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    'A Big Baller Reunion'

    Backstage Moments After Creed vs BulletProof The camera zooms in on Brenden congratulating Sameer on his victory with Creed against BulletProof in what was possibly the best match in BPZ in 2019. Sameer bruised, clearly hurting but was able to stand on top with his brothers tonight at Survivor Series. Smith, Julius, and Bart begin to walk towards the parking lot after getting all their bags from the Locker Room. Sameer tells Smith Sameer: "I'll be there in a second." Brenden gives Smith a pat on the back as Smith heads to the parking lot as leaving Brenden and Sameer alone. The Big Ballers, Brenden begins to speak to Sameer, As Sameer readjust the tape on his rib. Brenden: Good work out there tonight Sameer. You, Smith, Bart, and Julius truly did show what teamwork is all about and what brotherhood looks like tonight. But I didn't just come here to congratulate you on your win tonight. I need a favor out of you tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE. Sameer: Yeah, sure anything for you, Bossman. Brenden: As you know, I retired from the ring at SummerSlam this year against Jack. But I wasn't able to make peace with our tag team ending. Tomorrow night on Carnage LIVE, I wanna hear our music blast throughout the arena. I wanna hear the crowd go wild for us one more time, I wanna stand in the ring with you, one more time. Sameer: You got it, old man. One Last Time. Sameer and Brenden smile at each other and exchange a hug as Sameer head towards the parking lot after a hard-fought battle with BulletProof to celebrate with his brothers. Carnage LIVE After KENJI addresses his competition, we come back from commercial break. To the shock of many, The Big Baller's theme song plays for the first time since Emergence where they lost the tag team championships. Brenden and Sameer come out to an electrifying crowd. Excited to see one of the best tag teams in BrendenPlayz History back even if it's for one last time. Both Sameer and Brenden enter the ring. Sameer picks up the microphone left for him in the ring but Brenden insists on being the first one to talk. Knowing this might be the last time he shares the ring with his mentor Sameer happily gives Brenden the microphone as Brenden begins to speak. Brenden: One Year Ago, Me and Sameer decided to team up and enter the tag team tournament. No expectations or hope of winning but we did win the tag team tournament. Then we went on to kick the Flock's Ass and become one of if not THE greatest Tag Team in the history of this company. We held Tag Team Gold for half of this year and but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and that's what happened at Emergence when we lost. Then I lost to Bashka at SummerSlam, I just wanted to spend one more moment with Sameer. I want to hear our music blast throughout the arena and hear all of you go berserk for The Big Ballers, One More Time. Brenden hands Sameer the microphone. Sameer begins to speak to the crowd here tonight in Atlanta, Emotions running wild as It seems to be the last time we see The Big Ballers in the same ring together. Not only was Brenden, Sameer's partner but he was his mentor and like they have said before a brother. Sameer: I want to thank Brenden because, after everything that happened, he gave me the call to come back and wrestle. He allowed me to prove myself once again and everything that I have achieved this year from winning the Tag Team Championships with him to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It wouldn't have been possible without him and I couldn't ask more from a friend, brother, partner and mentor. Sameer drops the microphone and gets up onto the top turnbuckle to hype up the fans and get them excited as he drops down from the turnbuckle- WHAT THE HELL? BRENDEN JUST HIT SAMEER WITH THE PEDIGREE!? THE CROWD IN ATLANTA IS INCOMPLETE SHOCK! WHAT THE HELL IS BRENDEN THINKING? Oh my goodness he's not done! Brenden goes outside the ring and picks up a chair from outside the ring. OH NO, HE'S GOING FOR THE KNEE! Brenden is going for SAMEER'S HURT KNEE FROM LAST NIGHT'S BRUTAL WAR WITH BULLETPROOF! Brenden begins to relentlessly hit Sameer's Knee with the Chair, The Chair shots begin to get louder and louder every time. Finally, The Chair breaks and Brenden stops. Brenden would throw the remains of the chair outside of the ring and he starts to GROUND AND POUND SAMEER. OH MY GOSH, BLOOD GUSHING FROM THE FOREHEAD OF "THE BEAST". Brenden would finally stop and exit the ring as he heads towards the locker room as The Crowd in Atlanta rain boos on "The Boss". As Medics rush in to care for Sameer who is now knocked out cold. Sameer is put on a stretcher and headed to the local hospital in Atlanta. Everyone in the crowd and commentators stunned by the events of Brenden here tonight as he leaves with no words said after the brutal attack to his former tag team partner and a man that he use to call a brother and student.
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    With the BPZ Universe set to witness the beginning of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational, all eyes are on the tag team division right now and especially the eight tag teams competing in the tournament. Nevertheless, before the action incites, 'On God' by Mustard blasts through the speakers and around the arena like a shockwave as the fans jump to their feet, cheering for the team that prevailed and walked out victorious at Survivor Series, finally overcoming BulletProof, the faction of troublemakers that had been tormenting the locker room for the past several months. As the fans look to the stage for the arrival of Creed, it is Bart and Smith, the two members of Creed that captured the BPZ Tag Team Championships a few weeks back that come out, with their matching leather jackets, matching Creed pendulums and matching championship belts. After posing at the top of the ramp together with their gold, the tag team champions make their way to the ring. Before entering, Eli collects two microphones from the ringside crew, chucks one to Bart in the ring and then climbs through the ropes with the other. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first round of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational! Tonight, I can guarantee you that you will see premier tag team wrestling as not only some of the best tag teams in the world but some of the best singles wrestlers in the world unite for this tournament, resulting in matches jam-packed with top-tier superstars! Nevertheless, before we get into the action, as the current BPZ Tag Team Champions, I and Bart would like to say a few things. First of all, we'd like to comment on the events of last weekend. After months of warfare with BulletProof, after they constantly stuck their nose in our business and repeatedly assaulted us with no good reason, the two of us and our other two brothers, Julius and Sameer, finally got to face those cowardly weasels and at the end of the night, after the final pinfall in the traditional Survivor Series match, Creed stood tall as your victors but also your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and BPZ Tag Team Champions, and truly, that's what we treasure the most in this business, the honor of being champions. As Eli pauses, he removes the championship belt from his shoulder and holds it in his hand, looking down at it as he now continues with the microphone in his other hand. Tonight, this is what it's all about. Tonight, we witness the inception of this year's, 2019's, BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational as eight teams, meaning sixteen athletes that are some of the best in the whole world, they go all out tonight, they put everything into every second of their matches so that they survive, move onto the next round and hopefully, come out the other side as the winners of the whole tournament because then, they get to face the two of us at Night Of Legends, the most prestigious Carnage-focused event of all time, but more importantly, they get a chance to rip these belts off our shoulders and become the new tag teams champions of the world. With Eli's face being serious throughout saying all of that, staring solely at the championship in his grasp, it's a few moments before suddenly an innocent smile hatches onto the face of Smith and then, he brings the mic back up. Over these next few weeks, whilst teams are going to war in order to win this tournament, Bart and I will be preparing for that fatal night in January where we defend our championships against whichever team prevailed through all tribulations and walked out of the tournament, and trust me, when Night Of Legends comes around, Bart and I will be ready for whoever it is, we have no doubt in our ability to retain our titles as we are here to make these titles what they've always had the potential to be. Whilst taking a pause, Eli lifts his head and looks out across those in attendance. A few moments later, Smith raises the microphone back to his mouth and then continues. Throughout the existence of the BPZ Tag Team Championships, we've only really seen this division be pushed to its limits by the likes of Switchblade Clapsiracy, Cpe and Maestro, the team that the annual invitational is honorably named after. During their time as champions, they were a tag-team through and through, had full focus on these titles and truly had everyone's eyes on the tag-team division. Now, locking in a stern glare down the hard camera, with an unexpected fierce intensity spelled on his face, Smith makes his final statement here tonight. For Bart and I, this is our goal, our mission, our drive. Afterward, Smith lowers his microphone and then turns his head, looking at his partner.
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ: Back to Brands

    We are live from New York City, in the Garden. Where we have a stacked card for you. But first, The Gm of Carnage himself will make an appearance to welcome us all to a new era of BPZ. What does he have in store for us? BrendenPlayz- Tonight is a momentous occasion, the beginning new era here in BPZ. But what does that exactly mean? It means War! Tonight we go to War, let the warfare begin! Welcome to the A Show Ladies and Gentleman. Eli Smith vs Emperor Nate- QuarterFinals What an opening match this will be, Emperor Nate going one on one with Eli Smith. Both men are very established here in BPZ, but how will they do now that there is a brand split? And more importantly who will advance to the semi finals of the Undisputed Championship Tournament? The match begins as the two men lockup, the strength advantage going to Nate with ease. As he pushes his opposition into the corner, laughing it off. Eli Smith now looks to get back into this one, as he strikes Nate with a forearm. Nate stands tall still and counters with a back breaker. A huge move by Nate here, as we continue with a fun and anticpating matchup here. Nate would go to pick up his opposition but Smith would duck under and strike Nate with a fury of strikes and kicks, as Nate falls down to one knee. Smith would proceed to go for a shining wizard but no luck, as Nate would duck under but be met with a beautful Pele Kick. A cover is executed by Eli Smith..1...2... but a kick out by Nate just in time. Smith would then pick up Nate, looking for another Pele Kick, he would execute it wonderuflly, proceeing to held the top rope and go for a Frog Splash for a 3 count. Buddy Ace vs FDS- QuarterFinals Moving on, we have another quarterfinals matchup. Where Buddy Ace will go one on one with FDS. Buddy Ace needs that extra step to become a viable threat, while FDS needs to get back on his game. But the question is, who wants it more here tonight? We begin this clash with a lockup, as the strength advantage seems to go to Buddy Ace but not by much. As he pushes his opposition into the corner. And he now goes for a running forearm, but FDS gets out out of the way just in time. Proceeding to hit Buddy Ace with a strike, but Buddy Ace hits a lariat. Now heading to the apron, executing a pitch perfect slingshot clothesline. As we continue just a few moments later, FDS is scratching and clawing to his feet. As he gets in the face of his opponent, slapping the taste out of him. He would then throw him to the outisde, proceeding to hit a perfect suicide dive to the outside. We now get to the closing moments of this great matchup, as FD throws Buddy Ace back inside the ring. Now calling for a deadlift Kapernick for the win. As he hits it, you can hear a snap right on the spine. After the matchup, FDS would be found celebrating until the lights would ubruptly flicker on and off, with no ease. Before a man by the name "Shiba" would enter the Carnage arena for the first time. What does he want? And why target FDS? It Is My Time To Shine As we return from commercial break, we are met with the Number One Contender for the North American Championship. Tonight get gets the chance to face Yelich and pave his way to gold. But does he have enough to do so? Mikey- Tonight I pave the way to my greatness. To history, I stab anyone that gets in my way. Yelich you are not my superior, you would even be lucky to be on my level. Tonight I attach that gold onto my waste, and becoming North American Champipn. And then where will you be Yelixh? Back all the way to the bottom! Mikey vs Yelich- North American Championship We are finally ready for our North American Championship matchup. As we finally find a champion after a month of no champion. Both men we know have heart, they have intergrity but is their passion always there? That is the question that will be answered here tonight. The bell rings and we are off with our first Championship match of the night. We begin with the usual lockup, as neither man want to give an inch. This match has to mean a lot to both performers. The pressure is too much for Mikey as Yelich gets the upperhand, taking him down with a bodyslam. Yelich now heads up to the top rope and executes a Diving DDT. As we continue, Yelich would go for the pinfall..1...2... but Mikey is able to kickout at the 2 count just in time. Mikey is able to get up after a few moments of lying down time, he then is able to hit a body slam on his oppoenent, but wouldnt do much damage to Yelich. As he is able to hit a flapjack on Mikey, leading to a crushing spear. But for some reason Yelich would get cocky, and decide to not go for the pinfall. And that would ultimately be Yelich's demise, as Mikey would hit a BladeRunner a few moments after for the win. And most improtantly, picking up the gold. Flynn (C) vs Sameer- Undsiputed Championship Match We now go from one Championship match to another one, it is time for our Main Event of the evening. As Flynn goes one on one with Sameer, who needs this win more? For me, I would say Sameer. We begin this matchup, with a lockup as the strnegth advantage goes tgo Sameer by a bit of an advantage. He would send Flynn to the corner, proceeding to hit a running frorearm on the champion. Flynn would fall down to one knee, before Sameer laughing in his face, spitting in the eyes of the Hall of Famer. Before hitting a a stirke, and sending Flynn to the outisde, but Flynn would coutner it and send Sameer to the outise instead. Now going for a suicice dive. Flynn would then bring Sameer back into the ring. Going for the pinfall..1...2.... but a kick out at 2 by Sameer. As we continue a few moments later, Sameer would hit a quick pedigree out of nowhere. But decides to not go for the pinfall, but instead goes to torture Flynn some more, but it didnt work out that way as Flynn would hit a running knee for the victory. After the matchup, Flynn would be met with a familar foe in Echo Wilson, maybe a sneak preview of a Winter Warfare Main Event? Echo Wilson vs Flynn?!
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    Suddenly, the tunes of Bulletproof go off the PA System as Hans interrupts Arrow's promo. Hans appears at the ramp with a microphone in his hand, as he stares at the audience as Hans is still fatigued from the 4 on 4 Survivor Series match that he went through last night. Hans looks around with a cool and relaxed tone in his voice as he begins to speak. First things first, before I address you Mr. Arrow I want to talk about what happened at Survivor Series. After all the months of attacks, trash talks, and more, it finally concluded at the Survivor Series. Yes after all of that, we lost this battle to Creed. Like I said no likes losing, and and the fact that this was my biggest match of my career just to lose to Creed breaks my heart. You know what, that’s fine we’ll get our revenge eventually but for now we shall move on. I promise each and everyone one of you that prayed for our downfall will regret it, because we’ll just rise from the ashes and with the new additions to our squad, we’ll back dominating as usual. Let’s talk something else now, let’s talk about Clapspiracy! 8 Tag teams fighting out in a single elimination tournament and this is the perfect chance for the First Class Express to get tag team titles right back where it belongs with Bulletproof and the first team we are facing are none other than Arrow and The Riddler! What a combination of a tag team. One half of that unique tag team is standing in that ring right now. I gotta tell you Arrow, you having the guts to call me out is impressive, really impressive. I can see you got heart in this business and I respect that. However you shouldn’t have called me out in the first place because Arrow you're just entering into a world that you're just not ready for man. I see you have that spirit that you possess but that same energetic spirit isn’t gonna result you in victory. Arrow its better to stay in your lane, then pick a fight that you know you won’t win. Despite ALL of that, maybe you surprise me, because Arrow there is something about you that I just like which makes not want to hurt you man. Hans then starts to walk towards the ring as he enters. Arrow stays in the ring with fear but is holding his head up high as he looks at Hans. Arrow I’m going to let take the opportunity to leave this ring, and leave with no damages whatsoever to yourself. I know how it feels to be the underdog, I get that but you can’t be claiming that I’m not over losing those tag team titles. I know Carter and I eventually will get them back but now it's your choice if you want to leave or not. It’s up to you Arrow. Hans waits in the ring, waiting for what Arrow is going to say...
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ: Back to Brands

