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    Getting off on the wrong foot.

    Carnage returns from commercial in the middle of Darius Shiba's theme music, and a chorus of boo's from the crowd accompanying it. Shiba seems to be rejoicing in the boo's however, almost treating the crowd like a collection of adoring fans. As he approaches the ropes, he seems to be brandishing a cigarette in one hand, and a microphone in the other. Obviously not trusting any members of the ring crew to assist him this time. Shiba lights up his cigarette and begins to speak. "James, I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot. See, i'm not a bad guy, I promise i'm not. I just wanted to introduce myself, and I thought that there was no better way of introducing myself than saying hello to someone as insane as you! Yes I may have gone a bit overboard but I've already apologised for that! In fact, I was ready to put all this behind us and start again " Shiba takes another long, drawn out puff of his cigarette before returning to the mic. "However, you threatened me. 'Be careful who you go after Darius, because sometimes those who you attack will hit back even harder.' Who in the HELL are you to threaten me. Now... now listen, listen VERY carefully because I am not going to repeat this. You don't want to fu*k with me. I'll kill you. I will do this world a favour and rid it of the cancer that is James Knight." After going off in a tangent for a while Shiba eventually comes back down to earth with another violent coughing fit. After steadying himself Darius ends with: "With that taken care of, I will be kind, sometimes people just don't know what they're doing. Especially people with your disposition... Tell you what if you leave me be, I'll leave you be. Sounds like a fair trade. I wouldn't want to pressure a coward like you into attacking someone like me... hahaha"
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    skribbl.io Champions League

    Champions 1 - Sheridan (23th November 19 - 29th November 19) 2 - BiC ( 29th November - 29th November 19) 3 - Meko 29th November - 29th November 19) 4 - Mikey 29th November - 29th November 19) 5 - Meko (29th November 19 - Present) Longest Reign: Sheridan (6 Days) Shortest Reign:
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    Smarks Daily

    Yo what's up I am Gary Green, the only guy who seems to be employed by Smarks Daily these days. Now today we are doing the top 5 CHAMPIONS IN BPZ DURING 2019 (5) Sameer (World Championship) Sameer had one of 2019s best moments, when he cashed in Money In The Bank during a fatal 5 way match at Judgement Day. However when this happens, most superstars struggle to live up to the moment. However Sameer surpassed it, putting on a contender for feud of the year with Bailey heading into King of the Ring and then overcoming the odds to beat KOTR winner Julius at SummerSlam. When his reign was ended at Bad Blood by Slim, at 84 days long, Sameers first World title reign was one to be proud of (4) Arius (United States Championship) When you end the greatest US title reign in history as Arius did by beating Julius at St Valentines Day Massacre, it was always going to be hard for Arius to keep it up. However he ended up having one of the best reigns of the year. He beat Ropati and Yelich at Mania, won a F4W match at Backlash, then beat Hans at Mayhem before Hans won the title off him at Judgement Day. He did a great job of keeping the prestige of US going after Julius' defeat (3) Big Ballers (Tag Team Championships) After losing the belts at Mania, Big Ballers won the belts back at World at War and preceded to have a great reign with the belts, including having the longest tag reigns ever. They had a great program with Royal Flush before losing the belts to United Nations at Emergence (2) Arius (North American Championship) After one of the matches of the year at World At War, Arius was crowned the inaugural BPZ North American Champ. He went on to become 1 of 10 BPZ champions to have held the belt for more than 160 days, having one of the longest reigns in BPZ history. And although his reign was often criticised for him not defending the belt, he made the second most defences of ANY kayfabe champ ever in the end with 4 (only Flynn has made more defences in a reign, something he has done twice,) with him having great feuds against KENJI and Yelich, and also defending against Aaron. He very much deserves his second spot on this list (1) Flynn (Undisputed) Who else could it be? His Universal reign was the highlight of 2017, and he again had the best reign of 2019, bringing prestige to a new belt. After beating Bart in July, he defended it time and time again, against Jonathan, Sheridan and Toxik. He made big defences against Julius and Bart and most recently retained it over his brother. One of the longest reigns in BPZ history deserves its place as number one on this list That's all from me today. I am Gary Green, thanks for reading. Join me on Sunday for 5 Things BPZ Wants You To Forget About BRAD.
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    Friday Night Smackdown Roster (In Order of Draft Picks From Top to Bottom) Tetsuya Naito Finn Bálor Cesaro Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly PAC Sami Zayn Damian Priest Will Ospreay Mark Andrews Pete Dunne Chris Brookes & Travis Banks Jimmy Havoc Tommaso Ciampa Kota Ibushi Zack Sabre Jr. Mikey Nicholls & Hirooki Goto El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori Kazuchika Okada Darby Allin Angelico & Jack Evans (Hybrid2) Shawn Spears Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix Bea Priestley Toni Storm Xia Brookside Millie McKenzie Big E Kane Jake Hager Dakota Kai Killer Kross AOP Mark Haskins Bandido Brian Cage Kid Lykos Championships WWE World Heavyweight Championship WWE Intercontinental Championship WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships (shhhh) WWE Smackdown Women's Championship WWE Jr. Heavyweight Championship (BE QUIET)
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    War Between Worlds

    Finally we are here at the AEW Blood & Guts PPV. Tonight is a big night in AEW’s history as we will not only crown our first ever World Champion, but also are first womens and tag team champions. In a night that should be full of great action we start off at the buy in. THE BUY IN MJF VS TOMMY DREAMER We kick off the night with a somewhat proving grounds match as he takes on a grizzled veteran in Tommy Dreamer. This feud came about when Tommy Dreamer attacked MJF with a steel chair when he came to the aid of John Cena. Tonight though we will see if Tommy Dreamer’s heroic actions hurt him as he is taking on a much younger and hungrier MJF. This seemingly is a must win match for MJF as he looks to prove that he belongs here in All Elite Wrestling. We see the two men enter and make their way down to the ring to two very different reactions. We would see the bell ring as MJF would start off hot running at Dreamer and driving him into the corner. Dreamer looks to be somewhat caught off guard by MJF’s quick offense. MJF then takes a beaten down Dreamer to the middle of the ring. MJF then laughs at the crowd as he hits Dreamer with a One Hit Wonder! Dreamer is down 1..2..3. MJF is victorious here over Tommy Dreamer getting off to a good start in his AEW career and getting his revenge on Tommy Dreamer here tonight. The Buy In then progresses as we see some videos hyping up some matches later in the card. But now we are set for our second match of the AEW Buy In as it will be a womens fatal fourway match between Alexa Bliss, RIHO, Zoe Lucas, and Rhea Ripley. All 4 of these women could use a win here to get some momentum going and to move up the rankings in the AEW Women’s division. Alexa Bliss vs RIHO vs Zoe Lucas vs Rhea Ripley The match starts off with all four women in the ring as we cut to the match. We see Zoe Lucas and Alexa Bliss begin to brawl as Rhea Ripley takes RIHO out quickly with a Riptide. RIHO rolls out of the ring as Rhea Ripley shifts her focus over to the other women in the ring. Rhea Ripley and Alexa Bliss would then double team Zoe Lucas throwing her out of the ring. Rhea Ripley would not wait long though before shifting her focus over to Alexa Bliss as she dropped her with a Riptide! Alexa would roll out of the ring though before Ripley could make the pin! Ripley is furious in the ring as she goes out and grabs RIHO quickly bringing her back into the ring. Ripley would beat RIHO down with a series of moves before going for the Riptide again. RIHO would counter though escaping it. RIHO would then hit Ripley with a running knee sending her out of the ring. RIHO would celebrate into the ring before turning around into Zoe Lucas. Lucas would hit her with a KickStart! Lucas would then go for the cover 1..2..3. Zoe Lucas would pull off a huge upset here and pick up the win! It seems as if Zoe Lucas is destined for some big things her in AEW and this could be just the start of it all. MAIN SHOW We are now set for the main card as this is where the PPV really starts to heat up. We will continue on with womens action as we will start off with the AEW Womens Title Match. It will be Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose. Lynch despite Fire & Desire getting the better of her the past few weeks is the favorite here as she looks to not disappoint her fans. Both women look to make history tonight and become the first ever AEW Womens Champion. AEW WOMENS TITLE MATCH: BECKY LYNCH VS MANDY ROSE We see both women make their entrances and to no one's surprise Sonya Deville is coming down to the ring with Mandy. Sonya could be the X-Factor in this match, which something Mandy may need desperately to win this one. Becky already outnumbered is in for a fight it seems tonight. The bell rings as both women lock up in the middle of the ring. Becky gets the better of Rose as she eventually is able to hit her with a BexPloder. Mandy would roll out of the ring as Sonya and her would talk giving both women a bit of time to recover. Eventually we would see Mandy roll back into the ring as Becky was being held back from the referee. Mandy would take full advantage of this as she would hit her with a big knee as she was released. Mandy would go for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Mandy looks furious as she thought that was going to be it. Mandy would then pull Becky up by her hair and slap her. Becky would look at Mandy fired up as she would fight back dropping Mandy with a big right hand. As Becky did this we would see Sonya pop up to the apron as Becky would go over and confront her eventually hitting her with a big right hand to. After she did this though Mandy would roll her up from behind 1..2..Kick Out. Becky would look furious as Mandy nearly picked up the win there. Becky would drop Mandy with a drop kick as the crowd cheered. Becky would smile as she then would lock in the Dis-Arm-Her. Mandy would try to fight it off but eventually tap out as the crowd erupts. Becky Lynch wins and has now become the first ever AEW Women’s Champion. Becky Lynch stands tall here tonight at AEW Blood and Guts as Mandy and Sonya retreat up the ramp defeated falling victim to the Man! We then get set for our next match up as we will crown our first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. It will be the reuniting Beer Money taking on War Machine. War Machine has dominated their opponents up to this point and look destined to become the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. Will Beer Money be able to pull off the upset here or will they fall victim just like all the other tag teams that have been in the way of War Machine. AEW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: War Machine vs Beer Money Both teams make their entrances as Beer Money seem to be a bit on edge having to face off against the dominant team War Machine. We would see War Machine come out with little to no expression as they seem ready to fight. We hear the bell ring as James Storm and Hanson start the match. Bobby Roode seems to be starstruck on the apron at the size of the two men as we see Hanson pick up Storm and slam him down. Bobby Roose looks around as Storm looks for a tag but Bobby Roode just looks around and ignores the attempted tag from Storm. Storm is furious at Roode as Roode hops off the apron and walks backstage. We would then see Storm be hit by the fallout as Rowe would pin him 1..2..3. War Machine are your first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. What does this mean for Beer Money though, as Bobby Roode seemingly gave up on the match. James Storm can’t be happy with him. War Machine celebrate their win in the ring though as they are the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. We now get set for singles action as we will see Broken Matt Hardy take on PCO. Hardy challenged PCO to this match as is proclaimed it was what the people wanted. PCO with nothing else to do accepted this challenge as both men look to pick up the win here tonight. Both men are in the ring following a hype video for the match. Broken Matt Hardy vs PCO We would see the match start off as the two men would begin to exchange punches and chops. Eventually the much bigger PCO would overpower Hardy dropping him with a big chop. PCO would then scoop slam Hardy as he taunts with the crowd. When he has his back turned though Hardy would pop up and do his own taunt. Telling PCO he would delete him. As soon as Hardy finished his taunt he would hit PCO with a Twist of Fate! He would then laugh as he went for the cover 1..2..3. Matt Hardy picks up the win here in convincing fashion. Matt Hardy would celebrate with the crowd as he has done the unthinkable here tonight. After defeating PCO in such a convincing fashion. Now we just wait to find out what is next for the Broken Matt Hardy and what is next for PCO. It’s time for tonight’s “Main Event” as we will see John Cena and The Miz go one on one to decide who will become the first ever AEW Champion! Although Cena is the favorite here the hWo is a wildcard that could shake this whole match up. So it will be interesting for sure to see comes out on top here and makes history in AEW. AEW WORLD TITLE MATCH: John Cena vs The Miz We see both John Cena and the Miz make their entrances. Miz comes down to the ring with Maryse as the rest of the hWo is anywhere to be seen. Well at least for now it seems Cena is up for somewhat of a fair fight. Although that could certainly change if the hWo has other plans. We hear the bell ring as both men run at each other Cena gains the edge early after hitting Miz with a series of moves. We eventually see Cena celebrate with the crowd taunting Miz in the ring. A bit unlike Cena but with his dominant performance so far he can do what he likes whenever he likes it seems like. As the Miz has not been able to keep up with Cena up to this point. We eventually see Miz’s numbers begin to become a factor as Maryse distracts the referee allowing for Miz to hit Cena with a low blow in the ring. Cena is hurt as Miz looks to take advantage. He goes for a skull crushing finale but Cena reverses it with a big clothesline dropping Miz. Just as Miz looked as it he was getting back into this match Cena took control once again. Miz is down in the corner as Cena is getting hyped up. We see Miz wave to the back motioning for someone to come out. We see Cena shift his focus to the entrance ramp as we hear the hWo theme hit. John Cena looks fully prepared for a fight but no one comes out. Instead we see the Miz roll up Cena from behind 1..2..Kick Out. Miz quickly drops Cena with a clothesline as he stands there annoyed.It seems Miz’s plan here tonight has failed as Cena was able to kick out there. Miz looks furious in the ring as Cena is starting to get up. Miz would once again wave to the back as this time MJF and EC3 would come out as the hWo X-Factor is starting to take effect. We would see Miz go pick up Cena but Cena would fight back dropping Miz with an uppercut. Miz would be down in the ring as Cena looks around. Cena would then point at MJF on the outside before delivering a 5 knuckle shuffle to Miz. We would then see Cena mock the hWo on the outside before hitting the Miz with an Attitude Adjustment. John Cena would go for the pin 1..2..Wait MJF and EC3 just put Miz’s foot on the bottom rope! The ref didn't see the interference but he saw it right before 3. Miz stays in this match thanks to some interference from the hWo! We would see Cena begin to argue with MJF as he has his back turned to Miz. Suddenly we see Miz pop up and hit Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale, he goes for the cover 1..2..3. Miz did it! The Miz has become the first ever AEW World Champion after picking up a win over John Cena here. We would see the hWo celebrate in the ring as the PPV would “come to an end”. We would see the show close out but shortly come back as we get set for the AEW Lights Out Match between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens next. As we cut back to the ring we hear an announcement that the PPV is over but it is time for the Lights Out Match between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. It is also announced that this match is not under AEW control and AEW will take no responsibility for the injuries of either wrestler. AEW LIGHTS OUT MATCH: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens We see both men make their entrances as Kevin Owens seems to be a bit different a bit more angry. Joe looks to be calm and collected as he feels fully confident here tonight as he feels he will pick up the win no doubt. We hear the bell rings as the match kicks off. We see Joe taunt Owens as the match starts. This only fuels Owens more though as he drives Joe into the corner and begins to average Joe with kicks to both the head and upper body. Joe sits there stunned as Owens runs in and hits him with a cannonball! Owens is hyped up as the crowd cheers for him. Meanwhile we see Joe take something out from under the middle turnbuckle as Owens is unaware. We see Owens point toward Joe as he runs back toward him but Joe pops up and hits him with a big right hand knocking Owens out cold! We see what Joe had as we see him with brass knuckles on and Owens is out cold face down on the mat. The crowd boos as Joe taunts both them and Owens. We see Joe pick up Owens once again as Owens is busted wide open. Joe hits him with a few quick strikes before setting him up on the top rope. What the hell is Joe thinking? Oh my god, no not this Joe. Joe hits Owens with a Muscle Buster! He goes for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Owens kicked out. Joe is furious in the ring as the crowd cheers. Joe then rolls to the outside as he picks up a table he goes to slide it in the ring but Owens has rolled to the other side outside of the ring as Joe laughs. Joe sets up the table where he is before sliding into the ring and running toward the ropes eventually hitting Kevin Owens with a sucicide dive! The crowd cheers as both men seem to be giving it their all. As Joe stands over Owens on the outside we see him hit from behind! It’s Sami Zayn with a crutch! Owens looks at Zayn in shock as Owens walks over to him and the two hug it out! The crowd is in shock as it seems we are getting the reunion of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens right here tonight! Joe would begin to get back up though as we see Owens and Zayn look at each other. Owens then drags Joe down to the ring as he clears the ring apron as he smiles. He then sets it up kicking Joe in the gut. He then lifts Joe up and hits him with powerbomb on the ring apron. Joe is down on the outside as Kevin Owens seems to be in control of this match. Owens then rolls Joe into the ring as he then taunts him waiting for him to get up. We see Sami cheer Owens on from outside the ring. Owens then lines it up hitting Joe with a stunner! He goes for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Joe kicks out as Owens and Zayn are in shock. We see Owens look at Zayn as Owens points to the table Joe set up earlier in the match. Owens nods at Zayn as he goes to throw Joe toward it but Joe hans on standing on the apron. We see Owens step out on the apron as the two begin exchanging blows. For a second it looks like Joe is getting the better of Owens. Owens though pulls out a wildcard as he kicks Joe in the gut and sets him up for a Package Piledriver! Owens then hops off the apron driving Joe through the table with the Package Piledriver, the crowd looks stunned as both Joe and Owens go crashing through the table. We see Zayn then help Owens roll Joe inside the ring as Owens goes for the cover 1..2..3. Owens wins, Owens has got his revenge! Owens came out here tonight and fought for his best friend Sami Zayn and with some surprising aid Kevin Owens was able to pick up the victory as the PPV comes to an end with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn standing tall.
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    Movie Time

