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    We are coming off what was an absolutely epic night for BPZ Wrestling, a night that crowned our brand new Undisputed Champion, the leader of Bulletproof, Hans Clayton. However Bulletproof as a whole did not experience an extremely successful night as earlier on we witnessed all three members of the Firing Squad come up short. Tonight, Jeremiah Flynn, has promised the world exactly what his future entails. The “Supreme Ringleader”, the former Undisputed Champion would step out full of confidence, his eyes ice cold and his veins pumped for whatever his announcement is tonight. He stands high on the stage, staring around at the thousands in attendance, a sly smile given before quickly being washed away by a more serious, more intimidating grimace. Marching directly to the ring, he sports an all white leather jacket and pants. He paces himself down the ramp, eyeing down several fans before focusing just on the ring. He circles around before rolling under the bottom rope, placing a single palm on the mat. He sits in this position for just a moment before taking to his feet, his music quickly cutting off as he begins to speak. “I watched Wildcard, as an outcast of this company. A man that held the entire world in his hands, left with nothing. I watched on in horror as to what took place for my brothers in the Firing Squad. Yet through it all, despite what this company would have you believe the best of us came through to the end and our fearless leader, Hans Clayton retrieved Bulletproofs property in the Undisputed Championship. A piece of gold that has marked the very founding of this great dynasty going back to Summerslam of last year. Yet now here I stand wondering what is it that is left for me? Unfinished business. You see I’ve learned in life that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. At Wildcard, I witnessed history repeat itself. Creed defeated Bulletproof, again. With sadness in my heart I witnessed the first group of disgusting rebels to stand up to our order, continue their string of success. This is something I wish- no, I must correct.” “When you live by the Creed, you die by the Creed. You two rough riders, you believe yourselves to be superior. You reign over these people as THE BPZ TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! You’ve defeated everything I’ve thrown at you. And through it all, you stand proudly with Bulletproof property. Our BPZ Tag Team Championships. You stole those titles from the First Class Express and while that duo suffered a sour expiration date, I am an individual who recognizes the banner over the brands that fall under it. I came to this ring one week ago and I made a deceleration, that not even god can save who I’m coming for. No one can. Bart and Smith, you have met your end. Jeremiah Flynn, a man I know you two oh so desperately wish to avoid, and a man who gladly will prey on that. Sadly it takes two to tango so I’m fully understanding that if I wish to take those Tag Team Championships from Creed, I can’t do it alone.” “Bulletproof is full of perfect suitors to be my Tag Team partner, but I want to make a statement. I want to send a message to everyone. I don’t want to beat Creed, no I want to hurt them, I want this to be an extremely unenjoyable, and painful experience for the both of them. I’ve spent my entire career building a legacy of gold. My golden legacy covers a vast vault of prizes and riches, championships and money. However now, I find myself with a new craving, a new mission. A Legacy of Violence, one of pain and suffering for those who wrong me, and all of Bulletproof. So when it came down to it, choosing who I wish to go down this road with, was pretty god damn easy.....”
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    Eric Shun

    Eric Shun & Arrow Orton On Dr Phil!

    An aura of confusion would waft over the fans in attendance as Dr Phils opening music would begin to play throughout the Carnage arena. Although they would seemingly remember in unison of the planned appearances of Eric Shun and Arrow Orton on the show. The titantron would change from an image of the Carnage logo to the live recording of Dr Phil, as Dr Phil stood on the stage, with 4 blue chairs set up behind him. In his hand would be a singular envelope, obviously this envelope contained the results of the prenatal paternity test. A hush would fall over the Carnage crowd as Dr Phil would begin to talk. “Today is a day of firsts. Not only for myself as the host of the show, but for everyone. From the cameramen to the producers. As today we are not only broadcasting live on CBS, but we are also live right now in the Carnage arena for BPZ wrestling. As today, two of the wrestlers are coming on the show to receive DNA results for a unborn baby.” This draws a lot of “Ooos” from the crowd. “It all started 2 weeks ago when Eric Shun engaged in sexual intercourse with the girlfriend of Arrow Orton. The following week, Arrow Ortons girlfriend, Sarah would tell Arrow Orton that she didn’t want to have sexual intercourse with Eric Shun and that following what happened, she is pregnant. Arrow Orton was not pleased and called up the show to organise a DNA test to see whos the baby is.” Dr Phil is interrupted as a member of the production crew walks on stage and whispers something into his ear, before quickly exiting. Allowing Dr Phil to continue. “I would love to tell you more and give you more backstory but I have been asked to hurry up as apparently Eric Shun is trying it on with our female members of staff. So we have had to make a quick change of plan. We originally were meant to have Arrow Orton come out first to explain everything, but instead here comes Eric Shun.” The theme music for Eric Shun would serenade his arrival. As he walked onto the stage, wearing the suit he had bought last week on carnage. Although he didn’t have shoes on after he forgot to purchase some. He would shake hands with Dr Phil who would immediately wipe his hand down the side of his suit jacket, not knowing where Eric Shuns hands had been, and not trusting him to keep them clean. Dr Phil would gesture to Eric Shun to sit on the far left chair, which he would do. Dr Phil would sit next to him. “Eric. Pleasure to meet you, welcome to the show.” “Likewise Dr-” Eric Shun would stop his sentence as he looked through the crowd and spotted a group of females sitting near the front. He would get up and approach them. “Ughh Mr Shun. Can you return to your seat please.” “Give the big one a minute.” Eric would lower the microphone that was on his shirt and begin whispering to the girls who would giggle with him. Meanwhile Dr Phil sat with a look of disbelief on his face. After 30 seconds Eric would turn around and walk back, with one of the girls coming with him. As he took his seat she would sit on his lap. He would readjust the microphone and speak. “I do apologise, where were we?” “Mr Shun you can’t bring members of the audience onto the stage with you.” “Whoa whoa whoa. Shes more than a member of the audience okay. Relax buddy it will be fine.” “Oh umm okay. Well, lets talk about your recent antics with Arrow Ortons girlfriend-” Eric Shun would interrupt Dr Phil, as he sensed a look of shock on the face of the girl who was sitting on his lap. “Don’t listen to him babe, hes making it up.” “So you never engaged in sexual intercourse with her?” “Hey man. We were filming a video okay. Stuff happens sometimes, get over it.” “So Mr Shun, did you or did you not engage in sexual intercourse with the girlfriend of Arrow Orton?” “Well, they don’t call me the big one for no reason. I am very experienced. If you get what I mean.” “Care to elaborate on that?” “I am the big one, Eric Shun -” As Eric was speaking he would be interrupted by screams from his agent. Who seemingly came out of nowhere and ran onto the stage from the backstage area. “Whoaaaaaa. Sorry for uhh being late. I thought we were coming on second. I must apologise, I sadly am the agent of Eric Shun here.” “Take a seat, maybe you can actually answer questions.” A crew member would rush a fifth blue chair on and place it next to Erics chair, his agent would take a seat and the conversation would continue, now between Eric Shuns agent and Dr Phil. As Eric Shun got bored and went on his phone. “Sure. What is your question Dr Phil?” “Has your client, Eric Shun, at any point in the near past engaged in sexual activity with the girlfriend of Arrow Orton?” “I can confirm that he has.” After this sentence was said, a huge gasp could be heard floating around the set. Everyone in the live audience was shocked. The girl on Eric Shuns lap would get up and run away off of stage, causing Eric Shun to get off of his phone and run after her. “What is happening on this show right now!?!” Members of the live audience would laugh as Dr Phil expressed his outrage of the actions of Eric Shun. “I guess we are going to go to break whilst we bring Eric Shun back onto the stage. Don’t go anywhere!” As the show went to advertisements on TV, in the studio set and in the Carnage arena it would continue. As Dr Phil got up and left set to try and find Eric Shun. Multiple members of the production team would do the same. Leaving Eric Shuns agent to sit alone on stage, his head in his hands. After a few minutes of dull action, Dr Phil and Eric Shun would return, although the girl would not. A producer would begin to count down from 10. Signifying the end of the advertisement break, as he reached one Dr Phil would speak. “Welcome back to Dr Phil. Before the break, we brought out BPZ Wrestler Eric Shun. Who in turn brought out a girl from the crowd and his agent. Just before we cut to adverts, we found out that Eric Shun did in fact engage in sexual intercourse with Arrow Ortons girlfriend. Lets see what he has to say about this. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the show, Arrow Orton and his girlfriend Sarah!”
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    To a sudden shock to some in the arena, the next man to step out is the aforementioned former Champion himself and the man who never lost the Undisputed Championship, Jeremiah Flynn. He steps out, a growing grin with a nod of approval. An all white attire, he begins marching directly to the ring, all eyes on the man himself. He reaches the apron, circling the ring eyeing everyone within it down, making his way over to the time keepers area. Retrieving a microphone, he quickly enters by rolling under the bottom rope, now coming face to face with several familiar faces. Two being his own Bullet Proof brothers, the other three being extremely familiar enemies of “The Ringleader”. Slowly raising the microphone up, he speaks. “The way I see it, you ALL want a piece of what rightfully belongs to me. I believe we can all agree upon that statement, correct? I look around this ring and all I see are familiar faces. It feels almost, like a welcome back party for the man who’s ran this show for the past year. Sheridan even brought the balloons. However I can’t help but feel the bitterness in it all. On one side of the ring, I see two good brothers, fighting for the right to show everyone they are the elite of this company and I like the good lord above knows they are. Then we have our lovely general manger Sheridan who honestly I do hope we can keep our past behind us and start the new year..... well anew. I understand I, as well as the rest of Firing Squad laid you out and while I know for the most part the only time you are used to being laid out was naked with a paying customer, I deeply apologize.” “Then we have these two assholes across the ring. The first one just completely sold his soul to BPZ’s biggest bitch before coming out here with some toy guns. Son let me tell you something you Mafia boys may like playing with toy guns and pretending to be gangsters, but when you step in the ring with Bullet Proof it’s all god damn business do you understand me? I mean what the hell have you turned into. Talking about family, talking about having each other’s backs. It was two weeks ago you cried on and on about trusting no one. It was two months ago you had your ass embarrassed and laid the hell out by Bob Sparks. A man who hasn’t even been. Here a year yet he kicked your ass pillar to post in what I consider the luckiest victory in your career at Night of Legends. You went on and on about who you outsmarted everyone, but what did fooling anyone actually get you? Thrown out of the Royal Rumble by Arius? Maybe it was that embarrassing run in the Tag Team tournament? You are a damn joke. You can’t handle being the Undisputed Champion, you had your last World Championship reign ended by this clown.” “Sameer, Creeds heart and soul and one of the four men that kicked my ass at Survivor Series last year. The way I see it I, as well as my good brothers in this ring owe you a receipt but this is no place for an all out brawl. No this is my opportunity to explain to the world exactly the type of person you are. You walk down to this ring, you claim how happy you are to be here, YOU RALLY THESE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU AND YOU HIDE THE GOD DAMN COWARD YOU ARE. You insult my friend FD because he beat the ever loving hell out of Smith and pinned his ass to the mat at the Royal Rumble. There’s no excuse, this woman standing right there could of stopped him and maybe saved him from yet another ass kicking but she didn’t. The way I see it, this man showed exactly why that cowards been hiding in the tag division ever since he took that embarrassing loss at Survival Games all those months ago. You then however proceed to insult my good brother, the man who has pinned you TWICE IN SINGLES ACTION, let’s just be honest he has your god damn number, the leader of Bullet Proof, HANS CLAYTON. Possibly the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen in this ring, you brag over him of pinning him at Survivor Series. You insult FD for his beating on an injured man then proceed to brag upon winning in a two on one situation. You are a coward and a fraud. These peoples cheers only prove it.” “I don’t give a damn if Bailey is crazy or who’s ass Sameer is kissing this month. Too be quite frank, that Championship should be firmly over my shoulder right now, as a matter of fact....” Flynn walks over and surprisingly to the shock of the General Manager herself, picks up and throws the Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. “I believe I will be holding onto this. Next week, at Carnage Wildcard I will be sitting ringside right there in the time keepers area WITH THE BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. Why? Because I personally want to hand this title over to the victor, shake their hand and wish them to have an incredible reign. I see it only fitting, as I will be the shadow that forever looms over this beautiful piece of gold. Good luck good brothers, good luck losers. You will all need it.” Flynn makes his way out of the ring and out to the back, title in his grasp and a shocking turn of events playing out here. The former champion gone, the title with him.
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    High and Mighty

    Carnage is in a swirl of excitement on the road to BPZ Mania, and the show kicks off with the theme of the North American Champion himself, KENJI. With the raucous crowd firmly chanting for the champion, KENJI emerges from the curtain, the title belt over his shoulder as he takes in the adulation of the crowd. But, unlike previous appearances, KENJI seems to be marching to ring with a more conviction than before, and not the good kind. While still holding the that earnest spark, combined with his seasoned grit, KENJI's demeanour indicates that he has a lot on his mind. The Resonator steps through the ropes and swiftly take the microphone from the stagehand. KENJI: "It's a fine line between showing spirit, and one's nerve being bent. I'd like to think that for my time here, I've shown the former.....but, the latter has emerged at times. And I'll admit, now is one of those times. I have never looked down on your in-ring achievements, Bob. Your wins, your performances.....PowerTrip Cup, beating the Antichrist, NXT Championship, Premium Championship, it's all impressive, very impressive. But don't for one second stand up there in the Member's box before the show, cowering away from the real voices that matter behind your new associate and drag my career through the dirt! Your pedigree has never been in dispute, I take umbrage with your attitude, your demeanour, and your choice of company. You have the talent of someone special, but it is sullied with the actions of a petulant child. How about speaking for yourself next time, and not having someone else do the sniping for you". "You don't know my path, Bob. Coming in and beating one of the biggest names in the company, winning a championship at the drop of a hat, you couldn't possibly know. Those matches, those wins built on blood, sweat and tears are my own. No matter how much Alexa and you may belittle my career, diminish my accomplishments in the hopes to sew doubt in me, you won't succeed. What might be a nothing victory for you, was a marathon of dedication for me. Because guess what? Not everyone comes in and finds their groove.....I might have more pride than sense at times, but I can freely admit that. But.....Every. Single. Step along the way I can call my own. Unequivocally. Undisputedly. I won't have someone like you come to the gates, thinking they can tear down the castle I have sacrificed to much to build! If I am the failure you claim I am, then why do I hold the gold? This career might be nothing to you, but to me, it represents my heart and soul, poured into this championship that I will carry into BPZ Mania! From the early lights of championship efforts, to the whirlpool of blood and metal brought upon by more dangerous Angle of Death than you will ever be, to the killers row of BPZ's elite, to where I stand now. Everything....it is me, all of it. So take it or leave it, everything, or nothing. It doesn't matter how you see it. So don't come at we with your High and Mighty preaching that I am nothing......The crowd here would very much disagree, you f*cking insolent child!" There is low, but audible gasp of surprise from the Carnage audience before they cheer in support of the North American Champion. For almost a whole year, unlike his contemporaries, KENJI had never used profanity before. But, it seems that Bob Sparks has brought out a whole other level of anger from the Resonator. So much so that the Resonator might not be so fitting....But a Dragon. KENJI: "If Bob wants a real match, then he's come to the right place. My fire was not stoked in Survival Games for nothing. It should be easy for you right? My career is nothing to you, so you should roll over me with no problems. And that, is your first, and most stupid mistake. The misstep of someone who needs to truly be humbled. To see what it's like on the darker side of this squared circle. If you want see a "real" match from me, then I will be more than happy to oblige. Maybe you can be that "first big win" for me, since you're so sure I don't have any, bastard. You don't control me, and you will not, or ever stop me from achieving my goals. It matter not what you say, or what you get your manager to say for you, in the ring, I will best you. Not just to retain my championship, but to show the world that The Dragon will not be stopped. Not here, not ever". "Return to stabbing your friends in the back, Bob, it's what you're best at. It's all you will ever have to your name when I'm through with you. You are built on sand, mine on rock. I am the champion now because I haven't cut corners like you. I have toiled away to get to the summit, and I will not grant you any ground, not an inch. You took the main event of Night of Legends on the back of betrayal and broken promises. But now, you face a champion that is not so easily broken. You may have walked over others in the past, but not here. The reason the fans take to me, and not you, is that they see what is genuine. Any falseness, and they see right through it. The flip-flopping between factions, the constant betrayal, it screams of a man who doesn't know who he is. How can you resonate with the BPZ Universe when you can't resonate with yourself? Grow up from throwing your slights at those around you, and those that tune in every week, and get a damn grip of yourself. This constant whining that the BPZ Universe have cast you aside is unbecoming. They'll be here with or without you, the fans are not going away, how about facing the music now before you crumble under the weight of your own hubris". "They will never follow a man who leads a blind crusade of deceit and vitriol in his wake? At Wildcard you face the perfect union of Champion, and Championship. Tuned to each other since the start. Since you really do care about their voice, then show them what you really are. Face me, and bring the real Bob Sparks, not this pretender who hides behind a skirt and pretty face. I will give you the match of your career, Bob. Whether you believe I can or not, so you had better thank me for it when you're looking up at the lights with more stock in this company than ever before. I'm sure you will denounce even that, say that I shouldn't be here....I'm just a nobody, right? F*ck you, I am the reigning, defending, and rightful BPZ North American Champion! And you will put some respect on my name before stepping up to the plate, and before you inevitably choke in the fires of the Dragon!" "......and still......" KENJI dramatically lets the microphone drop from his hand as his theme plays throughout the arena with the riled up fans firmly in his corner ahead of Wildcard. The champion isn't mincing his words and has brought out the no nonsense side of the North American Champion, and he is definitely not fond of his challenger. Who will stand victorious at Carnage Wildcard in just one week's time? KENJI's gaze burns through the camera as the promo ends, Carnage moving on to the next segment.
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    Bailey walks out. We saw Bailey earlier in the night when it was revealed he was in the Mafia. He’s still wearing his normal leather jacket and Jeans as he walks down to the ring. He stops as he looks at Hans and FD before grabbing a mic. Bulletproof Huh. Bailey immediately drops the Mic and pulls out 2 Pistols and points them both right at Hans and FD head! HOLY SHIT! After a tense few seconds of everyone just standing still. Bailey pulls the Triggers on both guns as then out comes a Ribbon in each gun with the Words “BANG BANG” on them. Bailey throws the Guns to the side clearly showing that they are fake now. And picks the microphone back up. You all keep telling everyone you’re Bulletproof I just wanted to really test it out. I mean look at you both. You’re scared shitless. I just pulled a “gun” to both of your heads and you stood there frozen. I think this sums up the big question that you are in fact not Bulletproof! How many guys have you already kicked out of Bulletproof? That’s right 2. Bashka and Bic 2 original members of The group. Damn you really show how much loyalty really means in Bulletproof. Unlike my new Family The Merciless Family. And because you both are too stupid let me tell you exactly what Merciless Means. To show No Mercy what so ever. That means when the time comes I will have no problem finishing you even when you are already done. I don’t give a shit that I’m standing in the ring with 2 bulletproof members. I’ll take you both on in a handicap match for the Championship. It doesn’t matter I’m gonna beat both your asses. It don’t matter who that 4th man is I’m beating his ass too. I’m taking that Championship that I deserve to win and should of been mine along time ago and taking it back to the Mafia. Where it belongs. Because we are taking all the belts. We are taking back the Power and Control. We are no longer going to sit to the side and let wannabes like you 2 run the shows thinking you are the Kings around here just because your in bulletproof. Lets face it. FD you have been a Glorified Loser your whole Godamn Career and you jumping on the Bulletproof bandwagon doesn’t hide that fact. And let’s talk about you Hans. “Bulletproof Leader” We all know that’s just the title Flynn has given you to manipulate you for himself. Once he’s over and finished with you he will turn on you and throw you in the trash just like he has done with many others and take back the title of leader of BP. No one was impressed or takes you serious when you were given this role. You just look like a Joke and you will look like a bigger Joke when Flynn does turn on you and oh we know he will. Lets face it, Flynn doesn’t have a one ounce of loyalty in his body. Hans I’m being completely honest here. You know what would happen if you won this Undisputed Championship? All you would do is get yourself screwed over by Flynn and he would turn on you. He would get the whole group to turn on you and he would take his championship back. Lets face it We all know Flynn is coming back for this Championship. I know Flynn. He feels he lost something he should of never lost. He will come back for it right away. I already know once I win this Championship he’s the Man I am gonna have to face at BPZMANIA. Though. Now that I’m saying all this he could now not go for the Championship just to try and make me look stupid and wrong. That’s a real possibility but I say Nahh. Flynn’s ego is way too big to just let this Championship get away from him. You know I love being able to be smart again and show the whole world that I’m 5 Steps ahead. Acting Like a complete lunatic was so hard because it’s so beneath me. But it was kinda funny as I watched all these morons fall for my act. There’s one thing though you two need to learn real fast though. Don’t take my knowledge for weakness. I’m still the Man that hit a Career Killer on Bob a Bulletproof Member into a Truck Bed full of Glass and Barbedwire. I might not actually be a psychotic lunatic but I still love to kick Fucking ass. I still love to fight and bring pain to people. And that’s exactly what I am gonna do at Wildcard. Because I am so sick of you Bulletproof guys getting your hands on everything. I am so sick of you undeserving guys having control over everything. The Mafia is going to stop you. A Real Family Like us is going to stop you. And it starts at Wildcard when I hurt both of you and take that Undisputed Championship away from you guys. I warn you both. FD and so called “Leader” The Rise of The Merciless Family is the Fall of Bulletproof. Bang...... Bang. As Bailey stops Speaking the 4th Member of this Match theme song begins to play as they Walk out.
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    Shiz Buster

