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    Medium Freeze


    Playing: Savfk - The End of the World February 12th, 2020 The scene picks up backstage just past gorilla position that would lead to the normal pathway toward each wrestler making their entrance for that night's big Wildcard event at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California. Many wrestlers could be seen from an overhead shot as well as heard, chattering amongst each other. The Riddler losing a game of cards against Nathan Sawyer. Bob Sparks with Alexa Merci. Some would be competing that night, many others who were reduced to the role of spectators but were there for...mostly the free catering. The camera pan continues to drift on even more over the scenery of the backstage environment, through a hallway area where the lighting was bright and just right for the situation as we see a pair of carefully crafted dress shoes stumble across the concrete, swaying left and right as they seemed barely able to keep steady. The chatter would increase more and more as the scene progressed, becoming unintelligible. The shot would continue down the hall, as see a few other staff members pass by. Quickly moving out of the way of the impending figure, keeping away out of eye contact and dodging into rooms. Soon we come upon the end of the hall....The door ahead swings violently open without as much as a touch by the figure as he steps forward into a blinding light which takes over the shot of the camera. The shot would soon fade back in again just as quickly. This time to a room where the lighting was a little dimmer. The scene is a little quieter. The emotion in this room is dead. It's the complete opposite of the last scene. Almost like a funeral, where there's a eulogy room with chairs set up and a podium to the left, and.....a coffin. This was no longer the Toyota Arena. Could it be? Soon a figure comes into the shot. It appears to be a male figure judging by the build. There appears to be something wrong with this picture, because even as everything else in this shot suggests there is something to gather around for, there is nobody else here except the figure that just appeared in the shot. Given the lighting in the room, it's a little harder to make out at the moment who this figure could be. If this were a funeral, this figure sure didn't look the part. He wore loose-fitted blue jeans, some type of black shirt underneath with a 'Arrow Orton' logo just sticking out, being worn over that is a three-button vested suit top. Some fast and feeble attempt to look presentable that evening. The male figure, his face was covered real well due to the dimmed lighting in the room and the fact that he was wearing a Eric Shun branded baseball cap over his face. We see him walking, and soon he does indeed come upon a black coffin, that the exception of a few minor areas that needed slight touching up, was for all intents and purposes perfect. The figure has his head down as he stands right at the side of the coffin now.. We soon here the sounds of sniffling, the male figure begins to bring his left palm over his eyes for a moment. Just then a door slowly is opened to the right. Out steps a minister dressed in typical church like attire perfect for the occasion, as the figure standing next to the coffin with their head down continues to shed their emotions. They appear to be crying now, but soon the minister is there to console them, placing a sincere and comforting hand on the shoulder. Minister: I know this must be hard, but I can assure you son, this emotion you must be feeling, it will pass with time. The figure appears to still be crying, not really acknowledging the presence of the minister and his consoling words. The minister continues anyways. Minister: There's never a right time to say goodbye in these situations, but I can assure you that those that we love, they don't go away. They'll always be with us and- The figure shoves the consoling arm of the minister away, and speaks with a whisper. ???: No..... Minister: The end can oftentimes leave us in grieving and great heartache. but it's love that leaves a memory that no one can steal. The figure speaks again, this time the soft tone can be heard a little more clear. ???: I never thought this....I never saw this as the end. I mean, we've had so many great times together. I mean, we did everything together. As the figure continues to speak, we soon captured video highlight shots show ‘The Revenant’ Arius at various points during his nearly fourth month reign as champion. Shots of him appearing on the ramp during entrances as he held the championship, standing on the turnbuckle proud while holding the Intercontinental Championship up high, then pushing it on a swing during the summer afternoon at a local park, sharing an ice cream as they drove to the next Carnage arena and finally a shot that takes longer than the rest as it shows him kissing his belt as he tucked it in goodnight. As the camera returns we get our first glimpse that it is indeed Arius, the now former champion in a very unusual casual attire as he continues to speak to the Minister. Arius: We'd been so inseparable, like two peas in a pod. Just me and......Best friends. We had so many first moments together. our first Elimination Chamber, our first tournament victory, our first Royal Rumble victory. Ha. I still remember our first night together. Minister: Wait Arius: Sorry father..the embrace of gold, it was too enticing. Minister: Please Arius: To hold. Minster: Oh, thank heavens The Minister collects himself after that potential shock. Just then Arius raises the front half of the coffin door to show the beautifully, shiny, stunning appearance of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship belt. Seemingly a replica. It laid there in all it's beauty as the figure bends over to be closer to it. Arius ♪ ....the wind beneath my wings. ♫ Soon the figure begins looking upward toward the heavens and begins to belt out lyrics from a song in almost perfect rhythm without the need of a beat. Arius: ♫ Did I ever tell you you're my heeero? You're everything, everything I wish I could be. ♪ Arius takes his hat off to reveal himself completely. The tears in his eyes, while seemingly sincere are caught up in attempting the ballad with complete conviction. As he continues.. Arius: ♪ Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings,'cause you are the wind beneath my wings!! ♫ Soon Arius puts his head down as he sniffles again. Arius: That championship....It loved that song. Arius says as he appears to wipe away tears while turning to put his head on the shoulder of the minister. Minister: There, there. This will all blow over with time, son. Although, it would've been nice if the rest of the family would have been able to make it, even if this was on the whim...all the way out here in California. Any close ones nearby?The minister says with a rather irritated expression on his face as he stares down at his wrist watch. Arius: It's okay, really. I really feel I am alone now......This really must be the end, how it's meant to be. (Reply Planned)
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    Shiz Buster

    The Search

    Tonight’s Carnage episode opens with a video recap of the news that broke Wednesday night which was that the legendary Bashka would be hanging up his boots after BPZMania and competing in his final match against an unknown opponent. After that, the ring announcer asks the audience to welcome Bashka to the ring which they do with a huge round of applause. He walks to the ring in a joyous mood, almost contagious. He high fives his younger fans on the way to the ring, taking in every moment of this last run. He enters the ring and pulls a microphone out of his left boot, before politely asking the audience to simmer down. First of all, I wanted to address some rumours. Some people have told me that the only reason I’m walking away is because I know I’m not as good as I once was and that I’m walking away before I embarrass myself and tarnish any part of my legacy that is still there. And to that statement I wanted to say that it’s complete and utter crap. I’m walking away because my passion for competing isn’t there anymore. I’m not giving up on this company, BPZ is and always will be my home. I’m still gonna be around, just not in an in-ring capacity anymore because I just don’t feel like that’s for me anymore. However, if I wanted to, I could kick the ass of any person in that locker room and that’s a fact. That’s why I’m open to any possibility for my final opponent, whether it be working myself to be in the main event against Julius and Arius, whether it be against someone up and coming such as Alex Costa, whether it be against someone I’ve never faced before like FDS, or whether it be against someone I’ve faced a million times such as Flynn or Brad, I WILL defeat them and step away from this business on a high. I’m still searching for the big opponent, the one I face in my final moments, but I’ve got plenty of time before then. So if anybody has anything to say to me before I go out for good, I’m all yours. Bashka drops the microphone and awaits. It doesn’t take very long before a very familiar theme song plays which really grabs the crowd’s attention. (Reply planned)
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    Alex Costa

    An Assassin returns

    We are live on the Pre-Show for Saint Valentine's Day Massacre as the crowd is filling in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachussets. A great card is on waiting as we see Julius defend the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against Josh as well as facing Kieron Black in a non-title match, plus the Intercontinental, NXT, US and Premium Championships be decided as well as the #1 contendership for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. As the Pre-Show Panel is discussing the matches, however we suddenly cut to ringside as the Lights go dark... Everyone is confused until we hear the sound effect of "BULLET PROOF 4 LIFE!" The Sandman: Wait a minute, Bulletproof is coming out early? A couple more minutes pass and no theme song comes out until a female comes on the stage hidden under a Cowl and on her wrestling attire... The Sandman: Wait a minute that's... that's Christina Aguiar but what does this mean. Christina points to the stage when we start to hear a familiar theme song The Sandman: Well this is a suprise! We haven't heard from Alex Costa since Carnage Wildcard and it seems the Portuguese Cyborg is about to grace us with his presence. The song keeps playing as a figure emerges from the back with his hood up before taking it off to reveal Alex Costa which is coming out without the facepaint. Heel: It seems the Portuguese Cyborg is coming to make an announcement of sorts but look at his eyes. He is pissed, clearly he hasn't forgotten the loss he suffered at Carnage Wildcard. As Alex and Christina both walk up to the ring amidst a mixed reaction from the Boston faithful, the duo is looking pretty serious though it is wondered why Mikey isn't there with them. Both enter the ring as the music dies down they share a kiss in the middle of that ring before Alex grabs a mic to speak Alex takes a moment before he starts speaking to the crowd as Christina stays on the background for a moment. Alex: I just want to say, man I missed being out here! The Crowd cheers at that statement but then... But certainly I didn't being out in front of you losers in this crowd! The Crowd proceeds to then boo Alex What happened at Carnage Wildcard was a mere bump in the road, I am not afraid to admit as I am sure Mikey will do it at his own time, but Bart and Smith you were the better team on that night. So congratulations, enjoy your title reign as long as you can, because I believe that after tonight Flynn and the Antichrist will easily dispatch that has been duo of Kieron Black and The Prince as well as our little Miss GM and her tag partner the Don Dada himself and earn that title shot at the tag titles at BPZMania! Crowd pops for the mention of that match Just like I have full confidence in our leader, Hans Clayton, in that tonight he will retain his Premium Championship and remain a Double Champion, which I know will annoy the fucking hell out of you Isaiah Carter marks! Crowd boos as they begin chanting for Isaiah's name But enough doing self-promotion for tonight's PPV...you welcome by the way Brenden... Let me talk about what's next for Alex Costa, hell what's next as well for my lovely wife here. Alex then embraces Christina as she gives him another kiss Last year I stood in this ring and became a champion for the first time in this company, and you know it felt really good! And ever since I lost that NXT title last year at BPZMania I have felt embarrassed. My first BPZMania and I was stuck on a pointless Battle Royal, that's not what I envisioned when I signed with this company, but this year... Alex begins to chuckle a bit This year things are going to be a bit different, because you see I plan on making a moment that everyone here and watching at home needs to say which is why I'm going to be paying very close attention to tonight's matches, but especially one in particular. Alex then closes his eyes and just says this in Japanese "BPZ intākonchinentaru senshuken" In case you didn't understand what I just said then I will make this clearer. Alex turns to the entrance to say SLIM! ERIC! I don't give a flying piss who wins your match tonight but at BPZMania I'm COMING FOR THAT TITLE and I don't care whose ass I have to beat, because at the end of the day... Alex pauses for a bit as he soaks in the crowd going wild I am Bulletproof's Assassin, the Prince of the Air... Your next champion! As Alex ends he passes the microphone onto Christina who is apparently going to speak next. OOC: This will be a 2-parter so Christina's part of the promo will be coming later
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    Blackheart CJ


