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    BPZ Power Rankings

    November 2019 TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS POWER RANKINGS 5. @FDS and @Death Notorious Angel 4. @Gwynfro and @Arius 3. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 2. @BobdaBomb and @Meko750 (Raven) 1. @Hans and @Isaiah Carter NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @Meckolegend 4. @Gunner Flynn 3. @Hans 2. @BobdaBomb 1. @Meko750 (Raven) Undisputed Championship Power Rankings 10. @Necce 9. @Gwynfro 8. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 7. @BobdaBomb 6. @Meko750 (Raven) 5. @Isaiah Carter and @Hans 4. @Smith and @Bart 3. @Arius 2. @Julius 1. NOC: @Slim
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 6 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Evolution and Maasa First match of night six sees the team of George and Kieron Black of High Octane go up against Evolution and Maasa. The match is very fast paced as both teams use their advantages with High Octane being more fluid with maneuvers while Evolution and Maasa use their speed and agility to try and get the upper hand over High Octane. Despite the strong showing from E&M, High Octane get the victory as it was a very entertaining tag match. 12:56 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs Godsent Next up, Brad and Aaron take on Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent! The matchup was a solid affair with Brett Storm and Aaron North having a nice exchange during the match. The match would end with Brett Storm and Jay Seller hitting a double frog splash to get the win as the rising duo moves on. 11:12 Tag Team Match The Flock vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Up next, The Flock of Marker and Buddy Ace go up against Jack Bishop and Maddrix. The match was a one sided affair, was just to show how good the Flock is. Buddy Ace would hit the Deadeye to Maddrix for the easy One, Two, Three. 3:06 Tag Team Match Killer Machines vs Josh & Bulldozer The next match see’s Bubba and Beastly of the Killer Machines go up against Josh and Bulldozer, with the odds seamingly in Killer Machine’s favor. The Machines destroy Bulldozer in the match and despite Josh getting some offense, the numbers game was too much as the Machines defeat Bulldozer and Josh in what was a decent tag match. 6:45 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Bob Sparks & Sandman Our main event of Night six comes to a close, with the First Class Express of Hans Clayton and Xaiver King go up against Bob Sparks and Sandman. These two teams give it their absolute best in this match with tons of exciting and innovative maneuvers from both teams which included a springboard Hurricanrana to Bob from Hans. The crowd exploded for that. At the end, Bob would roll up King for the surprise win to end night six. 19:45 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 7 Tag Team Match Josh and Bulldozer vs Evolution & Maasa First match of the evening sees the team of Josh and Bulldozer take on Evolution and Maasa. Match was alright for what it was with solid performances from Josh and Maasa. The match would end with Evolution pinning Bulldozer for the win. 7:03 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs The Flock Next matchup sees Brad and Aaron North go up against The Flock. This match was very well executed as all 4 men performed at a solid rate. The match would end with Marker pinning Aaron North for the victory as The Flock are now 6-1 in the Deadly Duos Tag league. 9:36 Killer Machines vs Bishop & Maddrix The next match would see the Killer Machines go up against Bishop and Maddrix in what was yet again another decisive encounter. The Machines would destroy Bishop and Maddrix, as the two young lions look out of it as Bubba would pin Bishop for the easy and dominating win. 1:46 First Class Express vs Godsent The next match should be a great one, as the First Class Express go up against team of Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent. The match would be high energy, fast paced action from all the competitors in the match. Every move would thrill the crowd and at the very end, Hans would hit the Shooting Hans Press to Jay Sellers to win the match for FCE. 15:24 High Octane vs Bob & Sandman In our main event, High Octane go up against Bob & Sandman in what should be an entertaining contest as both teams have defeated the First Class Express. The match would be very exciting and solid as both teams go all out with moves and counters as the crowd were on their feet. Towards the very end, it was move after move until finally Bob would hit a super powerbomb from the top rope to win the match for his team. That’s it for night seven. 18:19 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 14 Buddy Ace and Marker 12 Hans and Xaiver King 10 Kieron Black and George 10 Bob Sparks and Sandman 8 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 6 Brad and Aaron North 4 Evolution and Maasa 4 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    “More often then not, I find myself contemplating what it is exactly that drives me. What makes me..... me?” We are live on the BPZ Network with none other the BPZ Undisputed Champion, Flynn. He standing holding his Undisputed Championship staring directly into the camera. He appears to be in a great thought before continuing his thoughts further. “When I entered this company years ago, I had all the raw potential. I was skilled but sloppy. Bailey taught me how to adapt, but more importantly he taught me how to play dirty. However something he didn’t teach me how to do, remains my greatest strength. My own intelligence. My ability to psychology breakdown my opponent weeks ahead of our match. I get in there head and it’s over. They remain a step behind me, their own vision cloudy, a blur that betrays them. Second guessing every move..... I put them in my trap, and then I put them down.” “Survivor Series an anomaly took place. I was pinned in that ring for the first time since the Main Event of BPZ Mania. More importantly I was pinned by the most overrated man in BPZ history, a man who doesn’t even deserve his name spoken by me. Creed reigned supreme but what is it that they truly accomplished? Doubling down on everything that I’ve done for the past year. Establishing the Fire Squad to do exactly what it sounds like, rain down fire and brimstone on whoever the hell I see fit. Removing me from General Manager position? I’ll double down on the beatdowns I plan to inflict on this roster.” “I feel untouchable. I feel unbeatable. I feel..... like a god. And what is a King to a God? I have been described as unstable. A loose cannon. Told repeatedly I host numerous anger issues. Yet, following what I’m told is a massive loss, I’ve never felt more calm in my entire career. In fact I carry a smile on my face because I know the truth whether or not anyone wants to admit it. I am the best in the world. I am the greatest of all time. I am the BPZ Undisputed Champion and at Survivor Series I pinned the current BPZ World Champion. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. I’ve said this is the gold to hold in BPZ. Yet I am consistently insulted, nearly to a point of embarrassment. I stand here, with a message. Carnage next week I host an open challenge for this BPZ Undisputed Championship. I plead with those in that locker room who question my dominance. Those who question my ability to accept my challenge and take this title off of me. Men are forced through the gauntlet for an opportunity like this and I’m offering it to you people for free. Next week is your final opportunity to shut me up, before I ride into 2020, YOUR Undisputed Champion.” The message short but to the point, who will answer Flynn’s open challenge next week on Carnage?
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    BPZ Nine-Nine

    BPZ NIne-Nine: Episode 1" Pilot" We open up this episode with introductions, in Brooklyn we love to have fun, especially when its in the bed. And this guy loves the bed, maybe even more than his mom. First up is Julius, a man that loves to have fun but also loves to take things to the next level. Julius- Why is this damn camera in my face? Well anyway, as youve heard I love to have fun. Ive dated over 99 girls, and none of them stuck with me. Fun fact im single, well isnt that sad? Damn well I should really work on that shouldnt I? Now get this damn camera out of my face, before I bring out my rage! By rage I mean sleeping on the couch. Next up is a perky women, someone who thinks she is the best at what she does. Oh she is also very corny, Sheridan. I wonder if she has slept with Julius-hmmm? She probably has, now Sheirdan would like to speak to us so I will stop speaking now. Sheridan- Yes ive slept with Julius, but that is none of your concern now is it? I try to keep things in order here while giving every man her their needs. It is a very difficult job but sometimes it is worth it, especially on those late nights. But I am surely a dnagerous women, and I have that killer instinct, or do i? Next up is Hans and Bic, two of the closest friends. Maybe too close tho? They are always very close, work together like a charm. But it seems Hans has been more important, and has led to the two friends falling apart. Can they keep their friendship alove, or will they fall apart? Hans- You know I am here with BIc and man he makes me happy. But he tries to make my work seem like nothing, like he is better than me. And he never stays away from me, like I need my space! Bic- Maybe if you would give me the attention I needed, we wouldnt be in this situation. Just notice I am there Hans. We are best friends for a reason, god you act like your job is something important. Now its time for a man that I really didnt want to work here but I was drunk when I hired him, so its fine. He works ok, so everything has worked out. I really dont want him to speak, but I really do not have a choice, so here goes nothing. Toxic- Thank you so much for the subtle introduction. I am the hardest worker here, and I think it shows. I am the most liked person here, and noone can live without me. That is all I have to say, peace dawgs! And finally our Commisoner, Bailey. All I am gonna say is he is not very nice, he doesnt get along with others. And you will see that for sure. Well lets let him speak I guess, please dont yell man. Bailey- Ok shut up and listen, This is my team, my home, and my office. So my rules apply, and my only rules are to shut up and listen to me. -- More introductions will be made soon, let me know what you thought of this--
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    WWF vs. WCW | Clash of the Titans

    𝑊𝑊𝐹 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart After what was an emotional battle between two foes, Owen Hart could not beat Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble. Despite the loss, Owen still believed he himself could defeat the Heartbreak Kid if he was given one more chance. On the first episode of RAW after the Royal Rumble, Owen Hart came out and talked about how he was this close to becoming the WWF Champion. Owen Hart tells the audience and the rest of the world that he wanted one more chance! One more shot in becoming the Champion to not only redeem what HBK has done to his family but to finally realize a dream. HBK would laugh at Hart’s challenge as he already defeated and that he doesn’t deserve a damn thing. HBK would keep mocking the Hart name and says that are the biggest losers in the history of wrestling and he proved that, at the Rumble. However, Stg. Slaughter would come out and says he has heard Owen and the WWF Fan’s wishings and whether HBK wanted to do it or not, he will be facing Owen Hart again at No Way Out. HBK would be mortified over the news but it would get worse for the Heartbreak Kid as Slaughter said it will in fact be a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the richest prize in the game. With Hart getting another shot at Michaels’ WWF Title, Shawn needed to get under the skin of his challenger even more and the following week on RAW is War, he proceeded to do just that. HBK would yet again take shots at his family but would go into extreme territories. Going so far as to say his family “all belonged in hell because a Hart is the lowest of lows on god’s green earth”. Owen heard enough as he would ignite a vicious brawl between the two to close out that RAW. The final RAW is War before No Way Out, Owen Hart and HBK would sign the contract to settle this blood rivalry once and for all.The two men would trade words back and forth with each other during the contract signing as the emotions, and the hatred is running on a all time high. The contract signing would end with HBK spitting in the face of Owen which prompted Owen to attack HBK and the two would go at it. Officials would come to separate the two men as the segment would fade to black. Who will walk out of this 30 Minute Iron Man Match the victor? Cactus Jack vs Kane Kane has been on a dominating tear throughout the WWF the last couple months defeating Superstars right, left, and center. His brother ,The Undertaker is still looking for next fight against his brother but another WWF Superstar wants to pick a fight with The "Big Red Machine". Enter, Cactus Jack! Jack has been known to be one of the most gruesome, and most violent individuals, the world has ever seen. To truly show how he mad he is, he wants a fight with The “Big Red Machine” himself which nobody, not even the Undertaker would even want to do. The first RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Paul Bearer would came out and Bearer would brag on how Kane was on a destructive path at the Royal Rumble and would have won it, if it wasn’t because of his selfish brother, The Undertaker. Suddenly Jack would interrupt Bearer as in his deranged and intense voice says that he’s willing to pick a fight with the devil’s favorite demon. Bearer was surprised about the challenge Jack made to Kane, but allowed Jack to fight his monster. The Following RAW, The Undertaker would appear in a backstage segment talking about both Kane and Cactus Jack as he sends a chilling message to them both as he will stand by and watch these souls do battle. Later that night, Cactus Jack would face Jeff Jarrett in the main event and in which the match would get a solid 89 rating. Afterwards, Kane would respond to Jack’s challenge that was made last week by attacking him which would lead to a brawl around the entire arena, these two just want to hurt each other just for the sake of it. The Final RAW is War before No Way Out would see Cactus Jack cut a promo backstage as he lists the different sickening things he’s gonna do Kane at No Way Out. He tells Kane to prepared for a world of hurt, as he’s going to sacrifice his own flesh and blood just to inflict further pain to the Monster. Who will walk out of this fight on top? Steve Austin vs Triple H After what was a momentous Royal Rumble for one Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin still wanted to stick it at Triple H and D-Generation X. The RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Triple H would be forced to once again defend his WWF European Championship against the rising star, Steve Blackman. Blackman couldn’t capture the belt last month, but after a crazy No DQ match against Goldust at the Royal Rumble, the momentum is on Steve Blackman’s side. It looked like Triple H would once again defeat Steve Blackman and retain his European Title after some assistance from the New Age Outlaws. However, glass would shatter as Steve Austin would come out and even the odds. Austin would hit the Stunner to Triple H which would allow The “Lethal Weapon” Steve Black to pin Triple H and win the European Title! The crowd went ballistic as Triple H looks on with anger and disdain as Austin would celebrate with Blackman to end RAW is War. The next week on RAW, Triple H would cut a promo saying Austin is a coward and the only reason he lost his European was because of him. Austin would then came told Triple H was nothing but whiny S.O.B and the two would exchange a war of words. Vince McMahon would then step in and he says, the two of you will have a match once again but this time it will be a Last Man Standing match. The final RAW is WAR before No Way Out, Vince McMahon would open things and inform Austin to come down to the ring. Vince tells Austin to settle down and start being a team player and not a rebel. Austin however doesn’t seem to care as he tells the Chairman of the Board that’s going into war with Triple H and the rest of the D-Generation X and there’s nothing he can do to stop that. More tension built between the chairman and the rattlesnake. Austin battles against “The Game” at No Way Out, will Austin defeat HHH before his championship main event at Wrestlemania? 𝑆𝘩𝑜𝑤 𝑆𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 Week 1, February 1998 | South West | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating Week 2, February 1998 | Mid West | 11.1 Million Viewers | 91 Show Rating Week 3, February 1998 | Tri State | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating
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    BPZ Writeups

