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    We are back from the commercial break and before the commentates even have a chance to welcome everyone back, Prince’s theme begins to play and “The Dream” quickly makes his way out. However, he isn’t his normal perky self. Instead there seems to be a more serious tone, even with his shades a facial expression of a stern look can be seen as he quickly paces his way down to the ring. Prince receives a microphone before he enters a ring but doesn’t even look at the assistant who hands it over to him, coldly blanking him as he enters the ring. The music comes to an abrupt stop before Prince begins to look around the arena. With the shades still on Prince puts the microphone to his mouth. “You see, The Prince watched the promo Bart did…what he said about The Prince…many times. In fact, he could’ve responded to these comments a lot earlier but instead he decided to sit back and let the comments flood in. How Bart had owned The Prince, how he exposed him! You know how The Prince reacted? He laughed, he just simply laughed.” The crowd look at Prince in confusion, why would he laughed at the comments Bart made? Surely it hurt him to see? “The Prince laughs because he had said it all before! Here’s the thing, one of The Prince’s traits is both a blessing and a curse. The curse is that yes, he does put himself down a lot – sometimes that leads to him before unmotivated and whether he truly has what it takes. That leads him to talking about the blessing, comments that people like you make don’t get under my skin nearly as much as your fickle mind think they do. You wanna go around displaying videos of my shortcomings? You don’t think The Prince has watched those same clips countless times, cringing at the site of what he was yet also shaking with excitement for the opportunity where he would prove to the world that he had moved on from that? That he is now a new man, a new version of himself? That is why The Prince doesn’t feel anger at your comments Bart, you wanted to thank him? No let him thank you. The Prince thanks you for turning that spark into a blazing fire.” The passion in Prince’s voice has the crowd hook with some chanting his name while the other is chanting for Bart. “You wanna chat about how you are grateful, yet you then go on to spit that absolute vomit? Give The Prince a bloody break. Let’s be honest here Bart there is nothing unique about you, there is nothing about you that puts asses in seats. All of you is filler, nothing more and nothing less. You think you would’ve made it on your own if The Prince and Karico had just left you two years ago to find your own path, without executing our vision? You would’ve been chewed up and spat out constantly to the point where you’d be begging for a pre-show match. WE were the ones that made you unique, WE were the ones that made you something more than a generic NXT guy thinking that they are hot crap. The Karico Brand was one of the biggest things of BPZ in 2017, we were the talk of the town. Quite frankly though, you played the least part in that. It was Karico and Prince…then that guy Bart. You were just a piece of mould that we sculptured, now that you’re on your own…who truly gives a damn? Sure, you’ve had success and for that The Prince says well done but like I said earlier you ain’t the guy people are going to remember. You’re just someone that has constantly slipped through the cracks, on your own you’re just a boy with the Netherlands stranded in the middle of the sea and barely keeping afloat. It’s going to be the job of the Prince to make sure you finally sink.” Prince’s music begins to play as the crowd are shocked at the intensity of Prince’s words. However, as he seems to just be leaving the ring he stops and gets back in and starts shouting to cut the music. “You know what? The Prince doesn’t wanna leave it like this. So, he is gonna give you an opportunity Bart and give you another attempt to make The Prince fear you heading into Survival Games…as you may be able to tell you failed quite miserably the first time.” Prince takes his shades off and stands in the middle of the ring, looking up the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face.
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    "A lesson in Respect"

    {The go home show for the second week of the critically acclaimed Survival Games is well into gear with many of the superstars saying their final pieces before their matches this weekend. "Gallantry" plays throughout the arena and Julius makes his way out from behind the curtain and down to the ring. He wastes no time storming down the ramp, angrily stepping in between the ropes and grabbing the microphone. He smacks the microphone across his palm as his music suddenly cuts before he begins to speak} "Respect is what everyone in this industry strives for. Everyone man and woman who has ever laced their boots and stepped into this heavenly squared circle aims to gain the respect of the crowd, of the officials and most importantly their peers. Guys like Flynn, Slim, Bailey, Smith, Bashka, Sameer, Nebakos, Brad, Necce they all have respect in this industry because they have been through it all day in and day out, making a name for themselves and putting their bodies on the line every single damn night to ensure that this industry, this business lives on forever. But every so often you come across a plucky upstart who just thinks that they're it and lacks the respect for their peers and it looks like I have stumbled across one in KENJI {Julius paces back and forth in the ring for a few seconds, visibly frustrated by his confrontation with KENJI earlier in the week} "He says "You'll have to earn my respect" listen here you cocky son of a Bitch I don't need to earn a damn thing from you. Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like you've accomplished anything in your career. See KENJI I played the fair game, something I usually don't do but I saw you as a future talent but obviously I was wrong in thinking that. I didn't bury you on the mic like I could've, what do I get out of that. If I put you down so low and I win it does nothing for me, but if I build you up to be a future star, a promising upstart my inevitable victory looks a hell of a lot more impressive. So I'm going to set the record straight for you KENJI and I am going to come clean. You're an overhyped, piece of trash rookie who will never ever be able to live up to the expectations people have set for you. Your first night in the company at BPZ Mania no less you lost in a battle royal. It then took to several months to even pick up a victory, loss after loss I couldn't believe that someone so popular so regarded as being the next big thing was losing matches left right and center. You don't have that mentality to get it done and no matter how much of a puroresu star you think you are, nothing of that kind will ever be able to set you up for what I am going to bring this weekend" "I want you to know KENJI that I could've put you in place backstage in that locker room, but I'll enjoy it even more when I do it in the ring, when I shut you up and shut all the fanboys you have gathered yourself and expose you for the overhyped trash that you are. From pillar to post, Claymore Kick after Claymore Kick I am going to have fun brutalising you around the ring asserting my dominance and ending your little career here in BPZ before it has even started. You want to talk about respect KENJI, well I'm going to teach you a lesson in respect and you're going to learn it the hard way. Take this as a warning for everyone who seems to be a bit too big for their boots. I will not hesitate to expose, decimate and punish you if you ever step up to me and put yourself on my level. KENJI you will never be on my level, you should be carrying my bags and cleaning my boots and now I'm going to beat the sh*t out of you" {Julius slams the mic to the mat and exits the ring in quick fashion, storming up the ramp and to the back. It seems as if KENJI has struck a nerve with the former world heavyweight champ, what punishment awaits the Dragon at the hands of the "Death Machine" this weekend?}
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    As Prince smirks, a huge pop from the crowd rises through the arena as Bart's theme begins to play. Prince's smirk quickly goes away as Bart approaches him. These two former partners haven't met for 16 months, but today they do. We hear all types of chants as the crowd is excited as ever to see the meeting between these two. Bart and Prince have a staredown for a few seconds before Bart begins to speak. What do you expect me to say Prince? That I respect you because after more than a year you have finally decided to pick your stuff up again after coming short? Wow, what a soldier. This poor guy took an entire year off and now he is working hard. We should respect him, for all the countless oppurtunities that he has gotten despite doing nothing. We should praise him, for the fact that he has decided to bless us with his presence. The only man history to have made 2 straight number one picks useless. But here you are, critising me. I won't be remembered Prince? The only time you will be remembered is when they laugh about a guy that had potential a long, long time ago, but never had the drive needed to fulfil. You have been talking about how the next time it will be your time, but after a while that speech becomes simply hilarious. You say that I wouldn't be anywhere without your vision, yet after we split up you became the biggest laughing stock in the BPZ. All that,despite having all of the chances. You were meant to be a big star Prince. You were the golden boy from your then GM, and still, no single title win? You have always been giving every oppurtunity, and yet all you can do is complain. You think it makes you look better, but in reality it simply validates your position as a laughing stock. Bart takes a breath and looks at Prince, whose anger is beginning to become more and more visible. I am sorry to tell you Prince, but nothing has changed. You are still the same, not good enough brat that you were before. You just haven't realised yet. You managed to escape against Jon, and therefore you still have hope. But we both know that the moment you lose against me, you will give up. Once I pin you will realise that everything you have said over the last few weeks is nothing but lies. You will once again fall into a crisis. Once again you will feel like it's not worth your time. Tears will fall down as you can only conclude that all along I was right. That in the end, you are simply not made for it. The problem with you is the way how you explain everything. You keep on thinking that every loss is a fluke, and I hate to break it to you, but they are not. They are hints. Hints from the gods telling you to give up already. But here you are, feeding int your own lies. Believing your own illusions. It's a damn joke, you know that. It's emberrasing. The words that are coming out of your mouth. None of it makes sense. It's sad to see how delusional you have become. But don't worry, I will bail you out one last time. As I kick all of the illusions out of your head, ONE BY ONE.
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    An Update