    The day of Survivor Series is upon us, and tensions are running high. Despite this, there is Mikey, leaning back in a chair. He is in a pitch black movie theater, the only light shining upon the room from the screen. The space is vacant except for Mikey himself, staring intently at the screen, enjoying the large bucket of popcorn in his lap and the full cup of soda at his side. A loud slam plays through the speakers, and Mikey raises his eyebrows, taken aback. The slam is followed by three light taps, a ring of a bell, and the cheer of many people. Mikey begins to clap too, admiring the scene just played before him. A classic that never gets old. You know, it’s beautiful what two men who hate each other so dearly can do. The camera pans to the screen, showing exactly what he means. It is Flynn vs Julius, their second encounter. Granted, the match would have been better if the winner were a shock one. But alas, it was predictable, far from surprising. After all, the same result happened months earlier. They never learn, do they? And now Julius, the man who has never been able to beat Flynn, is coming back for, trying to prove that he really is the monster he claims to be. But we’ve seen these past few weeks that he is far from what he wants us to think he is. The losses are starting to bottle up, and they’re taking their toll. Julius is no longer the man that beat Isaiah Carter for the PowerTrip Cup or the beast that vanquished Hans Clayton to win King of the Ring. He is a pawn, struggling to reach his endpoint and become something valuable. In all honesty, I hope you beat Slim, Julius. Whatever can help take away the pain that will be inflicted upon you in your match against the greatest faction BPZ has ever seen. Mikey picks up a remote at his side and presses a button. The camera looks at the screen along with Mikey, and this time it is a match between Smith and Bart and the First Class Express for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Mikey scowls at the scene, which shows Smith and Bart at the top of the ladder, embracing over their victory. Disgraceful. It’s a shame that such a beautiful championship reign was squashed by such an undeserving duo. A stroke of luck, that’s what I think. Any man can get lucky once, maybe twice. Yelich proved that against Arius, and against me as well. That’s exactly what I think happened here, nothing more. Let’s move on. Mikey presses a button on the remote, and the scene fasts forward. He pauses, and it is on Hans Clayton, soaring through the air, about to put Smith through a table with the Shooting Hans Press. Now this…this is beautiful. Nothing disgraceful about this at all. See Smith, Bart, Hans and Isaiah put you two through the ringer in that match. Hell, I’m convinced that had it been a normal singles match, the result would be entirely different. See, Smith and Bart were able to put their differences aside for one night. I know that the tension is there. Grudges are a powerful thing, and no matter what illusion Creed creates, their differences are painfully obvious. Smith, Julius, and Bart. Three men who are entirely different on every level imaginable. Will they be able to work together come tonight, against four men who have a bond unlike anything else seen in BPZ before? Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? Mikey shakes his head a tad and clicks another button on the remote, changing the scene once again. But this time, there is no video. Instead, it is a singular picture of the member of Creed he’s yet to mention, Sameer, one from his most recent promo. And then there was one, Sameer. The biggest outlier in Creed, yet the man who holds the team together. The other three men, they are people of recent success. Tag titles, Survival Games final, you name it. But what about Sameer? A man who lost the biggest title in BPZ, a man who couldn’t get the job done in the Survival Games tournament, and a man who got replaced by his “best friend” Smith for Bart in the tag title match. Sameer is the man who Creed make fun of, the joke of the group. Simply part of the team who’s there to fill a spot. I relate to you, Sameer. Many think that’s what I am in Bulletproof. Just in the group to be there, not get anything done. But yet I hold the United States Championship, unwavering, and I am teaming up with the Undisputed Champion in the tag tournament. Whereas Sameer, he’s just participating in the match, nothing else. Go back after the premium title, Sameer. Maybe you can find some jobbers who you can actually take in a fight. Mikey rises from his feet and reaches out to his side, grabbing his championship that was laying on a pedestal. He holds the title over his shoulder with one arm, and puts his hand in his pocket with the other. Bring your ‘A’ game, Creed. God knows you’re going to need it if you want even the slightest chance against a legendary group like ourselves. Bulletproof, for, life. Mikey nods to the camera and turns away out of frame, the door opening and closing being heard in the background. The camera meanwhile zooms in on the screen, boasting a picture of all of Creed.
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    WWE Territories: NXT Japan

    NXT Japan In the modern era of WWE's territorial expansion, WWE has spread beyond comprehension into new markets. The NXT brand has garnered much goodwill and support from wrestling fans around the world, and now, NXT is looking to establish itself in a place many thought would be impossible. RAW may have the big personalities and legends, Smackdown may be the stomping ground of giants......but NXT Japan is here to bring the hard-hitting action that the diehard NXT fans crave, right from the Land of the Rising Sun. A homecoming for some of WWE's biggest stars, and a whole new audience for others. Now featuring the most star-studded women's division across all the territories, everyone has the platform to rise up and become an icon. Men's Roster Shinsuke Nakamura Finn Balor Andrade "Cien" Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) WALTER Fabian Aichner Marcel Barthel Alexander Wolfe KUSHIDA Matt Riddle Damian Priest Akira Tozawa Ilja Dragunov Jordan Devlin Apollo Crews Luke Harper Erick Rowan Scott Dawson Dash Wilder Zack Gibson James Drake Konnor Viktor Kenny Williams Amir Jordan Women's Roster Asuka Kairi Sane Io Shirai Rhea Ripley Toni Storm Becky Lynch Dakota Kai Tegan Nox Kay Lee Ray Ruby Riott Mandy Rose Sonya Deville Xia Brookside Jazzy Gabert Jinny Xia Li Deonna Purrazzo Natalya Mickie James Dana Brooke --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NXT Japan Championship Histories and Accolades THIS SECTION MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE MOST RECENT NXT JAPAN SHOW *Bold indicates the current champion(s)* NXT Japan Championship NXT Japan Tag Team Championships NXT Japan Women's Championship WWE Women's Tag Team Championships The Boss 'n' Hug Connection (Bayley and Sasha Banks) Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (Inaugural) (WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 - Wrestlemania 35) Defences: 1 The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (Wrestlemania 35 - RAW (June 17th, 2019)) Defences: 2 Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (RAW (June 17th, 2019) - WWE Hell in a Cell 2019) Defences: 3 The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) Title Reign: 1 (1,1) (WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 - Present) Defences: 4
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    Smackdown Preview Intercontinental Champion to be crowned in the main event of Friday Night Smackdown, as Zack Sabre Jr. takes on ‘The Bastard’ PAC. The World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam to be decided with three qualifying matches. CCK takes on Hybrid2 in tag team action.
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    War Between Worlds

    Season 5 | Episode 4 | "The King Of Mystery" Del Rio Is Met By Luchadors Looking For Opportunities As the Lucha Underground intro finishes, after fading through back, the first scene of this week's episode has us follow an unmasked fighter walk through the corridors of the temple. As he approaches a door that reads 'Alberto Del Rio', he stops and whilst he composes himself, talking can be heard coming from the other side of the door but it is soon masked by the noise of the person knocking. Now, we join Alberto Del Rio in his office as the man walks in, revealing himself as Jordan Devlin. Another man can be seen standing opposite Del Rio and next to Devlin but his face isn't revealed. Jordan Devlin: "So I heard about the tournament you announced last week, for the Lucha Underground Championship, and I want you to know first-hand from me that I want in." After Devlin makes his demand, Del Rio smiles but it seems fake, as if he is actually annoyed but doesn't want to show it. Even so, he responds to Devlin respectfully, containing his emotions, trying to remain professional as the host of the temple. Alberto Del Rio: "Jordan Devlin wants in on the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament, huh? I like that fire, that determination to walk straight into my office and demand an opportunity so you know what, I'll give it to you. Tonight, I have one of the best luchadors to ever step foot inside the squared circle returning to the temple and you, Jordan Devlin, will face him." After offering an opportunity to Devlin, Del Rio extends his hand and it is accepted by a budding Jordan, who then leaves the office. With Devlin gone, Del Rio returns to the man he was previously talking to and now, his face is revealed as none other than Mark Haskins: "So, where were we?" Both Haskins and Del Rio share a grin as the two men look to continue their business discussions and settle whatever agreement they're looking to make. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Chavo Guerrero vs Humberto Carrillo In the first match of the tournament announced at the end of last week's show, two luchadors from two different historically prestigious Mexican wrestling families, Chavo Guerrero and Humberto Carrillo, go toe-to-toe. Throughout the match, Chavo and Humberto show their sound Lucha libre techniques as is expected from two luchadores of such heritage. Nonetheless, it's clear that Carrillo is much more comfortable in the air whereas Chavo remains grounded for most of the match. In the end, Humberto comes out on top and gets the victory for himself, and his family, as he defeats the current figurehead of the most praised family in Mexican wrestling, the Guerreros. Winner: Humberto Carrillo The Arrival Of The King Is Confirmed After the first match of the night, we cut to see a hooded man approach the outside of the temple. As he opens the door and walks in, we cut to González entering Del Rio's office. Arturo González: "I've just received word that he's here. The king has officially returned to the temple, do we have a match planned for him?" Alberto Del Rio: "Yes, Balor's protege, the young Irishman, Jordan Devlin, he came in here asking for an opportunity. By the way, remind Killshot that his match is up next and make sure he still understands what his mission is, to make the luchadores humble and understand that they must respect the host. I've already had enough of these idiots constantly asking me for things." After Del Rio gives his orders, Arturo nods and then leaves. Next, we cut back to the hooded man who now stands inside the temple, and as we pan around from his back to his front, his identity is revealed as arguably the greatest luchador to ever step into the squared circle, Rey Mysterio. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Mark Haskins vs Killshot After an exciting revealing of the fact that Rey Mysterio is back inside the temple, we return to the ring as we get set for the second first-round match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament in which Mark Haskins makes his debut against Killshot. Under the orders of Del Rio, Killshot is extra ruthless in this match as he tries to make an example out of Haskins but the fire of the British fighter keeps him in the match and in the end, it is Haskins who is able to get the victory and advance in the tournament. Winner: Mark Haskins Austin Aries Promises He'll Prevail Victoriously After an impressive debut from Mark Haskins, we join Austin Aries outside of the temple, in a flash lounge, as he sits back in a padded leather chair, in a high-end suit and with a cigar lit in his mouth. After lifting his shades up to reveal his eyes, Aries starts speaking. Austin Aries: "Over my almost twenty years in this industry, I've traveled all over the world and fought against the greatest our sport has to offer but more importantly, everywhere I've competed, I've won gold, belts, championships, that's why they call me the belt collector." As the camera pans out, revealing the backdrop to be his twenty-five-plus titles on display. After taking another puff of his cigar, Aries begins to talk again. Austin Aries: "Now, I enter the temple, I step foot into Lucha Underground and already, I have the Lucha Underground Championship in my sights. Realistically, this tournament, all it is to me is a platform, an extra special stage to make my championship win that much more exciting, so thank you Del Rio, I appreciate you making the birth of my ruling over your temple that much more extravagant because after all, after I've overcome the hardships of a whole tournament, no one will be able to deny that I am a deserving champion, that I am the best in the world." With his message to the believers and luchadores of Lucha Underground made, Aries puts his shades back on and continues to smoke his cigar in his lovely relaxing lounge as he continues to enjoy the luxuries earned through his years of success in the business. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Jordan Devlin vs Rey Mysterio After another eventful night inside the temple, possible the most noteworthy event of the season so far comes as the king of Lucha libre, Rey Mysterio, comes down to the ring for his match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament against the protege of Finn Balor, The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin. As most would expect, Mysterio's return to the temple is glorious as he shows off exactly why he is the living legend that he is respected as. Nevertheless, Devlin also shows off his gritty, rough, hard-hitting style developed in Britain and his homeland of Ireland. Ultimately though, Mysterio's return is triumphant and he moves onto the quarter-finals of the tournament as this episode of Lucha Underground comes to a joyous end. Winner: Rey Mysterio Aerostar Begins The Search After the action inside the temple ends, we return to Aerostar who we saw two weeks ago protecting a mystery man. Now, Aerostar is in the hideout that we saw him in before and he's talking to the mystery man once again. Aerostar: "With the return of the temple, Del Rio has announced a tournament to crown the new Lucha Underground Champion. Is this our time to strike?" ???: "No, no. Whilst you have been planning our journey back to the temple, I have heard some rumors that my brother still lives, that he is being caged up somewhere. We must find him, release him, and bring him with us. Then, we will be ready to take back what's rightfully mine." After Aerostar is told his next move, he nods at the man and leaves as his search for the man's brother begins and this episode of Lucha Underground comes to an end.
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    Isaiah Carter


