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    WWF vs. WCW | Clash of the Titans

    Week 4, January 1998 | South West | 450,000 Buys | 95 Show Rating The Royal Rumble opens up with a video package, highlighting tonight’s events. Its shows a recap of what of every WWF superstar dreams about, winning the rumble as they fight for a chance to become immortal. The Royal Rumble 1998 is emanating live from Provo, Utah as the rapid crowd are in for a treat. Pyro goes off as we are set for our opening contest between, the current IC Champion The Rock and Vader. The Rock once again defends his Intercontinental title successfully against the big man Vader. The Rock would smile at the fans who wanted him to lose his title tonight. He once again raises his title in victory as the rest of the Nation of Domination clap for their leader’s win tonight. The Rock is clearly showing why he is the next big thing in the World Wrestling Federation. Backstage, we see Ken Shamrock being interviewed by Kevin Kelly as he speaks about tonight’s Royal Rumble match. Shamrock says he ready and determine to win tonight’s rumble, he’s going to go out there and kick the asses of the 29 other men in the rumble. As Shamrock leaves, he notices Mankind’s mask on the floor as the camera pans down to it. Shamrock looks at it, but tries to ignore as he walks away from the shot. Legion of Doom are once again unsuccessful at gaining back the WWF Tag Team Titles as New Age Outlaws walk away with their titles in victory. Hawk and Animal look at each other, as the crowd starts to applaud the veteran duo as they walk to the back. Video Package plays, hyping the upcoming 30 man Royal Rumble match. It showcases what everyone is willing to do for that chance at glory, that chance to become the World Wrestling Federation Champion. Superstars such as Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, and even Dan Savern are showcased as the Rumble match has lot of possibility on who will win it. Who is willing to sacrifice everything for that chance to become immortalized? We shall find out. During this match we saw Cactus Jack make his debut for the WWF as the crazed lunatic ran wild during the Rumble. Shamrock would also tear it up in the Rumble but would get eliminated by HHH. During the course of the match we saw Kane have the most eliminations, very impressive performance from the Big Red Machine. The final four of the Rumble saw Kane, Austin, Taker, and HHH. The Kane and The Undertaker would eliminate each other, setting the final 2 competitors of Austin and HHH to square off. After a grueling 1 hour+ Royal Rumble match, Austin would eliminate Triple H and would stand tall as he now headlines the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania XIV. Austin celebrates his victory by drinking cans of beer in the middle of the ring. The Road to Superstardom is now clear for Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is it, the final match of the night, two superstars who despise each other in Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart are set to do battle. The video package goes in detail on how both have been training their hardest for this match. Owen Hart fighting for his entire family, has all the reasons to hate Shawn Michaels, while HBK hates anybody with the last name "Hart" and vows not to lose to people like Owen Hart. It will certainly be a match for the ages. [ This match got the best rating of the night and the best performance from HBK ] After 27 minutes of pure emotion and drama, HBK would retain his WWF title as both him and Owen Hart look gassed as HBK leaves the battlefield. Chyna and The Outlaws would help HBK get to the back as Owen looks dazed as the PPV ends with Owen almost becoming the WWF Champion. The crowd would cheer as Owen Hart looks around in disappointment, is the dream over for him?
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    Sameer moves in front of the camera as Bart, one-half of the tag team champions representing Creed moves to the side. Sameer just finishing his match with The Prince where he won in an excellent technical matchup. Sameer looks up into the camera for a couple of seconds, You can see the angry and the rage in his eyes, the determination to defeat Bullet Proof, the hatred towards the group that has put him through hell for months. Finally, he gets his chance at revenge for all these months as Creed vs Bulletproof has been announced at Survivor Series. Sameer would begin to speak into the camera as the audience listens in to what the former World Heavyweight Champion has to say. For Months... This group has come after me and the rest of my brothers that stand here with me. Our World Heavyweight Champion Isaiah Carter is a weak bi*ch, Look guys I defeated Josh to win the World Heavyweight Championship with some face paint on. I'm the Grim Reaper, yeah cut the bullshit buddy. I stand here with one man Isaiah, ONE MAN, That can tear you up within minutes, a man that HAS destroyed you within seconds. He's my brother, he's the fu*king Death Machine and I can tell you right now that he's got a bullet in the chamber and it only takes one shot to put you back down to irrelevancy. You think that you control BulletProof, that you have any control of what happens you've got it all wrong. Jeremiah Flynn owns you, that's what he does with every group he's in. I mean if he is SO TRUSTABLE why don't we ask Bailey the man who made Flynn the next big star and then what did he do? He went to a sledgehammer and stabbed Bailey in the back. I clearly remember how that worked out for him, Let me fill you all in if you didn't know already. Flynn got HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM. Simple as that. You see while Flynn has gotten his ass handed by Bailey time after time, I kicked his ass and beat him each and every single time we stood in this ring together. You see Flynn, Do you really think any of us are that stupid to accept your challenge which was a clear TRAP. You wanna know how I knew it was a trap, Flynn. It's because I know the type of person you are, You are a coward, Whenever there's the chance to run from a fight you run. You see Flynn's the Dictator of BulletProof, however. Whatever they tell him to do they will do. Then we got Mikey spitting out a load of shit that his daddy Flynn feeds him. Nobody thought you were going to join Creed. What I have come to realize this that BulletProof wants to really be like us. They want to have the type of bond we have. Like Bart said all four members of Bullet Proof entered the Tag Team Tournament that is right after Survivor Series. It seems that Flynn doesn't think that his two henchmen can get the job done this time. He sees the competition in the tournament and he doesn't think that they can get the job done. BulletProof wants to claim that they are the good guys. You know Gunner Flynn proved what a horrible person his brother is. He proved that his brother is nothing but a selfish coward. Jeremiah Flynn defended his championship successfully against his brother however, he doesn't care at all that his "brothers" lost the tag team championships. Which is even more proof that this man is selfish. This is a message to Mikey, Isaiah, and Hans. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU. You are exactly what he calls the fans, SHEEP. Unlike you three the fans are smart enough to realize his ways and all the bullshit he speaks The Workhorses of BrendenPlayz huh? I'm sorry but I didn't see that at Carnage Wildcard. What I saw and EVERYONE ELSE that isn't delusional is that Smith and Bart outclassed, the first-class express. My duty is to kill cancer that lurks this company and that cancer is bulletproof and trust me that I will do WHATEVER it takes to do so. I wake up in the morning and I live and breath this company. Wrestling is what I live for and no matter the ups and downs throughout my career. I can say one thing and that is that I never gave up. So as I stand here with 3 of my brothers I can promise you four. Flynn, Isaiah, Hans, and Mikey that I won't stop until Bulletproof is 6 feet under the ground and I end what you started. You may have started the war but I can sure as hell, tell you that none of you 4 will finish it and I know exactly what I have to do to help finish this once and for all. Sameer smirks at the camera for a second as he then moves to the side as another one of his Brothers begins to step up towards the camera and begins to speak.
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    Season 5, Episode 1: " Prince Returns" After months upon months of Lucha Underground being on hiatus, we are finally back. And we are better than ever, as we bring our first show of Season 5! We start the show off of in a dark room, just outside of the temple. Where Prince Puma is seen striking his vintage boxing bag, getting set to challenge for the vacant Lucha Underground Championship tonight. KillShot vs Son Of Havoc A great match here, but lets start off with some backstory before getting going. Last season these two lucadors would go to battle in an epic battle at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. And tonight their grudge war returns to the temple. As we begin this match, we start off with a lockup, the strength advantage going to Son Of Havoc by a big edge, as he sends his opposition into the corner. He goes for a big running forearm, but is stopped abruptly by a big kick by Kill Shot. A few moments pass by, before a slug fest begins, a huge brawl as this shows the hatred these two men show for eachother. When we get to the closing moments of this match, Son Of Havoc would go for one big lariat, but KillShot would duck under sweeping his legs, proceeding to head to the top rople for a double stomp and the victory. Fenix vs Drago Before we get set for some more in- ring action insdie the temple. We once again look outside the temple, as Fenix and Catrina speak about how much getting abck on top of the mountain means to them. Before sharing a devil's kiss. A very good match, as we begin with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to Fenix, but barely. As he strikes Drago with a furious punch, taking down Drago to one knee. Fenix senses this can be his oppurtunity to get on the right track as he goes for a shining wizard but is denied, as Drago gets out of the way, hitting a superkick instead. As we get to the closing moments of this bout, Drago would go for one last superkick, but Fenix had him scouted as he would hit his own superkick for the win. After the matchup, his celebration was cut short with a man he knew all too well. Alberto El Patron vs Cage As we return from commercial break, Alberto El Patron makes his way to the ring. But not in his usa ring gear, instead he is in a full suit. With a micrphone in his hand, he seems to have a smirk as he ahs some good news rather than bad news. Alberto El Patron- See, I was supposed to put my body on the line against " A Machine", Cage. I dont like that, I am Alberto El Patron. An Icon in Mexico, not a victim. So ill tell you what, Cage I got an oppoennent for you here tonight. Just come on out here and we can settle this. As Cage makes his way to the ring, he doesnt seem so pleased by Alberto's "good news". He races to the ring, instead of talking, taking down Alberto. These two men seem to have a unique hate between eachother. The brawl continues, before secutiry has to break it up, what is next for these two men? PJ Black vs Dante Fox Our next match is gonna be a good one. This match represents everything a lucha strives for, to be the best. They have both proven that they can stand their own in the temple, but do they have enough to be the best in this temple? And we are going to find an answer to that question right now. As we begin with a staredown, its obvious this will be a competive match early on. As we begin with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Dante Fox, who seems to have an edge in that department. PJ Black would use his quick paced speed to get out of the manuever, and strike Dante with a superkick. As that takes him down to the canvas, this could be Black's chance. As he heads up to the top rope for a double stomp, but Dante gets out of the way and hits a STO for the victory. After the matchup, Dante Fox would be estatic with his win, before a man we saw ealrier wouldnt be so pleased with Dante Fox. Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo- Lucha Underground World Championship What a match this will be, after the World Championship being vacant for almost a year. Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma will fight once again to decide our new Lucha Underground World Champion here tonight. Lets start it! Our match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Johnny Mundo, with a slight edge. As he sends Prince into the corner, going for a forearm and connects. This would send Puma down to one knee, as Mundo would go for a kick, Prince would duck and strike him in the abdomen with a strike. A few moments would pass, as these men would seem to begin to get exhausted. But we would have to get to the closing moments of this match sooner rather than later. And that would lead to Mundo getting desperate and going for a superkick with no aim, Puma would duck and hit a knee to the skull. Following up with a beautiful 630 senton for the victory.
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    The screen opens up, with a lite candle on a table. A gruff voice begins to speak, and 6 other voices are heard in a background. Fire. We have always enjoyed the simplicity, yet complexity, of this element. A hand begins to play with the fire. You need the fire to live, but it can also kill you. One thing we can never forget was the pain that we felt when we first touched fire. The hand then stops, centimeters away from the fire. It helped us feel something, the first true thing we felt. The boiling of our skin, the ripping of our muscle, the charring of our tendons. Poiunight’s face then comes up, nearly inside the fire. Rage. We felt uncontrollable rage. And our host wasn’t able to handle the pain that had spawned, the pain that felt it came straight from hell. So, on that day, Hell Spawn was created, and his strength was unparalleled. Poiunight then backs away from the fire, as the camera pans to a chair that is set up across form the fire. He walks over to it. But then, Hell Spawn’s fire went out. He was weakened, no longer able to functions, so he came back to us. And we accepted him. As Poiunight continues to speak, the voices all merge, and only Poiunight’s voice is specifically heard. The fire intensifies as well. And now, the fire that rages inside of Hell Spawn, and the unparalleled strength he had, belongs to Poiunight. The fire goes out as the screen turns to black. Hell Spawn’s voice then speaks And now Hell Spawn belongs to us.
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    When is Arrow Rhodes fighting?