    Yo everyone, I’m not usually one for bringing my personal issues onto the forums but I thought I owe everybody an explaination on where I’ve been over the past few weeks and why my activity has slowed down. I did make a status the other day saying that it was due to school work but this doesn’t really tell the whole story. Yes, I’ve been busy with school but that’s not everything. Lately I’ve felt down with life, I recently got my first job which is a good thing and I’m looking forward to being able to earn some money, but I’m just not really motivated to start at the moment. School is something that I’m normally good at and I can get good grades without trying but recently my results haven’t been too great. I feel like all my friends are abandoning me and even though I know that it’s not true, it’s something I can’t seem to get my mind off and whenever I think about it I just get into a weird state of mind and feel like I don’t want to do anything. Stuff that I normally love to do I feel like I’ve lost my passion for and normally I use the forums as an escape method from the real world but since I lost my motivation, I can’t even do that. Throughout my life this has been a recurring period every few months and so that’s why I haven’t been very active recently and since I have a job now, I probably will be even less active but I’ll try my best. I’m not trying to get everyone to feel sorry for me, I just wanted to let everyone know so that you don’t think I’ve just abandoned the forums again. I’ve really enjoyed my run this year and don’t want it to end anytime soon. I just wanted to let you all know.
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    Prince begins pacing around the ring for a bit, looking down at the canvas seeming to be in deep thought as he licks his lips. Bart looks on in intrigue as to what Prince is going to say. Suddenly, Prince looks up again to see a big smirk across the face of Bart. Prince smirks back as he lefts a microphone to his mouth. “Maybe you’re right Bart, maybe for awhile The Prince didn’t have the drive necessary. Yet here’s the thing, when The Prince is on it and focused who can you truly say puts in more work? Who gets the people talking as much as The Prince does? That’s the difference between you and Bart, you may have consistency but you’re just consistently average. You don’t have it in you to make an impact like in this ring like The Prince does. Like he has said, if you took your head out of your own ass thing for a second, maybe The Prince hasn’t fulfilled his potential. Yet look around, look at what these people think of him now!” There is a sudden uproar from the crowd, with most seeming to be on Princes side. “The Prince seems to understand what you are truly trying to do Bart, you continue bringing up the man of the past and not the man that is standing in front of you. That’s because you’re trying to revert him back to his old ways, you’re trying to find The Prince that would crumble on the pressure. That man is DEAD. BURIED. GONE. FINISHED. The Prince has been around this long, the wrestling industry is a marathon not a sprint; some may get to the top higher than others. What makes someone a legend though is what they do once they get the top; can they keep on to their crown? Can they keep bringing it each and every single night? The Prince you see now KNOWS that he can do that and so now he just wants to get the top of soon as possible, he believes that everything you do in life has a purpose…so yes he might have been at the bottom of the barrel but to be honest you’re the one that feels the constant need to bring it up. The Prince beat you when I was finding my feet, now they’re firmly on the ground so what do you think is going to happen to you now?” Bart doesn’t seem to be taking Prince’s words lightly but tries to not show too much emotion as he keeps a stern face. “The Prince actually respected what you were saying Bart, he understood what you are trying to do. Then you just lied…that he thinks every loss is a fluke? That the Gods are saying for The Prince to give up? Like The Prince said, everything is a learning experience – no loss is a fluke. Every time someone has won against The Prince they don’t deserve, yet what happens most of the time is The Prince takes away more from that match then the other. How can he improve? How can he prevent these mistakes from happening again? You just don’t think like that Bart, you think you made it already The Prince can say it by the way to act. This confidence can only take you so far in the industry, one day you’re gonna have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do better. The Prince does that constantly, he doesn’t have illusions...he gives himself reality checks even if he doesn’t like it at first. At Survival Games you’re getting one of your own…you The Prince still likes Bart as the man…he doesn’t enjoy Bart the manipulator. You’re gonna kick The Prince multiple times? He is going to get right back up, then maybe you will learn what it means to be humble every once in a while. Get ready to fight for survival.” Prince throws his microphone on the ground and looks directly at Bart and he looks back, the tension between the two can be cut with a knife as we go to commercial.
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    So we had a few minor difficulties before we could do this portion of the show. First of all, Jason Ryan tried to escape without any clothes on. Then our lead producer here at BPZ who we only pay in stale doughnuts and coffee we may or may not pee in also tried to escape. Which we had the BPZ Taskforce after him. If you don't know what that is, the BPZ Taskforce is security that yells " get back here you f*cker!" into a megaphone as they chase you with the intent to seriously maim you with German Shepards trained to think everything that moves is food and may or may not be high off substances. Needless to say we are currently looking for a new producer. Anyway, it's time for the show where Jason reviews Summerslam. Take it away Jason. ... I don't wanna *Sound of a gun cocking can be heard* I hate you Todd. Anyway folks welcome to BPZ Behind Closed Doors where I review whatever PPV I get paid an extra five bucks to do. And to kick this whole thing off, I'll be reviewing... I'll be reviewing... Damn it I forgot my lines. Where's my script?! Honestly Jason?! What the fu- Alright we're back. I found my script. Let's get into Summerslam. Starting off with the NXT Battle Royal So Raven won becoming NXT champion... some Tik Tok music.ly twelve year old was there.... what? Arrow is an adult? No! Get outta here! But he can't do anything right! He called the Fire Department just the other day cause he got... caught zipping up his own pants! He was in the bathroom for over thirty minutes trying to get unstuck! Okay. I miss the old days where the NXT was a title that was defended in one on one battles, you little pricks ruined that! Stop it! The NXT title might as well be whatever it is professional Fortnite players play for because it's basically a battle royal title! You're bad people. You did bad and you should feel bad. Go ahead and move on before I pull a Mirage and start my cycle! So my thoughts on this match...It was really good. The guys in it are all very talented, George has been the very best I've ever seen him. My former friend Marker didn't walk out with the gold. I'd say the right man won this one, it was a fun ladder match. I wish I could have been apart of it. I mean as long as Marker didn't win. Seriously Marker, if you're watching this I just want you to know that you are very ugly. I was laughing so hard when you lost. And you've got a gap tooth. And you smell strange. And I'm better than you. And I have a waaaaay bigger di- Let's just move on! ...Did you just cut me off Todd? Yes I did ... Hey Josh... remember when I beat you for the Global title and went on to hold it long enough to be the 3rd longest reigning champ with the belt? Remember when I beat up your dad? Good times. You're supposed to be a face! Shut up Todd! Fine. In all seriousness, if Josh had lost to this... gender confused, boy girl, what am I looking at?! Ken the Barbie Doll's brother? Is this what happens when you cheer for the Atlanta Falcons? ANyway... this match was good if you are a Josh fan which you should be, he's fantastic. As for Mirage...can we release him please? Look he looks more like a female, I'm 99% sure he showers in the women's locker room and not for the reasons a man would try to do that...he has a real creepy vibe to him, like the guy who has 20 restraining orders out on him. And all anyone really cared about was Josh anyway. Mirage should focus on the other NXT guys and get a victory from someone who he actually has a chance against. I'll say this. mirage got done dirty facing Josh, we all knew the result but it was funny to see him lose. Anyway moving on. So the Tag titles...not gonna lie, I was happy to see Sameer and Brendan lose the titles. And no disrespect to either man, I just am petty, have anger issues and don't like people who've beat me manage to be successful at things. And as for First Class Express, congrats on the win. I'd challenge you myself for the titles but I... don't have friends here in this company ever since Necce dumped me. He did it over a text message too, saying, it's not you it's me etc. Anyway the match was really good, I'd love to see a rematch. First Class Express should hold the belts awhile. That's all I have to say. Next Honestly, there's only one way I can describe what Bashka did to Brendan here. I mean when you take into the account everything Bash did to Brendan leading up to the match and what he did to him in the match, it's nuts. Bashka may have destroyed Brendan. I'm actually concerned our fearless leader may never return to the way he was. And I don't think it's over, I'd be willing to bet money Bash wants Brendan out of here. Time will tell but here's hoping Brendan is okay. Hey Todd? Yeah? Just want to remind you I hate you. Anyway, the United States match. Honestly, I could watch these guys wrestle all day, the underrated match of the night in my opinion. Everyone was good in some way, and then there was Mirage who wasn't even the hero of his own f*cking story. Anyway, this match caught my attention, Hans and Storm in particular. I want them to fight again. I want it. And If I don't get it, I swear to God I will riot in my pink Spongebob Underwear- I mean... in my boxers... like a man... yeah. I feel Icon should have wrong. I feel like Hans is racist somehow for not letting Icon win. Don't care if it that's not how racism works. If Tumblr can abuse the word like it's a drunk step parent so can I. Okay what's next? Well someone took some Viagra! Two matches, two wins against two damn good wrestlers! Bashka... you've been eating your Wheaties huh son?! This match was really, really good, although, what did you expect? I'm glad Bash won because I'm still pissy about my match with Slim way back when and because I don't feel like being an adult and letting it go, I'm going to live through Bash right now since he won. Don't worry Bash, I'll celebrate this victory on your behalf. We're all going to the Russian Club tonight! Mazel Tov! What... that's not right... let's move on. Well this match was pretty good, we didn't get an actual winner.Thus I can't really say much about it. So at Bad Blood they're going to do it again. Hopefully they don't end up like that one college virgin at the house party this time and they can finish the job. Yelich is great, Arius is great, both men work well together. Honestly this could be match of the night at Bad Blood. If this match is anything to go off, it should be great. Flynn vs Bart. I'll be honest, I was drunk by this point and shooting conspiracies about the former stable known as Ruin being made up as lizard people who forgot they were lizard people. But I've gone back and actually watched the match and I gotta say. It lived up to its hype and then some. This match was a lot of fun to watch, Flynn should hold on to the belt for the foreseeable future. Flynn is the very best we have right now in my opinion and whether he faces Necce again or he faces Echo, I think he should retain. Yes, I'm saying good things about my former teacher's worst enemy. Necce doesn't have me by the balls anymore I can say whatever I want. So yeah, Flynn should just hang on to the title for awhile longer. Also Bart should get a rematch in the future. Jesus Christ. I mean...wow. Where to begin? There's not enough time in the day! But how about we start with Bailey having Smith piss inside of the ring... Bailey... you're into some weird stuff man. I'm legit scared to go through your internet history. Something tells me you like golden showers. Hey you'll fit right in Hollywood. Everyone in Hollywood drinks their own piss after all. They also eat the other stuff but that's beside the point. Anyway the match. It may be the biggest one we've had in BPZ history. It broke the scaling system. It was insane. And when Smith won I was actually happy. He proved he's beaten his demons and I am honestly happy to see him back. That being said, I have in my possession a video tape of me and Smith drunk singing a Karaoke version of a Pink Guy song dressed in bunny costumes. If you want to see it, DM me and I'll get it to you. And for the final match and thank God too. I am sooooo tired! Todd here hasn't let me sleep in three days the slave driver! ANway Julius vs Sameer I love it when Julius loses matches, I think it's funny! That is Karma Julius! Where's the Death Machine now?! Haha! Okay in all seriousness, both men did great here, I thought Julius would murder Sameer so I put $500 down on him, forgetting Julius might as well be a teddy bear. So Julius you owe me $500 and if you don't pay me, so help me Kevin, the almighty goat god of destruction, I will hunt you down and I will find you and I will do bad things! Sameer, congrats on beating Julius. Looking forward to see who faces you next. And Julius, in the future, you are invited to my funeral as a Paul Bearer so you can let me down one last time. Alright, I did the review. I'm leaving now. Screw you Todd. Actually Jason you got to stay for a while longer ... Is that so? Jason holds up a Paintball gun and looks at the camera You'll never take me alive! Oh God... ladies and gentlemen, that's all from us. Hope you've enjoyed yourselves here at Behind Closed Doors. Oh God! Jason No! The camera fades to black as Jason runs around like a maniac shirt off, laughing maniacally as he shoots people with his paintball gun
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    Sarah: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Sportscenter! Today we have BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion Sameer here joining us for an interview. Thank you for having me here today Sarah. It's my pleasure Sameer now let's get into some question, This weekend you are going one on one with BrendenPlayz Intercontinental Champion Bashka who has been on a roll as of late what are your thoughts on his recent success and him in general? You see, I didn't hate Bashka at all. I was happy for Bashka, Finally, he had success after so long not being able to and being one of the best in the company again. I never had anything against him until he decided to attack me and my partner Smith with his crew members. Then he came out here and told me the same thing I have been hearing for so many years. That I am not a Top Star, That I can't hang with the best of the best in the company. But I have proven that to be wrong already and Bashka knows it. When I returned to tag team with Brenden I did not imagine any of this. I was a guy with almost no job at all, I wasn't used at all. This weekend I need to bounce back after losing to Slim week one. This is a must-win for both of us and I am excited to get in the ring with him and kick his ass. Sarah: That's some strong words from the World Champion about his opponent this weekend BPZ Intercontinental Champion Bashka. After winning the World Heavyweight Championship have you spoken to Brenden at all? Yes, I have of course. He's like a brother to me, He came up to me backstage after I cashed in my Money In The Bank Briefcase. Congratulated me and told me "Welcome To The Big League Kid" As everyone knows he is taking some well deserved time off now after having an amazing tag team championship run with me. Of Course, his last match was with Bashka and he beat Brenden so this weekend I guess you could say I am trying to get revenge for my brother which makes the match even more of a must-watch this weekend. Everyone knows that you have been attacked a lot over the past couple of weeks are you 100 percent going into this match with Bashka? Also speaking about that it has been a week since that masked man attacked you, do you have any idea who it is? No, I am not 100 percent going into my match with Bashka but that I won't stop me from competing at the highest level that I can against him. He's one of the best in the company right now and I have to give it my all even though I am not 100 percent and to answer your other question. No, I have no clue who did it and I have no clue who has been sending me these letters or messages telling me them to join them but when I figure out it will be a day in hell for them. Do you have any words on your bad blood opponent Slim and are you worried at all considering he beat you the first week of Survival Games? No, I am not worried at all. Once again I was not 100 percent at all in my match against him. I had my ribs taped and a mask on due to a broken nose. I know I will have doubters though. I guess I will have to shut them up again just like I have against Bailey and Julius. I have been the underdog forever it just seems like a normal thing for me but when my back is against the wall, That is when I perform at my best.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Week 1, November 2016 | South East| 1.0 Million Buys | 83+ Show Rating Location: BB&T Center, Sunrise, Flordia Attendance: 31,000 As the PPV comes to air a camera in the parking lot of the arena catches a glimpse of an unknown limousine entering. The commentary team both share curiosity as the both discuss who it might be here live tonight for Unforgiven. An older and hopefully wiser Carlito Colon greets the WWE audience as the parts of the crowd up the back still make their way into the arena. Despite the match placement the reception is positive from a crowd who are happy to see him back within the company though a lot of questions stil surround the circumstances of his reemergence. He is followed closely by both Primo and Epico who take a life of their own as they mock Prime Time Players who stand in the ring, Titus O'Neil in casual gear. Carlito walks around the ring taking in the new look within WWE, passing the commentary table he looks towards the ring announcer, leans down to Mauro Ranallo and asks..."What happened to Lillian?" After the match both Primo & Epico Colon join Carlito in the ring as the duo lift Carlito up on to their shoulders living through his victory like it was their own. A confused expression is shown across the face of Carlito who looks down at his family but just gives a shrug to the audience watching as he lifts his arms into the sky. Carlito Colon marks down his first PPV victory within WWE since his surprise return just this month. A video package runs focusing on the build to WWE Unforgiven 2016 plays behind tonight's theme song 'Paranoid' by No Wyld. We go live from Sunrise Flora inside the BB&T Centre as a big display of pyro goes off. Mauro Ranallo is the first to introduce us to the show with over 29,000+ fans in attendance. Smackdown is holding strong as we start creeping towards the end of the year. After the fireworks come to an end WWE No Mercy 2016 is underway with the audience on their feet as the camera swings around the arena as the theme music keeps everyone standing in an ovation. The WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way through the smoke and on to the stage. Neville put over the thrill of being Intercontinental Champion so far and how much it meant to capture the title after hard work and dedication. He spoke on not being the prototypical champion but mentioned that no one can question what he does between the ropes. Says tonight he expects nothing less than a war from Luke Harper tonight but he is ready. That tonight his carnage ends before motioning for the challenger to get out. Before English can finally start singing the two are interrupted by the duo of Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose who take back No Mercy to the pleasure of the crowd. This in-ring vocal altercation leads to an impromptu match to open the show. Staying true to his nature Luke Harper never seemed to falter too deeply throughout the match as the man endured the battle between him and Adrian Neville with an maniacal joy. At one point during the match it started to become more reckless as Harper would continually drag the champion outside of the ring haphazardly to use the arena to use advantage. Barricade, Announce tables. Finally Adrian Neville had enough as the champion missile dropkicked Harper into the crowd as the match was lost and the two of them brawled up through the fans and security. By the end of the chaos Luke Harper gained a moment of strength but to the shock of the WWE Universe he use that to lift and throw Adrian Neville from the risen balcony to the floor below was security pushed fans and moved out of the way from the human body falling down. The match is called as a double count out as the bell is run as Luke Harper now uninterested makes his way through the crowd, security standing out of his way as Daniel Bryan makes his way past him. The camera shows a battered but forcibly against the wishes of the staff around him pulls himself up using the guard rail. Putting all his weight against it as he stars in the distance Harper left in. STILL Smackdown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch! It has been decided after a hard fought victory! Becky Lynch will captain the Smackdown Women's Survivor Series team as the Women's Champion. Nia Jax can be seen on the outside of the ring throwing a fit of rage as she pushes cameras out of her path, making her way backstage as Naomi has her arm checked on quickly by the medical staff at ring-side after losing to a Dis-arm-her. A disappointed expression across her face. We return backstage as Shane McMahon knocks and enters the office of Daniel Bryan who is just ending a phone call of importance. Shane McMahon makes small talk about the Unforgiven PPV so far with Becky Lynch just winning herself the captaincy of their Smackdown Women's Team for Survivor Series. Speaking of Survivor Series, McMahon makes not that it is about time that Daniel Bryan takes serious thought to putting pen to paper about who he wants to fill the numbers of both teams. He knows that Stephanie McMahon is already making swift moves to her team on RAW and Daniel Bryan agrees. During the length of the match The Ascension had a dominate showing against The New Day keeping Kofi Kingston away from their corner of the ring as they controlled the flow. Quick tags between Konnor & Viktor as they wore down the WWE favourite. Konnor at a key point in the match knocked Big E from the apron as well to assist their efforts as Xavier Woods rushed to his side to get him back up. In the end of the match as they looked to "toy" with the tag team getting confidence in their performance they slipped as Kofi Kingston was able to make the hot tag! Knocking down Viktor his momentum was stopped quickly by Konnor as the two of them brought Big E to a standstill. As the two men prepared to hit the Fall of Man, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston dragged Big E to the mat which left the two members of Ascension colliding in the chaos. Rolling with the moment Big E gathered all his strength together as he lifted up Konnor for the Big Ending for the victory!. After the match an exhausted but triumphant Big E is joined by Kofi Kingston but before Xavier Woods can join them within the ring a furious Viktor is seen throwing him into the steel steps on the outside. Kingston & Big E look to rise to their feet and rush to help their friend but are attacked from behind by Konnor who between his attack is holding his ribs after that Big Ending. The Ascension capitalise on the chance as they take their frustrations out on The New Day. Backstage we see Paige pacing back and forth as Renee Young attempts to have an interview with the former champion. Taking the microphone she quickly runs down how frustrated she is about being left out the championship match tonight but that the stars have aligned. At Survivor Series she is going to be on the Smckdown Women's team helping bring the trophy home because with Becky Lynch as their..hmph.."Captain" it's going to be an uphill battle. A video package played behind Ugly by The Exies highlights the long road each competitor has walked this year so far between the blood war between Bray Wyatt & Finn Balor, the tough championship defences by AJ Styles and all colliding earlier this month as each month has made it hell for the other. After the WWE Champion makes his first entrance the lights dim into darkness as the hum of the impending Bray Wyatt sings through the arena. Guided by his lantern the hooded powerhouse slowly paces himself down the ramp as the fireflies sway in the audience. But within the darkness the lantern is dropped suddenly as the impatient Finn Balor has rushed down from the stage and knocked down his foe. The two of them waste no time slugging it out on the outside as the crowd spike up in excitement. Duelling screams echo throughout the fans as the camera tries their best to not get caught up in the madness. As the two men reach ring-side the WWE Champion has had enough as he runs against the ropes and dives with a topé suicida on to the both of them on to the outside as all three men hit the ground. The referee is trying his best to regain order and start this match up but the three of them look as ready as they'll ever be. The bell rings! STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles Taking advantage of the animosity between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor, the WWE Champion AJ Styles was able to escape the numbers game put in front of him and prolong his reign for another night through a hard hitting brawl which would turn into a great match. We return backstage after the WWE Championship match where Shane McMahon is talking with RAW COO Stephanie McMahon. The two seem to be on the tail end of a conversation about Survivor Series around the corner as Stephanie McMahon extends her hand to Shane McMahon with a victorious smile. Shane McMahon thinks on it for a moment before nodding in agreement, shaking her end in return. Stephanie McMahon confirms as the audience here that "I'm glad you could see my perspective. A night about brand supremacy, it's about time we see is a cut above the rest. Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville. Champion vs Champion is going to be a selling point for this event!". The commentary team emphasise their anticipation for this match up as a match graphic appears on the screen for the audience at home and in the arena. This will be a non-title match up which is just one announced match for a card that i'm sure will shape up to live with the PPV implications. Lets catch the replay one more time! The commentary watch as Erick Rowan looks to hit a spinning heel kick on the veteran giant one last time to keep him down but showing great injunivity Big Show is able to use Rowans momentum against him, pushing his leg backwards to spin into a sudden and devestating WMD! The battle tonight was one by Big Show but if Erick Rowan has proved anything during this war is that he is a force not to be taken lightly. A video package of the rise of the alliance of Alberto Del Rio & The Miz plays as it leads into the story of the rocky road Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose have had since being drafted to Smackdown Live together with the brand split being introduced. Finally culminating in their feud as the two teams have crossed paths on and off throughout the year. As the video comes to an end the camera swings to a birds eye view as they zoom down on Reigns & Ambrose entering together through the stairs within the crowd. A call back to their days together as The Shield they show confidence as they enter, the showering of support from the crowd around them. Standing in the ring Reigns & Ambrose as forced to witness the slow and indulging entrance of El Dorado as the group enter in one of the personally owned luxury cars of Alberto Del Rio. Acompanied by personal driver who opens the door for the group, Maryse exits first followed by The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Wearing white and gold the group as on a high right now on Smackdown Live. STILL WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: El Dorado El Dorado have been able to sneak away with their championships once again here tonight! A a tried and angry Dean Ambrose can be seen inquiring to the referee asking about the count but the referees decision is final as Roman Reigns joins him in the ring. El Dorado make their way up the ramp, celebrating their victory as their luxury limo is brought back into the arena awaiting the champions. With Survivor Series on the horizon what will this mean for all four men here tonight? Unknown of who Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan will look to pick for their team heading up against RAW any number of them could find themselves forced to grit their teeth and work on the same page. Roman Reigns offers a hand to Dean Ambrose who wipes his face in a he pulls himself together for the moment. The crowd booing El Dorado as the disappear backstage and the pay-per view comes to a close.
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    Before You.

