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    {The Anxiety and Depression} Well here we are, at the end of the saga, it has been quite a bit so let me explain some things, after I lost the Premium Championship for the first time, I went insane, my thoughts clouded my judgment and turned me into a monster of a man that I didn't like at all. This man ruined people's lives and I'm disgusted that I had done that, when I return to my original form, I promise myself to never do that again. {MARKER Darker Side Of Him} I burn down that circus and went to the hospital the minute I got into the car to heal my wounds, I was in the hospital for two weeks and I hated it so much, I never experienced such pain that I had inflicted on myself before. When I got out, I promised myself that I would make my life better, that I would prove myself to the world that I could do anything, so for the time I left, I began working out, pushing myself to the limits while also letting myself go for a bit, but I thought it was worth, this all came ahead at Summerslam this year when I lost the Ladder Match for the Title. {MARKER State At SummerSlam} That's when I finally lost it, I couldn't take it anymore and I left the company for a while, I didn't know what to think and I needed some time alone, that's why I left for a while, but I now I am back and now I'm ready to shine.
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    Meet the Stars! As a forewarning I have virtually no clue how to present this. A lot of WMMA is statistics and it can be quite boring. So I'll try present individuals without diving into the mathematical side of things. Please appreciate this took a lot of behind the scene time to put together and that not everything will be concrete. "The Dagger" Carlos Giuvente (Cody) Carlos Giuvente got a fair roll of the dice. He is a nationally credited Judoka practitioner and has strong skills all around the octagon. His personal traits include the fact he does not make call outs post-match to higher ranked opponents and that he can handle high pressure situations. With a 'jack of all trades' skill set and strong marketability Carlos Giuvente could be a big threat in the local Mexican scene in the first year. Miroslav "Monster" Banjeckovic (Julius) Miroslav is a more than solid heavyweight, who despite his ground and pound experience, his highest attributes come in low kicking and submission defence. He is well-rounded and has a great personal trait in being a fast starter, expect to see a lot of first round knockouts by Miroslav on the Eastern European scene. Miroslav also handles pressure well, but he is a rumoured TRT user which, if caught, will equal to a suspension from the sport. "Moon Guardian" Sailor Moon (Meko) Sailor Moon is our first American fighter on the scene and she comes with world calibre kick-boxing to boot. She has great striking power and strong ground striking to accentuate that but her submission skills are weak. Sailor Moon's submission skills and ground work leave a lot to be desired also. Sailor Moon is a great counter striker, but is the first of our fighters who choke in high pressure situations. But, with world calbire kick boxing skills, I doubt she'll find herself in those situations all too often. "Orchestator" Rin Akane (Arius) Rin Akane is the first fighter who fortune did not favour ever so much. A lot of her stats are average, including her wrestling and takedown abilities in spite of being a nationally recognised submission wrestler. In a continent where a lot of female-only promotions exist, Rin Akane might struggle. Thankfully she has great personal traits. She can handle pressure and is also fearless, furthermore she is capable of clinging onto fights and can really grind out a win if necessary. "Knockout Queen" Emma McDavid (Hans) Emma McDavid has great statistics across the board. Thriving in both striking and wrestling situations. For a rookie fighters she is only average in submissions and in terms of roll of the dice she is one of the more favoured in the game. In terms of personal traits she is self confident and goes out fighting, making her a fine fighter for "championship" rounds should she become a champion within her career. Emma McDavid is also an occasional movie star, meaning she might leave the business for months at a time to film a movie. "Golden" Michael Seymour (Mikey) Michael Seymour is also a character with good, jack-of-all-trades capabilities. He has strong boxing skills and ground technique as well as great marketability. Michael Seymour is respectful and his personal traits include that he loves looking for neck submissions and that he would never use recreational drugs. Overall Michael looks to be a solid prospect who should dominate the American local scene in the coming year. Daria "The Jersey Devil" Berenato (Mecko) Daria is a fighter who fortune has not favoured. She has accomplished or average skills although she has good striking capabilities. In truth I am attempting to point things out about Daria that are not plain. In terms of personal traits she is a rumoured PED user, which could enhance her chances of winning at the local scene but will get her suspended if she ever competes for a regional or national promotion. She also is a dirty fighter, using eye pokes to harm opposition. Mathias "Demon" Ishtar (Jason Ryan) Another American Middleweight now, Mathias Ishtar doesn't scrub up all too badly, having above average to strong statistics in most area of the game. He has great experience at amateur level which should help his transition into professional fighting. In terms of personal traits he will take on any fighter and is all heart, he will never collapse mentally and always believe in a comeback if he loses the first round or so. Harold "Bam Bam" Bigalow (Hans) Unlike our last two entries, Harold "Bam Bam" Bigalow looks like a serious competitor despite his early age. He has strong physical skills and excels both on the ground and when striking. He also has great marketability. Furthermore, 'Bigalow loves to take every fight on the feet, utilising his strong boxing power and strong chin. He will also take on any fighter regardless of height or reach advantage. Harold Bigalow could be a strong presence in the heavyweight scene for years to come. Samantha "Valkyrie" Carter (BiC) Samantha Carter might not be much to look at on the face of things, she has average statistics save for decent wrestling. But her Marketability is off the charts, making her more valuable than the other fighters in this list. Companies will also go to lengths to protect her, giving her easy wins to build her up. Samantha utilises her strong takedown and wrestling skills to pressure grapple, she also goes out swinging and will look for the TKO win in later rounds. Maryse "French Beauty" Mizanin (Bob) From one blessed female fighter to.. Maryse. There is not much to write home about, with Maryse. The majority of her statistics are average aside from strong marketability. To pile onto the plain bore that is Maryse, she doesn't like to wrestle and she will surrender to most submissions quickly. I can only apologise to Bob for how poorly the game has generated Maryse for she is probably the worst out of the sixteen fighters generated. H.R "Friendly Dragon" Pufnstuf (Arius) Although Arius' first character had an unfortunate roll the first time, H.R Pufnstuf more than makes up for it. "The Friendly Dragon" boasts strong ground striking and excellent boxing power making him an insane threat on the feet. Pufnstuf has been blessed with "All or Nothing" personal traits. He uses high pressure tactics and never goes on the defensive. He also has a fighting spirit mentality, meaning he'll continue to fight if injured and rather break an arm than tap out to a submission. "The Beast" Oliver Jones (Sameer) Oliver Jones looks like a good featherweight prospect. He has above average statistics in most fields, excelling with boxing and kicking. He also boosts good takedown defence. In terms of personal traits he'll look to keep fights on the feet to utilise his boxing skills. He is also a big game player, meaning the further up the card he is the more likely he is to succeed as he's motivated under the spotlight. Jonathan "Johnny Kills" Killebrew (Jonathan) Jonathan looks an alright prospect for the middleweight division. He has above average to fairly strong statistics both on the ground and on the feet. Jonathan loves going for body punches and will utilise liver punches and kicks. He is a rumoured recreational drug user. For some reason, WMMA generated him with Darren Till's fight record, which explains why it shows his last fight as losing. This doesn't affect his actual pro record and has no standing on the game, though. "The Oni" Kenji Togami (Kenji) Kenji Togami looks an exceptional talent in the middleweight division. Boasting world calbire muay thai skills with strong to above average skills across the field. For personal traits the game recognised Kenji's skills and placed thai fighter, meaning he'll go for the clinch when given the opportunity. He also has a fighting spirit meaning he'd rather be injured than tapping out. Kenji is definitely one of the better fighters and I think he'll do very well in the first year of his professional career. Kirk "Kirkimus" Kelly (Kirk) Our last fighter is Kirk Kelly, an American heavyweight. The heavyweights in this diary seemed to have been given quite good statistics and the story is no different with Kirk. Great boxing power and strong boxing skills put him up there. Kirk also loves attempting high kicks and going for a photogenic knockout. A down side to Kirk is that he cannot handle high pressure situations and tends to bottle most championship fights, should he find himself in one during this diary. If you read all this, I cannot thank you enough. WMMA databases are incredibly tedious to edit, and the game itself takes hours to simulate opposed to TEW so a lot of time and effort went into this. Do you like your character? Who do you think will be the first to win championship gold, who will surprise us? Let me know your reactions and what you think. Thanks again!
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    BPZ Brand Split 2020

    As of late, there have been rumours going around about a 2020 Brand Split. And the owner of BPZ Wrestling is here to address those specific rumours. The future of BPZ lies in one man's hands, will this make or break BPZ? Brenden: The rumours, well they are damn true. The Brand Split will be returning in 2020 to BPZ Wrestling. Not just that but a fallen company will be revived, as EVOLVE will return to clash with Carnage, which brand will take the crown? Lets introuduce the rosters for each brand. Champions 1.Flynn 2.Smith 3.Sameer 4.Hans 5. Bart 6. Mikey 7. Gunner Flynn 8. Echo Wilson 9. The Bailey 10. FDS 11. Yelich 12. Jason Ryan 13. Mecko 14. Joh 15. Crippler 16. Prince 17. Emperor Nate 18. Kieron Black 19. Cody Cage 20. Mirage 21. Nathan Sawyer 22. Brian Gillman 23. Marker 24. Benjamin Wolf 25. Bubba 26. Bizzy 27. Corey 28. Monda 29. Siege 30. Wallace Champions (All of Evolve's Championships are now vacant) 1. Slim 2.Arius 3. Necce 4. Isaiah Carter 5. Julius 6. KENJI 7. Raven 8. Jack Bashka 9. Bob Sparks 10. Jonathan 11. Sheridan 12. Ropati 13. Joshua Scott 14. Buddy Ace 15. Amai 16. Hollow 17. D.N.A 18. Lord Yajuta 19. Epic 20. Alex Costa 21. Arrow 22. The Riddler 23. Aidanator 24. Ark Universe 25. James Knight 26. Jacob Tagg 27. Dark Angel 28. Massa 29. Shiba 30. Owen
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    The Master

    Carnage starts with interviewer John Trenton preparing himself for his next interview, with the “Monster” JoshsNow his guest. Over the past few weeks Josh has created a stir since Gary Green transformed him, and under the orders of “The Master” Josh has been an unstoppable force, taking out Isaiah Carter and although we believed him to have suffered defeat to Carter, it turns out lookalike Pablo took his place. Josh has recently gained a notorious reputation of taking out non wrestlers, interviewer Bryan Danielson and Mayor Andy Burnham both in hospital after messing with Josh Suddenly John turns and sees his old friend Gary Green walking towards him professionally, behind him the behemoth that is Josh Scott. Gary Green gives a polite smile to John, the previous friendliness between the trio seems to be long gone John: Hello Gary. Hello Josh Gary: Hello John how are you John: I am doing goo- Green: Have you got some questions for me and Josh Trenton: Just the one at first, it’s the question we all want to know. Can you tell us about the Master? Green: The Master needs very little explanation for now. All that we will reveal is that he has a deal with Josh. For now Josh obeys his orders and Josh gets to do what he enjoys most. Destroy people. Josh has no cares anymore. In an old age, he cared about winning championships and making friends. Now he cares about none of that, he just wants to destroy Trenton: How did you first meet the Master Green: He heard the news about Andy Burnhams mysterious attack and phoned me up with a business proposal. He was fed up with his current situation and needed someone to take out his enemies without anyone knowing it was him. His first target was a longtime enemy of his who Josh was going to attack at Survival Games. But just as his match came to a close and Josh got ready to destroy we suddenly got a phone call from The Master. He informed us we had a bigger fish to fry and that Slim was soon being stripped of the World Championship. He knew BiC was going for it and he wanted us to take BiC out. We obeyed him all the way, and it was all good for Josh as he got to put Carter through a car window and a table. Now we await our next orders from the Mas... Suddenly we hear the ping and Gary picks up his Nokia Brick and reads the message with glee on his face Trenton: What is it Gary Green: A text from The Master. He has got news for us. He has told us one isn’t enough, we just find more Trenton: What do you mean Green: He has given me a name. He has ordered me to find this person and offer him to join us. And then Josh and him can wreck havoc on the Tag Team Division Trenton: So this means Green: Josh is getting a Tag Team partner. Gotta go Johnny boy. Gary Green goes and Josh follows, John relieved he came out fine in the incident with his former friends. However the question still remains who is the Master and now more importantly, who has he found to team with Josh?
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    BPZ Commentaries