    The Search

    Tonight’s Carnage episode opens with a video recap of the news that broke Wednesday night which was that the legendary Bashka would be hanging up his boots after BPZMania and competing in his final match against an unknown opponent. After that, the ring announcer asks the audience to welcome Bashka to the ring which they do with a huge round of applause. He walks to the ring in a joyous mood, almost contagious. He high fives his younger fans on the way to the ring, taking in every moment of this last run. He enters the ring and pulls a microphone out of his left boot, before politely asking the audience to simmer down. First of all, I wanted to address some rumours. Some people have told me that the only reason I’m walking away is because I know I’m not as good as I once was and that I’m walking away before I embarrass myself and tarnish any part of my legacy that is still there. And to that statement I wanted to say that it’s complete and utter crap. I’m walking away because my passion for competing isn’t there anymore. I’m not giving up on this company, BPZ is and always will be my home. I’m still gonna be around, just not in an in-ring capacity anymore because I just don’t feel like that’s for me anymore. However, if I wanted to, I could kick the ass of any person in that locker room and that’s a fact. That’s why I’m open to any possibility for my final opponent, whether it be working myself to be in the main event against Julius and Arius, whether it be against someone up and coming such as Alex Costa, whether it be against someone I’ve never faced before like FDS, or whether it be against someone I’ve faced a million times such as Flynn or Brad, I WILL defeat them and step away from this business on a high. I’m still searching for the big opponent, the one I face in my final moments, but I’ve got plenty of time before then. So if anybody has anything to say to me before I go out for good, I’m all yours. Bashka drops the microphone and awaits. It doesn’t take very long before a very familiar theme song plays which really grabs the crowd’s attention. (Reply planned)
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    Blackheart CJ

    Blood Soaked Covenant

    On BPZ.com, a new, mysterious video appears relatively out of nowhere. Eerily entitled "Blood Soaked Covenant," the contents of the video begin to play upon clicking the link. Redirecting to a separate website, the video begins. The camera of the small mobile phone fires up, and the picture of the screen is soaked in relative darkness for about ten seconds. Finally, a light is switched on, a surprisingly bright light. The camera is pointed at a heavily bruised and swollen face, but the features and signature paint unmistakably distinguish this as The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. Eyes filled with contempt, The Chancellor stares hard into the center of the camera. Clearing his throat, voice escapes from the lips of Sellers once again. "If you've a mite of intelligence, you can tell I'm in a very poor state of mind following this past Carnage. Enough with my typical prose, I'm delving directly to the point I need to make. Normally, I save the best for last, but Jeremiah Flynn and Bulletproof decided they wanted to make an example of me, to prove my own hypocrisy and to assert a nonexistent dominance, whether to spite the message I've made, or to stroke their own egos. All this proves, Flynn, is your over-reliance on the Firing Squad, and your inherent weakness when stripped of that oh so precious numbers game. An advantage is only as such when you can utilise it, but in a one on one contest, Jeremiah, your friends won't be there to assault me. You can do everything, make my life a living Hell until January the 29th. On that day, you'll lack the physical backing of Firing Squad. How will you fare after that, Flynn?" "My interests are not split at this moment in time, Jeremiah Flynn. You've made the fatal error of turning my vision square to you, and the bullseye you've just slammed into your own chest without hesitation is larger than the stakes of this match. You asked me if I was bordering on a severe level of unintelligence, enough to regard you as a joke. Do you want to know something, Jeremiah? Before you attacking me, before you blindsiding me, I had respect for you. I simply had to store it in the trenches of my mind, and regard you as only the enemy. Now, however, that your true nature is revealed to me, you aren't just the enemy. You took two of your lackeys and only with their assistance did you take me out. That is a most laughable trait, and do you know what makes me laugh? A joke. Merely, you are the jester in this show, a foolish act. I laugh at and pity you. You took yourself from my prime focus to my only focus. I will not feel pity, however, for your friends, your lackeys, your family, who will be forced to tears at the sight of what will become of you. Not figuratively, do I mean this, Flynn. Quite literally, the mess that will become of your physical being will become a revolting sight. Fitting, it certainly is, that it will come to that, as perhaps your appearance will be matching with your personality whence I have finished my work. While I pity your soul now, I damn sure won't when I destroy your comeback and boost myself to the moon off the shoulders of the fallen star. Jeremiah Flynn, I have entered a blood soaked covenant. The blood which I will use is yours, as I will ring true my self-promised destiny of defeating and destroying you." Finally breaking his gaze from the camera, the Suicidal Manic takes a moment to breathe, before beginning to speak once more. "Certainly a man I have learned the inner mechanisms of inside out, The Tiger found it within himself to call me out. Your crown, as you call it, that lay across your shoulder, the prize for defeating you, the NXT Championship, is certainly well within attainable grasp. I cannot relate to you, Tiger. A slight shake of the head. To disappear simply out of disappointment, what a pitiful excuse of a man you are. Every single time I have been forced to take a hiatus, it is for reasons beyond my control. I bust my ass day in and day out, and even uphold a self-destructive regimen whilst the hindering caveats thrown at me by fate itself are being dealt with. To simply be gone because you lost a match you were outclassed in, and it disappointed you? The only disappointment is you, Tiger. We are both enemies of Bulletproof, but do not mistake this for familiarity you may have regarding my situation. You will never have an idea of what it truly takes to go toe to toe with a man like Jeremiah Flynn. And while, as you stated, he does have the clear numbers advantage, you make the sore mistake of counting me out. Mister Tiger, you'll find that your own observations are soon to be proven wrong, that I can take out Flynn, that I can take out you, and I can walk home at the end of it all. Perhaps Bulletproof is akin to a box of glass, however with you I would think more to the tune of a house of playing cards. Carefully constructed, is your façade, but once the match sets alight the wood, all that will remain is the ashes of your championship reign." Somewhat uncharacteristically, a slight laugh escapes from The Chancellor. He takes a minute before focusing on his next, and final, addressee. "Since apparently, you don't care, I find myself in luck. With a half-assed group of competition, I'll barely need to acknowledge the existence of this match to be crowned the NXT Champion. Mister Cody Cage, if it so be that you only care about getting paid, and that is why you feel the need to speak on me and me alone, why go about running down what I said in pedantic detail? It would be to increase your name brand, you would say, but is that really how to go about it? By addressing me in a negative tone, the only guarantee you make is that Newton's Third Law is executed in full order. Since I doubt you hold the intelligence, or can muster the slightest fuck, to understand simple science, allow me to break this down. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sellers appears to zone out for a short period of seconds, lost in thought. He takes a few breaths before returning to the real world. Sorry, I was too busy not caring, since the very prospect of your being bores me to eternal slumber… See how cringey that sounds? Perhaps, you could think through your next word choice before speaking on my name." "To get back into gear, the reason I so stopped myself is due to a significant revelation I have just made. Newton's Third Law is only partially in effect, in this case. You speaking of me has caused a reaction, however this is much larger in scale and in relevance than your drivel. There is no equal here, because the two of us are not equals. I am more talented than you are entirely, and at the Royal Rumble I won't even have to try to prove it. All you have done is in complete opposition of your intentions, because being on the receiving end of a dog with both bark and bite will only wound you. Just like the Titanic, I'm the iceberg that is casually sinking your name brand to the bottom of the ocean. Sellers rolls his neck a couple of times before staring back into the camera. Next, and finally, to ponder over a simple yet hilarious bit of hypocrisy from the speaker of which I am referring to. You wish to run through each mistake that I've made in my previous promo. In your attempts to do this, you made completely obvious mistakes. Firstly, you claimed that I would say of The Tiger that he does not deserve a contract with this company. Speak for yourself, but the only competitor in this match that quite fits such a bill would be the actual man I said to be undeserving of his employment, that being The Riddler. Secondly, you made the fatal error of taking the words I speak in the wrong tone. To kill your true self is not something I would say literally, as would be clear if you had the intelligence of basic English. Perhaps you aren't smart enough to comprehend these things, or perhaps you just "don't care" to, but whichever would be the case does not matter, as the only thing you've proved to me is your content attitude toward your own idiocy. I don't attempt to be scary, nor do I need to do so. The glare of Sellers at the camera continues to intensify for a couple of seconds. This audience that we wrestle for has no necessity to fear me. The men whom should stand toe to toe with yours truly, though, you being one such example, Cody Cage, have a reason to fear. You're the flag for this bull to chase, and I don't miss. You say I am being 'awkward,' but if you weren't to bring up the factor of 'scary' in the first place, maybe your fear of me would not become so obvious. However, that is irrelevant anyways, as in a situation such as the own we are in at this moment in time, it is self-evident in your mannerisms and your speech that I am your worst fucking nightmare. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ stares into the camera for about ten seconds more, before stopping the recording. Having seen that message from The Chancellor, one can only imagine the fight he'll bring in the coming week.
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    Alex Costa

    An Assassin returns

    We are live on the Pre-Show for Saint Valentine's Day Massacre as the crowd is filling in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachussets. A great card is on waiting as we see Julius defend the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against Josh as well as facing Kieron Black in a non-title match, plus the Intercontinental, NXT, US and Premium Championships be decided as well as the #1 contendership for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. As the Pre-Show Panel is discussing the matches, however we suddenly cut to ringside as the Lights go dark... Everyone is confused until we hear the sound effect of "BULLET PROOF 4 LIFE!" The Sandman: Wait a minute, Bulletproof is coming out early? A couple more minutes pass and no theme song comes out until a female comes on the stage hidden under a Cowl and on her wrestling attire... The Sandman: Wait a minute that's... that's Christina Aguiar but what does this mean. Christina points to the stage when we start to hear a familiar theme song The Sandman: Well this is a suprise! We haven't heard from Alex Costa since Carnage Wildcard and it seems the Portuguese Cyborg is about to grace us with his presence. The song keeps playing as a figure emerges from the back with his hood up before taking it off to reveal Alex Costa which is coming out without the facepaint. Heel: It seems the Portuguese Cyborg is coming to make an announcement of sorts but look at his eyes. He is pissed, clearly he hasn't forgotten the loss he suffered at Carnage Wildcard. As Alex and Christina both walk up to the ring amidst a mixed reaction from the Boston faithful, the duo is looking pretty serious though it is wondered why Mikey isn't there with them. Both enter the ring as the music dies down they share a kiss in the middle of that ring before Alex grabs a mic to speak Alex takes a moment before he starts speaking to the crowd as Christina stays on the background for a moment. Alex: I just want to say, man I missed being out here! The Crowd cheers at that statement but then... But certainly I didn't being out in front of you losers in this crowd! The Crowd proceeds to then boo Alex What happened at Carnage Wildcard was a mere bump in the road, I am not afraid to admit as I am sure Mikey will do it at his own time, but Bart and Smith you were the better team on that night. So congratulations, enjoy your title reign as long as you can, because I believe that after tonight Flynn and the Antichrist will easily dispatch that has been duo of Kieron Black and The Prince as well as our little Miss GM and her tag partner the Don Dada himself and earn that title shot at the tag titles at BPZMania! Crowd pops for the mention of that match Just like I have full confidence in our leader, Hans Clayton, in that tonight he will retain his Premium Championship and remain a Double Champion, which I know will annoy the fucking hell out of you Isaiah Carter marks! Crowd boos as they begin chanting for Isaiah's name But enough doing self-promotion for tonight's PPV...you welcome by the way Brenden... Let me talk about what's next for Alex Costa, hell what's next as well for my lovely wife here. Alex then embraces Christina as she gives him another kiss Last year I stood in this ring and became a champion for the first time in this company, and you know it felt really good! And ever since I lost that NXT title last year at BPZMania I have felt embarrassed. My first BPZMania and I was stuck on a pointless Battle Royal, that's not what I envisioned when I signed with this company, but this year... Alex begins to chuckle a bit This year things are going to be a bit different, because you see I plan on making a moment that everyone here and watching at home needs to say which is why I'm going to be paying very close attention to tonight's matches, but especially one in particular. Alex then closes his eyes and just says this in Japanese "BPZ intākonchinentaru senshuken" In case you didn't understand what I just said then I will make this clearer. Alex turns to the entrance to say SLIM! ERIC! I don't give a flying piss who wins your match tonight but at BPZMania I'm COMING FOR THAT TITLE and I don't care whose ass I have to beat, because at the end of the day... Alex pauses for a bit as he soaks in the crowd going wild I am Bulletproof's Assassin, the Prince of the Air... Your next champion! As Alex ends he passes the microphone onto Christina who is apparently going to speak next. OOC: This will be a 2-parter so Christina's part of the promo will be coming later
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    Blackheart CJ