    Live on Carnage, we are between two matches when suddenly, the show's feed is cut off and replaced by a recording in an undisclosed room. Nothing of significance can be seen but a rustling sound can be heard in the background before the camera that is recording this footage is picked up by someone. They carry the camera over to a part of the room where they can sit down before raising the camera to their face, revealing themselves as Eli Smith. Smith sets the camera up so that it captures his face. He takes in some deep breaths as he reflects on what he's going to say. After collecting his thoughts, Smith begins to speak and the way he talks sounds purely genuine and captivatingly intense. Hans, I watched your video mate and as great as it was, I just couldn't stop myself from speaking my mind. You want to talk about me flying around the world in private jets and checking in at five-star hotels? Do you not understand how I got to this point? Do you really think you're the only one who's had to work hard to get where they are? How do you think I got here? How do you think I earned my place in BPZ history? In fact, scratch that. How do you think I earned my place in wrestling history? Back before you were even wrestling, I was working my ass off just to get my name known in my home country of the United Kingdom. Even when I rose to the top of that mountain, do you know how many eyes were on the UK's independent scene? Next to none. I had to break barriers and pave the way for wrestlers of my country, traveling to Australia with only a couple friends, the likes of Joh and Tamer, for trials at the newest big-time promotion at the time, BPZ Wrestling. That's right, I'm talking back before BPZ was even in the United States, that's how long I've been busting my ass and sacrificing my own health for the sake of entertaining these fans and crafting my legacy. So, yes, I know about the long hours on the road. Yes, I know about getting paid pocket money for putting my life on the line. And yes, you're damn right now that I've made it, I'm enjoying the luxuries. I'm booking myself private jets, I'm staying at five-star hotels, I'm living my life the way I want to because I've earned this. I've been putting in the hours, training day and night, sacrificing my own health, scratching and clawing at whatever opportunity comes my way for way too many years. Either way, we've all seen the First Class Express partying all the way up until SummerSlam and going absolutely wild the night after. We know you like to relish in your success as much as the next guy so I'm struggling to understand why you would try to use that against me. Before he can say anymore, Smith stops himself as he realizes he's going off on a tangent. He then looks around the crowd, composes himself, and then begins speaking again, this time straight into the camera. I've been associated with BPZ for almost five years but I've been wrestling for almost ten, I helped pioneer British wrestling, I cut the path that no one had ever traveled before yet you want to use the fact that now that I've made it as a way to portray that I don't appreciate the grind, that I don't know about the hustle. Honestly, at this point, I'm done talking. With only one arm, I'm going to show you just how much I've had to work to get here and how hard I'm willing to work to beat you, win this tournament and prove to everyone that I deserve to be considered as one of the best of all-time. After finishing talking, Smith continues to stare into the camera for a few seconds before lucking away, thinking to himself for a moment before standing up and turning off the camera.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    Made for: KUMITE: This Is Blood Sport
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    Echo Wilson

    BPZ NBA Career Sim: Prep To Pro

    NCAA END OF SEASON LEAGUE LEADERS: _____________________________________________________________________________ COMING NEXT.......
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    Hey bois, its your main hoe ICON! I will be recapping the Emergence 2019 Card. My thoughts, if the right guy won and much more, now lets get on with it god damn it. First up your boi is actually in the match. BOB vs Icon vs Mave. A stellar match. I really do think the right man won. Not to sound biased or anything, hell i actually do! All of these men I feel tried to work hard. But Mave wasnt there yet. Bob has a hell of a future, a great kayfaber and it showed in this one. I was so happy to feud with him, hope I can one day once again. Another great match, I feel the right guy won in Prince. He has been Greatm and "THE Prince" Gimmick has worked great for him so far. Keriso returned at not the best time, with Prince on fire and Keriso a bit rusty in kayfabe. Which is normal for being gone for over a year. Good job Prince! Good match here. Great leadup, but I feel Brenden not promoing more than once really struck a cord. And degraded the match in some aspect. Big Ballers defiantly earned this win, so I truly believe the right team won. Good job Deadmans Hand! In my opinion, Match of the Night right here. The amount of great promos, was great. Everyone seemed to really want that briefcase and that is good to see. But im sorry Joh, please still love me. I dont think the right man won this. I truly believe this should have been Yelich's night. In every single promo, he poured his heart into each one. But good job Joh! This match was a perfect opportunity to showcase what Raven is made of and hell did he just do that. Even thought it wasnt a close voting, Raven showcases his skills and many members took notice. Which is a great thing for the young star. The right man indeed won in BIC. He is a legend in BPZ and continues to show how good he truly is. Holy crap, when you think of hate, you think of these two men. What a match! BarbWire Massacre Match, think you have seen crazy, just wait for this. The buildup for this can be a candidate for MOTY. The right guy won in KENJI, he is an up and coming star, and truly deserved this win with the promos he pulled off. Well all I can say is Jesus Christ FD have some mercy! Josh got dismantled. FD proved how sick he is, we know how much FD despises Josh but damn this was a whole other level. I believe the right guy won, FD had some brilliant promos, while Josh had some great ones. Well done lad! Now for the Main Event, the leadup was alright. Flynn promoed brilliantly, but Julius only promoed once. Which didnt help his cause. Flynn deserved to win for this won and rightfully he did so. I would like to see a rematch for these two in the future. Well thats it for tonight bois, next up is Jason sharing his demented thoughts on Summerslam, make yourself as uncomfortable as possible.
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    2 Years ago I created a diary called Murder on the BPZ Express and last year I created the sequel, Death on the Michigan. But with me planning to make a trilogy I decided a lot of new members wouldn’t have read either of the first two and even then, a lot of the jokes in the first 2 are outdated now, so I have decided to reboot the first 2 before bringing out the third. Enjoy Episode 1/15 (Friday 20th September 2019) BiC and Hans are sat on the First Class Express, talking to a couple of girls whilst showing off the Tag and US belts. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. BiC goes to check who it is when suddenly he opens the door and immediately shuts it Hans: Who was it? BiC: It was Brenden Hans: Is he Ok after Bashka destroyed him at SummerSlam. And I mean girls he destroyed him. Humiliated him BiC: Well I don’t know but he’s the boss, we have to let him on. And he can’t see all this. Get the girls out of here. Hans tries to get the girls out of the back window as BiC opens the door and smiles to Brenden, whilst holding his Tag belt. BiC: Sorry the doors a bit heavy, I couldn’t quite keep it open. Not as heavy as this wonderful tag belt I hold though. Can I help you Brenden? Suddenly Bashka appears behind Brenden, as does Keeley, Bailey, Arius, Bob, Meko, Nate Sawyer, Sheridan, Mirage, Arrow and Kai. Hans suddenly appears as we see three girls running away from the bus behind the superstars. Hans: Bashka, why have you bought this mix of characters here? Brenden: I will explain. Keeley booked the wrong plane tickets and we have no way of getting to our next 3 shows. Bash came up with the idea of travelling on your stupid party bus. And we were wondering if out the kindness of your heart you could take us there BiC: It’s probably going to be a no Bren: I will double your weekly wage. Hans: No Bren: I will buy you both a round of cocktails after the house show Both: Deal Brenden: Ok we have two shows booked for tomorrow, in the morning we have a house show and in the evening we have Carnage. Then we travel to a hotel and in the morning we prepare for Bad Blood. For tonight everyone is getting some sleep on this bus BiC: What about everyone else. Brenden: They travelled yesterday they’re not doing these shows, come on everybody Bash, Bren, Keeley, Bailey, Nathan, Sheridan, Mirage, Kai, Arius, Bob and Meko board leaving Arrow stood outside. He is about to get on when suddenly the doors close BiC: Sorry Arrow, there’s alcohol on this bus. No one under the age of 14 allowed. The bus speeds off leaving Arrow there. He picks up his phone and begins to call for a taxi. BiC drives The First Class Express Forward, not noticing that as they stopped at the traffic lights, a masked man suddenly jumped onto the back of the bus. He held on as the bus sped off, ready for the overnight journey
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    BPZ Wrestling is one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world. Two experts align themselves with the business. Jason Ryan and Icon share their thoughts on different aspects on the business and where they think these performers stand. Stay Tuned! First episode Icon will go over, the PPV Emergence. We had a stacked card but what does he think of it? Stay tuned for his thoughts. Also if you have any questions for either Jason or I, just state it down below.
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    Becoming Number One