    An BPZ Commentaries Exclusive Interview "The King Of Flight" MARKER With Fanny McFee Since joining BPZ Wrestling in early 2018, MARKER has had a rollercoaster career with the company so far. After eventually capturing the BPZ NXT Championship in mid-2018 at the Mayhem PPV, MARKER would go on to become a two-time BPZ NXT Champion, a BPZ Premium Champion, and a BPZ Tag Team Champion as apart of The Frontier, a stable that would shape himself as well as Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace into the superstars that they are today. "Hello, MARKER, thank you for making time in your busy schedule for this interview, it's an honor to have a BPZ Superstar like yourself here with us today" "No problem at all, fella, thank you for having me." "Okay so let's get into it, shall we? Following your match at SummerSlam this year, you seemed to take a short break from BPZ and the wrestling world altogether. Would you like to share more on why that is and what you were doing during that time?" "It's a very good question, the reason why I left BPZ is because I was tired, I thought that I would feel much better than before, instead I had the feelings of anxiety and depression creeping back into my life, I didn't know how to take it so I decided to leave the company. Through this time, I decided to see what my options were in life, I visited my family and friends, surrounding myself with people that I love so that I could get better and now, I'm back and I'm ready to take on new challenges." "Speaking of new challenges, when you first returned to the ring, you went into detail about some of the struggles you've faced but in the end, you claimed that all you need is an opportunity and that if you aren't given one, you'll make one yourself. Therefore, are there any opportunities that you have attained and would like to share with us or perhaps an opportunity that you would like to manifest just by putting it out there?" "I want to make opportunities for myself, I want to prove to myself that I am a different man than I was before SummerSlam. I'm tired of not being treated well by the company, I want to create these chances for myself as a way to show others that they can do it themselves in the future. For my opportunities, I want to battle for the Premium Championship. This time around, I know I can beat Gunner Flynn, or Storm as I still call him, as currently, he's losing his mind which gives me the perfect chance for to win it back." "That's great but moving on, over the past few days we've seen the release of the 'Humble Beginnings Of MARKER' documentary on the BPZ Network, episode by episode. Is this an idea that you pitched to the company or did they come to you with it?" "It's an idea that I pitched to the company, I was wondering if I could do it and the company agreed. I was very happy with it and from what it seems, the fans are enjoying it as well which I'm very happy about as it shows just how much the fans really care about me and what I have done in the last year." "In the documentary, we see your journey from your first-ever wrestling match all the way up to your first win at BPZMania in the latest episode. Over this time, what would you say was the defining moment in your career, the moment where everything really started to get going and you really started making a name for yourself?" "I'd say creating The Frontier, that was when I really became a threat to everyone in the company and I really enjoyed working with guys like Buddy, Jason, and Necce." "Okay, one last question. In the future, from as near as the documentary to as far as your career-long goal, what's to come for the MARKER?" "I want to say a good career for me, but you never know these days, some days people are very good, then the next, they don't want to wrestle anymore. All I'm saying is that you can never predict the future and you'll just have to wait and see." "Alright lovely stuff but that'll have to do us. It was a pleasure meeting you and a blessing to be able to ask you these questions. I hope everything goes well for you and you're able to reclaim that Premium Championship at Survivor Series." "Thank you very much, fella." "This has been Fanny McFee with BPZ Superstar, MARKER. We will see you later, ladies and gents."
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    November Fifth, Twenty Nineteen Twelve Hundred Hours The crowd begins to cheer and still yet boo as the message they were met with previously returns to the titantron. The precursor to The Chancellor’s reintroduction to BPZ and the NXT title hunt is followed by another message, one much different than anything seen by the crowd at his previous appearance. Fifteen Thousand Feet Above Us A video feed, potentially a GoPro, fires up, showing CJ Sellers, and the blaring turbines are a dead giveaway he is currently in a plane. The crowd is questioning why he is, but he begins to speak. “One of the most invigorating thrills on this earth… or rather, above it. Skydiving is one of the most extreme sports we see performed in this world, in addition to being one of the best. Enough about skydiving, what really matters is what I have to say next. It seems I forgot an opponent I will best at the end of this month, as this Moneymaker has arisen from the dead of the dead and called me out. But all you prove is what you are not.” Sellers straps the GoPro to his wrist as he gets ready to jump from the plane. He begins speaking once more, with the crowd anticipating his next move. “I have once before said this to another competitor in this company, and once again I will repeat myself, something I take no joy in doing. You aren’t a man, you aren’t a threat, and you most certainly are not hard. You are, at best, a talked up nuisance, problematic to all who wish to maintain their sanity. This is where you thrive, and unluckily for you, and for the rest of the locker room, you are not dealing with a sane human being.” He takes a breath before continuing. “I am a thrill seeker, somebody who throws life and limb to the fire for the feeling of a high, just because they can. Call it an addiction, it’s better than yours, just one look at your desk and it was clear what point in life you’re at. You may be wondering, why so would I say such things in referral to your manhood? The solution to this dilemma is to use your head. Somebody who refuses to acknowledge another man by his name is living in fear, in denial of that fear, or in ignorance. You are likely in a combination of these three things, Amai, but it does not matter which applies to you. What matters is the sad excuse of a being you are.” The crowd begins to be taken over by cheers, hearing Sellers cut down a man they hate. “You live off pretentious principles, trying to portray the life you want to live. A sad life, at that, is the one you have chosen. Does your white lightning help you ease the pain of being such a disappointment? Maybe, but never count on a crackhead for a straight answer. You choose to refer to me by my branding title, by my nickname. The Crippler is the only way you choose to acknowledge me, and it’s quite fitting. After Survivor Series is over, and I take the title you never deserved to call your own…” The Chancellor puts out his other wrist and makes a motion across it, shaking the camera like mad, and then pulls his right wrist back to it’s previous spot, showing his face once more. “Once the NXT Championship is in my possession, that’ll be the overdose. Descent is both fast and hard, and sooner rather than later you’ll be reaching rock bottom. That’s a place I’ve already experienced in my life, and perhaps you have too, but let me iterate this for you if not. It’s not fun, living with self-doubt and waiting for the madness to end, because it doesn’t. By the time you look back up, I’ll be far past you and onto bigger and better opportunities, because unlike you, I am not chained to one spot on the card. I actually have what is known as talent, and I can and will ascend onto the next challenge, meet my next thrill. You’ll be left in the dirt like the cat you slaughtered.” The door to the airplane opens, and the rotors on the plane whir louder than ever, forcing the Crippler to yell to be heard. “It’s fitting you refer to me as the Crippler, Amai. It’s almost like you know the future, one which involves the inevitable. After I defeat you, I will have broken you and crippled you mentally, and you’ll be stuck wishing I had never come to pass. The clock is ticking, and when the Survivor Series is upon us, your time is up. Don’t expect to win, foolish optimism only makes the depression worse when disaster strikes.” CJ Sellers then stands up and walks toward the open plane door. He turns around and as he falls out of the plane, eliciting a gasp from the crowd, the feed cuts to black and the image distorts to paper burning. On the paper is a simple message. “See you in hell. Signed, The Chancellor."
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    I’m bringing my fullest

    As Arrow comes through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand with the mic saying go Seahawks. From now on I’m going to try my fullest and nothing or nobody can stop me from trying my fullest because it seems to me that people can’t keep my name out their facking mouths unless you want to fight me but if not keep my name out your mouths now we are in the city of Cleveland, Ohio tonight how are the Browns doing oh wait never mind there losing like they always do but I’m not here to talk about how the browns could have beaten the patriots I’m here to talk about the facking disrespect I have been getting backstage and now since people who I look up to are putting my name in there facking mouths backstage where I am and I’m hearing it and then when I’m hearing it and I walk over and say yo what’s up with my name in your facking mouth if you don’t want to say it to my face you are too scared to my face but most people are and that makes me mad because they know that I’m not scared of them and then when they talk about me in a way that I actually hear them say but then they play it off so from now on if you want to say something about me come and say it to my face and not behind Twitter. And if you continue to talk behind Twitter I’m going to call you out and I’m going to expect what you said about me on Twitter you have the ballz and say it to my face. (As Arrow leaves the ring with this smile and then he walks backstage.)
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    The titantron cuts to Epic in Detroit "Hello the BPZ Galaxy, today I am in Detroit, a place well known for crime and rappers, so I am going to convert some people, to follow god" Epic crosses the road and goes into a strip club, inside he meets former BPZ employee Alice's twin, Alice 2. "Hello there welcome to the club do you want a dance?" Epic who could smell the STDs coming from her even from outside says "No I'm not here for a private dance, I'm here for someone who will do my bidding." "If you ain't here for a Dance get the hell out!" suddenly a lightning bolt comes down and strikes Alice 2 and she transforms and removes her STDs. "Alice 2 the lord has decided that you will join my cause!" A gang member slaps Alice 2 on the ass, Epic grabs the guy and throws him through a window. When Epic and Alice 2 try to leave a whole gang is waiting for them, Epic says "Babushka Boy" and all the gang members walk up to Epic and give him all their money. Epic and Alice 2 get into a Lambo from Epic's new contract (since Brenden had a bunch of money following him releasing half the roster). Alice gets her phone out and starts reading bible verses from an app. 9 HOURS LATER Epic and Alice 2 have arrived back to the West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa. "Well that was fun, but I have some big news my new album Jesus is King was released recently!" "Yeah, it's the best album of all time!" says Alice 2 excitedly. Epic pulls out his phone and decides to check his DMs suddenly his smile turns into a face of pure anger. "CRIPPLER! YOU TALK ABOUT ME AGAIN LIKE THAT I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! wait I mean I will let the lord decide your fate." Epic grabs a water bottle and sits down still fuming after reading what Crippler said. "Crippler I am going to be at Carnage next week and I want to have a little talk, just me and you in the middle of the ring having a little conversation, no little distractions". The screen fades to black as Epics theme plays in the background.
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    SSW Takeover: Boston - Friday, November 8th 2019 - Mirage vs Vinci ( c ) SSW World Championship [ the theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up however Mirage isn’t the one who steps out onto stage but rather it’s Alice who has recently joined SSW and is clearly still allied with Mirage who then steps out after her as they then walk down the ramp towards the ring together ] [ Next up is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci as he walks out holding the SSW World Championship high into the air as he makes his way to the ring and enters the ring before handing the belt over to the referee as this match gets ready to start ] As the match starts both men lock up however Vinci starts to take control of the match just like last time these two faced off as he starts to put power Mirage however this Mirage counters with a back flip landing on his feet which catches Vinci off guard for a moment then Vinci goes to grab Mirage who dodges by rolling past Vinci and nailing him with a poisonrana! Mirage then starts to pick up Vinci who quickly counters into and cross arm breaker who is smiling and laughing at the pain Mirage is clearly in as he is heard screaming in agony and knows Vinci has quickly taken control of the match out of nowhere. However Mirage is able to fight through the pain and manages to roll backwards in order to escape the submission however can’t recover in time to avoid decking him right in the face which staggers him and Vinci nails him with another straight right to the face which drops Mirage to one knee but quickly back up to his feet which leads Vinci to Irish whip him towards the corner and charges at him for possibly a clothesline in the corner but Mirage counters by using the corner to jump over Vinci and runs towards the ropes with Vinci chasing after him and goes for a back body drop however Mirage counters by rolling across the back of Vinci and runs back off the rope and catches Vinci out with a hurricranna beautifully done as well. However this won’t keep Vinci down for long as he quickly gets back up decks Mriage with a spinning punch to the face dropping Mirage to the mat as Vinci just stomps and kicks away at Mirage out of frustration before picking him up landing a brutal neckbreaker and rolls to the outside in order to catch his breath and try to calm himself down as he is still clearly frustrated at the evasiveness of Mirage here tonight who has somehow gotten back up to his feet and jumps clearing the corner turnbuckle and lands right into Vinci! And this place is absolutely electric as the sold out crowd here are chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage quickly gets back up to his feet and is leaning right against the barricade soaking in the love and support of the fans however he may have been taking it in too long as Vinci grabs him and tosses him into the turnbuckle causing him to immediately fall down but Vinci isn’t done yet as he grabs Mirage again and slings him into the barricade before tossing him back into the ring and gets into the ring himself and continues to beat down Mirage for about five minutes before picking up Mirage for the Forced Progression however Mirsge is able to counter it the same way he did with a school boy roll up but this time he only gets a two count. However Mirage isn’t done yet as he nails Vinci with a swift jumping face buster before climbing up to the top rope despite still being in a lot of pain from Vinci’s assault and nails a picture perfect Heaven’s Grace! Mirage then goes into the pinfall but once again Vinci kicks out at two however this time Mirage was much closer to the three count and winning this match as Vinci is getting up Mirage manages to will himself back up to his feet and wait nails a Siren’s song laying out Vinci in what might just be the final of this fantastic match as Mirage rolls Vinci over for yet another pinfall attempt however yet again Vinci unbelievably kicks out at two! But despite all of this Mirage still isn’t done as he picks up Vinci however as he does it becomes clear both men are pushing themselves right at their limits if not past them as both are extremely tired and beaten down making it perfectly clear how much the SSW World Championship means to both men but Mirage shoves Vinci back and nails a perfectly executed Super Model Kick before falling into the cover but this time Vinci kicks out at a two point nine and the face of Mirage tells the perfect story of disbelief. Mirage however slowly gets up and Vinci rolls over to his belly trying to rise back to his feet as well but is struggling greatly due to the onslaught by Mirage as Mirage screams at Vinci “ you’re done “ and rips off the fur from his right boot showing the Bull head as it’s obvious what Mirage is going for here it’s the move he won his first SSW World Championship with the God’s Ultimate Blast however when he charges at Vinci he counters it with a low blow resulting in a DQ as the crowd is booing Vinci however there’s nothing anyone can do about it Vinci has escaped with the SSW World Championship. Now Vinci standing over Mirage just kicking away at him but wait what’s this it’s Maasa who sprints down to the ring and lays out Vinci and helps Mirage back up to his feet as Vinci is forced to grab the championship and leave however it’s clear this is far from over.
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    Isaiah Carter

