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    My Demons explodes throughout the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York as to the shock of the Carnage crowd, Sameer steps out onto the stage, fire in his eyes, wearing his Creed Chain as they recently at Carnage Wildcard became BPZ Tag Team Champions after defeat Hans and Isiah aka First Class Express, The fans out of excitement begin to chant his name as he focuses in on the ring. He stomps toward it, entering and pushing right past The Prince and climbing one of the turnbuckles to hype up the crowd. He steps down and is given a microphone, right before zeroing in on The Prince. Ask, and you shall receive my friend, Although I wouldn't say the term "friend" is something anyone would describe you like Prince. I think a term that is more suitable to describe you with is untalented or lazy whichever one you prefer. You see Prince, I am sick and tired of you. Every time you decide to make an appearance on Carnage which is given or take once every two to three months. You come out here and demand shit. You earned ONE POINT in Survival Games, You see that's where the term 'untalented' comes into play. But I'm glad you believe in your abilities. It's honestly sad though. Let me inform you all just in case you don't know, This man that I stand in the ring with just 2 years ago was the so-called next big star of this company. He was groomed by Bailey to be the next big star but failed miserably as you can see. Me and You, Prince. We are total opposites, I have had to scratch and claw my way to success and like I said earlier. You were the supposed next big star in the company. The #1 draft pick in one of the drafts we had during the brand split. But the outcome was different, I became World Heavyweight Champion after years of training, while you sat on your lazy ass and didn't show up at all. So you know what, I accept your challenge, Prince. Here on Carnage, Next week November 20th, Me vs You. Sameer vs The Prince. Hopefully this time Prince, I will finally be able to shut your mouth for good. Sameer drops the microphone in the ring, As he and The Prince stare each other down in the middle of the ring and Carnage goes on to commercial break. Sameer vs Prince is set for next week's Carnage.
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    Year 1 Player Recap! Hey everyone, so I have made everyone's players and have simulated the first year of the series. Full disclaimer, nobody was drafted in the 2020 NHL Draft, and I believe it was because the game had the prospects locked for the draft so thus no players were actually drafted this year. I’m sure we will see them be drafted next year though. Anyways let's check out the 20 players that have signed up and see how great or bad they did. Legend Index Goalies: G - H.R Pufnstuf - NCAA - New Hampshire Wildcats Our first player is a man known by many as H.R Pufnstuf. The Dragon had a somewhat decent season with the Wildcats, earning himself 20 wins but also getting 12 losses throughout the season aswell. Pufnstuf being 6'7 and 247 pounds, he is definitely a goalie that you will need to look out for. (3 games were tied) Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp W L GAa SV% SO 2019-20 New Hampshire Wildcats NCAA 35 20 12 3.12 0.893 0 G - Jack Worthington - USHL - Youngstown Phantoms Jack Worthington has had an incredible season with the Phantoms, as he hails from Stratford-upon-Avon, England. The young junior goalie has impressed a lot of people who didn't know what to expect from him. 32 wins and 14 losses is remarkable, however did not get a shutout. He also managed to get Gold for his home country Britain in the Div II U20 Championships. Worthington could be a stud for years to come. (7 games were tied) Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp W L GAa SV% SO 2019-20 Youngston Phantoms USHL 53 32 14 2.65 0.913 0 G - Ray Wetzky - NCAA - Boston College Eagles The "Okay One" as he likes to call himself, Ray Wetzky actually did.... Okay! playing for Boston College Eagles, he played 22 games and won 16 of those game and only lost 4 times. I bet you Ray will better than "Okay" in the future as he could be a solid tendy for years to come. (2 games were tied) Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp W L GAa SV% SO 2019-20 Boston College Eagles NCAA 22 16 4 2.19 0.927 0 ______________________________________________________________________ Defenseman: LD - Dafydd Smith - QMJHL - Drummondville Voltigeurs Dafydd Smith is the first defenseman we are examining, comes from the country of Wales. Smith being 6'4, 224 pounds he is a big man for sure and this season for the Voltigeurs he produced 12 goals, and 24 assists. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. Smith could be decent defenseman in the future as Smith has diffidently have things to improve on. Along with Worthington, he too also won Gold. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Drummondville Voltigeurs QMJHL 62 12 24 36 52 -7 LD - Johnny Snipes - NCCA - University of Massachusetts Minutemen Johnny Snipes has unlimited potential when it comes to the great game of Hockey. The "Slim Reaper" has had a somewhat decent season with the University of Massachusetts Minutemen racking up 6 goals, 15 assists, and blocking 65 shots. Johnny Snipes will be a player everyone will look at for in the coming years. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 UMass Minutemen NCAA 38 6 15 21 56 -1 RD - Kai Campbell - Junior B - Quebec Junior B Despite being signed with the Quebec Remparts, Kai Campbell was sent down to play Junior B instead of the with the Remparts and that might have been for the best. "The Brick" managed to get 52 points while playing for the Quebec Junior B getting 9 goals and 43 assists. With a good performance, he might be able to play for the Remparts next season. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Quebec Junior B Junior B 42 6 15 21 56 -1 RD - Angelo Roberts - OHL - North Bay Battalion Originally with the Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL, Angelo Roberts would jump ship to the OHL before the season started and signed with North Bay Battalion. Very interesting as Roberts decided to take his talents to Canada. This 6'5, Right Defenseman managed to get 5 goals and 36 assists in the season. Solid year for Mr. Roberts Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 North Bay Battalion OHL 63 5 36 41 30 2+ RD - John Scott - OHL - Sarina Sting Sharing the name of world famous Hockey goon, John Scott had a solid year as defensive defenseman playing for the Sarina Sting. Racking up 12 goals and 22 assists, for his style of the game, its really solid. He also managing to get 169 shots blocked, so John Scott will be valuable to any team he decides to go to. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Sarina Sting OHL 62 12 22 21 56 -1 RD - Conor Jakobs Sellers - OHL - North Bay Battalion Another player who also decided to jump over to Canada and play for the Battalions is Conor Jakobs Sellers. Orignally signed to the Denver Pioneers of the NCAA, CJ also went with Roberts and went to the OHL. However, he only managed to get 7 goals and 22 assists while playing for the Battalions. CJ needs to step up his game in order to break out next season. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 North Bay Battalion OHL 65 7 22 29 151 -12 RD - Irv Sulley Jr. - NCAA - Michigan Wolverines Another hot prospect from NCAA, as Irv Sulley Jr. had an alright year with the Michigan Wolverines. Putting up 2 goals, 20 assists for a total of 22 points, Sulley Jr. will for sure try and improve upon that for next season as Sulley Jr. has all the potential to be an amazing two way defenseman. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Michigan Wolverines NCAA 36 2 20 22 78 4+ ______________________________________________________________________ Forwards: LW - Ethan Bronson - OHL - Oshawa Generals Despite being with the Tri City Storm, Ethan Bronson decided to move all the way to Ontario to play with the Oshawa Generals of the OHL. At first glance, Bronson didn't seem anything special until he started producing numbers and turning heads. Getting 34 goals, and 29 assists, Bronson manged to exceed expectations and is a player to look out for sure. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Oshawa Generals OHL 62 34 29 63 48 17+ LW - Isaiah Carter - NCAA - Ohio State Buckeyes Isaiah Carter had a really solid performance this first year, playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes of the NCAA, Carter manged to get 10 goals and 13 assists in 30 games. A solid showcase of what Carter can do in that ice hockey rink and for sure is a player that you will need to keep a eye on the "Shotgun". Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA 30 10 13 23 91 4+ C - Alex Costa - WHL - Winnipeg Ice Same situation as Ethan Bronson, Costa didn't really have any high expectations despite his great size. However, Costa had an awesome season with the Winnipeg Ice, getting 20 goals and 46 assists. Costa was given the showcase what he can do, and certainly proven that this season. