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    My World

    The GOAT plays as out walks Bailey from the Crowd. Earlier tonight we saw the exclusive video from Kenji speaking on the match between his self and Bailey. Bailey enters the ring once again by himself here tonight as he grabs the microphone. He paces back and forth as he begins to speak not stopping his pacing at all. We’re talking about worlds, my world is crazy. My world has challenges and challenges and roadblocks at every turn. In my world everyday I have all eyes on me. I have everyone speaking on me whether it’s good or bad. I have everyone and everything trying to drag me down and take me out. My world is dangerous. It’s not a place for everyone. It’s not even a place I wanna be in sometimes cause it’s just so fucked up and screws with your head. Always having to live up to expectations, always having to fight for your life. Everyday just trying to survive. Only the survival of the fittest can be in my world. You’re right Kenji you are in my world now Mothafucker but it is not a world cut out for you. You can’t come into my world and win your way. You will die and you will die every single time. My world will chew you up and spit you out like you were nothing but a piece of trash. You’re way Kenji just isn’t good enough for my World. In my world you gotta be ruthless and twisted. You gotta be demented in every way possible. You have to want to kill to be in my world. You have to be a Fucking Psychopath. That’s it there is no way around it. That is the reality I have to live with Kenji everyday. That’s why I am who I am. It’s because that’s what I have to be. It’s what I need to be. It’s what I need to be to survive in my own Goddamn World. You have it easy. It’s all rainbows and butterflies in your world. In your world you are definitely a Golden standard. In pretty much everyone’s world you are a golden standard. You’re a great wrestler. You are a once in a lifetime talent in this ring. That’s all it takes in most people's worlds to succeed. You just gotta be a Good Wrestler with some charisma. And you got that and then some. But you challenged me Kenji. As you say you are taking the gamble of a lifetime. You are completely right because the moment you challenged me is the moment you did step into my world. And I like you a lot Kenji as I have already stated but you aren’t cut out for my world. Being a great wrestler means jack shit. I don’t give a shit that you know 50 or more different wrestling moves. I’m not here to wrestle you Kenji. I don’t wanna Wrestle you. I’m a fighter. I’m a brawler. I put my body on the line every time I step into this ring because that’s what I love to do. I love to fight. I love to come into this ring and absolutely knock the head off of someone. You don’t think like that and I don’t know if you ever could. Bailey stops pacing now and just stands still as he continues to talk You’re showing you couldn’t because you go and join fractions where it’s named after someone else. Someone else by the way that you are way better than. Everyone knows Kenji is better than FD. It's not even a question. But while you play with fire and enter my world. FD gets a fluke win and gets to play Champion? Kenji that should be you. You should be the Champ. That should have been you in that moment. Now I don’t know what happened in your head for a few months that caused you to go on a losing streak but you are 100 times better than FD. You should be where he is. Not taking the gamble of a lifetime. Not risking your whole entire career by challenging me. I know you have pride. I have pride too. But you should have not done this. Especially with the mindset that you are gonna come into my world and win your way. Your way just doesn’t work in my world. I promise you Kenji if you come into this match and try to out wrestle me you are going to get hurt. I don’t want to hurt you but I gotta do what I gotta do. When that bell rings I don’t care about your potential, your future. I don’t care about any of that. I am coming to kill you Kenji. You’re in my World Kenji you need to understand that. Your humbled and Blessed mindset won’t work. I don’t care that you are grateful to share the ring with me. I don’t care about your compliments. If you want any chance to beat me. You need to come with that killer instinct. I don’t know if you have it in you at all but if you do you need to find it Kenji. You need to let it out. You need to come to Summerslam as a fighter, as a killer if you want any chance of surviving in my world. In fact I’m asking you right now to come take a step in my world and face me right now man to man. So you can get your ass out here right now or I can come looking for you and give you a little sneak Preview of just what my world is Kenji. Bailey stops talking and turns to the Ramp waiting for Kenji to come out and make his way to the ring
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    Austin Omega

    Mind Games

    Mind Games Days after Addy's harsh words, and speaking about the wrath he will give Austin, Austin is seen in a car, looking at a prison. Omega would get roll down the car window before taking a long look at the prison. He would park the car, and take his time getting out of the car, making sure to put on his sunglasses. He would walk up to a sign, and realize that it in fact says, "HMP Whitemoor", and he says, "Finally"! Omega: So, Addy, I have obviously heard what you've said. You say you are a Natural Leader, eh? If so, then why are you just another member of the Inner Circle, and Slim leads you? Anyways, who cares if you were put in jail for 10 Years! You deserved it anyways, not to mention you pointed a gun at an 82 Year old woman! Omega would start to chew on a piece of gum, before walking to the main entranceway of this prison. He sees a guard, before asking the guard may he tour the prison. The guard obligees after consideration, and Austin walks in and just hears lots of screaming. His demeanor would change from calm, cool, and collected, to surprised, not expecting all of this noise. Omega: Addy, this is the jail you spent ten years of your horrible life in, right? Omega walks up to some lady at the front desk, before asking her is he allowed to see some information on a former prisoner. She says sure, and ask for the name, and he replies with "Addison", before smirking. Omega: Well, Well, Well. Here it is! She gives him a card with Addy's name on it, where it says Addison Child, a mugshot, and other information, such as how much time he spent in this very jail. He walks back and looks at a few rabid, hyperactive prisoners, before finally settling down and finding a calm prisoner, and asking him. Austin asks the guard to bring the man to the room to talk, and the guard obligees. Austin would take off his sunglasses, and look the Prisoner directly in the eyes. Omega: Well, how is it going? Prisoner: Fine. Omega would realize the awkward silence going on, so he decided to ask the question about Addy. He grabs the card and shows it to the prisoner. Omega: You know this man? Prisoner: Yeah, I do. What about him, the prisoner says sharply. Omega: Alright cool, cool, and he was here for ten years, right? Was he a friend to you? Prisoner: He was here for ten years, and I was his cellmate. He was a different type of cat, and I admired that about him. However, when his 10 Years here ended, and he went into the real world again, he quickly forgot about me, and the others here. Omega: Sheesh, also, do you know he wrestles for that BPZ Now? Prisoner: Yeah I know that, I heard he got his ass beat while here in England. Is it true? Omega: It is 100% True, and he then had to follow it up with a match against Yours Truly, and I beat him like the bitch that he is! Prisoner: I love to hear that. He was like a brother to me, but once he got out he forgot about all the conversations and chats we had, and left for wrestling. He has gained some success already, and he has an ego this quickly. Omega: Hmm, I understand your view. He says that I've unleashed the beast inside him, but I have no fear. He doesn't understand that countless men have said the same crap to me, but they've all failed. He says he will, in fact, drag me to hell. C'mon. So many people have said that, it is hard to take serious in fact. However, I have unleashed the beast inside him, I have taken his once damaged soul, and I have finished it off by scorching it. You see, he thought he was immortal, untouchable, unstoppable until King of The Ring, then he came down to earth. Now he has the sympathy role, as the fans pity him, and the roles are reversed. However, I will not lose to him. The Prisoner would chuckle, before telling Austin good luck with his nice, and it was fun chatting with him. Austin would respond with the same. The Prisoner would get up and go back to his cell, as Omega would get up and thank the guard before leaving with the NXT Title. Omega: Addy, like I said last time, you better bring your A Game at Chapter 2 cause I'm damn sure bringing mine. You say you are going to drag me to hell, huh? No Chance. This is the REAL Warning Shot, Addison. Austin would then put his sunglasses back on, get in his car, and leave the scene, driving off, similar to as he did last time.
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    Eric Shun

    Eric Shun And The Flight To Egypt!

    The following is a BPZ.com exclusive. The scene would start with an inside of a first class plane. Everything looked fantastic, champagne in glasses, comfortable reclining seats, window shutters for privacy. Even a TV screen in each compartment for inflight entertainment. The gold carpet floor and gold lights made it quite apparent that this was the Valor plane which would be taking the superstars to Egypt. Whilst some of the higher up stars like Slim and Creed may be flying privately, BPZ had set up a flight for those who couldn’t afford to have their own private jet. Slowly the plane began to fill up with officials, referees, and wrestlers. With the likes of Marc Aaron Newton, accompanied by Jenna Jameson, TheGRV, Austin Omega and many more. The last person to enter the plane would be Eric Shun, as he checked out the air hostesses as he walked down the aisle to his compartment in the back row, as far away from any females as possible. A few seconds later a muffled sound could be heard before the Pilot would begin to speak. Pilot: “Thank you for boarding this Emirates Airbus A380 flight to Cairo, Egypt. Welcome on board it is great to have you all with us tonight. Everybody is present and we are ready to leave. My co-pilot tonight is German pilot Fanny Chmelar. Just quickly though before we do indeed take off our cabin crew will run you through all the safety equipment and procedures just in case they are needed.” The muffled noise would again be heard as the pilot stopped talking before an air hostess would get up and begin to demonstrate. Air Hostess: “To fasten your seatbelt, inside the metal end into the buckle.” Whilst watching the demonstration Eric Shun couldn’t resist temptation. His hand slide into his pocket because of an itch and he began itching. That was all he was doing I promise, he definitely wasn’t having a wan-. Anyway, as the demonstration would go on, Eric Shun would mutter some things to himself as he itched. Eric Shun: “I’ll put my metal in your buckle.” Air Hostess: “To tighten, pull on the loose end of the strap, to undo your seatbelt lift the buckle cover. In case we are losing oxygen, oxygen masks will fall from the panels above your head.” Eric Shun: “Head? Yes please.” Air Hostess: “To use the mask, pull down on it fastly, secure it to your mouth and nose and attach round the back of your head with the elastic strap. Please breathe normally like I am demonstrating. Only when you have attended to yourself should you attend to children or other passengers.” Eric Shun: “I’ll let you attend to me anyday.” Air Hostess: “In case of emergency, there are six exits to the plane. Two doors at the rear of the plane.” Eric Shun: “I wanna see the rear of your plane.” Air Hostess: “Two doors in the middle of the plane, and two at the front of the plane. For your safety there is also a life jacket installed underneath your seat. When instructed put the jacket over your head, grab the straps and fasten tightly around your waist. To inflate the lifejacket there is a red string to pull, as well as a tube for further inflation. A whistle is also attached to help you call for attention. The lifejacket must not be inflated until you are outside of the aircraft. Thank you, and we wish you all a pleasant flight.” The air hostess would return to her seat as the flight would take off. Still Eric Shun was having fun with himself as the plane took off into the air. However, he wasn’t paying close attention to everything around him and Jenna Jameson had spotted what he was doing and had come over to his cabin. Jenna Jameson: “Hello Eric.” Eric Shun: “Oh uhh, hey.” As soon as he realised he had company, Erics itch would wonderfully go away. Jenna Jameson: “You stopped now?” Eric Shun: “I’ve only just started.” Jenna Jameson: “Room for one more?” Eric Shun: “Oh for sure.” Jenna Jameson would also squeeze into the cabin, before doing the shutter up so nobody could see what the pair were up to. It was all going well, until... [Reply Planned]
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    I Can't Odd

    Home Away From Home

    The scene opens to a bar counter and the camera pans across several empty seats until Buddy Ace is shown sitting on a stool drinking before turning around to face the camera. “It seems that I am in luck as I will be facing Raven in a Bar Room Brawl, which as a matter of fact will be taking place right here where I am today. It’s true that this could be considered a home field advantage for me because with all the time I spend in bars it’s basically a home away from home. Going out for a drink at a bar fits literally any occasion, whether you want to celebrate a major success or drown your sorrows after a bad day, it’s the perfect place to be. Not only that, but there is pretty much a bar anywhere you go. No matter where the road takes me I never fail to find a nice watering hole nearby. London: check, Honolulu: check...all these wonderful cities I get to travel to but I see the inside of their bars more than any landmark or tourist destination they have.” “Raven though, he pitched a an over the top rope challenge which at first I thought was stupid but then I heard Raven’s explanation and thought it was really stupid. I look back at the Royal Rumble and while you could consider it my greatest moment the fact is that anyone could have been in that spot. I’m sure that’s not what Raven would want to hear because it would be disrespecting the 27 other men I outlasted or something but it’s the truth. I got a couple eliminations, I got to hang with the best of them in the end, and I had people believing that night. Raven wants to know if he could have been in that spot and absolutely. Despite competing twice in big time matches earlier in the night he still came out and tore it up in the Royal Rumble so just imagine if he had been at one hundred percent. The Royal Rumble is a unique type of battle royal that maybe requires a bit more stamina, more strategy, more luck than a regular battle royal but it’s still a battle royal. A battle royal isn’t exactly the best measure of skill in my opinion.” “Earlier this year I was red hot on the road to BPZMania but that spark has seemingly died. It’s funny how easily the term ‘rising star’ can be applied or taken away from a star because for a bit there I had the fans, the media, tons of talk about it being Buddy Ace’s time. BPZMania though I stumbled and left the arena without a belt in hand. I felt like everything had been ruined but Isaiah Carter walked into the picture and I made a shift into partnering up as Aces High. It seemed like he was saving my career and we went on to have our big victory alongside Nebakos in War Games only for me to be left to my own devices again once he went for surgery. From there the talk died as I’ve failed to stick out so yeah, obviously I want that back. It felt good to have all that love being shown towards me, to put on performances I could be proud of, to be a star. Hopefully that ‘endless potential’ of mine can make an appearance in this qualifying match. All I can say for certain is that win or lose, I’m staying right here at this counter after the match for a cold one.” Buddy Ace turns back to his drink as the camera fades to black.
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    Your life means nothing

    As Jason Ryan turns around, Prince smirks before leaping up from the chair and to his feet. He notices how Ryan is too busy up his own ass which gives him time to grab a bat nearby, he runs up to Ryan and swings it to the back of his head. “AHHH!” Ryan lands on the floor with a thud and yells in pain. Prince shakes his head slowly before swinging once again and targeting his right knee. “OUCH!” Prince simply laughs in response before proceeding to stomp repeatedly on the knee as Jason Ryan continues to cry out in pain. Quicky, he takes the cigarettes packet from Jason Ryan and shows it off in front of him. “NO PLEASE!” Prince doesn’t even care to respond before he throws the cigarette’s in a nearby trash can before taking the lighter from Jason and setting it on fire. “NOOOOOOOOO” Jason tries slowly to get back to his feet but Prince simply swings at the knee again to keep him down. Prince then proceeds to kick him in the gut as Jason leans up against the rule, with Prince leaning the bat against his neck. “Now it’s your turn to sit there and listen to me talk, got that mate? You think that YOU made me sit there obediently and listen to you ramble on? Nah man, every second during that I precisely thought out every thing I wanted to say to you that you’ve REALLY pissed me the hell off. You want to come up and try use big words? Who do you think you are impressing? Maybe your second grade teacher, trying to not justify why they were right to hold you back for a few years. You seriously think I’m scared of you Jason? All I see is a pathetic, insecure excuse of a man who is just way in over his head. But alright, I didn’t enunciate properly? I didn’t show enough emotion in my voice? That’s man bad man, I’ll make myself perfectly clear for you now. I’m going to fucking destroy you.” Jason Ryan can very clearly be seen to be struggling, which Prince laughs at in response and looks set to stomp on Ryan’s knee again which makes him flinch. Right before Prince connects however, he sighs before locking eyes with Jason Ryan again. “You want to come up here and tell me I’m not being intelligent, you’re right I’m not intelligent, I’m just real. Just as real as one can fucking get, you wish you could be as free as me. Instead you’re too far up your own ass that you can almost touch your brain and you have to hide behind this fake, tough exterior. If you’re such a true intellect mister most dangerous man, maybe you understood what I just did. I made you expose your insecurities, what inside you really tears you apart. Addiction, relationships, having to go to rehab and talking with others to save yourself. Can that really be the backstory of someone who is meant to be a dangerous man? Or is it a backstory of someone you wish you could be but deep down inside you, know that you will never be? That’s the difference between you and I Jason. You’re stuck in a dreamland and one day you are going to have to wake up, and when that happens where is your place going to be in this company? No one is going to love the real Jason Ryan, no one will fear him either.” Prince’s words begin to get more intense, as does his actions as he holds shoves the bat even further against the next of Jason Ryan which leaves him gasping for air. “You’ll be nothing, obsolete, a zero. You’ve never truly recovered from the past and you’re going to be dealing with the consequences that you try SO hard to run away from by playing this persona. Sure ok, maybe I do get some sympathy and apathy, but you know what? That’s the price tag of what it means to be a real man, a real person. It honestly doesn’t even begin to surprise me that it’s such an alien concept to you when you’re one of the most disingenuous people in this company. All I ever do is fight with heart, with passion…fighting for ME and nobody else. That’s why I give it 110% whenever I go out there. All you ever do is fight for this character, this lie that you’ve created…that’s why you struggle to admit your flaws. That’s why you truly care about nothing, because this never effects the REAL Jason Ryan. While this is me, this is all I have and that’s why losses hurt because everyone knows I put my heart and soul into this!” Prince sees Jason struggling and looses up the bat before slapping him in the face. He does a gesture for Jason to keep his eyes on him before smirking. “You wanna play down my championship accomplishments but I got those from being true to myself which is something that you can never live up to. You won’t be the man that makes me leave. I’m going to be right here, I’ll be the catalyst to your downfall. Or perhaps the catalyst to your awakening. By the way you carry yourself though, I think it’s pretty damn clear that you’re going to be heading down the path of the first option. You are simply too far gone but you fail to acknowledge that, or you just continue to fight it.” Prince lets off the pressure on Jason Ryan and sits up, before turning around. Jason Ryan tries to attack but it seems Prince was expecting it as rests his foot against his cheek to keep Jason down on the concrete floor. “When we face in the strap match, the only thing I expect from you is a thank you. A thank you for me knocking even a little sense of hope into you, because trust me when I tell you Jason that no one else is going to do it for you. It doesn’t matter how great your title accomplishments were in your eyes, because that is the problem – they’re simply all in your eyes. In this falsehood you created for yourself you think that they were amazing and helps make you a legend, but here is the thing Jason; you are still capable of being chewed up and spit out in an instant. I suggest that you go and get ready oh mister dangerous one, or chill and watch some Rick & Morty since you seem to be such a massive fan! Perhaps go watch the Mr. Mine episode, you should relate to it; seeming as you are nothing more than a carbon of so many guys like you who thought that they were the big shot only for reality to strike and when shit hit the fan they didn’t know where on earth they could go. All I can say now is, good luck because now you are really going to need it.” In one final swift motion, Prince kicks Jason in the gut before and shoves him against a crate. Before turning around and loudly singing Sweet Caroline.
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    Your life means nothing

