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    The scene is set in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Chase Field arena. "Sorrow the Storm" by Epica begins to play signalling Sheridan's return to BrendenPlayz not three weeks removed from her last appearance, where she revealed she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from the in-ring side of the business until something came up or an opportunity opened for her return. Sheridan appears on the entrance ramp but her appearance is much different to when we last saw her. With platinum hair, red lips and in rather informal clothing, Sheridan seems to have adopted a more risque approach to the industry. She walks down the ramp to a positive reaction from the fans, choosing to ascend the steel stairs and climb through the middle rope, bending at the waistline to do so. She gestures for a microphone as the fans simmer down, waiting to hear what Sheridan has to say. "I know what you all are thinking, oh goodness, Sheridan is back, didn't she assert that she was leaving just a mere few weeks ago? You're right, I did say that. I said that I had lost my passion for wrestling between these ropes, lost a passion for fighting and clawing to try and get to the top. The truth is that I did believe when I said those words I would be gone for a long while, adventuring out on my own, finding my own path and doing my own thing outside of this business. But then I received an interesting call and an offer I would be stupid to refuse, something that includes a slight wage increase and something that gives me a little more power to change this business for the better." "Recently, and feel free to chime in if you agree, I feel like BrendenPlayz has been lacking in strength, in a captain to steady the ship. People are allowed to do their own thing without reciprocation or somebody to stop them and tell them no. Look at the personal feud between Creed and Bulletproof, the drama it has created, while it is an insatiable match it is one that comes with consequences, one that comes with trouble. I could continue to name matches and politics and situations which have recently affected this promotion in a negative way, portrayed the wrestlers and producers and staff of this industry in a bad setting, a bad light. What have the management done to afflict this and combat it? Nothing, and the head of this company, agrees that Carnage General Manager Flynn hasn't done much to combat this, he's shown bias and he's inserted himself far too much in things which needed a voice which was looking out for all participants." "So, BrendenPlayz has relieved Jeremiah Flynn of his role as General Manager..." "And I, Sheridan, will be the new General Manager from this point onward." The attending crowd in the Chase Field arena explode at the news. Sheridan will be the new General Manager of Carnage and the new sheriff of BrendenPlayz! Sheridan clasps the microphone between her hands, showing a genuine happiness and emotion reaction to the crowd chanting her name, showing their approval of their new General Manager. Sheridan wipes a single tear from her eye and grins. Once the audience settles down once more she continues with her speech. "I want wrestlers to know they can come to me with anything, ask any question and I'll answer with no agenda or personal bias in mind. I want you, the audience to know that I will fight to bring you the most entertaining and must-see match ups I can possibly bring to the trouble each and every month, be it on pay-per-view, or on weekly television. This is an opportunity I will not squander, a position I will not let affect my goals and my goals are for this promotion to continue being the biggest and the best on the planet. To have champions who you can be proud of, who you can watch battle it out with their foes and the best wrestlers on the planet. Heading into the new year this is a time to be great and an opportunity for this current class of talents to leave their mark in the business and to set alight a new chapter in the BrendenPlayz history books. Thank you." Once again Sheridan's music hits, the crowd loving the bombshell announcement they have been greeted with. Sheridan blows kisses and waves to the fans as she exits the ring and pauses to take photos with the young fans situated in the front row of the audience. However, before she can continue up the entrance ramp and backstage she is interrupted by theme music all too familiar to her.
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    Smarks Daily

    Yo what's up I am Gary Green, the only guy who seems to be employed by Smarks Daily these days. Now today we are doing the top 5 CHAMPIONS IN BPZ DURING 2019 (5) Sameer (World Championship) Sameer had one of 2019s best moments, when he cashed in Money In The Bank during a fatal 5 way match at Judgement Day. However when this happens, most superstars struggle to live up to the moment. However Sameer surpassed it, putting on a contender for feud of the year with Bailey heading into King of the Ring and then overcoming the odds to beat KOTR winner Julius at SummerSlam. When his reign was ended at Bad Blood by Slim, at 84 days long, Sameers first World title reign was one to be proud of (4) Arius (United States Championship) When you end the greatest US title reign in history as Arius did by beating Julius at St Valentines Day Massacre, it was always going to be hard for Arius to keep it up. However he ended up having one of the best reigns of the year. He beat Ropati and Yelich at Mania, won a F4W match at Backlash, then beat Hans at Mayhem before Hans won the title off him at Judgement Day. He did a great job of keeping the prestige of US going after Julius' defeat (3) Big Ballers (Tag Team Championships) After losing the belts at Mania, Big Ballers won the belts back at World at War and preceded to have a great reign with the belts, including having the longest tag reigns ever. They had a great program with Royal Flush before losing the belts to United Nations at Emergence (2) Arius (North American Championship) After one of the matches of the year at World At War, Arius was crowned the inaugural BPZ North American Champ. He went on to become 1 of 10 BPZ champions to have held the belt for more than 160 days, having one of the longest reigns in BPZ history. And although his reign was often criticised for him not defending the belt, he made the second most defences of ANY kayfabe champ ever in the end with 4 (only Flynn has made more defences in a reign, something he has done twice,) with him having great feuds against KENJI and Yelich, and also defending against Aaron. He very much deserves his second spot on this list (1) Flynn (Undisputed) Who else could it be? His Universal reign was the highlight of 2017, and he again had the best reign of 2019, bringing prestige to a new belt. After beating Bart in July, he defended it time and time again, against Jonathan, Sheridan and Toxik. He made big defences against Julius and Bart and most recently retained it over his brother. One of the longest reigns in BPZ history deserves its place as number one on this list That's all from me today. I am Gary Green, thanks for reading. Join me on Sunday for 5 Things BPZ Wants You To Forget About BRAD.
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    We are over twenty minutes into the absolute war between these two damaged men, in 'The Death Machine' Julius, and 'The Fractured King' Slim. The two men have thrown everything at each other, with Slim trying to send Julius over that edge with a loss, while Julius looks to continue his run of dominance in tournaments with this win. As Slim gets to his feet, Julius grabs him and nails him with a German Suplex, bridging into the cover: 1... 2... No! Julius rolls into the corner, setting it up, as Slim, dazed and confused, gets to his feet... CLAYMORE KICK! Julius goes into the cover, ready to secure the win: 1... 2... NO! Slim kicked out of the Claymore! Julius raises Slim up, bouncing him off of the ropes... HELL'S WELCOME! Slim is surely out of it now! Wait... NO! Slowly and suddenly, the lights begin to turn out one by one in the arena... Before a certain theme cuts over the titantron, and suddenly, emerging from the back... is the Antichrist himself! The Antichrist begins to walk down the ramp, slowly, studying Julius as Julius stands his ground in the ring, ready for anything... As The Antichrist and Julius, two of BPZ's most dominant forces, stand off, at an impasse, suddenly from behind... SLIM IS UP! SLIM WITH THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Crawling onto Julius, Slim begins to headbutt The Death Machine, drawing blood as Slim now picks up Julius, turning him around, an-oh no! Slim's going for the Lights Out! The most deadly move in BPZ history... AND NAILS IT! 1... 2... 3! Holy shit! Julius has been defeated by Slim! Slim is the winner of the 2019 Survival Games Tournament! For a moment after he has won, there is raw emotion on Slim's face as Slim looks at Julius, almost disappointed. He kisses Julius' head, before Slim gets to his feet, no face paint on his face following a 26:42 minute war, and the referee raises his hand, as Slim will go onto Night of Legends for an Undisputed Championship Match against whoever the champion will be... And now, The Antichrist joins his companion in the ring, as Slim smirks at him, a face to face between the two men who have been tormenting BPZ over the past few months... Then... THE ANTICHRIST CLOTHESLINES SLIM! The Antichrist begins stomping away at Slim, before he picks him up, as the exhausted Slim has no energy to fight back! Necce puts Slim into position... ANTICHIRST REVOLUTION! Necce now slides out onto the apron, readying as Slim is shaken and trying to get back to his feet, staying on his toes, and as he does... NECCE SPRINGBOARDS IN, USING A 450 TO GAIN MOMENTUM... AND GRABBING SLIM'S NECK AND PLANTING IT INTO THE CANVAS WITH HIS PATENTED DEATH FROM ABOVE! Slim has not moved, as Necce gets to his feet, laughing into the camera. The partnership between Slim and Necce has seemingly imploded here tonight, as now we wonder after all of that, is the Survival Games Winner ok? Lost in the fact after The Antichrist has struck... Slim finishes Survival Games 6-0, and wins the tournament, ascending back to his throne as the best in BrendenPlayz, knocking off 3 out of the 4 in Creed, with a date with Jeremiah Flynn set for Night of Legends...
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    No One Man - Chapter Seven: The Death Of Drizzy ☠ El Hijo Favorito del Diablo ☠ In the brisk, chilly morning, with the sun only just rising, I walk my usual way to the Ángeles del Infierno's base of operations but as I approach the building, something doesn't feel right so I quicken my pace until I'm effectively running. I burst through the front door and everything is up in flames. In shock, I freeze and just look around at my kingdom burning to the ground until my attention is grabbed by a man straight ahead of me. Through the flames, I can see a built figure approaching and as they come closer, they are cleared of the fire and smoke, and I recognize him... It's Don Dada. Suddenly, Ben comes out of nowhere and charges straight at Don Dada but Ben comes to an abrupt stop. Suddenly, Fox reveals himself, disabling his camouflage, and as he does, his arm appears to be going straight through Ben's chest. After Fox removes his arm from the hole now going straight through Ben, my closest friend and the best fighter in our whole organization, slowly drops to the floor but still, I'm frozen, I can't even help the person that has had my back the whole time. Once Ben is laying on the floor lifelessly, Dada and Fox stroll up to me as Dada gets in my face and stares straight into my eyes and into my soul. “You lose,” he whispers into my ear as he then stabs a knife right into my gut. Just like Ben, I slowly fall to the floor as my enemies walk away laughing. With my last sights being my whole organization burning to the ground, my eyes close for the last time and I'm met with a lonely, empty blackness. Moments go by and I'm still conscious. Suddenly, my eyes reopen and I'm laying in my bed at home, unhurt, with not a single scratch on my body as I come to the realization that it was all just a very bad nightmare. As I sit up, I remember the ride we went on last night where we burned down one of Dada's warehouses but then, I remember the final moments where Fox, one of Dad's top men, appeared and killed one of mine. With all of this repeatedly running through my head, I rush to get myself ready and get to the base of operations as quickly as possible. When I walk in this time, in reality, everything is as per usual. Being one of the only men that know Fox caught us last night, I head straight to my office with my head down, trying to avoid any altercations with my men. As I enter my office, Ben is already there waiting as he seems concerned about something. “Buenos dias, Ben! Is there something I can do for you?” I ask, already knowing the answer. “Yes, well kind of. Last night, everything went fine until Fox of Don Dada's crew and you know he's going straight to Dada to tell him what we did. In fact, Dada probably already knows and has probably already rallied up an army of chingados ready to take our heads off on-site! What the fuck are we gonna do El Hijo?” Ben stresses to me as he's clearly worried about how Dada will react to our actions. “Listen, I know Dada most likely already knows what we did but this was bound to happen. The fact of the matter is, at some point, we're going to have to face that hijo de la chingada so why not now? We're stronger than ever and we're already one step ahead of him. Just don't worry yourself too much Ben, I have everything under control,” I tell Ben, trying to reassure him that we'll be okay even though I'm more worried than he is. Nevertheless, I keep a stern face and give Ben a hug before he then leaves me to think of our next step in my office. Around half an hour later, I head out of my office and tell Ben to come with me as we then head outside. After my chauffer brings the Rover around, we go on a cruise around the city. “So, what exactly are we doing?” Ben enquires, confused as to why we're just driving around. “We are thinking, planning our next step. I needed to get out to help clear my mind. Plus, we might be able to find something like how we found Fox yesterday.” “Okay, capo.” As we continue to roam around the streets, I get a call that I wasn't expecting which instantly makes me think it's from Dada and that he's already stricken back. However, when I pull my phone out, I see that it's from Feugo and sigh out loud in relief before answering the phone. “Feugo, what's the matter?” “Capo, I've got some news about Don Dada that I think you'll like.” “Okay, great, I'm heading to you right now then.” After I finish on the phone with Feugo, I redirect the chauffeur to take us to Feugo's district. As we pull up to the restaurant we met him in yesterday, it's once again only him at the table but this time, he's digging into some nice warm chili. “Hola, you enjoying that?” I ask jokingly as I greet Fuego and his men. “Yes, it's excelente. Do you want some?” Fuego offers, showing his respect for me, the capo. “No, that's quite alright, I've already eaten. Anyway, what's this news you wanted to talk about?” “Ah yes, so the word around the street is that the new nightclub opening up in Midtown, 'Diversión', is actually owned by Dada and he's going to use it to clean money. With the amount of money that goes in and out of those places, he's going to be able to clean thousands in just one night there. Furthermore, you know the rapper, Drake? Well, he's going to be there on the opening night which is going to sky-rocket their sales for at least the next year. In conclusion, Dada is going to be making a lot of money from his new nightclub and it most likely will put him miles ahead of us.” “When is the opening night?” “Tomorrow.” “Okay, we meet here at midnight tomorrow evening. Me, you, and Ben, we're going to break in and ruin their party, just to make sure that this little business venture of Dada's fails.” One day later, minutes before midnight, wearing completely black gear once again, I and Ben walk into the restaurant to meet up with Feugo. Once we're all set, Feugo takes us out back and being the kind man he is, he has prepared three motorbikes for the occasion. As we speed through the streets of Midtown, the noises of partying is all around us as pubs, clubs, and restaurants are blasting out music. Although, as we get closer to Diversión, it is Spanish music that becomes much louder, with Dada making his club Hispanic-themed. With hundreds waiting outside, we pull up down a back alley and get off the bikes as we look for a way in. Just like at Fox's warehouse, Feugo is able to use his abilities to spawn a coat of lava around his body in order to melt the hinges of a door which results in the door simply just falling off. With a clear entrance into the back of the club, we put our masks on make sure our weapons are ready. Before heading in, I give instructions for I and Ben to take care of security whilst Feugo heads straight to whoever is running this place under Dada's orders and takes them hostage. As we head in, we are sneaking through the back of the club when we overhear some men who seem to be talking about something very serious. After I tell Ben and Feugo to pause, their voices become much clearer and I recognize one of them as one of Dada's men as they say “Yes, Fox told Dada that it was Ángeles del Infierno and that El Hijo Favorito del Diablo was there himself. It sounds like they're trying to send a message if you ask me. I reckon Dada needs to do put them in their place or even put them down for good. Since La Muerte passed, they've been useless and a nuisance.” With the mentioning of Muerte's passing, I lose control as I step into their sight so they can see my face, cuss at them and then spray all three of them down with just one clip. Shocked, Ben and Fuego just stare at me as I just stare at the four men I just murdered. After a few moments in which I recompose myself, we head-on with the mission at hand and manage to reach the main floor. With the music blasting and the lights flashing, there's no longer much more need to be stealthy so instead, we just act casually, not trying to gather any attention as we get rid of the security. Once I and Ben have finished, I look around for Fuego and when I find him, he already has a gun to the hip of the manager as we have officially hijacked the party. All we need to do now is create a scene to ruin this place's reputation and then get the hell out of here. As I search for something, I see Drake, the biggest celebrity in the world. Just like Fuego said, he is here as a VIP but is perhaps a bit too intoxicated to realize that all of his security is gone. Unsuspiciously, I pass through the crowd of dancing drunks and finally come face to face with Drake. “Yo, you look bad-ass in that all-black, homie! You a fan?” As Drake extends his hand, I smirk, raising my hand past his offer for a handshake and straight to his neck, gripping it tightly. After sharing a look with Feugo, he takes the manager into his office as the music and dance lights then turn off as the civilians are put into a state of confusion which soon flips into them being scared for their lives as they seem me holding Drake off of his feet with just one hand. “Oh man, oh man, not again!” Drake screams out loud whilst I say my prayers, sacrificing Drake to Lucifier himself. As I feel the energy rushing through me that I am repaid with by the devil when giving him a sacrifice, I let go of Drake's neck and his body drops the ground with all life drained from it. With everyone scared to their core, the thud of his body hitting the ground echoes around the room that remains silent until suddenly, a gunshot is heard from the manager's office. Then, everyone starts screaming and making a runner for it. Trying to get away from the scene of the crime, I and Ben run to the exit where Feugo joins us after grabbing some funds from the office in which he killed the manager. Once we're all out, we jump on the bikes and head back, another hit on Don Dada's organization complete.
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    Isaiah Carter stands in the ring with his BPZ championship held high in the air, as Survivor Series kicks off. The crowd is giving Carter a mixed reaction, and almost zero reaction to Kamil Pudalek, who stands silently in the corner. But wait, the crowd is looking towards the stage! ITS JACK BASHKA! Bashka is back and he just attacked Carter, Bashka begins to stomp away at the World Champion as Pudalek watches in the corner, Bashka lifts him up and hits the "Royal Massacre"! Carter is laid out and Bashka leaves the ring, the as Pudalek looks on with a grin. Carter is laid out, the only man standing is Kamil! Are we going to see a new world champion in the form of this loser!?!!? Kamil Pudalek shits himself and so does every fan, as the music of Julius rings through the arena and that can only mean one thing. He is cashing in his money in the bank! Julius steps into the ring, and the ref is starting the match and Isaiah Carter is not even on his feet! Isaiah Carter vs Julius Jones vs Kamil Pudalek The match begins and Kamil runs at Julius, only to get his head taken off as Julius hits the claymore. Its over, as Julius goes into the cover, only for Carter to break up the pinfall! Isaiah Carter stands up, holding his ribs, as he is still in shock over the return of Bashka as he stares down the man who has taken away his Intercontinental Championship, who took away his Power Trip Cup final win, and now, is looking to take away his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Carter and Jones would begin to trade shots, as Carter tries to fight from below but a single knee to the gut would take Carter down. As Julius pushes him away before lifting him back up for a powerbomb, Carter is hurt, and hurt badly as The Death Machine stalks his prey, looking down at Carter who struggles to his feet. Julius covers Carter, and this time, gets it done. As the referee counts to 3 and thats it, Creed starts the night off with a leg up on Bulletproof. As Julius is BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, and once again, is on top of the company.