    We are live on the go home Carnage before St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, just after a commercial break, where CJ Sellers can be seen in the middle of the ring in the Carnage Arena, microphone gripped in hand. He looks deep in thought as Carnage comes back on air, but after about a minute he begins to address the crowd. "The concept of time travel. I apologize for speaking on something so seemingly random, but allow me this tangent to clear my mind and perhaps shed a new light on the perspective of the persons listening. The paradoxical nature of time travel is one of deep interest to myself. Being able to go to the future and see what it holds, or entering the past to rewrite the records of history. Of course, neither of these actions could occur without major consequence. If one were to change the past, the ripple created could be quite enough to completely change every part of existence. Fallen into the right, or if you wish to look at it as the wrong, person's lap, this power could be the easiest form of societal annihilation, all through the work of the Butterfly Effect. One could say something similar of travelling to the future, as well. One does not need to participate in the changing of events if this were to happen, simply making contact of sight along the lines of time to come can behold severe complication. Every man is destined to fare in hardship, as well as die, bound to the fate of humankind. This might not sit well with some, and they would wish to battle against inescapable fate itself in an attempt to save their own lives." A sigh emits from The Chancellor as he begins to stare off into space once again. He looks around the packed arena he stands in, presumably thinking deeply, before beginning once again his speaking. “That thought is the basis of my own for the past while. It has been thirteen days in their entirety since I have spoken openly, and once again I feel the urgent need to make everyone here aware of the process running through my thoughts. I am quite honestly stuck on a loop, and once again my thoughts continue to echo themselves in the chambers of my soul, Where would I have been if I had seen myself now, one year ago? If I could alter my past, would it be within my own grasp, to affect the outcome of my career, a bit over one year in? Impossible possibilities, perhaps the very meaning of a paradox, ring and ricochet, bouncing along the walls of my psyche, and it tears at me, knowing the answer to both ways of this hypothetical. If it were possible to travel along time itself, and I could change my past, or peek into the future, that means that I’ll perhaps never reach the apex which is possible for me, I’ll never have the possibility to further my career by every mean. I find it funny that I would be the one to worry about the impossible, and fret over the outcomes of events that cannot occur. Anyways, I digress, and to the next train of thought, what if I couldn’t? Even with the object of time travel, there is yet the chance I would be incapable enough to fail at tampering with destiny. This would simply prove my incompetence, further make aware to all my inable nature. Either way, these things grind at me, because I am helpless to alter my destiny. All man is, and I would find myself no exception to these natural rules.” “Over the span of one year I accomplished one victory and several losses. I have been afforded a solitary victory in my first fourteen months in this company, and perhaps even longer than that shall this drought stretch. I lost at the Royal Rumble twice, I lost at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, I missed BPZMania IV, lost at Judgement Day and King of the Ring and missed Survivor Series. I’ve lost and lost and lost, and all it has ended with is my self doubts beginning to resurface, growing and growing and expediting the increases as the losing piles up and it all eventually crashes as the veins of my self confidence pops like a balloon. Amidst all this, many a man would surrender himself, give in to defeat and lose to himself. The Chancellor is not a man of ordinary nature. I refuse to give in to this world’s demands to cease resistance, I refuse to be blown to the wayside by the winds. Instead, I will make this a showcase for you all. Man cannot fight with destiny, but I will take advantage of it, and use the fate destined to me, the fate to become a threat that God Himself has assigned to me. Nothing will stop this. Nothing will stop The Chancellor from reaching his goals when I am finished with all that needs finishing. The ever shifting sands of change shall be molded and blown away to reveal the ultimate truth. Fate is guaranteed, and I make this guarantee without hesitation when I say I am destined for greatness. Your history books are written by the victors, and we shall soon see the works of my pen among the halls of history, forevermore. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” CJ Sellers looks around the arena once more, relishing in the reactions of the crowd. He begins to make his way toward the exit of the ring when, suddenly, events nobody expected start to unfold, stopping him in his tracks. [Reply Planned]
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    Eric Shun

    Eric Shuns Plan

    Immediately after the marriage proposal from Arrow Orton to his girlfriend Sarah, the cameras cut to Eric Shun who is sitting at his home with his agent just mere seconds after his agent threatened to whack him if he does anything he shouldn’t. Their conversation continues. “I mean it you know, I will whack you.” “Kinky.” “Eric. You think this is a joke don’t you. You really do. I am going to teach you a lesson, not only will I be tracking your every move, but I am going to go accept the match offer from Arrow Orton.” “Whoa. If you wanna see me grapple dudes, you know there was that phase-” “I wasn’t finished speaking. No more recording your videos either. From now on we are going to act like the professionals we are, you hear me!” “Professional por-” “I swear to God if you so much as open your mouth.” “Dude, why are you so worked up. What’s the big deal, every holes a goal man.” “The big deal is that you are the father of a child that isn’t yours, and now you are in a professional wrestling match over it. Do you even know how to wrestle?” “Wait! I thought we had gone through this. I am only wrestling mixed gender matches.” “I have had enough of this. I need a raise, and a drink, but a drink first.” Eric Shuns agent gets up to go towards the exit of the house. As he turns back he sees Eric take a phone out of his pocket. “And no phones either!” Eric Shuns agent takes the phone away from Eric Shun and leaves the building. However as soon as he leaves Eric pulls out another phone from his pocket and begins texting a contact saved as “Dixie Normous”. [Hey Dix. Long time no see, meet me at the usual.] [Sure. Meet you there in five.] Eric would quickly leave the house and inadvertently lead the camera crew to his newly planned meeting with “Dixie Normous”. He would walk through the town, until he reached a discrete alleyway. At the end of the alleyway was a female figure, presumably Dixie Normous. ”Hey. Whats good?” “Not much man. I been hearing you tryna quit the business.” “Oh hell nah. You know getting some of that is irresistible for me. I’m just branching out.” “Branching to men. I’ve been watching TV Eric. I saw what you did to that Sarah. Ya know, Arrow Rhodes’ girlfriend.” “It isn’t Rhodes.” “Thunderman?” “Nope.” “Cena?” “Nope.” “Dream?” “Nope.” “Gargano?” “No. Dixie its Arrow Orton.” “That was my next guess. Anyway, it don’t matter what his name is. I ain’t gonna slate you. I seen what you did and I know what you wanna do now. I can read you like a book.” “But you’re illiterate.” “It don’t matter. Just listen up okay. I’ve heard about the wedding, and I think I know a way I can get you in.” “How?” “Not here, come with me. The pair would walk off into the distance, with the last words heard being. “We can record some uhhh wrestling later on if you want.” “Sure thing.” At this point the camera would pan down towards the ground and the screen would fade to black. The segment ending with Eric Shuns watermark.
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    Ill Gotten Gains

