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    “The Antichrist”

    We open Carnage coming off a massive weekend as Bad Blood and Survival Games took place in back to back shows this past weekend, many of BPZ’s stars becoming more and more fatigued as the weeks go on. We are now just three weeks away from the official Survival Games show, which will see Flynn defend his Undisputed Championship against “The Man of the Year”, Echo Wilson as well as “The Antichrist” Necce. Tensions took an all time high this past weekend where Flynn led two brutal assaults on both Necce and Echo, stating that he does in fact plan to defend his championship at whatever cost. To the shock of the crowd, the familiar theme of Slim and Necce hits, the same theme that saw the two enter the arena just earlier this week. However tonight, it appears it is none other then “The Antichrist”. The mood in the arena quickly changes as the white mask is seen under the spinning strobe lights. Smoke surrounds his feet, he stands on the center stage, his head slowly creaking, like a wooden doll, his cold dark eyes peering across the fans in attendance. He doesn’t walk like a man, it’s much slower, more methodical. Every movement feels like a cog in a machine, he maneuvers his way across the stage toward the ramp like a robot. There is never one single spotlight signed onto him, instead the strobe lights continuing only to show flashes of the monster, the darkness clouding his true figure. As he reaches the ring apron, He makes a very slow turn toward the steps, slowly passing the fans in attendance, his eyes not deterring away from the ring. Once in the ring, he motions his way toward the center. Now, his music is cut, there’s a silence in the arena. A spotlight hits “The Antichrist”, but something’s off. He’s smaller, his hair is an entirely different color. He’s not Necce. The imposter seemingly begins to laugh like a mad man before slowly reaching back, and grabbing ahold of the mask on his face. He slowly lifts the mask off...... It is Flynn! With a wild smile on his face, he begins to tear off “The Antichrists” garments until he sports nothing but his wrestling trunks, boots and the Undisputed Championship he managed to keep hidden underneath it all. There’s a massive bit of confusion amount the crowd. The arena is no long sank in darkness, instead the lights return, and the uneasy feeling sat in the BPZ faithful goes away. Flynn now, with a microphone in his hand, speaks. Smoke and mirrors. You sheep, you people will just about buy into anything won’t you? In this ring right now, you see me surrounded by a ripped up costume used to hide a mediocre in-ring talent. Pieces of a costume that you people actually do fear. Pieces of a costume that you people actually believe is in some form not fiction, but a reality. It’s a costume. It’s smoke and it’s mirrors. Just then, I came to this ring and I felt all of your FEAR. Not because of who is under the mask, but because of the mask itself. You.... FEAR Necce. You aren’t alone. For weeks I’ve been warned by those closest to be to steer away from messing with this guy. I’ve been told that it is just going to end very badly for me. They told me I was going to get hurt. I have experienced more pain in this ring then any of you people will ever truly realize. I’ve inflicted that much more. This “Antichrist” persona, it’s a joke. A clown act capitalizing on the recent media trends of scary clowns. Whether it was It last month or the Joker in two weeks. Necce is playing upon the real fears of the current world. He is not an actual scary clown. He is a bottom feeding pig who doesn’t deserve an Undisputed Championship shot in the first place. The biggest joke of it all is, there are those in the locker room that do fear him. There are those in the locker room that would run away from the exact position I am in. I’m not running away. I’m running towards you Necce. I started this journey as Undisputed Champion to do what? Save BPZ. Save it from the false idols, save it from the commercialism. Save it from the phony clowns who hide behind gimmicks because they fail to do exactly what I do on a week to week basis AND TELL THE TRUTH. I AM BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BECAUSE UNLIKE EVERYONE IN THIS COMPANY, I AM NOT A COWARD! Flynn begins panting heavily. He pauses from his monologue, and begins pacing the ring. His face reads like a book, he is upset, angry, and maybe even, fearful? He pauses back in the middle of the ring. Before slowly lifting his Undisputed Championship up to eye level. He stares at it, his symbol of excellence, the very championship he has gone to war for on multiple occasions this past year. He lowers it, bringing the microphone back up and once again, continuing to speak. I have received a lot of flack in the past for picking on those beneath me. However for this entire past year I have chased the spotlight. I have chased the biggest matches. Bailey at Night of Legends. Bart the night after the Royal Rumble. Julius at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. Bailey in THE MAIN EVENT OF BPZ Mania. The Big Baller Brand at World at War. Bart at the Power Trip Cup. Jonathan at King of the Ring. Julius again at Emergence. Bart AGAIN AT SUMMERSLAM. I WAS IN MONEY IN THE BANK FOR A FIGHT! There’s been NO ONE WHO HAS HAD A TOUGHER SCHEDULE THEN ME THIS YEAR, NO ONE WHO HAS COMPETED AGAINST A STRING OF OPPONENTS LIKE I HAVE THIS YEAR. Yet this clown once to question who I face? Who has this clown faced? Necce’s final match was against a rookie named Bob, and no offense to Bob BUT WHO THE HELL WAS BOB. And he beat you Necce. Bob kicked your ass. Before that? You failed to beat Bart at BPZ Mania, a man I have victimized on three separate occasions this year. Before that? You defeated..... young NXT talent Jason Ryan. What a year Necce. You want to talk about being a hypocrite? You are hiding behind a mask. You are feeding lies to these sheep. More importantly, you are creating the image of a FALSE GOD! I do not fear you Necce. I refuse to show you that. Hell Necce, you aren’t even the second best in-ring talent in this match. Echo Wilson finds himself as the odd man out in a bout between former brothers. Echo, haven’t you always been the odd man out of the bunch? Whether that was your pathetic little stint in the Kingdom, which saw you become BPZ’s biggest disappointment in its history. At Bad Blood I put on Necce’s stupid mask and I did exactly what “The Antichrist” does. I showed up, I sank fear into Echo, and then I kicked his helpless ass. It was further proof of just how much of a joke this act is. A sneak attack, it’s one thing. Cutting off the lights, the loud sounds. The following strobe lights. It creates confusion, uneasiness, FEAR. I sank fear into you Echo just as Necce has looked to do to each of us prior. It’s all to soften the meat. You sink fear into your prey, and they are helpless to your mercy. I showed no mercy for Necce at Bad Blood. I showed no mercy for Echo Wilson at Bad Blood. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY FOR EITHER AT SURVIVAL GAMES! I see through the smoke and mirrors. I see through “The Antichrist” and I see through this stupid little gimmick. Riddled with stupid catchphrases, pathetic little pony acts, and all written up by a psychopathic son of a bitch. I will expose him, and then there will be no question as to who is the man of the year. Flynn drops his microphone, lifting the Undisputed Championship high above his head. A message sent directly to Necce and Echo, the Champion plans to keep his monicker longer then they’d hope.
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    Pain Of Laughter

    BPZ returns from a commercial break. So far the show has been filled with recaps of the events that took place at Bad Blood, as well as the commercial for the next round of the Survival Games tournament, the final round before the PPV. This round could turn out to be fatal however, as the winner of Block A could be decided this Friday depending on the outcomes of multiple matches. One of those matches is Bart vs FDS, the battle between the number 2 and 4 in the Block. These men have plenty of history, as they have faced of in multiple matches for the Tag Championships, as well as matches for the Global and Intercontinental Championship. Bart enters, calm like we have him ever since his loss at the Summerslam PPV. We see no taunts, but a focused Bart who grabs a microphone and begins to speak. Usually when I come out here, I feel like a teacher. I have to explain to whatever clueless, delusional idiot who happens to be in my way next that what they are saying is nothing more but them talking themselves into believing that they stand a chance. Usually, they will come up with all kinds of reasons, every one of them more terrible than the last one, as to why they would come out of their match with with a victory. Before the match, I would tear apart their analogies and expose the idiotic statements to the audience. But still, they would tell me that I am wrong, that I am underestimating them. None of them would ever change their opinion. Then the match would come and every time we could come to same conclusion: I was right. But today, today that’s not the case. It seems that FD already knows that he doesn’t stand a chance. All FD has said that he plans to give me pain, pain like he has given to Julius and Kenji. I hate to to tell you FD, but the only pain that you have given anyone in the last year is pain of laughter. The only one who is going to suffer from our match FD, is your career. But really, you have damaged that enough. Before people used to see you as a threat, someone who could surprise them and making their life a living hell. But ever since you lost to Josh, things haven’t been the same. You went away, only to make your return and fight for the one thing that you have always loved the most, the Intercontinental Championship. St Valentine’s Day would be your big moment, the return of your most valued possession. You had written the moment out in your dreams a thousand of times. We all know how that turned out. In your head, I am sure the same thing is going on. You expect me to underestimate you. You expect the golden boy who you hate to forget about the “crazy maniac” that you are and let you escape with the win. But boy, are you wrong. I have been waiting for this day FD. I have missed the joy that I used to get out of defeating you, looking back at the talk that you did before the match and seeing just how wrong you were. Seeing that disappointed look on your face when you failed to win the title. The feeling that you had been robbed, that you had been stolen from, while all that happened is that you woke up to your reality and had finally left the land of your dreams. I hope you don’t think the same about our next match. I hope you know that you don’t stand a chance. That you expect to not only be defeated, but to be destroyed. Because that that is the only thing that’s gonna happen when we enter the ring Friday.
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    My World

    The scene opens with Hans standing near the backstage area as he is up against a steel fence. His mannerisms are very boredom as he looks into the distance, he then looks at the camera with disdain as Hans begins to talk. What does a man have to do? This consistent thought in my head has been killing me for weeks, I’m I really good enough, 2 Losses in a row? That can’t happen, I was doing just fine months ago. United States Title? No longer in my possession, I thought I had it all figured out. What the hell happened? Still no wins in this tournament? What can I do I now? guess it's just for pride at this point. I’ve lost to both Smith and Slim, I shouldn't be getting upset right? Arguably 2 of best BPZ has ever seen, and taking them to their limit. Well it's just that I’ve failed the people around me, still no win in this round robin tournament, only one freaking point and I need to change that. The man I will be facing this week is none other then Hollow aka the guy who just doesn’t seem to get it. This deluded man just doesn’t realize that he’s in my world. You see, it all began at Summerslam when Hollow was Blade and he and Slim couldn’t hold on to those tag titles and lost them to BiC and I. That irrelevant group Syndicate, become even more irrelevant. Ever since then, I know you wanted your revenge Hollow, I know you wanted this match ever since Summerslam. The thing is though, your best days are long behind you, my friend and I promise that you will regret ever missing with me again Look into my eyes Hollow, Look at them, you see a man who is hungry, who is starving for a win, I ain’t letting you beating me that easy, I’m obsessed with a win, and I will do anything to make sure you ain’t standing on top. You claim to be free but I still see the same man that I defeated at Biggest Party of the Summer. You're stepping into my universe Hollow! I ain’t mad as you, I preserve my anger, all the hate I have, I keep it all in. I save all that hate and all that energy to my opponents inside that squared circle. I don’t need to be insane, I choose not to. However, I promise to leave you in a bloody mess at this week’s Survival Games. I will leave you wanting to die as I plan on letting go of all that anger, all of that hatred, and it all burst just like you want it to. I’ll be as mad as you want me to be Hollow, this is my chance to redeem myself from the past two weeks in this tournament. At the end of this match all you will think of is never messing with Hans Clayton ever again. With all that being said, I personally want to wish you good luck Mr. Hollow, you have made a severe mistake in wanting the madness to unleash right out of me, hopefully you get what you wanted, I will see you soon Amigo. Hans looks at the camera with a crazed face as the scene fades to black as Hans takes on Blade in the fourth week of the survival games.
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    Conflicting Thoughts.

    As Carnage rolls on inside the Chase Center of San Francisco, the atmosphere is lively as we are just coming off of both the Bad Blood pay-per-view and the third week of Survival Games. However, the energy picks up even more as the blitzing white lights distortedly illuminate the arena and signal the arrival of the newly crowned BPZ Intercontinental Champion... As the spotlight shines down on Eli Smith like it usually does, this time it causes a glimmer as it strikes the gold wrapped around Smith's waist. He looks down at the title that has meant so much to him throughout his career with a huge smile as now that he has the white strap back around his waist, Smith truly is back. He walks down to the ring but as he climbs onto the apron, he pauses as he looks somewhat hesitant. Nevertheless, he shakes his head to get himself back in the zone before then entering the ring and collecting a microphone. Right now, I'm feeling pretty satisfied. At Bad Blood, I defeated Bashka for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship and then went on to pick up two points against him in our Survival Games match. Right now, despite these victories, I refuse to be content with where I am because if I have no desire, if I don't through and through want to get further, I'm only limiting myself. So yes, I have this BPZ Intercontinental Championship but back in 2017, I held this, the BPZ Premium Championship, and the BPZ Tag Team Championships in record-breaking holds for each title. So yes, I am not stopping here. The fire in me still burns and honestly, I don't know what can put it out. I've been broken, I've been beaten, I've been humiliated and even on the flip side, I've now got a belt around my waist, but I'm still hungry and I still have no intention on stopping, on holding back. However, this week's Survival Games match brings something to me very different. This week in Survival Games, I'm facing my best friend, my brother, Sameer. Throughout my career, this man has always been by my side and seeing him finally hold his place at the top of the mountain with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship was amazing but seeing him fall at Bad Blood, feeling the heartache that was probably only a fraction of what he felt, it brought questions to my head. As Slim was crowned the new champion, as a tear rolled down my cheek, I started to question how I should approach our match. I didn't want to put him down any further after such a big loss, I didn't want to take the passion from my own friend. However, watching him bounce back against Hollow in his Survival Games, talking to him backstage, rethinking about everything I know about my brother, I came to the realisation that I was being foolish. If there's anyone in this business with more passion, with more fight, with more heart than me, it's Sameer. So I know that this weekend, he's not going to be phased by last week, he's going to use it as motivation in his upcoming competition. This weekend, myself and Sameer are going to clash heads and trust me when I say, neither of us are going to hold back. We both care too much about this business, we both love this too much to not put everything into every single match so be prepared for an emotion-filled battle, an absolute war between two friends too passionate for wrestling to even hold back just a little. With Smith now having cleared his mind, he drops the microphone before taking the title from around his waist and raising it high in the air. It's clear that Smith is extremely proud to be BPZ Intercontinental Champion once again but is still hungry for what's to come in Survival Games.
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    United.... No More?