    Breaking News- In the midst of The BPZ Brand Split, a press conference was held as Brenden had some things to get off of his chest. Brenden Playz- This is a very exciting time for Carnage, as the A Show I have set many guidelines but one them is to make this show the most enjoyable of the three. So come out first shoe we will have two title matches alongside regular programming. Jeremiah Flynn will defend his Undisputed Championship against Sameer. Along with the vacant North American Championship, being decided as Mikey goes one on one with Yelich. Brenden Playz- Not just that but there will be an 8 man tournament to decide The Undisputed Championship match at the Royal Rumble. That is all, see you all when it is showtime!
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    We are in the 1st Round of the Tag Team Tournament here at Carnage. Josh and Kieron Black make there way to the ring getting ready for First Round Competition against 2 of the Greatest of all time. Bailey first makes his way to the ring out from the Crowd. He steps right into the ring with Kieron Black and Josh. Slims music plays next but Slim is nowhere to be found. Slim did not come out at alll. And after a few moments The Ref says its time to start the match. I guess this is about to be a handicap match in a Tag Team Tournament! Josh and Kieron stare down Bailey thinking they have the upper hand but Bailey isn't backing down. Josh turns his back and starts walking to his corner as the Bell Rings! Kieron and Bailey walk right up to each other as Bailey kicks Kieron right in the midsection. He then hits the Career Killer! 1....2......3 Its Over! Before Josh can even notice Bailey has hit his finisher and won this match in a matter of seconds! Josh in shock and rage runs right at Bailey but Bailey ducks the closeline and kicks Josh right in the Gut and then hits the Career Killer on him too! Bailey has taken both men out in a matter of seconds. As then out walks Slim. Who stands on the top of the ramp just clapping at Bailey with a grin as Bailey stares at him. As Slim continues to clap Bailey exits the Ring and Walks through the Crowd as Slim looks on. But just like that Bailey and Slim will advance to the Semifinals of the Tag Team Tournament.
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ Nine-Nine

    BPZ- Nine-Nine- Episode 1 "Pilot Part 2" Welcome back to BPZ- Nine-Nine, today is our second half of introductions and these fellas are very special in their own ways. First up, is someone who is very badass but horny at the same time, Sailor Meko. A wonderful girl, but she can be sometimes too aggreisive for her own good. Sailor Meko- Thank you for taking the time to look at me, you like what you see dont you? Anyways, stop looking at me, I will end you! My job here is to be the baddest bitch in this department while keeping everything in order. Do you know how exhausting that can be? Moving on from a women with high standards now to two goofballs in their own right. As we introduce Bubba and Ropati. They dont get much done in the department, but they are very likeable so we keepn them around for the publicity. Hey dont judge me! Bubba- Hey Ropati why is their a camera in our face? Omg are we are on tv, this is the best day of my life I can not wait to show my mom. Ropati- No you dumbass, its to show what we do in the office. And its obvious you just stuff chips down your throat all day long. Good job for ruining my day, god I hate you Bubba. Why am I still your friend after all these years? And finally, the last one of our introductions, we have the leap cop, Bart. He is a funny lad, but can also get the job done. He makes sure everything stays on track while having the job be fun in many ways. Bart- Wassup my dawgs, I am the lead dog in the pack over here. Speaking of packs, I want to speak of my best friend, Alex Costa. He has been signed to this department to make sure everything is on track, let me bring him in. Alex Costa- Hello as you can tell I am a purified Genius, and if you didnt know piss off. As it seems Bart has forgotten me, and even my buddy Aaron North, damn he sucks. Anyways, let me introduce myself, I help this place not become massive Pus***, and my friend Aaron North here does the same thing, we are the real men here. And Finally, I promise man. It is Aaron North, he doesnt let shit go on over here. And if he needs to put someone in their place, if you known what I mean he will do so. And Now that is all for our introductions---------------- Right before we were supposed to go off the air, the lead Cop, Bart gets in the face of Aaron North, screaming "What Did You Say About Me Dawg?!" The two stay in eachothers face practically kissing before, someone of all people Sheridan gets in the way. The words "Me Likey" echos throughout the department, as everything turns silent, Bart is speechless. As he walks away, leaving Sheridan alone in embarrassment. As she walks off the frame, what is next for these two lovebirds? Bob Sparks- Well that was embarrassing wasnt it? I guess ill just leave aswell as it seems thats what were all doing right now. Sameer- Aye yo, wheres Sheri at? I guess she saw me and was just so attracted by me she had to run away. Sheri im coming baby! ----------------- I hope you enjoyed all the introductions, next up is our first episode, and I have loads of stuff planned for that.----------------
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Quick Disclaimer: I will be bringing this back. BiC has left the diary, so we r gonna pretend like his time on Evolve never happened. So we are going back to the start and doing all the Evolves post KOTR again, starting with Week 1 The show started with the Kingdom stood in the ring, holding their 3 belts tall. They began to big themselves up, promising the return of BPZs greatest stable. Suddenly however they are interrupted as Slims music plays Slim announces his return to BPZ, and how he is here to take down his former stable, as Evolves free agent pick. This in turn brings out SSW Club's Josh and Bulldozer, and then Arius and Hans, as the 5 outnumber the 3 Kingdom members This bought out Interim Evolve GM Brendenplayz who made a massive main event. Arius and Hans against Echo Wilson and Julius. And NA Champ Bart against Bulldozer The 8 stared down as we went to our first match Mikey vs Akki After making his Evolve debut last week, Mikey was looking to get his first victory, as he took on Akki, who was accompanied by his tag team partner Mave Deltzer And Mikey succeeded in getting his first win, putting Akki away with the Adrenaline. However after the match he was blindsided by Mave and Akki, who beat him down and put him through a table, making a big statement here tonight Bart vs Bulldozer Bulldozer came into the match looking for momentum against Bart, who with Echo and Julius beat down SSW Club at KOTR. And Brenden also announce if he got a victory tonight, he would be rewarded with an NA Title shot at SummerSlam Such an occasion was not meant to be. Bart put away Bulldozer in fairly quick fashion by hitting The Last Breath. He continued his assault on Bulldozer after the match before fleeing the ring upon the arrival of JoshsNow We then returned to see Interim Evolve GM Brenden in the ring who welcomed his best friend and BPZ World Champion Sameer to the ring Boos reigned out for the World Champ as he came to the ring. He beat Ryan Reeves last night, ending Ryans tenure as Evolve GM after Brenden abused his role as Special Guest Referee to win him the match. Brenden announced that he and Sameer were having a World Championship celebrating BIG BALLA STYLE. However the celebration didn't last long as King Bashka came to the ring, 2 nights after winning the crown against KENJI Bash tried to question Brendens decision on aligning with Sameer, but this angered Brenden and soon it looked like a fight was beginning between Brenden, Sameer and Sameers opponent for SummerSlam Bashka, but suddenly Ryans music played Ryan stood alongside Bash against The Big Ballers, the tension building as 4 legends stood in the ring. Ryan wasted no time in getting into Brendens face, demanding his job back after Brenden had stole him from it He then issued a challenge to Brenden after Brenden refused. Ryan vs Brenden, SummerSlam. If Ryan won, he became Evolve GM again, if he lost he would leave BPZ forever. Brenden agreed to this before making a massive match for next week, The Big Ballers vs Ryan and Bash. Brenden and Sameer left the ring as we cut to commercial break Hans and Arius vs Kingdom (Echo Wilson and Julius) Hans and Arius teamed up for the first time to take on two enemies. Echo recently took away Hans' NA title, whilst Julius and Arius have a very storied history. There hatred cost them a match against SSW and it has boiled over since then, into the KOTR Tournament and into Julius costing Arius the NA Title Bart was at ringside with Kingdom whilst Slim was with Hans and Arius at ringside, Josh and Bulldozer not there after the attack on the latter earlier in the night. Arius got hearts racing early on when he nailed Julius with The Sentence but before he could cover Bart pulled Julius out of the ring. Hans ran and Suicide Dived onto Julius and Bart. Hans threw Julius into the ring, where he managed to tag Echo. Julius rolled to the outside, where he managed to hit Hans with the Hells Welcome, but was too exhausted to do anything after As the ref tried to calm the confusion down and check on everyone, Slim rolled into the ring and stared down his former protégé Echo Wilson, ONLY TO TURN AND HIT ARIUS WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR The entire crowd stopped in shock as a smile crossed Echos face and he covered Arius for the 3 count. Slim, Julius, Echo and Bart stood reunited to end Evolve stood tall
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    Firing Squad

    Flynn takes a step back, allowing the new and improved Mikey to step forward. Rather than donning his classic heelish face and long, wet, dark hair, his face is covered in a layer of face paint, similar to how it was in his attack against Sheridan. The patterns are slightly different, but the idea is the same. His hair is thrown behind his back, looking much more full and rich. "Last week was just the beginning of it all. Sheridan stepped out of line, and we did exactly as we are going to do. We sent her right back to where she belongs, taking orders from the big dogs. As much power as she thinks she has, we proved that she has none if we don't want her to have any. Do not fear, Sheridan. Your small, small sacrifice does not go down in vain, and I think with the sense beat into you, there should be no more fear of an attack like that again. The baddest, most dominant and destructive force in BPZ has been introduced, and what we did to your General Manager was only the beginning." "Consider this a merciful warning to all those concerned. Whoever thinks they are better than us, perhaps you may want to think twice. Whoever believes they are entitled to a personal vendetta against us or the entirety of Bulletproof, drop the act or suffer the consequences." Mikey grins at his words, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and recompose for what’s about to come. "Now, for our first round opponents. The unfortunate first of many, FDS and Br-, no Ang-, no DNA, that’s the one. I’ll be honest, I like you guys. You of all people know your role better than anyone, and that is simply veteran enhancement talent. No matter what the records may show, this is more of a lopsided battle than you think. Two Hall of Famers, extremely accomplished in their careers. Titles upon titles to their names, but there is one minor detail missing. A critical one, too. A victory over the man that stands behind me, Jeremiah Flynn. We know exactly what we need to do for a victory, and you know the saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks." "Myself and Alex Costa, we are the enforcers of BPZ. The two most menacing men in the company, the two men who can stand up to anyone and destroy them. And sadly for FDS and DNA, they are the first victims, the examples. If you think what we did to Sheridan was bad, well...you boys got another thing coming. But please, my legends. Don't take this personally at all. Business is business, and you were the ones that got in our way. Don't blame us, blame the ones that put you in this position. Or blame us if you want, but I promise you, that'll be the last thing that you ever do." Mikey leaves the camera with a few shots of a finger gun and a wink, and he returns to the back as he hands Alex Costa the camcorder, allowing him to say his part.
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    Jeremiah Flynn