    We are live on the go home Carnage before St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, just after a commercial break, where CJ Sellers can be seen in the middle of the ring in the Carnage Arena, microphone gripped in hand. He looks deep in thought as Carnage comes back on air, but after about a minute he begins to address the crowd. "The concept of time travel. I apologize for speaking on something so seemingly random, but allow me this tangent to clear my mind and perhaps shed a new light on the perspective of the persons listening. The paradoxical nature of time travel is one of deep interest to myself. Being able to go to the future and see what it holds, or entering the past to rewrite the records of history. Of course, neither of these actions could occur without major consequence. If one were to change the past, the ripple created could be quite enough to completely change every part of existence. Fallen into the right, or if you wish to look at it as the wrong, person's lap, this power could be the easiest form of societal annihilation, all through the work of the Butterfly Effect. One could say something similar of travelling to the future, as well. One does not need to participate in the changing of events if this were to happen, simply making contact of sight along the lines of time to come can behold severe complication. Every man is destined to fare in hardship, as well as die, bound to the fate of humankind. This might not sit well with some, and they would wish to battle against inescapable fate itself in an attempt to save their own lives." A sigh emits from The Chancellor as he begins to stare off into space once again. He looks around the packed arena he stands in, presumably thinking deeply, before beginning once again his speaking. “That thought is the basis of my own for the past while. It has been thirteen days in their entirety since I have spoken openly, and once again I feel the urgent need to make everyone here aware of the process running through my thoughts. I am quite honestly stuck on a loop, and once again my thoughts continue to echo themselves in the chambers of my soul, Where would I have been if I had seen myself now, one year ago? If I could alter my past, would it be within my own grasp, to affect the outcome of my career, a bit over one year in? Impossible possibilities, perhaps the very meaning of a paradox, ring and ricochet, bouncing along the walls of my psyche, and it tears at me, knowing the answer to both ways of this hypothetical. If it were possible to travel along time itself, and I could change my past, or peek into the future, that means that I’ll perhaps never reach the apex which is possible for me, I’ll never have the possibility to further my career by every mean. I find it funny that I would be the one to worry about the impossible, and fret over the outcomes of events that cannot occur. Anyways, I digress, and to the next train of thought, what if I couldn’t? Even with the object of time travel, there is yet the chance I would be incapable enough to fail at tampering with destiny. This would simply prove my incompetence, further make aware to all my inable nature. Either way, these things grind at me, because I am helpless to alter my destiny. All man is, and I would find myself no exception to these natural rules.” “Over the span of one year I accomplished one victory and several losses. I have been afforded a solitary victory in my first fourteen months in this company, and perhaps even longer than that shall this drought stretch. I lost at the Royal Rumble twice, I lost at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, I missed BPZMania IV, lost at Judgement Day and King of the Ring and missed Survivor Series. I’ve lost and lost and lost, and all it has ended with is my self doubts beginning to resurface, growing and growing and expediting the increases as the losing piles up and it all eventually crashes as the veins of my self confidence pops like a balloon. Amidst all this, many a man would surrender himself, give in to defeat and lose to himself. The Chancellor is not a man of ordinary nature. I refuse to give in to this world’s demands to cease resistance, I refuse to be blown to the wayside by the winds. Instead, I will make this a showcase for you all. Man cannot fight with destiny, but I will take advantage of it, and use the fate destined to me, the fate to become a threat that God Himself has assigned to me. Nothing will stop this. Nothing will stop The Chancellor from reaching his goals when I am finished with all that needs finishing. The ever shifting sands of change shall be molded and blown away to reveal the ultimate truth. Fate is guaranteed, and I make this guarantee without hesitation when I say I am destined for greatness. Your history books are written by the victors, and we shall soon see the works of my pen among the halls of history, forevermore. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” CJ Sellers looks around the arena once more, relishing in the reactions of the crowd. He begins to make his way toward the exit of the ring when, suddenly, events nobody expected start to unfold, stopping him in his tracks. [Reply Planned]
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    Shiz Buster


    The camera pans toward the seating of the room, zoomed in on the cheek of one of the attendees, a tear running down his face at the beautiful speech given by Arius. Soon, the man runs over to Arius to console him in this dark time. He wraps his arms around Arius before staring into his eyes and revealing to him some wise words. I watched that championship grow up from nothing to being held to the most caring of holders, I carried it with me through dark times and it made me feel like there was still something worth fighting for. Tonight, it may have gone down a dark path to which it might not come back from, but you should always know that it’s light will never fade. It’ll always be proud of the man that you have become Arius, it would not have wanted you to mourn in its passing, but to look to the future and be a better person because of what it taught you. It taught you to be better, it taught you that through thick and thin, giving up is not the answer. Arius looks up, a brighter look graces his face as these words give him inspiration. So many special memories were had when you two were together, it was very heartwarming to see. As it moves on, it wants you to know that it’s not the end, and you two will see each other again, some day. We all go through this unfortunate misery, but you have to move on, don’t let it die for injustice. Arius’ once devastation now turns to joy, even the minister in the background looks inspired by the words spoken by the man now revealed to be Bashka. Two final words ‘Rest Easy’, are spoken by the minister as the scene draws to a close.
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    The Great Decleration

    Amai waits in the middle of the ring with his four hired guns for security behind him as he awaits the answer from the current NXT Champion Cody. The crowd continually booing Amai, who simply waves them off before wrapping his scarf around his neck before stopping in his place as the crowd erupts out of their seats straight to their feets. "My Time" blasts throughout the arena leaving Amai in shock of who actually accepted his challenge. Instead of the current NXT Champion, he got the first ever NXT Champion coming out to the ring. Brad, who already challenged his former student, Aaron North for a match up at BPZMania V, which leaves people to wonder why he's out here. He walks to the ring with a purpose before sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet and sees what's in front of him. One of the brightest futures in wrestling and his hired guns. He looks around and smirks before snatching the microphone from Amai, his guards moving forward, but Amai stops them. "I don't like you." The crowd cheers as Amai raises a eyebrow and then smirks and nods. He says "I don't need your "like" or whatever you feel for me. I'm rich that's all that matters". Brad rolls his eyes before speaking again. "Interrupt me again and you'll spend all your trust funds on your hospital bill. Now while I do not like you, I do respect your abilities in the ring. You force the audience to pay attention to only you and select few of the newer era of stars can do that. But this whole gimmick of yours? Dude, you have any idea how many times people came here trying to pull that "I'm rich" crap? I couldn't even count on all my hands and toes how many people have done that. I can't fathom the idea of this. Not just being how you are, but throwing around money like you're above or better than these people. Forwarding your money out of your pocket to your hand to try in your hardest power to make these fans feel useless. It's sickening. It's sickening that a guy like you, who been here for a minute and with one NXT Championship reign think that all this money that probably was handed down as a advance from your parents makes you think that you're better than all these people who work seven days a week, twelve hours a day, tossing boxes into a truck to get just enough money to go buy dinner for the week for his family. You're not better than these people. What you are is nothing more than a millennial bitch who cried and cried and whined when he couldn't win his second NXT Championship. Oh boo hoo. You couldn't win one belt out of the rest we have. Actually nah nah you aren't a millennial bitch, you're a millennial PUSSY!" The crowd cheers as his bodyguards step forward, but Amai stops them. "No let your boys go. I'll remind them why I'm one of the greats when I beat their ass! No? Thought so. You can send your boys tonight. But that will not save you at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. That's right. I'm challenging you for a match at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. Because somebody gotta bring you back down to earth. Somebody gotta remind you about your place. And somebody gotta beat. your. ass. And that somebody is me. What's it going to be Amai? You going to put your money where your mouth is? Or are you going to excuse yourself from this as well?"
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    As we cut to a fancy restaurant where we see Arrow Orton and his wife Sarah eating lunch there without any interruption from Eric Shun as we see Arrow wearing his new shirts that should be on sale soon with his catchphrase “it wasn’t even five stories.” Arrow:Sarah this is going to be the best Valentines Day ever without any interruption from Eric Shun it’s just me and you today hopefully we can’t even have a fucking wedding because of Eric Shun he always has tricks up his sleeves. Sarah:Finally fucking finally no interruptions from that crazy pervert Eric Shun it’s a shame that he cannot wear ties anymore because he can’t use them right and the fact that he has had sex with 5 different people on live tv is very creepy to me I can’t wait to spend our Valentine’s Day in Hawaii later tonight we have everything packed right? Arrow:Yes we have everything packed for Hawaii later today can’t wait to just enjoy my time with you and no interruptions from Eric Shun it’s going to be peaceful today. Sarah:Yeh lets get the bill and get on the road to the airport so we don’t miss our flight che—. Arrow: Sarah let me pay this check please as Arrow pays the bill for their lunch at the restaurant and then they hit the road and then they are in Hawaii now and everything is unpacked and their enjoying their Valentine’s Day together. Arrow:Sarah I think we should get to sleep after that long flight we can walk around and take a swim in the ocean. Sarah:Ok let’s get to sleep. As Arrow and Sarah are sleeping that’s when the camera dies. Well we have breaking news Eric Shun vs Arrow Orton will be at SVDM and it’s a loser pays child support we have footage of Arrow storming into the gms office Arrow:Sheri I want a match vs Eric Shun at SVDM loser pays child support. Sheri:Yeh Sure. Arrow:Thank You so much. And then Arrow leaves Sheris office in his Ja Morant Jersey. Thank you all for watching the Valentine’s Day carnage special edition.
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    Eric Shun

