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    Gunner Flynn

    The Mercenary

    After Echo makes his intentions known, a breach of silence is held, as Echo heads out of the ring, halfway on doing so "Noone Will Survive" plays throughout the arena, sending Echo back into the ring, showing a confused expression upon his face. I come here with only one intention, to welcome you back. On that cold winter night, when all was done and dusted you were the man on top. You defeated my brother in arms Jason, and I respect you for that. But where did you go? To recover maybe, or just maybe you needed to change your ways. You needed to find that killer instinct you once had. Since your absence, I have formed a faction, who only want one thing. To cure what you hold so dearly, the world we live in. So far it has been frustrating, the powers at be keep us down, but we must stand up and move on. Echo Wilson you are the heart and soul to this missing piece in our puzzle, you are the culprit to finish our conviction. But I wish I could sit here, I wish I could tell you how much you are a disgrace to me. But I have an odd sense of respect. I know better than almost anyone how dangerous and how cruel Jason can be to his enemies. But you stood brave in the face of an onslaught. For that, I have no choice but to commend you. Jason, he likes to call himself a lone wolf, and although apparently we have his back, and does he to us, we cannot help but notice the disparity between the core of us and him. His desires are far more sick and mentally challenging than ours, and we come to think why is he going to these lengths? So because of this, there has been a void. A void that needs to be filled in The Cure. Who better to step in than yourself. You were the one to best him after all. I wouldn't ask anybody else to do this besides you Echo. You said it yourself, your mission is to cure the world of disease and of their darker selves. Thats our same mission Echo. The enemy of my enemy is my friends. Thats what they say? Well how about it. Echo you are what we need, so what do you say, and lead our cure to success?
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    Echo Wilson

    The Mercenary

    "Life is a constant battle. People battle over love, people battle over belief, but in this world the prominent form of battle....is the war inside ourselves. Only when we let that war subside within ourselves will we truly become whole. This is Echo Wilson. An Honest Man. I've found peace." {Loud drums bang, as the scene of soldiers training tirelessly in the desert comes to view. They all don the American flag somewhere on their bodies. Ladies and Gentleman, this is Carnage, and another we've got another spectacular week on the road to Winter Warfare. Echo Wilson's theme song plays, Man of the Year echoing loud, and out he steps non chalantly. It feels odd to see Echo so calmed, considering last time we saw him it was in one of the most brutal death matches this company ever witnessed. But Echo Wilson, after his small hiatus, which was justified, seems to act like nothing even happened. His injuries and limps are no longer there, and there are barely any cuts that the people can see. Echo Wilson steps into the ring, grabbing the mic out of his shoe and flipping it once in his hand.} "Unfortunately, for Jason Ryan, the man you thought you'd see after our match at Halloween Havoc, is no more. You see, I knew I'd be victorious, because it became clear as day for me at a certain point in time. You know, Jason Ryan likes to say that that was tradition, there was nothing traditional about it. Barring the frequency of the event, nothing was the same the second time around. Jason Ryan was different, I was different, the match I chose played into my hands and therefore the result went right the way I wanted it to. So naturally, I took my time coming back here. No need to rush things, but Jason, his embarrassment. Oh, the predicament he found himself in. He couldn't bear to live with his losses and so he drove himself mad. I watched him deplete day by day. He put on a brave face, while slowly layer by layer I stripped him of his sanity. You know the war we have inside our brains...Jason Ryan lost his. And I have no remorse for him anymore. Because if I wanted to stop his slow descent to madness, I would've done it before. But I let him die inside, and I feel no sorrow because of it." "Jason Ryan stood for many things, but he would never die for any of them. He loved Vala with all of his heart, but when they needed him most, no, when HE needed them most, he didn't turn to them for help. That day he lost his battle for love. He believed that he was the one to defeat me, the one to end our treacherous bond. The day that I put on my mask of war, his belief died and so did his battle with it. Finally....when Jason Ryan lost his grip on the world, when Jason Ryan lost himself in his own darkness, when Jason Ryan let the monster expose itself, that's when Jason Ryan lost his entirety. I can't stress it enough, Jason Ryan is a dead man, and I am the culprit." {Echo Wilson's deed has been done, but it doesn't seem to be enough for him. He wants to make sure Jason's pride is buried, just as his blood was boiled during that fateful night. Meanwhile, while Echo pauses, another picture of the military comes to the forefront on the titantron. Echo looks up solemnly at the soldiers who in synchronization, both complete their duties and show respect and honor. Echo Wilson looks down and begins to speak again} "They say the absence of love is duty, and the absence of duty is love. There are those who learn this the hard way and those who naturally are gifted with knowledge of it. The world today needs the glue to hold it together and there are those who are trying to tear this apart each day. So when will we learn the answer? I have gifted it to you already. The only thing that holds the world together is Order. Everyday, I fight for order within in myself. Something to help clear my mind, keep my priorities in check. I need a way to let myself be free from emotions, those rash feelings that lead you down dark paths. I need to be one again. This is the way of the soldier, this is the way of the Bounty Hunter. So from now on, that's all I will be. A Mercenary, a honest man who will do anything to win the battles of love, belief and self. "So let's make this clear, for anyone in the locker room, or anyone who believes in the truth. Call upon me. Let me be your answer. My hit list is now officially open, and the Mercenary will never fail upon his targets. Let's make this world whole again, one life by one life. Let us Cure the world of its imperfections, Let us find the duty within us all. Let us find the Order in a world of Chaos. Because I don't hurt for blood lust, I hurt so the world can be healed.} {Echo Wilson's evolution seems to have taken a new step tonight. Echo has now reflected, and upon consideration, has decided to adopt a mission of his own. A mission to cleanse the world from its diseases. The fans in the attendance tonight don't know what to make of this. Echo Wilson has taken this genuinely blessed idea of battling for the good in the world and twisted into his own dark figure. But his mission is good, that cannot be denied. More to come from Echo Wilson in the future. Stay Tuned.}
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    Nothing Personal

    The scene begins with a dark and misty night. You hear the streets filled with noises from many different things as we see Hans walking down this loud and busy street. He looks around with bitterness and anger, despite defeating the Thundermans in the first round. Hans Clayton still looks unsatisfied. Hans then enters into a bar. The bar is filled with loads of people having a good time, Hans enters with a disgruntled impression as he sits down. He tells the bartender to give him “the usual” as it appears Hans has been in this bar many, many times. As Hans is waiting for his beer, a man next to him decided to speak and asked Hans who was unfamiliar with who this man is. “So do you come here often?” “Yeah I do, whenever I feel like something is irritating me, or something just doesn’t feel right, I always come here to relax myself from the boring world we live in.” “I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sean.” Sean extends his hand to Clayton. Hans smirks a little as he ignores the handshake. “So um, what's been irritating you?” “You really wanna know what’s irritating me, it's the place I work at is irritating me, ever since that day on December 1st. We lost a battle to four individuals who didn’t deserve that win one bit. It has been building for months upon months and it ends with my boys on the losing end. I feel like I should move on, but….. I just can’t!” The bartender arrives with Hans’ glass of beer. Hans gives him a tip, as he takes a sip of his beer. “So you're professional wrestler I assume?” "Yeah, I am. In fact I considered myself a machine. I work harder than everybody else in the company, in fact I work twice as hard, if not more. Those Creed boys were just lucky enough to get away with the win. Now I’m in this tag team tournament called The Clapspiracy Invitationals. My Partner and I, Isaiah Carter take on our own stable mates, The Firing Squad in Alex and Mikey. Like they said before, it's all competition. Nothing personal between us, but both teams want to win, and that's what drives me. To win this tournament with Carter, and to get back to our winning ways and regain those tag team titles! The only way we can do that is winning this entire tournament and I swear to god himself that we are going to win this. Despite how hot the new team of the Firing Squad are, they are just not on are level. I’m not saying they aren’t talented, far from that. Those two have the potential to be killers and vital for the tag division but we are more hungry, more determined, and most importantly, ready to win it all.” Hans continues to drink his beer as Sean continues to ask more questions about Hans. “Now, who are the other teams remaining in this tag tournament? ” “Well, you got two teams on the other side facing off, Bailey and Slim taking on Arius and Kenji. Bailey and Slim aren’t even a team, it's mostly a one man effort from Bailey who thinks he can take on two world class performers all by himself. It's an interesting development to watch, to say the least. Then we got Arius and Kenji who have battled in the past as foes, are now mutual allies in this tournament. Loads of different factors play into that matchup. Quite honestly, I don’t really care if we face Slim/Bailey or Arius/Kenji. The First Class Express are just going to beat them anyways because we are the only legit tag team around, and like I said, we are gonna win it all." Hans continues to drink his beer as the scene fades to black.
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Raw: April 3rd, 2017 – Amway Center in Orlando, Florida The usual cold-open to Monday Night Raw begins the show, with the superstars of WWE's resident flagship show being shown before we are shown a recap of Raw's matches from the two-night event of WrestleMania 33. After the recap ends, Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the Superstar Shakeup, and Post-WrestleMania Monday Night Raw. They tell us that multiple SmackDown superstars have been traded to Raw, and tonight we find out who they are, as Cole says it's time for our first move of the night... 'Omen in the Sky' begins to play, as 'The Ace' Finn Balor, followed by his "good brothers" in 'Machine Gun' Karl Anderson and Luke 'Doc' Gallows emerges on the ring, as one thing is clear. The Balor Club is officially on Raw! The three men walk down the ramp, getting into the ring where Balor is given a microphone as the fans boo the men who fell victim to The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, and saw Balor lose his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Finn Balor: The rumors are true. The Balor Club is officially on Monday Night Raw, and we're here to tell everyone in the locker room. This show is now OURS. No one else's. Not Shawn Michaels', Stephanie McMahon's, or even Triple H's. This is ours. There is not a single man on this roster that I don't like our chances against. So, I wanna know, how many of you need to realize that what I speak is nothing more than facts, gospel. With that being said... Who wants to test us? Test my patience, and test our authority? 'The Disturbed One' blasts throughout the PA system, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley makes his way onto the stage. Standing on the stage, making direct eye contact with The Balor Club, Moxley runs down to the ring, clearly not one to do much talking as the World Heavyweight Champion believes this is his show. Tackling Anderson with punches, Moxley would somehow find a way to nail Doc Gallows with a Dirty Deeds, but unfortunately turned around into a Sling Blade from Balor! Standing in the corner, stalking Moxley as he stumbles into the corner, setting up Balor's signature dropkick... "Bastard" begins to play as the crowd becomes unglued for the arrival of 'The King of Raw', Neville! Neville stands on the stage, as him and Balor lock eyes, as then Balor gets clotheslined by 'The Bastard', Jon Moxley who has recovered from the Slingblade! But from behind, Gallows and Anderson attack Moxley, forcing Neville to run into the ring with a dropkick, as Neville nails a Springboard DDT onto Gallows as Moxley floors Anderson with Dirty Deeds! Moxley and Neville stare down, getting into each other's faces, as Moxley holds up the World Heavyweight Championship, and the two talk trash. Eventually, Moxley dips out of the ring, leaving the ring to Neville as the two continue to stare down, with Balor Club reeling on the outside... as we go to commercial break. Back from commercial break, we are told by Michael Cole it is time for two new Raw Superstars to be introduced, as they'll face off in a match pitting them against each other. Suddenly, 'World's Apart' sounds the arena as 'The Underdog from the Underground' Sami Zayn makes his way onto the stage, ready for whoever his opponent is... And then, "I Am Stronger" plays as the commentary team now fears for Zayn, as tonight he will take on 'The Monster Among Men', and new Raw roster member, Braun Strowman. Strowman walks down the ramp, wasting no time as he gets into the ring, squaring up with Zayn as the size difference is shown between them, before the match begins. Match #1 | Braun Strowman def. Sami Zayn via TKO at 8:49: The match would begin and Strowman would immediately take over, getting Zayn to the mat with punches and overpowering Zayn. In the end, Strowman would beat Sami Zayn down so badly that Strowman hung him in Tree of Woe position, as he continued to stomp away at Zayn. With Zayn unable to protect himself, the referee would ring the bell and end the match via TKO. After the match, Strowman would raise his arms, celebrating his victory as Zayn was checked on by medics. Strowman, not finished with The Underdog from The Underground, would pick him up and deliver another Running Powerslam before raising his arms in victory. Backstage, we're shown Triple H walking, before the Raw General Manager, Shawn Michaels, stops him as the two begin to talk, being best friends. Shawn Michaels: So uh... Look. I got some news... With this Superstar Shakeup thing, people were bound to leave Raw, and unfortunately, Bryan really, really coveted Cesaro... So he's SmackDown now. But don't worry, I haven't messed up your tag team match at Payback. Rollins has a replacement partner. Triple H: Look Shawn. I don't care if he has a replacement partner or not. Either way, Seth Rollins will be taught the respect he needs, he will be taught you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Seth Rollins will pay for the sins he has committed. Shawn Michaels: Do what you need to do, but tonight... Let Joe handle it. He's got it. There's no need for my main event to be ruined because you want to inflict some punishment on your old student. Triple H: Since we go way-back, I'll do you this favor. But the second that match is over, I am beating the SHIT out of Seth Rollins. Triple H storms off, as Shawn Michaels can do nothing but watch as his best friend is hell-bent on destroying his former protege in Seth Rollins... We head to the commentary team, who hype up our main event of Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins for a second. And then, as they finish, "Celtic Invasion" begins to play as the crowd becomes unglued at the sight of 'Becky Balboa', Becky Lynch comes out to the stage with her Raw Women's Championship in her hand! Lynch walks down to the ring, sliding into it as she is given a microphone to address WrestleMania, and her championship win as the crowd chants "YOU DESERVE IT!", over and over. Becky Lynch: Thank... you. Two nights ago, on Night 1, that has to be the crowning moment of my career. All due respect to Emma, but that was the ascension of Becky Balboa from legend to champion... And there's no better feeling in the world than that! But tonight, I'm here to issue an open challenge to whoever wants it... Who thinks they can defeat the legend of Becky Balboa... It's gonna take your best shot! And even then, it still won't be enough! Becky Lynch removes the strap, giving it to the referee John Cone as she awaits the woman accepting her challenge tonight... Match 2 | Raw Women's Championship | Becky Lynch def. Naomi in 12:15 via Submission: The bell would ring, as Naomi would use her athletic ability to catch Lynch off guard for most of the match. Becky Lynch would fight back with her technical ability, setting Naomi up for the Dis-armher. Unfortunately for Lynch, Naomi would fight out, catching Lynch with a Shining Wizard before her patented Split-Legged Moonsault for a near-fall. After missing a second one, Lynch would seamlessly transition into the Disarm-her, this time forcing Naomi to tap out. After the match, Becky would offer her hand to Naomi who would accept, as the two woman embraced following a war. Becky Lynch would climb the turnbuckle, raising her title up as Naomi peered up, respectfully before leaving the ring as Lynch continued to celebrate as the legend of Becky Balboa lived on. Backstage, we would be shown World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley walking towards the ring for his scheduled tag team match, as he teams with Neville against The Balor Club, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, as the NEXT! symbol flashes before we go to a commercial break. And as we return from a commercial break, the theme music of Jon Moxley reigned throughout the arena as Moxley, strapped with his World Heavyweight Championship, would make his entrance with his usual black jacket and jeans, his hands taped, ready for war as his hair, as usual messed up, would be shaken out of his face as he made his way. He would get into the ring as he awaited his partner, none other than the man he will face at Payback, Neville, the winner of the 2017 Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal. 'Bastard' would hit, as 'The King of Raw' slowly walked out, the crowd cheering him on as he has been adopted as a fan favorite ever since he defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship last year. Neville walks down to the ring, as he now will go face-to-face with the group who cost him his Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series last year, in a tag team match in what is sure to be sweet revenge. For the second time in the night, the theme of The Balor Club would echo throughout the arena as the cocky trio made their way through the curtain, as Gallows and Anderson raised their hands on the stage while Balor messed with his collar. The three walked down to the ring, as Gallows and Anderson got into the ring, as they'll represent The Balor Club in this match. As Gallows and Neville look to start, suddenly, Gallows rolls out of the ring and Neville is caught from behind with a dropkick from Finn Balor! It will be Balor & Anderson, not Gallows & Anderson, teaming against Moxley and Neville! Match 3 | Finn Balor & Karl Anderson def. Jon Moxley & Neville in 14:02 via Pinfall: Moxley and Neville would be caught off guard with 'The Ace' being in the match but would slowly work out of it, as the tag team affair became a back and forth battle, with Moxley kicking out of a Gunstun, while Finn Balor would escape a Rings of Saturn, and Karl Anderson would be saved from a Dirty Deeds from Jon Moxley by his partner. In the end, Balor would send Mox face-first into the middle turnbuckle with a devastating dropkick, as Balor then turned him around, nailed a 1916, and for added impact, climbed the top rope and nailed a final Coup De Grace to put the champion down for the three count. Following the match, Moxley would be pissed off, kicking the ropes as Balor Club retreated, very content with the win tonight as Neville looked very disappointed on the outside, and Moxley and Neville began to argue, as the two came face-to-face, before they began to tee off! In the end, security and Shawn Michaels would rush out, trying to keep the show in order and the World Heavyweight Championship match for Payback safe, with two hot-heads ready to go at it. The next segment would be none other than a promo package, highlighting The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff), and their return to WWE last night at WrestleMania 33, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in a ladder match, and ensuring their return as a success. When asked about how they felt returning, Matt described it as "surreal", and that Jeff never thought it would happen. And then they said walking out in front of that huge crowd was amazing, the pop was amazing and they're happy to be back with WWE. As a last message, The Hardy Boyz said that they would be fighting champions, and that any team who thinks they can hang with them... Will be in for a rude awakening. Then, it would be confirmed by the commentary team that next week, we will have a Fatal-4 Way Number One Contender's Match to see who will face The Hardy Boyz at Payback with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, Kofi Kingston & Big E, American Alpha, and The Vaudevillains. An odd absence of Dash Wilder, and Scott Dawson, a possible move to SmackDown in the cards? We're flipped backstage, where Rusev & Sheamus stand. The United States Champion mocks his victory over Kurt Angle, making sure everyone knows what happened: Kurt Angle quit, and Kurt Angle tapped out. Rusev says he is in such a good mood, that he will give all the other pathetic members of the Raw roster an opportunity... An opportunity at gold, as right now he will issue a United States Championship Match! And suddenly, "Hellfire" by CFO$ blasts through the arena as The Union makes their way out! Match 4 | United States Championship: Rusev def. Chad Gable in 9:40 via Submission: One half of American Alpha, in Chad Gable would accept Rusev's challenge. Gable would put up much more of a fight than expected, as he used his amateur wrestling ability to work Rusev, even nailing him with a Chaos Theory for a near-fall. Unfortunately for Gable, Rusev would catch him with a Superkick to the back of the head before locking in The Accolade to submit Gable and retain his championship. Rusev raises his championship, as The Brute stands above Gable. As The Union begins to beatdown Gable, "Elite" by CFO$, as Jason Jordan runs down to the ring, as he slides in and takes out Sheamus! Suddenly, Gable hits Rusev with a German Suplex as American Alpha has cleared the ring of The Union here tonight! The Union retreats, talking trash as American Alpha dares them to get into the ring. We would be shown backstage, where Raw General Manager Shawn Michaels sat with... none other than NXT's Lacey Evans! Lacey Evans finishes signing, as Michaels proclaims she is officially a member of the Raw roster now! ???: Shawn... Michaels. I've been looking for you. Last night, I carried your squad of misfits to a win against SmackDown's team, and look tonight... I've been forgotten about. The Queen has been forgotten... HOW PITFUL! The figure is now revealed as Charlotte Flair, who stands opposite Shawn Michaels, as Lacey Evans then stands up, getting into the face of Charlotte Flair. The confrontation eventually ends with a challenge, as Charlotte Flair vs the debuting Lacey Evans is announced for next week's edition! We are flipped backstage to a different area, where the roster of cruiserweights sits at tables, before the door bursts open, and in walks Cruiserweight Champion Austin Aries, as he has a glass of champagne in one hand as he begins to talk to his competitors. Austin Aries: Cruiserweights... Allow for your champion to be admired. I have brought the cruiserweights to another level, unfortunately higher than Cedric Alexander ever could and now we reside on Monday Night Raw, the flagship show of the WWE. So tonight, we're here, to purpose a toast to us. At WrestleMania, Cedric and I lit it up, stole the show and now we have been recognized as what we are - world-class wrestlers, and it is because of me! So, to Austin Aries and his Cruiserweight division! Aries' toast is to himself, as no one in the room speaks, or says a thing. Eventually, Cedric Alexander steps up, getting into the face of Aries as the two stare down. Cedric Alexander: You may have beat me at WrestleMania... But that championship - it's still mine. For months I held this division down. I beat the best of the best, I WON the Cruiserweight Classic. I don't care if you're champion right now. Because next week, on Raw, my rematch comes. In a 2 out of 3 falls match. Aries throws his drink into Alexander's face, which ignites a brawl between the two. The rest of the roster breaks it up, as Aries smirks at Alexander, having riled the challenger up ahead of their championship match next week on Raw! Back on the stage, "Burn It Down" hits as Michael Cole lets us know that it's time main event time! 'The Kingslayer' Seth Rollins hits the stage, pumping his chest as the crowd cheers him on, with Rollins taking on the task of The Destroyer, Samoa Joe tonight. Last night, at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins avenged the betrayal of his mentor, Triple H by pinning him in the middle of the ring, but tonight, he must face the man who partially tore his MCL after the Royal Rumble earlier this year... Samoa Joe. "Destroyer" by CFO$ hits, as 'The Destroyer' Samoa Joe, hits the stage with the towel around his neck, as Joe walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring as he spits on Rollins', and the referee holds him back as Joe finishes his entrance, throwing his towel into the crowd as he settles into his corner, death-staring Rollins with destructive intent on his mind. Match 5 | Samoa Joe def. Seth Rollins in 17:43 via Submission: The main event for Monday Night Raw, between two of the most elite competitors on the red brand, and Joe and Rollins would go back and forth, with the two trading blows. There would be several near-falls, as Seth Rollins connected on a huge Curb Stomp on Samoa Joe for a near-fall, but Joe just barely kicked out as the crowd popped for the return of the Curb Stomp. Samoa Joe would nearly nail a Muscle Buster, but Rollins would reverse out before hitting a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT on Joe for a 2 count. In the end, Rollins would go for a Turnbuckle Powerbomb, but Rollins' knee would buckle, and Joe would nail a huge strike to the knee, planting Rollins on that knee as Joe then locked in the Coquina Clutch, and eventually, Seth Rollins faded! Following the match, "King of Kings" by Motorhead would hit the arena, as Triple H made his way out to the ring, raising Samoa Joe's hand in victory. The two then preyed on Rollins', as they picked him up, and The Kingslayer would fight, even connecting on a Bicycle Knee Strike to Samoa Joe, knocking him out of the ring! But Triple H would chopblock Rollins' knee, forcing him back down as he hooked his arms and delivered a huge Pedigree! As Triple H turned around... SUPERKICK! The wrestler looks up... showing himself as 'The Show-Stealer' himself, Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler stands over Triple H, as Rollins makes it to his feet, with Rollins' partner seemingly being revealed as Raw goes off the air with a huge relevation: Dolph Ziggler is the newest member of Monday Night Raw! Fade... to... black. Confirmed Matches for Raw 4/10/17: Lacey Evans vs Charlotte Flair Number One Contender's Fatal-4 Way: New Day vs American Alpha vs Gallows & Anderson vs The Vaudevillains Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Cedric Alexander (2 out of 3 falls) Confirmed Matches for Payback: World Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley(c) vs Neville Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Dolph Ziggler
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    I'll do it all alone

