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    Speaking my Truth

    Bailey turns his head sideways cracking his neck before begining to Speak. You have some mind. You're lucky i don't crack your fu**ing skull right now. We aren't friends. Friends don't exist in BPZ. This little stupid Creed shit you got going on where you all jerk each other off talking about loyalty and brotherhood. It's all bullcrap. There's no brotherhood. Theres no loyalty. You for one showed me that when you stabbed me in the back a few months ago. I've realized it just truly doesn't exist. This place is a toxic wasteland. Everyone just turns on each other the second they grg to change. The second something better comes up it all ends. Stable after stable here with nothing but betrayal after betrayal. Descent, Bulletproof, Creed. It doesn't matter about how much you talk about respect or loyalty or Brotherhood. Eventually someone always turns. Someone always stabs someone in the back. Everyone is a snake around here. And I'm gonna bring the pain. I'm Gonna bring Justice and everyone will pay for there sins. Your time will come. It will come sameer. Whether its your "bestfriend" Smith or its me. You will feel the pain. I could hit you right now. Right now i could take you down. No regrets no plans no thinking. I could just beat the living shit out of you right now. But i have other things to attend to. Other problems. Bigger Snakes to kill. Bailey bumps into Sameer as he walks past him now heading to the ring as Sameer is taken back in awe not knowing what the hell has happened to Bailey. ________________________________________ The Goat Plays as out comes Bailey to open up Carnage. He walks straight down to the ring and grabs the microphone. He starts pacing back and forth. A Week ago, I kicked Slims ass. I took this Bat for the 3rd time now and smashed it over his skull breaking him. I took that little punk Julius for myself and I hit him with the Career Killer hopefully Snapping his Neck in the process. I watched and watched on how these Fractions formed and came to light. How they came together to unite as one. All feeding you the same bullshit that they all have a common goal. Or that they are a brotherhood or that there loyal to each other. Or some shit about how they all together are gonna run this company. And it all lies. Every single one of them. Because you Know why. Because no one in this company give a damn about anyone but themselves. Common Goals only last for so long until your own individual goals become more important. Loyalty doesn't exist here. Everyone is only loyal to themselves. Sure, sure groups might last a for a few months. And yeh they might have a good run but they all end the goddamn same. With someone stabbing somone in the back. I mean godamnit how many stables have Slim and Flynn been in alone by themselves. I don't even think i can count it on my fingers. Everyone might think or say Slim, Bob. Descent that they broke me. That they broke Bailey. No, no you just made everything super clear for me. You made realize how toxic every single man in this company is. You made me realize that the only way to get thing done around here is by doing it yourself and not trusting nobody. I used to always come out here and talk all this crap about how i was always one step ahead of everybody. I used to always say i had a plan b, a plan c, D, E, and so on. I'm so sick and tired of having a plan. They don't mean shit. I think I'm just gonna wing it for now on and just react. Just do whatever i wanna do whenever i want to do it. I think I'll kick anyones ass whenever i want to kick it. I thought going Hollywood would be awesome. I finally become a megastar. They told me. They said go Hollywood it's the Greatest thing you'll ever do. You Know what Hollywood got me. It got me letting my guard down and letting some 7 foot piece pile of Dog shit turn on me. It got me a literal FUC*ING CLOWN To Outsmart me. So that's when I realized screw the plans. Screw playing chees with everyone. I'm just gonna do what i love do. And that's another thing that Being out shooting movie is that. I really love to Freaking Fight. Bobby, Where ever you are you giant piece a crap. Congratulations it only took you about 6 months to finally become something of notice around here. The problem is you turned on the wrong Man to get noticed. Our paths will cross Bob. Trust me on that. I will come at you. I will hunt you down and I will put you down. Your time is coming, the clock is ticking and you will meet your end. But by all means you can come down to the Ring right now and Fight me right now! It doesn't matter it can be anyone. The Clown of BPZ, Slim, The Antichrist Necce, Creed, Even the punk ass Undisputed Champion or anyone on the Roster can get there Ass out right now fight me! COME ON SOMEONE SHOW ME WHO THE FU*K THEY REALLY ARE.
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    The Cure Begins

    BPZ Carnage is live and sold out at the Garden. But their is an eerie feeling lingering in the shadows. Last week, Aaron was taken to a disclosed location, where who knows what "The Cure" are doing to him at this moment in time. The cameras now focus on that disclosed location, as it looks to be an Asylum. Only Gunner Flynn is seen, as he is burning the t-shirt he handed Aaron North earlier tonight. As he lifts his head back up the burnt trash can, you can see a wound transforming into a scar on his right cheek, as he trys to cover it up. This place is very special, a place full of memories. I took Aaron North here to cleanse him. See, he is poisoned with this thought of the devil. You can not believe in yourself if you rely on a fictional figure. So tonight we cleanse him, we make him whole once again, and we begin our mission. A very special mission in fact, the purge of BPZ. As my brother in arms, Jason takes care of the problem. I would like to address one man, Bob Sparks. A man that thinks he can step up to a star like me, a natural bloodline of a Flynn, but yet Mr. Sparks thinks he is the next Premium Champion. Everytime I step in the ring it is with a purpose, I am performing the best I have ever been, and yet I continue to be disrespected. Why is this? It is fairly simple, I inherit the Flynn name, a name that has a legacy in BPZ. Everyone fears this name, yet no respect is given. I want you to hear me out Bob, you will not win this war. I am on my rise to the top, and I will be damned if I am cut down to size by Bob Sparks. But now we have another competitor joining the race, an old folk in Marker. A man I have had my troubles with over the years, finds his way back to me in the pursuit of gold. Gunner sits down on the car behind him, reflecting on his thoughts. He sits still for a few moments, before hopping off. Old memories turned into new ones, it really is a turn of events isnt it? Marker joined BPZ about a month after I signed here, and tried to take what I built for myself, and he was successful in doing so. And now two years later, he is trying to do the same thing. I will not be subjected to your return victory, you will not come back, months away from the ring just to try and take back my "baby". I am Gunner Flynn, nothing more, nothing less. After Gunner finishes his thoughts, he calls Jason Ryan over. He follows his orders, bringing Aaron over. Gunner pats him on the head, cheering him on for his cooperation. The cleanse has begun, Gunner shouts. Before Jason brings their patient back to the cleanse area. Last week, we purged. We showed out dominance with the kidnapping of our dear friend Aaron, as he becomes cleansed, he is reminded of the awful demon like forces he embodies everyday. He joins a new family today, a better one. A family with a sickness that will cure him from any doubt he currently has. And forever will be with us, day in and day out. Many people have come up to me and asked, "Did Flynn Break You". They ask if im purging because of the self doubt i endure. But that just isnt it, Flynn is my brother , a man I love. He has ruined me, but maybe It was for the better. I grew up thinking I was nothing, I could never be anything. That I had no potential, but I proved him wrong, I proved everyone wrong by winning the Premium Championship. And I will not give up that dream until the day I die. As Gunner gets all his frustration out, his plan is revealed. Aaron has transformed into a whole new being, a cured one. Before an unknown visitor, is here in the Asylum.
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    Speaking my Truth

    The camera zooms out and it is revealed that Sameer is the familiar face that Bailey sees walking around backstage. Bailey and Sameer both stop and stare at each other for a second. Friends or Rivals whichever one you see it as. These two have been through everything. From teaming together and being friends since the company started to then become big-time rivals. The last time we saw these two was when they battled it out at King Of The Ring for The BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Championship. Sameer then begins to talk to Bailey after a couple of seconds of them staring at each other. What happened to you man? This is not the Bailey I know. This is not the dude that I have been on countless plane rides with. This is not the dude that I went on countless road trips with from city to city. This is not the same man that I drank with at myriad clubs with. I can see that you are a plan with no plan at all and that's not how the Bailey I knew worked, The Bailey that I knew always had a plan and then a backup plan. I see what has happened to you in the past 4 months and I can tell it's been a rough couple of months. But Bob after what Bob did to you that was your turning point. Turning into whatever you are now. You and I have been through everything Bailey, From Best Friends to Arch Nemeses. From teaming up with Brenden to defeat The Saviors to Going One On One for The World Heavyweight Championship and throughout out all of that I'd like to think that there has always been mutual respect between us no matter if we have Enemies or Allies. At Wildcard you saved Julius from whatever Descent was planning on doing and I appreciate it. Tell me the truth Bailey, Tell me what's really going on and we can go down to the bar and have a drink like we use to do. As Sameer finishes speaking to Bailey who has seemed to be a changed man according to Sameer. Bailey would finally begin to start speaking to 'frenemy' Sameer.
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    Ark Universe

    Marks the Spot

    Demons run when a good man goes to war Night will fall and drown the sun When a good man goes to war Friendship dies and true love lies Night will fall and the dark will rise When a good man goes to war Demons run, but count the cost The battle’s won, but the child is lost When a good man goes to war We are shown a darken room with a single chair. A masked man walks in and sits in it. His outfit is nearly all black save for a white skull on his face with a red X embolden in the center. He shifts in the chair before laughing. He goes on for a bit before his laughs drifts away into a serious tone. It;s funny. Because this is the first time any of you would have seen me. Yet from my point of view, i have seen all of you, and if i don't know you, i know the type. You all sicken me.... you play your reindeer games, you follow your self made hierarchy and you bite, stomp, and claw your way to the next rung no matter who's back your knife finds, be it friend, foe, ally, enemy, cousin...brother. You fight and bleed and shed sweat and tears and for what? So you can be second best to those at the top who sit and drink wine as opportunities fall into their lap while you sit and wait for those same opportunities to eventually spill from their hands so the scraps land in yours. Well...this reindeer is done with your games...now, we play mine. So, lets play a game called Head Hunter. See, I made a list, and while i wont check it, I sure will scratch of the names twice. Let's see of the targets can crack the code...before i crack their skull. Let's see if you guys can find me, Dr.X....before i find you... The screen crackles again, with the image of a broken crown barely visible through the static.
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    This is a diary that i was gonna do once before but then i didn't for whatever reason. It's a diary where i book TNA in 2010 which was a very weird time in professional wrestling especially for the bigger companies in America. WWE is was having old superstars and celebrity guests as general managers and TNA was... well TNA brought in people like Mr. Anderson, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall (again) and Jeff Hardy (again). Some of these hirings would change the shape of TNA Wrestling for years to come and some either got lost in the shuffle or fired. My mission is not to let that happen but instead give those guys a chance to shine and utilize their strengths instead of trusting the people who came from retirement home not knowing what they were stepping into. TNA IS COMING.... Are you ready?
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    BPZ Commentaries

    A BPZ Commentaries Exclusive BPZ Carnage: Shut Your Mouth With Manny Moleman The World of video games has seen its fair share of Wrestling Games, with some being mediocre, while others are considered legendary. Time after time you have seen BPZ and 2K develop their yearly video game and while its enjoyable, it doesn't have that same spark that those old PlayStation 2, and Nintendo 64 wrestling games had. That is why we here on BPZ Commentaries are first to get the exclusive and oh boy do we have it. May i introduce a brand new BPZ Wrestling Game produced by THQ Nordic called BPZ Carnage: Shut Your Mouth! The game is set to be what those old school wrestling games had, some fast paced, good old arcade style action and we are sure it will bring the hype 100 percent. The game has very promising features, with tons of Match types, BPZ Superstars and unlockables. A season mode campaign where you can take any BPZ superstar or your created superstar and play full calendar year in BPZ and to hopefully make it to the main event of BPZ Mania and win the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship. The creation suite has also has tons of options you can mess around with, including things such as Create a Wrestler, Create an Arena, Create a Championship etc. Finally you have the opportunity to customize your own BPZ Universe that can last literally forever. THQ Nordic have stated they can't wait for what they are going to show the world next year in 2020, as they are excited just like the fans. BPZ Carnage: Shut Your Mouth is set to be released some time in the spring of next year and will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This has been Manny Moleman and I will see you again soon on BPZ Commentaries!
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    Defamation and Reformation

    Carnage returns from commercial break to see a familiar piece of paper gracing the titantron, lit aflame. The crowd goes wild for The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. He appears on the stage as the crackling of the fire fades into his theme song. He walks down the ramp newly christened as a hero to the crowd after his tearing down of the returning Jack Bishop. After entering the ring and retrieving a microphone, he begins to address the crowd. “So, here we are. You all know of my intentions to win the NXT Championship on December First, at the Survivor Series, but the question must and will be asked. What is next for The Chancellor? What will he do after he wins the gold? Here, we enter a crossroads. I’ve already made the decision that I will vacate my NXT Championship following my inevitable victory.” The crowd boos intensely at this news. “Now, now, do not fret, for I am only losing my title to be a contender for the United States Championship. Speaking of said championship, this leads into what is next for myself.” “I was signed to BPZ in November of last year, but only started competing in January, letting my indie contracts run out. When I arrived, I just narrowly missed the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament, one of the biggest tournaments of the year. This year, however, I will not be missing out on these festivities. I will participate in this tournament, and people took notice. Either somebody doesn’t respect me up at the top, or somebody is really scared up at the top, but I and my tag team partner are the 7th seeded team. Who do we face? Jeremiah Flynn, the General Manager of Carnage and Undisputed Champion, and Mikey, the United States Champion. Don’t think this goes unnoticed on me, Flynn. It’s no coincidence that, before Creed took your tag titles, every person in your stable had gold.” The crowd begins to cheer Sellers, after the dark secret Flynn held exposed by Gunner Flynn turned the entire crowd against Jeremiah. “The fact doesn’t get ignored by me, that the only people getting opportunity after opportunity, are the little goons you have in your stable. You found a way to get the two biggest championships in this company into one stable, I must applaud your skill at string pulling yet it still disgusts me your effectiveness at it.” CJ Sellers takes a breather while the crowd cheers him. “Mikey, you aren’t getting ignored either. You have talent, I cannot deny it. You’re one of the most talented young men in this company, and I have respect for your ability. But I cannot respect you, not with how you use that talent.” “I understand wanting to get more opportunities for yourself, and you certainly made good on that opportunity, but to join Bulletproof isn’t something to be proud of. You could hold that US title by yourself, you can definitely hold down the division. To join a stable, to use them as backup for when you can’t do something yourself, that’s sad. It doesn’t matter if that title stays around your waist at Survivor Series or not, because Winter Warfare will make sure it isn’t in Bulletproof. Even if you say this match is against the odds, it doesn’t matter, because I have the fight in me to not get put down. That, along with this man, will be the key to the success of my tag team in this tournament. This man is the key, TO THE PAINMAKERS!" The crowd roars as CJ Sellers turns toward the titantron, and a familiar theme begins playing...
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    Contract Signing: Julius vs Slim

