT Flag instead. Flynn is hoisted by his ASCENT members as the show ends with pyro going off. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prediction Scores:
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    It's About The Destination

    Yelich is backstage when a man who works for BPZ's YouTube Channel walks up to him for an interview, he asks him his thoughts currently on people's opinions of him, essentially just giving him an open floor to speak his mind. Yelich snatches the microphone out of the interviewer's hand and pushes him out of frame, focusing in on the camera. People think that I am too absorbed in the idea that if I don't win matches than my career doesn't mean anything. I'm proud of what I've created and what I've done in this company, so when I complain about losing I always hear "but you made things you're proud of, that should be enough right?" You know who tells me those things. Former World Champions, Former Intercontinental Champions, Former Universal Champions, they tell me those things. They think that I should be happy and grateful in defeat because "It's not about the destination it's about the journey." Those people are assholes. They don't care about me, they just see my doom and gloom and want to make me all happy inside, they wanna tell me all the things they think I wanna hear to put a smile on my face. But they don't know how it is to be me. They know success, they know what glory feels like, they know how it feels to put in all your hard work and to have it pay off for them. I don't. I'm nearing two years now, almost two years since I've last held gold in this company. Yet these guys, these guys who were champs less than three months ago or in some cases are current champions, say I should be grateful after losses. That because I'm proud of what I've accomplished in the build up to my losses, I should be grateful for those builds. It's like they don't even hear me. I tell them all the time about how I'm mistreated, how because of all of the work I put in I should be winning matches, but these people like a broken record keep responding "But if you liked you're work then just be happy you made it." None of it matters if you don't win. That's the difference. They're able to say that because the work they were proud of many times lead to victory. The journey doesn't matter if you never reach your destination. My promo's and training don't matter if I don't win. I'm tired of always being on journeys and never reaching my destination. I want- no I deserve to win. But for some reason there's always someone better. And because of this no one even sees me as a threat or even a good wrestler in this company. It's gotten so bad that in Arius' latest promo, the man didn't even say my name. I'm his challenger at SummerSlam and he never uttered my name once in his 20 minute long promo. I deserve to have that idea of me changed, and that happens at SummerSlam. Arius, if you even know who I am, after SummerSlam you and everyone else will not only learn my name, but respect it. All of those former champions who out of pity tried to cheer me up after my losses, will be congratulating me. And I will be the new BPZ North American Champion. Yelich then throws the microphone back at the interviewer who is still off the screen before storming off, presumably to his locker room when the YouTube video ends.
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    We return to Carnage after a commercial break following a promo from The Bailey. We see signs in the crowd, being waved at the camera as we wait for what is about to happen next. To the surprise of the audience, the big screen begins to play but it isn’t showing a titantron, instead it’s the former Undisputed Champion Bart who appears on the screen. A few nights ago, as all of you know, I was interrupted by Flynn. He appeared on the titantron and started a rant. It was hard to watch. Of course, I had seen the situation where Flynn was in on tv, but that night it fully hit me. It doesn’t make sense to me. How could a man, who has had nothing but success over the last few months go so far of the rails? It’s like I am facing a completely different person. The man that beated me was cool, calm and collected, this new Flynn is an hothead who can even leave himself clueless with what he is doing. As much as I don’t want to say it, I think I have the honour in this killing of character. Ever since I made Flynn aware of my intentions, he is unleashed a rampage upon everyone who he could find in a vulnerable position. But still, I didn’t see the greater picture until that promo of yours, or whatever that was supposed to be. I heard Flynn say the casual lies about how I had never beaten him, something both of us no is not correct. We both know what happened at Survivor Series, but since Flynn in such a troubled state I will live with him being unable to accept that. Then he went on to say a bunch of words, but by all the censoring I had no clue what he was trying to get at. The screen in the arena begins to play highlighst of the various attacks from Flynn, as well as throwback to Flynn's rant just a few days before. It ends with Flynn telling Bart that he is the star of the company and that the company is stopping Flynn from attacking Bart right there and then. You were right thing about one thing though Flynn. The BPZ management didn’t you let you attack me out of protection. But it wasn’t me who they were trying to protect. It was you, their Undisputed Champ who has made a joke out of himself within weeks. The sad part is Flynn, you fail to realise what’s really going on. You surely think that you attract fear, that what you do lead to excitement. But that’s a far from the truth as it could be Flynn, the only thing that your attacks do is give a little bit of satisfaction to the part of your brain that has turned you into a chaotic freak. What really shows just how far you have fallen is revealed to us by simply looking back to 2 months ago. At that time, you were preaching me about your gameplan, about how you studied each and every single one of your opponents. Now, nothing of the man that beat me is left. You have become an unrattled freak. You seem to act without a plan at all times, and because of that you have become an open book to me. While you have unleashing your aggression about my silence with furious but mainly dumb attacks, I have been watching you. Just because I didn’t need the attention doesn’t mean that I didn’t care, rather the opposite. I have been studying each and every single of your moves, studying you more intensive than ever before. Now Flynn, I know that you will say that you don’t care about any of this. You will call me a son of a bitch, give us some more bogus claims and go on with your day. But deep down inside, you know that I am right. You know that slowly but surely you are destroying your own strengths, and after Summerslam, everyone will know it. The screen then slowly fades to black as we continue with the programming, but with a big message being sent ahead of the Undisputed Championship match at Summerslam.
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    I'm The Good Guy

