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    Last Chance

    As the Carnage match wraps up, the screen fades out. It remains black, but sounds of pounding can be heard. After the pounding, there are light taps followed combined with the sound of heavy breathing. The screen fades out from black to show Mikey in a gym, surrounded by weights. He is currently mixing in punches on a bag with running and burpees. He sees the camera and takes a break, grabbing a bottle of water. Oh, my bad. Sorry to interrupt your little stroll through town with my intense training. Look at this. The media follows you wherever you go. I can't go with one step of freedom without someone coming up to me with a camera or microphone. "Mikey we love you, Mikey do you think you can beat Yelich?". Get the hell out of my face. I don't give a damn if anyone loves me, and I'm going to be Yelich, there's no thinking required. What do I even have to worry about? As far as I can tell, all Yelich has been doing is worrying and worrying and worrying some more. When will you get it through your thick skull? Bulletproof gives ZERO damns about you, and that's just a fact. You know, I talk big a lot, but I know my place. I'm new to the place, I'm in the lower divisions, I'm basically on a trial right now. That's why I'm dealing with you, Yelich, and not the others. So basically what I'm saying is that you're shit and I gotta get rid of it, pay my dues before I can get a promotion. And with that, Mikey goes back to punching the bag and following his routine. After a minute or so, he looks back at the camera, clearly a bit annoyed. What else do you want me to say? Talk about the United States Championship match at Halloween Havoc? Please, those fools aren't even worth my time right now. I'm focused on one thing now and one thing only: beating Yelich and proving myself. That's what it's always been about, proving I belong here. It's never been about the wins or the losses. That's why when I faced Julius in King of the Ring, the loss didn't effect me. Or when I wasn't able to win the Top To The ladder match. What really matter is that I performed in those matches. I showed the all of BPZ who I was and I gave them a reason not to ignore me any longer. But what do you Yelich? You come every day, bitch and whine about how you never get the opportunities you deserve, and you prove exactly why you don't get them. I really just don't get it. How can somebody be that delusional? You create that illusion just like everybody else, but every time you step into the ring, it shatters. And then you go about, trying to rebuild each and every time you lose until you final get lucky and the illusion stays. You got lucky once at Bad Blood, but the question everyone is wondering is can you do it again? And no one really has faith in you Yelich. Your track record's not all that great, now is it? Mikey grabs another roll of tape and sets his water bottle down, preparing to return to his workout. So keep watching your videos and whining about Bulletproof, Yelich. The more you do that, the more you dig the hole that you will rest in after our match. But I'm a decent person if nothing else, and I'll give you one last chance, and this chance only. Step out of the match, save yourself from the embarrassment. We all know what's going to happen, and it's not going to make you look good once it does happen. So just provide for yourself, save the only chance you have of getting a big chance here in BPZ again. Because by the looks of it, you clearly don't have the talent or the motivation of a champion. Hell, I don't even need a referee to make the match even, it can be as far skewed in your favor as possible and you still wouldn't stand a chance against me. And why do you think that is? Because you hide behind the illusion that you are better than me. The only problem is that I can see right through it. And come Survival Games, your illusion will be shattered. Remember Yelich, one chance to do what's right. Use it wisely. And with this, Mikey turns away from the camera, resuming his workout, seemingly hitting the bag harder than he was, fired up from his promo. The camera fades out to black and the broadcast of Carnage resumes.
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    The Great Hunt

    The setting is a jungle in the middle of the exotic country of India, Amai is hiding in a bush, with a sniper rifle he; he looks down the scope, and is getting ready to pull the trigger, until the camera man pulls up on him. Amai then turns around. Oh jesus! Keep it down! I’m out here hunting, hunting for the biggest tiger of them all, now why don’t you leave me to do what I need to do, after all, this will only help my chances at Halloween Havoc when I have to defend this little baby of mine- Yes! I’ve found one, time to get the shot all lined up, 3..2..1… Amai pulls the trigger, but he misses, and the tiger gets away, leaving Amai disappointed in himself. That was nothing but a faulty bullet! Don’t worry, I’ll get that little sod next time... Speaking of tigers, I heard there’s a little cat challenging me for my precious prize, well a challenge it is indeed, and I can’t wait to meet this foolish individual who wants to step to the Moneymaker. The little weasel trying to pipe himself up to face the big dog of the NXT division; getting too big for his boots, trying to jump to the front of the food chain like a sodding rascal. I don’t care who he is, or who he thinks he is, he can think he’s a tiger all he wants, he can think he’s the biggest cat in the jungle, but the statistics speak for themselves, I’m not the champion for no reason. Amai shoots another bullet into the air, seeing all of the birds flying up into the air, scared for their own well being, before laughing sadistically into the camera. You’re not a tiger, you’re just a little ginger spotted cat, you are not even worthy to challenge me, the king of the jungle, the peak of the food chain, the lion of the pack. Your skulls mean nothing to me, they don’t scare me, they don’t phase me. Your killer instinct is nothing but a fragment of your false consciousness. You’re not the king, you never will be. The lion always wins and that’s a fact. Amai sets his sights onto another tiger, he smirks, looks down the scope, breathes in, lines the shot perfectly, and he is getting ready to pull the trigger… 1..2..3… He did it, he killed the tiger, he walks up to it, laughing hysterically as he has just murdered the poor creature. He lifts the tiger up by the head, and points it to the camera. You see, this is what happens to tigers, when they try to step up to the king. And this is what will happen to you, and all the other posers that want to step up to me. I will slaughter everyone just like I have slaughtered this little piece of trash, and I will stand tall, with the title in my hand, again. Because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. The camera fades to black as Amai throws the body of the tiger to one side, and lifts up his NXT championship from around his waist, and looks deep into the lens of the camera, and smiles.
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ Writeups

    Sameer vs Brenden {BPZ Mania V} What a night this has been thus far, but we are just getting started. It is time, for a emotional battle, that has been in the making for over 5 years. Lets take a look at what this feud has become. 5 years... is a long time. A long time of struggle, ups and downs, and working his ass off. Sameer was on top of the world in June of 2019, but it all came to screeching hault, when "The King" Slim returned. And took the BPZ World Championship from Sameer at Bad Blood. A new champion was born, one of evil intentions. But where did this leave Sameer? A Break from BPZ... indeed. Sameer wouldnt be sen until the Royal Rumble match, where he would return to his home, as the #1 entrant. He would outlast 27 other competitors before, it would all become a nightmare. Nothing more, nothing less. The Owner of BPZ would join us ringside, eyeing Sameer, joining the ring and tossing him out of the ring. Brenden would smile and then walk to the back. Brenden: See, everyone thinks this was personal. That I had some vendetta against Sameer, no the kid is great. This is about sending a message, showing everyone who is the boss, who runs this joint. Sameer, you are going to hell, and when im finished with you, your pathetic career will be over! Sameer: I have done so much for this company, so much for Brenden. And this is my reward for it c I am screwed out of my big moment, at BPZ Mania V. Well I guess I have a new dream, beating the crap out of Brenden! First up is Sameer, a man of integrity. As we saw in the promo package, he is ready to get his redemption here tonight. But can he do it? This is Sameers chance to show he is the top star in BPZ for good. The cheers, echo throughout the arena. Before they begin to turn into a roar of boos. Next up is Brenden. The man who cost Sameer his chance in immortality. But rather wants his own chance at this, he is ready to take the piss out of Sameer, does Brenden still have it? As the boos get stronger, Brenden walks out from the back, with a stone cold look, spitting out the water that he just took a sip off. Now walking with a purpose. The bell rings, a staredown ensues for a few moments. Before a wild brawl begins, both men laying punches to eachother's skulls. This just proves how much hatred there is between these two men. A few moments later, a disrespectful spit, would be placed right onto Brenden's forhead by Sameer. The hate has thickened, as Brenden's face boils, taking down Sameer, and contuing with a few punches to the skull. Brenden continues the attack for a few more moments, before getting up and saying "Come On Is That All You Got Kid?" Sameer gets up slowly, before Brenden, goes for a big lariat, luckily for Sameer he ducks under and attacks the legs. Taking Brenden down to one knee. Sameer takes advantage of this with a grounded superkick. Taking Brenden down fully to the canvas. Sameer continues the attack backing up to the corner, rather quickly. Lining up for a slingshot. But Sameer doesnt stop quite there, as he gets up striaght away and goes for a standing shooting star press. Heading for the cover..1...2... but a kick out by Brenden. Sameer seems a little surprised, but frustrated at the same time. He exits the ring, looking under the ring, taking out what seems to be handcuffs. Jesus, Sameer wants to torture Brenden doesnt he? He enters the ring, but Brenden is completely functional, as he awaits Sameer's presence and hits a low blow. After striking Sameer with the low blow, he takes the handcuffs from Sameer, locking them in place. Sameer is now stuck, having nowhere to go. Brenden smiles, realizing this. He begins to exit the ring, looking for another torture weapon. He walks over to the ring announcer, taking the chair he was once sitting on. Now entering the ring, awaiting for Sameer to try to do something in this painful circumstance. When Sameer rises, he is met with a steel chair thrown at his skull. Brenden backs up into the corner once again. Sameer, using the ropes for some leverage. Trying to get to his feet, so much pain showing on Sameer's face. Sameer is now on his knees, looking at Brenden, his former friend. Brenden begins to rethink the situation, going over to his golden child, taking off the handcuffs. Picking up Sameer, but he goes for a clothesline, trying to lure him in. Sameer doesnt fall for it, as he throws Brenden outside of the ring. He follows him, eyeing a fat fan, someone must have ate too many big macs tonight, huh? He now, jumps off the Big Mac fan and hits a moonsault on Brenden. What the hell was that?! A fired up Sameer, is proving tonight, how much he is worth to BPZ. Where does Brenden go from here? We continue this amazing clash at BPZ Mania V. Sameer picks up, the wounded Brenden and places him inside the ring. He heads to the top rope, looking for a phoenix splash, but Brenden gets out of the way just in time. Transitioning into a dragon suplex, Sameer landing right on his neck. A ruthless Brenden here tonight, he warned Sameer not top provoke him or a dark side would be unveiled to Replace the COO. Brenden goes for Sameer's legs, locking in a boston crab. The agony is shown from Sameer, scratching and crawling for the ropebreak. After a few moments pass, Sameer gracefully touches the ropes, calling for the ropebreak. Brenden has no choice but to let go. As he does, he picks up Sameer, going for a pedigree. Sameer rises to his feet, staring at Brenden, their faces as close they can be, before he strikes Brenden with a knee right to the nose. Sameer doesnt stop there though, as he strikes Brenden with a Curb Stomp. Going for the pinfall quickly after..1...2.....3.... And that is it. Sameer has proven he is the next big star in BPZ by beating the boss. In a amazing match. As Sameer celebrates his victory, Brenden rises up from defeat. Pushing Sameer in anger. Sameer gets in his face, before both men hug, Brenden raises Sameer's hand in victory.
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    Candle in the Wind

    Carnage is heading into it's final hour, the build up to the Survival Games event where the titular tournament will conclude it's block matches, as well as see the Undisputed Championship defended against two returning stars. However, as the titantron goes dark, KENJI appears on the screen, overlooking from a terrace in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Spectrum Center in the distance. KENJI is dressed in his customary smart attire of a dark blue suit with dark red lining, matching the red of his pocket square, the top button of his crimson red shirt is undone, giving him a more casual look than usual when donning a suit. He fiddles with the cuff-link on his right sleeve as he leans on the railing, contemplating his upcoming match with a Former World Champion, and the setting sun on his Survival Games Tournament run. The Resonator whistles a somewhat familiar tune, but it isn't all that recognisable initially. It's sound is rhythmic, and dark. KENJI eventually ceases the whistle and exhales out to the view. KENJI: "Right over there, that's where this long, winding road finally comes to an end for me. I'd like to continue down that road, I really would.....but when I get there, they won't let me go any further. I've competed in several tournaments back in Japan, and never once have I competed at this level, or found myself this high in points before. Whether it was as a tag team, or by myself, there was always that nagging voice from all the disappointment, that I wasn't made for this. Or that I wasn't ready. That voice was still there when I joined BPZ.....look at the new class of superstars that joined when I did; Hans Clayton, former NXT and United States Champion, King of the Ring Finalist and current Tag Team Champion. Raven, 2-time NXT Champion. Mikey, former NXT Champion and current United States Champion.....". "......Until recently I really didn't have much to show for myself here. All the hype in the world, but if the history books look back at the first half of 2019 for BPZ, my name most likely won't be there. My peers have their names engraved on the gold, lasting images of their victories and triumphs. My claim to fame? Elevating them to where they are now. Many seem to have forgotten that it was I who pushed Raven to the limit at the Judgement Day.....and it was I as the challenger that held the spotlight for this companies' newest championship in the wake of BPZ Mania in it's Inaugural match and it's first ever defence. But, even that is lost to time now. All that excitement....but I wasn't ready then". "But, the Survival Games has changed that, I am ready. I always have been from the moment I stepped through my first set of ropes back in the Dojo. I believe that everyone has that spark for something greater, and most don't know it, some might never know. All they need is to step back, and see how they can find that spark". "Did you know that I voluntarily haven't entered a championship match since Judgement Day? Some might see that as letting time pass them by, I see it as a greater opportunity. While my peers may hold the championships aloft now, that is fine. I am investing in myself for the future, the real future. No flocking to these disparate factions; Bulletproof, Creed, United Nations.....it is all wrappings over the wound. I live and die on my own merits, no hiding, and no more quick flashes of promise only to falter again. I have had nothing until now, that void has given me the most compelling drive and pain that I could have ever asked for. My time after Emergence was a dark one.....one that I hesitate to tell...to anyone. But none the less, no matter how unsightly one's road to higher ground may have been, I wouldn't be here without it". "It shows in my results, two wins, one loss, one draw. I will make that 3 wins, finishing with seven points overall. Jonathan, you had better be using all this time wisely, saving up this anticipation to come out to that building over there, and give me one hell of a fight! Give me the match of my life! Show me! Show Me....no, show everyone in BPZ that the Candle that reads 'Johnny Kills" hasn't melted to nothing, show me why they called you The Ace!" KENJI clears his throat and calms down, holding his raised voice back and returning to his calm demeanour. "The patience with myself, and the commitment to myself has been rewarded.....and it will be rewarded further still. I will defeat a former World Champion in that Arena, and the stage will be set for The Resonator to really make his mark. I have proven myself against the staple names of BPZ; Bart, FDS, Prince.....After Survival Games, I take that spark, and I prove myself against the superstars that have passed me by. Those I have had fleeting encounters with, like ships in the night. After Survival Games.....I pursue what I have never stopped chasing, deep down in my heart it was always there. Whether the unstable man who called himself the "Safe Option" is holding it, or not, it makes no difference to me. In it's genesis, I was the first man amongst eight hopefuls to feel it's aura...it's essence. My very soul resonates with it on a level that nobody on this roster can fathom. None who were in that fateful match.....not even the man who held it high at the end. No matter how long it takes, The BPZ North American Championship sings out for it's true champion....and I will answer it's call". And with that, KENJI adjusts his cuff-link again, letting his adamant words ring out as he walks off screen, whistling the same tune as the titantron fading to black. The tune is now clear as a medley of "Upset Army" and "Puritania", the themes of Yelich and Mikey. The Resonator has made his intentions known, he will be watching the North American Championship Match very closely, and fully intends to do whatever it takes to climb back into contention.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    Made For: Survivor Series 2019 (Siblings At War) Found: Here
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    WWE Reborn

    WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | First Round | Part 1 Adam Brooks vs AR Fox In the first match of the whole tournament, we would see two sides of the world clash as front-runners of two of the biggest independent scenes in the world go head to head. The Australian Adam Brooks goes one on one with the American AR Fox in a match with incredible high-flying ability on display from both men. In the end, AR Fox would get the victory over the trainee of Buddy Murphy after a Fox Catcher. Marius Al-Ani vs Teddy Hart In the second match of the night, the mysterious Marius Al-Ani would take on the third-generation member of the Hart family, Teddy Hart. Despite Al-Ani's background being somewhat unknown, what we do know is that he has made his name in the same promotion that Da Mack from the original Cruiserweight Classic did, a German promotion named wXw. In impressive fashion, Al-Ani would do better than his wXw colleague as he would defeat Teddy Hart and make it to the second round, using his size and strength to overcome the technically sound third-generation superstar. Shane Strickland vs Stacey Ervin Jr In a clash between two American representatives, a man that has been at the forefront of the American independent scene for a number of years now, Shane Strickland, would take on a WWE Performance Centre prospect in the former NCAA gymnastics medallist, Stacey Ervin Jr. Despite the mesmerising combination between his gymnastic expertise and the wrestling techniques taught to him by the illustrious WWE trainers, Shane Strickland would show why he is arguably the hottest free agent in the American independent scene by defeating Stacey after a Swerve Stomp. Chris Ridgeway vs Low Ki In a very hard-hitting affair, the English Chris Ridgeway would take on the American Low Ki who has decided to represent Puerto Rico in this tournament as a tribute to his heritage. Formerly known as Kaval, Low Ki has a huge experience advantage over Ridgeway in terms of professional wrestling but Ridgeway does have experience in various mixed martial arts, including Muay Thai and Karate. Ultimately, after the two men would literally kick the hell out of each other, Low Ki would put the match to bed with a Warrior's Way.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax Finals PPV G1 Climax A Block: Toru Yano VS Jon Moxley Finally, we have reached the G1 Finals of this year, and what a card we have in store. Mathematically, every single match on the card could theoretically have an impact on tonight's finals. The evening kicks off with Toru Yano, currently at six points and one of six men mathematically eliminated from the tournament, looking to play spoiler against Jon Moxley. Moxley sits as co-block leader with ten points, but he has dropped matches to block leaders Tetsuya Naito and Tomohiro Ishii. Moxley must hope for victory here, a loss by Naito and for Okada to beat Ishii if he wants to win the A Block tonight. However, Moxley's hopes of winning the G1 seem to go up in flames early, as Toru Yano makes magic happen for the second time against Moxley, pinning him with a roll-up. Though Yano is mathematically eliminated already, he manages to play spoiler yet again, and Jon Moxley is livid, throwing a fit at ringside. With this loss, Moxley's hopes of winning the G1 are officially over, and he will finish the tournament at ten points and no hope to reach the finals this year. . G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS Christopher Daniels The first B Block encounter of the evening sees Christopher Daniels look to continue his recent win streak. Although mathematically eliminated, Daniels has scored impressive victories in two recent weeks, and looks to continue that streak and end tonight with a respectable eight points. However, he faces Johnny Puro tonight, currently seated at eight points and looking to tie current block leaders. If Puro can score the win tonight and if the rest of the block manages to remain capped at 10 points, Puro could still theoretically make it to the finals, but he must win this match before anything else. Ultimately, just as Puro appeared to have victory in sights, lining up a Starship Pain, Daniels would dodge out of the way and immediately capitalize with the Best Moonsault Ever, putting away Puro. Both Daniels and Puro now end at eight points, both mathematically eliminated from G1 contention, but ending with an overall respectable performance nonetheless. . G1 Climax A Block: Juice Robinson VS Jeff Cobb The second A Block match of the night sees Jeff Cobb look to score one final victory, despite his hopes of G1 victory being all but over by this point, against Juice Robinson, already mathematically eliminated from the G1. In a stiff, hard-hitting clash, Juice Robinson would score one final victory in the G1, slipping out of the Tour of the Islands to catch Cobb with a Pulp Friction. Both men will end the A Block with a respectable eight points, though both men will certainly be unsatisfied with ending below average. . G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS Brian Cage The second B Block match sees Brian Cage look to end his recent string of losses against Matt Riddle. Cage began this tournament with an impressive four wins in a row, but he's since dropped his last four. Matt Riddle enters this bout with only six points, being inconsistent so far, and he looks to stop Brian Cage from tying the current block leaders. Ultimately, Cage's woes would continue, falling to the King of Bros in a hard-hitting clash after submitting to an Armbar. Cage and Riddle will both end this tournament at eight points, especially disappointing for Cage considering his hot start. . G1 Climax A Block: Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr. In a rematch between Suzuki-Gun stablemates, Lance Archer looks to get his win back over ZSJ, who scored the victory in their last encounter. Archer enters this bout at six points, already eliminated from G1 contention, but ZSJ enters with eight points. Though unlikely, if ZSJ wins here and the A Block remains capped at ten points, ZSJ could make it to the finals in tiebreaker matches. However, ZSJ would not get the chance as Lance Archer gets his win back over ZSJ, putting him away with an EBD Claw. Archer and ZSJ will both end the G1 at eight points, and this mini-series between Suzuki-Gun members is now tied up at 1-1. . G1 Climax B Block: Pete Dunne VS Sami Callihan Both Sami Callihan and Pete Dunne enter this bout tied at eight points, and with them each scoring victories over block leaders Shinsuke Nakamura and WALTER respectively, a victory here would give one of these two men an unlikely long-shot at winning the B Block, assuming the current block leaders score no more points. Though the Bullet Club runs their typical interference and shenanigans, Pete Dunne would not be stopped on this night, catching Callihan and putting him away with a Bitter End. Callihan will end the block at eight points, eliminating him from G1 contention, while Pete Dunne moves up to ten, leaving his hopes of victory in peril, but still possible. . G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Hiroshi Tanahashi The second to last match of the A Block sees IWGP Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito look to score one last victory to ensure his spot in the G1 finals. Naito is currently seated at ten points, but one of his losses came against Tomohiro Ishii, also at ten points. To guarantee that he makes it to the finals, Naito must win this match and hope Okada beats Ishii later tonight, or that the two men draw. However, Naito is in for possibly the hardest match of his G1, facing Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi sits at an uncharacteristic six points and is now only able to play spoiler, unfamiliar territory for Tanahashi. However, Tana would prove that he's still a top-level competitor, putting Naito away with a High Fly Flow. Tanahashi ends at eight points, very low for his standards, but more importantly, Tetsuya Naito will end at ten points. Naito must now rely on a non-time limit draw between Okada and Ishii if he wants to make it to the finals, and that would only come through extra tiebreaker matches. WIth this victory, Tanahashi has just made Naito's chances of G1 victory diminish greatly. . G1 Climax B Block: Bobby Lashley VS WALTER The second to last match of the B Block sees co-block leader WALTER, currently at ten points, look to score one last victory to put himself ahead of the pack. If WALTER wins here, it would ensure the only man left who could outscore him would be Shinsuke Nakamura. However, he must get through Bobby Lashley, currently at eight points and looking to join the block leaders. If Lashley wins here, he will join Pete Dunne, Shinsuke Nakamura and WALTER at the top of the block, potentially forcing extra tie-breaker matches. Ultimately, that's exactly what would happen, as the Ring General would fall to the Destroyer after a massive spear. Now, all eyes are on Shinsuke Nakamura VS Daniel Bryan, as the B Block could be forced to enter tie-breaker matches based on the results of that match. . G1 Climax A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Tomohiro Ishii The final A Block match of the night sees IWGP champion, Kazuchika Okada, face NEVER Openweight champion, Tomohiro Ishii. Okada and Ishii both enter this bout with ten points, leading the block alongside Jon Moxley and Tetsuya Naito. This means that as long as there is a decisive winner or a time limit draw, the A Block will be won by one of these two men. In a hard-hitting clash between these two champions, Tomohiro Ishii would manage to score the surprising victory, putting away Okada with a Brainbuster. With this victory, the sentimental favorite of the G1 every year has finally managed to make his way into the finals, and he is now one victory away from finally winning the G1 and main eventing Wrestle Kingdom. Whoever wins the B Block is in for a rough time, as the Stone Pitbull looks more ready than ever before to finally win the G1. . G1 Climax B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Daniel Bryan The final B Block match of the night returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura, currently at ten points, look to secure a spot in the G1 Finals against A Block leader Tomohiro Ishii. If Nakamura either wins or goes to a time limit draw with Bryan tonight, he will face Ishii in tonight's main event for the G1 Climax Finals. However, Daniel Bryan isn't going to make that victory easy for Nakamura, as if Bryan wins here tonight, he will move up to ten points, tying block leaders Nakamura, WALTER, Bobby Lashley and Pete Dunne. Nakamura enters this match the heavy fan favorite, with Bryan being viscerally booed by the New Japan faithful. In a fantastic, hard-hitting clash, Daniel Bryan would prevent Nakamura from making it to the G1 Finals, putting him away with a Knee Plus. After this victory, Daniel Bryan and Shinsuke Nakamura are ushered to the back as Yuji Nagata comes out, stating that they must look over the numbers and figure out the best course of action to deal with this five-way tie at the top. In the meantime, Nagata announces that it is now time for the Junior Heavyweight tag title match. . IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag title match: Bullet Club (Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo) VS ??? Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo enter first, this time notably without the Bullet Club surrounding them. Taiji and ELP both grab microphones and call out whoever it is that wants to answer their challenge. They promise there will be no Bullet Club, as they want to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are the best tag team in the world. As they say this, they're interrupted by the men who will be answering their challenge... THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS! Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are here! Taiji and ELP immediately look at each other in shock, and as Shelley and Sabin enter to a raucous ovation, the Bullet Club pleads with Red Shoes Unno to cancel the match. Of course Unno doesn't oblige, and as soon as the Motor City Machine Guns enter the ring, the match is underway. In a fantastic bout that goes nearly 20 minutes, Shelley and Sabin put away ELP with a Made in Detroit, earning the MCMG the victory. Your winners, and the NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns! The MCMG celebrate to a raucous ovation, with Shelley's return to New Japan being an immediately successful one. Now, with new Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, Yuji Nagata enters the arena again to make the announcement regarding the tied B Block. Nagata says that after looking over the G1 results, he noticed that Bobby Lashley, Pete Dunne, WALTER and Shinsuke Nakamura all had one thing in common...Losses to Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan was the only man who scored victories over all the other B Block leaders, meaning that he will win the tie-breaker and face Tomohiro Ishii in the G1 Climax Finals, which will happen right now! The crowd is visibly upset at the news of Daniel Bryan being the B Block winner, and it's clear that they will be in firm support of the Stone Pitbull tonight. . G1 Climax Finals: Tomohiro Ishii VS Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan enters first, mounting the most unlikely comeback in G1 history and winning the B Block with only ten points, a score he shared with four other men. Bryan is booed heavily upon entering, but he brushes it aside. However, Bryan enters this match with less rest time than Tomohiro Ishii, though considering that it's Daniel Bryan, a cardio machine, this likely won't be too much of an issue for him. Out next is the Stone Pitbull, Tomohiro Ishii. The sentimental favorite of the G1 every year, and the clear fan favorite tonight, this is the closest Ishii has ever come to winning the G1. However, he faces Daniel Bryan, arguably the greatest wrestler in the world, and despite the brief rest he received over Bryan, Ishii will be in for the fight of his life. In a stiff, hard-hitting and emotionally thrilling bout, Tomohiro Ishii's G1 hopes would go up in flames yet again, falling to a Knee Plus from Daniel Bryan. The winner of the match, and the G1 Climax 30 victor, Daniel Bryan! Bryan celebrates his unlikely victory, the crowd showering him in boos, and he is presented with the G1 Climax briefcase. He grabs a microphone and tells Kazuchika Okada that he told the Rainmaker he was gonna face him at Wrestle Kingdom. After winning the G1 in his first ever attempt, in his NJPW debut, he looks to make history yet again by putting down the Rainmaker and adding another world title to his already incredible resume. New Japan signs off for the night, a disgruntled crowd watching on, as the final G1 results are displayed. . Final standings: A Block winner: Tomohiro Ishii 12 points: Tomohiro Ishii 10 points: Tetsuya Naito, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley. 8 points: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Lance Archer, Toru Yano, Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Zack Sabre Jr. . B Block winner: Daniel Bryan 10 points: WALTER, Shinsuke Nakamura, Pete Dunne, Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan. 8 points: Brian Cage, Sami Callihan, Johnny Puro, Christopher Daniels, Matt Riddle. . G1 Climax 30 winner: Daniel Bryan . Predictions Gwyn: 12/15 Sameer: 7/15 Icon: 6/15 Alex: 6/15 Smith: 5/15 Epic: 4/15
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ behind closed doors

