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    'A Big Baller Reunion'

    Backstage Moments After Creed vs BulletProof The camera zooms in on Brenden congratulating Sameer on his victory with Creed against BulletProof in what was possibly the best match in BPZ in 2019. Sameer bruised, clearly hurting but was able to stand on top with his brothers tonight at Survivor Series. Smith, Julius, and Bart begin to walk towards the parking lot after getting all their bags from the Locker Room. Sameer tells Smith Sameer: "I'll be there in a second." Brenden gives Smith a pat on the back as Smith heads to the parking lot as leaving Brenden and Sameer alone. The Big Ballers, Brenden begins to speak to Sameer, As Sameer readjust the tape on his rib. Brenden: Good work out there tonight Sameer. You, Smith, Bart, and Julius truly did show what teamwork is all about and what brotherhood looks like tonight. But I didn't just come here to congratulate you on your win tonight. I need a favor out of you tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE. Sameer: Yeah, sure anything for you, Bossman. Brenden: As you know, I retired from the ring at SummerSlam this year against Jack. But I wasn't able to make peace with our tag team ending. Tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE, I wanna hear our music blast throughout the arena. I wanna hear the crowd go wild for us one more time, I wanna stand in the ring with you, one more time. Sameer: You got it, old man. One Last Time. Sameer and Brenden smile at each other and exchange a hug as Sameer head towards the parking lot after a hard-fought battle with BulletProof to celebrate with his brothers. Carnage LIVE After KENJI addresses his competition, we come back from commercial break. To the shock of many, The Big Baller's theme song plays for the first time since Emergence where they lost the tag team championships. Brenden and Sameer come out to an electrifying crowd. Excited to see one of the best tag teams in BrendenPlayz History back even if it's for one last time. Both Sameer and Brenden enter the ring. Sameer picks up the microphone left for him in the ring but Brenden insists on being the first one to talk. Knowing this might be the last time he shares the ring with his mentor Sameer happily gives Brenden the microphone as Brenden begins to speak. Brenden: One Year Ago, Me and Sameer decided to team up and enter the tag team tournament. No expectations or hope of winning but we did win the tag team tournament. Then we went on to kick the Flock's Ass and become one of if not THE greatest Tag Team in the history of this company. We held Tag Team Gold for half of this year and but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and that's what happened at Emergence when we lost. Then I lost to Bashka at SummerSlam, I just wanted to spend one more moment with Sameer. I want to hear our music blast throughout the arena and hear all of you go berserk for The Big Ballers, One More Time. Brenden hands Sameer the microphone. Sameer begins to speak to the crowd here tonight in Atlanta, Emotions running wild as It seems to be the last time we see The Big Ballers in the same ring together. Not only was Brenden, Sameer's partner but he was his mentor and like they have said before a brother. Sameer: I want to thank Brenden because, after everything that happened, he gave me the call to come back and wrestle. He allowed me to prove myself once again and everything that I have achieved this year from winning the Tag Team Championships with him to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It wouldn't have been possible without him and I couldn't ask more from a friend, brother, partner and mentor. Sameer drops the microphone and gets up onto the top turnbuckle to hype up the fans and get them excited as he drops down from the turnbuckle- WHAT THE HELL? BRENDEN JUST HIT SAMEER WITH THE PEDIGREE!? THE CROWD IN ATLANTA IS INCOMPLETE SHOCK! WHAT THE HELL IS BRENDEN THINKING? Oh my goodness he's not done! Brenden goes outside the ring and picks up a chair from outside the ring. OH NO, HE'S GOING FOR THE KNEE! Brenden is going for SAMEER'S HURT KNEE FROM LAST NIGHT'S BRUTAL WAR WITH BULLETPROOF! Brenden begins to relentlessly hit Sameer's Knee with the Chair, The Chair shots begin to get louder and louder every time. Finally, The Chair breaks and Brenden stops. Brenden would throw the remains of the chair outside of the ring and he starts to GROUND AND POUND SAMEER. OH MY GOSH, BLOOD GUSHING FROM THE FOREHEAD OF "THE BEAST". Brenden would finally stop and exit the ring as he heads towards the locker room as The Crowd in Atlanta rain boos on "The Boss". As Medics rush in to care for Sameer who is now knocked out cold. Sameer is put on a stretcher and headed to the local hospital in Atlanta. Everyone in the crowd and commentators stunned by the events of Brenden here tonight as he leaves with no words said after the brutal attack to his former tag team partner and a man that he use to call a brother and student.
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    Suddenly, the tunes of Bulletproof go off the PA System as Hans interrupts Arrow's promo. Hans appears at the ramp with a microphone in his hand, as he stares at the audience as Hans is still fatigued from the 4 on 4 Survivor Series match that he went through last night. Hans looks around with a cool and relaxed tone in his voice as he begins to speak. First things first, before I address you Mr. Arrow I want to talk about what happened at Survivor Series. After all the months of attacks, trash talks, and more, it finally concluded at the Survivor Series. Yes after all of that, we lost this battle to Creed. Like I said no likes losing, and and the fact that this was my biggest match of my career just to lose to Creed breaks my heart. You know what, that’s fine we’ll get our revenge eventually but for now we shall move on. I promise each and everyone one of you that prayed for our downfall will regret it, because we’ll just rise from the ashes and with the new additions to our squad, we’ll back dominating as usual. Let’s talk something else now, let’s talk about Clapspiracy! 8 Tag teams fighting out in a single elimination tournament and this is the perfect chance for the First Class Express to get tag team titles right back where it belongs with Bulletproof and the first team we are facing are none other than Arrow and The Riddler! What a combination of a tag team. One half of that unique tag team is standing in that ring right now. I gotta tell you Arrow, you having the guts to call me out is impressive, really impressive. I can see you got heart in this business and I respect that. However you shouldn’t have called me out in the first place because Arrow you're just entering into a world that you're just not ready for man. I see you have that spirit that you possess but that same energetic spirit isn’t gonna result you in victory. Arrow its better to stay in your lane, then pick a fight that you know you won’t win. Despite ALL of that, maybe you surprise me, because Arrow there is something about you that I just like which makes not want to hurt you man. Hans then starts to walk towards the ring as he enters. Arrow stays in the ring with fear but is holding his head up high as he looks at Hans. Arrow I’m going to let take the opportunity to leave this ring, and leave with no damages whatsoever to yourself. I know how it feels to be the underdog, I get that but you can’t be claiming that I’m not over losing those tag team titles. I know Carter and I eventually will get them back but now it's your choice if you want to leave or not. It’s up to you Arrow. Hans waits in the ring, waiting for what Arrow is going to say...
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    Alex Costa

    Firing Squad

    Mikey takes a step back allowing Alex to step forward. We see him wearing similar face paint to Mikey with shorter hair and wearing a T-Shirt with the Firing Squad logo on it "Like my partner Mikey said, what we did to Sheridan last Monday was just the beginning. Sheridan sweetie, you went over your head, so you had to be brought down. It was nothing personal just business. So if you wanna think you are the most powerful woman in BPZ, think again. Because only one woman is deserving of that honor and it is my brilliant wife Christina." Alex pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing "Now, when it comes to our opponents in this tournament. D.N.A... Alex turns to Mikey asking for confirmation Is that right? Seriously how many names changes a person can have?" Alex than laughs before continuing "Probably the same amount of times, you keep failing to not only win the World Heavyweight Championship, but to even beat Jeremiah Flynn over here!" Alex points to Flynn before continuing "Now don't get me wrong, I respect you, afterall when I started in this company, you were the first person to welcome me in. So for that I will ever be grateful to you." "But don't think for one single second, that I will have any mercy on you, when we step inside that ring for our match!" Alex pauses for a moment before finishing it "And that brings me to our final opponent in this contest, FD. Now I wonder what version are you gonna bring? Is it the Wrestling Machine?" "If so I say bring it, I can outwrestle you! But maybe you gonna bring the Deathmatch GOD out! Well I say do it, because I can be as crazy as you are my friend, afterall I was taught by the very best Deathmatch specialist in the world!" Alex lets out a cry of war, before finishing it. "So I say, bring it on boys! Because no matter what your old washed up asses do, you won't be able to keep up, because we are hungry and what we going to do to you two is a warning to everyone on the roster. Do not mess with US! Or you might find yourself in the hospital, much like Sheridan did! BANG! Alex finishes the seguement by doing the Finger Gun taunt to the camera before turning off the Camcorder. As the Firing Squad logo flashes on screen the digitalized voice talks again. "This message was brought to you by the Firing Squad. We thank you for your time!" The video then cuts off to a couple of seconds of static, before cutting to black as Carnage programming resumes as scheduled
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Reborn