    FDS steps into frame, FDS just laughs suddenly thinking about Brad asking FDS if he’s here to question why. Brad. I ain’t here to question why. You’re right. We do need to change. Monda and Joh may not see that right now but you are right that we need to change. I lost twice in my home country. I got eliminated from the Survival Games tournament. I failed to win a championship I've held before against a guy I know I could beat but I lost to him… and who’s fault is that? It ain’t Icon’s. It ain’t the fans. It’s mine. I’ve been trying to do this pure wrestling style for the last few months and at one point I was successful at it. I beat several guys but now… look at me. I’m back to where I was. I’m back to failing to beat guys that I know I can beat. I could’ve beaten KENJI if I hadn’t held back. I could’ve beaten Julius if I hadn’t held back. I’ve been suppressing my violence for too long… but I don’t want to do it the way that everybody has been telling me to do it. FDS, looks at the picture of Monda, Brad, Joh and Himself, his face remains static, giving off a cold unforgiving feeling that could unnerve anyone I remember that night. That was when I came back after my injury. What a great night that was. Being able to come back home after that it made me feel joy for the first time in a long time… but that joy quickly vanished. I have always needed to change but every time I think I have changed, I fail to realise that I haven’t learnt from my past mistakes. I need to be unforgiving. I need to be more brutal. I need to be more violent. I need to hurt more people. I can’t go on being a straight pro wrestler. So whatever plan you have for you’re next goal Brad, I’m all ears. I only have one condition and that being you let me beat the living hell out of whoever it is that I have to face. I’ll show you the kind of change I have in mind when I face Bart. Then I'll listen to what you have planned. FDS takes off his flat cap and he looks at it, he rubs his head Pain is something I know a lot about… and you do to right? Tell me how are we gonna use this pain Brad. Tell me what we’re gonna do. FDS places his hat on the floor and he looks at brad who is still staring straight ahead.
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    Smarks Daily

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen, I, James SweedinFerg of Smarks Daily and on behalf of Smarks Daily issue a apology for what you just witnessed. While visiting a Special Ed Home in Hollywood recent, our Chairman of Smarks Daily was asked a question by the specialest of specials, Max and was asked if he can do a interview for Smarks Daily. While having a bad feeling about it, he said yes. Unfortunately, the interview was just him looking into the mirror, asking himself questions while picking his nose. From this day forward, we agreed to only let professionals take part of Smarks Daily. Thank you."
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    United.... No More?

    Coming off a successful Bad Blood event, which ended with Slim winning his fifth World Heavyweight Championship in his BPZ career. One match that gathered attention by some fans was the aftermath of the Tag Team Championship match up with United Nations and First Class Express where the Champions successfully retained their Championships against the United Nations. After the match, Brad gave Hans a low blow while they were celebrating, shocking his stablemates. When Brad went to leave for his hotel, he was confronted by Joh, Monda, and FDS, to which he stated "We need to change, or else we won't last long". September 24th, 2019. That's the date that shows on a black screen as then the inside of an arena shows, which is identified as the State Sports Centre, one of the first few arenas BPZ wrestling worked at when it was a smaller company from 2014 to early 2016 before becoming a national company that's been performing in every country. Then lights turn on, and loud footsteps are heard on the concrete ground. The camera pans up and catches the white with red painted face of Brad. He stands on the ground, looking around at the emptiness of the arena as he sighs. This was the building he got signed in for his first BPZ contract in February of 2015. He was then greeted by many superstars, including his three stablemates. Brad: "When did things go wrong? When we formed, we were beloved. We talked to each other, sat with each other, we did everything as a group. Traveled, roomed, everything. But why did it stop? What caused us to drift apart?" Brad sighs as he looks down. The titantron then shows a Brad, Monda, FDS, and Joh, side by side from a House Show in this same arena four years ago. He looks up , a normal look on his face, before a static comes over the tron then when the image returns, Brad's head starts to shake rapidly before going normal, the face of a man who shows suffering, pain, and anger now on his face, the face paint turning black and red. Brad: "IT'S MY FAULT! EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT! I don't fit no more, I don't represent my fucking country anymore. You fans, critics, and even the other superstars are driving a wedge between us… now look at the United Nations. We don't ride the same limo no more, we don't eat together anymore. Don't room together no more. I've been alone since SummerSlam. First time I even talked to them was the day Monda came to that apartment and told me that I was recommended to team up with him for Bad Blood. That was the only time we talked, then at Bad Blood, after I kicked Hans in his balls, they came and looked concerned, when we haven't been the same since. I love Monda, Joh, and FDS as my own brothers, but we need to advance, then that's when we will be taken seriously. That's when we'll get the opportunities, the respect we deserve for paving the way for these talents that came after us. Slim, Flynn, Julius, Bart, Storm, Necce, everyone we paved the way. We are the bricks that hold the house together, the wood that keeps the ship known as BPZ afloat. We can go down as one of the greatest stables of all time, multiple Tag Team Championship reigns, main events of payperviews, all that and so much more, but we can't when we're stuck in the past. The future is bright, and with Slim and Necce teaming up, tag gold in their sights, us going around about our group doesn't work with that, we'll get eaten alive by them. It's all about change…." Brad sighs again before stopping as he heard footsteps behind him. He turns his head and just stares for a second before looking back in front of him. Brad: "Here to question why? Why Brad why? Save it brother, I explained myself already, and I don't know if you're willing to listen to what I say. If that's the case…. Leave my presence."
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    United.... No More?

    Brad continues to stare out at the window, watching the wind brings a left to pass the window, getting another sigh from Brad again. Suddenly, he closes his eyes, and the next image shown is of Brad laughing crazily. Brad: "I'm…. I'm sorry." Brad starts to rub his neck now, before a slight chuckle comes from him. He clears his throat and looks up at the ceiling, which now he starts to laugh even more. He turns to FDS with an evil smile on his face. Brad: "I'm sorry for not doing this sooner! I'm sorry for holding back, sorry to everyone we cross now. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. FDS, you ask me to allow you to bring the pain to people? Do it. Make everyone suffer. Make Bart suffer this week, make Hans suffer, make BiC suffer, make anyone else who has the balls to stand in front of us suffer. There is only one thing I need of you. Bring that pain, bring that anger, bring that pissed off rage of a veteran you have deep inside you, and join me in going back after OUR Tag Team Championships. Can you picture it FD? Can you? Because I sure can. All the destruction, all the chaos, the satisfaction it will bring us in the end." A wide grin on FDS face appears as Brad turns around, facing back at the wall. Brad: "This is for the United Nations, but the REAL United Nations, not the one we are pretending to be, the real one. Joh, Monda, I hope you wake up, I hope you realize what we have going is what's right for us. Do not, I repeat, do not make a wrong decision. I want us to be a group again. I want us to travel these roads with. I want us to be United again guys. Make the right choice, and embrace what we are. Embrace that we aren't these nice guys that care so much about our countries. That we are four men, who are sick and tired of watching these new guys getting opportunities we deserve. That we are four men who can kill this new era of these new superstars. That we can take it all back, remove the floorboards from under their feet. We can do that… just embrace. Until then, FDS and I's Tag Team Championship win, it's for you boys. It's for you." Brad looks at the picture one more time before placing it into his pocket. He looks at FD and nods, both of them leaving off together to end the segment. Brad and FDS are on the same page, and by the sounds of that, it can be dangerous for anyone involved.
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    Alex Costa

    Laying the chellanges

    We return back from Commercial break to Carnage as the moment has arrived when Alex will call out Raven to see if he accepts his chellange for Survival Games Ties that Bind begins to play then. The Crowd firmly behind the Portuguese Archangel as he comes down to the ring and rushes in not wasting any time. Alex Costa: I know you'd guys would love to keep listening to my theme song, but let's cut right out to the chase on why I am out here because I know like me, you all excited to see Mirage get the life beat out of him by Flynn. Crowd gives out a Mixed Reaction to it Last Saturday I made a chellange to my ex-best friend Raven for a match at Survival Games and tonight like I said I wait his answer. But before that I can indeed confirm now that at Halloween Havoc it will be me vs that loser Mirage vs the new United States Champion Mikey. Crowd Pops Should be a very exciting match I know. But I need to first take care of Raven, because I know that he will probably try to screw me over again. So Raven I know you are out there in the back! I WANT YOUR ANSWER RIGHT NOW! Alex begins to wait for Raven to come out As he takes his time we can see Alex getting a bit frustrated ARE YOU GONNA COME OUT OR NOT? OR DO I HAVE GO BACK THERE AND BEAT YOU UP. Because I am willing to do... Alex is interruped by ... (Do not reply, a reply is planned)
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    We are nearly half way through the Bad Blood event here in Australia, and we have already seen a fantastic night of action. Two new champions, a new number one contender, and the action keeps on coming with this match, the BPZ United States Championship Triple Threat! "Showdown" plays as Buddy Ace walks out onto the stage, observing the BPZ Universe. He smirks at those in attendance and casually makes his way down to the ring. He generally avoids the crowd but offers out a few high fives here and there. He reaches the end of the ramp and poses, the crowd cheering him on. Ace rolls into the ring and poses once again, much to the pleasure of the Australian crowd. He walks over to his corner with a smile and stretches out, waiting for his competition. The next man out is Mikey, and boy does he look confident after his first win earlier this evening. Mikey struts down to the ring, keeping his eyes focused while muttering a few words to himself. He hops up onto the apron and stares Buddy Ace down, his eyes to wavering from him once. He slowly enters the ring, being careful of his leg injured by Josh earlier tonight, and once he is inside he finally breaks his focus and poses for the crowd to an uproar of boos. He approaches Ace and stands in front of him, eyeing him up and down. Ace makes no movement, and therefore neither does Mikey. He walks over to his corner on the opposite of the ring and looks toward the entrance ramp, waiting for the arrival of the champion. "Styles Clash" blasts throughout the arena, and a wave of cheers instantly forms. Hans Clayton steps out from the curtain, increasing the volume of the pop. He is wearing his classic Bulletproof face mask and the United States Championship is strapped firmly around his waist. He walks out onto the center of the stage and poses for the crowd before making his way down to the ring. Hans hops up onto the apron and over the top rope entering the ring. He immediately runs up onto the second rope, hitting another pose for the rowdy crowd. He unstraps his title as he descends the turnbuckles and holds it high into the air, staring down both of his opponents in the process. The three men back into their corners, and upon approval of the referee after he raises the title, the bell dings and this match is underway. The match starts off rather slow, as neither three of the men know who to go for. Surprisingly, it is the champion who makes the first move, driving Buddy Ace into his corner. He begins to lay into him with kicks to the midsection as Mikey watches on from his corner. The referee breaks the two apart, and upon the break, Hans taunts Ace with his signature pose to some cheers. Ace responds with a pose of his own to cheers from his fans. But while Hans is distracted, Mikey runs up from behind him, picking him up in position for the Shattered Illusion! Ace shuts it down quickly with a huge big boot. Mikey reels backward and Hans drops down onto his feet. He quickly regains his whereabouts and takes a leap of faith as Ace misses with a clothesline, connecting with a Pele kick. Hans quickly gets back to his feet and meets the oncoming Mikey with a dropkick, right on the mark. Mikey falls back into the corner as Hans sprints after him, sliding into a corner enzuigiri. Hans is well in control of this match, keeping his pace high despite having a match later tonight. Ace is the first back up to his feet, and when Hans charges at him, he pulls down the rope and Hans is sent to the outside. Ace quickly follows after him and gets him back to his feet. He grabs onto his back and neck and sends him backfirst into the ring apron. With Hans' back to the ring, Ace continues his attack with a running uppercut. Hans finally drops to the ground once more, and Ace pulls out a steel chair from underneath the ring. He holds it up, basking in it's glory. He turns toward Hans and lands a total of three chair shots to his back. Hans is writhing in agony, but luckily for him, Ace puts the chair down. But as he does so, Mikey flies through the air on the outside, dropping Ace to the ground with a clothesline off the stairs! Mikey starts laying into the grounded Ace with rapid punches to his head, much to the crowd's dismay. He eventually spots the steel chair and his eyes light up. He slides the chair into the ring and gets Ace up, pushing him in too. He prowls around Ace, yelling at him to get up. Positioned behind him, Mikey is looking for Cosmic Ascension onto the steel chair, and there is nothing stopping him! And of course, Mikey follows through, driving Ace's heading right onto the steel! Ace seems to be out cold, and Mikey takes his sweet time pushing the chair out of the way and making cover. 1..., 2..., HANS CLAYTON OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Hans just saved the match with a risky 450 springboard splash from the outside, breaking up the pinfall! Ace somehow has the awareness to roll out to the apron, his body hanging lifelessly over the edge. Inside the ring, things aren't looking much better. Both men are down, Hans having connected with Mikey's injured leg in the process of disrupting the pin. Hans is the first one to his feet, heavily relying on the ropes to support him and his hurt back. He gingerly gets Mikey back to his feet and delivers a forearm to Mikey's jaw, dropping him to a knee. Mikey propels himself back to his feet with his good leg and hits a forearm of his own before collapsing back to his knee. Hans is now dazed, and Mikey follows up with a kick to Hans' knee, causing it to buckle. Mikey gets the energy to get back to his feet and run off the ropes, coming at Hans hard with a shining wizard. Both men are now down again, but Mikey is able to get up to his feet first. He picks up Hans, getting him in position for a big move. While he is dazed in the middle of the ring, Mikey gets the perfect opportunity to run off the ropes and hit another huge knee, this time the move he calls Adrenaline. Hans stumbles back against the ropes, but there's Ace, pulling him to the ground and out of the ring! Ace makes quick work of Hans, turning him around and delivering a spine shattering Backstabber. Ace slides into the ring to find a downed Mikey, unable to get up due to his injured leg. Ace stalks around him, wondering what to do. He eventually decides on a few kicks to the injured leg of Mikey, specifically targeting the knee so he can't stand. After he's had his fun, he gets Mikey up to his feet and positions him for the Dead Eye, ready to put this match to sleep. BUT NO! MIKEY SLIPS OUT OF THE HOLD AND DELIVERS A LOW BLOW! Ace crumples to his knees in pain as Mikey wobbly gets up behind him. He locks in the hold for the Cosmic Ascension, and despite only standing on one leg, hits the move anyway! Mikey falls into the pin, 1..., 2..., 3! This match is over! HERE IS YOUR WINNER, AND NEWWWWW BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, MIKEY!!! Despite all the odds, Mikey came out on top tonight. He is helped to his feet by the referee, frankly looking a bit surprised by what just happened. He woozily stands as the referee holds his hand up in victory, pointing to him. The referee then retrieves the title and hands it over to Mikey, who snatches it right up. He stumbles into a corner, moves the hair out of his face to get a better look, and stares incredulously. His moment of shock only last for a moment, because soon enough he is parading around the ring to the best of his ability, throwing the title into the air and celebrating, having won his second match here tonight.
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    Cold Blooded