    Born Ready

    "Everything all good?" The camera turns on with a click and focuses in, revealing Isaiah Carter standing in front of the camera. Nothing but a white background behind him as he stands out among the white, his signature black suit on his body as he smiles slightly, almost pleased to be in front of the camera again. A man who teams with up Hans Clayton to defend his BPZ Tag Team Titles stands before the camera and now he holds the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in his left hand, looking into the camera as his slight smile turns into a calm look, as he looks at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and drops it to the floor, it lands with a thud as he rest his foot on the title belt, putting it beneath him. *sighs* Isaiah looks up and makes eye contact with all the viewers at home as he begins to speak, his voice calm, as he takes his time to speak. "When I first stepped into the BPZ ring I promised all of you that I would be the man on top, that I would ascend the ranks of BPZ and become the man thats face is on the video packages, on the posters, the man that people pay tickets to go and see and even now, even 5 years later. After several championship wins, a King Of The Ring victory, and defeating the very best this company has. People still don't believe me, people still aren't able to get it through their thick skulls that I am the man that this company needs to get behind. Its a constant cycle of being pushed behind, having my titles ripped away from me before I can prove my worth and having management use me as some sort of sick door mat to test out there ideas. It's always someone else, it's always another star who gets their face on the posters, the crowd chanting their name. No matter what I do, I always end up on the bottom of some other guys name, and thats exactly what this war is about" Isaiah Carter points to the world championship, his foot still resting upon it "This title, it's what I've always dreamed of. I've always dreamed of main eventing pay-per-views, I've always dreamed of being the draw that this company needs and even now, even now that I hold this companies biggest and largest title. I still get thrown to the gutter as four men rank higher than me in every discussion. Four men who have the management in the palm of their hands and never get told "No". I am disgusted to be apart of the Brendenplayz Roster and its because of four men...Creed" Upon mentioning the name, Carters demeanor changes, as his eyes grow dark for a brief moment, and his voice changes from calm tone to more of a low growl as he is clearly pissed off. "You see at Carnage Wildcard, this is what I was born for. I was born, for moments like these when everything is on the line and I have everything to lose. That is the thing that I believe you're missing Creed, you guys have an escape. If you lose at Carnage Wildcard, if you lose this war against us. You get to fall back onto the boat you ride on while I crash down into the sea, struggling to stay afloat while you're able to ride the name you've built yourself over the years over any and all waves, but at Carnage Wildcard. Creed I will rip apart that boat, I will rip apart that legacy limb by limb, you will have nothing to fall back down on as you finally get treated like the rest of us and get shoved down into the bottomless pit of the locker room. You're already losing respect, the talk around the locker room, you've become a self centered group of nasty individuals that will be exposed to lying to the fans, that will be exposed as the frauds you are. I can win any championship I want, I can become a Hall Of Famer, hell I could main event BPZMania but let me tell you right now Creed none of that matters, this title below my feet, hell the titles I will be defending against you in Las Vegas, they do not matter. What matters is the heels of my boots driving straight into your sternum, what matters is the sound you're going to make when you're grasping for air. Creed, its simple, defeating you is the only thing on my mind, and I won't let anything get in my way" "Its high time someone takes charge in this company, and thats what Bulletproof is here to do. Whether its me or Hans Clayton who makes that final pin fall when we put the nail gun up to your head and pull the trigger, you'll have know where to run or hide and you will no chance of escape. The clock stops here, the question is, are you ready?" Carter smirks, the camera focusing on his face as his eyes darken once again, this time. The Grim Reaper appears, its dark figure casting a ominous feeling over the video package as a heart beat is heard escalating, until the face of Isaiah Carter returns and the heartbeat stops. As Isaiah Carter begins his closing words. "Bulletproof will crush it like we always do and then build this company up one by one. Eli Smith, Bart, I am more ready for this than I have been anything else in my life. I was born for this moment, and I will not back down....Be Seeing You, Creed" The video clicks off, the warning from Isaiah Carter still high in the air as the Grim Reaper leaves a silent chill over the upcoming matchup between Creed and Bulletproof at Carnage Wildcard.
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Commentaries

    An BPZ Commentaries Exclusive Interview: "The Resonator" KENJI Written By: Eric Shun One of the fastest rising and most interesting members of the BPZ Wrestling roster, KENJI is a man many fans have been trying to get into the mind of. As he allows his culture and actions speak for itself and has captivated audiences with his unique and creative style, in this interview, we get a sneak peak into what its like to be a rookie inside of BPZ, and we get the first hand account of how you become "The Resonator". ____________ "Kenji what an honor it is to be sitting across from you, thank you for taking some time out of your day to come answer some questions" "Thank you for having me on the show, Mr. Shun. Let's get right to it". "Now, you're a superstar, an aura follows you around that is unexplainable and I got to ask what does it feel like to finally be in front of so many fans, to be able to perform in front of thousands" "It's surreal sometimes, even now. Hmm, it's been many months since I debuted in BPZ, one would think I'd be used to it by now. But I will admit, walking through that curtain and seeing the crowds, it's gravitas is never lost on me. And it never will be. I'm still in the fledgling years of my career, so being in this spot is an opportunity to treasure". "Going back to that night of debuting, did you ever expect it to get to this, did you ever expect to be one of the biggest stars in the company yet not even winning any titles, its a phenomenon" "Back then, no. It was a slow start, but here we are. And I'm most certainly not one of the biggest stars in the company, I'll tell you why. I have momentum on my side right now, but as I have garnered from my own bittersweet and frustrating experience, that doesn't last if you let it slip away. You can have it all one night, and be left with nothing the next. After I win at Carnage WIldcard, then I can call myself one of BPZ's 'biggest stars', but until then I won't kid myself into thinking that the world is my oyster, not yet". "Carnage Wildcard is going to be one hell of an event, and I am sure you've been asked hundred of times but I have to bring it up. Bulletproof. One of the biggest things in the company right now, and you turned them down, do you ever see yourself joining Bulletproof in the future?" KENJI exhales slowly through his nose, putting a lid on a measure of frustration at the question, maintaining his professional demeanour. "I've made my stance clear, Mr. Shun. Entering their ranks doesn't do anything for me. I have my opportunity build upon my own merits. I don't need them. With all this pomp and circumstance of our World Champion being professional, all they want is championships to be added to their accolades. As soon as Mikey fails to win the North American Championship, they come calling to the next contender. That wouldn't change if it was another in my position". "I have built my momentum within this company off of my own back, nothing more, nothing less. I haven't been propped up with false lagacies of being a champion in years gone by, as if that makes someone better than another. In Survival Games I didn't tell you, I showed you that a list of accolades means absolutely nothing. It is how you are remembered and revered that really matters, not what flag you fly" "I respect that completely Kenji, you're a man of wisdom and I believe that is why fans connect with you, lets move off of the topic of Bulletproof, and talk about the fans, do the fans impact decisions you make in the ring, the actions you take?" "Going back to how one is remembered, the fans are the most important part of that. Ever since my debut, even in defeat, the fans around the world remember what I do, they think back fondly to my matches and moments. I would like to say that they have always been on my side.....but ever since Australia, that shook me. They wanted to see be, but didn't want to see me win. That was.....haunting. The silence and rustlings of shock on their lips. They wanted to see FDS get the victory. I certainly wouldn't want the same fate to befall me in Japan. That night gave me more perspective of the fans, their desires are vital to what we do". "The fans are truly the echo of this company, few superstars are able to revoke such change in the audience and its a gift to be able to do so, you're obviously still young and talented, and with your youth comes so many paths, so many opportunities, but one thing is on your mind, the North American Championship. Who are you wishing is watching your match the most at the Carnage:Wildcard, what would this victory mean to you?" "I don't wish for anyone to be watching, because those that are vigilant will already be watching. Actually, no....I wish for the North American Champion himself to be watching. He is nowhere to be seen. Too busy thinking that he is back in the limelight now that he has some gold over his shoulder. A title can't elevate him from his little pity party. The real champions carry themselves as such when they have nothing". "This match is to claim what I have been drawn to ever since it's first moments. I was so close at World at War, the first one to make contact with the North American Championship. Ever since that day, my path has always been leading back to it. I will win, and my star will elevate me, and the championship, not the other way around". "I think the whole world will be looking forward to the matchup if Yelich is able to show up, we don't have much time left, I know you're a busy man much like the rest of the BPZ roster, but when it comes to being apart of the roster, what is the most difficult thing for you?" "To be honest, being away from home takes it's toll. I can go back every now and then, but it's a sacrifice I accepted with I signed on the dotted line. Seeing the world is something great, and I wouldn't change that, but there really is no place like home". "Final question here, what do you bring to the table, that no one else does" KENJI looks at Eric Shun for a moment before standing from his chair "I don't say what I don't mean. Nothing false. I earn the words I say through grit. As for my actions.....At Carnage Wildcard, you'll see".
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    During her initial tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment, Maryse Mizanin was able to establish herself as one of the big players within a Women’s Division which was rarely showcased due to a lack of focus on the Division at that point in time. Being known for her cocky attitude and her French Kiss DDT, she was a talent that clearly was someone to pay attention to. Having made her first appearance as part of the 2006 Diva Search, she most definitely caught a lot of eyes including her future Husband Mike Mizanin also known now as the Miz. Despite not winning the competition having been eliminated within the 2nd round of eliminations she was invited to OVW to observe how the newest generation of Women’s wrestlers before officially signing with the WWE on August 24th 2007 training down in WWE’s developmental territory for the rest of the year working in both singles and tag team competition refining her skills until she was ready. Maryse made her official debut presenting a Timbaland music video that she had appeared in but did not make frequent appearances until her arrival on Smackdown where she had began to chase the newly introduced Smackdown exclusive Women’s Championship: The Divas Championship. Her path towards this Championship began with a rivalry with Michelle McCool: the inaugural Divas Champion at Unforgiven 2008 fighting her on two separate occasions but losing both times. However Maryse did end her year winning the Divas Championship on SmackDown with Maria Kanellis as the special guest referee beginning a record breaking Divas Championship reign for the time until AJ Lee surpassed her reign in January 2014 at 216 days. Maryse became synonymous with the Divas Championship even being drafted to RAW with it going to war with superstars such as Kelly Kelly,Michelle McCool, Gail Kim and Mickie James with the latter being the Woman she lost the belt to. Despite the little TV time that the Women’s Division received,she was able to engage the WWE Universe and make sure that she didn’t get lost in the shuffle. She made sure this wasn’t the case upon her return from injury as she took down the Divas Champion at the time Melina and made sure that Maryse was relevant in a Divas Division that wasn’t as relevant. Despite it looking like Maryse would defeat Melina for the championship,this was prevented due to an injury to Melina but Maryse did become the 1st woman in history to win the Divas Championship twice in February 2010. This reign was a bit more momentful but the Divas Championship wasn’t in the main story going into WrestleMania XXVI as she was in a multi women tag match picking up her only WrestleMania victory but lost her championship a few weeks later to Eve Torres with her failing to regain it at Over the Limit and Fatal 4-Way respectively. The end of this tenure had affiliation with Ted DiBiase and a spell on NXT as well as it’s Successor: NXT Redemption. However this run truly ended with the debut of Kharma in May 2011 with her being written off TV in the process to have surgery on her abdominal hernia. Unfortunately she was released a few months later and missed huge developments within the Women’s Division with the Women’s Revolution which changed the way WWE saw their Women’s Superstars forever. Since Maryse has returned the day after WrestleMania 32,she has appeared in more of a managerial role of her husband the Miz not participating in an actual match until Hell in a Cell 2018. Over the next few months,myself and @BobdaBomb shall be exploring what would have happened if Maryse had never been released in 2011. How would she have coped with the impending Women's Revolution? Would she have got lost in the shuffle or would she have become a multi time women’s Champion? Would she have potentially picked up some managerial clients and guide them to Championship glory? You'll have to find out what is planned for the road ahead we do hope you enjoy this diary. Thank you.
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    {The Frontier/Flock Forms} Last year at Summerslam was the day Me, Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace formed The Frontier which would later become The Flock, but this night was special, not only because I became a two time NXT Champion, but that didn't matter to me, what matters is the men in the ring on that night, we were overlooked by many wrestling fans alike and we wanted to make an impact, so what did we do? We formed an alliance with each other, we became like brothers, we did a lot together and I appreciate the time that we spend together, but we formed a wedge by my rival Julius for Buddy to betray us all, I didn't like it, but he wanted to do what is best for his career and that's fine, but he didn't had to stabbed everyone in the back just to do it. That's all in the past now as I look back with more fond memories than terrible ones. {First BPZMania Win} This was amazing, the fans were so excited about this match and we delivered on everything, so many spots I can remember, but I came out on top as the winner and became the Premium Champion in a Fatal 4 Way match between Nate, Joh and Blade. Nate was the champ going into and he was the biggest treat in this match. He was looking good going into it and so did everyone else, but I managed to pull through. This was another stepping stone in my career, it was another thing off my list of things to do, since the first BPZ Mania, I lost in a Hell in a Cell match against Julius and Storm with Julius putting the pin on Storm, I was sad and heartbroken that I lost at the big stage, I promised myself that I would work hard and get myself back to BPZMania and win and that's exactly what I did.
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    RAW Episode 3 Batista VS Mark Henry RAW kicks off with a battle of hosses to determine who will be in the semi finals of the number one contender's tournament, as Mark Henry battles Batista. In a good match, Batista would score the victory with a Batista Bomb to Henry, moving to the semi-finals and being only two wins away from facing WWE champion John Cena at Backlash. . Umaga/Daivari/The Great Khali VS Paul Burchill/Kid Kash/Vito A union that came together last week, this powerful trio of Umaga, Daivari and Khali do battle with Kid Kash, Vito and Paul Burchill. In a quick bout, Umaga would win the match for his trio when he plowed through Vito with a Samoan Spike. This new union of two monsters and Daivari might be unstoppable, and the RAW roster needs to be on notice. . The Boogeyman VS Finlay The second number one contender's tournament match of the night sees Finlay do battle with The Boogeyman. Finlay would put away his strange opponent with a Celtic Cross, and now Finlay has qualified for the semi-finals. . Viscera VS William Regal The third quarter final match of the night sees William Regal battle the world's largest love machine, Viscera. Regal would pull out the victory against his larger opponent, putting him away with the Power of the Punch and qualifying for the semi-finals. . Candice Michelle VS Torrie Wilson Last week, Candice Michelle targetted the RAW women's champion, Mickie James. Michelle faces Torrie Wilson tonight, and in a quick bout, she would put away Torrie, scoring a big victory and staking her claim to the RAW women's championship. . Kurt Angle VS Shawn Michaels Finally, the final quarter final match of the tournament sees Shawn Michaels do battle with Kurt Angle. In an amazing match, Michaels would put away Angle with a Sweet Chin Music, but only after a surprising low blow from the Heartbreak Kid. Michaels has made it clear that he will do anything to become WWE champion, and he just proved it with that display. Is the WWE championship finally destined to be in Michaels' grasp again?
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    Sameer's Movie/TV Show Reviews

