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    BPZ is live on Carnage, only weeks away from the Survivor Series, and so far it has proven to be a very eventful show, seeing many of the top stars in the BPZ come out and hype up their matches ahead of Survivor Series. As we return from a commercial break, we are caught looking at a dark location, where we see the four members of the Creed. Julius is finally reunited with his fellow stablemates following his abduction. One half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Bart, begins to speak. Mikey, Hans, our World Champion Bic.What an extraordinary group of talent. The three of them could take the BPZ by storm on their own, each one of them good enough to dominate the company by himself. And yet, they are all stuck playing lackeys to the brother of Gunner Flynn. It has become embarrassing just how obvious is trust in his fellow stable members has become, with the prime example coming just a few days ago. Following the loss of the First Class Express’ loss of the Tag Team Titles, everyone was waiting for the response of BulletProof following this big blow. We were all patiently awaiting what the group that calls themselves the best in the BPZ had to say. But what we get was simply Flynn, as it appeared that Flynn didn’t trust the others enough to come out with him. Only when he had issued a stupid challenge that not even Arrow would have accepted were his partners allowed to enter the ring. Then they came out and praised the group, while their leader had just gone ahead and neglected them. Maybe they are just happy in their roles, playing lackeys to Flynn but I doubt it. I think BulletProof is suffering from trust problems, trust in themselves and trust in each other. That’s why Flynn won’t let the other speaks and that’s why they keep speaking out about how much they love BulletProof, because they are clearly unsure about the future, about their chance to beat us. It’s not only this segment that made me realise this, in fact, I have been suspecting this for a long time now, as I have had first hand experience with it. A video begins to play, showing the many times that BulletProof attacked the Creed. The video would end with the most recent attack, the one that happened after Bart and Smith won the Tag Team Championships. These attacks, they have been weird to me from the start. It’s almost as if BulletProof knows that they can’t beat us in regular circumstances, and that’s why they have made a living out of attacking us during or after our matches. To keep giving themselves a false sense of hope. Somewhere I had always thought that they would have been smart enough to figure out that all of these attacks do nothing but expose them for the losers that thay are. I don’t want to ruin this belief for them, after all, all of it will be lost after Survivor Series, but I couldn’t help but notice this small but very interesting fact. Whenever the numbers game wasn’t a factor, whenever the same amount of people from both sides were involved, the Creed has always come out on top. It’s almost like BulletProof’s fate is written, and the only ones refusing to see it is themselves. Because we all know what this will do to their future as group. Following this big loss, a 4 man will enter the Tag Team Tournament. The fact that they have 2 teams in this tournament shows the lack of confidence between the members of the group. Flynn and Mikey don’t believe that the First Class Express can earn their chance to have revenge, something that I am sure must rubbed Bic and Hans the wrong way. At least, that’s what it should do. Unless they are even bigger brain-dead followers than I thought until this point. There stable is in a mess, a disaster is waiting to happen and they seem to try their hardest to dispute this with words, but actions show what is really going on here. They must be jealous when they think about us, a united group, without any tension of disbelief in the group. I am sure they will deny this, but in the end, we will be proven right. Say that I am lying, tell me how wrong I am, it doesn’t matter. All 4 of them know that they are on the verge of collapsing. Survivor Series will prove their darkest thoughts right, leading to them finally becoming for the whole world to see. And we will love it After Bart finishes talking, the next member of the Creed begins to speak
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    {The 20th November edition of Carnage has gotten off to a fiery start as Sameer downed Prince in an exciting matchup, and with our Death Match Main Event coming later in the show, the anticipation of the Carnage Crowd is at it's highest. We take a break from the in-ring action as a titantron feed seems to have changed, now displaying the feed from a mobile phone} {We see Julius set the phone on his desk, looking down at the ground until he finally raises his head revealing a mighty scar about his right eye and bruises all around his face. He looks like he hasn't slept for days and is truly feeling the effects of Descent's most recent brutal attack} "It's now been a week, I feel defeated, I look defeated and as a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves it all out in the ring I feel weak. I have a reputation of being one of the baddest men in this company and now look at me. I am shell of the always revered former self, and I let this happen. When you are at the top, you need to keep your head on a swivel at all times and well last week I let my guard down and look where it got me. I had shards of glass punctured into my face, a small hairline fracture on my cheekbone and a badly bruised eye socket. They told me to wait 2 weeks, sit at home at let it rest but I don't have two weeks, I've got a war to fight" "I sat in the trainers room watching on helplessly as the men I call my brothers were punished and brutalised and THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO! Every chair shot, every drop of blood stabbed a hole in my heart and that is something I never want to feel again. I swore to them that I would be there for every battle, every war but you Slim, you stopped me from fulfilling that promise, you are the reason I let them down" "You did something to me that night when you slammed my head through the glass, something changed. As the glass shattered across the floor my sanity and my stability shattered too, you broke me Slim and maybe you're right. Maybe we're more alike than different, maybe I really am F*cking Unstable. For 7 days I have sat here thinking about all the violent things I am going to do to you, all the unimaginable pain you will endure at my hands and in my brain I have painted a masterpiece of destruction, all of it awaiting you" "You wanted to see my killer instinct, you tried to coax it out of my well now you've got it. You win, you drove me to a place I don't want to be, somewhere I'm not allowed to be but I've got to let it out and I've got to use it to hurt you. I do enjoy breaking bones and taking careers, every person who goes to war against me walks out a changed man and that is what I love. The destruction, the carnage, the chaos that is where I belong" {Julius picks his mobile phone up off the table and brings it closer to his face. The Raw emotion from Julius on full display as his eyes pierce the souls of all those watching} "You're a sick bastard Slim, you want to see the dark prevail over the light and you want to sit back and enjoy as the world burns to a crisp. Well I don't care if I have to burn down this goddamn planet to get to you Slim because I'm not going to stop until I have your head. I'm going to f*cking kill you, nothing more, nothing less. The Death Machine is here"
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    BPZ Commentaries

    Gather around you beautiful people for today I have a very very special treat for you all. Today I will tell you the story of the most valiant warrior and his oh so precious superpower. Today I present to you A BPZ COMMENTARIES MOCKUMENTARY: A TIMELINE OF THE CLAYMORE EFFECT (Presented by Mike Hunt) Ah yes the Claymore kick, delivered by none other than the right boot of the 2019 Money in the Bank winner Julius, what a fascinating move it is and what a conspiracy it has caused. There are rumblings and rumours that many are lining up urging to be delivered with the Claymore kick and reap the benefits known to us as the Claymore effect. Before we get into the current day happenings of Julius' very protected finishing move lets go back to where it all began BPZ Mania IV It all began again at BPZ Mania IV when then bestest friends Julius and Ropati collectively known as The Saviours would take on the Big Ballers, Brenden and Sameer for the BPZ Tag-Team titles. Now in this match Julius and Ropati were victorious leading them to the tag title victory but that is not what we will be looking at here, rather we will pay attention to the moment in the match where Julius delivered the first ever Claymore Kick to Sameer and then to his boss BrendenPlayz. At that time receiving a size 16 boot in the face maybe doesn't seem like a great thing but it's what comes next which is truly mind boggling BrendenPlayz: Not long after hit with the Claymore, BrendenPlayz would venture out into the world of Fast-Food and become part-owner in famous pizza restaurant Pizza Hut. Making millions of dollars Brenden has become one of the world's richest men all thanks to the Claymore Kick Sameer: After receiving the Claymore Kick, Sameer would go on to successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase and become a BPZ World Champion. He would also win the Premium Championship and be crowned a Triple Champion, joining an illustrious club which features Julius himself. Sameer would then dominate the middle-part of the year and it was all thanks to Julius and his Claymore Kick BPZ Backlash 2019 We now turn our attention to the month after BPZ Mania where BPZ held Backlash. Heading into this PPV Julius had lost the Tag-Team titles and pretty much murdered Ropati in the process therefore allowing him to turn his attention to the new Intercontinental Champion the formerly known BiC. The build was phenomenal but who cares about that, all we are here for is the aftermath of the Claymore Kick and well here it is BiC: BiC would endure the Claymore Kick and while he did drop the Intercontinental Championship in the process, the Claymore Effect would shift into full gear as BiC went onto the Power-Trip Cup Final (where he met another Claymore Kick) he was then crowned Tag-Team Champion, helped in the formation of BulletProof and then of course won the big one becoming the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. He owe's a lot to the Claymore and is certainly the biggest winner in the history of the Claymore Effect BPZ Power-Trip Cup 2019 One thing that has defined Julius and his Claymore Kick is his knack of winning Tournaments, as of writing he has competed in two tournaments this year with a 100% strike rate and may just pick up a third at Survivor Series. While Julius reaped the fruits when the Tournament was over there were many other Superstars who were helped when they were kicked in the head. Let's take a look Sir Raven: Well before we get into the upwards career trajectory of Raven the first thing the Claymore did for him was change his stupid name. He now goes by Raven and is seen as much more of a threat. After being clobbered with the Claymore Kick, Raven would leave the SSW Club become a 3x NXT Champion, join Descent and be one of the top contenders to win the US Championship this month. Once again another person who has a lot of gratitude to Julius and his Claymore Hans Clayton: Now you want to talk about reaping the rewards of the Claymore, look no further than this man Hans Clayton. Hans would go on to win the United States Championship, win the Tag-Team Championship, make the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament (and meet another Claymore) before joining BulletProof and securing himself a spot in the Main Event of Survivor Series. Julius would be proud BPZ King of The Ring 2019 We go from one tournament to another and this one is the magnificent King of The Ring tournament, where the winner receives a guaranteed opportunity at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Of course this was another tournament and Julius would go on to win but lets take a look at those fortunate enough to receive the Claymore Kick Mikey: Well this is looking like a bit of a common trend isn't it another BulletProof member stealing the joys of being hit by the Claymore Kick. Mikey was just a name in the pack at this stage but when he was thrown into the ring against Julius he came out a different man. The Claymore effect took a little time to come into effect but when it did it skyrocketed this man up the card. Mikey would win the NXT Championship, the United States Championship and would challenge for the North-American Championship before joining BulletProof George AK: Now if you look back on this moment maybe it comes out as a negative considering George was in such good form but nevertheless there were some positives to come out of this. After being bamboozled by the Claymore Kick, George would win the Premium Championship and the Tag-Team Championships before being inducted as the new Santa Claus of planet Earth. I think it all worked out for him at the end BPZ Survival Games 2019 We now reach our final entry in the timeline of the Claymore Effect but there are some big big names adding into the timeline here so lets just dive right into it FDS: Pretty simple stuff here, FDS gets hit with the Claymore and agrees to have a Death Match with Raven and picks up the win. Thank you for bringing us back the old FD our dear old Claymore friend KENJI: The breakout star of the Survival Games tournament had to endure the Claymore Kick before getting to this position and boy howdy did he reap the benefits after. Instead of joining BulletProof he would decline entry and then win the North-American Championship before forming a team with Arius and looming to be one of the favourites to win the Clapspiracy invitational Bart: Julius' former Kingdom brother and now Creed brother also endured a Claymore and just like everyone else he came out looking better. Bart would win the Tag-Team Championships from Hans and BiC and it was all because of the Claymore Kick and not because he is very good at what he does This has been a BPZ Commentaries Mockumentary, as always I am Mike Hunt and I will see you next time
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    Going In BPZ

    *Calls itself BPZ Insider, proceeds to have articles and topics that have nothing to do with what’s going on INSIDE BPZ AT ALL*
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    Meet the Stars Finale! Two years down in the simulation and we've seen some huge chances to the MMA landscape. Kirk Kelly is making a name for himself as a world ranked heavyweight, the likes of Mathias Ishtar and Kenji Togami are flying under the radar, while Samantha Carter and Emma McDavid are running through the UFC Bantamweight division. It is time to add the final eight fighters into the landscape and see if they sink or swim. Caitlyn 'The Future' Jackson Caitlyn Jackson is the second Women's Featherweight we have seen in this simulation, after Daria Berenato, and Caitlyn looks like a more than solid prospect. 'The Future' has national training in Muay Thai, and great Marketability. Her fighting statistics bounce between above average to strong for the most part. Caitlyn looks like she'll utilise her Boxing Power and Strong Chin to stand on the feet with her opposition. Caitlyn looks like a solid bet to head to Bellator within the first year and change the landscape. CJ 'The Nightmare' Sellers CJ Sellers is one of many middleweight talents we have seen surface into the simulation. I feel like his estimated value really diminishes the all-around skill this fighter has. With strong Wrestling and Takedown Defence he will be able to control when the fight goes to the ground or when it should stay on the feet. Above average Striking Skills combined with high level Boxing makes him a threat across the board, CJ Sellers excels at hitting combinations and is known to be a fast fighter. Echo 'The Supernova' Wilson Echo Wilson is another fighter who looks poised to make an impact, having strong Marketability and being a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the octagon. In spite of having high level Wrestling experience he seems to favour keeping the fight on the feet, strong Kicking skills complimenting strong Boxing Skills. I'd argue Echo Wilson is one of the better fighters to come out of this finale batch, and I expect his first year in the fighting game to reflect that, fully. John 'The Hitter' Caisernas Our second Light Heavyweight finds himself with a strong roll. While he shares a high level of Wrestling with the previous entrant, 'The Hitter' I'd say is actually more than suited to putting the fight to the mat and keeping it there. Strong Takedowns, strong Submission Attacks, great Consistency, they're all positive signs that John Caisernas could become a huge player in the division down the line. The heir to Jon Jones in the UFC? Probably not, but I wouldn't be shocked if he got somewhere close to that. Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara On the surface, Kingston Jofara looks like a solid addition to the Light Heavyweight scene. But, unfortunately Jofara has been stuck with a trait which makes no sense and does not compliment his skills. He likes to grind out unanimous decisions, a little like a heavier Khabib Nurmagomedov. But? His best skills lie in Boxing Power and Kicking Power. He is a typical knockout artist, who will take it to the mat no matter what. Which sucks. I am hopeful that in spite of that, Kingston will be capable of picking up knockout victories. Also I'm unsure why it says 'Black Panthis' in the screenshot. Apologies, Julius! Kobe 'K.O.' Owens Kobe Owens joins the likes of Harold Bigalow and Kirk Kelly in the Heavyweight class and instantaneously having excellent Boxing Power and national calibre Boxing skills makes him a legitimate threat. Combined with average to above average Wrestling and Takedown skills, Kobe Owens looks like one of the better male fighters we will have in this simulation. While Samantha Carter has been ever dominant in the simulation, I feel Kobe Owens could be her male counterpart. Here is hoping he isn't picked up and derailed early by a big promotion and has time to develop on the independent scene. 'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov 'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov looks like a good fighter all around. In terms of skills she'll look to take fights to the ground, utilising her strong Takedowns and strong Ground Technique attributes. She follows the likes of Echo Wilson as being a suitable all-around fighter. She is also the only practitioner of Krav Maga, although it is only to an accomplished level. Masha makes for a solid addition to the Strawweight class and she is looking to have a good first year in the MMA fighting world. Sao 'Praying Mantis' Rai Feng The last combatant to enter the MMA world comes in the form of Sao Rai Feng, who has a good skill set to suit his good name. Rai Feng is equip with national Kung Fu experience as well as dabbling in Wrestling. He has strong Conditioning as well as strong Boxing Skills, which compliment his strong Chin well. Sao Rai Feng flys under the radar in comparison to Kobe Owens and Caitlyn Jackson, but he is my pick of the bunch to really take off, in the Lightweight division. Sao Rai Feng brings a close to the final portion of MMA characters we'll see in this simulation. I think this was a good class of fighters to add, and covered some of the lesser used weight classes such as Lightweight, Light Heavyweight and women's Featherweight. As Cristina Aguiar throughout 2021, I expect one of these eight to win Rookie of the year and find themselves in a ranked position come the end of the third year, which will be out within the next week or so. Thank you for supporting this so far!
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    Made for @Father Georgemas
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    War Between Worlds

    Monday Night Raw-Episode 13-"Royal Rumble Dawns" We open up this week's edition of Monday Night Raw with none other than Jay White, who wasnt lucky enough to have a spot on last night's ppv. But the tension of competition has no eluded Jay White. Tonight we hear from "Switchblade" Jay White. Jay White- Last night I was not on Armageddon, I honestly find it to be a disgrace. I am the best competitor in WWE at the moment, but nobody seems to realize that. So I am going to make everyone realize this simple fact, by winning the Royal Rumble in just a little under 5 weeks. I will be the first man to declare my entry into the Royal Rumble. Kota Ibushi vs Johnny Gargano This should be a great opening match up here tonight. As two men that were involved, in the Wargames Match last month fight it out tonight. Earlier today, reported to WWE.com, these two men would confirm their entrys in this year's Royal Rumble match. This match will be crucial for momentum. We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage going to Kota Ibushi with just a slight edge. Pushing his opposition into the corner, presuming with some strikes to the abdomen. It has become apparent early on in this matchup, Ibushi is needing a victory tonight, can Johnny get back into this one? Kota would go back on the attack, but would be interrupted with a disgraceful slap. As we continue on, the disgraceful slap turns into pure rage for Kota Ibushi. He does not take disrespect lightly, he fires up with mutilple strike combos, sending Johnny Gargano down to the canvas. Pleading for mercy now. But Kota would not give mercy, instead he would give a "Mushroom Stomp". Ibushi would then go for a pinfall,1..2.... but only a 2 count would be retrieved. Both men would be down on the canvas, seeming to be exhausted. But a few moments later, both men would be up, having a slap fest until Kota Ibushi would flal back down to the canvas. Johnny setting up for a slingshot ddt back out on the apron. And he would hit it for the victory. Aleister Black vs Dragon Lee Our next match seems to be two men with two totally diffrent styles. So it should be a fun one, Aleister Black was unsuccesful against Pentagon last night so you have to think, is he in the right mind set for a matchup tonight? The bell rings and we are off, as both men tangle up in a perfect lockup. The strength advantage easily goes to Aleister Black. As he pusheds The luchador into the corner, proceeding to strike him with a huge running forearm for good measure. As Aleister Black goes to the other corner and runs for another one, Lee gets out of the way just in time. And goes for a running dropkick of his own, connecting perfectly. But he is not done yet, as he continues a fury of stomps attack, not letting the dark one breath for a second. As Lee would get back up, Black would get up very shortly afterwards. Taking Lee's head pratically off of his shoulders with a huge lariat. Followed up by a beautiful roundhouse kick, taking Dragon Lee straight down to the canvas. Both men have looked very impressive in this bout thus far, but who wants it more? Who wants the win that much more? And it becomes evident that Aleister Black wants it just that much more. As he ends the match with a Black Mass. But his past would continue to haunt him, as a video would appear of Pentagon licking blood of his arm, pointing right back at him. Coming Soon....V2 As we return from commercial break, a video package begins to play of Drago. A new recruit of WWE, stating that his goal in mind, is to make anyone who steps up to him his prey, the locker room has officialy been put on notice. AJ Styles vs Kushida What a match this will be. Two men who have taken over WWE since arriving here, and continue to look upon doing so. But who wants that takeover more? Who will have more in the tank tonight? We find out right now! Kushida vs AJ Styles. We start off with our usual lockup, the strength advantage going to a veteran in AJ Styles, as he pushes Kushida into the corner. AJ would then go for a running forearm, but Kushida would get an elbow up, and into the skull just in time. AJ falls back down to the canvas, while Kushida sets up for a handspring cutter. AJ would land very badly onto his neck, holding onto it, screaming in agony. Kushida realizes this, contuning the attack on the neck and showing no mercy at all. Kishida would then head to the top rope, for what looks to be a moonsault. As the leader of Bullet Club, alongside Jay White, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi he is not looking to bright at the moment. Instead, he is looking rather dull, and that is never a good sign when facing someone as surperior as Kushida. But moments later, Styles would get back into this one, eventually setting up for a Styles Clash and the victory. But someone wouldnt be so pleased with this, making it well known. Fiend..... We end this week's show off with The Fiend capturing Seth Rollins in his playhouse. And compelty murdering him, covering his mouth until he would pass out. Proving that he is not yet done with Seth Rollins or is he? Find out next week.
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    Pride & War

