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    "Opportunity Of A Lifetime"

    {It's tournament fever once again here in BPZ as the Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational kicked off tonight and so far we've seen two of the 4 first round matches. We now take a break in the action and head to the ring where we wait for the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion to address the fans in attendance} {The 2x World Champion makes his way out to the ring, proudly holding the gold around his shoulder as the fans cheer him on. Julius had his official championship celebration ruined last week by his former Tag-Team partner Ropati so who know's what surprises are in store for the Death Machine} "What is Pro-Wrestling? Every single one of us share the same passion the one same true love and that's pro-wrestling. From a young age we all watched on TV as these larger than life superstars fought and in the process they captured our hearts. That is Pro-Wrestling. From the moment I put on these boots 5 years ago and started my journey in the business, there was one dream that never wavered. Yes I wanted to travel the world and have matches with the greatest to ever do it, but the one thing that never changed was my drive to become the World Champion in the biggest company in the world. Every single man or woman who has ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring has had aspirations of being a World Champion so when I stand here today without a clear challenger to my World Championship, not only am I baffled but I'm disappointed" "For two years I have strived to become the World Championship, every time there was an opportunity to become champion I made sure that I put myself in a position where I would give it my 100% effort, so what worries me about the current roster we have is that too many people have become complacent, and are too comfortable at where they sit and when they're asked the question there's always some sort of excuse. An opportunity to be crowned the face of the company is right there for the taking and yet no one has the balls to come at me and fight. This was the problem last time I was world champion and it's been a problem for the last couple of years, but this problem ends with me" "Winter Warfare is now two-weeks away and still I have no one coming for the top title in the company, so I find myself out here like I have many times, pleading and begging for someone to step up and give me something to fight for. An opportunity of a lifetime awaits every-single one of you, an opportunity that may not pass you by ever again. It's time to see who the real men of this company are, who are the one's who aren't afraid of getting their asses kicked. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime or your gravest mistake but the thought of not knowing far overpowers any sort of brutal punishment you endure at my hands. Show me what you got" {As Julius finishes speaking, he walks over to the ropes and stares directly down the ramp. Who's going to be the one to answer the Death Machine's Call} {Planned Response. So don't even think about it}
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    We are in the 1st Round of the Tag Team Tournament here at Carnage. Josh and Kieron Black make there way to the ring getting ready for First Round Competition against 2 of the Greatest of all time. Bailey first makes his way to the ring out from the Crowd. He steps right into the ring with Kieron Black and Josh. Slims music plays next but Slim is nowhere to be found. Slim did not come out at alll. And after a few moments The Ref says its time to start the match. I guess this is about to be a handicap match in a Tag Team Tournament! Josh and Kieron stare down Bailey thinking they have the upper hand but Bailey isn't backing down. Josh turns his back and starts walking to his corner as the Bell Rings! Kieron and Bailey walk right up to each other as Bailey kicks Kieron right in the midsection. He then hits the Career Killer! 1....2......3 Its Over! Before Josh can even notice Bailey has hit his finisher and won this match in a matter of seconds! Josh in shock and rage runs right at Bailey but Bailey ducks the closeline and kicks Josh right in the Gut and then hits the Career Killer on him too! Bailey has taken both men out in a matter of seconds. As then out walks Slim. Who stands on the top of the ramp just clapping at Bailey with a grin as Bailey stares at him. As Slim continues to clap Bailey exits the Ring and Walks through the Crowd as Slim looks on. But just like that Bailey and Slim will advance to the Semifinals of the Tag Team Tournament.
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    BPZ Nine-Nine

    BPZ- Nine-Nine- Episode 1 "Pilot Part 2" Welcome back to BPZ- Nine-Nine, today is our second half of introductions and these fellas are very special in their own ways. First up, is someone who is very badass but horny at the same time, Sailor Meko. A wonderful girl, but she can be sometimes too aggreisive for her own good. Sailor Meko- Thank you for taking the time to look at me, you like what you see dont you? Anyways, stop looking at me, I will end you! My job here is to be the baddest bitch in this department while keeping everything in order. Do you know how exhausting that can be? Moving on from a women with high standards now to two goofballs in their own right. As we introduce Bubba and Ropati. They dont get much done in the department, but they are very likeable so we keepn them around for the publicity. Hey dont judge me! Bubba- Hey Ropati why is their a camera in our face? Omg are we are on tv, this is the best day of my life I can not wait to show my mom. Ropati- No you dumbass, its to show what we do in the office. And its obvious you just stuff chips down your throat all day long. Good job for ruining my day, god I hate you Bubba. Why am I still your friend after all these years? And finally, the last one of our introductions, we have the leap cop, Bart. He is a funny lad, but can also get the job done. He makes sure everything stays on track while having the job be fun in many ways. Bart- Wassup my dawgs, I am the lead dog in the pack over here. Speaking of packs, I want to speak of my best friend, Alex Costa. He has been signed to this department to make sure everything is on track, let me bring him in. Alex Costa- Hello as you can tell I am a purified Genius, and if you didnt know piss off. As it seems Bart has forgotten me, and even my buddy Aaron North, damn he sucks. Anyways, let me introduce myself, I help this place not become massive Pus***, and my friend Aaron North here does the same thing, we are the real men here. And Finally, I promise man. It is Aaron North, he doesnt let shit go on over here. And if he needs to put someone in their place, if you known what I mean he will do so. And Now that is all for our introductions---------------- Right before we were supposed to go off the air, the lead Cop, Bart gets in the face of Aaron North, screaming "What Did You Say About Me Dawg?!" The two stay in eachothers face practically kissing before, someone of all people Sheridan gets in the way. The words "Me Likey" echos throughout the department, as everything turns silent, Bart is speechless. As he walks away, leaving Sheridan alone in embarrassment. As she walks off the frame, what is next for these two lovebirds? Bob Sparks- Well that was embarrassing wasnt it? I guess ill just leave aswell as it seems thats what were all doing right now. Sameer- Aye yo, wheres Sheri at? I guess she saw me and was just so attracted by me she had to run away. Sheri im coming baby! ----------------- I hope you enjoyed all the introductions, next up is our first episode, and I have loads of stuff planned for that.----------------
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the ever elegant sound of Father Georgemas’ theme song, warmed up the Carnage arena. Fans would be eager to see what would occur next after his Survivor Series antics. However, instead of an in-ring promo. It would quickly become evident that it would be a pre-recorded clip being broadcasted on the titantron. A secluded ski lodge, engulfed by snow covered trees. Situated on top of a skiing hill. Outside, Father Georgemas, alongside frosty the snowman and the elves. In the background, Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer, minding the sleigh. As Father Georgemas turned his back, the Elves would sneak away. Each beginning to ski down the mountain, bumping into trees and doing an awful job. “Dashing through the snow” “In a pair of broken skis” “Over the hills we go” “Smashing into trees” “The snow is turning red” “I think I’m almost dead” “And now I’m in a hospital with stitches in my head” “Ohhh” “Georgemas, Georgemas” “You are very fat” “I was sleeping peacefully and now my bed is flat” “Ohhh” “Georgemas, Georgemas” “How much do you weigh” “I’m glad I’m not a reindeer, who has to pull your sleigh” After the not so merry song. The camera would turn but to the face of Father Georgemas. Who would look on in dismay. “As you can tell. The elves aren’t cooperating right now. They seem to think that they can go around doing whatever they want to. I need to get them back on track bef-.” Abruptly, Father Georgemas would be interrupted by the elves. Who were now up to no good inside the cabin. Father Georgemas would rush in with the camera crew to hear the elves singing again. “Deck the halls with gasoline” “Fa la la la la. La la la la.” “Light a match and watch it gleam” “Smash a window” “Pop a tyre” “Fa la la. Fa la la. La la la” “Set the whole building on fire” “Fa la la la la la la la la” After listening to the horrific song sung by the elves. Father Georgemas ordered them all outside to the Sleigh. Where he would reprimand them all. “I thought we were in this together. I thought we were a team, dedicated to making this Christmas the best there has ever been. Perhaps I was wrong. Because what I just saw is the complete opposite of how a team functions. But, I will let you off. Just this once. Because, ITS CHRISTMASSSSSS” After screaming these final words, Father Georgemas would grab a pair of skis and begin skiing down the hill. He would be flanked by frosty and rudolph. Whilst the elves watched on from the top, cheering on the trio. As the three passed the cameraman, the video would fade to black.
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    Upcoming Battle

    Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight music playing The crowd cheer on James Knight as they await what he is about to say So I understand that I have a battle against Mr. Darius Shiba on December 11th. And, I understand that we have not exactly seen eye to eye since first encountering one another, but I do feel like we could do something special together. See we both have this brutal fighting style that is sure to entertain the fans like how no match has done before. But, Darius I feel like you don't know who you're stepping into the ring with. See you think your gonna destroy me in that ring come the 11th, and well I have news for you, you won't. I believe that in your mind I am all talk and no bite, well quite the opposite is true in that statement. When I enter the ring I am not looking to be your friend, I am looking to destroy you. I look to dismantle my opponents when we go face-to-face. So Mr. Shiba I want you to reconsider how you responded to what I said. When I said "Be careful who you go after Darius, because sometimes those who you attack will hit back even harder" That was not a threat, that was a warning. I was just trying to make sure you are prepared for the biggest ass whopping of your short lived career. So I'll see you in the ring on the 11th, Shiba. Oh and feel free to bring your own body-bag. Because trust me you are not walking out of that match the same. That is even if you walk out of our match. James Knight drops the mic and exits the ring under a sea of cheers from the crowd
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    The Global Wrestling Merger

    ROH- Episode 1- " Resurgence" We begin this episode of ROH: Resurgence with a man we call "Jay Lethal". He is already in the ring, pacing around the ring, back and forth. Before asking aggressively asking for a microphone, and in return recieves one. Jay Lethal- I love this place already man, It is so warming. Tonight I go one on one with Kota Ibushi, a man of significant talents. He has gone across the world to master his craft, or is it his time to come back to his comfort zone and be brought back down to reality? Tetsuya Naito vs Chris Jericho Our opening match is surely going to be a great one. These two men have met eachother twice before, once at Wrestlekingdom 13 and Dominion, but tonight is a new. As this weekly show era of NJPW begins, who will have the momentum going into next week? The bell rings and we are off, as we begin this match a lockup is ensued. As the lockup ensues, the strength advantage would go to Chris Jericho, as he pushes his opposition into the corner. As he holds Naito there for a few moments, before breaking him free. And following up with a huge lariat, can Naito stay in it after that? After a few moments, we continue on. As Chris Jericho looks to pick up his opposition maybe for the final time here tonight, Naito has other ideas as he takes down Chris Jericho with a leg sweep. Now executing a beautiful boston crab. After a few moments, Jericho gets to the ropes, but Naito is able to rebound with a springboard ddt. We now get to the final moments of this matchup, not knowing what to expect from either man they surewly pulled out all the stops. Naito now goes for a Destino, but Chris Jericho now reverses into a Codebreaker. Will that be it? 1..2...3.... A huge win for Jericho! Flip Gordon vs PJ Black Our next match is gonna be a fun one for sure. Two high flyers going at it for one goal. To be the best, momentum is always a key goal, and both of these men know that. And that is why this match will be very unpredictable, who has got this? This match begins, and we start off with the usual lockup. The strength advantage would go to Flip Gordon but not by much, as he would push PJ Black against the ropes. As he executes an irish whip, to the other side of the ring, and hits a huge lariat. After a few moments down, PJ Black would get up and send Flip Gordon down to the canvas this time. As he executes a perfect moonsault. A wonderful maneuver by PJ Black, what does he have in store for us next? It seems to be another moonsault, but this time he misses, noone is home right there. Flip Gordon now looks to take advantage of this miserror by PJ Black but is hit with a strike to the head. Now we get to another closing points of another match here tonight, as PJ Black goes to pick up his opponent for a body slam, but Flip Gordon reverses and hits a beautiful pele kick, followed up by a Four Nifty. Is that gonna be it? Ibushi Drive We return from commercial break, as we are met backstage with Kota Ibushi. He waits for a few moments before beginning to speak. Kota Ibushi- As announced ealier to tonight, I go one on one with Jay Lethal. This match is actually very important to me moving forward, as my drive is consistent, and for it to continue that way, I have to beat Jat Lethal in the Main Event tonight. Jay Lethal, you are next on my list just remember that. And I will see you out there tonight. Jay Lethal vs Kota Ibushi- IWGP Heavyweight Championship We now get set for our Main Event of the evening, and it is for none other but the most prestigious championship in this company, But who ahs more of that drive that Ibushi spoke about tonight? We find out in a few moments. What a match this will be, as we begin with a traditional lockup, as the strength advantage would go to Jay Lethal as he would push his opposition into the corner, striking him with a heavy blow right to the skull. As he goes for another one, Kota Ibushi would duck under and hit a stunning kick. Taking Lethal down to one knee, He now takes Lethal down all the way to the canvas with a shining wizard followed up by a springboard moonsault. As we continue on, Kota Ibushi continues the attack with another moonsault, but there is noone there, as Jay Lethal would have gotten out of the way just in time.Lethal would then take advantage of this, as he would hit the Lethal Combination. We now get to the closing points of this matchup, as Lethal picks up Ibushi looking for a superkick but he misses as Ibushi ducks under and hit another beautiful kick. But Lethal rebouns with a Lethal Injectio0n for the victory. After the match, Jay Lethal would begin to celebrate before a man with a switchblade in his pocket comes out. Striking him with a BladeRunner, as it is Jay White! Why does White want Lethal?
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    BPZ Nine-Nine