    BPZ Wrestling | Reborn From the front office of Brendenplayz himself, BPZ Wrestling will once again, enter a new stage of is luxurious career on top of the professional wrestling world. As going into the next decade, the talent inside BPZ Wrestling is more dense than ever and we see more potential for superstars than ever before, however, with this. Comes jealously, fights, and backstage antics that have left many superstars, workers, and fans unhappy. To solve this problem. BPZ Wrestling will once again split into two groups, as the BPZ Brand Split has returned, leaving many fans excited for the future of the company. This most likely creates more questions than answers, who will go where? What champions and their titles will end up on brands? All of these will be answered soon as the two brands, EVOLVE and Carnage, will be returning as one of the best BPZ rosters of all time will be split in half! As the 30 man rosters along with the general managers will be put to the test as @Bart and @Isaiah Carter become the executive directors for their respective brands that will be chosen soon! As BPZ has entered a brand new era, and era, of Reborn. .
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    "My God….. it's Bitching And Clueless." Those words echo throughout the arena, a slight, with the voice that many know of but shed no reaction, which is because as of late, Deaths Notorious Angel has been on a tear throughout the entire BPZ Locker Room that he can get his hands on, alongside his six foot ten and two hundred and eighty five pound beast, The German Assassin, but however, he stated that for this tournament, he's going with the one person that has always needed to prove himself in any situation, Brad. The titantron fades in to an older looking bar of familiar scenery. Pictures of a couple standing out front of a bar remains crooked, slightly burned on the charcoal colored wall before the sight of a picture of a younger woman with the words "Lucy", the same picture of the same female from last year when Nanovirus entered this bar before his Power Trip Cup tournament match up versus Storm, which Nanovirus was victorious in. Brad walks in view of the people, sporting a black leather jacket, navy blue jeans, and tan timberlands on his feet. His wrist contains a silver watch while a long silver chain hangs from his neck. "Flynn, Mikey, Alex, your little verbal usage of mine and FDS's name was enjoyable to watch, it really was. Me personal, I always saw you two being big stars, breaking free from the stacked collection of superstars you two ran with, Hans, Arius, KENJI, and many more. But, you two never broke past that standard barrier, now did you? No no. You both have fallen victim to being reduced to being steps behind men like Arius, who already won the NXT Championship, United States Championship, North American Championship, and now the Intercontinental Championship, Hans who's got the NXT title, United States title, Tag Team title, and main evented one of the four payperviews in BPZ in Survivor Series with men who have terrific World Heavyweight Championship reigns to their names. And KENJI who went into a pay per view in a Barbed Wire Massacre brawl with someone who nearly ended his career, came back, and won, which sent him on to getting seven points in the Survival Games series, coming in second place with Bart, another highly acclaimed member himself, and did something you couldn't do Mikey, beat Yelich for the North American Championship. Now, while also listening to you two, I noticed something that, well quite honestly, didn't shock me or catch me by surprise. You two took what Flynn said, and changed a few words here, added a couple of compliments here, and you said nearly the same thing. "Oh you two are Hall Of Famers", "you two have titles to your names", "you two never beat Flynn", and my favorite repeat, "oh you two will put us over". Mikey, Dikey, BulletProof's golden hand puppet, Flynn's Echo, whichever name you refer to, you are the clueless that I've referred to. In my age, somethings of me deteriorate, my agility, my stamina, my patience, but my memory was always fantastic. You joined this company on December first of last year, I've done my research, congratulations by the way, and you came in with the name…. Dike in it. You know what a Dyke is son? One correct definition is a wall to hold back water, which in your case you're the water, but the wall of the rest you came up with blocked you from reaching any sort of success till there was no one else to stand in your way and then finally win the NXT Championship…. For a day. At least you won right? It'd be embarrassing to have never won the NXT Championship while being in the division. Then you entered the United States Championship scene, and failure after failure after failure till your luck turned around and caught Hans, who was exhausted from his tag title match earlier in the night and you snuck a victory. Or the wall of Yelich preventing your chance to be the, oh what was it you kept saying, oh yes, "The Supreme Ruler of the United States", but you couldn't do what Arius did, now could you? No no, even with someone from BulletProof as referee, YOU COULDN'T GET THE JOB DONE! Oh, also, there's also dyke which is a manly looking lesbian, and well, to be honest, and no full disrepesct intended, but you do look like a manly bitch." Brad runs his hand through his hair, his fingers rubbing against his skull and all the way down to the middle of his neck before placing his hands inside his jacket pockets and proceeded to walk down the creaking floorboards of the bar to the stage, where local musicians of all genres has played on before it's closing. "Alex, you, you're a special case in this one. The man no one thought would join BulletProof. And what do you do in your first official night under the BulletProof name? You join those two men you stood by with and beat up a lady…. Nice work. That's the biggest thing you've done since you came here seven days after Mikey boy did, you achieved less. While yes, you had the NXT Championship, what did you do? You start Bitching. Bitching about things that you have zero clue of. Then, you quit and went off to join other promotions that died out shortly afterwards. Nowhere left, you tucked your tail in-between your legs, swallowed whatever little bit of pride you had, came back and begged for forgiveness from everyone. To this day, you should be on your fucking knees, thanking all of us dearly every chance you got like a child who wants something for Christmas because you, a new guy quitting, nobody would care nor hire you back. Whenever I took my time off, I came back, welcomed with open arms because I lived this shit and wrestled while you were still crapping your diapers. I'd get my spot back, while you have to redesign the bridges you burned in the process. After that you, you suffered for your sins, sins that you carry on your shoulders to this day to be collected in full after. And with all the respect you showed me, you still sent me bad vibes, something dangerous for you to do. I might be more sensible in today's day, but that won't stop me from reaching down deep inside and pulling out that demon that's buried inside me that will end your life. Y'all can say what you wish, but you two will never understand until you filled MY boots and been in the places I'VE BEEN IN! You two will never know what makes me tick, even if I explained it. You wouldn't bare thought to the hell that consumed me. I had to back out just before I blacked out and my son and daughter had to see me buried down in a grave. So thank you gentlemen…. Thank you for reminding me. That Alex…. Mikey…. You're dead men fucking walking. And Flynn, you're holding something… some desire… the Undisputed Championship……" D.N.A: "CHALLENGE HIM!" "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?" "YOU WANT THIS SON OF A BITCH GONE?!? NOW'S THE CHANCE WITH ME!!!" "….. shut up…. Shut up…. SHUT UP!!!!" Brad slams his hand on the speaker, which causes Brad to grab his hand in agony. He starts breathing heavy before shaking his hand and grabbing the speaker by both sides and pushes it completely off stage, causing it to break up with wires popping out and pieces of the speaker. His breathing starts to slow down some before he slowly sits down on the stage and checks on his hand before noticing a mirror out of the corner of his eye under a table. He gets up and walks over to the table, kneeling down and grabbing the handle, pulling it out and examining the condition of the wooden frame of the mirror, seeing it's covered in the ash of the fire that happened in the bar. He holds the mirror up and looks into the reflection, only to see D.N.A staring back at him. D.N.A smirks at him before Brad drops the mirror and looks back up at the camera and says one last sentence as the screen fades to black. "I want you."
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    𝐖𝐂𝐖 𝐑𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬. Sting (c) vs. Scott Hall - WCW World Heavyweight Championship Scott Hall was quick to resurrect Kevin Nash's loss to Sting at WCW Souled Out, cashing in his Championship opportunity he won at World War 3 the prior year, before the diary started, and telling Sting he'd be challenging for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at WCW SuperBrawl. The Outsiders would later face Faces of Fear in a tag team match and win. Next week they would involve themselves in Diamond Dallas Paige's and Lex Luger's tag team match, also against Faces of Fear. Later on in the night Sting would reflect on how The Outsiders have taken control of the New World Order in the absence of Hulk Hogan, accepting Scott Hall's Championship pursuit before defeating Raven in the main event of the show. Scott Hall would square off against Larry Zbyszko in the main event of the following Nitro, a throwback to Starrcade where Hall was ringside as Zbyzsko defeated Eric Bischoff much to the help of Bret Hart. Scott Hall would be victories here and he and Kevin Nash would beat down Larry Zbyszko post match. Sting and The Giant arrived to make the save but The Outsiders overpowered them. The go-home Nitro featured the most we've seen from this branching feud. The Outsiders and Sting and The Giant went back and forth and traded insults on the microphone to open the show before The Giant ignited a brawl. The main event saw Sting and The Giant defeat The Outsiders due to intentional disqualification. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would then beat down the temporary babyface duo with Hall posing with the World Heavyweight Championship as Nitro went off the air. Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage This feud is one that has burned over from Curt Hennig's defence against Diamond Dallas Page. The duo in fact had a rematch on the fallout Nitro, a 95 rated bout, where Curt Hennig would lose to Diamond Dallas Page via disqualification as fellow New World Order members Buff Bagwell and Randy Savage involved themselves. This lead to Bret Hart and Lex Luger making the save. Eric Bischoff and Bret Hart would go head to head on the microphone the following Nitro which ended in Bret Hart vowing to do whatever it took to destroy the New World Order and cleanse World Championship Wrestling of their presence. Later on in the show a huge post-match brawl would break out after Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger bested the Faces of Fear in a tag team match. The same type of shenanigans would occur the following week. After Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger were once more in action the New World Order would assault them alongside Bret Hart. But in the go home show, Hart, Page and Lex Luger would find retribution through brawling and gaining the upper hand on the New World Order, Hart locking Curt Hennig in the sharpshooter before releasing him as Page and Luger cleared the ring. (Just the two this time around. I wanted to do Booker T vs. Ric Flair written but my keyboard is not cooperating with me.) 𝐖𝐂𝐖 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬. Week 4, January 1998 | South East | 15.2 Million Viewers | 93 Show Rating Week 1, February 1998 | North West | 15.4 Million Viewers | 94 Show Rating Week 2, February 1998 | Great Lakes | 15.7 Million Viewers | 91 Show Rating Week 3, February 1998 | South West | 15.5 Million Viewers | 95 Show Rating 𝐖𝐂𝐖 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬. WCW SuperBrawl 1998 - WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Sting (c) vs. Scott Hall - Last Man Standing match Kevin Nash vs. The Giant Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage - WCW Television Championship Strap match Chris Benoit (c) vs. Raven Goldberg and ??? vs. Mortis and Wrath Booker T vs. Ric Flair - WCW Cruiserweight Championship match Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon Bonus Questions Which wrestler in Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage will score the highest in-ring performance? Who will be Goldberg's mystery partner?
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Quick Disclaimer: I will be bringing this back. BiC has left the diary, so we r gonna pretend like his time on Evolve never happened. So we are going back to the start and doing all the Evolves post KOTR again, starting with Week 1 The show started with the Kingdom stood in the ring, holding their 3 belts tall. They began to big themselves up, promising the return of BPZs greatest stable. Suddenly however they are interrupted as Slims music plays Slim announces his return to BPZ, and how he is here to take down his former stable, as Evolves free agent pick. This in turn brings out SSW Club's Josh and Bulldozer, and then Arius and Hans, as the 5 outnumber the 3 Kingdom members This bought out Interim Evolve GM Brendenplayz who made a massive main event. Arius and Hans against Echo Wilson and Julius. And NA Champ Bart against Bulldozer The 8 stared down as we went to our first match Mikey vs Akki After making his Evolve debut last week, Mikey was looking to get his first victory, as he took on Akki, who was accompanied by his tag team partner Mave Deltzer And Mikey succeeded in getting his first win, putting Akki away with the Adrenaline. However after the match he was blindsided by Mave and Akki, who beat him down and put him through a table, making a big statement here tonight Bart vs Bulldozer Bulldozer came into the match looking for momentum against Bart, who with Echo and Julius beat down SSW Club at KOTR. And Brenden also announce if he got a victory tonight, he would be rewarded with an NA Title shot at SummerSlam Such an occasion was not meant to be. Bart put away Bulldozer in fairly quick fashion by hitting The Last Breath. He continued his assault on Bulldozer after the match before fleeing the ring upon the arrival of JoshsNow We then returned to see Interim Evolve GM Brenden in the ring who welcomed his best friend and BPZ World Champion Sameer to the ring Boos reigned out for the World Champ as he came to the ring. He beat Ryan Reeves last night, ending Ryans tenure as Evolve GM after Brenden abused his role as Special Guest Referee to win him the match. Brenden announced that he and Sameer were having a World Championship celebrating BIG BALLA STYLE. However the celebration didn't last long as King Bashka came to the ring, 2 nights after winning the crown against KENJI Bash tried to question Brendens decision on aligning with Sameer, but this angered Brenden and soon it looked like a fight was beginning between Brenden, Sameer and Sameers opponent for SummerSlam Bashka, but suddenly Ryans music played Ryan stood alongside Bash against The Big Ballers, the tension building as 4 legends stood in the ring. Ryan wasted no time in getting into Brendens face, demanding his job back after Brenden had stole him from it He then issued a challenge to Brenden after Brenden refused. Ryan vs Brenden, SummerSlam. If Ryan won, he became Evolve GM again, if he lost he would leave BPZ forever. Brenden agreed to this before making a massive match for next week, The Big Ballers vs Ryan and Bash. Brenden and Sameer left the ring as we cut to commercial break Hans and Arius vs Kingdom (Echo Wilson and Julius) Hans and Arius teamed up for the first time to take on two enemies. Echo recently took away Hans' NA title, whilst Julius and Arius have a very storied history. There hatred cost them a match against SSW and it has boiled over since then, into the KOTR Tournament and into Julius costing Arius the NA Title Bart was at ringside with Kingdom whilst Slim was with Hans and Arius at ringside, Josh and Bulldozer not there after the attack on the latter earlier in the night. Arius got hearts racing early on when he nailed Julius with The Sentence but before he could cover Bart pulled Julius out of the ring. Hans ran and Suicide Dived onto Julius and Bart. Hans threw Julius into the ring, where he managed to tag Echo. Julius rolled to the outside, where he managed to hit Hans with the Hells Welcome, but was too exhausted to do anything after As the ref tried to calm the confusion down and check on everyone, Slim rolled into the ring and stared down his former protégé Echo Wilson, ONLY TO TURN AND HIT ARIUS WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR The entire crowd stopped in shock as a smile crossed Echos face and he covered Arius for the 3 count. Slim, Julius, Echo and Bart stood reunited to end Evolve stood tall
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    Goals for 2020? (BPZ Edition)

    𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛'𝑠 𝐺𝑜𝑎𝑙𝑠 𝐹𝑜𝑟 𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟢 Be a good General Manager in Kayfabe and continue being a Junior Moderator on the discord and forums I have only been General Manager in Kayfabe for a couple of days but I liked revealing it and the response it got in terms of reputation and being talked about. I loved going back and forth with Flynn too and felt like I held my own. I feel like being a General Manager requires some attention to Kayfabe which admittedly I am not good at doing. So in this role I am hoping that I can grow and have a better awareness of what is happening in Kayfabe. I also want to continue being a good Junior mod on the forums and in the Discord. I feel like I get 'trolled' a lot or there's this perception that I don't do much mod work but I feel like I do personally. I am hoping that I can continue to be a good mod and that people will stop making fun of me when I am trying my best because it gets to me sometimes. Continue my current diaries until their completion as well as starting a kick-ass diary on TEW 2020 So at the time of writing I am involved in four diaries and I'd say I do the heavy lifting in all of them. A lot of my diaries require a lot of background work (making blocks and formatting fixtures in the Showdown diary as well as managing the discord, booking and thinking of ideas for my two TEW diaries as well as simulating WMMA which I stress, takes the absolute piss and is not fun) and I'd like to be recognised as a good source of entertainment diary wise in 2020. I wanna do as many seasons of Showdown as possible as I think we have a good core of ten to twelve people on the forums who like Showdown. I also want to reach at LEAST a years into booking and writing for both my TEW diaries. This would mean reaching a second SummerSlam in Siblings at War as well as a second Starrcade in Clash of the Titans. I'd also like to start a diary on TEW 2020, with either AEW or IMPACT Wrestling. I like writing diaries a lot and I hope some of my work is recognised in the end of year slammies as well as received positively on the forums overall. Win either the NXT Championship, the United States Championship or the North American Championship In terms of competing I think I had a good 2019. I faced off against people like Sameer, Flynn, Meko and Brenden. I managed to pick up two wins in 2019 which is not a lot but considering I genuinely don't post as often as some people I am fine with it. My kayfabe work I think is really good in comparison to other people on the forums. I feel like it is a little unique and it draws good enough attention, so I am hoping that my Kayfabe work can win me a title in 2020. The North American title would be really cool to win. It has a good linage and hasn't been tainted much so I'd love to be in the same conversation as Yelich, Kenji and Arius. For 2020 I wanna post a lot more and finish 2020 with at LEAST 1,000 posts. I am hoping to up my game in terms of contribution to the forums and winning the NXT Championship (though I might not be in the division when my General Manager run ends) or the United States Championship would be awesome for me.
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    205 Live- In The Beginning