    *Video Camera Clicking On* *Clears throat* "Hello, my name is BiC, and this is my audition" *Coughs* The camera focuses in and sees a much younger Isaiah Carter, his hair is grown out past his eyes and hands carelessly. He is wearing a blue work shirt with stains as he sits in a rusty steel chair, a loose smile plastered on his face as he leans back. A gold chain necklace hangs from his neck, eventually. He begins to speak, his voice is deep and hoarse, as he speaks, he moves a lot, letting his hands do a lot of the talking as he speaks. "I know you're probably sitting there, in your fancy business suits with your pen and paper thinking, how did this hobo get hold of a video camera. I know, trust me. I know I don't fit the perfect description of a professional wrestler, I don't have the attitude, quite frankly I don't have the patience for people to be in the big leagues. You look at me and I don't scream world champ material but I can promise you, one thing I can promise you is that when I get into that ring every image, every thought, every f*cking thing that is holding me down is pushed to side like a piece of sh*t" Carter punches the wall behind him as he groans, reaching down and grabbing a beer bottle. Taking a sip of it and dropping it onto the floor as it cracks open, he begins to tear up as he talks, nearly shaking as he speaks. "Tell me why. Tell me why I am not good enough and I will prove you f*cking wrong and I will rub your nose in the fact afterwards, every company, every company i have worked for has called me a problem, has called me a liablity. And every damn week I prove them wrong by bringing in fans, bringing in money, I am the best goddamn pro wrestler and when you look at me, when you take a long, god damn hard look at me you realize you don't get better then me, you can not get better then me, you realize that BiC stands for one thing and thats Best In Class and I prove that EVERY DAMN TIME IM IN THE RING" Carter begins to pace quickly, even grabbing a nearby worker and pulling him towards the camera by his tie. The worker looks terrified as Carter basically screams into his face now, tears and sweat coming from him. "YOU THINK JUST CAUSE OF MY LAST NAME, JUST CAUSE OF...." *Deep Breath, Coughs* "You...think, just cause of my last name being Carter. I get what I want, my father, my father is NOTHING. NOTHING. He has never...ever f*cking believed in me and I will never look at him the way others do, his money is shit to me. I..am...not..my....father...." "Even the best of men, can be confused by habitat" The video clip opens up with Isaiah Carter sitting on a stool in a black room, a direct contrast to the usual white background we see him in. He speaks directly to the camera, with his fingers pressed together over his lap. "When habitat changes, whether that be good, or bad. Man and creature alike are forced to adapt, to evolve. To find the best fit, they are forced, to survive." "No matter how strong, how smart, or how fast you are. Change is inevitable and adaption must come, or else you will fail, and silently parish into the night. Adaption is what separates survival from death and thats the story come Sunday isn't it? Survival" "You see what Creed has failed to do, is adapt. Week in, week out. The hounds of Bulletproof continue to rip into the flesh, rip into the armor of Creed and tear away slowly. They have failed to find any sort of answer, any sort of defense, one time, one time they put a bullet hole in this infamous stable but we adapted. We adapted in mere minutes now take a minute to imagine what we have done over the course of several weeks. We are truly, unstoppable in every sort of question. Every sort of comparison, Bulletproof does one thing that Creed may never be able to do, and that is...adapt" Isaiah Carter reaches down to his fingers, running his finger over the bumps on the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, he lifts it slightly for the camera to get a better angle as he begins to speak again. "I walked into this company nearly 5 years ago and was forced to adapt, I could no longer be the cocky, reckless endangerment that I was. I thought I had to play up this rich man, but I got eaten up. Torn to bits, every single time I won a championship, management ripped it from my grasp. I adapted, I evolved into the best god damn wrestler this company has and now look at me. I hold the top prize, in the top stable, in the top company. Isaiah Carter is a name that rings through the boardroom, social media, I made it. I adapted....and made it" "Survival of the fittest, its who can handle the elements, handle the change, and handle the hurt the best and I am better in every single one of those categories and I prove it with my partners right by my side. I was fallen, I was destroyed, after being defeated by Julius. I need something, I needed something to turn to, and I found it" "I looked far and wide for adaption, I tried to evolve. I did everything I could for change, and looked for any sort of help. Until, until I realized what I needed. Was inside of me, all along" "Evolution." "The Grim Reaper. The fire, the fire thats been burning at my inside for four god damn years. The hell inside of me desperately trying to crawl out, its the perfect mix of the old me, the new me, and a Isaiah Carter you've never seen before" "Its a lot more than just some character, the Grim Reaper, is a monster. It will take your soul and stomp it down and it will crush any sort of workhorse spirit you have in your bones" "At Survivor Series...Creed learns the true meaning... of Evolution"
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Preview Hey, hey, hey. It is me once again the Glorious Mike Hunt presenting you the official BPZ Commentaries Preview of this Sunday's Survivor Series show. We've got clowns and Death Machines, two warring factions and a vacant championship to be claimed making this another very fun and exciting extravaganza 5. US Arm-wrestle We kick things off here on the top 5 with the BPZ United States Championship match. As of recording, US Champion Mikey will defend against Raven, Arrow Rhodes and Jason Ryan in what looks to be a bit of a close affair. The two clear favourites here are Mikey and Raven both men in amazing form at the moment and looking to pick up another key victory as the year rounds out. You also cannot go past Arrow Rhodes who is a cult hero here in BPZ and is still searching for that illustrious first victory and then we have Jason Ryan a former Global and Premium Champion who cannot be forgotten. It's going to be a close contest and we may just see the United States Championship change hands for the fifth time this year 4. Next Up The famously crowned NXT Boom of late 2018 set up the future of BPZ for many ages to come. We had names such as Arius, KENJI, Raven, Hans, Alex Costa, Aaron North and Mikey all debut for the company in a very short span of time making the NXT Division one of the more hotly contested ones in the company. We fast forward 12 months and well now these names have all left and we are left with a new crop of talent. The Tiger, Amai, Jack Bishop and CJ Sellers will compete for the NXT Championship and with that comes an amazing opportunity to become a figurehead of the division. All 4 men have shown a lot of potential with Amai already being a 1x NXT Champion but now we are looking for consistency. We may just look back on this match in 12 months time and be witnessing the emergence of a young star, and that is all the reasoning you need to glue your eyes to the TV and watch this match 3. Gunner vs Bob In our first two points we talked about the superstars who are vying to take that next step up the card and well this match as all of that written on it as well. The Premium Championship is constantly viewed as one of the less meaningful titles in the company but Gunner Flynn has made it his goal to restore prestige to that title and that continues as he battles the surging Bob Sparks. Gunner Flynn pushed Jeremiah Flynn to his absolute limit just two weeks ago and looks to get back on the victors list here but Bob has gained himself some new momentum aligning himself with Descent and embarrassing Bailey just a couple of months ago. In saying that though, Bailey has already stated that he will be at Survivor Series ready for a fight so Bob better keep his head on a swivel as you never really know when Badass Bailey's gonna strike 2. Battle of Insanity Our next topic is in-fact quite a dark one as we touch on the mental decay of Julius as he prepares to face Slim in the Survival Games finals. Julius started out this feud seeing Slim as some sort of a joke but very soon found out that this was more serious than it seems and found himself spiraling into his own insanity. It has been sad to see Julius fight against his demons heading into this match which may just be his breaking point. However, this is a tournament and the year is 2019 so Julius has to be considered somewhat of a favourite to pull this one out. This may be one of the more intriguing matches of the night and I can't wait to see what happens next 1. It all ends Well finally we have made it to this point. It was at SummerSlam where BulletProof first joined forced helping Flynn against Bart and now 3 months later we have the culmination of this faction warfare as Creed and BulletProof go into battle in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Creed landed the first punch taking BulletProof's tag-team titles but this is the match both teams are extremely eager to win. It all ends here, the power struggle at the top of BPZ will culminate in the Main Event of Survivor Series 2019, who will be the ones to stand tall at the night's conclusion?
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    Drake | Quote of the Day

    When all is said and done, Drake will go down as the greatest artist of all time and I am not bullshitting in any way when I say that. To me, Drake is the most versatile artist ever and shows that every time he drops an album. So, every day, I will BLESS you with a quote from 'The Boy' himself. 11/29/19 QUOTE: "Sometimes I laugh with god about how you can't stop me ... I'm his darkest angel but he still got me." Draft Day, Care Package album
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    Smackdown! ✬ The Land Of Beef Welcome to Friday Nights, this is not your typical wrestling company. You will not see vanilla midgets diving around doing tricks, you will not see skinny nerds locking in submission holds, you will see nothing but hoss fights. This is Smackdown, and it is the land of Beef. We will be doing a roster break down in the next few days as we look at the BEEF that makes up our brand, as for now. This is the Smackdown Roster. Smackdown Roster Abyss Aleister Black Authors of Pain Babatunde Bianca Belair Big Show Bobby Lashley Braun Strowman Brock Lesnar Bronson Reed Dave Mastiff Dominik Dijakovic Drew McIntyre Eddie Dennis Gallus Goldberg Heavy Machinery Jordan Omogbehin Keith Lee Killian Dain (w/Eric Young) Lacey Evans Lars Sullivan Piper Niven Roman Reigns Ronda Rousey Rusev (w/Lana) Samoa Joe Shayna Baszler The Hunt The Viking Experience Smackdown Championship Smackdown Pay-Pey-Views
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    War Between Worlds

    Stardom Roster Natsumi Ruaka Saya Iida Saki Kashima Saya Kamitani Chardonnay Darcy Tenille Dashwood Hina Hanan Xia Brookside Kagetsu Giulia Viper Kiera Hogan Jessamyn Duke Marina Shafir Xia Li Andras Miyagi Konami Azumi Leo Onozaki Shotzi Blackheart Natalya Naomi Liv Morgan Mercedes Martinez Ruby Riott Bea Priestley Taynara Conti Jungle Kyona Angelina Love Velvet Sky Kairi Sane Kaitlyn Mayu Iwatani Mia Yim Taya Valkyrie Bianca Belair Taryn Terrell Dana Brooke Melina Madison Rayne Carmella Dakota Kai Martina Natsuko Tora Bobbi Tyler Jordynne Grace Natsu Sumire Starlight Kid Hana Kimura Momo Watanabe Tam Nakano Katie Forbes Itsuki Hoshino Maki Ito Utami Hayashishita Hazuki Arisa Hoshiki Death Yama-San Rina Champions Stardom World of Stardom - Mayu Iwatani Stardom Wonder of Stardom - Arisa Hoshiki Stardom Goddesses of Stardom - Jungle Kyona and Konami Stardom SWA World Women's - Utami Hayashishita Stardom Artist of Stardom - AZM, Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita Stardom Future of Stardom - Utami Hayashishita Stardom High Speed - Vacant
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    WCW Invasion May 2001

    Since the last update, a lot of time had passed: 2 months and a half, and i'm heading to the december PPV. The Invasion PPV has been a disaster mainly because of the booking mistakes i made coupled with crappy old Hogan and Nash and DDP, that wouldn't give me a good match if their life depends on it. However it was a good financial success, and i signed for Survivor Series a new WCW guy and none other than the big bald beast Goldberg himself. So far he didn't disappointed me, having 91 performance on the Survivor Series match while Nash having 64 (oh man i cannot wait to job that guy out). Also i called up Brock Lesnar to the main roster and already starting to build him up in order to have his pop around 55-60 for one of my main storylines, CM Punk is doing fine, it seems to be more difficult for him to gain pop, so i have him beat local guys or make him lose to Main eventers so he gets a bit of a name for himself. In terms of other signees, we have BG James, returning to reform the new age outlaws, but also Jeff Jarrett, a solid guy that could be a great upper midcard guy. And finally we have Bret and Owen Hart who returned to the WWF (check the OP for further infos), ofc that pissed half of the main event but seriously i don't care, but the interesting thing is that while Owen sided with WWF, Bret stayed with WCW, because the Montreal Screwjob is still too fresh (yeah Bret holds grudges, who would have thought...). Also i managed to have working agreements with AJPW and NJPW, and i loaned them Rikishi and other guys for Hiroshi Tanahashi and Curt Hennig, the aim for the first one is to get to 20 pop (because i want him ofc ahahah) and the other to feed Brock his delicious points of pop (at 43 he won't be with me under a written deal so better use this USA pop while he can still go) So Survivor Series has been more successful, but as much as i would have wanted to. But now, as the WCW has won the tag match for domination over WWF, Bischoff will book the biggest show (in his words) of the year: Starrcade, with a lot of dream matches including: Steve Austin vs Scott Hall Bret Hart vs Eddie Guerrero The Rock vs Hulk Hogan Goldberg vs the Big Show Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle Lance Storm & Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko & Owen Hart Shane Douglas vs Jeff Jarrett Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble Rick Steiner vs Bradshaw vs Edge Jeff Hardy vs DDP and finally the returning Undertaker vs the last signee of WCW gang: Sting. Tazz vs Rhyno w Raven at ringside Twelve matches for a mini-Wrestlemania PPV, this one i will to not screw up.... Also if you happen to read through all this, give me some feedback on where i should improve, if you want some more infos on the storylines, the world, and if you have any tips on how to book these kind of shows (what match aim to avoid, that can kind of stuff) i'm always willing to take.
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    The first episode of Monday Night Raw As we see Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins backstage wondering if they should be a team once again but we see Ambrose walk away before we cut to our first match which is for the US title Aj Styles vs Dean Ambrose as the ref rings the bell Styles and Ambrose tie up before styles would get a headlock in on Ambrose but Ambrose would send Styles into the ropes and Ambrose would hit him with a closeline but Styles would get right back up to his feet styles and Ambrose would continue to throw punches at each other before Styles hit a Pele Kick but it didn’t end well for Aj as Ambrose went right through the middle rope and then comes back and hits Styles with a clothesline and then hitting a Dirty Deeds 1 2 3 heres your winner and the newwwwww USA champion Dean Ambrose, Arrow Rhodes would announce Buddy Murphy vs Keith Lee for the universal championship later tonight in an extreme rules falls count anywhere now we see Ambrose go right back to the same room with Roman and Seth Ambrose says let’s do this but the camera cuts away from that room and now we have Ricochet vs John Cena winner will face the winner of tonight’s main event but wait hold on while Cena was coming out he was attacked and it wasn’t Ricochet it was Aj Styles and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson so Ricochet is facing the winner of tonight’s main event at summerslam, Its now time for the main event and the ref rings the bell but wait Keith Lee is just throwing Buddy around before Buddy hit a knee right into the face of Keith Lee but it didn’t phase him but this chop did but these two would start throwing punches at each other before Lee would hit him with a chop a loudest chop on the earth sending Murphy to the ground Lee goes for a cover 1 2 kickout by Murphy but before Murphy could get back up Lee would throw him into the other side of the ring and it would almost end the match but Murphy said he still wants to go but Murphy would get some punches and kicks in before Lee would hit the sprit bomb 1 2 3 and Keith Lee wins the universal championship but Lee wants to shake Murphy’s hand and Murphy accepts the handshake before leaving the ring and that’s the end of Monday Night Raw but wait the camera is back on Seth Roman and Dean Ambrose they all put their fists in and now that’s the end of Monday Night Raw.
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    Movie Time