    BPZ.Com Exclusive With the Royal Rumble now in the books, and "The Revenant" Arius standing tall to close the show having both once again retained his Intercontinental Title, and emerged victorious in the Royal Rumble match itself, punching his ticket to BPZ Mania V. In this vignette however, it's hones it's focus on perhaps the only man on the night whose eyes were not set on the Main Event of BPZ Mania. A truly odd mindset to have, especially to enter the Rumble Match for such an honour. With the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California now empty, all the fans long gone, the tingles of excitement still running down their spines. The camera looks on from one of the entrance way as several technicians and stagehands are in the middle of dismantling the ring and the lighting rig. As the event is winding down for BPZ to move on to the next town, and the next match, the camera pans over slightly to see that The Resonator, KENJI, is standing there and looking contemplatively out to the vast stadium. The BPZ North American Title over his shoulder as he takes a fair few moments to collect his thoughts. KENJI: "After all this time, I was finally able to experience the Royal Rumble firsthand. That being said, many people in the back questioned my motive to enter the Rumble not for the main event of BPZ's biggest event, or even for the World Heavyweight Championship. As unorthodox as it is, it is the path that I have chosen. All those competitors in one match, all fighting for one thing. I don't follow that path because it is not the only one. Before tonight, Arius and I discussed our plans, where we really wanted our paths to go. And, I truly believe, that The North American Championship is one of the most prestigious championships in this business, I have since the very start. I've always known that I would walk the untrodden path. I entered the Rumble because I wanted the North American Championship to represent that uncharted road. It hasn't graced the gaze of BPZ Mania before, so I offer a single chance to the hordes in the Rumble to walk that path with me. To take a chance on yourself, and see what you can really do. My challenger would emerge, that person who sees the merit in the unconventional. Everyone wants to main event BPZ Mania....but that ground is already planted with the seeds of legends in this business. It's ground blooms as we speak. But, this championship, it's legend on the grandest stage is virgin territory, and one that I fully intend to etch my name into, as the first North American Champion to walk into BPZ Mania". "Fitting that the opportunity I pay forward is taken by one that has taken the wind in his sails as of late. So much so, that in the face of the Undisputed Championship falling to a void....he emerges to take the spot over those that are champions. Not only that, but mustering that clout on the back of deceit, betrayal and shock value. If he thinks such shortcuts will bring him to my championship, then he is sorely mistaken. I took no such leisures in my quest to win the North American Championship, and nothing less will get even a whiff of the gold for you. Management might have been taken with your antics enough to place you in the main event of Night of Legends, but I am not convinced. Because as long as that albatross flies above my head, how can I call myself a real champion? When even proving to be worthy of not one but two championship matches on the same night, only to be snubbed at the eleventh hour. A champion in this company is supposed to be the very elite of us, and when you take that spot, I don't take kindly to it. Not only does my chance of being a double champion slip through my fingers.....but closing the show also flies away". "And now, that albatross comes knocking. Swathed in the Bulletproof flag, as is many that are stepping up at Carnage Wildcard. Arius and I prevailed over your Firing Squad allies at Winter Warfare, but now I can't seem to shake Bulletproof from my wake, even now. What's the next step for you, Bob? Turn on Hans as well when things start going pear-shaped? Hoping that the sudden injection of hype and adrenaline will keep your snakes-and-ladders record afloat? Perhaps hitch your horse to the next faction that runs through, counting down the days to run it all back again. Even in the aftermath of your win over Raven, you will go no further. If you want to make it to BPZ Mania, it won't be through my championship. Your history is a cycle to repeat itself forever more. Yes, I didn't find that early success that you did, but I don't live in that cycle. I move forward with every step. And now, that next step, is you. Nobody's road to BPZ Mania should be easy, and I am no exception, but I cannot afford to falter, not now when I am so close. Closing in on a full year since I signed with BPZ, I will crown that year with a second defence, and blaze this North American trail to BPZ Mania and beyond". "That is where we are different, Bob. You constantly seek to slingshot yourself up in the world while treading on those you stab in the back. You will not represent this championship. I have built this title on the never-ending perseverance to better one's self, taking that opportunity to shine. In your hands, this title is merely a prop for your treachery. I hold no love for your faction, but you represent the lowest of them. You decided to walk this path but The Dragon awaits at the end of the road. If you really wish to write your name into the history of this title, then put aside all of your ill gotten gains, and face me man-to-man". KENJI looks stoically into the camera before turning back to observe the tear-down as the video fades to black.
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    We are halfway through Night of Legends and it has been a great show this far with some fantastic matches and even a surprise appearance from Sameer just a minute ago. Now an announcer stands in the ring as we prepare to finally get our next match underway. "The following is the Carnage Scramble match! Here are the rules: there is a 30 minute time limit. Two superstars will start in the ring and every five minutes a new superstar enters the match. If a superstar scores a pinball or a submission then that superstar becomes the interim champion. There are no count outs or disqualifications. Whoever is the interim champion at the end of the 30 minutes will receive a guaranteed match for the North American Championship at BPZMania." "Introducing first, from Southside Philly, weighing in at 192 pounds, CJ Sellers!" The Chancellor CJ Sellers steps out to a mixed roar from the crowd that doesn't seem to register with him at all. CJ has impressed everyone in recent weeks and is a frontrunner for winning this match because of it. He calmly walks to the ring with his eyes set firmly on the BPZMania sign above the ring. The stakes are high in this match with a North American Championship match at the biggest show of the year on the line and there isn't anything more in the world that Sellers could want. He reaches the ring and stands in it waiting for his first opponent to be revealed. "And from Finland, Aaron North!" Aaron North gets no love from the crowd as he comes out from the back. We've seen Aaron go down a dark path since becoming United States Championship with his mental health coming into question as he seems to be going insane. This man has made a deal with the Devil and maybe he's gonna find his next piece of success here with the devil's luck. Aaron comes in and stands across the ring from CJ, towering over him. CJ shows no fear though as he sizes up his opponent, willing to fight anyone. Both men look over one another calmly as they wait for the start of this match. The bell rings and CJ launches himself at Aaron, forcing the brute into the corner with a flurry of strikes. CJ trying to get the advantage early against his much bigger foe with these punches as Aaron tries his best to cover up. Aaron shoves CJ away, sending him tumbling across the ring, but CJ rolls onto his feet and dashes back across the ring to continue the corner striking. Aaron grabs CJ and throws him into the corner, swapping places as now Aaron lands a heavy handed chop to CJ's chest. Sellers doubles over clutching his chest but the big man pushes him upright and hits another big chop. The welts on CJ's chest stand out against his pale skin as several more chops follow and he slumps to the mat. Aaron yanks CJ out of the corner and places a boot on his chest for a 1 count. It seems the size and power advantage is working for the Devil's Advocate early on here as his opponent is still recovering from those brutal chops. Aaron North tries to pull CJ to his feet but CJ swats the big man's hands away and nails a Leaping Head Kick that causes Aaron to stagger against the ropes. CJ hits the ropes and sends himself and his opponent over the top rope with an insane clothesline. He isn't done yet though as he dives back into the ring and takes the recovering Aaron North off his feet with an incredible Tope Con Giro! CJ now looks to get Aaron back into the ring, hoping for the first fall, but North rams him back first into the apron out of desperation. Aaron places him onto the apron and pushes him back into the ring, giving the Finn some brief time to catch his breath. We are off to an explosive start here in this match and we still have plenty of time to go. Aaron comes back in and is met with another flurry of strikes similar to earlier that force him against the ropes. The MMA background of Sellers is clear here with these vicious slaps that can be heard in the nosebleeds. CJ Sellers runs to the other side of the ring to hit the ropes for something but we won't know what as Aaron North crosses the ring in an incredible burst of speed and nails CJ with a boot to the jaw. Aaron North may be big but he can also be deceptively quick for his size. The clock begins to countdown to the entry of the next competitor in the Scramble here as both men in the ring are trying to regain their strength after the fast paced battle we just saw. The fans count along, "3...2...1..." The fans erupt in a unified chorus of boos and Amai is loving every bit of it. In the last few months of 2019, Amai became arguably one of the most hated wrestlers by the fans but that hate is merely fuel for the Moneymaker. Amai reaches the ring as Aaron is putting the boots to CJ in the corner and Aaron pauses his continued beat down to prepare himself for another fight. Amai raises his hands and says something to Aaron with a smirk before suddenly and viciously stomping a mudhole into CJ. These two have developed quite a rivalry and now they can let their feelings be known in this match. Amai waves Aaron forward, who approaches cautiously, but it seems the two have formed an alliance as Aaron stomps away a few times as well. The two take turns like this for a few rounds, seemingly trying to stomp the very spirit of CJ out of him. Amai irish whips CJ out of the corner and to Aaron for a big Lariat that sends CJ tumbling head over heels. Aaron takes a second to exchange some words with a fan and Amai rolls CJ over for the cover. The ref doesn't even manage to count to two before Aaron yanks Amai off. Aaron starts yelling at Amai but Amai seems to manage to calm him down for the time being as we now see a double team suplex. Amai tries to pin CJ again but Aaron was paying attention this time and drags him off. Amai and Aaron start to argue but when CJ starts to stir Aaron turns his attention to him. Unfortunately that was a big mistake on the part of Aaron as Amai low blows him from behind! A roll up now and the ref counts it! "1...2...3!" Amai has stolen the first fall of the Carnage Scramble! Aaron doesn't stay down for long though as he staggers to his feet, clutching his lower region. The big smile on Amai's face slowly fades as Aaron turns to face Amai with absolute bloodlust in his eyes. Aaron North takes a couple shaky steps forward and Amai starts pleading with him, seemingly terrified of the monster before him. Amai realises his begging is futile and practically dives through the ropes to escape the ring. Aaron gives chase and the two go around the ring a couple times before Amai slides back into the ring. Aaron tries to come back in but gets a knee to the jaw for his troubles. Amai spits at Aaron over the top rope and takes a few steps back when he suddenly finds himself grabbed from behind. Amai forgot about CJ and pays the price as CJ lifts him into an Arm Trapped Suplex! The bridge is held as the referee gets into position. "1...2..." "3!" CJ Sellers is now the interim champion. Amai rolls out of the ring as now Aaron North comes back in. The two men brawl in the center of the ring as we countdown to the next entrant. The fans cheer as James Knight comes running from out the back. He's had some close calls in his attempts to win the NXT Championship that have earned him the crowd's respect but now it's all about the Scramble. James slides under the bottom rope and gets to work immediately with a clothesline to CJ and a dropkick to Aaron. Aaron staggers into the ropes and attempts to counter with a rebound clothesline but James ducks it and comes back around with a Flying V Trigger that drops the larger athlete! James is all fired up and shouts to the crowd but that turns into a cry of pain as Amai swings a steel chair against his back. Amai swings down on Knight several more times before placing the chair on the ground and hitting the Painkiller on the chair! The three count is made and Amai is the interim winner again! Amai has no time to gloat as he finds himself face to face with CJ. Amai runs forward for a clothesline but CJ has no trouble ducking under it and hits the Shatter Machine! CJ hooks the leg but Amai powers out at 2. CJ stays on Amai with quick, sharp elbow strikes from a mounted position but gets shoved off. CJ charges forward but Amai uses that momentum against CJ and throws him over the top rope. Amai breathes a sigh of relief before turning and seeing that CJ managed to stay on the apron. Amai rushes over to knock him off but gets stunned by a kick to the head which CJ follows up with a springboard crossbody. “1...2...” Amai kicks out once again. CJ doesn’t hesitate for a second as he charges at Amai again but a kick to the knee stops him in his tracks. Amai continues to kick at the knee until CJ falls to the mat. We know CJ has had issues with his knee in the past and it looks like Amai wants to exploit that as he tries to apply a figure four leg lock but luckily CJ manages to kick him away during the set up. On the outside, Aaron North and James Knight are back up now as well and brawling around the ring. Aaron has the upper hand though with his sheer strength though as he irish whips James into the steel steps. In the ring Amai gets CJ up on the shoulders for the Painkiller but CJ slips off behind and quickly drags him into the corner, steps up to the middle turnbuckle, and hits the Chancellor’s Order! “1..2..3!” CJ manages to regain the status of interim champ out of nowhere! It’s almost time to introduce the final competitor in this matchup and we all know exactly who that is. CJ Sellers stands in the center of the ring, staring at the entrance way as the fans count down along with the clock from ten. "...3...2...1..." An explosion of cheers comes from the audience as the fan favorite of the match comes out at last. Buddy Ace is not only a fan favorite but a betting favorite, as himself and CJ have made waves recently on Carnage. With the support of the fans behind him as well as the odds, Buddy Ace is looking confident as he stomps his way to the ring, eyes locked with CJ. Buddy dives into the ring and stands just inches from CJ as the fans buzz in excitement, knowing they will finally get to witness these two battle it out after all the talk. Buddy decides he wants to get a bit more talking in as he seems to be trash talking CJ, but CJ doesn’t say a thing, staring up at Buddy unflinchingly. Before either man can make a move though, Aaron North and Amai attack them, causing the fans to boo in disappointment. Buddy and CJ are now finding themselves on the wrong end of a vicious coordinated assault as they are being battered from corner to corner. Things are looking bad for a bit as now Aaron and Amai try to irish whip them into each other but instead are reversed and Aaron and Amai collide together. Buddy hits a Backstabber to Aaron while Amai is dropped by a Bicycle Kick from CJ. The fans start to rile up again as Buddy and CJ come face to face again, this time with no chance of the moment being spoiled. Buddy doesn’t do any jaw jacking this time as he blasts CJ with a right hand which kicks off a back and forth of forearms and punches. CJ’s superior striking ability wins out as he rocks the Hangman with a series of forearms. CJ tries to take advantage of the moment with a Leaping Head Kick but Buddy ducks it. There is no time to recover because Buddy pulls CJ in and lifts him into the air in a Powerbomb attempt but CJ counters it with a hurricanrana! Before it can be followed up on though, James Knight reenters the ring and rolls CJ up from behind for the three count! James Knight has just scored the fall but before anyone can process what just happened Amai rolls James up to steal another fall! Amai doesn’t get a moment to rest as now he’s rolled up by Buddy Ace for another quick pinfall! The fans are barely given a chance to pop as Aaron North gets the pinfall on Buddy with a roll up of his own! Yet another flash pinfall occurs as CJ rolls up Aaron North to regain interim champ status! The incredible train of falls ends there as all 5 men break out into a brawl. Buddy and Amai take the fight ringside while James and CJ deal with Aaron North in the ring. Amai tries to run away from Buddy but Buddy catches up and throws Amai into the barricade. Buddy Ace goes to look for something to use and brings out a kendo stick that he uses to whack away at Amai, leaving red welts and cuts all around his body. Buddy keeps firing away until the kendo stick snaps and goes back to plain old fists. In the ring, CJ and James set Aaron up for a double suplex but don’t manage to get him up as Aaron instead manages to reverse it and suplex the two of them! Buddy tries to catch Aaron by surprise with a Buckshot Lariat but slings himself directly into a big boot that leaves him flat on his back. Aaron isn’t gonna waste any time now while no one else is up in the ring as he quickly drags Ace upwards and hits the Devil’s Backbone! We all know what follows this as Aaron climbs to the top and nails Devil’s Flight on Buddy Ace! The leg is hooked by Aaron and the referee counts, “1...2...3!” Aaron North has pinned Ace twice now to become interim champion. Buddy is one of Aaron’s challengers for the United States Championship and Aaron is showing why he is the champion over Ace. Aaron has no time to rest as now he has to once again fend off CJ Sellers. A big right hand from Aaron spins CJ around and Aaron lifts him for a suplex but he slips out onto his feet. CJ quickly counters as he lifts the bigger man up with an Arm Trapped Suplex! CJ is one of BPZ’s smaller competitors but has a deceptive strength hidden behind his size. CJ holds the bridge but only gets a two count. Aaron is on his hands and knees as he tries to get back up only to be on the receiving end of a Curb Stomp from James Knight! James dives into the cover but CJ throws James out of the ring and covers Aaron himself! The referee counts the three and CJ has stolen the fall from James Knight! A fight has started between Buddy and James on the outside as Amai returns to the ring with a chop block to CJ’s leg, continuing his attack from earlier. Amai goes to lock in the Figure Four Leglock and is successful this time around. CJ grits his teeth and flops around in pain, with nowhere for him to go. Amai screams at CJ to tap out but CJ isn’t complying, choosing instead to try to fight his way out of the submission. Unfortunately CJ doesn’t seem to be making any progress as he’s been in the hold for half a minute now, he may just have no choice but to tap out to give himself a chance in the rest of the match. Before CJ can tap out, Buddy breaks up the submission with a stiff kick to Amai’s head. CJ rolls out of the ring to nurse himself as Buddy now puts the boots to Amai in the ring. Buddy irish whips Amai and floors him with a Rolling Elbow followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press! “1...2...” NO! Amai kicks out and Buddy looks shocked that someone could survive that combo. Buddy takes a second to regain his composure and decide his next step while Aaron North is manhandling James Knight on the outside, looking to get revenge for the Curb Stomp earlier. Aaron clears off the announce table and chokeslams Knight through the table! Buddy Ace is now on the apron and lines Amai up for the Buckshot Lariat! There’s the three count, making Buddy Ace the interim champion. Aaron isn’t going to stand fior that as he rushes into the ring in an attempt to take yet another fall off of Buddy. Buddy catches Aaron with a Rolling Elbow as he comes in but Aaron catches Buddy off guard with a Rebound Clothesline! Buddy is groggy as he gets to his feet though he may have wanted to stay down as Aaron snatches him up into the air with plans for the Devil’s Backbone but Buddy counters with a hurricanrana that sends Aaron face first into the top turnbuckle! Aaron stumbles out of the corner and gets Back Body Dropped into the center of the ring. Buddy walks over to the apron as he wants to hit another Buckshot Lariat but in the short time that his back is turned Aaron rolls out of the ring to what he thinks is safety, only to be met with a surprise television monitor shot by CJ Sellers! The Chancellor is wasting no time as he knows Aaron won't be staying down forever and begins a search under the ring for a weapon. We know how adept Sellers is at utilizing anything and everything which makes this the perfect match for him. Sellers has a chair now and smashes it over Aaron's back. A couple more times and the chair is left mangled from the impacts as CJ makes sure to lay it in extra hard. Buddy was relishing the opportunity to rest as those two battle it out but Amai seems to be fully recovered now as he goes after Buddy. In the meantime, CJ doesn’t seem satisfied with what he’s done to Aaron so far and goes back on the hunt for a good weapon. It doesn’t take CJ too long to find what he was looking for as he pulls of all things a metal bat out from under the ring! Surely CJ wouldn’t be so cruel as to use something like that in this match? Aaron is starting to stir again as CJ looms over him with that metal bat, waiting for his moment. Aaron has no idea what is coming as CJ makes sure to line it up just right. CJ takes a swing and there’s a gross thud as the metal bat is cracked against Aaron’s skull! Anything to win this match as we are coming into the final minutes of the Carnage Scramble! CJ takes a moment to look at Aaron before deciding against trying drag that dead weight back into the ring, instead electing to throw James Knight back in, who is still hurting big time from being put through a table. Buddy and Amai are both down on the mat unaware as CJ covers Knight for a quick fall but somehow Knight has the wherewithal to kick out before three, attracting the attention of the two fallen foes. CJ doesn’t have much time now as he leaps to the top rope, and with no regard for his own body, throws himself off for the Suicide Pact! Neither Buddy nor Amai have the time to break the cover as the referee counts three! The match is almost over and CJ has been in it from the beginning. Despite all the pain and exhaustion he must be feeling he knows he needs that final fall to walk out the winner. Amai tries to go after CJ but Buddy hits a Backstabber from behind. A cover is made but CJ is there to break it up quickly. He will not lose his spot as interim champion unless he is dead though he is clearly far from dead as he takes the fight to Buddy, hitting forearm after forearm on the cowboy now. Buddy shoves CJ away and goes for a Rolling Elbow but CJ ducks it and responds with a Leaping Head Kick. Amai now comes after the interim champion who seems to have further hurt his knee there which allows Amai to scoop him up into the fireman’s carry! CJ fights his way out of trouble with a big DDT to Amai. Amai rolls onto the apron and CJ has a scary look in his eye now as the wheels are turning in his head. CJ climbs up onto the top rope, intent on causing further harm to a man he very much hates, but why take the risk when you’re already in position to win? CJ Sellers is confident as always though and leaps for a Suicide Pact to Amai but instead his spine crashes into the apron! Amai managed to squirm out of the way just in time and sees his rival now laying in a heap on the floor which he seems to enjoy as he laughs, much to the chagrin of the crowd as they boo loudly. Amai goes to recover the body as he wants to steal this at the very end and the crowd is not pleased at all with this turn of events here in the last minute of the match. Suddenly the boos turn to a wave of cheering which confuses Amai until he finds himself spun around to be face to face with Buddy Ace. Amai doesn’t even get a chance to throw a punch as Buddy lifts him up and nails the Dead Eye! "1...2...3!" Buddy Ace hits the Dead Eye to get the fall in the final seconds of this match! The clock has hit zero and that means the Carnage Scramble is officially over. The referee raises Buddy’s hand as the referee announces the official result. “Your winner of the Carnage Scramble match, Hangman Buddy Ace!” With this win, Buddy Ace has secured himself a match for the North American Championship at BPZMania in what may be his biggest victory to date. That was an incredible half hour of action but there is still much more action to come later tonight.
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    We are live on Carnage, about to witness a bout between two scorned men. One of these men, constantly suffering from injury or other setbacks, and just never finding a way to taste glory after their first match and victory in the company. The other, an injurer of men, who had his title stripped from him, and now looking to create a clear example of what he'll do to get his title back. This match is two entrances from being underway. First to make their entrance is Jeremiah Flynn, to a crowd reaction of boos. The man is hated by the audience, who despise the selfish and egotistical tendencies of the former Undisputed Champion. He seems to be very much enjoying this negative reaction, though, soaking in the hate whilst walking to and entering the ring. He taunts in the ring for a few seconds before a moderate darkness envelops the arena, eliciting a mixed reaction from the crowd. The darkness stays for several seconds before a light shines from the titantron, displaying the words "The Chancellor." Slowly, we see CJ Sellers walk onto the entrance ramp as Indestructible reaches its hook. He dons the paint we have seen from him since his return in November, as well as a black leather jacket, as well as black tights and boots. He looks around the audience as a slowly increasing amount of cheers meets his arrival, taking in his debut of in-ring activity on Carnage. He begins to walk down to the ring, rolling in before being stomped on Jeremiah Flynn, who mounts the grounded Sellers and begins to pound him with elbows and fists. CJ covers his face as the referee attempts to pry Flynn off of The Chancellor, finding little success at first but eventually separating the competitors. The Supreme Ringleader backs off, hands raised in mock surrender while smiling and occasionally laughing at his handiwork. The referee asks hesitantly if CJ is ready to compete, but he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes and tells the referee to ring the bell. The bell does ring, and immediately Flynn rushes to Sellers, who is still in the corner. A flurry of forearms and punches rain on CJ before he ducks under a particularly powerful swing, quickly moving behind Flynn and delivering a standing dropkick into the back of his head, sending Jeremiah careening into the corner. Quickly springing back to his feet, CJ Sellers rushes to Flynn and grabs him by the waist, attempting to lift him for a German Suplex. Jeremiah counters by grabbing onto the ropes, and he bucks back, sending CJ rolling backwards. Flynn tries to capitalise with a running knee while Sellers gets to his feet, but The Chancellor quickly takes notice and falls back to the ground, allowing Flynn to fly over him and crash into the ground. Noticing his opportunity to strike, CJ gets into full mount and begins raining strikes onto Jeremiah Flynn. Ground and pound payback ensues as the referee tries to tell Sellers to stop. After about a half minute, Flynn finds a way to wiggle onto his stomach and immediately backs up, tripping up Sellers as he does. However, CJ immediately fires back up and lands a Pele Kick on Flynn. One… A quick pin attempt, the first of the match, is concluded following a count of one. After Flynn kicks out, Sellers immediately begins to work on the left knee of the Supreme Ringleader. Stomping on the knee several times, Sellers then bides momentarily, before releasing a vicious Penalty Kick right to Flynn's chest as he sits up. Not content with that, CJ begins to work further on the knee, stomping until a miss and a drop toe hold by Flynn plants CJ face first. Standing up, Flynn grabs Sellers by his necklace, dragging him up before delivering a hard elbow. In response, Sellers pounds a stiff forearm into Flynn's face. They continue this back and forth, to the applause of the audience. Finally, one of the competitors gains an upper hand, as Jeremiah Flynn connects flush in the temple with an elbow strike, stunning Sellers. Kicking him square in the knee, Flynn drops CJ to his knees, before delivering several kicks to the chest and a roundhouse to the skull. Dropping to a prone base, CJ tries to crawl away, in a bid for time to recuperate. Flynn does not allow this, however, locking in a Boston Crab, jamming his knee into the skull of The Chancellor. The referee questions CJ as Flynn screams for him to tap, as Sellers desperately flails his arms in an attempt to find salvation. After about two minutes, Flynn decides to release the hold and try his luck with a pinfall. One… Still proving he has plenty of fight left in his body, Sellers manages to kick out of the pinfall at a one count. Flynn seems amused, however, and stands upright. He delivers a kick to CJ's skull, before trying for another pin. One… Another quick kickout, and the smirk on the face slowly begins to be repainted by a scowl. One more swift punt to the skull, and he tries for another pin. One… After he kicks out again, Flynn stares at the young superstar distatefully, contemplating his next action. He decides, after a moment, that one more blow should put down CJ for good. However, upon delivering the punt, Flynn's left leg is caught by the hands of CJ Sellers, who gets up and quickly takes down Jeremiah Flynn with a Dragon Screw. Regaining a vertical base, Sellers grabs Flynn by the hair and delivers a series of quick kicks directly into the nose. Pulling him up to his feet, CJ whips Flynn into the corner, and begins smashing Flynn with forearms. After being pulled off by the referee, Sellers advances back on Flynn, before climbing up to the top rope and grabbing Flynn by the neck in a Dragon Sleeper, wrenching back and lifting him off his feet. Protests from the referee lead CJ to lessen his grip, allowing Flynn to drop to his feet and for the Chancellor's Order to be carried out. One… Two… Flynn kicks out at two, leaving CJ to decide what next step had to be taken to win this match. He decides to throw Flynn to the outside of the ring, before rebounding off the ropes and delivering a Topé con Giro to Jeremiah Flynn. With adrenaline pumping, CJ pulls Flynn up and irish whips him into the steel steps. He then sets himself up in between Flynn and the stairs, setting up for an Arm Trapped German Suplex that would land Jeremiah head first into the steel. He tries to lift Flynn twice, but the veteran competitor lifts his leg between CJ's the second time, leading CJ to lift Flynn's foot directly below the belt. Bending over in pain, CJ then is grabbed by Jeremiah, and Flynn smashes his face into the steel steps twice, before slamming him into the apron and throwing him into the ring. He goes for a cover, with the outside leg hooked. One… Two… CJ has the wherewithal to kick out at two, leaving Flynn slightly frustrated. He ignores his downed opponent as he turns toward the crowd, taunting and soaking in boos. Turning back, Flynn sees, too late, the impending Leaping Head Kick from a desperate CJ, that knocks him down. CJ quickly tries for a pin. One… Flynn kicks out at one, and CJ pulls himself up. He grabs the previously targeted left knee of Jeremiah Flynn and locks in a Figure Four Leglock. Flynn writhing in pain, Sellers wrenches the pressure as he wears down the knee of the Supreme Ringleader. Trying to reverse the hold, Flynn unsuccessfully tries to flip over CJ a few times, before flipping both competitors onto their stomachs and reversing the pressure of the submission. CJ quickly grabs for the rope, forcing the ref and Flynn to break the hold. Flynn crawls to the opposite side of the ring as CJ climbs slowly to his feet using the ropes. Once both men reach their feet, they lock eye to eye, and the war of blows they had before restarts. This time, though, a particularly stiff forearm of Sellers' flusters the former Undisputed Champion, and he begins unleashing a flurry combination of kicks and strikes. He turns and runs to the ropes, rebounding and ducking a clothesline from Flynn, dropping him with a Shatter Machine. One… Two… Th… A kickout at about two and a half starts to anger The Chancellor. He stands up, and drags Flynn closer to the turnbuckle, then, he stomps right on Flynn's face, leaving Jeremiah grasping at his face in pain, and leaving an opening for CJ to run to the opposite turnbuckle. Running back across the Flynn and hopping over Flynn, CJ Sellers hops up onto the second rope, and then up to the third before landing perfectly with the Best Moonsault Ever. Instead of going for the pin, however, CJ decides to assault Flynn some more. Dropping to his knees, Sellers grabs Flynn by the head and begins smashing their skulls together, headbutting Jeremiah Flynn several times until Sellers looks back toward the crowd with a sick grin twisted on his mouth, a gash noticeably bleeding on his forehead. One more headbutt for good measure, and Sellers spits blood into the face of Flynn. CJ looks as though he is about to follow up, but a familiar theme plays… The Firing Squad's theme plays, to the frustration of the crowd and The Chancellor. He turns his attention to the stage, where Bulletproof's tag team stands, smugly. They slowly begin to advance to the ring, as Sellers stares straight at them and walks over to the ropes, leaning against them. About halfway through the ramp, they stop, and just stare back at CJ. Sellers just shakes his head and turns around into a RUNNING KNEE FROM FLYNN! Flynn drops onto CJ Sellers, pulling up the inside leg as the referee begins the pin count. One… Two… Thr… The referee stops the count as he notices CJ Sellers' foot perched on the bottom rope. Flynn begins to scream at the referee for stopping, and getting in his face. This obstructs the referee's view, and Mikey grabs CJ by the arm and drags him outside the ring. However, Sellers connects with a hard shot to Mikey's nose, and a stiff elbow to Alex's. Mikey tries to progress back to CJ but is stopped by The Chancellor's boot connecting with his midsection. Rolling back into the ring, Sellers is stomped on by Flynn, who then applies a Fujiwara Armbar to his downed foe. Flynn wrenches on the arm as he wears down Sellers, less so interested with CJ tapping out than with him losing ability in his arm. After about two minutes, Sellers rolls onto his back, quickly slotting his free arm under Jeremiah and rolling him into a pin. One… Flynn quickly escapes, getting to his feet but being put back down by a Leaping Head Kick. After falling, CJ stays on the ground. Seeing both men on the mat, the referee begins to count. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… CJ Sellers and Jeremiah Flynn pull themselves to their feet simultaneously, but Flynn is slightly hindered by the damage taken to the knee prior in the match. This affords an advantage to CJ, who rushes Flynn and begins bombarding him with a combination of kicks and punches that concludes with Sellers lifting up Flynn and dropping him with an Arm Trapped German Suplex. Following the suplex, Flynn rolls to the outside of the ring, in the protection of the Firing Squad. Not to be stopped, however, CJ Sellers hypes up the crowd momentarily before delivering another Topé con Giro, this time wiping out all three members of Bulletproof at ringside. Grabbing Flynn by the hair and throwing him back in the ring, CJ Sellers climbs to the top rope and delivers a Suicide Pact to Jeremiah Flynn! He immediately goes for the pin in the middle of the ring. One… Two… Thre… Flynn kicks out of the Pact at the definition of 2.9, to the shock of CJ. Immediately, though, that shock turns to rage, and he wipes blood from his eyes. Anger seeping through his face, and he hops back onto the top rope. He delivers another Suicide Pact, followed by one more. Not satisfied, though, he drags Flynn onto the apron, climbing back to the top rope to deliver one final Suicide Pact. Upon CJ jumping, though, Jeremiah Flynn rolls off the apron, leaving The Suicidal Manic to land spine first on the apron. Seeing his opportunity, Flynn grabs Sellers with urgency, throwing himself and CJ into the ring. Capitalising on The Chancellor's injuries, Flynn pulls up CJ to a vertical base. A desperation swing from Sellers misses, and is followed by an FKO, dropping CJ Sellers! Flynn pins him, both legs hooked, middle of the ring. One… Two… Three…! Jeremiah Flynn has pinned CJ Sellers in a victorious return. The Supreme Ringleader stands following the count of three, and spits on The Chancellor, a sign of disrespect and payback for prior in the match. He gloats in the middle of the ring, standing over the fallen CJ as the Firing Squad enters the ring, posing with the veteran member of Bulletproof. We close off Carnage with the image of a victorious Flynn over his defeated opponent. Jeremiah Flynn defeats CJ Sellers with an FKO in 19:42.
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    Cosa Nostra