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    Death Notorious Angel


    We now enter the neighborhood inside the city of Dallas, Texas, but not a single soul wanders the streets of a ghost town of Indianola, deserted in the 1980's by a hurricane that did damage beyond reconstruction, that the entire population within the town was forced to evacuate and move to other towns. Tumbleweeds scurry across the dirt road as the lower body of someone walking down the dirt road, tan timberlands on with cargo pants covering his bare skin. The figure stops in his tracks as the camera zooms in as it moves upwards and to the right to a run down building with the simple title of "Saloon". The creaking sounds of footsteps is caught by the cameras audio microphone before the doors open up and the person enters the saloon. An old rusted chair is pulled out and then another creak is heard, and the movements of the person's legs indicate they are sitting down on the chair, and proceeds to scoot the chair in closer to the countertop. The camera finally is lifted up to reveal the upper body of Death Notorious Angel, whose face is plastered with a look of determination and focusness. He runs his fingers through his hair, his fingertips meeting his upper neck before meeting his other hand and placing them both on the countertop. "Before I start this, there's something that needs to be said. This whole "Deaths Notorious Angel" stint is what I am. This is what I feel for inside of myself every single day that I live on this Earth and breathe this air that we all share. Abruptly, I must admit that while "Deaths Notorious Angel" is the anger I have, the fire that burns deep throughout my entire body, piercing my soul at every moment, it's not what's needed this tournament. "Deaths Notorious Angel" is not the man that's needed this tournament. "Deaths Notorious Angel" has nothing to prove to people, other than he's an ass kicker. My, the human being that is all these other things in this life, has something to prove. There's only one man that has everything to prove. From if he can still contest with the wrestlers of today and still have validation that he is without a shadow of a doubt the most underused and underutilized wrestler in the entire BPZ company, agree to it or disagree to it, the facts remain that it's the truth and it has always been the truth. For the entirety of this tournament and this tournament alone, The Notorious Killers consists of FDS, The Killer, and The Notorious, Brad. Brad is the man that has the mentality of validating everything he says, Angelo is about showcasing his talents, Nanovirus is about revealing the truth, while "Deaths Notorious Angel" is about utter…. Chaos if you will. This, wasn't a plan at all. I was content with where I stood, with where I was going, but then, the reveal of FDS and myself's first round opponent created a murmur within myself and FDS about "How can we ever pass this challenge?". Mikey and Flynn. One of the two teams representing BulletProof, but most importantly, Flynn, someone we never beaten, someone that reigns as the current Undisputed Champion, has a backup with him in the form of the United States Heavyweight Champion, Mikey, the extremely talented and phenomenal, Hans, and the BPZ Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter. On top of all that, Flynn's General Manager of Carnage, meaning any odds at first thought we had for the level of brutality we share , went out the window quickly. And why shouldn't it? It's not like it's a well known fact that every single time myself or FDS goes against Flynn that despite our best attempts and stupidity that we can defeat him the next match, it takes us off reality, and we lose, faster than a fan can bat an eye. And it's senseless to talk about how I am sick and tired of wanting to prove myself when I should of been proven already, but I continue to go one eighty in everything I do. I fucking hate it, I do. It kills me to do it every single time I step into the ring with Flynn, and with Mikey, a talented star in this company that has a mean streak that has laid many out beneath his boots. Combined, unstoppable times one hundred. What chances do we have? I could go and say we have a strong chance because as a tag team, we have a tad more experience over Flynn and Mikey's team. I could say that we can stick it in the face of adversity and prevail with the biggest upset of the century. I can say a lot of things, but talking is something I do best, but when it comes to the ring, what have I proven? Yeah, I gotten lucky in my career to have three Intercontinental Championship reigns, throw in Premium, the United States, NXT, Tag Team, and Global Championship, even throw in my Hall of Fame ring, but that's not enough for me. I still have a hunger that drives me insane to this very day, and that hunger and determination leads me to today, to an impossible task. Fourteen and zero, my record against Flynn. For someone who's been called a legend by few in the back, they hear that and laugh. "How did this man get put in the same class of the Hall of Fame with the man he never beaten?". You all…. You all don't understand. You don't understand the agony I'm in not being able to have defeated Flynn in the thirteen times we went one on one, or the very last time when he cashed in his Money In The Bank opportunity during myself and Slim's World Heavyweight Championship match up. I tried and tried and tried but GOD DAMMIT! NO MATTER HOW FUCKING HARD I TRY AND TRY I KEEP LOSING! I SWEAR EVERY TIME I STEPPED INTO THE RING, I AM AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS! Just……. AHHHHHHH!" Brad slams his fist on the countertop, which causes the poorly designed and extremely fragile wooden object to collapse and break. Brad starts breathing harder and harder as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He gets up from his seat and runs his hand through his hair again, shaking his head slowly. "Mom, Dad, I know you're watching from above, and I already told you that I'm no longer the boy you're used to seeing, but all this time, I thought your souls were here to help me, but I've felt nothing but disappointment after each loss I consume. You see, this year was more of me, using what I have in terms of ring psychology and the ability to adapt to anything that's placed in front of me, the year of 2019 for me was propelling newer stars and three times was placement to gather people for the World Heavyweight Championship matches at Mayhem, Judgement Day, and Bad Blood so I can either take the loss, or make sure my other opponent doesn't break up the pinfall. That's not me doing it for the company, that's me doing it because of choice. I do everything by choice, but for someone who does all that, when do they get the reward for the work? Loss after loss and not a single won this entire year is the worst year of my career, and honestly, I could get worse soon. It could be worse………. No…… No. NO! I REFUSE TO LET IT GET WORSE! I REFUSE TO LET MY CAREER DETERIORATE INTO SOMETHING WORSE THAN WHAT IT IS ALREADY! I REFUSE TO LET MYSELF GIVE UP THAT EASILY! I refuse Flynn. I completely refuse to let the fourteen losses I have against you hang over my head and create an eclipse over my confidence that I build every single time I stood up and fought against guys like you, Slim, Bailey, Arius, Sameer, Brenden Fucking Playz himself! I will not go into our tag match, my head sunk into my shoulders and my tail between my legs. I WILL NOT let the past destroy the foundation I've built the past month and a half in redesigning my career. I will not let myself fall to your words, Flynn. Because words are just hot air, words that evaporate in the horizon, not to be remembered, but by the actions of today. And today, I want to wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze and crush your windpipe, crushing your cervical spine and rendering you useless. This match, is the biggest motivation I've had since Emergence, and we saw what I will go through to give someone hell." Brad lets out a deep breath, almost of relief. He steps back some, the chair he was sitting in knocking over, causing it to crash into the floor, making a loud thud. He stops in his place as he hears footsteps behind him, before a grin appears on his face. "Hello FD. Pleasure to see you. Surprised you found me, wasn't really expecting it otherwise I would of cleaned up a bit around here. All seriousness, this something I needed to do and it's something I needed to say. I'm glad you're here, but why?" Brad slowly turns around, facing towards his tag team partner, FDS. FDS takes out a cigar from his hoodie, he brings out a cigar slicer and he cuts the end off the cigar with the slicer. He takes a lighter out of the pockets on jeans, he breathes in the smoke from the cigar allowing it flow throughout his lungs. A small amount of smoke exudes from his nostrils as he looks straight ahead, walking past Brad. I’m good at finding people my friend, no need to be surprised that I am here. FDS takes another puff of the cigar but he breathes this one out instead of allowing it to be taken into his lungs. As for Why I’m here, it's quite simple really: I needed to see how focused you really were, I needed to see if you were going to leave me high and dry like some of my previous tag partners and well… myself in some cases… but then I heard you’re speech, how you’re not going to allow Flynn’s numerous victories over you to get to your head, how you’ve faced bigger challenges and they haven’t stopped you before. It’s admirable, it’s valiant of you but you seem to be ignoring the other half of the tag team. I mean Flynn is a devastating force in his own right however Mikey… Mikey’s an enigma. I mean just this year alone he won the NXT Championship, the United States Championship and he almost beat Yelich when he was at the top of his game. He’s Incredible! FDS takes another hit of his cigar breathing it in again In the undercard at least. He’s unproven against top level competition, he’s never faced someone like you or me brad. That could be his greatest strength or his greatest weakness. It could mean he could bring everything he has and could take us by surprise… or it could mean he could be easily dealt with and ripped apart due to his inexperience… and I think Flynn knows that and he wants the former to take place. You see there's very few times I go into a match and I am unnerved but this one… this one is different. Brad the last time I faced Flynn was Judgement day 2018 and he didn’t beat me at Judgement Day… Flynn couldn’t beat me actually, he had his friend at the time hit me in the back of the head with a briefcase and pin me for him… he couldn’t beat me. He knows that… but you, you he can beat and he knows that as well. Flynn in his current state believe he has everything figured out for this match… for this whole tournament even, looking at it the plan seems obvious on his end: get through us quickly and sustain little damage, then face their boys in Bulletproof in the semi-finals allowing for a guaranteed final spot for Bulletproof and victory for bulletproof at that… that’s what Flynn thinks is going to happen… but it’s been over a year since Flynn and I have stepped into the ring together, he couldn’t beat me with a neck injury… how’s he gonna beat me at 100% with a man who I can trust at my side? FDS takes one more hit of the cigar before throwing it on the ground and stepping on it, wasting the cigar, crushing it. The Answer is simple: He won’t. Now usually brad i’d say I respect Flynn and I respect Mikey, that they’re extremely talented athletes and two of the best in the ring currently… but do I really? Do I actually respect these two? A group that relies solely on the numbers game to beat their opponents, is that the kind of people I'm supposed to respect? The kind of man who interjects himself into matches at whim and takes what rightfully belongs to someone else, is that who I'm supposed to respect? Well it’s quite simple Brad, I don’t respect them. I have no reason to and therefore I do not. So with no respect, what’s stopping me from hurting them in a way that they cannot imagine? What’s stopping us from tormenting them with everything we possibly can? Nothing is stopping us. So Brad, you don’t want to be denied anymore? Release yourself from your restraints, release yourself from your morals, release yourself from everything and allow yourself to be consumed by a destructive force like the one that ravaged this now ghost town. FDS puts his hand on the shoulder of the furious and the camera pans up to the sky at the sun slowly descending from the sky.
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    WrestleMania 33: Post-Show Press Conferences Live from Camping World Stadium on the WWE Network We are welcomed to the WrestleMania 33 Post-Show Press Conferences on the WWE Network, live from Camping World Stadium itself, the press conference room used for many football events and etc, just moments after both Night 1 & Night 2 of WrestleMania 33 have concluded. In the main event of Night 2, Roman Reigns forced John Cena to tap out to retain his WWE Championship, while in the main event of Night 1, Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro to win his first World Heavyweight Championship under the WWE banner. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and in walks the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Dean Ambrose! Dressed in a leather jacket and jeans, he sits down on the podium, but before anyone can ask any questions, he takes the microphone and begins to speak himself, taking the spotlight. World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose: I'm sure you wanna ask me about how I feel about what happened on Night 1 of WrestleMania, me defeating Cesaro for big goldie right here, but let me make things perfectly clear: I don't give a damn about defeating Cesaro. All that matters, is that all those people who doubted Dean... No, no. FUCK THAT. All those people that doubted JON MOXLEY, can kiss my ass. Yeah, that's right I said JON MOXLEY. Because I'm sick of all the smoke and mirrors, sick of all of the WWE games they play. I'm taking this company down, even if that means I gotta take myself out to do it. WWE has held men down for years, and me and Cesaro broke through that barrier on Night 1. Cesaro, let me be the first to say: You are a bad man, indeed The Professional you claim to be, but I won the Royal Rumble. I fought my way to WrestleMania and there was no way in HELL I wasn't walking out as World Champion. I don't care what's next or who's next. I've been assured by Shawn Michaels that Jon Moxley will be staying on Monday Night Raw with this impending 'Superstar Shakeup' that's gonna be happening soon. I don't care who's next, they just better know, if you're coming for Moxley's head, prepare to get yours knocked off. Suddenly, laughter would emerge as a clapping Neville would walk into view, the winner of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal, and presumably the #1 Contender to Ambrose's World Championship. Neville would be handed a microphone as he got nose-to-nose with Moxley, the two not backing down from one another. Neville: You're not the only one breaking down barriers in WWE, Moxley. I've been doing that since Monday Night RAW drafted me, I've swore to become THE KING of Monday Night RAW, and with an Intercontinental Championship, a fantastic showing in the Royal Rumble, a fantastic singles record, and tonight, my win in the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal, to earn a shot, at you? That's the best part. That's the stepping stone, and the crowning achievement will be when I knock you off of that mountain perch you claimed you worked so desparately to get to. Because I've been assured by Shawn Michaels I will too be staying on Monday Night RAW, and I'm telling you, I'm coming for you. Raw's next event, Payback, is in four weeks time, and I am using my battle royal win to make the main event of that show... Neville. Moxley. World Heavyweight Championship. Good luck, champ. Neville leaves the microphone, as he walks off. Neville has officially announced he intends to challenge Moxley at Payback, making the main event of Payback, 'The Deranged' vs 'The King'. What will the fallout be tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw? After not actually getting to ask any questions, the new SmackDown Women's Champion, Bayley walks in, still sweaty with her hair messed up from her war with Sasha Banks from earlier, gleefully happy at her win and title ascension tonight over her frenemy, Sasha Banks. Bayley sits down, placing the title next to her as she is asked questions by the reporters. Jonathan Coachman, ESPN.com: Bayley, tonight has to be incredible for you. For so long, you and Sasha Banks have been compared side-by-side, with you two being the golden standard of the SmackDown Women's Division. After Sasha's fantastic reign, how does it feel to finally take your seat on top with the win tonight? SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley: It's incredible really. I never would of thought as a 7 year old who wanted John Cena's autograph that he would come up to me after my match and tell me what a great job I did and how much of an asset I am for SmackDown. It's surreal honestly, as a kid I watched Trish and Lita tear it down, Mickie James, all of those greats and now I will always be remembered in that category of Women's Champions. It's a fantastic feeling, but I'm not done yet. The ascension, the climb, that's just one thing. Now, I have to stay on top and do my duty as SmackDown Women's Champion, and be the best champion I can be. Mike Tenay, Sports Illustrated.com: Out of the four horsewomen, you and Becky Lynch were the only two to have never attained WWE gold, yes you won NXT, but now with you and Becky now having won WWE Women's Championship, what is the feeling between the four of you? SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley: There's definitely a lot of respect between the four of us. I wouldn't go as far to say that we're all super close, we're just not, and that's how competition works. You want to beat them, they want to beat you and it creates a healthy feeling of competition, and along the way it makes you respect them a lot. Thank you guys for coming out, it was an honor to be here and it's an honor to go to SmackDown Tuesday night as your SmackDown Women's Champion! Bayley stands up, grabbing her championship as she walks out, as the press gives her a round of applause following her big win here tonight. As the press is in a frenzy, suddenly a glooming feeling comes over the room as Triple H and Samoa Joe walk in, fresh off of Triple H's loss to his protege, Seth Rollins earlier in the night. The two men sit down, as Triple H signals for the first question to be asked. Jonathan Coachman, ESPN.com: Hunter, how are you feeling after tonight's loss? I know tonight was big for you, with you claiming the creatio- Triple H: Claiming? No, no, Coach. You misunderstand. I don't claim the creation of Seth Rollins, it's not a claim. It's a fact. Without me, Seth Rollins wouldn't have that killer instinct, that aggression that helped him win tonight. He has no problem taking the cheap way to pick up a win, and tonight, with Cesaro, showed that. Seth Rollins may have fooled you all with this sudden change in attitude, but he hasn't fooled me. Seth Rollins is still the same Seth Rollins who I brought along, like a child. I'm gonna prove it to everyone, that Seth Rollins will indeed show his true colors. Cesaro is a former World Champion. He's a one hit wonder, and now that Moxley took his championship? He's trying to stay relevant. Well, he's got his wish. At Payback, myself and Samoa Joe will step into the ring with Cesaro and Seth Rollins, in a Tornado Tag Team Extreme Rules Match! Those two will see that challenging me, usually doesn't end up well for whoever does it. I am the Cerebral Assassin, King of Kings, and Seth Rollins is no "Kingslayer". That is all. Samoa Joe and Triple H stand up, leaving the room as they have made another match official for Payback. Seth Rollins & Cesaro, vs Triple H & Samoa Joe! Suddenly, the press is shocked as with only one man left scheduled - WWE Champion Roman Reigns... The NXT Champion, and the men who helped him win the championship at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, and send Shinsuke Nakamura out of the company, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. NXT Champion Adam Cole: Don't worry, THE BIG DOG WILL BE HERE SOON! [laughter] But until then, allow me to introduce us. I am Adam Cole, this to my left, is Kyle O'Reilly, and on my right is Bobby Fish. We are three of the best wrestlers in the world, and you all will soon realize that. We are the men who sent Shinsuke Nakamura out of NXT, we are the men who will conquer NXT as our own. We are Undisputed. We are a new era of NXT. We. ARE. UNDISPUTED. ERA. And trust me, NXT, you don't want to f*ck with us. If you do, we'll set your career back five years, you can bet on that. The Undisputed Era (Cole, Fish, O'Reilly) all stand up and leave together, with Adam Cole, NXT's newest champion, leading the way. The press has no idea what to think, shocked and somewhat excited by Undisputed Era's appearance, as it's now time for the final man of the night. Walking in with his hair up, the WWE Champion, Roman Reigns walks in with the belt around his waist following his monumental win over John Cena here tonight. Reigns seems a little shaken up following Bray Wyatt and Pentagon's attack on him, but Reigns sits down, picking up a microphone and beginning to address his win. WWE Champion Roman Reigns: I'd like to send my respect to John Cena on a fantastic match, I know he's not someone who's known as a guy who works those super long matches but tonight he did it, and for 34 minutes he went toe-to-toe with me. As for Bray Wyatt, he's had an obsession with me becoming the face of WWE since that was my endgame. And now it's here, and Bray believes he can stop it. He can't. He couldn't stop my ascension with Braun & Luke by his side, and he sure as hell won't stop it with Pentagon by his side. I am the SAMOAN NIGHTMARE, the current WWE Champion, the man who just handed John Cena his ASS at WrestleMania. Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. I want Wyatt and Pentagon face-to-face, because tonight, it was supposed to be my moment. My official coronation as the face of the WWE, but it was ruined... By a man just trying to get in my head, trying to torment me, trying to make me go to a very, very, dark place... Roman, unable to look at any of the press, stands up and leaves, clearly very shaken about this whole Wyatt situation. Reigns walks off with the WWE Championship in his right hand, as the post-WM Press Conferences fade... to... black.
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    Ep. 1 Ladies & Gentlemen, it seems we’ve found our general manager! “Ladies & Gentlemen, I am your new GM! This is going to be the best era Smackdown has ever had. Let’s waste no time, beginning with a World Heavyweight Championship qualifying match.” Cesaro vs. Big E ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ Cesaro takes on Big E in singles action. Both men trade bodyslams, neither man faltering. Cesaro then begins giving him repeated uppercuts, barely gazing E. He goes for a Springboard Uppercut, but Big E catches him and tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. E begins to throw Cesaro around, and he begins to get angry. E drops him with another belly-to-belly and then goes for a splash, but Cesaro moves, and then launches E into the air, hitting the Very European Uppercut. E rolls to the apron, and Cesaro performs, an amazing feat of strength, suplexing him over the ropes. Cesaro then picked up Big E, and drops him with the Neutralizer. Cesaro covers Big E, and becomes the first person to enter the World Heavyweight title match. Shawn Spears comes out to the ring, looking smug. He says that he’s hosting an open challenge, and whoever wants to come out can come get him. Brian Cage emerges from the arena, and Shawn goes pale. Cage smirks as he walks down to the ring, but before he gets there, he gets jumped by two massive men. Shawn starts to laugh. They look up, and it’s Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain. They roll him into the ring, and hit a brutal neckbreaker powerbomb. Shawn walks over to Brian, who’s down on the floor, and gives him a nice parting gift before leaving with the Authors. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jimmy Havoc ‘Blackheart’ Tommaso Ciampa takes on ‘The One Man Purge’ Jimmy Havoc in another qualifier match. Both men start off the match brawling, throwing knees and elbows, dropping each other on their respective necks with all sorts of piledrivers and/or powerbombs. Tommaso eventually catches Jimmy with a knee to the jaw, and goes for the Fairytale Ending, but when he lifts him up, he slips over and behind Tommaso, and hits him with the Acid Rainmaker! He climbs onto Ciampa and pins him for the victory. As he celebrates, Ciampa turns him around. The two men stare off, and Tommaso walks off. Hybrid2 vs. CCK Hybrid2 and the Calamari Catch Kings have a great match, showing off their tag team prowess, and their agility. CCK gains the advantage however, hitting the SFTM, before ending the match with a Brainbuster/Butterfly Piledriver combo. Finn Bálor vs. Tetsuya Naito The Demon Prince and the Red Comet face off in the final world heavyweight championship qualifier match. Naito plays mind games the whole match, and Finn get angrier and angrier, starting to put more and more aggression into his moves. He eventually moves out of the way of a Stardust Press, and hits the Bloody Sunday. Finn pins Naito, and becomes the third man in the Heavyweight title match. Right as the bell rings however, a massive man runs in. Damian Priest! He brutalizes Finn with that Rolling Cutter. He then goes over to Naito, and helps him up. Naito spits on Finn, before posing with seemingly his new ally. Intercontinental Championship - Zack Sabre Jr. vs. PAC The Technical Wizard takes on PAC, and you can tell both men have a chip on their shoulder coming into this match. Zack starts out wrestling PAC, locking him in submissions, and slipping out of anything he tries. PAC eventually catches him with a superkick, gaining some momentum. PAC starts to get the upper hand, almost getting the pinfall off of a Liger Bomb. Eventually, Zack goes for a Wheelbarrow, and PAC counters with a double foot stomp. He climbs the top rope, and hits the Black Arrow. PAC covers, but he kicks out. PAC goes back up, and hits another, and this time it keeps Zack down. PAC raises his title in the air. All of a sudden, music hits. The newest trade to Smackdown Live, Buddy Murphy is here! He comes down to the ring, and stares off with PAC as he raises the title in the air, as Friday Night Smackdown goes off the air.