    After a night of fun packed action, at BPZ Mania IV, it is time to have a look at the events that have taken place, on this edition of BPZ: 24 So we start off, with a great match here. Between four amazing performers, Bart, Bic, FDS and Prince. Or maybe four hoes, who knows these days? But nevertheless, I feel the right guy won. Bic was insane leading up to this event, and deserved recognition for it, and he surely got it, with the Intercontinetal Championship over his shoulder. James Azma: Um excuse me, Icon, what do you think of hoes, are you fond of them? Icon: Omg, shut the hell up. I am fed up with your stupid questions, why did I even hire you again? Next up is, The Saviors vs Big Ballers. Surely, a big contest here, with four stars in BPZ. I feel Julius and Ropafi has the slight edge, just because of the chip, Julius and Ropati has on their shoulders. Trying to beat the boss, why do I think the wrong team one? It is rather simple, I feel Julius carried Ropati a bit, and Big Ballers were on top of the world at this point, and I feel they should have retained. Man this was so enjoyable, I enjoyed both Bart’s and Echo’s promos. It was a bit sad, that Necce was mostly unfeatured in this feud. But both Echo and Bart, really took eachother to the limit. I feel the right guy won, because of the way Bart presented himself, he was able to pull of killer promos consistently, while Echo has great promos, but lost a bit of the consistency aspect. A clash of many great talents. Who would lead us to the future, but for the present, one man really stood out for me. And that was Hans Clayton, a wrecking force in this match and for months to come. I really felt the right guy won, as Hans worked his ass off and got the gold for doing so. This was a close one, all 4 men world pretty hard. And I feel it really came down to, who put their heart into it until the end? And for me, it was Marker. Lad was insane the whole month, and his performance in the ring was no different. A future star in the making, Arius against 2 well established veterans. This was Arius’ time to prove he is the real deal. And damn, how he did just that. What a performance in that ring, and the whole month leading to this big match. Arius was just too much for Ropati and Yelich, and came out with a well deserved title defense. Money In The Bank Matches, are always awesome to to watch. This was no exception, so many verterans, all in one ring. Eyeing for the same prize, but who wants it the most? And your answer would be revealed, when Sameer snatched that briefcase. His work across that month, was insane and truly deserved this win. The match that we have all been waiting for, the main event, for the BPZ World Championship. Flynn vs The Bailey. Bailey would win the Royal Rumble, to challenge Flynn here tonight, but can he win the big one? He surely did, and he deserved it. His promos were great, worked hard as a dog, and won the title for it. Thanks for joining me here tonight, Hoes. Next up is Jason with his who knows what? I hope you enjoyed this one!
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    Mr. Smith

    With the final block matches of Survival Games only days away, with the epic triple threat for the Undisputed Championship coming closer, the atmosphere not only in the stadium but throughout all of the BPZ Universe is electric. Coming into the fifth week of the tournament, emotions are widely contrasting to those from the start. With some contestants mathematically already eliminated and others still needing to win their final match, desire and despair clashes within the lockerroom but outside of that circle, the fans are held to nail-biting suspense as the winner of each block is yet to be determined. Next weekend, at the Survival Games event, for four men, five weeks of triumph all become negligible as they battle it out to decide who wins their block, with Bart and Julius fighting to decide A Block, and Slim and Smith fighting to decide B Block. With such sacrifice on the line, with four of the biggest stars in BPZ Wrestling clashing heads, with storied pasts behind both matches, the BPZ Universe is expecting nothing less than two heated and impassioned wars between these men. With these thoughts running through the minds of every fan, their attention is suddenly redirected to the stage as the signature drums of Eli Smith's theme blast through the speakers and around the arena. Moments go by but there's no sign of Smith at all. Suddenly, the music cuts out, leaving the arena in silence until a ghostly yet harmonic humming of a woman can be heard. As the ominous tune is continuously sung, distorted footage of Eli Smith's demon side, The Enigma, that we bared witness to in 2017 through to 2018, is shown on the screen, approaching the camera. As the footage comes to an end, the humming slowly fades out but the voice of the man himself, Eli Smith, speaks over the blackness that we are left with, in a calm, gentle tone. For over a year, I traveled the world, trying to improve myself, leave the demons of my past behind. I worked my ass off daily to improve myself, not just as a competitor but as a person. Then, I finally got the call that I had been hoping for and I thought from there, the hardships, the gloomy hours, I thought it would all be left behind. As I stepped back into BPZ, I chose the virtuous path, I expected my return to be triumphant, benevolent, jubilant. With every turn I took, I tried to take the right one, do the right thing but since I've been back, since I returned to BPZ Wrestling, it seems as though everywhere I go, darkness follows me closely. I thought I had escaped the demons I left behind in 2018 but it's like, as soon as I stepped back into BPZ, those demons came back; it's like I never got rid of them, as if I just left them here, praying for me to return so that when I finally did, they could continue to haunt me, drag me through hell as they did before. Maybe... Maybe they just never left. From The Bailey, to BulletProof, to Slim, since I've returned, these people have embodied the same demons that haunted me in the past and it's like a nightmare has come to life. When I returned, I said I was back home, I believed I was back home but- Once again, distorted footage is shown of The Enigma as it interrupts Smith. However, this time, the demon side of Smith is walking away from the camera. Now, as Smith begins to talk again, there's a lot more emotion behind every word, as he talks with an impassioned yet aggressive tone, perhaps showing signs of frustration. But I refuse! I refuse to let myself down that path again! I refuse to let those demons take over! Not even the man that stabbed me in the back, tried to ruin my career and took the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship from me in the main event of BPZMania, not even he can force me to tap into that dark side again. Even if it makes me a better performer, even if it enhances my ability in the ring, even if it leads to proving myself as an all-time great... It's not worth it! It's never been worth it! Arguably the highlight of my career, my greatest reign at the top of the mountain, it's all been ruined, polluted, clouded by the demons that I allowed to take over, all because I wanted to do what was right, all because I wanted to show that you can sit at the top of this company without cheating, without corruption, but I became too desperate. I may have stuck to my word but I let a far greater evil than fraudulence take over and I was too blinded by my own self-set mission to even realize. Every day, I regret it, every day, I hate myself for it, I despise the person I let myself become. As Smith pauses, taking a moment to compose himself after his emotions just flooded over and poured out of his mouth uncontrollably, the darkness on the screen is shunned away by light. At first, the light is too bright for anything to be made out but as it dulls down, Smith can be seen sat, staring at the camera, with light only revealing half of his face. As he begins to speak again, there's a tremor in his voice. As he tries to contain the emotions, feelings, and rage bottled inside of him, the suppressed anger is both visible in his face and apparent in his voice but the determination to keep himself collected, to not let Slim bring the dark side out of him, is much more prominent, as he continues his message. I was at the point where I wasn't even sure who I was anymore, I didn't feel like the man that had got me to where I am and I definitely didn't feel like the man that was meant to carry on my legacy but now, I'm back. I've journeyed the world, cleansed my mind and reestablished my morals because I want to do what's right, or at the least, try. I want to try to do this the right way. I want to try to climb back to the heights I once was at but this time, I want to do it the right way. That's why it can't return. As much as you beg for it Slim, I can't let that side of me out again. As much as it may help me in beating a psycho like yourself, I can't let it take over again. In the past, I've been blinded, by you and by my demons, but this time around, I want to do this the way I choose to. I don't want The Enigma to beat you, I want Eli Smith to. At Survival Games next weekend, don't expect me to satisfy your little crude fantasy, expect me to prove to you why morality, righteousness, and virtue shines brighter than any evil, even one as insane and wicked as yourself. So please, reminisce in the times where you were able to bring this out of me, relish in the control you once had over me because the Eli Smith that stands before you isn't that man. The man that stands before you, this version of myself, this is the real, the true, Eli Smith. As the final words of a meaningful, powerful, message from Smith roll off his tongue, the final image that we are left with shows Eli Smith, in 2019, standing tall, smiling, as the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, a representation of the version of Smith that he is proud to be.
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #4: RENEGADES We are shown a man standing outside of a bar, before he walks in, looking for someone before he sees him finally, a slender white male with shaven sides, with a ponytail on top. The man who walked in sits down, before the two begin to speak as the man with shaven sides takes a shot of whiskey. ???: You know, Shawn, for a lightweight, you can down one. The camera pans to reveal none other than Shawn Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger. Shawn Spears: You know, for a cruiserweight with no charm, no charisma, you're pretty funny. The camera now pans to reveal none other than one of the best cruiserweights in the world, Ricochet. The two smirk and laugh before dapping each other up. Shawn then begins to talk again. Ricochet: Obviously, I'm here for a reason... That reason is Clash Society. Shawn Spears then looks down at another shot, clearly looking hurt by what Ricochet reveals as he downs the shot, before speaking while slamming his glass down. Shawn Spears: No. Ricochet grabs his arm as he tries to leave, as now the bartender begins to tend to a barfight. Ricochet: Don't quit now. This, is your redemption. Shawn Spears looks at Ricochet, considering his options before he then finally gives in. Shawn Spears: Fine! We need everyone here? Ricochet: Yes, the way it works is you enter with a 'house'. Whether you can stay united inside of The Sanctuary is up to us, from what I think. But the ad is really vague, so I have no idea. Shawn Spears: Who's creation? Ricochet: Heyman. Shawn Spears: Who knows what that sick son of a bitch has going on in his head... But I need this. I'm in. Ricochet: That's the Shawn I know. Get him, and the others. Shawn Spears walks over to a man, who raises a beer and chugs it to the roar of the crowd, one half focused on the man while the other is watching the barfight unfold. Shawn Spears: HENNIG! Let's go! It's time, pal. The man raises his head to reveal none other than Joe Hennig, aka, Curtis Axel. Hennig picks up another one, downs it and then nods his head as he raises his hands. Ricochet: Where's pretty boy? Suddenly, the bathroom door bursts open as a man in a grey leather jacket, and slicked back, long blonde hair comes out. He begins to talk as the camera pans up, revealing it as Dolph Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler: I heard everything, I'm in and I want you all to know. I don't care if we're a "house", I'm looking out for myself. We're all looking for redemption, we all don't care who we piss off. We're Renegades. But I'm THE Renegade. Ricochet, Shawn Spears, and Joe Hennig all look at each other, nodding as then Ziggler mentions one last thing. Dolph Ziggler: Oh, and we get Shayna off that man, we'll need her too. I hear there's women. Dolph Ziggler smirks to himself after his last comment, as the camera pans to reveal it was Shayna Baszler in the barfight, beating a man's ass! Spears, Ricochet, and Hennig all pull her away and begin to discuss it to her. Ziggler drops some money for the bartender, tightens his jacket and walks out the door, the rest following close behind...
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    Seth Rollins~ Drew Mcintyre Brock Lesnar~ Samoa Joe Randy Orton~ Andrade Sasha Banks~ Ember Moon War Raiders~ Street Profits~ Forgotten Sons Braun Strowman~ Bobby Lashely EC3~ Lio Rush Liv Morgan~ Kairi Sane Noam Dar~ Joe Coffey Amir Jordan~ Jinder Mahal Zelina Vega~ Nia Jax Heath Slater~ John Cena Eric Young~ Kane The Undertaker~ David Starr Natalya~ Nikki Bella~ Lacy Evans
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE Territories: 205 Live

    205 Live Roster: Akira Tozawa Alex Shelley Angel Garza Ariya Daivari The Brian Kendrick Buddy Murphy Cedric Alexander Chad Gable Chris Sabin Daniel Bryan Danny Burch Drew Gulak Finn Balor Gran Metalik Humberto Carrillo Jack Gallagher Joaquin Wilde Johnny Gargano Jordan Myles Joseph Conners Kalisto King Cuerno KUSHIDA Lince Dorado Mansoor Mike Kanellis Mustafa Ali Oney Lorcan Raul Mendoza Rey Mysterio Ricochet Samir Singh Sean Maluta Sin Cara Sunil Singh Tony Nese Tyler Breeze . Genesis As his first order of business for 205 Live, new General Manager John Laurinaitis would decide to set up 205 Live's first PPV event. On January 17, 2020, we will see Genesis, where the first round of a tag team tournament to crown the inaugural Cruiserweight tag team champions will take place. There will be seven first-round matches, and a surprise debuting team will be revealed that will receive a bye to the second round. After the first seven round matches, we will see Drew Gulak defend the Cruiserweight championship in a six-pack challenge against Chad Gable, Finn Balor, Ricochet, Daniel Bryan and Johnny Gargano. Along with this, he has announced that Chavo Guerrero and Shane Helms will operate as the acting commentary team for 205 Live going forward, with Aiden English acting as backstage interviewer. The full Genesis card is as follows: The Bollywood Boys (Samir and Sunil Singh) VS Joaquin Wilde/Sean Maluta Brit-Am Brawlers (Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch) VS Jordan Myles/Cedric Alexander Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS Mansoor/Mustafa Ali The Lucha House Party VS Akira Tozawa/Brian Kendrick King Cuerno/Angel Garza VS Raul Mendoza/Humberto Carrillo Sinisterio (Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio) VS Jack Gallagher/Joseph Conners Time Cops (Tyler Breeze/KUSHIDA) VS Mike Kanellis/Ariya Daivari Drew Gulak (c) VS Chad Gable VS Finn Balor VS Ricochet VS Johnny Gargano VS Daniel Bryan (Cruiserweight championship)
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    Hans Graphics

    Bob Sparks Signature: @BobdaBomb
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    BPZ Writeups

    Great write up Storm. Really cool that you did a match that I really would like to happen and is a dream match great job with the story and the match.
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #5: Blackhearts We cold-open to a dark, creepy woods as a deer is shown walking through slowly, when a spear pierces through it's head, as it folds to the forest floor, fall. A sadistic laugh is heard as we then pan to 'The Blackheart', Tommaso Ciampa standing over the dead deer as more footsteps are heard, all while Ciampa admires his work. Tommaso Ciampa: That was a pretty good shot... We are confused, as it wasn't Ciampa who threw the spear, as a new voice is heard as someone walks up to Ciampa. ???: They call me Killshot for a reason. It now shows Killshot standing next to Ciampa, admiring the deer with him as we now know it was Killshot who threw the spear, not Ciampa. A third man walks up, as Killshot and the man get into each other's faces, as it is revealed as Dante Fox, as Fox and Killshot, former friends turned rivals get into each other's faces, before Tommaso continues to speak. Ciampa: Dante, Killshot, stop. You two are the key to us winning Clash Society. You two are former friends, I don't give a fuck about your wars in Lucha Underground. Wars make brothers come together. Tommaso Ciampa looks remorseful, most likely about his former partner Johnny Gargano who is in NXT. Ciampa then is shown walking away as Killshot and Fox nod at each other. It shows Ciampa walking up to a man sitting down, meditating as Ciampa asks what he's doing. Tommaso Ciampa: We're about to leave. Are you in or not? It is revealed to be TJP, as his eyes are completely black as he stands to his feet, with Ciampa smirking as TJP says nothing, just walking ahead. Suddenly, an engine is heard as a rover pulls up to where they stand, as hopping out is none other than Rosemary. Rosemary smirks at Ciampa, who smiles back as they load into the rover, with Ciampa hanging on the outside as they drive off, onto the road and on their way to Clash Society...
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    Elite Pro Wrestling- Episode 2 Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles John Cena started the show and demanded answers for the attack that happened last week. The Acension was ordered to attack, while a real man, Cena said, would have spoken out his issues himself. He offered that person a chance to redeem himself. He dropped the mic on the ground and waited for an answer. However, it looked like no one would come out. Then, the lights went out, and when they came back on, we say a bloodied Cena laying in the ring. Curt Hawkins came out to the ring. He said that it was unbelieveable that he hadn't gotten to feature on the first show in the company's history. He said that he had been underrated for his entire career, but that today would be the day where he would change this. He then asked ANYONE on the roster to come out and face him. And he got his wish, when Braun Strowman came walking out to the ring. A referee would run after him, as Braun entered the ring and didn't wast any time to go to work. He hit a running powerslam and teased a pinfall, before hitting another 3 and pinning Hawkins . The EPW roster was going to a photoshoot, where all wrestlers would have photos taken of them to put on the roster page on the EPW website. However, when the name of Shane Strickland was called, there was no one coming out to get the pictures over with. When camera's rushed out to see why he wasn't there. When they entered the backstage area, the reason very soon became evident. The camera's woud find Strickland caught up in a brawl with his arch-enemy, Dante Fox. The two would quickly be broken up by security, with both shouting at the other. We then saw The Miz and Bischoff talking backstage. Miz said that he had been screwed by the incompetence of Robinson and Devlin. He wanted a tag match with a partner of his choosing to prove it. Bischoff would agree and say that Miz could also get a match against Juice at the PPV and that his partner could take on Devlin at the PPV. Miz would walk away looking pleased. However, Bischoff added a stipulation to the tag match. Whoever managed to get the pin or submission in tonight's match would see his match at the ppv turn into a Intercontinental Championship match. Miz's tag team partner turned out to be none other than MJF. The two would demand to be introduced by the name of the Upperclass. Them and Robinson&Devlin would have a great match, full of action. In the end, the Miz would be the one picking up the pinfall. When the referee was busy dealing with MJF, Miz would hit a low blow on Devlin, before finishing him off with the Skull Crushing Finale. This means that at the PPV, the Miz and Juice Robinson will compete for the Intercontinental Championship.
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    When Brock beat Kofi in 6 seconds: Then when Cain came out:
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    Alex Costa