    Out Walks Bailey just nights after his impressive performance in the Royal Rumble Cut the music. Cut the Music. I’ve heard enough talking. I came this close. This freaking close to winning the Royal Rumble match again for the 2nd year in a row. So close but so far away. But that doesn’t mean Julius I can’t challenge you right here. Right now for the World Heavyweight Championship. Slim no one gives a crap about your stupid group. They can’t protect you from me. No one can. I don’t want to talk anymore. All 3 of you I'm kicking all of your assess.
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    Blackheart CJ

    (Re)Affixing The Sights

    Following a close loss in an incredible match to Jeremiah Flynn in his return to Carnage, The Chancellor, CJ Sellers, took a small break from appearances, on Carnage, or in public in general. Finally, however, his silence is broken in a video on BPZ.com. The video does not start with theatrics, but immediately with a voice, and the face that voice belongs to. "I guess that, once again in my short life, I've become just the type of man I hate. Once, a time ago, I would all out a competitor of mine for his actions. He disappeared for a period following a loss for no reason other than disappointment at the fact he had failed himself. This makes me a man indulged in hypocrisy, one of the least capable types of men to walk this earth. Well, in retrospect I can say I am not completely akin to him." "I did not take this leave from the public eye for the reason of disappointment. My disappearance can be summed up by my absolute need to become greater, in order to become the greatest. I took everything I saw from that loss I suffered to Flynn, and I analyzed it. Spending countless hours in front of the dim lights of a screen, searching at every corner for the reason. I lost, and all things have a reason for being, so what could mine be? Was it the NXT Championship match taking far too much of a physical toll on me? Perhaps, the Firing Squad attacking me took such a part of me away that I was not 100%? Am I just not good enough?" "Everything swirling through my head, possibility after possibility, only to be crushed, one by one. Suddenly, though, one thought did occur to me. Perhaps, I am aiming my sights far too high. I lost to Sameer, a triple champion following his victory over me. I lost to Jeremiah Flynn, a several time world champion. Maybe, I am punching just a little above my weight class? This did not simply vanish, as did my other self doubts. It stuck, and I tried to divert my attention but it stuck, and I pondered other conclusions but it still continued to stick, and eventually, I gave into it. I had to think over this more, I decided, I had to consider such a possibility as fact." "Once I began my own Soul Search, it's been awhile since I've had to say those two words, I came to accept that, I may have been too obsessed with winning that I was blind to the caliber of talent I was facing. There is a reason these men are known as the elite, but why can I not measure up to such a par? That is something that I have not answered, but not every question will be answered immediately. Some answers come with time, and at this time I came upon the final answer to this question. I very well might be facing talent above me, but I won't let this deter me. I've gotten everywhere in my career in wrestling by taking on people that are seen as the best and taking them down. I have worked too damn hard and too damn much to let a high level of talent ruin my career. The level of talent which I now seek to destroy is the United States Champion, Raven, as well as his challenging opponents." "Raven and I almost crossed paths, believe it or not. Back during Night of Legends, one month ago, we witnessed Raven challenge for the North American Championship, and me in a match to determine its number one contender at BPZMania. Of course, that show saw the two of us defeated. It is now that the 'what could've been' may be solved, as I have to take on the Messenger of Death. Allow me a thought, if you please. You will be the one to say everybody dies, and you are right. Every human being, every man and woman in existence, is fated to die. Would you be the one to admit you yourself will also eventually die, or perhaps will you insinuate you are not a part of everybody, and thus all you are is a nobody? Mister Raven, you spend your time in the company of some of this company's very foremost elite. Bailey, Julius, and Slim, these men are all former multi time world champions. These men you act as the loaded gun for, thinking that absorbing the shadow of Slim and permanently imprinting it into you will somehow through a miraculous happening infuse the talents of one of this company's greatest as a part of your own. This is not to be, this is a formula that has been tested and failed numerous times, and it frustrates me that I have to be the one to let you know that." "Perhaps now is the time I shall save my breath. Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is a decent distance away. I've spoken true and declared my intentions, exactly as I had planned to do when I began. Like the rising tide, beating hearts grow but never die…" Sellers stops talking for a moment, looking off in the distance, humming to the tune of a song. After a few seconds, he shakes his head slightly and returns his gaze to the camera. This tide of pressure ever approaches, threatening to consume each of us whole. Which of us will find our way back to the shore, with the prize draped upon our shoulder? We shall see. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor."
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    -Open for Business-

    The camera cuts to the other end of the phone line, where Aidan can be seen standing in a gym. In his left hand he holds a 20Ibs dumbbell, while in his right lays the landline phone that he's currently shouting into. Aaron can be seen listening in with visible discontent. "WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, BROTHER! I'm tired of hearing your slander about me and all of the Aidanmaniacs! I'm tired of watching you spout out your cryptic nonsense each and every time you speak! Last week you picked a fight with me, dude, and that was the biggest mistake of your life! You know why? Because now you've got the entirety of Aidanmania charging right at you, brother, like a train!" Aidan starts to curl the dumbbell up and down, speaking with more and more intensity as he goes on. "It's heading right into the station, and you better move out of the way, brother, before it hits you! And I'm giving you a warning right now, dude, I'm coming! Literally, I'm going right up to your office and am gonna talk to you face-to-face! Get ready, brother! The dumbbell falls to the floor as Aidan rushes out of the gym, apparently off to go confront Aaron.
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    As we cut to a fancy restaurant where we see Arrow Orton and his wife Sarah eating lunch there without any interruption from Eric Shun as we see Arrow wearing his new shirts that should be on sale soon with his catchphrase “it wasn’t even five stories.” Arrow:Sarah this is going to be the best Valentines Day ever without any interruption from Eric Shun it’s just me and you today hopefully we can’t even have a fucking wedding because of Eric Shun he always has tricks up his sleeves. Sarah:Finally fucking finally no interruptions from that crazy pervert Eric Shun it’s a shame that he cannot wear ties anymore because he can’t use them right and the fact that he has had sex with 5 different people on live tv is very creepy to me I can’t wait to spend our Valentine’s Day in Hawaii later tonight we have everything packed right? Arrow:Yes we have everything packed for Hawaii later today can’t wait to just enjoy my time with you and no interruptions from Eric Shun it’s going to be peaceful today. Sarah:Yeh lets get the bill and get on the road to the airport so we don’t miss our flight che—. Arrow: Sarah let me pay this check please as Arrow pays the bill for their lunch at the restaurant and then they hit the road and then they are in Hawaii now and everything is unpacked and their enjoying their Valentine’s Day together. Arrow:Sarah I think we should get to sleep after that long flight we can walk around and take a swim in the ocean. Sarah:Ok let’s get to sleep. As Arrow and Sarah are sleeping that’s when the camera dies. Well we have breaking news Eric Shun vs Arrow Orton will be at SVDM and it’s a loser pays child support we have footage of Arrow storming into the gms office Arrow:Sheri I want a match vs Eric Shun at SVDM loser pays child support. Sheri:Yeh Sure. Arrow:Thank You so much. And then Arrow leaves Sheris office in his Ja Morant Jersey. Thank you all for watching the Valentine’s Day carnage special edition.
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    This may be the most accurate post in Forums History.
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    The Global Wrestling Merger

    Ring Of Honor Episode 2 "New World Champion" Welcome back to Ring Of Honor, last week Jay Lethal made his dream come true as he would defeat Kota Ibushi. Tonight Lethal will celebrate in his glory, as he shows why he is the very best to ever lace a pair of boots, also in store tonight Jay Lethal will name his challenger for the World Championship in three weeks for ROH: Dreams Come True. Jay Lethal- Tonight I celebrate in what is an amazing occasion. Last week I defeated Kota Ibushi for the ROH World Championship in what was an amazing matchup, but how I see it is we are not done. So in three weeks, it will be Jay Lethal vs Kota Ibushi in the Main Event of ROH: Dreams Come True. But until then I will lead this Company into greatness as the World Champion, so now I only have one question can you feel the energy that I bring to you? This is a new year, a new Champion, I own this Kingdom forever! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kota Ibushi vs Bandido We now move on to a singles match between Kota Ibushi and Bandido. We now know that Ibushi will face Lethal in just three weeks for the ROH World Championship. But tonight he must focus on a different task, and that is a one on one match with Bandido. Will he be able to focus solely on that or will he drown in self doubt? The bell rings and we are off, as we begin both men lock up, the strength advantage would go to Kota Ibushi by a small margin. Ibushi would then push his opposition into the corner, striking him with a dangerous kick to the abdomen area. He continues the attack with a high kick to the skull. After a few moments, Ibushi would go for another high kick but Bandido would duck under and strike with a spinning Canadian Piledriver. Bandido would now go for a cover, 1..2.... but a kick out by Ibushi at the last second. As both men would get up just a few moments later, Bandido would go for a kick to the shin but Ibushi would catch his leg and takes him down right to the canvas. Kota Ibushi would then head to the top rope, but Bandido would get up quickly, going for a spanish fly but Ibushi would knock Bandido over and hit a German Suplex over the top rope. We now get to the final moments of this matchup, as both men are hurt, lying down on the canvas. After a few moments had passed, both men would get up to their feet and begin to trade punches. As they finish, Bandido would go for a clothesline but Ibushi would duck under and execute a Kamigoye, could this do it? 1....2.....3..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Jericho vs Lance Archer We return from a commercial break, as we get ready for another singles match here on Ring Of Honor. As Chris Jericho goes one on one with Lance Archer. The question is who will win this one and gain the momentum they surely need? The winner of this match will face Tetsuya Naito for the ROH Television Championship in just three weeks. We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Lance Archer by a large margin, as he would throw Chris Jericho into the turnbuckle. Jericho would then go for a elbow strike, but Lance Archer would reverse with a kick to the leg, followed up by a huge uranage. As we continue, Lance Archer goes to pick up his opposition, but Chris Jericho would duck under and sweep the legs, taking Archer down to the canvas. As he does do, he trys to lock in the Walls of Jericho but is unsuccessful as Archer kicks him in the skull, but Jericho gets right back on the attack, as he hits a soaring lionsault. We now get to the final moments of this matchup as Chris Jericho goes for a Codebreaker but Lance Archer ducks under and hits a huge chokeslam. 1...2... but a kick out by Jericho at the very last second. Jericho leaps up and strikes Lance Archer with a nasty Codebreaker for the win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tetsuya Naito Calls Out Chris Jericho After an impressive showing by Chris Jericho and Lance Archer with Jericho coming out on top. We now head to the back as Tetsuya Naito has a few words for Chris Jericho. What does he have to say after his big victory? Tetsuya Naito- Chris Jericho, what a win for you old man. But I still need my revenge from Dominion 2018, the night that everything seemed to fall apart, and it all was because of you Jericho! So in three weeks I challenge you to a singles match, to see who the better man truly is. What do you say old man? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal We now move on to the Main Event, as Marty Scurll will go one on one with the ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal. Both men are on a high right now, but who wants this win more? That answer will be fulfilled in just a few moments now. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Jay Lethal by a small margin, pushing Marty Scurll into the corner, striking him with a running knee strike to the chest. As Jay Lethal would go for a kick to the shin, Scurll would grab his fingers and snap them, as you would hear the thud of fingers breaking throughout the arena. As we continue, Marty would go to snap his fingers again, but Jay Lethal would hit a superkick, followed up by a cover. 1...2.... but a kick out by Marty Scurll at the very last second. Suddenly, Hiroshi Tanahashi's music hits, as he walks down the ramp. Entering the ring, as he distracts Scurll, Jay Lethal comes from behind and rolls up Marty for the three count. After the matchup, Tanahashi would celebrate for his efforts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Wrestling Cold War