    The GOAT plays as Bailey walks out through the crowd and makes his way to the ring days after defeating Josh and Kieron by himself in what was supposed to be a tag team match. But Slim decided not to show up for the match. Did I need to earn your approval or something? Slim? Was me not kicking ur ass again and again not enough proof for you that I am not to be messed with? You had to coward out of the match and let me take out 2 Men by myself? Well I did it Slim. I beat them and hell I didn't even Break a Sweat doing it. I was looking for a fight and ended up with an Easy victory. I am not playing these Games Slim. You don't wanna show up. You don't wanna fight. Thats On you. But Im always gonna be ready to fight. And to Hell with you. I don't need you and i certainly don't wanna team with you. I'll keep doing it on my own. I'll fight on my own. Ill show up this weekend alone by myself. And I'll go toe to toe With Arius and Kenji by myself. You wanna sit in the back and play with yourself in the locker room. You go right ahead and do that Me I'm Gonna come out and bring the fight to them. I ain't ever back down and I'm not starting now. Partner or no partner, Ari us and Kenji Ill be there. I'll be ready and I hope you guys will be too. Because I am a man on the hunt. A man on a mission. I'll fight you guys by myself. I'll fight everyone by myself! I'LL FIGHT THE WHOLE FU**ING WORLD BY MYSELF! Bailey drops the microphone and proceeds to leave through the crowd again after a sweet and short message to Slim, Arius and Kenji
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    Held Down

    In an exclusive interview on the BPZ Network just a couple of days later, we have MARKER on speaking about his actions on Carnage, on what changed about him, what could possibly be the answer to this. Hello, my name is Angelica Grace and tonight, I'm with MARKER, now MARKER, we saw a couple of days ago that you seem to betray the BPZ Universe, why did you do that and what was your intention? You just don't get it, Angelica, no one does, because you and they are idiots, nobody understands the pain I'm going through right now, I have been in this business for a long time and when you are like me, people somehow pushes your buttons and that happy person turns into a violent, angry people who can't be controlled by anyone. When I arrived here in BPZ, I was treated like an outcast by everyone, while everyone else was being praised, I wasn't, it grew a fire beneath me, the man that was smiling on the outside wasn't on the inside, I was a shell, a man that waiting to crack wide open and break out as a star, however, that hasn't happened. You wanna know why Angelica? Angelica leans in closer to hear what MARKER has to say... It because I'm not good enough they say, THEY SAY I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEIR COMPANY! MARKER begins to throw stuff around the room like his chair, throwing vases, Angelica leaves the interview as fast as she could. MARKER begins to calm down and looks around his shrouding, seeing the carnage he has done to the room, he sees the camera still working. He walks towards it and speaks to it. I'll prove to you all that I am worthy in this company, that I am a man that can do anything with a strategy because I am one of the best that this company has to offer. MARKER turns off the camera as the interview concludes...
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    WWE | Siblings at War

    WWE Fast Lane 2017 Week 3, December 2016 | New England | 1,100,000 Buys | 90 Show Rating WWE Fast Lane kicks off with Triple H in-ring. He says that he is a businessman when all is said and done and the decisions he makes for The Authority, ones which affect the landscape of Money Night RAW, he does with business in mind. He says that Dolph Ziggler attempting to end The Authority is an attack on WWE as a whole and the business it does. He is interrupted by RAW General Manager Christian, who comes to defend Dolph Ziggler. Christian says that although Triple H thinks what he is doing is best for business, it is not. What he does effects people like Dolph Ziggler and it makes his job as General Manager harder. Christian says he is tired of Triple H running his evil schemes and he would do anything along with Dolph Ziggler to end his business, even if that meant putting the General Manager position on the line. Nikki Bella is celebrating retaining the RAW Women's Championship when Sasha Banks attacks from behind. She proceeds to beat down Nikki Bella while Charlotte Flair recovers at the opposite side of the ring. After Banks is finished with Bella, she turns her attention to Flair, that is before Bayley makes herself involved in the post-match brawl as she enters the ring and tries to talk Banks out of attacking the downed Flair. Suddenly, Flair hits Bayley from behind, while Bella also enters the ring and tackles Flair to the mat. The four women proceed to brawl with each other until security enter to break the quadruple up. Goldberg's music hits the arena as he is seen for the first time since the Royal Rumble. He speaks about how he was unsuccessful in winning the Rumble, he he did earn a few eliminations during his stint and that includes Brock Lesnar. He speaks about how Brock Lesnar and by extension Paul Heyman have acted since then. Goldberg accepts Brock Lesnar's challenge for WrestleMania. Paul Heyman walks out and he admits that Goldberg has been getting the better of Brock Lesnar. He names Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble match as examples but he proclaims that changes tonight. Lesnar's music hits and he sprints towards the ring, sliding beneath and initially getting the better of Goldberg. But Goldberg quickly gets the upper hand and throws 'The Beast' from the ring. Dolph Ziggler emerges as the winner due to count out, but Triple H instantly begins laying into 'The Showoff' shortly before Seth Rollins joins in. The duo beat down and set Dolph Ziggler up for a Curbstomp, until Randy Orton appears from nowhere to RKO Rollins where he stands! Triple H is shocked, as Randy Orton stands from downing Rollins and the two instantly come to blows! Triple H and Randy Orton brawling as Seth Rollins recovers on the outside. Triple H gets the better of Orton initially but Ziggler comes in with a well-timed super kick to send 'The Game'' over the top rope. The Authority recollect on the outside as Orton and Ziggler hold the ring. Christian comes out from the entrance ramp and says that Triple H has pushed him to his limits but he is sick of it. He announces a tag team match set for WrestleMania. Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins and Triple H. If The Authority win then Triple H will become General Manager of RAW. If Ziggler and Orton win, then The Authority must disband and Seth Rollins will be traded to SmackDown! Chris Jericho's Festival of Friendship Chris Jericho's theme song hits, though the music has been altered. 'Y2J' emerges with a Brazilian carnival behind him. Women dressed in red and white feathers while a marching band emerge at their side, playing the drums and the French Horn with other instruments. Chris Jericho enters the ring and he welcomes the audience to the Festival of Friendship. He says a lot of emotions and secrets will be laid out on the line tonight and that the very depths of his friendship with Kevin Owens will be put out for the world to see. Before he can continue he says he needs the man of the night here. He gestures for Kevin Owens to arrive and he does on horseback. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens share a hug. Jericho talks about his friendship with Owens and their run as a tag team over the past six months. He reminisces about victories over The Dudley Boyz, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and brings up their individual triumphs such as Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble and Kevin Owens winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho reveals some gifts he has bought Kevin Owens such as an alternate renaissance painting of the Sistine Chapel, Jericho and Owens' faces edited onto the nude bodies. He thanks Kevin Owens for being a friend and helping him through the past six months, saying that teaming with Owens was one of the highlights of his careers. Kevin Owens reveals he also brought a gift, though it isn't as expensive or as extravagant as the gifts Chris Jericho bought. Kevin Owens hands Chris Jericho a list. On the back of the list printed in bold it says 'The List of Jeri-KO.' Chris Jericho looks emotional. Kevin Owens says that he watched Jericho as a teenager and while he was working the independents. He calls Chris Jericho a hero of his childhood, and says that he could retire right now and be happy because he shared a ring as a partner of Chris Jericho. He talks about WrestleMania and how both Owens and Jericho will leave as champions. He says that they'll end the night with the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship and go down in history as the most coveted tag team of all time. Chris Jericho gestures for a hug, but as Kevin Owens walks in... Chris Jericho hits a 'Codebreaker' on Kevin Owens. Chris Jericho betrays Kevin Owens! Owens is laid out as Jericho jumps on him and begins throwing punches and elbows into Owens. He stands before picking Owens up and running him face first into the painting he revealed earlier in the night. Chris Jericho hits another 'Codebreaker' on the unconscious form of Kevin Owens. He then picks up the List of Jeri-KO before signing Kevin Owens' name into the paper, throwing the list and pen atop of Owens' downed form. Jericho gestures for a microphone before telling the audience that he'll be main eventing WrestleMania against Kevin Owens, as he's using his Royal Rumble win to go for the World Heavyweight Championship.
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    Meko750 (Raven)


    This edition of Carnage continues with a rare occurrence, as we see two debuting stars do battle in an attempt to impress General Manager Sheridan and potentially earn a full-time contract with BPZ. The two men, Barron Blade and Cole Quinn, have a decent 30 seconds of action between each other, but their match is quickly interrupted by a thunderous "EVERYBODY DIES" that echoes throughout the arena. The arena then hears the theme of the United States champion, Raven, and he begins to march his way down to the ring. Raven is finally walking without a limp, and it seems he's finally recovered from that vicious deathmatch with FDS nearly a month ago. Cole and Barron see the oncoming threat and stop fighting, waiting for Raven to enter the ring. As Raven does, both men begin raining blows on the British Psychopath, but he shrugs them off and grabs both men by the throat, lifting them and powering them down with a huge double chokeslam. In one motion, Raven has dispatched both of these young men, and the bell rings to signal the end of the match. However, Raven doesn't stop there. Raven then scales the turnbuckle and lands a massive Bird Bomb on the downed body of Barron Blade, who is on the verge of unconsciousness at this point. Raven has utterly destroyed these two young men here tonight, but he doesn't stop there. Raven then turns his sights to the still downed Cole Quinn, who hasn't moved an inch since the Bird Bomb from earlier. Raven slowly walks over to Quinn and wraps his hand around the kid's skull, applying the Raven Claw that earned him the United States championship. Cole desperately tries to pry Raven's hand away as he screams in pain, but Raven's having none of it, keeping the hold in tight. Raven then begins to lift Quinn's head and violently slam it into the mat, over and over, never once releasing the Raven Claw as he does. He slams Cole's head down at least 10 times, violently screaming "DIE, DIE, DIE, EVERYBODY FUCKING DIES" as he does. Raven finally releases the hold, but only when Cole Quinn's body is completely motionless. After the destruction that he's caused, Raven then demands the ringside crew hand him a microphone. They do just that and the United States champion begins talking. So you have time for these two nameless scrubs to waste 10 minutes on a match nobody cares about, but you can't give your new United States champion some well deserved microphone time? Typical. As always, I have to take matters into my own hands, and that worthless little shit on the mat there just learned how dangerous these hands really are. Anyway, onto business. At Winter Warfare, I have to earn a shot at the North American championship against three men who got their asses handed to them at Survivor Series, even though I've already beat the piss out of KENJI and have a victory over him. By all means, none of these little bitches should be sharing a ring with me. Flynn's worthless little brother already got humiliated by my friend, Bob. Ark hasn't dome anything relevant and worthwhile in...Well, ever. And who remembers what happened last time me and Aaron North shared a ring? Anyone remember? I bashed his goddamn eye in with a baseball bat and left him in a pool of his own blood! At Winter Warfare, I'll teach those poor sods the same lesson that these two jamokes learned, and that's EVERYBODY DIES. Raven then throws the microphone down and exits the ring, United States championship in hand, leaving a path of carnage and destruction behind him. Raven leaves as medical assistance tends to the two men he destroyed, the segment ending as he does.
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    𝐖𝐌𝐌𝐀 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰. Part One of Two. We're back with WMMA and we're switching up the posting style once more. It wouldn't be WMMA if I wasn't inconsistent with the posting style and how often I post. I like to think that is half of the fun of this diary. We'll go over the twenty unranked fighters all in one go, only pointing out their yearly performance and overall records as we go, commenting if anything significant happens too, such as a change of promotion, championship win or major injury. 'The Ass Kicker' Alex Costa | 0-1 | 3-1 Alex Costa lost the Rizin Light Heavyweight Championship to Jiri Prochazka, medical suspension from the fight allowing him to just fight the one fight during the year. He still maintains good heat in spite of the knock out. Austin 'Spirit' Mirage | 2-1 | 2-4 Austin Mirage going to unanimous decision with a local fighter isn't a great sign. But, his skillset has improved notably and having another fight scheduled for 2024 is a good sign that next year might potentially be his for the taking. 'The Dagger' Carlos Guivente | 1-0 | 5-0-1 Carlos Guivente fought once in 2023, retaining the M-1 Featherweight Championship as well as maintaining a respectable ranking among the Featherweight greats of the world. 'The Welsh Dragon' Dafydd Smith | 1-0 | 4-1 Dafydd Smith had a solid but not great year. Having a fight scheduled early into the next year as well as being ranked in the top fifteen Lightweights on the planet is a step in the right direction for potential greatness. Daria Berenato | 1-1 | 5-4 Daria Berenato managed to win a fight in Bellator, a needed improvement from her first run with the promotion. Her skillset still looks a little drab, though she managed to have two Fantastic rated fights back-to-back which is very rare. Echo 'The Supernova' Wilson | 1-1 | 3-1 Echo Wilson managed to win a championship in his debut with KOTC, I found it interesting they put him in a championship fight as he lost his final bout in CES MMA. Winning due to a cut won't do much for his heat, but being a champion and getting a win makes for a good 2023 for Echo. Gunner 'The Icon' Daniels | 1-0 | 2-2 Gunner Daniels had a steady year, having one fight and winning via submission. Hopefully KSW don't make him contend for the Welterweight Championship for the third time, his two losses have come against the same opponent while fighting for the same championship. H.R. 'The Friendly Dragon' Pufnstuf H.R. Pufnstuf continues to trade wins and defeats, fighting on the lower rungs of the Heavyweight division for the UFC. As predicted he was smoked by Sergey Pavlovich but recovered well knocking his opponent out in less than a minute the fight afterwards. 'The Oni' Kenji Togami | 0-1 | 5-1 I think a lack of consistency cost Kenji Togami his undefeated streak. Fighting once a year won't cut it as a champion, and as his skillset and momentum stalled, he lost the DEEP Middleweight Championship and slipped far down the overall Middleweight rankings. Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara | 2-2 | 3-3-1 Kingston had a poor year, but recovered well after being released from PFL. I love how poor his fight ratings are. In spite of a horrific start to the year he only has minor negative heat and should be able to build himself well in 2024, granted he continues fighting Local Fighters. Kirk 'Kirkimus' Kelly | 1-0 | 7-0 Kirk Kelly finally got his Rizin debut under his belt, winning via split decision against one of the worst fighters in the Heavyweight division. It wasn't an ideal showing for Kirk, in spite of that he has a Rizin Heavyweight Championship bout early into 2024 and he only marginally drops from the top of the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight rankings to fourth on the list. Kobe 'K.O.' Owens | 3-0 | 6-0 Kobe Owens was a fighter I contemplated putting into the ranked list. In the end I decided he narrowly misses out. A unanimous decision win over Tyrell Fortune would have perhaps done it for the Heavyweight. It's great to see him find his footing in Bellator. Perhaps we'll get Owens vs. Bigalow (Who did make the Ranked list, again.) in 2024, due to their similar rankings in the promotion. Maryse 'French Beauty' Mizanin | 2-1 | 5-3 Maryse Mizanin had a good year. She managed to gain two wins while suffering one loss, gaining her some heat in the process. She faces a rough beginning in 2024 as she squares off against Paige VanZant, who grows to be a monstrous fighter in WMMA due to her potential and marketability. 'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov | 0-2 | 1-3 On paper this looks bad, in Masha's defence she's squaring off against world ranked opposition in her second year as a professional. Hopefully ONE give her some time to breath and set her up against easier opposition in 2024, Emily Ducote, her next fight, seems like a step towards gaining some actual heat. Mathias 'Demon' Ishtar | 0-0 | 5-0 Mathias Ishtar didn't fight in 2023, and I couldn't figure out why. He had no injuries and didn't take a hiatus from the sport. I am beginning to feel he might drop off in the latter years due to fighting so inconsistently. He fights Vicenzo Guichard once more early in 2024, maybe a second fight following that might put him and his skillset on the right track. 'Golden' Michael Seymour | 2-0 | 6-4 Michael Seymour has done a great recovery job, considering this time two years ago he was 1-4 in the fighting game. He earned two knock out wins in 2023, winning the CES MMA Welterweight Championship in the process. Maybe with a defence or two he can get into the world rankings. Miroslav 'Monster' Banjeckovic | 1-0 | 6-1 The first ever fighter of the year for this diary continues having good but not great spells. A win without losing isn't bad for 2023, but not improving all too much in terms of skills or heat and only fighting once makes it a stagnant year for the fighter. With a fight set in early 2024, here is hoping Miroslav builds to two or three fights a year and fills out the obvious potential that is there. 'The Moon Guardian' Sailor Moon | 1-1 | 4-4 Sailor Moon had a mixed year, finishing 2023 as 1-1. In spite of this she finds herself as one of the best Women's Bantamweight fighters on the planet and has a Championship fight set early in 2024. Could next year be the rise of 'The Moon Guardian?' It looks likely. Samantha 'Valkyrie' Carter | 0-0 | 8-1 Former Female Fighter of the Year and high ranking Bantamweight, Samantha Carter, didn't fight in 2023 due to suffering a major pectoral injury and a concussion while training for her fight with Rin Akane. She has been on the shelf for seven months, though her recovery time is almost up and she might still fight in the first half of 2024. Xena 'The Ripper' Kelsey | 1-1 | 3-4 Xena Kelsey is another female fighter who had a mixed effort with ONE Championship. She finished her third year as a professional with bad heat and a win and a loss. Her case isn't similar to Masha's, where she's being paired up with tough opposition, Xena was the favourite for both of the fights she had. Hopefully she manages to improve on her seemingly stagnant form in 2024. Xena brings a close to the unranked fighters of 2023, the fourth year of the simulation. Going from alphabetical order, favourites Emma McDavid and Sao Rai Feng once more find themselves in the ranked section of this review. But how high will they rank? Let me know if you're still tagging along, if reviewing twenty fighters in one go is a little excessive. I'd love feedback as well as general thoughts and comments. Thanks for reading.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Mercenary

    {Echo Wilson looks a bit shocked for a moment, surely this is an unexpected proposition. But can Echo deny the facts? This is meant to be some would say. Is Echo Wilson going to collect his first bounty here tonight? Echo's look of bewilderment ends, and he slowly chuckles to himself, only audibly loud enough so that Gunner Flynn can hear him.} "I won't lie Gunner, you've caught me in a little bit of a predicament here. I'm off my guard." {Echo Wilson stands back and begins to ponder this situation. Finally he raises the mic back up to his lips, and stands inches away from Gunner Flynn.} "How about this? I'll join.....but only if that scumbag Jason Ryan goes." {Echo grabs Gunner Flynn by the hand, and the ultimateum is set for Gunner Flynn. The terms have been layed out. If you want the services of Echo Wilson, there must be a price.}
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    Victory at Last!