    September 14th 2016 What a tournament it has been so far. 3 months, 28 matches so far. Tonight we see the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic, as TJ Perkins, Zack Sabre Jr, Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik compete for the chance to win the Cruiserweight Classic. Lets have a look at a recap of the show Zack Sabre Jr beat Gran Metalik via Submission at 13:13 Kota Ibushi beat TJ Perkins via Pinfal at 14:52 After the semi finals, Triple H comes out and unveils the Cruiserweight Championship, which he reveals the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic will receive. He then makes an even bigger announcement. Starting on Tuesday 20th September, 205Live will begin, where the Cruiserweights will have their own show every Tuesday night. The original roster will be tonights 4 semi finalists, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, Tajiri, Ariya Daivari, Rich Swann, The Bollywood Boyz, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak. He also announced that the entire roster (minus the 4 semi finalists) would now compete in a 15 man battle royal where the winner got a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Clash of Champions Brian Kendrick won the 15 man battle royal ZSJ beat Kota Ibushi by Submission in 17:47 to Become NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion Join us next Tuesday for the first ever episode of 205Live!
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    The Doctor’s Office

    Dr.X is once again sitting in his room. The lights are dimmed and a soft piano plays in the background. He sits quiet for a bit as it plays before a chime goes off and he sits up slightly. We should give this spot a name shouldn’t we. I think the Doctors Office sounds fitting, doesn’t it? Yes, it fits as you all come and see me and I am here to give you the diagnosis and the prescription for the...cure. Dr.X chuckles The Cure, the call themselves. Jason Ryan....Aaron North...and Gunner. That’s all I will call you. Someone who didn’t earn their fame through action, but through name and name alone. Because you were the brother of a beast all assumed you had the DNA of one. Seems a name is all you to share, cause it’s painfully obvious to see where the skill of the family went. You all call your self the cure of BPZ, but thats ironic. The so called Cure of BPZ is the very root of the parasite that plagues it. Gunner, Aaron, you both are in the NOC match, me? I have to face Prince. Don’t worry Prince, you aren’t forgotten. But you are far from a important matter. Don’t worry, your appointment with The Doctor will come, just not today. Today, we talk about the The Cure, the next flash in the pan stable of BPZ. You all gunning for the same titles, surrounded by bigger, better team in BulletProof, Creed, And Descent? About to take on a heavy loss, when despite both your efforts neither of you will win that NOC match. It’s going to be funny, when I beat you both and you all start pointing fingers. Let’s see how long that cohesion last when it’s pulling at the seems. Maybe I’ll speed it up, and offer you both a shot at my title after I prove that you all aren’t the cure to BPZ, that there is only one cure, and it’s prescribed straight from the doctor. The cure is very simple: Me. So, that’s the diagnose. Now the prescription. I recommend you all go home, you take a good look in the mirror and you look deep down in yourself a and you ask yourself this one simple question. Why do I need help? You see there’s only person I need to rely on, only one person that’s going to tell me what’s right for me, what the plan is. There is only one person giving me orders and that one person giving the orders is the same person following them. With you three, it’s monkey see. Monkey Do. And monkeys don’t win. Monkeys...lose. Once again the short soft whistle chirps and Dr.X leans back into his chair. I’m afraid our time is up, Cure. Prince....the Doctor will see you know. And you know what I see? I see the epitome of failure. It’s amazing that out of all the people they feel I am on the same field of a chance at the title is you, and honestly is insulting. Some, they get the opportunity and they fail at the last moment, inches from success. Those people...they were ridicule. Told they weren’t made to be a champion, that they earned opportunities and failed at them so they didn’t deserve the CHANCE to earn more....and some. They fail at the starting line. The fail to even earn the chance to get the opportunity and yet they are still giving chance after chance after chance and it’s just failure after failure after...failure. No one calls them out. No one says anything. I wondered why, pondered it. I slept on it. And I came to the only conclusion that makes sense. You simply are such a failure, you fail at even being on the radar. You fail so much, people have become use to it, desensitized to it. This coming Carnage it will be no different. You will fail to earn this shot, you will be laid out in the middle of the Carnage ring. And in the aftermath I will be crowned the number one contender at Winter Warfare and you will be watching me from backstage, maybe even from home. Then, when you see me hoist that North American Championship, when they call me the new champion, I’m going to ask for a mic. And I’m going to make sure that out of all your failures, out of all the times you didn’t make it past the preliminary stage of the race, that our meeting at Carnage is the one you don’t forget, that you don’t become desensitized to. Then maybe, maybe then you’ll get the message, and the next time we see you will be in 4-5 years when they run out of veterans to induct into the Hall of Fame so they induct you to be nice. The whistle chirps and Dr. X chuckles. And just like that...our time is up Prince. And come out match...so will yours. The screen fades to black as Dr.X leans back in his chair. His face is hidden by the mask, but the aura of smugness is sensed even though the screen.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling World Tag League: SoCal Uncensored VS The Mighty Don't Kneel NJPW kicks off with the first match of the final round of World Tag League 2019, as we see the two already eliminated teams of SoCal Uncensored and The Mighty Don't Kneel face off. Continuing the fantastic late tournament showing, we would see Scorpio Sky pick up the victory for SCU, putting away Nick Miller with a 450 splash and ensuring they finish the tournament at eight points. . Junior Tag League: TJP/Drew Gulak VS Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy NJPW first match of the final round of the 2019 Junior Tag League sees two eliminated teams, made up entirely of former WWE Cruiserweight champions, do battle. Suzuki-Gun members TJP and Drew Gulak do battle with Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy, with both teams looking for a last minute victory. In a stellar bout, it would be the new Suzuki-Gun duo who pull out the victory, with TJP forcing Tony Nese to submit to a Kneebar. . World Tag League: Imperium VS Los Ingobernables de Japon Our next match of World Tag League sees Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel look to play spoiler against EVIL and SANADA, who vowed alongside Tetsuya Naito to leave NJPW and take as much gold with them as possible. However, the LIJ duos hopes of making it a three-peat in World Tag League would be crushed, as Fabian Aichner puts away EVIL with a Powerbomb and moves Imperium to a final score of eight points. . Junior Tag League: The Young Bucks VS The Rascalz The second match of Junior Tag League's final round sees The Young Bucks do battle with Trey and Wentz of The Rascalz, with both teams in good position to win Junior Tag League if they score a victory here. Unfortunately for the former Impact wrestling stalwarts, The Young Bucks would score the victory, putting away Wentz with a Meltzer Driver and edging out the other current block leaders at 11 points. . World Tag League: Mustache Mountain VS Suzuki-Gun The third World Tag League bout of the night sees Mustache Mountain, currently in do or die territory, take on the Suzuki-Gun duo of Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a great bout, Suzuki-Gun would not be able to play spoiler, as ZSJ fell to a Tyler Driver '97. Mustache Mountain now sits at 12 points, in potentially risky territory for World Tag League at this point, but still very winnable. . Junior Tag League: Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo VS The Irish Airborne Our third Junior Tag League match of the night sees two Bullet Club teams finally do battle, as Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo take on Jake and Dave Crist, flanked by Sami Callihan. Initially, Jake and Dave would order ELP to lay down and let them pin him, ensuring their spot in the finals, but Sami Callihan would stop them, telling both teams he wants them to show him what they're made of. Both teams would oblige, and in a fantastic match, Taiji Ishimori would score the victory, putting away Dave with a Bloody Cross. The two Bullet Club teams would then argue after the match, Jake and Dave feeling robbed by their own stablemates, but Sami is able to calm them down as Bullet Club exits. . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS Guerrillas of Destiny Our penultimate World Tag League match sees the Most Violent Players attempt to play spoiler against the Guerrillas of Destiny, who only need one more win to cement their spot in the World Tag League finals. Ultimately, the Bullet Club duo would do just that, putting away Yano with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination and moving up to a lucky 13 points. The Guerrillas of Destiny are now the first team confirmed for the World Tag League finals, and we will determine if Roppongi 3K or The Revival will join them later tonight. . Junior Tag League: Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander VS Suzuki-Gun Our penultimate Junior Tag League tournament bout sees Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander take on El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru of Suzuki-Gun. A victory here would guarantee the Suzuki-Gun tandem a spot in the finals, while Ali and Alexander would need to win this match and hope for a double count-out or disqualification between the Undisputed Era and the Motor City Machine Guns to make it to the finals. However, Ali and Alexander would manage to play spoiler tonight, with Ali putting away Kanemaru with an 054 and moving the former WWE Cruiserweights to 10 points. . World Tag League: Roppongi 3K VS The Revival Finally, we reach tonight's main event, which will determine the Guerrillas of Destiny's challengers in the World Tag League finals. The former WWE stalwarts, The Revival, do battle with the aces of the Junior Heavyweight division, SHO and YOH of Roppongi 3K. In a fantastic match, The Revival would score the decisive victory, putting away YOH with a Shatter Machine. With this victory, The Revival moves to 13 points and will face the Guerrillas of Destiny in a rematch to determine the winners of World Tag League 2019. . Junior Tag League: Undisputed Era VS Motor City Machine Guns Our final match before the finals of Junior Tag League 2019 sees Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly do battle with the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns, with the winners set to do battle with the Young Bucks in the tournament finals. Although the former reDRagon would put up a strong fight, the Guns simply would not be denied on this night, putting away O'Reilly with Made in Detroit and securing their place in the tournament finals. After the match, we would see Yuji Nagata make his way down to the ring. He says that although it's unprecedented, he recognizes that both sets of tag team champions have punched their ticket to the finals of their respective tag leagues. With this in mind, Nagata announces that for the first time ever, we would see both the World Tag League finals AND Junior Tag League finals take place at Wrestle Kingdom! And not only will the World Tag League victory be on the line, but both sets of tag titles will be on the line as well. This means that at Wrestle Kingdom, The Revival will do battle with the Guerrillas of Destiny for the IWGP Heavyweight tag team titles AND for the World Tag League 2019 victory, while the Young Bucks will face the Motor City Machine Guns for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team titles AND for the Junior Tag League 2019 victory! Nagata wishes all four teams luck, and the final episode of NJPW before Wrestle Kingdom closes, displaying the final tag league standings before the tournament finals at Wrestle Kingdom. . Final standings: World Tag League: 13 points: The Revival, Guerrillas of Destiny. 12 points: Roppongi 3K, Mustache Mountain. 10 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon. 8 points: Suzuki-Gun, SoCal Uncensored, Imperium. 4 points: The Mighty Don't Kneel. 2 points: Most Violent Players. . World Tag League 2019 Finals: Guerrillas of Destiny VS The Revival . Junior Tag League: 11 points: Motor City Machine Guns, The Young Bucks. 10 points: Suzuki-Gun, Undisputed Era, The Irish Airborne, The Rascalz, Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo, Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander. 4 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy, TJP/Drew Gulak. . Junior Tag League 2019 Finals: The Young Bucks VS Motor City Machine Guns
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    Alright I think the response to Josh's writeup has been entirely unfair. He won the match and therefore he can do whatever the fuck he wants for the writeup. What happened in the votings doesn't need to reflect the writeup, I think some of y'all just need to get over it
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    My Destiny" Early on this winter morning, the wind is blowing, the air is cold, but there is one comfort zone, Hybrid Gym in New York CIty. Back in Gunner Flynn's independent days, this was the place that made Gunner feel comfortable, in the zone. Today he returns after a decade out of state. I missed this place, this ring, my home. Back in the days of sleeping in my car, not knowing if I would have a bed to sleep in that night. This was my constant, now what do I have? I am stuck in this crossroads, nowhere to turn. I had to come here to see where my head is at right now, I need to ask myself what is wrong? My mind is so caught up in losing my "baby", I forgot why I pursued this passion. I wanted to be the best at my craft, prove the doubters, I wanted to be a Champion and I did that. But I need more... I need something to prove my worth, I feel like I let everyone down two weeks ago. My family, my friends, my brothers. Redeeming myself is the only option, the North American Championship is my destiny. I have encountered so many obstacles, I have passed them all, but now lies 4 other obstacles. I need to individually break them apart to uncover my destiny. Firstly, Raven a man of uncertainty. He has traveled the globe, he has made BPZ his home, NXT was his kingdom, but he has never met me. Raven do you know I am? I am a Flynn, a name that symbolizes excellence, a top caliber name, yet you seem to look down upon me. It drives me crazy man, what more do I have to prove? Next, god just thinking of him cuts my core. Prince, you waste opportunity after opportunity, and then expect the world. I really do not get it, you are handed the world on a silver platter and you continuously throw it away. I was not handed anything, I had to work over a decade to get to where I am today, but It still is not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough, I need more gold, the world has to be mine, it is in the ritual. Dr X a man who is out there. A man who is unknown, but yet wants to be known. Hidden behind his mask like nothing in the world frightens him, but I know your afraid. You are scared on the inside, and come WInter Warfare that fear will be exposed. Finally, a brother almost, a man I cured to make an impact upon his life and BPZ as a whole, Aaron North. I dont want to hurt you, but I have to. There is no other end result but this, you are not apart of my endgame, you are just the guiding tool to one's endgame. Do you understand? Aaron North, guide me to my victory. Gunner Flynn pauses, taking a deep breath once every couple of seconds. His emotions are surrounded by the cold winter air, but when does it catch up with him? When does this propaganda of a new man, catch up with Gunner Flynn? Ever since losing my Premium Championship, I have not felt the same. Emptiness has become a resounding effect on my body and mind as a whole. I need something to renew my soul. I need to fill a void that hasnt been filled in nearly two weeks, but is it this? KENJI I adore you, your mystique, all your love for this industry. But I see the games you are playing, the fake smile, what is it with you? Why must you drive me crazy? I need to make it to you, this is why this match means so much to me. Winter Warfare is my golden ticket to your mind games, to end it all with one fatal blow. I am coming for you, even if it is the last thing I do. I need you all to understand where I am coming from. My life was not easy, with a whore of a mother, a drunk father, I had NOTHING. Jeremiah Flynn haunts me, WIldcard did not leave me free. My dreams are filled with him, my mind strives for him, to be loved but he seems to forgotten me. Once Winter Warfare arrives, he will remember me, nothing will be forgotten. I am Dangerous, lethal and ready to be a champion once again. “Lethal” A lethal shot was warned last week, I projected my emotions on Descent. But I took my mislead beliefs upon another in an aggressive manner. I would like to apologize, the only one to blame is me, im lethally dangerous As my brothers know, I own the cure, I lead the cure, I am the cure. But what is The Cure? I believe it is, the right path to excellence for this company. I am making this company better, while taking my growth to help me. There is always someone trying to get in the way of your dreams, whether it is Raven, or my own brother, or KENJI, Julius or anyone, I never back down, I own the floor I step on, I am this industry, and it is time everyone knows it. See you all at Winter Warfare, “I am the Lethal Injection”.
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    Low Effort NXT

