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    Not the Same Guy.

    A few days after Eli Smith addressed his injury after Night Of Legends, another Youtube Video is uploaded to the BPZ Youtube channel this time an interview with FDS. The newest member of Bulletproof with many people questioning the motives of FDS as to what he has become and the kind of people he’s chosen to surround himself with. FDS steps into frame sitting down across from BPZ’s resident interviewer Josh Trenton. Josh Trenton: “Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have an exclusive interview with the newest member of Bulletproof and the opponent for Eli Smith at Royal Rumble, The Silencer FDS. FDS, first of all-” FDS: “Woah, No welcome Josh? What am I not good enough for you to say Hello to? Man, do they not teach manners in journalism school? Come on now. Josh Trenton: My apologies, Welcome FDS.” FDS: “Thank you, now you can ask your questions.” Josh Trenton: “Well, first of all you joining Bulletproof seems like a strange addition considering your history with Flynn-” FDS: “Strange? I don’t see it as Strange. Flynn and I have a healthy respect for each other. True he’s kicked my ass all around this ring and he’s done things to me that I could find unforgivable but this isn’t about forgiveness, the past is the past and business is business, that’s just how it goes.” Josh Trenton: “So you’re attack on Smith, that was Business?” FDS looks at Josh if he’s an idiot. FDS: “Of Course that wasn’t business, yes that was personal but not in the way that Smith thinks. I saw his video, it was funny. He just has that demeanour about him where everything he says just comes across as comical you know? He’s trying to be serious but it was all just so funny. Praising his opponents and acting like this is the same thing that happened in 2017 and 2018. This is different. You see, Smith and I we both spent a lot of time away from this company in 2018. Mine was because I was injured and I didn’t have a choice. His was because he got pushed out of here because he wasn’t strong enough to stay here. That really pisses me off you know? I didn’t get a choice when I left, I was told I had to stop after a match, I was told I had to change my style when I came back, I was told that I should consider retirement when I came back. What did he get? A hero’s welcome. Continuous praise from everybody backstage and all the fans. God, it’s disgusting. Especially considering he’s more broken down than I am.” Josh Trenton: “So were you targeting him to show people that? FDS puts his head in his hands and just looks frustrated at Josh FDS: “You’re just like the rest of them you know that? Assuming shit, thinking you know my motives. I was targeting him because I know something that a lot of people don’t seem to realise and that’s one simple thing: the guy wrestling right now, that ain’t Smith. That guy out there is some imposter using the name of Smith, that isn’t the same man who would hit me with an Eighth Sin of the Top Rope, that isn’t the same man who took the Intercontinental Championship from me, that isn’t the same guy who kicked my ass for eight months straight. That guy out there, with a knee Injury and who almost got concussed from two Knees to the head, he’s just a tag team competitor. I felt it in the Elimination Chamber back in October, he ain’t the same guy. All he is, is a tag team guy who occasionally wrestles a singles match, usually trying to hide behind guys who are better than him. Honestly, I didn’t want to believe that back in October but after he went to the goddamn hospital after he got hit in the head a couple of times I just knew this wasn’t the same guy. This isn’t someone I'm intimidated by. This isn’t someone I feel mercy for. This is a wounded animal that I am going to hunt and prey upon and rip his body to shreds. So when he does get in the ring with me, he’ll be finished before he leaves. Josh Trenton: “So does that-” FDS: “Alright Josh shut up. Nobody wants to hear your stupid voice, nobody cares what you think, you’re pathetic so just leave. I’ve got some things to tell Smith.” Josh gets up and leaves frantically afraid of what FDS might do if he doesn’t FDS: “So, Smith you think i’m gonna ambush you? You think I'm gonna attack you from behind again? Huh? Is that what you think? Alright, then I'll make you a little proposal, this coming Carnage, meet me in the ring and I promise I won’t lay a finger on your pretty little head, since that’s what you really care about, right? Not getting hurt? So fine, I won’t hurt you, I’ll stand face to face with you in the ring and we can have a nice little civil discussion, maybe you’d like some tea as well? Would Prince Eli Smith like that? I guess we’ll find out, see you at Carnage, if you decide to show up.” FDS stands up and flips the chair behind him walking off camera throwing the clip on mic on the floor.
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    Blood Soaked Covenant

    On BPZ.com, a new, mysterious video appears relatively out of nowhere. Eerily entitled "Blood Soaked Covenant," the contents of the video begin to play upon clicking the link. Redirecting to a separate website, the video begins. The camera of the small mobile phone fires up, and the picture of the screen is soaked in relative darkness for about ten seconds. Finally, a light is switched on, a surprisingly bright light. The camera is pointed at a heavily bruised and swollen face, but the features and signature paint unmistakably distinguish this as The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. Eyes filled with contempt, The Chancellor stares hard into the center of the camera. Clearing his throat, voice escapes from the lips of Sellers once again. "If you've a mite of intelligence, you can tell I'm in a very poor state of mind following this past Carnage. Enough with my typical prose, I'm delving directly to the point I need to make. Normally, I save the best for last, but Jeremiah Flynn and Bulletproof decided they wanted to make an example of me, to prove my own hypocrisy and to assert a nonexistent dominance, whether to spite the message I've made, or to stroke their own egos. All this proves, Flynn, is your over-reliance on the Firing Squad, and your inherent weakness when stripped of that oh so precious numbers game. An advantage is only as such when you can utilise it, but in a one on one contest, Jeremiah, your friends won't be there to assault me. You can do everything, make my life a living Hell until January the 29th. On that day, you'll lack the physical backing of Firing Squad. How will you fare after that, Flynn?" "My interests are not split at this moment in time, Jeremiah Flynn. You've made the fatal error of turning my vision square to you, and the bullseye you've just slammed into your own chest without hesitation is larger than the stakes of this match. You asked me if I was bordering on a severe level of unintelligence, enough to regard you as a joke. Do you want to know something, Jeremiah? Before you attacking me, before you blindsiding me, I had respect for you. I simply had to store it in the trenches of my mind, and regard you as only the enemy. Now, however, that your true nature is revealed to me, you aren't just the enemy. You took two of your lackeys and only with their assistance did you take me out. That is a most laughable trait, and do you know what makes me laugh? A joke. Merely, you are the jester in this show, a foolish act. I laugh at and pity you. You took yourself from my prime focus to my only focus. I will not feel pity, however, for your friends, your lackeys, your family, who will be forced to tears at the sight of what will become of you. Not figuratively, do I mean this, Flynn. Quite literally, the mess that will become of your physical being will become a revolting sight. Fitting, it certainly is, that it will come to that, as perhaps your appearance will be matching with your personality whence I have finished my work. While I pity your soul now, I damn sure won't when I destroy your comeback and boost myself to the moon off the shoulders of the fallen star. Jeremiah Flynn, I have entered a blood soaked covenant. The blood which I will use is yours, as I will ring true my self-promised destiny of defeating and destroying you." Finally breaking his gaze from the camera, the Suicidal Manic takes a moment to breathe, before beginning to speak once more. "Certainly a man I have learned the inner mechanisms of inside out, The Tiger found it within himself to call me out. Your crown, as you call it, that lay across your shoulder, the prize for defeating you, the NXT Championship, is certainly well within attainable grasp. I cannot relate to you, Tiger. A slight shake of the head. To disappear simply out of disappointment, what a pitiful excuse of a man you are. Every single time I have been forced to take a hiatus, it is for reasons beyond my control. I bust my ass day in and day out, and even uphold a self-destructive regimen whilst the hindering caveats thrown at me by fate itself are being dealt with. To simply be gone because you lost a match you were outclassed in, and it disappointed you? The only disappointment is you, Tiger. We are both enemies of Bulletproof, but do not mistake this for familiarity you may have regarding my situation. You will never have an idea of what it truly takes to go toe to toe with a man like Jeremiah Flynn. And while, as you stated, he does have the clear numbers advantage, you make the sore mistake of counting me out. Mister Tiger, you'll find that your own observations are soon to be proven wrong, that I can take out Flynn, that I can take out you, and I can walk home at the end of it all. Perhaps Bulletproof is akin to a box of glass, however with you I would think more to the tune of a house of playing cards. Carefully constructed, is your façade, but once the match sets alight the wood, all that will remain is the ashes of your championship reign." Somewhat uncharacteristically, a slight laugh escapes from The Chancellor. He takes a minute before focusing on his next, and final, addressee. "Since apparently, you don't care, I find myself in luck. With a half-assed group of competition, I'll barely need to acknowledge the existence of this match to be crowned the NXT Champion. Mister Cody Cage, if it so be that you only care about getting paid, and that is why you feel the need to speak on me and me alone, why go about running down what I said in pedantic detail? It would be to increase your name brand, you would say, but is that really how to go about it? By addressing me in a negative tone, the only guarantee you make is that Newton's Third Law is executed in full order. Since I doubt you hold the intelligence, or can muster the slightest fuck, to understand simple science, allow me to break this down. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sellers appears to zone out for a short period of seconds, lost in thought. He takes a few breaths before returning to the real world. Sorry, I was too busy not caring, since the very prospect of your being bores me to eternal slumber… See how cringey that sounds? Perhaps, you could think through your next word choice before speaking on my name." "To get back into gear, the reason I so stopped myself is due to a significant revelation I have just made. Newton's Third Law is only partially in effect, in this case. You speaking of me has caused a reaction, however this is much larger in scale and in relevance than your drivel. There is no equal here, because the two of us are not equals. I am more talented than you are entirely, and at the Royal Rumble I won't even have to try to prove it. All you have done is in complete opposition of your intentions, because being on the receiving end of a dog with both bark and bite will only wound you. Just like the Titanic, I'm the iceberg that is casually sinking your name brand to the bottom of the ocean. Sellers rolls his neck a couple of times before staring back into the camera. Next, and finally, to ponder over a simple yet hilarious bit of hypocrisy from the speaker of which I am referring to. You wish to run through each mistake that I've made in my previous promo. In your attempts to do this, you made completely obvious mistakes. Firstly, you claimed that I would say of The Tiger that he does not deserve a contract with this company. Speak for yourself, but the only competitor in this match that quite fits such a bill would be the actual man I said to be undeserving of his employment, that being The Riddler. Secondly, you made the fatal error of taking the words I speak in the wrong tone. To kill your true self is not something I would say literally, as would be clear if you had the intelligence of basic English. Perhaps you aren't smart enough to comprehend these things, or perhaps you just "don't care" to, but whichever would be the case does not matter, as the only thing you've proved to me is your content attitude toward your own idiocy. I don't attempt to be scary, nor do I need to do so. The glare of Sellers at the camera continues to intensify for a couple of seconds. This audience that we wrestle for has no necessity to fear me. The men whom should stand toe to toe with yours truly, though, you being one such example, Cody Cage, have a reason to fear. You're the flag for this bull to chase, and I don't miss. You say I am being 'awkward,' but if you weren't to bring up the factor of 'scary' in the first place, maybe your fear of me would not become so obvious. However, that is irrelevant anyways, as in a situation such as the own we are in at this moment in time, it is self-evident in your mannerisms and your speech that I am your worst fucking nightmare. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ stares into the camera for about ten seconds more, before stopping the recording. Having seen that message from The Chancellor, one can only imagine the fight he'll bring in the coming week.
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    Where had he been? Where had The Tiger been after his loss at Night of Legends alongside Death Notorious Angel? It was a brutal contest between all those involved and whilst it ended with him on his back covered in marks of pain, it wasn't all bad. In fact getting brutalised by Firing Squad was an experience that would benefit him going forward. Perhaps it would be wise for The Tiger to form some alliances with others within the company because it was clear that DNA and himself were not going to be teaming up again anytime soon. A rather sinister sounding laugh could be heard as something could be heard being dragged along steel grates. It seemed that The Tiger was in a warehouse of some kind with the noise beginning to bang against some steel steps, it was clear that he had a weapon with him with the sound continuing to linger until it suddenly stopped with the only sound heard being him unlocking a door slowly switching the lights on as the tall intimidating man took a seat glancing straight into the camera placing his barbed wire bat to the side. He removed his glasses to reveal he was wearing Orange Contacts. “Do you really think that my absence was due to the embarrassment of being overwhelmed by those Gunmen? My disappearance was certainly due to the Gunmen but it wasn’t because of the fact I was disappointed to lose. In fact the reason I vanished was due to 1 key factor : Adaptation. The ability to learn from one’s downfall and use it within your future battles. We aren’t done by any means of word, our encounters with one another do not end here. Whether it is with the DNA or with another, I will find my ways to take you both down and send your carcasses to Oblivion. That was my reason to disappear but I’m afraid that cannot be said about you CJ Sellers your disappearance was due to far more chaotic circumstances. You made noises during the build up to Survivor Series about how your intentions were to save these people from their own delusions but that journey met a sudden end. I must admit having your presence back in the Gauntlet is rather exhilarating. Perhaps I know the reason for your disappearance all those months ago but I don’t think you care anymore. I’ve heard rumours this is your last chance to claim my Golden Crown and honestly that just motivates me even more so to drop you on your neck and send you on your way to pursue other endeavours. Bulletproof are as much my foe as they are your own as you attempt to shatter the glass box at its source: Jeremiah Flynn.” The leather clad man revealed a pistol as the camera panned towards it,loading it’s barrel with one bullet and shooting to the side, shattering a glass window out of the conference room. It is made apparent that he only shot a solitude bullet to drive his point home that he believed it would be impossible to claim victory in both contests at the BPZ Royal Rumble event. “ It seems you have to choose CJ, which one of us is more important for you to decimate? Is it more important to you that you claim what was stolen thanks to a mystery assailant taking you out preventing you and I from having this confrontation much sooner? Or would you rather focus on the man whom has finally made you his main target? Either way I don’t see you achieving both because I doubt you’ll have the stamina left after being mauled by multiple numbers. Speaking of numbers,one man’s time finally reached its climax as the Riddler defeated a man even more insane than Amai because the man really does not know who he is. That man has an identity crisis every single day of his existence that even an intelligent and calculating specimen such as myself is struggling to keep up. Is he Arrow Thunderman? Arrow Rhodes? Arrow Gargano? Brrow? Now he claims to be Arrow Orton but either you dealt with him in quite convincing fashion which has given me reason to pay attention to your antics. I guess we’ll never know who he truly is,Riddles are your thing anyways. Do you really think that because you beat someone with even less sanity than the first challenger that I broke after he failed to reach my level? However that being said you could easily surprise me. I mean look at James Knight, he most certainly surprised me being able to at least make things entertaining but they all fall the same as they realize that in order to beat me, you cannot be a normal man. Your Riddles are a part of the charm,don’t worry I won’t be bringing in Batman to deal with you. If I want your body to break into pieces, I’d do it myself because I have confidence in my own abilities unlike that deluded piece of shit Arrow Orton and it honestly showed when you buried him under his own insecurities. You really want to know what someone requires to have a slither of a chance of beating me for my NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble? You’ll find out when I forge my path of chaos with the blood of every single deluded bastard who thought that they were close to figuring it all out before the circumstances they were in changed before their very eyes. Never will you become the Predator because your reality is Prey”
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    The Consigliere