    NBA Rebuild Central

    REBUILDING THE HEAT After just reaching the playoffs in our first season, this off-season would be incredibly important for us. Not for the draft, but free agency. As a lot of our roster were due to be free agents. However, in the draft we did manage to pick up a good prospect in Jaden McDaniels. Kelly Olynyk returned to us via his Player Option. Anthony Davis rejected his player option as per usual. But, we didn’t choose to go in for him. Instead we went down the making trades route, as we traded Kelly Olynyk and Andre Iguodala to the Atlanta Hawks for Clint Capela. We then flipped Clint Capela with Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris. In free agency we had to fill out the rest of our roster, we started by picking up Aron Baynes and Paul Millsap. Before we brought Jae Crowder in as well a few days into free agency. Dion Waiters would soon return as well. At this point we had 10 players for our rotation, so we advanced. We let the CPU sign the rest of our team. A problem we did face though was the Training Camps glitching out and not letting us send anyone to any camps. At the start of the new season, we sent Kz Okpala to the G-League. The season started incredibly for us, as we were playing fantastic basketball, by the All-Star break we had Ben Simmons named as an All-Star starter and Bam Adebayo named an All-Star too. At the All-Star break we were 42-13. We ended the season 57-25. Award Winners - MVP - Giannis Antetokounmpo ROTY - Lamelo Ball 6th Man - Dennis Schroder DPOY - Kawhi Leonard MIP - Markelle Fultz COTY - Brett Brown (58-24) Stat Leaders - Points - Ben Simmons (22) Rebounds - Bam Adebayo (10.2) Assists - Ben Simmons (7.1) Steals - Ben Simmons (1.9) Blocks - Bam Adebayo (1.4) Playoffs Our playoff adventure started against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team we would make short work of as we won in 5 games. After taking a 3-0 lead, it was fairly obvious to see that we would be advancing. The series was pretty much run by Ben Simmons, who put up strong numbers in every game. Seeing him battle Lamelo Ball was fun. Especially since we came out on top. In the next round we would face the Boston Celtics. And somehow this series would be even easier for us. As we swept the Celtics. In game one Bam Adebayo had 23 points and 11 rebounds, game two saw Ben Simmons with basically the same along with 8 assists. Tobias Harris shone in game 3, whilst game 4 saw Simmons put up 28 points and 14 assists. In the Eastern Conference Finals, we would face the Brooklyn Nets who thus far had eliminated the Bucks and the 76ers. However, we made easy work of them too! Sweeping them as well. Game one was the Tyler Herro show, as he lit up from three, leading us in scoring in the process. Game two saw our bench take control with 24 from Dion Waiters and 15 from Jae Crowder. In game 3, Kyrie Irving had 37 points, but Ben Simmons had 23 and 8 rebounds. We finished the sweep thanks to a 23/4/9 statline from Simmons. In the finals we would meet the Los Angeles Clippers. We would take game one before they struck back taking game two. But we would show our class again, winning games 3, 4 and 5 on our way to winning the NBA Championship. Ben Simmons would win Finals MVP averaging 22.4 Points, 6 Rebounds, 6 Assists and 4 Turnovers. But he didn’t make a 3. If there are any teams you would like me to rebuild let me know via discord dms. Next up we will be rebuilding the Phoenix Suns.
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    Eric Shun

    My WWE Journey (Story)

    THURSDAY 23rd JANUARY 2020 This was it. The WWE Performance Center. I had seen it before, but never in person, this was always as far as I had got. A phone call I received invited me here. The room was empty, apart from myself, and a wrestling ring set up in the middle. Wrestling was my passion, from the age of 7, watching eagerly as the Monday Night Wars raged on. Now I was here, 20 years later. I had perfected my craft, I had been around the world winning gold wherever I could. And now was my opportunity to show the WWE, why they should sign me. However, as I was caught in my daydreaming state, I failed to realise the room fill up some more. Now joining me, staring at the ring in front of me were 3 familiar faces I easily recognised from my days on the indy scene. El Resplandor, a high flying luchador known for big wins against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr and Minoru Suzuki. His high flying ability was hard to match and had seen him put on a fanatic around the world. Next to him was Brock Canyon, a wise veteran. 40 Years of age but moves like he's 30. Done it all, except the WWE. This was clearly was the next target. And lastly. My arch-nemesis, the man who had defeated me at Wrestle Kingdom to take my IWGP US Championship, Vladimir Ivanov. As I took note of the men who were also here, a door near the rear of the Center opened and in came Matt Bloom. He spoke to us all as he approached us. "Sorry to be late. Great to see you all though. Now that you're here, let me explain what is going on. This Sunday, as I am sure you are all aware, is the Royal Rumble event. 30 Men, battle it out. A spot in the main event of Wrestlemania on the line. Now, as we speak we have all 30 entrants for the match confirmed. Or we did, it has been confirmed to us that Randy Orton has suffered a Pulled Groin, and is missing the Rumble match. Which is where you 4 come in. See, we only have enough room to sign one of you. Whoever that is will take Randy's spot in the rumble, and will be signed on by the company afterwards. However, you have to earn that spot. Today, you guys will have a mini tournament, Semi-Finals and a Finals. Whoever wins will get that spot. You hear me." I nodded in response to everything said by Matt. This was my chance, my opportunity. After all the waiting, sitting around, going from show to show, putting on an epidemic to get heard. This was the chance for me. So many emotions were flowing through my brain as we were paired up. I took my seat just outside the ring and watched, as a referee walked in through the same entrance that Matt did. First up was Brock Canyon and Vladimir Ivanov. I watched and waited, preparing to seize the opportunity of a lifetime.
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    Hans Graphics

    Starrcade Poster made for WWE Reborn
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    BPZ PPV Theme Song Suggestions

    *A wild Toxik appears* This song really has a blues rock vibe and I think it would fit the western vibe SVDM will have. (Also why are we doing a western themed show in Massachusetts rather than in Texas or somewhere else?)
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    Jeff Bezos got bored so he is starting a wrestling company called "Amazon Worldwide Wrestling". No one has every heard of it (0 pop everywhere) and no one is signed to it, but he has pumped 50 million of his own dollars into the company (about the equivalent of 100 dollars to the rest of us, so a huge investment). Let's see where this goes. This is Bezos's stats, very balanced as you can see, nothing crazy going on here. Bezos is targeting many people but because no one has ever heard of his company, wrestlers do not want to take written deals, and many popular people do not want to even get into negotiations. However, the main targets that Bezos has gone after after have been offered pay per appearance contracts worth 3 months to one year respectively. They are these people: (add in Silas Young, Tenille Dashwood, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate as well) We now wait in anticipation to see who will sign. The first three events have been slated in the schedule for Amazon Worldwide Wrestling. As currently there is no TV deal since Bezos forgot to tell people over at Amazon that he's doing this, he has to do events. The three events are all in the month of January and are thus: Finally, Bezos created the three championships of AWW, the tag team (AWW Duos), women's (AWW Women's) and main event championships (AWW Prime). That is all for now, I will tell you how the future goes, for Bezos and Amazon Worldwide Wrestling.
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    Figurehead: Great Muta Nicknames: C-4rd Gimmick: The Technical Cleaner Backstory: Had a rough life growing up in the dangerous area of Ferguson in St. Louis County Missouri. I was there when Michael Brown was shot but refused to speak up about it. I witnessed the Riots from my window when it was announced that the officer wasn't going to be prosecuted. After that horrible night, I snapped inside. I decided to join a wrestling school at age 19. I'm 27 now and I never looked back on my decision to join the school but I won't forget where I come from back home in Ferguson. Moveset: Regular moves: Left forearm, Low right kick, Running dropkick to knee, Superkick, Springboard 450 to outside the ring, Chop block to back of knee. (Basic, I know.) Regular Grapples: Snap suplex, Deadlift german suplex while standing on middle rope (Kota Ibushi spot from CWC, I don't remember which match, unfortunately), Back suplex, Ankle Lock, TJP Clutch. Signature Moves: Spinning Golden Star Bomb, Avalanche Piledriver Finishing Moves: Spear/Running BME Combo(Spear which I flip after the spear like Adam Page does for the Buckshot Lariat, and run to the corner and do a Springboard BME to pin) Reverse Muta Lock (Arms hold both legs in a figure 4 lock while legs do the same around opponents neck, it's the Muta Lock but in reverse.) ((Imagine both finishers with these descriptions as written)) Taunt: Double Bird Theme: Spiral by KANA-BOON
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    Game 1 of the season Memphis Grizzlies At The Miami Heat At the end of the 1st quarter it’s tied at 34 Ja Morant has made it look like effortless from the 3 point line. At halftime it’s The Memphis Grizzlies winning 80 to 69 Ja Morant has tied with Klay for the most 3 pointers made in a season it has been all Ja Morant scoring from 3 point land. Ja Morant has passed Klay in making 3 pointers in a game with 16 and Ja Morant has been unstoppable from the 3 point line as Memphis is winning 126-116. Ja Morant has passed Wilt Chamberlains 101 point game with 103 points in a single game and Ja Morant gets named player of the game he was destroying the heat from 3 point land and it was sad because the heat could have token the lead but they couldn’t connect in the 2nd half final score Memphis Grizzlies 168 and Miami Heat 139.
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    I Can't Odd