    Jason is seen backstage smoking a cigarette, right next to a no smoking sign on the wall. Jason flicks ashes Fuck the rules and fuck you Flynn. Suck my dick. Jason looks up as he sees Prince emerge backstage and grabs his precious steel rod, Helga. He pushes past everyone and sticks the tip of his rod to Prince's throat Have a seat you repulsive parasite. Oh shit, too big of words. Just, sit down, Now. And if I refuse? Prince asks, folding his arms and staring defiantly at Jason. Jason just grabs Prince by the shoulders and forces him to sit in a chair before pulling one up himself I heard what you had to say, and while the promo was your standard cookie cutter bullshit I am 99 percent sure you ripped off BPZ 2k20, I have never wanted to casterate myself with a rusty spoon more. Not only did you fail to enunciate half the words you said and that's being generous you monotoned special impediment stricken fuck, but you said nothing intelligent whatsoever. So sit down and shut up. You say a word or try to get up, I am going to go to legit bust a cap in your ass. And I won't face charges for it, hell that would get me my very own national holiday. Listen up. Jason lights a cigar and blows smoke in Prince's face after taking a drag The only reason I am not going to gut you tonight is because I find your stupidity, mildly amusing. So you want to compare accomplishments do you? You do realize of your three title runs, no one remembers jack shit about them right? The European title was nothing more but a participation award, something that should seem familiar to you. You were carried on that tag team, whatever it was. No one even remembers it. Just like how no one remembers you were US champ. Now compare that to me, my first title I won was the Premium title, in the main event of Halloween Havoc, that's already more high calibar matches than you have ever had. I won the Global title soon after and held it for 73 days, becoming the third longest reigning BPZ Global champion and just for shits and giggles me and my boys in the Flock won the tag gold and unlike your team, people still talk about it.And then you call me a Necce rip-off despite us having literally nothing in common. He's a Mister Rogers wannabe who hasn't done a damn thing in years, and I am one of the most dangerous sons of bitches in the company. Honestly, you could have just called me a Bailey rip-off at least that would have been at least one percent accurate. But I don't hold that against you, the stupid aren't able to figure that kind of stuff out. Jason begins to clean his nails with a knife as he smokes Remember, you say a word, I'll cut your eyes out and wear them for earrings. Now, let's get to the meat of this, and close your mouth! I know you're a mouth breathing, possibly inbred moron but seriously, don't so it near me! You want to talk rock bottom? What have you gone through? DId you have to survive without Spongebob for a month? Was your favorite candy out of stock at Walmart? You want to know what rock bottom is? It's sitting in a room having to listen to the droning of a limp dick psych major who thinks he can help you overcome your addictions. It's you and your wife not sleeping in the same bed for months just because you can't stop fighting. It's having to drain a six pack just to function through life because nothing goes right. It's being told that you can't see your family when that's all you fucking want! But rehabs seem to think locking you in a small room until you show a certain amount of improvement is helping. You want to experience Hell in real life? It's called rehab Prince and I honestly would rather get tortured by oiled up used car salesmen. You couldn't last three minutes in what I've gone through these past few months Prince, so spare me the pity party. I mean, you're the guy that whenever it gets too hard you just give up. Or when you have to give any sort of effort not only do you just give uo but you screw up so badly, it hurts the reputation of everyone around you. It took Bailey the better part of a year to recover being allied with you. You're a predator Prince, you use apathy and uselessness as bait to lure everyone in thinking " oh this poor piece of shit, he never gets a break, if only he didn't suck so bad at literally everything! I can't stand seeing another human being so goddamn pathetic, I think I'll lower myself to his level just to see if I can help him." You know Jerry from Rick and Morty, prince? You are the Jerry Smith of BPZ. Jason leaps to his feet, kicking his chair away and gets in Prince's face In our strap match, I am going to beat you. I am going to beat you and beat you and beat you. I will take great joy in your anguished wails and sobs as you beg me to just end it already. But I'm not going to stop Prince. I'm not going to stop until you go away for good. BPZ is full of good folk, hard working talent. People like you, lazy, entitled, talentless hacks don't belong here. I fully expect to go to prison for animal cruelty, cause I am going to beat you like the bitch you are. Jason rears back with Helga but stops ... No. No, I'll wait Jason steps back and looks at Prince Look at it this way Prince. During our match you'll finally get intimate with something that has a female's name for the first time. Enjoy it, cause it's going to be the last. Consider it a consolation prize and as my apology for beating you so absolute in the last important match you will ever have. WIth a mocking bow, Jason turns and walks away whistling Sweet Caroline
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    Isaiah Carter


    The Carnage crowd explodes into a fury of cheers as they look towards the entrance ramp as a flood of white light fills the stage, in the ring, Raven looks on with a shocked expression on his face as the man who he helped put out of action a few months ago steps out on stage. As for the first time since his surgery, Isaiah Carter is in the Carnage arena. Sporting a BPZ branded T-Shirt with his classic black joggers he makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face. Isaiah steps into the ring and as he does, Meko runs towards him. But the quickness of Carter allows him to dodge the shot, reversing it into a move of his own, the No Regret!!! Raven rolls out of the ring holding his neck as the crowd explodes once again, Isaiah stands up with a smile plastered on his face as he is handed a microphone and with all the energy in the world begins to speak "DO I HAVE EVERYONES ATTENTION NOW" "Now that prick I just laid out, yeah he may of roughed me up a few months ago but right here right now look what is happening, I am standing in the ring feeling better then ever and he is knocked out cold. If that doesn't tell you who the hell I am then you better keep watching because if you're new around hear I promise you'll know who I am soon. My name, is Isaiah Carter and I am the hottest thing on Carnage, I am the man who is going to take what Carnage has become and save it. You're looking at the future of this brand and I am done playing around. I am no longer going to sit in the shadows, nursing an injury, I am no longer going to let guys like FD take this brand I love and turn it into a carnival show" "And that brings me to now, to right now and why I am back. I am back to do one thing and it started with the man I just took out, I am going for the Universal Championship and I am going to rip it from the hands of FD and I will do whatever it takes and I will take out whoever it takes. KENJI, Alex Costa, Flynn, the whole damn Carnage locker room I am not taking no for an answer. So, FD, my friend you have one choice. Either I keep beating the ever living shit out of your buddy, or you come out here and give me what I want...hell, anyone in that locker room, come on out." Isaiah Carter drops the mic, sitting down in the center of the ring as he looks towards the entrance ramp, is FDS or another Carnage ,member going to come out?
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    One week before we see the qualifying matches for the North American championship match at SummerSlam, we see one of the eight men looking to earn a shot at the prestigious prize in Raven come out to the arena. Raven is decked out in a fancy suit, bright red sunglasses and a new entrance theme backing him to boot. As Raven enters the ring, he does a brief taunt to the crowd, mouths the word "Ichiban," and returns to the center of the ring with microphone in hand. Seven more days, everyone. Seven more days until we learn the field at SummerSlam. Seven more days until I see who I have to bowl through to claim the championship I've so eagerly craved for over a year. It may be current tag partners, former rivals, or the future of this very industry, but at SummerSlam, their status means nothing. They're just lambs to the slaughter, and the Meatcastle is ready to feast. That's getting ahead of myself, though...Next week, I'm set to face Buddy Ace in my qualifier, and I've already expressed my feelings on the man. I see a lot of talent in him, endless potential, and a similar hunger that I feel for the North American championship. We both had a chance to be the first ever North American champions, and we both failed. However, Buddy...That's not what people know us for. What people know me for is pretty obvious. Making history, being a three time NXT and US champion...And more recently, putting your tag partner on the shelf indefinitely. But you, Buddy...Your greatest moment is a bit more defined. The 2020 BPZ Rumble. It was you, Arius and Bailey as the final three, and you never looked out of place. Not for a moment. You had the crowd firmly behind you, egging you on, praying for that underdog victory...And even though it never came, that was the spark you needed to finally start putting things together. You won the US title from me the next month, and you were given the honor of competing for the North American championship at BPZ Mania...But what happened, Buddy? Where did the spark go? From what I can tell, since BPZ Mania, you've been desperately scratching for another moment to propel you forward...And from the looks of it, you want that moment to be next week in our Bar Room Brawl. People have asked me why I chose the Over the Top Rope Challenge, and it isn't just because I've been known as the "Battle Royal Master..." It's much deeper than that. Much more symbolic. You had your greatest moment six months ago in the BPZ Royal Rumble, and you came so close to making headlines and main eventing BPZ Mania...It didn't happen, but that was still a moment you can take pride in for the rest of your career. I didn't have such luck. I make no excuses, it was my fault for signing up to compete in three different matches that night and drawing the ire of Bulletproof...But I wanted to test something. I wanted to know if it was me in that situation, would I have fared better? That's why I wanted this Over the Top Rope Challenge. To take us back to your greatest moment, and to see if that's the spark you needed to get back on track, or if I should've been in that spot instead six months ago. But ultimately, it doesn't matter now. The fans voted for the Bar Room Brawl, and I can't say I blame them. When given the choice between beating someone with symbolism and beating them over the head with a beer bottle, I guess I can see why the second option is more enticing. But now, Buddy...There's no excuses. Your home field. Your advantage. A bar room brawl, the very same venue where you showed your true colors and aligned with the Death Riders...That's where we settle this dispute of ours once and for all. It's gonna be a hell of a fight, and I hope to god that you bring your best, because if you don't...There's a nice hospital bed sitting right next to Isaiah Carter. And I'm sure the two of you would just love the chance to catch up. (Reply Planned)
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    To Bring Him Back.

    The figure lunges at FDS, clobbering him with a barrage of rights and lefts. The camera being knocked out of frame, we are left with the sounds of a clear scuffle before finally it focuses. Jeremiah Flynn is revealed to be the attacker and he is beating the hell out of FDS. FDS quickly with a jab to Flynn’s ribs sends him back, before he quickly grabs ahold of the chair that was previously used by the Universal Champion and swings it straight into his skull. He now quickly grabs ahold of him, before throwing him face first into the TV mounted on the wall, blood now splintering down the face of the champion. Flynn looking like a mad man, takes the chair before setting it up once again, before refocusing on a stunned FD. He quickly grabs ahold of him, before laying him out with an FKO onto the chair! Suddenly Flynn’s eyes widen. A look of worry washing across his face. “Somebody get this guy some help. HEY SOMEBODY GET THIS GUYS SOME FUCKING HELP..... FD this is what you wanted. You beat me FD. We could of just went our separate ways. Get your ass healed up brother. Get patched up, I’m sorry man..... but this shit ain’t over. We are just getting started boy. Flynn’s look of worry seemingly runs serious. A clear message sent and seemingly everything FDS has asked for. The war between the champions has begun.
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    The scene starts with the sounds of rain hitting the ground and something else we can not make out yet. We see the scene begin to grow lighter as we see a bus stop, a dim street light providing some light on it’s side, enough light though for us to make out a man sitting there. It’s Bob Sparks as he is just sitting there, wearing a Cut-Throat Crew hoodie just staring at the ground. He seems to have been on some sort of run here, a bit of a late night jog at least. The camera is far enough away that we can’t really make out his expression but we can take a guess by the surrounding setting. Dark, cold, but a bit of light still making its way showing some hope for Bob Sparks. We can begin to confirm Bob’s mood as he begins to speak. I hope you’re good, like honestly. I miss you, but I understand. I know this is what you both felt like you needed to do, and that...that is okay. I would say that things are going fine, but I can’t lie to either of you. Your departure broke me, broke me into a million pieces. But I know one day I’ll get them back together, get my pieces back as a whole. I know it won’t be today, or anytime in the near future but eventually it’ll happen. I never knew how much y'all meant to me before you were gone, but I realize just how lucky I was now. Lucky to be in something like that. Lucky to have people like you by my side. Now even though doing this without you is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do….I’m doing it. I’m going to keep pushing through just like you would have both wanted me too. I’m going to keep trucking along for the both of you because I know you both would want to see me thrive not fall. But rest assured when I do get that success I want you both to know, I will think of you first, because you are the reason I kept moving to get there. I will be forever Cut-Throat. Bob would look off into the distance as there is clearly no bus anywhere around. He would then get up and begin to walk back the way he came, the rain pouring as he does. He does not seem to care though as the big man just strolls his way along down the street. The rain, although wet and cold, has a calming tone behind it. Bob’s broken voice would begin to rain in as he begins to speak, continuing to walk along down the road. You know every step of my life, there is a question that has come with me. Someone always wanted to know what makes me different? What quality do I possess, what factor do I have that makes me different from everybody else? Well it’s something I never really knew the answer to. You know I always gave the generic answer that my size was my x-factor which put me above everyone else I had come across. But now that I have grown, matured a bit I know those answers were not true. No although those are positives that I know help my case. The answer to that question is how relentless I am. How I have always fought for what I believed was right or the better option in this company even when others called me crazy or tried to shut me down. Sheridan and Hans though they had the same thoughts as me and they had that relentlessness no doubt. I mean I am sure you have heard about what Sheridan was up to backstage and her rants and all the times she yelled at some of the other producers. She was a fighter that was for sure, always trying to make this place better. One thing led to another though, and she is gone now. I can’t blame her with the way things were going around here. Undeserving title matches, and the Cut-Throat Crew just being cast aside like we meant nothing to Valor. And hell maybe they will begin to realize the mistake they made, when this shitty brand fails. There would be a bit of a pause as we see Bob think for a moment, even stopping his walk as well. He would eventually carry on though both with his walk and with his words. Bob clearly wanted to choose his words carefully. Bob on the Valor brand although not happy with the way that it has been going as of late. Not happy with it’s recent decisions and trends. He would begin to speak once more, continuing on his thoughts. I know I am probably not supposed to talk about Valor like that but I would much rather be honest about what is going on, instead of just watching the ship sink. People coming back and trying to salvage anything they can get out of it, even if it means Valor dies. The vultures are circling and they just keep pecking away, taking the scraps and the flying off. Fitting, isn’t it. But I won’t fault Necce on that, I mean at this point it seems like no one wants to stick around here anyways. Whether it be Necce himself, or my Cut-Throat comrades. It really is just a waiting game to see who leaves next. Would be fitting for some more people to leave after Chapter 2, it is called Exodus so I mean the story writes itself right? When I look around the roster, I really don’t want anyone else to leave. I like alot of the people around here, in all honesty. Sure I have had my differences with a lot of the guys in this company, but I would like to hope when it comes to a personal level, there is some respect still there. I would like to hope that this time around Necce takes me a bit more serious, even in this broken state I am in at the moment. I’ve proved that I am dangerous, proved that I can hang with some of the best that this company has to offer over my tenure. I can honestly say I do respect Necce, I mean how can I not. I know he will probably say this himself, but looking at the facts he did make me. He got all of the eyes on me from the jump after our match. He gave birth to the Bracket Buster, he put Bob Sparks on the map here in BPZ Wrestling. Necce, I know they want to see us go at each other's throats, want to see us be Cut-Throat as such. But that part of me just ain’t there, the word only brings me pain and sorrow in the end... Bob would go to continue talking but would be cut off as we begin to hear two people screaming. Bob’s expression is in utter shock as he is frozen still, the yelling clearly coming from the alleyway but Bob not daring to look and see what is making it. The two are clearly arguing not getting along, as Bob just stands there not knowing what to say or do. Looking as if he is about to say something at points but keeps his mouth shut, but listening in on the conversation. Man: After everything I’ve fucking done! You go and do this! Dumb Bitch! Woman: All we did was talk! I have other friends than just you, you know! Man: Yeah I bet you do, dumb whore. You really want this to end just like that? We would hear a pause as Bob grabs onto the street light next to him while placing his other hand on his head clearly the conversation having an effect on him mentally. We would hear the conversation pause for a moment as the woman clearly does not know what to say. Bob himself is not in the condition to say anything either but eventually we see the woman speak up, clearly choked up herself, the situation clearly not good here. Woman: I never said that! What do you want? You are the one with the problem! Man: I just want...nah don’t turn this on me. We are done! Woman: Fine then. We would then hear everything go quiet, as Bob would get up the courage to peak into the alleyway but no one is there. Bob would then collapse in the alleyway, sitting down and leaning up against a wall. We see his eyes glossy as ever, clearly Bob not in good condition here tonight just as we have seen him in recent times. He would rest his head in his hands as he begins to speak once more. Necce, just speak your words and I’ll listen. Speak them clear, and speak them well. Let your words flow, and let your thoughts pour out. I’ll be waiting, I don’t know where or how. But I will make sure to listen and do my best to take them in. We would then see Bob look up, his face red, and a few tears pouring down his face. We would then see the camera slowly fade away, before reaching a black screen. Bob clearly still is not over the fact that the Cut-Throat Crew is dead which is having devastating effects on the big man. Hopefully Bob is able to recover from this sometime soon, cause if not well then a fight with Necce might not be good for Bob, with him in this state of mind.
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    Alex begins to speak as the tension is piling up Alex Costa: You seem a bit angry Josh. What's the matter? Listen I heard you little speech here to Mr Trenton and while normally I'd applaud it and agree with you there is something there I don't particularly agree with. You mention that you wanted to make this fight fair but I can see in your eyes and I think everyone can see it too. You are lying! Josh gets visibly upset at those words You never wanted this to be a fair fight since deep down you know that in a fair fight the current Joshua Scott can't beat me. So that's why you giving out this excuse that some voice told you to choose this ridiculous stipulation when deep down there is no silly voices. Only you! But let's talk about passion, let's talk about the fact that I've been here for the past 6 months working my ass off, facing some of the very best this company has to offer, while you Mr former Intercontinental Champion decided to walk away, because you realized that you couldn't cut it here anymore. Heck your only victories in the last tyear came against that weirdo that dresses as a character in a Kids show and that rich scrub friend of yours who is not even a real wrestler! Alex pauses for a bit though we can see Joshua Scott, getting more angry at every passing minute So excuse me if I don't buy out this theory of yours, at the end of the day I can see right through you Josh. You want this win so badly, you willing to do whatever it takes to suceed, even if it means forcing me into a handicap, knowing deep down you are that much of a coward to face me straight on! At being called a coward Josh snaps and rushes Alex, starting a brawl between the two of them Both men started brawling hard with each other as Josh Trenton rushes out the room to call out security who arrives after a couple of seconds seperating both men from each other. Josh walks away after a while having seemingly calmed down whereas Alex is on the ground, visibly upset but knowing he has proved a point today as the camera cuts backs to Heel, Sandman and Wallace who discuss what just happened here.
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    We are live on Valor, where the recently announced Chapter 2 pay per view has been stirring a lot of attention, drawing eyes from the fanbase of Valor, as well as that of Carnage. However, we are in the here and now, prior to the Exodus event, and even up to this point a member of the Valor roster has been oddly absent, tracing the disappearance way back to the reinvention of the brand split, where The Chancellor was drafted by the Valor brand. The lights flashing across an arena of screaming fans, reviling in the anticipation, the rush of the wait only to be quelled by the surge brought upon by their next sight to behold, be it an epic throwdown or verbal smackdown. These lights begin to flicker, however, causing a stir among the fans, before every light in the arena goes dark, such a blinding darkness that one would be held from the sight of even their own shadow or their reflection in the pitch black titantron. Not long would that be the case, however, as a familiar siren blares throughout the arena, and along with it the signalled arrival of one CJ Sellers. Walking down the ramp slowly, taking in the feeling of the live Valor crowd, CJ Sellers makes his way down to the ring and then grabs a microphone before beginning to speak to the crowd. "It's been a long while since I've been in the ring, it seems I always end up saying this after a major loss. World at War, I took on Gunner Flynn, a man I belittled and attacked, and I lost, fair and square. Once more I lost, and once more I departed temporarily from the ring. In the passing time, the shifting sands have changed, there is once more a brand split, something I barely caught the glimpse of during my debut in BPZ. We have new champions on every end of the spectrum, new stars have bloomed while veterans have revitalised their own careers, all while I sat in the background, observing and biding my time, contemplating and waiting. Even despite my consistent history of losses since January 2019, I was drafted as the 15th pick as Valor, something that should be a great accomplishment. Should. The thirtieth overall draft pick is not a place that satiates me in any way. There are 29 other people in this company that were valued more highly than myself, and that proves nothing but my failure to establish myself as the best in my time here. Even so, I cannot debate with anybody picked before myself, and even some of those drafted after have begun to prove why they deserved to be picked, why they deserved more recognition and why they should have taken a better spot, a spot that has been vacantly occupied by myself. If my own ability in this ring cannot be established to even my own self, if I fail to prove that I was worthy of being picked over 28 other wrestlers, then what has my time in this company amounted to? An utter nothing? Absolute zero? Or is there something more, perhaps another chance gifted to me by whatever God may exist, the chance to establish that I am the competitor I chalk myself up to be, despite all my prior failings in the same endeavor? In my observations of the state of BPZ during my time away, I watched as the King of the Ring tournament passed me by, as Valor's first pay per view passed me by, as countless opportunities passed me by, when I could have capitalized on opportunity after opportunity and truly left a mark, created a name for myself. And yet, these opportunities pass by as I watch on, evaluating the ideal time to strike from the shadows, to cease this lurking and enter back onto the scene, this time on a bigger stage with brighter lights, on the gold brand of Valor. What scene remains available and within my grasp, we will have to see. The most obvious offer, chasing a championship, becoming an elite member of the roster, is the one I will not be hunting. The chances of winning one of the multi man matches you will be pitted in are slim to none, and proves not your ability to wrestle, but rather your aptitude for luck and opportune timing. Thus remains the question, with this return, what goals do I even have? What makes this the most ideal time to make my shadow reflecting on the limelight a permanent fixture? These questions will fail to have an acceptable answer for the time being, but all does eventually reveal itself, in the grand scheme laid upon us. While we wait in anticipation of Exodus, everyone must find their own purpose for being on the card, every single person must bring their best or be cut down for all to see, every single competitor on that card will need another to tango, and with whom I shall be competing will soon be learned. Perhaps an old foe coming back in a blast from the past to haunt me, or fresh blood looking to make a name for themselves, something we have seen an influx of in the short time I have been away. However, I am an impatient man by nature, and surprises are never pleasant to me. So, if somebody in the back right now wants to duel in a battle of blows with The Chancellor, this is your opportunity to step forward and challenge me to a one on one match at the Exodus. I'm not sure of who, but I know at least one person in the Valor locker room has to be searching for their next obstacle, as am I, so let us see. Will you have the fortitude to challenge me to a fight before Exodus?" With those closing words, The Chancellor lowers his microphone and absorbs the energy of the crowd, very split on the return of CJ Sellers. Looking around the arena once more, CJ Sellers begins to walk out of the ring before giving one last line, heading backstage directly following. "Damn the King, long live The Chancellor."
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Locker Room: Episode 3 Out Now!

    Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room. Today on the show, why is Brad annoyed, who has Jonathan blocked and who is back in the locker room? Find out now! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start with a crowd of people stood in a circle in the middle of the locker room. They would be Jonathan, Tamer, Prince, Akki, Cody, Nate and Sameer. The group would be having a rap battle with Akki as a judge.* Tamer: "Alright look, its Tamer on the beat, making everybody get up on their feet. I'm coming with the bars, coming with the heat, just gonna make you taste the defeat." *The crowd would react loudly to Tamers lines before Jon stepped up.* Jonathan: "It's Jon, I'm firing right back. Gonna give you some smarts that I lack. Shit I meant you, I mes-" *As Jon messed up his line everyone would begin laughing at Jon.* Akki: "Ayo that shit was wack. Tamer wins." Jonathan: "Alright that's it, you, you, you, you, you and you are all blocked!" *Everyone would laugh again before Jon would give a stern look to everyone in the locker room, making a silence fall over the room. That was until Toxik decided to speak.* Toxik: "Don't worry Jon. I thought you were good. Next time just put them all in a BJJ hold and beat the crap out of them." Sameer: "You be talking like you got experience Toxik." Toxik: "I do. Once I beat up this dude cos he said wrestling is fake." Sameer: "Toxik wrestling is fake, you know it is you're a fucking wrestler dude." Toxik: "No! It's real!" Addy: "That's why you lose every match it's because you're trying to fight for real." *Everyone would laugh at Toxik who would become enraged.* Toxik: "That's it! Bring it on! Any of you! I'll show you what I am made of!" Prince: "You asked for it." *Suddenly, coming in through the door would be Arrow Rhodes! We all know what this means.* Sameer: "Arrow bruh, Toxik said he wants to fight you." Arrow Rhodes: "Bring it on!" *Arrow Rhodes and Toxik would lock up and begin to fight. Arrow would quickly take Toxik down and lock him into a chokehold. Toxik would start crying and begging for mercy from Arrow before passing out cold.* Sameer: "Yessir Arrow! Good shit!" *At this point, the main door would open again, this time Flynn, Bart and Smith would enter.* Bart: "Thanks for your patience you g-. Why is Toxik on the ground?" Arrow Rhodes: "I beat his ass!" Flynn: "Well done Arrow!" *At this point Toxik would suddenly spring up from the ground.* Toxik: "See! There is an agenda against me, and only me! This is an outrage!" *Arrow Rhodes would end Toxiks rant quickly with a kick to the shin, causing Toxik to scream in pain and faint.* Bart: "Anyway, what I was going to say is this. We have a really important announcement for you all. This morning we made a signing that we are sure you guys will love. Welcome back to BPZ, Alyx Wilde!" *Alyx Wilde would walk into the locker room as everyone applauded.* Isaiah Carter: "ALYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!" Flynn: "Isaiah I think you might need to go home and change after that." Isaiah Carter: "Oh shit I think I do." *Isaiah Carter would leave the locker room with a beaming smile on his face.* Bart: "Wait. Where's FD and Josh?" Kenji: "Look outside." *Bart would open the back exit to see FD playing baseball with Josh's head as the ball, before quickly closing it.* Bart: "Anyway, onto our next announcement. As you guys know, tomorrow the Valor half of the locker room will be leaving to go to Egypt. Before the show, we have one last announcement. We are going to be having a four-man tournament for a new midcard Valor exclusive belt that we will be introducing at SummerSlam. The four men involved are Addy, Austin Omega, Eric Shun and Marc Aaron Newton." Mikey: "What's the title called?" Bart: "Uhhhhh." Addy: "Wait yeah, what is the title called?" Bart: "The uhhhhh." Yelich: "Yeah what is it called?" *Bart would quickly run out of the locker room.* Nardie: "Well, whatever it's called, Brad will probably be given a title shot for it." Brad: "Well I am retiring so yeah I damn well should.' *At this point the back door would open and FD would enter, enraged.* FDS: "You aren't retiring. You're retiring a character." Brad: "An iconic character. I deserve everything I am getting!" Crippler: "All the 115 losses you got too?" Brad: "Shut the hell up. You all know I work ten times as damn hard as any of you fuckers do." Crippler: "Don't you mean 30/115 times as hard?" Brad: "You know what, screw this. I'm outta here." *Brad would storm off and exit the locker room.* Smith: "Uhhhh FD. Where's Josh?" FDS: "He's just having a break." Smith: "Yeah, I'm looking at him out the window, I don't think hes breathing." *Everyone would rush outside.* Smith (On Phone) : "Hey. Ambulance please." ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Three. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
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    Your life means nothing

    "OI WHAT ARE YOU DOING FAM?" Jason turns around and to his absolute shock and horror, the mandem have pulled up on him! "YOU MESSING WITH MY BRUDDA PRINCE YEAH? ARE YOU SKUNKED?" One of the members pulls out a knife and lightly stabs Jason which makes him fall down in pain. The rest of the members help Prince get up and into a car, before driving away from the scene.
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    Champaign of the Champion

    Only a hour away from the match vs Jo Nathan we cut to Epic carrying two paint buckets. Josh Trenton drives in his 1999 Subaru Impreza WRX into the alleyway where Epic is . He leaves the car and Epic looks at him pissed. "Yo piss off fam, go interview FD-Gun or something I am busy." - Says Epic who is pissed off. "You haven't learned yet? I always show up. So I have a few questions." - Says Josh Trenton. Epic looks at Josh and says "Go on then." trying to finish the interview quickly. "What are you doing with those paint cans?" - asks Josh Trenton "Something to win this upcoming war." - Says Epic "Yeah but what are you going to do with those? Bash him with them, throw paint over him or pull a home alone?" - asks Josh "I can't say cause Jo is probably watching the show dumbass. All I can say is that the revolution is underway." - says Epic confidently. "On the way?" - asks Josh "No it's underway." "Under where?" "Ha I made you say Underwear." - Says Epic who is laughing at Josh's incredible mistake. Josh stares at Epic then notices Epic staring at something behind him. 4 Cadillac CT6 Blackwings pull up in the alleyway and eight men wearing masks leave the cars. The leader of the masked men walks up to Epic and whispers in his ear. Epic opens the nightclub door for them and then goes back to Josh. "Josh I need you to wrap this up cause I need to finish my plan." - Says Epic who is grinning. "Um no, I need 3 more minutes. Flynn asked for 5 minutes of interview at minimum" - Says Josh. "Okay I know what to do. Come with me Josh." - Says Epic. Epic and Josh walk into the Nightclub and head to the bar. "So Josh you remember my Whiskey?" - Asks Epic "The best selling BPZ wrestler merchandise of 2019? Of course I do I drank so much of that!" - Says Josh. "Yeah we are making Epic Whiskey now!" - Says Epic while holding it up to the camera. "Woah!" - Says Josh who is very excited. "And you can buy it at BPZSHOP.com." - Says Epic while winking at the camera. "What a shameless plug." - says Josh who is impressed. "Would you like to try some Josh?" - ask Epic "Hell Yeah!" - says Josh Epic grabs the champagne bottle and fills two glasses. He slips something in Josh's drink. Epic grabs the camera from the Camera Man. We come back 2 mins later and Josh is unconscious. "Wow he drank so much he fell asleep! So anyway I gotta prepare for war. So 2 take out the trash!" - Says Epic who is very excited. One of the masked men come over and grab Josh. He drags Josh out the nightclub and chucks him in a bin.
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    Your life means nothing

    Jason grabs his steel rod and and rams it into Prince's skull. As Prince drops, Jason turns on him his back and stomps on his throat. Jason reaches in his pocket for his flask and pours it on Prince. Jason looks furious now I am so fucking done! I am done having to put up with guys like you. I am going to fucking murder you in our strap match! You want the real Jason Ryan in our match? Fine. Just be careful what you wish for. Because I promise you, I swear to you, I guaren-damn-te you, you will regret this match. I will not stop until I end you. I will not stop until you cease to be able to walk. When I am done, you will never walk again! You will sip each and every one of your meals through a straw, and the only goal in your life will be to one day walk again. I'll see you out there, if you can grow a set long enough to stop being such a pussy. Jason spits on Prince and walks away, facing Prince in case he tries another sneak attack
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    A Sit Down Interview With Josh Trenton

    After an amazing Carnage show one week before next weeks North American Championship qualifiers, the show comes to a close with a special interview from Carnage interviewer Josh Trenton. We cut to a dark room where we see Josh Trenton sat down Trenton: Hello, and welcome to another Sit Down Interview on Carnage with me, Josh Trenton. Joining me tonight, fresh off his victory over Gary Green, is “Manchester’s Number One” Joshua Scott Josh: Hello John, than, you for having me Josh, after the insanity that was your match against Gary Green, I have many questions. First off, how have you not been arrested? Well, I managed to get to Manchester, and the people of Manchester managed to get me onto an aeroplane before I got arrested like Gary, Pablo, Barry and Ryan. I knew I was Manchester’s Number One. Unfortunately I’m close to being England’s Number One... most wanted person. I mean the charges they gave us were ridiculous. Trespassing? I used to go there. Public affray? It was a wrestling match. Assault? Isn’t that the same as public affray. Almost being naked around minors? Almost. What next, they charge people with almost murdering someone? The US police are much better, someone gets hit by a car and they don’t care. Meanwhile Gary, Pablo, Barry and Ryan are looking at up to 5 years but Gary’s a billionaire so they probably won’t go to jail. Erm I went a bit off track there. Next questions Right. I think. So, are SSW Club back together? Yes we are. At King of the Ring 2019 we split, and at King of the Ring 2020 we got reunited. The reason I didn’t want to get back with Austin is I was scared I was going to hurt him, like I did last time. But he risked everything to help me, and saved me from defeat and being Gary Green’s slave. I can’t thank him enough. SSW Club in the first place was about helping new members and we plan to do that again. We are recruiting young up and comers to join us, and we are aiming for more success than we had last time. Of course, right now we aren’t a tag team because we are on separate brands, so until we recruit more members, SSW Club is more of an alliance. We help each other out on matches when it’s needed, as Austin did for me at King of the Ring. Another interesting part is me and Austin share different opinions on the fans. I love the fans, and always have them behind me. Austin isn’t as struck on the fans, but we don’t let that affect us. Oh I got a bit off track again there sorry Yes you did. Let’s try stay on track with this next question. It’s the question many of us have questioned for nearly a year now, and a question you now know the answer to. Who is The Master? I knew that question was going to come up. Now yes, I know the identity of The Master. And I know Gary. He’s a shit liar. So I know he was telling me the truth when he told me this name. However other than Gary’s confession, I have no other evidence so The Master could easily deny it. Now I know a name, with Ryan’s hacking skills, I could easily find evidence but whilst Ryan is busy with the legal troubles, I’m stuck I understand why you’re wary to announce the name, but surely you want revenge against them right now. They did run you over after all Haha true. Personally I take it as a compliment The Master, a former World Champion in this company, had to hire somebody to take me out. If they want to come clean about it themselves however, I’ll be very happy to fight them. Once I win the North American Championship especially, Ill be happy to defend against and beat the man I know is the Master You say you will win the North American Championship as if it’s a definite. No offence, but for someone with a weak win/loss record, that’s very confident. I take no offence and you’re right it is confident. Hell some could say it’s arrogant. But looking at the other 7 men in the lineup, I only see that could match me and that’s Alex Costa. And unfortunately for him he’s blindfolded when he fights me, so the outcome is a victory for me. And then in that Fatal 4 Way, I will not only be the stronger opponent, but I will also have the crowd 100% behind me. With that, I cannot see defeat for myself Josh. Now you briefly alluded to the stipulation. Again no offence Josh, but that’s not a stipulation I would have expected you’d chosen as it seems underhanded. Can you explain your thought process I will tell you the story Josh. I was working out in the gym, when James Cunner walked up to me and told me I needed to choose a stipulation for my match against Alex. I didn’t think much of it, so needing to choose a stipulation, I just blurted out No Disqualification Match. However, as James was walking away, something took over me. And I shouted to James “And Alex Costa must wear a blindfold.” To be honest the stipulation doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know what came over me, and I didn’t think much of it. But the fans backed me, and voted for my stipulation. I thought about came over me and I realised what it was. It was a burning desire to win. You mentioned my appalling Win Loss record earlier Josh. Since winning Block A of the Global Series, I have wrestled 12 times and won just twice, beating Gary Green and Austin Mirage. I haven’t held a single title in this company since April 2018 when I lost my Intercontinental Championship to our General Manager. I need this win. More than any of the other 7 men. Alex, you are an unfortunate victim of that. I respect you greatly as a competitor Alex, and I apologise that our fight will not be fair. I will put you out of your misery quickly. I won’t use the No DQ part of our stipulation, for I have no desire to punish you more than I deserve. But I need this title. I need this win. I NEED IT SO DAMN MUCH. So I will beat you Alex, and then whoever I face at SummerSlam, I will win there too. Nobody wants this as much as I do. Nobody needs this as much as I do. Nobody has the backing of the fans as much as I do. I have tasted defeat too many times and I am afraid to taste it yet again. So Alex Costa, come next week... Suddenly the darkness of the interview room is interrupted as a door is opened, and Alex Costa bursts in furious. Joshua Scott gets out of his seat, and the two opponents stare down. Josh Trenton watches on nervously as Alex begins to speak
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    Underestimate Me

    We are back from commercials to see Prince in the ring, microphone in hand as we see a crowd watching in anticipation of what he is going to say. There is a fire in Prince’s eye as he looks around the arena before staring at the hard cam and raising his microphone to speak. “Honestly Jason, I was sitting backstage just staring at the screen and hearing the nonsense that you were spewing and I simply couldn’t help but laugh. At this point I dare anyone to talk about me and try insult me in a way that doesn’t include calling me a flop or bringing up my past, especially from people like Jason Ryan that has never been noteworthy to begin with.” Even from the first few sentences, the crowd recognize that with the intensity that Prince is displaying that he means business. “You want to come up here and call me the worst member of this brand? If what I have achieved makes me one of the worst on the roster then you’re not even worth sitting in catering! Of course, I had a rough patch but I don’t think people understand what being on the low-end does for a man. When you’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel you show yourself and everyone else how bad you truly want it by rising back up again, that’s the difference between me and people like you Jason Ryan. If you went through the shit that I’ve been through you would’ve drowned in your sorrows and never been able to come back. With me doing so, it makes me so much hungrier to succeed because I know that I can’t allow myself to sink that low again. You’ve mistaken the look I’ve had in my eyes for being vacant, when what it truly is determination and focus.” Prince begins pacing around the ring, hardly able to contain himself which invokes a strong, positive reaction from the Carnage audience. “You seem to hold yourself in such a high regard and I really got a question, for what? What about you thinks that you have the right to be so damn arrogant? All you’ve been through your career is a bootleg version of Necce, trying to carry of this cool, dark demeanor like you’re an emo teen that never left the phase. I honestly wish I could take that knife and shove it in my ears to stop myself from hearing you talk so much shit, honestly your finishing move should be how you can so easily create second hand embarrassment. You want to call yourself a star? The only star you are is a shooting one and I’ll be the guy that’s going to send your arse back down to earth and thus, reality.“ The crowd is riled up now by the strong words that are being spoken by Prince, the intensity in them continuing to ramp up. “I’ll tell you what I tell a lot of the guys who talk about me these days, keep underestimating me. I love being able to prove all you people wrong when I step inside that circle. What a lot of guys fail to realise is that I’ve had it much worse than this. When I came into this company I was brash and arrogant, I pissed off the higher ups and so people thought I wouldn’t last five minutes. You know what I did in response? I fixed myself up and realised I controlled my own destiny and was too damn talented to waste my potential. I became a European champion, a tag team champion and a United States champion. At least I was able to create these high expectations of myself, no one thinks anything of you Jason. No one goes to a show today thinking ‘damn I can’t wait to see Jason Ryan wrestle!’. You will never be the main star even when you think so, you were always be a background singer while everyone knows that I can become the main act once again.” There is a lot of conviction as Prince in that last sentence, the focus that he mentioned earlier but absolutely clear in his eyes. “When we face in that strap match, I want you to keep that same energy about our history and I want you to tell me if it means shit once you feel that leather crack along your back. I dare you to call me a joke then, I dare you to try and tell me that I am not good enough anymore.” Without a second thought, Prince aggressively throws the microphone to the floor before exiting the ring and making his way backstage having felt he made a clear statement to everyone watching.
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ: Behind The Mask

    What's poppin. Behind The Mask we rockin! I thought of that on the spot! Anyway, welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni. Recently, there has been quite some backlash about the decision to have Angelo and Echo team up to face Creed, with the pair being on opposites brand, it confused fans as to which brand would be getting the next shot at the tag gold. So we decided, why not go through the top 5 tag teams in BPZ, ranking them by who we think should be the next number one contenders. 5. SSW Club (Austin Mirage & Joshua Scott) We start off the list with a team who have only recently come back together, in the SSW Club. After originally being a stable in early to mid 2019, consisting of Joshua Scott, Austin Mirage (Then known as Bulldozer) and Raven to name a few members. It's safe to say the group weren't very successful, with arguably the brightest talent of the group in Raven quickly leaving to pursue his objective of capturing the BPZ NXT Championship which he soon did. One year down the line and now the group are back together, well Austin Mirage and Joshua Scott are. Whilst they are a long way away from earning a tag title shot seeing as they only just joined, I think they still do deserve to be on the list as they are a team who have been together before. 4. Death Riders (Jason Ryan & Buddy Ace) You already knew that we had to include one of the mafia groups on this list, so here we are. The Death Riders as a group right now are in a promising position, with Ropati as King Of The Ring winner, Bailey, of course, being Bailey and Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace in the tournament to declare the North American Champion. However, despite the groups' clear focus on singles success right now you cannot write off a potential Tag Team Championship opportunity down the line for the group. It will be hard for them to earn the number one contendership status though, as there are multiple teams currently calling Carnage their home. 3. The Thundermans (Arrow Thunderman & The Riddler) Just look at that. You can't tell me it wouldn't be entertaining as hell if this won the BPZ Tag Team Championships. You got all the wrestlers training as hard as they can to win, but then a guy who spends more time putting on hair gel than working out comes in and wins the belts. Seriously though, the Thundermans are this high on the list as it is being reported that they are going to be getting a push soon, and this push may involve them being put into a number one contendership match for the Tag Team gold. So the Thundermans are on the list! 2. FD-Gun (Alex Costa & Raven) Okay okay okay, before all the FD-Gun stan accounts come after me, I know they don't have a confirmed tag team yet, I just though Alex and Raven would make sense the most as a team out of the guys in their group. Anyway, FD-Gun for me are probably the best team on this list quality-wise. They are all great in the ring and being young stars they are growing in quality every match they have. The only reason that they aren't top is that they aren't showing ambition of wanting to win the gold anytime soon. FDS is focused on his feud with Flynn, likewise is Kenji with Bailey and Alex and Raven are in the North American Championship tournament. So if they were going for the tag belts, they would be top for sure. 1. M.A.N. Global (M.A.N & Yelich) Coming in at first we have the only (Evolve) Valor tag team on the list, MAN Global. For me, it would make the most sense for this group to be the next number one contenders and here is why. BPZ has been following a system where the brands alternate who get the tag title shot. Before AK-17 was granted a shot for Angelo's retirement tour, it was the turn of Valor to nominate a team to face Creed for the gold. With Cut-Throat Crew sadly breaking up, this leaves M.A.N. Global in a perfect position to be the number one contenders. Especially with Yelich in the Temple match set for Chapter 2, as Yelich could very well pick to have the Tag Team Championship match if he comes first or second in the match. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and until next time. Look both ways before you cross the road!
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    BPZ Minecraft Server 2020