    Gary Greens music hits and the crowds reaction turns mixed, part boos upon seeing Josh Scott and part cheers upon hopefully seeing Arrow getting beaten up. Gary Green appears with a mic in his hand and “The Monster” Joshua Scott next to him Recently, The Master see Josh free to destroy BPZ and now with the look Gary Green is giving Arrow, it seems like that will be bad news to Arrow. Gary stops on the ramp before smiling and turning to JoshsNow Green: Finish him Josh nods and slowly removes his mask, before running down to the ring to confront Arrow Arrow drops the mic and beckons Josh into the ring, who does just that and immediately nails Arrow with a SEVEN NATIONS ARMY Josh doesn’t stop there, picking Arrow up by his head and throwing him to the outside of the ring Josh now exits the ring as Gary Green begins to make his way to the ring, ordering Josh to carry on. Josh does just that, throwing Arrow into the ring post and then the steel steps, before throwing Arrow back into the ring Josh and Gary Green now join Arrow in the ring. Josh puts one foot on Arrow and Gary Green crouches down and begins to speak to Arrow Green: Mr Rhodes, what was going through your mind. Do you even know what you are talking about. Josh doesn’t listen to the Mayor of Manchester, he attacked him, what the hell are you on about? Josh doesn’t even care about Manchester anymore, what the hell are you on about? And what the hell is soccer? Now, you want a match against Josh at Survivor Series. And you want it to be FD Rules? You do understand you can’t have an FD Rules match without FD? It’s kind of in the name. Anyway, in response to your request, we would like to turn it down. Josh has no interest in humiliating you at Survivor Series, he doesn’t care about wins and losses. So thank us Arrow because for your sake you aren’t going to have your career ended at Survivor Series. But Josh is about to finish you now. HIT THE GREAT SCOTT 7.0 Josh takes his foot off Arrow and follows Greens instructions, nailing Arrow with a massive Running Splash Josh and Gary look down at the broken body of Arrow, leaving him unconscious in the ring as we cut to commercial break
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 6th 2019, Wednesday "Wrestling is real, god is fake" - The Preacher Blackcraft Wrestling begins with the entrance of The Preacher. Blackcraft Wrestling starts and the music of The Preacher plays. The Preacher walks out with his cult behind him and with a microphone in his left hand. They get showered by boos but they do not acknowledge "the unbelievers". The Preacher: Tonight, Blackcraft Wrestling begins and the first ever tag team champions shall be crowned and the first competitor in the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry will be decided. I have a strong feeling that tonight will be a successful night for Blackcraft Wrestling and the cult. With all you unbelievers watching, we shall put on a show that will be remembered for years to come. The Preacher leaves, followed by his cult. The crowd goes silent as the first match of the night is about to begin. "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson vs. "The Butcher" Andy Williams vs. The first match of the night is about to begin and "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring first. Dickinson looks ready and pumped for his match but then again he doesn't know who or what he's gonna be facing. "The Butcher" Andy Williams comes out next with his manager "The Blade" Pepper Parks. Williams has an intimidating look and feel to him and he even makes a guy like Chris Dickinson looks small. This match would turn out to be a great match. Andy Williams showcased his immense power and wrestling ability really well and Chris Dickinson followed right with him. The two battled for many minutes but eventually "The Butcher" was able to get the upper hand and bring his opponent crashing down with The Butcher Bomb. Andy Williams celebrates his win with Pepper Parks who escorts him out before Chris Dickinson can get to him. Chris Dickinson challenges PCO The match is over and Chris Dickinson is pissed off. He goes and grabs a mic and gets inside the ring. Chris Dickinson: The reason i came here tonight wasn't because i wanted to have a match against some old dude with a monocle. The reason i came here tonight was so that i could cut this promo and get something off my chest. I've been working in the independent scene for over 10 years now, i've seen a lot of things during my wrestling career, but nothing else has made me more sick to my stomach than Pierre Carl Ouelette. The man was retired and last year he just suddenly decides that he wants to come back, it doesn't work like that senior Carl. Once you're retired, you stay retired which is why i'm still wrestling. Carl... i want a match with you, and if you lose, you will retire and will never, ever be seen in this ring ever again. Dickinson drops the mic and leaves as Blackcraft Wrestling moves on to the second match of the night. Taya Valkyrie vs. Saraya Knight vs. The second match is about to begin as it's time to now showcase what the women of Blackcraft Wrestling have to offer. The two competitors fighting in this match are both very experienced and so we're expecting a great technical bout between them. Taya Valkyrie makes his entrance first, she clearly has the crowd behind him as they loudly cheer her when she gets into the ring. Saraya Knight makes her way to the ring next, she gets showered by boos but she doesn't care. Once she gets into the ring she pushes Taya Valkyrie and gets a slap for her troubles. The two start brawling and the bell rings for the match to start. The match ended up being a good one. Both women showcased many different moves and their technical ability, mixed in with some brawling which made for a great women's match. The winner would end up being Taya Valkyrie who won after hitting Saraya Knight with The Road to Valhalla. Saraya Knight disrespects Taya Valkyrie The match is over and Taya Valkyrie is celebrating. Saraya Knight gets up and Taya offers her a handshake but instead of shaking Taya's hand Saraya Knight grabs it and spits blood on it. Saraya Knight leaves the ring as the crowd boos and Taya Valkyrie looks on in disgust. Taya Valkyrie leaves the ring as we get ready for our next match. oVe vs. The Mane Event for Blackcraft Tag Team Championship vs. It's finally time for some tag team action as two teams are fighting to become the first ever Blackcraft Tag Team Champions. The Mane Event make their way to the ring first, they're still just a very new team to the indie scene but they sure as hell look ready to go. oVe comes out next looking intimidating as always with their masks on. oVe has an advantage in this match when it comes to in-ring experience and we will see if that can get them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles. This match ended up being pretty good. Both teams showed some very impressive athletisism, high flying moves and techincal wrestling. oVe was clearly the more experienced team which ended up getting them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles after hitting Ganon Jones Jr. with the Irish Air Raid. The Preacher forces oVe into a match at BCW Angels Will Cry The match between oVe and The Mane Event has just ended when suddenly the music of The Preacher hits. The Preacher walks out and stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The Preacher: Congratulations on your victory Dave and Jake. However it is not over just yet, you see i had a little something else planned for you. Just as The Preacher finishes speaking the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Mane Event is gone and the team of The Headbangers appear in the ring behind them. The crowd pops hugely for this surprise and then both members of oVe turn around and look at The Headbangers in shock. The Headbangers attack oVe and a big brawl breaks out. The Preacher quickly reacts and sends in 2 cult members two attack oVe, those two cultists are revealed to be Ink Inc. in disguise. They both attack oVe and then The Headbangers. Suddenly the music of The Butcher and The Blade starts playing and Pepper Parks and Andy Williams quickly rush out and attack Ink Inc. The brawl comes to an end as Andy Williams gets out of the ring to confront The Preacher who quickly walks away. All teams leave the ringside area as we get ready for tonight's main event. Johnny Blackcraft vs. Matthew Justice vs. It is time for the main event of tonight as Johnny Blackcraft takes on Matthew Justice to decide who will be in the triple threat match that's happening. Johnny Blackcraft makes his entrance first and he enters to a huge pop. Johnny Blackcraft is looking as cocky as always, he doesn't look afraid or worried because he knows that he's got a big advantage heading into this match. Matthew Justice enters next to many boos and he looks a little mad when Justice finally gets into the ring, the booing stops and the bell rings. This match ended up being very good. Both men showed great athletisism and they had great chemistry in the ring together. In the end Johnny Blackcraft was victorious after hitting Matthew Justice with the Starship Pain. Through his win Blackcraft gets a shot at the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    Carnage cuts backstage after the grueling "no disqualification" match between FDS and Raven, where we see Raven exiting the arena. He's walking with a clear limp, blood trickling from his mouth and multiple areas of his face, and his mouth is clearly grimacing in pain, but he is leaving under his own power. A cameraman catches up to the former three-time NXT champion, and Raven slowly turns to him as he senses the man's presence. Raven! Raven, you just went through a vicious match against the Mad King, FDS, and you managed to come so close to victory. How do you feel after such a heartbreaking loss? As Raven hears the word "loss," his face morphs into a condescending grin. You call that a loss? I went out there, took the Mad King to the limit, I forced him to bring out the Emperor of Chaos...I did exactly what I set out to do. I made FD tap into his darkest side...I forced FD to embrace chaos one more time. To drop this "straight shooter" facade and embrace his roots, as a crazy son of a bitch willing to do anything to score the victory! If you call that a loss, so be it, but this goes much further than a number in a record book...This was about forcing a man I respected, a man I looked up to for years while I toiled away on the indie scene, to be the badass I looked up to. I forced him to accept the same descent that made me a success story once more...And I did just that. So what's next for Raven after that grueling war? Pretty simple...We have a PPV in 11 days...I plan to make my presence known. Hang on, you can't compete at Survivor Series. You just had an insane no disqualification match with FDS! There's no way you're cleared to compete! Raven's grin then shifts to a frown, and he yanks the camera out of the hands of the cameraman, wincing at the physical exertion. He focuses the camera directly on his face and begins talking, now speaking a message to all of BPZ. Let me make this clear...There ain't a doctor in the world who I'm willing to let determine my healthiness. I know my limits. I'll be at Survivor Series, and there isn't a damn thing any of you can do about it...So what's the Clown Prince of BPZ got planned at Survivor Series? What poor sod is destined to suffer their descent at the messenger of chaos' hands? Mikey. I'm coming for you. And your United States title. Raven's face morphs back into a grin as he says this, showing his hand without a care in the world. Mikey, your success in this company has come directly at my expense...You won NXT from me the same night I was forced to carry my dead weight student in a tag team match, a match where I was attacked before the bell rang because the other competitors were too cowardly to face me like a man. You were the benefactor of my hubris. Your success came only because I was nowhere near physically prepared for that title defense...I don't mind that. You took an opportunity when you were given it. I can't hate that. On the contrary, I respect it. Then Raven's face turns to a deep grimace yet again, his next thoughts clearly holding weight in his mind. Then, Mikey...You vacated the title. You vacated MY GOLDIE. And you did it just to etch an undeserved spot in a record book that you've done NOTHING to deserve a spot in. "Shortest reigning NXT champion." So what'd I do? I won back my Goldie...I became the first and ONLY EVER three-time NXT champion...And I vacated it. I one-upped you, becoming not only the shortest reigning NXT champion, but the shortest reigning champion in BPZ history. You stole my Goldie from me, and insulted me by vacating her immediately after...So I stole your history from you. Do you know what's gonna happen at Survivor Series, Mikey? I'm going to do it all over again...I'll take your United States championship, just like how you took my Goldie...Except this time, you're never winning her back...I've watched that poor title around your waist, just begging for anyone to come to save her from her undeserving host...And I plan to do just that. As much as I loved my Goldie...I'm ready to show Stripes the good time she deserves. Raven then begins to laugh, but his laughter is cut off by his pain. Raven then throws the camera back into the cameraman's hands and exits the arena, now marking his territory for the United States championship at Survivor Series.
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    Meet the Stars Finale! Two years down in the simulation and we've seen some huge chances to the MMA landscape. Kirk Kelly is making a name for himself as a world ranked heavyweight, the likes of Mathias Ishtar and Kenji Togami are flying under the radar, while Samantha Carter and Emma McDavid are running through the UFC Bantamweight division. It is time to add the final eight fighters into the landscape and see if they sink or swim. Caitlyn 'The Future' Jackson Caitlyn Jackson is the second Women's Featherweight we have seen in this simulation, after Daria Berenato, and Caitlyn looks like a more than solid prospect. 'The Future' has national training in Muay Thai, and great Marketability. Her fighting statistics bounce between above average to strong for the most part. Caitlyn looks like she'll utilise her Boxing Power and Strong Chin to stand on the feet with her opposition. Caitlyn looks like a solid bet to head to Bellator within the first year and change the landscape. CJ 'The Nightmare' Sellers CJ Sellers is one of many middleweight talents we have seen surface into the simulation. I feel like his estimated value really diminishes the all-around skill this fighter has. With strong Wrestling and Takedown Defence he will be able to control when the fight goes to the ground or when it should stay on the feet. Above average Striking Skills combined with high level Boxing makes him a threat across the board, CJ Sellers excels at hitting combinations and is known to be a fast fighter. Echo 'The Supernova' Wilson Echo Wilson is another fighter who looks poised to make an impact, having strong Marketability and being a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the octagon. In spite of having high level Wrestling experience he seems to favour keeping the fight on the feet, strong Kicking skills complimenting strong Boxing Skills. I'd argue Echo Wilson is one of the better fighters to come out of this finale batch, and I expect his first year in the fighting game to reflect that, fully. John 'The Hitter' Caisernas Our second Light Heavyweight finds himself with a strong roll. While he shares a high level of Wrestling with the previous entrant, 'The Hitter' I'd say is actually more than suited to putting the fight to the mat and keeping it there. Strong Takedowns, strong Submission Attacks, great Consistency, they're all positive signs that John Caisernas could become a huge player in the division down the line. The heir to Jon Jones in the UFC? Probably not, but I wouldn't be shocked if he got somewhere close to that. Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara On the surface, Kingston Jofara looks like a solid addition to the Light Heavyweight scene. But, unfortunately Jofara has been stuck with a trait which makes no sense and does not compliment his skills. He likes to grind out unanimous decisions, a little like a heavier Khabib Nurmagomedov. But? His best skills lie in Boxing Power and Kicking Power. He is a typical knockout artist, who will take it to the mat no matter what. Which sucks. I am hopeful that in spite of that, Kingston will be capable of picking up knockout victories. Also I'm unsure why it says 'Black Panthis' in the screenshot. Apologies, Julius! Kobe 'K.O.' Owens Kobe Owens joins the likes of Harold Bigalow and Kirk Kelly in the Heavyweight class and instantaneously having excellent Boxing Power and national calibre Boxing skills makes him a legitimate threat. Combined with average to above average Wrestling and Takedown skills, Kobe Owens looks like one of the better male fighters we will have in this simulation. While Samantha Carter has been ever dominant in the simulation, I feel Kobe Owens could be her male counterpart. Here is hoping he isn't picked up and derailed early by a big promotion and has time to develop on the independent scene. 'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov 'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov looks like a good fighter all around. In terms of skills she'll look to take fights to the ground, utilising her strong Takedowns and strong Ground Technique attributes. She follows the likes of Echo Wilson as being a suitable all-around fighter. She is also the only practitioner of Krav Maga, although it is only to an accomplished level. Masha makes for a solid addition to the Strawweight class and she is looking to have a good first year in the MMA fighting world. Sao 'Praying Mantis' Rai Feng The last combatant to enter the MMA world comes in the form of Sao Rai Feng, who has a good skill set to suit his good name. Rai Feng is equip with national Kung Fu experience as well as dabbling in Wrestling. He has strong Conditioning as well as strong Boxing Skills, which compliment his strong Chin well. Sao Rai Feng flys under the radar in comparison to Kobe Owens and Caitlyn Jackson, but he is my pick of the bunch to really take off, in the Lightweight division. Sao Rai Feng brings a close to the final portion of MMA characters we'll see in this simulation. I think this was a good class of fighters to add, and covered some of the lesser used weight classes such as Lightweight, Light Heavyweight and women's Featherweight. As Cristina Aguiar throughout 2021, I expect one of these eight to win Rookie of the year and find themselves in a ranked position come the end of the third year, which will be out within the next week or so. Thank you for supporting this so far!
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    An abrupt laugh is heard around Julius as The Death Machine looks confused before he realizes what's happening. Am I in your head, Julius? Julius looks around for Slim, pissed off and ready for a fight, but nothing suffices of The Fractured King, just his voice. It took me a while to find what makes you tick, but it's clear I've hit the nail on the head. You see, with Smith it was much easier. His demons are evident, he is a broken man trying to find his happiness, and facing me set him back, almost to the point of relapse. Nevertheless, I want you to know. Me and you, it's not the same as me and Smith. You BROKE me. And out of love for the man who showed me the light, I will show you the light just the same. Julius, you, do not know who you are. You may be Mr. Money in the Bank, but you aren't as dominant as you once were, are you? You lost to Sameer at SummerSlam, a loss that compromised your integrity as a performer and disgraced the World Championship, and everyone paints you and Sameer as the good guys... The good guys, disgracing the World Championship by making a mockery of the contenders in it, by making a mockery of the King of the Ring Tournament, but me, I get SUSPENDED for disgracing the World Championship. But you know, that's how the cookie crumbles and I have no issues with it. Slim laughs once again, as Julius is seething. That suspension laid the groundwork for a revolution set to start in BPZ. You are torn right now. Self-success or helping brothers? Julius, I promise to you, if you do not put 100% focus on this match, you will fall to me, and you may fall regardless. But, if you put your all in against me, where does that leave your Creed brethren, who are already facing a disadvantage? Either way, you lose. I. Win. I get to see you, Smith, Sameer, and Bart all perish before my very eyes, or I win the Survival Games tournament and etch my name even farther into this company's history.... You, can win Survival Games... But lose to Bulletproof, and then go onto lose, once again, to Flynn... Or... You lose Survival Games, putting our story to rest and watching as I am crowned the WINNER, and you and Creed defeat Bulletproof, ending their iron-clad hold on BrendenPlayz. But with nothing to show for it. Julius... I envy you. Your breakdown mentally will be a long, slow process, you get to enjoy as the walls in your mind constantly question whether you are indeed insane. Slim's tone becomes disappointed as he delivers his last line. I, unfortunately, never got to enjoy that. It quickly turns into a laugh as Slim's voice fades out, and Julius is left there, contemplating what to do for Survivor Series, and contemplating his general mental health...
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    War Between Worlds

