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    Playing: Symphony No. 25 in G minor There’s a clear, cloudless sky overhead the Arius estate as the camera pans overhead the grand building before cutting to an inside view. A lone Ghoul moves past with laundry retrieved from the suitcase of Arius. Having returned home from Europe as the King of the Ring festivities continue to train and recover ahead of his next defence. Inside one of the otherwise-unoccupied studies is Arius who sits back again in the familiar chesterfield armchair. The screen flashes back to the previous fortnight to the memory of the crackling flames that once sparked within the fireplace but now instead sits ash as Arius gets lost in his own thoughts. The image of being stuck in that high-rise window sill. The lights are turned down with-in the room as he swirls a glass of whiskey, finding relaxation in the motion as he thinks back on the last few weeks of his career. The echo of Hans Clayton speaks over the footage “It ain't gonna stop me for reaching that glass ceiling..." Simultaneously on the screen now is footage of a an emotional Hans hoisting the BPZ United States Championship in the air as a devastated Arius looks on from outside of the ring. “... And when I win. Which I will. I will be glad, I will scream it to the rooftops so that everyone in the world can hear..." Caught with a surprise roll-up by George AK, Arius’s shoulders are down. The referee drops down to count, the European crowd counting in tandem right along with him. “ONE! TWO! THREE!” The official calls for the bell amongst cheers from the audience. A ecstatic and bruised George AK is shown with his hand held up on the ramp by the referee as Arius is shown kneeling on the canvas, clutching the ropes with a monotone expression. A vacuum. “... i am immortal and i am insane.…” Arius regains his grasp on reality as those words echo through his mind. He looks down at his drink, his hand still motioning without a real thought into the action as he stops it and finishes the last of the alcohol. Arius chuckles for the first time since that fated Quarter finals match thinking of whats to come. Placing the glass to his side he rises from his chair and turns around coming face to face with a previously assembled camera awaiting his address. No Ghoul, No Rin. He motions to fix his cuffs and collar as he takes his seat again upon an awaiting stool. The red light blinking towards Arius as he finds the words to begin Some might suggest this isn't the best state of mind to put yourself in front of a camera. That the best advice to be given is to take your time to process the events taken place...but that isn't who I am. To bask in the illuminating presence of a lens...it's therapeutic. Arius eyes wander to the side of the room for a moment as he faces the most pressing matter at hand Having returned home so early..this has been a bit of a bitter truth to swallow. I have no excuse as to why I lost, as frustrating as this early exit has been simply put George AK was the better man that night. Finding himself one step ahead of me during our match...Arius lifts a single finger into the air interrupting himself...I will contest that disguising yourself as one of my faithful was a dastardly movie, possibly ill fitting for someone who holds themselves with such high regard Arius drops his hand but one i wouldn't be tempted to do myself had the occasion arose. Consider me amused for now but we'll meet again quite soon i assure you. Suffice to say, that was never how I pictured King of the Ring going for me. For weeks before that night I’d resigned myself to the idea that I was walking into that arena in Europe with the intent of moving on to face....Arius pauses just at the moment of mention a name before following with a breathy laugh..My plans seem to have fallen apart quite miraculously. One after the other. Arius looks up at the wall behind the camera as portraits of his accolades and key moments so far line across, crossing his legs upon the stool as he leans his elbow on top in a trance It's easy for myself to forgot that my time here has been so short compared to others for it feels almost like I've experienced twice as I've lived. The luxury of walking into BPZ an unknown entity is having the ability to shock people both in our audience and behind the curtain. I never had that anticipation but never the less I sought the eyes of the wrestling world looking upon me. I still remember clearly in mind the atmosphere as our audience were greeted with their first sight of The Revenant. Just silence. Pure, simple silence. Is there anything more thrilling? Arius rises from his chair as he moves over towards the window where the gleam of a case can be seen in the distance Some might shy away at the thought, the desire for instant gratification...but to be greeted with an audible blank canvas was just what i needed to direct their tastes to a new style of competitive prowess. To cleanse the palate. Something i hope I've achieved to some success. Arius takes hold of the BPZ North America Championship from its pedestal near the window, sitting next to an empty pedestal unmoved since it was last used by the BPZ United States Championship. Holding it over his shoulder he continues to speak as he returns to the cameras front view I didn’t blow in from lands or organisations people here are familiar with but slowly in my mind the tides were turning. I walked into this company with an idea and nothing else aside from the attire i wear before you now. Patiently waiting in the dark corners of the arena and keeping to myself. It allowed me to survey this place, to study everything I could about it. The culture, the men that stood between me and everything I wished to achieve. Julius stood out like a blinding light; the door was perfectly open and all he needed was someone to step up. But i first had to climb. Every performance I put in between my debut, claiming the NXT Championship to finally being able to face the man who caught my attention at the beginning. All with the aim of capturing the attention of those surrounding us. The ones who breathe life, who rest easy with the reassurance i'm on the right path. Even now after this disastrous month i feel their eyes. I have my audience and so...the curtains haven't closed. Arius eyes are unfocused on the cameras as he squeezes tight the strap of the BPZ North American Championship visible to the camera as the expression around his eyes grow more tense, the paint slightly cracking Perhaps my initial success has placed a world of expectation on my shoulders...I've heard the whispers. For all eventually trickles back to my ear...Arius leans forwards in his seat, peering into the lens The last act any competitor wants to commit is regress to a former version of themselves, a lesser version of themselves. I rest assured that the challenge makes someone a worthy champion even in the presence of a man on the brink of being institutionalised. The symphony we compose being the ever lasting reason for our meeting. The question lingering for now being will you show me a classic crossover or will it be an amateur modern composition..my faith in your ability waivers week to week. We all like to toss around the idea and the dream that we’re the best of our division. We all like to proclaim we’re “great and powerful” and nothing can stop us. Nothing can unnerve us. That we’re flawless...perfect. But right now, only few of us have a foot to stand on. Arius rises from his stool, standing straight and his voice growing louder towards the camera as he starts to regain his nerve in the face of opposition Here I stand as champion with the one thing that allows me to speak my mind in such a way. I clutch this strap, clinging to the last object that gives me a voice in this company. Men can stand there beyond belief and find a handful of excuses to undermine others but i stand here saying no more games. I will die by this championship, i shall push forward and fight until this time next year a stronger competitor. I will Die as King. Emergence. The Last Stand
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    BPZ Pro Wrestling BPZ has had a remarkable history, going back to the roots in Australia. Many wrestlers have won many championships and some have reached the mountain and pinnacle of sports entertainment. However in an alternate dimension, history is presented differently, and totally a new style and those who hold the gold are on the top with those National Wrestling Grand Prix Titles (NWGP). Those faces who were long gone, some of them are still here in this dimension. BPZ is presented differently with many tournaments and the fighting spirits between all competitors, stand by as I welcome you to an Alternative BPZ Pro Wrestling ___________________________________________________________________________ Big Baller Brand Brenden - The Bailey - Sameer - Ropati - Julius - Lunatic Ginge - Bob Sparks - Sandman Heel ASCENT Flynn - Slim - Kenji - Natedog - Ross - Brett Storm - Kyle Pain - Jay Sellers ___________________________________________________________________________ Necce's Gathering Necce - Marker - Buddy Ace - FDS - Gill - Raven - Hollow - ICON Yelich ___________________________________________________________________________ Villain's Kingdom Bart - Prince - Beastly - Bubba - Mikey - Echo Wilson ___________________________________________________________________________ Bashka - Hans - Xaiver King - Johnny Kills - Sheridan - Joh - Brad - Monda Aaron North - Alex Costa - Arius - George - Zombie - Kieron Black - Evolution - Maasa Shiba - Joshua Scott ___________________________________________________________________________ Arrow Gargano - Bulldozer - James Hunter - Epic - Mave Deltzer - Jack Bishop - Maddrix ___________________________________________________________________________ The Champions: NWGP Heavyweight Championship Hall of Champions: NWGP Intercontinental Championship Hall of Champions: NWGP United States Championship Hall of Champions: NWGP World Tag Team Championships Hall of Champions: NWGP Openweight Championship NWGP Six Man Tag Team Championships
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    Judge, Jury, Executioner

    A dark room is shown with a figure clearly sitting down in it. The lights flash and flash, revealing it to be the man who just returned, Slim. Slim appears to be in a room full of broken lights, as he sighs before beginning to talk, giving his first official statement in months. I have been gone, for far, far, too long. I have watched from my throne of deceit as Bailey and Sameer have plagued the World Championship, watched as alliances broke down and fell apart. And all of this could have been stopped if I just assumed my role that I take here. I don't expect a pity party, I don't expect approval, and I don't expect acceptance. Everyone, and that includes everyone has a right to be angry with me. I left without any explanation, and for me to return thinking I'm the man would be foolish, but I want everyone to know something. This isn't about approval or acceptance. I don't owe ANYONE shit. I have forged my legacy and craft through sheer will and determination, and for anyone to believe I'm here to appease them would be lying to themselves. I'm here, to finish, my legacy, and return BrendenPlayz Wrestling to it's rightful state. Right now, I sit in a room reminiscent of my current mindstate. Broken. Not broken because I simply cannot handle the burden of the losses I have suffered, but because I watch as men such Sameer carry the weight they simply are not man enough to yet. I will not be returning to chase after the World Championship, instead to destroy it. But don't take that the wrong way, any of you. I will not be competing in a World Championship Match. I don't expect you simple minded sheep to understand, but it's time for a dawning of a new era. But that new era must be fought for, it cannot be handed over. You see, me and my brother, Necce, we returned with the intentions of taking the Tag Team Championships and cleansing them of their current poisonous holders. But, out of fear, we were rejected by the man himself, BrendenPlayz. It wasn't because we returned out of nowhere, might he claim... He was ducking us, scared of what will come if a man who has his number, and a man who cannot be broken, stepped into the ring with him and his golden boy. Could they beat us? Maybe. But, for a man so well praised as being intellectual to tell me to my face that we are not better than any of the four teams in the match... Ludicrous. Don't sweat, though, the Big Ballers time of judgement will come at our hand. It's just a matter of time because frankly, they can't duck us forever, and I don't care what they think of what I'm saying, I've said it many times and just in case you forgot... I do what I want. These balls attached to me will hang all the way to the floor if I so please, and who will stop me? No. One. As a parting message, consider this my official return. I will assume my role as the Jury, the Judge, and the Executioner of BPZ, because it's what you need. Someone who is not afraid of anyone, someone who will do whatever it takes to ensure the rightful decisions are made. Don't fight it. Breath it in. Because finally... The King has come home. The lights turn on in the room once and for all, revealing Slim. He stands up, spreading his arms as he then walks away, out of camera sight, as the lights cut once again and the lights continue to flicker. Slim has returned, stating his role in BPZ is to be the Jury, Judge, and Executioner. And, he has announced he will return at SummerSlam! Who will he face?
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    {We are back live on the Carnage after the King of the Ring Quarter Finals and we are now very close to determining who the King of 2019 is going to be. Nate defeated Kenji, Hans continued his run of form knocking off Bob, George delivered the upset of the tournament knocking off Arius and tournament favourite Julius stormed through the Marker. “Gallantry” plays as Julius makes his way out to the ring after yet another dominant display in the King of the Ring tournament now moving on to the Semi-Finals. He struts down to the ring with confidence, before soaking in the audience response and climbing in between the ropes and showing off his Intercontinental Championship. He then grabs a microphone from the the ring announcer and takes a seat atop the top turnbuckle and begins to speak} “2 down, 2 to go. That is how I see this King of the Ring tournament playing out after the events of the Quarter Finals. The Marker, he’s good don’t get me wrong but he’s not on my level. I promised a humiliation, I promised a devastation and that’s what you all got to witness so please thank me while you can. I just a sent a sicko away for good. I now turn my attention to the Semi-Finals. And it would be naive of me to say that I didn’t foresee this match as being a potential dream match with a certain North-American Champion a man who has torn the roster apart limb from limb. But unfortunately that is just not going to happen is it. See I have heard for months now, that Arius is the “Next Julius” or the next big thing, but this result just proved that he isn’t ready to take that next step, where in comparison I definitely was. I don’t lose to people I shouldn’t lose to, that’s why I am as good as I am, that’s why I hold this Intercontinental Championship and that’s why I am going to win the King of the Ring tournament for the second consecutive year” “George vs Julius, Semi-Final of the King of the Ring 2019. The winner goes on to the Final with a chance to secure a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Summerslam. What an absolute let down of an opponent and of a match this is. We could have had anyone else sit across the ring from me and I would be satisfied, but this guy? He’s an absolute joke. He comes back every now and then, captures your hearts in an instant and then leaves for a few months without leaving a trace. How absolutely pathetic. When I made my debut in December of 2017, George was meant to be that next big guy but it never came to be. George was meant to be this leader of the new generation but he couldn’t even stick around to be apart of it and now he comes back, expecting to beat someone who has dominated this industry for the last 18 months. Your making noise George I can see it, you beat Arius and now your on your high horse and your the talk of the Wrestling World. But let me warn you friend, what goes up must come down. This story, has been played infront of our eyes so many times before. BiC played it, Hans played it and now Bashka is trying to play it. Your position yourself as the underdog going against the unstoppable monster and you pray and hope for some sort of miracle to come your way and save you from the beating you are about to endure. Well George, I suggest you come up with something that’s just a little different from what everyone else has said” “I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not pleased with this match, I don’t care for George and I don’t care what story he has what motivation he brings and what sort of other Bullsh*t he will spur out of his mouth. You are a one hit wonder, nothing more and nothing less. I am going to take that spotlight away from you before you could even make the most of it and I’m going to make you famous for being the whipping boy who made himself victim to yet another one of my brutal assaults. I’m going to crush you, beat you down and enjoy every single moment of it. You’re not worthy to be in this spotlight and you never will. You don’t have what it takes to succeed and I’m going to exploit all of that this weekend. Prepare yourself George. Talk all the smack you want, but just remember you can have all the motivation in the world, all the preparation you want until you get punched in the face. That’s when the game changes”
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    "Wake up"