    James Knight stops for a second and looks at the T-Shirt, then to Aaron, then back to the shirt. A deal of a lifetime you say? Well you know you caught me in quite a predicament. But, I am well aware of what is being offered, and to be honest I kind of like it. This group seems like something where we all can help each other and "cure" BPZ. James Knight takes the shirt out of Aarons hands, looks at it for a second, then puts it on! James Knight and Aaron North stand in the center of the ring and raise their hands, as James Knight is officially the new member of The Cure!
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    He Who Watches

    We see nothing but pitch darkness before a series of photos begin to flash onscreen. They show Jason Ryan, smiling as he spends time with his family, his wedding day pictures, pictures of him spending time with friends and family all while a song starts to play. The photos take a dark, twisted turn. They show Jason passed out drunk. They show him sitting alone in his empty house, head in hands. They show a text message stating he has been excommunicated from The Cure. The screen turns black again. Nothing but silence for a few minutes before a face shows up on screen. Robotic laughter is heard then a male robotic voice begins to speak So, it would seem all your talk of brotherhood and solidarity was nothing but the smoke and mirrors that surround you daily Mister Flynn. For all of your grandeur and words covered in honey, it would appear they are nothing but poison. You took our ideas, our dream, our vision and stole it like a thief in the night. You see, Mister Flynn we can overlook your lack of originality, we can ignore the fact you used us, we can even ignore the fact you sucked every bit of passion out of us. And when we were at our lowest, when we suffered from dark thoughts, when we were depressed, when we were in dire need for help from a friend, what did you do? You betrayed us! But that is the least horrendous offense you have committed. You have done more than a simple act of betrayal. that in itself is something we can forgive. But you did more than that. You took a man who saw you as a brother and you broke him. Because you were unable to let go of the past. You have never been able to get over the fact that Mrs. Vala Ryan's heart always lied with Jason. Your jealously led you betray the only person who has been there for you on a consistent basis twice. And you feel no remorse for your actions. * A sound clip begins to play* Tell us Mister Flynn. Is this what you wanted? Is this the result you so desired? Or is it this? How does it feel knowing you ruined a family? Was your unending thirst for revenge for past transgressions worth the misery you caused? Was it worth stealing the innocence from infants who will now grow up without daddy in the house? We sincerely hope it was because now the victim shall have a chance to strike back. The hunted will become the hunter. For what you did not know is we have been watching Miser Ryan for a very long time. We have heard his cries of anguish, of mercy. And we have come to answer those cries. And to top it all off you have allied yourself with the man that caused Mister Ryan's downfall. The man who killed him. Echo Wilson. Whom we shall be paying a visit to at * Bleeped out address* We strongly suggest you call Mister Wilson and tell him he should be prepared to entertain guests. Also, we want you to deliver to him this warning. Jason Ryan will return, but he will be NOTHING like the man you know. For a man who has nothing more to live for is the most dangerous man of all. And tell Mister Wilson if he ever targetts Jason again, if he even thinks of inflicting any more damage on a already damaged man, he better hope to God we never run into him. For his sake and for the sake of *Bleeped out names of Echo's friends and family and their addresses. Robotic laughter follows* We'll be seeing you soon Mister Flynn. Before we go, one final word of caution. Sleep with one eye open from now on. Never trust the dark for we operate in the darkest of shadows. May the Lord have mercy on you for those who are coming for you will not. * More robotic laughter before the face vanishes, leaving only the sound of male and female crying*
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    The crowd wait in anticipation to find out who will answer Julius’ calling, however when it seems that mibody will reply to this challenge and the pent up frustration in the Champion becomes abundantly clear, the lights in the arena go off, similarly to earlier in the night. When they return on, Julius doesn’t notice for a moment but Bashka is kneeling down in the corner, half of his body painted white with the words “champ” written all over. Julius turns around and the two make direct eye contact Bashka sticks his right hand outside of the ring in order to receive a microphone from nearby ring assistance, and he keeps eye contact with Julius throughout this whole process. “While you were giving that tremendous speech it made me realise that I never got the opportunity to say congratulations for defeating Isaiah Carter for that belt. It suits you, it really does. You are right about many things, the opportunity to challenge for that belt doesn’t come around every day and for that, I’d like to say well done on having the balls to come out here and open the plate to anyone. In all honesty, I don’t really want the title, I want to fight you. However, if that means I get to walk out of Winter Warfare with the big gold belt over my shoulder, then so be it. I’ll see you in two weeks, my friend.” The lights cut out once more and when they return, Bashka is nowhere to be seen as Julius stands there in confusion, before that confusion turns to excitement as his challenger has been revealed.
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    BPZ Resurgence We are back with another episode of Resurgence. Tonight we get see Slim in the main event as he takes on Prince. Prince has two weeks weeks in a row with Main Event matches, can he come out on top tonight though. We will also see Bob team with Mirage in a match made by our general manager Sheridan as she put to the two men against the best tag team in BPZ Wrestling the First Class Express. We will also see Monda in action as he takes on the young and upcoming Amai. We have a great night planned for you, so let’s get right into it. We kick off Resurgence as we hear The GOAT blast through the arena as Bailey appears on the stage. Bailey picked up a big win last week against Prince and it was announced that the match would play major implications in the future of Resurgence. It seems as if Bailey is wanting to find out this implications now as he has been clambering and asking the GM Sheridan to announce what the implications were on social media but Sheridan would not respond. Bailey though would announce that he was going to kick off Resurgence here tonight and get an answer from the GM of Resurgence Sheridan whether she wanted to give it or not. We see Bailey make his way to the ring as we start to hear some cheers from the crowd. A bit of a different reaction than Bailey is used to but he doesn't seem to care as he grabs a mic and begins to talk with the ring to himself. Bailey: Well here I am back in this ring once again on the A show. I look over this show and all I see is a bunch of bums though. We have Mirage on this roster for example. Now the only reason this show is where it’s at is me let’s be honest. Now I am not one to care about ratings or any of that shit. There is something I care about though, something that has been bothering me for the last week or so. That would be these implications that our Resurgence General Manager came up with. She came up with this great idea apparently but yet she refuses to tell us. Now I don’t know about all of you but it can’t be that great if she is afraid to share it. I mean that is Sheridan for you right though. Always promising big things yet we can never actually see them anywhere or anytime. But Sheridan this idea that you have, these implications are going to be made public whether you tell me or I force it out of you! Before Bailey can say anymore though we hear SexyBack blast through the arena as we see Sheridan appear on the stage. She poses on the stage before making her way down to the ring. Bailey can be seen laughing at her as she steps into the ring and begins to talk. Sheridan: Those are some heavy threats Bailey. Now I don’t think you really understand what you are talking about here. Now I get that you all want to know the implications of what will come out of your match but you have to trust me in telling you it is better off hidden at least for right now. It is best for the interest of Resurgence and it is better for you Bailey. It is a way in which I am protecting you Bailey. It is just a shame you are to blind to see this. Bailey looks at her confused as scratches his head. He then paces around the ring a bit as Sheridan looks at him confused herself as he begins to talk. Bailey: Protecting me? What the hell is going to hurt me? No one on this brand even has the reputation to lace my boots. In fact your not even relevant enough to be talking to me at the moment. But you see you have this secret. This secret that I must know, this secret that is just killing me to find out. A secret that affects me and a secret that you are going to tell me right fucking now! Sheridan looks at him a bit nervous as she begins to talk. Bailey is now standing right in front of Sheridan up close and personal getting in her face. Sheridan is clearly scared but she manages to get some words out. Sheridan: Bailey, I...I ...Can't tell you- Bailey doesn't listen to anymore of it has he hits Sheridan with a Career Killer! Bailey just took out the Resurgence General Manager, what is he thinking! Surely there will be major consequences for this, but for now with Sheridan out cold in the middle of the ring Bailey can't be punished for it as he smiles as that must have felt pretty good to let some of that anger out. When then see Bailey grin as he walks back up the ramp and heads backstage. We eventually see some medical personnel rush the ring to check on Sheridan as she is really feeling the effects of that Career Killer. Meanwhile we will cut to commercial break. We cut back from commercial as we see Mirage walking backstage with Alice. Mirage has a big match later tonight as he teams with Bob Sparks to take on the First Class Express. Mirage and Bob have never really seen eye to eye so taking on the top tag team in BPZ Wrestling is going to be more than a challenge for the two. As we see Mirage and Alice walking backstage we eventually see Bob Sparks approach the two. He does not look happy as he stands over Mirage after giving a smile to Alice who returns to favor. Mirage looks disgusted as he looks up at the big man before Bob begins to talk. Bob: Listen pipsqueak I don't like this anymore than you do alright. But if you want to finally pick up your first win here in BPZ Wrestling just let me do my thing and cheer me on with Alice. I’ll do all the work all you have to do is stand on the apron and enjoy watching me kick both Isiah Carter and Hans Clayton’s asses. You see no one in this company can match up with me not even the best tag team in the company stands a chance. So just stay the hell out of my way. Bob is about to walk off before he stops for a second and turns back around speaking once again. Alice seems to be happy at Bob's decision to stay a bit longer unlike Mirage. Bob: Oh and if you do get any idea of getting in my way or trying to be the hero you will never be. Trust me I will end your career just as quick as it started and even after you leave this damn company I will make sure to make your life a living hell. Bob then walks off as Alice can be seen biting her lip as Mirage just looks at her shaking his head before he grabs her hand and walks off in the other direction as we cut away back to the ring for some singles action. We then cut to the ring as we get set for one on one action it will be Brad vs Jack Bishop. Brad has seemingly stated he is looking for a fresh start to his career on Resurgence and got off to a good start picking up a solid win last week. As for Jack Bishop is a younger talent with lots of potential for this Resurgence brand we will just see if he can take down a veteran the likes of Brad here tonight of Resurgence. Brad vs Jack Bishop In a solid matchup, Brad defeated Jack Bishop after hitting him with an Envolved. Brad was able to pick up another win here this week. Brad seems to be getting on a bit of a roll her on Resurgence. With this new brand and fresh start could this mean the Resurgence of Brad and his career as a whole? We will just have to wait and see. After the match we would cut backstage as we would see Prince sitting in his private locker room. Prince came up just short against Bailey last week but is looking to make up for that tonight as he takes on Slim in tonight's main event. Prince looks at the camera and smiles as he begins to talk. Prince: Now sit down, sit down. Trust me I know why you are here. You know the Prince is not a dumb man and neither is he a deaf man. He hears all the rumors that you have been spreading about me. The rumors that I am nothing but hype, I am just not able to ever get the job done, and the Prince has even been hearing things like he has been sleeping with the Resurgence GM Sheridan. Now what do I say to this rumors, I say shame. Shame on all of you who are spreading these things that are clearly not true. You see the Prince suffered from a fluke last week and trust me that I am not in the slightest worried about losing against the likes of Slim. Slim is nothing compared to the Prince. Oh and if you doubt that don’t worry I will prove you wrong. You will all learn to think more and really open your eyes to the greatness of the Prince. Oh and when I do win tonight and raise my hands high in victory I don’t want to hear your fake ass cheers. Cause you people don’t deserve the Prince. Cause baby the Prince is just to damn good for you. The camera then cuts away as we see Prince sit back on his couch laughing. Prince is clearly confident heading into his matchup against Slim tonight. Although maybe a bit overconfident. We will see though later tonight as the two go one on one in tonight's main event. We then cut back to the ring as we get set for our second match of the night as it will be one of the top names in BPZ history Monda taking on the young upcomer Amai. Both men are on opposite spectrums of the BPZ roster and it should be interesting to see how they match up here tonight. We then hear the bell ring as the match starts. Monda vs Amai In a pretty good matchup, Monda would defeat Amai after hitting him with a leg drop. Both men had their spots in this match but the experience of Monda really showed in the later parts of this match allowing for him to pick up the win here tonight. We would then see Monda celebrate in the ring after the match as the crowd cheers him on. As Monda is celebrating in the ring suddenly the lights go out the crowd is in shock as they can’t see a thing. The lights then turn back on suddenly and oh no, it's the Antichrist, it’s Necce! Monda doesn't see him though as the Antichrist stands behind him as Monda stands in shock. We would then see Monda turn around only to be hit with an Antichrist Revolution! Monda is out cold in the middle of the ring as the lights then go back out and when the come back on the Antichrist in nowhere to be seen. Monda is out cold and he’s attacker is nowhere to be seen. Medical personnel then rush the ring checking on the older veteran Monda seems to be hurt as he has not moved since he was hit with the Antichrist Revolution. We then cut to a commercial break as the crowd and everyone in the arena is left in shock. We then cut back from commercial break as we get set up for another match. We will see Bob and Mirage take on the First Class Express. The First Class Express seemed to be the heavy favorites in this one as this seems to be more of a punishment for Bob Sparks then a good matchup for the First Class Express. Can Bob Sparks and Mirage somehow click and pick up a big win or will the First Class Express dominant like they are expected to. Bob and Mirage vs First Class Express In a solid matchup, First Class Express defeated Bob and Mirage after Isiah Carter defeated Mirage after hitting him with a Fallen Angel. Bob Sparks was looking dominant here before Mirage tagged himself in against the wishes of Bob. Bob was furious as he would then just chokeslam Mirage in the ring and leave him there in the ring for the First Class Express and the rest is history. We would then cut to a commercial break. As we cut back from commercial we see Slim standing behind the curtain as he begins to talk about his upcoming match with Prince in tonight’s main event. Slim: What do you want me to say? It’s gonna be another easy win let’s be honest. I am going to run through everyone on this brand. There is no one I fear and there is no one that I cannot beat. You know what there is none of here on Resurgence though, there are no men capable of beating me. Now Prince tonight is going to be yet another example of that as I show the world once again why I am the very best to ever step foot in a BPZ Wrestling ring. We then hear Slim’s music hit as he makes his entrance as we get set for his match with Prince which is coming up next after a short commercial break. As we cut back to the ring we get set for our main event match as it will be Slim vs Prince. A big match for both of these men here tonight as it will have a big influence on who rises to that next level of becoming the face of the Resurgence brand. Both men are capable of taking that spot but tonight only one man can come out on top. Slim vs Prince In an excellent match, Slim would defeat Prince after hitting him with the Light Out! Slim picked up a huge win here tonight as once again Prince fell just short. Slim is destined for great things on this Resurgence brand it seems as he has now picked up 2 big wins in the 2 matches he has had so far with Resurgence. We would then see Slim celebrate his win in the ring as the show comes to an end here tonight.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    War Between Worlds

    New Japan Pro Wrestling New Year's Dash Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Caristico VS Eddie Edwards Just before the end of 2019, NJPW closes out their year with a massive New Year's Dash to follow up on Wrestle Kingdom, kicking off with the first round of the A Block of the BOSJ tournament. The first match sees one-third of the new NEVER Six-Man Tag Champions Eddie Edwards do battle with Mexican wrestling legend Caristico. In his first singles match in NJPW history, Eddie Edwards scores the victory over Caristico, putting him away with a Boston Knee Party and scoring two points. . Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Chris Sabin The second match of the opening round of the BOSJ sees the singles return of Ryusuke Taguchi, taking on one half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions and 2019 Junior Tag League winners, Chris Sabin. In a stellar bout, Taguchi's singles return would be a successful one, putting away Sabin with Dodon and scoring two early points. . Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Rocky Romero VS Taiji Ishimori The third BOSJ match of the night sees Rocky Romero's return to singles action against one-half of the former Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, Taiji Ishimori. In a stellar bout, Rocky would make magic strike yet again half a year after ending El Phantasmo's undefeated streak, catching Taiji Ishimori in the Diablo Armbar and forcing a tapout from the Bone Soldier, moving Rocky to an early two points. . Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Tony Nese VS Will Ospreay The second to last BOSJ match of the night sees the singles return of Will Ospreay, taking on a man who underperformed in the Junior Tag League, Tony Nese. In a massive upset, Nese would score the shocking victory over Ospreay, catching him with the Running Kneese and picking up two points, ensuring Ospreay's return is a disappointing one. . Best of the Super Juniors A Block: TJP VS El Desperado The final match of the opening round of the BOSJ's A Block sees the IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, TJP, do battle with Suzuki-Gun stablemate El Desperado. In a stellar bout, TJP would pick up the victory, forcing Despy to submit to the TJKneebar and scoring an early two points. After the match, TJP and Despy would shake hands and be joined by the rest of Suzuki-Gun. We would see Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr, Lance Archer, Shelton X Benjamin, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, El Desperado, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, TAKA Michinoku and the Junior Heavyweight champion TJP celebrating. However, the celebration would be interrupted by... Matt Morgan! Matt Morgan is here in NJPW! Morgan immediately comes down to the ring and squares off with Suzuki, but he quickly outstretches his hand and shakes the Suzuki-Gun leader's hand. With this gesture, Suzuki-Gun has increased their numbers even further, adding the formerly retired Matt Morgan to their ranks. . NEVER Openweight Championship Open Challenge: Tomohiro Ishii VS ??? Next, we begin our first of four title matches, an open challenge directly requested by the NEVER Openweight champion Tomohiro Ishii. Ishii issued this challenge to any new NJPW signee who wishes to test their mettle. Ishii's challenge would be answered in the form of... Luke Harper! The former Brodie Lee is here in NJPW! Ishii flashes a slight grin as Harper enters the arena, knowing he's in for a stiff, hard-hitting clash, exactly what Ishii loves. In a fantastic match between these two behemoths, Harper would pull out the victory over Ishii with a Discus Clothesline, becoming the new NEVER Openweight champion in his debut. . IWGP United States Championship Match: Sami Callihan VS ??? Our next two title matches act as punishment for the Bullet Club for The OC's interference in the US title ladder match. The new IWGP US champion, Sami Callihan, enters, having won the title from Jon Moxley in a grueling ladder match at Wrestle Kingdom. However, Callihan clearly hasn't fully recovered from the bout, and has no idea who his opponent is tonight. He wouldn't have to wait long to find his answer, as his opponent reveals himself to be... Moose! Another former IMPACT wrestling star is here to answer the challenge of Sami Callihan! In a great match filled with a bunch of Bullet Club interference, Moose would not be denied on this night, putting away Callihan with a Spear and winning the IWGP United States championship in his debut. . IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: Guerrillas of Destiny VS ??? Our second to last title match of the night sees Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa look to succeed where Sami Callihan failed, hoping to defend their IWGP Heavyweight tag team titles. However, the GoD would be caught off guard by ghosts of their past... The Briscoes! The Briscoes are here in NJPW and are looking to become IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions! Earlier last year, we would see the Guerrillas take the Ring of Honor tag team titles from the Briscoes, and on this night, the Briscoes would finally score revenge, with Jay putting away Tonga Loa with the Jay Driller. The Briscoes have become IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions in their NJPW return! . IWGP Heavyweight/Intercontinental Championship Match: Daniel Bryan VS Tetsuya Naito Our main event of the evening sees the new IWGP Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan take on the Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito in a champion VS champion match. If Naito wins, he will leave the company and take both titles with him, while if Bryan wins, he will ensure the Intercontinental title remains with New Japan and succeed where Hiroshi Tanahashi failed in his retirement match. In an incredible main event, Bryan would manage to pull out the victory, putting Naito away with the Running Knee and becoming the first man in history to be both IWGP Heavyweight champion and IWGP Intercontinental champion. After the match, Daniel Bryan would celebrate with both championships in hand as Tetsuya Naito leaves the arena, dejected. The fans chant for Naito as he leaves, still thanking him for his many years of service even after Naito attempted to gut the company of their two top titles. As Bryan is celebrating, he would be interrupted by Luke Harper, the new NEVER Openweight champion and a man he has a lot of history with. The two men would stare down before being interrupted by Moose, the new IWGP US champion. Out next, we would see the NEVER Openweight six-man champions, Erick Rowan, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Then, they would be joined by Junior Heavyweight champion, TJP. Out next would be the new IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions, The Briscoes. Finally, out last is the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. All the NJPW champions have crowded the ring, with a lot of tension between all the men being clearly seen. However, Daniel Bryan would then raise his hands into the air and begin a "Yes!" chant. Shockingly, Luke Harper would join him in this motion. Then Erick Rowan, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, TJP, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Mark and Jay Briscoe would all begin doing the "Yes" chant with Bryan. All 11 men would then shake each others hands and celebrate in front of the crowd, and NJPW would close with all 11 NJPW champions crowding the ring, the 10 men standing behind Daniel Bryan in unison as he continues chanting with a title in each hand. It appears that a powerful new stable has formed in NJPW, and they have already managed to gain control of every single championship in the company. . Current Best of the Super Juniors standings: A Block: 2 points: Rocky Romero, Ryusuke Taguchi, Tony Nese, Eddie Edwards, TJP. 0 points: Will Ospreay, Chris Sabin, El Desperado, Caristico, Taiji Ishimori.
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    Gotham City The Hero.

    Down here in Gotham a City, a boy who dreamed to be a hero and find out who killed his parents in an ally would come close to finding out. Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Bruce had many friends. He had a girlfriend named Selena who would become Catwoman. And the Captian of GCPD. Now it was a normal day for Bruce at the Wayne Household when then his Butler Alfred asked him you wanna save the world and find who killed your parents? Bruce said yes so then Alfred gave Bruce his suit to go out at night and stop crime. While Bruce was doing that, Alfred was shot to the ground by Jeremiah. Jeremiah wanted revenge of what happened to his brother Jermey. So he wanted to get Bruce. But then Bruce and Selena went to find Afred. He was no wear to be seen so they had to go to GCPD. Bruce told Jim Gordon.. On the other hand, Selena went to go find Alfred herself and she found Jeremiah’s church where people will worship him. She found Alfred but something terrible would happen inside there.. Edward Nigma one of Jim Gordon’s friend’s wanted to help Gordon find Alfred and he made everything for the GCPD he was a good guy until he was fired because of his girlfriend that he killed.. So then Nigma was BEST FRIENDS WITH COBBLEPOT. Cobblepot was rich, he had a nice friends. Damn as hell he had nice house too. Best Security.. but Nigma and Cobblepot were both locked in Arkham prison.. They wanted bad revenge on Gordon. So they met up with guns and there army’s. Then a war broke out..
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    Father Georgemas

    Trigger Trae!

    OFF SEASON NBA Draft Lottery 5. Knicks 4. Trail Blazers 3. Kings 2. Thunder 1. Cavaliers Elsewhere, after missing out on the playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks get the 10th pick in the draft. NBA Draft Trade Alert! The Cleveland Cavaliers trade the 1st pick and Larry Nance Jr to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Chris Paul and the 2nd pick. 1. OKC select Cole Anthony 2. Cavs select R.J. Hampton 3. Kings select James Wiseman 4. Blazers Trade Alert! New York Knicks trade the 5th pick to the Kings for Buddy Hield and a 2024 1st round pick. 5. Kings select Aaron Nesmith 6. Wizards select Precious Achiuwa 7. Bulls select Lamelo Ball 8. Celtics select Nico Mannion 9. Hornets select Jay Scrubb 10. Hawks select Vernon Carey Jr 11. Pels select Onyeka Okongwu 12. Magic select Jaden McDaniels 13. Spurs select Deni Avdija 14. Mavs select Tyrese Maxey Free Agency 76ers Signed Darren Collison 2Yr/15.04m Bucks Signed Malik Beasley 1Yr/8.94m Bulls Signed Joe Harris 2Yr/17.85m Signed Tyreke Evans 2Yr/5.89m Cavaliers Signed Jae Crowder 2Yr/17.08m Re-Signed Tristan Thompson 3Yr/43.04m Re-Signed Jordan Clarkson 3Yr/33.54m Clippers Re-Signed Montrezl Harrell 5Yr/137.58m Grizzlies Signed DeMar DeRozan 4Yr/140.75m Re-Signed Andre Iguodala 2Yr/18.21m Hawks Signed Anthony Davis 4Yr/145.42m Signed Evan Fournier 3Yr/48.83m Signed Tyler Cavanaugh 1Yr/1.67m Hornets Signed Dwight Howard 2Yr/46.41 Jazz Signed Rodney Hood 2Yr/16.33m Knicks Signed Fred VanVleet 3Yr/40.08m Signed Enes Kanter 3Yr/35.11m Lakers Signed Zach Randolph 1Yr/5.93m Signed Kosta Koufos 1Yr/1.67m Signed Bogdan Bogdanovic 3Yr/ 36.47m Signed Jeff Teague 3Yr/40.52m Signed Zeke Nnaji 2Yr/13.16m Magic Signed Goran Dragic 2Yr/25.65m Signed Ochai Agbaji 2Yr/10.77m Signed Josh Green 2Yr/13.28m Mavericks Signed Marcus Morris Sr 3Yr/32.51m Nets Signed Avery Bradley 2Yr/9.85m Nuggets Signed Nikola Mirotic 1Yr/5.76m Pacers Signed James Ennis 2Yr/9.24m Pelicans Signed Isaiah Thomas 1Yr/8.94m Re-Signed Brandon Ingram 4Yr/121.81m Pistons Re-Signed Andre Drummond 5Yr/206.53m Re-Signed Reggie Jackson 3Yr/34.03m Signed Meyers Leonard 2Yr/12.04m Raptors Signed Paul Millsap 2Yr/47.06m Signed Bobby Portis 1Yr/8.94m Rockets Signed Glenn Robinson III 1Yr/5.52m Spurs Signed Jahmius Ramsey 2Yr/7.37m Signed Charles Bassey 2Yr/11.59m Suns Signed Willie Cauley-Stein 1Yr/8.94m Signed Damyean Dotson 2Yr/10.44m Signed Taj Gibson 2Yr/13.66m Signed JaMychal Green 3Yr/31.01m OKC Signed Allonzo Trier 2Yr/20.54m Signed Derrick Favors 3Yr/43.16m Signed Hassan Whiteside 3Yr/46.84m Re-Signed Danilo Gallinari 3Yr/44.48m Wizards Signed Bryn Forbes 2Yr/11.32m Signed Serge Ibaka 3Yr/41.51m
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    BPZ Discord Network Nights

