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    Alyx Wilde

    I Am The Sickness

    A dimly lit figure sits on the railing of the Burnside Bridge in NW Portland, hundreds of feet above the Willamette River. As the camera comes into focus we get a better look at the man, he's wearing a black denim jacket and torn jeans tucked into leather boots, the smoke from his cigarette clouds his face for a moment before dissipating to reveal messy, curly locks of dark blonde hair resting just above his icy, piercing blue eyes...those eyes. It's... it's Alyx Wilde. He doesn't look much different from when we last saw him, but he doesn't look the same either. His once lean, muscular appearance has given way to a much skinnier one, his jawline and cheekbones look as if they may rip through his skin at any moment, and just below those very cheekbones on the right side of his face, a long, deep scar. He looks like Alyx Wilde, just...more damaged, sicker almost. As the camera focuses on his face we finally see what light source is gently illuminating him in the cold pitch black of Oregon night. Not headlights, nor streetlights of the usually busy city of Portland, but a small projector placed on the other side of the bridge, casting what appears to be a highlight reel of his once decorated career across half of his face. Just as we start to make out the images being projected, the reel suddenly flickers and burns out, leaving nothing but a soft white like shining delicately on the face of the former Triple Crown Champion. He takes a deep puff from his cigarette before exhaling, leaving the smoke to dance in the soft, ambient light. You know...I can't tell you how many times I've come to this bridge. Sometimes it was just to clear my mind and sometimes...sometimes it was because I was gonna throw myself off. But...but I never did. I never did cause...cause I don't think it would kill me. I don't think I can be killed. I know that probably sounds insane but...trust me, I've tried. I've spent my entire life trying to die. Whether it was Wrestling or MMA , I turned bleeding into my career. I dedicated years and years of my life into bleeding in front of thousands of people who couldn't care less because I thought maybe, somehow, that would cure me. But it didn't. And you know, I don't watch those highlights to reminisce on good times or whatever the fuck, I watch them cause I don't remember any of it. I don't remember any of it cause every time I stepped into a BPZ ring I was too high to remember anything, I was too high to feel my body, I didn't want too. What? What, do you really think I came up "Cuddlezworth" without taking a little acid? Wilde lets out a giggle that turns into a loud, almost involuntary and uncomfortable laugh before tightly clenching his jaw and wincing as if he's in pain. He shuts his eyes tightly for a long, tense moment before sighing deeply and hitting his cigarette one last time before tossing it behind him, off the bridge and into the river below. He looks down at his hands, all of his knuckles have the same faint purple tinge, bruised time and time again. Wilde digs his thumb nail into his other hand as he begins to speak again in his raspy, almost frail voice. My whole life I've told myself that I'm just a sick guy, an otherwise normal guy whose just unlucky enough to have an illness like thousands of other people. But that's not true. I don't have an illness...I am an illness.... I am the sickness. I'm a sickness that can't be cured, I'm a sickness that can't be killed. Sure, like any sickness, I go away sometimes. But I'm never gone. Maybe you can't see me but I am always there, waiting. Waiting to see who I can infect next, waiting to see who is vulnerable enough for me to drag down into my pit of filth and misery and pain. You can hate me all you want, plenty of people do but can you blame me? I mean, after all, that's just what sickness does, isn't it? When you least expect it, it plants it's knee in your chest and it wraps its fingers around your throat and it squeezes and squeezes until there's nothing you can do but lay there and watch as everything you thought you knew about your past, present, and future leaks and pours out of every pore, every fiber of your being....and just when you think it can't possibly get any worse...well. Well, that's the thing about sickness...it always finds a way. It finds a way to some how, some way, squeeze even tighter than before until you feel like your eyes are about to pop out of your skull, you feel your own blood that's spent years keeping you alive start to fill your mouth, suffocating you...and you spend the final moments of a life you once loved, praying for it all to be over. That's what sickness is. That's what I am. As Wilde finishes delivering finishing that chilling message his body begins to tremble slightly, as if he is either deeply excited or scared of the words leaving his scarred lips. His purple knuckles turn white as he tightly grips the railing beneath him. And I...am back. But this time, I'm not here to cure myself...I'm here to spread the disease. A sinister grin crawls across the face of Alyx Wilde, slowly stretching the corners of his mouth towards his ears. His cold, menacing eyes are staring daggers into the camera when suddenly the projector fires back on violently, flickering brightly for a moment before projecting nothing but the image of a skull across half his face as his smile slowly fades away.
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    One Thing Left

    The new theme of Slim plays, as for the first time since he lost the World Championship to Arius at King of the Ring, it appears he will appear live on Valor. Eventually, he steps out, his choice of attire, intriguingly, tonight, just a basic tank-top with Tupac on it, black sweatpants, and finally, black and gold Jordans. He also wears his usual HOF ring, along with his two chains... As he stands on the stage, the Undisputed Championship in his right hand. He peers around the crowd, taking in the number of people here, seemingly calming his nerves as he walks down to the ring. Instead of stepping inside, he walks around the ring, grabbing a steel chair from ringside, along with a microphone. As he steps into the ring, he places it down with authority, before sitting in it, clutching the Undisputed Championship in his right hand, the microphone in his left as he raises it to his mouth. They say not to let the past hold you back, and now, King of the Ring feels like a distant memory, but my first singles loss in months caused me to do some soul-searching. It's prompted me to ask myself who I am, as a person, it's made me question my ability, and you know, at Chapter 2, facing a guy who hasn't been pinned or submitted this year, coming off a World Championship loss? It's a daunting task... In recent months, my character as a person, as come into question by many of my opponents. They write me off as a cancer, as a manipulative, scheming, liar, and I won't say they're wrong. They're entitled to their opinion, however, I will say... I'm a product of the environment that surrounds me, and the environment that I grew up in. Slim now begins to talk sharply, showing more passion and emotion as he speaks from the heart. The way I grew up, I was taught to hustle, to turn a dime into a dollar, to get a profit, to gain, by any means necessary. And that motto, by any means necessary, has been my way of life for a long time, and continues to be. Let me ask you people a question. If you believed that cheating, would give you a better life, for you, or in some cases, your family, would you do it? I've been through hell and back, and I came here to escape that hell, just to find out, I was right back at square one, the same environment of hustling was what I walked into when I signed my contract in BPZ in 2015. I've wanted to be the best since I walked in this door. I had the heart and the guts to go at Bailey right away, I chose my side. I wanted to be different, I wanted to be the guy who did it off of the work, not the ability to charm. I quickly realized how foolish I was. I chose the wrong side. At the time, I didn't know it, but I wasn't good enough to be that guy... But I was still determined. Every person, every road bump, every obstacle in my way, I overcame it by ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY. Shame me for "backstage bullshit", if you want Sameer, but I haven't forgotten watching you run around as Bailey's bitch for the majority of 2015. That's why your "legendary" Premium Championship reign is never mentioned, nowadays, right? Because it's stained. It's stained with bullshit win, after bullshit win, and I give you credit, you have done an admirable job trying to rewrite history to paint you as the voice of the fans, the captain with his army, but not even God himself can rewrite what history shows. Slim now sits back, as he continues to hold his Undisputed Championship tightly. He glances at it, almost lost in the beauty of the title as he continues to talk. I've been fighting this battle to be the best for 5 years, and I finally had achieved it at Judgement Day, when I held up this Undisputed Championship, and the World Championship to end the show. In that moment, I felt like my career was done, my purpose being here was over, I was the best, and I had finally proved it. I did something no one else could, the biggest achievement you could reach in BPZ. I had thoughts about retirement, serious thoughts, but I believed it would be a disservice to the company for me not to defend the championships. So I stayed. But was that truly the real reason? No, of course not. The real reason is that this company is all that I have. Getting into the ring and competing is all... that I have. I go home to an empty mansion, no family, no wife, no kids, my work is everything that I put my heart and soul into. The luxuries, the cars, the jewelry, the mansion, they hide the emotional scars, but they don't erase it. That's impossible. So I put my mind and body into my work. And that has become being a professional wrestler... Being the BEST professional wrestler has been my goal since 2015, and I can admit, maybe I did get lost in the spotlight, maybe I did get caught up in the moment of being the best. But during my time of soul-searching, I realized to me, it's no longer 'wanting', to be the best, it's NEEDING to be. I need to be the best, and I need to beat Sameer. Slim delivers the last line monotonically, as if he's deep in thought while saying it, almost thinking ahead to Chapter 2 where anything could happen. Suddenly, he snaps out of it, as he faces into the camera, beginning to talk directly to Sameer. Sameer, you bring up an interesting point however, that I feel needs addressing. Yes, without this people, there would be no money to my name, but these people, they may feel disrespected by me, they may hate me, but they relate to me. They understand the feeling of having to get it out of the mud, the majority of them weren't handed a silver-spoon like you were. However, let's say you're right. There's 0 money to my name... What is there to yours? Are you millions of dollars in debt? That's what I would expect. Without these people, you are nothing. Without them, you have no personality, and are just a foolish man throwing out petty insults. A generic cosplay of something you saw on TV, or a friend who borrowed his buddy's idea and hoped that no one would catch it. You wanna destroy my throne that I hold onto? There is no throne, first of-all, and secondly, you don't hold onto thrones, you sit in them. There is only this, the most prestigious belt in BPZ, the Undisputed Championship. Slim raises the championship up in the air, before lowering it, once again staring at it. This championship has become my pride & glory in this time of disarray. I've lost everything, everything, except this championship, and it all truly does feel like it's starting to crumble down, but this championship has kept me serene, has kept me cool, it has kept me calm. It's a treasure that should only be held by the best of the best, and while I don't believe you're in that category, I'm preparing like you are. Everything must come to an end, but I have a feeling that my Undisputed Championship reign is just beginning... Because I've become desperate. And we both know, I can do some pretty vile things to keep the things I want, Sameer, so I hope you're prepared for a bloodbath, a war of brutality, a clash of titans... It's no secret. In my life, I've lost everything. ... As Slim says those words, an awkward silence follows as the crowd is quiet, as is Slim, as he just continues staring at the Undisputed Championship, before finishing his thoughts, with an emphatic yell into the microphone as he stands up for the first time. I got one thing... ONE THING! One thing left to fight for. And it's this championship in my very hands... And I'll be DAMNED if I let a phony bitch like YOU, take that from me! Slim spikes the microphone into the ground, staring into the camera for a few moments, his eyes locked in on the camera. Eventually, he holds up the championship with both hands, as surprisingly, most of the fans cheer him, as he walks off, walking up the ramp and out of the arena, as our segment fades to black.
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    Austin Omega

    Coming Home

    Coming Home The BPZ Valor fans in attendance would look up at the titantron, only to see the NXT Champion Austin Omega far away from the location of this Valor, as he is in Canada, more specifically Toronto. It is somewhat cloudy, mixed with sunshine, as the champion drove around for a minute before pulling up to a location. Omega: This place hasn't changed yet? I'm lucky I am out of that hellhole. Omega: Well, Well, Well. This is the place where I used to be trained. Let's go give them a long awaited visit from Yours Truly. Austin reached back into his car, only to grab the NXT Championship and put it on his shoulder, just to make sure that when he walks in they will see the title. Omega: Long Time No See! The guys can't hear him as they are playing loud music and wrestling, so Omega flicks the light switch, and they look up in shock when they see him. Man 1: Austin? You wrestle for BPZ Now? And you are the NXT CHAMPION? HOW? Omega: Ever since you guys left me high and dry since I wasn't "progressing" as fast as Mr. Page here would've wanted, I went to the gym, every single day, and pushed myself to the absolute limit! The other trainees just stand there, with their jaws dropped. Omega: You see, it is insane, isn't it? I spent a little time on the indy scene, but I got that phone call from BPZ Officials way quicker than you guys did. That is sad, my friends. Austin sits the NXT Title on a table, before walking up to them. Omega: I just wanted to give you guys some advice, but first let's start with a question. Austin looks directly at them, before saying, "Adam here, told you guys you could be a champion in BPZ, or anywhere in the world to be exact, right? Men 1, 2, and 3: Yeah, He did say that. Omega chuckles, and then just looks at them dumbfounded. Omega: I hate to be that guy, but what Adam said, was a load of bullshit. They all start yelling at Austin, who raises his hands in surrenderment. Man 2: How DARE you come into this place and disrespect Mr. Adam like that? Man 3: Yeah! Omega: I am just being brutally honest! I totally understand if you can't handle it! After All, he has been sugarcoating everything you've learned! I mean, c'mon, what championships do you see on these walls! The Men look at the walls, realizing that Austin was right, and no titles were on the wall. Omega: My advise for you guys is, leave this academy! Go somewhere that will actually help you rather than going here, which is just a cash grab for him! Adam: Alright, they've heard enough. Go ahead and leave. Omega walks past Adam and right towards the trainees, before reaching into his pocket, and grabbing his wallet. Omega: You know what? Get in the ring for me, show me what you guys got! You've been here for like, two years! Austin motions for two of the men two get in the ring, and they listen. Omega: Alright, do some forearms. They follow suit with forearms and run the ropes, trading arm drags, before Austin tells them to stop. Omega: Alright, do a Suplex! They look at him dumbfoundedly, and say, "What"? Omega turns off the music that is playing and says, "SUPLEX"! They then hesitatntly say "Oh, Okay" before looking at each other. Adam: Adam hesitantly walks towards Austin and whispers, "They haven't learned Suplexes yet". Austin bursts up, and looks shocked. Omega: You are telling me, these guys have been here for TWO YEARS, and don't even know how to do a snap suplex! C'mon! That is poor as Addy's in-ring work! Don't you guys want to be good. I can't believe it! Two Years here and you are still amateurs. Adam: I am trying to take it slow with them so they can get it down packed. Omega rolls his eyes, before giving them each 100 Canadian Dollars. Omega: I advise you, go to another school. This place is an absolute mess! Two whole years here and you don't know how to do a snap suplex! if you continue to go here, you will end up like Adam and never win any titles! Adam: Go Austin, just go. I am sorry that i wronged you in the past, but just go back to wherever BPZ Valor is being broadcasted from. Omega: Alright, I will, but think about what I said guys! You don’t want to be a joke your whole life and end up like Adam here! Austin opens the door and leaves, as the trainees just look on. Austin gets into his car, and speeds off.
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    To Bring Him Back.

    Backstage there is an interview taking place with the Universal Champion as Josh Trenton sits down with the new champion and the leader of FD-Gun as the Texas Deathmatch between FDS and Flynn has been announced just after this week's carnage. The Universal champion looks surprisingly calm as he sits with Josh. “Ladies and gentlemen summerslam is 3 weeks away and today I will be sitting down with one of the confirmed participants in the BMF Championship match, The Challenger and Current Universal Champion: FDS. Welcome FDS” “Hello Josh.” “Alright straight into it, FDS you challenged Flynn for the title under any stipulation, you’ve said in the past that you no longer wish to wrestle in Deathmatches so why did you allow Flynn to choose the stipulation knowing that he’d pick something of that variety?” FDS tilts his head slightly as he then sighs before addressing the question “Well to put it simply if the only way for Flynn to go back to being himself and to stop him from trying to be what Creed wants him to be is to go back to that type of wrestling then that’s what I'll do. I don’t care for deathmatch wrestling anymore and I haven’t in years. The part of me that needed to torture myself in matches like that is gone or at the very least suppressed but in order to bring back the man who I consider as a close personal friend back to being what he should be, I will indulge in the depths of hell and I will show people what true violence is supposed to be.” “Interesting. Now you said you’d bring the madness to Flynn on Carnage, does this mean the possible return of the Emperor of Chaos? Or perhaps another dark persona of yours?” FDS laughs slightly before composing himself again “I layed the Emperor Of Chaos to rest in January. When I threw that mask away that was my burial for a part of myself that I no longer need. I relied on that persona a fair few times after I left it a long time ago, that part of me isn’t what I need to face Flynn or anyone else for that matter. I proved that when I wrestled in the unsanctioned match at Royal Rumble and I was able to torture Smith without using that part of me. I have something else in mind to face Flynn. I don’t need to embrace the darkness nor do I need to embrace the light. I will say though the Phoenix shall roost for Summerslam and I will bring something else to face the so called painmaker.” “Ok… You’ve continued to state that you don’t respect “This Flynn” yet you respect the Flynn that was vicious and would do anything to win and did try to end your career, why do you respect that Flynn over the man trying to better himself?” FDS adjust himself and the Universal Championship “It’s quite simple. Wouldn’t you want your friend to be true to themselves Josh? I’m not saying the Flynn I want back is a good person, I just would rather he be Happy and if that means I have to suffer because of it… then so be it. I don’t really fear getting myself broken into pieces if it means I can help him realise who he is once again.” “Alright. So Is there any reason you have chosen not to defend the Universal Championship in this match?” FDS Sighs “Well Josh, if you would listen to what I said on Carnage you’d know that it’s because I believe the Universal Championship should represent the best of professional wrestling. The best blow for blow, move for move in ring competitor. In a war such as this, a fight such as this something so bitter and violent, it should not be defended given the atrocities the two of us will likely commit in this matchup.” “Right sorry, ok so if you won’t be defending the Universal Championship at Summerslam I assume you’ll be defending it at the Next Carnage Pay-Per-View, so have you scouted any possible Opponents?” “Well I do have somebody in Mi-” FDS is stopped as he sees the door violently swing open as somebody charges at FDS (Reply Planned, Duh)
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    Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room. Today on the show, who will Brad pick to be his tag team partner, how is SSW Clubs recruitment going and is GRV a musical wonder? Find out now! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start with Bart and Flynn stood in front of the entire locker room. Alongside them would be two new members of the locker room, Not Gru and Harry Kane.* Flynn: "Thanks for your patience guys, we're just waiting for Josh and FD to show up, then we can start the introduction." Alex Costa: "They're here already aren't they." Flynn: "Wait what." Alex Costa: "Yeah, they're outside still, FD still hasn't stopped. I don't think I've even seen him blink yet." *As Alex said this everyone would pile up near the door of the back exit. Bart would open the door slightly to see FD throwing stones at Josh.* FDS: "Hi guys. Beautiful weather today." Bart: "Hey FD. Would you mind coming in for a few seconds, we uh need to do some introductions." FDS: "Oh sure thing! Come on Josh." *Everyone would make their way back to their original places, FD would enter with Josh behind him, bruised and bloody.* Flynn: "Well, now that everybody is inside. We have two new members of the roster here today, on my left is Not Gru and on my right is Harry Kane." Akki: "KANEEEE KANEEEEEE KANEEEEE KANEEEEEEEE" *Akki would continue to go crazy until he passed out, laying on the floor of the locker room.* Flynn: "Anyway, Not Gru here will be joining the Valor brand, as for Harry, we aren't sure yet." Toxik: "Hey Harry, do you want to join SSW Club?" *Everyone in the locker room including the two new recruits would laugh as Toxik said this.* Toxik: "I'm being serious, I can teach you." Sameer: "Teach him what, how to get a lower win percent than Arrow?" *Everyone would again start laughing* Toxik: "Okay. How about you Not Gru, I can tell you all about why Trump is the best president to ever exist." *Again the locker room would all begin laughing at Toxik.* Toxik: "I'm sick and tired of this disrespect. I am out of here!" *Toxik would get up and naruto run towards the exit. Before pulling the push door. Quickly he corrected his mistake as he pushed the door open and naruto ran into the sunset.* FDS: "Well. Now that that's over, can I go back outside now." Flynn: "Sure." *FDS would pick up Josh and carry him outside so he could continue the beating.* Bart: "Anyway, now that that is over, we on Valor have something to announce. At Chapter 2, myself and Smith will be defending the BPZ Tag Team Championships. As a part of Brads retirement tour, he will be getting a shot at the titles with a partner of his choice. So can every single Valor member please stand against this wall so that Brad can pick who he will be teaming with." *On command, the Valor roster would do what they were told to, apart from Akki who was still laying on the ground probably dreaming about Kane.* Bart: "Floor is yours Brad." Brad: "Hmmm. Well obviously I can't pick Slim or Sameer, they both have matches. Same with Bob and Necce. Oh! I know! I pick Echo Wilson!" Bart: "Uh Brad he isn't on Valor." Brad: "I pick Echo Wilson!" Bart: "Brad he-" Brad: "I pick Echo Wilson!" Bart: "He's on Carna-" Brad: "I pick Echo Wilson!" Bart: "Fine fine, you can team with Echo. Everyone sit down." Brad: "Thank you!" *As everyone would go back to their seats, GRV would begin to speak.* GRV: "Hey Smith, mind if I start the song." *Smith would quickly hide a blunt behind his back.* Smith: "Ah shit yeah the song, go on GRV." *Out of nowhere music started playing in the locker room, somehow a spotlight hovered over GRV as well.* GRV: "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "This rage inside of me gets deep by every minute." "I take what's inside of me and go with it, go with it." "I embrace my damage, this is faith not leverage." "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "I need it yeah." "I feel it yeah." "The darkness in the clouds." "Feet on the ground." "Fists all around." "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" "Crawling through the pain, yeah yeah yeah yeah" *As the music would come to an end, everyone would be shocked to silence, stunned by the pure brilliance of GRV. That would be until Akki would wake up.* Akki: "Rapping are we. Okay." "All the ni-" Entire Locker Room: NO! ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Two. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
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    "Innocence has no resistance Against a wicked counsellor such as I" Last Time: A Fool A few nights following King of the Ring the Valor roster are preparing themselves for their weekly broadcast as the before image, a mostly empty Arena in Wyoming. A few workers are down at the middle of the arena floor, working on wiring and other things, getting ready for the night ahead. The camera pans around to see Arius, sitting in the band area…the large video board behind him shuffling through the Chapter 2: Exodus match splash logos. Dressed in an old 'InterHerBum Championship, Eric Shun’ t-shirt and a pair of ratty jeans. A newly scabbed scrape on his left shin, shows one wound from his match at King of the RIng. The newly crowned champion looks up at the empty lights as he stretches across the floor. He can still feel the knees of former champion Slim in his back as he groans, loud enough for the echoes to reach those working below "Jesus Chrissssssttttt! What a night" Finally upright. The Vultures necklace can be seen hanging from his neck as little trinkets hang from the string. 'Julius' Championship Nameplate, a torn piece of 'Le Champions' bandanna. Arius shoves it under his shirt again as he looks around, stretching his arms left and right of himself before he his head shoots up in a panicked state murmuring "Shit. Shit. Shit" as he darts left and right looking for "Ah there you are, you bugger" Arius leans down as he notices the Gold Plate sitting on the concrete floor. Stepping down the champion fights the the equipment case for his belt, finally winning as he throws it on to his shoulder. Some stage workers were near by watching it all play out as Arius shoots a broken smile to them "Looking good right boys?", the two men cheers with their styrofoam cups in celebration of his success. Ah yes. The new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Soaking in the moment Arius drags himself on to the stage as he heads backstage through the gorilla position. His duffel bag hanging over this neck to free his arms, the champion nodded and acknowledged the few people he walked past on to his destination. Finally reaching the main entrance of the arena. Standing near by was one of the newest superstars on the Valor roster Jim Lopes. He stood their in his street clothes drinking a coffee to help protect himself from the cold night as Arius approached him. Arius: Hey man, could you hold this for a moment? Arius surprises Jim who was in his own world, taking the coffee from his hands and placing it on a table near by. Jim: Hey-what Arius pauses Jim while he is ahead, placing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder to his surprises as the champion makes sure he has it held sturdy before taking a step back. Like an artist admiring his finished work Arius: "Isn't she a beauty! Thanks for that mate. Now don't go running off or i'll need to hunt ya down!....Jim's eyes widen Calm down, just pulling ya leg!" Arius laughs as a worried Jim holds the championship firm. Arius slaps Jim on the shoulder, knocking him off balance momentarily before turning his attention to his mission. Now with the championship out of his hands Arius dives right back into his sack as he scrambles through whatever has been thrown inside to retrieve a handful of crumpled up papers Arius: "Shit. Don't you just hate?..Hm. I guess I should've been more careful right? No matter. No matter. Nothing a bit of TLC won't do it. Let me work my magic" With force Arius slaps the paper against the concrete wall as he moves his elbow up and down attempting to flatten it out to the best of his ability "...Ah.. GOOD AS NEW!" Arius shows Jim a slightly less crumpled piece of paper as he nods in agreement, not looking to tip the boat of the conversations Arius: These bad boys can do more than fight you know? You need to make sure your mind is ticking, working smoothly for when the unexpected comes knocking. A well oiled machine. Arius widens his eye, still trying to recover from the night before Well..if the oil was Jack Daniels Arius laughs to himself as Jim rocks under the neck hug of the champion Ahh...Don’t tell Rin I said that. She feels making light of it isn't healthy and i know how easy these things travel..if ANYONE IS LISTENING! Arius looks down the hallway at prying road agents who quickly walk in the opposite direction back to their duties Nosy bastards. But this is what I’m talking about Jim! You need to keep busy, keep the mind preoccupied. Hell you know the saying? They say idle hands are the devil's playthings. I feel that is how we ended up in the business. Sure we have different stories to tell but we all just needed to keep busy. An outlet! Arius finally successfully hangs up a flyer on the wall, hand written and with rippable phone numbers "In Search Of: Drummer, Guitarist. Will listen to other instruments. No Xylophones!!!" You play? No? Hm. Arius begins shoving the paper back in his bag This company is primed for those hungry enough to scourge for the true opportunities. And a little advice for you Jim? If you don’t strike while the iron is hot then you’re liable to get burned yourself. You’ll soon learn how this works. Adversity is such a cursed little thing, often you’re put in such a precarious position where you’re forced to fight or flight, there is no in-between, there is no half-assing it and the choices that you make are vital. Some people live for the moment, I can see it in your eyes you're itching for it, people like us thrive in intense situations. There is no cap on what we can do or what we can achieve. We refuse to take no for an answer. Arius leans down to pick up Jim's coffee as his new acquaintance looks on Oh yeah! That hits the spot...Hm. Where was I? Oh right. You see unlike us others will crumble under the pressure when push comes to shove, they lose control of their senses, their decision making fizzles out and everything comes undone. There’s a fine line between taking the ball and dropping it. If there was an easier way, believe me, people would be riding it out until they die but there just isn’t. Maybe it’s better that way because it reveals the true colours that people are made of but nobody wants their true colours exposed to the masses for fear of scrutiny, fear of their reputation turning to shit and fear of betrayal by their loved ones. We're a fickle business man. Arius starts idly walking with Jim under his arms as they make use of the empty foyer The audience can be bored with you in a minute but if you work with them, oh they’ll eat anything you give them. It is like every other relationship in life. A little give and a little take. Leave them wanting more...What about you huh? You look like a bit of a ladies man, I can see you pushing them off in the arena Arius smiles as he knocks Jim in the shoulder What makes Jim tick? Hm? Silent type huh? I can see it. You know it’s crazy to think about the amount of contributing factors that complete a person’s make up. Everybody has something they keep under wraps and when those secrets are unveiled to the eyes of the world, all of the skeletons come dancing out of their closets in unison with a smile on their face because they’ve been covered in layers of dirt for so long, but it’s the way we handle adversity that separates the men from the boys. You can either tuck your tail and run for the hills or you can rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and stare your demons dead in the eye. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve never shied away from conflict but it isn't always going to end pretty. Parts of 2020 were pissed down the drain and that is the cold hard truth. I was my own enemy and I won’t cower from the cold hard facts nor will I spin a tangled web of lies and excuses. You'll only hurt yourself if you start that Jim. They’ll pick you apart if they see through that. This year has been a double-edged sword where on one end, I’ve had my fair share of victories but on the other end I’ve swallowed the taste of defeat and I’ve endured the harsh lessons and subsequent aftermaths of some major fuck ups on my resume. This isn’t about feeling sorry for ourselves though. This isn’t about the trials and tribulations of what a man goes through in this industry, this is the truth that we, I am forced to face every time I look into the mirror. I don’t seek pity as a result nor do I yearn for an easy way out. What I want to do is redefine the current status quo and the only way to do that is by unceremoniously picking apart a handful of souls that stand in my way. And to do that I will have to push past the heckling from my peers, I’ll have to put it all in the rear view mirror. And look to a brighter future Arius shows a wide smile as he slaps the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in a celebratory manner The Vulture is ALIVE. And at Exodus if I am to burn under the Egyptian sun, if my flesh is to be peeled from my skin, if death itself is in fact, on the table then I say let it come in waves, let the scorpions ravage my body, let the churning sandstorms stab my skin because if that’s what it takes to rip the richest prize away in that Temple then so be it. In a match like this under the deathly hot skies, where the very air we breathe will feel like a shot of dragon's breath. In the end it’s a matter of survival. There comes a time where you have to put will before skill. The flame never truly dies, even if it’s not as bright as it once was but I know that I can’t let this opportunity slip away. When I returned a few months ago, I was obsessed with redemption for what happened at BPZMania and truth be told I never exacted revenge in the way that I saw fit. Maybe there is more in me? It dawned on me that the best form of retribution is not through violent acts of barbarity it’s through individual success. Taking that Undisputed Championship would be my culmination. And ripping down one of those medallions this August will be the way i do it. Arius notices himself tensing up as he stands up straight again, clearing his throat, dusting off his clothes as he turns to Jim. Do you mind? Jim hands over the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship unsure about what just happened or what to say in return Thanks...Arius places it in his bag alongside the papers as he throws it over his shoulder. Just remember, predator and prey move in silent gestures. It doesn't get easier. Arius pats Jim on the back on last time as he heads off down the hall "Sycophancy, solipsistic Spider plays the fool to lure the fly"
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    I Can't Odd