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Winnipeg Ice WHL 64 20 46 66 18 20+ C - Echo Wilson - WHL - Portland Winterhawks Just like with the previous entry, Wilson proved his critics wrong and had a strong season to show for it. 23 goals and 45 assists for a combined 68 points. "The Supernova" has gotten the attention of lot people after the season, can he keep up that same energy when the next season comes around? Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Portland Winterhawks WHL 65 23 45 68 40 22+ RW - Jon Casey - QMJHL - Halifax Mooseheads Arguably, one of the best players of these created players, Jon Casey was touted to be great and this season he showed how good he was. Playing for the Halifax Moosehead who have had tremendous talent in the past, Casey racked up 33 goals and 25 assists, and was excellent team player. Casey could be an elite superstar for any Major League Team. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Halifax Mooseheads OHL 63 33 25 58 64 23+ RW - Sheri Dan - USHL - Chicago Steel Despite being 5'11, and not really in anyone's radar to be the best, Sheri Dan had a phenomenal season with the Chicago Steel. She got 22 goals and 47 assists for a total 69 points in just 52 games which is insane. She was the leader in assists for the entire USHL, and she got Gold for Germany in the Deutschland Cup. "The Citizen" herself has to be on everyone's radar now. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Chicago Steel USHL 52 22 47 69 130 5+ RW - Julius Jones - Junior B - Alberta Junior B The second player to be sent down to Junior B, the Enforcer on the Ice, Julius Jones had an impressive season despite being your typical Hockey goon, with 17 goals and 34 assists. Julius Jones has already been called up for next season to play for his contracted in the Calgary Hitmen, will be interesting what Jules will bring to the Hitmens. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Alberta Junior B Junior B 39 17 34 51 109 -6 RW - Bailey Justin - NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Bailey Justin has untapped potential, a useful player for any team looking for an offense orientated winger. "The American Heart" got about 16 goals and 12 assists this season, and if he can keep up that and improve upon on himself, Bailey Justin can for sure be an elite player on the ice. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Michigan State Spartans NCAA 34 16 12 28 50 -1 RW - James Ropati - NCAA - Harvard Crimson lastly, we got James Ropati, the Kiwi Right Winger has had a decent season with the Harvard Crimson. Pulling out with 11 goals and 12 assists, Ropati had good showing this season but can do better for years to come and hopefully we can see that happen. He also managed to win Gold in the Div III U20 Championship for his home country. Season TEAM LEAGUE Gp G A TP PIM +/- 2019-20 Harvard Crimson NCAA 36 11 12 23 57 -1 ______________________________________________________________________ If you have read all of this, thank you so much. This took a lot of time and effort and I truly appreciate it. I might do awards section for year 1 and then move on to year 2!
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    War Between Worlds

    The New Director Of Lucha Underground With Lucha Underground officially returning, now under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner, season five of the revolutionary Lucha-libre show begins inside a brand-new temple, reminiscent of the original temple from season one. However, this one is bigger than ever before, fitting around the same sized crowd as those at NXT weekly shows. Suddenly, the mood changes as the music of Alberto El Patron plays and the man walks out, suited up, hair slicked back, and an intent to be out here. Alberto El Patron: "Ladies and gentlemen, fans of WWE, I welcome you to Lucha Underground. If you don't know already, this right here isn't just any wrestling show, this isn't just any Lucha-libre promotion, what I present to you is the home of the fiercest fighters, the most dangerous competitors to step in the ring, the most elite athletes in our sport, where the mystic origins of Lucha-libre clashes with the world-wide industry of professional wrestling." "All around me, these spirited fans you see, these are the believers. This building that we're in, this sacred place is 'The Temple', where warriors battle it out for honor and for riches. And me, I am Alberto Del Rio, I am Mexico's greatest professional wrestling export, and now, I am the newest host of The Temple." "Tonight, I promise to bring you incredible, extraordinary, action between these ropes with a collection of some of the world's greatest luchadores set to compete, including the hottest free agent in wrestling today, so with that said... BELIEVERS, WELCOME TO LUCHA UNDERGROUND!" After welcoming us to the new era of Lucha Underground, with a huge smug grin on his face, Alberto spreads his arm and takes in the passion from the dedicated fans, donned 'the believers'. Kalisto vs Killshot The first luchador to enter the Temple is none other than one of today's greatest masked wrestlers, a man that has been labelled as the next Rey Mysterio Jr, Kalisto! Next, Isiah Scott comes out but he is wearing the Killshot mask that he donned during his previous time in Lucha Underground, suggesting that he is returning to this merciless, cold-blooded version of himself here inside the Temple. In the first match in the new era of Lucha Underground, Kalisto and Killshot go to absolute war with neither man giving up an inch. Unfortunately, the difference-maker comes when two hooded men invade the ring. At first, it looks as though they're going to attack Killshot but then, Killshot begins to laugh as the three men share a fist-bump. After establishing their allegiance, the two hooded men beat down Kalisto, allowing Killshot to finish the job and get the victory. After the match, the hooded men reveal themselves as Apollo Crews and Rush as now the peculiar trio of Crews, Killshot, and Rush continue the beat down on Kalisto. Afterward, the three men stand in the ring together, looking like a force to be reckoned with inside the Temple. Winner: Killshot The Temple's Most Honoured Fighter Returns Somewhere in the Temple, we join a luchador dripping in sweat going to work on a punching bag. To a fan of his, his tattoos reveal who the man is but it isn't until he has finished the training session that the face of the man is revealed, or at least the mask covering it, as Prince Puma is officially here! In the origins of Lucha Underground, Prince Puma was introduced by the legendary Konnan as the next great luchador. When the Lucha Underground Championship was first introduced, Puma successfully became the inaugural champion and held the belt all the way to the season finale. In the end, when Puma eventually left Lucha Underground, he left as the undisputed most accomplished luchador to step foot in the Temple. Now, he is back for the throne. King Cuerno vs Lince Dorado The second bout of Alberto's new Lucha Underground once again sees a WWE superstar take on a Lucha Underground original as 'The Golden Lynx' Lince Dorado takes on 'The King of the Hunt' King Cuerno. After yet another tight match-up here tonight, Cuerno is able to show why he was one of the main stars of Lucha Underground in the past as he knocks off Dorado, picking up the victory after hitting Thrill Of The Hunt. Winner: King Cuerno Intentions Are Revealed After an honorable fight between Cuerno and Dorado, we join Crews, Killshot, and Rush in a dim, moon-lit, alleyway. After they beat down Kalisto earlier, they are now simply conversing until a door behind them opens with the Lucha Underground logo printed on it and a sign that reads 'staff entrance only', indicating that this is in the alley behind the Temple. Out of the door, Del Rio walks out and over to the three men, looking around as if he doesn't want to be seen. Arturo González (Rush): "Alberto, I was just telling Killshot and A.C. how well our plan went." Alberto Del Rio: "Gracias, I will take over from here. Firstly, I want to thank all three of you for helping me help the luchadores that step into the Temple understand that this is very different from any other promotion, much more dangerous, much more exciting. Secondly, A.C. and Killshot, here's your money. Now, Arturo, we have further business to discuss." After Del Rio hands Crews and Killshot a fat stack of cash each, he takes Arturo under his arm as the pair walk back through the door that Alberto came from, continuing to discuss matters between themselves. As the door closes, Crews and Killshot put the money away and walk down the alleyway with the relationship between these four men somewhat clearer. Austin Aries vs Prince Puma As we head into the final match in Lucha Underground's return episode, arguably the figurehead of the original Lucha Underground, Prince Puma, comes out first to an immaculate response from the believers. Nevertheless, his opponent is given a just as big ovation as presumably the man that Del Rio mentioned as the hottest free agent in wrestling today, 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived', 'The Belt Collector', Austin Aries enters the Temple. In what would turn out to be an absolute war between these two elite fighters, both Austin Aries and Prince Puma would put their all into this match, showing how much this win means to them both with them each having the opportunity to take the lead of Lucha Underground in this new era. Ultimately, the match comes to an end after Aries pokes the eyes of Puma, blinding his opponent and allowing himself to set up a Discus Fivearm, followed by a 450 splash. Winner: Austin Aries A Familiar Face Enters Del Rio's Office As this historic episode of Lucha Underground comes to a close, the beginning to the fifth season overall but the first season of this new era is officially over after a phenomenal main event. To everyone's surprise, the show doesn't end but instead, we explore more of the Temple as we join Del Rio in his office. Whilst he is on the phone, he is abruptly interrupted by his door being opened. ???: "Yo, wassup playa." Alberto Del Rio: "Yes, hold on for few minutes please, I'll call you back." Alberto slowly puts the phone down as to show that he's irritated by this interruption but as soon as he catches eyes with the intruder, he can't help but smile. Finally, the camera flips, showing us the suited man over the shoulder of Del Rio to be none other than MVP, who simply smiles back at Del Rio.