    The dim-lit lightbulb is shown once again, as The Death Machine stands there, awaiting his opponent. Suddenly, it cuts to static, as the crowd begins buzzing, awaiting the arrival of the Fractured King, before music hits. As the music plays, a spotlight lights up the stage, before suddenly, he walks out, dressed in a purple suit with a hat covering his face. He stands on the stage, before looking up, revealing his white-covered face, as he walks down the ramp, locking eyes with Julius, before getting into the ring with The Death Machine, standing face-to-face, as Slim slowly picks up his microphone, talking into it very slowly. Hello... Julius. While I must admit, I remember you being more intimidating, it is nice to finally share a ring with you again. I must say, what you spoke was very interesting. Me.. A god? No, Julius. You have it all wrong. I'm not a god. I'm just a man, I'm just a man intent on showing people their wrongs, bending their mindspace and making them have that one... bad... day... that scars them forever, leaves a stain on their mind that they will never be able to remove from their memory. The question no one has posed to me, is... When did I have that one bad day? SummerSlam last year. Coming off of a suspension, facing the hottest thing in the industry. The World predicted me to win, I never lost these matches, and I fell. My empire reduced to ash, all by you. That loss, it put me in a bad place mentally, it put me in a weak state, even coming back and beating you, it didn't help. The damage was done, and I tried to reject it, I tried to keep it away, but eventually... you just breath it in... You let go, and you feel something beautiful. Slim smirks, laughing at The Death Machine as Julius just sneers at him, the two not avoiding eye contact whatsoever. You misunderstand me, Julius. I don't want to beat you, I don't care about this tournament, I'm not a clown, being at the top, bottom, middle doesn't matter to me, I thrive on chaos, and that's exactly what this whole tournament has been, chaos. There is no verbal poison, Julius, just reality, and you see, everyone I've faced, they're not strong enough to face the reality. You? We're about to find out. Slim gets nose-to-nose with Julius, as he raises the microphone and then begins to speak more. Julius, I don't wanna destroy your mind like I wanted to do to Smith. I want to help you, Julius. As you helped me. 15 months ago, I got shown the light and at first, I rejected it. I didn't believe. Now, I do, I believe in a world of chaos, a world of anarchy. And I'm gonna make you a believer, too. Julius, I thought after you beat me, we were destined to be rivals forever but now, you have shown me what I truly have known for a while. Slim smirks as Julius looks pissed off, as Slim finishes off his thought. Julius, you're my best friend. And I have to show you the light, so you can join me, in causing absolute wreckage to anyone who stands in OUR way. An uncomfortable silence fills the arena as the wickedness of Slim has reached a new level, calling the man he will go to war with his best friend, promising him to show him the light. Slim puts the microphone down, picking up the pen and signing the contract. Julius does the same as Slim removes his hat, standing face-to-face as Josh Trenton stands in between them. Suddenly, the lights begin to turn out one-by-one, dimming the arena down until the lights completely turn around. A screech is heard throughout the arena, as suddenly the lights turn back on, revealing Josh Trenton down in the ring, with Julius surrounded by Slim, Meko, and The Antichrist! Julius looks at the 3-on-1 situation, as he puts his hands up, ready to fight. Slim smiles, as Julius goes for him first but The Antichrist cuts him off with a clothesline. Slim stands there in the center of the ring as Meko and Necce stomp Julius into the mat, before Necce nails an Antichrist Revolution! Slim picks up Julius, grabbing him by the hair as he puts him face to face, yelling into his face. DON'T FIGHT IT... BREATH IT IN! Slim puts Julius in between his thighs, as he hooks both of his arms before dropping him with a brutal Essential Eliminator! Meko scoops Julius up, putting him on his shoulders as Slim, Meko, and Necce walk out, with Julius hung over Meko's shoulders... What are Descent gonna do with Julius?
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    Hans Graphics

    BPZ Survivor Series Official Poster:
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    In a stacked showcase of BPZ's' finest, the star-studded edition of Carnage rolls on with it's second title match of the night, The North American Championship Match. Both men having forged their path to this moment, but only one may stand tall in the end. A video package plays on the titantron before the match, highlighting both men's involvement in the Inaugural North American Championship Ladder Match, the current champion's rise to the gold after just-barely coming short in the To The Top Ladder Match at Emergence, as well as his challenger's grizzly war of blood and grit on the very same night. Yelich would go on to be embroiled with the Inaugural North American Champion himself, Arius. After once again falling short at Summerslam, Yelich was finally able to win the big one at Bad Blood in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Conversely, The Resonator's path back up the ladder was through the daunting Survival Games tournament, where he would capitalise on every opportunity and prove to be a force to be reckoned with, finishing with seven points, and tied for second in his block. The entrance theme of The Resonator, KENJI, hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Receiving a rumbling reaction from the Carnage faithful, who have rallied behind the Japanese superstar in his fight back into title contention. The music dies down as the theme of the second North American Champion fills the arena in Las Vegas, the championship's central plate shining like a golden poker chip around Yelich's waist as he emerges from the ramp, his silence over the previous weeks have cast a mysterious cloud over the state of the North American Champion. But the question is, will he win it all, or bust out here on Carnage Wildcard in Sin City? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnage Wildcard BPZ North American Championship Match Yelich (c) vs. KENJI But what's this? Yelich jumps down from the turnbuckle and runs towards KENJI, both men colliding in a big shoulder check, throwing hands as the bell rings. The referee hastily hands the North American Championship to the timekeeper as the match begins. It looks like neither man is content with a feeling out period tonight, going right into trying to win as quickly as possible! Yelich lays in some forearm smashes to the collar of The Resonator, but the stocky challenger starts to shrug off the strikes, glaring the champion in the eyes before sending his opponent a few steps back following a meaty knife edge chop. The crowd inhale at the impact, and gasp further as Yelich runs forward and chops KENJI right back. The Resonator responds with a huge double hand chop to the chest of the champion. Yelich hopes to return fire as he steps back to rebound off the ropes, but gets dropped with a huge arching back body drop from KENJI! The crowd gasp at the sheer height that Yelich got from that throw as he crashes down to the mat. Yelich grimaces as he crawls to the corner, getting back to his feet, only to get smashed by a huge running body avalanche from KENJI, who runs to the opposite corner, returning with a big running clothesline to the corner. Yelich stumbles forward as the match shows no sign of stopping. KENJI pulls Yelich into a gutwrench, looking to hit the Golem Tribute toss, but Yelich is able to escape and throw KENJI into the corner with an arm drag. Seeing his opportunity to even the odds against such an explosive challenger, Yelich connects with flying forearm, and grabs KENJI's head, going to hit the Whirlybird, trying for the big offence early. Yelich steps up the ropes, but no! KENJI holds on and brings the Whirlybird to a halt, bringing the champion onto his shoulders for a fireman's carry position, possibly looking to hit a Death Valley Driver, or perhaps an Ushigoroshi, but Yelich is fighting it. Both men strain as KENJI tries to get into position, while Yelich is struggling to escape it. However, Yelich is able to pull his weight back and hook the arms to take KENJI into a crucifix pin attempt with some added force, almost as a Crucifix Driver! 1......2....no! KENJI kicked out! Yelich scrambles to maintain this opening in the match, one wrong move, and it could call come crashing down. He starts laying consecutive knee drops to the body of the challenger before running back and landing a springboard moonsault, landing perfectly. Yelich continues by beckoning up KENJI, the crowd cheering this lighting fast match. The champion tries to hit a Northern Lights Suplex, electing to choose another pinning manoeuvre, his strategy to best his opponent. However, KENJI blocks by lowering his centre of gravity, and clubbing Yelich over the back with a thud, and quickly spinning the champion around while maintaining a headlock that has now been inverted. KENJI is in position to hit the KJR, looking to start the KENJI revolution with his first title win in BPZ! But, as KENJI swings his arm to hit his signature move, Yelich grabs his arm and deftly moves himself to a waistlock. The champion may have been absent from Carnage, but he's been doing his homework. Yelich is trying to land a german suplex, but once again KENJI blocks the attempt by holding the back of his knee, having the leverage to stay grounded. KENJI elbows Yelich in the face and takes control, and knees Yelich in the stomach before this time going for a Reverse KJR, this time connecting as Yelich's face snaps off of KENJI's knee in combination with a lariat to the back of the neck. The crowd is reaching a fever pitch as the arena rumbles from their stomping, both men are laying it all out in the ring. KENJI steps over to Yelich as returns the favour of knee drops to the back, slapping the back of Yelich's head in a gesture to bring even more. Yelich scowls while down on the mat and gets to his feet, beginning to trade strikes with The Resonator. It is soon clear that KENJI has the edge in the power department, seemingly taking less damage from Yelich's strikes. KENJI gains the advantage and pulls in Yelich, lifting him up into a powebomb position. In a new surprise from KENJI,s he's trying to hit a Revolution Bomb! He spins and spins, but no! Yelich is able to counter into a huge DDT!! The champion has his chance, he scales the turnbuckle to the top rope, looking to hit his signature Frog Splash....but what's this? No! Mikey from Bulletproof is on the apron, trying to distract the champion! No doubt that he's bitter over Yelich retaining the North American Championship against him at Survival Games. Also the Undisputed Champion, Flynn has had his differences with Yelich for some time now, could this be Mikey doing his dirty work? Or perhaps this is still Bulletproof's attempts to woo KENJI into their ranks, by helping him to win the North American Title? There is a chorus of boos as Yelich shouts angrily at Mikey to leave, however, the distraction is enough for KENJI to get to his feet, a little dizzy after the massive DDT. He goes over to the corner and smacks Yelich across the face, before pulling him down from the top rope with a big overhead suplex! KENJI exhales and turns to see Mikey on the apron, who quickly jumps down, feigning his innocence in this whole scenario. He receives only the steely grimace of KENJI as a response, going right back to the match. The Carnage audience gasps as KENJI picks up a prone Yelich, who is trying to crawl away into a wheelbarrow psoition, and suplexes the North American Champion right into the turnbuckles!! Yelich crumples against the corner in a heap as the crowd fall quiet for a brief moment, taken aback by the brutality on display. KENJI sits up and looks over at the dazed body of Yelich, he picks up the champion and motions to hit a Pumping Bomber, one of KENJI's vicious lariats. The challenger sees the end in sight. He runs the ropes and connects with a brutally stiff Pumping Bomber, sending Yelich clattering back down to the mat. KENJI goes for the pin! 1..... 2..... th-what?!? No! Yelich was just able to kick out! What heart from the champion, the crowd roaring. Unsatisfied, KENJI loads up another Pumping Bomber, slapping his arm and chest in the heat of battle, he hits the ropes once again, but this time, Yelich is able to grab KENJI's arm and spin around it, suddenly in position to hit his own move. Running off pure instinct and adrenaline, Yelich hoists KENJI up for a massive high-angle sit-out powerbomb!! The crowd erupt as Yelich dizzily goes for the pin! Could this be the victory?? 1..... 2.... No! KENJI kicks out! What will end this match? Both men are absorbing some serious punishment! Yelich grabs the ropes to get to his feet. He gestures to the crowd, calling for the Concussion Syndrome. He gets into position, bringing KENJI up from the mat, but The Resonator powers Yelich up into a back body drop, quashing the Piledriver attempt. KENJI steps over the champion, and brings him up to his feet. Yelich is shaky on his feet. KENJI pushes him to the ropes, but Yelich reacts and springboards off the ropes, looking to quickly fire back with his own high-risk maneuver of a Springboard Cutter, but KENJI turns and captures Yelich back-to-back, hooking his arms. KENJI walks back into the centre of the ring, and slams Yelich back down to the mat with a devastating Gaudi Bakudan! It's not looking good for the champion, KENJI just has his signature offence too well scouted. As Yelich slowly gets to his feet completely on instinct, as he looks to be completely out of it, KENJI rocks the North American Champion by connecting with a second Pumping Bomber!! KENJI is on a tear, and the champion is in dire straights. The Resonator hoists up the motionless form of the champion, and delivers the final, and most devastating finale..... Last Resonance!!! 1....2.....3!!! KENJI def. Yelich (c) in 10:32 via pinfall with a Last Resonance to become the new BPZ North American Champion!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After that crazy sprint of a match, a flurry of red and gold streamers fill the ring as KENJI is victorious in dominant fashion, Yelich being escorted to the back by the ring crew. However, in the celebration, it is not the referee that hands KENJI his newly-won North American Championship.....it is Mikey. He must've stuck around after his attempt to spoil the match. A sly grin on his face, he presents the title to KENJI in the ring. However, what was probably intended to be a good-will gesture from Bulletproof, is only met with a simmering anger as KENJI glares at Mikey, quickly taking his North American Title, before getting right in Mikey's face, forcing the Bulletproof member to roll out of the ring and nonchalantly make his way back up the ramp. With his vigilance, and patience tested, KENJI finally raises the BPZ North American Championship high as Carnage Wildcard goes to a commercial break. Over seven months of chasing, he can now call himself a champion. But, from the expression on his face, not all has been satisfied. Did Bulletproof's attempts to interfere cost KENJI something more, despite the victory?
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    Hans Graphics

    Reborn King of the Ring Poster:
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    Contract Signing: Julius vs Slim

    Bailey just attempting to do what Flynn did as Stone Cold
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    Where Do I Go from Here

    The scene opens into realisation, camera positioned in a lit room. The camera sits upon a table alongside a charcoal stem, holding up three individual candles. Abruptly the protagonist walks into the shot, attired in faux leather combat boots and accentuating olive military pants. Her hands are slithered inside of an archaic bomber jacket. Her facial features become more prominent as she sits down upon a couch centralised in the camera frame. Her skin is tan and healthy, a lack of make-up other than basic foundation and concealer, a brief flicker of mascara draws attention to her eyes. Red hair sits upon each shoulder, articulating her jawline. "Regardless of the Championships I am allowed to compete for, or a lack of consistency in how often I grace the ring, do not misinterpret my stature in this promotion for youth. Though I compete in a division intended for rookies I am anything but. I have faced the crème de la crème of talents while competing for top tier titles, I'll remind you that in my debut match I was placed into a literal battlefield, against a now Hall of Fame talent and one of the most menacing men this industry has ever taken notice of. Since then, I have competed against the likes of Julius, Sameer and Flynn. The latter of those names on two occasions. Despite the majority labelling me a rookie, I have scars and injuries from competing under the BrendenPlayz banner which nobody in my division can rival, few NXT athletes I see on a daily basis can point in my direction and state they've done the things that I have. I've formed an established tag team, beaten foes in singles action, stood toe to toe with the owner of this company. I am a warrior who has seen the sun set often, but the day comes in a militant's life where they must settle their gun down with knowledge they might never again pick it back up." "I am seriously considering a second hiatus from this sport, contemplating being that person who has seen one fight too many. Management and those who have wrestled for a longer time than I will probably point and laugh, it might seem a little pointless as I don't compete often as it is, but the truth is there is nothing that excites me anymore. Individuals differ from one to another, we have different ambitions and dreams and quite frankly I have no motivation to be around. Though I've never held a title or beaten a legend of the game I do not possess the hunger to do so. I wake up in the morning and I ask myself, if I have it in me to continue this routine, a routine of practising on the mat, thinking of new adventures I could partake on but ultimately not coming to a conclusion. The flame within me has been stifled. Perhaps I have reached my ceiling in this sport. I can reflect on my run as an in-ring talent and be proud. I was just a little girl from Germany, a clueless recruit who stumbled into the BrendenPlayz machine. I've come across mentors who have taught me so much about the business and friends I will keep in contact with after my life in this sport is finished. The bottom line is I have no hunger to step betwixt the ropes once more, be it to be thrown out of another battle royal or compete in the tag team division. Maybe I am being brutal on myself. But the reality is I was nothing more than a ghost drifting in the wind, a spec on the history books of this business which will be forgotten once the ink runs dry." "Perhaps I'll have another run at this life in the future. Maybe the passion will return to my system and I'll grasp the full understanding of this sport. But I have always felt a disconnect that I've been incapable of bridging. Talents like Meko, Mikey, people who have breezed in and out of the NXT division, winning the title four times between them, while I've fallen into a stagnant puddle which I've struggled to unclasp myself from. There's this feeling of resentment inside of me that I haven't been able to find success, although I've tried so hard to make it work. I really have tried and that won't be reflected which is unfortunate. From the culinary staff to the management who believed in me regardless of the continued losses. Even to Nathan Sawyer for allowing me to have a moment, in defiance of how small it might be on a worldwide scale. For the past eighteen or so months it has been a pleasure. But the Golden Girl is bowing out of the sport for now, she has executed her last hurrah for the moment. I am unsure of where I go from here. But all I am confident in is I am officially announcing my hiatus from BrendenPlayz Wrestling."
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    Speaking my Truth