    Impact Wrestling 2015

    I was wondering about NXT's title lineage because I had known Konnor was the champ but couldn't see a title match where he won it. Decided to look at Neville and he vacated all the way back in November to go up to the main roster. He's undefeated right now which is cool as they seem to be building him, idk. Usually the AI spams the same matches and segments every show with no care but he hasn't suffered any 50/50 booking yet. Week 4, January 2015 I'm gonna milk these two for as much as I can because they are easily two of my best and they put on what would be considered GREAT segments for me. From great to awful. Crazzy Steve has very low pop and some bad skills but he is slowly improving which is good. He's an opener for a reason. Both these guys are below the bar for my safety/basics requirements so I hope that I can get them there. Steve is much easier since I have him for like a 16 months or something but Jackson I think only has 6 months left. I've just been trying to book these people as much as possible and hope for the best since I can't really control anything. I meant for the reverse to have happened with Gail Kim jumping ODB as revenge but getting ran off. Instead I accidentally put the names in the wrong slots though I guess it doesn't really matter to me either way since it was bad. Samuel Shaw and Alex Silva came in as part of the Gutcheck thing where people would compete for contracts to TNA. So my idea was to do the opposite of that and have a loser leaves match. Silva proposes it for next week on Impact, Alex agrees, boom. Unfortunately, Alex's contract expires the day after Impact so I couldn't get this on PPV which is honestly fine since it isn't very PPV worthy anyways. I should probably get more lower card stories going instead of tossing them in random match ups or only using them when I need them for something. A match to sports entertain the crowd. I'm gonna have a fourway for the titles and figured I would do a non official number one contender match that doesn't have a definitive end. That sets the champs up to say they wanna face everyone cuz they're the champs, blah blah. Jobbers jobbing, really wanna do more position mixture with people up and down the card fighting or feuding. Of course I need to utilize my jobbers effectively. Generally in booking I find I've always used the lower card people much more often as I'll have them job over and over to new people while keeping upper card people in reserve because they are too important to jump be in these random matches but I feel like TEW doesn't support that style so I gotta adapt. Like Bobby Roode is the champion and has only been in like maybe 5 matches, with only 1 being a non title tag match, so... Even though MVP lost at Genesis, I have more of a desire to use him now than before. I figure Gunner will be fine since I wasn't exactly planning on having him in anything big in the near future but I will try to find him something to do because he has some good momentum. Bully Ray of course just took Joseph Parks off TV so he looks like a big baddy. I am pretty sure he is my top rated heel so I need to treat him as such too. DJZ is a fantastic member of the roster for me already and he has tons of potential. He also currently manages The BroMans and Tommy End since he is such an all rounder. Originally I had paired him with End because End couldn't speak English at first. I don't know if I will end the pairing or not since I like the prospect of using them as a team themselves. So I am doing Austin Aries vs Eric Young. TEW makes use of a lot of imagination, not that y'all will be seeing much of that with this format. I imagine Eric and Austin interact in the Battle Royal in a way that can set this up. Eric Young feels like he has been in a slump since losing his World Title and wants to make a comeback by winning the X-Division Championship. I also feel word about X-Division. I know it isn't a literal division but the name always bothers me, even in IRL Impact. Surprisingly good rating for a random heatless match though I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since both of them have higher stats than most the people I put in random matches. I haven't been the kindest to Mr. Anderson though I am trying to be now. Fun fact, a match between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson is my highest rated match ever at 66. It was part of a poorly done trilogy but it got me good ratings so. I should have a manager for The Freak instead of having him cut his own promos I suppose, especially given his monster status. Jay Bradley is gone so Rebel could be used. I figure James is coming off a string of failures to capture the World Title so now this guy thinks James Storm is done. He's going after a "Former" top dog and wants to add him to the list of names in his streak (alongside people such as Yasu, Chris Melendez, etc.). Storm is at home selling the attack I guess. Great in ring talents here, get some build for Joe. Tommy End has been on tour with ASW and he works for SWE as well so hopefully his making some good gains. His pop has gone from like 5 to 20 in the South East, so yay. Lots of pop increases for the lower guys at least. Mickie James has been signed! This is a big get for me, she has some of the best pop for a woman in the world so I'm glad she was available. I want to expand my women's roster so I'm thinking of bringing in some other good names for the division. Game mechanic wise it wasn't suited for the main event but I was proud of having her so I made it a main event match. Wait and see who debuts or returns next cuz I'm eyeballing people. Another show I felt good about that still misses the mark. Really hoping I can pull out a good show and maybe even top Genesis but I doubt that happens. I have two more weeks of build so there is still hope. When the time comes I may have to be a bit spammy with the angles at Against All Odds though, just to keep them from killing my rating.
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    I know John Cena has expressed interest in participating in Wrestlemania though hopefully it is a match this time, which I think it will be. I assume someone might challenge him for a match at Mania or even the reverse. Maybe it has nothing to do with Mania but I doubt that. I am not sure who it would be against since I can't really think of any NXT star that would come up to face him at the moment, especially in this age of treating it more like a third brand. On Smackdown I don't see who would be available for it either unless our pal Mitch Bennett comes back.
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 3 The episode kicks off as we see Brenden back in Sameer’s apartment. He seems to be alone however as Sameer is nowhere to be seen. He is just sitting there watching another painful 76ers game as they are once again getting blown out. This time by the Charlotte Hornets. Brenden sits on the couch a bit upset as we hear a knock on the front door. Brenden gets up a bit confused as he has no clue who would be knocking this late at night. Sameer was gonna be out for the rest of the night as he had picked up a night shift at the local Walmart to bring in some cash. Brenden looks through the peephole and Sheri is standing there masquara staining her face as she has clearly been crying. Why would she come and see Sameer though, why him out of everyone? Brenden: What the hell? Is that Sheri, she does not look in good shape. Brenden quickly opens the door as Sheri looks at him in shock. No one in the Pizza Place has seen Brenden for a while now as Sheri just looks at him confused. The feeling is mutual as Brenden looks at Sheri with the masquara pouring down her face, her hair frizzy and over the place, and she keeps grabbing at her shoulder for some reason. Sheridan: Brenden, what are you doing here? I was expecting to see Sameer, is he home? Brenden shakes his head no as they two just look at each other confused, both in rough shape, both in their own ways. Brenden motions for her to come in as the two sit on the couch as the two begin to talk about what is going on here and why they are both at Sameer’s. Brenden: Well I was not really expecting company tonight but I guess now that you’re here you deserve an answer on why I kind of disappeared from all of you. So yeah me and Keeley got into a fight earlier this week about some feminism bullshit so I am chilling with Sameer for a few days and lying low for a bit. I am letting the tension between me and Keeley cool off for now at least. Sheridan looks at him and grins a bit as she is a bit of a femisnisnt herself but she decides it is not worth the argument as she lets it slide. Sheridan then takes a look around the apartment as it is a bit of a mess. She then eventually begins to talk. Sheridan: Well I guess I should tell you why I am here then. So I know that you’re not a big fan of office romance but me and Sameer have been talking for a while and things are actually going pretty good. Now I know I am engaged to Ropati at the moment but to be honest I don’t think he is the one. Sameer he, he is just different. Sameer is nice to me, and I think that he genuinely cares about me. Where Ropati honestly only thinks of me as a toy, if he did not have all of that money believe me I would be long gone by now. So yeah I know that Sameer is friends with you and this is probably a bit weird to hear but I am just telling you what’s going on. Brenden looks at her a bit shocked but he smiles. That goes away pretty quick though as Brenden looks a bit upset as he looks at Sheridan once again. He looks at the masquara all down her face and how she keeps grabbing her shoulder over and over. Brenden: Okay listen Sheridan, I want you to be honest with me. Before you came here, did...did Ropati hurt you? Is this the one who did this to you? Sheridan begins to cry as Brenden pulls her close as she rests her head on his chest. Sheridan continues to cry for a fair bit of time before she eventually begins to get some words out, as she talks about what happened between her and Ropati earlier that night. Sheridan: We..we went out for a few drinks at the local bar like we do every friday night you know. But something was different tonight...he was angry. We got home and he started calling me awful things and he started to throw things. He then grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away but he pulled on my arm not letting me away from him. I heard my shoulder pop and that is when I started to cry. He kept yelling and I fell to the ground he then dragged me to the bedroom… Brenden then cuts Sheridan off as he can’t bear to hear anymore. Brenden and Sheri just hug for a while as Sheri is bawling her eyes out and we see some tears even roll down Brenden’s face as he can’t even imagine someone he is that close to being hurt like that. Brenden: Sheri, I am so sorry that asshole did that to you. I might have something that helps soothe your pain though. It has always helped me out a bit, well we can’t tell any of the staff about that but me and Sameer do this all the time and it makes for a great time. Really makes you forget about the bad shit if you know what I mean. We see Brenden reach into a cabinet in the kitchen and pull out a bong. Sheridan looks at him and smiles. The two then take turns as we see both of their moods lifted a bit but everything changes when Brenden leans in and kisses Sheridan! Sheridan though doesn't push him away instead she pulls him closer. The two would begin to make out on the couch but Brenden would stop for a second as he thinks about what he is doing. Brenden would look over at the wall as he sees a picture of Sameer on the wall but instead of stopping he takes off his shirt as the two head off to Sameer’s bedroom. Brenden and Sheridan would spend the rest of the night in that room with Sheridan leaving before Sameer came home in the morning. Everything would seem normal too, well until the secret was spilled but Keeley who ended up finding out later on. As the cameras cut away we suddenly see Brenden wake up in his prison bed covered in sweat and extremely stressed out. Brenden would just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about what he did that night and thinking about what would have happened if he never answered that door? Would he still have a friend in Sameer? Would his wife still be alive and happy? The cameras then cut away as Brenden is left with his thoughts. We hear a school bell ring as we see Arrow walking in the hallways heading to his first class. He is not alone though as he is walking with Paris. The two are holding hands as it seems for the first time ever the kids at school are noticing them. The kids though are giving them dirty looks as they head to class. Arrow gets a bit upset by this but as he looks over at Paris she is just laughing. Arrow: You seem to be in a good mood for 7:30 in the morning, what’s so funny? Paris looks at Arrow as she smiles, Arrow smiles back as it seems like Arrow is finally enjoying his time in High School. At least for the first time in a long time. Arrow clenches on to Paris’ hand a bit more and it is clear why as we see Icon, Akki, and Mikey walking toward them. Paris: Don’t worry about them Arrow. They aren't going to do anything to you here. Plus I don’t think they want Julius coming after them anytime soon. Well then again I am first in line in kicking all 3 of their asses if they come after you again. Arrow smiles as he doesn't even notice that the cliq walked past him without saying a word. Arrow looks a bit shocked as him and Arrow keep on walking around the hallways of the school. Arrow and Paris would kiss before he dropped her off for her art class as he would head off to math in what has been a great start to his day. The cameras then cut away as we cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is close to opening. We cut to inside the Pizza Place as we see the staff sitting there as Bailey has called a meeting before the shop opens. Bailey looks to be changing things up a bit as he the staff seems to be a bit confused by this as they don’t really hold meetings. Well up until the incident at least. Bailey: Well I'm gonna be straight up with you all. Brenden let a lot of shit slide when he was in charge here with all this drama bullshit. Well guess what we are going to change that. So if you have an issue come to me and we will handle it together. We are a family here and we are going to be that way for as long as I am in charge. So get to know your co workers cause shit around here is going to change. And it is going to change for the better. We then see the staff look around at eachitget as Bailey walks back to the kitchen. Everyone seems to be handling this well. Well until the camera cuts over to Bart. We just seem him looking out the window. He just stares off into the distance as he was unaware of everything that Bailey had said. We then cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is now open. We see Sheridan serving tables alone. Well that is till Sameer walks out and helps her. This time though he did not volunteer as Bailey forced him to. Sameer clearly doesn't look happy as Sheridan walks up to him with a grin. Sheridan: Hey, Sameer glad you could help out. I know things between us aren't great but I'm glad you are still willing to help me out. Sameer looks at her as he looks pissed off. Sameer just looks at her as he begins to let Sheri know how he truly feels once again. Sameer: Listen I didn't come out here because I wanted to ok. Lets get that straight. Bailey made me come out here because of his anti drama campaign he has going on. I would be happy to sit in the back and watch you struggle. Cause you know what you deserve to struggle you hoe. This is why Ropati beats you and you'll never be more than a one night stand to not only Brenden but to me as well. Sheridan just looks at Sameer as we see some tears start to roll down her face as she looks like she is about to break down again. She then storms off as she goes back to waiting tables. Sameer stands there but this time he seems to be feeling a bit regretful of what he said. The cameras then cut away as Sameer is looking at Sheridan almost in a blank stare before he focuses back up and walks off. We then cut to the First Class Express as we see them driving around. The night is almost over as they only have one delivery left. Hans though looks at the delivery address and is confused. Hans: BiC I don't know if this is the right address. It takes us down to the cemetery. You think this is some sort of prank or something by the guys in the kitchen. BiC then looks over at Hans and the address and sees what he is talking about. He looks at Hans who is scared as he just smiles. He then begins to talk as Hans looks a bit surprised at Hans being so calm about this. BiC: Nah we good. Look Bailey said he didn't want none of that drama going around the workplace anymore. So this has got to be real. If we see anything fishy from the distance we will just drive past alright. Everything will be alright. We see Hans and BiC keep driving for a bit as they eventually come near the graveyard. They look for a bit as they eventually see a cross burning in the back. Hans and BiC just look at each other as they keep driving. Hans: Well I never knew the KKK were fans of Pizza… As Hans and BiC drive off we see the cameras zoom into toward the cross as we see a group of men sitting under it. Toxik is with them! Toxik: Sorry about the wait guys, the Pizza should be here soon. Just hope youre ready to kill the ones who deliver it. The cameras then cut away as we cut away as we slowly fade away from the burning cross that is alone their is the pitch black of the graveyard. A bit of a weird night for the Pizza Place but then again is there every really a normal night at BPZ Pizza? We cut to a new scene that we haven't seen before we are in Julius’ home as he seems to be in his attic. Julius is digging around looking for something. Julius pushes a box over frustrated as he looks back and taped to the bottom of the box is a picture. Well a part of a picture. He takes a look at the ripped picture as we see a young girl with an arm around her shoulder. We can’t see who the guy in the photo is but we can assume it’s Julius. Julius smiles as he looks at the photo and then looks up. It seems as if Julius is thinking about something serious and he seems to be very excited because of it. Julius then walks off as the cameras cut to the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as everyone is heading home. Sameer is about to head out the front door when he hears Bailey call from behind him. Sameer turns around a bit annoyed as he has had a long day but Bailey's his friend and boss at the moment so he listens to him. Bailey: Sameer hold up I need to talk to you for a second. Come on, let’s go and talk in the back. Just like old times alright. Bailey and Sameer walk to the back as we see them step into the phones room as they enter the room Sameer sees Sheridan and immediately tries to turn around but Bailey stops him as Sameer is clearly upset. He sits down as Bailey sits in the doorway looking down on the two of them. Bailey: Listen I know that things between you two have not been great as of late. With Sheri being a bit of a hoe and you Sameer not gonna lie being a bit of a dick. Now I don’t care if you two don’t get along outside of work. But when you two are here I need you two on the same page okay. Cause I got guys like Arrow and Toxik who need a good example to follow. Sameer looks at Bailey as he has a annoyed grin on his face. Bailey looks back at him with a stern look as he is tired of the bullshit between the two of them. Bailey though takes it another step as he talks once again. Bailey: Now Sameer, I know Sheridan has already apologized to you multiple times only to get shut down and attacked by you. But I am not allowing that tonight. Sameer I want you to apologize to Sheridan right now! Sameer looks at Sheridan and Bailey as he just laughs. He realizes that he is not going to get home anytime soon if he doesn't so he ends up sucking it up as he begins to talk. Sameer: Sheri, I know I have been hard on you lately and for that I am sorry. I wish that you had not done what you did but I understand that we can’t change the past. Sameer then looks up to Bailey as Bailey nods. He then moves out of the way as Sameer leaves. Sheridan stands up as she looks at Sameer as he leaves as she seemed to be excepting some sort of hug or something. Bailey laughs at her as the two finish closing up the shop as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut to about 30 minutes later as Sheridan and Bailey have finally finished closing the shop and are now making their way out as we see none other than Ropati waiting in the parking lot for Sheridan and he once again does not look happy. Ropati: What the hell Sheridan? Why took you so goddamn long? I’m just trying to give you this dick but you took two goddamn hours than usual. And you know what I am going to do because of this. It’s going to be a long night for you. Bailey looks at Sheridan as he tells her to go back inside. Sheridan does as Ropati is furious and walks up to Bailey on the porch and gets in his face. Ropati: You got a problem bro. You trying to take my girl or something. Cause if you are I am gonna kick your ass right here right now. Bailey looks at Ropati and laughs as he clearly is not afraid of Ropati. Bailey then looks back at Ropati smiling at him. Bailey then begins to talk as Roapti spits on him. Bailey: Listen you piece of shit. You beat your girl and you spit in my face. You started something your weak ass cant handle. You might as well bend over now. Bailey then punches Ropati in the gut over and over backing him up as Ropati goes to answer with a punch but Bailey keeps beating him down. Ropati is pissed as he is swinging wild. Barely begins to talk to Ropati as he is swinging. Bailey: C’mon man I thought you were better than this. Oh wait this is just with women right? Ropati has heard enough as he goes to punch Bailey but Bailey ducks and Suplexes Ropati through the Pizza Place’s front window. We hear Sheridan scream in the background as Bailey hops through the broken window and continues to pummel away on Ropati. Bailey eventually stops as he stops once more. Bailey: If you ever touch her again I will fucking kill you. You hear me! Bailey then slams Ropati’s head on the floor knocking him out cold. Bailey gets up and looks at Sheridan before walking off. Sheridan sits there speechless as the episode comes to an end. Another episode of BPZ Pizza in the books and we still have some much we don't know.
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    Impact Wrestling 2015