    ......................................................................................................................................................... MONDAY NIGHT RAW: 25th November 2019 ......................................................................................................................................................... It is the night after Survivor Series where the three brands of WWE, RAW, NXT and SmackDown went head to head in direct competition, and in an absolute shocker it was the Yellow brand pulling through which cannot sit right with those in charge here on Monday Night's. Two men who would be pleased with what happened Sunday Night are Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Championship and the two men opened the show looking very well pleased with themselves Heyman would speak about how once again Lesnar dominated and decimated his opponent until Seth Rollins made his way out to the ring to confront Lesnar. Rollins would add to the conversation by bringing up how he had defeated Lesnar 3 times already this year and was looking to make it a third for the WWE Championship. Before Heyman could respond, Drew McIntyre would also make an appearance. He spoke about how Lesnar has dominated everyone in his path...except him. Rollins and McIntyre were bickering back and forth and our Main Event was set for the evening, Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins The Revival vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins News broke early last week that The Revival and The Viking Raiders were seeking a trade and tonight it was Dash and Dawson's homecoming to the Red Brand taking on the team that initially defeated them for those titles Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. The Top Guys would have no issues with the Major Brothers, using their throwback tandem offence to set up Zack Ryder for the Shatter Machine picking up the victory. What a homecoming for the The Revival As RAW returns from commercial break we are shown a bizarre vignette of former Riott squad member Liv Morgan. It shows Morgan in an all white room, wearing a straight jacked and strapped to a seat. She continuously screams "Let me Live" before laughing maniacally as the feed cuts out. It seems as if Liv Morgan has really gone off the rails Buddy Murphy vs Shelton Benjamin For months now Buddy Murphy has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to showcase his talents to the world living by the name of being WWE's "Best Kept Secret". He was given a great platform here on RAW to showcase what he can do taking on Shelton Benjamin a classy veteran who has all the skills to pull of a victory. Benjamin spoke a bit of trash before the match but was forced to eat his words as Murphy started out of the gates hot and never looked back picking up an impressive victory over Shelton Benjamin As soon as the match between Buddy Murphy and Shelton Benjamin came to a close we went backstage with RAW's exclusive interviewer Kayla Braxton who had the United States Champion AJ Styles standing by alongside Gallows and Anderson the OC. Kayla asked AJ about what he thought about Buddy Murphy and many of the other rising stars coming over to RAW to which AJ responded with a laugh. AJ stated that no matter what he would be the man any time and anywhere and will show that tonight when he puts his title on the line against Humberto Carrillo Asuka and Kairi Sane vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair The Kabuki Warriors have been having issues with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as of late and that continued in Tag-Team action here tonight. Becky was still feeling the pain after her loss at Survivor Series at the hands of Shayna Baszler and was a target for Sane and Asuka throughout the match. Lynch and Flair were starting to takeover when a miscommunication led to a back and forth argument where Charlotte struck Becky with a cheap shot and left her to fend for herself. Seeing this the Kabuki Warriors capitalised and picked up the victory with Kairi Sane pinning the RAW Womens Champion As we return from commercial break, we are shown footage of what went down earlier in the day as many of the WWE stars were out eating at a restaurant. R-Truth who was enjoying a ham and Cheese sandwich spotted the cohort of Superstars and needed a place to hide. He grabbed a lamp-shade and went to go stand in the corner hoping the others would mistake him for a lamp. Superstars such as No Way Jose, Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and even Titus O'Neil spotted something unusual and went to go check out the lamp. They started feeling it up and down and came to the conclusion that it was nothing to serious. R-Truth then ran for the exit as the wrestlers looked on in shock United States Championship: AJ Styles (C) vs Humberto Carrillo As was alluded to earlier we had our scheduled United States Championship match between Humberto Carrillo and AJ Styles. As we have seen recently these two put on a stellar contest with Carrillo winning the fans over with his amazing aerial ability. The veteran experience and skill of Styles combined with the OC looming on the outside played into Styles' favour allowing for the distraction leading to the Styles clash for the victory Styles and the OC would look to further add insult to injury attacking Carrillo post-match when suddenly Kevin Owens would run out from the back and make the save rushing the OC out of the ring. Owens and Carrillo stood tall as the OC retreated, furious with what had just happened We then cut backstage once again where The Street Profits are standing with a mic hyping the night's Main Event between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. They speak about how both men are unstoppable at the moment before turning their attention to the Revival. They call out the Revival for being gutless and weak after bailing on SmackDown but now that they are on RAW they want all the smoke. Ford then announced that the Profits will be in action next week Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre We now reached the Main Event of the evening where Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre would collide with the winner presumably being crowned the new number one contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship. The match was brilliant with both men leaving everything out there and wowing the fans in the process. Just as Seth was setting up for the stomp, Brock Lesnar would make an appearance and deliver an F-5 causing a DQ finish. Lesnar would continue battering away at Rollins before going face to face with McIntyre Drew was furious about Brock's interference but seemingly backed down from The Beast. Lesnar then laughed at him causing Drew to snap and unleash on Lesnar. Lesnar would however gain the upper-hand before Seth would climb back to his feet and deliver Brock with a superkick. Seth tried again but Brock caught it into an F-5. As Brock got back up he turned right into a devastating Claymore Kick from the Scottish Psychopath. The show ended with the visual of Drew McIntyre holding the Universal Championship in his hands
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    Carnage cuts backstage after the grueling "no disqualification" match between FDS and Raven, where we see Raven exiting the arena. He's walking with a clear limp, blood trickling from his mouth and multiple areas of his face, and his mouth is clearly grimacing in pain, but he is leaving under his own power. A cameraman catches up to the former three-time NXT champion, and Raven slowly turns to him as he senses the man's presence. Raven! Raven, you just went through a vicious match against the Mad King, FDS, and you managed to come so close to victory. How do you feel after such a heartbreaking loss? As Raven hears the word "loss," his face morphs into a condescending grin. You call that a loss? I went out there, took the Mad King to the limit, I forced him to bring out the Emperor of Chaos...I did exactly what I set out to do. I made FD tap into his darkest side...I forced FD to embrace chaos one more time. To drop this "straight shooter" facade and embrace his roots, as a crazy son of a bitch willing to do anything to score the victory! If you call that a loss, so be it, but this goes much further than a number in a record book...This was about forcing a man I respected, a man I looked up to for years while I toiled away on the indie scene, to be the badass I looked up to. I forced him to accept the same descent that made me a success story once more...And I did just that. So what's next for Raven after that grueling war? Pretty simple...We have a PPV in 11 days...I plan to make my presence known. Hang on, you can't compete at Survivor Series. You just had an insane no disqualification match with FDS! There's no way you're cleared to compete! Raven's grin then shifts to a frown, and he yanks the camera out of the hands of the cameraman, wincing at the physical exertion. He focuses the camera directly on his face and begins talking, now speaking a message to all of BPZ. Let me make this clear...There ain't a doctor in the world who I'm willing to let determine my healthiness. I know my limits. I'll be at Survivor Series, and there isn't a damn thing any of you can do about it...So what's the Clown Prince of BPZ got planned at Survivor Series? What poor sod is destined to suffer their descent at the messenger of chaos' hands? Mikey. I'm coming for you. And your United States title. Raven's face morphs back into a grin as he says this, showing his hand without a care in the world. Mikey, your success in this company has come directly at my expense...You won NXT from me the same night I was forced to carry my dead weight student in a tag team match, a match where I was attacked before the bell rang because the other competitors were too cowardly to face me like a man. You were the benefactor of my hubris. Your success came only because I was nowhere near physically prepared for that title defense...I don't mind that. You took an opportunity when you were given it. I can't hate that. On the contrary, I respect it. Then Raven's face turns to a deep grimace yet again, his next thoughts clearly holding weight in his mind. Then, Mikey...You vacated the title. You vacated MY GOLDIE. And you did it just to etch an undeserved spot in a record book that you've done NOTHING to deserve a spot in. "Shortest reigning NXT champion." So what'd I do? I won back my Goldie...I became the first and ONLY EVER three-time NXT champion...And I vacated it. I one-upped you, becoming not only the shortest reigning NXT champion, but the shortest reigning champion in BPZ history. You stole my Goldie from me, and insulted me by vacating her immediately after...So I stole your history from you. Do you know what's gonna happen at Survivor Series, Mikey? I'm going to do it all over again...I'll take your United States championship, just like how you took my Goldie...Except this time, you're never winning her back...I've watched that poor title around your waist, just begging for anyone to come to save her from her undeserving host...And I plan to do just that. As much as I loved my Goldie...I'm ready to show Stripes the good time she deserves. Raven then begins to laugh, but his laughter is cut off by his pain. Raven then throws the camera back into the cameraman's hands and exits the arena, now marking his territory for the United States championship at Survivor Series.
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 4 Another Episode of BPZ Pizza kicks off as we see Bailey sitting across a table from Flynn. Bailey is not in handcuffs as they seem to just be talking. They are in the interrogation room as Flynn begins to speak as Bailey looks at him taking a sip of his coffee. Flynn: Ok Mr. Bailey, let me get this straight you beat up a drunk man last night who we have identified under the name Ropati. Now Ropati has been here before on a couple accounts of domestic abuse but I never got to lock him up. Well, thanks to you I now can cause it looks like Ms. Sheridan is going to follow through with the charges this time. Now though for the charges that Ropati made against you for assault, well those as of now don’t exist. You’re welcome. Bailey looks at Flynn and smiles as he is going to suffer no consequence for beating Ropati’s ass the other night. Bailey and Flynn then shake hands as Bailey begins to talk. Bailey: Hey no problem my guy. Any guy who beats his wife deserves to get his ass beat. So in my eyes Ropati just got what was coming to him. I hope you can come over to the Pizza Place sometime would mean alot to the staff and I. Flynn looks at Bailey and rolls his eyes as he escorts him out of the room as they walk off. Bailey lifted of any charges he had from last night. Where as Ropati is getting locked up finally as he will no longer be able to beat and harass Sheridan. We cut to the Jail as we see Brenden and Slim sitting in the cafeteria as it is around noon and they are eating. Brenden and Slim has grown to be good friends over the past few days. As it seems like they have someone who has their back which both seem to be grateful for. We then see Brenden begin to talk as Slim continues to eat. Brenden: So Reggie told me a rumor we are getting a new guy tomorrow, you think Wallace is gonna ruin him too? Don’t need another Brad accident. Slim just laughs as he continues eating some chilli. Brenden looks around as he sees Wallace taking up an entire bench as Brad sits across from him. Brad looks afraid as he wants to sit anywhere else but Wallace has turned Brad into his bitch. Brenden: Well to me I think Brad is all Wallace ever wanted. You know Brad was not even able to fuck his wife in the real world. A few of my co-workers ended up cucking him. Brad can never catch a break can he? Espeically with his sex life. Slim looks at Brenden as he spits out his food at even the thought of Brad’s sex life. Brenden laughs as Slim looks at him and gets up walking away as he seems to have lost his appetite. Brenden can be seen laughing before the cameras cutaway. We cut to the Pizza Place for the first time today as we see Arius chopping up some onions and we there are no tears to be seen. Arius seems annoyed as we hear a phone ringing in the background. Arius then stops cutting onions and walks over to the phone room to see what is going on. As Arius enters the room we see Bart just staring at the phone, not having a reaction to it as he just looks at it with a blank stare. Bart seems to be in deep thought as he seems to be losing his mind a bit since the incident. Arius just looks at him confused as Bart seems to be taking the worst of it. Why though? He didn’t lose anyone that important to him and he had to harm to him. What could be putting him into that state? Arius: Hey man, you should probably get back to work. Bailey has been super strict about staying on task lately so I would start taking calls. Bart shakes his head as he looks at Arius as he comes to his senses. Bart then looks around the room almost forgetting where he was. Bart then looks at Arius and nods his head as he begins to talk. Bart: Oh...yeah. I’ll get on it. Thanks. Bart then picks up the phone as he goes to answer it but doesn't say a word. Arius looks at him with a confused look but he also looks like he feels bad. Arius then walks away as the cameras cut to a new scene. With a rainy day at the Pizza Place the night is shutting down a bit early as we see Sameer and Bailey sweeping up in the kitchen. We see Sameer pull Bailey aside as there is something he wants to talk to Bailey about. Sameer: Yo so I saw that you beat that bitch Ropati down the other day. Thanks for that. He’s lucky you got to him before me though. I don’t know if I would have stopped. Bailey looks at Sameer and smiles as he pats him on the shoulder before walking past him as he goes to sweep again. But Sameer says something that makes him stop. Sameer: Hey Bailey, you think I still got a shot with Sheri? Bailey looks at him as he is a bit confused but then seems to understand it. Bailey then walk over to Sameer coming close enough so no one else could hear. Bailey: Yeah kid, you got a shot. Just don’t do what Ropati did or I myself will come to your house and beat your ass. Sameer smiles as Bailey nods at him and walks off leaving Sameer alone as he seems to be in a much better mood than he had as of late. Maybe it’s that Bailey is in charge now or maybe it has something to do with his relationship with Sheridan. We cut outside as we see Sheridan sending on the front porch as most of the staff has gone home. As Sheridan is sitting there just taking a moment to relax, we see a car pull up as Paris walks out. We then see Arrow run out as the two hug and kiss as Sheridan watches on. Arrow and Paris seem to be truly in love as of right now. Sheridan watches as they drive off. She then begins to cry as she remembers all of her past relationships and how she managed to fuck all of them up. Maybe if she had not slept with Brenden Sameer might not be upset with her. Maybe if she never went to that apartment that night her and Brenden would not have such an awkward relationship. Maybe she could have supported Ropati more and got him through his issues. Then again thought maybe Sheri was never the problem maybe Sheri was just always stuck as the victim. The cameras then cut away later in the day as we cut away from the Pizza Place. We then cut to a bit later as we see Julius driving home but he has taken a different route as we see him looking at his GPS as if he is looking for something. We see him look over and slow down as he drives past a house as we see a women in the front yard. She looks over at Julius and looks shocked we hear here start to speak to Julius. Woman: Oh my god, Julius? Is that really you? I thought… We then see Julius speed away before we hear what the woman has to say. Julius is sweating as we see him speed away. Clearly Julius has some sort of past woman. But who is she and what does she have to do with Julius? The cameras cutaway as Julius looks as if he has seen a ghost. In our final scene of the day we cut to Ropati and Sheridan’s house as Sheridan is sitting there alone in the dark. She is sitting on here coach as a faint light shines on her face from the outside porch light. Sheridan sits there thinking to herself in the dark. We then see Sheridan pick up a bottle of Vodka and start drinking. The very thing that hurt her so much before is helping her cope with it. She cries as she drinks it as she just wants to stop feeling the pain of her own life. She continues to drink, chug after chug until the entire bottle is gone. Sheridan then goes to stand up and walk to her bed but she passes out falling to the floor as the episode comes to an end.
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    Titantron for @Dr.X
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    Mirage vs Vinci SSW World Championship- SSW Takeover: New York, New York City - Madison Square Garden First out is the challenger Mirage who has sworn to make Vinci find enlightenment and also claim the SSW Championship for himself. Next up is the champion Vinci who walks out with the championship belt held high above his head as he looks to successfully defend his championship be done with Mirage for good. Vinci goes for a lock up however Mirage dodges whole staring at Vinci with a wide smile on his face however Vinci quickly grabs Mirage and tosses him with a series of arm drags however Mirage quickly pops back to his feet but instead of attacking he shouts “ wonderful “ at Vinci and starts to clap. Vinci then would charge at Mirage however Mirage counters with leg sweep immediately followed up a picture perfect standing moonsault. Vinci then starts to slowly get back up while grabbing at his gut which is still a bit sore from the moonsault however unlike normal Mirage just stands there watching Vinci while smiling which throws Vinci off his game and eventually angers him as he shouts “what’s f*ck is wrong with you!” Vinci then slaps Mirage however this will turn out to be a big mistake as it only angers Mirage causing him to unleash a flurry of strikes onto Vinci knocking into the corner but Mirage isn’t done as he continues by just kicking away at the chest of Vinci. Mirage is then forced to back off due to orders from the ref who goes over to check on Vinci who is laying down on the mat in pain despite this though Vinci uses the ropes to get back to his feet and this match will continue as Mirage is now seen and heard laughing in the center of the ring however it’s unclear what the laughter is about but it won’t matter as Vinci charges and lays into Mirage with a massive clothesline before picking him back up and slams him back down over and over with a combination of Judo throws before picking Mirage back up yet again and nailing a picture perfect Forced Progression spiking Mirage on his head! Vinci then goes for the pin but only gets a count 2 this causes Vinci to pop back up and argue with the ref as he accuses the ref of counting slowly however Mirage is stirred back to his feet and lands a brutal poisonrana followed by an onslaught of punches finished off with a kick right to the face. Despite all of this however Vinci then gets back up again however much slower than he has been as it’s clear all the pain and damage he has suffered this match is really starting to affect him and he could be getting close to his pain threshold but he does manage to catch Mirage with a knee to the gut which drops Mirage to a knee and seemingly has knocked the breath out of Mirage for the time being which does give Vinci a moment to catch his own breath and rest up. However this won’t last long as Mirage is starting to get his breath back but Vinci quickly realizes and grabs Mirage’s head and neck and yanks him up to his feet and is looking for another Forced Progression and if he hits it this match will be all over but no Mirage shoves Vinci away and nails a beautiful Super Kick right on the chin and falls into the pin attempt. But no Vinci kicks out at 2 which seems to anger Mirage who responds by picking Vinci up and holds hand up by his chin licking eyes with him as Vinci can barely even stand on his own as Mirage yells “Delete” at Vinci who is shoved back again and dropped with yet another Super Kick however this time Mirage doesn’t fall into or even go for the pin attempt but rather scales to the top rope and nails a picture perfect Heaven’s Grace but Mirage still isn’t done as he rolls Vinci over onto his stomach before mercilessly hitting Vinci with a absolutely brutal God’s Ultimate Blast! Mirage then finally goes for the pin and gets the 3 count ending this match as he holds up his newly won SSW World Championship.
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    When is Arrow Rhodes fighting?

