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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Brand Split 2020 Fantasy Draft At the start of 2018, we saw the unification of both of BPZ Wrestling's brands. With Carnage and EVOLVE becoming one under the name of the prior, the end of the brand split was official and the whole roster was one once again. Since then, there has been constant speculation of when the brand split will return but now, the rumors are of more volume than ever as it's being said that BPZ management has discussed bringing back the brand split post-BPZMania. Therefore, myself, Fanny McFee, and my BPZ Commentaries colleague, Manny Moleman, have paired up for our own fantasy draft. I will be drafting for EVOLVE and Manny will be drafting with Carnage, with the latter having the number one pick due to Carnage's main-stay as the live weekly BPZ Wrestling show. Manny Moleman (Hans) #1 | Jeremiah Flynn One of the longest Reigning Champions in BPZ history, Jeremiah Flynn has always been on top of his game, proven with his most recent run as the BPZ Undisputed Champion, clocking in it about 211 days. Being apart of Bulletproof, and forming the Firing Squad within it, it would have been foolish not to pick him at the #1 Position. The Hall of Famer is still an elite performer, thus was my reason to pick him as my first selection. #2 | Arius He has only been here for a year but man has he done a lot. Being one of the most unique individuals to come to BPZ Wrestling, Arius is fantastic on the microphone and is shown to be a valuable member of the company. The first North American Champion, holding titles such as US and IC belts, and being one of the favorites to win this year’s rumble, Arius would be great on the Carnage brand, and he could finally work with some of the top guys in the company. It was an obvious second pick. #3 | Eli Smith Eli Smith returned to BPZ this past summer, and what run it has been for the superstar. Defeating Bailey in his return match, forming Creed and now a Tag Champion with one of his stable-mates in Bart. Smith has shown he can still go and so picking him as my third selection was a wise decision and can bring a lot to the Carnage Brand, feuding with guys like Flynn and Arius. #4 | Bart Speaking of his tag team partner, selecting Bart was the next obvious pick. Now having the Tag Team Champions on the Carnage brand, Bart is a skilled and talented superstar, being a former Undisputed Champion himself. Bart would be a great choice for any brand he is on and since he’s with Smith as apart of The Creed, I couldn’t help but take the Dutch Star as my next pick. #5 | Hans Clayton An upcoming BPZ Superstar, Hans Clayton has had an “extraordinary” first year with the company, capturing various titles and achievements, Hans has shown he can hang with the likes of Eli Smith, Julius, etc. Hans can very well be a future World Champion in the company and with his association with Jeremiah Flynn, and his incredible work ethic. The sky's the limit for Hans Clayton, and is Carnage's 5th pick, completing the Carnage top five. #6 | Necce - #7 | Bob Sparks - #8 | Mikey #9 | Echo Wilson - #10 | Buddy Ace - #11 | Alex Costa #12 | Jason Ryan - #13 | Aaron North - #14 | Yelich #15 | George AK - #16 | Mecko - #17 | Cody Cage #18 | Dr. X - #19 | Darius Shiba - #20 | James Knight #21 | Poidust - #22 | Maasa - #23 | Brian Gillman #24 | Epic - #25 | Jack Bishop - #26 | The Riddler Fanny McFee (Smith) #1 | Julius Being the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and winner of ‘The King’ Slammy Award for the past two years, Julius has been on top of BPZ Wrestling for the past two years after a soaring rise to the top of the card through the success of The Kingdom. With the most treasured and prestigious championship in his grasp, Julius continues to prove that he is a reliable and top-tier performer which to me, makes him the obvious first-round pick. #2 | Slim Considered as one of the greatest of all-time whilst having the ability to reinvent himself with fresh new shticks to stop himself from becoming stale, Slim has been able to maintain his position as arguably the face of the company for a number of years whilst believably moving up and down the card making him a uniquely diverse superstar, Slim is a great second pick. #3 | Bailey Justin As the longest-lasting active superstar in BPZ history and named by most as the greatest superstar of all-time in BPZ history, Bailey Justin has been on top of BPZ for the majority of the company's existence, having captured the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion five-times over and being entered into the Hall Of Fame five years ago. After all this time, Bailey is still one of the most exciting superstars on the roster and continues to have great feuds with wrestlers throughout the card. Withall, picking Bailey at number three us undoubtedly a steal. #4 | Sameer At BPZMania V, Sameer is set to have one of the biggest matches in BPZ history against the boss himself, Brenden, after he turned on Sameer and broke up the fan-favorite duo. With that being said, Sameer is one of the most seasoned stars in BPZ as a five-year veteran and the best part is, last year was his best year as he finally had his main event breakthrough with his first reign as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and is only looking to rise even further. #5 | KENJI The final addition to the EVOLVE top five is the only one not to hold the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but is arguably the most exciting. As the current BPZ North-American Champion, KENJI has been dubbed by many as the future of BPZ Wrestling and has already had multiple impressive showings when given opportunities against the company’s top names. Despite not being the most accomplished, KENJI is very key as every roster needs a thrilling, unpredictable, bright, up-and-coming star. #6 | Isaiah Carter - #7 | Raven - #8 | FDS #9 | James Ropati - #10 | Sheridan - #11 | Jonathan #12 | Bashka - #13 | CJ Sellers - #14 | Gunner Flynn #15 | D.N.A - #16 | Natedog - #17 | Amai #18 | Prince - #19 | Kieron Black - #20 | Joh #21 | Hollow - #22 | Joshua Scott - #23 | Benjamin Wolf #24 | Arrow - #25 | Mirage - #26 | Dark Angel Thank you very much for reading but before you leave, be sure to keep an eye on this space as the dynamic duo of Manny and Fanny will be back soon with our point-by-point strategy of how BPZ should introduce and run the new rendition of the brand split. In that article, we will cover champions, potential storylines, and much more!
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    Not the Same Guy.

    A few days after Eli Smith addressed his injury after Night Of Legends, another Youtube Video is uploaded to the BPZ Youtube channel this time an interview with FDS. The newest member of Bulletproof with many people questioning the motives of FDS as to what he has become and the kind of people he’s chosen to surround himself with. FDS steps into frame sitting down across from BPZ’s resident interviewer Josh Trenton. Josh Trenton: “Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have an exclusive interview with the newest member of Bulletproof and the opponent for Eli Smith at Royal Rumble, The Silencer FDS. FDS, first of all-” FDS: “Woah, No welcome Josh? What am I not good enough for you to say Hello to? Man, do they not teach manners in journalism school? Come on now. Josh Trenton: My apologies, Welcome FDS.” FDS: “Thank you, now you can ask your questions.” Josh Trenton: “Well, first of all you joining Bulletproof seems like a strange addition considering your history with Flynn-” FDS: “Strange? I don’t see it as Strange. Flynn and I have a healthy respect for each other. True he’s kicked my ass all around this ring and he’s done things to me that I could find unforgivable but this isn’t about forgiveness, the past is the past and business is business, that’s just how it goes.” Josh Trenton: “So you’re attack on Smith, that was Business?” FDS looks at Josh if he’s an idiot. FDS: “Of Course that wasn’t business, yes that was personal but not in the way that Smith thinks. I saw his video, it was funny. He just has that demeanour about him where everything he says just comes across as comical you know? He’s trying to be serious but it was all just so funny. Praising his opponents and acting like this is the same thing that happened in 2017 and 2018. This is different. You see, Smith and I we both spent a lot of time away from this company in 2018. Mine was because I was injured and I didn’t have a choice. His was because he got pushed out of here because he wasn’t strong enough to stay here. That really pisses me off you know? I didn’t get a choice when I left, I was told I had to stop after a match, I was told I had to change my style when I came back, I was told that I should consider retirement when I came back. What did he get? A hero’s welcome. Continuous praise from everybody backstage and all the fans. God, it’s disgusting. Especially considering he’s more broken down than I am.” Josh Trenton: “So were you targeting him to show people that? FDS puts his head in his hands and just looks frustrated at Josh FDS: “You’re just like the rest of them you know that? Assuming shit, thinking you know my motives. I was targeting him because I know something that a lot of people don’t seem to realise and that’s one simple thing: the guy wrestling right now, that ain’t Smith. That guy out there is some imposter using the name of Smith, that isn’t the same man who would hit me with an Eighth Sin of the Top Rope, that isn’t the same man who took the Intercontinental Championship from me, that isn’t the same guy who kicked my ass for eight months straight. That guy out there, with a knee Injury and who almost got concussed from two Knees to the head, he’s just a tag team competitor. I felt it in the Elimination Chamber back in October, he ain’t the same guy. All he is, is a tag team guy who occasionally wrestles a singles match, usually trying to hide behind guys who are better than him. Honestly, I didn’t want to believe that back in October but after he went to the goddamn hospital after he got hit in the head a couple of times I just knew this wasn’t the same guy. This isn’t someone I'm intimidated by. This isn’t someone I feel mercy for. This is a wounded animal that I am going to hunt and prey upon and rip his body to shreds. So when he does get in the ring with me, he’ll be finished before he leaves. Josh Trenton: “So does that-” FDS: “Alright Josh shut up. Nobody wants to hear your stupid voice, nobody cares what you think, you’re pathetic so just leave. I’ve got some things to tell Smith.” Josh gets up and leaves frantically afraid of what FDS might do if he doesn’t FDS: “So, Smith you think i’m gonna ambush you? You think I'm gonna attack you from behind again? Huh? Is that what you think? Alright, then I'll make you a little proposal, this coming Carnage, meet me in the ring and I promise I won’t lay a finger on your pretty little head, since that’s what you really care about, right? Not getting hurt? So fine, I won’t hurt you, I’ll stand face to face with you in the ring and we can have a nice little civil discussion, maybe you’d like some tea as well? Would Prince Eli Smith like that? I guess we’ll find out, see you at Carnage, if you decide to show up.” FDS stands up and flips the chair behind him walking off camera throwing the clip on mic on the floor.
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    Where had he been? Where had The Tiger been after his loss at Night of Legends alongside Death Notorious Angel? It was a brutal contest between all those involved and whilst it ended with him on his back covered in marks of pain, it wasn't all bad. In fact getting brutalised by Firing Squad was an experience that would benefit him going forward. Perhaps it would be wise for The Tiger to form some alliances with others within the company because it was clear that DNA and himself were not going to be teaming up again anytime soon. A rather sinister sounding laugh could be heard as something could be heard being dragged along steel grates. It seemed that The Tiger was in a warehouse of some kind with the noise beginning to bang against some steel steps, it was clear that he had a weapon with him with the sound continuing to linger until it suddenly stopped with the only sound heard being him unlocking a door slowly switching the lights on as the tall intimidating man took a seat glancing straight into the camera placing his barbed wire bat to the side. He removed his glasses to reveal he was wearing Orange Contacts. “Do you really think that my absence was due to the embarrassment of being overwhelmed by those Gunmen? My disappearance was certainly due to the Gunmen but it wasn’t because of the fact I was disappointed to lose. In fact the reason I vanished was due to 1 key factor : Adaptation. The ability to learn from one’s downfall and use it within your future battles. We aren’t done by any means of word, our encounters with one another do not end here. Whether it is with the DNA or with another, I will find my ways to take you both down and send your carcasses to Oblivion. That was my reason to disappear but I’m afraid that cannot be said about you CJ Sellers your disappearance was due to far more chaotic circumstances. You made noises during the build up to Survivor Series about how your intentions were to save these people from their own delusions but that journey met a sudden end. I must admit having your presence back in the Gauntlet is rather exhilarating. Perhaps I know the reason for your disappearance all those months ago but I don’t think you care anymore. I’ve heard rumours this is your last chance to claim my Golden Crown and honestly that just motivates me even more so to drop you on your neck and send you on your way to pursue other endeavours. Bulletproof are as much my foe as they are your own as you attempt to shatter the glass box at its source: Jeremiah Flynn.” The leather clad man revealed a pistol as the camera panned towards it,loading it’s barrel with one bullet and shooting to the side, shattering a glass window out of the conference room. It is made apparent that he only shot a solitude bullet to drive his point home that he believed it would be impossible to claim victory in both contests at the BPZ Royal Rumble event. “ It seems you have to choose CJ, which one of us is more important for you to decimate? Is it more important to you that you claim what was stolen thanks to a mystery assailant taking you out preventing you and I from having this confrontation much sooner? Or would you rather focus on the man whom has finally made you his main target? Either way I don’t see you achieving both because I doubt you’ll have the stamina left after being mauled by multiple numbers. Speaking of numbers,one man’s time finally reached its climax as the Riddler defeated a man even more insane than Amai because the man really does not know who he is. That man has an identity crisis every single day of his existence that even an intelligent and calculating specimen such as myself is struggling to keep up. Is he Arrow Thunderman? Arrow Rhodes? Arrow Gargano? Brrow? Now he claims to be Arrow Orton but either you dealt with him in quite convincing fashion which has given me reason to pay attention to your antics. I guess we’ll never know who he truly is,Riddles are your thing anyways. Do you really think that because you beat someone with even less sanity than the first challenger that I broke after he failed to reach my level? However that being said you could easily surprise me. I mean look at James Knight, he most certainly surprised me being able to at least make things entertaining but they all fall the same as they realize that in order to beat me, you cannot be a normal man. Your Riddles are a part of the charm,don’t worry I won’t be bringing in Batman to deal with you. If I want your body to break into pieces, I’d do it myself because I have confidence in my own abilities unlike that deluded piece of shit Arrow Orton and it honestly showed when you buried him under his own insecurities. You really want to know what someone requires to have a slither of a chance of beating me for my NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble? You’ll find out when I forge my path of chaos with the blood of every single deluded bastard who thought that they were close to figuring it all out before the circumstances they were in changed before their very eyes. Never will you become the Predator because your reality is Prey”
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    The Consigliere

