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    The 2019 Royal Rumble Match

    It is now time for the ROYAL RUMBLE Match! The announcer goes over the rules of the Royal Rumble and then Introduces the first entrant of the match. First comes out #1 Arius Followed by Arius at Number 2 is #2 Ropati. Arius and Ropati start the action at a slow pace with lockholds and trying to eliminate each other with the countdown starting #3 Dikey One of the newest wrestlers of BPZ, Dikey makes his way out. He gets the jump on both Ropati and Arius and takes them both down right away. With the newer guys Dikey and Arius teaming up on Ropati. #4 Marker The Former Frontier member Marker makes his way out coming at all the competition. He ends up knocking Dikey out onto the apron. But Dikey fights back but then out of Nowhere Ropati dropkicks Dikey and eliminates him. Dikey has been Eliminated #5 Maasa Maasa comes out next, another new wrestler in BPZ. Maasa enters the ring and picks a fight with Ropati as Arius and Marker are fighting. Ropati drops Maasa with a Pele Kick. While Marker tries to eliminate Arius from the match but Arius is standing strong in the corner 3…...2……….1 #6 Sameer The Beast Sameer is now in the Royal Rumble one half of the Tag Team Champions. Sameer goes right after his enemy Ropati. He ends up dropping him with a super kick. Maasa comes from behind on Sameer. Maasa tries to throw Sameer out but Sameer counters and Tosses Massa out onto the Apron. SuperKick by Sameer …… Maasa has been eliminated Meanwhile Marker hits Arius with the Stairways to Hell. He picks him up on throws him over the top but Arius holds on. 3…..2……..1 #7 Hollow The Mysterious and Carnage Scramble winner Hollow is now in the match. Sameer and Ropati are fighting while Marker and Hollow now go at it. While Arius is resting in the corner letting everything play out. 3….2…..1 #8 BIC The Pure Athlete BiC goes right to the Top Rope and lays out everyone with a CrossBody. He goes right for a Springboard crossbody on Arius. The Pure Athlete is in the Rumble! Sameer comes right at Bic and they fight while everyone else is still recovering 3…...2…….1 #9 Ark Ark is now in the Royal Rumble and goes right at with Arius. While Sameer and Bic are fighting. Marker is now trying to Eliminate Ropati. Ropati fights off Marker and hits a slingblade to take him out. Sameer Closelines Bic and then has a superkick Party knocking everyone down when the countdown begins. 3…...2…...1 #10 Brendenplayz The Owner Brendenplayz is now officially in the Royal Rumble. He stares at his Tag Team Partner before Ark tries to Jump him but Brenden counters and hits the pedigree. Then Tosses Ark out of the match. Ark has been eliminated. Marker turns the Boss around and locks eyes with him before being hit with a superkick by Sameer! Brenden and Sameer together toss marker out of the match. Marker has been eliminated. Sameer and Brenden hyped each other up before both being attacked by everyone in the match. As the countdown begins again 3….2…..1 #11 Hans The first member of the Newbloods Hans has enters the Royal Rumble. Hans goes right after rival Arius. As Ropati and BIC are teaming up against the Big Ballers. From behind Hollow tries to Eliminate Sameer but Brenden saves Sameer from slipping off the apron. Hollow turns his attention towards BIC. As Big Ballers double on Ropati. 3...2….1 #12 Yelich The Man of Many personalities Yelich is next to enter the Royal Rumble. The Big Ballers hit there famous Ballin tag team finisher on Ropati. While Yelich tries to avoid the Ballers. He goes after Arius and Hans while Bic and Hollow are still fighting. The Ballers decide to lay back and let everyone else fight as Ropati is layed out. 3….2….1 #13 Boliveria Another new member of the Roster Boliveria enters the match. He goes right into the Mix with all the new members of BPZ. Meanwhile Yelich slipped his way over to BIC and Hollow getting involved into that fight. Meanwhile it seems to look like Sameer is setting up to Attack Brenden but before he possibly could Bic attacks Sameer. Brenden unknowingly goes to help Sameer against BIC. 3...2….1 #14 Bailey The Proclaimed GOAT and COO Bailey is now in the Royal Rumble and he comes in right away delivering Uppercuts to everyone in the match. He goes after Yelich but gets stopped by Boliveria who throws haymakers at Bailey. Bailey dodges one and throws Boliveria over the top rope and out of the match. Boliveria has been eliminated. Hans runs right at Bailey and Closelines him over the top rope! Bailey has been eliminated. NO! He hangs on. Hans runs back at Bailey but Bailey pulls down the rops and Hans flies right over the rope and hits the floor. Hans has been eliminated. Bailey gets back into the ring and fights with Yelich. Meanwhile Brenden and Sameer are fighting against Ropati and Bic. Hollow and Arius are also fighting. #15 Jack Bishop The Founder of the NewBloods Jack Bishop makes his way into the match immediately hitting a Tiger-Plex on Arius. Meanwhile Bailey hits a big closeline on Yelich and then picks him up and hits the Game Changer! He picks Yelich up and throws him out of the ring. Yelich has been eliminated. Brenden and Sameer are once again teaming up on Ropati trying to eliminate him. When then Bailey attacks the Big Ballers and has a face off with Brenden. It gets interrupted by Bic and Arius. Bic goes after Bailey as Arius goes after Brenden. 3….2….1 #16 Brett Storm Brett Storm is next in the match. He gets into a fight with Jack Bishop as both men are going at it. Bailey and Bic are still fighting as is Brenden and Arius. Sameer and Roati are fighting. As Hollow waits for number 17. 3….2…..1 #17 Nate Emperor Nate runs into the Ring as he eager to get back into the Ring. He clashes with Hollow. He drops Hollow with a Pele Kick. Hollow gets back to his feet using the ropes but is met with a huge closeline sending him out by Nate. Hollow has been Eliminated. Nate is back! But then gets floored by a hard knee strike by BIC. BIC throws Nate over the top but Nate Hangs on. But Jack Bishop runs full speed at Nate and hits him off the apron. But Nate lands on top of the Barricade! Nate is still in. Everyone is in shock watching Nate. Even the refs are focused on Nate that when Ropati throws out Brendenplayz! No one sees it and Brenden sneaks back into the Ring as the Countdown begins 3….2...1 #18 Jason Ryan The Former Global Champion Jason Ryan is coming to the ring but still everyone's focus is on Nate. Nate takes a leap of glory and jumps all the way from the barricade back to the arpon and into the ring! Only to get floored by Jason Ryan with a discuss closeline. Brenden and Sameer are back on the double team now teaming on Bailey. As the first and 2nd entrant Arius and Ropati are fighting. While Bic and Jack Bishop are fighting. 3…...2…….1 #19 Storm Before Storm can enter he is attacked by Wall Ace! The Machine of the NewBloods. He brutally thrown into the Barricades. He hits the Full House on Storm and then Tosses him into the Ring. When then Jack Bishop picks up the pieces and throws Storm over the top rope. Storm has been eliminated 3...2….1 #20 Wall Ace It is now time for Wall Ace to actually be in this match. Him and Bishop team up right away fighting Arius as they end up hitting the Old Blood Spilled on him. Meanwhile Nate is back to his feet fighting Bailey. Brenden and Sameer have not stopped teaming the whole match still targeting Ropati but they just can’t eliminate him. Bic is fighting Jason Ryan. 3...2...1 #21 Bart The Villain Bart is now in the Rumble. He goes in and Brett Storm comes right after him laying punches into Bart. Bart blocks a punch and kicks brett right in the gut. Dropping him to the ground he picks him back up and hits the Hammerlock DDT. He picks Brett up and eliminates him. Brett Storm has been eliminated. Bic comes at Bart. these 2 men fought earlier in the Night for the Intercontinental Championship. And now they’re going at it again. BIC dropkicks Bart and goes to Closeline him out of the Rumble but Bart ducks and lifts BIC over his shoulders and over the top rope and out of the Ring. BIC has been eliminated. Bart has eliminated Bic but can’t celebrate for too long because Bailey comes at Bart and they start to fight. Meanwhile Brenden and Sameer are fighting Wall Ace and Jack Bishop. Nate is fighting Ropati and Jason Ryan is fighting Arius. 3…..2…...1 #22 Odyssey Sellers Jack Bishop immediately turns his attention towards Sellers. Who runs down into the ring and Starts Brawling with Bishop. Wall Ace gets involved until Arius gets involved and hits the Kick and sweep combination on Wall Ace. Jack Bishop lays Arius out with the Sleeping Pill but from behind Crippler tosses Jack Bishop over the top rope and out of the match. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Meanwhile as Wall Ace is getting back up The Big Ballers toss him out. Wall Ace has been eliminated. As the Big Ballers are celebrating the countdown begins. But Wait! Out of nowhere Brenden tosses Sameer over the top rope! Sameer has been eliminated. 3…...2…..1 #23 Bashka As Brenden is celebrating Sameer runs back into the rings and the Tosses Brenden out of the match! Brendenplayz has been eliminated. Before Leaving the Match Sameer superkicks Jason Ryan and then leaves as him and brenden argue to the backstage Meanwhile Bashka has now entered the match and he goes at Bailey. As they get into a brawl. Bart is fighting Ropati. Arius is fighting with Sellers. While Nate is gloating to the crowd in the corner. 3…...2…..1 #24 Buddy Ace Buddy Ace runs right into the Ring as Jason Ryan is getting up but Ace tosses Ryan out of the match and smirks at his former Partner. Nate attacks Ace and they go at it. Everyone is fighting as the countdown begins again. 3….2…...1 #25 Joh Joh makes his return to BPZ! Everyone is shocked. Everyone goes after Joh and he knocks them all down. The crowd is going Crazy for Joh. He ends up fighting Nate in the corner. Bart is trying to eliminate Bashka as the rest are fighting. 3…...2…..1 #26 Kieron Black Kieron Black is here! He recently retired Diego Garcia and now hes in the Royal Rumble. Kieron gets right into a fight with Ropati as Ropati and Arius have now been in the match for over 40 Minutes. Kieron takes down Ropati but then gets dropped right a left hook by Bailey. Bashka and Bart are in the corner fighting as is Nate and Joh. Buddy Ace is fighting Arius and Sellers attacks Bailey 3….2…...1 #27 Prince Prince walks out with a Microphone and ask the people of Phoenix Who wants to walk with Prince! He starts singing a song on how he is going to win the Royal Rumble. Before running in and attacking Ropati. He throws Ropati out but Ropati hangs on without Prince knowing as Prince is now fighting Kieron Black. 3...2…...1 #28 King Jonathan It’s one of Jon’s most famous Alter egos King Jonathan is in the Rumble. He goes right after the likes of Bailey, Bart and Bashka. Prince is shocked when he sees Ropati in the ring. Prince tries to attack but Ropati counters with a chop. Meanwhile Nate and Joh are still fighting. Jonathan is fighting Bashka while Bailey and Bart go at it. Sellers and Kieron Black are fighting and its time for another entry. 3…...2…...1 #29 Legends Legends Music hits but he doesn’t come out. It appears on the titantron that Ross has taken out Legends! Ross replaces the Former NXT Champion and makes his way into the Rumble as he goes right after everyone. Meanwhile Bailey out of nowhere throws Bashka over the top rope. Bashka has been eliminated. Everyone is fighting and it is now time for number 30! 3...2...1 #30 The Neb The Neb is here! The Neb is back in BPZ and in the Royal Rumble. The first ever Royal Rumble winner is here! Finally the NEB Has comeback he Says as he runs down the ramp and into the Ring. He takes everyone down that comes at him. He punches Jonathan to the ropes and then does his legendary punch to send Jonathan over the top rope. King Jonathan has been eliminated. Ross attacks Nebakos and hits him with a super kick. Out of Nowhere though a Spinebuster by Neb! He hits the Peoples Elbow drop on Ross and then eliminated him! Ross has been eliminated. Meanwhile Prince has his guitar in hand and swings it at Ropati. Ropati ducks and dropkicks him. He picks up the Guitar and smashes over Prince's head! And then tosses Prince out. Prince has been eliminated. Then Buddy Ace who is trying to eliminate Bart. Gets distracted when Marker who was eliminated earlier. Odd challenges Marker to get into the ring. But from behind Bart tosses Ace out! Buddy Ace has been eliminated. Arius is fighting Joh in the corner when then Arius hits Seeing Red on Joh. He tries to eliminate Joh but from behind Nate sneaks up and Tosses Arius over the top rope and eliminated! Arius has been Eliminated Arius who lasted around 58 Minutes has now finally been eliminated by the Emperor Nate. Nate tries to Eliminate Joh but Joh fights back and gets back into the ring. Sellers is fighting Off Bailey and actually hits him with the Soul Search. He tries to hit Soul Search on Kieron but Kieron grabs Sellers foot spins him around and tosses him out. Odyssey Sellers has been Eliminated. The Neb goes on a spree hitting Neb Bottoms on everyone. He goes to Pick Bailey up and toss him but Bailey counters and tosses Neb over. But Neb survives. Neb fights off Bailey only to get elimainted by Ropati with a running Elbow! The Neb has been Eliminated We are down to the Final Six! Bailey, Bart, Nate, Joh, Kieron Black, and Ropati! Ropati who looks gassed has been in the Match for now over an hour roughly around 63 Minutes. The Men are lined up 3v3 facing off. With Bailey, Ropati, and Bart on one Side and all the Irish Men Nate, Kieron and Joh on the other side! WHO WILL WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE!
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    BPZ Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020

    BRENDENPLAYZ HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2020 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2020 Hall of Fame for the BPZ Forums. Tonight, we five more members will join an elite group of legendary members of the forums. These members have proven to be the best of the best. They’re some of the first members that come into your mind due to all their hard work and contributions to make the forums a better place. They are members that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the forums stay active or just simply put smiles on others faces from the countless hours of conversations and discussions made. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your new inductees into the Hall of Fame: Slim Ever since making his debut on the forums in the Summer of 2015, Slim has had a tremendous amount of success on this place. From his start in the famous NXT 3 until his record-setting World Heavyweight Championship Reign, Slim has done it all. He has provided the forums with content for years now, which includes some of the greatest diaries in the history of the forums, such as his iconic WWe diary named Brand Warfare and his many NBA 2k diaries, most of the time featuring Lebron James. The forums clearly enjoys his creations, which is why he is the current All-Time leader in Reputation Points earned, with him wrapping up 6500 of those during his time on this website. Slim has truly done it all on all aspects on the forums, whether it be moderating or contributing or even being a kayfabe GM, with all of it being at an extremely high level. Slim is rightfully mentioned among the greatest to ever do it in the BPZ any time somebody brings up the question, whether you are talking about kayfabe, contribution or diaries. It was only a matter of time before he would find his place into the Hall Of Fame. Slim himself had the following to say about his Hall of Fame induction: Sameer Sameer is one of the longest tenured members of the forums, joining the forums all the way back in 2014. He is one of the longest active members on this forums, and one could imagine he is definitely here to stay. Whether it was due to his kayfabe, his many posts on the forums or his general contribution to the BPZ community, Sameer has made the forums a better place for a lot of people. Sameer showed his ability to be one of the best contributors on the forums with his incredible run in 2019, which saw him capture the World, Premium and Tag Team Championship. Sameer has been a big part of the BPZ community for years now, and hopefully will continue to be for many years to come. This contribution makes Sameer deserving of his place in the Hall Of Fame. Sameer himself said the following about his induction into the BPZ Hall Of Fame: Necce The name “Necce” has almost become synonymous with the kayfabe section of this forums, as he is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever at cutting promos on the BPZ Forums. Whether it was his legendary feud with Flynn, his incredible portrayal of the Raven character, or his early day times as Jervis Cottonbelly, Necce has left a great impression on almost anyone who has ever been on the forums. This comes along with a great personality, one that often blesses the chatroom with some comedic relief. Necce, over the years, has without a doubt justified his entry into the Hall of Fame. Necce said this about his induction: Tamer Over the years, Tamer has been involved in plenty of arguments with the “Higher Ups” of the forums, never backing down of sharing his opinion. One thing that can’t be argued about however, is Tamer’s incredible contribution to the forums. Tamer has provided the forums with some of it’s finest creations, throughout almost all sections of the forums. Whether it were his inspiring promos, his meaningful opinions on the world of wrestling, Tamer has shown to be worthy of being inducted in to the BPZ Hall Of Fame. Tamer said the following about being inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame: Joh Joh has been a name who has been rumoured to go into the Hall Of Fame for a few years now, and for good reason. Joh has provided the forums with many things to enjoy over the years, which includes his Forums Wrestling Diary, one of the greatest diaries in the history of the forums. Joh was also part of the team that became the first ever Tag Team Champions, setting an example for many teams that followed in the future. Through his years of dedication to the forums, Joh has without a doubt earned his place in the BPZ Hall Of Fame. Joh had the following to say about being inducted into the Hall Of Fame: Congratulations to Slim, Sameer, Necce, Tamer and Joh on being inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame!
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    My Decision

    (taped for the first post-WAW Valor) Battle lines have been firmly established ahead of World at War, as this is the night where the entire landscape of BPZ sees a complete shift in wake of the recently announced Brand Split. One show that has not escaped chatter amongst fans and locker rooms alike however, is the first post BPZ-Mania show "Backlash"; with it being essentially an open pool for championship opportunities any wrestler coming off a poor showing at Mania would be stupid to overlook a potential shot at rebounding. That much makes it all the more ironic that the most anticipated match (provided it even happens all things considered) is not for any title, despite featuring the World Champion. Alas, none of that appears to be of greater concern than WAW at the moment. We cut to the titantron, seemingly awaiting yet another development on this highly anticipated show. The crowd absolutely erupts in light of the depiction appearing upon the titantron. His symbol, ever continuing to beat but he couldn’t possibly be here, on Carnage of all places, no? The arena is then enveloped in a medium of darkness as smoke begins bellowing from every side of the rampway, chants of his name growing more and more rampant until it reaches an absolute fever pitch. It’s time. With an emphatic leap, the figure begins to emerge. His head meticulously pointed downward to conceal his face, though the crowd is now split between those who are raucous in anticipation/intrigue and others who despite cheering, maintain a slight reserve. It’s been so long and there’s been many promises of his arrival, so it’s hard not to be a cynic here. That confliction between both sides is made all the more unbearable by the figure waiting until finally, he shows himself at the first guitar strum. Crusader, Lord, Scourge, King, Villain, Hero, Legend but more importantly, Tamer shows himself after 3 years away to the most elation from any crowd all year. The Londoner strolls his way down to the ring grinning as he does, but his eyes tell an entirely different tale; entering the HOF and returning has been all the more a wait for him than anyone else, this is his everything. That combined with the hefty expectations has to be burdening him greatly. Still though, He masks the fog by looking down at his feet before entering the squared circle and relishing the atmosphere. For the first time in years, he begins to speak. “For 873 days my absence has left an insufferable vacancy in the world of BPZ. The loudest man on earth for 2 years had been rendered silent for 3, from outspoken to unspoken if you would. Fans asking endlessly why I decided not to come back but to no avail. And since then, so many other journeys have kick started and ended, and yet they continue longing for me. Others however have taken their impatience to the next level, opting to find my house and berate me for my decision to exit the company, as if any sense of obligation had not long dissipated. Hell, internet pundits even go as far as to joke that I never even existed to begin with, that all I am is merely a product of mythos. “The hated boy who entered the dog eat dog world of BPZ early and forged his own path, weaponized with nothing but two measly arms and the words weaved from hunger that pierced legends like bullets to flesh. Slowly realizing that he was more than a hot-headed punk, they tried to anchor him countless times. But they couldn’t silence his legend.” The last words he utters while raising the glistening Hall Of Fame ring, the fruits of Tamer’s labor appearing evergreen as the crowd unanimously applauds him. But this is not the time for incessant bragging, or even to discuss where I’ve been all this time. Backlash is etching ever closer and I have been given a very mind pervading ultimatum by my good friend Slim. You see, in his place of leisure he appeared relishing in the comfort of his tub, yet still clenched thanks to the announcement of our match. Slim has chosen to unload his entire arsenal on me for the sake of our one-on-one match being sanctioned, but not without presenting me one of two choices. Now, under any normal circumstances this would be a no-brainer, but having been offered by a man who despite some of his flaws has yet to directly betray my trust, I can’t promise I haven’t given it great thought. Upon his last words + him uncovering a gold encrusted watch gifted to him by The Mafia as further incentive to join, an undercurrent of boos begin making their way to the forefront before fully taking over, the crowd now having been brought to light on the situation. A majestic piece of jewelry indeed, if there’s one thing Slim knows how to do, it’s treat the people close to him well. A choice that can once again have immediate ramifications on the careers and lives of many, just as it did the first time I’d made a decision regarding Slim. A choice similar to the two options I’ve found myself battling with and feeling the brunt of over the course of my time as a wrestler and throughout life itself; one that if not handled correctly, could again spell the beginning of the end for me. Be it through intervention, or the destruction of my very morality. You see, I’m presented the choice of either once again aligning myself with Slim and The Mafia, cancel this match, continue along the path of hate and pursue this “Hans Clayton” individual at Backlash in a move that will once and for all kill the final vestiges of Bulletproof, solidifying Mafia as the number one faction in all of BPZ whilst gifting me arguably the top prize in the company. The boos continue to flood the arena over this possibility, Tamer letting out an uneasy smirk with his mouth slightly agape before further assessing his options. Or reject his proposal and keep the match on, facing the insurmountable scorn of the entire Mafia alone, some of its members being pillars of my past who will no doubt take pleasure in hurting me as they have in the past. Slim will choose to hunt down all who oppose him indiscriminately to keep his rule intact, even me. An aimless and painful path, but one that will ensure the preservation of my very fibre until the bitter end. *crowd cheers, Tamer appearing more and more nerved* Well, I could never accuse Slim of being dimwitted, only greatly lacking in critical thinking from time to time. But here……….he appears almost genius. While I’d love to defeat someone of his stature in my first match back, to grant me a chance at not one but two prizes fresh off my return whilst crippling two alliances is honestly the smartest proposal he’s made to anyone….maybe ever, and that’s not even taking into account the ties I have to said champions. Whether established in the form of my long-time rival in Smith, or indirectly with this Hans individual who attempted to snap the neck of my friend Bashka. It would provide ample time to catch up with those men, whilst boosting my own successes. What’s more, my fight against those who conflict with my values has…….honestly grown ever-more strenuous every time I find myself revisiting it, in ways that have led to the less fortunate calamities of my career coming to fruition, as well as having lost me so much beyond the scope of the ring. Half a decade ago, I felt more justified to do it because it was something I was endlessly passionate about, not just for me but for everyone. But years later, after having faced the scrutiny of the peers I wanted to help, as well as now having achieved the goals I wanted I don’t know if I can quite say the same today. His inflection then changes, as he almost painstakingly begins to deliver his perspective on things. My ties to everyone in the back are all but severed. Since the dawning of Kings Amongst Peasants I’ve only further continued to alienate those who already vehemently disliked me, so much to an extent that I would be alone in my fight against a near endless assault from the Mafia. Members in the shadows whose names I don’t even know, gawking at my every step 24/7 as an entire locker room turns a blind eye to the scourge receiving roundabout justice for his actions. Hell, they’d almost be inclined to join in if they wanted. That much at this point in my career would be far too much for any one man to contend with. It’s been one fight after another ever since I first arrived in this company. Only those who have fought the same battles I did could possibly understand that after a while, you just want it to end. Authority, Shield and countless others I couldn’t even name coming for my head and severing my hopes at championship gold, and now that I’ve cemented myself despite all that and the dust has long settled, who would I be subjecting myself to this fight again for? The jeers of those who, in all honesty, have little idea of whether or not I’ve even begun to consider forgiving them after everything? At what point do you not start to think about your own greatness instead? His words feeling disingenuous, trying to distribute blame elsewhere for the decision he is likely to make. The crowd pick up on this and serenade him with boos for what they intepret as cowardice. Under regular circumstances I am not a man who would ever even ponder bailing out on any match, especially one as highly anticipated as this, but there is fresh opportunity waiting for me on the other end of all this with the Mafia and with Slim, something I can't say should I accept this match. He has been gracious to me in a way I can't say about most in the back. I've already notified management of my choice, so I came out here to do the courtesy of saying this myself. After having endlessly weighed things in my head these two weeks, I’ve made my decision. He places the watch on, pledging allegiance to Mafia in the process. He closes both eyes, allowing the hatred to just wash over him. An Undisputed title shot is most certainly in his future at backlash and with ensured protection at that, he couldn't possibly care less what people think of him. (OPEN HERE)
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    “ALL ABOARD 😃”