    Suddenly, After Mikey makes his statement towards to BPZ Universe. The BrendenPlayz YouTube Channel goes live. For a couple of minutes, nobody is in the room. An all-red room with jewelry and a couple of paintings in the room similar to the room Sameer was in earlier for his BrendenPlayz 24 episode that aired earlier today. Suddenly the door of the room opens and Sameer enters the room as he takes a seat. Sameer would look into the camera and sigh before beginning to speak. Hello Mikey, Clearly you haven't heard anything I have said before, So I am making this live video for your dumbass. It's a shame, Mikey a real shame that you think you're the outlier in BulletProof and no matter what you say and no matter how much you tell yourself that you are not. You will always be looked at it like that. You'll be looked at as Bashka mediocre replacement. I find it pretty interesting how you won the United States Championship merely days before joining BulletProof. Remind me who was the United States Champion before you, Mikey. Your teammate, Hans. So you see Mikey from the outside perspective it may look like you won it legit. It may look like you won the United States Championship clean and all. But you all know that isn't true. But hey that's none of my business. One thing you brought up is that You and I are similar and I have to tell you, Mikey. That's probably the stupidest shit I have heard out of anyone in BulletProof and trust me that's bad. I mean do you hear this dude Isiah talking about how he's some grim reaper or something and then there's Flynn who always has something simple-minded to say. Unlike you, I have been to the top of the mountain Mikey. I have been on top of the world before. I have reached a level that you will never reach. I could leave this company for 3 years and you still won't be near the level that I am at. You wouldn't be considered in any type of conversation next to my name and that's because you are Flynn's lapdog. I mean let's have a good look at his other lapdog. I mean look at how that turned out for Ropati. He failed once and he hasn't been since. Just think about it Mikey that could be you after this match. That could be you anytime Flynn wants it to be because you aren't anything but a business partner to him and if you "hold him down" he'll put you down. You just think about that. I know one film of Creed kicking BulletProof's ass is enough for you. Luck in a ladder match? I don't think so, buddy. Let me tell you what happened in that match since clearly, I have the superior wrestling mind. What I saw is and match for the ages and in the end, Bart and Smith showed who is better. Bart and Smith showed that they are better than First Class Express. Another stupid claim you make is Smith replaced me with Bart. Like is this something that Flynn told you to say because this shit is pretty stupid. I was going to be in the tag team championship match against First Class Express but I was unable to compete at 100 percent. Let's look at this tape real quick move the camera, I want everyone to see this. The camera turns around and it's Julius vs BiC in the Power Cup Trip Finals. Sameer begins to commentate on the match before the bell rings. Alright, here we go, Julius vs BiC. Power Cup Trip Finals surely this will be a good match. Alright, there's the bell ladies and gentlemen! CLAYMORE, OH MY GOD ANOTHER CLAYMORE! He's knocked out cold! 1..2...3.. WOW! 13 seconds that's pretty cold. I honestly feel bad for the people that paid to watch that. They were expecting an epic match. Or at least something notable. Well, I guess you did get something notable. Julius beating BiC or Isiah's whatever you call him now in 13 seconds. You wanna know why I am in this match? It's because BulletProof has been attacking me and my brothers before you were even in the group. So maybe the question needs to be switched around to you, Mikey? Why are you in this match, Mikey? You got dragged into this war. I can answer that question for you though. It's because Flynn told you to. It's because you are nothing but his little bi*ch. I hope you bring your A-game to Mikey because after all. Your spot in BulletProof might be on the line. Now, If you excuse me. I have to make my way to Chase Field Arena.
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    Quest ll: The Prize

    Recording Bartók– Piano Concerto No. 3, 2nd movement 'Adagio religioso' Following: Quest Rin Akane - Text Arius - Text The camera fades into a different perspective after a transition. The audience see a room full of hanging fairy lights, hanging in the darkness as it turns the room into an endless void, No near or far as the camera steps further and further into the illusion created. Next, the camera zooms in on a shadow walking forward as Rin Akane reveals herself through the lights, her hand brushing the lights to the side as she begins to speak to the camera and audience at home to begin Witness. A man no longer captured in despair, a blessing not disguised as he walks our reigning BPZ Intercontinental Champion. For it takes a devastating fall from one's own throne, to forego the embodiment of power but the same vacuum of loss to rejuvenate a a man towards regaining what lead him down this path to begin with. Rin Akane holds up a screen on her phone as small footage of the BPZ Survivor Series advertisements begin to play, Dr.X vs Arius for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship But it takes a relentless fool, to rise from unknown ashes to gain claim to that crown. One can only learn from the power of their roots - to be your own source of knowledge. Duplicity is a course set for surrender, and for that of a destiny of fulfilling the exact tragedy. But Arius is not a prisoner of his own desires - at least not anymore. A king no more, a monarch who cannot latch onto his once proud stature. Footsteps can be hard around Rin Akane as she brings forward Arius, the lights dragging over his shoulders and around his arms as he moves through the lights of the room. She guides him, resting her hands on his arm as he stands stoic in front of the camera. You don’t think we've come across their kind before? A nobody who thought he could chase the wrestling dream and stretch himself thin in the process. We'll be teaching a valuable lesson in not overstepping ones boundaries, how overstretching their ambitions can work to be the downfall. A familiar tale is always to be told for In this line of work, people get hurt, fantasies are broken, and spirits are destroyed. There are cubs and then there are lions, what are you? Arius places his hand on top of Rin's hand as he steps forward and follows her words In my life I've seen heroes ride against the winds of the dark. And much like the quiet in breath, how soon the flash of their fatal mistakes, come to avail. The fire that burns, is often the light that blinds. Many hurdles wait ahead for me the next few weeks. The light and darkness blend around the facepaint of Arius creating an optical illusion as the eyes stare through the camera lens as he speaks Just like ancient legends, I have looked upon the wrestling world for a very, very long time and what do I see festering in these men and women who proclaim to be role models? I find morality that changes on the whim of lacking convictions and propaganda that fearmongers this idea of either a stoic hero or dreaded villain. Arius shakes his head as he continues I've been where you haven't been, men. I've been consistently moving towards the top of the mountain. I've conquered my demons and lain them to rest. Now my well of revenge and redemption has ran dry and now I find myself instead seeking out future champions and new artists to elevate ourselves simultaneously. Arius swings an imaginary sword as his arm wildly knocks the lights around him Like the fabled king from Arthurian tales I seek out the checks and balances of my championship rule. Both current and imminent. I'm sure someday you'll have a piece of your own land, but right now you've forged your path to pass through the mouth of a dragon on your quest to claim my kingdom. It is I that stands before you between your victories, and I'll do anything and go through anybody to hold on to what i desire most. I was once like the many people who watch this competitive showcase. I was bright-eyed, viewed the world and individuals as those inside of legends, as heroes and villains with the squared circle a battleground for morality and gold. I too believed in such fables. But not anymore, at least not as straight forward as clean as we would like. In what comforts. My eyes were opened to the reality of man. There is no black and white in the hearts of us. But instead an array of wonderfully inviting colours..but then there are still the outliers Those functioning with only a fluctuating state of grey. Weak convictions these posses, those who chase a dream and trade it for their greed and envy. The nonsense-spewing propaganda of the wrathful and prideful. They prey upon the impressionable, even those within Brendenplayz Wrestling, men who I've had an admiration for, who are then spoon-fed lies of the shadows that masquerade as larger-than-life figures. A man who has found himself amongst one of the most talked about superstars in the company, this impostor of a man, Gunner Flynn and his partner Jason Ryan, share no sound of enlightenment. No threat for the power and potential of the newly formed alliance of Invictus to torture their own minds over. This month of December is one i'm bound to treat as a conquest, but only because there is a certain craving to be had for allowing the bell to toll. The sound rings and December 1st marks one year in Brendenplayz Wrestling for The Revenant Fear will soon compromise itself in their shade. Because while those who might stand in my way shall find themselves lost in the blind delusions of grandeur - they'll soon come to the realisation that they'll dance to that tune for all of remaining time. Example, Dr. X lives as a mysterious entity in a world seeking for comfort in knowledge, i can respect his decision for privacy for now but just like the men who find themselves bracketed against The Revenant he has entrapped himself as a prisoner of his own fate. All that work, all the resounding inspiring call to be the opponent others supposedly fear to be, all that lust - bred to fade in one instantaneous moment. A spectacle that will serve as a precursor to the lost and the damned. Arius strokes his chin as he ponders - pacing through the lights unable to keep still As i witness a campaign to find - or say be The Cure of professional wrestling and the masses beyond it i can't help but feel déjà vu in my head. Be me to denounce a cause with good intentions but it feels like this isn't the first rodeo I've attended where a man branding a sharp tongue has promised an enlightened path towards fulfilment. Nor the first time that very idea has tried to run me down. In my experience it is men who lack the capability to analyse the situation and to choose the best course of action in the moment of their careers who find themselves in this predicament, so they revert to their safety blanket. Surround themselves wielding ideals instead of ambitions. Ideals one could argue are better suited in another off-brand, dime-a-dozen podcast rather than Brendenplayz Wrestling. "Call In The Cure" ™?, that is free of charge. Arius chuckles to himself on his last comment but takes notice that Rin doesn't share the amused expression - clearing his throat as he continues These men, they speak with forked tongues and through the illusion of an answer they intended to spit venomous fire. They lie to themselves and speak in contradictions. Avoiding a world who is sick, consumerism, yet please madam...be our way to fit into our new formed society. Talk like me, walk like me..Jason, Gunner, they are the saints of sinners, the fragile and traumatised impervious shadows of mortal men, the self-aware insane men whose lost all touch with reality. Broken from their experiences here in Brendenplayz Wrestling this past year. Decay..Decay...just like the careers of men who decide to follow them down this path. The Cure will wither with them..again bred to fade. Rin Akane gives a signal to Arius who nods in return as she takes her leave Come forth after this Sunday, when we being our march, forward through our championship defence and then forward to our tournament match, and know but just a small taste of the might Invictus wields. Step forth upon our freshly constructed stage, under the dismay of chance , and receive the just rewards for your new found Cure. I invite the audience wholeheartedly to open their eyes and see their works unfolding! Arius collects himself off the height of emotion in the moment as he steps back from the camera - brushing his hair with his hand I've dwelled on these moments for far too long, I as champion have no choice but to bestow the responsibility of judge upon myself this Survivor Series and beyond. To a man who seeks to follow in the footsteps i once did as BPZ North American Champion - just as these men see this opportunity as a treasure, I do personally hold dear these moments to elevate the experience and talent that have courage and drive to stand toe to toe with me. I hold no ill will towards these men but only relish in the dance. Arius moves slowly back and forth in a pace as he reflects on his final words this evening - awaiting the return of Rin Akane A new era for professional wrestling has labelled the year of 2019 for Brendenplayz Wrestling. And how fitting is it that The Revenant has been able to position himself amongst the most talked about of this new breed, the name on the tip of the tongues of every set of eyes upon this company. Ar..ius. The powers that be know what I’m capable of. They’re aware of my reputation. And so, I have been given the opportunity to aply my craft before a paying audience, as I have done so many times in the past. Rin Akane steps forward through the lights as she appears to be holding a red velvet bag which holds a surprise for the BPZ audience who have watched along patiently with Arius this evening. The Revenant greets the bag with a smirk as he takes it from Rin and clutches it to his chest Please tell me men, do you know what a classic truly is? A phrase that is earned, a timeless piece of art that shall be revered and shall have established value beyond the span of time. Looking through the records of history around here and hearing the whispers of the memories left behind from those who walked through these halls the same us both. There is a lot of history to be shared...especially surrounding the BPZ Intercontinental Championship...but to truly make it a classic...it needs a revised...presentation Arius as he speaks reaches inside the velvet bag as he removes and reveals the newly designed BPZ Intercontinental Championship, passing the bag back to Rin Akane as he gazes about the newly crafted championship with pride, holding it in good view for the camera at home Across the ring from me I don't see any classics, masters of the art, barely cult classics revered for their dare. None other than men who present themselves with more ego than value to themselves. But fear not, for The Revenant is a man of many answers and endless knowledge. Do you want to know the true timeless classic that can never be duplicated? The great finale, the one that ends dreams and aspirations more than any being that has entered into Brendenplayz Wrestling, and I’m the one that has been chosen to be its vessel. December is the month of Arius! You want it darker...Kill the flame. The lights suddenly go out with the snap of the fingers as the the screen is left in darkness
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    Another day on the BPZ forums. But now it is Thanksgiving (for us Americans). And I'm in a very good mood right now, and I just want to give a little toast, if you will. I'll admit, this'll be similar to my 1 year update, but I just want to be brief and thank you all. Thank you to everyone on the forums for just being great people and making this a fun journey. Every single person who I've seen have been decent and nice, making this a great place to come to every single day. Again, thank you all so much and I love you all (no homo) ❤️
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Episode 34 l Green Bay, WI Miz TV With Andrade Monday Night RAW would open up with The Miz, EC3, and Maryse inside of the ring for an edition of Miz TV. As they introduce tonights guest, the captain of Team RAW. Andrade. Who comes to the ring with Zelina Vega by his side, as they answer questions about Team RAW and its two members. Andrade, and Keith Lee. As Andrade announces that he has acquired a new member. The Miz claims it is himself, before Andrade points to the stage. Buddy Murphy would come to the stage, revealing himself as the third member of Team RAW. As he steps into the ring, where The Miz would challenge him to a matchup. ____ Buddy Murphy vs The Miz The newest member of Team RAW would be taking on The Miz in one on one action as the two get set for the match. Andrade and Zelina would be watching nearby. Buddy Murphy and Miz would take each other to the limit, as Murphy is impressive. Knocking The Miz out multiple times with knee strikes, and a powerbomb onto the apron. As The Miz would attempt to hit many moves but would often be reversed, as Buddy Murphy would hit the 'Murphys Law" and pin The Miz in the center of the ring, celebrating as he puts on the RAW T Shirt. _______ The World Of Hurt Luke Harper would cut a promo in a backstage area, speaking about his time in WWE so far and how much he misses inflicting pain. He says he is done with silly mask, hammers, and theme songs. He just wants to hurt, and he promises to do so. ________ Dijak vs R - Truth The United States champion, Dijak, would once again come to the ring. As this monster of a man, who is the United States champion, steps into the ring to take on R - Truth. Who looks scared shitless on the other side of the ring. The match, like most of Dijaks matches, didn't last long. As he quickly lifts Truth up for the "Feast Your Eyes". Hitting it and pinning Truth in the center of the ring, as once again Dijak looks dominant. However, he would be interrupted by a returning Sheamus. Who comes to the ring and begins to take down Dijak, nearly hitting a brogue kick before Dijak would escape through the ropes. Choosing his prey wisely. _______ Randy Orton vs Shinsuke Nakamura One of the best members of RAW, Randy Orton would come to the ring as he is taking on "The King Of Strong Style", Shinsuke Nakamura who has proven to be a true threat to WWE, as he takes on Orton here tonight. Nakamura and Orton would bring all the aggression in the world, throwing each other into the barricades and ring apron, as well as hitting big moves in the ring. As Randy Orton attempts to slow the pace down, Nakmura uses his knees and kicks to speed it out. However, Orton would catch him out at every turn. Including one final RKO as he reverses the kinsasha, pinning the former Rumble winner as he walks away the winner. Randy Orton had a strong showing tonight, as the veteran was able to take out Shinsuke Nakamura, as this may be the run of the "Rookie Killer" just beginning. _________ Ladies And Gentleman, Lars Sullivan Elias would once again come to the ring, the crowd welcoming him with cheers as Elias is still adjusting to being back. However, before he could begin to speak. Eric Young would appear on stage, announcing that his experiment is now complete. He explains that over the past few months, he has been kidnapping various superstars to convince them to work for him, and finally, he has found the cult he needs, he has found, the monster. That is when Lars Sullivans music would hit, as Lars returns to ring and attacks Elias. Shrugging off a guitar hit as he hits a nasty running head butt before hitting the "Freak Accident", leaving Elias laid out in the center of the ring. As Eric Youngs cult has begun. _______ Team RAW Drafts Its Fourth Member Andrade, Keith Lee, and Buddy Murphy. What a starting 3, as Zelina Vega hypes up the three men backstage, she begins to introduce the newest member of the team. Cesaro, Cesaro and Keith Lee stare down, as they have had problems in the past. But Cesaro ends up shaking the hand of Lee, as the rivalry is put aside for now. Team RAW now only needs one member, with just two weeks to go until Survivor Series. _______ Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio Following an announcement that Seth Rollins will be a RAW Representative in a 1v1 match at Survivor Series, he host an open challenge. In which the masked legend, Rey Mysterio would answer the call. Rey Mysterio takes the fight to Rollins, proving he still can go in the ring as he hits many diving attacks and big kicks, but the determined Rollins is more dangerous then ever as he tries to work his way back to the top, eventually hitting the Curb Stomp on Mysterio and pinning him in the center of the ring. No better man can represent RAW as the show closes with Seth Rollins taking center stage, celebrating his victory as we inch closer to Survivor Series.
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    CREED: Bart and Smith- HUMBLE