    The GOAT plays as The Bailey makes his way out to the ring as the Boos Reign down on him. Over the last week he has attacked Smith, Bart and Icon. He has turned his back on the People. No longer the People's Champion. He enters in the ring and grabs the Mic. He tries to speak but every word is responded with Boos by the crowd. He tries to signal for them to quiet down but they dont until he stands in the ring for a few minutes. Finally quiet he begins to speak. FINALLY........ YOU HAVE SHUT YOUR CANDY ASSES The Boos begin again You wanna boo me? You wanna boo the Bailey? After all The Bailey has done for you? But you come out here like sheep cheering for guys like Smith. Guys like Bart and Icon. These Men have left you! They have taken there Balls and gone home before. But yet you still Cheer them? Bart goes on a Vacation in Hawaii. To get away from you people but has soon as he gets back you idolize him. Icon leaves this place every 3 months. Threatening to be gone forever yet everytime he comes Crawling back you cheer him. And Smith. He let all of you down! He's the one who couldn't get his life together. He's the one that made the choice to abandon all of you for Drugs. Smith would rather go and light one up rather than entertain you people. But for some reason as soon as hes back you all start to go wild for him. You cheer for him. All these men come and go. But The Bailey was HERE! BUSTING HIS ASS OFF EVERYDAY. EVERY NIGHT! Yet you dare to turn your backs on me and boo me? There is not one man in the back that is more Dedicated or committed to this Company. This is my company. I'm the good guy. I'm your Champion. The People's Champion! The Bailey has never left. I've always been here yet you will cheer for people that desert you. Let you down and leave you. Thats why I attacked Smith. I attacked Bart and I attacked Icon. Spitting in all there faces. Because thats what they all deserve to be spat in the face like nothing but Pieces of Trash. But you want to boo The Bailey. The Greatest Professional Wrestler of all time. The Most Electrifying Man of all sports entertainment. The Bailey has finally realized what all of you are. Nothing but Brainless Sheep. You will cheer for anyone or anything as long as they come out here with a nice smile and tell you anything to get a cheap pop. Just like this. The Bailey in a mocking voice "You guys are the best! The city of New Orleans rules! Yay yay Go New Orleans!" The Fans mocking Bailey start cheer OH shut your DAMN MOUTHS AND KNOW YOUR ROLE! The New Orleans Saints will never win the superbowl and Zion Williamson will be the biggest NBA Bust of all time. Just like Smith nothing but a bust. A ruined Career. Smith had everything. He was a World Champion and threw it all away to become a lowlife druggie. But thats right you will all still cheer for him like a bunch of Idiots. The Bailey didn't turn on all of you. The Bailey didn't turn on the MILLIONS. The MILLIONS turns on The Bailey. Now The Bailey only has one thing left to do before i tell each and everyone of you to screw and The Bailey walks out these doors and on my way to Hollywood because none of you appreciate me and and none of you deserve The Baiey. And that's to teach Smith a lesson. To show Smith that a no good Druggie belongs in the Ring with The Great One. The Bailey is going to beat Smith down and spit in his face again. Then maybe after I beat Smith at Summerslam you will all learn you should of appreciated the greatness you got to see each and every night alittle more. Because when The Bailey is gone becoming a Star in Hollywood and I'm not here to Lead this company. You will realize how much I meant to this company and how much you all needed me. Because there will never be another Bailey and there will never be someone that can ever match me in dedication to this business. Never left. Never took a day off yet you cheer for someone who did leave and they left because they chose Drugs over you. You're all pathetic. Smith is pathetic. The Bailey will beat him at Summerslam and then I will take a bow and wave goodbye to all you sheep as The Bailey leaves to become a Megastar In Hollywood. IF YOU A...... The Bailey suddenly stops as he mocks the crowd and throws his hands at them. Unwilling to finish the Iconic Catchphrase to spite the fans. As the Boos rain down on him as he exits the ring as Carnage goes to Commercial break.
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    September 23rd 2019 | Bad Blood Go-Home Show SAMEER & ROPATI AREN’T AFRAID OF THE COMPETITION Last week’s show ended with Ropati and Sameer being beaten down by Brenden & The New Order ahead of their respective matches at Bad Blood. Tonight, Sameer came out to the ring to deliver a message. Sameer: ”Last week ended in pain for me and Ropati, getting beaten down in front of millions of people. Tonight, Ropati unfortunately can’t be here due to the injuries suffered at the hands of Brenden, Nate, Slim & Necce. So that means I’m all alone and tonight, I’ll have to watch my back because at any moment I could be atta-“ Following this, theme song of the United Nations would play, all three members making their way down to the ring and each individually shaking the hand of the World Champion. Angelo Caito: “Consider yourself..protected. All of us have matches with members of The New Order this Sunday and they have not showed us any sort of respect by addressing us, completely disregarding us at competition. We’re very mad about that. So while we do already have some American flair, you can still be with us as we protect you from the scum of the earth that all four of those guys are.” To the shock of nobody, the theme song of The New Order would play as Slim, Nate, Necce & Brenden all walk out, slowly pacing towards the ring. Brenden holds the microphone, looking at Angelo for a moment before looking at Sameer. Brenden: “Sameer, there’s something I need you to understand and that is that I don’t have a problem with you, I really don’t. Every time I’ve attacked you in the build for our match, it’s been strictly business and a lesson for you. You need the slap of reality after all these months of you being on top of the world. I am the slap of reality and once I take your title, there will be no option than to stare reality right in the damn face and come to terms with the fact that WITHOUT ME, you would’ve been working in high school gyms. Tonight, you are exposed for the phoney you are when you take on the best singles champion in this company, NATE.” All four members of each side stand opposite each other when Brenden drops the microphone, Brenden leaving with The New Order just behind him, careful to keep an eye on their upcoming opponents as the match is made official for tonight; Nate vs Sameer. ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN The first match between these two since splitting up, it was a good match which demonstrated the chemistry between the former friends. This match ended in DQ after in fit of frustration, Costa would grab a steel chair from under the ring and start beating away at Raven. He’d then pick up a microphone and issue a challenge to Raven for Bad Blood in an extreme rules match, so he can do whatever he wants. STORM & BOB SPARKS VS MAASA & MIRA In a rare appearance for the brother-sister duo of Maasa & Mira, they’d take on the newly formed team of Storm & Bob Sparks. Storm and Bob would show an aggressive style of tag team wrestling which impressed the audience, leading to an easy win within minutes. FIRST CLASS EXPRESS’ JOURNEY HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED A segment would play showing BiC & Hans in a bus saying that their journey is only just getting started, and that the tag team titles would soon be theirs. BiC would be mid sentence before snoring could be heard in the bus, which would discovered to be Sheridan & Jonathan sleeping on the bus. In confusion, they’d start to argue however a time lapse would then play showing their transformation into friends. The segment ended with them all getting off the bus at a service station. THE ENIGMA AWAITS Similarly to last week, a vignette would play showing Smith with the second portion of his ‘Enigma’ paint that he’s going to be wearing at Bad Blood. He’d be in the same arena BPZMania III occurred and the scene would flash between his entrance that night and him walking down the aisle right now. It’d be visually stunning and get the fans excited. ARIUS VS YELICH As soon as the promo with Smith finished, ‘DEVIL’ by Shinedown would play as Flynn walked to the ring with his protege, Yelich to take on United States Champion and opponent in the money in the bank match, Arius. This match would be close and the help of Flynn would prove to be influential in th match, helping Yelich severely. However, when Flynn was distracting the referee to give Yelich the upper hand, ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ would start blasting with the lights in the arena matching the beat of the song. This distraction to Flynn would allow Arius to get the upper hand and win the match. Smith never came out which made Flynn livid. KENJI & TAMER VS FDS & JAMES KNIGHT In a tag team match consisting of 4 of the most talented in ring competitors in BPZ, NXT Champion KENJI tagged with Tamer to take on Premium Champion FDS & ‘The Demented Knight’ James Knight. This would be a great display of technical wrestling and we’d see flashes of upcoming Bad Blood matches here, with Tamer coming face to face with FDS multiple times and Knight grappling with KENJI a few times. In the end, FDS and James Knight would pick up the victory as FDS would hit a WRSTLMAKER to KENJI to send a message to their upcoming opponents. ARK IS COMING HOME In a moment which would get the fans cheering, a vignette would play showing the highlights of Ark’s career and the moment he suffered his injury, it would then flash to him recovering before the screen would fade to black and the words “Ark is coming home” would play on the screen as the fans in the arena are ecstatic to see Ark come back. MARKER VS BLADE In a new vs old match for Kieron Black, his new partner Marker would take on his old one, Blade before their tag team match at Bad Blood. Both Kieron and George were banned from ringside for this match, and it would end in Blade getting a shock victory by rolling up Marker and then quickly leaving the ring. Another thing to note is that Marker dominated the majority of this match which explains his frustration when he lost. BART VS JOSHUA SCOTT In Bart’s first match since returning, he’d take on Joshua Scott in a match where the fans would expect him to win. This match would end quickly as Julius would run to the ring with a steel chair and start beating away at Josh first so he would technically win the match, before turning his attention to Bart. After Bart went down the first time, Julius would grab several other weapons and start brutalising Bart. He’d then demand a microphone and yell this Julius: “ALL THAT WAS, WAS A PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME FOR YOU. BART. You cost me the one of the biggest opportunities of my life and now, I retire you.” Julius would the drop the microphone and leave, with chaos in the ring. SAMEER VS NATE In tonight’s main event, World Champion Sameer would take on Intercontinental Champion Nate. Nate had Slim, Necce & Brenden all by his side for this one and the numbers seemed to be getting to Sameer. With the referee distracted by the three people at ringside, it looked like Nate was going to put Sameer away until ROPATI ran to the ring for the save! He’d take out Slim then Necce then Brenden! This would give Sameer enough of a chance to regain the upper hand and plant Nate with a Curb Stomp for the victory! The show would end with Sameer & Ropati standing tall as Brenden & The New Order would back away slowly. FINAL MATCH CARD: NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: BART VS JULIUS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE NEW ORDER (C) VS THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS BRENDEN PLAYZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS SMITH INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: FDS (C) VS TAMER GEORGE AK & BLADE VS MARKER & KIERON BLACK EXTREME RULES MATCH: ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH: PRINCE VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS SHERIDAN VS JONATHAN VS YELICH NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT BONUS QUESTION: HOW MANY MEMBERS WILL THE NEW ORDER HAVE BY THE END OF THE NIGHT? IF MORE THAN 3, WHO WILL THE NEW MEMBERS BE? BONUS QUESTION: WILL THE MONEY IN THE BANK WINNER CASH IN ON THE SAME NIGHT THEY WIN IT?
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    SACRAMENTO KINGS VS OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDERS This game was simed instead of played so I'll just tell you what I thought about how the game went. As you can see, The Oklahoma City Thunders has beaten us 114-106 in a very close game. In the first half you see that The Sacramento Kings and The Oklahoma City Thunders were at a tie together 35 - 35 But in the second quarter, things changed as they were separated by 1 point with The Thunders having them beat 65-64, which seems to me that this was a very close game between two teams. In the third quarter they were up 91 - 84, the gap between them is 7 as now they aren't close at all, I feel with the help of Gallinari, The Thunders had a better chance of winning this Quarter and having a better chance of winning which they did. In the fourth and final quarter, they beat us by 8 which led to the final score of 114-106 with mostly Gallinari, Paul and Schroder getting the most points. In my opinion, I feel disappointed that we lost again to a team that I felt we could easily beat if we had the right players, maybe next time when we face The Denver Nuggets, we can play better. Also one other thing is I'm surprised that Bogdanovic got more points than Buddy Hield, who is supposed to be a better shooter than him, also very disappointed in Fox who didn't put up the numbers we needed to win.
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    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 241 Date: August 17th 2019 Venue: Honda Center City: Anaheim, California Hello everyone and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. Today we're taking a look at the next UFC PPV in the schedule which is happening this weekend, UFC 241. For our third PPV coverage we're heading to the west coast of the USA, more specifically the city of Anaheim, California. On the main card, we have our main event which is for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, with the champion Daniel Cormier taking on Stipe Miocic for the title. Also on the main card is our co-main event, with the returning Nate Diaz facing Anthony Pettis. That's not even all the good fights, this card is amazing! An insane lineup with the top 3 fights all being star-studded and the rest of the card having other great match-ups. Even the prelims look really exciting, I would recommend all of those fights on the preliminary card because they're all pretty good match-ups. This PPV could easily be a contender for the best of the year and I am so excited to see it unfold on Saturday. But for now, I've got some analysing to do. Let's take a look at the main card of UFC 241. I'll offer my thoughts and try to predict the outcomes of each fight. Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinisch In our opening fight of the UFC 241 main card, we have our first middleweight bout, where Derek Brunson faces Ian "The Hurricane" Heinisch. Brunson goes into this fight with an MMA record of 19-7 while Heinisch goes into this fight with a record of 13-1. Brunson has never really been a top contender in the middleweight division but has always been up there in the rankings and has some good wins over Uriah Hall and Lyoto Machida. Brunson is going into this fight with a win in his last fight, a unanimous decision victory over Elias Theodorou in May (which is a really funny fight, go watch that for a laugh). Heinisch on the other hand is one of the most hyped up prospects in the middleweight division. He was brought into the UFC through the Contender Series and has won his first two UFC fights against Cezar Ferreira and Antonio Carlos Junior. He is also on a 5 fight win streak and has only ever lost 1 fight in his professional career. This one is a really interesting pairing, seeing as Brunson has been a mainstay in the UFC for many years now and Heinisch is only just beginning his UFC career. It is really a Veteran vs New Breed kind of match-up. Now, who do I think has this in the bag? Well, the favourite in this fight is the rising star Heinisch, he's the more promising and hungry fighter out of the 2, but I'm not so sure about his chances. He didn't really seem that great in his fight with Antonio Carlos Junior, getting dominated in the first, just about winning the second and then finishing off the fight with a good round 3, he seems to be a slow starter. However, I could see Heinisch using his KO power that he has used to win 4 fights in his career here. On the other hand, Brunson just looked the same throughout his fight with Theodorou. He didn't have much to do against someone as.....'unique' as Theodorou but he still got the easy decision win. Brunson also does have KO power of his own, with 11 knockouts out of his 19 wins. This one is certainly going to be a tough fight to call, but I think I'm going to go with experience, which is why I'm going with Brunson. I see Brunson doing better in the first 2 rounds and then Heinisch coming out blazing in the third, but not doing enough to avenge his first 2 rounds. This could totally come back to bite me in the back seeing as Heinisch is the favourite, but I'm willing to take a chance and go with Brunson here. Prediction: Decision Win - Derek Brunson ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gabriel Benítez vs Sodiq Yusuff Next up is a featherweight bout between Gabriel "Moggly" Benítez and "Super" Sodiq Yusuff. Benítez goes into this fight with a 21-6 record and Yusuff holds a record of 9-1. Benítez hasn't fought in over a year so this will be his first fight in a while. His last fight took place all the way back in May 2018 against Humberto Bandenay, where he won the fight in about 40 seconds via KO with a vicious slam and punches. Benítez has also been with the UFC since 2014 so he has more experience here. Yusuff was brought into the UFC through the Contender Series like Ian Heinisch was, and has won his first 2 UFC fights so far. His last fight was a unanimous decision win over Sheymon Moraes in March, which extended his win streak to 4 fights. Much like our opener of the main card, this one is a battle between a more experienced UFC fighter and a rising new star, and I think this one is also a good pairing. It's probably Yusuff's most formidable UFC opponent yet despite Benítez's layoff. Benítez showed in his last fight against Bandenay that he is not someone to miss with on the feet as he dropped Bandenay within the first 20 seconds of the fight. Benítez has even better submission game too, with 10 of his 21 professional wins coming via submission. However, it is definitely easy to see why Yusuff is the favourite in this fight. He has shown in his previous fights that he has a unique style and heavy hands. The power Yusuff possesses in his punches is insane, he can swing for days. It's no wonder 5 out of Yusuff's 9 wins have come via KO/TKO. Although, despite the fact that both these guys have good finishing, I see this one going the distance and ending in the judges deciding the victor. I think this one will be pretty back and forth and it should be an entertaining fight. I'm going with Super Sodiq to continue the streak. Prediction: Decision Win - Sodiq Yusuff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yoel Romero vs Paulo Costa Here we go, we're moving onto the big fights of this card now, the big 3 that everyone is excited for. We are midway through the main card and in this slot we have a middleweight fight with Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero taking on Paulo "The Eraser" Costa. Romero currently holds an MMA record of 13-3 while Costa holds an undefeated record of 12-0. Both of these guys have taken time away from the octagon for a while and now it's time that they get back to action. Romero has been in the UFC since 2013 now and has only ever lost in the UFC to one man and that was current UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker, who he has lost to twice. Other than those losses, Romero has never left to anyone else in his UFC career. He has big wins over Luke Rockhold, Chris Weidman, Jacare Souza and Lyoto Machida. On the other hand we have Paulo Costa who arrived in the UFC in 2017 and has won all of his 4 fights with notable wins over guys like Johny Hendricks and Uriah Hall. This is definitely Paulo Costa's most daunting task yet, to beat Yoel Romero. Costa hasn't been in the UFC for long but it's clear that he is someone the UFC sees as a future serious contender in the middleweight division, which is why they have him up against the #2 ranked middleweight contender in the UFC right now. I can definitely see why Paulo Costa is such a hyped up star right now, he has looked impressive in his last few fights, he's undefeated, and he has incredible striking. His punches are brutal and the sound they make hurts you as much as it hurts the recipient. It's also worth pointing out that Costa has a 100% finish rate in his 12 fight career, with 11 KO/TKOs and 1 submission to his name. Now, what about Romero? Well, what is there to say about this guy that hasn't already been said? He's an absolute beast, with such an imposing figure and highlight reel knockouts like his knockouts of Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold. Although, this is his first 3 round fight since 2016 so Romero might need to change up his gameplan in order to win this fight against Costa. This is going to be an absolute clinic of a fight, with two jacked heavy hitters going one-on-one in a fight that will most likely stay on the fight for the majority of the time. Even if the fight doesn't stay on the feet that much, I think it could be interesting in the clinch or on the ground. I would probably give the advantage to the Cuban there. Costa can be a great comeback fighter as he showed in his fight against Uriah Hall, he took jab after jab from him and still finished Hall in good fashion in the second round, so if Romero starts out well then I can see Costa regaining control. But the thing is that Romero isn't that type of guy who goes into the first round all guns blazing, he's composed and moves well. If anything, Costa is going to be the one who starts out fiercely. It's such an interesting match-up and a great one too from the UFC, as this could have a major toll on the middleweight division, and maybe decide who gets the title shot next. This one is such a close one to call but I think I'm giving the victory to the Soldier of God. I don't expect this one to go to decision at all, so expect and enjoy a nice KO/TKO finish. Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Yoel Romero ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz Ohhh boy, in our co-main event of the evening, we see Anthony "Showtime" Pettis facing Nate Diaz in a welterweight bout. Pettis goes into this fight with an MMA record of 22-8 while Diaz has a record of 19-11. Anthony Pettis has had a weird career in terms of weight classes. He's fought most of his career in lightweight, then he had a stint at featherweight in 2016 before returning to lightweight again. Now, Pettis has moved up to welterweight for the first time in a decade. Pettis made his welterweight debut in March, getting a brilliant KO win against Stephen Thompson with a superman punch. And then we have Nate Diaz. Diaz is making his return to the UFC after a 3 year layoff, with his last 2 fights being those universally seen bouts with his biggest rival Conor McGregor. Diaz won the first fight between them in the second round with a rear naked choke, but then went on to lose to McGregor in their rematch via a very close majority decision. Now it is time for Diaz to step back into the octagon against a pretty tough opponent. It's an interesting pairing since both of these guys are more known for their work in the lightweight division but are now fighting a weight class above in the welterweight division. Of course, both of Diaz's fights with McGregor were at welterweight and he did fight at welterweight for a short time between 2010 and 2011, so him and Pettis both have a pretty similar amount of time at 170lbs. What about the actual fight though, who is coming out of this bout with the victory? Well, this is probably the hardest fight to call on the entire main card, with one of the main reasons being Diaz's multi-year break from the UFC. People are wondering if Diaz will be the same after such a long time away and if he'll be able to compete with a more active fighter like Pettis. Well, I strongly doubt that the break will effect his performance here. Diaz has taken breaks before and he's still active in training, so I don't see why that will be a disadvantage for him. I do see why Pettis is the favourite going into this fight though. He's coming off an impressive welterweight debut victory against Wonderboy and has the same amount of skill and experience as Diaz. A main weapon for Pettis in this fight has gotta be his leg kicks. Diaz is kind of renowned for not checking those leg kicks and constantly just getting his leg hurt, so if Diaz isn't gonna check them, Pettis should just go for them. For Diaz, I feel like if he can pressure Pettis enough he can just swarm over Pettis and be able to weaken him. Pettis uses speed while Diaz uses pressure. I feel like they're pretty equal on the feet, with Diaz probably being a better boxer, and the ground they're also pretty close in quality but I also think Diaz is better. 12 out of Diaz's 19 wins have come via submission so his submission game is no joke. Pettis is mostly a KO artist with 11 of his 22 wins being via KO/TKO, but he probably won't be able to knock out a guy with a chin as tough as Diaz's. Diaz has only ever been finished twice in his career, so I think if Pettis wins it's decision. But, I'm gonna go with the underdog and go with the returning Nate Diaz. It's probably the fight I'm most hyped for going into the PPV and I'm excited to see it happen. Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - Nate Diaz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic - UFC Heavyweight Championship Finally, we are here. We are taking a look at the main event of this UFC 241 mega card. In the main event of the evening, we see a bout for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, where Daniel "DC" Cormier defends his title against Stipe Miocic in their second fight between each other. The champion goes into this fight with an MMA record of 22-1-1NC while the challenger has a record of 18-3. Of course, this is the rematch between these two heavyweight greats as I said earlier. Their first fight took place in July last year, where DC defeated Miocic to win the UFC Heavyweight Champion and to become one of the only fighters in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously (UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Championships). Since this big win, Cormier has defended the title once, defeating Derrick Lewis to retain the title in November via submission. Cormier has an amazing record of 22-1-1NC, with him beating every opponent he has been up against except for Jon Jones which gave him that 1 loss and 1 no contest on his record. Cormier is known as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and has great wins over guys like Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, Josh Barnett, Frank Mir and Roy Nelson. He has also been UFC Light Heavyweight Champion like I mentioned before and has impressive wins over guys like Dan Henderson, Anthony Johnson (twice), Alexander Gustafsson and Anderson Silva during his time at 205lbs. As for the challenger Stipe Miocic, he is also known as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. A fact that helps this claim is that Miocic holds the record for most consecutives defenses of the UFC Heavyweight Championship with 3 in a row. Miocic has brilliant victories over so many great heavyweights like Mark Hunt, Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos and Francis Ngannou, all who he beat leading up to the first Cormier fight. But since he lost the title, Miocic hasn't fought since, not wanting any other fight other than a rematch for the title, which he is now getting. This is easily one of the most hyped up rematches in recent UFC history and I am excited to see it unfold at the PPV. Analysing the fight should be simple enough, just look at their last fight right? Well I think after their last fight, Miocic is gonna come back better and hungrier than ever and he has proven in the past that he can put out the best heavyweights in brilliant fashion, so I'm definitely not counting out Miocic merely due to the fact he lost the first fight. Cormier is obviously the favourite going into this rematch after winning the first one and yeah it makes total sense. DC is still the #1 pound for pound fighter in the UFC right now for a reason, he has excellent wrestling, good submissions and can knock you out as well, he's a good all-rounder. He may have eye poked his way to a win last time but I doubt that's gonna be his key to winning this time. I definitely don't see this fight going all 5 rounds, they're both gonna be looking to finish each other to get that title. This is also a tough one to call but I'm predicting the champ to retain. Prediction: KO Win (R3) - Daniel Cormier ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC 241. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.
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    WWE: The New Era

    RAW Episode 18 American Alpha VS SANitY The feud between these two trios finally culminates in tonight's opening match, as Shelton Benjamin, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan take on Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. In a high-octane, high-energy bout, it is ultimately American Alpha who comes out on top, with Chad Gable scoring the victory over Alexander Wolfe. With this victory, American Alpha has not only overcome their rivals, but now has a spot in the RAW tag team title number one contender's match in two weeks. It is now The Good Brothers, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal, The Revival and American Alpha for the chance to face Heath Slater and Rhyno at SummerSlam. . RAW then cuts backstage to see Dean Ambrose confronting Stephanie McMahon. Though he's clearly nursing injuries from the attack last week, he insists that he can compete tonight and wants to defend his US title. Stephanie warns him against needlessly exerting himself, both to preserve his US title reign and to keep himself as healthy as possible for next week's Universal title NOC match. Ambrose insists on defending his title, as a champion should be willing to defend at all times, and Stephanie reluctantly relents, offering Ambrose the main event spot for his US title open challenge. . Bianca Belair VS Sasha Banks In her second match on RAW, Bianca Belair faces former RAW women's champion and current Ms. Money in the Bank, Sasha Banks. In a great match, Sasha Banks seems to have victory in hand, but she's distracted by Absolution just as she's about to hit the Banks Statement. This is enough to allow Bianca to recover and hit Sasha with the K.O.D, scoring the huge victory. After the match, Absolution tries to attack Sasha, but Nia Jax runs out to make the save again. The number's game seems to catch up with Nia, but she's suddenly joined by her tag partner, the returning Tamina! Absolution injured Tamina two months ago, but now she's back, and she saves Nia and Sasha from the attack by Absolution. Nia and Tamina warn Absolution that they're coming for their tag titles. . Before tonight's main event, we see the six men competing in next week's Universal title number one contender's match all cut promos. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn all explain how much winning this match would mean to them, but as out interviewers find Ambrose, he tells them he's not worried about that right now, making his way to the ring for his US title defense. . Dean Ambrose VS ??? (United States championship) In tonight's main event, Dean Ambrose defends his United States championship in his weekly open challenge, despite clearly nursing an injury. Before he can make his way to the ring, he's attacked again by Samoa Joe! Joe rolls Ambrose into the ring after getting the jump on his and demands the referee ring the bell. The referee refuses, but Ambrose insists that he can compete, and the referee makes the match official. This would prove to be a mistake, as after an incredible main event, Samoa Joe would force Dean Ambrose to pass out to the Coquina Clutch. Your winner, and NEW United States champion, Samoa Joe! RAW ends with the new US champion, Samoa Joe, celebrating his win, making good on his promise that bad things would happen after Stephanie removed him from Universal title contention. Samoa Joe now looks towards SummerSlam, the United States championship firmly in his grasp.
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    Thank You