    BPZ NIne-Nine: Episode 1" Pilot" We open up this episode with introductions, in Brooklyn we love to have fun, especially when its in the bed. And this guy loves the bed, maybe even more than his mom. First up is Julius, a man that loves to have fun but also loves to take things to the next level. Julius- Why is this damn camera in my face? Well anyway, as youve heard I love to have fun. Ive dated over 99 girls, and none of them stuck with me. Fun fact im single, well isnt that sad? Damn well I should really work on that shouldnt I? Now get this damn camera out of my face, before I bring out my rage! By rage I mean sleeping on the couch. Next up is a perky women, someone who thinks she is the best at what she does. Oh she is also very corny, Sheridan. I wonder if she has slept with Julius-hmmm? She probably has, now Sheirdan would like to speak to us so I will stop speaking now. Sheridan- Yes ive slept with Julius, but that is none of your concern now is it? I try to keep things in order here while giving every man her their needs. It is a very difficult job but sometimes it is worth it, especially on those late nights. But I am surely a dnagerous women, and I have that killer instinct, or do i? Next up is Hans and Bic, two of the closest friends. Maybe too close tho? They are always very close, work together like a charm. But it seems Hans has been more important, and has led to the two friends falling apart. Can they keep their friendship alove, or will they fall apart? Hans- You know I am here with BIc and man he makes me happy. But he tries to make my work seem like nothing, like he is better than me. And he never stays away from me, like I need my space! Bic- Maybe if you would give me the attention I needed, we wouldnt be in this situation. Just notice I am there Hans. We are best friends for a reason, god you act like your job is something important. Now its time for a man that I really didnt want to work here but I was drunk when I hired him, so its fine. He works ok, so everything has worked out. I really dont want him to speak, but I really do not have a choice, so here goes nothing. Toxic- Thank you so much for the subtle introduction. I am the hardest worker here, and I think it shows. I am the most liked person here, and noone can live without me. That is all I have to say, peace dawgs! And finally our Commisoner, Bailey. All I am gonna say is he is not very nice, he doesnt get along with others. And you will see that for sure. Well lets let him speak I guess, please dont yell man. Bailey- Ok shut up and listen, This is my team, my home, and my office. So my rules apply, and my only rules are to shut up and listen to me. -- More introductions will be made soon, let me know what you thought of this--
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    Arrow and Hans tie up and Hans sends Arrow to the ropes and Hans hits him with a dropkick but it didn’t send Arrow out of the ring as Arrow is just smiling now Hans is confused as hell right now why is Arrow laughing. Arrow and Hans hit each other with a clothesline, Arrow makes the hot tag to Steph and Hans makes the hot tag to Bic Steph comes flying off the middle rope but Bic would counter into a superkick Steph might be out 1 kickout by Steph as Arrow and Hans make there way back up to the ring apron Bic is about to end it but wait Steph hits Bic with a dropkick Bic is smiling but as soon as Bic and Steph run back at each other they would both hit each other with a clothesline and Steph and Bic would make a hot tag and Steph would make the hot tag to Arrow and Bic would make the hot tag to Hans as Hans didn’t see Arrow come out of nowhere with a dropkick but Hans would deliver a superkick of his own to Arrow ultimately sending it down Hans is going to the top rope Bic makes the tag, Hans jumps but Arrow hits Hans with the AKO Steph is still down but Hans isn’t legal as Bic would hit the 1916 into the Cutda Grace 1 2 3 here are you winners FCE but wait why is there a ladder in the ring? Steph put it in the ring but Arrow thinks he’s just going to throw it back out, but wait Steph just betrayed Arrow by hitting a dirty deeds onto the ladder WHAT THE HELL DID STEPH JUST DO? Steph leaves the ring Arrow is slowly getting back up to his feet and Arrow is feeling betrayed.
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    War Between Worlds

    Season 5 | Episode 5 | "Old Friends Reunite" Rey Mysterio Wishes Dragon Azteca Jr Good Luck As episode five of season five begins, we join Dragon Azteca Jr, a veteran of the temple, backstage as he unpacks his bags, getting ready for his match later tonight in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament. From behind, the legendary Rey Mysterio approaches, a close friend of Dragon Azteca as we've seen in previous season of Lucha Underground with them even winning the trios championships together alongside Prince Puma. Rey Mysterio: "Long time, no see, amigo." Dragon Azteca Jr: "Mysterio! It's great to see you. Congrats on winning your tournament match last week." Rey Mysterio: "Thank you, thank you but how are you feeling about yours tonight?" Dragon Azteca Jr: "Good, I think. I know I'm good enough to win but Aries, he's one of the best in the world, he's held championships everywhere he's gone, I know he's going to be a really difficult challenge to overcome and it's only the first round." Rey Mysterio: "Come on amigo, this is the temple, this is Lucha Underground. I've witnessed you both inside those ropes and I know you can beat him, you just need to make sure your head is in the right place." Dragon Azteca Jr: "Thanks, that means a lot." Rey Mysterio: "No worries. I'll leave you to prepare for your match, good luck." After Azteca Jr nods back at Mysterio, Rey pats him on the shoulder and then leaves as Azteca Jr watches him go, a sparkle of inspiration in his eyes as arguably the greatest luchador in history just gave him his blessing. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) King Cuerno vs Rey Fénix In the first match of the night, two luchadores who have been apart of Lucha Underground since it's creation, King Cuerno and Rey Fénix, clash in tournament to crown the new champion. In a very competitive match-up, two men with very similar wrestling styles continuously try to one-up each other but in the end, it's the first-ever Lucha Underground triple crown champion, Rey Fénix, who is able to pick up the victory and advance to the second round. Winner: Rey Fénix MVP Ensures His Client Is Ready For Tonight Next, we join MVP inside the back of a luxurious limousine in a tailored suit and designer shades. After adjusting his shades as his glamorous watch would glisten, MVP begins to speak but we aren't shown who it is. MVP: "So three weeks ago, we made an impact, we made sure that eyes or on the 'UNTAMABLE' brand but tonight, it's about more than that. Now, you have the opportunity to become the brand new Lucha Underground Champion and lead these masked scrubs into the new era. Are you ready?" After MVP lays out the question, the camera cuts to the other side of limousine where MVP's client, Matt Riddle, is sat. Matt Riddle: "Of course, bro. These flippy weirdos are light work, I'll tie on arm behind my back, carry the championship in my other and still beat their little luchador asses." MVP: "Okay, great, and remember, when we're in front of those cameras, it's all smiles, pleasantries and compliments. I don't need bad press surrounding the brand so early in it's existence. Right now, you're the hero, the fun-loving bro that they all cheer for." As a grin creeps onto the face of Riddle, he nods back at MVP as the two laugh together with their plan for tonight seemingly set out. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Austin Aries vs Dragon Azteca Jr In the second match of the episode, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring for the second time inside the temple and so does Dragon Azteca Jr who looks especially fired up after his talk with Mysterio earlier tonight. At the beginning of this match, we see Aries taking Azteca Jr lightly as he expects this match to be a walk in the park but as the match goes on, Aries realises the abilities of Azteca Jr and starts having to go all out. Nonetheless, in the end, Aries is able to put Azteca Jr to bed but Azteca Jr definitely proved something Austin and the believers here tonight. Winner: Austin Aries Prince Puma Is Defended By An Old Friend Backstage in the temple, Prince Puma is training with a punching bag as he prepares for his tournament match next week. However, his opponent, Angel Garza, and his accomplices, Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza, approach Puma and interrupt his training. Angel Garza: "It's a waste of time you know!" After laying one last extra hard punch into the bag, Puma turns around, clearly annoyed that these three have interrupted him. Prince Puma: "What do you want?" Raul Mendoza: "No need to be so aggressive amigo. Angel here was just advising you that you're wasting your time training for your match next week." Angel Garza: "See, you're just not blessed with the same heritage as myself. Naturally, I'm better than you but there's no need to sulk, it's not your fault." Prince Puma: "Yeah, okay, cool. How about the three of you just leave?" As Puma stands up for himself, the other three don't seem to take too kindly to Puma's response as they now slowly walk towards him even further with mean looks on their faces. Angel Garza: "You know, that was extremely rude amigo. Perhaps, we need to teach you lesson in manners." However, before anything kicks off, a man that met Puma many times in the past season of Lucha Underground comes to his rescue. Rey Fénix: "Is there a problem here?" With the arrival of Rey Fénix, the three men decide that it's no longer worth inciting a brawl so they back away and leave. Afterwards, Fénix and Puma share a fist bump and then start chatting, catching up with each other. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Matt Riddle vs Sin Cara In the final match of the night, the sixth first round tournament match-up takes place as The UNTAMABLE Brand's Matt Riddle takes on one of the biggest luchadores in the world, Sin Cara. Within the match, these two very different fighters push each other to the limits as they are potentially two of the biggest stars to step foot in the temple and are both looking to lead Lucha Underground in this new era. Nevertheless, the hard-hitting strikes and elite athleticism of Riddle gets him the victory over the traditional lucha-libre style of Sin Cara as 'The Original Bro' advances to the second round of the tournament. Winner: Matt Riddle Bobby Gunns Makes A Proposition After the final match inside the temple, we are taken outside to the back alley that runs behind the home of Lucha Underground. Out of the backdoor, Jordan Devlin walks with a note in his hand as he seems to be following some instructions. As he walks down the alley, leaning against the corner of a building is Bobby Gunns with a cigarette in his mouth. Bobby Gunns: "Hey, Jordan." Jordan Devlin: "For fucks sake fella, I thought this was actually going to be something good." Bobby Gunns: "Not the pot of gold you were hoping for?" Jordan Devlin: "Very funny. So what do you want?" Bobby Gunns: "Well, I saw your tournament match last week and it didn't seem to go so well." Jordan Devlin: "Really? You brought me out here just to rub my loss in my face again?" Bobby Gunns: "Not just that. See, I understand the troubles you're going through in migrating to the style inside the temple. I too am yet to get a victory and hell, I wasn't even entered into the tournament so what I purpose is an alliance so that we both have someone to have our backs. How does that sound, fella?" After the proposition is set by Gunns, he takes another puff of his cigarette whilst Devlin looks at him, contemplating the offer made by Bobby. Before Devlin is able to give an answer, the show comes to an end as his response remains unknown.
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    Aaron North

