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    Gunner Flynn

    Party Bus Phase

    Week by week passes, somethings stay the same as other completely change the landscape of BPZ. Last week Icon showed the world what his intentions were and this week Icon has something a bit different in store. The same as last week, Icon stands from and center in the ring. Awaiting the fans to quiet down to address his thoughts. I come out here tonight, 100 percent focused on my opposition. But what is hans focused on? Everything besides the United States Championship. First King Of The Ring, then To The Top and now going for the Tag Team titles with Bic. Hans you have 4 other performers gunning for that title. But you are too busy patrolling a god damn party bus. Icon begins to smirk at the thought of a party bus. A party bus symbolizes everything that Icon hates. Hans what have you proved? Nothing has changed with your reign? You haven't made this title more prestigious, you have made it a joke. The United States Championship is more of a accessory than a championship to you. And that sickens me to the core. When I held that belt over a year ago, I held it with honor, prestige and put all my energy into keeping it around my waist. Long Live The Prophecy One year ago, the championship was raised above my head. I was living my dream but it came to a screeching haul. With one man Julius. I would lose my possession to this man, failing the prophecy, one that couldn't be revived. Current Day Prophecy One year has advanced but one thing stays the same. My drive to regain my most prized possession. Hans you may see the United States Championship as some sort of one way ticket to funland, but I see it as a free ticket to the top. And that will ultimately be your downfall. Multiple bells begin to ring, before Icon exits the ring with a standard purpose.
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    Not Waiting Around

    Suge' by Dababy echos throughout the sold-out arena for Carnage in Miami, Florida. Just a couple of days ago he was attacked by the newly founded stable Syndicate and was screwed over in his tag championship match where Ropati and Slim would attack the Big Ballers allowing Geroge and Blade to win the matchup. It has been rumored that was the end of the Big Ballers and BrendenPlayz will be taking a break from the wrestling part of the company. As Sameer makes his way to the ring, Some of the fans here in Miami are cheering him? Sameer acknowledges the cheers and smirks as makes his way to the ring with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the waist. He poses for the fans here in Miami rising his world championship while on top of the turnbuckle and is given a microphone from the announcer's table. What a time to be watching BrendenPlayz Wrestling. We have had Smith make his return after a year to face The Bailey. Bashka vs Slim for the Intercontinental Championship and him also facing my good buddy BrendenPlayz. Speaking about Brenden, I know you all want to know if the rumors are true and they are. The Big Ballers are done and out at least for now. But I will always be in Brenden's corner and support him despite his decision. We were one of the best tag teams ever if not the best ever. But now I have to look forward and that's at SummerSlam. But first off I just want to tell that little group syndicate that slowly but surely I will send each and every single one of you to hell. You think you can just attack me can get away with it but don't worry the time will come sooner than you think. If that man Blade keeps speaking on my name I might just have to beat his ass the next time he does. The crowd pops after Sameer says he will attack Blade showing how much hatred there is for Syndicate from the fans in attendance. Anyways enough about those shitheads. Now I'm looking forward with my sights set on my match against Julius at SummerSlam. Now you see me and Julius have had some history. We battled for the tag team gold against each other for a little while. He and Ropati beat Me and Brenden at BPZ Mania, then we had a 6 man tag match where Brenden and I were able to gain the tag championships back. But this man has been on a tear as of late. Winning the whole King Of The Ring tournament to challenge for the world heavyweight championship. I know who Julius is and I am in the locker room where everyone in there is counting me out. They are scared shitless of Julius, But I am not scared of that fu*ker at all. I'll look him dead in the eyes and go to war against him at SummerSlam, you know what JULIUS I'M CALLING YOUR ASS OUT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, COME OUT HERE I KNOW YOU ARE BACKSTAGE HERE TODAY. Sameer and the crowd now await Julius. Sameer calling out Julius right here tonight. A man who has taken out everyone that has crossed path with his way of success.
