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    It's Your Fault

    It's your fault. Yelich is sitting in a chair, looking at himself in the mirror. He's talking to himself while his hands fiddle with each other. Yelich has seemed to have seen the recent Arius promo where he tries to figure out Yelich, a man who hasn't even figured out himself. He seems to be trying to do that through self reflection... almost in a literal sense. He must think Arius' conclusion is correct as it seems he is trying to convince himself of his conclusion right now. It's all your fault. Listen to me! it's your fau- Yelich's voice falters. Almost like his brain is refusing the information it is being presented with. Arius.. Arius knows stuff, he's.... he's knowledgeable, he's smart, he's... successful. He knows things. If he says it's your fault, then it's your fault. Right? Yelich looks down at his fingers, he twiddles his thumbs, fidgeting to find something to distract himself from this tough conversation with himself. It doesn't work. He starts talking to himself again, this time not looking at his reflection, confused. You adapted but yet you still perish. You change your personality yet you still fail. You blame everyone except yourself. People said it was because you weren't good enough so you trained harder. People said it was because you didn't keep a personality long enough, so you got your therapist to help you keep your mind in one place for awhile. Nothing's still worked. Yelich looks back at his reflection with a new conviction, almost like a person who finally found the perfect comeback in an argument. No it has to be your fault. If you lose it is your fault and no one else's. That's how it's always been for everyone for years. There is no other logical explanation. There's just always someone a tad bit better, there's always someone just a little bit better than you, that's fine. But that just means you need to get that little bit better. Yelich's conviction slowly falls from his face, returning to a glum state. Yelich looks back down at his hands, almost as though he's hurt from looking at the source of his berating, like a child is with a chastising parent, refusing to face his fear. Yelich begins to mutter softly. How is there always someone a tad bit better? You're always so close. And you have nothing that you're really doing wrong anymore, there's no glaring flaws... all of the changes you've made trying to fix yourself haven't made a difference, the personality, the in ring style, hell even your interaction with the fans, none of it have made a change in the result column. So... Is It Your Fault? Yelich looks down at his hands and back up at his reflection in the mirror, studying his face, as if it holds the answers to all of his life's questions. He looks vulnerable like this. Questioning himself after all of his losses has really broken him down. I think... it is? Just keep working. Don't stop. Never stop or else you'll lose again. You can't lose again. I CAN'T LOSE AGAIN! I don't care if Arius is tough to beat. I don't care if everyone says this to him and they're always wrong. This is for me to feel better again. This is for me to feel something other than regret again. This is for me to FEEL again. I need that title, I need that feeling of victory, of accomplishment. I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose. I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose. Yelich begins nodding his head, he looks back at himself in the mirror, for the first time it seems like he's okay with what he's seeing. Yelich continues to softly chant "I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose" to himself. He gets up and leaves the room, he must be going to train some more of his words are anything to go by. Once he leaves the room the screen fades to black and Carnage rolls on.
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    The Stupid Olympics

    We are all aware the legions of idiots we are forced to share this world with. So why don't we take some time to make fun of them? This new diary is me doing just that so we can all have a good laugh. And because Twitter is full of idiots i thought we'd start there. Our first submission comes from someone who wishes to learn the surname of a obscure figure in the political field Obama's last name... gee I wish I knew. Barrack OBAMA's last name. Oh gee, it's right on the tip of my tongue. Man I wish I knew what Barrack OBAMA's last name is. I tried Google and I couldn't find Barrack OBAMA"s last name anywhere. Oh well. Must be as a mystery. Just like his birth certificate. Now here's someone who clearly is gonna be a historian in the future Ah man, Rosetta Stone was too busy teaching languages on that bus. You gays be trying to use her to further your agenda, shame on you for doing that! She was some sort of language teacher and you have the audacity, nay the nerve to use her as some sort of figurehead in your movement? You should be arrested! Rosetta Stone is turning in her grave right now! Geography... ... Illuminati! It's so inspiring to see a healthy relationship That is so inspiring! How brave, how... how insightful! Hey guys, stop laughing, don't you dare judge this person! Love doesn't have a number... but his prison uniform will! Oooooohhhhhhh! Alright guys. Let's come up with a theory for this, we need to figure this out This just goes to show how overrated school is. I mean the dangerously stupid can make something of themselves. I don't know why anyone even tries anymore. I feel like the Land Of Opportunity should be just a little selective on who they let do stuff. and for the very last one, time for some good news Oh thank God! That means I'm clean too! Time to cancel that test ... So I'm back... turns out that's not how that works... I'm gonna end this first entry now, I have to go get tested.