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs Kurt Angle TNA X-DIvision Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Eric Young TNA Tag Team Championships: The Wolves (c) vs The BroMans vs The Rising Suns vs The Masked Marauders TNA Knockout's Championship: Gail Kim (c) vs ODB EC3 vs ??? Willow vs Mr. Anderson Submission Match - Samoa Joe vs Magnus Bully Ray vs MVP James Storm vs The Freak Bonus Questions: Who will answer EC3's open challenge? Matt Hardy What will be the best rated match? Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle
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    Eric Shun

    Rising Pro Wrestling

    Matt Cross vs Tyler Bateman Austin Gunn vs Dominic Garrini Ricky Martinez vs Drone Chris Bey and ??? vs Richard Holliday and ??? Who will Chris's partner be? Matt Cross Who will be Richard Holliday's partner be? Air Wolf
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    WWE Battles

    Undisputed Era VS British Ambition The revival VS The Wyatt Family The Authors of Pain VS Adrain Neville/Cory Graves The ascensions VS Mustache Mountain Sanity VS American Alpha Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy VS DIY The Vaudevillians VS The Lucha Dragons War Raiders VS Street Profits
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    WWE Battles

    Undisputed Era VS British Ambition The Revival VS The Wyatt Family The Authors of Pain VS Adrian Neville/Corey Graves The Ascension VS Mustache Mountain SAnitY VS American Alpha Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy VS DIY The Vaudevillains VS The Lucha Dragons War Raiders VS Street Profits
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    I Can't Odd

    WWE Battles

    Undisputed Era VS British Ambition The Revival VS The Wyatt Family The Authors of Pain VS Adrian Neville/Corey Graves The Ascension VS Mustache Mountain SAnitY VS American Alpha Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy VS DIY The Vaudevillains VS The Lucha Dragons War Raiders VS Street Profits
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    What you aren’t mentioning thought is that Brock not main eventing vs Goldberg wasn’t because Vince has a “lack of faith” in Brock, but Goldberg didn’t win the fucking rumble and therefore didn’t main event. You could also argue that the rumble winner didn’t main event either but that year was supposed to be Taker’s retirement hence why that main evented. The reason why Brock didn’t main event against Seth last year was also not because of a lack in faith of Brock, but because it was supposed to be the first ever women’s main event which did feature a rumble winner (Becky Lynch) and that’s why it didn’t main event. These situations you’re naming aren’t because of a lack of faith in Brock but because of another situation which means something else needs to main event, which this year doesn’t happen.
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    Medium Freeze