    ITS THE ANTICHRIST, Who just earlier tonight suffered a sneak attack by all of Bullet Proof, has come for Echo. He approaches Echo who falls back in fear, however suddenly, the lights flicker on. The figure of the Antichrist is off, he’s smaller, and his hair is an entirely different color. He grabs ahold of his face, slowly removing it..... ITS FLYNN! Flynn, who led the beat down on Necce earlier tonight now stands toe to toe with Echo..... LOW BLOW! Flynn with a devastating low blow to Echo, sending his challenger crashing to the mat. Flynn falls back to his corner, a smile creeping across his face. He’s nodding like a mad man, clearly pleased with his work done tonight. His eyes peer back to the crowd behind him, several fans shown to be visibly upset with the cheap antics by Flynn made tonight. He refocuses himself on Echo Wilson, who’s pulling himself to his feet. Flynn Runs his hands across his head, seemingly muttering to himself before in a brief explosion, he lays out the recovering Echo with his nasty Running Knee. Flynn begins pacing around Echo now, clearly looking to make a statement here tonight. He begins screaming, “I AM THE MAN OF THE YEAR” repeatedly, not just mocking Wilson, but seemingly believing it himself. Finally, he grabs ahold of Echo’s arms before seemingly stomping on Echo’s skull repeatedly. The crowd look on in complete shock and discomfort. There’s no shy eyes in the arena tonight as they all witness Flynn tear Echo Wilson apart. Flynn releasing each of Echo’s arms, leaves a now cracked open Echo bleeding on the canvas. Flynn breathes heavily, before kneeling over Echo. He lifts up The Antichrists masks, before putting it back on. He does Necce’s Classic crucifix pose over Echo. Flynn, who seemingly just wanted to mock the Antichrist tonight, has put Echo through an unnecessary, and disgusting beatdown.
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    The end of Mr Perfect Aidanator

    https://youtu.be/heA39lC0pV0 As Arrow makes his way to the ring to the fans booing Where do I even begin? I don’t know where to start on someone who thinks that I’m gonna lay down on his return well if that’s what you think then all of you fans are idiots because you know damn well that I lay down for nobody but you idiots you’re so dumb and it’s so enjoyable for me to watch. Aidanator I will reveal your secret soon and how about I do it in the town where the fans act like morons Philadelphia (as the fans boo Arrow out of the arena) I don’t think I should spill the beans yet I’m better than that I found out because I know what it is I just can’t say it yet because I’m not like that and plus you Eagles fans doesn’t deserve to know what his secret is because you disgust me and when I reveal Aidanator’s secret but I won’t be doing it here because I’m not gonna let you facking idiots know the secret about Aidanator because Aidanator really isn’t perfect I’m speaking to y’all idiots who think that the eagles are the best because they won the super bowl. Please stop telling me your stories because I don’t give a damn about your stories the only reason I’m like this is because of you idiots I’m better without the fans of Philadelphia call me whatever you like but I’m the real deal and Aidanator when I defeat you and take your pride and then all of these idiots will be booing me because defeating someone like Aidanator takes activity and focus I know that Aidanator is supposed to be your hero but he isn’t and I will show you why I’m better than Aidanator and I’m better than what you think. (As Arrow leaves the ring with the smirk and then he makes this smile and then laughs at these fools)
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    I've been craving Pokemon recently in my preparation of getting hyped for Sword and Shield, and I was reflecting on past games, deciding on which one I should play. Of course, this all depends on the game and region, but the game is another topic. For now I'm focusing on which region is the worst, best, most average, you name it. I'll be going through my opinions (heavily based on the games and Pokemon variety), but feel free to leave yours below. 7. Unova (Gen 5) Rating: 6/10 It's not easy to put any of the regions in last place as I enjoy them all in their own way. But when it comes down to the specifics, Unova falls behind for me. There's nothing specifically wrong with the region, hell they even produced two different games based on it. But it's a region lacking in variety/creativity for me. Half the Pokemon you find throughout the game leave you wondering "did they even try?" while some others are mind blowing (Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem). The games were enjoyable, the new animation battle scenes made it a fresh experience, and the story was pretty decent. Ghetsis was a dope ass villain and team Plasma's initiative felt fresh. Now that I'm saying this, I feel bad putting it in last place because overall, it was pretty good, just not good enough. 6. Alola (Gen 7) Rating: 6.5/10 The newest region excluding Galar, Alola was a fresh take on the Pokemon games. For the first time, players would be going through trials rather than gyms. Now was this a good decision that worked well? Some say yes, some say no. I personally think no, but I still enjoyed the games nonetheless. I personally liked the original ones better, but the Ultra versions weren't anything to sleep on. Some of the animations looked pretty good especially for being on a 3DS, and it was impressive. The real downfall of the region was again, the Pokemon variety. Pokemon like Pyukumuku, Gumshoos, and most of the Alolan forms were pretty boring and felt like more could've gone into them. The only thing that saved it from last place were the starters, which were far superior to Unova's. Also the idea of Ultra Beasts/Dimensional Travel was pretty cool and refreshing. Also also, I kind of hated that Z-Crystals replaced Mega Evolutions. 5. Kalos (Gen 6) Rating: 7.5/10 Personally, I was a big fan of Kalos. The first 3D game for the Pokemon main games, I found it a really enjoyable experience. In fact, I've gone back multiple times and played X and Y over and over again. With that being said, the region has it's flaws. The game felt a little rushed, and while there are certain spots that looked cool and were full of action, but others were really slow and had nothing to do with the story at all. I will give props though, Lysandre was one of my favorite big bad guys in the Pokemon franchise, and his motive was pretty dumb but even though he's part of a video game, the way he talked about it made it seem realistic. The legendaries are also dope as hell, and the starters are my favorites out of the all the regions. And you could probably tell from the Alola entry, but I was a giant fan of Mega Evolutions. So overall, a solid 7.5. 4. Kanto (Gen 1) Rating: 7.75/10 I'm probably going to get shat on by original Pokemon fans, but I have some bones to pick with Kanto. The region and games are iconic, they've built the Pokemon franchise and introduced some of the most important parts of it (Pikachu, three starters, Mew). The games were pretty well done at the time, and you can never go wrong with Team Rocket. Blue is a fantastic rival, and of course Professor Oak is a legend. But the region itself is what kills it. There's a few bright spots that I mentioned earlier, but overall it's really, really bland. For a first region, I think it'd have been better to start off with some banger Pokemons rather than ease people into it, but it worked out either way so I can't talk. To prove the blandness, there was a total of 3 ghost types in Gen 1, and they were all part of the Gastly evolution line. Other ideas were pretty boring too (Pidgey, Ratatta, Zubat, etc), but I can't judge too much as it was just the beginning. 3. Johto (Gen 2) Rating: 8.5/10 Oh I hate myself for having to put Johto at number 3, but I was really left with no choice. Johto was a revolutionary region in my opinion. The original gold and silver games were great, and mostly everything about them was well done. As for their sequels, I think they were even better. I loved the idea of 16 gyms rather than just 8, and it felt like a proper merging of two regions. Johto was a relatively small region with only about 100 Pokemon in total, but the Pokemon did their job. The starters were decent, and they are the only region where they maintained a single type to the final evolution, which is what I love. Johto also added some much needed evolutions (Steelix, Scizor, Kingdra) and has a great lineup of legendaries. The two birds and the three beasts are a great match for each other, and the fact that their stories relate to each other is something every legendaries should strive to do. The Pokemon following mechanic was also really cool (I wish they'd bring that back) and the games themselves were a pretty decent challenge, making it a long but fun experience, just like how Pokemon should be. 2. Hoenn (Gen 3) Rating: 8.75/10 After putting Johto at number 3, this was a no brainer for me. I had my number 1 set from the beginning, and unfortunately it's not Hoenn. But Hoenn was still great, don't get me wrong. In fact, it was considered so good they brought the games back years upon years later for a 3D remake. Did they surpass the first? Well, too much water says no, but I say yes. It was similar for the most part, but it added some key features that just made the gameplay longer and more enjoyable as a whole. But back to the region. The Pokemon in it were basic for the most part, but this is a good thing in terms of this region. They were basic, but they all had something unique about them that didn't make them seem boring/unfinished. And the legendary lineup...the best in Pokemon history, no doubt. Rayquaza, Dexoys, Kyogre, Groudon, Latios, Latias, the list goes on. Also I know legendaries and mythicals are different things, but I don't care at all, they're both relatively the same. So yeah, the games were fun, the Pokemon were fresh along with the legendaries, and it lands at number 2. Oh, one last thing: Aqua and Magma were dope teams, don't @ me. 1. Sinnoh (Gen 4) Rating: 9.5/10 If you've ever talked to me about regions, you'd know Sinnoh is my favorite by far. Maybe it has to do with Platinum being the first game I've ever played, I don't know. What I do know is Sinnoh was dope as fuck. The starters were all sick, and I don't care what you say, Turtwig and it's line was all pretty good. The journey in the game just feels so refreshing and easy going, and not mention the sound track. All (most) of the Pokemon in it are well though out and have good designs. There's a good opportunity to catch all of them during the games, and you can end up rocking some pretty diverse teams. But where the region really shines is the games content. It's a really challenging experience, and if you want to get into Pokemon, this is a good way to learn how. Every battle presents something interesting that you need to overcome. Combine that with team Galatic and Cyrus (not my favorite by any means, but they had the best admins no cap) and that by itself makes for a pretty good game. But the coolest part has to be the legendaries. This is the only, and I mean only region that can compare to Hoenn in terms of legendaries to some capacity. Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Darkrai, Cresselia, the lake spirits, they were all (pun intended) legendary. We'll forget about Phione though, ruined a great lineup. But yeah, I just really, really loved Sinnoh and combined with how good it truly is, that makes it my number 1. But what do you guys think? Which region is your favorite? Leave your replies below, I'm interested to see.
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    Unfortunately, WWWE was sued by the WWE for Copyright reasons, and they've now gone out of business. Its founders have gone bankrupt, and they now live in poverty. However, fans of the now-defunct promotion started a fundraiser to build up a new wrestling company, one that would be spearheaded by the homeless Aidanator. This led to the creation of the World Wide Wrangling Wrestling Entertainment, which would surely have a title distinct enough to not get sued again. Now that they have the funding, WWWWE needs wrestlers. That's where you, the viewers, come in. Below is a form that you can fill out, which will allow you to enter your very own wrestlers to compete for real championships! But do it quick, because if we don't make the deadline by September 30, 2019, then Aidan will be evicted from his apartment, and the whole Promotion will collapse! Name: Gimmick: Height: Weight: Nose Size: Hair Color: Hair Length: How Many Individual Hairs Do They Have?: Name A Single Move Of Theirs: Signature: Finisher: Do They Wear Pants?: What's Their Opinion About Aidanator?: Anything Else That You'd Like To Include: So hurry, because you can't spell WWWWE without WE!
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    THE AMERICAN WRESTLING LEAGUE: ROSTER: ACH, Adam Cole, Aiden English, BUSHI, Bo Dallas, Chad Gable, Curtis Axel, Dolph Ziggler, Dragon Lee, Drew Gulak, Flash Morgan Webster, Hangman Page, Hikuleo, Hiromu Takahashi, Johnny Gargano, Joseph Conners, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Kenny Williams, Kevin Owens, Kota Ibushi, Luke Harper, Mikey Nicholls, Mustafa Ali, Orange Cassidy, Otis Dozovic, Primate, Randy Orton, Rocky Romero, Ryusuke Taguchi, Shane Strickland, Tony Nese, Tucker Knight, Tyler Bate, Yoshinobu Kanemaru AUTHORITY FIGURES: Mick Foley and John Laurinaitis CHAMPIONSHIPS: AWL Championship This title is the top title in the American Wrestling League and only the best in the league will be able to hold it. AWL Cruiserweight Championship This title can only be fought for by Cruiserweights. A cruiserweight is defined by the General Manager. AWL Television Championship At every single episode of our weekly TV show the TV Title will be defended, who it is defended against is chosen either onscreen or offscreen by the General Manager every week. AWL 24/7 Championship This title is defended AT ALL TIMES! 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! TV SHOW: League Action Live! (Friday Nights)
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    The deaths of Aidanator and Toxik