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    Aaron North

    War Between Worlds

    Stardom Roster Natsumi Ruaka Saya Iida Saki Kashima Saya Kamitani Chardonnay Darcy Tenille Dashwood Hina Hanan Xia Brookside Kagetsu Giulia Viper Kiera Hogan Jessamyn Duke Marina Shafir Xia Li Andras Miyagi Konami Azumi Leo Onozaki Shotzi Blackheart Natalya Naomi Liv Morgan Mercedes Martinez Ruby Riott Bea Priestley Taynara Conti Jungle Kyona Angelina Love Velvet Sky Kairi Sane Kaitlyn Mayu Iwatani Mia Yim Taya Valkyrie Bianca Belair Taryn Terrell Dana Brooke Melina Madison Rayne Carmella Dakota Kai Martina Natsuko Tora Bobbi Tyler Jordynne Grace Natsu Sumire Starlight Kid Hana Kimura Momo Watanabe Tam Nakano Katie Forbes Itsuki Hoshino Maki Ito Utami Hayashishita Hazuki Arisa Hoshiki Death Yama-San Rina Champions Stardom World of Stardom - Mayu Iwatani Stardom Wonder of Stardom - Arisa Hoshiki Stardom Goddesses of Stardom - Jungle Kyona and Konami Stardom SWA World Women's - Utami Hayashishita Stardom Artist of Stardom - AZM, Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita Stardom Future of Stardom - Utami Hayashishita Stardom High Speed - Vacant
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    Lions @ Cardinals Cardinals touchdown kickoff return Kenyan Drake 7-0 Cardinals touchdown punt return Patrick Peterson 14-0 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 21-0 Lions field goal 3-21 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 28-3 Lions throw an interception to Derwin James Cardinals touchdown rushing touchdown Kyler Murray runs it in 35-3 Lions fumble cardinals recovered it for a touchdown Hicks scores 42-3 Halftime score Lions 3 Cardinals 42 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 49-3 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 56-3 Lions throw an interception Baker gets a pick 6 63-3 Lions throw an interception Cardinals touchdown rushing touchdown Keyan Drake runs it in 70-3 Lions fumble the ball Cardinals recovered it and scored a touchdown 77-3 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 84-3 Cardinals blocked the field goal and scores a touchdown Derwin James 91-3 Cardinals touchdown rushing touchdown Keyan Drake runs it in 98-3 Lions touchdown passing touchdown cardinals blocked the field goal 98-9 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 105-9 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 112-9 Cardinals touchdown passing touchdown Kyler Murray to D.K Metcalf 119-9 Lions throw an interception pick 6 126-9 Lions throw an interception pick 6 cardinals 133-9 Final score Lions 9 Cardinals 133
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    Episode 4 This episode begins with Michael, Samantha, Sameer and Bob's unconscious henchman entering Sameer's hideout. Samantha immediately places Michael on their couch to let him rest, while Sameer moves into his basement with the henchman. As Sameer is dealing with the henchman, Samantha lays Mikey on the living room couch, the teen barely conscious after the strenuous day he's endured. Samantha: What the hell were you thinking? You could've died! Michael: I know. Samantha: You completely ignored our orders! Michael: I know. Samantha: Do you have any idea how dangerous and stupid that was? Michael: I know. Samantha: You know, saying "I know" over and over is really annoying, right? Michael: I know. Samantha then releases her pent up frustration in a slap across Michael's face. She immediately regrets this and turns away in shame as Michael holds his cheek. Samantha: I'm sorry... Michael: I know. Rather than drawing another slap, this gets a slight grin out of the young girl. Samantha: Did I hurt you? Michael: You kidding? Trust me, my sister used to slap the piss out of me. That was nothing. The two teens then share a quick chuckle together, but it's interrupted by Sameer bounding through the basement door. He immediately walks up to Michael and begins screaming, clearly enraged at Michael's disobedience. Sameer: Listen, kid. That was reckless and idiotic. Why the HELL did you follow us?! You almost died out there! Michael: It's a damn good thing I did, too! If I hadn't charged in when I did, your sister would have a bullet in her head right now! Sameer: We had it under control, kid. Michael: Yeah, likely story... Sameer then grabs the collar of Michael's shirt and hoists him into the air. Sameer: Don't talk back to me, kid...I saved your life and you repay me by insulting me? Michael: I payed you back by saving your ass! You two were totally out of your depth there! Sameer: We had... Michael: No you didn't! You had no idea what you were getting into! You don't know how careful Bob is and how much influence he has. He has eyes everywhere, and the second he caught wind that his assassination attempt on me failed, he was gonna send one of his best men after me. You went right back to the scene of the crime and you would've been dead if I wasn't there! Sameer's face flushes again with rage, but it immediately shifts to calm consideration. He releases Michael and places him back down before leaving the room to decompress. Michael straightens his shirt and sits back down, with Samantha choosing to strike up a conversation in the meantime. Samantha: Hey, uh...I never did thank you for saving me back there. Michael: I mean, y'all saved my sorry ass...It's the least I could do. Wish your brother saw it that way, though... Samantha: It's nothing personal...He just hates relying on anyone. He doesn't even like to involve me unless the situation's really that dire... Michael: So y'all really did need me then, huh? Samantha: Look...It's not that we didn't need your help. It's that you almost got yourself killed for two strangers you've never even met before. Why would you do such a crazy thing? Michael: I mean...You saved my life. And it's not like I have anyone left who cares about me...Nobody would miss me, but I can tell Sameer would be crushed without you...It's just how brothers are. Samantha doesn't really know how to respond, totally taken aback by how calmly Michael is willing to just lay down his life. Thankfully for her, she wouldn't need to continue the conversation as Sameer would return a few seconds after Michael says this. Sameer looks at Michael, his face much calmer than before, and begins to speak again. Sameer: Alright, kid...You saved my sister's life. I'll be honest, I have no idea what I was gonna do there...You saved her. And you saved me. And I'm glad you did. Far as I'm concerned, this means I owe you again... As Sameer says this, Michael slowly lifts himself off the couch and walks up to the archer. Michael: You owe me, huh? How much you think? Sameer: Anything, kid. Nothing's worth more than my sister's life. Michael: Anything? As Michael says this, he extends his right hand to Sameer, seemingly looking for a handshake. Michael: Let me stay here and help you kill Bob. Sameer immediately slaps away Michael's hand in rage, and he begins to go off on another angry tangent. Sameer: NO! You're NOT staying here with us! This is my fight, kid, not yours! Michael: Nobody wants that son of a bitch more dead than me, Sameer. Sameer: I do! And I'm not gonna let you get yourself killed on some half-baked revenge scheme! Michael: Well, here's a newsflash for you, Archer. I'm gonna go after him. I'm never gonna stop doing everything in my power to break that bastard's neck. I don't care how long it takes, and I don't care if it gets me killed. With or without you, I'm going to kill him. Michael then outstretches his hand one more time. Michael: If we work together...Our chances of taking him down are that much better. You're more tactical, but I have information on Bob that you don't. If we work together...We can get him. Our odds are at least more favorable if we do. And don't forget, you said "anything." This is my anything. Sameer looks down at Michael's hand, considering it for a few seconds. He then shoots his right hand out to meet with Michael's. As they shake hands, Sameer pulls in Michael close and stares him dead in the eye. Sameer: Alright, kid...You can help us. But if you get yourself killed, I swear I will haunt you for the rest of eternity in your afterlife. I'm not about to have your blood on my hands. Michael: It won't be, Sameer. Sameer: I'm serious. Don't do anything stupid, no suicidal plans to get some revenge...If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it smart. We're gonna do it together, and we're gonna keep each other safe. Is that clear? Michael: Crystal. Sameer: Alright...Now you two need to go to bed. I'm gonna make sure our friend downstairs isn't gonna be an issue...If you're gonna stay here, though, we need to know a bit more about you. Michael: Like what? Sameer: Well, a name would be a good start. Michael: Oh, right. It's Michael. Michael Seymour. Sameer: Alright, Seymour...Go get some rest. As Sameer says this, he then exits and heads back to the basement with Bob's henchman. Michael and Samantha turn to each other, and both their faces radiate joy at Sameer letting Michael stick around. After a few seconds of smiling, Samantha then stands up and begins to make her way to her room. Samantha: I guess I should be heading to bed...Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Michael: Yeah...I don't think my body's gonna let me stay awake much longer anyway. Samantha: Good night, Mikey. Michael: Mikey? Samantha: Oh, I'm sorry...Michael just seems so formal, I thought... Michael: No, no, it's fine...I like it. It's just been a while since I've heard someone call me that... Samantha: Alright...Good night, Mikey. Michael: Good night, Samantha. Samantha the exits and enters her room, opting to sleep for the night. Michael then lays down on the couch and lets the wave of excitement rush through his body. After a few minutes, Michael's body finally begins to drift off, and he finally goes to sleep, putting an end to this crazy night.
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    War Between Worlds

    Season 5 | Episode 4 | "The King Of Mystery" Del Rio Is Met By Luchadors Looking For Opportunities As the Lucha Underground intro finishes, after fading through back, the first scene of this week's episode has us follow an unmasked fighter walk through the corridors of the temple. As he approaches a door that reads 'Alberto Del Rio', he stops and whilst he composes himself, talking can be heard coming from the other side of the door but it is soon masked by the noise of the person knocking. Now, we join Alberto Del Rio in his office as the man walks in, revealing himself as Jordan Devlin. Another man can be seen standing opposite Del Rio and next to Devlin but his face isn't revealed. Jordan Devlin: "So I heard about the tournament you announced last week, for the Lucha Underground Championship, and I want you to know first-hand from me that I want in." After Devlin makes his demand, Del Rio smiles but it seems fake, as if he is actually annoyed but doesn't want to show it. Even so, he responds to Devlin respectfully, containing his emotions, trying to remain professional as the host of the temple. Alberto Del Rio: "Jordan Devlin wants in on the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament, huh? I like that fire, that determination to walk straight into my office and demand an opportunity so you know what, I'll give it to you. Tonight, I have one of the best luchadors to ever step foot inside the squared circle returning to the temple and you, Jordan Devlin, will face him." After offering an opportunity to Devlin, Del Rio extends his hand and it is accepted by a budding Jordan, who then leaves the office. With Devlin gone, Del Rio returns to the man he was previously talking to and now, his face is revealed as none other than Mark Haskins: "So, where were we?" Both Haskins and Del Rio share a grin as the two men look to continue their business discussions and settle whatever agreement they're looking to make. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Chavo Guerrero vs Humberto Carrillo In the first match of the tournament announced at the end of last week's show, two luchadors from two different historically prestigious Mexican wrestling families, Chavo Guerrero and Humberto Carrillo, go toe-to-toe. Throughout the match, Chavo and Humberto show their sound Lucha libre techniques as is expected from two luchadores of such heritage. Nonetheless, it's clear that Carrillo is much more comfortable in the air whereas Chavo remains grounded for most of the match. In the end, Humberto comes out on top and gets the victory for himself, and his family, as he defeats the current figurehead of the most praised family in Mexican wrestling, the Guerreros. Winner: Humberto Carrillo The Arrival Of The King Is Confirmed After the first match of the night, we cut to see a hooded man approach the outside of the temple. As he opens the door and walks in, we cut to González entering Del Rio's office. Arturo González: "I've just received word that he's here. The king has officially returned to the temple, do we have a match planned for him?" Alberto Del Rio: "Yes, Balor's protege, the young Irishman, Jordan Devlin, he came in here asking for an opportunity. By the way, remind Killshot that his match is up next and make sure he still understands what his mission is, to make the luchadores humble and understand that they must respect the host. I've already had enough of these idiots constantly asking me for things." After Del Rio gives his orders, Arturo nods and then leaves. Next, we cut back to the hooded man who now stands inside the temple, and as we pan around from his back to his front, his identity is revealed as arguably the greatest luchador to ever step into the squared circle, Rey Mysterio. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Mark Haskins vs Killshot After an exciting revealing of the fact that Rey Mysterio is back inside the temple, we return to the ring as we get set for the second first-round match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament in which Mark Haskins makes his debut against Killshot. Under the orders of Del Rio, Killshot is extra ruthless in this match as he tries to make an example out of Haskins but the fire of the British fighter keeps him in the match and in the end, it is Haskins who is able to get the victory and advance in the tournament. Winner: Mark Haskins Austin Aries Promises He'll Prevail Victoriously After an impressive debut from Mark Haskins, we join Austin Aries outside of the temple, in a flash lounge, as he sits back in a padded leather chair, in a high-end suit and with a cigar lit in his mouth. After lifting his shades up to reveal his eyes, Aries starts speaking. Austin Aries: "Over my almost twenty years in this industry, I've traveled all over the world and fought against the greatest our sport has to offer but more importantly, everywhere I've competed, I've won gold, belts, championships, that's why they call me the belt collector." As the camera pans out, revealing the backdrop to be his twenty-five-plus titles on display. After taking another puff of his cigar, Aries begins to talk again. Austin Aries: "Now, I enter the temple, I step foot into Lucha Underground and already, I have the Lucha Underground Championship in my sights. Realistically, this tournament, all it is to me is a platform, an extra special stage to make my championship win that much more exciting, so thank you Del Rio, I appreciate you making the birth of my ruling over your temple that much more extravagant because after all, after I've overcome the hardships of a whole tournament, no one will be able to deny that I am a deserving champion, that I am the best in the world." With his message to the believers and luchadores of Lucha Underground made, Aries puts his shades back on and continues to smoke his cigar in his lovely relaxing lounge as he continues to enjoy the luxuries earned through his years of success in the business. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Jordan Devlin vs Rey Mysterio After another eventful night inside the temple, possible the most noteworthy event of the season so far comes as the king of Lucha libre, Rey Mysterio, comes down to the ring for his match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament against the protege of Finn Balor, The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin. As most would expect, Mysterio's return to the temple is glorious as he shows off exactly why he is the living legend that he is respected as. Nevertheless, Devlin also shows off his gritty, rough, hard-hitting style developed in Britain and his homeland of Ireland. Ultimately though, Mysterio's return is triumphant and he moves onto the quarter-finals of the tournament as this episode of Lucha Underground comes to a joyous end. Winner: Rey Mysterio Aerostar Begins The Search After the action inside the temple ends, we return to Aerostar who we saw two weeks ago protecting a mystery man. Now, Aerostar is in the hideout that we saw him in before and he's talking to the mystery man once again. Aerostar: "With the return of the temple, Del Rio has announced a tournament to crown the new Lucha Underground Champion. Is this our time to strike?" ???: "No, no. Whilst you have been planning our journey back to the temple, I have heard some rumors that my brother still lives, that he is being caged up somewhere. We must find him, release him, and bring him with us. Then, we will be ready to take back what's rightfully mine." After Aerostar is told his next move, he nods at the man and leaves as his search for the man's brother begins and this episode of Lucha Underground comes to an end.
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    War Between Worlds

    PAC VS DUNNE CONFIRMED FOR DESTINY Two of Britain's finest wrestlers will clash on January 4th, when 'The Bruiserweight', Pete Dunne, takes on 'The Bastard' Pac in a hard-hitting affair sure to steal the show. Dunne was the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion while Pac was regarded as one of WWE's best UK wrestlers for years, but unfortunately left the company before the division commenced. Pac and Pete Dunne figure to rank as some of the best that Impact Wrestling will have to offer, so it should be a company-defining matchup. Who will prevail? The Bruiserweight or The Bastard? Find out January 4th!
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    War Between Worlds

    We are back with AEW as this is the go home show to the AEW Blood and Guts PPV! We will see the aftermath of last week when Samoa Joe brutally attacked Kevin Owens best friend Sami Zayn. We also got reports that John Cena and the Miz will go one on one at Blood and Guts to become the first ever AEW Champion. We will also see Becky Lynch along with Britt Baker take on Fire and Desire in our main event. So we have a big night planned so let’s get right into it. We start off backstage as we see the hWo arriving at the arena as we see MJF spot the camera and walk over as he begins to talk about his upcoming match with Tommy Dreamer at Blood and Guts in just a few days. Listen here, this is for all of you boomers and fat slobs in the crowd. I know you all are rooting for Tommy Dreamer to kick my ass right? Well, I hate to break it to you but Tommy Dreamer is going to be my first victim in my rise to the top of this company. So to Tommy Dreamer and all of you filthy people in that crowd and watching in the crowd, I’m MJF and I’m better than you and you know it. MJF then catches up with the rest of the hWo as they begin to laugh and walk off as the camera fades to black as we cut away. We cut to the ring as we are set for tag team action. It will be Alexa Bliss and RIHO taking on Zoe Lucas and Rhea Ripley. These 4 women will face off in a fatal fourway match at Blood and Guts this match will serve as not only a preview but a way for some of the women to gain some momentum heading into the match. Alexa Bliss and RIHO vs Zoe Lucas and Rhea Ripley In a solid match, Zoe Lucas and Rhea Ripley defeated Alexa Bliss and RIHO after Zoe Lucas defeated RIHO after hitting her with a Split Leg Drop. Zoe Lucas seems to be gaining some momentum in such a short time with the company let’s see if she can keep this up at AEW Blood and Guts in just a few days. We cut backstage as we see Beer Money standing by as they look at the camera and begin to talk about their upcoming Tag Team Championship match with War Machine. We see Bobby Roode begin to talk. Now I know a lot of you have already written us off as you all think War Machine is going to dominate and squash us. Well Beer Money is the best goddamn team in AEW. I don’t know if you all have been sleeping on us or are to drunk to see how good we really are. Don’t worry though you will see, you all will see at Blood & Guts when Beer Money became the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. We then see Beer Money walk off as they seem to be fired up for their tag team match against War Machine at Blood and Guts that should be one of the top matches of the night. We are set up for tag team action as it will be Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno against Rhyno vs MJF and EC3. Dreamer and MJF will be going one on one come Blood and Guts so this will be a good way for either one of them to gain some momentum heading into their match. Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno vs MJF and EC3 In a nice match, MJF and EC3 defeated Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno after MJF defeated Rhyno with a quick roll up. MJF gains some momentum off of this win heading into the PPV as Dreamer vs MJF should be a good matchup. We then cut to commercial. We cut back to the ring as we see Miz and John Cena on the stage set to sign the contract for their World Title match at Blood and Guts. We see both men sign the contract as Miz grabs a mic and begin to talk. Miz: Yeah John Cena in another World Title match, everyone here is so excited. Well hate to break it to you John but this one is not going to go the way that you think.. John Cena goes to answer but we see EC3 and MJF run out from backstage and attack John Cena. Miz then laughs as John Cena is driven through the table by the duo. AEW Commissioner William Regal stands there furious as he storms off backstage. Miz celebrates with the hWo as he clearly has all of the momentum heading into the World Title Match. We then cut to commercial. We cut back as we see PCO stand across the ring from a familiar face, it’s James Ellsworth! Ellsworth has finally found a job and it’s here with AEW. PCO just looks at him and laughs. The bell then rings as the match starts. PCO vs James Ellsworth In an extremely short match, PCO defeated James Ellsworth with a cannonball. PCO looks dominant here heading into his matchup with Broken Matt Hardy at the pay per view. Both men have been on a roll as of late it should be interesting to see who comes out on top. As PCO heads backstage we get set for tonight's main event as it will be Becky Lynch and Britt Baker vs Fire & Desire as Becky Lynch looks to get a bit of momentum going as Fire & Desire has really got the better of her these past few weeks. Becky Lynch & Britt Baker vs Fire and Desire In a great match, Becky Lynch and Britt Baker defeated Fire & Desire after Becky Lynch defeated Sonya Deville with a quick roll up. Becky Lynch has finally got a step up on Fire & Desire. It will be Lynch vs Rose at Blood and Guts to decide the first ever AEW Women’s Champion. After the match we quickly cut backstage as Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are brawling. It seems Kevin Owens is looking to get some revenge on Joe after what he did to Sami Zayn last week. Neither man is giving an inch as both are slamming around and throwing punches. Eventually we see backstage personal intervene trying to break up the fight, This doesn't work though as Joe breaks free and goes after Owens again but he is met with a superkick as Owens broke free as well. Both men though begin to brawl once again as Joe has a bloody nose and Owens has a busted lip. Eventually we see William Regal rush in as he begins to talk to the two men. Stop it right now! You want to beat the hell out of each other. Fine by me, but it will not be on AEW’s hands. You two will go one on one is an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match at Blood and Guts. Now stop fighting, save it for Blood and Guts. We see the two men pulled away from each other as some trash talk is shared and we see Joe laughing at Owens as the show comes to an end and we head into the Blood and Guts PPV this weekend! AEW Blood and Guts PPV Main Show Lights Out Match: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens AEW World TItle Match: John Cena vs The Miz PCO vs Broken Matt Hardy AEW Tag Team Title Match: War Machine vs Beer Money AEW Womens Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose Buy In Matches Alexa Bliss vs RIHO vs Zoe Lucas vs Rhea Ripley MJF vs Tommy Dreamer Leave Predictions Below
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    This is something I was just thinking about and I want y'alls opinion on it. Who do you see being the one to defeat the Fiend for the first time? While yes Bray Wyatt has been defeated many times, the Fiend has won all his ppv matches, live event matches, and so on. Finn Balor couldn't defeat him, Seth couldn't get it done twice, and Daniel Bryan was the newest victim. It is seemingly that The Fiend will enter WrestleMania 36 as Universal Champion and most likely face Roman Reigns for the strap, but will he beat him? If not, who do you think will pull it off?
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Discord Network Nights

    Just wanna send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the first "Network Night", it was one hell of a PPV with a good chat and some funny censoring by @Arius. This first even went over as a success and I can not wait till we have another one, I will be announcing the next one sometime in the next week. Thanks everyone
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    NXT Roster Angel Garza Arturo Ruas Cameron Grimes Cezar Bononi Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan Moss and Sabatelli Dexter Lumis Isiaah Swerve Scott Joaquin Wilde Killian Dain Kona Reeves KUSHIDA Lio Rush Mansoor Matt Riddle Raul Mendoza Velveteen Dream Shane Thorne Boa Bronson Reed Singh Brothers Ariya Daivari Brian Kendrick Jack Gallagher Tony Nese Eddie Dennis Mike Kanellis Aliyah Bianca Belair Candice LeRae Deonna Purazzo Io Shirai Jessamyn Duke Mia Yim Taynara Conti Tegan Nox Vanessa Bourne Xia Li
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    Smarks Daily

    Overall my thoughts on this list is pretty good however I think switching my world title reign and tag team title reign with the big ballers should switch but other than that good list Josh
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    WWE Territories: Nitro

    NITRO WORLD SERIES: Nitro has announced weekly shows, and they will now be centered around the 'Nitro World Series' to crown the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion. The Nitro World Series will feature eight unique groups, in which they will battle each other. The top two members of each group will then advance into a 16 man tournament, in which the final will crown a World Champion, in a Ladder Match. GROUP 1 | 'World Champions': John Cena, Jinder Mahal, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles GROUP 2 | 'Elite': Samoa Joe, Doc Gallows, Aleister Black, Humberto Carrillo GROUP 3 | 'Cruiserweights': Ricochet, Lio Rush, Mansoor, Angel Garza Jr. GROUP 4 | 'Rising Stars': Isaiah Scott, Jordan Myles, Mike Bennett, Mojo Rawley GROUP 5 | 'Tag Team I': Cesaro, Steve Cutler, Fandango, Rey Fenix GROUP 6 | 'Tag Team II': Pentagon Jr., Tyler Breeze, Sheamus, Wesley Blake GROUP 7 | 'Wildcard': Jaxson Ryker, Karl Anderson, The Brian Kendrick, Matt Hardy GROUP 8 | 'J.O.B.': Raul Mendoza, Cezar Bononi, Titus O'Neil, Kona Reeves January 2 & January 3: 1st Group Matches January 9 & January 10: 2nd Group Matches January 16 & January 17: 3rd Group Matches January 23 & January 24: Last Group Stage Matches January 30 & January 31: First Round Matches February 4 & February 5: Quarterfinals February 7: Pre-New Beginnings Press Conference February 8: New Beginnings (Semifinals & Final)
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @owendalton / @owendalton2, hope you had a great day and hopefully the birthday vibes will carry over to your voting.