    The crowd erupt as finally, it appears we’d get the anticipated face to face between Champion and challenger as Flynn’s very own “Devil” by Shinedown echos through the arena. Bart appears ready for a fight himself, obviously from the recent string of attacks and beatdowns, the Undisputed Champion has not been in any type of talking mood. However finally after what feels like an eternity, Flynn does not step out. The music cuts off before the titantron reveals Flynn, standing in what appears to be somewhere backstage. Flynn almost right away begins screaming through the camera, everything directed straight toward his challenger. HEY BART, I’m up here you dumb son of a bitch. Now there should be absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t already be down there in that ring stomping a damn mud hole in your cowardly ass. But you see the higher ups, they came to me just moments before I was gonna interrupt that bullshit speech of yours and kick a hole in your. They asked and they pleaded, “please spare Bart, save the face off for when we can advertise it, for when we can market IT!” You know Bart to a scumbag like yourself you may not fully be able to comprehend what the hell im spitting at you. For you, it’s all about sneaky beatdowns and backstabbing attacks. You may think that I’m trying to avoid you, that I’m going against my own word. I can promise you that I’m not, and I can promise everyone I do not fear Bart! This is met with a string of boo’s as after a week of Flynn seemingly attacking other competitors in search of Bart, Flynn himself is nowhere to be seen when Bart is in the ring. You see I am the star of this company and I take that role extremely seriously. I see the reasoning for the wait that the execs want. I see the reasoning for why they don’t want me to come down there and stomp a mud hole in you just yet. These business decisions that I make, they are what keep this company alive. I bring in the income, I put the food on all of your families tables in that locker room. I am the reason that you have the house you live in Bart, I AM THE DRAW, I AM THE GOD DAMN MONEY MAKER YOU DAMN COWARD! Honestly I’d appreciate some respect but from a lowlife like yourself Bart, I wouldn’t expect it. So I watched your little video of what happened, how you make the bogus claim that I attacked you prior to our match, and you know what, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID. Not just that, I did the only thing that does matter that happened on that night, because the HOW is not what matters, ITS THE WHAT. What did I do? I kicked your ass pillar to post and I TOOK THIS F*CKING UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP AND I MADE IT MINE! You know you sat in that ring just now and you said a lot of crap, but I think the biggest crap of them all was the claim that I just don’t have it anymore. It’s the same claim you made just two months ago Bart and what the hell happened? A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT YOU. A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT JULIUS. A guy who you said doesn’t have it anymore defended this championship three times the amount that you did within the exact same span as you holding it. It’s disgusting, it’s JUST GOD DAMN PATHETIC. And you know what Bart? You’ve beaten everyone I have, except you’ve never beaten me. That’s where my advantage comes into play. I’ve beaten you on multiple occasions now and both times I’ve heard two sorry ass excuses. Both times I kicked your teeth and sent your ass to obscurity. You make the promise to not disrespect me this time just moments after making the bogus claim that I am out of my prime. Honestly it sorta feels Bart like your suffering from mixed emotions but that’s fine because you will have all the chance to fix those emotions when I’m kicking your ass, pillar to post showing you absolutely ZERO respect. I’m gonna spit on you I’m gonna but you if necessary. I will do whatever the f*ck it takes to make sure you NEVER hold this Undisputed Championship again.
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    Smackdown Episode 28 SmackDown begins with Teddy Long announcing that Survivor Series is coming up soon, and he wants to start preparing for the event right now. At Survivor Series, we see an Elimination Chamber match between the three brands, and SmackDown will have two representatives to take on RAW and ECW's. Teddy believes that he needs to recruit the best of the best to represent SmackDown, and as such, tonight's main event will be a triple threat match between the brands three singles champions to determine which two will enter the elimination chamber. It will be World champion Bobby Lashley, Cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio and United States champion CM Punk, and the person who gets pinned will be removed from the triple threat match. Teddy also announces that for the other men on SmackDown, he will be making the first ever 7 on 7 traditional elimination tag team match at Survivor Series. The team captains will select the members of their teams gradually as SmackDown approaches the PPV, and the captains have already been decided, as the new tag team champions, Time Fault, will act as co-captains for the first team. The other team captain will be the man who loses tonight's main event and doesn't compete in the elimination chamber at Survivor Series. Finally, in regards to announcements that pertain to tonight, we will see the beginning of a Cruiserweight title NOC tournament, as Johnny Nitro faces Elijah Burke in a first round match tonight. Along with that, Time Fault will defend their newly-won titles against the team that wasn't beaten at No Mercy, SmackDown's MVP's, and that match begins right now. . SmackDown's MVP's VS Time Fault (Tag team titles) Gregory Helms and Snitsky's success is immediately tested, as they face the team that seemingly has their number at every pass, the duo of MVP and Mr. Kennedy. Ultimately, SmackDown's MVP's almost make history repeat itself, but Gregory Helms opts to hit MVP with a chair when he has the chance, getting Time Fault disqualified, but ensuring they retain their titles. It seems Time Fault still can't get past their perpetual rivals, and one must believe that they will have to defend against SmackDown's MVP's again sooner or later. . Johnny Nitro VS Elijah Burke (Cruiserweight title NOC tournament match) In a rematch from two weeks ago, Nitro and Burke rekindle hostilities, with both men desperately in need of a win. On this occasion, Burke attempts to use the ropes for leverage again, but the referee catches it this time, and Nitro is able to capitalize on this distraction to score the victory. It seems Burke's hopes at being Cruiserweight champion have been dashed yet again, as Johnny Nitro moves on to the next round. . King Booker/Submission Masters VS Chavo Guerrero/The Hardy Boys In a match put together between six men who desperately need a victory to get their careers back on track, we see the team of Chavo Guerrero and The Hardy's pick up the victory after an Extreme Combination from Matt and Jeff on Ric Flair. Matt, Jeff and Chavo celebrate, but before they can enjoy their victory for too long, Teddy Long comes out and announces that these three men will compete in the Cruiserweight title NOC tournament in two weeks against each other in a triple threat. Matt, Jeff and Chavo all look a bit more wary at one another, but they continue celebrating their victory tonight. . Before tonight's main event, the new United States champion, CM Punk is attacked backstage by Marcus Cor Von! Cor Von lays into his former tag team partner, and though security breaks up the two men quickly, Punk is clearly weakened after this attack and his two grueling matches at No Mercy. . Bobby Lashley VS Rey Mysterio VS CM Punk Finally, we reach tonight's main event, where the loser of the match will not represent SmackDown at Survivor Series in the elimination chamber match. Though CM Punk enters this match the most damaged of the three men, he is not the man who loses his spot at No Mercy, as Bobby Lashley puts away Rey Mysterio with a spear. With this loss, it will now be Bobby Lashley and CM Punk participating in the Survivor Series elimination chamber match, and Rey Mysterio will captain the team that faces Time Fault's team at Survivor Series. Lashley celebrates his victory, but after the match, he decides to lay out Punk with a spear as well, standing tall over the other two singles champions on the brand as SmackDown comes to a close.
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    Tuesday Night SmackDown Live On this August 20 edition of SmackDown, we will house two QOTR matches and two KOTR matches. SmackDown's gonna start off hot tonight and waste no time, as we start with the first Queen of the Ring match right now! Match 1: Asuka VS Kairi Sane In a fantastic match between the two tag team partners, Asuka scores the victory over Sane with an Asuka Lock. After the match, Asuka and Kairi shake hands and hug, with Kairi wishing Asuka luck in her future rounds. SmackDown then cuts backstage to the women's locker room. Hidden inside one of the lockers emerges R-Truth, 24/7 championship in hands. As Truth exits, Liv Morgan sees him and screams. "Hey, it's okay, Carmella, it's just me." Truth says. "I've been looking for your everywhere, why haven't you been on SmackDown?" Liv responds by saying "I'm not Carmella, Truth, I'm...Never mind. Why are you here? This is the women's locker room." Truth tells her "I've been hiding here since SummerSlam. Christian threatened to fire me if I took my title back." Liv tells Truth "You know he can't fire you, right? You're a RAW superstar, he doesn't have that power." Truth responds "I know, Carmella, but better safe than sorry. I don't play around when it comes to fire." Liv shakes her head and says "I'm not even gonna get into everything wrong with what you just said...Look, Sarah, Ruby and I have a secret room we go to when we want to get away from the other girls, you can hide their for now, okay? Just be quiet about it." Truth nods along and Liv guides him to their secret room as the segment ends. Match 2: Mustafa Ali VS Sami Zayn In his first match on SmackDown since winning the Intercontinental title, Mustafa Ali beats Sami Zayn, moving to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament. Mustafa will now face the winner of tonight's main event between Andrade and Rusev. The Intercontinental champion celebrates, but before he can truly enjoy the moment, he's attacked again by Lars Sullivan! Sullivan lays out the Intercontinental champion again, and it seems like Lars' goal is becoming clear. SmackDown then cuts backstage to 3MB, with WWE champion Drew McIntyre taking center frame, flanked by the SmackDown tag team champions. "Well, New Day's managed to get their chance at their titles back." Drew says, then continues. "It's funny they think the result will be any different from before. I've already beaten Kofi once, I can easily do it again at King of the Ring. I know 3MB wasn't successful our first go around, but now that all three of us are better, stronger competitors, our control over SmackDown will go unimpeded this time. We know exactly how successful the New Day have been...But they've never faced a threat like us before." Match 3: Ember Moon VS Ruby Riott In a great match, Ember Moon picks up the victory over Ruby Riott. She will now move to the next round of Queen of the Ring, and she will face her former rival, Asuka, in two weeks. Can Ember overcome this demon from her past? SmackDown then cuts backstage to Christian's office for the final segment of the night. "So I've thought long and hard about this recent Sasha Banks debacle, and as much as Becky wants to face Sasha at Queen of the Ring, it's not fair for Sasha to just come back and get a title match. Sasha Banks will come back, but it will be part of the Queen of the Ring tournament next week, and based on her performance in the tournament, we will determine if she's worthy of a title match. We have a whole roster of deserving women in the back that all have as much of a claim to a title shot as Sasha Banks, and this decision will be made with all their interests in mind." Main event: Andrade VS Rusev In an incredible main event, Andrade scores the victory over Rusev after interference from Zelina Vega. SmackDown ends with Andrade celebrating his victory, now looking forward to his next King of the Ring match with Intercontinental champion Mustafa Ali in two weeks.
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    No Mercy SmackDown's MVP's VS Time Fault VS CM Punk/Marcus Cor Von (Tag team titles) No Mercy begins with the tag team champions, CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von, to a split reaction, with the fans clearly favoring Punk more between the two. Out next is Time Fault, the duo of Snitsky and Gregory Helms, and the audience is firmly against the duo despite their recently impressive performances. Finally, out are the former tag team champions, the clear fan favorites, MVP and Mr. Kennedy, SmackDown's MVP's. Ultimately, the journey to the top of the tag team division finally culminates for Time Fault on this night, as Snitsky puts away Marcus Cor Von with a Pumphandle Slam. Your winners, and NEW tag team champions, Gregory Helms and Snitsky, Time Fault! Snitsky and Helms celebrate to the chagrin of the audience, finally holding the tag team titles in their grasp. MVP and Kennedy leave the arena dejected, and after their celebration, Time Fault also leaves. However, CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von remain in the ring. Punk tries to console Cor Von after their loss, but Cor Von responds by attacking Punk! The audience is stunned by this turn of events, as right after losing the titles, Cor Von's attacked his partner! Security rushes the ring before Cor Von can do too much damage to preserve tonight's main event as much as possible, but just as quickly as Punk and Cor Von ran through the tag team division, it seems their partnership has ended. . Matt Hardy VS Chavo Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio VS Elijah Burke (Cruiserweight title) After seeing CM Punk lose his tag team title, we move to a match that came together after Punk vacated a championship. These four men won qualifying matches over four weeks to earn a spot in this fatal four-way, and they now look to carry on the legacy of Punk's incredible title reign. Although Elijah Burke tried to utilize more of his recent shady tactics, it wouldn't be enough on this night, as Rey Mysterio was able to put away Matt Hardy with a 619. Your winner, and NEW Cruiserweight champion, Rey Mysterio! Rey Mysterio celebrates his victory to a raucous reaction, and one has to think that if anyone can be a worthy champion to follow Punk, it'll be the Master of the 619. . Jeff Hardy VS Bobby Lashley (World Heavyweight title) For the first time yet, we see the World Heavyweight title contested before the main event as Jeff Hardy takes on The Destroyer, the unstoppable World Heavyweight champion, Lashley. Though Hardy puts up as good of a fight as one could expect, even he is no match for The Lasher, falling to a Spear. Your winner, and STILL World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley! Lashley breaks the trend of titles changing hands tonight, and King Booker must look on with a sigh of relief knowing the streak of title changes broke. Lashley seems as unstoppable as ever, and is there anyone who can beat this monster of a man? . CM Punk VS Marcus Cor Von VS Johnny Nitro VS Ric Flair VS Chris Masters VS King Booker (US title elimination chamber) Finally, we reach the main event of the evening. The elimination chamber for the US title starts off with Johnny Nitro and King Booker, but neither man are able to put the other away. CM Punk enters next to a raucous reception, but he's noticeably slower, clearly feeling the effects of earlier. Out next is Ric Flair, but he opts to stay hidden from the action and let the other three men fight it out. Flair's choice proves to be wise, as Chris Masters joins next. The teammates work together to wear down the other three participants, and it seems one of them is destined to walk away from this match the new US champion. However, before they can eliminate anyone, the final man, Marcus Cor Von, enters the fray. Aided by the other three men in the match, Cor Von is able to separate Ric Flair from Masters, and the Alpha Male manages to eliminate the Nature Boy. Ric Flair has been eliminated. After this, Masters suffers a similar fate as his partner, being quadruple teamed by the rest of the participants in the chamber, ultimately falling to a Scissors Kick from King Booker. Chris Masters has been eliminated. The remaining four men would square off with each other, Punk going after Cor Von after his turn earlier in the night, and Nitro facing off with Booker. Just as it seems Booker might put Nitro away, he's forcibly inserted into the brawl of Punk and Cor Von. As Booker's distracted by this chaos, Nitro rolls him up and scores the elimination! King Booker has been eliminated. We are now guaranteed to have a new US champion! It's down to Johnny Nitro and the former tag team champions, CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von. After a fantastic session of action between the three men, Johnny Nitro would fall to a Pounce from long-time rival Marcus Cor Von. Johnny Nitro has been eliminated. Finally, it comes down to two. The men who started the night as tag team champions now close the show as bitter opponents, dedicated to ripping each other apart for the United States championship. Ultimately, just as it seems Cor Von has victory in hand, Punk is able to reverse his Pounce into an Anaconda Vise, drawing the submission from The Alpha Male. Your winner, and NEW United States champion, CM Punk! After a grueling night, CM Punk may have opened the show by losing his tag titles, but he now closes the show with the United States championship around his waist. The audience reacts to Punk's incredible show of guts and determination positively, and No Mercy closes with him celebrating in front of a highly receptive audience.
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    Focusing On Myself