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    Hans Graphics

    Offical Summerslam Poster
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    Hans Graphics

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    SSW Revolution Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to SSW Revolution! Tonight, you will see the conclusion to a long, grueling tournament where the winner earns the #1 contendership for the SSW World championship! Also stay tuned to watch both Arius and RAINE defend their titles! Without further ado, let's get this show on the road! Match 1 (SSW National Championship): Arius (c) vs Birdman vs Maddrix The first man to enter is Birdman. He pops out onto the stage from the back to a massive ovation from his home nation of England. He is wearing a white and red themed outfit in honor of his fellow Brits and they are all for it. Birdman sprints down to the ring, high fiving fans on the way. He dives in and scales to the second rope in a corner. He lifts his arms to fire up the crowd before backflipping off it and bowing to the fans. They cheer ferociously as the music of the next man hits, Maddrix. The imposing figure steps out onto the stage to an ovation of boos. Maddrix storms down to the ring, stepping onto the apron with ease and over of the top rope easily. He poses in the middle of the ring while staring Birdman down, daring him to make a move. Satisfied, he walks over to his corner, awaiting the champion. Before the music of Arius plays, fog begins to rise from underneath the stage. Soon enough, the whole stage is covered and the music of "The Revenant" rings throughout the arena. Nothing can be seen for a short period of time, but eventually Arius can be seen high in the air on an elevated throne, championship on a pedestal in front of him with Rin Akane standing near his side. Once out of the fog, it is revealed that an army of 12 ghouls are carrying the makeshift throne on their shoulders. They gently set him down on the floor, and he enters the ring with his championship and Rin Akane. He holds the title high into the air before walking over to his corner to begin the match. The bell rings and this match has begun! Arius wisely slides out of the ring, gesturing for the two other competitors to duke it out. Birdman looks at him in confusion which allows Maddrix to charge at him unseen and blindside him with a clothesline, knocking him into the corner. Maddrix begins to lay into Birdman with punches and knees to the midsection. Maddrix finally pulls Birdman out of the ring and hoists him above his head. He keeps him there for a 10 count before tossing him off to the side. Arius picks this moment to grab a hold of Birdman's leg and drag him out of the ring. Arius nails Birdman with a forearm, knocking him out for the time being. Arius then stares at his adversary in the ring, the monster of a man Maddrix. Arius paces the outside for a few seconds, thinking. Without warning, he slides into the ring and pops up quickly. He runs under a clothesline from Maddrix to rebound off the ropes with a dropkick square to the jaw. Maddrix stumbles back a bit but shakes the blow off and charges at Arius. He leaves his feet, flattening Arius under a 280 pound crossbody. He goes for the pin, 1... 2, barely a 2 count. Maddrix grabs Arius by the hair and picks him back up, but Arius shoves the hands off. He then proceeds to land a few punches on the face of Maddrix before delivering a kick to the midsection. Arius grabs a hold of Maddrix's head and drives it into the mat with a snap DDT. Arius quickly gets back to his feet only to be met with a springboard missile dropkick from Birdman. Arius falls back onto the mat be gets back up to his feet. Birdman is once again on top of the recovery and is able to land a big time headbutt. Arius stumbles backward and falls out of the ring through the middle rope. Birdman goes to run off the ropes as the crowd cheers him on but Maddrix is back on his feet. Birdman slides in between his legs and pops up behind him with a knee to the back which also sends him tumbling out of the ring. Birdman runs off the ropes and leaps into the air, performing a tope con hilo on both Arius and Maddrix, knocking them both down, much to the approval of the British crowd. Birdman picks up Arius and rolls him back into the ring. He awaits on the apron to strike. Arius slowly gets to his feet and Birdman leaps up into the air. However, Maddrix has recovered and is holding him down by his foot. Birdman shakes him free and delivers a sliding knee to the monster, which dazes him. Birdman once again turns his attention to Arius but The Revenant has already recovered and is there to meet Birdman at the ropes with a leaping forearm. Following the forearm, Arius gets Birdman into a suplex position and hoists him up and over the top rope. Arius delivers the suplex in the ring and drifts over to the pin. 1... 2..., not quite 3. Arius wastes no time in lifting up Birdman, attempting to lock in the Final Testimony. Birdman is able to get to his feet and flip around, turning the potential match end move into a northern lights suplex. Birdman holds it in a pin, but he only gets a 2 count, much to the dismay of the crowd. Birdman ascends to the top rope, looking for the Bird Bomb to put this match away once and for all. He is about to leap off when Maddrix appears once again, grabbing onto his foot. Birdman tries to kick him away, but Maddrix gets his arm up higher and shoves Birdman off the rope. Despite the premature takeoff, Birdman is able to gather his whereabouts and still hit the Bird Bomb on Arius. He rolls off in pain for a few seconds but is able to cover Arius. 