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    Party Bus Phase

    Week by week passes, somethings stay the same as other completely change the landscape of BPZ. Last week Icon showed the world what his intentions were and this week Icon has something a bit different in store. The same as last week, Icon stands from and center in the ring. Awaiting the fans to quiet down to address his thoughts. I come out here tonight, 100 percent focused on my opposition. But what is hans focused on? Everything besides the United States Championship. First King Of The Ring, then To The Top and now going for the Tag Team titles with Bic. Hans you have 4 other performers gunning for that title. But you are too busy patrolling a god damn party bus. Icon begins to smirk at the thought of a party bus. A party bus symbolizes everything that Icon hates. Hans what have you proved? Nothing has changed with your reign? You haven't made this title more prestigious, you have made it a joke. The United States Championship is more of a accessory than a championship to you. And that sickens me to the core. When I held that belt over a year ago, I held it with honor, prestige and put all my energy into keeping it around my waist. Long Live The Prophecy One year ago, the championship was raised above my head. I was living my dream but it came to a screeching haul. With one man Julius. I would lose my possession to this man, failing the prophecy, one that couldn't be revived. Current Day Prophecy One year has advanced but one thing stays the same. My drive to regain my most prized possession. Hans you may see the United States Championship as some sort of one way ticket to funland, but I see it as a free ticket to the top. And that will ultimately be your downfall. Multiple bells begin to ring, before Icon exits the ring with a standard purpose.
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    Not Waiting Around

    Suge' by Dababy echos throughout the sold-out arena for Carnage in Miami, Florida. Just a couple of days ago he was attacked by the newly founded stable Syndicate and was screwed over in his tag championship match where Ropati and Slim would attack the Big Ballers allowing Geroge and Blade to win the matchup. It has been rumored that was the end of the Big Ballers and BrendenPlayz will be taking a break from the wrestling part of the company. As Sameer makes his way to the ring, Some of the fans here in Miami are cheering him? Sameer acknowledges the cheers and smirks as makes his way to the ring with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the waist. He poses for the fans here in Miami rising his world championship while on top of the turnbuckle and is given a microphone from the announcer's table. What a time to be watching BrendenPlayz Wrestling. We have had Smith make his return after a year to face The Bailey. Bashka vs Slim for the Intercontinental Championship and him also facing my good buddy BrendenPlayz. Speaking about Brenden, I know you all want to know if the rumors are true and they are. The Big Ballers are done and out at least for now. But I will always be in Brenden's corner and support him despite his decision. We were one of the best tag teams ever if not the best ever. But now I have to look forward and that's at SummerSlam. But first off I just want to tell that little group syndicate that slowly but surely I will send each and every single one of you to hell. You think you can just attack me can get away with it but don't worry the time will come sooner than you think. If that man Blade keeps speaking on my name I might just have to beat his ass the next time he does. The crowd pops after Sameer says he will attack Blade showing how much hatred there is for Syndicate from the fans in attendance. Anyways enough about those shitheads. Now I'm looking forward with my sights set on my match against Julius at SummerSlam. Now you see me and Julius have had some history. We battled for the tag team gold against each other for a little while. He and Ropati beat Me and Brenden at BPZ Mania, then we had a 6 man tag match where Brenden and I were able to gain the tag championships back. But this man has been on a tear as of late. Winning the whole King Of The Ring tournament to challenge for the world heavyweight championship. I know who Julius is and I am in the locker room where everyone in there is counting me out. They are scared shitless of Julius, But I am not scared of that fu*ker at all. I'll look him dead in the eyes and go to war against him at SummerSlam, you know what JULIUS I'M CALLING YOUR ASS OUT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, COME OUT HERE I KNOW YOU ARE BACKSTAGE HERE TODAY. Sameer and the crowd now await Julius. Sameer calling out Julius right here tonight. A man who has taken out everyone that has crossed path with his way of success.
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    Blade walks down to the ring no theme song just going to the ring with his half of the tag titles over his shoulder with a smug look on his face. He gets in the ring after throwing a chair into the ring and getting a microphone. Quickly setting up the chair and taking a seat. Blade,"Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships at King of the ring, one of the men who put an end to the Big Ballers, and one half of the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions. I am Blade now lets get down for business. Look here, what was it I wanted to say, I said something before Emergence what was it, oh right I said I was going to tell you all so after I did something but what was it." Blade turns and looks at his championship on his shoulder. Blade, "Oh that's right won this didn't I? So I guess.... I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I said the Deadman's hand was going to win the number one contenders match and crush the weaker tag teams and we did that!. I said we would beat and end the big ballers and we did that and took their tag titles from them. The light at the end of the tunnel the tag division was going down under that stagnant title reign is now over. Now the tag division can now grow once again. The Deadman's hand stepped up from the days when it was just Kieron and I to George and I now evolving once again to what we are now. Brenden should have see this coming being part of the old evolution group. You either adapt or you perish. We found ourselves invited into a more illustrious group and we adapted and caused the former tag team champions title reign to perish. Now what is this group? Well if the names of who is involve doesn't give you any indication of what this group can do without a name alone. We have our selves of the Deadman's Hand the new tag champions. We have Ropati fresh back and ready to give you all a reminder of who he is. And the head honcho of the group, a mastermind who is smarter then all of you. That is Slim. But if you need a name for a group like this to give you any more indication of who we are well this is who we are." Blade points at the titan tron and the name appears Blade, "A picture is better then a thousand words. We are, no are is the wrong word, it is we have taken over. We are bringing a balance to BPZ like nobody has seen before. Capturing the Tag titles was the first step. The next step will be summerslam. What will the tag team be doing? Facing the first challenge who has decided to step up against the syndicate. The First Class Express. Hans and BIC. the first team to step up to us and now here is what will happen to them. They step up and now will they are going to get stepped on. You see I see this team coming and I am going to shut them down. You think teaming with Bashka will help you? Look at Bashka and look at who him and ask him to thank Slim for his intercontinental title reign, and then tell him to say goodbye to his reign. I might have history with BIC but listen to me carefully, I am not praying for your down fall. I want you to step up, bring what you did during the Power Trip Cup. Hans better bring his best as well. I want to face you both at your primes. Because when we smack you back down to where you belong then you can go tell, the Brenden and Sameer a real team just beat you." Blade flips the microphone into the air and drops it
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    As Hans walks into the curtain, suddenly he backs up, back onto the stage as the crowd is confused, before 'The King', Slim steps out to a ruckus of boos from the crowd. Slim has a microphone in his hand, as Hans stands in front of him before Slim begins to speak. Hans, allow me to introduce myself. My name, is Slim, and I am the most dominant superstar in BPZ history. And I have an announcement to you, the fans, the superstars backstage... At SummerSlam, I will defend the tag team championships alongside Blade... Not because I need to, but because I want to. Hans looks confused before Slim begins talking. I know, I know. You stand there, looking dumb, confused, why do I want to? Because men like you need to earn some god-damn respect. You talk about this new generation, this new wave of superstars are fools, brainwashed by these people. Let me give you some advice, kid. Your heart-beating, that's from the exercise you're getting in the ring. All this stuff you talk about is non-sense, it's comical. This, is a business, and you, and all of this "new generation" need to learn how to be businessmen. Businessmen are cut-throat, they get the job done, they aren't here to make friends and they're not here to make relationships, bonds, any of that. It's not about bringing your best, Hans. It's about being the best. And Syndicate, is that. Blade is one of the most underrated men in the company, and you're a young lion, on his way to prove himself, and you dare to call that man a SNAKE? Hans, look beside you. Xavier King, BiC, whatever he refers to himself as these days, is the biggest snake this company has. One minute he'll be your friend, hyping you up, gassing you up, and the next he'll be talking shit like a high-school female. You wanna talk about snakes, look at him. Blade hasn't captured the World Championship YET, but neither have you. You've come here, and you've been pretty good, but you're secondary compared to Arius, right? Does that eat at you, Hans? Knowing that of all these young superstars, filled with potential, you're not number one? You wanna know why, you're not number one? You do extraordinary things, yeah, but those same-things can cost you a match within a second. Ropati is a smart man, you see, he took my advice. Ropati hates my f*cking guts. I gave him a concussion, but he realizes, next to me, he's virtually untouchable, because I just have that... effect. Slim smirks as the crowd boos, with Hans looking unimpressed before Slim continues talking. You say you're not getting stepped on, you believe that you can hang, but history speaks for itself. When me and BiC go one-on-one, he rarely ever comes out on top. Add in a dumb rookie? It's a walk in the park. So Hans, let me make you understand something... You need to bring more than YOUR best at SummerSlam, otherwise you WILL get stepped on, I promise that. Slim stares a hole through Hans, as it's official, Slim & Blade will defend their tag team championships against Hans & BiC at SummerSlam.
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    "Well well well hasn't this become quite a party" The crowds attention is turned to a spotlight in the crowd as coming through the crowd is the other member of First Class Express comes through the crowd, hoping over the barricade and entering the ring as the crowd cheers. He stands next to Blade, smirking at his upcoming opponent. "If you excuse me Blade I got more important matters to worry about" The crowd oo's, before BiC walks up to the ropes, leaning on them. Lifting the microphone up to his lips. "Slim. Its been a long, long time my good friend since me and you have squared off inside this ring and BOY am I glad its going to be happening. Because there is nothing in this world I would rather do then go back to kicking your teeth in and ruining every scheming, slimy, bullshit plan you have to win titles" "You came out here, and you said that you are defending your titles because you WANT to. Is that really it Slim? Did you really want to spend your time on the lower half of the card defending against, as you called it, a Snake and a Rookie. No no no, I see right through you Slim. You came out here for one reason and thats because you know you're losing it. You're losing every bit of sense of fear you put into the roster you once had back in 2017 and you are so desperately trying to claw your way back to the top and where did it bring you other...then...Me" BiC smiles and takes in the crowd response, adjusting his First Class Express T Shirt before once again turning towards the stage and locking eyes with Slim. "And Slim I know you have not been around recently but that "Rookie" you are standing next to is the extraordinary Hans Freaking Clayton and he defeated this Arius you speak so highly of. Arius is the most hyped up rookie currently in BPZ and that man right there ripped his title from him and he has held it ever since and Slim I know you are not good at this but maybe next time before you come out here and try to run your trap you should study a little more. Do you have the capability to defeat us Slim? Yes, you said it perfectly your self when me and you get in this ring together you usaully come out on top but let me inform you on something. This is not 2017, this is not the same Slim that held the title for 310 days....310 days...what a MONSTER reign that is, I mean someone really good must of come along and ended that right? Right Slim?" Slim stands on stage, looking annoyed as the crowd looks on hanging on every one of BiCs words, Slim goes to leave before BiC stops him. "Don't go anywhere Slim because we are going to think back to old times, yeah you may have defeated me before. But when the time was right, when it was time for the biggest match of the century. Who came out on top? That is right, the SNAKE you talk about. Slim...Whether this is some sort of revenge plot, a way to stay relevant, or to just try and turn on Blade and start another faction like you do every few weeks. It will end the same way it did in 2017, It will end the same way it did in the Power Trip Cup when I faced Blade myself. With me on top, raising the title high, this time....with a so called Dumb Rookie by my side...I'll see you at Summerslam...Syndicate. BiC drops the microphone, giving a slight salute to Blade before exiting the ring. Walking up the ramp and walking right past Slim, not even looking at him as he enters the curtain and leaves. The segment coming to an end with an amazing match made for Summerslam.
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    We return to Carnage after a commercial break following a promo from The Bailey. We see signs in the crowd, being waved at the camera as we wait for what is about to happen next. To the surprise of the audience, the big screen begins to play but it isn’t showing a titantron, instead it’s the former Undisputed Champion Bart who appears on the screen. A few nights ago, as all of you know, I was interrupted by Flynn. He appeared on the titantron and started a rant. It was hard to watch. Of course, I had seen the situation where Flynn was in on tv, but that night it fully hit me. It doesn’t make sense to me. How could a man, who has had nothing but success over the last few months go so far of the rails? It’s like I am facing a completely different person. The man that beated me was cool, calm and collected, this new Flynn is an hothead who can even leave himself clueless with what he is doing. As much as I don’t want to say it, I think I have the honour in this killing of character. Ever since I made Flynn aware of my intentions, he is unleashed a rampage upon everyone who he could find in a vulnerable position. But still, I didn’t see the greater picture until that promo of yours, or whatever that was supposed to be. I heard Flynn say the casual lies about how I had never beaten him, something both of us no is not correct. We both know what happened at Survivor Series, but since Flynn in such a troubled state I will live with him being unable to accept that. Then he went on to say a bunch of words, but by all the censoring I had no clue what he was trying to get at. The screen in the arena begins to play highlighst of the various attacks from Flynn, as well as throwback to Flynn's rant just a few days before. It ends with Flynn telling Bart that he is the star of the company and that the company is stopping Flynn from attacking Bart right there and then. You were right thing about one thing though Flynn. The BPZ management didn’t you let you attack me out of protection. But it wasn’t me who they were trying to protect. It was you, their Undisputed Champ who has made a joke out of himself within weeks. The sad part is Flynn, you fail to realise what’s really going on. You surely think that you attract fear, that what you do lead to excitement. But that’s a far from the truth as it could be Flynn, the only thing that your attacks do is give a little bit of satisfaction to the part of your brain that has turned you into a chaotic freak. What really shows just how far you have fallen is revealed to us by simply looking back to 2 months ago. At that time, you were preaching me about your gameplan, about how you studied each and every single one of your opponents. Now, nothing of the man that beat me is left. You have become an unrattled freak. You seem to act without a plan at all times, and because of that you have become an open book to me. While you have unleashing your aggression about my silence with furious but mainly dumb attacks, I have been watching you. Just because I didn’t need the attention doesn’t mean that I didn’t care, rather the opposite. I have been studying each and every single of your moves, studying you more intensive than ever before. Now Flynn, I know that you will say that you don’t care about any of this. You will call me a son of a bitch, give us some more bogus claims and go on with your day. But deep down inside, you know that I am right. You know that slowly but surely you are destroying your own strengths, and after Summerslam, everyone will know it. The screen then slowly fades to black as we continue with the programming, but with a big message being sent ahead of the Undisputed Championship match at Summerslam.
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    "The Beast"