    We open to an office, an errie scene, as a drink is being poured into a glass as a figure sits down and begins to sip it, before beginning to talk. As soon as he begins to talk, the camera pans up, revealing Don Dada himself, speaking to someone, but once again, we are not shown who it is, all while Raven stands behind Slim, his hands at his hips. Slim: I must say, when the Underboss told me that you wanted to meet with me, I was most pleasantly surprised, you don't seem like the type to want to join the Mafia, but alas, here we are. ???: Here we are. Slim: But I do suppose, business is business, even for a man like yourself. I will tell you this, an addition like yourself to the Mafia will cement us as the powerhouse of BPZ, along with all the power having you wields. So, what are your terms? Slim sips his drink, as the man seated in front of Don Dada continues to speak. ???: Every boss, needs a close advisor. I'm here to be yours. We may have had our differences in the past, my friend, but at the end of the day, me and you, we're alike. Both dominant forces, both men who grin at the sight of pain being inflicted on our enemies. And you know the old saying, the enemy of my enemy... is my friend. Slim: I've always preferred the saying, the enemy of my enemy, is my family. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying you want to be the Consigliere for us? I suppose a man with your fairness could be the right guy to handle disputes, along with myself and the Underboss, it would be a tantalizing trio... But I do have a concern. ???: And that is? Slim: That. Slim points at something on the Consigliere's body, as the Consigliere laughs it off. ???: Oh, this? You can have it. My loyalty lies with this. Slim is handed something as he peers at it, in his hands, smiling. Slim: Well, Mr. Consigliere, that covers everything... Welcome. ???: I'll be in touch. Slim: No, no, no. Hold up. Slim pulls out another glass, as he puts whatever the Consigliere gave him in his pocket, as he pours some more vodka into a cup, and hands it to the mysterious consigliere, as they clank them together before drinking them. Slim: To a beautiful partnership, my Consigliere. *VIDEO END*
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    BPZ Music

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    "How do you kill something that won't die?" {The scene opens in the infamously known Creed Gym where we see the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius, going through a workout. He is in the ring with his brothers, Smith and Bart who are also preparing for their next encounter at Night of Legends. The scene then cuts to a dark room where Julius is now seated staring up at a screen showing the events of World at War 2019} "It's been a while little guy, but there hasn't been a moment when I've stopped thinking about you. I understand why you did it, but that doesn't mean I like how u did it. Instead of coming to me by yourself and sorting out these issues like a man, you needed to play with the lights and put on a mask like a coward. I visited you Ropati, almost every week I walked into that hospital room and sat there looking at you and it killed me. I didn't want to do it, but I had to, you were holding me back. I killed a friendship that I cherished deeply and it haunts me to this day. Would I go back and take it all away? Of course but that's with the benefit of hindsight. I was angry, I was in a bad place all those months ago and I hurt you, I'm sorry" "The attacks I can deal with, but one thing that doesn't sit right with me is that ring you wear on your finger. You were in a place of vulnerability I get that but you didn't need to sell your soul to the devil. That man Jeremiah Flynn is the Devil, he called the strike on your head, but it seems that his words are too powerful, clouding your knowledge and judgment. You wear that ring and I wear this chain, I wear this chain to stop you and your rogue cause and at Night of Legends I am going to continue doing just that. Survivor Series wasn't the end, It didn't end with Carter went down, but for me it ends when I put you down to the ground" "Even after everything we've been through and everything we're about to endure I still consider you a friend, a brother. I made that mistake pushing you away and stabbing you in the back and I don't want to have to do it again. Beating you from pillar to post is going to kill me on the inside, it's going to hurt me seeing your face dripping in blood as I puncture a hole in your skull but it's something I must do. I've got to exterminate you for good. You want to kill me and rightfully so, and because of that I'm putting the ball in your court. Whatever match you want you can have, you pick the rules and I will rightfully oblige. This is our last dance and I'm going to come out on top. You are my weakness but my weakness is greater than any strength you posses" "How do you kill something that won't die? Extermination"
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    With My Shield, Or On It

    Just as the North American champion requests, we hear a booming "EVERYBODY DIES" echo throughout the arena, followed by the theme now synonymous with the English Psychopath, Raven. Raven enters the arena with a microphone in hand and rushes down to the ring, wasting no time in joining the Resonator in the middle of it. Raven stares down KENJI for a few seconds, his eyes unwavering, before raising the microphone to his mouth and beginning to speak. KENJI. I must admit, I'm surprised. You've set yourself up for certain failure and immeasurable suffering at Night of Legends...But despite staring your messenger of death in the face, you don't waver...You've placed yourself in a situation where you have no hope of success, where all your success and momentum is destined to reach a screeching halt...But your eyes show no fear. Whether it's arrogance or confidence, I have to respect it...But no matter how much I respect your tenacity, nothing changes the fact that I am your superior. You can claim to be a different man all you want, but no matter how much you change, the one consistency is I AM BETTER. I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm more successful...In every regard, I'm the better athlete. The only thing you could possibly have over me is that I've never defended a title...But so far, neither have you. And I'm not about to be your stepping stone. I refuse to be the the man whose failure cemented KENJI's status as a true star and a worthy champion. I'm not only going to beat you, I will victimize you. I will humiliate you. I don't care if you claim to write your own destiny, because there's one destiny every man will eventually meet. Everybody dies. And your death will come at Night of Legends. As Raven says this, KENJI flashes him a small grin. KENJI continues to stare down the behemoth, but he raises a microphone to his face and begins to talk again. However, before he can, he's greeted with a stiff right hand to the face! This catches KENJI by surprise and staggers the Resonator, but Raven doesn't stop, raining down the blows on the North American champion. KENJI is soon staggered on the ropes, and Raven runs to him in hopes of clotheslining him over the top rope, but as he approaches, KENJI fires back with a massive Pumping Bomber! KENJI taunts for a few seconds, now fired up, and Raven rolls out of the ring as this happens. However, KENJI decides to follow the English Psycho, the cheers of the BPZ audience behind him. Raven attempts to make his exit up the entrance ramp, but KENJI is on him before he's even halfway, and KENJI whips his Night of Legends opponent into the steel steps at ringside. Raven hits the steps hard and attempts to take a moment to recover, but KENJI is relentless, preparing to charge Raven through the steps. KENJI charges at Raven, but at the last second, Raven moves, with KENJI crashing his shoulder hard into the steel. Raven then takes this moment of weakness to catch KENJI with the Raven Claw. KENJI tries to fight it, but Raven then uses his other hand to slam KENJI's head into the steel steps! This rattles the North American champion, and he's defenseless to stop the assault, but thankfully, security runs out to pry Raven away. Security pulls the English Psycho off, and despite his repeated efforts, Raven is unable to break through. After about a minute, KENJI finally recovers from the Raven Claw, and he charges at Raven again, diving straight into the wall of security. KENJI's able to get a few shots in on Raven, but security stops both men and pries them away from each other. Though both men try to continue the fight, the brawl ends here, with tensions as high as ever before the clash at Night of Legends. Raven shouts "YOU'RE COMING TO MURDER RAVEN MANSION THIS SUNDAY, BITCH" as the segment closes, and Carnage then cuts to a commercial.
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    Playing: Debussy - The girl with the Flaxen hair The scene opens as an overhead shot of a small cottage at an undisclosed location. The camera transitions to an inside shot as the audience get their first glimpse of the interior decorating. The room was quiet, still, but it held something in it too. The camera zooms in slowly to get a better glance at Rin Akane. She sits laying in a large wooden chair; her long legs crossed, draped over one of the arms as the mid of her back was up against the other. And by her wooden chair sat a large German Shepard, sitting guard like a warrior awaiting his order. As the camera moved closer to them, the German Shepherd on the left of the woman began to growl which made Rin Akane smile as she reached down with one of her hands and slowly slid her fingers against its fur. After calming him down, Rin Akane threw her legs off the arm of the chair; placing them on the floor in front of her to sit upright as the interviewer sat nervously. Rin Akane: "Do not mind him, my dear. He is simply protective. Isn't that right?" Rin Akane chuckled to herself as the dog leaned closer to her touch. "Hmm, if only the world around us was like this. So calm, so easy to temper but alas it isn't that easy, is it?" She shakes her head slowly, the dog laid his head down on her knee. Rin Akane slowly starts to pet him as a sigh passes through her lips. "No, it never is. Not with so many simple minded gracing this world, believing they are deserving of everything. That they are the wall to climb over. Imperturbable The interviewer Monroe tries to get comfortable as she continues the interview Monroe: What are your thoughts about this opportunity for Invictus upcoming at Night of Legends? Rin Akane thinks on her answer as she lifts her hand up from on top of her dogs head Rin Akane: Monroe is it? I apologise but this evening might not be what you expected. Less and interview and more as a historian. Do you know the feeling of walking into an arena and feeling that history is being born as we witness an event, a moment in time? I know you're not a competitor..hm, by my first glance i'm not sure if you've ever had to fight in your life time. I guess that’s what gives me an edge over most in my position. The instinct that comes with being an orchestrator. RIn smirks Well..along with many other things. Before the recent BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational It had been a small period of time since I’d felt like this. As much as recurrent success is good motivation to truly be the headline, to make the heads turn as the tectonic plates of wrestling shift...the allure of that placement is the strongest you'll feel in this line of work. Night of Legends. When faced with an opportunity to contend with some of the best in the company has to offer then that is best for business, that is best for the brand but more importantly it is again a chance to showcase what many have already come to embrace over 2019. The New Year chimes, the resolutions are made. 2020. A new year on the horizon, a brand new platform for the thrilling combination of Arius & KENJI to compete together on, and a match that could change the game for this industry. Could any words be sweeter? An look into the crystal ball that is our company. I remember as Arius has slowly climbed the ladder over the last year that the messages have been increasing in frequency of how to act, when to act..who to shake hands with and who not. They have been from those wishing to live vicariously through him, messages that he should “Cash in on open opportunities now. You’re wasting time and etc.”. We're in an age of instant gratification. It seems that now people don’t want to hone their craft, be mentally preparing for that big match. It's all about 0 to 80 with no break in between. The journey might be gruelling but a long one where you learn and improve more than ever. It is hard not to see it from their perspective. Their chance had passed them and time is unforgiving. The great fallacy: the wisdom of older superstars. They do not grow wise. They grow careful. And use that self-protection to project on to the next generation. Monroe, I’ve seen men come and go throughout my time in professional wrestling but a few things have remained in BPZ, The Revenant of the ring and The Resonator of our industry. Name any of the big names, and these men have had the opportunity to step into the ring with them. Julius, FDS, Bailey, Brad, Slim...and, of course, Bart and Eli Smith. Every single talent who has left their mark, these men i stand side by side with have had the honour to face them but while they entered in their best years, I’m glad to say the years of Invictus have yet to come. I’m still young to my life, only a walk into my twenties at this stage but in the modern world a young woman must learn fast to survive. Back in my home of Osaka, learning the ropes of industry and negotiation..you quickly learn to fight into the world of business. Amongst a world of wolves and it starts to feel you’ve walked the world for a long time. Watching in that bubble as the undeserving have been handed everything left and right. I finally realised that you have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out. Why must the unwanted get attention when women who have bled for this world get handed nothing but the scraps? Why must the world be so blinded by the safe and familiar to overlook us who have to fought their way to their podium? So many questions for the ones who run the world but none of listen...so why not show them who truly matters between those velvet ropes." Rin Akane smiles wickedly before standing from the wooden chair; the dog beside her mimicking her movements, watching her every move. Moving around the room. In the year we’ve spent here in Brendenplayz Wrestling I’ve seen changes in the guard, potential fulfilled, moments people will never forget and so much more. While all that was happening, all of us separately were on this tempered journey to the top. Monroe follows Rin Akane as she heads on to the porch of this small oasis, the microphone held forward and the camera trailing behind. See Creed, they have the talent which is undeniable. They wouldn’t be held to the esteem and be lavished by their previous successes if that wasn’t the case. And you have the nostalgia and look to help you for years to come. There is always going to be a paycheck for name value. But in those years what is missing, where’s that drive from coming through the bottom of the pack. No one is hungrier than the predator. How do you think even after everything our opposition have mentioned through the tournament, have tried to drive a wedge in through the middle of this prized ensemble, that we still stand here as not only the future for young wrestlers to follow but the shining example. When you have nothing to lose, that’s when you turn on to the next gear and push forward with all of your limits broken. You’ll look back on our 2019, load up the award winning BPZ Network and reflect on all those moments of ours, you’ll note down what sparked this meteoric rise. You'll try to find the weak link in the chain but soon you'll realise that task is no small feat, near improbable. But you'll try and i can appreciate that. I know your confidence is rarely ever shaken, you’re far too arrogant for that. It’s hard to damage the confidence of men who are encompassed in their own branding. Invictus could have you flat, back against the cold ring and yet you’d still believe you were winning. The upperhand embroidered on your trunks. Rin Akane looks under the bench outside to retrieve a stick stored away Over the months since the Creed idea was born you have been caught up in your own head, too concerned about yourself and pushing the idea of the oasis of brotherhood amongst long tenured superstars. You follow every address like a slogan for the freshest scam that any positivity therapy camp would dream of. RIn Akane throws the stick for her German Shepard as she asks a near by Ghoul to keep the dog company. Watching her canine companion move like lightening through the garden she turns back to Monroe. Focus on my words, focus on Invictus before it’s too late. Underestimate us at your own peril, it will cost you dearly again. I think you need to truly understand who you are facing this coming month for you’re not battling the same show openers that entered this company with an idea anymore. No. No you’re facing the combined resilience and strength that are the face of the next act in the show that is Brendenplayz Wrestling. These are the sort of matches that we live for. Invictus rises to the occasion and dominates on the big stage. We don’t get stage fright like those you normally face. We are not First Class Express. We will not crumble when the lights turn on just because we are facing established men. Totems of power. I think everybody’s got a malicious side… We should appreciate the power of the truth, often malicious, no matter how preposterous. My advice? Begin the preparations of learning humility when defeated first, then go back to being with your stable of activists for whatever you preach. This week on Carnage Arius and KENJI will be live to gain an audience, facing their critiques head on. When Invictus walk away as the new BPZ Tag Team Champions you can come back to me when you truly know what defeat is like and how it feels to be at the bottom of the food chain. For Creed is a shelter and not a haven. Come Night of Legends, Bart and Eli Smith will know their mistake, that greatness doesn’t come to teams that try to rush to the top, it comes to those who can overcome everything that stands in their way. That is where our truth lies. Master of our fate. Invictus
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    The Way I look at it bart. I don’t need weapons I can fight any man with my bare hands but Weapons are more fun and they hurt a lot more. Who said I can’t bring any weapons to the Royal Rumble Match. You didn’t think I wasn’t coming in this years Rumble without spicing it up a bit did you? I’m coming to the Rumble with whole lot of weapons. I am tired of the old fashion way of doing things like the Royal Rumble. Where everyone just fights each other and tries to throw each other over. I already won it that way and that is boring. Why not spice it up. What’s gonna stop me from taking about 10 steel chairs and throwing it in the ring. What’s gonna stop me from bringing my good old friend Josh with me to the ring. I don’t care for your opinions bart. I can use my own hands but Weapons make people hurt more. They make people bleed more. They just make things more exciting and I plan on making the Royal Rumble way more intense. Way more exciting. So I dare you Bart. I dare you to just come into a fight with your hands. Because i promise you. Your fist aren’t beating a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Bart. I’m no hero Bart and I certainly don’t try and be one. Hero’s are stupid and can be taken advantage of. I am simply a man that is out for blood. I don’t look at entering Number 1 as overcoming the odds like a man like you think it is. I look at it like I just FUCKING CONQUERED THE WHOLE ROYAL RUMBLE! Bailey drops his Microphone as so does Bart as both men get into each other’s faces about to brawl until a familiar sound is played throughout the whole arena.....
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    BPZ Music