    {We are live from the beautiful country of Switzerland where BPZ are currently undergoing some house shows before the King of the Ring Semi-Finals. In the ring is George who is taking on a local competitor in a warm up match before his crucial Semi-Final encounter with Julius. George gets his opponent ready for the Blackout!} {George picks up the win and continues his sublime form heading into the match with the Intercontinental Champion Julius. Just as George is celebrating his victory, “Gallantry” blasts throughout the arena as George readies himself for a sneak attack by Julius. George looks around cautiously, checking every corner of the arena to be prepared for Julius to strike however nothing ever happens. George then looks up at the titantron and that is where Julius appears. The crowd boo as the Intercontinental Champion appears in-front of their eyes} “You know what George, you almost had me. That speech you made a couple of days ago, it was truly inspirational wanting to see your name aligned with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, it’s stuff made for fairytales, for feel good stories where the plucky underdog always comes out on top. Well unfortunately for you, that isn’t how this story ends my friend. You say you are going to stop me from running through this tournament, but I can’t help but take a look at you and laugh, wonder how the hell you are going to manage to do that. You’re just a skinny little kid who’s happy to be here, no talent or skill accompanies you George and I’m sorry to say this but people like you just don’t succeed in a world that’s filled with monsters like me. When you think that you are at your best, when you are riding high with momentum, you still don’t compare to me. I am just that much better than you and I know deep down inside your pathetic soul you know it as well” “You have this warped imagination, this thought that experience and past-performance don’t matter. That is such a naive thing to say George. You choose not to look at your past because you know that you’re a failure. You look at what I have been able to do in the 18 months that I have been here and you can only dream of being in the position that I am in. You’re weak, you’re a loser and that’s what awaits you this Sunday in the Semi-Finals. I don’t care what you say, how loud you say it or who you say it to, this Sunday everything is going against you. Not only am I bigger than you, not only am I smarter than you. I am also better than you. Don’t compare me to Buddy Ace don’t compare me to Arius these guys aren’t on my level and if you think that just because you beat Arius you’re going to walk into this match with the upperhand then you have another thing coming. See I have fun beating people like you, desperate men who leave everything on the line but still can’t get it done, that’s you George. You’re that pathetic useless guy who does whatever he can, maybe even has a moment where he might look to steal it but at the end of the day it slips through his fingers and you do what you always do best and that is fail” “I’m sorry to be this guy George, I truly am. You look like someone who has the potential to be great one day, but I just can’t let you get in the way of what I want. I want to be the first ever two time King of the Ring Winner, I want to be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and I want to beat you so badly that you never ever turn up to work again. I’m that guy who is going to haunt your dreams, give you nightmares after what I put you through this Sunday. Not only am I going to crush your dreams and eliminate you from the King of the Ring Tournament but I’m also going to be keeping this Intercontinental Championship firmly around my waist. You asked if I am ready George? I’m always ready but I know you’re not. Here’s your chance to shut me up, and make everything you say believable. This is the once chance you have to become the star you always wanted to be, I’m standing right in-front of you. Don’t shy away now, the clock is ticking George, it’s time for you to put up or shut up” {With his message sent, the titantron turns to static. The camera turns back to George who looks a bit confused and distraught by what Julius had to say. Can George be the one to slay the monster. Find out at the King of the Ring Semi-Finals this Sunday}
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax Night 1 6 Man Tag Team Match ASCENT (Kenji, Natedog, Ross) vs Arrow Gargano, Mave Deltzer, and Bulldozer This match doesn't last very long as The Young Lions get no offense on ASCENT as Kenji pins Arrow Gargano for the win. 2:54 Tag Team Match Royal Flush (Johnny Kills & Sheridan) vs Killer Machines (Beastly & Bubba) As the tag team titles are currently vacant, both teams are looking for some momentum. It was back and forth contest but the Royal Flush win after Johnny Kills pins Bubba. 10:32 8 Man Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Necce, Marker, Buddy Ace, ICON) vs Big Baller Brand (Julius, Ropati, Bob Sparks, and Sandman) Very hot 8 man tag match as everybody pulls out some moves and strikes, everybody had a chance to shine in this match. Ropati would make Buddy Ace submit, a future 6 Man Tag Title match could be considered 9:21 Singles Match FDS vs Brad First match of the A Block as both FDS and Brad are looking to secure the victory. Both use brutal offense, very hard hitting affair. Aaron North would come running in, trying to interfere but it would backfire as FDS rolls up Brad for the win. 14:21 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Kieron Black In what was an excellent match, both would go for the big moves but they would counter it. Devastating moves, both wanted to win this match badly. At the end King would pin Black, but was an excellent of what both men can do in the ring. 14:02 Singles Match Alex Costa vs Maasa In what was an alright match, Massa would try to go for his big moves but always get countered from Costa. Eventually it was too much for Maasa as would be defeated by Costa via pinfall. 7:59 Singles Match Yelich vs Bart In bout that had great wrestling and showmanship, Yelich would take Bart to his limit with various technical and high flying maneuvers. Bart however would his ring psychology to his advantage as he would outsmart Yelich's offense near the end of the match and would get pinfall for the win. 18:04 Singles Match Slim vs Bailey In our main event of the evening, these two would put on a show like they always do. Two top names going at it as both counter each other moves and determination to beat each other is remarkable. Slim would tweak his knee near the end of the match and that allowed Bailey to work knee and to win the match via pinfall. Bailey would do his signature pose to end Night 1 25:23 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 2 6 Man Tag Team Match Villain’s Kingdom (Echo Wilson, Bart and Prince) vs Big Baller Brand (Brenden, Sameer, and Bailey) Very competitive 6 man tag as both teams use their offensive in creative in double or triple team maneuvers. Everybody showcases there skill, and was a great way to open the show but in the end Big Baller Brand would end getting the win as Bailey pins Prince for the victory 13:01 Tag Team Match Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Maddrix and James Hunter This was a one sided affair as Godsent as toy around with Maddrix and James Hunter. The match was pretty short and no surprise Godsent pick up the victory when Brett Storm pins Maddrix one, two, three in the middle of the ring. 4:02 Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Raven & Hollow) vs Kieron Black & George Both teams get offense, exchanging strikes and moves, very competitive match between both teams as both teams give it their all. Necce’s Gathering gets the win after Gill runs in and distracts George and Hollow pins George for the pin. They attack Kieron and George after the match. 11:01 Singles Match Necce vs Aaron North First match for the B Block as both Necce and Aaron look to gain the victory. Both’s passion in winning the match is noticeable, hitting big moves on each other, almost if Aaron could have beaten Necce. However the veteran Necce would pick up the victory despite Aaron’s efforts. Necce would spit on Aaron’s face after the match. 13:47 Singles Match Evolution vs Julius Evolution would try to get offense on Julius early on but it would be no use as Julius would get more and more angry. Julius would dismantle Evolution. Julius would hit his finisher twice to get the easy victory. 7:01 Singles Match Hans vs Marker Two different styles clash as this match is very face paced. Marker would attack Hans with loads of stiff clothesline and forearms, using that Britsh Strong Style Offense. However Hans’ high flying style would get the better of Marker as Hans wins the match, but Marker had a good showing. 13:34 Singles Match Bashka vs Mikey An interesting matchup between the veteran Bashka and the up and coming Mikey. Surprisingly Mikey held his own against Bashka and there were times in this match were Mikey could have possibly beaten the legend. One mistake costed Mikey the match and Bashka defeats Mikey via pinfall but Mikey gained respect from his peers and fans. 14:01 Singles Match Flynn vs Arius Main event of the evening as Flynn goes one on one with Arius, both use their ring psychology to tell a very brutal and technical story as both try annihilate their body parts. A dramatic match that went over 23 minutes finally ended when Flynn caught Arius for FKO for the victory in what was the best match of the night. 23:22
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    The crowd are sit in anticipation as they await for the next competitors to arrive, "The Sendai Supernova" KENJI and former King of the Ring winner, Emperor Nate. Both men looked strong in their previous bouts and have great expectations in this competition to go all the way to the final. The Emperor's music hits as the crowd react a lot differently to Nate than they last week, as he was in his home ground against Alex Costa, with the fans showing that they aren't here for Nate. Nate walks down the ramp with intentions on destroying his opponent Kenji. He enters the ring and goes to his respective corner as he waits for Kenji to arrive. Kenji makes his entrance as the crowd cheer for The Sendai Supernova. He walks down the ramp and starts high fiving fans, whilst also staring at Nate as he gets a good look at what he's coming up against. He enters the ring with a calm look on his face and goes to his corner. The referee asks both men if they're ready to compete and they comply and the bell rings to signal the start of the match. The match starts with the two men approaching each other and trying to gain the upper hand on one another. Nate hits Kenji with a leg kick but it isn't effective. Kenji looks to gain control but Nate takes a step backwards and hits Kenji with another leg kick. The two try and size each other up again, Nate goes for another leg kick but Kenji catches his leg and flattens The Emperor with a stiff clothesline. Nate makes his way back up to his feet and Kenji catches him with a side headlock takedown. Nate slowly begins to get up to his feet as Kenji is applying pressure to his head. Nate then grabs Kenji's back and hits a back suplex to break the hold. The two men get back up to their feet quickly and Nate hits Kenji with a forearm strike which slightly sends Kenji backwards, but Kenji fires back with a forearm of his own, and begins to hit Nate with multiple more before The Emperor hits Kenji with a kick to the gut. He lifts Kenji up for a standing vertical suplex but he escapes Nate's hold and jumps off, landing on his feet. Nate turns around and gets hit with a superkick which takes him down to his knees. Kenji comes off the ropes and hits Nate with a penalty kick. He goes in for the cover. 1...2. kickout from Nate. Kenji picks up Nate looking to continue this assault. Although Nate pushes him away and leaves the ring looking for a breather. In the ring Kenji is looking to take a dive to the outside. He comes off the ropes, but as he goes to jump through the middle rope, Nate sees it coming and hits him with a forearm smash sending Kenji flying backwards. Nate sits on the apron looking to take more of a breather. Nate then stands back up on his feet and sees that Kenji is laid out on the ground. He jumps off the ropes and hits Kenji with a springboard elbow drop and covers The Sendai Supernova. 1...2. kickout by Kenji. Nate then starts punching Kenji in the face before locking him in an armbar as Kenji begins to roll around in pain, before finally breaking the hold by giving Nate a taste of his own medicine by turning over and hitting him with some vicious strikes of his own. Nate rolls back up to his feet quicker than Kenji and goes for a running knee, but Kenji gets out of the way of Nate, as Nate stops himself from going into the turnbuckle. He turns around and runs into a dropkick, in a desperation move from Kenji. Nate begins to crawl and goes into the corner to try and regain his footing. Kenji gets up to a knee, and then sprints at Nate looking for a cannonball in the corner but Nate moves out of the way last second as Kenji goes flying into the turnbuckle, as he hangs himself up on the ropes in a tree of woe position. Nate sees this as an opportunity, he runs to the opposite corner and back to Kenji and hits him with a dropkick to the face as Kenji collapses to the ground. 1...2..kickout by Kenji! Kenji barely got 1 arm up that time to get out of that pinfall. Nate goes to the outside, and waits for Kenji to get back up to his feet to hit another springboard move. Kenji turns around and faces The Emperor as Nate jumps off the top rope and looks to hit something devastating...Guillotine choke!!! Kenji caught Nate in mid-air, reversing his strike into a guillotine choke, as Kenji begins to put pressure on Nate with whatever he has left. Nate goes down to a knee as he begins to fade. Kenji is finally able to get Nate down to the ground as The Emperor is now in a precarious position. Just as it looks like Nate is out though, he begins to fight back, as he gets back up to a knee, before finally standing back up on his feet, with Kenji still holding onto to Nate's neck. Nate, somehow, has the strength to fight out, as he then throws Kenji away sending him into the ropes. Kenji comes towards Nate, but gets hit with a big knee to the face! Now Kenji is on a knee. Nate runs towards the rope as he looks to go for a big running move. Hi no Kokoro from Kenji!!! Nate ran right into that boot to the face, and Kenji looks to take advantage with the cover. 1...2..Nate kicks out! He's still in it. Kenji is in disbelief as he can't believe he didn't put Nate away. He picks him up from behind as he holds him in the air. He's looking for Horizon Suplex Hold to finish it off! Nate begins to hit Kenji with hard elbows to the face, and after multiple hard shots, Kenji is finally forced to let go. Nate turns around and hits Kenji with an enzeguri which stuns him, Kenji comes off the ropes from the impact and Nate fires back again with a back elbow spin to the face as Kenji begins to teeter. Nate gives him the middle finger and kicks him in the gut before lifting him up in the air in a powerbomb position. Backbreaker!!! Nate rolls into the cover and has surely finished the match. 1...2...KICKOUT! Nate can't believe that he kicked out of that massive backbreaker. He then mounts Kenji and begins to hit him with fierce elbows to the face in a pit of rage. The referee then moves Nate away, but Nate pushes the ref and continues to hit Kenji with more big elbows. Nate stops his attack for a moment as he begins to take a breather. He then starts to laugh at the damage he's caused to Kenji, as there's bruises all over Kenji's face. Then Kenji's eyes suddenly open. He's laughing in the face of The Emperor now!!! Nate is in shock as Kenji has seemingly awoke from the dead. BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! Kenji has the Bermuda Triangle locked in deep as Nate starts squirming for a way to release the hold, as the crowd start going nuts for Kenji who is looking to deliver a crazy upset. Nate starts fading slightly, but then starts to show some more fight by moving around. Nate eventually is able to get his foot on the rope to the disappointment of the crowd. Nate starts using the ropes to get back up to his feet, as a smile comes across his face, almost saying that he knew he was lucky to get away there. Nate sees that Kenji is struggling to get back up to his feet and goes running straight after him...BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! NATE IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN! Nate is in the middle of the ring now, and it looks like he has nowhere to go as Kenji is really applying the pressure. Nate tries to throw some punches but they don't cause any damage to Kenji. He tries to move his legs closer the ropes as he uses the mat to draw him closer. Kenji rolls back over into the middle of the ring again! Nate is in grave danger currently and is edging closer to an early King of the Ring defeat. Nate begins to get back off the ground, with some mad freakish strength. He eventually gets back up to his feet, but the force of Kenji sends him backwards into the turnbuckle, as Kenji still has the Bermuda Triangle locked in! Then suddenly when it looked like Nate has zero life left he begins to charge at the opposite corner as he throws Kenji into the turnbuckle as both men are laid out on the ground from exhaustion as the crowd begin to clap for their efforts. Nate and Kenji both get back up on their knees in the middle of the ring. Nate grabs Kenji by the hair as he starts to pick him up. Nate starts to talk trash to his opponent, but Kenji pushes him away and hits Nate with a sweet superkick to the face which takes The Emperor down to the ground. Kenji sees a chance to go to the top rope whilst Nate is down. He goes to the outside and stands on top. He takes his time as he tries to set himself up. Nate then sees what's going on and gets back up to his feet as he runs up to Kenji, who took too much time. Nate starts to hit him with vicious forearms to the face before finally stopping as Kenji is dazed on top. Nate lifts Kenji up with a suplex from the top rope, this can't be good at all. OH MY GOD! Nate planted Kenji on his head, that move surely killed him!!! Nate lifts Kenji's leg up as he goes for the pinfall to end this fight. 1..2...3-NO!!! KENJI IS STILL IN IT. Nate lies down in shock as he can't believe that he hasn't ended the fight right there with that vicious inverted suplex from the top rope. He gets back up to his feet and looks at Kenji who is still laid out on the ground. Kenji slowly begins to get back up to his feet as he gets onto his knees as Nate stands across the other side of the ring. Kenji asks The Emperor to bring it to him, and Nate hits Kenji with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head which knocks him back down for good. Nate runs up to the top rope and signals this as the end of the fight. RED ARROW!!! Nate crawls for his life as he gets the cover on Kenji. 1...2...3! NATE HAS WON!!! For the third time in his career Nate has advanced to the King of the Ring Semi-Finals and is now on course to once again hold that crown. Kenji brought an amazing fight and almost caused an upset on numerous occasions towards the end, this definitely won't be the last we see of him in a big match scenario like this. Nate begins to taunt the crowd who boo the living hell out of him as we go for a break before the next match.
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    Burying My Past, Reconciling My Life

    The bright early sunshine from deep in San Antonio, Texas. The house shown is the known farmhouse of BPZ superstar, Brad. He was inside his house, his son and daughter running around the house before he yells "Hey go shower!" he yells as he runs upstairs before seeing his kids run into two bathrooms to shower. Brad stops as he looks into his son's room and sees a paper on the ground with different colours on it. He walks over and kneels down before picking up the paper and examines it. Brad sees him, and his two kids enjoying themselves outside and holding hands. He lets out a slight smile before placing the paper on the dresser before seeing another drawing, that was signed by Brad himself. He raises an eyebrow and pulls out the paper. He sees the burning house, closing his eyes as flashbacks fill his head before he crumple up the paper, letting out a demonic growl as the tron goes black. Then appeared on the tron is white glowing letters that say "Milan, Italy 20:10". The tron slowly brings up a eerie sight of a old cemetery. The candle lights are the only source of light in this cemetery, and they are the reason the camera catches someone walking slowly towards the building in the cemetery, a shovel in one hand, and a bag in the other. As he walks by, each candle light goes out, no wind seen at all. As each candle light goes out, a light from the moon shines down onto the building more and more. The male gets to the building before grabbing the door handle. The door slowly opens and inside are three graves: two closed marked ones, but one with an engraved tombstone but an open grave. The male walks over slowly, before the camera spins around to the front of the person and then raises up showing the face of Brad. He lets out a small chuckle before he speaks. "Expecting someone else? Expecting a demon maybe? Maybe a virus? Nah dawg, this is still The Brad show, and you will forever love the gift, of Brad… drink it in maaaaaaaaaann. But you know what else? I have a actual gift for you Kenjison. You see, I realized something. During our little brawl that you and that slime scum Arius for zero reason at all started, you heard me call you names. Call you names, and you're upset about it? At Judgement Day, you proved to me that you're more than a disrespectful newbie. That you're more than some punk kid who needs a worse ass kicking. No no, you're all that plus a pathetic snowflake! A worthless human form to this Earth that someone has to take care of. That someone is me. I'm going to be something that no one here has the balls to be to you, honest. When you debuted in BPZ, you got praise upon praise for your mic work kid. So much praise that one superstar says you're a future world Champion, and while yes that superstar is a stupid Idiot who hasn't won a match ever and is the legit worse superstar in BPZ history that couldn't even sell for a car. That's who's calling you a future world Champion. But you haven't realized, that all this praise, all this small talk of you being a "future world champion", isn't what win dog. It isn't what gets you Championships. You love to say my career is done, but let's start a career match within the same amount of time you've been here. You joined in February of this year and it's July. So we'll go with the first five to six months of our careers. Let's start with you. Close call after close call after close call month after month after month before picking up your first win against a slacking Kieron who let you win only to lose to NateDog. My first six months, debut match won the NXT Championship, I then went on to win the United States Championship and become then greatest United States Champion of all time, I went to the third round of King Of The Ring, with my second round beating a Hall of Famer in Zombie. You don't have the right to judge my career kid. But hey, I understand why you try. This is as big as you're going to get, so try to sit down and enjoy it. But unfortunately for you, I am going to make you a career, only for me to destroy it." Brad slowly sets the bag down onto the floor besides the open grave before looking towards the two occupied graves. He walks over, kneeling down by the farthest tombstone, wiping dust off it, revealing it says "Here Lies Bethany Christina Roberts: 1959-1979." he then turns to the other tombstone, wiping the dust off that one and it reads "Here Lives David James Roberts: 1957-1984". He sighs before standing up. "Say hello to my family Kenji. Say hello to Ma, and say hello to Pa. Notice the dates? One died the year I was born, and one after I was five years old. Five years old kiddo. After being on my own for years, I had to earn my spot to get into Wrestling. Back when you had to have talent and the workhorse mentality to get a spot in a wrestling roster. Not be given a contract as soon as you walk through the door, like yourself. As you see here, there is a open grave. At first, it was for my lovely sister Abigail, who unfortunately is back with us on Earth, alive because of Razor, that idiot. Speaking of him, Razor, you know what happens when you bring my sister back to life? You know what happens when you bring that hermaphrodite to Earth again? Razor… YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" Brad then pulls out his iPhone and taps the button to summon Siri. "Hey Siri" Siri: "Yes Mr. Roberts?" "Remind me to put that Stupid Idiot Razor on the Wall later please." Siri: "Got it. Reminder to put that Stupid Idiot Razor on the wall set. Anything else Mr. Roberts?" "Nope that's all, thank you." Brad then placed his phone back into his pocket, before standing up and approaches the open grave. He kneels back down, before pulling the bag closer. He pulls out a picture of a female, seemingly pass the age of forty. Angelo flips the picture over and it reveals the name of his sister, Abigail. He lets out a slight sigh before tossing the picture into the grave. He then reached in and pulled out a mask. Closer examination of the mask shows to be one of Arius's Ghouls mask and he tosses it into the grave. And finally, he reaches into the bag and pulls out a picture of Kenji of Kenji's first title win in Japan. Brad growls lowly and tosses it into the grave. He stands up before grabbing the shovel and scoops some dirt up before throwing it into the grave. This takes all of fifteen minutes of Brad tossing dirt into the grave before he finally stopped. He dropped the shovel before facing the camera again. "I'm throwing it all into the grave Kenji. It starts with what haunts me to this day, and it ends with you and Arius. Arius my friend, how it been? Been a rough couple of weeks huh? I mean, losing the United States Championship to Hans Clayton, then a couple of weeks later losing to George in the second round of the King Of The Ring tournament. And the nail in the coffin is when you LOSE your North American Championship to the once known Aaron North, now known as Lord Yautja, who will become Lord Of North America when he hands you your third loss. And Kenji, you undeserving swine flu. You get handed a North American shot, you were nearly handed the NXT Championship, but you always have that obstacle in your way. This is how it stands kid, I will not stop coming after you till you put me down. And put me down for good. Because if you don't, Power Trip Cup will be a cake walk for you as I will continue to cause pain and misery to you for the rest of your career in BPZ! I now got your attention Kenji, so you better have no excuses or false reasons for when I humiliate you the day we do face off. BPZ is live from Italy in a week. Here's what I want from you. When BPZ arrives in Italy, call me out. We'll have that face to face conversation you seem to want badly. Or else, I can find you, and I can recreate this." Brad then reaches into his back pocket, pulling out a folded up picture. When he unfolds it, it is the picture of Arius and Kenji laid in a pool of their blood by Brad and North at Power Trip Cup. Brad smirks and drops the picture on the ground. "Ya dig?" Brad then backs away slowly before turning one eighty and he leaves the building of the cemetery, the door slowly closing behind him as Carnage goes to break.
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    WWE Reborn