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    Welcome back to IUM, and tonight we return to the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. What will tonight bring us? Last week, Kenji was able to get a much needed victory, and get the right to challenge Julius for the televesion Championship at Bad Blood, tonight he speaks about what this means to him. KENJI's music hits, signaling the ominous feeling that we all dread so much. As Kenji enters the ring, he smiles. A tense feeling fades away, as all he can feel is pure happiness. He pauses before speaking, taking a look into the sea of people. Kenji: I feel so happy, that I get this opportunity to show the world what I am truly made of. But I have to get through one of the best here in IUM. A man of integrity, a man of skill, the Televison Champion Julius. I will have to put all of my heart into this fight, and trust me when I tell you this, I am walking away with that Televison Championship. Ropati vs Hans Clayton A very great match here, Ropati has been on a tear as of late. But with both of these men, they suffered depressing losses at Summerslam. So they want to get back into that winning hunt. The match would begin with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Hans. As he pushes his opposition into the corner, he runs back from the other corner and back with a lariat, but Ropati gets out of the way just in time. As we continue on moments later, Ropati is on the offensive now. As he goes for a "Kiwi Kick" but Hans ducks under and now goes for a double legged takedown, as he is succesful. He then pins down Ropati for a 450 splash. And the victory is all his. Raven vs Arius This is gonna be a crazy clash for sure. Two psychotic men going at it like it is a full blown war. As the match begins, the two stare eachother down like their is no end in sight. Once they begin the fight, it is just fist after fist, punch after punch, left after rights. This is gonna be a tough one to follow, Arius then goes for a takedown, but Raven stops him. Throwing Arius to the other side of the ring, until Arius rolls to the outside. As we continue, Raven meets Arius on the outside, before Arius sends him into the guardrail and back into the ring. Arius continues his attack, as he puts pressure on Raven's skull. He then picks him up, signfor the end. He goes for a piledriver, but Raven counters, then Arius counters into a RainMaker! He secures the cover and obtains the victory. Bob Wants One Thing As we return from commercial break, we have Bob Sparks, already standing in the middle of the ring. Proclaiming dominance, we have only seen this man once, and he was dominant. What will this time entail? Bob Sparks: Man, I missed this place. Tonight I just want one thing, to be recognized. For the dominant Alpha Male I really am. I walk these streets, nobody knows who I am. And I am really starting to get fed up with it. All I want is- As Bob is cut off, the titantron appears to be turned on. With only one site, Mikey. A man who has been disrespected in his own right, he lifts up a picture of bob, and lights it on fire, throwing it away. Sameer (C) vs Jack Bashka-IUM World Championship Match And it is finally time for our Main Event of the evening, where Sameer defends his World Championship against Jack Bashka. Both men have been on a tear as of late, so lets get this going. The match begins with a lock up, the strength advantage seems to go to Bashka. As he pushes Sameer into the corner, then backing away slowly. Showing some type of respect. A couple of minutes pass by, as both men are a bit tired down. Bashka would then go for Sameer, in a running attack, before Sameer would topple over Bashla in a crazy manner. Then striking him with a Curb Stomp, but Bashka would kick out at two. But Sameer was not done yet as he would hit one more, and Sameer would then retain his World Championship. As Sameer would be celebrating his hard fought victory, a well recognized theme song would hit. Signifying maybe our next ppv main event. It is Bic challenging Sameer!
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 9th September, 2019 | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY From Mr. Money In The Bank To BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Two weeks removed from the biggest party of the Summer, we kick off Carnage with Sameer's first appearance since cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase and capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of SummerSlam. With Sameer, both Bob Sparks and Slim, his right-hand man and hired hit-man, come to the ring as Sameer has a few words of celebration. Sameer: "Did you miss me? I'm sorry I couldn't be here last week but I was a little too busy celebrating, partying with women you dream of and splashing amounts of cash that your parents don't even make in a whole year! But don't worry, I'm all yours tonight ladies and, well I guess the gentlemen can watch. Okay, okay, let's get back on track. After five years in this company, I have finally got my hands on this beauty and isn't it funny, isn't it weird that it happened just as I cut my ties with Brenden? See, I told you all I turned my back on that man because he had purposely been holding me down whilst promising me he was doing his best to help me yet you all hated me for it. Now, I've proven that I was right and you, Brenden, everyone that doubted me all look like fools. Thankfully, I've never needed any of you. Thankfully, I have two of the most dangerous men in this business by my side. Thankfully, I'm smarter, faster, an overall better wrestler than both Bart and Bailey. Now, I'm your BPZ World Heavyweight Cha-" Suddenly, Sameer's bragging and gloating comes to an end as the former champion, 'The People's Champion', The Bailey comes out with a microphone. The Bailey: "Finally... The Bailey has come back to his home state, his favourite place in the world, New York! But right now, my focus is on that jabroni in the ring! The Bailey congratulates you, you finally won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but The Bailey is coming out here to make sure you know your role and shut your mouth! The Bailey is here to make sure that you know your candy ass got lucky and that you could never beat the most electrifying man in sports entertainment face to face. The Bailey is also out here to let you know that at Bad Blood, with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the line, you will go one on one with the great one!" With The Bailey clearly after a rematch for the title, Sameer brings the microphone to his mouth to start replying but once again, he is interrupted but this time, it's by the King Of The Ring winner who was the challenger for the championship at SummerSlam, Bart Hoogveld. Bart Hoogveld: "I outlasted fifteen other men, I beat the best of the best week after week, I won the King Of The Ring tournament, got my first-ever shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and then, in what was supposed to be my crowning moment, you ruined it Sameer but, nevertheless, I'm not here to complain, I'm here to set a challenge. You ruined my moment so it's only fair that I ruin yours and bring your triumphant reign to a bitterly short end so how about it, champ?" With a second challenge set to the champ, the three men in the ring begin to chuckle, laughing at the two that lost to Sameer at SummerSlam. Once again, as Sameer goes to reply, he is interrupted by yet another member of the roster. This time, it is unexpectedly Natedog who comes out with a smile. Natedog: "Well, this is quite something, isn't it? Don't worry though fellas, I'm not here to challenge for the title as well. No, no, no. I'm not here for Sameer, or you Bart, or you Bailey. I'm here for Slim... Just like you stabbed Brenden in the back Sameer, Slim did the same to me except when he did, he almost put an end to my career and I'm still craving, I'm still hungry for revenge. Despite seeing you reduced to nothing more than a lackey being somewhat satisfying, I still want to lay a beating on you, I still want to rip you limb from limb and do to you what you failed to do to me. If you haven't turned into a complete coward, Slim, you'll accept my challenge and when you do, you'll be accepting the end of your career." With yet another challenge set, this time to Slim instead of Sameer, the three men in the ring once again chuckle except Slim who now looks a lot more serious. When Bob and Sameer realise, they stop laughing and Sameer gives him a bump on the shoulder to try and cheer him up but instead, Slim just rips the microphone out of Sameer's hand. Slim: "Nate! If you want me to almost kill you again, then I will! But before that, you need to show some respect to the man that made you, the man that carried you through this company, the man that made you the superstar that you are!" After an enraged statement from Slim, he throws the microphone to the floor and stares fiercely at the man who once fought alongside him. After exchanging words and various challenges being thrown out, the six men stare-down. BPZ Tag Team #1 Contender Match Royal Flush vs Young & Free In the first match of the night, the number one contender match that was arranged last week by the BPZ Tag Team Champions themselves between Royal Flush and Young & Free takes place with the winner earning a shot at the titles at Bad Blood. This time around, it's Kieron and Prince who are competing instead of the combination of Cody and Prince who competed at SummerSlam. As the former champions and the hottest new tag team in the division go to war, the two teams prove that they're two of the best in the company right now in an extremely competitive and exciting showing. Nevertheless, in the end, it's Young & Free who come out on top and get an impressive victory over the former champions. Aftermath Of SSW Club's Disruption In the backstage area of the acclaimed Madison Square Garden, Josh Trenton is joined by two former members of the faction that was named SSW Club, Epic McDonald and Maasa. After their leader, Joshua Scott, attacked all three of the other members following Bulldozer and Epic's loss in a tag team match, the team would be shattered but it appears that Epic and Maasa still see eye to eye as they address the situation together. Josh Trenton: "Last week, we witnessed a shocking turn of events when Joshua Scott, the man that led your team known as SSW Club, stabbed you two and Bulldozer in the back by attacking all three of you. Do you have any comments on what occurred or have anything you want to say to Joshua Scott?" Epic McDonald: "Honestly, we're not too sure what to say about the situation as it came completely out of nowhere. The four of us have been such a tight-knit group for some time now and we, or at least I thought, we had each other's backs." Maasa: "Truly, it was shocking but I definitely have things I'd like to say to Josh. I'm not sure why you did it or what your reasoning was but just know this, you will not be forgiven and what you did will not be forgotten. I don't know about Epic or Bulldozer but Josh, I will make sure you pay for attacking me and laying a beating onto my two closest friends in this company." Josh Trenton: "Talking of Bulldozer, is there a reason he isn't with you guys here today?" Epic McDonald: "In SSW Club, it was me and Bulldozer who competed as a tag team most often so in and out of the ring, we grew very close. However, since Josh's actions, I haven't even seen Bulldozer. We've tried texting him, calling him, getting other people to contact him but we've heard nothing. I really don't know what's going on with him but I am worried about how much Josh hurt him so Bulldozer, if you're watching this, please get in contact with us." Maasa: "And don't worry about Josh, we'll take care of him." With a message sent to both Bulldozer and Joshua Scott, Epic and Maasa walk away as they continue to talk between them, planning their next move in finding where Bulldozer is and also in getting their revenge on Scott. ICON vs Mikey Dikey In the second bout of the night, ICON and Mikey compete in singles competition. After both men came up short at SummerSlam, they're looking to pick up some momentum here tonight. Although, Mikey is already one step ahead after defeating The Marker last week. Despite the competitive and exciting match between the two, it is suddenly brought to an end as the ring is stormed by The Marker. At first, The Marker takes out Mikey, the man that beat him last week, but then he also attacks ICON. After brutally beating down both men, The Marker poses in the middle of the ring, clearly happy with his actions. Divinity Are Destined For Gold Next, Echo Wilson makes his way out to the stage with Delgado and Sellers lurking behind him as the new trio known as Divinity head towards the ring. Last week, Wilson succeeded in a number one contender match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship after interference from his comrades meaning that he will face the current champion, Julius Jones, at Bad Blood. Nevertheless, tonight, Wilson looks to send a message to his former Kingdom brother. Echo Wilson: "Last week, I defeated two other men to become the BPZ Intercontinental Championship and you know what, some of you may think that's pretty impressive but realistically, did any of you actually doubt that I was going to beat those two bums? Seriously though, I'm finally back on track to championship gold, triumph that a talent like me not only deserves but is destined for." Odyssey Sellers: "Just like me and Maddrix. The truth is that the three of us, we're destined for greatness, we're god-sent, and we're divine. In the ring, we literally run circles around anyone who steps to us." Maddrix Delgado: "Echo has been destined for glory for years but he has unjustly been held back by selfish and greedy competitors like your current BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius. However, with the best damn tag team in the world by his side, there's no doubt that Echo Wilson will achieve the prosperity that he undoubt-" Suddenly, the loud mouths of Divinity are shut as Julius Jones' music hits, interrupting Maddrix mid-sentence. As Julius stands at the top of the stage, a few seconds pass as then James Ropati's music then hits as he joins the man that he battled for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam in the same match that saw Divinity debut in the aftermath, attacking these two men. The two men then head to the ring as it seems as though these former tag team partners turned bitter rivals have been reunited by the hunger for revenge on Divinity. Julius Jones: "You, you absolute idiot, you complete coward. I understand you may have grown jealous after seeing your former Kingdom brothers rise up the ranks whilst you grew stale and was neglected but you shouldn't be mistaken. You were never held back, in fact, you were given just as many opportunities as me and Bart but you simply weren't good enough." James Ropati: "Echo, we've never had problems but you used me to make a statement. Even though I understand you only did it for business matters, I don't take that sort of thing lightly so I've got an invoice for you and your little sidekicks in the form of an ass-kicking." With that, Julius and Ropati storm the ring. Instantly, Julius catches Echo with a Claymore Kick whilst Ropati goes after Sellers which results in him being double teamed by The Godsent. Nonetheless, after Julius gets back to his feet, he helps out Ropati as the two former tag partners then lay a beating onto The Godsent, hitting each of their finishers whilst Echo is forced to watch from ringside. Afterwards, they push Delgado and Sellers out of the ring. As Echo checks on his partners, Julius and Ropati stand tall in the ring. FDS vs James Knight In the penultimate match of this week's episode of Carnage, the BPZ Hall Of Famer and five-year veteran, FDS, takes on one of the newer members of BPZ, James Knight. Despite an impressive run in his early days, Knight came up short at SummerSlam whilst FDS picked up a victory so the two men are not only at different stages in their career but also have opposite directions of momentum at the moment. Nevertheless, the bout is still very close as FDS is caught off-guard by a fired up Knight looking to get back to his winning ways. With FDS being one of the best technical performers in the business, he brings a new side out of Knight who usually sticks to explosive strikes and other impactful manoeuvres. Ultimately, FDS comes out on top but is impressed by the rookie, helping him to his feet before then celebrating. Whilst he is celebrating, FDS is interrupted by none other than the new force known as United Nations. The four men stand at the top of the stage in uniform before marching down to the ring and climbing onto the apron. Whilst most expect them to attack FDS, Caito in fact gets in the ring by himself and offers one of the marquee United Nations sweatshirts that they don. Despite shaking the hand of Caito, FDS only thanks him for the offer and doesn't accept it. With the four men left feeling disrespected, FDS leaves and heads to the back. Arius Looks Forward To His Next Challenge With the main event only moments away, Carnage is taken out of the legendary Madison Square Garden and to an eerie old-styled theatre with nothing but a microphone on a stand in the centre of the stage. Slowly, Rin Akane steps onto the stage with the BPZ North-American Championship in her hands. She stops in the middle before then, Arius steps out and walks up to the microphone. In suspense, he waits a few moments before finally speaking. Arius: "Many men have stepped up and many men have fallen. This nation is represented is honour, this championship is defended in honour and my opponents fall in honour. Upon the horizon, a giant is calling. Over the slain bodies of three other warriors, an intimidating figure stands with his eyes set on the gold that I represent with honour. With every challenge, I request the best out of my opponent so Mr. Sparks, the mountain that the bright light of the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion shines over, if you are going to by my next opponent, be prepared to perform at your best or you will not stand a chance. Every match, I ensure that I do not remiss for a second because my work in the ring is my art form. Mr. Sparks, the BPZ North-American Championship is in your sight but it's been in my grasp for months so I'll recite my request: bring your best version of yourself to our match at Bad Blood." After yet another compelling articulation from the BPZ North-American Champion, the lights in the theatre go out with nothing but Arius' comments to his next challenger, Bob Sparks, left to be fathomed. Bashka vs Yelich In the main event of the show, the BPZ Hall Of Famer and former multi-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bashka, takes on the three-year BPZ veteran, Yelich, who hasn't quite achieved the same accomplishments but is still fighting to get there with his mixed personalities making it more of a struggle than it is for most superstars. During what is a great main event between two competitors who in their shared three years in the company have never actually faced off. However, the thriller is brought to an abrupt ending when out of nowhere, Flynn slides into the ring and hits an FKO on Bashka. With Yelich startled, Flynn begins to laugh until Yelich then goes at it him but is also planted with an FKO. After interrupting the main event, Flynn doesn't even grab a microphone but instead just continues to laugh maniacally, even whilst making his exit, just leaving Bashka and Yelich laid out in the ring.
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    Carnage Wildcard Commercial
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    Company Property.