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    Sweet, Sweet Victory

    BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 5 Minutes After Josh vs Mikey Mikey strolls into the room, arms swinging in a cocky walk. He takes a seat and takes a long sip from his bottle of water before speaking. Oh, it feels great. The feeling of putting that piece of shit down in the ring once and for all is unlike anything else. Just then in that ring, I proved to everyone that I have what it takes to be up here, up with the so called big boys. I mercilessly destroyed Joshua Scott just minutes ago, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. You see, this place is all about illusion. You have to make yourself seem bigger than you are. And that's exactly what Josh did. He claimed he was number one, that he was the best of the best. But what happened? He lost to a guy who had just come up from NXT. I am the difference in BPZ, I do not create this illusion. Every word I say, every thing I've uttered into that microphone, I'm damn sure of it and I prove it as well. Mikey leans back in his chair a bit with a chuckle. He pushes the hair out of his face and wipes his face, getting rid of the signs of weariness. But you are not the only one Josh. Everyone does it, and I can't blame you for doing so. But interestingly enough, the two people who don't are the two people I might have to face at Survival Games. Yelich and Arius. Now Yelich, you're a pretty stand up guy. You go around, claiming you deserve opportunity, that you deserve better. But you and I both know that you're full of shit. You live each and every day protesting, starting rallies, gathering up your small group of friends, trying to get better. What exactly have you done to deserve chances at the North American Championship? Lose the inaugural match? Lose a number one contenders match? Tie with Arius? Yeah, the answer is nothing. No one wants to be in a world where you get endless opportunities, starving us of the stars we want to see. Stars like me, who earned their spot. And hell, who am I kidding? You're just like the rest of them, creating an illusion that you're more than jobber trash. I truly hope you do win Yelich, because then you'll have no more shit to complain about, and I'll have a chance to finally shut you up. As for the other man, Arius. Well, what is there to say? I think you'll win this match. Only some of the luckiest men have been able to pull a win out of a match against you. But if Yelich can get all these lucky chances, maybe he'll get lucky against you too. But the point is, I'd love to face you at Survival Games. But this time, one on one, my chance at redemption. You got the best of me eight months earlier at the Royal Rumble, but I will never, ever let that happen again. In that match, there were five other men in the ring. I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't ready then. Hell, I still not might be ready now. But I am a new man. A man who was able to defeat someone BPZ claims is valuable enough to compete for the World Championship, and that means something. I was able to win the NXT Championship, facing off against some of the best competitors the division has ever seen. I'll admit, you've had your own successes and you're one of the few men I have respect for, but that doesn't mean you can still bitch me around. Come Survival Games, I will show you why I am worthy of holding that North American Championship. Mikey stands up, grunting a little bit in pain. He stretches his back, a few bones in his spine cracking while doing so. But this is all small talk. The real talk begins in mere minutes from now when I capture some true gold. For now, I bid you adieu. And with that, Mikey exits the room to get ready for his next match. BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 20 Minutes Later Mikey storms into the room, United States Championship strapped around his waist, arms high in the air. He unstraps the belt and holds it on his shoulder, allowing the cameramen to have some different angles. He collapses in the interview chair, letting the title hang down by his hand. He lifts his head up to the ceiling, eyes closed, taking it all in. Eventually, he recomposes and slings the title over the shoulder before speaking. HELL TO THE F*CKING YES! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I INTRODUCE, THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP AND NEWWWWWW BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, MIKEY! Jesus, I've been waiting to hear those words for my entire career. Not only was I able to defeat one man tonight, but a total of four. And in two different matches too. Absolutely wild. Nine months ago, I had no question in my mind I'd be here. But the doubt started to creep in, until King of the Ring. That was the first time I truly felt all the hard work pay off. And now, I can proudly say it was all worth it. This is the true beginning of my ascent to the top of BPZ. And it was at the expense of Buddy Ace and Hans. Buddy, I had my doubts about you before this match. You've never been able to accomplish much in BPZ. But with that being said, tonight was a fantastic encounter. You really showed up, and gave a fantastic effort. Hell, I actually had to put in a little something else to pick up the victory due to your contribution. Well done, I'm sure you'll do well as a midcarder in your future. And as for Hans, well, who's the champion now. Every time I've faced Hans, he's always been the one with the title. Back in the NXT days, last month, and now coming into this match. But momentum and luck wasn't enough to overcome pure skill the second time around. Yes Hans, you put up a valiant effort, and I commend you for that. But no matter how many big stars you align yourself with or how many times you get lucky, there will always be someone better than you. And dare I say it, but that man is me. So enjoy your time without the title, maybe you'll get lucky again next month. Mikey laughs to himself, clearly running off pure excitement and ego. Someone tosses him a bottle of water, and he instantly opens it and drains half of the drink, clearly exhausted after a long night. Let this night be a message to anyone who wants to challenge me in the future. Not only was I able to win one match, but I was able to withstand two. So maybe think twice before challenging for a championship held by someone of my caliber. Thank you all very much, but I gotta run. Might have to cause a little bit of mayhem in the North American Championship match. And with that, Mikey stands up, title around his shoulder and exits the run, elated by his two victories tonight. The camera slowly fades out to black as the exclusive interview is concluded.