    After an amazing night of action, it all comes down to this. After a great reign for Sameer, dating back to Judgement Day where he slayed The Bailey. Sameer goes one on one with Eli Smith. A brotherhood of many years turns into hatred because of one similar goal, the BPZ World Championship. Now let’s go hack to where this all began, Summerslam! Smith had got it, he is going to defeat Bailey! A successful return in bound? 1...2…. wait what?’ Sameer is cross bound from ringside, pulling out Smith from the ring and throwing him into the steel steps. A sick smile from Sameer truly tells the whole story. A few moments later, Sameer throws his former brother back inside the ring, striking him with a Curb Stomp. From that day forward, it has become Sameer’s mission to destroy their brotherhood, but where does this vendetta end? BAD BLOOD 2019! Sameer vs Smith- World Championship Match. First up is the man who had to be hurt. A distraught man, still wondering why his best friend his betrayed him? Yet alone, what developed for these events to lead up. Only time will time. And now here comes the man who has betrayed- wait what the hell? A fan has jumped the barricade and is now making a fool of himself. Oh my bad, it’s just Toxik acting like a gangster. Anyways moving on, now that disaster is out of the way, here comes Sameer. The man that has betrayed everything he ever knew, including his best friend. The bell rings and we are off, we begin with a lockup, the stength advantage going to the corner, smiling at what could be his final time looking the eyes of his best friend. But Smith will not let the emotions take over him, as he slaps the taste out of Sameer’s mouth. Proceeding to now hit a springboard cutter. What a move by the hall of famer Smith! He would now go for the cover, but would only be able to pursue a two count. He will have to do much more than that if he wants to put away a talent such as Sameer. Smith surely knows that, as he picks up Sameer going for another cutter by Sameer knows better and sends Smith crashing right down to the canvas. Sameer looks to continue the attack but Smith has another idea, as he grabs Sameer by the pants, throwing him a round in a rotation of 360. Damn, Sameer has just been manhandled! It isn’t a common feat when Sameer is manhandled like this unless he is dominating on of his bitches ya feel me? Continuing on, for a few moments Sameer would not be able to get any offense in whatsoever, it had been all Smith until Sameer would drag Smith onto the ropes, poking him with a famous symbol. Smith has of course been disrespected, and as we have seen in the past, disrespect is not one of Smith’s lobely qualities. He would slap Sameer one day again, then going for a feat of fresh air, but would be stopped with a pack of heat in a superkick. What the hell?! How is that even possible? That has to be if! 1...2…. but no Smith kicks out just in time. But Smith would not give up, as he would hit a beautiful pole kick once he got up a few moments later, followed up by a Frog Splash for the victory.
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    What Does The FCE Say?

    As we are in Arrows house as he is still recovering from the attack he got from FCE. Ok so you think that I’m not going to respond to the attack? Your wrong because we all know that I’m your dad on the forums so son you thought you could use your friend to attack me I raised you better than that. So when I kick your ass don’t be crying when you get eliminated first round by me and Steph I will see you tonight kid and I’m going to show you what betrayal truly is but I’m afraid FCE run has come to an end a dead end but there’s still time to change that is there. No because you can’t undo what happened already so I ask the question what does the FCE say?
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    Doing it my way

    As Bailey finishes his statement, the lights in the arena go off and the crowd sit in anticipation, waiting to see who they could be hearing from in a few moments, or whether or not somebody was coming to ambush Bailey. However, when the lights come on everything appears to be the same, until everybody notices Bashka sitting in the corner of the ring, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle with a microphone in his hand, his face once again half-painted. He stares directly at Bailey and he waits as his former rival turns and stares back at him, tensing up as he is ready for a brawl between these two legends once more. ”I bet you feel really edgy right now, don’t you Bailey? You come out here and speak out, saying whatever comes to your mind and you have absolutely no filter. I would feel really cool right now if I were you, well done. Listen, don’t mind me, I just came to check on an old friend and wish you..luck in the tournament alongside Slim. It would be a real shame if you two, two of the best to ever grace this business weren’t able to win due to...unforeseen circumstances. As I said before, good luck. From the bottom of my heart, buddy.” The lights cut out once more and when they return, Bashka is nowhere to be seen as Bailey stands there in confusion, completely lost for words after what just happened.
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    Resurgence Taking Shots Early With the first ever show finishing up late last night it seems as if Resurgence led by its general manager had some choice words to say for the show. With superstars on Resurgence being vocal on Twitter with what they thought. It seems Resurgence although being the new brand in BPZ in not just going to sit down and play nice as they want to be the top brand in BPZ. Here were some of the following tweets from some of the Resurgence Superstars following last night's Carnage: So it seems Resurgence has taken the first shots in this new Brand Warfare in BPZ Wrestling. Was this a good move on the part of Resurgence or should they have just stayed quiet?
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    Kieron walks out onto the stage with a frown on his face and a mic in hand. He walks down to the ring and begins to speak on his way down. Kieron: So tonight. Tonight is the first night of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational and my “partner” CJ has left me for dead. Disappeared on me once again. You know, when you came to me and said it would be different this time, you said we could win the gold together. I truly believed you. Yet here I am, and there you are. At home, all alone. Yet here I stand, ready to fight while you run away from the fight as soon as the first challenge comes. Not me. I stand defiant, ready to give whatever it takes to walk into this arena later tonight, alone, taking on two of the best wrestlers in the world Bailey and Slim and fighting until my last breath to take them down. In a handicap match. The crowd cheers at the bravery of Kieron See I respect you both, I really do however your time is gone. Everybody is sick of you both, no more Mania main events, no more World Championships for the pair of you. Oh, how the mighty have fallen and tonight. Oh yes tonight is not your bounce back as you may think, This is not the beginning of your return to the top as you are going to walk out of this arena after being embarrassed by one single man. Embarrassed by Kieron Black. And then do you know whats going to happen, I will take down ANYBODY who comes in my way and do WHATEVER it takes to walk out of Winter Warfare as the number one contender for the Tag Team Championships. This isn’t a prediction, this isn't even a warning. This is a spoiler. A familiar theme begins to play throughout the arena, disappointing Kieron.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    August 13th 2019 The show started with video footage of Ryan Reeves trying to enter the arena, only to be turned away by security. As Ryan tried to muscle past them, security rugby tackled him to the floor and handcuffed him before taking him away We then cut to the ring where Brenden was laughing to himself. He announced that because of threats Ryan had made to him in recent weeks, Brenden had banned him from Evolve tonight, earning the boos of the crowd He then offered the opportunity of a lifetime. For someone to face him 1 on 1. An honour reserved for the highest. And he would give anyone on Evolve a chance tonight However the crowd were confused as the music of Sheridan hit. She came out and furiously tore into Brenden, before confirming recent suspicions her and Ryan were in a relationship. She accepted Brendens challenge for tonight, something which Brenden agreed to, offering his hand. However Sheridan refused to take it and just left the ring Mikey and Alex Costa vs The Mave Effect (Akki and Mave) There has been tension brewing here for the last 2 weeks. Akki has suffered defeats to both Mikey and Alex but has blindsided both post match. Now they form a makeshift team to try beat The Mave Effect And they worked quite well as a team, dominating the experienced Mave Effect. Alex won the match by nailing Mave with a Rise of Salvation for the 3 count. After the match the music of Hans Clayton hit, who was sporting a black armband with a white B on it. Last week he promised he was recruiting a stable to take down the Kingdom, could that be what the armband is about? Hans rolled into the ring and threw an armband to both Mikey and Alex. He told them they had one week to accept his offer and become Bulletproof. Hans then left the ring, leaving Mikey and Alex contemplating the offer Julius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Odyssey Sellers had an amazing chance to prove himself against the IC Champ Julius, who had all of his Kingdom teammates in his corner. Before the match could start, Arius came to ringside to stare down Julius Julius seemed put off by his fellow countrymans appearance, almost allowing Sellers a chance in the match but Julius put him away in quick fashion with the Hells Welcome. After the match Arius stood on the apron and stared down with Julius, Bart, Echo and Slim who stood in the ring, their 3 belts in hand. We had this staredown until we cut to commercial break After a commercial break we saw a vignette play for Evolves newest free agent signing. "Some of you may know me as BiC." We then saw a man in an expensive suit, outside a mansion, putting on a watch "I am now Isaiah Carter III." We then saw the familiar face of BiC appear onscreen before the announcement that he returns soon, now under the name IC3, Isaiah Carter III Brenden vs Sheridan Sheridan was hoping for the break of a lifetime as she looked to take down the boss BrendenPlayz who was accompanied by his tag partner World Champ Sameer Sheri looked like she had it won when she hit the Angellic Demise but before she could cover, Sameer pulled Brenden out of the ring. However Sameer was suddenly blindsided by Bash, and the two began fighting into the crowd Sheri looked for a Suicide Dive to Brenden and connected, before trying to pick him up but suddenly Brenden shoved her into the steel steps. Meanwhile in the crowd, Sameer nailed a Curb Stomp to Bashka, but exhausted from all the fighting, collapsed next to his SummerSlam opponent Brenden meanwhile grabbed Sheridan and hit her with a Pedigree onto the steel steps, before rolling her into the ring and hitting a second Pedigree for the victory. Blood was seeping from Sheri's head but Brenden continued to beat her down, sending a brutal message to his SummerSlam opponent. Suddenly the crowd popped as Ryan ran through the crowd, away from security, and to ringside He leapt onto the apron and hit a Phenomenal Forearm to Brenden, sending him out of the ring and to ringside where Sameer had come back to. The Big Ballers fleed as Ryan called medics over and the show came to a close
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    “The Chain” begins to play, causing the audience to boo and Kieron to look annoyed at the introduction of Joshua Scott and Gary Green. They both make their way down to the ring and as Josh gets to the ring he looks at Kieron, who stares back at him as both men join Kieron in the ring Gary calls for a mic and addresses Kieron before beginning to speak Gary Green: Mr Black, can I call you that Kieron? Nice to meet you anyway. Sorry to leave you without a tag partner in the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament but you can rejoice now because it means you standing here awkwardly and irrelevantly can end. Now there is a space in the tag tournament after CJs injury and whilst you are willing to “bravely” or stupidly, fight Bailey and Slim by yourself, maybe you should just take a seat down old man and let you retire happily. Maybe you should vacate your place in the Tag Team Tournament, and give it to me and Josh. What do u say Kieron. Do we have to gain that place by force or nicely? Kieron picks up the mic ready to reply before laughing at Gary Greens proposal Kieron: Did you not hear what I just said? I’m willing to fight 2 Hall of Famers by yourself. I’m not afraid of someone who can’t wrestler, and some guy in a mask who takes orders from a Master. Gary chuckles to himself before he smiles politely at Josh Gary: Destroy Josh takes off his mask and cracks his head, licking his lips as he stares Kieron up and down. As he looks to begin his attack, Gary’s phone vibrates. He picks it up before checking the message and shouting at Josh Green: STOP. The Master has ordered you to stop Josh stops and obeys, staring Kieron down angrily Green: The Master has sent us a text saying team with him. He has sent us a few more texts explaining why he wants this but I won’t disclose that information. The point is Kieron, we will take CJs place in the tournament, just don’t mess up Josh’s chance of winning. Because if you do cost Josh you will get hurt. That’s not a warning, that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler Josh then leaves the ring, setting ourselves up with an interesting team for the later match against Bailey and Slim
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    August 20th 2019 Like most Evolve shows recently, Evolve started with The Kingdom stood in the ring bigging themselves up. However their self promotion didn't last long, as the music of Hans Clayton interrupted them Echo mocked his SummerSlam opponent, asking where Hans' new stable was. Hans didn't respond, and suddenly the words BULLETPROOF appeared on screen as new music played and Mikey and Alex Costa joined Hans on stage Hans made a challenge for his new stable Bulletproof to face Echo, Bart and Slim in tonights main event. The Kingdom accepted, setting up a massive match SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) vs ??? Our first match featured a mystery opponent for SSW Clubs Josh and Bulldozer, who had their first matches since Josh's loss to Julius at KOTR and Bulldozer's loss to Bart 3 weeks ago, and their first tag match since a victory over Julius and Arius The crowd erupted as their opponents were revealed to be Cpe and Maestro, one of BPZ's most legendary teams, 2x Tag Champs The Clapsiracy. What an interesting match we have here And it was one the Clapspiracy won, pinning Bulldozer with a Big Ending for the 3 count. After the match The Clapspiracy partied with the fans, the legendary team back together Arius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Last week Crip had a match against the IC Champ, tonight he faced the IC Champs opponent. And like what Arius did to him last week, tonight Julius watched Arius from ringside And as soon as Arius won the match with The Sentence, Julius stormed into the ring and nailed him with a Claymore Kick. Julius chose to leave the attack there, leaving us wondering if this could be the scene this Sunday After a commercial break, we had the contract signing between Bash and Sameer. And with Brenden officiating the contract signing, it certainly didn't take long for things to heat up Bash criticised Sameers reign, telling him he needed a MITB cashin to win and interference from Brenden to retain, and that he overexaggerated his storyline about being a peoples champ, the fans didn't care about him and that he would reign victorious Sameer and Brenden began to lay jibes about Bashs career, as Bash looked to ignore them, both men signing the contract. However Brendens jibes became more personal and when Brenden made a comment about Bashkas family, Bash snapped and began to attack Brenden. Ryan came out to his rescue, and we got a massive 4 man brawl in the ring. Refs separated it eventually, and all 4 men stared each other down, setting up 2 great matches this Sunday Bulletproof (Hans, Mikey and Alex) vs Kingdom (Slim, Bart and Echo) w/Julius With a war that could see many battles over the next few months, Bulletproof and Kingdom collided in a massive 6 man tag team main event. Julius joined his teammates at ringside after taking care of Arius earlier in the night. It was an impressive debut for Bulletproof. Hans took out his SummerSlam opponent with a Shooting Hans Press through the announce table. Mikey then nailed Bart with a Cosmic Ascension on the outside, before rolling into the ring Mikey and Alex now rolled into the ring, where the legal man Slim was. Mikey tagged in Alex, something Slim didn't notice as he hit the Essential Eliminator to Mikey Slim then turned into a Rise of Salvation by Alex Costa, but as he covered Slim, Julius ran into the ring and used a steel chair to break the cover, earning Bp a win by DQ The Kingdom did a post match attack on BulletProof until suddenly, new music hit and ISAIAH CARTER CAME RUNNING THROUGH THE CROWD. The crowd erupted as suddenly Bulletproof began to fight back and Kingdom fleed Carter went straight for Julius, the man who injured him 3 months ago but The Kingdom were long gone, standing on the apron. BiC grabbed a Bulletproof armband from Hans and slipped it on, the 4 members of Bulletproof standing down with the 4 members of Kingdom to close Evolve
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    Made for @Meckolegend
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    Doing it my way