    We are life from Atlantic City, New Jersey on the 1st carnage show after Carnage Wildcard. The show immediately opens with the Camera backstage as we see Bailey walking and making his way to go out to the ring. At Wildcard Bailey once again attacked Slim and attacked Julius as well showing that no one is safe. Hes walking backstage with no emotion on his face but then he stops when he sees a familiar face walking towards him....
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    World Of Wonder

    A community born out of a passion to push a brighter and encouraging future and solace for Wonder that has lived many generations. Men, women come and go but the heart of this World stayed consistent. This isn't a society that purports to be some kind of ideal but instead one that wishes to share with you a glimpse into their life. The exact history may have been lost to time for it feels that this World of Wonder has always been even as you dear viewer have newly stumbled upon it. A land where ageing seems but a foreign concept and you're free to find your true desires in life. H.R Pufnstuf welcomed those to this world with open arms and within this town the first episode of their self-created wrestling company was filmed. The main event of the first show held by the company saw stars CM Punk & Trish Stratus take on Randy Orton & Dos Caras Jr to a double count out after a disagreement. To a sold out 4,525 filled studio, it was an unfortunate result but the product made its pitch and the audience were hooked. CM Punk The stand out star and one could argue the face of the company during the first season was CM Punk. Looking for a fresh start the land of Wonder would intrigue the "Voice of the Voiceless" as he lead a key interest in the debuting product. During the early stages of World of Wrestling it was very much a traditional wrestling promotion but with an ideal for a positive message, something Punk himself could support personally which motivated him forward during this first season. Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs The Lucha Brothers During the companies introduction phase the Best Buddies Championships were introduced to the company enthusiastically. The name and concept looking to promote close friendships, partnerships and the spirit of working together as a team for a positive goal. Branding bright colours the newly created division was filled with eager talent. On the first episode of World of Wonder a single member of each team in the company at the time was chosen and placed in an elimination style match in a effort to showcase themselves. The final two of the match were Teddy Hart and Fenix where the former would gain the final pinfall for the victory thanks to the distraction by the debuting Davey Boy Smith jR. Saved by the rushing Pentagon Jr, the Lucha Brothers and Hart Foundationa avoided an all out brawl that night but what the audience saw was just the start of what would become an on and off again feud between these two deeps throughout the season. In the weeks leading up the event both teams shared their success during tag team competition leading up to 'Brawl at the Black Lagoon' where The Hart Foundation would defeated the Lucha Brothers in a ladder match to become the inaugural Best Buddies tag team champions. During the month of May, the reigning WOW Champion found himself in the cross hairs of the ongoing feud between the recently crowned Best Buddies Championships, Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr after defeating the latter in the main event of the post-PPV episode of World of Wonder. Taking exception to the disrespect they perceived to the legacy their names hold in any company, this put a target on Punks back as he fought to keep the championship out of the hands of his undecided challenger. The following week The Hart Foundation were scheduled to defend their tag team championships against their Brawl at the Black Lagoon opponents, Fenix & Pentagon Jr, but the champions crippled their chances by attacking Fenix backstage ahead of their match. Boasting in their accomplishment the main event that evening was left in limbo until Pentagon introduced his replacement partner for that night in CM Punk himself. The match would reach over the 20 minute mark in what felt like a battle destined to last but it was The Hart Foundation who put a stop to the competition using steel chairs to secure their loss but secure they walked away as champions. Looking for a taste of revenge for the assault CM Punk issued the challenge to Teddy Hart and at the following event, Wake Up Jeff!, CM Punk retained the WOW Championship in a match against Teddy Hart. Following the finish it was Davey Boy Smith Jnrs interference that was thwarted by the recent budding friendship between Punk & Pentagon Jr. The Hart Foundation would feud with such teams as The Rascalz, Nextwave (Dos Caras Jr & La Sombra) and Villain Enterprises over the course of their reign. Randy Orton If anyone was to be called an antagonist it would be the name Randy Orton. The ying to the yang of CM Punk as the two always found themselves in the others cross hairs during their time in World of Wonder. The year wouldn't start as kind for Randy Orton, the third generation wrestler thought that his position as the companies figurehead was almost guaranteed when he signed the line but he found the positive messages the company attempted to promote a hard guideline to toe and in return he found himself unfavourable to both fans and talent. After failing to capture the WOW Championship at the first event Brawl At the Black Lagoon it was a long road ahead to redemption, earning his chance to fight for it again over the course of the season as he battled the young rising talent the company were looking to position, earning a reputation as a veteran who valued his time in laying out the new crop while also in the mix with other talent inching for the top such as Bobby Lashley and The Lucha Bros. His crowning moment after months of working would be winning Scrooge McDuck's Annual Royal at WOW Disaster In Duckburg, overcoming 30 other World of Wonder superstars and gaining a future championship opportunity against current champion CM Punk who successfully retained the championship earlier that night. Sadly World of Wonder was taken off the air soon after the event which left his championship opportunity unclaimed and Orton wouldn't return to the company for Season 2 when the company returned to air. Trish Stratus and Xavier Woods After debuting in the main event of World of Wonder it felt like great things might be destined for Trish Stratus in the rising company but he path would cross with the determined Xavier Woods, who gained a victory over Masato Tanaka on the very same episode. His goal? The man wanted a pay rise. The following week as Trish Stratus opened the show, eyeing off the recently revealed World of Wonder Championship, she was interrupted by Xavier Woods who swaggered down the ramp talking about opportunity and how he wasn't eager to be waiting behind anyone else in this company - especially a flash from the past such as Stratus. The flame was lit as the two of them would exchanged words, punches and everything in between on the way to Brawl At The Black Lagoon but it always seemed as Trish Stratus had the upper hand during their encounters. As Bobby Lashley & Trish Stratus stood tall victorious during the main event after defeating EC3 and Xavier Woods, "The Valedictorian" looked to need to reach deep and find a solution. At Brawl at the Black Lagoon Xavier Woods used every trick in his arsenal to overcome the odds and gain the victory over Trish Stratus for the WOW Pay Rise Championship. A victory that would only boost the go of Xavier Woods more, naming himself the 'Casanova of Wonder' he promoted his victory as a rescure mission from the bleak fate it would've faced in the hands of Stratus. Though the victory was hard and controversial this didn't deter Stratus who would rebound with victories against Dos Caras Jr, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & EC3 over the next few weeks as a bewildered Xavier Woods doubled down on his position of never letting Stratus receive another championship opportunity against him. But that decision was ultimately out of his hands as after a victory against D'Angelo Dinero at WOW Wake Up Jeff!' she would be granted another opportunity in a months time. Though retaining his championship against Eddie Edwards later that night, the news of Stratus challenging him for the title left Woods absent from the post-PPV episode of World of Wonder as Stratus basked in her success. But what wasn't seen was Woods plotting, planning ahead to secure himself a continued reign and that plan was revealed when Jimmy Jacobs joined Xavier Woods as they attacked Trish Stratus during an interview. Dubbing themselves 'The Smooth Operators' they would stick close to each other in the build up to WOW Right Said Fred. At the WOW Right Said Fred event Trish Stratus defeated Xavier Woods for the WOW Pay Rise Championship after a failed interference by JImmy Jacobs. The Undertaker and Brian Cage Brian Cage. The Machine. One of the strongest professional wrestlers in the industry today, he wasn't seen on World of Wonder television for a majority of the first month which frustrated Cage behind the curtains. It was noted when Cage was backstage watching the product he looked up to see the company airing a hype package for the soon debuting Undertaker at Brawl at the Black Lagoon which only exasperated his feelings. No announcement, no package, not even a name drop. Cage was feeling like an after thought and at the upcoming PPV he looked to change that. Defeating Uhaa Nation in a sound match he waited backstage as The Undertaker made his elaborate entrance to the ring. Not allowing The Deadman much time to speak he cut through the microphone with a confrontational tirade of his own, airing his grievances and thoughts on a veteran such as Undertaker getting the spotlight. The two would brawl with The Undertaker sending Brian Cage to the outside. A spark had ignited. Taking advantage of the limited appearances made by The Undertaker the next few weeks of World of Wonder would showcase The Machine speaking down on the Deadman as he stated how little he thought of his status. Focusing on showing a dominate success rate it wouldn't be long before the mind games begun. Through darkness, exploding light bulbs, Brian Cage become almost hesitant of his own shadow as he walked around the World of Wonder area expecting to see Undertaker around every corner. It would be in the ring though when the confrontation happened again as Undertaker blindsided Cage after his victory against Mascara Dorada. At WOW Wake Up Jeff we would see The Undertaker defeat Brody King, a decoy set up by Brian Cage in his in-ring debut for the company. Brian Cage made quick work running through the arena audience as he attacked Undertaker after the match result. Repeatedly assaulting the Deadman with finisher after finisher Two weeks ahead of WOW RIght Said Fred, Brian Cage again waited patiently for the right opportunity as he descended on to Undertaker with a steel chair, repeatedly attacking his rival after his victory against PUMA. With the status of The Undertaker in doubt, Brian Cage was placed in a number one contenders match against Eddie Edwards. Though his actions were questionable his momentum was undeniable in the ring. The winner would face Xavier Woods for the WOW Pay Rise Championship. During the match Cage showed a familiar dominance but the interrupting dread of the church organs distracted Cage when he was rolled up by Edwards for the victory. Enough was enough. The match was set for WOW Right Said Fred as The Undertaker would face Brian Cage for the first time. The confident Cage showed why he had been seen as a future anchor for the company during the match but The Undertaker also showed why his status hasn't wavered over time. After a long, hard fought match the frustrated Brian Cage again took a hold of the familiar steel chair and struck Undertaker repeatedly. Not amused by having a competitive match that night he wanted to end it on his own terms. This hatred would follow them both right up to Scrooge McDuck's Annual Royal at WOW Disaster In Duckburg where Brian Cage would prove to be the ultimate Iron Man of the night last nearly an hour in the ring against other talent but it was the late entry of The Undertaker that would cost him the eventual victory. WOW officials could be seen restraining Brian Cage who itched to re-enter the match but was held back. With Season One of World of Wonder coming to an untimely early end we sadly wouldn't see Brian Cage nor The Undertaker return in the following seasons leaving this chapter on a question mark. Will this feud ever be resolved, one final match? Fisticuffs Established Fisticuffs Championship. The championship with a concept that fits the name. This is a pure brawling and gimmick based championship. Hinged on chaos and the phrase "the more the merrier" fits in quite well. Created in an attempt to utilise the hungry talent who may not be getting the opportunities they desire it was embraced by both fans and talent during the unhinged presentation of the first season. During the early days of the division the stand out competitors were PCO, Masato Tanaka, Rush and Jimmy Jacobs who all fought tooth and nail for their opportunity at the championship during the early months of the show. PCO, after a remarkable career comeback would be the inaugural champion and go on to hold the championship for two months under constant threat. One trait of the champion is his pursuit of the fight rather than wait for the fight to come to him. He would be seen in backstage segments talking to Randy Orton, The Undertaker among others as he asked them if they were interested in a shot. At WOW Right Said Fred it would be Tommy End who would finally end the reign of PCO and as champion he would go on to do what not many expected as reigning champion. He would go straight to the top of the division, coming face to face with current WOW Champion CM Punk and hold his championship in the air. In his eyes the Fisticuffs Championship was on equal level with the WOW Championship and he would challenge the champion to a match at Disaster in Duckburg. Defeating Eddie Edwards, D'Angelo Dinero and Dragon Lee in an elimination four way match only boosted the confidence of End who after CM Punk relented and accepted his challenge for the PPV wouldn't let the WOW Champion out of his sight. Staring down, reminding the champion of his impending presence. On the go home show to the PPV him and CM Punk would end up in a intense brawl (also involving Pentagon Jr and Randy Orton) as everyone looked for victory. Tommy End would gain the upper hand in the brawl, holding true to his status as champion but at the PPV would come short at winning the WOW Championship as CM Punk retained in the Co-Main Event. What Tommy End did though was establish that the Fisticuffs Championship isn't a ceiling but instead just a status.
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    Made for First Class Express
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    Top 5 BPZ Stables Of All Time?

    1. Authority 2. The Order 3. The Kingdom 4. Bullet Proof 5. Evolution
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    Top 5 BPZ Stables Of All Time?