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    A Blessing In Disguise

    We are live on Carnage just days before Summerslam goes live on the BPZ Network. We see an advertisement for the big ppv event, featuring some of the most marquee matches on the card, with matches such as Bailey vs Smith, Julius vs Sameer, Bashka vs Brenden and Bart vs Flynn appearing on the screen, all matches that look to make Summerslam a historic show. We may see some more development on the last match, as we hear Bart’s theme echo through the arena as the former and potentially future Undisputed Champion makes his way to the ring. A loud pop comes from the crowd, who are excited to hear what Bart has to say. What a nice emotional story did we hear early this week. The Undisputed Champion showed once again just how deep he has sinked. This time I don’t even need to explain how much of a hypocrite he is, because he did it himself. It’s genuinely a sad sight, to see just how far this once unstoppable force has fallen mentally. There was a time where it was his biggest strength. Flynn used to be a sharp at all times, always one step ahead and always very careful and precise with his words. Now, Flynn can’t talk for five minutes before contradicting himself. How can you first talk about how you are the biggest star in the company, and just minutes later say that a kid didn’t care about you and wanted to see me instead? Don’t you realise just how dumb that is, mister megastar. Footage now plays in the arena, showing the altercation between Flynn and the kid. The look on Flynn's face is filled with anger as the kid shows his despise for him. The beautiful altercation did do one thing for Flynn, it made him come up with his next nickname. I know you all wouldn’t have kept up with it, since he likes to change them every other week, but he has never had one more fitting than his current choice. “The Devil” he calls himself, meaning that he is the one dealing with the lowest of low, the once who aren’t worthy of superiors like me. That definition isn’t even me trying to insult him, it’s just the only logical conclusion that I could come to after following his actions. Maybe Flynn has come to accept his real self, just like how he had to acknowledge his realistic stardown following his encounter with the Make-A-Wish kid. I can’t imagine just how much that must have hurt you Flynn. The realisation that despite all your efforts, people still prefer me over you. That despite all your screaming about how big of a star you are, people can still see through it. But let me tell you a secret Flynn, I know about your insecurity. I know just how much you doubt your own title reign, how much you wonder about whether or not you have been doing a good job. You see, it becomes quite obvious when you have to say just how prestigious this title is every week. When I held titles, I never saw the point in saying it. I KNEW it. Flynn on the other hand is a man filled with doubts. Every chance he gets to speak out against his own self doubts he uses. He has to use. Pieces by pieces the once confident superstar is fading away in front of our eyes, and at Summerslam, we will see the final hit being delivered. After Summerslam, none of the Flynn that we once knew will be left. What we will see is an insane freak, without any direction to move forward into. As a loose cannon he will enter Survival Games, and knowing him, he could inflict a lot of damage there. But that all depends on if he will be able to handle his defeat. This title is the last thing that is stopping Flynn’s bubble from bursting. It’s the last thing that tells him that everything is alright, that Flynn is fine. You seem to have been looking for yourself as of late Flynn, but trust me, you haven’t found yourself just yet. It will be after Summerslam, when I leave you laying down for dead after our match, that you will have found the real you. It will be a harsh reality to swallow at first, but down the line, you will be thanking me. You are welcome for that. See you at Summerslam, Flynn.