    Fulfilling Desires

    We are live on the Carnage after King of the Ring where Arius became World Champion, Ropati won the King of the Ring tournament, and more. It was announced that the North American Championship will be returning with a new champion being decided in a fatal fourway at Summerslam. Before that, qualifiers will be held to decide which four men will be in that championship bout, with Buddy Ace being set to face off against Raven in his qualifying match. These two men have crossed paths earlier in the year and a singles match between them is definitely an interesting one. Buddy Ace wastes no time coming out here, heading straight to the timekeeper's area for a microphone as he looks to talk about this big match. “Already, I have been given my first test as a member of the Death Riders, a qualifying match for a shot at the North American Championship. In the past I’ve had my share of chances at it but that belt continued to elude me each time. I really thought that with Flynn’s victory at Backlash we would never see the North American Championship again but I am glad I was wrong because winning that championship is a goal I feel the urge to fulfill. That triple threat at BPZMania especially fueled me, I mean Joh entering last second completely threw things off for me. I truly thought I could have won if it was a singles match and defeating KENJI at Last Resort only reinforced that belief for me. I don’t want to be viewed as being a step below anymore, I have to prove that I am a champion calibre competitor by earning my way into one more title match.” “In my mind it’s actually incredibly appropriate that my opponent for this qualifying match would be Raven. Raven is a man that I have absolutely wanted to go one on one with for a couple of reasons. Upon his return to BPZ after his little hiatus, he attacked an already injured Isaiah Carter so in a way this could be seen as a measure of revenge. As much as I want to get you back for that, let’s talk about this little hiatus real quick. Back at Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre I won the United States Championship from Raven, a moment I’ll be forever proud of. What Raven said after that match stuck with me. According to Raven I was disrespecting him, insulting him when I didn’t have the proper amount of self confidence he deemed I should have. It was kind of inspiring to hear an opponent talk about me the way he did and I have been putting my all into showing my talent to the world. Now my problem here is that he not one month later takes my championship away at BPZMania to become the first three time United States Champion only to immediately disappear with it over some bruised ego crap. Let me tell you, that was true disrespect right there. I almost took it personal, I mean my reign was crapped on and flushed away for nothing.” “Now it seems I may have walked right into something nasty between the Death Riders and FD-Gun but I can assure you that this match is not Death Riders versus FD-Gun, it’s Buddy Ace vs Raven. It’s two guys who have the desire to be stars, to be champions, to be the leaders of this company. We got a score to settle but more importantly we got an opportunity to fulfill those desires and neither of us is gonna give that up. Question is, who wants it more? I guess we won’t know that until the night of but I am certainly planning to kick the ever loving shit out of Raven when we are face to face that night.” With that Buddy Ace stomps to the back having said what he wanted and these upcoming qualifying matches are sure to be incredible.
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    Well, it is that time of the night. Main event time here on Friday Night Valor! And what a match we have coming up. Austin Mirage… Eric Shun... Alice... On A Pole! And here comes Austin Mirage! Over the past week, Austins life has been made hell by Eric Shun. With the former champ taking endorsement deals away from Austin, and even making his girlfriend cheat on him. Tonight, right now, is Austins turn for revenge. No disqualifications in this match, this is Austins time to inflict pain! As he makes his way down to the ring, giving only a look of disgust towards Alice who is already perched up on the pole on the corner turnbuckle. Now, it is time for his opponent. And here he comes, The Big One, The Mass Debater, Mister Steal Your Girl, it is Eric Shun. Eric of course suggested the stipulation for this match earlier on tonight, as himself and Mirage spoke back and forth in the ring, now it is time for Eric Shun to back up his actions with words. For the first time since World At War, we are going to be seeing Eric Shun in action. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ring Announcer: “The following match is an Alice On A Pole match! There are no disqualifications and the winner will be the man to safely get Alice off of the pole. To my left, from Montgomery, Alabama he is The Saviour Of BPZ, Austin Mirage! To my right, from your girlfriends bedroom, he is The Big One, The Mass Debater, Mr Steal Your Girl, Eric Shun!” After the announcer introduces the two men, the bell is rung and the match begins. One thing to remember in this match, as the pair lock up collar and elbow style, is that there are no count outs, no disqualifications and no pinfalls of submissions either. Simply the only way to win is to get Alice Mirage off of the pole. As Eric Shun forces Mirage into a corner turnbuckle and delivers a knife edge chop to the chest. Before quickly getting another few in in succession. Mirage isn’t going to let Eric Shun start off on the front foot though, as he reverses the roles, switching where the pair are and beginning to lay into Eric Shun with some chops now. Irish whip from Mirage, sending Shun into the ropes, Mirage drops low, but Eric Shun stops himself, holding onto the ropes to completely stop his movement. Mirage realises and charges, but Eric Shun pulls down the top rope and Austin Mirage is sent crashing to the outside. I think we all know what is coming now. Suicide di- no! Austin Mirage with a huge reversal! And now the momentum is fully in the hands of Austin Mirage, as he rolls Eric Shun back into the ring. Eric though, is trying to get back up onto his feet, but a kick to the gut from Austin Mirage keeps him down. Screams of “Screw you” “You deserve this you punk” follow the kick, as Mirage is just looking to beat the living hell out of Eric Shun in this match. Once again, Mirage lifts Shun back onto his feet, a stiff shot to the face is blocked by Eric Shun. Who instead fires back and connects against Austin Mirage, Mirage though fires back, and now the pair just going back and forth with punches to the skull on one another. Both men look like they are going to fall after every single punch, as they both drop onto their knees. But the blows keep coming. Before both men crash down onto the mat! Eric Shun though, it looks like he is still moving, yes he is. Eric Shun is crawling towards the pole! It looks like he's trying to get Alice down. Yes he is! But Austin Mirage out of nowhere, leaps forward and drags Eric Shun off of Alice. But Eric Shun grabbed onto Alices’ shoe. Both men now, using the ring ropes to help themselves get back onto their feet, Eric Shun with a high heel in his hand. As he gets up first and charges Austin Mirage looking to use the heel as a weapon to poke Mirage in the eye, but Mirage ducks, before kneeing Eric Shun in the stomach, causing the big one to double over and drop the shoe, which is immediately picked up by Austin Mirage and spiked back down right onto the back of Eric Shun! Who screams out in pain. Now it looks like Mirage is gonna set up for the Cruel Justice. And he hits it! And he rolls through, into a suplex! Great combination from Austin Mirage right there! This could be his opportunity, as he goes over to the corner turnbuckle and climbs. Now all he has to do is get Alice off of the pole, as he begins to untie the knots. But, somehow, somehow Eric Shun is up in time to drag Austin Mirage off of the top rope and back down onto the canvas. Now Eric Shun has the chance to attack, as he turns Austin Mirage around and sends him across the ring into the far corner, quickly following up with a splash and then he continues into a running bulldog! Eric Shun is beginning to look fired up, as he lifts Austin Mirage, into the pump handle slam with some extra Eric Shun! Now what is Eric Shun thinking here? Will he go to try and retrieve Alice? No he won’t instead, Eric Shun has left the ring and is searching underneath the ring for something to bring out. A table? And a kendo stick! Things could get dangerous here. Eric Shun, slides the table into the ring, just as Austin Mirage looks to be getting up to his feet though. And now we have a standoff. Austin Mirage in the ring, and Eric Shun on the outside with a kendo stick. Mirage, though, welcomes Eric Shun to get back into the ring, which he does. But Austin Mirage looks to have set a trap as he stomps and kicks at Eric Shun as he slides into the ring, Eric Shun looks to fight through the barrage but I doubt he will be able to as Austin Mirage sends Eric Shun into the ropes, and he bounces back off into a shoulder tackle from Austin Mirage, causing Eric Shun to drop the kendo stick and he falls to the ground. But Shun gets right back up, and swings at Austin Mirage who smartly dodges, but he can’t dodge the superkick from Eric Shun! What a kick from Eric Shun! Now he turns his attention to Alice. All he has to do now is untie the knots and get Alice down and he will be the winner of this match. As Eric Shun gingerly makes his way across the ring and now he begins untying the knots. Eric Sh- hold on! Look at Austin Mirage! Out of nowhere! Austin Mirage! Using the kendo stick to choke out Eric Shun, stopping him from getting Alice down. How on earth did he manage to get back up so quickly? What on earth! Austin Mirage has Eric Shun in a chokehold, as he falls back onto the ground, really putting all he has into this hold right now. Of course, though, there are no submissions in this match, all Austin Mirage has to do is keep this hold in, eventually, Eric Shun will pass out. But, Eric Shun looks to be fighting back as he swings wild elbows backwards, hoping to connect with Austin Mirage on one of them. And alas he does! A powerful elbow forcing Austin Mirage to release the hold. Eric Shun rolls to the ropes, trying to use them to get up, whilst Austin Mirage is looking to return to his feet as well. Unsurprisingly it is Austin Mirage who manages to return to his feet first and he begins to unload on Eric Shun again with some kicks to the legs of Eric Shun. Before he lifts him up for a suplex, and connects. A big vertical suplex. Now Austin Mirage looks to be going up to the top rope. Something big planned here by Austin Mirage, but! Eric Shun cuts him off with a wicked shot to the head using the Kendo Stick. Austin Mirage could be out cold on the top rope. Meanwhile, Eric Shun looks to be setting up the table in the ring. No, don't do it! Eric Shun joins Austin Mirage up on the top rope. Sexually Transmitted Disaster though the table! Holy shit! Austin Mirage is down and out surely. As Eric Shun, crawls towards Alice. Slowly he goes. As he now begins untying the knots and yes! Eric Shun is your winner! Eric Shun has defeated Austin Mirage in this Alice On A Pole match! As instantly Alice runs towards Austin, who is out cold, checking on her boyfriend. As Eric Shun reigns victorious tonight to cap off what has been a wonderful night here on Valor.
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    Alex Costa

    Forging a Kingdom

    BPZ.Com Exclusive The video starts with a shot of an empty arena where we see Alex Costa sitting by himself contemplating on things. Alex Costa: The time is slowly ticking away for you Josh. Just because you pulled some string to get our match now to be No Disqualification, doesn't mean you are save from the embarassment I am gonna cause you on Carnage when I beat you even with this handicap. For me this match is just a tuneup, I know I can beat you Josh. No matter how many silly stipulations you stack against me, I am going to beat you, that's how confident I am. Just because you beat that scrub Gary Green doesn't mean you are entitled to even be in the discussion for the North American Championship. Alex sighes a bit The North American Championship has eluded my grasp for a long time. I worked hard but never got the chance to chellange for it and it ate me inside. Seeing guys like Austin Mirage, for exemple get a chance at it and I, I was never considered. For a long time it pissed me off, you know. But now I understand why they did it. Frankly I don't blame them, what happened last year is something that still haunts me. This tournament is a chance to right all the wrongs. Both mine and this title we been disrespected for far too long. People ask what I plan to do if win the North American Championship? I can tell you I don't plan to just copy the legacies left behind by Arius and KENJI with this belt. Certainly not Yelich's. I am going to forge my own path with the NA Championship. I plan to make that title my own. Alex then continues to look on This path of mine starts when I beat you Josh. Josh you are a good hand and I am sure you can help the young guys settle in well. But I have moved past that. My goal and focus is only to get to Summerslam and leave Summerslam as the North American Champion. Anything else I'd consider it to be a failure! I am going to forge this division into my own Kingdom. It's time respect is restored to the North American Championship and I will be the one to do it. The people in the back want this to be in the midcard, well when I am done I will make this belt the Main Event once again. As Alex finishes speaking he continues looking at the arena for a bit before nodding to the camera and walking away out of frame as the video ends. Alex looks ready for the fight against Josh. How will Josh respond to these words? Can Alex make good on his promise to become North American Champion?
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    A Ghost of My Past

    After the announcement of the returning North American championship and subsequent qualifying matches for the bout at SummerSlam, we see a video posted on the BPZ Neccework. The video begins with footage of the inaugural North American championship ladder match, with names like Buddy Ace, KENJI, Arius and Raven participating in the bout. As the match nears the conclusion, we see the camera pan out to show Raven sitting on the couch, a glass of champagne in his hand and watching the match intently. As Arius scales the ladder and unlatches the belt, Raven turns the TV off and turns his sights to the camera. History is...Painful. Sitting down with nothing except your thoughts, going over your failures in your mind, wishing you could've been better, thinking about how you could've changed things in the moment...It's a feeling every man knows. Especially as a wrestler. As a wrestler, you always want to get better at what you do, and you're always trying to move forward. These mistakes always stay with your mind, and they shape the type of person and the type of wrestler you end up becoming...But it never gets easier. No matter how much you improve, no matter how much you try to make things right, those moments stick with you. They either cloud your judgment and keep you up at night, or you learn to come to grips with them...But they never go away. That's what that North American championship is to me. It's a symbol of my failure. My first ever match in the company, and I'm given the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to place my name as the first ever North American champion. An honor that no man can ever take away from me. A chance to beat future world champions like Arius and KENJI in my first ever match...I failed. I've become a better man and a better athlete because of it, but it doesn't change the fact that I failed. Arius scaled that ladder and unhooked the title, not me. Every night, I think about that failure. Every night, I think about how my debut would've turned heads and made everyone take notice, and every night, I'm reminded that I fumbled my greatest chance at glory. Since that night, I've tried to fill a hole in my heart. I've tried to create these fabricated "histories" to hold me over, to keep my mind occupied...But my first ever goal in this company that would've immediately made me a star is gone forever. I was given a shot at the North American title later, but guess what? I failed that chance too. And then, after BPZ Mania, Flynn decided to remove the title forever and take away the goal I set for myself from day one. I thought it was over at that point...I thought I'd never get to put my name in that history book. It's part of why there was so much anger directed at Flynn in our match at Last Resort...He took the title that I needed to feel whole and tossed it aside like it meant nothing. But now...It's back. A dream that I thought was gone forever...A ghost that I thought would haunt me for the rest of my life...I have a chance to finally make good on that goal. I can never be the first ever North American champion...But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna be the next. Now as for my opponent, Buddy Ace...Buddy, I've followed you very closely since I came into this company. You were one of those eight men in that match, and like me, you lost that night. But your immediate attachment to that title is more recently defined than mine. You had a shot at the gold at BPZ Mania, and then you beat the last real North American champion after the fact. I know that eats you alive. I know you feel every bit of anger and frustration I feel. I know that belt haunts you at night. I know you see the North American title every time you close your eyes. And now...I know you see this opportunity that I see. Buddy, I can't express how happy I am that it's you and me, one more time, before the North American title match at SummerSlam. I say that because I'm confident there aren't any two people in that match who could possibly want that gold as much as we do. Whoever wins between you and me...That's the man I'd place money on at SummerSlam. And I'm sorry, Buddy, but as much as you may need this gold...I need it that much more. I'm not stupid enough to look past you, because I know first hand how good you are...But you're not the destination for me. I have a ghost to exorcise at SummerSlam. You're just gonna have to wait a little longer to exorcise yours. As Raven says this, the footage cuts out, with Raven having sent a clear message to Buddy Ace ahead of their Bar Room Brawl. Raven and Buddy Ace is sure to be a heated match with a lot of history to fuel it, but which of these two talented competitors will come out on top?
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    Valor returns from commercial break and the Evolve intro (it's just clips of Yelich and Marc Aaron Newton, and also one clip of Nardie for good measure) plays signalling it is time for the Evolve portion of the show. The screen then morphs into OH JESUS CHRIST! Yelich and Marc Aaron Newton are seen standing in front of the infamous Los Angeles Scientology Church smiling gleefully... I'm going to go scream into a pillow for a bit. Yelich: Hey everyone! It's me, Evolve GM Yelich, here with Business Partner and best Investor a man can ask for, Marc Aaron Newton. And today, we're getting ANOTHER BUSINESS PARTNER! Marc Aaron Newton: Yes, today we're here to announce that Scientology is now the official religion of Evolve Wrestling! And that we are fully committed to praying to Xenu every night, and you should too! Yelich: They are giving M.A.N Global, and the entirety of Evolve and their fans who pray devotedly to Xenu the strength and push needed to get what they want in life. He will also from this bring mercy upon us, so he does not strike us down like he did to his people in Incident II which we will not look further into, because the hologram of L. Ron Hubbard himself we talked to, told us if we tried to solve it, we'd die of pneumonia. Marc Aaron Newton: From us praying to Xenu and accepting him into our lives, it is without a doubt that I will win this Valor Exclusive Championship and bring it to Evolve and for Yelich to win the Temple Match against those sickly non-believer opponents of his. Yelich: Even without Xenu we're still the best wrestlers in the world. But with Xenu and the Church of Scientology on our side, M.A.N Global is unstoppable. Marc Aaron Newton: The dictator of the Galactic Confederacy will always smile upon us. And just like he did to Teegeeack, we will defeat our opponents until Evolve reigns supreme in BPZ... except we're not gonna pulverize them with hydrogen bombs and countless volcanoes, but rather hit lots of wrestling moves unti- Marc's phone begins buzzing from his pocket, making him sigh in annoyance as he looks at it before accepting the call. As M.A.N does this, Yelich begins thinking out loud as he stares at the California sky... he might be looking straight into sun... knowing Yelich he probably is, he is very stupid. Marc Aaron Newton: Tony... Tony no for the last time, we can not go to M&M World for you, we are at the LOS ANGELES Scientology Church, not the Times Square one... sigh Yes we can get you a big bag of M&M's on our way back... I KNOW you have a peanut allergy, I'm not getting the Peanut or Peanut Butter M&M's, now can you excuse me, Yelich & I have very important things we are doing right now... Love you too, bye. Yelich: I wonder if I can make a hydrogen bomb to beat Arius again.... hmmm. Marc hangs up on Tony Tastic, breathing a sigh of relief before returning to Yelich. Marc Aaron Newton: He insists on saying "I love you" because he thinks it builds team friendship, I can't stand it. By the way, did you say anything? Yelich: Nothing of much importance, and leave Tony alone, he's new to the scene, and he's going to pick up that win over GRV at Exodus, really building up the Evolve brand. You should be supportive of him. Marc Aaron Newton: Yeah I know... You think we said enough to suit the Evolve segment? I wanna go meet Tom Cruise. Yelich: Oh my god, he can teach us about Mummies before we go to Egypt! Marc Aaron Newton: Exactly! And how to be on the run from an intelligence agency like he did in that Mission Impossible movie! Yelich: Wait, why would we need that? Marc Aaron Newton: Oh don't you know? They HATE Scientology in Egypt, and the police are SUPER corrupt there, they'll throw us in jail if we aren't hidden enough. Yelich:...Fuuuuuu- The screen abruptly cuts to black as Valor returns to a commercial break, everyone at home's heads hurting from how much they know about Scientology now.
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    The scene starts in a dark room, with a man tied to a chair, with tape on his mouth, legs, and hands. Tastic and Lord Yautja would then walk slowly to the man as Tastic laughs while walking forwards him, once he is next to the guy he puts the hood on the man’s hoodie on his head, so nobody can see his face, Tastic then circles around the chair as he says. Tastic: Yo, Yautja. Hold him, make sure he doesn’t get out of the chair, he’s a slippery one. Yautja would then do as he wasn’t told, as the man tries to desperately escape the grasp of Yautja’s powerful hands. Tastic: Now look, I didn’t want to have to do this to you, man. Trust me, I really didn’t, but if this is what I have to do to put my focus straight on GRV, then so be it. Now before I erase you from the history books forever I wanna say a few words to remember you by. It was 2 years ago when you stepped into the ring with the then Drunken, Imbecile by the name of Ty Kelly, now this particular match was your big break, Antonio, because somebody by the name of BrendenPlayz was here to take a close look at you and Ty, For you, it was your chance to finally be known, it was a chance for you to be the most talked about wrestler in this industry, 2018 was supposed to be your year, and you promised day and night that it would be, but for Ty, he was fighting for a new legacy, before this match he was best known as a convicted felon, a waste of talent, and some might say “Damaged Goods”. He was fighting for another chance to make it, he was trying to fix all those hiccups he’s done in the past, let’s just say he wanted another round. These two mindsets, and these two talents would clash that day, these two we’re ready to finally make it big, you and him wanted this, but one wanted it more, and that man was Ty, now trust me, I’m not mad at that, because as you might know, you win some and you lose some, so I’m not gonna discredit him, it was what occurred after that match that made my skin crawl, Brenden had a conversation with both of you simultaneously after the match, I’d say about 15-20 minutes after the match, he approached us, and it was something major on the table, A BrendenPlayz Wrestling Contract, and I’m pretty sure you remember this moment, you were thinking “I did it, I finally made it, I may not have won, but it seems like I did enough”, but those thoughts would quickly come tumbling down by just a few words, these few words turned me into the man I am today, and those words were “You’re not ready yet”, those are the words that brung you here today, in this very chair, tied up with some tape , wearing a stray jacket, and in the grasp of Yautja, do our have anything to say, Antonio? Tastic then snatches the tape off of the man’s mouth, revealing the tied up man as Tony Tastic, 2 years prior to now. Tastic: Didn’t you hear me, Antonio, I asked you a question, shall I repeat myself? 2018 Tony Tastic: Well Uh..... Tastic: I guess so, now Antonio, this is the last time I’m gonna ask this question, Do you have anything to say for yourself, young man. 2018 Tony Tastic: I gue..... Tastic: HUH?!?!!!??!? 2018 Tony Tastic: Ye..Yeah, I do. I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I think you reconsider erasing me forever, why are you so angry at m..... you know what, let me rephrase that, why are you so angry at yourself?, aren’t you in BPZ now? Don’t you have another chance to get retribution? Is this unnecessary if you ask me. Tastic: Oh yeah, you may be right, but it’s just too bad I’m not asking you what’s necessary and what isn’t, Antonio, YOU! allowed that son of a bitch to ruin my chance at future titles, accolades, and endorsements, you let that man ruin those opportunities and waste them, you let that man waste your achievements, so you and him have to go, does that make sense now, Antonio huh?. 2018 Tony Tastic: It really doesn’t, you just can’t accept the fact that he was chosen before you, you were still green at the time, you didn’t have much experience, and I’m pretty sure Brenden was planning to sign Ty back, you really have nothing to be mad about!. Tastic: Oh, Oh now I see what’s wrong with you, Antonio. It seems like you’re ok with being rejected by a man that absolutely had no touch in the wrestling business if he thought “Oh, maybe I just sign the man that has a history with drug abuse, arrest related to being drunk all the time, and a convicted felon who has been arrested for rape over a guy who has shitload of potential, and no reported arrests ever!”, you think I wanna live my life knowing that Brenden chose him over me? 2018 Tony Tastic: I think you’re putting words into my mouth, Antonio. I think you’re getting at me for something YOU did, you should be blaming yourself, man, look just hear me out man. Tastic: Nah, you’re time for talking is over man, I ain’t gotta listen to shit you gotta say, I’m not the one tied up to a chair. You had your chance against Ty and you blew it, you the past bro. My time is now, I’M THE ONE!, you ready to be erased, Antonio?. 2018 Tony Tastic: You know what......Yeah, I’m ready, it’s clearly obvious that you will beat this man by any means necessary, so it’s no point in asking to get out of this, but before you do this, just listen to what I have to say, don’t hurt this man over something that happened two years ago, learn to forgive and forget. Tastic: Oh, yeah, I’m definitely gonna forget something, and that something is you, Antonio. You just said your last words, so let’s hurry up and get this over with, because I have a flight to attend to, I don’t exactly have all day, so just take a deep breath. 2018 Tony Tastic: *Sighs* Alright man, I’m ready. Tastic: I’m glad you have came to your senses, Yo, Yaut, Hand me that bottle and set up the shock system. Yautja: *Grunts “Ok”* Yautja then passes Tastic the beer bottle, which he then smashes on 2018 Tony Tastic’s head, knocking him out cold, Yautja then hooks up the shock system, which then electrocutes 2018 Tastic to death. After Tony Tastic looks in shock at what he just did, he wakes up from his dream. He then says. Tastic: What the hell was that?!?!, that was a weird ass dream, wait....wait!, is it gone, is that night deleted from my mind forever, oh yes, YES!?!?, finally after all those years, I have finally got it off my mind, ye...... wait hold up..... *Tastic then looks at his phone and sees that it’s 12:36 pm, he’s damn near late for his flight* Oh shit!, I’m late!. Tastic then jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom to get his shit together, and as we hear all the ruckus going on, the camera fades to black.
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    Eric Shun