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    Smarks Daily

    The Mecca of them all, BPZ Mania is the extravaganza where kids, men, women and everything in between hope and pray their careers take them. It's described as the Granddaddy of them all and it's the place where stars are made and legacies live on forever but it's that illustrious Main Event spot which is chased by so many. Last year we had Bailey vs Flynn but this year's Main Event is well up in the air. Today I will present you, the viewers the top 5 potential BPZ Mania Main Events 5. Flynn (C) vs Bailey Now I know what you're thinking. "Jeez Mike we saw this last year" but my answer to you there you fucking Smark is that if it ain't broke don't fix it. These two are arguable one and two in the BPZ GOAT Conversation, a conversation that we will have shortly and they made the company a boatload of money last year when they headlined Mania. Flynn is challenging for the World Title at the Royal Rumble and could very well defeat Julius while Bailey is one of the front-runners to win the Royal Rumble once again. These two won't ever bore the crowd with their exciting promo's and charismatic presence and it could definitely be a safe option for BPZ to look at 4. Julius (C) vs Bart vs Smith vs Sameer We looked at the safe option that was present with Bailey and Flynn but now we move to something that would be quite unique and actually quite fascinating. Creed together as a unit are unbeatable, just look at their victory over BulletProof at Survivor Series but individually all of these guys are top singles competitor's and when the opportunity and gold is on the line all gloves are off. Getting there would be a little bit difficult, Julius could retain his title and head into Mania as champ, Bart or Smith could win the Rumble and the other two would just have to force their way in somehow but that's method is for a different day. These 4 guys headlining Mania would be a great spectacle, given their history together and would be something I wouldn't mind BPZ going ahead with 3. Flynn (C) vs Arius Ok now I am delving into the complete unknown with this suggestion in saying that how about we move away from tradition and give the Undisputed Championship the Main Event of Mania. The Undisputed Title has definitely felt like the superior belt for majority of 2019 and how about we recognise it's greatness and give it the spotlight in the Main Event. Now that we have that out of the way lets take a look at the two men involved, Flynn and Arius. Relax now you fucking Smarks I see that you're all getting raging boners but this would definitely be quite a thrilling contest. Flynn retains his title at Night of Legends while Arius takes out the Rumble and instead of challenging for world he shifts things up and goes for the Undisputed title. The build would be extraordinary and the match itself would be superb, what a way to crown Arius as the man going forward 2. Flynn (C) vs Smith Flynn seems to be a name popping up everywhere and that truly is a testament to him and his skill but one match we haven't seen for a long time is Smith vs Flynn. It could have happened at Night of Legends but instead Slim is in that spot but why not do it at Mania for the Undisputed Championship. Smith is phenomenal and is one of the last remaining threats to Flynn's title and may just be the one to take the title off him. Flynn on the other hand could use a victory over Smith to further prove his dominance as champ and really make a statement in regards to his legacy and the GOAT conversation. The story is there but we just haven't seen the payoff, maybe at Mania it happens 1. Flynn (C) vs Bailey vs Slim Surely you all knew that this was going to come in at number 1, the three top stars the company has ever seen fighting in the Main Event of Mania to show who the real GOAT is. Bailey, Slim and Flynn have dominated the company for years now and we all really need to see them headline Mania together before the peak of their careers wind down. You don't need an eccentric story to have this makes sense, the names alone sell the tickets for you. Personally as a fan of BPZ I would love to see this come into fruition so we can see who the real GOAT of BPZ is This has been the newest recruit to Smarks Daily "The White Mamba" Mike Hunt, and I'll catch you all next time
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    Christmas Day Gifts to Bobby

    Oh Bobby. How’s your eye? It’s not looking so good who knew a screwdriver could do so much damage. What the hell was I thinking? That’s right I wasn’t thinking at all I was just out to hurt you. You see I have moments where I just see blood in my eyes and nothing can stop me. I just need to hunt my prey and damage it. Your eye was just warning shot for what I’m really going to do you. You thought that hurt? You haven’t seen nothing yet. The War has just started. You don’t want any of my gifs. That’s fine that’s on you. I just hope your ready for what’s coming to you. I hope you’re trained well. I hope you are a prepared for what you have gotten yourself into. This isn’t just gonna be some simple wrestling match. I am not coming to Las Vegas to Wrestle you. I am coming to fight you. I am coming to hurt you. You showed us all tonight the coward you are. You didn’t surprise me at all. You only attack from behind. Never face to face. Never man to man. Well let’s see what kinda man you are at Night of Legends. You think your the future of BPZ. I hate to break it you Bobby but the okay thing your future holds is a ride down to the Las Vegas hospital for having every single bone in your body BROKEN! Try and come to take my career Bobby. Give it your best effort but quite frankly I don’t think you got the balls to take it. Bailey drops the mic and looks directly at bob on the Titantron
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    I Can't Odd

    Where is Everybody?

    Carnage returns from commercial to Buddy Ace in the ring. In two days at Night of Legends he will be a participant in the Carnage Scramble for a shot at the North American Championship at BPZMania V. The fans seem to have rallied around Buddy in the past few weeks and they are cheering for him now as he stands with a microphone in hand. He seems to be in good spirits as he waits for the crowd to quiet down before starting to speak. “Here we are, only a couple days out from a potentially career changing match for me. One of the biggest pay per views of the year and I get to compete in its signature match. You guys have no idea how much I have dedicated to this career. Probably a thousand hours of training yet I found myself beaten time and time again. Now I have another chance, a chance that I earned. I had to fight my way into this match up and now I’m gonna fight my way through it. I’ve had a groundswell of support lately and I truly do appreciate it. For a long time I felt like no matter what I did no one cared, that nothing I could do would be good enough for anyone. I poured in all that work but it just wasn’t being recognized. Though it seems I’ve broken through the clouds and everyone can see me for what I am. I suppose I have one man to thank for that. MARKER pal, I dunno where you’re off sulking at but if you’re watching this, god bless you. You gave me the platform I needed to prove my worth when things come down to the wire and everything is on the line. Thank you so much, brother.” “I fully deserve to be in this match. I think most would agree with that statement. I fought tooth and nail over my spot in this match. Despite this I still have objectors and critics. People who don’t believe in me, people who are wondering why Buddy Ace is afforded yet another opportunity when he’s just going to squander it. They say, ‘Give it to someone else, anyone else, we’re tired of seeing this man on our screens. Buddy was a missed opportunity and it’s time to move past him.’ Well I say screw them. It ain’t too late for me if I got anything to say about it and I have plenty to say. So I didn’t become an instant success, so what? What’s stoppin me from running through this roster one by one until I’m the undisputed number one wrestler in this company? See I got plenty of time. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will get there someday. For now I gotta take it one step at a time as I move forward and right now the next step is this match. There’s no need for anyone to be worried about me cuz no matter what I’m still the same guy with the same destiny. They say it’s about the journey rather than the destination and I think when my career is all said and done that I’ll be looking back on one hell of a journey.” “Of course how good or bad of a wrestler I am isn’t the only deciding factor here. Four other men with the same potential, if not more, are all gunning for the same thing. Only one man will be able to walk into BPZMania as the challenger for that North American Championship. I fully intend for that man to be me but each other man has that same aspiration for themselves. Nothing is guaranteed in life as I've learned the hard way but I would still go all in on myself because I know I'm gonna go all out in this match. The Scramble is exactly the kind of environment I thrive in. No count outs or disqualifications and 30 minutes of chaos, I think the Carnage Scramble is appropriately named. Now whether I start as one of the first two men or I'm the last man to enter, by the end of those 30 minutes, I'll be the number one contender." "The first of my opponents that I would like to address is James Knight. James my friend, I understand the position you're in. Time and time again that NXT Championship has just barely slipped through your fingers. I'm sure that after each of these losses you've felt wronged, felt like the next time you would undoubtedly become champion because you deserve it. I know it can be frustrating but after your match against Mecko on New Year's Day, you've got to admit to yourself that what you're doing just ain't working. After all these failed attempts, maybe it's time to take a step back and really look at things for the way they are. Now I've seen you show some incredible fire before but where the hell has it gone? Did Mecko kill it when he beat you again? Simply being happy for your inclusion here isn't going to be anywhere near enough. I can only hope that you've gone silent because you're hitting the gym hard though somehow I have my doubts. The feeling of losing like that can be crushing but you need to get off your ass and redouble your efforts. You had a bunch of momentum and now you're just letting it die out. At this rate there's no Scramble for you, no Rumble, and certainly no NXT Championship." "Then there's his pal, or his former pal, I'm not quite sure. The current United States Champion and advocate for the Devil, Aaron North. Aaron and I, we got some business to attend to. We have crossed paths several times before in multiperson affairs such as when he eliminated me from the battle royal at last year's BPZMania. Now we find ourselves at odds with each other once again and it certainly won't be the last time, not even the last time this month. Aaron no deal with the Devil is gonna let you win this match or help you retain that United States Championship. You're nothing more than a geek with a mask now which is pretty sad because it seemed like you were set to be one of the year's breakout stars. Look what happened when you finally got a North American Championship match against Arius. You couldn't handle the pressure and you botched one of the biggest matches of your career. It seems the pressure is once again taking its toll on you as you delve further into madness. You're gonna fail here and then at the Royal Rumble you're gonna fail again because I'm back on the hunt for that United States Championship. I came so close more than once before and if I had been at Winter Warfare you would have never have gotten a hold of that belt. Try not to embarrass yourself too badly Friday night." "Aaron isn't the only person that can't handle the pressure. Where oh where has the Moneymaker Amai gone off to? I guess The Tiger officially broke him because since Winter Warfare he's been a ghost. I question whether or not Amai will even show up at Night of Legends. Mecko has caused Amai to just completely give up on his career apparently. It's honestly a shame how little interest Amai has shown towards this match because as slimy of a bastard as he is, he's a former champion for a reason. He's got the tools but he's just too fragile for this business. Amai believed that even after having lost it that he was the rightful champion and wouldn't accept things any other way. I guess the spoiled brat isn't used to not getting his way and he just can't handle it. I really think that this experience has just proved that Amai is a long way from being prepared for the big time. Amai is simply a boy in a man's sport and he has plenty of growing up to do before he's ready." "I've saved the best for last in this little breakdown. The Chancellor CJ Sellers is the only one of my opponents that seems to have taken this match seriously. Last year Sellers had a hell of a debut at Night of Legends in a Showcase match that instantly put him on the map. Unfortunately after that incredible debut he went on to inconsistently appear to lose matches and never followed up on it properly. In an odd way CJ and I had a pretty similar 2019, though they were inverses of each other. See while he had his singular victory in his first match of the year, I had mine in the last match of the year. That there is the reason why all these people are 'jumping the gun' as you said. I had to fight my way into the match while you were just set in as a replacement out of nowhere. Not trying to knock you there but it's a fact and because of that I'm fresh in the minds of everyone. Trust me, while I appreciate everyone's vote of confidence, I'm not going to let their words delude me. I've been in the same position before where I had the hype and still failed miserably. I'm looking at this realistically and yeah, you're a bit of an enigma, CJ. I really haven't got much on you and given your showing last year I think that a match type like the Scramble may just be in your wheelhouse. You say I'm a predictable foe and that may be true but even so it doesn't matter one bit. As a matter of fact you could literally know exactly what I'm going to do before I do it and it still wouldn't help you. You'll see my next move coming but you're too slow and too weak for it to do you any good. Your body won't be able to keep up with your mind and you are quite literally punching above your weight class." "Since we are on the go home show how about we make things exciting? If any of my opponents have anything further to say then please come on down and say them right here in front of me." The crowd starts buzzing at the idea of a confrontation occurring between foes here tonight. Will any of the other members of the Carnage Scramble answer the call?
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    BREAKING NEWS: Flynn arrested for Assault of BPZ Superstar In a shocking turn of events, the day of the BPZ Undisputed Championship match between Flynn and Slim, upon arrival of the venue in Las Vegas, Undisputed Champion Flynn physically assaulted and attacked his own challenger Slim. This came according to sources after Slim had some backhanded comment toward the champion backstage. The attack has resulted in Slim suffering from a severe concussion and broken jaw while Flynn was apprehended on the premises. An official statement has been released by BPZ that is linked below. According to it, Flynn is to be stripped of the championship and there will be no Undisputed Championship match at Nigh of Legends. Flynn is to be suspended going forward by the company for an undisclosed amount of time.
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    Screams for Forgiveness