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    Playing: The Execution of Stepan Razin As the segment begins we see a man looking around nervously as watches out for the man he looks to interview for the broadcast. Working alongside his publisher and the company this is his big break this evening. Skottie Young looks towards the camera as he makes the introduction “Hello. Hello. It's me, Skottie Young here again but this time, cue drum roll, backstage at BPZ Carnage, The first episode following BPZ Summerslam where we saw amongst a thrilling card, incredibly tense time limit draw finish during the BPZ North American Championship match. Now i've just heard not long ago that the BPZ management have officially announced a rematch will take place at Bad Blood but this time it will be 2 out of 3 falls. No time limits. No shenanigans. There will be a final decision made. Isn't that exciting folks?! Now I'm waiting here now hoping to..wait...here he comes now." Skottie Young signals the camera as they looked towards the hallway, Under the dim lights, The Revenant appears on camera passing through the sea of backstage personal as he moves towards his awaiting locker room for the evening. Catching a look at the reigning champion this time his demeanour wasn’t of a confident fighter following a successful defence but it still displayed that of the same intimidation the champion is revered for, only now, a fine laminated layer of suppressed anger over it. Young attempted to raise the microphone to the mysterious champion forcibly, beginging to talk, but is cut short by Rin Akane who stands in between Arius and the nearing reporter. Rin shoves the microphone away from her face and pushes the man back. "Excuse me? Who are you? Clearing his throat the reporter answers "Skottie Young, the only man delivering the scorching repo.." Before he can finish a visibly irritated Rin Akane lets out her frustrations on to the unsuspecting Skottie "How dare you. Can't you see we're in this building tonight for business and the last interruption i need after this weekend is このメッセージを読んだら、あなたが思っていたよりもずっとコミットしている. You better think....." Before Rin has a chance to get physical Arius moves forward, standing in between Rin Akane and the reporter as the man tries to compose himself, straightening his tie. A dead silence falling over the onlookers who were looking forward to seeing the potential fight take place. Arius takes control as he leans in and takes the microphone from his hands abruptly. The instead reporter left keeping an eye on Rin as Arius starts speaking towards the accompanying BPZ camera. Good evening. Despite the intrusion this is rather convenient all scenarios considered..there is a lot to be said in such a short time...Both of us eager to get ahead Arius paces as he continues I've talked about momentum in the past. It’s not the most important mental aspect to this game we play, but it does play a big part in succeeding. It gives you a great sense of confidence. It makes your words mean more to your opponents when you say them, because it puts a sense of doubt in the back of their minds even if they will not openly admit it. For this dance we perform isn't one of chance. In my journeys I've heard men say that repetition is the mother of skill. I truly hope so as I've spent the majority of last few weeks in a war of words with Yelich, in a ideological battle. By the time it was all said I can admit I greatly, greatly anticipated for my moment, for the opportunity to stand against this man at BPZ Summerslam, in front of the world, with the opportunity and sole purpose to continue to solidify my claim as a fighting champion, making a name for myself as one of the most consistent performers this company has to offer, and to prove that I could stand against anyone that this company threw in my direction. ..You see this result had me at a wits end. I'm aware we've all bear witness to the inner monologue of Yelich together, his inner-arguments and I wanted the opportunity to really look into his mind, to see how badly he truly wanted this moment. I wanted to see if his need to grasp onto my championship was as bad as my own, and I wanted to see how determined he was to truly make a name for himself once again, to put himself on this imaginary pedestal he so desperately wishes to reach. As they say, to hear is one matter but seeing is believing. In the end I'm a man of my word and I’ll always give credit where it’s due, What we created was what some might consider a showstopper. You brought out a fight within me that i haven't felt in a while. Not fuelled by vengeance but pure spectacle. Yelich, right now you're in an upswing that I know you believe many people didn't expect of you going into Summerslam. Watching you from within the ring, amidst the intensity you found a part of what you’d been missing, the hidden fire that might again take you to the next level. The Yelich people fondly remember rather than the rusting potential they've been presented in the past. Our match will be something to be proud of!..in retrospect. Appreciation will come once the book is closed on this story. First...another chapter is nearing. Let me paint a picture for you Yelich Arius smirks as he thinks on what he said this time you don't need to close your eyes however. You see this industry created mountain that we’re standing on gets a little bigger each passing week, Just look around us as alliances are formed between former and current champions. NXT superstars rise and just as the current generation find their footing a new regime looks to take its place. We can look at this mountain and the idea of actually climbing further becomes a whole lot more daunting for some but more urgent all the same. Does this feel eerily familiar Yelich? Where doubt starts to seep through the cracks until we’re completely broken and the dream