    {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera focuses on the big red door of the corner. Plain white text appears in the middle of the screen.} “ALL ABOARD 😃” {The text fades away and we are left with the big red door. The camera pans out to show the rest of the entrance of the corner. The door opens as usual, but Necce doesn’t greet us at the door. Instead, we see our usually jubilant host downtrodden as he’s pushed into the corner in a wheelchair by one of the unshown assistants from behind the camera. Necce wears a large neckbrace and has several bandages on his face in the shape of an X. Rather than his large and exaggerated smile, Necce wears a child-like pouty face. The assistant leaves the corner through the red door, leaving us with the host of Antichrist Corner. Necce lets out a long sigh and starts the show.} Hello again friends, welcome back to the most excellent show in the entire world, Antichrist Corner. Where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to finding the you in you. I’m sorry for my lack of energy today friends, while I’m usually a captive to the good feelings and warmth of the corner, today, I’m feeling a little down in the dirt. You see, our old buddy Hans Clayton laid a good walloping down on your friend Necce, and I can’t say he didn’t have good reason to do so. Friends, our splendiferous program is filled with lessons that we should take with us and in life. Things that we need to apply to our everyday activities to further let the corner take control of us and enhance our way of being. And well, this is no exception. The lesson that I hope this shows you all is that actions, no matter how big or small they are, have consequences. No matter who you are, whether you’re on the highest rung of the totem pole or the lowest, anything that you do comes right back around to you. Like an echo. An echo is essentially a consequence of sound. It reverberates back to you like a reminder, a little example of what you put out into this world. If you only show niceness and happiness, your echo will follow suit. However, if you are filled with nastiness, angry thoughts, and general meanness, then your echo will show you what you are in hopes that you will change your ways. Look at it like a mirror, a mirror will always show you your bright and beautiful smile, yet cracks at the sign of a scowl. Now, I try my darndest to make sure that my echo is filled with nothing but love and cheer. I always try to be the burning candle within a world filled with pitch black. I try to keep my mirror squeaky clean. However, we all lose our way within a labyrinth. So I just want to say...from the bottom of my heart...Hans... {Necce’s voice begins to crack. His face starts to twitch as water wells up in his eyes.} I’m sorry friend.. {We cut to a shot of a close up on Necce’s cheek. A single tear falls down his face with a frowny face within. We cut back to our usual setting as Necce dries his eyes.} But Hans, I just want you to know that, whatever trouble you and him have, I have really no hand in that. I apologize for whatever part I have in it, but please understand that the part I play is only a mere walk on cameo. Whereas you and him are seemingly the lead roles in this tragedy. Hans, I truly have no problems with you my friend. I think that you’re a phenomenal talent, whose potential is exceptionally limitless. But, I also think that, due to your relative greenness in BPZ, you have moments of foolishness and naïveté about you. Like many young guns in the business, you’re eager to show that you are the real deal. You are what you say you are. You’re the god of war, the undisputed champion of BPZ, a former leader of men, the ruler above the rulers. But I see something within you Hans, a look of longing, a look of uncertainty. Almost as if everyone has bought into your hype, except for you. Deep inside, you don’t want to face him, because you know this won’t be anything like you’ve ever dealt with in your life. This won’t be a wrestling match, it’ll be a fight to the death. There won’t be any impressive athletic sequence that could give you the upper hand, rather, it will be a test of the will inside of you to not fall on your own sword. The goal isn’t to win the match, it’s to survive. Any training you’ve gone through in your career is rendered useless, as your own guide will be your genetic fight or flight instinct. The title belt that’s on the line is almost secondary at this point. What at once is a symbol of your status in the Valor locker room, is also your token of your fortitude, a reminder that never lets you forget how fortunate you are to breathe. What I truly pity Hans, is that this is not of your own doing. This isn’t a path that you chose to walk, but rather, a path that formed underneath your feet as you walked. And now, you’re trapped in the labyrinth. It moves with the wind, but seems clear in its way. With every inhale and exhale, it shapes and bends, and there isn’t any way out of it. The only way to escape it, is walking into it, allowing it to consume you. This play has an ending Hans, and unfortunately, only one of you knows what it is. Speaking of unfortunate but unavoidable pain, let’s go talk to our friend, the worlds cuddliest man, Jervis Cottonbelly! {Necce quickly rolls his wheelchair over to the corner with the long black curtain. The curtain is pulled up revealing Jervis, hanging upside down from the ceiling. Necce sits back in his wheelchair as Jervis dangles before him.} How are you doing today, Jervis? {Jervis doesn’t make a sound, he just continues to hang like a piece of meat in a butcher shop.} Oh right, what a silly billy I am. {Necce pulls down the part of Jervis’ mask above his mouth. Jervis’ mouth opens and stays stationarily ajar. Music begins to play in the corner.} “I live at the end of a 5 and a half minute hallway. {Necce looks around confused, even he doesn’t understand this symbolism. The music continues to play from Jervis’ open mouth.} “But as far as I can see, you are still miles from me. In your doorway.” {Necce quickly puts the rest of Jervis’ mask back as it was.} Welp buddy, that song is copyrighted so we can’t play that here. Better luck next time Jervie. {The black curtain is drawn back over Jervis. Necce rolls his wheelchair back over by the big red door.} Well friends, I guess that just about does it for our show tod- Honk Honk {Necce looks around the corner.} Is tha-...is that what I think it is? Honk Honk {Necce quickly jumps out of the wheelchair, his usual large smile back upon his face.} IT IS!!! {Necce takes the neckbrace off of his neck and throws it behind the camera. He quickly rips the bandages off of his face. His eyes grow wide and his teeth clench in an unsettling smile as he does so.} OW!!! {He grabs the handles of the wheelchair and throws it across the room with inhuman strength. We cut over to a shot of the corner with the big black curtain. Necce’s wheelchair comes flying in from off camera and smashes into Jervis, who is still hanging behind the curtain. Necce quickly and excitedly runs out of the big red door. We cut to a shot outside of a bus. Necce walks up to it.} Friends, I am so excited to introduce to you, my method of transportation to the very first Valor PPV event.. {Necce puts a conductors hat on} ALL ABOOOOOARD, THE NECCE EXPRESS!!! {He runs onto the bus and it begins to drive away. The screen fades to black. We cut to a shot of a bus slowly driving in the distances, as it inches ever closer, music begins to play.} {Totally unrelated clips of American flags, children, and servicemen play as the bus gets closer.} “You were my hero. Hero.” Nnnnnnnnnnnnyooooooom {Then suddenly, a clip plays of The Necce Express passing by. Plain white text fills the screen.} “All Aboard The Necce Express.” {The camera hangs on this, as the screen slowly fades to black.}
  5. 30 points
    Date: 26th January, 2020 Location: Angel Stadium, Anaheim, California As we reach the main event for the evening the commentary team talk about the build to this hellish Elimination Chamber match as they direct the audience towards an prepared package before the match. Narrator: And BPZ’s very best compete for the ultimate opportunity… a world championship match at BPZMania. (We cut to BPZMania 4 where we see The Bailey winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship) Commentary: HE’S DONE IT! HE’S DONE IT! Narrator: The road to BPZMania begins here at Royal Rumble… and at Royal Rumble… the numbers mean everything. (We fade to black before doing a jump cut to multiple pyrotechnic displays from previous Royal Rumble events…) Narrator: The rules are simple. 30 competitors enter with the sole purpose of attempting to throw each other over the top rope. If your two feet hit the floor, you are eliminated from the match. The last individual standing in the ring wins the match as well as the opportunity to challenge for the world championship at BPZMania! (We continue to see jump cuts of Royal Rumble moments, such as eliminations, brawls, surprise entrants and entrances from superstars over the years.) Narrator: Since its inception in 2015, there have been a total of 120 entrants in every Royal Rumble match, with a total of 94 superstars making their way down the ramp with one sole intention in mind – to win. Of those 94, 4 have gone on to win the match while the other 90 have seen their dreams blown up in smoke. Narrator: 12 BPZ Hall of Famers have walked the aisle to the Royal Rumble, but only 4 have managed to score the victory. It may seem like a small number compared to the amount of Hall of Famers that have entered the match, but of all 4 winners of the Royal Rumble, all 4 were future inductees into the Hall of Fame making this contest truly a showcase for immortals. It just goes to show that winning a match like this can define your career for the better! (We see cuts of the likes of FDS, Cobbehad Jake, Brad, Zombie and Bashka all make their entrances to the ring as well as seeing them eliminate individuals from their time in past Royal Rumble matches.) Narrator: Some say that drawing a later number would make things a lot easier for individuals to win as they would be the fresher men heading into the match, but that is not the case for BPZ. This company is full of men that can go the distance, as proven over the past 4 Royal Rumble events. Only two men have won the match from number 20 or higher, and one was the 2017 match all with Flynn drawing at number 30. The Royal Rumble is a battle of endurance, overcoming 30 other superstars. It takes a unique battle ready superstar to go the distance. Two men have been considered the amongst those named the Royal Rumble Iron Men, the first Ropati who drew at number 2 in the 2019 Royal Rumble lasting all the way until the final three where he was eliminated by Bart. There is only one name who has outlasted that length, Alyx Wilde who during the 2017 Royal Rumble drew the same number 2 but was able to last all the way until the final two of the match before being eliminated by eventual winner Flynn. Lasting a record 1 hour 9 minutes. (We see cuts of the six previously named winners entering the ring and eliminating individuals, before we see each of their celebrations as they win the match when their name is mentioned.) Narrator: So while it might be okay to think that freshness is going to get you the victory at the end of the day, it’s actually experience and endurance that will get you across the line. (Highlighted eliminations of Broken Ferb play as a segue) Just ask an individual that was not so lucky in the Royal Rumble match in 2019, Gunner. (We see a highlight of Gunner jogging out to the ring at number 19 in the 2019 Royal Rumble before being attacked by Wall Ace on the entry! The Machine of the New Bloods.) Narrator: The man who spent the SHORTEST amount of time in a single Royal Rumble at six seconds. Better luck next time, Gunner. (The highlight ends with Storm being brutally thrown into the barricades and then tossed into the ring where Jack Bishop picks up the pieces and throws Storm over the top rope.) Narrator: While some might think appearing in a lot of Royal Rumble matches would give you an edge based off of experience, but it might shock you to believe that superstars such as Sameer have entered all instalments of this event and have not won a single one of them. (We see brief shots of Brendenplayz and Jonathan over the years in past Royal Rumble matches.) Narrator: This year, the Royal Rumble will emulate from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. A venue that can seat over 45,000 at a baseball game, and an estimated 50,000 for this year’s Royal Rumble event. =With the possibilities being endless, the 5th annual Royal Rumble event has the potential to be the greatest one yet. 30 men… 29 losers… 1 winner… 1 shot at potentially main eventing BPZMania V. (We get shots of some of the individuals that will be competing in this year’s match.) Narrator: And it all starts in… Crowd (counting down entrants from past Royal Rumble matches): FIVE! … FOUR! … THREE! … TWO! … ONE! …BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! (We fade back to the arena as the ruckus sold out crowd are all on their feet cheering on and waiting in anticipation.The hype video produced for the event finishes playing as the bell rings, echoing around the arena. ) Danielle: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…. PLEASE WELCOME THE SPECIAL GUEST COMMENTATOR FOR THIS MATCH...Former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Royal Rumble victor, Hall of Famer.... (‘El Chapo by The Game & Skrillex. “The Franchise” himself! The fans erupt as Nebakos steps out looking pumped, who hasn’t been seen in BPZ since Royal Rumble of last year where he entered at Number 30. Nebakos salutes the audience graciously, stepping towards the ramp and makes his way to the commentary booth. While Nebakos gets herself situated at the commentator’s desk the team get ready to anticipate the start of the contest) Sandman: Thank you for joining us today and sitting down with us to commentate this long anticipated match. Nebakos: Thank you. And thank you to the audience tonight for that warm reception. It's great to be back here in Brendenplayz Wrestling though it isn't in the ring, tonight I've got the best seat in the house as we kick off the 2020 Royal Rumble! Sandman: The theme of tonight's event has been the game of chance, the gamble when drawing your number, taking a chance in yourself as any one of these superstars can fight from nothing and earn themselves a championship opportunity. Nebakos: This may be exactly what tonight's participants need. It’s one thing to have a vision, it’s another to take setbacks on the chin and be able to go to the drawing board and bounce back. This match up has no favourites and is truly both a testing ground and a spotlight for many talents. Heel: In my years now as a BPZ commentator I have found that the most successful people are the ones who have been able to brush losses off and come back even stronger than ever. So we could ever see some of the least successful here at the Royal Rumble tonight fight back. (“When It Falls” by Echo Williams hits to an ovation as the audience are excited to see this match get underway. Dr. X walks out, appearing to be in somewhat of a trance. With a mysterious, calmed posture in his stance, he scans the audience before marching down towards the ring, forgoing any kind of pageantry and sliding under the ropes) Danielle: Introducing the number one entrant Dr. X! Sandman: It’s time for the main event, and we’re kicking things off with a man who has had the whole of Brendenplayz Wrestling shrouded in mystery over the last few months since making his debut. Throughout the night we've seen talent walk in and out of the General Manager's office picking their number but it can be said that inside of the crowded room was one man that didn't appear to truly belong. Nebakos: Watching from home I’ve seen enough action of this masked enigma to say that being but heart he has little of. He leaves you wondering for more answers, as if he could converse without leaving any verbal "fingerprint." Heel: The man is about the size of a fingerprint! Dr. X is a mad man for accepting this spot. Deranged! I’ll be shocked if he pulls off a miracle tonight let alone walk away. By the time he hits the outside he’ll have one leg facing forwards and the other backwards! (Dr. X enters the ring and immediately rushes to the far turnbuckle, jumping up to the top as he poses with a finger gun to his temple for the audience. The Doctor is in! And he looks to make the most of this match tonight despite the disadvantages. Dr. X heads to his corner as he crouches in the corner) Danielle: And now, the entrant who drew number two… (There is a brief pause, before ‘Unleashed’ by Killswitch Engage hits.) Danielle: Ladies and gentlemen...The Tiger! (The Tiger stands at the top of the ramp with a sinister wide grin on his face as the crowd erupt. As the camera pans out CGI visuals of a roaring Tiger can be seen hanging above the former NXT Champion as he looks over the sold out crowd. Wearing a long leather trench coat, engulfed in red lights) Sandman: Can you hear the roar of the crowd? The King of the Jungle is here to make his mark on the Royal Rumble match, his first year in what could prove to be a successful one. The Tiger has been making his mark quickly in Brendenplayz Wrestling as one of the more interesting individuals on offer. Heel: Look at Dr. X, he isn't taking his eyes..mask..WHATEVER! The man is delusional if he thinks he is going to stop The Tiger tonight in collecting his Golden Crown and it’s going to be fun watching him dissect this doctor. Nebakos: I can feel their anticipation to get started from our booth. I just hope they’ve considered the sheer length of this bout though, they don’t want to tire themselves out too quickly. It is all about strategy above adrenaline. DING! DING! DING! And we’re off to the races! Dr. X and The Tiger are cautiously circling each other, knowing that there is so little in it when it comes to losing this type of match! Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, Tiger gets the better of the exchange and gets Dr. X in a headlock, Dr.X is staying on his feet though, with The Tiger having a significant height advantage over his opponent. Dr. X manages to slip his head out with the go-behind, he’s got his arms locked around Tiger’s waist, German suplex!..No! The Tiger is able to use his size to his advantage as he throws back an elbow into the side of his opponents head, breaking the hold and reversing the scenario. Now The Tiger has his arms locked around Dr. X! The doctor is fighting, finally Dr.X drops down and goes through The Tiger’s legs and trips him! The two men lock eyes and share a brief glare.. The Tiger is on the hunt though as he shoots back up to his feet and is attempting to drive Dr. X into the corner with his shoulder, Dr. X is hitting him in the back with forearms but the tenacious The Tiger muscles Dr. X without much resistance! Now he’s lifting Dr. X onto to the turnbuckle! Dr. X has to be careful here! Balancing vicariously on top of the turnbuckle The Tiger steps back as he goes for a dropkick to knock Dr. X off! No! Dr. X whips his head back and almost loses his balance! The Tiger’s back up to his feet but Dr. X wraps his foot around Tiger’s head with a deftly precise kick! The Tiger turns around and Dr. X grabs the back of his head...bulldog! Dr. X wastes no time and pulls The Tiger up and hurls him right at the ropes! The Tiger GOES OVER! The crowd gasped as The Tiger holds on! Sandman: How close was that! Nebakos: We almost had our first elimination of the night. Dr. X runs in now and The Tiger hits a forearm to the incoming Dr. X that stuns Dr. X! The Tiger quickly darts back into the ring and hits Dr. X with a Discus Clothesline! Almost taking the head off of Dr. X. The mysterious X is down and The Tiger is enamoured by the kill, goading him to get up! He’s looking for a Big Boot! No! Dr. X gets his hands up and grabs the leg, but The Tiger responds with an enzuigiri and Dr. X ducks! Something new we haven’t seen from The Tiger and clearly it didn’t pay off. The Tiger’s kneeling on the floor with his back to Dr. X and eats a roundhouse kick for his troubles! I think Dr. X just knocked The Tiger out cold! He’s trying to pull up his dead weight to try and get him over over the rope somehow! Heel: He might want to pay attention to the titantron before doing that! We’ve got number 3 on the way out! Sandman: Already?! Who’s it gonna be?! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #3: Echo Wilson (Loud drumlines sound through the PA system leading into ‘Man Of The Year’ by Logic beginning to play. A scene of soldiers training tirelessly in the desert comes across the titantron. They all don the American flag somewhere on their bodies as the camera zooms out as Echo steps nonchalantly on to the stage. Tonight he is wearing a special attire blending military patterns across his wrestling gear, wearing a tactical vest as he looks over the sea of people filling the arena.) Nebakos: Echo Wilson is here! Look at how focused he is tonight, look at the confidence. If there is anyone who can go the distance and win this whole thing from this early into the match, it’s Echo Wilson! Sandman: Echo Wilson ran into some trouble early tonight with his Royal Rumble number so it seems he has been put to a disadvantage due to 'The Riddler' Steph but his confidence in his ability shines through. Heel: Hang on! Hang on! I won’t sit here and listen to you sully the name of The Riddler! Nebakos: That’s all it will take? Heel: Listen. He is an honest working competitor and i’m sure whatever happened to Echo Wilson earlier was purely coincidental. (Echo steps forward as he holds out the Royal Rumble number he was left with earlier in the night as he holds it up to the camera which shows the number 3. Talking to the audience watching at home he comments “This? Doesn’t matter” Echo flicks the ball into the camera as he bounces off the lens and falls out of frame “Nothing is a hurdle for the Man of The Year!” Accepting his fate Echo Wilson takes off his vest as he finishes the length of the ramp) Nebakos: And he's wasting no time, sliding straight into the ring, attacking the Dr. X! Heel: Attack the the first face that dares lock eyes with you, I love it! Sliding under the ropes, the fresh superstar Echo Wilson and Dr. X begin teeing off in the middle of the ring! They’re trading big shots! The entire complexion of this match has changed in one entrant! The larger than life Echo is sinking in shots on Dr. X’s body and winding him! Attacking the cardio of the man who in theory has to go the longest distance! But just as Echo is building momentum The Tiger is back up and hits the ropes to run into both Echo Wilson and Dr. X with a POWERFUL double leg dropkick! They both hit the ropes but stay inside the ring! The Tiger glares at the two men as he regroups from earlier, running at them both again...But Echo and Dr. X both fall down and pull the ropes! The Tiger is going over! - No, The Tiger catches himself as he hits the is able to use his strength to stop the momentum as he pulls himself back into the ring. Knocking back both Echo and Dr. X with wild elbows as they try their attempt of forcing him over. The Tiger realising just how close he was to losing his chance already, moves his jaw back and forth with his hand. The three men are all exchanging looks now, it’s going to come down to whoever blinks first! Wait a minute, The Tiger and Dr. X are now both looking at Echo Wilson, and it’s dawning on Echo what’s happening to him right now, the two young guns are teaming up to take down the more experienced star! The crowd are raising their voices as Echo Wilson thinks on his feet, not backing down as he strikes first! Aiming for the larger threat, he swings straight at The Tiger and cleans his clock! But Dr. X takes advantage of the opening and swings a forearm!..NO.. Echo ducks and goes behind Dr. X, clutching around his waist as attempts and he hits the German suplex! Dr. X didn’t get out of that one! He’s clutching his neck and Echo has a big old smile on his face! Sandman: Don’t get too distracted Echo! The Tiger is up now and is teeing off with Echo, The Tiger ducks a punch and runs under, he hits the ropes and goes for a big discus lariat! Echo ducks, leaning backwards showing some expert flexibility and is waiting with a kick to the gut of The Tiger! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … The Tiger is down to a knee as Echo Wilson pulls him in taking a hold of his neck, Bloody Sundayyyyy!..NO! The Tiger shows the fight within as he uses his strength, pushing Echo into the ropes and chases after him with another running dropkick! Hitting hard against the ropes Echo is able to use it as a leverage, staying upright on his feet as leans against them. The power of the kick has taken some energy from the ‘Man Of The Year’ as the The Tiger stalks his prey, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity... Heel: And here comes number 4! 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #4: Hans Clayton (‘115’’ hits to a large but mixed reception. Hans Clayton, the first member of Bulletproof to make his entry into this match tonight comes out onto the ramp and cracks his neck before posing with his hands together to show the Bulletproof Symbol printed over his two gloves for the camera. “Tonight is only for the Extraordinary!” Hans yells at the camera as he jogs towards the ring.) Sandman: And here’s one of the companies roster members who has truly made a name for himself through 2019 and into 2020. As you can see under his name he is the current BPZ Premium Champion having successfully defended that very championship earlier tonight. Former United States, NXT and of course Tag Team Champion Nebakos: I don’t think the audience have forgotten what took place between Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter just yet (The camera zooms in on a sign that says ‘Ordinary’ as the fans boo him along the barricade”) Heel: The creativity of ours fans tonight is outstanding Sandman: Come on Heel. They feel betrayed! Heel: They need to move on. That’s the past and this is the future. Cutting the dead weight from his career has been a blessing for The Extraordinary! Hans Clayton tosses his entrance jacket to the side as he slides into the ring and ducks a clothesline attempt from Echo Wilson, he hits the ropes and floors Echo with a Headscissors Takedown! Echo rolls towards the ropes as Hans Clayton looks around the ring, noticing Dr. X who is making his way back to his feet. Hans begins measuring...running European uppercut! Dr. X goes down! The imposing Tiger staggers to his feet after being taken out in the nether regions by the ring ropes...and Hans Clayton floors him with a Pele Kick!! The Tiger falls flat on his face! (Hans Clayton brushes the hair from his face as he grabs at his own balls, mocking The Tiger as he poses for the audience.) Sandman: Well you can have your personal opinion of the man but you can’t deny that he doesn’t live up to the name Nebakos: Hans Clayton is putting on a clinic here! He wants to grab the attention of everyone if it kills him! Heel: Cool your jets Nebakos. He is doing it for one man and one man only. Hans..Clayton! In the ring Echo Wilson is back up and locks the waist for a German Suplex, but Hans fires off elbows into the side of Echo’s head to break the hold. Echo releases an arm but Hans grabs the other wrist, pulling him up to his shoulders...Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker! Echo hits the leg of Hans with authority! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Hans is standing amongst the rubble as the crowd applaud the in ring action, taking a hold of Echo Wilson as he looks to make the first elimination of the night. The moment of glory comes to an end as Dr. X is back up, the masked man tilting his head before Hans Clayton turns around and eats a spinning side kick to the gut, Echo dropping the the canvas in the process. Dr. X locks Hans arms as he lifts the champion into the air...and DROPS him with a facebuster! The fallen are returning from the dead as The Tiger re-enters the fray with a huge running gutbuster to Dr. X! The former champion leans down quickly trying to pick him up. 6 … 5 … 4 … Heel: TURN AROUND TIGER Echo has returned and has got The Tiger locked for a beautiful Saito Suplex! The ring has been cleared again. Looking around he is spoiled for choice right now and opts for the man who’s arguably taken the most punishment so far, The Tiger. Echo’s deadlifting The Tiger in a gut wrench and is looking to lift him over the ropes, but The Tiger’s desperately got his arms on the top rope and is trying everything he can to block Echo’s elimination attempt! 3...2...1 BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #5: Alex Costa (Crackling radio breaks the anticipation as a voice begins to speak “Breaker, Breaker... Eagle's Nest, this is Eye In The Sky reporting enemy movements Firing Squad...has landed I repeat... Firing Squad has landed” ‘Firing Squad Theme’ hits to a surprised reaction as one half of the Firing Squad enters the match through the curtains. Nebakos: Here we go! The Portuguese Cyborg is entering as the equaliser! Sandman: Ladies and gentlemen it seems the omen has come true. The numbers are building for Bulletproof tonight as Alex Costa, one half of the young tag team Firing Squad is making his way to the ring. Heel: If he’s half as vicious as has shown to be these last few months then the men in the ring had better be on notice! Alex Costa runs down the ramp as he slides underneath the ring as he goes after Echo Wilson, who abandons The Tiger to attempt to derail the entering Costa! Costa gets Echo with a running lift tackle as he spears the incoming Wilson, lifting him into the air as Costa forces him down into the canvas. Hans Clayton stands up from his recovery at the corner of the ring, Hans looks Alex Costa up and down some more as Hans is grinning ear to ear. Gum in his mouth as he chews in the face of Hans, Alex steps forward greeting his stable mate with a grin and open arms. The commentary are wondering what the Bulletproof alliance could mean for the match up when suddenly The Tiger, his towering presence appearing behind their reunion, breaks it up, followed by the recovered Dr. X as the reality of the match up sets in once again. The two brawling duos separate across the ring, the camera zooming out to take in the whole scene. Dr. X has got Alex Costa on the defence as he throws a few punches shaking the fresh superstar, his gum flying across the ring before Alex is able to time his reversal and trap the arm. Moving, he takes Dr. X down to the ground by force! He’s got him in a fujiwara armbar! The doctor has no idea what to do! Sandman: You can’t see his expression but just the body language and my own experience in that hold, I can feel the excruciating pain Echo Wilson drags himself up from the earlier spear, stumbling at first but drags himself over to the action as he aims to stomp on top of the distracted Alex!..Echo goes up!..but the Cyborg moved out of the way just in time. Echo hitting Dr. X instead in the process with a painful stomp! Dr. X is out of it as his body rolls across the mat to the apron. On the offence now, Alex Costa leaps and wrestles Echo Wilson to the floor by his legs in reaction. Being able to mount him the Firing Squad representative hits a series of palm strikes upon Wilson as Echo attempts to defend himself, spinning his body and eventually forcing them both to their feet. Costa delivers a pair of forearms to the back of Wilson’s head as that knocks him to the ropes! Costa is on fire right now! Taking a hold of his opponents arm, he turns Echo around before delivering some quick jabs to his face as Echo finds himself in a seated position! Costa gets his foot and presses it against Wilson's throat as the Brendenplayz officials can only watch from ringside! Nebakos: Alex Costa is waving to the officials at ringside! He is loving this. Sandman: Remember Ladies and Gentleman. There are no Disqualifications in this match up Heel: This must be the professional wrestling equivalent of blue balling Sandman: Will you stop! Alex Costa, after finally breaking the hold and mocking the fans for their reactions, lifts Echo back to his feet slowly. Lifting him by his hair before getting him by the arm and whipping the wrestler towards the corner! Leaning back into the opposite turnbuckle Costa takes aim, pointing a single figurative shotgun taunt before runs, connecting with a destructive clothes line at the corner! Heel: I think Echo just got some air time! Meanwhile simultaneously on the other side of the ring The Tiger is throwing haymakers into Hans Clayton in the corner after overpowering him, the hunt is on. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … The countdown is on as the crowd turn to the titantron, shouting down the numbers. Hans Clayton is fighting for his match to continue, feeling cornered he reaches deep within as he grabs the shoulders of The Tiger and uses his weight to drive his opponents forehead forward into the turnbuckle, dazing The Tiger. The TIger reaches for his forehead as he stumbles back, wandering over the canvas as Hans slips under the ropes. The Extraordinary one waits to take his aim, he is going up!...forearm smash from the air! The Tiger goes down 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Heel: OH FOR GOD’S SAKE! ENTRY #6: Mirage (‘'Song of Storms' by Koji Kondo plays to a mild reaction from the crowd. Mirage enters the stage, a young superstar who has such a..complicated career in BPZ that it would be hard to retell it. Mirage enters the stage with his arms outstretched in a joyous laugh, the piano changing the mood of the arena for a moment as he enters his second Royal Rumble match) Sandman: Well despite my partners enthusiasm Mirage has recently evolved his career since participating in last years contest, harnessing The Broken Star within while running through a rival promotion and recently gained his first victory over Jack Bishop. Heel: His first? They really let anyone into this match-up Sandman: Anyone has a fighting chance in the Royal Rumble! Inviting the audience to open their third eye, he seemingly speaks an entirely different language of the ring and tonight he looks to use to his advantage. Mirage slides under the ropes as Hans Clayton and Alex Costa turn their attention to the entering superstar, who is the freshest man in this match at the moment. Hans Clayton laughs to himself, pointing towards the awaiting Mirage with the crowd as he pretends to be scared, twiddling his fingers in the air. Moving sideways it looks like Hans is about to lock up and be the first to dispose of him. Suddenly running forward past Hans Clayton, Costa aims to take down the wielder of the pineal eye but Mirage stops Costa dead in his tracks with a reactionary club to the face as Costa shoots upright in shock. The crowd responded with a small pop as Mirage stays on top of Costa, clutching the shocked superstar for an exploder suplex! Heel: Costa, NO! Sandman: It’s a Mirage miracle! The third eye in work! Heel: You can’t be suckered into this nonsense! Sandman: The gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness! Heel: I’m going to have an aneurysm Mirage feels the adrenaline of the moment. Alex Costa rises to a knee from the impact as he crawls forward towards the ropes and leans on them next to the shocked Hans Clayton whose mouth is agape. Mirage riding the momentum turns his attention from Alex Costa to Hans Clayton as he tries his luck with the awaiting superstar. A small selection of Mirage and SSW chants collect in the far reaches of the audience as Mirage is looking around, getting himself hyped up before he turns himself around and is face-to-face with Hans Clayton! You can tell that Mirage wants to redeem himself from past clashes with Hans Clayton during their boughts over the BPZ United States Championship! Hans has an annoyed and sinister look on his face. Sandman: Hans is out for blood! He has been going hard all week and in this match, it will be no different at all! Mirage presses a finger to his forehead, layering on that his third eye is open during this bought with a wide smile before launching forward with a forearm smash at the Premium Champion. Mirage lands on pushing Hans Clayton to ricochet off of the ropes but the champion is in no playing mood as he bounces back he manages to flip Mirage around before connecting with a snapmare! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … With Mirage now on the matt, leaning on his hands in an attempt to lift himself up, Hans follows up his offence with a huge soccer kick to Mirage's abdomen! The Broken Star grunts in pain as Hans gets in front of Mirage, picking his head up by the hair as he yells down at the superstar, pointing a gun hand sign to his temple before turning to bounce off of the ropes hitting with a Shining Wizard! Mirage collapses to the matt on his back on impact. That's got to be it. Hans Clayton calls over the recovered Alex Costa as the two of them pick up the dead weight of Mirage and throw him over the top rope. 6 … 5 … 4 … Danielle: Mirage has been eliminated Nebakos: There you have it folks the first elimination of the night and Bulletproof have control of the ring. Heel: Ha-Ha! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow. 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #7: Mikey (Crackling radio breaks the anticipation as a voice begins to speak “Breaker, Breaker... Eagle's Nest, this is Eye In The Sky reporting enemy movements Firing Squad...has landed I repeat... Firing Squad has landed” ‘Firing Squad Theme’ hits to a surprised reaction as the second half of the Firing Squad enters the match through the curtains.) Sandman: The cavalry has arrived! Heel: They say three is a crowd but i have a feeling they won't mind tonight Mikey is walking down to the ring with calm, collected demeanour as Hans Clayton and Alex Costa look on to their brother in arms making his way down the long ramp...confident in their control, the voices of the crowd rise as the duo soon realise they're not alone though! Echo Wilson and The Tiger are up on their feet now, eyes on the standing members of Bulletproof as they rush the duo before Mikey hits the ring. Hans Clayton and Alex Costa are knocked back into respective sides of the ring, Echo Wilson taking on Alex Costa and Hans Clayton reigniting the brawl with The Tiger who uses his raw strength to power him towards the ropes. Alex Costa is fighting off Echo Wilson, standing his ground he is able to throw a sequence of abdomen punches into Echo as Mikey joins his tag team partner. These two are pummelling Echo as Echo struggles to get his way out of those ropes! Echo Wilson gets one hand out but he’s still very much defenceless! KNEE TO THE BRIDGE OF THE NOSE! The other hand breaks out of those twisted ropes but he’s too out of it to defend himself at this point! Echo puts his head down and covers the back of his head, hoping to weather the storm! The two pound away at him with their fists, bringing him further and further down into the canvas! They’re stomping him out now! Meanwhile The Tiger, standing tall after their brief back and forth had been powering shoulder blocks into the abdomen of Hans Clayton, forcing him to sit in the middle of the turnbuckle from the force. As Firing Squad was facing off against Echo Wilson he saw his opportunity, lifting up the Premium Champion up onto the top turnbuckle as the crowd leaned forward wondering if The Tiger would be able to get it done. Sandman: COULD THIS BE IT!? Hans is hanging on for dear life and Firing Squad are none the wiser! Pushing back against the shoulders of The Tiger, connecting with short jabs on to the forehead of The Tiger, Hans Clayton was showing his determination to stay in this match. Angered, The Tiger compromised, lifting up Hans onto his shoulders from his position on the top ropes as he lifted him to prepare for a Death Valley Driver! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … Firing Squad after hitting an aided double arm DDT on Echo Wilson run over to The Tiger and drag Hans Clayton down to his feet. The three of them gain their composure as The Tiger spins back around to face the three united members of Firing Squad. Seeing the writing on the wall The Tiger strikes first as he takes a right hook to Mikey sending him clutching his face and wandering backwards as the other two members swarm him in numbers. Nebakos: Did you even take a single breath there, Sandman? Sandman: Who could during this contest! Heel: Well, try not to have a heart attack, Sandman. Number eight is about to come out! Nebakos: Who could it be? 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #8: Jack Bishop (‘why you gotta kick me when I'm down?’ by Bring Me The Horizon plays to a mild reaction. The towering Jack BIshop walks with purpose down the ramp, not taking his eyes off of the ring he walks up the stairs to enter the contest rather than enter under the ropes) Sandman! Speak of the devil! The Reckoning of NXT is making his way to the ring Nebakos: Experience or not, standing at 6 ft 5 is, pardon the phrasing, a big advantage in this match up and we’ll see tonight regardless of past success if he can make the most of it. Here comes Jack Bishop stepping through the ropes as he starts strong swinging a right at the back of Hans Clayton and Mikey, connecting trying to knock him for a loop! Jack Bishop with another club to the head of Mikey sending him back towards the ring as The Tiger now fights back alongside Jack Bishop. Sandman: Looks like Jack Bishop has joined the party now, he’s now teaming up with the man he fought against earlier in the night for the NXT Championship. Nebakos: You’ll see strange alliances form in these matches and that’s what we’re seeing now, gotta get rid of the major threats while you still have a relatively clear field! And the biggest threat right now is the collective of Bulletproof. It's two on three now as the members of Bulletproof come together. Hans Clayton and Alex Costa are lead with their focus on the so far undying Tiger to the other side of the ring as he tries his best to fight both men off. Dr. X is still on the outside of the ring and Echo Wilson is left recovering to the side. The camera moves its focus as Bishop pulls Mikey into the centre of the ring by his hair, Mikey reaching out as Bishop whips him into the ropes…Bishop lowers his head as he comes rebounding… but Mikey throws his boot up, right into the face of Bishop! Bishop, caught off guard by that boot as he stumbles around the ring. Mikey now charges at him with a clothesline… but Bishop is able to avoid it, ducking under it, a forearm to the back of Mikey and now Bishop lifts him up over his shoulder in an electric chair position! … oh and now look at this! Dr. X has returned from the outside and is climbing the turnbuckle! Returning from the dead… what’s gonna happen here? He leaps off onto Mikey with a crossbody who simultaneously gets dropped by Jack Bishop with an electric chair That’ll take him out for a while! And now Dr. X is motioning towards Jack Bishop, they both grab Mikey by the arm, pulling him to his feet and into the centre of the ring ...Alex Costa comes charging in with a spear! What a saving grace, taking out Dr. X who falls to the ground and Jack Bishop loses his grip on Mikey to the ground as Hans Clayton joins the fray! Hitting a frenzy of executed hits throwing off Bishop. Bulletproof are coming together now as they gang on Bishop. Mikey uses what strength he has to take out the left knee of Bishop as Alex Costa bounces off of the far ropes again to hit another spear! Bishop falls against the bottom ropes now, barely being held up. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … The damage as been done as the image of the three Bulletproof members standing tall in the ring again is sinking in. The audience facing what could be a lasting image during this match as the three of them are coming together lifting up the big man! Taking aim annnd! He is over the top ropes and falling to the floor below. Danielle: Jack Bishop has been eliminated 5 … 4 … 3 … Sandman: Bishop is eliminated! It seems this might be a repeating picture of the night if the Bulletproof trio are able to hold the ring. Heel: If only he had followed my advice. Nebakos: You tried to mentor Jack Bishop? Heel: I told him he could dress as the ring post. They’re about the same height and just as thick. Sandman: Come now! 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #9: Bart (A familiar symphonic sounds follows the loud buzzer as the audience rise to their feat, ‘On GOD feat. A$AP Ferg, YG, Tyga, A$AP Rocky’ by Mustard hits to the heavy beat to a loud pop as Bart bounces up and down on top of the ramp, taking in the cheers as he poses for the crowd. Handing his jacket to a production assistant, he points down to the ring before charging full-speed to the ring.) Nebakos: Business is about to pick up even more than it already has! Sandman: Heavy favorite Bart is in the match and… Heel: Not only that but he’s entering the centre of a bad Creed fever dream! Bart looks over the scene and is begging for some action! Not here to play around he hits the ring like a man possessed and is met just under the ropes by Hans Clayton! Bart showing some classic wrestling skills gets behind the Premium Champion and serves a Belly-to-belly suplex! Hans bounces off of the canvas as Alex Costa bull rushes him to dull the fire but Bart continues the trend, a slingblade takes Costa out! Bart is fired up as the final standing member Mikey charges with a running knee! Bart is able to avoid the incoming attack as Mikey stops just ahead of hitting the ropes. Turning back around to try a second attempt he comes face to face with Bart who rushes to grab his arm, dragging him in for a lift up Urange...No! Mikey has none of it as he rakes the eyes of Bart giving him the opportunity to fall back to the mat. Bart reaches for his face as Mikey smiles at his actions, quickly rising to his feet he begins to run the ropes, returning to Bart with a corkscrew elbow which connects! Mikey is the only man who’s up right now and he’s assessing the situation, the camera pans out as it takes notice of the other competitors stirring. Mikey helps Hans Clayton and Alex Costa to their feet, yelling at them as he points towards the other wrestlers. While on the other side of the ring the recently entered Bart is using the ropes to find his placement, bringing himself to his feet slowly as he stands next to The Tiger and Echo Wilson who stand next to him. Sandman: The lines have been drawn! Nebakos: The old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend! Sandman: And it seems Bulletproof is everyone's enemy tonight Heel: Don’t trust them Echo! You'd need to count your fingers, after you shake their hands. Both sides eye each other up as Hans Clayton whispers into the ears of both Alex Costa and Mikey, keeping his face away from the camera. The Tiger having been in this match since the very beginning is showing some wear and tear, Bulletproof having the natural chemistry against the impromptu alliance on this match. The audience are hitting the side of the guardrails as the gates are open! Through red eyes Bart strikes first going straight for Mikey, the heat from their last encounter still fresh as Echo Wilson stays back, evaluating if he needs to get involved but is instead met by Alex Costa who starts throwing punches towards ‘The Man Of The Year’. Lastly, The Tiger goes straight for Hans Clayton, the less fresh competitor and hits a big uppercut that sends him into the ropes as Hans barely has time to get down from his perch. The Tiger charges, looking to clothesline him over to the ground - NO! Triangle armbar out of nowhere! Hans Clayton just went over the top rope and kept hold of The Tigers arm to lock in a triangle armbar! Sandman: But what does Hans do now?! The moment he lets go of The Tiger, he’ll be eliminated! Nebakos: On the other hand, The Tiger can’t stay in this hold too long or his arm will be snapped in two. The crowd sit anxiously wondering what might happen and- Oh My God! The commentary team are beside themselves as the cameras catch The Tiger who is lifting Hans Clayton up! The Tiger is lifting up Hans from the other side of the ropes with his good arm! The strength and power needed for such a feat! He has got Hans Clayton up in a powerbomb position…! Suddenly Mikey reappears from behind to aid Hans! He is able to take out The Tiger from the knees and save Hans from the impending powerbomb. Just in the nick of time as well as Hans Clayton catches himself on the apron and rolls under the ropes to keep safe. Bart can be seen leaning over next to the far right turnbuckle as Echo Wilson and Alex Costa battle it out. Turning their attention to their stable mate the now standing Hans and Mikey head over as the three members of Bulletproof use their numbers up against Echo Wilson. The countdown returns! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … Hans, Mikey and Alex collectively hit a round of double team maneuvers on the helpless Echo, holding back his arms as the other takes kicks to the midsection. 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #10: Amai (‘Better Than You’ its to a decent pop that quickly turns into heavy boos. Amai slowly walks out to the top of the ramp, staring straight ahead at the ring holding each end of his scarf in each end. He isn’t in a rush to get in to the match this quickly as the jeers of the fans barely touch the former champion. Mocking the reception) Sandman: Here we go with another former NXT Champion making his way into the Royal Rumble match! This will be his first Royal Rumble contest and after the fiery year he has had compared to 2018 it might be just what he needs to go the distance. Nebakos: And what a year it has been! The Moneymaker falling into wealth due to outside interests. It makes you wonder how good luck shone his way Heel: I don't like what i'm hearing from you Nebakos. The money's the same, whether you earn it or scam it. Sandman: And you'd know? Heel: I know all about cheating. I've had six very successful marriages! Amai slides under the ropes as he looks around at the carnage the contest has produced so far. Making eye contact with the armada known as Bulletproof, Alex Costa turns away for a moment from their handling of Echo Wilson to see what Amai might have in mind. Still wearing his scarf, Amai smiles with his arms outstretched deciding not to poke the bear for now as he turns back around to attack Bart who is still in the corner of the ring. Removing his scarf to try and choke out the current Tag Team Champion while using the ring ropes for leverage. Looking over to Amai, Hans nods his head towards the confrontation to the notice of Mikey who goes to assist the attack wanting to extinguish Creed from the match as soon as possible. Meanwhile we see Alex holding the arms of Echo to the left and right of him. Hans Clayton getting into the face of Echo, the Premium Champion smiles as he walks backwards towards the centre of the ring. Pointing two pointed finger guns forward he suddenly runs at full speed to...Hans just hit the Crown Jewel! Echos signature maneuver! Sandman: Adding insult to injury! Heel: Everyone loses their class when they travel through hell Nebakos: This might be the end of the night for Echo Wilson Echo is slumped over and defenceless as the Bulletproof duo look proud of their work. The pair take the limp body of Echo Wilson as they lift him up together against the ropes for leverage before dropping him out onto the outside floor. Hans Clayton placing a single finger on the chest of Echo as he falls to the floor below. Danielle: Echo Wilson has been eliminated Hans Clayton dusts his gloves together with a smile as the crowd shower the duo with boos which travel throughout the arena. The third elimination of the match and now their attention turns back towards the rest of the men in the ring. The confident Amai is seen pressing his knee into the neck of Bart who sits helpless in the corner as Mikey puts mudhole stomps on to the exposed leg, attempting to injure Bart! Suddenly Mikey is shoved over by Amai who tries to get in further, taking over the attack completely. The referee from ringside is yelling towards Amai to let up but the official isn’t able to intervene. Mikey stands close by, staring at Amai up and down after being shoved as ‘The Moneymaker’ moves over to join the other members of Bulletproof in their boasting. Trying his best to mesh in with the group he wraps his hands around the shoulders of both Hans Clayton and Alex Costa as he smiles towards the camera with a laugh. Hans Clayton turns to Amai as he pushes his arm off of his shoulder, the group now all turning to face him. Looking between each member individually the once confident smile begins turning to a worried smirk as he puts his hands forward looking for a handshake from one of the members, "Come on!", walking to each one before finally forcing a handshake from Alex Costa on his last attempt. “See guys, we’re cool? We’re all on the same page here! Survival! I’m down with the Bullet lifestyle. I bang all the time! Shoot with the best of them!” Realising the circumstance he is in Amai turns from “sweet” words to testing his luck as he strikes first, slapping the face of Hans Clayton as he calls the Premium Champion a “Piece of ****”. The Moneymaker turns to Alex Costa trying to get the better of the exchange here but is met with a superkick from Mikey to the other side of him instead. His spit flying across the ring. Hans Clayton hits a Pele Kick as Amai turns around from the superkick sending him right down to the mat! Bulletproof lean down as they collectively lift up the body of Amai, Alex Costa and Mikey throw Amai over the top rope to the floor below just ahead of the ramp. Danielle: Amai has been eliminated 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 ... Sandman: Another one bites the ringside padding! But we’re not going to be left waiting too soon to find out who is next. Nebakos: Amai tried his luck coercing the group but it seems the lights are on but nobody’s home Heel: If you're poor and you do something stupid, you're nuts. If you're rich and do something stupid, you're eccentric. 6 … 5 … 4 … The camera captures Amai reaching for his back for a moment before changing shots, taking notice of Hans pointing in the direction of Bart as the Firing Squad duo lift up the battered member of Creed from his seated position. Hans Clayton turns to the hard camera, having picked up the discarded scarf from Amai he places it on around his neck as he poses from the camera. “This is how it’s done!” 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #11: Eli Smith (A familiar symphonic sounds follows the loud buzzer as the audience rise to their feat, ‘On GOD feat. A$AP Ferg, YG, Tyga, A$AP Rocky’ by Mustard hits to the heavy beat to a loud pop as Eli Smith charges down to the ring) Sandman: THIS MATCH JUST PICKED UP! No audience interaction, no theratrics, just focus as Eli Smith rushes down the ramp. Hans Clayton can be seen discarding the scarf from around his neck in a focus as he yells instructions towards his brothers in arms. Just as Eli Smith neared the ring Bart from the corner, gets a renewed energy within as he begins to fight back, left and right shots at both members of Firing Squad who are being moved back by Bart with repeated punches as Eli Smith joins him in the ring. Hans Clayton steps back, conserving in disbelief as the tag team finish off the pair sending them flying across the ring to join the retreating Hans Clayton. Mikey and Alex Costa slowly rise from the mat, as they waste no time going back to fight against Bart and Eli Smith. Just as Hans from the other turnbuckle an old face returns from the outside. The Tiger rises to his feet from under the ropes as Hans Clayton bumps into the large frame of the man they had taken out earlier. The crowd pop as Hans Clayton looks up towards the ceiling instead of turning to face The Tiger before being forcibly turned around. The Tiger picks up Hans Clayton into the air as he hits a one handed spinebuster! The other two members of Firing Squad are occupied now by Creed who are more than eager to get their hands on their future championship contenders. Nebakos: Oh man, this could be one of two things… and BOTH of them will be brutal! Sandman: Both of these teams are no strangers to each other as their wild offence paints a picture Heel: And if they keep swinging like this the ring will be painted soon enough as well Both teams tie up in the ring, Bart and Mikey rekindling their brawl from earlier while the fresh Eli Smith clashes with Alex Costa as the brawl ignites between all men. Moments later, Alex Costa catches a split-second headlock, but Eli Smith thrusts an elbow into Costas sides followed by a forearm shot into the jaw in a combination. Utilising his agility, suddenly Smith drops to his knees, delivering a shot into the lower gut and as Costa is down Smith hits a mean Midsection Super Kick followed by a Jumping Enzuigiri! Costa sits up, holding his head as he rolls towards the ropes but Smith pursues. On the other side of the ring we see Mikey who is firing shots into Bart’s skull as he hangs in the balance against the ropes. Eli Smith rushes over with a leaping back forearm to break up the attempt. Bart falls to his feet as Eli Smith continues to rain punches down on to Mikey forcing him to a kneeling position. Creed are together again as one, they look at each other devising their next move as Bart directions his head to the top rope. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … Sandman: This isn’t a place you’re going to want to be in this match type! Heel: They can’t hear you Nebakos: What goes up, must come down! Eli Smith climbs to the top rope making sure to be careful with his footing. Hans Clayton currently has The Tiger leaning against the ropes after Alex Costa currently grounded. He reaches the top as Bart picks up Mikey over his shoulders into a Fireman's Carry Takeover. Holding position Eli Smith leaps down with both feet onto the back of Mikey, hitting the mat after connecting. Off of that move Bart spins Mikey around and connects with a backbreaker! 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #12: Maasa ('Johnny Ringo' by Crown The Empire plays as Maasa stands on the stage throwing two fingers up in the air for the crowd who pay him a warm reception.) Sandman: The young stars keep on flowing out. Ladies and Gentleman, here comes Maasa! Being absent for quite a bit of 2019, recently the man you see coming down the ramp made his return from a rival promotion SSW back just two months ago. Signing a new contract and so far the buzz has been noticeable. Heel: I thought we promised each other to never mention those initials again. I think I'm going to be sick. Nebakos: What is an SSW? Sandman: The man who claims he will not waste any opportunities presented to him, Maasa’s entrance appears to have not even been noticed by the combatants in the ring, who are continuing their brawl as if nothing has happened! Heel: It’s unwise to ignore Maasa, underneath his seemingly goofy past, there lies a now matured side that can hang with the best out of his predicament. . Nebakos: Well, Maasa has got in the ring and the other wrestlers still haven’t seen him! This has gotta really knock the man’s pride a little… Sandman: Hold up, Maasa appears to be...sitting on the top turnbuckle. What’s he doing? If he falls to the floor, he’s out! Heel: Maybe he’s taking a breather? Sandman: He just got in the ring! With Maasa watching on laying across the ropes, he plays to the crowd as the chaos continues. The camera pans back as we see Hans Clayton who is gripping the ropes just as he is about to attempt an inside of the ring springboard maneuver, bending his knees he looks around to measure up before noticing the predicament that Mikey had found himself in. Hans lets go, abandoning the complex move for an elevated kick to the jaw in its place, with no remorse as The Tiger is knocked back but unexpected was the retaliation. Hans has had his legs turn to jelly! Hans Clayton just took a big right from The Tiger and got knocked out of the pack! Hans doesn’t know his left from his right as the team of Bart and Eli Smith are finally able to eliminate Mikey over the top rope after some effort! The Firing Squad member hits the outside as he rolls into the barricade. Danielle: Mikey has been eliminated Bulletproof are now just down to two members! The field is evening out as The Tiger continues to fight with Hans Clayton who rolls across the ring and towards the ropes. Wait a minute..the brawling field has slowed down and realised Maasa is there now! Heads are turning, keeping an eye on the “relaxing” superstar who is now upright seated on the turnbuckle. Alex Costa, having finally recovered to his feet makes the first move seeing an opportunity to throw Maasa to the outside but is met with a drop down stomp to the back of the head as he evades the threat, running to the other side of the ring surveying the scene again. He looks eager to join the fight finally as Maasa grabs Hans Clayton who was recovering from that right hook and throws him straight into Alex Costa, both men collapse into a corner, helpless as their reality is catching up to their thoughts as Maasa follows right behind them, hitting them both with a corner splash! The duo stumble forward after the splash, buckling. He isn’t here to be forgotten! He isn’t here to be ignored! Though that might be for his detriment as The Tiger leaps onto Maasa and locks in a rear naked choke! The Tiger has struck from the trenches! An expert move from The Tiger who has now been in this match for quite a while. Maasa has to think fast before he’s choked out here! Arms reaching for anything to hold on to, to use to his advantage, Maasa is fighting with everything he has got, he’s made his way over to the ropes and is trying to grab The Tiger by the neck and flip him onto the apron...WAIT, WHAT! Dr. X! He has recovered from the outside and has lept over the ropes and is trying to pull both The Tiger and Maasa out! He’s got Maasa by the arms and The Tiger is holding on...No! He lets go as Maasa slips out. The Tiger hits the ropes! Running dropkick to Maasa! Maasa dodged and so did Dr. X! The Tiger goes through the ropes and to the outside! The Tiger just took a major risk and was lucky that he went through the ropes and not over them! He hit the floor with a big thud and is wincing in pain, holding his shoulder! And the timer has begun! Number thirteen is about to make their presence known! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … As the timer counts down the field has spread over the ring again as Bart and Eli Smith face off against Alex Costa and Hans Clayton in the ring, punches throwing wild as each individual takes their opponent to their opponent in trying to make sure their night ends now. Maasa is recovering on the apron after the close call, Dr. X is kneeling and leaning against the second rope as he watches on towards the buzzer. 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #13: Ropati (The lights in the arena dim down before the titantron starts glitching out, the words ring through the arena, Bulletproof..4...4...4...Life. an edited version of 'Monster' by Kanye West begins to blast through the speakers as Ropati makes his way onto the stage. Tossing his mask to the side, towards the ring crew quickly as he makes his way to the ring. The numbers of Bulletproof seem to have replenished!) Sandman: Returning from injury just a few months ago, Ropati has felt a flood of crowd of fan support since he stepped back into the ring. A multiple time champion in the company some say it is only a matter of time before he finds himself again in World Championship contention. Heel: How much does he pay you to sing the praises of him all the time? Sandman: Who, Ropati? Heel: Yes. Sandman: Do you know how long he's been in BPZ? Heel: Too long. Nebakos: He'll be here when you're gone, Heel. Heel: Wait..What'd you hear? (Ropati walks slowly down the ramp, before noticing The Tiger on the floor who was being evaluated by the ringside officials. Without hesitation, he picks The Tiger up and launches him through the ropes and into the mass of bodies that have gathered.) Ropati moves under the ropes, The Tiger having rolled to the other side of the ring as Ropati notices the ongoing fight between the two factions. Quickly he joins the commotion as he runs over and assists Hans Clayton fighting Eli Smith who stumbles back under the change in dynamic. Feeling on top of the world, Ropati kicks Eli Smith right in the thigh before finishing the combination with a high kick to the chest! Hans Clayton repeats alongside Ropati as the two corner their rival. The offence comes to a stop before dragging him out of the corner slowly, Ropati takes the first action as lifts him up!…Brainbuster! Hitting hard. Ropati has a grin on his face as he sits up next to the fallen Smith. But they’ll soon see they’re not alone. Hans Clayton taps the shoulders of Ropati as they look to turn their combined efforts into aiding Alex Costa in his fight with Bart. Before being able to turn back towards the ongoing Bart and Costa confrontation, holding his shoulder The Tiger steps forward again as he eyes off the two members of Bulletproof. Refusing to hide away. Sandman: It seems Ropati is going to start regretting his decision fast Heel: This guy makes coffee nervous. Ropati holds his own shoulder, mocking The Tiger for his intimidation efforts as the pair step towards the unwavering superstar. Suddenly from the outside Dr. X springboards from the ropes and hits Hans Clayton with a surprise hurricanrana! Hans is sent flying across the ring as the mysterious Dr. X continues to be an unpredictable game changer! Ropati distracted by the development is taken off guard by The Tiger who strikes first, the two men going at one another for the first time as they move around the ring trading lefts and rights. The Tiger attempting to pressure him towards the ropes. Maasa finally slides into the action again from the side of the apron and watches the rest of the men in the match fight! Turning to the camera the superstar smiles as he comments “Best view in the house” barely caught by the camera. He gets to lay back for a moment and watch it all transpire before his very eyes! Things were looking bleak but now he might be able to coast through until the next entrant. Heel: The smartest man in the match right now. Sandman: That’s one way to describe it. There are now eight men in the ring right now and if somebody isn’t thrown out soon, this ring could really start filling up! The Tiger and Ropati are still duking it out as they’ve made it into the far bottom left corner, Bart and Alex Costa are duking it out in another, and Dr. X and Hans Clayton are showing off their agility around the ring with a flurry of cruiserweight maneuvers! Everyone wants to make the next elimination and on top of that the unsaid goal between the other competitors of segregating the Bulletproof members. Maasa rises to his feet as he keeps a mindful eye on everyone. Stepping into the centre of the ring he spins around a few times watching it all happen! He’s laughing at this! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Heel: Oh, who's coming out now? 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … Nebakos: Well, why don't you just wait a minute and find out?!? Heel: I'm sorry, I'm excited! So what? 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Heel: Is that you blowing your nose or is that the horn? ENTRY #14: Epic (‘Rappin' for Jesus’ written, performed and now sung live by Epic! As he enters the stage to a mixed but loud response. A healthy looking Epic comes out, wearing his full wrestling sermon attire and being followed by a personal choir! They follow the pastor out as the flow from being the curtains, spreading out across the stage behind him as he pleads to the audience to follow his word. Clergy members walk down the sides of the stages with collection dishes imploring the “weak” and “sick” to pay for salvation.) Heel: The Royal Rumble is saved! Blessed are we. Sandman: You're a fan Heel? Heel: It's complicated. I asked God for a flight upgrade, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a First Class seat and asked Epic for forgiveness. Nebakos: I can't imagine you in a church without the building combusting. Sandman: Could there be a more appropriate number than 13 after what we witnessed at his church? Nebakos: Well, as you said, certainly not the luckiest number...but Epic looks supremely confident right now as he removes his coat and hands it to one of his clergy...but he’s bringing the microphone with him! The choir sings an acapella version of ‘Rappin for Jesus as they surround the side of the ring to show their support for the grappling pastor. He conducts them to a high note before turning around, dropping his jacket for them to catch as he makes it inside the ring. With a wide smile on his face he slides under the ropes and swings the microphone straight into the temple of Maasa who didn’t have a chance to react to the sudden change of demeanour. Maasa stumbles backwards towards the furthest ropes, leaning both arms on the second rope as he comes to grips to what just happened. Epic is noticed by the other superstars now as The Tiger, moves away from his corner attack on Ropati to confront the entering Epic. Epic opens his arms to the emerging survivor, “Brother Tiger! Please, join me and my movement. Release the beast wit--” he says away from the microphone but he doesn’t give The Tiger time to reply, not wasting any time quickly hitting the forehead of The Tiger with his microphone as well! The Tiger reaches for his forehead as he staggers but is still very much in this! Epic swings a second time but it’s caught this time by The Tiger! Sandman: Now might be a good time to run, Epic! Nebakos: Well..he did ask for the beast to be released. Wait! Ropati kicks The Tiger in the side of the head! And he felt that one! Epic stumbles back as he releases the microphone. Enraged, The Tiger turns around as he grabs Ropati by the throat! But Epic hits the back of The Tigers leg with a shoulder charge! The Tiger drops to a knee! And Ropati hooks his legs around The Tiger and applies a guillotine! And Epic, having collected his microphone, just continues to land shots with it on the back of The Tiger! The Tigers gotta do something if he wants to escape this! Anything! In the mean time to the far side of the ring Maasa, having rose from the attack from Epic, is assisting Dr. X as the two of them attempt to force Hans Clayton over the rope but the agile Clayton is holding on for dear life, his legs wrapped around the ropes like an intricate puzzle. Eli Smith who has recovered to his feet is focusing on Alex Costa alongside Bart. The power of Bulletproof which seemed like such a sure bet just earlier in the match now seems to have met the wall of numbers working against them. Each member having their attention taken away from them and it doesn’t look good as far as unity is concerned. Alex Costa is able for a brief moment land some strikes on Bart but as soon as he gets momentum it is Eli Smith who is quick to cut it short with a series of punches into the last fighting member of Firing Squad. The tag team champions dangerously dragging Costa out, the fatigued body of Costa has no choice but to move away from the turnbuckle as the duo look to put a fullstop on their future challenger...what do they have planned? Dragging the arm of Costa as he moves across the canvas on his knees the members of Creed measure up as..are they? ‘Revenite’! Two knees connect to the jaw of Costa in harmony as he drops down, heading face first straight into the canvas but they hold him up. His limp body hanging as the cameras catch a glimpse of a bruise forming under the eye of Alex. The duo lift up the dead weight of Alex Costa as they move towards ringside, taking him by the hair as they drag him to his feet and throw the final Firing Squad member over the top rope. Danielle: Alex Costa has been eliminated 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 The countdown is on while on the other side the ring Hans Clayton has been able to fight his way out of the two on one elimination after raking the eyes of Maasa. Maasa leans on the ropes and the Premium Champion looks on in shock, unable to reach Alex Costa during his predicament and subsequent elimination. Hans hits an enziguri on Dr. X to bring him down to the mat as he slides through the ropes to safety. And then there were two. It seems the grand plan hasn't gone exactly to what Clayton had in mind. Hans Clayton runs over and pulls Ropati back towards him as the two stand side to side surveying the ring. Bart and Eli Smith come face to face with them from afar, Maasa is on the canvas, The Tiger is leaning against the bottom turnbuckle dazed after enduring the two on one attack. The tension is broken as Epic, riding either his questionable faith or adrenaline is darting across the ring to attack the vulnerable Dr. X. The superstars are keeping an eye on each other, the numbers counting down and the crowd are wondering who could possibly come out next? … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #15: Bob Sparks (‘Blood // Water' by grandson plays to a thunderous response. Heads turn towards the stage as the camera follows up the ramp to see the giant wrestling boots moving their way through the curtains and on to the stage. Bob Sparks stands stoically at the top of the ramp, arms behind his back as the camera pans up slowly to take in the size of the entering superstar. Each entrant crawls to the centre of the ring as the commentary break their silence) Heel: We're about to see an ass whooping! Bob Sparks is entering the Royal Rumble. The former Premium Champion, the Bracket Breaker! (Bob Sparks walks slowly down the ramp, noticing all the eyes on him but being focused on the impending competition.) Nebakos: This is the first time I've laid eyes on this superstar in person and Ladies and Gentleman, the cameras don't give our words justice. Heel: That’s it. Every man in that ring should do themselves a favour and eliminate themselves to avoid certain pain at the hands of BPZ’s most notorious giant. Nebakos: Hans Clayton has a giant smile on his face. Those two have a heated history together over the very Premium Championship he holds at the moment but it seems the Bulletproof bond could be stronger. Sandman: Bob Sparks has entered the ring and is staring down SIX other men! And you know what?! I’d say the odds are about even! Nebakos: And they all go for Bob Sparks! All six superstars are swarming Bob Sparks, the monster from New York and are reigning down blows on him! It seems they think the only chance they have to eliminate this Goliath is by working together! The ambush continues as Bob almost disappears in a sea of fists and kicks as they attempt to weaken the entering superstar. The crowd lean in to see what is happening as the commentary remark in surprise that they all had the same idea..Suddenly..Bob Sparks just pushed all of them away! Rising to his feet with force, in-ring superstars fly in each direction as the camera catches Hans Clayton giving a lively round of applause through the chaos. Bob Sparks looks around at the rubble as he grabs Dr. X and just ragdolls him into the corner as if he were a damn child! Next we have Maasa stepping up who lunges at Bob Sparks again but - WHAT?!? Bob Sparks catches Maasa without flinching, holding him in his arms and begins using him as a human battering ram! First he floors Bart, now The Tiger, There goes Epic! and Then he just lawn darts Maasa headfirst in Eli Smith. Sandman: It would appear that Hans Clayton and Ropati are all alone with Bob Sparks right now...they might want to make sure their health insurance is good. Heel: I think you're being fooled Sandman. This is a bond that goes beyond the ring. Nebakos: You mean Bulletproof? Heel: No, Money! Bulletproof is close though. Bob Sparks turns to the applauding Hans Clayton as the two men stare down. The smile from his face vanishes into a worried and almost angry stare, unsure of what to think of the silence. After a few cold moments, the audience cheering for Bob Sparks as the thought of the giant bringing havoc upon the Bulletproof members and breaking away increases with each passing moment, Hans Clayton steps forward, talking with no-microphone, slowly approaching Bob Sparks as he lifts his hand for a Bulletproof hand gesture to settle it once and for all. Bob Sparks looks around at the crowd with a stoic express before breaking out into a grin as he returns the gesture. Tonight is no different! The crowds support returns to their natural disdain as Hans Clayton hops up on top of the second turnbuckle pointing down at the audience, mocking them for their doubts. "Bulletproof is for LIFE", Ropati does the same on the other side of the ring, basking in their success in the match so far as the 'Industry of War' stands in the middle of the ring. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … The talent in the ring began to slowly recover from their interacting with the human battering ram as the Bulletproof members Hans and Ropati step down to begin stomping on each superstar a repeated amount of times before moving on to the next. Looking to keep them grounded before they find out who is coming out next. Bob Sparks stands guard as he awaits the next superstar to enter the match. 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #16: Yelich ('Upset Army' by Christian Fitness sounds through the arena to a great pop. Yelich runs through the curtain flailing around the stage with his arms and legs as everyone's eyes turn to him. In his hand he holds a Cymbal-banging monkey with a painted on face similar to his own and in the other hand holds a horn which he continuously sounds off as he moves down the ramp, moving in and out from the audience as he honks into their direction and faces) Sandman: Yelich in his mind is in fear that some people want to stop him from chasing his dreams, from going after what he wants but it seems at least for tonight he has escaped those shackles. Heel: Is ‘Shackles’ another one of his personalities? Sandman: Why don't you stop? Heel: Hey! I actually relate to Yelich a lot. We’re cut from the same cloth: Sandman: Oh! And how so? Heel: These things just come to me. I feel like I got two brilliant minds. Sandman: Oh boy, I'm in trouble. Yelich slides into the ring with the monkey in hand and a disarming grace, straight through the legs of Bob Sparks as the giant looks down at the entering superstar perplexed. Yelich gets up as he hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline into the turning Sparks, but Bob counters into a Bracket Buster! The devastating spinebuster as Yelich squirms off towards the ropes reaching for his spine. Bob Sparks leans down to pick up Yelich the first time but comes across the fallen Monkey. Picking it up as he looks to the audience before throwing it behind him and outside to ringside. A small sound of the symbols crashing can be heard on camera Heel: Come on Danielle, keep up! That's another elimination. Yelich is out! Sandman: Will you stop! Sparks leans over the second time to lift up Yelich by the trunks but..Wait! Dr. X kicks Bob Sparks in the side of the head from the top rope! And he felt that one wrapping his arms around his head..but he stands firm! Dr. X put it all on the line trying to ground the giant but he didn’t he wobble! Sparks released Yelich as he turns around, grabbing Dr. X by the throat! Maasa has both hands on the wrist of the hold trying to break free but it’s no use. Throwing the masked enigma into the dazed Yelich the two collide into the corner of the ring. Eyeing down on both men, Bob Sparks uses his power and locks both Dr. X and Yelich in a double bearhug! They scream out in pain as Sparks is walking them towards the ropes, both men are unable to move as their inching closer to their fate! Is there no limit to what this man is capable of? Nebakos: Bob Sparks never ceases to amaze! The fans are losing it right now! Bob might be about to dump two guys over the top rope at once! He lifts both Dr. X and Yelich over the ropes and drops them! No! They land on the apron and hold on for dear life. Bob Sparks sees their vulnerability, stepping back and prepares to shoulder barge the two and runs at ‘em full speed! The ‘Industry of War’ is running...what happened? Maasa just tried to trip up the giant drop kicking at Bob Sparks legs but it seems that has just annoyed the giant. Maasa might’ve gotten a little too confident here. Regaining his balance from the attack Bob Sparks stalks Maasa who is now regretting his decisions. Bargaining with Sparks as he walks backwards towards the ropes the giant shows his agility as he lunges forward and grabs his attacker by the shoulders. The camera zooms in for a moment noticing that his hands are completely eclipsing the shoulders of this man. Maasa is dragged forward into the position for a chokeslam! His hand grasping the neck as Maasa places both of his hands on the wrist of Sparks attempting to break it...it’s no use though! Up he goooesss and Bob Sparks throws him to the outside of the ring, hitting hard. Danielle: Maasa has been eliminated The camera looks down at the outside as Maasa reaches for his back. The camera pans back the destruction created by Bob as Dr. X and Yelich have made it back to the ring and others are slowly starting to rise again. Hans Clayton fights off with Eli Smith and Ropati fights off with Bart, the other members of the match begin to brawl amongst themselves, Bob Sparks in the centre as the creator of the chaos before stalking the nearest standing opponent in Epic. Bodies everywhere the camera could cause nausea as it cuts between angle to angle trying to catch close calls, devastating blows and anticipating the countdown for the next entrant looming near. As the camera was focusing on the elimination attempt of Hans Clayton on Eli Smith in the right side corner of the ring there was a sudden sharp cut as we catch Epic being thrown through the air to the outside of the ring! The commentary team gasp at the height Epic got with that throw as Bob Sparks watches on..wait...Epic was caught! His choir, his loyal congregation have come together to hold him up from hitting the floor as a sea of velvet ropes raise Epic into the air. The crowd gasped, some laugh and cheer at the absurdity and sight of such a selfless act. Epic is cheering from underneath the hands of his choir as they carry him around the ring as Bob Sparks stays laser focused on the escaping superstar. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … ♪♫He's a life-changer, miracle-arranger♫♪ The congregation sing amongst themselves as Bob Sparks moves over to assist Ropati while Bart was attempting to throw him over the ropes, pulling him away and slapping his chest, a sound that echoed even over the crowd as the commentary team winced through their headsets. 6 … 5 … 4 … Epic in his triumph is able to be raised on to the apron and quickly rush back into the ring, throwing his hands into the air he screams for the audience “Praise!” as the congregation continue to sing the melody of ‘Rapin For Jesus’ in celebration. Epic rushes right over as he helps The Tiger in his efforts to eliminate Yelich. The next entrant on the way imminently. 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! (There is a silence over the arena as no theme song plays for the next entrant. The camera goes backstage as we see Arrow Orton, a brace around his neck, a crutch under his arm and bandaged still from his confrontation the previous week as he argues with the medical staff working backstage for Brendenplayz Wrestling.) Medical Staff: “Listen Arrow, we told you this last weekend that it was looking unlikely that you would be cleared. It’s a miracle you’re able to continue wrestling as it is with all the injuries you’ve suffered.” Arrow Orton: What do you mean? At best they were just small bumps and bruises! Medical Staff: You were thrown off the roof of a building for god's sake! Arrow Orton: It wasn’t even five stories! (Suddenly Road Agent Alyx Wilde enters the conversation as he hopes to calm Arrow and explain the predicament they are in but he isn’t alone. Behind him we hear the laughter and chatter of an entourage of woman, one on each arm of an unknown man as the camera films waist high before Eric Shun enters the complete frame. Smiling towards Arrow Orton, Eric leaves the embrace of his company, stepping forward as he nonchalantly strides over to face the injured superstar.) “You best listen to the..*deeper voice* professionals" he reaches over and slaps the bottom of Arrows hand upwards as he knocks the Royal Rumble number from his hands into the air and catches it in one easy swipe. “If there is one thing Eric Shun knows well it is the...human anatomy” Eric Shun laughs as he returns to the embrace of the ladies. “Don't worry though, I’ll be going deeeeep into this Royal Rumble match and you can just sit back living vicariously through me” Eric Shun laughs again as he walks past Arrow, bumping him as he staggers, his crutch shifting as Alyx Wilde helps him stay upwards. “They all do!” ENTRY #17: Eric Shun (Returning to the arena the alluring saxophone of ‘Careless Whisper’ hits to a great pop as the commentary team shuffle through their papers to find information on the debuting Eric Shun, his first match inside of a BPZ ring being tonight's Royal Rumble. Suddenly the song shifts from the seduction of George Micheal to the electronic 'You Touch My Tralala' by Gunther as Eric Shun appears on the stage. The Big One is here and it's time to see him in action as Eric Shun walks on to the stage with two women on each arm to the applause of the audience.) Heel: This is what i call an upgrade! Why couldn't we have done this sooner? (Eric Shun is seen wearing a towel around his waist covering his wrestling tights as he dances along with the song for a moment in place. Stopping, With a giant grin on his face he tells the audience to just wait one moment as he playfully runs backstage again. The women move along the side of the stage as the commentary wonder.) Sandman: Where is he going? Heel: Come on Eric! Don't be afraid of the Royal Rumble! (Eric Shun returns from behind the curtain as he makes his way out again with another four ladies, taking a look behind them as he nods to the camera they spread along the length of the stage as they begin dancing for the audience.) Sandman: My god, there is..one, two...EIGHT OF THEM! Nebakos: EIGHT OF THEM!..Hey wait a minute! (Just as Nebakos was talking on commentary, Eric Shun after basking in his moment runs backstage once again for a final time as he returns through the dark curtain) Sandman: You've got to be kidding me.. Nebakos: The Big One has won me over already! (Emerging again with another four women he lets go of their arms as he moves forward on the stage edge to take a good look at them all. He turns to the camera on the ramp way as he mumbled away from the microphone "What a view!". The action in the ring continues as Eric Shun now continues to head towards the ring before a certain group catches his eye.) (Epic's choir look on uncomfortable as they stand ahead of the entry to the ring. Looking down on the display made by Eric Shun during his entrance, The Big One smirks, licking his thumb as he strokes it against his finger before moving back to his entourage of beauty. Inviting them to join him at ringside he brings them down to the ramp as the women begin to interact with the church choir. The camera catches as Shun takes the hand of a young red haired woman and places it around the waist of a clean shaven man in his robes. The choir breaking down as some members fall into the trap.) Sliding under the ropes, Eric Shun comes face to face with a bewildered Epic who looks at his crumbling congregation as they start to slowly leave ring side and back up the ramp with their new company. The now irate Epic yells at Eric Shun “What do you think you’re doing, What have you done?!” before rushing right at the fresh superstar. Focused, Eric Shun ducks as he spins off his towel. Epic now facing the wrong way, Shun flicks it against the backside of Epic who reaches for his cheeks in a shock, almost squealing but holding it in. On commentary Sandman is almost in tears as Heel and Nebakos try their best to call the match. Eric Shun throws the towel at the face of Epic now who tried to lunge at him again in anger, temporarily blinding him as Eric Shun goes right in for..a BEAR HUG! In the middle of the ring Epic has nowhere to go as The Big One crushes the wind out of Epic as much as he can, turning around towards the ropes as he showcases his strength to the audience. Back towards the ropes Eric Shun leans his knees as..Incredible! Belly to Back Suplex to the outside of the ring! The few remaining choir members try their best to salvage the situation but to no avail. Kneeling next to the disillusioned Epic as they rest his head on their legs and begin to fan him. Danielle: Epic has been eliminated 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Eric Shun picks up the towel from the ring as he celebrates momentarily. The countdown is on after the long distracting entrance from Eric Shun. Bart and Eli Smith are trying their hardest to eliminate Bob Sparks. Ropati is fighting The Tiger, and Hans Clayton is squaring off with Dr. X and Yelich. 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #18: James Knight ♫♪“What's that metronome I hear, perhaps the end is drawing near”♫♪ ('Broken Dreams' by Shaman's Harvest plays as James Knight comes out from behind the curtains and jogs his way down to the ring.) Sandman: The former member of The Cure before their dissolution, Knight made a name for himself throughout the second half of the year in the NXT division though never able to make that final move to claim the gold. Heel: And the man who made sure that never happened is standing in the ring right now! How long has he been in there now? Sandman: X minutes and counting! Heel: HOW COME YOU KNOW THIS STUFF AND NOT ME? James Knight makes his way down the ramp and into the ring! He immediately ran over to join the brawl between Ropati and The Tiger! The Tiger and Knight of course have had quite a history with each other in the past and it seems the residual animosity has carried over to tonight! Meanwhile the unlikely team of Yelich and the mysterious Dr. X continue to take turns fighting off the resilient Hans Clayton. Clayton takes a few swipes at the duo but Yelich is giving Clayton a hell of a time, stomping away at his torso while Dr. X wrenches Clayton’s left arm around the bottom rope, torquing it in an uncomfortable position. The two men switch positions as Yelich slips under the ropes, backing away on the apron and delivering a BONE JARRING PUNT KICK TO THE TORQUED UP ARM OF HANS! Clayton rolls away grasping at his tricep! Yelich drags Clayton by that arm, picking him up as the expressionless Dr. X tilts his head at the viciousness shown by Yelich. Yelich smiles through the broken face paint as he leads Hans to this unholy alliance and Dr. X takes a hold of the arm lead to him. Hans shows some fight as he kicks the leg of Dr. X, reaching up he attempts to rip at the mask of Dr. X and send the wrestler in a panic. Instead Dr.X breaks the attempt, hitting the arm of Hans as he spins him around to hit an elevated ripcord knee! The hair of Hans flips back as he stumbles to the canvas. Dr. X holds the hair of Hans Clayton up as he puts a gun to his own head, mocking Bulletproof but staying true to himself. After Dr. X lands the maneuver it seems as if Yelich is at a stand still, fixated at what had just happened as he looks between Dr. X and the fallen Hans Clayton. The commentary are confused, speculating as Yelich is linking in front of the cameras view before he finally turns to Dr. X, spinning his shoulder around as he begins questioning the masked grappler. “Who are you!” yells Yelich as the silent Dr. X just tilts his head at the questioning. Determined Yelich asks again poking Dr. X in the chest as he points down as Hans Clayton. “I know that maneuver, I've seen that a hundred times, I've felt that, I’ve..” While Yelich is distracted Bob Sparks barges through the ring knocking down Yelich as Dr. X is attacked by Ropati. Bulletproof breaking away to aid the fallen Hans. Bob Sparks doesn’t allow Yelich to fall to the ground, instead catching him as he ricocheted off of the ropes from the pounce and back into him. Lifting up the dazed Yelich, he is clutched by the hands of Bob as his eyes widened, swinging his legs into the chest of the giant he tries his best to fight it but Bob just lifts up Yelich into the air! His arm is outstretched and the audience know what is coming....chokeslam to the outside of the ring! Danielle: Yelich has been eliminated Heel: Once you’re in for the ride there is no stopping! Sandman: It might look like you’re falling from Mount Everest from all the way up there Heel: I bet he had enough time to write his will on the way down! Bob Sparks looms over the ropes as he looks down upon the fallen Yelich who is being tended to by the ring side officials as he holds the back of his head. The crowd cheers which for a moment confuses the giant but suddenly as his body tilts over the rope he can tell what is being attempted, the eager James Knight has rushed up behind Sparks and is trying to lift him up! James has forced one foot off of the ground as Sparks balances his weight off of the ropes. The intensity and strength shown by James Knight here is incredible! Could this be an upset?..No! The crowd deflate as they see Bob Sparks throws an elbow, followed by a closed fisted punch at James Knight forcing him to break the attempt. Heel: With a fist that size i’m surprised Knight is still looking straight. Bob Sparks looks enraged as he approaches Knight. James hasn’t given up yet as he lunges forward, a flurry of open palm shots to the chest, backhanded slaps across the chest bringing out a minor red glow across the colossal. He is feeling the momentum again as he runs back and attempts a Missile Drop Kick!..DENIED! Bob Sparks slaps the attempt away as he knocks James to the canvas. Quickly lifting Knight to his feet, Bob Sparks uses the same giant fist to wind the competitor in the abdomen. “FINISHED” screams Sparks as puts him into a powerbomb position; Sandman: Oh no, please, someone stop him! Nebakos: Winning the match by any means necessary! Heel: And the countdown is on! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Bob Sparks lifts up James Knight into the air. It’s going to be The Bob Bomb!..The giant moves towards the ropes again and, no! The commentary can barely want to watch as Bob releases Knight with force on to the outside of the ring. The officials scatter leaving Yelich to take the brunt of the force as James Knight lands right next to him. Danielle: James Knight has been eliminated Sandman: Bob Sparks is putting lives and careers on the line for victory tonight. Can anyone stop him? Nebakos: We might be looking at the Royal Rumble winner and we still have 11 entrants to go! 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #19: Cody Cage (''Grow Up' by slowthai hits to a warm welcome as the newly crowned NXT Champion Cody bursts through the entrance curtains with the championship hanging around his neck. He is looking alive like the vibrant youth that he’s been noted as already playing to the crowd that revel his high flying, high wire act, gesturing with his arms for the crowd noise to get louder by throwing them up and yelling out at them. Wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a loose singlet over his bandaged body. Cody runs down the ramp just ahead of the ring as he climbs the top rope) Sandman: The newly redesigned and rejuvenated Cody returned to TV not long ago and so far his success is undeniable. Being able to survive an attack by Joshua Scott and go on to win the NXT Championship has to say a lot for his resilience. Nebakos: From my own success the feeling of holding gold around your waist is one of the greatest motivators and i could see that giving Cody the fuel needed to go far Heel: But what the hell is he doing up there? The commentary watch on in wonder as Cody Cage climbs the top rope from the outside, not officially entering the match just yet as he takes the championship from around his neck...holding it by his hands he risks it all jumping down towards the towering Bob Sparks as he hits the juggernaut with the championship head first on the way down, catching him off guard! What a risk but it might have paid off! Bob Sparks stumbles to a knee as Cody leaps to his feet, the crowd getting behind the young superstar as he jumps back onto the second rope, championship in hand as he leaps down again and connects! Bob Sparks is on two knees now! “Cody!” chants begin around the arena as he picks himself up. Ropati and Hans Clayton being held back as they fight trying to stay in the match. Cody goes to the second rope one more time! Leaping down! Bob Sparks is hit with the championship for the third time in a row as he falls back to the canvas! Bob Sparks is on his back for the first time in this contest! Cody is feeling the adrenaline of the atmosphere as he reaches his feet once again but stumbles back into the turnbuckle, sitting down in the corner as he takes in what he was able to accomplish on a whim. The pre-existing wear and tear, the rush taking over him. He allows the championship to drop down as he looks around as to what to do next. Nebakos: I’m starting to get worried about Ropati! Eli Smith is getting the better of him in terms of strikes! Those high kicks and chops are nothing to sneeze at! Ropati is backed up into the corner as he strikes with vicious knife edge chops! Such stinging offence from the tag team champion.Just as the camera is focusing on the vicious strikes the camera angle changes to Eric Shun who is measuring up the masked Dr. X who is seated in the corner. Taking as much free room as he can The Big One poses for the crowd as Shun gyrates towards his target before running at full force to the other end for..a Bronco Buster! Up and down Shun goes as he as he adds insult to injury. Sandman: Oh good, god. Nebakos: All is fair in love and war, Sandman! Hahah Heel: This is humiliation! The indignity of this. Eric Shun gets up from the corner, proud of his work as he shrugs towards the commentary table and audience. As Shun turns around to continue his offence Hans Clayton quickly hits a dropkick on the startled Eric Shun, knocking him to the mat. Hans Clayton with that possibly injured tricep picks him up off of the ground, attempting to drag him towards the ropes with his good arm but here comes Eli Smith with a Rolling Wheel Kick to Hans! Meanwhile The Tiger clocks the vulnerable Bart with a series of destructive headbutts in the corner! And with that, we have the countdown again! Heel: Already?! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … Even after all he had been through Bob Sparks is slowly rising, leaning on his knees and palms in the middle of the ring, Cody sees an opportunity to assist as he takes a breath, he darts across the ring, using the back of the unaware Bob Sparks, Cody leaps up, The Tiger moves to the side out of harm's way as Cody ends up throwing his body weight against the exposed Bart who rested against the turnbuckle with an aided calf kick! That’s some poetry in motion as the buzzer nears. 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #20: Buddy Ace ('Showdown' by Southpaw Swagger plays as Buddy Ace races into the ring, not even bothering to remove his jacket as he slides in and comes to the attack) Sandman: Buddy Ace has arrived! It’s The Hangman! Nebakos: One of the best pure brawlers this company has to offer and with the speed he has thrown himself into this contest it doesn’t seem like he is going to live down that name any time soon. Sandman: Earlier tonight he fought tooth and nail in the BPZ United States Championship gauntlet but came up short to Raven. You can see the bandaged abdomen from ringside so it may be that the endurance that match asked for might be his downfall tonight. Heel: You must feel confident Sandman. Like hell i’m going to be recorded doubting that man. He knows where I’ve parked. Buddy Ace is up and begins throwing wild punches around the ring! Eric Shun gets knocked back, Dr. X, Cody all one after the other until Ace suddenly begins beating down on Ropati as everyone else in the ring is in a trance! Hans slips behind Eli Smith and lifts him onto his shoulders! Fireman's carry neckbreaker! Eli Smith reaches for his neck but is forced to his feet again as Hans is attempting to toss out Eli Smith!..but look! Bart from his grounded position is grabbing at Hans Claytons feet! Hans Clayton (No Mic): “Get the HELL off me!” Hans Clayton after a few attempts rips his foot from the grasp of Bart but while that struggle commended, Buddy Ace emerged and pulled off Eli Smith from the grasps of Hans Clayton! Ace throws a stiff forearm into the chest of the Premium Champion as he collects Clayton up, moving further into the ring as he drags him by the hair. Ace..Ace connects for the DEAD-EYE! Hans Clayton is down and out! Getting back to his feet Buddy Ace lifts Hans Clayton up as he looks to throw out the Extraordinary But LOOK OUT! Bob Sparks is back to his feet and rushes Buddy Ace from behind, clocking him across the ring and nearly under the ropes, leaving Hans to slump back into the canvas. Nebakos: I think his eyes might've rolled back The remaing men in the ring have been put on notice as Bob is standing tall amongst the ring once again. Dragging Hans towards the corner behind him Bob looks over to who might cross his line of sight. Who is going to..oh man. The Tiger is back on his feet and is moving slowly to the face of Bob Sparks. Entry Number #2 against Entry Number #15. The two colossals of the contest are face to face at last and the rest of the competition are smartly keeping their distance waiting for it to implode. And. Here. We. Go! As he and The Tiger close in on each other you can tell he’s got the gears turning in his head, wondering what’ll be the first appropriate opening to take. The Tiger and Bob Sparks are trading blows! Low kicks from the versatile Tiger and skin splitting chops from Bob Sparks! The Tiger goes for a sudden leg sweep, but Bob Sparks leaps over him! Did anyone expect that from the big man? The Tiger rubs his chin, accepting the moment as he changes tactics, using the ropes for momentum he hits Bob Sparks with a shoulder tackle to attempt to knock him off of his feet. Bob stumbles back, almost slipping but the Bulletproof enforcer stands strong welcoming The Tiger to try his luck again! Bob Sparks talking trash as he is feeling confident as The Tiger tries the move again, but this time The Tiger snatches the tree trunk like leg after Sparks attempts to deflect Tiger and hits an inner thigh kick on the other as Sparks falls on to the ropes to hold himself up. With that much power behind the kick it’s hard it’s amazing Sparks is even up! Tiger pulls down the strap and then lifts him up! Tiger thinking to go for a powerslam….Sparks slides off! Sparks turns him around AND SHOWS HIS STRENGTH BY HAVING Tiger IN A POWERSLAM POSITION OF HIS OWN! He heads to the ropes….The Tiger is fighting it as he leverages his weight against Bob Sparks who is visibly losing his grip! Just as it looks like The Tiger is going to escape the hold a bellowing scream escapes the giant as he uses all his remaining fight to lift up The Tiger and throws him over the top rope! Danielle: The Tiger has been eliminated The Tiger jumps straight up from the floor below as he attempts to get back into the ring but the officials warn him, stopping him as they point him towards the stage to leave the ring side. Bob Sparks poses near the ring ropes towards The Tiger as he rides the high of eliminating the physically biggest threat to him in this match so far. The commentary team watch the replay from the last fight of strength from Sparks as he throws Tiger over the ropes, eliminating him! As the two were fighting the rest of the participants continued also at the same time. Dr. X has managed to start getting the edge on Eric Shun! He’s fighting with all of his might against The Big One! Dr. X tries to whip Shun across the ring, but Shun sends him flying instead, Dr. X comes back with low dropkick! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … Eric Shun is getting right back up however as he stumbles towards the corner! Dr. X runs at his opponent, connecting with the front lungblower - NO! - Eric Shun pushes back and catches his leg! And traps him right into an ankle lock! Heel: What an idiot. Does he know what match he is in? Sandman: The sweet persuasion of submission wrestling has no limits. What an incredible athlete Shun is proving to be! Wearing down his competition. Nebakos: But we’ve got to see number 21 now ladies and gentlemen. Who could it be? 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #21: Jason Ryan ('Faceless’ by Red, the theme of The Scourge of Professional Wrestling sounds and here he comes. Loud, hate filled boos fill the arena as Jason Ryan stands on the stage giving the men inside of the ring a cold glare. In his left hand he holds lit cigar, taking another puff as he walks down the ramp. This is a man fixated on hurting his opponents, fixated on making them suffer regardless of the outcome. On his face is torn in half Phantom of the Opera mask as the camera catches Jason Ryan smirking as he soaks in the boos from the audience) Sandman: This man...is chilling Nebakos: After putting his former friend Gunner on the shelf he has been soaking in the response. Just this past week on Carnage he quoted himself the Cain to his Able The Judas to his Jesus. If anyone in this contest feels like they could overcome death it is Jason Ryan! (Jason Ryan circles the ring as the other men inside of the ropes keep a watchful eye on him while trying to stay in the contest. Not too focused on the happenings of the match, Ryan throws his mask to the side as he places his cigar carefully on top of the steel steps before walking over to the apron. Leaning down the commentary question his motives, Ryan tosses up the ring apron as he reaches under... and retrieves a steel chair! ) Sandman: What is this guy planning? (Jason proceeds to slide it under the ropes, hitting the foot of Bob Sparks. Then proceeds to throw in another chair! And slides in a table! The superstars in the ring are now taking notice as they step all over the weaponry added into the match. The dynamic has surely changed as Ryan, satisfied, walks past and collects his cigar and walks up the steel steps as he slides off his in-ring jacket, cigar in mouth, he enters the ring.) The commentary team are unsure what’s going to happen next but his motives are clear. Jason Ryan stands surveying the ring before rushing Cody who was in the middle of striking Dr. X. Taking a hold of his hair he drags the NXT Champion inwards and pushes his cigar into the exposed skin on the back of Cody. Smoke escaping his smirk as cursing is censored by the production team from Cody, the camera turns away from the close up as Cody is dropped to the ground and rolls to the outside. Ryan takes a puff as he holds it between his teeth, moving forward as he picks up the closest steel chair and begins to violently swing towards anyone close enough to him. First Eric Shun goes down! Falling back first on to the unused table as he rolls off the metal legs. Ryan continues to swing, hitting the ropes on the second attempt as Eli Smith uses his speed to duck out of the way, same with Hans Clayton but Buddy Ace runs into the next shot! He falls down and his busted open in the process. Sandman: THIS MATCH IS OUT OF CONTROL! Someone get those weapons out of here! Heel: You’ve got to be prepared for anything! It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. Now the competitors are no longer fighting to win the match but rather fighting to avoid the impending chair shots. Next is Ropati! He falls backwards to the canvas getting caught in a sideways swing from the Scourge of Professional Wrestling. Nebakos: Sadistic! Next to step close to him is Bob Sparks. The equaliser in this contest so far but it seems like Jason Ryan isn’t taking a step back from the imposing giant. Gripping the chair tightly Jason Ryan swings at Bob Sparks violently..and...WHAT THE! Bob Sparks just palms the chair mid motion, forcing out of the hands of Jason Ryan to his shock and the crowd lose it. The camera zooms in on the chair which has a slight dent inside of it now as Jason Ryan looks down at the discarded weapon, his cigar dropping down to the canvas on impact. A silence takes over as Jason Ryan looks down at the faintly lit cigar before Bob Sparks moves his foot over, eclipsing the light before standing and crushing what remained. A different smirk passes over Ryan who starts talking to Sparks in his drawl, a small one sided debate...as Jason Ryan quickly just kicks forward landing a direct hit for a low blow. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Heel: What happened there? My monitor went out Sandman: What happened!? What do you mean what happened?! Jason Ryan is just out of control with that low blow Heel: He just tried to lift the Bobby Sandman: He did not! Sparks falls to one knee as the pain surges and the countdown continues for the next entrant. Hans Clayton leans down next to Bob Sparks dragging him away to the corner with Ropati as they try to recover their juggernaut. Buddy Ace, Eric Shun and Dr. X are all incapacitated as they recover from the chair shots and the team of Creed are looking to take advantage of the fallen Bob as they hunt Bulletproof. 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #22: KENJI (‘Rising Dragon’ plays with a great reception from the crowd. The Resonator stepped out on the stage with the BPZ North American Championship around his waist as he looks over the solid out stadium behind his traditional Dragon mask. His expression behind the mask is stern and serious as he removes his entrance attire and dumps it on the stage next to him before making the jog down to the ring, stopping just at the apron as he looks up at Jason Ryan.) KENJI moves up on to the rings edge as he looks over the ropes at the amused Jason Ryan. Kicking the chair to the side, clearing the way he motions for KENJI to meet him in the ring as KENJI moves in and comes face to face with sadistic Ryan. Here we go! These two last clashed during the Clapsiracy Tag Team Invitational as part of their respective teams but now it is one on one and there is blood in the water. KENJI quickly overpowers Ryan and turns it into a headlock before tossing Ryan overhead and dropping him to the canvas! He grabs Ryans' face to hold him down as he slowly eases off ...and then jumps up for a knee drop to the nose that gets a rise out of Jason Ryan who moves around in pain on the ground! As Jason Ryan turns over onto his stomach holding his nose, he ends up taking an elbow directly to the spine! KENJI moves around to the front of Ryan, kneeing him in the crown of the head and then dragging him up to drop him back down with a vertical suplex! KENJI is showing some great technical skill here which he follows up by backing away, going for a dropkick! Jason Ryan ducks down to the side to avoid it and then runs up for a penalty kick to the ribs as KENJI gets on his fours! KENJI is given a jolt from the impact and lays on his back in pain, picking up the same chair Bob Sparks slapped away earlier on Jason lifts it up into the air as he brings it down upon the stomach of KENJI as the crowd winces at the sound, tossing it aside again after completion. As Jason Ryan grabs him by the neck and brings him over into the corner! Jason pushes the hair from his face as he laughs to himself. As KENJI and Jason Ryan have fought the camera around them catches as the table is being set up in the far right corner by Eric Shun who has something in mind planned out. Creed consisting of Bart and Eli Smith had made their way over to taking advantage of the weakened state of Bulletproof. Both being able to avoid the carnage introduced by Jason Ryan they first were able to incapacitated Ropati and are in the middle of hitting a tag team maneuver on Hans Clayton, hitting an Assisted Double Knee Facebreaker as Bob Sparks rises to his feet. As Hans Clayton covers his face in a rush of pain the commentary team are distracted momentarily, mentioning in passing a commotion from the crowd that is loud enough not to be ignored during the sequence of events. Sandman: If he wasn’t right in front of my eyes i’d think Jason Ryan had taken the fight to the audience Heel: After giving how his greatest secret everyone one from Granny Sandman to Joe with the gimpy leg would be kicking for you know where! (A descending sound of screams and applause flows down the audience as the camera catches in the far distance fans turning their heads towards a man descending the stairs as BPZ security are blocked from reaching the invading man from reaching the barricade.) Back in the ring we see Jason Ryan lifting up The Resonator! The time is right as Ryan drops KENJI chest first into the ropes, leaving him hanging there! It looks like the BPZ North American Champion might be out of this contest just as fast as he entered! A KICK TO THE FACE GOES UNANSWERED AS KENJI CAN’T PROPERLY PROTECT HIMSELF IN THAT POSITION! KENJI falls to the mat inside of the ring as Jason Ryan is pleased, toying with KENJI, smacking him around. As Jason Ryan has his back turned to the ropes the audience invader breaks through the front rows of the crowd and jumps over the barricade, jumping on to the apron as he shoves a nearby referee out of the way and begins to pull back on the hair of Jason Ryan to the shock of the commentary team and especially Ryan who tries to get a glimpse. The intruder moving to his arm once he gets a hold of him and he begins to bring over Ryan in one quick sequence! The man under the balaclava has him upside down over the ropes as Jason Ryan is holding on with all his might. Suddenly KENJI shoots up from his fallen position and gives Ryan the final push he needs as he falls to the outside of the ring! Danielle: Jason Ryan has been eliminated Jason Ryan’s eyes widen in absolute shock as he looks around to find answers around him. Looking back up towards the ropes he sees KENJI throwing up a single finger towards the Jason Ryan to the gasp of the audience nearby, out of character for The Resonator as Ryan shoots up to try and re-enter the match! He is quickly stopped by the army of security called the ring during the incident. Jason Ryan fights off the first couple of padded security but soon loses interest, less focused on the match and now more on the man or woman who crossed him. Looking around the arena Jason sees the balaclava covered man amongst the crowd in the distance as he stands upon a seat looking down at Jason Ryan. The moment lingering the commentary team emphasise “Who could this be” before the man slowly removes his mask to reveal...it’s Gunner! Heel: I KNEW IT! I knew it all along! Sandman: Being on the shelf, after the vicious attack from Jason Ryan he has come to the Royal Rumble event to take his first taste of revenge! Nebakos: And Jason Ryan is livid! 10 … 9 … 8 … The crowd pat Gunner on the back, drinks spilling as he takes one and finishes it alongside them, throwing the empty cup behind him. Gunner quickly ascends the staircase out of the arena flanked by security as Jason Ryan is pulled away from giving chase, pushed towards the stage to make his exit following the elimination. Outnumbered Jason is forced backwards but through his anger he runs back towards the ring and pulls out Cody from underneath the ropes in anger. Throwing him into the steel steps! 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #23: Bailey (‘Trophies Of Violence’ by White She Sleeps sounds off as all eyes go to the stage. There he stands with his imposing presence, Bailey! Fixated on making this two years in a row and going to BPZMania again the walking chaotic marches down to the ring emphatically, no nonsense glare etched across his face.) Sandman: Just when where one leaves the match another enters! And if we’re going to talk about tides turning you can look no further than the entering Bailey! Nebakos: And he means business! Bailey knows what it takes to win this contest and is here to kick entire mountains of ass, that’s what he does and he’s got a whole host of people lined up for him here! ♫"This isn't living it's surviving without hope"♫ blasts through the speakers as the music is cut off on ring entry. Bailey is surveying the ring, the carnage that has taken place as he focuses on the people around him. The freshest man in the match and that is dangerous for everyone at entry number twenty-three. Bailey wastes no time over thinking, lunging forward at the men who have fought long and hard to stay in this match as KENJI catches a big boot as he kneels off of the canvas! Eric Shun having tried to set up Hans Clayton for the table gets a big uppercut! Eli Smith gets dropped by a back elbow! Look now! Ropati is throwing punches at Bailey! Bailey is stepping back as he absorbs the sudden barrage, but he doesn’t truly look too fazed! He quickly forces a knee into the abdomen of Ropati killing his momentum as the camera catches the words escaping from his lips "Not today" Bailey in return delivering incredibly effective street brawling combos to Ropati! Dropping him like a bad habit! In unison of this happening Dr. X returns to a high octane as he shoots straight for Eric Shun while he’s down on mat hitting a running senton onto The Big One who can’t seem to catch a break. The masked enigma continuing the rush makes his way over to the bloody Buddy Ace whose left eye is covered from the earlier chair shot! Snapmare, followed by a sliding meteora! And now on to Hans Clayton hitting a Lou Thesz press! Dr. X having last from Entry Number #1 has hit his second wind, coming to a stop as he soaks in the response from the crowd. Dr. X has survived by the skin of his teeth but it seems it isn't going to be stopping now. Seeing the rising of Bob Sparks again Dr. X rushes to the ropes as he prepares to, in the opinion of the commentary team, put it all on the line. Unaware of what is about to fall upon him, Dr. X comes flying out with a crossbody to Bob Sparks!!..WOAH, Bob Sparks just caught Dr. X without flinching! Heel: That was the biggest mistake of his life! I hope he knows that! Sandman: Well now Bob Sparks is just toying around with him. Heel: Thank God for Bob Sparks! Bob Sparks hoists up Dr. X into an elevated powerbomb clutch! Look at the strength, Bob Sparks hasn’t lost a step despite the brutality he has withstood! Moving towards the ropes we saw a glimpse of this earlier in the night with Yelich, he is setting it up..The Bob Bomb out of the ring! And..oh shit! Dr. X got tossed out into the crowd as panicked fans move left and right! Sandman: We’re gonna have to count that as an elimination. Nebakos: Ah..For his sake alone Heel: HA! A doctor needing a doctor. Is there a funnier sight? Sandman: You're sick A camera man moves from their ringside angle over to the barricade as a close up view of the carnage can be seen. Dr. X is seen laying on top of collapsed chairs and isn't moving amongst the sea of people. The referees climbing over as they attempt to fish him out 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 Danielle: Dr. X has been eliminated … 6 … 5 … 4 Bob Sparks looks out upon what he has created just as Bailey was continuing his barrage as the two men bumped into each others backs. Turning around it is almost like the sound from the room escaped into a vacuum as the two rivals, the two men who went to hell and back in their Lights Out Unsanctioned match came face to face for the first time again since that night. The crowd are on their feet wanting their animosity to rekindle, the countdown is nearing the end and the commentary team aren’t sure what to focus their eyes on! Just as their showdown is about to begin though, both men are jumped by other wrestlers to break off the moment to the disappointment of the fans in attendance just as the buzzer is about to sound. … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #24: Kamil Pudalek (‘Sher’ begins to play as the crowd erupts into a sea of boos at the very idea of Kamil Pudalek entering the match up. Gary Singh enters first as he leads the introduction for the aparantt multiple time World Champion. Making his way down a graphic red and golden lined carpet path, Kamil poses with two arms in the air as he yells into the noise of the crowd. Confident, Kamil Pudalek charges down into the ring to enter the 2020 Royal Rumble!) As Kamil Pudalek rushes down the ring, the audience watching and Gary Singh cheering in the distance suddenly he loses his footing, in a moment that seems to slow down time Kamil’s ankle bends left after placing his foot wrong on the ramp way. First he flings sideways, his leg wobbling as he pushes his hands forward to avoid crashing into the barricade. As the momentum continues he is flung further down the ramp as he rolls on to his side before coming to a halt face down and reaching for his foot. The camera catches the distraught expression from Gary Singh, who shrieks in anguish as he rushes down to comfort his champion wrestler. Sliding down to his knees he comforts Kamil while medical staff and road agents flood down from the backstage area. Singh lifts Kamil to his chest as he asks the medical staff to save him, Kamil muffled by the tight squeezing tells Singh to calm down. As the road agents reach Singh and Kamill, Singh protests the unsafe working conditions they’ve placed his world class competitor in. Yelling that he needs to protect his assets..before backtracking his words and saying friend. With the medical teams arrival, as they attempt to asses the situation they evaluate that the ankle is badly bruising already and he’ll need to be escorted out. The number 24 hangs on the titantron over the incident, the ring and the crowd to see as the backstage crew are unsure how to proceed. Amongst the team is semi-retired professional wrestler Kirk Kelly who was dressed in gym clothes as he tends to the injury. Ropati from inside of the ring yells out towards the incident, telling them to drag Kamil back behind the curtain. Kirk possibly still unnerved about their earlier confrontation, known to many for his work at the Performance Centre, he looks towards Ropati and then around the audience as he feels the atmosphere surging through his veins. First aid sits by Kamil as Kirk is caught up in the night. Nodding to himself he whispers into the ear of his colleagues with a solution, they contemplate for a moment before nodding towards Kirk, patting him on the back as Kirk turns towards the ring and begins taking off his sweatshirt. Picking up a roll of tape from the medical bag, the amateur boxer tapes his hands as he heads down the rest of the ramp at a walking pace. ENTRY #24: Kirk Kelly Suddenly as he walks towards the ring ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ by Disturbed begins to play through the arena speakers as he comes to a complete stop. Looking behind him he takes notice to his titantron playing, his name across the giant arena screen board ‘Kirk Kelly”, his eyes are widening, fixated for a moment before turning back towards as he begins to run behind the strong guitars of the song. The crowd are slowly becoming behind the idea of the entering Kirk Kelly as he slides into the ring! Nebakos: An all-star in sports, a champion amateur boxer and now he is entering his first Royal Rumble match! Sandman: Talk about a storybook wrestling tale. Kirk Kelly, from San Antonio, Texas, a career unfulfilled and we’re here to witness his chance in the spotlight. Here we go! Kirk Kelly slides into the ring amongst the sea of talent, men he has trained with, men he has helped rehabilitate injuries and tonight he is focused on himself once again and making his dream come true. Wrestling at BPZMania. Ropati sinks into the sea of talent as firstly he locks eyes with Eric Shun, sending a smirk towards someone he had trained with briefly in the weeks leading to tonight's Royal Rumble event. Eric Shun acknowledges Kirk but that only plays right into the boxers game as Kelly connects an arm drag takedown on Eric Shun! Walking over to the playboy, Eric Shun kicks up, grabbing Kirk Kelly by the arm and Irish whips him into the corner! Kelly hits back-first against the corner turnbuckles, and now Shun charges trying to land an elbow strike to the face of his cornered acquaintance..No-one is home! Kelly gets out of the way in the nick of time as Shun shoulder crash-lands against the turnbuckles! Shun grunts in pain, and now Kelly seeks to capitalize as he leans in with his tapped fists connecting with repeated underhook shots to the cornered Shun, The Big One unable to escape until final he stumbles forward once Kelly relent. But he isn’t allowed to breath before Kelly applies a waist lock from behind Eric Shun, trying to take him up for a German Suplex which he connects! Shun lands on the mat as Kirk Kelly is fired up. What an introduction to the match! Suddenly from behind Roapti kicks Kirk Kelly in the back of his leg! Kirk fond who he was looking for but it wasn't face to face! A wince of pain on the face of Kelly as Ropati connects with yet another kick to the back of Kelly's calf, and now a standing headbutt from Ropati! Ropati’s now wrenching Kelly in, and he’s setting him for some sort of powerbomb? Ropati hoists Kirk Kelly high in the air and he's going for a sitout powerbomb! - no - Ropati charges forward and launches Kirk Kelly at the turnbuckle like a missile as he connects with that buckle bomb! But, Kirk Kelly is still standing! He is using the ropes for leverage but he refuses to go down even though he clutching his back! Ropati approaches Kirk Kelly again to pick up the pieces when suddenly Bailey comes in and attacks Ropati from behind! Rekindling what had started earlier on in the match. Ropati falls to the mat as Bailey continues to stomp repeatedly into the defenceless Ropati who tries his best to grab on to the leg of Bailey and reverse the situation. The commentary look to the titantron in the background as they signal the countdown starting again momentarily 10 … 9 … 8 … As the clock counts down, Bailey lifts up Ropati from the mat and pushes him into the corner turnbuckle backfirst. As Bailey opens up the opportunity to take a shot alongside him. The commentary team talk amongst themselves about the venomous trap that could be ahead but Kirk Kelly looking on certainly surprised but isn’t one to think twice on an opportunity, he begins absolutely boxing him up with those punches. four rights, three lefts, a couple jabs and a hook. 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #25: Aaron North (The epic orchestra echoes through the speakers as the riff brings the audience's attention to the stage. He glares out at the scene, staring daggers out at the masses in attendance that give an unwelcoming reaction, lots of boos, but he just continues to glare and then stalks toward the ring.) Sandman: Here we go! The now former BPZ United States Champion makes his way into the ring, hopefully he has recovered enough from his loss earlier in the night Heel: He's jogging. He's wasting time, he's wasting energy. He's not conserving his energy or his time. Sandman: He's not wasting time. Heel: I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Sandman: I know you don't. Aaron North quickly slides into the ring and begins throwing elbows at Hans Clayton! Hans goes down to a knee as Bart runs over to attack Aaron North, but catches a big jumping spin kick in response! Incredible from someone his size! Eric Shun tries to attack North now, but The Lord lands a solid headbutt on Shun stopping him in his tracks. And then North runs over and hits a stiff running knee strike onto Hans Clayton, levelling him! The Lord is on fire early into his entrance to this match! Simultaneously KENJI is facing off against Bob Sparks, two men who have crossed paths in the past as KENJI has against the ropes. The Dragon is built like a brick house but Bob Sparks shows he has a lot left to give as he shoves the North American Champion back, pushing forward. KENJI runs full speed towards the other side of the ring, bouncing back he runs straight at Bob Sparks. Pumping Bomber! Bob Sparks is knocked to the ground for the third time this whole contest off of that running stiff lariat! Kirk Kelly and Bailey continue their odd-pairing combination as Ropati is defenceless. Bulletproof are segregated across the ring as Kirk Kelly lines up the groggy Ropati. Having been on the onslaught of these two for the past few moments, Bailey holds up Ropati as he encourages Kirk to finish the job. Kirk Kelly, squints as the man comes to terms with this change of character but continues, lining up and connecting with The Jawbreaker! The vicious uppercut knocks Ropati out clean as the two men pick up the pieces together, forcing Ropati over the top rope as he falls to the floor below. Danielle: Ropati has been eliminated Sandman: Three are down to two as the Bulletproof numbers are dwindling Nebakos: I don’t even think either Hans or Bob Sparks know what has just happened Heel: Of course not. They're trying to keep themselves in this match! Nebakos: I'm sorry! Heel: You should be! If you can't do it right, take a hike! Nebakos: I'm outta here. Heel: WAIT WAIT don't go yet, I've gotta ask you more questions. Sandman: Wait..is that Cody Cage? The camera pans up as the live audience can be seen gasping as Cody having recovered from the attack from Jason Ryan earlier in the night climbed up from the outside over the LED screen to the top turnbuckle. The camera can see the burn mark on his skin as he stands up straight before leaping off and driving down Aaron North with a diving DDT! North’s eyes roll as Cody has a giant smirk across his face. But here comes Smith from out of nowhere! Eli Smith sneaks his way around to Cody’s flank and tries to lift him up for a German Suplex! CODY FLOATS OVER AND LANDS ON HIS FEET! CRAVATE KICK to ELI SMITH! Wait--Eli Smith ducks and Cody kicks Bart instead knocking him back towards the ropes! Suddenly from the left side of the camera KENJI rushes into frame and lariats Eli Smith - this time he ducks as KENJI takes out Cody instead. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … Bodies surrounding them the two stare each other down, their history known to everyone watch as the two world travelled stars begin chain wrestling in the middle of the ring. KENJI begins with a selection of forearms smashing against the chest of Eli Smith as he forces him backwards. Eli Smith is held up against the ropes, KENJI lifting up Eli Smith now! The tag team champion is hold on to the ropes with both hands as KENJI rocks the boat trying to get him to lose his grip. Smith uses his elevated legs to kick the side of KENJI’s head in the process leaving KENJI overly frustrated! Giving up on the elimination he attempts to weaken Eli Smith ruther as he throws Smith across the ring for a Fallaway Slam! But hold on folks, number twenty-six is coming down to join the fray! 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #25: Raven ('Cut The Cord' by Shinedown begins to play throughout the arena as Raven wastes no time making his appearance on the stage where he begins talking trash. The new BPZ United States Champion has a water bottle in his left hand as he downs a bit of the contents before shooting some of it from his mouth towards the fans at ringside, threatening anyone who dares try to touch him on the way and menacingly towers over them as he poses at the steel steps, hunger and rage in his eyes as his demeanour garners boos of disapproval from the crowd here at the Royal Rumble.) Raven is out for blood and is looking to make this a double victory for himself tonight! Stepping over the ropes Raven throws the empty bottle across the ring at whoever is in the way as he rushes forward. Forearm to Cody to keep him back! Raven enters the ring now and immediately goes after Hans Clayton who was playing it smart and conserving his energy, but he can’t let up now! He’s gotta find a way to push through the exhaustion! Heavy knee lifts to the midsection by Raven to Hans now, and now the whip by Raven sends Hans Clayton to the ropes! Now Raven catches Hans and lifts him up high! Deadlift suplex by Raven and down goes Hans Clayton onto the canvas! Now A huge leg drop connects on Hans Clayton! Over in the corner Smith has a good advantage on Bailey as he lays into the chest of Bailey with a few knife edged chops! Over on the opposite end Cody Cage now comes to blows with Raven! Cody dashes at Raven! Cody throws an assortment of rights and lefts at the big man, but they don’t seem to faze him much! Raven shoves Cody away like he’s a rag doll! But Cage is back on the attack and Raven still isn’t fazed by this! Cage is getting frustrated now! Kick to the gut by Raven to Cody Cage who keels over in pain! IRON CLAW CHOKESLAM!!! Raven picks up Cody Cage from the canvas but suddenly drops him back down as a familiar face stands in his immediate path. The Lord, the man he took the championship off of earlier tonight. The two men come face to face as the fire in their eyes tells the story. The contempt for a championship taken and a burning sense of pride for the same. These two massive beings are starring holes into one another! And now they both begin to club each other! Huge forearms I bet no one else in the ring other than the other could possibly take! Both men the strike with overhand slaps on the others chest trying their best to stall the other, repeated back and forth but Aaron North is wasting no time, cutting off the brawl as the former champion wraps that giant hand around the throat of Raven, possibly looking for Inverted crucifix powerbomb! But, Raven grabbing the arm of Aaron North completely overpowers North, ripping that hand away from his throat before powering North off of his feet and driving him down with a standing spinebuster! Sandman: I don’t believe I have ever seen that happen to Aaron North with such ease since his return to the company! I have to say that I'm impressed. North quickly rolling over to the corner, dragging himself back to his feet but Raven has him locked completely in his sights! And Raven squashes him with a body avalanche; North stumbling out of the corner, but, Raven doesn’t allow him to drop down to the canvas, instead locking his arms around the body of Aaron and takes him down with a belly to belly suplex onto the remains of the steel chairs on the floor! As the camera follows North crashing to the canvas we get a landscape look at the rest of the match as Kirk Kelly is fighting with Eric Shun, Hans Clayton is trying his best to eliminate Eli Smith who is hanging on to the middle rope and Bart is brawling with Bailey as they switch back and forth between who has the upperhand. Superkick! A sudden change in momentum as Bailey is stunned, dropping down to a knee – and Bart grabs him and sends him crashing shoulder first into the ring post! Bailey hanging in the corner as Bart grabs and pulls him back into the ring! Bailey falls down to the canvas and starts dragging himself across the ring towards the ropes, but Bart has no intention of allowing him to get back to his feet! Bart with a knee to the side of the ribs of Bailey! Bailey drops down back down to his stomach and Bart follows with a second! Bailey trying defiantly drag himself to the ropes, but Bart slides across and applies the grounded front face lock! Bart drives the point of the knee into the top of the head! Bailey grabbing at the forearm of the tag team champion, trying to break the grip, but Bart drives the knee into the top of the head again! Bob Sparks is seen strong arming the North American Champion as KENJI is held in the corner of the ring by the chest as he aims to take his shot, forces down an almighty slap, leaving an imprint on top of the champion forcing KENJI to take a few steps forward as he falls to a knee. Forcing himself to get right back the champion returns the favour, hitting an open palm strike to the wide chest of The Bracket Breaker. Jesus. Bob Sparks didn’t even flinch at the attack as the red mark begins to appear on his pale skin. KENJI is bewildered as he strikes again in the same place, over and over in quick succession as Bob moves back towards the ropes enduring the pain but slowly succumbing to it... 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Sandman: There’s just chaos EVERYWHERE in that ring! I WOULD BE INCREDIBLY FEARFUL TO ENTER RIGHT NOW WITH ALL OF THESE SUPERSTARS GOING INSANE ON EACH OTHER! BUT NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN IS MAKING HIS WAY DOWN AS WE SPEAK! 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #27: FDS (The lights in the arena dim down before the titantron starts glitching out, the words ring through the arena, Bulletproof..4...4...4...Life. 'Leviathan' begins to play through the speakers as FDS slowly makes his way onto the stage. He confidently strolls out on to the stage with a smirk upon his face welcoming the crowds negative reaction of him. He keeps his eyes locked on the ring as he quickly slides in and gets his hands up, ready for a fight. The Silencer is in the Royal Rumble contest!) Nebakos: Just as you thought this contest wasn’t at peak brutality here enters a man who can endure just as much as he can inflict on his opponents. Sandman: Well, he’s kind of a hardcore mentality within, and we’ll see what kind of chaos will ensue with this man in the match! Heel: Just as long as we’re back here. Thank god for these monitors. As The Silencer slides through the ropes he first aims for the biggest obstacle standing before him, kicking viciously into the calf of the United States Champion as he buckles for a moment, the crucifier turns to him, looking down at FDS (no microphone) “What the f…”. The invitation has been accepted as FDS and Raven are going fighting back and forth, the battle commences! Just look at them go, trading lefts and rights! Kirk Kelly has found himself in a vicarious position now! A very vulnerable spot as his legs have caught on the second ropes, spread as he rests on the second turnbuckle. He is unable to lift himself up as Eric Shun moves further back into the ring. Kelly shakes his head, pleading but Shun runs forward for... Heel: I CAN'T WATCH The running low blow kick! To the family jewels! Kelly droops from the cornered position, dropping sideways as he slips through the second rope and on to the apron. Meanwhile Bart and Eli Smith are taking on Hans Clayton. These two are pummelling Hans as Hans struggles to get his way out of those ropes! Hans Clayton gets one hand out but he’s still very much defenceless! KNEE TO THE BRIDGE OF THE NOSE! The other hand breaks out of those twisted ropes but he’s too out of it to defend himself at this point! Hans puts his head down and covers the back of his head hoping to weather the storm! The two pound away at him with their first, bringing him further and further down into the canvas! They’re stomping him out now! FDS hits Raven with a swinging neckbreaker! Raven sits up in pain and FDS drags him around the ring by his hair, trying to force him up against the middle rope! Raven hopes to get out of that position but FDS pushes him into it via a low aimed crossbody! FDS now stands up and commands the attention of the crowd! He runs to the ropes opposite to Raven and rebounds! THE TIGER FEINT KICK CONNECTS! Raven kicked right in the face as he shoots up from that, barely able to stand! FDS hopes to slingshot himself back into the ring Eric Shun spoils the momentum! Suddenly appearing as he knocks FDS off of the apron but the quick reflexes from FDS is on display as he catches himself, one foot hanging over the floor and quickly drags himself inside of the ring. Eric Shun picks up the remains of Raven as he connects with a Russian Leg Sweep! The Big One is on top of the world at the moment but that world soon encounters a reality check as FDS makes his way to the back of Shun. Shotgun Kick! Shun shoots forward hard from the impact as the camera catches his shocked expression, crawling for the ropes. FDS moves forward grabbing Shun up aggressively and sending a big european uppercut jacking the jaw of Shun! BUT Shun comes forward and delivers a big forearm smash rocking FDS! FDS backing up as Shun begins delivering another big forearm smash to the face of FDS! The Silencer takes the impact as he wipes checking for blood. FDS comes forward with a knife edge chop to the chest! Shun backing up but swings..missing as FDS goes for a waist lock, releases as he turns Shun around driving the point of his elbow to the head of Shun like a railroad spike! Shun is dazed as FDS grabs Shun and drives his knee right into the face as he connects with his nose as he drags Shun up to his feet and throws him to the outside! Danielle: Eric Shun has been eliminated Heel: The playboy is outta’ here! Sandman: An impressive debut for The Big One tonight but The Silencer let him know the level of competition that awaits him in Brendenplayz Wrestling. FDS turns to the hard camera as he taunts the crowd, the Bulletproof faction three strong in this match still as...Here we go. Raven has returned back to finish what he started as he tackles FDS to the floor and begins driving elbows into his face! The Silencer crushed under the weight of the crucifier. Meanwhile Cody Cage is half way through the ropes, body through the second as he attempts to block shots from the returning Kirk Kelly, who stops for a moment as he leans over and feels the pain still. Bailey is swapping punches with Eli Smith, and Bob Sparks is kicking the downed KENJI! Bob Sparks leaps up and hits KENJI with a chest side kick! KENJI staggers back but walks back up to Bob and lands a superkick of his own! Both of them go down to their knees! Buddy Ace, busted and recovering in the corner, I think that he’s more than happy to let these two go at it for the time being. The two stars rise to their feet, as KENJI strikes first with a sickening uppercut to the throat of Bob Sparks! Sparks stumbling backwards as KENJI is finally able to step forward, firing with another uppercut, this time to the bottom of the jaw of Sparks. Bob falling backward but is able to catch himself on the top rope, not the position that you really want to find yourself in! KENJI is looking to eliminate Bob Sparks but the giant quickly fights out of it with a hard elbow to the back of KENJI’s neck! KENJI is a little rocked as Bob Sparks tries to shake out of the cobwebs; KENJI looking to send Bob Sparks over the top rope with a lariat!..Bob Sparks.GETS AIRBORNE!...But the size of Bob Sparks brings him back to both feet on the mat. Wiping the sweat from his eyes KENJI moves backwards further into the ring as he looks to put all his power behind this elimination...The champion is charging, arm outstretched he swings towards... Sandman: Holly Sh*t 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … Just as KENJI neared the Bulletproof member Sparks lifted up the champion using his momentum against him as he lifted up KENJI into the air and over the top rope as KENJI crashed hard to the floor below! Almost crushing one of the ringside officials in the process. Danielle: KENJI has been eliminated 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #28: Arius ('You Want It Darker' by Leonard Cohen blasts all throughout the arena as though the lighting doesn’t change inside of this open arena the familiar smoke and ghouls silhouettes of ghouls creep across the scoreboards and titantron. The Revenant is here! Accompanied by Rin Akane as she holds the BPZ Intercontinental Championship over her shoulder, the champion is wearing his already ring worn attire as he descends down the ring at his own pace as he comes fast to face with one half of Invictus, KENJI who was just eliminated walking up the aisle. The two men come face to face with an intense acknowledgement of one another as the two share a nod.) In the ring during the entrance FDS had gained the upper-hand against the attacking Raven, connecting with a Kitchen Sink into the ribs of the crucifer bringing him to the floor. Sandman: Arius is here! The BPZ Intercontinental Champion is now a-part of this matchup! And he immediately knocks into FDS, who was in the middle of executing a Koutoubu Kick on the United States Champion! The two of these men last met at Halloween Havoc 2019 fighting over the very championship he holds today. FDS heads for a back elbow but Arius ducks… Seeing Red! The bridging full nelson suplex! FDS clutches the back of his head as Arius looks around the ring, wisely picking his spot as he begins to stomp down the weather Eli Smith who was recovering near the ropes! He takes a moment to scout what’s going on as he notices Kirk Kelly holding Aaron North through an arm lock on the ropes. Next he looks over at Buddy Ace who approaches him with a wild swing, knocking the back of The Revenant. The man who won the Carnage Scramble at Night Of Legends is holding strong despite his condition as the two get into a small back and forth but soon Ace himself on the receiving end of stiff Yakuza Kick to his jaw dropping him! The Revenant is on fire after entering the match! Sandman: The Revenant better make sure he keeps his painted eyes in the back of his head. His night could turn in an instant if he allows himself to show-boat Just as the commentary team discusses amongst themselves the landscape Hans Clayton runs over to Arius and lands a flying forearm on The Revenant! The Extraordinary one has a storied history with Arius as he slaps the forehead of the downed champion, shouting at him to get up as Hans tries for an enzuigiri, to no one! Arius is able to just dodge the maneuver as he rises to his feet and positions himself behind Clayton, lifting him up..drops him with a Northern Lights Suplex! Arius turns around to pick up Hans Clayton and possible attempt to eliminate The Extraordinary...Look out! Cody takes to the skies as he just drilled Arius with the springboard spinning wheel kick! Devastating the back of The Revenants skull and landing on Hans Clayton in the aftermath, using the superstar as an impromptu crash mat. The camera catches the superstar catching his breath in the rubble with a smile across his face, care free to the risks. Cody ducks inside of his arms as Bailey comes crashing on top of the bodies, tripping over them as he is pushed back by the towering Bob Sparks. The two are trying their best to kill the other as the pair throw weight behind each punch! Bailey jumps back, stepping on the legs of those under him as goes for clothesline to knock the giant towards the ropes!..but Bob Sparks dodges away from him! Pulling in Bailey by force, grappling around the waist of his rival as he connects with a half and half suplex across the ring! Sandman: Uh-oh guys look at this! 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 Raven is in position for an EBD Claw! He’s got Aaron North in his sights! The Lord is up and he turns…Aaron North stumbles right into the hold as the United States Champion is clamping down on the skull of North as the former champion stays balanced on his feet, refusing to fall backwards. The two of them are moving around the ring as two battering rams as superstars dodge out of the way. Suddenly Raven, his brows creasing as he applies even more pressure upon the skull as he pushes The Lord forward towards the ropes...he has got the momentum! NORTH IS GOING OVER THE ROPES! Releasing the EBD Claw, North hits the outside of the floor hard as he reaches for his head. Danielle: Aaron North has been eliminated … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Nebakos: Just WHO… IS… NEXT?! Sandman: There goes the buzzer... ENTRY #29: 'The Riddler' Steph ('The Riddler' by Frank Gorshin hits as as a wave of green smoke emerges from underneath the stage, the stage lighting darkening as a spotlight falls on The Riddler who jumps up from under the stage, cane in hand. He’s met with a loud reaction from the crowd that fires him up. His maniacally laughing can be heard over the music as he darts down to the ring) Heel: NO! Sandman: Oh, yes! Heel: DAMN IT! Nebakos: So this is what happened to Echo Wilsons number! Heel: I don’t like this guy! Can we go to a commercial? Is that possible? Any additional promotional material you guys might be keeping from me that I should know about? Sandman: Oh, come on. He’s not so bad, these people sure love him too! Nebakos: Look at this man! You can tell he’s so happy to be here right now as he poses on the apron! He’s going to set some sort of record in this match, I can feel it! As The Riddler is making his entrance Cody is back up from the rubble he helped create! Moving along the canvas out of the eye sight of the major blow ups he moves himself back under the ropes out on the apron! Smartly keeping himself from harm's way as the rest of the competitors tear at each other. Watching the progress he sees FDS returning to his feet as he follows at his speed, coming to his feet as he slides over the apron measuring. We know exactly what he’s setting up here! FDS turns around as Cody springboards up… springboard crossbody! FDS gets sent down hard with that move! Out at #29 we have ‘The Riddler’ Steph who quickly enters the ring and looks around the destruction of the ring so far, pinpointing someone to aim for he sees FDS who is recovering from the crossbody from just earlier. A smile comes across The Riddler’s face as he runs over "How do snails fight?" The Riddler sends a kick right into the abdomen of FDS, almost losing his balance bouncing off of The Silence after connecting before answering his own riddle "They slug it out!” The Riddler laughs to himself as he tries to find another vulnerable opponent to square off against. Eli Smith is climbing to the top rope to hit a high flying maneuver on Bailey as Steph sneaks under the ropes to try and catch the tag team champions off guard. Jumping up onto the apron The Riddler attempts to pull down the champions leg screaming "What pulls, but never hurts"....Eli Smith doesn’t budge. The worried Steph steps between the ropes again as Bailey rolls away. Now using both hands he tries his hardest to pull Eli Smith from his perch but Smith just sits down on the turnbuckle allowing Steph time to try. "The answer is Gravity! Gravity! Gravity! Gravity! Gravity!" Steph falls backwards as he lets go but quickly rises to his feet trying to ignore what just transpired…Jesus! Steph is immediately decked by Buddy Ace! Heel: Do you want to take back those words, Nebakos? Always watch your back! As Buddy Ace is dragged over and lifted above the ropes by a sudden Kirk Kelly as the Hangman tries to hold on and stay inside of the match. The fight continues as The Riddler crawls across the canvas after being knocked down by Ace, looking for a safe space. The ringside camera is able to catch an angle as the legs of the wrestlers move around the ring and Steph moves throughout them before he bumps into the leg of Bob Sparks who looks down upon the battered wrestler. The Riddler continues to look down upon the canvas as he reaches up, feeling what he has ran into, it dawns on him as he begins slowly turning his head upwards, looking upon the looming glare of Bob Sparks hanging over him. Steph shoots up as he tries to run to the other direction but Bob Sparks grabs the back of his suspenders, their elastic stretched to the limit as steph spins left and right attempting to escape. The elastic defying all sense of realism as the audience prepare for the inevitable pain. Finally Bob Sparks lets go as the suspenders snap back, snapping against the skin of The Riddler who falls forward. Sandman: Jesus! I thought we had seen the worst of it earlier in the night Heel: Why could I feel that? Steph falls to his knees for the shock snap against the skin as Bob Sparks lifts up the small superstar by each side of his arms. Laughing nervously The Riddle talks frantically towards Bob Sparks “I..HAHA..I can come in a can, ha I can come as a punch, I can come as a win, You can eat me for lunch. What am I?” Bob Sparks as The Riddler was talking lifts up the superstar as he throws him carelessly to the outside, The Riddler spinning in the air as he hits the ground. Heel: He is beat! Haha i got that one Sandman: Congratulations Heel: Don’t patronise me Danielle: Steph has been eliminated Shouting that falls silent under the deafening sound of the audience The Bracket Breaker must feel unstoppable. Moving back from the ropes he notices he steps on something as he looks down noticing the discard cane as he picks up The Riddler's Question Mark shaped stick. Lifting it up he looks around the ring as he takes notice of the crucifier as he swings it around and breaks it over the back of Raven! It snaps into two as the front falls to the ground, the other half discarded by Bob as Raven barely flinches, turning around to face the attacker. Between fighting to stay in the match, the rest of those in the match all make the wise decision to stay at the sides of the ring to make room for a staredown between the two monsters that occupy the ring – Raven and Bob Sparks! Bob Sparks is eyeing Raven down as their history has been written through blood and betrayal! Raven does not seem scared at all as he stares a hole into Bob Sparks! Sandman: The tension is thick here! Nebakos: I can’t wait to see them go to blows! Heel: What does Raven possibly think he’s going to be able to do to Bob Sparks?! It doesn’t matter about what this man has done in the past Sandman: Raven could be the equaliser! Nebakos: And here comes the countdown to number thirty… only one man left to enter! Who is it going to be? 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 ….. BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ENTRY #30: Isaiah Carter Sandman: THERE’S JUST NO WAY! Heel: HE-HE CAN’T REALLY BE HERE ON TOP OF EVERYONE ELSE?! Nebakos: THAT MUSIC CAN ONLY BELONG TO ONE MAN GENTLEMEN! AND WE ALL KNOW HIM TOO WELL! (“Burn It By FEVER 333” plays as Isaiah Carter stands on the stage. The arena becomes absolutely unglued with buzz and excitement as Hans Clayton just stares down to the stage at the man who’s career he tried to and assumed he ended, at least temporarily. Isaiah Carter calmly marches down the ramp and into the ring to stare Hans Clayton down as “HOLY SHIT” chants break loose!) Chaos! As the commentary are freaking out over the entrance of Isiah Carter in the ring both Bob Sparks and Raven walk closer to each other..Raven may look more focused that I’ve ever seen him in my life; the man’s coming off a record victory and Bob Sparks is looking for the opportunity to stand at the top of the mountain! AND NEITHER OF THESE MEN WASTING ANY TIME ALMOST IMMEDIATELY STARTING TO TRADE BLOWS! Hans Clayton rising to his feet in shock from the entrance music tries his best to pull away Bob Sparks, yelling to get his attention to no avail as The Extraordinary prepares to face someone he thought would be an image of the past permanently. Raven quickly gained the advantage, pushing the Bracket Breaker back against the ropes before looking to send him across the ring! BUT Bob Sparks REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES AND RUNS THROUGH Raven LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN! Raven DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HIT HIM; Raven STUMBLING BACK TO HIS FEET AND Bob Sparks LOOKS FOR THE EARLY ELIMINATION! YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY THINK THAT Raven IS GOING TO BE ELIMINATED THIS QUICKLY?! Isaiah Carter slides under the ropes just as Raven stumbles towards the ropes, jetting across the canvas towards his former partner. Both men rush into one another– throwing lefts and rights all over the place! Isaiah seems to be winning the exchange over the damaged Clayton as the champion is backed into a corner! Clayton spits blood straight into the eyes of Isaiah! Clayton rushes a temporarily blinded Isaiah Carter as he takes him down! FDS appears in view as The Silencer marches over to back up Hans Clayton but the unhinged Bailey charges at him and blasts him with a knee lift into the midsection! FDS was caught off guard and now Bailey is bringing the fight to him, Hans left on his own as the Bulletproof collective are spread thin! The Royal Rumble match filled with its final competitors, blood, broken pieces of weaponry, bodies spread out as we sit here to watch who will survive. FDS and Bailey move out of frame as we return to the number 30 entrant. Both men are just brawling here in the middle of the ring! Both men scramble to their feet! Hans is up first, but he’s immediately taken down with a big forearm from Isaiah! Hans scrambles back up, but gets taken down with a rolling elbow this time! He’s looking dazed as he climbs back up again.. Isaiah pulls him in! Hans forces Isaiah off and into the ropes! Hans comes back with a rebound lariat!! Bicycle kick from Isaiah! Clayton was nearly turned inside out. Taking a look on the outside, Isaiah shoves Hans Clayton hard and Hans responds with a hard slap to the face…AND Isaiah TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A TACKLE! FORGET PURORESU! FORGET SUBMISSION STYLE WRESTLING! THESE TWO ARE JUST FLAT OUT BRAWLING! Isaiah on top trying to land some elbow shots, punches, grabbing hair, any and everything! Hans Clayton is trying to land a few punches of his own from the bottom, pulling at whatever he can get his hands on! The two men roll to the outside of the ring and the referees are trying to get them back into the contest and bring some order! Hans Clayton is on top now and is trying to ram Isaiah Carter’s head onto security railing! Bob Sparks is trying to power Raven over the top rope, but, Raven quickly able to regain his senses, swinging his elbow back and hits Bob Sparks in the side of the jaw. Bob Sparks stumbling back, possibly a little stunned as Raven fires back with another hard shot to the jaw! Raven once again sending Bob Sparks across the ring AND ONCE AGAIN Bob Sparks BURSTS BACK— BUT THIS TIME Raven SEES IT COMING AND ALMOST TAKES Bob Sparks’S HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT! I THINK THAT I MAY HAVE JUST SEEN A TOOTH FLY OUT OF THE MOUTH OF Bob Sparks AFTER THAT SHOT! Bob pushing his way back to knee as Raven wastes no time, this time looking to get the early elimination. FDS is forced into the corner! FDS is trying to defend himself but he’s clearly having difficulty in doing so as Bailey is swinging hard hitting lefts and rights into The Silencer! FDS now pushing Bailey away, but Bailey charges right back towards FDS falling right into a reversal as FDS is now grabbing that left arm of Bailey, the same one that went into the ring post, and now he has Bailey in a crossface! Bailey is in deep trouble as for FDS this is about breaking down the defences of Bailey! Nebakos: Unless he can somehow break out of this, i think Bailey might lose his arm! Bailey is pulling himself to the ropes for leverage! Powering through as FDS digs his feet as much as he can on to the canvas to halt them into place. The eyes of Bailey darting around the ring as suddenly he begins using his free arm to push on the hands of FDS from around his face down closer to his jaw...with a quick push he has the hand of FDS between his teeth! Biting hard on FDS as The Silencer yells over the in-ring action, holding on before he is forced to break the hold as he rolls away holding his hand. FDS has been doing a great job of not letting Bailey get too much offence in on him, but at the same time you have to wonder what will break Bailey! He knows what it takes to win this contest both mentally and physically as FDS tries to break him down. FDS is now dragging Bailey to his feet Turning our attention back outside of the ring, these two continue to brawl! Isaiah Carter has managed to get back up to his feet and he rams Hans Clayton into the security railing this time, head first! He then picks him up…. STUN GUN INTO THE SECURITY BARRICADE! MY GOD! Sandman: These two have lifted the intensity level of this match, but you have to be cautious here! Sure there are personal scores to settle and all that, but you don’t want to have something happen where you get so short-sighted trying to beat your opponent up that you lose sight of the prize here. Nebakos watches in worry from the commentary booth as FDS drags the table back through and under the ropes as it hangs just on the edge of the apron, having been moved earlier in the match after being introduced by Jason Ryan. FDS places it against the turnbuckle as it seems The Silencer is leaning on more of his hardcore past to make sure the job is finished tonight, adding insult to injury. Back inside of the ring Raven is setting up for a EBD Claw as he latches on to the forehead of the behemoth Sparks. Sparks grabs a hold of the wrist of Raven as he stumbles back under the pressure, Raven putting all he has behind pushing Bob further and further towards the ropes...Sparks falls to a knee as Raven sees the giant succumbing to the hold as he leans further in. FDS returns to Bailey as he lines up and attempts a running single leg high knee..Bailey in his state is still able to move out of harm's way, rising to his feet as he drags FDS into his knee to the midsection. He hangs over FDS as he slaps him across the head, heavy breaths as Bailey now, it looks like he’s trying to set up for a powerbomb! But he’s having trouble getting FDS up due to his arm- and there’s a back body drop by FDS for his efforts! Bailey struggled to get FDS up because of that hurt shoulder and FDS was able to capitalise! FDS picking bailey up now, and it looks like he may be attempting a powerbomb of his own as he turns their bodies around towards the table! HOLD ON! The commentary team jump in their chairs, their voices rise as they see Bob Sparks lift from his knee back upwards as he carries Raven up with him with, Raven hanging across the chest of Bob Sparks as he falls forward carrying the weight of Raven the best he can as they crash through the table set up in the corner! FDS and Bailey being knocked to the canvas in the process as shards of wood splinter to the outside of the ring as the referees flee to either side. Sandman: Don't try this in your backyard. Heel: Do it in your living room, it is much more fun. Or maybe in Nebako's living room, he'll never know. Mr. Hollywood HOLY SHIT chants fill the arena as Bob Sparks and Raven lay still amongst the rubble. FDS resting on his shoulder as his mind catches up on what just happened. Raven is hunched over as the top half of the table dangles above him as it looks like the United States Champion is out of commission. Bob Sparks rolls over to the ropes as he holds up, leaning on the bottom rope looking at the fallen Mafia enforcer. Grabbing hold of the second, then the third he is able to rise to his feet again as he approaches Raven and drags him out of the rubble by the hair. Raven unknowing to where he is blindly follows, as the ringside officials do their best to drag away the jagged wood from the ring. He throws Raven against the ropes where he rests, unable to find the strength to lift him over completely he grabs the champion by the legs as the body of Raven goes over the top and hits the floor to a thud. Danielle: Raven has been eliminated Behind the rubble after moments to recover FDS gets to his feet and Bailey charges at him once again - but FDS hits an uppercut, stopping Bailey in his tracks and causing him to- wait no! Rope hung lunatic lariat! It connects this time! Bailey connected with that lariat, rebounding off of the ropes as FDS falls to the mat. Bailey has his fists clenched as he rises to the sound of the support of the audience, Bailey grabs FDS by the arms, Bailey stomping all over the head of FDS taking a move from his playbook, yelling “*&%(&&” with each stomp! FDS is defenceless as he’s forced to endure these stomps from Bailey! Sandman: FDS has nowhere to go! Heel: If you catch Bailey at the local bar tonight you’ll catch him with an encore! The damage is done as FDS looks out of it right now! Bailey finally letting go of his arms as The Silencer is in a loop. He’s dragging FDS back up! Bailey now grabbing FDS by the neck, AND HE THROWS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Holding on to his head as he swings The Silencer around to throw him over the ropes to the outside! Danielle: FDS has been eliminated The audience members in the front rows are hanging over the barricade, hitting the side as the numbers dwindle. The officials outside of the ring try their best to drag away the broken pieces of the table under the ropes to clear way for the competitors. FDS is seen on the outside of the ring sitting against the barricade in shock of his elimination while Raven is recovering still from going through the table. Inside of the ring the competitors are coming to life as Bob Sparks is stirring to his feet! Entering this contest at Number #15 and eliminating a stellar seven superstars throughout the night it has been an incredible display of dominance for the muscle of Bulletproof. He’s fired up about going all the way tonight, now as Sparks is back up to his feet as he begins to take in the nature of the situation as the final survivors are all spread around the ring, locking eyes with each other but seemingly most targeting the New York brute. Eli Smith charges at Bob Sparks and connects with a quick enzuigiri, but Bob Sparks doesn’t even flinch! Sparks coldly stares into the eyes of Smith and Smith knows he should have erred on the side of caution, but he goes after Sparks with another enzuigiri! Sparks grabs Smith's leg and hooks it around his neck as he lifts him into the air, bending it! Cody Cage sizes up the big man and charges in! Sparks releases Smith as he prepares with a HUGE LARIAT FROM BOB SPARKS! Cody Cage had his head knocked clean off his shoulders! The camera changes to an overhead shot as it takes in Bob Sparks as he stands against the ropes. Here. We. Go. The distraction was just what was needed as the cavalry joins in on the fight, Kirk Kelly who had been quietly moving around the confrontation leaped on to the back of Bob Sparks as he locks on a sleeper hold as Bailey and Buddy Ace launch forward using their bar crawling given gifts as they throw haymakers and body shots at Sparks to weaken him as they lure him towards the ropes. Kelly has that grip on tight as the veterans taped hands shine over the redness of Sparks forehead. Buddy Ace steps out of the ring through the ropes as Sparks stumbles across the ring. Waiting for him to turn just a little longer...Ace measures up as he hits The Buckshot Lariat! Flying over the ropes he connects with that tough lariat on to Sparks who stumbles to the mat. With Sparks looking to compose himself, Eli Smith ascends the turnbuckle as Sparks writhes on the mat! Sparks begins to struggle to his feet as it looks like Eli Smith is calling for the frog splash! Eli Smith leaps off the top rope with ease as goes for it! NO! SPARKS MOVES IN ON HIM AND CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS!...Bart comes in for the save knocking Bob off of his feet with a shoulder barge to the knee! Bob Sparks turns back around to face Bart, kneeling on the canvas. Bob Sparks sees it coming and gets Bart in his arms! Gutbuster! He maintains his grip on Bart and places him between his knees, but Bart still has it in him to not stay in the position Bob Sparks wants him! Bart grabs that leg of Bob Sparks….HE’S GOT BOB ON HIS SHOULDERS AND IS STANDING UP WITH HIM! BART HAS THAT MOUNTAIN OF A MAN ON HIS BACK IN THAT FIREMAN’S CARRY! HE TRANSITIONS INTO A NECKBREAKER, NECKBREAKER ON Bob Sparks! Bob Sparks IS ALREADY STARTING TO STIR FROM IT! Bart just mustered up some serious strength to muscle Bob Sparks up like that, and Sparks is showing the effect as he’s down on the canvas! Dance Macabre! Arius appears on to the camera as he spins a kick into the jaw of Sparks who falls back towards the ropes as his body weight bends them under the weight. The remaining superstars rush to the position of Sparks as the collective of Bailey, Arius, Kirk Kelly, Buddy Ace and Bart attempt to push over The Bracket Breaker. Sparks continues to fight back from elimination though without the strength he had earlier he claws at the backs of his opponents, pushing weakly into their shoulders as he tries to break their attempt. Suddenly from the far end of the ring the recovered Cody Cage re-appears as he rushes forward towards the impending elimination, he is flying...shotgun dropkick! Bob is falling over the edge as he hits the edge of the ring before hitting the floor hard! Danielle: Bob Sparks has been eliminated Heel: NOOOOO! Nebakos: Cody entered the match being the thorn in Sparks side and he just ended his match in the same fashion Sandman: He’s a daredevil! He’s synonymous with the word underdog, and he’s got a huge heart and will be a tough out if he is eliminated at all! Nebakos: You can say that again, Sandman! He’s got plenty of heart to make it to the big leagues, and he’s won some pretty nice opportunities, but this may be the biggest one yet. And that is how you make a statement. Sandman: The final nine people are upon us! Who will survive and walk out of here with the opportunity of a lifetime and headline the biggest show in professional wrestling! Cody Cage sure seems to believe that this could be his night after the amazing elimination he just helped pull off. Nebakos: Working together is thrown out the window now as it seems everyone is sectioning off Bart lifts up his partner Eli Smith as they take refuge in the far left side of the ring overlooking the rest of the superstars. The others inside of the ring seem to follow suite reading the writing on the wall as Cody Cage and Buddy Ace occupy the the top left turnbuckle and Kirk Kelly finds himself working alongside Bailey once again as the 2018 Royal Rumble winner taps him on the back with a hard slap and a nod. The Revenant squats down as he surveys the scene, unmatched but ready to act. Bailey seems to be eager to tear into this contest again as he hits his jaw with his own fists to psych himself up, stepping forward…..WAIT! WHAT THE! Bailey suddenly turns around grabbing Kirk Kelly by the trunks as he throws him over the top rope and to the outside! Danielle: Kirk Kelly has been eliminated Sandman: Bailey was playing Kirk like a damn fiddle! Nebakos: And Kirk Kelly isn’t happy at all! Frustrated at himself as he takes it out on the steel steps at ringside. Heel: Just highlights a perfect reminder. The big guy doesn't always win, the smart guy doesn't always win, but sometimes the quick dumb guy beats the slow smart guy...what we’re seeing now is the natural order. Sandman: One of these eight competitors is going to get the world championship match of their choosing at the final destination! Could you imagine if Buddy Ace made the comeback of the century and challenged Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and KENJI for the BPZ North American Championship on the same night?! Nebakos: It would certainly placed him amongst one of the best in the company Bart quickly notices Bailey is distracted in the moment of the crowd response and so he goes running at Bailey! Bailey telegraphs it and throws Bart over the top rope! Bailey looking at the crowd and pointing at his head, jokingly trying to show that he outsmarted his opponent, but what he doesn’t see is that Bart is still on the apron! Bailey turns around rather cockily, and Bart springboards, delivering an elbow to the head! Bailey scrambles to his feet in a panic as he swings at Bart, Bart ducks it though and gets behind him! RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX BY BART! Sandman: Hey..is that? (* Click) In a small corner of the screen a box appears showing the continued chaos between Isaiah Carter and Hans Clayton as the two of them send stage workers fleeing as officials follow the duo trying to keep them apart or at least back into the ring. Hans Clayton is getting closer to the stage as Carter now is wrenching on Hans face! Pulling it back by his nose as they two of them appear to have gone to hell and back. Isaiah is dragging Hans by the arms, and they’ve finally returned to the entrance stage! The competitors in the ring are too focused to notice, as while Bart launched at trying to eliminate Bailey, Arius and Eli Smith begin chain wrestling! Arius throws Eli off the ropes! Eli leapfrogs over Arius, then bounces back again and does the same once more. Now they both run at one another, but Eli Smith slides on the ground as Arius forward rolls over him! Both men climb back to their feet! Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick! Arius goes down as Bart climbs to his feet! Bart pats the shoulder of his partner as chants of Creed spread throughout the arena! Bailey having rolled away, trying to catch a breather Bart helped out his partner, is soon chased again as Bart goes after him and catches him by the hair right as he got halfway through the ropes! Bailey turns around — a swipe at the face! Bailey went straight for the eyes there! Cody breaks the confrontation as he springboards and dropkicks Eli Smith in the back of the head knocking him forward as Buddy Ace connects with a clothesline. But let’s look at the here and now... Cody Cage and Arius are going at it, the more experienced Arius takes control as he kicks Cody in the stomach and lifts him up...Overdrive! Buckle bomb! And a big one at that! Arius runs at Cody for an avalanc- NO! knees to the face stopping Arius in his tracks! Cody rolls off of the ropes as he leans against the ropes. The Revenant playing coy to the extent of his dizziness before suddenly bursting like a rocket towards, running towards Cody in the corner with a running big boot! Nobody’s home as Cody dodges! Arius gets his foot caught in the ropes! Cody shakes the cobwebs out and gets back to a vertical base as he nails Arius with a stiff forearm to the face! Another! Cody unloading with shot after shot into Arius! Cody pulls Arius’s free leg out from under him as Arius drops right on the back of his head. Arius’s nearly upside down here as his foot is still caught in that rope! Cody with a smile looks to this rabid crowd! Cody with a boot to a trapped Arius! Another! Cody backs up and charges with a baseball slide into Arius! Cody is on fire here as he finds the imprinted chair from earlier in the night. This can’t be good for Arius! Cody immediately climbed up to the nearest top turnbuckle! Arius with absolutely nowhere to go! Somebody stop this guy! Come on–Chair Surf! Cody with a Chair-Surf right into the body of Arius! Arius’s foot still stuck as he lays backwards, hanging in limbo. Isaiah Carter is now throwing Hans Clayton back into the ring as he follows behind, but Hans is quick to start firing shots, as the two begin to trade blows one more time! I don’t think there are enough words to describe what you’re seeing! Back and forth, one after the other, Isaiah Carter and Hans Clayton! Through the blood, grit and hatred. WAIT A MINUTE! Cody Cage is being thrown over the top rope by Buddy Ace who took advantage of the chaotic distraction as Cage rolls and lands on his knees, the camera catching his expression as he looks on confused as to what the hell just happened. Danielle: Cody Cage has been eliminated Sandman: Always keep your eyes on the competition! Nebakos: Cody Cage got unlucky tonight after a terrific display of survival instincts they sadly don’t hold out forever. Isaiah connects with Hans! Hans connects with Isaiah! They’re slugging it right now just as this began as Hans connects with an uppercut to Isaiah to cut off the sequence! Isaiah falls back against the ropes! Hans looks for a clothesline but Isaiah gets his feet up! Hans stumbles back and Isaiah rushes forward with Hans stumbling back!...Both men fall over the top rope with each other, crashing as Carter rolls into the announcers table with the momentum. Danielle: Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter have been eliminated Sandman: Isaiah Carter just sacrificed himself for the sake of making sure Hans Clayton didn’t get an inch closer to victory! Nebakos: I think this is the first time i’ve seen a superstar with such a careless attitude towards the actual purpose of this match up Sandman: That is three men eliminated in under a minute as we’re now left with the final five competitors of this contest! The officials at ringside hop on to the apron as they try their best to release the foot of The Revenant as Bailey and Buddy Ace, the first men on their feet take their crack at the remaining team of Creed! Who have lasted in this contest from numbers nine and eleven respectively! Buddy Ace is getting the edge on Bart as Bailey and Eli Smith trade elbows to a stalemate! Bart ducks a huge elbow by Ace! Fireman’s carry neckbreaker!..NO...Bailey tackling Eli Smith to the ground knocks into Bart as the neckbreaker attempt is disrupted. Buddy Ace dashes forwards at Bart! He charges with the momentum on his side! But Bart swings his arm violently to counter with a lariat! Buddy Ace rushing underneath the arm and to the opposite side of the ring! He hits those ropes and takes off toward the spun around Bart for a second time! And Ace plants Bart with all of his might with such a stiff dropkick to the chest! Bart barrels backwards against the ropes but a fury of energy surges through the tag team champion as he bolts forward, turning Buddy Ace inside out with a ferocious running knee smash to the stomach! Buddy is left grounded, grasping at his gut, eyes widened like no other! Bailey and Eli Smith also are having a great competitive series! Bailey clubbing at Smith , who goes down to a knee, but then drives his shoulder into the gut of Bailey! Smith then lifts Bailey with a steep wrist clutch exploder suplex dropped onto the head! And now he picks up Bailey, this is not good for Arius! Bailey is now looking for sanzen sekai! The somersault reverse DDT! No! Bailey keeps a hold of Smith over his shoulder as he runs forward at full speed into the turnbuckle! Back first as Smith is draped over the ropes. Bart looks to capitalise on this moment, dragging Buddy Ace slowly up by his head! Goodness gracious! What a loud thud off the impact of that headbutt! Bart with such a nasty headbutt! Buddy seriously doesn’t know what just hit him—what?! Buddy on very wobbly legs, pulls himself back onto his feet! What on earth?! But there’s a second headbutt delivered by this ungodly being that is Bart! Buddy Ace is literally teetering at this point! He is showing defiance by refusing to collapse! Any normal human being would have done that by now! Another headbutt! Bart with a third consecutive headbutt to the head of Buddy! Buddy is just taking the brute force of those headbutts as he falls backwards into the ropes… but Buddy uses that momentum of the ropes to rebound back at Bart! Running enzuigiri to the temple of Bart! Where on earth did that come from! Bart did not anticipate that at all! Buddy Ace uses this opportunity to lift the dazed Bart onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! He’s got him in position for...could?!! Buddy Ace drops Bart down in the centre of the ring with such an devastating over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver! Buddy Ace put an abrupt stoppage to the rapid momentum that Bart was quickly building for himself! And Buddy taking his time to rise back onto both feet, while rubbing the side of his head, clearly the aftermath of those headbutts from earlier..he realises the position he is in as he throws Bart over the top rope and Bart hits the floor! Danielle: Bart has been eliminated Nebakos: Buddy Ace just eliminated Bart! Sandman: It looks like Buddy Ace is just as surprised Buddy Ace falls down from the ropes as his feat just dawns on him. The blood from the chair shot suffered earlier in the match as crusted into his dirty blonde hair as his eyes can be seen peeing through, as wide as can be as the crowd start a "Ace" chant for the superstar. We are down to the final four men in the ring! Ace turns around and is met with each of the other participants in the match! Buddy Ace who leans on the ropes from exhaustion, Bailey who holds on to his damaged shoulder hiding behind a stoic expression of determination, and the BPZ Intercontinental champion Arius at the turnbuckle as all four men start down each other! Which one of these men will be walking out of here tonight with the chance of a lifetime on their horizon! All four men rush towards one another with the Arius taking on Eli Smith and Buddy Ace and Bailey fighting it out to see who will be on top! Arius strikes with stiff kicks all around Smith before he spins around for the roundhouse kick to the skull of Smith! Smith ducks under the roundhouse and throws Arius over the top rope to send him onto the apron! Arius starts to lift himself up to his feet when we see Eli Smith start to get hyped up running to the ropes before he rushes in for the elevated knee to send him off the apron and onto the floor! Heel: Goodbye Arius and we’ll see you next year! Sandman: WHAT?! Arius moves over near the turnbuckle to avoid getting hit with the knee as Eli Smith gets stuck on the top rope! Smith winces in pain as his groin straddles against the rope when Arius sprints on the apron for the running rope-hung cutter! Arius drops Smith face-first into the apron and might be knocked out from the shot! However, Smith is still on the apron and hasn’t be– nevermind! Danielle: Eli Smith has been eliminated Bailey from inside of the ring attacked Eli Smith with a stiff lariat sending the tag team champion to the floor below and out of the Royal Rumble match. Bailey stands back on his feet and talks down Eli Smith when Buddy Ace comes from behind and throws Bailey over the top rope to the floor! Ace has just taken another elimination to reach closer to the end of this contest! Wait, hold up! Bailey was able to hold on to the top rope! Buddy Ace sees this and gets frustrated as Ace rushes to the ropes to pick up a bunch of speed as he runs into knock Bailey off the apron to take him out of the match for good! No! Bailey grabs the top rope and causes Buddy Ace to tumble over the top rope! Is he out of the match? Nope! Ace catches himself as he lands on his feet on the apron! Ace strikes with an elbow to the face of Bailey, but Arius nails a kick into the hamstring of Ace to force him down to a knee! Bailey responds with a knife-edge chop straight into the chest of Arius as all three men are teetering on the brink of being eliminated and losing out on their world championship dreams! All three men are fighting among each other with elbows, punches, kicks and just a series of striking to try and weaken their opponent to be able to knock them off of the apron easily! Nebakos: This is everything that a superstars aspires to, a chance to main event BPZMania, and these men are fighting for it right here and now! Buddy Ace has taken the advantage and starts striking with elbows and back elbows on both of his opponents before he decides to hook Bailey in for the brainbuster! He just needs to lift him up in the air and spike his head down on the apron to eliminate him from the match altogether! Basement dropkick! Arius drops down and hits Ace with that dropkick to his legs to force him to be hunched over! Arius stands on his feet and Bailey starts to get his bearings back when both men have an idea to be able to eliminate Ace as they both rush him to make sure this happens! Arius strikes in the back of Ace’s head with the running back knee strike while Bailey nails him with the superkick to the face! A combination of devastating strikes from those two men with Ace having no other choice to collapse off the apron and out onto the floor! Danielle: Buddy Ace has been eliminated Sandman: Buddy Ace has been eliminated, but i’m sure he can’t help but be glad with his performance tonight. Nebakos: This is the final two men in the Royal Rumble! Arius and Bailey, two men who have weaved in and near each others standings in the company, Bailey hunting down Arius in the build up to this match tonight. Confronting him at his him, calling out The Revenant as Bailey now has him in his sights. Bailey and the Arius stare between one another, they are in a precarious position right now and one mistake could mean the difference between fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship and tasting the bitter defeat of being so close to victory! Both of them slowly go through the middle rope, their eyes locked with a careful distrust… and they both enter back into the ring as they stand off under the ravenous crowd who cheer for this final showdown! You can read the intensity that’s been placed on their faces while they walk around in a circle to try and feel this out! For the first time one on one these two are going to clash! Arius wastes no time— bursting straight out of his corner at Bailey! Bailey comes sprinting at Arius as well, but Arius takes Bailey down with a decapitating clothesline! Bailey pushes himself back to his feet, only to be taken down by another clothesline! Bailey sent flying back down to the mat, but he’s not staying down! He pushes himself back up, and Arius runs off the ropes…Bailey running full speed at him again! And Bailey eats the bottom of Arius’s boot, as Arius nearly takes his head off with a huge big boot! Sandman: Arius is coming into this final showdown strongly, i may have never seen him so determined to win! Arius goes straight back into the attack, driving his knees repeatedly into the spine of Bailey! And Arius… effortlessly lifts Bailey by the waist, and sends Bailey flying backwards with a release german suplex! Arius is not messing around, he’s not toying with Bailey, he knows what’s up for grabs in this match! Bailey turns around immediately to Arius who’s already on his feet! And Bailey delivers a strong snap kick to the chest! There’s another snap kick! And another! Those snap kicks slamming off the flesh of Arius’s chest! He’s reddening Arius’s chest with those wild kicks! And Bailey pulls Arius in, looking for a belly-to-belly suplex— but Arius responds with multiple headbutts to the forehead! Refusing to be lifted. Bailey starts retaliating with headbutts of his own! One! Two! There’s one from Arius! And another! Which one is going to cave? These two are literally butting heads and Bailey seems to be getting the upper hand here, setting himself up to where he’s positioned behind. Bailey has turned it around for himself! Arius is putting his hands up to try and block it but Bailey is getting past them, he gets a clean shot straight to the face and Arius has been stunned! Bailey is taking advantage now and starts hammering away at him, getting several more clean shots to the face while Arius can’t fight back! Bailey is rearing back, his strikes getting slower but also heavier in impact with each forearm shot across the face. Arius may be out! Bailey rears back once more but WOAH! Arius SITS UP AND CATCHES HIM IN A GUILLOTINE CHOKE! THE CHOKE IS APPLIED AND Arius IS SQUEEZING AS HARD AS HE CAN TO DRAW EVERY LAST BREATH OUT OF Bailey! Bailey is freaking out right now, Arius is locking his legs around the waist of Bailey as Bailey is now kicking up a storm, trying to get traction to push himself out of the hold but Arius has a tight grip! Bailey is now grabbing the tights of Arius , pulling onto them as he goes to lift up Arius while he maintains the guillotine! Bailey has him…and then slams him right into the turnbuckle! And then again! And one more time for good measure! Arius lets go and is now sat up against the middle turnbuckle! Arius is clutching his back in pain and trying to get back up but Bailey is watching him! Bailey rushes with a series of elevated knees to the midsection to wear out The Revenant. Bailey is on fire at the moment as each man is trying their best to wear down the other. Taking a few steps back Bailey goes for a final strike as he looks to hit a spear into the abdomen..AND..NO! Arius rolls out of the way when Bailey crashes and burns into the turnbuckle! Arius turns around to see Bailey still down on near the corner when he drags him out of the corner to his feet hooking him by the neck as he looks to take him out with a Lifted Osaka Street Cutter! Arius trying hard to get the complete rotation but Bailey falls fights as he falls back to his feet. A rough forearm to the back of the head knocks Arius down! Bailey collects himself as he looks over to the turnbuckle! He grabs Arius by the head and drags him over to the turnbuckle driving his head into the turnbuckle before he climbs himself up to the turnbuckle with Arius in his possession! What is Bailey thinking of doing right here? The two men are now climbing higher. This is not the position you’re going to want to be in during a Royal Rumble contest! It looks like he’s going for a superplex! Arius is trying to fight out of it though! Multiple punches to the midsection, and Bailey pushes Arius off the turnbuckles! But Arius lands on his feet and now he runs back up the turnbuckles to meet him again, the upper hand has changed completely as Arius strikes the side of Bailey’s leg with an elbow strike that causes him to collapse down onto the top turnbuckle. Arius now, goes on the same turnbuckle, and is now hitting Bailey with forearms, to the crowd counting along. Crowd: ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TE- Bailey eventually has had enough as he pushes Arius off the turnbuckle! Arius fell hard, but as Bailey is getting back up in position, Arius rushes back to the top rope but is met by Bailey leaping down for a take down! Bailey wrapping his arm around the head of Arius on impact as he starts wildly hitting short reach jabs to the forehead of The Revenant! He is feeling the energy of the crowd now as Bailey begins to lift The Revenant's weight up - bringing Arius back to his feet! Oh no! Oh dear…Bailey shifts himself behind Arius, positioning himself to set up the dragon suplex! He has his arms locked! And he lifts -- no! No! Arius starts ramming the back of his head into Bailey’s face! One shot after another! The back of Arius’s skull collides with the nose, forehead, everything vulnerable on Bailey’s face! And Bailey is forced to release the grip he has on Arius— and Arius turns around! And Arius drives his knee into Bailey’s stomach! Then lifting his body onto his shoulders into the fireman’s carry position! Can he be thinking? Is he thinking? He is! The death valley driver! Arius is going to throw Bailey over the top ropes but fighting for his life Bailey is gripping the ropes ahead of him, refusing to budge. The Revenant is fighting to throw him over smoothly but eventually Arius changes tactics, instead letting him drop down on to an awaiting knee from that great height. Recollecting Bailey, Arius lifts him up, turning him around upside down...The Sentence! You can see the expression on Baileys face how he felt about that sudden connection as Arius regains his grapple on Bailey That sickening Omega Driver leaves Bailey in the arms of Arius as The Revenant drops him to the side. Bailey’s body slams so hard into the ground! I bet you could hear the thud off that impact even in the cheap seats! Lifting up the fallen Bailey, he takes him by the belt of his jeans as he throws him out of the ring and over the ropes! DING-DING-DING (‘You Want It Darker’ by Leonard Cohen plays all throughout Angels Stadium as a damaged, disappointed, and shocked Bailey realises what just happened while an exhausted Arius remains motionless in the ring near apron, collapsing with a show of emotion on his face! He has done it!) Danielle: Here is your winner of the fifth-annual Royal Rumble...'The Revenant' Arius! (Arius rolls back into the ring before he stands on his feet, the crowd in the arena erupting with deafening cheers for the victor as Rin Akane joins him inside of the ring with a leaping embrace. Sharing his excitement and overwhelming sense of pride in the victory. Rin Akane steps aside as she holds up his hand for the applauding crowd as Danielle says his name) Sandman: These two have been through a lifetime of ups and down throughout both of their careers but it is hard to say the name Arius in Brendenplayz Wrestling without Rin Akane closely following the tongue. Nebakos: Bailey was so close to winning the big one for the second year in a row but at the end of the night, i can say that i’m proud to be watching Arius get the victory here tonight! He worked hard and fought for a long time to get to this point in his career and now, he will be walking into BPZMania with the opportunity to change an entire career! Heel: You know that Arius is going to celebrate with everything given his recent seasonal events! Sandman: Since tasting the greatest victory of his entire career at BPZ Halloween Havoc, the Arius has clawed his way back to the top of the mountain – This man came from nothing joining BPZ just over a year ago today! They considered him to be no more than a facade, but tonight, he is your Royal Rumble victor. Heel: But first he’s gotta get through World Heavyweight Champion Julius. Whether he makes it or not remains to be seen, but nobody can take this moment from him! Nebakos: Nobody can rip this night away! What a night it has been! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being a part of it! Thank you for joining us here tonight at the fifth annual Royal Rumble event! Sandman: And we look forward to seeing you there for BPZMania 2020! Signing off for Nebakos and Heel, Sandman, live from Angel Stadium here in Anaheim, California. The road to BPZMania has just begun! (Arius looks up to BPZMania logo as the sea of fireworks erupt from outside of Angle Stadium to light up the night sky, walking up to the turnbuckle and raising his hands up in the air to take the moment all in, as the camera gives a spectacular shot of the emotion and grandeur when the camera fades to black… )
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    We are just a few moments away from our main event of Carnage, a-Wait! The broadcast is interrupted, showing a familiar place... We are shown a dark mansion, with pictures of many accolades and such posted on the wall. A dark figure sits in a chair, before a flashing light continues to flicker, eventually showing the face of Slim as he sits there, a sinister smile on his face as he will challenge Sameer for the World Championship this Sunday at Bad Blood. Hell ... O. A very sadistic smirk breaks out on the face of one of the greatest superstars ever as he begins to talk again, in a deep and slow voice. A few weeks ago, after I beat Sameer, I began to wonder... What's the point of all of this? The point of this company, and that answer lead me to something much, much bigger. That answer of what this company really means asked me what our society as a whole, means. That answer lead me to a refreshing, life-changing, answer... Nothing. This all means nothing. Slim lets off a disturbing laugh as he continues to talk. All the pain, all the joy, all the accomplishments, the let-downs, the highpoints, none of it matters. We all live to die, and there's no other way that life goes. There's a startpoint, and an endpoint so whatever happens in the middle.. Really, doesn't matter. I saw the light the night of SummerSlam. I was at a low, you see, I've never felt like a 'loser', and that's how I felt on the night of SummerSlam. Scum, cast out, but I was shown the light, and I want everyone else to see that what you do doesn't matter, as long as you're remembered. I'm hailed as a man who has a lot of flaws, a man who is not "morally" right, but... None of you are either. Deep down, whether you wanna admit it or not, we all have dark thoughts, dark elements. It's what makes us a person. I've embraced mine over the past few years and now, I feel something new. Something beautiful. Me embracing it, it doesn't make me a bad person. It makes me ahead of the curve. Because when I perish, in my last moments, I will feel justified. Like I have a purpose.. I will be remembered, I know that. And while it won't be for winning the Survival Games tournament, or the World Championship at Bad Blood, those are things I must do to show you all that this is the right path to follow. You see Hans, you're a young guy, you haven't seen the dirty of BrendenPlayz yet. Of the man himself, and of this company. But you will. And I'm gonna make sure of it. This place didn't turn me into, well, this, but it sure as hell advanced the process. You wanna hear a story Hans? You know, everyone loves to make the jokes about how young I was when I wrestled in Japan, and now I see the funny side of it all. The reason I was in Japan, was I was a dealer when I was young. I had a dealer above me. One day, I got robbed by one of the men I was dealing to. The men who I was dealing with didn't like that, they tell me to pay it back, and ROB me, then threaten to kill me. All my money is gone, just like that. No way to pay them back. So, I have to flee. And I flee right to Japan, I have nowhere to work so I do what I did best. Fight. So eventually, I make enough money. I come back, about 6 months later. I go to my old house, I knock on the door. It's not my mom. My dad. My brother. It's a completely new person. I ask what happened to the people that used to live here. She pauses. I can tell what happened by the look on her face, she finally gets it out. She tells me that they were murdered. Badly. By some drug-dealers. I break down crying. Never caught. So I think to myself, well I'll prove it was them. But then, it just clicks. Where's their pain? Their sadness. So I purchased a gun. I find him. I KILL him with shot. After shot. After shot. So I guess this isn't anything new, not a new side of me. It's always been here. But the riches I got from that man, it bought away my pain. I no longer feel that pain. Now, I see the funny side of everything... Slim begins to laugh again... You know, we form relationships with people, bonds just to break them. Nothing lasts forever, that's a motto we should all live by and realize the simplicity of that statement. Nothing lasts forever... so nothing matters. But don't worry, Hans. You can continue to live in your world where everything you hold dear, is stuff you believe will last forever. Maybe a girlfriend... A friend... A stable... Or maybe even your chance at Survival Games. But soon enough, just like I got shown, you will see this fantasy world come crashing down as you realize what I have realized for a long time but failed to admit... Nothing lasts forever. And that leads to me to what I'm trying to say. We've fabricated ourselves in a magical society, but fail to realize the trials and tribulations people face. Everyday! We are supposed to work together, to become equal and reach our goal of greatness, yet we tear each other down by killing, injuring, robbing each other. And this is called a society, by our ancestors. Slim seems confused, rocking back and forth before he begins to speak, leaning in. This society, we live in. We tear each other down for what? Glory? Riches? Values? And what do we do with those... we take them, and we put ourselves on a pedestal because we have them. A fictional one. Why? Because for right now, it seems like we are above the person we tore down. But the problem with that is... At the end of the day, we have tore each other down... To end up with the same thing.. Nothing. What do we have to bring with us to the end? We have nothing, because we become nothing. There is only one thing you can bring with you to the end... A legacy... Rememberence. You see, because if you are never forgotten... You can never become nothing, because you will be held on a pedestal, good or bad... just like the glory and riches you seek. That's the funny part about all of this. You all seek glory and riches, but never the thing that lasts the longest... Legacy. Slim laughs over and over again before delivering a final line. And I promise you that I will leave this place with a legacy. I asked what mattered here, and the answer... is a legacy. While I've already forged part of mine, as a tyrant who took no prisoners, putting a knife into whoever stood in my way of the top, the next part will be remembered as chaos, anarchy, and destruction. For a few weeks, I've learned that you don't need a plan... You don't need anything. One little change, and the establishment flips. For too long, I've been forgotten about, and in my place newcomers have risen... But with just three seconds, all of that can change. Two weeks ago, I was at rock bottom. In 3 days, I will be above everyone, standing tall as the man who flipped BPZ upside down, with just... a little... spark. You know, I compare my opponent to this mansion... My mansion, in fact, because in just a few quick seconds, he could go from amazing to, well... Slim lights a match and throws it into the air, collapsing on his knees and throwing both arms out as he laughs, the mansion beginning to burn with him in the middle of it. Eventually, the laugh gets so loud, he places his hands on his head, laughing as all you hear is the sounds of items burning in the house, as the picture fades into a cartoon-style picture.
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Press Release ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bailey is the Cover Star! We are proud to announce BPZ 2K19 will be officially coming out this fall for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The cover star for this year's video game is the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bailey! Bailey represents what we are looking for in a top tier superstar and Bailey is honored and privileged to be the front man in this year's game. the tagline for this year's game is Become the One! and Bailey is the one to beat and maybe you can step into the virtual world and face off one on one with the People's Champ. News regarding the Collector's edition, game modes, match types, etc will be addressed in a future update. You can pre-order BPZ 2K19 today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Woman of America