    FDS is backstage in the locker room. He appears to be sitting alone. None of his united nations stablemates are present with Monda and Joh have been missing for weeks and it recently being announced that Angelo Catio also known as Death Notorious Angel had been fired from BPZ. The Mad King now sits alone, not on a throne with his brothers but simply on a chair and he now looks ahead to his match with one of the fastest rising stars in BPZ Raven. FDS appears erratic in his behaviour again is if he’s somewhat losing his mind but at the same time he also appears calm and focused. A complete strain of opposites in one man. The mad king looks into the camera. I was gonna address Raven but first I gotta Address this B.S. with my brother, my friend Caito. FDS rubs his head with his hands and he rubs his eyes with a strained look on his face before looking dead into the camera. Now I got told the man was suspended. I got told by BPZ Management that after what happened with him frankly speaking the truth to Brenden that he was suspended for a little while and that I’d be tagging with him on the house shows after his suspension was up but then I look on BPZ.Com and what do I find? “Angelo Caito Released”. So this company has yet again lied to me, I mean what am I to expect? Why the hell wouldn’t they lie to me? They wanna keep their talent happy right? So they’ll just tell us exactly what they think we wanna hear when in reality most of us wanna know what’s actually going on in this company because half the time the management of this company won’t give us any idea of what’s going on! I mean, with the exception of the golden boys who somehow know everything that’s going on in this company. Anyway, I guess I should talk about Raven right? Man oh man are you an interesting character Raven. You know I never got to coach you in when you were in the performance center since you weren’t even placed into any of my classes so I never got an idea of what kind of talent you were and then I saw rise through the ranks in BPZ, I saw you become a three time NXT Champion, the most reigns out of anybody. That’s very impressive. And now you’re even aligned with the guy who makes this company the most money whether they wanna admit it or not, I mean there's a reason he was on top for a year right? Raven, I honestly admire you’re accomplishments and I do recognise exactly how good you are… but there is just one problem. You wanna act like this company is denying you things, you wanna act like you’ve had to struggle and that this company hasn’t given you the recognition you deserve. I find that very hard to believe my friend. As I've watched you win match after match and become a champion three times can you really say this company is holding you down? Can you really say that you’re unmarketable? Because if that were the case wouldn’t the company stop giving you opportunities? Wouldn’t they have stopped you from aligning yourself with certain other wrestlers? But they haven’t done any of that have they? They’ve just allowed you to get yourself to the top, you keep acting like this company was holding you down man… you don’t know what it means to be held down. Being held down is being fired by the company because they have no use for you, being held down is being used in dangerous match stipulations that shorten your life because this company wants you to entertain them like a dancing monkey. You my friend haven’t been held down, you are what I like to call Industry made rebellion. You aren’t really against the system but you want everyone to believe you are, you want people to think that you’re not really in a position that's preparing you to be a top star in this company. So you put on the makeup, you come out here and you act like I'm unsettled. You act like you’re the most terrifying thing i’ve ever seen in this ring. Raven let me tell you something straight up: the horrors I've seen in this ring, the horrors I've made in this ring are more terrifying and twisted then you could ever imagine. There was a reason people refer to me as a deathmatch guy because that’s what for a long time people knew I was good at. People knew I was good at being violent, people knew I was good at hurting people. You can back as recently as Emergence to see that. What I did to Josh. I beat so badly he had to stay so far away from me so that I wouldn’t hurt him in anymore. I don’t fear any man in this company Raven, I’ll say what I want and I’ll do whatever I want. You on the other hand, I see that you’re walking on thin ice, that you always are careful about the things you do. That you always try your absolute hardest to make sure things don’t collapse around you. You like to act like you’re this anti-authority, anti-BPZ wrestler but in reality all you are is just another BPZ product that they wanna push to the top and make relatable to the audience. You’ll deny it i’m sure and come up with some excuse about how i’m not the man I used to be, how i’m not really anti-BPZ because look at all my accomplishments and my time spent here in this company. You see Raven, those accomplishments they didn’t come because the Company wanted me to have them, they came because they forced them to happen. I took every single thing they threw at me and I ran with it to the best of my abilities and yeah i’ll admit sometimes things weren’t as successful as I hoped them to be but I always did whatever I could to make sure I was successful. I didn’t do it because I wanted to prove anyone wrong, I didn’t do it because this company said I wasn’t marketable, I did it because I knew I was one of the best and I just wanted to make sure that everybody else knew that. So Raven, I'll see you very soon and if you wanna have a deathmatch on Carnage… that’s fine. I have no problems beating the living hell out of you and watching you as the light fades from your eyes. So if you come at the king, you best not miss. FDS gets up and he throws the chair to the side as the camera team packs up their equipment while FDS leaves the locker room.
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    Go to sleep