    War Between Worlds

    Stardom Kagetsu backstage promo Tonight kicks off with Kagetsu who is standing backstage and looking very seriously into the camera. Kagetsu: Tonight is a big night for Stardom as tonight a member of Oedo-Tai is returning to Stardom and her name is Heidi Lovelace. The camera turns right and Heidi Lovelace looks like she's about to cry and laugh. She walks over to Kagetsu and hugs her. Heidi Lovelace: Kagetsu, it's lovely to be back. It's time for a new era in Stardom and it's time for Oedo-Tai to rise once more and for me to Lovelace anyone who shall oppose us. I will be taking the first step up the ladder when i face Azumi tonight. Kagetsu: Heidi, it's great to see you again. You are very right when you say that it's time for a new era in Stardom because this era is gonna be one that has a special seat reserved for Oedo-Tai and all our championships. The promo ends as Kagetsu leaves to join the rest of Oedo-Tai. Heidi Lovelace vs. Azumi Tonight will kick off with a match between the recently returned Heidi Lovelace and Azumi. Heidi Lovelace has finally returned to Japanese soil and is now looking to prove that her excursion to the west was something that really improved her. She is facing Azumi tonight and Azumi may look small and young but she is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in the Stardom ring. In this match it's a clash of styles as Heidi Lovelace is known for her quick and hard hitting style. Where as Azumi is known for being a quick technical and high flying wrestler. We could potentially see a great match between these two and so we did. However the win ended up going to Heidi Lovelace who after a hard fight against Azumi finished her off with the Heidi-Ho. After the match is over Heidi Lovelace kicks Azumi on the head and shouts at her telling her that she'll never be anything in pro wrestling and she should just give up. Kyona and Kimura backstage promo We move back to backstage where we see Jungle Kyona and Hana Kimura. They both look amped up for Kyona's match tonight. Hana Kimura: Kyona? You hear that you have a mystery opponent tonight? Jungle Kyona: A mystery opponent? I thought that was just a rumor, i guess i should have known since my opponent was never announced. Well it doesn't matter who it is i will still win and make you proud Hana. Hana Kimura: That's the spirit, now go out there Kyona but be ready for anything. Kyona leaves and Hana Kimura gives her a smile. Jungle Kyona vs. Kairi Hojo Next up we have a match that Jungle Kyona and Hana Kimura were just talking about and it's between Kyona and a mystery opponent. Kyona is looking to show this newcomer what it's like to wrestle in Stardom. Kyona gets into the ring and as she waits for her opponent the music of Kairi Hojo starts playing and she quickly makes her way to the ring. Kyona looks like she's seen a ghost but it really is just Kairi Hojo that she is seeing. Kairi offers her a handshake and Kyona looks at her hand suspiciously before shaking it. It's been a long time since these two have faced off in the ring. Last time they did Kairi Hojo came out victorious. This time though Jungle Kyona is no longer just a mere rookie, now she is a joshi wrestler with 4 years of in-ring experience behind her and she seems readier than ever to fight Kairi Hojo. They had a great hard hitting match against each other but eventually Kairi Hojo was able to overcome Jungle Kyona's offense and beat her with the Ikari, making her tap out and taking the victory. Nattie Neidhart vs. Bobbi Tyler Jungle Kyona is leaving the ringside area when the music of an unknown wrestler plays. It's Nattie Neidhart, she walks right past Jungle Kyona who stares at Nattie as she goes past. Nattie gets into the ring and ignores the cheers coming from the crowd, Nattie waits in the ring for her opponent's arrival. Her opponent is Bobbi Tyler, a young and upcoming women's wrestler from the United Kingdom. Bobbi Tyler joined Tokyo Cyber Squad earlier this year and has since been a regular on Stardom. It's Nattie's time to prove she belongs in Stardom, if she is able to prove herself in this match the factions of Stardom will surely be looking at her with an eagle's eye. Both these women are technically gifted and both have a chance to prove themselves. This match ended up being a really good match as we saw something we've never seen before in Nattie Neidhart and Bobbi Tyler. The win ended up going to Nattie Neidhart when she overwhelmed Bobbi Tyler with technical offense and made Bobbi Tyler submit with the Sharpshooter. Nakano, Starlight Kid and Xia Brookside promo Stardom continues as we see Starlight Kid and Xia Brookside of STARS backstage, they're talking about the upcoming match between Xia Brookside and Starlight Kid versus Natsu Sumire and Andras Miyagi. Starlight Kid: We are gonna win, because we didn't come here to lose. We came here to prove people wrong and to prove other people right. Xia Brookside: If we don't win tonight, we will win another time, and if that other time comes this team will regret beating us. Right as Xia Brookside finishes talking Nattie Neidhart walks by and accidentally bumps into Tam Nakano, they take long look at each other before Nattie moves on without saying a word. Xia Brookside & Starlight Kid vs. Natsu Sumire & Andras Miyagi This match is important for both teams as both teams have a returning member in them. Xia and Starlight Kid are looking very confident here tonight because they know that they have the advantage in terms of speed and technical ability. They're accompanied by their stable mate Tam Nakano who is there to cheer them on. Natsu and Miyagi come out next accompanied by Kagetsu. Oedo-Tai looks ready to crush Brookside and Starlight Kid and their leader Kagetsu is there to cheer them on with her intimidating presence. Both teams look ready as the ref rings the bell. Xia Brookside and Natsu Sumire start this match which is interesting because they're the returning members of these two stables and we've yet to see much from them after their return. This match would end up being an good match between both teams, Natsu Sumire really proved that she had improved and Starlight Kid & Xia really stopped the match from becoming a slow paced brawl. The win ended up going to Natsu Sumire and Andras Miyagi because the ref was distracted and Kagetsu hit Xia with the Ebisu Drop for Andras Miyagi to get the pin Kiera Hogan breaks up a brawl between STARS and Oedo-Tai Kagetsu is kicking Xia Brookside who is still down. She pushes Xia out of the ring and Tam Nakano gets into the ring, a big brawl breaks out between Oedo-Tai and STARS. The music of an unknown wrestler plays and the tron says: "Kiera Hogan". Kiera Hogan rushes out to the ring with a chair in hand, she quickly chases away everyone except for Starlight Kid who is down inside the ring, she gets up and Hogan asks if she's alright. She answers and Hogan throws her to the upper right corner of the ring, Hogan runs and hits Starlight Kid with the Kiera Boot. Oedo-Tai get into the ring and Kagetsu raises Hogan's hand in the air. Xia Brookside and Tam Nakano drag Starlight Kid out of the ring and drag her backstage. Oedo-Tai celebrate and leave as our last match of the night is about to begin. Rhea Ripley vs. Mayu Iwatani This is the match that everyone has been waiting for this entire night. Rhea Ripley will take on Mayu Iwatani to crown a new World of Stardom champion. These two women are the most talented that Stardom has to offer with Mayu Iwatani being a veteran of the company and Rhea Ripley becoming a big star all over the US. Rhea Ripley comes out first looking very intimidating and confident about his match with Mayu Iwatani. Ripley promised to brutalize Mayu but we'll see if that happens or not. Iwatani comes out next, she's also looking confident and is not underestimating the size and power of Rhea Ripley. Before the match begins they take a photo with the belt and Rossy Ogawa the owner of Stardom. Ogawa leaves and the ref rings the bell. Finally the match of the night begins. Mayu doesn't look intimidated by Rhea Ripley and Ripley doesn't look intimidated by Mayu either. We're expecting an amazing match from these two as they're both great technical wrestlers and have a lot of experience in the ring. Ripley has never competed in Stardom in the past and she's about to wrestle one of the best in Stardom history. This match ended up being amazing, both women did everything they could to get the win and the match ended up being a hard hitting, fast-paced, technical masterclass. The win ended up going to Mayu Iwatani after she hit Rhea Ripley with a Bridging Dragon Suplex and pinned her to take the win and the World of Stardom Championship. Mayu Iwatani post-match promo Mayu Iwatani has once again won the World of Stardom Championship and she did it against Rhea Ripley. Tam Nakano, Xia Brookside and Starlight Kid who is still a little hurt come to the ring and celebrate with Mayu Iwatani. Mayu goes to grab a mic to cut a short promo. Mayu Iwatani: Never underestimate your opponent Rhea Ripley, never underestimate anyone in Stardom and remember that i'm the World of Stardom champion and also... WELCOME TO STARDOM! Mayu drops the mic and STARS leave to continue the celebration backstage. Stardom ends as the screen fades to black.
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    As Arrow comes through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and tape around his ribs after that attack from Steph after they lost to FCE. Riddler you want war? Well guess what you just asked for war and not only war but global warming as well because I’m challenging you for winter warfar which we all know it’s presented by global warming but Riddler you attacked me when I was weak why was that? Because you can’t attack me when I’m looking at you Riddler you think that you can just betray me when you weren’t even up to your feet and then you put a ladder in the ring and dirty deeds me for what the fame? I’ll tell you why because you can’t do it when I’m looking hell I spent more time in the ring than you all you did was do a springboard dropkick but then got superkicked and then you moved out of the way for Bics finisher and then hit a double clothesline and then tag me in because you couldn’t get to your feet and help me out could you but now I’m challenging you for WW in an EXTREME RULES MATCH you think you can avoid me but you can’t now because you done messed up when you attacked me you thought you could go back to your little villain cave? Well guess what your wrong and I’m not leaving this ring till you come out.
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    Jordynne Grace vs. Jessica Havok We kick tonight off with a match between two of the most vicious knockouts on the roster. It's Jordynne Grace vs. Jessicka Havoc to decide who gets a shot at Taya Valkyrie and her Impact Knockouts Championship. The match was great and both women showed some great strength and wrestling ability. The win ended up going to Jordynne Grace who hit Jessicka Havoc with a Fall From Grace and won via pinfall. Suzie distracts Jordynne while Jessicka Havok attacks her. The match is over and Jordynne Grace is celebrating when suddenly the music of Suzie plays. Suzie hops down the ramp and distracts Jordynne Grace and meanwhile Jessicka Havoc grabs Jordynne and hits her with a devastating piledriver. Suzie starts laughing and raises the hand of Jessicka Havoc in the air. Jordynne lays on the ground as Impact Wrestling heads to a commercial break. The Deaners vs. RENO Scum Our next match is between two of the most hardest teams on Impact. It's The Deaners vs. Reno Scum. The Deaners come out first to a big pop and they're looking as ready as ever. RENO Scum comes out next booed by the audience, they're accompanied by their partner in crime Ace Austin who taunts the crowd that starts booing them even more louder. This match was a decent match and it had a lot of action and brawling in it. The win ended up going to The Deaners after Cody Deaner hit Adam Thornstowe with the Unemployment and beat him via pinfall. Rob Van Dam pre-match promo with Katie Forbes. Our next match is between RVD and Rhino and RVD comes out a little early than he is supposed to with his wife Katie Forbes. They get showered with boos and Katie gets him a mic as he stands in the ring waiting for the crowd to quiet down. The crowd quiets down and RVD starts talking. RVD: Over the past couple of weeks people have said that i've changed. I'm not saying that you're wrong because you're not, i've changed my life for the better, because i'm tired of living like an ordinary dude and i want to enjoy life. I've gotten a new house, new clothes and a whole new attitude and i feel like it's time to put the word hardcore behind me but i can't do that yet can i? Because Tommy Dreamer just keeps coming back and reminding me of the things i've done in the past and now it feels like i need to take care of those things before i can move on. Which leads me to tonight's match between me and Rhino, now... RVD doesn't get to say anything else because the music of Rhino starts playing. Rhino walks out and Katie Forbes exits the ring and takes the microphone with her. Rhino doesn't have any time for words and the ref rings the bell. Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino This match was a great one as both men showed that they still got it in the ring. RVD proved his wrestling ability with kicks, flips and other flexible moves that he has used in the past. Rhino showed some great powerhouse moves mixed with some great brawling. The match ended when Rhino was about to hit RVD with the Gore but Katie Forbes grabbed his leg distracting him and the ref and letting RVD hit Rhino with a lowblow. RVD would then roll up Rhino for the win. RVD destroys Rhino with a chair The match is over but RVD isn't done yet. Katie Forbes hands him a chair which he bashes over Rhino's head and takes him down. RVD continues hitting Rhino with the chair before dragging Rhino to the corner and placing the chair in position for a Coast to Coast. RVD climbs up the opposite turnbuckle and jumps, hitting Rhino with a Coast to Coast. RVD hopes to have sent a statement as he and Katie Forbes leave and Impact Wrestling heads to a commercial break. Rich Swann & Tessa Blanchard vs. Madman Fulton & Sami Callihan Our next match is between four of the hottest wrestlers in Impact Wrestling today. It's Rich Swann and Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan and Madman Fulton. Tessa and Swann come out first and they both get a huge pop, Rich wants to hold the ropes down for Tessa when she gets into the ring but Tessa goes around and enters the ring by herself and Rich Swann just laughs it off. Callihan and Fulton come out next and they get big boos from the crowd, Madman Fulton is looking mean and confident just like the world champion himself Sami Callihan. They get into the ring and the bell sounds for the match to start. This was an amazing match with a lot of great wrestling and high flying from Tessa, Callihan and Rich Swann, and also some big and good looking power moves from Madman Fulton. The win ended up going to Callihan and Fulton after a Spinning Gutwrench Suplex from Madman Fulton to Rich Swann and a Rings of Saturn submission for Rich Swann to tap out.
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    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 6 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Evolution and Maasa First match of night six sees the team of George and Kieron Black of High Octane go up against Evolution and Maasa. The match is very fast paced as both teams use their advantages with High Octane being more fluid with maneuvers while Evolution and Maasa use their speed and agility to try and get the upper hand over High Octane. Despite the strong showing from E&M, High Octane get the victory as it was a very entertaining tag match. 12:56 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs Godsent Next up, Brad and Aaron take on Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent! The matchup was a solid affair with Brett Storm and Aaron North having a nice exchange during the match. The match would end with Brett Storm and Jay Seller hitting a double frog splash to get the win as the rising duo moves on. 11:12 Tag Team Match The Flock vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Up next, The Flock of Marker and Buddy Ace go up against Jack Bishop and Maddrix. The match was a one sided affair, was just to show how good the Flock is. Buddy Ace would hit the Deadeye to Maddrix for the easy One, Two, Three. 3:06 Tag Team Match Killer Machines vs Josh & Bulldozer The next match see’s Bubba and Beastly of the Killer Machines go up against Josh and Bulldozer, with the odds seamingly in Killer Machine’s favor. The Machines destroy Bulldozer in the match and despite Josh getting some offense, the numbers game was too much as the Machines defeat Bulldozer and Josh in what was a decent tag match. 6:45 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Bob Sparks & Sandman Our main event of Night six comes to a close, with the First Class Express of Hans Clayton and Xaiver King go up against Bob Sparks and Sandman. These two teams give it their absolute best in this match with tons of exciting and innovative maneuvers from both teams which included a springboard Hurricanrana to Bob from Hans. The crowd exploded for that. At the end, Bob would roll up King for the surprise win to end night six. 19:45 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 7 Tag Team Match Josh and Bulldozer vs Evolution & Maasa First match of the evening sees the team of Josh and Bulldozer take on Evolution and Maasa. Match was alright for what it was with solid performances from Josh and Maasa. The match would end with Evolution pinning Bulldozer for the win. 7:03 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs The Flock Next matchup sees Brad and Aaron North go up against The Flock. This match was very well executed as all 4 men performed at a solid rate. The match would end with Marker pinning Aaron North for the victory as The Flock are now 6-1 in the Deadly Duos Tag league. 9:36 Killer Machines vs Bishop & Maddrix The next match would see the Killer Machines go up against Bishop and Maddrix in what was yet again another decisive encounter. The Machines would destroy Bishop and Maddrix, as the two young lions look out of it as Bubba would pin Bishop for the easy and dominating win. 1:46 First Class Express vs Godsent The next match should be a great one, as the First Class Express go up against team of Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent. The match would be high energy, fast paced action from all the competitors in the match. Every move would thrill the crowd and at the very end, Hans would hit the Shooting Hans Press to Jay Sellers to win the match for FCE. 15:24 High Octane vs Bob & Sandman In our main event, High Octane go up against Bob & Sandman in what should be an entertaining contest as both teams have defeated the First Class Express. The match would be very exciting and solid as both teams go all out with moves and counters as the crowd were on their feet. Towards the very end, it was move after move until finally Bob would hit a super powerbomb from the top rope to win the match for his team. That’s it for night seven. 18:19 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 14 Buddy Ace and Marker 12 Hans and Xaiver King 10 Kieron Black and George 10 Bob Sparks and Sandman 8 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 6 Brad and Aaron North 4 Evolution and Maasa 4 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Bracketology: Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational Yes it is I once again Mike Hunt here for a breakdown of the annual Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational. Last year's extravaganza was a lot of fun with many makeshift teams coming together while former partners found themselves aligned once again. Of course the spoils went to BrendenPlayz and Sameer who would end up defeating The Flock and become BPZ Tag-Team Champions. We are now just a couple of days away from the first round and without further ado lets take a look at what the bracket is shaping up to be First Class Express (1) vs The Thunderman's (8) Well we kick things off with what I like to call the BulletProof side of the bracket as the faction's First Class Express Tandem takes on the underdog fan favourite duo of Arrow and "The Riddler" Steph. Well going by the events of past couple of weeks it's safe to assume that Isaiah Carter and Hans are in a pretty foul mood and will look to take out their frustrations on Arrow and Steph. You look at the Vegas odds and if you're putting your money on the underdogs then you must be a clinical idiot. Not only are Hans and Carter in the top 10 singles competitors in the company but they are also even better when they are a team making them the outstanding favourites heading into this one. The Thunderman's are hero's though, or claim to be so we'll see if their superpowers gain them a miraculous victory Mike's Pick: First Class Express The Notorious Killers (4) vs The Firing Squad (5) Next we take a look at the second team representing the wonderful faction of BulletProof and these two might even be more dangerous than the one's we mentioned earlier. Making a profound impact in their debut as a tandem, Alex Costa and Mikey are cold-blooded killers and under the specific guidance of Flynn these two are set for greatness, however they lineup against a very dangerous foe. The Firing Squad may be trained in vicious combat but FDS and D.N.A are also educated in the art of war and have that tag-team experience as apart of the United Nations where Mikey and Alex do not. It's unknown whether Flynn will be at ringside for the contest but we will assume he will and he won't want to see his pet projects suffer defeat in their first rodeo. This should be a brutal affair and one definitely worth watching Mike's Pick: The Firing Squad Invictus (3) vs The Cure (6) Now out of all the first round contests I believe that this will be the one with the most eyes on it and it's not necessarily because of the matchup between these two teams. KENJI and Arius were brilliant rivals and now come together to form (on paper) a pretty terrifying team. As Singles stars these two are very very dominant but their work as a team remains to be seen. On the other hand we have Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn, two thirds of Gunner's new pet project The Cure. Once again Gunner and Jason are accomplished Singles Stars but their work as a team has yet to be measured. It's exciting for me as a fan of pro-wrestling to see Arius and KENJI team together and I think they will be too much for Gunner and Jason to handle Mike's Pick: Invictus Bailey and Slim (2) vs Kieron Black and Joshua Scott (7) And now we look at the final match-up of the first round as the unlikely duo of Bailey and Slim team up to face Kieron Black and Joshua Scott. This match is truly bizarre and I still cannot wrap my head around what is actually going to go down. On one side we have Bailey and Slim where after the events of Survivor Series should be in no condition to compete whatsoever and with the other two, Kieron has been vacant and well Joshua Scott is Joshua Scott. I have no clue how this one is going to go down but if I know Bailey and Slim, these are two guys who are very prideful and will not want to lose to Josh and Kieron in the first round Mike's Pick: Bailey and Slim
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 4 Tag Team Match Godsent vs Evolution & Maasa In our first tournament match of the night, Godsent goes up against Evolution and Maasa, the match is pretty decent as the high intensity between both teams is shown in the match. It seemed like Godsent were gonna get the victory but a sneaky roll up from Maasa gets the win for Evolution and Maasa. 11:56 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our next match up depicts Bob & Sandman go two on two with the young lion team of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. Maddrix and Bishop got little to no offense, as Bob and Sandman gave these two lions a beating they will remember. The match ends with Bob Sparks hitting a devastating super power bomb off the top rope to Bishop for the win. 4:21 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Kieron and George go head to head against Joshua Scott and Bulldozer in our next contest. The match itself was solid, with Josh carrying Bulldozer through out the match. The match ends with George and Kieron Black getting the decisive victory as Kieron Black pins Bulldozer for the win. 8:22 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Brad & Aaron North This should be a big match folks as Hans & Xaiver King go up against Brad & Aaron North. The match was generally exciting with lots of great offensive from both teams. All 4 guys work well together and shows in this Deadly Duos Tournament Match up. The match ends with Hans and King hitting the Buzzer Beater to Aaron North for the win. 13:29 Tag Team Match Flock vs Killer Machines In our last tournament match of the night, we’ll see two of the top teams in the tournament clash as Buddy Ace & Marker of the Flock go at it against The Killer Machines. The match was a fantastic bout, with both teams getting plenty of time to show what they can do. These two teams tore the house down with tons of power moves from the Killer Machines, and innovative offense from The Flock. This great match ends with Killer Machine getting the huge victory as Beastly pins Marker for the huge win. The rest of Villain’s Kingdom come out to congratulate Bubba & Beastly as they all walk to the back. 18:57 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 5 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Evolution & Maasa The first tournament match of Night 5 sees the popular team of the First Class Express go up against Evolution & Massa. It was a surprising affair as Evolution and Massa held their own against the First Class Express. The match ends with Hans hitting the Hans Clash to Maasa for the victory as FCE now have 8 points in the Deadly Duos Tag League 8:45 Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Vs The Flock Nextup, The Flock go up against Joshua Scott and Bulldozer, however the match ends up being a short one as Buddy Ace and Marker come in at Scott and Bulldozer with full force. Marker would pin Bulldozer for the quick victory. 2:19 Tag Team Match Godsent vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Nextup, The team of Brett Storm and Jay Sellers go up against Jack Bishop and Maddrix. The match was pretty basic, with Jack and Maddrix trying their hardest to fight against the fast pace offense of Godsent. Nonetheless, Brett Storm hits the 5 star moonsault to Maddrix for the win for his team. 7:22 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Brad & Aaron North George & Kieron of High Octane are in action as they take on Brad and Aaron North. This was solid contest between both teams, lots of great chain wrestling , especially between Aaron North and George. The match saw many great counters and maneuvers and it ends with Kieron getting a victory roll over Brad as High Octane win the match. 14:07 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Killer Machines In the last tournament match of night 5 see’s Bob & Sandman go up against the The Killer Machines in what will sure to be hoss fight for the ages. Both team beat the crap out of each other as the crowd are delighted of what they are seeing. The ending of the match saw Bob go for a Powerbomb but Beastly gets out of it and pokes the eye of Bob. He then tags Bubba as they hit their finisher for the sneaky pinfall. 17:45 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 10 Buddy Ace and Marker 8 Hans and Xaiver King 8 Kieron Black and George 8 Brad and Aaron North 4 Bob Sparks and Sandman 4 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 4 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Evolution and Maasa 2 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    Eric Shun