    {We open this weeks Carnage with the sound of Julius' "Gallantry" as the 2x King of The Ring winner makes his presence felt to the Carnage Audience. Sameer and Julius had their first heated confrontation last week right here on Carnage and now it looks like as if Julius is about to continue the verbal war as he marches his way down to the ring} {The Death Machine walks down the ramp surveying the audience before stepping in between the ropes and reaching for a microphone. His sermon will now begin} "Let me take you back to the Summer of 2018. I walked into Summerslam the new BPZ World Champion an unproven commodity waiting to take on my biggest challenge to date, the King of BPZ Slim. I walked into Summerslam with the odds heavily against me, everyone writing me off thinking that I was going to be a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder a kid to far from his comfort zone. Well all those people were wrong, I walked into Summerslam and I beat the living shi*t out of Slim, kicked him out of his own stable and I became the King of BPZ! Now the reason I bring this up is because I want to compare this moment to the man who I face this time at Summerslam, the unworthy the pathetic BPZ World Champion Sameer" "See Sameer I was in your shoes, I was the man heading into this big match as the underdog and now you stand by the philosophy that you are now the underdog and somehow someway you use that as a way to feed yourself motivation. You may see motivation but I see delusion. I have been working at a top level for 12 months now while you are relatively new to this situation. I defeated Slim at Summerslam last year and you are merely half of what he is which means you are in for a world of pain my friend" "I am going to make this very clear to every person in attendance and everyone at home. Don't bother showing up to Los Angeles, don't bother spending your money buying this PPV because I will give you all the information you need to know. Two men will walk into Summerslam but only one man is walking out and that is me. 12 months ago I cemented my Legacy as a star in this company and at Summerslam I write my next chapter when I become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once..." {A familiar sound echoes throughout the Carnage Arena as Julius looks on in pure rage at the entrance ramp}
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    Carnage returns from Commercial as the Commentary team is discussing the various upcoming matches for Summerslam when suddenly Stardust by KAZSIN begins playing The newly christened Death Rider, El Ingobernable Alex Costa walks out from the back apparently to once more address the live Carnage crowd about his upcoming United States Championship match at BPZ Summerslam He is fist bumping with the crowd here in Tampa as he enters the ring amidst a split crowd which is interested in hearing what he has to say. As the music dies down we can hear the Crowd dual chant Let's go Alex! Alex Sucks! Alex Costa: Well we got ourselves a fiery crowd here tonight! Crowd Cheers Now I have come out to here because I felt I needed to get some things off my chest before my match at Summerslam in two weeks when I and 3 other fantastic competitors chellange The Phenomenal One himself Hans Clayton for the BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!! Crowd Cheers and they begin chanting "First Class! First Class!" I know the guy is indeed First Class if First Class means wasting his time partying and parading that United States title like it doesn't matter! Crowd Boos Because I have noticed something lately. It seems Hans ever since he won the United States Championship he hasn't cared shit for that title! And that makes me sick! You see ever since BPZMania I have had title shot after title shot on that Championship and even though I lost every single time, I gave all I had to be the United States Champion! But Hans as soon as he wins the title, he completely forgets about it. Now I know what a huge moment will happen at Summerslam when he and his good old buddy BiC reunite once again to do battle with the Deadman's Hand over the BPZ World Tag Team Championships. Crowd pops at that match I know it will be a fantastic tag team match and I will so gladly enjoying seeing Blade and George beat the living shit out of Hans and BiC! Alex begins laughing as the crowd boos But you know what that will mean more right? It means Hans will not be 100% focused on what he should be focused and that is defending his title. Which means I am pretty sure we going to have a new US Champion after Summerslam. Now I don't really know much about ICON and Ark Universe so let me address them first before I talk about my good old buddy Dikey. ICON when I first came into BPZ I saw you as a bit of a joke. Sure you are a former United States Champion but it seems your Demons kept you from reaching that potential many think you have. But lately I gotta admit man I enjoyed seeing this new you. The way you and Bob layed out that piece of crap Demon Wannabe at Emergence was amazing. But then again it was Mave. Anybody can do that! Crowd Cheers But now you aligned yourself with Bob is it because you are afraid ICON? Is that why you now wanna hide besides Big Bad Bob? Hiding your insecurities? Now I have faced Bob and I know what he is capable off so if you wanna hide behind someone, you chose the right person to hide behind. Which speaking of hiding brings me to my other opponent who I have never faced before. Mr Universe himself Ark! Mixed Reactions Now I don't know much of a lot about you but I wanna believe that if you are in this match you are a hell of a competitor. So I did my scouting and what do you know a former Global Champion! Not bad not bad considering that title ended up evolving into part of what is today one of the richest prizes in this business the Undisputed Championship. So for all intents and purpose that should make you the favorite right? WRONG! Crowd Boos You see you haven't competed in this ring for god knows how long and now suddenly you decide to come back huh? BPZ has changed a lot since you were last here. So if you think you can still hang I guess we will find out in two weeks huh. And I think now this leads me to Dikey now Dikey... Suddenly a music interrupts Alex (Do not Reply a reply will be planned)
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    Thank You

    The crowd erupt as finally, it appears we’d get the anticipated face to face between Champion and challenger as Flynn’s very own “Devil” by Shinedown echos through the arena. Bart appears ready for a fight himself, obviously from the recent string of attacks and beatdowns, the Undisputed Champion has not been in any type of talking mood. However finally after what feels like an eternity, Flynn does not step out. The music cuts off before the titantron reveals Flynn, standing in what appears to be somewhere backstage. Flynn almost right away begins screaming through the camera, everything directed straight toward his challenger. HEY BART, I’m up here you dumb son of a bitch. Now there should be absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t already be down there in that ring stomping a damn mud hole in your cowardly ass. But you see the higher ups, they came to me just moments before I was gonna interrupt that bullshit speech of yours and kick a hole in your. They asked and they pleaded, “please spare Bart, save the face off for when we can advertise it, for when we can market IT!” You know Bart to a scumbag like yourself you may not fully be able to comprehend what the hell im spitting at you. For you, it’s all about sneaky beatdowns and backstabbing attacks. You may think that I’m trying to avoid you, that I’m going against my own word. I can promise you that I’m not, and I can promise everyone I do not fear Bart! This is met with a string of boo’s as after a week of Flynn seemingly attacking other competitors in search of Bart, Flynn himself is nowhere to be seen when Bart is in the ring. You see I am the star of this company and I take that role extremely seriously. I see the reasoning for the wait that the execs want. I see the reasoning for why they don’t want me to come down there and stomp a mud hole in you just yet. These business decisions that I make, they are what keep this company alive. I bring in the income, I put the food on all of your families tables in that locker room. I am the reason that you have the house you live in Bart, I AM THE DRAW, I AM THE GOD DAMN MONEY MAKER YOU DAMN COWARD! Honestly I’d appreciate some respect but from a lowlife like yourself Bart, I wouldn’t expect it. So I watched your little video of what happened, how you make the bogus claim that I attacked you prior to our match, and you know what, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID. Not just that, I did the only thing that does matter that happened on that night, because the HOW is not what matters, ITS THE WHAT. What did I do? I kicked your ass pillar to post and I TOOK THIS F*CKING UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP AND I MADE IT MINE! You know you sat in that ring just now and you said a lot of crap, but I think the biggest crap of them all was the claim that I just don’t have it anymore. It’s the same claim you made just two months ago Bart and what the hell happened? A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT YOU. A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT JULIUS. A guy who you said doesn’t have it anymore defended this championship three times the amount that you did within the exact same span as you holding it. It’s disgusting, it’s JUST GOD DAMN PATHETIC. And you know what Bart? You’ve beaten everyone I have, except you’ve never beaten me. That’s where my advantage comes into play. I’ve beaten you on multiple occasions now and both times I’ve heard two sorry ass excuses. Both times I kicked your teeth and sent your ass to obscurity. You make the promise to not disrespect me this time just moments after making the bogus claim that I am out of my prime. Honestly it sorta feels Bart like your suffering from mixed emotions but that’s fine because you will have all the chance to fix those emotions when I’m kicking your ass, pillar to post showing you absolutely ZERO respect. I’m gonna spit on you I’m gonna but you if necessary. I will do whatever the f*ck it takes to make sure you NEVER hold this Undisputed Championship again.
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    Focusing On Myself

    Carnage's opening pyro has just finished when James Knights music hits James Knight his way down to the ring under a oppressing amount of boos, and James Knight is just soaking it all in. You know I'm starting to think you people don't like me The crowd cheers And don't worry I hate all of you too, so I guess you can say we are on a even playing field. Anyway, let me get to why I'm out here tonight. You see the other day I got to thinking about myself and the fact that whenever you guys hear me talk, I'm usually talking about an upcoming opponent, or some new face who thinks he stands a shot at the NXT Championship. And whilst I feel obliged to tell them that they stand no chance, I feel like I need to focus on myself more. I waist so much of my time on others that I don't take the time to tell you guys simply how great I am! The crowd boo, then transition into " You Suck! " chants Aw how thoughtful of you guys. Trust me you guys suck as well. And trust me when I say that I am the BEST thing that EVER and I mean EVER stepped foot into this company. And you all think I may be all talk, but no. There is not a single person in the back that can lace up my boots, there is not a single person in that locker room more driven, more hungry than I am! So when I tell you that I will be NXT Champion after SummerSlam. That simply isn't just hope on my end. That's a guarantee that you people need to understand. There is no psycho, or brute, or technician that will even be close to on my level at SummerSlam. So get ready, because your new emperor is about to take his crown. James Knight drops the mic and walks out of the ring under an astonishing amount of boos from the crowd.
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    WhatCulture Pro Wrestling - Reborn!