    Carnage's opening pyro has just finished when James Knights music hits James Knight his way down to the ring under a oppressing amount of boos, and James Knight is just soaking it all in. You know I'm starting to think you people don't like me The crowd cheers And don't worry I hate all of you too, so I guess you can say we are on a even playing field. Anyway, let me get to why I'm out here tonight. You see the other day I got to thinking about myself and the fact that whenever you guys hear me talk, I'm usually talking about an upcoming opponent, or some new face who thinks he stands a shot at the NXT Championship. And whilst I feel obliged to tell them that they stand no chance, I feel like I need to focus on myself more. I waist so much of my time on others that I don't take the time to tell you guys simply how great I am! The crowd boo, then transition into " You Suck! " chants Aw how thoughtful of you guys. Trust me you guys suck as well. And trust me when I say that I am the BEST thing that EVER and I mean EVER stepped foot into this company. And you all think I may be all talk, but no. There is not a single person in the back that can lace up my boots, there is not a single person in that locker room more driven, more hungry than I am! So when I tell you that I will be NXT Champion after SummerSlam. That simply isn't just hope on my end. That's a guarantee that you people need to understand. There is no psycho, or brute, or technician that will even be close to on my level at SummerSlam. So get ready, because your new emperor is about to take his crown. James Knight drops the mic and walks out of the ring under an astonishing amount of boos from the crowd.
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    A Bright Division

    Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight music hitting. The crowd erupt in boos as James Knight makes his way to the ring. James Knight seems quite happy as he grabs a mic and begins to speak Is this division heating up or what? The crowd erupt in cheers I mean we have so many great names going after the NXT title at SummerSlam, dare I say we might even steal the show! With the likes of myself, Sheridan, Raven, Cody Cage, and so many more the match is sure to not disappoint! The match will be so amazing and it will be even better when I walk out of the match as the NEW NXT Champion! The crowd erupt in boos Yes, yes, I know I may not be a fan favorite around here, I am just trying to prepare you guys for what is going to happen. There is no way around it. Once SummerSlam has come to an end I will be the face of this division and you people will just have to live with it. I do want to talk about a few faces I will be defeating at SummerSlam though that have peaked my interest. First, lets talk about Sheridan. Now I don't know much about Sheridan, and to be honest I really don't care. But, I was listening to her promo backstage and there was a few points that peaked my interest. One being that she has been in this company for about a year and a half. And, in that year and a half Sheridan, have you accomplished anything? I mean you even said it yourself every time you competed for the NXT title you never even came close to winning. So what makes this time any different? Let me just answer that one for you, NOTHING. Just like every other time you stepped in that ring hoping to become NXT Champion, your gonna get your ass kicked and walk out with NOTHING. So don't get your expectations too high Sheridan, because if you do your bound to be disappointed. One more person I want to talk about, is a man I have said so much about in the past, a man who I watched with my own eyes lose everything in one night, a man you all know as RAVEN. Now Raven as of recent seems to of... well to be blunt, he's completely lost it. I don't know if it was the loss to BiC that set him off, or if was the night where everything went wrong for him. I really don't know. I just know that this is not the Raven I am used to. And, to be honest I am excited to face this new Raven. Maybe, just maybe this Raven has a bit more fight in him. Maybe this Raven can actually put up a challenge. Maybe... eh, who am I kidding behind all the face paint and the wicked laugh he's still Raven and he will still lose like he has been. With all this said though, I do believe this division has a bright future and as time goes on it will only get brighter and brighter. All it needs is a leader who is willing and able to guide them to greatness, and that leader is none other than myself. At SummerSlam I become the savior this division has needed for sooo long, and at SummerSlam I become NXT Champion! James Knight drops the mic, and gets up on the ropes posing to the crowd yelling " I am the Future and Savior of this division!"
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    The Cruise To Gorgeousness

    [ it’s the August 13th episode of BPZ Carnage as we see a line of of fans all wearing BPZ merch boarding a big yacht which has been promoted as Mirage’s Birthday Cruise that he has invited all of wrestling’s fans to attend on the BPZ website as the line slowly ends as all the fans board the ship and the video cuts to the ship leaving the docks and then to a stage in the middle of the ship with plenty of speakers all around as well as a 65 inch minitron that begins to play the entrance video and music of Mirage as he walks up onto the stage wearing a very stylish silver suit with a gold colored tie ] Mirage : Hello and welcome everyone to my birthday cruise and I truly hope you all enjoy your time now unfortunately this cruise has only be scheduled for a few days so we won’t be able to go very far but we shall tour the entirety of the Florida coast line, and I have made perfectly sure there is something to do for everyone. [ Mirage is then interrupted by the giant crowd that is there watching him as the crowd chant “ happy birthday “ and “ Mirage is gorgeous “ towards him which brings a big and warm smile to his face ] Mirage : Why thank you all that is very much appreciated, however I would like to get back to what I was saying earlier we have a game room for all of you that are gamers much like myself in my spare time, we have a theater as well for all of you movie lovers, we also have sections of the ship dedicated to each and every sport on earth and at each level of said sports for all of you sports fans, and of course we have the usual stuff such as your all you can eat buffets, restrooms, bathrooms which will be attached to your bedrooms or should I say suites that’s right ladies and gentlemen every single bedroom on this ship is a suite, now one of my personal favorite parts of this ship it has it’s very own wrestling ring for all of you to practice at with some of the very best wrestling trainers in the world on board and some of you may be lucky enough to even have a sparring match with myself. [ The crowd erupts into very loud cheers at this announcement and begin to chant “ this is awesome “ as well as “ best summer ever “ ] Mirage : Well that’s quite the reaction and I am so very glad to see you are all so happy about that however there is much much more that I think would best for you to discover on your own but should you not feel as adventurous you were all given a map of the ship with all the layers and what is all on board and where it is located. [ As Mirage is about to step off the stage one fan ask “ what about Josh? “ which causes Mirage to turn with a smile on his face ] Mirage : Josh got the message that I mean business at Emergence however do not mistake my joy for this cruise as neglecting him or what he did to me for I have much more in store for him come Summer Slam. However for the time being I simply wish to spend and cherish my birthday with all of you my pretties, So that is what I have elected to do however don’t worry for at Summer Slam I will dispatch of Mr.Ugly himself Joshua Scott and vengeance will be mine but until then I plan on embracing as much beauty and beautiful people such as yourselves as possible for that my dear friends is true beauty and is what makes myself Beautiful. So until next time my pretties now please enjoy yourselves and your time here and should you see me please feel free to ask for an autograph as I am very willing to sign any and all autographs. [ and with that Mirage steps off the stage smiling as his entrance video and music begins to play once more and the crowd cheer him onward and wish him happy birthday as the camera fades to black and onto the next segment of Carnage ]
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    Bart The New Order Sameer Smith Nate Tamer Marker and Kieron Black Raven Jonathan James Knight no new members No
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

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    Great show Hans! I’m really enjoying this feud between Slim & myself and hope you continue to book it well. I’m really enjoying this diary so keep up the good work.
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    Shiz Buster

    WWE: The New Era

    Now that Ambrose isn’t US Champion, I can see him winning the NOC match and going into a feud for the Universal Championship. Keep up the good work with this diary
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    I wouldn't dwell too much on the loss. OKC always manage to do well in My Career and they have a good roster. I feel like maybe you are being a bit harsh on Fox. Yes, he should be putting up better numbers than that, but he was against Chris Paul and his numbers weren't awful. I'd say keep an eye out for how Marvin Bagley does, as he can grow into a star. Keep it up.
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    I really enjoyed this one with Brenden in this, he showed his different side to himself rather than the boss of the company
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    This was a great match to look at
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    Eric Shun

    Utah Jazz - Completing The Journey

    UTAH JAZZ - Completing The Journey TOUGH WEEK After a four win week, we had a slightly lighter week with only 3 games. The first being the second of two against the Pelicans. And after blowing them out two nights ago the Pelicans got their revenge. Blowing us out 83-122. Lonzo Ball led the game in scoring with 21 points, he also went 4-5 from 3 point range. Meanwhile we struggled hard. Gallanari doing the best with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Rudy Gobert was our only player who played well, as he got a double double of 16 points and 11 rebounds. Donovan Mitchell was poor only getting 9 points and Emmanuel Mudaiy missed 12 shots off of the bench. We had to bounce back from that tough loss against the Memphis Grizzlies. But, in a close game they were able to get the better of us after Ed Davis went down with a bruised right hip that will keep him out for 2-4 weeks. In the game we were poor, however the loss was only by 3 points. Jonas Valanciunas managed to drop 29 on us with Dwight Howard getting 24 as well. Ja Morant also got 17 points and 13 assists. In the 104-107 loss, our only bright point was the good play from our guards as Mitchell got 29 points and Conley 24. With Ed Davis down our big men stayed out for longer and got tired. Allowing their big men to dominate the paint. And handing us our second loss of the week. However we were able to salvage one win from the week. Which would be against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It would be a close game throughout, but a 4th quarter explosion led to us getting the 91-116 win. Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell led us in points with 23 each. Gallanari also managed 21 in what was a poor game for Rudy Goberts points of view. WESTERN CONFERENCE 1. Utah Jazz (48-18) 2. Golden State Warriors (43-23) 3. Oklahoma City Thunder (42-25) 4. Houston Rockets (41-26) 5. Los Angeles Clippers (39-28) 6. Los Angeles Lakers (37-29) 7. Denver Nuggets (35-30) 8. Portland Trail Blazers (35-31)
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    Regional (January 2018-April 2018) After two successful years for the company, Domino finally encounters what might be his largest threat to company growth and financial stability: Multiple area growth. Although Domino's made Lucha Underground a small success in Northern Mexico, he must now reach 47 importance in both Northern Mexico and another area of Mexico. Domino decides his best course of action is to break into West Central Mexico. To do this, Domino runs three shows in West Central every month, with one in Northern Mexico to keep financial stability. At the beginning of January, he has about $100,000 saved, but by the end of April, it's dipped to $84,000. Domino decides that he wants to reintroduce the L1 for next year, but he wants to hold a new event for Lucha Underground before he brings back the tournament. As such, Domino introduces the idea of Aztec Warfare, a 20-man match where two competitors start the match, then another enters every minute until all 20 competitors have entered. Eliminations occur via pinfall and submission, and the winner walks away with the Lucha Underground championship. As April's new big event, Domino hopes this will help Lucha Underground gain popularity and money down the line. . Storylines: After winning the Lucha Underground championship, Queen Amazon leads her stable of the other champions in Lucha Underground. However, even though Maribel Mercado has managed to defend the Gift of the Gods title and prevent an unforeseen title opportunity against Amazon, Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper aren't so lucky, losing matches to El Mitico, Aguila Azul Celeste, Electric Dreamer and Estrella Blanca. Amazon gives them one last chance to prove themselves, as they have to defend the trios titles at Aztec Warfare, and if they lose, they will leave the Upper Class. Ultimately, Pink, Perez and Viper lose the trios titles to Celeste, Dreamer and Blanca. However, rather than being exiled from the Upper Class, Amazon and Mercado would join the Disciples of Death, as Samael the Accuser, Screamer and Martyr helped Amazon retain the title at Aztec Warfare. During this time, Latin Lion Jr and Doctor O'Haire left the Disciples of Death due to their recent failures as a stable, and after picking up a victory over Screamer and Martyr, they would join the Upper Class after Aztec Warfare, offering support to the former trios champions. Other than this, El Mitico has been on the rise, scoring massive victories and officially being considered a main eventer. On the other hand, Boriken Love Machine Jr has had the opposite luck, failing to score big victories and falling to upper midcard status. . By the end of April, Lucha Underground has reached 31 importance in Northern Mexico and 20 in West Central. Domino plans to implement the L1 tournament over the next year of Lucha Underground again, but with the added caveat of four more shows per month. He plans to run eight shows a month spread across two "brands" for L1 season, with four in Northern Mexico and four in West Central each month. Domino understands this could potentially bleed money, but it's a risk he's willing to take, as he still looks to reach Global as fast as he possibly can. Will Domino's ambition be his downfall at such a pivotal moment of his company's lifespan?
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    WWE: Back to Brands w/ Bob and Meko

