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    Hans is sitting backstage on a step of stairs. He’s wearing some headphones while he’s wearing a leather jacket. He sits there, looking emotionless as he stares down. He then lights up a cigarette, and smokes it as he still sits, there…. emotionless. He has his US title on his shoulder as he begins to speak Define……. Stupidity That’s the first thing I think when we mention Brad. He thinks that he’s gonna walk with two belts around his waist? This guy acts like he's a psycho but in reality we all know he ain't. He still Brad, the same guy who retires, just to come back just to lose again, and again, and again. There’s no stopping this man, and all the power to you and your United Army. My question is why you want all this gold when you and everybody else knows the same results, you on the losing end. I mean you surely should have given up now right? Stay in the retirement home where you actually belong, take a nice long rest, and sit on a wheelchair and just go away. BPZ does not need you, and you can say that you breathe this business, and that you love this business to death, but we all know your money hungry for titles. Hell maybe we see you in 2030, still not retiring, and still chasing that false dream, that you so desperately desire. Hopefully after this tag match, maybe, just maybe you finally open your delusional eyes and stay in the retirement home as long as you live. We all have goals in life, some of those goals are not possible, but just like everybody else, we accept it and move on, for Brad he thinks that this goal is still achievable. No matter how hard he seems to be trying, you always and forever be known as a failure. As for you partner in crime, Monda, I just hope that Real American gets away from you, as fast as possible, and hopefully the rest of the United Nations does the exact same thing, because Brad’s obsession with gold will be the downfall of others around him. Guess we will see at Bad Blood. Hans throws away the cigarette as he moves on to a new subject. As for my next opponent in the Survival Games, Slim is concerned. Hopefully he bring his absolute best, yes Bic and I defeated him and Blade at Summerslam but I wanna defeat Slim at his very best, and since Slim now has 4 points in this tournament, I know he’s laser focused on winning the entire thing. I know Slim may be one of the very best to ever step foot in a BPZ Ring, but I promise you and everybody else that I’m ready for whatever you got in store for this week. Day in and day out i have been in the gym, training my ass off for this match, this is an important match for everybody involved. This is my true chance that I can defeat someone like Slim in the middle of that wrestling ring, with no help whatsoever. This is the time, this is the chance, I couldn’t beat Smith last week, but I’m ready for whatever Slim has up his sleeves. Slim bring everything you got, bring in the passion, bring in the determination because I want to defeat someone like you, because you are the King of this company and I plan on ripping that crown of your head While Slim has gone completely insane, he wants this win so badly, I appreciate what Slim wants and what he needs. However can I share something with you my friend. Hans pulls out a necklace out of his pocket, and the camera zooms in. This necklace means the world to me, this necklace symbolizes heartfelt, generous, and kind soul. This was a necklace of my friend, Rachel. She may have been one of the best human beings I have ever met in my life, we were friends from elementary to high school. I thought everything was going well until that fateful day. Rachel and I were walking, having a conversation with her, until suddenly I hear a shot…. The shot that changed my life, Rachel was a victim of a drive by. She’s was praying for help, but she couldn’t survive, she handed her necklace to me and the last words i hear was "I Love You" and she died right in my arms. Why her? She didn’t deserve it. I came to accept that she isn’t here anymore, and I have to move on, I can’t live my life by thinking of bad shit that happened to me a long time ago. I know every struggle I had in my life, but I don’t regret any of them. This is the life I have to live. This may the best hardest month I had ever had, but I ain't dying on the ground yet, and I promise every single one of my supporters and peers, that I’m still alive and ready to take off to the next level in BPZ. I wish all of the opponents that I’m going to face, the best of luck. See you all Later….. The promo cuts abruptly to black, strong words from Hans as he has a lot on his plate, can he get it done this week?
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    {We open with Julius sitting in the passengers seat of a car staring outside the window, marveling at the city of Melbourne that surrounds him. A rye smile creeps up on his face as he looks the Melbourne CBD for presumably the first time in a long time. Out in the distance we see Federation Square a marquee spot in the city of Melbourne and once again Julius' eyes are fixed onto it} "You know it's been years since I've been here. I was born and raised in Sydney but our trips to Melbourne, my Dad my Brother and I to watch the footy, the Cricket whatever was one was always something I would look forward to. The MCG where Bad Blood is held tomorrow is the Mecca of Australian sports. Every Australian Sport's athlete wishes to be able to run out on the marvelous MCG with 100,000 cheering their name as they do what they love and tomorrow I join all those Australian Icon's all those legends when I put on the boots and walk out to the ring. It's been about 15 years since I've been here and it hasn't changed a bit. I love it" {The car stops and Julius makes his way out, the camera still following as he looks up at the MCG. He slowly walks towards it, looking up in awe his eyes wide open as he gazes upon the beauty in-front of him. He stops for a minute and lets it all sink in, and that smile appears again something that hasn't appeared on Julius' face for a very long time. He continues to walk towards the Main Gate where a bunch of media and fans are waited for his arrival, but before he greets them, he stops and stares at the famous Sir Don Bradman statues placed in-front of him. Arguably one of Australia's greatest sporting Icon's of all time} "This is when you know you've made it. No World Title, no Hall of Fame ring or Money in The Bank Briefcase will ever top something like this. The dream for me is to be named among these Australian sporting greats, to be recognised as a hero of this great nation, to have a statue alongside Don Bradman at the MCG" {Julius looks up at the statue one last time and nods in approval before finally walking over to the fans who are waiting for him. They all cheer and once again a big beaming grin appears on the face of the former BPZ World Champ. The Children in the front row are all holding signs in honour of Julius and "The Death Machine" walks over and signs them before taking some pictures with the fans and heading into the building. He turns back and waves at all his fans before putting his head down and walking into the MCG. The scene then reopens with Julius seated in the middle of the MCG, the Colosseum that surrounds him as impressive as ever as he looks straight into the camera} "I think we can agree that I just am not a people person. I usually don't care for the fans that come to all the shows in the US or in Europe or in Asia because they don't appeal to me, they have no significance to me and they really don't understand me. But these people, the kids you saw cheering my name as they walked in all of the men and women who held up signs or wore my T-Shirts, everything I do inside and outside of the ring is for them. It's these sorts of people who got me where I am today and it's these people who I owe my career and in some cases my life to. When I attack someone and leave them half-dead in the ring, or when I say some things that may be deemed too hurtful or too far in most people's eyes are celebrated by these people here because they understand the grind and the energy and effort a man has to put in to make sure they can succeed. Every single Australian understands and knows where my actions come from because they've been where I've been and they know what needs to be done to make sure you stay afloat in this world. When all of you boo me, these people they cheer me because they understand me, they know that everything I do and everything I strive to do is to put this amazing country on the map. It's to give back to everyone who has carved the path out for me" "Now I still have a job to do and that concerns the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. All the pressure is on me, I've seen the news reports saying that I have the most to lose this is make or break for me and to be honest all of it is true. This is that big time opportunity, my future my destiny is all in my hands if I can just climb up that ladder and unhook that briefcase, a guaranteed opportunity to become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once again. Although I do have the most to lose, I do have an advantage over the seven other people in that match and that's the people. Probably for the first time in my BPZ Career I will walk out to a chorus of cheers, a roar throughout this very arena will transpire when my music hits and I walk out onto the stage. I'm not ready for the emotion that's going to come to me and that's a good thing, I've got to live in the moment and I've got to get the job done because I'm not fighting for one I'm fighting for all" "I'm not going to waste your time by breaking down my opponents, that's been done many times before and will be done many times again. I know what they'll bring and they know what I'll bring and that's all that. The purpose of this was to show you what is on the line for me. For about 20 minutes on the 20th of September 2019 every single person in this country will have their TV's fixated on this match and that is where I need to deliver. And I am going to deliver. Hollow, Josh, Flynn, BiC and whoever that mystery man is I hope you're ready because you're stepping in enemy territory and if there's one thing about Australia that is we are going to make you feel as uncomfortable as you have ever been. I'm ready for this, I've been ready for this my entire life. This is my homecoming and I will not disappoint"
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    The Contract Signing

    After an eventful Carnage, the show ends with Gary Green stood in the ring, microphone in his hand. Last time he was here he announced himself as the official contract signer of BPZ. He announces tonight he will be conducting the contract signing for the North American Championship Number One Contenders Match at Bad Blood between “The King of All Time” JoshsNow and Mikey. And first of all hits the music of “The King of All Time” by The Levellers, indicating the arrival of JoshsNow. He comes out with his arms outstretched, absorbing the warmth of the crowd before holding 1 finger up in the air, of course remembering all of his nickname He eventually makes his way to the ring and begins to speak, grabbing Gary’s mic. Gary leaves the ring and grabs a new mic as Josh begins his customary entrance I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE. I AM THE KING OF ALL TIME. I WAS THE LAST MAN STANDING AND NEXT SUNDAY I AM GOING TO BE MR MONEY IN THE BANK But that’s not all next Sunday. You see I will be doing Manchester proud in two ways. I am also facing Mikey with the winner facing Arius or a Yelich at Survival Games. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, Mikey gave me another incentive. You see with his comments on last weeks Carnage he made this match personal. Now if referring to me as washed up trash was insult enough, you also dared to claim that I am not Manchester’s Number One. And what was your reasoning Mikey. I don’t have the balls to face people on my skill level. Well guess what Mikey that is where you are wrong because I have faced every big name there is here in BPZ. You want to know why I had 40 losses in 1 Year. Because I wrestled 45 matches that year. And all of them were against a skill level that you Mikey could only dream against facing. I’ve been 1 on 1 with 8 World Champions. And Ive beaten 4. But I see a little bit of myself in you Mikey. You see, when I first came in to this company I was all about promoting the 2016 era. Hell I still am. I was the first 2016 guy to win the IC Title and it amazes me no one from 2016 or after has won the World title yet. So when you told me about being the future and how I was the last it struck a chord with me So although you have earned my respect a bit Mikey just remember what happened last week. You lost your concentration for one second and I hit you with the Spear and if that happens next week I am going to be the Number One Contender to Arius or Yelich Josh stares down the camera at this one as the crowd cheer at the idea of this before suddenly turning his attention to the backstage area So in the long term. Arius, Yelich watch your backs. But in the short term, why don’t you come down here Mikey and although we got off on the wrong foot, maybe we should start again. I’m giving you one last chance Mikey so that our match at Bad Blood is built on respect rather than it being personal. It’s a chance I suggest you take Josh then takes a seat by the contract table and hands the mic back to Gary Green, as both wait for Josh’s opponent to make his way to the ring
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    Mixed Personality