    Jason Ryan is seen in a parking lot with just enough lighting to make out his face. He lights a cigar and whips out his phone. He punches in a number and holds the phone on speaker. It rings a few times and goes to voicemail Hi you've reached Vala Ryan! So sorry I missed your call. If you leave your name and your number I'll be sure to get back. Thanks and have a good day Jason gripes the phone and with a yell he throws it across the parking lot. Jason begins to pace and working himself into a frenzy. He slowly starts to laugh Arrow Arrow Arrow. You wanted my attention so bad that you cost me everything I care about just to get my attention. You tried to provoke me. Well congrats dear boy, you have accomplished just that. But you don't seem to know just what you have done. You have said a lot, you have demanded a deathmatch with me. Well if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you will get. Jason starts pacing again Lately, my career and my life have gone downhill. Ever since I have returned, my career has been nothing but failures. I failed to capture the NXT championship at Bad Blood and start the JRE Revolution. I failed to defeat my nemesis, Echo Wilson at Halloween Havoc. I haven't been able to sleep at night. Arrow I blame my downward spiral on you. You may be happy you got my attention but what you don't realize is you just pissed off the wrong man. And you've only dug that hole deeper for yourself by implying you're the person my wife has run to by saying you'll make sure to pay child support. You want to play games with me?! Me! Boy, I'll rip your head off and shove it up your ass! Jason is breathing in and out heavily Can you people even see me right now? Know what, who f*cking cares?! Cause I am done. I am done with everything. Arrow, I'll see you at Carnage. You have till then to get your affairs in order. Cause Arrow Thunderman, I'm not gonna stop at beating you in the match. I am going to kill you, I promise you, I will go to jail for what I do to you. At Carnage, I am going to make you my bitch! The camera fades out as Jason starts looking for the phone he threw
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    Just like last time we saw Bart and Smith, they're once again in the gym at Smith's home, training together but this time they are joined by the two other members of Creed, Julius, and Sameer. As Julius goes ham on the punching bag and Sameer tears through a marathon on the treadmill, Bart and Smith are in the wrestling ring with two men facing away from the camera who appear to be sparring partners, helping Bart and Smith with their tag team wrestling. As the camera draws closer to the action going in the ring, the sparring partners are revealed as the legendary BPZ tag team, Switchblade Clapspiracy. As CPE and Maestro, the two men that the BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic tournament is named after, aid the two Creed partners in what appears to be a new tag team move, Smith gets his footing wrong and messes up, falling down to one knee. With the frustration apparent on Smith's face, Bart calls for a break as he grabs a bottle of water and goes to hand it to Smith but as he turns back around, Smith is already climbing out of the ring. After grabbing his towel from the apron, Smith walks over to his office and sits at his desk. Moments go by as Smith holds his head in his hands, pulling on his hair before he suddenly slams his clenched fist on the table. Then, the office door gently opens as Sameer enters at a considerate pace as he understands Smith is somewhat bothered at the moment. On the other hand, Sameer also knows that training for the BPZ Tag Team Championship match this weekend is very important so he tries to encourage his close friend. Hey, you good? I know it can be a struggle learning new moves, especially tag team moves, but CPE and Maestro are talking through a few things with Bart right now, you should get back in there and hear what they have to say. In response, Sameer is met with concerning silence until it is broken but by nothing more than a heavy breath of grievance. As Sameer is about to talk again, finally his brother says something but instead of divulging his thoughts, Smith only increases the cause for worry. I need to go do something. At this point, Smith raises his head and perhaps the only agent of relief for Sameer is the expression on Smith's face as it has now faded from frustration to determination. With Sameer sufficiently reassured and having a strong trust in his brethren, he nods at Smith in approval and returns to the gym. However, as Smith puts his coat on and is about to leave, a hand tugs on his shoulder. As Smith is forced to spin around, his other shoulder is also accommodated by a hand as he turns to see a concerned Bart looking right at him. Eli, I know it's been a while since we've fought side-by-side, I know we've both had a lot of experiences and lived a lot of lives since our time back in the European independent circuit but that bond is still there brother, I can feel it and I know you can too. Now, come on, let's get back in that ring, keep training, and prove everyone wrong this weekend. With such care shown by Bart, a heartfelt smile cultivates on the face of Smith as he is reassured of the choice to re-spark this connection with an old friend that was lost in the big corporate world of wrestling. Nevertheless, Smith is still intent on leaving to do whatever it is he has planned. Thank you, I needed to hear that but what I'm going to do will help us, or perhaps more myself, but I'm confident it will bolster our chemistry and assist our training. You're just going to have to trust me. I'll be back soon to continue training either way. With that said, Bart smiles back at Smith, lets him go and returns to the gym with the rest of the guys. Whilst taking one last look through the glass planes of his office that look onto his privately owned gym, Smith takes a moment to cherish the brotherhood that he's been blessed with before then heading out with his intentions still unnamed. Next, we see Smith walking into a cafe. As he enters, he looks around with his eyes scanning the room until he eventually finds who he's after. At first, he hesitates but then that look of determination that has been present in so many of his struggles resurfaces before he then marches over to a booth. With Smith sat on one side, we view the troubled Hall Of Famer over the shoulder of the man he's meeting. At first, the two do nothing other than glare at each other vehemently, neither moving an inch until Smith sits forward, addressing why he set this up. Hey, I know this is unusual and completely out of the blue but this is just something that I need to ask you... Jack. Eli, I've been trying to distance myself not just from you but from all of it and it's for a reason. So far, it's going pretty well for me so I hope you understand how fortunate you are to have my attention right now. I'm busy demonstrating exactly why I truly am royalty in the wrestling world to everyone who forgot just how good I am so make this quick. I need to know why. All the way back then, why did you do it? Why... Did you stab me in the back? Why did you ruin what we had and bring an end to the growing force that we created? Was it all for the championship, for the glory, or was it more than that? I need to know why you broke our bond so that I can strengthen the bond I have with Bart, with Sameer, with Julius. I'm invested in these men and I want to make sure what happened between us doesn't happen to Creed. I just need to kno- The man across from Smith raises his arm which brings Smith to a stop. Now, the tension between the two seems a lot more intense, even tangible as it's clear that there's a storied past between them. Without us actually hearing what the other man says or any of the rest of the conversation, we see the two having an impassioned discussion, with most of the talking coming from the other man whilst Smith doesn't take his eyes off of him, fully concentrated, trying to take in as much as possible. Eventually, we return to the gym where Bart, Julius, and Sameer are still working hard but their attentions are redirected suddenly as the door opens and Smith returns with a profound grin on his face and sheer intensity beaming from his eyes. I'm ready.
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    A Fabulous Debut

    Announcer 1: Hello Ladies and gentlemen welcome to yet another exciting edition of SSW Live coming to you live from Hard Rock stadium in Miami Florida as we come off the heels of what was a monumental show last week with the return of a former SSW World champion in Mirage who also managed to score a win over the current SSW World champion in a non title match last week and I’m sure this week will be even bet- Announcer 1: What the?! It can’t be it’s Alice Mirage’s manager she’s here in SSW! [ Alice is then seen standing on stage as the SSW crowd start cheering for her but then settle down once she raises a microphone to her lips ] Alice: Hello everyone it’s so great to be here in SSW and I’m sure you’ve all figured out why I’m here so I’ll get right to it I’m still Mirage’s manager who in fact according to Archangel recommended me very highly which I’m very grateful for so without further ado please welcome not only my client but good friend Mirage! [ Mirage then steps out onto the stage with a big smile on his face with his selfie stick in his hand and gives Alice a hug before she hands him the mic and he raises it to his lips ] Mirage: Hello Miami! Man it’s so great to be here again and I have a few things I need to say first of being thank you. Thank you all for not only welcoming me back with open arms last week but also for welcoming Alice here into the SSW family with equally open arms it honestly makes me so glad to see you all be so welcoming to such a good friend of mine. Now secondly as you know last week I had a successful return to SSW and managed to knock off the SSW World champion Vinci in a singles match however it wasn’t easy at all and neither will my rematch with him this Friday night at SSW Takeover: Boston when I challenge him for the SSW World Championship which I promise I’ll do my best to beat him and give you all a champion you can be proud of. [ the crowd then erupt into cheers which catches both Mirage and Alive off guard at the overwhelming support before they both begin to smile and let the fans calm down on their own which they eventually do after cheering for a few minutes ] Mirage: Well thanks for that guys it really means a lot but now to get into my last point of discussion, Vinci last week after our match you blindsided me with an attack from behind and laid me out with a Forced Progression, and I get it last week you were upset that you lost believe me I’ve been there plenty of times in the past but you see you made a crucial mistake last week when you called these wonderful people that tune in and show up our shows maggots all because they won’t bow down to you and your so called “ progressive “ ideas that would see you rule SSW as an untouchable king well Vinci I let me make one thing perfectly clear if there’s anything I hate in this world it’s people who believe they can force their ideas onto others so you had better watch your back cuz at SSW Takeover: Boston you might just come face to face with a God of Pro Wrestling. [ Mirage then drops the mic as the crowd go crazy into even more cheers and begin to chant “ SSW “ as we go to commercial ]
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    'Do I?'

    Location: Beverly Hills, California Time: Ten O'clock PM The camera shows the inside of a Limousine within the Limo can be seen drinks, wine glasses, whiskey glasses and many types of drinks inside. We hear the door open as outside noises can be heard the rain pouring down against the ground. We see a woman with a suit on, her hair curled, gold earrings on her both ears but has dark shades on, classifying her identity. She sits down on one of the leather seats in the back, then we see a man enter the back of the limousine. The man is quickly revealed to be Sameer, former BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion and one of the 4 members of the newly found brotherhood 'Creed'. Sameer wearing a hoodie, jeans and his gold chain with CREED engraved on it. The Unkown Women grabs two whiskey glasses and pours whiskey in both glasses handing Sameer one of them. The Unknown Women would say "cheers" as both him and Sameer raise their drinks and have a sip of whiskey. They both put down their glasses and the unknown man begins to speak to Sameer. Unknown Women: I knew after that lost to Hans at Survival Games and then not performing to your standards in the elimination chamber that you would be in touch with me. You know Sameer, The Boss has come to me with many talent wrestlers before, back in 2014, he told me that there was something special about you. He saw something in you that nobody else saw. He saw "The Beast" in you per se. Sameer: Alright, enough of this stupid motivational speeching or whatever you were doing there. You know why I called you, you know why after all these years I need your help. I want to bring him out but either he doesn't want to or he is gone. Unknown Women: It's not that simple to bring him out, You see when he came out for your match at SummerSlam against Julius it was because your back was behind the wall. You were desperate to win, You wanted to win, You were eager to win and Julius also did provoke him. Sameer: Are you saying that... I don't have that same passion as I did before? Unknown Women: No, no that can't be it. The Unknown Women takes another sip of her whiskey as she thinks about what it could possibly be. Unknown Women: Yes, yes I understand now Sameer: What? What is it? Tell me. Unknown Women: You won't give him a chance, You perceive that he is bad, that he is a monster and that's why. Last time everyone saw him was at SummerSlam and he helped you there and no destruction was caused. Sameer: But, but in 2015 look what he did. It took me almost a whole year to recover fully from that. Unknown Women: It's been nearly 5 years since then Sameer. It's time to move on from then. It was never about him needing you, it's was always about you needing him now that I think about it and right now, you need him more than ever before. As Sameer is about to answer back to the women he is interrupted by the Limousine Driver who tells the mysterious women that they have reached Sameer's destination. As she turns around to exit Sameer from the Limo. The door of the limo shuts as Sameer left before saying goodbye. We then cut to Sameer sitting on the front porch of his house. The rain is still pouring and is still heard pounding on the ground as Sameer says to himself "Do I really need you?"
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    I've just been making small changes to the mod in my spare time and i thought i'd ask the question to those who wish to alter certain relationships or add new ones (The thread is still open for that option). Found: Here If you're unsure about what a specific relationship is set as message me and i'll remind you if you haven't got the mod. Comment with what you'd liked changed, removed, added. Within reason. Excuse the haphazardly put together screenshot.
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    I would like to be able to customize the backgrounds on the forums, in some of the themes. You have a cool background behind the forums, with the normal theme most people use, I am talking about the blue section. It wouldn't affect anyones post, and the white would continue, but I would like to be able to put whatever image I want back there to have my own personal touch on the forums (For myself), I don't know if there is a tool for this anywhere but I feel like this could be very useful.
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    I have actually really enjoyed this storyline thus far, it came out of knowwhere, and we get to see Rey Mysterio in title matches which is always a plus unless you are @Meko750 (Raven), either way. Its been a pretty creative an original storyline that has followed the "attack" format, but they were able to bring in Mysterios son and of course Cain which were nice additions while Rey Mysterio "Healed". I can see Rey Mysterios son getting involved in this match, maybe Cain showing up once again but I doubt it. There is no way Mysterio wins here, and I am just glad we are seeing Brock Lesnar compete and defend his title. Although, as someone else pointed out, they are not doing champion vs champion, which means The Fiend will most likely have a match against either Adam Cole, or defend his title against anyone on the SD roster. Which is going to be awesome because its The Fiend, and seeing him defend his title will be sweet. I am defiantly excited for this match just because it is going to be fun.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Pre-Show: Emma vs Carmella House of Horrors Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Nia Jax WWE Intercontinental Championship: Two out of Three Falls Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper: John Cena vs Carlito Colon (Apple Spitting Intensifies) WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose (c) vs El Dorado Bonus Questions Which match will gain the highest rating? Styles vs. Mysterio Someone will be making their debut tonight, who will that superstar be? Samoa Joe
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    BPZ- The Aftermath