    As Arrow comes through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand he begins to speak about Josh, so Josh why should I fight you I’ll tell you why because you need to learn how to do stuff on your own and not be told by the mayor of Manchester what you need to do because I’m getting quite sick of it I’m sick of your bullshit so if you want to be told what to do by a mayor then I’m going to kick your ass. You being bi*ch slapped isn’t helping any so here’s my offer to you Me vs You at Ss on the preshow and if I win you have to start talking and not being slapped by a mayor of a city with an overrated soccer team but if I lose you can continue to be slapped by a mayor or the city with an overrated soccer team that’s why Liverpool is better than Manchester United as a soccer team as a whole, but Josh I know you can’t wait to get your hands on me so how about me Arrow Rhodes fight you at Ss on the preshow but in a type of match that will make you cry an extreme rules match take it or leave it but if you aren’t the coward that I know you are them you won’t accept but if you want to be a true man you’ll fight me in that match type.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    RAW Episode 32 Bianca Belair VS Ember Moon (RAW women's title number one contender's tournament) RAW kicks begins with the first of two semi-final matches in the tournament to determine Bayley's challenger at TLC, as RAW's two newest superstars face off in the form of Bianca Belair and Ember Moon. In a great opening bout, Moon is able to score the victory and punch her ticket to the finals after putting Belair away with an Eclipse. . RAW then cuts backstage to Stephanie McMahon, who announces that next week will see a tag team gauntlet match to determine who will challenge The Revival for the RAW tag team titles at TLC. As well as this, she confirms that Braun Strowman VS Chris Jericho will happen at TLC at the request of the Monster Among Men. Finally, she announces that at TLC, Finn Balor will have to defend his World Heavyweight championship against the 2017 King of the Ring and the man who led RAW to victory at Survivor Series, Dean Ambrose. . Samoa Joe VS Shelton Benjamin RAW then sees the United States champion, Samoa Joe, do battle with Shelton Benjamin in preparation for his title defense against Drew McIntyre at TLC. In a great match, Joe overcomes Benjamin after forcing him to submit to the Coquina Clutch. However, Joe refuses to release the hold, forcing Benjamin to release the hold. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan run out to fight Joe off, and Joe is forced to retreat, but then 3MB attacks. With Benjamin passed out, 3MB is able to get the upper hand on American Alpha, ending with McIntyre laying out both Gable and Jordan with Claymore kicks. McIntyre stares down Joe after the carnage, and Joe might be in for the hardest defense of his life at TLC. . Just before tonight's main event, we receive an injury update on Nia Jax. The doctors have confirmed that Nia Jax will be unable to compete at TLC and cannot defend her RAW women's tag title. Tamina has been given the option to defend the RAW women's tag titles alongside another partner at TLC, but she declines, only wishing to team with Nia. Because of this, the RAW women's tag titles have been officially vacated, and we will receive more news on their fate next week. . Alexa Bliss VS Sasha Banks (RAW women's title number one contender's tournament) RAW's main event sees the second semi-final match, and the match to determine who faces Ember Moon next week for the chance to face RAW women's champion Bayley at TLC. In a great main event, Sasha Banks punches her ticket to the finals, forcing Alexa Bliss to submit to the Banks Statement. Sasha Banks is now only one win away from facing her old friend again, and RAW ends with her celebrating.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 6th 2019, Wednesday "Wrestling is real, god is fake" - The Preacher Blackcraft Wrestling begins with the entrance of The Preacher. Blackcraft Wrestling starts and the music of The Preacher plays. The Preacher walks out with his cult behind him and with a microphone in his left hand. They get showered by boos but they do not acknowledge "the unbelievers". The Preacher: Tonight, Blackcraft Wrestling begins and the first ever tag team champions shall be crowned and the first competitor in the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry will be decided. I have a strong feeling that tonight will be a successful night for Blackcraft Wrestling and the cult. With all you unbelievers watching, we shall put on a show that will be remembered for years to come. The Preacher leaves, followed by his cult. The crowd goes silent as the first match of the night is about to begin. "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson vs. "The Butcher" Andy Williams vs. The first match of the night is about to begin and "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring first. Dickinson looks ready and pumped for his match but then again he doesn't know who or what he's gonna be facing. "The Butcher" Andy Williams comes out next with his manager "The Blade" Pepper Parks. Williams has an intimidating look and feel to him and he even makes a guy like Chris Dickinson looks small. This match would turn out to be a great match. Andy Williams showcased his immense power and wrestling ability really well and Chris Dickinson followed right with him. The two battled for many minutes but eventually "The Butcher" was able to get the upper hand and bring his opponent crashing down with The Butcher Bomb. Andy Williams celebrates his win with Pepper Parks who escorts him out before Chris Dickinson can get to him. Chris Dickinson challenges PCO The match is over and Chris Dickinson is pissed off. He goes and grabs a mic and gets inside the ring. Chris Dickinson: The reason i came here tonight wasn't because i wanted to have a match against some old dude with a monocle. The reason i came here tonight was so that i could cut this promo and get something off my chest. I've been working in the independent scene for over 10 years now, i've seen a lot of things during my wrestling career, but nothing else has made me more sick to my stomach than Pierre Carl Ouelette. The man was retired and last year he just suddenly decides that he wants to come back, it doesn't work like that senior Carl. Once you're retired, you stay retired which is why i'm still wrestling. Carl... i want a match with you, and if you lose, you will retire and will never, ever be seen in this ring ever again. Dickinson drops the mic and leaves as Blackcraft Wrestling moves on to the second match of the night. Taya Valkyrie vs. Saraya Knight vs. The second match is about to begin as it's time to now showcase what the women of Blackcraft Wrestling have to offer. The two competitors fighting in this match are both very experienced and so we're expecting a great technical bout between them. Taya Valkyrie makes his entrance first, she clearly has the crowd behind him as they loudly cheer her when she gets into the ring. Saraya Knight makes her way to the ring next, she gets showered by boos but she doesn't care. Once she gets into the ring she pushes Taya Valkyrie and gets a slap for her troubles. The two start brawling and the bell rings for the match to start. The match ended up being a good one. Both women showcased many different moves and their technical ability, mixed in with some brawling which made for a great women's match. The winner would end up being Taya Valkyrie who won after hitting Saraya Knight with The Road to Valhalla. Saraya Knight disrespects Taya Valkyrie The match is over and Taya Valkyrie is celebrating. Saraya Knight gets up and Taya offers her a handshake but instead of shaking Taya's hand Saraya Knight grabs it and spits blood on it. Saraya Knight leaves the ring as the crowd boos and Taya Valkyrie looks on in disgust. Taya Valkyrie leaves the ring as we get ready for our next match. oVe vs. The Mane Event for Blackcraft Tag Team Championship vs. It's finally time for some tag team action as two teams are fighting to become the first ever Blackcraft Tag Team Champions. The Mane Event make their way to the ring first, they're still just a very new team to the indie scene but they sure as hell look ready to go. oVe comes out next looking intimidating as always with their masks on. oVe has an advantage in this match when it comes to in-ring experience and we will see if that can get them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles. This match ended up being pretty good. Both teams showed some very impressive athletisism, high flying moves and techincal wrestling. oVe was clearly the more experienced team which ended up getting them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles after hitting Ganon Jones Jr. with the Irish Air Raid. The Preacher forces oVe into a match at BCW Angels Will Cry The match between oVe and The Mane Event has just ended when suddenly the music of The Preacher hits. The Preacher walks out and stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The Preacher: Congratulations on your victory Dave and Jake. However it is not over just yet, you see i had a little something else planned for you. Just as The Preacher finishes speaking the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Mane Event is gone and the team of The Headbangers appear in the ring behind them. The crowd pops hugely for this surprise and then both members of oVe turn around and look at The Headbangers in shock. The Headbangers attack oVe and a big brawl breaks out. The Preacher quickly reacts and sends in 2 cult members two attack oVe, those two cultists are revealed to be Ink Inc. in disguise. They both attack oVe and then The Headbangers. Suddenly the music of The Butcher and The Blade starts playing and Pepper Parks and Andy Williams quickly rush out and attack Ink Inc. The brawl comes to an end as Andy Williams gets out of the ring to confront The Preacher who quickly walks away. All teams leave the ringside area as we get ready for tonight's main event. Johnny Blackcraft vs. Matthew Justice vs. It is time for the main event of tonight as Johnny Blackcraft takes on Matthew Justice to decide who will be in the triple threat match that's happening. Johnny Blackcraft makes his entrance first and he enters to a huge pop. Johnny Blackcraft is looking as cocky as always, he doesn't look afraid or worried because he knows that he's got a big advantage heading into this match. Matthew Justice enters next to many boos and he looks a little mad when Justice finally gets into the ring, the booing stops and the bell rings. This match ended up being very good. Both men showed great athletisism and they had great chemistry in the ring together. In the end Johnny Blackcraft was victorious after hitting Matthew Justice with the Starship Pain. Through his win Blackcraft gets a shot at the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship.
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    War Between Worlds

    We are finally here, WWE Armageddon. We have a stacked card for all of you here tonight, but we always need a huge opening. And tonight we have just that for you, as we start off this night with Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles. This feud has been very personal, AJ Styles would single handdly screw Seth Rollins out of his oppurtunity to retain his championship. In the past few weeks, it was decided that The Fiend was victorious, declaring a new Champion. Rollins has not forogtten that night, and tonight is all about getting his revenge. As both men make their way to the ring, their is a certain ominous feeling in the air. Maybe it is the grudge that Seth Rollins holds against his opposition here tonight, or maybe it is the hate of the Bullet Club. But tonight only one thing matters, Seth Rollins defeating AJ Styles. The bell rings and we are off, we begin with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to Seth Rollins with a slight edge, as he irish whips AJ Styles into the corner, proceeding with a running forearm, but Styles gets out of the way just in time. Now striking his arch enemy with a kick to the gut and then a forearm smash, right to the jaw of Rollins. Continuing on in this matchup, AJ Styles knew that wouldnt put away Seth Rolllins, well atleast not yet. He would pick up Seth, looking for a Styles Clash but Rollins would reverse into a powerbomb position, Styles reversing now this time. But Styles would go for a shin kick, but Rollins would stand up and get ready for what he likes to call, a buckle bomb. Once Rollins feels comfortable again, not feeling like a loss can be possible here tonight. Rollins now picks up a wounded Aj Styles, throwing him out to ringside. Heading to the top rope very slowly, hearing the cheers from the crowd, soaring into the air with a elbow drop through the announce table! Omg! What a match to start off the show, it has been truly amazing so far. And we are just getting started, many more matches to come. Seth Rollins finally gets back up, throwing AJ Styles back in the ring. Now setting up for a crucial Styles Clash which gives him the victory. A big win for AJ Styles tonight and bullet club, later tonight, Bullet Club member Kenny Omega fights for the Universal Championship, can he do it? As we move on, our next match wont dissapoint, as Shingo Takagi defends his intercontinetal Championship against a determined Kushida. This upcming match, is two months in the making. It would first start with Kushida challenging Shingo Takagi to a match at Bad Blood, but at first Shingo would decline, Kushida would not give up at any cost. He would only stop when Shingo finally gave hima match here tonight. Both men make their way to the ring, both looking determined and ready to bring their best here tonight. We know how Kushida feels, overlooked in some aspect. While Shingo feels like he contuinly has to prove something to everyone. We begin this match, as they try to feel eachother out. They are very new to eachther, not used to eachother's aresenals. As we continue these two men lockup, the strength advantage easily going to Shingo Takagi, as he throws Kushida into the corner. Throwing blow by blow, until Kushida would finally get out of the way and strikes the champion with a Pele Kick. As we continue, Kushida is looking great so far in this matchup, but Shingo would look to get back into this one. As he would go for a big larait, but Kushida would duck under and connect with a german suplex of his own. Shingo would get up fairly quickly, now finally connecting with his own german suplex. Shingo would now go for a cover but only pull off a 2 count. As the 2 count would occur, Kushida would slowly make it back to his feet, egging on Shingo on, calling for one more german suplex and he would get his wish. As one more german suplex would be ensued. But he was not done yet, as Shingo would lift his opposition up for the "Last Of The Dragon" for the 3 count and the victory. Our next match is, for the Womens Championship, as Sasha Banks defends against the dominant one, Shayna Baszler. It has become prominent, that Shayma will be Sasha's toughest challenge since Becky Lynch a month ago, can she retain her gold? As both women make their way to the ring, you can tell this means so much to both women. They want to be the face of this company, and that all depends on the outcome of this matchup, which women will be able to rise up the occasion? The bell rings and we are off, starting up with a lockup. The strength advantage would easily go to Shayna who would throw her opposition into the corner. Now going for a huge forearm, but Sasha would get out of the way just in time. Sasha would now get the upperhand in this clash, as she would send Shayna down to the canvas, stomping on her head over and over again. Shayna would be down on the ground for a few moments, she would begin to get up very slowly. Before striking Sasha Banks with a huge forearm once she would get up fully. Laying out the Women's Champion at the moment, but will she be after this clash? We will surely find out. Shayna now picks up Sahsa, getting ready for that vintage choke hold but instead Sasha sends her into the corner, attacking her with a double knee strike. Shayna is still standing, but how much does she have left in her? She goes after Sasha but falls back down to the canvas due to exhaustion. Banks takes advantage of this, as she locks in the Banks Statement, but after a few moments Shayna is able to reach the ropes. Waiting another few moments, before getting up and connecting with a chokehold, Sasha can only hang on a few moments before tapping out. This match has been buliding up for the past two months, Pentagon has been known for breaking arms. And Aleister Black for his eerie darkness. But which darkness is just more dominant? Tonight we find out, who is the superior man. Both men make their way to the ring, that eerie feeling has returned, and in this arena it is even more powerful. This match is going to be great, so lets get started. The match begins with a lockup, the strength is neutral between the two. Neither man wanting to give away an inch. We continue on, as Black pushes Pentagon off of him, striking him with a huge kick. But it seems to have no effect on him at all. Pentagon then chops Black back down to size, stepping on his wrists at all costs. You can see and feel the agony upon Black's face. But Black would not take that, as he would sweep the legs of Pentagon, proceeding to go for a double stomp. Black would then go for a pinfall...1...2... but only a 2 count there. Black would begin to rage, becoming frustrated at the outcome of this match thus far. He would pick up, the wounded Pentagon Jr, taking him over to the corner, striking him the most brutal kicks we have seen in a very long time. Then going to the other side of the ring, setting up for a running knee strike. As it seems we are getting to the closing points of this matchup, Black continues the attack. Stomp by stomp, over and over again. But the attack would be stopped abruptly with a superkick by Pentagon and proceeding with a Package Piledriver for the victory. It is now main event time, where The Fiend will defend his Universal Championship against two hungry perfomers in Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes. But it must not be so enticing knowing the champion is The Fiend at the moment. Damn how every competitor looks hungrier than the next. This match means so much to all three of these men. And now they get to showcase what the company WWE is all about. The match begins with The Fiend scampering to the outside. Leaving Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes to fend off to eachother. They would lockup, where the strength advantage would go to Kenny Omega just with a slight edge. He would send his opposition into the corner, laughing at the strength he has. He would go for a big lariat but Omega would reverse it and go for a lariat, but Cody would duck under and hit one of his own. He would go for the cover, but The Fiend would slither back in the ring to break up the count. The Fiend would now take the attack to a wounded Kenny Omega, hitting him with a damaging punch, taking Omega out of the equation and out of the ring. A few moments later, Omega would be back in the equation, as he would hit a dragon suplex on Cody Rhodes. The Fiend is still right there though, as he attacks Omega with his best shots. Looking to set up for a Sister Abigail. He waits a few moments before finally doing so and retaining his pure gold. Who can stop this man, can anyone?
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    Going In BPZ