    WCPW LOADED #1 ADAM PACITTI OPENS SHOW Adam Pacitti would get into the ring and thank all the fans. He would talk about the journey of WhatCulture from a group of unknowns to where they were now. Before promising to the fans in attendance that they were witnessing wrestling history. Adam made sure to keep the attention off of himself, talking about how great the talent was and announcing some matches for the night (Joseph Conners Vs Prince Ameen and Joe Coffey Vs El Ligero). Before finally he would ask people from the back to come out, and he would unveil the WCPW Heavyweight Championship belt. JOE COFFEY VS EL LIGERO The first match in WCPW history would be an exciting one. In a fast-paced technical match, Coffey and Ligero would battle it out for about 10 minutes. Coffey would deliver his discus lariat to El Ligero but, before he could go for the pin he would be distracted. As the theme of the Primate would be played throughout the arena. Coffey would turn towards the entrance ramp expecting a brawl to spark. Giving Ligero the opportunity to rollup Coffey and steal the win. Which he did before comedically pleading for mercy from Joe Coffey. Who left the ring enraged and chased the Primate. JOE HENDRY INTERVIEW With his main event clash against Big Damo approaching, Joe Hendry would be interviewed backstage going into the match. Joe would talk about being the local hero, and having the desire to succeed and be the main man in this new company for the people and the pleasure of the people. Before leaving so he could prepare for his important match. MARTIN KIRBY VS GABRIEL KIDD VS ALEX GRACIE This match would be a cool one. With all three men impressing at times. Martin Kirby would impress for other reasons though. As at one point he asked for the referee to check his hurt testicles. Kidd showed some potential, and Alex Gracie dominated the match. Before Lucas Archer would walk down to the ring unannounced. Confusing the three in the ring. However, it all turned out to be a plan as Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie would attack the two in the ring. Standing tall over Kidd and Kirby before leaving the ring. JOSEPH CONNERS VS PRINCE AMEEN This match would essentially be a showcase for the brutality brought by Joseph Conners. Conners would dismantle Prince Ameen, who despite not getting any offence in painted himself a quite accurate picture. As he just looked like he wasn’t able to conquer Conners. Who won the match in 2 minutes following his devastating Package Piledriver. Conners would show little emotion on his face before leaving. With Ameen shocked in the ring. BLAMPIED & PACITTI BACKSTAGE After the two matches we had just seen. The camera would cut backstage to an altercation between Pacitti and Blampied. The two would argue for a few minutes. Before the What Culture Predictions Title would be ripped up into pieces and left on the floor. The segment ending with the camera panning down and showing the dismantled title before cutting to the main event. BIG DAMO VS JOE HENDRY This match would be great, with the two going at it for a good 15 minutes. Both man got the upper hand in the match at times. With multiple near falls throughout. However, the match would end with Big Damo winning. As he would get the upper hand and deliver a piledriver to Hendry for the win. Meaning at Built To Destroy we would see Rampage Brown versus Big Damo for the WCPW Heavyweight Championship.
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    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    September 23rd 2019 | Bad Blood Go-Home Show SAMEER & ROPATI AREN’T AFRAID OF THE COMPETITION Last week’s show ended with Ropati and Sameer being beaten down by Brenden & The New Order ahead of their respective matches at Bad Blood. Tonight, Sameer came out to the ring to deliver a message. Sameer: ”Last week ended in pain for me and Ropati, getting beaten down in front of millions of people. Tonight, Ropati unfortunately can’t be here due to the injuries suffered at the hands of Brenden, Nate, Slim & Necce. So that means I’m all alone and tonight, I’ll have to watch my back because at any moment I could be atta-“ Following this, theme song of the United Nations would play, all three members making their way down to the ring and each individually shaking the hand of the World Champion. Angelo Caito: “Consider yourself..protected. All of us have matches with members of The New Order this Sunday and they have not showed us any sort of respect by addressing us, completely disregarding us at competition. We’re very mad about that. So while we do already have some American flair, you can still be with us as we protect you from the scum of the earth that all four of those guys are.” To the shock of nobody, the theme song of The New Order would play as Slim, Nate, Necce & Brenden all walk out, slowly pacing towards the ring. Brenden holds the microphone, looking at Angelo for a moment before looking at Sameer. Brenden: “Sameer, there’s something I need you to understand and that is that I don’t have a problem with you, I really don’t. Every time I’ve attacked you in the build for our match, it’s been strictly business and a lesson for you. You need the slap of reality after all these months of you being on top of the world. I am the slap of reality and once I take your title, there will be no option than to stare reality right in the damn face and come to terms with the fact that WITHOUT ME, you would’ve been working in high school gyms. Tonight, you are exposed for the phoney you are when you take on the best singles champion in this company, NATE.” All four members of each side stand opposite each other when Brenden drops the microphone, Brenden leaving with The New Order just behind him, careful to keep an eye on their upcoming opponents as the match is made official for tonight; Nate vs Sameer. ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN The first match between these two since splitting up, it was a good match which demonstrated the chemistry between the former friends. This match ended in DQ after in fit of frustration, Costa would grab a steel chair from under the ring and start beating away at Raven. He’d then pick up a microphone and issue a challenge to Raven for Bad Blood in an extreme rules match, so he can do whatever he wants. STORM & BOB SPARKS VS MAASA & MIRA In a rare appearance for the brother-sister duo of Maasa & Mira, they’d take on the newly formed team of Storm & Bob Sparks. Storm and Bob would show an aggressive style of tag team wrestling which impressed the audience, leading to an easy win within minutes. FIRST CLASS EXPRESS’ JOURNEY HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED A segment would play showing BiC & Hans in a bus saying that their journey is only just getting started, and that the tag team titles would soon be theirs. BiC would be mid sentence before snoring could be heard in the bus, which would discovered to be Sheridan & Jonathan sleeping on the bus. In confusion, they’d start to argue however a time lapse would then play showing their transformation into friends. The segment ended with them all getting off the bus at a service station. THE ENIGMA AWAITS Similarly to last week, a vignette would play showing Smith with the second portion of his ‘Enigma’ paint that he’s going to be wearing at Bad Blood. He’d be in the same arena BPZMania III occurred and the scene would flash between his entrance that night and him walking down the aisle right now. It’d be visually stunning and get the fans excited. ARIUS VS YELICH As soon as the promo with Smith finished, ‘DEVIL’ by Shinedown would play as Flynn walked to the ring with his protege, Yelich to take on United States Champion and opponent in the money in the bank match, Arius. This match would be close and the help of Flynn would prove to be influential in th match, helping Yelich severely. However, when Flynn was distracting the referee to give Yelich the upper hand, ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ would start blasting with the lights in the arena matching the beat of the song. This distraction to Flynn would allow Arius to get the upper hand and win the match. Smith never came out which made Flynn livid. KENJI & TAMER VS FDS & JAMES KNIGHT In a tag team match consisting of 4 of the most talented in ring competitors in BPZ, NXT Champion KENJI tagged with Tamer to take on Premium Champion FDS & ‘The Demented Knight’ James Knight. This would be a great display of technical wrestling and we’d see flashes of upcoming Bad Blood matches here, with Tamer coming face to face with FDS multiple times and Knight grappling with KENJI a few times. In the end, FDS and James Knight would pick up the victory as FDS would hit a WRSTLMAKER to KENJI to send a message to their upcoming opponents. ARK IS COMING HOME In a moment which would get the fans cheering, a vignette would play showing the highlights of Ark’s career and the moment he suffered his injury, it would then flash to him recovering before the screen would fade to black and the words “Ark is coming home” would play on the screen as the fans in the arena are ecstatic to see Ark come back. MARKER VS BLADE In a new vs old match for Kieron Black, his new partner Marker would take on his old one, Blade before their tag team match at Bad Blood. Both Kieron and George were banned from ringside for this match, and it would end in Blade getting a shock victory by rolling up Marker and then quickly leaving the ring. Another thing to note is that Marker dominated the majority of this match which explains his frustration when he lost. BART VS JOSHUA SCOTT In Bart’s first match since returning, he’d take on Joshua Scott in a match where the fans would expect him to win. This match would end quickly as Julius would run to the ring with a steel chair and start beating away at Josh first so he would technically win the match, before turning his attention to Bart. After Bart went down the first time, Julius would grab several other weapons and start brutalising Bart. He’d then demand a microphone and yell this Julius: “ALL THAT WAS, WAS A PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME FOR YOU. BART. You cost me the one of the biggest opportunities of my life and now, I retire you.” Julius would the drop the microphone and leave, with chaos in the ring. SAMEER VS NATE In tonight’s main event, World Champion Sameer would take on Intercontinental Champion Nate. Nate had Slim, Necce & Brenden all by his side for this one and the numbers seemed to be getting to Sameer. With the referee distracted by the three people at ringside, it looked like Nate was going to put Sameer away until ROPATI ran to the ring for the save! He’d take out Slim then Necce then Brenden! This would give Sameer enough of a chance to regain the upper hand and plant Nate with a Curb Stomp for the victory! The show would end with Sameer & Ropati standing tall as Brenden & The New Order would back away slowly. FINAL MATCH CARD: NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: BART VS JULIUS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE NEW ORDER (C) VS THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS BRENDEN PLAYZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS SMITH INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: FDS (C) VS TAMER GEORGE AK & BLADE VS MARKER & KIERON BLACK EXTREME RULES MATCH: ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH: PRINCE VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS SHERIDAN VS JONATHAN VS YELICH NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT BONUS QUESTION: HOW MANY MEMBERS WILL THE NEW ORDER HAVE BY THE END OF THE NIGHT? IF MORE THAN 3, WHO WILL THE NEW MEMBERS BE? BONUS QUESTION: WILL THE MONEY IN THE BANK WINNER CASH IN ON THE SAME NIGHT THEY WIN IT?
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    Only two Carnage shows remained between the current day and BPZ Pay-Per-View Summerslam. Every feud was advancing well with blockbuster matches such as Smith vs The Bailey and Sameer vs Julius coming up. Meanwhile, the Premium Championship match stood in a precarious position. With three men confirmed for the match with a fourth man rumoured. Kieron had been stalking the Champion, attacking him at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Marker was winning the title back for his fans. As the Premium Champions music blasted throughout the packed arena. Fans groaned and booed. In their mind, George was a backstabber, a judas. Meaning when the Premium Champion didn’t appear for a bit, jubilance rose and fans believed that his theme was played by mistake. However, the false hope they gave themselves made them all reminisce of the false hope they had been given by George, who appeared on the titantron. George was sitting in an old fashioned study. Everything around him was wooden. A massive oak wood desk was in the middle of the room. On it where an inkpot and quill. As well as three books that looked remarkably new in comparison to the rest of the room. George was sat on a wooden chair with red velvet cushions. Flanked either side by bookshelves that towered over him, full head to toe with old books in a varying degree of condition. Behind him a window. The view was astonishing. As everyone watching took in the surroundings, George would begin to speak. “There is a story behind every man. Their personal journey to wherever they stand today. Some people have to go through treacherous tasks while others have an easier route. For example, if you are a wrestling fan. You sit at home eating Doritos and living in your parents' basement so you can be kept away from the rest of society.” Boos would rain down from the crowd, but George obviously couldn’t hear any of them. “Today, with BPZ Summerslam only 12 days away. I will go through the storyline of every man in this Premium Championship match. Let's start with Kieron”. At this point, George would pick up one of the books in front of him. Revealing the cover to be an old picture of Kieron. "Kieron. Just a wannabe me. This man had the opportunity to win, to get his moment here in BPZ. But, what did he do? He ran away. Let me cast all of your minds back to two months ago. BPZ Wrestling was doing well as per usual. Sameer had three belts and there were many tag teams who were all after one of those belts. The Tag Team Championships. You had, Royal Flush, SSW Club, United Nations, First Class Express even the team that would eventually win the titles Deadman's Hand. But. This Deadman's Hand tag team wasn't the same one that merged into Syndicate bringing the Tag Team Championships with them. Nope. Instead, this Deadman's Hand were failures. Because if you remember I was not in the original Deadman's Hand. I was just a last-minute replacement for a man who decided to run away because he couldn't handle the pressure. That man was Kieron. Kieron saw what was stake. He knew how important the match was to everyone involved. And all of that pressure built up inside of him and he just couldn't hack it. He couldn't do it. So he ran away like the little pussy he is. Leaving Blade to fend for himself. So Blade made the best decision ever and got me to help him. Then we became Tag Team Champions." "Kieron though. He realised what he had missed. So he returned in this new persona. The fiend. In other words, the same person just with special makeup on. Kieron seriously thinks that having that makeup on changes who he is as a person and well. I am so so sorry to break this to you but Kieron. You are still the same one who ran away when the going got tough. And now, you are after the Premium Championship. But low and behold once again, you haven't been seen for two weeks. Doing a runner again? Thought so. I mean, you can blame it all on me. You can say that this is all my doing. But both of us know the reason why you are doing this. You know you messed up. You know what you did wrong. And you know that you are going to be punished for this when the time is right. And that time is approaching". On these words, George would put down the book with Kieron on the cover of. And he would pick up the second book. One with The Marker on the front of. "Opponent number two. The Marker. Or as I like to call him. The Fatass. Marker, when you leave for a bit. To make an impact on your return you have to train before you come back. You managed to return even fatter than ever. Anyway, let me tell you all the story behind this man. Marker is a former Premium Champion, apparently. I mean I don't remember his reign and I am pretty sure nobody else remembers it either. And now he wants another go with the strap. Marker, the only accomplishment of yours that people care about is you having the only promo to be deleted off of the BPZ Neccework before of how awful it was." "I told you the background of Kieron, everything leading up to this match for him and I would do the same for The Marker here but the truth is he is just trying to copy me. I returned made a splash and won this belt and the Tag belts. Now Marker is trying his hardest to follow in my footsteps and do the same thing. Because deep down inside he knows that the only way he can become relevant is by doing the same thing as I did and winning the very belt I have. You see The Marker lacks something that every good champion needs. And that is originality. He comes down to the ring and says. I want to win. Before turning back and going to the back all proud of himself. And seriously, if that is who you are cheering then I am glad that I don't align myself with you people anymore. Seeing the decline of all of your standards is quite frankly hilarious. So when I beat this clown at Summerslam I will just laugh." Again, George would put down the second book and reach for the third. The cover is a picture of himself with a title over each shoulder. "Lastly. Me. They say save the best till last so that is what I have done here. Now, I thought that we could do a little comparison. Compare the previous two to me and my greatness. So, let's get started. I returned a few months back. And unfortunately, I lost my return match to Hans in a fatal-4 way for the United States Championship. Since then I went on a road to redemption. Getting to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament, even beating the favourite Arius along the way. However, once I was eliminated I knew that trying to do it all with only the help of a few scrawny 19-year-olds in row 23 would be useless. So I joined forces with Blade and replaced the moron Kieron in Deadman's Hand. I also decided that I was going to win the Premium Championship which I did. Before a few weeks later I would win the Tag Team Championships as well. Aligning with the best BPZ Wrestler of all time in Slim in the process." "Now, I don't know what it sounds like to you. But to me, it sounds like these two guys are just annoyed at me. Kieron, I stole your thunder. Well, nope. You would never have won those Tag Team Titles with Blade. Because he had to carry you through every single damn match you had. And Marker. Lose some weight." At this point, the video would end and the titantron would fade to black. Allowing the show to continue.
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    A True Champion

    Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight's music The Crowd erupt into a deafening amount of boos and James Knight makes his way down to the ring. Now you guys may realize that I am a bit more dressed up tonight. The reason for this well one, is to show that I am better than each and every one of you! But, more importantly its to show all of you what a true champion looks like. I'm also showing the entire division what a true champion looks like. Because you see this division is full of a bunch of lunatics and wannabe bad-ass's who try to convince you guys night in and night out that they can win the NXT Title, that they have what it takes. Well let me just give you a spoiler, they don't. And, if somehow you are wondering why they don't stand a chance. Well its quite simple. It's because I am in this division! And, as long as I am in this division, no one stands a chance at that NXT Champion. Because I am the best thing that has EVER come through this division! And, at SummerSlam I take my crown as NXT Champion! So when my reign starts I will show everyone what a true champion looks like. I'll show everyone how a champ should act. I'll be the best NXT Champion this company has ever seen, and there is not a single soul on this roster who is going to stop me. So watch out NXT because your Emperor is soon to take his throne atop the NXT Division. James Knight drops the mic and soaks in all the boos as he makes his way out of the ring and to the back
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    First Class Express Block Party!

    IIIIITTTTTSSSS TIIIIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEE thanks for yelich and shiba for the help The crowd is piling in, the burgers are being cooked. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, ITS THE HANS BACKYARD BBQ PARTY And now we have the Yelich Only 26 “Man” Battle Royal, let’s take it to the entrance ramp. Yelich runs back and forth down the ramp 26 times, getting a pop every time because BPZ Fans are stupid. Yelich finally gets in the ring after the 26th lap and he settles in the ring. The bell finally sounds and Yelich starts punching and slapping himself in the face. At one point he goes up to the top rope and just flips into the middle of the ring like he’s doing a Swanton onto nobody. Eventually he just starts hitting himself so much that he falls over the top rope and both feet touch the ground. He then looks around bewildered, wondering who won the match. The timekeeper seems confused by all this so the ring announcer just seems to make an executive decision with the match. Announcer: Due to the 26 way tie taking place, this match has been ordered to be restarted! Yelich seems relieved that he has another shot to win the match… that he is the only participant in. Whatever. The bell sounds signaling the restarting of the match. Yelich starts punching himself again, and eventually reaches the top rope and takes a back bump through a random table set up next to the ring for some reason. No one knows why it’s there, it just is. Yelich’s feet hit the ground at the same time and now we have the same predicament as before…. Shit. Hans then runs over to deal with the situation, abandoning the food he was grilling, it’s probably gonna get burnt now. Hans and the ring announcer have a brief conversation before the ring announcer makes the match result announcement. Announcer: Now that we notice that the logic behind this match is flawed, the official result of the 26 “Man” Yelich Only Battle Royal has been decided as a no contest. Yelich: WHAT!? Yelich flips out and starts throwing a tantrum that he can’t even win a match that only himself is in. Truly sad stuff here. He kicks over chairs, throws a beer in a fan’s face, he even just takes giant scissors that are under the ring and cuts the middle rope, and just takes it. We no longer have a middle rope for the rest of the show. God dammit Yelich. While walking and dragging the ring rope to the “backstage area” (Hans’ house) he spots Ropati laughing at him. So he drops the rope in the middle of the “ramp” (some flat stones Hans placed in between the ring and his home that he probably got from Home Depot) and goes over to Ropati, grabs him by his hair and just sticks his face right onto the grill. The Kiwi shrieks in pain as Yelich yells “DON’T LAUGH AT ME EVER AGAIN!” Once Yelich thinks Ropati has had enough grilling to probably be tasty for humans. He throws him down, leaving him unconscious on the ground. Two fans lick their lips looking at his tender and warm face, empty plates with plastic knifes and forks on them in their hands… oh no. Up now we have two match ups that will be occuring simultaneously. That’s right folks, it is time for the famed luchadore El Arius vs the bruising Lord Gwynfro. Totally no relation to BPZ Wrestlers Arius and KENJI, none at all. And also we have not just a Beer Drinking Contest, but a HARDCORE Beer Drinking Contest between FDS and Julius. After all four make their entrances we have the referee take a roll of duct tape and split the ring in half, half of the ring is allotted for the El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro match, and the other half is allotted for the Beer Drinking Contest, as about 20 Beer Bottles and also 2 Kegs are in the ring on tables for FDS and Julius to drink. The referee motions for the bell to ring and both matches are off. FDS goes for two bottles to drink at once while the much stronger Julius seeks to finish his keg first before going for the bottles. While on the other half of the ring El Arius and Lord Gwynfro begin circling each other. FDS when done with his 7th beer starts getting a bit tipsy it seems while Julius is still going strong on that keg. El Arius and Lord Gwynfro are still circling each other. When Julius finishes his keg after FDS’s 9th beer, FD gets a little slighted at Julius and between skulling beers starting hurling insults at Julius, who returns them drunkenly. Ten Minutes in now, El Arius and Lord Gwynfro are still circling each other. And Julius is now on his 4th beer bottle with drinking his keg while FD is on his 15th without drinking his keg. Both are very very drunk. Later on FD finishes his final beer bottle while Julius is on his 8th, FD celebrates this by breaking the last bottle on the table for no apparent reason. El Arius and Lord Gwynfro are still circling each other. FD then attempts to go for the keg but because he isn’t Julius and is a lighter man, he blacks out when trying to pick it up, being crushed by the keg, his forearm and hand spilling over to Lord Gwynfro and El Arius’s match. El Arius then trips over FDS’s arm while circling Lord Gwynfro, seeing this, Gwynfro goes for the pin. 1.. 2.. 3! Lord Gwynfro has won! And because FD passed out, so has Julius! The referee raises both hands of the two but then Julius passes out on top of the keg, which is on FD, further crushing him. ITS NOW TIME FOR FIRST CLASS EXPRESS VS JOB SQUAD First Class Express stand in the ring, awaiting there opponents as the crowd, who are stuffing there faces with hot dogs. Cheers for the two friends, who look at the makeshift entrance ramp and see Toxic and Jush, defiantly not Toxik and Josh, as the Job Squad comes down the ramp looking stupid as ever. They get into the ring and the match begins, as Toxic runs at Hans screaming "DRUUUUGS" and Hans ducks his attack, nailing him with a superkick as BiC rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Hitting Jush over the head with it multiple times, unprotected chair shots as Jush starts to bleed heavily and rolls out of the ring. The fans chant "WE Want Tables" as Hans goes to the outside and grabs not only a table, but a ladder. As Toxic attempts to fight back, landing a few punches before getting hit by there tag team finisher, the "Buzzer Beater, before a bloodied Josh would come back into the ring, yelling about how he has more post then anyone nd deserves to win, before BiC would lift him up onto his shoulders and climb the ladder BEFORE JUMPING OFF Jesus friggin christ bub this match is crazy, Hans walks over to Jush and pins him, as First Class Express are victorious, and walk away the winners of the match. Destroying the Job Squad. BIC IS READY FOR HIS 2nd MATCHUP, AS ITS TIME FOR HIM VS THE US TITLE The united states title has been set up, and BiC has made his entrance. As chants for either men come from the roar of the crowd, the bell rings and BiC runs at the championship. But as he reaches down to pick it up, his ankle gives out and he falls down, screaming out in pain as he drops the title and it lands on him! The referee gets down on his knees! 1...2...3. NO F*CKING WAY THE CHAMPIONSHIP HAS WON, THE US CHAMPIONSHIP HAS BEATEN BIC. Hans is disconnected from the pole and falls down, as he helps his partner up and gives him a hug. Before the US title gets stands up and grabs Hans, carrying him out of the arena, as Hans is now owned by the United States Championship. ITS TIME FOR A DEATHMATCH, SHIBA VS AMAI *the pain maker makes his way to the ring, holding in his hand a massive shotgun* *Shiba strolls to the ring, with a barbed wire bat and a butcher knife* Shiba puts the Shotgun into his mouth and smiles Shiba starts the match by taking his butcher knife and slicing an artery with it on his own wrist to show his toughness. Pain takes the knife out of his hands and slices Shiba's hand clean off and kicks him in the balls Shiba sells for a second before realising that its a Backyard show and immediately grabs the barbed wire bat with his one good hand and smacks the shit out of Amai repeatedly Amai suddenly realises that this is a backyard, and goes into the house to find more tools to kill someone with. He then begins to raid the fridge, finding a nice delicious block of cheddar cheese, he takes a bite before throwing it at the head of Shiba, completely knocking him out with the impact of an earthquake. Shiba sells this more than the cutting off of his own hand and Amai goes for the cover! 1...2...Kickout! Shiba is still alive after the fatal blow! “Bah gawd how does he survive” Shiba says while kicking out. Amai does not finish there, he finds a cheese grater in a nearby cupboard, he takes the cheese grater, and grates the mild cheddar over the head of Shiba, before grating his head itself, the penis head that is. Shiba after taking that disgusting beating by Amai, is suddenly fueled with FIGHTING SPIRITTUUUUUUUU, and kips up before emptying Hans’ cutlery draw and flinging tens and tens of Knifes at Amai’s head, at least 5 of them stick into the 4Head of amai. Amai uses this to his advantage, becoming a tornado in an instant and swinging the knives using the power of only his forehead, this kills shiba, but not for long as he instantly gets back up, to the roar of the fans. Shiba then hits Amai, and drags him upstairs, into the bathroom, fills the bathtub with water, and begins to DROWN amai in the disgusting American water. Amai drowns in this water, but he gets back up, and throws Shiba in the water before locking the door, and running downstairs to grab a toaster, the electrical device is bound to kill shiba; Amai runs back upstairs, unlocks the bathroom door, and throws the toaster at Shibas head, knocking him out and electrocuting him in the process. HOWEVER, this wasn’t Shiba, Shiba during the time Amai went downstaris to get the toaster, built a perfect replica of himself out of toothpicks and put that in the bathtub, so while Amai thinks he just killed Shiba, Shiba tackles him from behind and THROWS HIM OUT OF THE BATHROOM WINDOW. While Amai is laying on the grass after taking a 4 story drop… Shiba stands on the edge of the broken window… and HITS A 630!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! HE LANDS THROUGH A PERFECTLY PLACED STACK OF FLAMING TABLES! WONDER WHO PUT THOSE THERE! Both men get straight back up, because this is a backyard event, and Amai grabs a piping hot sausage straight from Hans' hands and shoves it in Shiba's mouth, Shiba chokes, and dies, or does he? HE DOESN’T!!!! Shiba somehow manages to perform the heimlich maneuver on himself, while doing this he also manages to get a steaming hot BURGER from the grill, and begins to BURN the face of Amai with the meaty goodness. Amai proceeds to lick the greasy burger juice right off his face, before kegging Shiba, and smacking him right in the bells, he then throws him into the ring, and hits him with a good old emerald flowsion, MISAWAAAAAA IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Shiba… Menacingly.. States to the crowd “if you want something doing.. Do it yourself” and proceeds to CUT HIS OWN ARM OFF WHILST HOLDING THE BLADE WITH HIS TEETH! Amai looks at him in horror "how could it be?" And slaps Shiba in a womanly fashion, before grabbing his leg and starts smacking him all over like a fish. He grabs the lone torso of Shiba and throws it onto the roof! What power from this god of a man! Shiba now on the roof and limbless… is powerless to anything Amai does…. However SOMEHOW Shiba’s FIGHTING SPIRIT manages to shine through one more time… as he does a CANADIAN DESTROYER OF THE ROOF THROUGH A METAL DOOR… not gimmicked metal either.. REAL METAL Amai is in pain, but he gets back up right away, he grabs Hans' dog, and throws it at Shiba, the dog then starts to piss all over Shiba's helpless body, but what Amai doesn't know is that this is Shiba's special potion that he ever so cleverly planted inside of the dog, almost like he knew Amai was going to do this. Suddenly… Shiba begins to twitch… and his entire body begins to contort into an otherworldly sight… then… as if out of nowhere… SHIBA HAS AN ARM… Whilst hobbling on his little stumps that used to have legs attached to them he delivers an INSANE LARIATOOOOOOOO. Shiba goes for the cover. 1...2…. KICK OUT! OH THE RESILIENCY! Shiba lifts Amai up, only for Amai to rip the remaining arm off with the power of his bare hands. He lifts Shiba's helpless body up into the air, and throws it 500m up into the sky. He waits for the body to come down, and just as he's about to catch him. OMG! SHIBA DOES A CODE RED! 1...2...3! (Amai kicks out at 3.1)ITS OVER! SHIBA WINS THE WAR AS A CHICKEN NUGGET BAH GAWD WHAT A WAR! But just as Shiba is about to celebrate… BOOM, Amai kicks him right over the hedge, never to be seen again (until the next match for commentary that is) FISH TANK MATCH, SAMEER VS AIDAN Fish Man Aidanator is flopping around in his cage as the water is lowered in, as the water hits him, he instantly beomes JACKED. As Sameer taunts and screams "IMA BEAST" he jumps into the water, but like an idiot, he forgot his scuba gear, and Fishman Aidantor laughs as Sameer drowns in the pool, eventually getting pinned TRIPLE THREAT MATCH, TOXIK vs KAI vs ICON Nextup we got a real good one here folks as there will be a three way match between Kai, Toxik, and ICON in a Losers Leave the BBQ match. Toxik comes out to a chorus of boos as this packed crowd in the BBQ chant things like “Go Away” and “Fuck You Toxik”. One Fan even throw a paper ball at toxik, that’s how despised he is. Next up is Kai, who isn’t as hated as Toxik as gets a mixed reaction from the audience. Finally the one and only, ICON makes his entrance at the party as he too gets a mix reaction, this match is about to get ugly, all these men hate each other. Shiba is on commentary he calls Toxik a cunt and flips him off. The match begins and immediately toxik gets attacked by both ICON and Kai and the crowd are cheering them on. Toxik rolls onto the outside, laying down on the grass. ICON then hits a 450 Top Rope Splash on the outside, the crowd “Grass Stain Toxik” Kai then gets outside of the ring and proceeds to hit a piledriver on stack of legos. Kai showbouts but then ICON then starts brawling with Kai and they make there way to a slip and slide,, ICON hits a devastating forearm to Kai and ICON then throws Kai onto the slip and slide and he goes full speed. Shiba at this point is laughing his ass off. Kai has ended up in a kitty pool when he was thrown onto the slip and slide. ICON looks around and proceeds to go onto the slip and slide as while and he’s gonna go for an elbow drop ICON completely misses the pool and hits the side of it. The crowd chant “oh my god”. Kai brings ICON back to the ring as he lays several punches. Kai tries to go for a tornado ddt but ICON doesn’t allow to do some and Kai takes a huge bump onto the grass. Out from behind however is Toxik as he attacks ICON. The crowd boo the hell out of him. Toxik goes for a dive but Kai dodges it. Toxik and Kai lay punches to each other until a huge crossbody onto both men sends them down. ICON brings Toxik into the ring and takes a bucket of hot water and throws onto to Toxik! Toxik freaks the fuck out and ICON then hits a package piledriver and ref counts 1,2, and 3. Winner of the contest is ICON. both Kai and Toxik are taken by security and both get kicked out. GRV vs Bailey THE BAILEY wants an opponent for the crowd, and GRV comes running in. Yelling "HES FROM THE FUCKING FORUMS" as The Bailey nails him with a THE BAILEYS BOTTOM and pins him 1..2..3. WINNING THE MATCH WHAT A BEAST. IRISH LADS FIGHT JOH vs NATEDOG, neither of them win, because they are Irish and eat the potatoes (defiantly not racist) MAIN EVENT FOOD FIGHT Its a good food fight, food is fighting. The potatoes are fighting carrots, BUT WALLACE. WALLACE WINS BUY EATING ALL THE FOOD, BRENDEN IS SCREAMING AT THE POTATOES, ROPATI IS BEING COOKED. WHAT AN EVENT.
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    Rory Orton's music Hits as he makes his way to the ring. Rory Orton walks to the ring slowly listening to all the boos and cheers from the crowd.As he takes the microphone and begins to speak. "It nearly one month since I have not been here and I know that you all miss me. But now when I am here I found out that there are a lot of things happened during this month. We have a new nxt Champion, a new team is formed which will be nothing but a joke. Seriously, who could make a team with a mental human being like Bob and Mark my words, this tag team will only last for few months Bob will turn on icon. But why am I even thinking about this team while I should be thinking about nxt championship. Speaking of nxt Championship, I will tell you exactly what will happen in untill summerslam. Every Nxt Wrestler will come and say want they will do at SummerSlam and the most famous tactic of NXT wrestlers is just talk trash about other men who are competing in the match and what I will come wait for my opportunity because I don't even knew that I will be in that match or not but I have a message to all other NXT wrestlers. You would think that I am just another rookie in this overflowing nxt division and they have nothing to fear about me. This is what makes me exited to beat you up because the I love the moment when my opponent think that he is so close to win the gold but everything changes just in few seconds and this is what going to happen at SummerSlam and at last I want to say that you have to respect me when the the hottest talent of nxt will be standing with Nxt Championship at the hottest event of the summer." Then Rory Orton leaves the ring and heads backstage.
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    More Twitter banter