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    Tag League Special . World Tag League: Most Violent Players VS Mustache Mountain NJPW's Tag League Special PPV kicks off with the Most Violent Players, Toru Yano and Togi Makabe, flanked by the returning Ryusuke Taguchi, their former six-man tag team championship partner. They do battle with Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, flanked by Pete Dunne, who has the chance to earn a United States championship match at Wrestle Kingdom later tonight. In a great opening bout, Bate and Seven would score the victory, with Bate putting away Yano with a Tyler Driver '97, moving Mustache Mountain to six points and leaving the Most Violent Players still at 0. . Junior Tag League: The Rascalz VS Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander The first Junior Tag League match of the night sees Trey and Wentz of The Rascalz, flanked by Dez, who also will compete in the United States number one contender's battle royal, do battle with Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. In a high-octane bout, The Rascalz would continue their winning streak with a Meteora/Swanton Bomb combination to Cedric Alexander, moving up to six points. . World Tag League: The Revival VS SoCal Uncensored The second match of the fifth round of World Tag League sees Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian look to score their first victory in WTL against the always impressive Revival. In a fantastic match, Dash and Dawson would score the victory, moving to 8 points and leaving SCU still winless. With this loss, SCU is in do-or-die territory, as any more losses will officially knock them out of World Tag League contention. . Junior Tag League: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy VS Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo The second Junior Tag League match of round 5 sees Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy do battle with former IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo, both teams currently seated at only two points. In a great match, Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo score the victory after a Bloody Cross to Buddy Murphy, moving the Bullet Club tandem to four points. . World Tag League: Imperium VS The Mighty Don't Kneel The third match of the fifth round of World Tag League sees Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, flanked by WALTER, do battle with Nick Miller and Shane Thorne. In a great bout, Imperium would continue their winning ways after a slow start, with Aichner putting away Nick Miller with a Powerbomb. Imperium now moves up to six points in World Tag League, while the hot start from The Mighty Don't Kneel has seemed to have been officially snuffed out. . Junior Tag League: TJP/Drew Gulak VS Motor City Machine Guns Our next Junior Tag League bout sees TJP and Drew Gulak do battle with the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. In a massive upset, the former WWE Cruiserweight stalwarts score the victory, with TJP forcing Chris Sabin to submit to the TJ-Kneebar, earning them their first two points in the tournament. . World Tag League: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun The second to last match of World Tag League tonight sees EVIL and SANADA look to continue their undefeated run in World Tag League against Suzuki-Gun's Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. In a great clash, Suzuli-Gun would finally end the streak of LIJ, with Lance Archer putting away EVIL with the EBD Claw, earning him and ZSJ four points and halting LIJ's undefeated run. . Junior Tag League: The Irish Airborne VS Suzuki-Gun Our penultimate Junior Tag League match of the night sees the currently undefeated Irish Airborne, representing Bullet Club, do battle with Suzuki-Gun's El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru. In a great bout, filled with heelish chicanery, it seemed that Bullet Club would score yet another victory. However, just as Jake and Dave were setting up to put away El Desperado, they would be distracted by Brian Kendrick! This distraction would be enough for Kanemaru to blind Jake with a Suntory Surprise, and Suzuki-Gun would finally halt Jake and Dave Crist's impressive run, with El Desperado putting away Dave Crist with Pinche Loco and moving Suzuki-Gun to eight points. Brian Kendrick would then celebrate alongside Suzuki-Gun, signalling his arrival in NJPW and his status as the newest member of Suzuki-Gun. . World Tag League: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Roppongi 3K The final World Tag League match of round five sees Junior tag team aces Roppongi 3K do battle with IWGP Heavyweight tag champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. In a great bout, the Guerrillas would put away Roppongi 3K with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination to SHO, moving the IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions to six points. . IWGP United States Championship Number One Contender's Battle Royal Just before tonight's main event, we see a 25-man battle royal to determine Jon Moxley's Wrestle Kingdom challenger. The 25 men in question are Christopher Daniels, Pete Dunne, WALTER, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Sami Callihan, Chase Owens, Dezmond Xavier, Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Wolfgang, Bobby Lashley, Brian Cage, Jeff Cobb, Brian Kendrick, Bronson Reed, Santino Marella, Chuck Taylor, Trent Barreta, Abyss, Crazzy Steve, Rocky Romero, David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Sheamus, who all enter to varying reactions. In a cluster of a match, we would see men eliminated one at a time, until finally, there is only one man standing...As the dust settles, the only man remaining in the battle royal is the leader of Bullet Club, Sami Callihan. Sami Callihan has now punched his ticket to Wrestle Kingdom with a clash against Jon Moxley for the IWGP United States championship set. . Junior Tag League: Undisputed Era VS The Young Bucks Tonight's main event sees the final Junior Tag League match of round 5 between Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly and the Young Bucks. In a stellar clash, Fish and O'Reilly are able to just eke out the victory over the Jackson brothers, putting away Nick with Chasing the Dragon. With this victory, the Undisputed Era now share a joint lead in Junior Tag League with eight points alongside Suzuki-Gun and the Irish Airborne, and they must be heavy favorites to go all the way. After the match, the leader of Undisputed Era, Adam Cole would grab a microphone and begin to speak angrily to the audience. Adam Cole says he's heard all these rumblings about NJPW still not figuring out what to do for the Junior Heavyweight championship match at Wrestle Kingdom. Adam Cole states that he has been the top Junior Heavyweight competitor in the world for years, and alongside the rest of Undisputed Era, he ran roughshod over WWE. So far in NJPW, it's been the same story, and he deserves a feature spot on the Wrestle Kingdom card. Yuji Nagata would then enter the arena, and he would agree that Adam Cole has a point. With this in mind, Adam Cole will be one half of the Junior Heavyweight championship match at Wrestle Kingdom, and his opponent will be decided later. NJPW then signs off with the Undisputed Era celebrating, and the current tag league standings are shown. . Current standings: World Tag League: 8 points: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Roppongi 3K, The Revival. 6 points: Mustache Mountain, Guerrillas of Destiny, Imperium. 4 points: The Mighty Don't Kneel, Suzuki-Gun. 2 points: None. 0 points: So Cal Uncensored, Togi Makabe/Toru Yano. . Junior Tag League: 8 points: Suzuki-Gun, Undisputed Era, The Irish Airborne. 6 points: The Rascalz. 5 points: Motor City Machine Guns. 4 points: Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander, Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo. 3 points: The Young Bucks. 2 points: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy, TJP/Drew Gulak.