    1. For me, in the two years I have been here it has to be The Kingdom. Just think of the stars in it, Echo Wilson, Bart, and Julius. With that star power, of course it is going to be a dominant stable. And it sure was. 2. BulletProof- This stable is just magic. With the World Champion, Isaiah Carter leading this stable it surely would be good. And we weren’t wrong, it led to underrated guys becoming stars. And the rest is history. 3. Nexus- I have heard a lot about this stable. And it has mostly been good things, but with the controversy I have heard about over the years. That is why it is in top 3, you need some controversy to make something special. Wish I could have seen it develop though. 4. Authority- When you have major authority figures it really leads to power. With Sameer, Bailey, Brenden, Ginge, Brad and Smith, of course it was going to be something special. 5. Creed- Even with this stable not in the works for that long, it has been dominant. With already having the money in the bank briefcase and the tag titles. They can only go up from here.
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    BPZ Entrance: KENJI
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    Contract Signing: Julius vs Slim

    {We have just witnessed a cracking North-American Championship match where KENJI just unseated Yelich and became the new BPZ North-American Champion, but now it's time to press pause on the action on this historic Carnage: Wildcard night and bring you the Survivor Series contract signing between Julius and Slim. "The Death Machine" is the first to emerge from behind the curtains, making his way out to the ring. He wastes no time on his journey to the canvas and immediately takes a seat on one of the chairs provided, making himself as comfortable as ever before this scheduled meeting is to occur. As Josh Trenton is about to introduce Slim, Julius rises out of his seat and grabs the microphone from his hands} "Before we get to Slim, I'd like to have a few words of my own. For weeks now Slim, I've been waiting to see the arrival of the so called "Fractured King". It has been building with anticipation, no-one has seen you since you were suspended after the Survival Games show but now we all get to see what you've become. See Slim facing you is not just a physical battle it's a mental one too. Sometimes Slim, you've won the match before it's already started because the weak minded man who opposes you let's your verbal poison rot in their heads and they second guess themselves and they place you on this pedestal where they position you as a God. But see Slim that only works with the aforementioned weak-minded opponents. I am not weak minded Slim, so whatever stunt you're going to pull coming out here isn't going to faze me one bit. I don't see you as a God, yes you're talented and one of the best this company has ever seen but I also really think that you're insecure. You position yourself with more talented individuals by your-side so you yourself can look like a complete package" "Take right now as an example with this new group of followers you've collected. You have Bob a big bad son of a bitch who could break the bones of any one who tests him, he makes up for the strength you don't have. You then have Necce, a wordsmith, one of the most charismatic people this company has ever seen. He makes up for the charisma you most certainly lack. And then we move along to Raven who is one crazy man. He paints his face just like you and he pretends to act all crazy, maybe you see something in him because he is the youth, he is the future. He covers for the fact that physically you can't match it with those of the newer generation. You're just not that complete package anymore Slim but the thing is I am" "I have the strength to whip Bob's ass from Australia to New York, I have the charisma to outshine Necce on any given night and I have the youth and endurance to run circles around Raven. So bring them all down so I can show you that I am the complete motherf*cking package. I don't see you as my equal Slim, in-fact you are beneath me and I will run circles around you at Survivor Series. The inevitable thing here Slim, isn't you ascension to the top it's your slow, tormenting downfall. I was the fire that started it 15 months ago and now I'm going to be the one that finishes it. Enough of the waiting, let's have a look at what the "Fractured King" is all about"
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    Pride & War

    MENS ROSTER "Hangman" Adam Page | Brandon Cutler | AEW World Champion Chris Jericho | "The American Nightmare" Cody | Darby Allin | "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes | Jake Hager | Jimmy Havoc | "The Bad Boy" Joey Janela | Jon Moxley | "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega | "Superbad" Kip Sabian | Maxwell Jacob Friedman | Michael Nakazawa | "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy | "The Bastard" PAC | "The Librarian" Peter Avalon | QT Marshall | "The Best Ever" Sammy Guevara | "The Chairman" Shawn Spears | "The Concrete Rose" Sonny Kiss TAG-TEAM ROSTER The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) | AEW World Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) | Best Friends ("The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor & Trent?) | Strong Hearts (CIMA, El Lindaman & T-Hawk) | The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) | Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) | Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & "Mr. Fun Size" Marko Stunt) | The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) | Proud N' Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) | Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) WOMENS ROSTER Allie | Awesome King | Bea Priestley | Brandi Rhodes | "Doctor" Britt Baker | Emi Sakura | Hikaru Shida | "The Librarian" Leva Bates | "The Native Beast" Nyla Rose | "The Bad Girl" Penelope Ford | AEW Women's World Champion RIHO | Sadie Gibbs | Shanna | "The Magical Girl" Yuka Sakazaki
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    The Devil's Advocate

    Jason Ryan, the tag team partner of Gunner is now on stage. He says nothing as he examines the ring. He sits down cross legged as six JRE members wearing Purge masks and light green hospital scrubs stand behind him, holding a gunnery, straitjacket and a purge mask. Jason stands up, taking off his own mask to reveal fresh bloody scratch marks on his face. Jason leads the way to the ring and gets in. He looks at Gunner who hands him a microphone The Purge starts here. Jason picks Aaron up, drags a thumb across his throat before hitting the Epilogue Jason stands up as the masked JRE members stand on the ring apron. They move in at the same time and drag Aaron out of the ring and on the gunnery. They put the straitjacket and the Purge mask on him and strap him to the gunnery. They wheel him up the ramp as Jason and Gunner put on their Purge masks and look at the camera, slowly waving goodbye
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    War Between Worlds

    Monday Night Raw- Episode 11 " Seth Rollins Returns Home" We start off tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw with the return of our World Champion. He was absent last week, sitting at home, regrouping with what might have been his hardest challenge in his career. Seth Rollins enters the arena, not happy at all. He enters the ring, falling down. Not knowing where he is at all. Before kneeling down and demanding a microphone. Seth Rollins: You know, I have been thinking a lot lately. And everytime I do, AJ Styles pops up in my head. I cant get him out of my mind, i need to finish this come Armageddon. He has to leave my mind, I have no other choice. AJ Styles vs Dragon Lee We now get ready for our opening match of the opening, AJ Styles vs Dragon Lee. The Bullet Club has taken the WWE by storm, and Dragon Lee is not very fond of this fact. Tonight he looks to stop this invasion from growing to no return. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to AJ Styles and he pushes his opposition into the corner. He runs into the corner for a running forearm, but Lee is able to stop him with a kick to the chin. AJ staggers back, before Dragon Lee hits a running ddt on the Bullet Club leader. As we would continue just a few moments later, Dragon Lee would head to the top rope, looking for a double stomp strike. The double stomp strike would connect, as Dragon Lee would cover for the pinfall. 1...2.... but a kickout at 2 by AJ Styles. As they both stagger up to their feet, they go at it, punch by punch. Noone giving an inch in this bout, before AJ would take Dragon Lee down with a UshiGoroshi. AJ would then go fro the cover this time around..1...2.... but a kick out by Dragon lee. A few moments later, we would continue. As AJ would proceed to pick up Dragon Lee for a Styles Clash, but he would reverse it into a hurricanarana, but Styles wouldnt let that happen as he would now reverse it into a Styles Clash. Could that be it? Another win for AJ Styles here tonight, but will he have the same result in 3 weeks come Armageddon? When he will go one on one with Seth Rollins. He exits the ring, grinning at his victory. As we move onto a commercial break. Kushida vs Ricochet As we return from commercial break, we get ready for some singles action, between Kushida and Ricochet. Kushida will go one on one with Shingo Takagi, in 2 weeks. But as a warmup match, Ricochet looks to stop any offense Kushida has currently. The match begins, with a lockup. Noone having the strength advantage in this one, instead it is neutral. As we continue, Ricochet begins to get on the offensive. As he goes for a leg sweep, Kushida is able to get out of it, and hit a spinning heel kick of his own. He would go for the pinfall but would have no luck as Ricochet would kick out at 2. Kushida was not giving up that easily though, as he would rebound with a springboard cutter. Kushida has looked excellent here tonight. But is it enough to bring home the win? As we would move on towards the middle of this clash, Ricochet would hit an uppercut followed up by a superkick. Taking Kushida down to the canvas. Ricochet would head to the top rope, looking maybe for a 450 splash, as he would go for it. Kushida would get his knees up just in time, following up with a Back To The Future for the victory. A big win for Kushida here tonight, as he gets ready to go clash with Shingo Takagi one on one in just 13 days. But does he have what it takes to win the big one? Shayna Baszler vs Asuka Both women are debuting here tonight, looking to test the waters here in the WWE. Which women will be able to pull of a win? You have to admit, whoever gets this win tonight could be in line to face Sasha Banks for that Women's Championship. The match begins with a staredown, as neither women wants to give an inch this early in the match. But moments later, Asuka would spit in the face of Shayna. Infuriating her, as she would run for a shoulder block, taking down the former NXT Champion. Shayna would go off the ropes, looking to go over her, and hiit a punch, but Asuka gets out of the way and strikes with a spinning heel kick. We now continue, as Asuka would choose not to go for the cover, Was this the smartest idea? Probably not. But anyways, Shayna then hits a big chop to Asuka's chest, as she would then proceed to choke her out until she passed out. What a performance by both women here tonight, but Shayna was just that much better here tonight. Sasha should watch out, because at this rate, Shayna is on Sasha's radar for sure. Kenny Omega vs Darby Allin It is now time for our main event of the evening. Where Kenny Omega will square off with Darby Allin for the first time ever. Both of these men are some very talented performers, but the real question is, who is actually better? The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Kenny Omega as he pushes Allin into the corner. He would then go for a running lariat, but Darby would be able to get out of the way just in time. As he would then hit a sliding tackle of his own. As we would continue a few moment slater, Omega would get back to the offensive side of things with a Reverserana. He would choose to not go for the pinfall though, as Darby Allin was still in the game. Omega would then pick up Darby Allin for another reverserana, but Darby would reverse it into a ddt. What a match this has been so far, but it would have to come to an end at some time, Darby would go for another ddt but would be caught with a v-trigger. Another win for Kenny Omega and Bullet Club, what is next for this faction. Before we would go off air, a song we havent heard in a long time begins to play. It is Cody Rhodes!
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    Pride & War

    Changes coming to Friday Night SmackDown, per FOX representatives: WWE.com writers November 25th, 2019 Per the FOX representatives, following SmackDown's loss at Survivor Series, the blue brand will have several changes made to it in the coming weeks. The biggest being SmackDown has seemingly become it's own entity, with FOX officially withdrawing SmackDown from WWE's "Big 4" pay-per-views (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series). Instead, FOX representatives have noted SmackDown will broadcast 4-to-5 pay-per-views a year, with 2-to-3 network specials. Fox has also confirmed a SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament to crown new champions for the belts, with the teams being announced as The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston), The War Raiders (Raymond Rowe & Hanson), Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode, Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker), The Colons (Epico & Primo)The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) and representing Lucha House Party, Kalisto and Gran Metalik. The War Raiders, after being stripped of their Raw Tag Team Championships, will receive a first round bye in the tournament, and while there is only 7 teams announced, FOX has confirmed there is indeed 8 teams involved. And in the last piece of information, FOX has announced that they will be bringing on a Head of Operations, to oversee the day-to-day operations of SmackDown, working with FOX to create a better SmackDown for everyone involved. (1) War Raiders (8) Bye 4) Lucha House Party 5) Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode 3) The New Day 6) The B-Team 2) Heavy Machinery 7) ??? Predict below on the tag team tournament, and the new head of operations for SmackDown.
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    WWE Current Brand Split 2020

    AEW Full Gear Santana and Ortiz defended The Young Bucks in 16:03 Pac Defeated Hangman Page in 14:49 SCU defeated Lucha Bros and Private Party in 13:26 to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships Shawn Spears defeated Joey Janela in 9:16 Riho defeated Emi Sakura in 11:36 to retain the AEW Women's Championship Kenny Omega defeated Alberto El Patron in 17:23 Chris Jericho defeated Cody Rhodes in 26:08 to retain the AEW World Championship. MJF cost Rhodes the match
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    Top 5 BPZ Stables Of All Time?

    So I just noticed how we don't have on topic this yet, which is weird. What are in your opinion the top 5 stables in BPZ History? For Me: 1. Kingdom 2. Legacy 3. Authority 4. The Order 5. BulletProof
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    Mikey are you ready for a war?

    I can’t stand these fools who I mean by fools I’m talking about these people here in Washington DC because y’all can’t even see how talented I am but that’s ok because I’m going to show my worth. I can’t stand you idiots and why is that fraud Aidanator here who said he could be here but anyways I’m not here to address frauds I’m here to address the USA champion Mr Mikey the SwitchBlade at survivor series I will attempt to take the USA championship from you and everyone who’s in it but it’s not going to be easy,nobody ever said it was going to be easy because hell you beat Hans Clayton to win the USA title and then you joined bulletproof I say you have a pretty good career right now but remember all it takes is one bad day. Mikey when I am getting ready I’m going to have confidence in myself because I know I can maybe somehow pull the biggest upset in BPZ history by winning the USA title from you but I know I have to go to extreme measures to do so, so that’s why I’m going to do what I have to do to win and show everyone why I’m better than they think of me right now. Mikey I wish that we would have to go to war but I’m willing to go to extreme measures to win and I’m not talking about in the ring I’m talking about what I’ll have to do to win the USA championship from you, now I know you might think that’s a little extreme well that’s what war is all about is extreme so I’m telling you know that when I’m walking out I’m going to go to war and not a tiny war a big war. Oh Mikey how’d it feel joining bulletproof I bet it must feel great because now you're in one of the biggest stables in history and I know you must feel and be excited about the wonderful opportunity you are in right now but what if someone like me who hasn’t won a match wins the USA title how would it feel, you see what the problem is I don’t know what success is but just maybe I could know what success feels like and not watching other people get success but what would it take you know the answer to that but I’m not expecting an answer. What I’m expecting is a war, a war that is so big that it will change the course of BPZ forever and takes BPZ to bigger and newer heights than ever before one that is so big that people are on their feet cheering and coming or watching BPZ on tv, one that could make BPZ better than ever one that could be huge but the question is Mikey are you up to go into war or are you truly afraid of going into a war because I’m sure that you have never been in a war before or maybe you have when you beat Hans Clayton for the USA title while you’re having success I’m still in the shadows and the lerks of my peek so Mikey I’m asking you to come down here and shake my hand in sportsmanship because we are going to war not a fight but a war to bring the USA title into the talks and not into the shadows.
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    Empire Pro Wrestling

    EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING EPW is back live from Chicago, Illonois as we are here in front of a packed house tonight. We are about to witness the aftermath of the EPW Battle Lines PPV. We will hear from the Elite tonight and Prince Devitt after he turned on Team Christian the other night. We will also hear from the first ever EPW North American Bobby Lashley. Lastly we will see a triple threat match between Kenny Omega, The Rock, and Chrisitan to decide the next challenger for Edge’s World Heavyweight Title. So we have a big night planned, let’s get right into it. We cut the show off as we see the Elite make their way to the ring. The crowd boos them furiously as they just laugh at them. Omega, Devitt, and The Bucks stand in the ring mocking the crowd as they seem unstoppable at the moment. Kenny stands in the ring with a mic as the Elite stand and strut around the ring with all the confidence in the world. Omega: I’ll keep this short, and I will keep this sweet. In fact maybe a little too sweet. But the question that everyone is asking is why Prince, why? Well I can tell you that one. You see it’s pretty easy to figure out. Devitt was sick of being seen as just a midcard guy that would never amount to anything in EPW! But now, now none of you can stop talking about him. He is the hottest guy in this company right now, and he is with the hottest faction in the world right now. Speaking of the Elite, what do we want? What is next for us? Well here it is, we want the gold. In fact we want ALL OF THE GOLD!!! So Edge, Painful Perfection, and Bobby Lashley. Watch your backs and keep those titles warm cause the Elite are coming. The Elite are taking over EPW! Kenny then flips the mic as the Elite remain in the ring as Prince Devitt has a match up next. Devitt will take on Sweet Papi Sanchez as it will be his first match in the Elite as he looks to pick up a win here tonight in Chicago! We see Sweet Papi Sanchez make his way to the ring as the bell rings and the match is underway as Prince Devitt with the Elite in his corner look to finish it quick. Sweet Papi Sanchez vs Prince Devitt In a short match, Prince Devitt would defeat Sweet Papi Sanchez as he would beat him with a Coup de Grace. Prince Devitt would look good here as the Elite would celebrate in the ring afterward. The Elite are off to a great start here and look to continue it later as Omega looks to win the Main Event tonight and become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. We cut backstage as we see Ronda Rousey backstage in the locker room as she is talking with some backstage personal when we see Candice La Rae walk up to her. Rousey looks a bit in shock for a second but La Rae holds out her hand. The two shake hands as it seems Rousey is starting to gain some respect here in EPW. We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action. The Club will take on Rocking Skies as both teams look to move up the ranks in the tag division here. The Club have been dominant since arriving in EPW and look to keep their winning streak going. The Club vs Rocking Skies In a nice match, The Club would defeat Rocking Skies after Gallows defeated Rocky Romero with a big boot. The Club continue their dominant ways as the could be next in line for a tag team title shot against Painful Perfection. We then cut to a commercial break. As we come back from a commercial break, we cut backstage as we see Bobby Lashley with the North American Championship. Lashley just sits there holding his title high as he does not say a word. Lashley seems to be taking a new approach as he is more focused on kicking ass then cutting a promo at the moment. The EPW Womens Champion is set to face yet another opponent as Rebecca Knox gets an opportunity to prove herself against EPW’s top women. Maryse has been dominant throughout her title reign and looks to keep that going here tonight. Maryse vs Rebecca Knox In a good match, Rebecca Knox defeated Maryse after pinning her with a quick roll up. The crowd is in shock as Rebecca Knox picked up the win. Maryse is furious in the ring as Knox celebrates her upset win. We see Knox in the ring as Maryse rolls to the outside clearly upset as she begins to walk up the ramp. After the match, Maryse would run down to the ring and start beating Knox down! Maryse clearly is furious with her loss her tonight as she is taking it out on Knox. We see her hit Knox with a French Kiss leaving her down in the ring. Maryse stands over Knox raising her title high making a statement that despite the loss this is still her division. In tonight’s Main Event we will find out who will become the #1 Contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Title in a battle of some of EPW’s best. The Rock, Omega, and Christian all compete tonight as one will get the right to challenge Edge for the World Title at Holiday Havoc. EPW World Title #1 Contenders Match: Christian vs The Rock vs Omega In a great match, Kenny Omega would defeat The Rock and Christian after he beat Chrisitan with V-Trigger. We would see the Young Bucks come to the ring and distract Christian allowing Omega to catch him off guard and pick up the win. It will be Kenny Omega vs Edge for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship at Holiday Havoc! We end the show off as The Elite celebrate in the ring as they are one step closer to accomplishing their goal of capturing all the Gold in EPW.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Episode 32 l Austin, TX The Rattlesnake Returns To Monday Nights The show would be kicked off with one of the most satisfying sounds in WWE history, glass breaking. As Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to the ring with a microphone in hand. As he cuts a promo on the importance of King Of The Ring, and what it does for peoples careers. Before he could finish his promo, the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would return to the ring. Standing across from Stone Cold, one of his friends, before hitting him with an F5. As EMTs, referees, and more rush to the ring. Brock Lesnar walks through the crowd. Why the hell did he just F5 Stone Cold?!?! _____ 20 Man Battle Royal - Number One Contenders Match With the winner going on to face Dijak at King Of The Ring, 20 of RAWs superstars ranging from former champion Gran Metalik to Randy Orton would compete in a battle royal. The match would be fast and furious, as big moves would be hit left and right as the likes of Sin Cara, Mojo Rawley, and The Miz are thrown out early while Randy Orton, Luke Harper, and Shinsuke Nakamuara are stand outs. The final four being those three plus Cedric Alexander. Who is able to outlast the three men by last eliminating Randy Orton after an amazing final two sequence. Cedric Alexander would celebrate as this could be his big break, as at King Of The Ring he takes on Dijak for the United States championship on the line. ________ The Eclipse Of The Empress Ember Moon would appear in an unknown location as she looks into the camera with fire in her eyes, cutting a promo on Asuka. Who she defeated last week, saying that the war isn't over and that Asuka is a threat that needs to be shut down. Ember Moon ends her promo with the threat that she will go after Asuka and will not let anyone get in her way. ______ Eric Young vs Gran Metalik Eric Young would, nearly return to the ring. As before he could enter the ring, Elias would return. As at Summerslam, he would be kindapped by Eric Young and would be held capture before escaping last week. Now, Elias attacks Young with a rope. Almost going insane as he chokes out Eric Young, before leaving the arena to many cheers. As Elias is back. _______ The Prizefighter vs The Destroyer We would get a match preview for the upcoming main event for the King Of The Ring PPV. As it will be Kevin Owens, a former NXT, IC, USA, and Universal champion taking on Samoa Joe. One of the most dangerous wrestlers in the company, who will win this battle and be named, King. ______ Paul Heyman Fines Brock Lesnar We would cut backstage to see Paul Heyman yelling at Brock Lesnar, and Brock Lesnar not caring. Until Paul Heyman would tell Brock Lesnar that as GM, he has to fine him for 2 million dollars. This is when Lesnar would attack Heyman, pinning him against the wall. As Lesnar lets go and walks away, leaving Heyman stunned backstage. _______ Keith Lee And Drew McIntyre Brawl From chaos, to more chaos. We would switch scenes to inside the ring where Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre are fighting. Throwing wild shots at each other as the two are going to be facing off at King Of The Ring and now, they put each other through an announce table as Keith Lee tackles Drew into the time keepers area. The brawl continues to the backstage area as we switch gears. ____ Andrade vs Rey Mysterio - Reborn Championship Throughout the chaos, it is time for pro wrestling. As the show would be given its time by Andrade and Rey Mysterio, who come to the ring to opposite reactions and Andrade decides to put his Reborn Championship on the line in the main event match. What a match it would be, nearly 25 minutes. As it would take up 1/4 of the show and for good reason. As it would be a PPV worthy matchup on the go home show for KOTR. As Andrade hits Rey with fantastic moves and Mysterio is able to hit the 619 for a 2 count, it would come to an end when Andrade would hit the "Tranquilo DDT" for the pinfall victory after an amazing war. Andrade would celebrate with Zelina Vega, looking impressive here tonight as he walks up the ramp with his title in hand. Leaving Mysterio disappointed inside of the ring. _______ Lynch And Rose Sign Their Contract To end the show, Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose would come to the ring and sign their contract given to them by the womens roster GM, Paige. Who cuts a promo on the importance of the womens championship, before Mandy Rose would interrupt and say she is very busy. Before going to leave the ring, Becky Lynch would stop her, but Rose would get the advantage and hit a middle rope moonsault finisher, standing tall on the go home show as RAW comes to a close.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Friday Night SmackDown Episode 31 l Greensville, SC John Cena Will Take On The Fiend John Cenas theme song would once again kick off Smackdown, as he would come to the ring with microphone in hand and talk about his recent losses. He would talk about how he missed out at Wrestlemania 35, and that despite winning his 17th World Championship. He feels like he still needs to add something to his career. That is when he would challenge Bray Wyatt, who last weeks set out to destroy the face of WWE. John Cena would claim that although he hates to being refereed to as the face, he eats, breaths, and lives the WWE. And he won't let The Fiend ruin it. So its official, Bray Wyatt vs John Cena at King Of The Ring. ___ Jordan Devlin, The Irish Ace We would get a short montage of Jordan Devlins time in WWE so far, including his work in the NXT UK branch and Progress. He would cut a promo over the montage, listing off his talents, as well as saying that tonight, he will defeat Samoa Joe. Later tonight, he takes on Joe in the King Of The Ring semi finals. _____ Sami Zayn vs Kassius Ohno In the first matchup of the night it would be two of Smackdowns best mid card talents going head to head, as PWE member Kassius Ohno would come to the ring with Apollo Crews to take on Sami Zayn, the underdog from the underground who is trying to get some wins under his belt. The match would be a classic, as Sami Zayn takes the fight to Kassius Ohno and the battle falls to the outside as Kassius Ohno uses everything from the barricade and steel steps to take advantage. The winner of this match moving on to a fatal four way no. 1 contenders match, as Zayn fights to get another shot at the IC title as he rolls up and pins Kassius Ohno after a helluva kick. Earning his way to the No. 1 contender match as he celebrates his win. Sami Zayn looked impressive tonight, as he walks up the ramp and hugs various crowd members, as inside the ring. Kassius Ohno wonders what is next in his career. _____ The Revival Are Leaving Smackdown In a backstage interview, The Revival would show off their Smackdown tag team titles before announcing that if Undisputed Era is able to defeat them. They are going to be leaving the blue brand and going to win the tag team titles somewhere else. The Revival take on Undisputed Era at King Of The Ring and it has potential to be one hell of a match! _____ Erick Rowan vs Mustafa Ali In a battle of David vs Goliath, its Erick Rowan vs Mustafa Ali as both men try to gain some momentum in this match, as Erick Rowan comes to the ring with Daniel Bryan by his side as these two have been a threat inside WWE for some time now. As Ali tries to silence Rowan tonight. Despite an amazing battle from Ali, Erick Rowan would pick up the victory with multiple powerbombs. It would take 5 powerbombs to put away Ali as he would kick out of multiple moves and even take out former rival Daniel Bryan, but he would be caught out by Rowan and eventually pinned. As Rowan wins the matchup and will be moving on to the fatal fourway No. 1 match next week. ___________ Jinder Mahal vs Aiden English Two men who could easily be called "jobbers" on the Smackdown roster go head to head, the winner moving on to the fatal four way next week as the former WWE champion Jinder Mahal comes to the ring to take on Aiden English. Surprisingly, Aiden English would be able to keep up with Mahal. As Mahal would experience Aidens newly found high flying moveset, however. English would take to many risk, as Mahal would be able to catch him out with the Khallas, winning the matchup and advancing to the fatal fourway. ______ Samoa Joe, The Destroyer Much like the montage for Jordan Devlin earlier in the night, his opponent, Samoa Joe would get a montage of his own highlighting his journey to WWE including Ring Of Honor, TNA, and NXT. As this is his chance to become a star, as tonight he takes on Jordan Devlin. _____ Ricochet vs Apollo Crews In the final qualifying match of the night, it would be Ricochet and Apollo Crews. Two elite athletes going head to head, as Ricochet and Crews make their entrances. Crews hoping to do better then his PWE partner Ohno did earlier. Ricochet would be at the top of his game, as ever since losing to Andrade at Backlash. Ricochet has been one of the best stars on Smackdown, as he takes the fight to Crews and eventually beats him after one hell of a matchup. Hitting the 630, after the match. Ric Flair would come to the ring and offer Ricochet a PWE contract. Ricochet would refuse the contract, before Ohno and Crews would attack him. Hitting their tag team finisher on Ricochet, before leaving the arena. ____ Samoa Joe vs Jordan Devlin - KOTR Semi Finals The match that has been building on Smackdown for months, they fought the battles. And they made it through the opponents, as this one will come to an end with Samoa Joe and Jordan Devlin. As Jordan Devlin comes to the ring first, the crowd fully behind him as Devlin is here tonight to make his dreams come true, but if Joe has anything to say about it. Devlin will fail. The match is an instant classic, one that would break the internet. As Samoa Joe and Devlin are a perfect match inside of the ring and Jordan Devlin is able to shock many with his performance, even causing Joe to bleed when he would through him in the steel steps. As he goes for the Irish Call, only for Joe to kick out. It would continue on from their, as Devlin stomps on the throat of Joe, but it would come to an end when Samoa Joe would lock in the deadliest submission in WWE, the coquina clutch. Samoa Joe would win, becoming a King Of The Ring finalist, as Smackdown comes to a close with the final image of a bloody Samoa Joe, ready to face Kevin Owens in just 2 weeks.
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    Predict the BPZMania V Match Card

    BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Julius (c) vs. Bart vs. Smith Comments: I feel like Julius will cash-in the month before BPZ Mania. Bart is my pick to win the Royal Rumble. Smith will be there as he's a top dog. BPZ Undisputed Championship Flynn (c) vs. Bailey vs. Slim Comments: Flynn is holding until at the LEAST Mania. I feel like Bailey and Slim's rivalry will bleed into this match. Two triple threat matches seems like overkill though. BiC vs. Hans Comments: This seems inevitable to me. Just a personal shot in the dark prediction. If they don't win the upcoming tournament that's where tension might show. BrendenPlayz vs. Sameer Comments: Another match I'd love to see. Brenden could 'pass the torch' in a sense. Which is odd to say as Sameer has much more accomplishments. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Arius (c) vs Necce Comments: SPOOKY SPOOK MATCH. I'd love to see these two go at it. I need it in my veins.
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    Contract Signing: Julius vs Slim

    As Descent is walking up the ramp with Julius lifeless buddy hung over Mekos shoulder "The GOAT" Echoes throughout the whole arena as out Steps Bailey with his Black Bat in hand. He stares down Descent as he points his Bat right at Slim. Slim starts to get jumpy and annoyed telling Meko to get him! Meko runs right at Bailey only to get with the Bat right into the Midsection and across the Back! Suddenly the screeching noises play and the lights go out. When the lights come back on Necce has disappeared leaving a 1 on 1 battle between Slim and Bailey. Slim waves his hands at Bailey telling him to come on. Bailey decides to drop the Bat as Slim starts running towards him. They Brawl it out throwing lefts and rights at each other until Bailey knees Slim in the gut and then throws him into the Barricade. Bailey then picks up the Bat and Smashes it right through Slims Skull! He picks Slim up and hits the Career Killer right on the Ramp! Taking Slim out once again. Bailey then goes towards a beaten up Julius and starts helping him back to his feet. He pats Julius on the back why helping him up. But then out of nowhere kicks Julius in the gut and then hits him with a Career Killer right on the Ramp as well! No one is safe From Bailey it seems! It looks like he's not just targeting Slim or Descent. Theres Blood out for the whole BPZ Roster. Bailey's picks up his Bat and decides to exit through the crowd not showing any emotion towards anything or anyone as we cut to commercial break on Carnage Wildcard!
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    The Devil's Advocate

    The lights go out and the music of the recently returned Aaron North starts playing. When the singing starts the lights come back on and Aaron North taunts the crowd on the ramp and pyro shoots out. Aaron walks down the ramp and into the ring with the crowd chanting "Welcome back". Aaron grabs a microphone and the crowd quiets down. "Be quiet now, i have something important to tell you. I know why you all came here tonight, it's because you wanted to hear the truth about your lives, well that's what i have come here to deliver. You all have many desires such as sexual needs, becoming rich and not having to work a day in your life, trust me i know all these things because i have done them and i have regretted them but, you all can still save yourselves like i did and you don't have to do all those things." "You cannot let yourselves be ruled by the government, the law, your family or by your loved one. If you have sexual needs go on and fulfill them, hell you might even learn a thing or two which would make your relationship with your loved one even better." "Why do you work when you really don't get much out of it? You're just a slave for the government they don't care about you, they just care about how much money you pay them. The government is stealing your money, your hard earned money which goes to nothing useful but theaters and for their entertainment. Just stop paying taxes overall and use your money for your own entertainment. Enjoy life to it's fullest and stop worrying about what's wrong and what's right, and always keep this in mind." Aaron points to the titantron and the words "Darkness provides, the soul heals, but one thing always stays the same. Success" appear on the screen.
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    SEEDS REVEALED: 1. First Class Express(BIC and Hans) 2. Bullet Proof(Flynn and Mikey) 3. Invictus (KENJI & Arius) 4. The Notorious Killers (Brad & FDS) 5. Sickness (Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn) 6. Marker and JoshNow 7. The Painmakers (Kieron Black and "The Chancellor" CJ Sellers) 8.The Thundermans (Arrow & Steph)
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    Eric Shun