    I can already tell this is gonna be a mistake.... oh well I already wrote it. Let's see how low effort a diary can be. The entire backstory for this diary: Triple H decided this online dude going by the name of "Yelich" should book NXT. Whoops, that was a mistake. I'm taking this from after Survivor Series Groundrules: None. Roster: Look it up Champs: refer to what I said for the roster In the opening segment of NXT, William Regal announces new signees to the brand who are jumping ship after the dominating performance at Survivor Series. They are Luke Harper, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, The Revival, EC3, Eric Young, Apollo Crews, The IIconics, Matt Hardy, Chad Gable, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, and Mickie James. However, there would be a catch, these people would have to earn their way into NXT contracts because as the number one brand as shown by Survivor Series, we can't just let anyone on the A show. So everyone over the next few weeks will have to win a match for a contract. Up next is one of these contract matches, Eric Young vs Jordan Myles. Young would finish off Myles in under a minute, and Myles would leave dejected. Young is now on the NXT roster. This is the first and also last time you'll ever see Jordan Myles in this diary, savor it. COMMERCIAL BREAK: BUY MY SPAM, EAT MY SPAM, REP MY... wait a second. Next segment is Mickie James vs Dakota Kai, the two would have a good match, in fact go look up dakota kai vs candice lerae highlights, now replace candice with mickie james. Boom, perfect. James "wins" by DQ when Kai hits her with Tegan Nox's kneebrace, Kai attacks her more until Rhea Ripley runs out for the save. Mickie is now on the NXT roster. COMMERCIAL BREAK: i've already run out of ideas for this commercial shit Next match is Liv Morgan vs Bianca Belair. Liv would put up a good fight, but it wouldn't be good enough to defeat the EST of NXT. Belair would hit the KOD and pin Liv in the middle of the ring for the victory. Liv Morgan is now the first person to fail to earn an NXT contract. COMMERCIAL BREAK: NXT is now commercial free Then we have our only non-contract match of the night, in this match Cameron Grimes is going one on one with KUSHIDA. Grimes would go for the Death From Above (i think that's the name of the move, i'm too lazy to fact check this) at the beginning of the match but KUSHIDA would slide under it. The match would then continue from here as a high paced bout, with both men (Grimes especially) trying to pull out a quick win. The match would end when Grimes would suddenly catch KUSHIDA with a Death From Above (again, not gonna check if that's the correct name) for the three count. In the semi-main event of our show, EC3 would face off with Isaiah "Swerve" Scott for his spot on NXT. In a well contested bout, EC3 would hit the One Percenter (or whatever his finisher is called, like Cameron Grimes, I am too lazy to look it up) on Scott for the three count. Everybody in Full Sail rejoices as Ethan Carter III is saved from the blackhole that is the main roster. And in the main event of the evening, Cesaro would vie for his contract with NXT in a match against the NXT UK Champion, WALTER. The amount of European Uppercuts from Cesaro and Chops from WALTER is extraordinary, Cesaro is even able to do the giant swing on WALTER for 20 rotations to a huge pop by the Full Sail Audience. But sadly, Cesaro is unable to defeat The Ring General, as WALTER would pick up Cesaro for a big powerbomb for the victory. That's NXT, I'm going to sleep. Should I bold this and make the text black..... nah too much work. cya.
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    It’s time for our main event. Of the pre show. This match had an interesting build. Josh has been under the orders of The Master recently, doing his bidding and destroying the likes of Bryan Danielson, Isaiah Carter and Marker. However Arrow randomly called him out and challenged him to an FD Rules match on the Survivor Series pre show, a deal turned down by Josh, who responded with a brutal attack However this didn’t seem to phase Arrow, who answered Gary Greens open challenge on behalf of Josh for a Survivor Series Match, beating him down in the process. And we have word that Gary Green is still in hospital, meaning he won’t be at ringside today. This could spur Josh on to destroy Arrow further, or could it play mind games with him. We’re about to find out Here comes “The Monster.” Boos rings out as Joshua Scott, with his sheep mask on, makes his way to the ring, ready for tonight’s action. He takes his mask off on the ramp and stomps to the ring, obviously wanting to get this destruction over and done with Now Josh stands in the ring, awaiting Arrow Rhodes when a familiar song begins to play ITS NOT ARROW RHODES. ITS ARROW THUNDERMAN. The crowd, ever loving an underdog cheer the arrival of Thunderman here tonight, who looks ready to take down Josh He shouts insults at Josh on his way to the ring, promising to “bury him” and prove himself “better than Meko.” He carries on his mind games when he enters the ring, doing a little dance to try psych Josh out The ref announces these 2, Josh standing stone dead and Arrow cockily dancing. The ref calls for this match to begin and we are underway Arrow begins dancing towards Josh, before looking for a punch, BUT JOSH BLOCKS HIM AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A HUGE RIGHT HAND Josh wastes no time and follows up WITH THE GREAT SCOTT 7.0. Josh covers. 1,2,3. Oh my word. The crowd are stunned to silence by the dominance of the New Joshua Scott in his first match. Arrow lays pretty much half dead as the ref begins to check on him. Josh walks aggressively towards Arrow but stops himself, making his way back to backstage as the pre show comes to a close
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    Hans Graphics

    Firing Squad Signature:
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    'A Big Baller Reunion'

    OOC: Perfect retirement angle for Sameer and sets up the Slim vs Brenden dream match nicely.
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    Josh I had enough.

    As the riddler stand in his office as the lights turn green and the big screen pops up I’m doing what family does. You beat arrow and think it’s match of the night. You would never beat me I bet arrow could beat you this time. I’m putting it out here for you. 1. You got no balls to face me. 2. Your gonna back out because you scared of the smoke. I’m gonna make you suffer. I’m gonna get the job done unlike arrow. I’ll do what ever it takes to get revenge on you for what happened. I promise you you won’t be able to see what’s coming. Your gonna lose to me. Arrow was close but I won’t be close. I will get into a fight with you and come out as a winner. That’s the thing you don’t understand about family. We have each others back. But this will be the only time I’m helping arrow with a match. Now Josh you won’t see me coming because I’ll be playing mind games with you. So I will do everything that I got in the bag. YOU WILL NEVER BE BETTER THEN ME. Solve this riddle: What’s the Single answer on your face? SEE YA LATER JOSH HOPE YOU HAVE FUN SOLVING IT
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    Goals for 2020? (BPZ Edition)

    Go back to enjoying what made me love the forums in the first place and that's all the creative elements such as diaries and Kayfabe. I feel like I haven't really enjoyed doing Kayfabe or diaries recently so hopefully sooner rather than later I can find something that I'm interested in Main Event BPZ Mania V as BPZ World Champion Win a Kayfabe Singles Title
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    Firing Squad