    Hey Mr Perfect you’re not really perfect because your the fraud and I’m the future as for Toxik he thinks everytime he’s gonna win a title? News flash wrong because your a little facker and Aidanator I can’t even get your name out of my mouth because every time I try I hear fraud. I know secrets I won’t spill the tea or the beans because I’m not like that and I’m not a fraud. Toxik you think you have friends? You don’t have friends because everyone hates you no wonder why Amai won NXT because your garbage just like this city of Miami I can’t even stay in a hotel without hearing the dolphins don’t suck!!!!! When I say Aidanator I instantly regret it because I’m saying a frauds name it hurts to say Aidanator and it bothers me that Toxik thinks he’s the boss around here. (Arrow leaves the ring but he doesn’t have the scary smile he has this angry look on his face and then he smirks in joy because he knows secrets)
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    We are 24 hours removed from Bad Blood. Many twists and turns from last night, but one dream came true. Sudden Sky’s begins to play, the beat can be heard throughout the arena. The champion has entered the arena, a slight grin appears on the face of ICON. Damn how good it feels to be champion. My hard work has finally paid off. 2 years of just blood, sweat and tears, now I can say I am Premium Champion. And none of you can do a damn thing, can you? For months I have stated the revelation of the Prophecy. I have stood inside this squared circle, in between these ropes, but last night I have never felt so much pressure on my shoulders. A slight grin reappears on the face of Icon. As he lives his dream currently, something jay maybe could have never been imaginable. Boos begin to echo throughout the arena, many seem not to be pleased with Icon’s remarks. You know, a few months ago. I would have said, I couldn’t have done this without all you. But that would be a lie wouldn’t it? This was all my hard work, my determination, my skill! When I won this gold last night, a target was placed on my back. Many challengers want what I have. I have worked so god damn hard to retrieve this prize, and I don’t plan on letting” my baby” go anytime soon. JRE….. The crowd begins to boo in the realization of this name. Icon try’s to drown out the negative response, as he clutches his head in denial. I know you’re all afraid, afraid of what we can become. When we can conquer, but there is no need to be afraid. I am a champion of honor, someone you can look up to and be proud of. For 2 years, I have strived for something bigger in my life. I found BPZ, it became my life, something I took pride in. I trained hard, worked hard, and tried to become the best version of myself possible. But that wasn’t enough. I had to push harder, think alone, and wash out the emotions of human kind. And that is when I was ready. I have gotten the recognition I have strived for, but yet certain people don’t want to take me as a viable threat. So let me begin by saying, a familiar foe, a man I respect, a former Premium Champion, wants my gold. A sick devil if I may say myself. Hollow, you are a man of many words, but such little actions. When was the last time, you did something worth while? I’ll let you think about that, it may take quite a bit. I am taking the Premium Division to a whole new level, I want to take it to the Main Event Scene. I want to make this title more prestigious, and the only way to do that is to be a fighting champion. A Champion that is not afraid of a challenge, and I am just the man to do that. As Champion, there are always guys who think of you as a joke. Someone who thinks they can just step in line and take what you have earned. Steph, you make me sick. You make this division look like a joke, at Halloween Havoc, when your carcus is on the canvas, starting up at the lights. You are going to know who’s house this truly is. After Icons lips are sealed, a heavy beat strikes his heart. Kneeling down onto the floor in pain, a recurrence from these past few weeks. Icon: Stop doing this, I am finally on top, you are down below, fall back to hell where you belong. Storm: You need to find your place in this world, yes you are now a champion, but you have forgotten your original thought of life. Icon: You don’t understand the prophecy, you never have and you never will. Fall back to grace, and perish into ashes. As Icon’s disorder begins to unfold, he grabs one side of his knee to reach his feet. Beginning to bring back the microphone up to his lips. Perish…. My mind has begun to perish from its former self. And that has been what has made me stronger in the end. Icon is Premium Champion, not Storm. The embodiment of Icon is based on doing what is best for him. Not listening to others, when all they do is bring him back down to irrelevancy. I stand here, alone, silence is my only friend. Proving my innocence, on a daily basis. What is next? Respect, something that few people are fond of in this day and age. I have earned it and I certainly demand it, after I showed Australia who their son is. Bow down in my relevancy, this is my time. Halloween Havoc is in 4 weeks, I plan on continuing to cement my dominance. So let’s celebrate, in my glory. Stand up and chant my name. The boos become louder, disobeying the new Premium Champion. His demands not being taken seriously. Why don’t you respect me? Is it because I’m not 6’6, 250 pounds, is it because I’m not on the poster every month? Or is it because I don’t suck up to you low life’s? I will not tolerate this disrespect any longer, you will respect me whether you like it or not! For 2 years, I have been praised, cheered, but at what cost? Guess what, I’m done with that! My superiority shouldn’t be questioned by cheers or boos. But by my skill inside this ring, and by the gold around my waist. As Icon finishes his celebration speech. The lights begin to flash on and off rapidly. A unfamiliar voice repeats this command “This Is Only A War, But You Will Always Be Alone”. As the command finishes, the Titantron turns on slowly, a message fading into the screen. “Dadling, You’re Already In Hell”. When the lights turn back on, the crowd is in utter shock. Icon nowhere in sight. As we cut to commercial break in silence.
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    Sweet, Sweet Victory

    BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 5 Minutes After Josh vs Mikey Mikey strolls into the room, arms swinging in a cocky walk. He takes a seat and takes a long sip from his bottle of water before speaking. Oh, it feels great. The feeling of putting that piece of shit down in the ring once and for all is unlike anything else. Just then in that ring, I proved to everyone that I have what it takes to be up here, up with the so called big boys. I mercilessly destroyed Joshua Scott just minutes ago, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. You see, this place is all about illusion. You have to make yourself seem bigger than you are. And that's exactly what Josh did. He claimed he was number one, that he was the best of the best. But what happened? He lost to a guy who had just come up from NXT. I am the difference in BPZ, I do not create this illusion. Every word I say, every thing I've uttered into that microphone, I'm damn sure of it and I prove it as well. Mikey leans back in his chair a bit with a chuckle. He pushes the hair out of his face and wipes his face, getting rid of the signs of weariness. But you are not the only one Josh. Everyone does it, and I can't blame you for doing so. But interestingly enough, the two people who don't are the two people I might have to face at Survival Games. Yelich and Arius. Now Yelich, you're a pretty stand up guy. You go around, claiming you deserve opportunity, that you deserve better. But you and I both know that you're full of shit. You live each and every day protesting, starting rallies, gathering up your small group of friends, trying to get better. What exactly have you done to deserve chances at the North American Championship? Lose the inaugural match? Lose a number one contenders match? Tie with Arius? Yeah, the answer is nothing. No one wants to be in a world where you get endless opportunities, starving us of the stars we want to see. Stars like me, who earned their spot. And hell, who am I kidding? You're just like the rest of them, creating an illusion that you're more than jobber trash. I truly hope you do win Yelich, because then you'll have no more shit to complain about, and I'll have a chance to finally shut you up. As for the other man, Arius. Well, what is there to say? I think you'll win this match. Only some of the luckiest men have been able to pull a win out of a match against you. But if Yelich can get all these lucky chances, maybe he'll get lucky against you too. But the point is, I'd love to face you at Survival Games. But this time, one on one, my chance at redemption. You got the best of me eight months earlier at the Royal Rumble, but I will never, ever let that happen again. In that match, there were five other men in the ring. I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't ready then. Hell, I still not might be ready now. But I am a new man. A man who was able to defeat someone BPZ claims is valuable enough to compete for the World Championship, and that means something. I was able to win the NXT Championship, facing off against some of the best competitors the division has ever seen. I'll admit, you've had your own successes and you're one of the few men I have respect for, but that doesn't mean you can still bitch me around. Come Survival Games, I will show you why I am worthy of holding that North American Championship. Mikey stands up, grunting a little bit in pain. He stretches his back, a few bones in his spine cracking while doing so. But this is all small talk. The real talk begins in mere minutes from now when I capture some true gold. For now, I bid you adieu. And with that, Mikey exits the room to get ready for his next match. BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 20 Minutes Later Mikey storms into the room, United States Championship strapped around his waist, arms high in the air. He unstraps the belt and holds it on his shoulder, allowing the cameramen to have some different angles. He collapses in the interview chair, letting the title hang down by his hand. He lifts his head up to the ceiling, eyes closed, taking it all in. Eventually, he recomposes and slings the title over the shoulder before speaking. HELL TO THE F*CKING YES! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I INTRODUCE, THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP AND NEWWWWWW BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, MIKEY! Jesus, I've been waiting to hear those words for my entire career. Not only was I able to defeat one man tonight, but a total of four. And in two different matches too. Absolutely wild. Nine months ago, I had no question in my mind I'd be here. But the doubt started to creep in, until King of the Ring. That was the first time I truly felt all the hard work pay off. And now, I can proudly say it was all worth it. This is the true beginning of my ascent to the top of BPZ. And it was at the expense of Buddy Ace and Hans. Buddy, I had my doubts about you before this match. You've never been able to accomplish much in BPZ. But with that being said, tonight was a fantastic encounter. You really showed up, and gave a fantastic effort. Hell, I actually had to put in a little something else to pick up the victory due to your contribution. Well done, I'm sure you'll do well as a midcarder in your future. And as for Hans, well, who's the champion now. Every time I've faced Hans, he's always been the one with the title. Back in the NXT days, last month, and now coming into this match. But momentum and luck wasn't enough to overcome pure skill the second time around. Yes Hans, you put up a valiant effort, and I commend you for that. But no matter how many big stars you align yourself with or how many times you get lucky, there will always be someone better than you. And dare I say it, but that man is me. So enjoy your time without the title, maybe you'll get lucky again next month. Mikey laughs to himself, clearly running off pure excitement and ego. Someone tosses him a bottle of water, and he instantly opens it and drains half of the drink, clearly exhausted after a long night. Let this night be a message to anyone who wants to challenge me in the future. Not only was I able to win one match, but I was able to withstand two. So maybe think twice before challenging for a championship held by someone of my caliber. Thank you all very much, but I gotta run. Might have to cause a little bit of mayhem in the North American Championship match. And with that, Mikey stands up, title around his shoulder and exits the run, elated by his two victories tonight. The camera slowly fades out to black as the exclusive interview is concluded.
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    EWA vs KWF vs ACPW vs AWL vs GPW vs IFW Alex Costa, Slim, Meko, Yelich, FDS and I have started a fantasy booking competition. We have taken all of the talent from WWE main roster, NXT, NXT UK, AEW and NJPW and put them into a randomizer and given each person a roster of 32 units, either singles or tag teams. With Slim at the helm of Elite Wrestling Alliance, Myself at the head of Kingdom Wrestling Federation, FD in charge of Ace Entertainment Pro Wrestling , Yelich in front of the American Wrestling League, Meko in charge of the Generic Pro Wrestling and lastly Alex will take harge of the International Federation of Wrestling. We will be posting either recaps or full breakdowns of our 4 weekly shows leading to our monthly PPV where we will have a public voting in which people will decide who booked the best show. As I said before, this was a completely randomized drafting of rosters, apart from the first 3 picks which we drafted ourselves as Foundation Pieces. We also allowed 3 trades to be made per roster, so that came into account afterwards. Lastly, we randomized the authority figures for each company so you're gonna have some potentially strange GM's or Owners. Enjoy.
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    Isaiah Carter