    What Is Your Highlight Of BPZ 2019?

    With the year ending. It seems like a good time to look back at the past year and look over all of our accomplishments. So tell me, what is your highlight of BPZ in 2019? Personally, it would be having matches against people on the higher end of the card and putting up a good fight (Julius, Brenden, Sameer & Arius).
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    Raw: April 3rd, 2017 PREVIEW "King vs Bastard" - Jon Moxley and Neville go face-to-face ahead of their Payback collision for the World Championship - Fallout from WrestleMania 33 - Who will make the switch from SmackDown to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup? - Becky Balboa, champion Confirmed matches: - Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins - Raw Women's Championship Open Challenge - 2 new Raw superstars face off in a Showcase Match
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    1) Who wins? Maryse (Not the title tho) 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes as she DQ's Maryse 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Prob Natalya because she's Canadian
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    @Steph asked me to post this for him since he is unable too. I guess the screenshots go hand in hand.
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    WWF vs. WCW | Clash of the Titans

    Predictions for WWF No Way Out 1998 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match Iron Man match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) Kane vs Cactus Jack - Last Man Standing match Steve Austin vs Triple H - WWF European Championship match Steve Blackman (c) vs Jeff Jarrett The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, and The Rock) vs Ken Shamrock, & The Legion of Doom - WWF Tag Team Championships match Headbangers vs New Age Outlaws (c) Vader vs Dan Severn - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brian Christopher (c) vs Flash Funk Bonus Questions One of these matches will get a rating of 87, which match will that be? Which 2 superstars will get the highest in-ring performances? What will the score be for the Iron Man match? (ie; 4-5)
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    1) Who wins? Natalya 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes, she attacks Maryse causing a disqualification 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya, she's a Hart and when they're in Canada she always gets a good reception. Those people love anything to with Harts
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Summerslam Predictions: 1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda 2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS 3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton 4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden 6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius 7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko 8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Sameer Bob Arius Ryan United Nations Hans Clayton Kenji Flynn
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    Part 2: Kharma's a Bitch Maryse’s return at Wrestlemania 28 sent shockwaves through the WWE as fans have been buzzing not only about Maryse but the entire women's division. It seems as if the women's division is finally getting some attention by not only the fans but the WWE as well. Maryse’s return sparked somewhat of a boost of interest in the WWE Women’s Division as her return went down as one of the top moments of the night at Wrestlemania 28. With that seemingly the WWE have received a bit of a push from the fans to give the women some more attention as of late. We will have to see how the WWE responds to these wishes but as of right now it is looking pretty good that the WWE will start to focus a bit more on their women in the near future. On the Raw following Mania we would see Kharma come down to the ring furious as she cut a promo on Maryse stating things such as that she will end Maryse’s career for sure this time and that Maryse would have wished that she just stayed at home and didn’t come back to the WWE. Maryse would end up answering Kharmas call telling her that she is going to be a WWE Women's Superstar through in through. Maryse made a point here not calling herself a diva but instead a superstar. This struck a chord with the audience as we would begin to see many fans talk about possibly a name change coming in the future. Maryse would also call out Kharma telling her that she was running down this women's division with her brutal attacks and antics. The two would end up feuding for quite some time as week after week Maryse would have to either avoid or survive through brutal attacks at the hands of Kharma. Kharma would even powerbomb Maryse off the stage one week but with the new found resilience in Maryse she would return and cost Kharma a number #1 contender's match against Natalya. During this time we would also see Natalya turn on her best friend Beth Phoenix as she seemingly was sick and tired of being second fiddle to Beth’s historic reign as Divas Champion. Natalya would receive huge support from the fans as she would become one of the top female babyfaces in the company along with Maryse. Eventually we would see a match between the two at Extreme Rules. In this match Natalya would win the title putting an end to the 210 day reign by Beth becoming one of a few women to hold the Championship on two separate occasions. Meanwhile Maryse and Kharma would be going back and forth every week but were never given a PPV match as WWE seemingly did not feel ready to have more than one womens matchup on a PPV at a time. So because of this Maryse’s and Kharma’s feud would be drawn out for longer with the women not really getting that big match between each other. Vince would eventually get some backlash for this leading up to him even mentioning it in a promo in which he made the match between the two at the next PPV. Eventually though we would see them finally get their match as the Divas Champion Natalya was given the No Way Out PPV off which allowed for a number one contenders match for the Divas Championship. In which Maryse would end up defeating Kharma thanks to a quick roll up which sent the fans wild as Maryse was an extreme underdog vs Kharma leading into the match. After the match though Kharma would attack Maryse laying her out the same way she injured her the first time. Maryse would end up being out for a month missing the Money in the Bank PPV. Maryse though would return the following night on RAW and use her #1 Contendership match win as she would challenge the Divas Champion Natalya to a match in Canada setting up for the battle of Canada at Summerslam. Predictions: 1) Who wins? 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match?
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Josh, I really enjoy this diary. From the format to the writing. Loved the introduction of BulletProof, it was very done man. Can’t wait to see more, don’t let this end like the other one.
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    WWF vs. WCW | Clash of the Titans