    “Is it pride, or is it just arrogance? Two individuals that have forever drew extremely similar characteristics bound together by “fate” itself....” We return, the “mind of Flynn” however no longer is it an empty space with a singular TV mounted on a wall. Behind Flynn, sits a ring. It’s canvas glowing, despite the room being a vibrant white, it still stands out above everything else in the room. Flynn today stands, slowly walking down the never ending white wall, that forms an almost circle around the squared ring. On the wall? An assortment of photos of the current BPZ Tag Team Champions, Bart and Smith, showcasing all of their many achievements and high moments here in BPZ. Flynn sporting only his trunks and boots, slowly paces past these various photos. “Two of BPZ’s most incredible athletes. Two of BPZ’s most influential minds. Two of the most humble men this company has today, United together on top of the whole damn world. It’s almost like a fairy tale isn’t it? The student and the teacher United after years apart, vanquishing the dominant champions and reigning supreme on the worlds biggest stage with the World Tag Team Championships. It’s a beautiful story honestly, if only....... if only it wasn’t so tragically forced and fabricated together. Much like the life of Smith, a forever consistent tragedy to draw you, the viewers in to feel bad for this poor soul. A drug addict changed for the better, fighting off his own demons to return to the place he belongs. And Bart, his pupil, who through the hell I personally put him through earlier this year, has now become a humbled hero of the people. You both make me sick to my stomach.” “My entire life has been a damn tragedy. A tragedy that I didn’t shove down these stupid sheep’s throats. I don’t need to force my own struggles onto others to garner sympathy in order to be entertaining. Because that’s all Smith and Bart are, a couple of sob stories made to draw sympathy because other then that, they are two extremely boring characters who while being able to go in the ring, have absolutely zero charisma on this microphone. They are boring, a snooze fest. So they create these elaborate video packages and documentaries to show how “different” they are and how “cool” they are. The truth of the matter being, both individuals lack the creativity, the drive and the passion that I have for this business. You sheep, you praise these two individuals, for how “HUMBLE” they are. I am berated and torn apart for my very own ego, yet look where I stand and look at them.” Flynn climbs into the ring, his BPZ Undisputed Championship now appears laid out in its center. The gold glistening in the bright room as he slowly picks it up and throws it over his shoulder. “I am your BPZ Undisputed Champion. Those two men would do anything to hold this championship. This is the premier title in BPZ and they know it. Bart had this RIPPED FROM HIM BY ME! And when given the opportunity to take it back, following a two month vacation while I continued to defend it, he failed again. But don’t worry, because he received another opportunity through the Survival Games tournament and he FAILED AGAIN! As for Smith, I have no mercy towards druggies. You are all alike, mentally and physically weaker then the rest of the population. I don’t know why the hell you were ever brought back, you don’t belong in this ring and that was proven in both of your last two singles matches. I said earlier that this team felt fabricated, forced, FAKE! Because it is. This wasn’t a natural build, this was a desperate power move to save two mediocre careers from falling into obscurity. You each make these bogus arguments as all of Creed has of me using others. You are both literally using one another to stay afloat.” “The New Flynn promised to rid BPZ of all of its hero’s. You two, are like super hero’s two these people and what a coincidence you fill in every single box of what’s wrong with that locker room in 2019. Elite talents in the ring. Lacking of everything else and then some. I’m not a kind individual and I do not wish or work to be liked by anyone. You two, all you care about is your perception. I’m going to expose you, Bullet Proof will expose you. We are not fabricated and built on a mountain of lies. Everything you see and hear is exactly what you get. Creed, I do hope you have watched this short little mini series of mine extremely closely, and I hope you believe you can twist everything I’ve said because that tells me everything I need to know. You are listening to me, and I am in each and every single one of your heads. God bless you boys, good luck at Survivor Series, you will dearly need it.” Flynn stands center of the ring, the camera slowly panning out. A slow fade to black as Flynn has sent his final shots.
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Discord Movie Nights

    Royal Rumble 2008 Has Won The Voting! Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore vs Duece N Domino Ric Flair vs MVP JBL vs Chris Jericho Edge vs Rey Mysterio Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy 30 Man Royal Rumble _ We will be hosting BPZ Discord Network Nights this Saturday, we will work out a time in chat and I will make an announcement!
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 16th September, 2019 | Thompson-Boling Arena | Knoxville, TN Bashka Wants His Revenge Last week, Carnage ended with a brutal beatdown on Bashka by Flynn so to start this week's episode, Bashka storms out, heads straight to the ring and begins shouting down the microphone. Bashka: "I'm sick of it! I'm sick of the disrespect, the insolence, the constant use of my name by others just to get themselves more attention! I'm a Hall Of Famer, a former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, that is supposed to earn me respect but when I'm backstage, when I'm here, people only talk to me when they want something from me! Sometimes, as Flynn did, they take from me in a different way by just attacking me for no reason other than to get eyes on themselves but now, I'm putting my foot down and refusing to let these assholes walk over me! With that being said, Flynn, get your ass out here!" As Bashka gestures for Flynn to come out whilst yelling for him, the theme of Flynn hits and he comes out, laughing maniacally at Bashka. As he reaches the front of the stage, Flynn begins to speak into a microphone of his own as he paces back and forth. Flynn: "Bashka, this is exactly what I'm fighting against. Last week, I beat the hell out of you to get my message across. What's my message you ask? Simply to cleanse BPZ of all this diluted, obscene, worthless garbage like yourself. There's no denying that once upon a time, you were on top of BPZ and a formidable competitor to the entire roster but now, all I hear from you is complaining, whining that you're not given opportunities but yet, every time you are given one, you mess up and fail because you're not hungry anymore, your drive has worn out and your spirit is broken, rendering you as a useless washed-up loser. Therefore, if you want me to repeat what I did last week, I have no problem fulfilling your wish because I want to make sure you really take in my message." After responding to Bashka on the mic, Flynn now heads towards the ring and climbs in whilst Bashka gets rid of his microphone and also begins to prepare as we have our first match of the night set to begin between these two. Bashka vs Flynn After Bashka would take over the start of Carnage, hunting for revenge against Flynn, 'The Fractured King' would come out and suggest that the two face right now. Therefore, in the first match of tonight's episode of Carnage, we have a huge match-up as two of the greatest to ever step inside a BPZ ring, Bashka and Flynn go toe-to-toe. With a Flynn that seems to be constantly angry and a Bashka seeking revenge, this match would quickly break down into a straight-up fight. Even so, the two veterans are still able to exhibit their advanced skills within the wrestling ring. In the end, after Flynn repeatedly stomps into Bashka in the corner, refusing to stop until the very end of the referee's count, Flynn continues to just not let Bashka breath to the point where the referee has to hold Flynn back but at this moment, Flynn is able to sneak a low blow in on Bashka. Then, Flynn is easily able to finish off Bashka and pick up the victory. After the match, Flynn doesn't celebrate for long before returning to Bashka and continuing to beat him down with no referee to stop him this time. Mercilessly, Flynn absolutely mauls Bashka until finally just sitting back and once again letting off that maniacal laugh as he eerily appreciates the damage inflicted by himself on Bashka. Bulldozer Is No More After the first match on tonight's episode of Carnage, we are taken to a bright, violaceous, effeminate setting with purple lights infecting every object in sight. Into the spotlight steps Bulldozer, former member of SSW Club, but he doesn't like the devious rookie that we are used to. Bulldozer: "The man you once knew as Bulldozer is no more. Now, you are due to be blessed by the most alluring, dazzling, fascinating superstar in all of BPZ. I am the vainglorious, the gorgeous, the prettiest of them all, I am the greatest gift that your eyes will ever receive. Ladies and gentlemen, I am... Mirage." In one slick motion, the newly named Mirage crosses his arms so that they cover his face before then slowly and theatrically uncrosses his arms, revealing his pouting face. Finally, the purple lights enhance to the point where Mirage is barely visible as the segment comes to an end. First Class Express Face-Off With The #1 Contenders Following an outlandish message from Bulldozer, now going by the name Mirage, the BPZ Tag Team Champions, First Class Express, come down to the ring as they are set to come face-to-face with the number-one contenders who they will defend their titles against at Bad Blood. Before the number-one contenders, Young & Free, come out, both Xavier and Hans sound off on their upcoming opponents. Xavier King: "Last week, we saw two of the best teams in BPZ today clash in order to decide who will challenge me and Hans at Bad Blood for these belts and in the end, it was the new and hot team known as Young & Free that came out on top, proving themselves as the better of the two sides this time around. The only problem is that there is an undisputed best team in this division and that is the men who hold the BPZ Tag Team Championships, that is First Class Express, that is us." Hans Clayton: "That's exactly why we are champions, it's exactly why we reign over this division. People thought that Royal Flush was great and was going to go on to be amazing champions but we cut that short. They fell to First Class Express and we proved what we knew all along, that we are the best tag team in BPZ today without question. This weekend, we prove it once again when we successfully defend our gold against whichever two of this joke of a team dares to step in the ring with us." With some arrogant and rude comments made by the champions, the team that is set to face them at Bad Blood, Young & Free, make their entrance with all three of them coming to the ring with microphones. Kieron Black: "How about you shut that mouth of yours or even better, how about I shut it for you?" Cody: "Yo! Chill Kieron! You savage, it's a face-off." As Cody jokingly restrains Kieron, the usually joyous Prince steps forward and suddenly snaps, becoming a lot more intense as he speaks, shocking the four other men in the ring, especially his teammates. Prince: "Listen, right now I'm standing in the ring with two of the most entertaining men I know and then I see two overrated chumps with gold around their waist. Well done, you were able to win the championships without even having to pin the champions, that's all you but I'll be damned if I let you two smug pricks be the reason why Young & Free doesn't work out, I'll break my body before I let you two kill the momentum that we've built because I've been sacrificing my life to this company for almost five years now and as of late, this is the best damn thing that has happened for my career. I'm regularly on TV, the fans are enjoying my performances and I'm working with two men that I genuinely believe are two of the most underrated entertainers in this business so this, this may mean the start to a nice title reign for you guys but to me, this may be my last opportunity to have the spotlight on me, to have a run that reminds people of the talent that I once was." Hyped up, Cody and Kieron step forward with Prince as Young & Free look real hot heading into this match. Nevertheless, Hans lifts his mic to his mouth and replies. Hans Clayton: "I can sense the passion behind your voice Prince, behind each word but what I have is much different. I have the hunger of a young competitor, I have the drive to prove that I have the potential to be one of the best, so how about we see how your passion measures up against my hunger in a singles match, right now, as a sneaky little preview to our tag team match at Bad Blood this weekend." Now, Hans and Prince stare right into each other's eyes as Prince nods in response, accepting Hans' challenge to a match right here and right now. Hans Clayton vs Prince In the second impromptu bout of the night, Hans and Prince go to battle days before their respective teams compete in the BPZ Tag Team Championship match at Bad Blood. With them both being apart of two of the best tag teams in the division right now, it is intriguing to see them clash in singles competition. With both competitors looking to get a win over their opposition for this weekend and gather momentum heading into the title match, the veteran Prince and the up-and-comer Hans put on a very competitive match with Prince showing why he was once one of the most exciting stars in the company. Ultimately though, the newer star in Hans is able to come out on top by pinning Prince after a mouth-watering Shooting Hans Press. Joshua Scott Has No Regrets Following singles competition between Hans of First Class Express and Prince of Young & Free, the former leader of SSW Club, Joshua Scott, comes down to the ring with a microphone. Joshua Scott: "Two weeks ago, I turned my back on SSW Club and pummeled each and every member of that useless group. When BPZ first signed a partnership with SSW, I took three of the best talents from their roster and formed a club but in reality, all three of them turned out to be disappointments. That's why I betrayed them, that's why I gave up on them and that's why I have zero regrets in beating the hell out of them." As Joshua Scott continues to trash talk his former SSW Club members, two of them, Epic and Maasa, come running out and go straight after Josh. Resultingly, Josh scurries out of the ring and tries to makes a run for it but Epic and Maasa corner him. However, as they both go to strike Josh, he is able to evade them by jumping over the barricade behind him and this results in Epic accidentally hitting Maasa. As Josh runs away through the crowd, Maasa looks back at Epic resentfully. FDS Is Set A Challenge By United Nations After watching Joshua Scott be chased down by the members of SSW Club that he betrayed, just before tonight's main event, we join BPZ Hall Of Famer and five-year veteran, FDS, backstage alongside Josh Trenton. Josh Trenton: "Hello ladies and gentlemen of the BPZ Universe! Right now, I am joined by Hall Of Famer, FDS. Firstly, over the years we've seen you accept and really focus on certain aspects of your mind, whether it's the merciless chaos or the greed-infused gloating, you have always been a very loud character but as of late, you've seemed to really zone in on just being a wrestler, just being a great in-ring performer, and really proving your worth inside the squared circle. Is there a reason for this change of mindset." FDS: "Five-years I've been here, putting on sound performances week-in and week-out, that's why my rise to the top was so smooth, it's why I'm consistently on your TV screens, it's why I've never fallen down the ladder here in BPZ and have truly earned my spot in the company. Nevertheless, everyone seems to overlook it, everyone just wants to see what part of me I'm going to show off next. Well, now it's all about the ring, the mat, the ropes, the art that is professional wrestling." As FDS is talking, the newly debuted group known as United Nations walk up behind Josh Trenton, causing FDS to stop. With Trenton and FDS now looking at the four men who are all from different places around the world, the member at the front of them, Angelo Caito, begins to speak. Angelo Caito: "See, FDS, this is what I don't understand. We heard what you have to say and we, the four of us, we all agree. We want the respect and honor of professional wrestling, the courtesy that a competitor should have in the ring, we want it all to be restored, for the beauty of this sport to be truly showcased. Nevertheless, you've made it clear to us that you do not intend on joining our ranks. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea for us to set a challenge to you for Bad Blood. For this Sunday, I challenge you to singles competition, Angelo Catio vs FDS." Like he did when requesting for FDS to join United Nations, Caito extends his hand and this time, FDS accepts the handshake as he follows up on Angelo's offer to a one-on-one match at Bad Blood this Sunday. The Bailey, Bart Hoogveld & Natedog vs Bob Sparks, Sameer & Slim To end the go-home episode of Carnage to Bad Blood that is set to take place this Sunday, 'The Showoff' Sameer teams up with his henchmen, Bob Sparks, and his hitman, Slim, in a six-man match but before the match, Sameer takes to the microphone to send a message to his challengers for this weekend, The Bailey and Bart Hoogveld. Sameer: "At Bad Blood, I put my BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the former champion, The Bailey, and the 2019 King Of The Ring winner, Bart Hoogveld, in my first defense of the title. Of course, I am given the triple threat for my first defense because clearly, someone backstage is salty that I whooped their ass and won their most prized title on the same night but it's whatever, I'll do what I always do an steal the show! At Bad Blood, I'm defeating both The Bailey and Bart, no matter what the cost is because this is my time, it's my turn to be BPZ's number one, it's my turn to lead BPZ to new heights and it's my turn to be the greatest world champion in BPZ history." As Sameer is about to drop the microphone, Bob Sparks stops him and asks for him to hand the microphone over. Not used to Bob wanting to speak on the microphone, Sameer hesitantly hands it over. Bob Sparks: "At Bad Blood, I have a championship match of my own but I'm not defending a belt, I'm on the hunt. This weekend, I'm coming for the BPZ North-American Championship and Arius, you're going to get exactly what you asked for, you're going to get the best version of Bob Sparks, the version of Bob that destroys you, the version of Bob that decimates you, the version of Bob that takes your title from you, leaves you lifeless on the mat, and stands tall as your brand new BPZ North-American Champion!" Now, Bob drops the microphone and kicks it out of the ring. Then, one-by-one, The Bailey, Bart Hoogveld and Natedog make their entrances before the six-man tag gets underway. In the match, with Bart and Bailey being partners tonight but opponents this weekend, there's clearly tension between them which leads to various miscommunications, especially towards the ends as the situation begins to grow heated. With this, plus former friends turned enemies, Natedog and Slim, just going after each other with barely any concern for the actual match, Sameer and Bob are able to take out Sameer's upcoming challengers, with Sameer getting the pinfall on Bart to pick up the victory for his team. With that, The Bailey and Bart are left frustrated with each other, Natedog and Slim are both laid out at ringside after tearing into each other, and Sameer and Bob celebrate in the ring with Sameer holding the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship high and mighty.
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Commentaries