    The camera emerges in a dark, candlelit bathroom; and as the camera spins around, we see Kyle Pain, enjoying a lovely bubble bath with a cigar in his mouth and a glass of red wine on the side of the bathtub. Life is so wonderful, don’t you think? All of these flashy cars, all of these exotic babes, but obviously none of you pillocks would know, you can’t live a life like I do, you don’t have the money, you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t have the right to live like me. But that’s besides the point, I’m not here to talk about how I’m far superior than any of you, and any of the superstars in the BPZ locker room. I’m here to talk about myself, a touching subject, I know. Kyle steps out of the bathtub, revealing that he has been in Gucci underpants this whole time. I feel like, I haven’t been real with anyone over the course of my career; like my whole life has been a lie, as if I’ve been hiding under this mask known as Kyle Pain. But now it’s time to take off my mask, and show off my true identity; not just to everyone at home, but to myself. “Kyle” takes the cigar out of his mouth and places it on the bathtub, he then looks into the mirror, smirking as he does so. I feel truly embarrassed to live this way, hiding behind this fake persona that I’ve been dragging on for far too long, and I think that now it is my moment, the moment to reveal myself. I am not Kyle Pain; I’m just plain old Amai. The newly born Amai steps out of the bathroom and sits down on the couch; he then picks up another alcoholic drink that is on the kitchen counter. But as embarrassed as I may have been; I am still better than each and every single one of you! This new persona of mine will only push me to new heights, I will become a star like no other, while you fat slobs sit on your couches eating your cheese puffs and hate on my grind. You’re all just jealous that I’m making stacks! That my bank account is the one that is constantly rising! That I am the one that built a financial empire from nothing but dust! That I am successful, and you are not. You can all sit there and boo me all you like, but at the end of the day, none of you are even remotely as skilled as I am, none of you can even lace my boots! None of you can master this craft of professional wrestling as well as I have, I am a god in this profession, all of you watching are my followers, I am the one that you look up to; you may 'think' differently, but that's just a fact, and you can't argue with facts. Amai steps outside, and looks at the beautiful beach view, smiling confidently at the camera At Bad Blood, heh, I don't even need to explain what I'll do at Bad Blood, simply because I know it's too cliche to say that I will "dominate everyone, and prove why I'm the best, and win the NXT Championship, and do this, and do that, and do all everything". But what I can assure you is that by the end of the match, I will be the knight in shining armour, driving off into the sunset in my brand new Rolls Royce Wraith; laughing in the faces of my competition, and my haters, as they cry in the dawn of my success. But they can do nothing about it, all they can do is watch as I grow and grow and grow; while they fall into a state of agony and despair- The camera goes back inside and Amai somehow manages to keep himself calm and collected, he walks back inside and picks his drink back up, and takes a few sips before putting it back down And yes, I am maybe being overconfident, and that’s because I know for a fact that everyone, including Raven, including Mirage, including Arrow; I know that everyone has a price. And that price will be met in the battle royal; au revoir my good friends. The camera fades to black as Amai is laughing while sipping on his alcoholic beverage.
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    The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera SEASON 1 EPISODE 2 THE GAUNTLET MATCH Narrator: Welcome, to the second episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan, who we obviously know for trying to solve the mysterious murder mystery case, gets in a sticky situation, that situation being a handicap match set up by Brenden himself. - We start off in BBW HQ, where Sheridan, Meko, Toxik and Bashka are sitting down, just chilling, Sheridan is looking stressed as ever, Meko is looking depressed as ever, and Toxik and Bashka are just minding their own business. Sheridan then starts to speak Sheridan: I am in such a sticky situation, what am I going to do today? I’ve never wrestled before, how do I know how any of this works? I almost got killed by Brad last week just because I stepped into the ring, and now I have a match with him; this is such a disaster, don’t you think Meko? Toxik: Well Sheridan, if you just think about it this way- Sheridan: I’m sorry, but did I ask you? No, I asked for Meko’s opinion, so how about you stay quiet and wait for your turn to speak, understood? There is a short moment of silence in the HQ as Toxik looks absolutely furious Toxik: DON’T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH! THAT’S IT! I’M JOINING THE GAUNTLET AND I’M GONNA KICK YOUR SILLY ASS BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU DUMB COW! Toxik bursts out of the room and Sheridan and Meko look at each other, confused, while Bashka is sat in the corner doing his thing, whatever he’s doing. Meko: Actually Sheridan, I do think it is quite a disaster, I mean now you have 5 of us to take on, but honestly, I can’t be bothered fighting, so now that means you have 4 of us to take on, so let’s say that a normal one on one match, you have a 50/50 chance of winning, but now this is a gauntlet, so you only have a 25% chance of winning, but let’s say you add another alpha male to the mix, the chances of you winning drastically go down, so then you only have around a 17.5% chance of winning, but add that to the fact that you now have to face Toxik and that chance of winning goes up to a whopping 66 ⅔ %. So take your 66 ⅔% chance of winning against their new 33 ⅓% chance of winning and, uhhh, what? Sheridan looks at Meko, absolutely confused out of her head Sheridan: Yeah, I just think I’m going to go and prepare for this match, things just got really awkward around here. Meko: Now that I think about it, there are only 4 men in that match against you, so you do actually have a 25% chance of winning, I think anyway, or is it a 20% chance? Well if you take away the 20% from 25%, you’re left with a 5% difference, so does that mean- Sheridan: Right! I’m done, I’m sick of your stupid maths! I’m leaving, I’m going to prepare for my match, I can’t stand you males! Sheridan storms off in a hissy fit, and Meko is still thinking about the maths in his head, while Bashka is still in the corner doing his own thing. Meko: Yeah so in conclusion Sheridan has a 20% chance of winning the match, isn’t that right Bash? Bashka: *inaudible* The scene closes off with Meko still thinking about his maths in his head - The camera appears in another hidden part of the BBW HQ: Brenden, Nathan, Toxik and Brad are planning out their strategy for tonight’s main event match up against Sheridan. Brenden, Toxik and Brad are writing notes on a big poster, while Nathan is too busy throwing darts at a picture of Sheridan, which he has for some reason. Nathan: Women, women, women; I’m sick of them! All they do is whine and complain when they don’t get their way, and I’m going to show Sheridan what a real strong man looks like, and what a real weak, dumb woman looks like, and I’m going to show her good. Brenden: Nathan can you concentrate for just one minute? You’re really looking like some creepy perverted stalker at the moment and it really doesn’t show up well on our brand image, we want to be known for being the best in BBW, not known for being on the sex offenders register, now get a move on and help me do this! Nathan: Ugh, fine, if you say so. Brenden: Right, so first of all, Brad’s going in, just as a piece of bait to set Sheridan up for the big guns, then Toxik will go in, and just beat the straight shit out of her, then you’ll take the fall, just to make herself feel good about herself. After that, it’s time for stage 3; Nathan goes in and absolutely fucks her up like a real man would, then he takes the fall… And then, it’s big brain time, we will form an absolute machine and wipe her off the face of this earth, we will throw her so high up that it’ll hurt when she falls down… Everyone understood the plan? Brad: I guess, but why do I have to be the bait? Toxik is far smaller and more useless than me, why does it have to me that gets beaten up by the woman? Brenden: Do you want to keep your job or not? If you do, then I suggest you keep your mouth quiet, and just go with the plan, otherwise there will be serious consequences, and I mean serious. Brad then seems to look upset, but after a few seconds all 3 men simultaneously say All: YES SIR! Brenden: Very good, I shall see you all tonight, don’t disappoint me! - MATCH 1 - BAILEY VS ARROW The bell rings and Arrow just straight up bitch slaps Bailey, but Bailey is having absolutely none of it and throws him out of the ring and through the announcers table. The Bailey then goes out to grab Arrow, and throws him through another table, and then through another table, and then through another one, and another one, and another one, before throwing him back into the ring. And as Bailey is coming back into the ring LOW BLOW BY ARROW! 1...2… KICKOUT BY BAILEY! Arrow heads up to the top rope and hits Bailey with a huge hurricanrana from the turnbuckle, Bailey rolls out to the outside only to be met with a huge suicide dive from the little guy. Well it would be huge but it didn’t affect Bailey at all, he grabs Arrow mid dive and chokeslams him through yet another table! No one knows where these guys are getting these tables from yet they keep appearing. Anyway, Bailey throws Arrow back into the ring and goes for the pin, 1...2… Kickout by Arrow at the last second. Bailey goes outside to get a chair and- OH GOD! HANS JUST KILLED BAILEY! Hans is getting in the ring, Arrow tries to run away but Hans’ huge arms are too much for him to handle, and Hans throws him 60 feet up in to the air and catches him with a- JESUS CHRIST! WHAT AN RKO! The big guy grabs the mic now. Hans: Playtime’s over now boys, time for the big guns to come into BBW, and cause some havoc. Bailey, I want you next week, right in this very ring, and if you don’t turn up, well, I’ll make you turn up, so you better turn up. Now I have to leave. Goodbye. Hans throws the mic right into Bailey’s face and leaves the ring. - The camera enters the gym, where Sheridan is seen training for her match that is coming up very soon. Sheridan: Right, are these cameras seriously going to be following me everywhere I go? Not that I’m complaining, I love being the centre of attention, anyway, right now I’m at the gym, as you can probably tell; I’m training very hard for my match later tonight. You guys should probably leave, and let me train on my own, I need some alone time right now, yeah, that’s really needed. Sheridan goes back to training, and then she notices that the cameras are still there. Sheridan: Are you going to leave already? I have something very important to be doing right now, can’t have you butting in right now. The cameraman walks away as Sheridan trips up while running on the treadmill. - We fast forward to tonight’s main event, the big gauntlet, the biggest main event in BBW history thus far. MATCH 2 - SHERIDAN VS BRAD, NATHAN SAWYER, TOXIK AND JULIUS The bell rings and right away Sheridan rolls Brad up for 1..2..3, Brad is eliminated, what a loser, Brenden is visibly seen smiling on the outside of the ring, as everything is going perfectly as planned. Toxik then goes into the ring and as planned, starts beating the shit out of Sheridan, smacking her all over the ring, he hits Sheridan with a few big powerbombs and slams, but it’s all not enough, as Sheridan quickly gets to her feet and- What a maneuver! Sheridan goes for the pin! 1..2..3! Toxik is gone from the match! Brenden once again is seen smiling as his plan is going very well so far. Now it’s Nathan’s turn to get into the ring, but before he does that, he grabs a microphone and starts speaking. Nathan: Really? Do you really think I’m going to fight a woman? Well guess what, you thought wrong, I wouldn’t even speak to a woman let alone beat the shit out of one! I don’t care what Brenden does to me, I don’t care if you fire me, or if you challenge me to another match, but I’m not going to participate in this, I’m the alpha male around here and I’m not going to compete against a damn woman! I quit! Brenden looks at Nathan, shocked, he can’t believe it, he grabs the mic for himself and says a few words. Brenden: Where do you think you’re going? You’re not going anywhere my friend! You’re staying here and you’re going to fight Sheridan, I couldn’t care less if you don’t want to fight a woman, I’m your boss, so you listen to what I tell you, now go in there and beat that bitch up; or do you really want to lose your job? It’s your damn choice, you either get in there or I kick your ass out of here right this instant! Nathan: Fine! I’ll do it, just for you, my liege! Nathan throws the mic down and turns around- GOOD LAWD! NATHAN HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN BY A CHAIR SHOT! 1..2..3! NATHAN IS OUT! JULIUS IS LEFT WITH SHERIDAN! Julius gets in the ring, and immediately Sheridan goes for a big lariat, but to no avail, Julius is just too big to even be phased by it, he throws Sheridan around the ring, hitting her with a huge spear and multiple piledrivers. Julius goes for a Batista Bomb but- Sheridan hits a huge Canadian Destroyer on Julius! He’s gotta be dead! 1..2.. Kickout!!! Julius is still alive in this one; Sheridan throws Julius into the corner with ease and starts beating the shit out of him with huge punches and kicks, she throws him to the other side of the ring and hits him with An even bigger spear than Julius hit! It has to be over now! 1..2.. Kickout! This has got to be a match of the year candidate, these two are just killing each other in this classic wrestling contest here! Sheridan now grabs a table, and straight up throws Julius through it (somehow). She goes for the cover: 1..2.. Another kickout by Julius! Sheridan goes for another spear now BUT SHE GETS MET WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT! 1..2..3! JULIUS WINS IT FOR TEAM BRENDEN! Brenden gets in the ring with his microphone and starts talking. Brenden: What did I say? Don’t cross the boss! You tried to mess with me, but clearly my minions are much more powerful than you! See you next week now, I have a modelling shoot at Paris to go to! Brenden is seen walking away with Julius as Sheridan is grabbing a mic from one of the announcers. Sheridan: You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war Brenden! This isn’t over! The scene closes off with an angry Sheridan crying in the middle of the ring. - END
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    Ark Universe