    Firing Squad

    We are live on the BPZ network, following an extremely boring BPZ 24 chronicling Creed and their formation, the screen suddenly cuts to static. A brief logo appears on the screen with a digitalized voice playing behind it. “The following message is sponsored by Bullet Proof. Behold, the Firing Squad.” We now cut to a dark room with a red lighting, in what is cut on some short or camcorder, the picture rises from the floor to reveal Jeremiah Flynn holding it. He’s breathing heavily as Alex Costa and Mikey stand firmly behind him. The intimidating trio that makes up the Firing Squad have been formed in BPZ for just twenty-four hours yet have already caused ruckus, with their vicious attack over the new Carnage General Manager, Sheridan. Flynn slowly begins to speak directly into the camera, his voice low but powerful. “I am not an individual to be trifled with. You see yesterday on Carnage, Sheridan did not just insult me, she attempted to belittle me. This was extremely childish by a General Manager who at the time had seen herself in power for a mere few hours before she attempted to abuse that power upon myself. So she received everything she had asked for. Yesterday marked stage two for Bullet Proof. Expansion has begun, WE ARE THE FIRING SQUAD. We are the judge, the jury and the executioners. We are the men who take out Bullet Proof’s enemies. That started with Sheridan, and it continues this weekend in the first round of the Tag Team Tournament.” “My boys right here are facing two men I’ve known for my entire career. DNA, FDS, whatever the hell their calling themselves this month, are considered legends here in BPZ. You see however your history, your past accomplishments do not matter. All that matters is what have you done for me lately and these two have done NOTHING. My boys are going to mop the floor with them. They are going to legitimately destroy and dominate them just as I have done to both of these individuals for my entire career. Brad and FDS, Bullet Proof has sentenced you to death, curtesy of the Firing Squad.” Suddenly the Undisputed Championship comes into the picture. “As for this....” Flynn holds his gold tightly, something he’s had an extremely tight grip upon for nearly half of the year now. “This Undisputed Championship remains THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN ALL OF BPZ. With that being said, next week following the conclusion of the first round of the Tag Team Tournament where my boys behind me will tear apart those relics and advance to the second round, I will in celebration hold an open challenge on Carnage for this Undisputed Championship. The entire locker room has been put on notice. Next week, you all have the opportunity to become THE MAN OF BPZ. Who’s going to step up. Now listen to my brothers behind me, they wish to enlighten you people on exactly what they plan to do going forward.” Flynn hands off the camcorder to Mikey, who sports the all white war paint from the night before.....
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    WWE RAW vs SmackDown: The Network Novel

    Monday Night RAW | October 28th, 2019 | Enterprise Center | St. Louis, Mi Charlotte picks Team RAW The women would kick off Monday Night RAW this week, as Stephanie McMahon opened the show saying that every female of RAW was ready to go to war with Smackdown at Survivor Series. Becky would take the microphone and began to unleash on Sasha Banks, saying that she saw nothing in Sasha that reminded her of the women that she trained so hard together with to kickstart the Women’s Revolution. Instead, she saw a lazy and cheating loser, whose only quality left was to complain about everything. She said that she knew it at the Royal Rumble and was only proved right in the months that followed. She couldn’t wait to once again that she was in completely different league as Sasha, and that no matter how long Sasha wanted to lay on the ground in the locker room after this, nothing was gonna change the fact that she simply wasn’t as good as her. Then it was time for the team captain of Monday Night RAW to announce who would be accompanying her in the 5 vs 5 women’s match at Survivor Series. The first person she named was Natalya, praising her as the most experienced women on the roster, someone who everyone in the WWE should strive to be like. Next up, she named Cross and Riott, as while they hadn’t been on the roster for long, Charlotte they would manage to hold their own in the match. However, she was still unsure about the final member of team. She said that while Asuka was the obvious choice based on accolades, she didn’t know if Asuka had the right mentality to help team RAW win. However, she was able to give her a chance to proof herself, by competing with Lacey Evans. The winner would become the final member of Team RAW. Charlotte announced that that match was next, and that she would be joining commentary to get a good look at the action. Asuka vs Lacey Evans Winner becomes a part of team RAW As soon as the bell rang Asuka ran to Lacey Evans, beating her up to start the match. This would be the theme of the match, as Asuka’s seemed to be even more intense than when we saw her competing against Charlotte last week. On commentary, Charlotte would take some jabs at Asuka, wondering where this was last week when she faced off against her. Asuka was laser focused on beating up Lacey Evans, who clearly wasn’t at Asuka’s level yet. It at times even seemed like Asuka wasn’t even concentrated on getting the victory, but instead, on sending a message to Charlotte. The match saw Asuka hand out painful strikes, slams, as Lacey went through hell in the entire match. Ultimately Asuka decided to end Evans’ misery by putting her in the Asuka-Lock. After getting the victory, Asuka didn’t celebrate for as little as a second. Before the referee could even try to raise her hands, she would be walking to the commentary booth to staredown Charlotte. RAW certainly has 2 very good talents in Asuka and Charlotte, but one could wonder if there on-going frustrations with one another could end up costing Team RAW at Survivor Series. Lio Rush announcens tournament Lio Rush showed up on RAW with his Cruiserweight Championship. A strange sight, has Rush had been drafted to Smackdown just 2 weeks ago. He instantly cut to the chase and said that he wasn’t someone who liked to sit down and wanted to be compete as much as he could. Therefore, he was saddened to see that there hadn’t yet been anything announced for his championship at Survivor Series, and that he was here on RAW to change that. He announced a tournament, featuring the 4 best cruiserweight on RAW, as well as the 4 best cruiserweights on Smackdown. He himself would also participate in the tournament, competing on Smackdown with his championship on the line in every match that he took part in. In the finals of the tournament, the winner of the RAW side would take on the winner of Smackdown’s and face off with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. He then would go on to list the participants. On Smackdown, we would see Lio Rush himself, along with Chad Gable, Humberto Carillo and Kofi Kingston compete for the right to represent the blue brand and the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series. From RAW, Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak, Ali and Sami Zayn would be the ones fighting to represent RAW and challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship. The 4 man from the RAW side would come out to the ring, and instantly began to talk about the elephant in the room, Sami Zayn. Murphy would be quick to say that Sami had never competed as a Cruiserweight, and even was announced during his matches as being more than 205 pounds. However, Sami Zayn that he had taken inspiration from UFC and that he had cut his weight to be able to take part in this tournament. He said that he would love to prove it, but that he couldn’t, as this required him to not be wearing his clothes. This wasn’t allowed on WWE tv anymore and Sami said that he didn’t want to get the company in trouble. The other cruiserweight look at him and it was clear that none of them believed a word of what Sami Zayn said. Buddy Murphy vs Ali Winner advances in the Cruiserweight Tournament Murphy and Ali had little time to think about this, as their match in this tournament was up next. Contrary to what we usually see in his cruiserweight matches, the match started off rather slow. Both man realised that one mistake could be fatal and could lead to them being eliminated from the tournament. This led to them being more careful in the early parts of the match. Instead of the usual flying that occurs in matches like this, we saw technical wrestling, as both men tried to limit their mistakes and wear down their opponents in the process. They were evenly matched when it came to this aspect of wrestling, with neither man really picking up the advantage. This was until Murphy decided to roll out of the ring when Ali threw him into the ropes. This led to Ali coming back to his inner self, as he dived to the outside to take out Murphy. From there on out, the match became the fast-paced, high flying match that you would have expected out of these two. The finish of the match came when after having build momentum by hitting a big series of moves, Ali climbed to the top rope, looking to hit the 054 Splash to seal the deal. However, before he was able to connect with the move that almost surely would have given him the victory, Murphy rolled out of the ring. Murphy then went on to pick Ali up and deliver the Murphy’s law, before going into the cover and getting the 3 count. Murphy advances, and in 2 weeks will take on whoever manages to win the match between Zayn and Gulak. Team RAW has a team building activity A different segment than what we were used to would air next on RAW. What we saw the 5 five members of Team RAW enter what seemed to be an escape room. They were forced to do this by the management of RAW, after having seen what went down at the end of last week’s show, wanted to ease the tension between Rollins, Reigns and the Undisputed Era. However, despite all showing up, their attitude and body language showed that none of them wanted to be here. Constant taunts would go on between the two camps in Team RAW, as Adam cole told Rollins and Reigns that they weren’t gonna have Johnny Gargano to bail them out this time. At first, the two sides of Team RAW refused to work together, trying to do everything by themselves. However, as time went by, they realised that they needed to work together in order for them to get out of this room. When working together, it quickly became clear that the different mindsets worked wonders, with them getting out of the room almost instantly after having led their issues aside for a second. As they walked out of the room, everyone began to look at one another. A weird atmosphere that made you feel awkward even by looking at it went by, until Adam Cole said they were just waiting for Rollins and Reigns to finally figure it out. This led to a small argument between him and Reigns, but still, it felt a lot different than tension that had been created last week. Could this mean that Team RAW can actually co-exist? The Revival vs The Usos Raw Tag Team Championships In the main event of Monday Night RAW, the Usos and The Revival faced off with the RAW Tag Team Championships on the line. This was a result of the match that happened 2 weeks prior, on the draft episode of RAW. In that match, the Usos pinned RAW Tag Team Champions the Revival, leading to them receiving a title shot tonight. The Tag Team Champions were not all that was at stake in this match up. This match also was going to decide who represents RAW in the Tag Team Champions match-up at Survivor Series, something that every Tag Team on Monday Night RAW wanted to do. The match, just like the one 2 weeks ago, was exactly what you would expect from two teams as talented as the Usos and The Revival. The match saw an array of tag team moves, with both teams choosing to use their experience in tag team wrestling as much as they could. From the start of the match, it seems like despite being the champions, the Revival were the ones who had something to prove. Having lost on their first match on their new brand must have frustrated them a lot. This became clear by their aggressiveness throughout the match, not allowing the Usos to get another victory over them. The match was flowing in constant motion as both sides wanted to show that they were better than the other team, and saw no point in slowing the match down. Despite this, the ending of the match would be one that could be considered controversial. During a battle between Jimmy Uso and Scott Dawson, Uso would throw Dawson into the referee by accident, leading to the referee being knocked out. This led to all 4 participants in the match to get into the ring and brawl. The brawl between Dash Wilder and Jey Uso would sprawl to the outside. Here, Dash Wilder would use the state of the referee and grab a Kendo stick, beating down Jey Uso with the weapon. Meanwhile in the ring, Jimmy Uso had gotten the better of Scott Dawson and was climbing the ropes, looking to his signature splash. However, before he could do this, Wilder would knock him down with the kendo stick. The Revival realised this was there opportunity to seal the deal. They quickly lifted up Jimmy Uso and nailed the Shatter Machine. After this, Dash Wilder would quickly slide outside to the ring. A second later the referee would wake up and count the pinfall, as the Revival retained their title. The Revival walked up the ramp, taunting the Usos who were upset after having been screwed out of the title. We see the Revival raising the belts up high to close this episode of RAW.
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    Aaron North

    BPZ Story-Tellers

    First Edition of BPZ Story-Tellers - Prince vs. Nate in a Disstrack Battle Eilich Fjéll: "Welcome everyone to the first ever BPZ Story-Tellers! On this show we bring you stories from BPZ Wrestlers from the past and from today. Here today i have with me formerly known as "The Top Dog" Prince Scurlly." Prince is here today to tell you all a story from his days as "The Top Dog" and about his disstrack battle with a man who is today known as Nate" Prince: "Alright so this was back in 2017 when i was the top dog of the BPZ Forums. I was the star of the show, the main event player, then along came Natedog." "This little irish fella thought he was the shit and it was up to me to out him in his place. So what do i do? Challenge him to a disstrack battle." Eilich Fjéll: "Wait, wait, wait, so did you actually write the lyrics to your disstrack or did you just you know, go with the flow?" Prince: "I wrote my track in half an hour AND IT WAS FIRE!" Eilich Fjéll: "What do you mean when you call yourself the.... Eilich doesn't get to finish his question because he is interrupted by Jenna Jameson. Jameson takes over the show and the live audience claps and cheers. Jenna: "Excuse me, i believe it is my turn now. Hello my name is Jenna and i'm subbing in now because clearly this man doesn't know what he is doing. Now let's get back to that question. What do you mean when you call yourself the top dog?" Prince: "I was slowly becoming the biggest guy on the forums but that didn't exactly end too well." Jenna: "I see... well continue with your story Prince." Prince: "So the problem with the battle came when it was coming to recording. I was determined to make this fire because i'd be hearing from the other guy like Smith that what Nate wrote was amazing." "The problem was that i don't exactly have a voice made for rap. Also the fact that i use a laptop mic, and also the fact that i recorded it at midnight. So overall, it was kinda trash. Lyrically it was flames but recording let it down. That lil pussy Nate slithered out of ever releasing his and i still don't know it till this day. That's my story" Jenna: "Thank you for sharing your story Prince. Your paycheck will be waiting for you outside." Prince: "Cheers" Jenna: "This has been the first edition of BPZ Story Time. Thank you for listening to the story of Prince. Join us next time for another story from BPZ's past"
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    War Between Worlds