    Monday Night Raw It is August 19th and we are live with Monday Night RAW. After the announcement of the King of the Ring Tournament last week on Smackdown we see 2 matches from the King of the Ring Tournament and 2 matches from the Queen of the Ring Tournament take place tonight. We will also hear from Randy Orton and Mickie James who are challenging for the Universal and Raw Womens Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We have a big night planned for Monday Night Raw so let’s get right into it. We kick off the show as we see Randy Orton make his way to the ring. Randy made a statement last week as he hit the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with an RKO. It was announced on WWE.com that Randy Orton would challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We see Randy grab a mic as he begins to talk. “Last week I showed Brock Lesnar that the Universal Championship he has around his waist. Well I showed him that, that championship is in danger. Cause you see there is a man, a viper, an apex predator who has got his eye on that title. Now soon enough that title is going to be around my waist cause you see Brock Lesnar made the mistake of giving Randy Orton the opportunity to strike, the opportunity to hit him with the most devastating move in WWE the RKO.” Randy Orton says as the crowd says RKO with him. “Now I have been in the ring with Brock before and I will admit Brock beat me. He beat me down in this ring and busted me open. But you see, this is a new Randy Orton. And Brock Lesnar is not the man he used to be. Brock calls himself the beast yet he is losing like guys to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania. Brock has lost his edge and well me I have only gotten better. I have taken my experience with Brock and learned from it. So Brock at the King of the Ring PPV. Be prepared to lose the most important thing in your life. Now I am not talked about your ugly and disappointing kids and I am definitely talking about that hoe you call a wife. I am talking about the Universal Championship. So Brock I’ll see you around, just bring that title with you.” Randy Orton says as he then heads backstage as we cut to commercial. We come back to commercial as we see Sonya Deville in the ring with Carmella. This is one of two QOTR Round 1 Tournament matches we have tonight. The winner will move on to the second round which will take place in two weeks time. Match 1- Sonya Deville vs Carmella In a solid match Sonya Deville defeated Carmella after Mandy Rose interfered allowing Deville to pin Carmella with a quick roll up. Deville moves on to the second round now as she moves one step closer to becoming the first ever Queen of the Ring. As Sonya and Mandy head backstage celebrating the victory we see RAW cut to a video. It’s the Firefly Funhouse. We see Bray Wyatt and Braun Stroman sitting at a table playing cards as the look at the camera as Bray starts talking. “Hello my fireflies, I am glad you are here because I have so much to talk to you about. You see Braun and I here were just playing a game of war. War is a very fun game. Now me I always win, Braun is not very good a war.” Bray says as we see Braun shake his head no as we hear children laughing in the background. “War can be simple yet complicated at the same time. You see back in the day people would be respectful in war they would line up and it was very proper. Now though people hide and are more strategic. But you see you can’t hide forever because the enemy will always find a way in.” Bray says as Braun shakes his head yes agreeing with Bray. “So there is a war in the WWE right now but one side is refusing to fight. You see the Fiend and the Black Sheep really want a tag team title match at the King of the Ring PPV but Daniel Bryan and Rowan seem to be afraid. So since they won’t make the match. I am going to ask the RAW general manager Edge. I am asking on behalf of the Fiend. You see Edge the Fiend would be very upset with you if you don’t make this match happen. The Fiend is not somebody you want to be enemies with. So Edge I will let you decide, I hope you chose wisely though.” Bray says as him and Braun then laugh at the camera. “So that is all for today my fireflies. I will leave you with this. I will always light the way for each and everyone of you. All you have to do is let me in.” Bray says as the camera then fades away as the show ends as Bray and Braun go back to playing cards. We then cut back to the arena as we are set for a KOTR Round 1 matchup as we will see EC3 take on R-Truth. Both men would love to win this matchup as it could propel their careers to another level. Both look to move to the second round but only one can win tonight. Match 2- EC3 vs R-Truth In a solid match, EC3 defeated R-Truth after hitting him with a One Percenter. EC3 looked really good here as he moves on to the second round. EC3 could go far in this tournament if he can keep putting on performances like this. R-Truth does not seem upset though as he can now just focus on the 24/7 title. We then cut backstage as we see the WWE Womens Tag Team Champions, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans. They both have big smirks on their faces as Charlotte begins to talk. “You are all looking at the royalty of WWE. We are you Womens Tag Team Champions and trust me when I say it is going to stay that way for a while. Lacey and I are just to good. There is no one on this roster that can even compare to us. Now Smackdown is giving us some new competition in the Kabuki Warriors. I mean when I look I that team I see Asuka a women that I made tap out on the grandest stage of all Wrestlemania. When I made her tap I made her irrelevant when I ended her winning streak I ended her career. For the other women Kairi Sane I mean I don’t even know who that is so she will just fall victim just like every other woman has.” Charlotte says as she woos and Lacey starts talking. “I don’t even know why we are being forced to compete. All this is going to do is push us higher and make the rest of the card look bad. It’s just sad when I look at the roster. It’s just a bunch of women who don’t know how to act and how to compete. There are only two women in this company who do and you are looking at them. So when we face off against the Kabuki Warriors expect nothing more as Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans run through the Kabuki Warriors.” Lacey Evans says as both women then walk off together with their titles. We cut back to the ring as it is time for our second Round 1 Queen of the Ring matchup as we see Bayley and Naomi in the ring. Both these women could win this tournament as they both are very talented and former champions. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this Queen of the RIng first round matchup. Match 3- Bayley vs Naomi In a great match Bayley defeated Naomi after hitting her with a Bayley to Belly. Both women looked great here as they both got in huge amounts of offense. Bayley will have a week to rest next week as she will get ready for her second round matchup in the QOTR Tournament. We cut to RAW General Managers Edge’s office as it seems he has some announcements for us here tonight. Edge is wearing glasses and has a clipboard as he begins to talk. “Okay, I hope you all are enjoying RAW so far but right now we have some business to handle. So let’s get right too I have the right clipboard this time so that is a good start. Okay for my first announcement The Fiend and Braun are getting the RAW Tag Team Championship Match at the King of the Ring PPV. Also we will see a 6 man elimination match for the United States Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. It will be the champion Samoa Joe, against CM Punk, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and The Miz. Also I would like to state the RAW is going to dominate the King of the Ring PPV winning both tournaments and retaining the Womens Tag Team Titles. So Christian, be prepared to be disappointed once again. I will see all of you people again soon I am sure so enjoy the rest of the show.” Edge says as the camera then fades to black. We cut back to the ring as it is time for the main event. We will see once again a KOTR First Round Matchup as Roman Reigns will take on Shinsuke Nakamura. Two men who would have most likely faced off in the finals but instead got matched up against each other in the first round. Match 4- Roman Reigns vs Shinsuke Nakamura In an excellent match. Roman Reigns defeated Shinsuke Nakamura after hitting him with a huge spear. Roman Reigns moves on to the second round after a long and hard fought match. Reigns is a favorite to win this tournament now we will just have to wait and see if he can get the job done. Raw then goes off air as Roman Reigns celebrates his victory in the ring.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    No Mercy Card The Miz VS Baron Corbin (Intercontinental title) No Mercy kicks off with a hot feud between bitter rivals coming to a head, as The Miz defends the Intercontinental championship against the man who has haunted him over the past few months, Baron Corbin. In a fantastic bout, No Mercy kicks off on a sour note as we see new fan-favorite The Miz drop his Intercontinental championship to Baron Corbin. Corbin has finally scored his first taste of championship gold in WWE. Will The Miz seek revenge at SummerSlam? . The Hardy's VS The Ascension In the first of two non-title matches tonight, we see The Hardy's seek revenge on the team that cost them their opportunity at the SmackDown tag titles. The Hardy's manage to score their second victory over The Ascension, and it's clear that their quest for championship gold hasn't slowed one bit. Will they finally receive this opportunity at SummerSlam? . Naomi VS Maryse (SmackDown women's title) In her second opportunity at the SmackDown women's title since being forced to vacate it, Naomi faces Maryse in their first one-on-one encounter. Ultimately, despite interference from Lana, Maryse is able to overcome the former SmackDown women's champion. Maryse's unlikely reign as SmackDown women's champion continues, and at this rate, is there anyone on SmackDown who can stop her? . The New Wyatt Family (Randy Orton/Bo Dallas) VS The New Day (SmackDown tag titles) In a rivalry rekindled, we see the New Day face a demon of their past in the form of the New Wyatt Family. Clearly not over his fear of the Wyatt's yet, Xavier Woods opts to sit out of this match and let E and Kofi defend the titles tonight. This would prove to be the correct decision, as E and Kofi are able to put away Bo Dallas with the Midnight Hour, continuing their thus-far impressive reign. . Pete Dunne VS Shinsuke Nakamura In a bout between the two hottest new stars on SmackDown, Pete Dunne faces Tye Dillinger's new ally, Shinsuke Nakamura. In an incredible, hard-hitting bout, it would be Pete Dunne who continues his impressive momentum so far, picking up the victory over Shinsuke Nakamura with a Bitter End. Even without using the rest of British Strong Style, Pete Dunne is clearly a force to be reckoned with in this division. . The Bella's VS The IIconics (SmackDown women's tag titles) In the final match before our massive main event, we see the SmackDown women's tag team champions, The Bella Twins, defend their titles against their old challengers, The IIconics. Ultimately, lightning would not strike twice for the sister pair, as Brie Bella fell to a Northern Lights Suplex from Peyton Royce. The IIconics have finally scored the SmackDown women's tag titles, but will they be able to keep them? . AJ Styles VS Rusev VS John Cena (WWE title) Finally, we reach the main event of No Mercy, where John Cena defends his WWE championship against AJ Styles and Rusev. In a fantastic match, the reign of the 17-time WWE champion continues with an Attitude Adjustment over Rusev. John Cena now carries the WWE championship into SummerSlam, and his retirement tour thus far has been coming along nicely.
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    Party Bus Phase

    Week by week passes, somethings stay the same as other completely change the landscape of BPZ. Last week Icon showed the world what his intentions were and this week Icon has something a bit different in store. The same as last week, Icon stands from and center in the ring. Awaiting the fans to quiet down to address his thoughts. I come out here tonight, 100 percent focused on my opposition. But what is hans focused on? Everything besides the United States Championship. First King Of The Ring, then To The Top and now going for the Tag Team titles with Bic. Hans you have 4 other performers gunning for that title. But you are too busy patrolling a god damn party bus. Icon begins to smirk at the thought of a party bus. A party bus symbolizes everything that Icon hates. Hans what have you proved? Nothing has changed with your reign? You haven't made this title more prestigious, you have made it a joke. The United States Championship is more of a accessory than a championship to you. And that sickens me to the core. When I held that belt over a year ago, I held it with honor, prestige and put all my energy into keeping it around my waist. Long Live The Prophecy One year ago, the championship was raised above my head. I was living my dream but it came to a screeching haul. With one man Julius. I would lose my possession to this man, failing the prophecy, one that couldn't be revived. Current Day Prophecy One year has advanced but one thing stays the same. My drive to regain my most prized possession. Hans you may see the United States Championship as some sort of one way ticket to funland, but I see it as a free ticket to the top. And that will ultimately be your downfall. Multiple bells begin to ring, before Icon exits the ring with a standard purpose.
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    Party Bus Phase

    As Icon walks up the he turns his back for a second as then The Bailey from behind attacks Icon! Beating down Icon. Kicking him around and around. Before picking Icon up and spitting directly in his face. He then slaps Icon and then kicks him down low. He picks Icon up and hits The GOAT Bottom on Icon. Who crashes onto the Ramp. The Bailey looks up at all the Fans booing him as The Bailey takes it all in. The Bailey throws his hands up to the Crowd before turning around and leaving the Arena.
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    We begin this by looking at the first edition of the Super J Cup which was held on April 16th, 1994 in the Tokyo Sumo Hall in front of 11,500 people. The show which was hosted by New Japan Pro Wrestling (Not all of the Super J Cups were in fact hosted by NJPW), featured 14 Junior Heavyweight wrestlers from 5 Japanese companies, those being besides New Japan, FMW (Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling), WAR (Wrestling Association Revolution), MPW (Michinoku Pro Wrestling) and SPWF (Social Progress Wrestling Federation) alongside the promotion CMLL (Consejo Mundial de la Lucha Libre) from Mexico. The event is remarkable for being the first time NJPW produced a show featuring only Junior Heavyweight Wrestlers. Credit of the tournament goes to NJPW Star Jyushin Thunder Liger (Much like the 2019 edition which he himself is producing). The following wrestlers partook in the event: From New Japan: Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) Dean Malenko El Samurai Jyushin Thunder Liger himself who at the time was the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Shinjiro Otani Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) From WAR: Gedo From FMW: Hayabusa Ricky Fuji From SJPW: Masyoshi Motegi who held the W*ING/WWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship From CMLL: Negro Casas From MPW: Super Delfin who was the UWF Super Welterweight Champion Taka Michinoku The Great Sasuke who held the FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship So with that out of the way let's look at the matches starting with the First Round. Now with an odd number of wrestlers there were two byes in round one which ended up going to The Great Sasuke and Wild Pegasus who therefore immediatly qualfied to the Quarter Finals. Let's see who joined them: Round 1 Gedo (WAR) vs Dean Malenko (NJPW) Man what a way to kickstart the tournament. First off I gotta say Gedo's look in 1994 was amazing: Nothing like the Gedo we know today heh. By comparison I did put his look today so you can see the difference. Anyways this was a match I was very curious to see as on one side we got Dean Malenko a name you all should be familiar with and on the other Gedo. Now I haven't see much of Gedo's early in ring work so this was something I was very curious about. And we all know how much of a great worker Dean Malenko is. This ended up being a very enjoyable match at first with both men showcasing some good Technical skills however I felt Dean was doing the better of the two. However in the end Gedo ended up being the one winning the match after nailing a Scoop Slam of all things with a cover that actually looked like Dean had his shoulders off the mat. That suprised me and in the end I felt it ended up bringing the match down, not to mention I felt it could have gone longer. Plus I felt that Dean Malenko probably should have won here Rating: 2/5 stars Super Delfin (MPW) vs Shinjiro Otani (NJPW) Now this was a match where I was completly blind to both competitors. I had heard of Otani of course mainly because of him being a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion but this was my first time watching him wrestle. And Super Delfin was a complete unknown to me. So I had no ideia what to expect from this match. In the end I was impressed with Otani but Delfin just refused to sell to him which I felt hurt the match. The end came with Delfin nailing Otani with a Swinging DDT before locking both legs for the pin on Otani. Interesting that in both matches thus far New Japan Wrestlers lost both on home turf. Rating: 2/5 stars Black Tiger (NJPW) vs TAKA Michinoku (MPW) In the second of the NJPW vs MPW matches we find two familiar faces to both me and everyone else here in general as a young TAKA Michinoku faces a future WWE Champion in Black Tiger. Confused? Well that's because the man behind the Black Tiger Mask is none other than Eddie Guerrero. Now this was a fun match to watch as both men went full throttle from the get go. In the beginning Tiger was dominating TAKA entirely however TAKA would bounce back and nail some really great Aerial offensive including a Double-Jump Plancha onto the floor. The end would come with a Swinging DDT by Black Tiger to Taka to win the match at 6:47 and give NJPW there first win. Also fun fact Tiger nailed a Frog Splash and two Gory Bombs which to anyone who has followed Eddie's career is bizarre that they didn't end the match Rating: 3.5/5 stars El Samurai (NJPW) vs Masayoshi Motegi (SJPW) Once again I am heading into unfamiliar territory as we look at El Samurai vs Masayoshi Motegi. Now I had heard about El Samurai so I was curious to see how he would perform while Motegi was another unknown. In the end the match wasn't really that good. A bit sloppy at times especially on part of Motegi who botched a couple of moves there. Luckily for me and you all Samurai picked up the win after a Folding Powerbomb but this is a perfectably skipable match. Rating: 0.5/5 stars Ricky Fuji (FMW) vs Negro Casas (CMLL) I had heard of both men before considering Shiba is a resident FMW expert and Arius introduced me to Luchadores during his booking of a Mexican company in the War of the Immortals League and Negro Casas was a name that popped up. In the end the match didn't disappoint as I liked what both men brought to the table in only 5 minutes. However I felt like Negro showcased it a bit more so I was a bit disappointed when Fuji ended up being the one going through after a beautiful Tiger Driver though. Rating: 3/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs Hayabusa (FMW) Now this was a match I was looking forward to. I've watched both men in the past and in fact I had already watched this particular match before so I knew what to expect. It's a match that you definatly should go out of your way to watch as both men put on a very entertaining contest. This match is also very important in Hayabusa's career as it is in some ways the match that really exposed him to Mainstream audiences in Japan. In the end Liger as expected did go over after nailing a Fisherman's Suplex on Hayabusa on 10:23. Go out of your way to watch it if you haven't. Rating: 4/5 stars Quarter Finals Gedo (WAR) vs Super Delfin (MPW) Now here we get another look at both Gedo and Super Delfin. Gotta admit this was a much better showcase for Delfin as he and Gedo put on a very entertaining match that served as a nice breather from the Liger/Hayabusa encounter. Some pretty good action from both men here but in the end Gedo proved to outsmart Delfin by catching him with an Inside Cradle folllowing Delfin's Swinging DDT to pick up the win and advance to the Semis. Rating: 2.75/5 stars Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs Black Tiger (NJPW) Well I fully expected this match to be pretty good considering who is in it, Benoit and Eddie. Now it's not really yet up to the level of later matches they have had but for what they were in 1994 this is a pretty good match and another you should definatly give a watch. The finish was a bit weird I do admit with Tiger flying from the top rope only for Pegasus to catch him in a pining combination to win at the 10:23 mark. Rating: 3.25/5 stars El Samurai (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) Here we have Great Sasuke's first apperance in the tournament as he takes on El Samurai who had a pretty bad match to start the tournament. However he does redeem himself in a big way here as he and Sasuke put on a very good performance which did start a bit slowpaced but picked up towards the end. I really enjoyed the final part of this match as both men traded near falls and pretty big moves to the delight of the Tokyo Crowd. In the end Sasuke would pick up the victory after rolling through an Hurricanrana attempt by Samurai to advance to the Semis. Rating: 3.75/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs Ricky Fuji (FMW) After Liger's great performance in Round 1 against Hayabusa I was expecting him to bring a very good match out of the other FMW representative in this tournament. However it seemed both men really failed to communicate at times in this match which dragged it down for me. In the end after a very short 8 minutes Liger would pick up the much deserved victory after a Diving Rana. Rating: 2.5/5 stars Semi-Finals Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs Gedo (WAR) So here we get to the Semi Finals as Pegasus takes on Gedo. It was a decent match at best and I don't really understand why Gedo of all people reached this stage (Not like he is booking this unlike today where he is the Booker of New Japan) over people like Negro Casas or Dean Malenko. Still it was good for what it was and thankfully the right man went through as Pegasus picked up the win with the move he would so popularize as his finisher the Diving Headbutt. Rating: 2/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) Boy was this match being good...until the end brought it down a bit as Sasuke tripped on the top rope attempting probably a Top Rope Hurricanrana. A shame because the match was being pretty amazing. If you can ignore that botch in the end though this is definatly another match I fully recommend as both men showcased why they are two of the greatest Junior Heavyweights of all time. Sasuke would end up picking up the win after that unfortunate botch by doing a normal Hurricanrana for the 3 count. Rating: 3.75/5 stars Final Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) And here we are at the finals. Pegasus vs Sasuke to determine the winner of the first Super J Cup. This was a pretty fantastic match from bell to bell as both men pull all the stops to perform for the Crowd in Attendence which was on fire for it. Pegasus would end up winning the match and the Tournament after a very beautiful Side Superplex at the 18:$6 count. You definatly need to go back and watch this match as it is a classic. Rating: 5/5 stars Overall I enjoyed the show. Clear highlights for me were the final and the Liger/Hayabusa match from Round 1. It's also worth to check out the Liger/Sasuke match as well Black Tiger/Wild Pegasus, especially if you are a fan of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit of course. If you need to skip any match don't bother with El Samurai/Motegi. The only criticism I really wanna give is I would have loved to have seen more of Dean Malenko and Negro Casas in this tournament but it's still pretty enjoyable nonetheless. That does it for the 1994 Super J Cup. Join me next time as we look at the 1995 Super J Cup Tournament.
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    Just "Marker" Done