    In an undisclosed location,The Tiger emerged from the shadows with a barbed wire bat beginning to twirl it in his fingertips. He was in a very sadistic mood wanting nothing more than to inflict pain upon his foes; The Firing Squad. Night of Legends would be his opportunity to prove that some beasts can exceed their own limits running off their primal instincts. This was the time to show his true capabilities especially when it came to a Street Fight:a contest with a lack of rules or morals. It was in these circumstances that a man like him thrives because not many could handle something of such chaotic nature. “You never know what can happen when thrust into a situation that your own impulses cannot resist. Such is the reason we’ve reached the solution. Death Notorious Angel and the Tiger united by disgust of Bulletproof and their Firing Squad. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a very very long time,something that would be able to drive me over the edge and show exactly what I learnt in the Jungle whilst slaughtering the innocent. And ladies and gentlemen,it seems we have found our motivation. Attacking someone whom I have a great deal of respect for and someone who has authority can really send you over the edge. It’s going to be far more entertaining now that you have awoken the inner Beast. James Knight got but a slither of what I can do when my moral compass goes out the window and am running on murderous intent.” A sadistic chuckle escaped the tall muscular man’s lips as the King of the Jungle hit his baseball bat against a glass bottle that was sat upon a barrel as he began to head forward towards a set of criminals he had made sure to brutalize before bringing them to his location. “I have found a little pattern with anyone who comes my way, they start to descend into their own madness. Amai was the first victim who started to spiral after realizing that he wasn’t the man who he believed he was. Believed to be a King but in reality,he was crazed and mentally insane. Then there was James Knight, I forced him to re-evaluate his methods and admittedly they almost worked in preventing me from retaining my NXT Championship. A prize that Mr Costa believes that doesn’t provide any pedigree but in reality I think every individual knows that regardless of when my prophecy ends, it’s going to be historic as what propelled myself to bigger heights. I know for a fact that I am taking a risk teaming with someone whom prior to my little challenge had zero connection with. DNA do you really think I have the intention of screwing you over? Even if I had the intent of screwing you over,we both know that Firing Squad would pick us off one by one and we’d just be in the situation we started in, those two cocky entitled bastards boasting about how they are the best team in the world and allowing their influence to grow. It seems that I have had an effect on your mindset too as I have been listening to your speech and it looks like that you are willing to go to a far deeper place to eradicate our common enemy. Revenge makes us do things that people cannot anticipate, they say that it causes imbalance but I say that Revenge brings out our most focused selves. The Bastards who won’t stop due to reason, it drives us to do even crazier things in sight of our goals.” Without warning, the intimidating brute swung the baseball bat proceeding to decapitate the first victim watching his head roll to the floor. “People say that myself and the Angel have more to lose because we haven’t got the chemistry on paper to apparently handle two of the finalists of the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament. But you see,the pressure isn’t on us to perform because we have nothing to lose at this point. But you two, oh that is a different story. You claim to be the most dominant tag team force in the division as the equalizers to the anarchy that exists in Tag Team Competition but you have to think about the little question that is sitting in the dark depths of your minds. What if you lose? What happens to the Firing Squad if they cannot handle a Team formed out of hatred for BulletProof? It absolutely terrifies you knowing that the possibility is going to become a reality as you are dealing with two individuals who will stop at nothing to draw blood and leave you within an inch of your lives. The answer to that question is rather simple, your little fantasy of dominance will burn to the ground as the influence of your importance burns to the ground. I know your old leader had patience but I doubt that your new one will have as much. Everything will collapse and your little guns won’t be able to rebuild what you have lost. See you at Night of Legends. You two little shits are done.” A smirk grew upon the lips of the Tiger as he poured oil over the other two restrained men lighting a match once he had made some distance before dropping it to light the spark as the two men slowly began to burn to a crisp. The only thing you can hear are screams. Screams for Forgiveness.
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    Mystery can be a very powerful quality. Some of the most influential beings in the world utilise the fortitude that vibrant mystique can offer, leaving all outsiders with no more capability than to only wonder, ponder, imagine what is behind those closed doors. Similarly, one of the most influential wrestlers today, Arius, has always retained this enigmatic presence. Despite the fact that Arius works alongside the rest of us in BPZ day-in and day-out, despite the fact that he battles in front of thousands of fans on a regular basis, it's hard to say that any of us truly know this man, what he stands for and what really is going through his brain. There are so many stones unturned and questions unanswered. Every time he makes an appearance, he makes sure to not give too much away, to leave us wanting more. It's what draws us in, what captivates the crowds and is the foundation to the excitement surrounding his name. However, as my partner rightfully pointed out, this tag-team division is a whole different ball game. If you want to be at the top, if you want to hold these titles, you have to know your partner in and out, you have to understand each other physically, mentally and emotionally. Now, it would be stupid for me to disregard what you have accomplished as within the first month of pairing, Arius and Kenji, you went all the way and won the prestigious Clapspiracy Invitational. Throughout the tournament, the two of you showcased exactly how talented the two of you are and truthfully put yourselves at the front of the race of becoming the next big things in BPZ. Nevertheless, this is where the honeymoon stage ends, this is where the initial fun of your new partnership starts to wear off and you truly get to know who you are sharing that ring with, who you are sharing your success with and who the person is that you need to be able to trust every time you go to war. When you walk down to the ring at Night Of Legends, I don't doubt that the joy of winning the Claspiracy Invitational will be recollected and that that will drive the both of you but on the other hand, there's going to be demoralising thoughts that cripple that drive. The two of you are undoubtedly two of the best BPZ has to offer right now and you have physical evidence of that in the form of your respective Intercontinental Championship and North-American Championship but that's the thing, you already have these championships and Kenji, you will be defending your title on the same night that you challenge for ours so I ask you, how much do you actually want this? Are you willing to sacrifice your chances of retaining the North-American Championships in order to claim the Tag Team Championships? As for you Arius, do you really think that Kenji is going to be putting his all into this match? Do you think that with a partner more focused on defending his own title that you will be able to beat the best tag team in the world? Because personally, I don't. I understand the talent that we will be coming up against this Sunday but I also understand tag team wrestling. After-all, this is my third time holding the titles and collectively, I've held these titles for the longest time out of any other champion in the history of these belts. With that being said, I understand the type of team that I and Bart will be battling at Night Of Legends and I know that this will be a challenge but I also know that it is one that we will overcome. After articulating the final points of his message, Smith sits back and tightens the grip on his championship as he and Bart share a look of determination only days before the defend the BPZ Tag Team Championships against the winner of the 2019 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitiational, Invictus.
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    The lights in the Staples Center go out as the titantron pans around the home of Mirage deemed Mirage’s Playhouse by Mirage himself as we hear the sound of a Piano being played as the camera eventually locates the source of the piano music as we see Alice playing the piano as Mirage walks into view mumbling to himself before he notices the camera crew. Ah welcome come on in, I have much to tell you and my friends within the BPZ Universe, through my Third Eye i have seen the past and the future I have even seen Jack Bishop in a past life where he was great and proud warrior prince where he lead his troops into battle however he was far from noble and treated his men poorly thus resulting in him being all alone on the battle field with another warrior me from a past life, oh was the battle long and great but never the less he eventually fell in battle thus ending the first of our many battles across our past lives.Mirage then walks into another room as the cameras follow him to reveal a cut out of Jack Bishop as Mirage stares at it wide eyed before beginning to speak once more while still staring at the cut out. Oh Jack, my long time rival worry not for this shall not be the last of our legendary battles, no far from this is only the next chapter in our feud of the ages however this shall be like all the others with us both leaving our all on the field of battle with only the one with the superior willpower being victorious. Mirage then grabs a knife and slams it into cutout of Jack Bishop as he repeatedly stabs the cut out before kicking it down to the floor and dropping the knife to the floor before glaring into the camera. Jack Bishop my old rival prepare yourself for you once more face deletion. The video then ends and the lights return to normal once more as the ominous message from Mirage is still felt throughout the arena as it becomes clear BPZ will soon have a battle to remember forever.
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    Calamity's Analysis!