    "Real American" blasts throughout the arena, Valor audience rise to their feet in shock as Monda's return to BrendenPlayz Wrestling is signalled. Monumental cheers are heard in anticipation for the return of a Hall of Fame talent. Thunderous applause turns to a less positive reaction and one filled with confusing, when another Superstar not seen in quite some time comes out to the music instead, German athlete Sheridan, who most recently suffered a loss alongside Slim when battling Flynn and Necce, for the right to go to BrendenPlayz Mania V and fight against Creed, the most accomplished tandem on the roster. Regardless, Sheridan is in good spirits, posing on the entrance ramp before sauntering down and taking time to stop and pose for pictures with fans fortunate enough to secure front row seats to the televised event. She signs a piece of merchandise or two before circling around the ring and jogging up the side, steel steps. Sliding into the ring through the middle rope she sprints towards the turnbuckle and does her signature pose, holding it for a few seconds with lips spread from cheek to cheek, before hopping off and gesturing for a microphone. "Hello y'all, look before we get into.. All this, tonight, I want to apologise for not fully being committed to the game, the game that is the wrestling business. I didn't compete at BrendenPlayz Mania V despite being fit, and the final days of my general manager run were shoddy to say the least. I, I just feel like I let you guys down, because I promised to be a good and competent general manager of Carnage, and I was for the most part. But I let things slip and when you let things slip in this industry, especially in one of the biggest promotions on the planet well it becomes noticeable, quickly. I aligned with some suspicious characters and made some decisions which weren't in the best interest of you guys, the fans who buy the shows be it at home or come live to see us all perform. I apologise." "The last time I laced up a pair of boots, put on my signature wrestling boots and hopped between the ropes it wasn't a successful run out. You know Slim and I we aligned with a common goal but our ideas didn't come to fruition. In the end I think he was concentrating on the Money in the Bank briefcase a little more than our tag team aspirations, and in truth I can't blame him because ultimately, he did win that briefcase and he made history, when he cashed in on the same night and claimed the BrendenPlayz Heavyweight Championship for himself. It was such a cool moment for him and for the business, although I'm sure the likes of Julius and Arius will tell you differently. Regardless, I now find myself on Valor, in front of the better half of the promotions fans and alongside some of the greats, like Slim and Arius, like the current BrendenPlayz Undisputed champion, and although I wasn't thrilled to be drafted so far down the list it's at least understandable. I haven't been on form and committed to you guys for some time now but ultimately, that's the kick up the backside I needed." "So you're probably thinking.. Sheridan. Why on earth are you coming out to Monda's theme song and tricking us like this? You're not even American, hell, you're not even from the same continent that America resides on. You're right, of course. I am German by birth, and if there's any country on the earth that would be laughed at for claiming they love America, then, Russia aside my home country is probably the brightest bulb in that regard. Again I want to apologise to you all if you feel mislead, if you're Monda super fans, and rightfully so. But the truth of the matter is since I came to America, I've learned and discovered so much, I've had some amazing opportunities both inside and outside of the BrendenPlayz Wrestling ring. I've gone toe-to-toe with some of the all time greats and have acted as both a backstage producer and on-screen general manager in the two years, yes, two years that I have been here. I just wanted to show my appreciation to this awesome country that has provided me with such great memories." "I came here, leaving Europe to sign a BrendenPlayz contract. But I'd like to think that it is so much more than that. It's an immigration story. Flame-haired foreigner comes to America with all these anti-establishment ideas, with the idea that America is this cruel and big big place and the truth couldn't be anything different. From California, to New York and down to Texas this country has some great states, some awesome landmarks. Y'all have been nothing but kind to me and whilst my passport may say that I am German, and my accent might have you believe that too I would love nothing more to be.. A Real American. Someone who fights for you guys and represents you guys in the best wrestling promotion in the world. Someone who looks out for what the audience wants, what matches the people at home would love to see and a woman who works none stop to become like the names I mentioned before, a goddess among gods and a championship holder for the great people of this nation, who believe in me." "So I am no longer sitting on the fence, I am diving into Valor with a positive attitude and a mindset that knows what this new show represents, opportunities, chances to become one of the best and not get lost in the shuffle, I mean, that was half the idea behind bringing the brand split back to BrendenPlayz Wrestling, wasn't it? So that new stars could rise from the ground upward and become something great. So that people like me, like me who have had to claw and scratch to even get recognised, can do something right and have the freedom and space needed not to drown alongside the rest of the layabout bodies at the base of the card. I have spent the last two years forming tag teams with legends and learning from some of the best. I have spent two years scrapping for chances, falling so close, squandering the little opportunities that were presented to me, but no more." "I know that I can become great, that I can earn the right to sit along the Hall of Fame talents in three or four years from now, or however long it takes. Valor drafted me because they might have seen that potential too, I know that I was drafted a little low.. But I will use that as motivation when I go into Mayhem some weeks from now, and I compete for the BrendenPlayz United States Championship and come face-to-face with people like me, wanting to rise up the ranks of this great promotion and become something more than a piece in the puzzle. I am calling my shot with the rifle in my grasp, and I shall not miss. This is a warning that to those who think that championship will be theirs, the woman of America is here, the fan favourite of Valor is back and she will not rest until that title sits among her shoulder, and the great people of this nation have gleeful smiles whilst chanting her glorious name."
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    Here I Am