    Chapter 1: Frontier Wrestling Alliance - 2010 My career had seemed to hit a stop fairly quickly into it. All had started when my Uncle, now a good age of 31, expressed an interest in pursuing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. He had spent his working life doing something he didn’t enjoy and now seeing he had realised his age and decided to train under the legendary Alex Shane, who had just opened his wrestling school. However Shane operated from London, so my Uncle has to move down South from the beautiful city of Manchester we had resided in before. With me not ready to go to university yet and with my Uncle Lee always trying to get me interested in pro wrestling, I decided to join him and take a gap year learning how to be a pro wrestler I made that decision in May 2008. We were now in October 2010. I was in my second year at the London University of Economics studying finance. After I graduated from Shane’s course he had promised he would get me and my Uncle big gigs because he could see we had talent. However I had still not heard anything from him It dawned on me today that I was sat in my Uncles flat, that I was 20, nearly 21 and had yet to really do anything in my life. I was turning down parties so I could go put on a costume and wrestle in high school gyms with my Uncle under the ridiculous names of Josh Diamond and Lee Diamond. Many times I had thought I would call it quits but when I tried to tell my Uncle, he would often explode with the news the local high school president had allowed us to use the big sports hall or something. It got harder and harder to tell him, but I wasn’t expecting what happened today when I tried He burst into the room looking all excited. I put on an excited face, waiting for the news that we were performing at an even bigger high school or something Lee: Alex Shane called us Ok, I wasn’t expecting that Josh: Really? After all this time Lee: Yeh he knows a man named Jonathan Green who owns a business called Frontier Wrestling Alliance. You know who wrestled there? Josh: Enlighten me Lee: AJ Styles and CM Punk. We can join them and make it into the WWE too. And right now they are doing a storyline where American invaders keep attacking all of the best British talent and with a lot of them gone, they wanted young stars to fight off the Invaders in a big 2 night event Josh: And it’s not in a high school gym? Lee: No it’s at the ExCel Centre in London. But more good and bad news. Good news: we get paid £1000 Josh: It must be big bad news then Lee: Yes, I have to wrestle 3 matches and you have to wrestle 4. Josh: What Lee: You will see how it goes when we get there, just trust me That much was going to be easier said than done October 30th This was it, my first big wrestling event. On the first night of this show I was wrestling twice and tomorrow twice. I had spent the entire tube journey listening to my Uncle talk about how this would be the first step to WWE. I listened and listened and was delighted to see Alex Shane and Jonathan Green. Well not Shane realistically, but I didn’t have chance to speak to him, he took my Uncle aside as Green explained the premise of the show to me He told me I would be facing “The Hero” Jack Gallagher in both our debuts, but after 15 minutes the match would end in a draw after my partner Lee Diamond and Jacks partner Raven interfered. Then the Diamonds would win in a tag match until we would be attacked by Iestyn Rees and Joel Redman. I had no idea why but that was what I was told. I met all 4 men before the match. I got talking to Raven especially, who told me about his remarkable story in the company, from crew worker who had to fill in to the plucky babyface he is today. At 18 he was a similar age to me, and we seemed to share similar ambitions Now it was time for the match. Me and Lee came out, playing the heels, introduced as Josh and Alex Scott. I was guessing Mr Green didn’t like a Diamond as a ring name. Then Gallagher came out by himself as we locked up To say we stole the show would be an understatement. For 10 minutes, me and him delivered jaw dropping combos and had unbelievable chemistry. However me and Lee quickly established ourselves as heels, with him constantly interfering, until Raven came out and evened the scores, resulting in a massive brawl. As planned we had a tag match which ended with Lee winning with his wonderful submission move the Grounded Wrist Lock. As I raised Lees arm I saw Rees and Redman running to the ring, and then suddenly I was on the floor. I looked up and saw Lee towering above me, me unconscious after he hit me with that forearm smash. Suddenly the bell rang and I realised an impromptu match had been made, Rees and Redman against me and Lee, although Lee seemed to have sided with them. Things started clicking in my mind, Shane pulling Lee aside for a talk, Green not giving a reason for the Rees and Redman attack. It was so Lee could side with them. And as I was brutally beaten and pinned within the first minute, I learned one of the main rules of pro wrestling on my first big night - never trust anyone
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    WWE Reborn

    Four men with a huge opportunity to change their lives walk in tonight but only two will walk out and head into TakeOver this Saturday to fight for a WWE Contract. We have semi-final action in the NXT Breakout Tournament, Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" will face KENJI while Oliver Gordan takes on Bashka. Johnny Gargano and Pentagon Jr will also come face to face tonight before their big match and Bianca Belair will find herself a challenger for the TakeOver show as Kacy Catanzaro battles Io Shirai in a number one contenders match No Way Jose and Eric Bugenhagen vs The Forgotten Sons The challenge was laid out by Jose and Bugenhagen last week while they were partying at Jose's annual Fiesta party in a feud that stemmed back a couple of weeks ago where The Forgotten Sons viciously attacked NXT's new duo. The Son's were fed up with the party no care attitude from Jose and Bugenhagen and used the assault as a way of evicting it from the NXT threshold The match started with flare and excitement with Jose and Bugenhagen running riot to open things up, showing a much more determined and focused side we haven't seen much of before. The crowd were fired up. hoping to see the exciting duo pick up the win but the Son's slowly wrestled back control, grinding the speed of the match to a halt and isolating Bugenhagen from Jose. The Son's worked over the leg of Bugenhagen for a couple of minutes but a miscue between Blake and Cutler led to Bugenhagen breaking free and making the tag to Jose who ran riot for the next minute. Seeing his team in potential danger, Jaxson Ryker got involved but was met with a stiff elbow strike by Jose knocking him off the apron. The Son's then executed a blind tag taking advantage of Jose and hitting the Lost and Damned for the victory WALTER vs Lee: Battle of the Behemoths Two of the best big men across the two NXT Brands will face off at TakeOver: Boston this coming weekend for WALTER's WWE United Kingdom Championship. A video package played hyping up the match, showing Keith Lee's involvement in the 2019 Royal Rumble and his epic series of matches with Dijakovic. It then transitions to WALTER, showing his absolute dominance from his debut defeating Kona Reeves to his win over Pete Dunne to become the UK Champion. These two behemoths will do battle, you won't want to miss it Io Shirai vs Kacy Catanzaro (Number One Contenders Match) These two women became very heavily involved with Bianca Belair's blood feud with Shayna Baszler and have now been granted an opportunity to face Belair for the NXT Womens title. Io Shirai brings that Japanese style of wrestling mixed with some brilliant high-flying action while Catanzaro's offence is all about her athleticism and taking advantage of her small and nimble stature. For the opening of the match both competitors were trying to feel each other out with no one really gaining the upper hand. Shirai would get the upper hand soon after and the action would then spill to the outside. The two women brawled with Catanzaro hitting an amazing Moonsault to the outside resulting in a double count-out The fans booed at the finish of the match which brought out William Regal. The GM stated that both women were more than deserving of getting a Women's Championship opportunity and that's exactly what they'll get as Bianca Belair will defend against BOTH Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai at TakeOver Jack Bashka vs Oliver Gordan (NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-Final) Our first Breakout Tournament Semi-Final of the night featured Jack Bashka taking on Oliver Gordan. Last week Bashka took on the Dangerous Kieron Black and pulled out an impressive victory, showing amazing heart and spirit to weather the storm and pick up the victory. On the other hand Oliver Gordan took on the Psychotic, Death Match specialist New Shaq and somehow walked away with the victory after New Shaq had a mishap with his beloved cheese grater Once again these two showed how much they wanted that spot on the TakeOver Card, both putting it all on the line and taking all the risks necessary to move on and get just that one step closer to gaining a full-time WWE Contract. However, for the second week in a row the ref was taken out after Bashka accidentally ran into him which then allowed Gordan to hit a springboard cutter although there was no ref there to count the pin. Taking advantage of the situation, New Shaq ran in through the crowd and started battering away at Gordan with a Kendo stick before leaving the ring and demanding that Bashka pin him. Bashka was visually torn in making the decision but eventually waited for Gordan to get to his feet so he could finish him off. The referee rose and counted the pin sending Bashka into the final at TakeOver Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs KENJI (NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-Final) A mouth watering clash was up next as the two heaviest hitters in the breakout tournament would face off. Angel took care of business fairly easily last week defeating El Vida while KENJI defeated Ryan Star. It was a standard heavyweight fight between the two as both men used their power and size to their advantage with KENJI also showing a bit of speed and agility. Once again as Angel figured KENJI's game plan out everything would go sour for the Japanese star as Angel started to dominate and would eventually put the match to an end. Angel moves onto TakeOver where he will face Jack Bashka in the final, the chance to become a WWE Superstar on the line Gargano has Zero Fear The final segment of the show would be the advertised face to face between Gargano and Pentagon Jr before their championship faceoff at TakeOver. Johnny came out first and began to talk about how his ride in NXT has been an absolute blast, thanking the fans for every moment of it. He spoke about how he has defeated Ciampa and Punishment Martinez already for the NXT title and isn't scared of the enigmatic presence that is Pentagon Jr. Johnny then waited for Pentagon to arrive but nothing would happen The lights in the arena turned to black and a loud hush was heard around the arena. When the lights returned Johnny Gargano was out cold on the mat with the NXT Championship draped across his chest. The show ends in confusion as it seems Pentagon has already gotten the advantage over the current NXT Champion _________________________________________________________ Predictions _________________________________________________________ NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (C) vs Pentagon Jr NXT Women's Championship: Bianca Belair (C) vs Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai NXT Tag-Team Championship: The Undisputed Era (C) vs Street Profits NXT UK Championship: WALTER (C) vs Keith Lee NXT Breakout Tournament Final: Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs Jack Bashka NXT North-American Championship: Matt Riddle (C) vs The Velveteen Dream
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    Washed Up Trash

    Mikey stands his ground for a moment, staring at Josh, emotion void on his face. Without looking away he lifts his mic up. Alright, I see how it is. You're playing as the good guy now, the guy who all the fans love. Well, I don't know about love, but tolerate more than me. At least I'm trying to be bad guy here. With that out of the way, nice to meet you Josh. I believe this is the first time I've stepped into the ring with someone worthy of going for the World Championship, so I'm honored. Let's see, you've won the Intercontinental Championship, wrestled some of the best, and reached the semi finals of the King of the Ring tournament. See, I'd be impressed, but there's one thing those statements have in common. Won, wrestled, reached, all in the past tense. The past is the past, Josh. You are here now, in the present, the future even. Sure, back then you took on some of the best guys BPZ has ever seen and you won a few championships. But I speak for everyone in the arena and watching at home when I say nobody cares. Boos ring throughout the arena, and Mikey silences them by tapping on his microphone until there is complete silence. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, your past means nothing. If it did, you wouldn't be going against the likes of Mirage just to pick up a victory, now would you? And yes, maybe I am the shortest reigning NXT Champion of all time. But that's because I had the balls to take on people I knew were of my skill level, those who I deemed worthy to fight against me. Unlike you, who's still wrestling people a few divisions down. We'll all get there eventually, we just haven't done the time yet. So what do you have to say about that? Mikey crosses his arms and waits for Josh to say something. Meanwhile, Josh looks around at the crowd, who are all chanting no. Josh listens, shrugging his shoulders at Mikey and making his way out of the ring with Gary Green by his side. But Mikey attacks him from behind! Josh is now on the mat as Mikey continues to beat him down with kicks, Green helplessly watching from the corner. Mikey gets Josh up and positions him for the Cosmic Ascension, but at that moment he sees Green in the corner, flashing him two middle fingers. Mikey promptly lets go of Josh and marches over to Gary, but he is met with a right hand straight to the jaw! Mikey turns around from the impact right into a Spear from Josh, driving him into the ground! Mikey looks dazed on the ground, staring mindlessly into the lights as he coughs, trying to regulate his breathing again. While he is down, Josh paces around the ring, clearly hyped up from the electric Carnage crowd. Josh and Green are standing side by side, looking down at Mikey's body as the screen fades out to a commercial.
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    War Between Worlds