    Calamity’s Analysis Episode 6 *Clears throat* Is this thing on? Are we rolling? Oh we Are? Ok hit the theme song. “Goya No Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers hits and a sudden slide show of big BPZ Moments hits with the song in the background and suddenly we see a man sitting in a chair wearing a sweat suit and a yellow scarf. He suddenly springs up in an almost cartoon like fashion looking into the camera. Helllllllllloooooooo Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yato, I am the god of calamity and this is…. Suddenly the show transitions to a stage with Yato Spotlighted. CALAMITIES ANALYSIS! The spotlight suddenly disappears and Yato falls back onto the couch. Sorry for taking so long but in my defence the studio was taken over by violent blood thirsty ferrets that we were trying to use for the Halloween Havoc episode but unfortunately it didn’t work out… but I have a really nice scarf look! Yato takes pulls out several stuffed ferrets tied together, he then puts the “scarf” on and swings it over his shoulder. Alright so what we’re gonna do on this show is a few things: 1. Go over Night of legends 2. Take a quick break to roast BPZ Commentaries top 10 matches of the year list and 3. Talk about the Royal Rumble match. So Without Further ado, LET'S BEGIN THE CALAMITIES Ah so “Hall Of Fame” By The Script is the theme for this show for the third year in a row… even though they have a literal hall of fame, that they could use this as the theme for… BPZ Is fun sometimes guys. Alright the first match we have is Firing Squad VS Tiger and super fantastic Emo man Death Notorious Angel, well my prediction for this match is of course that SUPER EMO FANTASTIC LORD IS GONNA BURY THE F*** OUTTA FIRING SQUAD, JUST HITS EM WITH THE DOUBLE FINGER POKE OF DOOM FOR THE VICTORY The screen suddenly cuts out for a second before coming back with a black eye having Yato tied to a chair sitting in front of the camera. OK FINEEEEE, my real prediction is that firing squad is gonna win probably by pinning our lord and saviour death notorious angel IN THE BIGGEST CALAMI- The screen blacks out again, it comes back to Yato now wearing sunglasses Ahem. Moving on, not gonna do the next match thing anymore because its 2020 and that's not a thing anymore. We Have the Carnage Scramble Featuring James Knight, The Crippler (I forget he still worked for BPZ), Amai, Aaron North and Buddy Ace. Now this is an excellent matchup that features some of the hottest rising stars in BPZ as well as some older fan favourites… and the crippler, this should be a very good match up and the carnage scramble is a high point for many in the year with some even preferring it to “to the top” and money in the bank matches later on in the year. I’d say that Buddy Ace or James Knight have the highest chance of winning this match and I do not see any calamities coming from this match. Alright, Next match is… Hans Clayton VS Jack Bashka? Yato signals to the director and begins to whisper something to the director with them going back and forth yelling at each other. Alright, I guess this is a match. Well due to Hans actually being on TV i guess he wins? The build to this match is already a calamity but maybe it’ll be good. Alright next up we have Bob VS Bailey, hey i took care off two kittens with those names but this isn’t really related to that at all because CLEARLY these two are not kittens but like you’re important files that fell off your desk these Cats will tear each other to shreds. My prediction is that Bailey will win this match but Bob at this point has made a star of himself and has had many fleeting moments that signify his possible greatness but he still is lacking that big moment to make him a full on top star. Alright next up is… Julius VS Ropati? Jeez these guys fight and become friends a lot huh? Well CLEARLY The result is obvious… ROPATI WINS BECAUSE JULIUS CAN ONLY WIN IN TOURNAMENTS! NEXT MATCH! Ah the North American Championship match between KENJI and Raven, this one should be good. These two have had so many great rivalries over the last calendar year and they both somehow managed to get good matches out of that Jobber FDS, like jeez they did really good with such a crap opponent. I think this will be close but my prediction is that KENJI will retain in a very good match no calamities obviously. Next up we have… oh yeah, they double booked KENJI well we have Creed the stable that never promos together unless it's these two against Invictus KENJI and Arius aka… um… I don't know what to joke about these two. F*** they’re too good to make fun of… my guess for the winner is gonna be Invictus, they just seem unstoppable right now and even the crazy booking of KENJI going back to back seems like they’ll still win. Alright now onto the main event and it’s *sigh* Slim VS Flynn for the undisputed championship… look I know their last match was ages ago but come on this feud ended ages ago Why is it happening again? Were there not any other options? Jeez, I'm just gonna say Flynn wins and wrap this up. So those are all totally my night of legends predictions and are all totally genuine and not in anyway sarcastic. Alright quick break to roast BPZ Commentaries about their top 10 matches of the year list. The list doesn’t include a single match from BPZMania and only takes into account Singles matches even though a lot of the best matches of this year were multi mans and tag matches. It’s just a bit of a weird list but I guess it is this James guy’s opinion. Alright, moving on to the royal rumble match, so this match appears to be possibly one of the most difficult royal rumble matches to predict with several different wrestlers possibly walking away with a spot in the main event of BPZMania, you have the obvious winner in the rising star of Arius or you could have Slim win it again for some reason or maybe even have Smith win it or throw a curveball and have the up and coming Hans win it or do the greatest thing ever and have AC3 AS A SURPRISE ENTRANT WIN THE RUMBLE! YES CLEARLY THIS IS THE BEST OUTCOME AND WITH THAT SAID LET’S CLOSE THE SHOW! BYE NOW! Yato Claps his hands and suddenly the screen goes black ending the episode of Calamity’s Analysis
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    WWE Announce First Tournament Of The Year And Upcoming Events With Night Of Legends marking the official beginning of this new era in WWE, the company is already looking forward to making it's next steps and has done so by announcing not only it's usual January event, Royal Rumble, but also a round-robin tag-team tournament named after the NXT special, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. As per usual, WWE will host it's prestigious and iconic Royal Rumble event at the end of the month and also as per usual, the show will feature the classic Royal Rumble match, one for male competitors and one for female competitors. This year's Royal Rumble event will take place on Sunday, 9th February. In addition, WWE will host the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic over the coming weeks. Unlike the usual single-elimination tournament that we saw in NXT, this rendition of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will be a round-robin tournament with two blocks of eight. In each block, every team will face each other to earn points, a win gets them two points, a draw gets them one point and a loss gets no points. After every team has faced each team in their block, the two teams leading their respective blocks will face in the finals at the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Show on March 1st, 2020 and the tournament itself will start tomorrow on January 13th, as the first set of Block A matches take place (blocks announced below). Here are the official blocks for the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Block A: Econtra (Aleister Black & The Velveteen Dream), Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows), Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson), Ichiban (Akira Tozawa & Kushida), Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate), New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods), Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford), Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) Block B: Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar), Bald Brutality (Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan), Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang), Glorious Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode), Limitless Bros (Keith Lee & Matt Riddle), reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly), Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson), Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) Published on January 12, 2020
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    BPZ Music

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    BPZ Music

    Whether it’s a 5 minute trip or an hour long journey, nothing helps make the day or set the mood like music. The right song can turn a stressful morning into a peaceful commute, liven up work, or motivate you in the gym. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new and improved avenue for BPZ fans to listen to their favourite Brendeplayz associated music through this new experience. In this new avenue with Spotify you can enjoy endless listening of all your favourite themes from throughout the years of the company starting first with the PPV music of 2019 for free – simply create an account or log into your existing one. Begin your journey now by clicking the icon below which will lead you to the first release.
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    Carnage returns from it's Royal Rumble commercial break as the match cards for the Rumble event is shown of what's going on so far, and one of the matches is the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship triple threat match which contains the Champion, Julius, Undisputed Champion, Flynn, and Hall of Famer, Deaths Notorious Angel. The year of 2018 say six great matches between the three one versus one one matches which had Nanovirus versus Flynn, Angelo versus Julius twice, and Flynn versus Julius three times. But for the first time ever, we get a triple threat match up between three of the most brutal fighters in the game. The entire Carnage arena live from Saint Louis, Missouri goes into a black out. The titantron, the banners, the minitron, the LED board on the ring, the LED ring posts, and the only sources of lights are the fans flashlights on their phones. The screen then starts to power on, with a message on it in red saying "Warning! This Message Is Brought To You By "The Messiah Of BPZ" Deaths Notorious Angel. Any Weak Minded Or Millennials please turn the TV off. Strong language and gruesome pictures are included in this Segment. Watch at your risk". The message fades away and we're now shown the streets of an unknown city, fire trucks and an ambulance at a local underground bare knuckle brawling location. Suddenly, stepping from out of view is Deaths Notorious Angel. He stands there, breathing at a heavy rate, his white shirt wrinkled up, sweat dripping from his head. He goes to wipe it off, only to leave a smudge of something red on his forehead. He feels it and closes his eyes before looking down at his hands, his blood soaked hands before looking around and slowly walks backwards towards the ambulance and disappears from sight. The screen then fades to black, clearing all sign of the location, the whereabouts of Deaths Notorious Angel, or what happened there to cause his hands to be painted red in blood. But then suddenly, a single light shines in the ring, with the man himself, Deaths Notorious Angel, standing in the middle of the ring. His hands still covered in blood, his forehead still smudged with blood, his breathing still heavy as he walks around the ring, fans are silent with confusion as he walks over and grabs a microphone. He leans on the rope, the microphone in both his hands as he keeps his head lowered. A slight buzz from the crowd gets louder as D.N.A yells into the microphone. "FLYNN! JULIUS! YOUR DEAD MEN WALKING!" Deaths Notorious Angel bounces off the ropes as the crowd pops out of their seat. They seemingly been waiting for this to happen, someone finally brings up the massive World Heavyweight Championship match up at the Rumble. D.N.A starts into the camera as the fans are still cheering loudly, only stopping when he speaks. "I ain't forget about this match at all. While going after those pussies Firing Squad, I been studying Julius and Flynn like open books. In this build towards Night Of Legends, they've been showing everything, and I've been absorbing it in, ready to use it against you both. Let's start with the other challenger to the title, Flynn. The biggest star of 2019. The man who put down all challenges. Bart, Julius, and aims to put down Slim this Sunday. A man I lost thirteen times to. I would say fourteen times to make all the fucking marks at home happy since they're now on their computers typing out ten paragraph essay's going D.N.A then proceeds to use a mocking voice to the general idea of what nerds sound like. "Well D.N.A you should know Flynn caused in on you and Slim in your World title match which calculates- Yeah you marks it calculates that Flynn is a bitch! A coward! A scam artist! A dictator! A false God that people follow, only to be stabbed in the back! You manipulate minds, providing a fake hope in their weak minds, believing hard, until it's dragged under their feet. BulletProof, will figure that out. They'll figure it out while you give Hans high hopes he's the leader, only to snatch it from him, taking it for yourself. This blood on my hands? It's on you. You've forced me to become…. Become…. Him. You forcing me to become….. him. You STARTED this when YOU screwed me over. You screwed me over. You screwed me, screwed me, screwed me, you, you you you you….. you piece of trash. Now, I get to screw you. And screw you I will." The lights turn red, and the Messiah arrives. He twirls his head, before looking at the camera, then the light goes back to normal, with Deaths Notorious Angel reappearing in the ring. He starts to pace around the ring, the blood from his hands dripping from his hands still. "My hands are my weapons. My hands are my saviours. They are the best friends I need. And the blood? From the man who tried to fight me and my friends. I've been training in the German Assassin's world. Bare Knuckle Brawling. I went there, not expecting anything. But then… I saw my next opponent….. I saw Julius. The man who ESCAPED me time after time after again and got the win. A man who retired me. And I know you probably feel disrespected Julius, I can kinda see why. You must think that I came back to disrespect you. I came back because I'm sick and tired of being disrespected myself. And when you retired me at the time, and I'm a damn idiot for thinking this, but I felt that after the match, you'd try to shake my hand or something, as I'm the man who brought you to your absolute limit and back each and every time, no, you stood on top of me with the title in the air, completely trying to trash MY legacy, my name, MY HISTORY to BPZ! After that, I never forgave you. Now, you're in my way. And That's fine for me, because I don't mind mauling you again over and over again. Ripping your skin off and shoving it down your throat, making you gag, wanting to spit it out, but it'll be impossible when I staple your mouth shut. Now while that is going on, I'll be grabbing you by your nose, pulling on it, crack by crack as your nose dislocates out of place. Following that I will grab you by your long, black hair, tie that son of a bitch around your neck, and hang you over the rope while I use your unconscious body as a punching bag. Then, you'll be set off, having to retire. And when you're recovering inside that hospital room, I'll be standing on top of you, holding up the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship cuz. I'm lazer focus on this match. Oh yes I am. I've been reading for this match since I said I'll go for the World title. Because I knew that Julius would have his attention put to one man, Ropati. You're letting Ropati, who as a solo guy hasn't done anything relevant since 2017, and you're letting him make you sweat like you normally don't. Inside your head like a few can. Oh, and what's this little rumor I hear? The Death Machine not happy? You Julius, with all you success, all these opportunities handed to you, all these main events, wins, title wins, tournament wins, YOU, are not happy? Let me ask the real question: are you not happy? Or we not happy? 2019 to you can seem like a successful year, but in reality, you weren't even top ten. My 2019 wasn't successful, don't try pulling that on me cause I'll be the first one to admit it, but it's better to accept the truth then to lie to yourself and say everything is fine. Everything is not fine for you Julius. And come the Rumble, I'm going to make it worse." The lights turn red again, Messiah now running around the ring. Growling, yelling, howling, the light flashing rapidly with each movement as The Messiah grabs his head and twists and turns fast before just stopping suddenly, then the lights go back to the spotlight and D.N.A appears back in the ring. "Sunday, January 26th, Royal Rumble, three men enter the ring, goals of being World Heavyweight Champion. Julius to retain the title, Flynn to win it for the sixth time, and me and to win it for the first and possibly only time in my career. I say I'm the miracle worker and could score the pinfall from outta nowhere, but truth is pinning you both is difficult, it is. So, my plan? Beat both your asses so bad, I win via stoppage. Win via knockout. Win via forfeit. I. Don't. Care. What. I. Do…. I will win…. And No One Will Survive." "No One Will Survive" plays as Deaths Notorious Angel drops the microphone as the crowd cheers for the anti-hero. He looks at his bloodied hands and starts to smack his face, letting out a yell before he climbs the turnbuckle and does his wide arm in the air pose, the fans cheering him on. He's been collecting steam towards this match, can he go and finally cash in on this opportunity?
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    Pulling the Trigger