    He Wants It Back

    After a commercial break, we see the crowd in a good mood as we saw Sameer had an interaction with Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Suddenly, music begin playing, the crowd looks after the stage to see who is it, they waited for a minute before seeing MARKER, the crowd erupts as he walks down to the ring in a suit and tie. MARKER looks around the Arena as the crowd chant his name, he gets in the ring and the music stops and the crowd gets louder and louder as they chant his name. MARKER gets a microphone and begins speaking. Wow, I wasn't expecting this, the fans are actually excited to see me back in the square circle, right here back in BPZ. The fans keeps on chanting his name as MARKER continues speaking. Well, get used to it because I ain't leaving, I am making sure this time that I ain't walking out, I am back better than ever and I am ready for the challenge that I am going to confront. Now last time I spoke to all of you, I wanted to have a match at Summerslam and I want to win this time around. But which is it? A lot of rumors speculated that I was going for the United States Championship or that I was going for Tag with Necce or Buddy Ace, but those are rumors ladies and gentlemen, if you want to know, you go to the source and now you are getting the inside scoop. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I WANT MY TITLE BACK! The crowd once again erupts as MARKER is going back for the Premium Championship, what a revelation. Now the man that is holding the title currently, George is a very good wrestler, he has been in this business for longer than I have and he has experience on his side, but for him, that all he has because we are far from the same and Kieron, well I don't know what is going on with him, but I know that he will be beaten with George. So boys, be ready cause I'm coming…. MARKER leaves the ring as the fans are excited to see their new hero return from his absence, will he come back and reclaim at Summerslam, found out soon.
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    A Party Sameer: Last night, was a whirlwind of emotions. I have never lost since my first match here in IUM. I have gone through everyone here. And last night was my biggest challenge yet, Arius. And now I am your World Champion. Arius: Yes sir you were the better man. But my ghouls and I think your win was a fluke. Nothing more, so at IUM Summerslam, I challenge you to a match. But as I am out here tonight I want a Hell In A Cell match. Commentators: The match is set, at Summerslam. The cell will be risen and these men will fight to do part death for the title Arius believes he never lost. Jack Bashka vs Bulldozer Good match here, as usual Jack Bashka had the advantage in this match. He has had a good run of wins as of late. But Bulldozer looks to make that just a dream now. Bulldozer would go for a superkick but would be reversed into a samoan drop. Bashka would pick him up, hitting him with the Dirty Deeds. For the pinfall and the victory. Time:9:02 Rating:2.25 James Ropati vs Brad A mixed style combat right here. James Ropati has been on a tear as of late and he looks to take the TV Title from Julius at Summerslam. But first he steps into the ring with a veteran of this business, Brad. Both men look good here, but Ropati seems to be the better win as he gets the pinfall here tonight, with a Kiwi Kick. Time:24:54 Rating:3.25 After the matchup, Ropati would celebrate but not much before Julius would run from the back and grab a stell chair, striking Ropati with it right to the skull. He would raise his belt over the defeated corpse. Marker Andrews vs Siege This seemed to be a test of bitter strength. But who would be stronger? To answer that question, it would have to Marker Andrews. He seemed very motivated after some losses and not even being able to be on the card. After a struggling few minutes for Siege, he would get some momentum back. But not for long as Marker connects with the Coquina Clutch, Siege would fight on but eventually have to tap out to Marker. Time:12:39 Rating:2.75 Rise to the Top Rick: Being in this company has been tough so far, not too many wins, Which thats part of the game, isnt it? So i protest I want an opponent at Summerlsam to prove how valuable I am. And I want to see his face on the screen right this instant. We see a face appear, a blank, emotionless Xavier eye the camera. And speak 3 words. BRING IT ON! Raven vs Benjamin Wolf We havent seen these two in a few weeks. Solid match right here, a good combination as they are both mentally unstable. And that showed in this match. No one really had an advantage in this encounter, but we had to have a winner and it was Raven. This was due to a "Bird Bomb". Time:14:09 Rating:3.90 Arius vs Yelich And in our main event match, with main event caliber talent we had an amzing match of course. I think the advantage went to Arius though, as the former world champion showed us his thing. As the match began to come to its expiration date, Arius was getting ready to finish off his victim before Sameer's them began to play. Arius beginning to get distracted, Yelich would do a rollup and get the quick win. Time:23:34 Rating:4.50 Arius looking visually upset, kicking the ropes as he exits the ring. His ghouls coming to greet him out of the arena. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZP0xKgDL2PMSC6g43goI1X7BpktULX6xuSYvh9rLWVI Made by @GeorgeAK
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    Unbelievable. The runner up of the Global Series isn’t it. Who do u have to have run over these days?
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    Medium Freeze