we held of conquering this business turns the nothing more than crumble that has been crushed underneath the boots of those standing around you. Those attempting to rush past us. Let me lay down now that any doubt in my mind when it comes to our rematch it’s completely non-existent. All that left is anticipation. Determination to finish this once and for all. I'm positive underneath the crushing emotional showcase you're playing that in your mind, somewhere, there’s nothing that’s going to stop you when it comes walking out of the pay-per view claimed the new BPZ North American Champion. In your mind, there’s nothing that this company can place in your way that’s going to stop you from grasping onto my championship that you believe you deserve more than anyone else. It’s amazing how one moment of believability can completely change your psyche, isn’t it, Yelich? You've had a taste of the ecstasy, now you want the whole experience. By the time we reach Bad Blood this will have been building for nearly two months. Now don't mistake my words, I want nothing more than for us to put on another showcase my friend...but in the end It's MY TIME to finally put an end of this charade of a hunt. I’ve had the chance now again to watch the few strengths that you have and I’ve had the chance to see all of your weaknesses. My opponent is still blind and so I'm going to make him see again. See what he has turned into. Make him see me differently after I defeat him. Your future lies in MY hands. My goal and sole purpose now to be standing at the helm of this division as its pillar! To Die As King. Stepping down from his intense deceleration, Skottie Young fumbles with the microphone that has been tossed back to him. Quickly llifting it up he attempts to try and get one more question in during this impromptu interview “Arius, it’s..it's good to see you standing tall after the fight last night after United Nations went out of the ring and started to utterly wail on you and Yelich respectively. Any comments on...." The Revenant’s eyes shot up, daggers towards the journalist in question which brings his questioning to a stop. Arius turns back towards the man, not bothering to take hold of the microphone and speaking away from the camera. The weaker always hunt in a pack. Behind a fool no less....they are lesser beasts that need to group together to survive in this world....We'll come to find that some men are better off staying dead. Arius leaves without another word, accompanied by Rin Akane who shoves past the interviewer. The camera then fades to black on the segment Encore Bad Blood
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    {We open with Julius sitting in the passengers seat of a car staring outside the window, marveling at the city of Melbourne that surrounds him. A rye smile creeps up on his face as he looks the Melbourne CBD for presumably the first time in a long time. Out in the distance we see Federation Square a marquee spot in the city of Melbourne and once again Julius' eyes are fixed onto it} "You know it's been years since I've been here. I was born and raised in Sydney but our trips to Melbourne, my Dad my Brother and I to watch the footy, the Cricket whatever was one was always something I would look forward to. The MCG where Bad Blood is held tomorrow is the Mecca of Australian sports. Every Australian Sport's athlete wishes to be able to run out on the marvelous MCG with 100,000 cheering their name as they do what they love and tomorrow I join all those Australian Icon's all those legends when I put on the boots and walk out to the ring. It's been about 15 years since I've been here and it hasn't changed a bit. I love it" {The car stops and Julius makes his way out, the camera still following as he looks up at the MCG. He slowly walks towards it, looking up in awe his eyes wide open as he gazes upon the beauty in-front of him. He stops for a minute and lets it all sink in, and that smile appears again something that hasn't appeared on Julius' face for a very long time. He continues to walk towards the Main Gate where a bunch of media and fans are waited for his arrival, but before he greets them, he stops and stares at the famous Sir Don Bradman statues placed in-front of him. Arguably one of Australia's greatest sporting Icon's of all time} "This is when you know you've made it. No World Title, no Hall of Fame ring or Money in The Bank Briefcase will ever top something like this. The dream for me is to be named among these Australian sporting greats, to be recognised as a hero of this great nation, to have a statue alongside Don Bradman at the MCG" {Julius looks up at the statue one last time and nods in approval before finally walking over to the fans who are waiting for him. They all cheer and once again a big beaming grin appears on the face of the former BPZ World Champ. The Children in the front row are all holding signs in honour of Julius and "The Death Machine" walks over and signs them before taking some pictures with the fans and heading into the building. He turns back and waves at all his fans before putting his head down and walking into the MCG. The scene then reopens with Julius seated in the middle of the MCG, the Colosseum that surrounds him as impressive as ever as he looks straight into the camera} "I think we can agree that I just am not a people person. I usually don't care for the fans that come to all the shows in the US or in Europe or in Asia because they don't appeal to me, they have no significance to me and they really don't understand me. But these people, the kids you saw cheering my name as they walked in all of the men and women who held up signs or wore my T-Shirts, everything I do inside and outside of the ring is for them. It's these sorts of people who got me where I am today and it's these people who I owe my career and in some cases my life