    The GOAT plays throughout the whole arena as out comes Bailey from the crowd just a few days after Survivor Series and a few days before the First Round of the tag team tournament. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone before beginning to pace back and forth. I'M NOT DEAD YET! Just a Few days ago i took the fight to Bob just like i promised i would. I was at Survivor Series and Stood face to face with Bob just like i said i would. A real fight went down and I think it is save to say Bob now knows the Man he really is messing with. But my attention is no longer on Bob because i now have to focus on some Tag Team Tournament where I am forced to team with Slim in this tournament. And the funny thing is The Man Named Flynn who was the General Manager and forced us to team isn't even the GM anymore because he clearly showed he was an incompetent bitch. But now we have Sheridan as General Manager who is just simply a Bitch. I don't want to team Slim. I don't like the idea of it. I don't like the fact that i can't put my hands on his slimy Body. I don't trust him. He's a snake and backstabbing fraud. But the good thing is Slim shouldn't trust me either. Because i am a man that has nothing to lose here anymore but i would like to keep my job so i am going to do my very best to not to break his tiny neck. Just know though slim when this is all over and i know longer have to team with you i am going to Kill you. Now for our match i don't know. Were facing 2 nobodies. One man hasn't been around for i dont even know how many months now and the other just faced Arrow Thunderman on the preshow of Survivor Series. He must of thought dominating a Thunderman was so awesome. He must of a felt so powerful and dominant. That he could take on anyone. I got a newsflash for you Josh. That was like being the biggest Fish in a tank bowl. And the other fish in the bowl were Small Brained Goldfish. Now I personally bring you back to reality. I bring you back to the Ocean where you are a little fish swimming with the Sharks. Or i should really say THE Shark and his..... ClownFish "Partner". Because don't get it wrong Josh and Kieron. You 2 are facing a Team of 2 guys that hate each other. You are facing 2 guys that probably won't get on the same page at all. At the end of the day though I'm all about Kicking Ass and winning matches. And I am pretty sure I could kick both your Fu**ing ass One Arm tied and 2 Eyes closed. I don't want Need Slim. I don't want Slim. You guys shouldn't even worry about Slim. Just worry about me. Be worried both of you because by the time that bell rings i will be 100% Ready and Focused to go and Neither of you will be able to take me down or out. Josh you made the biggest Mistake of your Career attacking Cripper from behind like a coward and getting yourself in this match, in this tournament. Because it is only going to lead to embarrassment for you. And you call tell your Master or hell your Sex slave for all I care that if he wants to make impact here he can come to face to face with me anytime and a be a real man. And oh I guess Kieron Black, i don't have much to say to you because there's not much to say but i hope you enjoyed your little vacation in catering for few months. I hope it was enjoyable. I also hope you have been training though alot for this match. Because if not well either im sending your ass back to catering or in an ambulance on its way to the hospital. Get Ready to FIGHT.
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    The scene opens upon a darkened room illuminated by burning candles. The faces of resting dolls sit in a disorganised manner around the room , their eyes facing in the direction of the camera as it pans around - seemingly following the line of eyesight with the audience at home as it changes angles. Surrounding the reveal a slowed down rendition of 'What A Wonderful World' can be heard playing about halfway through setting an uncomfortable confusing tone. Suddenly a sudden grunt interrupts the mood, followed by a crashing of items as a man can be heard tripping over fallen toys scattered across the floor "Son of a..." as the sounds of a soft squeak can be heard of a soft toy being punted across the room and impacting against the wall can be heard. The record comes to a scratching halt as the man attempts to fix the issue of the music - tampering with the record player before it begins to play the more recognisable version of "What A Wonderful World" for the live audience. Suddenly the light is turned on as Arius is seen fanning out the candles as he passes them by. Looking upon the mess created he yells out of the doorway for some assistance as the stage crew rush in with the equipment boxes to move out the props. Turning towards the already rolling camera Arius walks towards it with outstretched arms as he greets the Carnage audience, nearly tripping on a final doll as he kicks it behind him towards the pile. Do you know how difficult it is to find and bulk purchase a large volume of children's dolls? My friends were put quite to the test in their search but were able to secure one going quite cheap surprisingly. The label says "Toy Drive", i imagine that must've been the business name. The Ghouls behind Arius use their overly large brooms as they begin to sweep the mass of dolls to the side of the room as Arius draw a curtain to mask the clean up. Dusting off his coat he turns back to the camera You see I wanted to play along, to try and match the aesthetic..hm, but it soon became apparent that it was a lot more effort than it was worth. Though..i suppose that sentiment feels right at home with the The Cure. Jason Ryan. A man who knows that limits are only imaginary, created by weaker men in an effort to excuse their lack of ambition. It seems right on the final moments before our first encounter that we already find ourselves at odds. You see little in The Revenant while i have come to respect your work in the little time I've witnessed you in this company. Unfortunately i missed what might've considered your "Golden Age" but sitting behind the curtain as the ruthlessness of what was Jason squirted mustard, dumped salt and threw sown lemon slices on the thumbtacks before knocking Echo Wilson right into his freshly made agony. Arius closes his eyes as he reminiscences on BPZ Halloween Havoc 2019 It isn't hard to bring a smile and chuckle out of me while i'm involved in the ring but watching from afar..that is a special case. Arius re-opens his eyes as he looks away from the camera, pacing side to side. But alas, don't be fooled by the false promises of this man. His cure isn't one to be shared amongst his clergy, one to help the masses. It is ensure each man, woman and child he affects sit obediently and patiently underneath him. What the latter half of 2019 has proven for a man once feared is that if an entity can't fight with skill and brutality to be the best at his craft once more then he'll manipulate the game to his will. Aaron North, Gunner Flynn...men who were lost now fallen under the symphony of sweet empty words Jason Ryan passes on. You've acted like this motivational speaker whose thoughts and beliefs he tries to dig into his listeners' skulls, but only a few will realise that he's just finding ways to complicate the most simple of thoughts. I look upon you now, a still image hoping the picture becomes more clearer but instead only faded ancient history clouds my vision. Of men like Yelich - who grew out a beard, found a new family and returned with a message, similar to yourself approaching the world with an idea - an idea that everyone dreams of a proper afterlife. He said Arius everyone aspires to be worthy of something more, we all serve a better, more worthy cause. But that in truth we’re scared of that better life. And he promised the help the world...and abandoned them. A tale as old of time. These men wielding hope with strong promises for men looking for meaning and purpose. Men like you prey on them. I'll admit, even someone like myself found my senses enchanted by the words you spoke. You have a way..to allure the intrigue. Maybe if your so-called wisdom didn't consist of all kinds of repetitive keywords that seem to trigger my Déjà vu - if The Cure didn't walk the same promises every forgettable half-manic with a voice in their head and a good intention had walked before you, then maybe I would have heed your advice and took them to heart. Embraced The Cure for myself. Become a better version of The Revenant. Evolved with the times. The sounds of a disgruntled woman can be heard behind the curtain as a doll is suddenly thrown over the curtain behind Arius who ignores it out right as he continues to speak. "What is this mess?! Move it all out please!" Arius continues over the commotion. Maybe if you've shown some appeal in your words and given me unique ideas that are truly unheard of, then we would have gotten along! There's a big difference between being unable to, and not wanting to. I hear you. I understand you. But for me to just take your words as they are without blinking an eye is asking too much from even the free direction of The Revenant. You can't speak of struggle when the only thing you worked hard for is convincing these men to lay down their bodies for a vague cause and after only a few matches under your belt since your return to this company calling the process broken, yourself broken. Some stories have been told a million times, but depending on the mouth that speaks it, only a few can see things as they are. Rin Akane steps from behind the curtain as she joins Arius who holds tighter his BPZ Intercontinental Championship. She stands in front of Arius as she brushes her hand on the gold before addressing the opponents of Invictus this week. Jason Jason, I must truly warn you, similar to my client The Revenant on how aggressive and fierce I can be, But what he matches with in-ring spectacle i utilise in just words and direction. I know at times being behind the champion can lead to underestimation of my abilities but let me reassure everyone here in Brendeplayz Wrestling that no matter what the odds are, my ethic remains strong. Now, a new frontier, representing the joining forces of two of this years great rivals and so you may convince yourself that maybe, just maybe, she's all bark and no bite... she is only the mouth piece who picks her battles. Rin Akane smiles as she moves forward I do hope you sleep better at night with a satisfied smirk on your face believing that you have somehow provoked fear in these men. Because really, it's easier to think that way than to lose sleep over the thought of possibly putting your career to an early stall. It puts much less pressure on Invictus when you look in the mirror whilst forcing a smile on your face, than to feel rattled by the idea that the only person that was made into a fool was yourself because you finally see that you can never keep up with the pace of the upcoming generation. You surround yourself with young men with success and one has already abandoned you for another path. Let us look at this past week, the young star Alex Costa saw a brighter path for himself under the banner of Bulletproof (Firing Squad) for the most convenient example: May i ask, are you happy about the outcome of that match?... proud of it even? The Cure you so happily shared leads to twice the losses at Survivor Series and yet the ONE man who found a more alluring light was draped in victory. Pairing himself with the force who looks to stand above all. That isn't the story Jason wants to spread though, The Cure wants the story to be told where Gunner Fynn was the warrior that has up until this point overcame the odds so that he can tell the world of his bravery. The bravery of being a Flynn in the shadows. The bravery Jason possess from accepting that something was wrong from within himself. The Cure - it is time to open your eyes to reality, You see me ahead of our match this week you're walking into Carnage with an old mindset, thinking that if you approached this match the same way you did one of the past, then you'd get an easy way out because of your newfound path, when in truth, you will come to realise that the chaos that you look to create, the chaos you spok so confidently about, would fall short when you see how the professionals settle scores. Rin Akane speaks as she turns away from the camera, Arius joining her. Lets be honest with ourselves boys. As soon as the words "Two prospects BPZ has a hardon for" were uttered we knew who had the mental high ground going into Carnage. We've already won on one frontier and now on to the next. Master of our fate, Captain of our soul. Invictus
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    Key to Success