    We open to an office, an errie scene, as a drink is being poured into a glass as a figure sits down and begins to sip it, before beginning to talk. As soon as he begins to talk, the camera pans up, revealing Don Dada himself, speaking to someone, but once again, we are not shown who it is, all while Raven stands behind Slim, his hands at his hips. Slim: I must say, when the Underboss told me that you wanted to meet with me, I was most pleasantly surprised, you don't seem like the type to want to join the Mafia, but alas, here we are. ???: Here we are. Slim: But I do suppose, business is business, even for a man like yourself. I will tell you this, an addition like yourself to the Mafia will cement us as the powerhouse of BPZ, along with all the power having you wields. So, what are your terms? Slim sips his drink, as the man seated in front of Don Dada continues to speak. ???: Every boss, needs a close advisor. I'm here to be yours. We may have had our differences in the past, my friend, but at the end of the day, me and you, we're alike. Both dominant forces, both men who grin at the sight of pain being inflicted on our enemies. And you know the old saying, the enemy of my enemy... is my friend. Slim: I've always preferred the saying, the enemy of my enemy, is my family. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying you want to be the Consigliere for us? I suppose a man with your fairness could be the right guy to handle disputes, along with myself and the Underboss, it would be a tantalizing trio... But I do have a concern. ???: And that is? Slim: That. Slim points at something on the Consigliere's body, as the Consigliere laughs it off. ???: Oh, this? You can have it. My loyalty lies with this. Slim is handed something as he peers at it, in his hands, smiling. Slim: Well, Mr. Consigliere, that covers everything... Welcome. ???: I'll be in touch. Slim: No, no, no. Hold up. Slim pulls out another glass, as he puts whatever the Consigliere gave him in his pocket, as he pours some more vodka into a cup, and hands it to the mysterious consigliere, as they clank them together before drinking them. Slim: To a beautiful partnership, my Consigliere. *VIDEO END*
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    A Video Address to Jeremiah Flynn

    "Hey… hey… mic check, one-two…" A voice can be heard as the power on the video camera comes to life. The voice is familiar, and the camera is tilted upwards at a face that would belong to one CJ Sellers. "Yeah, it's on. Hey there, person who's watching this. Is your name Jeremiah? If so, fuck you, and if not, fuck you too." Sellers takes a look around the dark room he is in. "In case you weren't aware, as some of you don't seem to be intelligent enough for basic comprehension, I'm CJ Sellers. Jeremiah Flynn, you might not have been aware of that previously, but quite soon you will be. Very soon, in fact, will you see me standing with the NXT Championship at a pay per view you'll be sitting on your ass, watching. Just a couple of days after that, you'll be on your ass again, but in a position that will afford you a premium view of the lights above an arena. You wanted to take your moment to address me, but instead found yourself singularly consumed with the thought of your precious title. The attention of a man should be undivided on his goal, the task set directly in front of you. Flynn, you must not have learned this, and unluckily for you, I will afford no such opportunity." The Chancellor allows himself a chuckle, the typically emotionless face twisting into a slight grin. He shakes his head and looks down, before staring back at the camera, the default, poker face returned. "Perhaps a little overdue is the explanation of my purpose. Within this message, I sit here today to address the former Undisputed Champion and a man I have been told I will be going head to head with on the Carnage following the Royal Rumble pay per view. Funnily enough, something from the mouth of Jeremiah resonated with me. He was 'lucky' to be afforded an opportunity such as this, to face a rookie such as myself. Perhaps not with the same intentions, I was echoed quite a similar message. I have been informed that I am 'lucky' to be offered such an opportunity, to prove my mettle against such a veteran and legend of this company." A turn of the head to the right is followed by spit flying from the mouth of the painted wrestler. He turns back, to face the camera once again. "Luck has nothing to do with my position. As a matter of fact, I would agree with the assessment that Flynn has been afforded quite the break. He faces me, somebody he's never himself managed to hear of, and who's momentum has been completely shot, like a sick horse on it's final, crumbling leg, in his return match. Yet, all he can do is complain?" "You want to cry and bitch and moan about how this match shouldn't be anywhere close to you. You don't even offer the intelligence to realise this match serves as your tune-up, a freebie against a loser to prepare for a bigger impact against larger names. At the very least, that is how the management of this company envisioned this playing out when they conceived the idea. What they didn't do was calculate just exactly what they have done, so maybe I need to be the calculator." A short pause, and then continuation. "You've told somebody to face me, the Suicidal Manic, in a match. I've lost and I've lost, and as with all streaks, this pattern eventually will cease from having a current status. A hungry, young competitor with a raging fire, with the building frustrations of being on the opposite side of victory for over one year. Add all this up, and what you will receive in answer is a dangerous individual with the full intention and full capability to kick some fucking ass." "You read off your accolades to us, so let me feign a shit to give. Former three-time Intercontinental Champion, former Universal Champion, former five-time World Champion, and former Undisputed Champion. What does all of that have in common? Every single title you have held in this company no longer lay upon your shoulder and everything you have done is in the past. Let us speak in the present tense. This year, in these 18 days of January, I have won zero matches. In this same time limit, how many matches in this company have you had resulting in victory? The answer is none. That Japanese promotion you wrestled in, do you really think that matters? You yourself said it best, that man is not worthy of being called one of the best in wrestling, because the premier athletes in this world belong to BPZ." "Like you, Jeremiah Flynn, have stated, I have never been a part of a match quite similar to this one. I've never had to face somebody recreating the scales of stupidity so immensely so that, in giving themselves a title, such as Supreme Ringleader, they forget the most important part. What exactly are you supreme over? Perhaps, you are the ringleader of Bulletproof? I was supposed to be under the impression Hans Clayton lead this group I speak of, but we all know this to be an untruth. You simply use him, such as you used Isaiah Carter, and you use every other member of that stable, to be your puppet and carry out your decisions. Are you the leader of BPZ? Nobody seems to agree with that assessment, and your lack of a championship to hold would also dispute this point. When I see you, Jeremiah, I simply bear witness to the Ringleader of a Supremely depressing circus." Cold eyes with a burning flame meet the camera, one final time, as The Chancellor finishes his address. "I am The Chancellor because I am the highest of this world, I am among the elite of the elite and I rank above you all. I rank above the flabby alcoholics who have disproved of my being in this company, and Jeremiah Flynn, soon it will be rendered painfully obvious, literally for some and figuratively for many, that I rank above you in the category of pure, raw, unadulterated talent. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." Sellers stares at the camera as a hand reaches behind it, and the image of the video blinks, cutting to a black screen.
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    Blood Soaked Covenant