    Nitro Rewind with Arius

    Episode 2: Pre-Brawl Brawls Date: September 11 1995 Of course as always it is Eric Bischoff, Steve McMichael, and Bobby Heenan who were on the headsets again tonight. Eric Bischoff took the lead setting up to a brief video recap of last week’s show and also informed fans that Vader had gone missing in action but we know the reality now that he had left the company. I thought he had gone straight to the WWF but apparently was going to show up in NJPW to face Inoki in the New Year first instead. Now that Vader has decided to leave Hogan’s team for the WarGames match which happens at Fall Brawl this coming weekend. They are down a man. But it isn’t all bad news though. Although last week’s show was the first-ever episode of WCW Nitro being filmed at the mall we didn’t have the classic Nitro set yet. Well wait no longer because this week we do! Breathe in that aesthetic. Sabu vs. Alex Wright Getting into the show first up we have the WCW Nitro debuts for both Sabu and “Das Wunderkind” himself Alex Wright. I was really looking forward to this match on paper given their completely different legacies in wrestling but the two didn’t have a ton of time to work with, coming in around 4 minutes, but they did everything they could to make the most of it. Sabu got the win, but post-match, he put Alex Wright through a table, so the referee reversed the decision which made me laugh out loud. On one hand I liked it because it makes it feel like there are important rules in place to prevent post-match attacks like this from happening. But on the other hand it makes me even more curious as to what the company would’ve done long term with him considering violence is a part of who he is. Regardless this did its job and made Sabu look like a psychopath who didn’t care about winning, just hurting his opponents. And Alex Wright gets a win in his tally. A Wild Flair Appears Ric Flair Speaks Up next, we went to an in-ring interview with Ric Flair, conducted by the legendary MEEEEEEEEEAAN BAH GAWD Gene! Flair was upset with Arn Anderson after last weeks attack. Suddenly Lex Luger walks down in full ring gear to an excited Flair as hyped up Luger for 20 seconds for the crowd. In turn Luger says, “You’re too much,” while trying to keep it together and walked off. That was it. And I love it. It feels kind of organic that a wrestler can just randomly work out and be a part of a segment very briefly like that. It’s pretty much a serious version of the R-Truth schtick. We got to see some dude in the crowd change the “W” part of he and his friends’ WCW sign sideways so it says ECW so there is that. WCW United States Championship: Sting (c) vs. V.K. Wallstreet Well it finally happened and we’re only two episodes into this Nitro ride During Sting’s entrance, Bischoff gave away the results to Raw for the first time ever. Obviously Raw was pre taped and airing on the other channel so Bischoff decided to tell everyone what happened on the show so they wouldn’t feel the need to flip over. This was a trend that didn’t go away and eventually hurts WCW pretty bad one night in January of 1999..where some kid called Mankind won a championship. Honestly even by modern television standards it seems like a shady move right? I'm not sure if the internet had pre-tapped show results back in 1995. Well back to the match. First thing to notice is one week in and Wallstreet already has a name change. VK. LIKE VINCENT KENNEDY. Golden creativity. Put VK Wallstreet against Voodoo Kin Mafia. The match starts and Sting gains the upper hand quickly with a hip toss and two big dropkicks. The classics. Wallstreet tosses Sting outside the ring to get control, but Sting attempts a slingshot clothesline to get back in. It didn’t look like he got all of it, came up short. Wallstreet stays in charge until Sting mounts his comeback with a clothesline and a stinger splash in the corner. Sting climbs up to the top rope and hits a cross body block to pick up the victory. An average match. Although this match started well, Wallstreet barley seemed to sell a move, yet Sting seemed to be fighting for his life. Not good for the former Varsity Club member. Scott F’n Norton vs. Randy Savage Before we went into the next segment, we got a brief promo for WCW Saturday night. The show is going to feature the debut of Disco Inferno, which is kind of worth mentioning. Maybe I should be watching WCW Saturday Night in between these episodes but i’ll think about it. The crowd pops pretty big for Savage’s entrance, and I can’t lie, I did too. There is no pretty way to say this..but Scott Norton beat the ever loving shit out of Randy Savage here, and it’s pretty awesome to watch, even today. They pushed Norton as an absolute beast during this match. At one point, Norton planted Savage with a brutal-looking powerbomb, which probably should have been the finish, because it was fantastic. Eventually sadly the Dungeon of Doom showed up and tried to attack Savage who of course is the third man on Hogan’s WarGames team. Now please try to imagine this in your head. After Savage threw a punch at The Shark he eventually fell on Norton’s legs, pinning him down under his unconscious weight and allowing Savage to hit the elbow and get the win. What a turn around. Norton was obviously upset, but the number’s advantage was just too much for him to do anything about it, so he just took his L and left. Another comment is that Mongo had some peculiar lines as the Dungeon attacked. Mongo asks if Taskmaster, who was carrying some stick like object if he was going to turn somebody into a Popsicle. Also i forgot how dumber The Butcher looked but it holds up...in how dumb it looks. WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Lex Luger The main event is Lex Luger making his in ring debut, challenging Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. Lex Luger made his entrance briefly before an ad for Fall Brawl and then Hulk Hogan’s entrance music hit the moment we returned from commercial break which is pretty solid formatting. Not missing much solid action! Battle of the strength! Jimmy Hart was by his side as well. Luger no-sold a suplex early on in the match, which popped me. Luger, like Big Bubba Rogers last week, got a decent amount of offence here. He even got the Torture Rack locked in at one point and thought he had won the match but after he dropped Hogan to the mat the referee told him he was wrong. Some miscommunication but it didn’t matter because Hogan is RUNNIN' WILD! BROTHER! Eventually, Hogan hulked up and hit leg drop combo, which was about to get him the win… until the Dungeon of Doom showed up YET AGAIN. THE DASTARDLY DOOM! Savage and Sting quickly showed up too and made the save, leaving the three WarGames partners in the ring with Luger who was just making his way back up to his feet. Luger and Hogan almost come to blows again before break. Luger Joins the Party? Mean BAH GAWD Gene is back in the ring and was trying to figure out what was going on between Hogan, Luger, Savage, and Sting as they argued. Everyone was yelling at and over one another, but the gist of the story being told here was actually pretty solid. Savage was convinced that Luger (and possibly Sting) are in cahoots with the Dungeon of Doom, because they didn’t attack Luger or Sting but did attack Savage and Hogan. Savage even accuses Jimmy Hart of being in cahoots with The Dungeon which is some heavy foreshadowing. Again from a story perspective that’s good stuff even if I feel Dungeon of Doom did more harm than good during their existence in WCW. Then again if Dungeon of Doom didn’t exist would Hogan have turned heel? It can be argued fans were slowly getting tired regardless but this feud was very heavy handed. Of course Sting claimed his innocence..which yeah i don’t think anyone in that audience believed Sting was capable of anything like that at the time. A history of being suckered. He even pitched the idea of Luger being the fourth man for their WarGames team at the PPV. Obviously Savage hated the idea and shot it down quickly so that meant Hogan had to decide if Luger was in or out. After some consideration and a lot more talking over one another, Hogan decided to agree with Sting and voted for Luger to join the squad. Luger agreed too under one condition… he wants to finish this title match one day down the line. LEX vs HULK ROUND TWO! Another episode down, another week further into WCW Nitro. While I can't say this was equal to last weeks debut episode this was very much a hevay lead in to the FallBrawl PPV so for that it was a success i feel. 45 minutes as much fun as it is to watch a show in that time does leave a lot of struggle to feature many talents. I guess that is why 2 hours become the sweet spot eventually.
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    Toxik's Game Reviews

    I agree with your overall points about Minecraft Toxik. In my opinion, the game will be played for years and years to come, no matter how old it will be. It has that replay value that other games don't and thats a positive. Minecraft necessarily doesn't need have story or campaign behind it because the amount of freedom the games supplies you. It Just outweighs them having an actual story for the game. Overall great review Toxik, i'll be sure to check more of your video game reviews.
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    Blaming people's shitty behaviour and bullying mentality on a rule is extremely classless and narrow-minded. The fact alone you refer to it as "snitching culture" speaks volumes to me.
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    WWE: New Japan Style

    Women's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Female Superstars: Sasha Banks WWGP United Kingdom Championship Match WALTER (c) vs Buddy Murphy: WALTER WWGP United States Championship Match Andrade 'Cien' Almas (c) vs Mustafa Ali: Andrade WWGP Women's Tag Team Championship Unification Match The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs The IIconics: Kabuki Warriors WWGP Cruiserweight Championship Match Aleister Black (c) vs Humberto Carrillo: Black WWGP Intercontinental Championship Match Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: Miz WWGP Women's Championship Match Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya: Lynch WWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Brock Lesnar (c) vs AJ Styles: Brock Lesnar Men's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Male Superstars: Roman Reigns
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    I predicted this on the Dynamite thread and I'm very pleased with this. Both guys know each other and I think have the ability to have a good match. Hager has been built up well without ever having a match and I think Revolution was the perfect place to debut him. One of my favorite things about AEW is how everything is intertwined as wrestlers interact with each other up and down the card and all these small moments happen that build to other things. I imagine Hager comes out of this looking beastly which he should.
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    We are coming off what was an absolutely epic night for BPZ Wrestling, a night that crowned our brand new Undisputed Champion, the leader of Bulletproof, Hans Clayton. However Bulletproof as a whole did not experience an extremely successful night as earlier on we witnessed all three members of the Firing Squad come up short. Tonight, Jeremiah Flynn, has promised the world exactly what his future entails. The “Supreme Ringleader”, the former Undisputed Champion would step out full of confidence, his eyes ice cold and his veins pumped for whatever his announcement is tonight. He stands high on the stage, staring around at the thousands in attendance, a sly smile given before quickly being washed away by a more serious, more intimidating grimace. Marching directly to the ring, he sports an all white leather jacket and pants. He paces himself down the ramp, eyeing down several fans before focusing just on the ring. He circles around before rolling under the bottom rope, placing a single palm on the mat. He sits in this position for just a moment before taking to his feet, his music quickly cutting off as he begins to speak. “I watched Wildcard, as an outcast of this company. A man that held the entire world in his hands, left with nothing. I watched on in horror as to what took place for my brothers in the Firing Squad. Yet through it all, despite what this company would have you believe the best of us came through to the end and our fearless leader, Hans Clayton retrieved Bulletproofs property in the Undisputed Championship. A piece of gold that has marked the very founding of this great dynasty going back to Summerslam of last year. Yet now here I stand wondering what is it that is left for me? Unfinished business. You see I’ve learned in life that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. At Wildcard, I witnessed history repeat itself. Creed defeated Bulletproof, again. With sadness in my heart I witnessed the first group of disgusting rebels to stand up to our order, continue their string of success. This is something I wish- no, I must correct.” “When you live by the Creed, you die by the Creed. You two rough riders, you believe yourselves to be superior. You reign over these people as THE BPZ TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! You’ve defeated everything I’ve thrown at you. And through it all, you stand proudly with Bulletproof property. Our BPZ Tag Team Championships. You stole those titles from the First Class Express and while that duo suffered a sour expiration date, I am an individual who recognizes the banner over the brands that fall under it. I came to this ring one week ago and I made a deceleration, that not even god can save who I’m coming for. No one can. Bart and Smith, you have met your end. Jeremiah Flynn, a man I know you two oh so desperately wish to avoid, and a man who gladly will prey on that. Sadly it takes two to tango so I’m fully understanding that if I wish to take those Tag Team Championships from Creed, I can’t do it alone.” “Bulletproof is full of perfect suitors to be my Tag Team partner, but I want to make a statement. I want to send a message to everyone. I don’t want to beat Creed, no I want to hurt them, I want this to be an extremely unenjoyable, and painful experience for the both of them. I’ve spent my entire career building a legacy of gold. My golden legacy covers a vast vault of prizes and riches, championships and money. However now, I find myself with a new craving, a new mission. A Legacy of Violence, one of pain and suffering for those who wrong me, and all of Bulletproof. So when it came down to it, choosing who I wish to go down this road with, was pretty god damn easy.....”
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    Eric Shun

    Is The Fiend Overrated?

    No. For years we have said the one thing that Bray Wyatt needs is an amazing gimmick or an amazing storyline. Now he has both of those. We can't take anything away from him, he is playing his role amazingly, and fully deserves all the praise he is receiving.
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    The Global Wrestling Merger