    Update After starting the server on the Java version of Minecraft we soon realised that it wasn't able to cross platform like we assumed so we had to begin again after a few days on the Windows 10 Version of the game where console and mobile players are able to join in. Now that the server as been alive for just over 24 hours we've already established some key points a short journey from the spawn area. This is the area established by FDS & Myself who were the first to enter the server. A short distance from spawn we hid under the ground for the night and decided to start digging. FDS went to work while I placed a giant dirt rectangle with torches to identify our location while travelling. From that the tower was born (under construction). The town monument! We're in the middle of a Nether Portal issue where every time someone enters it makes another in the sheep pen. But outside of that we have a steady food source as we expand and look to turn this into what is being called "Capitol" Soon after Jo, Aaron, Akki joined the server. Followed by Addy and Epic who established themselves around an undiscovered villager further out than our base. A path is being constructed between both areas for safer travel. They are advancing nicely with Jo being the machine wizard and building a chicken slaughterhouse. Not long after establishing base Aaron travelled into the desert over the mountain and began building his own home away from home. A wooden fortress that caused my death (no resentment). Probably the best looking home so far and it will interesting to see how he expands on it. If you're looking to join in with us make sure to reach out in the future! Only 10 people are allowed on at a time but that hasn't been an issue yet with different timezones.
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    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    Episode 61 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem The show kicks off with the JCW General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger occupying the ring. Liger begins by talking about his legacy in NJPW, how he went down as one of the greatest small competitors of all time. He then proceeds to say he's been inspired by a few members of this roster, and after some talk with his fellow GM Milano Collection AT, they have decided to begin a Lightweight Division. Liger announces that the inaugural title holder will be crowned at the end of the month via the King of the Lightweights tournament which is displayed on the titantron. Liger wishes all the competitors the best of luck, but before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by none other than Adam Cole. Cole storms down to the ring and enters it. He says that Liger may be one of the best lightweights of all time, but this tournament is his time to start his journey to toppling Liger and cementing himself as the greatest. Cole claims that the tournament has practically been laid out for him to win, and he plans to take home the victory to cement himself at the top of the JCW Lightweight division. Liger doesn't respond to these words, rather he simply nods, impressed by Cole's confidence. He exits the ring as Matt Sydal enters, and the first match of the tournament begins. Match 1 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Adam Cole vs Matt Sydal In the first match of the show, Adam Cole matched up with Matt Sydal. These two shared similar styles, but it was clear from the get go that Cole had to switch it up as he couldn't keep up with Sydal's pace. With a slight switch, Cole was able to adapt and keep Sydal grounded enough to pick up a victory with a Superkick in convincing fashion. As he picks up the victory, the camera switches backstage to show both Tetsuya Endo and Ryusuke Taguchi watching the match, getting ready for their contest later tonight. Adam Cole defeated Matt Sydal in 14:39, advancing to the second round of the tournament After the match, the camera now shifts over to a press conference room where JCW Tag Team Champions Austin Theory and Kenoh are seen sitting down for an interview following their match at JCW Revolution: Tokyo. The interviewers ask a few questions, but the response remains similar: they are the best tag team in JCW and that's a fact. No one has been able to beat them. Not the Young Bucks, not the Usos, and not anyone who will face them in the future. They've already faced the best the company has to offer. As they are about to leave, the Street Profits enter the room with red solo cups. The champions look disgusted, but Montez Ford speaks, saying that if they're really so good then they'll have no problem beating them. The champions are silent at the challenge, leaving the Profits singing "They don't want the smoke" and walking out of the room. An interviewer asks if they plan to accept the challenge, but Theory and Kenoh exit the room without a response. Match 2 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Ryusuke Taguchi vs Tetsuya Endo In the second match of the night and the tournament, Ryusuke Taguchi took on the young Tetsuya Endo. These two clashed interestingly, with Taguchi's veteran instinct going against Endo's young fire. The match was a close one down to the final minutes, but eventually Endo was able to capitalize and nail Taguchi with a beautiful Sky Twisted Press, picking up the victory and advancing to the second round to face either Rey Mysterio or CIMA. After the match, he would be joined by his tag team partner, Konosuke Takeshita and the two would celebrate together. Tetsuya Endo defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 12:44, advancing to the second round of the King of the Lightweights tournament Following Taguchi's loss to Endo, JCW National Champion Wade Barrett enters the arena with Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura at his side. He marches down to the ring while Endo and Takeshita clear it, speaking to Taguchi. Barrett says that just like Rey Mysterio, he is offering Taguchi a chance at redemption. Barrett goes on to say how Taguchi hasn't been able to find his place in JCW and that he's suffered loss after loss. And now losing to a man who's never competed in JCW before? Barrett says he's simply speaking the truth, and that is Taguchi's history is embarrassing but not ruined. He extends a match to Taguchi for JCW Evolution, and begrudgingly, Taguchi accepts. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Dalton Castle w/ The Boys To main event the show, Dalton Castle got the opportunity of a lifetime against JCW World Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. These two would have a great matchup with Castle's speed and allies in The Boys going against Tanahashi's veteran experience. Eventually, Tanahashi was able to connect with a High Fly Flow to secure the victory. After the match, HARPER entered the arena, the JCW World Championship still in hand. Without saying he word, he marched down to the ring and held the title up in front of Tanahashi, the champion making no effort to take the champonship. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Dalton Caslte in 16:31 Episode 62 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Match 1 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Rey Mysterio vs CIMA To kick off the show, two veterans squared off in the ring together as Rey Mysterio took on CIMA. Both men have had an unsuccessful year so far and looked to turn it around with a victory here. These two defied the laws of aging, flying around the ring as if they were both 20 years younger. But eventually, the masked luchadore was able to trip up CIMA and set him up nicely for a 619 following by a Frog Splash for the victory. After the match, Tetsuya Endo walked down to the ring and shook Mysterio's hand, claiming he's excited to face off against one of the best next week. Rey Mysterio defeated CIMA in 18:12, advancing in the tournament The show rolls on now with JCW Breakout Champion Drew Gulak in the ring. Gulak exclaims his displeasure after not being included in the lightweight tournament, claiming that he is one of the best light competitors in this company and that regardless of the gold he already holds, he should be in the tournament. But nevertheless, he still must seek out an opponent to face at JCW Evolution. He makes a challenge to anyone in the locker room who thinks they have what it takes to defeat the greatest Breakout champion of all time. Out steps an interesting combination, both Rich Swann and ACH. The duo announce that Rich Swann will be competing for the championship if Gulak will allow him to. Swann says that just like Gulak, he was robbed of an opportunity to be in the lightweight tournament, but he'll prove that it was a fluke for him not to be included when he ends Gulak's impressive reign as champion. Gulak wipes off this remark with a smirk, but the challenge is set nonetheless. Match 2: Austin Theory w/ Kenoh vs Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins In the second matchup of the show, one half of the JCW Tag Team Champions in Austin Theory took on Montez Ford, one half of the Street Profits. The Profits issued a challenge after JCW Revolution: Tokyo, one that the champions did not respond to. It has been confirmed that if Ford can defeat Theory tonight, the Profits will face off against the champions at JCW Evolution. These two had a fantastic match highly driven by their natural athletic ability. Both men were flying around the ring, the only thing stopping them being an occasional interference by Kenoh. Eventually, Ford had Theory pinned off a Frog Splash, but Kenoh attempted to break it up. Luckily for Ford, Dawkins was right there to stunt the attempt and secure themselves a championship opportunity at JCW Evolution. Montez Ford defeated Austin Theory in 15:50 After Ford picks up his victory, the camera transitions backstage to where Tanahashi is sat down for an interview. The JCW World Champion is asked about his opponent, HARPER, and what he thinks about him. Tanahashi begins by saying that he never accepted HARPER's unofficial challenge, but he will play his game nonetheless. The Ace exclaims that this little game of keep-away will only end in one way: with the title safely back in his hands. If HARPER wants a match, then he's got one. The only way Tanahashi is getting his championship back is by defeating HARPER. Because in his eyes, even without the championship around his waist, he still knows he's the best in the business and he has an entire career to back him up. He doesn't need a single inanimate object to prove that he's the greatest, but if that's the only way he'll face HARPER, then so be it. Main Event (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Kenny Omega vs T-Hawk To main event the show, former JCW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega took on rising star T-Hawk. After coming up short to Drew Gulak last month, T-Hawk looked to build off his victories and learn from the loss while Omega looked to get his year started right. This match was hard hitting to say the least, but it also had some underlying aspects of both men's games. Technical and high flying work were both mixed in, making for a very entertaining match. After one of the better matches in JCW Punishment history, Omega was able to catch T-Hawk attempts at a hurricanrana and counter into a One Winged Angel, picking up the pinfall victory and advancing. Kenny Omega defeated T-Hawk in 19:09, advancing to the second round of the tournament After his sensational victory over T-Hawk, Kenny Omega is approached by none other than former friend Adam Cole. He enters the ring and the two face off for a moment, the staredown growing quite tense. Eventually, Omega would be the one to extend a hand, but Cole would walk past the shake and grab a microphone from ringside. Cole says that he knows Omega's game better than most and he won't walk into a trap again. This is his time, and Omega's not going to take that away from him. No matter what he calls himself, Cole will be the one walking out of JCW Punishment with a victory. With these words, Omega lowers his hand and begins to clap for his word. But suddenly, Omega kicks Cole in the gut and raises him high in the air, nailing him with a One Winged Angel, a wild look in his eyes. He laughs as the camera fades to black to end the show. Episode 63 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Ryusuke Taguchi occupies the ring. Taguchi says that he is sick and tired of being overlooked. All he is seen as is a comedy act that is only good for a laugh. But the reality is that he is a multi time champion who has fought and survived in this business longer than almost everyone else. This opportunity for gold has been kept from him for far too long, but there's no worry because he's going to make the best with what he's got and bring home the championship for himself. Taguchi's cries are met by the theme song of Nexus Reborn. The entire five man stable steps out, with Wade Barrett leading the charge. Barrett says that he hears Taguchi and that's why he gifted him this opportunity. Barrett exclaims how he relates to his pain, the feeling of not getting what you deserve. But Barrett sees past the barrier and has given Taguchi what he rightfully deserves. Before he can continue speaking, Taguchi interrupts him, saying that the only reason Barrett gave him a shot is because he's a coward. Taguchi knows that Barrett only chose him to get an easy victory, but if he thinks he's going to get that he has another thing coming. Barrett scoffs at these words, now entering the ring with his stablemates. Barrett apologizes that Taguchi feels that way, but now he's left with no choice. The four members surround Taguchi as Barrett stares him down, but Taguchi suddenly sprints forward and floors Barrett with a right hand! He dives out of the ring and rushes up the ramp, showing off the brass knuckles he just knocked Barrett's lights out with. The JCW National Champion is left down in the middle of the ring, grabbing at his jaw, Match 1: Drew Gulak vs ACH w/ Rich Swann In the first contest of the night, JCW Breakout Champion Drew Gulak took on Rich Swann's parnter, ACH. Ahead of their match at JCW Revolution, Gulak said earlier than he wanted to get a feel for what he was going to go against, and what better way than this. Gulak seemed to bite off a little more than he was looking to chew as ACH was able to nearly take him to his limit. The technical game and speed of ACH caught the champion off guard, and it nearly look like he had the match won but a poor move from ACH allowed Gulak to lock in a submission and tap out ACH, staring directly at Swann while doing so. After the bell dinged, Gulak stood up and said to Swann that he'll be in that exact same situation come JCW Evolution. Drew Gulak defeated ACH in 10:37 Match 2 (JCW King of the Lightweights Secound Round): Rey Mysterio vs Tetsuya Endo w/ Konosuke Takeshita In the second round of the King of the Lightweights tournament, Rey Mysterio took on Tetsuya Endo. This was a great match that radiated of excellent sportsmanship throughout it. Many were surprised by this one as the young Tetsuya Endo was able to match the veteran Rey Mysterio in all his moves and even outperform him in some aspects. And with that along with some encouragement from Konosuke Takeshita at ringside, Endo was able to shockingly put Mysterio away with a Sky Twisted Press. After the match, Mysterio shook Endo's hand, wishing him the best in the rest of the tournament and saying he has high hopes for him in the future, words that are very welcome from such a successful veteran. Tetsuya Endo defeated Rey Mysterio in 17:26 As all three men make their way to the back, the camera switches over to the backstage area where the Street Profits are standing by. Montez Ford speaks first, saying that last week he showed Nexus Reborn that there is someone in this company who can handle them. All the silly talk and theatrics are fun, but business got done, sadly at the fate of Austin Theory. Angelo Dawkins speaks next, saying that it doesn't matter if it's Austin Theory or Kenoh in that ring, the championships will come home to the rightful owners. Ford smiles at this and begins singing "We Are The Champions" as the duo walks off the screen laughing. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenoh w/ Austin Theory And to main event the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on Nexus Reborn's Kenoh. Having just been mentioned by the Street Profits, Kenoh clearly had a lot on his mind during this match, but so did Tanahashi. The champion kept glancing at the stage as if something or someone were to enter at any second, perhaps HARPER. At one point when the match seemed to be all but over with Tanahashi about to perform the High Fly Flow, the lights went out for a moment. They came back on eventually, but Tanahashi had to fight an uphill battle against both Kenoh and Theory after losing that momentum. He eventually brought the match back to his favor and picked up the victory, but at what cost? Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kenoh in 19:57 After Tanahashi's victory, Theory would join Kenoh in the ring and begin beating down the champion, trying to send a message to their opponents at JCW Evolution. But the lights go out once more, and when they come back on, HARPER is standing in front of them with the JCW World Championship around his shoulder. The JCW Tag Team Champions exit the ring quickly and head to the back, leaving HARPER alone with the fallen champion. Tanahashi slowly gets back to his feet, but once he's up HARPER nails him with a championship shot to the head followed with a Discus Clothesline. The challenger closes the show out by sitting beside Tanahashi, championship around his shoulder and laughing to himself. Episode 64 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Milano Collection AT joins both Hiroshi Tanahashi and HARPER in the ring for the contract signing of their main event match at JCW Evolution. Before they sign, Tanahashi grabs the microphone on the middle of the table and says a few words to HARPER. Tanahashi says that this game he is playing is admirable and unlike anything he's ever seen, but at JCW Evolution, the facade drops. He may be tolerating this nonsense now, but when it comes to proving himself, Tanahashi never strays away from the challenge. He says HARPER has another thing coming if he thinks mind games will get him a victory at JCW Evolution, but he looks forward to the match nonetheless. He signs his name on the dotted line with HARPER following quickly in pursuit. With the championship still around his shoulder, HARPER turns around and walks to the back, not acknowledging Tanahashi's words in the slightest. Match 1: oVe (Sami Callihan & Jake Crist) vs Street Profits In the first match of the night, the Street Profits took on what's left of oVe. In this match, it seemed pretty one sided as oVe is clearly still struggling from the loss of Dave Crist, but the Profits were still able to impress. Ford cemented himself as one of the most athletic in the business while Dawkins was able to play to his weaknesses and showcase his incredible strength. After a massive Frog Splash to Crist, the match came to an end abruptly, much to the displeasure of the watching champions Theory and Kenoh. They appear on the titantron after the match, and the Profits wave at them to come down and get the smoke. They begin singing "We Want The Smoke" as the champions shake their heads and walk off, clearly not taking them seriously. Street Profits defeated oVe in 11:21 Match 2: Wade Barrett vs CIMA w/ Ryusuke Taguchi Shortly after the Street Profits victory, JCW National Champion Wade Barrett took on CIMA. These two were polar opposites in terms of personality and in the ring which created what felt like legitimate animosity during their match. Barrett was in control for the majority of the match, but halfway through Ryusuke Taguchi would come to CIMA's corner in order to aid him. While the help was appreciated, Barrett was still able to taunt Taguchi while decimating CIMA, putting the veteran away with a convincing Wasteland followed by a lethal Bull Hammer, pinning him while staring Taguchi down. Wade Barrett defeated CIMA in 14:36 Following Barrett's victory, the camera shifts backstage to show both Rich Swann and ACH. Swann says that in under a week he will face none other than Drew Gulak. Swann says that the two of them have a lot of history, history that he's sure Gulak hasn't forgotten either. To Swann, this is more than winning a championship or even cementing himself in JCW. This is an opportunity to prove himself against Drew Gulak, a man who seems to have had his number again and again. ACH steps in and says Swann is in the best shape of his life, and that if he was able to take Gulak to his limit, he has another thing coming when he faces Swann. Swann issues one final warning to Gulak, saying that he doesn't forget the past but he will do anything to make sure that he can erase that chapter for good from his memory. Main Event (JCW King of the Lightweights Secound Round): Kenny Omega vs Adam Cole To main event the show in perhaps one of the biggest matches in JCW history, Kenny Omega took on Adam Cole to decide who faces Tetsuya Endo in the finals of the JCW King of the Lightweights tournament. This was truly something of beauty, a match that a TV show was blessed to see. Both guys put it all on the line, with Cole pulling out some never before seen moves out of his repertoire. Eventually, it would be Kenny Omega getting his One Winged Angel reversed into a pinfall which he kicked out of, but coming up from the move allowed Cole to connect with the Last Shot to pick up a huge victory. Adam Cole defeated Kenny Omega in 22:15 Following Cole's sensational victory, he is joined in the ring by none other than his opponent as JCW Evolution, Tetsuya Endo. Endo picks up a microphone and says that he was impressed by Cole's performance tonight and that he hopes he will bring the same intensity and fire in their match. Before he can continue speaking, Cole grabs the microphone from his hand and begins to speak. Cole says that he just defeated one of the best in the business and now Endo has the audacity to speak to him as if they are the same. Cole claims that the match will be nothing more than a walk in the park for him, and if Endo thinks otherwise he'll have to show him because so far he's not impressed. Endo snatches the microphone back and says he was simply trying to be respectful, but if it's a fight that Cole wants, it's certainly a fight that he's going to get. Endo now tosses the microphone aside and the two stand off in the ring, the tension thick enough to be cut with a knife.
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    BPZ: Wild'n Out