    On BPZ.com, a new, mysterious video appears relatively out of nowhere. Eerily entitled "Blood Soaked Covenant," the contents of the video begin to play upon clicking the link. Redirecting to a separate website, the video begins. The camera of the small mobile phone fires up, and the picture of the screen is soaked in relative darkness for about ten seconds. Finally, a light is switched on, a surprisingly bright light. The camera is pointed at a heavily bruised and swollen face, but the features and signature paint unmistakably distinguish this as The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. Eyes filled with contempt, The Chancellor stares hard into the center of the camera. Clearing his throat, voice escapes from the lips of Sellers once again. "If you've a mite of intelligence, you can tell I'm in a very poor state of mind following this past Carnage. Enough with my typical prose, I'm delving directly to the point I need to make. Normally, I save the best for last, but Jeremiah Flynn and Bulletproof decided they wanted to make an example of me, to prove my own hypocrisy and to assert a nonexistent dominance, whether to spite the message I've made, or to stroke their own egos. All this proves, Flynn, is your over-reliance on the Firing Squad, and your inherent weakness when stripped of that oh so precious numbers game. An advantage is only as such when you can utilise it, but in a one on one contest, Jeremiah, your friends won't be there to assault me. You can do everything, make my life a living Hell until January the 29th. On that day, you'll lack the physical backing of Firing Squad. How will you fare after that, Flynn?" "My interests are not split at this moment in time, Jeremiah Flynn. You've made the fatal error of turning my vision square to you, and the bullseye you've just slammed into your own chest without hesitation is larger than the stakes of this match. You asked me if I was bordering on a severe level of unintelligence, enough to regard you as a joke. Do you want to know something, Jeremiah? Before you attacking me, before you blindsiding me, I had respect for you. I simply had to store it in the trenches of my mind, and regard you as only the enemy. Now, however, that your true nature is revealed to me, you aren't just the enemy. You took two of your lackeys and only with their assistance did you take me out. That is a most laughable trait, and do you know what makes me laugh? A joke. Merely, you are the jester in this show, a foolish act. I laugh at and pity you. You took yourself from my prime focus to my only focus. I will not feel pity, however, for your friends, your lackeys, your family, who will be forced to tears at the sight of what will become of you. Not figuratively, do I mean this, Flynn. Quite literally, the mess that will become of your physical being will become a revolting sight. Fitting, it certainly is, that it will come to that, as perhaps your appearance will be matching with your personality whence I have finished my work. While I pity your soul now, I damn sure won't when I destroy your comeback and boost myself to the moon off the shoulders of the fallen star. Jeremiah Flynn, I have entered a blood soaked covenant. The blood which I will use is yours, as I will ring true my self-promised destiny of defeating and destroying you." Finally breaking his gaze from the camera, the Suicidal Manic takes a moment to breathe, before beginning to speak once more. "Certainly a man I have learned the inner mechanisms of inside out, The Tiger found it within himself to call me out. Your crown, as you call it, that lay across your shoulder, the prize for defeating you, the NXT Championship, is certainly well within attainable grasp. I cannot relate to you, Tiger. A slight shake of the head. To disappear simply out of disappointment, what a pitiful excuse of a man you are. Every single time I have been forced to take a hiatus, it is for reasons beyond my control. I bust my ass day in and day out, and even uphold a self-destructive regimen whilst the hindering caveats thrown at me by fate itself are being dealt with. To simply be gone because you lost a match you were outclassed in, and it disappointed you? The only disappointment is you, Tiger. We are both enemies of Bulletproof, but do not mistake this for familiarity you may have regarding my situation. You will never have an idea of what it truly takes to go toe to toe with a man like Jeremiah Flynn. And while, as you stated, he does have the clear numbers advantage, you make the sore mistake of counting me out. Mister Tiger, you'll find that your own observations are soon to be proven wrong, that I can take out Flynn, that I can take out you, and I can walk home at the end of it all. Perhaps Bulletproof is akin to a box of glass, however with you I would think more to the tune of a house of playing cards. Carefully constructed, is your façade, but once the match sets alight the wood, all that will remain is the ashes of your championship reign." Somewhat uncharacteristically, a slight laugh escapes from The Chancellor. He takes a minute before focusing on his next, and final, addressee. "Since apparently, you don't care, I find myself in luck. With a half-assed group of competition, I'll barely need to acknowledge the existence of this match to be crowned the NXT Champion. Mister Cody Cage, if it so be that you only care about getting paid, and that is why you feel the need to speak on me and me alone, why go about running down what I said in pedantic detail? It would be to increase your name brand, you would say, but is that really how to go about it? By addressing me in a negative tone, the only guarantee you make is that Newton's Third Law is executed in full order. Since I doubt you hold the intelligence, or can muster the slightest fuck, to understand simple science, allow me to break this down. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sellers appears to zone out for a short period of seconds, lost in thought. He takes a few breaths before returning to the real world. Sorry, I was too busy not caring, since the very prospect of your being bores me to eternal slumber… See how cringey that sounds? Perhaps, you could think through your next word choice before speaking on my name." "To get back into gear, the reason I so stopped myself is due to a significant revelation I have just made. Newton's Third Law is only partially in effect, in this case. You speaking of me has caused a reaction, however this is much larger in scale and in relevance than your drivel. There is no equal here, because the two of us are not equals. I am more talented than you are entirely, and at the Royal Rumble I won't even have to try to prove it. All you have done is in complete opposition of your intentions, because being on the receiving end of a dog with both bark and bite will only wound you. Just like the Titanic, I'm the iceberg that is casually sinking your name brand to the bottom of the ocean. Sellers rolls his neck a couple of times before staring back into the camera. Next, and finally, to ponder over a simple yet hilarious bit of hypocrisy from the speaker of which I am referring to. You wish to run through each mistake that I've made in my previous promo. In your attempts to do this, you made completely obvious mistakes. Firstly, you claimed that I would say of The Tiger that he does not deserve a contract with this company. Speak for yourself, but the only competitor in this match that quite fits such a bill would be the actual man I said to be undeserving of his employment, that being The Riddler. Secondly, you made the fatal error of taking the words I speak in the wrong tone. To kill your true self is not something I would say literally, as would be clear if you had the intelligence of basic English. Perhaps you aren't smart enough to comprehend these things, or perhaps you just "don't care" to, but whichever would be the case does not matter, as the only thing you've proved to me is your content attitude toward your own idiocy. I don't attempt to be scary, nor do I need to do so. The glare of Sellers at the camera continues to intensify for a couple of seconds. This audience that we wrestle for has no necessity to fear me. The men whom should stand toe to toe with yours truly, though, you being one such example, Cody Cage, have a reason to fear. You're the flag for this bull to chase, and I don't miss. You say I am being 'awkward,' but if you weren't to bring up the factor of 'scary' in the first place, maybe your fear of me would not become so obvious. However, that is irrelevant anyways, as in a situation such as the own we are in at this moment in time, it is self-evident in your mannerisms and your speech that I am your worst fucking nightmare. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ stares into the camera for about ten seconds more, before stopping the recording. Having seen that message from The Chancellor, one can only imagine the fight he'll bring in the coming week.
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    I don’t what the hell is going on but let’s get this back on track. North and DR. X that was really brave of you to come out here. It took guts for guys that really don’t have any chance at all in winning the Royal Rumble match to come out and here and try to get a message across. X I don’t even know when the last time you won a match and that won’t change at the Royal Rumble. North who the hell knows if you will even show up for the Royal Rumble. So much wasted potential by you with all your inconsistencies. That was really cute Smith. Real cute wasn’t it. You and bart are just the best of friends aren’t you. But I don’t give a damn about your friendship. This Match isn’t about Tag Teams. I don’t care that you are the Tag Team Champions. And I don’t care if you guys decide to try and team up in the match. It doesn’t threaten me at all. Because I promise you I will eliminate both your asses one by one. I don’t need help and I certainly ain’t asking for it. You both can come at me and give it everything you got because it won’t be good enough. This is a reality. This isn’t going to end in your dreams with the final 2 being you both. Because either I am going to crush those dreams or hell let’s not like deep down inside of both of you are thinking man if there’s a chance to eliminate the other and just get them out of the way I should probably take it. Just when they least expect it let me throw them out real quick and get rid of them. I know truly deep down you are both thinking that. This is every man for himself and eventually that greed of potentially winning the Royal Rumble and going to the Main Event of BPZMANIA will tear you both apart. But if not I’ll be there anyways to take you both out. Arius how about you stop with the mind games. Because it certainly ain’t working on me. How about you come out here and be a real man and face us all man to man. Instead of hiding where ever you are. Because I got a bone to pick with you and I think it’s about time for the first time we meet face to face in this ring man to man. But You’ll probably duck me like you have ducked a lot of things. Ducked King Of the Ring. Ducked Survival Games. You have ducked any chance there has been to actually face the real competition of BPZ. But that’s alright if you don’t come to the ring because I am looking for you and I will find you. I am on the hunt for you and you will face me man to man. I wanna see what the hype is all really about up close and personal. I wanna see the man that I have to goto battle with in the Royal Rumble. So don’t come out now it’s fine but you will see me face to face one day before the Rumble I’m on the hunt for you. Quiet frankly I’m getting sick of talking. Bailey immediately drops his microphone and rushes right at Bart as Both men start to brawl as the Ghouls enter the ring and attack Smith and DR.X and Lord North start to fight. More Ghouls enter the ring tho and attack all the BPZ Superstars as then the BPZ guys have to put there differences aside and fight off the Ghouls. Each man is able to take down a ghoul and throw them out of the ring. But then right away Lord North throws X over the ring but Followed by that Smith Throws North Over the ring. The 2 Creed Brothers stare off with Bailey and they begin to brawl in a 2 on 1. Bailey puts up a good fight on Both men but this is all ruined when Hans leads out members of BP to attack the ring! Hans,FD, Firing Squad and Bob and Ropati run in and attack all 3 Men. FD and Hans attacks Smith. Bob and Ropati attack Bailey and the Firing Squad attack Bart!. They put up a good fight but it’s just too much as Bailey and Creed all thrown out of the ring by BP. Bulletproof stands tall in all of this. As Creed and Bailey lay on the floor furious at what has Just happened. As Bulletproof makes there mark going into the Royal Rumble Match!
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    The Way I look at it bart. I don’t need weapons I can fight any man with my bare hands but Weapons are more fun and they hurt a lot more. Who said I can’t bring any weapons to the Royal Rumble Match. You didn’t think I wasn’t coming in this years Rumble without spicing it up a bit did you? I’m coming to the Rumble with whole lot of weapons. I am tired of the old fashion way of doing things like the Royal Rumble. Where everyone just fights each other and tries to throw each other over. I already won it that way and that is boring. Why not spice it up. What’s gonna stop me from taking about 10 steel chairs and throwing it in the ring. What’s gonna stop me from bringing my good old friend Josh with me to the ring. I don’t care for your opinions bart. I can use my own hands but Weapons make people hurt more. They make people bleed more. They just make things more exciting and I plan on making the Royal Rumble way more intense. Way more exciting. So I dare you Bart. I dare you to just come into a fight with your hands. Because i promise you. Your fist aren’t beating a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Bart. I’m no hero Bart and I certainly don’t try and be one. Hero’s are stupid and can be taken advantage of. I am simply a man that is out for blood. I don’t look at entering Number 1 as overcoming the odds like a man like you think it is. I look at it like I just FUCKING CONQUERED THE WHOLE ROYAL RUMBLE! Bailey drops his Microphone as so does Bart as both men get into each other’s faces about to brawl until a familiar sound is played throughout the whole arena.....
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    Cody Cage? Why has Cody arrived tonight at this conflict for the rumble? It almost seems like he was put here intentionally, but Cody doesn't care, he rushes out to Aaron North and looks him straight in the eye and then grabs the microphone, Cody starts to walk towards the ring-side area to stand alongside Bart and Bailey, completely ignoring Dr. X and patting Eli on the back as he passes right around him. Cody Cage looks towards Aaron North, "I'm not winning the rumble, alright? You're not winning the rumble, alright? And these two lads in the ring both have low as hell chances of winning as well, right? Even Eli, who looks like a huge threat to winning the Royal Rumble still can fail miserably. So why come out to the Royal Rumble, one of the biggest BPZ events just to plan on losing? Because, I'm gonna prove myself, I'm not gonna say that I'm a beast and a threat that should be watched out for, because I'd much rather show it, same with the NXT Title, I'm gonna win it and I'm hoping that now, all you lads watching the crowd, will recognize me for the hardworking person I truly am, but I don't have much else to say except from, good luck, all of you definitely need it. I know most of you don't know me, but just wait a couple months, recognize what I'm truly worth and then breathe it in. That's what you call a future, a successful future for a successful young man." Cody walks back to where Aaron North stands and hands him the microphone, as he goes to shake Aaron's hand to show respect for the person that grew in the company with him, Cody passes right through to the stage, completely ignoring Aaron North, Cody looks back and laughs at everyone, including the two legends standing in the ring and the superstar Eli Smith. Cody seems happy exiting the spotlight of the show as he finally delivered a message he wanted to pass on badly.
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    Rumors On Who The "Underboss" Is That Talked To Slim. There's been speculation on who this "Underboss" Slim was talking to in his recent segment, and a few names are Zombie, Nebakos, Bashka, and Ross. All four men have lead their own stables/been top keen members in stables and have the experience to be a top gun along side Slim. As time progress we'll add more to the story. Update On Flynn and Slim. Since the last time we saw both Slim and Flynn, we managed to see what their current status are: Slim was diagnosed with a broken jaw and a concussion during his attack by Flynn. When we saw him in his segment, he appeared to seem in a more healthier condition then expected. Doctor have reported that he will be cleared for in ring action in February. And Flynn, who attacked Slim, was last seen in Japan wrestling. No word was given on his future with BPZ. Update On Eli Smith. This one was going to be difficult at first to report on, but thankfully Eli Smith had a video posted to the BPZ YouTube to address his condition. He States he will not only compete in the Royal Rumble match, but compete against FDS earlier in the night. The main concern is his injured leg and how it will hold up. Heading into the Rumble ppv, it's said that Eli will be under supervision in the Performance Center and be tested to see if he can remain healthy enough for the payperview. Bob rumored to lose push? Bob Sparks was set up for a career making 2020, but after recent events, he might not have a good 2020. After finding out he was going to join BulletProof earlier, Slim attacked Bob, and at Night Of Legends, he was set to defeat Bailey, but backspace management changed their minds and Bailey ended up winning. Now he's set to face Raven at the event and if he doesn't do something to change minds, he might be on the losing end of that match too.
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    Reign of Terror: WWE vs TNA The wrestling world is changing, that's for sure. The WWE which has been dominant after the fall of WCW is finally getting some competition. TNA has been making noise as of late with young guns like AJ Styles rising up the ranks in the wrestling world. WWE though has a firm place as the number one company in the world and many don’t see that changing anytime soon. With young guys such as Randy Orton and John Cena rising to join the ranks of already established stars such as the Undertaker and Triple H. On top of what many are calling the next wrestling war the indie scene is loaded with young guns with tons of potential. The wrestling world has a bright future for sure whether or not WWE and TNA come to blows. OOC: I will be booking TNA, as Icon will be booking WWE. We are in the year 2005 and are hoping this save will go well for a while or at least till TEW 2020 comes out. Should be a lot for sure and who knows, maybe I can get TNA to that top spot.
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    Save Showcase!