    BPZ Announcers: "Tonight we will have a special appearance by BrendenPlayz in the ring! He's taking off the suit and finally showing up to explain his actions about Sameer! Let's bring him out". "Birth of the Cruel starts playing but it's quickly obvious that BrendenPlayz is not appearing tonight" BrendenPlayz appears on the Titantron as he is sitting comfortably in his office. "Oh? You really thought I was going to waste my time driving to this dump? I've got better things to do, I'm a busy man these days. I've got a company to run, I don't have time to spare to have each and everyone of you beg for my attention. Speaking of begging for attention, wow Sameer.. I mean really, how desperate are you to see me? I've been handling multi-million dollar business decisions for this company and all I've been told is that you're crying in the ring every week about how bad your injury is. You've been calling me out for weeks now and everyone is tired of hearing it. Listen kid, it's not going to happen. You and I are not in the same league. We are two seperate beasts. I am the creator, I am the master, I am the true star of the Big Ballers. You were a worthless, uninspired, unmotivated little brat that needed every ounce of guidance I could give you to turn your life around. I had Bailey and other top stars telling me to cut you all the time, but I always thought I could save your career. I saw you as a friend Sameer, I really did. You might of even been a little brother to me at one point. The thought of seeing you getting embarassed on TV every week by superior competition was just sad. Your career was just turning into one major disapointment. So I decided to throw you a bone. I got back in the ring for you and you only. I don't care about being champion. If I did, I would've went for the major prize years ago. I got in the ring to try and restore whatever credibility you had left. Sameer, you are the luckiest man in this company. There is nobody else I would've done that for. I gave you everything I had for all of those months. We dominated the tag team division and we will go down as one of the best duos in company history. So where did it all go wrong? Well when you go from being a loser to a winner, you start to gain a little bit of an ego, you start to believe that the words you are saying are actually true. Let's face it, when you told everyone that you were a beast, we all just smiled and pretended to agree just for fun. Nobody actually thinks you're a beast except for you and when you were getting carried by me, you actually thought our success was because of you. Your ego continued to grow and you started to pursue more. You couldn't just be happy with what we had. You had to get greedy. You had to fuel that ego more and more. You eventually went out and captured the world championship. I endorsed you like a good friend would do and I did everything in my power to make sure you would stay champion. But what about us? What did you do about us? Everytime we had a tag match I got a half arsed effort from you. You clearly had no care in our matches. You preserved your energy for the main event later that night. You barely would even want to tag in and if you did you were in and out quicker than a hiccup. You lost interest in us. You forgot what brought you to the dance to begin with. Your ego grew out of control to the point where you no longer had time for your best friend. You spent your evenings partying with all the women that pretended you were great for a night, rather than going over the gameplan for our next match. You lost sight of what truly mattered and that was our team. When I attacked you Sameer that was about reminding you just who the hell I really am. That was about reminding you of your beginnings. Sometimes a man needs to be humbled just to truly realise where they went wrong. I took you out of the game for months in hopes that you would step away from the spotlight and think about what truly matters in this world. All the money, women and power you can get is all irrelevant if at the end of your career you have nobody left. So Sameer, let this be a lesson to you. You deserved what you got. If you even try and find me and seek revenge, trust me, it will only get far worse for you. What I did was just miniscule to what I can truly produce if we ever meet again. Last time I was making sure your injury was temperary. Next time, it will be permanent." The titantron fades to black.
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    “The Antichrist”