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    No One Man - Chapter Six: Firing The First Shot ☠ El Hijo Favorito del Diablo ☠ A few days removed from the sentimental moment where I ended the life of one of my closest friends, Antonio Rodriguez, also known as La Muerte, and I have successfully taken the reigns of the leader of Ángeles del Infierno after blaming the murder on a random hooker and saying that she was sent by Don Dada. With only Big Ben knowing the truth behind Muerte's death, the rest of my men are fired up, impassioned, and more than ready to end Don Dada and all of his operations. At the moment, I'm just making that our operations run smoothly. With a change in leadership and this new task force of superhuman vigilantes sniffing around, the usual risks of our game have been amplified. Nonetheless, I'm still plotting, trying to find the right moment for us to strike and take over this city. Of course, I still have that hit out on Don Dada but honestly, I'm not sure how confident I am in that young boy. Although I guess I've heard his name on the streets for a reason and if his power is as dangerous as I've been told it is, I guess he's more qualified than most the men that already work for me. Anyway, right now, I'm on my way to meet the man I let inherit the position I had before becoming capo, the head-teniente, Fuego Del Infierno. As I'm sat in the back of the Range with Ben to my left, I observe the happenings on the streets we drive past through the tinted windows and suddenly, I see a face that I think I recognize. Immediately, I order the chauffeur to circle around the block and as we come back around, I get a second look at the guy. This time, I'm pretty sure I know who it is so I get Ben to verify. “Oye, Ben, I think I see Fox from the Trifficante, one of Don Dada's top men. That's him, right?” I enquire as I turn between Ben and the man that I think belongs to Dada's Trifficante Crime Family in order to make sure I don't lose sight of him. “I believe so señor. Shall we do something?” Ben responds, seemingly just as eager as me to take our first shot at the Trifficante. As we stop at the lights, I evaluate the situation as I watch Fox walking along the street. “No, we need to meet Fuego and flatten out a few creases that have arisen since Muerte's death but don't let me forget that we saw him in this area, Dada might have him operating out of here,” I state, knowing that we're not in the best position to take the first shot at Dada currently. Finally, we pull up at the spot, a restaurant we use to clean money, and after the chauffeur opens my door, I and Ben enter the establishment. As we walk in, we see Feugo sat in the middle of the room with him being the only person sitting at a table and the only other people in here being a couple of his men stood at the back. As I walk up to the table, Ben pulls a chair out for me and then stands behind me once I've sat down. “So, Feugo, I assume you have evaluated all of our lines as I instructed you to do so what have you got for me?” I ask demandingly, ensuring that everyone here knows that I'm the boss. “With a change in leadership, there has been some slight disarray but everyone has been put in line. However, there is an unrelated problem in that Santo's territory has been rivaled by one of Dada's top tenientes. Do you want me to get some men together to take care of it?” Feugo reports and as he talks about the rival in Santo's territory, I make the connection back to my spotting of Fox on the way to the meeting. “Santo is in charge of our West End operations, correct?” “Yes, West End and parts of Adair Park.” “On the way here, we passed through West End and saw one of Dada's men who goes by the name of Fox. Is this the man that has been troubling Santo?” “I didn't get his name but one of Santo's men described him to have long blonde hair. A couple of them tailed him and saw him enter a warehouse but they said that he suddenly just disappeared and next thing they knew, he appeared right by the car and started letting off shots with a silenced nine millimeter. Luckily, the driver was able to get away and report back to us.” “Yes, that's definitely Fox. Do you have the location of the warehouse they followed him to? It's very likely that there's where they're keeping their product.” “Actually, the driver is here, I brought him along because I thought you may want more information on the happenings.” “Good thinking. I say we strike tonight. Just the five of us here and Santo sneak into the warehouse, raid whatever useful shit they have in there and burn the rest. It's about time we stand up to that hijo de la chingada,” I instruct, deciding right there and then that this is the opening we've been waiting for but whether it actually is or not will be discovered tonight. Perhaps, now that I'm at the top of the cartel, I shouldn't be going out on these sorts of missions but I've never been one to be afraid of getting my hands dirty and plus, I want the satisfaction of finally firing back at Dada personally. A few hours later and four of us, myself, Ben, Feugo and Feugo's man, are in the back of a blacked-out van whilst Santo and his man who scouted the location earlier are in the front. As I recite the plan to everyone, we slow down after turning onto the same street that the warehouse is on. At first, we drive past the warehouse but then we pull up into a backstreet that has an alleyway that leads to the side of the warehouse. After hopping out the front seat, Santo opens up the back-doors and the rest of us get out whilst Santo's man, the driver, stays in the van in case we need to make a quick escape. As we head towards the warehouse in full-black gear from head to toe, with this being Santo's area, he leads as he's the most familiar with the surroundings and of course, Ben sticks especially close to me. Once we reach the warehouse, we stop as Santo goes ahead by himself to find an entrance that isn't so obvious that we'll be spotted. After he returns, Santo takes us to a grated window big enough for us to get through. With the only problem being the iron bars and glass blocking our way, Feugo steps forward as lava oozes out of his hand and then encloses it like a glove. Then, Feugo grips the iron bars which causes them to melt. After that, using one finger, he melts the outline of the window so that once he completes the rectangles, he can just remove the plane of glass in the middle, getting us through the window without any shattered glass or loud noises. Before we enter, we all make sure our guns have silencers on the end, have plenty of ammo, and are ready for use. After we're all ready, it begins. Silently but rapidly, we work our way through each room inside the warehouse, collecting money and supplies in our duffel bags whilst collectively killing around thirty men as barely any of them are dead before they even realize we're here. After we've cleared the whole warehouse, a wicked smile creeps onto my face as I'm surprised at how smooth everything went. With all the money, valuables and supplies gathered, we start spreading oil before then letting off a match. However, as the smoke floats through the air, a certain part of it behind Santo's man doesn't seem right as it looks as though it's moving around someone but there's no-one there. Suddenly, it clicks in my head but I'm too late as where the peculiar absence of smoke is, Fox suddenly appears and blows the head of Feugo's man clean off. Instantly, I start firing back and shout to the rest of the crew. As we all let off shots at Fox, we retreat and make a runner for it as with our mission completed, there's no reason to risk fighting a super we don't know much about and on top of that, the feds will be around anytime soon. As we rush back to the van, we shout to the driver to get the van ready and after we all quickly jump in the back, we speed off and hastily get away from the crime scene. Thankfully, Fox doesn't chase us and no cops stop us. After Ben and I return to the hideout, I go straight to my office, sit down and evaluate what just happened and what our next step should be. With Fox having seen me, I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until Dada hears about this and is informed that it was my doing. With that said, I sit back and admire my work as we just fired back at Don Dada with an act that could easily evolve into complete anarchy as Ángeles del Infierno and the Trifficante Crime Family fight for the streets of Atlanta. As I sit in my office sipping on whiskey, I revere in the fact that right now, it's spreading through the grapevine that El Hijo Favorito del Diablo just took the first shot of the war.
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With joyful Christmas music blasting out loud to the entire arena. Fans looked towards the entrance ramp intrigued. Wondering what they were going to have to see next. As national icon Soulja Boy would begin to rap. Father Georgemas would emerge from behind the curtain. To a surprising array of cheers. He would be dressed in a full santa costume. With a sack slung over his shoulder. On his way down to the ring he would take presents out of his sack and throw them to the kids in attendance, as well as random men he liked the look of. As he reached the ring, his bag would be empty, he would enter the ring. And readjust his obviously fake beard before talking. “ITS CHRISTMASSSSSSS! Ho! Ho! Ho! I am Father Georgemas, and it is officially the most wonderful time of the year. In just over a month, will be the day that is eagerly anticipated by each and every person in the world. The day where everyone gets presents! And fat people have an excuse to eat even more food. Yes, that is right. Christmas is around the corner. And with that, brings the arrival of me. You see, myself and the elves have been trying hard to make presents all year round. But we need your help to make sure we know who gets the good presents, and who gets the bad presents. So over the next few weeks, stay tuned on me. And together we will make Christmas amazing!” After this short message to the audience, Father Georgemas would leave the ring and begin to go to the back. Merrily singing to himself as he went. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About an hour later, we would again see Father Georgemas, walking around backstage. He would abruptly stop. And peer into a room backstage, where Gunner Flynn would be sat, polishing his Premium Championship belt. Father Georgemas would turn to the camera and begin to talk. “Ah. Gunner Flynn. I have heard about this man. The Premium Champion they say. But, apparently the people aren’t exactly pleased by him. He seems the type to try and spoil Christmas. And well, we can’t really have that can we. I think maybe he might have to be taught a lesson. We might have our first name on the naughty list.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Father Georgemas would walk past the cafeteria for the wrestlers. Upon entering, he would draw rude stares from chefs and other BPZ Wrestlers who were eating. With some people just laughing at him as he sat down. He would pick up a menu. And begin to read it. “Ah. Very standard. Very basic. No mince pies, no cookies, no milk! This is absurd. Wait, whats this. A kids section? For Arrow and Steph. Ahh yesss, I have heard about these two. Apparently they are going to have the living daylight beaten out of them soon. They might not even be awake to see Christmas. Maybe I should leave them something nice though. To cheer them up. Nice list for them.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, Father Georgemas would walk through the parking lot towards his sleigh. Although, as he reached it he realised Rudolph wasn't there. So he waited, and waited. But, before Rudolph would come back, he would spot Mikey entering a posh looking car. Before taking off and driving away, leaving a smokey smell from his exhaust behind. "Hmmm. Nice car that. Not as good as mine obviously. He seems pretty well off for himself. But ugh. That smell, horrendous. I think I recognise him, Mikey. Yes, it has to be the naughty list for him. For sure."
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    Going In BPZ

    I can confirm this is fake news. BPZ doesn't do pay per appearance deals and we certainly wouldn't waste the money on that type of contract with the talent of Mirage
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    There it is. The game that the Pokemon community (along with myself) has labeled as being one of the most difficult challenges for a player. High level trainers, poor encounters, and overall a mental challenge with the speed of the game. Pokemon Platinum is the first game I've ever played, and since playing it for the first time, I've revisited the games many times. I've used different teams, tried different challenges, I've done it all. And now, I think it's the right time for me to start yet another Nuzlocke. But this time, I'd like to share my experience with you all. It'll be hell at least, but I'm gonna give it a shot. Here's what I've been up to so far: Part 1 Alright, the nice Professor Rowan told me some general stuff as if I haven't played the game multiple times already, and then asked for my name and my rival's name. Being the comedic genius I am, I decided to go with a few classics. Hopefully that will play out, hopefully for at least one gag. If not, then it's all in vain. But alas, Rowan says a bit more about Pokemon, and then he magically shrinks me down so I can fit in the town. And while I'm in my room minding my own business and watching some po- TV, Mama sprints up the stairs. I don't know why my mom let him in, but he tells me to meet him outside of the town. My mom warns about the tall grass, and I tell her to piss off and leave the house. Although Mama told me to go to the route, I know to go straight to his house. And sure enough, he sprints right out, colliding with me. Then he sprints off to the route, but wait! The dumbass forgot something again. So I have to haul my small ass into his house and go into his room. And then with a bit of explanation, he runs out again, saying he'll fine me like $10 million if he beats me there. And because he can teleport, he sure does. This guy. Little does he know I'm gonna flawless him for the whole journey. But he wants to go into the grass, but right before he yeets himself in, Rowan yells from like a mile away and he stops. He hobbles his old ass over and explains that we shouldn't be doing this shit and he's too old. Then Mama pulls a sneaky one and says he's "mature" enough to let me get a Pokemon instead of him, and that changes the professor's heart. He says because Mama's so "mature", he'll give us each a Pokemon. Then his assistant, Dawn, struts on over with the mons in the briefcase and we're ready to get down to business. Mama says I can have the first pick because he's so "mature", but basically he wants the type advantage. And bang, that's how far I got. If you've read up until this point, thank you for reading and please leave votes for who'd you like to see as a starter. And for Nuzlockes, you need to give Pokemon nicknames, and I'm unbelievable bad at doing that, or at least for starters. So, if you could fill out the form below, that'd be great. Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup): Why You Chose Then (Trying to help you guys out and make it less of a dribble post): Nickname: I'll pick whichever starter gets the most votes and choose the nickname that appeals the most to me. I'll make longer episodes in the future, but for now this is a start. And also, I'll be uploading the gameplay to YouTube. No volume, just pure gameplay in case you're wondering about anything. I'd also like to thank @Alex Costa for his Pokemon diary which spawned this idea and @FDS for his Pokemon series on YouTube which made me go through with it. Again, thank you all for reading, stay tuned for more.
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    In what has become an annual classic, we at BPZ proudly open up the next in what has been the most exciting event of the year for tag team wrestling. Looking at last years winners, which saw the birth of what is arguably already one of the biggest tag teams in BPZ history in the Big Ballers, the landscape of BPZ has changed drastically. Factions run wild over the federation and this year you can almost expect to see a reflection of that here. Beginning the first week following Survivor Series, the tournament will welcome up to 8 teams, with the finals taking place at Winter Warfare. The winners of the tournament this year, are to be granted a Tag Team Championship opportunity at Night Of Legends in January. The first round will begin December 6th! Official Teams: Bullet Proof(Flynn and Mikey) First Class Express(BIC and Hans) Sickness (Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn) The Notorious Killers (Brad & FDS) The Painmakers (Kieron Black and "The Chancellor" CJ Sellers) JoshsNow and Marker Invictus (KENJI & Arius) The Thundermans (Arrow & Steph)
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling This is a new diary that i came up with and i'm starting with @Gunner Flynn. I thought of this as i started wondering what happened to Lucha Underground and Blackcraft Wrestling. Both promotions had quite the similar style in terms of product but there were still many big differences. This diary takes place in February of 2019 which is a few months after Lucha Underground finished their third season. "The Preacher" (Owner of Blackcraft Wrestling) Blackcraft Wrestling presents a very dark product where a cultist only known as "The Preacher" leads the promotion with his cult and they make every attempt at stopping the "good guys". Packed with violence, hardcore matches and compelling characters Blackcraft Wrestling offers a product like no other wrestling promotion before them. Dario Cueto (Owner of Lucha Underground) Where as Lucha Underground presented a product that was similar to a drama/action series. Lucha Underground at it's prime featured some great wrestling, action, drama and very compelling storylines. Lucha Underground (from what i can recall) was lead by authority figure Dario Cueto who was often involved in storylines and was the best talkers in Lucha Underground. Lucha Underground Blackcraft Wrestling
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    A New Challenger

    Jack Bishop comes out later in the show sitting in the top corner, and begins to laugh. "I'm sorry, what? You think I'm avoiding you? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. No, honestly I forgot you still worked here." The crowd laughs. "I mean honestly, what have you even done in the past year? You sat on a couch with a tiger rug and talked about how much money you have? You're so obsessed with material objects, it's somewhat sad. Are you a furry? Irrelevant. And I'm certainly not afraid of a man so intensely insecure that he has to call himself a king. You can't even spell royalty, you are absolutely not a king. That's definitely not the right word. More like... Ah, yes. A little bitch." The crowd cheers, chanting "Little Bitch, Little Bitch," "You need to get this through your dense, thick skull, Amai. I only speak the truth. You're the one who has to hide behind lies, and money, to make you seem like you actually have balls. Notice how you rushed out of here before I could actually come say something to your face. Because you're scared. You're scared of what I'll do to you when we get in the ring at survivor series. You know that I am the most dangerous person in this division. But okay, Amai. If you really want me to, I will. I'll prove to you that everything I've said is true. I'll open your eyes. See you at Survivor Series."
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    A New Challenger