    STARCADE 1999 PRESHOW: SYXX WINS THE 25 MAN BATTLE ROYAL. EARNS TV CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH MAIN SHOW: Jeff Hardy wins the Ladder Match and wins his first Singles Championship in WCW. Rick Rudes first singles match in a long time is spoiled by Savage who beats him. Los Guerrero’s become 2 Time Tag Team Champs as they win the belts here in this Fatal 4 Way. The dudleys were the champs coming in. Was really happy and shocked by the rating. Hall beats the Giant because Hall wouldn’t let the Giant Beat him. Very disappointed in this match. Was hoping for high 80s Nash defeats DDP. Was hoping for a little bit higher of a rating but overall was fine with this Tyson comes out and Knocksout Nash for a pop won’t lead to a match or anything. Probably lol a dream match that I made happen here. Was really looking forward to this and it freaking delivered. Was so happy. Raven gets the big win Didnt expect less from this Stacked Fatal 4 Way for the United States Championship. Angle gets the big win. Flair was champ walking in. The Ultimate Dream Match happened here and I was very happy with it. Hart gets the big win going into the new decade. This match was about symbolizing that we are going into a new era. That’s why Hart wins. Was expecting a lower rating so was very happy for this. Konnan gets the big win and wins the CW Championship. LAX is running the CW Division. Here we go the big main event..... A FREAKING 100! I nearly teared up here. This was the match I always wanted to do at this show since I first started this mod back in December of 97. This is the match I always wanted to happen. Benoit was always the guy I wanted to break the streak and I was able to bring it to life here. Benoit breaks Goldbergs streak and makes him 80-1. Benoit becomes the World Heavyweight Champion. I was so freaking happy. What a way to end the 90s. Benoit has a big celebration at the end with family. What a way to close the show. Benoit on top. overall thoughts: I couldn’t be more happier with the results and what I was able to accomplish. I’ve been booking this company since December of 97 and to finally get here to this moment and put on this show was so rewarding especially since Benoit vs Goldberg was always the match I wanted to do at this show and I was able to make it happen. So happy. I don’t know if this will be the end of this save for me. I’m not sure yet but if it is what a way to end it. I’ll post a summary of the company eventually but for now this will be it for this post. Let me know what you thought of the show!
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic | January 13th, 2020 | Rupp Arena | Lexington, KY Moustache Mountain vs The Street Profits In the very first match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, two fan favourite tag-teams in Moustache Mountain and The Street Profits face-off. With the crowd split between the two duos, the support for the two teams is just as competitive as the match itself as the tournament gets off to an exciting start with a thrilling match-up. Winner: Moustache Mountain, at 16:02 via pinfall! Grizzled Young Veterans vs The New Day In the second match of the tournament, the atmosphere is somewhat different as the crowd is definitely in favor of the current WWGP Tag Team Champions, The New Day, as they take on the distasteful pairing of the smash-mouth Brits, Drake and Gibson, known as Grizzled Young Veterans. Winner: The New Day, at 10:22 via pinfall! Econtra vs Ichiban Next, two brand new pairings that are competing together for the first time ever tonight come up against each other as Akira Tozawa and Kushida of the newly introduced Ichiban faction take on possibly the most unusual duo of the tournament, Aleister Black and The Velveteen Dream, who have dubbed themselves 'Econtra', a Latin term meaning opposite. Winner: Ichiban, at 12:05 via pinfall! Good Brothers vs The Viking Raiders To end the final night of the tournament and the first series of Block A matches, Good Brothers of The O.C. take on The Viking Raiders. With both of The Viking Raiders being considerably large athletes, Gallows is the only member of his team that is able to match their power and strength but it's Anderson's speed and agility that provides an additional factor in favor of his team. Winner: Good Brothers, at 15:49 via pinfall! WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic | January 17th, 2020 | Greensboro Coliseum | Greensboro, NC Glorious Perfection vs The Revival With the first night of the tournament having passed, we now head into the first night of Block B competition and we kick-off with one of the most experienced teams in the competition, The Revival, up against a team that has only been together for a few months now, Glorious Perfection. Winner: The Revival, at 16:06 via pinfall! Authors Of Pain vs Bald Brutality Next, the two behemoths that are known as Authors Of Pain and have recently been serving as the henchmen of the self-proclaimed messiah, Seth Rollins, take on two much smaller competitors in Bald Brutality but the hard-hitting strikes and relentless offense of Burch and Orcan make up for what they lack in size. Winner: Authors Of Pain, at 9:31 via pinfall! Gallus vs The Usos After being stripped of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships due to the installment of the WWGP governing body and introduction of the WWGP Tag Team Championships, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus take on the iconic WWE tag team, The Usos, of the legendary Samoan Anoa'i family. Winner: The Usos, at 11:57 via pinfall! Limitless Bros vs reDRagon Finally, to end the first week of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, the brand new duo but long-time friends of Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, dubbed as 'Limitless Bros', take on one of the most experienced and fluent tag-teams in the whole tournament, reDRagon of Undisputed Era, who was stripped of the NXT Tag Team Championships just like Gallus with their belts. Winner: reDRagon, at 17:58 via pinfall!
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    As Cody turns his head away from the ring, the men who have out poured from the locker room to plead their case and declare themselves the future victor of the Royal Rumble, future champions, a commotion is heard amongst the Carnage audience as shrill scream comes from the distant. Yelling and rushing can be seen in the distance of the cameras who move to an eagle eye shot of the arena to take a glance of what is causing the ruckus. A maze of people can be seen before the camera was able to pan up to reveal the masked Ghouls slowly popping up from their seats in the audience. Unidentifiable they stay focused on the ring ahead as the Royal Rumble participants understand who this is a sign of. For the cunning eyes of the viewer who would be seeing this, most of the staff started to give perplexed looks of confusion towards the masked men before they simply speculating on what is to come. The monsters of this world still roam freely as fog begins to rise from underneath the stage, pouring out from the back. Cody Cage is caught facing two Ghouls, two men of different proportions as they lunge forward at the confident superstar. Simultaneously, as the Brendenplayz audience handle the infection, two of ghouls rise out from under the floor as they make their way down to the men surrounding the ring. Sometimes, it is how you shine in the darkness during other people's misery that is remembered as Lord North, Dr. X and CJ Sellers faced with gruesome and determined opposition on behalf of The Revenant. They begin to strike..
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    "Yeah you know what, fuck the voice, you right, my guy, I should let my nuts hang, and I'd gladly fight you if you weren't too scared to enter the rumble, all I hear is this trash talk from your mouth yet you haven't proven anything yet, I haven't wrestled in how long? Very long g, but that just means that me being rusty is the equivalent of you at your peak, CJ this, CJ that, CJ doing all this good work, is all you've been hearing, I have never complained about the place I was put in, I never complained how I deserve a second chance, I'm always the least cocky out of the losers, but you right, I'm gonna let my nuts hang, I'm finally getting paid for the work that I made, I don't know if you understand this clearly but I am here to stay, I will win the title, definitely beat the fuck out of you and anybody who you associate yourself with, I am 100 times better than I've ever been and I'm gonna make sure you feel it, just you wait, I would attack you right here right now, but I wouldn't wanna beat up sore losers like you. Just remember my name, you cunt, it will be displayed across the titan-tron when I win the NXT Title. That's all I gotta say, suck your mum, you cunt." Cody once again proceeds to head out of the arena, this time with an aggressive demeanor, Cody had a message to say to Crippler and tonight we have heard, this feud is looking quite interesting...
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    Added FDS vs Smith and Bob vs Raven.
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    Held Down

    As Bob steps forward we see him grin as Alex and Mikey begin to laugh beside him. Bob soaks it in as the trio laughs it off. Bob eventually begins to speak as the crowd calms down a bit. You know what they say if you can’t beat them join them and right now I make the statement the Bob Sparks is Bulletproof! Bob Sparks is the top upcoming star in this goddamn company and lastly but not least Bob Sparks is going kick Ravens ass come the Royal Rumble. Bob pauses for a moment as we see that evil grin reemerge as Bob Sparks is clearly having some nasty thoughts. Bob then looks to Mikey and Alex as they nod before Bob carries on. You see Legacy was a funny part of my career wasn’t it? I teamed with some guys, one who seemingly was stuck as the 3rd wheel of the group because he never had the balls to step up and take his spot unlike your’s truly. Then there was the other one, the conductor, the guy who got his ass kicked and his feelings hurt by Bulletproof and is now out of the picture. But I am not going to focus on that man. No, I am going to focus on the 3rd wheel. The guy who struck me first the man who is going to be nothing more than another Bob Sparks victim. Bob stops for a moment as the crowd seems to be booing him again. Bob just sighs as he lets the crowd get it out of their system before he begins to speak once again. So Raven, you have the accolades and you have the chances to step up. You have the chance to rise to that elite level but you haven’t and trust me I know exactly why. The simple answer Raven is, you are just not man enough to take that spot. You don’t have the balls to look these no good washed up guys in the eyes and beat their ass and crush their last hopes of a good wrestling career. You don’t have the balls to stab someone in the back and stop allowing them to mess with your head. You let guys like Slim use you. You let him hold you down, you let him waste your potential. Now I broke free of that but that is because I am an alpha. I am going to take what I want, when I want and nobody is going to get in the way of that. You though, you are nothing more than a beta male. Nothing more than a second fiddle or a third wheel. Bob then pauses as he lets his words sit for a bit, letting the crowd think for a bit before he begins to talk once again with Mikey and Alex loving every second of it. So Raven, I know you're sick and tired of being pushed around. You are tired of coming up short and failing time after time after time. Don’t worry though it is all coming to an end soon. Cause Bob Sparks is locked and loaded and the next bullet is coming right for you. Raven the failures will come to an end soon enough cause the Firing Squad is here and they are here for you. The trio then make guns with their hands and aim it at the camera and fire. It seems as if these 3 men are ready for war and it looks like we are going to see some bullets fly. The trio then exits the ring and heads to the back as the segment comes to a close.
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    ROH Revolution (Current Day ROH)

    ROH Winter Warriors PPV Week 2, January 2020 | 59 Show Rating Location: Tri-State Attendance: 6,031 Pre Show Womens Battle Royal Winner: Zoe Lucas Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal Winner: Jay Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova Winner: The Boys Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Winners: The Colons Bully Ray vs Colt Cabana Winner: Bully Ray Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Winner: Cass w/ Summer Marty Scrull Announces Chris Mordetzky as the 4th member of Villain Enterprises (61) Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Winners: Villain Enterprises Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Winner: Mayu Iwatani MARTY SCRULL PROMO (71) Marty Scrull would cut a promo saying that he will make sure this is the last match in Matt Sydal’s wrestling career as he is going to embarrass him. Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Winner: Marty Scrull Villain Enterprises Celebrate their big night (64) After Villian Enterprises won the ROH Six Man Tag Titles and the ROH World Title they would celebrate together in the ring with gold around their waist. PPV RECAP PPV PREDICTION RANKINGS
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    BPZ Music

    Whether it’s a 5 minute trip or an hour long journey, nothing helps make the day or set the mood like music. The right song can turn a stressful morning into a peaceful commute, liven up work, or motivate you in the gym. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new and improved avenue for BPZ fans to listen to their favourite Brendeplayz associated music through this new experience. In this new avenue with Spotify you can enjoy endless listening of all your favourite themes from throughout the years of the company starting first with the PPV music of 2019 for free – simply create an account or log into your existing one. Begin your journey now by clicking the icon below which will lead you to the first release.
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    Hans Graphics

    Just some random stuff I've made, if anyone wants to request me something let me know.
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    First thoughts after watching this interview when it came out is the surprise of him wanting to use his father's name, music and essentially his same gear which is..probably the worst thing he could ever do if he actually wants to be a wrestler. I feel really sad for David. He lost a large part of his family in one horrific weekend. He shouldn't have to suffer for the sins of his father but I think it'll always be too soon for there to be another person named Chris Benoit. If he wants to truly give this one chance he needs to be himself rather than a mimic of Chris (in-ring. Man can't help he looks like his father as much as he does) You can definitely tell that there’s still a part of him that doesn’t really understand that in this interview. Like when he mentions how they shut down the Chris Benoit movie because it was going to include the murder suicide. As awful as it sounds, the end part of Benoit’s life is the only reason there is interest in a movie. But I think he’s still naive to the world’s perception of Chris Benoit. His dad is still his hero and he just thought they wanted to eulogise his wrestling skills. I was especially bummed hearing him say he thinks his dad will go in the WWE Hall of Fame and that he has pictured how it would go, but I don’t think there is even the slightest chance that will ever happen. I don’t think he realises that. I had to check myself during this interview when i thought to myself "Oh this man isn't comfortable with the microphone" but in his position who oculd be? He's nervous being interviewed on camera. He sounds like a regular guy with a job, not very charismatic. I can't imagine trying to be "normal" growing up when everyone knows your story, everyone knows what happened. And to this day, people still talk about it and associate you with the person that did that. I hope he finds a happy and successful career whatever he does, but the wrestling business is gonna be so messy for him. There are so many sketchy promoters who will absolutely use what happened to generate buzz/sell tickets/get heat/whatever and that's just not healthy for him to experience. They talked about it in this interview that Chris Jericho had to intervene when someone tried to do something like that with David a couple years ago. Oobviously it's not David's fault at all, but wrestling may have been poisoned for him. I remember reading Jericho's second book, Undisputed and there is a passage in the book where Chris is trying to get hold of David on the phone, maybe try to offer some words of help but finding it difficult and David just asks "Am I still allowed to watch wrestling?"...Jesus even now thinking about it. What a punch in the gut in the middle of a chapter that was already emotionally draining. This poor kid is just watching as his entire world collapses, and doesn't even know if he's even allowed to enjoy things because of what his father did to his brother and step-mother. I had heard speculation from wresting fans that Kevin Sullivan was rumoured to be involved. I had no idea the surviving Benoit family request law enforcement to actually include him in the investigation. It seems wild but stepping back and thinking about it...An ex-husband is probably going to be considered as a possible suspect especially when his marriage to Nancy ended with infidelity involving two people found dead. Most families would want any possible avenue for foul play at least checked. Props to Chris for being able to conduct this interview. The man is professional and patient. Watching as the interview went on he made David feel comfortable in opening up more as time went on. I can see why David reached out to him.
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    WWE Reborn

    Predictions Board WWE Championship:Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale: Shinsuke Nakamura Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Lee Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Bazsler Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut:no
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    If this isn't a sign that they are coming back in some shape or form, then I don't know what is. They want to make Harlem Heat swimwear for crying out loud...
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    Who Should Conor McGregor fight next?