    Welcome to Monday Night Raw, we have a stacked card as usual here tonight. But before we start our opening match, our Universal Champion has a few things to say. We head backstage, where we are met with Seth Rollins. Staring into the void, trying to calm his nerves. He goes on about how this triple threat match would put anybody else on the edge of their seat, holding onto their championship ever so tightly. But I am one of the best in the world for a reason and at Hell In a Cell, I prove just that. Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi After an impressive win against PAC at Vengeance. And a callout to Shibata being totally ignored hes here to fight tonight. But not just anyone, his former Golden Lovers' partner in Kota Ibushi. Next up is Kota Ibushi. A man who hasnt had the most friendships since arriving in WWE. And rather has been very hated here. He sets his sights on his best friend, can he get a much needed win here tonight? The match begins with a classic lockup, Kenny Omega seeming to have the edge when it comes to strength. As he pushes Ibushi into the corner. He presumes to back up and goes for a running lariat, but Ibushi gets out of the way just in time, he continues, as he goes for a clothesline but Omega reverses with a big uranage. Omega goes for the pinfall...1...2... but a kick out by Ibushi just before 3. Omega continues the attack, with multiple stomps to the skull. Now picking him up, looking for a clothesline of his own, but Ibushi counters and hits a huge lariat, Omega turning inside out. Ibushi heads to the top rope, looking for a phoenix splash it seems and connects. He goes for the pin...1...2.... but a kick out by Omega at the count of 2. As Ibushi looks to go for a Kamigoye, his legs are taken out of the ring. Oh what the hell?! Its Kenta, it seems as if Kenta is not over this bitter grudge he has against Ibushi. He goes to get a chair, but Shibata is running to the ring. Shibata enters the ring and takes out Omega with a huge clothesline. Kenta takes the chair and smashes Ibushi's skull against it. As Omega and Ibushi are laid out, Ibushi and Shibata walk off grinning at the chaos. The camera pans back to inside the ring. As Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega are both getting up after that nasty attack. Kota Ibushi calls for a hug, but Omega pushes him away. The crowd cheering them both on. As Omega looks throughout the crowd, he gives in as they both embrace the hug. Shingo vs Bobby Roode As we return from commercial break, Bobby Roode is already in the ring posing. He had a pathetic loss against Kevin Owens last week, can he redeem himself here tonight? Next up is the Intercontinental Champion, Shingo Takagi. He has been a complete mad man since debuting, and I dont see that ending anytime soon. But Havoc has been destructive, so who knows? The Match is about to begin, but out of nowhere, a masked man jumps over the barricade and strikes Shingo with a barbed wire baseball bat. What the hell?! He takes the mask off, and it appereas to be Jimmy Havoc! He picks up Shingo and tosses him out of the ring. A bloody mess, Shingo is cant make it up to his feet. Havoc grabs a microphone and begins to speak. Jimmy Havoc: You know I am so sick and tired of watching a so called champion think he runs this joint. Look at me, I dont look like the face of the WWE, do i give a damn? Hell NO! And at Hell In a Cell I want Shingo Takagi to feel the agony i feel everyday, and i promise you will one way or another. Inside a Hell In a Cell! A life without Wrestling Cameras pan backstage. Where our own James North meets up with a returning Jason Jordan to see how he is feeling for his return match at Hell in a Cell. Jason Jordan: Hey man, I have been gone from my home for almost 2 years now. Im so glad to be back but you know it has been very hard adjusting. So many new faces in the locker room, I have teared up seeing familiar faces and that ring once again, I wont lie. But im looking to the future, and whoever wants to step up to the challenge come and do so because im ready. A Tough Loss Last month, Sasha Banks lost her chance on becoming Raw Womens Champion once again. As a double countout pursued after Becky Lynch took to the air off a ladder and took both her and Banks out through the announce table. Now Banks wants redemption. Sasha Banks: I am hurt, I wont lie. I wish I could be standing here as Womens Champion right now. But I simply am not, but im not done with Becky. I am not finished with showing that I am the better woman here. So at Hell In a Cell i challenge Becky Lynch to a one on one match for the Raw Womens Championship. And if there is another countout, it does not end there I want to make sure that doesnt happen again. So Becky, No DQ! Becky's music strikes. She marches down to the ring, a serious look on her face, one that we havent seen in a very long time. Becky Lynch: Sasha, your on! For one reason and one reason only. I am going to shut you the hell up for good. And when you are lying down, with your arse beaten, you wont be the last one laughing will you? COMING SOON Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet It is now Main event time! Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet. Johnny wants to prove to Ciampa that he has what it takes to be in the main event of Hell In a Cell. With this win here tonight. Ricochet, as happy as ever. Which i dont understand, quite frankly he has nothing to be happy about. He has had one match since this NJPW vs WWE War and lost it. But lets get on with it. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to ricochet. As he pushes Gargano back into the corner. Gargano pushes Ricochet this time, as he falls down to one knee, Gargano connects with a superkick. He goes back to the corner, calling for Ricochet to get up for another superkick it seems. But Ricochet kips up, springboards for a moonsault, but is caught with a mid-air superkick. Gargano goes for the pinfall..1....2..... almost a three count but a kick out by Gargano at legit the last second. Ricochet cant believe it, as he picks up Ricochet once again, Gargano hits him with a forearm, as they both make their way to opposite ends of the ring, hits a springboard moonsault, landing at the same time. What a spectacle! As they both get up Ricochet gets up, and hits a superkick. Going for the pin..1...2.... but what the hell?!!! Ciampa stomps on the skull of Ricochet. Both Ciampa and Gargano smile so sadistic and go to each corner. And stike with the Meet in the Middle! Has DIY reformed? The show ends with both men hugging on the ground. See you all at Hell in a Cell! Hell In a Cell Jason Jordan vs ??? Golden Lovers vs Takeover Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (C) NO DQ Jimmy Havoc vs Shingo Takagi (C) Hell In a Cell Kevin Owens vs Pac vs Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins (C) vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Hell in a Cell
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    Following Icon's analysis of BPZ Emergence Jason will share his thoughts of this previous BPZ Summerslam. And now one of the hosts himself would like to share a few words. Jason: Someone help! They put a mousetrap between my legs when I was sleeping! I had my manhood dangling out and they were threatening me with bad things! They stuck me in a rat infested cellar and have been feeding me ice cubes and water from rain puddles! I haven't seen my family in a week! I- Uh, eh, sorry about that folks. You know how Jason is always pulling practical jokes backstage! Just a big jokester he is, oh boy! *mumbling with hand covering the mic* Someone want to go get a 2x4 and make sure Mister Ryan complies? Ok thanks. *Returning to normal* And for the match card Mister Ryan will be discussing. Summerslam Matchcard: Wow, what a card. Stay tuned to hear from Jason Ryan as he covers this PPV. Every single match- hold on. *Holds hand to ear* What do you mean he's escaped?! Don't let him get away, tackle him, do something! I don't care if he's naked, do NOT let him get away or you're fired! *Looks up at camera* We will see you next time at Behind Closed Doors * Runs off*
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special PPV: Round 5 G1 Climax A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Toru Yano Tonight's edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling begins kicks off with A Block action, as the Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, looks to rectify his current zero point total against perpetual spoiler, Toru Yano. Yano currently sits at two points, a single victory over Kazuchika Okada to his name. Ultimately, Tanahashi would finally get back on the winning track, putting Yano away with a High Fly Flow. Tanahashi has finally scored two points in the G1, and though his odds of victory are drastically low at this stage of the tournament, Tanahashi now looks to produce a G1 effort worthy of an Ace. . G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS Bobby Lashley Last week, Johnny Puro scored his first victory of the G1 over Daniel Bryan, sitting now at two points. Also last week saw the fourth consecutive loss of Bobby Lashley, this time to Matt Riddle, a loss that would make the Destroyer flip and attack Riddle after the match. Puro now faces an angry, and unquestionably more dangerous, Lashley. Ultimately, despite an impressive effort from Puro, there would simply be no stopping Lashley tonight, as Puro falls to a vicious spear. Lashley has finally scored two points and his first victory in New Japan, and though it might be too little too late for Lashley at this stage of the tournament, one can be certain he will make the rest of the field feel his wrath. . G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Jeff Cobb In a clash between two of the largest competitors of the A Block, the Stone Pitbull looks to continue his impressive streak against a similarly impressive Jeff Cobb. Ishii currently sits at a perfect eight points, while Cobb trails close behind with six. However, Cobb would not tie up the score tonight, as the Stone Pitbull puts him away with a Brainbuster. Tomohiro Ishii now sits at an incredible ten points, a perfect G1 so far, and as the current and sole A Block leader, this year's G1 seems like it's Ishii's for the taking. . G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Matt Riddle In the second B Block match of the night, Sami Callihan looks to continue his string of victories against the King of Bros, Matt Riddle. Sami sits at an impressive six points, all of which can be attributed to the aid of the Bullet Club, to which Sami Callihan has taken control of as their new leader. On the other hand, Matt Riddle has had an impressive set of victories over the last two weeks, now sitting at four points, and he could be a dark horse to win the entire G1 if he can keep up this momentum. Ultimately, despite the interference of Bullet Club, Matt Riddle would score another victory over Callihan, catching him off guard with an armbar and forcing the Bullet Club leader to tap. Matt Riddle has ended Sami Callihan's recent string of victories, with both men now sitting at six points a piece. . G1 Climax A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Lance Archer The third A Block match of the night showcases the IWGP heavyweight champion, Kazuchika Okada, taking on Lance Archer. Okada sits at a surprisingly low four points, having dropped matches to both Naito and Yano, while Archer's only victory of the G1 so far came last week against Yano. Ultimately, the woes continue to pile up for Archer, as he falls to a Rainmaker from the IWGP champion. Okada now has six points to his name, only two victories behind block leader Tomohiro Ishii, and if we've learned one thing about Okada, it's to never count out the Rainmaker. . G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Christopher Daniels The third match of B Block action showcases the still winless Christopher Daniels compete against Daniel Bryan, a must win match for Daniels at this stage of the tournament if he has any hope of overtaking block leaders WALTER and Brian Cage. Daniel Bryan enters this match at only two points, a disappointing total after his electric New Japan debut. In a fantastic bout, Christopher Daniels pulls off what must be considered an upset, putting Bryan away with the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels celebrates his first victory in New Japan, his G1 hopes not quite dashed yet, but Daniel Bryan is livid, now tied with Daniels and Johnny Puro as the joint bottom of the B Block. Daniels tries to shake Bryan's hand, and at first Bryan accepts, but he then puts down Daniels with a vicious headbutt! Bryan then locks Daniels in the Yes Lock before being pried away by the rest of the New Japan locker room. After four straight losses and his G1 seemingly going up in smoke, Daniel Bryan has finally snapped, and he leaves the arena with the New Japan crowd showering him in boos. . G1 Climax A Block: Jon Moxley VS Zack Sabre Jr. The fourth A Block of the night showcases two competitors with hot starts in the G1 who have slowed down in recent weeks. ZSJ began his tournament with a victory over Tanahashi before dropping three straight, while Moxley scored two early wins before losing his last two matches. That trend would continue for Moxley, as ZSJ manages to snap his recent losing streak with an Ocropus Stretch on Moxley, forcing the Death Rider to submit. ZSJ and Moxley now both sit at four points. ZSJ has finally turned his woes around in this G1, with victory still very possible for the Brit, while Moxley desperately needs to turn things around. However, he will face a possibly insurmountable task next week in the form of Kazuchika Okada. . G1 Climax B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Pete Dunne The fourth B Block match of the night takes place between two of the most impressive and highly physical competitors in the block, as Pete Dunne, currently seated at six points, looks to avenge his first New Japan loss last week against Brian Cage here. He takes on Shinsuke Nakamura, the returning hero who has plateaued a bit since coming back, now sitting at four points in as many matches. Ultimately, Nakamura would get back on the winning track with a victory tonight, putting away Dunne with a Kinshasa. Nakamura and Dunne now both sit at six points, and if anyone has any hopes of stopping current block leaders WALTER and Brian Cage, these two might have the best chance of doing so. . G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Juice Robinson The final A Block match of the night sees Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito take on Juice Robinson, both men now sitting at six points. In a hard-hitting slugfest of a match, Naito is able to put away Juice with a Destino, securing eight points and placing him right behind block leader Tomohiro Ishii, the man who gave him his first loss in the tournament. Naito's goal of becoming the first man to hold the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles at the same time continues, and if he can keep up this impressive streak of wins, this might be the year Naito finally pulls it off. . G1 Climax B Block: WALTER VS Brian Cage In tonight's main event, we learn which B Block competitor will remain undefeated in their New Japan tenure and lead the B Block halfway through the tournament. Thus far, the massive WALTER and Brian Cage have fought off all challengers, sitting at the maximum eight points possible so far in the G1. In a hard-hitting clash, WALTER would continue his undefeated streak by putting away Brian Cage with a powerbomb, becoming the first competitor in the B Block to score 10 points, an effort only matched by Tomohiro Ishii in the A Block so far. After the match, WALTER would grab a microphone and announce that he's been able to exert his will over every single promotion he's signed with, and New Japan will be no different. Halfway through the G1 and he remains undefeated, and this will not change in the second half. WALTER then exits as New Japan signs off for the night, showing the standings of the G1 so far. . Current standings: A Block: 10 points: Tomohiro Ishii. 8 points: Tetsuya Naito. 6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Kazuchika Okada. 4 points: Jon Moxley, Zack Sabre Jr. 2 points: Lance Archer, Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi. . B Block: 10 points: WALTER. 8 points: Brian Cage. 6 points: Pete Dunne, Sami Callihan, Shinsuke Nakamura, Matt Riddle. 4 points: None. 2 points: Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, Bobby Lashley.
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    Pure Insanity