    @TheNathanSawyer: @Sheridan's best uses are in the bedroom and the porn studio from what my sources tell me. @TheNathanSawyer: Sheridan is like a door knob, Everyones had a turn. @TheNathanSawyer: I'd Call Sheridan a Cow but that would offend the Cow. @TheNathanSawyer: Heard Sheridan's favorite position is doggy, Makes sense, If i looked as ugly as her I'd hide my face during sex too. @TheNathanSawyer: To Be the Man, You have to Beat the Man. This doesn't apply to Sheridan as the only men she can beat are the one's she solicits off the streets.
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    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Welcome to NXT! Rumors had it that Triple H (Real Name Paul Levesque) had agreed to a deal to purchase everything NXT off of Vince McMahon, in an attempt to branch out on his own. With Triple H out, many superstars who had signed new contracts were angered by this decision as they signed contracts with Triple H in mind, but with now just Vince leading the reigns, it caused tension between the superstars and creative. It all began when Daniel Bryan had an interview, saying he would rather be allowed to choose where he went than be forced to stick to his contract, which led to a very tense meeting between Vince McMahon and all talent. Vince, the cocky businessman, decided to say that if the talent would rather be in NXT, he'll rip their contract up, but when WWE puts the company out of business, he'll make sure that everyone who leaves never ever gets a job in professional wrestling again. This led to a video by Triple H, announcing the monumental decision.
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    Party Bus Phase

    As Icon walks up the he turns his back for a second as then The Bailey from behind attacks Icon! Beating down Icon. Kicking him around and around. Before picking Icon up and spitting directly in his face. He then slaps Icon and then kicks him down low. He picks Icon up and hits The GOAT Bottom on Icon. Who crashes onto the Ramp. The Bailey looks up at all the Fans booing him as The Bailey takes it all in. The Bailey throws his hands up to the Crowd before turning around and leaving the Arena.
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    BPZ Observer