    𝑊𝑊𝐹 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart After what was an emotional battle between two foes, Owen Hart could not beat Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble. Despite the loss, Owen still believed he himself could defeat the Heartbreak Kid if he was given one more chance. On the first episode of RAW after the Royal Rumble, Owen Hart came out and talked about how he was this close to becoming the WWF Champion. Owen Hart tells the audience and the rest of the world that he wanted one more chance! One more shot in becoming the Champion to not only redeem what HBK has done to his family but to finally realize a dream. HBK would laugh at Hart’s challenge as he already defeated and that he doesn’t deserve a damn thing. HBK would keep mocking the Hart name and says that are the biggest losers in the history of wrestling and he proved that, at the Rumble. However, Stg. Slaughter would come out and says he has heard Owen and the WWF Fan’s wishings and whether HBK wanted to do it or not, he will be facing Owen Hart again at No Way Out. HBK would be mortified over the news but it would get worse for the Heartbreak Kid as Slaughter said it will in fact be a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the richest prize in the game. With Hart getting another shot at Michaels’ WWF Title, Shawn needed to get under the skin of his challenger even more and the following week on RAW is War, he proceeded to do just that. HBK would yet again take shots at his family but would go into extreme territories. Going so far as to say his family “all belonged in hell because a Hart is the lowest of lows on god’s green earth”. Owen heard enough as he would ignite a vicious brawl between the two to close out that RAW. The final RAW is War before No Way Out, Owen Hart and HBK would sign the contract to settle this blood rivalry once and for all.The two men would trade words back and forth with each other during the contract signing as the emotions, and the hatred is running on a all time high. The contract signing would end with HBK spitting in the face of Owen which prompted Owen to attack HBK and the two would go at it. Officials would come to separate the two men as the segment would fade to black. Who will walk out of this 30 Minute Iron Man Match the victor? Cactus Jack vs Kane Kane has been on a dominating tear throughout the WWF the last couple months defeating Superstars right, left, and center. His brother ,The Undertaker is still looking for next fight against his brother but another WWF Superstar wants to pick a fight with The "Big Red Machine". Enter, Cactus Jack! Jack has been known to be one of the most gruesome, and most violent individuals, the world has ever seen. To truly show how he mad he is, he wants a fight with The “Big Red Machine” himself which nobody, not even the Undertaker would even want to do. The first RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Paul Bearer would came out and Bearer would brag on how Kane was on a destructive path at the Royal Rumble and would have won it, if it wasn’t because of his selfish brother, The Undertaker. Suddenly Jack would interrupt Bearer as in his deranged and intense voice says that he’s willing to pick a fight with the devil’s favorite demon. Bearer was surprised about the challenge Jack made to Kane, but allowed Jack to fight his monster. The Following RAW, The Undertaker would appear in a backstage segment talking about both Kane and Cactus Jack as he sends a chilling message to them both as he will stand by and watch these souls do battle. Later that night, Cactus Jack would face Jeff Jarrett in the main event and in which the match would get a solid 89 rating. Afterwards, Kane would respond to Jack’s challenge that was made last week by attacking him which would lead to a brawl around the entire arena, these two just want to hurt each other just for the sake of it. The Final RAW is War before No Way Out would see Cactus Jack cut a promo backstage as he lists the different sickening things he’s gonna do Kane at No Way Out. He tells Kane to prepared for a world of hurt, as he’s going to sacrifice his own flesh and blood just to inflict further pain to the Monster. Who will walk out of this fight on top? Steve Austin vs Triple H After what was a momentous Royal Rumble for one Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin still wanted to stick it at Triple H and D-Generation X. The RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Triple H would be forced to once again defend his WWF European Championship against the rising star, Steve Blackman. Blackman couldn’t capture the belt last month, but after a crazy No DQ match against Goldust at the Royal Rumble, the momentum is on Steve Blackman’s side. It looked like Triple H would once again defeat Steve Blackman and retain his European Title after some assistance from the New Age Outlaws. However, glass would shatter as Steve Austin would come out and even the odds. Austin would hit the Stunner to Triple H which would allow The “Lethal Weapon” Steve Black to pin Triple H and win the European Title! The crowd went ballistic as Triple H looks on with anger and disdain as Austin would celebrate with Blackman to end RAW is War. The next week on RAW, Triple H would cut a promo saying Austin is a coward and the only reason he lost his European was because of him. Austin would then came told Triple H was nothing but whiny S.O.B and the two would exchange a war of words. Vince McMahon would then step in and he says, the two of you will have a match once again but this time it will be a Last Man Standing match. The final RAW is WAR before No Way Out, Vince McMahon would open things and inform Austin to come down to the ring. Vince tells Austin to settle down and start being a team player and not a rebel. Austin however doesn’t seem to care as he tells the Chairman of the Board that’s going into war with Triple H and the rest of the D-Generation X and there’s nothing he can do to stop that. More tension built between the chairman and the rattlesnake. Austin battles against “The Game” at No Way Out, will Austin defeat HHH before his championship main event at Wrestlemania? 𝑆𝘩𝑜𝑤 𝑆𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 Week 1, February 1998 | South West | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating Week 2, February 1998 | Mid West | 11.1 Million Viewers | 91 Show Rating Week 3, February 1998 | Tri State | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating
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    “The Chain” begins to play, causing the audience to boo and Kieron to look annoyed at the introduction of Joshua Scott and Gary Green. They both make their way down to the ring and as Josh gets to the ring he looks at Kieron, who stares back at him as both men join Kieron in the ring Gary calls for a mic and addresses Kieron before beginning to speak Gary Green: Mr Black, can I call you that Kieron? Nice to meet you anyway. Sorry to leave you without a tag partner in the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament but you can rejoice now because it means you standing here awkwardly and irrelevantly can end. Now there is a space in the tag tournament after CJs injury and whilst you are willing to “bravely” or stupidly, fight Bailey and Slim by yourself, maybe you should just take a seat down old man and let you retire happily. Maybe you should vacate your place in the Tag Team Tournament, and give it to me and Josh. What do u say Kieron. Do we have to gain that place by force or nicely? Kieron picks up the mic ready to reply before laughing at Gary Greens proposal Kieron: Did you not hear what I just said? I’m willing to fight 2 Hall of Famers by yourself. I’m not afraid of someone who can’t wrestler, and some guy in a mask who takes orders from a Master. Gary chuckles to himself before he smiles politely at Josh Gary: Destroy Josh takes off his mask and cracks his head, licking his lips as he stares Kieron up and down. As he looks to begin his attack, Gary’s phone vibrates. He picks it up before checking the message and shouting at Josh Green: STOP. The Master has ordered you to stop Josh stops and obeys, staring Kieron down angrily Green: The Master has sent us a text saying team with him. He has sent us a few more texts explaining why he wants this but I won’t disclose that information. The point is Kieron, we will take CJs place in the tournament, just don’t mess up Josh’s chance of winning. Because if you do cost Josh you will get hurt. That’s not a warning, that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler Josh then leaves the ring, setting ourselves up with an interesting team for the later match against Bailey and Slim
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    Kieron walks out onto the stage with a frown on his face and a mic in hand. He walks down to the ring and begins to speak on his way down. Kieron: So tonight. Tonight is the first night of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational and my “partner” CJ has left me for dead. Disappeared on me once again. You know, when you came to me and said it would be different this time, you said we could win the gold together. I truly believed you. Yet here I am, and there you are. At home, all alone. Yet here I stand, ready to fight while you run away from the fight as soon as the first challenge comes. Not me. I stand defiant, ready to give whatever it takes to walk into this arena later tonight, alone, taking on two of the best wrestlers in the world Bailey and Slim and fighting until my last breath to take them down. In a handicap match. The crowd cheers at the bravery of Kieron See I respect you both, I really do however your time is gone. Everybody is sick of you both, no more Mania main events, no more World Championships for the pair of you. Oh, how the mighty have fallen and tonight. Oh yes tonight is not your bounce back as you may think, This is not the beginning of your return to the top as you are going to walk out of this arena after being embarrassed by one single man. Embarrassed by Kieron Black. And then do you know whats going to happen, I will take down ANYBODY who comes in my way and do WHATEVER it takes to walk out of Winter Warfare as the number one contender for the Tag Team Championships. This isn’t a prediction, this isn't even a warning. This is a spoiler. A familiar theme begins to play throughout the arena, disappointing Kieron.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    August 20th 2019 Like most Evolve shows recently, Evolve started with The Kingdom stood in the ring bigging themselves up. However their self promotion didn't last long, as the music of Hans Clayton interrupted them Echo mocked his SummerSlam opponent, asking where Hans' new stable was. Hans didn't respond, and suddenly the words BULLETPROOF appeared on screen as new music played and Mikey and Alex Costa joined Hans on stage Hans made a challenge for his new stable Bulletproof to face Echo, Bart and Slim in tonights main event. The Kingdom accepted, setting up a massive match SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) vs ??? Our first match featured a mystery opponent for SSW Clubs Josh and Bulldozer, who had their first matches since Josh's loss to Julius at KOTR and Bulldozer's loss to Bart 3 weeks ago, and their first tag match since a victory over Julius and Arius The crowd erupted as their opponents were revealed to be Cpe and Maestro, one of BPZ's most legendary teams, 2x Tag Champs The Clapsiracy. What an interesting match we have here And it was one the Clapspiracy won, pinning Bulldozer with a Big Ending for the 3 count. After the match The Clapspiracy partied with the fans, the legendary team back together Arius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Last week Crip had a match against the IC Champ, tonight he faced the IC Champs opponent. And like what Arius did to him last week, tonight Julius watched Arius from ringside And as soon as Arius won the match with The Sentence, Julius stormed into the ring and nailed him with a Claymore Kick. Julius chose to leave the attack there, leaving us wondering if this could be the scene this Sunday After a commercial break, we had the contract signing between Bash and Sameer. And with Brenden officiating the contract signing, it certainly didn't take long for things to heat up Bash criticised Sameers reign, telling him he needed a MITB cashin to win and interference from Brenden to retain, and that he overexaggerated his storyline about being a peoples champ, the fans didn't care about him and that he would reign victorious Sameer and Brenden began to lay jibes about Bashs career, as Bash looked to ignore them, both men signing the contract. However Brendens jibes became more personal and when Brenden made a comment about Bashkas family, Bash snapped and began to attack Brenden. Ryan came out to his rescue, and we got a massive 4 man brawl in the ring. Refs separated it eventually, and all 4 men stared each other down, setting up 2 great matches this Sunday Bulletproof (Hans, Mikey and Alex) vs Kingdom (Slim, Bart and Echo) w/Julius With a war that could see many battles over the next few months, Bulletproof and Kingdom collided in a massive 6 man tag team main event. Julius joined his teammates at ringside after taking care of Arius earlier in the night. It was an impressive debut for Bulletproof. Hans took out his SummerSlam opponent with a Shooting Hans Press through the announce table. Mikey then nailed Bart with a Cosmic Ascension on the outside, before rolling into the ring Mikey and Alex now rolled into the ring, where the legal man Slim was. Mikey tagged in Alex, something Slim didn't notice as he hit the Essential Eliminator to Mikey Slim then turned into a Rise of Salvation by Alex Costa, but as he covered Slim, Julius ran into the ring and used a steel chair to break the cover, earning Bp a win by DQ The Kingdom did a post match attack on BulletProof until suddenly, new music hit and ISAIAH CARTER CAME RUNNING THROUGH THE CROWD. The crowd erupted as suddenly Bulletproof began to fight back and Kingdom fleed Carter went straight for Julius, the man who injured him 3 months ago but The Kingdom were long gone, standing on the apron. BiC grabbed a Bulletproof armband from Hans and slipped it on, the 4 members of Bulletproof standing down with the 4 members of Kingdom to close Evolve
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    God damn it's about time I got the respect I deserve
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    FCE vs Thundermans: THUNDERMANS LETS GOOOOOOOO Firing Squad vs Notorious Killers: Firing Squad Invictus vs The Cure: Invictus Bailey and Slim vs The Painmakers: Bailey and Slim
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    November 2019 TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS POWER RANKINGS 5. @FDS and @Death Notorious Angel 4. @Gwynfro and @Arius 3. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 2. @BobdaBomb and @Meko750 (Raven) 1. @Hans and @Isaiah Carter NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @Meckolegend 4. @Gunner Flynn 3. @Hans 2. @BobdaBomb 1. @Meko750 (Raven) Undisputed Championship Power Rankings 10. @Necce 9. @Gwynfro 8. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 7. @BobdaBomb 6. @Meko750 (Raven) 5. @Isaiah Carter and @Hans 4. @Smith and @Bart 3. @Arius 2. @Julius 1. NOC: @Slim
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    “More often then not, I find myself contemplating what it is exactly that drives me. What makes me..... me?” We are live on the BPZ Network with none other the BPZ Undisputed Champion, Flynn. He standing holding his Undisputed Championship staring directly into the camera. He appears to be in a great thought before continuing his thoughts further. “When I entered this company years ago, I had all the raw potential. I was skilled but sloppy. Bailey taught me how to adapt, but more importantly he taught me how to play dirty. However something he didn’t teach me how to do, remains my greatest strength. My own intelligence. My ability to psychology breakdown my opponent weeks ahead of our match. I get in there head and it’s over. They remain a step behind me, their own vision cloudy, a blur that betrays them. Second guessing every move..... I put them in my trap, and then I put them down.” “Survivor Series an anomaly took place. I was pinned in that ring for the first time since the Main Event of BPZ Mania. More importantly I was pinned by the most overrated man in BPZ history, a man who doesn’t even deserve his name spoken by me. Creed reigned supreme but what is it that they truly accomplished? Doubling down on everything that I’ve done for the past year. Establishing the Fire Squad to do exactly what it sounds like, rain down fire and brimstone on whoever the hell I see fit. Removing me from General Manager position? I’ll double down on the beatdowns I plan to inflict on this roster.” “I feel untouchable. I feel unbeatable. I feel..... like a god. And what is a King to a God? I have been described as unstable. A loose cannon. Told repeatedly I host numerous anger issues. Yet, following what I’m told is a massive loss, I’ve never felt more calm in my entire career. In fact I carry a smile on my face because I know the truth whether or not anyone wants to admit it. I am the best in the world. I am the greatest of all time. I am the BPZ Undisputed Champion and at Survivor Series I pinned the current BPZ World Champion. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. I’ve said this is the gold to hold in BPZ. Yet I am consistently insulted, nearly to a point of embarrassment. I stand here, with a message. Carnage next week I host an open challenge for this BPZ Undisputed Championship. I plead with those in that locker room who question my dominance. Those who question my ability to accept my challenge and take this title off of me. Men are forced through the gauntlet for an opportunity like this and I’m offering it to you people for free. Next week is your final opportunity to shut me up, before I ride into 2020, YOUR Undisputed Champion.” The message short but to the point, who will answer Flynn’s open challenge next week on Carnage?
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    War Between Worlds