    Flynn takes a step back, allowing the new and improved Mikey to step forward. Rather than donning his classic heelish face and long, wet, dark hair, his face is covered in a layer of face paint, similar to how it was in his attack against Sheridan. The patterns are slightly different, but the idea is the same. His hair is thrown behind his back, looking much more full and rich. "Last week was just the beginning of it all. Sheridan stepped out of line, and we did exactly as we are going to do. We sent her right back to where she belongs, taking orders from the big dogs. As much power as she thinks she has, we proved that she has none if we don't want her to have any. Do not fear, Sheridan. Your small, small sacrifice does not go down in vain, and I think with the sense beat into you, there should be no more fear of an attack like that again. The baddest, most dominant and destructive force in BPZ has been introduced, and what we did to your General Manager was only the beginning." "Consider this a merciful warning to all those concerned. Whoever thinks they are better than us, perhaps you may want to think twice. Whoever believes they are entitled to a personal vendetta against us or the entirety of Bulletproof, drop the act or suffer the consequences." Mikey grins at his words, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and recompose for what’s about to come. "Now, for our first round opponents. The unfortunate first of many, FDS and Br-, no Ang-, no DNA, that’s the one. I’ll be honest, I like you guys. You of all people know your role better than anyone, and that is simply veteran enhancement talent. No matter what the records may show, this is more of a lopsided battle than you think. Two Hall of Famers, extremely accomplished in their careers. Titles upon titles to their names, but there is one minor detail missing. A critical one, too. A victory over the man that stands behind me, Jeremiah Flynn. We know exactly what we need to do for a victory, and you know the saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks." "Myself and Alex Costa, we are the enforcers of BPZ. The two most menacing men in the company, the two men who can stand up to anyone and destroy them. And sadly for FDS and DNA, they are the first victims, the examples. If you think what we did to Sheridan was bad, well...you boys got another thing coming. But please, my legends. Don't take this personally at all. Business is business, and you were the ones that got in our way. Don't blame us, blame the ones that put you in this position. Or blame us if you want, but I promise you, that'll be the last thing that you ever do." Mikey leaves the camera with a few shots of a finger gun and a wink, and he returns to the back as he hands Alex Costa the camcorder, allowing him to say his part.
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    𝑊𝑀𝑀𝐴 𝑌𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑇𝘩𝑟𝑒𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤. Part Three of Three. We've reached the conclusive post for the third year of the simulation. The ranked list, where the top ten fighters are ranked and listed in ascending order. I feel like none of the fighters this year did anything significant, none had an amazing year which made their rankings concrete. I suppose it down to personal opinion, if you disagree with the rankings then feel free to argue with me or leave your own opinion. Of course I'll also be doing end of year awards, for most improved, most impressive victory and so on. Let's get into it. 10th. Dafydd Smith - 2-0 (3-1) Dafydd Smith is one of two year two fighters who makes it into the ranked list this time around. 'The Welsh Dragon' fought twice for KSW and won both his bouts in the first round. With two impressive stoppages against fairly high ranked named opposition, he is well on his way to challenging for the KSW Lightweight Championship in 2023. In spite of his wins Dafydd hasn't improved a whole bunch skill wise, but with positive heat and a decent 3-1 overall record, his 2022 was a good example of how to just cut into the ranked list. 9th. Caitlyn Jackson - 2-0 (2-0) Caitlyn Jackson had a good first year in the sport, signing with Bellator and winning both of the two bouts she had throughout the year. I think what is more impressive is we have seen Caitlyn thrive where Daria Berenato failed. The Irish fighter also won both her matches through submission via Armbar. With close to maximum heat achieved through two fights and a tough scheduled bout with Sinead Kavanagh, another Irishwoman, for 2023, Caitlyn's second year will very much be sink or swim in the Bellator Featherweight class. 8th. Harold Bigalow - 2-0 (4-2) Harold Bigalow seems to be finding his footing in the third year of his professional career. The Canadian fighter rounded out the year with two wins, coming through submission and knock out, the latter against a top ten ranked opponent in Bellator. He also ended the year nudging into the top twenty five ranked Heavyweight fighters on the planet. 2023 looks to be a make or break year for the fighter, Steve Mowry will be a tough test for Harold Bigalow, here is hoping his improved skillset and barely positive heat can see him through to a career changing moment. 7th. Echo Wilson - 2-0 (2-0) Echo Wilson is another third year fighter finding himself in the rankings at the first time of asking. The Lightweight fighter had a good year winning two fights, the latter not only against a named opponent but with a Championship on the line also. Echo Wilson manages to find himself hired by two promotions, with decent popularity in America and with a Championship belt around his waistline. The only complaint would be he didn't fight for the latter half of the year, where another fight against a named opponent would have perhaps seen him reach the top three of this rankings. 6th. Jonathan Killebrew - 2-1 (4-3) Jonathan Killebrew might be one of the 'What If' fighters of this simulation. He began the year in dominant fashion, brushing aside Anatoly Tokov before besting Gegard Moussai in the Bellator Middleweight division, a win which would have lined him up with a potential Championship fight had he not signed for the UFC over Bellator and proceeded to lose his first fight in the promotion. Gegard Mousasi is a great notch for Jonathan and I do believe should he have stayed with Bellator, he might have been the first male to win a Championship in the top two promotions and would have more likely than not topped the rankings. Gutting. 5th. Christina Aguiar - 2-1 (4-1) Our former Rookie Fighter of the Year continued her impressive beginnings to her career in 2022. She faced off against Danielle Taylor and then fellow generated fighter Masha Semyonov over the ONE Strawweight Championship, defending on both occasions. She then fell to Svetlana Gotsyk who is an animal of a fighter. Regardless of this she ended the year as the fifteenth highest ranked Strawweight in the world, with positive heat and with two Championship defences in the best promotion outside of America. Not bad at all. 4th. Rin Akane - 3-0 (5-2) Japanese Bantamweight Rin Akane finds herself much improved for this year, going from a two fight losing streak and negative heat, to a three fight winning streak and a fight lined up with Samantha Carter. Rin has a lot of popularity across a lot of different regions also, which will help her case in future booking. The reason she doesn't rank higher is that two of her three fights, while against named opponents, she was the /heavy/ favourite in. Regardless, Rin had a great turnaround year for herself and for the UFC and if she manages to topple Samantha Carter a future Championship shot is I'm sure down the road for her. 3rd. CJ Sellers - 3-0 (3-0) CJ Sellers had an awesome debut year in the world of WMMA, winning three out of three bouts via decision, knockout and submission, his fight ratings also being more than decent. He found himself picked up by KOTC early on into the year an won their Middleweight Championship in his second professional fight. He managed to make a defence before being snapped up by ONE Championship Fighting, where I am sure he'll make a splash. He also rounds out the year with close to maximum heat. 2nd. Emma McDavid - 2-1 (8-1) From streak ending talent to streak ended. Emma while not having a perfect year certainly had an eventful one. She began the year with a knockout over Macy Ciasson which set up her showdown with Samantha Carter, the biggest fight to date in terms of player vs. player, but in her fight after that she fell to Lucie Pudilova. In spite of having a loss Emma McDavid makes it to this position for she was ranked as high as the second best female fighter on the planet at one point, as well as the best Bamtamweight. She also has National popularity in America and of course, was the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, if only for a couple of months. 1st. Sao Rai Feng - 2-0 (2-0) In a world of Emma McDavid and Kirk Kelly, Sao Rai Feng leaping above twenty nine other fighters to claim my personal fighter of the year was a surprise. You're probably looking at him only fighting twice, and his bout ratings being decent and average and questioning why he ranks top, well. He won a Championship in his first fight, in one of the biggest promotions in Asia and then proceeded to defend it in a five round bout, against a fighter in DEEP's top five. He ends 2022 and his debut year as a Championship holder, with positive heat as well as winning the coveted Rookie of the Year award. His skills have also improved fairly well and his popularity has increased to high level Regional in two fights. In my mind it was a close one between him, CJ Sellers and Emma McDavid but I feel like Sao Rai Feng takes the cake. OVERALL REWARDS / 2022: Best Fighter: Sao Rai Feng Most Impressive Win: Jonathan Killebrew vs. Gegard Mousasi Most Improved Fighter: Rin Akane One Fighter to Watch: Kobe Owens So there you have it. The 2022 year ends with Emma McDavid and Samantha Carter's impressive streaks crushed, it ends with Carlos Guivente and Kirk Kelly, two of the better prospects not even fighting and it culminates with a debut fighter topping the rankings. Certainly a wild ride if not a much impressive one. I feel like the debut fighters did impressive, CJ Sellers and Caitlyn Jackson and Echo Wilson making it into the rankings, Kobe Owens building himself up well too. Harold Bigalow pushes into the top ten rankings at Bellator while Jonathan Killebrew trades an all but guaranteed Championship fight but a shot in the UFC. Stars were crushed and rookies dominated. 2023 will be served in the next week. Thank you for the continued support on this! I like writing as much as you hopefully like to read.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 13th, 2019 "Wrestling is real, god is fake"- The Preacher The Preacher congratulates Johnny Blackcraft Tonight's show kicks off with The Preacher who shows up on the titantron. The Preacher is holding the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship and looking intensely into the camera. The Preacher: Congratulations, Johnny Blackcraft. You've advanced to the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry, but the work isn't done yet. Now you must witness the matches between your potential opponents and trust me if the cult get those wins we're not gonna make it easy on you at Angels Will Cry, because this belt belongs to the cult and not you. The promo ends as The Preacher walks away and the camera fades to black. Music starts playing signaling the start of our first match of tonight. PCO vs. Matt Cross vs. Our first match of the night is about to begin. PCO makes his way to the ring first and gets a huge pop from the crowd, PCO is yet to respond to Chris Dickinson's accusations from last week's Blackcraft Wrestling but it feels like tonight he will. Matt Cross comes out next and he does not look intimidated by PCO. The crowd does not react happily to Cross who looks a little shocked about the reaction of the crowd. This match was a great match to kick off tonight. The underdog in this match, Matt Cross showed some good high flying and technical ability which PCO countered well with powerful moves and quick reactions. PCO ended up being the winner after he caught Matt Cross with a powerful lariat and then finished him of with the PCOsault. PCO responds to "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson The match between PCO and Matt Cross is over. PCO pushes Cross out of the ring and gets a microphone. He looks furious as he stands in the middle of the ring. PCO: CHRIS DICKINSON! You think you have any right to make those kinds of accusations towards me? If you think you can you will face me at Angels Will Cry and show me why i shouldn't have returned to pro wrestling. If you win, i will retire from professional wrestling forever but if i win you will start respecting me and the other veterans of this business and you will stop being a whiny little cunt. PCO throws the mic down and leaves the ring, but as he's making his way to backstage, he is suprised by Chris Dickinson on the stage. Dickinson gets a chair and hits PCO on the back, PCO doesn't even flinch and instead grabs Dickinson by his throat and throws him off the stage and into the crowd. Dickinson seems to be down and out and PCO leaves as we get ready for our next match. Isla Dawn vs. Samantha Heights vs. Our next match is between two women who have yet to really prove themselves. Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring first to a chorus of cheers. Dawn waits for her opponent but for some reason she doesn't come out, Dawn starts getting angry before suddenly Samantha Heights runs out of the crowd and attacks her with Saraya Knight. They destroy Dawn and leave her unconscious in the ring, the crowd boo them as they were waiting for a fair contest but looks like they won't be getting one. This match ended quickly and it can barely even be called a match. Samantha Heights went to pin Dawn who barely kicked out at two. Heights then quickly picked her up, took her to the nearest corner and finished her off with a Diamond Dust. The Essence is formed Saraya Knight and Samantha Heights stand in the ring celebrating Samantha's win. Saraya Knight then gets a microphone. Saraya Knight: This is exactly what Blackcraft Wrestling is missing. Two badass bitches kicking ass and taking names. I will no longer bow to the new generation of women's wrestlers but i will be the one to lead them. Starting today i will take Samantha Heights to new heights and i promise to make her Blackcraft Women's Champion. Saraya Knight then drops the mic and hits Dawn with the Saraya Cradle. The Essence leave and Isla Dawn is left in the ring as Blackcraft Wrestling heads to a short break. Butcher and The Blade vs. Ink Inc. vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling comes back from commercial break we get ready for our next match. First to the ring comes Butcher and The Blade who last week made a statement by destroying multiple tag teams in a brawl that ensued after the match between oVe and The Mane Event. Butcher and The Blade get inside the ring and wait for their opponents. The music of Ink Inc. plays then Moore and Neal rush the ring and attack Andy Williams. Pepper Parks quickly fights off Jesse Neal and then Williams and Parks double team Shannon Moore quickly taking him down and sending him outside the ring. This match was a great one with both members of Ink Inc. showing excellent high flying and technical wrestling and, Butcher and The Blade being able to fight back with power moves and great teamwork. The win ended up going to Butcher and The Blade after a Buckle Bomb & Frog Splash combo from Butcher and The Blade. Butcher and The Blade celebrate as we move on to our next match. Jimmy Havoc vs. Simon Grimm vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling continues Jimmy Havoc comes out to a huge pop. Havoc makes his way to the ring quickly and he looks ready to meet his surprise opponent. The music of an unknown wrestler plays and Simon Grimm walks out. He gets a big pop but he doesn't seem to care, Grimm quickly walks to the ring. Grimm and Havoc have an intense staredown in the ring but the ref separates them as the match is yet to begin. This match was a great one as both men took each other to the limit. These two clicked very well but in the end Jimmy Havoc was able to get the victory with the Go-Home Driver. After the match the two men shake hands and Simon Grimm lifts Havoc's hand up as a sign of respect and Havoc's victory.
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    As Arrow comes through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and he begins to speak Hans you don’t want none from me I actually have something you don’t, and that’s spirit and then I come across you and I say this is going to be tough but I’m going to get through it but you have a different attitude something I have never seen before. But I will crush that spirit with my foot and shock the whole audience with this win over you and BiC I’m ready for the fight and I’m ready for WAR trust me I have this fighting for something that I will one day achieve and that is what I’m aiming for and you can think that I won’t do much but that’s where your wrong I do what you don’t understand what I do. Hans Clayton how does it feel losing your tag titles I bet it was heartbreaking but I know deep down that you aren’t over losing your tag titles but you have to act like you are. Stop acting like your over it and show the world that your not over it show them how you really feel about losing your tag titles because I have noticed that you aren’t happy as much as you were when you had the tag titles why is that? Maybe because you weren’t ready to lose them because you didn’t defend them besides when you lost to Smith and Bart. Now Hans Clayton are you truly over the fact that you lost your tag titles or are you just acting like you are I think your just acting like you are. DONT BE A CUCK RESPONSE IS PLANNED.
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    Aaron North


    Name: Mr. Trumpet Nickname: "The Loud One" Hometown: Los Angeles Height: 6'11 Weight: 300 lbs Signatures: Running Powerslam, Big Boot Finishers: Faceturner (Discus Clothesline) Backstory: Mr. Trumpet has been trying to fit into the world and his house for years now but his tallness and big size has ruined all that. Mr. Trumpet decided to become a professional wrestler to show the people that he can truly become something great. Mr. Trumpet always carries a trumpet with him to show the people who he is. Mr. Trumpet also wears a mask that says: "Hardcore As Fuck" on the back of it.
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    Let's stop acting like Arrow did even close to better than Josh, and that the voting wasn't screwy from the beginning.
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    you may just be the worst forums member of all time
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    'A Big Baller Reunion'

    Is Brenden sending a message to Slim by using his finisher instead of his Gutwrench Powerbomb? 👀
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    Firing Squad