    Money In The Bank 2019 - Chicago, Illinois As "you should see me in a crown" plays over a montage of various highlights of the Money In The Bank PPVs over the past years, it ends with highlights of the upcoming PPV and the matches that fill the card, such as the two world title matches and the return of Roman Reigns. The crowd is ready, are you ready? This one is going to be good! _ Cesaro vs Braun Strowman - United States Championship Match The show would kick off with nothing less then a bull fight, it was only 3 weeks ago when Cesaro answered Braun Strowmans open challenge and defeat the Monster to become the United States champion for the second time in his career and he has come to fight tonight, but so has the challenger as both men make there way to the ring and are ready to tear at eachothers throats. It would exceed every expectation put in front of it as Cesaro would immediately go after Strowman with uppercuts and kicks, but the powerful Braun would toss Cesaro across the ring before plowing him over with a shoulder block. It would be a back and fourth test of power, and it would see Braun coming out on top most of the time until the match would spill to the outside and Cesaro would it a springboard crossbody. Back inside the ring, a now bleeding Braun Strowman would be to dazed to see the Neutralizer coming and would shockingly be pinned for the second time, Cesaro rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp with his title in hand, Braun Strowman pissed off inside the ring, Cesaro leaves as Braun walks up the ramp and breaks pieces of it off, and now we have a pissed off monster. _ As the camera moves backstage, we see Ric Flair walking backstage with his clients, Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno, he walks into Paul Heymans office and the camera spies on them, catching them telling Paul Heyman they will not wrestle tonight unless it is in the main event. That Apollo Crews deserves the main event. Paul Heyman disagrees, and Ric Flair laughs, walking away with his clients. As the camera clicks off. _ War Raiders vs The Revival - WWE Tag Team Championships The Revival have held the tag team championships since the Royal Rumble PPV and have defeated the War Raiders once before, and this time, War Raiders are more pissed off then ever as the mind games from The Revival over the past few weeks have not worked, but as the crowd chants there name and the bell rings, The Revival may be in trouble. The match would begin and The Revival would go for there tactic that has worked for every other defense as they try to separate the legal man Rowe and proves that they are one of the best tag teams in the world. Scott Dawson would take the first big move, as Hanson would come into the ring and lifting Dawson onto his shoulders before dropping him back first onto the ring apron. The match would continue as action would be happening on the inside and outside of the ring, and it would be possibly the match of the night as nearfalls and big dives form both Hanson and Rowe would keep the crowd on edge. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder would hit the Shatter Machine from almost out of knowhere on Rowe, and get a 2 count but Hanson would break it up, and the threat of chairs would come in when Dawson would threaten to end the match in DQ before he would be hit by War Raiders finishing move, but he isn't the legal man and Wilder would almost get the roll up pinfall victory before also getting hit by War Raiders finisher for an insane 2 count. The crowd would give the teams a standing ovation as they lay on the mat, the match would come to an end just 5 minutes later when The Revival would throw Hanson over the barricade, leaving them to hit the shatter machine once again and retain there tag titles. The Revival and the crowd could not believe they once again retained as they walk up the ramp, maybe winning the best tag match WWE has seen. _ After the match, we would have a short ad for the upcoming PPV, Summerslam, and we would cut backstage to see Roman Reigns walking backstage, ready for his upcoming match when Ric Flair would walk up to him. Ric Flair would explain that Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno are not here tonight, and that his match is cancelled, along with Seth Rollins Universal title defense. The crowd would boo as Ric Flair shrugs and says that if the Universal championship match was in the main event, that they will show up. Roman Reigns walks off and storms into Paul Heymans office, pissed off. Will we see a Universal Championship match tonight? _ Roman Reigns vs ??? Roman Reigns would come to the ring ready to fight, not knowing if Kassius Ohno will make an appearance or not and as Roman waits in the ring, Ric Flair, the head of PWE once again shows up on screen speaking to Roman Reigns and the fans are already sick of seeing him. Ric Flair announces that Paul Heyman would not let Rollins and Ohno in the main event, so they have left the building. Flair says that this is what PWE is all about. The main event, as Ric Flair clicks off the screen, Roman Reigns grabs a microphone and says he came here for a fight and wants a fight. As he says this, the music of an unexpected star would hit as Ali, one of the best wrestlers on the roster and is sure to put on a show would come to the ring and would be ready for a fight with the returning Roman Reigns, chants of "Ali" fill the arena as the bell rings and the two superstars start to go at eachother, Roman using his power and Ali using his speed. Ali would hit a springboard DDT for a nearfall and Roman Reigns would hit his cruicifx powerbomb, the returned Reigns with his new styled attire would hit new style moves such as a running powerbomb and a middle rope elbow drop, and when it would come to the outside he would take control. When the match would go back in the ring Ali would take control and go for a diving move, but Roman Reigns would catch him out in a superman punch before hitting the spear and pinning Ali on his return. Roman Reigns shakes Alis hand, showing his respect, we may have not got to see Roman Reigns vs Kassius Ohno, but we got one hell of a match. _ John Cena vs Andrade "Cien" Almas - WWE Championship The first world title match of the night and the crowd is hyped for it, as the returning John Cena comes to the ring to try and become a 17 time world champion, however on his way down to the ring, the WWE champion would rush out behind Cena and attack him. Throwing him into the steel steps before hitting the Tranquilo DDT on the outside. When back into the ring, the match would start and Cena would begin to fight back. Somehow Cena would hang on inside the nearly 20 minute match as both men would hit big moves, and would continue to kick out. The crowd would be into it as well, chanting various chants as the match would spill to the outside and John Cena would hit the AA into the time keepers area, where the match would nearly end by countout. Back inside the ring, the end of the match would come as John Cena would shock many as he catches Andrade in a cross body, hitting the AA and pinning the WWE Champion for the 3 count, to become 17 time world champion in front of millions. John Cena celebrates with the crowd as Andrade walks away from his multi month reign. We have a brand new champion, and his name is John Cena. Cody Rhodes vs Pete Dunne - Intercontinental Championship When Cody Rhodes returned at the Backlash PPV to stare down Pete Dunne, the world went crazy, and now. In Chicago, its time for them to face and both men make there entrance. Cody Rhodes using a brand new theme as its time for what could be the match of the year. The bell rings and both men show off there skills early on as its fast paced, Cody Rhodes wrestlers Dunne down as Dunne uses his manipulation to take Rhodes down early on. As the match continues, it only gets more intense as big moves are being hit, and various reversals as its completely 50/50. The former United Kingdom champion takes control, and looks like he is going to win before Cody Rhodes would have one of the best counters to the bitter end and hit the cross rhodes but only get a 2 count to nearly everyones surprise. The match would continue and Cody Rhodes would hit a top rope moonsault, leading to yet another 2 count. Pete Dunne would once again have the bitter end set up, and this time would hit it, but before the referee could count to 3, a fan member would pull the refs leg, that fan is Cody Rhodes wife, Brandi Rhodes!!!! Shes here in WWE! As Pete Dunne pulls the ref back from distraction, Cody Rhodes would take advantage and win the matchup, becoming the Intercontinental champion once again WWE as he walks up the ramp with his wife. Pete Dunnes monster reign is over, and Cody Rhodes is on top of the world. _ As we cut backstage, we can see Roman Reigns walking through the arena, as the current Universal Champion Seth Rollins walks into view, his title on his shoulder. The two fist bump before talking about PWE, and Seth Rollins says he likes the idea of an open challenge, and that he is going to do that very thing tonight. The crowd cheers as Rollins walks away and so does Reigns, as the camera cuts to the ring. _ Toni Storm vs Becky Lynch - Womens Championship Ladder Match Two of the best women on the roster make there entrances and stare down the ladders, these two have a massive amount of respect for eachother but tonight they will do whatever it takes to climb the ladder and grab the womens championship. As the bell rings, the crowd is ready. After several minutes of wrestling, the first ladder would be used as Toni Storm would hit Lynch with the backside of a ladder, and it would only escalate from there as moves such as the Bexplex, DDT, and even a elbow drop from the top rope would be hit on the ladder. The highlight of the match however would be when Becky Lynch would hit a superplex off of the ladder through the announce table, causing both women to be carted out of the arena, with the crowd confused, and both women taken to the back on stretchers. The GM of the womens division, Paige, would come out and say that unfortunately neither women would be able to compete, and that Toni Storm would be able to challenge for the title once again. As the 15 minute match comes to a Draw, the title is lowered as Becky Lynch is still your champion after an amazing move and stunt, leaving both women possible injured. _ We get an ad for NXT, before we cut backstage and see one of the men in tonights Money In The Bank match, Ricochet, stretching when Andrade walks up to him. Still holding his ribs from earlier tonight, he shakes his head at Ricochet before walking away. Ricochet looks confused, before laughing it off and going back to stretching. A weird encounter but its time for the Universal championship match. _ Seth Rollins vs ??? - Universal Championship Seth Rollins comes to the ring to a huge reaction as he is ready to do what his friend Roman Reigns did earlier and have an open challenge, PWE members Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews left the arena and Rollins wants the crowd to see a fight, but as Seth Rollins is waiting. Kassius Ohno would rush into the ring behind him, followed by Apollo Crews!!! The two men would begin to beat down on Rollins much like they did a few weeks ago on RAW!!! It wouldn't be to long until Roman Reigns music would hit and Reigns would begin to run down the ramp, but as he does, almost out of nowhere, Bobby Lashley would come out of knowwhere and spear Roman Reigns as Apollo Crews gets ready for action. The bell would ring, but as soon as it does, Seth Rollins somehow begins to fight back with possibly the newest member of PWE, Bobby Lashley on the outside. Rollins is hit by the Crews Control, his brand new finisher but KICKS OUT! The crowd begins to chant for Rollins, as he attempts to fight back but Apollo always gets in control. Roman Reigns begins to get up, but Bobby Lashley, who will be in the Money In The Bank later tonight, picks him up and throws him into the steel steps. But as PWE looks like it is going to win, maybe the shock of the night would occur as the music of Brock Lesnar would hit. Kassius Ohno and Bobby Lashley would get taken out as Brock Lesnar slides into the ring and hits an F5 on both men. Ending the match with a large smile on his face, laughing. What the hell did we just see? The match ends with Brock Lesnar standing over everybody, the beast lurks...always. _ Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano vs Lars Sullivan vs Daniel Bryan vs Adam Cole - Money In The Bank The match everyone has been waiting for, a contract for up to one year, and a ton of ladders. The 7 men, including the man we just saw in Bobby Lashley, walk out to the ring. The crowd completely ready for the match as it begins. Some feuds such as Daniel Bryan and Johnny Gargano come to the surface as Lars Sullivan clears the ring, staring down Sheamus. The first ladder is introduced by Ricochet, and various big moves would happen including some ladder shots. The first big move would come when Lars Sullivan would hit the freak accident from inside the ring onto a bridged ladder to Adam Cole. Various superstars would almost win the match, nearly unhooking the briefcase before being attacked or pushed over. Such as when Daniel Bryan would almost become a 2 time MITB champion before Ricochet would springboad onto the ladder and hit a sunset flip off of the ladder. Lars Sullivan would hit his headbutt midway off of the ladder, and Bobby Lashley would spear Johnn Gargano through a ladder into the corner. By the time the match would come to an end, 3 of the 7 superstars would be bleeding and EMTs would be ringside for Sheamus when he would be pushed off the ladder all the way to the outside of the ring. The final two men ontop of the ladder would be Johnny Gargano, who knocked down Lars Sullivan and had his hands on the breifcase, and Adam Cole. Who lowblowed Johnny before hitting various kicks and punches, knocking him down and reaching up. As Adam Cole becomes Mr. MITB, and on top of the ladder, a large "ADAM COLE BAY BAY" chant would close the show...THANK YOU! ___ Predictions Results @mikey0619 5/10 @Sameer 5/10 @Emperor Nate 6/10 @Hans 3/10 @Arius 4/10 @Sheridan 5/10 @bailey14 3/10 @Ropati4 5/10 @Maasa 4/10
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    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    We are here at the BPZ European tour and at tonight’s Carnage we are in Italy, home to one of BPZs most recognisable superstars Angelo Catio. The crowd erupt in boos as for the first time in 6 weeks JoshsNow is in a BPZ ring. He has spent the last few weeks trying to find who attacked Bulldozer on vignettes and this is only the 4th time this year he has appeared live on Carnage. He walks out with Bulldozer, making their way to the ring with the recent promo series culminating in the accusation that Alex Costa attacked Bulldozer. They stand in the ring, absorbing the boos of the crowd (although a small section of the crowd appears to be chanting for them) before Josh begins to speak Ladies and gentleman, we are SSW Club, future BPZ Tag Team Champions and I personally am JoshsNow, Manchester’s Number ONE Josh shouts his loud catchphrase as the crowds small affection for him dies out and the boos ring across the crowd. The chant “Stand Up if you hate Josh Scott” begins and the crowd all stand up as Josh shakes his head at the Italian Crowd Sta zitto. And for all you uneducated Americans sitting back home that means SHUT UP. You see back in my home country of England we are educated so we learn all sorts of languages, even the stupid ones like Italian The crowds boos intensify and chants of “Sit Down if you Hate Josh Scott” begin and the crowd all sit down as Josh continues his rant STA ZITTO. We all know England is better than Italy, that’s why we have the KOTR PPV and you guys are stuck with the preliminary shows The crowd start signing “shoes off if You Hate Josh Scott” as Josh shake his head, deciding to ignore the crowd and focus on what he has to say I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE, or just to appease you Italians, I AM MANCHESTERS NUMERO UNO, I AM ITALYS NUMERO UNO AND I am soon to be recognised as not only BPZ’s Numero Uno, but also as the Worlds Numero Uno Now back to the matter on hand, in a few weeks time, at Wembley Stadium, we have the King of the Ring pay per view. It features the KOTR tournament, a tournament I chose not to be part of. One of the finalists will be one of my proteges as Julius goes head to head with George, again proving why I am the greatest mentor in BPZ history. Bulldozer I hope you are truly listening to my advice because one day you will be the greatest star in BPZ history The crowd meet this claim with mockery, and Josh’s face tightens up in anger before he again decides to address the crowd We also see a World Championship match between Sameer and Bailey. It’s weird how these 2 are having such a great feud and yet neither can keep my name out of their mouths. Both have managed to include me in their insults with cheap shots, and I give a warning to both of you, I haven’t forgotten about the BPZ World Championship and although I’m focusing on something else right now I have very much got my eyes on that title in the long term But for now me and Bulldozer can set our sights on the 3rd match at KOTR, the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match between myself and Bulldozer, Angelo, Joh and Monda in the United Nations, Blade and Kieron in a Deadman’s Hand and Raven and Alex Costa. This match has two bonuses. Not only do we get a Tag Team Championship match upon winning, we also get our hands on Alex Costa Alex, your first mistake at Power Trip Cup was attacking me and Bulldozer after my match with Raven. Your second mistake was running Bulldozer over with that car. A Fatal 4 Way Match is a No DQ match and during that match you are going to pay Alex. But you know what, forget it, I don’t wanna wait until Wembley, me and Bulldozer want to take revenge on you now. Get your ass out here Costa Josh drops the mic and he and Bulldozer stand united, waiting for Alex Costa to come out when someone else’s theme song begins to play
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    July 3rd 2019 Global Series Climax Tournament Blocks Announced The Blocks for this year's Global Series Tournament has been announced. This grueling 20 Man Round Robin Tournament tends to have some of the best matches of the year, with all the competitors looking to win the tournament, and all have the same goal, to be NWGP Heavyweight Champion. Whoever wins gets that shot at January 4th show known as Wrestle War! Here are the official rules of the Tournament if you don't know. Rules: Win = 2 Points Draw = 1 Point Loss = 0 Points Every match will have 30 Minute Time Limit With that out of the way here your official blocks for this year's Global Series Climax. Block A Slim FDS Bart Xaiver King Alex Costa Maasa Kieron Black Yelich Brad Bailey _____________________________________________________________________________ Block B Julius Flynn Necce Mikey Bashka Hans Aaron North Evolution Marker Arius
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    {We are live backstage on the BPZ European tour as we look ahead to the King of the Ring PPV which takes place next weekend from Wembley Stadium in England. BPZ Interviewer Josh Trenton is standing by waiting for his guest} Josh Trenton: “Please Welcome my guest at this time, the current Intercontinental Champion Julius. Now Julius it’s been a couple of weeks since Bashka brutally assaulted you and you haven’t said much besides a few cheap lines about his actions and his quest for the Intercontinental Championship. Do you care to talk about it now?” {Julius sneers at Josh before making himself comfortable, showing off his Intercontinental Championship before answering the question} “You know what Josh, you are right. I have kept my mouth shut on this matter and I think it’s time we all have a little chat about our old mate Bashka. He’s back, he loses it’s the same old thing again. You come back everyone gets excited and then we all remember how useless and washed up you really are when you’re the one staring up at the lights, that’s how I feel about Bashka. I know he and Flynn are in business together and I know that this was a ploy by him to try and get me off my game before I eventually challenge for the Undisputed Championship. However, that’s just not going to work. What I see out of Bashka is a man, a BPZ Hall of Famer might I add who is still obsessed with how people view him. He has had his career, been a world champion but yet still he isn’t the centre of attention, I am and that worries him. See you want to know why I haven’t said a word about Bashka yet? It’s because that is what he fears. He fears that no one will be talking about him because he is a self-absorbed psychopath who has no business dealing with people like me. But one thing that really pissed me off was when he decided it would be right to attack me from behind” {Julius grabs the mic from Trenton and heads through the curtain and out to the ring. He walks down to the ring and gets in between the ropes before beginning to speak again} “Anybody and I mean anybody can leave a man laying when they are least expecting it, and if that gave you a sense of confidence and belief then you really are a delusional fickle idiot. I’m standing here right now, I’m talking about you the spotlight is here everyone is watching time for you to put your money where your mouth is and show up. You spoke about how you would beat my ass anytime anyplace. Well the time is now, and the place is right here. Get your ass out here Jack so I can beat some sense into your old ass”
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    Smarks Daily

    How I Would Book: King Of The Ring 2019 by Dave Jones July 16th, 2019, 11:09 pm AEST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With only a few nights remaining until King of the Ring, live from Wembley Stadium it's time for a new series that I like to call, "How I Would Book". My name is Dave Jones and welcome to How I Would Book: King Of The Ring 2019, and I'm going to do it better than everybody else that works for Smarks Daily NXT Championship Raven (retain) Putting the NXT Championship on Raven was a good idea, and I believe his reign shouldn't come to an end just yet. I was debating on whether or not to give the NXT Championship back to Bob due to his impressive performances in his two King Of The Ring matches but I don't think a month would be doing Raven justice yet. United States Championship Hans (retain) Another man who's reign shouldn't come to an end just yet is Hans. He took the United States Championship away from the dominant Arius and for him to lose the belt already would be extremely disappointing. As of this writing he is in the King of the Ring semi-finals and has a great chance of winning it all. Intercontinental Championship George After an extremely surprising win against Arius, George has proven to be on a roll since making his return to BPZ and an Intercontinental Championship reign is what he deserves. Julius is a good champion however what he needs will be discussed later in the article. Bashka is old and doesn't need the belt despite him being my favorite superstar of all time. George definitely deserves to leave Wembley with the gold. Tag Team Fatal 4 Way United Nations Due to Sameer's recent uproar in BPZ and him becoming a triple champion, along with Brenden declaring himself going into a singles match at SummerSlam, it's only a matter of time before Big Ballers separate to focus on their own individual careers. With this match, we are arguably crowning the next Tag Team Champions and I think they should go to the most entertaining team at the moment, United Nations. A team consisting of three legends; Angelo Caito, Joh and Monda, I think they should pick up the win here. Joh and Angelo should compete with Monda watching on as I believe he has that manager presence. Undisputed Championship Flynn (retain) Two Hall of Famers, two of the best ever collide in Flynn vs Jonathan. After beating Jonathan's partner, Flynn goes one-on-one with the other half of Royal Flush and I believe it should be the same result in Wembley. After this rivalry, we still have to witness Flynn vs Julius IV which I think is what they are building up to so it wouldn't make much sense to take the belt off Flynn here. World Heavyweight Championship Sameer (retain) The ultimate opportunist Sameer claimed his first ever world championship at Judgement Day and his first defense? Against former friend The Bailey. I believe Sameer still has plenty more to do with the belt rather than giving Bailey his seventh reign. It's time for something fresh, and Sameer is a fresh face to the World Championship scene. Premium Championship The Bailey Sameer will be competing twice on the night, against Bailey twice. With Bailey unable to face Sameer for the World Championship at SummerSlam, I think the right call would be to give Bailey the Premium Championship and let him rule that division. Sameer three belts was fun while it lasted, but I think it's time the fun is shared. King Of The Ring Final Julius Julius will be performing double duty and I think he deserves to make history by becoming the first ever two-time King of the Ring winner and then go on to defeat Sameer at SummerSlam, winning his second World Championship. As for his opponent, I would be fine with either Hans or Nate. I believe they'll give it to Nate from preventing Hans from performing double duty and risking an injury. Now...where does Brenden fit in? As the folks here at Smarks Daily have already discussed twice, BrendenPlayz himself will be competing in a singles match at SummerSlam, and King Of The Ring is where he gets fit in. Brenden only comes in for the big time matches, so that includes wrestlers like Flynn, Bailey, Sameer and Julius all possible targets. Due to them still holding the belts, I think that rules out Sameer. Flynn is possible but we believe Julius will be challenging for the belt after Jonathan so that rules both of them out. It is unlikely that Brenden will be challenging for any championships so if Bailey wins any gold on this night, rule him out. We are uncertain where Brenden fits in, but we are certainly looking forward to what 'The Boss' has to say. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    The Carnage fans in attendance begin to cheer as these two will finally come face to face. Bashka's music hits and he quickly jogs down to the ring with a microphone and gets right in the face of his upcoming opponent, before backing off and beginning to speak So you finally did it, huh? You finally grew a pair of balls and decided to address the challenger that has been staring you right in the face all along. Well now that it's finally come to this, what are you going to do? Are you finally going to put your boot so far up my ass that by the time July 28th finally rolls around, I'm too busy in a hospital bed than wrestling? Ever since I returned to this company, I heard so much about 'The Death Machine' Julius and the way that he has victimized, brutalized and destroyed every single opponent that has been put in his path and yet when I declared my pursuit for your belt, it took me two weeks to receive a response. It appears to me that Julius, you're nothing more than hype. You were The King of BPZ while the real men weren't around and then when when they finally came back, all you had to do was defend it one more time, and you'd be in the main event of BPZMania, all eyes on you and what did you do? You messed it all up, you lost the belt and instead of being the final act on the grandest stage of them all, you were in a tag team match. You've never been the same since then. I don't care if people stop talking about me, everything I have done since I tied my boots for the first time has had a ripple effect which makes the company what it is today. I worked hard to get BPZ Wrestling on the map so that people like you, guys like you could come through and make a name for themselves. I didn't do all of that for you to spit in my face. If I'm so confident in myself, why did I blind sight you after Judgement Day? Well, perhaps it's for the very reason that I know you well enough to know that unless I did that, coming out here and telling you how I feel wouldn't be enough to grab your attention with how invested you are into your own ego to the point where you're too busy twiddling your thumbs to give a rip about what I have to say. You finally did it, you finally spoke up to my words that I've been throwing out for the past two weeks and now, beat some sense into my old ass, I'm begging. Bashka drops the microphone and once again gets into the face of Julius as the two stare each other down
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    Raid BPZ Headquarters: Part 1

    Carnage returns from commercial break and on the titantron a poor quality handheld phone video is shown with a disheveled Yelich looking into the camera with a twitch in his eye, his face only lit by the light coming from whatever he is using to record this video. There's big talk all across the internet about conspiracies, it's a constant topic in conversations across the globe and the US especially. Right now the current conspiracy capturing the minds of Americans are the hidden secrets inside Area 51. There are plans in the making that are seeking to raid Area 51 and see just what the American Government has been hiding from the public in there, and if extra terrestrial life is real and on Earth. But there's a bigger conspiracy. One that's being brewed right here in this very company. And that conspiracy revolves around one man... me, or so one would think. The thing is... there is only one such occurrence in which an ellipse has one focus. And that is when the revolution of a planet is a perfect circle. But my friends, this is NOT a perfect conspiracy because if it was then the person that is being negatively affected by it would deserve what is coming to them. But I don't deserve it. Someone or something has a grudge against me and is making me lose all of my matches, so there has to be two foci, this conspiracy must be revolving around two people. I need answers... no WE need answers. We need to start a movement, we need the answers to this conspiracy that is ruining me. I have deserved victory after victory yet all I am given in return for my hard work is defeat. I think I know where those answers lie however. The answers we are seeking lie in the headquarters of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. I can feel it in my bones that inside of those headquarters lies the answers to this conspiracy against me, I just need to find them. So instead of raiding Area 51 for these stupid answers to "What has the US Government been hiding from its citizens" we need to raid BPZ Headquarters to answer the real question that needs answering. "What has been making Yelich lose." Now all we need to do... is find out where BPZ Headquarters is.... shit. The video feed suddenly cuts out and Carnage returns to a commercial break.
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    Emperor Nate