to. When I attack someone and leave them half-dead in the ring, or when I say some things that may be deemed too hurtful or too far in most people's eyes are celebrated by these people here because they understand the grind and the energy and effort a man has to put in to make sure they can succeed. Every single Australian understands and knows where my actions come from because they've been where I've been and they know what needs to be done to make sure you stay afloat in this world. When all of you boo me, these people they cheer me because they understand me, they know that everything I do and everything I strive to do is to put this amazing country on the map. It's to give back to everyone who has carved the path out for me" "Now I still have a job to do and that concerns the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. All the pressure is on me, I've seen the news reports saying that I have the most to lose this is make or break for me and to be honest all of it is true. This is that big time opportunity, my future my destiny is all in my hands if I can just climb up that ladder and unhook that briefcase, a guaranteed opportunity to become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once again. Although I do have the most to lose, I do have an advantage over the seven other people in that match and that's the people. Probably for the first time in my BPZ Career I will walk out to a chorus of cheers, a roar throughout this very arena will transpire when my music hits and I walk out onto the stage. I'm not ready for the emotion that's going to come to me and that's a good thing, I've got to live in the moment and I've got to get the job done because I'm not fighting for one I'm fighting for all" "I'm not going to waste your time by breaking down my opponents, that's been done many times before and will be done many times again. I know what they'll bring and they know what I'll bring and that's all that. The purpose of this was to show you what is on the line for me. For about 20 minutes on the 20th of September 2019 every single person in this country will have their TV's fixated on this match and that is where I need to deliver. And I am going to deliver. Hollow, Josh, Flynn, BiC and whoever that mystery man is I hope you're ready because you're stepping in enemy territory and if there's one thing about Australia that is we are going to make you feel as uncomfortable as you have ever been. I'm ready for this, I've been ready for this my entire life. This is my homecoming and I will not disappoint"
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    {The Carnage show is interrupted by some footage shot earlier in the day as the BPZ Superstars were arriving to the arena. One man in particular is being closely followed by the BPZ camera crew and that man is "The Death Machine" Julius. They follow Julius into the arena as he checks in and makes his way to the locker room. We say him walk past many of the current BPZ Stars all looking at him with a little fear which brings a rye smile to his face. Julius then turns into the locker room, places his bags down and takes a seat. He looks up at the camera man and starts to speak} "A bit of relief right wasn't it? After a long stint in the losers column I was able to get one back over my countryman FDS. I promised I would out wrestle him but I don't think I can say I successfully did and that's full credit to him, he's an exceptional talent and it shows how deep this tournament is and how any off night can lead to pure catastrophe. I know what I have to do next and I know who I am facing next the Oddball the mysterious KENJI. I don't know too much about him other than the fact that he came in with all the hype and unfortunately he just hasn't been able to get the ball rolling. A big opportunity this is for him though and he's made it count already pushing Bart to his limit and walking away with a draw. I've been in the ring with Bart and I know what KENJI did was an amazing effort and something that everybody should take notice of because I know one day this man will become a star" "Now I need to make sure that I am not caught off guard like Bart was. I circled this match when the groups were announced and in big bold letters I wrote the word "Danger" because this is exactly what this is. KENJI and I have never shared the ring meaning that we walk into this match on even playing field so may say, although I know that isn't true because I am just on another level than him. However I am not naive so I recognise that if I don't pay enough attention to what he does I will be the one facing the lights and he'll be the one celebrating the victory. You haven't heard from me over the last couple of days not because I've been hurt or injured but it's because I have been occupied by something else. See I have spent the last three days sitting in my house and watching tape after tape after tape of this man studying his every move, his weaknesses and his strengths, what makes him tick and what moves he goes to when he's ready to finish the match off" "I also know that KENJI has been doing the same thing with me, watching me brutally defeat my opponents seeing the destruction and domination that I am capable of. If he was a normal human that would send shivers down his spine keeping him awake at night but this man is no human he is a dragon. You are looking forward to this match and I do so the same, I've made it my quest over this year to remind all these so called "Next Gen" talent that I am still the man who runs these parts. I showed Hans Clayton what it's like to step into the ring with a real champ and now I guess it's time to show you KENJI. You can look forward to this all you want, but don't get your hopes up because I'm going to break you and I am going to slay the dragon. It's a shame that I have to send another promising career down the drain but to be completely honest I don't really care. So I guess only time will tell KENJI. Are you the real deal or are you a flash in the plan? Was your result with Bart a fluke? I guess we will wait and see. It's time to put this dragon to the sword"