    Willow The Wisp vs Bobby Roode In the month of April we begin with a singles feud, where two stars go at it for the classic pat on the back of being better than your opposition. Over the past couple of weeks these two would test their mental strength with overcoming mindgames. The question that comes to mind for this match is who can get the big victory at TNA: Lockdown? 2014 is a big year for TNA, so starting your momentum at this time of year is crucial for either of these men. Who has it in them to become a bigger star then they already are? Sanada(C) vs Austin Aries- X-Divison Championship Next up we have the X-Divison Championship rivalry, two men who are very hot at the moment, and a win can only help that. Sanada has been Champion for about a month, but his first challenger is a man who is looking to continue on cementing his legacy here in TNA, and winning the X-Division Championship will do exactly that. On the otherhand, Sanada is just getting started here in TNA, and he would like to continue his reign as X-Division Champion by defeating Austin Aries. The question really is who wants it more? Madison Rayne(C) vs Velvet Sky- TNA Knockout Championship We now move on to the Women's side of things. As Madison Rayne goes one on one with Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockout Championship. With a solid Women's division, it looks like the winner will have a huge targetr on their back going forward. But with the match being just a few weeks away, the mindgames have begun, and they have been working for both parties. But the question is, who will be able to walk away with a huge victory and be able to call themselves Champion? Magnus(C) vs Bully Ray- TNA World Championship We now get to the Main Event rivalry, Magnus defending the TNA World Championship against Magnus. This match is going to be a brute showdown for the ages, but the question is who wants it more? Being the World Champion of TNA is no easy task, so momentum has to be on your side, but will moentum be enough? We will see in three weeks time. It is Magnus vs Bully Ray at TNA: Lockdown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Week 1- April 2014: Show Rating 73- 5.085 Attendance Week 1- April 2014:Show Rating 78- 5.383 Attendance Week 1- April 2014:Show Rating 78- 5.377 Attendance
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    It's probably Charlotte's piss, that bitch a stallion LMAO
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    Where had he been? Where had The Tiger been after his loss at Night of Legends alongside Death Notorious Angel? It was a brutal contest between all those involved and whilst it ended with him on his back covered in marks of pain, it wasn't all bad. In fact getting brutalised by Firing Squad was an experience that would benefit him going forward. Perhaps it would be wise for The Tiger to form some alliances with others within the company because it was clear that DNA and himself were not going to be teaming up again anytime soon. A rather sinister sounding laugh could be heard as something could be heard being dragged along steel grates. It seemed that The Tiger was in a warehouse of some kind with the noise beginning to bang against some steel steps, it was clear that he had a weapon with him with the sound continuing to linger until it suddenly stopped with the only sound heard being him unlocking a door slowly switching the lights on as the tall intimidating man took a seat glancing straight into the camera placing his barbed wire bat to the side. He removed his glasses to reveal he was wearing Orange Contacts. “Do you really think that my absence was due to the embarrassment of being overwhelmed by those Gunmen? My disappearance was certainly due to the Gunmen but it wasn’t because of the fact I was disappointed to lose. In fact the reason I vanished was due to 1 key factor : Adaptation. The ability to learn from one’s downfall and use it within your future battles. We aren’t done by any means of word, our encounters with one another do not end here. Whether it is with the DNA or with another, I will find my ways to take you both down and send your carcasses to Oblivion. That was my reason to disappear but I’m afraid that cannot be said about you CJ Sellers your disappearance was due to far more chaotic circumstances. You made noises during the build up to Survivor Series about how your intentions were to save these people from their own delusions but that journey met a sudden end. I must admit having your presence back in the Gauntlet is rather exhilarating. Perhaps I know the reason for your disappearance all those months ago but I don’t think you care anymore. I’ve heard rumours this is your last chance to claim my Golden Crown and honestly that just motivates me even more so to drop you on your neck and send you on your way to pursue other endeavours. Bulletproof are as much my foe as they are your own as you attempt to shatter the glass box at its source: Jeremiah Flynn.” The leather clad man revealed a pistol as the camera panned towards it,loading it’s barrel with one bullet and shooting to the side, shattering a glass window out of the conference room. It is made apparent that he only shot a solitude bullet to drive his point home that he believed it would be impossible to claim victory in both contests at the BPZ Royal Rumble event. “ It seems you have to choose CJ, which one of us is more important for you to decimate? Is it more important to you that you claim what was stolen thanks to a mystery assailant taking you out preventing you and I from having this confrontation much sooner? Or would you rather focus on the man whom has finally made you his main target? Either way I don’t see you achieving both because I doubt you’ll have the stamina left after being mauled by multiple numbers. Speaking of numbers,one man’s time finally reached its climax as the Riddler defeated a man even more insane than Amai because the man really does not know who he is. That man has an identity crisis every single day of his existence that even an intelligent and calculating specimen such as myself is struggling to keep up. Is he Arrow Thunderman? Arrow Rhodes? Arrow Gargano? Brrow? Now he claims to be Arrow Orton but either you dealt with him in quite convincing fashion which has given me reason to pay attention to your antics. I guess we’ll never know who he truly is,Riddles are your thing anyways. Do you really think that because you beat someone with even less sanity than the first challenger that I broke after he failed to reach my level? However that being said you could easily surprise me. I mean look at James Knight, he most certainly surprised me being able to at least make things entertaining but they all fall the same as they realize that in order to beat me, you cannot be a normal man. Your Riddles are a part of the charm,don’t worry I won’t be bringing in Batman to deal with you. If I want your body to break into pieces, I’d do it myself because I have confidence in my own abilities unlike that deluded piece of shit Arrow Orton and it honestly showed when you buried him under his own insecurities. You really want to know what someone requires to have a slither of a chance of beating me for my NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble? You’ll find out when I forge my path of chaos with the blood of every single deluded bastard who thought that they were close to figuring it all out before the circumstances they were in changed before their very eyes. Never will you become the Predator because your reality is Prey”
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    Eric Shun

    My WWE Journey (Story)

    THURSDAY 23rd JANUARY 2020 This was it. The WWE Performance Center. I had seen it before, but never in person, this was always as far as I had got. A phone call I received invited me here. The room was empty, apart from myself, and a wrestling ring set up in the middle. Wrestling was my passion, from the age of 7, watching eagerly as the Monday Night Wars raged on. Now I was here, 20 years later. I had perfected my craft, I had been around the world winning gold wherever I could. And now was my opportunity to show the WWE, why they should sign me. However, as I was caught in my daydreaming state, I failed to realise the room fill up some more. Now joining me, staring at the ring in front of me were 3 familiar faces I easily recognised from my days on the indy scene. El Resplandor, a high flying luchador known for big wins against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr and Minoru Suzuki. His high flying ability was hard to match and had seen him put on a fanatic around the world. Next to him was Brock Canyon, a wise veteran. 40 Years of age but moves like he's 30. Done it all, except the WWE. This was clearly was the next target. And lastly. My arch-nemesis, the man who had defeated me at Wrestle Kingdom to take my IWGP US Championship, Vladimir Ivanov. As I took note of the men who were also here, a door near the rear of the Center opened and in came Matt Bloom. He spoke to us all as he approached us. "Sorry to be late. Great to see you all though. Now that you're here, let me explain what is going on. This Sunday, as I am sure you are all aware, is the Royal Rumble event. 30 Men, battle it out. A spot in the main event of Wrestlemania on the line. Now, as we speak we have all 30 entrants for the match confirmed. Or we did, it has been confirmed to us that Randy Orton has suffered a Pulled Groin, and is missing the Rumble match. Which is where you 4 come in. See, we only have enough room to sign one of you. Whoever that is will take Randy's spot in the rumble, and will be signed on by the company afterwards. However, you have to earn that spot. Today, you guys will have a mini tournament, Semi-Finals and a Finals. Whoever wins will get that spot. You hear me." I nodded in response to everything said by Matt. This was my chance, my opportunity. After all the waiting, sitting around, going from show to show, putting on an epidemic to get heard. This was the chance for me. So many emotions were flowing through my brain as we were paired up. I took my seat just outside the ring and watched, as a referee walked in through the same entrance that Matt did. First up was Brock Canyon and Vladimir Ivanov. I watched and waited, preparing to seize the opportunity of a lifetime.
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    I Can't Odd

    Impact Wrestling 2015

    I was wondering about NXT's title lineage because I had known Konnor was the champ but couldn't see a title match where he won it. Decided to look at Neville and he vacated all the way back in November to go up to the main roster. He's undefeated right now which is cool as they seem to be building him, idk. Usually the AI spams the same matches and segments every show with no care but he hasn't suffered any 50/50 booking yet. Week 4, January 2015 I'm gonna milk these two for as much as I can because they are easily two of my best and they put on what would be considered GREAT segments for me. From great to awful. Crazzy Steve has very low pop and some bad skills but he is slowly improving which is good. He's an opener for a reason. Both these guys are below the bar for my safety/basics requirements so I hope that I can get them there. Steve is much easier since I have him for like a 16 months or something but Jackson I think only has 6 months left. I've just been trying to book these people as much as possible and hope for the best since I can't really control anything. I meant for the reverse to have happened with Gail Kim jumping ODB as revenge but getting ran off. Instead I accidentally put the names in the wrong slots though I guess it doesn't really matter to me either way since it was bad. Samuel Shaw and Alex Silva came in as part of the Gutcheck thing where people would compete for contracts to TNA. So my idea was to do the opposite of that and have a loser leaves match. Silva proposes it for next week on Impact, Alex agrees, boom. Unfortunately, Alex's contract expires the day after Impact so I couldn't get this on PPV which is honestly fine since it isn't very PPV worthy anyways. I should probably get more lower card stories going instead of tossing them in random match ups or only using them when I need them for something. A match to sports entertain the crowd. I'm gonna have a fourway for the titles and figured I would do a non official number one contender match that doesn't have a definitive end. That sets the champs up to say they wanna face everyone cuz they're the champs, blah blah. Jobbers jobbing, really wanna do more position mixture with people up and down the card fighting or feuding. Of course I need to utilize my jobbers effectively. Generally in booking I find I've always used the lower card people much more often as I'll have them job over and over to new people while keeping upper card people in reserve because they are too important to jump be in these random matches but I feel like TEW doesn't support that style so I gotta adapt. Like Bobby Roode is the champion and has only been in like maybe 5 matches, with only 1 being a non title tag match, so... Even though MVP lost at Genesis, I have more of a desire to use him now than before. I figure Gunner will be fine since I wasn't exactly planning on having him in anything big in the near future but I will try to find him something to do because he has some good momentum. Bully Ray of course just took Joseph Parks off TV so he looks like a big baddy. I am pretty sure he is my top rated heel so I need to treat him as such too. DJZ is a fantastic member of the roster for me already and he has tons of potential. He also currently manages The BroMans and Tommy End since he is such an all rounder. Originally I had paired him with End because End couldn't speak English at first. I don't know if I will end the pairing or not since I like the prospect of using them as a team themselves. So I am doing Austin Aries vs Eric Young. TEW makes use of a lot of imagination, not that y'all will be seeing much of that with this format. I imagine Eric and Austin interact in the Battle Royal in a way that can set this up. Eric Young feels like he has been in a slump since losing his World Title and wants to make a comeback by winning the X-Division Championship. I also feel word about X-Division. I know it isn't a literal division but the name always bothers me, even in IRL Impact. Surprisingly good rating for a random heatless match though I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since both of them have higher stats than most the people I put in random matches. I haven't been the kindest to Mr. Anderson though I am trying to be now. Fun fact, a match between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson is my highest rated match ever at 66. It was part of a poorly done trilogy but it got me good ratings so. I should have a manager for The Freak instead of having him cut his own promos I suppose, especially given his monster status. Jay Bradley is gone so Rebel could be used. I figure James is coming off a string of failures to capture the World Title so now this guy thinks James Storm is done. He's going after a "Former" top dog and wants to add him to the list of names in his streak (alongside people such as Yasu, Chris Melendez, etc.). Storm is at home selling the attack I guess. Great in ring talents here, get some build for Joe. Tommy End has been on tour with ASW and he works for SWE as well so hopefully his making some good gains. His pop has gone from like 5 to 20 in the South East, so yay. Lots of pop increases for the lower guys at least. Mickie James has been signed! This is a big get for me, she has some of the best pop for a woman in the world so I'm glad she was available. I want to expand my women's roster so I'm thinking of bringing in some other good names for the division. Game mechanic wise it wasn't suited for the main event but I was proud of having her so I made it a main event match. Wait and see who debuts or returns next cuz I'm eyeballing people. Another show I felt good about that still misses the mark. Really hoping I can pull out a good show and maybe even top Genesis but I doubt that happens. I have two more weeks of build so there is still hope. When the time comes I may have to be a bit spammy with the angles at Against All Odds though, just to keep them from killing my rating.
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    Storm's graphics

    @Hans Signature
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    Proving Toxik Wrong

    ┴ɥᴉs ᴉs sᴉɯdlǝ ʇo dɹoʌǝ ʇo ┴oxᴉʞ ʇɥɐʇ I ɐɯ ɐ ʌǝɹʎ sdᴉʇǝɟnl qǝᴉuƃ ʍɥo ʍᴉll ɐɔɔǝdʇ ɐ ɔɥɐllǝuƃǝ ʇo sᴉɯdlǝ dɹoʌǝ ʎon ʍɹouƃ˙ ∀lso' dlǝɐsǝ ʌoʇǝ ɯǝ ɟoɹ dɹǝɯᴉnɯ' I ɟǝǝl I ɥɐʌǝ qǝǝu ʇɥǝ ɯosʇ ɔousᴉsʇǝuʇlʎ ɐɔʇᴉʌǝ ʍᴉʇɥonʇ ɯɐʞᴉuƃ ɹɐupoɯ dosʇ ɐup ʞǝǝdᴉuƃ ɯʎ dosʇ ɯǝɐuᴉuƃɟnl ɐup ʍᴉʇɥ bnɐlᴉʇʎ˙ Sǝɔoup ɟɐʌoɹ' ɔɥǝɔʞ onʇ ɯʎ pᴉɐɹʎ ɟoɹ ƃɐɯǝ pǝsᴉƃu ɐup ɐsʞ bnǝsʇᴉous¡ Any other challenge Toxik?
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    Blaming people's shitty behaviour and bullying mentality on a rule is extremely classless and narrow-minded. The fact alone you refer to it as "snitching culture" speaks volumes to me.
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    BPZ PPV Theme Song Suggestions

    *A wild Toxik appears* This song really has a blues rock vibe and I think it would fit the western vibe SVDM will have. (Also why are we doing a western themed show in Massachusetts rather than in Texas or somewhere else?)
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    Jeff Bezos got bored so he is starting a wrestling company called "Amazon Worldwide Wrestling". No one has every heard of it (0 pop everywhere) and no one is signed to it, but he has pumped 50 million of his own dollars into the company (about the equivalent of 100 dollars to the rest of us, so a huge investment). Let's see where this goes. This is Bezos's stats, very balanced as you can see, nothing crazy going on here. Bezos is targeting many people but because no one has ever heard of his company, wrestlers do not want to take written deals, and many popular people do not want to even get into negotiations. However, the main targets that Bezos has gone after after have been offered pay per appearance contracts worth 3 months to one year respectively. They are these people: (add in Silas Young, Tenille Dashwood, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate as well) We now wait in anticipation to see who will sign. The first three events have been slated in the schedule for Amazon Worldwide Wrestling. As currently there is no TV deal since Bezos forgot to tell people over at Amazon that he's doing this, he has to do events. The three events are all in the month of January and are thus: Finally, Bezos created the three championships of AWW, the tag team (AWW Duos), women's (AWW Women's) and main event championships (AWW Prime). That is all for now, I will tell you how the future goes, for Bezos and Amazon Worldwide Wrestling.
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    BPZ Formats

    Welcome back to BPZ Formats, this time around I made a format for the pornstar and flexer @Eric Shun. This one is actually pretty simple, just had to have a blue background with a tint of black, with a black border. I would say White is the best color on this dark blue background for future reference. Hope you like buddy, if you would like anymore just let me know!
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    Who ever said diaries needed to have schedules? CYBER SUNDAY ~~PRE SHOW~~ The Uso's vs Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods: Short match here, I'd have The Uso's win with Jimmy hitting a splash onto Woods for the three count. Not much more to say here, that's about it. Not everything needs a paragraph. Carmella vs Ember Moon: As voted upon by the fans this match would take place over Natalya vs Naomi and Candice LeRae vs Alexa Bliss. Ember Moon would win this match via pinfall with The Eclipse because Carmella still can't get a win for the life of her, even though she tried many many ways of cheating in this match. ~~REAL SHOW~~ AJ Styles vs Finn Balor, if Styles wins he gets a SmackDown contract: To open the show we have a barnburner. The recently released from Raw AJ Styles would go one on one with Finn Balor. Styles was of course released from Monday Night Raw by the new General Manager Triple H because he was a thorn in the side of The Authority and he was in the way of their complete domination of Raw. So they just terminated his contract. AJ now needs a job, and no better place to get that than SmackDown. In the opening match of SummerSlam he defeated Kenny Omega, a man who is in tonight's main event, but Shane and Daniel Bryan would want a little more convincing. They would give AJ a match against Finn Balor and would create a poll for the WWE Universe. The result would confirm that AJ must win tonight's match for a contract. These two would have an instant classic and have a quick paced hard hitting battle. In the end AJ would hit the Styles Clash for the 1.. 2.. 3 and would be given a contract by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. AJ Styles and Finn Balor would two sweet each other after the match as well. Luke Harper (c) vs Erick Rowan for the Intercontinental Championship: The two beefy former tag team champions would face off for the Intercontinental Championship after fans voted for Rowan to face Harper over Braun and Bray. Luke Harper would win with the Discus Clothesline for the three count and the victory over Rowan. Cementing himself as the true champion after a good bit of Wyatt chaos surrounding the IC title. The Miz (c) w/Sami Zayn and Maryse vs Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship: The WWE Universe decided that Cedric Alexander would get the Cruiserweight title shot here, making Miz enraged for he thought for sure that he had the votes hacked to have Ellsworth win. This angered Miz would argue with Maryse and Sami about why Ellsworth didn't win at the beginning of the match, allowing Alexander to get the upper hand when the bell rang. However through some dastardly tricks pulled by Maryse and Sami Zayn, and some by Miz himself, Alexander would lose via the Skull Crushing Finale. After the match Miz would cut a heel promo about how he is "The Greatest Cruiserweight Alive" to applause by Zayn and Maryse and many boos by the crowd who clearly know he is not a cruiserweight. #DIY (c) vs American Alpha for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships: #DIY would win after a valiant effort by American Alpha but Ciampa and Gargano would hit Meeting in the Middle onto Gable for the three count. After the match Gable and Jordan would be confronted backstage by Kurt Angle who would tell them that they're his children he likes how they wrestle but they could use some guidance, and that he thinks those two would be perfect for reforming Team Angle. American Alpha would joyously accept the offer, and Team Angle would be formed once again. Trish Stratus (c) vs Mickie James for the SmackDown Women's Championship in a Last Woman Standing Match: After the craziness that was SummerSlam, Mickie James would demand that she be given her title back. She lost at SummerSlam though so that would not happen. Trish would however allow Mickie a rematch for "her title" at Cyber Sunday in a match of the fan's choosing, that being either TLC, Steel Cage, or Last Woman Standing. With an overwhelming majority the fans chose Last Woman Standing and here we have a furious and almost insane Mickie James going up against Trish Stratus to hopefully tie herself back up in overall Women's title reigns with Trish. These two would use weapons galore, steel chairs, kendo sticks, a table would be used by Mickie to get a DDT from the top rope through the table. Baron Corbin (c) vs Kenny Omega vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Randy Orton vs Pete Dunne vs Neville for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Gauntlet Match: I would preface this match by saying that everyone's entrances were decided via a random draw (they weren't but just say they are). Starting the match would be Pete Dunne and Neville who would put on a clinic with each other, really showing off their technical abilities mixed in with hard hitting action. In the end Pete Dunne would hit the Bitter End for the three count. Out next would be Shinsuke Nakamura and he and Dunne would have a more striking based match than Dunne and Neville, but Dunne would once again get the win with the Bitter End. And then... RKO Outta Nowhere. 1.. 2.. 3, the dream is dead, Pete Dunne will not be winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Next out is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion himself Baron Corbin. Corbin and Orton would have their Corbin and Orton match, and Corbin would cheat in many ways through raking the eyes, distracting the ref, and other heel things. One such heel thing would be a swift kick to the balls after pushing Corbin into the ref after an RKO attempt. He would then follow this up with the End of Days for the three count. But sadly, much to Corbin's chagrin, he has one more opponent. That man is Kenny Omega. Omega would use his quickness to try and cut down the much bigger Corbin, but Corbin, a man with no shame, would cheat his way to victory through handcuffing Kenny Omega to... something outside of the ring. I don't know what but something fixed to the ground that Omega cant get out of so he loses by countout. Anyways Corbin would laugh at Omega from in the ring when out from under the ring comes a man with a briefcase who then gets in the ring, grinning ear to ear, waiting for Corbin to turn around. The bell rings for the Gauntlet match's end and Corbin turns around and gets struck by Chris Jericho with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Corbin would fall onto his back and Jericho would wait for Corbin to get up and hit the Codebreaker! 1.. 2.. 3! Chris Jericho is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It could be said that in this moment, Chris Jericho broke the internet... ehh? ehh? okay I'll stop trying to be funny. Jericho goes to the crowd to celebrate with his newly won title as Corbin throws a tantrum in the middle of the ring as Cyber Sunday comes to an end.
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    Blackheart CJ