    Hello! Welcome back to the BPZ Observer, I am your host Matt Mattson and today we are going to be going through the career of a man who won his match at Emergence. The Prince! So without further ado, lets begin. Gimmick - 8/10 Since his return to BPZ. The Prince has had a new gimmick, which at the moment feels like a breath of fresh air. Right now, his work on the mic is great. And his gimmick fits him perfectly. BPZ are doing a good job of making sure he isn't on TV too much so he doesn't go stale, which is important as that can ruin gimmicks. But as of right now, I feel like an 8 is a perfect score for The Prince Move-Set - 7/10 Time for the normal saying. A good move-set links well with the gimmick. However, due to the new gimmick we haven't seen a lot of his move-set yet. But, over the years we have seen how good The Prince can be in the ring. And we know how good he is. But does that fit with his gimmick right now? Nobody really knows. Only time can truly tell. History - 8/10 We all know the story. King Of The Ring, The Prince. Yeah. I feel like that alone is all we need to know about the history of The Prince. The Prince has been here for a long time and has done a lot with his time here. Whether it be hunting the IC title or as part of the Karico Brand. He has always been included and for that reason he scores highly in the history section. Usage - 7.5/10 Over the years, The Prince hasn't been given the opportunities he deserves most of the time. We have seen him as a #1 pick in the draft before, but he failed to impress following that and hasn't been given many opportunities since. Another example of that being him getting eliminated from the King Of The Ring tournament this year by Bob, despite him being the #1 seed wrestler in the tournament. So yeah, 7.5. Career Highlights & Accolades (Might Not Be 100% Accurate) Former #1 Pick In The BPZ Draft 1x BPZ Tag Team Champion 1x BPZ European Champion 1x BPZ United States Champion Prince Overall - 30.5/40 That is all we have time for today here on the BPZ Observer! Be sure to come back next time when you will be in the not so capable hands of Jimmy the Jabroni. I have been Matt Mattson, and goodbye!
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    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    NXT TakeOver: New Beginnings NXT Women's Championship Match Press Release Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler vs Mickie James vs Ember Moon At NXT TakeOver: New Beginnings, a new Women's Champion will be crowned in a fatal-4 way between three former NXT Women's Champions, and one of the most history-defining women in wrestling's history. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks looks to prove that she is indeed that, leaving her WWE contract to re-make her name where everything began for her, while Ember Moon is somewhat of an enigma, looking to strike where-ever possible. Finally, the most dominant NXT Women's Champion, knocking off every challenger in her path, Shayna Baszler has been untouchable and looks to begin where she ended with NXT, just this time in her own right. And last, but certainly not least, Mickie James looks to re-define her legacy after going through a couple of rough years followimg rejoining the WWE. For Mickie, this is about legacy-defining, not cashing a check. Can Mickie James overcome these odds, of three former NXT Women's Champions, or will the new era of wrestling pass her by?
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    IUM Presents:Vengeance 2019 Prince vs Bulldozer What a opening match here. Both men having a solid run of offense and defense. A back and forth bout is usually the casual sight in IUM. And this was no different. In this 12 minute bout, you saw high flying action like no other but, Prince would secure the victory with a "Off with their heads". Time:12:53 Rating:3.50 Joshua Scott vs Siege A technical bout like none other took place here tonight. Both men have been doing relatively well since their debut here in IUM. Scott would stay on the ground game, while Siege would be taking the brawling side of things. Seemed to be picking up near the last couple of minutes, before Joshua Scott puts away Siege with a Spear! Time:16:24 Rating:2.75 Xavier King vs Julius:TV Title Tournament Finals This has to be the best match so far in the series! 5 star classic for sure. With high impactful moves, insane chemistry, top notch selling and overall lovely match this was a match to watch out for. Both men would use their full aresnal to full affect here tonight to try to capture that gold. But the better man seemed to be Julius, who would end the match in destructive manner, with a Claymore Kick. Time:23:45 Rating:5.00 Rick Tomhard vs Jack Bashka vs Brad Solid match here, but sadly nothing really special here. A quick one too, as Brad would try to get the advantaged with the power game, throwing out Rick Tomhard but is thrown out himself. It seemed the chemistry was off at times, but solid ground game by all three men. But at the end Jack Bashka would hit the Bitter End on Rick Tomhard for the victory. Time:23:24 Rating:2.50 Ropati vs James Knight Really good match here, the chemistry between these two was really great. Another one of the best matches in the series. Back and forth action seems to be a constant thing for this ppv. James Knight would go for a big boot but would be reversed by Ropati into a Kiwi Kick to end James Knight's night. Time:15:29 Rating:4.75 After the matchup a familiar theme song would play, as the new crowned TV Champion walks down,and into the ring, staring down Ropati. And holds up the title. Arius(c) vs Sameer:IUM World Championship match Once again another banger here tonight and isnt that expected? Both of these men have been on a role. With high flying to no end, chemistry that can fulfill an entire classic and high impact moves that end careers this was epic. But at the end, sadly Arius' reign comes to an end when sameer, stomped it out. Time: 20:45 Rating:5.00
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    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    First Show And Full Card Announced Along With Reveal Of Some New Signings For Premier Pro Wrestling. On September 1st, 2019. History will be made as Paul Heymans brand new company Premier Pro Wrestling has become one of the most exciting things in the world of pro wrestling and it all comes to a start in Toronto as its first event, coming live on PPV, "Heart Of Glory" which will be full of amazing matches and superstars including Brock Lesnar, Jon Moxley, Will Ospreay, and more! WWE Hall Of Famer and legendary pro wrestler Edge will also be there to reveal the Premier Pro Wrestling world championship as well as Mauro Ranallo and Joey Styles on commentary, as well as a stacked card as this entire show is going to be a blast!!! With social media wars, press conference beatdowns, and overall hype for the show the matches have been lined up and the main event is a big one as Brock Lesnar takes on Big Damo in what is going to be one hell of a hoss fight. As well as Jon Moxley taking on the man he brawled with at the Premier Pro Wrestling press conference in a No DQ match. "Heart Of Glory" Match Card Main Event: Brock Lesnar vs Big Damo 10 Rookie Battle Royal (Any Rookie Star In Pro Wrestling Can Enter) Showcase Match: Adrian King vs Will Ospreay No DQ Match: Christopher Daniels vs Jon Moxley Rybacks "BIG GUY" Open Challenge Showcase Match: Marty Scrull vs Prince Tyler Tag Team Showcase Matchup: G.O.D vs Hardy Boyz
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    BPZ Fantasy Football 2019/20

    As a draft date, how does August 31, Noon EST sound? Also, still looking for 1 more person minimum!
  26. 2 points

    BPZ Survival Games October 11-12

    What I like the most out of this is the fact that we will see many first time matchups, with some of the newer members taking on people they haven’t faced before which is pretty cool Plus it’s another tournament so you already know I got it in the bag
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    Smith's Graphics

    New banners for each show on the amazing Brand Warfare diary, including one for my new cruiserweight show, Velocity!
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    United States Pro Wrestling

    The show USPW Independence has just concluded and has been declared a massive success so far, and here we have some comments from those who have wrestled tonight. Mystico, Rhino, and Eric Young have chosen not to speak backstage. Ospreay enters the interview area, his hair swept up in a mess but the Lightweight championship fashioned nicely around his shoulder. He takes a seat at a table and begins his speech. Ospreay: You know, I never doubted myself coming into USPW. I may not be the biggest guy, but when you put me against someone my own size I sure as hell prove my worth in that ring. And if you had any doubt before I debuted, well...Just look at me now. Ospreay gets up and exits the room. A few moments later his opponent earlier tonight, Lio Rush, enters the room. He doesn't even take a seat at the table but instead stands in the center of the room. Rush: I'm not gonna sit here and waste your time bitching about how I should've won. It was Ospreay's night tonight, even I'll acknowledge that. But any man with a brain knows that if I had another chance, that title would come to me. Just something to think about. And with that, Rush exits the room, thanking the reporters. MJF walks in next, a cocky smile on his face as always. He sits down at the table and puts his feet up, making himself comfortable. MJF: Well the first one is in the books ladies and gentlemen! Not to mention a fantastic performance from me, best of the night I'd say. Honestly, that American dude should just put me in that world title match right now. So a message to you, Mr. Mox, watch your back while you still can. Because soon enough, it'll be broken over my leg. Because I...am better...thank you. Thank you all. MJF dramatically waves to everyone in the room and exits the room. Ren Narita is the next to enter, and he is clearly still feeling the effects from his match. The English subtitles at the bottom of the screen read. Narita: That was not quite the debut I was expecting. However, it was enjoyable nonetheless. I'm sorry to have failed you all tonight, I promise I'll do better next time. Thank you to the American fans for making this night as great as it was. That's all I've got, thank you for your time. Narita bows and exits the room right as Roppongi 3K enters with a popping bottle of champagne. The reporters back up as Romero speaks for his two new champions. Romero: Oh baby boy! Roppongi 3K are worldwide champions! Japan, America, who knows where next! Roppongi 3K is on a roll, and who's gonna stop us? Absolutely no one! Send your lightweights, send your Motor City Machine Guns, we'll take em all on. But the common factor is, no one is ripping these titles away. Good day to you all. Roppongi 3K walks out of the room, still hollering and cheering about their win. Shortly after, Epico & Primo walk into the room. They sit down to begin their interview but are attacked from behind by MCMG. The Machine Guns quickly escape from the room as Primo and Epico chase after them. Soon after, Mercedes KV enters the room after her match. KV: I know you all saw what happened out there, so I'll spare you the details. But I know, you know, everyone who watched know, that bitch got lucky. One slight move and boom. Didn't have a good enough grip to kick out, didn't lock in the submission right, and a bunch of other things. The point is, I could beat her any day of the week, so don't count me out just yet. KV storms out of the room as Dashwood enters. The two standoff for a moment but Dashwood walks past eventually. She takes a seat at the table. Dashwood: I apologize for her, she can be a bit over dramatic. No need to worry, you have a true beautiful face in front of you now. This win...this win is just the first of many. Kana, Rosemary, whoever is back there, look out. Ms. Dashwood is coming for you all, and she is a very impatient woman. Dashwood leaves the room as the Guerrillas of Destiny take her place. They flip over the table and knock down the chairs before speaking. Tonga: Man, fuck this bullshit. We put everything we had in our bodies into that match, and for what? To take some hits to the head that'll leave us messed up for a little bit? No. We're going to do something about it. Lucha Bros, keep a lookout, because we'll be back sooner than you could even imagine. GOD storms out of the room as their opponents take their place a few moments later. They simply stand their until Pentagon speaks. Pentagon: CERO! MIEDOOOO! And with that, the tag team leaves the room even quicker than they entered. A bewildered TAKA Michinoku and Zack Sabre Jr enter after them and sit down for their speech. Michinoku: Tonight...was simply not the night. When put in a match with three other elite competitors, the chances of victory obviously decreases, which clearly happened here. Maybe in a one on one situation I could've picked up the win, but just not tonight. I'll be back though. Sabre Jr: You did great, TAKA. And for any of you in that match who'd like another match with the hottest foreign star in USPW, he's right here. Sabre Jr and Michinoku thank the reporters and exit the room as Jay White enters. White smirks at the two and stands in the middle of the room. White: Before we get started, where's my chair? Chair? CHAIR? Ah, you know what, forget it. No, nope, you ruined the moment. Anyway, tonight was a travesty. I had that match won and all Uhaa did was snatch it like a wimp. So, Nation, I challenge you. One on one, no excuses, just you and me in the ring. I'll be waiting. White goes to exit the room but bumps into the entering Nation. All hell breaks loose as a brawl emerges between the two. They are eventually escorted out of the room, being held apart by security and even Kurt Angle himself. Despite all of that, Jay Lethal has took it upon himself to get his portion of the interview done. Lethal: You know, it just hurts. It hurts knowing that all those people were depending on me to bring home one big victory for the US today, and I couldn't deliver. Now only one question is left: what next for Jay Lethal? The truth is, I'm not sure, but I'll see you all around. Lethal leaves the room, his head hanging low. Scurll enters the room right after, his broken umbrella carried in his two hands. Scurll: God dammit! Look at my poor baby! Snapped in two like a fucking twig. I bear the symbol of your people's country on it, and this is how you treat it? Disgraceful, us Brits would never do such a thing. As for my match tonight, what did you expect? A fake Macho Man to take a victory home, against ME? Not a chance, not in the slightest. This win was expected, and next is line is Jon Moxley or whoever else I have to go through if it means winning that world champion. G'day to you. Scurll throws his umbrella parts across the room and marches out of the room, much to the amusement of an entering Jon Moxley. Moxley: Well, what do you want me to say? The fans love a good show, and that's what I gave them. I drilled that bastards head straight into the ground and let me tell you, I've never felt more alive. The thrill of inflicting pain...it's like nothing else in this world. Welp, I've gotta wait till the next event to get some blood on my hands, so for now, peace bitches. Moxley knocks the camera over, cutting the screen to black and ending these post match promos.
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    Ark Universe

    Cruiserweight Universe Mode

    Pete Dunne vs Rey Mysterio Noam Dar vs Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Roderick Strong w/ UE vs Gran Metalik Kalisto vs Hideo Itami TJP vs Drew Gulak Johnny Gargano vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred - Cedric Alexander (c) vs Finn Balor You already know ill be keeping a close eye on this, hope it goes well and you keep at it.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    SmackDown VS RAW 2008 GM Mode

    Smackdown Episode 30 CM Punk VS King Booker (United States championship) In last week's main event, King Booker earned the chance to regain his United States championship in tonight's opening match with CM Punk. The crowd is clearly behind Punk in this encounter, fed up with Booker's antics as United States champion. Thankfully for the fans, King Booker's reign of terror will not continue, but only due to interference from Bobby Lashley. As Punk and Booker were both on the outside of the ring, nearly counted out, Bobby Lashley would arrive and prevent Booker from entering the ring, costing him the match and the US title. After the match, Lashley would attack Booker, and before Punk could do anything to intervene, Marcus Cor Von would hit the scene, attacking Punk as well. The segment would end with Lashley and Cor Von both standing tall over their respective rivals. . Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy VS Chavo Guerrero (CW title NOC tournament match) In a fantastic match, Chavo Guerrero would score the victory over the Hardy Boys after a Frog Splash to Matt Hardy. After the match, Teddy Long would enter, and he would announce that next week, we will witness a second chance fatal four-way match between the four Cruiserweights who have already been eliminated. The winner of that match will face Chavo Guerrero in the CW title NOC tournament. This pleases Matt and Jeff, who now have a second chance at the Cruiserweight title, but tonight, Chavo focuses on celebrating his huge victory. . Before tonight's main event, Rey Mysterio congratulates Chavo and says he would look forward to facing his friend for the Cruiserweight title. However, right now, he wants to announce that the next member of his Survivor Series team is Johnny Nitro, making the current field Rey, Chavo and Nitro VS Time Fault. As he says this, Elijah Burke interrupts Rey and tells him that he looks forward to his second chance fatal four-way match next week. Burke promises Rey that he will face him again, and this time, he will take the Cruiserweight championship home with him. But as of right now, Burke wanted to announce that Time Fault has officially added them to their team, making the current Survivor Series match Rey, Chavo and Nitro VS Time Fault and Burke. Burke snidely wishes Rey luck and leaves. . SmackDown's MVP's VS Time Fault (Tag team title tables match) In tonight's main event, we see MVP and Mr. Kennedy get another opportunity against their long-time rivals, Snitsky and Helms. Last time they competed against each other, Time Fault got themselves disqualified to avoid losing the titles, but they will have no such luxury tonight. As the match is coming to a close, MVP and Kennedy appear to be on the verge of regaining their tag titles, with Gregory Helms in position for a Kenton Bomb through the table. However, before Kennedy can finish the match, the Submission Masters hit the scene! Masters and Flair remove the table and attack SmackDown's MVP's, giving Time Fault just enough time to recover. One Pumphandle Slam from Snitsky to Kennedy through a table, and Time Fault retains their titles, as SmackDown's MVP's have once again been screwed out of a victory over their rivals. Masters and Flair leave the scene of the crime before Snitsky and Helms could even know what happened, and Time Fault celebrates as SmackDown comes to a close, blissfully unaware of how close they came to losing their titles tonight.
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    Name: Buddy Ace Age: 24 Nationality: American Gimmick: Cowboy Face/Heel: Face Signatures: Backstabber, Buckshot Lariat Finishers: Leg Hook Flatliner, Deadeye Theme Song: Showdown by Southpaw Swagger Attire: Adam Page
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    Hans Graphics