    Since i'm stuck with an injury i thought heading into TLC coming soon maybe we could watch some themed content if people would like to come along for another edition of BPZ Network Night. I'll gauge general interest (message below) since i know midweek consideration is a little later as far as timing. Still here is a poll Loading poll...
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    Echo Wilson

    The Day WWE Died

    BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES: WINTER EDITION HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED Almost immediately after WWE's collapse, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, a cult wrestling company based out of California have announced that they plan to host a Special Winter Edition Battle of Los Angeles, their marquee tournament event to officially kick off this new era of wrestling. This is not only massive for all PWG fans, but it could potentially be our first glimpse at the former WWE stars turned indy darlings. This is a brave move however for Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and although they have definite history with plenty of the top WWE superstars, they are banking this whole event on the promise that the Reseda fans will get to see some former wrestlers return to their ancestral homes. Names such as AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins all helped make PWG the cult favorite it is today but will they return to such a small company now, when there could be potential bigger opportunities down the line for them? It's all going to come to light. While we cannot announce much more information about the dates, or about the wrestlers featuring, we can tell you it will be from the same arena that PWG has always shown their events from, in Reseda California. We can also tell you that you should expect a massive turnout as there has never been more hype surrounding a PWG event since its golden age. More to come from break your own news. The scene is beginning to take shape.
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    August 27th 2019 The show started with Ryan Reeves and Sheridan in the ring. Ryan first thanked his beautiful girlfriend Sheridan for all her help and support in their relationship, before deciding to make a big announcement Now he was back as Evolve GM, he realised at SummerSlam how much he missed competing. Therefore he was leaving his role as Evolve GM, and giving the power to Sheridan. Sheridan thanked Ryan and began her reign as Evolve GM by announcing some big matches for the next few weeks. Next week, the last defence of the NA title and US Title would be made, when Bart would face a mystery opponent revealed later tonight, and Hans would defend against Echo Wilson. As for tonight, we would see the beginning of the Evolve Tag Team Championship Tournament, with 4 first round matches tonight; The Kingdom (Julius and Bart) vs Bulletproof (Hans and Isaiah Carter), The Kingdom (Echo and Slim) vs SSW Club (Maasa and Epic), SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) vs Bulletproof (Mikey and Alex Costa) and finally our opening contest, The Mave Effect versus The Clapspiracy Mave Effect (Akki and Mave Deltzer) vs Clapspiracy (Cpe and Maestro) The Clapspiracy went into the match unbeaten on Evolve, whilst their opponents The Mave Effect were winless in both tag and singles competition since Evolve began, seemingly making this match easy to predict But that was proven incorrect, Akki nailing Cpe with a Khallas to gain a massive win for The Mave Effect. As they celebrated, one question remained, could they do an upset in this tournament? The Kingdom (Echo Wilson and Slim) vs SSW Club (Maasa and Epic McDonald) Next up, The Kingdom teamed up to face the debuting SSW Club. Echo was looking to bounce back from his SummerSlam defeat in tag action before his massive match with Hans next week, and his partner Slim was looking to get his first win since returning And they did that in fairly easy style. Echo took out Maasa with a Bloody Sunday on the outside before Slim finished Epic off with an Essential Eliminator to create a meeting with the winner of tonights main event After those words we saw one of the 4 men competing in tonights main event, North American Champion Bart. He walked backstage to Sheridan, asking her who his opponent was for next week. Sheri smiled to herself, before simply telling Bart to turn around. Bart turned around, INTO WILLIAM SMITH. Smith stared down with Bart, the crowd erupting for the returning hero. Bart gulped before Smith walked away, a massive match set for next weeks main event Bulletproof (Alex Costa and Mikey) vs SSW Club (Bulldozer and Joshua Scott) Bulletproof were looking to gain big shots against the experienced but success-less team of SSW Club. Mikey was unbeaten in BPZ post Brand Split, whilst Alex was on an unbeaten run, contrary to Bulldozer and Scott who hadn't won since a victory over Julius and Arius in June. It was a close affair as well. Mikey nailed Joshua Scott with an Adrenaline before Bulldozer hit him with a Superkick. However Alex Costa suddenly appeared and nailed Dozer with a Rise of Salvation for the 3 count and the chance to face The Mave Effect in 2 weeks time in the next round The Kingdom (Bart Hoogveld and Julius Jones) vs First Class Express (Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter) What a main event. Hans and Julius, potential opponents at Bad Blood shared the ring, the debuting Isaiah Carter and the North American Champion Bart joining them, with all 4 men on a winning run at the minute, it would make for an interesting fight It stole the show as well. After about 20 minutes, we ended up with a brawl, with all 4 men in the ring and Clayton and Jones legal. Carter nailed Hoogveld with a No Regret, before turning into a Hells Welcome from Julius On the outside a mass brawl began between Mikey and Costa and Wilson and Slim, creating pandemonium everywhere. Julius joined the brawl, before HANS CLAYTON SUICIDE DIVED ONTO EVERYONE Hans threw Jones into the ring, and then scaled the ropes and nailed Julius with a Shooting Hans Press to gain the 3 count and to set up a meeting with Echo Wilson and Slim in 2 weeks time
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    BPZ: Back to Brands

    I hate you Meko. On a serious note, Great work so far guys. I like the different styles in this diary from the way the promotions are being ran and they was they are being structured, it is all mixing together quite well. And I cannot wait to make a comeback and win Block B. Keep it up guys
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    Gunner Flynn

    Storm's graphics

    For my buddy @Aaron North
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    War Between Worlds

    ROH Destiny Press Conference Recap: Live from outside Full Sail Arena in Orlando, Fl Roman Reigns kicks off the show, is interrupted by the new Imperium: The show would begin with Paul Heyman kicking things off, promising the best of the best in Ring of Honor. He would introduce none other than 'The Samoan Nightmare', Roman Reigns. Reigns would receive a warm welcome from the fans as he promised that The Samoan Nightmare was here to wreck havoc and proclaim himself the best in the world, and his sights are set on none other than the ROH World Championship. Heyman would shake hands with Reigns but would soon announce as Reigns stood there, that Reigns wants to be the best, he has to beat the very best in the world... Suddenly, a theme would hit as WALTER, Axel Dieter Jr., Cesaro, and Sheamus emerged from the back with "Imperium" tracksuits on. Heyman would announce that at Destiny, WALTER, and Roman Reigns would square off in the night's main event. WALTER and Reigns went nose-to-nose, as the other members of Imperium soon joined him, before The Usos' theme hit, and Jimmy and Jey Uso rushed to the aid of their cousin, facing off with them. Sensing an opportunity, Heyman would also confirm The Usos taking on the tag team formerly known as The Bar, Cesaoro and Sheamus. The Bloodline and Imperium would stare down, before Imperium slowly backed up, leaving the fight for the actual ring at Destiny. _ Cedric Alexander will be at Destiny: A video package was shown on the big screen, showing North Carolina, as it showed a man training before he talks off his hood to reveal the 'Heart of ROH', Cedric Alexander. Alexander is a former ROH TV Champion and will be returning to the company, as when Paul Heyman was executive director of Monday Night RAW, Alexander caught his eye. As the video ended, it shows that Cedric Alexander will compete on the preshow for Destiny, now dubbed 'The Prelude'. His opponent will be none other than the Liberian, Peter Avalon. _ Samoa Joe vs. Hangman Page is made official: The next man out would be none other than 'Hangman' Adam Page, as he announced his signing to Ring of Honor, before he announced he had one thing on his mind: The ROH World Championship. Cue none other than Samoa Joe's music, as Joe came out with his own microphone, running down Hangman, saying he's nothing more than a glorified loser, and when the time comes, he will fold, just like everyone else in Ring of Honor. Joe proclaims ROH as his home, and that he will run through anyone and everyone he has to, to reclaim this place as his. Joe says that him and a man by the name of CM Punk made this company and that he's back to make sure no one forgets that. Joe challenges Hangman to a match to show him where ROH's hype started. _ Paul Heyman addresses the women's division, announces two triple threats: Paul Heyman would trot back out, with a title in his hand, placing over the podium none other than the Women of Honor. He announces two triple threats to showcase the women's talent that has signed to Ring of Honor and announces the six women who have been selected to compete in matches for Destiny. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks 'The Demon Assassin' Rosemary 'Perfect Storm' Nikki Cross And then he announces the second of the competitors... 'The Empress of Tomorrow' Asuka 'The Canadian Goddess' Candice LeRae Mickie James Undisputed Era arrives: As the crowd eagerly awaited the last wrestlers to make their ROH-affliation known, suddenly a limo pulled up. The crowd would pop as all four members of the original Undisputed Era (Cole, Strong, O'Reilly, Fish), stepped out, nodding their head at the crowd as they make their way back to Ring of Honor, with each having wrestled here before. The Undisputed Era walks up to the podium, as the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole smiles before announcing following Wrestle Kingdom, Undisputed Era will exclusively belong to Ring of Honor. Adam Cole says that if anyone has a problem with that, they can show themselves right now. Suddenly, "Thrill Switch" hits, as the crowd becomes unglued for the sight of Pentagon Jr! Pentagon Jr. appears, stepping into the spotlight as Pentagon Jr. and Adam Cole go face-to-face, a match seemingly forming between the two men, as the Ring of Honor Destiny Press Conference comes to a close with a huge match between Adam Cole and Pentagon Dark coming into fruition. Confirmed Matches for Destiny: Main Event: WALTER vs Roman Reigns Adam Cole vs Pentagon Jr. Sasha Banks vs. Rosemary vs. Nikki Cross - Winner advances to Women of Honor Title Match The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) Samoa Joe vs Hangman Page The Prelude: Asuka vs. Mickie James vs. Candice LeRae - Winner advances to Women of Honor Title Match Cedric Alexander vs. Peter Avalon MORE TO BE CONFIRMED IN COMING WEEKS!
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    Jordynne Grace vs. Jessica Havok We kick tonight off with a match between two of the most vicious knockouts on the roster. It's Jordynne Grace vs. Jessicka Havoc to decide who gets a shot at Taya Valkyrie and her Impact Knockouts Championship. The match was great and both women showed some great strength and wrestling ability. The win ended up going to Jordynne Grace who hit Jessicka Havoc with a Fall From Grace and won via pinfall. Suzie distracts Jordynne while Jessicka Havok attacks her. The match is over and Jordynne Grace is celebrating when suddenly the music of Suzie plays. Suzie hops down the ramp and distracts Jordynne Grace and meanwhile Jessicka Havoc grabs Jordynne and hits her with a devastating piledriver. Suzie starts laughing and raises the hand of Jessicka Havoc in the air. Jordynne lays on the ground as Impact Wrestling heads to a commercial break. The Deaners vs. RENO Scum Our next match is between two of the most hardest teams on Impact. It's The Deaners vs. Reno Scum. The Deaners come out first to a big pop and they're looking as ready as ever. RENO Scum comes out next booed by the audience, they're accompanied by their partner in crime Ace Austin who taunts the crowd that starts booing them even more louder. This match was a decent match and it had a lot of action and brawling in it. The win ended up going to The Deaners after Cody Deaner hit Adam Thornstowe with the Unemployment and beat him via pinfall. Rob Van Dam pre-match promo with Katie Forbes. Our next match is between RVD and Rhino and RVD comes out a little early than he is supposed to with his wife Katie Forbes. They get showered with boos and Katie gets him a mic as he stands in the ring waiting for the crowd to quiet down. The crowd quiets down and RVD starts talking. RVD: Over the past couple of weeks people have said that i've changed. I'm not saying that you're wrong because you're not, i've changed my life for the better, because i'm tired of living like an ordinary dude and i want to enjoy life. I've gotten a new house, new clothes and a whole new attitude and i feel like it's time to put the word hardcore behind me but i can't do that yet can i? Because Tommy Dreamer just keeps coming back and reminding me of the things i've done in the past and now it feels like i need to take care of those things before i can move on. Which leads me to tonight's match between me and Rhino, now... RVD doesn't get to say anything else because the music of Rhino starts playing. Rhino walks out and Katie Forbes exits the ring and takes the microphone with her. Rhino doesn't have any time for words and the ref rings the bell. Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino This match was a great one as both men showed that they still got it in the ring. RVD proved his wrestling ability with kicks, flips and other flexible moves that he has used in the past. Rhino showed some great powerhouse moves mixed with some great brawling. The match ended when Rhino was about to hit RVD with the Gore but Katie Forbes grabbed his leg distracting him and the ref and letting RVD hit Rhino with a lowblow. RVD would then roll up Rhino for the win. RVD destroys Rhino with a chair The match is over but RVD isn't done yet. Katie Forbes hands him a chair which he bashes over Rhino's head and takes him down. RVD continues hitting Rhino with the chair before dragging Rhino to the corner and placing the chair in position for a Coast to Coast. RVD climbs up the opposite turnbuckle and jumps, hitting Rhino with a Coast to Coast. RVD hopes to have sent a statement as he and Katie Forbes leave and Impact Wrestling heads to a commercial break. Rich Swann & Tessa Blanchard vs. Madman Fulton & Sami Callihan Our next match is between four of the hottest wrestlers in Impact Wrestling today. It's Rich Swann and Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan and Madman Fulton. Tessa and Swann come out first and they both get a huge pop, Rich wants to hold the ropes down for Tessa when she gets into the ring but Tessa goes around and enters the ring by herself and Rich Swann just laughs it off. Callihan and Fulton come out next and they get big boos from the crowd, Madman Fulton is looking mean and confident just like the world champion himself Sami Callihan. They get into the ring and the bell sounds for the match to start. This was an amazing match with a lot of great wrestling and high flying from Tessa, Callihan and Rich Swann, and also some big and good looking power moves from Madman Fulton. The win ended up going to Callihan and Fulton after a Spinning Gutwrench Suplex from Madman Fulton to Rich Swann and a Rings of Saturn submission for Rich Swann to tap out.
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    Isaiah Carter

    "Crowning of a Champion"

    The crowd is taken back once more, as James Ropati looks towards the entrance ramp where the infamous black and white lights flash along with the beats of the drums, and outsteps the man of the hour, the man who not only lost the 4v4 Survivor Series matchup, but his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Isaiah Carter looks strange without gold around his waist, as he steps towards the ring where James Ropati stands still in the ring, a smile plastered on his face. As Julius Jones lays flat on the mat, eventually. Isaiah Carter steps between the ropes, as he grabs a microphone. Before kneeling down besides his biggest rival of 2019, and putting a finger gun up to his forehead. He lets Julius head fall down into the mat as he grabs the microphone and begins to speak, more confidence coming off of his voice than ever. "I hear the rumbles, you're damn right ladies and gentleman, Bulletproof is more real then ever" Isaiah Carter turns around and fist bumps James Ropati, confirming this alliance as he begins to speak more. "You know I am sick and damn tired of this business, I look around and what do I see, a bunch of soft, weak, ill minded children. I remember the days when only the elite could make it through, when only the best of the best made it to the BPZ. The good ol' days when men like Isaiah Carter and James Ropati were the next big things, now look at us eh? Now look at this company, now, in just a few days I have to take on something called a Thunderman" "Ropati and I, we go way back. All the way down in a little place called NXT, I know you may not of heard of it what with all the useless talent running around their for the past 6 months, but we tore that place apart. Each and every week we ripped into each other and I eventually defeated him for the very championship NXT built itself on, long before the days of some scapegoat battle royales, we put on the best matches NXT has ever seen and thats why I trust this man, thats why I know this man right here is good enough to be apart of something bigger, to be apart of an empire. James Ropati, is Bulletproof" Isaiah Carter turns around, reaching down into his boot as he pulls out a Bulletproof ring, flashing it towards the camera as it is specially designed for James Ropati much like the ones for the other members of Bulletproof, Ropati places the ring on his finger. As the crowd has no idea what to think, as the two pose, Julius begins to stand on his feet. Struggling to his feet as Carter walks over and picks up his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, looking at it closely, almost as if he is obsessed with it. "Be seeing you, Julius" As Julius finally gets to his feet, he would only get knocked right back down by another Kiwi Kick from James Ropati, ending the segment, leaving every fan in the arena, in shock.
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    Heel Bayley has been interesting to watch, Its refreshing seeing a character change for bayley. She's been booked pretty well as the champ, all of her challengers before mania will probably be the likes of Lacey Evans, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, etc. I would imagine they would go for Bayley vs Sasha at mania with sasha being the face this time around. I'm not entirely sold on the idea, but That's a possibility for what bayley does at mania.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    NJPW 2020

    Wrestle Kingdom Card Night One New Japan Rumble Making its return on the first night of Wrestle Kingdom, we will see the members of the New Japan roster not currently slated for a match at the big event compete in a 30-man Rumble. We will see EVIL, BUSHI, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens, Gedo, Jado, TAKA Michinoku, Taichi, DOUKI, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI, Mikey Nicholls, Jeff Cobb, Amazing Red, Colt Cabana, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Manabu Nakanishi, Satoshi Kojima, Tiger Mask, TJP, Toa Henare, Tomoaki Honma, Yuji Nagata, Alex Coughlin, Clark Conners, Karl Fredericks, Yota Tsuji, Yuyu Uemura and Michael Edwards compete in the bout, with all 30 men looking to score a victory on the biggest show of the NJPW calendar. Shingo Takagi VS Minoru Suzuki As SANADA and Zack Sabre Jr's tensions rose over the British Heavyweight championship, Minoru Suzuki and Shingo Takagi would do battle in multiple tag matches and would come out of every one at a dead lock. This would reach a fever pitch during Shingo and El Terrible's bout with Suzuki and Lance Archer in World Tag League, with Shingo and Suzuki unable to stop fighting each other and leaving the match to Archer and Terrible. Now, we see two of the hardest hitting stars in the company do battle at Wrestle Kingdom, with the rising Shingo Takagi looking to score a massive victory over the dangerous veteran, Minoru Suzuki. Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer (c) (IWGP United States championship, Texas Deathmatch) After scoring the vacant US title in a bout with Juice Robinson, Lance Archer defended his gold against David Finlay before a fantastic display alongside Suzuki during World Tag League. At the final night of WTL, we would see the return of the former US champion, Jon Moxley, who was forced to vacate the title months ago. Moxley would lay out both Archer and Suzuki with the Death Rider before issuing the challenge for the US title in a Texas Deathmatch. Robbie Eagles VS El Phantasmo (c) (RevPro British Cruiserweight championship) When El Phantasmo made his New Japan debut, he took the company by storm with victories over top level guys like Will Ospreay and a fantastic performance in the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. However, the rise of ELP led to the fall of Robbie Eagles, who lost his place as Bullet Club member Taiji Ishimori's go-to partner. ELP and Ishimori would go on to become Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, but the repeated disrespect by ELP to Eagles would lead to Eagles leaving Bullet Club and aligning with Will Ospreay and CHAOS. Though the newly christened Birds of Prey failed to win Junior Tag League, Eagles will have his chance at revenge against Phantasmo for the RevPro British Cruiserweight championship. FinJuice VS Guerrillas of Destiny (c) (IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team championship) After Juice Robinson lost his United States championship to Jon Moxley, as well as both Juice and David Finlay failing to claim the gold in respective matches against Lance Archer, they would have an incredible display in World Tag League, scoring 26 out of 30 points and barely overcoming EVIL and SANADA in the finals to earn a title match with the Guerrillas of Destiny. Does the impressive reign of the Bullet Club duo continue, or will FinJuice finally claim tag team championship gold? Hiromu Takahashi VS Will Ospreay (c) (IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship) After a gruesome suplex from Ryu Lee, Junior Heavyweight champion Hiromu Takahashi would be forced to take over a year off from action and vacate the Junior Heavyweight title in the process. During this time, Will Ospreay would once again claim his spot at the top of the perch, ending Shingo Takagi's undefeated streak in the BOSJ finals before winning the title from Ryu Lee at Dominion. Ospreay would defend the gold against all comers, but at the Junior Tag League finals, Takahashi would made his triumphant return, challenging Ospreay to a match at Wrestle Kingdom for the title he never lost. Tetsuya Naito VS Jay White (c) (IWGP Intercontinental championship) After years of pursuing his goal of being the first ever man to hold both the Intercontinental and IWGP Heavyweight championship, Naito's hopes of accomplishing that goal seemed to fall apart at the last moment yet again, losing his match to Jay White in the G1 and falling just short of qualifying for the finals. Though White was unable to overcome Kota Ibushi in the G1 finals, he scored another victory over Naito soon after, this time for the Intercontinental championship. Now, Naito has a chance to reclaim his lost gold, and with the caveat that both the Intercontinental champion and the IWGP Heavyweight champion will do battle in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom night two for both titles, Naito's goal of being the first ever man to hold both titles is now or never. Will Naito earn the first of two victories he needs to accomplish his year long goal, or does White stop him at the finish line yet again and attempt to obtain the glory for himself? Kota Ibushi VS Kazuchika Okada (c) (IWGP Heavyweight championship) As the winners of the G1 Climax, Kota Ibushi has earned a massive title match with the IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom. However, with WK now being a two night event, Ibushi and Okada's match will take place on the first night, with the winner going on to defend their IWGP Heavyweight championship in the main event of night two against the Intercontinental champion. Will Ibushi finally score his first taste of IWGP Heavyweight championship gold, or does the Rainmaker continue his stranglehold? . Night Two Loser of White/Naito VS loser of Okada/Ibushi Night two of Wrestle Kingdom will see the two men who don't walk away from night one with championship gold do battle in hopes of getting back on the winning track, potentially placing themselves at the front of the line for future title contendership. Ryu Lee VS Jyushin "Thunder" Liger (Liger's Retirement Match) Wrestle Kingdom will see Jyushin "Thunder" Liger call it a night on his career, and his challenger would make his presence known at the World Tag League finals in the form of the newly christened Ryu Lee. With Lee now a full-time member of the NJPW roster, Liger does battle with a man who must be considered the future of the Junior Heavyweight division. Will Liger score a victory in his final ever match, or does Lee claim the largest scalp possible in his full-time NJPW debut? Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Chris Jericho (c) (AEW World championship) After losing the IWGP Heavyweight championship at the beginning of the year to Jay White, Hiroshi Tanahashi embarked on his most disappointing year in recent New Japan history, with his least impressive G1 performance in nearly a decade. However, just as it seemed Tanahashi would have no plans for Wrestle Kingdom, the Painmaker Chris Jericho would rear his ugly head, challenging the Ace to a match at Wrestle Kingdom. At the World Tag League finals, Jericho would go the extra mile, looking to prove that AEW is the superior company over NJPW by defending the AEW world championship against the Ace of New Japan. Roppongi 3K VS Toru Yano/Ryusuke Taguchi/Togi Makabe (c) (NEVER Six-Man Tag Team championship) After the duo of Rocky Romero and Ryusuke Taguchi failed to win the Junior Tag League at the last hurdle, the two men would have a massive falling out, breaking up Team Coach Coach. As this happened, Roppongi 3K's SHO and YOH would make it all the way to the Junior Tag League finals, but they would fall to the Suzuki-Gun duo of El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Though Roppongi 3K's Wrestle Kingdom plans seemed to be in tumult after this, Rocky Romero would create a spot for the juniors. After the failings of Team Coach Coach, Rocky would go out of his way to criticize Ryusuke Taguchi for his lack of effort in making the NEVER Six-Man titles meaningful, also drawing the ire of Toru Yano and Togi Makabe. This falling out would cause Taguchi, Yano and Makabe to give Rocky Romero and Roppongi 3K a shot at the NEVER Six-Man tag titles at Wrestle Kingdom. El Desperado/Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo (c) (Junior Heavyweight Tag Team championship) After El Desperado finally made his New Japan return, he and Suzuki-Gun member Kanemaru would run roughshod over Junior Tag League, winning their first ever Junior Tag League with a victory over Roppongi 3K in the finals. Will the Suzuki-Gun duo be able to reclaim their Junior Heavyweight tag titles, or does the Bullet Club tandem of Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo continue their strangehold over the Junior Tag Team division? SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr (c) (RevPro British Heavyweight championship) After an incredible singles year for SANADA where he finally scored a singles victory over IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada in the G1, SANADA would draw the ire of Zack Sabre Jr after repeatedly pinning the British Heavyweight champion, both in the G1 and in multi-man tag matches. SANADA now has a huge opportunity to establish himself as a true top level singles competitor, while Zack Sabre Jr looks to continue his grasp on the British Heavyweight championship. Hirooki Goto VS KENTA (c) (NEVER Openweight championship) After KENTA made his New Japan debut alongside the retired Katsuyori Shibata, KENTA would have an impressive G1 display that ended in disappointing fashion with repeated losses at the end. This would lead to KENTA turning on Shibata and joining Bullet Club before winning the NEVER Openweight championship from Tomohiro Ishii. Now, Hirooki Goto looks to destroy KENTA and win the NEVER Openweight championship in the process in defense of Shibata. Will Goto get revenge in Shibata's honor, or is the Bullet Club backed KENTA just too good to be stopped? Winner of Okada/Ibushi VS Winner of Naito/White (IWGP Heavyweight/Intercontinental championships) Wrestle Kingdom's night two main event will see New Japan crown the first ever double champion for the top two singles titles in NJPW. After years of making this his goal, Tetsuya Naito failed to achieve this goal time and time again, and after beating Naito in the G1, Jay White would make that his goal as well. Kota Ibushi would then throw his name in the hat, and it would eventually be decided that the double gold dash would finally come to an end at Wrestle Kingdom 14, one way or another. Which of these four men will walk out with both titles?
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    Well I'm gonna name one for WWE and one for New Japan. For WWE I'm going with the obvious pick of the Shield as like others pointed out all 3 of there members are very sucessfull as it stands (Even if one of them is no longer in WWE). For New Japan like Bart said the obvious pick is of course Bullet Club and well I will be going with them specifically the period where it was lead by first Prince Devitt and then by AJ Styles. The Bullet Club helped launch not just Devitt's career into the next level but arguebly those of Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows (Or Doc Gallows if you wanna use his NJPW name), the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega while perhaps catapulting AJ from not just a TNA Icon but to arguebly the greatest performer of the 2010's. The influence that Bullet Club has had not just in New Japan but in the entire industry is still felt today with even WWE taking cues from it to form groups like the O.C or the Undisputed Era (So yeah Bashka nice call naming them but without Bullet Club there wouldn't be an Undisputed Era I feel). For all those reasons not only are they my pick from NJPW, I'd even argue they are more influential than the Shield overall.
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    Alex Costa