    New Extremes

    On June 12th, 2005, the WWE held an event that would eventually begin a revolution. ECW would be returning for one night, with a reunion of ECW Originals and others who wrestled in the extreme in the 90s at the ECW One Night Stand pay per view. This event saw Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, and many other names coming together to wrestle under the banner of Extreme one last time. However, this was not the end, but only the beginning... Following the events of ECW One Night Stand 2006, which saw the fan favourite Rob Van Dam win the WWE Championship from John Cena thanks to interference from Edge, fans of the WWE were left shocked, answers to several questions still left in the air. The answers to many of these questions came two days later, on June 13, 2006. The inaugural episode of ECW on Sci-Fi saw the first time Extreme Championship Wrestling held a show since its bankruptcy in 2001, and the first TV show under the WWE ECW banner. As Heyman had alluded to during One Night Stand, this revival of ECW was a doing of the diehard fanbase of extreme, and with ECW on Sci-Fi airing on TV, it began a new revolution. Welcome to the age of New Extremes.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    Worlds Collide: August 22, 2017 - Planet Ice Arena, Coventry, UK . Cesaro welcomes the fans to Worlds Collide The current United Kingdom champion, Cesaro, kicks off the show, entering to a raucous reception from the UK crowd. Cesaro begins the show by welcoming the fans to a new brand in WWE, one where the British wrestling style will finally be given center stage. Cesaro says that he's grateful to be given the reins to lead this brand, but before he can continue, he's interrupted by former United Kingdom champion... Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight enters to a similarly powerful response from the crowd, but Dunne pays them no mind, marching down to the ring and getting in the United Kingdom champion's face. Dunne tells Cesaro that even though Cesaro was the better man at SummerSlam, Dunne doesn't believe he's the right man to be the face of World's Collide. Dunne challenges Cesaro to prove his worth as United Kingdom champion and defend the championship against Pete Dunne tonight. Cesaro accepts Dunne's challenge, and a massive UK championship rematch is now set to main event the inaugural edition of World's Collide. . Austin Aries VS Kalisto Our first ever match on World's Collide sees Cruiserweight champion Austin Aries do battle with Kalisto, with Kalisto looking to make a huge statement by scoring a victory over the Cruiserweight champion. In a fantastic clash, Aries would score the victory, forcing Kalisto to submit to the Last Chancery. After the match, Aries would brag about having yet another easy victory in his WWE tenure. Aries says that when he and the Cruiserweight championship were brought to World's Collide, he was hesitant, and this victory just cements it. Aries believes he shouldn't be stuck slumming on a lower-tier brand. However, Aries' complaining would be interrupted by the appearance of... Johnny Gargano! Johnny Gargano arrives in World's Collide to a huge reaction, fresh off of a Loser Leaves WWE victory against Tommaso Ciampa. As Gargano rushes down to the ring, Aries quickly flees, taken by surprise at the appearance of the Rebel Heart himself. It appears Gargano's sights are now firmly fixated on the Cruiserweight championship, and the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived now has a massive hurdle to climb. . Aleister Black VS Danny Burch Our next bout sees a clash between two of the hardest hitting men on the World's Collide roster, as Aleister Black does battle with Danny Burch. In a relatively short bout, Black would manage to catch Burch with a Black Mass out of nowhere, putting away The Gov'nor in an impressive World's Collide debut for the Dutch Destroyer. . Hype video for World's Collide women's division Before tonight's main event, we see a video hyping up the five women currently confirmed for the World's Collide roster. We quickly see Emma, Toni Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Rhea Ripley and Killer Kelly given quick overviews, and the video ends with a graphic saying the women's division will be coming soon to World's Collide. . Pete Dunne VS Cesaro (United Kingdom championship) Tonight's main event sees a massive SummerSlam rematch between Pete Dunne and Cesaro, with the United Kingdom championship on the line once more. In yet another fantastic bout between the two men, Cesaro would retain his newly won United Kingdom championship, putting away Dunne with a Neutralizer. Cesaro would celebrate this massive victory, but before the inaugural edition of World's Collide ended, Pete Dunne would get in Cesaro's face yet again. However, Dunne would offer Cesaro a handshake of respect, and Cesaro would return the handshake, with Cesaro having clearly earned Dunne's respect on this night. The first episode of World's Collide ends with Cesaro celebrating his first successful United Kingdom championship defense.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Brand Split 2020 Fantasy Draft At the start of 2018, we saw the unification of both of BPZ Wrestling's brands. With Carnage and EVOLVE becoming one under the name of the prior, the end of the brand split was official and the whole roster was one once again. Since then, there has been constant speculation of when the brand split will return but now, the rumors are of more volume than ever as it's being said that BPZ management has discussed bringing back the brand split post-BPZMania. Therefore, myself, Fanny McFee, and my BPZ Commentaries colleague, Manny Moleman, have paired up for our own fantasy draft. I will be drafting for EVOLVE and Manny will be drafting with Carnage, with the latter having the number one pick due to Carnage's main-stay as the live weekly BPZ Wrestling show. Manny Moleman (Hans) #1 | Jeremiah Flynn One of the longest Reigning Champions in BPZ history, Jeremiah Flynn has always been on top of his game, proven with his most recent run as the BPZ Undisputed Champion, clocking in it about 211 days. Being apart of Bulletproof, and forming the Firing Squad within it, it would have been foolish not to pick him at the #1 Position. The Hall of Famer is still an elite performer, thus was my reason to pick him as my first selection. #2 | Arius He has only been here for a year but man has he done a lot. Being one of the most unique individuals to come to BPZ Wrestling, Arius is fantastic on the microphone and is shown to be a valuable member of the company. The first North American Champion, holding titles such as US and IC belts, and being one of the favorites to win this year’s rumble, Arius would be great on the Carnage brand, and he could finally work with some of the top guys in the company. It was an obvious second pick. #3 | Eli Smith Eli Smith returned to BPZ this past summer, and what run it has been for the superstar. Defeating Bailey in his return match, forming Creed and now a Tag Champion with one of his stable-mates in Bart. Smith has shown he can still go and so picking him as my third selection was a wise decision and can bring a lot to the Carnage Brand, feuding with guys like Flynn and Arius. #4 | Bart Speaking of his tag team partner, selecting Bart was the next obvious pick. Now having the Tag Team Champions on the Carnage brand, Bart is a skilled and talented superstar, being a former Undisputed Champion himself. Bart would be a great choice for any brand he is on and since he’s with Smith as apart of The Creed, I couldn’t help but take the Dutch Star as my next pick. #5 | Hans Clayton An upcoming BPZ Superstar, Hans Clayton has had an “extraordinary” first year with the company, capturing various titles and achievements, Hans has shown he can hang with the likes of Eli Smith, Julius, etc. Hans can very well be a future World Champion in the company and with his association with Jeremiah Flynn, and his incredible work ethic. The sky's the limit for Hans Clayton, and is Carnage's 5th pick, completing the Carnage top five. #6 | Necce - #7 | Bob Sparks - #8 | Mikey #9 | Echo Wilson - #10 | Buddy Ace - #11 | Alex Costa #12 | Jason Ryan - #13 | Aaron North - #14 | Yelich #15 | George AK - #16 | Mecko - #17 | Cody Cage #18 | Dr. X - #19 | Darius Shiba - #20 | James Knight #21 | Poidust - #22 | Maasa - #23 | Brian Gillman #24 | Epic - #25 | Jack Bishop - #26 | The Riddler Fanny McFee (Smith) #1 | Julius Being the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and winner of ‘The King’ Slammy Award for the past two years, Julius has been on top of BPZ Wrestling for the past two years after a soaring rise to the top of the card through the success of The Kingdom. With the most treasured and prestigious championship in his grasp, Julius continues to prove that he is a reliable and top-tier performer which to me, makes him the obvious first-round pick. #2 | Slim Considered as one of the greatest of all-time whilst having the ability to reinvent himself with fresh new shticks to stop himself from becoming stale, Slim has been able to maintain his position as arguably the face of the company for a number of years whilst believably moving up and down the card making him a uniquely diverse superstar, Slim is a great second pick. #3 | Bailey Justin As the longest-lasting active superstar in BPZ history and named by most as the greatest superstar of all-time in BPZ history, Bailey Justin has been on top of BPZ for the majority of the company's existence, having captured the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion five-times over and being entered into the Hall Of Fame five years ago. After all this time, Bailey is still one of the most exciting superstars on the roster and continues to have great feuds with wrestlers throughout the card. Withall, picking Bailey at number three us undoubtedly a steal. #4 | Sameer At BPZMania V, Sameer is set to have one of the biggest matches in BPZ history against the boss himself, Brenden, after he turned on Sameer and broke up the fan-favorite duo. With that being said, Sameer is one of the most seasoned stars in BPZ as a five-year veteran and the best part is, last year was his best year as he finally had his main event breakthrough with his first reign as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and is only looking to rise even further. #5 | KENJI The final addition to the EVOLVE top five is the only one not to hold the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but is arguably the most exciting. As the current BPZ North-American Champion, KENJI has been dubbed by many as the future of BPZ Wrestling and has already had multiple impressive showings when given opportunities against the company’s top names. Despite not being the most accomplished, KENJI is very key as every roster needs a thrilling, unpredictable, bright, up-and-coming star. #6 | Isaiah Carter - #7 | Raven - #8 | FDS #9 | James Ropati - #10 | Sheridan - #11 | Jonathan #12 | Bashka - #13 | CJ Sellers - #14 | Gunner Flynn #15 | D.N.A - #16 | Natedog - #17 | Amai #18 | Prince - #19 | Kieron Black - #20 | Joh #21 | Hollow - #22 | Joshua Scott - #23 | Benjamin Wolf #24 | Arrow - #25 | Mirage - #26 | Dark Angel Thank you very much for reading but before you leave, be sure to keep an eye on this space as the dynamic duo of Manny and Fanny will be back soon with our point-by-point strategy of how BPZ should introduce and run the new rendition of the brand split. In that article, we will cover champions, potential storylines, and much more!
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    I Can't Odd

    Impact Wrestling 2015

    Week 1, January 2015 Pre Show: Main Show: Magnus opens the show by coming out to the ring and saying that he could beat Eric Young faster than Samoa Joe did last week because Joe is a sloppy, second rate wrestler. After the match, Magnus brags about how he was successful in backing up his claim. Gunner cuts a promo on MVP, saying that MVP has made a huge mistake by making an enemy of him. Bobby Roode is out in the ring and reiterates that James Storm will not be getting any more World Championship matches. After saying this, Dixie Carter comes and books a 6 man elimination number one contender's match for tonight's main event between Willow, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle, EC3, and James Storm! Kenny King claims that 2015 will be his year in a promo. Velvet Sky is in the ring but before she ends up being jumped by Gail Kim, whom poses over Velvet with the Knockout's Championship. Bully Ray is being interviewed by Mike Tenay and all is going well until Joseph Park shows up and attacks Bully Ray, getting one back on Bully Ray. Hernandez announces an open challenge for the TNA Television Title and X Division Champion Austin Aries answers it! (I'm not gonna lie, I accidentally booked this match backward cuz I thought the loser thing was for the final elimination but it works.) That was actually my best show yet!
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    Eric Shun

    NBA Rebuild Central

    REBUILDING THE SUNS We headed into the off-season with our aim being purely to sign players on one year deals, so we would have money to throw at Kawhi Leonard or Paul George in the next off-season. We were also in the draft, here are the results of the draft lottery. 14. Pelicans 13. Trail Blazers 12. Kings 11. Spurs 10. Suns 9. Magic 8. Hawks 7. Cavaliers 6. Bulls 5. Knicks 4. Hornets 3. Warriors 2. Pistons 1. Timberwolves Before we got to the draft, we fired our Head and Assistant Coach. Signing Trent Peterson and Jacob Underwood as replacements. Going into the draft, we just wanted to take the best player possible who wasn’t a Shooting Guard or Center. Here are the first 10 picks of the draft. 1. Timberwolves draft Anthony Edwards 2. Pistons draft Lamelo Ball 3. Warriors draft James Wiseman 4. Hornets draft Tyrese Haliburton 5. Knicks draft Nico Mannion 6. Bulls draft Killian Hayes 7. Cavaliers draft Obi Toppin 8. Hawks draft Cole Anthony 9. Magic draft Vernon Carey Jr 10. Suns draft Jaden McDaniels After drafting Jaden McDaniels, we signed Cheick Diallo's team option and let Elie Okobo walk. Anthony Davis walked, as did Andre Drummond. Before going into free agency though, we traded Kelly Oubre Jr and a distant first for Mitchell Robinson. In free agency we picked up Danilo Gallinari and Reggie Jackson on one year deals. Then we traded Frank Kaminsky to the Oklahoma City Thunder for 2 first round picks. Our final free agents signings were Dion Waiters and Wesley Matthews. In player progression, Devin Booker went up to an 89, Ayton went up to an 88 and Mitchell Robinson went up to an 85. Other players went up 1 or 2 overalls as well. At training camps, we sent DeAndre Ayton to perimeter shooting, and then the entire team to Free Throw shooting. Going into the new season, our aim was to make the playoffs. Failing that, another lottery pick wouldn’t go unwanted. We started, Ricky Rubio, Devin Booker, Jaden McDaniels, Danilo Gallinari and DeAndre Ayton. With Mitchell Robinson, Mikal Bridges, Reggie Jackson, Cheick Diallo and Dion Waiters coming on off of the bench. At the point of the All-Star game we were 32-22, with Devin Booker making the All-Star game. For the rest of the season, we were strong, finishing with a 51-31 record. This was good enough for Devin Booker to make the All-NBA 2nd Team and us to finish as the 3rd seed. Award Winners - MVP - Giannis Antetokounmpo ROTY - James Wiseman 6th Man - Jusuf Nurkic DPOY - Kawhi Leonard MIP - Kristaps Porzingis COTY - Mike Budenholzer Stat Leaders - Points - Devin Booker (30.6) 50/40/90 Club Rebounds - DeAndre Ayton (12.7) Assists - Ricky Rubio (10.5) Steals - Mikal Bridges (1.3) Blocks - DeAndre Ayton (1.7) Playoffs First up in the Playoffs we would meet the Dallas Mavericks, led by Luka Doncic and MIP Kristaps Porzingis. We would have a strong start to the series, taking games 1, 2 and 3. Game 1 saw a 43 point explosion from Devin Booker, as well as a 16 and 20 performance from DeAndre Ayton. Game 2 had another Booker explosion, with 39 points and 10 assists. Danilo Gallinari had 32 points on 75% from 3 point range to help. Game 3 saw Booker continue his playoff hot streak with a 51 point game, making 11 threes. Whilst Mitchell Robinson and DeAndre Ayton both record double doubles. We would lose game 4 though, but in game 5 we would win the series thanks to a 44 point game from Devin Booker. DeAndre Ayton would also record 19 points and 17 rebounds. Next up we would face the Portland Trail Blazers. We would lose game 1, before taking games 2, 3 and 4 in return. Devin Booker dropped an average of around 34 in these games. Game 5 would be Dame Time though, as Damian Lillard dropped 56 points. Portland would then go on to take games 6 and 7 to win the series. Although, there were no more notable high scores. As Damian Lillard and Devin Booker were clamped up for the rest of the series. Despite blowing a 3-1 lead, I doubt anyone will forget the amazing first round show put on by Devin Booker The finals would be contested between the Bucks and the Clippers, the Bucks would win in 6 with the Finals MVP award going to Giannis Antetokounmpo, who averaged 32.7 points, 15.2 rebounds and 2.5 blocks across the series.
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    Cody Cage