    Eric Shun And The Flight To Egypt!

    The following is a BPZ.com exclusive. The scene would start with an inside of a first class plane. Everything looked fantastic, champagne in glasses, comfortable reclining seats, window shutters for privacy. Even a TV screen in each compartment for inflight entertainment. The gold carpet floor and gold lights made it quite apparent that this was the Valor plane which would be taking the superstars to Egypt. Whilst some of the higher up stars like Slim and Creed may be flying privately, BPZ had set up a flight for those who couldn’t afford to have their own private jet. Slowly the plane began to fill up with officials, referees, and wrestlers. With the likes of Marc Aaron Newton, accompanied by Jenna Jameson, TheGRV, Austin Omega and many more. The last person to enter the plane would be Eric Shun, as he checked out the air hostesses as he walked down the aisle to his compartment in the back row, as far away from any females as possible. A few seconds later a muffled sound could be heard before the Pilot would begin to speak. Pilot: “Thank you for boarding this Emirates Airbus A380 flight to Cairo, Egypt. Welcome on board it is great to have you all with us tonight. Everybody is present and we are ready to leave. My co-pilot tonight is German pilot Fanny Chmelar. Just quickly though before we do indeed take off our cabin crew will run you through all the safety equipment and procedures just in case they are needed.” The muffled noise would again be heard as the pilot stopped talking before an air hostess would get up and begin to demonstrate. Air Hostess: “To fasten your seatbelt, inside the metal end into the buckle.” Whilst watching the demonstration Eric Shun couldn’t resist temptation. His hand slide into his pocket because of an itch and he began itching. That was all he was doing I promise, he definitely wasn’t having a wan-. Anyway, as the demonstration would go on, Eric Shun would mutter some things to himself as he itched. Eric Shun: “I’ll put my metal in your buckle.” Air Hostess: “To tighten, pull on the loose end of the strap, to undo your seatbelt lift the buckle cover. In case we are losing oxygen, oxygen masks will fall from the panels above your head.” Eric Shun: “Head? Yes please.” Air Hostess: “To use the mask, pull down on it fastly, secure it to your mouth and nose and attach round the back of your head with the elastic strap. Please breathe normally like I am demonstrating. Only when you have attended to yourself should you attend to children or other passengers.” Eric Shun: “I’ll let you attend to me anyday.” Air Hostess: “In case of emergency, there are six exits to the plane. Two doors at the rear of the plane.” Eric Shun: “I wanna see the rear of your plane.” Air Hostess: “Two doors in the middle of the plane, and two at the front of the plane. For your safety there is also a life jacket installed underneath your seat. When instructed put the jacket over your head, grab the straps and fasten tightly around your waist. To inflate the lifejacket there is a red string to pull, as well as a tube for further inflation. A whistle is also attached to help you call for attention. The lifejacket must not be inflated until you are outside of the aircraft. Thank you, and we wish you all a pleasant flight.” The air hostess would return to her seat as the flight would take off. Still Eric Shun was having fun with himself as the plane took off into the air. However, he wasn’t paying close attention to everything around him and Jenna Jameson had spotted what he was doing and had come over to his cabin. Jenna Jameson: “Hello Eric.” Eric Shun: “Oh uhh, hey.” As soon as he realised he had company, Erics itch would wonderfully go away. Jenna Jameson: “You stopped now?” Eric Shun: “I’ve only just started.” Jenna Jameson: “Room for one more?” Eric Shun: “Oh for sure.” Jenna Jameson would also squeeze into the cabin, before doing the shutter up so nobody could see what the pair were up to. It was all going well, until... [Reply Planned]
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    One week before we see the qualifying matches for the North American championship match at SummerSlam, we see one of the eight men looking to earn a shot at the prestigious prize in Raven come out to the arena. Raven is decked out in a fancy suit, bright red sunglasses and a new entrance theme backing him to boot. As Raven enters the ring, he does a brief taunt to the crowd, mouths the word "Ichiban," and returns to the center of the ring with microphone in hand. Seven more days, everyone. Seven more days until we learn the field at SummerSlam. Seven more days until I see who I have to bowl through to claim the championship I've so eagerly craved for over a year. It may be current tag partners, former rivals, or the future of this very industry, but at SummerSlam, their status means nothing. They're just lambs to the slaughter, and the Meatcastle is ready to feast. That's getting ahead of myself, though...Next week, I'm set to face Buddy Ace in my qualifier, and I've already expressed my feelings on the man. I see a lot of talent in him, endless potential, and a similar hunger that I feel for the North American championship. We both had a chance to be the first ever North American champions, and we both failed. However, Buddy...That's not what people know us for. What people know me for is pretty obvious. Making history, being a three time NXT and US champion...And more recently, putting your tag partner on the shelf indefinitely. But you, Buddy...Your greatest moment is a bit more defined. The 2020 BPZ Rumble. It was you, Arius and Bailey as the final three, and you never looked out of place. Not for a moment. You had the crowd firmly behind you, egging you on, praying for that underdog victory...And even though it never came, that was the spark you needed to finally start putting things together. You won the US title from me the next month, and you were given the honor of competing for the North American championship at BPZ Mania...But what happened, Buddy? Where did the spark go? From what I can tell, since BPZ Mania, you've been desperately scratching for another moment to propel you forward...And from the looks of it, you want that moment to be next week in our Bar Room Brawl. People have asked me why I chose the Over the Top Rope Challenge, and it isn't just because I've been known as the "Battle Royal Master..." It's much deeper than that. Much more symbolic. You had your greatest moment six months ago in the BPZ Royal Rumble, and you came so close to making headlines and main eventing BPZ Mania...It didn't happen, but that was still a moment you can take pride in for the rest of your career. I didn't have such luck. I make no excuses, it was my fault for signing up to compete in three different matches that night and drawing the ire of Bulletproof...But I wanted to test something. I wanted to know if it was me in that situation, would I have fared better? That's why I wanted this Over the Top Rope Challenge. To take us back to your greatest moment, and to see if that's the spark you needed to get back on track, or if I should've been in that spot instead six months ago. But ultimately, it doesn't matter now. The fans voted for the Bar Room Brawl, and I can't say I blame them. When given the choice between beating someone with symbolism and beating them over the head with a beer bottle, I guess I can see why the second option is more enticing. But now, Buddy...There's no excuses. Your home field. Your advantage. A bar room brawl, the very same venue where you showed your true colors and aligned with the Death Riders...That's where we settle this dispute of ours once and for all. It's gonna be a hell of a fight, and I hope to god that you bring your best, because if you don't...There's a nice hospital bed sitting right next to Isaiah Carter. And I'm sure the two of you would just love the chance to catch up. (Reply Planned)
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    Austin Omega

    Mind Games

    Mind Games Days after Addy's harsh words, and speaking about the wrath he will give Austin, Austin is seen in a car, looking at a prison. Omega would get roll down the car window before taking a long look at the prison. He would park the car, and take his time getting out of the car, making sure to put on his sunglasses. He would walk up to a sign, and realize that it in fact says, "HMP Whitemoor", and he says, "Finally"! Omega: So, Addy, I have obviously heard what you've said. You say you are a Natural Leader, eh? If so, then why are you just another member of the Inner Circle, and Slim leads you? Anyways, who cares if you were put in jail for 10 Years! You deserved it anyways, not to mention you pointed a gun at an 82 Year old woman! Omega would start to chew on a piece of gum, before walking to the main entranceway of this prison. He sees a guard, before asking the guard may he tour the prison. The guard obligees after consideration, and Austin walks in and just hears lots of screaming. His demeanor would change from calm, cool, and collected, to surprised, not expecting all of this noise. Omega: Addy, this is the jail you spent ten years of your horrible life in, right? Omega walks up to some lady at the front desk, before asking her is he allowed to see some information on a former prisoner. She says sure, and ask for the name, and he replies with "Addison", before smirking. Omega: Well, Well, Well. Here it is! She gives him a card with Addy's name on it, where it says Addison Child, a mugshot, and other information, such as how much time he spent in this very jail. He walks back and looks at a few rabid, hyperactive prisoners, before finally settling down and finding a calm prisoner, and asking him. Austin asks the guard to bring the man to the room to talk, and the guard obligees. Austin would take off his sunglasses, and look the Prisoner directly in the eyes. Omega: Well, how is it going? Prisoner: Fine. Omega would realize the awkward silence going on, so he decided to ask the question about Addy. He grabs the card and shows it to the prisoner. Omega: You know this man? Prisoner: Yeah, I do. What about him, the prisoner says sharply. Omega: Alright cool, cool, and he was here for ten years, right? Was he a friend to you? Prisoner: He was here for ten years, and I was his cellmate. He was a different type of cat, and I admired that about him. However, when his 10 Years here ended, and he went into the real world again, he quickly forgot about me, and the others here. Omega: Sheesh, also, do you know he wrestles for that BPZ Now? Prisoner: Yeah I know that, I heard he got his ass beat while here in England. Is it true? Omega: It is 100% True, and he then had to follow it up with a match against Yours Truly, and I beat him like the bitch that he is! Prisoner: I love to hear that. He was like a brother to me, but once he got out he forgot about all the conversations and chats we had, and left for wrestling. He has gained some success already, and he has an ego this quickly. Omega: Hmm, I understand your view. He says that I've unleashed the beast inside him, but I have no fear. He doesn't understand that countless men have said the same crap to me, but they've all failed. He says he will, in fact, drag me to hell. C'mon. So many people have said that, it is hard to take serious in fact. However, I have unleashed the beast inside him, I have taken his once damaged soul, and I have finished it off by scorching it. You see, he thought he was immortal, untouchable, unstoppable until King of The Ring, then he came down to earth. Now he has the sympathy role, as the fans pity him, and the roles are reversed. However, I will not lose to him. The Prisoner would chuckle, before telling Austin good luck with his nice, and it was fun chatting with him. Austin would respond with the same. The Prisoner would get up and go back to his cell, as Omega would get up and thank the guard before leaving with the NXT Title. Omega: Addy, like I said last time, you better bring your A Game at Chapter 2 cause I'm damn sure bringing mine. You say you are going to drag me to hell, huh? No Chance. This is the REAL Warning Shot, Addison. Austin would then put his sunglasses back on, get in his car, and leave the scene, driving off, similar to as he did last time.
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    Back Down That Road

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bpz.com Exclusive A small video segment is posted to bpz.com, documenting the immediate fallout from a seismic match announcement for one of BPZ's biggest events of the year, Summerslam. Following his confrontation and defiant challenge to the leader of Death Riders for a match at such a hallowed event, Bailey accepted the challenge, but at a price. The video begins with a tracking camera following The Golden Supernova backstage as he exits the stage through the curtain into gorilla position. He walks past the production crew through to the hallway, the fiery passion and determination that was crackling from him just a minute ago has receded, his face paled slightly. He absentmindedly fiddles with the cufflink on his suit and bites the inside of his cheek before letting out an exhale. KENJI: "I suppose I should have seen that coming...." "....The minute I think I've finally made that step to take myself to the level, the biggest of wrenches is thrown into it all. Facing someone with the status of Bailey, it's not unfamiliar. I've faced former world champions before, people that have been tentpoles of this company, that's not what's stopping me. I've tried to get myself away from what I was, but Bailey's stipulation....I don't know, that could bring it all back, and that's the last thing I want". "Around this time last year, I was at rock bottom. The only thing to my name was an acclaimed match, and a plentiful dose of losses to show for it. I wasn't even some legendary veteran, or a former champion. I was a rookie who couldn't gain any traction, despite the goodwill. That was until, through unhealthy amounts of pride and stupidity, I accepted a match that changed me forever. It was the seed that bloomed into what I became. The overgrown roots that I've been tending for months now. That cursed Barbed Wire.....all of it from the twisted mind of one man who thought they could beat me in an unknown battlefield. It was an Emergence alright, it certainly was. That was when my career in BPZ really started to skyrocket, but looking back, that match cost me more than I care to admit". "And now....Bailey wants to pull me back into that dark world. I beat his Death Riders henchman Jason Ryan in my world, in that ring. No more, no less. Even if he wanted to bring his tools of pain with him. I overcame that threat, something I've grown very accustomed to over my time here. That was a match in my element, I've wanted to keep myself away from the chaos of that Barbed Wire match ever since. I get my Summerslam opponent, but I don't know what it will cost me, never mind if I'm staring at the lights, or with my hands raised in victory. With just three words, Bailey has made me go back on all the determination I built up to challenge him." "What's even more gutwrenching and painful is that both he and I know that killer instinct is within me somewhere, we've seen it before. But I can't let myself be taken in by it anymore. The Resonator was success at a heavy price, and I won't win that way, not anymore. He's taken quite the turn from when I debuted. Bailey was main eventing BPZ Mania IV, but now, he's a dangerous, rabid dog. I don't know why he's gone this way, but he's fallen for the same temptation that I did. He got a taste of the Resonator's fire in the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament, and he wants more. Well, I'm sorry, Bailey. But that isn't the KENJI you'll get at Summerslam. I won't let that be the KENJI you face.....even if you force it...." KENJI sounds uncertain of himself, not a common sight for the Golden Supernova KENJI: "Maybe he knows what really makes a superstar. Why am I saying maybe, of course he does. He's a 6-Time World Heavyweight Champion, so something in his ethos must be doing something right. The last time I let that instinct take over it was the most successful I've ever been in my career. Maybe embracing that rush is what makes someone capable of calling themselves a World Champion....to be recognised as 'The GOAT'. Maybe I'm pushing away what will get me to the very top, where I want to be...where I need to be. I joined FD-Gun because I want more from myself, and the only way is through you, Bailey. Whether it's against my better interest of success and championships, that is my way forward, not back down that road littered with broken dreams and fire in its wake. One of my best chances is to be someone you haven't faced. You know The Resonator, but you've never faced the Supernova. I said this was a gamble, and I meant it". "My way, Bailey. I'm going to come to your world, and win in my way. That holds more value to me than any of your championships, or your main events. When I hold that over you, only then to I stand a chance of beating one of the biggest names in BPZ History". The Golden Supernova's drive has returned, but his willingness and stubbornness to not embrace the chaos of Bailey's stipulation is a risky game, only time will tell if it pays off. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Eric Shun