    Defiant Message

    We're on BPZ TV, and then suddenly the titantron goes to the backstage area with just a seat in the middle of it. A man goes over to the chair and as he sits down, it's revealed to be The Emperor, Nate. He stares into the camera with a serious look on his face as he has something to say to the audience, likely about his upcoming King of the Ring fight. "So far in this tournament I have made a mockery of my first two opponents, just as I had previously predicted numerous weeks ago. Alex Costa was no match for me and neither was KENJI, for their entire careers now they'll remember how "close" they were, but they were never close, I was ALWAYS in control in both of those matches and I was never in any doubt that I would advance on in this King of the Ring tournament. They were both only here to make up the numbers, I'm in this competition because I am an incredible athlete who strives to be the greatest wrestler alive. None of those men would match up to me if I had my hands tied behind my back, but now I've got a different challenge in Hans. A man who I have heard so much about recently that everyone seems to be so high on, and I can see why. He's an impressive guy in the ring, he's shown lots of talent so far, but anyone can show talent, before they come up against someone like me. Just like Alex and just like KENJI, Hans is talking about this being a dream for him, but he needs to take himself out of this clouded mindset of believing and living in fantasies and peak an eye out at the real world for a moment and realise that I am The Emperor. You can go on all these fancy bridge walks all you want, but while you're looking into the ocean thinking what can be, but the truth is all your wishing and luxury walks mean nothing in the wrestling ring." "I remember a man just like you believe it or not. It's quite ironic actually because that man used to be me. I used to sit around all the time dreaming and wondering about what I can accomplish in this company, and that was my downfall for so long. I tried to play the underdog, I tried to be the hero but where did it all get me in the end? Nowhere. I spent months wasting opportunities, losing match after match after match, until finally I realised, that to do well in that ring you've got to be vicious in your path to pursuit and you shouldn't be sitting around thinking about what-ifs, and that I should show no mercy instead of leaving myself so vulnerable. I like your optimism Hans, I really do appreciate that you have some belief in yourself but I hope you realise that I'm not just any wrestler, or some new guy on the block fighting for the US Championship. I have accomplished so much in my tenure here in BPZ but not being able to win that World Championship, it eats at me that I've never held that title, and there's no chance that I let a little pesk like yourself get in the way of my legacy." "To you, this is just a fun ride, a nice experience with a chance at the jackpot at the end of it all. You have zero chance of beating me when you step into that ring, because the moment you do you will finally pop out of that dream phase and see that I'm THE best who have ever came up against in your career, and you'll know that you don't have enough to pull off some sort of miracle. This King of the Ring tournament is serious to me, I have never been so dedicated to achieving something so much in my life, do you really think I would let myself slip-up now after 4 bloody years of work? At the end of this bout Hans, you will have learned a valuable lesson, and that is that I am an unbeatable, untouchable freak who shows no surrender in the face of a war, I'd just hope that for your sake you've already booked up a session at the hospital for after our match, because there is no way I will let you leave on your own two feet if I get my way, and that's a fact." A clearly angry Nate gets up from his chair and leaves the backstage area after delivering a defiant message to Hans.
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    {Carnage continues as they air a pre-taped segment involving Hans Clayton who is now advancing to the semi finals of the King of the Ring, he sitting outside in Sweden, behind him in the distance is a huge bridge and Hans begins to speak} Its been one hell of a journey hasn’t it, from stepping into this company as a rookie not knowing who or what I was a person, from a stable that never really never went anywhere, to the NXT title at the grandest stage of them all, and now last month at Judgement Day, I become the United States Champion dethroning, a man who was at one point unstoppable Arius, its crazy how life has gone by so fast. Now I’m in the Semi Finals in the King of the Ring. {Hans looks around before he speaks again} I’ve defeated a man with many personalities, defeated a killer machine, the journey in becoming king is closer than ever, two down, now just two to go, I made it this far in the King of the Ring, and I’m not holding back what so ever, that dream of being the World Champion is right at my fingertips, and I need to beat this man to get to that next step. Natedog, he’s been in this position before plenty of times, he’s a true veteran, a man who’s been in the finals and knows what it's like to be in that position in becoming king. The thing is, I’m not letting you go this far Nate, the work have been putting in, to perfect my craft every single night, I ain’t going to let you run over me and if you think it's going to be an easy road to be King of the Ring think again. I’m the United States Champion for a reason, I didn’t win this by some fluke, I earned it, just like how I earned my victory against Yelich, and Bob who were fantastic to step into the ring with. I’ve got all this momentum, all this support from not only my peers but from my fans, this support is gonna help motivate me to be 110 percent when I face you in Italy. The dream is what I want, and the dream shall I get. I want you to bring your best Nate, because when we have this battle on Sunday night, it will be even sweeter to win that match and go on to face either Julius or George at the King of the Ring Pay Per View, because this is my moment Nate, my moment to be on top and If it means go through you, I want to bring the best, because I didn’t come to be beaten, I came for a fight with the best there is. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m Hans Clayton, I can get it done, with my heart beating, my mind is ready to take the throne, this is what everything has lead up to, the ups and downs of my life will be forgotten when that bell rings. A fire will lit inside that beating Heart and I will throw everything, and I mean everything to beat you in that wrestling ring, one, two, three. All eyes are on that prize and I promise you that I will bring my best, and hopefully you bring yours too. This is an intense matchup, all those doubts left behind because I want to become king, this journey will end with me being king, and that lit up heart will lead me to the crown. {Hans then stands and walks away from the scene as the camera zooms in on the bridge as the segment cuts to commercial break}
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    July 28th 2019 KING OF THE RING RESULTS: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: JULIUS (C) VS GEORGE The show opened with Julius defending his Intercontinental Championship against George, a man he defeated a days earlier to advance into the King Of The Ring Final, and now Julius once again picks up the victory against George to expand his chances of being a double champion after Summerslam. Around 16 minutes into this match Julius continued to have the upper hand so he went for a Hell's Welcome to try and put it away and he did. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SLIM & NECCE VS SSW CLUB In a match which showed why Slim & Necce are two of the best in BPZ history, they showed tremendous amounts of chemistry which leads back to their short-lived Legacy days. Necce pulled Josh's legs out while he was standing on the apron which lead to Slim locking in The Death Penalty on Bulldozer and with nowhere to go and no partner to save him, he tapped out. After the match Slim & Necce gave each other a too sweet as they received mixed reactions from the crowd. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UNITED STATES/NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP: ARIUS VS HANS In what was arguably MOTN between two of the best up and coming stars in BPZ, we saw Arius pick up the victory to unify these two championships. 22 minutes into this match, Hans was on the top rope ready to go for a Shooting Hans Press and the audience were on their feet, thinking their beloved superstar was going to win. However, Arius had his knees up to wind Hans enough to capitalize and lift up his opponent to deliver The Sentence for the 1-2-3! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE ROYAL Slim, Necce, BiC, FDS, Ryan Reeves, Bulldozer, Joshua Scott, KENJI, Maasa, Mikey, George AK, Mira, Joh, Blade, Kieron Black and Hans were the 16 competitors in this battle royal for the vacant Premium Championship. Instantly in this match Ryan rolled out of the ring and joined the commentary team while everybody else fought it out. Slim & Necce worked together to eliminate both members of SSW Club. Maasa eliminated his own sister, Mira and while he was apologizing to her FDS eliminated him from behind. Blade and Kieron Black worked together to eliminate Joh and send a message to their opponents later tonight. George eliminated BiC and then Hans eliminated George to avenge his tag team partner. KENJI and Mikey were fighting against the ropes until Hans came running through and eliminated them both! Slim & Necce together eliminated both members of Deadman's Hand and then Slim eliminated Necce before yelling "Sorry, it's just business." Slim, FDS and Hans all stood around each other, all waiting for the others to make the first move until Ryan jumps onto the apron and pulls out FDS! Ryan and Slim then begin to work together to beat down the newer guy in Hans. Slim goes to throw Hans out of the match but Hans musters up enough strength to counter it and throw Slim out in a complete shock move! Hans stands there celebrating his elimination of a future Hall Of Famer before he gets tossed out by Ryan Reeves! Ryan has won the battle royal and become a two-time Premium Champion! He begins to celebrate until FDS jumps into the ring and begins to beat the crap out of the guy who eliminated him. He then proceeds to lift up Ryan's newly won Championship to the dismay of the crowd. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS JONATHAN In a match which saw Flynn take on the second half of Royal Flush only a month after beating Sheridan, Flynn picked up the victory in a hard fought match. The referee was knocked down so Flynn capitalized by low-blowing Jonathan and taking out a steel chair to deliver several shots to him until the referee awoke, then Flynn would lift up his opponent to hit an FKO and win to continue his Undisputed Championship reign. After the match he would once again pull out the chair to work away on the body of Jonathan until his partner, Sheridan would come out for the save to make Flynn roll out and start laughing. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UNITED NATIONS VS DEADMAN'S HAND A match which exemplified the United Nation's fantastic chemistry. Angelo and Monda competed as Joh fought earlier in the Premium Championship match. Late into the match Blade was outside of the ring, winded so Monda held Kieron down which gave Angelo enough time to get to the top rope and deliver The Tower of Pisa to pick up the victory and advance further into this tournament! After the match the bracket for the tag team tournament was revealed ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: RAVEN (C) VS BOB Bob received his NXT Championship rematch against Raven here. Raven displayed why he wasn't ready to lose his championship just yet and pick up a hard fought victory over the former champion. Raven would deliver a Bird Bomb to Bob. After the match, a sign of respect would be shown as the pair would shake hands and Bob would lift Raven's hand to a standing ovation from the audience to show their appreciation to two of the next stars in BPZ. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS THE BAILEY An extremely well built up match between two former friends, and their chemistry was shown with an incredible match. Bailey looked to capture his seventh World Championship while Sameer was looking to keep holding his first. Just before the match it was declared that this had become a No Holds Barred match to ensure these two could deliver as much punishment to each other as needed. There was many massive spots but it all came to an end after Sameer delivered three consecutive curb stomps onto a steel chair to continue his reign. Sameer would then roll out of the ring and walk to the back while Bailey would sit in the ring, uncertain of what's next for him. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KING OF THE RING FINAL: NATE VS JULIUS In Julius' second match of the night, we saw two former Kings collide in a thrilling match and if you were Bashka, you'd be hoping Nate wins tonight as he has already shown his dismay towards double champions as it blurs the focus on one belt. The end to this match was Nate delivering a superkick to Julius and then Julius hitting a Hell's Welcome as they'd both hit the mat, until last year's winner would crawl into the cover and secure his position in this year's Summerslam World Heavyweight Championship match. After this match, Julius would lift himself up and stand victorious, until the theme song of Sameer would hit and these two would come face to face. They'd stare each other down as the show would come to a close. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PREDICTION RESULTS: @mikey0619 7/9 @GeorgeAK 7/9 @Brad 6/9 @Hans 6/9 @Arius 6/9 @Ropati4 6/9 @Julius 7/9 @JoshsNow 6/9
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    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    The crowd and fans in the Mediolanum Forum arena in Milan, Italy await the next team to come out after the challenge. But, of course the slow rising chants of "WE WANT ANGELO!' before the five claps of the hands and a repeat of the chant fills the arena quickly as SSW Club of Bulldozer and JoshNow get annoyed as the live Italian crowd chants loudly in sync for their hometown hero, the only full Italian superstar and BPZ legend, Angelo Caito. And thus, an explosion of raw emotion, huge ovation of cheers from all near thirteen thousand fans in the arena is heard and seen by the cameras shot by BPZ cameramen as Angelo's titantron plays, with commentators being extremely hard to hear over the loud ovation. The pop gets even louder as pyro explodes all over the stage, in green, white, and red colors. The crowd erupts out of their seat harder and louder when United Nations stands on the stage, Angelo front and center as a wide smile on his face, joy on his face after hearing and seeing the love his home country is giving him. He lets a deep breath out before the three legends start walking down the ramp, Angelo scooting over and high fiving fans on all sides of the railings, taking pictures and signing autographs while Monda and Joh let him, sliding under the bottom rope as Angelo finishes giving some more high fives and handshakes before sliding under the bottom rope. Angelo quickly run up to the corner and jumps on to the middle turnbuckle ropes and spreads his arms, taking in all the love and reactions he's getting before jumping down. He looks at SSW Club, before he starts laughing and he takes the microphone from Josh and walks back over to Monda and Joh, leaning on the turnbuckle. The music dies down and Angelo asks for silence, which does so as Angelo takes a deep breath. "Testing testing. My Italian is a little tuff right now, but I think I can have it down. Let's try this……. ITALIA!!!! SONO TORNATO!!! ANGELO CAITO È ITALIA !!!! The crowd roars loudly as Angelo smiles brightly as the crowd then starts chanting "ANGELO!" loudly and loudly. He walks around the ring, laughing as he looks at the thirteen thousand going crazy. He then waits and waits for them to calm down, which they do before he starts speaking again. Joh: "Now gentlemen, while you and Scooby Dooby Doo over here are out here solving mysteries, us United Nations, we've been in these roads grinding in the gym, looking at all of our opponents and looking to become the next Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Championships that we plan on winning at Emergence." Monda: "Look here assholes…. I'm Monda. You're…. Nobodies. And one of you is from Alabama you sister f-' Angelo and Joh quickly yanked the microphone from his hands before looking at each other then the crowd. "Anyway, hey Bulldozer, how's the leg? I mean, such a brutal hit and run two weeks ago, right? Guess what Italy? HE'S A FAKE! Do your research kid, hit and run at the speed you say you got hit is almost two months then another two weeks of rehab. You're like your mentor here, you see no one give a damn about you or anything you so you can gain a tad bit of relevance. But the only relevance you've had is being known for is from trying to sniff Sheridan's hair every week you sick freak! Or try locking yourself in the bathroom before your match and "Release your sins" onto a picture of Alexis Kaufman in every freaking day. Or go around, and try not to laugh Milan, but say that Ezio from that stupid Assassin's Creed game, is better than Mario and Luigi, Italy classics! Well that's ok because you look like a classic piece of shit. Your fake hit and run and your stupid lil fake Hawaiian Five O series rip off ain't winning you shit!" Joh: "United Nations is set and in stone for beating you all. All these phony tag teams, they ain't ready for this. Josh you aren't ready for this either. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if one of these men turn on you during the match, because look how well JoshTourage did, right? Playing dress up as a cop now to pretend to be anything else except the one thing you're horrible at which is wrestling. And at King Of The Ring, you're going to wish you became a cop instead when we untie and put SSW Club in the ground." Joh lowers his microphone, which Monda quickly grabs and yells: Monda: "ALABAMA IS ABOUT SISTER F*#$ING!" The crowd pops hard as Monda drops the microphone and runs to the ropes, cupping his ear before climbing the top rope and poses.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME IS BEN DOVER AND I AM BACK ON BRENDENPLAYZ COMMENTARIES Today we will discuss THE TOP WORLD CHAMPIONS, This will be divided into 2 parts NUMBER 12 BIC Look BiC if you are watching this please don't kick my ass but you are the worse BrendenPlayz World Champion ever. But I mean there are a ton of people that would rather be the worst than never holding it *cough* brad *cough*. After beating Slim's reign as world champion and him nearly making it to a year he was defeated before that and people saw BiC as a franchise player in the making possibly but he couldn't handle the pressure backstage of being world champion and lost it the next month to Slim. NUMBER 11 Nebakos The Great Nebakos, I am sorry, I'd love to put him lower on this list and be in terms of one of the best world champs as he is one of the greatest men to step into the BrendenPlayz ring, But Nebakos never really got a chance to hold the World Championship for a while and he never got a chance to really show what he could do. He had many 1 day reigns and it sucks maybe one day he will return and have a longer reign. NUMBER 10 Tamer After coming close over and over again and again, Tamer finally won his first world championship at BPZ Mayhem in 2016. Although he was the only champion for a month he was better than the other two. He proved that he could hang with the likes of Flynn and could be champion for a couple of months even tho he didn't. Tamer has had a better reign than the other 2 Nebakos and Bic. Number 9 Jonathan After winning the Money In The Bank briefcase at BPZ Mania Jonathan would not stop there that night as he would cash in a ruin Nebakos's big moment of beating Bailey and become BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion. Jonathan beat the likes of Nebakos and Tamer during his time as World Champ. He would have a solid 2 months of being on top of the company as they then moved on to give tamer the big belt. Number 8 Heel After having a run with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and being the first world champ ever. Heel's world championship reign was viewed as iconic but as people started to become world champion it hasn't look the same as it was when it ended. There have been better champs and champs that have had better rivalry's while they were champion vs when Heelwas. Maybe because he hasn't done anything since then. Number 7 Ryan After beating Brad to get a chance to face the current champion at the time Bashka. Ryan took advantage of his opportunity not knowing if he would never get a chance like this again and beat Bashka. He would also go on to have a 2-3 month reign as champion but in those two months he would beat the likes of Smith, Flynn, Rebel, and Bashka. Part 2 will have from 6 to number 1 so be on a look out for that, (Also credit to Necce for thinking of this idea)
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    Flynn is seemingly surprised by Jonathan’s sudden return and defense of Sheridan tonight however as Jonathan spoke on, Flynn’s own surprise seemingly turned into annoyance. As Jonathan finishes speaking, Flynn takes no time to retort. I find this almost..... predictable. I defeat and embarrass Sheridan who is not just your tag partner but your current legacy here in BPZ. Because when you are long and gone she will be here, reminding everyone of the legacy and career that was Jonathan. And so how fitting was it that I destroyed her one on one for BPZ’s top prize just as I had done to you FOR YEARS. Jonthan you take yourself as someone that I would consider an equal? I’ve watched you from the beginning, I first hand witnessed you rise from the bottom to the top of this company. And even at your peak, you couldn’t lace my boots in this ring, and you couldn’t hang with me on this microphone. So all these years later you come back, and you challenge me for a championship that I consider to be BPZ’s most elite, all based off the idea that after years of beating you, I’d consider you worthy of a title opportunity? Are you that dense? However your past failures do not all ultimately decide how your future will unfold. Take my own as experience. Minor bumps in the road never stopped me form becoming the god damn GOAT of BPZ. And so the absolutely embarrassing and disappointing year you’ve had shouldn’t hold you back from searching for your own place in this new era of BPZ. You see Jonathan I embrace the fact that everyone is gunning for me. It’s been like that for years Jonathan and yet here I still am, the BPZ Undisputed Championship. If this is me in my decline, then it only further shows what a disappointing locker room that is. However Jonathan, while you aren’t my equal and have done absolutely nothing to earn a championship opportunity, much like that skank Sheridan, I see a massive opportunity here. That locker room respects you. The recognize your skill and they see you as an elite talent here in BPZ and that you are. That is why at King of the Ring, I will defend this championship against you. Because I’m going to beat you, just to show those young bucks back there, that there’s legends like yourself Jonathan, and then there’s the “King of BPZ”. A title I have held for four years and one that I will not be giving up. I’m the King. I’m the MAN, IM THE GOD DAMN GOAT BABY. They’ve all tried to take this crown, they’ve come close but in the end, they find themselves asleep in the back of a ambulance. Just ask Bart. So with all of the particulars out of the way, I offer you a handshake, just to show you the fair, proud, fighting champion that I am. Good luck Jonathan, you will need it. Flynn offers a hand, however it appears to be a trap. Jonathan stares down at Flynn’s hand before quickly ducking, dodging an attack from behind courtesy of Yelich, who instead blasts Flynn by mistake! Yelich looks down in shock before spinning around straight into a super kick from Jonathan! Yelich is floored before Jonathan quickly lifts of the Undisputed Championship, and clocking Flynn with it as he was just recovering! Laying the champ out with his own title belt, Jonathan closes the segment standing over Yelich and Flynn, the Undisputed Championship held firmly over his head. The match set, Flynn vs Jonathan at King of the Ring, for the Undisputed Championship.
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    Location: NJ Izod Centre Attendance: 20,213 Opening up Summerslam, The Celtic Warrior wastes no time making his way to ring-side during his entrance. Walking outside of the ring, before Cesaro is able to make his way to face him, Sheamus cuts his music as he begins to rant about Cesaro to the crowd. Emphasising that he is the superior competitor and he’ll send Swiss Miss back to the Alps. Outside of the arena the WWE cameras catch a glimpse of Chris Jericho who is attempting tirelessly to sneak into Summerslam to be there for Kevin Owens. Seeing an opening as catering make their exit with empty platters he hides behind the door while holding it open until they are gone. He looks left, right and then goes to walk inside but is greeted by the suddenly appearing Christian. Arms crossed he tells Jericho he knew he wouldn't make this easy, they have too much history together to think otherwise and so he went out of his way to hire some extra security for the night. From around the corner appears Jimmy & Jey..THe Usos! They taunt Jericho, waving goodbye before pushing him out the door and shutting it close.e The Miz is seen on camera searching throughout the backstage area of the arena, stopping superstars left and right asking if they've seen the chairman Vince McMahon. Finally catching him coming out of his office The Miz exasperates the hurdles he has tirelessly had to overcome on Smackdown since the draft. He stands putting all blame for his loss on Daniel Bryan stacking the odds against him, in a championship Daniel Bryan took from him. Vince McMahon tells The Miz straight that he lost and there is no way around that tonight. You're not Intercontinental Champion. But..he has an idea to compensate. After the match As Finn Balor celebrates the lights go out through-out the arena as the light screams and confusion of the crowd echo throughout. The minimal flashes of light from the cameras in the arena illuminate Balor looking around the ring wondering what might be going on before we hear a thud, a struggle and the lights turn back on. Braun Strowman! Strowman hasn't been seen since the brand split returned as Balor attempts to get to his feet. Before he has a chance the Braun bulldozers Balor back down to the mat as Wyatt joins him in the ring.The Black Sheep has returned to the family. As both The New Day and Prime Time Players look to get this match started after the heated few weeks that had past, the referee tries his best to keep them to their corners of the ring as they wait for the newest contenders into this match inserted by Vince McMahon himself. As The Miz makes his way to the stage holding a microphone he goes on to talk about the hardships of an A-Lister, the struggles of fighting against the biases of those who wish to derail The Miz. But he has found someone who understands completely those same burdens. Introducing my tag team partner for tonight.... Alberto Del Rio Outside the defeated Kevin Owens makes his way past The Usos who are leaning against the wall flicking cards, pushing past the door where Chris Jericho is standing waiting for his best friend. Jericho consoles Owens on his loss as he promises this isn't the end of the fight, that despite the hurdles of tonight that he still has his back. Back with the crowd "I'm here to show the world!" Coming up is a contest set for one fall, to crown the World Heavyweight Champion for the RAW brand. First making his entrance, the resilient Dolph Ziggler outstretches his arms energised and focused to take the championship away from the grasps of Rollins. And....wait... ROLLINS! As Ziggler is making his way to the ring Seth Rollins has rushed from backstage and attack Ziggler before the bell has even run. The two of them continue to brawl down the ramp, around ring side until they finally end up in the ring for the bell to be rung. After the match ends Triple H stands in the ring basking in the anger of the crowd as Kane & Seth Rollins surround the fallen Dolph Ziggler. Taking off his suit jacket and ripping open his shirt he instructs them to lift up Ziggler, The Cerebral Assassin is looking to put the explanation point on this night...PEDIGREE! Dolph lays motionless on the mat as Rollins holds up the World Heavyweight Championship for the crowd.. The Authority is BACK! As the commentary talk extensively about the hard-hitting match they just saw between four of the best in WWE today they show the highlights of the ending of the match as the video appears on screen. We see Dean Ambrose who is on a roll, fired up with the crowd behind him suddenly hitting a Dirty Deeds on the unsuspecting John Cena with the three count within his grasp. One-Two...Roman Reigns holds on to the match as he breaks the pinfall. The highlight moves on as we see Dean Ambrose pushing against Roman Reigns as the two argue in the middle of the ring. Distracted, AJ Styles is able to take advantage of the disintegration as he flys down from the sky with a Phenomenal Forearm hitting them both of them, knocking Roman Reigns to the outside and leaving Dean Ambrose dazed in the ring. Styles sees his chance, lifting up Ambrose and hitting the Styles Clash on Ambrose for the victory. New WWE Champion: AJ Styles
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    {Julius looks completely confused by the appearance of Maasa and slowly paces around the ring as the crowd is looking to make sense of what has just happened. In a surprising turn of events Julius applauds Maasa and walks to the ropes inviting Maasa to come in. He sits on the ropes as Maasa walks into the ring before Julius raises his hand in the air once again much to the confusion of everyone around. Julius then leaves his hand out for Maasa to shake to which he accepts as the two of them let out a smile in what I seemingly looking like an alliance. Things change in an instant as Julius’ face turns to pure range and he reels Maasa on for the Hell’s Welcome. Julius then looks down at Maasa’s fallen body before throwing him to the outside and heading towards the announce table. He removes the monitors and hits a devastating Crucifix Powerbomb sending him through the Table. The crowd are in shock as Maasa is twitching on the floor while Julius still looks on in pure range. Julius isn’t done, he sends Maasa back into the ring and locks in the devastating Vise Grip. He locks his hands around Maasa’s Skull and squeezes the life out of it, the blood pouring from his mouth and nose} “George I don’t Know it this was a set up from you but I am going to just assume that it was. This right here, is another career over he will never be the same again and he will never ever set foot in this ring for the rest of his life. You want to play like this George then you got it. You have declared war on me and I’m going to strike back. I’ll see you this weekend George, but make sure you keep yourself on alert at all times because you just don’t know when the Death Machine will strike” {Julius once again stares at the lifeless body of Maasa before exiting the ring and heading to the back. A statement made by the IC Champ}
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    On the carnage after the quarter finals of the King Of The Ring tournament, we would have a hectic show. Lots of promos about people who won their matches and more build up to the King Of The Ring payperview. We knew the two semi-final matchups for the tournament. Hans against Natedog and Julius against George AK. The later semi-final being probably the most anticipated. As it had been a very long time since Julius has lost and George had just picked up an amazing victory, and was a clear fan favourite for the tournament. As suddenly just before the end of the show, the biggest pop of the night would be for George AK. As his theme would be blasted throughout the arena. To a chorus of "George-A-K" chants from the crowd. This was the hottest he had been in his career after he pinned the man who had never been pinned before, Arius. George would salute the fans as per usual and hand out high fives on his way down to the ring. "Wow. What a night, what a moment. One step closer, one more challenge completed. A tough challenge, a hard one where I was engulfed by fear, pain and forced to show every ounce of endurance that I could. And what did I do. I dug deep, I showed the world who I am, I showed everyone else left in the tournament who I am. I squeezed every pound of endurance I had in me out, I fought through everything. And I came out victorious. I proved to you all what I wanted to the entire time. And to be honest, I couldn't be prouder. This started as a joke, saying how I was going to win the whole damn tournament like every basic superstar in the back would do. But then, every win I have gained since then has given me power. The first round match was the warm-up, a tight match but a match I won. Making me even more determined. Up next the unbeaten man, Arius. And in the toughest match of my three year career here I won once more. I am the man now. I have the power, determination and the ambition. I need this, this is my food and my drink. I can safely say right now to all of you guys in attendance and watching on your televisions sets around the world. I will not stop and I can not stop until you see me with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on my shoulder. Where everytime I come out you will see a border underneath me saying "BPZ World Heavyweight Champion" everytime you load up BPZ.com and go on the champions page you will see me first. That is what I am going to make happen. My dream, the dream of all of my fans around the world. To see me with the strap on my shoulder. So I will not stop working as hard as I can until I make that dream a reality. And now, we have a new obstacle in the way of my greatness." "So, let me address this obstacle. Julius. Everyone knows you, respects you and values what you do here and what you have done. But I am not gonna sit back and let you try and run through this tournament. I will fight and I will come out on top. There is a difference between us, one very different to the one you would think. 2 Down to to go? Emotional, very. It's the same story with me though, except im going to get through all four matches. You must not be very good at maths, because last time I checked two plus one equals three. You won two matches against people who were chucked in last minute to make up the numbers. And now you are going to fall to the very best man in this tournament. The same old shit over and over again here isn't it. The amount of times I have heard a veteran say exactly what you said about me. Im washed up, I was talented back in 2017, I'm this, I'm that. WELL I AM STILL BEATING YOU THIS WEEKEND YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" At this point the fans in the arena would cheer and continue their George-A-K chants. “The same thing over and over. Keep regurgitating it. In fact, does anyone else in the back wanna come out and do the same promo that has been done on me consistently for a year. You have no points Julius, you are backed up to the wall. Doing the exact same as Arius did. Bring up your achievements, my past, my experience. But I will tell you the same thing I told him. On the night none of that matters. It will be me and you. No past no nothing. And at the end of the match, you will be knocked out on the ground. My hand will be raised and I will be declared the winner, and I will advance to the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament 2019. So Julius, you don’t phase me, you don’t scare me or any of that. I am prepared. I am ready. I guess the real question here is, are you?” On these last words, George would drop the mic and chuckle down the lens of the camera. Before applauding the fans and leaving the ring. Taking his sweet time as he walked up the ramp onto the stage. Where once again he would salute the fans before disappearing behind the curtain.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax Night 3 Tag Team Match Monda and Joh vs Joshua Scott and Bulldozer This bout was all Monda and Joh as they bring offense onto Josh and Bulldozer, Josh gets some offesne in but at the end Monda & Joh get the victory. 6:02 Tag Team Match Prince and Echo Wilson vs Flynn and Natedog Next up we see Prince and Echo of Villain’s Kingdom taking on Flynn and Natedog of ASENT, it was good back and forth match, the match ends when Flynn uses a steel chair when the ref wasn’t looking securing the victory for his team. 9:54 Singles Match Slim vs Alex Costa This should be an interesting bout as Slim goes one on one with Alex Costa, Slim is looking for his first here in the Global Series Climax, was a solid match with Alex holding his own but at the end, Slim gets the win after pinning Alex. 12:03 Singles Match Yelich vs Brad Next up we got Yelich going up against Brad, and a match that was pretty solid, Yelich picks up the win against Brad. Brad is seen visibly upset after his loss. 11:54 Singles Match FDS vs Bart Two great workers going at it as FDS goes up against Bart, very competitive match, both using their strengths and taking each other’s weaknesses to their advantage, at the end however Bart wins the match. 16:59 Singles Match Maasa vs Kieron Black Maasa took on Kieron Black next however Maasa was beaten by Black in 3 minutes via rollup, Maasa was in complete shook as he exits the ring. 3:01 Singles Match Bailey vs Xaiver King Main event of the evening as Bailey took on Xavier King in what was an intense and exciting match, both put on a show but at the end Bailey gets the victory after pinning King in the middle of the ring. 22:21 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 4 6 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan, and Jack Bishop vs Villain’s Kingdom (Bubba, Beastly, and Bart) First match of the night is a six man tag as Johnny Kills, Sheridan, and young lion Jack Bishop take on Villain’s Kingdom. The match was pretty good, lots of great tag team offense, at the end Bart would pin Bishop for the victory. 8:03 8 Tag Team Match Sameer, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, and Sandman vs Slim, Kenji, Ross, and Kyle Pain Huge 8 Man tag as Big Baller Brand takes on ASENT, major players are in this match as this match could be crucial, the match ended up being pretty decent, as Kenji would pin Lunatic Ginge for the victory and as he almost scored a pinfall over the reigning heavyweight champion Sameer. 11:01 Singles Match Hans vs Aaron North Aaron North battles Hans as teh two absolutely beat the shit out of each other, Hans went with a different style and try to match Aaron at the beginning and at the end as was back to high flying self, an amazing story between the two. Hans picks up win and now has 4 points in the tournament. 13:03 Singles Match Bashka vs Evolution Nextup we got Evolution taking on Bashka, and it was pretty short match as Bashka gets the win, before he leaves, Slim comes in and attacks Bashka from behind, nobody knows why Slim just did that, Slim looks down right angry as he storms to the back 6:30 Singles Match Arius vs Marker Next-up Arius takes on Marker in a intriguing match both play mind games to try and get into each other skin, it was a compelling match as Arius defeats Marker via pinfall. 13:42 Singles Match Mikey vs Necce Nextup we got Necce taking on Mikey as Mikey once again holding his own against a top star in Necce, the crowd are behind “switchblade” but Necce would cheat his way after exposing the padded turnbuckles and pinning Mikey for the win. 17:39 Singles Match Flynn vs Julius Finally in our main event, Julius goes up against Flynn and it was a great match, from top to bottom, both men wanting the chance to be ahead in this tournament, both gave there all and after Julius hits his finisher but the bell rings as the match ends in a Draw! Both men look gasp as the crowd are on their feet clapping on a fantastic performance 30:00 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Block A Slim 2 FDS 2 Bart 4 Xaiver King 2 Alex Costa 2 Maasa 0 Kieron Black 2 Yelich 2 Brad 0 Bailey 4 Block B Julius 3 Flynn 3 Necce 4 Mikey 0 Bashka 4 Hans 4 Aaron North 0 Evolution 0 Marker 0 Arius 2
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    July 18th 2019 BREAKING NEWS: BrendenPlayz has called for an immediate press conference take place for him to make 'huge announcement.' BrendenPlayz: You may be wondering why I have called upon this conference today, and this is something I never thought I'd be announcing. I have been in charge of this company for the past 5 and a bit years and it has lead to me having to deal with a lot of stress which has been extremely tough for me to handle. Due to this I have decided that it is in the best interests of BrendenPlayz wrestling that I announce with a heavy heart I will be stepping down as chairman and passing on the duty to one of my most loyal employees, somebody that has been an extreme help over these years and he has displayed plenty of qualities that has led me to the conclusion he would make a phenomenal owner of such an illustrious company, and that is Jack Bashka! Bashka: Thank you so much Brenden for this honor, it has been such an honor to serve under you for all these years. As for the future of the company, we will be continuing to use the 'BrendenPlayz' branding to respect the legacy of the man who created everything that we serve as part of to this day. We will be continuing with the current champions however, I do believe some of the divisions need a switch up. The only championships which will be getting changed are the Tag Team Championships due to Brenden being one half, and due to this a tournament will take place to crown the new champions. As for which teams will be in that tournament, we'll have to see who steps up. My authority will come into full effect post-King of the Ring so we'll see how the Pay-Per-View unfolds. I am also not a massive fan of Sameer holding two belts as I believe this will hinge his focus on BPZ's top prize so I will be stripping him of the Premium Championship. A battle royal at King of the Ring will take place to find the new champion. We have also decided to abolish the North American Championship and unite it with the United States Championship in a match which will occur on July 28th This is a big day in the history of BPZ Wrestling and I am looking forward to the new direction I can lead this company in... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SEMI-FINAL RESULTS: The King of the Ring semi-finals occurred in the Unipol Arena in Italy over the weekend, where we saw former winner Nate defeat United States Champion Hans to not only progress to the finals once again but to surely send a message to the holder of whatever championship he decides to pursue. Nate locked in an armbar which made Hans tap out to the dismay of the Italian crowd. Later in the night Intercontinental Champion Julius defeated George to continue his journey for his second consecutive King of the Ring victory. So the stage is set; Nate vs Julius at KOTR, two former winners clash. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAMPIONS: (as of post-KOTR Carnage) BPZ World Heavyweight Champion: Sameer BPZ Premium Champion: Ryan Reeves BPZ Intercontinental Champion: The Bailey BPZ United States Champion: Arius BPZ Undisputed Champion: Flynn BPZ Tag Team Champions: Vacant BPZ NXT Champion: Raven ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KING OF THE RING MATCH CARD: King Of The Ring Final: Nate vs Julius BPZ World Heavyweight Championship: Sameer (c) vs The Bailey BPZ Premium Championship Battle Royal BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs George BPZ United States/North American Championship: Hans vs Arius BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Jonathan BPZ NXT Championship: Raven (c) vs Bob Tag Team Tournament Match: United Nations vs Deadman's Hand Tag Team Tournament Match: Slim & Necce vs SSW Club ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INFORMATION: Kayfabe Name: Figurehead: Finishers: Signatures: Regular Moves: Style: Theme Song: Spots: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Don't forget to submit your information and predict the KOTR matches!
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    Alex Costa