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    Having made the announcement on Twitter earlier on the week of his plans to get back into the ring, fans were in anticipation as the theme of Prince’s “WHAT’S GOOD” blasted on the speakers throughout the arena. In an almost elegant like manner, Prince struts onto the main stage; while his eyes are hidden behind his glasses there is a sense of happiness that can be seen from the smirk across his face. He makes his way down to the ring with the smirk remaining on his face before whispering to an assistant to grab him a microphone, which he receives and enters the ring with. The music fades out and small Prince chant breaks out which is quickly stopped as Prince puts the microphone toward his mouth. “You see, The Prince didn’t realise how much had changed since he was left on television. More and more he sees little rascals backstage wanting to run their mouths about their accomplishments, how they think they’re the next hot thing that BPZ wrestling has to offer. When I hear that The Prince would simply scoff and move on, as time and time again he has seen those at the top of the ladder plummet down. Yet this time, something inclined The Prince to hop onto Twitter.com and put out of statement. A statement that will put the BPZ universe on notice. Why? Because The Prince has a goal in mind, the North American title.” Some fans seem surprised by this news, considering what happened in the Survival Games competition where Prince only managed to get one point. “The Prince acknowledges your shock and for once, he agrees. You may look at what happened to him and question why he deserves a shot. Well guess what? The Prince is going to prove why the hell he deserves a shot and that’s why he is issuing an open challenge. The Prince warns anyone that makes the poor judgement to come into this ring to accept not take him for granted, he has everything to gain at this point and isn’t looking to make around anymore. For too long he has made promises and not delivered, this is where that changes!” Prince takes off his glasses and hands them to his assistant on the side along with his microphone, as he looks towards the top of the ramp with a look of determination.
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    Arius and his Graphics

    First attempt at a trophy
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    Update: BrendenPlayz Wrestling Events Added: Emergence, Powertrip Cup, Survival Games, Winter Warfare Logos Added: Defunct Events: (Logos Only) Novelty Belts (Starting as defunct) 24/7 Championship - Hardcore Championship (You pick name) Trophies/Tournament Awards Tag Team Invitational - Powertrip Cup - Survival Games Tournament
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    [The camera pans down to gorgeous home secluded away from civilization in the Forrest hills of Alabama.] [Shortly after the camera crew walks up to the door and knocks before the door is open by none other than Alice.] Alice: Ah yes come in Mirage is waiting, although I would be careful ever since his match with Vinci he’s been…. different. [ the camera crew continues to walk through the house before stopping at the living room where they find Mirage scribbling away on a whiteboard and is heard mumbling to himself however the exact words are inaudible leading the crew to slowly walk closer.] Mirage: No no no no that won’t either… NOTHING WORKS!!! [ Mirage then grabs the whiteboard and and headbutts it a few times before letting out a big yell and pulling it off the wall and throwing it off to the side as it is heard crashing to the cobblestone floor off camera!] Mirage:AH HA! That’s it that’s the only way to enlighten Vinci…. to enlighten the fans….. to save him I must do it… I must break him. [ Mirage then bust out laughing before quickly stopping.] Mirage: And if he doesn’t accept enlightenment then I will DELETE him and rinder him obsolete. [ Mirage then turns towards the camera crew finally realizing they were there and stares at them with a crazed look in his eyes.] Mirage: Oh there you are…. I knew you would arrive here this is your destination after all, come come I don’t want to be a bad host. [Mirage then runs off to the kitchen with a wide smile on his face as the camera crew struggle to keep up with him but eventually make their way to the kitchen where Mirage is already pouring drinks for them as they walk inas one of them zooms in on the flatscreen TV on the wall.] Mirage:You know it’s such a joyous day whenever you have guests over I’m absolutely just buzzing with joy. [ Mirage is then interrupted by the TV which happens to be showcasing Alex Costa who Mirage quickly turns his attention towards and just watches with a menacing glare before grabbing a knife and throwing it just barely missing as the knife jams into the wooden wall.] Mirage:You will be exposed as obsolete. [ Alice then walks in and walks over to Mirage eventually calming him down.] Alice:You guys should probably head out now. [ The crew then happily takes Alice’s advice and quickly leaves the house.]
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    Gunner Flynn


    Episode 12 “Smith Is All Alone” Welcome back to IUM, we start off the show with a damaged Smith. A man with no family, no friends and just a bitter heart. Tonight he will speak about how his best friend Slim has sent him to the dark side. Smith- Day by day I sit in a dark room, recollecting my thoughts. Day by day I try to forget what life was with Slim. Someone who used to be my best friend, but has turned into my worst nightmare. In 6 days, I look to take my revenge at Bad Blood, to take Slim to hell, this is my vengeance. Hans Clayton vs Yelich Our opening match is a great one. Two performers who want a chance to prove their worth. The match would begin with a lockup, the strength advantage seemed to go to Hans easily. As he would push his opposition into the corner, following up with a running attack. As we would continue, Yelich would get back up and hit a superkick, taking Hans down to the canvas. We would continue from their with a stand still, as both men didn’t want to give an inch here tonight. As Hans would go for a body slam, Yelich would reverse, taking down Hans with another superkick. But Hans was able to stay up a bit and hit a Hans Driver for the win. Kenji vs Brad Kenji will go one on one with Julius for the Television Championship this Sunday. But tonight he must focus on Brad, a man who feels he has been under appreciated in so many ways here in IUM. We would begin the match with a staredown, but after a few moments would lead into a lockup. The strength advantage would go to kenji as he would send Brad across the ropes and into a shoulder block. Nothing would make Kenji happier than to have that momentum going into his match this Sunday. Continuing on, Brad would get back into this with a shoulder block of his own, showing off his strength here tonight. Once Brad would get Kenji down he would give an old laugh, thinking he had this one won. But he would be wrong as he would go for a Boston crab, Kenji would get out of it quickly striking Brad with a Kinshasa for the win. Mikey Will Not Be Disrespected As we return from commercial break, Mikey is backstage to greet us. Looking not very pleased, but excited at the same time. Tonight is going to be a luxury isn’t it? Mikey- I continue to be disrespected, I beat Sameer last week, ending his 6 month undefeated streak but yet Bic gets a title match BECUASE he just shows up. It’s honestly disgusting, so I’m here to challenge anyone in the back for Bad Blood, and if I win I want my title match against Samerr sooner rather than later. Sameer vs Julius It is now time for the main event of the evening, as it is Champion vs Champion. As Julius goes one on one with Sameer. The match would begin with a lockup from the two, not holding any grudges here tonight. The strength advantage would go to Julius, as he would throw Sameer from one side of the ring to the other. Sameer is now showing fear in his eyes, never being man handled like this before. As we continue, Sameer would begin to get back into this one. With stiff elbow chops and kicks to the groin, but there was just no stopping Julius here tonight as he would duck under a superkick and strike Sameer with a Claymore Kick for the win. Bad Blood Card Mikey vs ??? Smith vs Slim- No DQ Kenji vs Julius(C)- Television Championship Arius vs Yelich Hans Clayton vs Brad Bic vs Sameer(C)- World Championship Bonus Questions Who will answer Mikeys Open Challenge Will both titles change hands? Will someone interfere in Smith vs Slims matchup?