    As Mirage is talking suddenly Ties That Bind begins playing signaling that "The Portuguese Archangel" Alex Costa is coming: As Mirage looks towards the ramp and the music keeps playing nothing happens for a while. Suddenly the crowd pops hard however Mirage is still confused when he turns back around and: SPEAR! ALEX JUST SPEARED THE LIVING LIGHTS OUT OF MIRAGE! Quickly Alex leaves after nailing Mirage with this Spear as the Crowd cheers him on. What does this mean? Was this a message towards everyone in the US Title Division? The Seguement ends as Mirage is clutching his ribs while Alice checks on him.
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    Mrs. Smith

    We are shown the streets of the United Kingdom, as we are led to believe that this is a segment featuring the United Nations, until the camera cuts to Slim, grinning, in a car as he begins to talk, clearly addressing the recent comments by Smith. I'm not gonna lie Smith... You almost had me fooled. Slim looks like he's contemplating something, nodding as he puts a sly grin at the camera. He then begins to talk again, explaining himself. The way you conducted that interview, the way you carried yourself. I almost thought he was gone... And then, you proved me wrong. Slim begins to talk in a whisper, almost giddy at what he's saying. And you know what Smith? I'm gonna bring it out. Slim laughs as he begins to talk. You see life, it's just a bad joke. A cruel one. We attain success based on the goals we set for ourselves, live by a moralistic code and live by pretenses for love and morality... But they're phony. Smith, me, you, we are self-serving. We do what's best for us, and we were created to do that. We can't change it, but you know what it tells me? It tells me that at the end of the day, no matter what we do, it's always in our best interests even if we lead ourselves to believing it's not. I had three very good friends, we're doing some illegal things. We all get busted, 12 raids our house and we go down. We're talking, we could do 20-25, and they're questioning us. We're 16-17 at the time, and my one buddy, he stays quiet. Soon enough, they get us a public representative. The quiet one speaks to him first, he comes to me, tells me we're gonna nail it on one of the guys. Three of us blame it on the fourth. He goes to jail, we get probation. Slim smirks, as he continues his point. Eventually, loyalty folds Smith. I see the same thing happening with you and Sameer, you two will eventually lose your friendship, over a bad decision you shouldn't have made... Slim looks remorseful for a second before beginning to talk again. As I move forward and forward in life, I am shown we are meant to destroy. Destroy friendships, relationships, people, objects, or my personal favorite... Society itself. Slim grins ear-to-ear as he delivers "society itself": To break down society, you have to break down the pillars first. If you can get to the people everyone looks up to, it causes doubt. Thinking. "If he could get to Smith... could he get to me?" And Smith, I promise you I will break you mentally, however I have to do it. You may win at Survival Games, but if you do, I promise you it will compromise your moralities. When you ignored Mr. Trenton I knew, I knew that the destroyer in you was still there. Those demons, that monster of destruction, he's buried in there. The same man who came out after me and Nate turned on you, the same man that victimized Nebakos. You aren't meant to run around with Sameer, acting like best friends, trying to conquer BPZ together... You're meant to be right here, next to me, destroying society. Slim reveals his true motive to his obsession with Smith, as it's something no one saw coming. Slim isn't trying to destroy Smith... He wants him to join him. This, happy to be here, play it by the rules Smith is boring. I know what you're capable of, it's just gonna take one small fracture caused by a bad day. Everyone says we are moral, righteous good citizens of a society, but what we really are, is selfish, savage, creatures. We pretend to be good citizens, but all it takes is one bad day to bring out your true... colors. Slim begins to open the car down as he finishes off his statement. You know Smith, psychology would have us believe that the things we express appreciation and careness for, are the things we care about most. I disagree. Deep down, I think we all know what we don't talk about is what we care about most... Because we don't want people to know what we care about most, because we believe in our hearts, we know what we truly are. So, Smith, to break your mental, I've been... thinking. What do you care about most? In all of your messages, promos, whatever you want to call them. I've heard just about everything except one thing... family. Slim laughs to himself, cracking up as he steps out of the car, with it following him up some steps. The mailbox reads: "SMITH", as a front camera of Slim is shown, with him facing the door with a wide-grin on his face, before he knocks on the door, as he echoes two final words... "Mrs. Smith?"
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ behind closed doors

    Hey Hoes, welcome back to my show. I mean our show, sorry Jason. Today, we will be going over a few news and rumours regarding BPZ. Is Yelich Actually Happy? Recently, Yelich has been on top of the world. Dethroning Arius, for the North American Championship at Bad Blood. But after this fact, Yelich doesnt seem as happy as he used to be. Has the gold got inside his head, or does he want more? "Sometimes being a Champion, makes you reflect." Next Big Star? For a couple of months now, Mikey has been a future star of BPZ. And at Bad Blood he proved it. As he beat Josh and won the United States Championship from Hans. Which was a major accomplishment in many people's eyes. Mikey is the next big star, he gets a chance to fight for the North American Championship on October 12th. Future World Champion? Bic has been one of the best in BPZ for years now. And continues to prove that statement, as one half of the current Tag Team Champions, with Hans. But is it his time to become a 2x World Champion? Well that is it from me mad hoes, Jason dont kill them!
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #3: CARTEL We cold-open to what is a Mexican Cartel Warehouse, as the third of our six houses is introduced today here on Clash Society's Youtube. The door opens, as heels click on the ground and the voice of none other than Zelina Vega, is heard throughout the room. Zelina Vega: Boys... I have an opportunity. The hottest place in wrestling right now. Clash Society. You saw Empire led by Reigns, Ichiban led by Naito. This is our time. The camera pans to Andrade 'Cien' Almas, and Alberto El Patron sitting at a table playing cards as smirks come over both of their faces. Zelina: Where are the cousins at? We need everything we got going into this, including her. El Patron and Almas shrug their shoulders before in walks the man formerly known as Humberto Carillo, and his cousin, Angel Garza Jr. Zelina Vega smiles at them before she makes one last remark. Zelina Vega: And where i- Vega is cut off by a voice as she looks somewhat annoyed with hearing it, and the camera pans to reveal the 'Baddest Bitch on the Planet', Ivelisse. Ivelisse: I'm right here. Tension between the two as they stare down, with El Patron and Almas separating them. Zelina Vega: Well, BAD BITCH. You know the way, that dump used to be your home so you lead the way. The two try to go at each other, showing their latina attitudes, but the men hold them back before Almas picks Vega up over his shoulder, and Ivelisse walks in front, as Angel Garza Jr., and Hector Carillo follow them. The Cartel is on their way to Clash Society...
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #2: ICHIBAN We cold-open to what is a Japanese Dojo, with the word "ICHIBAN" shown across the top of the dojo, standing for "Number One" in English. We are shown a man working on his kicks inside of the dojo with a black towel over his bald head, covering it as a sudden noise of the door opening is heard, before a man walks through, screaming a name. ???: SUZUKI! The man working on his kicks is revealed to be Minoru Suzuki, as he now begins to talk, the two men speaking japanese. Suzuki: What is it, Naito? The man who walked in pans to be none other than Tetsuya Naito! Naito smiles with his signature monocle, looking at Suzuki before revealing the news he brings. Naito: My tomodachi, we have somewhere to be going. There is a new place, a SANCTUARY to prove that we are indeed... ICHIBAN! Pan to Suzuki smirking, as he then begins to speak. Suzuki: You know what this means. Naito looks confused, before his confusion turns into a smile as Suzuki returns it, the two clearly plotting. Naito: Kairi... It's time for you to captain... our... ship. Kairi Sane steps into view, smiling devlishily at Naito and Suzuki. She turns towards where the doors are, and yells something out to the laughter of Naito and Suzuki. Sane: GAIJINS! And suddenly, from a room emerges Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr., Killer Elite Squad. Kairi tells them that it's time to go on a mission, before the two follow, as ICHIBAN leaves their dojo, shutting the door behind them as the camera pans to black.
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #1: EMPIRE We cold-open to what looks to be a throne room, as nothing is heard as the room is quiet, until footsteps, one by one, begin to emerge throughout the room. A seat is taken, as the voice of the man known as Roman Reigns begins to echo throughout the throne room. Roman Reigns: I... am Roman Reigns. But you already knew that. What some of you don't know, is who I truly am. Born to rule empires as my birthright, here I am, with an empire of my own. He stands up and begins to walk around, before it shows two men with beards. Reigns grabs both of their beards, holding them like slaves as he begins to talk again. Roman Reigns: These... are my warriors. My soldiers. Raymond Rowe. Hanson. The most dominant tag team in the world, at my side as I continue to conquer every place I step into. He reveals the men as Raymond Rowe and Hanson, as he smirks to himself at the brutes of warriors he has. He continues to walk, descending down the steps down. He begins to speak again. Roman Reigns: Then, there is my young king... The man who will eventually take my place as Emperor... The man who I believe to have full loyalty and trust of me... Lio Rush. He puts his hand on his shoulder, as Rush looks up to him, smiling from ear to ear as Reigns looks back into the camera, beginning to smirk and then talking once more. Roman Reigns: To be an emperor like the great romans were, you need two things: An army, which I have already brought under my control, and you need somewhere to be Emperor of. You see, Clash Society has given me the latter. There are many houses stepping up, trying to claim Clash Society for their own well-being, but I promise you... House Empire will rule over them all. Sudden, hard footstomps are heard as Roman Reigns laughs to himself and once again speaks. Roman Reigns: How could I forget? The third thing you need, as an Emperor... is an Empress. The camera shot reveals Sasha Banks, standing there in a leather suit as she smirks, The Boss in House Empire as she and Reigns share a kiss, with Rush, Hanson, and Rowe shown above them on the steps. Reigns and Banks begin to laugh, as the camera shot pans down before eventually cutting to black.
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    All Elite Wrestling The Alternative The pro wrestling world was changed forever in mid - 2019 when Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan would create the wrestling movement known as All Elite Wrestling. With star packed events such as Double Or Nothing, All Out, and more. AEW got on a fast start as their weekly show, Thursday Night Dynamite exploded into life. Superstars such as Hangman Page, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley would be instant stands out as the first season of All Elite Wrestling would come to a halt at the Full Gear event where we would see the president of the company Cody defeat Chris Jericho in the main event for the AEW World Championship, and now as we get set for the season premiere of AEW Dynamite on TNT. We take a look at the future roster on All Elite Wrestling, and some huge signings! With the brand new "Territory" age coming from WWE, the competition has never been higher and AEW comes in as 'The Alternative' ________ The Stars Of AEW The main event scene of AEW is above all, as it has some of the top talent in the world with the world champion Cody Rhodes leading the pact. Cody defeated AEW talent Chris Jericho at Full Gear. "Hangman" Adam Page is one of the brightest stars of the pro wrestling world and many have regarded him as the best wrestler in the world, as well as Kenny Omega. "The Cleaner", who has had historic feuds with the likes of New Japan Pro Wrestlings Okada, and Jon Moxley. There blood feud is not over, and Omega is looking to continue it, as we look at another one of our stars. Jon Moxley, the man who got many eyes on AEW, Moxley is crazy, willing to do anything to win. But a new enemy arises, or should I say "Villain" as AEWs newest signing is Marty Scrull, one of the UK scenes biggest stars is coming to All Elite Wrestling, what could he have planned? Staples Of All Elite All Elite Wrestling is not a main event company, we do not focus on only our main event stars, the men who make our show is everyone. Every match, every segment, and these are the men you can count on. From our newest signing in Will Ospreay, to the crazed Jimmy Havoc. All Elite Wrestling is filled with mid-card talent, and these men are the ones to watch once Season 2 of AEW begins. The Dark Horses Of AEW The ones to watch for the future, the lower end of the AEW roster does not disappoint, as some of the best stars on the roster such as Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara stand amongst CIMA, Orange Cassidy, and more as AEWs roster is rounded out by these men. The Tag Teams Of AEW The current teams of AEW are here to win, with SCU winning the Tag Team championships by defeating Private Party, they are the top team over the likes of L.A.X, Best Friends and The Young Bucks. The tag team division will be a huge part of Season 2, and they have a lot to prove. __________ All Elite Wrestling is the alternative, and it is for everyone. Welcome to the movement.
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    NXT Future Rising