    Welcome back to AEW, with AEW Blood & Guts being announced to take place in two weeks time we are going to see matches made official by tonight. We will also see the Semi Finals of the AEW Tag Team Tournament. We will also have a main event of Kevin Owens vs Rusev in a match that should be an absolute brawl. We have a great night planned let’s get right into it. We start off the night with one of our two semi finals matches in the tag tourney as it will be Beer Money vs Private Party. In what should be an excellent match Beer Money and Private Party are regarded as two of AEW’s top tag teams. In a match that anyone can win it should be interesting to see who comes out on top here. Beer Money vs Private Party In a great match, Beer Money defeated Private Party defeated Private Party when Bobby Roode pinned Isiah Cassidy after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. Beer Money would use some dirty tactics as before Roode hit Cassidy and pinned him. James Storm would hit Cassidy with a beer bottle when the ref was distracted. With a bit of controversy Beer Money would defeat Private Party and move onto the finals of the tag tourney. We then cut backstage as we see John Cena backstage arriving at the arena. The crowd is cheering him as we see Cena crack a smile. Suddenly though we see MJF and EC3 attack Cena from out of nowhere! The two begin to beat down as we then see someone attack MJF with a steel chair! The camera pans over as we see Tommy Dreamer with a steel chair as he begins to beat down on MJF! Cena begins to fight back as he eventually gets the best of EC3 as MJF and EC3 run off. John Cena looks to have escaped a hWo beating thanks to some help from Tommy Dreamer. We then cut back to the ring as we are set for the second of our two Semi Finals matchups for the Tag Team Tournament as War Machine will take on Kings of Wrestling. In a very hyped matchup both these teams have been dominant wherever they are and the two will meet tonight. In a matchup that will be very competitive. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. War Machine vs Kings of Wrestling In an excellent match, War Machine would defeat Kings of Wrestling after Hanson pinned Kassius Ohno after he was hit with the Fallout. In what should be an amazing finals it will now be War Machine vs Beer Money to see who will come out on top and become the first ever AEW tag team champions. We then cut to a video package as we see Broken Matt Hardy is the woods walking around the woods as he stops next to a large rock. He then looks at the camera as he begins to talk. I have returned, and I understand the rumblings of what the people want to see. So it seems the people have spoken. I will give you the people what you want. You have wanted a specific matchup for a fair bit. Two odd balls going at it as you say. Well here is my proclamation! P...C...O I want you man on man at AEW Blood & Guts. The people want it, Matt Hardy wants it, so P..C..O I will leave the decision in your hands. Don’t disappoint me. We then see the camera fades away as Broken Matt Hardy walks off laughing. Will we get PCO vs Matt Hardy at AEW Blood & Guts or will PCO decline the challenge. We then cut back to the ring as we will see Becky Lynch go one on one with Sonya Deville. Mandy Rose will be in the corner of Sonya as Becky looks to get some revenge on the two for the other week when Fire & Desire would beat down Lynch. Sonya Deville vs Becky Lynch In a solid match, Sonya Deville would defeat Becky Lynch after pinning her with a quick roll up as Mandy Rose distracted Lynch. It seems Mandy Rose has got the better of Lynch once again tonight. We would see Fire & Desire celebrate on the ramp as we cut away. We cut to a video package as we see some of the matches that are going to take place at AEW Blood and Guts. The Video package shows that we will see a singles match between MJF and Tommy Dreamer along with a fatal fourway womens matchup on the Buy In show. On the main card we will see Becky Lynch take on Mandy Rose for the AEW Womens Championship. We will see War Machine take on Beer Money for the AEW Tag Team Championship. We will also see Broken Matt Hardy take on PCO in singles action. With that being said there are still matches to be announced so stay tuned. In our main event it will be Kevin Owens vs Rusev in what should be a great matchup. Kevin Owens was challenged by Sami Zayn to have this match as Sami was unable to beat Rusev last week. In what should be a good match, let's see who comes out on top. Kevin Owens vs Rusev In a good match, Kevin Owens would defeat Rusev after hitting him with a stunner. This was a hard hitting contest as Kevin Owens was able to come out on top. It seems Kevin Owens was able to accomplish Sami Zayn’s challenge what does this mean for their future. As Kevin Owens is celebrating in the ring we suddenly see Samoa Joe pop up on the titantron as he is holding a bloody crowbar and laughing. We then see the camera pan over as we see a bloody Sami Zayn laying on the floor. Kevin is shocked in the ring as Joe begins to talk. I am so sick and tired of being the second fiddle on this show. So tonight I made a statement, a statement to you Kevin Owens. I don’t care about you and your friends little drama bullshit. So Kevin if you want to fight, I’ll fight you. Cause your little friendship shit is over. Right Sami? The titantron then cuts to black as Kevin Owens is furious in the ring as he begins to run backstage to check on Sami Zayn as the show comes to an end.
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    Smarks Daily