    Recorded: BPZ Powertrip: Emergence - August 9th Playing: Mozart's Requiem - 1. Introitus During last night's Emergence, the world was caught up in the brutality shown by Arius during his attack of BPZ Hall of Famer Brad after his Barbwire Massacre against KENJI. Left in what was a bloody mess amidst all the chaos the reigning North American Champion moved from the stage surrounded by his entourage of Ghouls that evening. Passing through the gorilla position and into the awaiting corridor officials ran past him in a rush to reach the aftermath of the incident, not taking the time to stop and find Arius in the process. As those Ghouls who assisted him nod to their friend and move on from their duty, entering once again into the real world as the camera takes a glimpse of one of them removing a mask midshot from behind. Not identity revealed as a BPZ stage crew logo can be seen on the back of his shirt. Arius swiftly enters a room awaiting for him, away from the confusion. The room itself supplied with a few essentials, possessions left behind after being emptied of the occupants..possibly by force earlier. In particular a lone camera, having been moved away from the equipment bay and organised by Rin Akane in the mean time, stands centre of the room. All in waiting for the BPZ North American Champion who looks to make some final comments on the night that has passed. Airing: BPZ Network - August 10th Taking hold of the cushioned fold-out chair Arius takes his seat, the BPZ North American Championship laying across his lap as he finally takes notice of the blood covering his white gloves, but still he uses the same very hand to wipe his hair back like a comb as he gives a hearty chuckle of the ordeal that had just taken place. The adrenaline is rushing through him as the sounds of the mayhem, the crowd, repeat through his mind. The question...the question. To be fooled, or not to be fooled? That appears to be the theme these past couple weeks, as ignorance seems to be the name of the game when it comes to underestimating those around us. Arius removes his gloves as he shows the blood covered over them to the camera This is exactly what needed to happen! Tonight at Emergence, reality whispered into Lord Yautjas ear. Reality told Yautja of his destiny in BPZ Wrestling; failure and humiliation! The once former Aaron North adapted to wear a mask full of false hopes and dreams. He used this facade in an attempt to heighten his experience in this company in hopes for a more fulfilling path. He spoke of proving himself, of destroying what i had slowly built over my time here and using my ascending failures against me to his advantage... Arius abruptly stands as he points to the outside. The noise of distant shouts can be heard through the doorway across from him. The ring announcer thanking the crowd for their patience as they look to get the Pay Per View continuing on But his mask couldn’t hide his true self. This figurative cloak had its own identity. This mask’s name was Angelo Caito, Brad...Brad deceived him, continually filling his soul with arrogance and disrespect. I revealed and removed this mask when I defeated Lord Yautja swiftly in front of the world. Millions of eyes saw the once high potential crumble in a matter of seconds as i hoisted his body above that ring post. Arius looks to the ceiling as he remembers the moment, rotating his shoulder still recovering himself from the fall, he moves around the room as the camera follows him closely This path was set once he started following the leader rather than guide himself. In those final moments Lord Yautja realised that my word was true and he couldn’t have done anything to prevent his true self. The same reality that came before Brad as he lay amongst the rubble i sent him to. Leaving them in a bed of their sorrows. As Arius looks to continue his rant he is interrupted as he kicks an idle briefcase left behind by someone before the room was cleared Ahhh yes, how could i overlook the other important events this evening. the champion leans in the pick up the briefcase with his free hand as he chuckles a little at the sight. Reminded of other important information learned this evening It’s always so exciting to get these chances, these obstacles. The introduction of the To The Top briefcase into my life gives it a certain exhilarating flare don't you think? The rush of knowing each time i make my way to the chosen arena it could be faced with a challenge from around each corner. That's the sort of chaos i haven't felt in a long while..possibly the days of NXT. Unbridled and pure insanity. Now...I do hope that this victory today doesn't lead you into delusions of grandeur for we are all human. Arius raises the BPZ North American Championship as he holds it closer to the camera, showing the blood spotted across the front plate for the audience to see We all bleed the same. We all break the same. But that is not where the champions separate themselves from simple heroes and villains, not where the greats look up to greater men with desire. Arius points towards the outside of the room once again as he continues Because be assured inside that ring your delusions will fade away and only reality is left to exist; a reality of The Revenant - who brings both creation and destruction in hand- this is the shadow which can soon consume you within its darkness. Arius lowers his arms as he nods respectively towards Joh who might be watching in the future For now i step aside with a simple congratulations Joh. A moment i witnessed live in the distance for myself as i prepared keenly, taking notice as you tonight slayed several valiant foes in the battle. And so for now until we meet it gives that voice of your’s some legitimacy. Arius leans in and taps the side of the camera lens mockingly But be warned. Be exposed to the example i made of your United brethren. When you take the chance to cash in that briefcase of yours no hesitations will be made as I strip you down to your core and show the world everything that makes Joh a secondary act in the North American division. For In the end perception is reality and there isn’t anything to suggest I can’t do what I've set out to do once again, just like there isn’t anything to suggest this championship in my grasp will be ripped away anytime soon. By yourself or anyone who steps to me between that time. Arius slides the briefcase across the floor as it knocks the side of a table. The champion not being able to keep himself in a still motion, riding the adrenaline of the night still surging through him Arius paces around the room. Reality..Reality..Reality Arius laughs as he takes notice of himself and his rant Forgive me if this sounds slightly monotonous. I'm sure some of you sit curiously wondering why am I persistently talking about reality and truths tonight?. Well, everyday it feels like allegiances are switching, to the point where we question even ourselves, for do we even know the person in front of us? Do i understand myself as well as i once have? Once a time existed, that those who have come for my head paraded praise and feigned admiration. To think for a moment, for some comfort, that all of our beginnings started equal in this company. We step into a new stage, experience a new ensemble, a new setting...and we never know at first what's good and pure. What's deceiving and evil. Arius holds a single finger in the air for the camera We always must first observe. Arius pauses for a moment as faint sirens can be heard leaving the building But sadly the harsh truth about either, no matter which side you choose to believe, it doesn't necessarily lie in what's said, because more often than not whether you side with one or the other you're only figuring out one side of the narrative. Fortunately for those of us that have the benefit of experiencing both sides, we are able to choose wisely how we tread. Arius outstretches his arms for the audience And so the burden falls. It's then up to us to follow through on those decisions to ensure there are no more conflicts of interest. In the end, it's not going to be about whose alternative narrative prevails over the other, but rather belief. Which side they believed. Which one suited them best. Or perhaps more to the point..which one they wanted to believe before the finale even took place. ..So i forewarn, to those willing to listen, that the narrative of what has taken place tonight and what will take place between here and Summerslam, will all be twisted to fit the view needed, but let it be spoken now. This experience was out of necessity. Something i don't look to make a sport of. Arius grabs hold of the strap of his championship, staring determined into the eyes of the viewers at home This BPZ North American Championship is an open opportunity for anyone who can breathe and compete. This isn't a stepping stone to great heights, a prop, this is MY division in which i'll fight to my greatest efforts to hold it strong. Tonight i went out of my way to prove that i will not be toyed with. For i have and will continue to work as hard as I can, sacrificing time and health to bring me to this moment again. My Destiny Chosen To Die As King. Summerslam
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    No Mercy Card Naomi VS Maryse (SmackDown women's title) After surprisingly winning the SmackDown women's championship, Maryse has impressively fought off all challengers. Her two big challengers, Naomi and Charlotte, collided for the chance to face her again at No Mercy, with Naomi coming out on top after interference from Lana. Will Naomi finally reclaim the SmackDown women's title, or does Maryse's surprising reign continue? . The Hardy's VS The Ascension The Ascension has been on a roll recently, putting away teams in decisive fashion left and right. However, they were beaten by The Hardy's, which gave The Hardy's a number one contender's match. In this match, The Ascension cost The Hardy's the victory, and now, The Hardy's have the opportunity to DELETE their rivals and get revenge. Will The Hardy's succeed in getting their vengeance, or does The Ascension prove their loss to the decorated duo was merely a blip? . The Miz VS Baron Corbin (Intercontinental title) Ever since winning the Intercontinental title at Backlash, The Miz has been targeted by the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin. They collided at Money in the Bank in the titular ladder match, but neither would claim victory. Since then, Corbin's attacked The Miz at every turn, including costing him a massive victory over WWE champion, John Cena. Will The Miz get his revenge, or does Baron Corbin finally win championship gold in the WWE? . The Bella's VS The IIconics (SmackDown women's tag titles) After becoming the inaugural SmackDown women's tag champions, The Bella Twins have been targeted heavily by the upstart Aussie duo of The IIconic's. Though they came up short in their first encounter, will The IIconic's pick up the victory here, or does the reign of the Bella Twins continue? . Pete Dunne VS Shinsuke Nakamura After debuting alongside Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher at the expense of Daniel Bryan, Pete Dunne set his sights on Tye Dillinger, claiming that any new debuting superstars will face the wrath of British Strong Style. After multiple losses, Dillinger finally recruited a debuting star in Shinsuke Nakamura to help him, with the two beating Bate and Gallagher in a tag match. Embarrassed by this loss, Dunne now faces Nakamura one-on-one. Which of these impressive new stars continues their momentum? . The New Wyatt Family (Randy Orton/Bo Dallas) VS The New Day (SmackDown tag titles) After Money in the Bank, Bray Wyatt returned with the announcement that Randy Orton and Bo Dallas are now under his control as part of the New Wyatt Family. After Orton and Dallas knocked off The Hardy's, the New Wyatt Family earned a shot at the New Day, with Wyatt noting that he's already gotten inside the head of Xavier Woods before. Will the New Day be able to overcome one of their few blemishes, or does No Mercy see the crowning of hew SmackDown tag team champions? . AJ Styles VS Rusev VS John Cena (WWE title) Finally, the main event of No Mercy sees John Cena face two of his greatest rivals in a triple threat match. AJ Styles never truly took his eyes off the WWE championship, and has been given a chance against his longtime rival, John Cena. Joining them is Rusev, the man Cena beat at Money in the Bank, but the man who believes he deserves another chance, and at Cena's request, will receive just that. Which of these three incredible athletes walks into SummerSlam with the WWE championship?
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    Day 18 (B Block Finals): Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Jeff Cobb (ROH): Ome last hilarious hurrah from Yano in this year's G1 Climax and one last dominant win from Cobb. Both of these guys stood out every chance they got and I can easily say that I enjoyed about every single match out of these two. Yano will probably be part of G1 Climax until he retires but I think Jeff Cobb has proved that he can be part of the grind and has earned the right to return next year. Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun): I was really looking forward to this match due to their history & chemistry. I remember their match in this year's New Japan Cup as one of my favourite matches and in this match they did not disappoint. One beautiful Superkick and a Black Mephisto got Taichi his fourth win in his first G1 Climax appearance. For all the ruckus that fans caused last year when Taichi was left out of the G1, he has proved that the ruckus & wait were worth it and now I can't wait to see Taichi get elevated to the status of G1 Climax residents such as the usual show-stealer: Tomohiro Ishii. Juice Robinson (NJPW) vs Jon Moxley (Free Agent): This match was Moxley's last G1 Climax match for the foreseeable future and it was a nice throwback to their first encounter which resulted in Moxley becoming the fifth IWGP US Heavyweight Champion. For Moxley to win, he needed to defeat Juice, Shingo Takagi to defeat Hirooki Goto, and Tetsuya Naito would've had to defeat Jay White since White & Goto hold tiebreakers over Moxley. But that didn't matter as Juice got his revenge by defeating Jon Moxley. Obviously, Death Rider will soon be no more and Moxley will have to go to AEW full-time therefore he will need to drop his title. The only two candidates with clean victories over Moxley are Juice & Goto but I think New Japan wants to keep the US Title exclusive to foreigners therefore I predict Juice taking back the title within the next month. Hirooki Goto (Chaos) vs Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon): This was an under-the-radar dream match in my opinion. For Goto to win the block he would've had to defeat Takagi and rely on Jay White defeating Tetsuya Naito in the main event since Goto had the tiebreaker over White. That also did not happen as The Dragon stopped The Fearless Warrior at the final stop in his redemption tour and it saved Switchblade (thank goodness). In my opinion, Takagi has definitely proved that he belongs in the Heavyweight division so if he decided to become a full-time Heavyweight tomorrow then I would be completely fine with it. As for Goto, I think that unfortunately he might be going back to irrelevance but I really enjoyed his storyline and while he lost me halfway through, his final comeback was awesome to see. Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Jay White (Bullet Club): The final two in the B Block, a first-time showdown within the only combination of NJPW's Big Four that has not happened yet. Switchblade wins. 🤘🤘🤘 Points: Winner: Jay White (Bullet Club 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘) - 12 Jon Moxley (Free Agent) - 10, Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 10, Hirooki Goto (Chaos) - 10 Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) - 8, Toru Yano (Chaos) - 8, Juice Robinson (NJPW) - 8, Jeff Cobb (ROH) - 8, Taichi (Suzuki-Gun) - 8, Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    NXT Episode 17 Street Profits VS Red Dragon (NXT tag team title number one contender's match) NXT kicks off hot tonight with the two teams that impressed three weeks ago colliding for the chance to face the Authors of Pain. Ultimately, the experience of Fish and O'Reilly would be too much for the impressive young Ford and Dawkins to overcome, and Red Dragon has punched their ticket to a match against the NXT tag team champions. . NXT then cuts backstage to Triple H's office, where he is met by Mustafa Ali. Ali reminds Hunter that he won a match against Andrade three weeks ago and feels he should have a chance to face Bobby Roode. Triple H considers it, and decides that Ali's right, making tonight's main event between Ali and Roderick Strong, with the winner joining Adam Cole, Lars Sullivan and Aleister black in next week's number one contender's match. Mustafa thanks him and leaves. . NXT then cuts to NXT's performance center, where we see Aleister Black training for the aforementioned NXT title number one contender's match. He's approached by Kassius Ohno, who Aleister Black initially tells to back off, as he doesn't want to be a team. Ohno tells him to calm down, saying that he knows Black has no interest in teaming. Ohno instead offers to help train Black for Bobby Roode when he wins the fatal four-way next week. Black's initially reluctant, but Ohno reminds him that Bobby Roode was the first man Ohno faced when he returned to NXT, and that he knows Roode's weaknesses. Since Black beat him, he also knows he can beat Roode, and he just wants to guide his former student in the right direction. Black considers and agrees, but tells Ohno to wait for next week, as he has to prepare for the fatal four-way right now. Both men shake hands and the segment ends. . Asuka VS ??? (NXT women's championship) In the second-to-last NXT women's title match before TakeOver: Chicago III, Asuka defends her title against one of the two remaining members of the Riott Squad. On this night, Sarah Logan answers the call, and though she does better than Liv Morgan did two weeks ago, she still falls to the Empress of Tomorrow in decisive fashion. Rather than the usual Shayna Baszler attack she was expecting, Asuka would instead be attacked by Ruby Riott from behind. Asuka tries to fight off the Riott Squad leader, but Sarah Logan joins in the attack and overwhelms the NXT women's champion, with Riott nailing a Riott Kick on Asuka. Ruby holds up the NXT women's championship as the segment ends. . In the final backstage segment of the night, we see Johnny Gargano and Oney Lorcan approach William Regal. They insist that they're ready for a shot against the Authors of Pain and beg for a match with Red Dragon to take their contendership spot. Regal declines this request, telling them that they're not ready and that he doesn't want to jeopardize their careers. Gargano and Oney leave frustrated. . Mustafa Ali VS Roderick Strong (NXT title number one contender's match) In tonight's main event, we learn which man will join Aleister Black, Lars Sullivan and Adam Cole next week. Ultimately, though Roderick Strong puts up an incredible effort, it is Mustafa Ali who scores his second big upset this month, putting away the Messiah of the Backbreaker. NXT closes with Mustafa Ali celebrating, and the main event of next week is set between Aleister Black, Lars Sullivan, Adam Cole and Mustafa Ali.
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    Day 17 (A Block Finals): Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): The form that I thought was missing from Lance Archer in his last couple of matches has come back and better than ever against his final G1 Climax 29 match against Evil. Archer was definitely my personal MVP in this year's G1 Climax. Evil, in my opinion, did not have too much of a memorable tournament but he is still developing. Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): Bullet Club wins!...kind of. All of a sudden Fale turned into the ultimate technician as he defeated Sanada in their final G1 Climax 29 matches with a Small Package. I'm sure these new ways of winning were supposed to be a small thing to make Fale stand out in the field of twenty but (much like the wins) it has happened too late into the tournament. As for Sanada, unlike Evil he is definitely a future World Champion sooner rather than later and I'm not too concerned over the fact that he didn't win G1 Climax 29, he will only improve as the years go on. Kenta (Free Agent) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): Great last performances to close out their G1 Climax 29 runs. Kenta started out with shock wins by adding fresh air to the usual G1 Climax field but he started becoming more forgettable as he started to settle in with the rest of the roster. But he has been gaining my interest again with his last couple of matches and I hope one day the New Japan fans get over Kenta's career in Pro Wrestling Noah and allow Kenta to take the time to show Kenta's pro wrestling. I'll be honest, I think Zack Sabre Jr's credibility as a tournament wrestler was severely damaged at the beginning of the tournament by essentially being the first one in the A Block to be "eliminated". There needs to be some serious work done on Sabre by Wrestle Kingdom 14 in order to build his credibility back, especially if he wants to main event Royal Quest at the end of the month. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Will Ospreay (Chaos): I did not expect this. I predicted that Tanahashi would slowly go down the pecking order of the yearly G1 Climax field by the time he gets to fifty years old but this was only the start and defeating Ospreay would be understandable because Ospreay is still technically a Junior Heavyweight considering he is the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. But New Japan went the complete opposite way and had Ospreay defeat Tanahashi in their first encounter (as far as I know) which broke NJPW logic in my opinion. This is definitely the year of Will Ospreay, he has been putting on consistent five-star performances throughout the year with guys such as Robbie Eagles, Shingo Takagi, and Lance Archer so in my opinion he is on track to be my NJPW Wrestler Of 2019. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW): This is it, the only match on this card that really mattered. The match was a typical main event match with both guys going for their top moves but one exceptional spot was when Okada went for a signature Dropkick only to get caught in mid-air by a Sitout Powerbomb from Ibushi. One third of my predictions came true which is Ibushi winning the A Block, my next prediction is Jay White winning the B Block by defeating Tetsuya Naito, holding a tiebreaker over Jon Moxley, and needing help to prevent Hirooki Goto from tying with White. Points: Winner: Kota Ibushi (NJPW) - 14 Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) - 14 Kenta (Free Agent) - 8, Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) - 8, Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8, Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8, Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) - 8, Will Ospreay (Chaos) - 8, Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club 🤘🤘🤘) - 8 Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun) - 6
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    Rory Orton's music Hits as he makes his way to the ring. Rory Orton walks to the ring slowly listening to all the boos and cheers from the crowd.As he takes the microphone and begins to speak. "It nearly one month since I have not been here and I know that you all miss me. But now when I am here I found out that there are a lot of things happened during this month. We have a new nxt Champion, a new team is formed which will be nothing but a joke. Seriously, who could make a team with a mental human being like Bob and Mark my words, this tag team will only last for few months Bob will turn on icon. But why am I even thinking about this team while I should be thinking about nxt championship. Speaking of nxt Championship, I will tell you exactly what will happen in untill summerslam. Every Nxt Wrestler will come and say want they will do at SummerSlam and the most famous tactic of NXT wrestlers is just talk trash about other men who are competing in the match and what I will come wait for my opportunity because I don't even knew that I will be in that match or not but I have a message to all other NXT wrestlers. You would think that I am just another rookie in this overflowing nxt division and they have nothing to fear about me. This is what makes me exited to beat you up because the I love the moment when my opponent think that he is so close to win the gold but everything changes just in few seconds and this is what going to happen at SummerSlam and at last I want to say that you have to respect me when the the hottest talent of nxt will be standing with Nxt Championship at the hottest event of the summer." Then Rory Orton leaves the ring and heads backstage.