    BPZ Top 5 Promo Cutters

    1 - Flynn 2 - Arius 3 - Smith 4 - Julius 5 - Bart
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    That’s tonight’s episode for the crisis on infinite earths this is trailer for the flash’s episode. Please watch it.
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    War Between Worlds

    Wrestle Kingdom 14 Predictions IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Daniel Bryan IWGP Intercontinental Championship Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi NEVER Openweight Championship Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Adam Cole vs. ??? (AJ or ZSJ) IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Jon Moxley (c) vs. Sami Callihan IWGP Tag Team Championships and World Tag League Finals Match Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) (c) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships and Junior Tag League Finals Match The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) (c)vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
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    Aaron North

    Storm's graphics

    That's a really great looking sig Storm, i'm definitely gonna start using it since it looks like you've put a lot of effort into it. Thanks man.
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    With the BPZ Universe set to witness the beginning of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational, all eyes are on the tag team division right now and especially the eight tag teams competing in the tournament. Nevertheless, before the action incites, 'On God' by Mustard blasts through the speakers and around the arena like a shockwave as the fans jump to their feet, cheering for the team that prevailed and walked out victorious at Survivor Series, finally overcoming BulletProof, the faction of troublemakers that had been tormenting the locker room for the past several months. As the fans look to the stage for the arrival of Creed, it is Bart and Smith, the two members of Creed that captured the BPZ Tag Team Championships a few weeks back that come out, with their matching leather jackets, matching Creed pendulums and matching championship belts. After posing at the top of the ramp together with their gold, the tag team champions make their way to the ring. Before entering, Eli collects two microphones from the ringside crew, chucks one to Bart in the ring and then climbs through the ropes with the other. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first round of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational! Tonight, I can guarantee you that you will see premier tag team wrestling as not only some of the best tag teams in the world but some of the best singles wrestlers in the world unite for this tournament, resulting in matches jam-packed with top-tier superstars! Nevertheless, before we get into the action, as the current BPZ Tag Team Champions, I and Bart would like to say a few things. First of all, we'd like to comment on the events of last weekend. After months of warfare with BulletProof, after they constantly stuck their nose in our business and repeatedly assaulted us with no good reason, the two of us and our other two brothers, Julius and Sameer, finally got to face those cowardly weasels and at the end of the night, after the final pinfall in the traditional Survivor Series match, Creed stood tall as your victors but also your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and BPZ Tag Team Champions, and truly, that's what we treasure the most in this business, the honor of being champions. As Eli pauses, he removes the championship belt from his shoulder and holds it in his hand, looking down at it as he now continues with the microphone in his other hand. Tonight, this is what it's all about. Tonight, we witness the inception of this year's, 2019's, BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational as eight teams, meaning sixteen athletes that are some of the best in the whole world, they go all out tonight, they put everything into every second of their matches so that they survive, move onto the next round and hopefully, come out the other side as the winners of the whole tournament because then, they get to face the two of us at Night Of Legends, the most prestigious Carnage-focused event of all time, but more importantly, they get a chance to rip these belts off our shoulders and become the new tag teams champions of the world. With Eli's face being serious throughout saying all of that, staring solely at the championship in his grasp, it's a few moments before suddenly an innocent smile hatches onto the face of Smith and then, he brings the mic back up. Over these next few weeks, whilst teams are going to war in order to win this tournament, Bart and I will be preparing for that fatal night in January where we defend our championships against whichever team prevailed through all tribulations and walked out of the tournament, and trust me, when Night Of Legends comes around, Bart and I will be ready for whoever it is, we have no doubt in our ability to retain our titles as we are here to make these titles what they've always had the potential to be. Whilst taking a pause, Eli lifts his head and looks out across those in attendance. A few moments later, Smith raises the microphone back to his mouth and then continues. Throughout the existence of the BPZ Tag Team Championships, we've only really seen this division be pushed to its limits by the likes of Switchblade Clapsiracy, Cpe and Maestro, the team that the annual invitational is honorably named after. During their time as champions, they were a tag-team through and through, had full focus on these titles and truly had everyone's eyes on the tag-team division. Now, locking in a stern glare down the hard camera, with an unexpected fierce intensity spelled on his face, Smith makes his final statement here tonight. For Bart and I, this is our goal, our mission, our drive. Afterward, Smith lowers his microphone and then turns his head, looking at his partner.
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    All promos cut by Creed for the build up to their Survivor Series 4 vs. 4 match against Bulletproof were awesome. I was very impressed with how good they were and how much effort was put into every single one of them.
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    Gunner Flynn

    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    1) Who wins?: Maryse 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes and by attacking Maryse 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya
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    MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

    1) Who wins? Natalya 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes, she attacks Maryse causing a disqualification 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ: Back to Brands

    We are live from New York City, in the Garden. Where we have a stacked card for you. But first, The Gm of Carnage himself will make an appearance to welcome us all to a new era of BPZ. What does he have in store for us? BrendenPlayz- Tonight is a momentous occasion, the beginning new era here in BPZ. But what does that exactly mean? It means War! Tonight we go to War, let the warfare begin! Welcome to the A Show Ladies and Gentleman. Eli Smith vs Emperor Nate- QuarterFinals What an opening match this will be, Emperor Nate going one on one with Eli Smith. Both men are very established here in BPZ, but how will they do now that there is a brand split? And more importantly who will advance to the semi finals of the Undisputed Championship Tournament? The match begins as the two men lockup, the strength advantage going to Nate with ease. As he pushes his opposition into the corner, laughing it off. Eli Smith now looks to get back into this one, as he strikes Nate with a forearm. Nate stands tall still and counters with a back breaker. A huge move by Nate here, as we continue with a fun and anticpating matchup here. Nate would go to pick up his opposition but Smith would duck under and strike Nate with a fury of strikes and kicks, as Nate falls down to one knee. Smith would proceed to go for a shining wizard but no luck, as Nate would duck under but be met with a beautful Pele Kick. A cover is executed by Eli Smith..1...2... but a kick out by Nate just in time. Smith would then pick up Nate, looking for another Pele Kick, he would execute it wonderuflly, proceeing to held the top rope and go for a Frog Splash for a 3 count. Buddy Ace vs FDS- QuarterFinals Moving on, we have another quarterfinals matchup. Where Buddy Ace will go one on one with FDS. Buddy Ace needs that extra step to become a viable threat, while FDS needs to get back on his game. But the question is, who wants it more here tonight? We begin this clash with a lockup, as the strength advantage seems to go to Buddy Ace but not by much. As he pushes his opposition into the corner. And he now goes for a running forearm, but FDS gets out out of the way just in time. Proceeding to hit Buddy Ace with a strike, but Buddy Ace hits a lariat. Now heading to the apron, executing a pitch perfect slingshot clothesline. As we continue just a few moments later, FDS is scratching and clawing to his feet. As he gets in the face of his opponent, slapping the taste out of him. He would then throw him to the outisde, proceeding to hit a perfect suicide dive to the outside. We now get to the closing moments of this great matchup, as FD throws Buddy Ace back inside the ring. Now calling for a deadlift Kapernick for the win. As he hits it, you can hear a snap right on the spine. After the matchup, FDS would be found celebrating until the lights would ubruptly flicker on and off, with no ease. Before a man by the name "Shiba" would enter the Carnage arena for the first time. What does he want? And why target FDS? It Is My Time To Shine As we return from commercial break, we are met with the Number One Contender for the North American Championship. Tonight get gets the chance to face Yelich and pave his way to gold. But does he have enough to do so? Mikey- Tonight I pave the way to my greatness. To history, I stab anyone that gets in my way. Yelich you are not my superior, you would even be lucky to be on my level. Tonight I attach that gold onto my waste, and becoming North American Champipn. And then where will you be Yelixh? Back all the way to the bottom! Mikey vs Yelich- North American Championship We are finally ready for our North American Championship matchup. As we finally find a champion after a month of no champion. Both men we know have heart, they have intergrity but is their passion always there? That is the question that will be answered here tonight. The bell rings and we are off with our first Championship match of the night. We begin with the usual lockup, as neither man want to give an inch. This match has to mean a lot to both performers. The pressure is too much for Mikey as Yelich gets the upperhand, taking him down with a bodyslam. Yelich now heads up to the top rope and executes a Diving DDT. As we continue, Yelich would go for the pinfall..1...2... but Mikey is able to kickout at the 2 count just in time. Mikey is able to get up after a few moments of lying down time, he then is able to hit a body slam on his oppoenent, but wouldnt do much damage to Yelich. As he is able to hit a flapjack on Mikey, leading to a crushing spear. But for some reason Yelich would get cocky, and decide to not go for the pinfall. And that would ultimately be Yelich's demise, as Mikey would hit a BladeRunner a few moments after for the win. And most improtantly, picking up the gold. Flynn (C) vs Sameer- Undsiputed Championship Match We now go from one Championship match to another one, it is time for our Main Event of the evening. As Flynn goes one on one with Sameer, who needs this win more? For me, I would say Sameer. We begin this matchup, with a lockup as the strnegth advantage goes tgo Sameer by a bit of an advantage. He would send Flynn to the corner, proceeding to hit a running frorearm on the champion. Flynn would fall down to one knee, before Sameer laughing in his face, spitting in the eyes of the Hall of Famer. Before hitting a a stirke, and sending Flynn to the outisde, but Flynn would coutner it and send Sameer to the outise instead. Now going for a suicice dive. Flynn would then bring Sameer back into the ring. Going for the pinfall..1...2.... but a kick out at 2 by Sameer. As we continue a few moments later, Sameer would hit a quick pedigree out of nowhere. But decides to not go for the pinfall, but instead goes to torture Flynn some more, but it didnt work out that way as Flynn would hit a running knee for the victory. After the matchup, Flynn would be met with a familar foe in Echo Wilson, maybe a sneak preview of a Winter Warfare Main Event? Echo Wilson vs Flynn?!
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    Father Georgemas