    ALL ELITE WRESTLING We are hot off of the AEW Blood & Guts PPV as we get set to see what comes from the aftermath of last night’s events. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn seemed to reunite last night after Owens picked up a big win in a Lights Out Match. We also will hear from both the hWo and John Cena after the Miz was able to capture and become the first ever AEW World Champion. Lots of great stuff planned for tonight’s show so let’s get right into it. We kick off tonight as we see the hWo make their way down to the ring led by the new AEW Champion the Miz. Not only did the Miz pick up a big victory last night but we also saw MJF pick up a big win against Tommy Dreamer last night and it seems as if we have a celebration set up in the ring for the hWo as their are presents and some champagne in the ring. The Miz: Welcome to the most must see show in Wrestling today AEW and boy do we have a night planned for you. Now what better to start it off then have the hottest thing in wrestling today the hWo kick off the show with a celebration. Cause you know not only did MJF pick up a big win the other night but oh yeah I am your first ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion! Miz holds up the title as the crowd boos. The hWo begin to laugh as we see EC3 pop open the champagne as the group makes a toast and drinks we then see EC3 begin to talk. EC3: Now Miz because of your big win, I figured that I would get you a gift! Now this took a lot to get here tonight so I really hope you like it. It’s that big one right. The Miz then hugs EC3 as we see EC3 and MJF lift the box to reveal John Morrison! The Miz looks shocked as we then see Miz and Morrison hug as it seems the Dirt Sheet is back and it’s all apart of the hWo. The crowd goes a bit wild as that was a bit of a shocking debut here in AEW! MJF: Now Miz to celebrate this occasion, why don’t you two have a match together! Don’t worry we already have it set up next it will be the Dirt Sheet vs the Brit-AM Brawlers! We then see the group celebrate before the Brit-AM Brawler’s music hits and we get into our first match of tonight’s card. We are about to see the Dirt Sheet compete for the first time in a long time and the first time in All Elite Wrestling. Brit-AM Brawlers have been towards the lower end of the division for a while though and a win here would really improve their standing. Dirt Sheet vs Brit-AM Brawlers In a short match, Dirt Sheet defeated Brit-AM Brawlers after John Morrison defeated Oney Lorcan with a Starship Pain. Dirt Sheet looked dominant here in their return match. After the match we would see the hWo celebrate in the ring as they picked up a nice win here tonight and the group only seems to be getting stronger day by day. We then cut backstage again as we see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn backstage. The two seem to be best friends again as the smile as they see the camera before Kevin Owens walks over and begins to talk. Kevin Owens: Well I guess you have all been asking and yes the gangs back together. The most dominant duo in wrestling history is back. And trust me when I say that no one not even some C-list Hollywood celebs are going to get in our way. So AEW roster be on watch cause Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are back together and this whole company is going to feel the effects of this very, very soon. We then see Owens walk back over to Sami as the two fist pump and we can hear some cheers coming from the arena as Kevin and Sami smile. It might not be exactly Steenerico but at this point it is just nice to see the two on the same page once again. We then cut back to the ring as we get set up for a match between two AEW debuts in Chad Gable and Mike Bennett. Both men could be big players in this company who will break the ice though and get that first win on the board. Chad Gable vs Mike Bennett In a solid quick match, Chad Gable would defeat Mike Bennett after making him tap out after submitting him with the ankle lock. Gable received a surprising pop from the crowd which could likely get him some more attention backstage and maybe even some more opportunity. We would then cut to a commercial break as Gable celebrates in the ring. We would cut back from commercial to see Becky Lynch the new AEW Womens Champion in the ring. Lynch won the vacant title after defeating Mandy Rose at AEW Blood & Guts. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it as Lynch begins to talk. Becky Lynch: I mean of course I deserve it. The man is the best goddamn women in this division so with that being said. It seems as if someone is going to have to step up to the plate cause you see I am your champion and I need a new challenger. So if you want a shot at this title come on out here and take it. Becky would then drop the mic as she would wait in the ring for someone to come out and accept her challenge but no one would come out. Lynch would grin in the ring as no one seemingly was going to challenge her. Wait a second though from behind it’s Bayley! Bayley is in AEW as she attacks Lynch from behind. Bayley would then stand over Lynch as we cut to commercial break. As we cut back to the ring we get set for tag team action as it will be Fire & Desire taking on the debuting IIconics. In a rare womens tag match this should be a good match due to its rarity in All Elite Wrestling. Both teams could use a win here so let’s get right into the matchup. Fire & Desire vs IIconics In a great match, Fire & Desire would defeat the IIconics after Sonya Deville defeated Billie Kay after she was hit with a Devil’s Thorne. Fire & Desire proved to be the better team here at least tonight as they were able to pick up a win and get some momentum back. We then cut to a vignette as AEW’s newest acquisition Scarlett Bordeaux is hyped up. She is hyped up with both her look and in ring action. It seems as if she could be receiving some early opportunities to succeed once she debuts should be interesting to see how she does in AEW. We then get set for our main event as it will be John Cena vs the newest addition to the AEW roster we just wait to see who that addition to AEW is. We see Cena waiting in the ring as we get set for the main event. Then the music hits as the crowd goes wild. It’s Marty Scrull! Scrull makes his way to the ring as Cena grins in the ring. The match would then begin as Scrull would look to capitalize on a bit of a down Cena as he went through a grueling matchup at Blood and Guts and lost that match. Cena will look to gain some momentum back after his recent loss in what should be a great matchup tonight. John Cena vs Marty Scrull In an excellent matchup, Marty Scrull would defeat John Cena after hitting Cena with a low blow after the ref was knocked down by accident. Scrull picks up a big win here tonight even if it was tainted. Scrull would then celebrate in the ring as the show comes to an end.
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    Week 3, February 1998 | New England | 290,000 Buys | 93 Show Rating The opening video package for WCW SuperBrawl is playing when the theme of Eddie Guerrero interrupts. The WCW Cruiserweight Champion has a microphone in hand and he declares that the audience here tonight and the people watching at home don't care about recaps or highlights, they're only tuning in to watch him perform. Eddie Guerrero proceeds to walk down the entrance ramp and enter the ring and he refuses to let the opening package continue until he has defended his Championship. Raven is situated backstage sitting down on a steel chair, addressing the camera. He briefly overviews his clashes with Chris Benoit over the past three months as well as discussing Chris Benoit's reign as the WCW Television Champion. Raven claims he will go to a dark place tonight to overcome and get the better of Chris Benoit in their upcoming Strap match and that he will win the Television Championship in the process. Mortis and Wrath are in the ring as Goldberg makes his entrance, Goldberg has a microphone in hand and he waits on the entrance ramp for his music to die down. Goldberg talks about the trials and tribulations he has faced while feuding with Mortis and Wrath. He declared that he needed someone as powerful and as good as himself if he was going to take Mortis and Wrath down. Goldberg points to the entrance ramp but nobody calls, Goldberg then reveals he doesn't need a tag team partner to beat up Mortis and Wrath and enters into the ring by himself as the referee considers before starting the match. [ Goldberg did not have a mystery partner. ] Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage are backstage discussing their upcoming match against Diamond Dallas Page, Lex Luger and Bret Hart. They discuss Bret Hart's arrival to WCW and if his presence will affect how the New World Order will have to operate, especially with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan out of the picture. Buff Bagwell seems a little nervous but the more experienced Curt Hennig calms him down as Randy Savage says they have the ability to squash Bret Hart tonight. [ Bret Hart scored the highest in-ring performance of the match. ] Ric Flair is backstage following his win over Booker T. He says that despite his win he is still unsure of what to do from here. He says he doesn't feel as slick and as good in between the ropes as he once did, and he says perhaps it is time to let new talent in WCW take the reigns. Ric Flair looks glum as he continues to contemplate his future in World Championship Wrestling and the impact he has had on the wrestling landscape overall. The New World Order strike post-match, but it doesn't take long for Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger to come out from the back and combat the unprovoked attack on the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. After the trio assist Sting in clearing the ring, Bret Hart gestures for a microphone. He says that he respects Sting as a champion but he didn't come to WCW to play in the midcard. Bret Hart reveals he's challenging Sting to a match at WCW Uncensored.
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    Source - NoDQ.com
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    Eric Shun


    Julius vs Charles Lupin Aaron North vs Mikey George AK vs Owen Dalton Bob Sparks vs Kenji- FCW World Championship
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    Eric Shun

    Most Improved Member?