    "Please, come in." The camera fades in to show a large, beautiful building. In fact, it is none other than the Bulletproof Manor. Sporting a large pool in front with many outlooks and a grand entrance, Alex Costa and his wife, Christina Aguiar are stood outside the door. A man dressed in a fine suit and sporting a Bulletproof ring lets the couple in, displaying the beautiful entrance hallway. Light shines from above, and the lobby is filled with tapestries and silk carpet. Waiting for them is Mikey, Alex Costa's new tag team partner. "Good evening, Christina and Alex. I've been delegated to show you around the manor. I sincerely hope you enjoy the tour, and there's a little surprise waiting for you at the end. Now please, ladies first." Mikey takes a step back and sweeps his arm forward, beckoning Christina in. He and Alex fall behind, shaking hands and embracing. The two are dressed rather finely, wearing tuxedos and sunglasses rather than their face paint, straight black gloves and wrestling pants. While Christina marvels at the displays they are walking by, Mikey speaks to Alex. "I've been thinking, Costa. Hearing Brad's recent words on Carnage, one thing has made itself clear. We're dealing with something that we've never seen the likes of. We both know where we've been, climbing the ranks of the NXT division, capturing the title, and then progressing into the US division, and now we're here. And in all this time, it never occurred to me how it would be different up here. These divisions, they are filled with the best talent in BPZ, the men who will be the future of the company, much like you and myself." "But now that we are here, what lies ahead? Brad's words answered that clearly. Honestly, he even said it himself. Deterioration. We may be going up against some of the best BPZ has ever seen, two Hall of Famers, but that's exactly what they are. The best BPZ HAS seen. They can't accept that this is the future, the time that is beyond their own. But yet they keep coming back and coming back some more. Well, with the exception of FDS, he hasn't come back to BPZ in weeks." Mikey briefly chuckles and thrusts his hands into his pockets. The trio walk in silence, gazing at the sights around them, including an indoor-outdoor swimming pool, a miniature golf course, and a tennis court. "But that's why we're here. We are the force that drives change in BPZ. The enforcers that will demolish the old and usher in the new. Our conquest not only starts with Brad and FDS, but with the rest of the tag team division. Whether it be Invictus, Bailey and Slim, hell even the First Class Express, we're going to make an example of them. And this example puts us in prime position to win the Tag Team Championships and rule the division. This isn't a vision, frankly, it's a mindset. We have the keys to success, but now we just to learn how to use them. Brad and FDS are good proving grounds by all means, but it only gets worse from there." Mikey stops abruptly, calling out for Christina to join him and Alex at a door, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. "This is where the mindset is born. From now until the tournament, Alex, this will be our life. Come now, there's so much to see." Alex and Christina step inside the dark room, with Mikey and the cameraman following shortly behind.
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    Alex Costa

    Key to Success

    Alex and Christina begin following Mikey to the Dark Room, which suddenly lights out automatically to reveal a state of the art gym complete with top equipament as well as a ring Alex looks on very impressed with what he sees, so it is Christina that addresses Mikey "This is very impressive. Clearly Mr Flynn and Mr Carter stop at nothing to get the best way to prepare themselves." Alex then decides to speak "My wife is right, not even my gym back in Tokyo looks as good as this. I might need to ask Jeremiah where he bought them." "This is perfect! This is how we will prepare for our battles to come. You were right earlier Mikey, when you said we are the enforcers of a new era in BPZ." "Guys like D.N.A, like FDS, they have been around for way too long and what have they done? Sure an Intercontinental title run or two, but they have never won the big one!" "But we are learning, under one of the best that BPZ has ever had and now with this..." Alex then decides to enter the ring in the middle of the Gym to feel it "This ring is probably one of the best, I've stepped in, it just feels natural." Mikey looks on glad that Alex loved the suprise, before saying... "Glad you enjoyed it Costa, for the next couple of weeks this will be our home as we prepare for this tournament." Alex then turns towards Mikey "Very well then, why don't we start training right now." Before Alex can start though, his wife showing a irritated look "ALEX! You not gonna start training, before you change clothes! I know you excited, dear, but I don't want you to ruin that tuxedo with sweat!" Alex then looks at what he's got dressed and begins to laugh "Oh yeah, you are right! Guess I should get changed, but maybe first you can show me and Christina, more of the mansion Mikey?" Mikey does chuckle for a bit more before telling Alex "Sure, but I don't think the cameras need to see more" Alex nods then proceeds to leave the ring before extending his arm to his wife as Mikey leads them out of the room and the seguement ends.
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    What a great first show Gunner, absolutely stunning. And Bob, I love the tweets and stuff, this diary is so creative, I am very excited for more
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    Very interesting and intriguing concept boys, very unique way to go from the traditional 2 brand split concept. Looking at the three rosters, I would have to say Evolve has the strongest roster with guys like Julius, Arius, Bart etc. Carnage and Resurgence have pretty neat rosters as well, especially Insurgence with having Slim, Bailey, Necce and FCE all under the same brand. Also digging Carnage's roster as well with Flynn, Mikey, Smith, Sameer, and more. Giving the North American belt to my boy Mikey is always a plus, along with Flynn vs Echo at Winter Warfare, it was a really solid first show from Carnage. Hopefully this diary sticks around as i would love to know what all three of you have planned for BPZ Mania and beyond.
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    War Between Worlds

    ALL ELITE WRESTLING We are hot off of the AEW Blood & Guts PPV as we get set to see what comes from the aftermath of last night’s events. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn seemed to reunite last night after Owens picked up a big win in a Lights Out Match. We also will hear from both the hWo and John Cena after the Miz was able to capture and become the first ever AEW World Champion. Lots of great stuff planned for tonight’s show so let’s get right into it. We kick off tonight as we see the hWo make their way down to the ring led by the new AEW Champion the Miz. Not only did the Miz pick up a big victory last night but we also saw MJF pick up a big win against Tommy Dreamer last night and it seems as if we have a celebration set up in the ring for the hWo as their are presents and some champagne in the ring. The Miz: Welcome to the most must see show in Wrestling today AEW and boy do we have a night planned for you. Now what better to start it off then have the hottest thing in wrestling today the hWo kick off the show with a celebration. Cause you know not only did MJF pick up a big win the other night but oh yeah I am your first ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion! Miz holds up the title as the crowd boos. The hWo begin to laugh as we see EC3 pop open the champagne as the group makes a toast and drinks we then see EC3 begin to talk. EC3: Now Miz because of your big win, I figured that I would get you a gift! Now this took a lot to get here tonight so I really hope you like it. It’s that big one right. The Miz then hugs EC3 as we see EC3 and MJF lift the box to reveal John Morrison! The Miz looks shocked as we then see Miz and Morrison hug as it seems the Dirt Sheet is back and it’s all apart of the hWo. The crowd goes a bit wild as that was a bit of a shocking debut here in AEW! MJF: Now Miz to celebrate this occasion, why don’t you two have a match together! Don’t worry we already have it set up next it will be the Dirt Sheet vs the Brit-AM Brawlers! We then see the group celebrate before the Brit-AM Brawler’s music hits and we get into our first match of tonight’s card. We are about to see the Dirt Sheet compete for the first time in a long time and the first time in All Elite Wrestling. Brit-AM Brawlers have been towards the lower end of the division for a while though and a win here would really improve their standing. Dirt Sheet vs Brit-AM Brawlers In a short match, Dirt Sheet defeated Brit-AM Brawlers after John Morrison defeated Oney Lorcan with a Starship Pain. Dirt Sheet looked dominant here in their return match. After the match we would see the hWo celebrate in the ring as they picked up a nice win here tonight and the group only seems to be getting stronger day by day. We then cut backstage again as we see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn backstage. The two seem to be best friends again as the smile as they see the camera before Kevin Owens walks over and begins to talk. Kevin Owens: Well I guess you have all been asking and yes the gangs back together. The most dominant duo in wrestling history is back. And trust me when I say that no one not even some C-list Hollywood celebs are going to get in our way. So AEW roster be on watch cause Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are back together and this whole company is going to feel the effects of this very, very soon. We then see Owens walk back over to Sami as the two fist pump and we can hear some cheers coming from the arena as Kevin and Sami smile. It might not be exactly Steenerico but at this point it is just nice to see the two on the same page once again. We then cut back to the ring as we get set up for a match between two AEW debuts in Chad Gable and Mike Bennett. Both men could be big players in this company who will break the ice though and get that first win on the board. Chad Gable vs Mike Bennett In a solid quick match, Chad Gable would defeat Mike Bennett after making him tap out after submitting him with the ankle lock. Gable received a surprising pop from the crowd which could likely get him some more attention backstage and maybe even some more opportunity. We would then cut to a commercial break as Gable celebrates in the ring. We would cut back from commercial to see Becky Lynch the new AEW Womens Champion in the ring. Lynch won the vacant title after defeating Mandy Rose at AEW Blood & Guts. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it as Lynch begins to talk. Becky Lynch: I mean of course I deserve it. The man is the best goddamn women in this division so with that being said. It seems as if someone is going to have to step up to the plate cause you see I am your champion and I need a new challenger. So if you want a shot at this title come on out here and take it. Becky would then drop the mic as she would wait in the ring for someone to come out and accept her challenge but no one would come out. Lynch would grin in the ring as no one seemingly was going to challenge her. Wait a second though from behind it’s Bayley! Bayley is in AEW as she attacks Lynch from behind. Bayley would then stand over Lynch as we cut to commercial break. As we cut back to the ring we get set for tag team action as it will be Fire & Desire taking on the debuting IIconics. In a rare womens tag match this should be a good match due to its rarity in All Elite Wrestling. Both teams could use a win here so let’s get right into the matchup. Fire & Desire vs IIconics In a great match, Fire & Desire would defeat the IIconics after Sonya Deville defeated Billie Kay after she was hit with a Devil’s Thorne. Fire & Desire proved to be the better team here at least tonight as they were able to pick up a win and get some momentum back. We then cut to a vignette as AEW’s newest acquisition Scarlett Bordeaux is hyped up. She is hyped up with both her look and in ring action. It seems as if she could be receiving some early opportunities to succeed once she debuts should be interesting to see how she does in AEW. We then get set for our main event as it will be John Cena vs the newest addition to the AEW roster we just wait to see who that addition to AEW is. We see Cena waiting in the ring as we get set for the main event. Then the music hits as the crowd goes wild. It’s Marty Scrull! Scrull makes his way to the ring as Cena grins in the ring. The match would then begin as Scrull would look to capitalize on a bit of a down Cena as he went through a grueling matchup at Blood and Guts and lost that match. Cena will look to gain some momentum back after his recent loss in what should be a great matchup tonight. John Cena vs Marty Scrull In an excellent matchup, Marty Scrull would defeat John Cena after hitting Cena with a low blow after the ref was knocked down by accident. Scrull picks up a big win here tonight even if it was tainted. Scrull would then celebrate in the ring as the show comes to an end.
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    We are live from New York City, in the Garden. Where we have a stacked card for you. But first, The Gm of Carnage himself will make an appearance to welcome us all to a new era of BPZ. What does he have in store for us? BrendenPlayz- Tonight is a momentous occasion, the beginning new era here in BPZ. But what does that exactly mean? It means War! Tonight we go to War, let the warfare begin! Welcome to the A Show Ladies and Gentleman. Eli Smith vs Emperor Nate- QuarterFinals What an opening match this will be, Emperor Nate going one on one with Eli Smith. Both men are very established here in BPZ, but how will they do now that there is a brand split? And more importantly who will advance to the semi finals of the Undisputed Championship Tournament? The match begins as the two men lockup, the strength advantage going to Nate with ease. As he pushes his opposition into the corner, laughing it off. Eli Smith now looks to get back into this one, as he strikes Nate with a forearm. Nate stands tall still and counters with a back breaker. A huge move by Nate here, as we continue with a fun and anticpating matchup here. Nate would go to pick up his opposition but Smith would duck under and strike Nate with a fury of strikes and kicks, as Nate falls down to one knee. Smith would proceed to go for a shining wizard but no luck, as Nate would duck under but be met with a beautful Pele Kick. A cover is executed by Eli Smith..1...2... but a kick out by Nate just in time. Smith would then pick up Nate, looking for another Pele Kick, he would execute it wonderuflly, proceeing to held the top rope and go for a Frog Splash for a 3 count. Buddy Ace vs FDS- QuarterFinals Moving on, we have another quarterfinals matchup. Where Buddy Ace will go one on one with FDS. Buddy Ace needs that extra step to become a viable threat, while FDS needs to get back on his game. But the question is, who wants it more here tonight? We begin this clash with a lockup, as the strength advantage seems to go to Buddy Ace but not by much. As he pushes his opposition into the corner. And he now goes for a running forearm, but FDS gets out out of the way just in time. Proceeding to hit Buddy Ace with a strike, but Buddy Ace hits a lariat. Now heading to the apron, executing a pitch perfect slingshot clothesline. As we continue just a few moments later, FDS is scratching and clawing to his feet. As he gets in the face of his opponent, slapping the taste out of him. He would then throw him to the outisde, proceeding to hit a perfect suicide dive to the outside. We now get to the closing moments of this great matchup, as FD throws Buddy Ace back inside the ring. Now calling for a deadlift Kapernick for the win. As he hits it, you can hear a snap right on the spine. After the matchup, FDS would be found celebrating until the lights would ubruptly flicker on and off, with no ease. Before a man by the name "Shiba" would enter the Carnage arena for the first time. What does he want? And why target FDS? It Is My Time To Shine As we return from commercial break, we are met with the Number One Contender for the North American Championship. Tonight get gets the chance to face Yelich and pave his way to gold. But does he have enough to do so? Mikey- Tonight I pave the way to my greatness. To history, I stab anyone that gets in my way. Yelich you are not my superior, you would even be lucky to be on my level. Tonight I attach that gold onto my waste, and becoming North American Champipn. And then where will you be Yelixh? Back all the way to the bottom! Mikey vs Yelich- North American Championship We are finally ready for our North American Championship matchup. As we finally find a champion after a month of no champion. Both men we know have heart, they have intergrity but is their passion always there? That is the question that will be answered here tonight. The bell rings and we are off with our first Championship match of the night. We begin with the usual lockup, as neither man want to give an inch. This match has to mean a lot to both performers. The pressure is too much for Mikey as Yelich gets the upperhand, taking him down with a bodyslam. Yelich now heads up to the top rope and executes a Diving DDT. As we continue, Yelich would go for the pinfall..1...2... but Mikey is able to kickout at the 2 count just in time. Mikey is able to get up after a few moments of lying down time, he then is able to hit a body slam on his oppoenent, but wouldnt do much damage to Yelich. As he is able to hit a flapjack on Mikey, leading to a crushing spear. But for some reason Yelich would get cocky, and decide to not go for the pinfall. And that would ultimately be Yelich's demise, as Mikey would hit a BladeRunner a few moments after for the win. And most improtantly, picking up the gold. Flynn (C) vs Sameer- Undsiputed Championship Match We now go from one Championship match to another one, it is time for our Main Event of the evening. As Flynn goes one on one with Sameer, who needs this win more? For me, I would say Sameer. We begin this matchup, with a lockup as the strnegth advantage goes tgo Sameer by a bit of an advantage. He would send Flynn to the corner, proceeding to hit a running frorearm on the champion. Flynn would fall down to one knee, before Sameer laughing in his face, spitting in the eyes of the Hall of Famer. Before hitting a a stirke, and sending Flynn to the outisde, but Flynn would coutner it and send Sameer to the outise instead. Now going for a suicice dive. Flynn would then bring Sameer back into the ring. Going for the pinfall..1...2.... but a kick out at 2 by Sameer. As we continue a few moments later, Sameer would hit a quick pedigree out of nowhere. But decides to not go for the pinfall, but instead goes to torture Flynn some more, but it didnt work out that way as Flynn would hit a running knee for the victory. After the matchup, Flynn would be met with a familar foe in Echo Wilson, maybe a sneak preview of a Winter Warfare Main Event? Echo Wilson vs Flynn?!
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    War Between Worlds