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    The BPZ Pizza Place

    BPZ Pizza Place: Season 1 Episode 5 We start off the episode as we see Sameer pull up to the pizza place as he looks to the dock next to the Pizza Place and see’s Sheridan standing there alone looking off into the distance. Sameer was told to come in a bit earlier today as Brenden wanted him to be there to pick up an order. To his surprise though Sheridan is also here. Sameer gets out of his car as he walks over to talk to Sheridan on the dock. Sameer: Hey, didn't expect to see you here. What are you doing here so early? Sheridan looks up at Sameer then back at the Pizza Place before sighing and looking back at the lake as she seems a bit upset. Sheridan: Well I figured I would see the place one last time before I get fired today. Sameer looks at her upset as Sheridan pulls out her phone and shows Sameer a text from Keeley reading, “Enjoy today because it will be the last time you step foot in BPZ Pizza again”. Sameer looks down as he is clearly upset. Sameer: Don’t worry I ain’t gonna let this fly. If they go through with this trust me there is gonna be hell to pay. As long as I am here you have a job if you want it. Sheridan looks at Sameer and smiles for a second but then goes back to staring at the lake as we see a tear roll down her cheek. Sheridan: Well I appreciate that but don’t make promises you can’t keep. I’ll miss you Sameer. Sheridan then walks off leaving Sameer on the dock alone as we see him clench his fists as he clearly is pissed off. The camera then cuts away to a new scene. We then see Sameer a bit of time later waiting in the front of the shop as a delivery truck pulls up. We see the delivery man walk up to the Pizza Place it’s Jason Ryan. Jason has been delivering packages to the Pizza Place as soon as it has opened and is a usual customer. Sameer smiles as him and Jason shake hands. Jason: It’s been a while Sameer, how have you been holding up? Sameer laughs as he takes the package from Jason. Sameer: You know I have been doing pretty good to be honest. Some crazy stuff has been going on lately but hey that’s life right. Jason laughs as he removes his hat and fixes his hair. Jason: Ain’t that the truth brother. Well I’ll talk to you later got a few more things I have to deliver might come back for a pizza later though. We see Sameer smile as Jason rubs his stomach. Sameer: Sounds good my guy. I’ll see you later. Jason then waves goodbye as he drives away and Sameer walks inside with the delivery. As we cut a bit farther into the day. As the day rolls along we see the staff start to arrive as Bailey pulls up to the Pizza Place to have a man in a suit come up to his car. Bailey looks at him confused as he rolls down the car window and looks at the man as he starts talking. Bailey: Can I help you or something? The man adjusts his tie as he looks at Bailey and begins to talk. Josh: Well yes, my name is Josh and I work with child protective services. We received a call from your son Kai that you beat him with a belt the other night somewhere around here. Bailey looks around as he laughs and then looks around. Bailey: You know what, yes I did. But you wanna know what he deserved a beating. He has been needing one for a while now. Josh backs up a bit as we see Bailey get out of the car. Josh: You know what sir I can see where you are coming from because when he called up he was very innaporate and just plain out rude. So I have done my best to make this simple for you. All I am going to ask is you come to a couple of meetings and then we will be out of your hair, with you still having custody over Kai. Bailey looks a bit surprised as he shakes Josh’s hand. Josh then walks off as Bailey heads into work laughing at the fact that Kai snitched as the camera cuts away and we move forward to when the Pizza Place is open. We cut to the phones where we see Bart sitting there talking to a customer and once again we see Arius walk in with another sticky note. Bart grabs it out of his hand as Arius walks off. Bart then hangs up the phone as he reads it. Bart: Oh great another riddle. I am the son of water but when water touches me I die a slow death. What am I? What the hell is this Arius? I’ll deal with it later, I don’t have time for this. Bart then puts the sticky note in a drawer as he slams it closed and sits there for a second. We then hear the phone ring as Bart picks it up and begins to yell at the customer as the camera cuts away to a scene away from the Pizza Place. We cut to the First Class Express as they are pulled over at a gas station as we see BiC playing on his phone as Hans fills the car up with gas. We then see BiC’s phone begin to ring as we see he is getting a facetime from Brad. He looks very confused. BiC: Okay then, how did this guy get my number. Danielle must have gave it to him I guess. BiC answers it as he looks in absolute disgust. He looks at the phone to see Brad set up the phone as he takes his shirt off. BiC hangs it up immediately as he bangs on the phone for Hans to get into the car as Hans was talking to some girl by the gas pump. Hans eventually gets in. Hans: What’s up my guy? You look shook. Hans begins to laugh as BiC looks at him as if had seen a ghost. BiC: Brad called me and he began to strip. We are never going back to that house ever again. Hans just laughs as BiC looks out the window scarred. The two then drive back to the Pizza Shop as the camera cuts away. We cut to the wait station where we see Toxik standing there once again as this time he is having a staring contest with a little girl. Toxik wins as he