    ROH Destiny Press Conference Recap: Live from outside Full Sail Arena in Orlando, Fl Roman Reigns kicks off the show, is interrupted by the new Imperium: The show would begin with Paul Heyman kicking things off, promising the best of the best in Ring of Honor. He would introduce none other than 'The Samoan Nightmare', Roman Reigns. Reigns would receive a warm welcome from the fans as he promised that The Samoan Nightmare was here to wreck havoc and proclaim himself the best in the world, and his sights are set on none other than the ROH World Championship. Heyman would shake hands with Reigns but would soon announce as Reigns stood there, that Reigns wants to be the best, he has to beat the very best in the world... Suddenly, a theme would hit as WALTER, Axel Dieter Jr., Cesaro, and Sheamus emerged from the back with "Imperium" tracksuits on. Heyman would announce that at Destiny, WALTER, and Roman Reigns would square off in the night's main event. WALTER and Reigns went nose-to-nose, as the other members of Imperium soon joined him, before The Usos' theme hit, and Jimmy and Jey Uso rushed to the aid of their cousin, facing off with them. Sensing an opportunity, Heyman would also confirm The Usos taking on the tag team formerly known as The Bar, Cesaoro and Sheamus. The Bloodline and Imperium would stare down, before Imperium slowly backed up, leaving the fight for the actual ring at Destiny. _ Cedric Alexander will be at Destiny: A video package was shown on the big screen, showing North Carolina, as it showed a man training before he talks off his hood to reveal the 'Heart of ROH', Cedric Alexander. Alexander is a former ROH TV Champion and will be returning to the company, as when Paul Heyman was executive director of Monday Night RAW, Alexander caught his eye. As the video ended, it shows that Cedric Alexander will compete on the preshow for Destiny, now dubbed 'The Prelude'. His opponent will be none other than the Liberian, Peter Avalon. _ Samoa Joe vs. Hangman Page is made official: The next man out would be none other than 'Hangman' Adam Page, as he announced his signing to Ring of Honor, before he announced he had one thing on his mind: The ROH World Championship. Cue none other than Samoa Joe's music, as Joe came out with his own microphone, running down Hangman, saying he's nothing more than a glorified loser, and when the time comes, he will fold, just like everyone else in Ring of Honor. Joe proclaims ROH as his home, and that he will run through anyone and everyone he has to, to reclaim this place as his. Joe says that him and a man by the name of CM Punk made this company and that he's back to make sure no one forgets that. Joe challenges Hangman to a match to show him where ROH's hype started. _ Paul Heyman addresses the women's division, announces two triple threats: Paul Heyman would trot back out, with a title in his hand, placing over the podium none other than the Women of Honor Championship. He announces that next month, in February, we will crown the inaugural champion of the Paul Heyman Era, before he announces the competitors in the first Triple Threat. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks 'The Demon Assassin' Rosemary 'Perfect Storm' Nikki Cross And then he announces the second of the competitors... 'The Empress of Tomorrow' Asuka 'The Canadian Goddess' Candice LeRae Mickie James Undisputed Era arrives: As the crowd eagerly awaited the last wrestlers to make their ROH-affliation known, suddenly a limo pulled up. The crowd would pop as all four members of the original Undisputed Era (Cole, Strong, O'Reilly, Fish), stepped out, nodding their head at the crowd as they make their way back to Ring of Honor, with each having wrestled here before. The Undisputed Era walks up to the podium, as the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole smiles before announcing following Wrestle Kingdom, Undisputed Era will exclusively belong to Ring of Honor. Adam Cole says that if anyone has a problem with that, they can show themselves right now. Suddenly, "Thrill Switch" hits, as the crowd becomes unglued for the sight of Pentagon Jr! Pentagon Jr. appears, stepping into the spotlight as Pentagon Jr. and Adam Cole go face-to-face, a match seemingly forming between the two men, as the Ring of Honor Destiny Press Conference comes to a close with a huge match between Adam Cole and Pentagon Dark coming into fruition.
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    Arrow and Hans tie up and Hans sends Arrow to the ropes and Hans hits him with a dropkick but it didn’t send Arrow out of the ring as Arrow is just smiling now Hans is confused as hell right now why is Arrow laughing. Arrow and Hans hit each other with a clothesline, Arrow makes the hot tag to Steph and Hans makes the hot tag to Bic Steph comes flying off the middle rope but Bic would counter into a superkick Steph might be out 1 kickout by Steph as Arrow and Hans make there way back up to the ring apron Bic is about to end it but wait Steph hits Bic with a dropkick Bic is smiling but as soon as Bic and Steph run back at each other they would both hit each other with a clothesline and Steph and Bic would make a hot tag and Steph would make the hot tag to Arrow and Bic would make the hot tag to Hans as Hans didn’t see Arrow come out of nowhere with a dropkick but Hans would deliver a superkick of his own to Arrow ultimately sending it down Hans is going to the top rope Bic makes the tag, Hans jumps but Arrow hits Hans with the AKO Steph is still down but Hans isn’t legal as Bic would hit the 1916 into the Cutda Grace 1 2 3 here are you winners FCE but wait why is there a ladder in the ring? Steph put it in the ring but Arrow thinks he’s just going to throw it back out, but wait Steph just betrayed Arrow by hitting a dirty deeds onto the ladder WHAT THE HELL DID STEPH JUST DO? Steph leaves the ring Arrow is slowly getting back up to his feet and Arrow is feeling betrayed.
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    War Between Worlds

    ALL ELITE WRESTLING We are hot off of the AEW Blood & Guts PPV as we get set to see what comes from the aftermath of last night’s events. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn seemed to reunite last night after Owens picked up a big win in a Lights Out Match. We also will hear from both the hWo and John Cena after the Miz was able to capture and become the first ever AEW World Champion. Lots of great stuff planned for tonight’s show so let’s get right into it. We kick off tonight as we see the hWo make their way down to the ring led by the new AEW Champion the Miz. Not only did the Miz pick up a big victory last night but we also saw MJF pick up a big win against Tommy Dreamer last night and it seems as if we have a celebration set up in the ring for the hWo as their are presents and some champagne in the ring. The Miz: Welcome to the most must see show in Wrestling today AEW and boy do we have a night planned for you. Now what better to start it off then have the hottest thing in wrestling today the hWo kick off the show with a celebration. Cause you know not only did MJF pick up a big win the other night but oh yeah I am your first ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion! Miz holds up the title as the crowd boos. The hWo begin to laugh as we see EC3 pop open the champagne as the group makes a toast and drinks we then see EC3 begin to talk. EC3: Now Miz because of your big win, I figured that I would get you a gift! Now this took a lot to get here tonight so I really hope you like it. It’s that big one right. The Miz then hugs EC3 as we see EC3 and MJF lift the box to reveal John Morrison! The Miz looks shocked as we then see Miz and Morrison hug as it seems the Dirt Sheet is back and it’s all apart of the hWo. The crowd goes a bit wild as that was a bit of a shocking debut here in AEW! MJF: Now Miz to celebrate this occasion, why don’t you two have a match together! Don’t worry we already have it set up next it will be the Dirt Sheet vs the Brit-AM Brawlers! We then see the group celebrate before the Brit-AM Brawler’s music hits and we get into our first match of tonight’s card. We are about to see the Dirt Sheet compete for the first time in a long time and the first time in All Elite Wrestling. Brit-AM Brawlers have been towards the lower end of the division for a while though and a win here would really improve their standing. Dirt Sheet vs Brit-AM Brawlers In a short match, Dirt Sheet defeated Brit-AM Brawlers after John Morrison defeated Oney Lorcan with a Starship Pain. Dirt Sheet looked dominant here in their return match. After the match we would see the hWo celebrate in the ring as they picked up a nice win here tonight and the group only seems to be getting stronger day by day. We then cut backstage again as we see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn backstage. The two seem to be best friends again as the smile as they see the camera before Kevin Owens walks over and begins to talk. Kevin Owens: Well I guess you have all been asking and yes the gangs back together. The most dominant duo in wrestling history is back. And trust me when I say that no one not even some C-list Hollywood celebs are going to get in our way. So AEW roster be on watch cause Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are back together and this whole company is going to feel the effects of this very, very soon. We then see Owens walk back over to Sami as the two fist pump and we can hear some cheers coming from the arena as Kevin and Sami smile. It might not be exactly Steenerico but at this point it is just nice to see the two on the same page once again. We then cut back to the ring as we get set up for a match between two AEW debuts in Chad Gable and Mike Bennett. Both men could be big players in this company who will break the ice though and get that first win on the board. Chad Gable vs Mike Bennett In a solid quick match, Chad Gable would defeat Mike Bennett after making him tap out after submitting him with the ankle lock. Gable received a surprising pop from the crowd which could likely get him some more attention backstage and maybe even some more opportunity. We would then cut to a commercial break as Gable celebrates in the ring. We would cut back from commercial to see Becky Lynch the new AEW Womens Champion in the ring. Lynch won the vacant title after defeating Mandy Rose at AEW Blood & Guts. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it as Lynch begins to talk. Becky Lynch: I mean of course I deserve it. The man is the best goddamn women in this division so with that being said. It seems as if someone is going to have to step up to the plate cause you see I am your champion and I need a new challenger. So if you want a shot at this title come on out here and take it. Becky would then drop the mic as she would wait in the ring for someone to come out and accept her challenge but no one would come out. Lynch would grin in the ring as no one seemingly was going to challenge her. Wait a second though from behind it’s Bayley! Bayley is in AEW as she attacks Lynch from behind. Bayley would then stand over Lynch as we cut to commercial break. As we cut back to the ring we get set for tag team action as it will be Fire & Desire taking on the debuting IIconics. In a rare womens tag match this should be a good match due to its rarity in All Elite Wrestling. Both teams could use a win here so let’s get right into the matchup. Fire & Desire vs IIconics In a great match, Fire & Desire would defeat the IIconics after Sonya Deville defeated Billie Kay after she was hit with a Devil’s Thorne. Fire & Desire proved to be the better team here at least tonight as they were able to pick up a win and get some momentum back. We then cut to a vignette as AEW’s newest acquisition Scarlett Bordeaux is hyped up. She is hyped up with both her look and in ring action. It seems as if she could be receiving some early opportunities to succeed once she debuts should be interesting to see how she does in AEW. We then get set for our main event as it will be John Cena vs the newest addition to the AEW roster we just wait to see who that addition to AEW is. We see Cena waiting in the ring as we get set for the main event. Then the music hits as the crowd goes wild. It’s Marty Scrull! Scrull makes his way to the ring as Cena grins in the ring. The match would then begin as Scrull would look to capitalize on a bit of a down Cena as he went through a grueling matchup at Blood and Guts and lost that match. Cena will look to gain some momentum back after his recent loss in what should be a great matchup tonight. John Cena vs Marty Scrull In an excellent matchup, Marty Scrull would defeat John Cena after hitting Cena with a low blow after the ref was knocked down by accident. Scrull picks up a big win here tonight even if it was tainted. Scrull would then celebrate in the ring as the show comes to an end.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 13th, 2019 "Wrestling is real, god is fake"- The Preacher The Preacher congratulates Johnny Blackcraft Tonight's show kicks off with The Preacher who shows up on the titantron. The Preacher is holding the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship and looking intensely into the camera. The Preacher: Congratulations, Johnny Blackcraft. You've advanced to the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry, but the work isn't done yet. Now you must witness the matches between your potential opponents and trust me if the cult get those wins we're not gonna make it easy on you at Angels Will Cry, because this belt belongs to the cult and not you. The promo ends as The Preacher walks away and the camera fades to black. Music starts playing signaling the start of our first match of tonight. PCO vs. Matt Cross vs. Our first match of the night is about to begin. PCO makes his way to the ring first and gets a huge pop from the crowd, PCO is yet to respond to Chris Dickinson's accusations from last week's Blackcraft Wrestling but it feels like tonight he will. Matt Cross comes out next and he does not look intimidated by PCO. The crowd does not react happily to Cross who looks a little shocked about the reaction of the crowd. This match was a great match to kick off tonight. The underdog in this match, Matt Cross showed some good high flying and technical ability which PCO countered well with powerful moves and quick reactions. PCO ended up being the winner after he caught Matt Cross with a powerful lariat and then finished him of with the PCOsault. PCO responds to "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson The match between PCO and Matt Cross is over. PCO pushes Cross out of the ring and gets a microphone. He looks furious as he stands in the middle of the ring. PCO: CHRIS DICKINSON! You think you have any right to make those kinds of accusations towards me? If you think you can you will face me at Angels Will Cry and show me why i shouldn't have returned to pro wrestling. If you win, i will retire from professional wrestling forever but if i win you will start respecting me and the other veterans of this business and you will stop being a whiny little cunt. PCO throws the mic down and leaves the ring, but as he's making his way to backstage, he is suprised by Chris Dickinson on the stage. Dickinson gets a chair and hits PCO on the back, PCO doesn't even flinch and instead grabs Dickinson by his throat and throws him off the stage and into the crowd. Dickinson seems to be down and out and PCO leaves as we get ready for our next match. Isla Dawn vs. Samantha Heights vs. Our next match is between two women who have yet to really prove themselves. Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring first to a chorus of cheers. Dawn waits for her opponent but for some reason she doesn't come out, Dawn starts getting angry before suddenly Samantha Heights runs out of the crowd and attacks her with Saraya Knight. They destroy Dawn and leave her unconscious in the ring, the crowd boo them as they were waiting for a fair contest but looks like they won't be getting one. This match ended quickly and it can barely even be called a match. Samantha Heights went to pin Dawn who barely kicked out at two. Heights then quickly picked her up, took her to the nearest corner and finished her off with a Diamond Dust. The Essence is formed Saraya Knight and Samantha Heights stand in the ring celebrating Samantha's win. Saraya Knight then gets a microphone. Saraya Knight: This is exactly what Blackcraft Wrestling is missing. Two badass bitches kicking ass and taking names. I will no longer bow to the new generation of women's wrestlers but i will be the one to lead them. Starting today i will take Samantha Heights to new heights and i promise to make her Blackcraft Women's Champion. Saraya Knight then drops the mic and hits Dawn with the Saraya Cradle. The Essence leave and Isla Dawn is left in the ring as Blackcraft Wrestling heads to a short break. Butcher and The Blade vs. Ink Inc. vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling comes back from commercial break we get ready for our next match. First to the ring comes Butcher and The Blade who last week made a statement by destroying multiple tag teams in a brawl that ensued after the match between oVe and The Mane Event. Butcher and The Blade get inside the ring and wait for their opponents. The music of Ink Inc. plays then Moore and Neal rush the ring and attack Andy Williams. Pepper Parks quickly fights off Jesse Neal and then Williams and Parks double team Shannon Moore quickly taking him down and sending him outside the ring. This match was a great one with both members of Ink Inc. showing excellent high flying and technical wrestling and, Butcher and The Blade being able to fight back with power moves and great teamwork. The win ended up going to Butcher and The Blade after a Buckle Bomb & Frog Splash combo from Butcher and The Blade. Butcher and The Blade celebrate as we move on to our next match. Jimmy Havoc vs. Simon Grimm vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling continues Jimmy Havoc comes out to a huge pop. Havoc makes his way to the ring quickly and he looks ready to meet his surprise opponent. The music of an unknown wrestler plays and Simon Grimm walks out. He gets a big pop but he doesn't seem to care, Grimm quickly walks to the ring. Grimm and Havoc have an intense staredown in the ring but the ref separates them as the match is yet to begin. This match was a great one as both men took each other to the limit. These two clicked very well but in the end Jimmy Havoc was able to get the victory with the Go-Home Driver. After the match the two men shake hands and Simon Grimm lifts Havoc's hand up as a sign of respect and Havoc's victory.
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    I’m gonna say in terms of the forums because this year has been mostly a blur for me. My favourite moment was winning the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring, it’d been 3 years since I had a decent run on the forums and for me it really made me feel like I haven’t lost it and I still had what it takes to be considered a legend.
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    1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda 2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS 3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton 4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden 6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius 7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko 8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka
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    Father Georgemas