    After finally changing it’s broadcasting in June 2012 from a weekly game show format to the developmental of future WWE Talent who could star on either Raw or Smackdown. It is clear to every wrestling fan that NXT is the place where the entertainers of tomorrow are forged with it’s excellent Performance Center in which the talent are able to develop their in-ring ability and able to develop their characters with specific areas to hone their craft. Notable graduates of the performance center include: Charlotte Flair Buddy Murphy Kevin Owens Paige All of these Superstars have excelled upon making their way onto the Main Rosters of Raw and Smackdown able to make a big impact. For this series of Chronicles,we are going to explore two NXT Graduates paths and see how they perform going forward into the future. It makes sense to document this because at the time of writing, the WWE Draft is going to take place on October 11th and October 14th in correlation to Smackdown moving to Fox next week with a lot of revamps happening in the process. This Chronicle will feature 2 of the more recent graduates: Andrade and Sonya Deville whom have lots of potential to grow into incredible talents but with how things have been going recently, that progression may be slower than anticipated. Down below we are going to recap the years so far of Sonya and Andrade to see where they are at in the time of writing. Sonya Deville 2019 as a whole for Sonya has been up and down with her momentum as well as the storylines that she had been involved in. After finishing the year with a very impressive showing in the 5 on 5 Survivor Series match as well as the Evolution Battle Royal but going forward it seemed like she was being overshadowed by Mandy Rose having assisted her in a feud against Naomi which ended at the 2019 Royal Rumble. However despite it looking like she wasn't given the chance to develop,she was given an opportunity alongside Mandy Rose in the Elimination Chamber for the vacant Women's Tag Team Championship which was won by the Boss and Hug Connection. There were teases of dissension between herself and Mandy going towards Wrestlemania 35 but nothing came to be with Sonya pulling off incredible strength at Money in the Bank almost helping Mandy to Money in the Bank Glory and recently at Clash of Champions facing off against Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. In terms of stories that Sonya has been involved in,there has only been 1 main feud which was initiated by herself and it was one between her and Ember Moon which transpired during June and July over being a Nerd...yeah they genuinely feuded over a Nintendo Switch. Trust me,there will be some far better storyline reasons for feuding in this chronicle. Andrade In regards to Andrade and 2019,he hasn't done that much in terms of championships won which is surprising due to how promising he looked in NXT and his initial rise to the Main Roster with his only championship opportunity being against the Demon Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship which he lost in Saudi Arabia. One notable thing that he has been apart of is his war with Rey Mysterio which has gone over many months with the two exchanging victories over one another with Andrade and his business associate Zelina wanting to end the legend of Rey Mysterio. Despite the lack of Championship opportunities,Momentum does seem to be on the side of El Idolo with the final encounter between the Luchadors ending quite quickly with Andrade picking up 2 straight falls in a 2 out of 3 falls match and having made it to the Quarter Finals of the King of the Ring tournament. It is clear that Andrade is being touted as the future of whatever brand he ends up on if it is Raw or Smackdown. I do hope you all enjoy this diary and what directions I send these two in. The format will be doing Sonya's perspective and then Andrade's in the next post. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the experience of NXT Future Rising. Graphical credit goes to @Arius
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    WWE Territories: SmackDown

    SmackDown: The Roster Roman Reigns - Undisputed Era - Kevin Owens The Velveteen Dream - The Fiend - The New Day Becky Lynch - The Hardyz - Shayna Baszler Harper & Rowan - The Miz - Rusev Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott - The Iconics - Nikki Cross Cameron Grimes - The Big Show - Heavy Machinery No Way Jose - B Team - Johnny Curtis R-Truth & Carmella - Candice LeRae - Mickie James Timothy Thatcher - Damian Priest - Ligero Ronda Rousey - Bayley
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    WWE Territories: NXT UK

    NXT UK: The Roster Imperium - Pete Dunne - Aleister Black Antonio Cesaro - Moustache Mountain - Rhea Ripley Grizzled Young Veterans - Toni Storm - Jordan Devlin Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster - Ilja Dragunov - Travis Banks Kassius Ohno - Dakota Kai - Xia Brookside Kay Lee Ray - Killian Dain - Jazzy Gabert Shane Thorne - Dave Mastiff - The Hunt Tegan Nox - Jinny - Sheamus Ruby Riot - Eddie Dennis - Killer Kelly Wolfgang - Mark Coffey - Kenny Williams Broadcast Personnel Commentary: Rockstar Spud - Paige Backstage Interviewer: Radzi Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd General Manager: Stu Bennett NXT UK Championships and Accolades History MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE MOST RECENT NXT UK SHOW (Bold indicates the current champion) WWE United Kingdom Championship Tyler Bate Title Reign: 1 (Inaugural) (United Kingdom Championship Tournament Finals - NXT Takeover: Chicago) Defences: 4 Pete Dunne Title Reign: 1 (NXT Takeover: Chicago - NXT Takeover: New York) Defences: 19 WALTER Title Reign: 1 (NXT Takeover: New York - Present) Defences: 3 NXT UK Women's Championship Rhea Ripley Title Reign: 1 (Inaugural) (NXT UK, Aug 26th, 2018 - NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool) Defences: 2 Toni Storm Title Reign: 1 (NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool - NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff) Defences: 5 Kay Lee Ray Title Reign: 1 (NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff - Present) Defences: 0 NXT UK Tag Team Championships Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (Inaugural) (NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool - NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff) Defences: 3 South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff - Present) Defences: 1 NXT United Kingdom Championship Tournament 2017: Tyler Bate 2018: Zack Gibson
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    The season is upon us. Be gone Christmas, be gone Easter, this is the true season to celebrate. And as we countdown to our annual Halloween night i thought it might be a fun idea to (try) and watch a match from Halloween Havoc each night until we reach the final night. This is a review and a ramble all in one because i'm honestly not sure how to structure one but hopefully it is legible all the same. I might double up one day to make it an even 30 but for now we're going to start in 1989. Where it all began.. Halloween Havoc 1989: Electrified Thunder Dome Match - Terry Funk & The Great Muta vs 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair and Sting "You see this towel wrapped around my arm, about ten times. There's no way! You better be ready Gary Hart. This towel is going to be like glue on my right arm! When i get out there the only thing i'm going to be doing is watching Sting & Ric Flair kick the crap out of Terry Funk & Great Muta!" - Ole Anderson "It's Halloween and it's FULL of Havoc" - Sting "We're going to start a new dance craze here in Philadelphia, it's going to be the 10,000 waltz boogie! Featuring Ric Flair & Sting here tonight. And besides that we're going to introduce something new. Friiiiiied chicken. I'm talking about Ric Flair when we push him up against that electrified fence" - Terry Funk We've started off with some pre-match promos backstage. Funk has a way with words doesn't he? Actually i'm pretty sure this match was in connection to what is one of my favourite promos I've seen. (My WCW history is basic, correct me if i'm wrong) It isn't long winded, it's short and sweet as Terry Funk is congratulating Ric Flair on his World Championship victory at Wrestle War '89, interrupting him as he built up to actually straight out challenging Flair. But he shot him down saying Terry had spent too much time out in Hollywood to be considered a top contender. "Wait..wait are you saying i'm not a contender?" "You're saying i'm not good enough aren't you" Terry didn't take this well, snapped turning on Flair and beating him to a pulp outside the ring and hitting a piledriver onto a an unbreaking table. Funk has a way he delivers his words that is really engaging that's all i can say. Back to the match at hand. I like that they referred to Bruno Sammartino as the only person suitable of officiating this match type given the heightened risk of it. The living legend received a large reaction which was warm to see but himself being handpicked for a Thunderdome match gave me a bit of a laugh. "Listen Bruno, we know you're experienced with electricity" Of course usually whenever Ric Flair and Sting are tagging together you're left worrying about how long it's going to take until Ric Flair is turning around and showing his true colours but tonight he was behaved as he had a true enemy in Terry Funk. And this is a while before their heated history would truly spark. This is sort of a chapter in the origin of their history. I actually missed this moment at first when the commentary team marvelled in the actions of Muta. A quick playback and i noticed all the Halloween decorations the company had decided to hang off the electrified cage for the match. And as the natural order demands it one of those decorative pieces caught fire as the construction crew tried swatting at the flames quickly before anything happened. Luckily for them in one of the coolest moments I've seen in professional wrestling, Muta balances himself up the cage all to use his mist to put it out. A true hero of the people. Doesn't want to cause fires, only wants to bring paint to both Sting & Ric Flair here at Halloween Havoooooooc! (Ever since I've seen that Judgement Day Clip of Jerry Lynn growling i can't say any PPV name without imagining him saying it. It's a blessing and a curse). All this was happening will Terry Funk was doing splits between the cage and the ring like the maniac he is. Just as the match has begun the commentary team made a mention of the stake Gary Hart especially has in this match. Holding the towel for as long as he can he was gambling his income as the manager for them. It's a small detail that really goes a long way as far as the role of managers in professional wrestling go. Nothing against managers around for a different purpose but it's something that would be good to see mentioned more often. Sometimes when you have a cage or cell type match used you either have it utilised well or it just becomes a an backdrop that is there for looks and obscuring the view of an audience pointlessly. Always if you have it then you use it to its full advantage! With Terry Funk in the match you just knew it was not going to be wasted though it was Sting wasting little time dragging Muta to the floor for some cage-bashing. Even attempting to ram Muta through the cage while Flair and Funk brawl around ringside. Some nice history from commentary as they said "Started as a part of a team called The Blade Runners. I don't think his partner has progressed just like this man has" I had to double check what Ultimate Warrior was doing in 1989 and yep Intercontinental Champion or close to it. Incredible that these cross promotion jabs were happening this early between the two companies. Who know we would evolve from minor moments like this to years later where they are giving away spoilers for a championship change in WWF. Of course different people involved but still Also minor note but given the size of Ultimate Warrior and their history it's easy to let it slip your mind how strong Sting was during his career. There is a moment later in the match where Sting has Muta up in a Military Press Slam. He just stands there, frozen in time as he teases to toss Muta out to the floor, which would've been hard to get up from. But then he just slams him down in the ring sadly but for Muta it was for the best. You haven't seen such devastating offence as Ric Flair attempting to attack a man while swinging on a rope. Body to body violence. Prior to this moment Terry Funk was showing how tough the s.o.b really is as he was hanging from the cage by his arms as Flair chopped him over and over against his chest, Funk holding on without a slip until he was finished. "This started out as an Australian Rules Tag Team event but has fallen into a Texas styled Tornado tag event" I've heard that phrase come up a lot during these classic matches and when i first caught the phrase i had a sense of pride about myself thinking tag team wrestling was created in Australia (I was young). From what i can tell the term "Australian rules" was just used to make the match sound special but if tag team wrestling supposedly originated in Australia i'd be happy to know it. There is a moment later in the match where Ric Flair lets go of his leglock all of a sudden and Muta escapes to the outside. I was wondering obviously why since Terry Funk wasn't anywhere near him and Muta didn't seem to be turning the tide. Then the commentary team started to attempt an explanation by saying that Ric Flair hadn't locked in the submission to his liking or the moves full advantage so he let go of the submission to reapply it before Muta escaped to the outside. Luckily Muta is able to take advantage of it. While in the background you get a nice glimpse of Sting paying homage to Tarzan and pulling it off better than Flair in fact. But he honestly reminded me of Pirate Paul Burchill making his entrance on Smackdown as Sting swung on the rope against Terry Funk who was caught on the cage. This backfired though as Terry Funk in scuffle was able to tie up Sting to the cage and that left Flair on his own. Honestly outside of a few moments Great Muta didn't do as much in this match as i would've hoped Obviously given the type of match they were given to work with you can't expect a usual match but i still feel most of the offence was given to Terry Funk against both Flair & Sting and he only shone a few brief moments. As the commentary were talking highly about him being unpinned in the company and his skill. While also making "Fried Wonton" jokes as he neared the top of the cage earlier. near the electric barrier A nice balance. The end of the match goes off the rails in a fun way. Ole had made his way up the cage in an effort to help free Sting from the deadly Texas knot Funk had created for him. The ovation was deafening for that brief moment that he was able to get free and took it a one step forward. Sting was able to dive with leverage off the high part of the cage onto Funk in the ring which was amazing to see. Funk is hurt, Muta is taken out (though the camera completely missed it) and so comes the Figure-Four from Flair. But it gets better as Sting climbs high again on to the top rope for a splash on Terry Funk which honestly is one of my favourite double-team moves now. This is where it gets into the final gear. Great Muta trying to hang on to the match for some reason attempts to attack Bruno, the referee but in turn gets knocked back out of the ring instead. An irate Gary Hart jumps up on the apron to object on Bruno fighting back and so Ole Anderson jumps to action sending him back down with a right hand to the jaw. In that scuffle Hart to drops the towel to the mat which Bruno takes that as him giving up and the match is over. I was looking forward to seeing this match, i chose it obviously because of all the people involved and it was just off the walls wasn't it? There have been crazier matches but something about this just suckered me in. The way their bodies were flailing against the structure and the ring, it felt like a brawl. The fact that they didn't even attempt to return to regular tag was a nice touch. Regardless as you can see i was on board with how all of them utilised the cage during the match..even if some attacks didn't look as effective as they would've hoped (I'm looking at you Ric Flair on a rope swing). If you have a spare 20 minutes i'd recommend giving it a watch. Until next time!
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    Chapter 8/15 BiC looks at Brenden in shock and drops his glass right onto Brendan’s head. Brenden begins to stir a bit as Bashka pushes past everyone to check on his father figure. Bob and Meko both come to surround Brenden dragging an Indian man with them Bob: Don’t worry we found a doctor Man: I will perform CPR He kneels down before Brenden suddenly awakes and looks surprised at his surroundings. Keeley runs to check on him as Hans comforts Bashka Keeley: Brenden, what happened Brenden: I don’t know, I was looking through the money when suddenly I felt something strikes me from behind BiC: Wait Bob, Meko, how did you find this doctor? Meko: Whilst you guys were all panicking, we ran to the front of the hotel and asked the receptionist for the hotel doctor. Bob: But she told us he wasn’t in, but they had a doctor staying in a room on Floor 1 Meko: So we knocked on that door and he agreed to come down and help Hans: You two seem to be awfully sober Bob: Yeh we have decided to go teetotal together. Bash: Well I am glad you two are sober nods. It helped save Brendan’s life BiC:. Thank you for your help doctor Doctor: You are most welcome Toxik: How come you are here? Doctor: I am with the Indian cricket team. We are facing Australia tomorrow. All our equipment is in that room there. Funnily enough I was just coming down to check on the equipment so it was very convenient Keeley: Well thank you very much Bob and Meko talk with the doctor as he checks the equipment and then they go upstairs with him. Suddenly Arius appears, holding a bag close to him with his knife tucked away in his pocket Sheri: Look who shows up now. Arius, you’re the only one without an alibi when Slim got attacked. I bet you attacked him didn’t you, and I bet you killed Bailey and Kai whilst you were at it. What’s in the bag Arius, or are you not going to talk Nathan: Sheri calm down Sheri: Shut Up Sawyer Sheri grabs the bag and tries to pull it away from Arius but instead the bag falls to the floor and ashes spill out onto the floor Arius: NOOOO Sheri: What was that Arius: When I moved to America, I took the love of my life with me, away from her family in Melbourne. However her health recently took a turn for the worse and she passed last month. I planned to return her ashes to her parents and spread them across the park we first met in Sheri: oh. erm. What about the knife? Arius: It is only fake. It just keeps my mind off my girlfriend Sheri: Oh. Sorry. Nathan can you help me clean it up Nathan shakes his head at Sheri before helping up, as does Keeley and Arius. Brenden returns and looks around angrily Brenden: One of us is the murderer. I say we torture someone until they admit it BiC: No. We’ve known each other for years. We all trust each other. There have been 2 murders and an attack. Someone, probably the same person has done it. But it might not be one of us. Someone is targeting us. Which means we need to say safe. I will call the police. Everyone go to our rooms together. I'll wake everyone up. Then we go to Bad Blood. Our murderer will think we're going to the pre-Bad Blood photo shoot, so when we're not there, they'll rush to the arena and we'll trap them. And nobody will die if we follow these rules. Come on. Everyone followed BiC but what no one noticed is that outside Julius stood next to the 2 masked men as they set up a camera outside the hotel Julius: Well I helped you get revenge on Brenden. Now you must help me. I don’t care how you do it, but I want you to make sure one of my MITB opponents isn’t available to fight at Bad Blood. I don’t care if it’s BiC or Bashka or anyone else just do it. See you at Bad Blood
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    Becoming Number One