    Rhea Ripley vs. Mayu Iwatani to crown a new World of Stardom champion. A match between Rhea Ripley and Mayu Iwatani has just been confirmed for the next Stardom show to crown a new World of Stardom Championship. Stardom promises an exciting match between these two as they are two of the best women's wrestlers that this company has to offer. Rhea Ripley said in an interview on Stardom's website that "I don't care how long Mayu Iwatani has been a wrestler or how good she is, she is still going to get brutalized." Mayu Iwatani has yet to make a response but we're sure that she has something to say about that.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Bracketology: Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational Yes it is I once again Mike Hunt here for a breakdown of the annual Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational. Last year's extravaganza was a lot of fun with many makeshift teams coming together while former partners found themselves aligned once again. Of course the spoils went to BrendenPlayz and Sameer who would end up defeating The Flock and become BPZ Tag-Team Champions. We are now just a couple of days away from the first round and without further ado lets take a look at what the bracket is shaping up to be First Class Express (1) vs The Thunderman's (8) Well we kick things off with what I like to call the BulletProof side of the bracket as the faction's First Class Express Tandem takes on the underdog fan favourite duo of Arrow and "The Riddler" Steph. Well going by the events of past couple of weeks it's safe to assume that Isaiah Carter and Hans are in a pretty foul mood and will look to take out their frustrations on Arrow and Steph. You look at the Vegas odds and if you're putting your money on the underdogs then you must be a clinical idiot. Not only are Hans and Carter in the top 10 singles competitors in the company but they are also even better when they are a team making them the outstanding favourites heading into this one. The Thunderman's are hero's though, or claim to be so we'll see if their superpowers gain them a miraculous victory Mike's Pick: First Class Express The Notorious Killers (4) vs The Firing Squad (5) Next we take a look at the second team representing the wonderful faction of BulletProof and these two might even be more dangerous than the one's we mentioned earlier. Making a profound impact in their debut as a tandem, Alex Costa and Mikey are cold-blooded killers and under the specific guidance of Flynn these two are set for greatness, however they lineup against a very dangerous foe. The Firing Squad may be trained in vicious combat but FDS and D.N.A are also educated in the art of war and have that tag-team experience as apart of the United Nations where Mikey and Alex do not. It's unknown whether Flynn will be at ringside for the contest but we will assume he will and he won't want to see his pet projects suffer defeat in their first rodeo. This should be a brutal affair and one definitely worth watching Mike's Pick: The Firing Squad Invictus (3) vs The Cure (6) Now out of all the first round contests I believe that this will be the one with the most eyes on it and it's not necessarily because of the matchup between these two teams. KENJI and Arius were brilliant rivals and now come together to form (on paper) a pretty terrifying team. As Singles stars these two are very very dominant but their work as a team remains to be seen. On the other hand we have Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn, two thirds of Gunner's new pet project The Cure. Once again Gunner and Jason are accomplished Singles Stars but their work as a team has yet to be measured. It's exciting for me as a fan of pro-wrestling to see Arius and KENJI team together and I think they will be too much for Gunner and Jason to handle Mike's Pick: Invictus Bailey and Slim (2) vs Kieron Black and Joshua Scott (7) And now we look at the final match-up of the first round as the unlikely duo of Bailey and Slim team up to face Kieron Black and Joshua Scott. This match is truly bizarre and I still cannot wrap my head around what is actually going to go down. On one side we have Bailey and Slim where after the events of Survivor Series should be in no condition to compete whatsoever and with the other two, Kieron has been vacant and well Joshua Scott is Joshua Scott. I have no clue how this one is going to go down but if I know Bailey and Slim, these are two guys who are very prideful and will not want to lose to Josh and Kieron in the first round Mike's Pick: Bailey and Slim
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    No One Man (Season 2: Reprisal)