    Pick Your Poison

    Idek who that fat geezer next to punk is. So CM Punk for sure.
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    1) Who wins? Natalya 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes, she attacks Maryse causing a disqualification 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya, she's a Hart and when they're in Canada she always gets a good reception. Those people love anything to with Harts
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    God damn it's about time I got the respect I deserve
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    With the year ending. It seems like a good time to look back at the past year and look over all of our accomplishments. So tell me, what is your highlight of BPZ in 2019? Personally, it would be having matches against people on the higher end of the card and putting up a good fight (Julius, Brenden, Sameer & Arius).
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Pre-Show Epic McDonald vs Joshua Scott vs Maasa vs Mirage Buddy & Bishop vs Alex Costa & Sir Raven Main Show Julius Jones (c) vs Echo Wilson First Class Express (c) vs Young & Free ICON vs The Marker vs Mikey Dikey Angelo Caito vs FDS Arius (c) vs Bob Sparks Natedog vs Slim The Godsent vs James Ropati & ??? Bashka vs Flynn Sameer (c) vs The Bailey vs Bart Hoogveld Additional Questions Who will be Ropati's partner? Yelich
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    Sameer Flynn The Godsent NateDog Arius FDS Icon First Class Express Julius Alex Costa and Sir Raven Joshua Scott Bonus: Bart
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    Father Georgemas

    BPZ Observer

    Hello! My name is Jimmy the Jabroni. And today we have some sad news. This will officially be the last episode of BPZ Observer. Yes, the journey that we have been on here together is over. All this post is, is a thank you. Thanks to everyone who stuck by myself and Matt here at the BPZ Observer. And hopefully we will be back, sometime in the future. That is all we have time for. Forever...
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    Goals for 2020? (BPZ Edition)

    Win the World Championship Again Continue to put on top notch Feuds Fight Julius Finally. Become Admin And hey maybe win another title besides World who knows
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    REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

    Joshua Scott Erick Rowan My Kayfabe gimmick My bare hands NOAH BPZ Not much is known about Joshua Scott but he serves the mysterious Master, destroying anyone The Master orders him to
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    Isaiah Carter

    The Hoss Fight Era

    "Hoss", "Beef", whatever you want to call it. You can't hate a big man in pro wrestling, from Kevin Nash to WALTER. Some of WWEs best talent have come from these big men, some who can move like a cruiserweight, and others who simply just hit hard. Right now in WWE, I feel like we have more big men then ever and the possibility for 'Hoss Fights" is at an all time high, but what fights are the best? Among the many 'Hoss Fights" in the WWE, which one has ranked at the top of your list? And which ones do you hope to see in the future? For me, no match screams "Hoss Fight" more then Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijavoic. Two NXT men who killed it in their matches and I could never get sick of the two, I am hyped to see them as a team and what they do together and possibly win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Tournament. Some dream matches are WALTER vs Brock Lesnar, Keith Lee vs Brock Lesnar, WALTER vs Sheamus, and some more involving those 4 men. But how about you?
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Top Five Right Now: 1. Julius 2. Slim 3. Creed 4. BulletProof 5. Arius
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    REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

    Arrow Rhodes Figurehead Cody Rhodes Gimmick former Arrow Thunderman Favorite weapon Tables Employment history:ROH, MLW Backstory Arrow has had a fun life playing games and working out at the gym showing his worth of a wrestler.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Thank you for the continued support on Siblings at War you guys! In real time Arius and I have just surpassed one year in-game of booking the diary which is quite an accomplishment! I think together we must have booked close to 120 individual shows which is so cool. I wanna say thanks to Arius for making graphics and putting together such immersive shows which is something he doesn't have to do. With Chris Jericho ending the night winning the Royal Rumble, the next post marks the official beginning of the road to WrestleMania!
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    Isaiah Carter

    "Crowning of a Champion"

    The crowd is taken back once more, as James Ropati looks towards the entrance ramp where the infamous black and white lights flash along with the beats of the drums, and outsteps the man of the hour, the man who not only lost the 4v4 Survivor Series matchup, but his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Isaiah Carter looks strange without gold around his waist, as he steps towards the ring where James Ropati stands still in the ring, a smile plastered on his face. As Julius Jones lays flat on the mat, eventually. Isaiah Carter steps between the ropes, as he grabs a microphone. Before kneeling down besides his biggest rival of 2019, and putting a finger gun up to his forehead. He lets Julius head fall down into the mat as he grabs the microphone and begins to speak, more confidence coming off of his voice than ever. "I hear the rumbles, you're damn right ladies and gentleman, Bulletproof is more real then ever" Isaiah Carter turns around and fist bumps James Ropati, confirming this alliance as he begins to speak more. "You know I am sick and damn tired of this business, I look around and what do I see, a bunch of soft, weak, ill minded children. I remember the days when only the elite could make it through, when only the best of the best made it to the BPZ. The good ol' days when men like Isaiah Carter and James Ropati were the next big things, now look at us eh? Now look at this company, now, in just a few days I have to take on something called a Thunderman" "Ropati and I, we go way back. All the way down in a little place called NXT, I know you may not of heard of it what with all the useless talent running around their for the past 6 months, but we tore that place apart. Each and every week we ripped into each other and I eventually defeated him for the very championship NXT built itself on, long before the days of some scapegoat battle royales, we put on the best matches NXT has ever seen and thats why I trust this man, thats why I know this man right here is good enough to be apart of something bigger, to be apart of an empire. James Ropati, is Bulletproof" Isaiah Carter turns around, reaching down into his boot as he pulls out a Bulletproof ring, flashing it towards the camera as it is specially designed for James Ropati much like the ones for the other members of Bulletproof, Ropati places the ring on his finger. As the crowd has no idea what to think, as the two pose, Julius begins to stand on his feet. Struggling to his feet as Carter walks over and picks up his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, looking at it closely, almost as if he is obsessed with it. "Be seeing you, Julius" As Julius finally gets to his feet, he would only get knocked right back down by another Kiwi Kick from James Ropati, ending the segment, leaving every fan in the arena, in shock.
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    The Akki