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    War Between Worlds

    Finally we are here at the AEW Blood & Guts PPV. Tonight is a big night in AEW’s history as we will not only crown our first ever World Champion, but also are first womens and tag team champions. In a night that should be full of great action we start off at the buy in. THE BUY IN MJF VS TOMMY DREAMER We kick off the night with a somewhat proving grounds match as he takes on a grizzled veteran in Tommy Dreamer. This feud came about when Tommy Dreamer attacked MJF with a steel chair when he came to the aid of John Cena. Tonight though we will see if Tommy Dreamer’s heroic actions hurt him as he is taking on a much younger and hungrier MJF. This seemingly is a must win match for MJF as he looks to prove that he belongs here in All Elite Wrestling. We see the two men enter and make their way down to the ring to two very different reactions. We would see the bell ring as MJF would start off hot running at Dreamer and driving him into the corner. Dreamer looks to be somewhat caught off guard by MJF’s quick offense. MJF then takes a beaten down Dreamer to the middle of the ring. MJF then laughs at the crowd as he hits Dreamer with a One Hit Wonder! Dreamer is down 1..2..3. MJF is victorious here over Tommy Dreamer getting off to a good start in his AEW career and getting his revenge on Tommy Dreamer here tonight. The Buy In then progresses as we see some videos hyping up some matches later in the card. But now we are set for our second match of the AEW Buy In as it will be a womens fatal fourway match between Alexa Bliss, RIHO, Zoe Lucas, and Rhea Ripley. All 4 of these women could use a win here to get some momentum going and to move up the rankings in the AEW Women’s division. Alexa Bliss vs RIHO vs Zoe Lucas vs Rhea Ripley The match starts off with all four women in the ring as we cut to the match. We see Zoe Lucas and Alexa Bliss begin to brawl as Rhea Ripley takes RIHO out quickly with a Riptide. RIHO rolls out of the ring as Rhea Ripley shifts her focus over to the other women in the ring. Rhea Ripley and Alexa Bliss would then double team Zoe Lucas throwing her out of the ring. Rhea Ripley would not wait long though before shifting her focus over to Alexa Bliss as she dropped her with a Riptide! Alexa would roll out of the ring though before Ripley could make the pin! Ripley is furious in the ring as she goes out and grabs RIHO quickly bringing her back into the ring. Ripley would beat RIHO down with a series of moves before going for the Riptide again. RIHO would counter though escaping it. RIHO would then hit Ripley with a running knee sending her out of the ring. RIHO would celebrate into the ring before turning around into Zoe Lucas. Lucas would hit her with a KickStart! Lucas would then go for the cover 1..2..3. Zoe Lucas would pull off a huge upset here and pick up the win! It seems as if Zoe Lucas is destined for some big things her in AEW and this could be just the start of it all. MAIN SHOW We are now set for the main card as this is where the PPV really starts to heat up. We will continue on with womens action as we will start off with the AEW Womens Title Match. It will be Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose. Lynch despite Fire & Desire getting the better of her the past few weeks is the favorite here as she looks to not disappoint her fans. Both women look to make history tonight and become the first ever AEW Womens Champion. AEW WOMENS TITLE MATCH: BECKY LYNCH VS MANDY ROSE We see both women make their entrances and to no one's surprise Sonya Deville is coming down to the ring with Mandy. Sonya could be the X-Factor in this match, which something Mandy may need desperately to win this one. Becky already outnumbered is in for a fight it seems tonight. The bell rings as both women lock up in the middle of the ring. Becky gets the better of Rose as she eventually is able to hit her with a BexPloder. Mandy would roll out of the ring as Sonya and her would talk giving both women a bit of time to recover. Eventually we would see Mandy roll back into the ring as Becky was being held back from the referee. Mandy would take full advantage of this as she would hit her with a big knee as she was released. Mandy would go for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Mandy looks furious as she thought that was going to be it. Mandy would then pull Becky up by her hair and slap her. Becky would look at Mandy fired up as she would fight back dropping Mandy with a big right hand. As Becky did this we would see Sonya pop up to the apron as Becky would go over and confront her eventually hitting her with a big right hand to. After she did this though Mandy would roll her up from behind 1..2..Kick Out. Becky would look furious as Mandy nearly picked up the win there. Becky would drop Mandy with a drop kick as the crowd cheered. Becky would smile as she then would lock in the Dis-Arm-Her. Mandy would try to fight it off but eventually tap out as the crowd erupts. Becky Lynch wins and has now become the first ever AEW Women’s Champion. Becky Lynch stands tall here tonight at AEW Blood and Guts as Mandy and Sonya retreat up the ramp defeated falling victim to the Man! We then get set for our next match up as we will crown our first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. It will be the reuniting Beer Money taking on War Machine. War Machine has dominated their opponents up to this point and look destined to become the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. Will Beer Money be able to pull off the upset here or will they fall victim just like all the other tag teams that have been in the way of War Machine. AEW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: War Machine vs Beer Money Both teams make their entrances as Beer Money seem to be a bit on edge having to face off against the dominant team War Machine. We would see War Machine come out with little to no expression as they seem ready to fight. We hear the bell ring as James Storm and Hanson start the match. Bobby Roode seems to be starstruck on the apron at the size of the two men as we see Hanson pick up Storm and slam him down. Bobby Roose looks around as Storm looks for a tag but Bobby Roode just looks around and ignores the attempted tag from Storm. Storm is furious at Roode as Roode hops off the apron and walks backstage. We would then see Storm be hit by the fallout as Rowe would pin him 1..2..3. War Machine are your first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. What does this mean for Beer Money though, as Bobby Roode seemingly gave up on the match. James Storm can’t be happy with him. War Machine celebrate their win in the ring though as they are the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. We now get set for singles action as we will see Broken Matt Hardy take on PCO. Hardy challenged PCO to this match as is proclaimed it was what the people wanted. PCO with nothing else to do accepted this challenge as both men look to pick up the win here tonight. Both men are in the ring following a hype video for the match. Broken Matt Hardy vs PCO We would see the match start off as the two men would begin to exchange punches and chops. Eventually the much bigger PCO would overpower Hardy dropping him with a big chop. PCO would then scoop slam Hardy as he taunts with the crowd. When he has his back turned though Hardy would pop up and do his own taunt. Telling PCO he would delete him. As soon as Hardy finished his taunt he would hit PCO with a Twist of Fate! He would then laugh as he went for the cover 1..2..3. Matt Hardy picks up the win here in convincing fashion. Matt Hardy would celebrate with the crowd as he has done the unthinkable here tonight. After defeating PCO in such a convincing fashion. Now we just wait to find out what is next for the Broken Matt Hardy and what is next for PCO. It’s time for tonight’s “Main Event” as we will see John Cena and The Miz go one on one to decide who will become the first ever AEW Champion! Although Cena is the favorite here the hWo is a wildcard that could shake this whole match up. So it will be interesting for sure to see comes out on top here and makes history in AEW. AEW WORLD TITLE MATCH: John Cena vs The Miz We see both John Cena and the Miz make their entrances. Miz comes down to the ring with Maryse as the rest of the hWo is anywhere to be seen. Well at least for now it seems Cena is up for somewhat of a fair fight. Although that could certainly change if the hWo has other plans. We hear the bell ring as both men run at each other Cena gains the edge early after hitting Miz with a series of moves. We eventually see Cena celebrate with the crowd taunting Miz in the ring. A bit unlike Cena but with his dominant performance so far he can do what he likes whenever he likes it seems like. As the Miz has not been able to keep up with Cena up to this point. We eventually see Miz’s numbers begin to become a factor as Maryse distracts the referee allowing for Miz to hit Cena with a low blow in the ring. Cena is hurt as Miz looks to take advantage. He goes for a skull crushing finale but Cena reverses it with a big clothesline dropping Miz. Just as Miz looked as it he was getting back into this match Cena took control once again. Miz is down in the corner as Cena is getting hyped up. We see Miz wave to the back motioning for someone to come out. We see Cena shift his focus to the entrance ramp as we hear the hWo theme hit. John Cena looks fully prepared for a fight but no one comes out. Instead we see the Miz roll up Cena from behind 1..2..Kick Out. Miz quickly drops Cena with a clothesline as he stands there annoyed.It seems Miz’s plan here tonight has failed as Cena was able to kick out there. Miz looks furious in the ring as Cena is starting to get up. Miz would once again wave to the back as this time MJF and EC3 would come out as the hWo X-Factor is starting to take effect. We would see Miz go pick up Cena but Cena would fight back dropping Miz with an uppercut. Miz would be down in the ring as Cena looks around. Cena would then point at MJF on the outside before delivering a 5 knuckle shuffle to Miz. We would then see Cena mock the hWo on the outside before hitting the Miz with an Attitude Adjustment. John Cena would go for the pin 1..2..Wait MJF and EC3 just put Miz’s foot on the bottom rope! The ref didn't see the interference but he saw it right before 3. Miz stays in this match thanks to some interference from the hWo! We would see Cena begin to argue with MJF as he has his back turned to Miz. Suddenly we see Miz pop up and hit Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale, he goes for the cover 1..2..3. Miz did it! The Miz has become the first ever AEW World Champion after picking up a win over John Cena here. We would see the hWo celebrate in the ring as the PPV would “come to an end”. We would see the show close out but shortly come back as we get set for the AEW Lights Out Match between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens next. As we cut back to the ring we hear an announcement that the PPV is over but it is time for the Lights Out Match between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. It is also announced that this match is not under AEW control and AEW will take no responsibility for the injuries of either wrestler. AEW LIGHTS OUT MATCH: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens We see both men make their entrances as Kevin Owens seems to be a bit different a bit more angry. Joe looks to be calm and collected as he feels fully confident here tonight as he feels he will pick up the win no doubt. We hear the bell rings as the match kicks off. We see Joe taunt Owens as the match starts. This only fuels Owens more though as he drives Joe into the corner and begins to average Joe with kicks to both the head and upper body. Joe sits there stunned as Owens runs in and hits him with a cannonball! Owens is hyped up as the crowd cheers for him. Meanwhile we see Joe take something out from under the middle turnbuckle as Owens is unaware. We see Owens point toward Joe as he runs back toward him but Joe pops up and hits him with a big right hand knocking Owens out cold! We see what Joe had as we see him with brass knuckles on and Owens is out cold face down on the mat. The crowd boos as Joe taunts both them and Owens. We see Joe pick up Owens once again as Owens is busted wide open. Joe hits him with a few quick strikes before setting him up on the top rope. What the hell is Joe thinking? Oh my god, no not this Joe. Joe hits Owens with a Muscle Buster! He goes for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Owens kicked out. Joe is furious in the ring as the crowd cheers. Joe then rolls to the outside as he picks up a table he goes to slide it in the ring but Owens has rolled to the other side outside of the ring as Joe laughs. Joe sets up the table where he is before sliding into the ring and running toward the ropes eventually hitting Kevin Owens with a sucicide dive! The crowd cheers as both men seem to be giving it their all. As Joe stands over Owens on the outside we see him hit from behind! It’s Sami Zayn with a crutch! Owens looks at Zayn in shock as Owens walks over to him and the two hug it out! The crowd is in shock as it seems we are getting the reunion of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens right here tonight! Joe would begin to get back up though as we see Owens and Zayn look at each other. Owens then drags Joe down to the ring as he clears the ring apron as he smiles. He then sets it up kicking Joe in the gut. He then lifts Joe up and hits him with powerbomb on the ring apron. Joe is down on the outside as Kevin Owens seems to be in control of this match. Owens then rolls Joe into the ring as he then taunts him waiting for him to get up. We see Sami cheer Owens on from outside the ring. Owens then lines it up hitting Joe with a stunner! He goes for the cover 1..2..Kick Out. Joe kicks out as Owens and Zayn are in shock. We see Owens look at Zayn as Owens points to the table Joe set up earlier in the match. Owens nods at Zayn as he goes to throw Joe toward it but Joe hans on standing on the apron. We see Owens step out on the apron as the two begin exchanging blows. For a second it looks like Joe is getting the better of Owens. Owens though pulls out a wildcard as he kicks Joe in the gut and sets him up for a Package Piledriver! Owens then hops off the apron driving Joe through the table with the Package Piledriver, the crowd looks stunned as both Joe and Owens go crashing through the table. We see Zayn then help Owens roll Joe inside the ring as Owens goes for the cover 1..2..3. Owens wins, Owens has got his revenge! Owens came out here tonight and fought for his best friend Sami Zayn and with some surprising aid Kevin Owens was able to pick up the victory as the PPV comes to an end with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn standing tall.
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    Star Trek: The Future of Our World Episode 3: Hunters & The Hunted (Part 2) Alpha Quadrant - Space Time 11.00.00 Leader Hudson: Good morning everyone! How did we all sleep last night? The room is silent as Leader Hudson asks his question. Hudson starts walking and as he passes the cells, most of them are empty. Hudson quickly calls for an alarm but Sgt. Maasa calms him down. Sgt. Maasa: What the hell happened!? Leader Hudson: PRISON BREAK! THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED!! Sgt. Maasa: Calm down, sir. They did not escape, i just woke them up a little earlier because they were all very hungry and we were just having breakfast. Leader Hudson looks very mad. He grabs Maasa by the throat and pushes him against the wall. Leader Hudson: I do not care, how hungry the prisoners are and i don't care if you were having breakfast... THE PRISONERS WILL STAY IN THEIR CELLS UNTIL I SAY SO! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!? Sgt. Maasa: Yes, sir. Sgt. Maasa looks a little angry but both men quickly leave and join their "guests". The prisoners are all eating as much as they possibly can. Commander Mor is struggling as he is missing a finger. Captain Arius seems to now have an eye patch as Sgt. Maasa's beatdown cost him one of his eyes. Captain Arius: I've never eaten something this delicious. This is definitely not from a replicator and the wine, wow. Lt. Commander Tetren: Sir, i think you should stop drinking so much wine. It has a lot of alcohol and before you even know it you will be very intoxicated. Captain Arius: Don't worry about me.... i'll be fine. Sgt. Maasa and Leader Hudson step into the room. Everyone looks at Leader Hudson who looks a bit angry but then. Leader Hudson: How are all of my guests enjoying their food? Commander Mor: Guests? Yesterday we were still prisoners... now we're suddenly guests? Doctor Brenden: Calm yourself Commander Mor. They gave us food and we should be thankful as they don't seem to have a whole lot of it left. Leader Hudson: Food really goes quickly, yes. In fact i'm organizing a hunting party to go hunting for some food. Would you mind joining them as a thank you for us feeding you? Captain Arius: I'll see if i can get some men on board with you, but don't get your hopes up. Your welcome wasn't exactly the kind that we were wishing for. Leader Hudson: I see... well enjoy your food. I will catch up on you later. Leader Hudson leaves and Sgt. Maasa sits down next to Commander Mor. Commander Mor: Are you trying to start a fight? Sgt. Maasa: No, no, no. It's nothing like that at all, in fact i'm here to apologize. I don't like taking extreme measures but i had no chance. Leader Hudson was getting angry and made a spontaneous decision and told me to: "CUT HIS FUCKING FINGER OFF!". I was only following orders, so here. Sgt. Maasa gives Commander Mor a small plastic bag. Commander Mor takes the bag and notices that his finger is in it. Doctor Brenden also looks over and notices the finger, he then whispers something to Commander Mor. Doctor Brenden: You should save it. I think i can use it to make you a new one. Commander Mor: Thank you, Sgt. Maasa. I accept your apology as i myself fully understand what disobeying your leader can do. Sgt. Maasa gets up and walks over to Captain Arius. He says the same things as he did to Commander Mor showing that he had prepared this apology beforehand. The prisoners finally finish eating and Leader Hudson lets them walk freely and explore the Maquis Rebellion's colony. The Ferengi called; Vecko, and Betazoid called; Mina who have been hired by Leader Hudson are spending time at the bar. Mina leaves as she has duties to attend to but Vecko stays and he is joined by the Engineer of the ship Rhyfelwr. Vecko: What? Who are you? Engineer Rhyfelwr: The name is Engineer Rhyfelwr. Pleased to meet you... Vecko: Ugh, i hate Bolians. Just leave me be and we'll be fine. Engineer Rhyfelwr: Fine, i won't be bothering you. Engineer Rhyfelwr leaves after trying to start a conversation. He goes to take a piss but he is ambushed by someone who threatens to cut his throat. ???: Now this is what's gonna happen, i'm gonna open that window and take you outside. If you so much as breath i will cut your fucking throat and end your journey here Bolian. The masked person opens the window and throws Engineer Rhyfelwr outside. The masked person goes outside with him and knocks him out. The masked person carries Rhyfelwr onto a nearby battle ship. The battle ship looks well equipped but it doesn't look like it's in a working condition. The masked person wakes up Rhyfelwr who has been tied to a chair with an electrified rope. Engineer Rhyfelwr: So, are you gonna tell me what the hell i'm doing here, or am i just gonna sit here like a chump. ???: Well, you see i have to get this ship working but i am not an engineer which is why i have brought you here because i've heard that you are an engineer. Engineer Rhyfelwr: You are correct. I'm one of the best engineers to graduate from the academy, if there's someone that can fix a ship, it's me. ???: Alright, let's get started then. Shall we? Engineer Rhyfelwr: I'm not gonna help you, but if you reveal who you are, i will. The masked person takes out a plasma whip. They crack the whip and Rhyfelwr looks terrified. Engineer Rhyfelwr: Actually, what i was meant to say is; I'll help you, but you're gonna have to release me first. ???: That's what i thought. The masked person goes to release Rhyfelwr. Rhyfelwr headbutts the masked person in an attempt to escape but instead of knocking them out he knocks himself out. ???: Bloody fool, i guess i'm gonna have to wake him up again. The masked person wakes up Rhyfelwr. Rhyfelwr seems confused but slowly remembers what happened. ???: Alright, buddy let's go. The masked person drags Rhyfelwr into the turbolift and they go to the generator room. The masked person tells Rhyfelwr to take a look at the generator and tell her what's wrong. Rhyfelwr: Well, it looks like one of your capacitors is busted. It won't take too long to fix this, i just need a repairing tool and you'll be good to go. ???: Alright, i'll go see if i have anything. Meanwhile my friend will keep you in check. The masked person leaves to go get a repairing tool and a familiar looking Ferengi enters the room. Rhyfelwr: Wait... what the hell are you doing here!? Vecko: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Bolian pisser, surprised to see me? Rhyfelwr: Alright, i wanna know what the hell is going here right this second. Vecko: Calm down, you'll find out sooner or later. The masked person comes back and hands Rhyfelwr the repairing tool. Rhyfelwr quickly repairs the capacitor and hands back the repairing tool. Rhyfelwr: Ok, now i want you two to explain to me the real reason i am here, because it can't just be that, i mean that was pretty easy to fix. Hell you could have done that yourself. ???: Okay, you wanna know the real reason you are here? Let me tell you. The masked person takes off his mask and reveals his face. Rhyfelwr: No... way. Sgt. Maasa: Yes, way.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Preview Hey, hey, hey. It is me once again the Glorious Mike Hunt presenting you the official BPZ Commentaries Preview of this Sunday's Survivor Series show. We've got clowns and Death Machines, two warring factions and a vacant championship to be claimed making this another very fun and exciting extravaganza 5. US Arm-wrestle We kick things off here on the top 5 with the BPZ United States Championship match. As of recording, US Champion Mikey will defend against Raven, Arrow Rhodes and Jason Ryan in what looks to be a bit of a close affair. The two clear favourites here are Mikey and Raven both men in amazing form at the moment and looking to pick up another key victory as the year rounds out. You also cannot go past Arrow Rhodes who is a cult hero here in BPZ and is still searching for that illustrious first victory and then we have Jason Ryan a former Global and Premium Champion who cannot be forgotten. It's going to be a close contest and we may just see the United States Championship change hands for the fifth time this year 4. Next Up The famously crowned NXT Boom of late 2018 set up the future of BPZ for many ages to come. We had names such as Arius, KENJI, Raven, Hans, Alex Costa, Aaron North and Mikey all debut for the company in a very short span of time making the NXT Division one of the more hotly contested ones in the company. We fast forward 12 months and well now these names have all left and we are left with a new crop of talent. The Tiger, Amai, Jack Bishop and CJ Sellers will compete for the NXT Championship and with that comes an amazing opportunity to become a figurehead of the division. All 4 men have shown a lot of potential with Amai already being a 1x NXT Champion but now we are looking for consistency. We may just look back on this match in 12 months time and be witnessing the emergence of a young star, and that is all the reasoning you need to glue your eyes to the TV and watch this match 3. Gunner vs Bob In our first two points we talked about the superstars who are vying to take that next step up the card and well this match as all of that written on it as well. The Premium Championship is constantly viewed as one of the less meaningful titles in the company but Gunner Flynn has made it his goal to restore prestige to that title and that continues as he battles the surging Bob Sparks. Gunner Flynn pushed Jeremiah Flynn to his absolute limit just two weeks ago and looks to get back on the victors list here but Bob has gained himself some new momentum aligning himself with Descent and embarrassing Bailey just a couple of months ago. In saying that though, Bailey has already stated that he will be at Survivor Series ready for a fight so Bob better keep his head on a swivel as you never really know when Badass Bailey's gonna strike 2. Battle of Insanity Our next topic is in-fact quite a dark one as we touch on the mental decay of Julius as he prepares to face Slim in the Survival Games finals. Julius started out this feud seeing Slim as some sort of a joke but very soon found out that this was more serious than it seems and found himself spiraling into his own insanity. It has been sad to see Julius fight against his demons heading into this match which may just be his breaking point. However, this is a tournament and the year is 2019 so Julius has to be considered somewhat of a favourite to pull this one out. This may be one of the more intriguing matches of the night and I can't wait to see what happens next 1. It all ends Well finally we have made it to this point. It was at SummerSlam where BulletProof first joined forced helping Flynn against Bart and now 3 months later we have the culmination of this faction warfare as Creed and BulletProof go into battle in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Creed landed the first punch taking BulletProof's tag-team titles but this is the match both teams are extremely eager to win. It all ends here, the power struggle at the top of BPZ will culminate in the Main Event of Survivor Series 2019, who will be the ones to stand tall at the night's conclusion?