    The audience cheer and clap as we star the first episode of BPZ: Wild'n Out! What's up Dallas!!! My name is Rick Flannon, and this my homie, Heel Akki. Ay Akki tell these kids what we bout to do up in this bitch? We bout to rate, hate, debate, and also interview a great BPZ Wrestler, some like the lights of Nate. Ay, but check this out Rick, we are two weeks away from VALOR'S EXODUS Pay Per View!!! Baby. That shit reached chapter 2, it's all the way in Egypt! And guess what Rick? Ya boi's song has been made as the official theme song for the fucking pay per view... BABY! Shit, that's hard B, but check this out. We gotta focus on tonight bro, we got Eric Shun IN THE BUILDING. Put your motherfucking hands for the BPZ Superstar, the pornstar, Eric SHUN!! Eric Shun jumps on the scene with Rick Flannon and Heel Akki, as he gives Heel Akki a great hug before taking a microphone. What's up guys! Ayo check this out Shun. Before we head to the interview, we gotta see how tight your rhyme game is though. We know you be pulling out and putting in, I know you don't mess around with that shit white boy. All we need is you to rhyme these 5 sentences in the quickest amount of time, we call this a practice round before we go over to the interview. Alright, hit me. Ight, clap yo hangs dog. Now this boy said hit me like he playing blackjack. I'm in a room with this bitch and she got a fat ass. Shit, that was tight, we'd like to know who this is, I know you a menace so spill out that shit. I'm going down to deep on her, her name is Karen, she sucking my dick from Egypt to Dallas. She sucking yo dick, would you be down to share? Hell nah bro, I made a living by thinking of myself. WHAT?! He gon' do me like that. Shit you be bad, Eric but I know you ain't from the hood, I'd give you my gun but you don't know how to shoot. Don't know how to shoot? Bitch please take a note, your bitch got my wood stuck in her throat. The crowd explodes after that rhyme battle, we then move onto the interview. This white boy done killed us both, Akki. But listen up Eric, now that you proved to the world you a dope rhymer, a dope pornstar and a dope wrestler, we need to know how dope you are in answering these questions... but.. There's a twist. Every question that we ask, you have to end it up with a rhyme. So let's see how bad you are now white boy. But before we head over to that interview, we gotta speak about this match that was just announced on BPZ.COM! It's Bob vs. Necce! These two have been acting all up ever since that whole segment after King of the Ring. Ah yes, Akki. This was a match I'm looking most forward to, shame I have to watch it from home in Atlanta while you get to see it live in the stadium. On another note though, when you going to Egypt? Akki & Shun. Well I'm going like a day before, cause I ain't on tour, you know that I ride that stick up my whore. Don't ever do that again Akki... I'm going when I'm done fucking Alice good. Very realistic answers. Alright let's go to the interview panel! Finally Jesus, been standing for ten minutes. The three sit down at the interview panel as Rick Flannon and Heel Akki start the questions. Ight, this is how we gon' do it. We're gonna ask you three questions each and you gon' answer with a rhyme, that clear? Sure. Question 1. I know you left for months and suddenly came back, what's the reason behind that? What you came to do? Im feeling real great, doing real good. Just fucked a few girls from my neighbourhood. But then I got bored, so I came back, here to get BPZ back on track. Just gonna mess around, have a bit of fun, maybe my meat might end up in a bun. Ay. Feeling the groove. Question 2, do you have any plans outside of wrestling? Like a real job, or you still a pornstar actor? Of course I'm still an actor, the best one out, got people trying to fuck me just to get more clout. I'm happy feeling porn, I'll do it for a while, have sex with a chick after she sees my smile. Aiiiight. Okay mr. shun, back to the wrestling, are u ever gonna consider joining the carnage roster? I don't care about where I am, Valor or Carnage look I don't give a damn. I'm just here to have a good time, fill up my pockets with some little little dimes. Ah, that was a bit off don't you think? Fuck you! Okay... What about the championships? You're a former IC champion, I see you as a top gun again. Yeah I was the InterHerBum champ, left my mark on the title like im a damn stamp. As for being a champ again, I'm all in, every time I get in the ring all I do is win. Ight... Tight. What was your reason on beating toxik last week, I know two don't match but had some beef? The guy got mad, I don't see why. His girls pussy stinks like a goddamn pig sty . I hit her though, she couldnt resist the shun, all of them girls want a taste of "The Big One". He thought we had beef, I was just being me, first win on the first valor match in history. Damn, more where that came from I guess. Last question, wow that you stole Alice, what you gon' do with her? I dont need Alice, she was loose as all hell, when she took of her panties I got hit with a horrific smell. So he can have her back, I don't want or need her, I'm too busy being a pornstar entrepreneur. OH SHIT!! Ladies and gentlemen that was Eric Shun! Eric Shun is competing in the qualifiers match against The M.A.N. at Valor's Chapter 2: Exodus in two weeks. Hope your pumped as us! And remember, always gotta keep it on the low, cause the hood don't care about you! What? That didn't even rhyme or make sense. Yeah Akki what the fuck that was ass lol. Akki starts arguing with Rick Flannon and Eric Shun as the show fades to an end before we hear Eric Shun saying, "You want me to put my dick in your mom?".
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    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    Episode 65 JCW Evolution Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs Ryusuke Taguchi To kick off the show, Ryusuke Taguchi had his chance of redemption against JCW National Champion Wade Barrett. With no one from Nexus Reborn at his side, Barrett had a pretty tough match against Taguchi. His veteran instinct that he spoke about was able to get him far against the champion by expertly evading Barrett's heavy strikes and countering appropriately. But even when Barrett missed, he could take the punishment as well. After over 15 minutes into the match, Taguchi seemed to have the contest won, but after leaping off the second rope in a crossbody, Barrett was able to swing around and clock him square in the jaw with a Bullhammer, pinning him for the victory. After the match, Barrett is joined in the ring by Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura, and the beatdown commences. After a few minutes, Barrett grabs a microphone and speaks. He says this is a warning to anyone in the back who thinks they have what it takes to beat him. He has the kindness and generosity to grant those who deserve it title matches, and yet they spit it back in his face. The next time it happens, he won't so forgiving as to end the match in one swift move. Wade Barrett defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 15:17, retaining the JCW National Championship. Match 2 (Exhibition Match): Kenny Omega vs Xavier Woods In the second match of the night, Kenny Omega took on Xavier Woods in an attempt to regain some momentum after having lost to Adam Cole last week. This match was a pretty good showing for both men, and while Woods was on defense for the majority of the match, he was still able to get in a few moves and prove to the JCW audience what he's all about. But in the end, he would fall to Omega after he hit Croyt's Wrath, picking up yet another victory. Kenny Omega defeated Xavier Woods in 8:45 Match 3 (JCW Breakout Championship): Drew Gulak (c) vs Rich Swann w/ ACH To follow up Omega's victory, Rich Swann challenged Drew Gulak for his coveted JCW Breakout Championship. These two have history, and that was a large part in this match. Swann was able to evade Gulak's technical and striking prowess for the majority of the match, using his speed to his advantage. This swing in momentum allowed ACH to watch from ringside proudly, not having to get involved at all. However, a landing moonsault that resulting in the tweaking of Swann's leg was enough for Gulak to capitalize on. After targeting Swann's left leg relentlessly, he was eventually able to lock in a leg bar to submit Swann for the victory, laughing at ACH in the process. Drew Gulak defeated Rich Swann in 12:41, retaining the JCW Breakout Championship Match 4 (Exhibition Match): Rowan vs Minoru Tanaka Following the highly contested match between Gulak and Swann, Rowan stepped up onto the stage for his debut match against Minoru Tanaka. This match was a dominating one for Rowan. For the match's four minute span, Rowan was able to massacre Tanaka and frankly do whatever he wanted to hit. Heavy blow after heavy blow led to a referee stoppage after Tanaka was seemingly knocked unconscious on the mat. Rowan would celebrate his victory by picking up the unconscious Tanaka and nailing him with a chokeslam to cement the deed. Rowan defeated Minoru Tanaka by referee stoppage in 4:05 Match 5 (JCW Tag Team Championships): Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) (c) vs The Street Profits Next up on the card is the JCW Tag Team Championship match between Nexus Reborn's Austin Theory and Kenoh and the Street Profits. To say the least, this match was a great one. All four men showed excellent chemistry in the ring together and meshed really well. It was clear that the Profits had more experience as a team than the champions, but they were lacking singles experience, something the champions capitalized on. They made sure only one member was present and that the other was completely isolated, a tactic that would prove to be detrimental to the Profits' chances of winning. In the end, Ford was taken out by a double superkick from the champions followed by a Ragou to Dawkins that secured the champions their victory. Nexus Reborn defeated The Street Profits in 19:29, holding onto their JCW Tag Team Champonships Match 6 (Exhibition Match): WARHORSE vs Cody Hall Following the tag contest, WARHORSE took on Cody Hall in his debut match. Much like Rowan a few matches earlier, WARHORSE was able to have his way with Hall. His speed over Hall came in big time for him as he was quickly able to set up Hall for a massive lifting knee strike followed by a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope, flattening Hall on the mat and securing himself a victory in his debut match. WARHORSE defeated Cody Hall in 3:28 Match 7 (JCW King of the Lightweights Finals): Adam Cole vs Tetsuya Endo w/ Konosuke Takeshita In the semi main event of the show, the King of the Lightweights tournament concluded with a brilliant match between Adam Cole and Tetsuya Endo. Endo's rise to this spot was nothing short of impressive after initially not having been signed to any company, and this was his big test against one of the best in the world in Adam Cole. Cole was clearly favoring a slower pace throughout the match because of his grueling contest with Kenny Omega the week prior, and Endo's speed was able to get Cole on defense for much of the match. Halfway through, the momentum switched back over to Cole after he just connected with a superkick. From this point on, it was a match of smarts over athleticism. Cole's slowed pace made Endo have to adjust his style, something he was able to do. He hung in the match with Cole until the very last moment where Cole nailed Endo with a second Last Shot to secure himself the victory and championship. Adam Cole defeated Tetsuya Endo in 23:15, winning both the JCW King of the Lightweights tournament and the JCW Lightweight Championship Main Event (JCW World Heavyweight Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs HARPER In the main event of the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi defended his championship against HARPER. HARPER has held onto his title since last month's JCW Revolution: Tokyo, and this was Tanahashi's big chance to get the title back into his hands. That proved to be something easier said than done as HARPER was able to take it to Tanahashi straight away, not letting him get any breathing room. The much larger HARPER was able to muscle Tanahashi around the ring for nearly five minutes, landing strike after strike and setting himself up for success. But eventually, Tanahashi was able to break through HARPER's power with some well placed strikes to his legs, slowing the big man down. Despite his old age, Tanahashi was still able to ramp up the pace and blow by HARPER, flipping the momentum of the match. HARPER was still able to keep Tanahashi at bay, dragging the match on longer and longer which favored the challenger. But despite all odds, Tanahashi was able to land a massive slingblade and quickly follow it up with not one, not two, but three High Fly Flows for the pinfall victory. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated HARPER in 21:47 After Tanahashi's brutal victory and when he finally gets his hands back on his championship, the lights go out. They remain off for a few seconds, but when they come back on, HARPER is joined in the ring by Rowan and WARHORSE. The champion looks at the three of them with a confused but frightful expression on his face, and at that moment all three of them rush at him. They begin laying into him with punches and forearms. He eventually falls to the ground, allowing HARPER and Rowan to grab him as WARHORSE ascends to the top rope, diving off in a Double Foot Stomp. Tanahashi gasps in pain as Rowan gets him back to his feet before nailing him with a Big Boot. Tanahashi stumbles backward into a Discus Clothesline from HARPER. The trio stand over Tanahashi with grins on their faces. WARHORSE hands HARPER and a microphone and the big man utters his first words in JCW. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the Dark Order. HAPRER, Rowan, and WARHORSE. Do yourselves a favor and stay out of our way." With these words, HARPER drops the microphone on Tanahashi's fallen body and the three men pose to close the show.
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    Unretirement Corner

    A Promotional Message From Gary Green: Congratulations to Josh who got 8/8 for predicting the KOTR First Round Matches. He now holds the Unretirement Corner Unofficial Championship. Now for the episode Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits Joshua: Welcome, to Unretirement Corner Episode 3. Today me and Gary Green look back at the 5 biggest underachievers in BPZ history. Let's have a look HERE ARE THE TOP 5 GREATEST UNDERACHIEVERS IN THE HISTORY OF BRENDENPLAYZ WRESTLING 5. Joshua Scott Green: Not sorry Josh, we knew this was coming up. For someone hyped up in 2016, and who has nearly always been around, and who has won 4 championships. HE HAS NEVER MADE A SINGLE SUCCESFUL DEFENCE OF A TITLE IN 4 YEARS. He also hasn't won a championship in over 2 years, and saw his name dragged through the mud in 2019 when he became the leader of SSW Club, and mismanaged them. His constant losses for the World Championship last year further damaged his reputation, and you cant help feeling, had he managed his career better, he may be in a better place 4. Blade/Hollow Josh: I don't agree with that entry but anyway. He arrived here 5 years ago and often works so hard, but gets so little in return. The best example was at last years Mania, when he was so so close to winning Money In The Bank and getting himself so close to becoming the top man of the company, only to end up losing to Sameer. As one of the best promoers around and a true underdog, the fact he is yet to win a World Championship is surprising 3. Prince Green: When people say to me, who is the best you have seen who has never won the World Title, my answer would be Prince, although no one has actually ever asked me that question. He is one of the best promoers and workers EVER on his day, but we just dont see him on his day enough. If he hits form, he will be a top champion in this company 2. BiC Josh: Yes he is a 2x World Champion, and it is hard to call that underachieving but it is. He has worked so hard and deserves even more than he has already won. Many list him as one of the BPZ greats, and its fair to say he could have had even more World Championship reigns. However, one man has underachieved more .... 1. Nebakos Green: Thats right, topping our list is the 3x World Champion, Nebakos. Neb is listed by many as the Number One BPZ Wrestler of All Time, however he doesnt hold that distinction as much anymore. And whilst 3 World title reigns is impressive, the manner he was champion wasnt so. His longest reign comes in at 28 days, his following 2 didnt even last 10 minutes. For someone so well respected (and rightfully so), its surprising a GOAT contender hasn't even had 1 good World Championship Reign Well thats our list. What do you guys think? And join me and Gary Green next week for an interview. Thank you and goodnight.
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    Austin Omega

    ROH Greatest Matches

    Number 16: ROH FINAL BATTLE (2016) Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly This former tag team went to war in a No Disqualifications Match for the ROH World Champinionship. Their rivalry had started 2013 back in PWG, where Cole turned on O'Reilly. Cole would then win the PWG Title in December 2012, and was champion until May 23, 2014, and he lost the title to Kyle O'Reilly. Cole was champion for 538 Days. Cole would go to ROH, win the TV Title, then would become a 3x ROH Champion, the most reigns in history. He had this defense against KOR during his second reign, on his 105th day as champion. They brawled to start it off, but when they returned to the ring O’Reilly hit knee strikes before being sent to the floor by Cole. O’Reilly landed on the previously injured shoulder. They would brawl again, KOR would lock in submissions, and Cole would fail the "Adam Cole, Bay Bay" Taunt many times. O’Reilly was fired up, landing a series of kicks, and then ran off the apron for a knee, but Adam coutered and hit him in the face with the ROH title. KOR would start to bleed. Cole would then irish whip him, but KOR fell down. KOR tried to fight out of a German, got a little momentum, but Cole hit a Snap German, but KOR no sold it, before falling outside. Cole got in shots with a trashcan, put it on O’Reilly and then superkicked it. Cole then laid in some chair shots, but it only fired up O’Reilly, who connected with elbows, knee strikes, then kick. O’Reilly then suplexed Cole onto the chair, before locking in a Heel Hook.Cole kicked his way out of it. Cole flipped spit at O’Reilly, who jumped into the arm bar. O’Reilly then beat on Cole with the trashcan, laid it in his lap as he sat in the chair and hit the running dropkick off the apron. O’Reilly set up a table in the ring, laid Cole on it and went up top only for Cole to cut him off with strikes. They went back and forth on the top, before O’Reilly hit the belly to back suplex through the table! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! They then brawl on the apron, KOR tries to pick him up, but Cole reverses with a Low Blow! Cole tries to put him through the table, but O'Reilly reverses with a Lbow Blow! Then a Guillotine Attemotby O’Reilly, but Cole jumps off the apron and they go through another table! O’Reilly then got the chain from under the ring, and we see Cole is busted open here. Low blow by Cole, and then hits the Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall! Cole then got a brown bag, opened it up, revealing thumbtacks, while flipping KOR off. Cole tries to German Suplex KOR onto the tacks, but he fights out. KOR then lit him up with Kicks, tried for a Roundhouse, but Cole caught the foot, but him in the Fireman's Carry, but O'Reilly transitioned into a Guillotine, but then transitions to the triangle, but Cole then powerbombs O’Reilly into the tacks! Cole tried to Superkick him, but KOR caught his foot! O’Reilly then hits the BRAINBUSTAAAAAA INTO THE THUMBTACKS! HE THEN LOCKS IN THE ARMBAR WHILE THEY ARE BOTH ON THE THUMBTACKS! After about 30 Seconds, Cole finally taps out, ending his title reign at 105 Days. KOR was finally ROH WORLD CHAMPION! However, after just a mere 33 Days as Champion, he would lose it back to Cole at Wrestle Kingdom 11. This Match was great, and I definitely recommend watching it, as they tore the house down. All 20 Minutes felt Special, as I was on the edge of my seat, hoping KOR would get the job done, and he finally did. The pop KOR got when Cole tapped was insane. 4.25/5
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ: Behind The Mask

    Hello and welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask. I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and today we have an injection of BPZ news for you all to think about and examine. Find out today, which BPZ Superstar is set for a return after a long time away from the company, which BPZ star is ducking Jonathan and some inside details about Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. Alyx Wilde Makes BPZ Return! We start off this week with news that will make long time fans of BPZ jump for joy. As on Carnage this week Alyx Wilde appeared for the first time in over a year! Alyx spoke about himself, how he felt he was a sickness, and said now he would be spreading that sickness across BPZ. This appearance on Carnage was shortly followed by a statement on BPZ.com confirming that Alyx Wilde will be returning and featuring on the Carnage roster. What an amazing return, just in a time where BPZ needed new people to come in as well, with Sheridan and Hans Clayton taking a break, Isaiah Carter still recovering from injury and James Hunter leaving the company. Welcome back Alyx! Valor Chapter 2 Details Now, Valor Chapter: Exodus hasn't exactly been the least controversial event ever. Of course, there has been backlash to do with the location of the show and the fact a Carnage wrestler is appearing on a Valor show. But, we have some inside knowledge of other things that may have made things worse if they went ahead with them. That is that, the match between Necce and Bob Sparks was originally meant to be a mummification deathmatch, with the winner being whoever could wrap their opponent fully in toilet paper, thankfully the guys in the match decided not to use the idea. Bailey Avoiding Jonathan? We end this news episode with something which isn't really news but more speculation. As it is being heavily rumoured that Jonathan wants to have a match with Bailey after he left the Death Riders, however, Bailey is trying to avoid having the match. In the locker room it is said that jokes have been exchanged about the situation and the general consensus is that Bailey is ducking Jonathan. However, Bailey is already set to be in a match at Summerslam against Kenji and Jonathan is said to be available for trade to Valor, so perhaps there is just no opportunity for the match to happen. Thats all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask. I have been your host, Jimmy The Jabroni and until next time. Try to dance without legs.
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    We are live on Valor as we hear Heel Akki's theme song, Nothing On Me by Heel Akki, available on The Underdog Mixtape by Heel Akki on platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music and also for free on AudioMack and YouTube. We hear Nothing On Me playing loud as Heel Akki walks down the stage angry as ever after he got confronted by Jim Lopes's son during his video shoot. Akki gets boo'd by the fans as he walks to the ring. Akki quickly rolls in the ring as he gets handed a microphone and starts speaking. What?! What! Jim! This ain't a game, you old man! You can't just send your kid to fight me what the fuck? The cops came after me as well, they think I kicked your kid. Jim, fix this shit now, or else I might have to pull the trigger. Jim!!! Get your ass out here! I'm waiting. Heel Akki gets boo'd off by the audience as he leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He enters the ring and starts sitting on the chair. Moments pass away as Akki's patience starts to eager him, he gets up and throws the chair out of the ring in anger and starts speaking. Alright!! You've brought this on yourself! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to, my cousin, my best friend and Jim's opponent! Akki Mahal! Heel Akki's cousin, The Indian War Hero, The MAHARAJAH! Akki Mahal has just entered the building. The fans cheering Akki Mahal on as Akki Mahal stares at the crowd in satisfaction. Akki Mahal started a big rant on twitter four days ago after getting banned from going near Arrow and Steph. Akki Mahal now seeks for other opportunities as he makes his way to the ring, to meet his cousin Heel Akki. Heel Akki smiles as he sees his cousin Akki Mahal fulfilling his wish. Mahal walks up the steps and immediately hugs Heel Akki as The Singh Brothers dances around them. Heel Akki greets the crowd goodbye as he leaves the ring, leaving Akki Mahal and the Singh Brothers alone to do their thing. Jai Hind!!! The crowd opens up a big pop after those two words, Akki Mahal smirks before he starts talking again. Jim Lopes! I heard you've been bothering my cousin? Huh?! You dirty man, I want you to come out here and talk to me face to face. The people deserves a moment between you and me. Jim Lopes, I have seen your stuff in the indies, you're an old dude who finally got the chance in the big leagues. I don't mind though, I'm just surprised you didn't quit. I've also seen you do everything for yourself, but me? I'm for the PEOPLE! I protect, and I'll protect if I have to protect again. Jim Lopes, I don't care if my cousin is a bad man, an annoying man who keeps promoting his album, but he's my cousin, I may not like him, but he's family. Jim Lopes, we don't have beef, but we can go to the store and buy it. We can go to the store and buy the beef, and then we can cook the beef at Chapter 2 in Egypt. Me and Egypt go way back, I have earned a lot of respect from dem man there. I trained their rookie army camp in 2006, the kids look up to me there, don't ever think it's gonna be easy to win the respect from the Egyptians against me. Listen Jim, I'm your worst nightmare, I don't care if you fought against a 500 pound man, I don't care if you jump 50 foot ladders. Jim, you've never fought against a man like me! I am the first ever soldier to single-handedly bring a country to victory in a huge war, I'm the first ever person to survive a rocket launcher attack. Jim... you've never faced a person like me. It won't be easy. It won't be fun. The people love me, the wrestlers in the back respect, I got a whole audience of 1.3 billion people in my home country, so you have to accept my challenge. But remember, we don't have beef... So if you wanna go buy some, come out here right now, and accept my challenge. Madarchode! Akki Mahal drops the mic as he stares at the stage, awaiting Jim Lopes.
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    Not Gru