    Rumble Visions

    After returning from a commercial break, the screen fades to a live stadium where The Akki is seen performing his new single "Run This From Nothing" with Renegade which is available on Youtube. The single comes straight out of his new mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, available on AudioMack. The Akki kills it and right before he's about to perform his finishing song he cuts out the music and says he got something on his mind. Hey you! Film this! I know I'm on tour right now, but I have a message to the BrendenPlayz. I've been absent for many weeks now due to my busy schedule of being a rapper. But I have plans, see, I'm not free until the second week of January. So obviously there's no way I'm returning anytime soon, but I have a message and statement for the Royal Rumble. You will see me in the Royal Rumble match and you will see me winning it all. The last time I was in the Royal Rumble match I had my jaw broken, the year before that I got amnesia after being hit with a chair by WWE234. This year my luck's changing. I already have a hit single on the charts with Renegade, my album's trending #1 and I'm doing a world tour right now. This has been a great year for me and my luck says that 2020 will be even better and the only good way to start it is by winning the Royal Rumble. So, Cleveland, Ohio. Listen what I'm gonna do, these are my targets for the next six months. I'm gonna finish this world tour in January, I'm gonna enter the Royal Rumble and win it against all the odds. Then I'm gonna drop a new album and watch it hit the charts. Now moving onto April I'm gonna main event BPZMania and win the BPZ World Title. And you know what you all are gonna do for me? You're all gonna get on your knees and sob! The crowd goes wild. After a bit of rest, the instrumental for "Revive 2" another song off the "Incursion" mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, plays, as Akki starts live performing again and the screen fades back to the BPZ Arena.
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    Season 5, Episode 1: " Prince Returns" After months upon months of Lucha Underground being on hiatus, we are finally back. And we are better than ever, as we bring our first show of Season 5! We start the show off of in a dark room, just outside of the temple. Where Prince Puma is seen striking his vintage boxing bag, getting set to challenge for the vacant Lucha Underground Championship tonight. KillShot vs Son Of Havoc A great match here, but lets start off with some backstory before getting going. Last season these two lucadors would go to battle in an epic battle at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. And tonight their grudge war returns to the temple. As we begin this match, we start off with a lockup, the strength advantage going to Son Of Havoc by a big edge, as he sends his opposition into the corner. He goes for a big running forearm, but is stopped abruptly by a big kick by Kill Shot. A few moments pass by, before a slug fest begins, a huge brawl as this shows the hatred these two men show for eachother. When we get to the closing moments of this match, Son Of Havoc would go for one big lariat, but KillShot would duck under sweeping his legs, proceeding to head to the top rople for a double stomp and the victory. Fenix vs Drago Before we get set for some more in- ring action insdie the temple. We once again look outside the temple, as Fenix and Catrina speak about how much getting abck on top of the mountain means to them. Before sharing a devil's kiss. A very good match, as we begin with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to Fenix, but barely. As he strikes Drago with a furious punch, taking down Drago to one knee. Fenix senses this can be his oppurtunity to get on the right track as he goes for a shining wizard but is denied, as Drago gets out of the way, hitting a superkick instead. As we get to the closing moments of this bout, Drago would go for one last superkick, but Fenix had him scouted as he would hit his own superkick for the win. After the matchup, his celebration was cut short with a man he knew all too well. Alberto El Patron vs Cage As we return from commercial break, Alberto El Patron makes his way to the ring. But not in his usa ring gear, instead he is in a full suit. With a micrphone in his hand, he seems to have a smirk as he ahs some good news rather than bad news. Alberto El Patron- See, I was supposed to put my body on the line against " A Machine", Cage. I dont like that, I am Alberto El Patron. An Icon in Mexico, not a victim. So ill tell you what, Cage I got an oppoennent for you here tonight. Just come on out here and we can settle this. As Cage makes his way to the ring, he doesnt seem so pleased by Alberto's "good news". He races to the ring, instead of talking, taking down Alberto. These two men seem to have a unique hate between eachother. The brawl continues, before secutiry has to break it up, what is next for these two men? PJ Black vs Dante Fox Our next match is gonna be a good one. This match represents everything a lucha strives for, to be the best. They have both proven that they can stand their own in the temple, but do they have enough to be the best in this temple? And we are going to find an answer to that question right now. As we begin with a staredown, its obvious this will be a competive match early on. As we begin with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Dante Fox, who seems to have an edge in that department. PJ Black would use his quick paced speed to get out of the manuever, and strike Dante with a superkick. As that takes him down to the canvas, this could be Black's chance. As he heads up to the top rope for a double stomp, but Dante gets out of the way and hits a STO for the victory. After the matchup, Dante Fox would be estatic with his win, before a man we saw ealrier wouldnt be so pleased with Dante Fox. Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo- Lucha Underground World Championship What a match this will be, after the World Championship being vacant for almost a year. Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma will fight once again to decide our new Lucha Underground World Champion here tonight. Lets start it! Our match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Johnny Mundo, with a slight edge. As he sends Prince into the corner, going for a forearm and connects. This would send Puma down to one knee, as Mundo would go for a kick, Prince would duck and strike him in the abdomen with a strike. A few moments would pass, as these men would seem to begin to get exhausted. But we would have to get to the closing moments of this match sooner rather than later. And that would lead to Mundo getting desperate and going for a superkick with no aim, Puma would duck and hit a knee to the skull. Following up with a beautiful 630 senton for the victory.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 6th 2019, Wednesday "Wrestling is real, god is fake" - The Preacher Blackcraft Wrestling begins with the entrance of The Preacher. Blackcraft Wrestling starts and the music of The Preacher plays. The Preacher walks out with his cult behind him and with a microphone in his left hand. They get showered by boos but they do not acknowledge "the unbelievers". The Preacher: Tonight, Blackcraft Wrestling begins and the first ever tag team champions shall be crowned and the first competitor in the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry will be decided. I have a strong feeling that tonight will be a successful night for Blackcraft Wrestling and the cult. With all you unbelievers watching, we shall put on a show that will be remembered for years to come. The Preacher leaves, followed by his cult. The crowd goes silent as the first match of the night is about to begin. "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson vs. "The Butcher" Andy Williams vs. The first match of the night is about to begin and "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring first. Dickinson looks ready and pumped for his match but then again he doesn't know who or what he's gonna be facing. "The Butcher" Andy Williams comes out next with his manager "The Blade" Pepper Parks. Williams has an intimidating look and feel to him and he even makes a guy like Chris Dickinson looks small. This match would turn out to be a great match. Andy Williams showcased his immense power and wrestling ability really well and Chris Dickinson followed right with him. The two battled for many minutes but eventually "The Butcher" was able to get the upper hand and bring his opponent crashing down with The Butcher Bomb. Andy Williams celebrates his win with Pepper Parks who escorts him out before Chris Dickinson can get to him. Chris Dickinson challenges PCO The match is over and Chris Dickinson is pissed off. He goes and grabs a mic and gets inside the ring. Chris Dickinson: The reason i came here tonight wasn't because i wanted to have a match against some old dude with a monocle. The reason i came here tonight was so that i could cut this promo and get something off my chest. I've been working in the independent scene for over 10 years now, i've seen a lot of things during my wrestling career, but nothing else has made me more sick to my stomach than Pierre Carl Ouelette. The man was retired and last year he just suddenly decides that he wants to come back, it doesn't work like that senior Carl. Once you're retired, you stay retired which is why i'm still wrestling. Carl... i want a match with you, and if you lose, you will retire and will never, ever be seen in this ring ever again. Dickinson drops the mic and leaves as Blackcraft Wrestling moves on to the second match of the night. Taya Valkyrie vs. Saraya Knight vs. The second match is about to begin as it's time to now showcase what the women of Blackcraft Wrestling have to offer. The two competitors fighting in this match are both very experienced and so we're expecting a great technical bout between them. Taya Valkyrie makes his entrance first, she clearly has the crowd behind him as they loudly cheer her when she gets into the ring. Saraya Knight makes her way to the ring next, she gets showered by boos but she doesn't care. Once she gets into the ring she pushes Taya Valkyrie and gets a slap for her troubles. The two start brawling and the bell rings for the match to start. The match ended up being a good one. Both women showcased many different moves and their technical ability, mixed in with some brawling which made for a great women's match. The winner would end up being Taya Valkyrie who won after hitting Saraya Knight with The Road to Valhalla. Saraya Knight disrespects Taya Valkyrie The match is over and Taya Valkyrie is celebrating. Saraya Knight gets up and Taya offers her a handshake but instead of shaking Taya's hand Saraya Knight grabs it and spits blood on it. Saraya Knight leaves the ring as the crowd boos and Taya Valkyrie looks on in disgust. Taya Valkyrie leaves the ring as we get ready for our next match. oVe vs. The Mane Event for Blackcraft Tag Team Championship vs. It's finally time for some tag team action as two teams are fighting to become the first ever Blackcraft Tag Team Champions. The Mane Event make their way to the ring first, they're still just a very new team to the indie scene but they sure as hell look ready to go. oVe comes out next looking intimidating as always with their masks on. oVe has an advantage in this match when it comes to in-ring experience and we will see if that can get them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles. This match ended up being pretty good. Both teams showed some very impressive athletisism, high flying moves and techincal wrestling. oVe was clearly the more experienced team which ended up getting them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles after hitting Ganon Jones Jr. with the Irish Air Raid. The Preacher forces oVe into a match at BCW Angels Will Cry The match between oVe and The Mane Event has just ended when suddenly the music of The Preacher hits. The Preacher walks out and stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The Preacher: Congratulations on your victory Dave and Jake. However it is not over just yet, you see i had a little something else planned for you. Just as The Preacher finishes speaking the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Mane Event is gone and the team of The Headbangers appear in the ring behind them. The crowd pops hugely for this surprise and then both members of oVe turn around and look at The Headbangers in shock. The Headbangers attack oVe and a big brawl breaks out. The Preacher quickly reacts and sends in 2 cult members two attack oVe, those two cultists are revealed to be Ink Inc. in disguise. They both attack oVe and then The Headbangers. Suddenly the music of The Butcher and The Blade starts playing and Pepper Parks and Andy Williams quickly rush out and attack Ink Inc. The brawl comes to an end as Andy Williams gets out of the ring to confront The Preacher who quickly walks away. All teams leave the ringside area as we get ready for tonight's main event. Johnny Blackcraft vs. Matthew Justice vs. It is time for the main event of tonight as Johnny Blackcraft takes on Matthew Justice to decide who will be in the triple threat match that's happening. Johnny Blackcraft makes his entrance first and he enters to a huge pop. Johnny Blackcraft is looking as cocky as always, he doesn't look afraid or worried because he knows that he's got a big advantage heading into this match. Matthew Justice enters next to many boos and he looks a little mad when Justice finally gets into the ring, the booing stops and the bell rings. This match ended up being very good. Both men showed great athletisism and they had great chemistry in the ring together. In the end Johnny Blackcraft was victorious after hitting Matthew Justice with the Starship Pain. Through his win Blackcraft gets a shot at the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship.
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    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I AM PROUD TO SAY WE HAVE EXPANDED IN NUMBERS FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR'S TOURNAMENT MOVING FROM 12 PEOPLE TO 14 MEANING WE WILL HAVE 14 TYPES COMPETING THIS TOURNAMENT! So now to announce the blocks and typings of each individual trainer. A BLOCK @Monda (Champion) - Ground @Alex Costa- Poison @FDS - Rock @Gwynfro - Fire @Ark Universe- Fighting @I Can't Odd - Ice @Mikey - Grass B BLOCK @Sheridan - Ghost @Meckolegend - Water @Meko750 (Raven) - Dragon @Aaron North - Psychic @Hans - Fairy @Arius - Flying @Hollow - Normal The Week By Week Matchups are as Follows: A BLOCK: Week 1 FDS (Rock) defeats Alex (Poison) Odd (Ice) defeats KENJI (Fire) Mikey (Grass) defeats Ark Universe (Fighting) Week 2 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) Alex (Poison) VS KENJI (Fire) Mikey (Grass) VS FDS (Rock) Week 3 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Alex (Poison) FDS (Rock) VS Odd (Ice) KENJI (Fire) VS Mikey (Grass) Week 4 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Mikey (Grass) FDS (Rock) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) KENJI (Fire) VS Odd (Ice) Week 5 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Odd (Ice) Ark Universe (Fighting) VS KENJI (Fire) Mikey (Grass) VS Alex (Poison) Week 6 Alex (Poison) VS Odd (Ice) KENJI (Fire) VS FDS (Rock) Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) Week 7 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS FDS (Rock) Odd (Ice) VS Mikey (Grass) Ark Universe (Fighting) VS Alex (Poison) B BLOCK: Week 1: Meko (Dragon) defeats Arius (Flying) Blade (Normal) defeats Aaron (Psychic) Mecko (Water) defeats Hans (Fairy) Week 2: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Meko (Dragon) Mecko (Water) VS Blade (Normal) Arius (Flying) VS Hans (Fairy) Week 3: Aaron (Psychic) VS Mecko (Water) Hans (Fairy) VS Sheridan (Ghost) Blade (Normal) VS Arius (Flying) Week 4: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Blade (Normal) Aaron (Psychic) VS Arius (Flying) Hans (Fairy) VS Meko (Dragon) Week 5: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Aaron (Psychic) Meko (Dragon) VS Blade (Normal) Arius (Flying) VS Mecko (Water) Week 6: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Mecko (Water) Blade (Normal) VS Hans (Fairy) Aaron (Psychic) VS Meko (Dragon) Week 7: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Arius (Flying) Hans (Fairy) VS Aaron (Psychic) Meko (Dragon) VS Mecko (Water) Please submit your teams of 8 Mons (2 substitutes) before the tournament begins which will be after survivor series. If your name is not listed on one of the weeks it is because you have a bye that week meaning you do not have a match.
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    Adam Cole vs AJ Styles: I just feel this would be an amazing match. I feel they would have loads of chemistry for sure, and could have a match of the year contender matchup. With AJ retiring in the next year or two, there is not much time to see this encounter. So better, sooner or later, am I right?