    No One Man - Prologue ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I wonder what it would feel like to have been born twenty years earlier, being born completely normal just like everybody else… maybe have some loving parents, grow up playing football and baseball or whatever the fuck. I think I’d go to some parties and shit, you know, live a fun life; movies, dances, that whole nine yards, maybe even kiss someone. Ok, maybe I was stretching things now, but it was pretty cool to imagine. The dream always came to a screeching halt when I got back to the present, it morphed into more of a nightmare actually. Just a normal person living in this world? That was its own hell. I mean it’s not that I’m opposed to the good practitioners of hard work, no shortcuts and all, but that kinda drags. I don’t think I’d really enjoy getting stepped on by some superpowered prick. Or enhanced prick, I don’t know the politically correct term. I could imagine myself freaking out when they started popping out of mothers, all those kids with powers would be so fucking freaky. I paused my thought train for a second as I massaged my right, a glove fitted over it, feeling the veiny ripples pushing the satin out. I needed to refocus, I didn’t have too many windows to strike. I peeked around the corner to see the bustling crowd moving down the sidewalk, I didn’t have the greatest line of sight. I took a moment, making sure my glove was fitted correctly, then pulled my hood down tighter, entering the crowd. I pushed against the crowd, peering through it trying to find any group of ill-boding individuals. I finally saw a rumbling slicing through the crowd, and low and behold was the man I was like eighty percent sure was the mark, I should pay closer attention to the dossiers. I maneuvered towards the street, making sure to not lose sight of him as took a seat on the hood of a car, stuffing my gloved hand in my pocket. He approached, coming closer and closer without noticing me. His name was Meko or something, I just remembered that he was normally addressed as Happy Feet, like The Penguin. The name fit, I watched as he threw a tantrum to get through the crowd, standing head and shoulders below everybody else. He’d also just kicked a nasty Juul addiction apparently, he fancied mango especially. He was finally close enough to touch, I quickly drew a Juul out of my pockets, quickly taking a puff and exhaling it right into his face. His head turned first, his glare was accompanied by a fully formed scowl. His two boyfriends also paused, trying to find out what had pissed him off this time. He finally pivoted towards me, marching towards me as I played clueless, taking another hit and exhaling it into his path once again. He stopped in his tracks, along with seemingly the rest of the traffic on that sidewalk. I stole glances at him between looking every which way, acting as if I didn’t even know he existed. I could see the fury pulsing through him, the anger coursing through every vein of his body. He wanted to be taken so seriously, from the three-piece suit to freshly gelled hair. Maybe he was on his way to a big meeting with a connect, or off to fuck a prostitute, he was in constant need for respect. Well, that and a mango Juul pod. That’s why he’d let this slight pass, and why he was gonna ask me to take a walk with him. “Hey, kid, can I get a hit?” Happy Feet asked. I looked at him and shrugged, holding it out towards him. He frantically shook his head, scanning the crowd. “Walk with me, told my wife I kicked the habit.” This time I shook my head, looking at the two men flanking him before again shaking my head. “Sorry, I’ve heard of stranger danger,” I offered. He snarled at the remark and began to consult the goons that surrounded him, I caught something about watching for his wife and kicking ass, I tried my hardest to conceal my smile, deciding to take another hit to stop the spread of the expression, I just love a good plan coming together. After some protests, the men walked away. I’d assume they’d dismissed me as a threat, which wasn’t the craziest thing. I wouldn’t describe my physique as menacing, I looked like a beanpole under modest clothing, with a build similar to any high school track runner. I’d cloaked myself in a baggy hoodie and jacket, my Adidas sweats and vans weren’t much in the way intimidation. The two stole one final glance before disappearing back into the crowd. Happy Feet motioned for me to follow him. I pushed off the hood and began to walk with him. I drifted back to the question that was plaguing me. How could anyone adapt to such a radical change in the way the world works, with the idea of power shifted to who was born the strongest, not who could manipulate the rules enough to sit at the top. Every idea of power crumbled, everything so on edge. Presidents were put in the grave because nobody could stop all the freaks being born into the world. The last thing people needed was a push towards the extreme, this was fucking setting fire to the world and letting everybody try to figure it out, one power after the other. It was a shitshow to watch, that’s what made it so much more fun. Then here I was, dousing the fire with unfiltered gasoline and watching it grow. I was just kinda bored, at least this way I got to watch everything unfold. Those were the perks of not existing, I always got the best seat in the house. We finally neared the alley, pulling me out of my thoughts. We turned a corner, out of sight to anybody who was minding their own business. I was glad I didn’t live in New York. Happy didn’t seem done yet, ducking behind a dumpster to be completely out of sight, he seemed serious about that wife thing. I pressed towards him until he starting nodding, finally content. He gestured for the Juul. He seemed to inhale the vapor forever, he started reddening, veins protruded from his forehead. Finally, a mere century later, he exhaled, letting a number of clouds form in front of him, accompanied by a fit of coughs. “What’s with the glove, Michael Jackson?” he asked through the coughs, jabbing a finger towards my gloved hand. “It’s a condition,” I began as I slowly peeled the glove off, slowly unveiling the offsetting sight. Black spots spread across my palm like freckles, existing in about every spot where skin was still present. The rest of my palm was coated in blisters, forming all the way up to my wrist. The back didn’t provide a prettier sight. Besides the missing epidermis, cracked fingernails, and burn residue, it looked like acid had scorched the long, outstretched hand. The sight horrified Happy Feet, who audibly gasped, I didn’t look to see the disgust form on his face, I just examined the hand like I had time and time before, and wondered what would’ve happened if I was born a normal person. “The fuck is wrong with it?” he demanded, I looked to see the horror spread on his face at the ghastly sight. He’d probably spit at it if he didn’t just make his throat a barren desert. I shrugged at the question, stretching my hand and curling my fingers, imagining that it was normal. I faced Happy Feet again, letting a small smile creep across my lips. “Well recently? I kill people with it.” He was paralyzed temporarily, only his eyes reacting to what I’d just said. I think he wanted to do anything in response to what I’d just said, but it likely dawned on him that he had willingly walked himself to his own execution because of mango vapor. I could almost see the aura of fear that towered over him, gripping him tighter and tighter. All fight had evaporated in an instant. “I take it you know who I am, you should know my rules, first is--” He finally shook out of his trance, reaching towards the inside of his coat, presumably for a gun. He didn’t even have any powers, I really didn’t see how this was a good use of my talents… well, at least the check cleared. I sprung into action as well, in a flash I reached my right hand out, snatching the wrist closest to his person and prying it away from his coat. Unfortunately, this time I’d fallen into his hands, caught me with an open palm to the ribs, I could feel a chilled grip squeezing my insides, he was pretty good after all, almost had me. I released his wrist and stepped out of his reach, looking down at my left ribcage and seeing a block of ice attached to me, it was pretty fucking cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the cold, I placed my right on the block and watched it dissipate instantly, reduced to soot on the ground. I looked back at Happy Feet, and saw the fight drain from him away, as he muttered protests, in absolute disbelief. I couldn’t contain the smile much longer. “Now it’s your turn,” I said, with a toothy grin finally appearing on my face. The cuff of his designer suit was the first to melt away, I saw the ripples form on his wrist, extending out to his fingertips as if it was another vein, black spots subsequently appeared on his skin, spreading up and down until they were present on his entire person. I walked towards him, looking to get my Juul back, I really didn’t want to go looking for it in his ashes. He swung his right hand at me again, I continued forward, snapping my fingers and not breaking my gait, his hand disintegrated before he could bat an eye, the ash was caught in the wind and flew out. I closed the remaining distance, placing my left hand on his mouth before he could let out a cry. “No yelling please, that was gonna be rule one,” I demanded, rather annoyed. I dropped my left from his mouth, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the Juul. I pulled it back to my lips and took a puff, before depositing it in my pocket. “Any last words?” I asked as I grabbed my glove off the ground, shaking off the dirt that now coated it. “Who are you?” He managed out as piece by piece as his arms began to be reduced to nothing but specks. “Wh-- who sent you?” “Really? What a waste of last words. Do you actually care who I am? I mean, that’s a really difficult question, I think the rumors about me say I don’t actually exist, so do I even get a name? I guess that makes me a deadman? Zombie, how does that sound for a name? I kinda like it.” I paused to take another hit, blowing it out through my nose this time. “And who sent me? You’re about to die, what does it matter? I don’t really know who sent me, doesn’t matter to me anyway, he’ll probably be dead within a week too. Anything else you would like to say instead?” “You fucking bastard I’ll--” He reached out towards me again, I snapped my fingers again while putting the Juul to my lips, I shook my lips, I really wished he could’ve said anything remotely cool. Welp, you win some you lose some. “That’s enough of you,” I said, inhaling a cloud of vapor then raising my right a final time, snapping my fingers and seeing the mound of ash carry into the sky. I looked up as the remnants of Happy Feet floated every which way, filtering into the Atlanta skyline alongside billows of smoke. I slipped my hand back into its glove, massaging it as I walked back out into the busy street. I melted into the crowd, unable to shake off the thought any longer. “Those were some shitty last words.”
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    Storytime w/Bob

    Story 26 - The First Dr. Salah Story We are finally back with another story. Now I have plenty of stories to tell and this should be a good one to start with. So this story has a few parts to it because I have had a few exchanges with this “interesting” individual and this is gonna be part 1 of the collection. Dr. Salah is a substitute teacher I have had a few times now and everytime I see him, I can’t help from grinning as I recall all of the weird stuff that he has done. Dr. Salah may not even be a doctor and to be honest that would not surprise me but he says he is so I guess I’ll just have to take his word for it. The man has no wife and no children which is not a surprise to me to be completely honest. I as a 17 year old boy feel I could support a family better than this guy could at the moment. But let's get into some of the stuff this guy has done and trust me it just gets progressively worse time after time it seems. So my first time meeting Dr. Salah was my freshman year in which he seemed more a pedo than a teacher to be completely honest. So I remember that when we arrived at class their was no teacher but their was a jacket on the teachers chair so our class assumed that there was a teacher but they were in the bathroom or something. So we wait it out and this is our lunch block so we leave halfway through for a lunch break and then come back. The whole first half of the class no teacher shows up. Now my class was good in the aspect in that instead of going to get a teacher we just decided we were gonna close the door and take the block off. Which was great to be honest because I had Spanish then and I was garbage at it. So jump forward and we get back from lunch and there he is, Dr. Salah sitting at the desk just staring at us as we walked in. So right away weird as fuck. But I cut him a break their until he gets up and opens his mouth. He said something like this, “ Sorry I’m a bit late I was using the bathroom. But let’s learn some spanish now.” Now I’m thinking to myself how the fuck you using the bathroom for 40 minutes. Like are you cranking one out in the teachers bathroom or something? So immediately something already seems off about this guy. He then goes on some rant about his trip to Spain and how great it was. Eventually we actually work on some worksheet or something and I remember we were translating like a story. Now this is where the pedo in Dr. Salah started to come out. So my friend Tatiana was working on it with her group and she is sitting at the table next to my group and then I see Dr. Salah walk over. And to be fair Tatiana developed a very nice rack the summer before and she definitely took advantage of it. So basically she had some cleavage mostly guys my age benefit from that but Dr. Salah really wanted to benefit from it, like maybe a bit too much. So he walks over and Tatiana is sitting down and this man stands over her looking straight down. Like he wasn't even trying to hide it either. I look over and I see Tatiana look uncomfortable so I just stare at this guy like what the fuck is wrong with you. Normally you would say this would be a reason to fire me well he has stuck around throughout my whole highschool so I don’t know what to tell you at this point. My only guess is he still has his job because my school has had issues like this alot which is kind of sad to be honest but it’s the truth. So they basically don’t want to bring anymore attention to it I guess or at least at the time they didn’t. But anyways she called him out on it and he eventually saw me and some other people in the class giving him essentially dirty looks and went back to his desk and “listened to music”. But his face was bright red when he got caught and a few kids who saw what happened starting laughing only adding on to the embarrassment for him which he deserved to be honest. But don’t worry there is more, much more I have to say about Dr. Salah but we will save that for a different story at a different time.
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    So, with having troubles to implement the Royal Rumble into the Invasion storyline, i decided to replace with The Great American Bash. At least it can plays off with the egomaniac Bischoff. Just before the show was booked, Jerry Lynn died from an accident inducing a scarf and fan, at 38 years old, too bad he had a planned against the champ Rey Mysterio. So the card so far: Steve Austin vs Scott Hall vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF title Sting vs Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit vs Goldberg Raven vs Tazz vs RVD vs Rhyno for the Hardcore title Curt Hennig vs Brock Lesnar Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle Triple H vs Undertaker DDP & Booker T vs Hardyz for the WCW Tag team championship Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko vs Lance Storm for n1 contender dor the Europpean championship The Rock vs Ric Flair for the IC title For a 3 hours PPV, it's going to be short, i might insert other matches on the pre-show. like Shane Douglas vs Jeff Jarrett rematch or the cruiserweight match... For the results check out tomorrow...
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    .....Do u hate me and Toxik Hans? On a serious note this diary is sick and I am glad to see it back. I see Buddy and Marker winning it myself but with 2 matches left who knows what will happen. Excited for more Hans
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    Team Tardy: Onix Mudbray Hippopotas Wooper Gible Diglett-Alola Drilbur Cubone
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    Goals for 2020? (BPZ Edition)

    Finally have a feud with @Slim. The story is there and has been there, and I think with both of our talents we should be able to create something really special. Oh yeah, I want to beat him as well. Have another match against @Julius somewhere down the line. I think last time, while I won, it wasn't as good as it should have been, mainly due to Echo getting suspened and taken out of the match. Win the world title, either via the rumble, mitb, or just winning it.
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    Hans Graphics

    Post November Champions GFX's:
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Joshua Scott Alex Costa and Raven Julius Jones FCE Mikey Dikey FDS Arius Slim James Ropati and ??? Flynn Bart Bonus: Yelich
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    I am with Sheri on this one. The addition of a third brand should make things interesting in this diary. Cant wait for more guys
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    I like this so far. Adding a third brand ran by moi is a different take on the usual two brand approach. I'd say in terms of main event guys the talent is evenly distributed but I'd argue Gunner Flynn probably has the best overall roster coming out of this. Hopefully this diary lasts and the posts are consistent. Good job thus far guys!
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Evolve - August 6th 2019 Like last week, the show started with The Kingdom in the ring but of course this time they had an extra member. The Kingdom mocked their challengers and proclaimed themselves unstoppable, until the music of Arius hit Arius came to the ring and made it clear his problems were with Julius, with their longstanding rivalry still going on between the 2 Australians. He then challenged Julius to an IC title match at SummerSlam Julius laughed it off and told Arius he had to earn it. Arius told him he would earn it, anyway that was needed. Julius told Arius he could get an IC title match if he beat Slim And Brenden came to the ring and made the match official, Arius vs Slim, RIGHT NOW Arius vs Slim A potential Mania main event and dream match kicked us off here on Evolve, as the up and coming Arius looked to take down one of BPZs greatest ever superstars Slim Arius thought he had won the match when he nailed Slim with The Sentence, but before he could cover, Bart, Echo and Julius pulled Slim to safety. However suddenly SSW Club ran down to the ring, and sparked a brawl on the outside The ref sent all 5 stars to the back to try calm things, leaving Arius and Slim in the ring. Slim hit Arius with an Essential Eliminator, which looked like enough to win the match but somehow Arius kicked out The entire crowd were up on their feet as Slim laid there in shock. He picked up Arius and went for a second Essential Eliminator, but Arius flipped him over, and THEN FOLLOWED UP BY LOCKING IN THE FINAL TESTIMONY. Slim tapped out, sending Arius to SummerSlam Alex Costa vs Akki Akki was still searching for his first win on Evolve, as was Alex. Akki failed to beat Mikey last week but got his revenge when Akki and Mave beat down Mikey post match And like last week, Akki wasn't victorious, falling victim to the Rise of Salvation by Costa. But also like last week, Mave and Akki beat down their opponent, until Mikey came out and made the save. Mikey and Alex took out The Mave Effect, standing tall together After a commercial break we returned to see Hans Clayton taping his wrists backstage. He apologised for not being there tonight, as he was still recovering from last weeks tag team match He did have an announcement to make though. He would be cashing in his rematch clause and challenging Echo Wilson for the US Title at SummerSlam. He also promised he wasn't scared of The Kingdom, because he would be recruiting his own stable to take down Kingdom. Ryan Reeves and King Bashka vs Big Ballers (Brenden and Sameer) Dream match number 2 of the night, as 4 of BrendenPlayzs greatest ever stars graced the same ring. With Ryan and Brenden facing each other at SummerSlam, as were Sameer and Bashka, there was sure to be no love lost here Bash and Ryan thought they had the match won early on. Bashka nailed Sameer with the Revelation but Ryan tagged himself in, looking to get the pinfall himself. As the 2 argued, Brenden pulled Sameer out of the ring Miscommunication between the two is what cost them the match later on as Ryan went for a Pele Kick to Sameer he moved out of the way and Ryan collided into Bash. Sameer then tagged in Brenden, and then Superkicked Ryan, before Brenden Pedigreed him for the 3 count. The Big Ballers stand tall to end the show, could this be the sign at SummerSlam. Find out in 2 weeks time
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    Hans Graphics