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    'The Resonator' KENJI 'The Revenant' Arius Tag Team Moves Double Osaka Cutter Inuzuma Leg Lariat (Arius)/Gemerna Suplex (KENJI) Combination Leg Sweep (Arius)/ Knee Drop (KENJI) Combination Pumping Bomber (KENJI)/ Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Ushigoroshi (KENJI)/Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Signature 'Kill The Lights' Total Elimination Finisher 'Final Horizon' Gory Bomb (KENJI)/ Blockbuster (Arius) Combination Theme Song: TBA
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    There it is. The game that the Pokemon community (along with myself) has labeled as being one of the most difficult challenges for a player. High level trainers, poor encounters, and overall a mental challenge with the speed of the game. Pokemon Platinum is the first game I've ever played, and since playing it for the first time, I've revisited the games many times. I've used different teams, tried different challenges, I've done it all. And now, I think it's the right time for me to start yet another Nuzlocke. But this time, I'd like to share my experience with you all. It'll be hell at least, but I'm gonna give it a shot. Here's what I've been up to so far: Part 1 Alright, the nice Professor Rowan told me some general stuff as if I haven't played the game multiple times already, and then asked for my name and my rival's name. Being the comedic genius I am, I decided to go with a few classics. Hopefully that will play out, hopefully for at least one gag. If not, then it's all in vain. But alas, Rowan says a bit more about Pokemon, and then he magically shrinks me down so I can fit in the town. And while I'm in my room minding my own business and watching some po- TV, Mama sprints up the stairs. I don't know why my mom let him in, but he tells me to meet him outside of the town. My mom warns about the tall grass, and I tell her to piss off and leave the house. Although Mama told me to go to the route, I know to go straight to his house. And sure enough, he sprints right out, colliding with me. Then he sprints off to the route, but wait! The dumbass forgot something again. So I have to haul my small ass into his house and go into his room. And then with a bit of explanation, he runs out again, saying he'll fine me like $10 million if he beats me there. And because he can teleport, he sure does. This guy. Little does he know I'm gonna flawless him for the whole journey. But he wants to go into the grass, but right before he yeets himself in, Rowan yells from like a mile away and he stops. He hobbles his old ass over and explains that we shouldn't be doing this shit and he's too old. Then Mama pulls a sneaky one and says he's "mature" enough to let me get a Pokemon instead of him, and that changes the professor's heart. He says because Mama's so "mature", he'll give us each a Pokemon. Then his assistant, Dawn, struts on over with the mons in the briefcase and we're ready to get down to business. Mama says I can have the first pick because he's so "mature", but basically he wants the type advantage. And bang, that's how far I got. If you've read up until this point, thank you for reading and please leave votes for who'd you like to see as a starter. And for Nuzlockes, you need to give Pokemon nicknames, and I'm unbelievable bad at doing that, or at least for starters. So, if you could fill out the form below, that'd be great. Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup): Why You Chose Then (Trying to help you guys out and make it less of a dribble post): Nickname: I'll pick whichever starter gets the most votes and choose the nickname that appeals the most to me. I'll make longer episodes in the future, but for now this is a start. And also, I'll be uploading the gameplay to YouTube. No volume, just pure gameplay in case you're wondering about anything. I'd also like to thank @Alex Costa for his Pokemon diary which spawned this idea and @FDS for his Pokemon series on YouTube which made me go through with it. Again, thank you all for reading, stay tuned for more.
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    Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup): Chimchar Why You Chose Then (Trying to help you guys out and make it less of a dribble post): In the Sinnoh Region I believe you are only given the choice of like 3 fire type Pokemon. The Chimchar line, The Ponyta Line and Flareon. Therefore it makes sense for you to choose Chimchar for this nuzlocke,you'll more than likely get coverage elsewhere later on. Nickname: Fuego
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    Arius and his Graphics

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    Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup): Chimchar Why You Chose Then (Trying to help you guys out and make it less of a dribble post): Well like Meko said, fire types are rare in Sinnoh. Plus I like Chimchar the most of all the fire type starters Nickname: Wukong
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    War Between Worlds

    ALL ELITE WRESTLING Welcome back to AEW as we have another huge night planned for you. We will hear a huge announcement relating to the AEW Tag Division tonight. We will also see tons of surprises and debuts tonight. We will also see some fan favorites in Becky Lynch and Samoa Joe in action tonight. So we have another great night planned, let’s get right into it. We are heading straight into action tonight as we will see Becky Lynch take on Rhea Ripley in a battle of some of AEW’s best women. Becky Lynch made a claim last week that she was going to run through this division let’s see if she can live up to that though. Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley In an excellent match, Becky Lynch would defeat Rhea Ripley after making her tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her. Ripley would have some good spots her though as she took what many are calling AEW’s top women to her limit. We would see Becky Lynch celebrate in ring after the match. After the match we see Becky Lynch in the ring celebrating with the crowd when we see 2 women rush the ring and attack Lynch from behind! It’s Fire & Desire! Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are here in AEW and they have wasted little time going after AEW’s top women! The two women keep beating down Lynch with both women eventually hitting their finishers. The two women are booed loudly by the crowd as we see them celebrate in the ring. Fire & Desire are here and they have already made their mark here in AEW on their first night. What does this mean for the AEW Women’s Division now that Fire & Desire are here? We then cut to a commercial break as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville celebrate in the ring. We came back from a commercial break to see Sami Zayn in the ring as the crowd is cheering for him. Sami is annoyed by this though as he clearly does not want the fans or he feels that he does not need their support. Sami Zayn then waits in the ring for his opponent! We eventually hear the music play as we see Rusev make his way to the ring! Another big name is here in AEW as the crowd cheers. Sami Zayn looks a bit in shock in the ring as the match begins between the two men. Sami Zayn vs Rusev In a good match, Rusev defeated Sami Zayn with a Machka Kick. Rusev looked pretty dominant here as Sami only had a few moments where he looked like he could have won. Sami looks a bit lost in the ring as the crowd cheers him they clearly want the old Sami back but will Sami give it to them, or will he continue on his downward trend as of late? We then cut backstage as we see James Storm in the locker room as he has the night off to help heal up after his loss from last week. Storm then looks over to his left as we hear the door open as he smiles. The camera pans over as we see Bobby Roode! The two hug it out as it seems like we have a new team here in AEW as Beer Money is back together again. This time though they are in All Elite Wrestling. As we cut back to the ring we see Broken Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin in the ring as we are set for singles action. Both men making their debut matches here in AEW as both would love to start off with a win here tonight. Broken Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin In a somewhat quick match, Broken Matt Hardy would defeat Shelton Benjamin would a Twist of Fate. The crowd and Hardy would celebrate the victory after the match as Matt Hardy starts off his AEW career with a win as he looks to keep it rolling from here. We then cut to the commentary team as they announce that a Tag Team Tournament will be held to decide the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions at AEW’s next PPV Event. It will feature the teams such as; War Machine, the Kings of Wrestling, and the reunited Beer Money. In what should be a great tournament we look forward to it and the classics it will produce. As we cut to the ring it is time for our main event match as it will be Samoa Joe vs PCO. In what should be a matchup of two absolute machines. Samoa Joe came out last week with a dominant win last week will Joe build on that or will PCO be to much. Samoa Joe vs PCO In a good match, Samoa Joe defeated PCO after making him pass out to the Coquina Clutch. Both men got a fair bit on offense in here as it was an absolute brawl. Samoa Joe though would get the job done as he would end up getting PCO is the Coquina Clutch and making him pass out. Joe now moves to 2-0 as PCO starts off his AEW career with a loss. We then cut backstage as we see Sami Zayn walking backstage distraught. We then see him grin as someone approaches him. It’s Kevin Owens! Sami just looks at him and laughs. Kevin just ignores this as he begins to talk. Kevin: What has been going on with you lately Sami? This whole new attitude I get it your trying to stick out and everything, but let’s be honest, it just is not working. We want the old Sami back, give it to us. Give us the good Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn looks at Kevin Owens and thinks for a second. He then walks off without saying a word. Kevin Owens smiles though as he seems to have struck a chord with Sami here tonight. The camera then cuts to the ring as it is time to find out who this major signing for AEW is. The crowd waits in anticipation as we wait to see who AEW’s biggest signing to date is. Who could it be, who is going to be the new face of All Elite Wrestling? We then hear the music hit as the crowd goes insane! It’s John Cena! John Cena is in All Elite Wrestling! Cena makes his way to the ring as he begins to talk. The crowd cheers as he takes it in before talking. The crowd begins to settle down as he finally gets the chance to talk. Cena: Well this is a bit different, isn't it. But different is good, and this… I mean it just feels good. John Cena and All Elite Wrestling a match made in heaven. Trust me when I say I am all in with All Elite Wrestling and I am here to stay! The crowd cheers but that quickly changed as we hear the music of the Miz play as Cena just smiles as he looks up to the ramp as he see the Miz and Maryse appear. We then see Miz stand on the ramp as he claps slowly making his way down to the ring. Suddenly we see EC3 and MJF attack Cena from behind! The Miz is just seen laughing as he then slides into the ring as the 3 start to beat down Cena as Maryse cheers them on. The 3 take turns hitting their finishers as the Miz ends it will a Skull Crushing Finale. The 4 then stand in the ring together as the Miz can be seen shouting that this is their show. AEW’s new top talent as just been laid out by the hWo and it seems like the hWo has full control in AEW now as it seems like nothing can stop them. The show then cuts off with the hWo standing tall in the ring over Cena as the crowd boos.