    Part One: The Resurgence

    Part One: The Resurgence A secluded forest, nature at its finest. Hundreds if not thousands of pines and spruce trees making up an armada of bark. Leaves slowly dropping off and floating to the ground, being caught up in the autumn winds as they go. What once was probably a bright exuberant forest, filled with amazing colours of red, yellow and orange to go with the normal brown and green, Slowly fading away. All this seemingly to cover up a dimly lit cabin house. Made of logs of wood that resembled those spread around it for acres and acres. It looked inhabitable, the entire scene seemed picturesque. Like something imagined by a painter when they put brush to canvas. It all seemed too good to be true, and maybe it was. The cameraman would slowly walk into the forest on his way to the cabin. The sound of twigs and sticks snapping adding a sense of apprehension. This changed camera angle allowed a lot more to be observed of the surroundings. Such as the small plot of land that flanked the cabin, growing what seemed to be potatoes and carrots. Wild animals venturing their surroundings to try and find food for the night. Although for most hibernation had already started. As the cameraman walked up onto the porch of the cabin, each footstep causing a loud squeak from the old wooden planks on the floor, the door swung open. Revealing a face that still left a sour taste in the mouths of those in the BPZ Universe. George AK. He gestured to enter what we could now assume to be his cabin. Each wall was decorated with bits of memorabilia. Not just from moments of his career but moments of significance from other points in BPZ history. Slim winning the Royal Rumble of 2018. Bashka defeating BrendenPlayz. Bulletproof standing together with all the gold. On passing through the cabin, George would stop and address the camera. “This is where I have been.” “This is what I have been doing. Everything around me, is here to remind me of where I came from. My rise back to stardom. From the young boy who almost headlined BPZ Mania, to the slightly older boy witnessing everyone else doing what he wished he could whilst he had to sit at the side and smile and wave. Secretly inside though, all of this frustration was building up. And by the time it got to the last picture on the wall, he snapped himself. You see, he knew it was coming. He heard the rumbling backstage about this group. So he tried to prepare. By turning his back on what he knew.” “A mistake that we all know not to make. So why did he? Why venture to the dark side? Why leave those who helped you in the dirt? He doesn’t know himself. And maybe, just maybe he never will know. Everyday, since I got attacked, I have been sitting in this room. Looking at everything around me. It mocks me. It makes me remember what I did. And that is why I do it. I don’t deserve what I had. I never did. I wasn’t ready, and hell maybe I’m not ready now. But perhaps I need to set things right. And perhaps that starts with cleansing myself. And leaving everything about me in the past.” On these words, George would walk into a different room. He would emerge with a can of gasoline. Every inch of the cabin would be doused in the substance, lifting a horrific stench. Before George would turn back, admiring his work. Before lighting a single match, and sending it all into flames. “Now I Change.”
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    The Devil's Advocate

    We are 7 days removed from Carnage:Wildcard. What might of been one of the best shows of the year, Jeremiah Flynn vs Gunner Flynn would take place, as Gunner would be unsuccessful even after a valiant effort. Tonight we would have Aaron return to the ring, as he would exit the ring, "Noone Will Survive" would interrupt his plans. Sirens begin to play around the arena. Signaling a new form of identity for Gunner Flynn, he makes his way down the ramp, slowly not letting the crowd's boos affect him in the slightest. He stares down Aaron, who seems to be very confused. As Gunner enters the ring, he demands a microphone. Hello, my name is Gunner Flynn. And I cant take the arsenal of corporate vague in this company any longer. After my defeat to my brother, I would lay down in the middle of this very ring, I asked myself countless times, should I continue? Why the hell am I doing this? But I didnt have my answer till tonight, when I saw you return Aaron, it refreshed my mind. Seeing fresh talent ignited my mind, to the future, you are the future man. Not just the future but my future. You are the sickness I have been looking for my entire life. You might think why me? Well it is fairly simple, you are my key agenda. You are my key to the top, to the mountain of success, I just need you to follow me. To join the void, can you do that Aaron North? Will you follow me past the light? Gunner Flynn hands Aaron a t-shirt that says, The Sickness. Aaron accepts it, putting it on with a smirk on his face. Before Gunner strikes Aaron with a Discus Forearm. Sending Aaron down to the canvas, as he laughs it off. The plan is just beginning our purge of BPZ. And what is going to stop it?
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    Monday Night RAW | October 21st, 2019 | Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse | Cleveland, OH TEAM RAW Gets Revealed We kick off Monday Night RAW with Stephanie McMahon standing in the middle of the ring. She begins to speak about the draft that went down during the last week on both RAW and Smackdown, saying that RAW had dominated the draft and how this would be come very clear at the Survivor Series PPV. This PPV would once again be focusing on the battle of the brands. She then would go on to say that in the main event of Survivor Series, 5 of RAW’s best males would face off against Smackdown’s best five. She then introduced us to Team RAW. As Team Captain, the Usa Network had chosen none other than the Number 1 Overall Pick, Roman Reigns. Next on the team was Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The final 3 members of the team were the from NXT brought up group of the Undisputed Era. Rollins and Reigns didn’t seem pleased when the music of the group began to play. Stephanie would point out how they had to get along, in order for RAW to win. She said there would be consequences if team chemistry ended up costing RAW the match. Reigns grabbed the microphone and said that while they would have to get along at Survivor Series, Rollins and him would say the group who ran Monday Night RAW tonight. O’Reilly responded to this by challenging Rollins and Reigns to a tag team match tonight against him and Fish. They accepted, and so our main event for the evening was set. Charlotte vs Asuka Winner Becomes the Team Captain of RAW in the 5 vs 5 women match. Charlotte and Asuka know each other very well, having faced off in what was one of the best women’s matches of all time at Wrestlemania 34, before later colliding in a triple threat TLC match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. That is becoming evident in this match, as they know each other’s moves and actions, forcing the other to improvise. Charlotte would get the head start in the match, taking control of the match up early on. This would visibly frustrate Asuka, who was unable to break Charlotte’s momentum. This led to her wanting to make more use of her chances to inflict damage on Charlotte, even if she had to ignore the rules to do so. This could be seen by Asuka holding the ropes while having Charlotte in a submission lock. In the end however, it wouldn’t give Asuka her desired success, as Charlotte was able to pick up the victory despite it not being a very convincing win. Asuka managed to catch Charlotte off-guard and roll her up, but Charlotte managed roll through and get the victory. After the match Asuka was furious, attacking Charlotte before walking away. Charlotte looked at the ramp that Asuka was standing on confused, wondering if Asuka had just let her adrenaline escape, or if this was a true act of evil. Firefly FunHouse Next up on RAW we had the Firefly FunHouse, where today’s theme was friends. All of the characters on the show talked about their best friends. Wyatt would say that he hadn’t seen his friends in a long time, but that their friendship was something special, something that would last forever. The rest of the people in the funhouse felt bad for Wyatt, but Wyatt assured them that he was fine. He said that he had started to make new friends, and that is current bestfriend was very close to him. He was in head. The rambling rabbit said that he wished he would have friends that were that close to him, and the episode ended with all of the characters joyfully laughing together. Harper and Rowan's Open Challenge Harper and Rowan vs The B-Team. Next up, one of the best tag teams in the world would make their debut on Monday Night RAW. Harper and Rowan, who have gone by a lot of names, are here on the flagship show of the WWE. They walked down the ring and issued an open challenge to any tag team on RAW to show their worth and face them. The B team came out, to a little dissapointment from the crowd. Cocky as ever, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas cut a promo on Harper and Rowan while walking down the ring. They would mock Harper’s long absence, as well as his use of social media. But by the time that they had entered the ring, they weren't in a place to do any mocking. From the start of the match, Harper and Rowan were in complete control, dominating the B Team without seemingly giving too much effort. They toyed with both Bo Dallas as Curtis Axel, looking to make an example out of these two. By the time that they thought it was time to finish the match, both members of the B team were struggling to stand as they hit the Bludgeoning on Axel for the victory. After the match, no sign of happiness was seen from either Harper or Rowan, as both still looked laser focused, almost robot like. Braun Strowman Demands Answers Braun Strowman was seen looking very angry backstage as he screamed at crew members. His goal was to find Stephanie McMahon, the person who announced that he was RAW’s final draft pick. When he find her, he unleashed his rage. He couldn’t believe the disrespect that he had been given after all that he did for the RAW brand. Stephanie was clearly scared of Braun, and blamed the USA Network executives for the decision. Afterwards she said that she had a meeting to attend, before quickly closing the door to her office. Braun afterwards went on a path of havoc, taking out anyone who he saw on his way to his car. Rollins and Reigns vs O'Reilly and Fish This match saw two of the best tag teams of the decade faced off. The match was exactly what you would expect from two teams of such an high level, with the match being a true thriller. Despite having to work together at Survivor Series, neither team showed any signs of holding back. The match showed that despite their differences in the past, Rollins and Reigns still have excellent chemistry when teaming together. But the numbers game was also a real factor, as Adam Cole did anything in his power to distract Rollins, Reigns or the referee. The match saw some incredible moments of athleticism, power and wrestling ability, making it a true joy to watch. As the match went on for longer and longer, the former Shield partners began to take control of the match up, even leading to some near falls occurring. Adam Cole seemed to make sure that the Undisputed Era wouldn’t lose face, and decide to nail both Rollins and Reigns with a superkick. Afterwards, the Undisputed Era would beat down the former Shield Brothers, until a familiar theme began to play in the arena. It is JOHNNY GARGANO! He makes his first appearance on Monday Night RAW as he rushes towards the ring and instantly takes out Bobby Fish. Adam Cole tries to take him down, but Reigns is back on his feet and starts to brawl with Cole. The brawl then saw Rollins flying to the outside and hitting a dive on the retrieving O’Reilly. The show ends with Reigns, Rollins and Gargano standing tall in the middle of the ring as the Undisputed Era leave the arena.
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    Arius and his Graphics (Requests Open)