    Yo whats up I am Gary Green of Smarks Daily. Now recently we saw the return of BPZ Hall of Famer, the OPG Poiunight, but his history certainly has some interesting stuff when we start to look back. With that being said, this is 5 things BPZ want you to forget about Poi (5) BrendenNight In 2015, Poi decided a new gimmick (of which he has had many) and became the stunt double of BrendenPlayz. This involved him going into Chat and copy and pasting everything Brenden said. It ended within a few hours when he was told it counted as spamming, but it was still an interesting period for BPZ (4) BPZ Fastlane What's a better idea, than writing your own PPV? When Poi had the idea in 2016, it generated buzz upon its creation in the diaries section. Bailey had just won the Rumble, and was set to face Bash at Fastlane, and then nothing happened. He stopped writing it and it all came to a stop. Of course these days BPZ diaries are more common but its a shame Pois idea ended like this (3) Beef With Ross It is pretty well documented that Poi did not get along well with one of BPZs major stars at the time. Ross tended to act "dickish" towards Poi at times, putting Poi down and making his life hell. However luckily Poi and Ross buried the hatchet before Poi left, but it is still a good thing Ross isn't back to see Pois return (2) Begging against Necce The opportunity to face Flynn at BPZ Mania. As many know the match was won by Necce who went on to have a historic feud with Flynn. But for most of the match Poi was level with Necce on votes. Poi however never votes for himself and instead he voted for Necce, keeping things level. This led him to ask Necce to vote for Poi, which Necce screenshotted and showed everyone If youre confused by Pois thinking to (a) not vote for himself and then (b) beg his own opponent, well join the club (1) Never Winning a Kayfabe Or Gimmick Related Title Poi, the man who created kayfabe. The man who created gimmicks. And yet he has never won a gimmick related Slammy or a kayfabe title. His only title comes in the form of a Premium title. It is a shock when you realise how long he has been around for, but perhaps it can change upon his return Thanks to @Poiudust for giving me this information. I have been Gary Green, this has been the revival of Smarks Daily. Goodnight
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    BPZ is live on Carnage, only weeks away from the Survivor Series, and so far it has proven to be a very eventful show, seeing many of the top stars in the BPZ come out and hype up their matches ahead of Survivor Series. As we return from a commercial break, we are caught looking at a dark location, where we see the four members of the Creed. Julius is finally reunited with his fellow stablemates following his abduction. One half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Bart, begins to speak. Mikey, Hans, our World Champion Bic.What an extraordinary group of talent. The three of them could take the BPZ by storm on their own, each one of them good enough to dominate the company by himself. And yet, they are all stuck playing lackeys to the brother of Gunner Flynn. It has become embarrassing just how obvious is trust in his fellow stable members has become, with the prime example coming just a few days ago. Following the loss of the First Class Express’ loss of the Tag Team Titles, everyone was waiting for the response of BulletProof following this big blow. We were all patiently awaiting what the group that calls themselves the best in the BPZ had to say. But what we get was simply Flynn, as it appeared that Flynn didn’t trust the others enough to come out with him. Only when he had issued a stupid challenge that not even Arrow would have accepted were his partners allowed to enter the ring. Then they came out and praised the group, while their leader had just gone ahead and neglected them. Maybe they are just happy in their roles, playing lackeys to Flynn but I doubt it. I think BulletProof is suffering from trust problems, trust in themselves and trust in each other. That’s why Flynn won’t let the other speaks and that’s why they keep speaking out about how much they love BulletProof, because they are clearly unsure about the future, about their chance to beat us. It’s not only this segment that made me realise this, in fact, I have been suspecting this for a long time now, as I have had first hand experience with it. A video begins to play, showing the many times that BulletProof attacked the Creed. The video would end with the most recent attack, the one that happened after Bart and Smith won the Tag Team Championships. These attacks, they have been weird to me from the start. It’s almost as if BulletProof knows that they can’t beat us in regular circumstances, and that’s why they have made a living out of attacking us during or after our matches. To keep giving themselves a false sense of hope. Somewhere I had always thought that they would have been smart enough to figure out that all of these attacks do nothing but expose them for the losers that thay are. I don’t want to ruin this belief for them, after all, all of it will be lost after Survivor Series, but I couldn’t help but notice this small but very interesting fact. Whenever the numbers game wasn’t a factor, whenever the same amount of people from both sides were involved, the Creed has always come out on top. It’s almost like BulletProof’s fate is written, and the only ones refusing to see it is themselves. Because we all know what this will do to their future as group. Following this big loss, a 4 man will enter the Tag Team Tournament. The fact that they have 2 teams in this tournament shows the lack of confidence between the members of the group. Flynn and Mikey don’t believe that the First Class Express can earn their chance to have revenge, something that I am sure must rubbed Bic and Hans the wrong way. At least, that’s what it should do. Unless they are even bigger brain-dead followers than I thought until this point. There stable is in a mess, a disaster is waiting to happen and they seem to try their hardest to dispute this with words, but actions show what is really going on here. They must be jealous when they think about us, a united group, without any tension of disbelief in the group. I am sure they will deny this, but in the end, we will be proven right. Say that I am lying, tell me how wrong I am, it doesn’t matter. All 4 of them know that they are on the verge of collapsing. Survivor Series will prove their darkest thoughts right, leading to them finally becoming for the whole world to see. And we will love it After Bart finishes talking, the next member of the Creed begins to speak
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    {The 20th November edition of Carnage has gotten off to a fiery start as Sameer downed Prince in an exciting matchup, and with our Death Match Main Event coming later in the show, the anticipation of the Carnage Crowd is at it's highest. We take a break from the in-ring action as a titantron feed seems to have changed, now displaying the feed from a mobile phone} {We see Julius set the phone on his desk, looking down at the ground until he finally raises his head revealing a mighty scar about his right eye and bruises all around his face. He looks like he hasn't slept for days and is truly feeling the effects of Descent's most recent brutal attack} "It's now been a week, I feel defeated, I look defeated and as a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves it all out in the ring I feel weak. I have a reputation of being one of the baddest men in this company and now look at me. I am shell of the always revered former self, and I let this happen. When you are at the top, you need to keep your head on a swivel at all times and well last week I let my guard down and look where it got me. I had shards of glass punctured into my face, a small hairline fracture on my cheekbone and a badly bruised eye socket. They told me to wait 2 weeks, sit at home at let it rest but I don't have two weeks, I've got a war to fight" "I sat in the trainers room watching on helplessly as the men I call my brothers were punished and brutalised and THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO! Every chair shot, every drop of blood stabbed a hole in my heart and that is something I never want to feel again. I swore to them that I would be there for every battle, every war but you Slim, you stopped me from fulfilling that promise, you are the reason I let them down" "You did something to me that night when you slammed my head through the glass, something changed. As the glass shattered across the floor my sanity and my stability shattered too, you broke me Slim and maybe you're right. Maybe we're more alike than different, maybe I really am F*cking Unstable. For 7 days I have sat here thinking about all the violent things I am going to do to you, all the unimaginable pain you will endure at my hands and in my brain I have painted a masterpiece of destruction, all of it awaiting you" "You wanted to see my killer instinct, you tried to coax it out of my well now you've got it. You win, you drove me to a place I don't want to be, somewhere I'm not allowed to be but I've got to let it out and I've got to use it to hurt you. I do enjoy breaking bones and taking careers, every person who goes to war against me walks out a changed man and that is what I love. The destruction, the carnage, the chaos that is where I belong" {Julius picks his mobile phone up off the table and brings it closer to his face. The Raw emotion from Julius on full display as his eyes pierce the souls of all those watching} "You're a sick bastard Slim, you want to see the dark prevail over the light and you want to sit back and enjoy as the world burns to a crisp. Well I don't care if I have to burn down this goddamn planet to get to you Slim because I'm not going to stop until I have your head. I'm going to f*cking kill you, nothing more, nothing less. The Death Machine is here"
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    A New Challenger