    The match I most want McGregor to take next is the fight against Jorge Masvidal. That man is on a tear at the moment absolutely killing Ben Askren and then beating Nate Diaz to win the BMF title. I think the build to that would be so entertaining and the fight itself would be extremely explosive, something that I tend to enjoy the most. Now what the UFC want to do and I think should do anyway is give us a rematch between Conor and Khabib. Conor wants the fight, it would make the promotion so much money and the fans would never turn away from another Conor and Khabib confrontation. Their personal issues got out of hand last time and it was definitely a spectacle, and while I don't see anymore bus accidents or people jumping the cage post-fight I think it will still be an absolutely entertaining confrontation. We'll see what Conor has to answer Khabib's impressive wrestling game when the time comes and I really look forward to it
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    Bridge of Dreams

    Having won the MVP award from Tokyo Sports, Okada sat down and had an interview with the publication. In that interview about various topics but most interesting of all, he spoke on who he wants to face outside of his world of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Kento Miyaharu & Kaito Kiyomiya While Okada is the top wrestler in NJPW, he has felt the wrath of the leaders of other prominent promotions in Japan in the past. He has a loss in his record book to Naomichi Marufuji of NOAH, when he faced him in the G1 Climax. While All Japan & NOAH aren’t as prominent as NJPW these days, they have equally skilled rosters. Kento Miyaharu of AJPW & Kaito Kiyomiya of NOAH both are the top of the last as far as people who Okada wishes to face. With the Tokyo Olympics coming up, Okada has proposed that a kind of mega show should be put on at the same time to showcase the next generation of Pro Wrestling. The most recent event of this magnitued would have been the 'All Together' event that was held between NOAH, NJPW and AJPW in response to the March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in order to raise money for relief. Another such event of this kind that i recently read about was nicknamed 'Bridge of Dreams' and was held on April 2, 1995. Pro Wrestling Weekly organised the super show at the Tokyo Dome where basically every Japanese Wrestling office, except WAR, participated by sending one match. That night each office was trying to steal the show. With the rest of the world coming to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics, a spectacular exhibition showcase should be held for wrestling. I think that would be a great opportunity for worldwide exposure for the new wave of talent. First though is that the politics alone just setting that up and figuring out finishes would be hell but if these two past instances show it is possible even if we in turn get a lot of multi-man matches to fill the card. Something along the lines of Kiyomiya, Miyahara & Okada vs. Naito, Zeus & Shiozaki. If this event was to exist in time for the Olympics what would you like to see take place on the card? Do you think that it would benefit everyone in the process?
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    Seems to me Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is quite becoming a recruting ground for WWE to pick up Backstage Interviewers. I dunno much about her but we will see how she does in her new role.
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    Fairly interesting for me as I recently came across him in a TEW save I’m doing and while I don’t really remember him it is always nice to me to see these old wrestlers get these backstage roles as imo they are often the most qualified for them as they understand the business better than just some executive due to their experience with the business and I feel it helps with all companies understand and work with their talent better.
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    New Day Econtra Ichiban Viking Raiders Good Brothers Street Profits Moustache Mountain Grizzled Young Veterans RedDragon Authors of Pain Uso's Revival Limitless Bros Glorious Perfection Gallus Bald Brutality
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    Plan of Attack

    Ark's theme plays as he makes his entrance to a roaring crowd. He makes his way to the ring, dancing and interacting with fans as usual. Instead of going into the ring, he grabs a mic and sits on the barricade as fans swarm around but security tries to keep them back. Ark waves them off, and away from the mic simply ask they don't shove or do anything to over the top. The fans respect the boundaries set and some simply reach over and pat Ark on the back and crowd around waving to the camera and posing with Ark. This right here is why I came back. My entire time absent, I always felt like I was missing something and this was it, and speaking of my disappearance guess I own you all an explanation You see, there I was, a scrappy 20-year-old trying to make it big in a place teeming with bigger fish, each and every single one looking for its next meal, big or small. I was overwhelmed. I was desperate for approval, not only from you guys, and not even from management, but from my fellow competitors. I wanted them to acknowledge me. The only issue was I had a destination, but no journeyed planned out. I simply stumbled from checkpoint to checkpoint, and it was exhausting. I had to beg, steal, borrow and barter every scrap of attention to even be considered an afterthought, in the last match I wasn't even mentioned in any promontial material and just thrown in last second and that was what hurt the most. I went back that night and thought about my life and my career. Had i really peaked at 20? What would i even do next, since 16 all i ever did was this, was come out and entertain, and it seemed like i couldnt even do that. Then BiC attack me and I decided to quietly hang up my boots and I went out and tried to actually see what else there was to life. I did many things, my favorite was trying and joining a competive gaming team but that well through after our second season. During this time peroid, no matter what i did it felt like there was a hole missing. I thought about it, and relized what was missing. I know, you all are expecting me to say you guys, and as sweet as that would be, its generic and corny and you all know it. No, what was missing was the exceitment. That's when i looked back and i made the connection, why it didnt matter to me if i won or lost, why i didn't need to attack people or downgrade them, it wasn't because i was a good boy as i said and thought, it was because deep down i only cared about the fight, the reactions, the boos the cheers. It was the competiion, seeing my name in talk shows, because even if i digusted them they discussed me and thats all that matter. To me it was how i knew i was alive, how i knew i was making a impact on this world, on someone lives. To see my name on fanboards, on predictions, to even be nominated for slammys. I enjoyed just being here, and once i made that decision, it seemed fate changed. Destiny was simply waiting for me to mature as a person, to grow out of the kiddish mindset i had a year ago and thats when suddenly my name appeared in fan boards again. They asked where did Ark go, i missed Ark, i want Ark to return. That was when i decided to come back. To my home. The fans burst into cheers, chanting his name and more peoepl started to converge to Ark. However, I don't want to repeat old mistakes, i can't just stumble around without a plan. So what is my plan? Two things. Three really, but two main goals. At Summerslam, To move forward into the next chapter i must give the last a proper ending, so i will be competing for the U.S championship, one last time. More cheering as Ark waves them to a lower volume. Also, While I was gone there was name I heard more and more. He started to pick Up a lot of traction and soon people where calling him one of the best on this mic, comparing him to greats that came before in the fastest time I and I’m sure most of you had ever seen. At the same time, a new championship was revealed and it still had a legacy to be made, prestige to be won. Then the new guy won it. That was when I decide what my first goal was. Arius, I hope you win this upcoming defense, cause I want to face you for that title. The crowd starts to cheer, imagining Ark versus Arius. You are the best person to make my return with, because win or lose our battle will be Match of the Year worthy. I want you to win, and I want to see what the supposed top of the new era of BPZ can bring. So win this match, so me and you can lock horns and show these people what a true show looks like So there you have it folks. My declaration of my plan to attack. I have one goal in mind, and it’s to without a shadow of a doubt, be known as one of the best to run these ropes and dazzle crowds. Ark Universe is back, to those that know me, you know what I’m about and what I do. To those new guys on the back, Let me introduce my self. I am Ark Universe, Ally to Justice. The crowd finish’s the line with a shout as Ark lifts the mic high. “NIGHTMARE TO YOU!” Ark leans back into the crowd as his theme song resumes. He has said it himself, Ark is back and he is better then ever.
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    Block A Predictions: 1.Viking Raiders 2.Street Profits 3.New Day 4. Good Brothers 5.Econtra 6.Grizzled Young Veterans 7.Moustache Mountain 8.Ichiban Block B Predictions 1. Usos 2.AOP 3.reDRagon 4.Glorious Perfection 5.Limtitless Bros 6.Revial 7. Gallus 8.Bald Bruality
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    Transforming Into Someone New

    did you mean transforming my guy
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Predictions: Block A: 1. Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) 2. Econtra (Aleister Black & The Velveteen Dream) 3. New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) 4. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) 5. Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) 6. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) 7. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) 8. Ichiban (Akira Tozawa & Kushida) Block B: 1. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) 2. Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar) 3. Limitless Bros (Keith Lee & Matt Riddle) 4. Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) 5. Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) 6. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) 7. Glorious Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) 8. Bald Brutality (Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan)
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    Made for @Steph
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    WWE Announce First Tournament Of The Year And Upcoming Events With Night Of Legends marking the official beginning of this new era in WWE, the company is already looking forward to making it's next steps and has done so by announcing not only it's usual January event, Royal Rumble, but also a round-robin tag-team tournament named after the NXT special, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. As per usual, WWE will host it's prestigious and iconic Royal Rumble event at the end of the month and also as per usual, the show will feature the classic Royal Rumble match, one for male competitors and one for female competitors. This year's Royal Rumble event will take place on Sunday, 9th February. In addition, WWE will host the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic over the coming weeks. Unlike the usual single-elimination tournament that we saw in NXT, this rendition of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will be a round-robin tournament with two blocks of eight. In each block, every team will face each other to earn points, a win gets them two points, a draw gets them one point and a loss gets no points. After every team has faced each team in their block, the two teams leading their respective blocks will face in the finals at the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Show on March 1st, 2020 and the tournament itself will start tomorrow on January 13th, as the first set of Block A matches take place (blocks announced below). Here are the official blocks for the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Block A: Econtra (Aleister Black & The Velveteen Dream), Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows), Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson), Ichiban (Akira Tozawa & Kushida), Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate), New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods), Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford), Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) Block B: Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar), Bald Brutality (Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan), Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang), Glorious Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode), Limitless Bros (Keith Lee & Matt Riddle), reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly), Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson), Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) Published on January 12, 2020
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    PPV MATCH CARD Pre Show Womens Battle Royal (Marti Belle, Jamie Hayer, Zoe Lucas, Velvet Sky, Kiera Hogan, Jenny Rose) Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Bully Ray vs Cabana Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Bonus Questions Who will be the new 4th member of Villain Enterprises? What will be the highest rated match on the card? Who will get the most eliminations in the Womens Battle Royal? \/ Leave Predictions Down Below \/
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    Hans Graphics

    Gunner Signature:
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    Death Notorious Angel

    BPZ: Ring Psychology

    "Hello again everyone. It's the Voice Of The BPZ Universe, James SweedinFerg here and I'm here with my first episode of Ring Psychology and as promised, my first episode is about my opinions on the beginning, the current stage, and what should be fixed on the career of former five time Heavyweight Champion, Slim. Beginning Stages Of His Career: Boy this one is a doozy. Okay try to help me out here if I mess this up. Alright. He debuted in BPZ in July of 2015 and joined NXT, which was a shit show. He, Bizzy, and Blade made the NXT 3, which is the second best thing to happen to that title, which says nothing since there was only three good things that happened to that title in it's five years. He came in a "Sheriff Slim" the most roodenst, tootnest cowboy on the east coast. Yeehaw. He drew tattoos on his arms, walked from the crowd, nobody reaching for high fives or anything close, yeah, sad days. At the end of every promo, he kept redoing his poses from his entrance, which is too much, but hey, fuck my opinion. He went from a sheriff, to a pretending to be Mexican, to I think someone trying to ooze machismo. I don't know, it all happened at once to be honest. Then he finally got relevant with "The Perfect Ten" gimmick he did for a few months, which lead him to a Intercontinental Championship title reign. Then he took that gimmick to the extreme when he took the "Perfect Car" and ran over NateDog. He won Money In The Bank and then cashed in that same night on a steroid filled Nebakos who was so roided up, after the night was over he went into a roided rage when his limo driver turned the temperature up and nearly beaten him to death. Rest In Piece to the fallen soldier. Then he turned into "King Slim" and the term "King" was overused at that point but hey good on him. He went to have a 310 day reign which is the longest till he lost via BrendenPlayz booking him to lose for being a dick Backstage. Yeah good days where that happens. Okay I'm not gonna go into detail on every so here's the short story. World title wins, Mania win, Tag titles, Intercontinental Championships, Rumble, and blah blah blah blah blah. Great career. Career Stage Of Career: This is 50/50. While he won the World Heavyweight Championship and Survival Games, but he also been suspended. He's been on and off with his career, back for a while, gone for a while, which been like this for the majority of a year and a half. He looks to take the Undisputed Championship from Flynn at Night Of Legends. What He Could Change: Attitude, angering his other fellow wrestlers, stop leaving, don't stab anyone else. What else.... Um.... Oh yeah, and ego. Alright, I think we're good. That's the short summary on Slim. Next episode I'll have a special interview set. Till then, Fuck Mike Hunt!"
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    BPZ Music

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    WWE RAW vs SmackDown: The Network Novel