    The BPZ Purge

    THE BPZ PURGE There is new contestants in town, and in the city of "Brendenoplias", home to some of the greatest purgers to ever live. It is time for the BPZ Purge, for 24 hours, all crime is legal. Including MURDER, we have old contestants, we have new contestants. Lets get to purging ladies and gentleman. Sign Ups Not Needed. The Winner Of The Last BPZ Purge: @Hans
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    A year after hosting the make or break Wrestlemania 1, the WWE needed ideas how to follow that up. It was decided that the show would be split across 3 different venues the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois, and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California, with four matches taking place at each. However, the show ended up being the ultimate swing and a miss that is looked back on even today as possibly the worst Wrestlemania of all 35 so far. But now comes the experimenting. The conversation of an overabundance of talent with WWE is often talked about, reports of over a 100 in-ring talent under the WWE banner as we speak. It left me wondering putting aside the logistics for the most part in this modern day WWE, would the company have a better chance hosting a three city Wrestlemania compared to what they were able to create back 1986? Could the star power and talent sustain it. And for the fun of the discussion who would you have main event each allocated Wrestlemania city if it was to happen in 2020?
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    Ark Universe


    Ark is shown standing in his locker room. He sweeps his head around the room, scanning it. He takes a deep breath and starts to slowly pack his bag. The camera swings to have Ark block the door, then as it swings to the other side, it shows Henrico in the doorway. Leaving? Calling it quits here? Yeah...should start preparing my retirement speech huh? What should I say? My legacy im leaving behind is not one to blow people away, so i should try to make sure my last moment's makeup for it. Ark I'll tell them, be neither cruel nor cowardly. Ark Try to be nice, but never fail to be kind Ark! Ark spins around angrily. What! Henrico....what! Are you gonna give me one of your little try again speeches? Cause i'm getting sick of it, and im sure they are getting sick of it. I tried, I failed, I tried and guess what happened? I failed. I try and I fail, and that's what I will be known as. I go out here, and i might act I’m fine like it doesn’t effect me but it fucking does. Ok? With so much negativity coming at me, it was really only so long till I finally gave in Henrico. Thank you for sticking with me through all of this, but I think it's finally time to go. Ark spins back around to continue packing. Henrico steps forward briskly and turns him back around. See this is your issue Ark, it's always a pity party. We both know you aren't really ready to quit, you are going to leave for a few months then come back, lose some more, quit again for a bit and repeat. You know why? Because as much as you complain you like where you are at. You like being the Underrated Underdog, the lovable loser who always comes up short, you are content with where you are. That's why you still lose, why you still aren't champion even when you know you should be, its because you don't think you are ready. You don't know what to do afterwards. You are so used to losing, that you don't want to win, because you have no idea what to do next. Losing, losing is easy to you. You know the recipe, you know how to turn a lost on its head in a heartbeat. Winning? You are clueless. How do you carry yourself, how do you still play the role of the hero when you win? Its foreign to you. And that frightens you, you are scared of the change. Yet I know some part of you is ready for that change. I know because that part of you created DeadSec...created me. Henrico spins Ark around again,and Ark is placed in a black room, a spotlight on him. He looks around and notices he is alone. He looks around and notices silhouettes in a circle around him. A spotlight suddenly shines on one and it is Ark when he first joined BPZ. Henrico's voice then starts to speak. AU, the Golden One, the one form Column 11 Row 6. Remember him? Loud, Arrogant, Obnoxious. He was the first, he was your intro, your debut to the big leagues. When he didn't work, you changed! The spotlight then shifts to the next Ark, this one with Nexus gear. You joined with a group of other new superstars, and together you all found moderate success, until the crash and lingering burn. In that wreckage, to salvage what was left, you changed! The next spotlight shines on Ark, the A-Lister the movie star, the Crown Prince of Cocky as you called yourself. You still had that confidence, to much of it if we are being honest. You had just one your NXT Championship, and you were feeling yourself. You then started the next chapter of your tale:The U.S title chase. Then you lost...and lost again...and again...then once again, you changed! The next incarnation of Ark is revealed: Dark Ark Your blue period, where the roots of your darkness lay, that first smudge that you tried to erase. The reason you truly won't turn heel, because you know that you will revert back into that monstrosity that almost won you a Akki Award. You knew that wasn't going to cut it, so you changed! Next up is the Darewolf incarnation. This one sports early DeadSec apparel From him, sprung the start of where we are now. Persistence was personified within you with this one, and you created DeadSec, and to help run it, your ever loyal friend who wouldn't betray you, Henrico. Yet, when money was thrown at them, your Wolf pack turned on you, and you were left defeated. Then, you changed! This Ark is more worn down, but still determination shines in his eyes. A Carnage TV championship around his waist glistens. Ah yes, The Ark during the brand split. He may just be your best yet. Last ever Carnage TV champion, then you were traded before even having the title more than a day. Then you failed to win the Global Chase, failed at BPZmania, then....and then... you did it again, you...changed. The next is Ark when he was his fun loving self. A smile is plastered on his face, a smile that reaches his eyes. Oh what a joy this time period was. You were a sight to see, defeating Elliot, retiring Jason Black. You took that and went into what might be your best Summer yet, the Summer of 17! it was glorious! Then, you lost in that chamber match at Havoc....but you bounced back, you even won the To the Top briefcase and cashed it in, and for one glorious month, you were at the top as Global Champion...then you lost to Slim, failed to get a number one contenders match, lost again at Mania...then... The spotlight changes to an empty slot. Let me tell you who stands there...an Ark who vanished for a month, came back and put on a pitiful performance in the King of the Ring , disappeared again and was undetectable in the US scene in late 2018, who failed at the rumble then vanished for 6 months...then he came back, made a big splash talking about how he wouldn't quit again, lost the Premium match, lost again at Bad Blood, and now is about to walk away again...the Ark who should be standing there, is standing in the middle....but he shouldn't be...because its time.. Ark feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns and sees..himself, but more confident. He has a slight smirk and his eyes show that he has seen some dark places, and yet that same old confidence burns bright behind that hidden darkness. He chuckles and slight pushes Ark. Now...is the time to change. The first Ark sighs. You are right. I have been dreading it, but my time is up. It was nice, but it's time to change. I will let you go, but allow me this, allow me to leave one message behind. The second Ark nods. The first takes a deep breath. We all must change, that is just a given fact I kept ignoring. I was given sign after sign, and to quote someone else, I was a fool...a fool I may be, but it was fun...and i will never forget...when Ark...was me. I was a lesson for Ark, that persistence doesn't mean stay with the same plan, but to admit that plan. I am happy to be the lesson that was needed to learn that...Ark...I let you go. The first Ark steps into the circle and closes his eyes. His face freezes, his eyes close, and yet a final smile on his face. The second Ark steps into the center and takes a deep breath before he closes his eyes and reopens them, now back in the locker room where the first was.There is no Henrico, only Ark himself. He laughs and claps his hands. Well...Allons y! He dashes out of the locker room, before popping back in and putting his back in his locker. He then dashes back out, the direction he goes in seems to be towards the head of booking...
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    Name: Mikey Gimmick: Jay White (current or past) Height: 6'0 Weight: 205 lbs Nose Size: Medium Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Long/stringy How Many Individual Hairs Do They Have?: Bout 100k Name A Single Move Of Theirs: Forearm Signature: Big Boot Finisher: Back suplex into pin Do They Wear Pants?: No What's Their Opinion About Aidanator?: Alright lad, needs to learn more Anything Else That You'd Like To Include: Hates toe succing
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    Deviant sign-ups

    Name: Mikey Age: 25 Gender: Male Appearance: Blonde hair, tall/lanky, blue eyes, not physically intimidating Personality: Reserved and quiet Backstory: Mikey is a former programmer who spent most of his time perfecting his art. He mastered it eventually, but the cost was his social skills. Power Level 1-10: 2 Powers: Invisibility (can't become fully invisible due to low power level)
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    Deviant sign-ups

    Name: Brad Age: 27 Gender: male Appearance: Dean Ambrose looking ass boy Personality: Fucking nuts Backstory: Brad hates everyone, so he tried to stay away from people. He also likes long walks on the beach Power Level 1-10: 8 Powers: X- Ray vision, can see through anything
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    Deviant sign-ups

    Name: Epico Colon Age - 37 Gender - Male Appearance - Epico Colon from 2012 Personality - Cold and Calculating Backstory - Epico had a cousin called Primo who died because he was weak, Epico used sell brochures and was also a matador many years ago. Power Level 1-10 - 7 Powers - Has Ice powers such as shooting ice blasts, creating sentient ice creatures and creating walls made of ice.
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    Laying the chellanges

    [ Alice would then walk out onto the stage with a microphone in hand ] Alice: Alex listen I know you’re angry with Raven but you have one thing all wrong. That being Mirage being a so called “ loser “ because trust me when I say no one not even himself expects him to win his match against Flynn tonight but he’s backstage getting ready for it nonetheless because he realizes how big of an opportunity this is. Now as for Raven, I hate to say it but Mirage wants to fight him on on one for kidnapping me so surely you can see that. So please just step away from this fight and focus in on some other goal before you get caught in the cross fire. [ Alice then slowly walks down the ramp and gets on the apron about to enter then ring when she goes to speak into the mic again ] Alice: Unless you are wil... [ Alice is then cut off before she can finish her sentence as she turns around to see what the interruption is ] [ please do not reply a reply is already planned ]
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    this video belongs here
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    WWE Reborn

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    WWE Reborn

    Andrade Owens Miz Jordan Joe Zayn Styles Devlin Owens vs Andrade Jordan vs Miz Zayn vs Joe Styles vs Devlin Owens vs Jordan Zayn vs Styles Zayn vs Owens
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    NXT(Wednesday Night Wars)

    NXT on FOX - October 9th, 2019 - Episode 2 _________________________________________ The Uso’s Are Coming For Undisputed Era Jimmy and Jey Uso would open this weeks NXT to a big greetings from the NXT faithful. They’d waist little time, stating they’ve been locking down Tag Team divisions for years and NXT will be absolutely no different. It wouldn’t take long for Undisputed Era’s very own Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish to answer the call, stating they’ve been running NXT for over a year now and that they don’t plan to lose those Tag Team Championships anytime soon. William Regal would come out and announce that next week, The Uso’s Would be given the opportunity their looking for as they’ll be taking on Undisputed Era for the Tag Team Championships! _________________________________________ John Morrison Defeats Will Ospreay in NA Cup Round One Match-Up To the shock of the crowd, it would be announced earlier in the night, that John Morrison has signed with NXT, marking his first deal with a WWE related product in eight years. Not just this but he would be competing in tonight’s North American Championship Cup against a mystery opponent. The crowd welcomed the return of Morrison, however was quickly overshadowed by the debut of one Will Ospreay! Ospreay and Morrison would put on an absolute classic however in the end it would be the veteran picking up the victory. Following the match both men would shake hands, Morrison moving on to the second round. This match marking the arrival of two massive names. _________________________________________ Johnny Gargano Confronts Roderick Strong A replay of last weeks main event would be played, highlighting Johnny Gargano’s battle with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. The match would feature the sudden arrival, and interference from Undisputed Era who would cost Gargano the match. The replay would follow up by ending with a devastated Gargano left sitting in the corner of the ring. We cut backstage to see a pissed off Gargano arriving in the arena. He marches into the locker room where he confronts Undisputed Era’s own, Roderick Strong. He would go off, claiming Strong use to be a respected and talented in ring worker, before he traded in his respect to be Undisputed Era’s “b*tch”. Both would break into a brawl before being forced apart by William Regal and security. Each would be thrown out of the arena to close the segment. _________________________________________ Braun Strowman Dominates Tony Nese We cut back to the ring where we are met with Tony Nese. Nese who just last week went out in the first round of the NA Cup, would claim that he is here and ready to turn things around after a disappointing first week on NXT. However the disappoint seemed to only continue as he’d be met by Braun Strowman, who’d step out following destroying Rich Swann last week and appear to be in no mood to play around tonight. The bell would ring and just like last week, Strowman would dominate and destroy Nese, putting him away with a disgusting Choke Slam. Strowman would take a microphone, claiming that NXT is riddled with “little worms” and he will stomp them all out. _________________________________________ Jay Lethal Is NXT In tonight’s second NA Cup first round match, Samoa Joe would make his NXT return to massive “JOE” chants, however would quickly find himself joining the rest of the crowd in the shock of Jay Lethal, a former Ring of Honor champion, making his way out onto the stage. Jay Lethal would dazzle the crowd as he’d take Samoa Joe to the absolute limit before defeating the former NXT Champion, putting him away before announcing that he has officially signed with NXT and plans to become the next North Americans Champion. The talent just keeps stacking up and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Following the match backstage a reporter would attempt to get a word from Joe, who’d simply throw the reporter to the ground before marching away, clearly embarrassed and upset following a big loss in his return to a brand he once dominated. _________________________________________ Daniel Bryan Is Going To Save The World Daniel Bryan, flanked by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper would make their entrance to the ring in the next segment. The three bearded men made their NXT returns last week with a full on beatdown on the debuting New Day. Daniel Bryan would explain their actions, claiming the New Day are everything wrong with the state of wrestling. They are all about commercialism, while Daniel Bryan, Rowan and Harper look to make NXT a flagship program for wrestling, and more importantly, our planet earth. They will dominate and takeover all of NXT until their message is heard wide and clear. _________________________________________ Adrian Neville is Heard Loud and Clear In tonight’s main event, Seth Rollins would take on AJ Styles to decide who is the next Number One Contender for Adam Coles NXT Championship. The two would put on a show to remember, taking each other to the absolute limit. NXT’s obvious two biggest signings however seemed to be unable to put the other away, and before we could see a winner, Adrian Neville would make his presence felt. Following his victory over Rey Mysterio he claimed he would like a NXT Championship shot but was ignored. Tonight he couldn’t be, as he attacked and beat down both Rollins and Styles, causing a no contest and leaving both men lying on the mat broken and bloody. His statement made to the NXT audience, Adrian Neville wants the NXT Championship and he’s skipping straight to the front of the line for it. _________________________________________
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    WWE Reborn