    We are at a Carnage Live Event in between matches when all of a sudden Bashka runs through the crowd and hops inside the ring. He picks up a microphone out of his boot as the fans boo the hell out of him, their distain for him as clear as ever. This is the first time we are seeing him since Smith announced he was challenging for Bashka’s Intercontinental Championship. When I returned just over three months ago, many questioned whether or not I still had what it takes to go with the best that there is. I have proved over and over that I can still hang with the best despite having some time off over the years. I don’t simply lose my ability to go in the ring over time, it’s a natural ability for me. So this weekend I step into the ring with the current World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer. He said that he has held the championship longer in his one reign than I did in all three of mine combined, which says a lot about my career. I questioned his ability to stay on top without even looking at my own track record. I’m normally a guy with no doubts about his ability but..now that I think about it, I can’t lose this title. I CAN’T LOSE IT. I CAN’T LOSE SURVIVAL GAMES. I NEED THIS. I CAN DO IT. I can do it, trust me. I can win Survival Games, I can defeat Smith, I can defeat Flynn even if he doesn’t like it and it causes tension in our partnership, I can win the Royal Rumble. I know I can..I think I can? Bashka lifts the title up to his face and stares at it, before gripping it tightly and continuing to speak SMITH. LOOK AT ME. You know the amount of work it took to come back, prove everybody wrong and become a champion once more. Do you understand what I’m willing to do so that I can stay in this position? Do you understand that you’re going to have to KILL ME to win this belt from me? Do you understand the lengths I’m willing to go to so that I can ensure I don’t fall into the cycle of loss once more? If it’s required, I’m willing to go to lengths nobody has seen before. I will break your f*cking leg inside this ring, infront of all these people if it means I don’t lose to you again. Because I’m DONE, I AM DONE. I can’t handle guys like you taking everything you want, I know I can beat you..I think I can? Bashka grips his belt title and runs away from the arena through the crowd, the audience wondering if the Intercontinental Champion has gone insane.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax Round 4 G1 Climax B Block: Christopher Daniels VS WALTER Tonight's edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling begins with still undefeated block leader WALTER facing the winless Christopher Daniels. Though Daniels would put up another valiant effort, he simply couldn't overcome the Ring General on this night, falling to a Powerbomb from WALTER. With this win, WALTER moves to eight points, and as the other block leaders Brian Cage and Pete Dune face each other later tonight, WALTER will be one of the two men with eight points in the B Block by the end of the night. Christopher Daniels still sits at zero points, and at this point, his hopes of winning the G1 are all but dashed. . G1 Climax A Block: Toru Yano VS Lance Archer The first match of A Block action takes place between the still winless Lance Archer and Toru Yano, who scored two points in a huge shock victory against Kazuchika Okada. Finally, Lance Archer would turn his G1 fortunes around, putting Yano away with an EBD Claw. Archer finally scores a win this G1, and he and Yano now both sit at two points with five matches remaining. . G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Shinsuke Nakamura The next match in B Block action takes place between returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura, who suffered his first loss to Brian Cage last week and now sits at four points, and Sami Callihan, the new leader of Bullet Club, also at four points and currently on a roll. Just as it seems Nakamura has victory in sight, setting up for a Kinshasa, we would once again witness the interference of oVe, with Jake Crist distracting Red Shoes Unno just long enough for Madman Fulton to pull Callihan out of the line of fire. Nakamura would fight off Fulton, but Dave Crist would follow with a low blow to Nakamura. oVe would disappear after this, with Jake Crist's distraction lasting just long enough for Dave and Fulton to disappear under the ring, and Callihan would follow with a Cactus Driver and the subsequent pinfall. Nakamura remains at four points and Sami Callihan now sits at an impressive six points. The new Bullet Club leader celebrates with oVe as the New Japan crowd rains the boos down on Callihan. . G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Hiroshi Tanahashi A Block action continues as Jeff Cobb looks to continue his impressive roll against the winless Hiroshi Tanahashi. Ultimately, the Ace of New Japan would suffer yet another disappointing loss, falling to a Tour of the Islands from Cobb. Tanahashi still sits at the bottom of the A Block without a single point, and Jeff Cobb moves to six points. Tanahashi's hopes at winning the G1 have been all but dashed at this point, but Jeff Cobb might be the guy to watch out for this G1, having been nothing short of impressive so far. . G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS Bobby Lashley In the third B Block match of the night, we see two former MMA stalwarts collide between Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley. Lashley enters this match still winless in his New Japan career, as Matt Riddle looks to continue his momentum after a huge victory over Daniel Bryan last week. Ultimately, Lashley would get caught off guard by the King of Bros, who would catch him via roll-up off of Lashley's Spear. After the match, Matt Riddle would celebrate, now sitting at four points to Lashley's zero. However, the celebration wouldn't last long as Bobby Lashley attacked Riddle after the match. After four straight losses, Lashley has had enough and is releasing all his frustration on Matt Riddle. The rest of the New Japan locker room would soon break up the brawl before it got too out of hand. Lashley still remains winless in G1 action, but after this attack, the remainder of the G1 field will now have to prepare to face a very angry Lashley. . G1 Climax A Block: Juice Robinson VS Tomohiro Ishii After the brawl between Lashley and Riddle has dissipated, A Block action would continue with Juice Robinson and Tomohiro Ishii. Both men enter this match undefeated in this G1 so far, each sitting at six points each, and they look to end tonight as the sole leader of the A Block. In a grueling and physical bout, Tomohiro Ishii would continue his impressive streak in G1 action this year, putting away Juice Robinson with a Brainbuster. Ishii now sits atop the block at eight points, while Juice Robinson remains at six. Ishii has been incredibly impressive this G1, and it seems that this could be the year where the Stone Pitbull finally stamps his ticket to an IWGP Heavyweight title match. . G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Johnny Puro In the fourth match of B Block action, we see two men who desperately need to turn their G1's around collide, as the currently winless Johnny Puro faces Daniel Bryan, whose only victory so far was his first match in the G1. Ultimately, Puro would tie up the score with Bryan, putting him away with Starship Pain. Puro finally scores two points, his first victory in his New Japan career, and Bryan now sits at a three-loss streak. After the match, Bryan would look at the New Japan audience, clearly unhappy about his G1 performance so far. They would continue to cheer the Yes Man, but Bryan would not react this time, just continuing to stand dissatisfied in the ring. Red Shoes would try to usher Bryan out of the ring so the G1 can continue, but Bryan would push him down in a fit of rage, shocking the New Japan audience. Bryan would immediately apologize to Red Shoes and help him back up before finally leaving the ring and the arena, but it's clear that these losses are taking their toll on Bryan. . G1 Climax A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Zack Sabre Jr. In the fourth A Block match, Zack Sabre Jr. takes on IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada, with both men currently sitting at two points. Though both ZSJ and Okada started off the tournament hot with victories over Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jeff Cobb respectively, but they have stalled since, without a single victory to their name. Ultimately, the IWGP Heavyweight champion would pick up the victory tonight, putting ZSJ away with the Rainmaker and breaking even so far in G1 action. Though Okada's tournament hasn't been as successful as he would've liked so far, Okada's now back on the winning ways, and continues his quest to be the first IWGP champion to win the G1 since 2000. . G1 Climax B Block: Brian Cage VS Pete Dunne In the final B Block match of the night, we see two of the three men who lead the B Block battle it out, with only one man able to end tonight at eight points. Pete Dunne and Brian Cage collide in a highly physical bout, and the bout would be won by Brian Cage with a Weapon X. Brian Cage now sits at eight points, and next week, he faces WALTER, the other B Block leader. Brian Cage and WALTER will battle it out next week in a bout to determine who will sit atop the B Block with ten points. . G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Jon Moxley Finally, we reach tonight's main event, a champion VS champion encounter between US champion Jon Moxley and Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito. Moxley and Naito both enter this match with four points each, and Naito also looks to avenge his loss to Moxley in the G1 from earlier this year. Ultimately, Naito would score that redemption, putting away Moxley with a Destino and ending tonight at six points. After the match, gets on the microphone and says he's disappointed he let the G1 slip through his fingers earlier this year. He promises that won't happen again this year, as New Japan has given him another chance and he refuses to let it go to waste. New Japan then signs off for the night, thanking the fans, and displays the current block standings. . Current standings: A Block: 8 points: Tomohiro Ishii. 6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Tetsuya Naito. 4 points: Jon Moxley, Kazuchika Okada. 2 points: Lance Archer, Toru Yano, Zack Sabre Jr. 0 points: Hiroshi Tanahashi. . B Block: 8 points: WALTER, Brian Cage. 6 points: Pete Dunne, Sami Callihan. 4 points: Shinsuke Nakamura, Matt Riddle. 2 points: Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan. 0 points: Christopher Daniels, Bobby Lashley.
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    Where Kings Belong An NBA 2K20 MyLeague Diary With The Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings, one of the oldest professional basketball teams in existence yet one of the least successful. Despite being the home to legends such as Oscar Robertson, Sam Lacey, and Mitch Richmond, or even more recent stars such as DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings haven't won an NBA Championship since 1951. Even with the all-star line-up of Chris Webber, Doug Christie, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac, and Peja Stojaković, the Kings still came up short, losing in the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. However, for the first time in a long time, the future is bright for Sacramento. With one of the most promising young squads in the whole of the NBA, the Sacramento Kings are set for some interesting seasons in the near future as they watch their youthful stars grow, season-by-season, and hopefully, they become the stars they are predicted. Hopefully, they finally bring the NBA Championship back to Sacramento. Hopefully, they prove that Sacramento truly is... Where Kings Belong.
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    A video package airs first as it shows clips of Hans in the independent scene, its shown in black and white as the first clip shows Hans going through the certain as you hear a ring announcer shout “Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, he’s the Phenomenal Hans Clayton!” it then transitions into colored, multiple clips of Hans' high flying days in the indies, soaring through the sky, death defying maneuvers by the “Extraordinary One”. “Hans may be wrestling’s future” “This kid has got heart” as those statements were said by the independent commentators. The video package then fades to Hans signing with BPZ, late last year has shown accomplishments such as Winning the NXT title at BPZ Mania, winning the US Title at Judgement Day and more recently winning the tag team titles with BiC. It then ends with Hans holding both of his title up high as the scene switches to Hans in what seems to be a dark lit room. He has his hoodie up as stares down, he then grins before he begins to speak. Did you see that? That was me from my independent days, I used to get paid by handshakes and respect. Those days of traveling the world and owning my craft was a life experience that I will never, ever forget. I don’t I think count the many times I put my entire body through hell just to get a chance to work in the big leagues, I have seen people die, trying to break through in this industry. It’s not something new, it's always been like this, every time i do something magnificence to my peers and the fans who watch us, my body is in pain but that pain drives me to be the best in the f***ing world. Nothing in this world is ever given, i had to work twice as hard as everyone else because this is my life. {Hans then starts to get more and more intense as the promo progresses} Smith you don’t understand what I had gone through, while you had a year to roam the world in your fancy jets, and in your fancy hotels, that’s not what us Independent guys did. We would need to drive for hours and hours just to get to show that’s just gonna give us 30 bucks at the most. You were an established star, you had the luxury of a celebrity in how you were in the “indies”. I ain’t saying anything about how much of a superstar you are, because you don’t need that. I already know that your of the best to ever laces those pair of boots, I know you're decorated Superstar, IC Champion, Tag Team Champion, and most of all a former World Champion. I ain’t taking you easy, I know this is a tough task for me to beat, I know this may be my biggest challenge to date, I know all of that. All I’m saying is Smith is nothing like me, he didn’t go through the struggles that I had to go through, I truly had to starch and claw, for opportunities to succeed in this wrestling business, I had to grind all day and night, just to hold this. {Hans holds the United States confidently, as he stares right down to the camera} All of you thought, I forgot about this right? Believe me, I have not. I hold this title with pride, and yet I see guys like Buddy Ace claiming I should I listen to him and that he is the biggest threat to this title. I’m listening, and I see the desire in your eyes Buddy, I see the intensity, but there’s no way in absolute hell your taking this from me, because I’m on a completely different level than everybody else in this company. Not you, not Smith, nobody at all. No one has the same passion that I have for this business, just like the men that I stand beside in Bullet Proof, we are an example of what true work horses are. I have to go through alot in the month of September, but I’m Hans Freaking Clayton, I can handle being in that wrestling ring because like I said, nobody has the passion that I have and we will who truly see who is the best between us Smith, and to everybody who wants this United States Title, come and get it. I’m ready for it all, but the real question is are all of you ready? {The scene then fades to black as the intensity is shown by Hans before his match with Smith for week 2 of the Survival Games}
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    An Update

    I know exactly how ya feel my man, my dms are always open!
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    An Update

    I hear ya man. My DMs are always open if you need to talk
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    WWE Reborn

    NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (C) vs Pentagon Jr NXT Women's Championship: Bianca Belair (C) vs Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai NXT Tag-Team Championship: The Undisputed Era (C) vs Street Profits NXT UK Championship: WALTER (C) vs Keith Lee NXT Breakout Tournament Final: Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs Jack Bashka NXT North-American Championship: Matt Riddle (C) vs The Velveteen Dream
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    Best Childhood Memory?