    The Prince's Highway

    Ark stays silent for a bit longer. Him and Echo continue to drive in silence. You know, I didn’t hijack the car, I actually did request to be your driver. Decided to make sure you got the arena well and on time. Thank you however, for your brilliant rant, it allows me to Segway perfectly into what I was going to say first. It’s a shame you know, that the culture, the environment here in this company is so hostile. To where the simple act of carpooling can be misread as a attempted ambush. Your first thought when seeing me was of fear, fear that you would be attack. You can try and hide it, but only fools truly don’t feel fear. Ark turns to look at Echo out of the side of his eye. I wanted to just have a little chat, maybe make some small talk while you were here but you have made your feelings known so I shall do likewise When you first returned here Echo, I was happy. I was joyful really, another rival coming back, ready to duke it out and redeem himself and work his way back to the top. Then you were given the number one contender spot instantly and that joy, quickly joined to hatred. That’s the truth as you said, Echo. I can’t stand you, because we both were out there doing the same amount of work, creating the same amount of waves, and yet time after time again you got the nod over me. So yeah, it would be easy wouldn’t. Beat up the already broken guy, dump you in the desert, see if you even make it to Bad Blood. All it would take is parking the car. So why don’t I you wonder? Cause would that even be a win? What did I prove? What would I gain? Nothing. Even now, when I do win at Bad Blood, it’s gonna be a hollow victory, cause all I would be proving is that I’m better then a hobbled Echo. On the bright side, maybe that would make them see that I deserve the chance to face Flynn over you. Cause that’s the thing Echo, i do deserve it over you. You sit there, saying you are gonna end my career, speaking as if you have me all figured out. You know nothing Echo. You talk to me about no one getting handed anything, and it’s easy for you to say, as you eat the seeds from their hands. You were handed that number one contender spot, so I’m going to give you my own a hand out, it’s called a ass beating and it’s on the house, free of charge. Ark takes a deep breathe and turns the radio on. It starts on a commercial then changes to “Sunflower.” Ark smirks. “People who never win and never quit, they are the true fools.” A very deep quote Echo. Yes I am a fool. But I do win, and I never quit. Sure some of my endeavors have been unsuccessful, however so has a lot of people. Even you are about start a rough patch Echo, and it starts at Bad Blood. Cause though you may be beaten and bruised, I won’t treat you any less then you at your best. You said it was like fate put me in front of you, well it’s quite the opposite. Fate put you in front of a train, in front of a good man, going to war. You are right in one regard Echo, that this isn’t a through away match. This is a message. From me to who ever decided to give you the number one contender spot over me. A message. That maybe they need to rethink their choice. Cause a desperate man I may be, but not for your sake, for yours Echo. Cause I don’t want recognition from you, I couldn’t care less about what you think of me, no no, I want more then recognition. I want you to look at me and stop seeing the young lion fresh out of Dragons Gate back in 2016. I want people to start seeing your former NXT, former, Former Top 6 in the Rumble, former Carnage TV, former Global, and future champion. I want you to see why you shouldn’t have continued with this match.Demons run when a good man goes to war. But I know you won’t run Echo. You will fight, you will push yourself beyond those injuries. You won’t win, you won’t quit...so you tell me who’s the fool? Ark goes back to being silent, and starts humming along to the song on the radio.
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    I'm Still Here

    Yelich lays lifeless on the mat, Flynn placing his foot on his head as Bulletproof stands over them. As BiC steps forward and picks up the mic, looking into the hard cam as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. As he talks in his Boston accent, his Bulletproof shirt standing out almost as if a beacon. "I know many of you don't like this. This quote on quote new side of BIC that has been showing up from week to week" {BiC points down to Yelich} "But people like him, people like Yelich need to be put in line. To get far in this company you need to be aggressive and I respect the hell out of Yelich but when you cross the line you cross the line and I won't let anyone take me down. I won't let anyone take Flynn down. I won't let anyone take Bashka down. And I won't let anyone take Hans down. Because our success as Bullet Proof is what matters most in the world right now, these tag team championships me and Hans hold onto mean everything. And we will not back down by not being aggressive enough and if we have to nearly kill a man every week to prove that you can guaran - damn - tee that we will do that very thing" {The crowd once again gives a mixed response, as Bullet Proof has become something for the crowd is watch. And are still wondering what to think of the group} "The same goes for the United Nations. Brad...Monda. I respect Yelich, and look at him. Just think about what will happen when me and Hans get our hands on you...See you at Bad Blood"
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    Hello im Percy/Percival

    Started watching pro wrestling earlier this year. Lookin forward to getting to know everyone
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    Dare to Dream: Orlando Magic

    Your Orlando Magic Starting Five #14 Point Guard: D.J. Augustin At the beginning of the last season the Magic were in desperate need for some talent at the PG position and with a lackluster Free Agency period the Magic were forced to rely on D.J. Augustin, a solid role player for most of his career but hadn't been able to take that next step. However D.J. was outstanding for Orlando playing all 81 of a possible 82 games while averaging 11.7 pts a game and 5.3 assists to go a long with a very good 42% from the three point line. With questions about Markelle Fultz's injury status, D.J. looks to be the floor general for the Magic once again with his Sharpshooting from deep sure to give Orlando that much needed perimeter offence #10 Shooting Guard: Evan Fournier The Frenchman's career in the NBA has been plagued by inconsistency thus far and last year was yet another example of this. Fournier was solid putting up 15 points a game although it was down from the previous years 17.8 but is inefficiency shooting the ball hurt Orlando in many games last year. Fournier most recently played in the FIBA World Cup for France where he was an absolute star and alongside Rudy Gobert led France to a Bronze Medal finish averaging 20 points a game and shooting lights out from deep. If World Cup Evan Fournier turns up for the 2019/2020 season then the Magic chances of success continue to rise #1 Small Forward: Jonathan Isaac The biggest Wildcard in the Orlando Magic starting five is Jonathan Isaac who is now entering his third season in the NBA. Isaac growth and potential was on display throughout last season as he constantly improved on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor and his length makes him a potential nightmare matchup. Many media pundits have predicted Isaac to have a breakout season following his 2018/2019 campaign where he produced 10 points 6 rebounds and one block. The development of Isaac and Bamba will be crucial in how deep Orlando can go this year #00 Power Forward: Aaron Gordon Still at the young age of 24, the NBA is still waiting for the arrival of Aaron Gordon and this year may be the year he does so. Seeing increases in efficienty last year Gordon has become one of the focal points in the Orlando offence. While his three-point shooting isn't where he would want it to be, he is a perimeter threat and his work through the offseason with Kobe Bryant should prove to help him out. Orlando put a lot of trust in this young forward by giving him a large contract two years ago and now it's time for Gordon to prove his worth #9 Centre: Nikola Vucevic The star of the Magic last year was undoubtedly Nikola Vucevic whose breakout year propelled Orlando the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. He averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds earning him a much deserved maiden All Star berth. Vucevic added a three point shoot to his already impressive offensive arsenal and his defense improved under Coach Steve Clifford. The one glaring flaw in the big Montenegrin's game is his performance in the playoffs where he was purely outplayed by Raptor big man Marc Gasol. Which Vucevic will we get this season, the regular season juggernaut or Playoff Vooch?
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    EWA vs KWF vs ACPW vs AWL vs GPW vs IFW Alex Costa, Slim, Meko, Yelich, FDS and I have started a fantasy booking competition. We have taken all of the talent from WWE main roster, NXT, NXT UK, AEW and NJPW and put them into a randomizer and given each person a roster of 32 units, either singles or tag teams. With Slim at the helm of Elite Wrestling Alliance, Myself at the head of Kingdom Wrestling Federation, FD in charge of Ace Entertainment Pro Wrestling , Yelich in front of the American Wrestling League, Meko in charge of the Generic Pro Wrestling and lastly Alex will take harge of the International Federation of Wrestling. We will be posting either recaps or full breakdowns of our 4 weekly shows leading to our monthly PPV where we will have a public voting in which people will decide who booked the best show. As I said before, this was a completely randomized drafting of rosters, apart from the first 3 picks which we drafted ourselves as Foundation Pieces. We also allowed 3 trades to be made per roster, so that came into account afterwards. Lastly, we randomized the authority figures for each company so you're gonna have some potentially strange GM's or Owners. Enjoy.
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    Episode 6/15 Bulletproof are sat in the bar with Bob and Meko. 5 minutes ago a loud bang was heard but it hadn’t been investigated. BiC: It doesn’t make any sense Hans: What doesn’t? BiC: Bailey didn’t drink, I just think it’s a murder Bob: Maybe he secretly drunk Meko: Yeh, between us 5, me and Bob sometimes enjoy a cheeky drink behind everyone’s back Bulletproof share an unsurprised look before Toxik comes running in very pale Toxik: Guys you have got to see this. Kai, Kai is dead 20 minutes later Everyone is sat on the bus as PC James Ropati steps on, ready to investigate Rop: Alright I am going to get to the bottom of this. Or is it to the top. No that’s a Ladder match. Anyway, Bulletproof where were you? Bash: We were in the bar with Bob and Meko Rop: I see you have an alibi. Bob where were you? Bob: Erm in the bar Rop: Can anyone provide an alibi Hans: Yes we can. Were you listening to what we just said Rop: Brenden where were you? Brenden: Me and Keeley were having a BPZ and BPZGF photo shoot for all the fans. Lots of fans can vouch for us there Keeley: Yes. We were meant to have Sheridan join us but she vanished Rop: Sheri where were you Sheri: Trying to help a young defenceless girl who was being abused by Nathan Nathan: It wasn’t abuse if I have to remind a women she is wearing ridiculous clothing then I have Alright to slap her to reinforce Sheridan: Ropati are you seriously not going to arrest him Rop: No I will not. Ok that adds up for nearly everyone, finally Arius, where were you Arius: By myself Rop: Can anyone provide an alibi Arius: Myself Rop: Great That all adds up. Roapti declares it a second accident, much to BiCs shock. He runs outside to confront Ropati BiC: Ropati, this is obvious this was a murder Rop: I am sorry BiC, I didn’t realise you had spent 2 weeks in Police Academy like me. Anyway if I had a number one suspect it would be you. We found your property on Kai Ropati tosses BiC the bus keys back before driving away. BiC sits back on the bus and begins to drive it before Brenden shouts out Brenden: I swear our Camera equipment was on here before Hans: Maybe we moved it down below I don’t know The bus drove away, leaving behind 2 masked men who held a bunch of camera equipment in there hand. They text Echo that Phase 1 is complete, Who immediately texts back with a number. The masked man presses the number and it rings twice before we hear a familiar voice pick up the phone Voice: Hello, Julius speaking
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    Murder on the BPZ Express: The Reboot