    Mikey turns the camera toward himself a slight bit, centering himself in the frame. He stares down through the lens for a few seconds before finally speaking. "Yes Alex, you are right. Although I must say, burned is a bit of an understatement. I'd lean more toward the word decimated. Tiger, as impressive as you've been, you need to learn to stay at the back of the line. You're nowhere near ready to defeat us, hell you're not even ready to step into the ring with us in the first place. You've still got a lot to learn. Potential like yours doesn't come around too often, and I'll take great pleasure in helping you achieve realization. Realization that you bit off more than you can chew, and the true realization that you are still the scum of this company." "Myself, Alex, the entirety of Bulletproof, we are the top dogs. Our dominance has not, can not, and will not be matched be anyone. Bulletproof is a force so dominant that few can withstand us. And when we team up, bad, bad things happen to those who oppose us. Just a little warning, Tiger. After all, if you don't believe me, you can ask your so-called friend D.N.A because I know damn well he's been through what I've just described." Mikey takes a step back for a moment, still maintaining eye contact with the camera. He takes a breath to recompose, and Alex leans over to whisper something into his ear. Mikey nods his head and step forward back into full focus. "I have no problem with dishing out punishment. It's how myself and Alex made a name for ourselves. But the fact that we have to take on competition so weak is an insult to what we have accomplished already. We are Tag Team Tournament finalists, dominating every team we faced. Whether it was the our own Bulletproof brethren in Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter or the washed up pair of FDS and D.N.A, we destroyed. In such a short time, Alex and I have developed a bond matched by few. The way we wrestle, the way we act in that ring and out of it, and even the way we talk, is so similar. We are essentially one, and when both men in a team have such a large amount of talent, well. I think our results have proven what we're capable of. And yet, we are stuck here, starving for a championship opportunity. Fighting the same man we eviscerated once more. The only difference is he has a poor NXT competitor by his side. A man he has no connection with whatsoever. These two were simply lumped together to prevent us from pursuing greater things. This...is simply not just." "But no matter the matchup, no matter the circumstances, just remember. The Firing Squad always come out on top. Because we are the most destructive force in BPZ. The equalizers of the roster. And once The Tiger and D.N.A are gone and done with, balance will truly be achieved. That all begins with the Firing Squad on top once again." Mikey leaves the audience with a silent finger gun and a step back into the darkness, allowing Flynn to take his turn in the spotlight. OOC: Reply Planned
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    Death Notorious Angel

    BPZ: Ring Psychology

    "Hello again everyone. It's the Voice Of The BPZ Universe, James SweedinFerg here and I'm here with my first episode of Ring Psychology and as promised, my first episode is about my opinions on the beginning, the current stage, and what should be fixed on the career of former five time Heavyweight Champion, Slim. Beginning Stages Of His Career: Boy this one is a doozy. Okay try to help me out here if I mess this up. Alright. He debuted in BPZ in July of 2015 and joined NXT, which was a shit show. He, Bizzy, and Blade made the NXT 3, which is the second best thing to happen to that title, which says nothing since there was only three good things that happened to that title in it's five years. He came in a "Sheriff Slim" the most roodenst, tootnest cowboy on the east coast. Yeehaw. He drew tattoos on his arms, walked from the crowd, nobody reaching for high fives or anything close, yeah, sad days. At the end of every promo, he kept redoing his poses from his entrance, which is too much, but hey, fuck my opinion. He went from a sheriff, to a pretending to be Mexican, to I think someone trying to ooze machismo. I don't know, it all happened at once to be honest. Then he finally got relevant with "The Perfect Ten" gimmick he did for a few months, which lead him to a Intercontinental Championship title reign. Then he took that gimmick to the extreme when he took the "Perfect Car" and ran over NateDog. He won Money In The Bank and then cashed in that same night on a steroid filled Nebakos who was so roided up, after the night was over he went into a roided rage when his limo driver turned the temperature up and nearly beaten him to death. Rest In Piece to the fallen soldier. Then he turned into "King Slim" and the term "King" was overused at that point but hey good on him. He went to have a 310 day reign which is the longest till he lost via BrendenPlayz booking him to lose for being a dick Backstage. Yeah good days where that happens. Okay I'm not gonna go into detail on every so here's the short story. World title wins, Mania win, Tag titles, Intercontinental Championships, Rumble, and blah blah blah blah blah. Great career. Career Stage Of Career: This is 50/50. While he won the World Heavyweight Championship and Survival Games, but he also been suspended. He's been on and off with his career, back for a while, gone for a while, which been like this for the majority of a year and a half. He looks to take the Undisputed Championship from Flynn at Night Of Legends. What He Could Change: Attitude, angering his other fellow wrestlers, stop leaving, don't stab anyone else. What else.... Um.... Oh yeah, and ego. Alright, I think we're good. That's the short summary on Slim. Next episode I'll have a special interview set. Till then, Fuck Mike Hunt!"
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    The time

    As the time comes down until Royal Rumble.. Here is The riddler with his watch looking at it as it ticks down. He keeps looking at it starting inside of it as he can’t take his eyes off it. All he is saying is that Mecko, won’t be longer champion.. Cant find out what to do with himself after that lost from Winter Warfare.. His mind is thinking about Mecko retaining his title.. Then he finally comes out to say.. Mecko, your time is coming up... I’m telling you at Royal Rumble I will walk out as the new NXT champion. I will spray paint the title green, also spray paint your house with question Marks. Im coming for you and the whole NXT Division, I’m gonna put our Division on lockdown because of me. Not because of you Amai or Mecko.. NXT will be alive again. I’m the mind master, I’m the game master.. I’m gonna trick you all. Stop trying, the least you can do is hand down your title to me. I will become the Supreme. Tick Tok, Tick Tok, Tick Tok. The time is coming down until I finally bury you both. Same with you James Knight.. I watched that match and I was like who’s gonna win it was so close until you came short. I’m telling you NO ONE IS GONNA GET IN MY WAY AGAIN. Now Arrow for you.. you have messed up. I will deal with Arrow for later when his time is comes. I’m focused on one thing and that is the NXT title.. Riddle me this, this one I made up. You have Found a Black thing, with a strap around, wondering inside a trash can. He only comes to fight. Who am I?
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    It's probably Charlotte's piss, that bitch a stallion LMAO
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    Cody Cage


    Cody Cage? Why has Cody arrived tonight at this conflict for the rumble? It almost seems like he was put here intentionally, but Cody doesn't care, he rushes out to Aaron North and looks him straight in the eye and then grabs the microphone, Cody starts to walk towards the ring-side area to stand alongside Bart and Bailey, completely ignoring Dr. X and patting Eli on the back as he passes right around him. Cody Cage looks towards Aaron North, "I'm not winning the rumble, alright? You're not winning the rumble, alright? And these two lads in the ring both have low as hell chances of winning as well, right? Even Eli, who looks like a huge threat to winning the Royal Rumble still can fail miserably. So why come out to the Royal Rumble, one of the biggest BPZ events just to plan on losing? Because, I'm gonna prove myself, I'm not gonna say that I'm a beast and a threat that should be watched out for, because I'd much rather show it, same with the NXT Title, I'm gonna win it and I'm hoping that now, all you lads watching the crowd, will recognize me for the hardworking person I truly am, but I don't have much else to say except from, good luck, all of you definitely need it. I know most of you don't know me, but just wait a couple months, recognize what I'm truly worth and then breathe it in. That's what you call a future, a successful future for a successful young man." Cody walks back to where Aaron North stands and hands him the microphone, as he goes to shake Aaron's hand to show respect for the person that grew in the company with him, Cody passes right through to the stage, completely ignoring Aaron North, Cody looks back and laughs at everyone, including the two legends standing in the ring and the superstar Eli Smith. Cody seems happy exiting the spotlight of the show as he finally delivered a message he wanted to pass on badly.
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    Rumors On Who The "Underboss" Is That Talked To Slim. There's been speculation on who this "Underboss" Slim was talking to in his recent segment, and a few names are Zombie, Nebakos, Bashka, and Ross. All four men have lead their own stables/been top keen members in stables and have the experience to be a top gun along side Slim. As time progress we'll add more to the story. Update On Flynn and Slim. Since the last time we saw both Slim and Flynn, we managed to see what their current status are: Slim was diagnosed with a broken jaw and a concussion during his attack by Flynn. When we saw him in his segment, he appeared to seem in a more healthier condition then expected. Doctor have reported that he will be cleared for in ring action in February. And Flynn, who attacked Slim, was last seen in Japan wrestling. No word was given on his future with BPZ. Update On Eli Smith. This one was going to be difficult at first to report on, but thankfully Eli Smith had a video posted to the BPZ YouTube to address his condition. He States he will not only compete in the Royal Rumble match, but compete against FDS earlier in the night. The main concern is his injured leg and how it will hold up. Heading into the Rumble ppv, it's said that Eli will be under supervision in the Performance Center and be tested to see if he can remain healthy enough for the payperview. Bob rumored to lose push? Bob Sparks was set up for a career making 2020, but after recent events, he might not have a good 2020. After finding out he was going to join BulletProof earlier, Slim attacked Bob, and at Night Of Legends, he was set to defeat Bailey, but backspace management changed their minds and Bailey ended up winning. Now he's set to face Raven at the event and if he doesn't do something to change minds, he might be on the losing end of that match too.
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    Storm's graphics

    @Hans Signature
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    Cody Cage


    "Yeah you know what, fuck the voice, you right, my guy, I should let my nuts hang, and I'd gladly fight you if you weren't too scared to enter the rumble, all I hear is this trash talk from your mouth yet you haven't proven anything yet, I haven't wrestled in how long? Very long g, but that just means that me being rusty is the equivalent of you at your peak, CJ this, CJ that, CJ doing all this good work, is all you've been hearing, I have never complained about the place I was put in, I never complained how I deserve a second chance, I'm always the least cocky out of the losers, but you right, I'm gonna let my nuts hang, I'm finally getting paid for the work that I made, I don't know if you understand this clearly but I am here to stay, I will win the title, definitely beat the fuck out of you and anybody who you associate yourself with, I am 100 times better than I've ever been and I'm gonna make sure you feel it, just you wait, I would attack you right here right now, but I wouldn't wanna beat up sore losers like you. Just remember my name, you cunt, it will be displayed across the titan-tron when I win the NXT Title. That's all I gotta say, suck your mum, you cunt." Cody once again proceeds to head out of the arena, this time with an aggressive demeanor, Cody had a message to say to Crippler and tonight we have heard, this feud is looking quite interesting...
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    BPZ Recap

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    "HELLO EVERYONE! It's James SweedinFerg, recently from BPZ Commentaries and BPZ Smarks Daily till that no good, egomaniac, PIECE OF SH- Keep it PG James... The kids are watching. Anyway I was fired by Mike Hunt for my recent segment, about my opinions, then he leaves BPZ Commentaries. Just like he left his hairline back in 04. Anyway, here, I have no bosses, so nothing is stopping me from sharing MY opinion and not get treated like I said n- Oh yeah, I'm white. Anyway, this show I will discuss about superstars, matches, segments, I'll share my opinion, I'll get others to share theirs, and we'll gladly put BPZ Commentaries in the dirt. First episode is gonna be a good one, as I'll go over the usage of the one and the only, Slim. I'll go over his career, where I see it going, where I see he should of changed stuff, and a overall rating on his career in whole. Until then, stay tuned, you're in for a ride.
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    Hans Graphics

    Added FDS vs Smith and Bob vs Raven.
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    Hidden Treasure