    Chapter 5: Eli Smith February 21st 2011 Eli Smith. Eli Smith. That’s all I woke up to. Texts pinging galore about the new great superstar. I should’ve seen some sort of Shane trick coming but this came as a surprise. It felt like a long day at uni as all I could think about was last night When I arrived at Debut for Night 2 of the show, I was met by a familiar face and one I was surprised to see. Josh: Meko, what are you doing here? Where’s Jack? I had learned FWA had released Meko and Jack so seeing Meko here came as a surprise. He was stood talking with Iestyn Rees who gave me a look before walking away. I was surprised not to see Joel Redman However Meko told me Redman had gone to FCW with immediate effect and last night was his last match. He hadn’t told anyone, not even Rees. He was going under the name Oliver Grey or something The good news was Shane had rehired Meko, needing a quick replacement, and that Meko was the man. He was going to be revealed as Rees new partner later in the show. Suddenly Jonathan Green called me over and announced my match for tonight. He said I would be teaming with the veteran Mikey, against Eli Smith and my Uncle. I got talking to Mikey who seemed like a nice guy. He had beat my Uncle In The Ladder Match last night to earn a title shot. And with Smith attacking me, it made sense for a tag match to be booked. Try as I might I couldn’t find Smith anywhere backstage. Apparently he had sent my Uncle an email with his plans for the match, so the three of us that were there crowded around the notes and read them I began to warm up as Julius Jones squashed two local competitors in the opening match before it was time for my match Last night I didn’t really get a glimpse of Eli Smith but when I saw the presence he bought with him, I could not believe how good this kid carried himself And he impressed me even further in the ring. I was losing tonight, Alex Shane had made me aware I was taking the pin and I watched as it happened. My Uncle Big Booted Mikey, I Speared my Uncle and then Eli hit me with an 8th Sin for the ring As devastated as I was to lose, it was the first time in a while I didn’t mind as much. I realised immediately that the man I stood in the ring with was going to be a world beater one day I said my goodbyes to Meko before going outside to try meet Eli but again he vanished. I shrugged my shoulders and caught the tube back home
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    Sameer's NBA Talk Show

    Who I think the Top 5 players will be from the NBA 2019 Draft CAREER WISE Honorable Mention Tyler Herro (Heat) Now going into the draft and seeing the heat pick Tyler Herro, I thought it wasn't the greatest pick but after he played in the summer league, I was impressed alot. I think this guy could be really good in the NBA. He's got the 3 point shot, He's able to create his own shot and is decent at making plays for his team. I think Him and Butler could really be something nice if he's able to take that next step in the NBA. 5. Cam Reddish (Hawks) Cam Reddish has the potential to be really good in the NBA. I think he wasn't really given the role he would've liked on duke but what do you expect when your on a team with Zion and RJ who went 1 and 3 in the draft. He's got the potential to be a all around player in the NBA in my opinion. If he puts in the work. I think he's got the ability to defend, shoot and be a playmaker in the NBA. 4. RJ Barrett (Knicks) I think RJ can be a All-Star in the league maybe putting him at 4 as some people shocked and who I put at 3 will, but I'm honestly not too in love with his game. I think he can be a great scorer in the league but everything else I'm not so sure about right now. I guess we will have to wait and see, he will have a tough time on the knicks for maybe the first 1-2 years I feel like with him not having the best team around him and maybe some teams focusing on him more when defending. 3. Darius Garland (Cavs) I know some people will be shocked at the fact of me putting Garland over Barrett but I really think he works well in this age of the NBA. He can shoot the lights out and be a playmaker now defense might be something he has to work on but he gives me Damian Lillard vibes but of course i'm not saying I think he'll be as good as Damian Lillard though. I think he'll be a big time player in the league though 2. Ja Morant (Grizzlies) Now I think most people know that Ja is my guy and I really do wish I could put him number 1 on this list. I think Ja is will a top 6 point guard in the league at one point in his career. He's got everything to his game. Maybe he could work on his shooting but that's honestly it. He's a athletic guard and is compared to Russell Westbrook but I think he's more like John Wall if I am being honest. This kid is going to be something special in the NBA. 1. Zion Williamson (Pelicans) I think everyone knew who was going to be number one on my list. Zion Williamson, the most hyped rookie since LeBron James. Now I don't think he'll ever be as good as LeBron, I don't think there will ever be another kind of player like LeBron. I think Zion will be the best in his draft class career wise. He's a 6 foot 7, 285 pound beast. This Kid can fly like superman down the court to block a shot and we saw it in college. I think he'll need to lighten down a little though because his knees could be a problem with him being to heavy but that's it.
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    Echo Wilson

    BPZ Island (sign up please)

    Name - Echo Wilson Age - 26 Figurehead - Flip gordon Finisher - Beautiful Disaster (Diving Double Footstomp Moonsault) PS4 or Xbox? - PS4 Weight - 205 lbs Enemy in kayfabe - Josh, Flynn, Necce
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    CHAPTER 3 | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Matt Riddle Is Interrupted By El Ídolo Beginning the third chapter of KAIZEN Wrestling, after being eliminated by Samoa Joe from the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament, Matt Riddle would address the match before moving onto what's ahead for him, stating that he's determined to have a match at Beauty In Combat. However, Andrade 'Cien' Almas, who will be competing in a semi-final match tonight against Adrian King, would interrupt him, joined by Zelina Vega. As the manager of Andrade, Vega would point out that Riddle was eliminated from the tournament in the first round and that he's wasting everyone's time by kicking off the show when it should be a top tier talent like Andrade out here. As Andrade and Vega would approach the ring, Riddle would be ready for a fight but Andrade would instead turn around, laughing at Riddle as he heads to the back with Vega. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier Low Ki vs Teddy Hart In the third qualifying match for the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Beauty In Combat, two well-seasoned veterans would clash as 'The Warrior' Low Ki and the third-generation member of the Hart Family, Teddy Hart, joined by his family members, Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr, would go head to head. In a controversial finish, with the referee down, Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr would be taken out at ringside by the invading Tonga Loa and Bad Luck Fale before Tama Tonga would sneak into the ring and catch Teddy Hart with a Gun Stun out of nowhere. This would allow Low Ki to hit Warrior's Way and pick up the win. After the match, the three Tongans would hand Low Ki a Firing Squad t-shirt as a symbol of their allegiance. Winner: Low Ki (Pinfall via Warrior's Way @ 11:58) The Legendary Guerrero Family In a video package, the history of the legendary Los Guerreros wrestling family would be showcased, including greats from the patriarch, Gory Guerrero, to his oldest son Chavo Guerrero Sr. to the most iconic of the family, Eddie Guerrero. In the end, we would see Chavo Guerrero Jr. and we would hear his voice, as he would confess to never living up to the illustrious standards set by those before him but even now, even this late on in his career, he is still fighting to change that and prove himself as worthy of being a Guerrero. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier Humberto Carrillo vs Travis Banks In the fourth KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier, second of the night, as advertised, Travis Banks would make his debut against Humberto Carrillo, who himself is an acclaimed luchador born into a family of rich history in the Lucha culture. Nevertheless, in the end, the lethal striking ability of Banks would prove greater than the Lucha Libre style of Carrillo. Winner: Travis Banks (Pinfall via Kiwi Crusher @ 8:46) Chad Gable Tells His Story In a video package, Chad Gable would explain his background and how he become a professional wrestler, beginning with his prolific amateur wrestling career which would take him all the way to the Olympics. Then, he would talk about transitioning into professional wrestling through being trained by the biggest wrestling company in the world. Despite struggling to prove himself as a top tier talent, Gable makes it clear that he still believes he can be one and is here in KAIZEN Wrestling to prove that. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Adrian King vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas In the main event of the night, Adrian King and Andrade 'Cien' Almas would go to war in a semi-final contest of the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament. After going back and forth, throwing their best shots at each other, King would finally put the match to bed with a Black Arrow after low blowing Andrade and would successfully book his ticket in the finals of the inaugural championship match. Winner: Adrian King (Pinfall via Black Arrow @ 17:01)
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    They wanted to make this a big time spectacle and they did, throughout the entirety of the night it felt like a big time show and most of the things on the show were pretty good. I would have definitely cut that 8-Man tag match and to be completely honest Roman and Rowan really didn't need the match but other than that really no complaints about what was on TV Having Velasquez is a major coup from WWE and a really intriguing prospect heading into this feud with Lesnar. It will be interesting to see if Cain is a weekly fixture on TV or just shows up a couple of times for promos or what not. Kofi losing to Brock in about 10 seconds probably wasnt ideal because of how strongly Kofi has looked over his championship run but Lesnar was always winning and I believe they were running short on time Also where the fuck were the as advertised, Undertaker, Sting and Steve Austin. Sort of left me expecting more, they should probably bring out the guys they advertised
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    Gunner Flynn

    Top 5 Great Shows From Childhood

    Drake and Josh ICarly Phineas and Ferb Spongebob Kim Possible
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    [ The crowd here at Carnage in MetLife Stadium in Miami, Florida is absolutely on fire and this only grows more true when the theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up as the crowd surprised to see him as it’s been a while since they have seen him ] [ As Mirage steps out onto the stage the crowd goes absolutely mental as Mirage is wearing a jersey of the legend of the Miami Dolphins Dan Marino showcasing his love for the team and the legend as he struts down to the ring and poses on the apron for the crowd before rolling into the ring and standing up and grabs a mic from the ringside crew ] Mirage: Man I love this city! Just such a beautiful place to be and honestly guys this is my favorite part of this job is to come such great places such as this. [ The crowd then erupts into cheers yet again in for Mirage who then patiently waits for them to finish with a smile on his face ] Mirage: Thanks for that guys I appreciate I truly do and before I get down to why I’m out here I just gotta say something first, that being Dolphins stay strong because I know you have one of the strongest hearts and wills in the entirety of the NFL. [ The crowd then explode into even more cheers and start chanting “ Go Fins “ as Mirage joins in with the chant ] Mirage: now with all of that out of the way time to talk about what I’m really out here for and that’s two things. One, there is the issue of Raven don’t think I’ve forgotten how you kidnapped and held Alice hostage Raven so once you and Alex Costa are done tearing each other to shreds just now that I will be coming after you next. Now secondly Aidanator word around town is that you’re joining the United States Championship match, that’s great I can’t wait to test myself against you so be sure to bring your best at Halloween Havoc. Now for Buddy Ace while we haven’t really faced each other before I am nonetheless excited to do battle with you in this very ring so see you at Halloween Havoc Buddy. Now for Alex Costa, our history is very well known but you’ll find I’m not the same man I was at BPZMania four I have grown a lot since then so I’ll tell you this just stay out of my way unless you want to be hurt far worse than Raven ever could hurt you. Now last but most certainly not least the current United States Champion Mikey once again congratulations on all of your recent success, but rest assured I shall overcome each and everyone of you and myself and all of my loyal fans shall become the NEW BPZ United States Champion and it will be just too beautiful. [ Mirage then would stand in the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd chant a combination of “ Mirage “ and “ BPZ “ ]
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    Article By: Mike Hawk AEW Season Premiere Preview;Omega and Page Team Up As AEW Season 2 Kicks Off In Atlanta The season premier of AEW Thursday Night Dynamite is a huge one, as we are going to get a huge tag team matchup as Cody teams up with MJF to take on Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, as well as the AEW General Manager for season 2 being revealed. AEW is starting off strong into the new year with more matches such as Best Friend taking on L.A.X, and Kip Sabian takes on Luchsauras. That and much much more, AEW is ready to become a movement, once again.
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    Arrow to play play Luke Hobbs

    I hate fake rumours.
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    Unapproved BPZ Halloween Party Bash