    Bad To The Bone

    Jim Lopes is in the street when he sees a boy named Lil Lopes Jim: Um are you Lil Lopes? Lil: Yes Jim: Why u holding your balls in pain Lil: Because heel akki kicked me in the balls Jim: OH BECAUSE YOU HAVE MY LAST NAME Lil: I thought I was your son... Jim: Im not your dad and the only reason i know you is from the site the 19 year olds use called sound cloud. Lil: MY MOM SAID U WERE THATS WHY I NAMED MYSELF LIL LOPESS Jim: Well I feel Flattered that u named yourself after me but I Know you arent my son. jim Hits Lill Lil Lopes in the stomach and hits a clothesline.
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    I am also in the process of making a group has and giving everyone their separate room with enough space to put their throwaway stuff. If you'd like a room just dm me ig? The house is being made right before the Jo Nathan village, the path starts there/ends there. If you log in before the house is made, please do not touch or interfere in the process, as I am really frustrated since 18 creeper attacks has already been attempted and half of them has succeeded and I had to restart the house many times. I call myself the builder of this server, cause that's all I'm interested in doing. After the house I plan on building an underground railway from the village all the way to the Capitol where I will make another main house with many rooms, ofc I just do this because i want to, many people don't even live in a house. Next time I log in, I will go on a quest to find Aaron's hideout and turn that into a little city as well with another house and also make a path leading to our main areas. Aaron is pretty far, so if he can't find his way to us, he can follow my path. And if I get lost. rip. @ArrowGargano Arius & Jo Nathan have made a realm in Minecraft Windows 10 edition, which means players from Xbox, Nintendo Switch and also Mobile can all play together. If you're not already in the server, u can ask Arius to invite you in the discord server and then u can get the code to join. It's simple, all you gotta do is put in the code in the realms section of the game. It might look like that, if u can't put in the code, just give ur gamertag to arius and he will invite you. You will first spawn somewhere near a dirt house, you'll then find Arius and FDS' creation, if you want, you can stay there or choose to go to the Jo Nathan village. Beware, difficulty is on normal, and it's not easy, creepers are fucking cunts. Also please don't grief around Hello sorry for another edit. But I just did some research on PS4 Realms and it has come to my notice that the playstation realms are not yet available for Playstation 4 users. It has been announced though, we're just waiting on an update at this point. So I guess we don't need to panic or something, there will be a fix and Playstation 4 users will be a able to play with us.
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    Number 24: NXT Takeover: London NXT Takeover: London was a solid show, with Asuka's Debut win against Emma and Finn Balor's Jack The Ripper Entrance in his match against Samoa Joe, where Balor retained. The rest of the card was average, with Bayley beating Nia Jax by submisson, The Revival beating Enzo and Cass, and Baron Corbin beating Apollo Crews. I'd recommend watching Balor/Joe, Asuka/Emma, and Bayley/Nia, as this is Nia's best match, and that match recived 4.25 Stars from Dave Meltzer, the highest rated match on the show. Asuka/Emma was fun, as Emma tried to cheat many times, but Asuka fought back, and hit a spinning kick for the win. Nia Jax destroyed Bayley for 10 out of the 13 Minutes the match went, but Bayley was resilient and attacked Nia's Knees and Arms, then locked in a Guillotine Choke in the center of the ring, and Nia tapped. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe had a great match, both mem hit dives out of the ring on their opponent, with Joe hitting a Suicide Dive, and Bálor a Tope Con Giro. Bálor managed to escape Joe's attempts at executing the Muscle Buster, and also rolled out of Joe's "Coquina Clutch". In the end, Bálor chopped Joe to the mat when both men battled on the top rope, and then pinned Joe after a Coup de Grâce to retain the title. Overall it was an good show, but neither Takeover London or Respect could match up to Brooklyn.
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    The heat diary ain’t win.:..
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    *The lights shut off and a fate sound of Batmetal starts playing. When the lights turn back on Ogre appeared kneeling on the stage* Say, Jeff... We share something in common. We both trying to do something big at Valor chapter 2. I like that, we could have been friends but on August 15th I'm going to have to destroy you. I'm sorry to say this but on August the 15th...valor chapter 2 you will see another opportunity gone. *Ogre chuckle* I’m sorry I’m gonna have to destroy I’m the 15th but I am very hungry...I lost a friend and I’m dedicating that match to her so no one will get her n my way! I would do anything to win! Unlike you *Ogre grins* I accept your challenge. See you on the 15th Jeff... *No music played this time while Ogre got up and walk towards the backstage. His new necklace dangling around as he move*
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    "No mystery am I" BPZ.com
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    The Past Becomes The Present

    "AK-17 is the past!" …. …. "It ruled a disgraced tag team division!" …. … "Stop living in the past, and move on to the future…" Valor returns from commercial break as a quick recap of Bart and Smith's segment plays, showing both men's thoughts on their challenge in AK-17 and what Echo has stated towards them recently on Carnage. Now we're shown to a bar in an unknown town with Angelo sitting at the bar with a glass of pint. "Very well Bart. I get it. I do. You see a tag team from the past come alive after years and form to come after the tag titles they held. And you don't want that. I get it Bart, I do. You want fresh new tag teams, right? New stars, right? Hell you would of been happier if I picked Arius or Tamer as my partner. No. While I respect their work, no, it makes no sense to me. And what I do is calculated work dog. I never would of thought that what this match would turn into was what it became. I never expected Echo's words to you two, but I didn't expect yours Bart. After everything that was laid in that ring you go and try to discredit everything that was put into AK-17. You discredit our presence in today's tag division because it's not something new? Because it's just like how Flynn and Necce were put back together, huh? We're nothing like Necce and Flynn. We're not two overdrive riden egomaniacs who use each other for success when one is fading into obsolete. I never worried about that and Echo has shown that as well. You and Smith have definitely shown that as well. I mean… let's be honest Bart. I know the real reason of this distain you have to us. Karico Brand. You guys were the tag team we defeated at Halloween Havoc 2017 to win those Tag Team Championships you have over your shoulder. I defeated the brand I was in once upon a time. Yeah, for the wrestling historians out there that follow BPZ, I joined the Karico Brand. Things were going fine, then I killed the group from the inside. I admit it. I used the Karico Brand. And it did play out to my advantage as I won gold shortly there after. And I've apologized over and over and over again, but you couldn't let go of that past Bart. A disgrace of a tag team division, that you were apart of. When you guys held the belts first, let's be honest, that's when the tag division died. But I cannot blame you and Prince, I cannot. 2017 was a horrible year for the tag division team wise. But yet, through out all the teams, doesn't matter if the belts were held by Pride or Karico Brand or whoever, one reign people will remember was the reign of change me and Echo Wilson pushed for in a division that needed change. We weren't set for no challengers like Karico Brand seemed to be, no we pushed people to go for us. That's what Champions do. And you finally learned that Bart just recently. That's why you made this match for the Tag Team Championships. Hell when there was other men who claim to be deserving backstage, you guys picked me. Why? Why……. …… ……… For an easy fucking win! I know what this whole plan is! I'm not stupid, hell, I'm probably the smartest man for this company and anything to do with wrestling. Creed, can have anything they want. Any team they want. Yet they pick me. Why is that? Not because of the respect they have for me. Because they know that I lose. They know I'm thirty wins to my hundred something losses. They knew they could get another win under their belt just to say "hey we defended the titles". But I ruined those plans when I brought Echo in. Yeah, Backlash 2019 you faced and defeated Echo Wilson to retain the Undisputed Championship in what could of been a defining moment for your career. Keyword, could of. Instead, you faced a drugged out shell of Echo Wilson and yet, you walked around liked you beat the absolute best. You haven't, because when the time came to face someone one hundred percent in a singles match, you choked. Watching your match I thought I was watching an Abella Danger video with the performance you've done. Guess we can say you and Echo both dropped the ball there. But you both came back, better than ever. You came back, got together with Smith and Sameer and Julius and formed Creed, gaining those titles. While Echo came back, won the Premium Championship and defeated an game Jason Ryan in his own match. This was about respect, but not when your loaded weapon shoots off at the mouth. Yeah Echo started it, and immediately after I talked to him about it. But you, oh you Bart you had to bring me negatively into this. Smith tried his best to be respectful, but when you two trash the name of a team that I put my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears into to make work, I take that as the up most disrespect. I take it as a shot to me, and a shot to my hard work and my dedication. And I don't like that. Not one bit. Not when I earned everything I put my work into, not get handed it like a title reign, is that right Bart? But I could feel like I'm in the same boat, giving how I was "handed" this opportunity, not like I haven't worked my ass off in every aspect, hell especially working backstage as much as I do to give all of you a better opportunity with guys who could USE THE FUCKING BRASS RING I NEVER GOT AND MAKE THEIR OWN SPOTLIGHT NO I GET "FUCK YOU BRAD YOU EARNED NOTHING!" WELL FUCK YOU!" Angelo slams his shot glass down as his fist shakes and shakes. He then tosses the shot glass off the bar counter and it smashes into the wall, the music cutting off and everyone looking over, a few gasps heard. A few people walk to Angelo and ask a couple of questions before he brushes past them and heads outside. "I've tried to be the nice guy. I've been backstage in Valor meetings pushing for the future. But this is what I get? I never wished for it, but people sense the feeling to be like that. They never understand what I go through in an daily life but it's fine. I've always shown why I deserve everything I get. And I don't mind doing that by having match of the night, feud of the night, and winning the titles to show that. AK-17 is the past, will be the present, and forever will be the future of tag team wrestling. I will show why I am the Greatest Of All Time. I'm Angelo, and that's all that's needed. Recognize."
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    Bad To The Bone

    Heel Akki is seen with his crew in a discreet area down in Miami, Florida. We figure out that he's there to shoot a music video for his song, Bad To The Bone from The Underdog Mixtape that can be streamed on every streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more. And is also available for free on Youtube & AudioMack. Montages later we see that Heel Akki is finished filming his video, a teenager, who seems to be a wrestling fan, scream at Akki with "Jim Lopes", Akki gets very heated after that scream and starts to follow that teenager. The teenager goes all the way into an alleyway where Akki follows him, Akki's crew loses Akki and now he's all alone following the teenager. The teenager stops and gets scared. What did you just say? Uh... Jim Lopes. I'm sorry mister don't hurt me. Oh. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm a rapper, you wanna check out my music? Um, No! My mom told me not go somewhere with strangers! Is Jim Lopes your father? AHHHH! How did you know?! It says your name is Lil Lopes. Are you a rapper? The kid runs at Akki and kicks him in the balls. -REPLY PLANNED-
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    Unretirement Corner

    Joshua Scott: Created by accident when I didn't understand the difference between Kayfabe and Kayfabe Shows (I was a free agent at the time, hence the name), Free Agent Corner went on to have 145 episodes, and was the most viewed diary of all time for a while (#FUCKCOMMENTARIES) Gary Green: But with just 8 episodes in the past year, and no updates since September, Free Agent Corner or Green Agent Corner, has reached its end Joshua: So we decided to create a new kayfabe show. However we struggled on a title. However seeing as I am retired, I went for the inspirational Retirement Corner Gary: Because you aren't a free agent like you were in 2016 when you created the original. Clever Joshua: I don't think it needed explaining. But yes we are back, and its time for Episode 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joshua: Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Retirement Corner. It is Episode 1 and on todays show we look back at a superstar that just never was, SummerGamz. For those of you who don't know Summer was around in about 2016, before leaving in 2017 around the same timing as Echo Wilson's arrival. Weird. Anyway, HERE ARE THE 5 THINGS BrendenPlayz Wants You To Forget About SummerGamz (5) LOSING TO JOSH Gary: Summer was easily the favourite to win the NXT Championship at Survivor Series 2016. His debut match, against the debuting Joshua Scott was described by Summer as a "spammer kid with negative rep totals" whatever that means. But his thoughts were echoed (Wilson) by all, Josh was never given a chance. However he hit a hot streak, and very soon ended up capitalising on that momentum and beating Summer. Summer's promising start was damaged (4) INTERRUPTING A PROMO BETWEEN SLIM AND BIZZY Joshua: Before losing to me, Summer's start didn't get off the best start anyway. In October 2016, Slim announced himself as the new Interim General Manager, before being interrupted by his arch nemesis Bizzy who challenged him to a Hell In a Cell Match for Slim's Intercontinental Championship. Then Summer came out confronting both men, just hours after his debut promo. Now a new star debuting and making an impact by confronting the World and IC Champ Slim and his nemesis Bizzy, what an awesome moment. Yet everything just seemed a bit confused, especially Slim and Bizzy. It later turned out Summer had interrupted the promo without Slim and Bizzy's permission, nor that of management. Yikes (3) MR PIMP Gary: Mr Pimp. Mr FUCKING PIMP. YES THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Days before facing Josh for the NXT Championship at December to Dismember 2016, Summer introduced his new manager Mr Pimp. Mr Pimp came down to the ring with 4 "hoes" in bikinis, before hundreds of women from the audience ran into the ring because they were mesmerised by him. That is one very full ring. His legendary first words were "Well if you didn't know Mr. Pimp be pimpin hoe EXTRA HARD! I WANT THESE GIRLS TO ROLL THEM FATTY, FOR THIS PIMP DADDY!" Yes, those were uttered on a wrestling show in twenty fucking sixteen. He referred to Summer as "the best whitest pimp around" and "the assistant pimp" before asking General Manager Slim to join "The Ho Train." Slim declined. The whole gimmick wasn't great and Mr Pimp only lasted as Summers manager for a week or so before Summer underwent a character change. Surely he couldn't undergo a drastic character change and go from assistant pimp to murderous psychopath in a week right? RIGHT? (2) WILDE CLUB Josh: After a weird spell in Summer's career in around January 2017 that we wont mention, he soon joined Slim's stable The Top Guys, which had during its spell featured future superstars like Aidanator, Alyx Wilde, Yelich, Natedog, Flynn, NAME REDACTED and Ryan. Mixed successes there. The Top Guys were whittled down when Aidan left in December 2016, Ryan and NR soon after, and Yelich in February 2017, leaving Summer, Slim, Nate, Alyx and Flynn (NB: Some of that is right, some of that isn't). They split up, culminating in the main event of BPZ Mania being Slim vs Flynn vs Alyx vs Nate. Alyx may have lost but he was mega hot, as was Summer, and as was Ross who had just returned, won US and betrayed me. The 3 formed Wilde Club, and surely there was no way they could fail. Yet Alyx had issues come up and took a hiatus from the company, leaving Ross and Summer without a leader. Ross did fine as he held a title, but Summer's momentum dropped off and he soon left wrestling. But that still isn't the worst thing (1) MURDERING HIS SISTER ON LIVE TV Green: HE MURDERED HIS FUCKING SISTER ON LIVE FUCKING TV. After the Mr Pimp storyline Summer began pushing the "Lunatic Fringe" nickname more and soon became this murderous psychopath. He soon took the lunatic part perhaps a bit too far.... perhaps, when he pushed his sister out of a hotel window to her death. He faced a trial but somehow came off innocent, DESPITE IT BEING ON LIVE TV, and all of this was soon completely ignore as Summer joined the Top Guys Well that's our list for the debut of Retirement Corner. Thanks to @Echo Wilson for all his help on this. For now goodnight
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    United We Stand (May 17th, 2020) Suicide VS Johnny Swinger VS Chris Bey VS Trey VS Petey Williams VS Ace Austin (c) (Ultimate X Match, X-Division Championship) Kicking off United We Stand, we see the return of the Ultimate X match, with Ace Austin defending his X-Division championship against five other members of the X-Division. In a fantastic, high-energy match to start the show, we would see Trey make good on his recent streak of momentum, unlatching the X-Division championship and becoming X-Division champion for the first time in his career. TJP/Fallah Bahh VS Team XXXL (Street Fight) Next, we see a grudge match between Team XXXL against TJP and Fallah Bahh, with both teams looking to break out and establish themselves as threats to the IMPACT Tag Team championships. In a good match, TJP and Bahh would score the victory, with TJP drawing a submission from Larry D with a Kneebar. Taya VS Jordynne Grace (c) (Knockout's Championship) Next, we see the long awaited rematch between the longest reigning Knockout's champion, Taya, and the woman who dethroned her, Jordynne Grace. In another great match between these two, Grace would retain the gold, continuing her run as champion. After the match, we would see Rosemary stare down Grace and look at her Knockout's championship, making her intentions clear. Eddie Edwards VS Michael Elgin (Loser Leaves IMPACT) Next, we see the culmination of a heated feud, with both Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin looking to end the other man's IMPACT careers. In a fantastic match, Edwards would make it 3-2 over Elgin, putting him away with the Boston Knee Party and scoring the decisive victory, ending Michael Elgin's IMPACT career in the process. The Rascalz VS Willie Mack/Rich Swann VS The North (c) (IMPACT Tag Team Championships) Next, we see The Rascalz, Rich Swann and Willie Mack, and The North, three of IMPACT's top tag teams, do battle for The North's tag team championships. In a fantastic match, The Rascalz would make good on their Feast or Fired cash-in, putting away Ethan Page and ending the longest tag team championship reign in IMPACT history. After the match, Trey would join his partners and all three Rascalz would celebrate with all of their newly won championship gold. Sami Callihan VS Ken Shamrock (Shamrock's Final Match) Next, we see the final match of Ken Shamrock's illustrious career, as he faces Sami Callihan in his official retirement. In an okay match, Callihan would put Shamrock away in incredibly decisive fashion, planting the MMA legend with a Cactus Driver and scoring the huge victory. The Hardcore Legends (RVD, Jake Crist and Madman Fulton) VS Tommy Dreamer/Rhino/??? Our final match before tonight's massive main event sees Crazzy Steve make his IMPACT return and joining Rhino and Tommy Dreamer as their mystery partner against RVD's "hardcore legends." However, during the match, we would see The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis Bennett make their returns as well, distracting Steve and giving the Hardcore Legends the chance to capitalize, with RVD scoring the victory after a Five Star Frog Splash to Tommy Dreamer. Tessa Blanchard VS Moose (c) (IMPACT World Championship, Title VS Career) Finally, tonight's main event sees Moose defend his IMPACT World championship against Tessa Blanchard, and if Blanchard loses, she's fired from IMPACT Wrestling. In a fantastic match, Moose would keep hold of his title, putting Blanchard away with a Spear and ending her IMPACT career. United We Stand would end with Moose celebrating, as the reign of Moose has clearly just begun. Prediction Results @Echo Wilson - 4/10 @Austin Omega - 4/10 @BobdaBomb - 4/10 @Gwynfro - 4/10 @Eric Shun - 5/10 @Alex Costa - 7/10 @FDS - 7/10
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    Echo Wilson