    Manchester’s Numero Uno

    However right after Blade stopped talking a new theme song began playing with only some words playing saying the King to the World in English, Japanese and Portuguese A Man comes out wearing only a towel over his head and wearing just his wrestling trunks before stopping at some point of the music on the ramp and with some fans in the arena recognizing the chant they sing "KAZE NI NARE". As the music stops the man removes the towel to reveal the former NXT Champion Alex Costa who no one has seen since the 1st round of the Power Trip Cup. Costa who has been sitting on top of the ramp looks on at the SSW Club and the UN in the ring with some special disdain especially at the SSW Club as he begins to talk Alex Costa: I think everyone is here is wondering where and how I have been since my loss two weeks ago to Nate. Crowd Cheers You know at first I was angry and pissed because I thought once again I had lost because certain people didn't allow me to win, but then I realized something. I and only I am to blame for my recent streak of losses. Everybody in the ring and the arena are wondering Alex's point See I allowed myself to grow soft, I allowed myself to not be that ruthless competitor that conquered the wrestling scene all over the world. I felt under the same issue my tag team partner felt when he decided to align himself with that nobody loser over there Points at Bulldozer and his washed up has been talenteless excuse of a former IC Champion! Points at Josh with both men feeling angry Now before you all ask did I really ran over Bulldozer? The answer is unfortunatly in my case no, even though I would have loved to be the one to do it and save the Boss from having to pay that excuse of a wannabe wrestler money. But don't worry "Bulldozer" if that is even your name, by the time me and Raven are done with you in the match next week you will be beaten up so badly you gonna wish whoever ran over you ended your career right there and then. Crowd cheers as they clearly don't like Bulldozer And as for you Josh. You really think Sameer and Bailey give a crap about you? The only reason they have mentioned you at all is to talk of how embarrassing it is with so much great talent in this company that you are even allowed to sniff that World Hevyweight Championship. Face it old man, you are past your prime and it's embarassing how you dragging yourself with a bunch of talentless nobodies even my eleven year old niece could kick there asses. The Crowd laughes and so does some of the UN Also if you are really Manchester's number one than boy oh boy Manchester must really suck. But enough about you nobodies, let me address the real competition here. The United Nations. 3 of the best legends in this business. Now I could go on and on about all of your accomplishments or why they don't matter but honestly that's been so overdone and well even though your jokes about the Jobber Gang over there were funny. I want you three to realize one thing. I am a very dangerous man and me and my partner Raven we got losing nothing to lose here. We going to do anything we need to win this match even if it means putting you all on the shelf permanently. Crowd Boos Of course now you boo but then again we are in Italy and well everyone knows the Italians haven't accomplished anything of note in the last decade or so other than be news for how dirty there cities are. Crowd Boos even harder as they chant Angelo's name But enough about that, let's talk about the last time in this match, the Deadman's Hand. Now Blade you really like to blabber a lot about what you accomplised don't you? While yes it's impressive what you accomplished and you remember it, you seem to think we are already in England. While yes that will be true when we get to King of the Ring proper we are actually in bloody Milan. So Strike One for you, you don't know Geography. But besides that don't worry I know what real competition is yet I have already faced some of the best competition and you know what? I LOVED IT! So please Mister Blade and Mr Kieron, bring it on! I wanna fight you, much like I wanna fight those three gentlemen in the ring. And as for you two little pieces of cosplayers, you will know what real pain is soon. Because we are ICHIBAN! Costa and Raven soon to be your Tag Team Champions of the world! Alex's music plays off again as he walks off but not before giving a murderous look to SSW Club and then a nod of respect to the UN.
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    The Summer League has approached, an exciting time in the NBA Calendar where players of the future get to showcase their talents at an NBA level. For the first time ever all 30 teams will be present at the Las Vegas Summer League and some of the biggest stars from the NBA Draft will step foot onto the court. Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Deandre Ayton, Ja Morant are all names expected to participate in the Summer League. One star that is lesser renowned is 7'7 star Tacko Fall who will play for the Boston Celtics in this years Summer League. The eyes of the NBA are now focused on Las Vegas an the 2019 Summer League Preliminary Match 1: Boston Celtics vs Minnesota Timberwolves Boston's first game came against the Minnesota Timberwolves led by the 5th overall pick Jarrett Culver. The eyes of the NBA fans were however glued to the ginormous frame of Tacko Fall who would back up Robert Williams at the Centre Position. Tack would immediately make an Impact, storming off the bench and scoring his first basket within 30 seconds sending the crowd into a frenzy The battle between Jarrett Culver and Romeo Langford was definitely one to watch as both players put their teams on their back and scored most of the offence. It was Boston however who came away with the victory, the bench outscoring Minnesota's 38-12 with the Boston Bench attack being led by big Tacko Fall who ended up with 15 points and 7 rebounds coming off the bench in a very impressive display. Romeo Langford tallied up 15 points and Jarrett Culver put up 14 as the Celtics downed the Timberwolves 90-68 Preliminary Match 2: Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers After the Celtics routed the Timberwolves in game 1, they took on Indiana in game 2 a much stronger side with some strong second year players and a nice rookie in Goga Bitadze. After Tacko's 15 point monster performance in the first game many people were expecting the former UCF Knight to come out and continue his dominant performance. However, this was not the case. Tacko struggled from the field shooting a terrible 0-5 as well as missing 4 free throws leaving him with 0 points after the final buzzer sounded. The Pacers would also go on to defeat the Celtics winning 116-103 with Langford once again putting up big numbers with 22 points while Carsen Edwards also contributed with 18. For Indiana it was Aaron Holiday who stole the show scoring 33 points and having 11 assists a monster performance by the second year player. TJ Leaf had 11 points and off the bench Goga Bitadze helped out with 17 After the match many of Tacko's team mates were asked about Tacko's performance and each of them highlighted this was obviously a game that Tacko would like to forget going forward. They showed their support for the big man however, stating that he is a great team mate who is willing to work hard and do whatever is best for his team to pick up the victory. The Celtics now enter the knockout stage with a seeding of 17. They take on Mo Bamba and the Orlando Magic in the first round
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    BPZ Commentaries