    Ring Of Honor Episode 2 "New World Champion" Welcome back to Ring Of Honor, last week Jay Lethal made his dream come true as he would defeat Kota Ibushi. Tonight Lethal will celebrate in his glory, as he shows why he is the very best to ever lace a pair of boots, also in store tonight Jay Lethal will name his challenger for the World Championship in three weeks for ROH: Dreams Come True. Jay Lethal- Tonight I celebrate in what is an amazing occasion. Last week I defeated Kota Ibushi for the ROH World Championship in what was an amazing matchup, but how I see it is we are not done. So in three weeks, it will be Jay Lethal vs Kota Ibushi in the Main Event of ROH: Dreams Come True. But until then I will lead this Company into greatness as the World Champion, so now I only have one question can you feel the energy that I bring to you? This is a new year, a new Champion, I own this Kingdom forever! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kota Ibushi vs Bandido We now move on to a singles match between Kota Ibushi and Bandido. We now know that Ibushi will face Lethal in just three weeks for the ROH World Championship. But tonight he must focus on a different task, and that is a one on one match with Bandido. Will he be able to focus solely on that or will he drown in self doubt? The bell rings and we are off, as we begin both men lock up, the strength advantage would go to Kota Ibushi by a small margin. Ibushi would then push his opposition into the corner, striking him with a dangerous kick to the abdomen area. He continues the attack with a high kick to the skull. After a few moments, Ibushi would go for another high kick but Bandido would duck under and strike with a spinning Canadian Piledriver. Bandido would now go for a cover, 1..2.... but a kick out by Ibushi at the last second. As both men would get up just a few moments later, Bandido would go for a kick to the shin but Ibushi would catch his leg and takes him down right to the canvas. Kota Ibushi would then head to the top rope, but Bandido would get up quickly, going for a spanish fly but Ibushi would knock Bandido over and hit a German Suplex over the top rope. We now get to the final moments of this matchup, as both men are hurt, lying down on the canvas. After a few moments had passed, both men would get up to their feet and begin to trade punches. As they finish, Bandido would go for a clothesline but Ibushi would duck under and execute a Kamigoye, could this do it? 1....2.....3..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Jericho vs Lance Archer We return from a commercial break, as we get ready for another singles match here on Ring Of Honor. As Chris Jericho goes one on one with Lance Archer. The question is who will win this one and gain the momentum they surely need? The winner of this match will face Tetsuya Naito for the ROH Television Championship in just three weeks. We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Lance Archer by a large margin, as he would throw Chris Jericho into the turnbuckle. Jericho would then go for a elbow strike, but Lance Archer would reverse with a kick to the leg, followed up by a huge uranage. As we continue, Lance Archer goes to pick up his opposition, but Chris Jericho would duck under and sweep the legs, taking Archer down to the canvas. As he does do, he trys to lock in the Walls of Jericho but is unsuccessful as Archer kicks him in the skull, but Jericho gets right back on the attack, as he hits a soaring lionsault. We now get to the final moments of this matchup as Chris Jericho goes for a Codebreaker but Lance Archer ducks under and hits a huge chokeslam. 1...2... but a kick out by Jericho at the very last second. Jericho leaps up and strikes Lance Archer with a nasty Codebreaker for the win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tetsuya Naito Calls Out Chris Jericho After an impressive showing by Chris Jericho and Lance Archer with Jericho coming out on top. We now head to the back as Tetsuya Naito has a few words for Chris Jericho. What does he have to say after his big victory? Tetsuya Naito- Chris Jericho, what a win for you old man. But I still need my revenge from Dominion 2018, the night that everything seemed to fall apart, and it all was because of you Jericho! So in three weeks I challenge you to a singles match, to see who the better man truly is. What do you say old man? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal We now move on to the Main Event, as Marty Scurll will go one on one with the ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal. Both men are on a high right now, but who wants this win more? That answer will be fulfilled in just a few moments now. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Jay Lethal by a small margin, pushing Marty Scurll into the corner, striking him with a running knee strike to the chest. As Jay Lethal would go for a kick to the shin, Scurll would grab his fingers and snap them, as you would hear the thud of fingers breaking throughout the arena. As we continue, Marty would go to snap his fingers again, but Jay Lethal would hit a superkick, followed up by a cover. 1...2.... but a kick out by Marty Scurll at the very last second. Suddenly, Hiroshi Tanahashi's music hits, as he walks down the ramp. Entering the ring, as he distracts Scurll, Jay Lethal comes from behind and rolls up Marty for the three count. After the matchup, Tanahashi would celebrate for his efforts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    So it has been roughly 5 months since the game came out and I figured I should make a review of the Showcase mode for this year's game now first off I have been a big fan of the Showcase mode since it was introduced and this one wasn't an exception however I did enjoy less than last year's Daniel Bryan one however that can also be chalked up to me being a bigger fan of Bryan than I am of the four horse women but This Showcase mode had some very fun to play matches and also introduced a mechanic into the mode that makes fighting a specific person for the challenges easier as if you need to fight them in the ring and they are out of it fighting someone else they will stop fighting the other person and target you which I very much enjoy and imo helps the mode itself greatly and I certainly hope they keep it for next year's game and improve upon it so with all that being said congrats to these 4 athletically gifted women for getting this showcase as they have definitely earned it and it truly shows just how far Women's wrestling has become and that this isn't even close to it's ceiling
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    Blackheart CJ

    (Re)Affixing The Sights

    Following a close loss in an incredible match to Jeremiah Flynn in his return to Carnage, The Chancellor, CJ Sellers, took a small break from appearances, on Carnage, or in public in general. Finally, however, his silence is broken in a video on BPZ.com. The video does not start with theatrics, but immediately with a voice, and the face that voice belongs to. "I guess that, once again in my short life, I've become just the type of man I hate. Once, a time ago, I would all out a competitor of mine for his actions. He disappeared for a period following a loss for no reason other than disappointment at the fact he had failed himself. This makes me a man indulged in hypocrisy, one of the least capable types of men to walk this earth. Well, in retrospect I can say I am not completely akin to him." "I did not take this leave from the public eye for the reason of disappointment. My disappearance can be summed up by my absolute need to become greater, in order to become the greatest. I took everything I saw from that loss I suffered to Flynn, and I analyzed it. Spending countless hours in front of the dim lights of a screen, searching at every corner for the reason. I lost, and all things have a reason for being, so what could mine be? Was it the NXT Championship match taking far too much of a physical toll on me? Perhaps, the Firing Squad attacking me took such a part of me away that I was not 100%? Am I just not good enough?" "Everything swirling through my head, possibility after possibility, only to be crushed, one by one. Suddenly, though, one thought did occur to me. Perhaps, I am aiming my sights far too high. I lost to Sameer, a triple champion following his victory over me. I lost to Jeremiah Flynn, a several time world champion. Maybe, I am punching just a little above my weight class? This did not simply vanish, as did my other self doubts. It stuck, and I tried to divert my attention but it stuck, and I pondered other conclusions but it still continued to stick, and eventually, I gave into it. I had to think over this more, I decided, I had to consider such a possibility as fact." "Once I began my own Soul Search, it's been awhile since I've had to say those two words, I came to accept that, I may have been too obsessed with winning that I was blind to the caliber of talent I was facing. There is a reason these men are known as the elite, but why can I not measure up to such a par? That is something that I have not answered, but not every question will be answered immediately. Some answers come with time, and at this time I came upon the final answer to this question. I very well might be facing talent above me, but I won't let this deter me. I've gotten everywhere in my career in wrestling by taking on people that are seen as the best and taking them down. I have worked too damn hard and too damn much to let a high level of talent ruin my career. The level of talent which I now seek to destroy is the United States Champion, Raven, as well as his challenging opponents." "Raven and I almost crossed paths, believe it or not. Back during Night of Legends, one month ago, we witnessed Raven challenge for the North American Championship, and me in a match to determine its number one contender at BPZMania. Of course, that show saw the two of us defeated. It is now that the 'what could've been' may be solved, as I have to take on the Messenger of Death. Allow me a thought, if you please. You will be the one to say everybody dies, and you are right. Every human being, every man and woman in existence, is fated to die. Would you be the one to admit you yourself will also eventually die, or perhaps will you insinuate you are not a part of everybody, and thus all you are is a nobody? Mister Raven, you spend your time in the company of some of this company's very foremost elite. Bailey, Julius, and Slim, these men are all former multi time world champions. These men you act as the loaded gun for, thinking that absorbing the shadow of Slim and permanently imprinting it into you will somehow through a miraculous happening infuse the talents of one of this company's greatest as a part of your own. This is not to be, this is a formula that has been tested and failed numerous times, and it frustrates me that I have to be the one to let you know that." "Perhaps now is the time I shall save my breath. Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is a decent distance away. I've spoken true and declared my intentions, exactly as I had planned to do when I began. Like the rising tide, beating hearts grow but never die…" Sellers stops talking for a moment, looking off in the distance, humming to the tune of a song. After a few seconds, he shakes his head slightly and returns his gaze to the camera. This tide of pressure ever approaches, threatening to consume each of us whole. Which of us will find our way back to the shore, with the prize draped upon our shoulder? We shall see. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor."
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    BPZ Booking Division 3.0

    NEW ERA OFFENSE: REVOLUTION Gallus VS Ohio Versus Everything VS SoCal Uncensored VS ??? (NEO Openweight Six-Man Tag Team championship) This edition of Revolution kicks off with a massive four-way trios match to determine the first ever NEO Openweight Six-Man tag team champions. Out first, we see Ohio Versus Everything, the trio of Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton, with stable leader Sami Callihan currently preparing for his NEO World Heavyweight title match later tonight. Out next is the trio of Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Then, we see Christopher Daniels lead Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, clearly the most popular trio in the bout. Before the fourth team comes out, we see Adam Cole, who hypes up the trio as his three most trusted friends and allies. Cole says he has total faith in them to score victory here tonight, and that their reign over NEO will soon be...Undisputed. As he says this, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong enter, with the Undisputed Era now being reunited in NEO. However, in a fantastic bout, it would actually be Ohio Versus Everything who score the victory, with the Irish Airborne putting away Mark Coffey with the Irish Air Raid. Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton escape this bout the new NEO Openweight Six-Man tag team champions. . Kenny King VS Silas Young (Loser Leaves NEO) Our next bout sees a match added at the final hour, as after the events of last week, Kenny King demanded a match with Silas Young. Maverick made the match, with the stipulation that the loser must leave NEO forever. In a great bout, Silas Young would score the victory, putting away King with the Pee Gee Waja Plunge, picking up a massive victory and ending Kenny King's NEO career. . Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture (NEO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team championship) Our next bout sees the inaugural Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions decided, as the duo of Zack Gibson and James Drake does battle with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. In a fantastic clash, South Wales Subculture would become the inaugural NEO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions, with Andrews putting away James Drake with Fall to Pieces. . Adam Cole VS Dave Mastiff (NEO Openweight championship) Next, we see Bomber Dave Mastiff look to upset the always impressive Adam Cole. After earning the number one contendership for the NEO Openweight title by winning a 20 man battle royal, he now faces Adam Cole, who was one win away from being in tonight's main event for the NEO World Heavyweight championship before falling to Pete Dunne in the semi-finals. In a fantastic clash, Mastiff would score the victory and become the inaugural NEO Openweight champion, putting Adam Cole away with a Cannon Ball into the turnbuckle. . Mustache Mountain VS Bad Luck Fale/Chase Owens (NEO Heavyweight Tag Team championship) Our next bout sees Tyler Bate and Trent Seven do battle with Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale to become the first ever NEO Heavyweight tag team champions. In a fantastic bout, Fale and Owens would score the upset, with Owens catching Bate with a Package Piledriver after Fale distracted the referee long enough for Owens to level Bate with a chair shot. With this victory, Fale and Owens become the first ever NEO Heavyweight tag team champions in a massive upset. . Ilja Dragunov VS Austin Aries (NEO Junior Heavyweight championship) Up next, we see one of the most heated bouts on the card, as Ilja Dragunov, a man who came within one victory from being in tonight's main event for the NEO World Heavyweight championship, looks to get revenge on the man who spoiled his tournament and cheated to do so, Austin Aries. In a fantastic clash, Dragunov would score the victory, putting away Aries with Torpedo Moscow. Though he was unable to earn a NEO World Heavyweight championship match, Dragunov made the most of this opportunity, and now reigns as NEO's inaugural Junior Heavyweight champion. . "The Miracle" Mike Bennett VS Jack Gallagher Before tonight's main event, we see another match added to the card at the final hour, as after Mike Bennett's victory and post-match attack on Danny Burch, Jack Gallagher would run out to make the save. Now, Gallagher has his chance at revenge on The Miracle. However, Gallagher would come up short against Bennett, falling to a Miracle in Progress. The Miracle scores a massive victory in his NEO PPV debut, and with efforts like this, he might be a man to watch in the near future. . Sami Callihan VS Pete Dunne (NEO World Heavyweight championship) Finally, we reach tonight's main event, the culmination of a three-month tournament between six of NEO's best stars. Sami Callihan enters this match after going 4-3 in his block, but with victories over the other three men who ended at 4-3, Callihan was given the nod in a tie-breaker. Pete Dunne enters this match with an incredible 6-1 record, his only loss in his block coming against Ilja Dragunov. In a fantastic, hard hitting clash, Callihan would pick up the shock victory, putting away Dunne with a Cactus Driver. Sami Callihan celebrates becoming the inaugural NEO World Heavyweight champion, and he is soon joined by the new Openweight Six-Man champions, Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton. NEO: Revolution ends with Ohio Versus Everything celebrating, all four members currently holding championship gold.
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    Wrestling Cold War