    We are back in the doctors office. Sitting in his chair as usual is Dr.X. In the background a somber tone plays. Next to him is a red spray can. He is looking towards his right. He slowly turns to face the camera after a short wait. I have been a bad host my friends. I don’t invite you as often as I should and I’m sorry, that is on me. I was deep in thought, contemplating. How I could make my statement as clear as possible, so direct there was no question as to my intent. Then it hit me. Dr.X waves to someone off camera and a women in a red and black nurse scrub comes in and takes the spray can and sprays a A X on The Doctors chest and back. She then walks off and Dr. X sits up so that the X is seen clearly on his chest. Thank you, Nurse X. You all see the X. As children we are told stories of pirates and how they would search for hidden treasure. Always on the map they would set away to one point, the X that marked the location of the hidden treasure. Well, this X marks the hidden treasure as well. It marks the target, the treasure that everyone is gonna want. It marks me, the person who is gonna do the distance and go from 1st Entrant to Winner. This X marks the target to all of you because none of you are with me, and that means every single one of you, no matter the accomplishments, the accolades, the relevance. From Arrow to Flynn you are all targets and will be treated as such, so I expect to be treated as one. I’ll take you all on at the rumble, and I’ll fight until there is only one man standing in the ring, the only cure to the BPZ world division. Me. So, anchors way folks....time to set sail. Dr.X grabs the spray can, turns around, and sprays on his wall a giant X and turns around. Because X marks the Winner. He then walks away briskly as the camera zooms in to the X while fading away
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    PWE Warzone - Month One, Week One - Episode 1 The historic first episode of PWE would kick off with four men standing in the ring, four men who personify what this company is. Hard working wrestlers who deserve the opportunities they desire, standing on top of the stage is non other than the owner and promoter of this very company. Eric Bischoff, who introduces the four men in the ring before saying that they will be fighting for an undisclosed opportunity in the main event of tonights show, and with one last thank you, the match is underway. The early advantage would go to Killian Dain, whos big size is matched with incredible agility as he throws around Oney Lorcan like an action figure. On the outside of the ring, McIntyre uses the steel steps and ring barricade to his advantage to take out Connors. McIntyre and Dain would go to war, trading heavy shots and kicks before McIntyre would take advantage, as the true highlight of the match would be Oney Lorcan. Taking out all 3 men with nothing but slaps to the chest as the fans quickly douse him with approval. However, the ending would come when Killian Dain would send both Joseph Connors and himself through a table ringside, allowing Drew McIntyre to hit the claymore kick and win the matchup. Looking well in the first match of his companies history, as he celebrates on the top rope, the first segment comes to an end. ____ The screen would be overcome with a pink haze as we transition inside of a luxurious home, which has a modern taste to it as one women sits on a couch in front of the camera wearing a long pink dress. Its none other than Scarlett Bordeaux, she sips on a glass of wine before speaking. She offers the men of PWE an offer. An offer to be represented by her and to be thrown into stardom. She promises that Scarlett Bordeaux and Success go hand and hand, and that anyone who offers to pay her for her services will not be disappointed in the results, she smiles at the camera one last time before sipping at her wine once again as the camera shuts off. ________ The energy inside of the Warzone would do a 180 once Maxwell Jacob Freeman would enter on top of the stage, as his smug face matched with his scarf around his neck is enough to make the fans pissed off knowing his history. MJF comes to the ring and introduces himself, before breaking down the concept of PWE and its fan. Insulting everything about it while also putting himself above everyone, his words would get caught off quickly though. As the music of hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer would hit and the crowd would go wild, as one of the most famous ECW legends of all time walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand. Tommy Dreamer would waste no time challenging MJF to a No DQ match, in which MJF would accept. As he would be taken on by a kendo stick to the back, as the fans cheer on Dreamer as he takes out MJF. MJF would be forced to not only roll to the outside, by hit a cheapshot lowblow on Dreamer. Sending him into the ringside barricade before hitting a nasty powerbomb on Dreamer showing off his strength. He would take the kendo stick and throw it into the crowd before bringing Dreamer into the ring and locking in the "Salt Of The Earth" submission move, causing Dreamer to tap out. As MJF stands up and celebrates his victory to many boos, he looked impressive here tonight. __________ After a short ad break we would see four more men inside of the ring, these four men would be Sammy Guevara, Kalisto, Darby Allin, and Moose. Four very different styles and sizes, as we are ready for the second fatal fourway match of the night, the winner of this one facing Drew McIntyre in the main event. As all four men start the match quickly, going at one another as Moose gets an early advantage due to his power, throwing around the smaller men as they attempt to take him down only to end up getting speared. As it would take all men to take him down, with Darby Allin getting the final shot in as he launches himself over the top rope onto Moose. Kalisto and Sammy Guevara would trade moves in the ring in an amazing sequence, as the young and talented Sammy would take out Kalisto before Darby Allin would attempt the put the match away. The match would continue on for nearly 15 minutes, as the four men would go back and fourth. Many near falls coming in the form of Moose who dominates the three men, even throwing Kalisto down a set of stairs near the stage. However, the masked man would make a comeback and would win the match with a selida del sol, pinning Moose in the ring with a huge upset as he prepares to face Drew McIntyre, and as McIntyre steps out on stage, the match is up next!!! ______ We would be interrupted by a video clip of one of PWEs biggest and best stars, that being the "Celtic Warrior" Sheamus. The video package features "Cut The Cord" by Shinedown playing over Sheamus doing workouts on an Ireland coast, it ends with him looking into the camera, the text "Coming Soon" hovering over the screen. ______ Its main event time! As Drew McIntyre and Kalisto are set, one of these men just removed from a brutal fatal fourway, the other competing in his match 45 minutes prior. As Eric Bischoff comes on stage, he announces that this match is actually a number one contenders match for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship!!! Kalisto would bring all he has to Drew, fighting with every last breath but the injuries would be to much. As his ribs would come into play with every throw, dive, and shot as Drew dominates. Even ripping open Kalistos mask and causing him to bleed. Drew McIntyre looked like a man possessed, as he would hit the claymore kick and defeat Kalisto. Leaving the ring without saying a word, the last image of this weeks episode being Kalistos bleeding face, halfway exposed for the world to see as EMTs come to the ring. Only one man to blame, and his name is Drew McIntyre. PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Two - Episode 2 The second week of PWE would kick off with a cold open, as we see a documentary like camera crew capture a BMW pulling up to a large condo. Scarlett Bordeaux steps out from the backseat and taps the hood before walking to the doorway and knocking. The man who answers is non other than Andrade Cien Almas, making his first appearance on PWE TV as he welcomes the beautiful manager into his home. Over the next several minutes, the two share a conversation and come to the agreement that Andrade Cien Almas will be managed by Scarlett. As this is a huge opportunity for both superstars. As the intro for PWE finishes, we are welcomed by Scarlett Bordeaux standing inside of the ring, who welcomes everyone to the show with an air-kiss before beginning to speak. She is wearing the same pink dress as before, and speaks of her brand new client, Andrade. Who she introduces and points to the entrance way, as "Mieten" begins to play and Andrade Cien Almas steps out wearing an all gold attire. A smile plastered on his face, tonight, he takes on Austin Theory. A young EVOLVE recruit who is looking to expand his career. Both men are talented, and they show it in this opening contest as many moves are reversed and the crowd is able to get behind both men. As sequences keep the fans on their feet as dropkicks, powerslams, and everything in between is hit as either man tries to get an upper hand. However, through all of the chaos and moves. One man would come out on top and that would be Andrade, as he hits the "Tranquilo" DDT and pins Theory right in the center of the ring after a long fought battle. Both Andrade and Scarlett would celebrate inside of the ring, before the music of another debuting star would hit. As "The Hangman" Adam Page would step on stage. Making direct eye contact with Andrade, as he smiles at him. The segment would end with these two top dogs staring each other down. ____ The screen would transition to a small cabin, filled with various wacky collectibles such as a large glass cat, a butterfly, and a ton of drinking glasses. The man in the middle of all this colorful, is Brain Kendrick. Who sits with a tophat on and a all purple suit, which is covered in feathers, he smiles at the camera. Looking out from underneath large purple glasses as he speaks about the prospect of reality, claiming that the only thing real is him, and we are all just pawns in his life. He leaves us with this "Its Brian Kendricks World, You're Just Living It _ The next matchup would be the largest yet, as 6 men would compete in a 3 v 3 tag match as Mil Muertes, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado take on Suicide, El Ligero, and Luchasaurus in what turns out to be a fast paced, electrifying match that sees body thrown everywhere as the two large men of the teams. Luchasaurus and Mil Muertes, stare down in the ring. As they begin to throw down in the center of the ring, Gran Metalik hits a huge electric drop on El Ligero outside of the ring, while Suicide takes out Lince Dorado. However, after 15 minutes of action. Mil Meurtes would hit a huge variation of a powerslam, followed by a jumping elbow drop to pin El Ligero for the victory after a hugely fought matchup. As the three men celebrate away from each other, Eric Bischoff comes to the stage with a microphone and announces that these three men are now going to face in a triangle triple threat match, the winner going on to face Drew McIntyre for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship. As these partners now turned opponents get set, its main event time. As the clash of styles is obvious as the speed in this matchup is intense, as bodies go flying everywhere as Mil Muertes dominates the two men. Even hitting a double chokes-lam, before he would pin Lince Dorado for the victory. This means that our first main event for our first PPV will be Drew McIntyre vs Mil Muertes for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship!!! PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Three - Episode 2 The wrestling world has been intrigued by the world of PWE, and tonight it continues, as we quick things off with a classic bull fight. As Sheamus would be making his debut in the ring as he takes on Moose. Both these men are large, angry, and ready to fight as the bell rings and the welts begin to grow. As the two men trade heavy shots and headbutts, as they try anything to get an advantage over one another. The match would come to a close 10 minutes in due to a double countout, as the ref reaches 20 and Sheamus and Moose have no care. Throwing each other into various objects ringside, including a pile of chairs. As well as near the bar that is set up for fans to buy drinks at, as they continue to tear down the "Warzone" order is to be kept, as a security team pulls the men apart, and a matchup is made for the upcoming 'Bounds For Glory" PPV., as Sheamus and Moose will battle in a 'No Holds Barred" matchup !!! ____ As the chaos dies down, we are greeted by Scarlett Bordaeux. We saw last week that her first client is Andrade Cien Almas. A young talented competitor, and now, Scarlett sits in a wooden chair in a dimly lit room. With Andrade standing behind her as she speaks, she talks about "Adam Page". Claiming that he is a parasite who deserves to be traded away, and that shouldn't even be in the same ring as Andrade. However, Andrade must prove himself. And who better then to take down the man with all the hype. Scarlett proposes a 25 minute Iron Man match, and Andrade grabs the microphone, speaking spanish aggressively before the camera cuts out. _____ As the fans wonder if Adam Page will accept Andrades challenge, Suicide would come to the ring for one on one action against Joseph Connors. Two men who are 0-1, attempting to get a victory here tonight. As Suicide is impressive, hitting springboard moves on Connors as Connors tries to slow down the match with submission moves. Including a huge backbreak move that goes for a 2 count. However, Connors wouldn't be able to put away Suicide. As Suicide is able to hit a huge 450 splash for a near fall. Joseph Connors would fight hard, but in the end, Suicide would hit his "Death Upon Light" finisher, as he pins and defeats Joseph Connors after an impressive match. As Joseph Connors looks defeated in the ring, as he is greeted in the ring by non other then Titus O' Neil, who comes to the ring and ask Joseph Connors to join "Titus Worldwide", however, Connors would shake his head and ignore the superstar. Leaving the ring, defeated once again. ____ Its been an amazing night of action and now we top it all of with a 2v2 matchup, as Oney Lorcan and Killian Dain. Two men who competed in a fatal four way last week, take on Sammy Guevara and Baron Corbin. Two cocky stars the fans hate, as the match gets under way, Lorcan and Guevara kick it off with intense slaps and kicks. Dain and Corbin couldn't resist fighting, as they begin to fight on the outside of the ring before Lorcan would hit a huge power bomb onto Guevara, almost closing the match as Dain and Corbin leave the arena. Making this a one on one matchup for several minutes. However, as both Guevara and Lorcan are tired from the brutal match. Corbin would return to the ring and hit a "End Of Days" on Lorcan as the ref is looking away, allowing Sammy Guevara to go for the cover. However, Dain would come in and break it up last second. As Dain would enter the ring and put it away with his finisher, hitting Baron Corbin with a running powerslam before pinning and defeating Corbin. Giving the team of Lorcan and Dain the victory, but that wouldn't please Guevara and Corbin. Who enter the ring with steel chairs and take out the two men, standing over the two holding the chairs up in the air with smiles on their face. _______ To end the show, we would get a video package showcasing the best skills from both Drew McIntyre and Mil Muertes. The two men who will be facing off for the PWE World Championship at "Heart Of Glory" and these two men are large, fast, and dangerous. Are going to tear each other apart, all in two weeks! PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Four - Episode 4 The night would begin with a 3v3 tag team match, as Sammy Guevara would team with Baron Corbin much like last week, this time with the addition of Sheamus. Taking on Oney Lorcan and Killian Dain, as well as Moose. As these 6 men will be in there own respective matches and tonight they take each other on. It would be a fast paced, exciting match, but in the end Sammy Guevara would pin Oney Lorcan for the victory. Earning himself a huge win. __ The next segment would feature Kalisto, as it highlights his in ring talents before announcing that he will return soon, as he hasnt been seen since the brutal attack from McIntyre. However, the hype video would be interrupted by MJF who comes to the ring to announce he will be at the Heart Of Glory PPV. _ MJFs promo would be followed up by Adam Page with words of his own, as he quickly accepts Scarlett and Andrades challenge to an Iron Man match before going on to say he is the next big thing, and this victory means everything to him. _ At Heart Of Glory, Mil Muertes will take on Drew McIntyre for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship, and now he takes on Jungle Boy in one on one action. Despite Jungle Boys heart, Muertes would easily defeat Jungle Boy. Only to get knocked down by a claymore kick right after the bell, as Drew McIntyre makes his presence known, knocking down Muertes and staring down Catrina in the eyes! _ PWE is the Land Of Opportunity and two men get that chance in the main event. As Austin Theory takes on King Cuerno for a future shot at a championship in PWE. Its a fast paced, hard hitting match that allows both young stars to showcase there talents. However, in the end, it would be Austin Theory hitting a elevated powerbomb who would get the win. Pinning and defeating King Cuerno in an intense 20+ minute matchup. As the first go home show comes to an end with Austin Theory on top of the world.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Predictions for Wrestlemania 33 WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Roman Reigns World Heavyweight Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs Chris Jericho The Undertaker vs AJ Styles Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Smackdown Women's Championship: Paige (c) vs Nia Jax vs Becky Lynch Seth Rollins & Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton RAW Tag Team Championships: The Bar vs Dudley Boyz vs The Usos Bray Wyatt vs Rey Mysterio WWE United States Championship: Ladder Match: Sami Zayn (c) vs Zack Ryder vs Baron Corbin vs Rusev vs ??? WWE Intercontinental Championship: Adrian Neville (c) vs Austin Aries RAW Women's Championship: Nikki Bella (c) vs Bayley vs Charlotte Flair John Cena vs ??? Miss Elizabeth Memorial Battle Royal André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Bonus Questions - Tonight John Cena will face a debuting NXT Superstar. Who will it be? - Which match will be the highest rated? - During the event a new participant is added into the United States Ladder Match, who will it be? - Which superstar scores the highest individual performance during the night? - How many championships will change hands?
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    NJPW 2020