    Un-Invited Guest

    After the naked lady runs off into the bathroom, M.A.N. begins to look around the room in more detail. A camera, recording for some reason. A condom discarded onto the ground. A combination that could only mean one thing. Eric Shun. Whilst still on the ground, M.A.N. began to climb up to his feet as “The Big One” began to speak. Eric Shun: “Look at the ass on her.” Eric Shun would then shake his head, before realising what had just happened. Marc Aaron Newton had disrupted his recording session! Eric Shun: “Wait! Why are you here! You idiot! You know exactly what I was doing! How dare you try to sabotage the mass debater! Are you doing this for one of those other websites! Those damn websites, full of fake videos I say! All of them fake. Eric Shun, I do the real stuff, the hardcore version, raw, unedited. Everything they do is fake! I’ve had enough of you, coming in here out of the roof and disrupting my recording time! Now you better leave now Marc Aaron Newton or else!" Whilst Eric Shun was rambling on about whatever he was talking about. Marc Aaron Newton would be stood in shock, not quite understanding what was even going on still. Eric Shun would then chase M.A.N. out of the room though, not caring that his Eric Shun was still out. Eric Shun would chase M.A.N. out of the Valor arena, before turning around and making his way back to the room, addressing the camera as he went. Eric Shun: “I should really be charging you money for this shot but I don't care. People like him are the reason this business is failing, he doesn’t care who he interrupts. How dare he interrupt the big one giving someone the time of their life. You don’t do that, it's not right!" As Eric Shun made what would normally be a walk of shame for people, both men and women would stare at “The Big One”. The men in jealousy of his manhood and the women eager to get a taste of it. Eric Shun would eventually approach the door and walk inside. Eric Shun: “Sorry guys, this content is premium.” The cameraman would keep the camera on outside of the room, hearing the door lock and Eric Shun restart the camera. The last audible thing you could hear was the lady faintly saying. Random Lady: “What are you doing step-bro!?!?!?!?” The camera would then fade to black.
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    Sandman: "KIWI KICK, COVER FROM ROPATI, 1, 2, 3, ROPATI'S DONE IT HE'S DEFEATED HANS CLAYTON AND WON THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT" Danielle: "The winner of the match and the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, Ropati" We'd see the closing scene of BPZ's most recent PPV KOTR, as Ropati and the rest of Mafia celebrated in the ring as we closed on a shot of Ropati on both Bailey and Slim's shoulders. We'd now see the scene continue past, where we went off the air, and Mafia continued to celebrate before they went backstage. The camera would follow Ropati who was ambushed by a spray of multiple champagne bottles from all members of Mafia. While Ropati at first looked annoyed upon seeing it was his stablemates who sprayed the champagne he laughed it off as he walked off to the locker room to dry himself off and change out of his wrestling gear. We'd see Ropati in the locker room as all the emotions of what had just happened seemed to hit him all at once. Ropati would begin to tear up as he just looked up at the ceiling while whispering. "I did it, I did it, I fucking did it" The scene now changed again as we cut to the inside of a pub, where we saw every member of the Mafia minus Addy sitting at the pub. All 7 men would down a drink after Slim proposed a toast to "King Ropati". After all the men downed the drinks and ordered another round Slim opened up the conversation. Slim: "So where are you Death Riders going from here?" Bailey: "Well I've got Kenji at Summerslam and Buddy and Jason have those North American qualifiers to look forward to. So we're heading back to America tomorrow." Ropati: "Count me out, I'm gonna stay in the UK for a bit so Slim, where's the Inner Circle heading to from here?" Slim: "Chapter 2 is in Egypt so I guess that's the next location for us and the rest of Valor. According to Bart, we're heading there tomorrow." Ropati: Eygpt.. interesting. Well, I've got a King of the Ring after-party to head to but I'll leave you, boys, to it since you've all got flights tomorrow. Ropati would grab his jacket from off the barstool before he paid for his round of drinks. Ropati then said bye to his fellow members of Mafia as it seemed he was out to party. 10 DAYS LATER We'd open back up to a shot inside a hotel room, the Shard to be exact. We'd see a man with his head down packing up his suitcase mumbling something to himself not realising that the cameraman he had let into the room had begun filming. The cameraman would inform the man that we were filming which cause him to jolt up revealing his identity to be none other than the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, James Ropati. "Man, it feels good to be the king. No seriously, do you know how many places will let you drink and party for free when you're the king? Let me tell you from experience, a lot. Enough partying, it's time for finally get serious I have the biggest match of my career at the end of the month and I need to be prepared for it." "I'll be honest I know barely anything about what's going on in the company right now, I seem to remember a text from Bailey telling me that Buddy and Jason lost their North American qualifying matches which is a shame. I did also ask my PA to keep tabs on everything Arius does and I've been informed he's been involved in a segment recently where I can only assume he'll talk about how hard he's been training" Ropati would now pull up Arius's recent segment on the TV in his room as he began to watch it. While Ropati started watching the segment with a determined look on his face it slowly changed to a look of disgust. Once Arius's segment ended Ropati's face was screwed up as he began to fire off multiple texts to different people before he turned to face the camera again. "Are you kidding me? The biggest match of my career and the Summerslam main event and this man doesn't even mention me in his segment? Also what the fuck is a tournament match? Whatever it is I hope Arius loses. Now, Arius, you seem to not be taking this match serious I guess to try and show me how much you don't care about these big matches since you're a big star" "But guess what buckaroo, two can play that game. Originally I had a plane booked to go to America where I would begin my training camp for our match but I've just cancelled all of that and booked a new flight because it seems clear training just doesn't matter. How the hell did this man beat Slim? Well somehow, he did. So I've still gotta take him somewhat seriously, I've gotta find out his weakness so I can expose him." "I'll be honest I've barely watched any tape on Arius, I really thought Slim was going to beat him but I already know my next destination will suit me perfectly. Speaking of Slim let me send him a message he can help me out big time with my plan. Regardless, Arius, you can be focused on this Tournament match bollocks but I'll be focused on the match that matters. The match for the World Championship at Summerslam where I'll walk out victorious. Arius, I'll see you soon, sooner than you think. Upon these final words, Ropati would pick up his suitcases before he wheeled them through the day as he followed seemingly off to catch a flight to somewhere in the world.
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    . The camera cuts to a scene of the outside of Senor Frogs, a Mexican Restaurant and Bar. The lights from the outside are coruscating due to the night. Entering Senor Frogs to hear music blasting from the speakers above playing All The Way Up. Everything inside looks modern and well taken care of. The LED lights inside the Restaurant are the Miami vice colors, turquoise, aqua, and orchid. Passing through the Restaurant section of Senor Frogs. You could see the couple enjoying dinner together. A group of friends casually drinking beer and having steak. As the camera heads towards the bar section of Senor Frogs you can see a group of women drinking together. A pair of two friends drinking together who seem to be intoxicated and finally a man with a black hoodie on and black jeans matching the color of his hoodie. We see BPZ Intercontinental Champion and 2020 PowerTrip Cup Winner, Sameer come from behind the camera donning a black Gucci shirt and his creed chain dangling from his neck. Sameer approaches the man with the black hoodie and it seems to be his stablemate, Bart. They begin to speak to each other. Sameer: I figured that you would be here tonight. Smith told me that you are working out extremely hard since Angelo announced that his tag partner was Echo Wilson. You doing alright? Bart: I am just motivated, Sameer. Echo Wilson and I have a lot of history in the company together, especially from the time in the Kingdom. I didn't come here alone to drink if that's what you are thinking though. I have a friend that flew from the Netherlands here. How are you doing? Sameer: I'm doing pretty good. Just trying to prepare for my match against Slim at Chapter 2. Where's your friend? Bart: I actually have no clue. I went to use the restroom and he just disappeared. The idiot probably went to gamble at the poker table. Sameer: Well, uh do you want to go find him? Bart: Nah not this time. I have gotten him out of situations before and told him not to do that stuff anymore. He needs to learn his lesson. Bart begins to finish his whiskey as Sameer turns his attention on his phone and seems to be texting someone. Whilst the two Creed members are doing this, the bartender approaches them with her nametag on her shirt reading "Sophia". Sophia: Would you like another shot of whiskey Bart? Bart: Yeah sure Sophia why not. As Sophia is refilling another shot of whiskey into Bart's glass Sameer looks at Bart confused and begins to speak. Sameer: Bart how does uh Sophia know your name? Bart doesn't respond to Sameer with words instead he looks at Sameer and winks at him. Sameer instantly realizes what that means and he chuckles for a second. Sophia: Would you also like a shot of whiskey Sameer? Or is there something else that I could get you? Sameer: I'll have a club soda with lime if that's cool? Trying to cut down on the alcohol lately. Bart: I know that we have had pretty tough schedules lately and I didn't really get to congratulate you on winning on the PowerTrip Cup Tournament. So congrats man, you have earned this match against Slim. Sameer: I appreciate it, Bart. The PowerTrip Cup was pretty tough, I'm glad that I came out as the winner. I'm going to do my all to become Undisputed Champion for those people. Bart: I know you and him will put on a classic. Would you say that this is the biggest match of your career? Sophia approaches Sameer and hands him the Club Soda. Sameer thanks Sophia and takes a sip of his drink. He then begins to speak to Bart once again Sameer: I personally think that it is. Slim thinks that it's a must-win for just him. But for me, this is also a must-win. I need to win this Bart. Not just for myself and prove that I am better than Slim. But for those people that tune in every single night. I want to be the standard-bearer for champions in BPZ right now. Bart: You left the arena last week on Valor before you could see what he said I assume. You should probably give that a look later tonight. Sameer: Yeah I guess I'll have to see what he had to say about me. Anyways I just came to see what's sup, I should probably head out this place. Bart: Come on Sameer, let's play one game on the pool table before you head home. Sameer: Nah fuck off, Bart. I'm not staying here for another twenty minutes just for you to kick my ass at 8 ball. But I'm sure Sophia over there would love to hang out with you tonight. After Sameer finishes his sentence both him and Bart begin to burst into laughter. Both men finish their drinks and do the iconic Creed fist bump. Sameer takes out his wallet from his pocket, takes out a 50 dollar bill and places it next to Bart on the table. Sameer: The drinks on me buddy. You should probably go ahead and try to find your friend. I'll see you at the gym tomorrow. Sameer goes to the exit of Senor Frogs while looking at his phone as he gets a notification. He heads into his BMW I8, sets the camera down inside the car. As he begins to watch a video on his phone you could hear Slim's voice from the phone. It's clear that he's watching Slim's segment from Valor last week. After Sameer finishes watching the segment he begins to drive off and the video cuts to him at the Creed Gym now in his office. He begins to speak focusing on the camera. I said last week on Valor that I wouldn't believe a word that Slim said at his post-Judgement Day Press Conference. I said so because I knew he was going to switch up his words the next time he was on live television and that's exactly what happened. Such big words from an insecure man. From a man that cannot make his mind up. You've painted me as the bad guy and I gotta give props Slim. Like I've said you are really good at making people feel for you only to backstab them with a knife. Coming from such a background I'd imagine that you would know a thing about loyalty but you have none and like you said even god cannot erase history. Last week on Valor you told everyone that I have been handed the silver spoon as you have basically every time you have talked about me. My wrongs, my scars, I embrace them because they have made me the man that I am today. Without them, I wouldn't be standing here as The Captain. I'll even admit it. I wasn't always the cleanest player, I wasn't always the good guy. But for so long I have tried to put that in my past, bury it and I did just so. Until Slim brought it back up. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I won't sit here and say I had the toughest childhood. My mother was a single parent and doing everything to provide for me. I wanted to change my life and her life. I wanted a better life for me and her. I wasn't the brightest kid at school and I figured out quickly that I needed to find something else. So I turned to wrestle and for my teenage years, I put my blood sweat and tears into it. Working in backyards, high school gyms to get income. BrendenPlayz himself saw me in action one day and offered me a contract to a company that was just growing. In 2015 after failing to capture the Premium Championship for the second time. I was offered something by Brenden and Bailey. At that point I couldn't decline, it was life-changing. A life-changing offer that you would have accepted too. So I saw success and was able to change my family's life. Somewhere along the line, I lost my passion for wrestling. Maybe it was the money but I came back and ever since The Authority ended, I've done my best to leave it in my past and bury it. It took time but I was able to do it. I conquered that demons and I changed the perspective that I was given. Do you want to know why the perspective that you are cancer to the locker room hasn't changed? It's simply because you haven't changed at all. Sameer takes a breather before beginning to speak once again. Just from watching you can feel the energy that The Captain is giving off. The BPZ Universe, they've given me a second chance. They gave me a chance to right my wrongs and I'd like to think that I have done a good job of doing so. I'm nothing without those people, you're right. But I've never said that I didn't need them. If anything they are the only reason I do this. I would've been gone years ago. But when I came back and the building exploded with these people cheering for me in late 2018. I decided there and then that I would put in one hundred and ten percent into this. Many consider you the greatest of all time, Slim. You've defeated me countless times in the past but this time it's different. At Chapter 2 you'll see just that. No matter what you pull, if it's trying to get others involved to help you as you did in your last match or whatever else you have in store. I'll be ready. Sameer heads onto his phone and begins to play a section of Slim's segment on Valor last week. "It's a treasure that should only be held by the best of the best, and while I don't believe you're in that category, I'm preparing like you are." It's funny because just after Judgement Day, you called me the best BPZ Wrestler right now. However, less than a week later you say that I am not a part of the best of the best and that's fine because you haven't been the only one that I have faced to say that. Earlier this year I failed to capture the BPZ Undisputed Championship in a ladder match. It's the one loss that I have this year. So you bet your ass that I am ready to redeem myself. I do know the type of things you do when you are desperate. I worked so hard to get this opportunity at the Undisputed Championship. I won't let you take away another thing from me. I'm prepared for anything: a bloodbath, a war of brutality, a clash of titans. I'm ready for it all because I refuse to let those people down.
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    Stealing The Tsar Bomba

    We would open on the display for the Tsar Bomba in Moscow. The largest Weapon of Mass Destruction in existence, the Tsar Bomba has the capability to decimate all in New York City and cause a blast that will affect an area larger than the size of Northern Ireland. The camera then cuts to Yelich walking into this building, because of course he is. Yelich shakes hands with the man in the front of the building who then escorts him to see the Tsar Bomba. Russian Man Who's Name We Do Not Know But Will Assume Is Sergei: Now as you see here Mr. Yelich, this is the Tsar Bomba, a hydrogen bomb that is the largest and deadliest ever produced, 100,000 kilotons of energy are released in its blast. Yelich: It really is a thing of beauty, hey I'm a bit parched, can you go get me a water or something? Maybe a soda? I'll pay. Russian Man Who's Name We Do Not Know But Will Assume Is Sergei... no wait now that I think about it it's gotta be Andrey: We only have vodka. Yelich: Sure, I'll take it, here's 30 dollars. After Yelich throws counterfeit rubles at The Russian man who's name we can only assume is Sergei or Andrey... possibly Alexander, takes Yelich's money and goes to get him vodka. Once he's gone from the room, Yelich runs over to the back of the Tsar Bomba. Yelich: QUICK, PEOPLE I HIRED THAT ARE CONVENIENTLY HIDDEN AROUND THIS AREA THAT HAVEN'T BEEN SEEN UNTIL NOW, HELP ME WHEEL THIS OUT! Just then, a bunch of very conveniently hidden people around the area run to Yelich and begin helping him wheel the Tsar Bomba out of the museum and into a large truck that is also very conveniently outside, and I think Yelich is in the process of stealing. Yelich: Okay, roll it up this ramp and into the truck and then close the truck up, I'm going to go start it. Yelich goes to the front of the 18-wheeler truck and gets in after struggling for a solid 45 seconds to get up the first step. Once Yelich is in the 18-wheeler truck, he finds the keys which are conveniently already in the cup holder because this promo needs to work dammit. The shot then cuts to the people Yelich employed finally getting the Tsar Bomba fully rolled into the truck and closing the back of the truck up. Yelich then speeds off without paying these people or giving them a ride out of Russia, because they just stole the Tsar Bomba for him. As he speeds off, you can see them already getting arrested by Russian Police. Yelich: Now that I have the Tsar Bomba, there's no way I can lose the Story of Temples match, they'll have to let me win, they'll have to let me win everything, THE WORLD IS MINE! Loud thumps can be heard in the back of the truck. The Tsar Bomba was never strapped down, so now it is rolling around in the truck. Yelich is very afraid that because of this, it might go off and kill him. However, Yelich can not stop the truck, because the Russian Police are chasing him as Yelich attempts flees across the border into Georgia, to eventually make it to Egypt. Yelich's face however suddenly turns from one of fear to one of determination. Yelich: By the power of Xenu, I will take this Bomb and no one will be able to stop me! He stopped the Teegeeack with hydrogen bombs and just like him, I will stop Arius, Gunner, Mikey, and another person who I do not know yet with a hydrogen bomb and I will win the Story of Temples match with both medallions. I don't care if it isn't how the match works, I have Xenu on my side, I can do anything I want. I can take the Tsar Bomba if I damn well please, and no one can tell me to stop. The Russian Police chasing Yelich behind him go on a intercom so Yelich can hear him from in the truck and they tell him to "STOP THE VEHICLE AND PULL OVER NOW OR WE WILL SHOOT!" Yelich's face goes white as a sheet at this and he immediately complies, backpedaling on everything he just said. The officer then comes out of his car, pistol drawn and forcefully pulls Yelich out of the truck before slapping handcuffs on him. Yelich: WHAT? YOU CAN'T DO THIS! I HAVE A FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO STEAL A HYDROGEN BOMB! Russian Policeman: YOU'RE IN RUSSIA, DIPSHIT! Yelich: WELL... XENU WILL STILL BLOW THAT UP BUT INSTEAD OF IT BEING ON MY OPPONENTS IT'S GONNA BE ON RUSSIA BECAUSE OF MY PRAYERS TO HIM. YOU'RE GONNA DIE! YEAH TAKE THAT RUSSIA! FUCK YOU PUTIN! Russian Policeman: IMBECILE, THAT'S A REPLICA! WE WOULD NOT PUT THE REAL TSAR BOMBA IN A MUSEUM! Yelich is pushed roughly towards the police car after being patted down for possible weapons on his person. He is stunned that he would not have even succeeded in getting the actual Tsar Bomba even if he did escape Russia with his cargo. His face looks much more scared now as he fully realizes the situation he is currently in. Yelich: BPZ PAY MY BAIL I NEED TO BE IN EGYPT FOR MY MATCH, DON'T LET THE KGB MURDER ME! Yelich is then shoved into the back of the police car as Yelich looks out with a scared look on his face, a bead of sweat dripping down his face. He mouths "help me" as the police car begins to pull away and the segment turns to black.
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    We are live on Valor, where the recently announced Chapter 2 pay per view has been stirring a lot of attention, drawing eyes from the fanbase of Valor, as well as that of Carnage. However, we are in the here and now, prior to the Exodus event, and even up to this point a member of the Valor roster has been oddly absent, tracing the disappearance way back to the reinvention of the brand split, where The Chancellor was drafted by the Valor brand. The lights flashing across an arena of screaming fans, reviling in the anticipation, the rush of the wait only to be quelled by the surge brought upon by their next sight to behold, be it an epic throwdown or verbal smackdown. These lights begin to flicker, however, causing a stir among the fans, before every light in the arena goes dark, such a blinding darkness that one would be held from the sight of even their own shadow or their reflection in the pitch black titantron. Not long would that be the case, however, as a familiar siren blares throughout the arena, and along with it the signalled arrival of one CJ Sellers. Walking down the ramp slowly, taking in the feeling of the live Valor crowd, CJ Sellers makes his way down to the ring and then grabs a microphone before beginning to speak to the crowd. "It's been a long while since I've been in the ring, it seems I always end up saying this after a major loss. World at War, I took on Gunner Flynn, a man I belittled and attacked, and I lost, fair and square. Once more I lost, and once more I departed temporarily from the ring. In the passing time, the shifting sands have changed, there is once more a brand split, something I barely caught the glimpse of during my debut in BPZ. We have new champions on every end of the spectrum, new stars have bloomed while veterans have revitalised their own careers, all while I sat in the background, observing and biding my time, contemplating and waiting. Even despite my consistent history of losses since January 2019, I was drafted as the 15th pick as Valor, something that should be a great accomplishment. Should. The thirtieth overall draft pick is not a place that satiates me in any way. There are 29 other people in this company that were valued more highly than myself, and that proves nothing but my failure to establish myself as the best in my time here. Even so, I cannot debate with anybody picked before myself, and even some of those drafted after have begun to prove why they deserved to be picked, why they deserved more recognition and why they should have taken a better spot, a spot that has been vacantly occupied by myself. If my own ability in this ring cannot be established to even my own self, if I fail to prove that I was worthy of being picked over 28 other wrestlers, then what has my time in this company amounted to? An utter nothing? Absolute zero? Or is there something more, perhaps another chance gifted to me by whatever God may exist, the chance to establish that I am the competitor I chalk myself up to be, despite all my prior failings in the same endeavor? In my observations of the state of BPZ during my time away, I watched as the King of the Ring tournament passed me by, as Valor's first pay per view passed me by, as countless opportunities passed me by, when I could have capitalized on opportunity after opportunity and truly left a mark, created a name for myself. And yet, these opportunities pass by as I watch on, evaluating the ideal time to strike from the shadows, to cease this lurking and enter back onto the scene, this time on a bigger stage with brighter lights, on the gold brand of Valor. What scene remains available and within my grasp, we will have to see. The most obvious offer, chasing a championship, becoming an elite member of the roster, is the one I will not be hunting. The chances of winning one of the multi man matches you will be pitted in are slim to none, and proves not your ability to wrestle, but rather your aptitude for luck and opportune timing. Thus remains the question, with this return, what goals do I even have? What makes this the most ideal time to make my shadow reflecting on the limelight a permanent fixture? These questions will fail to have an acceptable answer for the time being, but all does eventually reveal itself, in the grand scheme laid upon us. While we wait in anticipation of Exodus, everyone must find their own purpose for being on the card, every single person must bring their best or be cut down for all to see, every single competitor on that card will need another to tango, and with whom I shall be competing will soon be learned. Perhaps an old foe coming back in a blast from the past to haunt me, or fresh blood looking to make a name for themselves, something we have seen an influx of in the short time I have been away. However, I am an impatient man by nature, and surprises are never pleasant to me. So, if somebody in the back right now wants to duel in a battle of blows with The Chancellor, this is your opportunity to step forward and challenge me to a one on one match at the Exodus. I'm not sure of who, but I know at least one person in the Valor locker room has to be searching for their next obstacle, as am I, so let us see. Will you have the fortitude to challenge me to a fight before Exodus?" With those closing words, The Chancellor lowers his microphone and absorbs the energy of the crowd, very split on the return of CJ Sellers. Looking around the arena once more, CJ Sellers begins to walk out of the ring before giving one last line, heading backstage directly following. "Damn the King, long live The Chancellor."
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    After an amazing Carnage show one week before next weeks North American Championship qualifiers, the show comes to a close with a special interview from Carnage interviewer Josh Trenton. We cut to a dark room where we see Josh Trenton sat down Trenton: Hello, and welcome to another Sit Down Interview on Carnage with me, Josh Trenton. Joining me tonight, fresh off his victory over Gary Green, is “Manchester’s Number One” Joshua Scott Josh: Hello John, than, you for having me Josh, after the insanity that was your match against Gary Green, I have many questions. First off, how have you not been arrested? Well, I managed to get to Manchester, and the people of Manchester managed to get me onto an aeroplane before I got arrested like Gary, Pablo, Barry and Ryan. I knew I was Manchester’s Number One. Unfortunately I’m close to being England’s Number One... most wanted person. I mean the charges they gave us were ridiculous. Trespassing? I used to go there. Public affray? It was a wrestling match. Assault? Isn’t that the same as public affray. Almost being naked around minors? Almost. What next, they charge people with almost murdering someone? The US police are much better, someone gets hit by a car and they don’t care. Meanwhile Gary, Pablo, Barry and Ryan are looking at up to 5 years but Gary’s a billionaire so they probably won’t go to jail. Erm I went a bit off track there. Next questions Right. I think. So, are SSW Club back together? Yes we are. At King of the Ring 2019 we split, and at King of the Ring 2020 we got reunited. The reason I didn’t want to get back with Austin is I was scared I was going to hurt him, like I did last time. But he risked everything to help me, and saved me from defeat and being Gary Green’s slave. I can’t thank him enough. SSW Club in the first place was about helping new members and we plan to do that again. We are recruiting young up and comers to join us, and we are aiming for more success than we had last time. Of course, right now we aren’t a tag team because we are on separate brands, so until we recruit more members, SSW Club is more of an alliance. We help each other out on matches when it’s needed, as Austin did for me at King of the Ring. Another interesting part is me and Austin share different opinions on the fans. I love the fans, and always have them behind me. Austin isn’t as struck on the fans, but we don’t let that affect us. Oh I got a bit off track again there sorry Yes you did. Let’s try stay on track with this next question. It’s the question many of us have questioned for nearly a year now, and a question you now know the answer to. Who is The Master? I knew that question was going to come up. Now yes, I know the identity of The Master. And I know Gary. He’s a shit liar. So I know he was telling me the truth when he told me this name. However other than Gary’s confession, I have no other evidence so The Master could easily deny it. Now I know a name, with Ryan’s hacking skills, I could easily find evidence but whilst Ryan is busy with the legal troubles, I’m stuck I understand why you’re wary to announce the name, but surely you want revenge against them right now. They did run you over after all Haha true. Personally I take it as a compliment The Master, a former World Champion in this company, had to hire somebody to take me out. If they want to come clean about it themselves however, I’ll be very happy to fight them. Once I win the North American Championship especially, Ill be happy to defend against and beat the man I know is the Master You say you will win the North American Championship as if it’s a definite. No offence, but for someone with a weak win/loss record, that’s very confident. I take no offence and you’re right it is confident. Hell some could say it’s arrogant. But looking at the other 7 men in the lineup, I only see that could match me and that’s Alex Costa. And unfortunately for him he’s blindfolded when he fights me, so the outcome is a victory for me. And then in that Fatal 4 Way, I will not only be the stronger opponent, but I will also have the crowd 100% behind me. With that, I cannot see defeat for myself Josh. Now you briefly alluded to the stipulation. Again no offence Josh, but that’s not a stipulation I would have expected you’d chosen as it seems underhanded. Can you explain your thought process I will tell you the story Josh. I was working out in the gym, when James Cunner walked up to me and told me I needed to choose a stipulation for my match against Alex. I didn’t think much of it, so needing to choose a stipulation, I just blurted out No Disqualification Match. However, as James was walking away, something took over me. And I shouted to James “And Alex Costa must wear a blindfold.” To be honest the stipulation doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know what came over me, and I didn’t think much of it. But the fans backed me, and voted for my stipulation. I thought about came over me and I realised what it was. It was a burning desire to win. You mentioned my appalling Win Loss record earlier Josh. Since winning Block A of the Global Series, I have wrestled 12 times and won just twice, beating Gary Green and Austin Mirage. I haven’t held a single title in this company since April 2018 when I lost my Intercontinental Championship to our General Manager. I need this win. More than any of the other 7 men. Alex, you are an unfortunate victim of that. I respect you greatly as a competitor Alex, and I apologise that our fight will not be fair. I will put you out of your misery quickly. I won’t use the No DQ part of our stipulation, for I have no desire to punish you more than I deserve. But I need this title. I need this win. I NEED IT SO DAMN MUCH. So I will beat you Alex, and then whoever I face at SummerSlam, I will win there too. Nobody wants this as much as I do. Nobody needs this as much as I do. Nobody has the backing of the fans as much as I do. I have tasted defeat too many times and I am afraid to taste it yet again. So Alex Costa, come next week... Suddenly the darkness of the interview room is interrupted as a door is opened, and Alex Costa bursts in furious. Joshua Scott gets out of his seat, and the two opponents stare down. Josh Trenton watches on nervously as Alex begins to speak
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    My World