    Jack Bishop comes out later in the show sitting in the top corner, and begins to laugh. "I'm sorry, what? You think I'm avoiding you? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. No, honestly I forgot you still worked here." The crowd laughs. "I mean honestly, what have you even done in the past year? You sat on a couch with a tiger rug and talked about how much money you have? You're so obsessed with material objects, it's somewhat sad. Are you a furry? Irrelevant. And I'm certainly not afraid of a man so intensely insecure that he has to call himself a king. You can't even spell royalty, you are absolutely not a king. That's definitely not the right word. More like... Ah, yes. A little bitch." The crowd cheers, chanting "Little Bitch, Little Bitch," "You need to get this through your dense, thick skull, Amai. I only speak the truth. You're the one who has to hide behind lies, and money, to make you seem like you actually have balls. Notice how you rushed out of here before I could actually come say something to your face. Because you're scared. You're scared of what I'll do to you when we get in the ring at survivor series. You know that I am the most dangerous person in this division. But okay, Amai. If you really want me to, I will. I'll prove to you that everything I've said is true. I'll open your eyes. See you at Survivor Series."
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 4 Another Episode of BPZ Pizza kicks off as we see Bailey sitting across a table from Flynn. Bailey is not in handcuffs as they seem to just be talking. They are in the interrogation room as Flynn begins to speak as Bailey looks at him taking a sip of his coffee. Flynn: Ok Mr. Bailey, let me get this straight you beat up a drunk man last night who we have identified under the name Ropati. Now Ropati has been here before on a couple accounts of domestic abuse but I never got to lock him up. Well, thanks to you I now can cause it looks like Ms. Sheridan is going to follow through with the charges this time. Now though for the charges that Ropati made against you for assault, well those as of now don’t exist. You’re welcome. Bailey looks at Flynn and smiles as he is going to suffer no consequence for beating Ropati’s ass the other night. Bailey and Flynn then shake hands as Bailey begins to talk. Bailey: Hey no problem my guy. Any guy who beats his wife deserves to get his ass beat. So in my eyes Ropati just got what was coming to him. I hope you can come over to the Pizza Place sometime would mean alot to the staff and I. Flynn looks at Bailey and rolls his eyes as he escorts him out of the room as they walk off. Bailey lifted of any charges he had from last night. Where as Ropati is getting locked up finally as he will no longer be able to beat and harass Sheridan. We cut to the Jail as we see Brenden and Slim sitting in the cafeteria as it is around noon and they are eating. Brenden and Slim has grown to be good friends over the past few days. As it seems like they have someone who has their back which both seem to be grateful for. We then see Brenden begin to talk as Slim continues to eat. Brenden: So Reggie told me a rumor we are getting a new guy tomorrow, you think Wallace is gonna ruin him too? Don’t need another Brad accident. Slim just laughs as he continues eating some chilli. Brenden looks around as he sees Wallace taking up an entire bench as Brad sits across from him. Brad looks afraid as he wants to sit anywhere else but Wallace has turned Brad into his bitch. Brenden: Well to me I think Brad is all Wallace ever wanted. You know Brad was not even able to fuck his wife in the real world. A few of my co-workers ended up cucking him. Brad can never catch a break can he? Espeically with his sex life. Slim looks at Brenden as he spits out his food at even the thought of Brad’s sex life. Brenden laughs as Slim looks at him and gets up walking away as he seems to have lost his appetite. Brenden can be seen laughing before the cameras cutaway. We cut to the Pizza Place for the first time today as we see Arius chopping up some onions and we there are no tears to be seen. Arius seems annoyed as we hear a phone ringing in the background. Arius then stops cutting onions and walks over to the phone room to see what is going on. As Arius enters the room we see Bart just staring at the phone, not having a reaction to it as he just looks at it with a blank stare. Bart seems to be in deep thought as he seems to be losing his mind a bit since the incident. Arius just looks at him confused as Bart seems to be taking the worst of it. Why though? He didn’t lose anyone that important to him and he had to harm to him. What could be putting him into that state? Arius: Hey man, you should probably get back to work. Bailey has been super strict about staying on task lately so I would start taking calls. Bart shakes his head as he looks at Arius as he comes to his senses. Bart then looks around the room almost forgetting where he was. Bart then looks at Arius and nods his head as he begins to talk. Bart: Oh...yeah. I’ll get on it. Thanks. Bart then picks up the phone as he goes to answer it but doesn't say a word. Arius looks at him with a confused look but he also looks like he feels bad. Arius then walks away as the cameras cut to a new scene. With a rainy day at the Pizza Place the night is shutting down a bit early as we see Sameer and Bailey sweeping up in the kitchen. We see Sameer pull Bailey aside as there is something he wants to talk to Bailey about. Sameer: Yo so I saw that you beat that bitch Ropati down the other day. Thanks for that. He’s lucky you got to him before me though. I don’t know if I would have stopped. Bailey looks at Sameer and smiles as he pats him on the shoulder before walking past him as he goes to sweep again. But Sameer says something that makes him stop. Sameer: Hey Bailey, you think I still got a shot with Sheri? Bailey looks at him as he is a bit confused but then seems to understand it. Bailey then walk over to Sameer coming close enough so no one else could hear. Bailey: Yeah kid, you got a shot. Just don’t do what Ropati did or I myself will come to your house and beat your ass. Sameer smiles as Bailey nods at him and walks off leaving Sameer alone as he seems to be in a much better mood than he had as of late. Maybe it’s that Bailey is in charge now or maybe it has something to do with his relationship with Sheridan. We cut outside as we see Sheridan sending on the front porch as most of the staff has gone home. As Sheridan is sitting there just taking a moment to relax, we see a car pull up as Paris walks out. We then see Arrow run out as the two hug and kiss as Sheridan watches on. Arrow and Paris seem to be truly in love as of right now. Sheridan watches as they drive off. She then begins to cry as she remembers all of her past relationships and how she managed to fuck all of them up. Maybe if she had not slept with Brenden Sameer might not be upset with her. Maybe if she never went to that apartment that night her and Brenden would not have such an awkward relationship. Maybe she could have supported Ropati more and got him through his issues. Then again thought maybe Sheri was never the problem maybe Sheri was just always stuck as the victim. The cameras then cut away later in the day as we cut away from the Pizza Place. We then cut to a bit later as we see Julius driving home but he has taken a different route as we see him looking at his GPS as if he is looking for something. We see him look over and slow down as he drives past a house as we see a women in the front yard. She looks over at Julius and looks shocked we hear here start to speak to Julius. Woman: Oh my god, Julius? Is that really you? I thought… We then see Julius speed away before we hear what the woman has to say. Julius is sweating as we see him speed away. Clearly Julius has some sort of past woman. But who is she and what does she have to do with Julius? The cameras cutaway as Julius looks as if he has seen a ghost. In our final scene of the day we cut to Ropati and Sheridan’s house as Sheridan is sitting there alone in the dark. She is sitting on here coach as a faint light shines on her face from the outside porch light. Sheridan sits there thinking to herself in the dark. We then see Sheridan pick up a bottle of Vodka and start drinking. The very thing that hurt her so much before is helping her cope with it. She cries as she drinks it as she just wants to stop feeling the pain of her own life. She continues to drink, chug after chug until the entire bottle is gone. Sheridan then goes to stand up and walk to her bed but she passes out falling to the floor as the episode comes to an end.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Tag League: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS The Irish Airborne NJPW begins with the duo of Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy against Jake and Dave Crist of Bullet Club, led by Sami Callihan. Callihan's request for a ladder match against Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom for the United States title has been approved, and he now looks to ensure Bullet Club has a chance to score the Junior Heavyweight tag titles then, as well. In a great match, oVe would prove their incredible ability and get back on the winning track, putting away Tony Nese with a High-Low. With this victory, The Irish Airborne are the first team in the Junior Tag League to break the 10 point barrier, while Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy are now officially eliminated from World Tag League contention, the first team in the tournament to be knocked out. . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS SoCal Uncensored Our first World Tag League match of the night sees the two teams stuck at two points do battle, as Yano and Makabe face off with Scorpio Sky and Kazarian. In a great match, SCU would barely stay alive, as Scorpio Sky ends up putting away Yano with a 450 Splash. SCU now has four points, while the Most Violent Players have been officially knocked out of World Tag League contention. . Junior Tag League: TJP/Drew Gulak VS Suzuki-Gun Our next match in Junior Tag League sees TJP and Drew Gulak do battle with El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, with TJP and Gulak in do ir die territory. However, in a bit of a shock, TJP begins the match by laying down and letting El Desperado pin him, giving Suzuki-Gun the early victory and moving them to 10 points. After the match, TJP and Gulak shake hands with Despy and Kanemaru, and they are joined by the rest of the members of Suzuki-Gun. Though TJP and Gulak have been eliminated from Junior Tag League, they appear to have become the new members of Suzuki-Gun. . World Tag League: Mustache Mountain VS The Mighty Don't Kneel Our next World Tag League match sees Tyler Bate and Trent Seven take on Nick Miller and Shane Thorne, who are desperate to get back on the winning track. In a great bout, Mustache Mountain would pull out another impressive victory, with Tyler Bate putting away Nick Miller with a Tyler Driver '97 and moving up to 10 points. With this loss, The Mighty Don't Kneel are officially eliminated from World Tag League, as well as SoCal Uncensored due to not having enough points to make up their deficit. . Junior Tag League: Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander VS Motor City Machine Guns Our third match of Junior Tag League sees the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champions, the Motor City Machine Guns, do battle with Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. In a great bout, the Guns would score a much-needed victory, with Ali falling to a Made in Detroit. This victory moves the Motor City Machine Guns to nine points, only one point behind the current block leaders, while Ali and Alexander are still in very winnable condition. . World Tag League: Imperium VS Suzuki-Gun The third World Tag League match of the night sees Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel take on Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a great match, Lance Archer keeps the Suzuki-Gun duo alive in World Tag League, pinning Marcel Barthel with the EBD Claw. Both teams now sit at six points, dangerously close to elimination in World Tag League. . Junior Tag League: The Rascalz VS Undisputed Era The second to last match of tonight's Junior Tag League sees Trey and Wentz do battle with the Undisputed Era, both teams looking to break into the double digits. In what has to be considered an upset, Trey and Wentz score the victory over Fish and O'Reilly, with The Rascalz putting away Fish with a Meteora/Swanton Bomb combination. The Rascalz now sit at 10 points, the most surprising performance of the entire Junior Tag League so far. . World Tag League: The Revival VS Guerrillas of Destiny The second to last World Tag League match of the night sees The Revival do battle with the IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a fantastic match, the two teams would run down the clock to a time limit draw. With this, The Revival moves to 11 points, and the Guerrillas now sit at 9. Due to this victory, both Imperium and Suzuki-Gun are now knocked out of World Tag League contention, as they are now just barely unable to make up the deficit. . Junior Tag League: The Young Bucks VS Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo Our final Junior Tag League match of the night sees two former IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champions clash, as former Bullet Club members The Young Bucks do battle with the current Bullet Club tandem of Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo. In a fantastic match, The Young Bucks score a much-needed victory over the Bullet Club tandem, putting away ELP with a Meltzer Driver and moving to seven points, just barely staying alive in the Junior Tag League contention. . World Tag League: Roppongi 3K VS Los Ingobernables de Japon Tonight's main event sees Roppongi 3K do battle with EVIL and SANADA of Los Ingobernables de Japon, with both teams looking to break into the 10 point group. In a fantastic main event, SHO and YOH would pull off the victory, putting away SANADA with 3K and moving up to 10 points. After the match, we see Rocky Romero's close friend, Kazuchika Okada, ask to have the ring. Roppongi 3K obliges, leaving the ring to the Rainmaker. Okada says that he knows Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, and he was impressed by his G1 run, but he won the G1 with less points than anyone else in history. Okada says Bryan may be great, but he isn't untouchable like the Rainmaker, and at Wrestle Kingdom, Daniel Bryan will see exactly why Okada's been the best champion in the world for years. NJPW then signs off after this, displaying the standings for both tag leagues. . Current standings: World Tag League: 11 points: The Revival. 10 points: Mustache Mountain, Roppongi 3K. 9 points: Guerrillas of Destiny. 8 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon. 6 points: Imperium, Suzuki-Gun. 4 points: The Mighty Don't Kneel, SoCal Uncensored. 2 points: Most Violent Players. . Junior Tag League: 10 points: Suzuki-Gun, The Irish Airborne, The Rascalz. 9 points: Motor City Machine Guns. 8 points: Undisputed Era. 7 points: The Young Bucks. 6 points: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo, Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander. 2 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy, TJP/Drew Gulak.