    For the first time in a while, Amai makes his entrance in the carnage arena, there is a mix of cheers and boos in the crowd, he is looking smarter maybe than he ever has, with his signature scarf, and some dark shades on, he begins to walk down, but he stops. And then two brunette ladies proceed to enter the arena, walking behind him as Amai smugly paces down the ramp, and into the ring, before taking a mic and beginning to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for the warm welcome here tonight; and while I can’t be out having a fancy meal at a luxurious restaurant, I can be out here, talking to you guys face to face, something that a kitty could not possibly do, because he’s afraid, afraid of the audience seeing through his falseness, seeing through that stupid act of his and humiliating him in front of his loved ones. So he hides, away in his stupid little reality where he’s the god, the higher power, the monster among men! But enough of him already, I think that I have made my point and thoughts extremely clear, and I shall not mention this man’s name any more going forward. The crowd starts chanting “CJ Sellers”, as Amai looks around the arena, smirking, as he is about to absolutely shock the word with his next words. No. The crowd is in disbelief, but Amai continues to talk. I have no reason to address that fool, he is nothing but an industry plant placed right by my feet, to try and challenge my attempts at regaining my precious baby. So once again, I shall not mention this man’s name any more going forward. The crowd then begins to chant “Jack Bishop”, and Amai’s smirk turns into a more sadistic smile, with a murderous like emotion on his face, this was the man that he waited to get to. Yes, yes, yes… The crowd reaction switches to cheers, they have identified Amai’s intended target, he puts the mic back to his lips, and begins to speak. Why would you choose to return at such a time? An era of major competition in the NXT division, and then try to avoid the big dog and think that you can just get away with such a deed. I can sense your anxiety, I can feel that you’re nervous, you do not want to step into the ring with the King. Now why is that the case? Is it a lack of self confidence, is it knowing how generic you are, and the sheer thought of being outclassed, making you feel... afraid? Speak to me, tell me what your thoughts are, prove to me that you’re not that sub-par, generic pillock that I am taking you for. PROVE IT TO ME! Telling everyone how good you are at everything is not showing me anything, it is a sign of weakness at the most. I can see right through you Jack, just like all of these so called athletes in this very division. They’re nothing to me, and neither are you… I will defeat you, and then continue to grow my empire of economic success, and laugh in all of your faces while you shine my shoes, and clean my car for me, because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. Amai gently places the mic down onto the floor, before calmly walking backstage, to cheers from the audience, before taunting at the top of the ramp to the appraisal of the crowd.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Tag League: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS The Irish Airborne NJPW begins with the duo of Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy against Jake and Dave Crist of Bullet Club, led by Sami Callihan. Callihan's request for a ladder match against Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom for the United States title has been approved, and he now looks to ensure Bullet Club has a chance to score the Junior Heavyweight tag titles then, as well. In a great match, oVe would prove their incredible ability and get back on the winning track, putting away Tony Nese with a High-Low. With this victory, The Irish Airborne are the first team in the Junior Tag League to break the 10 point barrier, while Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy are now officially eliminated from World Tag League contention, the first team in the tournament to be knocked out. . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS SoCal Uncensored Our first World Tag League match of the night sees the two teams stuck at two points do battle, as Yano and Makabe face off with Scorpio Sky and Kazarian. In a great match, SCU would barely stay alive, as Scorpio Sky ends up putting away Yano with a 450 Splash. SCU now has four points, while the Most Violent Players have been officially knocked out of World Tag League contention. . Junior Tag League: TJP/Drew Gulak VS Suzuki-Gun Our next match in Junior Tag League sees TJP and Drew Gulak do battle with El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, with TJP and Gulak in do ir die territory. However, in a bit of a shock, TJP begins the match by laying down and letting El Desperado pin him, giving Suzuki-Gun the early victory and moving them to 10 points. After the match, TJP and Gulak shake hands with Despy and Kanemaru, and they are joined by the rest of the members of Suzuki-Gun. Though TJP and Gulak have been eliminated from Junior Tag League, they appear to have become the new members of Suzuki-Gun. . World Tag League: Mustache Mountain VS The Mighty Don't Kneel Our next World Tag League match sees Tyler Bate and Trent Seven take on Nick Miller and Shane Thorne, who are desperate to get back on the winning track. In a great bout, Mustache Mountain would pull out another impressive victory, with Tyler Bate putting away Nick Miller with a Tyler Driver '97 and moving up to 10 points. With this loss, The Mighty Don't Kneel are officially eliminated from World Tag League, as well as SoCal Uncensored due to not having enough points to make up their deficit. . Junior Tag League: Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander VS Motor City Machine Guns Our third match of Junior Tag League sees the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champions, the Motor City Machine Guns, do battle with Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. In a great bout, the Guns would score a much-needed victory, with Ali falling to a Made in Detroit. This victory moves the Motor City Machine Guns to nine points, only one point behind the current block leaders, while Ali and Alexander are still in very winnable condition. . World Tag League: Imperium VS Suzuki-Gun The third World Tag League match of the night sees Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel take on Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a great match, Lance Archer keeps the Suzuki-Gun duo alive in World Tag League, pinning Marcel Barthel with the EBD Claw. Both teams now sit at six points, dangerously close to elimination in World Tag League. . Junior Tag League: The Rascalz VS Undisputed Era The second to last match of tonight's Junior Tag League sees Trey and Wentz do battle with the Undisputed Era, both teams looking to break into the double digits. In what has to be considered an upset, Trey and Wentz score the victory over Fish and O'Reilly, with The Rascalz putting away Fish with a Meteora/Swanton Bomb combination. The Rascalz now sit at 10 points, the most surprising performance of the entire Junior Tag League so far. . World Tag League: The Revival VS Guerrillas of Destiny The second to last World Tag League match of the night sees The Revival do battle with the IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a fantastic match, the two teams would run down the clock to a time limit draw. With this, The Revival moves to 11 points, and the Guerrillas now sit at 9. Due to this victory, both Imperium and Suzuki-Gun are now knocked out of World Tag League contention, as they are now just barely unable to make up the deficit. . Junior Tag League: The Young Bucks VS Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo Our final Junior Tag League match of the night sees two former IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champions clash, as former Bullet Club members The Young Bucks do battle with the current Bullet Club tandem of Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo. In a fantastic match, The Young Bucks score a much-needed victory over the Bullet Club tandem, putting away ELP with a Meltzer Driver and moving to seven points, just barely staying alive in the Junior Tag League contention. . World Tag League: Roppongi 3K VS Los Ingobernables de Japon Tonight's main event sees Roppongi 3K do battle with EVIL and SANADA of Los Ingobernables de Japon, with both teams looking to break into the 10 point group. In a fantastic main event, SHO and YOH would pull off the victory, putting away SANADA with 3K and moving up to 10 points. After the match, we see Rocky Romero's close friend, Kazuchika Okada, ask to have the ring. Roppongi 3K obliges, leaving the ring to the Rainmaker. Okada says that he knows Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, and he was impressed by his G1 run, but he won the G1 with less points than anyone else in history. Okada says Bryan may be great, but he isn't untouchable like the Rainmaker, and at Wrestle Kingdom, Daniel Bryan will see exactly why Okada's been the best champion in the world for years. NJPW then signs off after this, displaying the standings for both tag leagues. . Current standings: World Tag League: 11 points: The Revival. 10 points: Mustache Mountain, Roppongi 3K. 9 points: Guerrillas of Destiny. 8 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon. 6 points: Imperium, Suzuki-Gun. 4 points: The Mighty Don't Kneel, SoCal Uncensored. 2 points: Most Violent Players. . Junior Tag League: 10 points: Suzuki-Gun, The Irish Airborne, The Rascalz. 9 points: Motor City Machine Guns. 8 points: Undisputed Era. 7 points: The Young Bucks. 6 points: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo, Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander. 2 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy, TJP/Drew Gulak.
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    Going In BPZ

    No wonder The Dolphins are so shit
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    "ROH Champion Kelly Klein talks about safety - the she lost her job" - Article by Newsweek I wanted to share this article that was released earlier today because unlike a lot of wrestling stories that break outside of the major companies this goes into a lot of detail about the ongoing history of issues within the company, the recent firing of Kelly Klein, relations to talent treatment, medical and with a lot of insider perspective that i feel it is worth the read if you're curious about the whole situation that has started since Joey Mercury spoke out and before. The best thing one could hope for the company at the moment is that management is gutted and people who care are put in charge otherwise it is going to be an interesting 2020 for the company who was already struggling to maintain its place.
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    YEAR 1:RESULTS Super Bowl Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars League MVP: Drew Brees Player Awards: AFC Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Arrow Haskins (QB) Orenthal Gibson (QB) was a runner up in the 2nd position AFC Quarterback Of The Year: Arrow Haskins (QB) AFC Kicker Of The Year: Raven Phillips (K) NFC Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Gunner Foles (QB) Maddrix Delgado (WR) Was Runner Up Player Results Arrow Haskins (QB) (New England Patriots) Probably the best rookie from this season, throwing for an amazing 41 Touchdowns and 4,200 yards, only throwing 14 touchdowns as he lead the New England Patriots to a Divisional Game before losing to the Jaguars. He is for sure going to be a huge player in the Patriots organization, as he would not only become Quarterback Of The Year in the AFC, but the Rookie Of The Year. Gunner Foles (QB) (Arizona Cardinals) Gunner Foles with his rookie partner Maddrix Delgado, threw for a total of 3,600 yards with 27 Touchdowns. He threw less interceptions then Arrow, with 7 interceptions. He didn't have a perfect season, and the Cardinals had a losing season. But next season may be huge, as he now has a NFC Rookie Of The Year under his belt. Orenthal Gibson (QB) (Indy Colts) One of the most interesting draft picks, Gibson would come in early Round 2 and start over veteren Andrew Luck. As he would throw for 29 touchdowns with just 8 interceptions. He would pass for over 4,000 yards and would even put 2 rushing TD on his stat board. As he truly showed his abilities on the field this year. Moxas Kidd (QB) (New York Jets) Kidd would go to the Jets with the mindset of, lets save this team. As he would have the lowest amount of Interceptions by any starter in the NFL, throwing only 4 INTs with 21 TDs. As the Jets defense wuld really struggle, causing the team to go 7-9 on the season as Moxas Kidd looks to find a new team. Austin Mirage (QB)- (Tampa Bay Buccs) Despite looking amazing in his second string role in Alabama, Austin Mirage would start under Jameis Winston in a questionable decision. Mirage would still be able to throw 2 TD passes in one game due to a Winston injury, Mirage is looking to become a starter soon. ___ Sameer Jones (WR) (Green Bay Packers) Becoming the starter on the WR, Sameer Jones would get 100 catches in his first season, 8 of those resulting in TDs as he was a huge team player and was a big reason the Packers made it to the SB. As he would receive a total of just over 1,000 yards and would put his name in as one of the most sought after WR. Maddrix Delgado (WR) (Arizona Cardinals) Just under 1,000 yards in just 74 catches, Maddrix Delgado proved he was the Cardinals best receiver as he received 11 of the 27 TDs his QB, Gunner Jones threw. He would rack up an impressive season and would be 2nd place behind his QB for Offensive Rookie Of The Year. Mikey James (WR) (Tampa Bay Buccs) Mikey James would also get 74 catches, only getting 900 yards with 4 touchdowns. He did not have as impressive of a season as his fellow Rookies. He is a strong case for comeback of the year next year as he continues to work. _______ James Ropati (HB) (Buffalo Bills) The expectations for Ropati would be high, and he would live up to many stories as he would rush for 1,005 yards and 11 TDs. As he wouldn't be the best RB in the league, but he would help his team in many of their wins. Many could blame the lackluster team surrounding Ropati on his numbers, we will just have to wait and see. Barry Sanders Jr. (HB) (Oakland Raiders) The same story, Barry Sanders Jr. would have just over 1,000 yards rushing with just under 300 rush attempts. Scoring 11 TDs as he allowed was apart of the 3-13 Raiders, which failed under a subpar Derek Carr and defense, Barry Sanders Jr. has requested a trade. _______ HR Pufnstuf (DE) (Cincinnati Bengals) HR Pufnstuf would be a dominant force on the Bengals, racking up 44 tackles and gaining 6 sacks in the season as he would force 3 fumbles and be one of the major reasons the Bengals had the 3rd ranked defense in the league. Despite the defenses efforts, the offense would keep the Bengals from making playoffs. Zeke Johnson (DE) (Carolina Panther) Despite being outshined by fellow teammate Luke K. Zeke Johnson would rack up 7 sacks on his QB opponents and get a total of 42 tackles in total. Forcing 2 fumbles on the season as the Panthers would make the wildcard game before losing, as Zeke Johnson will only continue to improve. ________ Bailey Justin (CB) (Indy Colts) Bailey Justin would come into the league as the first round pick, a CB at that, a huge shock. As the colts took a big gamble, and it didn't really pay off atleast in his first season. As Justin would only rack up 3 INTs throughout his 4 games, as he would sprain his forearm, and then ankle, in his rookie season preventing him to make any sort of huge impact. _____ Raven Phillips (K) (Bengals) Being signed from Free Agency, Raven Phillips would join the Bengals and would make 18/20 field goals on the season, his longest being 56 yards. As he did not miss a single one of his 38 extra point attempts as he was truly one of the best kickers in the entire league. Koala Dundee (K) (Jaguars) The Super Bowl Champion! Koala Dundee would be signed by the Jaguars in Week 2 and would go 97% on extra point attempts, and 85% in Field Goal attempts over all. He would make three field goals in the Super Bowl and is a sure fire big star as a kicker YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP!
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    YEAR 0:DRAFT DAY Super Bowl Winner: New England Patriots Heisman Trophy Winner: James Ropati Bailey Justin - Indy Colts @bailey14 CB out of Ohio State; Round 1, Pick 1 Mikey James - Tampa Bay Buccaneers @Mikey WR out of Texas A&M; Round 1, Pick 2 James Ropati - Buffalo Bills @Ropati4 HB Out Of Oklahoma: Round 1, Pick 3 Gunner Foles - Arizona Cardinals @Gunner Flynn QB Out Of USC, Round 1, Pick 6 Moxas Kidd - New York Jets @Dr.X QB Out Of Louisville, Round 1, Pick 8 HR Pufnstuf - Cincinnati Bengels @Arius LE Out Of Dragonworld, Round 1, Pick 12 Aaron Nero - Detroit Lions @Aaron North TE Out Of Wisconsion - Round 1, Pick 14 Barry Sanders Jr - Oakland Raiders HB Out Of Clemson - Round 1, Pick 16 Sameer Jones - Green Bay Packers @Sameer WR Out Of Yale - Round 1, Pick 30 Arrow Haskins - New England Patriots @ArrowGargano QB out Of Notre Dame - Round 1, Pick 32 Maddrix Delgado - Arizona Cardinals @Maddrix2900 WR Out Of Wake Forest - Round 2, Pick 5 Zeke Johnson - Carolina Panthers @Toxik431 DE Out Of Texas - Round 2, Pick 6 Orenthal Gibson - Indy Colts @Hans QB Out Of His Moms Apartment - Round 3, Pick 1 Austin Mirage - Tampa Bay Bucs @Toxik431 QB Out Of Alabama - Round 3, Pick 2 UNDRAFTED Raven Phillips @Meko750 (Raven) K Koala Dundee @Arius K ROOKIE TEAM-UPS Orenthal Gibson (QB) and Bailey Justin (CB) - Indy Colts Gunner Foles (QB) and Maddrix Delgado (WR) - Arizona Cardinals Austin Mirage (QB) and Mikey James (WR) - Tampa Bay Bucs
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    WWE: The New Era

    SmackDown Episode 31 John Cena VS ??? (Intercontinental championship open challenge) This edition of SmackDown kicks off hot with a John Cena Intercontinental title open challenge, the first match of an all championship matches edition of SmackDown. Cena's challenger would then reveal himself as... New Day member Kofi Kingston! In a great bout, Kofi would take Cena to the limit, but he would be overpowered by Cena, falling to an Attitude Adjustment. Cena would shake Kofi's hand after the match, impressed by the New Day member's performance, and celebrate another successful title defense. . Smackdown then cuts backstage to Shane McMahon's office, where he's joined by SmackDown women's champion, Charlotte. Charlotte is livid about her loss to Bayley at Survivor Series, and she demands a rematch with the RAW women's champion. Shane agreed with Charlotte about being angry that she lost, as her victory would've cemented the victory for SmackDown. He then follows up by saying that he can't give her Bayley, but he can make her defend her title against the winner of a number one contender's match next week. Charlotte storms out of the office in anger, but a huge match for next week has just been made. . Before our next match, we see a quick hype video for the former NXT women's champion, Asuka. It displays her incredible undefeated streak and unprecedented NXT women's title reign, and if Asuka is in fact coming to SmackDown, everyone in the SmackDown women's division needs to keep an eye out. . The Wyatt Family VS The Hardy's (SmackDown tag team titles) Our second of three title matches tonight sees Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt take on the SmackDown tag team champions, The Hardy's. In a great match, The Hardy's would retain their gold after putting away Bo Dallas with an extreme combination, racking up another successful defense. . SmackDown then cuts backstage to Shane McMahon, who announces that next week will see the start of a WWE championship number one contender's tournament to decide Pete Dunne's challenger for Roadblock. As he says this, he's joined by Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher, who tell Shane that they appreciate the time off he granted British Strong Style after they carried SmackDown at Survivor Series. Bate and Gallagher tell Shane that they know when they want to win the SmackDown tag titles, and they want to do it at Roadblock. Shane McMahon accepts their proposal, and British Strong Style shakes his hand before exiting. . The Riott Squad VS The IIconics (SmackDown women's tag team titles) Tonight's main event sees the recently debuting Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan attempt to wrest the SmackDown women's tag team titles from Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, the IIconics. In a great main event, the Riott Squad would show that they are here to take SmackDown by storm, with Liv Morgan putting away Billie Kay with a Reverse Roundhouse Kick and scoring the SmackDown women's tag team titles. SmackDown closes with the Riott Squad celebrating their victory, the culmination of an impactful three weeks.
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    The Doctor's Prescription

    We are here on Carnage, still on the road to Survivor Series. The crowd is on fire, still excited for the No DQ match to come from FDS and Raven when suddenly the lights go dark. He is HERE. Making his first public appearance its Dr.X. The only word we got from him is he stepped up to challenge Arius for the Intercontinental Championship when no none else would, but other then that we no nothing of the self-dubbed “Doctor”. He gets into the ring asks for a mic. He is handed one promptly by a slightly afraid time-keeper who hurries back to his seat. He begins to speak in a lower pitched voice, obviously to hide who he is. You see that people? That’s called fear. That is exactly what every person in that locker room was feeling when they were asking for contenders for IC. Not a single one of them raised their hand, scared of challenging what to them seemed a god in the ring. Everyone but me. See, win or lose this match is good for me. Let’s me break in the suit, lets me get the blood flowing, it lets me prepare for my real goal, my real pursuit. You see, as nice as becoming Intercontinental Champion would be, and don't get me wrong im still showing up to win Arius so don’t slack off, that’s not what im aiming for. I am aiming for the North American Championship.I am aiming for Kenji. So I figured, what better way to prepare to go for the North American Championship, then to square-off with the most prominent former champion? So, for those of you in the back listening, those wondering who’s behind the mask, those training for the NA title shot, the management team ready to just chose money over opportunity and throw Slim into the North American Title race, listen up and listen good. At Winter Warfare its gonna be The Dragon of BPZ, The Resonator, The Current North American Champion Kenji….VERSUS The Doctor of Animus, Hate's Incarnate, The soon-to-be NEW North American Champion, Dr.X. The crowd may not know who the Doctor is, but they are cheering and loving the energy he is bringing. Now I know there are some back there who disagree with that future, and want to do every thing in their power to change it. To them i say come on out, speak whats on your chest, show me and everyone your dream. Come on down and reach for the stars. It will make it that more fun when i look down from them and kick your ass back in the dirt. Dr.X waves his hand at the stage entrance, mouthing “Come on” before going and sitting in an unusual way on the ropes.
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    War Between Worlds