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    Video Log #1

    We see both Alex Costa and Aaron North in a dimly lit room in restraints, heads bowed. A disembodied voice begins to speak, its owner not visible You both have come here because you are weak. You are feeble. You are lost. You both have tried many things to no avail. You have been floundering, accomplishing nothing but wasting everybody's time. You both are insane, trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results. You both are sick but you try so hard to deny it. You refuse to let the monster inside of you emerge and take over because you are scared of what it will do. But there is no reason to fear it. It is a part of you and all it longs is to be free. You keep the monster trapped in shackles inside of you, you imprison it when you have no right to. And it is because of this confliction that you both have failed. The monster can help you, it can even save you but you must embrace it. It cannot tread upon your life unless you allow it to. Look into its eyes and let go. Let go of your families, your friends, your jobs, everything. Die to yourself, take up your crosses and follow its voice. Only then will you truly be free. The camera pans away and shows Jason looking on wearing blue scrubs and a lab coat. He smirks and motions for the cameraman to come closer It is not the healthy that needs a doctor but the sick. We are The Cure, that is all. We are God Jason puts on his Purge mask as the camera fades to black then shows an asylum with the words "Only we can cure the sickness that resides in all of you" End of Transmission
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    Arius and his Graphics

    @Toxik431 Titantron
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    WWE 2003: Evolution, Great Gimmicks, Bra & Panties WWE Heat, January 1st 2003 Jonathan Coachman: Welcome back everyone to WWE Heat! My name is Jonathan Coachman alongside my broadcast partner Al Snow. Al Snow: We have a great night of action coming your way tonight, as we'll be seeing Test taking on D'Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer fighting Steven Richards and Christian taking on Spike Dudley and we will also see Three Minute Warning in action to start off tonight's show. Three Minute Warning vs. Evan Karagias & Julio Dinero In a short match, Three Minute Warning dominated and defeated Evan Karagias & Julio Dinero after a Samoan Drop & Frog Splash combo. Christian getting ready for his match Backstage we see Christian getting ready for his match tonight against Spike Dudley. Christian: How do i smell? Chris Jericho: You smell like crap, hold on. Jericho grabs a nearby perfume bottle and sprays it on Christian. Christian: Now i smell like a real man!! Vitamin C baybay!!! Christian and Jericho leave and the camera zooms closer to the bottle. The bottle reads: "Property of Trish Stratus." Test vs. D'Lo Brown In a decent match, Test defeated D'Lo Brown via pinfall with the Test Drive. Tommy Dreamer vs. Steven Richards In a decent match, Tommy Dreamer defeated Steven Richards via pinfall with the Dreamer Driver Christian vs. Spike Dudley In a very good match, Christian defeated Spike Dudley via pinfall with The Unprettier.
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    ECW: Reborn

    The show opens with a video package highlighting the last 3 weeks over the song Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace. It then highlights the card for the evening. Putting emphasis on the two Semi Final Matches. We then cut to the ring announcers, Taz & Joey Styles Both men welcome us to Massacre on 34th street, and tell us we're in for one hell of a card tonight. We will start the night off with one of the World Title Semi Final matches. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During the climax of the match, we see Kurt Angle accidentally knock the ref down. After he rolls out of the ring, a masked man slide into the ring. As Kurt turns to face the man, he runs and hits a Flying boot to the face. A kick like that can only be one man... He pulls the hood off and it's revealed to be Drew Galloway. He drags Omega over Angle and leaves the ring to a roaring amount of boo's as Omega picks up the win. While officials check on Angle, we get the updated tournament bracket graphic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With the match over, G.O.D celebrate a top the ladder with the contract granting them a future Tag Team Championship match. The question the ECW world is wondering... Who will be the inaugural ECW World Tag Team Champions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The next match up is Moxley vs PAC. Winner will move on to face Kenny Omega in the Main event tonight for the ECW World Championship. First to the ring is Jon Moxley. For his entrance tonight, he is kicking it back to his pre ECW days by making his entrance through the crowd. However, as soon as he jumps the guard rail, he is jumped by a fan wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. The fan pulls off the mask and it is revealed to be PAC. PAC continues the pounding on Moxley before multiple officials pull PAC off Moxley. The doctors check on Mox verifying he is good to go before the referee rings the bell. Despite the pre match attack, Moxley has pulled off the win. We cut to Guerrilla position where Omega is seen noding his head in approval before heading back to his locker room. The announcers begin hyping the Moxley vs Omega Main Event as we get a updated Bracket for the ECW Title. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a dominating performance, Brian Cage has secured the ECW Television Title. Cage takes the belt from the official and looks at it in disgust. He clearly feels he is above this title, and he believes he proved it here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A bloody battle filled with Beer Bottles, Light Tubes, thumbtacks, and tables. Brody King secured the win after delivering a Gonzo Bomb to Mance Warner on the previously mentioned thumbtacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We cut back to the ring where we find the famous UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer in the ring to introduce our combatants for the Main Event of the evening. First, standing 6 feet, two inches. Weighing in at 224 pounds. Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada... Jon Moxley!!! Next, this man is a world wide Superstar. He is widely regarded as the Five Star bout machine. He stands 6 feet on the dot. Weighing in at 229 Pounds. Fighting out of Manitoba, Canada... He is "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega!!! The story of the match consists of a very large athlete making his ECW re-debut. The Big Show made his was down to the ring, and distracted the referee while Jon Moxley landed a low blow on Kenny Omega. Mox then flipped Omega around and nailed him with a Dirty Deeds to secure the win and the ECW World Championship. We see Moxley & Big Show celebrating the win to end the show as Omega writhes in pain in the corner as the show goes off the air.