    Friday Night SmackDown | November 8th, 2019 | SNHU Arena | Manchester, NH Alexa Bliss Announces Team SmackDown As we draw yet another week closer to Survivor Series with another episode of Friday Night SmackDown, the captain of Team SmackDown for the women's traditional Survivor Series match, Alexa Bliss, opens tonight's show by coming to the ring with a microphone. Alexa Bliss: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! In just three weeks, we clash with RAW at Survivor Series for bragging rights and brand superiority. Rightfully so, I have been named as the captain of Team SmackDown and have also been given the power to choose the members of my team after beating your current SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. Therefore, as the number one women's superstar on SmackDown, I will now be revealing the superstars that I have chosen to be on my team. Firstly, the first-ever Ms. Money In The Bank, 'The Staten Island Princess', 'The Moonwalking Trash-talking Chick', Carmella! With Carmella revealed as Alexa's first pick, the 'Fabulous' theme hits through the speakers as Carmella makes her entrance, joining Bliss in the ring. Similarly, the rest of the picks also make their entrances after being announced. Alexa Bliss: Secondly, the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner, 'The Pirate Princess', Kairi Sane! ...Thirdly, the inaugural United Kingdom Women's Champion, the newest addition to SmackDown's women's division, Rhea Ripley! ...Finally but certainly not least, an undisputedly proven star, 'The Venus Fly Trap', Peyton Royce! As Peyton makes her entrance, fans and the women already in the ring look around somewhat confused as most expected the final pick to be the former champion, Bayley, who picked up a big win last week against Carmella. Seemingly, the only people reassured about this pick is Peyton Royce herself and the team captain. Nevertheless, Bliss ignores her disgruntled peers and carries on. Alexa Bliss: Here you have it! The five women that will represent SmackDown in the traditional Survivor Series match! With her Survivor Series team introduced, Bliss raises their arms with a huge smile on her face as she stands side-by-side with Carmella, Peyton Royce, Kairi Sane, and Rhea Ripley. SmackDown's Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifier Bobby Lashley vs Ricochet In the first match of the night, we see the fourth spot of Team SmackDown on the line as 'The Destroyer' Bobby Lashley takes on 'The One and Only' Ricochet. With these men having very much polar opposite in-ring styles, this match would be an interesting clash between one of the greatest powerhouses in Lashley and one of the greatest high-flyers in Ricochet. At first, Lashley's incredible power is able to give him a huge advantage as he dominates Ricochet in the early stages but as the match goes on, the big-man begins to tire so Ricochet takes advantage by quickening up the pace. Eventually, playing the long-game pays out well for Ricochet as he is able to get the pinfall and secure his place of Team SmackDown. SmackDown's Newest Tag Team Step To The Champions Backstage at the SNHU Arena, we join the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, as they hold their belts proudly whilst talking to the camera. Dolph Ziggler: Just a few months ago, myself and Robert barely even knew each other. Now, we stand before you as former RAW Tag Team Champions and the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Robert Roode: As two of the most experienced wrestlers in the business today, it's no surprise that combining the two of us together resulted in greatness. After all, I will always be glorious and Ziggler has always defined the term perfection. Dolph Ziggler: At Survivor Series, we are set to clash the current RAW Tag Team Champions, The Revival. With the SmackDown tag team division on our backs, we will come out victorious at Survivor Series and we will continue to prove why this pairing is... Robert Roode: Glorious! Perfection! As Robert does his signature pose, two more superstars stroll into the shot and its none other than the team that SmackDown called-up from NXT during the draft, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain. Trent Seven: Tyler, mate, have you seen this? Tyler Bate: Oh my! No way! It's Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler! Trent Seven: Do you know what they're famous for? Tyler Bate: Aren't they cemented in WWE history for being the two biggest disappointments of this era? After Bate takes a shot at the careers of the two veterans stood within reaching distance of the two Brits, Bate and Seven turn to look at the champions who don't seem too happy with the comments made. Dolph Ziggler: Is that meant to be funny? Listen here kid, I've done more in this company than you will ever do and I hope you know that. If you really want to test me, we can do it in the ring tonight. With a challenge set by Ziggler, Bate's grin widens even further as he nods, accepting the challenge as we are now set for a stellar match-up between Ziggler and Bate later on in tonight's show. Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Chad Gable vs Humberto Carrillo Next, the second SmackDown semi-final of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament takes place as 'The American Alpha' Chad Gable goes one on one with one of the newest members of the main roster, the exciting luchador known as Humberto Carrillo. In his SmackDown debut, Carrillo impresses the fans and his competitor as he proves why he deserves this opportunity. With Humberto showcasing his great Lucha-libre skillset, Chad Gable responds with an exhibition of his astounding wrestling ability. Despite a remarkable performance from Humberto on his debut, it is Gable who comes out on top and advances to the SmackDown finals of this tournament where he will face the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush. Bayley Confronts The Blue Brand's Captain Once again, we are joined by Alexa Bliss but this time, she is backstage. Alexa Bliss: After announcing the members of Team SmackDown, I, Shane and the FOX executives believe it's in the best interest of the blue brand to have the four women I picked for Team Smackdown to compete in a contest tonight in order to further exhibit their talents. Therefore, tonight, we will see Carmella and Rhea Ripley team-up against Peyton Royce and Kairi Sane. However, as Bliss finishes making her announcement, Bayley storms into the shot and gets right into the face of SmackDown's team captain. Bayley: I and you both know that I deserve to be in that team more than any other woman you picked! Clearly, you just have a grudge against me or are too insecure to have someone on your team that could easily outshine you but don't worry, if you aren't going to choose me to be on the team, I'll just have to ensure that you have no other option. An infuriated Bayley then marches away with a threat made to Bliss but what exactly Bayley has in mind isn't so clear. Either way, Bliss seems to find the fact that Bayley is angry pretty humorous as she mockingly laughs after Bayley has left. SmackDown Tag Team Championships Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Bate After Moustache Mountain stepped to the champions backstage earlier tonight, one-half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler, competes in singles action against the British wonder-kid, Tyler Bate. As a long-time WWE veteran in Ziggler clashes with one of the youngest superstars in all of WWE, it comes to the surprise of 'The Showoff' just how proficient and well-rounded Bate is in the ring for a man of his age. Nonetheless, the match is still extremely competitive as two wrestlers known for having astounding stamina keep pushing each other further and further until finally, Bate hits the Tyler Driver '97 for a second time and gets the upset over Ziggler. Sasha Banks Is Ready To Face An Old Friend Next, the SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, comes down to the ring with her belt around her waist and a microphone in her hand. Sasha Banks: With Survivor Series on the horizon, I'm seeing a lot of boring matches being announced and a lot of commotion around matches that no one actually cares about. Last year, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey were the most talked about match of Survivor Series until Becky suffered an injury but still, the hype she garnered from stepping to the apparent baddest woman on the planet catapulted her to stardom. Now, it's my turn. Becky Lynch, at Survivor Series, we clash and this time around, I'm more motivated and more driven than ever. Just like I did week-in and week-out during our days in NXT, I am going to dominate your ass and just like at the start of our careers on the main roster, I am going to become the bigger star because at the end of the day, I am destined for greatness and I have that superstar attraction that you have always lacked. It's time for 'The Boss' to take her crown back as the number one women's wrestler in WWE and the worst of the four horsewomen is definitely not going to be the one to stop me. After ranting about her situation as SmackDown Women's Champion, Banks throws the microphone to the floor and proudly raises her belt with a clear statement made to the Becky Lynch. Carmella & Rhea Ripley vs Kairi Sane & Liv Morgan As announced by the leader of Team SmackDown, Alexa Bliss, earlier tonight, Carmella and Rhea Ripley make their way out separately but will be competing tonight as a tag team. Then, Kairi Sane makes her way out but when it is time for Peyton Royce to make her entrance, she doesn't appear. After a few moments pass, Bayley comes out, dragging Peyton Royce along the floor by her arm. With Sane's partner unfit to compete, an angry Bliss comes out and gets right in the face of Bayley but she refuses to give in. Instead, she replaces Peyton with Liv Morgan as the match is now Carmella & Rhea Ripley vs Kairi Sane & Liv Morgan. After a back and forth match-up, it is Carmella & Rhea Ripley who get the victory as Ripley gets the pinfall, continuing to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with here on SmackDown. Vega Demands That Almas Is Given An Opportunity Following his loss to Daniel Bryan last week, we join Andrade 'Cien' Almas backstage alongside his manager, Zelina Vega. As Andrade sits, confidently glaring into the camera lens with a cocky grin on his face, Vega begins to talk, articulating the drive of this fierce duo. Zelina Vega: Last week, what you saw wasn't a defeated Andrade. What you saw was a lucky Daniel Bryan but enough of the past because what matters most is the future and sat right in front of you, rightfully dubbed under the name El Ídolo, is the future of not just WWE but the entirety of sports entertainment. Every time he competes, he showcases exactly why he is set to be an all-time great, why he will soon be recognized as the best in the world. Many other new superstars have made their way to both RAW and SmackDown but not a single one of them measures up to Andrade. Names like Ricochet, Aleister Black, Lio Rush, Buddy Murphy. They all want to pitch themselves as the future of this company but in the back of their minds, in all of your hearts, you know none of them will make it, we all know they will burn out whilst one singular star keeps shining, keeps captivating the eyes of the WWE Universe. As of right now, I am demanding that Andrade is given an opportunity at Survivor Series, an opportunity to demonstrate that he is the indisputable future of WWE. After coming to the end of her emphatic speech, Zelina smirks and Andrade mockingly laughs with a message sent to the entire WWE Universe. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match SmackDown's Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifier Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa In the main event of tonight's SmackDown, WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, takes on one of the hottest rising stars in WWE today, Tommaso Ciampa, in a match to decide the final member of Team SmackDown. In addition, after a war of words last week, Nakamura has accepted Ciampa's challenge to put his championship on the line in this match-up as well, raising the stakes even further. With two great accolades on the line in this match, it's no surprise that both these competitors go all-out. With both men being very hard strikers, it's not long until this match turns into more of a brawl than a wrestling match but either way, they push each other to their limits. Nevertheless, in the end, Ciampa manages to put Nakamura away with the Fairy Tale Ending and captures the WWE Intercontinental Championship only two weeks after his debut on the main roster.
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    BPZ Recap