    We are live on the BPZ network, following an extremely boring BPZ 24 chronicling Creed and their formation, the screen suddenly cuts to static. A brief logo appears on the screen with a digitalized voice playing behind it. “The following message is sponsored by Bullet Proof. Behold, the Firing Squad.” We now cut to a dark room with a red lighting, in what is cut on some short or camcorder, the picture rises from the floor to reveal Jeremiah Flynn holding it. He’s breathing heavily as Alex Costa and Mikey stand firmly behind him. The intimidating trio that makes up the Firing Squad have been formed in BPZ for just twenty-four hours yet have already caused ruckus, with their vicious attack over the new Carnage General Manager, Sheridan. Flynn slowly begins to speak directly into the camera, his voice low but powerful. “I am not an individual to be trifled with. You see yesterday on Carnage, Sheridan did not just insult me, she attempted to belittle me. This was extremely childish by a General Manager who at the time had seen herself in power for a mere few hours before she attempted to abuse that power upon myself. So she received everything she had asked for. Yesterday marked stage two for Bullet Proof. Expansion has begun, WE ARE THE FIRING SQUAD. We are the judge, the jury and the executioners. We are the men who take out Bullet Proof’s enemies. That started with Sheridan, and it continues this weekend in the first round of the Tag Team Tournament.” “My boys right here are facing two men I’ve known for my entire career. DNA, FDS, whatever the hell their calling themselves this month, are considered legends here in BPZ. You see however your history, your past accomplishments do not matter. All that matters is what have you done for me lately and these two have done NOTHING. My boys are going to mop the floor with them. They are going to legitimately destroy and dominate them just as I have done to both of these individuals for my entire career. Brad and FDS, Bullet Proof has sentenced you to death, curtesy of the Firing Squad.” Suddenly the Undisputed Championship comes into the picture. “As for this....” Flynn holds his gold tightly, something he’s had an extremely tight grip upon for nearly half of the year now. “This Undisputed Championship remains THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN ALL OF BPZ. With that being said, next week following the conclusion of the first round of the Tag Team Tournament where my boys behind me will tear apart those relics and advance to the second round, I will in celebration hold an open challenge on Carnage for this Undisputed Championship. The entire locker room has been put on notice. Next week, you all have the opportunity to become THE MAN OF BPZ. Who’s going to step up. Now listen to my brothers behind me, they wish to enlighten you people on exactly what they plan to do going forward.” Flynn hands off the camcorder to Mikey, who sports the all white war paint from the night before.....
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    REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

    Name: The Riddler figurehead: Edward Nigma/ Riddler Gimmick: outsmarting everyone Favortie Weapon: Kendo Stick Backstory: I been in prison by Jim gordon
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    REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

    Joshua Scott Erick Rowan My Kayfabe gimmick My bare hands NOAH BPZ Not much is known about Joshua Scott but he serves the mysterious Master, destroying anyone The Master orders him to
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    The Smackdown after Survivor Series Roman Reigns issued a challenge to Daniel Bryan and was willing to give him an opportunity for the WWE Championship in the Main Event in which Daniel Bryan accepted. Daniel Bryan Defeated Roman Reigns after lowblowing him and hitting the Running Knee to win the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan is the WWE Championship and has turned heel
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    The screen opens up, with a clay cube on a table. An inquisitive voice begins to speak, and 6 other voices are heard in the background. Knowledge. The most powerful object in the world. A fidgety hand holds the clay cube, beginning to shape it. First into a triangle. But knowledge can be corrupted. It can be shaped, and changed to fit the mold that is needed. Knowledge is much more valuable then money in this regard. The hand then forms the triangle into more of an oval shape. We wanted to change that. We wanted to fix the knowledge that had corrupted the world. So, we used violence. And we enjoyed using our knowledge to dissect our enemies. So very much. The hand then sets down the oval, reveling it as a skull. The camera pans up and Poiunight’s face is shown. Our host could not handle the guilt he felt over causing so much pain. It became clear to him in order for his own soul to live, he had to separate this evil from himself. And so, Epsilon was created. And that’s when he became more dangerous, as our hosts soul was the only thing holding him back. Poiunight then twists the top of the clay skull, revealing a piece of real human brain. Poiunight grabs the piece of brain out of the skull, putting it on the table in the room. Epsilon was a smart person. He could predict an opponent’s move before the opponent could. But soon enough, he predicted too far ahead, and that mistake caused him much pain. So, when he came to us, broken, we accepted him. As Poiunight continues to speak, the voices all merge, and only Poiunight’s voice is specifically heard. Poiunight grabs Epsilon’s hammer, aiming for the piece of brain. And now, the brain of the smartest man in the world, Epsilon’s brain, and his ability to predict without a fault, belongs to Poiunight. The hammer smashes on the brain as the screen turns to black. Epsilon’s voice then speaks And now Epsilon belongs to us.
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    Solved your riddle Steph, its death
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    Hello, it’s me THE RIDDLER. Isiah Carter is scared to get this smoke. Every time he goes down BAM tag into Hans. Hans is gonna have to carry him which will make Hans get hurt. My partner Arrow Thunderman is gonna go extreme on Hans. While I take ISIAH CARTER BACK TO TOWN. You guys better watch out. I’m gonna discragce you Isiah Carter infront of your family. I’m gonna show them what you really are made of. Stay down you don’t want this heat. We’re about to drop the Thunder AND WE ABOUT TO DROP ISIASH CARTER AND HANS LIKE MEN. So we THE THUNDERMANS. Now Hans, listen you don’t wanna show up to this slug fest. It’s gonna be worse on your side. Your gonna keep getting tagged in and when you come in ARROW COMES IN. So you better stay out before your condionting gets bad for you. You may have been US Champ, Tag team champ. Any title that you guys won. We’re not scared of you just because of what titles you won. Now Now, Answer this riddle for me. Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might, to guess my name, I promise you’ll know, when you do I claim. What am I?
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    REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

    Arrow Rhodes Figurehead Cody Rhodes Gimmick former Arrow Thunderman Favorite weapon Tables Employment history:ROH, MLW Backstory Arrow has had a fun life playing games and working out at the gym showing his worth of a wrestler.
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    Aaron North

    Hard Road Ahead - Part 1

    The lights go out and music starts playing. Aaron North appears on the titantron and he's walking in a snowstorm with nothing else than his clothes and a satchel. "The Widow Maker" That's what they call me after last night, even though i lost my match. Alex Costa, i'm gonna get my revenge.... but that's not what i'm gonna talk about. You're all probably wondering how i became "The Devil's Advocate" well, let me tell you. Aaron sits down on a bench and takes a cigarette pack from his satchel, he then takes a cigarette and starts smoking. The reason i became "The Devil's Advocate" was because i made a deal with the devil. I promised to serve as his advocate as long as he cured my mental wounds and physical wounds. My eye was cured, my mind was cured, and i saw that making a deal with the devil was the best thing that ever happened to me. I've been trying to get people to follow the same path as i am following but thus far only one person on this roster has been able to do so. Not only was i cured but i saw the truth, everything that the devil taught me got me even closer to it. He taught me not to worry and to live freely, not to let anyone drag me down with them which lead me to my decision to break up with Brad. The devil is also the thing that brought me to The Cure. The devil taught me to follow those that can carry me to greatness but leave once they're starting to fall. Last night really wasn't a great first impression but i'm not giving up on The Cure. One bad performance proves nothing but if being with The Cure takes me nowhere i might just have to try and make it on my own. Aaron looks around and sees a woman walking in the distance, the woman is walking towards him. Winter Warfare is coming soon and i have a match against Gunner, Raven and Prince or Dr. X. I've never faced any of these men in a match before, i know what they're all capable of and i have to say, only two people in this match are actually a threat to me and those are Gunner and Raven. I've seen what both men can do and i have to say that they're the only ones that i'm taking seriously in this match. Dr. X... it looks like we're not gonna face each other on Carnage so i suppose i'll just have to deal with you some other time, but trust me when that time comes, you're gonna regret messing with "The Widow Maker". Aaron takes his cigarette and throws it to the ground. He stomps the cigarette and coughs violently. Raven, if the general manager allows it, i'm gonna face you two times at Winter Warfare. Once for the US title and the second time for number #1 contendership for the North American Championship. Gunner, i don't know what to say. After your loss last night, i was deeply disappointed. I hope during this match you prove to me and the devil that you are a man worth following and that you are truly the one that should be leading The Cure. I've made a promise to myself and the devil to only follow those that can lead me to greatness... but if there's no one to follow i think i'll just have to lead myself. The woman finally reaches Aaron and kisses him, the woman takes a seat and it's revealed to be Aaron's "old friend" Jenna Jameson. The two share another kiss before they walk away together.
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    We are live with BPZ Survivor Series as we get set for a match for the BPZ Premium Championship. It will be the champion Icon defending against the challenger Bob Sparks. These men have a bit of history as they have battled before. Bob and Icon faced off in a triple threat match along with Mave in what was a big win for Icon as he was able to slow down the rising momentum of Bob Sparks. Bob Sparks has not forgotten about that match though as he is here tonight to get some revenge on Icon by capturing the Premium Championship. Icon won’t give it up easily as it will be a big test for Bob Sparks. Both these men are in for a battle as we now see the challenger Bob Sparks make his entrance. “Blood in the Water” plays as we see Bob Sparks make his way down to the ring showered by boos. Bob has been getting a lot of hate as of late for his recent actions as he has been at odds with Bailey and the BPZ fans for a while now. Bob recently joined Descent as of late and you got to think they could really play a part in this match if Bob needs it. Bob stands in the ring ready as we eventually see Gunner make his way to the ring. We then hear “No one will Survive” blast through the arena as Gunner Flynn makes his way out on the stage looking at the crowd eventually bringing his attention to Bob. He holds his title up high before making his way to the ring. Icon gets in the ring getting in the face of Bob with his title raised high before going to his corner. We then hear the bell ring as the matchup gets underway. We see Gunner jump off to a quick start as he drives the big man into the corner hitting him with a series of quick strikes. Bob is stood up in the corner as Gunner looks at him laughing as if he was excepting a bit more from the big man. We then see Gunner back up and run at Bob looking like he was going for a clothesline in the corner. But the strength of Bob shows as he counters Gunner’s attack with a uranage! Bob seems to be a bit more hyped up now as he has managed to shift the momentum in his favor here after a big counter there as Gunner is down on the mat. Bob has a grin on his face as he picks up Gunner in the ring as hits him with a quick scoop slam as he focuses his attack on the back of Gunner. Gunner though seems to be smiling still as if he is enjoying the pain here. Bob looks at him confused as he stands over him. Bob would then pick up Gunner and look at him face to face as he would slap Gunner across the face. Gunner would laugh at Bob before answering with a punch. The two would continue to exchange blows in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers. Eventually Bob would get the upper hand or so we thought when we he knocked Gunner down with a big right hand. Gunner though would pop back up and drop Bob with a clothesline! Both men would be down in the ring as it seems to be a heated battle here tonight. We would see Gunner make it to his feet first as he would as he would see Bob slowly making his way to his feet on the other side of the ring. Gunner would beg him to get up as he would then run at Bob and hit him with the Prophecy! A call back to the beginning of this rivalry, to their short alignment and a call back to their first matchup. Gunner would go for the cover 1..2..Wait no Bob got his finger onto the bottom rope breaking the count! Gunner is clearly upset as he was so close to a victory but the quick thinking of Bob saved him there. Gunner then paces around the ring begging Bob to get up once again. Bob would get to his knees before Gunner would meet him with a knee! Knocking Bob down to the mat again. Gunner goes for the cover again 1..2..No Bob kicks out. Gunner then would grab the big man and wait no, he can’t, he does Gunner picks up Bob lifting the big man over his head and hits him with a Dark Side! Bob would roll out of the ring though not allowing Gunner to make the pin though as Gunner is even more upset now. Gunner was so close to putting this one away once again but it just seems to be going in Bob’s favor tonight as Gunner is doing all he can to pick up a win here tonight. Gunner then would sit on the ring apron looking down at Bob and laughing at him. A bit surprising considering the circumstances but at this point could the anger be going to Gunner’s head? Gunner then hops to the outside of the ring as he would pick Bob up and slowly get him back into the ring. Gunner would then go to roll into the ring only to see Bob sitting up in the middle of the ring as we would see Bob wave to the back as if he was calling for someone to come out, to come down to the ring. Gunner would be furious as he would roll into the ring only for Bob to pop up and hit him with a Bracket Buster! It seemed to be some sort of trick as it doesn't look like anyone is actually coming down to the ring. But it seems to have worked as Bob now goes for the cover 1..2..No Gunner kicked out. Bob only smiles though as he is still in control of this match. Bob then calls for it, he calls for the end of the match as he waits for Gunner to make it for his feet. He then kicks Gunner in the gut and sets it up, Bob Bomb! That’s got to be it, 1..2..3. Bob did he ended the reign of Gunner! Now we have a new Premium Champion and it’s Bob Sparks! We would see Gunner roll out of the ring as Bob celebrates holding his title high in the ring, the celebration would be cut short though as we hear a familiar theme blast through the arena. (Response Planned)
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    Everybody Dies