    Episode 5/15 Brenden: 50 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS FOR A PICTURE WITH LEGENDARY BPZ STAR KAI. Sheridan can you come over here too and try raise some cash Brenden was trying to bring in money, a recurring theme throughout the trip. Meanwhile Sheridan was ordering food but when she was called over Nate agreed to take over the order. He then began to belittle and flirt with the girl behind the bar. Brenden sent Kai away, who walked towards where Bulletproof were stood before cursing BiC: Kai what’s wrong Kai: I forgot my attire BiC: I’ll go unlock the bus for you Keeley and Toxik caught up to Hans and Bashka who started walking forward as BiC checked all his pockets. BiC: Dammit Kai I must have left the keys in the ignition. Can you lock up after you get your attire Kai: Of course Bashka: Come on, we’re going to grab some food. Kai will you be joining us? Kai: Just give me a minute Kai walked back to the bus, in the process walking past Bob and Meko. As he left the area, he saw Arius throwing knives at the wall. Kai pretended to ignore him, breathing a sigh of relief when he reached the bus. He grabbed his attire and then came eye to eye with the two masked men on the bus. Kai grabbed the keys and began to run, eventually making it into the safety of the arena assuming he was safe, however he heard footsteps and began to run again. He made it to the ringside area where a Hell In A Cell was set up for tonight’s main event. He began to scale the cell, reaching the top assuming he would be able to climb faster than his pursuer. However he turned around and looked at his pursuer in shock Kai: You. Why you? Wait, you killed Bailey didn’t you The pursuer didn’t answer in words, instead grabbing Kai and throwing him off the 20ft Hell In A Cell structure. Kai fell to the floor below, where his body twitched once, before stopping still
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    Become WWE Creative! A WWE Draft Game

    Become WWE Creative! A draft game Two teams of 10 will work together to assemble a roster, along with making a match card that outdoes the other. BPZ Forums Members must work together to secure a better card and make sure that their creative team - and their brand reigns superior. You can also brag about winning this game when someone believes your ideas are bad. RULES: - 2 teams of 10 - 1 RAW team and 1 SD team - Each pick will be headed by one team member, but you can talk to your team about potential picks but YOU MUST make the selection (Ask me about this if you're confused) - After the draft, you will use your drafted superstars to make one match card with your creative partners to out-do the other show - 1 NXT male, 1 NXT tag team, 1 NXT women allowed per brand in draft - 30 picks; Every creative member gets 3 (If u get 1st pick, you get 11th pick, and so on). - Each team must agree on a 'Head of Creative' who will have the final say on the card (Ex: 4 people want AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns, 5 people want Roman vs Brock. The head of creative decides in a match that close.) - TAG TEAMS: Tag Teams will be drafted once both shows reach the final 10 picks of the draft. Each show is only required to use 5 of their draft spots for tag teams. All wrestlers will be available to be drafted as singles wrestlers even while being a part of a tag team. This will be from the start of the draft so for example if Karl Anderson is draft as a singles wrestler before the final 10 then Luke Gallows is automatically now a singles wrestler only. - No stables can be drafted together - Championships: All current WWE Championships are to remain active in your promotion. That means that the current RAW and Smackdown Championships are intact and will be automatically on your roster before the draft. You can not decide to go without a Women's division, Tag Team division ect so draft wisely. (WWE, IC, UNIVERSAL, UNITED STATES CHAMPIONS AS OF RIGHT NOW ARE UP FOR GRABS.) - In booking, you may change your champions if you want but must use the titles you have drafted to your brand. - RAW begins with RAW Women's Champ Becky Lynch & RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode - SmackDown begins with SD Women's Champ Bayley and SD Tag Team Champs The Revival 20 SIGNUPS AVAILABLE - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE Slim (SD) Arius (RAW) The other 18 will be randomized so your brand and team is completely random but we felt it fair to have the men creating this on separate brands for communication and such. https://discord.gg/DQEcuH Join this discord server once you sign up.
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    Hans Graphics

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    Big Dog

    I give you the guy who always takes an L and Dosent care because he has fun! TOXIK431
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    King of the Ring PPV U.S Championship 6 Man Elimination Match: Punk vs Joe vs Miz vs Cena vs Balor vs Ziggler In a good match to start the show Finn Balor would win the United States Championship after pinning Samoa Joe to win the matchup. Doplh Ziggler was the first eliminated as CM Punk defeated him with a GTS. Next up The Miz would be eliminated after Samoa Joe would make him tap to the coquina clutch. After that John Cena was defeated after he was defeated by CM Punk with a GTS. Following that CM Punk would pass out to the coquina clutch after interference from Shane O'mac. Then the finish would take place and Finn Balor would become the U.S Champ. Smackdown Womens Championship: Becky Lynch vs Ember Moon In the first SmackDown match of the night, Becky Lynch would retain her SmackDown women’s title against Ember Moon, submitting her with a Dis-Arm-Her. Becky Lynch celebrates, but her mood is clearly still anger after the recent attacks by Sasha Banks. Intercontinental Championship: Ali vs Andrade In a stellar bout, Mustafa Ali would retain his Intercontinental championship after an 054 to Andrade. After the match, Ali would celebrate, but he would be interrupted by the music of Buddy Murphy. Ali would look towards the entrance ramp, and he would see Murphy. However, Murphy is unconscious, and is being dragged to ringside by Lars Sullivan. Sullivan then dropped Murphy on the top of the ramp and charged the ring, brawling with Ali. Though Ali gives as much of a fight as he can, he’s tired from his previous title defense and is no match for Sullivan, being laid out by a Freak Accident. Lars would then turn his attention to Andrade, and Andrade prepares for a fight. However, both men then laugh, and Sullivan shakes Andrade’s hand. Sullivan, Andrade and Zelina Vega celebrate the carnage they just caused, and with Sullivan now watching Andrade’s back, Ali’s Intercontinental title reign might be in more jeopardy than ever before. Raw Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James In a short match, Alexa Bliss would defeat Mickie James with a Twisted Bliss. Bliss looked dominant here as she truly proved why she is one of the top women in the WWE at the moment. Alexa would defend her title her is it seemed Mickie really did not stand a chance here tonight. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: 3MB vs The New Day In a high-energy tag team bout, 3MB would manage to retain their tag titles, with Slater pinning Xavier Woods. Though the New Day got one over on 3MB last SmackDown, 3MB would pick up the win on this occasion and continue their tag title reign. Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton In a great match, Randy Orton defeated Brock Lesnar after beating him with a low blow when the referee was distracted then hitting him with a pair of RKO’s. Randy was able to pull of a huge upset here as the Beast has finally been defeated at the hands of the viper Randy Orton. Raw Tag Team Championships: Bryan and Rowan vs The Fiend and Braun In a short match, The Fiend and Braun Strowman defeated Bryan and Rowan to win the Raw Tag Team Championships. The Fiend and Strowman looked dominant here as Bryan and Rowan really did not stand a match here. With us crowning new tag champs. WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston In a fantastic match, Drew McIntyre would score his second consecutive victory over Kofi Kingston. With him in control of the WWE title, while Jinder and Slater hold the tag titles, 3MB has total control over SmackDown right now, and if even the New Day weren’t able to overcome them, who can? Womens Tag Team Championships: Flair and Evans vs Kabuki Warriors In a stellar bout, the Kabuki Warriors would scoop tag team gold after an In-Sane Elbow to Lacey Evans. Paige, Kairi and Asuka would celebrate after the match, with Kairi tasting her first bit of championship gold on the main roster. QOTR Finals: Bayley vs Sasha Banks In a heated clash between former tag team partners, Sasha Banks would continue her impressive roll by forcing Bayley to submit to a Banks Statement. Sasha Banks has become the first ever Queen of the Ring, and after the match, she grabs a microphone and simply says… “Becky, you’re next. Bank on it.” KOTR Finals: Robert Roode vs Seth Rollins In a great match, Robert Roode defeated Seth Rollins after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. Roode pulled of quite the upset here as Rollins was the expected victor. We have seen a very different Robert Roode after this fresh start and he is now King Roode.
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    Ok what the actual fuck is going on here. So a report came out that Vince wanted to bury Cedric because he was too small but now he likes Chad Gable and it using his height against him so that the fans will get behind him? Anyway it's good to see Chad getting some screen time, his match with Corbin was fantastic and a move to RAW during the draft will keep him away from the big stars of SD so he can slowly build himself up. I'm intrigued where this goes but don't be surprised if Vince wakes up one day and just wants to bury him
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    It’s good that even Vince wants to push Chad Gable. I still really wish he won King Of The Ring. As it would have helped his career a lot. But it seems some other kind of push will happen rather soon.
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    I think that this was an absolutely perfect debut show for NXT on live TV and everyone involved hit it right out of the park with what they produced. The Velveteen vs Strong match was just absolutely phenomenal and seeing The Era draped in all gold is a great way to start NXT Live. WALTER and Imperium being involved is great as well and the return of Lio Rush was also a major talking point. Really loved the two hour format, heaps of people had a chance to shine and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what else they can do. Lets see how AEW can combat something like this when the time comes, Wednesday night is going to be an amazing night for wrestling
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    Dolph Ziggler vs The Rock at Wrestlemania. One of the best if not the best storyline match that I have watched in Brenden's Universe Mode. I was really into suck that when Ziggler finally won the World Championship he lost it right away to Balor
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    Superhero/Villains Tournaments