    Season 1 Episode 6 We kick off another episode of Aftermath as we see Bailey and Flynn walking back inside after fighting off a group a walkers. Danielle seems to be a bit shook still as she just saw her former teacher’s head bashed in by her own father. Danielle’s day seems to just be getting worse and worse as she keeps seeing the people, dead people killed. Are they dead though or our they just sick? Danielle seems to be thinking a lot at the moment and there is no doubt she has had to at least thought about that a little bit since this started earlier today. We then jump forward a bit of time as it is now dark out it is clearly still the same day but it is now dark out as we see Bailey and Flynn boarding up the last window. Danielle and Sameer are still upstairs it seems as everything seems to be quiet as no one really wants to talk. Fair enough though since they day that they have had so far is probably the worst one they have had in a long time. Eventually we see them finish up boarding down the window as everything seems to be closed off and for the first time today they have a sense of safety. Bailey: Well looks like that was the last one, man what a day. What an absolute shit day. Can’t imagine it is going to get much better though. Bailey and Flynn continue to talk a bit essentially catching up before they head upstairs. They both head into the room that Danielle and Sameer are in as they sit down. Sameer and Danielle are reading some old nature magazines as they smile as Bailey and Flynn walk in. We tell that Sameer and Danielle are in two very different places at the moment. Danielle seems to be in a dark place as she really understands how bad their situation is maybe a bit too much. Then on the other hand Sameer is a bit blind to this whole situation as Flynn has not told him about his mother’s death and what is going on. Sameer sits there with a smile on his face as he just thinks this is somewhat of a fun time. The 4 sit in silence for a while before Flynn begins to talk. Flynn: So I think it would be best if you two got some sleep we have all had a long day and are probably in for a long one tomorrow too. Some shut eye will do us all some good. We then see Bailey nod his head as Flynn and Sameer then leave the room as Bailey and Danielle remain in the room as Bailey sits down next to her as Bailey is not getting a bit emotional at the state his daughter is in. We see Danielle look up at Bailey with tears in her eyes as all those emotions inside start to come out. Bailey hugs her as Danielle begins to cry and weep. Bailey just holds her as he can somewhat feel her pain. In the matter of a day, she has seen 2 people been brutally murdered after never having anything like that happen throughout her life. She would also begin to believe that her mother is gone, taken by the monsters just like millions of others. Danielle: Why is this happening, dad? It’s like my life is a nightmare now and I just can’t wake up. Danielle grabs unto Bailey even harder as we see a tear roll down Bailey’s cheek. He clearly cares about his daughter a lot and this just shows us another reason why. Eventually Danielle pulls away as she collects herself, as she sits back looking at Bailey who is still just sitting there speechless thinking of something to say. Bailey: Danielle you are all I have left and there is no way that is going to change. I am not gonna let anyone hurt you. We are going to get through this, you are going to get through this. Bailey then looks out the window as he sees something. It’s a light and it is moving toward the house wait no there is two lights and they are approaching the house. Bailey looks it Danielle as he then rushes out of the room toward where Flynn is sleeping. Bailey: Flynn get your gun we have some people outside and I think they are trying to get in. Gonna have to shoot some mother fuckers tonight. Flynn hops out of bed as he grabs the shotgun he had next to him in bed. Sameer walks into the room as he looks shocked and scared. He then runs off as Flynn and Bailey ran after him heading down the stairs. Flynn: Sameer stop running it is going to be ok! We then see Sameer turn around and hug his dad. Flynn then motions for him to head upstairs as Sameer heads up and sits with Danielle as Bailey and Flynn sit down stairs waiting for these people to try something if anything. Flynn: You know what I ain’t just gonna sit here, I am gonna finish this right now. We then see Bailey and Flynn burst out of the front door as we see Flynn begin to yell. Bailey and Flynn both point their guns toward a pickup truck as we soon see a young couple come out from behind it with their hands up. Flynn: Who the hell are you people? Brenden: My name is Brenden and this is my girl Keeley… The episode then comes to an abrupt end as Flynn and Bailey are holding the couple at gunpoint as we wait to see what happens next.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Predictions for WWE Starrcade 2016 Pre-Show: Emma vs Carmella House of Horrors Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Nia Jax WWE Intercontinental Championship: Two out of Three Falls Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper: John Cena vs Carlito Colon WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Roman Reings & Dean Ambrose (c) vs El Dorado Bonus Questions Which match will gain the highest rating? Cena vs Carlito Someone will be making their debut tonight, who will that superstar be? Bobby Roode
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE | Siblings at War

    Emma Wyatt Becky Harper Carlito Reigns/Ambrose AJ . Bonus: Highest rated: AJ/Rey Debut: Samoa Joe
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Predictions for WWE Starrcade 2016 Pre-Show: Emma vs Carmella House of Horrors Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Nia Jax WWE Intercontinental Championship: Two out of Three Falls Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper: John Cena vs Carlito Colon WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Roman Reings & Dean Ambrose (c) vs El Dorado Bonus Questions Which match will gain the highest rating? AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio Someone will be making their debut tonight, who will that superstar be? The Club
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Emma vs Carmella Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor Becky Lynch (c) vs Nia Jax Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper John Cena vs Carlito Colon AJ Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio Roman Reings & Dean Ambrose (c) vs El Dorado Which match will gain the highest rating? AJ styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio Someone will be making their debut tonight, who will that superstar be? Bobby Roode
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Pre-Show: Emma vs Carmella House of Horrors Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor WWE Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Nia Jax WWE Intercontinental Championship: Two out of Three Falls Adrian Neville (c) vs Luke Harper John Cena vs Carlito Colon WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Roman Reings & Dean Ambrose (c) vs El Dorado Bonus Questions Which match will gain the highest rating? AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio Someone will be making their debut tonight, who will that superstar be? Samoa Joe
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    Empire Pro Wrestling

    EPW Battle Lines PPV We kick off the Battle Lines Pay Per View as we are from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. We are in from of 18,500 crazy EPW fans tonight as everyone seems hyped up for the Battle Lines Pay Per View. We then head to the commentary team as we start the show off. Mauro: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to EPW Battle Lines. As we have a big night planned. Who will be able to come out on top tonight here as we have some big matches including the first ever EPW Battle Lines match. Stephen A: Yeah, it's gonna be a great match for sure but I am looking forward to seeing my good friend The Rock beat the brakes off of that fat slob Walter here tonight. A bit like I am gonna do to Cornette after the show. Cornette: Shut your goddamn mouth you slimy mother fucker. You know I would lick your ass any day of the week. Mauro: Well as you can tell we are all get excited for tonight's Pay Per View so let's get this show underway. We see some pyro go off as the crowd cheers and the Pay Per View has now begun. The crowd waits in anticipation as we wait to see what match will kick off the night. In a solid match, Bobby Lashley defeated AJ Styles after hitting him with a spear. Much like in Lashley’s win over PAC, Lashley would catch Styles mid air and put him down with a massive spear. Styles dominated most of this match but Lashley was able to just squeeze this one out as he becomes the first ever EPW North American Champion. In a good match, Maryse would defeat Davina Rose once again retaining her EPW Womens Title. Maryse would some heavy hits in the match though as Davina Rose would elbow drop here through a table on the outside nearly picking up the win. Maryse though would find one last French kiss that would end up finishing off Rose in what seems to be another match showing why Maryse at the moment runs this womens division. In an absolute brawl, The Rock would be the last man standing as he would end up hitting Walter with a Rock Bottom through a table lined with barbed wire. Both men would take tremendous amounts of pain though as neither man really could dominate here. These two men beat the absolute hell out of each other as it is many people's eyes was the match of the night. In a bit of a lack luster match, Painful Perfection would defeat Hard Knox after Shawn Spears would pin Knox after hitting him with a running death valley driver. Painful Perfection continue their tag team titles reign here as they continue to be on top of this EPW Tag Team Division. Hard Knox would walk to the back defeated as Painful Perfection celebrate in the ring. In a short match, Ronda Rousey would defeat Maria after knocking her out with a big right hand. Ronda Rousey looked somewhat dominate her against a veteran in Maria and it should be interesting to see what happens for both of these women going forward. Ronda Rousey now becoming a full time member of the EPW roster with this win here tonight. In an excellent match, Team Omega would defeat Team Chrisitan after we saw Prince Devitt turn on his team and help the Elite pick up the win. In the beginning we would see Team Chrisitian get ahead early as Edge would eliminate R-Truth and Kevin Steen would eliminate Tyler Black. Team Omega would fight back though as we would see Matt Jackson eliminate El Generico and Kenny Omega eliminate Kevin Steen. It would then be down to 3 men on each team as it was the Elite vs Edge, Chrisitan, and Prince Devitt. Edge would eliminate Nick Jackson and Chrisitan would eliminate Matt Jackson making it a 3 on 1 match. Edge would then set Omega up for the spear but Devitt would tag himself in as Edge looked confused. Edge would then tag himself back in as Omega would then roll Edge up eliminating him. It was now a 2 on 1 match and this is where things started to shift as we would see Omega and Devitt shake hands in the middle of the ring as the crowd booed. Devitt would then begin to assault Chrisitan on the outside with a steel chair not only counting himself out but hurting Chrisitan badly. Prince Devitt would then roll Christian into the ring letting Omega pin him for the 3 count as Team Omega would win. We would see the Elite celebrate in the ring after the match where their new member Prince Devitt. (Congrats to Julius for Predicting the PPV the best with 5/6 matches right)
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling This week's NJPW kicks off with the announcement that, to ensure viewers have the chance to watch all three companies if they so choose, NJPW will now air on Tuesdays, while WWE has Mondays and AEW has Wednesdays. Not only that, but at the Tag League Special PPV in two weeks, there will also be a battle royal between the non-Japanese competitors of NJPW not currently involved in either tag league tournament for the chance to face Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom for the United States championship. These 25 men are Christopher Daniels, Pete Dunne, WALTER, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Sami Callihan, Chase Owens, Dezmond Xavier, Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Wolfgang, Bobby Lashley, Brian Cage, Jeff Cobb, Brian Kendrick, Bronson Reed, Santino Marella, Chuck Taylor, Trent Barreta, Abyss, Crazzy Steve, Rocky Romero, David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Sheamus, with only one able to earn a match with Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom. . Junior Tag League: The Rascalz VS TJP/Drew Gulak Fresh off of the announcement that Dez will have an opportunity to earn a United States championship match at Wrestle Kingdom, he now accompanies his partners, Trey and Wentz, as they do battle with the submission experts TJP and Drew Gulak. In a stellar clash, The Rascalz would score their first victory of the tournament, putting away TJP after a Meteora/Swanton Bomb combination. The Rascalz move to two points, leaving their opponents still without a point in this Junior Tag League. . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS Imperium The third round of World Tag League begins with Togi Makabe and Toru Yano, the Most Violent Players, battling Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel of Imperium, flanked by WALTER. Imperium would score a hard-fought victory when Fabian Aichner put away Toru Yano with a Powerbomb, clearly inspired by Imperium leader WALTER, scoring the foreign duo their first two points of the tournament. . Junior Tag League: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS The Young Bucks The second Junior Tag League match of the night sees Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy take on returning NJPW stars, The Young Bucks, who are early favorites to win the entire tournament. In a stellar clash, it would be the former WWE stalwarts who scored the shocking victory, with Buddy Murphy putting away Matt Jackson after hitting him with a Murphy's Law. Nese and Murphy move up to two points, while the Bucks remain at two points, a surprisingly slow start for the duo. . World Tag League: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Mighty Don't Kneel The second match of World Tag League sees two currently undefeated teams clash, as EVIL and SANADA battle Nick Miller and Shane Thorne. In a stellar bout, EVIL and SANADA would end The Mighty's undefeated streak, with EVIL putting away Nick Miller with Darkness Falls. LIJ remains undefeated so far this tournament, moving up to six points, and they have to be an early favorite to win the whole tournament. . Junior Tag League: Undisputed Era VS Cedric Alexander/Mustafa Ali The third Junior Tag League match of the night sees Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali face Undisputed Era's Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. In a great match, it would be the team formerly known as reDRagon scoring the pin, putting away Ali with Chasing the Dragon. Undisputed Era now moves up to four points in this tag league, and they have to be considered favorites to win the entire tournament. . World Tag League: Roppongi 3K VS Suzuki-Gun The third World Tag League match of the night sees Roppongi 3K take on Suzuki-Gun's Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a great match, Roppongi 3K would score the victory, remaining undefeated so far in this tournament after hitting ZSJ with a 3K. . Junior Tag League: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo VS Suzuki-Gun The second to last Junior Tag League match of the night sees Bullet Club members Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo take on Suzuki-Gun's Desperado and Kanemaru. In a great bout, Suzuki-Gun's unbeaten run would continue, with El Desperado putting away Taiji Ishimori with Pinche Loco. . World Tag League: SoCal Uncensored VS Guerrillas of Destiny The second to last World Tag League match tonight sees two winless teams clash, as Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian of SoCal Uncensored battle the IWGP Heavyweight tag champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a great bout, the GoD would finally score points in this World Tag League, putting away Kazarian with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination. The IWGP Heavyweight tag champions finally score two points, while SCU remains scoreless. . Junior Tag League: Irish Airborne VS Motor City Machine Guns The final Junior Tag League match of the night sees the third Bullet Club team, Jake and Dave Crist, battle the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. Both teams enter this match unbeaten in this tag league, but the victory would be scored by the Bullet Club duo, putting away Chris Sabin with a High-Low and giving the Guns their first loss since coming to NJPW. . World Tag League: The Revival VS Mustache Mountain Finally, the main event of the evening sees The Revival and Mustache Mountain battle it out to close the third round of World Tag League. In a stellar clash between these two former WWE teams, it would be the duo of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven who score the victory, putting away the previously unbeaten Revival after a Tyler Driver '97 to Dash Wilder. After the match, Pete Dunne would join Bate and Seven in the middle of the ring to congratulate the two men on an impressive tournament so far. Bate and Seven talk about how much winning the World Tag League would mean to them, and how proving that they're the top team in the world is their only goal. They then pass the microphone to Pete Dunne, who says that he can't wait to win the battle royal at Tag League Special and break Jon Moxley's fingers. Before Dunne can finish, though, all three men are attacked by the Bullet Club, led by Sami Callihan. They try to fight off the group, but the numbers are far too much. After British Strong Style has been laid out, Sami Callihan promises that he will win the battle royal and bring the United States championship home to Bullet Club. NJPW then signs off for the night and displays the current tournament standings. . Current standings: World Tag League: 6 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Roppongi 3K. 4 points: The Revival, Mustache Mountain, The Mighty Don't Kneel. 2 points: Imperium, Guerrilas of Destiny, Suzuki-Gun. 0 points: So Cal Uncensored, Togi Makabe/Toru Yano. . Junior Tag League: 6 points: Suzuki-Gun, The Irish Airborne. 4 points: Undisputed Era, Motor City Machine Guns. 2 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy, the Young Bucks, Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo, The Rascalz, Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander. 0 points: TJP/Drew Gulak.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    Wrestlers Best Year