    We open on the set of another episode of BPZ Commentaries Exclusive, with the impeccable Mike Hunt. We see him sitting at the interview table in his sexiest suit. He holds a stack of papers in his hands, his notes for the upcoming interview, and a cup of coffee sits on the table in front of him. Mike begins the interview proper. Mike: “Welcome Ladies And Gentlemen to another BPZ Commentaries Exclusive interview with the one and only Mike Hunt. My guest at this time is none other than Necce, one of the most controversial and polarising figures in BPZ. And better yet, today he is taking no prisoners, he isn’t holding back. This is a tell all with the man behind the Antichrist. Welcome Necce” The camera cuts to the other side of the table, where Necce, rather, the man who portrays him, Jonnathan Brave, sits. He sits hunched forward with his arms crossed on the table. He wears the same black jacket that he wears during his entrances, a long with a Meat Puppets “Up On The Sun” T-shirt. His signature long hair peeks out under his black hoodie, and he speaks in a low, chilled tone. Necce: “How ya doin man?” Mike: “Not bad at all. Necce, have you enjoyed your time in BPZ?” Necce: “Overall, I’d have to say that I do. It’s no secret how I feel about my booking over the last, almost 5 years. I believe that I’m much more of a valuable presence than I’ve been booked as. I’m not saying that I deserve to be put at the top of every card and made world champion, but I think it would be good if I were given more of a chance that I’ve been given. I showed last year what I could do in the main event in just 3 matches. I think if I were given that spotlight on a more consistent basis, then it would be good for business. I mean, if Brenden could give himself such a big spotlight, it wouldn’t hurt to give it to someone who actually has talent right?” Mike: “Let’s go back to where it all began, when you were a child. We know that your real life journey has shaped the Necce character. Would you care to explain to the viewers some of the things you have been through?” Necce: “So, I’ve always been a pretty open guy when it comes to my childhood. But there’s been some details that I haven’t been too quick to share. And while I’ll still keep a few things to myself, I’ll kinda just give you a peek into what the Brave household was like. My “family” was started when my father, a 30 something alcoholic factory worker, raped my mother, a 16 year old waitress. She got pregnant for my older brother Traven, and they decided “fuck it, let’s stick with this.” That’s pretty much how it all started. Ever since I was very little, I can remember a coldness from my parents. Just pure disdain for my entire existence, like somehow the life they brought into this world was a burden upon them in every facet of life. It turned into a full-out hatred when I got older. I say in my promos that my older brother was the perfect son, and I thought that was the case when I was younger. He never got the same kind of treatment that I received. He was never beaten, he never had cigarettes put out on him for minor infractions, he never got beaten with bottles, belts, brooms, bats, hammers, nothing. What they showed my brother was nothing. Blank stares across the dinner table, a cold disregard for his being. While my father favored Traven, since he was the oldest son, he did not love him. My father was not a monster, that would be too kind of a description. Chad Brave was a human abuse machine. I don’t know if he’s still alive. I haven’t spoken to him in years. I hope he isn’t, but I doubt he’s dead. That’s where I got the Antichrist name from, to me, he is the devil. I am the product of his hatred, so I am The Antichrist. Let me ask you something Mike, I know this is supposed to be a “no holds barred” type of interview, but I want you to look inside yourself and ask this question, do you really want to know what I’ve been through in my life?” Mike: “Yes of course Necce, this is your time to tell your story” Necce slowly sits up in his chair. He takes his hands and places them at both sides of his jaw. He takes a deep breath and casually pops it out of place. He lets his jaw sit there for a moment, as we cut to Mike’s disturbed face. We cut back to Necce as he puts his jaw back in place, rubbing it to soothe the pain. Necce: “I forgot to vacuum the carpet. With one punch, the old man broke my jaw. I had to get it wired shut, couldn’t chew anything for almost a month. Nobody said anything, nobody even tried. I was alone out there Mike. All I had was my friends Jon and Boxcar. Without them, I probably would’ve been someone who just disappeared without a trace. No memory, no concern.I would just be buried out back in the 4 acres of field on either side of our house. That would’ve been the end of me. Snuffed out because my father had too many and decided he needed one less child.” Mike: “We also know you have an issue with drugs, care to explain that?” Necce: “Well that’s something that keeps getting blamed for my frequent disappearances for BPZ. Everytime I leave, everyone assumes that it’s because I failed some kind of wellness test. Truth is, I’ve been clean for about 3 years now. I used to have a plethora of substances that I would use to either mask the pain of my upbringing, but also to help the pain I was putting my body through on a nightly basis. My drugs of choice were many, prescription pills, meth, crack, acid, but the one I abused the most was heroin. At one point, I was spending upwards of $1,000 a day on it. Any town BPZ rolled into, I would immediately sniff out the den junkies and get totally trashed. If I wasn’t scheduled for any house shows or TV matches, I would lock myself in my hotel room and use anything I could get my hands on. One night, around 2016, I had locked the door and did so much heroin that I collapsed on the bathroom floor. The needle was still in my arm when Flynn found me. He had to break down to get to me. I wouldn’t be alive right now if he hadn’t found me. I don’t go to the meetings anymore, I just don’t feel the urge to use anymore. I just look back at that time of my life with shame and sadness. Sadness because I think of what I’ve wasted. The great matches I could’ve been having, the great feuds I could’ve had. Instead, I gave it all away to the tip of a needle.” Mike: “You have had a numerous amount of relationships with some of the talent, some of them you even call your own brothers. Who of them all are you most close with?” Necce: “The thing about that is, I’ve called so many men in this business my brothers, and it’s all come back to bite me in the ass at one point or another. The one I’m probably the closest to in this business, and in life would probably be the aforementioned Jonathan. I mean I basically lived on his couch for most of my upbringing. His mom worked as a teacher in the school that we both attended, so we just became brothers from there. He’s the one who introduced me to pro wrestling. One day I went over to his house after school, and he showed me this video on YouTube, KENTA vs Tyler Black from Ring of Honor. And my passion for it just kinda grew from there. His mom actually tried to adopt me at one point, but my parents wouldn’t allow it. I guess that would mean that my father has failed at something, which he hated doing.” Mike: “Has that relationship changed at all now?” Necce: “No. We still get hang out a lot. He lives like 2 houses down from me, so our families have pretty much become one, ya know? One thing we like to do is drag an old couch that I have in my garage out into the backyard and watch our kids play together. It’s nice to see that our friendship trickles down into future generations.” Mike: “Your relationship with BrendenPlayz always hasn’t been as great, care to explain why this has been?” Necce: “He’s a very arrogant person. Like he just walks around backstage like he’s king shit, and it’s like kinds unearned. Like let’s say for instance, he’s currently involved in the longest reigning tag team championship reign of all time. The roster now right is so deep that there could literally be anyone else in that spot, yet he’s put himself in that role. His promo style is fucking atrocious. He speaks like how someone thinks a generic wrestler is going to speak, almost like he’s entirely in a video game with random snippets being played where natural dialogue would go. Like everything about him makes my stomach ache honestly. He’s just not a very good person, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a very good person.” Mike: “Well while you are at it, while the camera is on you, are there any other people that you would like to air your grievances about?” Necce: “It’s mostly just Brenden. Like he is a stain, a cancer upon his own company. He insists on making himself the absolute center of attention, and nobody has the balls to tell him that nobody tunes into BPZ to see him. Nobody cares what the owner thinks about his tag team opponents. Nobody has the guts to look him in his eyes and tell him that he is not talented or likeable enough to be in the spot that he’s in of his own damn company. Nobody wants to hurt his previous, unearned little ego and tell him that if he wasn’t the owner of the company, nobody would be able to tell him apart from the new kids who don’t know a damn thing about this business and will be gone by the time next year rolls around. Brenden knows absolutely nothing about wrestling. He doesn’t know what it’s like to sleep in a car every night. He doesn’t know what it’s like to eat nothing but gas station hot dogs, and that’s even if you’re one of the lucky ones. He’s never had to put his body, his life, and his mentality on the line every single night, just to be a brief, passing fad. He knows absolutely nothing about pushing yourself close to paralyzation just to end up as a gif on a twitter account that nobody will see. All he knows his is cushy little job, that requires absolutely nothing but for him to show up to the meetings every once in a while. He is everything wrong with the professional wrestling business. He is everything that everyone should be against, and yet we not only allow it, we fucking encourage it! We encourage this sheltered piece of shit to think that he could lace my boots even if he tried. Because he knows deep down in his heart that if he stepped into that ring with me, I’d wipe the floor with him. I would send him back to the office with his tail between his legs, because I’m just better than him. That’s the reason he’s always had a problem with me. It’s not for my past drug problems, it’s not just the fact I’m not gonna let someone who doesn’t know what I do tell me how to do my job, it’s the fact that he wants so badly to be the main event player that he sees on his own TV show, but someone he’s never given a chance would floor him if given the opportunity. Brenden is nothing to me. Matter of fact, he is absolutely less than nothing.” Mike: “Now Brenden is most definitely going to see this interview, while we are on the subject is there anything you would point out to him to make this company a better place, so the talent just like you don’t have a problem with him?” Necce: “Get out of the ring.” Mike: “Well on that note Necce, this has been a great interview. Thanks for your time” Necce: “Actually Mike, before I leave, I would like to apologize for something real quick.” Mike: “By all means, the floor is yours” Necce: “You see, the last time I was here, things didn’t end too well for you did they? How many bones were broken?” Mike: “Well I think it was 6 but I’m sure it was more than that” Necce: “Well I would like to take a moment, and sincerely from the bottom of my heart, apologize to you.” Mike: “Well Necce that means a lot to me. You put me and my family through a lot of hell that night so thank you for apologising to me” Necce: “You see Mike, the thing about that is, that’s not necessarily what I’m apologizing for. You see my partner Slim has been waiting off in the shadows the entire time. And when I’m finished talking, he is going to come out, and we are going to put you through this table that we sit at right now. But before we do that, we’re going to beat you up, we’re gonna hurt you pretty badly. Possibly even worse than I did before. But I want you to know something mike, this isn’t personal at all my friend. I am genuinely honored to be invited into your lovely show, not once, but twice. And it’s a shame that it’s had to end this way both times, but it’s just business Mike, Are you ready?” Mike: “Please….don-” Before Mike can finish begging, Slim comes up from behind and hits him in the back of the head with a brutal clothesline. Necce and Slim jump onto Mike like two vultures on a fresh kill, brutalizing him as badly as they can, in any way they can. As Slim is punching Mike, Necce grabs the chair that he was sitting in, folds it up, and hits Mike with it, until the steel is bent into a C shape. While Necce does this, Slim clears off the table, making sure to grab Mike’s mug and poor the hot coffee onto him. Both men pick Mike up and hit him with a double powerbomb through the table. As Mike lays there in the rubble, both Necce and Slim stare into the camera, and Necce does his signature crucifix pose as the camera slowly fades to black
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    {Julius and Bashka lock eyes, as the crowd explodes to their feet waiting to see what will play out next. Bashka is urging Julius to fight him but Julius just steps back and brings his microphone to his mouth} “Be careful what you wish for” {With that Julius throws the microphone at Bashka’s head and starts laying into him with fists and elbow strikes sending him crashing to the mat. Without wasting anytime, Julius then hits Bashka with a devastating Claymore Kick flooring the BPZ Hall of Famer. Julius then heads to the outside of the Ring and picks up a steel chair and then starts beating the living hell out of his King of the Ring opponent. He wraps the chair around Bashka’s leg and then stomps on it sending Bashka isn’t excruciating pain. Julius then brings Bashka to his feet, stares him right in the eyes and hits a brutal Hell’s Welcome on the Steel Chair. Julius then grabs his Intercontinental Championship and stomps his foot on Bashka’s throat holding the title in the air} “Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at your supposed hero. Weak, dismembered and pathetic. How does it feel Bashka to be so weak, unable to move has my foot crushes your throat. This is a preview of what’s happening at King of the Ring my hand raising the IC title in victory and you beneath my foot helpless and unable to move. I’ll see you at King of the Ring Jack”
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Commentaries: Evaluating the Field With the King of the Ring Semi-Finals sorted, this now gives us an opportunity to have a look at the final four competitors and have an in-depth look at what they bring to the table Nate Form in Tournament: Defeated Kenji QF, Defeated Alex Costa 1R The former King of the Ring winner himself Nate has had a pretty good run so far in the tournament. He’s one of the veterans in this tournament and has kept the spirit of the past alive with his performances thus far defeating two up and coming stars of BPZ in Kenji and Alex Costa. As we have stated before, Nate is a very unpredictable threat and thus far has proven to be well on his game. His next opponent is the red hot Hans Clayton who Fresh off winning the United States Championship has now continued that momentum into the King of the Ring tournament providing a very intriguing match up. Nate has the experience to take him all the way, he has done this before and certainly has what it takes to get it done yet again. Look for Nate to be focused and ready has he walks into his next match against Hans Hans Clayton Form in Tournament: Defeated Bob QF, Defeated Yelich 1R A man by some miracle who has been out of the spotlight recently is the current BPZ United States Champion Hans Clayton. Defeating Yelich in one of the first rounds best matches, Hans overcame the nerves of being on such a prolific stage setting him up for a fairly successful pursuit of the trophy. In the Quarter Finals he matched up with a much more severe and menacing opponent in Bob Sparks, but he was simply too good on that occasion beating Bob and then therefore landing him here in the Semi-Finals. Hans might be the dark horse to take the crown and get his shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion come Summerslam. He takes on the always Dangerous Nate in a first time meeting which could definitely go either way. He has a lot of the BPZ Universe on his side and they would love to see this perennial underdog go all the way and become the King of the Ring winner George Form in Tournament: Defeated Arius QF, Defeated Buddy Ace 1R The world was in shock when George pinned the North-American Champion Arius to gift him a Semi-Final berth and immediately a star was born. George made his return to BPZ after some time off and immediately set foot in the United States Title scene where he was unsuccessful in capturing the championship Hans Clayton eventually won. He started off his King of the Ring Campaign with a blast, dominating Buddy Ace in their first round match and giving himself some much needed momentum heading into a very highly anticipated match with North-American Champion and one of the tournament favourites Arius. The match was amazing and George got his moment defeating Arius and becoming this years version of the Giant Slayer. His next challenge may prove to be even bigger as he takes on the Red Hot Julius who is in some amazing form with a PTC victory and the IC title around his waist Julius Form in Tournament: Defeated Marker QF, Defeated Mikey 1R As expected the reigning King of the Ring and current IC Champion has breezed through the field so far. He took on a game Mikey in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament before defeating his long-time rival Marker in a fun little Quarter Final match. This is now where Julius is at his most dangerous, he can see the prize at the end of the tunnel and won’t stop until he has defeated absolutely everyone in his path. He takes on George next in what will be his biggest challenge in the tournament yet. He goes in heavy favourite but he will know that this match with George is very far from being straight forward. Another win here for Julius and he may just be King for the second time in a row
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    BPZ Tag team Summit

    BPZ Press's conference live from Wembley Stadium, London, England. The stadium where BPZ King of the ring 2019 will be held. Now is time for the first ever BPZ Tag team Summit. Chairs around a long table are set up. The Deadman's hand theme plays first and Blade is the first out onto the stage. He is greeted by a chorus of boos as he walks to the stage taking the first podium. Blade, "I won't start off by asking you all do you know who I am, but I will ask do you know why I am here? I said this before, I am having this BPZ Tag Team summit. All the tag teams that are competing at the King of the ring, I call you all here to day to get a look at the competition. The Deadman's hand making a change to the Press Conference order and giving the tag team's their own panel. You should thank the Deadman's hand because you get a spotlight for once, also you should thank the Deadman's hand since you only make a fool of yourselves once on your trek to face the BPZ Tag team champions. I mean look at the state of yourselves and I mean get a really good look do any of you think you stand a snow ball chance in even giving the champions a threat towards their title reign? I mean do any of you actually think you are even on the same level as Brenden and Sameer? I broke down each team, and look at yourselves. If you think you do then you are even bigger fools then I said you all were this last few weeks. The team of nobodies, the team of rookies, and the team of retirees, even combined into one team you three teams wouldn't stand a chance. None of you have that drive that will bring you to their level, none of your have the determination and the will to get that job done and dethrone the champions But the Deadman's hand can, and we know what we must do to get the job done." Blade stops for a second then taps the podium that he stands at once Blade, "Who actually is going to show up I wonder as the Deadman's hand is here in full, my partner will be showing up a bit later but I am here to look my opponents in the eye and show them what a real team looks like. So who will be here, will the SSW club actually show up? They might, they don't know when they are already beat. That's their biggest problem they think they are big fish when they are the smallest ones in the pond. Maybe the rookie duo has showed up and finally see what real competition looks like. Or maybe it will be the United Nations, All those retiree's are going to show up and see a team that will be better then any one of them could have been during their prime. So let's see who thinks their ready to be face to face with the Deadman's hand. Who is going to see the team that is going to beat them this weekend at BPZ King of the Ring? That's not a prediction, that's a spoiler. The Deadman's hand is going to use the fatal four way as a message to be send to the tag team champions. That message is simple, and will become very clear this weekend when we finish up with these teams." Blade finishes up and takes a seat at the table waiting for the first team to show up for the BPZ Tag Team Summit at the Press Conference for King of the Ring.
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    (Disclaimer- I recommend that when reading you listen to what is being played) Halfway through the show, we see an American flag appears on the titantron. The camera zooms in and goes through the flag. As if on one side you were in Europe and when you went through you were in America. After going through the flag, the camera pans round the city of Los Angeles. Before going into a house. An oak wood coffee table, in the middle of a lounge. A lit fireplace made out of what can only be assumed to be cast iron. Paintings on the wall, from the all-time greats like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci. Sitting above a black sofa that doubled up as a recliner. The floor was spotless. So clean that you could see the reflection of the chandelier that hung from the ceiling, decorated by an array of stunning diamonds. It seemed unrecognisable, until the creek of a door could be heard and George AK walked across the camera frame holding a laptop. He sat down on the recliner and opened the laptop. The camera cut to behind him. Where you could see he was watching a video titled. “George AK BPZ King Of The Ring 2019”. He presses play on the video, a black screen appears. With ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons playing in the background. The video changes, showing a dishevelled George AK in his home before Judgement Day. Before for a few seconds you see George laying on the ground as Hans is declared BPZ United States Champion. Afterwards, the King Of The Ring bracket is announced. And you see a montage of George training hard, losing weight and getting prepared for the tournament. Before, about halfway through the song. A church appears, the same church that George cut a promo on Buddy Ace in. Clips of the promo are played with the audio replaced by the song. Then, the press conference. George sitting in the seat answering questions from media personnel. Until finally highlights from the round one match against Buddy Ace are shown. As, when the song ends, Georges hand is raised and he is declared as the winner and advancing to the next round. The song then changes, to ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend. As the video shows the bracket spontaneously update to show George Vs Arius. Then, we see the BPZ Arena on the European tour. As clips from Georges promo on Arius are shown. With the music audio lowered so that you can hear George go on about false pretences, face paint and the possibility of winning. Before even more clips of George training are shown. Then the press conference, if you could even call it that. Where George answered his own question. Before the screen would go black again. With chants of “George-A-K” replacing the audio from the song. Until BPZ Commentary could be heard. As commentary from the best spots in the match between himself and Arius are shown. Before, finally he gets the win and the crowd erupted. At this point, the song returns. Not the same one though, this time playing ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. The bracket is once more updated to show George Vs Julius. And more training clips from George are shown. Then, parts of his heart-felt promo on his story, his future and what he desired were played, only slightly louder than the song. Then, George pinning a local talent would be shown. Before a lot of highlights of his promo battle with Julius would be broadcasted. Lastly, the video would culminate, with clips from the Julius versus George match. Where George would lose, and be eliminated from the tournament. At this point he would close the laptop and sign before looking into the camera. “I gave it my all. I tried. I did what I could but in the end it wasn’t enough, and I hope you guys see that. I don’t know what more I could have done. We were so close yet so far, and although I technically am sitting in the exact same position I was almost 2 months ago. I feel far more accomplished. I have changed, and I think that that is clear to see for all. I am not the same guy who messed up his life and came back here seeking redemption like this was a drug. I am not the same guy who made false promises and lived his life off of the lie that he thought he was something. That is not me anymore. I have changed who I am, and that is completely down to the King Of The Ring tournament 2019. What a unique experience it was. And I know, you all know that I could not have done this without the help of all of you guys. Whether it was cheering me on, or buying my merchandise, the more you guys believed in me. The more I believed in myself. And I know that I could have done a lot of things differently against Julius. But I didn’t. I lost, fair and square. He got me down for the count of 3. But who on earth would I be if one petty loss stopped me in my tracks. Who on earth would I be to allow one mishap to ruin my career and send me back to the dark place I was in 6 weeks ago. I have transformed, not only as a person but as an athlete. And something that all athletes do is set themselves goals and targets that they wish to achieve. For me, mine was to win the King Of The Ring tournament. Pretty self-explanatory. Now though, that is no longer a possibility. So I have spent a few hours reflecting on everything that happened and looking over the landscape of BPZ. And I realised one thing.” “Whilst I was thinking. One quote jumped into my brain that hung there. Lingered about, guiding me and altering my decision. Boxing legend, Muhammed Ali “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Well, I am here more than floating, flying, And I am going to sting the world. And take over BPZ by winning that World Heavyweight Championship. But damn, without winning the King Of The Ring tournament I don’t get to face the best guy about do I. Without being in the World Heavyweight Championship discussion I don’t get to face the champ. But, I have shown who I am to the world. And the world took notice. I have shown my courage, determination and will to win. And that is why I have been given a match against the best at King Of The Ring. As I will take on Sameer for the BPZ Premium Championship. A title that I have little to no history with whatsoever. This is like a fresh start for me. The last time I went for this title was about 3 years ago. As Tamer beat me to retain his gold. But now things are different. Completely different, I am not a rookie, fresh and looking to come and take BPZ by storm. I am not, a champion who has won for his entire career and is after all the gold he can get. I am not the respected veteran in the locker room who people come to for advice. I am George AK goddamnit and there is no cliche, no generic way you can describe me. I am different, I am me. I am unique and I am the next BPZ Premium Champion. Why? Because, I am better than Sameer.” “I mean, this guy is only champion because of the money in the bank briefcase. And I know for a fact that if he didn’t win that match he would never have beaten The Bailey for the title. I mean, he wouldn’t have even beat Bulldozer or Mave Deltzer. He got his lucky break after being here for so long. But, I don’t rely on luck. I rely on skill, something that I have by the bucketload. I have shown you all a glimpse of what I can do. And I am only just getting started. Next week, when I get a belt around my waist. And my arm raised in victory. Then you will see the beast I am unleashed. Sameer, claim you are a beast, you say you are the best. But you listen to me right now, this whole thing is just your 15 minutes of fame. And the clock is ticking. Enjoy it while it lasts. Bitch.” Upon saying this, George would stare down the camera. With a smirk on his face. He was ready, in the zone and knew what he had to do to become the Premium Champion. But, the question everyone had. Would he be able to do it?
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    July 29th 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘KING’ JULIUS OPENS THE SHOW The show opened with Julius coming out with his Intercontinental Championship and saying how he was the most unstoppable man in BPZ history, and if Sameer believed he could stop him he’s lying to himself. Sameer came out and confronted Julius, while also calling out Chairman Bashka, saying that if he didn’t get to hold more than one championship, neither should Julius. Bashka then came out onto the stage and told Sameer not to worry, he has an opponent scheduled for Julius tonight that should narrow down his chances of becoming a double champion. Julius vs ??? for the Intercontinental Championship was announced before Carnage would go to commercial. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST CLASS EXPRESS VS MAASA & MIRA The tag team tournament continued with this match, and tensions were high between the brother and sister pairing as Maasa eliminated Mira from the Premium Championship battle royal the night before. BiC and Hans proved to be an excellent and exciting pairing in their first match together as they ultimately prevailed by getting Maasa to accidentally attack Mira, leading to an easy win for the team to continue to the next round of the tournament to face the United Nations. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MIKEY VS BOB In his first match during ‘the Bashka era’ Mikey took on former NXT Champion Bob looking to send a message to Raven. The match would go on for just over 10 minutes before Mikey would hit a Cosmic Ascension and pick up the victory before quickly heading backstage. After the match Bob would go over to the announce table and clearly annoyed, would freak out before he was stopped by security and be escorted out of the arena to calm down. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RYAN REEVES ‘STOLE’ FROM FDS FDS came out holding Ryan Reeves’ Premium Championship, claiming Ryan stole from him by winning the match so he would steal from Ryan by taking his championship. Ryan would then come out and tell FDS that he is just jealous of how easy Ryan succeeds and that if they had a match, it wouldn’t even be close. FDS took that offer and the match was announced for SummerSlam; Ryan Reeves vs FDS for the Premium Championship. Ryan would begin to walk away before being attacked by his upcoming opponent and he would leave with the Premium Championship once again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROYAL FLUSH VS RAVEN & ALEX COSTA NXT Champion and his partner, Alex Costa would take on Royal Flush in the tag team tournament and when it seemed that things were done in this match and Royal Flush were going to win, Flynn’s theme song would hit to turn Jonathan’s eyes to the screen and causing him to get rolled up by Alex Costa and move to the next round. Flynn and his ‘Hired Gun’ Yelich would them come out and begin to taunt Royal Flush for their failed attempt in this tournament. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHO IS ‘THE DARKNESS’? During the show a vignette would play showing a man standing in smoke, claiming he is The Darkness and he had unfinished business here, because the light still lurks. After this the audience began to speculate who it could be with names such as Echo Wilson floating around. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GEORGE AK VS ARIUS Before the commercial, George confronted United States Champion Arius, claiming that he beat him in the King Of The Ring tournament and he could do it again, Arius accepted the challenge right now! The show returned from commercial to see the match and it played out exactly like their quarter finals match. George hit a running knee to send Arius to sleep and pick up a win and surely with this, he is the number one contender for the United States Championship? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SLIM & NECCE VS DEADMAN’S HAND Slim & Necce would take on already knocked out team Deadman’s Hand in what seemed like an easy victory for this team who are beginning to look like the favourites in the tournament after 2 out of 2 dominant displays in their matches as a team so far, proving why they are both two future Hall of Famers! After the match they would two sweet before Slim would shout “Our Order ain’t finished yet!” What could he mean? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: JULIUS (C) VS ??? To begin things, Sameer would walk out and join the commentary team with ex-wrestlers Sandman and GRV, saying he wanted the best seat when a new champion is crowned. Julius would walk out holding his championship and then ‘The GOAT’ would play signalling the entrance of The Bailey. The two would begin to the match with Julius constantly keeping an eye out for Sameer. During the match Julius would accidentally throw Bailey into the referee, leading to Sameer bolting into the ring and hitting two curb stomps on Julius, before dragging Bailey onto the cover and waking up the referee to give the first Intercontinental Champion the Intercontinental Championship as the show would come to a close with Julius looking furious. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENT SUMMERSLAM MATCH CARD: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS JULIUS PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: RYAN REEVES (C) VS FDS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: FINAL OF THE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT
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    Emperor Nate