    Whilst he isn't the most improved. We have got to give a huge shoutout to Arrow. He has improved so much recently. He went from being a meme who could barely use a sentence, to a meme who almost got a win at Survivor Series. Keep up the work arrow.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Review HOLY BLOODY HELL THIS WOKE ME RIGHT THE FUCK UP. Hello this is a very very excited Mike Hunt from BPZ Commentaries and I've just finished watching BPZ Survivor Series. If I was to explain my feeling right now, I feel like a child going to watch The Lion King for the first time and then really really wanting to talk about it with all the friends that I would have because I am such a popular kid. Well all of you are my friends and I'm going to tell you everything about what happened at this show because there was a lot 5. The Tiger Stands Tall Every once in a while Brenden and the rest of the BPZ Booking team decide to change everything up and this was one of those times as majority of the titles changed hands with only Arius successfully defending his Intercontinental Championship, but as we highlighted on the show preview the NXT Battle Royal was going to get a lot of attention. There were really 3 or 4 names that stood out from the rest: Amai, Epic, Jack Bishop and eventual winner The Tiger. Majority of the time winning the NXT Championship leads to some success in this company and now The Tiger is at the helm of this division. Us here at BPZ Commentaries are extremely high on the Tiger and everything he can do and we hope that he remains atop this division as he gains momentum to surge up the card. Those two beautiful women he carries around with him are also welcome to come by the Commentaries studios anytime they want 4. Premium Brawl The Premium Championship was also an extremely interesting situation with two of the company's future talents going to battle over the title. What we are focusing on here isn't the title match itself where Bob won (We'll get to that later) instead, we are going to take a look at the brawl that took place post match between Bailey and Bob. These two obviously have tension going back a while now and well this was where we really got to see them go at it. They took the brawl up the ramp and it even involved a spear off the stage and encouragingly both men matched up pretty evenly in this contest. We are yet to hear about the health of these two men but I doubt they'll be in any shape to fight anytime soon and for Bailey he's got a tag-match coming up this weekend, something I'm not sure he's ready for. Surely this leads to a match at Night of Legends where hopefully they settle this once and for all 3. Descent Reign Supreme...Or did they? You look at all the news reports and the articles previewing this show and all the talk was around who would walk out victorious. BulletProof or Creed? But stupidly we forgot about one group in particular and that's Descent. They quietly had a really really good night and clean sweeped their matches. Raven was victorious in securing the US Championship, Bob ripped the Premium Championship out of Gunner's hands and Slim defeated Julius to become the Survival Games winner but things weren't all sunshine and rainbows. In the aftermath of Slim's match with Julius, the Antichrist made his presence felt and shockingly attacked Slim seemingly ending any sort of alliance there. Descent are now down a member and more importantly they've got an angry Antichrist. God I hope that guy never ever appears again 2. Creed End The War The night's Main Event was one of the more anticipated matches of the year as two dominant factions Creed and BulletProof collided for an all-out war. Creed had already taken the Tag-Titles from BP, The US Title was no longer in their grasp and Isaiah Carter shockingly lost his World Championship which only added to this contest. The match was long and brutal but in the end Smith, Sameer, Julius and Bart were the ones to be victorious and seemingly ended this little beef between BulletProof and Creed. They formed with the objective of defeating BulletProof and did just that, looks like BulletProof isn't so bullet proof after all. If any of you guys are watching this please dont find me, I don't want to be the victim of some firing squad 1. Julius 2x Well this had to be number 1 didn't it, on a night where heaps of titles changed hands and a war came to an end it was only right for Julius to add to the chaos and cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase becoming a now 2x World Heavyweight Champion. Isaiah Carter's reign as champion was somewhat lackluster however through no fault of his own, the opponents just weren't there which has become a major problem with BPZ as of late. With Julius now at the top of the division and Isaiah Carter breathing down his neck maybe this war isn't finished after all. Only time will tell Thank you all for joining me, I'll see you all in a couple of days where I bring to you the second edition of BPZ Commentaries Bracketology, breaking down the Clapspiracy Tag-Team Tournament. This has been Mike Hunt thank you for watching, I'll see you all real soon
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    From myself and @Jonathan, thanks for the support guys! We are only three episodes away from the season finale.
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    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 2 Tag Team Match Julius and Lunatic Ginge vs Arius and Shiba Our first match of the night see’s Julius and Lunatic Ginge team up to take on the odd pairing of Arius and Shiba. Arius still wants a piece of Julius despite his unsuccessful attempt at the title at Annihilation. The match turns out to be very intriguing one with Arius viciously staring down Julius at every headlock he does to Ginge. This match ends with Arius hitting the Sentence to Lunatic Ginge for the win. Shiba celebrates with Arius before Arius lays him out with devastating clothesline. Arius is a lone wolf and he wants to keep it that way. Tag Team Match First Class Express (Hans & Xavier King) vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix The first match of the tournament has the First Class Express take on the young duo of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match was pretty basic, with Hans and Xavier King using their offense well. Bishop and Maddrix impressed a lot of people but couldn’t get the win as FCE hit the Buzzer Beater for the win and now has 4 points. 7:57 Tag Team Match Joshuka Scott & Bulldozer vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next contest has the team of Joshua Scott and Bulldozer go up against Brett Storm and Jay Sellers, also known as Godsent. These two teams have a pretty decent match with Godsent using their fast paced style against Josh and his slow and methodically style. The match ends with Brett Storm hitting a 5 Star Moonsault for the win as Godsent get their first win in the Deadly Duos Tag League. 9:24 Tag Team Match Evolution & Maasa vs Brad & Aaron North Next up, Maasa and Evolution goes up against Brad and Aaron North and this was pretty good match with Maasa and Evolution building a connection with the audience despite their losing ways. They have some great moments in the match, but Brad and Aaron were just too good with their offense and pick up the win as Brad pins Evolution for the 1,2,3. 11:02 Tag Team Match The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) vs Bob Sparks & Sandman This should be a good one folks as The Flock go up against Bob Sparks and The Sandman.This match was a lot of fun to watch, as both teams looked great in this match. Bob and Sandman work well together and the chemistry between both teams is wonderful. The ending of the match saw a number of sequences that had the crowd in awe, as Buddy Ace would roll up Bob for the sneaky victory. 15:55 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron) vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) Our next match sees George and Kieron of High Octane go two on two with the Killer Machines of Bubba and Beastly. The match was a great from top to bottom with tons of maneuvers from both sides. The crowd are really into this match, with the ending saw Bubba pinning Kieron for the victory. 18:14 6 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan and Bashka vs Natedog, Ross, and Kenji. Our main event of the evening sees The team of Johnny Kills, Sheridan, and Bashka take on Natedog, Ross, and Kenji of ASCENT. It was pretty decent six man tag, as throughout the match, Natedog always tagged in himself out whenever Bashka got in the ring. Bashka finally did get his hands on Natedog near the end of the match. The match would end with Johnny Kills pinning Ross for the win for his team. Royal Flush and Bashka celebrate as Bashka seems like he wants more of Natedog. 17:48 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 3 Backstage Segment: United Nations attack Sheridan and Johnny Kills! Before the matches for tonight’s show starts, The camera’s caught United Nations ambushing Sheridan and Johnny Kills backstage. Alex hits a Destino on Johnny Kills in the locker room floor. BPZ officials scramble to get United Nations out of the locker room. Alex Costa is bad, bad man... Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our first match has Joshua Scott & Bulldozer taking on the team of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match is very basic, with the young lions showing off the moves they can do in the ring. The match ends with Josh pinning Maddrix for the win as he and Bulldozer now have 2 points. 5:21 Tag Team Match Maasa & Evolution vs The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) Our next match has Maasa and Evolution competing against the Flock. This was another very good performance by Maasa and Evolution, as these two held their own in their match against the Flock. This was solid matchup with Marker and Buddy Ace's offense too much for the Underdog duo as Buddy Ace hits a Deadeye to Maasa for the victory. 11:03 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Brad & Aaron North Bob and Sandman goes up against Brad & Aaron North. This was also a pretty decent match with the hard hitting/technical styles from both teams being noticeable in this match. Both teams looked great, pulling out some impressive maneuvers. The match ends when Bob was counted out as Brad who wasn’t the legal man grabbed Bob by the leg, preventing him from getting in the ring. Brad and Aaron win here. 13:49 Tag Team Match Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next match should be a great one as The Killer Machines go up against Godsent. This match started off hot with some incredible double team moves from Godsent. The explosive styles of both teams work well, as Killer Machines use their strength, while Godsent use their speed. The match ends with Bubba and Beastly hit Cut Throat Killer for the win as Killer Machines have 6 points. 17:46 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron Black) vs First Class Express (Hans & Xaiver King) Our last tournament match of night 3 sees High Octane compete against the First Class Express. The match is great from start to finish as these 4 men put on a great match, with tons of false finishes and every move seemed more and more awesome. The match ends surprisingly with George getting a roll up victory on King, and High Octane wins this tag match surprisingly. 18:32 6 Tag Team Match Bart, Prince, and Cody Cage vs Ropati, Brenden, and Sameer Our main of the evening is a six man tag match as Villain’s Kingdom goes up against Big Baller Brand. This was an electric tag match, Cody Cage looked excellent in the match with some fantastic reversals from people like Ropati and Brenden. Everybody got their moves in and at the end it would be Bart making Brenden go to sleep with the Cardiac Arrest. A future match for NWGP title may be in stacks after that huge win. 15:08 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 6 Buddy Ace and Marker 6 Hans and Xaiver King 4 Kieron Black and George 4 Brad and Aaron North 4 Bob Sparks and Sandman 2 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 2 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Evolution and Maasa 0 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    Deadly Duos Tag League Night 1 8 Tag Team Match Raven, Gill, Yelich, and FDS vs Mikey, Echo Wilson, Prince, and Cody Cage First match of the night is an eight man tag as Raven, Gill, Yelich, and FDS of Necce’s Gathering take on Mikey, Echo Wilson, Prince, and Cody Cage of Villain’s Kingdom. It was an alright eight man tag with everyone doing their part, hyping up the crowd. The match ends with Yelich getting a surprise roll up on Prince and the win for his team. 8:22 Tag Team Match Bob Sparks & Sandman vs Evolution & Maasa First match of the Deadly Duos Tag League pits the team of Bob Sparks and Sandman taking on Evolution and Maasa. The match is actually pretty decent, with some good counters and maneuvers between both teams. Maasa and Evolution work well despite the result as Bob hits a Pop Up Powerbomb for the win for his team. 10:23 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron Black) vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our next contest sees the Team of George and Kieron, also known as High Octane as they battle the young lions, Jack Bishop and Maddrix. It was somewhat of a one sided affair with High Octane getting the win despite Bishop and Maddrix’s little offense they got in this match. 7:23 Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer vs First Class Express Our next contest sees the team of Bulldozer and Joshua Scott take on the experience duo in Hans & King of the First Class. It was a basic match, with some good team work between Hans & King during the match. The match ends with Hans hitting a Hans Clash to Bulldozer for the victory. 8:33 Tag Team Match The Flock (Marker & Buddy Ace) vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next match, has The Flock goes up against Godsent in what was great tag team match with solid action from both teams as these two teams pull out everything in night 1.The crowd were really into this match with Buddy Ace hitting a dead eye to Brett Storm for the win as The Flock win their first match of the Tournament. 14:33 Tag Team Match Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) vs Brad & Aaron North Our last Tag League match of Night 1 see the Killer Machines go up against Brad & Aaron North. The match is pretty good with tons of awesome power moves from the Killer Machines. Brad and North also had some great moves as they use their technical ability to take down Bubba and Beastly. The match ends with Bubba and Beastly hitting a Cut Throat Killer to North to win this tag match. 17:22 6 Tag Team Match Ropati, Julius, and Sameer vs Kenji, Ross, and Natedog Main event of the evening has the Big Baller Brand take on ASCENT in six man action. It was your typical six man tag as Everyone has some awesome sequences in this match. Lot’s of good action as Sameer hits a frog splash to Ross for the 1,2,3 and the win for his team. After the match, Bashka comes in once again attacks ASCENT with a steel chair. Other members come rushing in as Bashka as his attentions are clear, he wants Natedog! 14:22 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 2 Hans and Xaiver King 2 Buddy Ace and Marker 2 Kieron Black and George 2 Bob Sparks and Sandman 2 Brad and Aaron North 0 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 0 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 0 Evolution and Maasa 0 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