    We open Carnage coming off a massive weekend as Bad Blood and Survival Games took place in back to back shows this past weekend, many of BPZ’s stars becoming more and more fatigued as the weeks go on. We are now just three weeks away from the official Survival Games show, which will see Flynn defend his Undisputed Championship against “The Man of the Year”, Echo Wilson as well as “The Antichrist” Necce. Tensions took an all time high this past weekend where Flynn led two brutal assaults on both Necce and Echo, stating that he does in fact plan to defend his championship at whatever cost. To the shock of the crowd, the familiar theme of Slim and Necce hits, the same theme that saw the two enter the arena just earlier this week. However tonight, it appears it is none other then “The Antichrist”. The mood in the arena quickly changes as the white mask is seen under the spinning strobe lights. Smoke surrounds his feet, he stands on the center stage, his head slowly creaking, like a wooden doll, his cold dark eyes peering across the fans in attendance. He doesn’t walk like a man, it’s much slower, more methodical. Every movement feels like a cog in a machine, he maneuvers his way across the stage toward the ramp like a robot. There is never one single spotlight signed onto him, instead the strobe lights continuing only to show flashes of the monster, the darkness clouding his true figure. As he reaches the ring apron, He makes a very slow turn toward the steps, slowly passing the fans in attendance, his eyes not deterring away from the ring. Once in the ring, he motions his way toward the center. Now, his music is cut, there’s a silence in the arena. A spotlight hits “The Antichrist”, but something’s off. He’s smaller, his hair is an entirely different color. He’s not Necce. The imposter seemingly begins to laugh like a mad man before slowly reaching back, and grabbing ahold of the mask on his face. He slowly lifts the mask off...... It is Flynn! With a wild smile on his face, he begins to tear off “The Antichrists” garments until he sports nothing but his wrestling trunks, boots and the Undisputed Championship he managed to keep hidden underneath it all. There’s a massive bit of confusion amount the crowd. The arena is no long sank in darkness, instead the lights return, and the uneasy feeling sat in the BPZ faithful goes away. Flynn now, with a microphone in his hand, speaks. Smoke and mirrors. You sheep, you people will just about buy into anything won’t you? In this ring right now, you see me surrounded by a ripped up costume used to hide a mediocre in-ring talent. Pieces of a costume that you people actually do fear. Pieces of a costume that you people actually believe is in some form not fiction, but a reality. It’s a costume. It’s smoke and it’s mirrors. Just then, I came to this ring and I felt all of your FEAR. Not because of who is under the mask, but because of the mask itself. You.... FEAR Necce. You aren’t alone. For weeks I’ve been warned by those closest to be to steer away from messing with this guy. I’ve been told that it is just going to end very badly for me. They told me I was going to get hurt. I have experienced more pain in this ring then any of you people will ever truly realize. I’ve inflicted that much more. This “Antichrist” persona, it’s a joke. A clown act capitalizing on the recent media trends of scary clowns. Whether it was It last month or the Joker in two weeks. Necce is playing upon the real fears of the current world. He is not an actual scary clown. He is a bottom feeding pig who doesn’t deserve an Undisputed Championship shot in the first place. The biggest joke of it all is, there are those in the locker room that do fear him. There are those in the locker room that would run away from the exact position I am in. I’m not running away. I’m running towards you Necce. I started this journey as Undisputed Champion to do what? Save BPZ. Save it from the false idols, save it from the commercialism. Save it from the phony clowns who hide behind gimmicks because they fail to do exactly what I do on a week to week basis AND TELL THE TRUTH. I AM BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BECAUSE UNLIKE EVERYONE IN THIS COMPANY, I AM NOT A COWARD! Flynn begins panting heavily. He pauses from his monologue, and begins pacing the ring. His face reads like a book, he is upset, angry, and maybe even, fearful? He pauses back in the middle of the ring. Before slowly lifting his Undisputed Championship up to eye level. He stares at it, his symbol of excellence, the very championship he has gone to war for on multiple occasions this past year. He lowers it, bringing the microphone back up and once again, continuing to speak. I have received a lot of flack in the past for picking on those beneath me. However for this entire past year I have chased the spotlight. I have chased the biggest matches. Bailey at Night of Legends. Bart the night after the Royal Rumble. Julius at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. Bailey in THE MAIN EVENT OF BPZ Mania. The Big Baller Brand at World at War. Bart at the Power Trip Cup. Jonathan at King of the Ring. Julius again at Emergence. Bart AGAIN AT SUMMERSLAM. I WAS IN MONEY IN THE BANK FOR A FIGHT! There’s been NO ONE WHO HAS HAD A TOUGHER SCHEDULE THEN ME THIS YEAR, NO ONE WHO HAS COMPETED AGAINST A STRING OF OPPONENTS LIKE I HAVE THIS YEAR. Yet this clown once to question who I face? Who has this clown faced? Necce’s final match was against a rookie named Bob, and no offense to Bob BUT WHO THE HELL WAS BOB. And he beat you Necce. Bob kicked your ass. Before that? You failed to beat Bart at BPZ Mania, a man I have victimized on three separate occasions this year. Before that? You defeated..... young NXT talent Jason Ryan. What a year Necce. You want to talk about being a hypocrite? You are hiding behind a mask. You are feeding lies to these sheep. More importantly, you are creating the image of a FALSE GOD! I do not fear you Necce. I refuse to show you that. Hell Necce, you aren’t even the second best in-ring talent in this match. Echo Wilson finds himself as the odd man out in a bout between former brothers. Echo, haven’t you always been the odd man out of the bunch? Whether that was your pathetic little stint in the Kingdom, which saw you become BPZ’s biggest disappointment in its history. At Bad Blood I put on Necce’s stupid mask and I did exactly what “The Antichrist” does. I showed up, I sank fear into Echo, and then I kicked his helpless ass. It was further proof of just how much of a joke this act is. A sneak attack, it’s one thing. Cutting off the lights, the loud sounds. The following strobe lights. It creates confusion, uneasiness, FEAR. I sank fear into you Echo just as Necce has looked to do to each of us prior. It’s all to soften the meat. You sink fear into your prey, and they are helpless to your mercy. I showed no mercy for Necce at Bad Blood. I showed no mercy for Echo Wilson at Bad Blood. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY FOR EITHER AT SURVIVAL GAMES! I see through the smoke and mirrors. I see through “The Antichrist” and I see through this stupid little gimmick. Riddled with stupid catchphrases, pathetic little pony acts, and all written up by a psychopathic son of a bitch. I will expose him, and then there will be no question as to who is the man of the year. Flynn drops his microphone, lifting the Undisputed Championship high above his head. A message sent directly to Necce and Echo, the Champion plans to keep his monicker longer then they’d hope.
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    We come off a short break, We are 15 Minutes into the 5 Way for the World Championship Match in the Royal Farms Arena, The Bailey vs Brad vs Bashka vs Blade vs Josh. Brad, Josh, and Blade have been in knocked down to the outside of the ring. Josh being put through a table and Blade jumping from a ladder on to Brad. Taking Brad but also taking himself out. Bailey and Bashka Stare down at each other. As this rivalry, this hatred for one an another has been stemming since 2015. The Crowd goes crazy seeing them stare down each other. They then start trading punches at one another back and forth However, Bashka would fall down after a massive strike from The Bailey. The Bailey picks Bashka put off the floor and say to him " You ready for another ass whooping" The Bailey hits Bashka with a GOAT BOTTOM! THE BAILEY GOES FOR THE PIN 1....2... NO Brad breaks it up after jumping off the ropes saving the match! Everyone is down! Nobody is on their feet to take advantage of everyone being down. The Bailey is able to get to the corner of the turnbuckle to rest on. WHAT THE HELL? Sameer MUSIC HITS AND HE'S RUNNING DOWN TO THE RING? HE HANDS THE REF HIS MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE THE BAILEY WHO IS LEANING ON THE TURNBUCKLE LOOKS SHOCKED! His own friend is cashing in on him in the middle of this match! Ladies and Gentlemen this is now a 6 Man Match. Sameer has just entered himself IN! The Bailey is able to get up to his feet using the ropes. Sameer and Him just look at each other for a couple of seconds. The Bailey Irish wipes Sameer into the ropes Sameer bounces off the ropes and hits him with a clothesline! Josh get into the ring and goes for a roll-up on Sameer however being that Sameer is fresh and has just entered the match, He counters the roll-up into a SUPERKICK! Blade finally is able to recover from his crazy ladder stunt and walking straight into a SUPERKICK BY SAMEER! The Bailey comes running at Sameer and hits him with an IMPACT! Sameer quickly rolls out the ring, So The Bailey can't take advantage of it. Brad who has been on the outside recovering while all the action has been happening in the ring finally is able to get into the ring and goes to strike The Bailey, But The Bailey counters into a GOAT BOTTOM HOLD UP, Sameer comes into the ring behind The Bailey and swipes his feet putting him on his knees. SAMEER HITS THE BAILEY WITH A CURBSTOMP But Bailey with a VETERAN MOVE, He quickly rolls out the ring before Sameer would be able to pin him. Sameer would turn his attention to Brad who was just recently hit with a GOAT Bottom is still trying to recover from it when SAMEER HITS HIM WITH A CURB STOMP. HE QUICKLY GOES FOR THE PIN ON BRAD 1...2...3... SAMEER IS THE NEW BRENDENPLAYZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! Sameer would quickly run with the BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Championship to the entrance ramp. In shock, as he realizes he is the new world champion of BRENDENPLAYZ. The cameras fade out as we end Judgment Day with Mr. Money In The Bank Sameer cashing in and winning his first ever BPZ World Championship.
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    Only mere days after a catastrophic event that saw long-time BPZ Superstar and 2019 Hall Of Fame inductee, Brad, at the receiving end of a cold-blooded shooting, we are met with a panning view across the same city, Detroit. As the location is narrowed down, the camera pans across the immaculate MGM Grand Detroit hotel. Then, we are met by a beautiful view across Detroit, with the Detroit Metro Airport as the focal point, but as the camera zooms out, it reveals that we are indeed in a suite in the hotel, a penthouse suite no less. As the zooming-out continues, we pass over the shoulder of one-half of the current BPZ Tag Team Champions, Eli Smith, before the camera then comes to a stop, with a smiling Eli in the frame. You know what? By this time, I thought you would have given up. By this time, I thought you guys would have realized, Creed beats BulletProof. Honestly, I’m tired of having to face you guys month in and month out- From out of the camera's shot, Bart can be heard as he interrupts Smith, correcting him, as the two now go back-and-forth, jokingly, mocking the clear similarities between the BulletProof and Mafia factions. Bart: Wait, did you just say BulletProof? Yeah, why? What? Bart: It's the Mafia that we’re facing, Slim and Amai, not BulletProof. Mafia? What? Did they just change the name because I swear I’m looking at the exact same thing? They’re a faction split into two groups with the best competitor in the whole stable being Ropati, is that not BulletProof? Are you sure? Wow, I guess realistically I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not exactly against the norm for Slim to copy Flynn. After all, where did Slim steal the ‘King’ nickname from? Where did he get the strategy of forming group after group to keep himself relevant? Yeah, so I guess there’s no reason he wouldn’t copy the BulletProof formula as well. Taking a moment to recompose himself and reintroduce a core seriousness to his tone, Smith begins to stroll throughout the penthouse suite, showcasing its extravagance. Really though, I don’t think you can blame me for the confusion. Every time I see Slim making noise, it’s coming from his mouth but it doesn’t sound like him. I saw that cute little video Slim and Amai made mocking Dyads, calling it boring and stale, funnily enough just like Flynn also did in the build-up to our match at BPZMania. To see the two of you waste your time pointing out how boring you thought the Dyads series was, it truly made me laugh, the arrogance shown was unbelievable. It was a series focused on history, of course, it’s not going to be the most thrilling or vigorous action but that’s what we get day-in and day-out here in BPZ. Constantly, I see the same stories recycled, the same tempo maintained, so Bart and I slowed it down, giving the viewers a break from the same thing they see every week and instead, gave them some knowledge, an insight into some of the greatest tag teams in BPZ history as we then went on to solidify ourselves as the greatest tag team in BPZ history on the grandest stage of them all. Most importantly though, we did something original, a word that could never be used for the likes of yourselves, Slim and Amai. Whatever though, continue your parodies as you please, because although it’s clear you’re trying to embarrass us, the whole thing was one just really cringe forced joke. I get it, looking back at history isn’t always the most exciting but it’s twelve-year-olds I expect to make a case like that, not two fully grown men. Watching that, aside from cringing at your attempts to insult us and your constant forced laughs at your own terrible jokes, I could see in your face that you knew that whole parade was absolute dogshit and I don’t blame you. If I spent the majority of my career trying to be like others, copying ideas from whoever’s hot at the time, and then spent hours in a shoot, parodying a series that built to the pinnacle of the history of the tag team division and the moment that solidified the champions as the greatest of all-time, I wouldn’t be completely sure about it myself either. Constantly, I see Slim trying to leech off of the momentum of others, take the attention away from the up-and-coming superstars by putting them underneath him, which makes it all so much more hilarious that out of everything Legacy Of Violence said against us, he decided to use the point that they made, claiming that we needed momentum provided to us by Slim at earlier points in our career as if he didn’t gain from being apart of Order or having you by his side. Slim, if you really want to act as you gave me momentum that I needed, then there’s no point in us going back and forth because that is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. Whilst you were barely even a second thought in this company, I was being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Although I’m not deluded, of course, since then, you’ve rocketed through the rankings and stand as one of the greatest of all-time but looking at you, it’s clear that you need a reality check. It’s clear that you need someone to tell you the truth, the truth that is if you continue with the way you're going, never in your career will you be named as the number one of all-time here in BPZ. Why? Because a man who depends on stealing from others will forever be lesser than those who make their own. For as long as you continue to watch, admire, and replicate the best of BPZ, the trending topics of mainstream media, and the acclaimed figures of the entertainment world, you can never truly be number one. For too long, I’ve seen you rinse the same formula. For too long, I’ve seen you manipulate the fresh crop of superstars into doing your dirty work. For too long, the time you should be spending in the gym, you’ve been in offices talking your way through situations. Instead of breaking through barriers and kicking down doors, you’ve found success in the slipstream of others and walked the path that those before you have paved. Now, coming to a stop as he enters the main lounge of the suite and joins his tag team partner, co-champion, and Creed brother, Bart, Smith takes a seat on a chair a couple of meters away from Bart who sits on one similar. With Bart by his side and their championship belts propped up on a table between them, Smith closes out his monologue. As a tag team, Bart and I have made a point of elevating this division, we’ve set the bar of tag team wrestling higher than ever before and I’m not just talking about breaking championship records. Whilst holding these titles, we could’ve made it extremely boring just like your record-setting reign as world champion that saw next to no competition but instead, we pushed for more, we wanted to keep the fans entertained and the division lively. With millions of eyes glued onto us heading into BPZMania, the greatest stage of them all, we took the opportunity to commemorate those tag teams before us who paved the way but don’t get it twisted, you can very well bet that however long of a path they paved, we’ve made that shit ten times as long. For a tag team to become as great as we are today, it is a damn long road, one that the two of you certainly won’t make it to the end of because Amai, if you didn’t realize, your partnership with Slim has an expiration date, one that he’ll make sure he decides. All that heir to the throne malarkey, it’s just to keep you suckered in. Any potential you have, he only cares about it because it helps give him momentum when he’s got rising stars under his banner. Having you in the Inner Circle, it’s just a way to help his own relevancy and on the chance that you do become a huge star, it allows him to feed his ego by naming you as his creation. Therefore, when you come face-to-face with the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history, realize that you can’t depend on your partner and that you’re in much deeper water than you realized with no buoyancy aid to keep you afloat. When you go two-on-two with the number one tag team in the world today, it’s going to sink in that you don’t belong in a bout for the tag team championships. At Revelation, whilst the top champions in BPZ today are beating your ass, alongside the physical pain, you’re going to start feeling pain deep down as you start feeling really lonely and realize that Slim doesn’t give a single fuck about you. Then, you’re really going to open your eyes and realize where you are, stuck between a deceptive asshole holding a knife to your back and a well-oiled machine that has dominated BPZ for the past six months. (response planned)
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    "The Beast"

    During a Carnage show from the great country of Belgium. The Bailey appears up on the Tiatantron. He is sitting in a Chair, looking down, Hands together. Air Pods in. He is Sweating after what looks like to be a Hard Workout he had at some Belgium Gym. He then takes the Air Pods off. Looks at the Camera, looks back down a begins to speak but in low low tone I've been down and out before. Counted out. Back against the Wall. Momentum going against. I've been been stabbed in the back before. Betrayed so many times. Flynn now Sameer. Using me as a pawn to rasie the level of there careers. Yeh I've been here before. Yeh. Bailey then looks straight up into the Camera. He throws the Chair alway and Starts pacing back and forth. FINALLY....... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO Brussels, Beeeeeellllllllgium. The Bailey is loving the Great country of Belgium. The People are amazing. The food is Amazing. The WAFFLES are amazing. It's like Belgium and Bailey belong together. Bailey and Belgium. BB. We are just getting Started. The Bailey is out here on this European Tour. We heading to King of The Ring from Wembley Stadium. Where The Chump. Snakemeer will go one on one with The Great One. The Most ELECTRIFYING man in all of Sports Entertainment. The absolutely Positively GOAT of BPZ wrestling. Now the last time The Bailey and Sameer met up in the ring. The 3 Time Bitch cheap shotted me. The Bailey could never imagine Sameer. Someone The Bailey considered a Best Friend even go that low to jump me. The Man wins one World Championship and he thinks hes King Kong. No respect. After all The Bailey and Sameer have been through. For him to do this. To do this is unbelievable and shows the real kinda person Sameer is. The Bailey at one point would of put his life on the line for Sameer. He could of been the Best man as The Baileys wedding. We succeeded together as Big Baller Brand. Together we ran this company. Together we won War Games. And he just goes and throws it all the way for what. A Month in the spotlight. A week of Glory? A One Night Moment? The Bailey respected you. The Bailey was amazed by you and how you rose to the top. A Canadian Indian who was a nobody and became something. But all that went to shit when you took the cheap way out to get to the top. Now, im sorry sameer. The Bailey is so so sorry. But The Bailey is gonna have to bring you down. The Bailey is gonna have to crush you. The Bailey never ever wanted to do have to do this. The Bailey never wanted this. But The Bailey is going to have to end you and break your little heart at King of The Ring. You got your moment. You got your night of Fame. You get to be World Champion for a month. The Bailey hopes it was all worth it in the end. A broken Friendship in the end. The Bailey loved you like a brother but now The Baileys gotta put the little puppy down. This is The Bailey's pride, Legacy on the line here. The Bailey will not let you get away with what you did. BECAUSE....... What are you doing here The Bailey pauses as the Camera shifts to what appears to be a little Indian boy Sameer what in the blue hell are you doing here. Boy in a little sqeaky voice: IMA BEAST Sameer that doesn't explain why your here. Don't make The Bailey come over there and Smack you across the head. Take my Boot turn that bitch sideways and shove it right up your Candy Ass! Boy: YOU THOUGHT. YOU THOUGHT. IMA A BEAST. IMA BIG BALLER BABY What did you just say? Boy: IMA BEA...... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU ARE . IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT YOU ARE THE WORLD CHAMPION. YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO THE BAILEY. YOU ARE A LITTLE KID COMPARED TO THE BAILEY. Seriously Shitmeer. Do you know how to say anything else besides (in a mimicking voice) IMA BEAST. HUH ANYTHING? Boy: IMA BIG BALL......... SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND KNOW YOUR ROLE. The Bailey doesn't give a damn what you think you are or who you are anymore. You can be Snakemeer, Shitmeer, 3 Time Bitch. Jabornimeer. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Because come July 28th from Wembley Stadium in front of the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Bailey fans. You will be only remembered for Things. Not that (in a mimicking voice) You're a Best. But for 2 Things. One: You got your ass handed to you by the GREAT ONE. And 2: You are and Always will be The Bailey's little bitch. Now get the Hell out of here before The Bailey takes your trailer park piece of crap ass and sends you on down to the Smackdown Hotel in room 217 with Bulldozer. Little Sameer quicky runs out of the Room. BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING The Tiatantron fades to Black as the show continues on
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    We open Carnage coming off the crazy pay per view Judgment Day. Where we saw championships change, great matches and the most shocking of the night Sameer cashing in his money in the bank briefcase in the middle of a 5-way match defeating The Bailey, Josh, Brad, Blade, and Bashka. Making him the new BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion and a Triple Crown Champion. After Judgment Day, Sameer has been on a couple of media shows such as Good Day and Good Morning America. Sameer's music would hit in Madison Square Garden as the fans are hyped to see the new World Heavyweight Champion and Triple champion. Sameer would make his entrance towards the ring as he screams "Triple Champ Baby" as He has the World Heavyweight Championship on his waist, The Premium Championship on his right shoulder and one half of the tag team championship on his left shoulder. He is greeted to most fans cheering for him but there can be heard some boos from some fans due to either cashing in on his friend or being cocky. Sameer would enter the ring posing for the fans and the camera. He picks up the microphone that was left in the ring for him and begins to speak to the Madison Square Garden audience. I am the World Heavyweight Champion... If you told me when I returned in December that in around 7 months, I would be world champion. I wouldn't have believed it at all. I came back with little hopes. At best I thought maybe Brenden and I would be Tag Champs for a little while. But I stand here as BrendenPlayz World Champion, Premium Champion and one half of the Tag Champs. I stood in this ring 7 months ago being undervalued, underused. Being called talent wasted, washed. Being disrespected by people I was clearly better than. I have to thank Brenden for this though. He brought me back to BPZ. After I thought my career was over. It's about damn time is what I was told after I won it backstage and I couldn't agree with that statement anymore. Let's not forget about this beauty either though Sameer holds up the Premium Championship which he won at Judgement Day from the former champion FDS. In a Triple Threat match against FDS and Oddsey Seller. At Judgement Day I reclaimed the championship that made my career what it is today. I took it off FDS's hands in the opening match of the night and I mean let's be honest who thought that he was gonna win. You know I've just begone to realize when being a Triple Champ. Your schedule is very busy. The Flight from Baltimore to New York, Doing Good Morning America, Representing this Company. At King of the Ring, I will have to defend two out of my 3 championships and Brenden and I will learn who is going to face us for the tag championships at Powertrip Emergence. This is the best time to be a BrendenPlayz Wrestling fan a lot of shows are coming up and new stars with the King Of the Ring Tournament starting up soon. I am at the peak of my career after so long. After clawing up from the bottom to the top. From a nobody Canadian that entered the company with no plans of success to a Triple Crown Champion. To everyone watching in that locker room. You are going to have to kill me before you take one of these belts from me. I saw my opportunity to strike and win gold so I took it. At Judgement Day, I started off the show and I also ended it and trust me there is many more of that to come because now I am the face of BrendenPlayz.
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    The Gamble of a Lifetime

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another year, another King of the Ring PPV in the books. The BPZ fanbase are eager to see just where the company goes in the aftermath where several long awaited and cathartic champion wins occurred. Carnage and Valor are entering new chapters of their tales. Carnage sees the theme of KENJI, the Golden Supernova blast through the arena. While he was not on the King of the Ring card, the Carnage audience have been anticipating where he will go after his return to the brand. Through the loud chorus of cheers KENJI emerges through the curtain with a smile. There is a couple of scuffs and marks on his face from the bar encounter with Death Riders, but otherwise, KENJI has been able to clean up pretty well, in his usual style of wearing a suit to the ring, but slightly less casual than for formal press conferences or interviews. KENJI smiles as he takes the microphone and enters the ring, a small hint of excitement in his expression, as well as the slight spring in his step. Despite the attack from Death Riders, and the reveal that Buddy Ace has joined their ranks, doesn't seem to have dampened the Golden Supernova's spirits. KENJI: "For the longest time, since November last year, some of the very best in this company have come to be for a challenge. To test their mettle, rise and flourish on the way to superstardom. For a while I was in that position, scratching and clawing for when that opportunity to shine came, in whatever form it took. It's taken me a long time to admit, and to accept, that looking up to the lights isn't the end. It answer was right there in my career here in BPZ. It took me so long to realise it, but my star kept burning brighter even in defeat. I was able to finally reach that point where others would look to me as their chance to reach that next level. But, when you're stuck at that level, it's a position that can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. FDS was able to finally break through that highest ceiling at King of the Ring". To see someone that I have the utmost respect for in the ring achieve that...it's inspiring. Reinvigorating. Yes I lost to him in the PowerTrip Cup, but his rise has shown me what I had forgotten from last year, showed me how to really feel the adrenaline of the chase again. I haven't felt that in a long time. When I lost my title, and bowed out of PTC, I didn't know if I could get that drive back. FD-Gun showed me that I wasn't the only one who felt they needed to be rising up the ladder, not falling down. When you're seen as a star...expected to be a star....but come up short for so long, it's hard to see yourself out of the light that is shone on you by the company. It's time to put my career right, and finally not sell myself short". "It's been a while since I've been on the chasing end, but now, I'm on that road, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Made me see that I truly thrive on the backfoot, with my back to the wall. When you're behind the curve on your expectation like me, you need to make a statement to really bring the wheels into motion. Reach that higher level. The highest level. My peers have found their own paths to that success, and it's time that I do the same. What better way of reaching the upper echelons of BPZ than reaching for one of the highest peaks in the company". "This is about elevation. This is about finally betting on myself. We're going to be taking the biggest gamble that you can in BPZ, with nothing held back. We're gonna be playing against the house. What could that be?.....could it be a current champion? Could it be someone who truly is seen as the next big thing? No, this is bigger than that. I'm here to face a real icon, a symbol that is synonymous with BPZ. Someone whose career is as star-studded as I can only imagine mine to be. They've reached the highest of heights and been able to stay there. Been able to wear the crown six times, and someone who I've actually been in the ring before. But now, I want it to be just you and me...." "I wasn't able to get onto the card for the event last year, but now, we're challenging the Immortal face of BPZ. We've been on a collision course from the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament, and since your Outlaw decided to face me. The chips are down....and we're finally here...." "Bailey! I challenge you to a match at Summerslam!" The crowd in attendance gasp in shock followed by an eruption of cheers and chants as KENJI makes his defiant statement, only for the Death Riders' theme to hit, KENJI calmly looking around for a potential group attack like last time, the intensity from his words still simmering in his eyes as he looks to the stage. (reply planned) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    No One Man (Season 2: Reprisal)

    No One Man - Prologue ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I wonder what it would feel like to have been born twenty years earlier, being born completely normal just like everybody else… maybe have some loving parents, grow up playing football and baseball or whatever the fuck. I think I’d go to some parties and shit, you know, live a fun life; movies, dances, that whole nine yards, maybe even kiss someone. Ok, maybe I was stretching things now, but it was pretty cool to imagine. The dream always came to a screeching halt when I got back to the present, it morphed into more of a nightmare actually. Just a normal person living in this world? That was its own hell. I mean it’s not that I’m opposed to the good practitioners of hard work, no shortcuts and all, but that kinda drags. I don’t think I’d really enjoy getting stepped on by some superpowered prick. Or enhanced prick, I don’t know the politically correct term. I could imagine myself freaking out when they started popping out of mothers, all those kids with powers would be so fucking freaky. I paused my thought train for a second as I massaged my right, a glove fitted over it, feeling the veiny ripples pushing the satin out. I needed to refocus, I didn’t have too many windows to strike. I peeked around the corner to see the bustling crowd moving down the sidewalk, I didn’t have the greatest line of sight. I took a moment, making sure my glove was fitted correctly, then pulled my hood down tighter, entering the crowd. I pushed against the crowd, peering through it trying to find any group of ill-boding individuals. I finally saw a rumbling slicing through the crowd, and low and behold was the man I was like eighty percent sure was the mark, I should pay closer attention to the dossiers. I maneuvered towards the street, making sure to not lose sight of him as took a seat on the hood of a car, stuffing my gloved hand in my pocket. He approached, coming closer and closer without noticing me. His name was Meko or something, I just remembered that he was normally addressed as Happy Feet, like The Penguin. The name fit, I watched as he threw a tantrum to get through the crowd, standing head and shoulders below everybody else. He’d also just kicked a nasty Juul addiction apparently, he fancied mango especially. He was finally close enough to touch, I quickly drew a Juul out of my pockets, quickly taking a puff and exhaling it right into his face. His head turned first, his glare was accompanied by a fully formed scowl. His two boyfriends also paused, trying to find out what had pissed him off this time. He finally pivoted towards me, marching towards me as I played clueless, taking another hit and exhaling it into his path once again. He stopped in his tracks, along with seemingly the rest of the traffic on that sidewalk. I stole glances at him between looking every which way, acting as if I didn’t even know he existed. I could see the fury pulsing through him, the anger coursing through every vein of his body. He wanted to be taken so seriously, from the three-piece suit to freshly gelled hair. Maybe he was on his way to a big meeting with a connect, or off to fuck a prostitute, he was in constant need for respect. Well, that and a mango Juul pod. That’s why he’d let this slight pass, and why he was gonna ask me to take a walk with him. “Hey, kid, can I get a hit?” Happy Feet asked. I looked at him and shrugged, holding it out towards him. He frantically shook his head, scanning the crowd. “Walk with me, told my wife I kicked the habit.” This time I shook my head, looking at the two men flanking him before again shaking my head. “Sorry, I’ve heard of stranger danger,” I offered. He snarled at the remark and began to consult the goons that surrounded him, I caught something about watching for his wife and kicking ass, I tried my hardest to conceal my smile, deciding to take another hit to stop the spread of the expression, I just love a good plan coming together. After some protests, the men walked away. I’d assume they’d dismissed me as a threat, which wasn’t the craziest thing. I wouldn’t describe my physique as menacing, I looked like a beanpole under modest clothing, with a build similar to any high school track runner. I’d cloaked myself in a baggy hoodie and jacket, my Adidas sweats and vans weren’t much in the way intimidation. The two stole one final glance before disappearing back into the crowd. Happy Feet motioned for me to follow him. I pushed off the hood and began to walk with him. I drifted back to the question that was plaguing me. How could anyone adapt to such a radical change in the way the world works, with the idea of power shifted to who was born the strongest, not who could manipulate the rules enough to sit at the top. Every idea of power crumbled, everything so on edge. Presidents were put in the grave because nobody could stop all the freaks being born into the world. The last thing people needed was a push towards the extreme, this was fucking setting fire to the world and letting everybody try to figure it out, one power after the other. It was a shitshow to watch, that’s what made it so much more fun. Then here I was, dousing the fire with unfiltered gasoline and watching it grow. I was just kinda bored, at least this way I got to watch everything unfold. Those were the perks of not existing, I always got the best seat in the house. We finally neared the alley, pulling me out of my thoughts. We turned a corner, out of sight to anybody who was minding their own business. I was glad I didn’t live in New York. Happy didn’t seem done yet, ducking behind a dumpster to be completely out of sight, he seemed serious about that wife thing. I pressed towards him until he starting nodding, finally content. He gestured for the Juul. He seemed to inhale the vapor forever, he started reddening, veins protruded from his forehead. Finally, a mere century later, he exhaled, letting a number of clouds form in front of him, accompanied by a fit of coughs. “What’s with the glove, Michael Jackson?” he asked through the coughs, jabbing a finger towards my gloved hand. “It’s a condition,” I began as I slowly peeled the glove off, slowly unveiling the offsetting sight. Black spots spread across my palm like freckles, existing in about every spot where skin was still present. The rest of my palm was coated in blisters, forming all the way up to my wrist. The back didn’t provide a prettier sight. Besides the missing epidermis, cracked fingernails, and burn residue, it looked like acid had scorched the long, outstretched hand. The sight horrified Happy Feet, who audibly gasped, I didn’t look to see the disgust form on his face, I just examined the hand like I had time and time before, and wondered what would’ve happened if I was born a normal person. “The fuck is wrong with it?” he demanded, I looked to see the horror spread on his face at the ghastly sight. He’d probably spit at it if he didn’t just make his throat a barren desert. I shrugged at the question, stretching my hand and curling my fingers, imagining that it was normal. I faced Happy Feet again, letting a small smile creep across my lips. “Well recently? I kill people with it.” He was paralyzed temporarily, only his eyes reacting to what I’d just said. I think he wanted to do anything in response to what I’d just said, but it likely dawned on him that he had willingly walked himself to his own execution because of mango vapor. I could almost see the aura of fear that towered over him, gripping him tighter and tighter. All fight had evaporated in an instant. “I take it you know who I am, you should know my rules, first is--” He finally shook out of his trance, reaching towards the inside of his coat, presumably for a gun. He didn’t even have any powers, I really didn’t see how this was a good use of my talents… well, at least the check cleared. I sprung into action as well, in a flash I reached my right hand out, snatching the wrist closest to his person and prying it away from his coat. Unfortunately, this time I’d fallen into his hands, caught me with an open palm to the ribs, I could feel a chilled grip squeezing my insides, he was pretty good after all, almost had me. I released his wrist and stepped out of his reach, looking down at my left ribcage and seeing a block of ice attached to me, it was pretty fucking cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the cold, I placed my right on the block and watched it dissipate instantly, reduced to soot on the ground. I looked back at Happy Feet, and saw the fight drain from him away, as he muttered protests, in absolute disbelief. I couldn’t contain the smile much longer. “Now it’s your turn,” I said, with a toothy grin finally appearing on my face. The cuff of his designer suit was the first to melt away, I saw the ripples form on his wrist, extending out to his fingertips as if it was another vein, black spots subsequently appeared on his skin, spreading up and down until they were present on his entire person. I walked towards him, looking to get my Juul back, I really didn’t want to go looking for it in his ashes. He swung his right hand at me again, I continued forward, snapping my fingers and not breaking my gait, his hand disintegrated before he could bat an eye, the ash was caught in the wind and flew out. I closed the remaining distance, placing my left hand on his mouth before he could let out a cry. “No yelling please, that was gonna be rule one,” I demanded, rather annoyed. I dropped my left from his mouth, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the Juul. I pulled it back to my lips and took a puff, before depositing it in my pocket. “Any last words?” I asked as I grabbed my glove off the ground, shaking off the dirt that now coated it. “Who are you?” He managed out as piece by piece as his arms began to be reduced to nothing but specks. “Wh-- who sent you?” “Really? What a waste of last words. Do you actually care who I am? I mean, that’s a really difficult question, I think the rumors about me say I don’t actually exist, so do I even get a name? I guess that makes me a deadman? Zombie, how does that sound for a name? I kinda like it.” I paused to take another hit, blowing it out through my nose this time. “And who sent me? You’re about to die, what does it matter? I don’t really know who sent me, doesn’t matter to me anyway, he’ll probably be dead within a week too. Anything else you would like to say instead?” “You fucking bastard I’ll--” He reached out towards me again, I snapped my fingers again while putting the Juul to my lips, I shook my lips, I really wished he could’ve said anything remotely cool. Welp, you win some you lose some. “That’s enough of you,” I said, inhaling a cloud of vapor then raising my right a final time, snapping my fingers and seeing the mound of ash carry into the sky. I looked up as the remnants of Happy Feet floated every which way, filtering into the Atlanta skyline alongside billows of smoke. I slipped my hand back into its glove, massaging it as I walked back out into the busy street. I melted into the crowd, unable to shake off the thought any longer. “Those were some shitty last words.”
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    The first Carnage of the new brand split is then filled with the tones of a wrestler who hasn't been seen on BPZ programming since his successful title retention at BPZ Mania V. "Rising Dragon" plays as the crowd's murmuring swirls to life as KENJI, the North American Champion emerges from behind the curtain. He is greeted with applause and cheers from the BPZ fans in attendance, his brief absence cultivating an anticipation regarding his return. The North American Champion walks down to the ring, the prestigious title around his waist as he grabs a microphone from a ringside assistant. He climbs up onto the apron, and shares a look with the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion before stepping through the ropes. KENJI walks towards the new Carnage general manager before removing his entrance mask, and unclipping the North American Championship from his waist to display it to the crowd. Returning to face Julius, KENJI brings the microphone to his lips, taking a small pause to consider his words before the GM. KENJI: "Stepping out of the shadows, huh? I suppose that's one way of putting it, Julius. It helps when their is only one cloud in the sky, that being my North American Championship, the one title that matters across any brand in BPZ. But, you already knew that, Julius. In the aftermath of the draft, you find yourself with only one championship belt under your roof. A lesser man would say that is risk enough, wouldn't you? But, ever dripping with conviction, Julius. That's something we can see eye-to-eye on. After months of carefully tending to this championships prestige, and my own, I must say it's nice for that work to finally be appreciated. I didn't expect to be the subject of such an all-in draft strategy from you, but it's not unwelcome". "Since November, I have ran the gauntlet of challengers for this title, and become pretty damn good at it. Sure, I didn't have quite the meteoric rise that someone such as yourself, or your client. But, once this championship is around my waist, there is no getting rid of it. Praise as much as you want, Julius, but there is no guarantee that I will take. At least, not from you. Stardom might be in your plans for me, but I walk that road myself. As I always have". "After Survival Games, you showed me first hand what a real main event star is capable of. What being in the spotlight can really make someone do. A lesser man might say that you created what you see now. But make no mistake, Julius, I created me. You might see me as the future of Carnage, but you're not the one I seek the favour of, not anymore. You might have the ear of others, but as I'm sure you know, I'm not that kind of creature". KENJI stares at Julius for a moment before continuing, his gaze eventually turning to the championship belt now perched over his shoulder. KENJI: "Take this for example, the North American Championship is the most prestigious title in this entire company. An aura that I have built since day one of this title's life. This time last year, at World at War to be exact. Established to a degree to lead a show, a headlining act, as you put it. You can disagree with me if you want. But the fact that I am the only champion drafted to Carnage, speaks that deep down, you see that too. As a well decorated champion in the past you of all people would know, the champion makes the title. By their performance as champion, and the competition they are able to fend off to retain their throne. I have made this title. It is undisputedly the top title in BPZ. So, General Manager, if you'd please entertain my upcoming question...." "......Who is my challenger for Carnage's top title, The North American Championship?" The crowd's anticipation is almost at a fever pitch as KENJI awaits his response. (Reply Planned)
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    The scene opens with a dark night sky gazing above as the camera cuts to a campfire. You can see the sparks coming from the flames, while seeing the trees hidden in the background. Suddenly Hans appears, coming out of the shadow and standing right in front of the fireplace. His eyes look 100% stoned as he begins to speak. I see how it is Isaiah Carter, bringing in an icon like Nebakos just so you can defeat me and my boys. You are a weak individual my friend. The fact that you had to bring in someone like Neb just shows how much you fear Bob, FD, and myself. I’m bound to fail? Didn’t you just fail right in front of my eyes? You should know what failure truly means. While I’m on the top as your Undisputed Champion, you failed on the biggest stage, your chance at this title gone just like that. Now it's much more than the title I possess. It's much more than that. It’s about everything that led up to this moment. It’s about hatred, disdain, and most of all a war. This is a War that I created, and I’ll be the one to end it. War Games, a structure so vile, it truly changes you, it’s an environment so unique that only a few could truly walk in and out of this said structure all well and good. Hans takes a moment to look around his surroundings before he continues on. Buddy Ace, is that your new guy now? I mean just like that you replace me with someone like him. I mean he can relate to you, he lost at the biggest stage as well, so there’s something you two can bond about right there. Buddy Ace in my opinion is good, he can go far and wide in BPZ but he made one huge mistake that’s going to cost him everything, aligning himself with you, Isaiah Carter. Any friend of yours is an enemy of mine, and I wish Buddy wasn’t on your side because he’s going down to the depths of hell along with you. I mean he could have beaten Kenji at BPZ Mania, he could have, but he didn’t. He failed his quest, just like how you failed yours. Now all you want is to truly defeat me, that's your true aspiration now but what if I told you that isn’t going to happen, what if you don’t even lay a finger on me in this match? What will you do then. I have nothing to lose, you NEED to defeat me and that will cause your entire demise at World at War. Hans looks at the camera before he gives a sickening smile to the viewers. He then brings his attention to Bic’s mystery partner, Nebakos. Now speaking about Nebakos, I have heard many things about you, you are a Hall of Famer, a true legend in BPZ returning to his friend Isaiah Carter. Nebakos is this what you want your return match to be? Lying down on the floor, bloodied and bruised whilst the aftermath of war games kicks in. I don’t need to talk about your past, to be quite honest, I don’t give a shit what you’ve done years ago. Maybe you still have what it takes, that’s why I’m not underestimating you. There's a reason why you held the world title several times, there's a reason why you have been so successful. Maybe you're underestimating yourself. I mean do you think after years away from this company that you can manage to keep up with a guy like me? You question if we have what it takes to be in this match, while I'm turning that question right back to you. Come World at War, all these questions, will finally be answered. Hope you're ready for a world you can’t back out of now Nebakos. Hans takes a picture of him and Carter backstage posing with their tag team titles after Summerslam into the fire as the 2nd member of his team steps up....
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    Isaiah Carter

    This Is War

    It has been one hell of a night, as it only continues on. It's of course, the Carnage after BPZMania, and we have had one hell of a night. We've seen returns, debuts, alliances made and broken, and the entire crowd wonders, what could be around the corner? That question is answered, as a theme song starts to play that causes the crowd to erupt. After last nights war, many fans were wondering if Isaiah Carter would even be here tonight. But sure enough, the 'Best In Class' steps onto the stage and looks out over the sea of fans in attendance here to see magic, despite last nights loss, there is a smile on his face. He wears joggers with no shirt, revealing a taped up shoulder. Stitches on his head from the assault in last nights Undisputed Championship match. He walks down the ramp, walking up the steps and entering the ring. Being handed a microphone as he takes a moment to just stop and look around the crowd, who lets out chants of 'Thank You Carter', and cheers, as a smile comes over the face of Carter before he begins to speak. "I'm still standing" The crowd lets out a huge cheer, while Carter awaits them to simmer down before speaking again "Last night, while I was left laying in a pool of my own blood, not sure if my arm was broken, dislocated, and not knowing if I would even be able to step back into a ring. I was lifted up by the Brendenplayz Staff and as much as I could open my eyes, I looked around and saw thousands upon thousands of fans looking at me with worry with their eyes, I saw my own daughter in the front row looking at her Dad gasping for breath, and worst of all I felt the glare of my father from up above, looking down at me with a thought of disappointment. It was in the moments after this despair, sitting by myself in the trainer room, ice bags around my body that I realized. I failed." "Then, I sat there and thought to myself. I am sitting here, in the top pro wrestling company in the world, at the biggest sports entertainment show of the year. And I just put up one hell of a fight in the match of the night. I realized that even though I was having 5 stitches put into my head, I still walked out of that match a champion, a champion to every fan, my family and most importantly to myself." "I didn't have to wait until the referee was down, to use a chair. I didn't have to wait until the most vulnerable moment to become a bitch like my opponent did, I can fairly say that besides one low blow, I fought last nights down the middle and I still nearly beat him. And I can say with no shadow of a doubt, if last nights stipulation was any different, I would have gold around my shoulder right now" The crowd lets out a cheer at the thought of another Hans vs Carter war, as Carter begins to speak again. "But, my guess is last night was my last chance to get my hands on Clayton. So, it brings up the answer of whats next. Its what many superstars are wondering right now, and as dozens of superstars announce that they are going for different championships, attempting to get revenge, or something of the sorts. Its with a heavy heart that I say...I have nothing" "I've done it nearly all in this company, and at this point, there is nothing I need to prove to myself. The only thing I had left, is gone, over the past 24 hours I have thought about a lot of things. What title to go for, who to target......but one thing keeps coming back to my mind....am I done?" A hush comes over the crowd, as Isaiah stares into the nose bleeds before looking down at his boots. Kicking the ground as he struggles with what to say next. "I've had a good run, and I've been dreading the day I have to make this announcement, but I don't know if my ankle, and now my shoulder can keep up........I am off-" Isaiah Carter would be interrupted by one of the most infamous theme songs in BPZ, as he turns towards the entrance ramp with a look of anger, as the crowd begins to boo.
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    The Return

    As the show returns from the ad break, the camera pans over the sold out Moda Center with the excited Portland crowd showing their hype for the amazing show that has been taking place there so far. The lights in the arena start to dim as the focus of the camera now turns into the titantron. What appears to be 'In The End' by the Linkin Park echoes through the PA system, the video shows a man slowly walking through a shallow, low lighted tunnel into a blinding light. Queue the flashbacks, a familiar face is shown pinning Heel to lift the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, then he's shown throwing someone over the top rope and celebrating on the turnbuckle pointing at the BPZMania I sign as fireworks is going off, then he's shown celebrating with the world title over his head as BPZMania I closes and the video keeps on showcasing all his accolades while his voice echoes over the music every once in a while reminding everyone of some of his most iconic lines and catchphrases. As the video comes to an end, the man is shown standing on top of a skyscraper as if he is reminiscing all those moments of glory, the picture fades to dark as the plan of the man widens. With the last bit of music and picture coming to an end the focus is again turned to the crowd that is on the edge of their seats screaming the man's name. Every single person in the arena is chanting 'Nebby' 'Nebby' 'Nebby'. One of the most iconic songs in BPZ history blasts through the speakers. Nebakos slowly walks out to the stage, he's spotted in his signature outfit, a red baseball hat, an oversized t-shirt and his cargo jeans. He stands for a moment with his head lowered as if he's taking in and processing every single bit of noise the crowd is making. A small pause is followed by him looking up and around, he salutes the crowd and begins running down the apron and in the ring. He hits all sides of the rope, as he goes through his trademark entrance which he finishes by throwing his baseball hat into the crowd. The ring side announcer hands him a mic, Nebakos then goes and stands in the middle of the ring as the music is cut. The crowd goes nuts in the presence of Nebakos, a big portion of it is cheering while another portion is chanting Nebakos's name. 'The Franchise' let's the cheers go on for a good couple of minutes, as the cheers start to go down he goes on to bring the microphone closer to his mouth before he is interrupted by more cheers once again. Nebakos smiles and shakes his head in disbelief of what he is witnessing, he bows down to the crowd and then he speaks his first words towards the BPZ audience in 2 years. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for such a warm welcome. For the past two years that I have been away from this ring I went on to do many things in my life, movies, music, extreme sports and the list goes on and on. Believe me when I say this, NOTHING comes close to the rush of adrenaline and excitement I feel when I am in between these ropes. This past month, I was in talks with the man himself, Brendenplayz, discussing my return and we agreed on the terms almost immediately, but it hit me 2 nights ago that I was actually making the come back and I have not been able to sleep in two days. As soon as I lay my head on my pillow I start wondering, what am I going to say, how am I going to be received, what if I am not welcome anymore, do I actually still got it. All these questions overwhelm my brain, but everyone who is in this building tonight gave me the answer with their reaction. For almost two years I’ve been away from the industry, healing physically and mentally, trying to figure out what ceased the fire inside me, the passion I had for wrestling. Anyone who knows me can describe me in many ways, whether it’s good or bad stuff I guarantee that you could ask all of the people that have spoken at least once in their lifetime to me and they would tell you that up to the moment I stepped away from the ring for the last time what word fit me the best is will. The will to put myself through pain that cannot be put into words, the will that despite all the nights that I couldn’t sleep even after consuming 10x the amount of pain killers a regular human being is allowed to take, kept me going because in my mind all that torment, all those scars, every bit of ache my body had seemed to go away at the sound of you chanting my name, at the look of admiration in the eyes of my young fans, that was enough for me to ‘self-heal’ in some sort of way. All that slowly started to fade out, injuries started racking up and it got to a point where I couldn’t explain why but the ‘magic’ potion of the fans’ excitement and admiration wasn’t working anymore, and then the losses began and then I was conquered by the idea that I didn’t belong. And so I stayed at home, I stopped working out, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped my injury rehab program. I just sat there, in between four walls and I existed. For one and a half year I existed and I thought I was doing well with my life until one morning I saw myself in the mirror. There I was, a shell of the ‘great’ Nebakos, a man who overcame the odds, a man who was not supposed to make it because he was Greek, because he was not a freak of nature, because he did not have the support to keep going whenever he was on the edge of giving up. That man who never broke under all those circumstances, got beat by himself. And he saw that when he glanced at the mirror, he saw all that hard work, all those hours of blood, sweat and tears being wasted by none other than himself. Nebakos pauses and looks down, his facial expressions show that he is picturing what he just described and then he shakes his head as if he’s in disbelief of how he let himself down. Then he picks his head up and looks around the arena. I let myself down and I disappointed everyone that believed in me and seeing myself in the mirror that day made me realise that. Something clicked in me and I picked my ass from the couch and went straight to the gym. By no means was it a miraculous come back, oohh noo, I had to start from scratch, I had to work out with weights my 19 year old self warmed up with, I had to take it back to the basics, with my weight lifting, with my cardio, with my in-ring training, with my diet and I was once again shading blood, sweat and tears and DAMN IT, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! 6 MONTHS AND COUNTLESS BUCKETS OF BODY FLUIDS LATER I AM HERE STANDING IN FRONT OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. A MAN REBORN, A MAN PROUD OF HIMSELF. NOW I CAN LOOK MYSELF IN THE MIRROR AND SEE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS, WHO KNOWS WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO AND WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET WHAT HE DESIRES!! Nebakos stares straight in the camera. His look is so intense that it pierces through it as if he is staring straight into your soul So the question is, what do I want. That my friends, that, you will soon find out.. Nebakos slowly turns his attention towards the BPZMania sign, after a small pauses he drops his microphone. The crowd goes berserk. Everyone is wondering, could Nebakos make his in-ring return at the grandest stage of them all?
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    Destiny Fulfilled...