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    Death Notorious Angel

    BPZ Universe Mode

    With WWE 2K20 out, would y'all like to see BPZ Universe Mode in WWE 2K20?
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    Defamation and Reformation

    Jack Bishop appears on the screen, back in the locker room. He yawns, seemingly miffed. "Jesus Christ, really? I didn't think Kieron would resort to working with you again. I mean honestly, he could've done way better. But that's fine. You have your priorities all wrong. If Kieron has to carry you through the whole tournament, then you won't stand a chance against Creed. You really should be focusing on winning the NXT championship. It'll make it so much easier to get rid of you if you're more focused on the tag tournament. But I can agree with you, Flynn has abused his power. Only his faction got opportunities, which is unfair. Which is why I'm taking full advantage of mine. And not you and your washed up tag partner, not Wallace, who I'm not even sure is sane anymore, is going to stop me. I am going to tear you apart at Survivor Series. I am going to make your life a living hell, I'm going to break your body, and put you in the hospital for weeks on end, but more importantly, I'm going to break your spirit. Hell, you might as well retire after Survivor Series. No one'll look at you the same. And you'll have me to thank." The camera fades to black as Jack looks smugly at the camera.
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    World Of Wonder

    𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜.. 𝒜𝓃 𝐼𝓃𝓉𝓇𝑜𝒹𝓊𝒸𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 Not all mysterious locations include riddles and ancient handwritten instructions for escape, that encourage a higher meaning behind the existence. But not all are this World of Wonder. A community born out of a passion to push a brighter and encouraging future and solace for Wonder that has lived many generations. Men, women come and go but the heart of this World stayed consistent. This isn't a society that purports to be some kind of ideal but instead one that wishes to share with you a glimpse into their life. A land where ageing seems but a foreign concept and you're free to find your true desires in life. H.R Pufnstuf welcomed those to this world with open arms and within this town the first episode of their self-created wrestling company was filmed. The main event of the first show held by the company saw stars CM Punk & Trish Stratus take on Randy Orton & Dos Caras Jr to a double count out after a disagreement. To a sold out 4,525 filled studio, it was an unfortunate match result but the product made its pitch and the audience were hooked. That main event would paint the picture of the first season of World of Wonder as several of the key stars pushed themselves towards crowning themselves the inaugural World of Wonder Champion which was unveiled to the studio audience on the second episode. World of Wonder wasn't the company we have grown to know and love today during the third season. At first it was very much a traditional wrestling company with a goal of spreading a positive message. Inviting some of the greatest competitors from across the world to their oasis, the in and out of ring action was very much traditional to what you would see elsewhere. But over the course of the first season an identity was formed. Like any company you should welcome growth which has allowed World of Wonder to become its own unique movement in the world of entertainment. With the company's fast-growing success, they were able to hold their first ever pay-per-view later that month in Brawl at the Black Lagoon which drew a sold out home audience. In the main event CM Punk defeated Randy Orton and Dos Caras Jr in a triple threat Ladder match to become the World of Wonder Champion which would spark a beginning of a complicated history full of hurdles and intrigue. Now having been revived for their Third Season this October the World of Wonder is thriving once again. Now boasting a town filled with dedicated citizens and professionals. What can be in store in the RIng of Wonder as the best of the best look to settle their differences, learn life lessons and achieve success!
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    World Of Wonder

    A community born out of a passion to push a brighter and encouraging future and solace for Wonder that has lived many generations. Men, women come and go but the heart of this World stayed consistent. This isn't a society that purports to be some kind of ideal but instead one that wishes to share with you a glimpse into their life. The exact history may have been lost to time for it feels that this World of Wonder has always been even as you dear viewer have newly stumbled upon it. A land where ageing seems but a foreign concept and you're free to find your true desires in life. H.R Pufnstuf welcomed those to this world with open arms and within this town the first episode of their self-created wrestling company was filmed. The main event of the first show held by the company saw stars CM Punk & Trish Stratus take on Randy Orton & Dos Caras Jr to a double count out after a disagreement. To a sold out 4,525 filled studio, it was an unfortunate result but the product made its pitch and the audience were hooked. CM Punk The stand out star and one could argue the face of the company during the first season was CM Punk. Looking for a fresh start the land of Wonder would intrigue the "Voice of the Voiceless" as he lead a key interest in the debuting product. During the early stages of World of Wrestling it was very much a traditional wrestling promotion but with an ideal for a positive message, something Punk himself could support personally which motivated him forward during this first season. Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs The Lucha Brothers During the companies introduction phase the Best Buddies Championships were introduced to the company enthusiastically. The name and concept looking to promote close friendships, partnerships and the spirit of working together as a team for a positive goal. Branding bright colours the newly created division was filled with eager talent. On the first episode of World of Wonder a single member of each team in the company at the time was chosen and placed in an elimination style match in a effort to showcase themselves. The final two of the match were Teddy Hart and Fenix where the former would gain the final pinfall for the victory thanks to the distraction by the debuting Davey Boy Smith jR. Saved by the rushing Pentagon Jr, the Lucha Brothers and Hart Foundationa avoided an all out brawl that night but what the audience saw was just the start of what would become an on and off again feud between these two deeps throughout the season. In the weeks leading up the event both teams shared their success during tag team competition leading up to 'Brawl at the Black Lagoon' where The Hart Foundation would defeated the Lucha Brothers in a ladder match to become the inaugural Best Buddies tag team champions. During the month of May, the reigning WOW Champion found himself in the cross hairs of the ongoing feud between the recently crowned Best Buddies Championships, Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr after defeating the latter in the main event of the post-PPV episode of World of Wonder. Taking exception to the disrespect they perceived to the legacy their names hold in any company, this put a target on Punks back as he fought to keep the championship out of the hands of his undecided challenger. The following week The Hart Foundation were scheduled to defend their tag team championships against their Brawl at the Black Lagoon opponents, Fenix & Pentagon Jr, but the champions crippled their chances by attacking Fenix backstage ahead of their match. Boasting in their accomplishment the main event that evening was left in limbo until Pentagon introduced his replacement partner for that night in CM Punk himself. The match would reach over the 20 minute mark in what felt like a battle destined to last but it was The Hart Foundation who put a stop to the competition using steel chairs to secure their loss but secure they walked away as champions. Looking for a taste of revenge for the assault CM Punk issued the challenge to Teddy Hart and at the following event, Wake Up Jeff!, CM Punk retained the WOW Championship in a match against Teddy Hart. Following the finish it was Davey Boy Smith Jnrs interference that was thwarted by the recent budding friendship between Punk & Pentagon Jr. The Hart Foundation would feud with such teams as The Rascalz, Nextwave (Dos Caras Jr & La Sombra) and Villain Enterprises over the course of their reign. Randy Orton If anyone was to be called an antagonist it would be the name Randy Orton. The ying to the yang of CM Punk as the two always found themselves in the others cross hairs during their time in World of Wonder. The year wouldn't start as kind for Randy Orton, the third generation wrestler thought that his position as the companies figurehead was almost guaranteed when he signed the line but he found the positive messages the company attempted to promote a hard guideline to toe and in return he found himself unfavourable to both fans and talent. After failing to capture the WOW Championship at the first event Brawl At the Black Lagoon it was a long road ahead to redemption, earning his chance to fight for it again