    Season 5 | Episode 2 | "The Untamable" MVP Is Bringing The Untamable To Lucha Underground At the end of last week's show, we saw MVP enter the new host of the Temple, Alberto Del Rio's office. Now, we return to see what went down between these two. MVP: "Del Rio, I heard you've taken over the reins here in the Temple." Alberto Del Rio: "Then you have heard correctly. Is there something I can help you with? I haven't got much time for non-sense at the moment." MVP: "Don't worry brother, I understand. You're the new host, you've got a lot of pressure on you right now, especially with WWE breathing over your shoulder, but I'm here to propose a way to alleviate some of those pressures. See, in my almost twenty years in this industry, I've traveled around the world and competed against the best talents our sport has to offer. Now, I'm here in Lucha Underground to bring you those talents. Throughout my journeys, I've been working on a plan of mine, a plan to create an international brand that represents and provides the best fighters in the world. Del Rio, what I am offering to you is exclusive access to my brand, UNTAMABLE." Alberto Del Rio: "That's all fine and sounds really exciting but how am I supposed to trust you? What do you have to show that will make me want to invest in your brand?" MVP: "Actually, I'm happy you asked that." After pitching his business proposition to Del Rio, MVP is given the opportunity to show Del Rio why he should invest in the 'UNTAMABLE' brand. Therefore, MVP pokes his head back out the door and signals for someone to enter. As they do, the camera cuts to Del Rio with the only part of the MVP's fighter being shown is his foot... His barefoot. With the camera on Del Rio, he smirks, shocked that MVP managed to sign such a high caliber talent. Alberto Del Rio: "Muy bien Mr. Porter, I think we've got the first half of tonight's main event." Jordan Devlin vs Sin Cara After an eventful beginning to the show, we return to ringside as we get set for the first bout of the night. In singles competition, 'The Irish Ace' Jordan Devlin takes on one of the most notable luchadores to make the jump from Mexico to the WWE, Sin Cara. As Ireland and Mexico clash in the form of these two fighters, the contrast in fighting styles becomes apparent, with Devlin's approach being much brasher and Sin Cara's involving a lot more finesse. In the end, unlike his friend Kalisto, Sin Cara is able to come out victorious in his Lucha Underground debut. Winner: Sin Cara Another Illustrious Heritage Enters The Temple Now, we join three men inside the depths of the Temple, they stand with each other but none of there faces are revealed. Suddenly, the door to the room they are in opens as in walks Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio: "Mi amigos, how are we all?" After Del Rio greets the men, their faces are revealed as Humberto and Angel of the Garza Family alongside Raul Mendoza. Alberto Del Rio: "I'm so glad to have the newest generation of the prestigious Garza Family in the Temple, as well as your newest accomplice, Mendoza." Angel Garza: "I can imagine you are. Now, have you found a worthy opponent for Humberto yet? You don't want a disappointing main event on your second show as host, right?" With Angel instigating that Humberto is already set to compete in tonight's main event, Del Rio smiles at the three men as he knows he has an opponent certainly worthy of the spot, thanks to MVP. Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Fénix In the second bout of the second episode of the new Lucha Underground, two fighters who we've seen compete inside the Temple before and who have won Lucha Underground gold in the past would return as Rey Fénix goes one on one with Chavo Guerrero of the legendary Guerrero Family. With both men looking to gain momentum in their returns to the Temple, these two would put on a terrific performance as Chavo looks to capitalize on what may be his last opportunity to be at the top of the mountain whilst Fénix looks to capitalize on the fact that right now, he's entering his prime. In the end, Fénix is victorious and celebrates a big win early on the new era of Lucha Underground. Winner: Rey Fénix Devlin Is Introduced To A New Face In the Temple's lockerroom, Jordan Devlin is packing his gear away and getting ready to leave after a disappointing outcome to his match earlier tonight. However, he is stopped by someone that not many will recognize but for those that do, it is an exciting moment to see 'The King of Smoke Style' Bobby Gunns here in Lucha Underground. With a cigarette between his lips, Gunns begins to talk with his German accent and raspy voice very prominent. Bobby Gunns: "Hello there Irish Ace. Who am I? I'm the young stunner, the king of smoke style, Bobby Gunns. Whilst you were becoming number one in Ireland, I was just over the channel making myself known in Germany, fighting alongside some of the roughest and most passionate in our business but now, our paths meet here in the Temple." Jordan Devlin: "That's great, fella, but what do you want?" Bobby Gunns: "Nothing, just to introduce myself. Oh, and just remember this for me: smoking kills, but Bobby Gunns is killer." After an odd altercation, Gunns casually takes one last drag of his cig before throwing it on the floor, stamping on it and extending his hand to Devlin. At first, Devlin hesitates but eventually, he does take the handshake, still unsure of Gunns' intentions. Nevertheless, Gunns then leaves nonchalantly as Devlin goes back to packing his things. Humberto Carrillo vs Matt Riddle As we head into our main event, as was revealed earlier, Humberto Carrillo enters as the first participant with his cousin, Angel Garza, and close friend, Raul Mendoza, not far behind him. Next, MVP steps out and hypes up his first official signing to the UNTAMABLE brand before revealing him as... MATT RIDDLE! The Original Bro makes his way out to the Temple's ring as the crowd explodes in excitement! In an incredible match between two of the best at their respective fighting styles, we see Carrillo and Riddle absolutely tare each other apart. With each man trying to put their name at the top of the pecking order early on here in the Temple, the contest turns out to be extremely competitive as both men give their all. Nonetheless, in the end, it is indeed Matt Riddle of MVP's UNTAMABLE Brand who prevails as victorious. Winner: Matt Riddle Aerostar's Mission Continues As it seems as though the show is over, suddenly we join Aerostar in an undisclosed location and because we are late into the night, it is hard to identify the surroundings but it we are able to see that Aerostar is walking with precaution down an alleyway. As he approaches a door, he gently opens it, slips in and then closes the door behind him. Inside, he goes straight to the second door on the right and walks straight in, only coming to a stop once he has entered. From there, Aerostar looks past the camera as if there is someone there. Aerostar: "The rumours are true, Lucha Underground has returned, they have a brand new Temple and Alberto is now the host. Here, we are safe but we're going to have to wait for the right time to get justice and for you to take back what was stolen from you." Once Aerostar has finished reporting back to whoever he is talking to, he extends his hand as we see him share a handshake with his acquaintance but all we see of the anonymous person is their hand, which visibly is that of a man. With that, Aerostar exits and the second episode of the new era of Lucha Underground comes to an end.
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    Introducing the Characters: Here are the first 5 characters right now by Alphabetic order Aaron North - While Aaron did suffer from not selecting a Dojo (Hence the bad rolls to Basics, Psycholoy and Safety), he's got pretty strong rolls in Brawling, Submission and his Entertainment skills in general. He will work the entire world thus there is the possibility of him hopefully going to a WWE dev especially with those Entertainment skills. Ark Spinel - Ark comes via the Dragon Gate Dojo and as a result he will be wrestling for the Japanese promotion. A very talented in ring performer he could become one of the top Juniors in the world. However his Entertainment skills might hold him off from being picked up by WWE or TNA unless they vastly improve. Arrow Thunderman - Trained by the great Harley Race, it seems Arrow failed to grasp the Basics of wrestling that well however he did get some other solid levels. His mic skills though are said to have caused Harley to have to replace all the windows in his Gym of how atrocious they were. We shall see how WLW uses him. Bart Hoogveld - Bart Hoogveld is the most recent protege of Lance Storm. While again his Basics and Stamina aren't up there, there is a feeling he is a future star in the making if he can improve on that and his Charisma. His mic skills are top and he is a pretty solid wrestler overall. Epic - One of the two products coming through the CZW Academy Epic has a big future ahead of him with many feeling he will soon be a WWE hopeful. The only thing holding him back could be his inconsistency. However Epic is proving to be a pretty solid brawler with Charisma to spare.
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    The GOAT Plays as out through the Crowd Bailey walks out and over the Barricade into the Ring with a microphone in hand. He walks around for a bit before finally speaking. Screw it, I ain't got nothing better to do... BOBBY,........... I CHALLENGE YOU TO A UNSANCTIONED FIGHT AT SURVIVOR SERIES. No Rules, No Refs, No Match, No Winners. Just a Straight up fight! I can't attack your little buddy Slim....Just yet because I have to team with him of course. But that doesn't mean i can't break every bone in his nothing but a brain dead Bodyguard. You Crossed the wrong man Bobby. Now I am going to make you Fu*king pay by beating and destroying you from limb to limb. You started this fight and now I will end it. So what ya say Bobby, Will you grow some Balls and FIGHT ME at Survivor Series? Hell we can fight right fu**ing now if you want. I ain't got nothing better to do than to whoop your sorry ass. Bailey drops the mic, challenging Bob to come out and accept his challenge
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    You Really really disappointed me. Here i was thinking that you were the next Giant, The next Monster of BPZ. THE ACE IN THE HOLE. Turns out your just a fu*king coward. Blah blah blah. You know bob I could of closed my ears and not listened to anything you said. And still would of known exactly what were you were gonna spew out of your mouth. Because i have heard the same boring, washed up, stupid ass Promo now from all you guys for the last 4 Years. You came out here and didn't impress me at all. Nothing you said was anything new or original. It's all the same crap everyone in the back says to try to convince themselves that they are better than me. In the what 6 months you have been here already you have done 1 relevant thing this whole time and that was attack me from behind like a little bitch. You are no different than any other new guy that has came to this company. There is nothing special about you. There is nothing unique about you at all. You made 1 ballsy move to get yourself noticed. It's just very sad that, that 1 move sealed your fate. What you did to me, you don't get away with. You don't win in the end, just ask Flynn. You keep claiming that I am breaking down each and everyday. But that's not the case i am perfectly fine. I completely see clearly and We both know your time is coming Bob. I challenged you. I Came out here and gave you the chance to step up and face me man to man. You failed. Your an absolute joke and coward. You are a fraud. Eventually Your little Buddy Slim will see that and dump you in the garbage just like he has done with many, many others in the plenty of stables hes been in. As you said it Bobby. I get what I want. I do what I want when I want. Me challenging you was just to see what type a Man i was actually dealing with. My mind is made up. Whether you like it or not You will see me at Survivor Series. We will come Face to Face. And I will kick your ass around the whole arena. You can't hide from me. You can't run from me. You can't avoid me. I am coming for you Bobby and I will take you out. Your on my Time bitch and TIMES FU*KING UP.. Bailey drops the mic and immediately exits the ring and goes through the crowd to leave the arena.
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    As Bailey stands in the ring waiting for a response we finally get an answer as we hear Bob Spark’s theme hit and he appears on the stage with a mic in his hand. He looks at Bailey as he laughs at him. The crowd is booing Bob still as they clearly have not forgot about the hWo quite yet. The camera cuts to Bailey who looks at him with a stern and somewhat annoyed expression as Bob begins to speak. Now would you look who it is, the so called Great One is here and he has nothing better to do then call out Bob Sparks. Or well that is what he wants us to think right. Now Bailey I know these people aren't smart and I know that you understand that even if you choose not to admit it. You come out here and you try and twist things in a way that makes it seem as if you are doing me a favor here by saying that you have nothing better to do. Well let me shed some light to you and all of these people, the simple fact Bailey is that you are no longer relevant around here anymore. Cause young guys like myself are taking spots from old worthless pieces of crap like you. Now you are trying to keep that spot by taking out as much young talent as possible but trust me Bailey you aren't gonna do that to me. Bailey stands in the ring laughing at Bob as the crowd boos him. Bob looks at them as he rolls his eyes. He seems to be fed up with the crowd after his past few appearances and their overused chants and their insignificant boos directed at him. Bob waits a bit to let them settle down before beginning to talk once again. Would you look at that, you people never change do you. You people can’t handle the truth and that shows in the ones you look toward. Take that old ass has been in the ring for example. Let's just talk about the hWo incident you people talk about so much. Bailey turns up and it’s his big return he is so excited to finally be relevant once again in this company. He gets down to the ring beats some people down and he is on top of the world right. Well, some say you need to feel pain to experience happiness. Well in my eyes it works the opposite. You see Bailey I let you have your few minutes of glory before I stabbed you and your weak ass hWo bullshit in the back. I took a steel chair and beat your boys down then I along with Slim beat your ass into the ground. You see what I did to the hWo was something your mother should have done to you all those years ago. Bob Sparks the man standing before you aborted the hWo! Bailey looks furious in the ring as Bob is met with heavy boos from the crowd. We see Bob grin on the ramp as clearly he struck a chord with Bailey and this crowd. Bob begins to laugh as eventually the crowd calms down allowing him to speak again. Now that I have brought us back to reality Bailey let me address your challenge. In simple terms, my answer is NO! Now I can see you are a bit upset my this Bailey and I know it’s got to be rough for you as this is the first time in your career that you have not gotten what you want. But let me assure you Bailey, you and I we will meet someday. Survivor Series though is not that day, you see unlike yourself I have better things to do. So you can run around here for the next few weeks acting like a Badass version of yourself trying your best to hide those insecurities you have deep down but when it comes down to it. A Bad Ass Bailey is no match for a normal Bob Sparks. So Bailey I want you to keep thinking about this. I want you to keep thinking about how much you want to fight. How much you want to beat my ass. Because when you do all this thinking and all of this fantasizing about me, I will be watching. Watching you slowly break down more and more each day. By the pure thought that you still haven't got your hands on me. The more you think, the more doubt will start to creep in. The thoughts of how much time you really have left, the thought of are you good enough anymore, and the thought that Bob Sparks is going to beat your ass when the time comes around. So Bailey, it might not be tonight and it might not be at Survivor Series that we come face to face. But I guarantee you, when the time runs out trust me in that I will make sure you know. Bob then grins at Bailey before walking backstage. Bailey stands in the ring a bit confused and a bit annoyed at what Bob had to say. Bailey is left in the ring with his thoughts as Bob Sparks makes his way to the back.