    The GOAT plays as out walks Bailey from the Crowd. Earlier tonight we saw the exclusive video from Kenji speaking on the match between his self and Bailey. Bailey enters the ring once again by himself here tonight as he grabs the microphone. He paces back and forth as he begins to speak not stopping his pacing at all. We’re talking about worlds, my world is crazy. My world has challenges and challenges and roadblocks at every turn. In my world everyday I have all eyes on me. I have everyone speaking on me whether it’s good or bad. I have everyone and everything trying to drag me down and take me out. My world is dangerous. It’s not a place for everyone. It’s not even a place I wanna be in sometimes cause it’s just so fucked up and screws with your head. Always having to live up to expectations, always having to fight for your life. Everyday just trying to survive. Only the survival of the fittest can be in my world. You’re right Kenji you are in my world now Mothafucker but it is not a world cut out for you. You can’t come into my world and win your way. You will die and you will die every single time. My world will chew you up and spit you out like you were nothing but a piece of trash. You’re way Kenji just isn’t good enough for my World. In my world you gotta be ruthless and twisted. You gotta be demented in every way possible. You have to want to kill to be in my world. You have to be a Fucking Psychopath. That’s it there is no way around it. That is the reality I have to live with Kenji everyday. That’s why I am who I am. It’s because that’s what I have to be. It’s what I need to be. It’s what I need to be to survive in my own Goddamn World. You have it easy. It’s all rainbows and butterflies in your world. In your world you are definitely a Golden standard. In pretty much everyone’s world you are a golden standard. You’re a great wrestler. You are a once in a lifetime talent in this ring. That’s all it takes in most people's worlds to succeed. You just gotta be a Good Wrestler with some charisma. And you got that and then some. But you challenged me Kenji. As you say you are taking the gamble of a lifetime. You are completely right because the moment you challenged me is the moment you did step into my world. And I like you a lot Kenji as I have already stated but you aren’t cut out for my world. Being a great wrestler means jack shit. I don’t give a shit that you know 50 or more different wrestling moves. I’m not here to wrestle you Kenji. I don’t wanna Wrestle you. I’m a fighter. I’m a brawler. I put my body on the line every time I step into this ring because that’s what I love to do. I love to fight. I love to come into this ring and absolutely knock the head off of someone. You don’t think like that and I don’t know if you ever could. Bailey stops pacing now and just stands still as he continues to talk You’re showing you couldn’t because you go and join fractions where it’s named after someone else. Someone else by the way that you are way better than. Everyone knows Kenji is better than FD. It's not even a question. But while you play with fire and enter my world. FD gets a fluke win and gets to play Champion? Kenji that should be you. You should be the Champ. That should have been you in that moment. Now I don’t know what happened in your head for a few months that caused you to go on a losing streak but you are 100 times better than FD. You should be where he is. Not taking the gamble of a lifetime. Not risking your whole entire career by challenging me. I know you have pride. I have pride too. But you should have not done this. Especially with the mindset that you are gonna come into my world and win your way. Your way just doesn’t work in my world. I promise you Kenji if you come into this match and try to out wrestle me you are going to get hurt. I don’t want to hurt you but I gotta do what I gotta do. When that bell rings I don’t care about your potential, your future. I don’t care about any of that. I am coming to kill you Kenji. You’re in my World Kenji you need to understand that. Your humbled and Blessed mindset won’t work. I don’t care that you are grateful to share the ring with me. I don’t care about your compliments. If you want any chance to beat me. You need to come with that killer instinct. I don’t know if you have it in you at all but if you do you need to find it Kenji. You need to let it out. You need to come to Summerslam as a fighter, as a killer if you want any chance of surviving in my world. In fact I’m asking you right now to come take a step in my world and face me right now man to man. So you can get your ass out here right now or I can come looking for you and give you a little sneak Preview of just what my world is Kenji. Bailey stops talking and turns to the Ramp waiting for Kenji to come out and make his way to the ring
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    Isaiah Carter


    Following an amazing night of qualifying matches as well as an assault on a returning Isaiah Carter, the carnage backstage area is full of workers and talent. As the camera crew ends up inside of the medical room, as Isaiah Carter sits on the table holding his head, he begins to speak, his speech slurred. "Yo Dr. Malformation am I going to be alright cause I am telling you right now, I am feeling great, so good. Honestly, I could go run a mile and kick FDS ass again right here right now, hell I am even ready for Exodus" The Doctor, whose name tag says Dr. Smith, steps forward with a clipboard, looking at one of Carnages management team members, LeShawna., the doctor takes a look at Isaiah who has the biggest smile on his face before speaking to LeShawna Dr Smith: "This is one of the worst cases of a concussion I have seen in years, the attack from Flynn may have lasting effects on Carter and he should be closely watched, evaluated, and tested in the coming weeks. I don't know if he will be able to compete." LeShawna sighs, grabbing her papers and Isaiah by the hand as they go to leave the office, before they do however, Isaiah grabs a pair of sunglasses and begins to talk to the doctor. "I'll tell you what DOCTOR SONATINA I will prove to you, that whatever you're saying is wrong because here on Evolve, I am the be-" LeShawna: "Mr. Carter you're on Carnage" *Stares Intensely * "tf did you just say to me bitch?, CARNAGE?????" "I don't know nothing about no Carnage, the only Carnage I know is the pure power piercing through my veins, yessir, thats how we do it baby. Now lets get rocking and lets get rolling baby" LeShawna and Dr. Smith both sigh as they watch Isaiah attempt to find his way out of the room, running into a few walls before finally leaving the room and entering the hallway. The strange segment ends as LeShawna goes chasing after Isaiah Carter, leaving Mr. Smith alone in the room shaking his head.
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    We are live on Valor as we hear Heel Akki's theme song, Nothing On Me by Heel Akki, available on The Underdog Mixtape by Heel Akki on platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music and also for free on AudioMack and YouTube. We hear Nothing On Me playing loud as Heel Akki walks down the stage angry as ever after he got confronted by Jim Lopes's son during his video shoot. Akki gets boo'd by the fans as he walks to the ring. Akki quickly rolls in the ring as he gets handed a microphone and starts speaking. What?! What! Jim! This ain't a game, you old man! You can't just send your kid to fight me what the fuck? The cops came after me as well, they think I kicked your kid. Jim, fix this shit now, or else I might have to pull the trigger. Jim!!! Get your ass out here! I'm waiting. Heel Akki gets boo'd off by the audience as he leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He enters the ring and starts sitting on the chair. Moments pass away as Akki's patience starts to eager him, he gets up and throws the chair out of the ring in anger and starts speaking. Alright!! You've brought this on yourself! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to, my cousin, my best friend and Jim's opponent! Akki Mahal! Heel Akki's cousin, The Indian War Hero, The MAHARAJAH! Akki Mahal has just entered the building. The fans cheering Akki Mahal on as Akki Mahal stares at the crowd in satisfaction. Akki Mahal started a big rant on twitter four days ago after getting banned from going near Arrow and Steph. Akki Mahal now seeks for other opportunities as he makes his way to the ring, to meet his cousin Heel Akki. Heel Akki smiles as he sees his cousin Akki Mahal fulfilling his wish. Mahal walks up the steps and immediately hugs Heel Akki as The Singh Brothers dances around them. Heel Akki greets the crowd goodbye as he leaves the ring, leaving Akki Mahal and the Singh Brothers alone to do their thing. Jai Hind!!! The crowd opens up a big pop after those two words, Akki Mahal smirks before he starts talking again. Jim Lopes! I heard you've been bothering my cousin? Huh?! You dirty man, I want you to come out here and talk to me face to face. The people deserves a moment between you and me. Jim Lopes, I have seen your stuff in the indies, you're an old dude who finally got the chance in the big leagues. I don't mind though, I'm just surprised you didn't quit. I've also seen you do everything for yourself, but me? I'm for the PEOPLE! I protect, and I'll protect if I have to protect again. Jim Lopes, I don't care if my cousin is a bad man, an annoying man who keeps promoting his album, but he's my cousin, I may not like him, but he's family. Jim Lopes, we don't have beef, but we can go to the store and buy it. We can go to the store and buy the beef, and then we can cook the beef at Chapter 2 in Egypt. Me and Egypt go way back, I have earned a lot of respect from dem man there. I trained their rookie army camp in 2006, the kids look up to me there, don't ever think it's gonna be easy to win the respect from the Egyptians against me. Listen Jim, I'm your worst nightmare, I don't care if you fought against a 500 pound man, I don't care if you jump 50 foot ladders. Jim, you've never fought against a man like me! I am the first ever soldier to single-handedly bring a country to victory in a huge war, I'm the first ever person to survive a rocket launcher attack. Jim... you've never faced a person like me. It won't be easy. It won't be fun. The people love me, the wrestlers in the back respect, I got a whole audience of 1.3 billion people in my home country, so you have to accept my challenge. But remember, we don't have beef... So if you wanna go buy some, come out here right now, and accept my challenge. Madarchode! Akki Mahal drops the mic as he stares at the stage, awaiting Jim Lopes.
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    The Past Becomes The Present

    "AK-17 is the past!" …. …. "It ruled a disgraced tag team division!" …. … "Stop living in the past, and move on to the future…" Valor returns from commercial break as a quick recap of Bart and Smith's segment plays, showing both men's thoughts on their challenge in AK-17 and what Echo has stated towards them recently on Carnage. Now we're shown to a bar in an unknown town with Angelo sitting at the bar with a glass of pint. "Very well Bart. I get it. I do. You see a tag team from the past come alive after years and form to come after the tag titles they held. And you don't want that. I get it Bart, I do. You want fresh new tag teams, right? New stars, right? Hell you would of been happier if I picked Arius or Tamer as my partner. No. While I respect their work, no, it makes no sense to me. And what I do is calculated work dog. I never would of thought that what this match would turn into was what it became. I never expected Echo's words to you two, but I didn't expect yours Bart. After everything that was laid in that ring you go and try to discredit everything that was put into AK-17. You discredit our presence in today's tag division because it's not something new? Because it's just like how Flynn and Necce were put back together, huh? We're nothing like Necce and Flynn. We're not two overdrive riden egomaniacs who use each other for success when one is fading into obsolete. I never worried about that and Echo has shown that as well. You and Smith have definitely shown that as well. I mean… let's be honest Bart. I know the real reason of this distain you have to us. Karico Brand. You guys were the tag team we defeated at Halloween Havoc 2017 to win those Tag Team Championships you have over your shoulder. I defeated the brand I was in once upon a time. Yeah, for the wrestling historians out there that follow BPZ, I joined the Karico Brand. Things were going fine, then I killed the group from the inside. I admit it. I used the Karico Brand. And it did play out to my advantage as I won gold shortly there after. And I've apologized over and over and over again, but you couldn't let go of that past Bart. A disgrace of a tag team division, that you were apart of. When you guys held the belts first, let's be honest, that's when the tag division died. But I cannot blame you and Prince, I cannot. 2017 was a horrible year for the tag division team wise. But yet, through out all the teams, doesn't matter if the belts were held by Pride or Karico Brand or whoever, one reign people will remember was the reign of change me and Echo Wilson pushed for in a division that needed change. We weren't set for no challengers like Karico Brand seemed to be, no we pushed people to go for us. That's what Champions do. And you finally learned that Bart just recently. That's why you made this match for the Tag Team Championships. Hell when there was other men who claim to be deserving backstage, you guys picked me. Why? Why……. …… ……… For an easy fucking win! I know what this whole plan is! I'm not stupid, hell, I'm probably the smartest man for this company and anything to do with wrestling. Creed, can have anything they want. Any team they want. Yet they pick me. Why is that? Not because of the respect they have for me. Because they know that I lose. They know I'm thirty wins to my hundred something losses. They knew they could get another win under their belt just to say "hey we defended the titles". But I ruined those plans when I brought Echo in. Yeah, Backlash 2019 you faced and defeated Echo Wilson to retain the Undisputed Championship in what could of been a defining moment for your career. Keyword, could of. Instead, you faced a drugged out shell of Echo Wilson and yet, you walked around liked you beat the absolute best. You haven't, because when the time came to face someone one hundred percent in a singles match, you choked. Watching your match I thought I was watching an Abella Danger video with the performance you've done. Guess we can say you and Echo both dropped the ball there. But you both came back, better than ever. You came back, got together with Smith and Sameer and Julius and formed Creed, gaining those titles. While Echo came back, won the Premium Championship and defeated an game Jason Ryan in his own match. This was about respect, but not when your loaded weapon shoots off at the mouth. Yeah Echo started it, and immediately after I talked to him about it. But you, oh you Bart you had to bring me negatively into this. Smith tried his best to be respectful, but when you two trash the name of a team that I put my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears into to make work, I take that as the up most disrespect. I take it as a shot to me, and a shot to my hard work and my dedication. And I don't like that. Not one bit. Not when I earned everything I put my work into, not get handed it like a title reign, is that right Bart? But I could feel like I'm in the same boat, giving how I was "handed" this opportunity, not like I haven't worked my ass off in every aspect, hell especially working backstage as much as I do to give all of you a better opportunity with guys who could USE THE FUCKING BRASS RING I NEVER GOT AND MAKE THEIR OWN SPOTLIGHT NO I GET "FUCK YOU BRAD YOU EARNED NOTHING!" WELL FUCK YOU!" Angelo slams his shot glass down as his fist shakes and shakes. He then tosses the shot glass off the bar counter and it smashes into the wall, the music cutting off and everyone looking over, a few gasps heard. A few people walk to Angelo and ask a couple of questions before he brushes past them and heads outside. "I've tried to be the nice guy. I've been backstage in Valor meetings pushing for the future. But this is what I get? I never wished for it, but people sense the feeling to be like that. They never understand what I go through in an daily life but it's fine. I've always shown why I deserve everything I get. And I don't mind doing that by having match of the night, feud of the night, and winning the titles to show that. AK-17 is the past, will be the present, and forever will be the future of tag team wrestling. I will show why I am the Greatest Of All Time. I'm Angelo, and that's all that's needed. Recognize."
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    Marc Aaron Newton

    Un-Invited Guest

    -Un-Invited Guest- We come back from a commercial break as a vent appears on screen, we hear grunting in the background and as the camera man turns around we see Marc Aaron Newton crawling through the vents… he still doesn’t have his hat but the rumor is that it has been discovered in a seagull nest outside the office window of Co-GM Smith. As M.A.N crawls through the vents he starts talking in a very quiet voice. M.A.N: "Hello Valor and Evolve fans… it’s Marc Aaron Newton here… you might be wondering where i am and what i’m doing… well the simple explanation is they’ve found my hat. Xenu the god of Scientology has shown me the way to my hat and has provided me with a very extraordinary way to avoid guards and seagulls on the way to it. I’ve also been provided with a can of poison by Doofy and he says it works on all the birds and even humans, apparently i need to spray it on myself which i find a little weird." Suddenly a big creaking sound can be heard all over the place. M.A.N hears a woman moaning loudly under the vent, the vent starts shaking left and right until two screws come loose and the vent collapses under M.A.N and he falls into a room full of pink lights and a heart shaped couch ahead of him with a naked woman and a naked man about to “finish” a scene. M.A.N recognizes the naked man but not the woman who shrieks and runs away into the bathroom.
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    Episode 7: Death At A Funeral We return to BPZ Pandemic where we see Arrow looking down at a closed casket. Arrow takes a moment to sync his feelings and emotions with the present time before he asks the diener to see the dead body of his late great father. As Arrow proceeds, the casket opens where we then see Arrow's face in complete disappointment. The diener has a sad smile on his face as Arrow completely flips on the diener. Arrow: Who is this?! The Diener: You know? I asked the same question when my father passed away. Who is this man? Arrow: No, Sam, like who is this guy, cause he's not him. The Diener: Are you sure? Arrow: Sam, are you telling me I don't know what my father looks like?! The diener, Sam, looks at the body before he realizes he made a big mistake. Arrow: HE'S ASIAN! What the fuck Sam. The Diener: I'm sorry, we must have made a big mistake. Arrow: Yeah no shit. The Diener: This kind of stuff almost never happens. Arrow: Jesus Christ, Sam, this ain't McDonalds, you can't just mess up my order. The Diener: Don't worry, Arrow. I think I know where your father is. Arrow: You think you know where my father is?! The Diener: He's in 1 or 2 places. Let's go guys. Arrow looks disturbed at The Diener, Sam, as he walks away with his diener crew to their morgue car. Arrow rolls his eye in frustration as the screen fades into a sad version of the BPZ Pandemic logo. We return to BPZ Pandemic as we see a moving Mercedes Benz, in the car we spot George & Nardie, the two have a bit of a chatter while getting high in the car. The two get high off their stolen Devil's H & Cocaine, they jacked it on last week's episode. To this date, the killer of Jeff haven't been found, nor have they found his body. George: Ah, damn, get that shit in there boy. Nardie: Why don't you pop? George: Ah, we're going to a fucking funeral. Nardie: But I'm doing it! George: Not used to it. Nardie: What? I thought you were an expert in this shit. George: I'm an expert in masterminding, not in drugs Nardie. Nardie: Oh. As George sniffs his last line while stuck during the stoplight, he gets a phone call from Arrow. George: Yeah. Who dis? Arrow: It's Arrow-- George: Hey, Arrow, so loss for your sorry. Arrow: What?! George: Huh? Arrow: Anyways, can you grab my grandfather? It's really urgent. He needs to be here and he has no ride. George: Sure, anything for the dead. Arrow: Shut up. George hangs up the phone as he stares in confusion at Nardie. George: His grandfather must be one old ass motherfucker. Nardie: What's a grand..father.. Ugh. We cut to another car scene where we see Addy and Sheridan. Addy looks a bit frustrated and nervous after his deadly surgery, but also for many other reasons. Sheridan's father, Jack, is showing up to the funeral since Arrow's father and Sheridan's father started a business together. Addy really nervously drives the car, they stop at a stoplight as Sheridan starts a conversation. Sheridan: Why are you so nervous? Addy: What?! You know why. Sheridan: It's not that big of a deal Addy, he's a nice guy... sometimes. Addy: Oh no! No No No, I can't do it. Sheridan: You have too! Addy drives his car, before pulling a turn he almost hits a car who was in the wrong. Sheridan rages from out of her window as they drive away. Sheridan: Hey ASSHOLE?! We're going to a FUCKING funeral, can't you pay rEsPeCt?!?! The transition fades over to Arrow's house as we see Arrow's mother and Arrow mourning their loss in the living room. Moments later, Arrow's wife, Kayla, would enter the living room and start comforting Arrow's mother. After a while, Steph Thunderman, a.k.a The Riddler would make his return to the family home. Arrow's mum, throws Kayla on the ground and screams; Arrow's Mum: STEPH!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!! AW I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Kayla rolls her eyes as Arrow slowly greets his brother. Steph: Hey mum! How have you been? Arrow's Mum: I'm good, how was your flight? Steph: It was incredible! First class ain't a joke, haha. Could really feel the money while sleeping on my comfy bed during the flight. There was a small turbulence though, but that's the beauty, even if you pay for first class, if the plain crashes, you still die. Ha! Ha! Ha? Arrow's mum starts crying after that statement. Steph: What? Arrow: Great. You're not even here 10 minutes and you're already upsetting everyone. Steph: Hey bro. Arrow: Why do we always meet at funerals? Steph: I've been busy Arrow, you gotta understand. I'm doing tour every week, Raw and Smackdown has been added to my schedule as well. Arrow: Bullshit, I see you Instagram everyday. Steph: Come on, give me a break. Arrow: Whatever. Have you brought the money? Steph: The money? Arrow: You expect me to pay for the whole fucking funeral, Steph?! Steph: Uh. Haha, Arrow. I didn't bring no money man. Arrow: You earn 1 million dollars a year, and you don't have money?! Steph: I'm going broke! Please, try to understand. Arrow: What the fuck?! The conversation gets interrupted as the pastor finally arrives to the house. The Reverend: Hey, excuse me. Are we gonna begin soon? Arrow: Yeah, once my grandfather arrives and more people come-- The Reverend: Oh my god! Is this The Riddler? You're here? Don't you have WrestleMania to do next week? Steph: Yeah, that's next week though, gotta pay my respects! The Reverend: That's nice, looking forward to it. Hey Arrow let's get everything set up. Arrow rolls his eye once again and tells Steph that they're gonna finish this conversation later. We're now at the street of Arrow's house, we see Nardi and George in the car with Arrow's cranky grandfather. Arrow's grandfather hits George in the head with his cane as he asks him a question. Arrow's Grandpa: Hey white boy, are we there yet?! George: I'm gonna fucking feed you that stick up your ass if you don't shut the fuck up. Arrow's Grandfather calmly shuts up as Nardi points at a parking space, George would make a hard turn but then get cut off by another car who steals their parking space. The two look shocked and frustrated at the opposite car, in the opposite car is Addy and Sheridan. While George quickly braked moments ago, Nardi accidentally let his Devil's H pills drop that was stuffed inside a Valium bottle. George flips Sheridan off as they go find another parking space. We cut over to Sheridan and Addy where they walk over to the house, Addy feels really worried and stressed as Sheridan picks up the Valium bottle that Nardie had let loose earlier. Sheridan thinks it's safe and valid as she looks closely at it. Sheridan: Hey, here's a Valium. I have water, drink it. Will make you feel better. Addy calmly drinks the Valium not knowing what he's drinking. As they walk over to the front garden of Arrow's beautiful house, the effects of the Devil's H starts breathing in on Addy. Addy starts swinging around and smelling every inch of Sheridan's face. Sheridan looks confused as she lets him off. The two gather around with George, Nardi, Epic, Amai and Nate. The Triple A greet them but then leaves and goes inside. George questions Sheridan on why Addy is acting really weird today. George: Uh. What the fuck is wrong with him. Sheridan: He's just really nervous about meeting my father. Nardi: Hehehehah Amai: What's wrong with you? Nate: Yeah mate, why are YOU acting weird. George: He's just... you know. Epic: Uh, we don't know. Addy falls over at the ranch and starts eating grass. George: Uh... Sheridan. Sheridan: I just gave him a little Valium that was on the ground earlier, I guess he's not used to it. Nardi: Valium? Sheridan: Yeah it was on the ground. Nardi: Uh... That wasn't Valium. Let me see? Sheridan: Here. Nardi: Uh. Okay. That's drugs. Like it's acid mixed coke mixed heroine. It's a bit mad. Sheridan: WHAT?! How? How do you know that? Nardi: Cause its.. It's my sister's, she uses that to cure her weird sickness. Sheridan: UH UH UH. How long does it last? George: About 8 hours. Sheridan: 8 HOURS?!?!?! After the shocking reveal about how long the drug last, we zoom over to the other side of the house where we see Julius arrive with Sheridan's dad. The two had just arrived at the same time and start a conversation while walking over to Sheridan and Addy, Sheridan struggles to get Addy straight as they run into Julius and Sheridan's father, Frank. Frank: Hey Sheridan... I see you've brought your... friend. Sheridan: Hey dad, meet Addy... ADDY! My boyfriend. Addy starts smelling Julius and Frank. Sheridan holds him together as Frank disgustingly walks away from the two. Julius tries to have a conversation with Sheridan as Addy brushes him off and tells him. Addy: Stay... away from... my... girlfriend... UGHHHH. Addy almost throws up all over the place, Sheridan quickly rushes Addy inside as they try to find a bathroom. Addy runs in the wrong room where Arrow's wife tried changing her clothes, Addy runs in and out after she screamed. Sheridan spots the bathroom as she guides Addy there. Addy quickly runs in and shuts down the door in her face. Julius walks up to Sheridan asking for help, Sheridan tells Julius to leave her alone. Sheridan knocks and begs Addy to open the door. Addy opens the door and tell Sheridan to put her hands up... Out of the door comes Addy with a hair dryer as a gun. He lets Sheridan back up and closes the door. We cut over to Arrow where we see him sitting down and trying to practice his eulogy for later. As he sits down a small teenager walks up to him. Arrow ignores the staring but later would speak to him after the teenager waves his hand around him. The Teenager: Hey! I was a huge friend of your father. Arrow: Yeah. Cool. The Teenager: He told me so much about you. It's so sad. Arrow: Nice... The Teenager: It's just tragic how stuff like this could happen-- The Reverend waves at Arrow as Arrow quickly turns his attention to him. Arrow: Excuse me for a minute. Arrow walks up to the reverend. The Reverend: We should be getting ready now? Arrow: Yeah, I'll ask everyone to settle up. We return back to BPZ Pandemic after that commercial, promoting BPZ Legends of Tomorrow. We see everyone getting ready to sit, as Arrow and the reverend also get ready to set up the ceremony. Addy & Sheridan finally reaches the living and gets set. Before we see everything begin, Julius whispers at Sheridan. Julius: Do you still want those pictures-- Addy: Sushhhhhh! After Addy's response, the reverend finally comes up in front and speak on the sad passing of Arrow's father. While the reverend does his usual speech, Addy makes random sounds in the background distracting most of the visitors. The reverend asks Arrow to come up to the stage to do the final ceremony and speak in honor of his late Father. Arrow(stutters): My father... was an exceptional man. Arrow stutters badly and gets anxious. Arrow: My father.. was born in 1978... and exception year. In 1987... the hit song was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley... Arrow awkwardly mumbles the song as Addy starts laughing out loud. Everyone really disappointed by that as Arrow continues his speech. Arrow: My father, wasn't perfect. But he was a good man-- Addy's high level increases every second has he spots the casket moving... He screams and makes a whole scene that the casket is moving. Everyone gets mad and angry at Addy as he goes up to the casket and claims he's trying to save the man that's in there. He tries opening the casket but it falls down as the body gets exposed to the crowd. Arrow's mum screams in panic and runs out to the kitchen. As Arrow's wife goes check her out, Sheridan forcefully takes Addy and brings him outside with George and Nardi following him. Steph screams at Arrow and tells him to go check what the fuck is going on. Arrow gets angry at Steph as Steph picks up his father's body with Epic and Amai to put it back inside of the casket. Arrow walks outside to Addy, Sheridan, George & Nardie. Arrow gets mad as he confronts Addy who gets protected by Sheridan. Arrow: What the actual fuck?! Sheridan: Please, please Arrow, It's a mistake. Addy: AHHH! DON'T KILL ME! George: Arrow mate chill out, he's on some stuff bro. Arrow: WHAT?! Sheridan: I'll explain later Arrow please. Arrow: This better make sense Sheridan. Arrow leaves the scene as we see Sheridan's dad, Frank coming to them with anger. He tells himself "I'm gonna kill him", Frank walks over to Addy and Sheridan as he confronts them. Frank: Where is he?! What the fuck Sheridan? Sheridan: Please Dad, he's been drugged. Addy: I've been drugged AAAAH WHAT THE FUCK?! Sheridan: Yes please. Understand... Please Dad. Addy: How have I been drugged?! Sheridan: I gave him Valium but it was Nardi's acid. Frank: I can't believe this. GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!!! Sheridan: NO DAD! I love him! Frank: WHAT?! You've got to be fucking kidding me. Ah! Addy: NARDI!!! YOU DRUGGED ME! Addy tries to attack Nardi as George and Sheridan breaks them up while Frank leaves the scene really disappointed and angered. Addy lets go of Nardi as he runs back upstairs with everyone following him. He enters the bathroom and locks himself up again. Sheridan follow Addy and gets the door shut in her face again... Nate walks up and asks if everything is fine as Sheridan completely shuts him down. Sheridan stomps the door but Addy doesn't unlock it, he sits down on the toilet and gets really freaky. We see Sheridan backup on the door and slide down as she awaits for Addy. We see Nate walking down the stairs as he spots a hot girl, that is Arrow's cousin. Nate goes over her and start flirting with her, the two have a really nice conversation and it gets pretty heavy as Nate starts touching her... As the two would go for a kiss, Prince video calls Nate all the way from his vacation in Hawaii. Nate picks up the phone really carefully away from the girl. Prince: Hey Nate. How are you boo. Nate: Uh... Arrow's house has bad reception, we're breaking up... ERRR. ERR ERR. Nate forgets to turn off the call as he goes for the kiss... Prince sees everything and hangs up the phone is sadness. We zoom out to Arrow who enters his study, after that we spot the teenager who tried to have a word with Arrow earlier also enter the study. Arrow gets surprised but then calms down and starts talking with the teenager. The Teenager: You've been dodging me all day! The teenager locks the door as he talks with Arrow. Arrow: Yeah... It's been a weird day. Why did you lock the door-- The Teenager: Listen here bitch! My name is Arthur... Arthur Jr. and I need to speak with Keeley but I need to speak with you first. Arthur pulls out a gun. Arthur: I know something you all don't want to know. And I want 1 million dollars so I could keep my mouth shut. So bring Keeley over here or else I will let this whole funeral now, you all have one hour. Arrow: WHAT THE HELL! Arthur: Go now! Arrow, scared like a cat, goes out of the room and quickly runs over to Keeley who is sat talking to Steph. Arrow quickly interrupts the conversation and explains to them what's going on. Keeley gets shocked after hearing this and wonders what secret Arthur is keeping. Steph recommends telling the whole group, but Keeley denies that decision and makes up a plan... We cut over to the bathroom area again where we see Sheridan still on the ground waiting for Addy to come out, meanwhile, Julius spots Sheridan as he runs over to her. Julius: Are you okay? Sheridan: I'm... FUCKING FINE! Julius: You want to see those pictures? Sheridan: What?! No not now fuck off. Addy!!! Julius: What's up with Addy. Sheridan: I don't know shut up Julius, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?! Julius: Because I still love you... I still care about you, and I should have never let you go. That's the biggest mistake I've ever made... I'm so sorry, but I can't live without you. Addy: AAAAHHHH!!!! I HEARD EVERYTHING! Sheridan: No Addy! Please Addy! Julius gets embarrassed after getting rejected by Sheridan who turns her attention to Addy. Inside the bathroom, Addy walks over the window and goes on top of the roof. Julius spots Addy on the roof and quickly tells Sheridan. Addy slowly removes his clothes as he gets butt naked on top of the roof. Keeley discovers this from the other side of the house and quickly instigates her plan to work flawlessly with this advantage. We see Sheridan calming down Addy to get down as George and Nardie gets freaked out. We would then see Frank coming out of nowhere and watch Addy in disgust. We cut over to Arrow entering his study with Keeley while Steph sneaks from the back window on the outside of the house. Keeley and Arrow try to reason with Arthur Jr. as Steph slowly tries to get in the room silently. Keeley: Listen... We don't want any trouble. We know what we might have done and we know what you're thinking, but it's not true-- Arthur: Shut up bitch, do you have my money? Arrow: Yes... We might. Arthur: You might? I need the money now or else I'm going outside and telling everyone. Keeley: Please... Arrow grab the cheque book. Arrow: Huh what? Keeley: In the drawer. Grab it. Arrow goes in the drawer and finds a gun. As Arrow removes the gun and tries to point it at Arthur, Arthur gets smacked with a stapler in the back of the head, Arrow gets shocked by this and accidentally shoots Arthur in the head. Luckily, Arrow's study is sound proofed, which means no one could have heard it. Everyone in the room panics as Arrow tells them what kind of room it is. Keeley quickly thinks of a plan as she tells both the Thundermans to do one thing. Keeley: Okay, I have an idea! Let's do one thing... I'll go check and see if everyone is still outside watching Addy, you two put the fucking body in your dad's casket... Please. Arrow: Alright... whatever. Let's go. As Keeley goes lookout, Arrow and Steph brings the body to the casket. Back to the roof, we see Addy getting higher and contemplates on jumping, Sheridan goes after Addy with her father screaming at her. Sheridan goes over to Addy and tries to calm him down. The whole funeral attendance looks up including Julius, Amai, Epic, Nardie and George. Sheridan: Baby please! Please babe... Why?! Addy: Step back!! Step back. I'm going to jump. Sheridan: No, I love you. Don't jump. Addy: I saw you talking to Julius and I heard you two on the phone yesterday!!! Stop bullshitting Sheridan. Sheridan: No, but I love you!! And only you! Addy: Bullshit. Sheridan: If I was lying I wouldn't have your baby. Addy: My baby? Sheridan: I'm pregnant! Addy: What? Sheridan: You're gonna be a father! Addy gets surprised after hearing this and stands up, he happily goes back down on the other level of the roof where he faces everyone. Addy smiles before he screams this. Addy: WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole crowd claps and cheers as Sheridan's father, Frank gets upset at that announcement and shakes his head. As Addy and Sheridan hug it out on top of the roof, Addy slowly slips out and falls, he thankfully holds on to a led but is still hanging. George quickly runs inside of the house and enters the bathroom. He picks up Addy before he would fall, while holding Addy, Addy's dick accidentally touches the mouth of George. George really disgusted by this drags Addy down in the bathroom as they clean up and get back down. While this all was happening, Arrow and Steph managed to get the body into the casket, the two argued but made up and got happy during the exportation of this body. The reverend meets Arrow following the move of the body and asks to start the ceremony. Before the ceremony begins we cut over to Addy and Sheridan who bumps into Frank, Sheridan's dad. Frank: What in the world are you thinking-- Sheridan: Dad! Shut up! I love Addy-- Frank: You don't have to love him just because you're having his baby-- Sheridan: I love him and I'm going to marry him, I need you to support this decision or else I'm no daughter of you anymore. This whole time, I've always done stuff your way, I finally want something that's perfect for me and that has a purpose for me! Frank really disturbed by this, walks away as Addy made funny noises while he was leaving. We cut back over to the living room where everyone finally gets back to their places as the reverend tries to begin the ceremony again. He repeats the same process as before and asks Arrow to come speak a little bit before they get ready to bury the body. Arrow: My father... Arrow stutters again but then regains confidence once he sees his friends watching him. Arrow: My FATHER was an EXCEPTIONAL MAN! He was born in 1987, an exceptional year. He had his... shortcomings, but he took care of his family. He loved his family. He loved this house. He worked hard. All I wanted today was to show him how much we all loved and admired him. To give him the respect that he deserved... Is that really so much to ask? We all get so distracted by the... little things in life. We forget about the important things. Like the fact that we lost a great man. We go outside where the camera flies over the Arrow residence before the show fades to an end.
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    Bad To The Bone