    Spiderman all the way.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    Have no idea how you put decided the top 5 but with none of FD, Bashka, Ryan, and Zombie on the list, I'm interested to know since I believe they're all above myself, Flynn and Julius as IC champions...
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    What if ____ Signed with WWE Aussie Open Background Information Aussie Open are currently one of the top independent wrestling tag teams in the world and they of course originate from my home country of Australia. Interestingly enough before the two men went over to the UK they were singles competitors but when they moved to the UK, the two men began putting on excellent match ups as a tag team starting in 2017. The two men have since been extremely successful capturing the ATTACK, PROGRESS, WXW, Defiant and RPW Tag Team Championships. The two men utilise several different finishing maneuvers including their individual finishers Kyle Fletcher’s Aussie Arrow a top rope cutter and Mark Davis’ Close your eyes and count to fuck but their tag team finisher is The Fidget Spinner, essentially a double team murphys law. What WWE Should do with them I would personally love to see WWE take Aussie Open and put them into main NXT. They come across as a team that could be a viable threat to any of the teams in NXT. I could see them having a rivalry with Undisputed Era over the championships as the underdog challengers before finally capturing them defeating Fish and O’reily for the titles in a ladder match before defending them a few times or even remaining as a staple of the NXT Tag team division with the recent push of NXT as it’s now officially a third brand. What WWE Could do With them While this is unlikely with the more sports focused programming that FOX is looking to achieve with Smackdown having Aussie Open debut since they don’t exactly have the highest amount of character and are more designed to be just generic baby faces or heels they could be big players in the Smackdown tag team division since they’d come across as a more legitimate duo and I could even see them capturing the Smackdown tag team championships even if just briefly. What WWE Probably would do with them At the end of the day Aussie Open did make their name in the UK and it therefore would be likely that they would be starting in NXT UK. They would be an actual legitimate tag team which NXT UK actually somewhat lacks since their tag division is a little bit dry (not extremely but somewhat) so having a different tag team as NXT UK Tag Champs could help the division somewhat. Next Episode: El Phantasmo
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    These shows are always a bit of fun because they have that House Show vibe to them. Although nothing really gets done, or no big titles change hands it's usually enjoyable to watch. It's also going to be interesting to see who the champions will be once we get to Starrcade because December is still pretty far away
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    Your dream car

    I used to be a massive fan of the Dodge Charger that Dom drove in Fast & Furious but now, I prefer more sporty cars. Therefore, I'd go with a modern Aston Martin like the Vanquish or One 77 as I've always been a fan of Aston Martins and the town I live in used to be where they built them back in the 1950s.
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    Although I wasn't able to watch the match live, I thought it was overall quite good. I was obviously expecting Rollins to retain, but I was expecting a more John Cena type match where he gets dominated for the whole time then hits one big move for the win. But of course, like everyone is saying, this match was much better than just that. I thought the storyline in combination with two guys you wouldn't think would put on a banger would be enough to keep the match down, but they proved me wrong. Braun looked like a beast eating up those 4 curb stomps and the pedigree, and both guys came out of the encounter looking strong. The Fiend ending the show was great, you could hear the excitement in the crowd which added to the spectacle even more. Rollins' lifelessness selling was fantastic and Wyatt really looked like a freak at the end. Great stuff overall.
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    I wasn't a fan of the DQ finish as (in my opinion) they were having the best match of the night (before Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman). Why couldn't they have had Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks for the championship on Raw to boost ratings, have the DQ finish which was caused by an "out of nowhere" moment & the arena brawl, which would've set up a No DQ type match for Clash Of Champions which would've involved the awesome spots from the brawl. We also could've had Banks cost Charlotte Flair the Smackdown Women's Championship by helping Bayley thus allowing Bayley to retain with added heel heat for both Bayley & Banks which would've led to Bayley helping Banks win the Raw Women's Championship against Becky Lynch which would've given Bayley & Banks more heat which would've led to the hometown hero Charlotte Flair come out, equalize the odds, give Lynch the win, and still give Banks a reason to request a rematch which would've needed to take place inside a structure such as Hell In A Cell. Result: Bayley retains her title, Boss & Hug Connection get mega heat, Charlotte Flair has an excuse to continue her feud, Flair takes a couple of giant steps en route to earning her face turn, Bayley takes a couple of giant steps to cement her heel turn, we get many awesome moments from a trilogy for the Raw Women's Championship thus keeping both competitors strong heading to Survivor Series where the feuds will intertwine again, and then keeping them strong for fresh mini-feuds between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. Boom! 👊✊️
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    Went with Steve Austin here. He was the hottest act and top babyface going into Wrestlemania, where he had a stellar main event against the Rock, before going on to be the hottest heel in wrestling as WWE Champion. You gotta remember that while a heel, he was still the most popular thing going in the company so he wins 2001 for me by far.
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    Storm's editing Plaza

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    I could see you definitely making the playoffs maybe as a 6-8th ish seed. I think the move for Adams is pretty good you didn't really need Barnes and he was 100 percent really overpaid. I think Steven Adams fits the system the kings play with which is a really fast pace game with Fox and Bagley and The Kings Center spot was pretty weak since they lost Wille Causley Stain in the offseason. If De'Aaron Fox can keep improving his stats and become one of the best point guards in the league I think this team could be really scary and If Bagley can continue his progress into become a star because he has that type of potential.
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    I’d say in 2001, it has to Chris Jericho. He was the first ever Undisputed Champion in the history of Professional Wrestling. Plus he did beat Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night. That’s not just like how Jericho has the most intercontinental championship reigns, that’s something that’ll be broken in time. But something like what happened at Vengeance in 2001 is something that can never be duplicated. That’s honestly possible the biggest match in the history of WWE’s Kayfabe. Especially when you look at the four men in that tournament. The Rock, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, and Jericho. Now I mean no disrespect to Jericho but outta those 4 men, he is gonna be the first one to get out. So with all these points, I have to say Chris Jericho.
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    Another brilliant episode Bob. Personally my favourite storyline is that Julius will be attacking a bunch of high schoolers. Can’t wait for that and more of this
  34. 1 point