    A video package plays, recapping the second ever Carnage Wildcard which happened 2 weeks ago. It detailed the night’s main event as 4 competitors, vow to walk out Wildcard as the brand new Undisputed Champion. Bailey, Sameer, FDS, and Hans Clayton battled each other in what was gruesome, electrifying, and most importantly a controversial affair. The video package would highlight the best parts of the match, showing what kind of car wreck it was. It looked like Bailey was going to win the title, cementing his status as one of the best until suddenly, members of Bulletproof came out and interfered in the match. That allowed Hans to capitalize and secure the title, becoming the brand new Undisputed Champion. boos filled the arena that night, as Hans stood on top of that ladder, holding the prize possession with a smile across his face. The video package would then be cut to black. We then were transitioned into the Carnage opening intro, with all the excitement going around tonight’s episode after the fallout from both Wildcard and St. Valentine's Day Massacre. In the ring we see the canvas is black, with a Bulletproof flag pole on one of the ring posts also present. That can only mean one thing. Bulletproof’s theme song would echo throughout the arena as the leader of the group, Hans Clayton comes out with a huge grin on his face. Hans had the leather strap around his waist, as members such as Ropati, Mikey, Bob, Alex, and FDS are all beside the fearless leader. Hans is wearing his slicked up leather jacket, doing his signature pose as everyone else pulls out a 2 sweet. They all make their way to the ring as the fans in attendance are somewhat mixed about Hans Clayton. You either like him or you don’t and Hans has made it clear that he doesn’t care one bit. Hans goes on top of the ring post and pulls out a 2 sweet as pyro goes off in the background. Hans waits as the audience are amped up, as you can feel it in the arena. Hans picks up a microphone, as he starts to talk directly to everyone. Look at me now! Hans takes off the strap as he raises with pride and glory as the reaction you can hear both cheers and boos. Polarizing figure to say the least. Bulletproof members would cheer on as Hans would wear the title on his shoulder as he would continue on. I did what I was destined to do. I did what I promised myself I would do. I reached the mountain, I've shattered that glass ceiling, and now I stand as the brand new Undisputed Champion. So many of these fans, and so many of my peers doubted me, they didn’t want me to walk out as the Undisputed Champion but here I am. It felt as though everyone wanted me to fail, they wanted to flush years of hard work and determination but that didn’t happen. I defeated someone who’s considered the greatest of all time, I defeated someone who’s considered the backbone of this company, and I defeated someone I consider as a brother. I’ve reached the highest of highs in my career, and don’t you worry, this is only the start of my path to being known as one of the greats. It took everything to get this title, even if it meant that I needed some assistance from my boys over here. I’m a winner, and winners find a way to win and that’s what I exactly did. You need to play dirty in order to get what you want, and I succeeded! Hans laughs hysterically as most of the audience would start to boo the current champion. Members of Bulletproof would clap in appreciation as Hans would continue on. As you see in this ring, and throughout the past few months, Bulletproof has been stronger than ever before. We have had strong performances and victories, and everyone is just jealous of what we accomplished. We are the cornerstones of this company, and there isn’t a mob, or no creed to ruin our moment. All the humiliation and so called jokes I had to sit through and listen from various different people finally ends. I’ve become the megastar I knew I was. Bulletproof’s prophecy is written in gold and whether you hate me to shreds, or you are hoping on this bandwagon to cheer me, you all will witness.. The Age of Hans! Hans takes a few moments before continuing on. No one, and I mean no one! Will ruin this moment for me. From the moment I stepped foot in this damn company till now, I knew this was the goal, this was the dream. You’ve seen champions, defend this title proudly, and I’m willing to do the same because I live for it. There's a reason why I’m the most consistent man when it comes to this square circle and there is no one on the face of this planet who can match my talent...(Reply Planned)
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    I have no clue how I should really structure this at all and I will probably end up getting a tone of hate for doing this but I have no other choice. I’m sorry if this post is really all over the place but I really have no clue how to write this. For me, this whole thing starts with the formation of Creed. Although Creed has no real part in this story, Creed has been really successful and has kept gold away from other stables such as BulletProof and Slims multiple stable (Syndicate, Legacy and Mafia). Because of the success of Creed, BulletProof and Slims stables have felt the need to beg constantly in order to get titles. But what is happening right now is crossing the line and is too far. Prior to the Wildcard votings is where this all really begins. Hans, FD, Bailey and Sameer in a fatal-4 way for the Undisputed Championship. Now, as far as I am aware, FD and Sameer are completely clean in this situation. But the same cant be said for either of Hans or Bailey. Hans as we know is Premium Champion, and he prides himself on being one of the few members of the forums to never have begged. In fact he has gone as far as to say this. However, before the fatal-4 way he kinda invented his own way of begging. Whilst it isn’t going into somebody's dms and directly saying “Vote me”, he tries to guilt trip others into voting them, or entice them into doing so by hinting at a possible reward for them in the future. Prime example is before said fatal-4 way where he dmd Icon saying “If I win Undisputed I will drop Premium to you”. Which clearly is him trying to entice Icon into voting for him in the match. After receiving this, Icon sent it to the Mafia server. In the Mafia server are about 15 forum users, and the messages from there incriminates basically all of them in this whole embargo. Where Bailey and other high up members of the Mafia would have seen it. Now into what happened in the voting. (Screenshots since have been deleted and I can't find them anywhere). With 1 hour of wildcard left, Bailey is leading Hans by 1 in the Undisputed Championship voting. However, with about half an hour left the roles have reversed. Meaning one of Mafias leaders, Bailey is losing to the leader of BulletProof. So what does Bailey do? Bailey goes into the dms of Icon. After seeing the screenshot, he knows that Icon most likely voted for Hans so that he could win Premium. However, he didn’t, he withheld temptation and voted for Bailey. BulletProof used their mods to check the votings to see who they could approach to get to switch to Hans. Where they saw that Icon didn’t take the bait that they had laid for him. At this point, all high up members of both Mafia and BulletProof are in the dms of Icon for around 45 minutes, begging him both ways. I asked for Icon to provide screenshots but he didn’t want anyone to be annoyed or mad at him so he wanted to stay out of this. I also think it's worth noting here that the mods were monitoring for people who were potentially begging, by checking with people who purely voted BulletProof to see if they had been begged. Things got so bad that Icon came to me. Me and Icon dm frequently and often talk about things anyway. But Icon was really worried at this point. He was basically freaking out in my dms, saying how everything to do with him and BPZ was done. He pleaded with me to help by switching to Bailey but I knew if I did that all I would do was let The Mafia get away with it all. At the end of the votings, Hans won the title. Icon was kicked from the Mafia. At this point Bailey and Julius were sure that Icon was playing the double and trying to fool both BulletProof and Mafia simultaneously. When really, he wasn’t at all. I was! I assume at this point high ups from BP and Mafia spoke about Icon but I have no proof of this nor do I have any understanding of the situation. The next thing I can really talk about is how Mafia then treated Icon. The Mafia started cussing out Icon and threatening him in dms. Icon again didn’t want any part in the creation of this post so he didn’t send any dms, but here is what was said in Mafia chat about these dms to Icon. Following these threats, they decided that they would take Icon out. They tried to send me after Premium but I slipped past the order, hence the back and forth between myself and slim in the title pursuits chat on the BPZ discord. In the end Mafia decided to send Brad and Ark after Icon for Premium. In chat they began discussing how under no circumstances can Icon win. As you can probably tell, tensions throughout the entire day have been high. So I have been making jokes and joining in with the propaganda whilst writing this. Anyway, after the screenshot shown above, people in Mafia began to pretend to be going for Premium at SVDM. Just to draw a further reaction out of Icon. So at this point, they have made Icon stress for nearly 24 hours when Icon was getting begged in the first place by multiple sources and didn’t know what to do. Multiple times throughout this past day Icon has broken down and tried to leave the forums. So why is any of this important? The forums are meant to be a fun place, somewhere where you can get away from real life problems and talk to your friends. Everyone is meant to be equal here. But as you can clearly tell this is not the case. What frightens and worries me the most about this is that the Mafias leaders have brainwashed most members of the Mafia to believe their every word. One member of the Mafia is Arrow. We all know that Arrow sadly suffers from illnesses that he has had no choice over in his life. And these guys who are running mafia have been using that to their advantage to manipulate his mind and make him believe that they are doing everything the right way. Its disgusting, and as someone who has worked with special needs children in the past and still does to this very day. It hurts me that moderators of these forums, and former moderators are the people who are doing this. Now I know this post must seem like it is directly targeted solely at Mafia but it isn't. The fact of the matter is that if BulletProof didn’t start this by begging then none of this would have most likely happened. As a member of this forum, I have actually never felt less safe here than I have right now. I have no clue which moderators I can and cannot trust at all. The only ones I know that are safe are Arius, Smith and Bart. As all others have connections in some way to the stable network. Okay. Now at this point I had actually finished writing this entire post but then more things got sent to the Mafia chat that I feel I have to address. This is just another screenshot showing that the high ups in the Mafia genuinely do have an agenda against Icon. If you want to know what the rankings are I will explain. The rankings are literally a ranking of all “Associates” (Members of Mafia who are yet unknown). They are done weekly and determined by activity on the forums and behaviour in chat. However, they too are swayed by politics, as if you just voted for Bailey and were somewhat active this week you got put in the top half. Here are just screenshots from Icon to over members, these were also recently sent to the chat. I have included these in this post to show that I am trying to stay as impartial as possible. As much as I would like to defend Icon for the left screenshot, that occurred hours before he was pestered by BP and Mafia. On the right is more of Hans begging Icon. Using the timezones I can tell this is 26 minutes before the voting ended. Which is just about the time when someone switched to Hans, which inevitably won Hans the voting. I now invite other members of the Mafia or anyone else to have their own say about this whole situation (I probably missed a lot). I am aware that I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this, and probably will be targeted by the Mafia, but that is a risk I am willing to take. Thank you for giving this post your attention. I don’t know what I expect posting this will do, but I hope it's positive. I also wanna say here at the end, I don’t have any bad feelings towards anyone I have spoken about. I am genuinely concerned right now by what is going on.
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    BRENDENPLAYZ HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2019 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2019 Hall of Fame for the BPZ Forums. Tonight, we five more members will join an elite group of legendary members of the forums. These members have proven to be the best of the best. They’re some of the first members that come into your mind due to all their hard work and contributions to make the forums a better place. They are members that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the forums stay active or just simply put smiles on others faces from the countless hours of conversations and discussions made. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your new inductees into the Hall of Fame: Flynn Debuting in 2015 we quickly realised that Flynn was the real deal in a matter of days. Flynn would quickly drive up the rankings in BPZ faster than most before him, to reach a high tier status. Flynn proved himself capable of being a megastar here on the forums. Flynn has been a strong contributor for four years with numerous championship victories to prove it. But it's truly the person behind Flynn that shines the brightest. Flynn is a highly popular person around the forums due to his likeable personality and intelligent conversation he provides. You will often see Flynn lurking at all hours of the night to provide his opinion on all the latest. Flynn's consistency and high levels of activity were the keys to his championship success with over 8,000 posts and close to 4,000 reputation points. He proved to not only keep the forums active but often provided a lot of content for us to contribute to at the same time. Flynn has also been a moderator on the forums for a number of years now, including being a global moderator at one point. When it comes to contributors, there may none better than Flynn in the forums history. Flynn is a class above the rest, he is truly the definition of a legend. Congratulations Flynn: From Flynn: "I never thought this moment would come. That’s not some cliché statement either, simply put I just never thought I’d make it into the Hall of Fame in BPZ. I thought the doors were closed, and that my opportunity had long passed me by. That’s alright and it was something I had accepted. I’m not exactly one of the founding members of BPZ. However, something I always wanted to do here was provide my own special impact. I wanted to say that I revolutionized or changed something for the better. When I first arrived, I wished to win every single championship possible, and to say that off the top of my head I have no idea of the amount I’ve won, I have successfully accomplished that mission. However, that all dwarfs into comparison of this. The Hall of Fame is something that can never be taken from you. It is an acknowledgement of everything you have worked for or provided for this community. A community that I absolutely have loved to be a part of. I had never joined a forum prior to BPZ, and I still have never joined any other. They aren’t my thing. They still aren’t. So why the hell have I made thousands upon thousands of posts and spent possibly hundreds of hours dedicated to this place for the last 3 and a half years. Because the moment I joined, I went into chat and I fell in absolute love with it all. The community to say the least was totally insane. Everyone seemed dead set on taking out Bailey the world champ at the time, who generally seemed hated by many of the members yet at the same time was “on top”. I was created by Keeley and Sheepy who I would go on to get to know very well. I had only joined a few days following the one-year anniversary of the forums and this is extremely notable. Brenden has created a one-year anniversary podcast for the forums, hosting both FD and Bailey, something I had happened to listen to and without its existence, I would have never joined the BPZ forums. I was just a freshman in High School, but the allure drew me in despite the already present changing life I was already experiencing. The forums did something for me that the real world couldn’t and provided me the ability to express my fondness for wrestling. I have no friends that remotely even like it, nor family. So, this place would allow me to talk on about all my opinions, predictions and wants for wrestling. It was a total dream come true for me at the time. However, I don’t think it’s my wrestling posts that I am most remembered for. There’s been a running joke that no matter what, I can seemingly almost win any match I choose to. Whether it’s a kayfabe or title poll, when comparing my overall BPZ win-loss record the win column has a very massive advantage to the losses. This use to matter to me, a lot. However, in recent times, I’ve stopped caring as much. Kayfabe has been my most favourite part of the forums and the past year for the first time, I didn’t care about wins, I simply wanted to create a great story. Enter me vs. Necce and I have been told by so many members just how much they enjoyed us on and off yearlong feud. It was a story I didn’t do for myself, but something I wanted to provide for the forums. Something unique and different that had never been done. I hope I can say I was a great mod. I always dreamed of becoming the Global mod. And so, when it did finally happen, I was totally ecstatic. So, you can imagine how I felt when it was so quickly taken away from me. It felt unfair at the time, looking at people like bailey who held onto the position for so long despite being involved in so many forums controversies. And to have it taken despite not necessarily being the cause of a controversy, just having my name surrounded in it. Looking back, I’ve put it all to rest. At least I can say I made it there. BPZ I believe had had many generations. From the era of Jake and Nebakos, to Bailey, to Slim, to now Julius. These eras are all extremely different in their own ways. From the chat, to the areas of the forums that are seemingly the most popular. Joining in 2015, I don’t know if there’s an actual time period of the forums where I can say I belong with that generation. However, I’ve met many great and interesting people. For the most part while I’m not by any means the nicest guy to everyone, I’m happy to say that now, at this stage I get along with practically everyone. I have no enemies. No one I dislike to a degree past a minor annoyance. I have done everything there is to do. I believe these forums have helped me to meet people that I will carry on to either know or remember for the entirety of my life. And that alone tells me what this place has meant to me, and the impact it has had upon my life. I could go on forever honestly. And before this gets too long, if it has no already, I will close this. Thank you, Brenden, for giving us this place. It’s been one incredible experience and thank you for inducting me into the Hall of Fame. It means the world to me." -- FDS When I think of FDS the first that comes to mind is hard working. FDS is a member that will work his hardest to achieve his goals, whether that be winning championships or working on his own projects. FDS is a highly respected member who is one of the original members of the forums that remains active to this day, joining in 2014. FDS is always down to have a chat and is one of the nicest people you will interact with here, who will often struggle to find a mean word to say about anyone. FDS showcased this throughout his time working in the mod team when he constantly helped out where he could over a couple of years of service. He might always get the accolades that some others get, but without a doubt FDS is truly a special name on the forums. But I think we can all agree, that he had perhaps one of the funnest gimmicks we've seen throughout his time as "FD Slater". I will forever have huge respect for FDS and everything he has contributed here to the forum throughout his 4 years. Congratulations FDS: From FDS: "I didn’t really know how to start this, so I figured I’d just go straight into it. I’ve been here a while and it’s truly an honour to be inducted into the hall of fame. There’s been highs and lows while being here, but I don’t regret any of it… ok, I regret some of it. It’s funny because if you go back like 2 years, I was just known for being that one guy who yelled Baybay and a had a shitty premium championship reign but since then it’s been fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, I’ve gotten to work harder on writing darker stuff and I’ve been able to expel the darkness in my head into a creative medium. Alright, I guess I probably should address a few of my gimmicks since that was one of my main things back in the day. The most famous of my older gimmicks is definitely FDSlater. A character who some people for some strange god damn reason want me to bring back which was barely a character really it was more just a catchphrase, but it was my first exposure to success on here and it made people happy sometimes probably not as much now. My more recent characters have had a lot more thought put into them than what was once just things I made out of catchphrases and such. It’s funny because for a while I didn’t really want to come back to the forums mainly because at the end of 2015, I posted a promo teasing my return and people kind of just shat on it so that happened. Since then I started working harder on certain gimmicks and on my work ethic on here. Alright, now I’m going to talk about some people on here who I probably should thank. Let’s start with I don’t know he’s probably not going to read this but Ryan cheers mate you were a good tag partner and pushed me to a point of wanting to work harder than I ever possibly could previously. Necce, Jon Ruin was fun no matter what everyone says, and I enjoyed what we did during it. Flynn thanks for giving me one of my first actually important feuds over my time here. Ross, Cheers for giving me someone to argue with in chat. Ark, if you read this thanks for being the kid who always somehow beat me. BIC, you’re a cool dude and cheers for the times. Smith, I mean yeah thanks for the feud that helped me make my best kayfabe character. Brenden, Thanks for making the forums. And to everyone, I didn’t mention who thinks they deserve a thank you (except Josh) thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for anyone else on the forums. Alright I guess I should wrap things up, I could go into more details about stories on how I developed over time and all this other stuff but I think people will be bored of that by the time they get here so I’m just going to say thank you one last time and also thank you for anyone who’s been on the BPZ Forums Podcast. Cheers everyone and I am yet again honoured to be inducted into the Hall Of fame." -- Jonathan A man that helped spark the success of diaries here on the forums, Jonathan is truly an innovator. Joining in 2014, Jonathan has contributed over 6,000 posts but perhaps it was his diary series that he will be known for. With Slammy Awards under his belt to show for it, Jonathan is always a name to look out for when searching for great quality content to read. Jonathan is an extremely hard working individual who had to grind his way to the top which he managed to accomplish. With majority of the major championships under his belt, Jonathan has been a proven success for many years and has earned the respect of many. I know Jonathan has been wanting this accolade for years now and that's because he has been a hall of fame worthy member for that length of time. It's long overdue, but it's great to see Jonathan finally take his place among legends. Congratulations Jonathan: From Jonathan: "When I look back at everything I done, what I committed my time to, I chuckle a little. I consider this Forums that I spent three and a half years tirelessly working on, and I ask myself why I did it. You all are why I did it and if I was asked to do it again, I would. The interactions I have had on this forum will last me the rest of my life, the people I connected with, the stories I created, and the incredible narratives we all somehow managed to create in our mock wrestling and I’m thankful. Thankful for the people who enjoyed my work and those who didn’t, all making me strive for the better. I’m thankful for all the people that have influenced my life past the sphere of Google Chrome and genuinely changed the person I am today, I’d be a worse person without meeting you all. I’m thankful for the platform that I was given, and proud that I could create things that people enjoyed, and though accomplishments didn’t always go to me, I got my gratification from the people who would simply leave comments which made me want to write more and more. The time I spent here, I’ll cherish it forever. The good and the bad alike. You all are incredible and will continue to make this crazy thing we have going on here better and better, I’m thankful for the portion that I was able to contribute to and looking forward to seeing what comes next. And who knows, maybe one day I climb back on the saddle and do this whole thing over again. But for now, I’m simply happy just to say thank you BPZ, this Hall of Fame honor is what I spent years working at, and being selected shows that I could influence others as well. You all are welcome for my presence. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and I hope that I’ve somewhat paid you back through my contributions." -- Brad (Angelo Caito) A man that never seems to back down from a challenge, no matter how big. Brad is truly the definition is a hard worker. No matter what he faced, he would always get back up and try again if he failed. Brad joined midway through 2015 and quickly was put under the wing of many as they saw major potential in him. He fulfilled his potential and exceeded it with his countless championship wins and main event appearances. With over 9,000 posts, Brad is one of the top contributors in the forums history. But for me personally, it's the behind the scenes work that Brad has done that makes him even more of a legend. He will always find time out of his day to answer a question or to help a new member figure something out if they're having trouble. He is always there if you need someone to talk to, laugh with or even cry with. He is a fantastic contributor and an even better bloke. Despite his 100 retirements, Brad still appears here on the forums to this day and still does his best to contribute where he can. He is one of a kind, Congratulations Brad From Brad "The BPZ Hall Of Fame. Where members become Legends. And legends here never die. In late 2015 to early 2016 you ask anyone if I'd be in the Hall of Fame, they'd laugh and say no I wouldn't. Now and days and after years of hard work some people would say I am, and I stand here today with a list of legends that joined before me and after me. Guys like Neb and Bailey who been here from the beginning. Guys like Zombie, Jake, Smith, Bashka, and so many more guys who earned their place. I stand next to Flynn, FDS, and so many more guys here in the class of 2019 for the Hall of Fame and I couldn't be more honoured to be next to these guys I've been hanging around with and watched grow fast. Thank you everyone for being my second family and here's to many more days ahead." -- Poiunight (Poiudust) A man that unfortunately you won't see too much of around here anymore, but has truly left a last impression on the forums. Poiudust was the 10th member to ever join the forums back in the first few days of its creation. For Poiudust it was never about winning championships or creating thousands of posts, it was about his characters. He will be forever known as one of the first to ever master a "gimmick" here on the forums. Poiudust had over seven characters that he perfected that would appear throughout the years. His innovate and creative promos helped inspire kayfabe as we know it today. He might not have all the accolades as some, but it's safe to say that without Poiudust, kayfabe could be very different to this day. For those that knew him, he was simply all class. One of the friendliest members to ever appear on the forums, Poiudust had all the attributes that make him not just a hall of fame member, but a hall of fame human. We hope he will return one day so we can congratulate him properly, but for now, we can celebrate his success here. Congratulations Poiudust. -- These are your 2019 Hall of Fame inductees for the BPZ Forums. Congratulations to everyone. I encourage everyone to share your favourite moments, memories and stories about the inductees. Tell us all the great things they did as we celebrate all of their incredible contributions to the forums.
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    We open up to the scene of a locker room, as the door opens, and our BPZ World Champion, Slim enters the room. He sits down in the chair, putting the BPZ World Championship over his shoulder as he faces the camera, sweaty, just fresh off of his own training session. I didn't expect when I woke up this morning to have to record a message at my gym, but yet here I am. I'm not here to play games, or waste time, we all know why I am here. It's been brought to my attention that two men have accepted the bounty I placed on my head in my press release with Jay Scott... Two men I know very well, two men that have served as foils in my illustrious career, the career of Le Champion, your current BPZ World Champion, the man who has ended BPZMania after BPZMania as World Champion, holding up the belt high, being the greatest there has ever been, creating moment after moment. Making the World Championship Division my undisputed Kingdom. Noticeably, and almost uncanny, Slim appears calm and collected, despite the obvious challenge he faces at Mayhem. Don't mistake my training session as a sign of me being worried, just merely staying in top shape ahead of an enormous night at Mayhem. Smith, I saw Creed's little hurrah for themselves, your little pat on the back and your little declaration of what's next, and honestly, when you announced you wanted to come for Le Champion, I felt bad for you. I felt bad for you, because you're a delusional piece of shit. I mean, really, do you think you can stand toe-to-toe, one-on-one, for the BPZ World Championship with Le Champion? It's become clear as day to me that you truly have become delusional, because while you did stand over me, raising your worthless Tag Team belt, it's clearly not enough for you, as once again, after months of claiming, sticking to a tag team revolution, you have pushed it to the back-burner in favor of my championship, the most prestigious championship in BPZ, held by the most influential man to ever step foot in a BPZ ring. You can talk all you want about how you put my shoulders on the mat at Revelation, but make no mistake about it, you are stepping into MY DOMAIN. There are very few men who can truly say they have knocked me off the top of the mountain when I've held this championship, and Smith, you aren't one of them. While you think about your world of what-if's, thinking about what could have been if Eli Smith walked to that ring at BPZMania III, I'm here to give you the answer. I would have kicked your ass, and took your championship, just like I did in reality. You can paint the picture anyway you want Smith, you can preach over and over again about how much Sameer inspires you with his drive, or talk about your training sessions, but here, in the big leagues of BPZ, that shit doesn't work. But you already know that, don't you? Because every-time you've captured the BPZ World Championship, it's been a flop. You can change your mantra, you can change your appearance, but you can't change your reputation Smith, and your reputation at the top has been a colossal failure. You know, I've talked about reality, and the reality of coming for this World Championship, it's a scary one, I must admit for Smith. You see, for months, I've heard about Smith's drive. His passion, his love for professional wrestling and how that has translated to his work in-ring. For all that drive that you possess, Smith, I have double of that when it comes to this title. There's a reason that I have the most days in BPZ history as the World Champion, so what's gonna happen, Smith, when you step into the ring with someone who simply refuses to lose? I was stripped of this championship, last October. I fought my way back to the top by winning Money in the Bank, and having the biggest balls that BPZ has ever seen, to walk out of that curtain and cash in on Arius. We could have had the first riot in professional wrestling, but I did it because I have the will of a champion. Not just a champion, LE CHAMPION! Smith, if I'm being honest, you don't stand a chance. You've scratched the surface of the top of the mountain twice, but you haven't etched yourself in history like myself, or even Bailey. Speaking of the Underboss himself, the only 6-time World Champions in the history will collide, with Bailey getting a chance to secure his 7th, after he publicly declared he would be coming for my championship. Slim smirks into the camera, leaning in as he begins to discuss his next challenger, his business partner within the Mafia & leader of Death Riders. I can't say I was shocked when Bailey declared for my championship, it had been discussed behind closed doors, and honestly, I do believe he would have been better off going for the Intercontinental Championship, but after all, he has the will of a champion, and wants to be the guy... I just don't think he can. I could sit here and I could trash him, I could call him stupid, but I'm not gonna do that. The Mafia has been built into a dynasty headed by myself & Bailey, and this match will not change that. Mafia is a united front against anyone who stands in our path, so after I put Bailey down, I will pick him back up, I will pat him on the back, and we will walk to the back together. But, what I will say Bailey, is that I stand by everything I said. You have lied to yourself over and over again, telling yourself that you are the greatest to ever do this, but we all know, everyone in the locker room, all of the fans, they know, it is the one thing keeping you relevant. Let's look back a year ago, you were BPZ World Champion. At Judgement Day, your best friend, cashed in on you, winning his World Championship and sending you on a downward spiral. Since then, you've lost on big occasion after big occasion, just barely being able to best Bob Sparks, and was taken to his absolute limits by Bashka, who I'm pretty sure hadn't wrestled in 6 months. So excuse me if I believe that you haven't been the same since you got bodied by Sameer, excuse me if I don't buy into this narrative that you are a disrespected veteran scorn by people doubting his ability. And trust me, I would buy it, if you had even a shred of ability to match up to mine or Eli Smith's. Your myth, Bailey, the myth of being the only old-timer to stick around consistently in this toxic environment, since BrendenPlayz opened the dokrs in 2014, your reputation, has kept you relevant, but you see, over the years, the legend has faded and you have not stacked up to the newer crop of talent, they're more entertaining, they're faster, they're bigger, and they're better than you. I don't wanna watch on Carnage, as a 6-time World Champion throws a pity party for himself, even if that's not what he calls it. I'm not falling for this narrative that your back is against the wall to prove yourself, because it's not. Your own legend has blinded you into the fact that you are no longer the same man that struck fear into the heart of his opponents', but that's okay. Because on May 31st, you will finally understand. In this division, the World Championship division, I am the Alpha, I am the lion, I am the shark, I am the man of this place. This is MY DOMAIN, Le Champion's domain, the Punisher's domain and I'm warning you two... if you choose to step in it... you will get hurt. Slim stands up, staring into the camera one last time, before walking away as the screen cuts to black, a message from our BPZ World Champion sent to his two challengers for Mayhem, as three of the all-time greats will duke it out for the BPZ World Championship.
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    Common History

    The first ever Valor show has come to an end as we saw Bob Sparks amongst many others pick up big victories and start off their valor careers on a positive note. We see Bob Sparks just arriving home as he looks to celebrate the win with his wife Alexa. The show was a complete success for Bob as he did exactly what he said he was going to do and now surely he will be rewarded for it. As we see Bob enter his home with a grin on his face as he spots Alexa who smiles back seeing him. Bob would drop his baggage on the floor as he and Alexa would embrace and share a kiss before making their way to the couch. The two would sit down as Bob sighs in relief, finally being able to sit down and relax. Alexa would begin to talk, talking about Bob’s match earlier tonight. Alexa: I watched your match earlier, I liked what I saw. I love me some dominant Bob. Alexa would bite her lip as Bob looks into the camera and grins before looking back toward Alexa. Bob would begin to talk as Alexa is clearly happy that Bob is back home. Bob Sparks: Well I’m sure that is not all of it that you will see tonight. Alexa would grin as she goes in for another kiss but is stopped when we hear a buzz. Bob shakes his head as he pulls out his phone. He checks his phone reading a text as he bursts out laughing. Alexa would be confused as Bob begins to talk once again. Bob Sparks: So they just announced the first round of the Power Trip Cup and guess who they put me up against? They gave me that tiny ass kid Addy! Bob would continue to laugh as Alexa seems a bit confused. Bob would then turn his phone off giving his full attention to Alexa who is still confused and begins to talk asking about Addy. Alexa: Who? Bob would laugh at Alexa as he answers the question as clearly both of them as Bob seems over the moon with announcement. Bob Sparks: That’s fair, you remember that battle royal I was a part of at BPZMania? Alexa’s eyes would light up as she would then begin to laugh as well. Clearly remembering the past between Addy and Bob in the battle royal. Alexa: Oh was he that weird fuck who was threatening to rape me and shit? Bob’s expression would turn a bit sour as Alexa brought up something Bob clearly was not happy Addy had done in the past. Bob would sit up now speaking to Alexa once again. Bob Sparks: Yeah that would be the one. I mean we already saw what happened when we got in the ring with him. I eliminated that rookie in what he promised to be his big night. Alexa would then stand up as she smiles at Bob who smiles back. Clearly Alexa is not worried about Addy one bit and Bob seems to be in the same mindset. Alexa would then begin to talk as she makes her way upstairs. Alexa: Well I guess that’s another win for us, nice. Well I’ll tell you what I’m gonna head off to bed. You meet upstairs in ten and I’ll have a special surprise for you. Alexa would wink at Bob before disappearing up the stairs. Bob would smile as he clearly is happy about what is going to happen later tonight. Bob though without looking into the camera would begin to talk once again addressing his next opponent. Bob Sparks: Addy, I know you’re watching this. Why wouldn't you right? Trying your best to really see what your opponent is all about. Trying your best to get any advantage that you can. Now I know how you're feeling right now, trust me I have been through what you are going through right now. All of this doubt surrounding you and everyone already counting you out. You want so badly to prove everyone wrong, right? You want to show your “mentor” Slim that he was right to choose you to put up on that pedestal. All these things that you are trying to do right now, fighting this uphill battle, proving everyone wrong, and shocking the world. Addy it is simply not going to happen. Bob would then turn to the camera now as we can see his face. Bob clearly looks confident as he continues to speak. Bob sitting up now is talking in a calm tone. Bob Sparks: Now I know what many of you the fans are going to think. Bob you did it so surely Addy can do it too! Here is where you are wrong. Addy is not facing a broken down man who simply was not in his prime anymore as I did with Necce. No Addy is facing a man that is back on the rise, back in everyone's mind when they think of who is the future of this company. Addy is going to fall just as he is predicted to because there is only one man who can pull off an upset like this. That one man better known as the bracket buster, better known as your’s truly, Bob Sparks. Bob would grin standing up now and walking around. Bob would make his way over to the kitchen as the camera follows him. Bob would open the fridge pulling out a beer, cracking it open, and begin to drink it as he begins to talk once again. Bob Sparks: So Addy, save me the time okay. I don’t want to hear this bullshit coming from your mouth once again. And I damn sure don’t want to hear all of these ideas that Slim has been putting in your brain over the past few months. Addy I already know that you're crazy, a bit off the deep end for sure. Am I afraid of you though, no. To me when I look at you I see two things Addy. A young rookie who has become extremely over confident with nothing more than a few less than impressive wins. Now I know what you will say, “Bob I can only fight in the matches that management gives me”. This is true, but that does not make up for the fact that you act as if they are something to be proud of. You were just able to squeeze out a win against Prince, congrats. Here is a little history lesson for you Addy, I destroyed Prince. I ran through that man in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament last year. And Addy just like I did in that first round matchup, trust me I will have no problem running through you as well. Bob would now lean back against his kitchen counter taking another swig of beer as he then looks back into the camera talking once again, talking to Addy directly. Bob Sparks: Now Addy, this brings me to my second point. My second thought that comes to my mind when I think of you. Addy right now you are nothing more than Slim’s bitch. Now some have said I have been in the same boat. Here is the difference between our history though. I did not follow each and everyone of Slim’s commands. At the end of the day I was my own man, you though I don’t see that. I see nothing more than a lap dog and another pawn on Slim’s side of the chessboard that he can use whenever and however he wants. I mean c’mon Addy you are out here shooting people for the sake of pleasing him. You are putting your entire career on the line for what, so that you can be better off with a man who will toss you to the side after I expose you come our match. It’s a shame it really is. But I guess it's natural selection in the long run. Bob would then put down his beer for a moment beginning to talk once again as he addresses Addy really laying it into the young rookie here tonight. Bob seems more than ready to be facing Addy come round one of the Power Trip Cup. Bob Sparks: So I will ask you once again Addy save me the bullshit. I don’t want to hear what you think you are going to do to me. I don’t want to hear all this nonsense of what you would do to my wife. It’s just childish and something that is only going to make me more and more disappointed in the man I am going to share the ring with soon enough. So Addy, you want me to fear you? You want me to take you seriously? Give me a reason to. Give everyone a reason to actually believe in you. Give the people the reason to believe in an upset. Just give them something Addy. But you won’t will you? Bob would then finish off his beer and throwing the can away. Bob would then pause for a moment letting out a laugh and speaking once more. Bob seems care free here tonight as he continues to speak addressing Addy. Bob Sparks: No, I already see the man you are destined to be in this company. Set to play second fiddle, set to play pawn. Set to be an afterthought. So Addy, keep trying to stay in his good wishes. Because no matter how hard you try it will not be enough. He will toss you aside just like the countless before you. Keep making your crude childish jokes and trying to be something you're not. Keep living out your career in the shadow of someone else. You don’t have the balls to be your own man, you don’t have the brain to save your own career, and you don’t have the tools to beat me. So Addy keep on keeping on kid because I am prepared to be the man who hands you yet another loss. Bob would then make his way to the stairs but stop before heading up. He would turn around and speak, addressing Addy for one last time here tonight. He would sigh before letting out a grin as his tone is still carefree and calm. Bob Sparks: So Addy I’m sure you’ll be responding to this just like I expect you to. And I really hope you switch something up and show me something to take you seriously. For now though I have more important things to attend to, something that Addy wishes he could have. Bob would then have a big ole grin appear on his face before turning around and making his way up the stairs. Bob is clearly excited for Alexa’s surprise as he is making it up the stairs at a pretty quick pace. The cameras would then cut as the segment comes to an end as Bob Sparks has sent a message to Addy here tonight.
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    "Who is, and who was, and who is to become the mighty." (As the opening music video ends for Valor Chapter I: Revelation at the end of the pre-show. We open on a cinematic shot of Miami, Florida, with a voice over from actor Keith David.) "Miami, the magic city. Dreams are doled out and dashed in equal measure. Some come here to find fame and fortune, others will have their names lost to history. It is a gamble that very few people beat the house on, but yet they still come...for a taste.There is a lure in power. It can get into a man's blood" (Suddenly, a wave of fire rolls over the skyline, encroaching the screen in flames as the bright rays of sun from the sky separate the clouds. Silhouettes of men and women drift into the heavens from the city below as flashes of tonight's PPV event ahead burst through the flames) "Tonight, the men who are chasing that impossible dream have a chance to make it come true. Warriors will come and try their hand at achieving immortality. The Undisputed champion of the world must survive against a new evil, one who was specifically selected to destroy them. Through hideous ruine and combustion down upon him. But what becomes of a monster when you take fear away? (The camera sweeps over the blazing landscape, displaying Hans Clayton and Necce both standing in the inferno as the world around them is cleansed) Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of another...There are just some kind of men who - who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one. (The camera pans over the wounded body of Brad who is being tended to by emergency staff before transitioning to a celebratory Sameer in the ring on Valor who glimpses over his career so far in Brendenplayz Wrestling, Projected on the clouds with all the accolades that have come with it. The camera then goes down to ground level, focusing on a television in the window of a burning storefront, with a broadcast of Austin Omega on it cutting a vicious promo.) "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. The NXT Champion will have to prove he is worthy of that title, as he takes on a threat like no other. For if you gaze long enough into an abyss... (Ogre appears behind the TV, before picking it up and hurling it through the window.) "...the abyss will gaze back into you …" (The glass shards from the window reflect a glimpse of the rapture taking place as the fallen dogtag of former Creed member Julius blows in the wind across the boots of the tag team champions Bart and Eli Smith) "Two men must ascend to the Heavens, but only the strongest can survive the process… (Gunner Flynn is seen holding his hand forward above his eyes as the violent wind rushes through his hair. The camera follows the dog tag as it hits the boots of the Mafia stable who stand in the middle of the broken road as dust and debris move past them. Slim holding his World Championship as the fiery sky becomes the backdrop for him and members Addy, United States Champion Mikey and Amai) "All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city's monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea. I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now we shall embrace the silence as a new world is built on the dust of their foundations ..." (The noise of the Revelation destruction ceases for a moment as the screen turns black. Slowly a burning city scaffolding begins showing, Maestro, Marc Aaron Newton, Jack Oxley, Addy and Kirk Kelly are all fighting to push the others off. Fighting towards a chalice) "From tonight we see a push to innovate! A push to change! A push to bring something new to the table unlike anything we’d seen before! The old guard’s watch had ended and in its place we shall see new faces become household names and underrated stars turn to legends. (We zoom up to the top of a skyscraper, we see familiar faces of the Valor roster in the windows along the way fighting before we reach the destination where Hans Clayton has the BPZ Undisputed Championship Title raised high in the air. The face of the Antichrist peering through the heavens as the new beginning for this earth continues) The ember of Valor’s first night soon will create a fire that spreads throughout the whole industry and grows stronger with every passing week. The movement that is Friday Night Valor will become a once in a lifetime feat in our industry, built on looking into the future! And as the different stars we introduce are getting settled into their places in this business ….a whole new crop of hungry talent have come ready to earn their stripes; to keep the fire burning and build something stronger than what those before them could ever dream of! (We zoom back down to ground level, focusing on a burning arena where the old Evolve banner turns to a slow ash , Bob Sparks is standing outside of it in street clothes. The clothes promptly burst into flame revealing the competitor in his ring gear, breaking the focus on the flames as he turns to the camera and screams for a transition) (We are taken to a room with Keith David himself as he walks in front of a projector which shows never before seen matches of all the talent in action. He paces around, stopping and smiling ever so often as he steals a glance at what the talent is doing.) Narrator (Keith David): Revelation! These men and women have all shown that they have the skills to compete with anyone on the planet. (Keith David steps aside and lets the footage talent take all the focus back.) Narrator (Keith David): Though not all their names might not be as known, TONIGHT you become acquainted with them! Tonight you become fans! Tonight is their REVELATION! Valor came from the idea of going off the beaten path... (The camera rapidly raises to the fire-red sky, as the Revelation logo explodes onto the screen, ablaze.) And now, BPZ, American Airlines and M.A.N Consortium present...Valor Chapter I: Revelation. (‘Selah’ by Kanye West plays as we cut to the sold out American Airlines Center, as massive pyro goes off and a crowd of screaming fans cheer at the top of their lungs.) CPE: Tonight is a historic night for the history of Brendenplayz Wrestling. Tonight… is Revelation! Valor’s first ever major event and we’re in for a lot of fun over the next few hours. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the one, the only, CPE joined as always the best analyst you could ask for, the incomparable Sheepy!. We are live tonight and we are sold out in front of 18,579 screaming fans right here in the American Airlines Center from Miami, Florida! Sheepy: I am so ecstatic to be a part of this company’s history tonight CPE, and am even more excited for our opening contest! With so much to get through tonight, two titles will be contested, we’ll find out who will be representing Valor in the PowerTrip Cup during the show tonight, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of memorable moments on the way! CPE: Oh I don’t doubt it! We’re gonna witness undoubtedly the most competitive bout over the BPZ Undisputed Championship as Hans Clayton faces ‘The Antichrist’ of BPZ, Necce!, But that’s not all by ANY means! We’ve got what is sure to be a barbaric end to a feud coming between Brad and Sameer! A huge clash of factions with Creed clashing against Mafia as the former defend their tag team championships! Sheepy: You’ve got to wonder where their minds are after the two groups clashed this week on Valor. This year's draft was a historic one, and I’m sure Le Champion was extremely excited about keeping his core inner circle.Tonight every member will be in action and by the call we’ll see their impact. CPE: Let’s not waste any time, we’re about to see the soon to be father, ‘The Bracket Breaker’, Bob Sparks take on the man carrying the memory of Evolve on his back, the self awarded Global Champion, Yelich in our opening contest! Sheepy: That ‘Bracket Breaker’ moniker is going to be something he hopes to hold up to this year. I can hardly hear myself think! This capacity crowd is electric! I’m ready to see sparks fly and fires stoked tonight! CPE: But first we go backstage where Drake Hensley is waiting by with an interview with NXT Champion, Austin Omega! Sheepy: Austin Omega has definitely amped up the arrogance and ignorance of fans as of late, and if anything has occupied his conscience, it is the hope of success. He has found himself in an opportunity that he is familiar with but possibly one he might not be ready for. Lets go backstage now!
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    Living Embodiment