over the course of the season as he battled the young rising talent the company were looking to position, earning a reputation as a veteran who valued his time in laying out the new crop while also in the mix with other talent inching for the top such as Bobby Lashley and The Lucha Bros. His crowning moment after months of working would be winning Scrooge McDuck's Annual Royal at WOW Disaster In Duckburg, overcoming 30 other World of Wonder superstars and gaining a future championship opportunity against current champion CM Punk who successfully retained the championship earlier that night. Sadly World of Wonder was taken off the air soon after the event which left his championship opportunity unclaimed and Orton wouldn't return to the company for Season 2 when the company returned to air. Trish Stratus and Xavier Woods After debuting in the main event of World of Wonder it felt like great things might be destined for Trish Stratus in the rising company but he path would cross with the determined Xavier Woods, who gained a victory over Masato Tanaka on the very same episode. His goal? The man wanted a pay rise. The following week as Trish Stratus opened the show, eyeing off the recently revealed World of Wonder Championship, she was interrupted by Xavier Woods who swaggered down the ramp talking about opportunity and how he wasn't eager to be waiting behind anyone else in this company - especially a flash from the past such as Stratus. The flame was lit as the two of them would exchanged words, punches and everything in between on the way to Brawl At The Black Lagoon but it always seemed as Trish Stratus had the upper hand during their encounters. As Bobby Lashley & Trish Stratus stood tall victorious during the main event after defeating EC3 and Xavier Woods, "The Valedictorian" looked to need to reach deep and find a solution. At Brawl at the Black Lagoon Xavier Woods used every trick in his arsenal to overcome the odds and gain the victory over Trish Stratus for the WOW Pay Rise Championship. A victory that would only boost the go of Xavier Woods more, naming himself the 'Casanova of Wonder' he promoted his victory as a rescure mission from the bleak fate it would've faced in the hands of Stratus. Though the victory was hard and controversial this didn't deter Stratus who would rebound with victories against Dos Caras Jr, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & EC3 over the next few weeks as a bewildered Xavier Woods doubled down on his position of never letting Stratus receive another championship opportunity against him. But that decision was ultimately out of his hands as after a victory against D'Angelo Dinero at WOW Wake Up Jeff!' she would be granted another opportunity in a months time. Though retaining his championship against Eddie Edwards later that night, the news of Stratus challenging him for the title left Woods absent from the post-PPV episode of World of Wonder as Stratus basked in her success. But what wasn't seen was Woods plotting, planning ahead to secure himself a continued reign and that plan was revealed when Jimmy Jacobs joined Xavier Woods as they attacked Trish Stratus during an interview. Dubbing themselves 'The Smooth Operators' they would stick close to each other in the build up to WOW Right Said Fred. At the WOW Right Said Fred event Trish Stratus defeated Xavier Woods for the WOW Pay Rise Championship after a failed interference by JImmy Jacobs. The Undertaker and Brian Cage Brian Cage. The Machine. One of the strongest professional wrestlers in the industry today, he wasn't seen on World of Wonder television for a majority of the first month which frustrated Cage behind the curtains. It was noted when Cage was backstage watching the product he looked up to see the company airing a hype package for the soon debuting Undertaker at Brawl at the Black Lagoon which only exasperated his feelings. No announcement, no package, not even a name drop. Cage was feeling like an after thought and at the upcoming PPV he looked to change that. Defeating Uhaa Nation in a sound match he waited backstage as The Undertaker made his elaborate entrance to the ring. Not allowing The Deadman much time to speak he cut through the microphone with a confrontational tirade of his own, airing his grievances and thoughts on a veteran such as Undertaker getting the spotlight. The two would brawl with The Undertaker sending Brian Cage to the outside. A spark had ignited. Taking advantage of the limited appearances made by The Undertaker the next few weeks of World of Wonder would showcase The Machine speaking down on the Deadman as he stated how little he thought of his status. Focusing on showing a dominate success rate it wouldn't be long before the mind games begun. Through darkness, exploding light bulbs, Brian Cage become almost hesitant of his own shadow as he walked around the World of Wonder area expecting to see Undertaker around every corner. It would be in the ring though when the confrontation happened again as Undertaker blindsided Cage after his victory against Mascara Dorada. At WOW Wake Up Jeff we would see The Undertaker defeat Brody King, a decoy set up by Brian Cage in his in-ring debut for the company. Brian Cage made quick work running through the arena audience as he attacked Undertaker after the match result. Repeatedly assaulting the Deadman with finisher after finisher Two weeks ahead of WOW RIght Said Fred, Brian Cage again waited patiently for the right opportunity as he descended on to Undertaker with a steel chair, repeatedly attacking his rival after his victory against PUMA. With the status of The Undertaker in doubt, Brian Cage was placed in a number one contenders match against Eddie Edwards. Though his actions were questionable his momentum was undeniable in the ring. The winner would face Xavier Woods for the WOW Pay Rise Championship. During the match Cage showed a familiar dominance but the interrupting dread of the church organs distracted Cage when he was rolled up by Edwards for the victory. Enough was enough. The match was set for WOW Right Said Fred as The Undertaker would face Brian Cage for the first time. The confident Cage showed why he had been seen as a future anchor for the company during the match but The Undertaker also showed why his status hasn't wavered over time. After a long, hard fought match the frustrated Brian Cage again took a hold of the familiar steel chair and struck Undertaker repeatedly. Not amused by having a competitive match that night he wanted to end it on his own terms. This hatred would follow them both right up to Scrooge McDuck's Annual Royal at WOW Disaster In Duckburg where Brian Cage would prove to be the ultimate Iron Man of the night last nearly an hour in the ring against other talent but it was the late entry of The Undertaker that would cost him the eventual victory. WOW officials could be seen restraining Brian Cage who itched to re-enter the match but was held back. With Season One of World of Wonder coming to an untimely early end we sadly wouldn't see Brian Cage nor The Undertaker return in the following seasons leaving this chapter on a question mark. Will this feud ever be resolved, one final match? Fisticuffs Established Fisticuffs Championship. The championship with a concept that fits the name. This is a pure brawling and gimmick based championship. Hinged on chaos and the phrase "the more the merrier" fits in quite well. Created in an attempt to utilise the hungry talent who may not be getting the opportunities they desire it was embraced by both fans and talent during the unhinged presentation of the first season. During the early days of the division the stand out competitors were PCO, Masato Tanaka, Rush and Jimmy Jacobs who all fought tooth and nail for their opportunity at the championship during the early months of the show. PCO, after a remarkable career comeback would be the inaugural champion and go on to hold the championship for two months under constant threat. One trait of the champion is his pursuit of the fight rather than wait for the fight to come to him. He would be seen in backstage segments talking to Randy Orton, The Undertaker among others as he asked them if they were interested in a shot. At WOW Right Said Fred it would be Tommy End who would finally end the reign of PCO and as champion he would go on to do what not many expected as reigning champion. He would go straight to the top of the division, coming face to face with current WOW Champion CM Punk and hold his championship in the air. In his eyes the Fisticuffs Championship was on equal level with the WOW Championship and he would challenge the champion to a match at Disaster in Duckburg. Defeating Eddie Edwards, D'Angelo Dinero and Dragon Lee in an elimination four way match only boosted the confidence of End who after CM Punk relented and accepted his challenge for the PPV wouldn't let the WOW Champion out of his sight. Staring down, reminding the champion of his impending presence. On the go home show to the PPV him and CM Punk would end up in a intense brawl (also involving Pentagon Jr and Randy Orton) as everyone looked for victory. Tommy End would gain the upper hand in the brawl, holding true to his status as champion but at the PPV would come short at winning the WOW Championship as CM Punk retained in the Co-Main Event. What Tommy End did though was establish that the Fisticuffs Championship isn't a ceiling but instead just a status.
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