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With joyful Christmas music blasting out loud to the entire arena. Fans looked towards the entrance ramp intrigued. Wondering what they were going to have to see next. As national icon Soulja Boy would begin to rap. Father Georgemas would emerge from behind the curtain. To a surprising array of cheers. He would be dressed in a full santa costume. With a sack slung over his shoulder. On his way down to the ring he would take presents out of his sack and throw them to the kids in attendance, as well as random men he liked the look of. As he reached the ring, his bag would be empty, he would enter the ring. And readjust his obviously fake beard before talking. “ITS CHRISTMASSSSSSS! Ho! Ho! Ho! I am Father Georgemas, and it is officially the most wonderful time of the year. In just over a month, will be the day that is eagerly anticipated by each and every person in the world. The day where everyone gets presents! And fat people have an excuse to eat even more food. Yes, that is right. Christmas is around the corner. And with that, brings the arrival of me. You see, myself and the elves have been trying hard to make presents all year round. But we need your help to make sure we know who gets the good presents, and who gets the bad presents. So over the next few weeks, stay tuned on me. And together we will make Christmas amazing!” After this short message to the audience, Father Georgemas would leave the ring and begin to go to the back. Merrily singing to himself as he went. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About an hour later, we would again see Father Georgemas, walking around backstage. He would abruptly stop. And peer into a room backstage, where Gunner Flynn would be sat, polishing his Premium Championship belt. Father Georgemas would turn to the camera and begin to talk. “Ah. Gunner Flynn. I have heard about this man. The Premium Champion they say. But, apparently the people aren’t exactly pleased by him. He seems the type to try and spoil Christmas. And well, we can’t really have that can we. I think maybe he might have to be taught a lesson. We might have our first name on the naughty list.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Father Georgemas would walk past the cafeteria for the wrestlers. Upon entering, he would draw rude stares from chefs and other BPZ Wrestlers who were eating. With some people just laughing at him as he sat down. He would pick up a menu. And begin to read it. “Ah. Very standard. Very basic. No mince pies, no cookies, no milk! This is absurd. Wait, whats this. A kids section? For Arrow and Steph. Ahh yesss, I have heard about these two. Apparently they are going to have the living daylight beaten out of them soon. They might not even be awake to see Christmas. Maybe I should leave them something nice though. To cheer them up. Nice list for them.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, Father Georgemas would walk through the parking lot towards his sleigh. Although, as he reached it he realised Rudolph wasn't there. So he waited, and waited. But, before Rudolph would come back, he would spot Mikey entering a posh looking car. Before taking off and driving away, leaving a smokey smell from his exhaust behind. "Hmmm. Nice car that. Not as good as mine obviously. He seems pretty well off for himself. But ugh. That smell, horrendous. I think I recognise him, Mikey. Yes, it has to be the naughty list for him. For sure."
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    TNA Impact - January 1st, 2010 Mike Tenay: "Welcome back everyone to TNA iMPACT! We have a great night of action coming your way tonight as we kick off tonight's show with a match between two of the best teams in TNA today and it's gonna start right now. Team 3D vs. Richards & Raven In a great match to start the show. Team 3D defeated Raven & Richards via pinfall after the Dudley Death Drop. Lethal Consequences promo on MCMG TNA Impact comes back from commercial break and Lethal Consequences make their way to the ring. Lethal grabs a mic and calls out The Motor Machine Guns who don't answer. Then Jay Lethal goes on a rant about how they're gonna take everything from MCMG and get revenge for what they've done in these past few months. Lethal finishes the promo by telling all the other teams: "If you get in our way, there will be Lethal Consequences." Awesome Kong vs. Hamada In a decent match Awesome Kong defeated Hamada via pinfall after a Sit-out Powerbomb Beautiful People Promo The match between Kong and Hamada is over and the music of The Beautiful People plays. The walk out to the ramp and the music cuts out. Velvet Sky has a mic and she taunts Kong by saying: "You'd think that with a performance like that you would be able to make it into the Beautiful People, but unfortunately you need to be beautiful in order to make it. Also we're all filled up and our leader shall soon reveal herself to all of you." The promo ends and the Beautiful People leave. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir In a decent match Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir via pinfall after an Elbow Drop. Samoa Joe open challenge TNA Impact comes back from another commercial break and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and says he's holding an open challenge and says anyone can accept. He waits for someone to come out and the music of Suicide hits, Suicide rushes to the ring, attacks Joe and accepts the open challenge. Samoa Joe vs. Suicide In a great match Samoa Joe defeated Suicide via submission after the Coquina Clutch. Desmond Wolfe interview The cameras cut backstage where we see Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe is getting interviewed by Lauren Brooke but before she can even ask the first question Desmond Wolfe stops her. Wolfe grabs the mic and looks into the camera, he taunts AJ Styles and promises that tonight Wolfe is gonna prove his worth and value by beating AJ Styles. Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles In an excellent match Desmond Wolfe defeated AJ Styles via pinfall after the Tower of London. Upset victory shocks the crowd The match is over after a shocking end. AJ Styles looks on in shock and disbelief as the ref lifts Wolfe's hand up as a sign of his triumph. Wolfe looks at the crowd in disbelief and the crowd shower him with boos. Wolfe quickly leaves as the fans start throwing garbage into the ring.
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    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    The most biggest ppv of the year BPZWM Raven defeats LegendsOrigin, Epic defeats Suby to retain the NXT title, Steph Carwin defeats Buddy Ace to retain the ic title, Lord Yautja defeats Brett Storm, Sameer defeats Angelo Caito to retain the undisputed championship, BulletProof defeats Demons Hand in a ladder match to retain the tag team titles, Nebakos defeats Joshua Scott, Johnathan defeats Cobhead Jake, Arrow Thunderman defeats Tamer to retain the BPZ world title ah what a BPZWM congrats to everyone and fight wrestling you suck get gud kids can’t even put on 5 star marches smh how are they even a company they are a disgrace to the wrestling business and to everyone who owns a company fight wrestling is a disgrace.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling This is a new diary that i came up with and i'm starting with @Gunner Flynn. I thought of this as i started wondering what happened to Lucha Underground and Blackcraft Wrestling. Both promotions had quite the similar style in terms of product but there were still many big differences. This diary takes place in February of 2019 which is a few months after Lucha Underground finished their third season. "The Preacher" (Owner of Blackcraft Wrestling) Blackcraft Wrestling presents a very dark product where a cultist only known as "The Preacher" leads the promotion with his cult and they make every attempt at stopping the "good guys". Packed with violence, hardcore matches and compelling characters Blackcraft Wrestling offers a product like no other wrestling promotion before them. Dario Cueto (Owner of Lucha Underground) Where as Lucha Underground presented a product that was similar to a drama/action series. Lucha Underground at it's prime featured some great wrestling, action, drama and very compelling storylines. Lucha Underground (from what i can recall) was lead by authority figure Dario Cueto who was often involved in storylines and was the best talkers in Lucha Underground. Lucha Underground Blackcraft Wrestling
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Episode 33 l Montgomery, Alabama RAW Is WAR The show would open with a look at the entire RAW roster, with one man standing in the ring. That being, Paul Heyman, the RAW general manager. Who welcomes everyone to the show and speaks about some of the best on the RAW roster. From Brock Lesnar, to Gran Metalik. The RAW roster is full of talent, but Heyman says one man will be the captain. One man will lead RAW into battle in the 5v5 battle royale, and that is Andrade. Zelina Vega introduces Andrade, as Andrade comes to the ring and puts on the RAW T-Shirt, as he is ready to represent his brand, for a big paycheck of course. As he wants the world championship. ________ Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander Two men who had matches on last nights King Of The Ring PPV, McIntyre would take on Cedric Alexander. Last night, McIntyre defeated Keith Lee in singles competition. While Alexander would come up just short against Dijak for the United States Championship. Drew would once again prove that he is The Punisher, as he would knock out Cedric on multiple occasions. However, Alexander would continue to fight, hitting multiple moves on McIntyre and nearly winning on multiple occasions. However, it would be McIntyre hitting the claymore kick that would seal the deal on the match up as McIntyre continues his winning streak here on RAW. After the match, Zelina Vega would come out to the ring with a RAW T-Shirt in hand, McIntyre would grab the T Shirt before dropping it in the ring. Showing that he does not care about the brand warfare. ______ War Raiders vs Local Competitors The War Raiders would come to the ring with their RAW Tag Team titles in hands to take on The Creed, a team that is looking to jumpstart their WWE careers as Eli Smith and Bart. Two small men, go up against the best tag team on RAW. The match wouldn't last long at all, as the War Raiders would pick apart the two men easily. Winning the match and then cutting a promo after the match, at Survivor Series. They take on the Smackdown Tag Team champions, Undisputed Era. In a brand vs brand match. _______ Elias Returns To The Guitar Its been a very long month for Elias, being kidnapped by Eric Young, as Eric Young attempted to recruit and force Elias to become the singer for his cult. Tonight, Elias returns to the ring and sings a song. Uninterrupted, ending the song with the announcement that he will be performing next week as well. _______ Keith Lee vs EC3 Keith Lee would attempt to make a comeback from his loss last night against another large opponent in the form of EC3, the one percent. Who comes to the ring with his tag partner The Miz. Keith Lee would prove just why he is Limitless as he would take the fight to EC3 over and over again. Hitting almost every move in the book as he takes down EC3, eventually defeating him with the Spirit Bomb. As The Miz would come into the ring, only to be hit by a Spirit Bomb of his own. Keith Lee stands over the "A Listers" and posses, getting his groove back. Zelina Vega would step out on stage, standing in front of Lee. The crowd would chant "Bask In His Glory", as Keith Lee would put on the RAW T Shirt, and would pose on stage. As Team RAW has gotten its first member. _______ Dijak Is A Warrior We would get a backstage segment with Dijak, where he would be inside of a Boxing Ring. Training before turning towards the camera and cutting a promo on his championship reign so far. As the United States championship hangs on the rope in the background. Dijak is one of the most dominant men on RAW, and he looks to keep it that way. _________ Oney Lorcan vs Tyler Breeze Two workhorses on the RAW brand, Tyler Breeze and Oney Lorcan would go head to head. As Oney Lorcan comes to the ring to many cheers, the crowd loving Lorcan as he prepares to face Breeze. Tyler Breeze would prove he is no joke, taking the fight straight to Lorcan with many knees and kicks. Even hitting a springboard moonsault, as the fast paced match would be made a highlight due to Lorcans hard slaps. Which leaves Breezes chest bright red, as well as the many headbutts which open up a spot for victory for Oney Lorcan. Lorcan would hit a brand new finisher he calls the "BOSTON SLAP PARTY" as he pins and defeats Breeze in an amazing matchup. ________ The Viper Is Cold Blooded Randy Orton would make his return to RAW as he comes on screen, and begins to speak about how he is not scared of any of the new members of the roster. And realizes that now, the tables are turned. And that he is the legend, that needs to be killed. He won't let it happen, and promises that the "Legend Killer", is now, the "Rookie Killer". ________ Kevin Owens vs Luke Harper The main event of the night, the King Of The Ring would come to the ring. Covered in "King" Owens merch, he steps into the ring to many cheers and chants. Including "You Deserve It", as Luke Harper comes to the ring to take on Owens. Luke Harper would be good, hitting multiple powerbombs and big boots and even a dive to the outside. However, Kevin Owens would be to agile and to strong, as his move set woulda allow him to take out Harper and hit the pop-up powerbomb, winning the match after a hard fought battle. After the match, Kevin Owens would taunt. Celebrating with the fans as he enters the crowd with a microphone, announcing that at the Survivor Series PPV, he will be evoking his championship match clause against Brock Lesnar. Monday Night RAW comes to a close with that blockbuster announcement. Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens; Universal Championship.
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    This diary is really interesting Aaron. I haven’t heard much of Blackcraft Wrestling before, but from what I can tell their style should be an interesting mix with Lucha Underground. I’m excited to see what you do with this diary Aaron
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    BPZ Discord Network Nights