    Nate's Music Reviews

    Song Reviews Doing my first song reviews on this topic, I'll be getting @Sameer and @Smith recommendations done and I'll move on to the album recommendations afterwards. Dave - BLACKBOX Freestyle: 9/10 I listened to Dave for the first time earlier in the year when PSYCHODRAMA came out and he definitely has a lot of a talent. This freestyle might be better than anything off of that album though if I'm being honest. This freestyle just sounds really raw and you can feel the passion in his voice when he's rapping. The fact that he was 16 when he did this is just nuts, his flow is insane and he shines lyrically on this as well. He raps about a lot of the personal problems that he's had to deal with, like the police being unfair to him and the people that he hangs around with, claiming one of his friends got arrested for a crime that he didn't even commit, calling out Wale as well for being a snitch. The lyrics are just really gritty and it sounds like Dave was going through rough stuff when he did this freestyle. It gets to a point towards the last minute of the freestyle were you can almost hear his voice shaking like he's about to breakdown in the middle of the freestyle, it's mental. The beat choice is great as well, it really fits the atmosphere of the song because of how dark it is. This is definitely a good song/freestyle to put on if you're interested in storytelling rap music and like a lot of interesting topics in your music, 100% recommend if you fit those categories, only reason I can see people hating this is if they don't like the voice. Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea): 7/10 This just a decent banger. The rapping isn't anything special but the beat is pretty good. It's just the usual money brag raps that you usually get from these type of trap songs. I thought it was pretty funny since DaBaby was dressing up as Suge Knight in the video. I think DaBaby has a lot of potential and I think he will do well if he continues to go this direction with his music, because this is a lot better than most trap songs. The song is fine but it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, if I heard the song on the radio or if one of my mates put it on then I wouldn't listening to it. If you listen to a lot of trap music or need a song to get hype to then you should be able to get on board this, it's a fun banger but nothing more than that for me.
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    ........................................................................................................................................................ Tuesday Night Dynamite ........................................................................................................................................................ After months of anticipation, the time has finally come for AEW to debut their flagship show on the TNT Network called "Tuesday Night Dynamite". The first ever show is coming live from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in the home of AEW, Jacksonville Florida. This is a historic event in the world of Professional Wrestling. This is the night AEW is officially taking over the world The first ever Tuesday Night Dynamite is opened by none other than the AEW World Heavyweight Champion himself. The Ageless Chris Jericho. Jericho defeated Adam Page to become the World Champion at August's All Out event and has now formed a bizarre perception that AEW are in debt towards him. Jericho starts off by basking in his own glory, stating how great he is and that there is no one on planet earth who can even come close to stopping him. Jericho is then interrupted by Adam Page who demands another shot at the title. He is then interrupted by rising star MJF who also throws his hat in the ring for a championship opportunity. Jericho dismisses them both but announces that only one of them could challenge him for the title. Page challenges MJF to a Number One Contenders match in the Main Event to which MJF accepts We kick off the in-ring action with some first round action from the AEW Tag-Team Championship tournament. The first two teams are the Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix taking on the Stronghearts, T-Hawk and El Lindaman. We last saw the Stronghearts at Double or Nothing, putting on an impressive display in a losing effort against SoCal Uncensored. On this occasion, despite their best efforts the Stronghearts came up short once again against the AAA Tag-team Champions with Pentagon hitting the Fear Factor on T-Hawk for the win. The Lucha Brothers move on to the next round and look to be on of the favourites to hold the titles by the tournaments conclusion As we return back from commercial break we are shown a video package for AEW's newest recruit to an already stacked Female Roster. It is announced that Gibbs will make her AEW debut soon One of the stars of the next generation of Pro-Wrestling Darby Allin, took the world by storm after his performance at Fyter Fest against Cody. He wowed the world with his jam packed arsenal, putting up an amazing fight in a losing effort. Now Allin would match up against industry veteran Brandon Cutler, to continue his momentum and secure his first win under the AEW banner. After a nicely paced match, Allin was able to pick up the win with the Last Supper. After the match as Allin was having his hands raised in victory Shawn Spears made his way down to the ring. Both men would stare each other down, before Spears would exit the ring while still staring at Darby Allin. Allin would taunt Spears as he would walk to the back, possibly hinting at a future program between the two We would cut backstage where Luchsaurus and Jungle Boy are stationed. Both men announce that they are entering the AEW Tag-Team Title tournament and will be in action next week against the Young Bucks for a first round match. Luchasaurus spoke about how he and Jungle Boy bring unpredictability, making them a threat to the Brothers Jackson The exciting duo of Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, tore the house down at Fyter Fest making them instant fan favourites to all of the AEW Fans. In this second first-round match of the night, Private Party would take on the experienced duo of Angelico and Jack Evans. After a very high-paced, electrifying match Private Party picked up the victory sending them into the next round to take on the Lucha Brothers who advanced earlier The first women's match on Tuesday Night Dynamite would be contested between Nyla Rose and Smiley Kylie Rae. Rose was in an angry mood from the beginning, having no time for Kylie's antics and quickly putting an end to the match after dominating proceedings. After the match Nyla would challenge AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker to a match for the title. Will the Doctor accept her challenge? Before the Main Event match of the night the Rhodes brothers would make their presence felt in Jacksonville to a standing ovation from those in attendance. They announced that they would be participating in the Tag-Team Tournament and had plans on winning it. They were quickly interrupted by the Young Bucks who came out and started talking about how they defeated the Rhodes' Brothers at Fight for the Fallen and would love to do that again with the AEW Titles on the line. Suddenly the lights in the arena would cut out and the Dark Order would appear on the Titantron. They dismissed both the Bucks and the Rhodes' claiming that they will capture the titles and the era of darkness will begin With a potential opportunity to challenge for the AEW World Championship on the line, both MJF and Adam Page walked into this match with completely focused. The match would be an all out brawl with neither man getting a clear advantage, however the match would unfortunately end early as Jon Moxley would interfere through the crowd and attack both men. Mox would then announce his intentions to challenge Jericho for the AEW championship when Kenny Omega would attack him from behind and the two would begin to brawl. The show would end in chaos as Omega and Moxley brawled as Tuesday Night Dynamite went off the air
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    BPZ Commentaries

    HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME IS BEN DOVER AND I AM BACK ON BRENDENPLAYZ COMMENTARIES, We are back talking about the top world champions ever in BrendenPlayz not including the current champion Sameer. Number 6 Bashka 3 time BrendenPlayz World Champion Bashka, is in the top 6. He has defeated the likes of Bailey, Smith, and Ryan and with his 3 reigns he was able to get into the top 6. Now most of his reigns have ended in a month but he has clearly showed that he can carry the division and is one of the best world champs that the company has seen. Number 5 Smith Now we have finally gotten in the top 5, and Number 5 is Smith. His first reign as world champ he held it for 6 days before his partner at the time Bashka cashed in on him and won it. But it is his 2nd reign that puts his up here at number 5. Smith held the World Championship for 105 days. He is in a group with Julius,Slim and Bailey of having a world title reign with 100 plus days. During the time he was with the BrendenPlayz company as world champion he was dominate, Showed that he was a franchise player and could put the company on his back when motivated. I truly hope he can one day return to BrendenPlayz he was one of the most exciting wrestlers when he was world champ. Number 4 Julius One of the most dominate wrestlers to step into the company Julius. This man within a couple of month was world champ after winning the King Of The Ring tournament. He has only held the World Championship once for now. But in that one reign he beat the likes for Slim,Brad, Hollow and held the world championship for 210 days. Number 3 Flynn One of the best that has ever stepped foot in BrendenPlayz, Flynn is the 3rd best world champion ever. Having to beat the likes of Bailey, Slim, Brad and many more. His microphone skills also had a huge impact on his reign as well making it better than it was already. He has the 2nd most reigns as world champ with 5 and 237 days combined as world champion. Number 2 Slim 403 days as world champion counting as his reigns. The BPZ Audience are use to having Slim as World Champion. His first reign as champion he held it for 310 days. He is a 4X Champion and could be number one at some point if he wanted to. Slim has proven that he is one of the best and all these days as World Champ and how many times he has won it just proves that. Number 1 Bailey 6 time world champion, 393 days combined as world champion. Enough said I think Bailey or 'The Bailey' is the best BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion ever and sure maybe you could argue that Slim is better but I think the edge goes to Bailey because he is a 6X World Champion and it would be 7X if he beats Sameer at King Of The Ring.
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    Breakdown: The Deadman's Hand

    The titantron comes up instead of Blade coming out to the Switzerland crowd, the titantron comes up with the sign, live via satellite as Blade appears sitting back in a chair on the titantron Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Yes I am not there live tonight, we know why, so lets get to the final breakdown before King of the ring. One team left and that is my team the Deadman's hand. Now I have broke down every team and I will do the same to my own. Let's get to it" Blade pulls out a list of name and they are different they are playing cards he places the first name Kieron Black Blade, "Let's start with my tag team partner Kieron Black. Now yes he has certainly has had his ups and downs in BPZ, having more loses then wins but look at the work he has put in BPZ. Kieron Black is a former BPZ Premium Champion just like I am he captured the Premium championship. One of the on again and off again titles that has seen some of the most changing divisions in BPZ. Beasts, and Kings alike have been in this division looking to put their name into the list of champions. Kieron got himself into that division and took that title. Kieron Black is also a former United States champion. Now here is the thing, that is the only title that I failed to get and can never go after again. Yet Kieron Black my tag team partner capture that red white and blue championship and made it his. Getting the job done and taking the title that I failed to get during my time in that division. He did that. He has been in multiple high profile matches, he was a former degenerate, a former member of Decay. Teams that people consider unsuccessful but look at what he ended up doing in the long runs. We made our impact our own way. Kieron made and marked his way into every division he could. Now going into King of the ring he will do the same. Even if he doesn't even try, he is still better then everyone else of the other teams. He isn't a member of the failing SSW club, isn't a rookie of the duo who are way over their heads, and aren't teamed up with a bunch of retirees. I mean who can't be Brad? Kieron can get that job done and he will at King of the Ring. But he wont be alone in this match up. as it is a tag team match up and it takes two to make a team so that leads to the next person of the Deadman's hand." Blade then puts down the next card with his name on it. Blade, "And now myself, now I can list off my accomplishment's like I did when I started each breakdown. But lets look at those moment. Im a Former NXT champion, back when NXT champion came and went there was the greatest NXT division class all of its own. July 2015 started the NXT division and made the bar of standards the division setting higher then any other champions and people trying challenge for that championship. We brought it to a whole different level. Before myself we have had Flynn, then myself, then Slim. We all raised that championship to a level that the other championship could never have done it. The first champion Brad, was just only the first person but the title has turned into something far better after he lost it. Next was my BPZ European Championship Reign as Hollow. A title mind you that nobody can ever win again. Either you were or you will never be that champion. It had some of the greatest names as champion. Flynn, Slim, Razor, Necce and myself. The first champion is another retiree in Monda, but look who held the title after him. Those names and look what they accomplished since then Flynn, Slim and Necce they rose about everyone else. I went ahead and went on to create the reign of madness to create what Hollow was as I took the championship from one of its toughest champions from Slim Now we have my Intercontinental title reign, do I even need to go through the linage of that championship of all who have held that? Ranging from Bailey, to Flynn, Slim, Bashka, and many others of the top guys in BPZ have held this championship that I myself held Taking the title once again after Slim, I won it and put my name in the history as Hollow when I took the championship. My final championship so far before we get to Emergence 2019 is my BPZ Premium championship Reign. The prize that I fought for almost as long as I have for the tag championships. The Premium championship. I talked about this when I said Kieron' title reign, but the man I took the title from turned into the member of the Kingdom that held the universal title. Echo Wilson. I beat and crushed him after as Hollow I competed against Julius in the first opening of the Unsanctioned Zone. Beaten and battered I beat Echo Wilson and took the Premium Championship home. My latest accomplishment isn't really one but I will say it was fun to do. Remember the Power Trip Cup. A certain Buddy Ace was destroyed after a month of warnings of what I would do to him and he was exterminated. Now I say I am going to destroy these lesser tag team jokes and go on to face the champions at Emergence." Blade moves the cards to the center of the table then kicks the trashcan over the names of the past spill Breakdown episodes spill out Blade, "It will be that easy at King of the ring to take out the other three teams. The SSW club, Alex and Raven, The United Nations, there names were placed where they belong, and I knocked over the bin just like I will do when I knock over each team in this fatal four way match. It is easy because I know what I might do, and what needs to be done. Im not a rookie who is over my head and I am not past my prime as a retiree. I know what I need to do to win and I am more then able to do it. Kieron and I are going to wipe the floor with the tag teams and get our shot at the champions." Blade's camera doesn't go dark instead he get up and moves towards the camera Blade, "Now this is the last breakdown before King of the ring but not my last message. You see, I will be at the next shows next week but I am going to call for a BPZ Tag Team Summit. Before someone thinks too much of it not it isn't an open challenge. I am going to be there in person much like a Press Conference but I will show BPZ what the really number one contenders of this tag division truly look like. See you next week." Blade pushes the camera and it goes dark as Blade's message ends the Breakdown series as Blade gets ready to appear next week on BPZ TV.
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    "Wake up"

    George keeps the confused look on his face until the titantron becomes blank. Then he starts laughing and pointing at the titantron. He asks for a microphone from the ringside crew, and whilst waiting throws the local talent over the top rope. When he gets the microphone he composes himself and starts to talk. "Really? This is your leader. This is the guy to win King Of The Ring. Julius, grow up. Do yourself a favour for once, open your eyes, see the bigger picture. Or run away again. I mean, you could have just come out and spoke to me face to face. Instead. What did you do? You've shown your true colours. Whilst I was out here beating up more people, you were busy hiding backstage so you could send a cute little message to me. But, then you couldn't even stick around to talk to me now? King Of The Ring 2019 semi-finalist by the way guys. What a pussy. Way to contradict yourself completely. Great talk, inspiring really. But, wow. I expect better. It is almost like you haven't seen me before. You can question me as much as you want but I will answer you all the time. And do you want to know why that is. It is because I am the very best wrestler in this damn company, I am the one that one day everyone will look up to. Meanwhile, yourself. You will be the one that fell off. You are the bust at the start of the draft, I am Kobe Bryant with the 13th pick. You will be working at Taco Bell, and I will be owning Taco Bell." "Sure, you have won more than me, you have done more than me. But, whatever you have won I have not been included in. You have never gone through the test of facing me. You beat a few lazy idiots who can't tell their ass from their elbow. You beat the BPZ equivalent to Eugene a few times and now you think that you are the big guy around here. Meanwhile, I am beating guys you have never beat in your life. Pinning guys who you have never pinned. Lets talk about your fatal flaw, the one guy, the one mountain peak you could never quite reach. Arius. You tried and tried and tried. And you lost! You lost! You lost! Meanwhile me, my first ever time one on one against him and I made it look easy. I put him down for three, I showed my class and in doing so, I showed everyone why I am the rightful winner of the King Of The Ring tournament this year. Me. Not you, not Hans and not that Irish idiot Natedog. And this weekend, I will win. I told Arius I would and I am telling you too. So, keep filling your bag with confidence. Keep being arrogant, obnoxious and hypocritical. Please do, but when the pressure is on, and the lights are beaming down. When the cameras are on us and we have the full attention of the world. We will see who prevails, we will see who comes out on top. And it is a 99% certainty that it will be me." "Now, real quickly before I go I do have some other things to talk about. Don't worry, it is not bad. I just wanna introduce a new chant to you guys. Stand up, loud and proud. 'George is gonna kill youuuuu'." The crowd would join in with the chant. Getting louder and louder as George beckoned them to continue. "Julius, you hear this. This is the opinion of the people, they are telling you what is going to happen this weekend. You better listen, or I will make you." George would then stop talking and start making his way to the back, as the chanting from the crowd continued. Julius or George, who would win.
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    Smarks Daily

    James: "Hello everyone from the BPZ Network. I'm your host James SweedinFerg and today I am joined by the reigning and defending Intercontinental Champion of BPZ, winner of the 2019 Power Trip Cup, and moves on to the second round of the King of the Ring tournament, Julius! Welcome to the show!" Julius: “Thanks for having me on James” "Now onto the first question of after the Undisputed Championship match with Bart and Flynn. You attacked Bart to the point where he had to be rushed to the hospital and hasn't been seen since. Did Flynn ask for a favor? Or was that entirely yourself and the need to take out someone who once stood beside you as a brother in arms?" “I needed to make a statement, people were starting to forget about how much damage I am capable of causing so I went out there and made a statement. Whether it was Bart or Flynn, one of them wasn’t walking out on their own two feet and unfortunately for him it had to be Bart” "Knowing Bart, do you have the feeling of when he returns, he'll be coming after you and that Intercontinental Championship? Or do you believe that he will stay as far from you as possible?" “I’m fully expecting him to come after me and that’s what I want. I have nothing but respect for Bart he’s an amazing competitor, one of the best in this business so it would disappoint me if he would stay away” "Let's cut away from the Bart situation and let's talk about what recently happened at Power Trip Cup as well, you winning the tournament. You now have a shot for the Undisputed Championship whenever you please. As right now, the Champion is your former friend and some say mentor, Flynn. Was there a thought in your mind that you'd face Flynn again?" “We are destined to face each other forever James. He is my mentor he showed me the ropes he taught me this killer instinct but what he didn’t know was that I could develop a mind of my own. Flynn has gotten the better of me on the last couple of occasions so I need this match to prove that I am better than him” "Now you mentioned the last couple occasions, which is Power Trip Cup finals last night and then at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre for the World Heavyweight Championship. The record is 2-1 right now in the favour of Flynn. Does that play the advantage going into the match you two will have?" “I don’t think it does because I have the option to cash in this opportunity whenever I want. I know when I’m doing it, I’ve already made that plan but Flynn doesn’t, he can’t prepare but I can. I think I’m the one with the advantage, I’m more dangerous than I was back in February and you’re going to see that very very soon” "Alright one second." [James starts going through his cards before seeing one and begins reading one, making a face before tossing it to the side] "Not that one, keep away from that subject. Anyway you're the Intercontinental Champion with less challenges. But that changes at King Of The Ring when you face the legendary Hall of Famer, Bashka. How do you prepare for a wrestler like Bashka and his unpredictability?" “He’s not unpredictable at all, I faced him a couple of times for the World Title and I cleaned the floor with him. Yes he’s back and motivated but so what. He attacked me from behind and he laid me out, that doesn’t get forgotten. Mark my words James, Bashka is going to get his ass handed to him at King of the Ring” [James sees he has one more card left then the one on the floor. He sighs before reading the one in his hand] "As the Intercontinental Champion, you are miles ahead of everyone, but during your first round match up with Dikey, it seems that he has taken you by surprise a few times in your match. Were you shocked with the performance by Dikey in your match up?" “You were doing so well buddy weren’t you, but you had to screw it up didn’t you. NO I WASNT SHOCKED OR SURPRISED. I could have had that match done within minutes but he spoke a lot of smack and I thought it was only right that he gained a receipt for it” [James looks down at the card and sighs again.] "Guess I have to. Julius we asked a fan to send in a question for you, and well. I can already guess the answer so here it goes. Royal Rumble 2018, Career vs Title. You pinned Angelo to retire him, which he was for five months before returning at Judgement Day, nearly winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Do you find it unprofessional of him to go back on his word after your match and will there be a beat down in his future too?" “I don’t care for him at all, and I honestly don’t care about his return because guess what that’s not looking like it’s playing out well for him at all. If I do meet him again in the ring of course I’ll beat the shit out of him because I find that enjoyable. I wouldn’t call it unprofessional I’d just call it unwise. The times have changed the world has moved past him. His time is done” "That's all the time we have Mr. Julius. But before we log off, mind taking this shirt out and holding it up to the camera? It's a promotional thing I have to do for the company." [James hands Julius the box] [Julius smiles before taking the box out of James’ hands. He takes the shirt out and takes a good look at it before his smile turns into a snarl as he rips the shirt in half] [James looks down at the newest Julius shirt before looking back up at Julius] "I'ma......" [James then runs out of the room, ending the segment]
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    Emperor Nate