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    "How do you kill something that won't die?" {The scene opens in the infamously known Creed Gym where we see the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius, going through a workout. He is in the ring with his brothers, Smith and Bart who are also preparing for their next encounter at Night of Legends. The scene then cuts to a dark room where Julius is now seated staring up at a screen showing the events of World at War 2019} "It's been a while little guy, but there hasn't been a moment when I've stopped thinking about you. I understand why you did it, but that doesn't mean I like how u did it. Instead of coming to me by yourself and sorting out these issues like a man, you needed to play with the lights and put on a mask like a coward. I visited you Ropati, almost every week I walked into that hospital room and sat there looking at you and it killed me. I didn't want to do it, but I had to, you were holding me back. I killed a friendship that I cherished deeply and it haunts me to this day. Would I go back and take it all away? Of course but that's with the benefit of hindsight. I was angry, I was in a bad place all those months ago and I hurt you, I'm sorry" "The attacks I can deal with, but one thing that doesn't sit right with me is that ring you wear on your finger. You were in a place of vulnerability I get that but you didn't need to sell your soul to the devil. That man Jeremiah Flynn is the Devil, he called the strike on your head, but it seems that his words are too powerful, clouding your knowledge and judgment. You wear that ring and I wear this chain, I wear this chain to stop you and your rogue cause and at Night of Legends I am going to continue doing just that. Survivor Series wasn't the end, It didn't end with Carter went down, but for me it ends when I put you down to the ground" "Even after everything we've been through and everything we're about to endure I still consider you a friend, a brother. I made that mistake pushing you away and stabbing you in the back and I don't want to have to do it again. Beating you from pillar to post is going to kill me on the inside, it's going to hurt me seeing your face dripping in blood as I puncture a hole in your skull but it's something I must do. I've got to exterminate you for good. You want to kill me and rightfully so, and because of that I'm putting the ball in your court. Whatever match you want you can have, you pick the rules and I will rightfully oblige. This is our last dance and I'm going to come out on top. You are my weakness but my weakness is greater than any strength you posses" "How do you kill something that won't die? Extermination"
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    Top 10 Wrestlers outside of WWE in 2020 Honorable Mentions There are of course others I miss out but this is my personal opinion and you can feel free to leave your own list. Number 10: Lance Archer A man who had somewhat of a career renaissance in 2019, lance archer gets the number 10 spot for an impressive rise to prominence and an impressive string of matches throughout the year in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Beginning the year on the pre-show of WrestleKingdom to going into 2020 as IWGP United States Champion, Archer has proven that there's a lot more to him than just his former tag partnership with Davey Boy Smith JR. What leaves him this low on the list is that frankly as much as I have become a fan of Archer over this year, his rise to prominence mainly occurred during his G1 run with some premonitions of it during the new japan cup but his solid latter half of the year places him at number 10. Some matches I would suggest watching are his bouts with Will Ospreay, his bout with Okada from the G1 climax,his match with Juice Robinson from Kings of Pro Wrestling for the IWGP United States Championship and his world tag league matchup teaming with Minoru Suzuki to take on Zack Sabre JR & Taichi. Number 9: David Starr The man defining himself on being Independent, David Starr lands at Number 9. Starr has defined the independent circuit quite literally making moves both in the ring and out by proving that you don’t need to sign with a major company to make it. Starr has had great success in 2019 becoming the final Defiant Wrestling Champion, Winning the Super Strong Style 16 and Winning the OTT World Championship as well as several other Independent Wrestling Championships. What leaves Starr lower on the list is that he does personify the nearly man moniker losing in several high stakes matches and still being without a victory over perhaps his greatest rival: WALTER. Some matches I'd recommend for viewing is His Super Strong Style 16 finals match against Jordan Devlin as well as their match for the OTT title, His PROGRESS World Championship match against WALTER and his ladder match against El Phantasmo for the British Cruiserweight Championship. Number 8: Taiji Ishimori Somebody who doesn’t get mentioned a lot when it comes to stars of the year which is strange considering how much he’s accomplished this year, Number 8 is the Bone Soldier Taiji Ishimori. Ishimori has impressed heavily this year beginning the year as one third of the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions and ending it as one half of the IWGP JR Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Winning the IWGP JR Heavyweight Championship at the beginning of the year as well. The man has been one of the staple parts of the JR Heavyweight Division and with the departure of its Ace KUSHIDA he has stepped up and has helped rebuild the division. What places him lower down the list is that he’s sort of become a side man to El Phantasmo who seems to be gearing up to become the top JR of Bullet Club in 2020 which sets him down lower on the list. Some Matches of Ishimori i’d recommend would be Him VS KUSHIDA from WrestleKingdom, Him VS Jyushin Liger from New Japan's Anniversary show, Him VS Taguchi from the new beginning tour, Him VS Shingo Takagi in Best of The Super Juniors and Him and El Phantasmo VS Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles from Royal Quest, Destruction and the Super Junior Tag League. Number 7: Shingo Takagi The Dragon comes in at Number 7 and this man has dominated for a good part of the year remaining undefeated until June. Shingo kicked off the year capturing the IWGP JR Tag Team Championships with BUSHI and would go onto to win 9 straight matches in the Best of the Super Juniors while having amazing match after amazing match and then have one of the best matches of the year against Will Ospreay in the Best Of The Super Juniors Finals then having a very good G1 climax run with several very impressive matches. Shingo hits number 7 as he did begin to lose momentum in the latter part of 2019 specifically after the G1 Climax and especially in world tag league however his impressive first three quarters of 2019 puts him above those before him. Some Matches i’d recommend would be basically any of his Best Of The Super Juniors Matches but specifically him VS SHO, TAKA Michinoku and Taiji Ishimori, the Best Of the Super Juniors Finals against Will Ospreay and from his G1 Run him VS Jon Moxley, Hirooki Goto and Tomohiro Ishii. Number 6: Chris Jericho The Painmaker and Le Champione of AEW lands at Number 6. Jericho kicked off the year with a very good match against Tetsuya Naito for IWGP Intercontinental Champion but his involvement with AEW was what has set him apart and has shown us the side of Jericho that many people love to see, returning to his arrogant persona similar to his Y2J and Lionheart personas but with a more veteran presence. Jericho however only hits number 6 due to one reason: He has had some pretty bad high profile matches this year. Specifically his match with Okada from Dominion was extremely disappointing and underdelivered in every aspect however his Run as AEW World Champion and great storytelling allows him to keep his spot here. While there aren’t too many matches I recommend for Chris Jericho in 2019 2 that I would Suggest would be Himself VS Cody Rhodes and Himself VS Tetsuya Naito with those being his two best matches of the year in my opinion. Number 5: Kota Ibushi The Golden Star makes his way onto the list at Number 5 as he had a return to form in 2019 with him becoming the new Hontai top guy seemingly surpassing Tanahashi this year with his impressive runs despite a poor start to the year losing to the NEVER Openweight Championship to Will Ospreay and then having a fairly short New Japan Cup Run he would rebound Capturing the IWGP Intercontinental Champion after an incredible series of matches with Tetsuya Naito as well as two very good matches with Zack Sabre JR. He would then go onto have an incredible run in the G1 climax having stellar matches with several opponents before ultimately beating Jay White in the Finals to win the tournament. He would then go onto have two brutal defences of his G1 Rights Certificate against KENTA and EVIL. His placement in the middle of the list comes from his poor performance at the beginning of the year but he still managed to prove himself in 2019 returning to the Golden Star we all know and love. Matches I would Suggest would be Him VS KENTA (Destruction), Him VS Naito (Any of them), Him VS Will Ospreay (G1 and WK) and Him VS Jay White (G1 Finals). Number 4: Cody Rhodes The American Nightmare has had probably the best year of his career in 2019 landing him at number 4 on this list. Although he started the year off Slow losing the IWGP United States Championship to Juice Robinson he would go onto have one of the best matches of the year against his brother Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing which showed us the Cody Rhodes many fans had been expecting to see for a long time, he would then go on to have a great run in AEW with the best AEW World Championship Match to date against Chris Jericho and with one of the most expected yet gutting betrayals at the hands of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Cody’s placement here is simply reflective of how he had a great year however there were men who had a better year. Matches i’d recommend would be Himself VS Dustin Rhodes (Double Or Nothing), Himself VS Darby Allin (Fyter Fest) and Himself VS Chris Jericho (Full Gear). Number 3: Kazuchika Okada It feels like no matter what year it is the Rainmaker is undeniably brilliant. Although 2019 was not his best year he definitely still managed to keep himself in a prominent position continuously and despite one disappointing match with Chris Jericho, Okada would go on to have several impressive match classics and a great G1 Run. His slow start to the year seeming to be a trend with several wrestlers Okada would go on to dominate throughout the rest of 2019 winning the New Japan Cup for the second time before winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship back at the G1 Supercard. The Rainmaker while having a year that could top many others there are two people who simply fall ahead of him. The matches I'd recommend would be his New Japan Cup Matches against Will Ospreay, Tomohiro Ishii and SANADA, His G1 Supercard match against Jay White, The other two matches he had with SANADA this year, his G1 Climax matches against most of his opponents except for bad luck fale, his Royal Quest battle with Minoru Suzuki and to a lesser extent his WrestleKingdom match with Jay White. Number 2: Jon Moxley The man who has seemingly definitively proven that WWE holds you back, The Death Rider Jon Moxley Comes in at Number 2 on the top 10 wrestlers of 2019. Moxley since leaving WWE earlier this year has straight up dominated pro wrestling and has completely shaken up the landscape of Pro Wrestling in general. From his debut at Double Or Nothing to his battle with Juice Robinson to his G1 Climax run to his dominance in AEW Moxley has proven exactly what many people have said about him and in any other year, he would’ve topped this list but there is one man who stands above him this year. The matches I'd recommend for Jon Moxley would be against Juice Robinson, most of his G1 Matches specifically his matches against Juice, Ishii and Shingo, his match with Shota Umino, his match with Kenny Omega, His match with Darby Allin and his match against PAC. Number 1: Will Ospreay The Aerial Assassin, The Dragon Slayer, The Sky King, The Sex Pig Will Ospreay in my opinion is the best Wrestler outside of WWE in 2019, hell i’d argue he’s the best wrestler of 2019 period. He has wrestled so many classics this year and every program he’s had has had stakes that have proven to be high enough for every match to mean something. The fact is Ospreay has had so many great matches this year that he could very easily have a whole list of match of the year candidates to himself. Lets run down some matches I'd recommend from Ospreay this year: Kota Ibushi, Ryusuke Taguchi, Jeff Cobb, Kazuchika Okada, Lance Archer, Shingo Takagi, Robbie Eagles, El Phantasmo, Jay White, teaming with Robbie Eagles to take on El Phantasmo and Taiji Ishimori, Teaming with Robbie Eagles to take on Roppongi 3K, Zack Sabre JR, teaming with Paul Robinson to take on Aussie Open, the list goes on, the man has had maybe one bad match that I can think of this year and while it was the worst match of the G1 that is not enough to put him down lower on the list. Will Ospreay is undisputedly the best wrestler of 2019 in my opinion. Leave your list below!
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    No One Man - Chapter Seven: The Death Of Drizzy ☠ El Hijo Favorito del Diablo ☠ In the brisk, chilly morning, with the sun only just rising, I walk my usual way to the Ángeles del Infierno's base of operations but as I approach the building, something doesn't feel right so I quicken my pace until I'm effectively running. I burst through the front door and everything is up in flames. In shock, I freeze and just look around at my kingdom burning to the ground until my attention is grabbed by a man straight ahead of me. Through the flames, I can see a built figure approaching and as they come closer, they are cleared of the fire and smoke, and I recognize him... It's Don Dada. Suddenly, Ben comes out of nowhere and charges straight at Don Dada but Ben comes to an abrupt stop. Suddenly, Fox reveals himself, disabling his camouflage, and as he does, his arm appears to be going straight through Ben's chest. After Fox removes his arm from the hole now going straight through Ben, my closest friend and the best fighter in our whole organization, slowly drops to the floor but still, I'm frozen, I can't even help the person that has had my back the whole time. Once Ben is laying on the floor lifelessly, Dada and Fox stroll up to me as Dada gets in my face and stares straight into my eyes and into my soul. “You lose,” he whispers into my ear as he then stabs a knife right into my gut. Just like Ben, I slowly fall to the floor as my enemies walk away laughing. With my last sights being my whole organization burning to the ground, my eyes close for the last time and I'm met with a lonely, empty blackness. Moments go by and I'm still conscious. Suddenly, my eyes reopen and I'm laying in my bed at home, unhurt, with not a single scratch on my body as I come to the realization that it was all just a very bad nightmare. As I sit up, I remember the ride we went on last night where we burned down one of Dada's warehouses but then, I remember the final moments where Fox, one of Dad's top men, appeared and killed one of mine. With all of this repeatedly running through my head, I rush to get myself ready and get to the base of operations as quickly as possible. When I walk in this time, in reality, everything is as per usual. Being one of the only men that know Fox caught us last night, I head straight to my office with my head down, trying to avoid any altercations with my men. As I enter my office, Ben is already there waiting as he seems concerned about something. “Buenos dias, Ben! Is there something I can do for you?” I ask, already knowing the answer. “Yes, well kind of. Last night, everything went fine until Fox of Don Dada's crew and you know he's going straight to Dada to tell him what we did. In fact, Dada probably already knows and has probably already rallied up an army of chingados ready to take our heads off on-site! What the fuck are we gonna do El Hijo?” Ben stresses to me as he's clearly worried about how Dada will react to our actions. “Listen, I know Dada most likely already knows what we did but this was bound to happen. The fact of the matter is, at some point, we're going to have to face that hijo de la chingada so why not now? We're stronger than ever and we're already one step ahead of him. Just don't worry yourself too much Ben, I have everything under control,” I tell Ben, trying to reassure him that we'll be okay even though I'm more worried than he is. Nevertheless, I keep a stern face and give Ben a hug before he then leaves me to think of our next step in my office. Around half an hour later, I head out of my office and tell Ben to come with me as we then head outside. After my chauffer brings the Rover around, we go on a cruise around the city. “So, what exactly are we doing?” Ben enquires, confused as to why we're just driving around. “We are thinking, planning our next step. I needed to get out to help clear my mind. Plus, we might be able to find something like how we found Fox yesterday.” “Okay, capo.” As we continue to roam around the streets, I get a call that I wasn't expecting which instantly makes me think it's from Dada and