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    A match will all potential ruined by the fact we seen the same thing for over an month now. Don't get me wrong it was still very good, but listening to the crowd, you'd understand why they'd only cheer for a few newer spots than the match itself. I will give AJ and Ricochet praise for their creative match ending with the arieal move counter into the Styles Clash, which probably creamed the pants of many Indy marks because it resembled the Pheniox Splash Kota Ibushi done into the Styles Clash from AJ when they faced off for the World title in NJPW. Hopefully this ends the feud and AJ moves on, which seems like he's moving onto Braun Strowman, which I see AJ being completely fucked, not gonna lie. Good match, but just a repeat mostly of their other matches.
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    Day 13 (A Block): Kenta (Free Agent) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): Just like Kenta's match with Lance Archer, his performance in this match was always going to be interesting especially this time where Jado is outside the ring and Chase Owens (with a brand new haircut! 😂) is "chilling" with the English commentary team. This match didn't go too far which showed in the spots as it only took about a minute into the match for Jado to whack Kenta with his kendo stick but I can't complain at a Bullet Club victory. Technically, Kenta is still alive in the tournament but I don't see him going much further as we are in crunch time going forward. Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): Unlike the Chaos vs Chaos matches, I expected more "banter" out of this match between the two Suzuki-Gun members in the A Block. The match itself is pretty much what Sabre tried to do in his match against Bad Luck Fale and he almost managed to submit Archer at a couple of points in the match. I'm interested to see if Archer still wants to throw a vegan BBQ for Sabre and himself 😂. Will Ospreay (Chaos) vs Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon): The storyline behind this match was that Ospreay couldn't hang with a true Heavyweight which is what Evil tries to prove and he actually proved it by defeating Ospreay and barely staying alive in the A Block. In hindsight, Evil's run is perhaps the best one out of the four LIJ members in this tournament, however unlike the others, he has failed (in my opinion) to produce a stellar match which keeps my investments in him quite low. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW): This was the much anticipated G1 Climax 28 Final rematch between last year's winner Tanahashi and the runner-up Ibushi and this time The Golden Star got payback for the G1 Climax 28 loss and hopefully this keeps Ibushi on the road to winning the A Block and G1 Climax 29. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon): A battle between two rivals that has been one-sided since they declared that they were each other's rivals with Okada defeating Sanada in the finals of this year's New Japan Cup and again in Okada's first title defense in his current IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign. Now the rivalry is more interesting as Sanada finally got a win over Okada which carries a lot of weight regardless of the fact that Sanada is "mathematically eliminated". This will definitely be a rivalry that I will keep following once G1 Climax 29 is over. Points: Kazuchika Okada - 12 Kota Ibushi - 10 Kenta - 8, Hiroshi Tanahashi - 8, Evil - 8 Sanada - 6, Zack Sabre Jr - 6 Lance Archer - 4, Will Ospreay - 4, Bad Luck Fale - 4
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    BREAKING NEWS When WWE Dreams returns for the 2020 season, for the first time ever, The Demon (AKA Finn Balor), will speak and address the man he defeated at SummerSlam, Seth Rollins. In case you don't know, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins became a tag team following the Royal Rumble event earlier this year. They called themselves The Burn Unit and won the RAW Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania. Their first challengers were Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, who was under mind control by Wyatt. Finn became Bray's next target. The Eater of Worlds begged the question, can Balor trust Rollins? That was put to the test when Bray Wyatt attacked Dean Ambrose and cost Roman Reigns the Universal Championship, forcing Seth Rollins to choose between his Shield brothers or his tag team partner. Seth chose the former, leaving Balor the victim of a Sister Abigail from Bray, costing The Burn Unit the RAW Tag Team Titles. This caused friction between Rollins and Balor, but Bray was there for Finn. Wyatt tapped into Balor's demons and brought them out. At Extreme Rules, The Demon teamed with Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy and defeated The Shield. Afterwards, The Demon disappeared and Rollins recaptured the RAW Tag Team Championship from The Deleters of Worlds with Dean Ambrose. During the match, Rollins delivered a Stomp to Matt Hardy which seemed to break Wyatt's control over him. Seth was then tasked to defend the titles by himself as Ambrose's van broke down on his way to the arena. When he finally arrived, the door jammed and he could not get out. Bray Wyatt was outside pouring gasoline all over the van, before lighting it on fire with Dean inside! This obviously distracted Seth and he would go on to lose the titles. Ambrose is still recovering from injuries sustained in the fire. Rollins wanted revenge and made a trip to the Wyatt Family Compound where he found Bray Wyatt. After a grueling battle, Bray revealed that he never had control over Finn Balor. It's The Demon that's in control. Rollins delivered a Stomp to Bray and then burned Wyatt's home down. With no word from The Demon, Seth Rollins attempted to move on with his career as he challenged Samoa Joe for the Universal Championship. However, The Demon resurfaced and cost Seth the match. Rollins challenged The Demon to a match at SummerSlam, vowing to Stomp The Demon out of Finn Balor and save his friend, but Seth failed and was defeated. Now The Demon will break his silence on this whole situation. What will he say and how will Rollins respond?
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    Day Eleven (A Block): Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): Honestly, I enjoyed this little match knowing that Ibushi needed to win as much as possible to catch up to Kazuchika Okada and hopefully win the block. Fale is a great obstacle for top stars such as Kota Ibushi to overcome and this is how the match was presented which I am satisfied with even though it was two of my picks (Ibushi as my main prediction to win G1 Climax & Fale as a Bullet Club member) go against each other. Will Ospreay (Chaos) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): This is one of the matches that I was anticipating the most because I think that Ospreay, Sabre, and Marty Scurll from ROH are the three musketeers of this generation in terms of growing parallel to each other, evolving, and dominating different parts of the wrestling landscape. I have to say that it was a shame that Ospreay is going through his neck injury which limited what they could do but they managed to go twenty minutes! That is not common for the second tournament match on a card and I have to say that I hope Ospreay (once fully healed) and Sabre fight again on a bigger stage because they are definitely capable of a Match Of The Year. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): This may sound predictable but my personal MVP of this year's G1 Climax is undoubtedly Lance Archer who is literally evolving his move set by the block match. The 7-footer American Psycho turned an Old School into a Moonsault (which you need to see just for the spectacle even if he didn't exactly hit it properly). I am amazed about the longevity of a wrestler in Japan as in America, the general age of a wrestler where they "slow down" is 40 which pushes them to become more part-time, however I noticed that in Japan, being 40 means having another good ten years in their career before turning into a full-fledged veteran that puts over almost everyone on a part-time basis. Back to the match: Archer put on another impressive performance this time against the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and in my opinion if someone in the A Block deserved an upset win over the Heavyweight Champion this year, I would've picked Lance Archer. Kenta (Free Agent) vs Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon): I think Kenta likes being a heel judging by the way he embraces the negative reactions from the Japanese crowds. This is interesting because Kenta's run in WWE as Hideo Itami (while a face) managed to get him to the top of NXT when guys like Sami Zayn and Robert Roode were champions whereas as a heel he only got a couple of forgotten WWE Cruiserweight title opportunities. The match itself was ok, nothing special and in my opinion the "luster" of Kenta in New Japan is starting to wear off so watching his matches is becoming a little less special as he seems to just fit into the mould rather than stand out and make his own name (not taking his wins into account). However, Sanada is a one-man show that anyone can easily get behind and I hope he defeats Okada when they meet. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon): Referring back to the point about Evil not clicking with me, I completely forgot that he has been adopting the Sharpshooter as one of his signature moves which made the first half of the match confusing for me when Evil was targeting Tanahashi's legs as I was thinking "Tanahashi has the Cloverleaf but why is Evil targeting Tanahashi's legs", was I embarrassed when I realized that Evil has the Sharpshooter in his arsenal 😂🤦‍♂️. The match itself wasn't anything special other than Tanahashi and Evil targeting each other's legs more than they would on one of their average matches with Tanahashi picking up the win which feels refreshing to see in the main event for some reason. Now is the time where the technicalities in a round-robin tournament could catch out any top star in the field of twenty. Anyone that has eight points or more is in the "Green Zone" which means they still have a chance to confidently win their block, anyone that has six points is in the "Orange Zone" where they would need help from spoilers to stop the block leaders thus allowing them to advance to the Block Finals and then advance to the tournament finals, and anyone with four points or less are in the "Red Zone" where they virtually have no chance of winning their block. Points: Kazuchika Okada - 12 Kenta - 8, Kota Ibushi - 8, Hiroshi Tanahashi - 8 Evil - 6 Lance Archer - 4, Will Ospreay - 4, Sanada - 4, Zack Sabre Jr - 4 Bad Luck Fale - 2
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    Day Ten (B Block): Hirooki Goto (Chaos) vs Toru Yano (Chaos): Fun Fact: Total match time between Goto and Yano in their previous two encounters (before G1 Climax 29) is 3 minutes and 38 seconds. After their third encounter, I'm pretty sure the total match time is still under five minutes 😂. Another entertaining match from Yano and Goto is back to his winning ways therefore this match was exactly what he needed to get back on the horse for the remainder of this tournament. Juice Robinson (NJPW) vs Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos): Just by watching this match, you couldn't tell that Chaos and the New Japan home team have united. Another tough bout between Juice Robinson and a Chaos veteran that could've gone any way. In my initial predictions, I thought that Juice Robinson would've been at the top of the block by now especially that his current rival Jon Moxley is the definitive leader which could've led to an intriguing B Block Final. Jeff Cobb (ROH) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun): While the result was predictable considering Taichi won their previous encounter for the NEVER Openweight Championship. I have to say that Taichi shaking someone's hand fair & square was very weird to witness. This match highlighted the Miho Abe dynamic a couple of times which is actually very intriguing and hopefully New Japan decide to take the time to explore the Taichi/Miho Abe connection at some point. Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Jay White (Bullet Club): This match (at random times) turned into Jay White psychology displays which highlighted Switchblade's strengths. I was surprised with how the match went for the most part as it involved White dominating Takagi while Takagi had to be the one to get himself back up and essentially play the underdog which was weird to see as I am used to seeing him dominate the Junior Heavyweight division and also pick up wins against Heavyweights such as Toru Yano and Taichi. Also, Bullet Club wins 😁🤘🤘. Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Jon Moxley (Free Agent): Talk about a shocker! It seems like New Japan is really high on Jon Moxley considering they just let him defeat their pet project of this decade. It's the NJPW equivalent of having Jay White go to WWE and defeat Roman Reigns clean in his first PPV. I have to say that I really enjoyed the contrast of characters between Naito & Moxley which was highlighted during & after Tetsuya Naito's entrance. It seems like New Japan are putting all of their bets on Moxley this year which probably proves what I suggested in my analysis of Day Eight. This night's match times were very interesting due to the very short match time of Goto vs Yano which allowed the other four matches to go at least fifteen minutes which led to the last four matches feeling a similar way because the usual system where every match is longer than the last was abandoned on this day. Points: Jon Moxley - 10 Juice Robinson - 6, Tomohiro Ishii - 6 Toru Yano - 4, Shingo Takagi - 4, Taichi - 4, Tetsuya Naito - 4, Hirooki Goto - 4, Jeff Cobb - 4, Jay White - 4
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    Day Nine (A Block): Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): This was a great match and I have to say that Lance Archer's rate of progression as a singles star in this tournament is scary. He came up with a couple of new moves (it seems like he does it every tournament match) and he knows how to use his size to his advantage without letting it become a liability. Also, Archer's stature and resistance to Ibushi's top moves (including my favourite spot where Lance Archer powered out of being knocked out by the Kamigoye like a rising monster) kept forcing Ibushi to put extra emphasis on the major striking moves in his arsenal which brought out the best of Ibushi which is my favorite part of G1 Climax matches. Will Ospreay (Chaos) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): So as it turns out, NJPW does not want to use "Elevated" as Will Ospreay's theme song anymore which is why they decided to paste "Generic Inspirational Track 17" over it 😂. Honestly, it makes Ospreay's entrance very awkward in my opinion especially because I can somewhat hear "Elevated" still playing for the live audience and Ospreay clearly motioning with "Elevated" rather than his new generic song. The match itself was mostly focused on Bullet Club antics which in my opinion has been a little too long since we saw the antics give a BC member a victory so when Chase Owens gave the win to Fale after a sneaky Package Piledriver I was celebrating on the inside. And then Red Shoes Unno went full Shane McMahon in 1998 (I think) which honestly I found entertaining (even at the cost of Bullet Club) and giving Ospreay the win by disqualification was a nice change of pace. Hopefully this doesn't turn Bullet Club in G1 Climax 29 to Bullet Club in G1 Climax 28. Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): In all honesty, every time I see Zack Sabre Jr vs Evil I'm just waiting for Sabre to get the innovative victory over Evil considering the number of times we saw this match happen over the last year and how for some reason every time Sabre beats Evil, Evil turns into John Cena when he lost to AJ Styles at SummerSlam 2016 as if his career is coming to an end. The match was ok, for some reason Evil tried to keep up with Sabre's technical expertise which included reverting to Riki Choshu's (Evil's mentor) Sharpshooter (not Scorpion Deathlock) as a primary finisher. In my opinion, Evil should've stuck to his power moves by attacking Sabre's mid-section which he kind of did thus weakening him for Everything Is Evil. Sometimes Evil frustrates me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon): Another solid match by Sanada here to follow up his match against Kota Ibushi from Day Seven. Nothing special in this match and Tanahashi's win was a little expected considering he lost to Sanada in the New Japan Cup earlier in the year and Tanahashi needs to keep winning to confidently win the block. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Kenta (Free Agent): Another Kenta dream match that we have been waiting for. There was a lot of hype going into this match and I thought in terms of wrestling that it was a good match, but this was another match to "read between the lines". Kenta managed to last significantly longer than any of Okada's opponents so far including who I think could be the next leader of Chaos in Will Ospreay and Kenta was the only one lasting over 25 minutes. For the summary, I'd like to focus on Sanada: Personally, I prefer Sanada over Evil as he seems more of a serious main event star whereas Evil seems like an unrealistic gimmick that never wins the big matches which is similar to Bray Wyatt in WWE (before The Fiend). I feel like Sanada has more credibility to his name and the way he carries himself regardless of the results especially after being named as Kazuchika Okada's rival which in my opinion ear marks Sanada as a guaranteed top star in the future whereas I see Evil floundering in the top mid card by winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship once or twice and then lower mid card once he gets older by winning the NEVER Openweight Championship a couple more times which is very similar to guys like Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooki Goto. Points: Kazuchika Okada - 10 Kenta - 8 Evil - 6, Kota Ibushi - 6, Hiroshi Tanahashi - 6 Lance Archer - 4, Will Ospreay - 4 Bad Luck Fale - 2, Sanada - 2, Zack Sabre Jr - 2
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    MEGASHOW The Megashow begins with the entrance of Triple H who won the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. He says that title was the only championship he hadn't won in his career and Kevin Owens tried to take that away from him but he overcame the odds to become the new Universal Champion! He then announces that KO is banned from the arena. Triple H introduces the WWE Dreams Universe to the new Big E who comes out to present the Universal Championship to The Game. But before the title goes around Triple H's waist, The Phenomenal AJ Styles interrupts to apologize to the WWE Dreams Universe. Styles says he's sorry that he lost at SummerSlam, resulting in Triple H becoming the new champ. Triple H says it doesn't matter what the fans or AJ want because he is the Universal Champion and Styles does not get a rematch. AJ Styles says he doesn't want a match with Triple H, he wants one with Big E. That match is made official for tonight's main event. The Man Becky Lynch who became "Becky 2 Belts" at SummerSlam says she knows what being a double champion means. She knows there are more targets on her back than ever and that's just the way she likes it. She immediately wants her next challengers to step up, so she calls out one RAW and one SMACK!DOWN Superstar. The Riott Squad's music hits as Ruby Riott makes her way to the ring, flanked by Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. They surround Becky who looks ready to take them all on. Luckily, she doesn't have to alone as Ember Moon runs out to help. Lynch says this is perfect for a 6-Woman Tag Team Match because she ran into someone backstage who is looking for some payback against The Riott Squad. That someone is Nikki Cross! Last season, The Riott Squad cost Cross the NXT Women's Championship, injuring her in the process which kept her out for the 2019 season. RAW/SMACK!DOWN Women's Champion Becky Lynch, Ember Moon, Nikki Cross beat The Riott Squad. After the match, Ember gazed at the SMACK!DOWN Women's Title before handing it over to Lynch. Seth Rollins is interviewed about his loss to The Demon at SummerSlam. Rollins says he failed. He promised to save Finn Balor and he couldn't do it. Seth says his friend is in trouble with this entity that Seth doesn't understand. Rollins closes by saying the only way he can face this demon...is to face his own. Bobby Lashley beat Sami Zayn. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan makes his entrance to the ring to a standing ovation. He defeated Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, and Roman Reigns in a Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam to win the title he's been after ever since after WrestleMania. In the ring, there are two objects covered up by a black sheet. Bryan talks about his journey to the WWE Championship and reveals the reason he wanted to win the title so badly...is so he can throw it in the trash. Bryan reveals one of the objects is a garbage can. He holds up the WWE Title and drops it in! He begins a long tangent about the environment and how the WWE Dreams Universe is killing the planet. He calls himself "The Planet's Champion" and reveals the second object to be a brand new eco-friendly championship belt. The new SMACK!DOWN Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are in the ring, set to defend their titles for the first time. The WWE Dreams Universe is shocked to find out that AOP are the challengers. AOP beat The Action Figures to win the SMACK!DOWN Tag Team Championship. Ricochet is interviewed backstage and asked what his thoughts are on the cruiserweight division coming to SMACK!DOWN in 2020. Ricochet says he loves the idea of defending his Cruiserweight Championship on the blue brand. However, he also has the responsibility of defending the North American Championship on NXT and he'll be ready to do just that next season. Ricochet is bumped from behind by the new United Kingdom Champion and NXT's newest Superstar Cesaro who is on his way to the ring for his match. Cesaro beats Tyler Bate. New RAW Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz come to the ring and thank the fans for forgiveness. Their speech is cut short when The Usos come out to join them in the ring. Both teams recall their epic Ladder Match at WrestleMania a couple years ago and The Usos say they want to do it again. This time, they want to raise the bar. At Hell in a Cell, The Usos will cash in their Money in the Bank briefcase against The Hardy Boyz for the RAW Tag Team Championship in a Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match! Roman Reigns beats Kurt Angle. After the match, Roman calls Daniel Bryan disrespectful. Ladies and gentleman, Elias. The Drifter says he wrote a song about the 2019 season of WWE Dreams. He plays one note on his guitar before being cut off by free agent EC3! Elias says he has no idea who EC3 is. EC3 drops Elias with the One Percenter and says, "I'm EC3!" ALI beats Tyler Breeze, Apollo Crews, Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley in a Fatal 5-Way Match. Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. He says he wants to go into the 2020 season as a champion and calls out any champion to defend their title against him. Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman answers the call. However, Braun says Corbin needs a new look for the new year and says if he beats him, then Baron has to shave his head bald! Corbin tries to back out but the bell sounds. Braun Strowman beats Baron Corbin to retain the Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Corbin tries to run away but Braun catches him and personally shaves his head bald! Lucha House Party beat Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre. After the match, McIntyre delivers a Claymore Kick to Ziggler. Rey Mysterio is the guest on "Miz TV." The Miz remembers his and Rey's wars years ago and then asks Mysterio what's next for him. Rey says he's just looking for his next challenge. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton calls Mysterio a Legend. Randy calls himself Legend Killer. All of a sudden, Andrade comes from behind and knocks down Mysterio. Him and Orton begin to beat on Rey until The Miz makes the save. AJ Styles vs Big E results in a No Contest. Kevin Owens showed up and attacked Triple H at ringside. Big E attempted to stop him but Styles hit him with the Phenomenal Forearm. Mr. McMahon makes a rare appearance and reveals that when KO cashed in Money in the Bank, it not only activated Triple H's wrestling contract, but it also released Triple H of any power in WWE Dreams. He says he has hired two new General Managers for RAW and SMACK!DOWN but for tonight, he's still in charge. Mr. McMahon announces that at Hell in a Cell, Triple H will defend the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in a Three Stages of Hell Match! Owens will pick a match, Triple H will pick a match, and if its necessary, the third and final match will take place inside Hell in a Cell! And that does it for WWE Dreams 2019! Thank you so much for the support this year and I hope you look forward to 2020 like I do! P.S. Be on the lookout for a few news stories dropping over the next month. THANK YOU!
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