    I think my favorite childhood would be battling my friends with Beyblades during the 2nd or 3rd grade, we used to have beyblade tournaments at school and it was super dope. That will probably be my favorite childhood memory. I also watched the show alot as well.
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    Nice to see another Kayfabe Show made now. I really did enjoy reading the first episode Storm can't wait to see what Jason's Review on SummerSlam is looking like.
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    This match should be good. I think it could possibly end in some bogas way where AJ wins and lead to a rematch against Cedric again. I don't think Styles will lose US at least at this pay per view. I think this could be a sleeper for match of the night if booked and given enough time.
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    Makes sense not to leave him leave right away just so he can goto the competition. I'm surprised they arent using him tho. It would of just worked to put him with Rowan and Bryan or at least recreate the Team of Harper and Rowan that works well. Harper is a good in ring talent with good size I'm surprised Vince doesn't like him
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    Kings Trade For Steven Adams JUL 21, 2019 The Sacramento Kings have traded for Oklahoma City Thunder's center, Steven Adams, according to General Manager Vlade Divac. Following the departure of Paul George, many questioned the future of OKC whilst others stayed hopeful. Only six days later, it would then be announced that Russel Westbrook, after ten years with the Thunder, would be leaving for the Houston Rockets in a trade that saw OKC receive Chris Paul. Now, the final piece of OKC's formula from last season has been announced in a trade with the Sacramento Kings. In this trade, the Kings will receive Steven Adams from OKC, as well as Reggie Bullock and a '20 2nd round draft pick from the Knicks, the Thunder will receive Harrison Barnes and Justin James from the Kings, and the Knicks will receive Mike Muscala from OKC and Wenyen Gabriel from Sacramento. Last season, Adams averaged 13.9 points, 9.5 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.5 steals, 1 block and 33.4 minutes per game for OKC over 80 games. As for Bullock, he averaged 9.3 points, 2.6 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 0.8 steals, 0.4 blocks and 27.6 minutes per game for the L.A. Lakers over 19 games.
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    We're back on Carnage, and out comes Dark Angel, who is targeting the 10 other men in the battle royal for the NXT Championship. In the past, he lost so many opportunities to capture the title and thought of giving up. But no, he's not giving up. Not by a long shot. Angel has the mic and let's listen in on what he has to say. *In demon voice* Foolish mortals, this is what happens. A dream opportunity to capture the NXT Championship, but that could be taken away on September 20th. At Bad Blood, I face 10 other men. And you should all look what i am capable of. *laughs manically* I will be the most dominant force in BPZ. And Meko, when I sacrifice those 10 other men, you better get ready for the Anti-Christ. *A fire ring goes around Dark Angel as he dissends into the abyss as he continues to laugh.*
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    As Julius' final words leave his mouth, the camera pans to the right, revealing that KENJI has entered the locker room, looking intently at the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. He steps up to Julius, no trepidation or fear entering proximity with the Death Machine. While Julius certainly holds the height advantage over KENJI, his recent shift to a more powerhouse style makes his physique somewhat comparable. Likewise, The Death Machine is unfazed by KENJI's presence, the glares of both men burning into the other. KENJI: "Put to the sword.....sending a message through execution, fitting as the Death Machine's sentence. No need to get physical right now, Julius. I just wanted to see you at the eleventh hour, and I'm pleased at what I see. The fire is in your eyes. Deep down you care about this match, and this tournament a great deal. Just as it burns in mine". "Your warpaths of dominance through the PowerTrip Cup and King of the Ring have been truly remarkable, cleaving your way through any and all competition that stand before you. It's a sight to behold, and you've started walking that same path here in Survival Games. That fire and brimstone is partly why I joined BPZ, because I want to fight the very best, and not shy away from those at the very top.....But there is a storm on the road ahead. While you ran through all the others, I won't be so easily brought to heel. Yes, the old KENJI's momentum stalled when many had high hopes.....but now.....It's going to take something more to defeat me in this tournament. Perhaps you have it, perhaps not. Whether a match goes the distance, or explodes in a brief skirmish of bedlam, I can channel that fire for my own. So bring everything you have, and more". "The judgement is still up in the air, resting on a knife edge. The Sword of Damocles hangs above us, Julius. Balancing between power and opportunity, uncertain where it will fall. Be vigilant, Julius. Against me, you won't be The Death Machine, and I will tend to that. You might be serious now, but I will make you enjoy this match wholeheartedly. Your concern is that you don't know me, making me a wildcard. Don't worry, we will know each other after that final bell rings. And, if I do walk away the victor....it would also be your first tournament loss in quite a while right? Hmm, that's something for me to strive towards. Your message may be execution, but mine would be an example. The sword will break in your hands. The metal will vibrate, and resonate. But alas, it's blade will shatter, because you will not be the one to slay the dragon. You will have finally found a wall you cannot break down". Julius and KENJI stare at each other, neither man wavering in their resolve. For the briefest moment it seems as though the tension might boil over into an all out brawl right there in the locker room, but mercifully, both men resist to save their clash for the ring. A small smile emerges on KENJI's face, walking back to the door. Before he leaves, KENJI turns to face Julius once more. KENJI: "You have always had my attention, Julius. But standing tall, or brought low, you'll have to earn my respect". KENJI's gaze rests on Julius as his steely words ring out before exiting the locker room. Leaving Julius to ruminate on this encounter as the segment ends.
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    Manchester is Wonderful

    Carnage is interrupted by the titantron when a broadcast begins to play. We see Josh walking down the streets of Manchester following a Man United game. He is surrounded by other Man United fans, who are singing one of United’s typical football songs. Gary Green is also there, looking uncomfortable Josh: What’s wrong Gary? Green: Well I was never really a football fan. I’m more of a squash man myself so I don’t really know how to act here. Josh: It’s easy, just join in whatever Chants they are singing. It’s like being in a wrestling crowd. Just listen Oh Manchester, Oh Manchester, is wonderful, is wonderful, oh Manchester is wonderful. Josh: See it’s pretty easy to figure out the lyrics. And they speak the truth, Manchester is wonderful. And I am the Number One in this wonderful place Green: But what makes Manchester wonderful. Josh: That’s what I shall show you, come on We suddenly see Josh and Gary sitting at a cafe, overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal For me this sums up Manchester. When this place was built it transformed the region. This city was built on the shoulders of hard working, strong minded working class men and women who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, who weren’t afraid to get stuck in and put in the work. That is like me and you Gary. We should have never stood a chance in this business but through hard work we became who we are today. With the lack of fear I showed stepping in the ring with Slim, Flynn and Bailey, I made myself the man I am today Unfortunately you don’t see that today. Too many people don’t represent the city of Manchester. They believe they have some sort of entitlement to succeed, like Flynn, like Julius, like Mikey. They are leeches, who don’t care about putting in the hard work they just take and take what they think they can. They aren’t prepared to put in the work like I do. But at Bad Blood that is going to cost Mikey and everyone in that Money In The Bank Match Because with these fans in my corner, I am going to work and work until I win both matches Gary nods and finishes his coffee before both men walk away. The camera cuts back to them as they enter the Premier Inn that they are staying at overnight. Whilst Josh looks sober, it looks fair to say Gary is at least very tipsy. Gary stumbles into the hotel before stopping to look at a statue outside Green: Josh, what is th,, What is that statue? Josh: That Gary is the statue of a worker bee. It is the symbol of Manchester and as I said earlier it is to do with the hard work that made the city what it is today. Back in the 1900s Manchester was a hive of activity. I have lived my life based on the motto “you earn how hard you work.” Unfortunately in BPZ I haven’t quite received the rewards I thought I would. But now it is time, because next Sunday I am going to live up to Manchester and truly cement my name as “Manchester’s Number One” as Mr Money In The Bank and Mr Number One Contender to the North American Championship Josh notices that Gary Green has fallen asleep and shakes his head before leaving Gary and walking up to his room. Josh has promised to fight for his city but will he be successful?
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    Becoming Number One

    Name: Birdman Age: 18 Finisher: Bird Bomb (Frog splash) Background information: Former crew worker on the British indie wrestling scene, given a chance to compete in a match as a replacement for an injured star. Since then, his newfound passion as a wrestler would take over, and he’s been wrestling as a plucky underdog babyface since.
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    The titantron falls to black, the entire arena following suit. After some seconds, the face of Jonathan appears squarely in the center of the titantron. Jonathan makes his first appearance following his draw with Prince in the first night of Survival Games. He glares down the lens, not looking particularly perturbed, contrasting his normal behavior after a loss. His face mirrors the one he had in preparation of the clash with “The Artist”. His narrowed eyes unchanged, as well as his furrowed eyebrows, as if he lives apart from distraction. “I assume this is not the scene you were expecting, after the draw between myself and Prince, this would be a time to be beside myself, howling my anger out. There’s no need for that, no time to be distracting by allowing raw emotions to overwhelm me. Being upset will only serve to sabotage me, distract me from my goal and disrupt my focus. Especially considering exactly who my next opponent is.” Jonathan pauses for a moment, edging closer to the camera as he implies a new focus on FDS, his next scheduled opponent. The love lost between these two well documented, brought back to the attention of the BPZ fan base following FDS’s message for “Johnny Kills”. Jonathan takes a second, collecting his thoughts before speaking again. “A man I fought besides for many months, one who I swore vengeance on and exacted precisely what I set out to do. The past where share is rather tumultuous, I’ve dwelled on it a little in preparation for our match, more than I should’ve. I recall the doggedness that you entered every moment, promo, and match, it was as if somebody painted determination on your face and let it set. It was rivaled only by your stubbornness on whatever you decided was right for you in any instance. It made you formidable, and also vulnerable. Your inability to view full scopes always troubled me, and now I get to see whether you’ve changed, though I’m not confident you have.” “Perhaps you’ve realized that you’re no longer the superstar you used to be, whether your belief you’ve become even better or simply regressed is none of my concern. And now you’ve begun to cooperate with others again, sheathing to so called “Emperor of Chaos” persona and displaying your heart for all to see. Your apology reeks of him though, doesn’t it? You’re trying to run from your own shadow, not accepting the futileness of your efforts, trying to disassociate from your past instead of facing it. All this time, and you still enjoy running from your problems? Old habits die hard I guess.” “You use your supposed trauma as a way to establish an emotional connection? Perhaps you’re trying to get me to lower my guard, expecting that I would train myself, motivated by my hatred of you. Whether I hate you or not is irrelevant to what I want, so allow me to put your mind I ease. My disgust for you, your methods, and all associated with you will not change the proceedings of the match. Titles aren’t granted on the baggage one brings to the ring. If it’d help you to view me as heartless and callous, refer to me as Johnny Kills, by all means, do whatever you choose to do. It doesn’t matter in the end, because regardless of my feelings, I always intended on slamming your head through the mat.”
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown "Summerslam 2019 Go Home Show" _________________________________________________________ Finn Balor Meets Bray Wyatts Monster To kick off Smackdown Live, Finn Balor would step into the ring. Last week, Balor was attacked by a mysterious creature. And many are speculating that this is the monster that Bray Wyatt has been referring to. Finn Balor enters the ring and cuts a promo on whoever this man is, challenging him to a match at Summerslam as Bray Wyatt appears on screen. "Finn...FInn..Finn. You have no clue what you have gotten yourself into, you have no idea what I have to show. The monster I have captured, the fierce. Ruthless. Side show attraction that world has feared, that children have had nightmares about and adults have run from. This isn't a clown...no no no...this is much...much worse. Because Balor...at Summerslam....you learn...that I am the f*cking monster" In almost an instant, "The Fiend" would enter the ring and attack Finn Balor. Hitting a sister Abigail, and disappearing into the darkness. __________ Jordan Devlin vs Fandango - Singles Match Jordan Devlin would make his long awaited in ring debut on Smackdown Live. The young NXT UK star is ready to take over Smackdown but tonight he has to get through Fandango, who surprisingly the crowd is behind. Doing his dance as he awaits Jordan Devlin. The match would not last long, but Fandango would be able to impress many with some of his new movesets. Possible changing his career, but Jordan Devlin would simply be to athletic and to ring smart. As he is able to use to ropes to his advantage in a creative reversal to defeat Fandango. Jordan Devllin may be a true threat in the future, as he poses in the ring. The crowd giving him a mixed reaction as we don't know what to truly think of him yet. As the match comes to a close. _______ The Champ Is Everywhere. As Jordan Devlin leaves the arena, Lio Rush walks past him. Stepping out onto stage as the crowd begins to boo, he is wearing a "PWE" T Shirt. He is without Bobby Lashley tonight as he raises his Cruiserweight Championship in the air. Lio Rush: "I am. I am. I AM. I AAAAMMMM THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And I am everywhere, RAW. Smackdown. NXT. 205 Live. Where I go, money follows and its just a fact. You see I have been hand picked by the G.O.A.T of this industry Ric Flair to be the spokesperson of PWE for a reason. This is the ERA of LUSH, this is the ERA of PWE. And tonight, when Kassius Ohno wins the fatal fourway match and goes on to defeat John Cena. PWE will hold both world titles, its time...for the takeover" Rush throws his microphone, exiting as the show is ready to continue. _____________ The Perfect Ones vs Darkness Rising - Tag Team Match At Summerslam, it will be a tag team turmoil matchup as any team can answer. And tonight, the new team of Tye Dillinger and Robert Roode will be taking on Darkness Rising in one on one action. As both teams are set, its ready for action. Roode and Dillinger would impress, being able to fight off the powerful team of Konnor and Viktor. Konnor and Viktor would be dominant though, taking on Dillinger and Roode separately but Robert Roode would prove his worth, fighting back and winning with the Glorious Bomb. Giving "The Perfect Ones" some momentum going forward. But after the match, The Colons would come to the ring with steel chairs. Taking out both men with steel chairs, as they are more aggressive than ever. And may be a threat to the tag titles, who will walk out of Summerslam the brand new Smackdown Tag Team champions?!? ____________ A Look At The Womens Triple Threat Possibly the most hyped up womens match in a long time, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks will go to war in a triple threat matchup at Summerslam for the WWE Womens Champion. It has been war for the past 3 weeks and at Money In The Bank. Will Toni Storm finally get the win she needs, will Sasha Banks new aggressive side come to life? Or will Becky Lynch once again prove why she is "The Man" _______ Adam Cole vs Ali - Singles Match Mr. Money in The Bank would return to the ring just a few days before Summerslam, where there is two possible matches he would cash in on as tonight he has a big task ahead of him as he takes on Ali. One of the better wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. The match would be nothing short of amazing, as Ali would prove just why he deserves a title shot. And Adam Cole would combat that with his own style and skills, as he takes out Ali with multiple big moves. As Adam Cole truly is the future and he proves it, nailing Ali with the Last Shot and defeating him in the ring as these Smackdown stars put on yet another banger of a matchup. Adam Cole would pose with his Money In The Bank case, proving that he in fact, has the power here on Smackdown Live and possibly the WWE. ______________ Family vs Club The Usos would be walking backstage getting ready for an upcoming matchup, as The Club would attack them! Throwing them into multiple shipping containers and onto the catering table. Hitting them with steel chairs and more objects as they tear apart the twins. Aj Styles would come into frame, nealing down to the two Usos who are clearly injured. Aj Styles: "Big cousin Reigns isn't here yet is he? Well its a shame, he better be there Sunday. Because I talked to Bischoff. And its your sorry asses vs The Club. 3 on 3, good luck making it there. And for Reigns, I am sure he won't be winning that fatal fourway match" As hype as the announcement is, you have to wonder about the condition of The Usos after tonights attack. But its set, at Summerslam its. The Bloodline vs The Club. ____________ Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental Championship. This Sunday! _________ Ricochet vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Kassius Ohno - Number One Contender Match With the winner taking on John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Championships. This match has huge implications, and while Roman Reigns comes to the ring with a target on his back in the form of The Club. He is ready, and so is Kassius Ohno, Daniel Byran, and Ricochet as we get for action. It would be one of the best matches of the year, as 4 of the best would rage war. A back and fourth contest with many near falls, and everytime Roman Reigns would come close to winning the match. The thought of The Club would distract him, as the match would go nearly 22 minutes with no wining pinfall. With spots such as Kassius Ohno being put through the announce table, and Daniel Bryan nearly making Ricochet tap out with his signature move. But as Roman Reigns and Kassius Ohno continue there feud from Money in The Bank and continue to brawl up the stage, it would come to an end as The Club attacks Roman Reigns on stage. As Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all battle it out as Erick Rowan runs down to the ring to help Daniel Bryan, and so do the injured Usos as well as PWE member Lio Rush. As everyone is brawling on the outside of the ring, Ricochet dives out on everyone. Throwing Kassius Ohno in the ring before hitting the 630. And winning the matchup. As Ricochet celebrates and the brawl continues, John Cena would step out on stage as the action stops. And amongst all the chaos, our Summerslam match is made. Ricochet vs John Cena, for the WWE Championship. This Sunday!
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    Echo Wilson