    Just nearly an hour after we heard from Tamer, declining Slim's invite into the Mafia, we are shown the Punisher Palace, as the BPZ World Champion sits at the same fire where he offered Tamer a spot into the Mafia. He looks disappointed, almost upset as he sits in a purple suit, along with a rolex on his wrist, the same one he gifted to Tamer. He begins to speak in a soft voice, an unusual for Don Dada. When I was first told of your answer, I froze. I stopped, dead in my tracks, and... I felt empty. I came out here, watching this fire continue to burn, thinking about how I was gonna reply to you. Then, I figured, nothing will be better than it just coming straight off the dome. So here I am. Let me take you back, Tamer, to just a few weeks ago. A flashback is shown to the Hall of Fame, just weeks ago, as Tamer and Slim's reunion was shown, old friends, former tag team champions hugging it out on the day of their coronation into the hall of greats. Finally. After years of convincing you to come back, you did it, you returned to be inducted into where you rightfully belonged. The best man to ever touch a microphone in this company, the most fearless man I've ever seen in BPZ. You don't care if you're walking into a one-on-eight match, at Backlash, you don't care how much the odds are stacked against you. That's what I love about you, Tamer. I respect you, you have definitely earned that from me. That's why, when we enter that ring at Backlash, it will be me vs you. Slim vs Tamer, not Tamer vs. the Mafia. I must admit, however, when you returned at the Hall of Fame, and we talked, I did expect you would join us. After all, years ago, me and you were unstoppable, unbeatable. Only when we didn't care, was the point of vulnerability for us as a duo, only then, we could be beat, and our titles snatched from our iron fist on them. What we did, at the time was unheard of. That dominance, coincided with our friendship, made me believe this was a done deal, that you were in and that at Backlash, we would end the show, Undisputed & World Champion, just as we talked about 4 years ago. Now, Backlash will end with one of us standing over the other, a friendship broken. This is not something I want to be involved in, Tamer. I may be Don Dada, I may be the BPZ World Champion, and I may be a snake, an asshole, the most manipulative man in this company, using alliance after alliance to propel himself to the top, but after all, I am a human, with feelings. It's natural, there are relationships I hold dear to me that I have built within the "off-screen" moments in this company, and you are one of them. I don't know, maybe when this is all said and done, maybe you'll finally have that vindication that you long for, that cleanse that you so desperately need. I understand, Tamer, you believe I have become the man that you fought against for so long, the man that currently sits in the Mafia, leading his Death Riders to nothing but anarchy and destruction. Slim nods as he refers to Bailey, the sworn enemy of Tamer, as recaps of their 2015 battles for the World Championship plays. Despite your disagreements with him, I must give credit to him. He has helped build the Mafia into the powerhouse that we are today. Everyone confuses us, old friend, we aren't just some stable. A faction. A group. Everyone believed that with me and Bailey running the ship, we would be done in a month, it would be over. Look at us now. The only loss that we've taken since BPZMania, is the man who no longer calls this family his home. You misunderstand what the Mafia is. In 2015, when I was coming up, everyone took a shit on me. Said I was the worst out of myself, Blade, and Bizzy. Said I would never get anywhere. I wished that in 2015 that someone would pick me up, give me a spot in their stable and market me. My ascension to the top would have been much quicker. You talk about my failed proteges, I have merely just given a road to the top, an opportunity to have the spotlight on them. Some rise to the occasion, like Bart, like Alyx Wilde, even Natedog to a certain extent and soon enough, Addy, Amai, and Mikey will be on the posters of every show, the best rising stars that this god damn place will see in the next year. Some fail, like the man you mentioned, FDS. Look at him now, what has he become? He's become a man so far lost that when he failed to beat me again, he started crying and asked if he could even do this anymore. I have given an opportunities to men who probably haven't done enough to deserve it, in hopes that they will realize the position they're in and become the next me, the guy I've been searching for ever since I rose to the top. Something that no one in 2015 would have done. I would have paid my life savings to be chosen for Evolution, to be chosen for Pride, but yet they all passed me up. They didn't believe I had what it took, they didn't think I had the potential to be in the likes of their range. That's why I sympathize with you Tamer, that's why we're such good friends. We're cut from the same cloth, we just took different paths. And now I am trying to give back, in the same way that I wanted, I have built a dynasty, present and future, with the Mafia, and you look to tear that down? You're a hypocrite. You were once in the same position that all of the Inner Circle, myself excluded, is in now. A man just trying to find his footing in this world we call BPZ Wrestling. I gave you the opportunity to finally have the opportunity to teach the men who will take your place, tutor them, elevate them. And you, frankly, told me, to fuck off, and that I had become the man who had unseated you on the top of the mountain. Me and Jeremiah Flynn will always be compared, I've grown to accept that, we have had big moment after big moment, against each other, or even occasionally on the same side. What you don't get, Tamer, is that I know him better than anyone else on this roster. In 2016, you're right, I told you not to go after Jeremiah Flynn, that it wasn't the right time. A flashback to Judgement Day 2016 is shown, when Jeremiah Flynn defeated Tamer for the BPZ World Championship, ending his only reign to date after just one month. You had finally reached the pinnacle, the top of the mountain, you were finally that guy that you went on and on about for a year, you were the MAN, the face of the company. And in one month, you folded, you succumbed to the pressure and you failed, you lost to Jeremiah Flynn. I saw it in his eyes, Tamer. He was a different animal, if I let you get into that ring, it would have been the end of your career, but the more and more I think about it. You haven't been the same man since he beat you, maybe that was the end of your career. Sure, you returned to fight alongside Team Smith, but you didn't really feel like the same man, did you? You say it's because you were fighting for the lesser of two evils, but perspective is everything, and what I identify from what I'm seeing, is that you believe I have used alliance after alliance to forge my way to the top. Make no mistake about it, you were never a lifeline. None of the Mafia, is a lifeline. Big match after big match, I've never needed interference to win. I do it on my own, because I'm that damn good, these young guys, I'm giving them a chance to stick their feet in the deep end, but I'm holding them. I'm THEIR lifelife, their wall of protection in front of men who want to see their careers die, men like the ones who run BPZ now. I understand your feelings towards The Great One, I understand why you feel wronged by him. But tell me, Tamer, isn't Bailey, in terms of accomplishments, where you wanted to be, when you told us all that "we'll see" in 2015? You've always had the ability, just never the edge. It's the same edge that made your biggest moment of your career, just one month later, look like a tragic, absolutely embarrassing ending to a moment that was promised for a year, a moment that looked written in stone, not a question of if, but when. Your hypocrisy-filled values show once again, saying you strained your relationship with your wife and kid in the process of fulfilling your mission of reshaping BPZ the way you wanted it. The lines between good and evil are indeed blurred, because while you treat me as a cancer to this company, I'm the one who was here, day in and day out, holding it down, making sure it stayed together. And what was I rewarded with, Tamer? The owner, publicly ripping into me and making the call to end my 310 days of excellence. Or maybe let's talk about King of the Ring, when politics clouted the final, I pose one question Tamer. Where were you? You say I'm the piece of shit. I agree with that, but you also claim I've never betrayed your trust, and I haven't. I stated that you are a relationship I hold dearly to me, but looking at it, when I needed you, in my worst moments, you were nowhere to be found. I assume you were afraid of catching the ire of BrendenPlayz once again, which is fine. I understand, but don't claim me to be a piece of shit when I've had your back, day in, day out, and yet when I need you, you're nowhere to be found. Even in 2017, let's be honest, returning was more of a favor for your "buddy", Smith, not me. I was just a member of the team, doing my best and I carried us to a win, I gave you and Smith just one more boost of momentum out of graciousness, out of love for men I called brothers, which clearly, as I've been shown now, was a mistake. You say I showed up to your house like a sick dog, the same sick dog, who had just lost his World Title in 2016, asked me to team, knowing I was the fastest rising star in this company. Your mission, is hypocritical, your words are hypocritical, your actions are hypocritical. The only way to describe Tamer, is just that very word. A hypocrite. 'Which is something you deem long minute', referring to bonds I hold, look, Tamer. Maybe our ideals are different, maybe we've changed in the years that we haven't talked but listen to me. I didn't come here to make friends, although I made some great ones along the way. I came here to win, put myself on the map, and make sure I didn't have to work again after I've stopped. And I've done that. I could retire tomorrow and be good, financially, and as for breaking bonds, I don't mix business and bondage. When our match is over, it's all said and done, we will be fine on my end, bygones will be bygones, but I can't promise the same for you. When I put you down for good, and when it's all said and done, and I offer you that hand, I truly don't know if you will accept. Business & bonds, have been mixed and honestly, that is a reason why I offered you into the Inner Circle. I can't lie, I am very conflicted. Do I let you win, and compromise my business-first mantra, or do I end your career, with the risk of our relationship never being the same. You say there's no heroes and villains in here, and I agree, just a reckless man trying to end a man, just trying to save their friendship. But I saw it in your eyes. You're conflicted, just not in the same way. Y'know, when Bart came to me and told me you wanted this match, I wondered why it was non-title, why you were making your big return without challenging for the championship that is the one you crave so miserably. But then, watching you speak, it all clicked. You're afraid. Afraid you can't hang anymore, afraid that you aren't the same guy after being away for 3 years, and you don't wanna add the potential embarrassment, and the pressure of challenging me for the World Championship. You do your research, you know my record as World Champion, in matches for this championship, I'm 21-5. 3 of them, cash-ins, 1 interference from BrendenPlayz on behalf of his "son". There is only one man to successfully defeat me, for this title, that I consider legitimately. And you know, you don't hold a candle to him in terms of ability. You know, deep down in your heart that you are a shell of your former self, and you understand that winning this title is something you can no longer do. I respect a man that's honest with himself, though, but Tamer. You fucked up, man. Against anyone else, this is nothing. A minor inconvenience, but against me, it's weakness. You don't have faith in yourself to get it done for this title. That's why you'll never be that man filled with potential in 2015, you fold under pressure. Meanwhile, I thrive. I guess that makes us the living embodiment, of "you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain", because while you died, 4 years ago, when Jeremiah Flynn pinned you to the mat, I saw myself become a villain, I've been oust as the poison of this company, I'm the poster boy for who the people hate. But I thrive under it. You, as we saw from your message, it gets to you. The thought of people hating you, it messes with your head, it fucks with your ability. That's what your message tonight was about, it was about getting the people behind you. Your other half in a matchup of this calibre, the fans chanting "TAMER" over and over again. But I ask you, Tamer, will it be enough? I don't think so, I think your insecurities, your inability, your ring-rust, shines through, or it will at Backlash. I'm warning you, Tamer, not as your opponent but as a friend who doesn't wanna be the one who embarrasses you and puts you back into that rabbit hole that you just climbed out of. You better be ready for the fight of your life, old man. Or I'm gonna fucking rip you limb from limb. Slim gets up, the words bouncing off of his mouth sharply, as the audience feels the aggression and conviction that Don Dada speaks with. Finally, he gets up, looking into the camera as he does so, before issuing one last statement to his Backlash opponent, the braggadocious' personality of our World Champion shining through at last. Good luck.. You're gonna need it. FADE TO BLACK
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    Sick Dog

    *There would be a blackout as the entirety of the carnage show would come to a standstill after ad break. Fire would sound building up getting louder and louder, wheezing and gasping all heard before a crescendo of bass as a drum was hit once. Silence. On the titantron a horror was shown...* "Burn the dead...there's a plague in town" "A foul pestilence, not one which is usually so rife..." "There's a sickness in town, and it comes from the mind..." "Cover your mouth, sweeten your smells, hang your crosses high." "There's a weakness to be put to rest, and a dog to be put down..." *Suddenly, Ten identical plague doctors would walk out onto the stage and would stand shoulder to shoulder, hands tucked behind their backs. The morbid figures would slowly look around the arena before lowering their heads. Member's from the mafia would now make their entrance all of them wearing gas masks. The Mafia would also slowly gaze around the arena before lowering their heads. From between the ten plague men standing watch, a small, crooked looking man would appear, his straining laugh would be low and quiet as he made his way to the front of the stage.* "Ladies and gentlemen...the plagued and the saved. My Children. I come fourth today to make things clearer than the foul air we breathe... There is a pestilence in the BPZ roster. One which I foresaw. "Prince...I am afraid your futile efforts at reinvention have came to an end. You have awoken a demon of madness within yourself. You are wilting away, my child..." *Addy would pace between the mafia members that were assembled before him. He'd nod to them occasionally before placing a hand on the back of Slim. Addy would look to Slim's championship before a crooked smile would appear * "Not all wrestler's are blessed with such talent as slim here...His ability to flawlessly reinvent himself has proved to be...fruitful. Reincarnation can be your blessing, or your downfall. Understand that Prince." *He would slowly dawdle back to the front of the stage, his beady eyes shifting. the quiet crackling of fire providing the ambience throughout the eerie silence.* "You are but a weak man, inept of any will, any grit, any character! You have pushed yourself for too long, failed reinvention after another you have truly become a husk of the young, high potential being you once were...Prince, Understand that the quarantine I shall be enforcing upon thee is not one out of hatred. I shall cleanse you." "Furthermore, your efforts to concede to your failures and retire were pitiful. Rolling over for the next big thing, myself, may have been a wise choice but please...you cannot avoid the harbinger's judgement. Fittingly so, it was in your time of ultimate weakness, this time of defeat that madness struck you down. Now if this plague never revealed itself, perhaps I would have been merciful in my judgement at world at war. But make no mistake Prince... "At World At War. I. Will. End. You." *As silence settled in, the camera would show cinematic shots of the menacing men stood upon the stage before coming in for a close shot on Addy. He'd smile as once more the lights would go out. In the pitch black Addy's theme would begin to play. Another horror would appear on the titantron.* *Not before long the lights would come back on. There was no trace of the masked men nor Addy. The show goes on...*
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    Visiting an Old Friend

    The camera shows a rain pouring down, on a street lit up by the lights. You hear the rain pounding against the ground, as a man with a hoodie continues to walk through the rain, unfazed by the drops of water splashing him in the face. He continues until he reaches a bar, before going inside. Inside, he finds the usual people at a bar, trying to drink their sorrow away before he goes to the bartender area, sitting down. Bartender: What can I get for you bro? The man unveils his hood, revealing to be Slim, the man who was just attacked and turned on by George and Blade at SummerSlam, before being replaced in the Intercontinental Championship match, losing the Tag Team Championships as well. A low of lows, for The Don, but nonetheless, he speaks. "How... about... a conversation." The bartender, who formerly had his back turned, now turns around, hearing the man speak. It is revealed to be Tamer, Slim's old tag team partner and the founder of the BrendenPlayz Wrestling stable known as the Four Horsemen. Slim and Tamer intensely stare down, before they begin to talk... Tamer: "What do you want?" Slim: "I need some advice." Tamer: Heh. That's funny. After all this time, after all these matches where you claimed to be unbeatable, look what we have here. A desperate man with everything to lose, begging for advice to put his once legendary career back on track. Slim: You're right. I'm desperate. I'm trying to solidify my legacy, trying to make sure I'm recognized as one of the greats when it's all said and done, and I need your help. The peak of my powers was with you at my side, as we created the Four Horsemen. Just tell me, how do I get back to that? Tamer: You can't. You won't ever, possibly. You were the most dangerous individual I ever know, and you may be that again. But look at yourself. You're so caught up in securing this mythical legacy that it's causing you everything. You are a man with NOTHING to lose. You have nothing. No ties, no championships, no obligations. Slim: But I have everything to lose. I have a reputation, a person- Tamer: FUCK. THAT! Tamer slams his hands down on the bartable as everyone looks over, looking to see what he is screaming about as him and Slim once again intensely stare down before Tamer explains what he means by that. Tamer: You have been passed up. By Flynn. By Julius. By Smith. By Bailey. Everyone feels that those people are more important right now, and they don't respect what your name is. They don't respect your reputation, they don't respect what you've done. It's about what you do now, not about what you did before. You are the sadly, disappointing case of way too many faces in one place. You're all the same, nothing about you five stands out. You're all wrestlers. You're all chasing championships. None of you have interior motives, you just wanna get rich. And that's ashame. Slim: Isn't that what this is about? Tamer: Maybe. But if you really want a lasting legacy, stand out. Let go of this foolish morals you possess, let go of everything that's holding you back from doing whatever the hell you want, when you want. Slim: How? Tamer: I have an idea. While I do it, you have a drink. You need it buddy. Tamer pours Slim a drink, and without Slim realizing it, he slips something into the drink. Slim drinks it, and we're shown the point of view from Slim as he slowly fades, seeing Tamer as the last thing he sees before his eyes shut and all we see is black... Then, the eyes open once again as now Slim is not in a bar, but a house. His house. He struggles for a few seconds, being groggy from his sleep before getting out of bed, taking a sip of water he finds nearby. He tries to remember what happened, asking himself but can't. Suddenly, he walks into the kitchen, where he sees stuff on the table. He finds a package, and a note from Tamer, along with a book. The book is entitled: "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", while he then reads the note that Tamer left. "Burn it down, friend. Burn it all down." Slim looks confused, as he places the note down, before he begins to open the package. And suddenly, the camera cuts to black. Out of nowhere. You can continue to hear rain, you hear thunder, before you hear a strike of lightning... and then... "HA... HA... HA..." Static.
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    "The Great One"

    Just a couple of days since Sameer attacked The Bailey a friend of his, A man he called a brother. We are live for Carnage as Sameer's music hits and the crowd erupts in boo's from the crowd in Phoenix, Arizona. Sameer would look at the crowd in disgust as he makes his way toward the ring, Not phased by the boos at all. The BPZ World Championship around his waist. Sameer would pick up a microphone from the announcer's table and throw it into the ring and would always take an empty seat from the crowd and put it into the ring. He picks up the microphone that he throw into the ring earlier and set up the chair in the ring as he sits down and laughs at the crowd. They react with booing him even louder. After a couple of seconds, he gets sick of all the boos and begins to speak. Will all of you SHUT UP. FINALLY, THE BAILEY IS NOT THE WORLD CHAMPION OF BRENDENPLAYZ. I am the savior of this company. I have saved this company from this cancer of that man. I mean just look what he did to that kid. He harassed him. Just like he harasses people backstage to get his way. But I mean we should all know what kind of person "The Bailey" is. Unlike all of you stupid people I don't buy his little act when he comes out here or has a camera point towards him. I have seen the real Bailey. I find it a little funny that he thought he was in the Big Baller Brand. He didn't make it, He teamed up with us for one match, But we all know he is a very deluded man. But you people decided you cheer for him. You cheer for the man with the biggest ego in this company. He calls him, The Greatest Of All Time, The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports. You all are the biggest IDIOTS, I have seen in my lifetime. The crowd boos Sameer after he calls all of them idiots. I worked my ass off after coming back to this place in December after supporting this man throughout his whole career. After all the lows he has been through losing to Brenden a couple of years ago. I was there to help him still. After losing to Smith at Bad Blood 2015. I WAS THERE SUPPORTING HIM and AFTER ALL THAT. I finally win the big one, The World Championship. Yet he decides to try and ruin all of it for me. So who really betrayed who? My legacy is on the line in this match I am going to show "The Bailey" I can hang with the best even though I already beat him. I am going to destroy his man, Mentally and Physically I'm sick of all his bullshit. He said that he is amazed by my rise from nothing to a champion. But I really couldn't give a shit what he is amazed by. Just like on July 28th at the Wembley Stadium I won't give a shit when he is laying on the mat begging me to stop and that we can be friends again. You see The Bailey clearly has some power in this company. Do you know why I wasn't invited to the press conference to showcase where BPZ Mania will be? I wasn't invited because "The Great One" The COO of the company is a little salty prick, THE SALTY ONE. Mad that I chose to cash in MY MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE. If he was the GOAT of this company he would understand that I did was for my success but you know if he was the GOAT he should've been able to stop it. Another factor in why this man the most deluded person in this company. Keep harassing little kids bailey because after I break you down limb by limb and smash your skull into the mat once again at King of the Ring, That will be the type of people in the world to be scared of you, Scared of whatever your face will look like after getting your skull smashed into the mat multiple times. We'll figure out what it looks like after King Of The Ring I guess. When the referee raises my hand and hands me MY world championship. As the "Great One", "The GOAT Of BrendenPlayz" lays on the mat in the ring looking at his superior. Anyways Phoenix it's been a pleasure for me to be here and entertain you all. I hope you enjoy seeing your shitty Phoenix Suns yet again in the lottery. Sameer would leave the ring the cameras follow him heading to the parking lot and getting into the backseat of a car, As he heads out the arena and looks to be headed to the airport.
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    The Kayfabe Section: Explained So, I was looking at the "Read Before Posting In This Section Topic" and while it does a great job summarizing the rules of the kayfabe section, I don't think it explains all that you need to know to be able to get the most out of it. This is probably the case because we have a lot of things that all of the more experienced forum users find obvious, but really isn't put down anywhere. Instead of saying this in discord after promos have been posted, I thought it would be a lot easier if it was written down somewhere. That somewhere is right here. So to start off, when you look at the kayfabe section, you will see 3 places where you can post. The main section, easier put, Kayfabe, Kayfabe Shows and Match Write Ups. Let's give a quick idea of what all 3 sections are about: Kayfabe: This is the place where you can hype up your character and the matches that he takes part in. Basically, this is like what you see from wrestling in the real world. These can take part in various places, but they always need to find a correlation to the bpz. This can be in an arena, on the website, on the Neccework, press conferences etc. But it needs to be related to the programming somehow, after all, you don't see Seth Rollins cutting a promo without it ever showing on one of WWE's platforms somehow. In Kayfabe, we talk about the goals and aspirations of our characters, the titles that they want to win, the person that they want to defeat and hurt so badly. We do NOT talk about what "the forums" or "Discord", in Kayfabe, these do not exist. Just like things that go along with that, such as rep and posts, or the mod team. If you want to have a authority figure to point your frustation ahead, the two names that currently would be best for that are Bailey (the COO) and Brenden (for the obvious reason). What we do acknowlegde is the fact that there are divisions, someone in NXT can say that they can't go for an other title. Speaking of NXT, here are some quick things to keep in mind when you find yourself in this division: NXT is in fact a division, but it's NOTa seperate show. NXT guys are appearing on the same shows as people competing for any other title. If you find this strange, I would like to remind you that if you are in the NXT division, you can still compete for the tag or premium (if the user has lifetime premium) titles, which can both be chased by anyone. It would be strange if NXT guys would have to cut promo's on NXT, while they are feuding with people from other divisions. Unsure in which division you are and how much you need to get to move up? You can find that here: Then we get to the wrestling world in the kayfabe section, this is based on the Brendenplayz vs Twitch mod. Companies like Twitch Wrestling and SuperStar Wrestling do exist, but WWE, NJPW and Impact do not. If you want to have a backstory from another country other than the US, just say that you "won titles in Japan" for example, don't make up a company. So if you want to have a backstory, use the companies form the BPZ vs Twitch mod. One thing that we pride ourselves on when it comes to Kayfabe is that is our way of competing in a real wrestling company, to let our ideas about potential characters and rivalries. It being realistic is what it makes fun, so try to keep it that way. This means that you can't do supernatural things (we can't all be the Undertaker) and also, that you have to acknowlegde what happened before. For example: you see a topic that you would like to reply to, but there are already other replies to this topic. This means that you will have to accept the situation that is created in the last of those replies, you CAN'T ignore them. If someone says that they are leaving the ring in their post, you can't magically bring them back. If you have really good idea for a pontential promo, you can always ask the person in question to edit their post so it works with what you are trying to do. Help each other out a little, don't no sell attacks or beat people up without asking first, that's only gonna backfire and end up with no one gaining anything out of it. Helping each other also comes with not replying to other's post unwanted, or randomly using someone's character in a promo without their permission. Currently, BPZ's television show is called "Carnage". This is the name to use when cutting a promo from an arena. The names of the PPV's will be put in a discussion every month, but you can find them in the same thread that I linked for the divisions. Now, onto the sub sections: Kayfabe shows: This is where you can start your own kayfabe show, or take part in other's. You DON'T post your promos here, that is meant for the Kayfabe section only. What you CAN do in here is have interviews, power rankings, fantasy booking and various other things. Often we use youtube channels or wrestling shows to give us inspiration. What is important that in here you need to once again realise and work with what's going on in Kayfabe, you can't make things up when reviewing shows. Interviews can be done but in and out of character, but it's probably more enjoyable to read if it's one of the two throughout the entire interview. In out of character interviews, you can acknowlegde the forums, as questions do not always relate to the kayfabe world. Feel free to be creative and approach the kayfabe world in a fresh way. Obviously, you can't interview someone without actually interviewing them, you need them to actually have an interview with you. Do not take this interview life on the post, as no one is gonna enjoy having to read 25 post, but instead to do in the discord or docs and post the full interview in one post. Match Write Ups: So this is where bring the results of polls to live. They are usually written by the winner of the match, but that's not a requirment. However, if you took part in the match and lost, you will need permission from the winner to write it. The result of the match always needs to be the same as the results of the polls. You don't need to have every participant of the match in the poll, if someone hasn't promoted himself in the match they can be left out. But if they have promoed for the match, you need to have them in it (if you really don't want to, you can always asks them if they are ok with being left out). For match types, if you want something fancy, be sure to get the "OK" from a mod beforehand. Obviously, the limits depend on the feud. You can understand that your first ever match with someone, which only had 2 days to be promoted, won't be a 3 stages of hell match. But if you build a great story and get the forums excited, you could find yourself competing in a fancy match type. (off topic but I want to put this here, regardless of match type, the poll stays the same way). For who loses, the big debate to have, the most used option is the one with the least amount of votes who did promo for the match, takes the fall. This doesn't have to be the case, as sometimes losing a match can be beneficial for character development, but if you are unsure and don't know what to do, that's the basic to follow. Now that you know what each section is about, there are some other things that you need to know. For this, I will use some questions to explain: How do I get a match? First off, we have 2 types of matches. We have matches that are judged by the overall contribution to the forums, which contains everything that one does on the forum. Posts, rep, topics posted, all of it. Then we have kayfabe polls, which are voted on solely by who the voter thought did the better promos. This doesn't relate to the kayfabe shows section, only the kayfabe section. First, for contribution matches. These are basically only for titles (expect for Tag, Uni and Global, which I will get to in a minute) or special matches. Let's say you are in NXT. You want to be in the title match, how do you get in there? What you do is go into the discord. You can go to the channel called "Title Pursuits" and here you can put whatever title you wish to go for, as long as you meet the requirements to go for this title. You can find the requirements in the following section: Now for Kayfabe matches, this is a bit different. We usually don't have kayfabe matches on ppv's, unless it's a special feud that is worthy of a spot. But what we do have is kayfabe ppvs, which occur every 2 months. In here, you get "booked" in matches if you want to have a match. Again, you can tell a mod. I would recommend to ask the booking team (Flynn, Julius, Smith Ropati and Myself) here since we are the the "bookers" of the kayfabe ppvs, and say that you want to be in a match. I can't say how long, but after awhile, you will be given an opponent. As I said earlier, we also have kayfabe titles, Uni and Global (soon to be combined) and tag team titles. The tag team titles are defended on every monthly ppvs, they are just like contribution titles, only difference is that they are voted on based on kayfabe, anyone can challenge for these every month if they want to. The single Kayfabe titles are different. They are defended on every kayfabe ppv, but aren't required to be defended on the monthly ppvs. They can, but it isn't a must like for the other titles. The challengers are decided by the creative team, based on who has been impressive and deserves a shot. How do I win a title? Now, if I knew this answer, I would have never lost a match in my life, but sadly, I have. There is no formula for winning matches, but there is the common things that basically everyone considers when voting. You have activty, how frequently is someone sharing their opinions on the discord and mainly the forums. You always quality, this means how much does someone enjoy what he is reading from you. Both of those aren't locked down, everyone can have a different view. What can help you in votings is gaining rep, while I am personally not a fan of just looking at the rep board when voting, it gives an impression of whoms content has been liked by other users a lot. Making diaries is a good way to show your effort, but actively commenting on the wrestling topics is also a great way to show this. Are there rules for what gimmicks I can use? Yes, like I said previously, we like to keep stuff realistic. This means that we can't have gimmicks that are simply not believeable, like supernatural creatures or someone that is guaranteed to get people outraged for the wrong reasons. What am I allowed to say in a promo? This topic is your guide for the rules of what words you can and cannot use. Are their limits to how many promos I can post? We don't have a set rule for this, but you need to consider what is the best way for your character to come across. It probably won't do you any favors if you post tons of promo's every week, there isn't enough material for that. Posting 1-3 promo's a week is enough to get your message across and hype up your match. Think about wwe producing 8 hours wrestling every week, it's too much. I hoped this helped you understand the section and feel confident that you are doing the right thing. Kayfabe is a lot of fun and we should all be able to enjoy it to the fullest of it's potential. If you are still unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask. It probably is a good question and I will try to add it in here so everyone can see it. Don't feel afraid to ask a mod, it's their job to asnwer you, or just any member of the forums. We are all here to help each other out.
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    BPZ Pizza Place Diary Intro Hello I am Brendenplayz and welcome to the greatest pizza shop in the world. You see Pizza Hut just was not fulfilling my pizza needs. So I started up my own pizza place and can I tell you we have some of the best staff in the world right here. This is gonna be the greatest pizza place to ever exist and then Pizza Hut can kiss my ass. So let me introduce you to the staff and trust I am sure you will be impressed by these guys and gals are some of the best workers in the world. They may seem a bit strange at first but I promise that they will grow on you once you get to know them. I am the owner as you may have already figured out I am not here every day but I help out when I can. First up we have our wait staff, on the left there we have Keeley, in the middle is Toxik, and on the right we have Sheridan. Now Keeley and me are together and I am gonna run the back while she runs the front on the place. For Toxik while he wasn't are top option I will be honest but we needed people to work and he needed a job so here he is. He is not really a people person but I am sure he’ll be fine. Then there is Sheridan, well she’s solid I’ll be honest nothing great but she does what she’s told so I have nothing to complain about, I guess. Next up we have our bartenders Meko and Bob. Now they seem to know how to get people drunk and waste their money the only problem is though is that they often get themselves drunk. They have drinking contests with customers and each other. While amusing at times it can be annoying sometimes as they don’t always get the drinks right but hey I haven't heard a complaint from a customer yet. Mostly cause Bob knocks them out but hey I didn't hear anything. Let’s move onto our delivery crew, I like to call them our first class express. Hans and BiC. Now they are actually really good not even gonna lie definitely one of the bright spots in the company. Now the only issue I have heard about them is that they are very seductive. Like one day the delivery was all backed up because they spent a bit more time at a customers house than they should have. Other than that though they are great though. We then got Bart on phones. Bart can have a bit of a temper at times but I mean who doesn't. They are a lot of dumb people out there Bart just let’s them know that they are dumb. Then he usually hangs up the phone but I mean do we want to cook for dumb people, no not really. So yeah we put a notice on our website telling people to not call unless they are somewhat smart. We then have our dishwashers. We got Arrow first he’s the youngest guy in the restaurant but he seems to be fitting in somewhat. He’s still young so he makes mistakes a lot but he’s cheap labor so that’s what he is here. Then there is Nathan he’s a bit old for dishwashing and I offered for him to be a waiter but he just started ranting how he won’t work the same job as a woman so I didn't talk about it again. Him and Sheridan fight sometimes when she brings over dishes but he keeps the station running and everything kept up so I can’t complain I guess. Then we got my man Arius on salads he is a bit sketchy but he is pretty good with knives. I have never seen anyone cut like him though he seems to have a lot of anger but hey as long as he takes it out on the vegetables and not the staff we will be okay. He has his own little corner though just to make sure it doesn’t come to that. Then we got our dough handler Bashka he gets the job done. Him and the Pizza Cutter Smith though hide behind the restaurant and I am pretty sure they are doing some stuff that they should be fired for but hey we need people to work so I just pretend like I didn't see anything. But he jokes around with the pizza makers a lot which is good, it’s nice to see people get along in the kitchen. We then have Smith whose sole job is to cut the pizzas and set them up for the waitresses. He can slack sometimes and like I said with Bashka sneaks around back sometimes. But he’s respected in the kitchen and everyone seems to like him. So there's no reason to fire him anytime soon unless he does something really bad. Lastly we have our top guys, our pizza makers. We have first Bailey, Bailey and I have had our differences that is for sure but he is a good worker there is no doubt about that. He is a staple in this restaurant and will hopefully be here for the long term. Next up we hae Julius, Julius is the guy we send out to deal with upset customers. You see Julius like Bart does not put up with people shit and let’s just say he has not filter. Then there is Sameer, Sameer keeps the morale up in the kitchen. He seems to always be cheering people up which is good, but he doesn't deal with dumb people either he brings in his speaker too which is good, plays music for everyone in the kitchen which helps out a lot on slower days. Well that is our staff at the moment. I won’t imagine it will stay the same forever though we will probably bring in a few people and let some go but right now that is what the staff is looking like. I have to let you go now though as we are expecting a packed house tonight and we still have a lot we have to do to get ready for tonight. So I will see you all soon (Night One Coming Soon...)
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    We are over a week away from one BPZ’s most thrilling Pay Per View in the calendar year, Judgement Day! Many matches are scheduled to take place inside the hot and electric Houston crowd. Matches such as The Powertrip Cup Tournament Finals pitting Sameer against Mikey and FDS, while Jonathan challenges Slim for his World Heavyweight Championship. On that same card, Slim will also be gunning for the Undisputed Title held by the “God of War” Hans Clayton. Standing in the ring appears to be Valor Interviewer Drake Hensley, as he introduces and welcomes the Current BPZ Undisputed Champion as we prepare for this one on one confrontation. “115” Blasts through the speakers as Hans Clayton emerges from the curtains full of intensity. Hans has his hands taped up, wearing a custom made Cut-Throat Crew leather jacket, and his hair somewhat wet and covering his face. He raises his title up in the air with the beats of his music and the boos reigning in on the champ. He walks down the aisle, holding his title proudly on his left shoulder. He enters the ring, demanding a microphone, as he stands beside Drake Hensley, with absolute confidence. Drake Hensley: Hans, it's been an incredible and astonishing four months being the Undisputed Champion of BPZ. You’ve had some of the toughest wrestlers gun for that belt of yours and this may be your biggest challenge yet, as the current World Champion tries to dethrone that crown of yours. Do you feel you will walk away Judgement Day as still the Undisputed Champion? Hans looks at Drake with a deranged look, as he stays silent for several seconds. He finally answers Drake’s question with a determined and collective tone. Hans Clayton: Of course I’m confident of walking out of Houston as still your Undisputed Champion. Why wouldn't I be? I’ve held this title like you said for the past four months, grinding my heart out to be the best performer this company has, bar none. This title has a very short but prestigious lineage, you have had to be on tip top shape to have held this belt with the likes of Bart and Flynn holding this same title with the utmost respect, like I have. Slim doesn’t see this title for its history, or its honour. He’s see’s this title as nothing more than a collection. To fill an accolade, to make himself feel more powerful than he already thinks. I’ve made this title my life, to the best of my goddamn ability. To make this title the most important thing you ever want and I’ve achieved that. I’ve made both The Antichrist and Isaiah Carter believe in the value of this title to bring it there fucking best and I knocked them straight down. The same thing will happen to the leader of the Inner Circle. Drake was going to ask Hans another question until Hans decided to tell Drake to get off his ring, as he didn’t want to answer any more questions coming from Valor’s Interviewer. Hans continues on about his tirade on “Le Champion". Hans Clayton: While I’m not here with my Cut-Throat allies, we have a connection and a bond between us like no other group. We trust in ourselves and each other and share one common goal, to be killers in this business. To the elite of the elite, and that's the drive that pushes us to be cornerstones of this industry for years to come. Whilst the Inner Circle, a group calculated and controlled by Slim only has one pure purpose, protection. Slim has an entire group brainwashed into thinking they need him, that Amai needs Slim, that Addy needs Slim, that Mikey needs Slim when in reality they can be just as successful without Slim’s guidance. When in fact, Slim needs Amai, Slim needs Addy, and Slim needs Mikey because without that insurance policy, without any help, Slim is a lost and weak minded individual. He thrives off others' assurance, it fuels him inside. Whether it was with Syndicate or the New Legacy, Slim will always relied on these groups so he can stay on top of that mountain. Whether he wants to claim I’m inexperienced, or I don’t have any pressure of ending a show, I don’t need his damn validation in the first place. I don’t need Slim’s approval if I’m good enough to be champion, or good enough to lead this brand. I’m not brainwashed like his group, I can be successful on my own two feet. Judgement Day isn’t going to be where you pull off your greatest achievement, Judgement Day will be where you pull off your greatest failure. 2020 has been MY year in BPZ, nothing but sweet success and you think it's all going to go crashing down to “Don Dada”. My will to fight and to stay as champion is a lot more than you can imagine “Le Champion” and you can come out here and look into the eyes of what a true champion is. After those words said by Hans, he paces himself back and forth waiting for Slim to make his entrance for what could be an electrifying confrontation between both champions.
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    The pyro hits, the lights are flashing and now we are officially live for BPZ Mayhem. As the camera pans to the thousands in attendance we prepare ourselves for a night full of action, consisting with the likes of a blockbuster World Championship match between Slim, Bailey and Eli Smith. Not just this, but the second round of the PTC tournament as well as so many more big bouts. Quickly however, with the quick recap of Jeremiah Flynn’s war with Jason Ryan over the past few weeks, it’s obvious what we are in store for to open things tonight. These men have been at one another’s throats, a feud consisting of cheap shots and harsh words, the level of brutality expected here is at an all time high. The surprising aspect of the bout being the first time ever match of a Texas Trailer Park Tussle. The rules suddenly are show on the screen as the following. Official Texas Trailer Park Tussle Rules: •Both men will have free reign to do as they please in the confines of the trailer park. •This includes the use of weapons, outside interference or any usual illegal maneuvers or moves are now legal within the confines of the trailer park. •The only way to win is if you submit, kill, or pin your opponent for the count of three. A BPZ referee will be there on sight to confirm the victory for the participant. We now cut to the titantron. The sun is retreating as the night slowly begins. We find ourselves deep in the heart of Texas, a slow breeze takes over as we prepare for a war on a battle field like no other. We pan around the trailer park, most of the residents inside their homes, eating their dinners. We pan down to seen a grown man, playing with a remote control toy car. He’s smoking a cigarette with a gleeful smile firmly across his face. That joy however, is suddenly ripped from him, as a high speeding car trucks over his toy automobile, parking right in front of him, nearly wrecking into the mans home. It’s Jason Ryan! He steps out, and he looks absolutely pissed. He stares straight at the man who’s toy truck he just destroyed, approaching him before decking his ass with a big boot! He slowly begins marching into the trailer park, clearly in search of Jeremiah Flynn. “Where the hell are ya you son of a bitch! JEREMIAH SHOW YOURSELF!” He would quickly bust into someone’s home, here we find an extremely large man sitting back watching TV, eating a bucket of fried chicken. Jason quickly approaches the confused man, before he begins to pummel in with rights and lefts! He takes the bucket of fried chicken before just smashing it over his head. He’d pick up a chicken wing, take a couple bites clearly trying to keep himself energized for this high stakes bout, before stepping back outside of the trailer, AND JUST IN TIME! A truck just drove straight through the home Jason was standing in! He hurdles out of the way, before turning his attention towards the vehicle that could of nearly took his life. Suddenly the drivers door opens, and out steps the Universal Champion. Fire in his eyes, he steps down and stares across the street at Jason Ryan. Ryan picks himself up to his feet, both men staring one another down, silence in the air, besides the screaming man who’s home was just destroyed of course. Jason Ryan: “This trailer park ain’t big enough for the both of us!” Jeremiah Flynn: “You’re damn right you son of a bitch!” Finally, both men launch at one another, laying in rights and lefts, a referee appearing out of god damn nowhere calling the action as a bell rings, where the hell did it ring from? Who cares as both men are whaling into one another. Jason seems to take the early advantage, whaling into Flynn, taking the “Painmaker” back and sending him retreating. Jeremiah quickly would bust into someone’s home, before Jason Ryan would follow suit. Two midgets would be found in the kitchen, both eating their dinner the table in complete confusion. Jeremiah would grab ahold of the small man at the table, lifting him up before chucking him directly at the pursuing Jason Ryan! Jason however would catch the small man! Lifting him up and choke slamming him onto the floor! Jeremiah would grab ahold of the other extremely small person and follow up by doing the same, Jason catching them again however this time, Flynn would follow up with a big boot as Jason is holding the smaller person, flooring his opponent. He’d toss the little man off of Jason, before stomping over and over again on him, not giving him a break. Suddenly, Flynn would be smacked from behind by a frying pan. The attacker being none other the the little person tossed to the side. Flynn, clearly annoyed would grab them by the throat, before choke-slamming then straight through their small wooden table! He’d look down on the two injured people, a clear sick smile on his face, before being blasted from behind by Jason Ryan! Jason Ryan would quickly grab ahold of Flynn, before sending him straight through the front window of the home! Jeremiah would land hard in the front yard, several children sitting on the porch next door watching on in shock. Jeremiah would quickly crawl over to the deck where the children reside, telling them to “help me the fuck up rats” before they actually do so. Jason Ryan comes barreling out of the home, looking like a killer staying on his pray. Flynn tells the kids something unheard, before they actually go sprinting screaming at Jason! They begin hitting and kicking at his legs as he stares down in complete confusion. Suddenly annoyed by everything going on, Jason lifts up one of the children, swinging him around before chucking him straight across the yard, sending the child flying and the rest screaming running away. Jason looks to find Jeremiah has retreated into another home. Jason in pursuits, completely tears apart the door to the home on his way in. He steps into the home, looking around to only find a TV and a couch. The TV surprisingly is playing BPZ Mayhem live! Jason stares at the TV, finding it to only be playing himself staring at the TV. Suddenly out of nowhere, he is floored as Jeremiah Flynn smashes a wooden chair straight into his back! Jeremiah now looks at the TV and laughs. Jeremiah Flynn: “I’m kicking your ass on TV you rotten bastard!” LOW BLOW! Jason Ryan with a clear low blow to Jeremiah Flynn, he lifts the TV up now high above Jeremiah.... Jason Ryan: “Sounds like you need to take a closer look to the screen you blind son of a bitch!” HE SMASHES THE TV RIGHT OVER FLYNN’S SKULL! Flynn now is wobbling around, barely able to walk with the box TV stuck on his head. Jason Ryan now grabs ahold of him before chucking him out the door into the yard. Jeremiah finally throws it off his head, injured and confused he looks back now only to be hit BY HAND OF GOD! Jason now falls for the cover... 1...2. NO! Jeremiah kicked out! Jason looks up absolutely pissed, slightly stunned before looking up at the top of the nearest trailer. He slowly nods before walking over and using a rusty ladder, climbing to the top of the roof! Upon reaching it, the big man looks down to see Jeremiah actually already back on his feet and pissed. Neither are usually one for high risk maneuvers, however both now stand across from one another on the roof of the home. Jason goes sprinting at Jeremiah, who this time would return the favor from earlier in the match, with a swift kick to the groin, Jason’s face turning pale as he collapses onto the metal roof. Jeremiah would fall for the cover, 1...2. NO! Jason is still in this. Jeremiah slowly nodding, would grab ahold of Jason, BEFORE THROWING HIM OFF THE ROOF! Jason is now laying in ruble on the ground, clearly in immense pain. Jeremiah now looking down would decide not to follow up, instead going over to take the ladder on his way down. He’d march straight over to Jason, however before he could follow up on anything, Jason with a piece of plywood he went flying through, would turn and explode with anger smashing it across the skull of Jeremiah Flynn. Jeremiah who was already cut open, would be covered in blood now, crawling to the middle of the road. He’d look up at the referee in clear pain, before turning back to the yard to see a smiling Jason Ryan. Jason, now with a CHAINSAW IN HIS HANDS! He’d slowly begins to rev it up, before Flynn would throw his stolen Creed chain at Jason in self-defense. Jason just laughs, Flynn laying down in his back in the road, as Jason gets the chainsaw revved up! Jason Ryan: “TODAY.... TODAY IS THE DAY YOU DIE BOY! I TOLD YOU JEREMIAH, I TOLD YOU WHAT WOULD HAPP-“ JASON RYAN WAS JUST HIT BY A CAR! The man now would lay lifeless, clearly out cold as the car would come to a screeching halt.... SAMEER!?! What the hell is he doing here? Sameer now stands over Jason Ryan, looking back to Flynn. He picks up the Creed chain stolen by Flynn just a month ago at Backlash, nodding before stepping back into his car. Clearly firing back in a big way following Flynn seemingly helping Sameer win the Intercontinental Championship just a month ago. He’d step back into his car before pulling off. Flynn now, covered in blood would pick himself up to his feet, looking down on Jason Ryan. He’d fall for the cover, 1....2...3! ITS OVER! The first ever Texas Trailer Park Tussle has concluded and the victor is Jeremiah Flynn! He’d slowly make his way to his truck, bloodied and busted, this war won and his spot on top of Carnage clearly still secured. However the health of Jason Ryan remains unknown....
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    Up Next

    Just a few days after the first ever ppv in the history of BPZ’s new brand, Valor returns to TV as the focus of the BPZ wrestlers shifts towards the upcoming PowerTrip Cup Tournament and the Mayhem PPV, that will be brought to you live on the 31st of May from the Chase Center in San Francisco. So far, many superstars have declared their intentions for the upcoming weeks of their career in the BPZ. As we return from a commercial, we are reminded of what happened at Valor Chapter I: Revelation, as we see highlights of the matches between Brad and Sameer and the Inner Circle and The Creed. As Sheepy and CPE are done narrating the events that were shown on the titantron, we hear the theme of the Creed playing in the arena. To a large reception from the crowd, the 3 men that have taken the BPZ by storm ever since aligning with one another come out and walk into the ring, all carrying a championship with them. As they stand in the middle of the ring, Bart begins to speak. A few days ago at Revelation, we did what we always have done. We delivered upon our promises. We backed up every claim we made, we refuted all the foolish claims that were made against us. We did it the way we like it, in the ring. As much as we tried to enlighten Slim and Amai about the lies that they were spreading, there is nothing that compares to backing it up once the bell rings. I want to thank Amai and Slim for everything they did in an attempt to mock us, in an attempt to frustrate us. Because it led to us being even more motivated to win this match, to bring our A game, which led to the what happened at Revelation. Just like at BPZMania, we were able to show just why we are the best tag team in the world today. I want to make my words clear there. When I say that we are the best tag team in the world, I mean it. I don’t just mean the best team on Valor, I mean the best team in the whole world. We have always shown this whenever we stepped foot inside the ring, and we will continue to do so. We wanna prove that we are the best team that there is no matter who steps up against us. This includes the wrestlers that were drafted to Carnage. Therefore, we also need non-Valor talent to get an opportunity. While currently the schedules may be tight due to the ongoing tournament, we will still have Judgement Day prior to chapter 2. Therefore, we would like to offer an opportunity to whatever team on Carnage wants to experience the feeling of being in the ring with the most unstoppable force in the history of the company. Now, who this will be? We have no idea. I am sure that Carnage management can find 2 delusionals performers who believe that they will stand chance against us, maybe even more. However, if I can speak ahead of time, I would just like to see that we look forward to whatever challenge presents us at one of the most historic dates on the BPZ calendar. To whatever team that will have the pleasure of battling with the best tag team to ever grace this company, we look forward to meeting with you at Judgement Day. See you there. Bart does step to the side as he finishes speakin, with Sameer now stepping forward and starting to speak to the Valor audience (Reply Planned)
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    I Can't Odd


    What a surprise this is as Buddy Ace cuts off the Universal Champion mid sentence. It’s a bit strange to see him out here considering neither man has had anything to do with one another but surely there’s a good reason for this as Buddy Ace stands on the stage with a microphone. “Hoo boy, Jason Ryan vs Jeremiah Flynn in a Street Fight, that is one match I just gotta see. What I’m looking at right now is a very nostalgic sight. Flynn with an iron grip on that red strap, single handedly dominating the Carnage brand. Congrats on the win at Backlash by the way, I don’t think I got to say that to you. Now you may not know it just from this scene right here, but a lot has changed in the past couple years. I think it’s time someone made you realize that. Seems Jason Ryan is gonna get a crack at doing that and you may underestimate him but I think Jason might be the guy to do it. I know that man far better than probably anyone else around in BPZ. From the very beginning our careers have been intertwined, no matter whether we were mortal enemies or the closest of allies. It’s because we’ve gone to war together and against each other that I know the lengths Jason is willingly to go to. A Street Fight is only playing right into his strengths. I would love to see Jason Ryan shut you up by kicking your teeth down your throat but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be the guy to do so.” “Flynn, at this very moment you are the most valuable man in this company. You were the number one overall draft pick and clearly for good reason. However, you aren’t going to be able to hold everyone else down forever. Arius, KENJI, now you want Jason Ryan...I really don’t get it. It looks like you have a chip on your shoulder, trying to prove you’re still the man by cutting the legs out from under the stars everyone loves. But are you trying to prove that to us or yourself? Either way it doesn’t matter to me, the only reason I even care about what you’re doing is that Universal Championship you’re holding right now. You are the one man that absolutely defines that championship, having had the longest championship reign this company has ever seen with it. Now after bringing it back from inactivity you’re a three time champion. To put this as simply as possible, I want to be Universal Champion. Now I guess you aren’t in the business of handing out free title shots anymore or you realize the guys on Carnage are more than stat pad material, either way I know you won’t give me a shot. That’s fine because I’m more than prepared to earn my chance to face you by winning this year’s Powertrip Cup.” “I’m sure you remember two years ago the first Powertrip Cup tournament took place for a shot at the Universal Championship. The very first match of the tournament was between “The Omega” Flynn and “The Awesome One” Buddy Ace. I was a young rookie making his debut against an all time great and everybody wrote me off as not even a bump in the road on your way to victory...everyone except you yourself. You treated me with respect when you didn’t have to and I’ll always be grateful for putting your all into our confrontation. We had a hell of a match that you of course won since you ultimately won the whole thing, but it put me on the map. I’m not the same wide eyed rookie I was back then though and I won’t settle for a few pats on the back this time, I am in it to win it. How poetic would it be for this tournament to set up our rematch after so long? I plan on making that a reality so I suggest you prepare yourself.” “As for Alex Costa...you say you didn’t have anything to do with Raven’s attack on Isaiah but that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until you said something and now I can’t help but wonder. If you guys are friends I would imagine you would have at least some idea of what was going on with him. I don't have any proof so I'll drop it for now. By the way, you can bad talk Isaiah all you want but that’s not gonna get to me. He doesn’t need me to stick up for him so I won’t. How about we keep things between you and me cos’ we’re supposed to be warriors, not two highschoolers in some petty drama. One more week...then we’ll see who the better man is between the ropes." Buddy Ace stares down Flynn from the top of the ramp after putting the Universal Champion on notice.
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    Take My Hand

    We are less then one week away from Valor Chapter I: Revelation exclusively streaming live on the BPZ Network. The matches in store for this event are out of this world, matches such as Creed vs Inner Circle, Sameer vs Brad, and Gunner vs Mikey. Of course, the main event of the show, the highly anticipated clash between the “Antichrist” Necce and the “God of War” Hans Clayton. The following segment was broadcasted on BPZ.com and other social media platforms. The scene begins with Hans looking into the distance, while standing on the porch of his house. It appears to be a quiet sunny day, with Hans wearing a tank top, shorts, and a baseball hat backwards. He looks on, thinking about his title match with the “Antichrist” in one week’s notice. Hans would begin to talk normally and quite calmly to the cameraman. Isn’t this nice? It’s such a beautiful and lovely day out here don’t you think? Hans would twist his head to the cameraman, he then gives smirks to him before continuing on. In one week’s time, I’m defending my Undisputed Title in another do or die situation. All of my training, all of my physical and athletic abilities tested and endured against one singular individual known as the “Antichrist”. A few days ago, you saw me talk to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while. I needed guidance from her, because I needed her help, and I needed her support. Now a few days have passed since then, and I feel more relaxed now, I feel more settled in since that visit. All I’ve been doing ever since is putting in that work. Conditioning my body to the absolute best, while Necce is on the “Necce Express” targeting my failures, when he should be training himself. That’s on him though when he finds out that I truly live up to the hype. He’ll find out when we step into that ring. Hans would continue to look on as the camera cuts to Hans showing off the inside of his own personal home. It doesn’t look particularly fancy then the Bulletproof Manor but it looks comfortable nonetheless. As Clayton walks by, you can see various different posters and achievements on the walls of his house. Hans would start speaking as the camera cuts to him sitting down on his couch with the Undisputed Title right next to him. I’ve never faced anyone quite like Necce before, he possesses this aura around him, that he cannot be stopped. I mean only a handful have beaten him clean in the middle of that ring. I mean you got the likes of Jeremiah Flynn, Bob Sparks, and Bart who have all defeated him. When Revelation occurs, and it’s all said and done, I plan on joining that list of remarkable people. I’m not going to let this five year veteran get the best of me. I’ve been here for what a year? A year and a half? While Necce goes in and out of this company trying to come back to relevancy and the star-power he once had. Hans would take his Undisputed Title and wrap it around his chest. He would lay down on the couch, as he stares up to the ceiling. Still calm and collective Hans would continue on. I Get it though, I get why people would want Necce to defeat me at Revelation. They still crave for the past. They want to be brought back in time, because that was when life was so simple right? That was when Necce was at his very best. However this isn’t the same man who toppled Flynn for the Universal Title. This isn’t the same man who ruled as your Universal Champion for 112 days... he used to be that man. He’s entirely something different now, because he can’t look at his former self anymore. We all know behind that mask, it's nothing but a protection, a protection to not remind him of how weak he had become. That mask saves you Necce, without it you're just hopeless. Hans would get back up, as he stares directly at the camera, talking to the viewers and the fans watching at home. He gives off a serious tone as he speaks. I want give my attention to the viewers, to the fine sheeps watching at home. Let me ask you all something. Do you want to be stuck in the past, admiring those who just don’t have it anymore. Or do you want to embrace the future, and look forward to the next set of rising talent? The choice is up to you all. You can either take my hand, and I’ll lead you to the promised land or get sucked into the past of the “Antichrist”. I’ll let you all decide. Hans would lay down back on his couch as the scene would fade to black. Strong words coming from our Undisputed Champion. How will Necce respond to the “God of War”?
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    We are back from commercial break on another star studded episode of Friday Night Valor. After what was a tremendous PPV known as Backlash, we are now in the fallout of that event and the fallout of last week’s Valor. Hans Clayton would make his first public appearance on the brand, calling out “The Antichrist” Necce. After Hans would viciously assault nice Necce, the deranged figure of the Antichrist emerged ringside as Hans escaped in utter fear. The scene would begin with Josh Trenton making a direct look into the cameras while wearing a classy suit. He welcomes everyone to this exclusive interview. Josh Trenton: Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Josh Trenton and today I have a very special guest for this exclusive one on one interview tonight on Valor. Please welcome the current BPZ Undisputed Champion, Hans Clayton. Camera would then cut to Hans looking very angry and in silence as he looks at Josh giving no response to Josh’s opening monologue. Hans is wearing black long sleeve shirt, with his right arm tucked up till his elbow. You could also see the Undisputed Title, nicely set up behind Clayton. Josh would then ask some questions to Hans as he would continue to look on. Josh Trenton: Well then, First things first, it has been announced that you will be defending your title against Necce at Valor Chapter 1: Revelation. Are you mentally prepared to face the “Antichrist” in two weeks? Hans Clayton: ….. Hans stared into Josh’s eyes, with a dead look, no words coming out of his mouth. It seemed like Josh was going to move on from another question until Hans finally answered. Hans Clayton: How I’m prepared for the Antichrist? Is that what you really want to know? As of right now, I’m learning. I’m learning about the Antichrist, what the Antichrist is, and how I can stop him. Now in two weeks, I'm facing that man in the middle of that ring, the lights dimming above, going toe to toe with “him”. You see, I wasn’t prepared last week when the "Antichrist" showed up unexpectedly, but now with just a little bit of training, and lots of planning I’ll assure that I'll be one hundred and ten percent ready for the “Antichrist”. Necce may think he’s gotten into my head, but he’s not even damn close. What you saw was fear last week, but I'll be fearless when I'm fully prepared for what he has in store. Josh Trenton: Moving on then, you claimed to be the “Locker Room Leader” of Valor and how you represent this brand, being its first draft pick. Will this match against Necce affect your status at all? Hans Clayton: Of course it will affect it! I know how important this match is, not only for my career but the rest of this brand. I'm supposed to lead this brand to success, and what happens if I end up laying on the floor with the goddamn “Antichrist” holding the title that I've worked for months to get. Let me remind you when the last time you saw this so-called creature, it was him losing at the biggest show of the year to Creed. What happened that same night? Oh that's right, I came out victorious with my title intact. The “Antichrist” is not reliable whatsoever, he doesn’t represent this brand, he doesn’t bleed yellow, he’s here for himself and not the brand that has him. I’m what Valor is, I’m what this company is. I talked about being the future many months ago, but now the future is the present, and I can’t let the present down. Josh Trenton: Very well Mr. Clayton, while you do see yourself as the leader, many others don't…. Hans would then interrupt Josh’s question, as he smirks and chuckles at the idea of people not seeing him as a leader. Hans Clayton: Let me stop you right there Josh, of course people will doubt me. Isn’t that what life is most of the time? There’s people doubting who I am, there’s always going to be that one person who doesn’t believe in the work I've been doing. I’ve had doubters since I won this title, I've had doubters since I've defended this title, and now I have those same doubters coming into my match against Necce. I’ll do what I’ve been doing the past year or so, proving the doubters wrong. The past year has been filled with the highs and lows of my career, and yet whether I win or I lose I’m always the best thing coming out of those shows. I’m consistent! You know what Necce did when he couldn’t capture this very same title at Survival Games? He disappeared, went away for months. The man behind the mask can’t accept defeat, that's why he vanished. He’s afraid of failure! That's why he disappeared when he lost to Bob Sparks! Hans directs his attention to the camera, as he then talks to Necce. You can see a cold and focused stare in the eyes of Hans Clayton as he talks to the “Antichrist”. Necce, you're afraid of losing because you know despite your success here, losing makes you weak, it affects you differently than everybody else here. I’m gonna make sure that when Revelation comes, I will be at my very best, because when I’m at my very best, I’m just a freaking machine. Then you’ll be embarrassed and defeated, and then you will perish for good. Hans would walk out of the room, taking his Undisputed Title with him. The segment would then cut to black as we would continue on with this edition of Friday Night Valor.
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    {The BPZ Roster has now been split into two as we welcome back the much anticipated BPZ Brand Split. The announcers Sandman and Heel welcome us to the New Era of Carnage as an intro package and some pyro opens the nights proceedings} {Once the smoke has cleared, the first official segment of the show is kicked off by none other than the General Manager himself, the 2x BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius. Julius walks down to the ring, a sparkle in his eye as he looks on at the rowdy and energetic Carnage fans here tonight. He enters the ring and grabs a mic, getting ready to address the crowd here tonight} "Finally the dust has settled, The BPZ Draft has come and gone and now we usher in a new era of Carnage with extremely talented roster I handpicked to represent the prestige and power of this show every single week. You will be seeing stars like Nebakos, Bailey, Jonathan, Isaiah Carter, FDS, Buddy Ace, Alex Costa, Broken Nate and the one man who helped me make all of this possible, my very own Painmaker, Carnage's very own Painmaker Jeremiah Flynn" "We walked into World at War, representing the Carnage Brand in the first contest between the two brands and as I predicted WE walked out with our hand raised in the air and the real victors on the night. Jeremiah Flynn knocked off the seemingly unstoppable Arius and let me tell each and everyone of you than Flynn is hungry for more and every member of this Carnage Roster better be ready because when the Painmaker wants something he gets it one way or another, if you are in the Painmaker's way you will suffer, just like Arius did and the entire Valor brand" "Before we get this show started there is one thing we need to take care of first and thats regarding the North-American Championship and it's champion KENJI. Did I take a risk taking KENJI so high in the draft, above the likes of Sameer, Slim, Necce and Smith? Absolutely not because this man is the future of this company and now he's finally going to step out of the shadows because now the spotlight is firmly on him" "I've seen something in KENJI from the very beginning, from his much anticipated debut at BPZ Mania IV to his ascent up the card to finally winning the North-American Championship and making that title synonymous with his name. I will guarantee that one day in the near future KENJI will be the headlining act of BPZ and he's going to do it right here on Carnage. Tonight is about the Coronation of KENJI as our Carnage champion to officially usher in this new era for the Carnage brand" {Julius looks towards the entrance ramp with a huge grin across his face as he waits for the North-American Champion to make his presence felt}
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    thank you for everything...goodbye.