1... 2..., no! Maddrix leaps off the top rope and delivers a Mad Bomb, flattening both Birdman and Arius. Birdman rolls away in pain while Arius is laid out flat on the mat. Maddrix attempts to crawl over for the cover, but he is stopped by something tugging on his foot. It's Rin Akane! He looks at her for a moment too long and Arius is able to get up from behind him. Arius kicks out Maddrix's leg from underneath him, and he falls backward in a perfect position for the Final Testimony. Arius scans his surroundings for Birdman and sees nothing to his pleasure. He slowly but accurately locks in the Final Testimony, and this match seems to be over. Maddrix struggles at first but to no avail, his movements quickly fading. The referee lifts his arm up, and right before he lets it drop, the hold is broken by a diving headbutt onto Arius from Birdman! Both Birdman and Arius get to their feet quickly and stare each other down. The two warriors begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring to a thunderous crowd. Birdman hits a lucky punch which dazes Arius. Birdman runs off the ropes but is caught by a leg lariat from Arius. Arius quickly lifts Birdman back up and clotheslines him over the top rope. He then looks at Maddrix with a clear intention in mind. He walks over and once again locks in the Final Testimony. Maddrix can't respond to the referees arm raise, and this match is over. Arius once again walks out with the SSW National championship clutched closely to his chest. He and Rin Akane make their way to the back, satisfied with this competition. Birdman gets up to his knees and looks out to his home crowd. He raises his hands up to them to a massive ovation before finally rolling out of the ring and heading to the back, once again so close. Ah, you hate to see it happen. But that's wrestling. And that man impressed me a hell of a lot more than I thought he would tonight. With that said, the action does not stop here! We still have two more highly anticipated matches coming up tonight. Coming up next, we will see the SSW World champion, RAINE, defend his title against a mystery opponent! Match 2 (SSW World Championship): RAINE (c) vs ??? RAINE is the first man to enter, and he looks prepared as ever. Fresh ring attire, what seems to be a new tan, and of course, the SSW World championship. He maneuvers through the crowd, not letting a single person touch him. He rolls into the ring and poses with his championship. He quickly gets a mic from ringside and announces that he is making this match a submission match. He then stands in his corner, waiting for his mystery opponent. The cocky smile on his face is completely wiped off when the music of Joey Marvelous plays. Marvelous appears on the stage and poses for the British fans, who seem to like him. He sprints down to the ring and slides right on inside, ready for this matchup. The bell rings and this one is underway. RAINE and Marvelous circle each other for a few minutes before locking up. Marvelous is able to get the upper hand with a quick hip toss, and RAINE scoots into the corner, quite surprised by the quickness of Marvelous. RAINE slowly gets up and the two lock up again. RAINE attempts to shove Marvelous off once he gets him in a headlock, but Marvelous is easily able to drive RAINE headfirst into the mat. RAINE once again slides into the corner, looking very displeased. After a few long minutes, he gets up and prepares to engage with Marvelous again. Marvelous simply runs toward RAINE and looks to hit a clothesline, but RAINE kicks Marvelous right below the belt. The fans boo as the bell rings and the match is called off. Marvelous is victorious, but RAINE has the champions advantage and is therefore able to retain his title through this encounter. RAINE grabs his title and speedily makes his way up the stage. Just to rub it in, he poses on the stage, mocking the fans and Marvelous. With one final cocky smile, he turns to go backstage. However, a man is in the way. He looks extremely confused but his face lights up with a smile once he sees RAINE. He tries to greet him with a handshake, but RAINE isn't interested. Instead RAINE asks "Who in the flying f**k are you?" The man's face quickly goes from delighted to be here to terminator. He kicks RAINE in the midsection and lifts him up. He drops him down with a piledriver which the crowd loves to see. The man takes a microphone out from his jacket and casually says: ???: My name is Yelich. Nice to meet you. Yelich drops the microphone and walks backstage. Whoa whoa whoa! Can someone check that out? Make sure the title didn't get scratched? Awesome, thank you! Well, sorry about that, but you met one of our newest signings Yelich, so that's good. Sorry, I'm just a little upset about the title hitting the ground so harshly. That thing costs half of my budget, I swear. Anyway, now that the match is over, that only means one thing. We have a main event to get to. The finals of SSW Revolution tournament. Let's see it! Main Event (SSW Revolution Tournament Finals): Julius Jones vs Charles Lupin The first man to enter is Julius Jones. He storms out onto the stage and down to the ring quickly, zoned in on the task. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, posing for the British crowd. He then stands in the center of the ring, waiting for his adversary. The lights suddenly go out. All that is left is a spotlight on the center of the stage. It is soon filled by a wolf, who's howls fill the entire arena. The wolf retreats away from the spotlight and the music of Charles Lupin plays. The light turn back on and Lupin emerges from the backstage area, donning a wolf mask and been pulled to the ring on a sleigh by two wolves. Once at the bottom of the entrance ramp, he disembarks from the sleigh and rolls into the ring. He takes off the mask and poses, causing a pyro to go off from the stage. He turns around to face his opponent. He smirks at Jones before making his way to his corner. The bell dings and the match begins. The two men meet in the middle of the ring, but do not make any move to attack each other. Instead, they face off. The intensity grows between them with the noise from the crowd, reaching a painfully high level at one point. This is it. Tournament on the line, only one winner, who will it be? Lupin makes the first move with a straight jab to Julius' face. Julius hardly reacts and returns the smirk that Lupin gave him earlier from before that match. Jones then begins to attack Lupin ruthlessly, mixing in punches, knees, and headbutts. Jones finally hits a big knee that drops Lupin to one knee. Jones sprints off the ropes, looking to end this one early with the Claymore Kick, but Lupin pops back up to his feet and is able to hit his own dropkick. Lupin wastes no time in getting Julius up and driving him over the top rope with clothesline. Lupin follows and is able to grab Julius and throw him backfirst against the steel barricade. Lupin follows it up with a kick to the chest. Julius is sat up straight against the barricade and Lupin has a crazed look in his eyes. He rolls down his knee padding and it doesn't take a genius to know what's coming next. He charges at Jones and thrusts his knee outward, but Julius dodges the attack and Lupin is sent full speed right into the unmoving barricade! Lupin writhing in pain is only stopped when Julius picks him up and delivers a body slam on the outside. Jones then climbs onto the apron and leaps off of it, bringing down a vicious knee onto Lupin's forehead. Julius then grabs Lupin and tosses him back into the ring over the top rope, from the outside! Jones slides in slowly, stalking his prey, waiting for him to get back to his feet. When he is not able to do so due to his injured knee, Julius walks over to get it done himself. Jones grabs him by his hair and lifts him up to his feet. He shouts for him to stay up before sprinting off the ropes, looking for the Claymore Kick once more. Jones leaps into the air to hit the finisher, but Lupin collapses from his knee before the blow can come. Julius slams the canvas with his hand and storms over to Lupin. He begins to kick at him, starting at the upper body and moving down slowly. When he reaches his knee, he pauses. Instead of delivering a kick, he joins Lupin on the ground and locks in a figure four leglock! Very unlike Julius, but if Lupin's screams of pain are anything to go by, it's working. After being in the hold for over a minute, Lupin is finally able to power himself over to the bottom rope with his upper body only. The hold is broken but the damage is done. Lupin gets to a vertical base on his good leg and the support of the ropes, but Jones is ready. He charges at Lupin, but Lupin is able to lift his injured leg up and stop Julius with a direct kick to the face. Jones stumbles back and Lupin springboards off the ropes with one leg, delivering a crossbody. Still on one leg, Lupin get Julius back up and lands an uppercut followed by an enzuigiri off the ropes. Lupin scales to the top rope on essentially one leg. He lines up Julius for the shot and leaps off the rope, going for a one leg moonsault, which he incredulously hits! Lupin covers Jones, 1... 2..., kickout! Lupin quickly gets Jones up and lays into him with kicks from his good leg in the corner. He then hobbles to the other corner and Lupin runs at Jones, delivering Into the Light! Lupin drags himself into the cover, 1... 2..., just not enough! The momentum he needed to deliver a substantial knee was just not there! Lupin isn't done yet though, and he scampers into the opposite of corner of Julius. Jones woozily gets to his feet and Lupin charges at him through the pain of his knee, looking for Into the Light once more! CLAYMORE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!!! The injury on the knee of Lupin didn't allow him to gain the speed he needed to land move in time! Jones covers Lupin, 1... 2... 3! This match is over! Julius Jones is the victor and the winner of the first ever SSW Revolution tournament! Jones gets up to his feet and the referee raises his arm in victory. Julius tears and down and motions for a mic. Jones: RAINE, I know you're back there right now watching this. And I know that you're too much of a bitch to come out here and face me, so listen closely. I don't care what you try to do when I face you for that championship. I'll take as many MoneyMakers or 630 Sentons as I need to, but mark my words, after that match, your championship is coming home with me. Jones drops the mic in the ring and makes his way to the back without a glance back. Very bold words from Julius! I guess he did follow through last time though, huh? Well, that's all for tonight folks! As always, my name is Dave Meltzer and thank you for tuning into SSW Revolution! We'll see you in just a few days at SSW Punishment!
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