    BPZ NBA Career Sim: Prep To Pro

    NOTABLE STARTING FIVES: PROJECTED STARTERS FOR 2018-19 NCAA BASKETBALL SEASON VILLANOVA MURRAY STATE PROJECTED STARTERS Jahvon Quinerly Point Guard Ja Morant Phil Booth Shooting Guard James Ropati Cole Swider Small Forward Sameer Bryant Eric Paschall Power Forward Brion Whitley H.R Pufsnuf Center KJ Williams KANSAS KENTUCKY PROJECTED STARTERS Ethan Storm Point Guard Tyler Herro Quentin Grimes Shooting Guard Bart Baller LaGerald Vick Small Forward Keldon Johnson Dedric Lawson Power Forward PJ Washington Udoka Azubike Center EJ Montgomery LSU UCLA PROJECTED STARTERS Max Banks Point Guard Jaylen Hands Javonte Smart Shooting Guard Angelo Caito Bailey Justin Small Forward Echo Wilson Emmitt Williams Power Forward Shareef O Neal Nazreon Reid Center Moses Brown TEXAS TECH MICHIGAN PROJECTED STARTERS Davide Moretti Point Guard Davide De Julius Matt Mooney Shooting Guard Charles Matthews Jarrett Culver Small Forward Ignas Brazdeikis Slawomir Dabrowski Power Forward Mikey Dikey Tariq Owens Center Jon Teske ARIZONA GONZAGA PROJECTED STARTERS Brandon Williams Point Guard Toxk Jackson Garold Graft Shooting Guard Zach Norvell JR Emmanuel Akot Small Forward DeAndre Smith Ryan Luther Power Forward Rui Hachimura Chase Jeter Center Brandon Clarke
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    War Between Worlds

    Welcome to the aftermath of Vengeance. What a show we had last night, the first PPV of this Company War. And we did very well. But the action never ends, we continue with a great show here tonight. First off we have Gargano here to address what happened last night. A smile set on Gargano's face even after the events that occured last night. Gargano enters the ring, the roar of the crowd is existent. Gargano begins to speak about what happened last night. Last night Ciampa destroyed Gargano, showing where his allies stand. And last night after all the chaos dusted away, Gargano demanded a rematch, on one condition. He gets Ciampa aswell, so at Hell in a Cell, it will be Ciampa vs Gargano vs Rollins for the Universal Championship. What an announcment to start off the show! Ospreay vs Jimmy Havoc First up is the man that lost to Shingo Takagi last night. Will Ospreay, he is looking for a win here tonight to fill some redemption. Wont be easy as he will be going against the man who will face Shingo at Hell in a Cell, Jimmy Havoc. Next up is Jimmy Havoc. A man of sick actions, and little talk. He will show us that tonight as he goes one on one with Will Ospreay. The match begins with a lockup. The strength advantage seems to go to Havoc. As he pushes Ospreay into the corner, and striking him with his right fist right to the jaw. Ospreay comes back with a superkick, taking Havoc down to one knee. He hits him with a huge knee strike. Havoc goes for the pin...1..2... but a kick out by Ospreay at 2. Havoc begins to become very frustrated. Havoc doesnt let Ospreay breathe though, as he picks him up and launches him into the corner. Ospreay falls down from exhaustion. Havoc backs up into the corner and calls for him to get up, going for a knee strike, but Ospreay getting out of the way just in time. havoc then goes to the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Ospreay hits a combo of a backflip/side kick. Ospreay would head to the top rope,looking for a shooting star press, but Havoc would get up in time and stop him at the top. He goes up and hits a superplex! He would go for the pin..1....2.. but a kick out by Ospreay. He would pick him up and hit a Acid Rainmaker. Havoc goes for the pinfall..1....2.....3.... He gets a big win here tonight. And looks ahead to the future, against Shingo at Hell In a Cell. "I told you so" We cut to a recording earlier today. Kenny Omega, shut up Dolph Ziggler last night. And now what is next for Omega? Tonight he adresses that. He went on to say that he wants an actual challenge now. And who would give him more of a challenge than a living legend in Shibata. Wait what?! Omega vs Shibata will it happen, stay tuned. Kevin Owens vs Bobby Roode A man who we haven't seen in over a month. Kevin Owens is here to prove something, and that is how much he is worth to WWE. And tonight he gets to prove that against Bobby Roode. We have not seen Bobby Roode at all. So this a chance to show how good he is. Can he beat Owens tonight? Lets go and find out. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Kevin Owens. As he pushes him away, Roode feeling disrespected. He steps up and gets in the face of Owens. A staredown is matched for a few moments before both step away. Roode goes to the ropes and runs for a clothesline but is met with a pop up powerbomb. He goes for the pinfall..1..2....3.... Damn thats it, a pretty easy win here for Owens. And he cements himself as a very valuable source for WWE. A New Order As we return from commercial break, we cut backstage to the Raw Womens Champion, Becky Lynch. She talks about last night, how it was one of her toughest challenges to date. She had to dig down deep, and even put her life on the line. But she is not done with Banks just yet, she wants her at Hell In a Cell! Will Banks accept? A Return As reported by TMZ, Jason Jordan has finally been cleared after almost two years of being on the shelves. He enters the ring, with a slight grin on his face. He goes on about how he missed all of this. But its time to get back to doing what he does best, wrestling. So at Hell In a Cell he will be holding a open challenge. Who will answer? Kenta vs Kota Ibushi First up is Kenta, in recent weeks he has had some very dirty tatics. That has not gone unnoticed from management and the fans. Tonight, he goes on one one against Kota Ibushi once again, cane he get the win this time around? A loved man, here in the WWE very early on. He looks to get some more wins here in the WWE, and step up on top of that so called ladder of success. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Kenta, as he hits a strike on the jaw of Ibushi. Ibushi is stunned, steps back and hits a strike of his own. Both men fall down to their knees simultaneously. Kota goes over to the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Ibushi jumps up and hits one of his own. He picks him up and sends him into the corner. Proceeding to strike with a running forearm. Kota gets back up and hits Kenta with a superkick. He now heads to the top rope, and goes for a phoenix splash, but noone is home as Kenta gets out of the way just in time. Kenta goes to pick him up, but Kota reverses and hits a Bastard Driver. He goes for the pinfall..1...2... but a kick out by Kenta. But Ibushi doesn't let him breathe as he gets straight up and connects with the Kamigoye. He goes for the pin..1...2....3... A big win for Ibushi here tonight, as he defeats Kenta. After the match Kenta would celebrate, picking up Kenta and asking for a handshake. Kenta would slap it away and hit a Gts. He would then go to the outside, grabbing a chair and placing it on the head of Ibushi. Right before he would go to break his neck, Shibata would run to the ring and stop Kenta, taking Kenta to the outside. Contract Signing It is time for the Universal Championship Contract Signing for Hell In a Cell. It will be Rollins vs Ciampa vs Gargano inside the Hell in a Cell structure. Gargano makes his way to the ring, with a smile on his face as always. Ciampa's music hits, but moments pass and no Ciampa in sight. But then static begins to play across the arena, the titantron turns on, showing a few years back when DIY was in their prime. Gargano is infuriated, before Rollins music hits, he enters the ring. Trying to calm down the situation down, before Gargano would hit a superkick on the champion and hold the World Title over Rollins to end the show.
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    WORD. (Interactive Diary

    Full Name: H.R Pufnstuf Genre: Electronic Age: 35 Sub-Genre (Can have up to 3): Electro House, Psychedelic trance, Synthwave Instrument (If you're a singer or a rapper then leave this blank): Appearance: In Costume Outside of Costume Backstory: When he was younger, Pufnstuf was involved in the local music scene playing for a few bands, the most successful only travelling a few states over playing for storage units for the exposure and the experience. Selling CDs from the back of his Commodore wasn't the life he could envision for himself especially as he had a child on the way. Years later he took notice that his son had grown an interest in music himself and wanted to bond through that with him. Setting up a basic studio in their garage for the both of them he would learn alongside him about the technical skill and patience needed. Growing up Pufnstuf wasn't in tune with the electronic side of the music spectrum but through this bonding he grew a new love for the genre and music as a whole. In his own spare time he took his old tapes from his youth and started to remix them to see what he could come up with, eventually taking the risk with the encouragement of his wife to post a song called 'Forbidden Fruit' online under the account name H.R Pufnstuf just to see a general reaction. Very much expecting nothing of it he was surprised to find when he clicked on to his account at the end of the week the song had gained a following across social media and had been used as a backtrack to a new running challenge. Slowly but surely he took advantage of this new found attention by releasing new songs, such as the hit 'Sketchy Flutes', continuing to learn alongside his son and even collaborating with him on these projects. Now Pufnstuf has gained a cult enough following that he is able to find himself lured into festival lineups and clubs in the Los Angeles area. Wearing his dragon costume with pride the design has become a merchandising goldmine. He is unsure of how this new journey for him will end but at the moment he is purely taking advantage of his new opportunity given to him as he continues to adapt and improve.
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