    Nate's Music Reviews

    Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo Reviewing this MGK album by Brad's request. Have never been a massive fan of MGK, don't think I'll like this that much but it's worth giving a listen anyways to find out. Sex Drive: 7/10 A nice intro to the album, MGK isn't rapping on this one but it's definitely a song, just that's he's started it off with an instrumental which is nice. The production feels slightly dark, I like the beat switches that were packed into the song considering it was only 2 minutes long, kept me interested, song isn't anything crazy but a decent way to start the album. El Diablo: 5/10 The song isn't terrible, I like the instrumental even though it's pretty simple, gets good when it kicks in for the chorus as well. The rapping is mediocre to me. He obviously has a good flow but he really isn't saying much at all and the bars are just weak. MGK tries to act like a gangster and says that he can handle beef even though Eminem bodied him. He also calls himself one of the best of this generation which is a bit much. Song is still okay, mostly due to his flow and instrumental. Hollywood Whore: 6/10 I kinda like this song. It might be because of the Linkin Park influence with the Numb sample and it's meant to be a tribute to Chester, beat makes the song feels nostalgic. MGK raps about record labels and being screwed out of business deals throughout his career. Song isn't great but I don't mind listening to it. Glass House ft. Naomi Wild: 5/10 This is another emo rap song on the album. I like the message of the song with MGK paying tribute to a lot of rappers and artists who have died in recent years, I just don't think the song itself was that great though. It just feels like a basic pop tune with the beat. The feature is a bit mediocre, feels like something that would be on one of Eminem's op songs. I like the message more than anything, the beat and rapping isn't exactly great but it's listenable. Burning Memories ft. Lil Skies: 4/10 This is the first song that I'd actually say is bad, which I didn't expect to take 5 songs, so I guess that's solid. MGK rapping is just annoying on this song to be honest. MGK is rapping about his early life but it feels really bland and it's like he's trying to be edgy. I'm not a fan of his flow and the chorus and post-chorus with Phem just sounds really corny. I'm not a massive fan of Lil Skies either, nothing he said was that memorable. Best part of the song is the outro. A Message From The Count: Not rating skits but this was mad unfunny, just glad it only lasted 30 seconds. FLOOR 13: 8/10 This is actually a really good song. Love the instrumental on this. This song follows some more of the rap rock influence that I'm used to hearing from MGK and I honestly think it brings out some of his best music. MGK brings up his Eminem beef and says that Eminem missed with Killshot, I think he just needs to take the L and move on honestly, but I still enjoyed the song besides that. He also raps about the struggles he faced when the world was against him during the Eminem beef. The production just seems really glitchy at points and reminds me of something on Yeezus, the beat switch up to the quieter and darker instrumental is good as well. Roulette: 5/10 This is another song that's just listenable for me, nothing that really stands out as good or bad. This is another song were MGK tries to come across as a killer or gangster when I don't think he's actually either of those things. The production and his flow are fine though. I like the beat switch-ups in the last verse, keeps some interest in the song. Truck Norris Interlude: Don't even know what's going on in this skit, but there's Chuck Norris referencing in 2019. Death In My Pocket: 5/10 I'm really not a fan of a lot of the poppy stuff on this album, especially when it gets to MGK's singing. I like the message on this song as well though, with MGK rapping about his family and losses that he's suffered over the years. His rapping is fine but the beat is pretty poor and corny. The female singer is just your basic pop hook. Candy ft. Trippie Redd: 3/10 This is meant to be a feel good song and I could see why some people would enjoy it but it's definitely not for me. MGK sings about his problems with drugs, it's not really a feel good song in that aspect to be fair, but it's something I could see being played at a party or something because of the repetitive hook. MGK's singing is just awful and it gets tedious after awhile. Trippie Redd's feature is bad as well but it's only like 20 seconds long. I guess the beat is okay. Waste Love ft. Madison Love: 3/10 This is another bad emo pop song. Again I can see why people might want to listen to stuff like this but it's not for me. His singing just feels really awkward and bland. The song topics are just talking about love and relationships. I can definitely see this being a song that gets played on the radio or it being played at an underage disco but it's not my type of music. 5:3666 ft. Phem: 5/10 MGK is rapping about having problems with sleeping and battling with demons. This is a nice reminder of some of the earlier songs in the album with some more substance but it's too poppy for me to really enjoy. The production is kinda eerie and dark so that's cool. A lot of the lyrics aren't great and there's some corny stuff, but I like the topic and message he's trying to get across. Phem's hook is quite bad, not a fan of her voice at all. I Think I'm OKAY ft. YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker: 2/10 Mate, why? This sounds like an awful rock song straight out of 2012. Wow this is bloody shite. It sounds like it tries to be another feel good song but it's so annoying. I honestly don't even know what to say, the production is dreadful and so is the mixing. YUNGBLUD is definitely one of the worst singers I've ever heard in my life, I don't know who would actually listen to him. The topic of the song is just about drinking and drugs and partying I guess. Definitely try and avoid this song at all costs. OVERALL RATING: 48 (D) Yeah this wasn't great to be honest. It started off quite well but the second half of this album sucks. I enjoyed some of the rap rock tunes on here, the production was quite good and his rapping was decent. A lot of the more emo and pop based song weren't really doing it for me though, like at all. There's definitely some improvement from MGK on this album and I can see there being an audience for some of the music on here, but it's really not my thing at all.
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    NBA PRESEASON POWER RANKINGS PART 1 OF 3 October 10th, 2018 1. Golden State Warriors - The Warriors bring back their championship core of Durant, Curry, Draymond, Klay Thompson, and just added the one missing they were missing: A paint protector, in former all-star Dwight Howard, and former MVP candidate. The Warriors are undoubtedly the favorite heading into this year. 2. Houston Rockets - The Rockets came one game within the NBA Finals last year, and resigned Chris Paul and Clint Capela to contracts keeping them in Houston. A major loss in Trevor Ariza, the Rockets (potentially) panicked and sent Nene and Ryan Anderson, along with a first round pick, to Charlotte for Nicolas Batum. They also added James Ennis and Pau Gasol as bench pieces to strengthen their depth. 3. Boston Celtics - The Celtics made the conference finals last year without arguably their best two players. Now, with those two players back, it makes it Brad Stevens' job to gel them together and lead them to a championship. But with Stevens being praised as one of the best coaches in the league, it should be a challenge but one the former Butler coach should be able to figure out. 4. Oklahoma City Thunder - Despite a first round loss last year, the Thunder went all-in on building around Russell Westbrook. First trading Carmelo Anthony to Miami to pair with his buddy Dwyane Wade, they received Hassan Whiteside, one of the best rebounding centers, and Kelly Olynyk, a stretch 4. Bringing back Jerami Grant, and adding Tyus Jones and Tyreke Evans only made this team that much better. 5. Portland Trail Blazers - The Trail Blazers made the biggest move of the summer, grabbing Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs for CJ McCollum and Nurkic. An underrated aspect of the deal is that they also acquired Danny Green, who will step in as a shooter, and a + defender alongside Damien Lillard. With steals in free agency, such as Brook Lopez, TJ McConnell, Richaun Holmes, this team may have secured itself a second round spot this year. 6. Toronto Raptors - The Raptors were the best team in the East last year, and if it wasn't for a mental lapse against LeBron James, they may have well been in the finals. Now, they've added Jimmy Butler alongside DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, which yes, adds a hole down low, but one that Serge Ibaka can fill. As for the 4, look for Pascal Siakam to gain a more prominent role. 7. Los Angeles Lakers - They added the biggest fish in free agency this summer in LeBron James along with the NBA KIA Coach of the Year Dwane Casey, but you have to wonder how this Lakers team will fare. Yes, they added a second star in Victor Oladipo. But the free agent signings around LeBron (Rondo, McGee, Lance Stephenson), may not shake out that way. But if they do, the Lakers could be bringing home #17, and giving LeBron #4. 8. Milwaukee Bucks - With a new head coach in Mike Budenholzer, Giannis Antetkounmpo might have his best season yet, and break out. With supporting pieces like Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, Malcolm Brodgon, this team could go a long way. Not to mention... When DeMarcus Cousins returns from injury in January, this team could be dangerous with a starting five of Bledsoe-Brodgon-Middleton-Giannis-Cousins. 9. San Antonio Spurs - Even with losing Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs once again showed why they're the golden standard of the NBA, getting two young studs for Leonard. With McCollum finally having the freedom to be the No.1 scorer, look for the Spurs to once again make the playoffs and prove everyone wrong, as everyone doubts them from the beginning once again. 10. Phildelphia 76ers - The 76ers sort of cashed in on their young talent, sending Robert Covington to Los Angeles for Tobias Harris. Harris is a nice fit alongside Embiid down low, and allows Dario Saric to control the bench scoring as 6th man. Not to mention another offseason of development for Ben Simmons, the process is nearly complete and depends on how Embiid can hold up throughout the season.
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    Small (August-November) Now that Domino has raised to small, his company is expected to hire more talent. Though he still doesn't sign a referee, he does decide to pick up 12 more superstars to help fill out the numbers. He looks to the other Mexican promotions for stars to sign, as well as some lower level talent. . Boriken Love Machine Jr. Crazy Miguel Doctor O'Haire El Luchador Valiente El Mitico Jr. Latin Lion Jr. Maribel Mercado Sunburst Domino would also sign Concepcion Gomez, Cristobal Pardo, Nomad and El Medico, but all four of these competitors would be released by the end of the year due to toxic backstage behavior. . Storylines: When Domino announced these new signees, Velvet Suarez, Samael the Accuser, Martyr and Screamer would be given one final showcase match as the landscape of Lucha Underground changes. Velvet would team with Samael against Martyr and Screamer, but near the end of the bout, Samael would turn on his friend and help Martyr and Screamer pick up the victory. The three men would then christen their union "The Disciples of Death." Velvet Suarez would seek revenge on her former friend and longtime rivals, and she would seek this opportunity in a company-wide tournament. After Domino announced these new signees, he would waste no time creating a company-wide single-elimination tournament encompassing the entire roster, the winner having the honor of being crowned the first ever Lucha Underground world champion. Throughout the tournament, Velvet Suarez would manage to eliminate both Martyr and Screamer from the brackets, earning a spot in the semi-finals. Alongside her is Samael the Accuser, who is set for a massive match with his former friend in their semi-final bout. On the other side of the bracket, Boriken Love Machine Jr has wowed the audience with his incredible ability, and he seems to be a man that Domino can build the company around. Boriken's semi-final bout comes against the dastardly Latin Lion Jr, a man who has shown his will to do whatever it takes to win. This tournament is set to conclude at Ultima Lucha, a show set on the final Sunday of December and the largest show in the company's history. As this large tournament goes on, tag team action has filled out the undercard of Lucha Underground, with the duos of Sunburst and El Luchador Valiente and The Disciples of Death standing out in particular. Domino announces on October's final episode of Lucha Underground that next month will see the Lucha Underground world title tournament take a month long pause, as the next month will see new talent come in to kick off a company-wide trios tournament. All talent on the roster will be involved, as well as some new signees that will be announced. . With this makeshift roster at his side, Lucha Underground is growing slowly, but steadily. Money is consistently coming in and now the show can reliably sell out Bar Juarez's 300 person venue. However, Domino looks to shoot for glory as quickly as he can, and these new signees look to be his ticket to the top. Is Domino biting off more than he can chew? Will these new signees prove to be the key to Lucha Underground's rise to Regional, or will they lead Lucha Underground to an early demise?
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    A New Slate

    {We open up with MARKER in his circus, still bruised and pained from the battle against Julius, he holds his ribs as it has been hurt the most. We see MARKER losing control of himself, getting angry at himself.} HOW, HOW COULD I LOSE TO JULIUS AGAIN, THIS IS FUTILE, HREHHERHHRHEHRHEHEHRH You have lost sight of what you wanted…. WHO SAID THAT? Me…… YOU…. {The man who was talking is MARKER, but his old self, the man that was before he was taken over by his dark side.} It was so funny seeing you lose to Julius, I had myself crying myself into tears. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Don't you see, you talk so much crap, I finally see what I really was, this darkness that dwelling inside me was nothing but hatred and lies to keep myself at bay, this isn't a "better" me. This is false hope. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, YOU FOOL, THIS IS THE BETTER VERSION OF YOU. NO IT NOT….. This is all the hatred and emotions coming out of me. This mask, this persona you have upon yourself is nothing, just empty threats, you can't handle yourself, you had to blow a town just to make yourself look better, like seriously come on. It time to end this once and for all. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'm bringing back "me" {Suddenly, MARKER puts his hand through the shadow body and the energy is starting to come into MARKER body returning him to his normal state, the clown is gone…. MARKER has a lighter in his hands and some Jerry Oil laying around, MARKER had an idea, he puts it oil all over the circus and he got out there, saying his last words to this circus.} Goodbye…. {The circus begins the burn as MARKER doesn't turn back, he ends this chapter on a high, what's next for MARKER, stay tuned.}
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    Maasa after last nights beatdown has come back out to the entrance ramp for a special announcement but he is being moved through a wheelchair with bandages wrapped around his head and bruises everywhere around his head. Somehow so way he can make today because all last night he was motionless all the way through but miraculously he is able to move his arms and head slightly and the doctors say in 3-7 months he should be able to make a recovery to a unknown extent. So time will tell if Maasa will be able to come to the ring ever again but that doesn’t right now what Maasa has to say does though. “I have loved and hated every single thing I have done in BPZ there has been no In between and.. and.. I didn’t cherish anything I had but I regret nothing. So what Julius did to me was destroy thinking I wouldn’t comeback and I won’t get stronger I will do what is needed to be done I will get my opportunity at you and when do I’ll make it in Hell, in ring or on the streets. It won’t matter but right now I can’t so you are very lucky you were scared and took a cheap shot at me and you couldn’t do back it up. Instead of doing the same thing back to you I would destroy everything you ever trusted because you never loved anything in your life. You have never lost something that you loved you have so called friends in this company that you trust but there never loyalty. I am going to move on and say to all of my haters and fans this is not the last you’ll see of me but for now I have a replacement to continue my legacy.” “This is my sister Miracle, or “Mira” as I like to call her is going to be my replacement for the U.S Title Match and for the rest of matches going forward till I heal or she is going stay if she thrives out here these conditions. I have no doubt she going make a name for herself here and will dominate. Maasa rolls out to the back with his wheelchair to let Mira speak for herself and to see what she is made up in her first go around in this business, he will not return to her side and from this point forward Maasa is gone. Mira walks into the ring looking excited for what she has to bring to the U.S division, she begins to speak. Mira: I am now here and ready to do what my brother Maasa couldn’t do in 7 months and do in half a month and thats to win a title and not just the NXT Title the step up from that and that is the U.S Title. I have a bit a competition to go through but its nothing I can’t handle but if you take me lightly things won’t go well for you I am a legitimate contender to win anything I stride for. There is something special in me that no one understands I am new no knows who I am and I am going use that to my advantage I cam align with anybody I don’t have any ties to SSW Club I could careless I am not against Alex Costa because I have never met the guy. My point is I am not my brother I am related to him but not personality I follow my own orders so don’t get it twisted. I can be your friend at one moment and then be your enemy the next so if you betray I will do it right back on you. Mira drops the microphone and structs out of the ring and throwing the middle finger up right before she goes to the back.
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    Local As Domino starts his company, he realizes his most important goal right now is to create financial stability. As such, Domino starts by creating an alliance known as "The Uprising." Domino forms this alliance with every company from local to regional that will agree to join, where talent trades are allowed between all members and, most importantly, all money earned by the companies are distributed equally to each company, ensuring Domino will receive some sort of financial influx every month. . Roster Now with his finances a bit more secured, Domino opts to begin signing talent. He chooses to only hire four stars, as he only needs to have two matches in a show to appeal to his audience. Domino elects to hire the four youngest, cheapest wrestlers he can find, already based in Mexico. Though they are untested, they have enough talent to produce matches that will increase Lucha Underground's popularity, and they have all the potential in the world to be integral members of the brand for years to come. Martyr Samael the Accuser Screamer Velvet Suarez . For the next eight months, Lucha Underground would showcase matches only involving these four stars, with the referee duties filled by whatever competitor isn't competing that night. The two faces are Velvet and Samael, while Martyr and Screamer act as the heels. It's amateurish, but it's cheap and it gets the word out about the company little by little, increasing the popularity and ability of these four wrestlers with every passing show. Although Domino's months would start off in the red, after having Lucha Underground take a month-long hiatus in March, the company would begin to see profit, consistently making an income all the way up to Week 2 of August. Rather than running shows in front of a handful of people, Lucha Underground would consistently be able to fill Bar Juarez, an arena of 300 people. By Week 2 of August, Lucha Underground makes the first big leap, officially raising to Small. However, this increase comes with a small caveat. Now that Lucha Underground attracts a wider audience than ever before, Domino can't afford to only run shows with his four competitors. Not only that, but Lucha Underground must now face the threat of regional battles, which they will unquestionably lose each month and harm their popularity gains more. Furthermore, Lucha Underground will have to increase their production values, forcing them to pay even more money to maintain a proper image. How will Domino combat these new restrictions on his company?
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    TOP 35 FREE AGENTS - WHERE THEY SIGNED, AND DEALS July 6th, 2018 Player Team Deal LeBron James LAL 4yrs/153m Kevin Durant GSW 2yr/70m (PO) Nikola Jokic DEN 5yr/127m Paul George OKC 3yr/99m Chris Paul HOU 4yr/114m Clint Capela HOU 4yr/90m DeMarcus Cousins MIL 1yr/5.7m Julius Randle BKN 3yr/50m Aaron Gordon ORL 5yr/93m DeAndre Jordan LAC 1yr/24m Zach LaVine CHI 3yr/80m Jabari Parker PHX 1yr/7m Tyreke Evans OKC 2yr/11m Marcus Smart BKN 3yr/40m Trevor Ariza ORL 2yr/13m Jusuf Nurkic SAS 3yr/51m JJ Redick PHI 2yr/15.7m Will Barton DEN 4yr/54m Rajon Rondo LAL 1yr/7m Derrick Favors UTA 1yr/13m Isaiah Thomas MIA 2yr/11m Kentavious Caldwell-Pope LAL 2yr/10m Rodney Hood CLE 1yr/3m Avery Bradley DAL 2yr/18m Fred VanVleet TOR 2yr/18m Brook Lopez POR 1yr/6m Kyle Anderson DAL 2yr/12m Rudy Gay SAS 1yr/9m Wayne Ellington WAS 2yr/9m Marco Belinelli DET 1yr/minimum Nerlens Noel DET 1yr/5.7m Montrezl Harrell LAL 3yr/24m Kyle O'Quinn NYK 1yr/4m Joe Harris BKN 2yr/14m Dwyane Wade MIA 1yr/minimum
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    Maasa walks out onto the stage having his head down shaking it looking a little “disappointing” in what Julius has displayed here and is looking like he is going to confront him about this. Five seconds later, he decides to walk up into to the ring and stare down Julius face to face, man to man. “Julius, Julius, Julius oh how far have you come, from winning the world title to stomping ants to build yourself back up from losing that very title I just spoke about a moment. You wanted to win right? You disrespect your opponents you insult them and back it up in a match thats the routine. You take us NXT, US and IC performers lightly but you don’t the talent of what we got here you just go where please and just think that your getting away this. I am here to stand up for the talented and future champion that are among that done want to come forward and confront so I will do it myself. What I think about you when I see is a big lie that you live by I am the best... sorry but your just a flop that came here to lay waste to what we are creating. You are the intercontinental champion well who have you defeated in the KOTR that proves you tough and brooding. Heres the list Dikey and Marker not bad you faced a guy that is a NXT thra... filler and a clown congrats you met mediocre how bout you face the cream of the crop, Arius, Bob, Hans and the man you’ll be facing next George.” ”I am going to be honest you have made a flawless run the last 18 months have been incredible for your career and legacy in BPZ but how long will that you have a constantly evolving division on your heels gaining on you every single. You have just met your weakness you met your cap of what you can do, what I really want to see is what can you beat, I mean your talking like you own the place so lets put up against Sameer and lets see what happens. When you go silent the rest will be waiting for there opportunity I know I am waiting for mine but your just handed opportunity left and right in every division you go to.” Julius looks away at the crowd for a moment. “You have never been crucified like this before, if I am talking to you look me in my damn eyes! You are a grown man taking this like it is your first time. I want you to feel this in your heart and accept and than may you leave so lets go. You think that you can walk all over us like we are nothing we are a movement and when you get that in your sick sorry head than will understand what we are. Julius you don’t see clear you see a blur of reality and you build off that creating a fantasy where you and only you can live and survive so I would recommend you get glasses and come to me when you have them.“ Maasa waits for a response from Julius.
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    Full Attention

    [We are in Russia as Carnage cuts back as Bob Sparks makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand as he looks pissed off after his recent loss in the King of the Ring Tournament] Now the other night Hans Clayton got yet again another fluke victory. Yet again another roadblock that makes me take another path. But sometimes that other path can lead you to bigger and better things and this new path is me recapturing my NXT Title. [Bob then laughs as he begins to talk again] See I don’t like not winning but I am sure that all of you are used to it right. I mean how does it feel to be number 2 over and over. I mean us Americans have your number for years. I mean remember the miracle on ice, I mean I could go on and on but I mean I think we all know that Russia sucks. [Bob then pauses as the crowd is chanting Bob sucks] Oh give me a break I suck. If we really want to talk about sucking-- [Bob then hops out of the ring and walks up to a fan with his girl by ringside] What was that say it again? Oh I suck well I mean I know that your girl sucks. Where do you think she really was last night when she told you she was going to the market? I can tell you she did find that sausage you wanted and trust me I think she found the biggest one around. [The fan then spits on Bob and Bob wipes it off his beard] I mean this would have never happened if you girl would stop dressing like a Soviet Streetwalker, but I mean it’s clear you suck too. A couple of world class suckers right here. Wait, wait, wait, What am I talking about World Class. We are in Russia nothing is world class here. [Bob rolls into the ring to thunderous boos] So with that being said let's get back to something that really matters. The NXT Title. I mean I look at the competition and I am just not that impressed to be completely honest. What do we have a champion is Raven who is too focused on his tag match that he doesn't have his full attention on his NXT Title. Raven you can hold that title as close to your puny fragile body but Bob Sparks is coming for it and if I have to I will pull it from your cold dead fingers. [Bob then rubs his beard as he thinks of the other men in the match] Now thinking about I really can’t tell you who is competing in this match other than Raven. I mean there are guys that are in the match like Mave, Arrow, and James Knight. But they are just in the match they are not really competing. They are just some guys that management put in the match to fill it out a bit. So they aren't really a threat. [Bob then goes to leave the ring as he stops at the ropes and begins to talk again] Oh yeah then there is Rory Orton. A guy who has been an annoying little pest every since he arrived in BPZ. A guy who poked the wrong bear and is going to suffer the consequences. When we step into that ring together. The sooner the better. Rory I am not just going to break you down I am going to end you. At King of the Ring, Rory you and other the other competitors are going to fall as the full force of Bob Sparks is going to run through each of you. Cause I have busted brackets and I have busted skulls and I am about to do it yet again. [Bob then rolls out of the ring as he heads backstage]
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