    No Way Out 2001 Survivor Series 2001 (could spark a nice conversation about the Invasion throughout) Backlash 2000 SummerSlam 2002 WrestleMania 19 Survivor Series 1998
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    When is Arrow Rhodes fighting?

    As Arrow is Slowly getting back up he picks up the mic Gary how about you cut the crap and reveal yourself as the Mayor of Manchester you stupid fu*k so Josh you think I’m scared of you well I’m not and you can’t run from me for longer how about you accept my challenge and we’ll see who wins because your just a person who gets slapped by your manger dumbass.
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    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    Hello and welcome to my BPZ Wrestling mod made by @I Can't Odd on JOW and only ppv results will be on here starting tomorrow I’m going to be posting the first ppv result for this diary and which the winners are going to be amazed at what they get. And I hope everyone likes this because I’m going to make it great and how I think BPZ in my mind should be and I’m not biased I’m just thinking on how it should be so hopefully you don’t stop reading after tomorrows first ppv result.
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    A New Challenger

    For the first time in a while, Amai makes his entrance in the carnage arena, there is a mix of cheers and boos in the crowd, he is looking smarter maybe than he ever has, with his signature scarf, and some dark shades on, he begins to walk down, but he stops. And then two brunette ladies proceed to enter the arena, walking behind him as Amai smugly paces down the ramp, and into the ring, before taking a mic and beginning to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for the warm welcome here tonight; and while I can’t be out having a fancy meal at a luxurious restaurant, I can be out here, talking to you guys face to face, something that a kitty could not possibly do, because he’s afraid, afraid of the audience seeing through his falseness, seeing through that stupid act of his and humiliating him in front of his loved ones. So he hides, away in his stupid little reality where he’s the god, the higher power, the monster among men! But enough of him already, I think that I have made my point and thoughts extremely clear, and I shall not mention this man’s name any more going forward. The crowd starts chanting “CJ Sellers”, as Amai looks around the arena, smirking, as he is about to absolutely shock the word with his next words. No. The crowd is in disbelief, but Amai continues to talk. I have no reason to address that fool, he is nothing but an industry plant placed right by my feet, to try and challenge my attempts at regaining my precious baby. So once again, I shall not mention this man’s name any more going forward. The crowd then begins to chant “Jack Bishop”, and Amai’s smirk turns into a more sadistic smile, with a murderous like emotion on his face, this was the man that he waited to get to. Yes, yes, yes… The crowd reaction switches to cheers, they have identified Amai’s intended target, he puts the mic back to his lips, and begins to speak. Why would you choose to return at such a time? An era of major competition in the NXT division, and then try to avoid the big dog and think that you can just get away with such a deed. I can sense your anxiety, I can feel that you’re nervous, you do not want to step into the ring with the King. Now why is that the case? Is it a lack of self confidence, is it knowing how generic you are, and the sheer thought of being outclassed, making you feel... afraid? Speak to me, tell me what your thoughts are, prove to me that you’re not that sub-par, generic pillock that I am taking you for. PROVE IT TO ME! Telling everyone how good you are at everything is not showing me anything, it is a sign of weakness at the most. I can see right through you Jack, just like all of these so called athletes in this very division. They’re nothing to me, and neither are you… I will defeat you, and then continue to grow my empire of economic success, and laugh in all of your faces while you shine my shoes, and clean my car for me, because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. Amai gently places the mic down onto the floor, before calmly walking backstage, to cheers from the audience, before taunting at the top of the ramp to the appraisal of the crowd.
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    Hans Graphics

    Updated the match card design slightly, added the premium title match.
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    BPZ Discord Network Nights

    My first suggestion is Royal Rumble 2008. Probably my favorite rumble of all time. Has good undercard matches, good World Title matches (Edge vs Meko's favorite, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton vs IC Champ Jeff Hardy). All capped off by John Cena's shock return a mere 4 months after tearing his Pectoral.
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    𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛'𝑠 𝑆𝑝𝑜𝑜𝑘𝑦 𝑆𝑞𝑢𝑎𝑑 𝐷𝑢𝑠𝑘𝑢𝑙𝑙 𝐹𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑠𝘩 𝐺𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑙𝑦 𝐺𝑜𝑙𝑒𝑡𝑡 𝐻𝑜𝑛𝑒𝑑𝑔𝑒 𝐿𝑖𝑡𝑤𝑖𝑐𝑘 𝑃𝑢𝑚𝑝𝑘𝑎𝑏𝑜𝑜-𝑆𝑢𝑝𝑒𝑟 𝑆𝘩𝑢𝑝𝑝𝑒𝑡
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    War Between Worlds

    Monday Night Raw-Episode 13-"Royal Rumble Dawns" We open up this week's edition of Monday Night Raw with none other than Jay White, who wasnt lucky enough to have a spot on last night's ppv. But the tension of competition has no eluded Jay White. Tonight we hear from "Switchblade" Jay White. Jay White- Last night I was not on Armageddon, I honestly find it to be a disgrace. I am the best competitor in WWE at the moment, but nobody seems to realize that. So I am going to make everyone realize this simple fact, by winning the Royal Rumble in just a little under 5 weeks. I will be the first man to declare my entry into the Royal Rumble. Kota Ibushi vs Johnny Gargano This should be a great opening match up here tonight. As two men that were involved, in the Wargames Match last month fight it out tonight. Earlier today, reported to WWE.com, these two men would confirm their entrys in this year's Royal Rumble match. This match will be crucial for momentum. We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage going to Kota Ibushi with just a slight edge. Pushing his opposition into the corner, presuming with some strikes to the abdomen. It has become apparent early on in this matchup, Ibushi is needing a victory tonight, can Johnny get back into this one? Kota would go back on the attack, but would be interrupted with a disgraceful slap. As we continue on, the disgraceful slap turns into pure rage for Kota Ibushi. He does not take disrespect lightly, he fires up with mutilple strike combos, sending Johnny Gargano down to the canvas. Pleading for mercy now. But Kota would not give mercy, instead he would give a "Mushroom Stomp". Ibushi would then go for a pinfall,1..2.... but only a 2 count would be retrieved. Both men would be down on the canvas, seeming to be exhausted. But a few moments later, both men would be up, having a slap fest until Kota Ibushi would flal back down to the canvas. Johnny setting up for a slingshot ddt back out on the apron. And he would hit it for the victory. Aleister Black vs Dragon Lee Our next match seems to be two men with two totally diffrent styles. So it should be a fun one, Aleister Black was unsuccesful against Pentagon last night so you have to think, is he in the right mind set for a matchup tonight? The bell rings and we are off, as both men tangle up in a perfect lockup. The strength advantage easily goes to Aleister Black. As he pusheds The luchador into the corner, proceeding to strike him with a huge running forearm for good measure. As Aleister Black goes to the other corner and runs for another one, Lee gets out of the way just in time. And goes for a running dropkick of his own, connecting perfectly. But he is not done yet, as he continues a fury of stomps attack, not letting the dark one breath for a second. As Lee would get back up, Black would get up very shortly afterwards. Taking Lee's head pratically off of his shoulders with a huge lariat. Followed up by a beautiful roundhouse kick, taking Dragon Lee straight down to the canvas. Both men have looked very impressive in this bout thus far, but who wants it more? Who wants the win that much more? And it becomes evident that Aleister Black wants it just that much more. As he ends the match with a Black Mass. But his past would continue to haunt him, as a video would appear of Pentagon licking blood of his arm, pointing right back at him. Coming Soon....V2 As we return from commercial break, a video package begins to play of Drago. A new recruit of WWE, stating that his goal in mind, is to make anyone who steps up to him his prey, the locker room has officialy been put on notice. AJ Styles vs Kushida What a match this will be. Two men who have taken over WWE since arriving here, and continue to look upon doing so. But who wants that takeover more? Who will have more in the tank tonight? We find out right now! Kushida vs AJ Styles. We start off with our usual lockup, the strength advantage going to a veteran in AJ Styles, as he pushes Kushida into the corner. AJ would then go for a running forearm, but Kushida would get an elbow up, and into the skull just in time. AJ falls back down to the canvas, while Kushida sets up for a handspring cutter. AJ would land very badly onto his neck, holding onto it, screaming in agony. Kushida realizes this, contuning the attack on the neck and showing no mercy at all. Kishida would then head to the top rope, for what looks to be a moonsault. As the leader of Bullet Club, alongside Jay White, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi he is not looking to bright at the moment. Instead, he is looking rather dull, and that is never a good sign when facing someone as surperior as Kushida. But moments later, Styles would get back into this one, eventually setting up for a Styles Clash and the victory. But someone wouldnt be so pleased with this, making it well known. Fiend..... We end this week's show off with The Fiend capturing Seth Rollins in his playhouse. And compelty murdering him, covering his mouth until he would pass out. Proving that he is not yet done with Seth Rollins or is he? Find out next week.
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    Mikey's Veggie Squad Oddish Ferroseed Skiddo Lileep Snover Pumpkaboo-Super Turtwig Deerling
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    Gwyn's Fire Team (THE RING OF FIRE) Darumaka Larvesta Torchic Salandit Numel Houndour Magby Ponyta
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    Sorry george, incorrect.
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    My Comeback