    Round 1 Andrade vs Randy Orton Tyler Breeze vs The Miz Oney Lorcan vs Jason Jordan Cedric Alexander vs Kevin Owens Samoa Joe vs Rusev Apollo Crews vs Sami Zayn Aj Styles vs Baron Corbin Jordan Devlin vs Ali Round 2 Andrade vs Owens Miz vs Lorcan Joe vs Zayn Styles vs Ali Semi Finals Joe vs Styles Andrade vs Miz Finals Andrade vs Joe
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    The Un-Perfect Arrow

    We're about halfway through Carnage, and Arrow's callout promo was only 2 commercial breaks ago. The Titantron is now showing live footage of a Basketball Court, where Aidanator is standing dressed in sports gear. "I've just gotten word that some punk named Arrow thinks he can take me on at Survival Games. Well let me tell him something: your D-rate insults and bad grammar don't intimidate me. That's right, I can tell which 'your' you were trying to use, and it wasn't the correct one. Is there anything more un-perfect than that? Speaking of which, I noticed your little closing statement that you made before you retreated backstage. You're not just wrong, you're also stupid. Observe." Aidan walks all the way out to the 3-point line, and takes a shot. It perfectly fits into the hoop. "How about this?" He then turns around, and throws the ball over the back of his head. That also goes in. "Did you see that? Only the most perfect man in BPZ could make those shots. Something you aren't Arrow. I accept your challenge for a match at Survival Games, but just know that my win over you will be absolutely perfect!" Aidan walks off the court, as the show goes back to commercial break.
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    Echo Wilson

    WWE Reborn

    Round 1 Andrade vs Randy Orton Tyler Breeze vs The Miz Oney Lorcan vs Jason Jordan Cedric Alexander vs Kevin Owens Samoa Joe vs Rusev Apollo Crews vs Sami Zayn Aj Styles vs Baron Corbin Jordan Devlin vs Ali Round 2 Andrade vs The Miz Jason Jordan vs Kevin Owens Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn AJ Styles vs Ali Semi Finals Andrade vs Kevin Owens Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles Finals Andrade vs Samoa Joe
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    RAW Preview;Night after Summerslam 2019 Last night at Summerslam, Bobby Lashley would walk out the dominate champion. In one of the most one sided Universal Championship matches ever, Lashley is the brand new Universal Champion and the question is, can Seth Rollins bounce back? Also, the King Of The Ring tournament begins with Kevin Owens vs Cedric Alexander, as well as a Summerslam rematch as Randy Orton takes on Andrade. Who will step up to the plate to challenge Becky Lynch? And much more on this weeks episode of RAW which is sure to be explosive as ever!!
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    WWE Reborn

    Round 1 Andrade vs Randy Orton: Andrade Tyler Breeze vs The Miz: Miz Oney Lorcan vs Jason Jordan: Jordan Cedric Alexander vs Kevin Owens: Owens Samoa Joe vs Rusev: Joe Apollo Crews vs Sami Zayn: Zayn Aj Styles vs Baron Corbin: Styles Jordan Devlin vs Ali: Ali Quarter Finals: Andrade defeat Owens Miz defeats Jordan Joe defeats Zayn Styles defeats Ali Semi Finals: Andrade defeats Miz Styles defeats Joe Finals: Andrade defeats Styles
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    SFW Last Shot Pre-Show WHATS UP BAYBAY! Welcome to the SFW Last Shot Pre-Show! We have some crazy action for you before the show starts so without further ado, let's get into it! Brett Storm VS Jacob Yamada Kicking off the show with a theme song we’ll be hearing a lot with Strike Force’s Brett Storm kicking off the night as he has to face one of the toughest men in SFW. Now here he comes, the Japamerican Superstar Jacob Yamada. Yamada now making his way down to the ring with a violent fury. Yamada and Storm now going straight at it trading closed fists which is technically illegal in pro wrestling but the ref isn’t going to be able to break it up, Yamada now has Storm cornered and is winding up for a corner lariat but Storm rolls out of the ring, Storm now trying to gather his mind but Yamada not allowing that to happen, he chases Storm around the ring, Storm slides back into the ring and begins stomping on Yamada as he slides in after him, Storm now trying to set up for a storm driver Early but Yamada Blocks it, Yamada now pushing Storm into the ropes, Storm asking the ref to break it up, the ref telling Yamada to get off Storm, Yamada gets off Storm and Storm cheap shots him! Storm now laying strikes into the head of Yamada trying to bust him open, Storm now pulling Yamada back to his feet and he begins to drill Yamada with Knees to the gut on each side of the ring while Yamada leans on the ropes, Storm now with a snapmare takedown, Storm rebounds off the ropes and he nails Yamada with a low angle dropkick! Storm now with the Cover but Yamada up at 2, Storm now getting a head lock on Yamada, Yamada now building himself up feeling the momentum, he manages to get back to his feet, he clutches the waist of Storm and drops him with a saito Suplex! Storm rocked now and he’s caught in the ropes, Yamada feeling it and he nails him with a sliding Elbow to the side of the face of Storm. Yamada now feeling good, he’s calling for The Japamerican Special but Storm counters it into a victory roll but only for the count of 2, Yamada now back up, Storm now going for the Bullet but Yamada side steps it, Storm turns around into a discus lariat from Yamada! Yamada now feeling it, calling for Storm to get back to his feet, Storm back to his feet now and Yamada seizes the opportunity and charges at him with a massive big boot taking off Storms head! Yamada now grabs Storm up and he sets up for the tribute he hits the Dragon, followed by the german and now he’s going for the wrist clutch lariat but storm Catches him with the Bullet! Storm now goes for a cover but Yamada up at 2, Storm now arguing with the ref over a clear two count pushing the ref into the corner, Yamada now gets back up and he charges at Storm with a lariat but Storm moves out of the way at the exact right moment taking out the ref, Yamada now shocked at what he did for a moment, Storm though meanwhile slips on a pair of brass knuckles, Yamada turns around into a Bullet With the Brass Knuckles on! Yamada rocked now, Storm throws the brass knucks away, He grabs Yamada now and he nails him with the Storm driver! Storm now dragging over the referee, he goes for the cover, Storm looks to have the victory here but Yamada kicks out at 2! Storm now grabs Yamada and he takes him to the top rope, looking for a top rope Storm Driver, Storm trying to take Yamada down but Yamada blocking it, Yamada now headbutting Storm down, Yamada on the top rope, Yamada going for a top rope lariat but Storm catches him with a bullet! Yamada down now, Storm now going out of the ring and he slides a chair into the ring. Storm about to go for a storm Driver on the Chair but the ref is back up! The referee now distracting Storm sliding the chair out of the ring! Storm now distracted and Yamada takes advantage nailing Storm with a massive Falcon Arrow! Storm down now, Yamada grabs Storm up immediately and he drops him with Project Murder! Yamada now with the cover on Storm and he gets the pinfall! Yamada ending the hope of Strike Force going undefeated the whole night early on. Storm pissed off clearly. Yamada though getting a victory and perhaps giving him the chance to get a championship opportunity in SFW. Well now we move on to something completely different, we have a parking lot brawl as Azrael takes on Hollow. Parking Lot Brawl: “The Architect of Anarchy” Azrael VS Hollow Alright here we see the camera crew following Hollow as he makes his way out to the parking lot, Azrael now seen sitting on a car awaiting the arrival of SFW’s resident madman. Azrael now leaps off the Car and Hollow charges at him with the two men beginning to brawl. Hollow appears to come out ahead getting a suplex on Azrael on the Floor! Hollow now gets Azrael up and he throws him onto the hood of the car! Hollow pissed off, Hollow going to the top of the car, he goes to jump on top of Azrael but Azrael now jumps up and on top of the car with Hollow and he throws him straight to the floor! Azrael now waiting for Hollow to get back up, Hollow slowly stumbles back up and Arrow takes him out with a massive corkscrew crossbody! Hollow down, Azrael with the pinfall but Hollow kicks out at 2! Azrael now gets hollow back up, he opens up the hood of one of the cars, he places Hollow under it and Azrael smashes the hood over Hollow! Azrael now climbing to the top of the Car, Hollow still trapped under the car hood! Azrael jumps and hits a double foot stomp on the car hood pushing it down onto the trapped Hollow! Azrael now lifts the Hood of the car, Hollow suddenly laughing, Azrael laughs back at him, Azrael throws Hollow on the floor, Azrael shuts the hood of the car, he throws Hollow back onto the hood of the car, Azrael goes onto the car, he picks up Hollow and he drops him with Pierce the veil through the windshield! Hollow completely out of it but he’s still laughing, Azrael looks angry, Azrael climbing through the broken windshield and he begins just smashing the head of Hollow into the Steering wheel, Azrael now throws Hollow out of the Car, he takes Hollow over to a new car and he drags himself and Hollow onto the roof of the Car! No Don’t do it Azrael! Azrael now picking up Hollow AND HE DROPS HIM WITH PURE ANARCHY ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR! HOLLOW IS OUT IF NOT DEAD! COVER BY AZRAEL AND HE BEATS HOLLOW! Azrael defeats Hollow but Hollow’s Career might be over after that! That was insane! Medics now trying to get Hollow down carefully, Azrael looks to be walking away but wait a minute, Azrael now grabbing a can of spray paint and he’s spray painting that Anarchy symbol on the Back of Hollow! Azrael now just leaving. Well… that’s gonna conclude the pre-show for Last Shot, we’ll see you on the main card very soon!
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    Brad's Payperview Reviews

    WrestleMania 17 First Match: Chris Jericho vs William Regal: Intercontinental Championship- 2.75 stars A decent opener for the show with the build up being just weird in my opinion. It did lead to the infamous Jericho peeing into Regal's tea, but other than that it was Jericho in handicap matches and Regal attacking Jericho. The match told a story with Regal attacking the left arm of Y2J, preventing him from from going for the Walls Of Jericho. The overshot crossbody over the top rope by Jericho to Regal was embarrassing to watch, but they tried to make it work after, even JR tried his best. Match ends with a Lionsault to Regal for the three and Jericho retains the Championship. Right To Censor vs Taz and the APA: 1.23 stars Nothing much to say here honestly, what I will say is Taz was treated like a joke during the match, and his failed attempt to run off the ropes after a Irish whip, which he just fell into the second rope and up and nearly cracked heads with one of the RTC stars was ugly to watch. Match ends with then known as Bradshaw nearly beheads Goodfather with a Clothesline From Hell to win the match. Raven vs Big Show vs Kane: Hardcore Championship: 3 stars A surprisingly good match up. Raven trying to survive, Big Show using his size and strength, and Kane, who was in the absolute best run of his career, going on a rampage was fun to watch. Some fun spots in the match was when Kane threw Raven through a window, Big Show and Kane sending each other through a wall, then the ending when Show had Raven high in the air and Kane kicked Show in the face, sending both Raven and Show off the stage before running off and hitting a leg drop in the mysterious white powder to Show and wins the match and the Hardcore Title. Eddie Guerrero vs Test: European Championship: 2.5 stars A decent match up that left me confused. Two or three times while the ref was dealing with Gurerrero, Saturn runs in and slams Test to the mat, and it wasn't something of no noise like a shot to the head with a pipe or the title belt, no he picked him up and dropped him on the mat, and yet the ref goes "Strange noise? Nah let me deal with Gurerrero". Ending of the match comes without a finisher, but with the Championship to the skull of Test and Eddie wins the European Title. One spot in the match I did like was Eddie going for a hurricanana but Test counters with a sit out powerbomb. Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit: 5 stars I love this match up, two of the best technical wrestlers in the world in their prime putting on a clinic. The first few minutes of nothing but different holds and takedowns before getting to the professional wrestling part of the match. The build behind this match was both men wanted to make each other tap out with their own holds: Angle with the Ankle Lock and Benoit with the Crossface. I was always amazed with Kurt's moonsault because of the absolute hight he gets in the air was always Amazing, but then it followed up with a scary headbutt from Benoit. I'm not saying scary cause they botched it, but because of the situation that happened six years later. The ending was a tad sour to me as it ended with a pinfall from a roll up and not the submission both men wanted, but it wasn't enough to take anything away from the score. Ivory vs Chyna: Women's Championship: 1 star Ugh, I hate this match. It started with Chyna faking a concussion at their first encounter for the title at the Rumble but then here Chyna rips into Ivory, giving her no offense and then easily pins her to win the match and the title. This would be her last title in WWE before her release a month or two later. Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon: 2 stars The story I liked: Vince cheats on Linda with Trish Stratus, before she ends up becoming one of the greatest women's wrestlers of all time, which prompts Shane to return to the WWF and attack his father. This is also when Shane took over WCW right from under Vince's nose, but this didn't start the Alliance angle yet. And for two guys who can't strike for shit, that's half the match. And I never got Foley as the referee, I never did but he was there and, well okay. Shane beats down on Vince for a while before his sister Stephanie tries to help her father, that's when Trish slaps Vince and her and Steph have a catfight. Vince clocks Mick in the head with a chair, giving Foley his one thousand chair shot to the head in the matter of three years, Vince brings Linda into the ring, bad mouthing her before going to hit Shane. She stands up to the second biggest pop of the night. Yes, her standing up got a huge ass pop. Only in the attitude Era ladies and gentlemen. She kicks Vince in his infamous grapefruits and Foley goes attacking on Vince. Shane hits his first Coast To Coast on Vince to win. Dudleys vs Hardys vs E&C: Tag Team Championships: 5 stars TLC 2, you'd call me stupid to not give it the full max. Non stop action, all men got their stuff in, even Rhyno, Lita, and lil Spike Dudley, who had nothing to do with the match before hand got their stuff in. The match was crazy from beginning to end, and the most known spot of all WrestleMania, the Spear To Hell. Jeff hanging off by the titles and Edge leaping off a twenty foot ladder and spearing Jeff nearly through the mat made me mark the f out. Match ends with Rhyno tossing Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray off the ladder through two tables and holding Christian up to take the titles down. Simply fantastic. Gimmick Battle Royal: Half a star Nothing else to it, just some of the more unique Characters the WWF ever had in one battle royal, with all of them way past their prime. I was originally going to give this a dud but this was simply entertaining to me so I gave it half a star. Plus it was great to see the Sheik winning and actually getting cheered from the crowd, then Slaughter came on and locked him in the Cobra Clutch to end the segment. Triple H vs Undertaker: 3.75 stars Not as good as their WrestleMania 27 and 28 match but was still a good match up. This wasn't about the streak, but based on Triple H saying he beaten everyone and there is no one left, which Undertaker states he hasn't beaten the American Badass. The match was slow, but good matches don't need to be fast as long as it's entertaining. Also the referee was taken out for a long ass time, allowing Triple H and Undertaker to fight in the crowd before getting up top to a area where they were at least five to almost ten feet up. Taker chokeslammed Hunter off the platform but no seeing where he landed. Darn. They returned to the ring, Pedigree, Tombstone, Chokeslam, nothing. Taker goes for a Last Ride but Triple H nails him in the skull with the sledgehammer and nearly ended the streak but Taker kicked out. Last Ride to Triple H and Taker wins. The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin: WWF Championship: 5 stars What a freaking main event. The highly anticipated Rock vs Austin rematch. And the promo package for this match up is the greatest promo package of all time, fight me. The match was excellent from top to bottom. Guys hitting each other with everything they got, then Vince McMahon walks out, which I thought when I first watched this payperview in like 2005 or 2006 I thought he was going to screw Austin and Rock over and have the match be a multi man match with someone of his choice. Rock hits the People's Elbow and goes for the pin, but Vince pulled him off. Then Austin hit the biggest Stone Cold Stunner which Rock looked like a fish out of water and still a kickout. All it took was about twenty chair shots to the Rock for Austin to win, then the sight no one thought was going to happen, Vince and Austin shaking hands to end WrestleMania 17. Overall Grade: A Greatest WrestleMania of all time, and good reason, crowd was red hot, action was good-amazing, three terrific matches, and a shocking ending. Highly recommended payperview.
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    NXT(Wednesday Night Wars)