    Heel Akki is seen with his crew in a discreet area down in Miami, Florida. We figure out that he's there to shoot a music video for his song, Bad To The Bone from The Underdog Mixtape that can be streamed on every streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more. And is also available for free on Youtube & AudioMack. Montages later we see that Heel Akki is finished filming his video, a teenager, who seems to be a wrestling fan, scream at Akki with "Jim Lopes", Akki gets very heated after that scream and starts to follow that teenager. The teenager goes all the way into an alleyway where Akki follows him, Akki's crew loses Akki and now he's all alone following the teenager. The teenager stops and gets scared. What did you just say? Uh... Jim Lopes. I'm sorry mister don't hurt me. Oh. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm a rapper, you wanna check out my music? Um, No! My mom told me not go somewhere with strangers! Is Jim Lopes your father? AHHHH! How did you know?! It says your name is Lil Lopes. Are you a rapper? The kid runs at Akki and kicks him in the balls. -REPLY PLANNED-
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    The scene starts with the sounds of rain hitting the ground and something else we can not make out yet. We see the scene begin to grow lighter as we see a bus stop, a dim street light providing some light on it’s side, enough light though for us to make out a man sitting there. It’s Bob Sparks as he is just sitting there, wearing a Cut-Throat Crew hoodie just staring at the ground. He seems to have been on some sort of run here, a bit of a late night jog at least. The camera is far enough away that we can’t really make out his expression but we can take a guess by the surrounding setting. Dark, cold, but a bit of light still making its way showing some hope for Bob Sparks. We can begin to confirm Bob’s mood as he begins to speak. I hope you’re good, like honestly. I miss you, but I understand. I know this is what you both felt like you needed to do, and that...that is okay. I would say that things are going fine, but I can’t lie to either of you. Your departure broke me, broke me into a million pieces. But I know one day I’ll get them back together, get my pieces back as a whole. I know it won’t be today, or anytime in the near future but eventually it’ll happen. I never knew how much y'all meant to me before you were gone, but I realize just how lucky I was now. Lucky to be in something like that. Lucky to have people like you by my side. Now even though doing this without you is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do….I’m doing it. I’m going to keep pushing through just like you would have both wanted me too. I’m going to keep trucking along for the both of you because I know you both would want to see me thrive not fall. But rest assured when I do get that success I want you both to know, I will think of you first, because you are the reason I kept moving to get there. I will be forever Cut-Throat. Bob would look off into the distance as there is clearly no bus anywhere around. He would then get up and begin to walk back the way he came, the rain pouring as he does. He does not seem to care though as the big man just strolls his way along down the street. The rain, although wet and cold, has a calming tone behind it. Bob’s broken voice would begin to rain in as he begins to speak, continuing to walk along down the road. You know every step of my life, there is a question that has come with me. Someone always wanted to know what makes me different? What quality do I possess, what factor do I have that makes me different from everybody else? Well it’s something I never really knew the answer to. You know I always gave the generic answer that my size was my x-factor which put me above everyone else I had come across. But now that I have grown, matured a bit I know those answers were not true. No although those are positives that I know help my case. The answer to that question is how relentless I am. How I have always fought for what I believed was right or the better option in this company even when others called me crazy or tried to shut me down. Sheridan and Hans though they had the same thoughts as me and they had that relentlessness no doubt. I mean I am sure you have heard about what Sheridan was up to backstage and her rants and all the times she yelled at some of the other producers. She was a fighter that was for sure, always trying to make this place better. One thing led to another though, and she is gone now. I can’t blame her with the way things were going around here. Undeserving title matches, and the Cut-Throat Crew just being cast aside like we meant nothing to Valor. And hell maybe they will begin to realize the mistake they made, when this shitty brand fails. There would be a bit of a pause as we see Bob think for a moment, even stopping his walk as well. He would eventually carry on though both with his walk and with his words. Bob clearly wanted to choose his words carefully. Bob on the Valor brand although not happy with the way that it has been going as of late. Not happy with it’s recent decisions and trends. He would begin to speak once more, continuing on his thoughts. I know I am probably not supposed to talk about Valor like that but I would much rather be honest about what is going on, instead of just watching the ship sink. People coming back and trying to salvage anything they can get out of it, even if it means Valor dies. The vultures are circling and they just keep pecking away, taking the scraps and the flying off. Fitting, isn’t it. But I won’t fault Necce on that, I mean at this point it seems like no one wants to stick around here anyways. Whether it be Necce himself, or my Cut-Throat comrades. It really is just a waiting game to see who leaves next. Would be fitting for some more people to leave after Chapter 2, it is called Exodus so I mean the story writes itself right? When I look around the roster, I really don’t want anyone else to leave. I like alot of the people around here, in all honesty. Sure I have had my differences with a lot of the guys in this company, but I would like to hope when it comes to a personal level, there is some respect still there. I would like to hope that this time around Necce takes me a bit more serious, even in this broken state I am in at the moment. I’ve proved that I am dangerous, proved that I can hang with some of the best that this company has to offer over my tenure. I can honestly say I do respect Necce, I mean how can I not. I know he will probably say this himself, but looking at the facts he did make me. He got all of the eyes on me from the jump after our match. He gave birth to the Bracket Buster, he put Bob Sparks on the map here in BPZ Wrestling. Necce, I know they want to see us go at each other's throats, want to see us be Cut-Throat as such. But that part of me just ain’t there, the word only brings me pain and sorrow in the end... Bob would go to continue talking but would be cut off as we begin to hear two people screaming. Bob’s expression is in utter shock as he is frozen still, the yelling clearly coming from the alleyway but Bob not daring to look and see what is making it. The two are clearly arguing not getting along, as Bob just stands there not knowing what to say or do. Looking as if he is about to say something at points but keeps his mouth shut, but listening in on the conversation. Man: After everything I’ve fucking done! You go and do this! Dumb Bitch! Woman: All we did was talk! I have other friends than just you, you know! Man: Yeah I bet you do, dumb whore. You really want this to end just like that? We would hear a pause as Bob grabs onto the street light next to him while placing his other hand on his head clearly the conversation having an effect on him mentally. We would hear the conversation pause for a moment as the woman clearly does not know what to say. Bob himself is not in the condition to say anything either but eventually we see the woman speak up, clearly choked up herself, the situation clearly not good here. Woman: I never said that! What do you want? You are the one with the problem! Man: I just want...nah don’t turn this on me. We are done! Woman: Fine then. We would then hear everything go quiet, as Bob would get up the courage to peak into the alleyway but no one is there. Bob would then collapse in the alleyway, sitting down and leaning up against a wall. We see his eyes glossy as ever, clearly Bob not in good condition here tonight just as we have seen him in recent times. He would rest his head in his hands as he begins to speak once more. Necce, just speak your words and I’ll listen. Speak them clear, and speak them well. Let your words flow, and let your thoughts pour out. I’ll be waiting, I don’t know where or how. But I will make sure to listen and do my best to take them in. We would then see Bob look up, his face red, and a few tears pouring down his face. We would then see the camera slowly fade away, before reaching a black screen. Bob clearly still is not over the fact that the Cut-Throat Crew is dead which is having devastating effects on the big man. Hopefully Bob is able to recover from this sometime soon, cause if not well then a fight with Necce might not be good for Bob, with him in this state of mind.
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    "Man, know yourself... and you shalt know the gods" BPZ.com
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    -M.A.N and the Flight to Egypt- M.A.N: "Room for a third one!?" The shout would echo around the plane and everyone would turn to look towards it. M.A.N is seen heading into the cabin, three banging sounds are heard and Jenna quickly exits the cabin. M.A.N throws Eric Shun out of the cabin, he tries to fight back and manages to bang M.A.N's head on a seat multiple times, M.A.N fights back though and pushes Eric Shun into the side of the plane, the plane shakes a little bit and Eric Shun falls on the ground. Before you know it everyone else in the plane is fighting, each going after their rival there are bags of peanuts flying everywhere and suitcases flying around the plane, M.A.N quickly disappears from the scene with Jenna and the fighting ends once one of the hostesses takes her top off and gathers attention. She tells everyone to stop and before you know it she's fucking Eric Shun in the airplane toilet... somehow. It was her last day at work that day...
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    Isaiah Carter


    The Carnage crowd explodes into a fury of cheers as they look towards the entrance ramp as a flood of white light fills the stage, in the ring, Raven looks on with a shocked expression on his face as the man who he helped put out of action a few months ago steps out on stage. As for the first time since his surgery, Isaiah Carter is in the Carnage arena. Sporting a BPZ branded T-Shirt with his classic black joggers he makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face. Isaiah steps into the ring and as he does, Meko runs towards him. But the quickness of Carter allows him to dodge the shot, reversing it into a move of his own, the No Regret!!! Raven rolls out of the ring holding his neck as the crowd explodes once again, Isaiah stands up with a smile plastered on his face as he is handed a microphone and with all the energy in the world begins to speak "DO I HAVE EVERYONES ATTENTION NOW" "Now that prick I just laid out, yeah he may of roughed me up a few months ago but right here right now look what is happening, I am standing in the ring feeling better then ever and he is knocked out cold. If that doesn't tell you who the hell I am then you better keep watching because if you're new around hear I promise you'll know who I am soon. My name, is Isaiah Carter and I am the hottest thing on Carnage, I am the man who is going to take what Carnage has become and save it. You're looking at the future of this brand and I am done playing around. I am no longer going to sit in the shadows, nursing an injury, I am no longer going to let guys like FD take this brand I love and turn it into a carnival show" "And that brings me to now, to right now and why I am back. I am back to do one thing and it started with the man I just took out, I am going for the Universal Championship and I am going to rip it from the hands of FD and I will do whatever it takes and I will take out whoever it takes. KENJI, Alex Costa, Flynn, the whole damn Carnage locker room I am not taking no for an answer. So, FD, my friend you have one choice. Either I keep beating the ever living shit out of your buddy, or you come out here and give me what I want...hell, anyone in that locker room, come on out." Isaiah Carter drops the mic, sitting down in the center of the ring as he looks towards the entrance ramp, is FDS or another Carnage ,member going to come out?
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    I Can't Odd

    Home Away From Home

    The scene opens to a bar counter and the camera pans across several empty seats until Buddy Ace is shown sitting on a stool drinking before turning around to face the camera. “It seems that I am in luck as I will be facing Raven in a Bar Room Brawl, which as a matter of fact will be taking place right here where I am today. It’s true that this could be considered a home field advantage for me because with all the time I spend in bars it’s basically a home away from home. Going out for a drink at a bar fits literally any occasion, whether you want to celebrate a major success or drown your sorrows after a bad day, it’s the perfect place to be. Not only that, but there is pretty much a bar anywhere you go. No matter where the road takes me I never fail to find a nice watering hole nearby. London: check, Honolulu: check...all these wonderful cities I get to travel to but I see the inside of their bars more than any landmark or tourist destination they have.” “Raven though, he pitched a an over the top rope challenge which at first I thought was stupid but then I heard Raven’s explanation and thought it was really stupid. I look back at the Royal Rumble and while you could consider it my greatest moment the fact is that anyone could have been in that spot. I’m sure that’s not what Raven would want to hear because it would be disrespecting the 27 other men I outlasted or something but it’s the truth. I got a couple eliminations, I got to hang with the best of them in the end, and I had people believing that night. Raven wants to know if he could have been in that spot and absolutely. Despite competing twice in big time matches earlier in the night he still came out and tore it up in the Royal Rumble so just imagine if he had been at one hundred percent. The Royal Rumble is a unique type of battle royal that maybe requires a bit more stamina, more strategy, more luck than a regular battle royal but it’s still a battle royal. A battle royal isn’t exactly the best measure of skill in my opinion.” “Earlier this year I was red hot on the road to BPZMania but that spark has seemingly died. It’s funny how easily the term ‘rising star’ can be applied or taken away from a star because for a bit there I had the fans, the media, tons of talk about it being Buddy Ace’s time. BPZMania though I stumbled and left the arena without a belt in hand. I felt like everything had been ruined but Isaiah Carter walked into the picture and I made a shift into partnering up as Aces High. It seemed like he was saving my career and we went on to have our big victory alongside Nebakos in War Games only for me to be left to my own devices again once he went for surgery. From there the talk died as I’ve failed to stick out so yeah, obviously I want that back. It felt good to have all that love being shown towards me, to put on performances I could be proud of, to be a star. Hopefully that ‘endless potential’ of mine can make an appearance in this qualifying match. All I can say for certain is that win or lose, I’m staying right here at this counter after the match for a cold one.” Buddy Ace turns back to his drink as the camera fades to black.
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    To Bring Him Back.