    Match #1 Smashing Pumpkins Match Rules- The only way to win the match is to smash and break a pumpkin over the others head. Other then that there are no other rules. Brad vs Mirage The announcer starts up the first match up of the Unapproved BPZ Event. In the ring is the two looking to start off this show Ring Announcer, "In the left corner, a man a few words could describe him. He is a BPZ Hall of Famer, we give you Brad!" The crowd would go nuts if there was one. This unapproved event didn't get approved to sell tickets so it is just in an empty arena. The announcer points to the other corner, "And in the other corner, he is a mystery, some people don't believe what they see. It is Mirage!" The bell rings. The ring is surrounded with tons of pumpkins, and tables with pumpkins on them. Right out the gate Mirage with a flurry of punches. Lefts rights. more lefts...and Brad just stands there, Mirage's punches aren't doing much, but Mirage is putting a lot of effort into hitting Brad with tons of punches. Brad looks at the referee almost to ask without asking if this was serious then back at Mirage who keeps trying to go for body shots but they are just a bunch of weak punches Brad shrugs then hauls off and just nails Mirage with a heavy right hook, and it just floors Mirage. Some people remember when he was Bulldozer and could survive getting hit by a car but that punch looked more deadly as Mirage flops around like a fish after getting hit by the punch Mirage yelling that he wasn't ready while gripping his face. Brad looks around the empty arena not believing this match up or understanding why he is in this match up. After a bit of over flopping around Mirage gets up and says he is ready now. Brad rushes Mirage this time looking for another heavy right hook. Mirage just kicks Brad right in the groin as hard as he can. That did something and hit hard! Brad nearly doubles over from the kick. His eyes look like they will pop out of his head from the pain. Lucky for Mirage the only way a decision is made in this match is by Smashing a pumpkin over another head and breaking the pumpkin. Mirage looks around for the biggest pumpkin he can find. Brad still doubled over in pain from the low blow. Mirage is having trouble carrying the pumpkin! It is a really big one he gets in the ring and struggles to lift it above his head.. Brad then kicks Mirage in the groin while Mirage was struggling lifting the pumpkin above his own head. Mirage drops the pumpkin on his own head! But it didn't break! Brad just loses it now, he just tackles Mirage and starts nailing him with repeated stiff forearm shots. He had enough of this match and just wants to hurt Mirage now. Just punishing him with stiff forearms. He picks Mirage up and knees him in the gut a few times then pushes him in the corner and keeps up on the assault of elbow strikes and forearms. Surprisingly there isn't any blood yet from these strikes they are so brutal. Backing up a bit Brad gets a pumpkin and sets it up on the ground and few more. What is he planning he goes to Mirage looking to do something evil then Mirage hits Brad with a headbutt! It knocks Brad with for a loop. Mirage climbs up to the middle rope and Brad nails Mirage with a superkick! While loopy from the kick Mirage climbs to the top turnbuckle. Brad climbs up looking to superplex Mirage towards the pumpkins. Brad wants to smash Mirage through the pumpkins That's not going to be smashing it over Mirages head. Mirage fights Brad and pulls him to the top turnbuckle with him. If there was a crowd they would be chanting 'please dont' die' As both men fight at the top turnbuckle seeming to fumble back and forth looking like they will go either way. Mirage slips and looks to fall into the ring, but grabs on to Brad and bring him with him. Both men smash onto the pumpkins Both men move around in pain from it and are covered in pumpkin guts. Brad is the first one to his feet and Mirage is unsurprisingly extremely flopping around in pain. Considering how he took a punch this isnt that surprising. Brad gets up and waits for Mirage to get up and finally stop complaining on how much it hurt to go through those pumpkins. Mirage also complaining that he is covered in pumpkin guts he turns and eats another superkick. Brad picks up a pumpkin looking to finally end this fight. He goes after Mirage who falls down finally from the superkick. Not expecting this he over shoots Mirage and runs past where he was. Mirage gets up very loopy grabbing onto Brad forcing him to fall backwards. Mirage for some reason grabs the pumpkin with one hand, but since he was unable to fully carrying a pumpkin before with two hands he accidentally drops it onto Brad's face. The pumpkin breaks on Brad's head and the referee calls for the bell. Mirage is surprised he just won. Looking around he freezes when he sees the titantron and himself. Seeing what kind of mess he looks like he falls down fainting from just the sight of the state he is in. Both men are now out cold. Even though Mirage won, can anyone really call him the winner? Or could they just say Brad didn't win? Who knows that is the first match of the Unapproved Halloween Party Event
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    Mrs. Smith

    As Slim stands at the door with his creepy smile still prominent, a hooded figure can be seen lurking in the background. As it slowly approaches Slim, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion notices but remains facing the door, his grin only growing larger. Once the man is stood directly behind Slim, he begins to murmur aggressively, as if he is speaking with his teeth gritted. I know what you want. I see it in your eyes. You crave chaos, disarray, complete anarchy. Your deluded mind relishes in destruction and within this fantasy, you've let yourself down a dark path to the point where you only see the demons in people. See, I don't think you're wrong in saying that I have demons, we all do, but it's the human in us that repels them. Believe in evil and it will mislead you, force you to become something you're really not, haunt your thoughts until you can't even tell the difference between right and wrong. To a nihilist like yourself, I may sound crazy but I believe in humanity, I believe in doing what's right, and I believe in morality. Perhaps, the society built around us is phony but it's clear to any sane person that good and evil exist. You, attacking people backstage, attempting murder in your matches, stabbing another wrestler in the gut, it's pure evil. I can tell just by looking at your wicked self that there's voices in your head but those voices, they won't let you rest and as long as you continue this obsession with me, neither will I. As the hooded figure's final words come out of his mouth, he removes his hood, revealing himself as Eli Smith. Smith stares at Slim, infuriated, as he then tugs on the shoulder of Slim, forcing him to face him. The two stare at each other intensely before Smith smacks Slim around the face with a huge right hook but Slim doesn't fight back, he just begins to laugh hysterically. As Smith continues to beat down the man who just attempted to confront his mother, he is only given laughter in response until Smith finally knocks him out with one final blow, bringing the screen to blackness.
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    AEPW International Episode 1 Openweight Championship qualifier match: Apollo Crews VS Travis Banks To kick off the first episode of AEPW international we saw the first match of the the AEPW Openweight Championship Qualifiers with the person who wins this match being one step closer to being in the openweight championship match with the two people getting the most victories over the next four weeks competing for the championship at AEPW’s First Pay-Per-View: Sacred Treasures. The two men went to war beating the hell out of each other, Crews showed off his all rounder offense while the kiwi buzzsaw tried to take down the man with the stature of a greek god with as many strikes as he could. The match would conclude with Crews hitting a spin out powerbomb for the victory. Tag Team Championship tournament Round 1: The Usos VS Angelico and Jack Evans In the first round of the RWGP Tag Team Championship tournament we saw two decorated tag teams go at it as The Usos took on Angelico and Jack Evans. The two teams did everything they could to best each other with Angelico and Evans’ high speed style taking on the more traditional tag team and Samoan hard style of the Usos. The two teams would go at it with everything they had until the Usos would hit the samoan drop followed up by the superfly splash on Jack Evans for the victory. Openweight Championship qualifier match: Trevor Lee & Tyler Breeze VS Tiger Mask and Titus O’Neil In a short but eventful match we saw another openweight Championship qualifier which saw Trevor Lee and Tyler Breeze take on Tiger Mask and Titus O’Neil. The match looked like it’d be pretty even but Lee would attack Tiger Mask before the match and then Breeze would nail a supermodel kick followed up by an unprettier on Titus for the victory. Lee and Breeze would then taunt their opponents and a pissed off Tiger Mask would then attempt to get at them but Lee and Breeze would make a quick escape. The Switchblade is coming and he’s not coming alone… A video was played of Jay White hyping up his upcoming debut in AEPW and that he would not be coming alone. Jay said that he would be bringing “The Bladerunners” with him a group of like minded individuals and that they would be the oness to get the job done in AEPW. Main Event, RWGP Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round 1: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Robert Roode To close the show we saw the first match of the RWGP Heavyweight Championship tournament with Shinsuke Nakamura taking on Robert Roode. The two men went at it throwing everything they possibly could at each other, the two men did everything possibly could to win the match, the two men hit big move after big move but only one man could stand victorious and finally Nakamura would finish off Roode with a vicious Bomaye to advance in the tournament. Nakamura celebrated but was attacked by the entirety of Suzuki-Gun made up of Minoru Suzuki, Shelton X Benjamin, Taichi, DOUKI, El Desperado and the newly recruited Jaxson Ryker would beat down Nakamura and make a statement to end of the first ever episode of AEPW International.
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    Stan Hansen vs. Lex Luger - United States Championship Match: Halloween Havoc 1990 First we need to address Stan Hansen cutting a pre-match promo where he spits tobacco on a small pumpkin, holding it like skull from a Shakespearean play. This man could do no wrong. "And this represents little Ol' Lexy" -spits at a small pumpkin- You make me sick! You get ready for the bell and not be ready for the Jack O'Lanterns and all these other things cause just in a few seconds I'm bringing that bell out there, I'm taking that title and i'm taking it back aalll the way to Texas!" - Stan Hansen Seeing Hansen destroy the set surrounding the giant WCW stage was fun on his way to the ring. His entrances in WCW or America in general don't hold a candle to what i've seen him do during his time in Japan. Recently i'd say Archer at the moment in NJPW is replicating it as far as storming down the ramp and being destructive but not an equal comparison. Hansen might be one of the most intense to ever lace it up. The more i watch of Stan Hansen i could see Steve Austin really getting inspiration from him when he eventually transitioned and beame Stone Cold later on in his career. I'm not sure who the first wrestler was to use skulls on their leather vest to the ring but seeing Hansen with them was cool. Reading up a little before the match apparently Luger had been Untied States champion for close to or just over 18 months at this point which insane by any standards of professional wrestling (Ignoring the time of 5 year reigns, sit down Bruno) He had been champion long enough that he was face, turned heel and then turned face again which he was facing off against Hansen. Jim Ross says Luger was the youngest person to ever play in the Canadian Football League which..well that is a an accomplishment. Maybe someone from Canada can tell me if that's a major accomplishment still today. After being crazy for a while he attacks Luger but he is sent back to the outside after some back and forth punches. Pacing up and down the ramp, he moves back inot the ring and is able to rake the eyes of that champion, then takes Luger down for an elbow drop that gets two count. They don't waste time getting outside of the ring again after Hansen throws him to the outside. Even jumping off the apron to a near kneeling Luger which accidentally sends Hansen into the steel barricade. Throwing caution to the wind tonight! He recovers though and sends Luger into the post. This is pretty much the par for this match as the two of them drag each other around the ring, sharing muddy punches and body slams. Hansen particularly favoured headlocks to try and weaken the younger Luger. Towards the end of the match Stan Hansen hits Luger with a clothesline in the corner of the ring but then he hits the referee. I thought it was going to be a DQ after that but maybe it was supposed to be accidental(?) Or the referee didn't think it was worth that call which credit to it. Setting an example for referees everywhere. . "Remember his Lariat is done with the left arm! The left arm which is heavily bandaged" - JR. Hansen attempts to capitalise but Luger stops him short. But on the outside a surprise Dan Spivey comes down to the ring to collect the cowbell from the ringside floor, tossing it on top of Hansen (Perfect aim Davey) and Hansen tries to clock Luger with it. Luger is able to swiftly disarm him with a backdrop and signals for The Torture Rack. This was going to be the minor 1990 version of Andre being lifted by Hogan at Wrestlemania if he could pull it off but it wasn't meant to be. Acting quickly Hansen connects with the Lariat for the victory and the championship. I chose this match again because of who was involved (that will pretty much be my main motivation). I'm a big Hansen fan and I've come to appreciate Luger a lot more in recent years. Sadly though this was an average match which...given where Hansen was in his career might've been expected. It had some nice brawling but didn't reach the next gear to be classified a true brawl. Also seeing Dan Spivey, the protege of Hansen appear was a surprise. He was interfering without actually interfering in a way just throwing the cowbell into the ring which wasn't used in the end. The crowd reaction at the end was fun to hear at least because shock isn't something you hear anymore around a ring. They were stunned to see that Luger lost but truly once The Lariat hits there is no chance. I can say you can skip this match unless you're a real fan of either wrestler and what to see how it goes for yourself. Bonus for anyone who made it this far. Teddy Long with Tony Schiavone who’s wearing a phantom costume that he's been rocking all night doing interviews.
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    WWE Reborn

    The Era of Zero Fear has begun We kick off this weeks episode of NXT with the new champion, Pentagon Jr. As Pentagon makes his way down to the ring we are shown a recap of the match at TakeOver: Boston where Pentagon had his way with NXT's "Rebel Heart" Dominating him and picking up the win with ease. As Pentagon entered the ring he took a few moments to soak it all in, raising his NXT Championship so everyone in the world could see it Just as the champion was about to speak, he was cutoff by none other than his very own brother Fenix. Fenix stormed down to the ring and got right into the face of his brother before grabbing a mic. Firstly he started speaking in Spanish as tensions began to build before he translated what he said to everyone in English. He asserted himself as the first man to challenge for the title, recognising that he knows his older brother more than anyone else. He also conceded that if he cant be the man to topple his brother then NXT is in for a dark dark future DIJAK vs Mansoor We kick off the in-ring action with one of the most dangerous performers in NXT at the moment, the Goliath of a man DIJAK taking on the "Saudi Sensation" Mansoor. There is a distinct contrast of styles in this match with Mansoor excelling in a fast-paced environment while DIJAK prefers to use his strength and size to his advantage, however DIJAK is no stranger to flying around the ring DIJAK looked like a determined man from the onset, making sure to keep Mansoor grounded and to ensure that he left no room for the Saudi native to pick up any steam. Mansoor was able to gather a bit of momentum but DIJAK was able to shut that down and eventually TakeOver and pick up the victory. His loss against Keith Lee now in the rear view Mirror, DIJAK is looking forward to what the future holds Regal Responds to MJF As we return back from commercial break hyping the second ever Cruiserweight Classic, we are shown a recap of last weeks Main Event where MJF took on Raul Mendoza. We see the final few moments where MJF picks up the victory and proceeds to cut a scathing promo on the entire landscape of NXT We then cut to William Regal backstage who is being interviewed by NXT Correspondent Cathy Kelley. Kelley asks Regal for a response to MJF and the GM is stern in his words. He states that NXT will not tolerate such threats and demands from MJF and will not bend the knee to an entitled brat like himself. Regal however issues the challenge out to MJF to prove himself because the WWE is nothing like the Indies where he used to thrive Io Shirai vs Lacey Lane This new look, new attitude of Io Shirai would be on display front and center tonight as she faces off against fellow Mae Young Classic Alumni Lacey Lane. Lane and Shirai had amazing chemistry in the ring together and put on a very enjoyable match which had the crowd engaged throughout. Shirai showed off some more aggression and fire that we haven't seen before and that pushed her over the edge picking up the victory After the Bianca Belair wasted no time rushing the ring looking to seek retribution but Shirai scouted it well and turned the attack on its head and started unleashing chaos on the NXT Women's Champion. She once again grabbed the Kendo Stick and started battering away at the Champ before standing in the ring, her descent into darkness on full display The Hot Mess is Coming And if the NXT Women's Division wasn't already stacked enough we were shown a hype video announcing the arrival of one of the best women's wrestlers in the game today "The Hot Mess" Chelsea Green. She brings the drama and the Chaos wherever she goes making her an intriguing prospect in the division Imperium vs Moustache Mountain On last weeks show, Imperium made a statement when they laid out the NXT Tag-Team Champions the Street Profits and now tonight the team of Aichner and Barthel will go into battle against Tyler Bate and Trent Seven. These two teams tore the house down with Moustache Mountain looking to pick up the victory but a distraction from Alexander Wolfe allowed for Barthel and Aichner to capitalise and pick up the victory After the match WALTER instructed Imperium to continue beating down the former NXT Tag-Champs and they followed which was received by a loud boo from the audience. However the place became unglued as Pete Dunne ran down to the ring and cleared house making the save and taking out all four members of Imperium. Imperium would retreat up the ramp as the reformed British Strong Style stared them down intently in the ring
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ- The Aftermath