    Made For: ECW Reborn Link:
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    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 2 BPZ Pizza is back as we see Brenden now in a prison uniform as he is being escorted to his cell. He looks around at the other prisoners who are laughing at him and making hand gestures at him that scare him a bit. Brenden though keeps moving along with 2 officers that are escorting him. Eventually he reaches his cell and a man is sitting on the bunk bed on the bottom bed. Brenden enters the cell as the officers close the door behind him. Brenden then stands in the cell looking down at the man before he begins to speak. Brenden: Hey there, names Brenden. Nice to meet you. The man looks at Brenden with a straight face as Brenden pulls his hand away. Brenden then falls back to the wall as the man stands up. The man continues to move toward Brenden eventually pressing him up against the wall. The man then looks at Brenden who is scared to death of the man at the moment and begins to laugh. Brenden looks shocked. The man then backs away before he begins to talk. Slim: You should have seen the look on your face, man. I mean you looked like you were just ready to take this dick. Don’t worry though I ain’t like that. Names Slim, and just a word of advice I won’t walk around here all cheery and happy unless you want an extra hard scrub in the showers. Brenden looks a Slim now with a straight face as Slim just laughs at him once again. Brenden seems to be confused as he is trying to seem a bit more upset. Slim then eventually stops laughing and looks at Brenden with a smirk on his face. Slim: Ok that’s better but you can loosen up a bit. I just want you not to walk around here acting like your gay or something. Cause if you walk out there with a big ole smile on your face. Sooner rather than later one of the big boys is gonna grab you and make you feel like a gay boy. Brenden grins a bit as we see the guards come around as it is time for dinner. Brenden seems to have made a friend in prison so far and he seems to be doing fine, at least for now. Brenden and Slim walk out of the cell together as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut back to the Pizza Place as the staff has decided to come together for a group meeting at the Pizza Place. After the events the other day everyone seems a bit in shock. No one really knows what comes next for them and the Pizza Place but they have all come back looking to find an answer. As they arrive we see Toxik waiting in his car as if he is waiting for someone. Eventually we see Hans walk past his car as Toxik steps out and begins to talk. Toxik: If Brad couldn't get the job done I will. Time to die fool. We then see Toxik run at Hans as he goes to jump him from behind. Hans though was prepared as he turns around and rocks Toxik with a right hook. Toxik looks shocked as his ambush on Hans has seemingly gone south. Hans has now pushed Toxik to the ground and is beating the hell out of him. We see Hans just keep swinging over and over, it does not look like he is going to stop anytime soon. Toxik is already bloody and bruised but Hans just keeps going. Lefts and rights over and over. Eventually we see BiC rush over and pull Hans off of Toxik as Toxik just lays there in a bloody puddle. He seems to be still alive but in rough shape. BiC just looks at Hans as they are both sitting in the parking lot both clearly emotional torn as the past few days have been rough. Now it looks as if the emotions that they tried to bottle up are coming out. BiC then begins to talk. BiC: You know I love you like a brother man but you can’t be doing shit like this. I mean I get that you want to knock his lights out like everyone else but sometimes it just ain’t even worth it. I mean, although it doesn't look like your going to have to do it again. The two then hug for a moment. After a bit though, BiC stands up and then helps Hans to his feet. The two then walk into the Pizza Place together as Toxik is still lying there in a bloody puddle. The Pizza Place staff seem to be getting closer because of this...well at least most of them. I mean it seems the camera crew shares the same hate for Toxik as they too leave him in the parking lot in a bloody puddle thanks to Hans. We then cut into the Pizza Place about a half an hour later as all of the staff is in the front of the house sitting down as it seems they have a meeting planned. Everyone is just sitting around waiting for someone to speak up. Eventually someone steps up as it seems we have a new manager of BPZ Pizza well at least till Brenden get’s back, if he ever does. Bailey: Well I know these past few days have been rough on you all. But we have to move on eventually. It may be rough around here without Brenden and Keeley. Oh... and Nathan Sawyer. But we are going to get through this and for now I am going to keep this ship a float. I know Brenden and I have had our differences over the past few months. But I am going to be here for him whether he wants it or not. The staff looks around at each other as everyone seems to just nod as no one is really looking for a fight at the moment. We see some sour looks from Sheri and Arrow in the back but other than that everyone seems pretty content with Bailey being in charge. Bailey looks around as he then gets up and walks off. Everyone in the room remains silent for quite some time. Eventually we see them get up and walk away from the group, some go homes, but most stay. We cut to the back steps of the Pizza Place as see Bart sitting down with his hands in his head. We see Arius walk past but stop as he looks at Bart confused. Arius looks at him before sitting next to him. We are seeing a new side of Arius here a more emotional one. Arius sits there for a second before he begins to talk. Arius: You want to talk about this whole thing? You are clearly bottling something up, you need to get it out. If you don’t you look like you are going to explode. I mean look at you, you clearly haven’t slept and you look sick as hell. Bart raises his head and looks over at Arius with a very depressing look. Arius looks at him and he can’t help but feel a bit of his pain. Bart goes to plant his head back in his hands but stops as he looks back to Arius and manages to talk a bit. Bart: You know I did a report about Survivor’s Guilt back in the day. I guess I never truly knew what it felt like till now though. Why me? Why am I one of the lucky ones? Bart then gets up and walks off as Arius sits there thinking about what Bart had said. Bart seems to be in rough shape at the moment and at least we now know why. Bart continues walking off as now we see Arius sitting on the same steps with his head in his hands. We then see the cameras slowly fade away to a new scene. We cut back into the Pizza Place as we see Sheridan and Sameer still sitting in the room that the staff had the meeting earlier . They are sitting on opposite sides of the room as other than some awkward eye glances they sit there pretending that the other does not exist. Eventually we see Sheridan make an effort to talk to Sameer. Sheridan: Why can’t we go back to what we were before? Sameer just looks at her in disgust. Sheridan sits there now looking at him waiting for an answer. Sheridan clearly still wants to make this relationship with Sameer work. Although it seems as if Sameer would rather just let Ropati beat her ass then give her another chance. Sheridan: Listen my guy, you can’t tell me you didn't feel a spark. There was something there. Something special between us that I never felt with Ropati. Sameer looks at her once again disgusted. Eventually though Sameer begins to talk. It could be out of anger, or it could be out of the small respect he has for Sheridan. Sameer just looks at Sheridan as he begins to talk, standing up as he goes on a bit of a tirade. Sameer: You want to know why we can’t go back to that? Well for one you fucked my best friend when you knew that I liked you. You say you felt a spark well it must have not strong enough if you had to go spread your legs once again to another guy. A guy that was best friends with the one you were talking to. Oh and you did all of this when you had an abusive fucking boyfriend who now whens my head on a stick so he can show all of his Klans buddies. Yeah all you really are is a no good hoe. A no good hoe that is never going to amount to nothing but her abusive boyfriends play toy. Sameer then sits back down as Sheridan storms out bawling her eyes out. Sameer sits in the Pizza Place clearly not caring about Sheridan anymore. Sheridan is out of the Pizza Place now as we see Sameer smile and he begins to play on his phone seemingly in a better place now. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut back to the prison as we see the prisoners in the showers. Everyone seemingly is looking over at Brad who is shaking with fear. Brenden and Slim look over at him and laugh as we see him grab a bar of soap as he begins to wash. We then hear a small bang as Brad has dropped his bar of soap. The whole prison looks over as Brad is frozen still. Slim: That poor man Wallace is going to clap them cheeks now. We then see a large man walk over to Brad as he stands behind him. We can see the man whisper in Brad’s ear as Slim and Brenden look over afraid for Brad’s future. Brenden then begins to speak as Slim grins. Brenden: You think he is going to bend over and get it. Slim looks at Brenden and laughs before he begins to speak once again. Slim: Oh he is going to get it one way or another, Wallace won’t allow this guy to blue ball him today. Poor man is gonna be in rough shape tonight. We then see Brad bend over as Wallace grabs him. The camera cuts away before we can see anymore but we can hear Brad’s screams and loud thumping in the background. We then cut back to the Pizza Place as we have seen enough of the prison for today. We then see Arrow and Julius sitting at a table together as they are splitting some wings and just talking about life. We see the two laughing as they seem to be some of the few BPZ Pizza staff who are in good spirits. Julius: Well Arrow I am glad you got a girl now. Maybe now I won’t have to beat your ass everyday. Hopefully she will take that burden off of my shoulders. Arrow looks at Julius and laughs as the two seem to be getting along great a complete opposite of how their relationship started. Julius begins to eat another wing as Arrow begins to talk. Arrow: Yeah it should be nice. A nice change at least. We are going to the homecoming dance together next weekend which will be good. Maybe a little bit extra after too if you know what I mean. Arrow and Julius laugh for a second as they continue to eat some more wings. Julius then speaks once again giving Arrow some advice. Julius: Well kid just wrap your willy before things get silly. We don’t need anymore of you running around this place. Steph is enough when I see him. Arrow then looks out the window as a car pulls up. Arrow then grabs his jacket as he talks to Julius once again. Arrow: Well that’s my ride I will talk to you tomorrow okay. I’ll let you know if that Icon kid messes with me again okay. See you later. The two then fist pump as Arrow walks out the door. Julius looks at him and his mother in the car he pauses for a second thinking about something. It goes away though as he digs in and eats some more wings as the episode comes to an end.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    January, 2017 - Outside World Update Wrestler Of The Year Current: Kazuchika Okada Tag Team Of The Year Current: Ricochet & Matt Sydal Young Wrestler Of The Year Current: Dragon Lee Veteran Wrestler Of The Year Current: Togi Makabe Female Wrestler Of The Year Current: Charlotte Flair Independent Wrestler Of The Year Current: None Company Of The Year Current: NJPW Most Improved Company Of The Year Current: None Match Of The Year Current: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tetsuya Naito at NJPW Revenge Tour (Rating 99*) Card Of The Year Current: NJPW Destruction (Rating: 92*) Manager Of The Year Current: Paul Heyman Announcer Of The Year Current: Mauro Ranallo Colour Commentator Of The Year Current: Milano Collection A.T. Referee Of The Year Current: Mike Chioda Power 500 WWE Standings (Top 100) 18 - Dolph Ziggler 21 - Dean Ambrose 22 - The Miz 23 - Seth Rollins 24 - Alberto Del Rio 25 - Roman Reigns 27 - Kevin Owens 28 - John Cena 29 - Chris Jericho 31 - Sheamus 34 - Kane 35 - Sami Zayn 37 - AJ Styles 38 - Cesaro 39 -Randy Orton 49 - Zack Ryder 52 - Finn Balor 60 - Rusev 67 - Bray Wyatt 70 - Big Show 85 - Baron Corbin 92 - D-Von Dudley 101 - Bubba Ray Dudley Power 500 (Top 176)
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    The Return

    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, smiling at the boos, and yet some people cheer. "Well, I'm back. Again. I've had a lot of on and off appearances this year. I've gone through things. Lots of different sets of minds, events, injuries, and other things have affected my life, and my career this year. But this time, I'm back for good. The crowd pops, and chants "Welcome back, welcome back." "Will you all shut up? This isn't about you. This is about me, and the NXT championship. I've tried for so DAMN long to get this title, and I've always gotten so close, but never been able to grab that brass ring. You have no idea how it felt to be out of this ring for so long. It felt like dying a little, each time I watched Carnage, or a pay-per-view. but now, I'm going to take that title, and anyone who tries to stop me won't make it out of that ring on two feet. I don't care if you all hate me, or love me, all that matters is that I am the most talented wrestler on the roster. I am better on the mic, better in the ring, taller, faster, stronger, smarter than anyone in this arena tonight. Everyone else in NXT at the end of the match will be lying face down on the ground and I'll raise my title high and the air and tell you all, I told you so. That's the truth and you all need to accept it. Stay out of my way."
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    The Return

    While Jack Bishop talks, a strange phenomenon occurs. The lights go out, and fans yell in surprise, trying to adjust their eyes and fumble to find their phones for light. An audible “What the hell” can be heard by Bishop, and a burning sound seems to be emitted by the titantron. Said titantron proceeds to show the image of ashes, which slowly reverses into a paper, one that has been lit on fire. When the paper fully reforms, with only the top alight, the message is one Carnage has met before. “See you in Hell. Signed, The Chancellor.” The crowd begins to cheer for CJ Sellers, and his entrance theme hits. The man himself, CJ Sellers, whom many have predicted to be the frontrunner to the NXT Championship in recent memory, steps onto the entrance ramp. He has a microphone in hand and leather jacket concealing his torso, and the look on his face is one of frustration mixed with reminiscence. “Jack, Jack, Jack. How are you? Guess the blood we’ve spilled in the past isn’t new, not anymore. Not after both of us took massive amounts of time off, for differing reasons, of course. We seem to cross paths an awful lot, but we never come to blows in an actual match. If you decide to go through with this decision, however, to chase after the gold, that will change. You might not be aware, because your head seems so stuck up your ass that you don’t seem to be knowing much of anything, but the NXT Championship is not yours to win.” The crowd cheers Sellers as he advances to the ring, Jack Bishop clearly upset at having been interrupted, especially by a man who has a history with him, looks to speak back but is silenced by CJ. “Don’t think coming back suddenly and talking for about 4 minutes gives you the right to talk on the name of the one who speaks at this moment. You haven’t been chasing this title ever, let alone forever, as a chase would make the implication you ever came close. You haven’t aired much out in that skull of yours, even with this much recovery time after the beating you took from me, and you never seemed to learn your place.” The Crippler climbs up onto the apron and steps into the ring before continuing. “You are the, your words, by the way, best on the mic, best in the ring, tallest, fastest, strongest, and smartest in this company? You amuse me because it’s clear to all these people here that you are still salty about Clayton not sucking, unlike one of the men in this ring.” The crowd pops at this mention, as Bishop looks insulted, as though he is about to attack The Chancellor. “Don’t be mad at me, Bishop. Be upset with yourself. You never worked for what you wanted, you let actual talent and a human botch reel do your heavy lifting.” CJ moves in closer and gets into the face of Jack Bishop. “You act like this show is about you, but it isn’t. It is about the men and women who spend their money to see this show live, and it is about the men who bust their asses day in and day out to be the best. Speaking of the best, it is most certainly for the best you don’t care about the fans and their opinions because dear lord they hate you. I know how it feels to be out of this ring, my knee was almost destroyed at the hands of somebody who has won a match in this company, and I still competed on it until Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. I sat on the sidelines, antsy and impatient, and I got back into the ring. Your off time has been quite a bit less well spent, crying in the dumpster with the burning ashes of your career and future. I hope you’ll be able to talk after Survivor Series, because it will be me raising my title in the sky, and I will utter the words you just stated. When you leave on a stretcher, don’t say I didn’t tell you such would happen. All I need to accept is one simple fact, Bishop. Knight takes rook, and look out because this is Checkmate.” The crowd erupts for CJ Sellers as he takes a step back to gloat and bask in the cheers. Bishop is visibly pissed, and he raises the microphone to his lips. In response, The Crippler ends with, “Go ahead, Jack. Your move.”
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Episode 31 l Greenville, SC The War Raiders vs The New Day - RAW Tag Team Championships To kick off Monday Night RAW we would be greeted by The War Raiders, who come to the ring to prepare for their open challenge match they announced last week. As they come to the ring with their titles on their shoulders. As the team who answers, is the New Day! The enthusiastic team of Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston hasn't had much light here in the Reborn Era and tonight, they are attempting to win the RAW Tag Team titles as Big E and Kofi Kingston begin the match. As Kofi Kingston uses his speed against Rowe, but the power would be to much was War Raiders are truly one of the best and pick apart the New Day. As Big E is forced to hit a spear on the apron, sending both him and Rowe down as Hanson continues the battle on the inside. Hitting the float over DDT for a near fall. Kofi Kingston would be able to hit the trouble in paradise, but the pinfall would be broken up. The match would continue for some time, before Hanson and Rowe would hit their finisher on Big E. Pinning him as the New Day once again come up short, the War Raiders celebrate before leaving the ring, as RAW continues. _______ Feast Your Eyes The United States champion Dijak would have a promo in the backstage area, holding his championship in his hands as he has been dominate since his debut at Reborn Reunion as he won the title in his first match. Now, he speaks about his skills inside of the ring, and his advanced agility. As he wants the world to 'Feast Your Eyes' ______ Cedric Alexander vs Sin Cara Two cruiserweights who have been on the main roster for some time now would be going to battle as Cedric Alexander makes his entrance to many cheers and as does Sin Cara. The two have a high flying and fast paced matchup, as it only last 8 minutes but feels like a 20 minute match as the two hit many dives and high flying moves. As Cedric Alexander plants his feet in the ring and reverses many of Sin Caras attacks before eventually hitting the "Lumbar Check" and pinning Sin Cara in the center of the ring. Cedric Alexander celebrates his big win, walking up the ramp with a smile on his face as he high fives the fans. Possibly starting a win streak here tonight. _______ The Prisoner Escapes We would once again cut back to the warehouse in which Eric Young has Elias tied up, as the crazed Eric Young laughs to himself in the corner as Elias is able to untie himself. Eric Young runs towards Elias as Elias hits him with a wooden chair and runs away. Elias has been captured by Eric Young for weeks, and finally has escaped. As Eric Young chases after him. _____ Drew McIntyre vs Mojo Rawley The Terminator Drew McIntyre would come to the ring to take on Mojo Rawley, a man we haven't seen in a few months. Despite his return and being more hyped then a 3 year old on crack, Mojo Rawley would get defeated in only 30 seconds. As Drew McIntyre would defeat Mojo with the claymore kick. Looking dominate as ever once again, but the crowd would pop when the music of Keith Lee would begin to play. Keith Lee walks out on stage and into the ring, as referees enter the ring knowing what is coming. As Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee begin to talk trash, as Lee has made his first appearance here on Monday Night RAW. And he has done it in a huge way. ________ The Empress Meets The Warrior Asuka would come to the ring in her flashy attire and mask, after the Royal Rumble PPV earlier this year. Asuka would be stripped of her Smackdown Womens Championship due to her aggression and has not been able to win since, tonight she looks to change that as she calls out anyone in the back, as the challenge is answered by Ember Moon. Who comes to the ring and cuts a promo, saying that she will not be held down. _____ Ember Moon vs Asuka As the promo battle ends, its time for fighting. As the bell rings and the two women go straight at each other. Not leaving anything behind as they relieve their days in NXT as Ember Moon uses punches and forearms while Asuka dodges attacks, using mind games and taunts to only anger Moon more allowing Asuka to take advantage with a back breaker. The match would continue on for about 12 minutes, as Ember Moon goes for her Solar Eclipse finisher only for Asuka to reverse it into a rear naked choke. But Ember Moon would fight out of it, rolling out of the ring as the two explosive superstars now lay lifeless on the outside. The two nearly get back into the ring at the count of 7, but a solar eclipse off of the steel steps keeps Asuka down and Ember Moon as well, as the referee counts to ten and this one ends in a double countout. Ember Moon and Asuka continue to brawl after the match, forcing roster members to come out and tear them apart as it is chaos. But one thing is for sure, this feud is not over. _____ Andrade Is The Future Andrade and Zelina Vega would be seen backstage talking, as they discuss the future of Andrade and how he will defend his Reborn Championship with ease. As they turn towards the camera and call out anyone in the roster to try and defeat Andrade, as the former WWE Champion poses with his newly won title. Andrade, may very well be the next face of WWE. _____ Kevin Owens vs Jason Jordan - KOTR Semi Finals The match that ends the RAW side of the bracket, its Kevin Owens and Jason Jordan. Two men who had a long journey to this position as Jason Jordan defeated the likes of Oney Lorcan and The MIz, and Kevin Owens defeated Andrade and Cedric Alexander. As the crowd cheers loudly for both men, as they could see it going either way. The match is an amazing one, showing both mens top tier skills as Owens is able to hit multiple super kicks and cross bodies. While Jason Jordan hits loads of suplexes, and despite multiple ankle locks, and a "Angle Slam" from Jason Jordan, Kevin Owens would continue to kick out and prove just why he deserves the title, King. As Kevin Owens reverses one of Jason Jordans shots in the pop up powerbomb. Pinning and defeating Jason Jordan, as he will go to the King Of The Ring finals. Kevin Owens celebrates with the crowd, hugging his mom and dad who were in the arena as he is going to be taking on either Jordan Devlin, or Samoa Joe in the finals at King Of The Ring. As "The Prizefighter" is finally back on top.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the main event of the evening. Jason Ryan vs Arrow Thunderman. How this all starred is Arrow cost Jason his match at Halloween Havoc vs Jason Ryan. Ever since then we have seen a new Jason Ryan lately. Arrow said he wanted Jason Ryan's attention and he has sure captured it. It will most certainly be an uphill battle for Arrow but if he wins here, if he beats Jason Ryan then he will be able to cement himself as a up and comer. And here he comes! A member of the BPZ roster that needs no introduction, a man who seeks revenge against Arrow. Lately this man has seemingly underwent a dark transformation. Arrow is going to need the Devil's luck to win tonight. Jason shows up wearing a gas mask, with what appears to be his private security team. Jason crouches, clutching his head, rocking back and forth. He removes his gas mask and stands. Jason marches to the ring and starts pacing, eager to get the match going. Here comes Arrow Thunderman! He wanted this match, he wanted Jason Ryan's attention. And all I have to say is hope it was worth it Arrow. Because you just got what you wished for. Arrow starts walking to the ring and here co0mes Jason! He marches towards Arrow and lands a massive boot! Arrow goes down and Jason picks up up. He punches Arrow in the stomach a few times and grabs him by the back of the neck. Jason hauls Arrow to ringside and throws Arrow in the steel steps. Jason bashes Arrow's head off the steel post and throws him in the ring. The referee makes Jason Ryan stand back as he checks on Arrow, making sure he wants to continue. Arrow nods and the referee signals for the bell to ring. Arrow rushes at Jason who picks him up and hits the Epilogue! Jason doesn't go for the cover, he wants to make Arrow suffer. He begins to pound away at Arrow's head, his face of one of rage and hate. He hauls Arrow to his feet and goes for a German Suplex but Arrow lands on his feet and delivers a Superkick! Jason stumbles and Arrow bounces against the ropes only to walk into a spear from Jason! Jason picks Arrow up and tosses him headfirst into the steel post. Arrow leans for support as Jason measures him and goes for a splash but Arrow ducks out on the way. As Jason stumbles back Arrow tries to roll him up. Jason just falls on Arrow and begins to choke him out. The referee attempts to break them up. Jason stands up and begins to yell at the referee. Jason grabs the referee by the shirt collar and punches him. Jason turns around and is clotheslined out of the ring. Jason lands on his feet as Arrow looks for a Suicide Dive but Arrow is caught! This can't be good. Jason gets Arrow in a powerbomb hold and walks over to the steel steps. This is going to hurt! Jason lands a Sit-Out Powerbomb on the steel steps! Jason isn't going to give Arrow a second to breath. He walks over to Arrow who tries to crawl away. Jason grabs Arrow from behind but is kicked in the Nether regions! Arrow grabs a chair and cracks Jason upside the head with it. Arrow manges to get Jason in the ring and measures him. There's the Thunderstomp. The referee is roused and Arrow goes for the cover. 1,2 and Jason kicks out with authority! Arrow pounds the mat and argues with the referee. Arrow retreats to the corner and measures Jason. Could Arrow be closing in on the victory?! Jason is on one knee, Arrow goes for the Thunderstomp but Jason catches him! Epilogue to the outside of the ring! Jason leaves the ring and drags the limp body of Arrow Thunderman to the steel steps. What is Jason going to do now? He picks Arrow up and hits Pandora's Box on the steel steps! Arrow is twitching right now, this has to stop! Jason gets in the ring to break the referees count and gets out again. He picks Arrow up and drags him to the announce table. He begins bashing Arrow's head into the table over and over again until Arrow is heavily busted open! Jason takes a minute to examine his handiwork before throwing Arrow back in the ring. He climbs back in after him and spears Arrow again! Jason pops up and begins pounding away at Arrow's bloodied face, Arrow is unable to respond to the referee. Wait! The referee has called for an end to this match! Jason Ryan has just won! Jason isn't pausing, he keeps pounding away! The referee tries to pull Jason away but gets a uppercut for his troubles. Jason leaves the ring and grabs a pair of handcuffs and his steel rod he calls Helga. He enters the ring again and hauls Arrow to his feet. What is he doing? Jason is handcuffing Arrow to the steel ring post and starts battering Arrow. Jason scoops up some of the blood and slowly licks it with an evil grin. He leaves the ring again and grabs a water bottle. He opens it up and dumps it on Arrow. Jason grabs jumper cables and a battery. What is he thinking? Whatever it is, it can't be good. Oh my God! Jason attaches the one of jumper cables to Arrow's testicles! Do't do this Jason, you have already won! Jason attaches the other cable to the battery, electrocutng Arrow's Testicicles! Stop this! This is going too far! After what seems like forever, Jason finally uncuffs Arrow who slumps to the ground. Jason is still not done as he throws Arrow out of the ring! Jason drags the lifeless form of Arrow to the stage. Now what? Jason picks Arrow up, for the love of God, don't! Jason throws Arrow into one of the lights! Jason Ryan starts to laugh as EMTs hurry to Arrow with a gurney. Arrow is carefully lifted onto it and strapped in. Jason continues to laugh and waves goodbye as Arrow is hurried away. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching Carnage and we wish Arrow Thunderman a speedy recovery.
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    Skottie Young Presents