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    Outer Limits in Melbourne - September 29th 2019 Melbourne Arena- Attendance: 9,487 1st Match - 30 Minute Time Limit NWGP Openweight Championship Ropati vs Kenji © Our First match see’s Ropati take on Kenji for the Openweight Title. Ropati pinned the champ at The Annihilation Show and he is now getting a Openweight title match at Outer Limits. Kenji and Ropati starts the match with some chain wrestling as the two know how talented they are. Each hold and reversal stopped, the crowd clap in respect. The match turns more and more physical with every kick and strike from both men echoing throughout the entire arena. This physical and grueling contest comes to an end when Kenji dodged a Kiwi Kick and hits Last Resonance onto Ropati for the victory. These two went the limit but Kenji retains his gold tonight. 19:44 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd Match - 20 Minute Time Limit 8 Tag Team Match Bart, Cody, Bubba, and Beastly vs Evolution, Maasa, Shiba, and Joshua Scott Our next matchup see’s Villain’s Kingdom take on the team of Evolution, Massa, Shiba, and Joshua Scott. The match was pretty one sided with Villain’s Kingdom getting the most offense in. Bubba and Beastly showcased their great double team power moves in the match to guys like Maasa and Evolution. The match ends with Bart getting Josh into a cardiac arrest and making him tap. 6:25 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd Match - 20 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Yelich & FDS vs Mikey © & Echo Wilson Tag Team action as the team of Yelich and FDS take on the United States Champion Mikey and Echo Wilson. This match could be crucial as if Mikey does get pinned, it may result in a future title match. The match starts off with both FDS and Echo Wilson as they exchange punches and forearms. The match gets more intense as it progressed with every move and sequence from both teams look flawless. The match would end with Mikey hitting a low blow when the referee wasn’t looking to Yelich as he then hits a Blade Runner for the win. Mikey gets the win, with a grin on his face as the crowd boos from his dirty tactics. Yelich and FDS after the match give a staredown to Mikey. 15:02 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th Match - 20 Minute Time Limit 6 Tag Team Match Sheridan, Johnny Kills and Maddrix vs Joh, Monda, and Alex Costa After the events that occurred at Annihilation, Sheridan and Johnny Kills team up with young lion Maddrix to take on Joh, Monda, and Alex Costa, representing the United Nations. The match is a very solid six man tag match as both teams pull out some impressive moves and counters. Maddrix even had a chance to show off what he can do in the ring. However the match ends with Alex Costa hitting Destino on Maddrix for the win. 13:58 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit 6 Tag Team Match Sameer © , Brenden & Julius © vs Slim, Natedog & Ross Our Semi Main event sees Big Baller Brand of Julius, Sameer, and Brenden take on Slim, Natedog, and Ross of ASCENT. This was a very hot and fun six man tag match, lots of great action between Sameer and Slim as they exchange stiff chops and punches. Julius goes on a tear in this match, doing impressive moves such as a Piledriver and a Sit Out Powerbomb. Everybody pulls out move after move and its exciting. The match ends with Julius hitting a Claymore Kick to Ross and then Sameer tags in to hit a Frog Splash for the win. 22:03 *Post Match* After the match, we see someone jump the guardrail and its Bashka! He attacks the members of ASCENT with a steel chair as beats down Natedog and Slim. Officals come running into separate Bashka and secure him out of the arena as the Fans cheer. Bashka shouts “I'm coming for you Nate!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th Match - 60 Minute Time Limit Wrestle War World Title Opportunity Flynn vs Xaiver King In Our Main Event of the evening sees Flynn defend his Wrestler War world title opportunity against Xaiver King. Ever since King called out Flynn for a match, Flynn says's he is gonna keep is opportunity and defeat King tonight. The match starts off with some wrestling, has these two size up each other. The match progresses with Flynn targeting the shoulder of King’s. King would make his comeback in the match with tons brutal knee strikes and kicks. These two just tear each other apart, Flynn would go for the FKO 2 times but both times gets countered snap suplex. The crowd are on their feet on how amazing this match has been. King would hit No Regret to Flynn but somehow Flynn kicks out. The ending of the match saw King go for the One Last Breath but Flynn manages to get out of it and hits a sickening FKO for the win. The crowd clap as the show goes off the air. 35:22 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Global Series Climax Night 15 10 Tag Team Match Natedog, Ross, Brett Storm, Kyle Pain, and Jay Sellers vs Ropati, Julius, Lunatic Ginge, Sandman and Bob Sparks 10 Man tag team action as ASCENT takes on The Big Baller Brand. It's your basic multi man matchup, Bob Sparks looks like a machine in this match. The match ends with Julius pinning Kyle Pain for the win. 9:44 Tag Team Match Monda and Joh vs Shiba and Epic Monda and Joh took on the team of Shiba and Epic in what was an alright tag match, put over Monda & Joh as Joh pins Epic for the victory. 7:22 Singles Match Brad vs Bart Brad goes one on one with Bart in what was a pretty solid match, with Brad working Bart’s knee, despite the pain he had gone throughout the match, Bart would defeat Brad for the win. 15:01 Singles Match Kieron Black vs Yelich Next up, Yelich takes on Kieron Black, both men go at it as these two put an exciting match. Both men showed solid effort with Yelich picking up the win via pinfall 10:21 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Alex Costa Our next contest is a matchup between Xaiver King and Alex Costa. Both men use their skills to put on a wrestling clinic. Costa would get more and more angrier as the match progresses. Costa would try to go for Destino but King would counter it into a Crossface and make Costa tap for the win. 13:44 Singles Match Slim vs Maasa Semi main event as Slim takes on Maasa. It was a short but fire match with Maasa pulling some surprising stuff during this match. It would however be Slim who gets the win. 6:23 Singles Match Bailey vs FDS Main event of the evening as Bailey goes up against FDS. Both men don’t see eye to eye with each other so should be an interesting match. FDS using his wrestling ability, by using different holds and submissions. Bailey would make a big comeback, hitting out all of his moves he can do. Bailey would be the one victories as he pins FDS to end the night. 20:02 Global Series Climax Night 16 Tag Team Match Kieron Black and George vs Maasa and Arrow Gargano Tag match to open things up as Kieorn and George takes on Maasa and Arrow. It was a quick and alright match with Maasa pulling out some high flying maneuvers. Kieron would pin Arrow for the win. 7:44 Tag Team Match Joshua Scott, Bulldozer, and Maddrix vs Bubba, Beastly, and Bart 6 man tag action as Joshua Scott teams up with Bulldozer and Maddrix to face the team of the Killer Machines and Bart. Bubba and Beastly look fantastic in this match and Josh does get some offense but it would Bubba pinning Maddrix for the win. 8:01 Singles Match Arius vs Evolution Arius vs Evolution is coming up, as Evolution is still looking for his first win, and only thing he can gain is pride. Evolution goes for different maneuvers but just won’t cut it as Arius defeats him. 7:51 Singles Match Marker vs Mikey Nextup, Mikey takes on Marker in what will surely be a good contest as these two want to win this badly. Mikey’s flashy style is no match for Marker as Mikey defeats Marker and now has 6 points in the tournament. 13:22 Singles Match Julius vs Aaron North Julius takes on Aaron North, the two put in a solid match, Aaron looking good against Julius but fails to defeat him as Julius hits the Claymore for the win. 10:22 Singles Match Necce vs Bashka In what will be an exciting match, Bashka takes on Necce. Both use their ring psychology to brutalized each other limb by limb. Both are fighting for the right to be called the winner. At the end it would be Necce getting the pinfall via Even Flow. 21:45 Singles Match Hans vs Flynn Main event time as Flynn goes up against Hans in match that we would never expect. Young vs old matchup right here folks. Flynn and Hans put on what was the best match of the night, with Hans going the absolute limit with Flynn. Ending of the match saw Flynn reserve a Hans Clash into a FKO for the win. As Flynn walks off, he sees Hans and the look he gave seems he has some new respect towards Hans. 24:44 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 14 Flynn 15 Bailey 12 Necce 14 Slim 12 Julius 13 Xaiver King 12 Arius 12 FDS 8 Hans 8 Yelich 8 Bashka 8 Brad 6 Mikey 6 Kieron Black 4 Aaron North 2 Alex Costa 4 Marker 2 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    Global Series Climax Night 13 Tag Team Match Kenji, and Flynn vs Mikey and Echo Wilson First match of the night is a tag team match between Kenji and Flynn of ASCENT and Mikey and Echo Wilson of Villian’s Kingdom. The match was pretty good with Kenji and Mikey shining through. The match ends with Kenji pinning Echo Wilson for the win for his team. 9:34 8 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Bashka, and Hans vs Necce, Marker, Raven, and Hollow 8 man tag team match as Royal Flush, Bashka, and Hans team up to face Necce, Marker, Raven, and Hollow of Necce’s Gathering. Everybody got their spots in and was a fun little match. Raven would pin Sheridan for the win for his team. 8:25 Singles Match Brad vs Kieron Black Brad takes on Kieron in our first tournament match of the night. Good hard hitting bout with Brad’s slow and methodical style mashing well with Kieron’s Strong style. It would be Brad getting the win after cheating his way to a win. 14:23 Singles Match FDS vs Alex Costa Our next match is a bout between FDS and Alex Costa. Both men are determined to get the win here as they use their brutal moves to destroy each other. It would be Alex Costa getting the upset win as rolls up FDS for the victory. 12:02 Singles Match Slim vs Yelich Slim goes up against Yelich in what was a great and exciting match. Both men put on a show with Yelich’s high flying style and Slim's hard hitting offense. The match ends with Slim getting the win after hitting his finisher on Yelich, and getting the victory. 14:45 Singles Match Bailey vs Maasa Semi main event, as Bailey takes on Maasa as it was a basic match with Maasa getting some offense but Bailey gets the win here. 6:51 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Bart In our main event, Xaiver King takes on Bart in what was a great back and forth match both men’s efforts were shown and the crowd were on their feet at the end. The match would end with Bart about to hit his finisher but King would roll him up for the win. Bart’s first loss in the tournament is a big one. 25:11 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 14 Tag Team Match Sameer, and Bailey vs FDS, and Gill First matchup of night 14 as Sameer and Bailey team up against FDS, and Gill. Sameer shows off why he’s the top dog in BPZ as is great skills are shown in this match. Sameer pins Gill for the win after hitting a beautiful looking Blockbuster to Gill. Tag Team Match Bubba, and Beastly vs Maasa and Maddrix Tag team action as the Killer Machines take on Maasa and Maddrix. These two kill it as they dominate in deceive fashion. 3:01 Singles Match Flynn vs Mikey Flynn takes on Mikey in what was a great match, as once again he shows he can hang with the best. Great wrestling between the two but it be Flynn picking up the win after a vicious looking FKO. 15:00 Singles Match Bashka vs Aaron North Our next contest, will be a matchup between Bashka and Aaron North. A solid contest with both men using their skills to their advantage, it would be Bashka with the victory as he pins North for the win. 10:45 Singles Match Marker vs Evolution In a match that was alright, as Marker takes on Evolution, as both men are looking for their first win. It would be Marker with the win, getting his first victory in the Global Series Climax Tournament. 8:21 Singles Match Julius vs Arius In our semi main event, Julius goes one on one with Arius as these two Australian superstars go at it. These two go the absolute limit tearing each other bit by bit. At the end of the match Julius would go for a Claymore Kick but the referee was in the way. Arius takes chair under the ring and starts beating the hell out of Julius. A new referee comes out and Arius pins Julius right in the middle of the ring. Arius would continue the assault after the match. 22:53 Singles Match Hans vs Necce Main event of the evening, as a dream match takes place between Necce and Hans. Both men’s contrasting styles mashes very well, as Hans tries to go for a big high flying move but it would always get countered by Necce. Eventually towards the end all the big moves have been pulled out by Hans. The match would end with Necce dodging a 450 splash and hits the even flow for the win. Necce celebrates to end the night. 21:12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 12 Flynn 13 Bailey 10 Necce 12 Slim 10 Julius 11 Xaiver King 10 Arius 10 FDS 8 Hans 8 Yelich 6 Bashka 8 Brad 6 Mikey 4 Kieron Black 4 Aaron North 2 Alex Costa 4 Marker 2 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    Global Series Climax Night 9 6 Tag Team Match Bubba, Beastly, and Mikey vs Gill, Raven and Hollow Opening contest as Villain’s Kingdom of Bubba, Beastly, and Mikey team up against Necce’s Gathering of Gill, Raven, and Hollow. Typical 6 Man tag match, with Mikey pinning Gill for the victory after hitting a beautiful looking Fallen Star. 11:37 6 Tag Team Match Flynn, Brett Storm, and Jay Sellers vs Bashka, George and Arrow Gargano Nextup, we got ASCENT taking on Bashka, George, and Arrow. Very interesting matchup since Bashka is taking on Flynn at night 10 of the tournament, Flynn is also good friends with Slim. Lots of solid action between both teams but it would be Jay Sellers hitting his finisher on Arrow for the victory. 8:54 Singles Match Slim vs Kieron Black Slim takes on Kieron Black in what was solid match, Kieron once again showing he can hang with the big players. Slim would hit the Essential Eliminator for the win and now has 8 points in the tournament. 13:11 Singles Match Yelich vs Maasa Yelich took on Maasa in what was a decent match little match, with Yelich getting the win over Maasa, Yelich is having a great performance during this tournament so far. 7:54 Singles Match Bailey vs Brad Nextup, two veterans in Bailey and Brad go at it, very old school feel with it as Brad works the left knee of Bailey's. Bailey would be in pain throughout the match and makes a comeback and wins the match with a Bailey Bottom. Good effort from both men. 14:12 Singles Match Alex Costa vs Bart Costa goes up against Bart in brutal encounter, both using their talent to try and hurt each other and it was very good. It would be Bart getting the victory after hitting his finisher 3 times in a row. Bart celebrates takes a microphone after the match and shouts “The Global Series, Is Mine!” 16:34 Singles Match Xaiver King vs FDS Main event time as FDS takes on Xaiver King, Global Series is halfway done so a point for one of these two is crucial. These two of course of some history between each other so this is gonna be a good one. These guys burn the place down, with each move looking more and more devastating. Finally it would be FDS winning the match here after an intense match. The fans clap in respect to end the show. 18:23 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 10 Bailey, Ropati, and Bob Sparks vs Joh, Monda and Maddrix Opening contest as Big Baller Brand take on Joh, Monda, and Maddrix in a 6 man tag match. Showcased what Bob and Maddrix can do in the ring and during the match Joh thought he pinned Bailey but Bailey’s foot was on the rope. Ropati would pin Maddrix for the win. 8:45 Echo Wilson and Prince vs ICON and FDS Nextup Villain’s Kingdom of Echo Wilson and Prince takes ICON and FDS. The match was explosive but didn’t last very long with FDS pinning Prince for the victory. 5:34 Arius vs Aaron North First Tournament match of the night as Arius took on Aaron North. North needs another victory asap so he uses all the dirty tactics he can but it was no use as Arius makes North submit in the middle of the ring. 13:02 Necce vs Evolution Up next, Evolution takes on Necce. This time Evolution is more focused and tries his hardest to defeat Necce but Necce just toys with him. Evolution would go for the roll up and everybody thought Evolution won but Necce kicked out. Necce then hits the Even Flow and wins the match. He then takes a chair and starts attacking Evolution. The sinister eyes of Necce when he walks off is disturbing. 6:01 Julius vs Marker Julius takes on Marker, and those two know each other well so this is going to be interesting. Julius and Marker have very solid and hard hitting match, with Marker using his strong style offense against Julius. It would be Julius with his arm raised high as Marker is still winless in the Tournament. 14:45 Hans vs Mikey Semi main event as Hans takes on Mikey, lots of great wrestling and high flying action as these two flabbergast the audience, lots of great action from both men but it would be surprisingly be Mikey getting the upset win over Hans as he beats the current NWGP United States Champion via pinfall, perhaps a future title shot is in store? 16:21 Flynn vs Bashka Main event of the evening as Bashka took on Flynn. The animosity between Slim and Bashka boils over to this match as Bashka takes on a member of ASCENT in Flynn. It was a great contest, with numerous times the fans thought the match was over. Bashka determination to win is remarkable. Near the end of the match, Ross comes running in to distract the referee, Flynn low blows Bashka and hits the FKO for the win. Flynn walks out in victory as Bashka may be dealing with all of ASCENT from now on. 22:58 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 10 Necce 10 Bailey 8 Flynn 9 Slim 8 Julius 9 Xaiver King 6 Hans 6 FDS 6 Arius 6 Yelich 6 Bashka 4 Alex Costa 2 Mikey 4 Kieron Black 2 Aaron North 2 Brad 2 Marker 0 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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