    For the final time...A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE - thank you for everything...goodbye We cut back to Carnage as the crowd are still red hot from what has transpired so far tonight and with a lot more to come there is a lot of excitement in the air. One of which includes Prince’s tweet about having an announcement which caused discussion among the wrestling credit as to what he was talking about. Their questions would be answered shortly however, as the entrance theme for Prince kicks in before he makes his way out from behind the curtain. For a second, the fans are excited to see the Royal one come out…however their mood changes suddenly. Here we see Prince, with a saddened look on his face. Sorrow, disappointment…as though he isn’t even there. He walks slowly to the ring and doesn’t even acknowledge the crowd for a second and remains expressionless…he gets into the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside. As the music dies out, he stands still and continues to look down with dead silence coming from the crowd. For a minute, nothing happens. It’s as though time stood still. Prince raises the microphone to his mouth, seeming as though he is going to speak but before he can utter any words he chokes up. Another minute goes by before he raises the microphone again, fighting back some clear emotions. “Well…uh. This is tough, ok.” The growing concern is shown in the faces of the Carnage crowd. “I was in the back and, they asked me – ‘you can always change your mind’ ‘you don’t have to go out there and do this’. To be honest, with the emotions I’ve felt recently I thought this would be easy. That I’d just come out there, say my piece and that’s it. Yet I’m here now and…” Prince starts to get choked up again, he takes the microphone away from his mouth and coughs to clear his throat. He fights back as he raises the microphone. “Ok, here we go. So…this is the last time you will ever see me in a wrestling ring.” A collective sound of pure shock fills the Carnage arena, with disbelief over what is heard. Many joked about this but it wasn’t taken seriously. “The truth is. When you have a career that people mainly see as a failure you can go about it two ways, you try prove those people wrong or you let the demons control you. For a while I’ve tried going with option A but I keep falling short. It’s one thing to fail. It’s another to hear people talk about that failure. People that once saw you as a threat, now only seeing you as a joke. That’s why I have to leave.” A tear rolls down the cheek of Prince as looks to the crowd who are still in shock. He quickly wipes away the tear before he continues on. “Recently its been made clear that I can’t change what people think. That’s not their fault though, it’s mine. It’s my fault because I never pushed myself the way that I could’ve and here we are a few years in my career with not a lot to show. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning realising that, to get in this ring and try put on a show. When you’ve had so much help yet you couldn’t capitalize on it. I want the newer guys to use me as an example, don’t waste the opportunities you have. Don’t become yesterdays news.” The tears continue to come for Prince but he ignores them to carry on. “With that being said, I have some thank yous that I would like to give. First off, to you guys…the BPZ audience. Thank you for blessing me by giving me responses whenever I came out here, good or bad. I’m forever grateful. You made this worthwhile for so long. Second, I’d like to thank FDS. Now, he will likely wonder why I’m doing this but it’s simple. I use to be a brash kid who thought he was better then everyone else but FDS saw past that. He was the first guy to give me a proper shot and try make my name worth something so for that he has my upmost respect. Then, there’s Karico. We had a lot of ups and downs but working with you gave me the best moments of my career that I will always cherish. Who will ever forget the pub burning down? George you crazy bastard haha. Then, there’s Bart. I have so much I can say about Bart but that will take forever. I just want you to know that I’m proud of what you became, I knew you had the potential when I first saw you and seeing what you have become for me personally is one of my proudest achievements. You just kept climbing the ladder and are a prime example of how the student can become the master. Listen, I can take up the whole show with this. I can talk about Slim, Smith, Ropati, Kieron, Cody whoever. I just want you all to know who shared a ring either beside me or against me…I appreciate you all. With that said, I’m done. Goodbye. Time for a new chapter, hopefully I don’t keep messing this one up.” In instance Prince is rushing out of the ring and gets up the ramp and onto the stage. Clearly trying to hide his emotions he seems keen to make it back quickly. However, he takes a second to look at the crowd once again and bursts into tears. Before he can leave however, he is stopped in his tracks.
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    A Legacy Falling Apart

    We are only days removed from the biggest event of the BPZ calendar, BPZMania,as Carnage is live on TV. We return from commercial as we hear the theme of the BPZ Tag Team Champions, the Creed, play in the arena. It’s the first time in a few weeks that we have seen them in an area, as they have spend the last few weeks celebrating the legacies of some of the greatest tag teams in the history of the company from an undisclosed location. Bart and Smith enter the ring and raise their titles to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. While they may have spend the last few weeks celebrating tag teams of the past, it seems today they are focused on the legacy of their own as Bart begins to speak. Without any form of introduction, he begins to talk about their opponents for BPZMania V, The Legacy Of Violence. Flynn, while we have spend our time in the weeks leading up to BPZMania celebrating the legacies of some of the greatest names in the Tag Team Division, you have spend your time ruining the legacy of your own. As the weeks went by, I saw a man whose greatest attribute once was considered to be his analytical approach turn into as unreasonable of a human being as I have ever seen. One phrase in particular really showed me just how inconsiderate you are when it comes to choosing the words that come out of your mouth. “Live by the Creed, Die by the Creed”. Now, viewers of this program, isn’t this the definition of irony. Jeremiah Flynn once was a man who had it all. With the help of his group of lackeys, he managed to defeat me and retain his Undisputed Championship at Summerslam. But Flynn didn’t settle there. Instead, he continued to target 4 people with constant attacks, one of the most costly decisions of his career. We took the Tag Team Championships from BulletProof at Carnage:Wildcard and defeated them in the main event of Survivor Series. Due to these defeats, Jeremiah Flynn fell apart. Why may all have questions regarding his sanity prior to his affairs with the Creed, his attitude afterwards left no questions to be asked. We all saw what the losses to the Creed did to the 5 time world champion. It cost him his Undisputed Championship. One would think that this would be enough to convince somebody to stay away from people that he simply couldn't’t defeat. But instead, Flynn spends his BPZMania trying to attain the unattainable. Flynn is willing to send his career into scrambles, only for the chance to get another opportunity to face off with the Creed. He is willing to sacrifice his legacy for a final chance at redemption, as little of a chance as this may be. Flynn, dear friend, if anyone on this roster is gonna “Die by the Creed”, it is you. As much as you will try to deny it, as hard as you will try to spin my words around, you can’t unsee the obvious truth when you hear it. You can tell yourself, that all that we are saying is bullshit and that all that we are saying is a combination of lies, but deep down inside, you know that what we are saying is nothing more and nothing less than the cold-hearted reality. But Flynn, luckily for you, you are not the only one who doesn't know when it is wise to move on from something. Music begins to play in the arena as video package appears on the screens in the arena, highlighting Necce’s impressive 2018 campaign in the BPZ. It showcases his victory in the Carnage scramble, his impressive BPZMania 3 victory over Flynn, his defences of the Universal Championship, his iconic Hell In A Cell Match against Flynn and his victory in the Global Championship match at Night Of Legends. However, everyone about the video package changes when Necce stands in the ring and speaks out the name of Bart. The music changes to a more sorrowful sound as we continue to watch Necce. We see him come up short in the Global and Universal Unification match at BPZMania IV, as Bart raises both titles up in the air. We then see Necce fail to make a strong impression in the Powertrip Cup Tournament, as he is eliminated in the first round by Bob. We then see Necce return to the company, only to come up short in his Undisputed Title Match at the Survival Games PPV. We see a disappointed look in the face of Necce, which leads to the video coming to an end. Necce, once upon a time, you had it all. Some said that you were the greatest to ever do it, you were considered to be undefeatable. Finally, you were living in the prime of your career, building your legacy up with every match that you took part in. It was almost like you were writing and living in your own dreams. But all of this came to a sudden and unexpected end when you decided to step in the ring for a match with me. When you entered that match, you were at the highest that your career has ever been at, and by the end of it, I had managed to turn you into the deepest misery of your career. For the remainder of the year, Necce failed to win a single match. The same man who had had one of the greatest years in the history of the company had faded into obscurity the year after. A truly tragic story. And now, just like his good friend Flynn, Necce is looking for revenge. Just like Flynn, he thinks that he can resolve his career by facing me and Smith. Little does he know that this match won’t solve anything, it will only further his troubles. After BPZMania V, just like last year, Necce will leave the ring empty-handed. Just like last year, it will send Necce into a sea of misery that will once again debunk his status as one of the greatest to ever do it, as his once unbreakable legacy falls apart piece by piece. BPZMania is the place where the biggest dreams come true, but for the Legacy of Violence, it will be the place where the hardest truths become reality.
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    'A Big Baller Reunion'

    Backstage Moments After Creed vs BulletProof The camera zooms in on Brenden congratulating Sameer on his victory with Creed against BulletProof in what was possibly the best match in BPZ in 2019. Sameer bruised, clearly hurting but was able to stand on top with his brothers tonight at Survivor Series. Smith, Julius, and Bart begin to walk towards the parking lot after getting all their bags from the Locker Room. Sameer tells Smith Sameer: "I'll be there in a second." Brenden gives Smith a pat on the back as Smith heads to the parking lot as leaving Brenden and Sameer alone. The Big Ballers, Brenden begins to speak to Sameer, As Sameer readjust the tape on his rib. Brenden: Good work out there tonight Sameer. You, Smith, Bart, and Julius truly did show what teamwork is all about and what brotherhood looks like tonight. But I didn't just come here to congratulate you on your win tonight. I need a favor out of you tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE. Sameer: Yeah, sure anything for you, Bossman. Brenden: As you know, I retired from the ring at SummerSlam this year against Jack. But I wasn't able to make peace with our tag team ending. Tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE, I wanna hear our music blast throughout the arena. I wanna hear the crowd go wild for us one more time, I wanna stand in the ring with you, one more time. Sameer: You got it, old man. One Last Time. Sameer and Brenden smile at each other and exchange a hug as Sameer head towards the parking lot after a hard-fought battle with BulletProof to celebrate with his brothers. Carnage LIVE After KENJI addresses his competition, we come back from commercial break. To the shock of many, The Big Baller's theme song plays for the first time since Emergence where they lost the tag team championships. Brenden and Sameer come out to an electrifying crowd. Excited to see one of the best tag teams in BrendenPlayz History back even if it's for one last time. Both Sameer and Brenden enter the ring. Sameer picks up the microphone left for him in the ring but Brenden insists on being the first one to talk. Knowing this might be the last time he shares the ring with his mentor Sameer happily gives Brenden the microphone as Brenden begins to speak. Brenden: One Year Ago, Me and Sameer decided to team up and enter the tag team tournament. No expectations or hope of winning but we did win the tag team tournament. Then we went on to kick the Flock's Ass and become one of if not THE greatest Tag Team in the history of this company. We held Tag Team Gold for half of this year and but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and that's what happened at Emergence when we lost. Then I lost to Bashka at SummerSlam, I just wanted to spend one more moment with Sameer. I want to hear our music blast throughout the arena and hear all of you go berserk for The Big Ballers, One More Time. Brenden hands Sameer the microphone. Sameer begins to speak to the crowd here tonight in Atlanta, Emotions running wild as It seems to be the last time we see The Big Ballers in the same ring together. Not only was Brenden, Sameer's partner but he was his mentor and like they have said before a brother. Sameer: I want to thank Brenden because, after everything that happened, he gave me the call to come back and wrestle. He allowed me to prove myself once again and everything that I have achieved this year from winning the Tag Team Championships with him to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It wouldn't have been possible without him and I couldn't ask more from a friend, brother, partner and mentor. Sameer drops the microphone and gets up onto the top turnbuckle to hype up the fans and get them excited as he drops down from the turnbuckle- WHAT THE HELL? BRENDEN JUST HIT SAMEER WITH THE PEDIGREE!? THE CROWD IN ATLANTA IS INCOMPLETE SHOCK! WHAT THE HELL IS BRENDEN THINKING? Oh my goodness he's not done! Brenden goes outside the ring and picks up a chair from outside the ring. OH NO, HE'S GOING FOR THE KNEE! Brenden is going for SAMEER'S HURT KNEE FROM LAST NIGHT'S BRUTAL WAR WITH BULLETPROOF! Brenden begins to relentlessly hit Sameer's Knee with the Chair, The Chair shots begin to get louder and louder every time. Finally, The Chair breaks and Brenden stops. Brenden would throw the remains of the chair outside of the ring and he starts to GROUND AND POUND SAMEER. OH MY GOSH, BLOOD GUSHING FROM THE FOREHEAD OF "THE BEAST". Brenden would finally stop and exit the ring as he heads towards the locker room as The Crowd in Atlanta rain boos on "The Boss". As Medics rush in to care for Sameer who is now knocked out cold. Sameer is put on a stretcher and headed to the local hospital in Atlanta. Everyone in the crowd and commentators stunned by the events of Brenden here tonight as he leaves with no words said after the brutal attack to his former tag team partner and a man that he use to call a brother and student.
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    The scene is set in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Chase Field arena. "Sorrow the Storm" by Epica begins to play signalling Sheridan's return to BrendenPlayz not three weeks removed from her last appearance, where she revealed she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from the in-ring side of the business until something came up or an opportunity opened for her return. Sheridan appears on the entrance ramp but her appearance is much different to when we last saw her. With platinum hair, red lips and in rather informal clothing, Sheridan seems to have adopted a more risque approach to the industry. She walks down the ramp to a positive reaction from the fans, choosing to ascend the steel stairs and climb through the middle rope, bending at the waistline to do so. She gestures for a microphone as the fans simmer down, waiting to hear what Sheridan has to say. "I know what you all are thinking, oh goodness, Sheridan is back, didn't she assert that she was leaving just a mere few weeks ago? You're right, I did say that. I said that I had lost my passion for wrestling between these ropes, lost a passion for fighting and clawing to try and get to the top. The truth is that I did believe when I said those words I would be gone for a long while, adventuring out on my own, finding my own path and doing my own thing outside of this business. But then I received an interesting call and an offer I would be stupid to refuse, something that includes a slight wage increase and something that gives me a little more power to change this business for the better." "Recently, and feel free to chime in if you agree, I feel like BrendenPlayz has been lacking in strength, in a captain to steady the ship. People are allowed to do their own thing without reciprocation or somebody to stop them and tell them no. Look at the personal feud between Creed and Bulletproof, the drama it has created, while it is an insatiable match it is one that comes with consequences, one that comes with trouble. I could continue to name matches and politics and situations which have recently affected this promotion in a negative way, portrayed the wrestlers and producers and staff of this industry in a bad setting, a bad light. What have the management done to afflict this and combat it? Nothing, and the head of this company, agrees that Carnage General Manager Flynn hasn't done much to combat this, he's shown bias and he's inserted himself far too much in things which needed a voice which was looking out for all participants." "So, BrendenPlayz has relieved Jeremiah Flynn of his role as General Manager..." "And I, Sheridan, will be the new General Manager from this point onward." The attending crowd in the Chase Field arena explode at the news. Sheridan will be the new General Manager of Carnage and the new sheriff of BrendenPlayz! Sheridan clasps the microphone between her hands, showing a genuine happiness and emotion reaction to the crowd chanting her name, showing their approval of their new General Manager. Sheridan wipes a single tear from her eye and grins. Once the audience settles down once more she continues with her speech. "I want wrestlers to know they can come to me with anything, ask any question and I'll answer with no agenda or personal bias in mind. I want you, the audience to know that I will fight to bring you the most entertaining and must-see match ups I can possibly bring to the trouble each and every month, be it on pay-per-view, or on weekly television. This is an opportunity I will not squander, a position I will not let affect my goals and my goals are for this promotion to continue being the biggest and the best on the planet. To have champions who you can be proud of, who you can watch battle it out with their foes and the best wrestlers on the planet. Heading into the new year this is a time to be great and an opportunity for this current class of talents to leave their mark in the business and to set alight a new chapter in the BrendenPlayz history books. Thank you." Once again Sheridan's music hits, the crowd loving the bombshell announcement they have been greeted with. Sheridan blows kisses and waves to the fans as she exits the ring and pauses to take photos with the young fans situated in the front row of the audience. However, before she can continue up the entrance ramp and backstage she is interrupted by theme music all too familiar to her.
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    No One Man (Season 2: Reprisal)

    No One Man - Chapter One: Friends ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I stood idly at the back entrance, staring aimlessly at the wall. I could be the bass thumping just beyond, sending waves through the wall that made the street tremble. I felt the ground shake below me, it was really starting to piss me off. I sauntered to the door again and once again started banging, slamming my fist into the cold steel harder after every knock. I finally ceased, stuffing my hand back in my pocket and stepping back. I waited another quarter-century, nothing changed, the bass kept thumping and every breath I took formed a freezing sheet of air in front of me. I couldn’t bear to wait for another second, I quickly pulled my hands out my pockets and peeled the glove off my right and flicked the knob, it came apart on contact, I pushed the door open and walked into the dim room. In the distance, I could make out a plethora of colors, bright lights created a cascading sea of pink, purple, and blue. The lights gleamed against the golden poles and glitter, I couldn’t see how people hadn’t see yet. I approached, passing an assembly of men dressed in all black, all guarding cordoned rooms. They seemed too preoccupied to deal with me, I continued to stride down the maroon carpet, “New Freezer” hammered louder out the speakers as I approached a railing. I looked out to see the mobs surrounding the small islands of stages, money raining down on the female performers like confetti. I didn’t know strip clubs were this busy on Tuesdays. I began to scan the club, looking for where the big boss man would set up shop while I slipped my hand into my glove. I decided to adventure upstairs, I began to clamber up the steps, looking up to find a pair of extremely unfriendly bodyguards. “I need to see your boss,” I called out to them as I reached the top of the flight, trying to continue between them. They stopped me of course, the one on the left snatching my wrist and the one on the right placing a hand on my chest. I stopped, making eye contact with both of them. “Are you even old enough to be here?” one asked, I sighed audibly before replying. “I need to see your boss, Mr. Banks, Don Dada, whatever the fuck.” They didn’t budge whatsoever, growing more adamant in their head shaking. I massaged my temple, why were mafia types so fucking annoying? It was really starting to piss me off. I wiggled my left hand free enough to twist my palm towards me and slapped his hand. I finally wrangled my hand away as a small army of dark freckles appeared on his wrist. The man on my right tried to place another hand on me, I slapped his hand away as well, with the dark spots materializing moments after. I quickly snapped my fingers as I began to march forward again, leaving the two men on the floor crying out in agony as their skin, sinew, muscle, and tissue flecked off the hands. I massaged my left hand now, they’d be fine I’d only used my left hand. I wish I could get it stronger but unfortunately, I’m a righty. These powers weren’t just blessings from God that allowed you to get a leg up on the world. They were simply an extension of natural physiques. They were mostly present in people’s dominant hand, foot, whatever, people being able to do incredible things but without the immunity of a Superman. We had limits, breaking points that would cause more harm to our body than was worth it. Most people couldn’t even get an inkling of power in their non-dominant hand, becoming utterly predictable in the way they fought. It would always just become who had the bigger gun. But it was almost pointless trying to get an equal level of power in both hands, you could never achieve the same potential of power in your weaker hand. I decided to at least get my left hand functional, being able to emit power from my left, though it hurt like a bitch, and decided to load up as much power as I could in my right. I’ve seen some people who instead decided to achieve a balanced set of power in both hands, they usually didn’t have lethal power. And then there were the real freaks, the lucky ones who ended up getting full body powers. Those people were the ones who belonged in fucking comic books, the ones able to change the bodily makeup, transform into other beings, and fully power up. I wouldn’t go anywhere near those freaks, not worth the money. There were also the mind freaks, people who got superpower brains on Professor X type shit, they weren’t powerful as much as they were annoying, I tried to stay out of their way. I was just lucky I had gotten this “incredible” power, the full extent of death beheld in my fingertips. It was so much cooler than it sounds. I stopped kneading away at my hand and continued down the corridor, running my fingers on the railing beside me. I examined every door I passed, hoping to see any door that could serve as the boss man’s office. I eventually came to the end of the hallway, then began pounding on the final door. “I swear to God if I have to wait another second I’ll get really upset!” I yelled, beginning to pull my glove off. He was so rude, making me wait while he was the one who asked around for me. At the very least he could’ve told his bodyguards I was coming, maybe they would’ve gotten me a Caprisun and a lap dance. Now I had to bang on his door like a fucking policeman, I don’t think a pinch of etiquette is too much to ask for. The door finally swung open, all six foot six, two hundred thirty of Banks filled the doorway. He stood expressionless, looking at me for a handful of seconds before peering over my shoulder, seeing his bodyguards clutching their wrists. He refocused on me, visibly more upset than he was a second ago. Finally, he budged, retreating from the doorway and allowing me in. I slowly sauntered in, taking in the room as I made my entrance. The room was lavishly furnished, as it opened up, a seating area was placed to the right, with a neatly arranged couple of silk chairs surrounding an ivory coffee table. Just behind it lied a bar and presumably storage area for both legal and illegal trinkets. Everything in the room was meticulously tucked away, the thought behind every action was apparent. The Don was so fucking paranoid. At the end of the room lied an ebony and ivory desk, placed in front of a stained and tinted window. On the desk laid some folders and papers, neatly stacked in a pile in the corner. Laid on top was that new bestseller, so bullshit on the “enhanced” by this Dr. Sage guy. Don walked towards the window, gazing out towards the hectic streets. “Where’s the rest of it?” I asked bluntly while I took my seat in yet another silk seat, so bougie. He pivoted back to face me. “How do I know he’s dead?” he asked, I think my eye roll was audible. “Not my issue, ask his wife for all I care, you kill me if he’s not dead. Where’s my money?” I said now, my annoyance starting to ring through. I pulled my hands out of my pockets and began fidgetting with my glove. He approached his desk, drawing a desk drawer open and removing an envelope from it. He placed it on the table before me, I grabbed it, ripping the envelope open and rifling through the cash. “This clean?” I asked, continuing my count of the cash. “Like a virgin,” he replied, these mafia characters loved their stupid sayings. I pocketed the money, satisfied that it was all there, I don’t think the Don was dumb enough to cross me. I rose to leave, our business was complete but he stopped me, motioning for me to retake my seat. He pulled another drawer open, retrieving two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. I dragged his chair back and now took his seat, beginning to pour the whiskey in the glasses. He handed one to me. “I’m not legal,” I retorted, but he became more stubborn, pushing the glass closer to me. “For a successful transaction, and continued success for the both of us in the future,” he began. I gripped the glass, and raised it, clanking it with his in the process. “Salud.” He downed the liquor quickly, proceeding to watch with a smirk while I slowly worked away at the whiskey. I finally put the glass back on the desk, content with the current amount of singeing in my throat. He reclined in his chair, seemingly inspecting me with his stare. I cleared my throat suggestively, trying to figure out why he was shielding his intention. He finally filled the silence with a question. “Would you ever cross me?” The question caught me off-guard, I broke the eye contact we hand and focused on my glass, taking another sip before swirling what remained. I couldn’t really see the point of the question. Was I supposed to have a sense of loyalty to yet another person who needed me? “Yep,” I responded matter of factly, still looking at the remnants of the whiskey. I didn’t really see the point in lying, it’s not like he had anybody with a skillset like me employed. He showed his cards by even speaking my name, what he had in-house wasn’t enough. I looked back up at the Don, becoming enlightened as to why he asked the question. “Aren’t you tired of playing the middle?” I almost chuckled at the inquiry, rubbing my temple as I waited for him to continue. He rose, circling around his desk and sitting on the desk next to me. “You just guaranteed that my sphere of influence will continue to grow exponentially in Atlanta. I have the means to continue to grow out of the state, I could run the entire southeast region of this country, you’d get to be the executioner of the biggest mob in the last century.” “So I have to pledge allegiance to a single Mafia, slash my profits, expose myself to people I don’t trust, and what’s the plus side? Hard pass.” I said through a laugh, in disbelief of what I’d just heard. “I don’t quite believe you,” he said, continuing to examine me. He was insane, I guess he was trying to fill the void in my heart that my parents left. Oh, my knight in shining fucking armor. I scoffed at the comment, then downed the rest of the whiskey, getting ready to leave, Banks wasn’t quite down with me. “Hold your horses, I have another job. Quarter million for a cartel head.” “Nah, it doesn’t seem like much fun,” I said as I stood. I waved at him before dancing around the chairs to leave. I made it to the door before Banks called out to me again. “Be careful who call a friend, I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.” I stopped in my tracks, looking back at him as the profoundness of his words. “And I’d rather have ten dimes. Have a nice day.” I flung the door open and marched out, making way to the stairs. The bodyguards cowered as I stormed past them, finally getting a good laugh for the first time that evening. My chapter with the Trifficante Crime Family was a miserable, hundred thousand dollar story. And now I left out the busted back door, adventuring back into the night, far far away from that hellhole. I walked down the city streets, really taking in the Atlanta nightlife. All around were various types of drug addicts, all strung out to different degrees, Besides that, the skyline was littered with extremely conspicuous vigilantes, I couldn’t tell you how or why they were all perched like Batman, but I’m not one to judge. I cruised by a number of people trying to tempt me with various illegal offers, the corner boys and girls, the true blue-collar of America. I declined all of them, continuing away from the thumping music of the nightlife. I continued to maneuver through the busy streets, without any clear plan in mind, I figured that I should probably go secure the fifty grand burning a hole in my pocket, but what’s life without a little risk. “Aye!” Someone called out from behind me, interrupting my contemplation of food to pick up. I slowly turned, ready to tear my glove off my hand. I could barely make out a hooded figure approaching me, clutching something in his hand. “The fuck do you want?” I asked, freeing my hand from the glove and stretching it out in preparation. The stranger continued forward, drawing ever closer until I could make out pellucid blue eyes focused on me. “I’d like to acquire your services ‘Zombie’, I’m trying to slay a king.” I think I'm in the mood for Waffle House.
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    I Do.

    The Tropicana Field stadium is lively tonight as we are mid-way through BPZ's special PowerTrip event, Emergence. Despite the thrilling matches we have already seen, such as the To The Top Ladder Match that saw Joh walk out with the briefcase, as well as the rest of the night to come, with exciting clashes such as the big main event match-up between Flynn and Julius for the BPZ Undisputed Championship, there are still a few big names missing from this event including the likes of Bart, Slim and... ...This man! Despite him not being advertised for tonight's show, Smith's theme pulsates around the arena as the fans in attendance are now stood on their feet waiting for his arrival. As the final drum in the song's introduction echoes through the crowd, they all stair at the stage as a single spotlight shines down, revealing the Hall-Of-Famer stood with his head bowed. Slowly, Smith raises his head and reveals an excited and eager look, personified by an elated smile spread across his face as once again, Smith is back in a BPZ arena with a microphone in his hand and thousands of fans cheering him on. He walks to the ring, high-fiving fans, appreciating their support before he climbs into the ring. Firstly, he pauses to soak in the love shown by the BPZ Universe before then gently lifting the microphone to his mouth. Nonetheless, as Smith would begin to talk, his facial expression would change to that of a more serious tone. For almost a whole year, I was absent from this company. For almost a whole year, I didn't appear on a BPZ show. For almost a whole year, I couldn't truly do what I love because no matter where I travelled, no matter how adventurous a journey I took, no pro wrestling ring, no combat sports ring, no sports entertainment ring will ever feel as special, as memorable or as personally meaningful as a BPZ ring. This is my home and this is what I live for. BPZ, from the administration to the fans, is my family and this is my life, yet... For almost a whole year, those that I dared to call family, they ripped my life out of my own two hands and left me to suffer. After everything I gave to this company, they were willing to let me rot and now that they've finally decided that it's okay for them to give me my job back, I'm supposed to be grateful? I'm expected to thank the same people that left me with no money to survive on? On my lonesome, I had to rebuild my image that had been broken before anyone else would even think of offering me a job that paid anywhere close to what I had been earning, to what my bills were expected to be paid with. I was abandoned by the people I called family. At least, that's how I looked at it. As much as I clearly knew I had made the mistake, I didn't want it to be my fault. I knew what I had done but didn't want to face the consequences. As ignorant as this may have been, it's what kept me going, it's what gave me the fire to get back out there and rebuild myself, fight my way back to the top and let everyone around the globe know what it means to be Eli Smith. I took it to the point where I sold out an independent tour around Europe, selling thousands of tickets by myself and at the end of that tour, at the final show, on the final night, in such a glorious occasion, I invited my closest friends from BPZ to join me in celebration as I had just signed a brand new BPZ contract. It was spectacular! It's a night that I will never forget but unfortunately, there's another thing about that night that I will never forget. As I stood in the ring after my match, I watched as Sameer walked down to the ring followed by Bart, and Flynn, and Julius, and Nate, and Ropati, and Ross, and Slim, but as I looked around the ring filled with my friends, I noticed that one man was missing... Bailey Justin. You, Bailey. You don't know why I came out at King Of The Ring and stood right in your face? You don't know why, in front of ninety-thousand fans, in my monumental return, I walked straight to the ring to stare you down? It shouldn't be you wondering; you shouldn't be the one who is confused. I don't even know why the friend I worked alongside everyday for four years didn't turn up to such a memorable occasion! The passion is Smith's voice is very prominent as he speaks on such a personal matter. His frustration gets the better of him as his shouts into the microphone, leaving him breathing more and more heavily. After taking a moment to calm himself down, he continues talking. Well, now I'm right here Bailey. I know your back there watching this because after all, we know these PowerTrip events are your favourite little projects that you've worked so hard to improve and develop. Well, now I'm stood here, ruining your pet project to make sure you receive message so you better be listening. Honestly, I'm past the point of caring why you didn't come to my show. Now, I just want to beat you down. I want to remind you who I am. I want to remind you why I'm the longest reigning Intercontinental, Premium and Tag Team champion. Why I'm a two-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. I'm coming to remind you how far that kid that beat you for the top prize in BPZ all the way back in 2015 has come, so yes, Bailey, yes I do want it. In the city of angels, at the grand Staples Center, at the biggest party of the Summer, Eli Smith vs The Bailey, the biggest clash of the Summer! Announcing such a massive match-up has lifted the crowd to giving a zealous applause as Smith stands in the ring, a smile finally returning to the face as he takes in the love once again shown by the BPZ Universe. Moments later, Smith is about to leave the ring but he suddenly hesitates, returns to the centre of the ring and leaves Bailey one last message. One more thing. If your new Hollywood schedule isn't leaving you too booked up, let's meet in the ring, face to face, man to man, and confirm this match because I'm getting way too excited for a beating I might not even get to give. How about I takeover your other treasured project, Carnage, and we can make this official there? To finish with, Smith lets off a cheeky little wink into the camera and exits the ring, leaving the microphone behind as well as a message for The Bailey. As he walks up the ramp, he once again high-fives fans before finally returning to the back.
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    Mikey's theme song rings throughout the arena, and the brand new man walks out from backstage, a look of relief on his face. Just a few days ago, Mikey was able to claim a huge victory at BPZ World at War over his long time friend turned rival, Alex Costa. And now, he is appearing on the first ever show of the new BPZ brand, Valor. He is dressed in his classic blue suit, and he walks calmly down to the ring, a rare grin on his face. He enters the ring and retrieves a microphone, ready to speak. Well, here I am, on the newest, hottest, and best brand in BPZ, Valor. I must say, I've been here for just minutes and it's already a completely different experience. Perhaps it's the lack of Alex Costa, perhaps it's the new colors, but whatever it is, I'm glad to be here. Bart did a good job in bringing the Inner Circle here, this sorry roster could use that boost. But that is not why I'm out here. As you all know, I vanquished Alex Costa at BPZ World at War, ending the little dream he had and knocking some sense into him. And for that, I'd like to thank myself. Alex is now a new man, a bettered man on Carnage, and that should serve him well rather than chasing a false dream. Also at BPZ World at War, I "sold my soul" and joined Mafia. This has already been a controversial decision as I have seen, but let's stick to the facts, people. Mafia is just the same as Bulletproof: an exclusive group that people hate because they simply aren't good enough to get in. But you will all soon see, Mafia will make me a better man, and I will make Mafia a stronger force. Mikey takes a moment to look around the arena and listen to the boos that have spawned from the mention of Mafia. Mikey welcomes these hostile noises, drowning them out with the sound of his own voice. Yes, yes, boo all you want, let it all out. Your hate only fuels my fire to succeed, and that happening wouldn't make you people happy, now would it? Speaking of success, let's talk about some success that'll come very soon: at BPZ Backlash. It's come to my intention that people see me as a filler in Mafia for the recently departed Raven, and I'd like to disagree. Raven was always a great competitor, but I am simply elite, one that has what it takes to succeed on all cylinders. And I'll succeed at what Raven couldn't: capturing the BPZ United States Championship and having a title reign worth talking about. At BPZ Backlash, I will face James Hunter, Akki Mahal, and Aidanator for that very title. A lackluster group if you ask me, and I'll have no trouble crushing all of their ridiculous dreams of winning the championship. A man who hasn't been seen in months, someone who beat Mirage, and a fish...come on BPZ, at least make it somewhat of a challenge. I'll take great pleasure and pride in capturing that championship, and I'll take even greater pride in burying these three men and do both Carnage and Valor a favor. The crowd once again boos at Mikey's words, this time even louder, but again, he isn't fazed. Mikey lowers the microphone for just a moment to clear his throat and adjust his tie. Speaking of Valor, the brand's first exclusive event will be taking place in just under a month, and I want in. Now, I'll be the first to admit that there's hardly any talent on this roster, but there are a few names that come to mind when I think of...a competitor. Not great ones, but names nonetheless. So I'd like to extend a challenge of my own, much like Alex Costa did earlier this month. If you think that you are worth an ounce of what you are being paid, why don't you come on out here? If you think that you've had some success in your career, why don't you come on out and see if you can have that same success against me at Valor's first event? Mikey lowers his microphone and rolls up his sleeves, ready for an answer. In just seconds, a wrestler's theme song plays on the speakers, causing Mikey to laugh and shake his head while pacing the ring, waiting for their arrival. (Reply Planned)
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    We are now Ready for the Main Event Here at Night Of Legends. A Falls Count Anywhere Weapons Lights Out Match between Bob Sparks and Bailey. These two have been feuding for months now and it call comes to an end here. We first here the Bomb siren play through the arena as Out comes Bob Sparks. Bob is now a Former Member of the group Legacy and potentially in BulletProof or Slim thinks at least. Bob makes his way to the ring with a the Steel Chair that he used to turn on Bailey and Destory HWO before it even started. Bob stares at all the Weapons he sees around the ring. As he looks he sees Chairs, Tables, Ladders, Trash Cans, Kendo Sticks, Sledgehammers and that’s just what’s out in the open there’s way more stuff under the ring. Bob enters the ring as the GOAT echos through out the whole arena as out steps Bailey who walks straight to the ring with Josh in his hands. Josh of course being his Barbed Wire bat. Bailey and Bob stand face to face as they measure up the weapons they both have in there hands and the ref calls for the bell. BARBEDWIRE BAT VS STEEL CHAIR. As Both men stand off they start to swing away! Eventually Bob gets the quicker shot with the Chair. He drops Bailey to one knee and then takes the Chair and hits Bailey right over the back with it. He then takes Josh and chucks it all the way up the Ramp and out of sight. But he then turns around into a tackle from Bailey who starts punching away. Bailey gets off of Bob and grabs brass knuckles from his pocket. He waits for Bob to stand up and swings away but Bob dodged and grabs the Chair and smashes it right over Baileys head! He than takes another shot on Bailey that sends him over the top rope. Bob then goes to the top rope and jumps right at Bailey only to be met with a Sledgehammer right to the gut and then to the back! Bailey then takes Bob and throws him right into the Ring Post. And then right into the barricade. Bob who is know leaned up against the Ring Post stands there while Bailey takes a Chair and swings it bob Bob gets out of harms way as Bailey hits the ring post Bob grabs the Bell as Bailey walks over to him and hits him over the face with it. Bob then starts ripping apart the announcers table. He grabs Bailey and tries to powerbomb him through the table but Bailey is a able to punch his way off Bob. The 2 Men start to just throw straight punches at each other until Bailey ducks a punch and hits a Belly go Belly on Bob onto the floor. Bailey then grabs a Trash Can and hits Bob right over the head with it. Followed by a Game Changer! Bob is out! Bailey then takes Bob and throws him onto the announce table. He puts the Trash Can Over Bobs head. He then takes a Sledgehammer and Smahes it right at the trash can and into Bobs head! Bailey then sets up a Ladder and Climbs it! OMG Bailey hits a Shooting Star Press onto Bob all the way up from a ladder! Both men are laid out but Bob might be finished! Bailey who is now slowly getting back to his feet decides not to pin Bob. But insteads Set up another Table! But this time puts Gasoline all over the table and then Thumbtacks as well! He then lights it on fire! As the Flames are going on the table Bailey picks up Bob and looks to go for a GOATplex onto the fire table. But Bob is able to counter with Elbows to the face. Bailey goes for a punch but Bob ducks and transitions into a SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE TABLE!!!! After the fire is blown away Bob takes the fire extinguisher they used and smashed it over Bailey’s head. He doesn’t hesitate and immediately picks Bailey up and Powerbombs him through the Barricade! Bob goes for the pin. 1…...2 NO. Kick out by Bailey somehow. Bob is in shock and can’t believe it. Bailey starts to crawl into the Crowd as Bob follows from behind with now a kendo stick in hand. As Bailey gets up Bob hits him with the Kendo Stick right into the back. He than starts to choke bailey with it from behind. As Bailey starts to fade he starts to swing his head back into Bobs and is able to hit him. After Bailey catches his breath him and Bob start to brawl In the crowd and eventually end up backstage. They find themselves by the Catering where Bailey takes a plate and throws it right at Bobs head hitting him. He then takes another plate and throws it frisbee style but misses. Bob runs at Bailey as they both go flying onto the table and Over it. Bailey is able to get up and find a tool bucket he chucks it at Bob and then hits IMPACT on him. Better known as a spear. Bailey grabs the Tool Bucket and grabs a screwdriver from it. As he holds Bob down he tries to once again plunged the screwdriver into the eye of Bob but Bob is trying to fight him off. But he can’t last and Bailey is able to plunged the screwdriver right into the same eye that he hit a few weeks ago. Bob screams in pain as he starts to walk away as Bailey is nowhere to been seen at first. As Bob drops to a knee after walking for a bit we then see Bailey driving a Mini Kart that he drives right into Bob! Bailey then loses control of the Kart tho and drives it right into a glass wall crashing into an office. Bailey grabs the whole computer monitor and walks back out the glass wall that he came through and screams out Bobby! He finds Bob but when he goes to smash the Monitor over his head Bob turns around and hits Bailey with a steel pipe right to the gut. Bob takes the Monitor himself and smahes it right into the skull of Bailey. He then picks Up Bailey and throws him down a flight of stairs. They eventually end up in the parking lot! Bob throws Bailey into a Car. He then rips off the Car door with his bare hands and goes to hit Bailey with it but Bailey is able to get out of the way. Bailey knees Bob right in the face. He brings Bob to the back of the Car and opens up the trunk.. he Kicks Bob in the gut and bends the upper half of Bob into the Trunk and then slams the trunk door right into Bobs back! Bailey then is able to lift Bob up and hit the GOATplex right onto the concrete floor. Bailey then sees someone trying to rush to there own personal car when Bailey stops them. Bailey punches them in there face and takes there Keys! He gets in the Car and turns it on. OMG HE IS GONNA TRY TO RUN BOB OVER. He revs the engine and steps on the pedal and speeds right at Bob but Bob is able to get out of the way lest second as Bailey then Crashes right into a BPZ Moving Truck. Bailey gets out the Car and walks towards Bob who is by another Car. Bob counters Bailey and ends up throwing him over the Car. Bob then grabs Bailey and Hits a Bob Bomb right Onto the HOOD OF THE CAR CRACKING THE FRONT WINDSHIELD! Bob Brings Bailey back down to the floor and pins him. 1….2…. NO Bailey kicks out! Bob takes Bailey and throws him into the Elevator as then the Men brawl in the Elevator as it’s going up a floor. They brawl out of the elevator and around the hall and then find themselves in the Guerrilla position! As we see Brenden and other people in the guerrilla Position backing up as Bailey and Bob brawl. They brawl out into the curtains and back out onto the stage and in front of the crowd. Bob throws Bailey into the minitron as Bailey bounced off tho he hits another impact on Bob! The Bailey jumps off the ramp and onto the right side as he disappears for a moment. We then see a Pickup truck drive into the shot and out to the area. It backs in and parks right next to the side of the stage with the Bed of the pickup truck facing the Stage. Something is hidden in the bed as a Cover is over it. Bailey who is cut open and bloody takes off the cover to reveal nothing but BROKEN GLASS FILLED IN THE BED. With then BARBEDWIRE laid on top of it. Bailey climbs back onto the Ramp just to get hit with a steel chair into the gut by Bob. Bob sets Bailey up for a Bob Bomb into the Glass but what Bob hasn’t realized is that Bailey had picked up Josh. The Barbedwire bat that Bob threw to the stage when this match first begun. Bob lifts Bailey up only to get hit with Josh right into the Head. Bob drops as Bailey falls on top of him. Bailey gets back to his feet as Bob gets back to his and BAILEY SMASHES JOSH RIGHT OVER THE HEAD OF BOB. But Bob is still standing but staggering and Bailey hits another stiff shot to the skull with Josh. As Bob is covered in blood and bleeding from the head. Bailey picks up Bob and HITS THE CAREER KILLER RIGHT INTO THE GLASS AND WIRE IN THE BACK OF THE PICKUP TRUCK. BOTH MEN HAVE GONE RIGHT INTO THE SHARDS OF GLASS. Bob may have broke his freaking neck. Both men barely moving Bailey is able to lift Bob up and over the bed and onto the floor. He then climbs over and falls to the ground. Bailey hits another Career Killer onto the floor and then covers Bob for the first time in this match. 1….2…..3. ITS OVER BAILEY HAS DEFEATED BOB! Both Men lay there practically Dead from the War they just went to that ended in both men going through Barbedwire and Glass. Both men are cut up, bloody and broken. Bob who is still not moving as Bailey is able to finally get back to his feet. The medical team rushes to Both men but Bailey throws them off him as They attend to Bob. Bailey climbs back onto the Stage. He grabs Josh and raises it in the air as the Crowd Pops! Bailey is Walking (barley) but stil walking out of Night Of Legends the winner of this war! Bob put up a fight but it just wasn’t enough as the last image of the night is Bailey raising the Barbedwire Bat in the air on top of the stage as the Camera fades to black!
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Collector's Edition: Ace Edition ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This year's collectors edition is filled with goodies and content and the man represented is none other then BPZ Hall of Famer, Jonathan! The Ace edition has a variety amount of items, so lets see what you're getting in this year's collector's edition. First thing you get is of course BPZ 2K19 of your choosing console. Along with that you get the BPZ 2K19 season pass so you can get all the DLC when it becomes available. Next thing you got is painting of Jonathan himself. This was created by our very own, Bob Fitzberger. He has created a bunch paintings in the past for BPZ. You then get a action figure of Jonathan and its an exclusive as you only get this specific action figure if you get the collector's edition. Next thing you get is a signed autographed picture from Jonathan, and its very rare to get a autograph from Jonathan, let alone one in great condition. Finally you get 2 exclusive characters, first you got Jonathan and his attire from BPZ Mania 3. Arguably Jonathan's greatest rival, Nebakos will be in BPZ 2K19, only way to get him is through the Collector's edition. So what are you waiting for, pre-order the collector's edition today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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