    Firing Squad Signature:
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Quick Disclaimer: I will be bringing this back. BiC has left the diary, so we r gonna pretend like his time on Evolve never happened. So we are going back to the start and doing all the Evolves post KOTR again, starting with Week 1 The show started with the Kingdom stood in the ring, holding their 3 belts tall. They began to big themselves up, promising the return of BPZs greatest stable. Suddenly however they are interrupted as Slims music plays Slim announces his return to BPZ, and how he is here to take down his former stable, as Evolves free agent pick. This in turn brings out SSW Club's Josh and Bulldozer, and then Arius and Hans, as the 5 outnumber the 3 Kingdom members This bought out Interim Evolve GM Brendenplayz who made a massive main event. Arius and Hans against Echo Wilson and Julius. And NA Champ Bart against Bulldozer The 8 stared down as we went to our first match Mikey vs Akki After making his Evolve debut last week, Mikey was looking to get his first victory, as he took on Akki, who was accompanied by his tag team partner Mave Deltzer And Mikey succeeded in getting his first win, putting Akki away with the Adrenaline. However after the match he was blindsided by Mave and Akki, who beat him down and put him through a table, making a big statement here tonight Bart vs Bulldozer Bulldozer came into the match looking for momentum against Bart, who with Echo and Julius beat down SSW Club at KOTR. And Brenden also announce if he got a victory tonight, he would be rewarded with an NA Title shot at SummerSlam Such an occasion was not meant to be. Bart put away Bulldozer in fairly quick fashion by hitting The Last Breath. He continued his assault on Bulldozer after the match before fleeing the ring upon the arrival of JoshsNow We then returned to see Interim Evolve GM Brenden in the ring who welcomed his best friend and BPZ World Champion Sameer to the ring Boos reigned out for the World Champ as he came to the ring. He beat Ryan Reeves last night, ending Ryans tenure as Evolve GM after Brenden abused his role as Special Guest Referee to win him the match. Brenden announced that he and Sameer were having a World Championship celebrating BIG BALLA STYLE. However the celebration didn't last long as King Bashka came to the ring, 2 nights after winning the crown against KENJI Bash tried to question Brendens decision on aligning with Sameer, but this angered Brenden and soon it looked like a fight was beginning between Brenden, Sameer and Sameers opponent for SummerSlam Bashka, but suddenly Ryans music played Ryan stood alongside Bash against The Big Ballers, the tension building as 4 legends stood in the ring. Ryan wasted no time in getting into Brendens face, demanding his job back after Brenden had stole him from it He then issued a challenge to Brenden after Brenden refused. Ryan vs Brenden, SummerSlam. If Ryan won, he became Evolve GM again, if he lost he would leave BPZ forever. Brenden agreed to this before making a massive match for next week, The Big Ballers vs Ryan and Bash. Brenden and Sameer left the ring as we cut to commercial break Hans and Arius vs Kingdom (Echo Wilson and Julius) Hans and Arius teamed up for the first time to take on two enemies. Echo recently took away Hans' NA title, whilst Julius and Arius have a very storied history. There hatred cost them a match against SSW and it has boiled over since then, into the KOTR Tournament and into Julius costing Arius the NA Title Bart was at ringside with Kingdom whilst Slim was with Hans and Arius at ringside, Josh and Bulldozer not there after the attack on the latter earlier in the night. Arius got hearts racing early on when he nailed Julius with The Sentence but before he could cover Bart pulled Julius out of the ring. Hans ran and Suicide Dived onto Julius and Bart. Hans threw Julius into the ring, where he managed to tag Echo. Julius rolled to the outside, where he managed to hit Hans with the Hells Welcome, but was too exhausted to do anything after As the ref tried to calm the confusion down and check on everyone, Slim rolled into the ring and stared down his former protégé Echo Wilson, ONLY TO TURN AND HIT ARIUS WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR The entire crowd stopped in shock as a smile crossed Echos face and he covered Arius for the 3 count. Slim, Julius, Echo and Bart stood reunited to end Evolve stood tall
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    Rumble Visions

    After returning from a commercial break, the screen fades to a live stadium where The Akki is seen performing his new single "Run This From Nothing" with Renegade which is available on Youtube. The single comes straight out of his new mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, available on AudioMack. The Akki kills it and right before he's about to perform his finishing song he cuts out the music and says he got something on his mind. Hey you! Film this! I know I'm on tour right now, but I have a message to the BrendenPlayz. I've been absent for many weeks now due to my busy schedule of being a rapper. But I have plans, see, I'm not free until the second week of January. So obviously there's no way I'm returning anytime soon, but I have a message and statement for the Royal Rumble. You will see me in the Royal Rumble match and you will see me winning it all. The last time I was in the Royal Rumble match I had my jaw broken, the year before that I got amnesia after being hit with a chair by WWE234. This year my luck's changing. I already have a hit single on the charts with Renegade, my album's trending #1 and I'm doing a world tour right now. This has been a great year for me and my luck says that 2020 will be even better and the only good way to start it is by winning the Royal Rumble. So, Cleveland, Ohio. Listen what I'm gonna do, these are my targets for the next six months. I'm gonna finish this world tour in January, I'm gonna enter the Royal Rumble and win it against all the odds. Then I'm gonna drop a new album and watch it hit the charts. Now moving onto April I'm gonna main event BPZMania and win the BPZ World Title. And you know what you all are gonna do for me? You're all gonna get on your knees and sob! The crowd goes wild. After a bit of rest, the instrumental for "Revive 2" another song off the "Incursion" mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, plays, as Akki starts live performing again and the screen fades back to the BPZ Arena.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 4 Tag Team Match Godsent vs Evolution & Maasa In our first tournament match of the night, Godsent goes up against Evolution and Maasa, the match is pretty decent as the high intensity between both teams is shown in the match. It seemed like Godsent were gonna get the victory but a sneaky roll up from Maasa gets the win for Evolution and Maasa. 11:56 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our next match up depicts Bob & Sandman go two on two with the young lion team of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. Maddrix and Bishop got little to no offense, as Bob and Sandman gave these two lions a beating they will remember. The match ends with Bob Sparks hitting a devastating super power bomb off the top rope to Bishop for the win. 4:21 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Kieron and George go head to head against Joshua Scott and Bulldozer in our next contest. The match itself was solid, with Josh carrying Bulldozer through out the match. The match ends with George and Kieron Black getting the decisive victory as Kieron Black pins Bulldozer for the win. 8:22 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Brad & Aaron North This should be a big match folks as Hans & Xaiver King go up against Brad & Aaron North. The match was generally exciting with lots of great offensive from both teams. All 4 guys work well together and shows in this Deadly Duos Tournament Match up. The match ends with Hans and King hitting the Buzzer Beater to Aaron North for the win. 13:29 Tag Team Match Flock vs Killer Machines In our last tournament match of the night, we’ll see two of the top teams in the tournament clash as Buddy Ace & Marker of the Flock go at it against The Killer Machines. The match was a fantastic bout, with both teams getting plenty of time to show what they can do. These two teams tore the house down with tons of power moves from the Killer Machines, and innovative offense from The Flock. This great match ends with Killer Machine getting the huge victory as Beastly pins Marker for the huge win. The rest of Villain’s Kingdom come out to congratulate Bubba & Beastly as they all walk to the back. 18:57 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 5 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Evolution & Maasa The first tournament match of Night 5 sees the popular team of the First Class Express go up against Evolution & Massa. It was a surprising affair as Evolution and Massa held their own against the First Class Express. The match ends with Hans hitting the Hans Clash to Maasa for the victory as FCE now have 8 points in the Deadly Duos Tag League 8:45 Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Vs The Flock Nextup, The Flock go up against Joshua Scott and Bulldozer, however the match ends up being a short one as Buddy Ace and Marker come in at Scott and Bulldozer with full force. Marker would pin Bulldozer for the quick victory. 2:19 Tag Team Match Godsent vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Nextup, The team of Brett Storm and Jay Sellers go up against Jack Bishop and Maddrix. The match was pretty basic, with Jack and Maddrix trying their hardest to fight against the fast pace offense of Godsent. Nonetheless, Brett Storm hits the 5 star moonsault to Maddrix for the win for his team. 7:22 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Brad & Aaron North George & Kieron of High Octane are in action as they take on Brad and Aaron North. This was solid contest between both teams, lots of great chain wrestling , especially between Aaron North and George. The match saw many great counters and maneuvers and it ends with Kieron getting a victory roll over Brad as High Octane win the match. 14:07 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Killer Machines In the last tournament match of night 5 see’s Bob & Sandman go up against the The Killer Machines in what will sure to be hoss fight for the ages. Both team beat the crap out of each other as the crowd are delighted of what they are seeing. The ending of the match saw Bob go for a Powerbomb but Beastly gets out of it and pokes the eye of Bob. He then tags Bubba as they hit their finisher for the sneaky pinfall. 17:45 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 10 Buddy Ace and Marker 8 Hans and Xaiver King 8 Kieron Black and George 8 Brad and Aaron North 4 Bob Sparks and Sandman 4 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 4 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Evolution and Maasa 2 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    BPZ Writeups