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    Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to BPZ Halloween Havoc! There are 17,000 plus in attendance tonight, highly anticipating the events there are to come. But as everyone knows, any good show needs a great opener, and there is no better way to start the evening off than with the BPZ United States Championship six pack match! Bizzy, Mirage, Aidanator, and Alex Costa are already in the ring, waiting for their remaining two opponents to enter. The next man to make his entrance is Buddy Ace. After a loss to the current champion Mikey last month at Bad Blood, Ace has made a promise to bring home the US Championship here tonight. The fans cheer him on as he makes his way down to the ring, offering out some high fives along the way. He rolls into the ring and stares down each and every one of his opponents who are on the outside, giving them a little bit of intimidation heading into the match. He stands in the center of the ring and stares at the entranceway, waiting for the champion to make his entrance. At the sound of the siren and the infamous name of "Bulletproof", the competitors on the outside begin to swivel their heads, ready for anything. But to everyone's surprise, there are no members of Bulletproof swarming the area, only the lone man Mikey, stepping out from the backstage. He looks around at the crowd and strikes his pose, giving the fans a cocky smile along with a pat of his championship. He unstraps it from his waste and walks down the ramp, hoisting his title into the air while doing so. Mikey rolls into the ring without so much of a glance at the other competitors, immediately hopping up to the middle rope and posing with his title once more. He turns his head and offers a little wave to Buddy Ace, who is zoned in on the championship in Mikey's hands. Everyone finally enters the ring as Mikey hops down from the rope, and the referee takes the championship from Mikey after a fist bump with the belt. The bell rings and this match is underway. To start off the match, Mikey and Alex Costa both roll out of the ring, avoiding what could possibly go down. The remaining four men stand off, no one wanting to make the first move. Eventually, it is the returning Bizzy who sprints at Mirage, driving him into the corner and laying into his with big right hands. While Aidan is distracted by this commotion, Ace takes advantage by knocking Aidan down to his knees with a knee of his own to the gut. He follows up with a sliding uppercut, knocking Aidan to his back, making him roll out of the ring to regain his wits. In the meantime, Mirage has reversed the control in the corner, now beating down Bizzy with a variety of kicks. Bizzy pushes him away, but when he goes to attack again, Mirage catches him under the chin with a Supermodel Kick! Mirage goes for the pin, but it is quickly broken up by Ace with a tap on the shoulder and a shove. Mirage stands up right in front of Ace and says a few words to him. Ace immediately drops him with a thunderous forearm, knocking him clean out. He then scoops up Mirage and tosses him out of the ring in front of Costa, allowing him to do whatever he pleases. He then pins Bizzy in the ring, 1..., 2..., kickout from the veteran. Ace is hardly fazed by this, and gets Bizzy back to his feet, ready to do some more damage. He sprints off the ropes, but he falls face first on the ground as Mikey trips him up from the outside, posing after his deed. Ace slams that canvas and rolls out of the ring, and the chase is on. As the two sprint around the ring, we see Alex Costa laying into Mirage with some steel chair shots, completely legal in this match. Ace closes in on Mikey and shoves him shoulder first into the barricade once he is close enough, taking him out for a while. Meanwhile, a squabble has emerged in the ring, and it seems Aidan and Bizzy are trading punches on the ground. Bizzy mounts himself on top of Aidan and attempts to pin his arms to the ground, but Aidan fights back, pushing his way back to a seated position and saving his dignity. Bizzy uses the momentum to roll onto his back and deliver a monkey flip, causing Aidan to go high into the air and hit hard on the canvas. But Aidan is back to his feet, pumping his fists! The crowd cheers as Bizzy gets back to his feet, completely in awe. Aidan points at Bizzy and shouts "YOUUUUUU!" before laying into him with huge right hands! Bizzy flops on the ground only to get back up and run into another massive right! Eventually, Aidan switches it up with a big boot, laying Bizzy out for good. He then bounces off the ropes, looking for a leg drop, but Alex Costa catches him with a leaping knee! Costa then gets Aidan back to his feet and delivers a reverse STO to Aidan. He keeps the hold and engages his other arm, locking Aidan in a submission that presses his arm and head together with incredible force. The hold is broken up by Ace, who drags Costa out of the ring and throws him against the announce table. He knocks him until he's laying on top of it and gets him to his feet, looking to put Costa away for the rest of the match. Ace cautiously gets Costa into position and delivers a Dead Eye, through the table! Both men collapse to the ground, a lot taken out of both of them from the move. Carnage lays all around, with Costa and Ace laying in the remaining parts of the announce table, Mirage laying on the ground with a chair next to his head, Aidan and Bizzy both down in the ring, recovering from the matches battle. The only man who is up is Mikey, and he casually walks into the ring, using the steel steps to get up. He enters the ring over the middle rope, and despite having joined Bulletproof and suffering the consequences of cockiness in his match with Yelich, he struts around the ring, posing to the crowd. And all of a sudden, BIZZY STRIKES WITH A DESPERATE LOW BLOW FROM BEHIND! Mikey falls to one knee, and Bizzy gets into the corner, ready to hit his patented Spear and finally end the match. Bizzy sprints at Mikey at full speed, but Mikey catches the move with a well timed DDT. Mikey then quickly gets Bizzy back to his feet, pushes him back and runs at him, delivering Adrenaline! Mikey disposes of Aidan's unconscious body to the outside and knocks a recovering Buddy Ace off the apron with yet another Adrenaline. He finally gets Bizzy to his feet and hoists him up onto his shoulders, driving him down with the Shattered Illusion, breaking the illusion of Bizzy's return with one move. Mikey falls onto his knees and lightly pins Bizzy, 1..., 2..., 3...! HERE IS YOUR WINNER, AND STILL THE BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, MIKEYYYYY! Mikey celebrates in the ring, throwing his arms in the air as he has proven once again that he is worthy of not only being in Bulletproof, but being the United States Champion of BPZ. He has finally done his impossible deed and won a match clean as a whistle, proving himself once again. The screen fades to black as Mikey celebrates and preparations for Julius vs Gill are made.
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    Monday Night RAW | October 14th, 2019 | Pepsi Center | Denver, CO Monday Night RAW: The 2019 WWE Draft The start of a new era in the WWE is upon as we kick off the 2019 edition of the Draft. The faith of all superstars will be decided this week, and for tonight, we have plenty to look forward to. First off, we will see United States Champion AJ Styles representing RAW while battling former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who will represent the Blue Brand. The winner of this match will allow his brand to make the first overall selection in the draft. Tonight we will see superstars like Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch get drafted. The number pick 1 is certain to give his brand a big favour, and you would have to think that the management of either RAW or Smackdown will have big rewards if their superstars were to win, while we can only wonder what will happen to those unable to secure their brand draft advantages. AJ Styles (RAW) vs Kofi Kingston (Smackdown) Winner's Brand gets the Number 1 Pick. Styles and Kingston have gotten to know each other pretty will this year. AJ took part in both the gauntlet as the elimination chamber matches, the first steps that Kofi had to take in his long road towards the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. However, a lot of things have changed since then. Kingston has established himself as a main event level talent in the WWE, while AJ has faced a lot of criticism for his antics since teaming up with Gallows and Anderson to form the O.C. While this match of course has a huge importance for the draft, it also a clash between parts of the two most dominant trios in the WWE, and even the whole wrestling world. Both men would be careful to start the match, realising the huge stakes that were involved in this match meant that both men wanted to prevent making mistakes as much as they possibly could. As the match went on, it became evidently clear that the O.C. would do whatever it took to win, and that pride or fairness would not disturb this mindset. While they didn’t have a numbers advantage, they still managed to use their experience in the wrestling business to create advantages for themselves. Gallows and Anderson would do their best to the distract the referee, allowing AJ to hit as many strikes in the corner as he wanted, despite the complaints by both Big E and Woods. Kofi looked to have the match won, when he hit a saga of big moves before setting Styles up for Trouble in Paradise. However, his attempt was avoided by AJ, who quickly laid out Kofi with a pele kick. Both men were down following an intensive sequence of moves. This is where the other members of the team got involved, as Anderson sparked a brawl on the outside. The referee tried to stop the brawl, but with his eyes away from the ring, AJ was able to hit a low blow on Kofi. This would give him the chance to perform the Styles Clash, as the referee returned to the ring, and get the pin fall victory. This meant that the RAW Brand would get the first pack, as the draft could finally get under way. Stephanie McMahon: With the first overall selection in the 2019 WWE draft, Monday Night RAW selects…. Roman Reigns! The Big Dog returns to the Red Brand, and shows that even leukemia can’t stop him from delivering on the highest level, adding yet another impressive accolade to his resumé. Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s very first pick, we will in one pick, acquire both the biggest star in the entire WWE, as well as the biggest championship in the history of sports entertainment. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! The Beast is returning to the Blue Brand, the Brand that he hasn’t been apart of since 2004. The entire Smackdown roster is in for a culture shock, now that Brock Lesnar is around. Stephanie McMahon: With our 2nd pick, we will take back the best World Champion in the world. Monday Night Raw selects…. The Universal Champion… Seth Rollins! Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 2nd pick, we will take the Boss, Sasha Banks! Stephanie McMahon: With our 3rd pick, and I hate to say this but it is whatever USA wants, Monday Night RAW has decided to draft “The Man” Becky Lynch. Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 3rd pick, we will reward hard work and show that loyalty is in fact a thing over here. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The New Day! ________________________________________________________________________________ Seth Rollins reacts to being drafted The Universal Champion was interviewed backstage, where he reacted to being drafted No2 by the brand that he has been a part of ever since the Brand Split returned. While he seemed pleased to remain on RAW, he did point out that he was surprised to not hear his name called first. He noted that it may be a result of some of the comments that he made about the RAW management in the past. He would end by saying that “Monday Night Rollins” would continue to show the best wrestling in the world, no matter who would try to get in his way. After a commercial break, we would return to Monday Night RAW where more draft picks were about to be announced. Stephanie McMahon: RAW takes… Aleister Black Shane McMahon: Smackdown have an eye towards the future, and therefore, our next selection is Tomasso Ciampa Stephanie McMahon: Raw also has looked at the future, and after advice from my husband, as decided to take Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Shane McMahon: Smackdown selects Alexa Bliss Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects Kevin Owens Shane McMahon: Smackdown takes the IC Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura _______________________________________________________________________ Ricochet vs Murphy vs Alexander vs Gulak Cruiserweight Number One Contender Match Next up on RAW, we would see a fatal 4 way to determine who would face Lio Rush on Smackdown for the Cruiserweight Championship. The participants were Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Buddy Murphy. Along with the future title shot, the match also gave them a chance to prove their worth and impress, possibly resulting in a higher draft selection. The match was exactly what you would expect from 4 cruiserweights of this caliber, a spectacular match which saw humans flying around the ring. As much as Gulak tried to slow down the pace, the other 3 were just too good to be contained. The history of Alexander and Murphy was visible, as the two seemed to focus on the other throughout the entire match. In the end however, this would turn out to cost them, as they brawled on the outside and lost sight of what was going on inside the ring. In the ring, Ricochet and Gulak went back and forward for a while, both coming close to victory at times. But in the end, the quickness and agility of Ricochet managed to knock down Gulak with the 630 splash to get the victory. After the match, Rush stood on the ramp and talked about his opponent this Friday like he only can. Ricochet walked up to him, with his intention very clear, but Rush disappeared into the backstage area before there altercation could become physical. After this amazing match, the draft would continue. Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s next pick we will look to strengthen our Tag Team Division. We select Harper and Rowan Shane McMahon: With our next pick, Friday Night Smackdown has decided to draft Andrade Stephanie McMahon: RAW’s next pick will have an eye towards the future. This is one of the biggest talents in the sports entertainment industry, and we at RAW are glad to have him with us. We pick Ali Shane McMahon: Our next pick is not just a great performer, he is also a true legend of the industry. A revolutionary figure, we have decided to draft Rey Mysterio Stephanie McMahon: Our next pick is the Usos. One of, if not the best and most accomplished tag teams in the entire company Shane McMahon: We at Smackdown are not stopped by any chance of sportsmanship. We will draft the RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode _______________________________________________________________________________ The Revival vs The Usos Next up, the Revival and Usos would clash in a non-title match. These two teams used to be bitter rivals, but were separated in the last Superstar ShakeUp. The Usos were already drafted while the Revival, who hold the Smackdown Championship, are in Friday’s draft pool and are looking to impress. Straight away it was clear that these teams knew each other very well, countering several of their opponents’ moves. This forced both teams to try new things but neither team seemed hindered by this, as they showed how versatile they are. There were near falls that left the crowd amazed, both teams proved their status on top of the tag team world with their excellent resilience. In the end however, it would be the Usos who ended up winning this amazing tag team match. They managed to get Scott Dawson in position for their Double Superfly Splash, and when Jey Uso it his move, he made sure to take out Dash Wilder before tagging his brother, who also hit his Superfly Splash, before pinning Scott Dawson for the victory. An amazing showing from these two teams, and one that fans must hope won’t be their last match against one another. Next up, more draft picks are inbound. Stephanie McMahon: Next up, Monday Night RAW selects… Mandy Rose. Shane McMahon: Smackdown has always been a known destiny for high-flyers, and we will keep that name as we will draft the Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush. Stephanie McMahon: Next up for us, Sami Zayn. Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we will draft Cesaro. Stephanie McMahon: The Miz is returning to RAW, and make it even more awesome than before. Shane McMahon: Next up, we will select King Of The Ring finalist Chad Gable. ____________________________________________________________________________ We cut backstage where we see Braun Strowman complaining to a referee. He hasn’t been drafted yet, despite being of the biggest names in the company. He can’t believe it. The referee is trying to cheer him up, but it has little effect on “The Monster Among Men”. We then cut to another room, where we see the currently undrafted superstars in tonight’s pool eagerly waiting to find out when and by whom their name will be called tonight. Their lives could fairly well undergo dramatic changes based on what happens tonight and Friday. Relationships and friendships are on thin ice, with nobody knowing who will be on the same brand as them. Some worried looks, while others seem more opportunistic about their chances as they prepare to hear the next few picks being announced Stephanie McMahon: With our next fews pick, RAW will make it’s women’s division even stronger, we select Asuka. Shane McMahon: We select the Viking Raiders Stephanie McMahon: Ruby Riott will be joining Monday Night RAW. Shane McMahon: Rusev is apart of Team Blue. Stephanie McMahon: Nikki Cross will be joining Team RAW on Monday Nights on the USA Network. Shane McMahon: Peyton Royce will be joining the Blue Brand on Friday Nights on FOX. ________________________________________________________________________________ Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks Smackdown Women’s Championship A strange event occurred on RAW, as we saw the Smackdown Women’s Championship defended in the main event for the first time in the history of the Red Brand. However, it won’t be the first time that these two women faced off. They have been bitter rivals for years upon years now, with the intensity rising up as time went by. They have faced off in Hell In A Cell, and tonight, they sure as hell don’t want to lose at the start of this new era. Especially Charlotte, who will be drafted later this week on Smackdown, will look to make a good impression tonight in order to raise her stock on the draft board. The match showed that these two know each other as good as one, as neither was able to get offense in on. It was what can be described as a counter fest. One change with before is that it appeared that Sasha had changed her style, trying to get as close to the limit of what’s allowed as possible. She would use the ropes for leverage on both pinfalls as submissions. It was an even match, both women got their moments, but neither was able to break away from the other, leaving us with a close and exciting match till the very end. When we got to the final stages of the match, tiredness started to play a role as both women began to struggle to keep a strong hold on their signature submission moves. This meant that they had to readjust their game plan and think outside of the box. However someone wanted to think for them. Bayley rushed towards the ring, hoping to help out her good friend Sasha win this important match up. However, Charlotte managed to duck just in time, meaning that Bayley clotheslined Sasha inside out. Bayley would quickly be pushed out of the ring, as Charlotte tried to take advantage of this big mistake. However, Sasha managed to kick out to the shock of the crowd. Afterwards, she would have a rush of energy and bump Charlotte into the referee, taking out both of them. This was all the time that Sasha needed to grab her “Like Boss” brass knuckles. She quickly hit Charlotte, as the referee got back to his feet and made the count to crown a new Women’s Champion. Charlotte was fuming as Sasha walked away, celebrating her title victory. This brought us to the final stages of the draft, as there were only 4 picks left for both brands to make. Some people were going to miss out, and we were about to find out who those people were going to be. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will get the biggest talent in the women’s division. We select Lacey Evans. Shane McMahon: We are the one selecting the actual TALENT here. We are taking Liv Morgan. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we take a WWE veteran. Someone with all the experience in the world. We pick Shelton Benjamin. Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we are selecting a former WWE World Champion. Jinder Mahal is coming to Friday Nights. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will select someone who has both experience in the ring as well as in the office, we take Drake Maverick. Shane McMahon: With our 2nd to last pick, we will take the one and only Tony Nese. Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s final selection, the brand has decided to choose Braun Strowman. Shane McMahon: With our final pick, we would like to think about the kids. We take Heath Slater. _______________________________________________________________________________ Braun Strowman is seen backstage, looking anything but happy after being drafted in the last round of the WWE draft. Anyone who tries to calm him down gets told shut up without a word being sad as Braun goes on a wreck of havoc in the backstage area. This promises something for next week.
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    Evolve - Week 2, Month 2 __________________________________ The World Champion Is Not Threatened As the EVOLVE intro comes to a close, we would be greeted by the theme song of world champion Sameer who comes down the ramp to a warm reception. As the fans reach out for high fives and he hops the barricade. Letting a young kid hold the championship belt before giving him a high five and hoping the barricade once again. Entering the ring and grabbing a microphone. Sameer would prove his willingness to fight and how good of a championship he is, saying he is proud to be champion and that he will not let a man like Bashka take it away from him. Sameer and Bashka of course go head to head at the upcoming Summerslam PPV and its going to be a battle as Sameer is ready to fight. However, Bashka is not the man who comes out. As the man who returned last week, Slim, steps out on top of the stage with a smile on his face. Pointing to the world championship before mouthing "Its Mine" before walking to the back, sending a message to Sameer as we get set to continue EVOLVE. ____________________________ Sheridan Defeats Joshua Scott As Sameer is leaving the ring, EVOLVE star Joshua Scott would run out to the ring and get on the microphone before screaming into it. Complaining about Sheridan attacking him last weekend and that he wants to get revenge, insulting Sheridan, which would prompt Sheridan to come to the ring to a mixed reaction with her body guard posse close behind. She would wave them to the back before entering the ring and getting ready for the matchup. Joshua Scott would be able to wrestle Sheridan to the ground early on, but Sheridan would be to quick for Scott. Getting the upperhand and sending him into the ring post. The match would continue on, and there would be many near falls and reversals but by the end of it all it would be Sheridan hitting a springboard tornado DDT and pinnin Scott in the middle of the ring. As Sheridan celebrates, we get a view backstage where Austin Mirage is throwing a tantrum over his partners lost. He throws chairs around as Sheridan poses in the center of the ring and the program goes to commercial break. ____________ Hans Clayton Was Born For This Hans Clayton would be walking backstage carrying his luggage as a reporter for EVOLVE would walk up to him. Asking him various questions about his time so far in Brendenplayz Wrestling and his upcoming number one contenders match against Arius. Hans would give nothing but respect towards Arius, calling him a great opponent before moving onto his possible Summerslam opponent. Bart, saying he will gladly take the Undisputed Championship of his hands before walking away as we get into yet another segment. _ Echo Wilson Defeats Mave Mave would be in the ring when we would cut back to the arena ready to take on the United States champion Echo Wilson. And with ease, Echo Wilson would come to the ring and hit the "Echo Location" before pinning Mave and defeating him in just 9 seconds. Echo would pose with his championship belt, getting on the microphone and talking about how great he was before the music of the EVOLVE general manager would hit and out would walk Kyle Reeves. _ Kyle Reeves Talks About Summerslam Kyle Reeves would ask Echo to leave the ring before turning to the crowd and introducing himself, saying that he has thought of 3 matches for The Kingdom at Summerslam, and that they will all be defending there championship based on last weeks results. The intercontinental championship will be defended when Julius Jones takes on Slim in one on one action, and Echo Wilson will be defending his United States championship against Ryan Reeves. Along with the winner of tonights Hans Clayton vs Arius matchup facing Bart, and Sameer defending his world championship against King Bashka. It is sure to be an amazing show as we cut backstage. _ Arius Burns Down His Manor A video plays of Arius, wearing a leather jacket and jeans walking through his manor smoking a cigar. He looks around at the ghouls who run away from his disgusted before tipping over the piano he is seen playing often times, swearing at it before walking away. Pouring gasoline around the manor as he walks away. Lighting it on fire and walking away as he burns away his past. This is a new Arius. _ Arius Defeats Hans Clayton To Become Number One Contender To a brand new theme song and a huge reaction, Arius would come to the ring with a different look. His black hair chopped down as he enters the ring and awaits Hans Clayton. Who also comes to the ring ready to fight, the crowd is split down the middle for both men as both men will do anything to win the match. The match itself is PPV worthy, as for 20 minutes the two would prove why they are the future and with Bart at ringside. Everything is on the line, Hans would come close to hitting the shooting hans press but Arius would move, allowing him to hit a reverse brain buster onto his knee he calls the "Fire Setter" and he pins him, walking away as the number one contender as Bart enters the ring. EVOLVE comes to an end with Arius and Bart, staring eachother down, who will meet in 2 weeks for the Undisputed championship. What a show, what a match, as the program...ends.
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    Monday Night Carnage - 29th July 2019 The show began with Deadmans Hand in the ring. They got straight to business, calling out Flynn and Yelich who came out. However it wasn't Flynn and Yelich they got but rather the Carnage General Manager Bailey14. Bailey came out and Blade asked him for a Universal Championship match at SummerSlam, which Bailey agreed However Flynn came out, infuriated by this decision. He claimed that last night was an upset for a reason, it was a fluke. Flynn had already beaten Blade for the Universal Championship twice and a lot of times before, and he shouldn't have to defend against him 1 on 1 at SummerSlam and that he would simply no show if that were the case. As Bailey began to threaten stripping Flynn of the title, Yelich played the peacemaker and interfered. He claimed Bailey couldn't afford to lose his "Number One Attraction" and Yelich had a solution that would fit all - that he should be added to the match. Flynn agreed to defend the title if it was a multi man match An annoyed Bailey partially accepted this but he said Yelich would have to earn his place in the match by winning a Number One Contenders Match, with the winner joining Blade and Flynn in the match. The match would occur between Yelich, and Blades tag team partner Kieron, and that would be tonight's main event BPZ Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs Epic and Arrow Kicking us off was a rematch from last nights King of the Ring, as Brad and Joh's first defence as Tag Team Champions happened against the team they beat last night, Epic and Arrow. It looked like a foregone conclusion when Joh hit Epic with The Revelation but Epic showed the resilience he showed last night and kicked out. Joh went for it a second time but Epic flipped out and hit the Cross Rhodes. With both men down, both crawled to their corners and tagged out Arrows inexperience cost him here as Brad showed off his wrestling skills by outclassing Arrow. Arrow began to build up steam and ducked under a Brad clothesline, looking for a Springboard attack as he jumped off the ropes but Brad countered with a Sweet Chin Music for the victory. As Brad and Joh celebrated retaining the titles, Arrow and Epic stayed in the ring, before the two former rivals shook hands after earning respect for each other after being a mismatched team for two nights in a row. However they were suddenly blindsided by James Hunter, who laughed upon seeing both of them sprawled out on the floor before he made his way to the back A vignette began to play, showing the country of New Zealand, before it focused on Ropati, Carnage's newest free agent pick After we returned from commercial break, we saw Ark Universe in the ring. He held the Premium title high and announced how proud he was to hold the belt. He had been gone for nearly a year and he had been training hard and he was fed up of being the underdog, he wanted to be the top dog However he was suddenly interrupted by "The Japanese Sensation" KENJI. KENJI congratulated Ark on his title win, and praised how Arks attitude to never giving up and keep on fighting had inspired KENJI all the way throughout his career, even in BPZ when KENJI first began it took him months to get his first win but once he got it there was no looking back and he came so close to winning the King of The Ring tournament However this was all interrupted by FDS, who mocked Ark and KENJI. He claimed KENJI's comments must be a joke, because Ark had always been a loser all his life. He told Ark that he should stop being the underdog and the fighting champion, because the fans had never cared about him. He told Ark to find his "Chaotic side" and attack KENJI rather than being a fighting champion. Ark contemplated this before Dropkicking FDS and KENJI then hit him with the Horizon Suplex Hold. FDS ran out of the ring, screaming you will regret it to Ark as Ark turned back to KENJI. Ark claimed he was a fighting champ and he would defend the belt right now against KENJI BPZ Premium Championship: Ark Universe (c) vs KENJI The second title match of the night was much more of an impromptu one as Ark Universe took on KENJI. Ark's underdog story had culminated in success as he won his first title in two years last night whilst KENJIs ended in heartbreak when he lost to Bash in the KOTR final Not wanting to lose his title after holding it for 1 day, Ark showed his excellent speed and technical wrestling prowess as he seemed to be one move ahead of KENJI, and when he hit the Duality, the move he used to win the title last night, it seemed like he had it all wrapped up but KENJI powered out at 2 A shocked Ark tried to lock in the Adrift but KENJI locked in his own modified version, causing Ark to have to grab the ropes. KENJI grabbed him by the waist and hit the Horizon Suplex Hold, but Ark kicked out at 2 As both men stood on their feet the audience clapped them. KENJI offered the chance to lock up and Ark looked like he was about to take him, but he instead hit KENJI with a cheap shot to the gut. Ark backed into the corner and went for the Running Knee, but KENJI caught him mid air in the Bermuda Triangle. Ark tried to resist, but eventually tapped out. KENJI celebrated winning the belt, before he saw Ark getting to his feet and offered his hand. Ark shook his hand, BEFORE HITING HIM WITH THE FLYING KNEE. The crowd boo in shock as Ark spits on KENJI, before leaving KENJI unconscious in the middle of the ring Kieron Black vs Yelich In the midst of this feud between Deadmans Hand and Flynn and Yelich, one of the few 1 on 1 matches we haven't seen is Kieron vs Yelich but we see it tonight with the winner joining the match between Flynn and Blade who were at ringside However after about 10 minutes Kieron hit Yelich with the Sister Sophie and when he covered Flynn pulled the referee out of the ring. This bought on a brawl as Blade ran and jumped onto Flynn and the ref, knocking the ref unconscious. The fight made its way into the ring, which bought Kieron and Yelich into it. Eventually Bailey came down to the ring to break things up. He announced things were too serious between the 4 men and he announced at SummerSlam, Flynn would defend the Universal Championship against Blade, Kieron and Yelich in a Fatal 4 Way Match SummerSlam Card (Other matches TBA) World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron Black
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    BPZ.Com BRENDENPLAYZ BREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT IN REGARDS TO FUTURE OF EVOLVE With SummerSlam in 4 weeks time, Brenden had to make a quick decision before Evolve tomorrow night after Ryan Reeves was removed as Evolve General Manager. He said "Ryan just didn't have it as Evolve GM and he wouldn't have had it as World Champion so I am glad Sameer won. Employing him was a mistake and now I have had chance to re-evaluate that mistake, I want to pick someone who can lead the brand forward and understand what a great World Champion they have. One strength Ryan had was that his family have a lot of ties in the wrestling business so he was able to use those for sponsorship. So I think it is only fitting we go for a younger, smarter Reeves as Evolve General Manager. Kyle Reeves, Ryans younger brother, will be the next General Manager of Evolve ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARNAGE ROSTER (Managed by me) UNIVERSAL CHAMPION FLYNN NXT CHAMPION RAVEN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS UNITED NATIONS (BRAD AND JOH) PREMIUM CHAMPION ARK UNIVERSE Yelich Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) FDS KENJI Epic Arrow George Bob James Hunter GM Bailey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVOLVE ROSTER (Managed by @BiC) WORLD CHAMPION SAMEER INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION JULIUS NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION BART UNITED STATES CHAMPION ECHO WILSON Hans Arius KING BASHKA SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) Mikey Crip Ryan Reeves Sheridan Alex Costa The Mave Effect (Mave and Akki) GM Kyle Reeves Carnage have the next free agent pick
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    Brad, you can give us all this talk about others being pussies and stuff but if u really cared about Arrow, you would put him over yourself, but because youre you, youre not going to do that and we all know it. Also I am proud of myself
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