    ICON Season 1, Episode 3 We open up tonight’s show with a video package, reconciling last weeks events. The camera zooms in on a upset Sheridan, reciting the words “ You Dont Need Me”. The camera unfocused from Sheridan and focuses in on, Necce. Necce: Baby, what are you talking about. We can have a life together, much more than you would ever have with Bart. Do you understand me, I’m your world right? Necce forcefully grabs Sheridan’s neck, screaming “I’m Yours Right”. He begins to smile, pretending nothing has just happened, as he kisses Sheridan. The camera fades to black, when we come back, the scene shifts to a more calming standpoint. As Bart is waking up, from sleep. Once he rises, he hears multiple loud bangs on the front door. He stomps down the stairs, opens the door, to see no one is there. But he is grabbed by the legs by what seems as one of those “monsters” just like at the bar. He runs outside, to his backyard. Where dozens upon dozens on “monsters” appear. Bart whips out his gun, before smacking every last zombie with it, as they fall fall one by one. Bart: Well hot damn, they don’t like me, do they? What the hell, are these creatures? I am really getting sick and tired of them ruining my morning. I just want my goddamn coffee! The point of view switches, up to the sunset. We see a man, striking a boxing bag, in anger. Rage continues to be his emotion for this segment. Ropati: Get out of my face bruh, what do you think this is? I know im handsome as hell, but dont get in my space aight? Once the hothead, Ropati finishes his workout. He goes over to the TV Station, and turns the news on. Where it is shown, there is a "Zombie Outbreak". Ropati: Jesus Christ, you have to be kidding me, all these fake asses always trying to get in our heads. I am really gonna pop one of them one day. But what pisses me off the most, is that we are expected to just sit here and do nothing. Well screw that! Ropati, storms out of his gym. Heading towards, the church nearby. Where he spots 6 zombies, who are violating his holy place. He grabs a pistol, that his priest holds in his desk. All 6 zombies, shot and dead by Ropati. A sinacle side shown from this new man, what is next for him? He puts the pistol back in his holster, before walking off into the sunset. We come back to a quiet venue, where Sheridan and Necce are watching the sun rise. Talking about their future together. Necce: You know, ever since Bart joined the police force. I have thought a lot about us. How we could be so much more than just friends. How we could be married, have children of our own. Would Bart do that for you? Sheridan: Just stop, you know this is wrong. We know this is wrong, I am married to Bart. I am not a cheater Necce. I wont betray my husband. Necce begins to get visually upset, before grabbing Sheridan by the hair and forecefully kissing her. The Scene ends, with the two kissing over an ocean. Will Sheridan tell Bart about this kiss, or will she continue to be secretive about this altercation? We see, the camera fade away, before it does, Bart is seen, clutching a fence nearby the "magical kiss" between Necce and Sheridan. Bart must be badly hurt.
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    Target Practice

    Carnage wraps up from a previous segment as the titantron flips over to a pre-taped vignette of what has become a familiar sight to the Carnage faithful, the view of a room with rows of journalists awaiting the arrival of their subject. In front of them is a podium with various multi-coloured microphones from a wide spectrum of news networks and websites. Behind the podium lies the promotional banners of the Survival Games tournament. The twelve men in the tournament portrayed dramatically on the backdrop, however, heading into the final block matches, and the Survival Games PPV on the horizon, the pack of twelve men have now fallen to just four. The flashes of cameras, rustling chatter and calls for attention fill the room as KENJI steps up to the podium. He subtly gestures for the reporters to settle down, going right into the questions, pointing at a portly man of middle age and balding head in the second row. Reporter: "KENJI, what are your thoughts on your performance in the Survival Games tournament so far?" KENJI: "All things said and done, I'm frustrated. Despite my best efforts, I am now mathematically eliminated from the tournament. I can't advance to the grand finals. It's a hollow feeling, when your best is not enough. It leaves me thinking that even this might not be my best. Yes, I may be in 3rd place within A-Block, but this is most certainly not my ceiling. Many have been saying that the Survival Games tournament has been my coming out party, where my potential is finally being realised, and that's true. But this will not be a flash in the pan. After fighting with all my grit early on to no avail....I won't let this momentum slip away from me again. So, even being eliminated, it is not without merit, or without progress". KENJI points to another reporter who stands up. Reporter: "Do you have any words for your final Survival Games opponent, Johnny Kills?" KENJI: "Johnny Kills, whether he still wants to be called 'The Ace' or not, he no longer lives up to that name. I don't mean to rag on an established talent, but I won't sugar coat about how much of an honour it is to wrestle him either. Two or three years ago, perhaps. But today, I only see a shell of his former self. For a former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion to sit at one solitary point going into the final match, that is not a good sign. Whilst I was struggling to find my footing here, Jonathan was competing for the Tag Team Championships, and the Undisputed Championship.....a title that this very tournament is finding a contender for. His record speaks to his enthusiasm, or lack there of". "There is nothing more commendable than those who fight to the very end, and get back up after defeat. That is why I still hold a heavy heart for what happened in Australia. But all we've had from Jonathan is radio silence for weeks now. Is he dealing with personal demons? On hiatus? I'm not sure, but none the less, his mind is not on this tournament. Johnny Kills has been nothing but a disappointment in Survival Games, and I will take out my frustrations of being eliminated on you, Johnny. My last match in the tournament will be closer to target practice than a match". KENJI's voice has a sting of anger to it, irked by Jonathan's lack of drive in the tournament, mixed with being out of tournament contention. He gestures to a third reporter. Reporter: "Where do you see yourself heading after Survival Games? Many other superstars in the tournament have made their paths known for Halloween Havoc, but you have yet to announce anything". The Resonator pauses for a moment, a speculative smile on his face. He looks amused as he answers. KENJI: "Hmm, you know, I haven't given it all that much thought. At least not yet. But now that you mention it, I can see many different roads to walk. But for now, I'll keep you all guessing. Can't show my hand so soon, can I? That will be all for now, thank you". KENJI smiles discreetly and steps away from the podium, walking out to the door, but not before a sway question cuts through the murmurs of the room, prompting a twitch in his brow, and a hesitation. Reporter: "KENJI! Where is Mr. Shroud? Is there any updates on your partnership?" The Japanese Wrestler turns to the crowd for a moment, and his eyes have changed immensely. No longer are they the stoic, measured and steely gaze of a seasoned wrestler who burns for battle. The glint in them is different, that of someone younger, more naive and suggestible. KENJI's expression is restrained, and pained. As if he is holding back a guttural reaction, overcome with emotion. He quickly steps out of the room, breathing in heavily, as the question had stunted him so much, that he needed to gasp for air. KENJI places a hand on the wall, regaining his composure. The segment ends as the light shines off his cheek, reflecting off the single trail of a tear.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    Draft One:
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    Jeremiah Flynn

    I Can See

    The music is cut short. Yelich appears confused for a brief second as the titantron cuts to a door backstage. The door having a nameplate outside of it, reading “BPZ Official General Manager”. The camera pans the the thousands in the crowd, who seem just as confused as Yelich in the ring. The door opens, the camera man maneuvering into the office, revealing a desk with the Undisputed Championship sat upon it. The chair turned backwards around the desk slowly creeps to reveal the man sitting in it. All suspensions are proven true, it is BPZ’s new General Manager. The Undisputed Champion Flynn. Yelich appears shocked, before revealing a feeling of anger. Flynn, looking to be all business, flashes a phony smile before finally speaking. Yelich, now I believe that is absolutely no way to talk about your new boss, now is it? Now in case you still have not figured it out somehow, yes I am the new BPZ General Manager, however with all my backstage connections, and my actions on Carnage these last few months, it feels already like I’ve been unofficially enforcing all the rules and regulations here in BPZ. So when Brenden came to me and offered me this position, I felt almost obligated to take it. This company needs a strong, on screen force pushing and enforcing these rules. I am that strong force. I am the only man in BPZ for the job. Now while it does seem to be extremely awkward that I am both GM, and Undisputed Champion, I can swear, SCOUTS HONOR, that I will not abuse my power for my own gain. So that brings me to you Yelich. Why have I chosen this particular moment for such a ground breaking reveal? Well, as General Manger I have my first BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! You see for the last month, you’ve battled Arius in what I would call two.... very sloppy matches. Poor officiating and honestly, I feel there were some slow counts on yourself where Arius should of defeated you. That’s why I have personally handpicked your referee Yelich! And that man, I can swear to you will be unbiased, as well as better trained and skilled then any referee backstage. Yelich, our your hands together for your special guest referee at Survival Games! BiC, one half of the Tag Team Champions steps out, a cocky smirk on his face. Yelich, who through Flynn’s entire reveal appeared to grow more and more depressed, has now been left dumbfounded in the center of the ring. Flynn is now his boss, and at Survival Games, he will be in the ring with not just one, BUT TWO MEMBER of Bullet Proof.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    BPZ Entrance: Corey
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    Jason Ryan is on the Behind Closed Doors set which leaves much to be desired. There's two chairs that look like they came from an nursing home, a dead plant and a toilet. Welcome to the JRE show! This isn't your show Jason! Jason picks up the potted plant Shut up Todd! *throws plant* “ Hello everyone, Jason Ryan here and while I wish I was drunk, I was told by the network not to drink... I hate my life. And I’ll be doing my first interview. This is a man who I’ve fought a couple times and while we hate one another on camera, behind the scenes he and I are good friends. So welcome Miser Money in the bank, Julius “ Julius walks on the set, shakes Jason's hand and sits down “Hahaha yes thanks for having me mate. You’re looking good” “ Well thanks for that man. You’re not looking too shabby yourself. Alright let’s get into it. It’s no secret you had some rough times recently but you seemed to have had a return to form. How did you do it? Stupid question. Who the hell writes these scripts?” Jason looks through the script disgusted You're not supposed to let people know there's a script! Shut the f*ck up Todd! Shut the f*ck up Todd!!! God I hate Todd I know right? He should be fired. “Anyway I think it was just sitting back, taking some time to actually look at the matches and learn from them. I’d never done that before because I was so used to winning but now I have to make sure I know my opponent inside and out before I step into the ring. Wins aren’t exactly a certainty for me nowadays” “ Would you say you got complacent? You’re the most successful member of our class without a doubt. You think it was just a case of you taking it for granted?” “Yeah I think that’s one aspect of it but the talent of the guys I’ve been working with is just at such a high level. You got Sameer, Flynn and Bashka all Legends and they make you earn every single punch when you’re in there with them” “ True that, all three all legends that I would love to face myself. Maybe one day. Now- okay no I am not asking him these stupid questions!” * tears script* Hey! “ Go to hell Todd! We are doing things my way. I’m going to give you a list of names and if they are cool say cool but if they are a dick, we’ll throw them in the dick bag. “Oh I love this game. Cool” We're not allowed to play this game! Our sponsors will complain! I'll f*cking kill you! To kick it off, we have Marker. I’d dick him personally cause f*ck him but what you say? He loves to chat a bit but he’s a good bloke so he’s cool with me Personally I want to run him over in my truck but that’s just me. Flynn. This is an interesting one, most people are very fearful of him but I consider him a very good friend and one of the funniest blokes I know so he’s definitely a cool one I have talked so much shit about Flynn last year ... and sent him Valentines Day cards but I’ve never got to work with him, but i will say the dude is easily one of the best guys we have and I hope he whoops Necce’s ass. EIther him or Echo. Actually no, f*ck Echo. Brad. Really cool guy, helped me a lot when I got to work with him last year and is just a great presence to be around. Great veteran and legend of the company Brad is a teddy bear man. Great dude, and just a loving guy despite his attempts to hide it. Icon Hahaha he won’t like me saying this but I’m gonna say dick. Just because I’ve been f*cking with him a lot recently so I might as well continue that trend here “ He is a dick. But I think he knows he’s a dick. That being said, when he won the strap I was happy for him. I honestly think he’s a underrated talent. Yelich” “Speaking of underrated, although I guess now he’s got his title he doesn’t need that label anymore. Anyway the most fun I’ve had with a feud has been with him and we’ve remained friends ever since so yeah he’s a cool dude” “ Yelich is a guy you’re gonna says get quality with. And I could keep going down the list but I am too god damn lazy to name one dude at a time so how about you go ahead and give me your thoughts on the guys in the company?” “I think we have a good environment here, there’s a few people who do get on my nerves but that’s for a different day. Seen a lot of new talent recently and they’re all fitting in very well, should be an exciting future for this place” “ I agree. There are a few guys that annoy me but I wouldn’t really call anyone a dick. Okay for the next part of this interview, what I want you to do is take each person from our nxt class and give me a name that you would like to see them face” “Alright easy first we’ll start with Storm it Icon whatever he goes by these days and I’d like to see him face Yelich actually I think they could do well” “ Icon vs Yelich... that’s money right there” “Yep. Up next we’ll go with Marker and for him I think a match with his fellow Irish mates Joh and Nate would be a sight to see” “ Marker’s Irish? No wonder he’s an asshole! Marker vs Joh and Nate would be nice. I’d like to see that” “Next up Buddy Ace and I’d like to see him work with Bailey I think that could go well. Buddy’s got the talent just needs a spotlight to showcase it. None better than against the GOAT” “ Well maybe if Buddy wasn’t f*cking lazy. I mean those two could work magic together. I just wish Buddy would get his life together man” “Yeahs he’s doing alright, I think he’ll be back there sooner rather than later. Now onto you my good friend Jason. I’d like to see Jason Ryan vs BrendenPlayz. I think there’s good a story there ready to be told already” “ Me vs the big boss. I can see it. Since debuting I’ve always raged against the machine, always been the guy to give the boss the finger. I’d like to face Brenden one day. I think that’d be a good Survivor Series match” “Certainly would. I think you might need to lure him out of retirement. No one really knows what’s going on with his in ring career” I mean, I can try at least. So let’s try. Brendan, I’m challenging you to a match at Survivor Series. Me and you. Here I’ll even pander to you. Let’s ask the crowd. Do you people want to see Brendan and me fight? *Crowd cheers* You hear the people boss. Me and you, Survivor Series for other reason than to slap Bash in his smug prick face. Alright Julius, how bout you? “Me well there’s a lot of people I’d still like to work with but the two that come to mind are Bailey and Smith. Really the only last two current legends I’ve yet to share a ring with” “ I would love to see you face either man and I really hope you can make it happen. Next up I want you to name five guys you few are underachieving and you fed are better than what they have shown.” Ah let’s see. Buddy Ace, FDS, Raven, Kieron Black and Prince I agree with you totally. FDS in my opinion should go back to being the emperor of chaos and fight me. I’ll revert back to the Anarchist for that match. Raven has a lot of talent, Black really likes to underachieve same with Buddy Ace and Prince really needs to ramp it up. Alright so for the last little bit here, I want you to cut a promo, a Kayfabe promo on your least favorite celebrity. Go Shit, you’ve put me on the spot here I can’t think of a celebrity I hate but if Margot Robbie is watching she should definitely give me a call and we can work some shit out We should pull some strings, get you a match with her. Although that might lead to another Tampa Incident. And I know you remember that. Oh god don’t bring that up I’m surprised Flynn isn’t in prison for that. Alright we gotta wrap this up, Is there anything you’d like to say? No I think I’ve said enough today. Congrats on the new show although the set needs some work Yeah well if Todd wasn’t a cheap bastard we wouldn’t have a problem! Anyway, I’d like to thank Julius and wish him the best of luck in the future. Thanks for coming out
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