    BPZ Observer

    Hello! My name is Jimmy the Jabroni. And today we have some sad news. This will officially be the last episode of BPZ Observer. Yes, the journey that we have been on here together is over. All this post is, is a thank you. Thanks to everyone who stuck by myself and Matt here at the BPZ Observer. And hopefully we will be back, sometime in the future. That is all we have time for. Forever...
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    After a night of compelling battles, thrilling moments and emotional outcomes, BPZ Survivor Series finally comes to it's signature finale, the traditional four-on-four Survivor Series match. This year, we see the two top factions in BPZ right now clash. After months of being at war, all four members of both BulletProof and Creed finally meet in the ring as Hans Clayton, Isaiah Carter, Jeremiah Flynn, and Mikey face off against Bart, Eli Smith, Julius, and Sameer. Firstly, BulletProof make their entrance as Flynn proudly carries his BPZ Undisputed Championship which he has held for some time now, putting on a great reign so far but tonight, it's all about BulletProof, not just the champion himself. As they reach the ring, the four of them stop in a line as they allow for the BPZ Universe to appreciate the unit that is BulletProof, from one of the greatest of all time in Flynn to a veteran trying to prove that he is one of the best in Carter to two of the hottest prospects in BPZ today in Hans and Mikey. After a few moments, Isaiah breaks the pause and is soon followed by the others as all four of them now enter the ring and await the arrival of their opponents. Next, Creed walks out onto the stage with all four of them wearing their Creed chains around their necks. As they come to the top of the ramp they stop and pose, with the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Bart and Smith, taking a knee each in their matching leather jackets. Behind them, Julius and Sameer who main-evented SummerSlam in a world title match against each other now stand side-by-side. Then, the four of them go to the ring but noticeably, Julius no longer has the Money In The Bank briefcase. Instead, he carries the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship as he cashed-in earlier tonight, defeating Isaiah and Kamel to become the champion, and he makes sure to remind Isaiah of it as Creed enter the ring. After the two teams trade words with things already boiling over, the officials calm everyone down as the two teams retreat to their corners and wait for the match to start. As the bell sounds, Sameer is bouncing on his feet in Creed's corner whilst BulletProof are across the ring, discussing who's going to start the match. Eventually, out of the four men, Flynn steps forward as the others exit onto the apron but just as it looks as though Flynn is going to engage, he steps back, laughs at Sameer, and tags in Mikey, giving the youngest member of BulletProof the stage. Now, the action of our main event begins as Sameer and Mikey engage in a series of chain wrestling, in which Mikey is able to keep up with a veteran of the business. After they break, Mikey goes for a clothesline but Sameer ducks it and hits the ropes. As he comes back, he slides under the legs of Mikey then sweeps Mikey's legs from underneath him, causing Mikey to fall to the mat. With a stunned Mikey getting to his feet, Sameer hits the ropes again and goes for the curb stomp but Mikey is able to avoid it. After dodging such a lethal move, Mikey scurries to his feet and looks at Sameer who smiles back, gesturing with his hands how close he was to getting Mikey out early on. Nevertheless, the two go at it again as Mikey looks to shut down Sameer's momentum early with a clothesline but yet again, Sameer ducks it and hits the ropes. As he comes back this time, Mikey tries to leapfrog over him but Sameer catches him in a belly-to-belly before going for the suplex but Mikey is able to use the momentum to flip onto his feet. After this, Mikey is able to catch Sameer off-guard and set up for the Cosmic Ascension and now, it's Sameer that avoids being eliminated early as these two have now gone tit for tat. As Mikey does the same gesture that Sameer did to him, he hears Carter asking to get in the match so he backs up, still laughing at Sameer, and tags in Isaiah. After Isaiah enters, Sameer notices a chant from the crowd who sing 'Oooooh The Death Machine!' repeatedly, referencing Julius who cashed in his Money In The Bank contract at the start of tonight's show and took the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship from the BulletProof member who now stands across the ring, Isaiah Carter. Being a man of the people, Sameer grants the fans' wishes and tags in Julius. Now, Carter and Julius come face to face for the first time since the cash-in, only a few hours after it, and it's clear in the face of Isaiah how much losing the title hurt him as he charges straight at Julius. The former world champ unleashes a fury of strikes on Julius but being the monster that he is, Julius is able to put a halt to Isaiah's attack with a huge chop to the Carter's chest that echoes around the arena and sends Carter onto his knees, gripping his chest! Then, Julius gets the back clinch and goes for a German suplex on Isaiah but Carter lands on his feet and hits a dropkick to the back of Julius, pushing him back into Creed's corner. As Julius turns around to face Isaiah, Smith tags in discretely so that none of BulletProof notices. Therefore, when Julius goes for a Claymore and Isaiah ducks it, Smith is able to catch a completely unaware Isaiah with a Sick Kick to the back of the head. Immediately afterwards, Smith goes for the cover but Carter kicks out at two. Looking to stay on top, Smith doesn't give Carter anytime to recover and meets a kneeling Carter with a series of kicks to the chest, repeatedly hitting that sore spot left by Julius' emphatic chop. As Smith looks to end the combination with a roundhouse kick to the head, Carter catches the leg of Smith that has the knee brace on from the injury Eli endured in their ladder match. Keeping hold of Smith's injured leg, Carter climbs back to his feet and once he's stood up, Carter hits a vicious dragon screw, twisting that damaged knee of Smith's. With a grip on Smith's leg still, Carter hits another dragon screw but still keeps hold of Smith's leg. Once again, Carter brings himself and Smith to a standing position but this time, he uses both arms to fling Smith's leg so that Smith back-flips unwillingly, landing face-first into the mat. As Smith lifts his head up, Carter meets one-half of the team that took the BPZ Tag Team Championships from him with a knee strike right on the jaw, allowing Isaiah to taste the sweetness of revenge. Following this, Carter quickly tags in the man that he was champions with, Hans Clayton, as Carter now rips off the knee brace, exposing Smith's bad knee and allowing Hans to directly stomp on it. Trying to put Smith out of the match via incapability to compete, Hans hits a series of moves focusing on Smith's knee before tagging Isaiah back in. With First Class Express now in the ring together, Hans Irish whips Smith to the ropes but as Smith hits the ropes, Julius sneakily tags himself in so after First Class Express hit the First Class Flight, Smith roles out of the ring and Carter is caught with a Claymore that he isn't able to dodge this time around! Looking for the first elimination of the match, Julius covers Carter and he gets the three count! ISAIAH CARTER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With an elimination to his name, Julius looks to his brothers who are cheering but he realises that Bart hasn't been in yet so he lets his Dutch brother get some. As Bart enters, the BulletProof member that enters following Carter's elimination is Jeremiah Flynn, the BPZ Undisputed Champion who's current reign actually started when he defeated Bart for the title. Nonetheless, Bart isn't phased as he and Flynn now go back and forth but as soon as Flynn gets some breathing room, he tries to catch Bart with the FKO but Bart is ready as he reverses it into the Cardiac Arrest. In order to break up the submission, Mikey runs in and starts stomping on Bart's head but is quickly put to a stop by Julius who almost beheads Mikey with a devastating clothesline. Then, Hans springboards in and connects with a flying forearm on Julius but as Clayton kips up to his feet, he is met with a superkick from Sameer. With the remaining three members of BulletProof on the outside, recovering together, the only man left standing in the ring is Sameer but he doesn't stop there as he hits the ropes, builds up some speed, and then launches himself over the top rope and out onto BulletProof. Afterwards, Sameer sees that Bart is back in the ring so he grabs Flynn and pushes under the bottom rope. With Bart on his feet and Julius on the apron, the former Kingdom members and now Creed brothers make a tag as they look to finish off Flynn together. However, as Bart goes to pick up Flynn, he is poked in the eyes, blinding him and leaving Julius to take care of Flynn by himself. Therefore, trying to keep Creed on top, Julius rushes at Flynn and attempts a clothesline which is ducked, sending Julius running at the ropes. After rebounding, Julius comes back at Flynn with a run-up that usually results in a Claymore but out of nowhere, Hans slides into the ring and lifts Julius up as if Carter was there for them to hit the First Class Flight but instead, Flynn catches Julius with an FKO! Immediately following this, Flynn slithers into the cover and gets the pinfall, eliminating the first member of Creed! JULIUS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With the momentum now in the hands of BulletProof, Flynn gets to his feet and boasts, getting right in the face of Bart and Sameer in Creed's corner but he forgets about the third man left in the match who has been laying at ringside, trying to recover from the damage dealt to his knee. With Flynn getting ahead of himself, Smith is able to creep back into the ring and sneak up behind Flynn, planting the Flynn with an 8th Sin before he even realises that his arms have been crossed! Bridging into the cover, Smith is able to get the three count as one-half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions just eliminated the BPZ Undisputed Champion from this match! FLYNN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! As Flynn holds his neck realising what just happens, anger takes over his face as despite being eliminated, he attacks Smith from behind with a chop block to the bad knee. Quickly, Flynn then applies a knee bar on Smith whilst simultaneously punching the knee, causing Smith to scream in pain but as Sameer and Julius run over, Flynn wisely rolls out of the ring. Then, he looks over to the BulletProof corner and sees Hans and Mikey. With the two veterans and leader figures of BulletProof eliminated, the two up-and-comers are left in arguably not only the biggest match of their careers but their first-ever big main event match-up. Looking to offer some guidance, Flynn quickly joins Hans and Mikey and gives them a quick pep talk. Meanwhile, Bart drags a hurt Smith back to Creed's corner so that Sameer can tag in. As Flynn leaves after patting his men on the back, Sameer enters the ring and so does Hans. As these two go at it, it's clear that Hans is putting everything into this match now that the pressure lays on just his and Mikey's shoulders, doubling the amount of pressure that he walked into this match with. After ducking a right hook from Sameer, Hans goes for a Pele kick but Sameer avoids it, leaving Hans to fall onto the mat with no connection. To capitalise, Sameer hits an axe kick to the back of Hans' head but it only gets him a two count. After the failed pinfall attempt, Sameer gets Hans up and sends him into the Creed corner with an Irish whip but as Hans arrives, he has the awareness to hit Bart off of the apron. With Smith already down, there's no longer anyone for Hans to worry about on the apron but there is still Sameer in the ring who charges at him but once again, Hans has the awareness to bring his leg up, catching Sameer with a boot. After hitting an enzugiri, Hans climbs the turnbuckles as he looks for one of his signature high-flying moves but Sameer is able to recover quickly enough to put a stop to Hans' plans. At the same time, Bart is getting back up onto the apron so Sameer tags him in as Bart then launches himself up onto the ropes from the apron, springboards and HITS AN AVALANCHE HURRICANRANA! WHAT A MOVE! Of course, the fall takes an affect on Bart too but eventually, he is able to crawl over to Hans for the cover but the desire of the young star to get his team this victory remains prominent as he is able to kick out after such a nasty landing! After Hans kicks out, Bart sits up and looks back at Sameer as to say 'how in hell did he kick out of that?' Nevertheless, Bart gets to his feet and tries to get Hans up but as he does, Hans begins to fight back, eventually gaining enough space so that he can leap to his teammate and tags in Mikey who has a burst of energy, gunning right at Bart with a series of strikes until Bart is left kneeling and struggling to stand. With Bart trying to use the ropes to help himself up, Mikey hits the opposite ropes and then comes back with the Adrenaline knee strike! Once again, Mikey hits, and then again! With complete control over Bart here, Mikey now lifts Bart into an Argentine backbreaker rack position, seemingly looking for the Shattered Illusion, a scarily dangerous move from Mikey's arsenal that has never been kicked out of. However, Bart is able to fight out of Mikey's grip as he then falls off of Mikey's shoulders. Then, Bart goes for the Cardiac Arrest but as he locks it in, bringing himself and Mikey to the ground, he isn't able to get his legs around Mikey before Mikey uses the momentum of them falling to roll over onto his feet. With Bart still holding the upper body part of Mikey, Mikey isn't able to fully role through but the referee begins to count a pinfall as the hold is actually resulting in Mikey pinning Bart. Therefore, Bart is forced to either break the hold or be pinned so obviously, he breaks the hold. As Bart then gets to his feet, Mikey grabs him from behind and looks for the Cosmic Ascension but Bart is able to reverse the inverted headlock into a front facelock, apply the hammerlock and then hit The Last Breath! With Hans kicking out of that avalanche hurricanrana still in the back of Bart's head, he doesn't leave Mikey there and makes sure that he won't kick out by hitting his newest finishing move, The Death Machine! Now, Bart hooks the leg and indeed, he gets the three count this time around! MIKEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With that, BulletProof and Creed are now three-on-one but with Smith seriously hurt at ringside, it's more like a two-on-one. As Bart gets to his feet after pinning Mikey, he turns around to face Hans who is already flying at him as Clayton hits a springboard dragonrana, hooks the legs and yes, he does it, he gets the pinfall, quickly cutting Creed's advantage to what now is practically a one-on-one! BART HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! In shock, Bart sits up after being pinned and looks at Sameer in shock as both men are blown away by what just happened. Nonetheless, Bart respectfully leaves the ring and applauds Hans for getting him on this one. Meanwhile, Sameer enters through the ropes as we now see the pace slow down a little bit with both men knowing that if they are pinned, there team will lose, as Hans is the only man left for BulletProof and Sameer is the only man left for Creed except for an injured Smith who is still at ringside but is sat with his back against the barricade and a grip on his knee. As Hans and Sameer try to gain the advantage over each other in a series of chain wrestling, neither man seems to be letting up and it is only stopped when Hans hits a head-scissors take-down. Using the momentum, Sameer is able to roll through onto his feet, turn around and run back at Hans but Clayton leapfrogs over Sameer. After Sameer hits the ropes, he runs back at Hans but is met with a picture perfect dropkick right to the face as Hans exhibits his impressive vertical jump. After this, Hans runs to the ropes for the Lionsault but Sameer catches him mid-air with a superkick! After swatting Hans like a fly in the air, Sameer goes for the cover but only gets a two count as Hans continues to prevail. Nevertheless, Sameer looks to hit a move that Hans won't kick out of as he hits the ropes and comes back looking for the curb stomp but Hans launches Sameer into the air by pushing up when Sameer goes for the stomp. Then, Hans catches Sameer out of the air with a cutter! WHAT A REVERSAL! After hitting a move that would make his BulletProof comrade, Flynn, very proud, a worn-out Hans falls into the cover... One! Two! Th-NO! Sameer kicks out and Hans can't believe it! However, it's not long before the top rope catches Hans' eye as he scales the ropes and now stalks Sameer from the top... SHOOTING HANS PRESS! ONE! TWO! THRE-NO! SMITH BREAKS IT UP! Out of nowhere, Smith just throws his body onto the two men to break up the pinfall attempt! With the two legal men completely exhausted, it's only Smith that is really moving. As he sits up, he grips his knee once again but now rage takes over, frustration as BulletProof have once again caused him an injury, have once again surely shortened his career and caused damage to his life as a whole. Therefore, Smith then releases the anger onto one of the men that caused all of this torment, laying into Hans from the ground and pound position. Even though Hans puts his hands up, he is tired and Smith is being driven by rage so Hans' guard doesn't do him much good. Eventually, Smith tires and gets up, still struggling with his bad leg but now he looks at the turnbuckles and climbs them, no doubt looking for a Frog Splash. Unfortunately for Creed, Hans is able to get to Smith and sweep his legs from underneath him. Then, Hans joins Smith on the top rope and sets up for a superplex but Sameer comes running in and saves his brother before then sending Hans crashing down to the mat with a huge powerbomb. After Sameer makes sure Smith is okay, Smith tells him to go climb the opposite turnbuckle... SIMULTANEOUS FROG SPLASHES TO HANS! However, Sameer doesn't go for the cover but instead looks to make sure that this is over and done with, that this war is put to bed and that Creed come out on top... CURB STOMP! Now Sameer covers Hans... ONE! TWO! THREE! HANS CLAYTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! CREED WIN THE 2019 TRADITIONAL SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH! THAT'S IT! THAT'S THE LAST PINFALL AS SAMEER GETS THE THREE COUNT TO ELIMINATE HANS! Immediately, Sameer goes over to check on his brother, Smith, who was seriously injured in the process of this match as he proves what he kept saying, that he is willing to put his body, career, and life on the line for this brotherhood, for Creed. After Sameer lifts Smith to his feet, the two celebrate after Sameer just reminded us with that performance why he was the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion just a few months ago and why he is among the best in the BPZ right now and all-time! Furthermore, despite being eliminated, Bart and Julius run down to the ring to celebrate with their brothers as they both also gave so much into this match. As BPZ Survivor Series comes to an end, the final scene is the four brothers of Creed hugging in the middle of the ring.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling This is a new diary that i came up with and i'm starting with @Gunner Flynn. I thought of this as i started wondering what happened to Lucha Underground and Blackcraft Wrestling. Both promotions had quite the similar style in terms of product but there were still many big differences. This diary takes place in February of 2019 which is a few months after Lucha Underground finished their third season. "The Preacher" (Owner of Blackcraft Wrestling) Blackcraft Wrestling presents a very dark product where a cultist only known as "The Preacher" leads the promotion with his cult and they make every attempt at stopping the "good guys". Packed with violence, hardcore matches and compelling characters Blackcraft Wrestling offers a product like no other wrestling promotion before them. Dario Cueto (Owner of Lucha Underground) Where as Lucha Underground presented a product that was similar to a drama/action series. Lucha Underground at it's prime featured some great wrestling, action, drama and very compelling storylines. Lucha Underground (from what i can recall) was lead by authority figure Dario Cueto who was often involved in storylines and was the best talkers in Lucha Underground. Lucha Underground Blackcraft Wrestling
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    Father Georgemas

    BPZ Observer

    Hello! Isn't it just amazing to be back. I am your host Jabroni the Jimmy. Wait no, Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the BPZ Observer. With Survivor Series around the corner, we are going to be giving a preview of the show. Sike! I don't wanna do a tone of work. So lets do some BPZ Twitter! That is all we have time for right now on BPZ Twitter! Be sure to come back soon for more information about your favourite and least favourite BPZ stars. I have been Jimmy the Jabroni, goodbye!
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 13th, 2019 "Wrestling is real, god is fake"- The Preacher The Preacher congratulates Johnny Blackcraft Tonight's show kicks off with The Preacher who shows up on the titantron. The Preacher is holding the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship and looking intensely into the camera. The Preacher: Congratulations, Johnny Blackcraft. You've advanced to the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry, but the work isn't done yet. Now you must witness the matches between your potential opponents and trust me if the cult get those wins we're not gonna make it easy on you at Angels Will Cry, because this belt belongs to the cult and not you. The promo ends as The Preacher walks away and the camera fades to black. Music starts playing signaling the start of our first match of tonight. PCO vs. Matt Cross vs. Our first match of the night is about to begin. PCO makes his way to the ring first and gets a huge pop from the crowd, PCO is yet to respond to Chris Dickinson's accusations from last week's Blackcraft Wrestling but it feels like tonight he will. Matt Cross comes out next and he does not look intimidated by PCO. The crowd does not react happily to Cross who looks a little shocked about the reaction of the crowd. This match was a great match to kick off tonight. The underdog in this match, Matt Cross showed some good high flying and technical ability which PCO countered well with powerful moves and quick reactions. PCO ended up being the winner after he caught Matt Cross with a powerful lariat and then finished him of with the PCOsault. PCO responds to "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson The match between PCO and Matt Cross is over. PCO pushes Cross out of the ring and gets a microphone. He looks furious as he stands in the middle of the ring. PCO: CHRIS DICKINSON! You think you have any right to make those kinds of accusations towards me? If you think you can you will face me at Angels Will Cry and show me why i shouldn't have returned to pro wrestling. If you win, i will retire from professional wrestling forever but if i win you will start respecting me and the other veterans of this business and you will stop being a whiny little cunt. PCO throws the mic down and leaves the ring, but as he's making his way to backstage, he is suprised by Chris Dickinson on the stage. Dickinson gets a chair and hits PCO on the back, PCO doesn't even flinch and instead grabs Dickinson by his throat and throws him off the stage and into the crowd. Dickinson seems to be down and out and PCO leaves as we get ready for our next match. Isla Dawn vs. Samantha Heights vs. Our next match is between two women who have yet to really prove themselves. Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring first to a chorus of cheers. Dawn waits for her opponent but for some reason she doesn't come out, Dawn starts getting angry before suddenly Samantha Heights runs out of the crowd and attacks her with Saraya Knight. They destroy Dawn and leave her unconscious in the ring, the crowd boo them as they were waiting for a fair contest but looks like they won't be getting one. This match ended quickly and it can barely even be called a match. Samantha Heights went to pin Dawn who barely kicked out at two. Heights then quickly picked her up, took her to the nearest corner and finished her off with a Diamond Dust. The Essence is formed Saraya Knight and Samantha Heights stand in the ring celebrating Samantha's win. Saraya Knight then gets a microphone. Saraya Knight: This is exactly what Blackcraft Wrestling is missing. Two badass bitches kicking ass and taking names. I will no longer bow to the new generation of women's wrestlers but i will be the one to lead them. Starting today i will take Samantha Heights to new heights and i promise to make her Blackcraft Women's Champion. Saraya Knight then drops the mic and hits Dawn with the Saraya Cradle. The Essence leave and Isla Dawn is left in the ring as Blackcraft Wrestling heads to a short break. Butcher and The Blade vs. Ink Inc. vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling comes back from commercial break we get ready for our next match. First to the ring comes Butcher and The Blade who last week made a statement by destroying multiple tag teams in a brawl that ensued after the match between oVe and The Mane Event. Butcher and The Blade get inside the ring and wait for their opponents. The music of Ink Inc. plays then Moore and Neal rush the ring and attack Andy Williams. Pepper Parks quickly fights off Jesse Neal and then Williams and Parks double team Shannon Moore quickly taking him down and sending him outside the ring. This match was a great one with both members of Ink Inc. showing excellent high flying and technical wrestling and, Butcher and The Blade being able to fight back with power moves and great teamwork. The win ended up going to Butcher and The Blade after a Buckle Bomb & Frog Splash combo from Butcher and The Blade. Butcher and The Blade celebrate as we move on to our next match. Jimmy Havoc vs. Simon Grimm vs. As Blackcraft Wrestling continues Jimmy Havoc comes out to a huge pop. Havoc makes his way to the ring quickly and he looks ready to meet his surprise opponent. The music of an unknown wrestler plays and Simon Grimm walks out. He gets a big pop but he doesn't seem to care, Grimm quickly walks to the ring. Grimm and Havoc have an intense staredown in the ring but the ref separates them as the match is yet to begin. This match was a great one as both men took each other to the limit. These two clicked very well but in the end Jimmy Havoc was able to get the victory with the Go-Home Driver. After the match the two men shake hands and Simon Grimm lifts Havoc's hand up as a sign of respect and Havoc's victory.
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    Lucha Underground x Blackcraft Wrestling February 6th 2019, Wednesday "Wrestling is real, god is fake" - The Preacher Blackcraft Wrestling begins with the entrance of The Preacher. Blackcraft Wrestling starts and the music of The Preacher plays. The Preacher walks out with his cult behind him and with a microphone in his left hand. They get showered by boos but they do not acknowledge "the unbelievers". The Preacher: Tonight, Blackcraft Wrestling begins and the first ever tag team champions shall be crowned and the first competitor in the triple threat match at Angels Will Cry will be decided. I have a strong feeling that tonight will be a successful night for Blackcraft Wrestling and the cult. With all you unbelievers watching, we shall put on a show that will be remembered for years to come. The Preacher leaves, followed by his cult. The crowd goes silent as the first match of the night is about to begin. "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson vs. "The Butcher" Andy Williams vs. The first match of the night is about to begin and "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring first. Dickinson looks ready and pumped for his match but then again he doesn't know who or what he's gonna be facing. "The Butcher" Andy Williams comes out next with his manager "The Blade" Pepper Parks. Williams has an intimidating look and feel to him and he even makes a guy like Chris Dickinson looks small. This match would turn out to be a great match. Andy Williams showcased his immense power and wrestling ability really well and Chris Dickinson followed right with him. The two battled for many minutes but eventually "The Butcher" was able to get the upper hand and bring his opponent crashing down with The Butcher Bomb. Andy Williams celebrates his win with Pepper Parks who escorts him out before Chris Dickinson can get to him. Chris Dickinson challenges PCO The match is over and Chris Dickinson is pissed off. He goes and grabs a mic and gets inside the ring. Chris Dickinson: The reason i came here tonight wasn't because i wanted to have a match against some old dude with a monocle. The reason i came here tonight was so that i could cut this promo and get something off my chest. I've been working in the independent scene for over 10 years now, i've seen a lot of things during my wrestling career, but nothing else has made me more sick to my stomach than Pierre Carl Ouelette. The man was retired and last year he just suddenly decides that he wants to come back, it doesn't work like that senior Carl. Once you're retired, you stay retired which is why i'm still wrestling. Carl... i want a match with you, and if you lose, you will retire and will never, ever be seen in this ring ever again. Dickinson drops the mic and leaves as Blackcraft Wrestling moves on to the second match of the night. Taya Valkyrie vs. Saraya Knight vs. The second match is about to begin as it's time to now showcase what the women of Blackcraft Wrestling have to offer. The two competitors fighting in this match are both very experienced and so we're expecting a great technical bout between them. Taya Valkyrie makes his entrance first, she clearly has the crowd behind him as they loudly cheer her when she gets into the ring. Saraya Knight makes her way to the ring next, she gets showered by boos but she doesn't care. Once she gets into the ring she pushes Taya Valkyrie and gets a slap for her troubles. The two start brawling and the bell rings for the match to start. The match ended up being a good one. Both women showcased many different moves and their technical ability, mixed in with some brawling which made for a great women's match. The winner would end up being Taya Valkyrie who won after hitting Saraya Knight with The Road to Valhalla. Saraya Knight disrespects Taya Valkyrie The match is over and Taya Valkyrie is celebrating. Saraya Knight gets up and Taya offers her a handshake but instead of shaking Taya's hand Saraya Knight grabs it and spits blood on it. Saraya Knight leaves the ring as the crowd boos and Taya Valkyrie looks on in disgust. Taya Valkyrie leaves the ring as we get ready for our next match. oVe vs. The Mane Event for Blackcraft Tag Team Championship vs. It's finally time for some tag team action as two teams are fighting to become the first ever Blackcraft Tag Team Champions. The Mane Event make their way to the ring first, they're still just a very new team to the indie scene but they sure as hell look ready to go. oVe comes out next looking intimidating as always with their masks on. oVe has an advantage in this match when it comes to in-ring experience and we will see if that can get them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles. This match ended up being pretty good. Both teams showed some very impressive athletisism, high flying moves and techincal wrestling. oVe was clearly the more experienced team which ended up getting them the win and the Blackcraft Tag Team titles after hitting Ganon Jones Jr. with the Irish Air Raid. The Preacher forces oVe into a match at BCW Angels Will Cry The match between oVe and The Mane Event has just ended when suddenly the music of The Preacher hits. The Preacher walks out and stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The Preacher: Congratulations on your victory Dave and Jake. However it is not over just yet, you see i had a little something else planned for you. Just as The Preacher finishes speaking the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Mane Event is gone and the team of The Headbangers appear in the ring behind them. The crowd pops hugely for this surprise and then both members of oVe turn around and look at The Headbangers in shock. The Headbangers attack oVe and a big brawl breaks out. The Preacher quickly reacts and sends in 2 cult members two attack oVe, those two cultists are revealed to be Ink Inc. in disguise. They both attack oVe and then The Headbangers. Suddenly the music of The Butcher and The Blade starts playing and Pepper Parks and Andy Williams quickly rush out and attack Ink Inc. The brawl comes to an end as Andy Williams gets out of the ring to confront The Preacher who quickly walks away. All teams leave the ringside area as we get ready for tonight's main event. Johnny Blackcraft vs. Matthew Justice vs. It is time for the main event of tonight as Johnny Blackcraft takes on Matthew Justice to decide who will be in the triple threat match that's happening. Johnny Blackcraft makes his entrance first and he enters to a huge pop. Johnny Blackcraft is looking as cocky as always, he doesn't look afraid or worried because he knows that he's got a big advantage heading into this match. Matthew Justice enters next to many boos and he looks a little mad when Justice finally gets into the ring, the booing stops and the bell rings. This match ended up being very good. Both men showed great athletisism and they had great chemistry in the ring together. In the end Johnny Blackcraft was victorious after hitting Matthew Justice with the Starship Pain. Through his win Blackcraft gets a shot at the Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship.
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    I think the character has run it's course, no one will really care if Sin Cara never ever shows up on WWE programming again and to be honest you don't really want to burden someone with that jobber luchador role. Someone like King Cuerno can legit be a top talent in the company so I don't think making him the next Sin Cara is the best idea. Just write the character off and that's that
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    Johnny Mailman