    Superhero/Villains Tournaments

    I'm going to go with Wonder Woman. I never really got into the television series and so my only source of enjoyment would be the animated television shows and the crossover episodes with Flash. I think overtime I've liked Wonder Woman a lot more as a character. On top she can also be a great villain in alternate timeline stories.
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    So we had a few minor difficulties before we could do this portion of the show. First of all, Jason Ryan tried to escape without any clothes on. Then our lead producer here at BPZ who we only pay in stale doughnuts and coffee we may or may not pee in also tried to escape. Which we had the BPZ Taskforce after him. If you don't know what that is, the BPZ Taskforce is security that yells " get back here you f*cker!" into a megaphone as they chase you with the intent to seriously maim you with German Shepards trained to think everything that moves is food and may or may not be high off substances. Needless to say we are currently looking for a new producer. Anyway, it's time for the show where Jason reviews Summerslam. Take it away Jason. ... I don't wanna *Sound of a gun cocking can be heard* I hate you Todd. Anyway folks welcome to BPZ Behind Closed Doors where I review whatever PPV I get paid an extra five bucks to do. And to kick this whole thing off, I'll be reviewing... I'll be reviewing... Damn it I forgot my lines. Where's my script?! Honestly Jason?! What the fu- Alright we're back. I found my script. Let's get into Summerslam. Starting off with the NXT Battle Royal So Raven won becoming NXT champion... some Tik Tok music.ly twelve year old was there.... what? Arrow is an adult? No! Get outta here! But he can't do anything right! He called the Fire Department just the other day cause he got... caught zipping up his own pants! He was in the bathroom for over thirty minutes trying to get unstuck! Okay. I miss the old days where the NXT was a title that was defended in one on one battles, you little pricks ruined that! Stop it! The NXT title might as well be whatever it is professional Fortnite players play for because it's basically a battle royal title! You're bad people. You did bad and you should feel bad. Go ahead and move on before I pull a Mirage and start my cycle! So my thoughts on this match...It was really good. The guys in it are all very talented, George has been the very best I've ever seen him. My former friend Marker didn't walk out with the gold. I'd say the right man won this one, it was a fun ladder match. I wish I could have been apart of it. I mean as long as Marker didn't win. Seriously Marker, if you're watching this I just want you to know that you are very ugly. I was laughing so hard when you lost. And you've got a gap tooth. And you smell strange. And I'm better than you. And I have a waaaaay bigger di- Let's just move on! ...Did you just cut me off Todd? Yes I did ... Hey Josh... remember when I beat you for the Global title and went on to hold it long enough to be the 3rd longest reigning champ with the belt? Remember when I beat up your dad? Good times. You're supposed to be a face! Shut up Todd! Fine. In all seriousness, if Josh had lost to this... gender confused, boy girl, what am I looking at?! Ken the Barbie Doll's brother? Is this what happens when you cheer for the Atlanta Falcons? ANyway... this match was good if you are a Josh fan which you should be, he's fantastic. As for Mirage...can we release him please? Look he looks more like a female, I'm 99% sure he showers in the women's locker room and not for the reasons a man would try to do that...he has a real creepy vibe to him, like the guy who has 20 restraining orders out on him. And all anyone really cared about was Josh anyway. Mirage should focus on the other NXT guys and get a victory from someone who he actually has a chance against. I'll say this. mirage got done dirty facing Josh, we all knew the result but it was funny to see him lose. Anyway moving on. So the Tag titles...not gonna lie, I was happy to see Sameer and Brendan lose the titles. And no disrespect to either man, I just am petty, have anger issues and don't like people who've beat me manage to be successful at things. And as for First Class Express, congrats on the win. I'd challenge you myself for the titles but I... don't have friends here in this company ever since Necce dumped me. He did it over a text message too, saying, it's not you it's me etc. Anyway the match was really good, I'd love to see a rematch. First Class Express should hold the belts awhile. That's all I have to say. Next Honestly, there's only one way I can describe what Bashka did to Brendan here. I mean when you take into the account everything Bash did to Brendan leading up to the match and what he did to him in the match, it's nuts. Bashka may have destroyed Brendan. I'm actually concerned our fearless leader may never return to the way he was. And I don't think it's over, I'd be willing to bet money Bash wants Brendan out of here. Time will tell but here's hoping Brendan is okay. Hey Todd? Yeah? Just want to remind you I hate you. Anyway, the United States match. Honestly, I could watch these guys wrestle all day, the underrated match of the night in my opinion. Everyone was good in some way, and then there was Mirage who wasn't even the hero of his own f*cking story. Anyway, this match caught my attention, Hans and Storm in particular. I want them to fight again. I want it. And If I don't get it, I swear to God I will riot in my pink Spongebob Underwear- I mean... in my boxers... like a man... yeah. I feel Icon should have wrong. I feel like Hans is racist somehow for not letting Icon win. Don't care if it that's not how racism works. If Tumblr can abuse the word like it's a drunk step parent so can I. Okay what's next? Well someone took some Viagra! Two matches, two wins against two damn good wrestlers! Bashka... you've been eating your Wheaties huh son?! This match was really, really good, although, what did you expect? I'm glad Bash won because I'm still pissy about my match with Slim way back when and because I don't feel like being an adult and letting it go, I'm going to live through Bash right now since he won. Don't worry Bash, I'll celebrate this victory on your behalf. We're all going to the Russian Club tonight! Mazel Tov! What... that's not right... let's move on. Well this match was pretty good, we didn't get an actual winner.Thus I can't really say much about it. So at Bad Blood they're going to do it again. Hopefully they don't end up like that one college virgin at the house party this time and they can finish the job. Yelich is great, Arius is great, both men work well together. Honestly this could be match of the night at Bad Blood. If this match is anything to go off, it should be great. Flynn vs Bart. I'll be honest, I was drunk by this point and shooting conspiracies about the former stable known as Ruin being made up as lizard people who forgot they were lizard people. But I've gone back and actually watched the match and I gotta say. It lived up to its hype and then some. This match was a lot of fun to watch, Flynn should hold on to the belt for the foreseeable future. Flynn is the very best we have right now in my opinion and whether he faces Necce again or he faces Echo, I think he should retain. Yes, I'm saying good things about my former teacher's worst enemy. Necce doesn't have me by the balls anymore I can say whatever I want. So yeah, Flynn should just hang on to the title for awhile longer. Also Bart should get a rematch in the future. Jesus Christ. I mean...wow. Where to begin? There's not enough time in the day! But how about we start with Bailey having Smith piss inside of the ring... Bailey... you're into some weird stuff man. I'm legit scared to go through your internet history. Something tells me you like golden showers. Hey you'll fit right in Hollywood. Everyone in Hollywood drinks their own piss after all. They also eat the other stuff but that's beside the point. Anyway the match. It may be the biggest one we've had in BPZ history. It broke the scaling system. It was insane. And when Smith won I was actually happy. He proved he's beaten his demons and I am honestly happy to see him back. That being said, I have in my possession a video tape of me and Smith drunk singing a Karaoke version of a Pink Guy song dressed in bunny costumes. If you want to see it, DM me and I'll get it to you. And for the final match and thank God too. I am sooooo tired! Todd here hasn't let me sleep in three days the slave driver! ANway Julius vs Sameer I love it when Julius loses matches, I think it's funny! That is Karma Julius! Where's the Death Machine now?! Haha! Okay in all seriousness, both men did great here, I thought Julius would murder Sameer so I put $500 down on him, forgetting Julius might as well be a teddy bear. So Julius you owe me $500 and if you don't pay me, so help me Kevin, the almighty goat god of destruction, I will hunt you down and I will find you and I will do bad things! Sameer, congrats on beating Julius. Looking forward to see who faces you next. And Julius, in the future, you are invited to my funeral as a Paul Bearer so you can let me down one last time. Alright, I did the review. I'm leaving now. Screw you Todd. Actually Jason you got to stay for a while longer ... Is that so? Jason holds up a Paintball gun and looks at the camera You'll never take me alive! Oh God... ladies and gentlemen, that's all from us. Hope you've enjoyed yourselves here at Behind Closed Doors. Oh God! Jason No! The camera fades to black as Jason runs around like a maniac shirt off, laughing maniacally as he shoots people with his paintball gun
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Tuesday Night SmackDown LIVE: Aprill 25th, 2017 - Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa "Grinding All My Life" kicks off, followed by pyro as Mauro Ranallo and John "Bradshaw" Layfield welcome us to Tuesday Night SmackDown. We get a graphic hyping our main event, as it could very well be one of the biggest SmackDown LIVE main events, as the SmackDown Tag Team Championships are put on the line in a Fatal-4 Way Match. But we are flipped to the ring for MizTV with Shane McMahon. MizTV w/ Shane McMahon: The Miz, Maryse, and The Miztourage (Axel & Ryder) would be in the ring to begin SmackDown as The Miz finally held his MizTV with Shane McMahon. As Shane was introduced, he came out to his signature music, getting down to the ring before taking a microphone from The Miz. The Miz began to ask the former Commissioner questions, like how he feels about his father's decision (knowing he's been OUT of touch for years), before Miz would ask how he feels about his opponent, Drew McIntyre. Shane would respond by saying Drew McIntyre is an overrated wrestler, product of NXT's machine. Miz would draw comparisions between themselves and their rivals, saying they both are overrated NXT products and that they are the veteran, before Shinsuke Nakamura's music would hit. Nakamura, never one to do much talking, would take out Ryder and Axel, before nailing Miz himself with a Roundhouse kick, showing off those deadly strikes. Nakamura, ever the gentlemen, would shake hands with Shane McMahon, saying it's an honor to meet him before Nakamura would duck out of the ring, and back up the ramp, his statement to The Miz made. Alexa Bliss exposes Bayley as a fraud: After a commercial break, Alexa Bliss would trot her way down to the ring, asking for a microphone as the timekeeper obliged and handed the Wicked Witch of SmackDown LIVE what she asked for. Bliss then raised the microphone and began to run down her Backlash opponent, Bayley, who all week on twitter, has been claiming is a fraud and promised to explain to everyone tonight. Alexa begins by saying that Bayley is exactly what she hates. A bad person. Alexa Bliss says that at WrestleMania, Bayley wasn't a good friend, she basically stabbed her friend in the chest and took that title from Sasha Banks. "And now, I'm gonna take her title from her", yelled Bliss into the microphone as she stormed out with a vengeance, throwing a tamper tantrum like a 2 year old. Drew McIntyre vs Tyler Breeze: The next match on SmackDown would be the in-ring debut of Drew McIntyre, as Tyler Breeze of Breezango took the challenge of facing the Scottish Psychopath. McIntyre would dominate Breeze, barely alllowing him to get any offense in before McIntyre would nail the Claymore Kick dead in Breeze's face and pick up a win in his debut. After the match, Drew McIntyre posed, sending a clear message to Shane McMahon: Backlash will be his last time in WWE, ever. Number One Contender's Match: Travis Banks vs Trent Seven vs Tyler Bate One of the highlights of SmackDown LIVE, Travis Banks, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven would go to war in a Number One Contender's Match to see who would be up to face the WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne, at Backlash. And these three would put it all on the line for their chance to go to Backlash against Dunne. For Travis Banks, it's about proving that he is on the level of Dunne, Bate, and Seven. And for Seven, ever since he beat down ZSJ brutally after their match, Seven has been a beast, costing himself matches by DQ and seldomly getting pinned. For Tyler Bate on the other hand, he has to prove he deserves one more shot against Dunne. He came up short last week, but not by much and General Manager Eric Bischoff felt he deserved another opportunity, so here we go. Seven would overpower the two early, even connecting on a Seven Stars Lariat on Travis Banks, but Tyler Bate would pull the Kiwi Terminator out of the ring, stopping any pinfall from taking place. The match would wear on, each man trying to stake their claim and win the match, securing a United Kingdom Championship Match. In the end, Travis Banks would go for the Roaring Lion's Knee, and connect on Trent Seven, but from behind, Tyler Bate would line him up and nail a Tyler Driver '97, before getting the three count and advancing onto face Pete Dunne at Backlash! Carmella challenges Emma to a match at Backlash: Backstage, Emma would be in Eric Bischoff's office, saying that she wants to fight and prove herself to this division, and eventually face the Women's Champion for their title. Carmella would walk in, saying that what Emma was wearing was cute, but what she said sounded even cuter. Carmella complained that for too long women walked into SmackDown and got opportunities, and told Emma to earn hers by facing her at Backlash. Emma would agree and so would Uncle Eric... And we officially had Emma vs Carmella set for Backlash! Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles vs Wolfgang The Intercontinental and United Kingdom divisons would cross here, as Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles took on United Kingdom Competitor, Wolfgang. Wolfgang had the size advantage over AJ and used it to his advantage early on, overpowering the small champion before Styles would begin to target the legs of Wolfgang to try and get back into the match. Unfortunately for Styles, Wolfgang quickly grounded him again and used mounts to beat away at the champion's head. Styles would begin his comeback, hitting Wolfgang with a suplex into the turnbuckles, before he would bounce off of the opposite turnbuckle and hit a dropkick to Wolfgang's face. He would scoop Wolfgang up, trying for the Styles Clash, but would collapse under the weight of Wolfgang, before Wolfgang would take advantage with a running uppercut. Wolfgang would go up to the top rope, going for the Swanton Bomb... BUT COUNTER! Styles would put his knees up as Wolfgang gripped his back in pain, and Styles got to his feet before nailing a Pele Kick to a stirring Wolfgang! Styles would roll out, onto the apron as Wolfgang made it to his feet... AND DROP HIM WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Styles into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Styles wins in a phenomenal match, and an impressive showing for Wolfgang, as Dolph Ziggler and Eva Marie are shown looking on backstage. Main Event: SmackDown Tag Team Championships Enzo & Cass (c) vs The Usos vs WWE Champion Roman Reigns & Neville vs Bray Wyatt and Pentagon And in our very-hyped main event of the week, four teams would go to battle, trying to hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The champions, Enzo and Cass have been subject to Eric Bischoff's "harrassment" as described by Mauro Ranallo, as they have defended more than any team ever has, three times in four weeks since winning the titles at WrestleMania. In tonight's match they had to beat the odds to retain the championships, and all four teams went at it, even the tension-filled duo of Neville and Reigns, who were on the verge of winning the championships after a Roman Reigns Spear, but Bray Wyatt would break it up, once again foiling Roman Reigns. Wyatt and Pentagon would work seemlessly to take Reigns out before Neville arrived in the ring before taking him out as well, with Pentagon using his 'Fear Factor' finisher to a big pop from the crowd. Enzo & Cass would stare down with Bray and Pentagon as the fans cheered, on the edge of their seats for this confrontation before Big Cass would run at Bray and the two teams would tee off! Eventually, Big Cass would lay Pentagon out with a Big Boot before swinging Enzo into Bray Wyatt! And then from behind, Jimmy Uso would chopblock Cass as Jey Uso came around with a Superkick! Another double superkick would follow, as Cass would go down, and shortly after, Enzo would go down with a Superkick. Out of nowhere, Neville would dive into the ring onto both Usos, taking them down as he lined up a Superkick himself, but as he went for it, ROMAN REIGNS CAUGHT HIM WITH A SPEAR! The crowd would be shocked and boo, as suddenly then Bray Wyatt hit The Usos with a chair, as it's fatal-4 way, no rules! One Uso would go down, before another would go down with Wyatt's chair shots! Reigns would look pissed off, before Pentagon turned him around and caught him with a running knee strike, before pushing him to Wyatt... DARK PASSAGE! 1... 2... 3! Bray Wyatt just pinned the WWE Champion to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! Bray Wyatt and Pentagon, now the SmackDown Tag Team Champions and looking literally unstoppable, would be our sight as SmackDown fades... to... black.
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    Becoming Number One