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    BPZ- The Aftermath

    Season 1, Episode 5 We begin with a flashback of Toxik. Before this aftermath would begin just about 6 weeks prior to this. He would be with Sheridan in his home which seemed to be the usual as the two had let’s just say a complex relationship. Toxik: Sheridan, you are my world. You make me feel whole. Why can’t you see that? I try so hard to make you happy, I bought you a goddamn phone and you don’t even call me. Sheridan: Toxik, I don’t call you because I wanted to see you in person. You are my world too, but if anyone saw me with you, I would be the laughing stock of this town. You understand that right? Toxik and Sheridan stare at each other, their eyes become gloomy. As they look at each other, it seems as if there is no one else in the world. They could be the only people alive and to be honest I think they would be fine with that. Their love for each other is undeniable. They lean towards each other before Bart storms in. He begins to laugh his off, not even knowing what to say. Bart: Ok, what the hell did I just walk into. Scratch that, I don’t even want to know. Don’t need anymore nightmares. Just get ready you two, we have some things we need to get done before the sun sets. We see Sheri and Toxik look at each other before the scene fades to black before we return to the present day. Where we find Sheridan smoking her stress away. Sheridan was not a smoker in her normal life but then again this is not a normal world is it anymore. She is in a small home, nobody to be seen for miles. Just Sheridan and her cigarette, so the question has to be asked what is she so stressed about? Sheridan: These monsters have really gotten to my head. I can’t sleep, nightmares every night, this really needs to end. Every time I close my eyes, I see the death I caused. Toxik is dead because of me, why? Why did he cloud my judgement? I don’t know what it is about him, he just is so unique. He makes me want to be better, but it seems his death has just made me worse. God damn, love is so hard. I need coffee, maybe some wine, yeah wine should do. Sheridan breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. She knows her former lover, is dead because of her. The trigger was fired from her own hand, there is no one to blame besides herself. She clutches her wine glass, before dropping it in panic. We hear glass shatter on the floor and a scream from Sheri as the camera cuts away. The screen fades from black and slowly comes back to a new scene, when a light is focused, we see a man riding the streets with his motorcycle. A new addition to our show, what is he for? He stops short, grabbing his sunglasses, pulling them off, begging to speak. Arius: Damn, this town is disgusting. But damn how hot I look right now. I’m here to make this town something cool. I am the addition that they need, what the hell is that awful smell. Jesus Christ. The smell begins to get stronger by each second. 3-4 Zombies begin to approach Arius, rather slowly. When they approach, Arius is skeptical, not really knowing what to think of this. Arius though is not fazed for long as we see a grin on his face before laughing a bit. Arius then doesn’t take too much time before taking action into his own hands. He jumps off his bike, grabbing his machete out of the biking pocket. And swinging at each zombie, one by one. All laid out, the smell gets even worse. Arius can’t bear it any longer. As he rides away, an unknown location, wherever the wind takes him it seems. “Two Steps Till Insanity”. This is the phrase that opens up this bizarre scene. Ropati is sitting down, appearing to talk to himself, nothing but straight up insane. He is all alone sitting in a room just staring at a wall no windows, no mirror, just four walls and a door. All of this just separating him even further from the outside world. Ropati: I am insane, trust me I know that. If you can’t tell I’m drunk right now, and if I am a total dick right now. Oh well, I have seen these zombies, these monsters. God how disgusting they are, almost as disgusting as Sheridan. Imagine screwing toxik, hahaha. What a goddamn loser. The screen fades to black as we hear Ropati’s laughter slowly come to an end before we return to the bar where it all began. Where the world changed forever and everything changed. Only one man can be seen, plotting something that he won’t be able to come back from. And that man is none other than Bart a man we have seen a lot of lately, a man clearly changed by this whole thing. The question is, has he changed for better or for worse? All you can see is Necce on the ground. Begging for forgiveness. Begging his best friend to have mercy upon him. Begging his best friend to think about this and remember the good ole days. Although Bart just stands above him holding a gun saying, “ Do You Have Any Idea Who You’re Talking to?” We then zoom in on the gun as we see Bart slowly go to pull the trigger. But before he can pull the trigger, we see a hand slowly take the gun away from the clutches of Bart. Then suddenly right before the program ends, the sound of shots fired are heard. Not knowing what has happened. We end with a feeling of suspense and confusion as the camera cuts to black and the episode ends.
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    I am the type of person where I feel like I have to be making visible progress all the time to make what I am doing feel worthwhile. I can't allow myself to work hard with something unless I get some sort of reward in the end. But its weird because the reward I want to get is like this made up fixation in my head. I know it will never happen yet I still grasp at straws to get it. It won't ever come and I know that yet still I want it to. The point is, I am not happy being me. I'm tired of telling myself everyday that everything will be okay. I'm tired of making jokes about how I feel to hide the pain. I guess I just see rain when everyone else sees sunshine. But I get an umbrella out and try to guard myself. Its weird and dumb but it is just how I feel. This whole thing probably makes zero sense and I am probably just rambling on and on. My life is a cycle. I find something that I am happy doing and I enjoy it for a certain amount of time, then I reach a stalemate. I hit a wall that I can't get through. From then on doing that thing feels like a chore and it feels like I am wasting myself and what I am doing with myself. But still, I make the choice myself to keep on doing that thing. Bringing my morale further and further down. Right now the thing that is bringing me further and further down is living. Why do we live? For higher powers that we will most likely never meet to order us around and tell us what we can and can't do in our own lives. I don't want that. I just want a life where I am free. Free from myself. Free from the constraints that I hold against myself to try and keep myself on track. I just want to be happy. But I probably never will be. Its been like 3, 4 years and still people are saying it will get better eventually. And I have waited, and waited and waited for so long but still there has been no improvement at all. So I guess the problem isn't society, if these people who say this to me are so sure of it. It has probably happened to other people. Meaning I am the problem. I feel pressurised. Stuck. There are so many problems in my head. Everyday I think of another 20 at least. All I want is a simple life. A happy life, I can't even remember the last time I was even happy. And all of this I have said is only a little inside into how I feel right now. I am sorry for always clogging up the forums with this kind of stuff. But I promise I won't do that anymore. I can't stay. You guys are all amazing and being here has acted like a painkiller to everything that has been going on to me. But eventually, when you take the same painkiller again and again. It loses its affect. And I guess the affect has worn off. I want to go and try and be someone. I want to try and be myself and make myself into a well known name. And it is all planned out in my head what I want to do. I just have to get up and actually do it. That all starts with me just saying goodbye.
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    New Japan Cup 2019: The Contenders

    Part 4 Hiroshi Tanahashi The Ace of the Universe. Hiroshi Tanahashi is a living legend of this promotion. Credited for pulling this company back from the brink into it's current renaissance of popularity, Tanahashi will always be a beloved and revered member of the roster. A former 8-Time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Tanahashi has the pedigree to win a tournament wherever, whenever, as we saw last year with Tanahashi winning the G1. Will the once in a century talent get his rematch with the man who took his title at MSG? Perhaps. Shota Umino Young Shota Umino is the son of esteemed new japan referee, Red Shoes. He has quickly risen to the occasion through his time in the dojo and undercard matches into quite a fantastic worker, often dubbed as the Ace of the Young Lions. It also speaks for his talent that he is the only Young Lion in the tournament, not bad for a trainee. Umino will soon be off on excursion. Great things are in the future for this Young Lion. Hiroyoshi Tenzan One of the more dad-like dads in New Japan. The ageing Tenzan is a shadow of his former self. Despite delivering an emotional performance with the retirement of Takashi Iizuka, Tenzan's in-ring skill has significantly declined due to a serious ankle injury. As a main event star of another era, he probably won't go far, as he his definitely in the twilight years of his career. Ryusuke Taguchi What's this? A Junior Heavyweight in the New Japan Cup? oh yeah. This came about because David Finlay unfortunately sustained a shoulder injury in the Honor Rising Tour. In the aftermath of his failed attempt to dethrone Taiji Ishimori, Taguchi has already taken this opportunity to the max, claiming he wants to be the 69th IWGP Heavyweight Champion. The Funky Weapon probably won't win, but I look forward to seeing him wrestle some heavyweights. Kota Ibushi Known moonsault enthusiast and neck-based masochist Kota Ibushi is back, and this time, it seems that he is fully dedicated to New Japan. He returned on the New Beginning Tour after sustaining a concussion at Wrestle Kingdom versus Will Ospreay. Riding a huge wave of wholesome babyface momentum, and eternally beloved by the crowd, Kota Ibushi is a firm favourite to win the tournament. Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi has a nice ring to it, especially for Madison Square Garden. If Ibushi is to win, then his path especially is laden with tough opponents. Tetsuya Naito The current IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Tetusya Naito remains one of the company's most popular stars. The leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon, his faction ran a clean sweep of victories at Wrestle Kingdom 13. Naito's storied relationship with the Intercontinental Championship has also developed, now desiring to hold both it and the IWGP Heavyweight Title. Naito's status in the company would make him a favourite to win the New Japan Cup, but when you hold gold, you have an even bigger target on your back. EVIL EVIL has done very well for himself with such an out there character. A staple member of NJPW's midcard, a former 3-Time NEVER 6-Man Champion with LIJ, 2-Time World Tag League Winner, and former 2-Time IWGP Tag Team Champion with SANADA, and very over with the audience. EVIL's position on the card has gradually increased over the years, having challenged Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship last year at Power Struggle. While he is definitely capable of running very deep into this tournament, the sheer level of opponents might prove too much for even EVIL to overcome. Zack Sabre Jr. Walking in as the previous New Japan Cup winner, Sabre would be looking to do it again. The submission master has been booked brilliantly, being a legitimate contender to any championship at any time. His strong booking is something that I did a retrospective on here -
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