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    BPZ Discord Network Nights

    Lets Goooo, i miss Jimmy Wang Yang
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Tag League: TJP/Drew Gulak VS Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander NJPW begins with four former WWE Cruiserweights, as the newest members of Suzuki-Gun TJP and Drew Gulak team up to do battle with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. In a great opening contest, Ali and Cedric would score the victory, putting away TJP with an 054 and remaining barely alive in Junior Tag League, now sitting at eight points. . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS Suzuki-Gun Our first World Tag League bout of the night sees two teams already eliminated from WTL look to score a personal victory and send a message, as Toru Yano and Togi Makabe do battle with Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a good bout, it would be the Suzuki-Gun duo who score the victory, with Lance Archer putting away Yano with the EBD Claw. . Junior Tag League: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS Motor City Machine Guns The second Junior Tag League bout of the night sees the already eliminated Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy attempt to play spoiler against the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. In a great match, Nese and Murphy would pull the huge upset, with Murphy putting away Chris Sabin with Murphy's Law and scoring his team the victory. Though Nese and Murphy are eliminated from any chance of winning the tournament, this is a massive victory for the former WWE Cruiserweights, while the Motor City Machine Guns' path to the finals has become much rockier. . World Tag League: Roppongi 3K VS The Mighty Don't Kneel The second World Tag League match of the night sees SHO and YOH attempt to become the block leaders of World Tag League against Nick Miller and Shane Thorne. In a great match, TMDK would not be able to play spoiler, with Miller falling to a 3K. Roppongi 3K now sits at 12 points and leads the block, in strong contention for World Tag League victory. . Junior Tag League: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo VS The Rascalz Junior Tag League rolls on as the Bullet Club tandem of Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo attempt to keep their heads above water against one of the block leaders, Trey and Wentz of The Rascalz. In a great bout, the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champions score the victory, with Taiji Ishimori putting away Trey with the Bloody Cross and moving to eight points. . World Tag League: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Imperium Our third World Tag League match sees Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel of Imperium attempt to play spoiler against the IWGP Heavyweight tag champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a great bout, the Bullet Club tandem would score the victory, putting away Barthel with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination and moving up to an incredible 11 points. . Junior Tag League: Suzuki-Gun VS The Young Bucks The second to last Junior Tag League match of the night sees El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru of Suzuki-Gun do battle with The Young Bucks, with the Bucks in do-or-die territory against the current block leaders. In a great bout, Nick and Matt would just stay alive, putting away Kanemaru with a Meltzer Driver and moving to nine points. . World Tag League: SoCal Uncensored VS Mustache Mountain The second to last World Tag League match of the night sees Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian of SCU do battle with Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, with SCU looking to play spoiler. In a great bout, SCU would do just that, as Scorpio Sky puts away Trent Seven with a 450 Splash. Though SoCal Uncensored are eliminated from World Tag League, they are displaying a fantastic late tournament showing, while Mustache Mountain now sits in dangerous territory for potential elimination. . Junior Tag League: Undisputed Era VS The Irish Airborne Our final Junior Tag League bout of the night sees Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly do battle with Jake and Dave Crist, flanked by Bullet Club leader Sami Callihan. The Irish Airborne currently sit tied at the top of the bracket, and a victory would put them in strong position to win Junior Tag League. However, the Bullet Club tandem would fall short on this night, as Dave Crist would be put down by a Chasing the Dragon. The Undisputed Era now joins The Irish Airborne at the top of the bracket with 10 points, and both teams will be looking for a victory next week to cement their spot in the Junior Tag League finals. . World Tag League: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Revival Tonight's main event sees former IWGP Heavyweight tag champions and World Tag League winners, EVIL and SANADA, do battle with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. In a fantastic main event, EVIL and SANADA would get out of their late tournament slump, with SANADA forcing Wilder to submit to Skull End and moving the LIJ tandem to 10 points. After the match, Los Ingobernables de Japon leader and Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito would call out his Wrestle Kingdom challenger, Hiroshi Tanahashi. As he waits for Tanahashi to enter, Naito talks about his contract and the fact that he will be defecting to Impact Wrestling. He mentions how NJPW promised to get behind him for years, how he would be the top guy, but they never committed to it. He says he's tired of being jerked around, and after Wrestle Kingdom, he and the rest of LIJ will be leaving the company, but not before doing as much damage as possible to the company. Naito says he will take the Intercontinental championship away from New Japan, while EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI take away the Heavyweight and Six-Man tag titles. As he says this, The Ace of New Japan finally enters, with the crowd going wild for Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi says that he's tired of hearing Naito complain, as he has nobody but himself to blame for his lack of success. Tanahashi then makes a blockbuster announcement. At Wrestle Kingdom 14, he will be calling an end to his legendary career, and his last order of business as an active competitor is to keep the Intercontinental championship within the grasp of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tanahashi then has a tense staredown with Naito, but Naito opts to retreat, the rest of LIJ following behind. Tanahashi celebrates in front of the crowd as NJPW closes for the night, displaying the current standings for both tag leagues. . Current standings: World Tag League: 12 points: Roppongi 3K. 11 points: The Revival, Guerrillas of Destiny. 10 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Mustache Mountain. 8 points: Suzuki-Gun. 6 points: Imperium, SoCal Uncensored. 4 points: The Mighty Don't Kneel. 2 points: Most Violent Players. . Junior Tag League: 10 points: Suzuki-Gun, Undisputed Era, The Irish Airborne, The Rascalz. 9 points: Motor City Machine Guns, The Young Bucks. 8 points: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo, Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander. 4 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy. 2 points: TJP/Drew Gulak.
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    Defamation and Reformation

    Jack Bishop appears on the screen, back in the locker room. He yawns, seemingly miffed. "Jesus Christ, really? I didn't think Kieron would resort to working with you again. I mean honestly, he could've done way better. But that's fine. You have your priorities all wrong. If Kieron has to carry you through the whole tournament, then you won't stand a chance against Creed. You really should be focusing on winning the NXT championship. It'll make it so much easier to get rid of you if you're more focused on the tag tournament. But I can agree with you, Flynn has abused his power. Only his faction got opportunities, which is unfair. Which is why I'm taking full advantage of mine. And not you and your washed up tag partner, not Wallace, who I'm not even sure is sane anymore, is going to stop me. I am going to tear you apart at Survivor Series. I am going to make your life a living hell, I'm going to break your body, and put you in the hospital for weeks on end, but more importantly, I'm going to break your spirit. Hell, you might as well retire after Survivor Series. No one'll look at you the same. And you'll have me to thank." The camera fades to black as Jack looks smugly at the camera.
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    Defamation and Reformation

    Kieron Black walks out onto the stage, his first time on the stage since his tweet earlier this week. He stands on the stage for a few seconds, taking in the reaction from the crowd before heading down the ramp and next to his partner, who hands him the microphone. Kieron Black: Hello Carnage. As I said on twitter a few short days ago, I am not here to mess around anymore. I am here for the gold. I am here for blood, that is why I am here with this man. My former, and now current tag team partner. The other half of the Painmakers. CJ. We are here for more than just to be runners up, we are not here for you all to clap us and tell us well done on putting up a fight against the United States and Undisputed champions. WE are HERE to WIN. Whatever it takes. No questions asked, no matter the seeding, no matter the opponent, no matter when, no matter where WE will be walking out of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament as number one contenders. Then walking into Night Of Legends, taking what should've been ours a year ago at that point, and winning the gold. That's just the truth. Because we want it MORE than you, I NEED it more than you, so whether you are First Class, or Thundermen there is no way in hell that we are letting you take us down, there is NO WAY IN HELL you are beating us, NO WAY IN HELL that you are taking this from me. Because this is all I have left. This is my last chance. And I am not letting anybody take this away from me. Never again. Kieron throws the mic down onto the floor and both men exit the ring as Carnage goes to commercial.
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    No One Man - Midseason Finale: Where There’s Smoke ♛ Kingslayers♛ It was almost like the air was disturbed, as though the tension physically manifested as the seeming fog clouding the room. Calling the tension palpable would’ve sold it extremely short. The silence continued on in the poorly lit room; the stickiness and the clamminess making the cramped room even more uncomfortable, combining with tension, it began to feel like a powder keg. With every passing second, it seemed more and more like somebody was set to strike a match to set the room alight, but all four kept trying to straddle the line. Two of the men sat next to each other, consistently tossing glares across the table but mainly whispering to each other, discussing their coming approach just to make the man sat across squirm a tad bit more. The man on the left was neatly arranged, with a freshly pressed ‘Atlanta PD’ windbreaker and hair short and tidy, his steel blue eyes studied the perp as his partner leaning towards him, exchanging whispers. His partner was still quite imposing while seated, his long hair tied back into a ponytail, exposing a face pulsing red with anger, every vein exposed on his head and arms, it appeared as though the man they were interrogating got under his skin, as he wanted. He stopped his conversation, centering in his chair again as he looked at the third officer in the room, who domineered over the suspect. He was donning very different apparel from his counterparts, with a hood pulled tight and mask on, the only signifier of his allegiance with the police was a small badge on his chest. It was very appropriate to the tenuous relationship both parties held. He growled questions at the man, trying to chip away at the tough exterior the man held, carefully towing a line between the legal and illegal practices of ‘interrogation’. He finally stepped away, making eye contact with the man with the ponytail who gestured to the door. “Mr. Deadeye, could a get a minute with you?” Deadeye nodding, intentionally bumping the suspect as he moved around the table on his way to the door. The man with the ponytail rose to his full six foot five height, towering above everybody in the room, he looked back at the man in the windbreaker. “Chance, I assume you can handle this for the moment.” Chance looked up quickly before staring at the man across from him again, narrowing his eyes as he responded. “I’ll manage Archangel, take your time.” Archangel nodded, ducking out the room alongside Deadeye. The two continued out of the hall, moving to another room where another man stood, peering through the glass at the scene that Archangel and Deadeye just exited, watching Chance begin to grow more comfortable in the room. The two men joined him at the two-way mirror. “Why’d you pull me?” Deadeye finally asked as the began to look through the mirror. “Sometimes you have to sit back and let the masters work,” Archangel responded, also offering a shrug. “Plus torture is illegal, and here you have to adhere to the law,” the other man added with a chuckle. He picked at his beard as he looked over at Deadeye, who was rather far from smiling. “Fucking sucks doesn’t it?” The words filled the silence for a second before everything fell quiet once again. The weight of the scrutiny this group was placed under had dawned on all of them. They were practically hand chosen by the CIA, Bailey Justin, the Director himself had taken it upon himself to establish these task forces in seven different cities. He saw this city and decided that the situation was bad enough that he needed to interject into the situation. It was embarrassing for the men who all professed that they’d be the saviors of the city, now ‘asked’ to team with police officers. Naturally, there wasn’t much choice in the matter, just the expectation to instantly turn around and produce results, learning how to trust each other on the fly, from the frying pan into the fire. So far, the performance of the newly dubbed “Kingslayers” was phenomenal. Efficiently launching assaults on numerous cartel and mob fronts, disrupting the systems that had been flowing smoothly for those organizations. But these ops had been conducted with solid intel, information compiled from various sources. The well on said intel had already run dry, meaning that the cartel thug sat before Chance became paramount for future success. Chance had deduced that he was a rather high ranking official, with tattoos inked all over his flesh. The sheer number showed that at the very least, he was a member for a number of years, who’d have some friends in high places. Chance debated his approach, he couldn’t quite pin down exactly what had this man on edge, overzealous in his guard. He very clearly was uncomfortable, perhaps debating the risk reward of his actions, or maybe there was a lingering fear that just barely held the reins on a man who would spill absolutely everything. Chance averted his gaze back to the file, running more simulations in his head. He thought about letting him stir in silence, but that would only lead him becoming fortified in his cause and sealing up. Neither friendly nor angry approach would cause him to open up either, he’d recognized the desperation and gain confidence that he would be able to exit without saying a word. Chance snuck a gaze at his watch as he thought about a confident approach, he didn’t have the luxury of whittling him down with snide remarks until eventually, he caved, he had approximately thirty minutes before his lawyer appeared. It finally dawned on Chance, that playing to his fears would ramp his emotions to a point of no return, where he’d become extremely susceptible to Chance. Chance smirked as he leaned back in his chair, slicking back his hair as he thought about just how to play to his fears. He disregarded the thought of jail time, a frame job, and a false flag. He was scared of somebody internally, and Chance could see it now. He stopped fiddling with his hair and folded his hands together and placed them on the table, it was almost too easy. “How do you reckon La Muerte is feeling right now, Mr. Gabriel?” Gabriel played off the casual mention of his boss, Chance leaned closer, smiling a bit wider. “Yeah, I don’t really care either. There’s nothing he can do to you now is there?” Gabriel gulped now, beginning to flick away at the cold iron table, doing all he could to avoid eye contact. Chance edged his seat closer, continuing to badger away. “Do you even know if your loyalty matters anymore?” Chance paused here, knowing that his next words would determine the success of this interrogation. He wasn’t scared of his boss, whatsoever, not possible when his boss was a killer, the inability to fear a man with so much blood his hands meant either absolute trust… or that his boss was in a grave now. Chance thought about both lines of questions, before asking his follow-up question. “Do you think that you two can bunk in a casket?” Gabriel finally raised his eyes to meet the steel blues of Chance, who stared back in response, wiping his smirk in place for a more blank expression. “Do you really wanna take that chance?” Chance asked with raised eyebrows. “No, not with that puta Hijo at the top now,” Gabriel said scowling, he didn’t even give Chance a chance to react to the words before he continued speaking. “He’s fucking loco. He kills Muerte without even consulting anybody and now wants to wage war with the Trifficantes? I’ll take my chances in prison.” “Hijo is taking a shot at Don Dada?” Chance sputtered, the shock registering in him as well as everybody behind the mirror. The bearded man leaned closer, waiting for the next wave of information. “Yeah, hired some fucking deadman to do the job for him, won’t tell us a name.” The bearded man scoffed at the info, turning and heading for the door. “Where are you going, Phantom?” Archangel asked. Phantom turned back with a smile on his face. “Get my ears cleaned, want to make sure the music sounds as good as possible.” Phantom slipped into the hall, quickly scurrying out of the entire wing as he made his way outside. He pulled a phone from his pocket as he exited the precinct, immediately making a call. The phone buzzed as he stepped into the night, distancing himself from everybody until he found a pocket of seclusion. The ringing finally stopped, replaced by first a click, then a very familiar voice. “How are you, Gunner?” “He’s coming after you,” Gunner excitedly whispered into the microphone, ignoring the question from Don Dada. The situation caused a slight panic for Gunner, his admiration for the man he was now speaking to ever so apparent. He started up again, stumbling over his own words trying to give all the information at once. “It’s the Ángeles del Infierno, Hijo killed Muerte and now he’s coming after you with an army and a hitter.” Dada did nothing but sigh as Gunner anxiously awaited a response. “I asked how are you?” “Are you serious?” Phantom asked, trying to process the shock the nonchalance caused. The Don was scared, he had to be, or at least Gunner thought this. He attempted to get ahead of this war, he held El Hijo in great regard and so he desperately attempted to get ahead of this conflict by eliminating him. Now El Hijo had an entire army to hide behind, the resources to battle on every front, and the power to paralyze any man working for the Don. Gunner couldn’t fathom a scenario where this was an appropriate response to the crisis at hand. His words failed, he could only sputter more questions, trying to find out why Don wasn’t taking this seriously. “Yes, I’m serious, I asked you how you’re doing?” “Your entire life’s work hangs in the balance and you’re concerned with feelings?” Disdain began to infiltrate Gunner’s words, he could do nothing but resent somebody who couldn’t appropriately respond to a crisis, a man who seemed willing to admit defeat. Every ounce of him detested this behavior. “Gunner, have you ever heard the saying, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire? This has been smoldering for quite some time, it doesn’t incite panic. I understand that many people want what I have, if I feared of all them, I’d die of a heart attack far before any of them touched me. I’m more concerned about your well being right now.” Don finished. It was an impressive speech by his accounts, disguising his tone to a man completely assured of his safety, truthfully, he sat in his office, unable to move, struggling for breath at the thought. El Hijo wouldn’t bother sending a man after him unless the success was guaranteed, he wouldn’t chance missing his attempt on the King of the Underworld. Only one man could assuage this fear, the same man who rebuffed him, the same man he wanted under his wing to guarantee he’d be secured at the top of the game indefinitely. The only course of action now was to keep absolute faith instilled in his top lieutenants, he’d spent too much time grooming Nigel to allow him to become useless before he most needed him. So he kept insisting that he was the greater priority at the moment, understanding how this couldn’t only bring somebody with such a fractured background closer. It was a phenomenal deduction and worked perfectly, Gunner finally eeked out a reply. “I’m doing fine…” he couldn’t quite process the idea of him having more value than an attempt on the Don’s life. Somehow, he admired the man who welcomed him in like a father even more. “I have to go, I’ll call you later.” “Understood.” Don moved the phone from his ear, understanding the predicament he was now in, he really didn’t have many options to choose from. He swiped through his contacts until he came to “Fox”, he crafted his text, waiting before he sent it. He stared at his screen, debating on whether or not this could ever end well for him. Resigned to his fate, he sent the message: “Let slip the dogs of war.” If you looked close enough, you could see the inklings of war stretched into the horizon. Whispers crept out of every corner of the city, rumblings that had corner boys bringing extra heat to their pickups, silence falling over the streets at earlier times. The fear spread like a plague, distrust ran unchecked, everybody just waiting for the first shot, the one heard round the city that everybody ducking for cover. It's incredible that even though everybody's on watch, the war will sneak up on everybody... like it always does.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 9th September, 2019 | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY From Mr. Money In The Bank To BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Two weeks removed from the biggest party of the Summer, we kick off Carnage with Sameer's first appearance since cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase and capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of SummerSlam. With Sameer, both Bob Sparks and Slim, his right-hand man and hired hit-man, come to the ring as Sameer has a few words of celebration. Sameer: "Did you miss me? I'm sorry I couldn't be here last week but I was a little too busy celebrating, partying with women you dream of and splashing amounts of cash that your parents don't even make in a whole year! But don't worry, I'm all yours tonight ladies and, well I guess the gentlemen can watch. Okay, okay, let's get back on track. After five years in this company, I have finally got my hands on this beauty and isn't it funny, isn't it weird that it happened just as I cut my ties with Brenden? See, I told you all I turned my back on that man because he had purposely been holding me down whilst promising me he was doing his best to help me yet you all hated me for it. Now, I've proven that I was right and you, Brenden, everyone that doubted me all look like fools. Thankfully, I've never needed any of you. Thankfully, I have two of the most dangerous men in this business by my side. Thankfully, I'm smarter, faster, an overall better wrestler than both Bart and Bailey. Now, I'm your BPZ World Heavyweight Cha-" Suddenly, Sameer's bragging and gloating comes to an end as the former champion, 'The People's Champion', The Bailey comes out with a microphone. The Bailey: "Finally... The Bailey has come back to his home state, his favourite place in the world, New York! But right now, my focus is on that jabroni in the ring! The Bailey congratulates you, you finally won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but The Bailey is coming out here to make sure you know your role and shut your mouth! The Bailey is here to make sure that you know your candy ass got lucky and that you could never beat the most electrifying man in sports entertainment face to face. The Bailey is also out here to let you know that at Bad Blood, with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the line, you will go one on one with the great one!" With The Bailey clearly after a rematch for the title, Sameer brings the microphone to his mouth to start replying but once again, he is interrupted but this time, it's by the King Of The Ring winner who was the challenger for the championship at SummerSlam, Bart Hoogveld. Bart Hoogveld: "I outlasted fifteen other men, I beat the best of the best week after week, I won the King Of The Ring tournament, got my first-ever shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and then, in what was supposed to be my crowning moment, you ruined it Sameer but, nevertheless, I'm not here to complain, I'm here to set a challenge. You ruined my moment so it's only fair that I ruin yours and bring your triumphant reign to a bitterly short end so how about it, champ?" With a second challenge set to the champ, the three men in the ring begin to chuckle, laughing at the two that lost to Sameer at SummerSlam. Once again, as Sameer goes to reply, he is interrupted by yet another member of the roster. This time, it is unexpectedly Natedog who comes out with a smile. Natedog: "Well, this is quite something, isn't it? Don't worry though fellas, I'm not here to challenge for the title as well. No, no, no. I'm not here for Sameer, or you Bart, or you Bailey. I'm here for Slim... Just like you stabbed Brenden in the back Sameer, Slim did the same to me except when he did, he almost put an end to my career and I'm still craving, I'm still hungry for revenge. Despite seeing you reduced to nothing more than a lackey being somewhat satisfying, I still want to lay a beating on you, I still want to rip you limb from limb and do to you what you failed to do to me. If you haven't turned into a complete coward, Slim, you'll accept my challenge and when you do, you'll be accepting the end of your career." With yet another challenge set, this time to Slim instead of Sameer, the three men in the ring once again chuckle except Slim who now looks a lot more serious. When Bob and Sameer realise, they stop laughing and Sameer gives him a bump on the shoulder to try and cheer him up but instead, Slim just rips the microphone out of Sameer's hand. Slim: "Nate! If you want me to almost kill you again, then I will! But before that, you need to show some respect to the man that made you, the man that carried you through this company, the man that made you the superstar that you