    Name: ICON Age:29 Finishers: Curb Stomp, Bitter End
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    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown "Summerslam 2019 Go Home Show" _________________________________________________________ Finn Balor Meets Bray Wyatts Monster To kick off Smackdown Live, Finn Balor would step into the ring. Last week, Balor was attacked by a mysterious creature. And many are speculating that this is the monster that Bray Wyatt has been referring to. Finn Balor enters the ring and cuts a promo on whoever this man is, challenging him to a match at Summerslam as Bray Wyatt appears on screen. "Finn...FInn..Finn. You have no clue what you have gotten yourself into, you have no idea what I have to show. The monster I have captured, the fierce. Ruthless. Side show attraction that world has feared, that children have had nightmares about and adults have run from. This isn't a clown...no no no...this is much...much worse. Because Balor...at Summerslam....you learn...that I am the f*cking monster" In almost an instant, "The Fiend" would enter the ring and attack Finn Balor. Hitting a sister Abigail, and disappearing into the darkness. __________ Jordan Devlin vs Fandango - Singles Match Jordan Devlin would make his long awaited in ring debut on Smackdown Live. The young NXT UK star is ready to take over Smackdown but tonight he has to get through Fandango, who surprisingly the crowd is behind. Doing his dance as he awaits Jordan Devlin. The match would not last long, but Fandango would be able to impress many with some of his new movesets. Possible changing his career, but Jordan Devlin would simply be to athletic and to ring smart. As he is able to use to ropes to his advantage in a creative reversal to defeat Fandango. Jordan Devllin may be a true threat in the future, as he poses in the ring. The crowd giving him a mixed reaction as we don't know what to truly think of him yet. As the match comes to a close. _______ The Champ Is Everywhere. As Jordan Devlin leaves the arena, Lio Rush walks past him. Stepping out onto stage as the crowd begins to boo, he is wearing a "PWE" T Shirt. He is without Bobby Lashley tonight as he raises his Cruiserweight Championship in the air. Lio Rush: "I am. I am. I AM. I AAAAMMMM THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And I am everywhere, RAW. Smackdown. NXT. 205 Live. Where I go, money follows and its just a fact. You see I have been hand picked by the G.O.A.T of this industry Ric Flair to be the spokesperson of PWE for a reason. This is the ERA of LUSH, this is the ERA of PWE. And tonight, when Kassius Ohno wins the fatal fourway match and goes on to defeat John Cena. PWE will hold both world titles, its time...for the takeover" Rush throws his microphone, exiting as the show is ready to continue. _____________ The Perfect Ones vs Darkness Rising - Tag Team Match At Summerslam, it will be a tag team turmoil matchup as any team can answer. And tonight, the new team of Tye Dillinger and Robert Roode will be taking on Darkness Rising in one on one action. As both teams are set, its ready for action. Roode and Dillinger would impress, being able to fight off the powerful team of Konnor and Viktor. Konnor and Viktor would be dominant though, taking on Dillinger and Roode separately but Robert Roode would prove his worth, fighting back and winning with the Glorious Bomb. Giving "The Perfect Ones" some momentum going forward. But after the match, The Colons would come to the ring with steel chairs. Taking out both men with steel chairs, as they are more aggressive than ever. And may be a threat to the tag titles, who will walk out of Summerslam the brand new Smackdown Tag Team champions?!? ____________ A Look At The Womens Triple Threat Possibly the most hyped up womens match in a long time, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks will go to war in a triple threat matchup at Summerslam for the WWE Womens Champion. It has been war for the past 3 weeks and at Money In The Bank. Will Toni Storm finally get the win she needs, will Sasha Banks new aggressive side come to life? Or will Becky Lynch once again prove why she is "The Man" _______ Adam Cole vs Ali - Singles Match Mr. Money in The Bank would return to the ring just a few days before Summerslam, where there is two possible matches he would cash in on as tonight he has a big task ahead of him as he takes on Ali. One of the better wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. The match would be nothing short of amazing, as Ali would prove just why he deserves a title shot. And Adam Cole would combat that with his own style and skills, as he takes out Ali with multiple big moves. As Adam Cole truly is the future and he proves it, nailing Ali with the Last Shot and defeating him in the ring as these Smackdown stars put on yet another banger of a matchup. Adam Cole would pose with his Money In The Bank case, proving that he in fact, has the power here on Smackdown Live and possibly the WWE. ______________ Family vs Club The Usos would be walking backstage getting ready for an upcoming matchup, as The Club would attack them! Throwing them into multiple shipping containers and onto the catering table. Hitting them with steel chairs and more objects as they tear apart the twins. Aj Styles would come into frame, nealing down to the two Usos who are clearly injured. Aj Styles: "Big cousin Reigns isn't here yet is he? Well its a shame, he better be there Sunday. Because I talked to Bischoff. And its your sorry asses vs The Club. 3 on 3, good luck making it there. And for Reigns, I am sure he won't be winning that fatal fourway match" As hype as the announcement is, you have to wonder about the condition of The Usos after tonights attack. But its set, at Summerslam its. The Bloodline vs The Club. ____________ Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental Championship. This Sunday! _________ Ricochet vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Kassius Ohno - Number One Contender Match With the winner taking on John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Championships. This match has huge implications, and while Roman Reigns comes to the ring with a target on his back in the form of The Club. He is ready, and so is Kassius Ohno, Daniel Byran, and Ricochet as we get for action. It would be one of the best matches of the year, as 4 of the best would rage war. A back and fourth contest with many near falls, and everytime Roman Reigns would come close to winning the match. The thought of The Club would distract him, as the match would go nearly 22 minutes with no wining pinfall. With spots such as Kassius Ohno being put through the announce table, and Daniel Bryan nearly making Ricochet tap out with his signature move. But as Roman Reigns and Kassius Ohno continue there feud from Money in The Bank and continue to brawl up the stage, it would come to an end as The Club attacks Roman Reigns on stage. As Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all battle it out as Erick Rowan runs down to the ring to help Daniel Bryan, and so do the injured Usos as well as PWE member Lio Rush. As everyone is brawling on the outside of the ring, Ricochet dives out on everyone. Throwing Kassius Ohno in the ring before hitting the 630. And winning the matchup. As Ricochet celebrates and the brawl continues, John Cena would step out on stage as the action stops. And amongst all the chaos, our Summerslam match is made. Ricochet vs John Cena, for the WWE Championship. This Sunday!
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    UFC: Our Time

    Fight Night 2 James Vick vs Georges St. Pierre Nice opening fight. James Vick really showcased his skills here tonight. Vick showed more of his standing game, while Georges showed his ground game. This clash went the distance, after the first round came to a end. Round 2 would begin with a jab from James Vick, sending Georges down, knocked out cold. At the time of 4:56 Winner: James Vick (KO) 4:56 Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones A insane fight. Blew the roof of the place, as far as im concerned the best fight of the diary so far. Back and forth, this fight went. Jon Jones would go for the constant mission for a knockout. While Anderson Silva would use his skills of roundhouse kicks and combos. But at the end of the day, Silva would tap out to Jones in the 2nd round, in the time of 3:23 by a headlock. Winner: Jon Jones (Submission) 3:23 Jake Matthews vs Daniel Hooker Good fight here. Both men took the ground game route here tonight. And used very efficiently, round 1 was very enjoyable to watch. After round 1 came to a close, Jake Matthews would take it to the fighting perspective. With quick combos, a jab knocking Daniel Hooker out cold, at the time of 4:23 in the 2nd round. Winner: Jake Matthews (KO) 4:23 Cm Punk vs Mike Pyle An ok fight here. Punk really could not get any advantage in this clash. Mike Pyle really focused on his takedowns, combos and striking in this fight. However, Cm Punk would work on his ground game, trying to lay on submissions, With a few moments left in Round 1, Mike Pyle would knockout Punk with a Roundhouse kick. Winner: CM Punk (KO) 0:30 Khabib vs Kevin Lee What a fight! These men would not let go of eachother for anything. Khabib showcased his combos. A very innovative fighter we have here in the UFC. On the other hand, Kevin Lee showed a more of a ground game kind of fight. But not utilizing it the most wise way. In the first round, in the time of 2:57, Khaib would strike Kevin Lee with a backfist/ jab combo, knocking out Lee but not cold. Winner: Khabib (TKO) 2:57 Mike Perry vs Jordan Mein An average fight. What else can i say? They didnt have anything special here, or steal the show or anything. Mike Perry worked the ground game very proficiently, while Jordan Mein would take the striking game to the next level. And got him the win, with a Uppercut. In the time of 2:45 in the 2nd round. Winner: Jordan Mein (KO) 2:45 In some very sad news, our main event has been called off. Nate Diaz has been taken to the hospital after being serious condition after an injury. We wish only the best to Diaz and his Family. Fight Night 3 Leonardo Santos vs Kevin Lee Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson Issac Frost vs Mark Hunt Holly Holm vs Lauren Murphy Cm Punk vs Dustin Poirier Anthony Pettis vs Micheal Johnson Conor Mcgregor vs Will Brooks
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    I agree with Josh, a Kayfabe GM would be a great asset. My suggestion is to somehow bring back BPZ cash and implement it into our kayfabe contracts. what the cash would be used for? i have no idea.Maybe special colors or borders for your profile picture.
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    Arius and his Graphics