    Just some random stuff I've made, if anyone wants to request me something let me know.
  33. 1 point
    This weeks show was pretty good, first time i actually enjoyed a Fandango match in a long time. ACH was my second favorite to win, however now that he has won, i hope they do a good job at his push. For me personally i see him as Apollo Crews 2.0. Maybe im being over cynical. I am looking forward to the Matt Riddle and Killian Dain match next week, as well as Io's decent in to darkness that music video was pure fire.
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    WPW: Wrestling Pro Warriors Signups

    Name: Jack Bashka  Age: 25 Nationality: Australian Gimmick: Jon Moxley Face/Heel: Heel Signatures: Black Mass, Superkick Finishers: V-Trigger, Curb Stomp Theme Song: ‘Legendary’ by Joey Bada$$ Attire: Jon Moxley pre-WWE
  35. 1 point

    WPW: Wrestling Pro Warriors Signups

    Name: Mal Hades Age: 24 Nationality: American Gimmick: Monster Heel Who Likes To Hurt People Face/Heel: Heel Signatures: Backbreaker Chokeslam (HELL RAISER), Spear Finishers: Freak Accident (DEVIL HORSN), Sit-out Last Ride Powerbomb Theme Song: Nightmare - Avenge Sevenfold Attire: Mal Hades
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    Name: Raven Age: 28 Nationality: British Gimmick: Crow Sting Face/Heel: Face Signatures: Superkick, Pumping Bomber (running clothesline) Finishers: 21-Plex (Springboard German suplex), Bird Bomb (Frog splash) Theme Song: Gentleman (Jack Gallagher's theme) Attire: Sting
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    WWE Changing Superstars Name

    If this happens it will be the end of Chad Gable. I don't know who the hell approves this stuff but they obviously don't have a normally functioning brain because the name "Shorty G" is just so shit. Maybe it's smart for Gable to start looking for employment elsewhere because this is just absolute shit
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    WWE: The New Era

    This diary is amazing as always Meko, really good No Mercy card here. Maryse for the upset The Hardys The Miz The Bellas Pete Dunne The New Wyatt Family AJ Styles
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    Alex Costa

    Bashka Takes Over BPZ Wrestling

    Raven you should just stay down man. How many times will I have to beat you for you to understand that?! Other than that a pretty good show and Bad Blood is shaping up quite nicely.
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    Great job on winning Meko and thanks brenden for putting in work for another trophy competition. I really wasn’t motivated this year to go extreme and win again so sorry for that meko I know I kinda disappointed you lol.
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    Reaching The Top

    We’re coming off the last BPZ Powertrip show Emergence and the setting seems to be a hotel room in the Emergence host city Tampa, Florida. We get a good look of the room as the camera pans over to Joh, looking in the mirror while his To The Top briefcase is left on his bed. “I……….I’ve done it. After all these grueling years of not being able to get a victory to my name…..I managed it. God, that sure was a tough one though. All that mayhem in one match was unlike any I had seen before, maybe akin to the Money In The Bank ladder match a few years ago. Having to battle 5 other people to find my way to unhooking the briefcase was always daunting to me, but I know I had done it before. Even then, the lingering feeling of having to live up to prior expectations was always looming around. I haven’t had a great match record recently, to say the least, so getting this victory and the prize that comes with it makes it feel oh so sweet and worthwhile.” Joh backs away from the mirror and sits alongside the To The Top briefcase on the edge of his bed. “It seems like I was right when I said I was adding another member to the trophy cabinet. I’ve had my doubters in the past, I’ve been called a retiree and all that nonsense, but I’ve proven that I’m still going and I have the winning ability still in me. The winning ability that brings me stuff like this. This briefcase. The power is in my hands on whether or not to go for that North American Championship.” Joh sits back up, with the briefcase in hand and walks back towards the mirror. “Oh how could I forget the power and confidence my affiliation with the United Nations has brought me? We were doubted from the very beginning of our formation, but then we were close to a tag team title shot and now one of our members is in possession of the To The Top briefcase. Don’t worry, this isn’t the first achievement for the United Nations, as we will live on and capture gold in our pursuit for international dominance. Whether we stick with the original members or bring along more partner, this win for me is only the beginning of the United Nations’ impact on the landscape of BPZ. It all comes down to what I do with my newfound item. Arius is definitely no slouch, but coming off my win and having the United Nations supporting me, I have what it takes to take the man down and win his title. The date of success may not be confirmed, but the success itself certainly is. Joh smirks as the camera zooms in on the reflection of the To The Top briefcase before the camera shot fades away.
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    Arius and his Graphics

    Made for @'The Undisputed' Corey
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    Brad returning to BPZ like
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    BrendenPlayz: Brand Split