    We then cut backstage, moments after the United States championship five-way here at Survivor Series, and the new US champion, Raven, is making his exit. Though he's still walking with a slight limp from his deathmatch with FDS a few weeks ago, no doubt exacerbated in this brutal match tonight, he holds his head high with the United States championship in his hands. As he sees the cameras approaching, he flashes a grin and strikes a pose for the camera, championship in one hand and the deadly claw in the other, the same claw that earned him the championship in tonight's grueling affair. What did I was would happen, huh? What the HELL DID I SAY?! I said I was gonna walk into Survivor Series, regardless of how "medically cleared" I was, and I would walk out with this title in my hands! Mikey took my Goldie away from me...I took his Stripes from him. And there wasn't a damn thing he could do to stop it. Everyone had him pegged to win tonight, everyone thought that Bulletproof was gonna walk out of this event a total success...And who just put a chink in that armor? ME! THE MESSENGER OF CHAOS, RAVEN. Now Bulletproof enters tonight's main event one title shorter, and one man weaker...You're welcome, Creed. Not that I care about this petty ass squabble between Creed and Bulletproof, since everyone knows they're fighting over who the SECOND best stable in BPZ is. Slim won Survival Games, Bob's taken Premium from Flynn's little brother...And I am the new United States champion. Nobody can stop us. And everyone who gets in our way will suffer the same fate. Raven tries to exit, but he's asked a question by an interviewer before he can. Raven, what are your goals now as the United States champion? Pretty simple. I'm gonna beat the shit out of everyone who gets in my way. That little punk ass kid, Arrow? The one that couldn't even beat Josh Scott, my first ever victim? He's gonna die. If Jason Ryan steps up to me again? He's gonna die. Oh, and the North American champion, KENJI? The same man I beat to win my first NXT title? This is your one and only warning. Mikey may not have been able to become the "Supreme Ruler of the United States," but who the hell is gonna stop me? KENJI, hold on tight to that title, because the British Psycho is coming for your ass, and when I do...You're gonna die, too. Raven, what if Mikey and Bulletproof come back for the United States title? I dare them to. I dare their punk asses to come back for my gold. Mikey went into tonight's match hoping he could just half-ass his way to an easy victory, hoping he would be able to put in minimal effort and save his energy for tonight's main event...Look where that got him. He tried to skirt through tonight, expecting an easy defense, and he lost everything because of it. If he wants to come after me, I'm right here. I entered tonight's match nowhere near 100 percent, and I still beat the shit out of EVERYONE. Just imagine how much more dangerous I'll be when I'm fully healed and fully focused on one man. Mikey, you can come for this title if you want...But your ass is gonna die. Raven then covers the camera with the claw he used to win the title tonight and pushes it away before making his exit. Though Raven is still visibly limping, he's clearly fired up from his victory, and the British Psycho leaves with his new title in his grasp.
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    First Shot Fired

    As tonight’s post-Survivor Series edition of Carnage continues, the audience turns their attention to the screen where we see a figure sitting in a dark shed wearing a hood over his head, the only source of light in the room being from a box of matches he holds in his hands, shaking every few moments to break the silence being created. Eventually, he turns around to face the camera and tugs on a chain, bringing light fully to the room where several portraits of Bullet Proof members hang on every inch of the walls. He takes off the hood to reveal himself to be the newly returning Bashka, with half of his face painted and the other half not. He stands to his feet and walks over to one corner of the room, picking up a damaged and worn out sledgehammer, before walking over to a portrait of Hans Clayton, and striking it with the sledgehammer, instantly destroying it ”Irrelevant.” He then walks over to a portrait of former United States Champion, Mikey and proceeds to do the same thing, breaking it and stomping on it several times to destroy it for certain. ”Irrelevant.” He then steps over to a portrait of Undisputed Champion, Jeremiah Flynn and drops the sledgehammer, instead taking the mantle off the wall and throwing it aside. ”Unfinished business.” Finally, he walks to a photo of former World Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter after he cost him the belt last night by attacking him, leading to the cash in of Julius. Instead of doing anything to the photo, he walks away and stares directly into the camera. ”When you threaten a man’s livelihood he makes decisions that he may not be proud of, but action certainly will be taken. When Mr. Carter decided that my time in Bullet Proof was up, not only was he declaring psychological warfare, but he was effectively saying that my career was as good as gone. I didn’t make the best decision and instead of facing it, I walked out and decided that my talent would be best suited elsewhere. However, that thought was always lurking that ‘did a man who I was at one point ruling over throw me out of my own territory’ and that’s exactly what drove me into coming back.” ”I’m not going to sit here and watch my legacy be tarnished as Isaiah Carter unsuccessfully leads Bullet Proof into more wars. This is not the guy that finally does what many have tried to do and get rid of me. You see Carter, last night was just the beginning and from now on, your life is going to be hell. I’ve taken the first show, games on..” He walks over to the chain and once more pulls it, removing all light from the room and ending the segment, the crowd in awe of the returning legend.
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    It's time for the Triple Threat Match. Nothing much here at stake, however potentially a future North American title match could hang in the balance. First to come out is Aidan who just stretches and poses on the way to the ring Next comes out Aaron North who is accompanied by the Cure's Bodyguard. The Crowd shows there disdain for the Devil's Advocate as they shower him with boos Next a new theme song plays for Alex Sunday Bloody Sunday plays to the speakers as Alex Costa comes out for the match looking focused The match immediatly begins as Alex jumps into the ring going straight for Aidanator as they begin to brawl Aidan gains some advantage here as he is the bigger man and proceeds to dominate Alex with some power moves: However before he can capitalize Aaron enters the fray nailing Aidan with a powerful clothesline The two Cure members then begin double teaming Aidan, making it a clear 2 on 1 situation now more obvious: However any time one of the two man tries to pin Aidan the other break the count immediatly afterwards, a situation that in particular is starting to piss Alex a bit Fast forward to the closing minutes of the match after Alex and Aaron hit a double finishing move on Aidan Both try to pin Aidan but they keep cutting each other off imediatly afterwards Alex and Aaron being shoving each other as they trade words and they begin fighting Aaron takes the upperend and the prepares to hit Alex only to hit the referee instead Everyone in the match is down but suddenly the lights dim and a theme song starts playing IT'S CHRISTINA, ALEX'S WIFE IS COMING OUT She immediatly grabs a Steel chair from under the ring and enters it Alex and Aaron slowly get up and are now confused by her presence before Christina tells them to get Aidan up. However before Aidan can get up she smacks Aaron in the back Alex is confused and asks her "What you doing?!" The two have a stair down for a minute before they smile and hug each other to the shock of the crowd here A Immediatly afterwards Alex tells Christina to throw Aidan at him which she does and then Alex grabs him and nails him with his new finisher the Bloody Sunday Christina revives the ref as Alex pins Aidan for the 3 count and the win here As Sunday Bloody Sunday blasts on the speakers Alex and Christina flee up the ramp as Aaron who is just coming to his senses begins to realize what happened. The couple celebrate on top of the ramp as Aaron looks on angrily from the ring As the scene fades to black questions are left to answer. Answers we will surely here from in the next couple of weeks.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW Episode 34 l Green Bay, WI Miz TV With Andrade Monday Night RAW would open up with The Miz, EC3, and Maryse inside of the ring for an edition of Miz TV. As they introduce tonights guest, the captain of Team RAW. Andrade. Who comes to the ring with Zelina Vega by his side, as they answer questions about Team RAW and its two members. Andrade, and Keith Lee. As Andrade announces that he has acquired a new member. The Miz claims it is himself, before Andrade points to the stage. Buddy Murphy would come to the stage, revealing himself as the third member of Team RAW. As he steps into the ring, where The Miz would challenge him to a matchup. ____ Buddy Murphy vs The Miz The newest member of Team RAW would be taking on The Miz in one on one action as the two get set for the match. Andrade and Zelina would be watching nearby. Buddy Murphy and Miz would take each other to the limit, as Murphy is impressive. Knocking The Miz out multiple times with knee strikes, and a powerbomb onto the apron. As The Miz would attempt to hit many moves but would often be reversed, as Buddy Murphy would hit the 'Murphys Law" and pin The Miz in the center of the ring, celebrating as he puts on the RAW T Shirt. _______ The World Of Hurt Luke Harper would cut a promo in a backstage area, speaking about his time in WWE so far and how much he misses inflicting pain. He says he is done with silly mask, hammers, and theme songs. He just wants to hurt, and he promises to do so. ________ Dijak vs R - Truth The United States champion, Dijak, would once again come to the ring. As this monster of a man, who is the United States champion, steps into the ring to take on R - Truth. Who looks scared shitless on the other side of the ring. The match, like most of Dijaks matches, didn't last long. As he quickly lifts Truth up for the "Feast Your Eyes". Hitting it and pinning Truth in the center of the ring, as once again Dijak looks dominant. However, he would be interrupted by a returning Sheamus. Who comes to the ring and begins to take down Dijak, nearly hitting a brogue kick before Dijak would escape through the ropes. Choosing his prey wisely. _______ Randy Orton vs Shinsuke Nakamura One of the best members of RAW, Randy Orton would come to the ring as he is taking on "The King Of Strong Style", Shinsuke Nakamura who has proven to be a true threat to WWE, as he takes on Orton here tonight. Nakamura and Orton would bring all the aggression in the world, throwing each other into the barricades and ring apron, as well as hitting big moves in the ring. As Randy Orton attempts to slow the pace down, Nakmura uses his knees and kicks to speed it out. However, Orton would catch him out at every turn. Including one final RKO as he reverses the kinsasha, pinning the former Rumble winner as he walks away the winner. Randy Orton had a strong showing tonight, as the veteran was able to take out Shinsuke Nakamura, as this may be the run of the "Rookie Killer" just beginning. _________ Ladies And Gentleman, Lars Sullivan Elias would once again come to the ring, the crowd welcoming him with cheers as Elias is still adjusting to being back. However, before he could begin to speak. Eric Young would appear on stage, announcing that his experiment is now complete. He explains that over the past few months, he has been kidnapping various superstars to convince them to work for him, and finally, he has found the cult he needs, he has found, the monster. That is when Lars Sullivans music would hit, as Lars returns to ring and attacks Elias. Shrugging off a guitar hit as he hits a nasty running head butt before hitting the "Freak Accident", leaving Elias laid out in the center of the ring. As Eric Youngs cult has begun. _______ Team RAW Drafts Its Fourth Member Andrade, Keith Lee, and Buddy Murphy. What a starting 3, as Zelina Vega hypes up the three men backstage, she begins to introduce the newest member of the team. Cesaro, Cesaro and Keith Lee stare down, as they have had problems in the past. But Cesaro ends up shaking the hand of Lee, as the rivalry is put aside for now. Team RAW now only needs one member, with just two weeks to go until Survivor Series. _______ Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio Following an announcement that Seth Rollins will be a RAW Representative in a 1v1 match at Survivor Series, he host an open challenge. In which the masked legend, Rey Mysterio would answer the call. Rey Mysterio takes the fight to Rollins, proving he still can go in the ring as he hits many diving attacks and big kicks, but the determined Rollins is more dangerous then ever as he tries to work his way back to the top, eventually hitting the Curb Stomp on Mysterio and pinning him in the center of the ring. No better man can represent RAW as the show closes with Seth Rollins taking center stage, celebrating his victory as we inch closer to Survivor Series.
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    Isaiah Carter