    NXT on FOX - October 2nd, 2019 - Episode 1 _________________________________________ NXT Champion Adam Cole Kicks Things Off Following an exciting video package, hyping up this “new era” of NXT, Adam Cole would come out alone, no Undisputed Era teammates in sight. He would claim that in this new era of NXT, after looking at the full roster currently in that backstage area, that this is the most “STACKED” roster in all of wrestling. However despite this, he claims he will dominate this era of NXT just as he did the last one, and that starts tonight when he defends his NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano in tonight’s main event. _________________________________________ Neville Returns to NXT, Takes on Rey Mysterio in Epic Thriller Neville, who had walked out on WWE nearly two years ago, has dominated the Indy scene since splitting however it was announced by Paul Levesque he would be returning for NXT’s new era and kicking things off in our first match-up, he would take on fellow high flyer Rey Mysterio in what was a thriller. Both men would showcase not just their high flying ability as well as speed and athleticism. It would be Neville picking up the victory over the veteran. Following the match he would take a microphone before announcing he’s not back to waist his time with “geezers” and wants his NXT Championship back. _________________________________________ WALTER Kicks Off the North American Championship Cup It would be announced backstage by NXT General Manager William Regal that due to the Velveteen Dream not resigning with NXT, they were forced to strip him of his North American Championship. Instead, a tournament is to be held for said championship with the first match being WALTER taking on Tony Nese. WALTER would dominate his smaller opponent, seemingly taking little time to put him away before securing the victory. While no official bracket has been revealed, WALTER has seemingly made himself a heavy favorite after such a dominant opening round. _________________________________________ Seth Rollins and AJ Styles Have Arrived Seth Rollins would make his way to the ring, marking his first appearance on NXT TV in three years. Rollins would claim that nearly eight years ago he won the NXT Championship and became the first ever NXT Champion in what was his true “arrival” to the WWE. Now he’s back, and here to reclaim what he feels is still his. However it wouldn’t take long before he would be interrupted by “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles. Styles would claim he’s traveled the world dominating every company he’s ever been in, from TNA, to NJPW, to WWE. He would go on to say that he wanted to keep dominating on a global scale, and that would continue by becoming the NXT Champion. General Manager William Regal would bear both their requests before announcing a block buster main event next week. AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins in a Number one Contenders match for the NXT Championship. The segment would close with tensions through the roof, Styles and Rollins seemingly both here to dominate! _________________________________________ McIntyre Pushes Through the NA Cup With Help From Some New Friends Drew McIntyre as advertised would take on international star Kota Ibushi in the first round of the NA Cup! In what was an absolute thriller, both men would take each other to the limit however just when it seemed Ibushi was going to put Drew away, The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro would make their presence known, distracting Ibushi and securing the win for McIntyre. Following the match, the three men would beat down and ridicule Kota, before standing tall, McIntyre progressing through the first round with bad intentions on the horizon. _________________________________________ Bryan, Harper and Rowan Destroy The New Day The New Day would make their shocking debut into NXT TV, much to the enjoyment and surprise of the crowd. They would announce that they are the best tag team in the world, and that of course meant that NXT was the only option for them to go to. Whoever before they could announce their true intentions, they were assaulted and beat down by Harper and Rowan! The two behemoths would dominate the three members of the New Day before leaving them lying on the mat broken and bruised. Finally, Daniel Bryan’s own WWE theme would hit to the shock of the crowd. However only disappointment would follow as he’d show clear alignment with Harper and Rowan, beating down on the New Day before standing y’all to close the segment. _________________________________________ ”The Monster” Is On NXT Rich Swann would open the next segment. With a microphone in his hand, he would talk about how through his life he’s been told that he was “too small” or “not big enough” to succeed in wrestling. For years he’s proved the doubters wrong and wants to continue to do so tonight. He challenges the biggest, strongest man in the locker room to come down for a fight. Braun Strowman would enter, in what is seemingly another big NXT signing, Jed storm to the ring, the bell ringing before seemingly sighing ten seconds, chokeslam Swann before hitting him with a running powerslam and securing the victory. Strowman has arrived to NXT. _________________________________________ Adam Cole Retains Against Johnny Gargano, The Uso’s Even the Odds In what was a thrilling main event, Adam Cole successfully defended his NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano in what was a continuation of their epic rivalry from earlier this year. Gargano would take Cole to the absolute limit however finally, Undisputed Era, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish would all make their presence known, consistently distracting Gargano until Cole picked up the victory. Following the match Undisputed Era seemingly looked to make an example of Gargano, until we witnessed the shocking debut of The Uso’s! The legendary WWE Tag Team would hit the ring before taking out all of Undisputed Era. They’d hold up Undisputed Era’s NXT Tag Team Championships to close the show, making their intentions known. The Uso’s Have arrived and they are coming for the stage team Championships. _________________________________________
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    Isaiah Carter

    Only The Best

    The program opens up with us in an all white room with a single, clean mirror, standing in front of it is 1/2 of the BPZ Tag Team Champions. "The Lionheart" BiC, who is wearing a suit that matches the room around him. He stands in front of the mirror, and adjust his suit, his beard is shaved very neatly and his hair is still messy. He does not look as tired as he did the other day, almost as if a tremendous weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. He begins to speak, looking straight into his eyes. "I am truly...living my best life" "Just a few days ago, I was down. I was sitting alone in the locker rooms, not even talking to my tag team partner or Bulletproof stablemates. But ever since declaring for that luxurious BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, my life has become somewhat of a party. Much more than before, rather than throwing back White Claws and Xanax. Clayton and I have been throwing wine parties for a few hundred people. Pro Wrestling truly changes a persons life and I am a living example of that, from class, to broken, back to class" BiC reaches over to a stand and grabs a red tie, wrapping it around his neck and beginning to tie it, as he does, he continues to speak. "I think its clear that I do what I do for the fans. All the attacks, all the beatings. There is an injustice inside the BPZ that needs to be fixed and this new injustice, this..crazy crazy injustice that we have come across this month seems to be a delusional man lost in his own thoughts, broken down from months and months. He thinks he is special, thinks he is above all just because of the way his mind thinks. A master manipulator, he thinks he has an aura of mystery but I know everything about this man. I know his weaknesses, I know his strengths, I don't care if he wants to cut my eyeballs out of my head. At the end of the day, this is still a 22 year old man from Florida who can not hold a candle to me" BiC rest his hands on the counter in front of him, looking closely into the mirror, as he breaths out of his nose, the mirror begins to fog up. As his eyes scan the mirror before locking up with the camera, as he smiles before speaking. "You do not scare me....Slim" The camera slides over to reveal a pitch black room, you can barley see anything. Besides the illuminated face of BiC, looking in the same mirror. But instead of his own reflection, he sees the face of Slim looking at him with a sadistic smile. BiC is wearing all black, a exact contrast to the previous imagery we just saw as BiC speaks. "2017. 2 long years. I had the gold, I held that title, and it felt damn good and I've been chasing that high ever since and to every single damn fan out there right here right now I am promising you. Halloween Havoc, 2019. I walk out the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship...and if not....Slim....you'll come to learn that you're not the only one, who has inner demons. Be Seeing You, Mr. Slim. The camera quickly switches back to the white room, showing BiC looking into the mirror, but now, the Mirror is showing the reflection of the other BiC. Both the same person, yet one wearing all black, blood on his face, and the other. Clean, staring at this other side of him, with a look of intrigue, as the segment comes to an end.
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    That’s an L @ICON
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    Polar Opposites

    In the wake of two thrilling nights in the land down under, BPZ has returned to the States with the latest instalment of Carnage. The first being the seismic shifts of Bad Blood, where many a championship changed hands. A memorable night for certain. The second, the continuation of the Survival Games tournament, the gruelling test of endurance and perseverance. Fortunate to him, but no so to the fans in attendance, KENJI was victorious over the Australian native, The Wrester, FDS. KENJI's theme resonates through the arena following a commercial break as the crowd rise to their feet in cheers. He walks his way across the ramp to the ring, his stern and stoic expression present, but a small glimmer in his eye, and slightest smile on his face convey his energy as The Resonator steps through the ropes. As his music fades, KENJI takes a microphone from a ring-side technician and raises it to speak, but stops himself as the rumblings of the crowd begin to takeover. He lowers the microphone and absorbs the chants of "KEN-JI, KEN-JI", holding the mic out to the crowd, prompting them to chant louder. Simple, but the crowd are more than receptive. The Resonator smirks a little as be lifts the mic to his lips. KENJI: "You know, thank you for the positivity, because the crowd back in Australia was not amused with me. It was refreshing to face someone cut from a similar cloth to me, someone that can, and does grapple like FDS. As much as I hate your guts, you can bloody wrestle. He almost had me countless times in that match.....And while you're a great wrestler, I brought a fight to you. I beat you on home turf......I know the painful feeling that brings.....but this tournament is my platform now. As we've reached and passed the half-way point of Survival Games, I finally have a decisive victory under my belt. My tournament run was always a steep climb from the start, but now that I have that victory, the momentum won't be stopping! Like a snowball rolling down a mountain, I won't be denied on the way back down to solid ground". "Now, two matches to go.....and you know what's crazy? I am third in points for A-Block, but even then, my tournament hopes are hanging by a thread. I need to win both of my remaining matches, and if Julius gains any points, I will be mathematically eliminated from Survival Games regardless. But hey, you know what? Screw that! Even if I don't go on to win A-Block, there is one thing that is in my control, one thing that my honour can bring forth....and that is putting on pro wrestling at it's very best! With the very best! Make it resonate with all of you! Show you the magic that can happen between these ropes! You're all up for that, yes?" KENJI motions to the crowd who respond with a rousing swell of cheers and chants of approval. Despite floundering in his early run in BPZ, KENJI's impact on the BPZ faithful has been felt ever since he first stepped through the ropes. And even through his new persona, KENJI's roots and connection to the crowd never went away. KENJI: "So, about those two matches. Those of you that have been paying attention, you'll notice that I haven't come out here to address you personally for a while. I'm standing here because my next opponent can't get enough of the spotlight, he's practically addicted to it. So this is some scouting so to speak, a little refresher on their preferred ground. You see, while FDS was my mirror, someone who I shared many traits and strategies with, Prince however, he is the polar opposite. Someone whose charisma is tainted with equal measures of delusion, pomp and circumstance". KENJI gestures to the microphone in his hand slightly, his expressive face portraying a quizzical thought. KENJI: "This right here, the microphone. It's a very powerful thing. Your'e able to let your true words ring out for the world to hear, and those gifted with a silver-tongue can take it to grand places. But Prince, unfortunately for you, that's all I've seen from you, just the talk. You've got your frilly shirts, shades, feather boas.....and your obnoxious third person speech. Don't take this the wrong way, that void is where I will be vigilant moreso than ever. Unlike FDS, I can't inform my strategy from myself, Prince is something very different entirely". "I tell my story in the ring, not this microphone. My canvas is visceral and impactful, yours is fanciful. You see, Prince, I don't need to bring the parade with me, because once that ring bell goes, that is when the real fanfare begins. My lariats resonate with the blasts of cannons, my submissions are cinching claws, my slams are breathes of dragon fire. Because for all the talk you can muster, bring as many tricks as you can, for you will not best me here, between these ropes". "So, I have some questions for 'The Prince'. Can you beat me? Possibly, I wouldn't put it past you.....but will you? When you really think about it.....Hmm, not so easy that one. I'll see you at Madison Square Garden. Might want to bring some concealer for when I'm done with you, my lariats might bust up that pretty face you love so much". KENJI chuckles a little into the microphone. Despite his words, KENJI's steely gaze is resolute. Even with The Prince's vastly different style, The Resonator is most certainly recognising the danger that he presents as an opponent, even if he doesn't say it. The segment ends with KENJI walking back up the ramp, raising his fist to the crowd before disappearing through the curtain.
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    Name: Mecko Nickname: The Tiger Figurehead: Killer Kross Height: 6'7 Weight: 300 lbs Gimmick: King of the Jungle Alignment: Heel Backstory: Sheridan loves his cats and visited often talking about a wrestling promotion that she participated in mentioning how a man of his size would make a large impact on the wrestling scene. With that in mind, Mecko finally arrived in BrendenPlayz. Will he dominate the singles scene with primal instincts or is there potential for him to delve into the Tag Team Scene? One thing is for certain, he looks to establish himself in the BrendenPlayz Food Chain one way or another. Moveset: Fighting Style: Powerhouse Regular Moves: Clothesline, Powerbomb , Pumphandle Slam, Samoan Drop Signature moves: Fisherman Neckbreaker, Forearm Smash, Death Valley Driver, Tiger Suplex Finisher: Discus Clothesline, Tiger Claw(Mandible Claw) Taunt: Tiger Roar Theme:
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    I Did It