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    Part 2 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we are back with some more Pokemon Platinum! Last time I left off, about to choose my starter. And after some input from you guys (thank you to all who voted and apologies FDS), I decided to go with the fire type Pokemon, Chimchar. All three guys made this run about 20x easier now, because we have a fire type! Awww, isn't he cute? Mama doesn't agree, so he chooses Piplup, a counter to Chimchar, at least for now. Dawn and Rowan take their leave to Sandgem Town and Mama challenges me to a battle. Alright so, time to begin the sweeps of his time. Alright we'll just- wait a second. I CAN EXPLAIN! I really didn't think him growling me to my lowest point would work, but it did. Perhaps I was a bit unlucky to get no crits, but sometimes it happens like that. But luckily for me, the official rules of a Nuzlocke are it doesn't begin until you receive your first Pokeball to catch wild Pokemon in. Therefore, I'm still good to go. So yeah, I teleport home in defeat, my mom heals me, and then BLESSES ME WITH RUNNING SHOES! YES! Now that the game is thrice as fast, I go back to the place where I lost my first battle. Mama is chilling there like a fucking goon, not moving an inch since I lost. He says we should go to the lake and capture the legendary spirits to repay Rowan, but when we arrive, we find the team Galatic boss, Cyrus, looking out at the lake and talking to himself. He does this literally every time you see him in the game, and it's really quite annoying. But yeah, Mama realizes we have no Pokeballs, so he then says "fuck it" and runs to Sandgem Town, racing me again. With his teleportation powers, I once again lose, but I gain some valuables things along the way. First off, we get some good experience while scratching/burning some innocent birds and beavers, along with some annoying bugs. Second, we get a potion from the nice lady in the grass near the town, bless her. And last but not least, I remembered the emulator thing I'm running the game on has a speedup option! So now everything's going four times as fast, and it's sooo good. But alas, we make it to Sandgem Town, and Dawn's waiting for us. She takes us into the lab, and after Rowan reads off a fucking essay about Pokemon, I get to choose the nickname of the Chimchar. And it is, drumroll please... Wukong! I've gone with Alex's name as I really like the character Wukong and Infernape is gonna be a pretty cool representation of it. I liked Fuego and Mojojojo, but I think Wukong is a name that is worthy of the leader of the party. So after that's done, Rowan and Dawn pelt me with a few more facts and we're finally free! Just kidding, Rowan yells at me while standing right in my eye like the weird old man he is. But his intentions are good, and he rewards me with TM 27 (my favorite number), Return. I won't be using it on Wukong (or at least just yet) because TM's in Platinum are single use. I'm hoping to get a Pokemon like Buneary or Cleffa who are normal types and evolve from happiness so the move will be effective on them. Rowan finally leaves Dawn and I alone for some, haha, quality guiding! She shows me the center and the mart like I've never heard of Pokemon before, and then she fucks off to the route above to wait for me. Meanwhile, I bypass the system and enter the mart and purchase some Pokeballs. And with that, the Nuzlocke has officially begun. Here are the rules (I'll post at the beginning of every episode): Nuzlocke Rules 1. Any fainted Pokemon is considered dead (cannot be used again) 2. Can only catch the first Pokemon the appears on a route (with species and shiny clause) 3. Must nickname all caught Pokemon 4. No legendaries/traded Pokemon (can only catch) 5. If all Pokemon in the party faint, they are considered dead, but others in the PC can still be used to continue the playthrough 6. These rules are not enforced until the first Pokeball is obtained And there it is. I'll maybe add a few more to this such as limiting the amount of items I can use in battle or setting the battle mode to set, but I think this is fair for now. I'm not the best player of Pokemon, and these little conveniences help me out a lot. But yeah, I got my Pokeballs! So I go back to the previous route and get my first encounter, and I'm pleased to say it's a level 3 male Starly! Starly is a great Pokemon to start with as it learns the move Wing Attack at level 9, a 60 power physical move that is essentially 90 power because of STAB (Same Type Attack Boost/Bonus). In evolves at the low level of 14 into Staravia and does a good job at taking out the second gym. I ultimately decided to name it... Star Squared! I know that's not what it really says, but I'm gonna call him that. Afterward, I go back to the lake and rustle around in the grass near the lakeside a bit, and I find the other Pokemon I was looking for: Bidoof. I caught the level 4 female easily, and debated over it's name for a long, long time. I wanted a Bidoof because it learns the HM's Rock Smash and Cut, which is very, very good for the early game. These two moves are really bad, and I don't want them on anyone who's going to be a mainstay. HM's are moves that you need to remove obstacles in game, like bushes you cut with the move Cut. You cannot replace them, and they are usually poor moves (at least the first couple). So of course, I named my Bidoof... Uh yeah. I don't even know if this is allowed, but that's exactly what Bidoof will be: my HM slave and nothing more. Perhaps it would've been more tasteful to add HM before, but nahhh. And that's really all I did. I grinded my team a little and got Wukong up to level 8 and Star Squared up to 6. That's all for now, thank you all for reading! I'll have the next episode up as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who submitted a reply to the first episode with a starter, I hope you all are looking forward to more!
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 3 The episode kicks off as we see Brenden back in Sameer’s apartment. He seems to be alone however as Sameer is nowhere to be seen. He is just sitting there watching another painful 76ers game as they are once again getting blown out. This time by the Charlotte Hornets. Brenden sits on the couch a bit upset as we hear a knock on the front door. Brenden gets up a bit confused as he has no clue who would be knocking this late at night. Sameer was gonna be out for the rest of the night as he had picked up a night shift at the local Walmart to bring in some cash. Brenden looks through the peephole and Sheri is standing there masquara staining her face as she has clearly been crying. Why would she come and see Sameer though, why him out of everyone? Brenden: What the hell? Is that Sheri, she does not look in good shape. Brenden quickly opens the door as Sheri looks at him in shock. No one in the Pizza Place has seen Brenden for a while now as Sheri just looks at him confused. The feeling is mutual as Brenden looks at Sheri with the masquara pouring down her face, her hair frizzy and over the place, and she keeps grabbing at her shoulder for some reason. Sheridan: Brenden, what are you doing here? I was expecting to see Sameer, is he home? Brenden shakes his head no as they two just look at each other confused, both in rough shape, both in their own ways. Brenden motions for her to come in as the two sit on the couch as the two begin to talk about what is going on here and why they are both at Sameer’s. Brenden: Well I was not really expecting company tonight but I guess now that you’re here you deserve an answer on why I kind of disappeared from all of you. So yeah me and Keeley got into a fight earlier this week about some feminism bullshit so I am chilling with Sameer for a few days and lying low for a bit. I am letting the tension between me and Keeley cool off for now at least. Sheridan looks at him and grins a bit as she is a bit of a femisnisnt herself but she decides it is not worth the argument as she lets it slide. Sheridan then takes a look around the apartment as it is a bit of a mess. She then eventually begins to talk. Sheridan: Well I guess I should tell you why I am here then. So I know that you’re not a big fan of office romance but me and Sameer have been talking for a while and things are actually going pretty good. Now I know I am engaged to Ropati at the moment but to be honest I don’t think he is the one. Sameer he, he is just different. Sameer is nice to me, and I think that he genuinely cares about me. Where Ropati honestly only thinks of me as a toy, if he did not have all of that money believe me I would be long gone by now. So yeah I know that Sameer is friends with you and this is probably a bit weird to hear but I am just telling you what’s going on. Brenden looks at her a bit shocked but he smiles. That goes away pretty quick though as Brenden looks a bit upset as he looks at Sheridan once again. He looks at the masquara all down her face and how she keeps grabbing her shoulder over and over. Brenden: Okay listen Sheridan, I want you to be honest with me. Before you came here, did...did Ropati hurt you? Is this the one who did this to you? Sheridan begins to cry as Brenden pulls her close as she rests her head on his chest. Sheridan continues to cry for a fair bit of time before she eventually begins to get some words out, as she talks about what happened between her and Ropati earlier that night. Sheridan: We..we went out for a few drinks at the local bar like we do every friday night you know. But something was different tonight...he was angry. We got home and he started calling me awful things and he started to throw things. He then grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away but he pulled on my arm not letting me away from him. I heard my shoulder pop and that is when I started to cry. He kept yelling and I fell to the ground he then dragged me to the bedroom… Brenden then cuts Sheridan off as he can’t bear to hear anymore. Brenden and Sheri just hug for a while as Sheri is bawling her eyes out and we see some tears even roll down Brenden’s face as he can’t even imagine someone he is that close to being hurt like that. Brenden: Sheri, I am so sorry that asshole did that to you. I might have something that helps soothe your pain though. It has always helped me out a bit, well we can’t tell any of the staff about that but me and Sameer do this all the time and it makes for a great time. Really makes you forget about the bad shit if you know what I mean. We see Brenden reach into a cabinet in the kitchen and pull out a bong. Sheridan looks at him and smiles. The two then take turns as we see both of their moods lifted a bit but everything changes when Brenden leans in and kisses Sheridan! Sheridan though doesn't push him away instead she pulls him closer. The two would begin to make out on the couch but Brenden would stop for a second as he thinks about what he is doing. Brenden would look over at the wall as he sees a picture of Sameer on the wall but instead of stopping he takes off his shirt as the two head off to Sameer’s bedroom. Brenden and Sheridan would spend the rest of the night in that room with Sheridan leaving before Sameer came home in the morning. Everything would seem normal too, well until the secret was spilled but Keeley who ended up finding out later on. As the cameras cut away we suddenly see Brenden wake up in his prison bed covered in sweat and extremely stressed out. Brenden would just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about what he did that night and thinking about what would have happened if he never answered that door? Would he still have a friend in Sameer? Would his wife still be alive and happy? The cameras then cut away as Brenden is left with his thoughts. We hear a school bell ring as we see Arrow walking in the hallways heading to his first class. He is not alone though as he is walking with Paris. The two are holding hands as it seems for the first time ever the kids at school are noticing them. The kids though are giving them dirty looks as they head to class. Arrow gets a bit upset by this but as he looks over at Paris she is just laughing. Arrow: You seem to be in a good mood for 7:30 in the morning, what’s so funny? Paris looks at Arrow as she smiles, Arrow smiles back as it seems like Arrow is finally enjoying his time in High School. At least for the first time in a long time. Arrow clenches on to Paris’ hand a bit more and it is clear why as we see Icon, Akki, and Mikey walking toward them. Paris: Don’t worry about them Arrow. They aren't going to do anything to you here. Plus I don’t think they want Julius coming after them anytime soon. Well then again I am first in line in kicking all 3 of their asses if they come after you again. Arrow smiles as he doesn't even notice that the cliq walked past him without saying a word. Arrow looks a bit shocked as him and Arrow keep on walking around the hallways of the school. Arrow and Paris would kiss before he dropped her off for her art class as he would head off to math in what has been a great start to his day. The cameras then cut away as we cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is close to opening. We cut to inside the Pizza Place as we see the staff sitting there as Bailey has called a meeting before the shop opens. Bailey looks to be changing things up a bit as he the staff seems to be a bit confused by this as they don’t really hold meetings. Well up until the incident at least. Bailey: Well I'm gonna be straight up with you all. Brenden let a lot of shit slide when he was in charge here with all this drama bullshit. Well guess what we are going to change that. So if you have an issue come to me and we will handle it together. We are a family here and we are going to be that way for as long as I am in charge. So get to know your co workers cause shit around here is going to change. And it is going to change for the better. We then see the staff look around at eachitget as Bailey walks back to the kitchen. Everyone seems to be handling this well. Well until the camera cuts over to Bart. We just seem him looking out the window. He just stares off into the distance as he was unaware of everything that Bailey had said. We then cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is now open. We see Sheridan serving tables alone. Well that is till Sameer walks out and helps her. This time though he did not volunteer as Bailey forced him to. Sameer clearly doesn't look happy as Sheridan walks up to him with a grin. Sheridan: Hey, Sameer glad you could help out. I know things between us aren't great but I'm glad you are still willing to help me out. Sameer looks at her as he looks pissed off. Sameer just looks at her as he begins to let Sheri know how he truly feels once again. Sameer: Listen I didn't come out here because I wanted to ok. Lets get that straight. Bailey made me come out here because of his anti drama campaign he has going on. I would be happy to sit in the back and watch you struggle. Cause you know what you deserve to struggle you hoe. This is why Ropati beats you and you'll never be more than a one night stand to not only Brenden but to me as well. Sheridan just looks at Sameer as we see some tears start to roll down her face as she looks like she is about to break down again. She then storms off as she goes back to waiting tables. Sameer stands there but this time he seems to be feeling a bit regretful of what he said. The cameras then cut away as Sameer is looking at Sheridan almost in a blank stare before he focuses back up and walks off. We then cut to the First Class Express as we see them driving around. The night is almost over as they only have one delivery left. Hans though looks at the delivery address and is confused. Hans: BiC I don't know if this is the right address. It takes us down to the cemetery. You think this is some sort of prank or something by the guys in the kitchen. BiC then looks over at Hans and the address and sees what he is talking about. He looks at Hans who is scared as he just smiles. He then begins to talk as Hans looks a bit surprised at Hans being so calm about this. BiC: Nah we good. Look Bailey said he didn't want none of that drama going around the workplace anymore. So this has got to be real. If we see anything fishy from the distance we will just drive past alright. Everything will be alright. We see Hans and BiC keep driving for a bit as they eventually come near the graveyard. They look for a bit as they eventually see a cross burning in the back. Hans and BiC just look at each other as they keep driving. Hans: Well I never knew the KKK were fans of Pizza… As Hans and BiC drive off we see the cameras zoom into toward the cross as we see a group of men sitting under it. Toxik is with them! Toxik: Sorry about the wait guys, the Pizza should be here soon. Just hope youre ready to kill the ones who deliver it. The cameras then cut away as we cut away as we slowly fade away from the burning cross that is alone their is the pitch black of the graveyard. A bit of a weird night for the Pizza Place but then again is there every really a normal night at BPZ Pizza? We cut to a new scene that we haven't seen before we are in Julius’ home as he seems to be in his attic. Julius is digging around looking for something. Julius pushes a box over frustrated as he looks back and taped to the bottom of the box is a picture. Well a part of a picture. He takes a look at the ripped picture as we see a young girl with an arm around her shoulder. We can’t see who the guy in the photo is but we can assume it’s Julius. Julius smiles as he looks at the photo and then looks up. It seems as if Julius is thinking about something serious and he seems to be very excited because of it. Julius then walks off as the cameras cut to the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as everyone is heading home. Sameer is about to head out the front door when he hears Bailey call from behind him. Sameer turns around a bit annoyed as he has had a long day but Bailey's his friend and boss at the moment so he listens to him. Bailey: Sameer hold up I need to talk to you for a second. Come on, let’s go and talk in the back. Just like old times alright. Bailey and Sameer walk to the back as we see them step into the phones room as they enter the room Sameer sees Sheridan and immediately tries to turn around but Bailey stops him as Sameer is clearly upset. He sits down as Bailey sits in the doorway looking down on the two of them. Bailey: Listen I know that things between you two have not been great as of late. With Sheri being a bit of a hoe and you Sameer not gonna lie being a bit of a dick. Now I don’t care if you two don’t get along outside of work. But when you two are here I need you two on the same page okay. Cause I got guys like Arrow and Toxik who need a good example to follow. Sameer looks at Bailey as he has a annoyed grin on his face. Bailey looks back at him with a stern look as he is tired of the bullshit between the two of them. Bailey though takes it another step as he talks once again. Bailey: Now Sameer, I know Sheridan has already apologized to you multiple times only to get shut down and attacked by you. But I am not allowing that tonight. Sameer I want you to apologize to Sheridan right now! Sameer looks at Sheridan and Bailey as he just laughs. He realizes that he is not going to get home anytime soon if he doesn't so he ends up sucking it up as he begins to talk. Sameer: Sheri, I know I have been hard on you lately and for that I am sorry. I wish that you had not done what you did but I understand that we can’t change the past. Sameer then looks up to Bailey as Bailey nods. He then moves out of the way as Sameer leaves. Sheridan stands up as she looks at Sameer as he leaves as she seemed to be excepting some sort of hug or something. Bailey laughs at her as the two finish closing up the shop as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut to about 30 minutes later as Sheridan and Bailey have finally finished closing the shop and are now making their way out as we see none other than Ropati waiting in the parking lot for Sheridan and he once again does not look happy. Ropati: What the hell Sheridan? Why took you so goddamn long? I’m just trying to give you this dick but you took two goddamn hours than usual. And you know what I am going to do because of this. It’s going to be a long night for you. Bailey looks at Sheridan as he tells her to go back inside. Sheridan does as Ropati is furious and walks up to Bailey on the porch and gets in his face. Ropati: You got a problem bro. You trying to take my girl or something. Cause if you are I am gonna kick your ass right here right now. Bailey looks at Ropati and laughs as he clearly is not afraid of Ropati. Bailey then looks back at Ropati smiling at him. Bailey then begins to talk as Roapti spits on him. Bailey: Listen you piece of shit. You beat your girl and you spit in my face. You started something your weak ass cant handle. You might as well bend over now. Bailey then punches Ropati in the gut over and over backing him up as Ropati goes to answer with a punch but Bailey keeps beating him down. Ropati is pissed as he is swinging wild. Barely begins to talk to Ropati as he is swinging. Bailey: C’mon man I thought you were better than this. Oh wait this is just with women right? Ropati has heard enough as he goes to punch Bailey but Bailey ducks and Suplexes Ropati through the Pizza Place’s front window. We hear Sheridan scream in the background as Bailey hops through the broken window and continues to pummel away on Ropati. Bailey eventually stops as he stops once more. Bailey: If you ever touch her again I will fucking kill you. You hear me! Bailey then slams Ropati’s head on the floor knocking him out cold. Bailey gets up and looks at Sheridan before walking off. Sheridan sits there speechless as the episode comes to an end. Another episode of BPZ Pizza in the books and we still have some much we don't know.
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    WWE RAW vs SmackDown: The Network Novel