    The figure lunges at FDS, clobbering him with a barrage of rights and lefts. The camera being knocked out of frame, we are left with the sounds of a clear scuffle before finally it focuses. Jeremiah Flynn is revealed to be the attacker and he is beating the hell out of FDS. FDS quickly with a jab to Flynn’s ribs sends him back, before he quickly grabs ahold of the chair that was previously used by the Universal Champion and swings it straight into his skull. He now quickly grabs ahold of him, before throwing him face first into the TV mounted on the wall, blood now splintering down the face of the champion. Flynn looking like a mad man, takes the chair before setting it up once again, before refocusing on a stunned FD. He quickly grabs ahold of him, before laying him out with an FKO onto the chair! Suddenly Flynn’s eyes widen. A look of worry washing across his face. “Somebody get this guy some help. HEY SOMEBODY GET THIS GUYS SOME FUCKING HELP..... FD this is what you wanted. You beat me FD. We could of just went our separate ways. Get your ass healed up brother. Get patched up, I’m sorry man..... but this shit ain’t over. We are just getting started boy. Flynn’s look of worry seemingly runs serious. A clear message sent and seemingly everything FDS has asked for. The war between the champions has begun.
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    "No mystery am I" BPZ.com
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    Warning Shot

    Resting ambience as lights around the Valor arena switched off one by one. Eventually...sirens. A spotlight cast upon Addy as he made his way out onto the stage microphone in hand. No gesture, no emotion; the beast of Whitemoor stared out to the sea of people, a tense teeth grit snarl forming as he made his way to the ring taking no time to get there. "And so it has come, children. It is time that I expose sin, highlight the truth and lay my wise judgement down for you to all hear accordingly...Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is the beginning of the end for Austin Omega. Tonight brings a declaration of war." Addy would pace side to side laying his microphone down. His tone was sharp and rapid and his emotion was now apparent. The beast was stirred up. "You see, Austin Omega I have allowed you to run your mouth about me going from one poor excuse for an insult to another and it is long past that I lay down my righteous reckoning. You dare be so audcaious to belittle and underestimate my power and for that you shall now pay." Addy would pause, cynically stroking his beard in thought and mumbling a "hmmm" "But where should I start? I know! The beginning. Austin Omega welcome to the first testament to demise. After winning the NXT title off me; whilst I was injured, I shall note! You came back here with your newly won title and you spoke about how I am handed everything on a "Silver Platter"...Is that so, Austin Omega? Did I survive 10 years in a maximum security prison for crimes I had no choice but partaking in as I had to care for my dying mother one way or another all on a silver platter? Was I thrown out my home at HM Whitemoor into this vile world into this rotten society...On a silver platter? Make no mistake, if you knew anything of me then you would know that my lodging in the Mafia Mansion is an exact replica of my cell back home, I am fed what suits my dietary needs only and I do not indulge in activities other than reading, writing and training...Training to end your career. Does that sound like a silver platter to you? I am a natural leader, a born speaker and I am a Messiah to the voiceless, do you think that the fact I have allies here means I receive opportunity on a silver platter? You think I need a squad to help me win a match and carry me?! Do you think I needed an extra hand when I pointed a fully loaded firearm in the face of a 82 year old lady at the age of 21?!" Addy would yank the microphone down before he could unravel any further, his rage building and building all evident in his red raw face. He'd take a moment before raising the microphone back to his mouth, his hand trembling. The crowd would halt their applause as he began once more. "Austin Omega, I said that tonight I would be telling some truths. The truth is, Child...That you need to cease the blasphemy about me and pray to the man above that at Exodus I don't take your life for what you have said and done to me. Halt your words for you cannot compete with a silver tongue like my own and pray that your in ring ability can help you survive the onslaught!" Addy would begin calm and composed that time but would once again find his voice full of emotion as he snapped once more. His breathing would be heavy as he'd pace some more,. Eventually a calmer mind would prevail "You know Austin I spoke to you previously about the pathways the lord takes you down. I said that so far in our careers the two of us had been very successful, so much so in fact that the two of us were on a collision course for the NXT championship. At the time I was unsure of my path here, the championship we now fight over was yet to be revealed and I was hellbent on denouncing your cause. I see now that you pathway led you down the way of the NXT championship, it was not my path to take...However the number one contenders match for this title shall be different. You can have the NXT Championship, enjoy it...This Championship however belongs to the lord...Please don't get in my way for your own sake. I find acceptance in knowing that the NXT Championship belongs to you for now, it is time you wise up and realise that this championship is to be mine." Addy would now be speaking much more solemnly, human like almost. The crowd would cheer as Addy would seemingly give in to his conflicting thoughts and speak with an ounce of respect but...Addy would snap once more, his rage returning. "But it can't be like that can it...You, just like many others are consumed by greed. You beat down the weak and helpless like you did when you defeated me just a day after I was brutally attacked by a mob and now...Now you think you are immortal. You see yourself as a deity after tasting success but rest assured I will humble you when we meet again. Listen to my words very carefully Austin Omega...If you do not find peace with your singular title, my hand will be forced to not only eliminate your chances of taking this one...But I shall take the NXT championship too. The man you shall meet at Exodus will not be the same being you met at King Of The Ring, no...At Exodus you will meet a man willing to give...and take. The most dangerous man is a man in desperation. Not like your desperate attempts to insult me, no. But the desperation for revenge, for survival and for what is rightfully his. With each and every day I pull more and more hair out of my scalp at the thought of facing the man who pillaged my broken body, once again. I DREAMED of facing you again. I dreamed of crushing your windpipe and watching you squirm. Innocent, sweet little dreams, pure ficition right? Wrong. Because I woke up from that dream hearing that it was to come true. I gave thanks to the lord for showing me my way out of all of this and finally showing me my path. After Exodus I shall finally be of sound mind once more. You kicked the hornets nest when you beat me, Austin, but this time you cannot run away. You cannot escape my wrath and the swift counter shall arrive at Chapter 2 when I not only bring you back down to earth but drag you straight to hell. You have woken a foul beast. Do not respond, do not reply." Addy's wild beady eyes would finally rest, looking down at the mat he stood in. He'd purse his lips and would shake his head lightly "The worst is yet to come. This war is far from over. I have so much more to say...Until then Austin Omega, watch your back..." Addy's theme would play as he would cast the microphone out the ring. He'd drop and roll under the ropes going back up the stage and leaving. There were clear emotion left in his pearls. Throughout his verbal assault he would repeatedly try and contain his emotion and after every failure to do so...he would still try. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein
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    Too Easy

    We see Jason Ryan in a bar, drinking at the counter. Hanging up on the wall is a dartboard with pictures of the other contenders for the North American title hanging up. Jason finishes his beer, picks up a dart and faces the board. After careful aim, he throws, the dart piercing a picture of Jason's opponent Prince. Jason smirks I seem to have won the lottery. Jason lights a cigar and blows smoke in the air. The jukebox begins to play God's gonna cut you down by Johnny Cash. Prince. It's been far too long. Last time we met was when I was still a rookie, in his first Powercup Trip. And my first opponent was you. Our following match was my easiest win, I didn't even break a sweat. I dominated you to the point you have never recovered. Granted, you were attacked before the match but let's be honest, you never were any good. You Prince are said to be an even bigger disappointment than Buddy Ace. You are regarded as BPZ's biggest flop but I don't see you that way Prince. You never failed me because I never had any expectations for you. Maybe it's the vacant expression in your eyes, maybe it's because you are the worst member of the roster and that includes Arrow, or maybe, it's because you are nothing but a jobber. But don't get me wrong I am very much looking forward to facing you again after so long. Jason orders a shot of whisky and throws it back In many ways Prince, you have let everyone down. You were once seen as the future of BPZ, then guys like Bailey realized the truth. You are a simpleton who thinks an Irish Whip is an advanced move. You do realize there are videos on YouTube dedicated to mocking the joke you call a career right? And you think you belong in a North American Match, dude, you wouldn't be able to win the NXT title if we sent you back down. You're enhancement talent, a shining example on what not to do. Then again, I suppose I am to blame. After all, I am the man that more or less ended your career. A smile tugs on Jason's lips as he smokes his cigar You were at the height of your career, which is quite pathetic when you examine it objectively. But back then, everyone was in love with you. Hell, you had Bailey's backing back when he was GM and yet, you failed. Because you ran into me, someone who is at least ten times more talented than you could ever hope to be. And I beat the hell out of you, I nearly ended your career, in some ways I did. I beat the credibility out of you Prince. From that moment on, you've been seen as a joke, something to laugh at. I went on to become what you will never be. A main guy, a top player. And here we are again, years later. You've gotten even worse. It will be a pleasure to do what I should have done after that match and stomp your worthless possibly inbred skull into mush. Jason takes out a knife tosses it in the air, catching it by the handle I am going to finish you off once and for all boy. When I'm done with you I am going to drag you by my pickup truck and put your head on my wall. From there I will win the North American title. Hell I may even go after FDS after that, wear that ugly piece of shit belt he carries for a while. Prince, people like you are charity cases. We keep you around so you feel good about yourself but, the thing is, people like you are fodder for stars like me. And I will be happy to teach you that lesson once more. Jason stands up and grabs the picture of Prince. He shakes his head disdainfully and tears it up, throwing the pieces in the air Prince, last time, I let you live on a whim. This time, I'll end it due to the same reason. So go ahead and dig yourself a grave. I'll be by to bury you once more soon.
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    New Trial Moderators

    Following the recent departure of Julius and Sheridan, the moderation will be getting some fresh blood. For this oppurtunity, 3 of the most active names on the forums, by the names of @Alex Costa, @BobdaBomb and @Sameer will be given an oppurtunity to showcase what they could bring to the mod team over the next few weeks. Good luck to Alex, Bob and Sameer!
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    A Fight

    Fire is in the eyes of the BMF Champion here tonight. He stares now at the Universal Championship that FDS holds, reality seemingly setting in for the former champion. He nods for a brief moment, seemingly calming down as FDS was speaking. Slowly he picks his microphone back up, looking into the eyes of FD as he speaks. “Madness? You want brutality? Bloodshed? Okay....okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY YOU’RE ON!” Flynn now is nodding his head like a mad man, frantically pacing back and forth before continuing to speak. “The Crimson Gold, is the premier strap on Carnage and in my own professional opinion in the entire damn world. But this, this BMF Championship, it represents the man who’s willing to go the distance to truly hurt his opponent to win a match. Pain and suffering is something he inflicts and no one wishes to actually challenge him. Yet here you stand, tall and mighty fresh off conquering and defeating me, seemingly begging for more. You are either an idiot or a madman. It doesn’t really matter because at Summerslam you’ll be a deadman. You won’t take everything from me FDS. I will do everything it takes to keep my BMF Championship. Anything.” “As for the match stipulation. I want to punish you. More importantly I promised to beat some respect into you at King of the Ring and I clearly failed at that. Well that’s ok because I’ll make sure I do it this time. Summerslam, for the BMF Championship, Flynn vs. FDS IN A TEXAS DEATH MATCH.” Flynn tosses the microphone before raising his BMF Championship high above his head. FDS now, with a sly smile raises his Universal Championship, clearly mocking but also showing Flynn that he has no intentions of backing down. Their Summerslam rematch set, and the stakes have been raised. Who will survive the Texas Death Match.
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    As Arrow comes out to the ring and has a mic in his hand and he gets a chair and begins to speak. “Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace the two most amazing people but I think Buddy Ace wants some beer before he gets in the ring with a total fucking drunkie and Buddy I cannot blame you Jason doesn’t deserve to be a death rider after his loss he deserves to be left in the dark just like his wife left him and took the child Jason how’s the wife doing? Oh that’s right Jason she left ya and took the child isn’t that just a shame that she did that well I mean not really because nobody would want to be with you you pathetic alcoholic because not only would you say everything that you do is enough when it’s not but you would overdose on cocaine in the bathroom.” Arrow would start laughing and yelling “GO BACK TO BEING A NOBODY JASON.” “Jason you don’t understand that what we must do isn’t personal it’s just business and at the end of the day the thundermans are just better than you Jason you don’t get it through your mind that you shouldn’t be on the death riders because you are a pathetic bitch and that’s all you will ever will be everyone forgot your name after you keep losing and after we beat you they will just be ashamed that they ever knew you.” Arrow grabs a chain and yells “JASON YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS BECAUSE ALL YOU DO IS SPEND YOUR MONEY ON DRUGS.” “Jason how about you talk to me when you stop wasting your money on drugs BPZ has tried to send you to rehab but you just ran away but when we kick your ass you won’t be able to run away from the fact that you are a old man who has nobody anymore because nobody will remember you as a champion they will forget you for the coward that you are.” Arrow would leave the ring with a smile and see you in hell Jason Arrow would yell. Reply planned!
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    A New Low

    Heel. AND ITS ALL OVER. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT Sandmam: JOSHUA SCOTT HAS JUST LOST TO A MAN IN A BLINDFOLD Wallace: WHAT A PERFORMANCE BY ALEX COSTA. BUT SURELY THIS IS A NEW LOW FOR JOSHUA SCOTT ....................................................................................... A few minutes after Alex’s win, we see him stood on the ramp celebrating before he heads back in, back to the guerilla position. In the ring we see Joshua Scott, who is just stood there, unable to comprehend what has just happened. The crowd give him a sympathetic clap as Josh just nods his head. Josh puts on his coat and scarf, and looks around the crowd, a lost expression in his eye as the clapping continues Josh rolls out of the ring at the back before walking around the barricade. The clapping begins to die down, with Josh not even acknowledging the fans, perhaps embarrassed by what’s just happened. He makes his way up the ramp, and someone from the audience gives him a sympathetic pat on the back, AND JOSH GRABS THEIR ARM AND THROWS THEM OVER THE BARRICADE BEFORE LOCKING IN THE OLD TRAFFORD The fan immediately taps out and starts screaming as the fans look on in horror at the “People’s Number One” has just attacked a random fan who was being nice to him. Josh is still keeping the hold locked in as stewards jump over the barricade and try to break it up, unsuccessfully. Security comes running out to break it up, and they manage to drag Joshua Scott off the poor fan More security come running out to try keep the audience in check, as stewards surround the injured fan and security guards surround Josh. Joshua Scott has just snapped. Medics now come out and tend to the injured fan, followed by one of BPZs most senior staff James Cunner, who is trying to keep order here. More senior staff, backstage staff and wrestlers come out to see what is happening here Josh now walks off, little emotion on his face. Josh has been pushed to the brink here, lost to a blindfolded man but he can not retaliate like he did, especially when he calls himself “The People’s Number One.” Security chase after Josh and escort him out of the arena, with Josh shouting insults at the wrestlers and staff as he walks off. What has happened to Joshua Scott here tonight, and what will this mean for his future on Carnage.
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    BPZ: The Inside Scoop

    Adrian Wojpati reviews BPZ King of the Ring 2020 Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to The Inside Scoop! It's me Adrian Wojpati and I'm back after my short holiday in Fiji. I'll be honest with you folks I didn't keep track of anything from BPZ during my Holiday so I guess we'll find out about the results together. Intercontinental Championship Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince. Winner: Sameer To open the show we had the IC title match where Sameer defeated both Alex Costa and Prince. This is a smart choice in my opinion as with Sameer having a massive Undisputed title match vs Slim in just a few at Exodus he can't afford to lose momentum by losing his IC belt. Now before I talk about Sameer any further I think Prince or Alex should become North American Champion. It seems perfect for one of these two men to become champ as there both very talented and could use a belt. As for Sameer well who knows what BPZ does with him vs Slim the only issue is if he does beat Slim then him losing IC could make Valor look a little weak. United States Championship Sheridan (c) vs Yelich vs Austin Mirage. Winner: Sheridan Next up we had the US Title match as Sheridan looked to continue her reign vs Yelich and Austin Mirage. Sheridan would continue her reign and the sky is the limit for not only her but all of Cut Throat Crew. As for Yelich a win the tournament match would do him.alot of good but I think a tag title reign in M.A.N Global will be the next step for Yelich. Now Creed won't face another Valor team till Chapter 3 which will be between Bad Blood and Halloween Havoc if they still have the belts of course. Now for Austin, I think he just needs some small victories before he gets a title shot for Valor's new belt and maybe wins. Premium Championship Mikey (c) vs Akki Mahal vs Bob Sparks. Winner: Bob Sparks Next, we had another member of Cut Throat Crew trying to claim some gold as Bob Sparks faced Mikey and Akki Mahal for the Premium Championship. Bob would win here as like I said the Sky is the Limit for Cut Throat Crew AND HE IS PRAYING THAT BOB WILL BREAK THE CURSE OF THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP. Which brings me to my next point BPZ PLEASE STOP THE HOT POTATO ON THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP, LET SOMEONE HAVE AN ACTUAL REIGN, PLEASE. Hopefully, Mikey can get something in the way of momentum, but I'm not sure what he can do. Akki needs to be pushed by BPZ, he's soo entertaining so give him something BPZ, from US to the new Valor belt just something. NXT Championship Addy (c) vs Austin Omega. Winner: Austin Omega Next we had the NXT title match, where, as you'd expect Addy beat Austin Omega because why would he only have a one month reign BPZ hates those. Yeh you caught me Austin won BECAUSE WHY HAVE GOOD REIGNS WHEN WE CAN JUST HOT POTATO THE BELT RIGHT GUYS. So Austin should have a great reign but let's be real Amai, Addy or someone will beat him BECAUSE WHY NOT AM I RIGHT BPZ. I hate this company. Universal Championship Flynn (c) vs FDS. Winner: FDS Wow, BPZ actually followed through on an FDS push, that's a first. Reports say BPZ made the decision to give FD the belt because Flynn is a draw with or without the belt so having 2 big draws on Carnage is much better than one. I agree with this call it's about time FD got a big-time push in BPZ and hopefully, this means all of FD-Gun gets pushed as well. Uni, SG winner and North American sounds good. For Flynn he'll be fine man has this whole BMF thing going so he'll be fine and he'll beat FD at Summerslam to get his win back. World Championship Slim (c) vs Brad vs Arius. Winner: Arius HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, Fuck you Slim. Slim's about to lose to Sameer as well, and then he'll retire. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO THE SLIM IS OVER PARTY AFTER CHAPTER 2. Congrats to Arius as well nice to see him get his win over Slim after he was robbed of his first title reign. Why was Brad in this match? It would've made way more sense for him to do his world title match at Bad Blood so we could get more cringe Brad Blood promos. King of the Ring Final Hans Clayton vs James Ropati. Winner: James Ropati. Well, I said in my KOTR Semi-Final review that if Arius beats Slim then Ropati should beat Hans so it's nice to see BPZ listen to me for once. Now the question is do we really have Ropati beat Arius? Nothing against Ropati but a one month reign for Arius would really be a shame so he's gotta win, to be honest. As for Hans, I would suggest an IC title reign for him now but its come out that he's taking an extended leave from the company which may be the reason behind Ropati's victory. Now let's say Ropati does lose to Arius then lets give him an IC title reign the man deserves something after this fire KOTR run, also KEEP THE KIWI KICK STRONG BPZ. That's it for KOTR review overall it was a great show because Slim lost, make sure to join me next time where we review the most recent Valor with Eric Shun vs Austin Mirage, Wojpati out.
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    Your life means nothing