    ROH Greatest Matches

    Number 17: ROH GLORY BY HONOR (2012) JAY LETHAL vs DAVEY RICHARDS These two are known for classic matches, and I've heard awesome things about this match, which made me forced to put this match on the list. For sure. Davey immediately gets a mixed reaction, as he should. He's tweener at this point, and Lethal gets a huge reaction. It's crazy to me at this point that Lethal is only 26 years old. Usual slow-feeling out process to kick us off and Davey goes for his usual intro moves to a match, but it's Lethal who one-ups him and locks him up. Lethal bitchslaps Davey which naturally pisses him off and we see a spin kick to the gut, followed by a dropkick by Lethal for 2. Davey impressively bridges into a top wristlock, and works on Lethal's arm. Davey works it more with a chinlock and Lethal has no choice but to try and run, unlucky for him Davey is there to hit a soccer kick on the apron. Davey hits his own version of an Ole Kick and brings Lethal inside for a nailed missile dropkick for 2. Stupid chants begin and makes me want to hit my head on the computer desk, so I Ignore it and continue. Lethal keeps tryna bail though, but Richards is there to drag him back in with a chinlock, and then on the apron, Lethal drops Richards down a HUGE CUTTER. Both guys down on the floor, they begin to trade strikes, in the ring now. LETHAL COMBO! KOJI CLUTCH! Davey reaches the ropes, jesus. Spin kick, than a German Suplex by Davey! Two count only though. This match is starting to rule. Lethal drops Davey with a weird looking Iconoclasm, and gets 2 again. Lethal tries for Hail To The King, but Davey meet him up top and headbutts the shit outta him. Superplex and a Lethal hangs on with a small package! Two count only! KO Kick from Richards and Brainbuster! Double Stomp! NEAR FALL! Davey transitions right into the ankle lock, and is pushed off, MURDERDEATHKILL KICK! Lethal gives absolutely 0 fucks. They go to the top and Lethal tries to powerbomb Davey onto the table before, but it barely even gives! Like wtf! Davey is dead outside the ring, but he barely gets in the ring at 19 seconds. HAIL TO THE KING CATCHES HIM! NEARFALL! Dragon Suplex! Holy crap this match is phenomenal. Trip to the outside as the fans are literally on their feet applauding, and LETHAL INJECTION COUNTERED INTO AN ANKLE LOCK! MY GOODNESS! Lethal breaks out, kicks Davey in the face! LETHAL INJECTION CONNECTS! KOJI CLUTCH! 1...2....3! A fuckin fantastic 24 minutes right there. This is one of the best ROH matches from this year, and it did not disappoint. These guys had the crowd eating from the palm of their hands and even with the slow feeling out process, by the time we hit the last 10 minutes of this match, it was just constant action. They wrestled at an unbelievable pace. Davey Richards showed just how good he is, It's such a shame how he turned out to be honest. But in his heyday he was one of the best and that's proven in this match. Jay Lethal is excellent, and I think it's matches like these that made him the Ace of ROH. He got his killer instinct and it's insane what this character development and stuff is doing for his career. Or what has been done since he switched it up for these matches. This is a fantastic wrestling match and ROH really stepped it up. I can't remember many great matches for ROH in 2012, but this was one of the best of them. They let these two guys just tear it up and it was amazing.
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    Addy's fire babies LIZARD(Charmeleon) BIRD(Fletchinder) CATAPILLAR?(Larvesta) LAMP(Lampent) DOG(Growlithe) CUTE BOI(Darumaka) SUBSTITUTION BENCH TO SCORE A 90TH MINUTE WINNER: DARYL TAKAHASHI(Torracat) MOUSTACHE CENTIPEDE(Sizzlipede)
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    TEAM BOBHUB (Electric) Pikachu (Kimmy Granger) Electrike (Riley Reid) Charjabug (Abella Danger) Luxio (Bailey Justin) Chinchou (Lana Rhodes) Yamper (Elsa Jean) Joltik (Mia Khalifa) Helioptile (Alexa Grace)
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    Team Dragon... bois? Sliggoo Hakamo-O Drakloak Zweilous Vibrava Fraxure Subs: Applin Noibat
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    Alex Costa