    CARNAGE IS LIVE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN FROM THE ROD LAVER ARENA AND WE ARE JUST COMING OFF OF AN AMAZING BAD BLOOD PAY-PER-VIEW! But right now the new BPZ North American Champion Yelich is walking out to the ring to huge cheers from the audience here in Melbourne, as he just put on an all time classic against Arius last night, a true statement match not just for Yelich, but for the BPZ North American Championship, truly setting a high standard of what a match for that title should be. Yelich makes his way into the ring, the BPZ North American Championship over his shoulder, all the while sporting a nasty black eye and taped up ribs. Yelich gets into the ring and receives a microphone from the ringside personnel. Yelich looks out into the cheering crowd, a smile on his face, before simply addressing them. I did it. The audience in the Rod Laver Arena cheer on Yelich harder, who's smile just grows at this. I finally did it. The streak is over. The monkey is off of my back. Two years of blood, sweat, and tears have finally bestowed upon me a result in my favor. Ladies and Gentleman, your NEW BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION... YELICH! The BPZ Fans get as loud as possible in their cheering for Yelich, who detaches the BPZ North American Championship from his should and begins holding it out with his hand. This is proof that I haven't lied to you people. No one in the back ever believed me when I said I was great and that I would become BPZ North American Champion all those months ago. No one believed that Yelich could defeat the mighty Arius. He hit me with The Sentence three times, that didn't keep me down in the third fall. I hit one Concussion Syndrome Piledriver and it was over. That was proof that my words shouldn't be taken lightly, I am a threat. And if you need any further proof, well I have it right here! Yelich holds up his BPZ North American Championship as the proof and the audience cheers at this, clearly enjoying champion Yelich. Now that I've gotten a taste of victory in my mouth again, now that I have overcame the odds last night at Bad Blood, despite the attacks previously by Flynn and Bullet Proof, despite Arius being on the top of his game showing the world what a true BPZ North American Championship match should be, I want more. I don't only want to have this BPZ North American Championship over my shoulder, but I want to keep it there. In three weeks time I am set to defend my BPZ North American Championship for the first time against a man who is on fire right now. The man who not only decimated Josh to become Number One Contender, but a man who has done what I was unable to do in round one of the King of the Ring tournament, beating Hans. In three weeks time I am set to defend my BPZ North American Championship against the BPZ United States Champion Mikey. This time I'm no longer the underdog in my match, I'm the champ, I'm the favorite. But don't let that make you think I'll get complacent, I am not going to stop. I went to extreme lengths against Arius to become champion, so you best be damn sure that I'm going to go to extreme lengths against every challenger to stay champion. And at Survival Games, no matter what hardship comes my way, you will hear the ring announcer bellow, "AND STILL YOUR BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION... YELICH!" The audience cheer loudly for Yelich as he goes up to the middle rope and holds up his deservedly won BPZ North American Championship as Carnage goes to a commercial break.
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    'Bounce Back'

    After losing the World Heavyweight Champion at Bad Blood as Slim pinned Brad to win and is the new world champion. Sameer was attacked by "The Antichrist" Necce after the match. But less than 24 hours later, He had to go one on one with Hollow. We cut to the part of his match vs Hollow for Week 3 of Survival Games on Carnage LIVE! Sameer is in the corner of the ring staring down at Hollow. Sameer's clearly not having the right mindset nor being 100 percent for this match after the aftermath of Bad Blood which was less the 24 Hours Ago. Hollow is trying to get up but Sameer hits him with a Superkick before he could get back up to his feet he is knocked back down to the mat. Sameer with rage in his eyes like we have never seen before clearly pissed off about the events that happened at Bad Blood. CURB STOMP TO HOLLOW, But Sameer isn't going for the pin? Sameer picks Hollow up and a RIPCORE KNEE STRIKE TO "The Madman" Hollow looks to be knocked out cold after that vicious Knee Strike from Sameer! Sameer goes for the pin on Hollow, 1...2...3. Sameer has picked out a victory over Hollow and has gained 2 points in his Survival Games Block! Sameer heads to the back with bruises, stitches. Clearly not looking in great shape. As he goes to the back, a reporter comes up towards him at first Sameer just keeps walking away but, The reporter seems determined to get words from Sameer as she keeps following him, so Sameer stops and listens to the reporter. Reporter: Sameer, congrats on the victory tonight! Do you have any words for the BPZ Universe? Sameer: Yes I do actually, you see some people that have held the world championship, they go through a downward spiral and that will not be me. I will bounce back from losing the World Heavyweight Championship and that started off by going into the ring with another crazy psycho in Hollow and defeating him. Which is exactly what I did and next weekend I go one on one with the new Intercontinental Champion and My Tag Team Partner Smith. He has been untouchable since coming back to BrendenPlayz and I guess this weekend we'll get to see who the better wrestler is in our tag team. It's going to be one hell of a match. For the past 4 months, I have been the workhorse of this company. I have carried this company preforming in match after match even 2 in one night. I will continue to do that like I said when I came back to BPZ. I wanted to prove that I could hang with the very best that this place has to offer and I am nowhere done. Now if you excuse me I have to get ready to head on the road. I have a flight to catch to New York. I'll see you at MSG for Week 4 Sameer heads to the parking lot where he would head into his car and leave. Clearly making his intentions clear that he is not leaving or taking a break from BrendenPlayz denying any rumors of him leaving.
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    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 2 Tag Team Match Julius and Lunatic Ginge vs Arius and Shiba Our first match of the night see’s Julius and Lunatic Ginge team up to take on the odd pairing of Arius and Shiba. Arius still wants a piece of Julius despite his unsuccessful attempt at the title at Annihilation. The match turns out to be very intriguing one with Arius viciously staring down Julius at every headlock he does to Ginge. This match ends with Arius hitting the Sentence to Lunatic Ginge for the win. Shiba celebrates with Arius before Arius lays him out with devastating clothesline. Arius is a lone wolf and he wants to keep it that way. Tag Team Match First Class Express (Hans & Xavier King) vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix The first match of the tournament has the First Class Express take on the young duo of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match was pretty basic, with Hans and Xavier King using their offense well. Bishop and Maddrix impressed a lot of people but couldn’t get the win as FCE hit the Buzzer Beater for the win and now has 4 points. 7:57 Tag Team Match Joshuka Scott & Bulldozer vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next contest has the team of Joshua Scott and Bulldozer go up against Brett Storm and Jay Sellers, also known as Godsent. These two teams have a pretty decent match with Godsent using their fast paced style against Josh and his slow and methodically style. The match ends with Brett Storm hitting a 5 Star Moonsault for the win as Godsent get their first win in the Deadly Duos Tag League. 9:24 Tag Team Match Evolution & Maasa vs Brad & Aaron North Next up, Maasa and Evolution goes up against Brad and Aaron North and this was pretty good match with Maasa and Evolution building a connection with the audience despite their losing ways. They have some great moments in the match, but Brad and Aaron were just too good with their offense and pick up the win as Brad pins Evolution for the 1,2,3. 11:02 Tag Team Match The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) vs Bob Sparks & Sandman This should be a good one folks as The Flock go up against Bob Sparks and The Sandman.This match was a lot of fun to watch, as both teams looked great in this match. Bob and Sandman work well together and the chemistry between both teams is wonderful. The ending of the match saw a number of sequences that had the crowd in awe, as Buddy Ace would roll up Bob for the sneaky victory. 15:55 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron) vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) Our next match sees George and Kieron of High Octane go two on two with the Killer Machines of Bubba and Beastly. The match was a great from top to bottom with tons of maneuvers from both sides. The crowd are really into this match, with the ending saw Bubba pinning Kieron for the victory. 18:14 6 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan and Bashka vs Natedog, Ross, and Kenji. Our main event of the evening sees The team of Johnny Kills, Sheridan, and Bashka take on Natedog, Ross, and Kenji of ASCENT. It was pretty decent six man tag, as throughout the match, Natedog always tagged in himself out whenever Bashka got in the ring. Bashka finally did get his hands on Natedog near the end of the match. The match would end with Johnny Kills pinning Ross for the win for his team. Royal Flush and Bashka celebrate as Bashka seems like he wants more of Natedog. 17:48 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 3 Backstage Segment: United Nations attack Sheridan and Johnny Kills! Before the matches for tonight’s show starts, The camera’s caught United Nations ambushing Sheridan and Johnny Kills backstage. Alex hits a Destino on Johnny Kills in the locker room floor. BPZ officials scramble to get United Nations out of the locker room. Alex Costa is bad, bad man... Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our first match has Joshua Scott & Bulldozer taking on the team of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match is very basic, with the young lions showing off the moves they can do in the ring. The match ends with Josh pinning Maddrix for the win as he and Bulldozer now have 2 points. 5:21 Tag Team Match Maasa & Evolution vs The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) Our next match has Maasa and Evolution competing against the Flock. This was another very good performance by Maasa and Evolution, as these two held their own in their match against the Flock. This was solid matchup with Marker and Buddy Ace's offense too much for the Underdog duo as Buddy Ace hits a Deadeye to Maasa for the victory. 11:03 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Brad & Aaron North Bob and Sandman goes up against Brad & Aaron North. This was also a pretty decent match with the hard hitting/technical styles from both teams being noticeable in this match. Both teams looked great, pulling out some impressive maneuvers. The match ends when Bob was counted out as Brad who wasn’t the legal man grabbed Bob by the leg, preventing him from getting in the ring. Brad and Aaron win here. 13:49 Tag Team Match Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next match should be a great one as The Killer Machines go up against Godsent. This match started off hot with some incredible double team moves from Godsent. The explosive styles of both teams work well, as Killer Machines use their strength, while Godsent use their speed. The match ends with Bubba and Beastly hit Cut Throat Killer for the win as Killer Machines have 6 points. 17:46 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron Black) vs First Class Express (Hans & Xaiver King) Our last tournament match of night 3 sees High Octane compete against the First Class Express. The match is great from start to finish as these 4 men put on a great match, with tons of false finishes and every move seemed more and more awesome. The match ends surprisingly with George getting a roll up victory on King, and High Octane wins this tag match surprisingly. 18:32 6 Tag Team Match Bart, Prince, and Cody Cage vs Ropati, Brenden, and Sameer Our main of the evening is a six man tag match as Villain’s Kingdom goes up against Big Baller Brand. This was an electric tag match, Cody Cage looked excellent in the match with some fantastic reversals from people like Ropati and Brenden. Everybody got their moves in and at the end it would be Bart making Brenden go to sleep with the Cardiac Arrest. A future match for NWGP title may be in stacks after that huge win. 15:08 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 6 Buddy Ace and Marker 6 Hans and Xaiver King 4 Kieron Black and George 4 Brad and Aaron North 4 Bob Sparks and Sandman 2 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 2 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Evolution and Maasa 0 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    Daniel Bryan back in 2015-2016
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