    I haven't seen a post suck its own dick that much since Brads retirement promo.......now I want to do one.
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    WCW Invasion May 2001

    Unforgiven 2001: From bottom to top: Lance Storm vs Matt Hardy for the European title: 81 What an opening match, Lance Storm is clearly a future main event guy, although he doesnt have the charisma to be a the face of the company, his insane stats makes him handy to be a heel that elevates the match rating. Unfortunately, matt's pop suffered greatly of this loss. The Outsiders vs Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero: 87 Decent match and good carry from Benoit and Guerrero, i made a good call on having Hall to win as he is clearly the best worker of the two. Shane Douglas vs William Regal for the WCW US title: 82 Another instance of two good workers that are elevating the midcard by producing good matches on regular basis. Douglas won because i wanted to build him more as "The new WWFranchise". He is going to be a good upper midcarder in my opinion. Kanyon & Rhyno vs RVD & Tazz: 83 Great match, RVD is getting there in terms of popularity, while Kanyon and Rhyno are turning into amazing workers (Rhyno is near 80 basics and psychology at only 25 thanks to being al snow's protege), and Tazz is on fire right now. Jamie Knoble vs Jerry Lynn vs Gregory Helms vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio Jr. for the 1. contender for the WCW Cruiserweight title: 77. Good match, considering a lot of these guys have low pop, in the future i might consider pushing Jamie Knoble, the guy is an all-round great worker and decent on a mic. APA vs Edge & Christian vs Steiner Bros. vs Dudleyz for the WCW tag team titles: 78. Good match, maybe the ratings suffer because of the multi team type of match, the match stays decent so i'm not that bothered. Raven vs Vampiro for the Hardcore Championship: 85. Raven & Vampiro have great chemistry thank god! Btw Vampiro has gained in the space of two months nearly 20 pop! Insane! and Raven is turning into a Rock type of mic performer, he is currently at the 70 pop mark, and giving he is 36, i think i'm gonna push him to the main event straight Booker T vs Jeff Hardy for the WCW WHC: 85. Good match, but i'm still astonished by the inability of Booker of producing good performances, he have the skills and the pop yet Jeff Hardy outperformed him. Hulk Hogan vs Chris Jericho: 78. Well 14 min was too much for the hulkster, even Chris Jericho couldn't carry to good match, i'm glad i have signed him for only 1 year, given how much he costs me for the kinf of performance he does, once the Invasion is over i'm gonna strip of his delicious pop... Steve Austin vs Triple H: 84. Once again, why they can't they produce good matches? i really don't know, i will book it differently next time. Oh and Undertaker and HHH have awful chemistry as opponents ofc... Now a quick point for the storylines (thats what happened in the two weeks that followed). -The Invasion: The NWO has made their presence felt, with Kronik and Lance Storm joining the ranks of the dissidents, Shane McMahon having hired Bischoff and made him chief executive of Smackdown and having half the shares of the company. Just after Unforgiven, Bischoff unveil a little surprise for Vince McMahon: he hired the Man, the Legend, Ric Flair! They have put their differences aside in order to take down the WWF once and for all, the NWO is going backstage and punishing the sellouts of WCW who jumped ship to WWF, mainly Jericho, Benoit and Guerrero. At InVasion PPV, while Benoit and Guerrero will battle Kronik, Jericho will battle the Nature Boy with his job on the line. Once again the ranks of WWF loyalists are dwindling, after Undertaker being nowhere to be seen after his last match with Austin at King of The Ring and Michaels being forced to retire after Booker T laid him out in a career vs title match at Vengeance, the situation is dire. -Lance Storm, speaking of him, has made clear that he his looking to take the European title has the beacon of technical wrestling, looking for anyone to challenge him, who'se gonna answer the challenge??? -The WCW is dominating in the Cruiserweight too! But all is not lost, Rey Mysterio Jr. has a final opportunity at InVasion after two failed attempts to take the belt from X-Pac, which has aligned himself with WCW, to bring back the Cruiserweight title into the WWF sphere. -Booker T and DDP are continuing their dominance over rising stars, thinking that it's their time to shine, they are holding down any young hungry superstars, and now their sights has been set on the WWF tag team titles held by the Hardyz. Will it be the youth or the experience that will prevail? -As fpr the Radicalz, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, they have lost to the Hardyz at Vengeance and tensions that has been building since then have finally exploded on the second Smackdown episode after Unforgiven, Saturn laid out Malenko, thinking he is holding him back and seeks to join the invaders, and, as a token of alliance he is making a personnal affair of taking out the Iceman for good... -Since their debuts after King of the Ring, the Steiners have been untouchable, succesfully picking the WCW tag team titles from the Dudleyz and defending it in 4 way tag team match at Unforgiven, but the Dudleyz are not done yet, they will do everything in their power to claim what is rightfully theirs, even if it means ending up in a hospital bed... -The Raven's Flock has been growing the past few weeks, with the latest recruit being Chris Kanyon. Raven has tried to convert both RVD and the newly signed Vampiro, unsuccesfully, therefore he is on a crusade to destroy them. While it has eventually backfired for the Flock as Tazz later aligned himself with RVD in a sort of ECW spirit resurgence, and beated the Flock, Raven has succesfully defended his Hardcore title against Vampiro. Raven seems untouchable and he challenged, in a bold act, Tazz in a Hell in a Cell to see who's the toughest and nastiest of them all... -Saying the Shane Douglas is on fire is an understatement, he had quickly rised among the midcard and claims that he is the WWFranchise, words he later backed up by taking and defended the US title from William Regal. Declaring himself neutral, he is trying to make an impact in the company and so far, it's a full success. Talent management and developmental: My goal is for next year to have the following guys to upper midcard or better: Raven, RVD, Rey Mysterio Jr, Vampiro, Rhyno, Kanyon, Shane Douglas and Lance Storm. The reason for this is, Chris Jericho and The Rock, while being both fairly young, can't be relied on too much because they have external activities (music, movies). Also the NWO, DDP and Rick Steiner are all past 40 years old mark and starts declining, which makes them also not reliable in the ring, and they costs me a lot of money for their performance. I plan to have these guys place been taken Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Saturn, etc... So we can get a good reliable main event scene with great athletes that can go. Of course this upward movement in the card will leave a hole in the midcard, that's why next year i will introduce the most promising guys from developmental: Randy Orton, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and maybe others like Teddy Hart or Shannon Moore to bolster the Cruiserweight division once they have more skills, especially psychology (teddy hart: 70 basics and 80 aerial or so but 20 psychology...) A final thing, i signed to a 1 year PPA deal a 22 years old promising talent named CM Punk. He is currently an enhancement talent, looking to perfect his craft and gain recognition. So far he has done a good job, maybe if he keeps improving and gaining pop he's gonna get more juicy deals...
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    WCW Invasion May 2001

    Summerslam has arrived lads and with it a ton of feuds will end, and a new chapter of the Invasion will open. Rating: 88. I should've looked early where the event was set, and ofc it was on Hawaii... where the company has no pop and 0 spillover, fml. But let's get to the matches themselves: 1- The Hardy Boyz vs Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire for the WWF tag team titles: 74. That's decent, something worth noting is that Sean O'Haire is turning into a good worker, i might keep him, maybe to team up with a Lesnar or something. 2- X-Pac vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman: 82. Once again the cruiserweights steals the show, with X-Pac having the best performance of the 3, i knew i was right when i decided to push him. 3- The Steiner Brothers vs the Dudley Boyz vs The Radicalz for the WCW tag team titles: 75. Average, but its ok considering ttwo teams out of 3 are below 70 pop i guess. 4- Shane Douglas vs Lance Storm vs William Regal for the WCW US title: 80. Great work from these guys, Shane has still some left in the tank. 5- RVD and Tazz vs Mike Awesome and Rhyno: 74. Decent but not extraordinary, all of the workers are decent here. My main goal is to build a big Raven's Flock that will be joined by Paul Heyman playing the devil's advocate, and in response a team ECW tries to beat the Flock and bring back Heyman to them. 6- Triple H vs Big Show: 90. Now thats what you call a carry! Triple H is a really good hand, able to work with limited guys and pull out matches like this, GG. 7- Kurt Angle vs DDP: 78. DDP just doesn't want to be pushed it seems, i can't wait to job him out... 8- Shawn Michaels vs Booker T : 79. Even tho HBK has a 100 performance, Booker chosed that it wasn't his night so he screwed this up. The worst part is that he won (in storyline i will have HBK expelled from the company from a time). 9- The Rock vs Austin for the WWF Title: 84. This time Austin wasnt ready to go to a draw with The Rock so i kept him strong, and the match suffered, i should've let him cry. Oh and btw The Rock is hurt, on his first ppv match of the game, leaving him off 27 days. After the match Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan and Bischoff comes from the crowd and lays down both Austin and Rock before trashing the entire ring znd set.
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    WCW Invasion May 2001