    Fate of the Coward

    Some Undisclosed alleyway We are live on Carnage, one week away from the qualfying matches for the North American Championship. It's been announced that all matches will be fought under different stipulations. For Alex Costa, the choice by one Joshua Scott had lead to many people going on Twitter coming into support of Alex, calling out the company for manipulating the votes in favour of Josh and fans worried this was going to lead to the company burying Alex. However we haven't heard from Alex at all since the announcement until this video aired. The scene is a darkish alleyway in some unknown place, night having fallen. Suddenly we see a man smoking in said dark alleyway slowly exhalling the fumes before he speaks: Undisclosed voice: I have heard the comments, heard what the people had to say and I have to agree. The Man puts out his cigarette, before walking into the light revealing himself to be none other than Alex Costa! Alex Costa: I've heard what people have been saying! What the hell is BPZ doing? Sanctioning this ideia of a match, clearly meant to favour Joshua Scott, showing favouritism. I've also heard the calls this vote was biased and to be honest it doesn't f**ing suprise me. This is the same company that kept giving this talentless hack, championship match after championship match even though he kept being embarrrased every single time. What has this man done other than embarass himself huh? And now he wants to spit on the legacy of a man who was at the top of the world right now and for what? Jealousy? Alex keeps walking in the alleyway smirking himself to all of this Josh, be careful what you wish for. You want me to face you in this kind of match knowing that I am aligned with the same man that created it and yet you wanna stack things further in your favour, knowing deep down that you can't beat me. That's not very heroic of you Josh, it just makes you come across as a coward! And the fact that this company threw you this bone, it just PISSES ME OFF! An enraged Alex kicks out a trash can in the alley So this is how we going to play this Josh, you want to face me in this match, you better be prepared for the fight of your life. This is not going to be the usual Alex who tries to outwrestle you and put on a great wrestling match for the fans. No what you dealing with is something much much worse. I'M GOING TO THIS MATCH AND BEAT YOU TO AN INCH OF YOUR LIFE! I'M NOT PLAYING ANY GAMES HERE! Alex takes another cigarette out and walks into another alleyway Just remember this moment, Josh when you lying in a hospital bed in a pile of your own blood. You could have avoided this! All you had to do was avoid pissing me off. I'm going to make an example out of you next week! Stack whatever stips you want in your favour like you always do, I don't care, I'm sending you back to retirement! Alex then walks away from the scene, cigarette still in his head. An eery message has been sent to one Joshua Scott. Will Alex live up to his performance and end Josh's comeback before it has even started? These questions are on the Commentary team minds as we fade to black before a commercial break
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    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    SHOGUN Chapter 49 Year 2, February, Week 1 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honoured Unity's Final Stretch SHOGUN opens with a recap of the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament, with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows of Bullet Club already advancing to the semi-finals with their victory over former SHOGUN Tag Team Champions Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls. Also the newly debuting tag team of Juice Robinson and David Finlay seems to be gaining traction, but are set to face Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy. Also, the new Openweight Champion Naomichi Marufuji and El Generico take on two thirds of the Triangle Tag Team Champions EVIL and SANADA. Last but not least is the clash between Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs. Triple Crown Champion Samoa Joe, and the Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer. Who will win the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament? Find out in the finals at SHOGUN Invasion Assault in Fukuoka! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag Team Match Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Quarter Finals FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs. Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy) Speaking of the tag team tournament, the quarter finals continue with FinJuice taking on the dangerous pairing from Bullet Club, Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy. The Juggernaut is able to take the power to Juice, despite the Flamboyant One being the largest man in the match. Tozawa lays in the heavy strikes and kicks to David Finlay, who after getting cut off from his corner is able to get the tag after hitting his Uranage backbreaker. While Bullet Club look impressive, FinJuice show some strong tag team chemistry as they're able to occupy Tozawa while Murphy's Kamigoye is countered into a Pulp Friction! 1...2..3! FinJuice advance! FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) def. Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy) in 12:12 via pinfall with a Pulp Friction to Buddy Murphy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone Who Is Dumb Enough Grizzled Young Veterans celebrate their dominant victory over two washed up oldies in Tencozy, who were living off of their nostalgia at Anniversary Voyage. They don't see ANY challengers who are worthy of their time, at least not on their own merit. So, being the benevolent champions and ambassadors of tag team wrestling that they are, they offer an Open Challenge to any tandem that wants to lose, offering them a Tag Team Championship Match at Invasion Assault. To their surprise, the CHAOS pairing of Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb make their way to the ring and accept the challenge, GYV looking a little more hesitant about their original plan of an Open Challenge. Goto says that he is a former Openweight Champion, and wants to chase every belt that he can, starting with the Tag Titles. The Match is set, Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb for Invasion Assault in Fukuoka! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rage of Redemption "The Dragon" Shingo Takagi cuts a promo vowing to work his way back to the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, after seeing just how close he was at Shiroyama. Samoa Joe was able to beat him, but he will not be bested. Shingo also lays out a respectful remark to Buddy Murphy, seeing potential to one day compete in an Openweight style like himself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Less Than Savoury Meanwhile, El Desperado of Samoa-gun makes a brazen challenge to Hiromu Takahashi, the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Champion. He says that losing in the Triangle Tag Team Championship match meant nothing when LIJ were holding the Jr. Title hostage. He states that Hiromu has been here barely a month, and doesn't know quite how things go here. He should be champion above that unstable crazy person, and even then, Hiromu isn't on his level of crazy. He's not willing to go to the lengths that Desperado will to win a match. Hiromu comes out and wishing to be a champion that welcomes all challengers, he confidently accepts the challenge from Desperado. But advises Despy to be careful what he wishes for, he might just get more crazy than he bargained for. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6-Man Tag Team Match Chaos (Alexander Hammerstone, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Emerald Unit (Keith Lee, Yuji Nagata and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) In an exidition tag team match, Keith Lee pairs up with two veterans from Emerald Unit to take on CHAOS. The CHAOS trio have been stalling for the past few weeks, unable to get some wins together, but they manage it here tonight as Thorne and Nicholls show some excellent tag team work, being able to stop Keith Lee from throwing them around the ring. The match ends when Alexander Hammerstone is finally able to land his finishing move, the Nightmare Pendulum for the win. Chaos (Alexander Hammerstone, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) def. Emerald Unit (Keith Lee, Yuji Nagata and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) in 12:54 via pinfall with a Nightmare Pendulum to Yuji Nagata After the match, Keith Lee gives an impressed look to Hammerstone and TMDK, appreciating their tag team skills, Hammerstone's power and his willingness to take on the Limitless One. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Tag Team Match Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Quarter Finals Samoa Joe and Lance Archer vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham In a sleeper hit of a main event, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham bring their all to the established monsters of Samoa-gun. Gresham and Joe have a fantastic display of technical wrestling, and is also able to mostly stop Lance's size from being a factor with his submission skills. Jay Lethal on the other hand is able to take the lead in the opposite way, leaning on his old high flying roots to get one over Samoa Joe, and hitting his forever suicide dives. As the match reaches it's climax, both teams are spent, with the larger pairing of Samoa-gun hitting their signature offence, but it's not enough to put their opponents away. In a brief moment in the match, Jay Lethal is able to catch Samoa Joe with a series of strikes, and runs to the ropes, and it connects! LETHAL INJECTION TO SAMOA JOE!! Lethal goes for the pin! Is he going to pin the champion? 1.....2...thr-no-wait what?!? Lance Archer pulled the referee out of the ring to stop the count, Joe is still down! Lethal can't believe it as he flies over the ropes to take out Archer, only to be caught in a chokeslam onto the ring mats. Boos rain down as Lethal and Gresham's lead starts to fall apart, the match ending when Joe drops Gresham with an Island Driver for the win. Samoa Joe and Lance Archer def. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham in 22:36 via pinfall with an Island Driver to Jonathan Gresham After the match, an infuriated Jay Lethal gets right in Joe's face, looking at the Triple Crown Championship over his shoulder, and seemingly demanding a title match after the controversey that just occured. Joe seems annoyed at Lance Archer for his actions too, but is ultimately dismissive of Jay Lethal, walking out of the ring. Samoa-gun advance to the semi-finals, but it seems that an enemy has been made in Jay Lethal tonight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Chapter 50 Year 2, February, Week 2 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I Need To Know SHOGUN kicks off with a very frustrated Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham making their qualms known after the controversial finish to last week's main event. As retribution for being cost the Tag Team Tournament, Lethal calls out Samoa Joe for a match, taunting the champion that his henchman Lance Archer got scared because he knew...that after being hit by the Lethal Injection, he knew Joe wasn't going to get back up before the 3 count. Lethal officially makes his challenge for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship! Samoa Joe and Lance Archer comes out and stare down their would-be challengers. Intriguingly, Joe seems to be just as dismissive of Archer's actions as Lethal. Joe explains out to Archer that if he is to go down in the ring, then so be it. He doesn't want to just scrape by, he wants to be the best of the best. However, Joe does highlight that Lethal has hardly been here for a cup of coffee in SHOGUN, but is intrigued by his challenge too. Joe shockingly accepts the challenge from such a new signing to the promotion. Joe stares down with Lethal, as Archer does the same with Gresham as the segment ends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contenders Qualifying Match Singles Match Hirai Kawato vs. Robbie Eagles With the potential of a Junior Heavyweight Championship match on the line, Hirai Kawato and Robbie Eagles compete to enter a Triple Threat Match at Invasion Assault to determine the new No.1 Contender. Kawato demonstrates a series of strikes and kicks, bringing his fighting spirit to the CHAOS junior. Kawato's spin kick is avoided by Eagles, who is able to overcome the high-pace offence of his new opponent, eventually able to hit the Turbo Backpack for the win. Even though it was an unsuccessful debut for Kawato, he was able to showcase his spirit against one of the best on the roster. Robbie Eagles def. Hirai Kawato in 12:11 via pinfall with a Turbo Backpack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What's with the Mask? In a pre-taped vignette, El Generico explains that his choice to don the mask is one of reinvention. He sees that his path to becoming the Ace of Emerald Unit is something that he needs to embrace in his own time, not when Marufuji wants it. he respects what Marufuji has done in his career, and wishes for his mentor to accept the road that he is choosing. Generico doesn't sound all too convinced in his words. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Extra Crazy Los Ingobernables de Japon are seen backstage with EVIL and SANADA preparing for their main event match tonight against Zayn and Openweight Champion Marufuji. They say that they will finally cement LIJ's position as the SHOGUN Tag Team Champions, a title that has alluded the faction thus far in SHOGUN. Hiromu taunts his challenger El Desperado, wandering what sorts of tricks and twists that Desperado will bring to Invasion Assault. Despite debuting only a couple of months ago at Shiroyama, Hiromu has taken his spot at the top of the Junior Division, and won't let Despy take the wind from his sails. Curiously, Naito is in the background of it all, not making a single comment for the segment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag Team Match Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs. Imposter Vibe (Eita and KZY) In a tune-up match for his title match against Hiromu Takahashi at Invasion Assault, El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru of Samoa-gun versus the new junior heavyweight pairing in SHOGUN of Eita and KZY, who are going by the name of Imposter Vibe. The match is an interesting tale of KZY being able to scout and read the shenanigans of Samoa-gun, making their usual antics backfire, giving Imposter Vibe openings to impress and take the lead. However, after KZY is taken out of the match with a massive Deep Impact Diving DDT off the apron, it leaves Eita in Despy's clutches, locking in the Numero Dos Stretch Muffler for the submission win. An impressive showing for Imposter Vibe, but not enough to defeat the former Triangle Tag Team Champions. El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru def. Imposter Vibe (Eita and KZY) in 9:41 via submission with a Numero Dos to Eita ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Alexander Hammerstone vs. Yuji Nagata Looking for some revenge after the tag team match last week, "Blue Justice" Yuji Nagata takes on Alexander Hammerstone. The match is quick, but very hard hitting as Nagata chops down the larger man with his signature kicks. However, Hammerstone is able to sneakily start escaping submissions and show some technical know-how, something not usually seen with guys his size. He levels Nagata with a running pump kick and is able to get a quick pin over Nagata once again after Blue Justice fails to hit the Backdrop Driver. Alexander Hammerstone def. Yuji Nagata in 6:32 via pinfall with a Jacknife Pin Nagata gets up in Hammerstone's face after the match as he goes to leave the ring, it seems that Blue Justice is not done with Alexander Hammerstone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tandem For The Gold In a backstage segment, Cobb and Goto are preparing for their Tag Team Championship match at Invasion Assault. Goto makes his intentions known to got for any and every title that he can, to finally make use of every opportunity possible and not let anything pass him by as one of the top guys in SHOGUN. Cobb is calmer, and doesn't seem to be all that convinced before shaking away a frown, saying that they will bring the SHOGUN Tag Team Championships back to CHAOS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Tag Team Match Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Quarter Finals Emerald Unit (Naomichi Marufuji and El Generico) vs. EVIL and SANADA In a star-studded main event, the last Quarter Finals match of the Honoured Unity Tag Tournaments is underway. The match begins with Generico and SANADA, who trade crisp technical moves and sequences, with SANADA being able to out-do Generico on multiple occasions, having his moves scouted. Cold Skull is also able to take the fight to the new Openweight Champion, who seems to be quite impressed by the stoic member of Los Ingos, to which Generico's expression is depleted on the apron. EVIL and Marufuji exchange powerful strikes, with the champion avoiding a Darkness Falls. Generico is able to showcase his skills against EVIL with a big springboard moonsault to the outside, but it isn't enough to bring Emerald Unit the win, as shockingly, SANADA catches Marufuji with an O'Connor Roll! 1...2...3! SANADA just pinned the Openweight Champion right as his reign is beginning! EVIL and SANADA def. Emerald Unit (Naomichi Marufuji and El Generico) in 19:31 with a Bridging O'Connor Roll to Naomichi Marufuji Marufuji stares down with SANADA, who makes a title gesture to the shoulder that is empty, the other having the Triangle Tag Team Championship. He wants the Openweight Championship for the other. Marufuji gets up to the apron and exchanges words with SANADA, the Emerald Ace is less frustrated at his loss, an intrigued expression on his face that the Cold Skull would be the first to challenge him. Generico waits for a moment as he gestures to EVIL, perhaps he wants to head for the Triangle Titles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Chapter 51 Year 2, February, Week 3 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reflections of the Future Openweight Champion Marufuji congratulates EVIL and SANADA for advancing in the Tag Tournament, not surprised that someone of SANADA's talents was able to not only defeat Emerald Unit, but pin the champion himself. He mentions his search for the Future of SHOGUN, and sees the spark of potential in SANADA, not just Sami Zayn. Maraufuji offers a championship match to SANADA for Invasion Assault, while also proposing that an Emerald Unit trio be granted a Triangle Tag Team Championship Match against Los Ingobernables de Japon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6-Man Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) vs. Samoa-gun (El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI) In a preview match before their Junior Heavyweight Championship match, El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI take on Naito, Hiromu and BUSHI from LIJ. The match highlights the lengths that Desperado will go to for the win, using every trick in the book and a lot of brawling on the outside with Hiromu, even hitting Hiromu's John Wuu Dropkick onto the Junior Heavyweight Champion. The match ends with Naito drops DOUKI with the Valentia for the win, Hiromu and Despy practically taking out the announce team with their shenanigans in the meantime. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) def. Samoa-gun (El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI) in 15:23 via pinfall with a Valentia to DOUKI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Return To My Rightful Place In a video package, Rite of Iron J-Cup winner Will Ospreay makes his return to SHOGUN after losing his chance to regain the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship at Shiroyama, losing to Hiromu Takahashi. He states his intention to take back that spot as Ace of the Junior Division, and be the very best in SHOGUN. He will do that by qualifying for the No.1 Contenders match by beating whoever he faces next week. Some intrigue brews as his Birds of Prey tag partner Robbie Eagles has already qualified for the No.1 Contenders Match. Who will prove themselves as deserving to challenge for the Junior Heavyweight Crown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fair Play Success SANADA of Los Ingobernables de Japon says few words, but accepts that he could be working double duty at Invasion Assault, as he and EVIL could make it to the finals of the Tag Tournament, as well as his Openweight Championship Match against Marufuji. he says that these two paths won't conflict with each other. In regard to the Tag Tournament, he hasn't forgotten the Bullet Club beatdown from the start of the new year, and wishes to take out some revenge against Gallows and Anderson. In addition, EVIL speaks up and wants to batter around El Generico some more, calling his mask something silly to hide behind when it won't stop him form being slammed into the mat. EVIL mentions that Generico, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were able to pick up a win at the Anniversary Show, so they will face them with the Triangle Tag Team Championships on the line in next week's main event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contenders Qualifying Match Dragon Lee vs. Tiger Mask The young athletic luchador Dragon Lee takes on the veteran masked wrestler Tiger Mask with an opportunity to qualify for the No.1 Contenders three-way match at Invasion Assault. The match is quick, but at a fast pace as Dragon Lee taunts out some stiff kicks from Tiger Mask after delivering his signature destructive chops. While Tiger Mask is able to hit the Tiger Driver for a near fall, the end comes when Dragon Lee puts Tiger Mask away with a Desnucadora, his Suplex Powerbomb. Dragon Lee is going to Invasion Assault to face Robbie Eagles, and one other Junior with the chance to become No.1 Contender. Dragon Lee def. Tiger Mask in 8:10 via pinfall with a Desnucadora ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag Team Match Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Semi-Finals EVIL and SANADA vs.Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows (w/Chase Owens) In a hotly anticipated semi-finals match, EVIL and SANDA take on Gallows and Anderson, all with a chance to win the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament. The match begins with crisp and fluid mat work from SANADA with Karl Anderson, even the seasoned Machine Gun is taken aback by SANADA's fundamental technical skills. As the match progresses, it turns into more of a brawling match, with EVIL and Gallows exchanging big boots, shoulder checks and lariats. The Good Brothers hit the Boot of Doom on SANADA, but he kicks out. With the match coming to a close, Chase Owens provides some crucial distractions of the ref which allows Bullet Club to get the upper hand. EVIL tries to fend off Anderson's unpredictable tactics, having a couple of Gun Stun attempts scouted, but eventually falls to a Spinebuster counter as he goes for a rolling lariat, The Good Brothers hitting the Magic Killer for the win. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows def. EVIL and SANADA in 16:35 via pinfall with a Magic Killer to EVIL, advancing to the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Finals! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On The Bench In an exclusive Tokyo Sports sit-down interview, the former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Naito speaks about his current position with pro wrestling, and in SHOGUN. He says that he's felt like a wanderer ever since his loss to Jon Moxley at Glory Through Pain, the reality that he thought was true as the "Shuyaku" (Top Star) of Japanese Wrestling even without the Triple Crown was brought to a sudden end that night, like walking up from a beautiful dream, only to see that the reality in the aftermath of both Enter the Dragon, and Glory Through Pain leave him brought low. He sees the writing on the wall, that his fellow LIJ members are starting to not only reach the level that he set when SHOGUN began, but surpass him. That Hiromu was able to win the Junior Heavyweight title on his debut, and Shingo getting closer to defeating Samoa Joe than he ever did. Naito is melancholic, but his wry smile returns as he sees one way that he could rise back up to the heights he once walked. He might not be in a position to call out the Triple Crown Champion, but there is one way that they cannot ignore anyone who proves themselves. Someone has to take Glory into their own hands. Naito will bide his time until then, but the Triple Crown is never out of his sights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Tag Team Match Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Semi-Finals FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs. Samoa Joe and Lance Archer In tonight's main event, the last Semi-Finals Tag Tournament match is underway as the new team of FinJuice have been able to pick up some surprisingly momentum in the early stages of their SHOGUN careers. But now, they face their toughest test to date, the Triple Crown Champion and the Murderhawk Monster. Joe and Archer dominate the early portions of the match, brutalising both Juice and Finlay, with Archer throwing all the plunder at them on the outside, choking Finlay out with a cable from the announce table. Joe hits the Uranage to Finlay, but he kicks out! Finlay is able to get the hot tag to Juice, who runs wild over the dominant monsters, his run only being stopped when Joe counters the Pulp Friction into the Coquina Clutch, but Juice rolls through! 1...2...No! Joe kicks out! The match comes to a close when Finlay is able to land the Acid Drop, and it seems that Archer and the Samoa-gun members in their corner are going to cheat again by grabbing the timekeeper in order to save Joe from getting pinned again, but what's this? It's Lethal and Gresham!! Jay Lethal hits a massive suicide dive onto Joe when he leaves the ring to help Archer, taunting the champion as they level the playing field. With Lethal and Gresham stopping the desperation tactics of Samoa-gun, FinJuice are able to hit their offence and take the lead, with Juice knocking Joe off the apron with a Left Hand of God after Archer moves out of the way. With the champ out at ringside, the Murderhawk Monster's chokeslam is countered and a Pulp Friction connects! 1...2..3! FinJuice beat Samoa-gun! They're are going to the finals! FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) def. Samoa Joe and Lance Archer in 18:50 via pinfall with a Pulp Friction to Lance Archer, advancing to the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Finals! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Chapter 52 Year 2, February, Week 4 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi) vs. Bullet Club (Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi) Continuing the animosity between LIJ and Bullet Club, Naito and Shingo meet Chase Owens and Yujiro in a tag team match. While Naito and Shingo are visibly above Bullet Club in terms of ability, there are several times where Chase Owens nearly hits the Package Piledriver, which would end the match right there. Shingo and Chase exchange and counter their signature offence easily, as they met several months before for the Openweight Championship. The match ends when Shingo pins The Tokyo Pimp with Made in Japan. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi) def. Bullet Club (Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi) in 10:40 via pinfall with a Made In Japan to Yujiro Takahashi Chase taunts at Shingo and Naito after the match with Tozawa and Murphy helping Yujiro to the back, seems that the simmering tensions between BC and LIJ aren't over yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Will The Fuse Run Out? SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi and El Desperado officially sign the contract for their title match at Invasion Assault. Strangely, is seems that Hiromu is going out of his way to be as calm and "normal" as possible. Well, as normal as Hiromu can manage. Desperado is flanked by DOUKI, and both of them are brandishing several weapons with them at the formal contract signing. No words are exchanged, but Hiromu smiles at their choice of weapons, holding up the Daryl Takahashi plush toy, the ultimate weapon, in response. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contenders Qualifying Match Singles Match Will Ospreay vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru With the final No.1 Contender's three-way spot up for grabs, the returning "Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay takes on "Heel Master" Yoshinobu Kanemaru. The match starts hot but soon Kanemaru takes it down to his pace, grinding away at the former champion with submission holds, trying to wear him down. Ospreay's comebacks are foiled by veteran savvy from Kanemaru, but eventually Ospreay gets momentum and hits a Sasuke Special to the outside. The match ends when Ospreay blocks the Deep Impact Diving DDT and powers Kanemaru up for a powerbomb! Hook kick and Stormbreaker follow for Ospreay to win, getting his pot in the triple threat. Will Ospreay def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 13:32 via pinfall with a Stormbreaker ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Technique Is Power In a backstage segment we see Jonathan Gresham in an intense training session. He is at peak condition and ready to take on anyone, and anything. He states that the size of your opponent means nothing when you have the right technique to foil them. Any tree can be cut down with the correct tool. He calls out Lance Archer for costing he and Lethal in the Tag Tournament, and challenges the much larger Murderhawk Monster to a match at Invasion Assault, to set himself back on the right track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finalists Face Off After several weeks, only two teams are left standing in the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament. David Finlay, Juice Robinson, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. The four men stand off, with FinJuice weary that the other members of Bullet Club might be lurking to attack at any moment. Anderson and Gallows mock their opponents, touting their world travelled experience in the world of tag team wrestling. This tournament is to show who is really the best tag team around, and that FinJuice's win over Samoa-gun was merely a fluke. The Good Brothers also hype up their defeat of TMDK, for former Tag Champs, and the two thirds of the current Triangle Champions. FinJuice rebuttal and fire back at the Good Brothers, asking where the titles are to their name to support their bold claims. Juice says this isn't about global veterans versus up and comers. This is about breaking through to shake up everything in the tag team division. Gallows and Anderson might be strong, and more experienced, but they haven't beaten FinJuice yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Hirooki Goto (w/Jeff Cobb) vs. Takashi Sugiura (w/Zack Gibson and James Drake) Before the match can even start, Samoa-gun come down and attack Hirooki Goto during his entrance, which brings in a massive brawl as CHAOS run out to equalise. Gibson and Drake try to land a tombstone piledriver onto Goto at ringside, something that could end a career, but Cobb is able to pull Goto out of the position before officials prevent them from tearing Korakuen hall apart. Goto is beaten and bruised while Cobb looks on to the taunting tag team champions. He might be the only fresh man on their team in the uphill battle against Grizzled Young Veterans. Hirooki Goto vs. Takashi Sugiura never got started as a brawl ensued between Chaos and Samoa-gun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honour is a Virtue In his final appearance before Invasion Assault, Triple Crown Champion Samoa Joe explains that Lethal might not have the victories to call himself a worthy challenger to his championship, he is owed some recompense. After Lance Archer's actions to force the waters of destiny his own way, Joe's integrity as a champion are brought into question, and that is something he cannot allow to cultivate. He grants Jay Lethal his championship match not because he will win, but to preserve the honour and glory that comes with holding this title. If the Lethal Injection was meant to end him a few weeks ago, then he welcomes Jay Lethal's attempt to make lightning strike twice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event 6-Man Tag Team Match SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) (c) vs. Emerald Unit (El Generico, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) (w/Naomichi Marufuji) As promised by EVIL and SANADA, the Emerald Unit trio of Generico, Andrews and Webster have their Triangle Tag Team Championship match here tonight. The match is high-paced from the start, with the acrobatic Emerald Unit team flying in unison around the ring to match the tag team chemistry of Los Ingos. Marufuji is in Emerald Unit's corner to observe the match, a close eye on both his protege Generico, and his challenger SANADA. Andrews and Webster show some great fire and potential as they almost pick up the win with a Shooting Star Press, but the pin is broken up. SANADA almost gets the pin over Generico wit hthe same Bridging O'Connor Roll that he pinned Marufuji with as well. Generico and EVIL in particular get into a heated exchange, with EVIL throwing heavier and heavier strikes to Generico who stands on jelly legs, but asks for more. The match concludes when BUSHI and SANADA take out South Wales Subculture, and Generico's Blue Thunder Bomb is blocked and immediately turned into Everything is Evil! 1...2...3! The Champions retain. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) (c) def. Emerald Unit (El Generico, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) in 16:03 via pinfall with an Everything is Evil to El Generico to retain and make their 2nd defence of the SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships Marufuji helps his protege up to his feet after the match, holding the Openweight Championship high as SANADA does the same with his Triangle Tag Team Championship. Will the Cold Skull become a double champion at Invasion Assault, and show the Emerald Ace that he is the real heir apparent to SHOGUN, and not Generico? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOGUN Invasion Assault in Fukuoka Card 8-Man Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, EVIL and BUSHI) vs. Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa, Buddy Murphy, Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi) Singles Match Lance Archer vs. Jonathan Gresham 3-Way Match to determine the No.1 Contender to the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship Dragon Lee vs. Robbie Eagles vs. Will Ospreay SHOGUN Tag Team Championships Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) (c) vs. Chaos (Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb) SHOGUN Openweight Championship Naomichi Marufuji (c) vs. SANADA SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs. El Desperado Semi-Main Event Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Finals FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Main Event SHOGUN Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Samoa Joe (c) vs. Jay Lethal
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    Addy Addy at BPZ KOTR 2020 Birth name: Addison Child Born September 17, 1991 (age 28) Leeds, England Residence Unknown Professional wrestling career Ring name(s) Addy Billed height 6'0 (1.8 m) Billed weight 215 lb (97 kg) Billed from Leeds, England Debut March, 2020 Addy (Born Septmber 17th, 1991) is an English professional wrestler currently working for Brendenplayz Wrestling where he is a member of the inner circle, a former NXT champion and PTC and KOTR particpant. Addy has proved to be one of the fastest rising stars in BPZ history, only being in the federation since March 2020. Born to two loving parents; Jessica Child and Jonathan Child in Leeds in the year 1991, Addy was praised by his teachers early on as a critical thinker and a great mind. As he continued down his academic path it was most specifically his literature which shone brightest, publishing a book on ideology at the age of 12. Addy found his passion in the school debate team as well as the school council where he would play a pivotal role allowing him to find his own voice. In 2007 his Mother became bed bound with terminal cancer. This put the Child family in much struggle both financially and mentally. In 2008, Jonathan Child, Addison's father would be charged of 3 accounts of armed assault and 2 accounts of unlawful possession of a weapon. Jonathan Child would later pass away in a Manchester prison after suffering a great fall. Addison would take up his Father's criminal profession, quickly establishing himself as a very capable and quick thinking mastermind and gunman. Addison Child would begin his robbing spree in 2008 first targeting a Pandora store and would continue to target high end stores such as Rolex and other Jewellers. Most notably in 2010 Addison would play part in the robbery of a major bank of England bank in Norfolk. This robbery would ultimately lead to Child's arrest in the same year after a 9 month long manhunt for the most wanted man in England. On 11th November 2010, Addison Child would be charged with 8 counts of Armed Robbery with a minimum sentencing of 10 years. The trial would be heavily criticised in the media with press and crowds standing outside the court had to be barricaded away from Child who was escorted by police at all times. Encased in HM Whitemoor, Child continued to prosper through his tongue. By capturing the hearts and minds of his fellow convicts Child established a cult of personality in 2011 after a turbulent first few months. It was during this time that Addison Child became Addy, saint of the voiceless, messiah of the masses and the harbinger of the holy word. Addy wrote his 2nd ideological book titled "What has been, What is now and what is to come" and a 3rd in 2014 titled "Martyr Me". HM Whitemoor operated the use of several wrestling rings, albeit the mat concrete and the ropes sturdy wire between four posts. Addy revolutionised the system within the prison and reduced reported crime to virtually zero by having all quarrels settled in the concrete ring. It was during this time that Addy, along with aall his acolytes became hardy fighters. It is to be assumed that Addy learnt self defence, amateur wrestling and Judo during this time professionally; a true testament to his ever growing knowledge. On 14th March 2020 Addy was signed to BPZ and promotional videos began drawing the attention of the BPZ Universe greatly and drawing a great deal of hype. Addy continues to wreslte in BPZ to this day. Professional wrestling career BPZ (2020 - Current) (March 14-March 29)First Introduction and debut: Signed on 14th March, BPZ quickly capitalised on the recently released ex-convict broadcasting cryptic promotional videos which were met with phenomenal acclaim. As Addy revealed his backstory more and more and would be released from his sentence, he would announce his entry into the Nebakos Battle Royal where he was one of the favourites to win. Debuting in the Battle Royal infront of over 83,000 at BPZ Mania V Addy would fall short with Nate winning the match. (March 29-April 10)World At War, Prince: Frustrated by his loss at BPZ Mania V, Addy declared that before he took down a king, he had to take down a Prince. The two would engage in a war of words, Addy targeting Prince for his previous failed character changes and it was during this time that Addy would take part in his most critically acclaimed segment when he took to the ring with several plague doctors and shocked the BPZ Universe with an instant classic. The two would eventually meet at World At War in Addy's singles debut where he would be victorious, shocking the BPZ Universe by defeating a well known figure such as Prince. (April 10-May 15)Valor Chapter 1, Controversy and PTC: Addy would now set his sights on not one but two opponents. With the continuation of his acclaimed promotional videos he called out Kirk Kelly, one of the participants from the Nebakos Battle Royal which he lost as well as Jack Oxley. This match took place at Valor Chapter 1: Revelation and the match was made for a place in the Power Trip Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments in wrestling. Addy would win the match in quick fashion however would find himself on the run from the law as he played victim to an entanglement in which the law claimed Addy shot fellow BPZ wrestler, Brad. This of course was not the case and Addy was cleared. Addy would take place in the first round of the Power Trip Cup days later facing Bob Sparks. Addy failed to win the match and was eliminated from the tournament in the first round. (May 15-June 28)KOTR,Judgement Day, NXT Championship: After his loss in the Power Trip Cup, Addy focused on the pursuit of the NXT Championship held by Epic at the time. It was during this time however he would receive the opportunity to compete in King Of The Ring. Once again Addy was drawn against an unmovable object, this time last years finalist and previous Undisputed Champion Hans Clayton. Predictably, Addy was not prepared for such a fight, especially whilst focusing on his NXT pursuit. Addy would suffer his second loss in BPZ history and yet again it would be at the hands of the Cut Throat Crew. On 28th June Addy would face off against Jo Nathan and Epic with the NXT Championship on the line. Finally, On the 28th of June Addy would capture his first championship in BPZ. Lifting the NXT Championship high above his head surrounded by his Inner Circle brothers. (June 28-July 26)The fall of a champion: After winning the NXT championship Addy would bask in its glory releasing a mighty promotional video discussing recent events. He broke down Austin Omega and his goal of capturing the NXT title one more time and continued his destruction throughout the month leading up to King Of The Ring however...It wasn't enough. On the night of July 26th Addy lost the NXT Championship to Austin Omega. Addy was the 50th NXT Champion and his goal of becoming double champion and longest reigning NXT Champion (89 Days held by Bart) were to never be accomplished. Filmography Television Year Show Role Notes 2012 Britain's most wanted Himself Interviewed and documented life during sentence. Video Games Year Title Role Notes 2020 BPZ Carnage vs Valor Himself Playable Character Personal life: Often spending his days in Isolation within the confines of his room, Addy survives on only the necessities for living. His diet is regulated closely to maintain his health and fitness and it has been noted that Addy requests his food to be salty and flavourless. Addy's room has been shown in many promotional videos, it is a near replica of the prison cell he had at Whitemoor. Concrete walls, a thin bed and barred windows. It is thought that Addy spends his time in his room around 22 hours a day and takes pride in meditating, reading and writing. Never leaving the Mafia Mansion unless to work, it is said that Addy feels so outcast from society and the outside world that he deems necessary he takes shelter. In 2014 a psychiatric mental analysis was performed however the findings were lost. In Wrestling: Finishing moves: 'Riot Control' (High Angle Big boot) 'Death Row' (Sleeper Hold) Signature moves: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' (Rapid Gut Punches)`Similar to a prison stabbing) Nicknames: The Harbinger The Beast Of Whitemoor (2015-Present) Addy The hand which provides(2011-2020) Entrance Themes: Critical Darling - Slipknot Championships and accomplishments BrendenPlayz Wrestling BPZ NXT Championship (June-July 2020) PTC Competitor (2020) KOTR Competitor (2020) Gallery:
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