    Match of The Decade

    I will give you 5 matches that I think will still be remembered in 20 years time because of the impact they had on the business, which needs to be if you want the match to be considered the best of the decade: Taker vs Shawn at Mania 26 Cena vs Punk at MITB 2011 Okada vs Omega at WK 2017 Bayley vs Sasha Banks at Takeover Brooklyn 2? A long shot, Cody vs Dustin from Double or Nothing
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    WrestleMania 33: Night Two - April 2nd, 2017 - Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida The second night of WrestleMania 33 starts as the commentators from both RAW and SmackDown LIVE welcome us to the show, saying that tonight is the second night of the first ever two-night WrestleMania. They say that tonight, we will see blood rivalries come to a head, and in the main event, we will see potentially the biggest match ever, John Cena vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. We are turned to the RAW commentary team, who tells us that tonight, we kick things off with potentially the most personal feud in WWE history, Sister Abigail, vs Bray Wyatt in a No Disqualifications Match. The lights dim down in the arena as a single spotlight is shown onto the stage, where Sister Abigail walks out, onto the stage, dressed in wrestling tights along with her hands taped. Luke Harper and Randy Orton stand behind her, but she waves them to the back, signalling she must put down Bray Wyatt tonight herself. "Evil Ways" begins to play as a figure emerges in the darkness, being none other than Bray Wyatt himself as he walks down the ramp, getting down before he removes his hat and his jacket, a callback to the attire Wyatt donned in 2014, before he steps into the ring, going face-to-face with Abigail. We haven't seen Wyatt in weeks, and now he finally returns following the shocking beatdown by Orton and Harper, trying to defeat Sister Abigail... No Disqualifications Bray Wyatt vs Sister Abigail The bell would ring as Bray Wyatt would run at Sister Abigail, but Abigail would dodge before tackling Wyatt and beginning to send punches at The Eater Of Worlds, before Wyatt pushed her off and connected with a Crossbody! Abigail just got crushed under the weight of Wyatt, and now he lifts her to her feet, bouncing off of the ropes but Abigail catches Wyatt with a knee to the face! Abigail then bounces off of the ropes and hits yet another knee to the face, knocking Bray down! Sister Abigail goes to the outside, grabbing a steel chair, as she slides back into the ring and begins to hit Wyatt over and over again, The Eater of Worlds then takes Sister Abigail's head off with a clothesline! Wyatt pulls Paige up, putting her into the corner as he bounces off of the opposite turnbuckle before crushing Paige in the corner, before he connects on a Release Snap Suplex, just tossing her around the ring. As Bray Wyatt picked her up once again, she headbutted The Eater of Worlds before snap suplexing him and then grabbing a-oh my god! Sister Abigail grabs light tubes! And she slides into the ring... BEFORE SMASHING ONE ON THE HEAD OF BRAY WYATT! Sister Abigail goes down into the cover: One... Two... No! Bray Wyatt somehow kicks out, despite the blood pouring down the face of The Eater of Worlds. Sister Abigail picks Wyatt up, putting him in the corner as she grabs a steel chair, beginning to throw shots at the gut of Wyatt before Wyatt catches the chair, pushing Abigail back before following it up with a knee to the face before he goes for a Running Senton... But Abigail dodges! Sister Abigail rolls out of the way before getting to her feet, and catching Bray Wyatt with a Thrust Kick, stunning him and knocking him through the middle rope, as Wyatt gets back to his feet on the outside, and Abigail bounces off of the ropes... and HITS A SUICIDE DIVE ONTO BRAY WYATT! Sister Abigail then follows it up with a Steel Chair shot to the face of Bray Wyatt! Paige tries to hit another, but Wyatt catches the chair and reverses momentum, sending Paige into the barricade before he runs and SPEARS HER THROUGH THE BARRICADE! OH MY GOD! Bray Wyatt just speared Sister Abigail through the barricade! Bray Wyatt lays on top of Sister Abigail, being exhausted himself as these two have caused carnage and wreckage here at WrestleMania. Bray Wyatt gets to his feet, as he grabs Abigail, slinging her over his shoulder as he places her back into the ring, before he pulls off some of the ring mat, exposing the hard part of the ring as he then pulls Sister Abigail to her feet, as he grabs her in DDT position, before planting her head onto the mat, and Sister Abigail begins to bleed! The commentators all look in the ring, horrified as Bray Wyatt continues to just dismantle the woman formerly known as Paige, showing no emotions whatsoever as Abigail makes it to her knees, and the commentators all scream for Bray to end it, but instead, Bray just headbutts her! Sister Abigail's cut gets wider and wider as blood spills onto the canvas, and Bray exits the ring once again, now grabbing a table along with steel steps, as he sets up the steel steps under the table, and pulls Abigail to her feet as he now sets her up... AND PUTS HER THROUGH THE TABLE, ONTO THE STEEL STEPS WITH A URANAGE SLAM! Bray Wyatt's eyes grow wide as the crowd here tonight has gone absolutely silent, knowing that Bray Wyatt has destroyed Sister Abigail, exorcising his demons from himself as he now grabs a light tube and a microphone, getting ready to swing... before... The lights go out, as we all know what's next as both Randy Orton and Luke Harper now appear in the ring, as Bray Wyatt smiles devilishly for some reason, before he raises the microphone and begins to speak. Bray Wyatt: It's time for you both to face a harsh truth, and that harsh truth is that this woman, whoever she is, is not the spirit of Abigail. And another harsh truth, Harper, Randy Orton is nothing more than a snake, not a brother to you, he will turn on you the instant he sees something going wrong. And that is why I am giving you an opportunity to come home, Luke. I'm giving you an opportunity to return to me, your rightful master. And for months, I've been training someone, I've gained a new student who would like to learn our ways, and his training is complete. Luke, all you have to do, is let go... The lights once again go out, as for ten seconds, the crowd is left confused before they come back on, and everyone at WrestleMania, everyone watching WrestleMania, is left with their jaws dropping to the floor as Wyatt's new student is revealed. The man formerly known as Pentagon Dark sits on his knees in the middle of the ring, in front of Bray Wyatt as the crowd goes crazy for the emergence of the indy star, before Randy Orton goes to attack him, but Pentagon dodges a punch and catches Orton with a Superkick, before he turns him over.... AND SNAPS THE VIPER'S ARM! Oh my god! Pentagon just snapped Randy Orton's arm! And now, Bray Wyatt tells Luke Harper that he must finish Sister Abigail off, with his most deadly move, and Harper begins to walk over to Abigail... NO! Bray Wyatt just hit the newly named Dark Passage on Luke Harper! He sits on his knees in the middle of the ring, the crowd utterly confused as Wyatt now points at Abigail, looking at his new student in Pentagon, before Pentagon goes over, turning Abigail over before setting her up... AND SNAPPING HER ARM! Pentagon flips backwards onto his knees, showing loyalty to his master as Bray Wyatt now covers Sister Abigail: One... Two... Three. And with that three count, a chapter that has plagued Bray Wyatt his whole life comes to an end, and a new one begins. Pentagon's master, Bray Wyatt just defeated his ultimate foe. Your Winner Via Pinfall (Arm Snap) @ 24:56, "The Eater of Worlds", Bray Wyatt! Bray Wyatt stands up, spreading his arms out as Pentagon sits on one knee, taking in his master as tonight at WrestleMania, The Wyatt Family is no more, and a new era of the Wyatt name begins with Bray Wyatt and Pentagon. As we return, even the commentators are confused as to what just transpired in front of them as the viewers are. Bray Wyatt, has been training Pentagon for months it seems, and now, The Wyatt Family has dissolved and is no more, and you have to wonder if we will ever see Randy Orton or Paige ever again. But now we're turned to the SmackDown commentators as it's time for Cruiserweight Division action, the champion Cedric Alexander defending his title he won in the Cruiserweight Classic against The Greatest Man To Ever Live, Austin Aries. A guitar rift plays throughout the stadium here in Orlando as the stadium is now "graced" by the presence of tonight's Cruiserweight Championship challenger, The Greatest Man To Ever Live, Austin Aries! Aries stands on the stage, smirking and letting the fans take in his presence before he begins to walk down the ramp. Austin Aries gets into the ring as he stands in the center now, holding his arms out as he lets the crowd boo him, as Aries will have a tough task in defeating the Cruiserweight Champion, who seems unbeatable since getting his title back from Finn Balor in October. The Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander steps onto the stage with the title around his waist as the crowd pours in the cheers for the undisputed most popular cruiserweight in the division. Alexander walks down the stage, having dreamed about this moment at WrestleMania as he gets into the ring before going face-to-face with Austin Aries, backing into his corner before waiting for the match to begin. Cruiserweight Championship Cedric Alexander(c) vs Austin Aries Cedric Alexander and Austin Aries would lock up, as Austin Aries took Cedric into a headlock, as Austin Aries talked trash to Cedric before The Lumbar Legacy began to elbow him in the gut, before catching him with a dropkick, but Aries bounces off of the ropes and knees him in the face, before bouncing off of the ropes for his Discus Elbow, but Cedric Alexander backflips and dodges one of Aries' most deadly moves. Instead, Alexander spins and kicks Aries in the gut, as Aries shows the force of the kick before Alexander hits two forearms to the face of Aries, then dodges a clothesline and springboards off of the ropes and connects on a huge Moonsault! Cedric Alexander then picks up Austin Aries, before bouncing him off of the ropes, going for a Michinoku Driver, but Aries reverses with a forearm to the face before irish-whipping the Cruiserweight Champion into the corner... And running and connecting on a Running Dropkick! Austin Aries would then execute a monkey flip, as Cedric hit the mat face-first before Austin Aries charged at him and connected with a Sliding Uppercut, continuing his all-out assault on Cedric Alexander, trying to capture the Cruiserweight Championship. Austin Aries then once again sets up for it... AND CONNECTS! OH MY! He hit the Discus Elbow! Austin Aries into the cover: One... Two... No! Cedric Alexander lifts his shoulder up at two, surviving one of Aries' deadly moves as Aries shows some frustration but clearly isn't that worried by the kickout. Aries picks Cedric Alexander up and begins to hit chop after chop, before going for a Snap Suplex, but Alexander blocks before hitting a Suplex of his own! Cedric Alexander with some life now as he kips up and gets ready, running and hitting a Standing Shooting Star Press! Alexander goes into the cover: One... Two.. TH-No! Austin Aries lifts the shoulder up and continues the match and now Cedric Alexander gets to his feet, wasting no time as he grabs Austin Aries into position, trying to hit the one move no one has ever kicked out of - The Lumbar Check... But Aries with elbows to the side of Alexander's head before bouncing off of the ropes and nailing a dropkick that sends Alexander to the outside before he sets it up... HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! Austin Aries, wasting no time, slides Alexander back into the ring as he slides in behind him, grabbing him and setting him up for a Brainbuster.... NO! Alexander flips out, before gutkicking Aries and hitting a few forearms, but a swift kick to Alexander's knee by Aries puts the Cruiserweight Champion on the canvas as Austin Aries follows it up with a Running Knee to the back of the temple! Aries gets Alexander up, going for the Brainbuster.... AND HE HITS IT! Aries drops down into the cover: One... Two... NO! CEDRIC ALEXANDER GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! WHAT A SAVE BY ALEXANDER! Aries' frustration finally shows as he shoves the referee, talking trash, as the referee insists that Cedric Alexander got his foot on the ropes and Aries refutes it, SPITTING IN THE REFEREE'S FACE! ALEXANDER FROM BEHIND! OH MY GOD! THE LUMBAR CHECK! Cedric Alexander into the cover and that's gotta be it, no one has ever kicked out of the lethal finisher of the Cruiserweight Champion - One... Two... THREE! WAIT! NO! Austin Aries kicked out! HE KICKED OUT OF THE LUMBAR CHECK! HOW!? The crowd looks on in shock as does Alexander himself as the first ever man to kick out of the Lumbar Check just did it. As Alexander goes to the apron, he seemingly sets up for his Springboard Clothesline which is usually followed by the Lumbar Check... And as Aries stands up, turning around... HE HITS THE ROPE! And now Cedric Alexander's sternum feels the wrath of the ropes as he bounces off of it and falls onto his back onto the canvas! Seeing an opportunity, Aries stomps viciously into Alexander's back before rolling over... THE LAST CHANCERY! Aries' lethal submission is locked in! Alexander struggles, trying to put his foot on the rope behind him but isn't able to as he contemplates tapping out, considering his air-supply is limited by this submission... But the heart of Cedric Alexander shows as he refuses to tap, and finally, his body goes limp, his eyes shut, and the referee stops the match, and we have a new Cruiserweight Champion here tonight at WrestleMania! Your Winner Via Submission (Last Chancery) @ 14:12, and NEW Cruiserweight Champion, "The Greatest Man To Ever Live", Austin Aries! Austin Aries describes himself as greatness personified, and he lets out a huge smirk as he's handed the title, raising it with his right hand while his left is open, letting the fans boo him as they all believed Cedric Alexander would pull through and win tonight, but ultimately, Austin Aries trapped Alexander and made him fade, but what an effort by Alexander here tonight... Following break, the RAW commentators would show humbleness by showing their appreciation for the last match, saying that it was a coming out party for the Cruiserweights and showed us what they can really do. Next, they hype up a dream match, as Kurt Angle defends the pride of America in a match with Rusev, for Rusev's United States Championship. The Olympic Gold Medalist himself, Kurt Angle, makes his way out to the stage as he has the American flag behind him tonight. Tonight, he will attempt to dethrone Rusev and stop this monster's unbeatable run which has included victories over the likes of Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, and even Brock Lesnar, who hasn't been seen since his defeat at SummerSlam. But tonight it's Kurt Angle who is set in front of Rusev and there's a very real possibility that Angle defeats Rusev. Despite being older, Angle's one thing he has is his pride of America and tonight that will be tested against a man who is known to despise the country in The Brute, Rusev. The music of The Union plays, as the United States Champion, Rusev comes out to the stage with his tag team partner, Sheamus, at his side. Together known as The Union, these two have had rampages over RAW and they haven't found anyone who can stop them, but tonight, Kurt Angle could take the one thing that officially puts them at the top of RAW - The United States Championship. The two men walk down the ramp as Rusev gets into the ring, unstrapping the United States Championship and tossing it onto the canvas before stepping on it, drawing the ire of Kurt Angle who goes to charge Rusev, but is stopped by the referee and it's very clear that Rusev's game-plan is to use Angle's emotions against him tonight. United States Championship Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle As the bell rang, Angle charged Rusev and took him down before beginning to hit him with punch after punch before Rusev pushed him off and escaped the ring, standing side by side with Sheamus on the outside. Kurt Angle dared The Brute to re-enter the ring, and he accepted, running towards it before stopping and grabbing Angle's legs and pulling him out before throwing him into the steel steps. Rusev would get into the ring and taunt the pro-Angle crowd as Angle laid outside, and as Angle made it to his feet, Rusev distracted the referee and Sheamus laid out Angle again with a huge Brogue Kick! Sheamus just hit the Brogue Kick on Angle, and the referee didn't see because of Rusev's distractions! Rusev goes to the outside and grabs Kurt Angle, rolling him into the ring as he follows. Rusev sets Angle up for his Jumping Superkick... BUT ANGLE CATCHES HIS LEG AND LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK! Fortunately for Rusev, he's able to reach the ropes right away before any damage can be done and the hold is broken. Kurt Angle grabs Rusev for a German Suplex, but midway, Rusev counters and hits Angle with an Arm Drag before running at The American Hero and hitting him with a huge Body Press, knocking him down before he then goes for his Bulplex... AND CONNECTS on it! As Rusev continues to dominate Angle, the commentators wonder if his age is catching up to him, before Rusev gets Angle up for a belly-to-belly, but Angle reverses and hits a Belly-To-Belly of his own! Angle then picks up Rusev, hooking his waist and connecting on a German Suplex, rolling over, and deadlifting Rusev into a second! Cover by Angle: One... Two... No! Angle looks on, disappointed as he thought he could catch Rusev off guard. The Olympic Gold Medalist picks up The Brute, but Rusev quickly fights him off before hitting a huge shoulder tackle, and lining up in the corner... SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Rusev covers Angle: One... Two... NO! Rusev lays on the mat in shock as Kurt Angle is barely moving yet kicked out of one of the most devastating kicks Rusev has ever delivered, and Angle's body went limp upon contact of the foot. Rusev picks Angle up, as he sets up for another kick, but Angle reverses out before hitting a Belly-To-Belly! Angle connects with a knee drop to Rusev's head, which brings The Brute to his feet before Angle grabs him, pushing him off of the ropes before connecting on a dropkick! The crowd grows in excitement as Angle picks up Rusev, as he signals for the finish... ANGLE SLAM FROM KURT ANGLE! COVER: ONE... TWO.... THRE- NO! RUSEV KICKS OUT! The Brute kicks out, and the crowd boos in disgust as Rusev's partner, Sheamus stands on the outside, smirking at his friend's kick-out as Kurt Angle sits on his knees, hands on his head wondering what he must do to take Rusev down. Rusev begins to get to his feet, as Angle sets up for another one... No! Rusev flips out and catches Angle with a huge Roundhouse Kick! Rusev immediately stomps on Angle's back, straightening him out as Rusev steps on top of Angle before locking in the deadly Accolade! Rusev has the submission locked on tight as Angle struggles, and continues to, before the unthinkable happens. Kurt Angle taps out. Your Winner Via Submission (The Accolade) @ 9:51, and STILL United States Champion, "The Brute", Rusev! The crowd breaks out into boos as the hold is released, Rusev stands up, a mixture of happiness and cockiness filling his face and expression as he is handed the United States Championship, and laying in the ring is none other than an ashamed Kurt Angle, who disappointed his country right now and tapped out. Disappointment in the eyes of the fans is all we see as we return and we can hear the sadness in the commentators voices as they turn us over to the preshow panel, who recaps the preshow match that happened early tonight. Following that recap, the SmackDown Commentary Team was on call for this one, a story months in the making - Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Just back in October, these two main evented No Mercy, the first-ever PPV main-event by women, and the first-ever Hell In A Cell Match with Women. And in that match, Sasha Banks prevailed with her championship after a Frog Splash through a table on The Hugger. Now, 5 months later, Bayley has an opportunity for revenge and retribution, and her first main roster championship, but Sasha Banks has been champion for 10 months for a reason. A fan-favorite with the crowd, as her music plays, the WrestleMania 70+ thousand burst into cheers for The Hugger as she comes out to the stage, looking both emotional and serious, competing on this stage with such a big match here tonight. Bayley walks down the ramp, getting into the ring as a famliar sight pops up... The SmackDown Women's Champion herself, Sasha Banks makes her way out to the stage with the championship in her left hand, as she then raises it with two hands to boos from the Orlando Crowd. "The Boss" walks down the ramp, no Peyton Royce or Billie Kay in sight, sliding into the ring and doing what she does best, shoving the title in Bayley's face as Sasha then backs up and smirks, before handing the belt to the referee. SmackDown Women's Championship Sasha Banks(c) vs Bayley Sasha Banks and Bayley would lock up, as Sasha immediately took her into a headlock before Sasha grabbed Bayley and smashed her face into Sasha's knee, as Sasha then covered quickly: One... Two.. NO! Bayley kicks out at two, and the crowd breathes a sigh of relief as they believed Sasha had caught Bayley off guard with that knee to the face, but she hadn't. Sasha would pick Bayley up, but The Hugger began to fight her off with punch after punch before Bayley hit a Snap Suplex on Sasha then catching her with a knee drop to the face! Bayley covered: One... No! Sasha would kick out a one, just showing how much it will take to take the SmackDown Women's Championship from Sasha. Bayley picks up The Boss, but Sasha quickly kicks her off before clotheslining her out of the ring, and as Bayley falls to the ground, Sasha sees a huge opportunity, as she bounces off of the ropes... AND HITS A HUGE SUICIDE DIVE! But it's Sasha who takes the worst of the fall as she falls onto her neck! Sasha gets to her feet first, albeit dazed as she picks up Bayley, rolling her into the ring as Sasha slides in behind, trying to lock in the Bank Statement, but elbows to the side of Sasha's head forces her to let go before Bayley hits a huge dropkick then catches Sasha with an Irish Whip into the corner, before she puts Sasha in tree of woe position... and climbs the top rope, before stepping over to the side... AND HITTING AN ELBOW TO SASHA IN TREE OF WOE POSITION! Sasha is knocked onto her injured neck as Bayley begins to take advantage, stomping her, knowing she must show no remorse, just like Sasha would, to defeat The Boss. Bayley sets up for the Bayley-To-Belly, but Sasha reverses into an armdrag before running at Bayley with a Running Clothesline, but Bayley runs at her at the same time, and the two collide and both go down to the canvas. With both down, the referee begins count: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5.... 6... But Sasha begins to get to her feet, and she runs at Bayley, but Bayley dodges her boot before rolling her up: One... Two... No! Sasha kicks out, but Bayley follows it up with a back elbow to Sasha's head, before she picks Sasha up... BAYLEY-TO-BELLY! Cover by Bayley: One... Two... NO! BAYLEY IS SHOCKED AS SASHA BANKS KICKS OUT! Bayley has her hands on her head as she struggles to understand Sasha's willpower to be able to kick out as now Bayley sets up for the Bayley-To-Belly, but Sasha counters outta nowhere with a Rana before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a Pop-Up Double Knees to the face! Sasha pulls Bayley into the corner, putting her in a straight line across the second turnbuckle as Sasha taunts the fans before jumping up... AND DOWN, DRIVING HER KNEES INTO THE SPINE OF BAYLEY AS BAYLEY FALLS DOWN TO THE CANVAS! Sasha smirks, as she now picks up Bayley, hitting a Backstabber before flipping over... BANK STATEMENT LOCKED IN! Bayley struggles in the Bank Statement, as Sasha continues to pull more and more, trying to make Bayley submit on the Grandest Stage Of Them All, but The Hugger says no everytime she's asked, and she begins to make it towards the ropes... AND SHE DOES! Bayley forces the hold to be broken, but Sasha refuses to break the hold and that moment Bayley had the hold is gone as Sasha pulls her back into the middle of the ring, but Bayley once again forces herself to the ropes as Sasha gets mad, breaking the hold before going to the top rope for her other finishing move, the Frog Splash... But Bayley gets to her feet, realizing the danger as she begins to punch Sasha over and over again before she finally nails one that sits Sasha down on the top rope, as Bayley turns her around, and climbs herself... Oh no... THIS MOMENT IS SIMLIAR TO THE ONE IN NXT, AND IT'S EXACTLY LIKE IT! But this time, as Sasha gets to her feet, she immediately falls back down, the force of the move having hurt her neck a lot as Bayley now realizes that Sasha is down as Bayley climbs the top rope, right in front of Sasha, as Bayley raises her arm, similar to Macho Man, 30 years after he defeated Ricky Steamboat... ELBOW DROP TO SASHA! BAYLEY COVERS: ONE... TWO.... THREE! WE HAVE A NEW SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION! Your Winner Via Pinfall (Elbow Drop) @ 21:32, and NEW SmackDown Women's Champion, "The Hugger", Bayley! Bayley stands up, as she's handed the SmackDown Women's Championship and she holds it up with one arm to a huge ovation, before Sasha Banks stands up, nodding at Bayley in a sign of respect before Banks leaves the ring and allows Bayley to have the ring to herself. Following Bayley's heartfelt SmackDown Women's Title win, the RAW commentators hyped up a huge match for one of their prestigious titles, the RAW Tag Team Championships, being defended by The Revival in a Ladder Match, against American Alpha and The Vaudevillains. The RAW Tag Team Champions are the first ones out here tonight, and the commentators make it aware that The Revival have requested to enter first tonight as they are all about business at WrestleMania, not the glitz and glamour. The Revival get into the ring and hold up their tag titles as they now await their opponents, facing their toughest test since becoming champions in the Elimination Chamber Match. The charismatic, fan-favorite duo of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan make their way down to the ring, as they have unsuccessfully challenged The Revival before, but this is their chance to make things right and claim their first RAW Tag Team Championship... American Alpha gets into the faces of The Revival, who trash talks them before pushing them away and the two teams await the third team involved. The most interesting (not in a good way) duo of the three makes their way out to the stage, as The Vaudevillains stand on the stage. The former RAW Tag Team Champions that ended the 10 month reign of The New Day looks to regain that fortunate here tonight as they will be without manager William Regal. The team gets into the ring and looks both teams down before saying to begin the match. RAW Tag Team Championships The Revival vs American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains The teams square up to fight, as they are ready to go to work and try and capture the RAW Tag Team Championships, but then an unexpected theme hits as the fans go wild... The official hosts of WrestleMania 33, The New Day all come out to the stage with their in-ring attires on, leading the commentary team to believe they're in the match... But instead, they begin to talk. Xavier Woods: We have breaking news, per RAW General Manager Shawn Michaels, that there is indeed fourth team in this match... OH... MY... GOD! The Hardyz! Matt and Jeff are back! Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy come onto the stage, the fans going wild as the crowd is in shock at the fact that the Hardy Boyz are here tonight! The two walk down to the stage as they get into the ring and immediately go after The Revival, and American Alpha and The Vaudevillains begin to brawl on the other side of the ring! The Hardyz take The Revival out of the ring immediately before Jeff Hardy dropkicks Scott Dawson into the barricade, and Matt Hardy backsuplexes Dash Wilder onto it, hurting his back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan show how far they have come, completely dominating The Vaudevillains, with their various suplexes before American Alpha grabs a Ladder, and begins to climb, but The Vaudevillains pull Gable down and hit a Running Uppercut/Leg Sweep Combo! Jason Jordan tries to attack both, but instead he's taken down. On the outside, The Revival have taken over with ladder shots to both of The Hardy Boyz as they now drive the ladder into the gut of Jeff Hardy, before they double suplex Matt Hardy onto a ladder! The Revival slide into the ring, trying to climb the ladder, but The Vaudevillains intercept, and The Revival nail the Shatter Machine on Aiden English! The ladder is set up in the corner, as Simon Gotch begins to climb, but Dash Wilder climbs on the other side, while Scott Dawson gets Gotch in Powerbomb position... AND DASH WILDER HITS A HUGE RIGHT HAND, AND DAWSON BRINGS GOTCH DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A SICKENING POWERBOMB TO THE MAT! The Revival adjust the ladder, and bring it to the center of the ring where they now begin to climb both sides, but Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are to their feet, as they go to grab the ankles of both members of The Revival, and The Revival kicks them both down, but Jeff Hardy springboards in, dropkicking Scott Dawson off of the ladder! Suddenly, The Vaudevillains come in outta nowhere, throwing American Alpha out of the ring, along with the other teams, before Jeff Hardy is the only man left in the ring as JEFF HARDY DIVES OUT ONTO ALL OF THE TEAMS! Jeff Hardy now sets up two ladders on the apron, as he grabs Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, putting them both on the ladder, as he helps Matt Hardy up to his feet... and slides Matt Hardy into the ring, before Jeff Hardy sets up a Ladder in front of the two ladders on the apron... And begins to climb, while Matt Hardy is in the ring, but Scott Dawson tries to combat Matt Hardy on the ladder... AND MATT HARDY HITS A TWIST OF FATE OFF OF THE LADDER! Meanwhile, Matt Hardy gives Jeff a thumbs up... AND JEFF JUMPS OFF AND HITS A SWANTON BOMB THROUGH BOTH LADDERS, DESTROYING AMERICAN ALPHA! As Matt Hardy begins to climb, no one is up, as Matt Hardy grabs one RAW Tag Team Title.. AND THE OTHER! The Hardyz are the RAW Tag Team Champions! Your Winners Via Pinfall (Twist of Fate) @ 12:08, and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions, The Hardyz! Jeff Hardy joins Matt Hardy in the ring, as Matt gives him a belt and the new RAW Tag Team Champions celebrate their huge win here at WrestleMania. After all these years, The Hardyz have returned and they are the RAW Tag Team Champions! The Hardyz have returned to WWE, and they have captured the RAW Tag Team Championships, but right now... It's time for an Unsanctioned Match, it's time for a blood rivalry to come to it's head. Triple H vs Seth Rollins, teacher vs student. Triple H cost Seth Rollins the Royal Rumble back in January, after Triple H claimed Seth Rollins had lost his edge and was no longer the future of the WWE. Triple H set his "destroyer" off on Seth Rollins, that being The Destroyer, Samoa Joe. Now, after HBK wouldn't clear Seth Rollins for a match, HHH challenged him to an Unsanctioned Match, which Seth agreed to. Now, we're at WrestleMania, where Seth Rollins will be able to prove he was better than his teacher. To the shock of everyone, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ride out to the stage on a motorcycle, peering into the eyes of the fans as the boos reign in for the power hungry couple, Stephanie being the Commissioner of RAW and Triple H being the COO of the WWE. The two get off of the motorcycle, as they get into the ring before Triple H reveals something he's been holding, his signature Sledgehammer as he stands in the ring, awaiting Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins makes his way out to the stage, a white and gold attire on, along with a fire torch! Seth Rollins lifts it into the air to a huge ovation as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon look on, disgusted with what Seth Rollins is implying. Seth Rollins walks down the ramp, grabbing a steel chair to combat Triple H's sledgehammer as the two staredown, the referee preparing to begin the match. Unsanctioned Match Seth Rollins vs Triple H Triple H would swing his sledgehammer at Seth Rollins immediately, but Seth Rollins would avoid it with his chair before driving the chair into the gut of Triple H, before swinging the chair onto his back and forcing him onto all-fours on the canvas, before doing it again and completely sending him down! Seth Rollins begins to trash-talk Stephanie McMahon, as Stephanie McMahon snarls at Seth, before Seth returns to beating down her husband. Seth Rollins connects with a stomp to the gut of Triple H, which forces him to his feet before Seth Rollins grabs him, going for a DDT, but The Game forces out with punches to the gut before hitting shoot punches to the face of Rollins, which after three in a row, knock him down. Triple H then bounces off of the ropes and drops his knee onto the back of Rollins' head, before Triple H grabs the steel chair and begins to hit him with hit over and over again, before picking up The Kingslayer and going for a Fisherman's Suplex, and connects, before The Game grabs the knee of Seth Rollins, dragging him out of the ring before slamming it against the ring post! Triple H begins to tear apart the announce table, as he deadlifts Seth Rollins onto it, before hopping onto it himself... And out of nowhere, Seth hits Triple H with a knee to the face before setting him up for Triple H's own finisher, and one Seth has adopted, the Pedigree, before Triple H hits the leg of Seth Rollins before dropping him on the table with a huge DDT! Triple H is down for a few moments before Seth is dragged off of the table by Triple H, as The King of Kings puts him into the ring, sliding in behind him as Seth Rollins throws a wild clothesline, as Triple H just dodges before nailing a huge Spinebuster! Triple H into the cover: One... Two... No! Seth Rollins kicks out, even with his injured knee as Triple H begins to target the knee, stomping on it before he picks Seth Rollins up, putting him in the corner as he hits chop after chop, before bouncing Rollins off of the ropes and hitting a huge knee to the face of Rollins! Triple H now grabs a table, setting it up inside the ring as he looks to put Rollins through the table... But instead he throws it out of the ring, and it stands up itself. Rollins fights Triple H off before hitting an Enzugiri to HHH, knocking him through the middle rope before Seth Rollins notices where Triple H is positioned... AND BOUNCES OFF OF THE ROPES BEFORE DIVING ON TRIPLE H! Seth Rollins is fired up, before he's hit in the back of the head with the Sledgehammer.... BY STEPHANIE MCMAHON! Stephanie McMahon isn't supposed to be getting involved, and now Stephanie signals to the back... It's Samoa Joe! The Destroyer is making his way down the ramp, and it doesn't look like he's here to help Seth... And Samoa Joe immediately hits an Uranage through the table, breaking it! Seth Rollins is down and out! Samoa Joe helps Triple H to his feet, as the two roll Seth Rollins into the ring as they begin to toy with him, stomping away at him as they know that Seth Rollins has created so many enemies in his time with The Authority, that no one will come to The Kingslayer's aid tonight. Samoa Joe picks up Seth Rollins, hitting chops and strikes to his chest before Seth Rollins swings on him and a clothesline to the back of the head by Triple H floors him. Triple H picks him up, rolling both arms behind his back as Samoa Joe elbows him in the face hard, before Joe and Triple H switch positions as Triple H begins to punch him over and over again, screaming the same phrase everytime: "YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF". Triple H irishwhips Seth Rollins into the corner, as Samoa Joe runs at him with a back elbow, before hitting an Enzugiri, and passing him over to Triple H who hits yet another Spinebuster. After stomping on him a few more times, the duo takes a moment to taunt as the boos reign in from the Orlando fans, as Triple H puts Seth Rollins under both of his thighs, hooking his arms for the deadly Pedigree, knowing that this is this end for Seth Rollins... No... no... IT CAN'T BE! BUT IT IS! THE PROFESSIONAL, CESARO! The former World Heavyweight Champion, having lost the title to Dean Ambrose last night, runs out to the stage, nodding before running down the ramp, sliding into the ring and taking out Samoa Joe with an uppercut! Triple H, in shock, can't act at first, but he runs at Cesaro who ducks a clothesline before springboarding off of the ropes and hitting an Uppercut! Cesaro helps Seth Rollins to his feet, as Cesaro goes to the outside, handling Samoa Joe, as we're turned back into action in the ring, as Seth Rollins connects with a Superkick to Triple H while he's on the mat... As Cesaro drives Samoa Joe into the barricade with a belly-to-belly suplex before doing a Cannonball Senton into the barricade, limiting Joe's offense, while in the ring, The Kingslayer measures Triple H, before climbing the top rope to the applause of the fans, jumping off.... AND HITTING A FROG SPLASH ONTO TRIPLE H! Seth Rollins flips Triple H over into the cover: One... Two... NO! Triple H kicks out, as Samoa Joe now catches Cesaro with a headbutt before throwing him into the steel steps on the outside as he now distracts Seth Rollins... And then, Seth turns around... TRIPLE H WITH THE PEDIGREE! HHH INTO THE COVER! One... Two... THRE-NO! SETH ROLLINS KICKED OUT AT THE LAST MOMENT POSSIBLE, AS TRIPLE H LOOKS ON WITH SHOCK, WHILE THE CAMPING WORLD STADIUM IS ROCKING FOR THE KICKOUT! Seth Rollins gets to his feet, as him and Triple H staredown, and Samoa Joe slides into the ring, presenting a two-on-one situation for Seth Rollins, BEFORE CESARO ONCE AGAIN COMES TO THE AID OF HIM, PULLING SAMOA JOE OUT OF THE RING! Triple H turns around, distracted as Cesaro backdrops Samoa Joe through the table Triple H threw out of the ring earlier! With Triple H distracted, Seth Rollins grabs him into a Wristlock before spinning him around into a Knee Strike! Seth Rollins immediately picks Triple H up, who is dazed, before turning him around and nailing a Pedigree! SETH ROLLINS INTO THE COVER: ONE... TWO... THREE! Seth Rollins has defeated Triple H at WrestleMania tonight, and it's thanks to a huge assist from Cesaro. Stephanie McMahon looks disgusted on the outside, as Cesaro walks by, flashing a smirk at the RAW Commissioner as Cesaro nods at Seth Rollins, who nods back... Your Winner Via Pinfall (Pedigree) @ 17:12, "The Kingslayer", Seth Rollins! But tonight it's about Seth Rollins, and the student has beaten the teacher at WrestleMania. Unfortunately for Rollins, this is far from over with Stephanie McMahon still being in charge of him and Cesaro. What punishment awaits them tomorrow night on RAW, we'll see, but for now, Seth Rollins is victorious... Seth Rollins has defeated Triple H, that's something we know, but now, we switch gears. It's time for the TRUE Main Event of WrestleMania 33, The Big Dog vs The Franchise, Roman Reigns vs John Cena. These two have been set on a collision course ever since Roman Reigns broke out as the "New Face of the WWE", with John Cena taking offense to the fact that he is still the Face of the WWE, and Cena doesn't believe Reigns has what it takes... As the video package ends, we're turned to Mauro Ranallo, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Renee Young. They all say that this could possibly be the biggest match in WWE history, before we're turned to the stage for the entrances. The Franchise, John Cena walks out to the stage, ready for possibly the biggest match in his career. Cena defied the odds and won the Royal Rumble Match in the dwindling days of his career, and now he has an opportunity to win his 16th WWE Championship here tonight on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Cena gets down to the ring, knowing that with his outside opportunities growing that this could be his last WrestleMania match. Cena now stands in the ring, awaiting the WWE Champion... And now, the WWE Champion himself, Roman Reigns walks out onto the stage as he stands in front of the seventy-plus thousand here for Night Two of WrestleMania. Reigns throws the title up with his hand to show off his gold as the crowd lets a mixed reaction go through the stadium. Reigns walks down the ramp, taking his time as he gets to the apron, stepping up onto the apron before getting in and getting nose-to-nose with Cena. These two have been forced to team up in the past few weeks and now, they face off. You could argue that the winner of this match is the Face of the WWE... WWE Championship Roman Reigns(c) vs John Cena As the bell rings, Cena and Reigns meet in the center of the ring, nose-to-nose, as the fans go wild. This is a dream match for many and now it's finally happening, here at WrestleMania 33. Cena and Reigns begin to talk trash, before they peer to opposite sides, looking at the crowd cheering them, before Cena unloads with a right hand and we're off! Reigns quickly responds with a right hand of his own, as they continue to trade punches before Reigns goes for a clothesline, misses, before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a Jumping variation of a clothesline! Reigns picks up Cena, putting him in the corner as he walks over to the corner, hitting clothesline after clothesline before he throws Cena out of the corner, and Cena slides before running at Reigns, but Reigns dodges before hitting a Back Elbow then snap suplexing Cena! Reigns is dominating Cena out of the gate! Reigns picks up Cena, but Cena lifts Reigns onto his shoulders... No! Reigns with elbows before he irish-whips Cena into the ropes.. But Cena responds with a Shoulder Block before quickly nailing the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Reigns gets to his feet, as Cena clotheslines Roman Reigns out of the ring as he now follows. Cena begins to punch Reigns, who is now draped over the announce table following a pair of heavy right hands, before Cena slams Reigns into the steel steps before doing the same onto the announce table, and now Cena lifts Reigns onto his shoulders... But once again Reigns moves out, hitting Cena with multiple punches, putting Cena under his legs, lifting him up into Powerbomb position... And The Franchise counters out with punches, stunning The Big Dog as Cena quickly gets Reigns onto his shoulders before dropping him through the announce table with an Attitude Adjustment! With the announce table broken, Cena takes a break as the referee reaches a 7 count, and John Cena now rolls in the ring and back out, resetting the count as Reigns is still motionless following the Attitude Adjustment through the table. John Cena grabs the hair of Roman Reigns, pulling him to his feet, as he rolls The Big Dog back into the ring, following him as Cena goes into the cover: One... Two... No! Roman Reigns kicks out and keeps the match alive, to the shock of many, including John Cena, as Cena picks him up, putting Reigns in the corner as he puts him on the top rope, going for a Superplex... And he connects! Cena with the superplex to Reigns as Cena gets to his feet almost immediately, showing off his strength as John Cena now sets it up... Back Spinout Powerbomb to Roman Reigns! It's now all John Cena as Cena's AA through the announce table has really affected Roman Reigns, and now Cena just begins to unload with more right hands to the face of Roman Reigns, on his knees before Reigns suddenly responds with a headbutt, sending Cena back, and now Reigns fires off a huge right hand, knocking Cena onto his back, but Reigns picks him up immediately and hits a Saito Suplex on Cena! Cena's head and neck area hits the canvas but he's not affected immediately as he retreats to the corner, where Roman Reigns goes over to him, putting him on the top turnbuckle, where Reigns now goes to the middle rope... Getting Cena ready... And now Reigns has him ready for a Top Rope Samoan Drop... NO! CENA COUNTERS AND NOW HAS ROMAN REIGNS IN POWERBOMB POSITION... AND CENA NOW GRABS REIGNS... AND HITS A TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB! Wow! Cena climbs the top rope, as Reigns lays motionless, and Cena now stands on the top rope, measuring Reigns for his Top Rope Leg Drop Bulldog, as Reigns begins to climb the rope one-by-one, and now he gets to his feet, his head facing down as Cena jumps off.... NO! OH MY GOD! SPEAR FROM ROMAN REIGNS! John Cena lays motionless as Roman Reigns does his war cry, before Reigns gets to his knees, flipping Cena over before hooking his outside leg: One... Two... THREE-NO! John Cena somehow kicks out! The Franchise is still in this, as Roman Reigns isn't filled with shock, but anger as Reigns grabs Cena, picking him up and hitting punch after punch, before bouncing him off of the ropes... SAMOAN DROP! Roman Reigns picks Cena up, clotheslining him over the top rope as he follows, smashing Cena's face off of the announce table as he now tosses him into the barricade, and Reigns runs around the ring, building up speed, as he charges at Cena for a Spear... NO! REIGNS' HEAD BOUNCES OFF OF THE BARRICADE AS CENA MOVES, AND THE BARRICADE BREAKS! John Cena leans on the announce table that's not shattered, as EMTs and Medics rush over to the WWE Champion, checking on him as he pushes them all away before charging at John Cena, and crushing Cena onto the announce table with an Awkward Spear/Shoulder Block! Reigns immediately rolls Cena back into the ring, as he slides behind him and runs at The Franchise with a Big Boot... No! Cena moves and he gets Reigns in a Half-Nelson... AND THROWS HIM UP INTO A NECKBREAKER! Cena connects! Cena into the cover: One... Two... No! Roman Reigns kicks out! John Cena picks The Big Dog up, putting him in Electric Chair position... But Reigns hits punches to the skull, sliding off... AND CONNECTS ON A DEADLY-LOOKING GERMAN SUPLEX! But Reigns doesn't let go, and he pulls Cena up to his feet before putting him under his thighs, lifting him up, before putting him in a Cruifix position... AND THROWING HIM INTO A POWERBOMB. CRUIFIX SITOUT POWERBOMB FROM ROMAN REIGNS! Reigns now sets up in the corner, but suddenly Cena charges out with a second burst of energy, unfortunately, Reigns dodges the clothesline before hitting a Superman Punch! As Cena stays on his feet, Reigns bounces off of the ropes for a Spear, but Cena kicks him in the face before jumping on him.. SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! We haven't see Cena use that in awhile, as he pulls Roman Reigns to his feet, putting him up in Electric Chair position... Before dropping him down onto his face! Cena rolls Reigns over: One... Two... No! Roman Reigns once again kicks out! Everytime it seems like Roman Reigns is getting ready to finish John Cena off, Reigns is cut off by Cena, and that just happens again as Reigns had him prone and ready for the Spear, but Cena cut him off just before he could connect. Cena picks Reigns up, as Cena runs at the ropes, going for his second finisher, one that's more productive than the Attitude Adjustment, but harder to connect, as he springboards, looking for the Stunner portion... AND HE CONNECTS! WAIT! NO! ROMAN REIGNS CATCHES CENA AND USES HIS INCREDIBLE STRENGTH TO PULL HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDER AND DROP HIM BACK DOWN WITH A POWERSLAM! Both men now lay down, as Reigns lost a lot of energy from doing that and Cena is just exhausted in general, having hit almost every move in his arsenal as now Roman gets to his knees, wondering what he has to do to beat Cena. Roman now lines up in the corner, looking for the Spear as Cena gets to his feet... And Reigns runs at him... NO! CENA LIFTS HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS.... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! NO! REIGNS FLIPS OUT SOMEHOW, BOUNCING OFF OF THE ROPES AND HITTING A SPEAR! WHAT AN ATHLETIC MOMENT FROM ROMAN REIGNS! Roman Reigns into the cover, surely this has to be it: One... Two.. THREE! NO! OH MY GOD! JOHN CENA GOT HIS SHOULDER UP, CENA KICKED OUT! What a main event this has turned out to be, neither can put each other away! Roman Reigns, now shocked, puts Cena up, yelling in his face, before Cena connects with a headbutt! Cena lifts Reigns onto his shoulders... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! CENA DOESN'T COVER, INSTEAD GETTING ON TOP OF REIGNS' BACK AND LOCKING IN THE STF! Cena has the STF locked in as he chokes Reigns neck with his inner-arm, in the center of the ring! That trash-talking Reigns was doing might be for nothing now as Cena has him locked in the STF! Cena has it in tight, as Reigns tries to struggle, but can only get a few inches as he still can't reach the ropes... But he starts to will and push him, before finally reaching the ropes! And John Cena's reaction says it all! The Franchise can't believe that Roman Reigns just escaped the STF after taking an Attitude Adjustment, and now we're over 30 minutes into this match and both men look exhausted, but the WWE Championship means so much to both. For John Cena, it's about tying Ric Flair, and for Roman Reigns, it's his claim to being "The Guy", but for now, it's Cena on top... As he grabs Reigns by his hair once again, but ROMAN REIGNS EXPLODES WITH A HEADBUTT! Reigns runs at Cena for a Superman Punch, but Cena reverses with a Spinout Powerbomb again, and Cena goes to grab Reigns, but Reigns rolls him up into a Small Package! One... Two... No! Now both men back to their feet, smirking at each other before Cena turns serious and swings at Reigns with his arm, but Cena misses and Reigns takes advantage! ROMAN REIGNS HITS AN INVERTED POWERSLAM ONTO JOHN CENA, DUMPING HIM DIRECTLY ON HIS NECK! Cena looks down, as Reigns backs into the corner, as Cena gets to his feet, clearly unaware of where he is... SPEAR! ROMAN REIGNS WITH THE SPEAR! But he's not stopping now! Reigns kicks Cena square in the back, as he now locks in his submission that has haunted many... The "Reign Supreme", aka a Double Underhook Crossface! Roman Reigns tears at the muscles in Cena's body with his 6'3", 265lb frame as Cena struggles, yelling in pain as the cameras pick up Roman Reigns yelling that the "WWE is his now", and finally, after a few minutes, John Cena yells something that is cut out by the broadcast and hits his hand on the mat repeatedly, tapping out to Roman Reigns. Your Winner Via Submission (Reign Supreme) @ 34:21, and STILL WWE Champion, "The Big Dog", Roman Reigns! Roman Reigns is handed his WWE Championship as the majority cheer him after that phenomenal match. John Cena makes it to his feet, as The Big Dog and The Franchise have a staredown, before Cena grabs Roman Reigns' hand, raising it. Real recognize real they say, and now John Cena is officially recognizing Roman Reigns as the face of the WWE in a symbolic passing of the torch. Cena claps for Reigns, nodding at him before leaving the ring. Roman Reigns now climbs the turnbuckle, celebrating with the WWE Championship in one hand as Reigns now steps down, holding the title up one last time as WrestleMani- The lights cut out at WrestleMania before coming back on, and oh my god... BRAY WYATT AND HIS STUDENT, PENTAGON! Roman Reigns drops the WWE Championship, sensing what he must do as he runs at Pentagon, but Pentagon catches him with a Thrust Kick as Bray Wyatt now grabs him... THE DARK PASSAGE! Wyatt now sits on his knees, with Pentagon behind him, as the WWE Championship rests in his hands. What does this mean for the future of SmackDown LIVE?! And with Bray Wyatt and Pentagon ruining Roman Reigns' cementation as Face of the WWE... WrestleMania fades.. to... black.
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