    As Jason Ryan turns around, Prince smirks before leaping up from the chair and to his feet. He notices how Ryan is too busy up his own ass which gives him time to grab a bat nearby, he runs up to Ryan and swings it to the back of his head. “AHHH!” Ryan lands on the floor with a thud and yells in pain. Prince shakes his head slowly before swinging once again and targeting his right knee. “OUCH!” Prince simply laughs in response before proceeding to stomp repeatedly on the knee as Jason Ryan continues to cry out in pain. Quicky, he takes the cigarettes packet from Jason Ryan and shows it off in front of him. “NO PLEASE!” Prince doesn’t even care to respond before he throws the cigarette’s in a nearby trash can before taking the lighter from Jason and setting it on fire. “NOOOOOOOOO” Jason tries slowly to get back to his feet but Prince simply swings at the knee again to keep him down. Prince then proceeds to kick him in the gut as Jason leans up against the rule, with Prince leaning the bat against his neck. “Now it’s your turn to sit there and listen to me talk, got that mate? You think that YOU made me sit there obediently and listen to you ramble on? Nah man, every second during that I precisely thought out every thing I wanted to say to you that you’ve REALLY pissed me the hell off. You want to come up and try use big words? Who do you think you are impressing? Maybe your second grade teacher, trying to not justify why they were right to hold you back for a few years. You seriously think I’m scared of you Jason? All I see is a pathetic, insecure excuse of a man who is just way in over his head. But alright, I didn’t enunciate properly? I didn’t show enough emotion in my voice? That’s man bad man, I’ll make myself perfectly clear for you now. I’m going to fucking destroy you.” Jason Ryan can very clearly be seen to be struggling, which Prince laughs at in response and looks set to stomp on Ryan’s knee again which makes him flinch. Right before Prince connects however, he sighs before locking eyes with Jason Ryan again. “You want to come up here and tell me I’m not being intelligent, you’re right I’m not intelligent, I’m just real. Just as real as one can fucking get, you wish you could be as free as me. Instead you’re too far up your own ass that you can almost touch your brain and you have to hide behind this fake, tough exterior. If you’re such a true intellect mister most dangerous man, maybe you understood what I just did. I made you expose your insecurities, what inside you really tears you apart. Addiction, relationships, having to go to rehab and talking with others to save yourself. Can that really be the backstory of someone who is meant to be a dangerous man? Or is it a backstory of someone you wish you could be but deep down inside you, know that you will never be? That’s the difference between you and I Jason. You’re stuck in a dreamland and one day you are going to have to wake up, and when that happens where is your place going to be in this company? No one is going to love the real Jason Ryan, no one will fear him either.” Prince’s words begin to get more intense, as does his actions as he holds shoves the bat even further against the next of Jason Ryan which leaves him gasping for air. “You’ll be nothing, obsolete, a zero. You’ve never truly recovered from the past and you’re going to be dealing with the consequences that you try SO hard to run away from by playing this persona. Sure ok, maybe I do get some sympathy and apathy, but you know what? That’s the price tag of what it means to be a real man, a real person. It honestly doesn’t even begin to surprise me that it’s such an alien concept to you when you’re one of the most disingenuous people in this company. All I ever do is fight with heart, with passion…fighting for ME and nobody else. That’s why I give it 110% whenever I go out there. All you ever do is fight for this character, this lie that you’ve created…that’s why you struggle to admit your flaws. That’s why you truly care about nothing, because this never effects the REAL Jason Ryan. While this is me, this is all I have and that’s why losses hurt because everyone knows I put my heart and soul into this!” Prince sees Jason struggling and looses up the bat before slapping him in the face. He does a gesture for Jason to keep his eyes on him before smirking. “You wanna play down my championship accomplishments but I got those from being true to myself which is something that you can never live up to. You won’t be the man that makes me leave. I’m going to be right here, I’ll be the catalyst to your downfall. Or perhaps the catalyst to your awakening. By the way you carry yourself though, I think it’s pretty damn clear that you’re going to be heading down the path of the first option. You are simply too far gone but you fail to acknowledge that, or you just continue to fight it.” Prince lets off the pressure on Jason Ryan and sits up, before turning around. Jason Ryan tries to attack but it seems Prince was expecting it as rests his foot against his cheek to keep Jason down on the concrete floor. “When we face in the strap match, the only thing I expect from you is a thank you. A thank you for me knocking even a little sense of hope into you, because trust me when I tell you Jason that no one else is going to do it for you. It doesn’t matter how great your title accomplishments were in your eyes, because that is the problem – they’re simply all in your eyes. In this falsehood you created for yourself you think that they were amazing and helps make you a legend, but here is the thing Jason; you are still capable of being chewed up and spit out in an instant. I suggest that you go and get ready oh mister dangerous one, or chill and watch some Rick & Morty since you seem to be such a massive fan! Perhaps go watch the Mr. Mine episode, you should relate to it; seeming as you are nothing more than a carbon of so many guys like you who thought that they were the big shot only for reality to strike and when shit hit the fan they didn’t know where on earth they could go. All I can say now is, good luck because now you are really going to need it.” In one final swift motion, Prince kicks Jason in the gut before and shoves him against a crate. Before turning around and loudly singing Sweet Caroline.
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    Alex begins to speak as the tension is piling up Alex Costa: You seem a bit angry Josh. What's the matter? Listen I heard you little speech here to Mr Trenton and while normally I'd applaud it and agree with you there is something there I don't particularly agree with. You mention that you wanted to make this fight fair but I can see in your eyes and I think everyone can see it too. You are lying! Josh gets visibly upset at those words You never wanted this to be a fair fight since deep down you know that in a fair fight the current Joshua Scott can't beat me. So that's why you giving out this excuse that some voice told you to choose this ridiculous stipulation when deep down there is no silly voices. Only you! But let's talk about passion, let's talk about the fact that I've been here for the past 6 months working my ass off, facing some of the very best this company has to offer, while you Mr former Intercontinental Champion decided to walk away, because you realized that you couldn't cut it here anymore. Heck your only victories in the last tyear came against that weirdo that dresses as a character in a Kids show and that rich scrub friend of yours who is not even a real wrestler! Alex pauses for a bit though we can see Joshua Scott, getting more angry at every passing minute So excuse me if I don't buy out this theory of yours, at the end of the day I can see right through you Josh. You want this win so badly, you willing to do whatever it takes to suceed, even if it means forcing me into a handicap, knowing deep down you are that much of a coward to face me straight on! At being called a coward Josh snaps and rushes Alex, starting a brawl between the two of them Both men started brawling hard with each other as Josh Trenton rushes out the room to call out security who arrives after a couple of seconds seperating both men from each other. Josh walks away after a while having seemingly calmed down whereas Alex is on the ground, visibly upset but knowing he has proved a point today as the camera cuts backs to Heel, Sandman and Wallace who discuss what just happened here.
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    What a night it's been so far here in London. Wembley has been treated to one of the best BPZ PPV's ever. We've seen Austin Omega become a 2x NXT Champion, Bob Sparks win the Premium Championship, Sheridan and Sameer retain their championships and most recently we saw FDS defeat Flynn to become Undisputed Champion and Arius finally get his redemption vs Slim as he pinned him to become World Champion for the second time. "Monster" came on over the loudspeakers as the crowd began to let out boos at the "Kiwi Killer". Ropati's theme would continue to build as there was still no sight of him before eventually, he did appear donning the New Zealand flag as a bandanna for the first time since Night of Legends where he came up short vs The "Death Machine" Julius. Ropati would pause at the top of the ramp before his manager The "GOAT" Bailey walked out looking extremely confident as the two men began to walk to the ring. Ropati walked down showing zero emotion on his face but a look of complete focus while Bailey was heard hyping Ropati up as his usual energetic self. Ropati and Bailey would exchange in a handshake before Ropati entered the ring the look of focus still clear. He'd take his bandana off and put it on the top rope before he smacked it off as the adrenaline began to flow through Ropati as he went into his corner and began to await his opponent. "115" By Treyarch now would begin to play as the crowd broke out into big cheers for The "God of War" not only have the BPZ audience come to really be big fans of Hans Clayton but they also really hate Ropati. Clayton would come out rocking a Cut Throat Crew leather Jacket as usual as he will look to keep up the undefeated streak Cut Throat Crew have had tonight with Sheridan retaining her US Title and Bob winning the Premium championship. Hans began to walk down the ramp before he stopped in the middle of it as he flipped his hood of to the applause of the crowd before he continued his entrance. Hans seemed to exchange some words with Bailey at ringside before he entered the ring and did his signature taunt right to the hard cam. Hans then turned his attention to Ropati before he backed up into his corner as Danielle began to announce the rules of the contest. After Danielle announced the rules the referee pulled both Hans Clayton and James Ropati in as he made sure they understood what the ref wanted fro this match before he told them both to back up into there corners but neither did. The two men began to stare each other daring the other to break contact first. Ropati's face would now break into a smile for the first time tonight as he just turned away from Hans and went back into his corner as Hans now did the same. The ref would now call for the bell and this match was underway. The two men quickly engaged in an elbow collar lock up which Hans one as he put Ropati in a headlock. Ropati would find his footing as he looked to push Hans off using the ropes as leverage but Hans countered his attempt by using his own momentum against him as he caused Ropati to flip over and stay in the headlock. Ropati yet again fought his way back to his feet as he delivered two devastating elbows to the gut of Hans before he went for a back suplex but Hans flipped out of it and landed on his feet. Ropati would turn around to a dropkick from Clayton which sent him into the corner. Hans would now back up into the corner before he hit Ropati with a corner dropkick before hitting it again 2 more times. Ropati would now roll out of the ring but Hans bounced off the ropes and flew over the top rope as he hit a Tope con Hilo. Hans would now do his signature taunt as the crowd roared in approval. Hans would roll Ropati back into the ring before he went to get back into the ring but Ropati was back on his feet and he hit Hans with a drop kick that sent him off the apron and back down to the floor. Ropati would now bounce off the ropes as it looked like he was about to also go for a Tope con Hilo which Hans would just avoid but Ropati flipped out of it and landed in a seated position. Hans would charge Ropati hoping he wouldn't expect it but Ropati ducked Hans's kick and kicked up as the two men stared each other down. Hans would now rush Ropati again but Ropati dropped kick with a kick to the ribs. Hans now attempted to leave the ring but Ropati stopped him as he whipped him off the ropes right into a flying knee from Ropati. Hans would now be stunned as Ropati had taken control of this match, Ropati would pick Hans up before he hit a big german suplex and then another as Hans's head continued to be spiked into the mat. Ropati would pick Hans up but Hans whipped him off the ropes however Ropati was prepared for this as he hit a big springboard moonsault to Hans. Ropati would now cover Hans 1, no Hans kicked out at one. Ropati would pop right back up to his feet as if he expected Hans to kick out, he'd pick Hans up and hit him with multiple chops before he Irish whipped Hans off the ropes and went for another flying knee but Hans avoided it this time and hit a big Pele kick to Ropati sending him out of the ring. Hans would bounce off the ropes looking for another Tope con Hilo but Ropati ran back into the ring a dropped Hans with a big clothesline. Ropati now picked Hans up and just threw him out of the ring. Ropati now rolled outside the ring as well as he picked Hans up and threw him into the steel steeps on the outside. Ropati picked Hans up again as he began to lay multiple forearms into the face of Hans Clayton before he picked him up and hit a massive Brainbuster to the mat below. Ropati now rolled back into the ring to break the referees count. Ropati would wait for Hans to get up before he went for another Tope con Hilo and Hans avoided it again but this time Ropati didn't flip off instead he bounced to the top rope and hit a big moonsault to the outside and to Hans. Ropati's face would now break into a rare smile as he was clearly in control of this match and he knew it. Ropati rolled Hans back into the ring but Hans rolled back out to Ropati's amusement as he just left him. Ropati would now sit on the top turnbuckle as he seemed to be bragging to someone before Hans got onto the apron and hit Ropati with a springboard Hurricarana. Hans now went to the top rope and he jumped off and HIT A 450 SPLASH TO ROPATI. Cover from Hans 1, 2, Ropati kicks out. Hans wouldn't look frustrated as he must've thought there was a good chance of Ropati kicking out of that. Hans would pick Ropati as the two got into a strike off as Hans landed multiple slaps, forearms and chops but Ropati countered with Kicks as well as chops, forearms and slaps. Eventually Ropati would win the strike off as you'd expect and he whipped Hans off the ropes but Hans hit a springboard moonsault off the ropes into an inverted DDT. The crowd would break into applause from the impressive acrobatic manoeuvre from Hans. Hans now picked Ropati up and after slapping the "Kiwi Killer" Irish whipped him over the top rope and to the outside. Hans now went for a springboard phenomenal forearm but Ropati caught him with a kick to the ribs. Ropati now picked him up and threw him over the barricade and into the crowd. Ropati would try to take a breather and recover but as soon as he turned around Hans was waiting for him as he hit him with a big phenomenal forearm from the barricade. Hans would now pick Ropati up as both men clearly needing to catch their breath as we are now 20 mins into this main event. Ropati would now catch Hans would a spinning kick to Hans's gut and he Irish whipped him into the ring. Ropati now jumped up to the top rope as he hit a flying metora to Hans before he rolled through the move and began to line Hans up again. Ropati would wait for Hans to get back to his feet as he hit him with a big bicycle knee which sent Hans rebounding off the corner turnbuckle and he walked right into A SUPERKICK FROM ROPATI. COVER FROM ROPATI 1, 2, HANS KICKS OUT. Ropati would look like he was about to break out into a angry outburst but he kept his cool again. Ropati would pick Hans up as he grabbed both his arms and hit him with a big boot. Ropati now climbed to the top rope and HE HIT A BIG FROG SPLASH BUT HE WASN'T DONE THERE. HE PICKED HANS UP HIT A ROLLING SENTON AND CLIMBED TO THE TOP ROPE AND HIT A PHOENIX SPLASH ON HANS. COVER FROM ROPATI AS HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS, 1, 2, NOOOO HANS STAYS ALIVE. Now Ropati wouldn't be able to control himself as he began to slap the mat angrily. Ropati would begin to wonder what he'd have to as he look down at Hans as it seems an idea came to his head. Ropati would slide his foot under Hans's face as he began to lift him up as everyone in the crowd knew if Ropati hit this it'd be match over. Ropati would swing for the Kiwi Kick BUT HANS DUCKED, Now Hans hit a Pele Kick which stunned Ropati and then he hit a Brainbuster. Hans wasn't done however, He'd now run and springboard off the middle rope as he hit a big lionsault. Cover from Hans 1, 2, ROPATI STAYS ALIVE. Now it would be Hans's turn to wonder what more he had to do. Hans would run his fingers through his hair as he began to think of a new plan. Hans would pick Ropati up only slap him and throw him back down. Hans would now begin to stomp on Ropati as he continued to damage the body of Ropati. Hans would then climb to the top rope and after he said something to Bailey he'd leap off the top rope RIGHT INTO A BUZZSAW KICK FROM ROPATI. Ropati would drag his body into the cover, 1,2 HANS STAYS ALIVE AGAIN. Ropati would instantly get back to his feet but instead of continuing the assault on Hans he began to argue with the ref. Ropati and the ref almost came to blows but Ropati realised that he needed to stay focused as he began to line Hans up again. Ropati would run at Hans as he looked to kick his head off but Hans rolled out of the way then ran at Ropati who caught him with a kick to the gut NO REMORSE ROPATI HIT HIM WITH A NO REMORSE. COVER FROM ROPATI, 1, 2, 2.9 HANS KICKED OUT. SOMEHOW HANS STAYED ALIVE AND KICKED OUT OF THE NO REMORSE. Ropati would now just look up to the sky in shock and despair as we are now 30 minutes into this match as Hans is still fighting to stay alive, to main event Summerslam vs Arius for the World Championship. Ropati would now slowly pick Hans up by the hair as he was clearly now trash talking Hans but Hans hit a big Pele Kick and then he kicked Ropati in the gut and picked him up, CLAYTON CLASH, THIS IS IT HANS IS GOING TO BECOME KING. HANS ROLLS THOROUGH INTO A COVER, 1, 2, 3- WAIT NO ROPATI GOT THE SHOULDER UP, HOW DID ROPATI KICK OUT OF THAT? Hans and well every single fan in the arena jaws were dropped even Bailey who's been hyping Ropati up the whole time in this tournament seemed surprised at Ropati's kick out. Hans would now he couldn't just wait however, he knew he had to strike the finishing blow now. Hans would drag Ropati to the corner before he lined up another Clayton Clash but this time from the top rope. Hans would go for the Clash but Ropati countered into a hurricanrana from the middle rope. Hans would roll through this at sprinted at Ropati who pulled down the ropes and sent Hans to the apron. Hans landed on his feet and caught Ropati with an enziguri from the outside. Now Hans lined up a Phenomenal Forearm, this would surely end the match. Hans would go for the Forearm BUT HE GOT CAUGHT BY ROPATI WITH A KIWI KICK, OH MY GOD WHAT A COUNTER BY ROPATI. Ropati would collapse into the cover knowing it was now over. 1, 2, 3, ROPATI HAS DONE IT, HE HAS DEFEATED HANS CLAYTON AND BECOME KING. Your Winner in 33:34 and the Winner of the King of the Ring Tournament James Ropati! Ropati would slowly use the ropes to pull himself up as the Ref know raised his hand as Ropati let out a smile. As soon as the ref lowered Ropati's hand Bailey would roll into the ring as he began to yell "I KNEW YOU'D WIN, EASY MONEY, KING JAMES" Now from backstage We'd see Ropati's fellow Death Riders Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace come out clapping Ropati as the men began to dap each other up in the ring. Then it'd appear that all of Mafia was here as Slim, Amai and Mikey all came out and as usual "Le Champion" had multiple bottles off the bubbly on him. The 3 men would roll into the ref as they too dapped Ropati up before Slim poured a bottle of the bubbly right on Ropati's head much to the amusement of everyone but Ropati who quickly laughed it off. While all members of Mafia but Ropati were unsuccessful tonight it sure seems that this night will still be seen as a victory. Just as we were about to go off air Slim and Bailey two greats of this company would lift Ropati up and on their shoulders as that was the last image we saw as King of the Ring faded to black.
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    BPZ: Wild'n Out

    The audience cheer and clap as we star the first episode of BPZ: Wild'n Out! What's up Dallas!!! My name is Rick Flannon, and this my homie, Heel Akki. Ay Akki tell these kids what we bout to do up in this bitch? We bout to rate, hate, debate, and also interview a great BPZ Wrestler, some like the lights of Nate. Ay, but check this out Rick, we are two weeks away from VALOR'S EXODUS Pay Per View!!! Baby. That shit reached chapter 2, it's all the way in Egypt! And guess what Rick? Ya boi's song has been made as the official theme song for the fucking pay per view... BABY! Shit, that's hard B, but check this out. We gotta focus on tonight bro, we got Eric Shun IN THE BUILDING. Put your motherfucking hands for the BPZ Superstar, the pornstar, Eric SHUN!! Eric Shun jumps on the scene with Rick Flannon and Heel Akki, as he gives Heel Akki a great hug before taking a microphone. What's up guys! Ayo check this out Shun. Before we head to the interview, we gotta see how tight your rhyme game is though. We know you be pulling out and putting in, I know you don't mess around with that shit white boy. All we need is you to rhyme these 5 sentences in the quickest amount of time, we call this a practice round before we go over to the interview. Alright, hit me. Ight, clap yo hangs dog. Now this boy said hit me like he playing blackjack. I'm in a room with this bitch and she got a fat ass. Shit, that was tight, we'd like to know who this is, I know you a menace so spill out that shit. I'm going down to deep on her, her name is Karen, she sucking my dick from Egypt to Dallas. She sucking yo dick, would you be down to share? Hell nah bro, I made a living by thinking of myself. WHAT?! He gon' do me like that. Shit you be bad, Eric but I know you ain't from the hood, I'd give you my gun but you don't know how to shoot. Don't know how to shoot? Bitch please take a note, your bitch got my wood stuck in her throat. The crowd explodes after that rhyme battle, we then move onto the interview. This white boy done killed us both, Akki. But listen up Eric, now that you proved to the world you a dope rhymer, a dope pornstar and a dope wrestler, we need to know how dope you are in answering these questions... but.. There's a twist. Every question that we ask, you have to end it up with a rhyme. So let's see how bad you are now white boy. But before we head over to that interview, we gotta speak about this match that was just announced on BPZ.COM! It's Bob vs. Necce! These two have been acting all up ever since that whole segment after King of the Ring. Ah yes, Akki. This was a match I'm looking most forward to, shame I have to watch it from home in Atlanta while you get to see it live in the stadium. On another note though, when you going to Egypt? Akki & Shun. Well I'm going like a day before, cause I ain't on tour, you know that I ride that stick up my whore. Don't ever do that again Akki... I'm going when I'm done fucking Alice good. Very realistic answers. Alright let's go to the interview panel! Finally Jesus, been standing for ten minutes. The three sit down at the interview panel as Rick Flannon and Heel Akki start the questions. Ight, this is how we gon' do it. We're gonna ask you three questions each and you gon' answer with a rhyme, that clear? Sure. Question 1. I know you left for months and suddenly came back, what's the reason behind that? What you came to do? Im feeling real great, doing real good. Just fucked a few girls from my neighbourhood. But then I got bored, so I came back, here to get BPZ back on track. Just gonna mess around, have a bit of fun, maybe my meat might end up in a bun. Ay. Feeling the groove. Question 2, do you have any plans outside of wrestling? Like a real job, or you still a pornstar actor? Of course I'm still an actor, the best one out, got people trying to fuck me just to get more clout. I'm happy feeling porn, I'll do it for a while, have sex with a chick after she sees my smile. Aiiiight. Okay mr. shun, back to the wrestling, are u ever gonna consider joining the carnage roster? I don't care about where I am, Valor or Carnage look I don't give a damn. I'm just here to have a good time, fill up my pockets with some little little dimes. Ah, that was a bit off don't you think? Fuck you! Okay... What about the championships? You're a former IC champion, I see you as a top gun again. Yeah I was the InterHerBum champ, left my mark on the title like im a damn stamp. As for being a champ again, I'm all in, every time I get in the ring all I do is win. Ight... Tight. What was your reason on beating toxik last week, I know two don't match but had some beef? The guy got mad, I don't see why. His girls pussy stinks like a goddamn pig sty . I hit her though, she couldnt resist the shun, all of them girls want a taste of "The Big One". He thought we had beef, I was just being me, first win on the first valor match in history. Damn, more where that came from I guess. Last question, wow that you stole Alice, what you gon' do with her? I dont need Alice, she was loose as all hell, when she took of her panties I got hit with a horrific smell. So he can have her back, I don't want or need her, I'm too busy being a pornstar entrepreneur. OH SHIT!! Ladies and gentlemen that was Eric Shun! Eric Shun is competing in the qualifiers match against The M.A.N. at Valor's Chapter 2: Exodus in two weeks. Hope your pumped as us! And remember, always gotta keep it on the low, cause the hood don't care about you! What? That didn't even rhyme or make sense. Yeah Akki what the fuck that was ass lol. Akki starts arguing with Rick Flannon and Eric Shun as the show fades to an end before we hear Eric Shun saying, "You want me to put my dick in your mom?".
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    It's been a while..... I've seen opportunities vanish, titles won, matches booked. Now I haven't been apart of these, but there's a reason. You know theirs people out there that climb the ranks by jumping off ladders and crashing through tables. They risk their body for their one minute of fame then they fall off the face of the earth. This is a practice that I have seen repeated to many times. So many times that you think someone would be smart enough to avoid it, which I will, but it seems that everybody on this roster is too ignorant. However, unlike everybody else, I'm not blind to the everyday problem's we face. I don't do flippy shit, I don't go through tables, I don't crashed through ladders. What I do though is make an impact. I've been waiting for the right time to strike. I need something that will get the eyes on me, that will elevate me to the top. Everybody has there eyes on Valor Chapter Two, but I'm going to rip those eyes out and point them straight at me. At Valor Chapter Two I will be there in that ring. I want anybody, anybody who wants to face me, to come out here and accept my challenge. Because whoever comes out and agrees to face me, will be the first victim of Siege. At Valor Chapter 2, my chapter starts, and my climb to the top begins. Valor is about to be... SIEGED.
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    WWE2017:The Decent Era

    THE FIRST SHOW! Hello everyone!, I would like the welcome you to the first ever episode…. OF RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!!. We have some amazing competition here tonight and some shocking news will be made here tonight, but first we will have to listen to the Ring Of Honor General Manager, Jim Cornette. In the first promo ever, Jim Cornette Talks about how Ring Of Honor Has Really Gone To Shit Lately, And in this new and improved Ring Of Honor Wrestling, he will push this company into the Top Company Of Wrestling Period, He then says that the best way to start this off is to announce his new project, WALTER!, he says that everyone will abide by his rules and if they don’t, they’re gonna have to answer to him, and that Walter will be in a ROH Pure Qualifying Match Next Week, Against Anyone Backstage Because this match will be an open challenge! After the stunning news by Jim Cornette, the first match of Ring Of Honor is now underway, as the young Austin Theory faces of against a accomplished veteran Shelton Benjamin to decide who will be the first person to be announced for the ROH Pure Fatal Four Way, and in a highflying bout, Austin Theory Beats Shelton Benjamin In 13:26, But after the match happens, Benjamin stops Theory from leaving the ring and proceeds to have a conversation with him, after the conversation Shelton Benjamin puts his hand out for a Handshake to show respect to Theory after the match, Theory obliges and the handshakes happens, sending this show into a commercial break. *After the commercial break comes to a end, match highlights from different companies starts to play, mainly one team just constantly losing, then the scene glitches, making the match highlights disappear, but what appears after the glitch is shocking as we see 2 men wearing all black attire walking up to the camera in a empty arena with the lights turned off, as we only hear silence for a matter of moments, one of the men then says “We’re here, and we don’t plan to leave for a long time, and during our time here we will like to get a couple of things straight, we aren’t taking no bullshit from anyone, we aren’t taking no repercussions from anyone who claims to be the big dog of ROH, and we definitely not being taken for granted like we were all those years before. These rules are what we live by, these rules are what others will live by after we take over, and if anyone has a issue with it……. they’re gonna have to answer to this” the man then punches the camera, leaving the titantron pitch black for a matter of moments until it fades away to show breaking news, the team formerly known as The Ascension has signed with Ring Of Honor Wrestling, And they’ll be making an appearance….. TONIGHT!* After we receive this breaking news for ROH, we cut back to the ring as we see the ring announcer getting ready to introduce the participants for the ROH Tag Team Championship Match... He Takes a Deep Breath Then Says “The Following Contest Is Scheduled For A One Fall!!!!!, And It Is For The RING....OF......HONOR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!” The 2 Teams, London & Kendrick And The New Era Hart Foundation makes their entrance, The Match Starts, And In A 11:46 Minute Match, The New Era Hart Foundation gets the victory over The Veterans Paul London & Brian Kendrick After The New Era Hart Foundation Capitalizes On The Referee Being Knocked Out, By Having Bret Hart Interfere. Although Some May Not Like It, The New Era Hart Foundation Are Ring Of Honor’s New Tag Team Champions. *After the match, the camera goes backstage as Trevor Lee Is Scheduled For A Interview, During the interview, Trevor Lee starts to Trash Talk all the young lions that Ring Of Honor Has Signed, Like Austin Theory, Tyler Bate, Ricky Starks, Pete Dunne and More. But one of the names that he mentioned was David Finlay, who just so happened to walk past Trevor Lee insults, Finlay then gets in Trevor Lee’s Face asking him to say what he had negative to say about him, Lee does, which leads to David Finlay punching Trever Lee in the mouth which leads to Lee falling on the ground, Finlay then crouches down and challenges the downed Trevor Lee to a match, then walks off, with the scene ending with us seeing Trevor Lee Huffing And Puffing In Anger* After we get back from a commercial break, we see Tommaso Ciampa And Kenta Kobayashi enter the ring as we are about to see the Match that’ll determine who will be the First person to be announced in the ROH Title Match, with the winner of this match facing the winner of our main event, Eddie Edwards vs PJ Black, and in a 15:32 minute match, Tommaso Ciampa picks up the victory, sending him to the ROH Title Match, with him facing the winner of Eddie Edwards vs PJ Black at the Main Event Of Our First PPV. *After the match occurs, the commentators announce that Raycons are a official sponsor of ROH, with them showing an ad of Eddie Edwards promoting the Raycon Earbuds* After the promotion ad is over, we see Ricky Starks and Flash Morgan Webster make their entrances as this match will decide who will be the second person announced for the ROH Pure Championship Fatal Four Way Match, And in a Back and Fourth Match, Ricky Starks gets the victory in 9:33 by illegally using the ropes for leverage, the last we see of these 2 are Webster arguing with the Referee about Starks Cheating as Starks laughs on outside the ring. *After the final commercial break happens, some old match highlights from Ring Of Honor And Other Indie Promotions starts playing, as End Of Heartache by Killswitch Engages plays in the background, the glitch happens again but this time we see the breaking news right after the glitch, and on the titantron we see these words, “The Return Of Roderick...... Soon” *After we hear yet another breaking news today, we see Eddie Edwards and PJ Black getting interviewed right before their match, as you can imagine, both Black and Edwards had something to Praise their opponents for before their match, while also saying good luck to each side* As both men enter the ring after making their entrances, the referee explains to them what’s at stake here, a chance to become the ROH World Champion, as PJ Black and Eddie Edwards shake hands before the bell rings as a sign of respect, they look at the vacant opponent right next to Tommaso Ciampa with the ROH World Championship at the middle of the GFX, and then the bell rings, and after a 18:42 Blockbuster Match, Eddie Edwards comes out the winner, he will be facing Tommaso Ciampa at ROH’s First Ever PPV to decide who will become the ROH World Champion. *But as Edwards celebrates, Ciampa walks out to the ring just to take a look at his opponent, as he gets to the ring, Eddie Edwards And Tommaso Ciampa have a little staredown to tease the match, until Ciampa steps back for some reason, as Eddie stands confused, 2 men in black attire rocks Edwards from behind and starts to beat him down, with Ciampa joining in on the beat down, after they take a break from beating down Edwards, the two men reveal themselves as The Awakening, as The Awakening And Tommaso Ciampa Are Just About To Finish The Beatdown, PJ Black Gets Up and Tries To Fight Them Off, which he fails, as Ciampa and The Awakening hits their finisher on Black, Taking him out, they then look at Eddie Edwards, then they do the same thing to them, with Eddie Edwards and PJ Black laying down cold in the middle of the ring, Ciampa then kneels down in front of a downed Edwards and Black with his hands wide open as The Awakening standing behind him, the show then ends with that same exact stance.*
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ: Behind The Mask

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen back to another episode of the thrilling, no award-winning BPZ: Behind The Mask. I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni, join me today as we will find out which BPZ Superstar is heavily rumoured to be fired, what are the stipulations for the North American Championship qualifiers and what big announcement have Valor recently had? BPZ Superstar Fired We start off this episode with the big news coming out of BPZ today, as it was announced earlier on this morning that BPZ wrestler James Hunter has been released from the company. According to reports backstage, Hunter had made a lot of enemies backstage, including other wrestlers. Now it seems he has gone one step too far and said the wrong thing to the wrong person, which has lead to his contract being terminated. Hunter never seemed to be able to get the ball rolling in BPZ, as he failed to pick up a victory in the company. Although if things were smoothed out, we here at BPZ: Behind The Mask would love to see Hunter back in the company. Stipulations Revealed In our last news episode, we broke to you guys the news about Carnage announcing the return of the North American Championship. With qualifying matches earning stars a place into a fatal-4 way match at SummerSlam for the belt. If that wasn't challenging enough, we have now had stipulations revealed for each match, via fan vote. Each wrestler in every match were told to put forward a stipulation, with BPZ allowing the fans to vote for which one would be used. Voting for the stipulations are now closed, and here are the outcomes. Jason Ryan Vs Prince is a strap match, Raven Vs Buddy as is a Bar Room Brawl, Jo Nathan Vs Epic is a Nightclub falls count anywhere match and Joshua Scott Vs Alex Costa is a No DQ match. Valor Announce Midcard Title! We end off this episode with more news about the announcement of a championship belt, as now Valor have made an announcement of a new belt coming into BPZ. As they have announced a mini-tournament for a belt that will be coming into the company at SummerSlam. Whilst the name of the belt hasn't been announced yet, the participants of this tournament have been, as it has been announced that Eric Shun will face Marc Aaron Newton and we will see an NXT Championship rematch as Addy faces Austin Omega. Both of these matches will be taking part at Chapter 2, with the final taking place at SummerSlam! That is all we have time for as of right now here at BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni and until next time, use an umbrella to block the sun!
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