    Willow The Wisp vs Bobby Roode In the month of April we begin with a singles feud, where two stars go at it for the classic pat on the back of being better than your opposition. Over the past couple of weeks these two would test their mental strength with overcoming mindgames. The question that comes to mind for this match is who can get the big victory at TNA: Lockdown? 2014 is a big year for TNA, so starting your momentum at this time of year is crucial for either of these men. Who has it in them to become a bigger star then they already are? Sanada(C) vs Austin Aries- X-Divison Championship Next up we have the X-Divison Championship rivalry, two men who are very hot at the moment, and a win can only help that. Sanada has been Champion for about a month, but his first challenger is a man who is looking to continue on cementing his legacy here in TNA, and winning the X-Division Championship will do exactly that. On the otherhand, Sanada is just getting started here in TNA, and he would like to continue his reign as X-Division Champion by defeating Austin Aries. The question really is who wants it more? Madison Rayne(C) vs Velvet Sky- TNA Knockout Championship We now move on to the Women's side of things. As Madison Rayne goes one on one with Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockout Championship. With a solid Women's division, it looks like the winner will have a huge targetr on their back going forward. But with the match being just a few weeks away, the mindgames have begun, and they have been working for both parties. But the question is, who will be able to walk away with a huge victory and be able to call themselves Champion? Magnus(C) vs Bully Ray- TNA World Championship We now get to the Main Event rivalry, Magnus defending the TNA World Championship against Magnus. This match is going to be a brute showdown for the ages, but the question is who wants it more? Being the World Champion of TNA is no easy task, so momentum has to be on your side, but will moentum be enough? We will see in three weeks time. It is Magnus vs Bully Ray at TNA: Lockdown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Week 1- April 2014: Show Rating 73- 5.085 Attendance Week 1- April 2014:Show Rating 78- 5.383 Attendance Week 1- April 2014:Show Rating 78- 5.377 Attendance
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    Since we have had a new draft, I think this is a good moment to reconsider this. For me, it is RAW without a doubt a currently. Yes, RAW has had plenty of bad over the last few months. We see around 4 squash matches every show, the horrendous Rusev/Bobby Lashley storyline is still going strong and apparently has the full support of Heyman and Vince, but other than that, I just think RAW has the more interesting roster. They simply have better names. When you have Rollins, Styles, Joe,Owens,Ricochet,Drew,Black,Andrade,Orton and many more you are gonna create a better show than Smackdown, especially since Smackdown has been stuck with the same boring Reigns/Corbin feud in the main events for what feels like ages. Daniel Bryan is great, and his feud with the Fiend is interesting, but they aren't that special where they can make me enjoy Smackdown more than RAW. RAW also has the stronger women's division, they user their midcard title more. Therefore, I prefer RAW more currently.
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    Hans Graphics

    Added FDS vs Smith and Bob vs Raven.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Brand Split 2020 Fantasy Draft At the start of 2018, we saw the unification of both of BPZ Wrestling's brands. With Carnage and EVOLVE becoming one under the name of the prior, the end of the brand split was official and the whole roster was one once again. Since then, there has been constant speculation of when the brand split will return but now, the rumors are of more volume than ever as it's being said that BPZ management has discussed bringing back the brand split post-BPZMania. Therefore, myself, Fanny McFee, and my BPZ Commentaries colleague, Manny Moleman, have paired up for our own fantasy draft. I will be drafting for EVOLVE and Manny will be drafting with Carnage, with the latter having the number one pick due to Carnage's main-stay as the live weekly BPZ Wrestling show. Manny Moleman (Hans) #1 | Jeremiah Flynn One of the longest Reigning Champions in BPZ history, Jeremiah Flynn has always been on top of his game, proven with his most recent run as the BPZ Undisputed Champion, clocking in it about 211 days. Being apart of Bulletproof, and forming the Firing Squad within it, it would have been foolish not to pick him at the #1 Position. The Hall of Famer is still an elite performer, thus was my reason to pick him as my first selection. #2 | Arius He has only been here for a year but man has he done a lot. Being one of the most unique individuals to come to BPZ Wrestling, Arius is fantastic on the microphone and is shown to be a valuable member of the company. The first North American Champion, holding titles such as US and IC belts, and being one of the favorites to win this year’s rumble, Arius would be great on the Carnage brand, and he could finally work with some of the top guys in the company. It was an obvious second pick. #3 | Eli Smith Eli Smith returned to BPZ this past summer, and what run it has been for the superstar. Defeating Bailey in his return match, forming Creed and now a Tag Champion with one of his stable-mates in Bart. Smith has shown he can still go and so picking him as my third selection was a wise decision and can bring a lot to the Carnage Brand, feuding with guys like Flynn and Arius. #4 | Bart Speaking of his tag team partner, selecting Bart was the next obvious pick. Now having the Tag Team Champions on the Carnage brand, Bart is a skilled and talented superstar, being a former Undisputed Champion himself. Bart would be a great choice for any brand he is on and since he’s with Smith as apart of The Creed, I couldn’t help but take the Dutch Star as my next pick. #5 | Hans Clayton An upcoming BPZ Superstar, Hans Clayton has had an “extraordinary” first year with the company, capturing various titles and achievements, Hans has shown he can hang with the likes of Eli Smith, Julius, etc. Hans can very well be a future World Champion in the company and with his association with Jeremiah Flynn, and his incredible work ethic. The sky's the limit for Hans Clayton, and is Carnage's 5th pick, completing the Carnage top five. #6 | Necce - #7 | Bob Sparks - #8 | Mikey #9 | Echo Wilson - #10 | Buddy Ace - #11 | Alex Costa #12 | Jason Ryan - #13 | Aaron North - #14 | Yelich #15 | George AK - #16 | Mecko - #17 | Cody Cage #18 | Dr. X - #19 | Darius Shiba - #20 | James Knight #21 | Poidust - #22 | Maasa - #23 | Brian Gillman #24 | Epic - #25 | Jack Bishop - #26 | The Riddler Fanny McFee (Smith) #1 | Julius Being the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and winner of ‘The King’ Slammy Award for the past two years, Julius has been on top of BPZ Wrestling for the past two years after a soaring rise to the top of the card through the success of The Kingdom. With the most treasured and prestigious championship in his grasp, Julius continues to prove that he is a reliable and top-tier performer which to me, makes him the obvious first-round pick. #2 | Slim Considered as one of the greatest of all-time whilst having the ability to reinvent himself with fresh new shticks to stop himself from becoming stale, Slim has been able to maintain his position as arguably the face of the company for a number of years whilst believably moving up and down the card making him a uniquely diverse superstar, Slim is a great second pick. #3 | Bailey Justin As the longest-lasting active superstar in BPZ history and named by most as the greatest superstar of all-time in BPZ history, Bailey Justin has been on top of BPZ for the majority of the company's existence, having captured the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion five-times over and being entered into the Hall Of Fame five years ago. After all this time, Bailey is still one of the most exciting superstars on the roster and continues to have great feuds with wrestlers throughout the card. Withall, picking Bailey at number three us undoubtedly a steal. #4 | Sameer At BPZMania V, Sameer is set to have one of the biggest matches in BPZ history against the boss himself, Brenden, after he turned on Sameer and broke up the fan-favorite duo. With that being said, Sameer is one of the most seasoned stars in BPZ as a five-year veteran and the best part is, last year was his best year as he finally had his main event breakthrough with his first reign as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and is only looking to rise even further. #5 | KENJI The final addition to the EVOLVE top five is the only one not to hold the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but is arguably the most exciting. As the current BPZ North-American Champion, KENJI has been dubbed by many as the future of BPZ Wrestling and has already had multiple impressive showings when given opportunities against the company’s top names. Despite not being the most accomplished, KENJI is very key as every roster needs a thrilling, unpredictable, bright, up-and-coming star. #6 | Isaiah Carter - #7 | Raven - #8 | FDS #9 | James Ropati - #10 | Sheridan - #11 | Jonathan #12 | Bashka - #13 | CJ Sellers - #14 | Gunner Flynn #15 | D.N.A - #16 | Natedog - #17 | Amai #18 | Prince - #19 | Kieron Black - #20 | Joh #21 | Hollow - #22 | Joshua Scott - #23 | Benjamin Wolf #24 | Arrow - #25 | Mirage - #26 | Dark Angel Thank you very much for reading but before you leave, be sure to keep an eye on this space as the dynamic duo of Manny and Fanny will be back soon with our point-by-point strategy of how BPZ should introduce and run the new rendition of the brand split. In that article, we will cover champions, potential storylines, and much more!
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    Impact Wrestling 2015

    Week 1, January 2015 Pre Show: Main Show: Magnus opens the show by coming out to the ring and saying that he could beat Eric Young faster than Samoa Joe did last week because Joe is a sloppy, second rate wrestler. After the match, Magnus brags about how he was successful in backing up his claim. Gunner cuts a promo on MVP, saying that MVP has made a huge mistake by making an enemy of him. Bobby Roode is out in the ring and reiterates that James Storm will not be getting any more World Championship matches. After saying this, Dixie Carter comes and books a 6 man elimination number one contender's match for tonight's main event between Willow, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle, EC3, and James Storm! Kenny King claims that 2015 will be his year in a promo. Velvet Sky is in the ring but before she ends up being jumped by Gail Kim, whom poses over Velvet with the Knockout's Championship. Bully Ray is being interviewed by Mike Tenay and all is going well until Joseph Park shows up and attacks Bully Ray, getting one back on Bully Ray. Hernandez announces an open challenge for the TNA Television Title and X Division Champion Austin Aries answers it! (I'm not gonna lie, I accidentally booked this match backward cuz I thought the loser thing was for the final elimination but it works.) That was actually my best show yet!
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