    Proving Toxik Wrong

    what the fuck is this
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    Eric Shun

    FIFA 20 Tournament

    Goal Difference Points Goal Difference Points THROUGH Kai 6 6 THROUGH George 9 12 THROUGH THROUGH Smith 0 3 THROUGH Nate 9 6 THROUGH THROUGH Amai -2 3 THROUGH Julius -7 4 THROUGH THROUGH Ropati 0 0 THROUGH Prince -5 1 THROUGH ELIMINATED Slim 0 0 ELIMINATED Bart 0 0 ELIMINATED ELIMINATED Bailey -2 0 ELIMINATED Sameer -2 0 ELIMINATED ELIMINATED Damien -2 0 ELIMINATED Cody -4 0 ELIMINATED Results Results Damien 1-3 Kai Prince 1-1 Julius Amai 1-5 Kai Sameer 0-2 Julius Smith 3-1 Bailey George 3-1 Julius Amai 4-2 Smith Prince 1-3 George George 4-0 Cody Nate 2-3 George Nate 5-2 Prince Nate 8-1 Julius Another day has now passed, with 3 games being played. After Group Red had yesterdays only game, it has none today. With all the action being in Group Blue as Nate began his tournament and played through his first three games. Things didn't start off well for him as he lost a tight game 2-3 against group leader George, who now becomes the first player to reach double digits in points. Nate though would bounce back against Prince with a strong 5-2 win, although there was controversy when Nate chopped down a striker who was one on one. Deciding to take the red card instead of concede. Lastly Nate would face Julius and win convincingly, 8-1. Meaning Nate now overtakes Julius and goes up into 2nd place in Group Blue. Julius drops to third and Prince to fourth.
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    Isaiah Carter

    Storm's graphics

    Been enjoying your graphics recently storm, they defiantly have improved from your first work and that Aleister Black graphic is probably my favorite of the bunch, keep up the good work Storm
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    Fixed it pretty immature from Flynn here could’ve just dm me smh
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    NEW ERA OFFENSE: REVOLUTION Gallus VS Ohio Versus Everything VS SoCal Uncensored VS ??? (NEO Openweight Six-Man Tag Team championship) This edition of Revolution kicks off with a massive four-way trios match to determine the first ever NEO Openweight Six-Man tag team champions. Out first, we see Ohio Versus Everything, the trio of Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton, with stable leader Sami Callihan currently preparing for his NEO World Heavyweight title match later tonight. Out next is the trio of Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Then, we see Christopher Daniels lead Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, clearly the most popular trio in the bout. Before the fourth team comes out, we see Adam Cole, who hypes up the trio as his three most trusted friends and allies. Cole says he has total faith in them to score victory here tonight, and that their reign over NEO will soon be...Undisputed. As he says this, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong enter, with the Undisputed Era now being reunited in NEO. However, in a fantastic bout, it would actually be Ohio Versus Everything who score the victory, with the Irish Airborne putting away Mark Coffey with the Irish Air Raid. Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton escape this bout the new NEO Openweight Six-Man tag team champions. . Kenny King VS Silas Young (Loser Leaves NEO) Our next bout sees a match added at the final hour, as after the events of last week, Kenny King demanded a match with Silas Young. Maverick made the match, with the stipulation that the loser must leave NEO forever. In a great bout, Silas Young would score the victory, putting away King with the Pee Gee Waja Plunge, picking up a massive victory and ending Kenny King's NEO career. . Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture (NEO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team championship) Our next bout sees the inaugural Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions decided, as the duo of Zack Gibson and James Drake does battle with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. In a fantastic clash, South Wales Subculture would become the inaugural NEO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions, with Andrews putting away James Drake with Fall to Pieces. . Adam Cole VS Dave Mastiff (NEO Openweight championship) Next, we see Bomber Dave Mastiff look to upset the always impressive Adam Cole. After earning the number one contendership for the NEO Openweight title by winning a 20 man battle royal, he now faces Adam Cole, who was one win away from being in tonight's main event for the NEO World Heavyweight championship before falling to Pete Dunne in the semi-finals. In a fantastic clash, Mastiff would score the victory and become the inaugural NEO Openweight champion, putting Adam Cole away with a Cannon Ball into the turnbuckle. . Mustache Mountain VS Bad Luck Fale/Chase Owens (NEO Heavyweight Tag Team championship) Our next bout sees Tyler Bate and Trent Seven do battle with Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale to become the first ever NEO Heavyweight tag team champions. In a fantastic bout, Fale and Owens would score the upset, with Owens catching Bate with a Package Piledriver after Fale distracted the referee long enough for Owens to level Bate with a chair shot. With this victory, Fale and Owens become the first ever NEO Heavyweight tag team champions in a massive upset. . Ilja Dragunov VS Austin Aries (NEO Junior Heavyweight championship) Up next, we see one of the most heated bouts on the card, as Ilja Dragunov, a man who came within one victory from being in tonight's main event for the NEO World Heavyweight championship, looks to get revenge on the man who spoiled his tournament and cheated to do so, Austin Aries. In a fantastic clash, Dragunov would score the victory, putting away Aries with Torpedo Moscow. Though he was unable to earn a NEO World Heavyweight championship match, Dragunov made the most of this opportunity, and now reigns as NEO's inaugural Junior Heavyweight champion. . "The Miracle" Mike Bennett VS Jack Gallagher Before tonight's main event, we see another match added to the card at the final hour, as after Mike Bennett's victory and post-match attack on Danny Burch, Jack Gallagher would run out to make the save. Now, Gallagher has his chance at revenge on The Miracle. However, Gallagher would come up short against Bennett, falling to a Miracle in Progress. The Miracle scores a massive victory in his NEO PPV debut, and with efforts like this, he might be a man to watch in the near future. . Sami Callihan VS Pete Dunne (NEO World Heavyweight championship) Finally, we reach tonight's main event, the culmination of a three-month tournament between six of NEO's best stars. Sami Callihan enters this match after going 4-3 in his block, but with victories over the other three men who ended at 4-3, Callihan was given the nod in a tie-breaker. Pete Dunne enters this match with an incredible 6-1 record, his only loss in his block coming against Ilja Dragunov. In a fantastic, hard hitting clash, Callihan would pick up the shock victory, putting away Dunne with a Cactus Driver. Sami Callihan celebrates becoming the inaugural NEO World Heavyweight champion, and he is soon joined by the new Openweight Six-Man champions, Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton. NEO: Revolution ends with Ohio Versus Everything celebrating, all four members currently holding championship gold.
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    @Epic1237_, @Cody Cage, And @Isaiah Carter EBICODY
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    Eric Shun

    GCW: Rebooting The Reboot

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    Medium Freeze

    BPZ Music

    Whether it’s a 5 minute trip or an hour long journey, nothing helps make the day or set the mood like music. The right song can turn a stressful morning into a peaceful commute, liven up work, or motivate you in the gym. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new and improved avenue for BPZ fans to listen to their favourite Brendeplayz associated music through this new experience. In this new avenue with Spotify you can enjoy endless listening of all your favourite themes from throughout the years of the company starting first with the PPV music of 2019 for free – simply create an account or log into your existing one. Begin your journey now by clicking the icon below which will lead you to the first release.
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    BPZ Resurgence We are back with another episode of Resurgence. Tonight we get see Slim in the main event as he takes on Prince. Prince has two weeks weeks in a row with Main Event matches, can he come out on top tonight though. We will also see Bob team with Mirage in a match made by our general manager Sheridan as she put to the two men against the best tag team in BPZ Wrestling the First Class Express. We will also see Monda in action as he takes on the young and upcoming Amai. We have a great night planned for you, so let’s get right into it. We kick off Resurgence as we hear The GOAT blast through the arena as Bailey appears on the stage. Bailey picked up a big win last week against Prince and it was announced that the match would play major implications in the future of Resurgence. It seems as if Bailey is wanting to find out this implications now as he has been clambering and asking the GM Sheridan to announce what the implications were on social media but Sheridan would not respond. Bailey though would announce that he was going to kick off Resurgence here tonight and get an answer from the GM of Resurgence Sheridan whether she wanted to give it or not. We see Bailey make his way to the ring as we start to hear some cheers from the crowd. A bit of a different reaction than Bailey is used to but he doesn't seem to care as he grabs a mic and begins to talk with the ring to himself. Bailey: Well here I am back in this ring once again on the A show. I look over this show and all I see is a bunch of bums though. We have Mirage on this roster for example. Now the only reason this show is where it’s at is me let’s be honest. Now I am not one to care about ratings or any of that shit. There is something I care about though, something that has been bothering me for the last week or so. That would be these implications that our Resurgence General Manager came up with. She came up with this great idea apparently but yet she refuses to tell us. Now I don’t know about all of you but it can’t be that great if she is afraid to share it. I mean that is Sheridan for you right though. Always promising big things yet we can never actually see them anywhere or anytime. But Sheridan this idea that you have, these implications are going to be made public whether you tell me or I force it out of you! Before Bailey can say anymore though we hear SexyBack blast through the arena as we see Sheridan appear on the stage. She poses on the stage before making her way down to the ring. Bailey can be seen laughing at her as she steps into the ring and begins to talk. Sheridan: Those are some heavy threats Bailey. Now I don’t think you really understand what you are talking about here. Now I get that you all want to know the implications of what will come out of your match but you have to trust me in telling you it is better off hidden at least for right now. It is best for the interest of Resurgence and it is better for you Bailey. It is a way in which I am protecting you Bailey. It is just a shame you are to blind to see this. Bailey looks at her confused as scratches his head. He then paces around the ring a bit as Sheridan looks at him confused herself as he begins to talk. Bailey: Protecting me? What the hell is going to hurt me? No one on this brand even has the reputation to lace my boots. In fact your not even relevant enough to be talking to me at the moment. But you see you have this secret. This secret that I must know, this secret that is just killing me to find out. A secret that affects me and a secret that you are going to tell me right fucking now! Sheridan looks at him a bit nervous as she begins to talk. Bailey is now standing right in front of Sheridan up close and personal getting in her face. Sheridan is clearly scared but she manages to get some words out. Sheridan: Bailey, I...I ...Can't tell you- Bailey doesn't listen to anymore of it has he hits Sheridan with a Career Killer! Bailey just took out the Resurgence General Manager, what is he thinking! Surely there will be major consequences for this, but for now with Sheridan out cold in the middle of the ring Bailey can't be punished for it as he smiles as that must have felt pretty good to let some of that anger out. When then see Bailey grin as he walks back up the ramp and heads backstage. We eventually see some medical personnel rush the ring to check on Sheridan as she is really feeling the effects of that Career Killer. Meanwhile we will cut to commercial break. We cut back from commercial as we see Mirage walking backstage with Alice. Mirage has a big match later tonight as he teams with Bob Sparks to take on the First Class Express. Mirage and Bob have never really seen eye to eye so taking on the top tag team in BPZ Wrestling is going to be more than a challenge for the two. As we see Mirage and Alice walking backstage we eventually see Bob Sparks approach the two. He does not look happy as he stands over Mirage after giving a smile to Alice who returns to favor. Mirage looks disgusted as he looks up at the big man before Bob begins to talk. Bob: Listen pipsqueak I don't like this anymore than you do alright. But if you want to finally pick up your first win here in BPZ Wrestling just let me do my thing and cheer me on with Alice. I’ll do all the work all you have to do is stand on the apron and enjoy watching me kick both Isiah Carter and Hans Clayton’s asses. You see no one in this company can match up with me not even the best tag team in the company stands a chance. So just stay the hell out of my way. Bob is about to walk off before he stops for a second and turns back around speaking once again. Alice seems to be happy at Bob's decision to stay a bit longer unlike Mirage. Bob: Oh and if you do get any idea of getting in my way or trying to be the hero you will never be. Trust me I will end your career just as quick as it started and even after you leave this damn company I will make sure to make your life a living hell. Bob then walks off as Alice can be seen biting her lip as Mirage just looks at her shaking his head before he grabs her hand and walks off in the other direction as we cut away back to the ring for some singles action. We then cut to the ring as we get set for one on one action it will be Brad vs Jack Bishop. Brad has seemingly stated he is looking for a fresh start to his career on Resurgence and got off to a good start picking up a solid win last week. As for Jack Bishop is a younger talent with lots of potential for this Resurgence brand we will just see if he can take down a veteran the likes of Brad here tonight of Resurgence. Brad vs Jack Bishop In a solid matchup, Brad defeated Jack Bishop after hitting him with an Envolved. Brad was able to pick up another win here this week. Brad seems to be getting on a bit of a roll her on Resurgence. With this new brand and fresh start could this mean the Resurgence of Brad and his career as a whole? We will just have to wait and see. After the match we would cut backstage as we would see Prince sitting in his private locker room. Prince came up just short against Bailey last week but is looking to make up for that tonight as he takes on Slim in tonight's main event. Prince looks at the camera and smiles as he begins to talk. Prince: Now sit down, sit down. Trust me I know why you are here. You know the Prince is not a dumb man and neither is he a deaf man. He hears all the rumors that you have been spreading about me. The rumors that I am nothing but hype, I am just not able to ever get the job done, and the Prince has even been hearing things like he has been sleeping with the Resurgence GM Sheridan. Now what do I say to this rumors, I say shame. Shame on all of you who are spreading these things that are clearly not true. You see the Prince suffered from a fluke last week and trust me that I am not in the slightest worried about losing against the likes of Slim. Slim is nothing compared to the Prince. Oh and if you doubt that don’t worry I will prove you wrong. You will all learn to think more and really open your eyes to the greatness of the Prince. Oh and when I do win tonight and raise my hands high in victory I don’t want to hear your fake ass cheers. Cause you people don’t deserve the Prince. Cause baby the Prince is just to damn good for you. The camera then cuts away as we see Prince sit back on his couch laughing. Prince is clearly confident heading into his matchup against Slim tonight. Although maybe a bit overconfident. We will see though later tonight as the two go one on one in tonight's main event. We then cut back to the ring as we get set for our second match of the night as it will be one of the top names in BPZ history Monda taking on the young upcomer Amai. Both men are on opposite spectrums of the BPZ roster and it should be interesting to see how they match up here tonight. We then hear the bell ring as the match starts. Monda vs Amai In a pretty good matchup, Monda would defeat Amai after hitting him with a leg drop. Both men had their spots in this match but the experience of Monda really showed in the later parts of this match allowing for him to pick up the win here tonight. We would then see Monda celebrate in the ring after the match as the crowd cheers him on. As Monda is celebrating in the ring suddenly the lights go out the crowd is in shock as they can’t see a thing. The lights then turn back on suddenly and oh no, it's the Antichrist, it’s Necce! Monda doesn't see him though as the Antichrist stands behind him as Monda stands in shock. We would then see Monda turn around only to be hit with an Antichrist Revolution! Monda is out cold in the middle of the ring as the lights then go back out and when the come back on the Antichrist in nowhere to be seen. Monda is out cold and he’s attacker is nowhere to be seen. Medical personnel then rush the ring checking on the older veteran Monda seems to be hurt as he has not moved since he was hit with the Antichrist Revolution. We then cut to a commercial break as the crowd and everyone in the arena is left in shock. We then cut back from commercial break as we get set up for another match. We will see Bob and Mirage take on the First Class Express. The First Class Express seemed to be the heavy favorites in this one as this seems to be more of a punishment for Bob Sparks then a good matchup for the First Class Express. Can Bob Sparks and Mirage somehow click and pick up a big win or will the First Class Express dominant like they are expected to. Bob and Mirage vs First Class Express In a solid matchup, First Class Express defeated Bob and Mirage after Isiah Carter defeated Mirage after hitting him with a Fallen Angel. Bob Sparks was looking dominant here before Mirage tagged himself in against the wishes of Bob. Bob was furious as he would then just chokeslam Mirage in the ring and leave him there in the ring for the First Class Express and the rest is history. We would then cut to a commercial break. As we cut back from commercial we see Slim standing behind the curtain as he begins to talk about his upcoming match with Prince in tonight’s main event. Slim: What do you want me to say? It’s gonna be another easy win let’s be honest. I am going to run through everyone on this brand. There is no one I fear and there is no one that I cannot beat. You know what there is none of here on Resurgence though, there are no men capable of beating me. Now Prince tonight is going to be yet another example of that as I show the world once again why I am the very best to ever step foot in a BPZ Wrestling ring. We then hear Slim’s music hit as he makes his entrance as we get set for his match with Prince which is coming up next after a short commercial break. As we cut back to the ring we get set for our main event match as it will be Slim vs Prince. A big match for both of these men here tonight as it will have a big influence on who rises to that next level of becoming the face of the Resurgence brand. Both men are capable of taking that spot but tonight only one man can come out on top. Slim vs Prince In an excellent match, Slim would defeat Prince after hitting him with the Light Out! Slim picked up a huge win here tonight as once again Prince fell just short. Slim is destined for great things on this Resurgence brand it seems as he has now picked up 2 big wins in the 2 matches he has had so far with Resurgence. We would then see Slim celebrate his win in the ring as the show comes to an end here tonight.
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