    Friday Night SmackDown | October 25th, 2019 | Sprint Center | Kansas City, MO Announcements For SmackDown Survivor Series Teams Following the WWE Draft last week that reshaped the whole landscape of the two brands, SmackDown moves on as the commissioner of the blue brand, Shane McMahon, kicks off this week's show by coming to the ring with a microphone. Shane McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! I am your commissioner, the best in the world, Shane McMahon and with the WWE Draft now behind us, I have some very important announcements for the blue brand as we look towards Survivor Series. At Survivor Series, we will have two five-on-five traditional Survivor Series matches, one for the men and one for the women. Therefore, I need to select ten superstars to represent SmackDown. For the men's team, I have already selected the first member, the man that will lead us to victory, the undisputed, reigning, defending, WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! As for the rest of the members, they will be decided through a series of qualifying one-on-one matches featuring some of the best talents that WWE has to offer. On the other hand, for the women's team, the leader will be selecting her team how she deems fit and the leader of SmackDown's women's team will be... The WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks! With her being announced as the leader of SmackDown's women's team for Survivor Series, the SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, makes her way down to the ring with her own microphone. However, as she is about to start talking, she is interrupted by the entrance of 'The Goddess' Alexa Bliss, who comes down to the ring with her own microphone. Alexa Bliss: Her? Are you serious? Last year, I captained Team RAW to victory without even stepping in the ring and if it's my loyalty to the blue brand that you're concerned about, then that's even more ridiculous. I'm a former two-time SmackDown Women's Champion and she's only just won her first so tell me Shane, what made you make such a stupid decision in not having me as the team leader? Sasha Banks: Maybe it's the fact that you haven't been relevant for over a year, maybe it's the fact that you're not the SmackDown Women's Champion or maybe it's just the fact that I am better than you and I have this championship to prove it. After firing back at Alexa, Sasha steps right in her face as they now start talking trash to each other until Shane breaks it up and makes an announcement to settle this disagreement. Shane McMahon: Okay, how about this? Right now, Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks with the winner being officially named as the leader of Team SmackDown for the women's Survivor Series match! With that said, Shane exits the ring and takes a seat at ringside as Bliss and Banks prepare for their impromptu match. Leader Of SmackDown's Women's Survivor Series Team Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks After a disagreement over who should lead SmackDown's women's team at Survivor Series, Shane would announce this singles match between Bliss and Banks to decide who is worthy of leadership, which Shane would watch from ringside. In the end, Alexa Bliss picks up a momentous victory over the SmackDown Women's Champion that may earn her a title shot later down the line but as of right now, has earned her the role as the Survivor Series team leader. After the match, Shane McMahon enters the ring and holds up the arm of the official leader of SmackDown's Women's Survivor Series Team, Alexa Bliss. The Australian Badass Debuts Tonight Following women's action between two of the best in the world, a video package plays showcasing the newest addition to SmackDown's women's division, Rhea Ripley, a talent that definitely will be looking to reach a status as great as those of the women we just saw compete. In the video package, Ripley's raw brutality and fierce aggression are exhibited greatly as all of the best features of the menacing Australian are shown-off. In the end, it is advertised that Rhea Ripley will be making her debut tonight after being drafted to the blue brand last week. Heath Slater Thanks SmackDown For A New Opportunity Next, SmackDown is greeted by a face they haven't seen in awhile as Heath Slater comes to the ring after being drafted at the very last spot by the blue brand. Heath Slater: Since my return to WWE, I have struggled. At first, everything was going great but quickly, it all fell apart and when I saw that my contract was expiring soon, I was pretty sure that this was it, that I wasn't going to be drafted either way and I would be rendered jobless yet again but... I GOT A JOB! Now, I can earn money, buy things with that money, and take care of my family because... I GOT KI- Suddenly, Slater's innocent thank you note to the SmackDown executives is cut short as one of the NXT talents that SmackDown drafted, Tommaso Ciampa, comes down to the ring. Tommaso Ciampa: So this is what I've been working for? For the past two years, I've been working my ass off to make myself into the star that I know I'm destined to be, to make sure that when this opportunity comes, I am ready. Now, I'm finally here, in front of the big lights and I'm met with you, a poor, sorry excuse for a wrestler. Either way, I'm set to compete tonight so how about you do what you're paid to do, shut that mouth of yours up and lace them damn boots. With Ciampa's challenge set, Slater looks around the arena at the fans who cheer at the thought of this match-up. Then, Slater steps right into the face of Ciampa and nods his head. Heath Slater vs Tommaso Ciampa As announced last week, NXT call-up, Tommaso Ciampa, makes his debut on SmackDown here tonight against Heath Slater after Ciampa confronted what he described as a sorry excuse of a wrestler. Ultimately, despite Slater showing that fighting spirit, he would be shut down from early on in the match-up. By the end, it almost seems as though Ciampa is just playing with Slater in a twisted sort of way, laying into him repeatedly but not really going for the pinfall. Eventually, 'The Sicilian Psychopath' forces Slater to tap out to a bridging Fujiwara armbar and keeps the hold in for a few extra seconds after the bell is rung, as he makes his statement even clearer to the SmackDown roster. Shane Reveals The First Survivor Series Qualifier After an impressive debut from 'The Sicilian Psychopath' Tommaso Ciampa, we join Shane McMahon backstage in his office as he addresses the qualifying matches for SmackDown's men's Survivor Series team. Shane McMahon: Earlier tonight, I announced that 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar will be leading Team SmackDown at Survivor Series and that the rest of his teammates will be decided through a series of qualifying matches. With that said, I am pleased to announce that tonight's main event will be the first of said qualifying matches, with 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles and 'The Swiss Cyborg' Cesaro going head-to-head in the finale of this week's Friday Night SmackDown! With another announcement made by SmackDown's commissioner, tonight's main event is officially set as AJ Styles vs Cesaro in the first qualifying match for SmackDown's men's Survivor Series team. SmackDown Tag Team Championships Ziggler & Roode (c) vs The Street Profits Following the making of tonight's main event, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Ziggler & Roode, defend their titles against The Street Profits who won a number one contenders match last week to earn this opportunity. Just like last week, The Street Profits put on a very impressive performance early on in their careers on the blue brand, showing that they are a force to be reckoned with in the tag team division. Nevertheless, in the end, they come up short as Roode hits Ford with a low shot that goes unseen before Ziggler then hits the Zig-Zag and picks up the pinfall, retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The O.C. Responds To Undisputed Era's Attack Next, we join The O.C. backstage as they look to speak on the events that occurred on last week's Friday Night SmackDown that resulted in Styles losing his WWE United States Championship to the Undisputed Era's Adam Cole. AJ Styles: Last week, as the honorable champion that I am, I held an open challenge for my United States Championship that any superstar, RAW or SmackDown, could answer. After giving out such a great opportunity, I was repaid with a cowardly act by Adam Cole who stole my championship. Karl Anderson: Undisputed Era, you made the mistake of picking a fight with the baddest SOBs in this business. Last week, you stole the United States Championship from The O.C. so as a result, we're going to take something in return and personally, I'm thinking we take away all the momentum that keeps your promising youthful careers in WWE alive and leave you to rot as an irrelevant bootleg version of the only club that matters, The O.C. With an emphatic statement made and Anderson showing an intensity we haven't seen from him before, The O.C. intimidatingly stares down the camera. A few moments later, their cocky smirks reappear as they relax, share a Too Sweet and leave, mocking the members of Undisputed Era as they do. Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley As we return to the ring, Liv Morgan makes her entrance as we are set for singles action next. After Liv enters, as advertised earlier tonight, Rhea Ripley debuts on SmackDown, making her way to the ring with that eye-catching intensity that has established her as one of the best up-and-coming women in the sport. In the match, it very much is a David vs Goliath style match-up as the much bigger Ripley dominates Morgan in the early doors. As the match goes on, Liv begins to fight back and comes close to beating Ripley but in the end, Rhea hits Liv with the Riptide before picking up the pinfall, getting the victory in her debut here tonight. El ídolo Is The Future Of SmackDown In the backstage area of the Sprint Center, we join Andrade 'Cien' Almas and his manager, Zelina Vega, as Andrade is sat on a chair in the center of the shot and Zelina is stood over his shoulder. Zelina Vega: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the future of professional wrestling. In front of you is the perfect combination of technical ability, athletic prowess, and difference-making IQ. With every trait that a WWE superstar could hope for, Andrade 'Cien' Almas is undisputedly the next man to lead whichever brand he is on, thankfully for FOX, he was selected to be apart of their show. For now, it is only a matter of time until Andrade is on top of this company and is rightfully recognized worldwide as... El ídolo. As Vega comes to an end of her articulation of Andrade, Almas raises his fist in and looks straight down the camera with nothing but confidence radiating from one of the most promising stars in the WWE today. SmackDown's Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifier AJ Styles vs Cesaro Now, for the final time tonight, we return to the ring as the main event of the night is only moments away. Firstly, The O.C. makes their way to the ring. Then, Cesaro makes his entrance and joins Styles in the ring as these two are set for singles action, with the winner qualifying to compete as apart of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. As expected, this match is an absolute masterclass. From the chain wrestling to the explosive strikes to the thrilling aerial attacks, Styles and Cesaro bring out everything in their locker in order to secure this chance to represent SmackDown. In the end, it is 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles who is victorious as he and his brothers, Anderson & Gallows, celebrate with him in the ring to end tonight's show.
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    Monday Night RAW | October 21st, 2019 | Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse | Cleveland, OH TEAM RAW Gets Revealed We kick off Monday Night RAW with Stephanie McMahon standing in the middle of the ring. She begins to speak about the draft that went down during the last week on both RAW and Smackdown, saying that RAW had dominated the draft and how this would be come very clear at the Survivor Series PPV. This PPV would once again be focusing on the battle of the brands. She then would go on to say that in the main event of Survivor Series, 5 of RAW’s best males would face off against Smackdown’s best five. She then introduced us to Team RAW. As Team Captain, the Usa Network had chosen none other than the Number 1 Overall Pick, Roman Reigns. Next on the team was Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The final 3 members of the team were the from NXT brought up group of the Undisputed Era. Rollins and Reigns didn’t seem pleased when the music of the group began to play. Stephanie would point out how they had to get along, in order for RAW to win. She said there would be consequences if team chemistry ended up costing RAW the match. Reigns grabbed the microphone and said that while they would have to get along at Survivor Series, Rollins and him would say the group who ran Monday Night RAW tonight. O’Reilly responded to this by challenging Rollins and Reigns to a tag team match tonight against him and Fish. They accepted, and so our main event for the evening was set. Charlotte vs Asuka Winner Becomes the Team Captain of RAW in the 5 vs 5 women match. Charlotte and Asuka know each other very well, having faced off in what was one of the best women’s matches of all time at Wrestlemania 34, before later colliding in a triple threat TLC match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. That is becoming evident in this match, as they know each other’s moves and actions, forcing the other to improvise. Charlotte would get the head start in the match, taking control of the match up early on. This would visibly frustrate Asuka, who was unable to break Charlotte’s momentum. This led to her wanting to make more use of her chances to inflict damage on Charlotte, even if she had to ignore the rules to do so. This could be seen by Asuka holding the ropes while having Charlotte in a submission lock. In the end however, it wouldn’t give Asuka her desired success, as Charlotte was able to pick up the victory despite it not being a very convincing win. Asuka managed to catch Charlotte off-guard and roll her up, but Charlotte managed roll through and get the victory. After the match Asuka was furious, attacking Charlotte before walking away. Charlotte looked at the ramp that Asuka was standing on confused, wondering if Asuka had just let her adrenaline escape, or if this was a true act of evil. Firefly FunHouse Next up on RAW we had the Firefly FunHouse, where today’s theme was friends. All of the characters on the show talked about their best friends. Wyatt would say that he hadn’t seen his friends in a long time, but that their friendship was something special, something that would last forever. The rest of the people in the funhouse felt bad for Wyatt, but Wyatt assured them that he was fine. He said that he had started to make new friends, and that is current bestfriend was very close to him. He was in head. The rambling rabbit said that he wished he would have friends that were that close to him, and the episode ended with all of the characters joyfully laughing together. Harper and Rowan's Open Challenge Harper and Rowan vs The B-Team. Next up, one of the best tag teams in the world would make their debut on Monday Night RAW. Harper and Rowan, who have gone by a lot of names, are here on the flagship show of the WWE. They walked down the ring and issued an open challenge to any tag team on RAW to show their worth and face them. The B team came out, to a little dissapointment from the crowd. Cocky as ever, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas cut a promo on Harper and Rowan while walking down the ring. They would mock Harper’s long absence, as well as his use of social media. But by the time that they had entered the ring, they weren't in a place to do any mocking. From the start of the match, Harper and Rowan were in complete control, dominating the B Team without seemingly giving too much effort. They toyed with both Bo Dallas as Curtis Axel, looking to make an example out of these two. By the time that they thought it was time to finish the match, both members of the B team were struggling to stand as they hit the Bludgeoning on Axel for the victory. After the match, no sign of happiness was seen from either Harper or Rowan, as both still looked laser focused, almost robot like. Braun Strowman Demands Answers Braun Strowman was seen looking very angry backstage as he screamed at crew members. His goal was to find Stephanie McMahon, the person who announced that he was RAW’s final draft pick. When he find her, he unleashed his rage. He couldn’t believe the disrespect that he had been given after all that he did for the RAW brand. Stephanie was clearly scared of Braun, and blamed the USA Network executives for the decision. Afterwards she said that she had a meeting to attend, before quickly closing the door to her office. Braun afterwards went on a path of havoc, taking out anyone who he saw on his way to his car. Rollins and Reigns vs O'Reilly and Fish This match saw two of the best tag teams of the decade faced off. The match was exactly what you would expect from two teams of such an high level, with the match being a true thriller. Despite having to work together at Survivor Series, neither team showed any signs of holding back. The match showed that despite their differences in the past, Rollins and Reigns still have excellent chemistry when teaming together. But the numbers game was also a real factor, as Adam Cole did anything in his power to distract Rollins, Reigns or the referee. The match saw some incredible moments of athleticism, power and wrestling ability, making it a true joy to watch. As the match went on for longer and longer, the former Shield partners began to take control of the match up, even leading to some near falls occurring. Adam Cole seemed to make sure that the Undisputed Era wouldn’t lose face, and decide to nail both Rollins and Reigns with a superkick. Afterwards, the Undisputed Era would beat down the former Shield Brothers, until a familiar theme began to play in the arena. It is JOHNNY GARGANO! He makes his first appearance on Monday Night RAW as he rushes towards the ring and instantly takes out Bobby Fish. Adam Cole tries to take him down, but Reigns is back on his feet and starts to brawl with Cole. The brawl then saw Rollins flying to the outside and hitting a dive on the retrieving O’Reilly. The show ends with Reigns, Rollins and Gargano standing tall in the middle of the ring as the Undisputed Era leave the arena.
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 2 BPZ Pizza is back as we see Brenden now in a prison uniform as he is being escorted to his cell. He looks around at the other prisoners who are laughing at him and making hand gestures at him that scare him a bit. Brenden though keeps moving along with 2 officers that are escorting him. Eventually he reaches his cell and a man is sitting on the bunk bed on the bottom bed. Brenden enters the cell as the officers close the door behind him. Brenden then stands in the cell looking down at the man before he begins to speak. Brenden: Hey there, names Brenden. Nice to meet you. The man looks at Brenden with a straight face as Brenden pulls his hand away. Brenden then falls back to the wall as the man stands up. The man continues to move toward Brenden eventually pressing him up against the wall. The man then looks at Brenden who is scared to death of the man at the moment and begins to laugh. Brenden looks shocked. The man then backs away before he begins to talk. Slim: You should have seen the look on your face, man. I mean you looked like you were just ready to take this dick. Don’t worry though I ain’t like that. Names Slim, and just a word of advice I won’t walk around here all cheery and happy unless you want an extra hard scrub in the showers. Brenden looks a Slim now with a straight face as Slim just laughs at him once again. Brenden seems to be confused as he is trying to seem a bit more upset. Slim then eventually stops laughing and looks at Brenden with a smirk on his face. Slim: Ok that’s better but you can loosen up a bit. I just want you not to walk around here acting like your gay or something. Cause if you walk out there with a big ole smile on your face. Sooner rather than later one of the big boys is gonna grab you and make you feel like a gay boy. Brenden grins a bit as we see the guards come around as it is time for dinner. Brenden seems to have made a friend in prison so far and he seems to be doing fine, at least for now. Brenden and Slim walk out of the cell together as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut back to the Pizza Place as the staff has decided to come together for a group meeting at the Pizza Place. After the events the other day everyone seems a bit in shock. No one really knows what comes next for them and the Pizza Place but they have all come back looking to find an answer. As they arrive we see Toxik waiting in his car as if he is waiting for someone. Eventually we see Hans walk past his car as Toxik steps out and begins to talk. Toxik: If Brad couldn't get the job done I will. Time to die fool. We then see Toxik run at Hans as he goes to jump him from behind. Hans though was prepared as he turns around and rocks Toxik with a right hook. Toxik looks shocked as his ambush on Hans has seemingly gone south. Hans has now pushed Toxik to the ground and is beating the hell out of him. We see Hans just keep swinging over and over, it does not look like he is going to stop anytime soon. Toxik is already bloody and bruised but Hans just keeps going. Lefts and rights over and over. Eventually we see BiC rush over and pull Hans off of Toxik as Toxik just lays there in a bloody puddle. He seems to be still alive but in rough shape. BiC just looks at Hans as they are both sitting in the parking lot both clearly emotional torn as the past few days have been rough. Now it looks as if the emotions that they tried to bottle up are coming out. BiC then begins to talk. BiC: You know I love you like a brother man but you can’t be doing shit like this. I mean I get that you want to knock his lights out like everyone else but sometimes it just ain’t even worth it. I mean, although it doesn't look like your going to have to do it again. The two then hug for a moment. After a bit though, BiC stands up and then helps Hans to his feet. The two then walk into the Pizza Place together as Toxik is still lying there in a bloody puddle. The Pizza Place staff seem to be getting closer because of this...well at least most of them. I mean it seems the camera crew shares the same hate for Toxik as they too leave him in the parking lot in a bloody puddle thanks to Hans. We then cut into the Pizza Place about a half an hour later as all of the staff is in the front of the house sitting down as it seems they have a meeting planned. Everyone is just sitting around waiting for someone to speak up. Eventually someone steps up as it seems we have a new manager of BPZ Pizza well at least till Brenden get’s back, if he ever does. Bailey: Well I know these past few days have been rough on you all. But we have to move on eventually. It may be rough around here without Brenden and Keeley. Oh... and Nathan Sawyer. But we are going to get through this and for now I am going to keep this ship a float. I know Brenden and I have had our differences over the past few months. But I am going to be here for him whether he wants it or not. The staff looks around at each other as everyone seems to just nod as no one is really looking for a fight at the moment. We see some sour looks from Sheri and Arrow in the back but other than that everyone seems pretty content with Bailey being in charge. Bailey looks around as he then gets up and walks off. Everyone in the room remains silent for quite some time. Eventually we see them get up and walk away from the group, some go homes, but most stay. We cut to the back steps of the Pizza Place as see Bart sitting down with his hands in his head. We see Arius walk past but stop as he looks at Bart confused. Arius looks at him before sitting next to him. We are seeing a new side of Arius here a more emotional one. Arius sits there for a second before he begins to talk. Arius: You want to talk about this whole thing? You are clearly bottling something up, you need to get it out. If you don’t you look like you are going to explode. I mean look at you, you clearly haven’t slept and you look sick as hell. Bart raises his head and looks over at Arius with a very depressing look. Arius looks at him and he can’t help but feel a bit of his pain. Bart goes to plant his head back in his hands but stops as he looks back to Arius and manages to talk a bit. Bart: You know I did a report about Survivor’s Guilt back in the day. I guess I never truly knew what it felt like till now though. Why me? Why am I one of the lucky ones? Bart then gets up and walks off as Arius sits there thinking about what Bart had said. Bart seems to be in rough shape at the moment and at least we now know why. Bart continues walking off as now we see Arius sitting on the same steps with his head in his hands. We then see the cameras slowly fade away to a new scene. We cut back into the Pizza Place as we see Sheridan and Sameer still sitting in the room that the staff had the meeting earlier . They are sitting on opposite sides of the room as other than some awkward eye glances they sit there pretending that the other does not exist. Eventually we see Sheridan make an effort to talk to Sameer. Sheridan: Why can’t we go back to what we were before? Sameer just looks at her in disgust. Sheridan sits there now looking at him waiting for an answer. Sheridan clearly still wants to make this relationship with Sameer work. Although it seems as if Sameer would rather just let Ropati beat her ass then give her another chance. Sheridan: Listen my guy, you can’t tell me you didn't feel a spark. There was something there. Something special between us that I never felt with Ropati. Sameer looks at her once again disgusted. Eventually though Sameer begins to talk. It could be out of anger, or it could be out of the small respect he has for Sheridan. Sameer just looks at Sheridan as he begins to talk, standing up as he goes on a bit of a tirade. Sameer: You want to know why we can’t go back to that? Well for one you fucked my best friend when you knew that I liked you. You say you felt a spark well it must have not strong enough if you had to go spread your legs once again to another guy. A guy that was best friends with the one you were talking to. Oh and you did all of this when you had an abusive fucking boyfriend who now whens my head on a stick so he can show all of his Klans buddies. Yeah all you really are is a no good hoe. A no good hoe that is never going to amount to nothing but her abusive boyfriends play toy. Sameer then sits back down as Sheridan storms out bawling her eyes out. Sameer sits in the Pizza Place clearly not caring about Sheridan anymore. Sheridan is out of the Pizza Place now as we see Sameer smile and he begins to play on his phone seemingly in a better place now. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut back to the prison as we see the prisoners in the showers. Everyone seemingly is looking over at Brad who is shaking with fear. Brenden and Slim look over at him and laugh as we see him grab a bar of soap as he begins to wash. We then hear a small bang as Brad has dropped his bar of soap. The whole prison looks over as Brad is frozen still. Slim: That poor man Wallace is going to clap them cheeks now. We then see a large man walk over to Brad as he stands behind him. We can see the man whisper in Brad’s ear as Slim and Brenden look over afraid for Brad’s future. Brenden then begins to speak as Slim grins. Brenden: You think he is going to bend over and get it. Slim looks at Brenden and laughs before he begins to speak once again. Slim: Oh he is going to get it one way or another, Wallace won’t allow this guy to blue ball him today. Poor man is gonna be in rough shape tonight. We then see Brad bend over as Wallace grabs him. The camera cuts away before we can see anymore but we can hear Brad’s screams and loud thumping in the background. We then cut back to the Pizza Place as we have seen enough of the prison for today. We then see Arrow and Julius sitting at a table together as they are splitting some wings and just talking about life. We see the two laughing as they seem to be some of the few BPZ Pizza staff who are in good spirits. Julius: Well Arrow I am glad you got a girl now. Maybe now I won’t have to beat your ass everyday. Hopefully she will take that burden off of my shoulders. Arrow looks at Julius and laughs as the two seem to be getting along great a complete opposite of how their relationship started. Julius begins to eat another wing as Arrow begins to talk. Arrow: Yeah it should be nice. A nice change at least. We are going to the homecoming dance together next weekend which will be good. Maybe a little bit extra after too if you know what I mean. Arrow and Julius laugh for a second as they continue to eat some more wings. Julius then speaks once again giving Arrow some advice. Julius: Well kid just wrap your willy before things get silly. We don’t need anymore of you running around this place. Steph is enough when I see him. Arrow then looks out the window as a car pulls up. Arrow then grabs his jacket as he talks to Julius once again. Arrow: Well that’s my ride I will talk to you tomorrow okay. I’ll let you know if that Icon kid messes with me again okay. See you later. The two then fist pump as Arrow walks out the door. Julius looks at him and his mother in the car he pauses for a second thinking about something. It goes away though as he digs in and eats some more wings as the episode comes to an end.
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    Going In BPZ

    SSW Superstar revealed as owner of the NFL At the recent Miami Dolphins game the owner of the actual owner of the NFL was revealed to be non other than SSW wrestler Mirage who has actually owned the professional sport league for 3 years now came out onto the field after the game and unveiled this closely guarded secret saying “ I truly love the game of American Football and I wish I could have told you all this sooner but I was busy climbing through the ranks of SSW at the time and I had I chose to focus on that and hired a team of people to run the NFL for me but I look forward to getting more involved in the near future with this year’s Super Bowl tickets being half off effective immediately “
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