    Wrestle Kingdom Night One New Japan Rumble Wrestle Kingdom kicks off hot with the annual New Japan Rumble, a bout that will give the competitors who didn't make the rest of the card a chance to score a massive victory on the biggest stage. In a fun opener, we would see Tomohiro Ishii score the victory by last eliminating EVIL. Though Tomohiro Ishii had a relatively disappointing year, a victory to kick off Wrestle Kingdom is a good start for the Stone Pitbull, and this might be what he needs to get back on track. . Shingo Takagi VS Minoru Suzuki Our next bout sees two of the hardest hitting men in NJPW do battle, as NJPW's hottest rising Heavyweight Shingo Takagi takes on Minoru Suzuki. In a highly physical clash, the bout would end in victory for Suzuki, who catches Shingo with a Gotch Piledriver and picks up the victory. Though the Suzuki-Gun leader has yet to claim the IWGP Heavyweight championship, an impressive victory over Shingo to kick off the year might be what Suzuki needs to finally bust down that wall. . Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer (United States Championship Texas Deathmatch) We kick off our six championship matches of the night with what's certain to be a brutal bout between Lance Archer and Jon Moxley for the United States championship. In a brutal, physical war, Lance Archer is able to score the victory over Moxley, putting away the Death Rider with the EBD Claw and retaining his United States championship. . Robbie Eagles VS El Phantasmo (RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship) Our next bout sees a battle of a former Bullet Club member and the British Cruiserweight champion, El Phantasmo. Robbie Eagles looks to get revenge against the man who was primarily to blame for his exit from Bullet Club. In a fantastic match, Eagles would manage to score what has to be considered an upset, catching ELP with the Warp 4.5 despite interference from Taiji Ishimori, scoring the victory over El Phantasmo and causing the first title change of Wrestle Kingdom. . FinJuice VS Guerrillas of Destiny (IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship) Next, we have our only tag team match of the night, as the World Tag League 2019 winner David Finlay and Juice Robinson look to end the impressive reign of the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a fantastic match rife with Bullet Club interference, FinJuice would be able to rise above the distractions, with Juice catching Tanga Loa with the Pulp Friction and winning his team the IWGP Heavyweight tag team titles. . Hiromu Takahashi VS Will Ospreay (IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship) In our final match before the Double Gold Dash bouts, we see the returning Hiromu Takahashi look to reclaim the IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship from Will Ospreay. In an amazing return match, a form we've grown used to from Will Ospreay, Hiromu Takahashi would score the victory in his return, putting Ospreay away with the Time Bomb. Hiromu's return is an incredibly successful one, and after over a year on the shelf, he now looks to continue his reign atop the perch of the Junior Heavyweight division. . Tetsuya Naito VS Jay White (IWGP Intercontinental Championship) In the first of two matches to determine the Wrestle Kingdom main event, we see the Switchblade Jay White defend the Intercontinental championship against Tetsuya Naito. In a fantastic match, yet again filled to the brim with Bullet Club interference, Tetsuya Naito would not be denied on this night, putting away Naito with Destino and earning one final chance at becoming the first ever IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight champion. . Kota Ibushi VS Kazuchika Okada (IWGP Heavyweight Championship) The main event of Wrestle Kingdom night one sees the IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada defend against the G1 Climax 29 winner, Kota Ibushi. In a phenomenal bout, Okada is able to score his victory back against Ibushi, catching the Golden Star with a Rainmaker and retaining the IWGP Heavyweight championship. With this victory, the Wrestle Kingdom night two main event is set, as Kazuchika Okada will do battle against Tetsuya Naito in a champion VS champion bout.
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    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    Welcome to The BPZ Booking Division 3.0. Where you create a new company start from the bottom and try to rise to the top of tthe wrestling world. The booking division is basically an alternate universe where all Real Wrestling companies disappear and new ones have to emerge. For Starters in this new Universe we need 7 to 10 New Companies. Then it will be decided between these new owners if we do current day wrestling or we do An All time draft. Regardless though there will be anywhere to 30 to 40 draft picks so be prepared to draft. Just like the 1st Booking competition there will be rewards and Penalties given out to the winner or winners and loser of the month. Every company starts out the same your a small company with only 1 arena you do yyour shows in to start out. As you succeed and win months your company will expand. It is even possible to go under and be eliminated from the competition. Votings and all that are done with in the members of the competition because lets be real if your not in the competition you don't really give a shit about this than. So if your interested in joining DM me that you want in. Hurry up spots will be filled quickly!
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    2020 WWE's Best Possible Outcome

    January 26, 2020, Royal Rumble, Houston, Texas The first main roster event of 2020, and the first of the Big Five for WWE, we have the 33nd annual Royal Rumble event. A stacked card is ready for action as we kick off the new year. Anticipation is building around who will overcome the odds of 29 other competitors in the Royal Rumble matches, and the new General Manager of WWE is to be revealed following the Men’s Royal Rumble headlining the night. The Road to Wrestlemania 36 begins on this night. Who will etch their name in the history books and mark their ticket to the main event of Wrestlemania? Asuka vs Becky Lynch (c) In our opening bout, we see The Empress of Tomorrow taking on The Man. Becky Lynch and Asuka have had multiple faceoffs in the past, and like we have seen in the majority of those bouts, a back and forth match leads to a tap out victory, with Becky Lynch submitting just before passing out. Asuka wins the Raw Women's Championship for the first time in her career, becoming a Grand Slam Champion, only the second female in WWE history to do so. Following the match, Kairi Sane and Paige come out to the ring to celebrate Asuka's victory with her. Becky lays on the ground, clearly frustrated at having lost her title. Rey Mysterio vs Andrade (c) with Zelina Vega Next up we see a match that has replayed itself over throughout the months. The difference between those matches and this one is the mean streak of Mysterio, who is noticeably more aggressive than he has been known to be. This plays to his downfall, however, as Andrade capiltalises on a mistake from Rey before hitting him with a Hammerlock DDT. Following the match, Zelina Vega claims Almas is tired of facing the same inferior competition over and over, and that somebody new needed to step up to lose to Andrade. Women's Royal Rumble Match The third ever women's Royal Rumble Match, with talent from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and even a couple of NXT UK stars appearing. The first two competitors in the match are Dana Brooke and a returning Nia Jax. The ironwoman from this match is Sasha Banks, who made it to the final four from the number 9 spot. The most eliminations are credited to the number 20 entrant Shayna Baszler, with 6. The final four is comprised of the two aforementioned stars, Toni Storm the 22nd entrant, and the eventual winner from the number 30 entrance, Ronda Rousey, who eliminated Baszler last to win her first Royal Rumble. Following the match, Rousey declares she is back, and that she's officially a member of the blue brand, where she'll face Bayley or Lacey Evans for the Smackdown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 36. Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakamura (c) with Sami Zayn In a match building up for weeks on SmackDown, Shinsuke Nakamura defends his Intercontinental Championship against the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. Nakamura takes several running powerslams throughout the course of the match, but each time Zayn distracts Strowman and allows Shinsuke time to recover, and Strowman never is able to attempt a pin. After some Bad Vibrations, The Artist is able to retain with a Kinshasa to Strowman's head. Lacey Evans vs Bayley (c) In what is less of a wrestling contest and more of a brawl, the second Women's Championship bout is fought between Lacey Evans and Bayley, likely determining the champion to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Bayley made this feud extremely personal, and paid for it in pain, as an agitated Evans brought the fight. Following a sloppily thrown Women's Right, Bayley capitalised with a new variation of her finisher, dropping the Sassy Southern Belle with a German Suplex before ending the match with an Elbow Drop. Bayley continues to assault Lacey post match, but is separated by the referee. Daniel Bryan vs "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (c) In the night's semi main event, The Fiend makes a defense of his Universal Championship on his run to destroy the opponents of his past. The opponent this time is Daniel Bryan, who has been assaulted by Wyatt multiple times, and is full of anger and ready to retaliate. A very physical match between these competitors is capped off by Daniel Bryan locking in the Yes Lock on Bray Wyatt, before the lights in the arena going out for about 5 seconds. When they return, the sight before the cameras is an unconscious Daniel Bryan, and The Fiend with a Mandible Claw locked in. The referee has no choice other than to stop the match to assure Daniel Bryan's health, and The Fiend's title reign continues. Men's Royal Rumble Match In the main event of the Royal Rumble, 30 men compete to determine who will walk into the WrestleMania main event against a world champion of their choice. The 33rd annual Royal Rumble match is kicked off by Brock Lesnar and Ricochet. The ironman of the match is the Velveteen Dream, who journeyed through 1 hour and 13 minutes to the final four from the number 4 spot. The most eliminations goes to Brock Lesnar, who eliminated 9 competitors before being tossed out by the eventual winner. The final four of this Rumble is comprised of Dream from the number four position, Drew McIntyre from the 24 spot, Roman Reigns from the #15 entrance, and Kevin Owens, the 29th and last competitor to enter, and to be eliminated. Winning his first Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre celebrates his victory before the sound of glass shatters, to a massive pop from the crowd. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin appears on the stage wearing shorts, a hat, and a t-shirt with the words "Sheriff 3:16" written on it. Austin makes it to the ring and reveals he is the new General Manager of WWE, and tells the Scottish Psychopath he has the biggest choice of his life standing in front of him, and that whoever he chooses best watch their ass. The show ends with McIntyre saying that he will be the one to end Brock Lesnar's reign of terror, to thunderous applause, before having his hand raised by Stone Cold.
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    Kayfabe Promo Reviews

    Review: Alright Toxik, your promo was very basic, lines like this seal it for me “I'm smarter than you, faster than you, and most importantly I fight for my friends where as you fight for only yourself which is why should you accept my invitation you shall be deleted.” Also, the punctuation needs some work, I like fact that you were very explicit with what you went for. I just wish you stepped out of your comfort zone more with this. - 6/10 Review: Alright Gwynfro, this promo I don't have much to say about you talked about your tag team with Arius, which I have wanted to see for a long time and your match against Raven with character development. - 9/10
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    Hans Graphics

    Gunner Signature:
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    I haven't stopped listening to this since it was released. It's a song from my favourite artist about my favourite subject, it's destiny for me to love it.
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    Smarks Daily

    The slammies were voted on by members of The smark daily company. The Bailey who is not me as I am Austin Johnson earned these awards with his impressive 2019 thank you.
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    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    Amsterdam Pro Wrestling Roster: Location: Amsterdam Venue: Paradiso Male: Brock Lesnar Aleister Black Rey Mysterio Marty Scurll John Cena Minoru Suzuki Bobby Lashley Cain Velasquez Brian Cage Killer Kross Shelton Benjamin Joey Janela Lars Sullivan EC3 AR Fox Best Friends Eli Drake Austin Theory PCO Brody King Eric Young Von Erichs DR Wagner JR Ryback Jimmy Jacobs Female Roster: Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey Shayna Baszler Bayley Awesome Kong Ruby Riott Britt Baker Bianca Belair Co-GM: Steve Austin Co-GM: Vince McMahon
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    Sheridan's WrestleMania Tales

    𝟣𝟫𝟪𝟧: 𝑅𝑜𝑎𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑊𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑙𝑒𝑀𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑎 Hogan's ascent to Piper's Pit: After toppling Bob Orton and, with some assistance from Mr. T, Paul Orndorff, Hulk Hogan had bested Roddy Piper's lackeys and, with the WWF Heavyweight Championship on the line, the stage was set for WrestleMania. Battle of the Behemoths: Big John Studd is a firm believer that André the Giant wouldn't be able to body slam him. Both have been on hot streaks in the build up to the inaugural WrestleMania event, one which'll decide the true giant in the WWF. Patriotic Family: David Sammartino's defence of American was joined by the shock return of his father, Bruno Sammartino. Defending the land from Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik and with the WWF Tag Team Championships in tow, the dream may come reality for the father son duo. The Toughest in the Business: Paul Orndorff's runnings with Bob Orton and Roddy Piper have landed him in hot water with Mr. T, who, after an intense back-and-forth challenges Orndorff to a WrestleMania showdown. Which of these two macho men will be left standing when all is said and done. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Cyndi Lauper has come under fire from The Fabulous Moolah, with Wendi Richter leaping to the defence of Lauper. A chance to become WWF Women's champion is on the line, will Richter and Lauper topple the notorious Fabulous Moolah.
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    Who is the greatest rookie ever

    At this point, I think it has to be Arius. Yes, from what I have heard what Flynn did was very very impressive and unseen at the time, but I think Arius has truely taken that to the next level. The fact that he has been on the forums for a round a year, yet has been so powerful, so dominant and such a constant factor in winnning championships, being on the leaderboards is truely something that I never thought we would see. In the midst of how good Arius is, I think we sort of looked over how good Hans has been since joining the forums. He has also been amazing.
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