    Can I say 2019? Is that allowed?
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    War Between Worlds

    Welcome once again to the hottest weekly show in all of proffesional wrestling. We are just 24 hours removed from WWE Wargames. Where we saw many twists and turns, betrayals and title changes. Tonight we are gonna start off with someone who could not make it here tonight. As we shift gears to a house in Iowa, we all know what that means. The Universal Champion is present on his doorstep. As we move towards him, a more depressive manner shows on Seth Rollin's face as he begins to speak. Seth Rollins: It really sucks to lose, maybe not the way you think.. But when your screwed out of a match, that stings even more than losing clean. So I have one simple request to the Bullet Club Leader, AJ Styles. I want you one on one at Armageddon. In 4 weeks time, me and you, nobody at your side. Becuase I want to hurt you as much as you did to me last night. Kenny Omega vs Dolph Ziggler After such a statement by Seth Rollins. It is time to get to our opening match of the night, a man who took his own way of thinking, Kenny Omega. By joining Bullet Club, but he will have a tough task here tonight against Dolph Ziggler. A man who hasnt had much success here in the war of Proffesional Wrestling, but looks to change things here tonight. The bell rings, and we are off. Both men lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Kenny Omega as he pushes his opposition into the corner. He places both hands on Ziggler's chest before a few moments pass by and he grins and walks away. Dolph is a bit stunned by this, but he focuses on the match as he grabs Omega bringing him down to the canvas. He goes to pick up Omega, but he trips him and goes for a sliding kick to the knee. The sliding knee connects, Kenny Omega begins to get fired up before crashing down with a superkick form Dolph Ziggler. An exhausted Dolph ZIggler has shown that he has what it takes here tonight. I bet the Bullet Club are watching this match tonight, and are not too pleased. A few moments later, and we continue on both men go face to face, before Omega pokes the eye and strikes with a forceful V-Trigger. A V-Trigger is executed, Kenny Omega now signals that this match is coming to a close sooner rather than later. As Omega loos to pick up Dolph, he reverses it, sweeping Omega's legs. As he looks for a superkick, Omega catches him for a One Winged Angel. Omega would then execute a cover..1....2.....3.... And a victory, Bullet Club would join Kenny Omega for his victory. What is next for this faction? Io Shirai vs Ember Moon This match is gonna be crazy, two women raged and trying to overdo themselves by being the best. Which women wants that pure rage to erase itself more? Ember Moon lost last night, in a tough battle against two of the top women, can she redeem herself against maybe the best women in the world? The bell rings, and so we begin. The two women lock up, the strength seems to go to Io Shirai esaily, as she pushes Ember Moon straight down to the canvas. As Ember was down on the canvas she would trip Io, as she fell nose first onto the canvas. Ember begins to get fired up, maybe Io lit a fire underneath Moon? As we continue on, both women look very impressive here tonight but only one can win. Io Shirai kips up to her feet, striking Ember with a huge lariat. Now proceeding to the top rope, where she calls for her specialty top rope stomp. She now executed a pinfall..1....2...... but a kick out at the very last second by Ember Moon. Io Shirai looks completely shocked, as does everyone else in this arena. Ember Moon continues to show the kind of star power she posses. And that continues here tonight, Io then picks up Moon, before she reverses it, pushing Shirai back into the corner. Ember runs to the other side of the ring, flipping over and hitting a lariat. As Ember Moon continues the attack, her rage fills up inside her. Always being secondbest, people pushing ahead of her, and she just cant take it anymore. As Ember goes for another flip over lariat, Io catches her and strikes her with an Implant Buster. As Io Shirai celebrates her big victory here tonight, we hear static go through the PA System. Until we hear these few words "Spade Of Hearts". Its Shayna Baszler, what the hell is she doing here? She heads inside the ring, getting in the face of Io Shirai, before taking her down with a perfect chokehold. After a few moments, Io begins to bleed out of the mouth, from all the pressure. Is this the new face of the womens division? Bullet Club As we return from commercial break, the camera shifts focus, to the backstage area. Where the Bullet Club leader, AJ Styles waits in his locker room, as he is about to address the press about his actions last night. AJ Styles: You really want to know why I did what I did? It is fairly simple, I am sick of what this company has come to. And I had to take a stance, maybe everyone doesnt agree with it, but I can promise one thing. Bullet Club will run WWE, whether you like or not. AJ Styles vs Lio Rush As we get set for our Main Event of the evening, as The leader of Bullet Club, AJ Styles goes one on one with Lio Rush. A man that we havent seen much of, who looks to show up AJ Styles and get a huge win here tonight. The bell rings, and we are off. Both men begin with a lockup, the strength advantage easily goes to AJ Styles, as he throws Lio Rush into the corner. Then he hits him with a big lariat, or so we thought. Lio Rush would get out of the way just in time, sending Styles out to the outside of the ring. Then proceeding to hit a senton to the outside. Rush brings Styles back in the ring, as he heads to the top rope. Maybe looking for a frog splash, his specialty in fact. But AJ Styles would get up in time, to stop Lio Rush from doing anything drastic. He takes him to the ground, then going for a Phenomonal Forearm, and it connects. AJ styles would go for the cover..1...2...3.... And that is it, he celebrates with his Bullet Club brothers, before we go off the air.
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    Pick Your Poison

    Kenny Omega, one of the greatest talents on the face of the wrestling world. He's a guy promotions would kill to have, but AEW seems intent on not building around him. He's certainly on the par of Seth Rollins in the ring, if not better than him, but the fact he seems to be losing traction faster than gaining with every big time match and every prime time loss, where Seth has spent the majority of the year with a strap to call his own, certainly weighs heavily. I am not the biggest Rollins advocate you will see, but love him or hate him the man is still very very good at wrestling and consistently proves it (provided he doesn't have to face Baron Corbin). If we want to talk overall, I would take Omega, but for the current day, Seth Rollins is my pick.
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    NXT North American Championship Discussion

    Seeing as the Undisputed ERA holds all the gold, I would not expect Roderick Strong to lose this belt too soon, unless they begin to hint at another ERA mini-implosion. There continues to be plenty of talent deserving of a run with the title, but with only one belt to go around, I expect some stars will be shunned unless people are spending several years in developmental. Listing the NXT midcard and upper midcard would take a while, so let me save myself and y'all the pain and just list off who I would want to win it the most. KUSHIDA has been hyped up so much by NXT fans, almost as a mini Nakamura, but has seen such little results. A good couple defenses could get him on the map and in the eyes of the main roster. One guy I constantly see mentioned for a North American title run that doesn't need one is Matt Riddle. With the feuds he's consistently been having with NXT's top dogs, there is no debating he is one of the yellow brand's main event presences, and he can realistically win the NXT Championship in the next 12 months, so what good will an NA run do for him unless NXT establishes a rule similar to the Option C of iMPACT's X-Division Championship.
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    Empire Pro Wrestling

    Empire Pro Wrestling: Resurgence is back once again as we are live from the Banterra Arena in front of 8,500 EPW Fans. Tonight we will see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley go face to face before their match for the North American Championship at EPW Battle Lines. We will also find out who will be the final members of both Team Omega and Team Christian at Battle Lines. All of this and more live tonight on EPW Battle Lines. Resurgence kicks off as we cut backstage as Walter and the Rock are going at it in the parking lot! It seems tensions are red hot between these two as been at each other's throats for the past few months. We eventually see security rush them as they try their best to pull the two apart. The two continue to try and go at each other until we eventually see Robert Watts walk up as he begins to talk and the two stop for second. You two want each other so badly well we are going to settle this at Battle Lines. As Walter will go one on one with the Rock in a Last Man Standing Match! Now sort yourselves out cause you have a match to get ready for come Battle Lines. We see Watts walk off as the Rock smiles at Walter who just keeps a stern face as he then walks off. It seems we are going to see once again another all out brawl come Sunday at Battle Lines between these two. The camera then cuts away. We then cut to the ring as we are set for singles action as Davina Rose will take on Rosemary to see if she can gain some momentum heading into Battle Lines. Match 1- Davina Rose vs Rosemary In a nice match, Davina Rose would defeat Rosemary after hitting her with an elbow drop. Davina Rose would dominate most of this match as she is looking red hot going into her match with Maryse come Battle Lines. We then cut to commercial as Davina Rose is celebrating in the ring. We then cut backstage as we see Davina Rose is walking backstage after picking up a win against Rosemary as we see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse come from behind and attack her with a Steel Chair! Maryse is beating the life out of Rose, eventually we see backstage personal chase Maryse off, Maryse though gets a few words out before retreating. No DQ, Bitch! Maryse then walks off laughing as Davina Rose is lying in pain backstage being attended by backstage personal. Will Rose be 100% come her womens title match at Battle Lines? If not she will be in for a long night vs Maryse. The camera then cuts to the ring. We cut to the ring as we see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley sitting in the ring with Robert Watts as we see Watts nod his head. The two men then stand up as they stand face to face it does not last long though as Lashley powerbombs Styles through the table! Watts looks furious with Lashley as he checks on Styles. Lashley walks backstage smiling as we then cut to commercial. We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action it will be the EPW Tag Champions Painful Perfection taking on Hard Knox. Painful Perfection have been on a roll lately but can they take down the massive team of Hard Knox? Match 2- Painful Perfection vs Hard Knox We would see Hard Knox defeat Painful Perfection as we would see Rowan pin Shawn Spears after a chokeslam. Hard Knox made a statement here as they pin the EPW Tag Team Champions as they could see a title match in the near future. We then cut backstage. We cut backstage as we see Robert Watts in his office as we see Ronda Rousey walk in! Watts smiles as this is surprising as Rousey is not contracted to EPW seems that Watts might be trying to change that. We see Rousey sit down as Watts begins to talk. Ok I am going to keep this short and sweet because I have a show to run here. I liked what you did last week. So here is what I am going to do for you. I am going to give you a contract match. It will be you vs Maria at Battle Lines. If you can win the match you will get an EPW contract and a nice one at that. We see Rousey smile as she then shakes the hand of Watts before walking off. The camera then fades away as we cut to commercial. We cut back to the ring as it is time for our main event as it will be Prince Devitt vs R-Truth. Both these men have been on the rise. Only one can win here tonight though. Match 3- R-Truth vs Prince Devitt As truth waits in the ring we see Prince Devitt make his way to the ring but on his way down we see him get attacked by the Elite! What the hell? Kenny, Matt, and Nick are beating down on Devitt as the roll him into the ring as the bell rings. Truth then smiles as it is pretty clear who the 5th man of Team Omega is. He goes to pin Devitt but Devitt kicks out at 2, Truth looks furious as he looks as if he is going to kill Devitt we also see the Elite surround the ring. We then hear Christian’s music hit as Christian followed by Edge and Steenerico make their way to the ring as they begin to brawl with the Elite! We then see Tyler Black run down to the ring to help as R-Truth goes to roll out of the ring to help but he is stopped by Devitt who rolls him up. 1..2..3.. Devitt beat Truth! We then see Truth look furious as he goes to attack Devitt but is caught by a spear from Edge. Team Chrisitan then help Devitt up as Team Omega stands on the outside with R-Truth. It seems the teams are set as we head into Battle Lines.
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    War Between Worlds

    After what was another amazing week for the war, before we conclude this week with the WWE Wargames PPV, there is a press conference held, identifying a new addition to this company war. Nigel McGuinness, the General manager of AEW, addresses the news of AEW joining this company war. A whole new roster, is set. Which will be revealed in the weeks that follow. The debut of AEW as apart of the war, will enter in the 3rd week of November, it will be televised on Wednesdays. See you there!
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    Going In BPZ

    New signing for BPZ this morning it was revealed that current SSW wrestler Mirage has just signed another deal with BPZ however the mos interesting thing about this is that the contract offer is Pay Per Appearance just like the SSW one meaning he is eligible to show up and compete in both companies however Mirage has stated that he feels this new deal with BPZ is temporary but he plans to “ take care of unfinished business “ more on this new story as we get more information on it.
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