    WWE Reborn

    NXT Wrestling l The Change In Pro Wrestling WWE for the past year, has been in a brand new era. The pro wrestling world has been changed as WWE has once again become one of the best wrestling companies, with stars such as Andrade, Seth Rollins, and more coming out on top. The opportunity for success has never been higher, and the stock will never be higher to be a WWE superstar. But whats the journey? Whats the spot for success before the big leagues, what is, the alternative. This is. NXT. The brain child of the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Shawn Michels, and Triple H. NXT has been a sound name in WWE for years now, and it is now coming back, better than ever. As it will now be airing as a 2 hour show on USA, as the third WWE brand will not be put into the spotlight with brand new storylines, superstars, and more as NXT truly is going to be Reborn. Also coming to NXT, NXT UK. What use to be a separate brand will be merged with the NXT roster as the NXT UK Womens championship and the NXT UK Tag Team Titles will be merged with the current NXT Championships, as the NXT UK Championship will remain on the current champion, Walter. NXT Roster Austin Theory - Angel Garza - Angelo Dawkins - Boa - Bobby Fish Cameron Grimes - Cezar - Damian Priest - Danny Burch - Dexter Lumis Fenix - Isaiah Scott - Jaxson Ryker - Joaquin - Johnny Gargano - Killian Dain Kona Reeves - Kushida - Kyle O' Reily - Lio Rush - Mansoor - Matt Riddle Montez Ford- MJF - Pete Dunne - Pentagon Jr. - Riddick Moss - Roderick Strong Shane Thorne - Steve Cutler - Tino Sabbatelli - Tyler Breeze - Velvteen Dream NXT UK Roster A Kid - Alexander Wolfe - Amir Jordan - Dave Mastiff - Dragunov Eddie Dennis - Fabian Aichner - Morgan Webster - James Drake - Joe Coffey Joseph Connors - Kenny Williams - Ligero - Marcel Barthel - Mark Andrews Mark Coffey - Noam Dar - Primate - Travis Banks - Trent Seven Tyler Bate - Walter - Wolfgang - Zack Gibson NXT Womens Roster Ailyah - Bianca Belair - Candice LeRae - Dakota Kai - Io Shriai Kay Lee Ray - Killer Kelly - Mia Yim - Rhea Ripley - Sasha Banks Shayna Blazer - Tegan Nox - Vanessa Borne - Xia Li NXT Tag Team Roster Undisputed Era - Imperium - Forgotten Sons - Street Profits Lucha Bros - Mustache Mountain - Grizzled Young Veterans - Gallus - NXT Champions NXT Championship: Pentagon Jr. NXT Womens Championship: Bianca Belair NXT North American Championship: Matt Riddle NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era NXT United Kingdom Championship: Walter
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    Season 5, Episode 1: " Prince Returns" After months upon months of Lucha Underground being on hiatus, we are finally back. And we are better than ever, as we bring our first show of Season 5! We start the show off of in a dark room, just outside of the temple. Where Prince Puma is seen striking his vintage boxing bag, getting set to challenge for the vacant Lucha Underground Championship tonight. KillShot vs Son Of Havoc A great match here, but lets start off with some backstory before getting going. Last season these two lucadors would go to battle in an epic battle at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. And tonight their grudge war returns to the temple. As we begin this match, we start off with a lockup, the strength advantage going to Son Of Havoc by a big edge, as he sends his opposition into the corner. He goes for a big running forearm, but is stopped abruptly by a big kick by Kill Shot. A few moments pass by, before a slug fest begins, a huge brawl as this shows the hatred these two men show for eachother. When we get to the closing moments of this match, Son Of Havoc would go for one big lariat, but KillShot would duck under sweeping his legs, proceeding to head to the top rople for a double stomp and the victory. Fenix vs Drago Before we get set for some more in- ring action insdie the temple. We once again look outside the temple, as Fenix and Catrina speak about how much getting abck on top of the mountain means to them. Before sharing a devil's kiss. A very good match, as we begin with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to Fenix, but barely. As he strikes Drago with a furious punch, taking down Drago to one knee. Fenix senses this can be his oppurtunity to get on the right track as he goes for a shining wizard but is denied, as Drago gets out of the way, hitting a superkick instead. As we get to the closing moments of this bout, Drago would go for one last superkick, but Fenix had him scouted as he would hit his own superkick for the win. After the matchup, his celebration was cut short with a man he knew all too well. Alberto El Patron vs Cage As we return from commercial break, Alberto El Patron makes his way to the ring. But not in his usa ring gear, instead he is in a full suit. With a micrphone in his hand, he seems to have a smirk as he ahs some good news rather than bad news. Alberto El Patron- See, I was supposed to put my body on the line against " A Machine", Cage. I dont like that, I am Alberto El Patron. An Icon in Mexico, not a victim. So ill tell you what, Cage I got an oppoennent for you here tonight. Just come on out here and we can settle this. As Cage makes his way to the ring, he doesnt seem so pleased by Alberto's "good news". He races to the ring, instead of talking, taking down Alberto. These two men seem to have a unique hate between eachother. The brawl continues, before secutiry has to break it up, what is next for these two men? PJ Black vs Dante Fox Our next match is gonna be a good one. This match represents everything a lucha strives for, to be the best. They have both proven that they can stand their own in the temple, but do they have enough to be the best in this temple? And we are going to find an answer to that question right now. As we begin with a staredown, its obvious this will be a competive match early on. As we begin with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Dante Fox, who seems to have an edge in that department. PJ Black would use his quick paced speed to get out of the manuever, and strike Dante with a superkick. As that takes him down to the canvas, this could be Black's chance. As he heads up to the top rope for a double stomp, but Dante gets out of the way and hits a STO for the victory. After the matchup, Dante Fox would be estatic with his win, before a man we saw ealrier wouldnt be so pleased with Dante Fox. Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo- Lucha Underground World Championship What a match this will be, after the World Championship being vacant for almost a year. Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma will fight once again to decide our new Lucha Underground World Champion here tonight. Lets start it! Our match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Johnny Mundo, with a slight edge. As he sends Prince into the corner, going for a forearm and connects. This would send Puma down to one knee, as Mundo would go for a kick, Prince would duck and strike him in the abdomen with a strike. A few moments would pass, as these men would seem to begin to get exhausted. But we would have to get to the closing moments of this match sooner rather than later. And that would lead to Mundo getting desperate and going for a superkick with no aim, Puma would duck and hit a knee to the skull. Following up with a beautiful 630 senton for the victory.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 6th 2019, Wednesday "Wrestling is real, god is fake" - The Preacher Blackcraft Wrestling begins with the entrance of The Preacher. Blackcraft Wrestling starts and the music of The Preacher plays. The Preacher walks out with his cult behind him and with a microphone in his left hand. They get showered by boos but they do not acknowledge "the unbelievers". The Preacher: Tonight, Blackcraft Wrestling begins and the first ever tag team champions shall be crowned and the first competitor in the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry will be decided. I have a strong feeling that tonight will be a successful night for Blackcraft Wrestling and the cult. With all you unbelievers watching, we shall put on a show that will be remembered for years to come. The Preacher leaves, followed by his cult. The crowd goes silent as the first match of the night is about to begin. "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson vs. "The Butcher" Andy Williams vs. The first match of the night is about to begin and "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring first. Dickinson looks ready and pumped for his match but then again he doesn't know who or what he's gonna be facing. "The Butcher" Andy Williams comes out next with his manager "The Blade" Pepper Parks. Williams has an intimidating look and feel to him and he even makes a guy like Chris Dickinson looks small. This match would turn out to be a great match. Andy Williams showcased his immense power and wrestling ability really well and Chris Dickinson followed right with him. The two battled for many minutes but eventually "The Butcher" was able to get the upper hand and bring his opponent crashing down with The Butcher Bomb. Andy Williams celebrates his win with Pepper Parks who escorts him out before Chris Dickinson can get to him. Chris Dickinson challenges PCO The match is over and Chris Dickinson is pissed off. He goes and grabs a mic and gets inside the ring. Chris Dickinson: The reason i came here tonight wasn't because i wanted to have a match against some old dude with a monocle. The reason i came here tonight was so that i could cut this promo and get something off my chest. I've been working in the independent scene for over 10 years now, i've seen a lot of things during my wrestling career, but nothing else has made me more sick to my stomach than Pierre Carl Ouelette. The man was retired and last year he just suddenly decides that he wants to come back, it doesn't work like that senior Carl. Once you're retired, you stay retired which is why i'm still wrestling. Carl... i want a match with you, and if you lose, you will retire and will never, ever be seen in this ring ever again. Dickinson drops the mic and leaves as Blackcraft Wrestling moves on to the second match of the night. Taya Valkyrie vs. Saraya Knight vs. The second match is about to begin as it's time to now showcase what the women of Blackcraft Wrestling have to offer. The two competitors fighting in this match are both very experienced and so we're expecting a great technical bout between them. Taya Valkyrie makes his entrance first, she clearly has the crowd behind him as they loudly cheer her when she gets into the ring. Saraya Knight makes her way to the ring next, she gets showered by boos but she doesn't care. Once she gets into the ring she pushes Taya Valkyrie and gets a slap for her troubles. The two start brawling and the bell rings for the match to start. The match ended up being a good one. Both women showcased many different moves and their technical ability, mixed in with some brawling which made for a great women's match. The winner would end up being Taya Valkyrie who won after hitting Saraya Knight with The Road to Valhalla. Saraya Knight disrespects Taya Valkyrie The match is over and Taya Valkyrie is celebrating. Saraya Knight gets up and Taya offers her a handshake but instead of shaking Taya's hand Saraya Knight grabs it and spits blood on it. Saraya Knight leaves the ring as the crowd boos and Taya Valkyrie looks on in disgust. Taya Valkyrie leaves the ring as we get ready for our next match. oVe vs. The Mane Event for Blackcraft Tag Team Championship vs. It's finally time for some tag team action as two teams are fighting to become the first ever Blackcraft Tag Team Champions. The Mane Event make their way to the ring first, they're still just a very new team to the indie scene but they sure as hell look ready to go. oVe comes out next looking intimidating as always with their masks on. oVe has an advantage in this match when it comes to in-ring experience and we will see if that can get them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles. This match ended up being pretty good. Both teams showed some very impressive athletisism, high flying moves and techincal wrestling. oVe was clearly the more experienced team which ended up getting them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles after hitting Ganon Jones Jr. with the Irish Air Raid. The Preacher forces oVe into a match at BCW Angels Will Cry The match between oVe and The Mane Event has just ended when suddenly the music of The Preacher hits. The Preacher walks out and stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The Preacher: Congratulations on your victory Dave and Jake. However it is not over just yet, you see i had a little something else planned for you. Just as The Preacher finishes speaking the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Mane Event is gone and the team of The Headbangers appear in the ring behind them. The crowd pops hugely for this surprise and then both members of oVe turn around and look at The Headbangers in shock. The Headbangers attack oVe and a big brawl breaks out. The Preacher quickly reacts and sends in 2 cult members two attack oVe, those two cultists are revealed to be Ink Inc. in disguise. They both attack oVe and then The Headbangers. Suddenly the music of The Butcher and The Blade starts playing and Pepper Parks and Andy Williams quickly rush out and attack Ink Inc. The brawl comes to an end as Andy Williams gets out of the ring to confront The Preacher who quickly walks away. All teams leave the ringside area as we get ready for tonight's main event. Johnny Blackcraft vs. Matthew Justice vs. It is time for the main event of tonight as Johnny Blackcraft takes on Matthew Justice to decide who will be in the triple threat match that's happening. Johnny Blackcraft makes his entrance first and he enters to a huge pop. Johnny Blackcraft is looking as cocky as always, he doesn't look afraid or worried because he knows that he's got a big advantage heading into this match. Matthew Justice enters next to many boos and he looks a little mad when Justice finally gets into the ring, the booing stops and the bell rings. This match ended up being very good. Both men showed great athletisism and they had great chemistry in the ring together. In the end Johnny Blackcraft was victorious after hitting Matthew Justice with the Starship Pain. Through his win Blackcraft gets a shot at the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship.
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    Kayfabe Confessions

    There was a long long time in my life where I actually believed Kane and The Undertaker were brothers. It even came to the point where I wouldn't believe what anyone would tell me I was so stubborn on the fact that they were actually brothers
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    Official BPZ Tag Division Sign Up

    'The Resonator' KENJI 'The Revenant' Arius Tag Team Moves Double Osaka Cutter Inuzuma Leg Lariat (Arius)/Gemerna Suplex (KENJI) Combination Leg Sweep (Arius)/ Knee Drop (KENJI) Combination Pumping Bomber (KENJI)/ Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Ushigoroshi (KENJI)/Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Signature 'Kill The Lights' Total Elimination Finisher 'Final Horizon' Gory Bomb (KENJI)/ Blockbuster (Arius) Combination Theme Song: TBA
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    I agree with Arius, but for the purpose of saying something different, I'm gonna go with Gwyn. Every promo he makes rivals Arius' in terms of creativity and quality, and I've never seen so much as the same phrase in his promos. On top of that, he comes up with some really interesting diary ideas that people would otherwise never think of. On top of that, all around he just is there to provide different opinions on subjects that freshen things up, and he's able to work with anything he's got, making him a true innovator of the forums.
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    Brad, you can give us all this talk about others being pussies and stuff but if u really cared about Arrow, you would put him over yourself, but because youre you, youre not going to do that and we all know it. Also I am proud of myself
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