are!" After an enraged statement from Slim, he throws the microphone to the floor and stares fiercely at the man who once fought alongside him. After exchanging words and various challenges being thrown out, the six men stare-down. BPZ Tag Team #1 Contender Match Royal Flush vs Young & Free In the first match of the night, the number one contender match that was arranged last week by the BPZ Tag Team Champions themselves between Royal Flush and Young & Free takes place with the winner earning a shot at the titles at Bad Blood. This time around, it's Kieron and Prince who are competing instead of the combination of Cody and Prince who competed at SummerSlam. As the former champions and the hottest new tag team in the division go to war, the two teams prove that they're two of the best in the company right now in an extremely competitive and exciting showing. Nevertheless, in the end, it's Young & Free who come out on top and get an impressive victory over the former champions. Aftermath Of SSW Club's Disruption In the backstage area of the acclaimed Madison Square Garden, Josh Trenton is joined by two former members of the faction that was named SSW Club, Epic McDonald and Maasa. After their leader, Joshua Scott, attacked all three of the other members following Bulldozer and Epic's loss in a tag team match, the team would be shattered but it appears that Epic and Maasa still see eye to eye as they address the situation together. Josh Trenton: "Last week, we witnessed a shocking turn of events when Joshua Scott, the man that led your team known as SSW Club, stabbed you two and Bulldozer in the back by attacking all three of you. Do you have any comments on what occurred or have anything you want to say to Joshua Scott?" Epic McDonald: "Honestly, we're not too sure what to say about the situation as it came completely out of nowhere. The four of us have been such a tight-knit group for some time now and we, or at least I thought, we had each other's backs." Maasa: "Truly, it was shocking but I definitely have things I'd like to say to Josh. I'm not sure why you did it or what your reasoning was but just know this, you will not be forgiven and what you did will not be forgotten. I don't know about Epic or Bulldozer but Josh, I will make sure you pay for attacking me and laying a beating onto my two closest friends in this company." Josh Trenton: "Talking of Bulldozer, is there a reason he isn't with you guys here today?" Epic McDonald: "In SSW Club, it was me and Bulldozer who competed as a tag team most often so in and out of the ring, we grew very close. However, since Josh's actions, I haven't even seen Bulldozer. We've tried texting him, calling him, getting other people to contact him but we've heard nothing. I really don't know what's going on with him but I am worried about how much Josh hurt him so Bulldozer, if you're watching this, please get in contact with us." Maasa: "And don't worry about Josh, we'll take care of him." With a message sent to both Bulldozer and Joshua Scott, Epic and Maasa walk away as they continue to talk between them, planning their next move in finding where Bulldozer is and also in getting their revenge on Scott. ICON vs Mikey Dikey In the second bout of the night, ICON and Mikey compete in singles competition. After both men came up short at SummerSlam, they're looking to pick up some momentum here tonight. Although, Mikey is already one step ahead after defeating The Marker last week. Despite the competitive and exciting match between the two, it is suddenly brought to an end as the ring is stormed by The Marker. At first, The Marker takes out Mikey, the man that beat him last week, but then he also attacks ICON. After brutally beating down both men, The Marker poses in the middle of the ring, clearly happy with his actions. Divinity Are Destined For Gold Next, Echo Wilson makes his way out to the stage with Delgado and Sellers lurking behind him as the new trio known as Divinity head towards the ring. Last week, Wilson succeeded in a number one contender match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship after interference from his comrades meaning that he will face the current champion, Julius Jones, at Bad Blood. Nevertheless, tonight, Wilson looks to send a message to his former Kingdom brother. Echo Wilson: "Last week, I defeated two other men to become the BPZ Intercontinental Championship and you know what, some of you may think that's pretty impressive but realistically, did any of you actually doubt that I was going to beat those two bums? Seriously though, I'm finally back on track to championship gold, triumph that a talent like me not only deserves but is destined for." Odyssey Sellers: "Just like me and Maddrix. The truth is that the three of us, we're destined for greatness, we're god-sent, and we're divine. In the ring, we literally run circles around anyone who steps to us." Maddrix Delgado: "Echo has been destined for glory for years but he has unjustly been held back by selfish and greedy competitors like your current BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius. However, with the best damn tag team in the world by his side, there's no doubt that Echo Wilson will achieve the prosperity that he undoubt-" Suddenly, the loud mouths of Divinity are shut as Julius Jones' music hits, interrupting Maddrix mid-sentence. As Julius stands at the top of the stage, a few seconds pass as then James Ropati's music then hits as he joins the man that he battled for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam in the same match that saw Divinity debut in the aftermath, attacking these two men. The two men then head to the ring as it seems as though these former tag team partners turned bitter rivals have been reunited by the hunger for revenge on Divinity. Julius Jones: "You, you absolute idiot, you complete coward. I understand you may have grown jealous after seeing your former Kingdom brothers rise up the ranks whilst you grew stale and was neglected but you shouldn't be mistaken. You were never held back, in fact, you were given just as many opportunities as me and Bart but you simply weren't good enough." James Ropati: "Echo, we've never had problems but you used me to make a statement. Even though I understand you only did it for business matters, I don't take that sort of thing lightly so I've got an invoice for you and your little sidekicks in the form of an ass-kicking." With that, Julius and Ropati storm the ring. Instantly, Julius catches Echo with a Claymore Kick whilst Ropati goes after Sellers which results in him being double teamed by The Godsent. Nonetheless, after Julius gets back to his feet, he helps out Ropati as the two former tag partners then lay a beating onto The Godsent, hitting each of their finishers whilst Echo is forced to watch from ringside. Afterwards, they push Delgado and Sellers out of the ring. As Echo checks on his partners, Julius and Ropati stand tall in the ring. FDS vs James Knight In the penultimate match of this week's episode of Carnage, the BPZ Hall Of Famer and five-year veteran, FDS, takes on one of the newer members of BPZ, James Knight. Despite an impressive run in his early days, Knight came up short at SummerSlam whilst FDS picked up a victory so the two men are not only at different stages in their career but also have opposite directions of momentum at the moment. Nevertheless, the bout is still very close as FDS is caught off-guard by a fired up Knight looking to get back to his winning ways. With FDS being one of the best technical performers in the business, he brings a new side out of Knight who usually sticks to explosive strikes and other impactful manoeuvres. Ultimately, FDS comes out on top but is impressed by the rookie, helping him to his feet before then celebrating. Whilst he is celebrating, FDS is interrupted by none other than the new force known as United Nations. The four men stand at the top of the stage in uniform before marching down to the ring and climbing onto the apron. Whilst most expect them to attack FDS, Caito in fact gets in the ring by himself and offers one of the marquee United Nations sweatshirts that they don. Despite shaking the hand of Caito, FDS only thanks him for the offer and doesn't accept it. With the four men left feeling disrespected, FDS leaves and heads to the back. Arius Looks Forward To His Next Challenge With the main event only moments away, Carnage is taken out of the legendary Madison Square Garden and to an eerie old-styled theatre with nothing but a microphone on a stand in the centre of the stage. Slowly, Rin Akane steps onto the stage with the BPZ North-American Championship in her hands. She stops in the middle before then, Arius steps out and walks up to the microphone. In suspense, he waits a few moments before finally speaking. Arius: "Many men have stepped up and many men have fallen. This nation is represented is honour, this championship is defended in honour and my opponents fall in honour. Upon the horizon, a giant is calling. Over the slain bodies of three other warriors, an intimidating figure stands with his eyes set on the gold that I represent with honour. With every challenge, I request the best out of my opponent so Mr. Sparks, the mountain that the bright light of the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion shines over, if you are going to by my next opponent, be prepared to perform at your best or you will not stand a chance. Every match, I ensure that I do not remiss for a second because my work in the ring is my art form. Mr. Sparks, the BPZ North-American Championship is in your sight but it's been in my grasp for months so I'll recite my request: bring your best version of yourself to our match at Bad Blood." After yet another compelling articulation from the BPZ North-American Champion, the lights in the theatre go out with nothing but Arius' comments to his next challenger, Bob Sparks, left to be fathomed. Bashka vs Yelich In the main event of the show, the BPZ Hall Of Famer and former multi-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bashka, takes on the three-year BPZ veteran, Yelich, who hasn't quite achieved the same accomplishments but is still fighting to get there with his mixed personalities making it more of a struggle than it is for most superstars. During what is a great main event between two competitors who in their shared three years in the company have never actually faced off. However, the thriller is brought to an abrupt ending when out of nowhere, Flynn slides into the ring and hits an FKO on Bashka. With Yelich startled, Flynn begins to laugh until Yelich then goes at it him but is also planted with an FKO. After interrupting the main event, Flynn doesn't even grab a microphone but instead just continues to laugh maniacally, even whilst making his exit, just leaving Bashka and Yelich laid out in the ring.
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    No One Man - Chapter 4: Danger Close ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I peered through the glass, leaning out the open window to get a better view. The sun slowly made its ascent, the light creeping through the crevices between the buildings. The few glimmers of light refracted off the dewy roofs of high rises and corner stores, creating tiny prisms of rainbows, sprinkled around the district. I kept reminding myself to focus my gaze on the building set on the edge of the area, with considerable distance between it and the next one. It seemed harrowing from this view, with the vibrant nightclub now reduced to an isolated building before opening. I sat pact, biding my time before the Don made his grand entrance. I hated this part of the job. It wasn’t my least favorite aspect of it, I mean I finally got think about ultimate meanings of life or whatever, didn’t have to talk to some of the characters I had to deal with. I zoomed my lens in further, studying the motorcade of vehicles arriving yo see if Don Dada would finally emerge from one of the unmistakably villainous SUVs. He finally clambered out of the center one, immediately surrounded by a fleet of goons. As expected, he got into work very early, getting in before him might as well have been impossible. I stifled a yawn, trying to maintain my line of sight as they entered the strip joint. I assumed I was supposed to now exit my nest and go out to examine the integrity of the club, but it was far from a fortress, and unless the walls were coated with diamond, it wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. I leaned back, putting the scope back in my pocket as I stared out into the distance, keeping the club in my general line of sight for the moment. I grabbed my phone off the windowsill, seeing the panic spreading through my contacts, all terrified by the news of the shiny, new Task Force X. Such a generic name. They had been quite successful since their launch, rolling up multiple cartel operations with surgical precision, which could not bode well for my employer. It didn't really matter to me, I doubted they even knew that I existed. I rose out of my seat, putting my phone in my pocket and slamming the window close. I wrestled another silk glove out of my pocket, putting it on my left hand. My mind ventured back to the scene at the Waffle House as I prepared to exit the house, thinking about the very employer who now seemed to be between a rock and a hard place. I only knew of him from reputation, and his reputation made me steer clear of him until this point. It wasn’t that I was scared, it was that I preferred not to willingly accept fights that I had to consider retreating from. El Hijo wasn’t supposed to be real, he was supposed to be a cartel myth meant to spook people from confrontation with the “Angeles del Infierno”, just like I wasn’t supposed to exist. Yet we sat there… and he was nervous. That likely wouldn’t be an alleviator of stress when his cartel is under siege. I started to have doubts about the viability of the operation, whether setting the underworld alight for a man who could be put in a grave any day now, leaving me without major employment while another power vacuum commenced. But I pushed the thoughts out my mind, I wasn’t really big on double-crossing the demons. I finally finished getting dressed, donning a black and white Nike tracksuit, and signature baggy hoodie concealing my vest. With my hood pulled low, I exited the apartment, glad I didn’t actually have to kill for this view. I slipped out the foreign hall down the steps, then exited the complex. I paced down the streets, with them finally deserted for a change. I navigated through the streets, moving away from the club. Eventually, I arrived at a second apartment complex. I swiped through the names on the directory until I found the one I was looking for, ringing it up. After some time passed, I was buzzed in. I clambered up the five sets of stairs, not being a big fan of elevator cameras, and reached the fifth floor. I scanned the foyer, looking for the particular apartment in question. I found it at last and knocked on the door. The door swung open, a woman stood in the doorway, quite excited to see me. She invited me in, biting her lip. Showing the way to her couch before she started to scurry towards presumably her bedroom. “Hold on,” I called, gesturing towards the coach as well. We both took a seat, a smile still on her lips. I wrestled out an envelope of cash, some ten thousand dollars was in it. I looked up at her, I think her name was Lana or something. I removed the cash from the envelope, counting it out loud as I thumbed through it. I placed the cash on the adjacent table before shifting my gaze back to her, her smile was no longer present instead her mouth hung open and a cloud of confusion lingered over her eyes. I didn’t know too much about her, she worked at Diamond of Atlanta as a bartender and had an OnlyFans, about all the information I needed before I contacted her. “Wh- what is this?” she demanded. I stood up, sliding the glove off my left hand. It always felt too weird. I circled the table, stopping when I was right across from her, still in shock from the stack I’d left on her table. I looked down at her, hoping that she wouldn’t be one to fold. I didn’t want this to run me too much money. “It’s Lana right?” I asked. She managed a nod before I continued, rounding the table again and taking a seat right before her. “Look, you’ll get this ten thousand…” I paused, seeing as she remained in the shock, I hadn’t quite gotten her to focus yet. I reached underneath my hoodie, feeling around for my track jacket pockets, each one containing an envelope with another twenty thousand. I grabbed one and set the cash on top of the green mound already on the table. I could see the shock begin to dissipate, the extra money eliciting a different response. I started up again. “Thirty thousand if you do me a simple favor. Whenever your boss leaves his office, I want to know. Let's say you’ll… text me a red heart every time he leaves with his boys, and a… heart eyes when he leaves alone. Everything goes through Snapchat, it’s the same name I messaged you with on OnlyFans. Got it?” She nodded, pursing her lips as I spoke, wanting to interject. I assumed it was the age-old question of why I needed her to do this, but she chose to remain silent. I pulled a final item from my pants pocket, a fingernail-sized drive that I carefully handed to her. “If you plant this on his car or phone, I’ll throw in an extra twenty thousand.” She again nodded her head, I began to smile. She didn’t seem like one to flake, the money had wonderfully played its part. Still, I leaned in closer still, until our heads were inches apart, feeling each and every one of each other's breaths. I finally spoke, keeping my voice hushed as I added a final statement. “If you cross me, I’ll kill you, if you mention that I exist, I’ll kill you. And there’s absolutely nobody who can stop me from doing just that.” I tapped the table with my left index finger as I finished delivering the chilling words. I felt the corroding pain gathered in my hand finally expel, spreading across the wood. I snapped as I stood, seeing the fear gather in her eyes as the table melted into a heap of cinders. I turned towards the door, leaving her glued to the couch as I ventured back out to the streets. There really wasn't ever much to surveillance: find a weakness, exploit a weakness, that’s how it went, time and time again. Don Dada was likely paranoid enough to never leave alone, always holed up in the office of his, if I missed once he’d disappear into a mass of security. I could’ve planned a false flag, but I didn’t want to wait too long and risk losing the cash I’d set up for the job. I could’ve tried to waltz back in, but after our last confrontation, I doubt he’d take a meeting with me without groveling. I had already fucked myself over before the op even started. I very seriously limited options on a man who didn’t leave many windows cracked open. I couldn't help but smile, that meant it’d be the most fun I’d had in months.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ SummerSlam | 1st September, 2019 | Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA Brenden Playz vs Sameer After the first-ever kickoff show, the biggest party of the Summer is underway and we are starting with a huge match-up, a grudge match with a blood feud behind it. After losing the BPZ Tag Team Championships, Big Ballers imploded as Sameer attacked Brenden and ever since, Sameer has consistently reminded Brenden of his failures and how he only held Sameer down. After trying to shut his former best friend up by forcing him to defend his Money In The Bank briefcase against BPZ Hall Of Famer and former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bashka failed, Brenden came to the realization to get rid of this problem is by facing Sameer himself, putting business to the side just this one time and laying a beating onto someone who he considered an extremely close friend. Further extending the excitement of the biggest party of the Summer, both Brenden and Sameer have special entrances heading into this match for the ages and noticeably, Sameer is alone, without Bob or Slim. At the start of the match, the hatred between the two is boiling over but as the two go to war, as they beat the living hell out of each other, emotions are all over the place as that hatred seems to be infused with the care that they still have for each other. Near the end of the match, Sameer hits a move on Brenden that causes the boss to hold his neck in pain and even forces the referee to keep Sameer away whilst he checks on him. Nevertheless, despite the concern that is prominent in Sameer eyes, he shakes it away as he knows this is his time to make it to the top of the mountain and thus, he puts the nail in the coffin, hits a Curb Stomp on the already hurt neck of Brenden and picks up the pinfall. After the match, Sameer can faintly be heard apologizing to Brenden before he gets to his feet and celebrates arguably the biggest win of his career. With Sameer defeating the boss and the Money In The Bank briefcase in his grasp, it seems as though Sameer is unstoppable right now. The Godsent vs Young & Free After an emotional bout between two best friends turned bitter rivals, we get set for the first tag team match of the show as Young & Free are set to make their in-ring debut against The Godsent. Over the past few months, we've seen Young & Free traveling the world and getting up to funny antics but one team that didn't find it humorous was The Godsent. Collectively, Delgado and Sellers picked on Cody Cage, mocking him and even spitting on him, which lead to Kieron Black confronting and attacking The Godsent as the two teams began to brawl, leading to this match here tonight. With The Godsent being the former #1 contenders to the BPZ Tag Team Championships so early on in their careers, it's clear that they are a very skilled and fluent tag team. Nevertheless, with the fans behind them the whole way, Cody and Prince of Young & Free are able to defeat The Godsent in their debut match as a team. Echo Wilson vs Hollow In the third match of the main show, we see the return of Blade's alter ego, Hollow, who for some unknown reason called Echo Wilson out to a match at SummerSlam. With Hollow having always been an unpredictable character, this wasn't anything out of the usual but even so, one has to worry for the safety of Echo Wilson in tonight's match as the hardcore-maniac, Hollow, is known for being quite dangerous and loving to inflict pain. Despite the concerns he may have stepping into this match, Echo Wilson doesn't back down at all, giving his all in a match where Hollow seems to be enjoying the pain inflicted on him by 'The Prince'. In the end, after a fairly even match-up, Hollow's eerie smile is finally whipped off his face as Echo hits the Bloody Sunday and picks up the pinfall. BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs Natedog Going back to the second round of the King Of The Ring tournament, Natedog defeated Arius to advance and even made it to the finals where he would lose to Bart at Wembley Stadium. Nevertheless, with a victory over the BPZ North-American Champion, Natedog would challenge him to a championship match and with Arius being a man that loves competition, he would accept the challenge. With Arius being very elegant in the ring and Natedog being an aggressive fighter, the contrast between their two styles plays out to make an interesting bout as the two have two very different approaches, resulting in a very competitive match. Ultimately, the finesse and polished in-ring style of Arius proves superior this time around as he puts the match to bed with The Sentence, gets the pinfall and retains his BPZ North-American Championship. BPZ North-American #1 Contender Match Benjamin Wolf vs Bob Sparks vs Joshua Scott vs KENJI Following the BPZ North-American Championship Match, we have a fatal four-way match to decide Arius' next challenger. After winning their respective qualifying matches, Wolf, Sparks, Scott, and KENJI now meet at the biggest party of the Summer as they each look to take that next step in their careers and in getting closer to the BPZ North-American Championship. With Wolf being the newest member of the roster, he is very much the dark horse in this match whilst the three others all seem like they could convincingly walk out of this match as the #1 contender. In the match itself, each competitor showcased their abilities in a match that might have lacked a story but definitely didn't lack highlights. From Wolf throwing himself around with seemingly no care for his body, to Bob using his size to dominate the smaller opponents, to Scott showing his gritty brawling style and finally, to KENJI exhibiting his expertise in Japanese strong style. In the end, Bob Sparks gets the victory after flattening Wolf with The Bob Bomb and getting the pinfall. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs James Ropati Since the break-up of The Saviours, the former BPZ Tag Team Champions, Julius Jones and James Ropati, have been down very different paths. Whilst Julius has had a dominant reign as BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Ropati has struggled to regain the momentum he had by Julius' side but at King Of The Ring, that all changed when Ropati won a fatal four-way match to earn his spot as the #1 contender to Julius' title. Now, the former BPZ Tag Team Champions face off at the biggest party of the Summer for one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling today. In a match that sees Ropati matched up against a much taller and heavier opponent, it is an uphill struggle for 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw' from the very start. Nevertheless, Ropati relies on what he knows best and uses his lethal kicks to chop the monstrous heavyweight down a size, bringing the match to the point where it's unclear on who is going to come out on top. However, as Ropati seems to be getting the better of Julius, the momentum completely swings back towards the Australian's favor after a devastating Claymore Kick. To make sure Ropati stays down for the three count, Julius lifts him back to his feet and hits a Hell's Welcome and then gets the pinfall. After the match, Julius is celebrating when he turns around to see Ropati glaring at him. At first, the two stare each other down but then they both smile and share a hug as the former BPZ Tag Team Champions embrace each other. Then, out of nowhere, they are both struck from behind by Maddrix Delgado and Odyssey Sellers before Echo Wilson slides into the ring, aiding The Godsent in their attack despite some thinking he may be here to help his former Kingdom brother. With both Julius and Ropati laid out, Echo Wilson, Maddrix Delgado, and Odyssey Sellers pose above them with smug grins across all of their faces as a new force seems to have united. Bashka vs Slim After a hiatus from BPZ, Slim returned at King Of The Ring in controversial fashion as he interfered in the match between Bashka and Sameer for the Money In The Bank briefcase, ensuring that Sameer got the victory. Since then, Slim has explained that Sameer simply offered him the right amount of the money for the job but Bashka took it a lot more personal and therefore requested a match against Slim at SummerSlam. With these two both being former BPZ World Heavyweight Champions but having a very different timeline in BPZ, this match is intriguingly close. With Bashka failing to get any real big victories as of late, it's clear that he is frustrated whilst Slim seems much more relaxed and carefree which ultimately gets him the win as Bashka gets ahead of himself, giving Slim the opportunity to hit the Essential Eliminator which would mark the end of the match as Slim gets the pinfall following it. BPZ Tag Team Championship Ladder Match Royal Flush (c) vs Buddy & Bishop vs First Class Express vs SSW Club In a four-way ladder match, the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Royal Flush, are set to defend their titles against Buddy & Bishop, First Class Express, and SSW Club. After Buddy & Bishop called out Royal Flush, the champions came to the ring but so did First Class Express and finally, SSW Club who attacked the three other teams, sparking a brawl between all of them. Following this, Royal Flush announced that they will defend their titles against all three teams in a ladder match. As expected, this match is a very exciting one with plenty of spots involving the ladders from each competitor. Within the chaos, the top two moments were first, Hans hitting a springboard 450 splash onto Buddy Ace laid underneath a ladder on the outside and second, Sheridan diving from the top of a ladder through a table with Bulldozer laid out on it. At the end of it all, despite Maasa running interference to try and help his fellow SSW Club members, Xavier King grabs the belts before dropping one down to his partner, Hans Clayton, as First Class Express is crowned as the brand new BPZ Tag Team Champions. Flynn vs Necce In the semi-main event, we see a match that has seen many renditions but this time around, 'The Antichrist' seems more violent, dangerous, and devilish than ever as he looks to bring down his former best friend who has been especially successful in his matches as of late, Flynn. With this match-up being a classic, the two men make special entrance just like Brenden and Sameer did at the start of the show. In the match, it becomes clear that Necce isn't the same man that we've seen in the past or even recently in his Antichrist Corner episodes. This version of Necce, known as 'The Antichrist', is like something straight from hell as it takes strikes from Flynn like they're nothing. Even when Flynn hits the FKO, a move that usually ends matches, The Antichrist only stays down for a few seconds. Nevertheless, it seems as though Flynn came prepared as with the referee down for only a few seconds, Flynn is able to pull out a brass knuckle from his trunks and absolutely pummel the life out of The Antichrist until it's no longer moving. After kicking it to make sure it's not just playing possum, Flynn lifts The Antichrist to its feet and plants it with an FKO before then hitting another and then getting the three count. After the match, Flynn sits back and looks down at the bloody mess that he has left The Antichrist in and begins to laugh. Whilst staring at the bleeding body of his former best friend, Flynn chuckles to himself in a fashion almost as creepy as The Antichrist itself. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Bart Hoogveld With the biggest party of the Summer coming to a close, we finish off with the main event in which The Bailey defends his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against King Of The Ring winner, Bart Hoogveld, in the Dutch man's first-ever shot at the title. Furthermore, this is the first time these two have ever faced one on one which only adds to how momentous this match is and just like the opening match and semi-main event, both men make special entrances. As the match begins, the crowd is seemingly split down the middle between 'The People's Champ', The Bailey, and 'The Villian' who won the hearts of some fans with his performances in the King Of The Ring tournament, Bart Hoogveld. Just as close as the fan support is, so is the match itself as both of these men put everything on the line for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. However, in the closing moments, as it seems as though Bart is about capture the title for his first time ever in his first-ever shot at the title, the theme of Sameer blasts around the arena as the crowd erupts! As Sameer darts down the ramp, The Bailey hits a spear on the distracted Bart but is too exhausted to even stay on his feet. After sliding into the ring, Sameer cashes in the Money In The Bank briefcase and stalks The Bailey, hitting a superkick on him. As Sameer then looks for the Curb Stomp on The Bailey, he notices Bart crawling back into the ring so he hits a superkick on him, sending Bart back to the outside. Then, Sameer goes for the Curb Stomp on The Bailey but it is reversed and The Bailey almost hits the GOATplex. However, Sameer slips off of The Bailey's shoulders, hits a superkick to the back of his head and then finally hits the Curb Stomp! Sameer hooks both legs and gets the three count! Sameer has cashed in and is the new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! In the ring, Sameer celebrates with Bob who was watching nervously from ringside the whole time. What a way to end SummerSlam! Prediction Results
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 5th August, 2019 | PPG Paints Arena | Pittsburgh, PA Royal Flush Continue On As BPZ Tag Team Champions Two weeks removed from King Of The Ring, Carnage kicks off as the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Royal Flush, make their way out after retaining their titles against The Godsent at the pay-per-view. As they get in the ring, they hold their titles up high before lowering them as they begin to talk. Jonathan: "After all the trash-talking, after all the self-developed hype, after all the promises, The Godsent came up short at King Of The Ring and Royal Flush, well we successfully defended our titles and proved that everything Maddrix and Odyssey were saying was false." Sheridan Muller: "They claimed that we didn't deserve to be the champions, they claimed that we would disappoint and that we would run this division to the ground yet at King Of The Ring, we proved that we belong on top of this division." Jonathan: "However, we understand that this is only the beginning and that we will be facing many more threats trying to take our crowns. In fact, the next upcoming pay-per-view is the biggest party of the Summer, SummerSlam and we know that everyone backstage is going to be hungry to prove themselves on such a big stage." Sheridan Muller: "But we're ready. Since forming Royal Flush, since winning these titles, we haven't stopped working and furthering our abilities as a tag team. That's why we're excited for SummerSlam. We're excited to perform as champions on the big stage. We're excited to prove why we are the BPZ Tag Team Champions yet again." Jonathan: "Usually, they say that the champions need to be aware of everyone having their eyes on their gold but this time, we're saying that you need to watch yourselves, make sure you impress over the next coming weeks and prove yourselves as a highly-credible tag team because if you want this championship shot at SummerSlam, you're going to need to step up." After sending out a notice to the whole tag division, the champions drop their microphones and share a fist bump. They then raise their titles for the last time before leaving the ring and heading to the back. Bob Sparks vs Mave Deltzer In the first match of the night, the powerful big-man in Bob Sparks goes one on one with Mave Deltzer. As of recent, Bob has been at the side of Sameer who joins him at ringside here tonight but Slim, the hitman hired by Sameer, is nowhere to be seen as obviously his relationship with Sameer and Bob isn't a personal one. As many would have expected, Bob Sparks dominates the majority of this matchup, limiting Mave to very little offense. After a devastating Bob Bomb, he lifts up the lifeless body of Mave and locks in the Bear Hug until the referee is forced to stop the match. Meanwhile, Sameer cheers on from ringside as he watches a great performance from his ally. After the match, the two celebrate in the ring together. Natedog Calls Out The BPZ North-American Champion After coming so close to winning the King Of The Ring tournament for a second time and correcting all the mistakes he made when he originally won it years ago, a troubled Natedog makes his way to the ring with a microphone. As the veteran stands in the ring, there is clearly something irritating him and he begins to speak on it. Natedog: "Again. Again. Again I failed to win the King Of The Ring tournament. Ever since I won it and failed to cash-in successfully, this tournament has haunted my career. People call me Mr. King Of The Ring in celebration of my repeated success in the tournament each year but I don't see it that way, I see it as a curse. Every year, everyone expects me to do well, everyone only gets excited about my name when it's in this damn tournament and frankly, I'm sick of it." As Natedog lowers the microphone after letting off a bit of steam, he takes in a deep breath but he is still visibly frustrated as moments later, he continues to rant. Natedog: "I'm sick of management only caring about me for this tournament. I'm sick of people only supporting me for this tournament. I've proven time and time again that I can hang with the top competitors in this company so there's no more waiting around, I'm breaking the restraints and I'm going on the hunt... Arius! The BPZ North-American Champion! I eliminated you from King Of The Ring and now, I'm coming for your title!" After calling out the BPZ North-American Champion, Arius, Natedog throws his microphone at the floor and storms to the back, with a pure determination covering his face. First Class Express vs The Thundermans In the second match of the night, First Class Express, Hans Clayton & Xavier King, take on The Thundermans, Arrow & Steph Thunderman. Despite losing to Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop at King Of The Ring, First Class Express are still considered one of the best teams in the division whereas The Thundermans make their debut as a team here tonight but with that being said, they have spent their lives together as brothers. In the match, First Class Express is able to control most of the match but it is clear from early on that The Thundermans have great chemistry and are very fluent when they get things going. Ultimately, First Class Express is able to put finish the match off with a pinfall after a First Class Flight to Steph. Angelo Caito Explains His Italian Heritage In an undisclosed location, we see Angelo Caito sat on a leather chair with the background being what looks like an expensive hotel but with an Italian flag hung up. Noticeably, the Nanovirus alter-ego of Caito is nowhere to be seen. Angelo Caito: "Hello and welcome. This is a United Nations serviced story. As a BPZ Superstar, I've spent a lot of time in the United States but my family actually originated from Italy, the country of the finest luxuries and the most beautiful art. As the greatest ever wrestler from my country, as the figurehead of my nation, I promise to lead the charge and finally make BPZ realize the great potential that Italy beholds because it literally disgusts me having to spend every day in this awful, overrated, trash-filled country named the United States, and the best part is that I'm not the only one..." After a strange but clear and offensive message from Angelo Caito, despite him hinting that he is joined by someone, the camera fades to black as a "United Nations" logo appears on the screen. Buddy Ace vs Echo Wilson In tonight's third match, Buddy Ace takes on Echo Wilson in singles action. At King Of The Ring, it was Buddy Ace that was revealed as Jack Bishop's tag partner as the two then went on to defeat First Class Express. On the other hand, Echo Wilson didn't have an as successful night as he came up short in a fatal four-way to decide the BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contender. Nevertheless, here tonight, both men put on a good performance as they go back and forth but in the end, Echo Wilson shows that he is still a threat to the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, as he gets the pinfall on Ace after a phenomenal Stardust Stomp. After the match, Echo Wilson celebrates his victory but is suddenly interrupted as the lights in the arena cut out. On the titan-tron, we see the creepy face of Hollow before the screen glitches and Hollow disappears as everything returns to normal. The Bailey Will Be Back Before tonight's main event, Josh Trenton is backstage and he is joined by The Bailey, who still doesn't look like his usual charismatic self after having to battle his own brother at King Of The Ring in order to retain his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Josh Trenton: "Bailey, as of late, it seems as though you haven't quite been yourself. This is understandable as you had to physically fight your own brother, Monda, but I was wondering if you had any comments on the situation?" The Bailey: "Any comments? No, The Bailey doesn't have any comments. The Bailey knows that that is in the past and that The Bailey must look to the future as at SummerSlam, he faces the 2019 King Of The Ring winner, Bart Hoogveld, for The Bailey's BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. See, The Bailey may have been troubled by having to fight his own damn brother but The Bailey isn't ashamed. In fact, next week, tune in because The Bailey will be back to his candyass-kicking self as he competes in a singles match in the main event of Carnage!" After announcing that he will be competing next week, The Bailey stares at the camera intensely, taking off his shades and raising his eyebrows, before then leaving Trenton to himself. The Marker vs Slim In the main event of this week's episode of Carnage, The Marker looks to prove himself against a multi-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Slim. Since returning at King Of The Ring, Slim has made it clear that he isn't here to impress anybody and is simply in it for the materialistic values. In the match, Slim wrestles with a lot less passion and meaning. Instead, he is just focused on hurting The Marker enough to get the victory but that doesn't sit too well with the rough, gritty, hard-hitting, Irishman. After all, Slim is able to put The Marker down for the three-count after an Essential Eliminator. Immediately after winning, Slim exits the ring and heads to the back, not even letting the referee raise his hand but as he reaches the stage, Bashka comes running out and attacks Slim! Bashka starts going at Slim as it was Slim who cost Bashka in his match against Sameer at King Of The Ring. After Bashka lays quite a few shots into Slim, Slim is able to push Bashka away before hitting him with a low blow and then an Essential Eliminator. Slim would then stand tall over Bashka, trash-talking the veteran before heading to the back.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 29th July, 2019 | Verizon Arena | North Little Rock, AR Welcome The New King Of The Ring One night attached from King Of The Ring, the man who went all the way to the finals, became the fifth official BPZ King Of The Ring, and guaranteed himself a spot in the main event of SummerSlam, Bart Hoogveld, kicks off Carnage in the ring with a microphone. Bart Hoogveld: "Last night, after weeks of competition in which I defeated Bob Sparks, Hans Clayton and Julius Jones, I faced the last man left in my way to a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, Natedog. Last night, after a long-fought, gruelling battle with the man dubbed as Mr. King Of The Ring, I walked out victorious as your 2019 King Of The Ring winner! That means that right now, I'm the hottest thing going in this company. That means that at SummerSlam, I get to go one on one with the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and finally claim my spot at the top of BPZ." For a moment, Bart pauses as he receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. After they settle down, Bart goes to start talking again but can't stop himself from laughing. Once he has composed himself, Bart continues speaking. Bart Hoogveld: "Talking of the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, it seems as though he's not himself at the moment. Frankly, I find it hilarious how the biggest trash talker in the game, the champion that hypes himself up past the moon, crumbled just at the thought of facing his brother, and that's the difference between myself and The Bailey. I'm a competitor, a wrestler, a fighter. Nothing I do here is personal, it's my profession, it's all business. On the other hand, The Bailey is nothing but an entertainer, an act, who devotes too much time to trying to impress everyone around him. That's why, at SummerSlam, I will show you exactly what the difference is when I defeat The Bailey and rightfully, take the throne." With a strong message sent, Bart drops the microphone, lets off one final smirk into the camera, and then leaves the ring. Benjamin Wolf vs FDS In tonight's first match, after missing out on competing at King Of The Ring, FDS competes tonight against the debuting Benjamin Wolf. At first, FDS would be unsure about how to approach this new, ghoulish, uncanny superstar who has half of his face covered by the face of a skeleton. However, as FDS becomes more comfortable with Wolf, he is able to show his incredible technical ability as 'The Wrestler' dominates the majority of the match. In the end, FDS is able to put Wolf away with a WRSTLMaker. Mikey Leaves A Cryptic Message For The BPZ Universe After the first match of the night, Carnage is taken out of the arena to an undisclosed location where there is an eerie setting of a dark room, with the only clearly visible objects being a desk and a chair. Suddenly, the chair spins around and sat in it is Mikey Dikey, who begins to talk with a sinister tone whilst playing with a switchblade in his hands. Mikey Dikey: "BPZ Wrestling... The number one sports entertainment company in the world. Did you hear that? Sports entertainment, because everyone watching, all the fans, the hopeful kids, they want to be entertained. By watching us suffer, by seeing us inflict pain on each other, they want to be entertained. If they don't like you, they will cheer as you are beaten down, as you are dismantled. If they don't like you, they will boo as you achieve your greatest accomplishments and earn your biggest victories. Yet, they tell me I'm too malevolent, they tell me that I'm too vicious. This society is twisted and the people in it are wicked... But you know what they say, there's no rest for the wicked." With Mikey's final ominous words rolling off his tongue, he stops playing with the switchblade before suddenly stabbing it into the wooden desk he is sat at. The segment then ends with Mikey breathing heavily, looking down at the desk, and grabbing his hair in frustration. SSW Club vs Alex Costa & Sir Raven After Joshua Scott's disappointing loss to Flynn at King Of The Ring, two of the other members of SSW Club, Bulldozer & Epic McDonald, that have been able to recover from Flynn's attacks, compete tonight in tag team action against Alex Costa & Sir Raven, who are competing together as a team for the first time. Ultimately, SSW Club is able to come out on top but their celebrations are cut short as Flynn comes out and once again, beats down the members of SSW Club. As Flynn looks down on them, the lights go out and when they come back on, Necce is stood behind Flynn! In confusion, Flynn turns around to an Antichrist Revolution from Necce! Above the wreckage in the ring stands Necce as he makes an emphatic return, attacking his long-term rival, Flynn. The Young & Free Return To The United States After the King Of The Ring tour around Europe, Carnage has returned to the United States with tonight's show being in North Little Rock. At the closest airport, Young & Free's flight is only just arriving. As the team walk through the airport, they seem to be having some disagreements. Cody Cage: "I'm telling you, it wasn't my fault!" Prince: "You literally used my boarding ticket as toilet paper!" Cody Cage: "And I told you, there wasn't any actual toilet paper left!" Prince: "Tell him, Kieron. Tell him he's being stupid." Kieron Black: "I need a drink." Without waiting for the other two's response, Kieron heads towards the bar in the airport and orders himself some whiskey. Behind him, Cody and Prince follow. Prince: "Shouldn't we be heading to our hotel?" Kieron pauses, puts down his drink and then stares at Prince, who now looks as though he regrets asking that. Then, Kieron gives Prince a somewhat aggressive pat on the back. Kieron Black: "Calm down, mate. Here, I can get you some apple juice if you want. What about you Cody? What do you want?" Cody Cage: "Woo! It's drinking time!" Kieron laughs at the excitement of Cody whereas Prince just looks annoyed. With that, Young & Free made it to Arkansas but weren't able to make it out of the Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport. Hans Clayton vs James Knight In the third bout of the night, after First Class Express' loss to Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop last night, Hans Clayton competes in singles action against 'The Demented Knight' James Knight, who has been pretty impressive since debuting in the King Of The Ring tournament. After exciting performances from both men, the match comes down to the wire but after dodging Knight's Knight Fall and catching him with a Pele kick, Hans is able to set up and hit a mesmerizing Shooting Hans Press. Sameer Is Still Your Mr. Money In The Bank Before the main event, the theme of Sameer hits to a massive amount of boos. He walks onto the stage but pauses as he waits for his new henchmen, Bob Sparks and Slim, to join him. The three then walk to the ring, with Sameer carrying a microphone and his Money In The Bank briefcase. Sameer: "After I made a decision to better my career, my own boss tried to screw me by forcing me to defend my right to a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. I was forced to defend my Money In The Bank briefcase even though it's a briefcase, not a damn championship. Anyway, it didn't worry me because I knew I would defeat Bashka, because quite simply, I'm better than him. To be honest, I'm better than the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey too, as well as the newest King Of The Ring, Bart Hoogveld. Simply, I'm better than all of them." At this point, Sameer is interrupted by a chorus of boos from the crowd and he responds by looking confused. He then carries on talking. Sameer: "Boo me? You want to boo me? Well, that's okay because I've never needed any of you. Especially now that I've made some new friends. Firstly, Bob Sparks is the hottest rising star in this company but he realized that if he wanted to make it to the top, he needed a solidified superstar, one of the greats, so I agreed to help him. As for Sli-" Just as Sameer is about to talk about Slim, Slim himself interrupts Sameer as he asks for the microphone. Slim: "After serving this company for years, after carrying this company on my back, I came to the realization that I'm bigger than all of this. I came to the realization that I'm worth more than this. However, with a little bit of extra cash on top of my BPZ contract, Sameer regained my interest so that's why I'm back, as the most lethal hitman in the game." Sameer: "See, I'm helping these two and in return, they're just making sure that Brenden doesn't screw me even further. Oh and one last thing, Brenden, I hope you don't think this is over. I still haven't forgiven you and I will be coming for you." After sending his threat to Brenden, Sameer drops the microphone before turning and embracing his newest allies. The three then return to the back, looking like a menacing force. KENJI vs James Ropati In the main event of the night, after becoming the number one contender to the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring, James Ropati takes on one of the top rising stars in KENJI, as 'The Sendai Supernova' competes in his first main event match. In the match itself, there's a lot of powerful strikes as 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw' trades blows with KENJI, a young star with a wrestling style that is a throwback to the traditional Japanese Puroresu style. In the end, after a hard-fought battle from both men, Ropati is able to put KENJI away with a Kiwi Kick as he continues to look as lethal as ever.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ King Of The Ring | 28th July, 2019 | Wembley Stadium | London, EN Flynn vs Joshua Scott In tonight's opening contest, after a war between Flynn and SSW Club over the past few weeks, Flynn finally meets the leader of SSW Club, Joshua Scott, in the ring. It would be Flynn claiming himself as the most dangerous force in BPZ that would attract the attention of the infamous SSW Club. However, Flynn would reply to them beating him down by taking each member of the club out individually. Now, he looks to finish the job tonight by taking down the leader. As expected, Bulldozer and Maasa join Scott at ringside but the fourth member, Epic, is still recovering from the injuries inflicted by Flynn. Either way, this doesn't phase Flynn who remains fully focused on beating the hell out of Josh. The match itself sees Flynn prove himself as a better competitor in the ring, dominating most of the match, until SSW Club members get involved, helping Josh gain the advantage. In the end, Flynn is able to fight away the outside interference and pick up the pinfall on Josh after a nasty FKO. First Class Express vs Jack Bishop & Mystery Partner In the first tag team bout of the night, arguably the next in line for a shot at the BPZ Tag Team Championships, First Class Express, take on a brand new team in Jack Bishop and a mystery partner of his choosing. Before the match, Jack Bishop makes his entrance before then revealing his partner as Buddy Ace! To the surprise of everyone, including First Class Express, Bishop & Ace click instantly, wrestling like they have been a team for years. This catches King & Clayton off-guard and gives Bishop & Ace the upper-hand early-on. Nevertheless, First Class Express come back to make it a competitive match-up but in the end, the new team of Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop come out on top, making a huge impact in their first match as a team. BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs George AK After a disappointing loss in the King Of The Ring semi-finals, it was announced that Arius would be defending his North-American title at the pay-per-view against a man who showed a completely new, aggressive side to himself in the tournament, George AK. In the match, the champion continues to prove why he has been dubbed as the top star of the new generation by putting on a masterclass in the ring. On the other hand, George continues to show his new-found aggressiveness, attempting to injure Arius rather than just beat him. Nevertheless, Arius manages to avoid any serious harm from George and is also able to get the victory after hitting The Sentence, retaining the BPZ North-American Championship once again. BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contender Match Echo Wilson vs James Knight vs James Ropati vs The Marker Alongside the two champions who were eliminated from the King Of The Ring tournament in the semi-finals being given matches, four BPZ superstars who have also been impressive over the past month were also given a match, with the winner earning the right to be the #1 contender to the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. In a cluster of highlights, each superstar would show why they were given this opportunity, with all of them getting to show what they can do in the ring. The newest star to BPZ, James Knight, would be hot out the gates but the vicious style of The Marker would soon slow him down. Ultimately, Echo Wilson and James Ropati would be the two favorites to win, and it would be The Kiwi Buzzsaw who would pick up the win after a Kiwi Kick to The Marker. BPZ Money In The Bank Briefcase Match Sameer (c) vs Bashka After Big Ballers would lose their BPZ Tag Team Championships, Sameer would beat down Brenden Playz, claiming that he's done nothing but hold him down. Despite trying to act professional, the constant mocking from Sameer would push Brenden to retaliate and he would do so by forcing Sameer to defend his Money In The Bank briefcase against a former multi-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bashka. The match would see Sameer clawing to keep his opportunity at becoming world champion whilst Bashka would be fighting to reclaim his spot at the top of the BPZ mountain. With two storied careers colliding, emotions would be high until Sameer's newest henchman, Bob Sparks, would attempt to interfere. However, Brenden himself would come out and take out Bob, stopping him from helping Sameer, before then turning around into an Essential Eliminator by Slim! SLIM IS BACK AND HE JUST TOOK CARE OF THE BOSS! With the referee down, Slim then hits an Essential Eliminator on Bashka before Sameer finishes the job and picks up the pinfall. After the match, Sameer stands in the ring proudly, holding his briefcase, alongside both Bob and Slim. BPZ Tag Team Championships Match Royal Flush (c) vs The Godsent With the King Of The Ring tournament taking place, a lot less attention has been given to the tag team division but that hasn't stopped The Godsent from voicing their opinions on the current champions. After winning a #1 contender match at Judgement Day, The Godsent have criticized Royal Flush's capabilities as champions and have promised that once they win the titles, they will restore greatness to the tag division. Tonight, The Godsent look to follow through on their promises whilst Royal Flush look to prove that they can be great champions. Straight out the gates, it's clear that The Godsent is a lot hungrier as they start at a high-pace, very intense level, targetting the veteran, Jonathan. After a hot tag, Sheridan gets Royal Flush back into the match, proving The Godsent wrong as they stated that she was the obvious weak link of the team. This allows for Royal Flush to get the victory. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs FDS Similarly to Arius, after Julius was eliminated from the King Of The Ring tournament, it was announced that he would be defending his title at the pay-per-view and his opponent would be FDS, who recently reformed himself, purely focusing on wrestling from now on. After an explosive start from the champion, the more experienced superstar in FDS slows the match down, focusing on mat wrestling to tire the big man down. Nevertheless, Julius proves just how powerful he is by eventually quickening the pace of the match, allowing him to catch FDS with a devastating Claymore Kick and pick up the pinfall, retaining the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Monda In probably the most personal match of the night, The Bailey defends his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against his own brother, Monda. After successfully defending his title at Judgement Day, The Bailey would challenge any BPZ superstar to face him for the title at King Of The Ring. To his surprise, his brother, Monda, would answer, claiming that it is finally his time to be in the spotlight. Since then, The Bailey hasn't quite been himself, turning down interviews, not wanting to talk to anyone. Clearly, this is a very personal matter that The Bailey isn't pleased with. When the match starts, The Bailey instantly walks out the ring and up the ramp, ignoring Monda shouting at him to get back in the ring until Monda goes too far. At that moment, The Bailey rushes back into the ring and the two brothers go to war! Ultimately, after a very emotional bout, The Bailey is able to defeat his brother but for once, he doesn't care about the gold, he instead tends to his brother and makes sure he is okay. After sharing a hug, Monda leaves The Bailey to celebrate yet another successful defense. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bart Hoogveld vs Natedog In the main event, after four weeks and fourteen matches, the King Of The Ring tournament finally comes to a close with the finals between Bart Hoogveld and Natedog. After an injury purposely inflicted by George AK, there were questions as to whether Natedog would be continuing in this tournament but now he is in the finals. However, his opponent is not one to overlook. Over the past year or so, Bart Hoogveld has been one of the best competitors in the whole company and looks to finally secure his place on top through winning the King Of The Ring tournament. Throughout this match, Nate struggles to keep up with Bart due to his injured leg and Bart isn't afraid to take advantage of that, directing most of his attacks towards the injury. Nevertheless, Nate refuses to quit, kicking out over and over. In fact, Nate manages to survive so long that both himself and Bart become completely tired out, fighting just off of instinct. In the end, Bart is finally able to put Mr. King Of The Ring to bed with a Cardiac Arrest that would put Nate to sleep as he would refuse to tap out. With that, Bart Hoogveld is crowned as the 2019 King Of The Ring and will challenge for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam! Prediction Results
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 22nd July, 2019 | 3Arena | Dublin, IE Bashka Confronts Sameer Before Their Match On the go-home episode of Carnage for King Of The Ring, Sameer kicks tonight off by walking out to the ring with a microphone in hand and addressing the recent events that have occurred between himself and the chairman of BPZ, Brenden Playz. Sameer: "Complete and utter injustice! I earned this Money In The Bank briefcase! I put my body on the line to defeat five other men for a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on my own terms. What I wasn't told was that I could be forced to defend that shot. What I wasn't told was that the boss could take from me a title shot that I rightfully deserve. It is total abuse of power and I'm not going to-" As Sameer is complaining about the recent decisions of the chairman, Brenden Playz, the man that Sameer will defend his Money In The Bank briefcase against, Bashka, interrupts him. Bashka: "What are you doing? Did you really think that the best way to start the show was to waste everyone's time, stood in the ring, whining just because things aren't going your way? When you betray the guy that owns this place, what do you really expect to happen? Did you really think what you did would come with no consequence? Either way, at King Of The Ring, it's me versus you for that beautiful briefcase and you can bet that I'm taking that shot away from you, cashing it in on Bailey and finally, after all these years of climbing back up the mountain, I will be back on top! Now, excuse me as I have a match but please stay and watch as I set an example of what I'm going to do to you this weekend." After Bashka's response, Sameer simply looks at the Hall Of Famer and bursts out laughing, not taking anything he just said seriously. As he exits the ring, Sameer pats Bashka on the shoulder before returning to the back, ignoring Bashka's invitation to watch from ringside. Bashka vs The Marker Following his confrontation with Sameer, Bashka competes in the first match of the night against The Marker. At King Of The Ring, Bashka will be competing in a one on one match against Sameer for the Money In The Bank briefcase whilst The Marker doesn't yet have a match for the event but perhaps this is his opportunity to earn one. In this match, the two men go back and forth with the grittiness of The Marker being very prominent. Nevertheless, it is clear that Bashka, the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, is of a higher caliber as he is able to come out victorious, gaining momentum heading into this weekend. However, as Bashka is celebrating, he is attacked from behind! Despite most people assuming it would be Sameer, it is actually Bob Sparks! Bob Sparks beats down Bashka until he stops moving. That's when Sameer walks out, clapping his hands with a huge smug grin on his face, as it becomes clear that Sameer has found himself some muscle. An Injury Report On Natedog Is Given In the backstage area, Natedog is in the doctor's office as the injury caused by George AK last week in the King Of The Ring tournament may result in Natedog having to forfeit the tournament. Natedog: "So how is it looking, doc?" Doctor: "Your left ankle is sprained, which usually isn't too bad, but there is a concern that you may have torn or ruptured a tendon, which can take anywhere from three to six weeks to heal. Therefore, under our advice, you shouldn't compete tonight as it may cause these tears to worsen." As the doctor explains to Natedog his situation, he sits up in a panic and starts rambling to the doctor, begging him to let him compete. Natedog: "But you said I may have torn a tendon, not that I have. You can't just take me out of the tournament on a hunch. Please, I-" Suddenly, the door flies open as a security guard and a referee rush into the office, carrying Epic McDonald of SSW Club with them. Following them is the rest of SSW Club, lead by Joshua Scott who is filled with anger as for the second time in two weeks, a member of his group has been attacked. First Class Express vs Jack Bishop & Mave Deltzer In the second match of the night, First Class Express take on Jack Bishop & Mave Deltzer in the first and only tag team action of this week's Carnage. Once again, Jack Bishop is competing with a new tag-team partner as he continues to try and find the right partner. On the other hand, First Class Express are looking to finally prove themselves as title contenders after being an impressive team for the time they've been together. The match itself turns out pretty one-sided as the difference in experience and chemistry is obvious. In the end, Deltzer makes a mistake which ends up in First Class Express finishing him off and picking up the pinfall. After the match, as First Class Express is walking to the back, Jack Bishop grabs a microphone. Whilst puffing and panting, still exhausted from the match, Bishop begs for another opportunity. Jack Bishop: "Hans! Xavier! Give me a rematch! I came so close to beating one of the best teams this division has to offer. I know I can do it, I just need the right partner. At King Of The Ring, let's do this again but this time, I'll bring a better partner." As Bishop looks to First Class Express longingly, the pair look at each other before nodding, agreeing to the rematch at King Of The Ring where Bishop will have a mystery partner. A Face-To-Face Interview With The Bailey And Monda For the second time in tonight's show, we return to the backstage area but this time, Josh Trenton is sat in a media room. Josh Trenton: "Hello, BPZ Universe! Tonight, I will be conducting a face-to-face interview with The Bailey and Monda. This involves the two superstars sitting across from each other as I ask them questions so please, welcome our guests." After Trenton's introduction, both The Bailey and Monda walk into the shot and take a seat. However, The Bailey seems to already be enraged whilst Monda is more unsure about the situation. Josh Trenton: "Hello, The Bailey. Hello, Monda. I would like to start this interview off by having each of you explain what your match at King Of The Ring means to you. Monda, you first." Monda: "At King Of The Ring, after five years in this company, I get my first-ever shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. After five years of watching my friends and even my own brother overshadow me, overlook me, I get a shot to prove that I can hang with the top tier of BPZ. For years, I've been parading around as the funny, wholesome, face of America but now, finally, after so long, I get the opportunity to be the face of BPZ. Therefore, to me, this match at King Of The Ring means everything and that's why, despite the promise me and my brother, Bailey, made, I took this opportunity. This means everything to me." Josh Trenton: "And now you, The Bailey" As it comes to The Bailey's turn to speak, not a single word comes out. The usual loud-mouthed trash-talking champion is completely speechless. Instead, he just stares at his brother, Monda, and the emotion can be seen in his eyes. Suddenly, the normally cool and composed champion bursts out of his seat, causing it to fall over, before marching straight out the room. Behind him is left a shocked Josh Trenton and a conflicted Monda. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bart Hoogveld vs Julius Jones As the King Of The Ring tournament continues, arguably the biggest match-up of the tournament so far is upon us as the former Kingdom members, Bart Hoogveld and Julius Jones, battle it out to earn a spot in the finals. As expected, this match is an absolute spectacle as the heat between these two builds further and further throughout the match. Ultimately, after a magnificent battle, Bart is able to come out on top as he heads to the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament with a victory over last years winner, making him the favourite to win it all. Flynn Says Joshua Scott Is Next Before tonight's main event, Flynn comes to the ring with a microphone and a message for SSW Club who attacked him two weeks ago. Since then, Flynn has enacted his revenge on one member, Bulldozer, and looks to do the same again this weekend when he faces their leader, Joshua Scott. Flynn: "Yes, Josh, it was me. I did beat the living hell out of Bulldozer last week and I did beat the living hell out of Epic earlier tonight as well. One by one, I have systematically destroyed your club and at King Of The Ring, I finish the job. At King Of The Ring, I'm ending the war that you started and I hope that then, you realize how worthless you and your club is." After a glance at his fists, Flynn stops speaking and rubs his knuckles instead. He then shakes his hand as if it hurts before suddenly stopping and staring at a certain point on his hand as he begins to speak again. Flynn: "See, I claimed to be the most dangerous force in BPZ because I am whereas you did it to impress the fans and scare the other superstars. Well, right now, I'm looking at the blood of one-quarter of the self-proclaimed most dangerous force in BPZ on my fist that is still aching from beating down Epic earlier. Honestly, I'm finding it hard to believe that any of you are dangerous at all but I guess I'll find out at King Of The Ring when I face the ring leader." Happy with his work, Flynn lets off a smirk before dropping the microphone and returning to the back after revealing it was him that attacked Epic McDonald earlier in the show. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Arius vs Natedog Despite concern about his injury as shown earlier in the show, just as they are about to announce a replacement for Natedog, his theme hits and he comes storming out as the crowd here in Dublin go insane! Nevertheless, in the main event of tonight's show, Natedog goes one on one with one of the most dominant forces in BPZ today, Arius, as they both battle to make it to the King Of The Ring finals this weekend. Throughout the whole match, the crowd continues to cheer for the Irishman, Natedog, firing him up to overcome the odds against Arius. Every time that it seems as though Nate has the upper hand, Arius finds a way to gain the advantage back through his incredibly versatile skill set. In the end, it comes down to the wire as Nate only just gets the edge, picking up the pinfall after catching Arius with a surprise superkick as it was looking to be going the other way. As the bell rings, the crowd go insane as Natedog continues to prove why he is named Mr. King Of The Ring! Natedog is going to the finals this weekend at Wembley Stadium! The show ends with Natedog on his knees in the ring with the crowd celebrating passionately behind him.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ King Of The Ring As tradition, in the month of July, from the 1st to the 28th, BPZ will be going overseas to tour around Europe as this year's King Of The Ring tournament commences. Every year, sixteen BPZ superstars get the chance to compete in a single-elimination tournament with the winner earning a one on one title match against the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of SummerSlam. Below are the details on the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament, including the first-round matchups, show dates, and venues. Round Of Sixteen Matches First-Half Aaron North vs KENJI Bulldozer vs Julius Jones Alex Costa vs George AK Monda vs Natedog Second-Half Buddy Ace vs Hans Clayton Arius vs James Knight Bart Hoogveld vs Bob Sparks James Ropati vs The Marker Dates & Locations Round Of Sixteen 1st July | Altice Forum Braga | Braga, PT 8th July | Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam, NL Quarter-Finals 15th July | Luzhniki Palace Of Sports | Moscow, RU Semi-Finals 22nd July | 3Arena | Dublin, IE Finals 28th July | Wembley Stadium | London, UK Predictions Make predictions by clicking here! This includes the use of Challonge as it allows for better tracking of predictions. Please post a screenshot of your fully predicted bracket below!
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 24th June, 2019 | Angel Of The Winds Arena | Everett, WA The Big Ballers Are Ready For Round Three After yet another dramatic finish in their series of encounters with Royal Flush, The Big Ballers kick off tonight's episode of Carnage in the ring, stood side by side, with a microphone each. Brenden: "Another draw... Really? How lucky can they get? The Big Ballers are the greatest team to step inside a BPZ ring. In fact, we are the best tag team to step in any wrestling ring. The only reason for that to even be a discussion is because of arguably the luckiest duo I've seen in my company." Sameer: "A duo that has managed to pull out a draw not once, but twice against us. Two completely undeserved and fluky victories. However, it's clear that Royal Flush doesn't recognize this as they have challenged us to yet another rematch and we happily accept so that we can finally shut up any doubters, as ludicrous as that sounds." Brenden: "And this time around, there won't be any doubt, there won't be any draw because this time, it will be a two out of three falls match! And in the end, there will only be the greatest tag team in history stood with the tag team championships still around their waists... As long as nobody gets themselves pinned by a motionless body this time around." With that clear reference to the finish off The Big Ballers' last encounter with Royal Flush, Sameer looks at Brenden in shock, confused as to why his own teammate would say that. Brenden looks back at Sameer with a grin before laughing and pulling Sameer in for a hug that Sameer reluctantly accepts. Arrow Gargano & Jack Bishop vs The Godsent In the first match of the night, we would see four fairly new BPZ superstars face off in tag team action. Both teams would be making their debut as a tag team here tonight but the huge difference is that The Godsent has been a team in wrestling before entering BPZ. The match kicks off with all four wrestlers getting their offense in but as the match goes on, the experience difference becomes evident as the chemistry between The Godsent overwhelms Arrow and Bishop. This allows The Godsent to pick up the victory after a beautiful double 450 splash that they call Blessing From The Sky. Echo Wilson Tells Bart That He Can Handle Himself In the doctor's office within the backstage area of the Angel Of The Winds Arena, Echo Wilson is with a BPZ doctor, getting an update on his injuries inflicted by Flynn last week. Suddenly, Bart, former partner of Echo, walks into the room. The two former comrades just look at each other in silence until it is broken by Echo. Echo Wilson: "What are you doing here?" Bart: "Look, I just came here to say that I know Flynn attacked you because he lost to me and wanted to get back at me. Therefore, there's no need for you to be involved with this any further so I will take the rematch against Flynn at Judgement Day. Just to be clear, I'm not doing it for y-" Echo Wilson: "No! For the past year, all I've been hearing is that Bart and Julius are the future of this company. Every time my named is mentioned, I'm called the weak link, the one who isn't quite good enough, the one that doesn't have that special something. This, this is my opportunity to prove I can thrive in the big time, that I am a star. I'm taking the match with Flynn at Judgement Day, no matter what condition I'm in because this is my opportunity and I'm not letting you take it away from me again." Echo storms out of the doctor's office, leaving Bart stunned and put to silence by his emotional words. As Bart is about to leave, Xavier King walks into the room. Xavier King: "Wow. That must've been hard for you. Unfortunately for you, I couldn't care less. All I care about is that you are now without a match at Judgement Day and funnily enough, so am I. Is that settled then? Right, yes, I'll see you there." After arrogantly confirming a match between himself and Bart at Judgement Day, Xavier King leaves the room, having turned Bart's stunned face into a face of confusion. Nevertheless, Bart stays composed and leaves the room too. Blade vs Dave Meltzer In the second match of tonight's episode of Carnage, the BPZ veteran, Blade, faces the BPZ rookie, Dave Meltzer. At PowerTrip, Blade came up short to a younger face in Buddy Ace but tonight goes one on one with an even newer star in Dave Meltzer. This match is a somewhat short one with Dave Meltzer getting the offense in early but losing control of the matchup as Blade fights back. Despite Meltzer's efforts, Blade finishes the match off with a wonderful swanton bomb off the top rope. The Young & Free Visit Washington After their incident last week, the team of Prince, Kieron Black, and Cody Cage, known as Young & Free, drive into the state of Washington where tonight's Carnage is located. However, instead of going to the Angel Of The Winds Arena, they head towards the iconic, 605-ft tall spire, named the Space Needle. Cody Cage: "Wow! That is one massive building! What is it called again?" Prince: "For the fourteenth time, it is called the Space Needle." Cody Cage: "Yo, we should call our finishing move the Space Needle." At this point, the driver, Kieron Black, brings the car to a halt. He looks over his shoulder at Cody with a blank stare which immediately shuts Cody up. The trio then leaves their car in the parking lot and head up the enormous spire. The elevator opens up at the observation deck level and the team dramatically walks out as if they're in an action movie until the awesome scene is interrupted by a tour guide. Tour Guide: "Hello and welcome to the Space Needle! I am Holly and this is the obs-" Kieron Black: "Shut the hell up." Kieron Black gives the woman a back-handed slap which shuts her up as the others look on in shock. Whilst Cody begins shouting about how cool it was, Prince is seen in the background helping the woman up and giving her some money, suggesting that was all scripted. The trio then heads to the observation deck but Prince is stood significantly further back from the windows than the other two. Kieron Black: "Prince, you're not going to see anything from back there, step closer." Cody Cage: "O-M-G! Prince is scared! What's wrong you coward, there's a window to protect us." Hesitantly, Prince looks to prove the others wrong by stepping forward. He makes it to the window and lets off a sigh of relief. However, as soon as he looks down, he faints. Cody and Kieron look at each other before bursting out laughing. After they're done mocking Prince, they carry him back to the car, put him in the back and continue on their journey. Aaron North vs FDS In another one on one matchup here tonight, the up and coming prodigy of Nanovirus, better known as Brad, in Aaron North faces one of the most experienced superstars in BPZ, FDS. Having strayed away from his violent past, FDS now seems solely focused on wrestling and winning matches, something he was unable to do at PowerTrip but looks to do tonight. The two go back and forth throughout the match, with FDS bringing the technical ability out of the younger Aaron North. Nevertheless, the veteran is able to beat Aaron by catching him off guard with a stiff WRSTLMaker. Julius Asks For A Challenge At Judgement Day In the middle of the show, the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones makes his way to the ring with a purpose. He climbs into the ring, grabs a microphone and looks at the belt wrapped around his shoulder. Julius Jones: "The BPZ Intercontinental Championship, arguably the most historic title in our industry, the title that holds the bridge between rising stars and certified top level performers. I've been holding this championship for a while now and honestly, I'm disappointed. Where is the passion? Where is the fire? Where... Where... Where is the competition?! I want to make history and to do that, I need a challenge, I need challenges, including an opponent at Judgement Day." That's when Monda's music hits, then Nanovirus', then Buddy Ace's, and finally The Marker's. The five men stare down with Julius finally happy, seeing four possible contenders stood in front of him, all visibly hungry for this opportunity. It is then announced that the four men will compete in a four-way number one contender match. BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contendership Match: Buddy Ace vs The Marker vs Monda vs Nanovirus The main event of this week's Carnage comes as a result of the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, asking for a challenge at Judgement Day as Buddy Ace, The Marker, Monda, and Nanovirus face off to decide the number one contender. In a match with a wide variety of experience levels, from Monda being one of the original BPZ superstars to Nanovirus entering the company in mid-2015 to The Marker and Buddy Ace being around eighteen months into their BPZ careers, the four put on an extremely competitive matchup. With every man having something to prove, it is Monda who comes out victorious, continuing his success in his recent return to the ring and earning a shot at the BPZ Intercontinental Championship.
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    BPZ released a young NXT superstar. We have got a big news about the release of a NXT Superstar of BPZ from BPZ's Official Website. In their official website, BPZ released an article in which they said that they released Rory Orton (real name = Yuvraj) but they haven't stated the reasons behind this. Some rumours are that, Rory Orton was unhappy about the storyline in which he being put into and was behaving badly with everyone, so that's why BPZ released him but this is only a rumour, we will never get to know the real reason behind this. But for now, I can say that Rory Orton career has end in BPZ even before properly started.
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