    Lights out. Out of the shadows, through the Crowd, appears a man. Clad head to toe in black, a shit-eating grin on his face, and a cigarette in his mouth; Darius Shiba is here. As Shiba enters the ring he takes no notice of James Knight, instead deciding to brush right past him and blow a lot of smoke directly into the crowd. Finally, it appears as if Knight has had enough of this complete stranger stealing his spotlight. So, as Shiba's "Entrance"? Music fades and the crowd is dead silent apart from a few murmurs of "who is this guy" Knight approaches Shiba, and begins to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. As he does this, Shiba immediately spins in a 180 degree fashion and nails Knight with a spinning backfist! Knight had no idea it was coming so couldn't prepare in the slightest, he might be out! But Shiba isn't done, he grabs Knight, and delivers a BRUTAL reverse Tombstone Piledriver that seems to have busted James open. The smirk on the face of this newcomer is sickening, he seems to be absolutely exstatic that he has made James Knight bleed. Shiba grabs a chair, and just as it looks like he will deliver a devastating chairshot to the prone Knight, he opens it up, and sits on it. Feet, propped up on the lifeless husk of James Knight. Shiba then proceeds to light another cigarette, and demand a Microphone be delivered to him. Which a member of the sound team hesitantly hands him. Sorry, sorry.. James? At least I think that was your name, i'm not quite familiar with you, so I decided to introduce myself only it seems I went a little bit overboard. Oh well you'll live... probably. My name is Darius Shiba and believe me when I say it was a PLEASURE to meet you haha. Surprisingly not many people seem to be joining in with Darius Shiba's apparent laughing fit. Acknowledging this, Shiba stops laughing and begins to cough ferociously, followed by a deep sigh. Shiba continues. Anyway enough of the introductions, I unveiled myself today for one sole reason. That reason.. is to say hi! i'm the newest signing to BPZ! I hope you like me and cheer for me in the future! If you don't.... Oh Well! ahahahahah.. aahhahah... ha... haa.... With that, Shiba stands up from his chair, before snuffing out the cigarette bud with the skin of James Knight, before grinning like a madman, while waving goodbye to the crowd, and just like that. He was gone. Leaving a mangled mess of what used to be James Knight in the middle of the ring.
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    The Doctor's Prescription

    We are here on Carnage, still on the road to Survivor Series. The crowd is on fire, still excited for the No DQ match to come from FDS and Raven when suddenly the lights go dark. He is HERE. Making his first public appearance its Dr.X. The only word we got from him is he stepped up to challenge Arius for the Intercontinental Championship when no none else would, but other then that we no nothing of the self-dubbed “Doctor”. He gets into the ring asks for a mic. He is handed one promptly by a slightly afraid time-keeper who hurries back to his seat. He begins to speak in a lower pitched voice, obviously to hide who he is. You see that people? That’s called fear. That is exactly what every person in that locker room was feeling when they were asking for contenders for IC. Not a single one of them raised their hand, scared of challenging what to them seemed a god in the ring. Everyone but me. See, win or lose this match is good for me. Let’s me break in the suit, lets me get the blood flowing, it lets me prepare for my real goal, my real pursuit. You see, as nice as becoming Intercontinental Champion would be, and don't get me wrong im still showing up to win Arius so don’t slack off, that’s not what im aiming for. I am aiming for the North American Championship.I am aiming for Kenji. So I figured, what better way to prepare to go for the North American Championship, then to square-off with the most prominent former champion? So, for those of you in the back listening, those wondering who’s behind the mask, those training for the NA title shot, the management team ready to just chose money over opportunity and throw Slim into the North American Title race, listen up and listen good. At Winter Warfare its gonna be The Dragon of BPZ, The Resonator, The Current North American Champion Kenji….VERSUS The Doctor of Animus, Hate's Incarnate, The soon-to-be NEW North American Champion, Dr.X. The crowd may not know who the Doctor is, but they are cheering and loving the energy he is bringing. Now I know there are some back there who disagree with that future, and want to do every thing in their power to change it. To them i say come on out, speak whats on your chest, show me and everyone your dream. Come on down and reach for the stars. It will make it that more fun when i look down from them and kick your ass back in the dirt. Dr.X waves his hand at the stage entrance, mouthing “Come on” before going and sitting in an unusual way on the ropes.
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    Introducing the Characters: Here are the first 5 characters right now by Alphabetic order Aaron North - While Aaron did suffer from not selecting a Dojo (Hence the bad rolls to Basics, Psycholoy and Safety), he's got pretty strong rolls in Brawling, Submission and his Entertainment skills in general. He will work the entire world thus there is the possibility of him hopefully going to a WWE dev especially with those Entertainment skills. Ark Spinel - Ark comes via the Dragon Gate Dojo and as a result he will be wrestling for the Japanese promotion. A very talented in ring performer he could become one of the top Juniors in the world. However his Entertainment skills might hold him off from being picked up by WWE or TNA unless they vastly improve. Arrow Thunderman - Trained by the great Harley Race, it seems Arrow failed to grasp the Basics of wrestling that well however he did get some other solid levels. His mic skills though are said to have caused Harley to have to replace all the windows in his Gym of how atrocious they were. We shall see how WLW uses him. Bart Hoogveld - Bart Hoogveld is the most recent protege of Lance Storm. While again his Basics and Stamina aren't up there, there is a feeling he is a future star in the making if he can improve on that and his Charisma. His mic skills are top and he is a pretty solid wrestler overall. Epic - One of the two products coming through the CZW Academy Epic has a big future ahead of him with many feeling he will soon be a WWE hopeful. The only thing holding him back could be his inconsistency. However Epic is proving to be a pretty solid brawler with Charisma to spare.
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    When i saw the headline i wasn't too suprised. As far as talent who might have an issue with staying within WWE i feel Nikki wouldn't be one of them and it is also a secure job that her husband (Killian Dain) is working as well so perhaps that was incentive. She's been getting a lot more TV time and has been generally treated pretty well since she started hanging around Alexa Bliss. Thinking about it outside of the Four Horsewomen she has been one of the more consistent talents during the second half of 2019. Anyway i hope she is able to find further success in WWE.
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    Report: Nikki Cross Signs Multi-Year WWE Contract Extension
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    My first thought with this is a “One Night Stand” kinda of PPV. The name is a good one if that’s the idea, invokes the imagery more then “Extreme Rules” did.
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    The Hidden Gene

    The Hidden Gene Chapter 2 Pt. 2 Gunner appears right outside of his apartment, and sighs. He hoped that Matilda believed his story. He really had been watching her from above, he thought she was beautiful, but was also intrigued by the two men's sudden change in emotion. Then he saw Dark Mist come out of the grate, and he knew he had to step in. He saw her glance at his scar. He really hoped she didn't ask about it if they met again. "What the fuck is wrong with you kid?" Gunner is slapped and thrown into the wall. "A Fucking B? Do better. Or next time it'll be a broken jaw for you." Gunner's father punch him square in the nose, causing blood to spurt out. Gunner shudders, and continues walking towards the entrance, but before he gets there, he hears a child's voice. "Hey mister!" Gunner turns and sees a child, who looks about the age of 8. The kid waves at him, but then gets an odd look on his face. Then blood begins to seep in between his teeth and out his mouth, and then he collapses. Gunner yells, deeply disturbed by what he's just seen. The kid has a knife stuck in the back of his head. A man comes around the corner, with his finger up to his mouth, shh-ing Daniels. ???: "Now, now. We wouldn't want to wake up the boy, now would we?" The man comes over, crouches down, stroking the boy's hair, before pulling the knife out of the boy's head. He cleans it off with his coat, and slips it into an inside coat pocket. "So, what are we gonna do about you. ICON?" "How do you know who I am?" "That doesn't matter, now does it?" "Who the fuck are you, and where are you from?" "You, can call me Ace. And I'm from Ruby City. I've always been here. I was here before you were born, before your parents were born, before all of your ancestors even came to this land. I am something greater than you understand." Gunner was getting more and more infuriated and went to swing at Ace, but he moved with lightning quick speed, and stuck the knife into Gunner's abdomen. "Have a nice evening." Gunner teleports himself to his apartment as he gasps for air, and pulls out his medical supplies. He doesn't have what he needs. He tries to cling to life as he thinks out a plan.
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    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    Bubba defeats Benjamin Wolf, Jason Ryan defeats Ark Universe, ICON Defeats Suby to retain the premium title, Aidanator defeats Apex, Epic defeats Raven to retain the NXT title, Steph Carwin defeats Red Arrow to retain the ic title, Blade defeats Emperor Nate, Yelich defeats Ross, Arrow Thunderman defeats Alyx Wilde to retain the BPZ world title
  43. 1 point

    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    Kenji defeats Prince to retain the Na title, Bulletproof defense Untied Nations to retain the tag team titles, Mikey defeats Bob Sparks to retain the US title, GeorgeAk defeats Marker, Epic defeats Aidanator to win the NXT title, Arius wins the royal rumble match, Sameer defeats Bart to win undisputed championship, Steph Carwin defeats Massa to retain the ic title, Arius defeats Rory Orton, Arrow Thunderman defeats Johnathan to retain the BPZ world title.
  44. 1 point

    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    Buddy Ace defeats Red Arrow, Adienator defeats Meko to retain the NXT title, Bob Sparks beats Apex, Mikey beats Brian Gillman to retain the USA title, Kenji defeats Poldust to retain the Na title, Jason Ryan defeats Ross, Alex Costa defeats Icon to retain the premium title, Steph Carwin defeats Sameer and Julius to win the ic title, Arrow Thunderman defeats Echo Wilson to retain the BPZ world title, Slim, Necce, Flynn, BrendenPlayz, and The Bailey defeats Tamer, Smith, Nebakos, Heel, and Angelo Catio
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    Hans Graphics

    BPZ Survivor Series Official Poster:
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    Arrows BPZ JOW mod

    Halloween Havoc results Arius beats FDS, Slim sends Toxik packing after embarrassing him, Alex Costa beats Meko the Raven to win the premium title, Max Chicken Nugget beats Bubba, Steph Carwin beats Benjamin Wolf, Julius beats Flynn to retain the BPZ ic title, Bart beats BrendenPlayz to win the undisputed championship, Arrow Thunderman beats Nebakos to retain the BPZ world title
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    An Unusual Alliance

    We see the terrifying mask of JoshsNow look down at the drunk man on the floor and put his hand awkwardly around Marker, as if trying to comfort him before Gary Green appears. Gary looks down at the man and smiles solemnly before Green begins to speak A drunken waste of space. So sad to see it. I am glad to see you are unharmed Marker, The Master must have chosen you for a particular reason so making sure you are alright is our main priority Now you mentioned the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament. Whilst none has been announced, one can assume there shall be one and if there is, we shall walk it. With Josh’s dominance and your skill, not one team would be able to stop us And that includes Creed and Bulletproof. They face on tonight’s Carnage for the Tag team titles, with the winner of that match most likely being our opponents when my client and you inevitably win the Tag Tournament. Isaiah, You may be thinking you beat Josh three times but the truth is you beat the old Josh twice and Pablo once. You are yet to face The New and Improved Josh. No one has stepped in the ring with the New Josh. Because no one would stand a chance in the ring with Josh. Or Marker. And the era of this amazing Tag Team starts in a few weeks time when Marker wins Premium. But for now BPZ be warned. The Master has chosen these 2 to tear BPZ apart. There is something coming, watch out or because there is going to be a, umm what’s the word. Suddenly we see Josh remove his mask for the third time since becoming the new Josh and he stares down the camera, before saying his first words in 2 months Josh: BLUDGEONING. Gary: That’s right BPZ, get ready for a bludgeoning
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    Hans Graphics

    BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Match Card:
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    Smarks Daily

    what are you doing mate? you don't work here.
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