    Vengeance 2001. The best PPV of the year so far, rated 91 with some great matches (some were unexpected, some weren't). I'm gonna proceed from bottom to top for the card and add some comments to it: 1- Lance Storm vs William Regal for the US Title: 77. For guys that have 55 to 65 pop thats a great performance, although i gave them the time (25 min) to do a very technical match, to match the European Wrestling vs Canadian Wrestling Gimmick. Lance Storm actually gained 4 pop even tho he lost, incredible, so he his now in the 60 and i think hes gonna be very useful in the first (he is only in his 30's) 2- The Dudley Boyz vs The Radicalz (Malenko and Saturn) for the WCW tag titles: 73. Very decent, i didn't expected wonders from the guys because of the criminally low popularity of them, so i am happy. After the match the Steiner Brothers go in ring and destroys the Dudley Boyz, making their debut with a clear intention, being one more time WCW tag team champions. 3- X-Pac vs Rey Mysterio for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship: 79. Great match again, Mysterio is the man but i had no choice but to keep the title on X-Pac. Speaking of X-Pac, he is really improving, and i think of doing a rematch Mysterio vs X-Pac for Wrestlemania once they are more over and better in-ring. 4- Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian in a ladder for the WWF tag titles: 84. Those teams are just on fire and once again it pains to have E & C to lose but i hate 50/50 booking and it didnt hurt them that much, so it was worth it, and Jeff is on fire with 94 performance at 65 pop, lol. 5 - Rhyno vs RVD: 78. Great match considering they were both below 60 in almost all regions. 6 - Triple H with Vince McMahon vs Chris Jericho with Shane McMahon for the IC title: 94. Great match, both guys actually gained 4 pop each so i cant be mad, maybe there will be rematch at Summerslam i'm not decided yet. 7- Booker T & DDP vs Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels: 79. DDP screws every big match he's in, this one suffered because of him. Once the Invasion is over he's gonna take some L... Main Event: Steve Austin vs Kane for the WWF Title: 91. Good performance since Kane is not a good in-ring talent per say, so i'm happy, Kane actually gained pop on being in the Main Event with Austin. Now for the main Storylines, Lance Storm is not out of the US title Picture yet, i think he might even win it at InVasion, but he will have to deal with Shane Douglas whose trying to sneak in this feud. The Steiner Brothers are the secret signees that Shane McMahon has done the last few weeks, and there is more to come. For now the titles are still in a pretty good balance between the compagnies but with signees like that and the recent defeat of Triple H and the IC title now in the hands of a WCW guy, the future is looking grim for Vince McMahon, he has to make some drastic measures in order to invert the momentum. Raven is trying to mentally break out RVD, and he has made a great work so far, his bodyguards, Mike Awesome and Rhyno have destroyed RVD who is desperate to find a partner or an ally to balance the odds. But Rob is not done yet, he still has the fir in him and at Summerslam there is gonna be a war. Steve Austin on his side, is riding a momentum Tsunami: he has beat both Brothers of Destruction, he is on top of the mountain. No one come close to being on the level to challenge him, no one except... The Great One. That's right, The Rock has come back from his movie The Return of the Mummy to teach Austin a lesson about candy-ass whoopin' and SmackDown Hotel checking. It will all clash at Summerslam. The Invasion has only begun
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ SummerSlam Kickoff | 1st September, 2019 | Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA Brenden Welcomes Us To The First-Ever Kickoff In the final evening of the weekend, with the first night of September dawning on us and SummerSlam quickly approaching, BPZ Wrestling's first-ever pre-show, named 'Kickoff', begins as the 2019 SummerSlam set is revealed before the owner of BPZ Wrestling, Brenden Playz, makes his entrance. Despite having a match on the main show later tonight, he comes out in a suit with a microphone in his hand as right now, he has business matters to attend to. Brenden: For years, BPZ has had monthly pay-per-views featuring your favorite superstars battling each other in some of the most anticipated matches that wrestling has ever seen. From all-time greats battling for supremacy to up-and-coming superstars trying to prove their worth in the big stage, from historic face-offs to emotional wars, pay-per-views always promise to be the most exciting show of the month and now, we are expanding that. Now, before our pay-per-views, we will be streaming a pre-show to get you in the mood, to get you ready, to introduce you to the thrilling action that is due to only get better throughout the night. Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to... The Kickoff! After an emphatic introduction to the first-ever Kickoff show by Brenden himself, the chairman makes his way to the back as the first match is only moments away. James Knight vs The Marker In singles competition on this week's Carnage, James Knight and The Marker went at it but as the rookie came close to defeating The Marker, he would be met with a brutal beat down from a very frustrated Irishman. After refusing to stop, The Marker would be disqualified but still continued to ruthlessly pummel Knight as he would exclaim how he is tired of these new superstars rising past him in the ranks and being given opportunities over him. With the original match not coming to a proper ending, the rematch would be set for the kickoff here tonight. With The Marker now aware of the impressive ability of the rookie James Knight, the usually gritty Irishman would up the aggression even further, hardly giving Knight any breathing room. Nevertheless, Knight would fight his way back into the match-up and the two would go back and forth until The Marker catches Knight in mid-air with a forearm to the jaw that almost knocks him out. With Knight laid out barely moving, The Marker wheelbarrow dead-lifts him into an elevated neckbreaker, a move that he calls Reaper, before picking up the pinfall and proving that eyes should be on him, not the brand new up-and-coming rookies. The Kickoff Broadcast Team Introduce Themselves After the first match of the night and the first-ever kickoff competition, we join Josh Trenton on a set planted within the BPZ Universe, with the backdrop being the main stage. As Trenton welcomes us to the kickoff, the camera pans out, revealing the set to be a panel with some familiar faces including Danielle, the first-ever woman to compete in a BPZ ring, Alyx Wilde, an accomplished BPZ Superstar who despite main-eventing BPZMania, was unfortunately set back by various recurring injuries, and finally, a representative of BPZ Commentaries, the number one BPZ Wrestling review show on the internet, Mike Hunt. Josh Trenton: As Brenden himself said to start the show, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the kickoff. What you see in front of you is the team that will present the SummerSlam kickoff to you and hopefully, the rest of the kickoffs as with us is a beautiful variety of BPZ Wrestling enthusiasts. Alongside myself, on your far right, we have the first-ever female BPZ Superstar, Danielle. For you, sat to the left of her is BPZ Commentaries representative, Mike Hunt, and sat to the right of me is BPZ Triple Crown Champion, BPZMania main-eventer, Alyx Wilde! Alyx Wilde: Amazing introduction from you Josh as we look forward to an amazing night of action. Mike Hunt: Before we go any further, I want to ask this question: what match is going to be the match of the night? Danielle, do you want to go first? Danielle: Despite never competing in a tag team match in my career, I think that the BPZ Tag Team Championship Ladder Match is going to pull it out the bag tonight and of course, I have my girl, Sheridan, and her partner, Jonathan, retaining the titles. What about you, Josh? Josh Trenton: Well, the card is absolutely stacked with matches that have the potential to go down in history as classics but I think I'm going to play it safe, go with a match we've seen blow the roof off arenas in the past, and pick Flynn vs Necce. For you, Alyx? Alyx Wilde: You know, I'm stuck between three, Julius vs Ropati, Bashka vs Slim and The Bailey vs Bart but I think because of it having the King Of The Ring tournament behind it and it being the main event, I'm going to go with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match. Now, do you want to answer your own question, Mike? Mike Hunt: Come on Alyx, that's why I asked it. I've got an answer for this that may get questioned but I think it's a sleeper, personally, I don't think there's been enough talk about it and I'm going with the BPZ North-American Championship match between Arius and Natedog. Josh Trenton: Wow, a different answer from everyone. I think that just goes to show the wide range of stellar match-ups we have for you tonight. Speaking of which, we still have three more matches to come here on the kickoff including High Society vs United Nations, FDS vs Mikey, and coming up now, ICON vs Yelich. We'll see you afterward. ICON vs Yelich After the BPZ North-American Champion, Arius, announced a series of qualifying matches for a number one contenders match at SummerSlam, Yelich would be competing against Bob Sparks in one of the aforementioned qualifying matches when ICON would interfere and cost Yelich the match. Clearly not happy with ICON's actions, Yelich called ICON out to a match at SummerSlam and that match starts right now. At the start of the match, ICON apologizes to Yelich, explaining how Sameer told him to do it but Yelich didn't seem to care, still going after revenge against ICON. Throughout the match, it would seem as though Yelich cared more whilst ICON seemed somewhat unfocused which would ultimately allow Yelich to pick up the win via pinfall. The Kickoff Welcomes It's First Guest Following Yelich's victory over ICON, we return to the kickoff panel. After the team recaps the match, Trenton welcomes the kickoff's first-ever guest to the panel, 'The Sendai Supernova', KENJI. Josh Trenton: Now, we move on and we move onto our first guest on the panel here tonight. Tonight, he is competing in the BPZ North-American Number One Contenders match. Everybody, please help me welcome KENJI! KENJI: Hello everyone, I hope your days have been well. Danielle: Thank you very much, KENJI. I just wanted to ask what your thoughts are going into your match tonight. KENJI: Well, obviously there's nerves but there's also excitement and determination. Tonight, I'm determined to getting one step closer to my first title here in BPZ Wrestling and I'm excited to entertain the fans, put on a great performance and at the end, get the victory and earn a shot at the BPZ North-American Championship. Mike Hunt: Not too long ago, at PowerTrip, you challenged for the BPZ North-American Championship against Arius who is still the champion today. Let's say you both win your matches, what are you going to do differently to beat Arius the next time around? KENJI: I think everyone saw how close our match was last time around, I think everyone knew how close I was to defeating him, and I think that everyone believes I'm capable of beating him. I know Arius has been extremely dominant since coming to BPZ Wrestling but I also know that no one has pushed him as far as I have. Next time, I'll have that in the back of my mind, that voice telling me that you can't mess it up this time, telling me that you need to put maximum effort in, train ten-times harder, and put every inch of my heart into the match. Josh Trenton: Great answer and thanks for spending some time with us KENJI but now, it's time for the first-ever tag match on the kickoff, it's time for High Society vs United Nations. High Society vs United Nations In the first tag team action of the evening and more significantly, the first-ever tag team match on a kickoff show, the team of Alex Costa and Sir Raven, now known as High Society, take on the debuting United Nations. Over the past few weeks, we've seen each member of United Nations introduce themselves and the pride they have in their countries. With all four members of United Nations coming to the ring, it would be only Joh and Monda who would step in the ring, leaving Caito and North on the outside, but all four members would have a very formal demeanor about them. As Joh and Monda would clash Costa and Raven, every movement they would make would be calculated as it would be clear that United Nations aren't here to play around. In the end, United Nations would come out on top after a very impressive debut. Slim Further Explains His Controversial Return After the debut of United Nations in a victory over High Society, we return to the kickoff panel as Trenton looks to move onto the next part of the show. However, he is interrupted by an intimidating figure. Josh Trenton: What a debut by United Nations! A very no-nonsense approach by the new force but how do you guys think they compare to the rest of the tag team div- Slim: Oh hey guys... and lady. Mind if I take a seat? Of course, you don't. Over the past few weeks, I've seen a lot of people talking on my name and not in a positive way, that includes you, Mike. So, I thought I'd take the time of this useless show, explain my intentions and make the kickoff actually worth watching. Okay, so are any of you going to do your jobs and ask me a question? Alyx Wilde: Hey, Slim. Long-time, no see, buddy. Your recent return seems to have a lot of people talking, could you please explain to use the intent behind what you did? Slim: At King Of The Ring, I returned and I ensured that Sameer retained his Money In The Bank briefcase. Why? Because he showed me the right amount of money. It's that simple. I've already done everything there is to do in this business, I've already reached all those dreams that you all wish you could, so tell me I'm wrong, tell me it's not right, but I'm simply back to make money and right now, Sameer is money, Sameer is set to be on top, so right now, I'm by his side. Mike Hunt: So are you insuating that once Sameer falls down at all, you are going to turn your back on him? Slim: Listen, Mike, you need t- This time, it is Slim who is interrupted as his most recent ally, Sameer, and Sameer's right-hand man, Bob Sparks, walk onto the set. Despite Slim seeming somewhat annoyed, Sameer has a wide cheerful smile spread on his face as he puts his arm around the seated Slim and speaks into his microphone. Sameer: Josh, Alyx, Danielle, Mike, it's lovely to see you all, I love this little show you have going on here but unfortunately, Slim has some business to attend to so we're going to have to cut this short. Come on, Slim, we've got places to be. After rudely interrupting by politely excusing Slim from the panel in an arrogant manner, Sameer, he pats Slim on the back as he waits for him to get up. Once Slim walks off set, visibly frustrated by Sameer's actions, Sameer shakes the hands of the presenters, kisses Danielle on the cheek, and then leaves, with the intimidating Bob Sparks following closely. FDS vs Mikey In the main event of the kickoff, FDS and Mikey go one on one. After a series of vignettes in which Mikey would give cryptic messages, he would finally appear live on Carnage after FDS' main event match against Flynn, where Mikey would attack FDS. Now, with Mikey looking to make a statement out of FDS and FDS looking for revenge, the two face off in the ring. In the longest match of the kickoff, the BPZ veteran, FDS, and the much newer Mikey go back and forth in a very technical match-up with FDS sticking to his motive to focus on purely wrestling, rather than entertaining all of the theatrics around it. Despite the roughness and aggressiveness showed by the merciless Mikey, the five-year BPZ Wrestling veteran picks up the pinfall after a WRSTLMaker. Bart Expresses How Much Tonight Means To Him With SummerSlam now only moments away, we return to the kickoff panel one last time as Trenton welcomes the final guest, a very topical one as he is main-eventing tonight's show. Josh Trenton: And with that victory from FDS, we are now only minutes away from SummerSlam! Nevertheless, Alyx, were you impressed by the two men competing just then? Alyx Wilde: Absolutely. There's no need for me to talk much on FDS, you know, he was around during all of my runs and has been committed to this company so it's nice to see him getting a win. On the other hand, I really like the look of Mikey, I'm sure he has an illustrious future ahead of him. Josh Trenton: I couldn't agree more. Anyway, now it's time for our final guest, he is challenging for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship here tonight, he is the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament winner, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Bart Hoogveld! Bart Hoogveld: Thank you, Josh, I'm happy to be here. Danielle: Hello Bart, I wanted to ask you a question about the fans. Over the past few months, you've made it clear that you don't care for the fans opinions and in response, they've shown a hatred for you but recently, it doesn't seem to be as intense. In fact, some fans are even rooting for you against who is supposed to be 'The People's Champ' The Bailey. Do you have any comments on this? Bart Hoogveld: This is actually something I've noticed and personally, I think they just understand the journey I've been on and how much this match means to me. For years, I've been working to get to this point and I think the King Of The Ring tournament was just a showcase of how much I've had to put into this to get where I am today. Now, finally, I've got a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match and to make it even better, it's in the main event of SummerSlam. This match, this is my chance to solidify myself as one of the greats, this is my chance to have to my turn on top of the company, this is my chance to make Bart Hoogveld a legendary name in this business. If the fans can appreciate that, then good for them I guess but don't be mistaken, I still don't care what they think, I'm doing this for me. Alyx Wilde: Bart, I think we can both recognise that The Bailey is arguably the greatest of all-time in BPZ Wrestling so with that being said, what have you done heading into this match to make sure you're capable of beating someone of such calibre? Bart Hoogveld: Yes, I'm no fool, I understand the challenge that The Bailey brings. Nevertheless, don't be mistaken, he's only considered as such because he's been here for so long and was chosen to be on top from the start by the boss himself. Me, I've had to put in a million times more effort to get to this position and not only does that mean that I'm a better competitor than The Bailey, it also means that I'm hungrier, it means that I want this so much more than he does. So yes, I have trained especially hard for this match but it's not just because my opponent is The Bailey, it's because this is where I am finally crowned as the number one in BPZ Wrestling. Josh Trenton: Truthfully, I can really hear that hunger in your voice so from myself and the rest of the broadcast team, good luck in your match tonight but right now, it's time to bring the first-ever kickoff show to a close as the biggest party of the Summer is now literally seconds away. BPZ Universe, this has been Josh Trenton, Alyx Wilde, Danielle, and Mike Hunt, joined by Bart Hoogveld. Now, it's time for SummerSlam! After Josh Trenton signs off, the screen fades to black as the kickoff comes to an end, which means only one thing, it's time for SummerSlam. 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    Isaiah Carter