    Coming Soon: Unforgiven 2016 - Siblings At War Link: Click Here
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    After the commercial break, we cut to Julius defeating Mikey in the first round of the King Of The Ring Tournament. Then We see him go on to defeat Marker in the Quarter-finals and George in the Semi-Finals to reach the Finals where he would go on to defeat Hans and win the whole King Of The Ring Tournament. Then we see to Sameer retaining The World Heavyweight Championship against The Bailey at King Of The Ring setting up this main event Sameer Vs Julius and when Sameer was attacked by Julius from behind. It is time for the Main Event Ladies and Gentlemen, Sameer vs Julius, 'The Beast vs The Death Machine.' "Gallantry" hits in the Staples Center as the 2 time King Of The Ring Winner "The Death Machine" Julius makes his to the ring, He looks 100 percent focused here tonight as he looks to become a 2-time BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion. My Demons by Starset echoes throughout the Staples Center as we see The BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion "The Beast: Sameer come out the back and head towards the ring to defend the World Heavyweight Champion for the 2nd time in his career. Julius called out "The Beast" in Sameer. Apart of Sameer that he has said time and time again that he wants to keep in his past but Julius pushed him to bring him back for this match bring back The Demon of The Beast in Sameer, The Part of Sameer where he won't hold back from doing anything. Both men representative corners as this match is about to start. Sameer gives his World Championship to the referee and here we go this match is on. The Bell Rings as the Main Event for BrendenPlayz SummerSlam is on. Julius vs Sameer, 'The Death Machine vs The Beast' is underway. After the bell rings Sameer and Julius stare at each other down. Julius and Sameer would exchange blows to the head exchanging in a fist fight as the crowd goes wild. After a few blows to the head Julius knocks Sameer down as Sameer looks stund after all the blows to the head. Julius picks Sameer up irish wipes him into the ropes and a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY JULIUS! Julius with an explosive belly to belly suplex to the World Champion Sameer. Julius picks Sameer back up using raw strength and a SIT DOWN POWERBOMB TO SAMEER. Julius goes for the quick cover but Sameer kicks out right after the one count. Julius would stalk down Sameer in the corner of the ring as Sameer is trying to recover. Julius is looking for the Claymore Kick and trying to end this match quickly. Sameer turns around, Julius charges at him but SAMEER DODGES THE KICK! Julius is sent to the outside of the ring! Sameer backs up and uses to ropes to get some momentum and dives to the outside a SUICIDE DIVE BY THE WORLD CHAMPION! But Sameer's back collides with the announcer's table. Both men are still down as the referee starts to count. Julius is able to get up before Sameer. It seems like the suicide dive hurt Sameer way more than it hurt Julius. Julius drags Sameer back into the ring and gets back in as the referee stops at the count of 6. Julius picks up Sameer and throws him into the corner and moves to the other corner of the ring and runs at Sameer as Julius tries to go for a running knee but SAMEER GETS OUT THE WAY OF THE KNEE! Sameer than would go for the other knee of Julius to get him down for a moment and then Sameer hits Julius with a DDT! PLANTING THE KING OF THE RING WINNER! As Julius is down Sameer would try to go for a Curbstomp but Julius is able to avoid the curb stomp from Sameer and bounce off the ropes into a SPEAR!! Julius goes for the pin on Sameer 1...2.. NO KICKOUT AT 2 BY THE CHAMPION! Sameer is just able to kick out after a vicious spear from The Death Machine. Julius stalks down Sameer waiting for him to get up. Sameer uses to ropes to get back up he realizes Julius is behind. Julius tries to hit Sameer with a spinning kick that would've knocked him out cold but Sameer reserves it into a PELE KICK! Both men are down, Sameer isn't able to capitalize right away Sameer is still able to recooper and get up before Julius is able too. Sameer irish wipes Julius to the outside and is able to get some time to recover from what has been a hell of a match so far both men giving it all for the gold that is on the line here in the main event of the biggest show of the Summer in Wrestling. As Julius is able to get up pretty quickly using the announcer's table as the ref count is at 4. OH MY GOD SAMEER WITH A FLYING FOREARM TO JULIUS ONTO THE OUTSIDE THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE HAS BEEN BROKEN! Both men are still down as the referee's count is at 4 Sameer is able to crawl to the ring apron and use it to get back up and get back into the ring. The Count is now at 7 as Julius is able to get back up to his feet and he gets back into the ring. Sameer looks in shock. Shocked that Julius was able to get back up to his feet after that forearm. Sameer uses the ropes to jump onto Julius and take him out but JULIUS HITS SAMEER WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Julius now looks down onto Sameer and gets in the corner looking for Claymore Kick waiting for Sameer to get back up to his feet. Sameer who just got punched into another dimension is able to get up as Julius stalks him down. Sameer turns around RIGHT INTO A CLAYMORE KICK FROM JULIUS! It looks all over for Sameer. Call it over Ladies and Gentlemen nobody kicks out of the CLAYMORE KICK from the Death Machine! Julius goes for the PIN 1..2... NO WHAT THE HELL SAMEER KICKED OUT OF THE CLAYMORE KICK! Sameer told Julius that THE BEAST WAS COMING OUT FOR THIS MATCH and SAMEER HAS KICKED OUT OF ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MOVES IN THIS COMPANY! Julius doesn't react to Sameer kicking out of the first Claymore kick instead he goes back in the corner and stalks Sameer down again waiting for the champion to get back up. Julius with fire in his eyes. Sameer gets back up and OH MY GOD ANOTHER DEVASTATING CLAYMORE KICK TO THE BEAST! JULIUS GOES FOR THE PIN ON THE BEAST THIS HAS TO BE IT! 1...2.. NO! THE BEAST KICKED OUT AGAIN! JULIUS IS IN SHOCK! NOBODY HAS KICKED OUT OF BACK TO BACK CLAYMORE KICKS. Julius asked for The Beast. He wanted Sameer to bring back his demon side, the side of him that he never wanted to ever bring back. Julius picks Sameer up for THIRD CLAYMORE KICK TO THE BEAST! BUT Sameer falls outside the ring before Julius could get a pin on him. Julius then bring Sameer back into the ring and Julius is setting up for a spear BUT SAMEER RESERVES IT INTO A PEDIGREE! He quickly goes to pin the 2 time King Of The Ring winner 1..2.. NO JULIUS KICKS OUT AT 2 Sameer looks down at Julius with rage in his eyes, Looks like a man possessed by his demons as Julius is trying to recover from the pedigree SAMEER HITS HIM WITH A CURB STOMP! AND ANOTHER CURBSTOMP TO THE DEATH MACHINE! 1...2..3... Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beast has survived The Death Machine The Referee raises the hand of The Beast as he is handed his world heavyweight championship after going to war with the most dominant force in BrendenPlayz. As He celebrates Julius gets up and stares down at Sameer. Sameer offers a handshake between the two. At first, Julius hesitates to shake his hand but he ends up shaking the hand of The World Champion and leaves heading backstage as 'The Beast' Sameer celebrates the biggest win of his career as SummerSlam comes to a end.
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    Amai Graphics

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    Ranking the NXT champions

    Adrian Neville Tomasso Ciampa Finn Balor Samoa Joe Kevin Owens Bo Dallas Bobby Roode Shinsuke Nakamura Aleister Black Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Johnny Gargano Seth Rollins Big E Drew McIntyre Sami Zayn (The chase was fantastic)
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Evolve - Week 2, Month 2 __________________________________ The World Champion Is Not Threatened As the EVOLVE intro comes to a close, we would be greeted by the theme song of world champion Sameer who comes down the ramp to a warm reception. As the fans reach out for high fives and he hops the barricade. Letting a young kid hold the championship belt before giving him a high five and hoping the barricade once again. Entering the ring and grabbing a microphone. Sameer would prove his willingness to fight and how good of a championship he is, saying he is proud to be champion and that he will not let a man like Bashka take it away from him. Sameer and Bashka of course go head to head at the upcoming Summerslam PPV and its going to be a battle as Sameer is ready to fight. However, Bashka is not the man who comes out. As the man who returned last week, Slim, steps out on top of the stage with a smile on his face. Pointing to the world championship before mouthing "Its Mine" before walking to the back, sending a message to Sameer as we get set to continue EVOLVE. ____________________________ Sheridan Defeats Joshua Scott As Sameer is leaving the ring, EVOLVE star Joshua Scott would run out to the ring and get on the microphone before screaming into it. Complaining about Sheridan attacking him last weekend and that he wants to get revenge, insulting Sheridan, which would prompt Sheridan to come to the ring to a mixed reaction with her body guard posse close behind. She would wave them to the back before entering the ring and getting ready for the matchup. Joshua Scott would be able to wrestle Sheridan to the ground early on, but Sheridan would be to quick for Scott. Getting the upperhand and sending him into the ring post. The match would continue on, and there would be many near falls and reversals but by the end of it all it would be Sheridan hitting a springboard tornado DDT and pinnin Scott in the middle of the ring. As Sheridan celebrates, we get a view backstage where Austin Mirage is throwing a tantrum over his partners lost. He throws chairs around as Sheridan poses in the center of the ring and the program goes to commercial break. ____________ Hans Clayton Was Born For This Hans Clayton would be walking backstage carrying his luggage as a reporter for EVOLVE would walk up to him. Asking him various questions about his time so far in Brendenplayz Wrestling and his upcoming number one contenders match against Arius. Hans would give nothing but respect towards Arius, calling him a great opponent before moving onto his possible Summerslam opponent. Bart, saying he will gladly take the Undisputed Championship of his hands before walking away as we get into yet another segment. _ Echo Wilson Defeats Mave Mave would be in the ring when we would cut back to the arena ready to take on the United States champion Echo Wilson. And with ease, Echo Wilson would come to the ring and hit the "Echo Location" before pinning Mave and defeating him in just 9 seconds. Echo would pose with his championship belt, getting on the microphone and talking about how great he was before the music of the EVOLVE general manager would hit and out would walk Kyle Reeves. _ Kyle Reeves Talks About Summerslam Kyle Reeves would ask Echo to leave the ring before turning to the crowd and introducing himself, saying that he has thought of 3 matches for The Kingdom at Summerslam, and that they will all be defending there championship based on last weeks results. The intercontinental championship will be defended when Julius Jones takes on Slim in one on one action, and Echo Wilson will be defending his United States championship against Ryan Reeves. Along with the winner of tonights Hans Clayton vs Arius matchup facing Bart, and Sameer defending his world championship against King Bashka. It is sure to be an amazing show as we cut backstage. _ Arius Burns Down His Manor A video plays of Arius, wearing a leather jacket and jeans walking through his manor smoking a cigar. He looks around at the ghouls who run away from his disgusted before tipping over the piano he is seen playing often times, swearing at it before walking away. Pouring gasoline around the manor as he walks away. Lighting it on fire and walking away as he burns away his past. This is a new Arius. _ Arius Defeats Hans Clayton To Become Number One Contender To a brand new theme song and a huge reaction, Arius would come to the ring with a different look. His black hair chopped down as he enters the ring and awaits Hans Clayton. Who also comes to the ring ready to fight, the crowd is split down the middle for both men as both men will do anything to win the match. The match itself is PPV worthy, as for 20 minutes the two would prove why they are the future and with Bart at ringside. Everything is on the line, Hans would come close to hitting the shooting hans press but Arius would move, allowing him to hit a reverse brain buster onto his knee he calls the "Fire Setter" and he pins him, walking away as the number one contender as Bart enters the ring. EVOLVE comes to an end with Arius and Bart, staring eachother down, who will meet in 2 weeks for the Undisputed championship. What a show, what a match, as the program...ends.
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    BPZ Survival Games October 11-12

    My early predictions Jonathan vs. Bart: Bart FDS vs. Kenji: Kenji Julius vs. Prince: Julius B Block: Sameer vs. Hollow: Sameer, this one isn't really a prediction. Sameer has the win on this one. I am moving out of the tournament and Undisputed Division, not really going to be promoing for the tournament. So I can't see myself actually winning at all so Sameer gets the win here. Early prediction or not. Slim vs. Hans: Slim Smith vs. Bashka: Smith
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