that he's already stricken back. However, when I pull my phone out, I see that it's from Feugo and sigh out loud in relief before answering the phone. “Feugo, what's the matter?” “Capo, I've got some news about Don Dada that I think you'll like.” “Okay, great, I'm heading to you right now then.” After I finish on the phone with Feugo, I redirect the chauffeur to take us to Feugo's district. As we pull up to the restaurant we met him in yesterday, it's once again only him at the table but this time, he's digging into some nice warm chili. “Hola, you enjoying that?” I ask jokingly as I greet Fuego and his men. “Yes, it's excelente. Do you want some?” Fuego offers, showing his respect for me, the capo. “No, that's quite alright, I've already eaten. Anyway, what's this news you wanted to talk about?” “Ah yes, so the word around the street is that the new nightclub opening up in Midtown, 'Diversión', is actually owned by Dada and he's going to use it to clean money. With the amount of money that goes in and out of those places, he's going to be able to clean thousands in just one night there. Furthermore, you know the rapper, Drake? Well, he's going to be there on the opening night which is going to sky-rocket their sales for at least the next year. In conclusion, Dada is going to be making a lot of money from his new nightclub and it most likely will put him miles ahead of us.” “When is the opening night?” “Tomorrow.” “Okay, we meet here at midnight tomorrow evening. Me, you, and Ben, we're going to break in and ruin their party, just to make sure that this little business venture of Dada's fails.” One day later, minutes before midnight, wearing completely black gear once again, I and Ben walk into the restaurant to meet up with Feugo. Once we're all set, Feugo takes us out back and being the kind man he is, he has prepared three motorbikes for the occasion. As we speed through the streets of Midtown, the noises of partying is all around us as pubs, clubs, and restaurants are blasting out music. Although, as we get closer to Diversión, it is Spanish music that becomes much louder, with Dada making his club Hispanic-themed. With hundreds waiting outside, we pull up down a back alley and get off the bikes as we look for a way in. Just like at Fox's warehouse, Feugo is able to use his abilities to spawn a coat of lava around his body in order to melt the hinges of a door which results in the door simply just falling off. With a clear entrance into the back of the club, we put our masks on make sure our weapons are ready. Before heading in, I give instructions for I and Ben to take care of security whilst Feugo heads straight to whoever is running this place under Dada's orders and takes them hostage. As we head in, we are sneaking through the back of the club when we overhear some men who seem to be talking about something very serious. After I tell Ben and Feugo to pause, their voices become much clearer and I recognize one of them as one of Dada's men as they say “Yes, Fox told Dada that it was Ángeles del Infierno and that El Hijo Favorito del Diablo was there himself. It sounds like they're trying to send a message if you ask me. I reckon Dada needs to do put them in their place or even put them down for good. Since La Muerte passed, they've been useless and a nuisance.” With the mentioning of Muerte's passing, I lose control as I step into their sight so they can see my face, cuss at them and then spray all three of them down with just one clip. Shocked, Ben and Fuego just stare at me as I just stare at the four men I just murdered. After a few moments in which I recompose myself, we head-on with the mission at hand and manage to reach the main floor. With the music blasting and the lights flashing, there's no longer much more need to be stealthy so instead, we just act casually, not trying to gather any attention as we get rid of the security. Once I and Ben have finished, I look around for Fuego and when I find him, he already has a gun to the hip of the manager as we have officially hijacked the party. All we need to do now is create a scene to ruin this place's reputation and then get the hell out of here. As I search for something, I see Drake, the biggest celebrity in the world. Just like Fuego said, he is here as a VIP but is perhaps a bit too intoxicated to realize that all of his security is gone. Unsuspiciously, I pass through the crowd of dancing drunks and finally come face to face with Drake. “Yo, you look bad-ass in that all-black, homie! You a fan?” As Drake extends his hand, I smirk, raising my hand past his offer for a handshake and straight to his neck, gripping it tightly. After sharing a look with Feugo, he takes the manager into his office as the music and dance lights then turn off as the civilians are put into a state of confusion which soon flips into them being scared for their lives as they seem me holding Drake off of his feet with just one hand. “Oh man, oh man, not again!” Drake screams out loud whilst I say my prayers, sacrificing Drake to Lucifier himself. As I feel the energy rushing through me that I am repaid with by the devil when giving him a sacrifice, I let go of Drake's neck and his body drops the ground with all life drained from it. With everyone scared to their core, the thud of his body hitting the ground echoes around the room that remains silent until suddenly, a gunshot is heard from the manager's office. Then, everyone starts screaming and making a runner for it. Trying to get away from the scene of the crime, I and Ben run to the exit where Feugo joins us after grabbing some funds from the office in which he killed the manager. Once we're all out, we jump on the bikes and head back, another hit on Don Dada's organization complete.
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    November 2019 progress update As you all know I began working on this mod about a month ago as of today, and I have to say there has been progress with the companies that are currently in the game which are listed below. If there is anyone on the forums who think I should be adding more companies to this list feel free to reply to this post. Speaking of progression, I can confirm that myself and few others who have been kind enough to chip in their opinions have completed the Women's Division for both Raw and Smackdown with their own individual pictures. Stats have been adjusted accordingly but the main point to get from this is that I want everyone to be usable so even wrestlers lower down the pecking order such as Dana Brooke are able to grow and potentially get to the peak some day. Championship pictures have been included also so that means if you crown a certain wrestler as a champion,there will be an image in the backlog to show they are the Champ. As for right now,we are currently running through the Men's Roster of WWE then after that we shall be moving to NXT to do the same. Personalities have been considered as well so that means that people such as Renee Young or CM Punk would have their own special background. Because CM Punk has not been confirmed to actually wrestle yet,he will only be available as a personality at this point in time. Many thanks to @FDS , @Sheridan, @Hans and @Alex Costa to giving me insight on things that I am not so knowledgeable of. Without them,this mod would be much further back than it actually is.
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    No One Man - Chapter Three: Takeover ☠ El Hijo Favorito del Diablo ☠ A few days have passed since I made the fateful decision, since I decided to go behind La Muerte's back and put a hit out on Don Dada without his permission. In this situation, I understand that most people would have crippling worries about Muerte possibly finding out, about Don Dada finding out, about Zombie betraying my trust, but at this point, after all the disruptions Dada has caused just because he can, I'm just excited, fired up to finally see the overlord of the underworld dethroned and put to an end. However, I'm no fool. I realize the risks involved and I know that it's all on me, no one else is responsible for what's to come. Furthermore, with La Muerte not knowing, I'm expected to get on with business as usual so currently, I'm on my way to sell two whole kilos of our latest shipment of flake and of course, with me is Big Ben. As we roll up to the spot, we wait in the back of the four-by-four Rover, looking out the window, waiting for them to turn up. Eventually, a beemer pulls up down the alleyway so I nod to Big Ben who gets out and takes the supplies from the boot whilst the chauffeur opens my door and gives me a hand out of the blacked-out SUV. Suddenly, as we are heading to our clients, a gold tiara comes flying out nowhere and hits one of the other guys. Upon contact, the tiara drops the man and seemingly even kills him so instantly, I and Ben are on our toes whilst our clients immediately make a run for it but as they drive out of the alleyway, a massive boulder drops onto the car, crushing the men inside it. Then, the boulder begins to change shape until it has fully morphed into a teenage schoolgirl who jumps off the car and picks up the tiara. “For fuck's sake. Not another one of these vigilante weirdos,” I mutter as both I and Ben look at each other, clearly fed-up with all the nonsense that has been going on recently, from Don Dada's abuse of power to these superhumans running around trying to fight crime. “I am The Moon Guardian, Sailor Meko! El Hijo Favorito del Diablo, I have heard of your wrongdoings and am here to put an end to it! Surrender now or I will have to turn you in dead!” exclaims the superhuman teenage girl stood in front of us as she rotates through a series of power poses. After I and Ben look on, uninterested, she nods as she realizes we have no intent on handing ourselves in. Quickly, she then throws the golden tiara at me but suddenly, an aluminum hand grabs the tiara and crushes it. As I look to my left, I see Ben giving me a slight grin as I then turn further and see his other hand touching the Range Rover. Then, I smile back at Ben before turning my attention back to Sailor Meko. Just by looking at her, I can sense the fear as I then raise my arm but nothing happens until I abruptly clench my fist which spawns two pairs of arms that break through the floor and grab ahold of Meko's legs, trapping her where she stands. At first, she's completely perplexed but that soon turns to horror as she realizes the arms capturing her are arms of undead beings. With her stuck, I nonchalantly stroll over to her, with each step striking more and more dread into her as she screams helplessly. Once I'm within arms reach, I raise my arm once more but this time, I grasp her neck whilst looking straight into her soul. With one hand clenched around her throat, I begin to motion signs by pointing with the middle finger and index finger of my other hand whilst eloquently articulating my prayer. “Lucifer, Satanás, Diablo, a ti te hago este sacrificio, a ti te doy gracias por mis bendiciones, por siempre más,” I announce as the hero in my hand is drained of her life. She shrivels up, her hair fades to gray and her skin rots until I can feel that all of her life has been taken. At which point I release my grip and let what's left of her fall to the ground. With our clients dead, we simply just left the scene with the only profit coming from this being my powers being further advanced after another sacrifice to my true master, not La Muerto, but El Diablo himself. As I return to the base of Ángeles del Infierno, I am told that La Muerto wants to see me. Immediately, I'm concerned that he has found out about the hit I put out on Don Dada and as I walk into his office, that concern only grows stronger as the look on his face screams frustration. As offered by him, I take a seat as he then begins to address the situation. “El Hijo, we have a serious problem,” Muerte states as in my head, I'm running through what I'm going to say or do when he confronts me on hiri- “The director of the CIA, Bailey Justin, has introduced a new taskforce. He has grouped together the most talented superhuman vigilantes that would agree to his offer in order to put a stop to the chaotic underworld that has riddled Atlanta with criminal activity. They're calling it Task Force X but on the streets, they've already been donned as the Kingslayers,” he explains to me as my original concern is now replaced with a new one. “¡Chingada madre!” I yell before settling myself and enquiring about this new taskforce. “Do we at least know which vigilantes they have enrolled?” “Yes. So far there are five members. Firstly, there's Brock Morris who goes by the nickname Chance. He's the intelligence of the team as he has the ability to see the possible outcomes of an event before it even happens, allowing him to always choose the best route.” “Secondly, there's Deadeye. His real identity isn't of public knowledge but with all the tools he carries around with him, there's no doubt that he's someone of fortune. Despite him not actually having any superpowers, he's incredibly well-trained in martial arts, acrobatics, and archery which makes him one of the most lethal combat fighters I've ever known.” “Next, we have the silent, undetectable, stealthiest in the game, Gunner Nigel, who goes by the name Phantom. This man can literally walk through solid matter and has carbon metamaterial skin that bends light, making him seemingly invisible, and also makes his skin impenetrable, bulletproof, seemingly invincible.” “The fourth, Alex Costa, an immigrant to the United States from Portugal who actually was a very successful cop but gave up on the corporate ways, taking matters into his own hands and utilizing his ability to manipulate magnetic fields. With that, it's rare that you'll ever engage in hand-to-hand combat with this man as he prefers to keep his distance and use his powers to attack you with metal projectiles.” “Lastly but certainly not least, we have Gary Green. A man with an ability that if put in the wrong hands could enslave the entire human race. However, his morals and code as a former policeman refrain him from doing such. What's his power? Green can control one's mind, forcing you to think whatever he wants without you even realizing it but luckily for us, he isn't the smartest of men so won't be able to fully exploit his blessing.” “And that's all of them?” I ask, completely blown away by the power that this taskforce withholds but on the outside, I retain that unphased cold glare. As La Muerte nods his head in response, I climb out of my seat and tell him “I'll start looking at how to handle this, I won't let us fall, I promise.” However, before I can leave, he stops me. “El Hijo, we're not done. I called you here for two reasons. With the first being covered, we can move to the next but honestly, I don't know which is worse. I don't know why you thought you could go behind my back, I'm not sure if you thought I wouldn't find out but I've been made aware of the meeting you had with the independent assassin, Zombie,” Muerte reveals as I'm left speechless. I try to start explaining myself but he raises his finger, ordering me to remain silent as he continues to lecture me. “Not only have you gone against my orders but you have betrayed all of Ángeles del Infierno by employing an out-of-house hitman. You know we keep everything within the cartel, you know it's important to follow my orders or everything could fall apart. Truthfully, I don't think you understand what you've done. If Don Dada hears about this, we're done, finito, all of us dead. With that being said, I know we've been close friends for way over ten years now, you're like a brother to me but so is the rest of the men out there. Therefore, as much as it pains me, El Hijo, you are exiled but because you are family, you will not be terminated.” With both rage and heartache pouring out of La Muerte, the man that I considered a brother points towards the door, instructing me to leave. Thankfully, he has spared me death, which is usually cast upon anyone that is exiled from the cartel, but on the other hand, this man has just banished me, put me out on the streets to rot, something I don't take too kindly. With his finger still pointing to the exit, Muerto tells me to leave once again before this becomes a serious problem but I refuse. “I built Ángeles del Infierno! I'm the reason why we have any power at all! I'm the reason why you're respected so much! And this, this is how you want to repay me! You are no family of mine!” I scream at La Muerte as I jump to my feet, reach across his desk and grab his throat, clenching it so hard that I penetrate his skin and he starts to bleed. With so much emotion running through my head, I barely even comprehend the man I once called a brother begging for his life in my grasp but once I do, once I stare him in the eyes and realize what I'm doing, I shout the prayers to Diablo! Just like Sailor Meko earlier, the life in La Muerte is slowly drained as I sacrifice him to my true boss, my true leader, the devil himself. Once I can feel the death of Muerte, physically, mentally and emotionally, I feel absolutely empowered. With the lifeless body of the man I followed for so long, the man I looked up to, the man I called a brother, in my arms, I begin to laugh maniacally as I come to the realization that I have relinquished the only thing that was holding my back. Now that I have broken out of these chains, it is time for El Hijo Favorito del Diablo to lead Ángeles del Infierno to the top with the power of El Diablo behind us.
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