    Royal Rumble 2019 - BiC vs Bart

    Royal Rumble 2019 The Royal Rumble PPV would kick off, the pyro going off as the crowd cheers loudly, tonight is the night that careers change. 30 men will enter that ring and only one will walk out, but that's the main event. Before we get to that we have an amazing card and it all starts for one title, one title that means everything to two superstars who are trying to be icons. One trying to fix a lustrous career fallen down and one continuing the run of a century. The crowd would boo because the champions music would hit first, and after nearly minute of the music playing out would stroll one of the fastest rising stars in recent memory, a man that was said to be nothing more than an Alyx Wilde replacement has smashed any walls put in front of him and has become one of the faces of the current day BPZ Wrestling. He stands on top of the stage looking out at the thousands in attendance., he has a giant smile on his face and the Intercontinental Championship strapped around his waist. He traces it with the tips of his fingers before mouthing words the camera doesn't pick up before walking down the ramp. If Bart has done anything for the crowd, its give them someone to hate and Bart does it well. He walks up the steps and goes through the middle rope entering a ring he has dominated for months, unsnapping the title from his waist and lifting it in the air with much pride behind himself. Bart is wearing his signature clothing with a special "The Villian" scrawled across the back of his tights and down to his knee pads, he would rest in the corner in a sitting position waiting for his opponent... As the challengers' music would hit, the crowd would begin to give a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. BiC has been attacking fans, workers, and more for the past week calling BPZ a "Dying" company. As BiC gets into the ring he raises his arms to his side before going to his corner, the energy inside this building is crazy, two superstars trying to cement there legacy. BiC and Bart would stay in their corners as the announcer hypes up the match, the crowd giving full focus chanting "BPZ" before the bell even rings. "The Villian" vs "The Pure Athlete" BiC and Bart would walk up to each other and size each other up, these two haven't shared a ring since BPZ Mania III when Bart would pin BiC to win the Global Championship, BiC and Bart exchange words before Bart would back up. Giving BiC the opportunity to strike as he would land a forearm that would drop Bart to his knees as the crowd would erupt. Bart would hold his jaw as BiC would back up and raise his arms to his side, blowing a kiss at the Intercontinental Champion and laughing before Bart would jump up and land a killer forearm of his own, sending BiC back into the corner with wobbly legs as he smiles and nods his head in approval before BiC and Bart would run at each other. Brutal, that is the one word to describe what followed as BiC and Bart would hit each other with the stiffest forearms in the business, you wouldn't be surprised if their jaws were broken but a cheap knee to the guy from Bart would allow the champ to take a breath before lifting his foot into the nose of BiC who was leaned over from the knee, Bart would run at BiC and attempt a clothesline but in one of the most unexpected counters in recent memory BiC would hit a standing Spanish fly on Bart sending his head crashing into the mat. BiC would quickly stand up and hit a moons sault on a prone Bart but before he could go for the cover Bart would roll out of the ring. And we've seen it more than a new year in pro wrestling as BiC would bounce off the ropes and run towards Bart, however, in a loud and sickening reversal Bart would catch out BiC in mid-air and hit a DDT off of the suicide dive!!! BiC would lay unconscious as a hush comes over the crowd and the commentators, everyone worried for BiCs health as Bart leans on the ring and laughs before rolling into the ring and forcing the referee to begin his count, what the hell did we just see?! However before the referee could reach 6, BiC would begin to grab the barricade and lift himself up. Bart, being as experienced as he rushes out and gets BiC. But almost as BiC was playing possum, he springs off the barricade and hits another nasty forearm. Bart stumbles backward before a superkick would knock him flat on his back, this match has been fast-paced and BiC continues the trend by lifting Bart by the back of the head and pushing his lifeless body into the ring. BiC would then climb to the top rope, and face his back towards the ring clearly looking for some sort of high-risk move as Bart gets to his feet. BiC would set sail and go for a moonsault on Bart but Bart would quickly move out of the way and as BiC crashes into the mat he is able to absorb the fall onto his knees but the champ was ready and would hit a knee to the side of the temple before locking BiC in for The Last Breath. To the crowds applause BiC would break out of the finisher before his head could be driven into the mat and would go for a superkick, however Bart would catch it and spin BiC around but as Bart ran at BiC he would lift in into a fireman carries position before throwing the back of his head down on his knee and going for the first cover of this already 7 minute match, however Bart would get his shoulder up and the war would continue as Bart would reverse a kick by BiC, Bart would springboard and hit his Tornado DDT to a huge pop but before Bart could go for the cover BiC would somehow get his feet up and roll up Bart. Bart would get the shoulder up at 2 and BiC would lay his head on the mat before quickly getting up and stomping away at the ribs of Bart before picking up the champ and lifting him on his shoulders again, this time however Bart would fight out of it with elbows to the head before throwing BiC into the corner and running at him, hitting a forearm to the back of the head this time, which has been a recurring theme in this match as Bart taunts over a groggy BiC, Bart would drive his knee into the gut and go ballistic forcing the ref to pull him off, as Bart yells at the ref BiC would take advantage and pop out of the corner hitting a sling blade before running to the top rope, but before BiC could hit any sort of offensive move Bart would jump onto the top rope and go for the falcon arrow off of the top, but BIC would fight out of it! Pushing him off, but Bart would hit a sickening enziguri! Bart would join BiC on the middle rope and do a cutthroat motion before lifting him up in the suplex position, but BiC would begin to fight back, but Bart would have enough momentum to get BiC up halfway and drop him ontop of the turnbuckle as BiC falls to the outside as EMTs once again rush to the aid of BiC for the second time this match. However this time Bart wouldn't wait for a countout as he would push various EMTs out of the way before grabbing BIC and throwing him in the ring. As Bart slide into the ring, BiC would somehow manage to sit up in a crisscross formation and push his hair out of his face before nodding at Bart, who looks pissed off at BiCs show of endurance and dives at the challenge completely losing it hitting many strikes to the already injured head. Before standing up and looking at the crowd who boos the man, but as Bart turns around BiC hits a flying clothesline and falls down onto his back before kicking up to a huge pop. BIC and Bart begin trading shots but BiC would get the upper hand as he quickly lifts Bart up on his shoulders and drops him down rib first onto his knees, the energy in this match has been insane and the two begin to fight once again as BiC jumps up and drops his knee onto the skull of Bart. BiC would go for the cover but Bart would kick out at 2 to a huge pop as BiC stands up, looking over a dazed Bart would get to his feet. BiC would lift him up for the "No Regret" but BART REVERSES IT! Bart has the cardiac arrest locked in! No! BiC fights out of it early on, BiC and Bart exchange blows as this crowd explodes in cheers. BART HAS IT IN! In the center of the ring this has to be it! The referee is in perfect position as BiC squirms, Bart yells "Just quit" as the frustration comes over his face, Bart lets go of the hold and quickly lifts up BiC and locks in "The Last Breath" with a large, cocky smile on his face, he lifts his hand up in the air before BiC would push Bart away and duck under a. clothesline before he would transition Bart into the fisherman suplex position! NO REGRET! BiC has won so many championships with this move and he just hit it out of. nowhere! BART KICKS OUT AT 2! This crowd can not believe it as BiC lays on the mat mouth open, in shock. What a sequence of moves and these two are not finished as BiC stands up and looks at Bart, who lays on the mat struggling to even move. BiC slowly grabs Bart by the hair and lifts him up, placing him into the corner and hitting big chops as the pace of the match slows down. BiC, who is looking better than ever steps on the middle ropes and begins laying the punches down on Bart. But Bart moves! HUGE KICK! A huge kick to the back of the head and BiC stumbles, however Bart catches him and turns him around. What the hell is Bart doing! THIS MATCH HAS TURNED INTO SOMETHING ELSE! "The Last Breath" off of the top rope and this crowd is in utter shock! Bart slowly falls into the cover THIS CROWD EXPLODES! BiC got his finger on the rope! Bart was literal fingertips away from retaining his title and Bart crawls backward away from BiC, neither of these men refuses to lose as the crowd chants "Fight Forever" Bart sits up, looking at BiC who is not moving after such a big move from the champ. Bart has not had to fight this hard for his championship in a long time as the time of the match hits 15 minutes, Bart grabs the finger of BiC and snaps it, almost breaking it before kicking him in the back of the head. Bart slowly lifts BiC up by the back of his head and screams in his face, but the match would come full circle as BiC would hit a forearm on Bart and the two superstars would once again trade forearms, the crowd joining in with the oo's and aa's. Bart would get the advantage on a hurt BiC, kicking the knee out and going for a knee but BiC would somehow jump up and hit a knee of his own, Bart is dazed as BiC lifts him up on his shoulders! But Bart wiggles out of it! Bart goes for the No Regret, that is BiCs move! But BiC lands on his feet and turns Bart around going for "The Last Breath" but Bart fights out of his own move! BiC and Bart hit each other with a kick to the guy before falling to there knees, both men stare at each other for a good 10 seconds as the crowd gives them a standing ovation. BiC would quickly stand up and Bart would tell him to "BRING IT ON", and as BiC runs at him to go for the shining wizard but Bart would move and roll up BiC, when BiC would kick out at two he would smile at Bart, and Bart would back up before telling BIC to "STAND DOWN", BiC would raise his arms to his sides and tell Bart the same thing BiC told him, inviting Bart to try and hit a move as Bart runs at BiC and goes for a superkick but BiC would move and hit a roll up off his own, but instead of posing BiC would quickly hit a superkick before going to the top rope! BIC HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE "CARDIAC UNREST"!!!! THIS IS IT! Bart struggles, kicking his feet before the ref would get in perfect position, Bart is about to pass out! Despite the roar of the crowd, BiC would not be able to keep the hold locked as he would lose his grip and fall onto his back, the amount of damage he has had to the head is unbearable and he shows it as he lays on his back looking up at the lights. Bart struggles to his feet as BiC sits up and stalks Bart, as Bart stumbles to his feet BiC runs at him and goes for a diving forearm, but BART WOULD REVERSE IT! THE FALCON ARROW INTO THE CARDIAC ARREST! BiC fought out of it the first time but this time it's going to be close! Bart has him in the center of the ring and BiC is trying everything as he rolls over onto his knees and begins to stand up! Where is BiC finding this strength! BiC hits a nasty elbow to the chin off Bart that knocks him off his back, BiC bounces off the ropes but Bart would catch him with the knee! BiC falls down and Bart goes for the cover for the two count! "BPZ" Chants ring through the arena, this is a championship match that we won't forget for a long time as this has been a hard hitting, fast paced matchup. Bart begins to stomp on BiC, wiping the sweat from his forehead and flinging it onto BiC. Bart drops some knees onto the chest of BiC, slowing the pace down to catch his breath after an amazing sequence between the two. BiC tries to fight back but a forearm from Bart would silence any comeback, Bart would talk trash to the BiC of his face before running at Bart, going for yet another knee but BiC would lift Bart up in the air! POWERBOMB! NO! Bart would reverse it into a hurricane to the outside! Bart stands on the apron and brings up finger guns shooting them before running at BiC. BART MISSES! Bart attempted a dive and has crashed into the mat in a sickening way, these guys are going to warBIC falls down, resting on the ring staring at Bart who is motionless, BiC nods his head before slapping the mat trying to get life back into his body which has to be hurting. BiC would grab Bart and throw him into the ring, BiC would join Bart and stare at the young superstar, who has done so much in this business in such little time. BiC begins to stomp away at Bart, picking him up and setting him into the corner hitting multiple chops to the chest before hitting a snap suplex on the champion. We thought this match was over when Bart hit the Last Breath off of the top rope an entire 10 minutes ago. But as the now 30 minute match would roll on, as BiC lifts Bart up and goes for the running Powerbomb, but Bart would jump out of it and go for a forearm, BiC would block it and hit a knee to the gut before putting one foot onto the middle turnbuckle and going for a springboard DDT, but Bart would catch him with a forearm, one of the most vicious of this match! "THE LAST BREATH"! BART WINS! Bart retains his championship as he pins BiC in the middle of the ring but what a match! 32 minutes, 26 seconds in and Bart has retained, Bart sits in the middle of the ring and calls for his title. The referee brings it to him and he clutches it with gratefulness, Bart barely got away here tonight as he struggles to stand up, his legs shaking as he raises the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the air. BiC rolls out of the ring and sits on the outside as EMTs check on him as he could be seriously injured tonight. But besides that, Bart once again retains. And if he won here tonight, who the hell is going to stop him?
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