    Sameer vs Brenden {BPZ Mania V} What a night this has been thus far, but we are just getting started. It is time, for a emotional battle, that has been in the making for over 5 years. Lets take a look at what this feud has become. 5 years... is a long time. A long time of struggle, ups and downs, and working his ass off. Sameer was on top of the world in June of 2019, but it all came to screeching hault, when "The King" Slim returned. And took the BPZ World Championship from Sameer at Bad Blood. A new champion was born, one of evil intentions. But where did this leave Sameer? A Break from BPZ... indeed. Sameer wouldnt be sen until the Royal Rumble match, where he would return to his home, as the #1 entrant. He would outlast 27 other competitors before, it would all become a nightmare. Nothing more, nothing less. The Owner of BPZ would join us ringside, eyeing Sameer, joining the ring and tossing him out of the ring. Brenden would smile and then walk to the back. Brenden: See, everyone thinks this was personal. That I had some vendetta against Sameer, no the kid is great. This is about sending a message, showing everyone who is the boss, who runs this joint. Sameer, you are going to hell, and when im finished with you, your pathetic career will be over! Sameer: I have done so much for this company, so much for Brenden. And this is my reward for it c I am screwed out of my big moment, at BPZ Mania V. Well I guess I have a new dream, beating the crap out of Brenden! First up is Sameer, a man of integrity. As we saw in the promo package, he is ready to get his redemption here tonight. But can he do it? This is Sameers chance to show he is the top star in BPZ for good. The cheers, echo throughout the arena. Before they begin to turn into a roar of boos. Next up is Brenden. The man who cost Sameer his chance in immortality. But rather wants his own chance at this, he is ready to take the piss out of Sameer, does Brenden still have it? As the boos get stronger, Brenden walks out from the back, with a stone cold look, spitting out the water that he just took a sip off. Now walking with a purpose. The bell rings, a staredown ensues for a few moments. Before a wild brawl begins, both men laying punches to eachother's skulls. This just proves how much hatred there is between these two men. A few moments later, a disrespectful spit, would be placed right onto Brenden's forhead by Sameer. The hate has thickened, as Brenden's face boils, taking down Sameer, and contuing with a few punches to the skull. Brenden continues the attack for a few more moments, before getting up and saying "Come On Is That All You Got Kid?" Sameer gets up slowly, before Brenden, goes for a big lariat, luckily for Sameer he ducks under and attacks the legs. Taking Brenden down to one knee. Sameer takes advantage of this with a grounded superkick. Taking Brenden down fully to the canvas. Sameer continues the attack backing up to the corner, rather quickly. Lining up for a slingshot. But Sameer doesnt stop quite there, as he gets up striaght away and goes for a standing shooting star press. Heading for the cover..1...2... but a kick out by Brenden. Sameer seems a little surprised, but frustrated at the same time. He exits the ring, looking under the ring, taking out what seems to be handcuffs. Jesus, Sameer wants to torture Brenden doesnt he? He enters the ring, but Brenden is completely functional, as he awaits Sameer's presence and hits a low blow. After striking Sameer with the low blow, he takes the handcuffs from Sameer, locking them in place. Sameer is now stuck, having nowhere to go. Brenden smiles, realizing this. He begins to exit the ring, looking for another torture weapon. He walks over to the ring announcer, taking the chair he was once sitting on. Now entering the ring, awaiting for Sameer to try to do something in this painful circumstance. When Sameer rises, he is met with a steel chair thrown at his skull. Brenden backs up into the corner once again. Sameer, using the ropes for some leverage. Trying to get to his feet, so much pain showing on Sameer's face. Sameer is now on his knees, looking at Brenden, his former friend. Brenden begins to rethink the situation, going over to his golden child, taking off the handcuffs. Picking up Sameer, but he goes for a clothesline, trying to lure him in. Sameer doesnt fall for it, as he throws Brenden outside of the ring. He follows him, eyeing a fat fan, someone must have ate too many big macs tonight, huh? He now, jumps off the Big Mac fan and hits a moonsault on Brenden. What the hell was that?! A fired up Sameer, is proving tonight, how much he is worth to BPZ. Where does Brenden go from here? We continue this amazing clash at BPZ Mania V. Sameer picks up, the wounded Brenden and places him inside the ring. He heads to the top rope, looking for a phoenix splash, but Brenden gets out of the way just in time. Transitioning into a dragon suplex, Sameer landing right on his neck. A ruthless Brenden here tonight, he warned Sameer not top provoke him or a dark side would be unveiled to Replace the COO. Brenden goes for Sameer's legs, locking in a boston crab. The agony is shown from Sameer, scratching and crawling for the ropebreak. After a few moments pass, Sameer gracefully touches the ropes, calling for the ropebreak. Brenden has no choice but to let go. As he does, he picks up Sameer, going for a pedigree. Sameer rises to his feet, staring at Brenden, their faces as close they can be, before he strikes Brenden with a knee right to the nose. Sameer doesnt stop there though, as he strikes Brenden with a Curb Stomp. Going for the pinfall quickly after..1...2.....3.... And that is it. Sameer has proven he is the next big star in BPZ by beating the boss. In a amazing match. As Sameer celebrates his victory, Brenden rises up from defeat. Pushing Sameer in anger. Sameer gets in his face, before both men hug, Brenden raises Sameer's hand in victory.
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    BPZ Writeups

    Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to BPZ Summerslam. We start off the show, with a bitter feud. One about three men, filled with greedy, cockiness, and rage. The Flock was a fantastic stable, but one only filled with greed by one man, Jason Ryan. He used his allies to take him right to the top. Tonight Buddy Ace and Marker have had enough of it. Showdown blasts throughout the arena. A stone cold look emerges on the face of Buddy. Buddy is so sick of being overlooked, not being taken seriously. Jason used him, now Ace has to make sure that never happens again. Speaking of the devil, Jason Ryan. The man with the plan, well what is his plan tonight? Has he done the right thing all along? Tonight we find out, if using The Flock to his own hierarchy was the right move after all. Or if it was his downfall. And finally, is Marker. The closest to Jason Ryan, these two were just like brothers. But yet they are now bitter enemies. The bell rings, all three men ready to go to war. Who will strike first? Jason goes for a lariat, but Marker throws him to the outside. Marker and Buddy both focus in on eachother, a crazy look appears on Marker's face. As he grabs Buddy, taking him down with a lariat. Then transitioning with some nose and ear bending. Oh my god, this is very hard to watch. The agony shown on Ace's face. Marker then stomps on the skull of Ace. Then going outside to grab a chair, surrounded by barbed wire. He picks up Buddy Ace, going for a piledriver onto the chair! Oh my freaking god! Animals, is all i can think of to describe these men in this war. Jason Ryan, now enters the ring, joining this chaos. Marker, gets in the face of Jason, but is met with a superkick right to the jaw. Jason goes for the pinfall..1...2... but Odd breaks it up. Rage is shown on the face of Mr. Ryan. He gets up and hits another superkick, on this poor man. Jason heads to the outside, this time around. Grabbing multiple chairs, throwing them all in the ring. He heads back into the deathzone, scooping up Odd and hits a brainbuster on the pile of steel chairs. Holy S***, the crowd chants. This is pure insanity, that surely is the only way to describe this. The hatred between all three of these men is crazy. A few moments now pass, Ace has been taken out of this match, for most likely a while. Marker now gets back into the action, as he goes for a clothesline on Jason. But he ducks under, and hits a lariat of his own. After another few moments, Marker helps Buddy up to his feet as they both seem to be working together. This is very short lived though, as after the "Too Sweet" taunt is engaged. Marker would turn around and be met with a little surprise of a low blow by Buddy. He goes for the pinfall..1...2... but a kick out by Marker at 2. Jason gets back into the hunt, with a huge powerbomb to Buddy. Marker is right there though, with a forearm smash, to Jason. Marker is not done there, though. He stares, at the dead carcus that is Ace. He backs up to the other side of the ring, ropes in tact. And goes for the "Nail In The Coffin". A pinfall is pursued..1....2... but a kickout by Buddy. How?!!!! Ace has the resiliency now to get up to his feet, and staredown marker. Does he have a deathwish? Marker slaps him, but Buddy wont give up. He still stares him down, Marker backs up and goes for a v-trigger but Ace hits a big clothesline, taking Marker inside out. Jason has now rolled outside the ring, Odd following him outside, with a standing shooting star press from the apron. What a damn match this has been! Buddy Ace, really showing his worth here tonight. So is Marker and Jason Ryan. But the real question is, who wants it more? Ace makes his way back into the ring, where Marker is laying back first, emptiness filled in his body. Buddy goes to pick him up, but was played into it, as Marker grabs Buddy's fingers and snaps them. God damn Marker! A cruel man we must say, but this just shows how bitter these man are to eachother. Jason now gets back in the ring, striking marker with a huge forearm. Sending him down to the canvas. A bag, sitting towards the corner of the ring. Jason sights this, and goes to it, opening it. Revealing, thousands of thumbtacks. He pours them, scattering all over the ring. He picks up Marker, but the tables have turned as he strikes Jason and picks him up for a powerbomb, on the thumbtacks. Jason begins to shake heavily from the pain. Jesus Christ! All three of these men, have no soul, no heart, no mercy. Marker continues the attack., transitioning into a triangle choke. Jason is stuck, no ropebreak allowed. This has to be it, the war has to be over! After a few moment have passed, Buddy joins back inside the ring, now instead of breaking up the pin, joins the submission encounter, with a boston crab. Double the pain, Jason screaming in agony. What can he do? Jason goes for Marker's eyes, tearing at them. Marker has no choice but to break it. Odd breaks the boston crab aswell. After this, Marker and Ace both stare eachother down before, a slap fest ensues. Marker and Buddy not giving up, slap after slap, punch after punch. Jason watches on, a grin showed on his face. He gets back up to his feet, watching Marker and Buddy kill one another. Before he strikes with a low blow on Marker. Buddy sees this, and goes for a dropkick on Jason, but he ducks under and goes for a rollup..1...2... but a kick out by Marker. Jason is not finished yet, he picks up Marker and goes for a Pedigree, but Marker ducks under, and goes for another dropkick, but Jason reverses this time and into the pedigree. Will this be it? Buddy is out of the equation at the moment. Jason rolls to the cover, 1..2....3.... And that is it! What a brutal battle, but Jason was the better man in this battle. Jason's hand is raised in victory. And that was only our opening match, where do we go from here?
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    Slim Slim in September 2019 Born September 9th, 1997 Jacksonville, Fla Residence Los Angeles, California Professional wrestling career Ring name(s) Slim Billed height 5'11 (1.80 m)[6] Billed weight 229 lb (103 kg)[6] Billed from Jacksonville, Fla Debut Nov. 2014 Kentrell Banks (born September 9th, 1997) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Slim. He is best known for his time in BrendenPlayz Wrestling. After an impressive Japanese career, Slim is considered to be the greatest BPZ has ever seen by some and one of their greatest undoubtedly. Early life Kentrell Banks was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, but not much else is known about the history of Slim. Recently, he has come out and stated the reason for his career beginning in Japan at 17 was due to a drug deal chain, but there's no way to tell if it was kayfabe or geniune. Professional wrestling career All-Japan Wrestling Alliance (2014–2015) Slim began his time in the AJWA, as within 6 months, the self-proclaimed King had earned himself an Intercontinental Championship match, which he won, making him the youngest Intercontinental Champion at 17 years of age. Slim would lose the title 4 days later, as it was reported he had signed a contract with BrendenPlayz Wrestling. BPZ (2015 - Current) Debut Slim would debut in an exciting time for the NXT division, with the NXT 3 being dubbed as the future of the company, between Slim, Bizzy, and Blade. Blade would win the first encounter between the three at SummerSlam, hoisting the NXT Championship, but one month later, Slim would defeat Blade for the championship. After moving up, Slim would capture the US Championship and join Legacy, but the stable would quickly fade out. After two European Championship victories, and two more failed alliances (Bullet Club, nWo), the Summer of Slim would ensue. Summer of Slim Undoubtedly the turning point in Slim's career, Slim would win his second European Championship to kick off the summer, before losing European and winning Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships the next month, establishing himself as the real deal, defeating Bailey and Ryan for the title. Dominating Bailey in a one-on-one would establish Slim as a main eventt player, before at Bad Blood, Slim would capture MITB, cashing in on Nebakos to become the first ever World and Intercontinental Champion. Reign of Terror The Reign of Terror would last from about September 2016 to April 2018, as Slim dominated the company, possessing 3 World Title Reigns over this period, with one being 310 days, the longest reign of a World Champion to this day. Slim would main event two BPZMania's, winning both against Flynn, Alyx Wilde, and Natedog, and then Smith at BPZMania III. After, Slim would lose his championship at Mayhem to Flynn, and months later, it seems The King was unseated as Julius beat Slim at SummerSlam, with The Kingdom turning it's back on it's king, with Slim going a shocking 51-10 (83% win rate) record over this time period of a year and a half. Fall from Grace Slim's fall from grace was a dramatic one. After losing to Julius, Slim would return four months later to defeat Julius, and announce his Royal Rumble intentions, but would fall victim to a Torn MCL. Frustrated and unmotivated, Slim would miss BPZMania IV, before returning to lose against Bailey. Trying to right his wrongs over this time, seemingly wasn't working, and Slim once again returned as the ruthless killer that helped him rule this company with an iron fist. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, as Slim lost to First Class Express in his defense of the tag team titles. Slim was abruptly turned on by Blade, and once again found himself down and out. Descent to Madness After a SummerSlam loss, Slim would visit Tamer, and not much else is known about the night other than that Slim ended the night laughing maniacally... Slim would return, more silent and seemingly not himself. After defeating Sameer, he vowed to win his 5th World Championship and the next week, showed his true colors, stabbing Blade to win their matchup, and then laughing about it. The first appearance after the stabbing would be Slim embracing the madness he had shown, saying that nothing matters and that he will prove that when the chips are down, and when a little anarchy is introduced, people fold. At Bad Blood, Slim would defeat Sameer and Brad to win his fifth World Championship, as after the match, his former stablemate, Necce, would aid him in an assault on Sameer, forming an alliance between them. Championships and accomplishments[edit] BrendenPlayz Wrestling BPZ NXT Championship (x1) BPZ United States Championship (1x) BPZ European Championship (2x) BPZ Tag Team Championship (5x) BPZ Premium Champion (1x) BPZ Intercontinental Champion (2x) BPZ Global Championship (1x) BPZ World Championship (5x) Mr. Money in the Bank (2016) Royal Rumble Winner (2018) Survival Games Tournament Winner (2019) All-Japan Wrestling Alliance AJWA Intercontinental Champion (1x)
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