    Evolve - Week 2, Month 2 __________________________________ The World Champion Is Not Threatened As the EVOLVE intro comes to a close, we would be greeted by the theme song of world champion Sameer who comes down the ramp to a warm reception. As the fans reach out for high fives and he hops the barricade. Letting a young kid hold the championship belt before giving him a high five and hoping the barricade once again. Entering the ring and grabbing a microphone. Sameer would prove his willingness to fight and how good of a championship he is, saying he is proud to be champion and that he will not let a man like Bashka take it away from him. Sameer and Bashka of course go head to head at the upcoming Summerslam PPV and its going to be a battle as Sameer is ready to fight. However, Bashka is not the man who comes out. As the man who returned last week, Slim, steps out on top of the stage with a smile on his face. Pointing to the world championship before mouthing "Its Mine" before walking to the back, sending a message to Sameer as we get set to continue EVOLVE. ____________________________ Sheridan Defeats Joshua Scott As Sameer is leaving the ring, EVOLVE star Joshua Scott would run out to the ring and get on the microphone before screaming into it. Complaining about Sheridan attacking him last weekend and that he wants to get revenge, insulting Sheridan, which would prompt Sheridan to come to the ring to a mixed reaction with her body guard posse close behind. She would wave them to the back before entering the ring and getting ready for the matchup. Joshua Scott would be able to wrestle Sheridan to the ground early on, but Sheridan would be to quick for Scott. Getting the upperhand and sending him into the ring post. The match would continue on, and there would be many near falls and reversals but by the end of it all it would be Sheridan hitting a springboard tornado DDT and pinnin Scott in the middle of the ring. As Sheridan celebrates, we get a view backstage where Austin Mirage is throwing a tantrum over his partners lost. He throws chairs around as Sheridan poses in the center of the ring and the program goes to commercial break. ____________ Hans Clayton Was Born For This Hans Clayton would be walking backstage carrying his luggage as a reporter for EVOLVE would walk up to him. Asking him various questions about his time so far in Brendenplayz Wrestling and his upcoming number one contenders match against Arius. Hans would give nothing but respect towards Arius, calling him a great opponent before moving onto his possible Summerslam opponent. Bart, saying he will gladly take the Undisputed Championship of his hands before walking away as we get into yet another segment. _ Echo Wilson Defeats Mave Mave would be in the ring when we would cut back to the arena ready to take on the United States champion Echo Wilson. And with ease, Echo Wilson would come to the ring and hit the "Echo Location" before pinning Mave and defeating him in just 9 seconds. Echo would pose with his championship belt, getting on the microphone and talking about how great he was before the music of the EVOLVE general manager would hit and out would walk Kyle Reeves. _ Kyle Reeves Talks About Summerslam Kyle Reeves would ask Echo to leave the ring before turning to the crowd and introducing himself, saying that he has thought of 3 matches for The Kingdom at Summerslam, and that they will all be defending there championship based on last weeks results. The intercontinental championship will be defended when Julius Jones takes on Slim in one on one action, and Echo Wilson will be defending his United States championship against Ryan Reeves. Along with the winner of tonights Hans Clayton vs Arius matchup facing Bart, and Sameer defending his world championship against King Bashka. It is sure to be an amazing show as we cut backstage. _ Arius Burns Down His Manor A video plays of Arius, wearing a leather jacket and jeans walking through his manor smoking a cigar. He looks around at the ghouls who run away from his disgusted before tipping over the piano he is seen playing often times, swearing at it before walking away. Pouring gasoline around the manor as he walks away. Lighting it on fire and walking away as he burns away his past. This is a new Arius. _ Arius Defeats Hans Clayton To Become Number One Contender To a brand new theme song and a huge reaction, Arius would come to the ring with a different look. His black hair chopped down as he enters the ring and awaits Hans Clayton. Who also comes to the ring ready to fight, the crowd is split down the middle for both men as both men will do anything to win the match. The match itself is PPV worthy, as for 20 minutes the two would prove why they are the future and with Bart at ringside. Everything is on the line, Hans would come close to hitting the shooting hans press but Arius would move, allowing him to hit a reverse brain buster onto his knee he calls the "Fire Setter" and he pins him, walking away as the number one contender as Bart enters the ring. EVOLVE comes to an end with Arius and Bart, staring eachother down, who will meet in 2 weeks for the Undisputed championship. What a show, what a match, as the program...ends.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Carnage | 8th July, 2019 | Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam, NL Sameer Explains His Actions At Judgement Day At Judgement Day, Sameer changed the future of his entire career when he attacked his former partner and former friend, Brenden Playz, following their loss in the BPZ Tag Team Championship match. Tonight, Sameer opens Carnage by walking to the ring and explaining why he did what he did. Sameer: "Never, ever, cross your boss? What kind of trash advice is that? Why would I not cross my boss? Brenden, why wouldn't I betray you? Like seriously, is it not clear to everyone why I beat the living hell out of him?" Sameer looks around the crowd in shock, seemingly expecting the BPZ Universe to know why he attacked Brenden. After awhile, he gives up and begins to explain it. Sameer: "Okay, I guess I'm the only level-headed person here. Early on in my career, Brenden took me under his wing and people called me his golden boy. The people backstage, you people out here, the people that I work with on a daily basis, they all said I was given special treatment, that I only got where I was because I was on the boss' good side. Everything I accomplished was looked past just because I was Brenden's friend. For a while, I trusted Brenden, I worked my ass off day in day out to prove to him that I could lead his company. He promised me that one day I'll be the top star of BPZ..." Visibly frustrated, Sameer pauses to calm himself down. His face is red and the veins are showing in his neck as he speaks on such an emotional topic. He begins to talk again but now with a tremble in his voice and the microphone shaking in his hand. Sameer: "Then why, explain to me why... WHY IN HELL HAVE I NOT COME ANYWHERE CLOSE TO BEING WORLD CHAMPION! I've been busting my ass, grinding all day every day, Monday to Sunday, non-stop, for almost five years! But yet, I don't have a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship reign to my name. I guess I thought that I had earned it, I thought I had played my cards right and honestly, I still do. I still know that I am BPZ World Heavyweight Championship material and without that dead weight, without false promises, without a friend that did nothing but hold me down, I'm going to cash-in my Money In The Bank contract and become the greatest ever champion this company has seen!" After Sameer's exclamation in the middle of the ring, the crowd would be stunned silent with the only thing disturbing the quiet being the heavy breathing of the emotional Sameer. He would slowly lower the microphone, releasing the tight grasp that developed as he was talking. After gathering himself and letting the fans take in his touching words, he drops the microphone and walks to the back. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament James Ropati vs The Marker The first match of the night sees the continuation of King Of The Ring's first round as 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw', James Ropati, makes his return to the ring against The Marker. The two men put on a competitive match-up but the momentum from his return pushes Ropati that much further, allowing him to get the edge on Marker, eventually picking up the pinfall after a nasty Kiwi Kick. The Demented Knight Makes His Debut Tonight As BPZ Carnage continues as per usual, suddenly the feed is taken over by a completely black video. Slowly, a face comes into focus but as it becomes clearer, the face is revealed to be painted white with red markings. 'The Demented Knight' is then advertised to debut in BPZ tonight, in King Of The Ring competition against an impressive force in Arius. The debuting star is definitely set for a challenge in his first match but also has a great opportunity to prove how good he is straight out of the gates. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Buddy Ace vs Hans Clayton Next, we have the second match of the night as we resume King Of The Ring action. In this match-up, we see Buddy Ace and Hans Clayton face off for the first time ever. With Buddy Ace being the more experienced of the two, he seems to be able to gain the upper-hand more often than Hans but the explosive offence that Hans possesses proves superior as he is able to pick up the pinfall after a beautiful Shooting Hans Press. Flynn States That He Is The Most Dangerous Force in BPZ Wrestling In the backstage area of the Altice Forum, Josh Trenton is joined by BPZ Superstar and Hall Of Famer, Flynn. At Judgement Day, Flynn defeated Echo Wilson by forcing him to tap out. Tonight, Flynn looks particularly threatening as he waits to be interviewed. Josh Trenton: "At Judgement Day, you defeated Echo Wilson in your second ever one on one encounter with him, having won the first time around as well. With that being said, did you expect to win going into this match or did you realize the challenge that Echo Wilson presents?" At first, the only response Trenton receives from Flynn is a blank stare of disappointment. After an awkward moment of silence, Flynn begins to respond. Flynn: "Are you serious? Of course, I recognize the challenge that my opponent brings, I do that in every match. Also, I believe that I am going to come out of every match victorious so yes, I did expect to win. If I don't believe I can win, what's the point in me even competing? I'm a competitor, I compete to win so when I wrestle, I wrestle to win. Now, ask me a better question." Trenton is stunned by Flynn's response at first, stuttering as he attempts to speak. Eventually, he thinks of a question and tries again. Josh Trenton: "Okay... After defeating Echo Wilson at Judgement Day and not being included in the King Of The Ring tournament, what are your plans going forward and heading into SummerSlam?" Flynn: "You know what? That will do. Right now, I look in the locker room, I look at the faces of my fellow superstars and honestly, it shames me. I can't stand half of the idiotic morons back there but it's fine, none of them dare stand up to me. They all saw what I did to Echo Wilson at Judgement Day. They all know that right now, I'm the most dangerous competitor in BPZ Wrestling. Right now, I can promise that not one person backstage dares to prove me wrong. They don't have th-" Suddenly, Flynn is struck from behind by a hooded man before three more hooded men join the fray, joining in on the beatdown on Flynn. After Flynn is left motionless on the ground, the men reveal themselves as the four members of SSW Club, with Joshua Scott standing at the front of the flock. It seems as though this team disagrees with Flynn's statement. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Arius vs James Knight For the third time tonight, we continue on with first round King Of The Ring action. As advertised earlier, 'The Demented King', James Knight, will be making his debut tonight against 'The Revenant', Arius. To the surprise of many, James Knight actually puts up a good fight against Arius who has been one of the most dominant forces in the industry as of late. Nevertheless, Arius manages to pick up the victory and move on to the quarter finals. The Bailey Is Still Your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Next, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey, makes his entrance to the ring, holding his title very proudly. Then, he collects a microphone before entering the ring. He lets a dramatic pause pass by, raises his eyebrow and then begins to talk. The Bailey: "And still... Your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion... The Bailey! At Judgement Day, The Bailey beat Bashka's candy ass just like old times but right now, we're witnessing sixteen of the most promising superstars this company has to offer battle it out in the King Of The Ring tournament so The Bailey has a message for every one of you jabronis: good luck with your tournament and if you do come out victorious, just know what a great accomplishment that is, celebrate like you never have before. Most importantly, savor every moment before SummerSlam because by winning King Of The Ring, you will guarantee yourself an ass-whuppin' of a lifetime served by The Bailey at the biggest party of the Summer!" "As for King Of The Ring itself... FINALLY! The Bailey has returned to the great continent of Europe! But The Bailey has a problem; The Bailey needs a challenger for his title. So, any of you jabronis backstage, The Bailey is asking for a challenge and he needs you to just bring it!" After a few seconds of waiting, The Bailey is answered by 'The American Hero', his own brother, Monda. The Bailey stands in the ring, shocked as his brother enters with a microphone. Monda: "I know right now you might be confused, you might even be hurt a little. Last time we faced, I know we promised to never put wrestling before family again but there's just one problem... You have what I want. For five years, we've been apart of this company. For five years, you've been winning world title after world title whilst I was stuck, not even getting intercontinental championship matches. I thought that King Of The Ring was my chance, my time to climb to the top but no, once again I was left hanging but all of that stops right now. Bailey, my brother, as much as I don't want to do this, I'm sick and tired of you looking down on me so at King Of The Ring, it's brother vs brother, Bailey vs Monda." After such a personal response to The Bailey's challenge, his brother, Monda, puts a hand on the champ's shoulder which is instantly responded by The Bailey hitting Monda's arm away before leaving the ring and storming to the back, clearly upset with Monda's decision to face his own brother. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bart Hoogveld vs Bob Sparks The show ends with the last match of King Of The Ring's first round and it's a big match as in his home country of Netherlands, Bart Hoogveld battles the destructive brute that is Bob 'The Bomb' Sparks. Despite the young gun's impressive size, strength and power, Bob is overwhelmed by Bart's incredible technical ability and overall more-developed arsenal. As the big man becomes more tired towards the end of the match, Bart capitalises and locks in the Cardiac Arrest, completely taking all energy out of his opponent, forcing him to tap.
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    Defiant Wrestling Discussion

    As a fan for years, this hits me hard. I loved this company, and how they stood out from other companies. I will truly miss them and I’m sure many others will too. RIP Defiant
  47. 1 point

    Favourite NJPW Theme Songs?

    really love this song, really fits Jon moxley’s character overall
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    The Strange Life of Oliver Gordon

    Episode One: My Name is Oliver Gordon, I am 16 years old and a Junior in Bell Park High. I'm just a normal kid with high hopes of succeeding in life. Recently my friend Chad Smith who I have known since the 7th grade in Middle School was sent to the hospital for doing coke. but of-course his parents being the most rich and wealthiest people in the city Liberty City, They were able to bribe to the doctors to not tell the police what really happened. I'll be going to see him later on today. Anyways it's Saturday so I was able to sleep in today. I gotta get ready to go to the grocery store to get somethings for this BBQ we are going to have next weekend because my old brat Sister Mia won't do her part do help out for the BBQ next weekend. * Oliver would get ready to go out, brushing his teeth,taking a shower and putting on black jeans, a white tee shirt and a blue denim jacket* As Oliver is about to leave he gets a text from his friend Annabelle asking if he's doing anything today. Oliver " Yeah I am about to head to Metro Grocery really quickly to get a few things,Then I am going to see Chad afterwards" Annabelle: " Oh I'm literately on my way to Metro right now to get a few things for what my mom is going to make for dinner tonight I guess i'll meet you there." Oliver walks a couple of streets down from his house to get to the Super Market and he meets up with Annabelle. As they are searching for the things they each need Annabelle bring up Chad and asks what happened with him. Oliver: I'm pretty sure he was doing cocaine, He had some party last night while his parents were out of the city for their company. Annabelle: Why do you still hang out with him? He's such a bad influence and not a really reliable friend. Oliver: Look, I know Chad can sometimes be a horrible friend and a dick but we have been friends for so long now, I can't just tell him that I don't wanna hang out with him anymore it'd be wrong. Annabelle: Okay maybe instead you should try and fix his drug problems or at least help him get help for it. Oliver: Yeah that's a good idea, I'll talk to him about it later today when I meet up with him. Annabelle: By the way did you finish Ms Stroker's project? Oliver: No, I haven't yet. She is literately do most bias teacher ever like what the fuck. Just because I made one fact that she act weird to the girls the class, She decided to give me a whole 3 more paragraphs to write for the science experiment aftermath bullshit man. Annabelle: I don't know why you would say that right in-front of her. I guess being the class clown really does fuck you over sometimes. Oliver: Yeah I guess she isn't as chill as Mrs Ruiz *They go to check out everything they bought* Cashier: That'd be 35 dollars and 40 cents overall. *Oliver pays for his stuff and Annabelle pays for her stuff separately.* *Oliver walks home with all the bags and as he walks into the house he's greeted by his older sister Mia* Mia: Thanks for helping me out and going to the store Ollie. Oliver: No Problem Sis! Maybe next time sign up for something that you are actually going to do. Mia: God you are such a little shit, I told you that I was going to a party last night and that I wasn't going to be able to go to the store in time. At least this time I didn't call you at 4AM. Oliver: Yeah, You made a smart decision for once. I have to go see a friend now. If Dad comes home before me and asks tell him I went to the hospital to visit a friend. *Oliver would head out of his house and go to the bus stop that heads towards the hospital to see Chad* NEXT EPISODE OLIVER WILL MEET AND TALK WITH CHAD AND MORE
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    The Greatest Story Of All Time

    Just One Night after SVM The Great One The Bailey is here to open up Carnage. It is official The New Flynn vs The Bailey in the Main event of BPZMANIA 4. Finally...... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO TAMPA BAY FLORIDA. Now as you all know last night Flynn became once again the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and it now go one on one with the Great One. But The Rock has a little Story for you. The Bailey knows something no one else knows. The Bailey is gonna give u the full story it all has to do with Flynn and what he did after winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. You see after the big win, Flynn went to a place he went to his mentor. He went to the Man he looks up to the most. His god. He got in front of this Man, got on his Knees and said Slim....... He said Slim I just won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but theres one problem everybody still thinks that i absolutely SUCK! And then Slim reached down towards Flynn, touched him on the shoulder and said Flynn.... But my name is the New Flynn IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS. Slim went on and he told Flynn theres nothing he can do. He said Flynn you are royalty Screwed because at Bpzmania you have to defend that title against the Most ELECTRIFYING MAN in all of Wrestling. You have to Face the GOAT, THE GREAT ONE THE BAILEY! So Flynn you need to shut your mouth and know your Role. You need to pray everynight, you need to hold onto that Title very close because Come March 31st you are gonna get your ass kicked all over Atlanta George in front of the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Bailey Fans. He said Bailey will take the BPZMANIA Sign turn it sideways and shove it right up YOUR CANDY ASS. Bailey will walk you down Jabroni Lane and Check your ass into the SMACKDOWN HOTEL! As Flynn sat there Trembling in Fear. Tears Rolling Down his Eyes and PISS Rolling down his legs. He looked up at Slim and he said Slim, Slim i beg you i beg you please dont watch the Main event. Please i can't stand to think of my god watching me getting my ass kicked like never before. I don't want you see what Bailey is gonna do to me. And then Slim patted Flynn on the back and said i have to watch, i need to watch.. Flynn said why, why do you need to watch. Because I'm a fan. Im a fan of the GREAT ONE. Flynn got up and Hugged Slim. He hugged him real tight and never wanted to let go. Slim said I cant save you Flynn. No one can, not Julius, Not Ropati. Nothing can save you from the ass kicking you will take at BPZMANIA. You are simply The Baileys Bitch! And then The Bailey will become a 6 TIME 6 TIMES BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE YEAR IF YOU SMELLL......... WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING [[I know the format of the promo is based off a real life promo by the Rock but i put my own twist on it and thought it was an an appropriate thing to do since Flynn just won the belt. ]]]
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