then laughs at the little girl who runs away crying as she is afraid of Toxik. We then see Keeley come over and talk to Toxik. Keeley: So I guess you know that Sheridan found out about our little secret. Don’t worry she has been dealt with though. So our secret is safe. She is getting fired tonight so if you have anyone who is looking for a job let them know. Toxik smiles as Keeley kisses him on the cheek and walks away. It seems they are unaware that Sameer has found out about their secret. So this whole situation could get pretty messy. We then cut outside as we see Arrow on his break. He is talking on the phone with someone as we listen in to the conversation. Arrow: Bro, I need your help. There is this guy at my work giving me some bad juju if you know what I mean. Like I need some backup to take this guy down put him in his place. His name is Julius. Mean and you can take him down easy. Just meet me at my work tomorrow at 2:30. Then we can jump him when he shows up. Ok sounds good see you then bro. Arrow then hangs up the phone and walks back inside as we cut away to later in the night. We then cut inside the Pizza Place where we look out the back window as we see Bashka and Smith although we can’t see what they are doing we can tell that they are trying to be secret about it. We then see Smith look over and point to the window as the camera cuts away. We then cut to the bar where we see Bob and Meko taking shots together as they both eventually pass out behind the bar as the night is over and the customers have all left. We then see Brenden walk past the bar and laugh at the two men before he yells for Sheridan to come to his office. We see Keeley and Toxik grin as Sameer watches Sheridan walk into the office with her head down. We then cut away to Brenden’s office. We then cut into Brenden’s office where we see Sheridan sit down as Brenden looks at her and shakes his head before beginning to talk. Brenden: Listen Sheri-- We see Sheridan cut off Brenden as we see her begin to cry. Sheridan: Listen Brenden I know what this is about. Just get it over with. Don’t make this longer than it has to be. We see Brenden sigh as he seems a bit upset with what he is doing. Brenden: Sheridan, after some discussion with Keeley we have both decided that your services are no longer required here at the BPZ Pizza Place. Sheridan you’re fired. Sheridan: Well that’s fine one piece of advice though I have is look around and really think about who your true friends are. Sheridan then storms out of Brenden’s office in tears as we see the camera follows her as she walks past Sameer. We then see Brenden walk out of his office as Sameer storms over to him and begins yelling at him. Sameer: Brenden you’re making a huge mistake right now? You need to rehire Sheridan right now or we are gonna have some serious problems. Brenden looks down for a second then stares right back into Sameer’s face. Brenden: You know I have to do this Sameer. I have to keep the girl happy. We see Sameer clench his fist as he begins to yell at Brenden. Sameer: Your girl really. Well hate to break it to you bro but she ain’t just your girl. She’s been fuckin Toxik behind your back. We then see Keeley walk into the room as Brenden looks at her. Brenden: Keeley? Keeley looks at Brenden and Sameer and begins talking. Keeley: He’s talking out of anger Brenden. I mean you just fired his little crush how do you expect him to react he is gonna try whatever to get her back. I mean Toxik really? Sameer looks at Keeley as he begins to yell at her now. Sameer: Shut up Bitch! This is me and Brenden’s conversation stay out of it! Brenden gets up in Sameer’s face as Sameer stares right back. Brenden: Sameer don’t talk to my girl like that. I’ve known you for a long time and I don’t want to have to fire you too. Sameer laughs before we see Toxik walk in as Sameer runs at Toxik and drops him with a big right! Sameer begins to pummel Toxik before Brenden can pull him off and push him out the door. Brenden: Sameer don’t ever come back! You’re fired! Brenden then slams the door closed as Sameer stands in the parking lot upset as he turns around as he sees Sheridan standing there. Sameer walks up to her and begins to talk. Sameer: Trust me this is not over you and I Sheri we are gonna bust these two assholes! Sheri then smiles as she motions for Sameer to call her before the two drive home as the episode ends with both Sheridan and Sameer fired and BPZ Pizza Place in chaos.
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    A Test

    The GOAT echos throughout the whole arena as The Bailey makes his way to the Ring wearing a new black Jacket with a pair of sunglasses. He enters the ring and grabs a Microphone as the Boos have already started You're going to boo me. You're going to boo The Bailey. You ungrateful punks. The Bailey will send each and everyone one of you to the Smackdown Hotel. You're all a bunch of Jabornis. For Months The Bailey came out here and entertained you. I came out every week and said I was the People's Champion. The Bailey fought in your honor. But that wasn't good enough for you anymore was it. Are you not entertained by me anymore. It's so classic of you all. You move on from one thing to another so quick. In with the old and out with the new right. Well you want to know what is old. Smith's pathetic excuses for his actions over these last few years. It's Sad and distasteful. But of you course none of you Brainless sheep see it. None of you. But the Bailey sees it. Smith cant outsmart the Great One. Hes lying straight through his teeth. He comes out here with pathetic excuses on why he became a druggie. guess what. Just like an addict would do. He's not changed. He probably lit one up righ before he made that promo. Did you see him. Because The Bailey saw him and he looked MESSED up. Talking about pain and stuff. Boo freaking hoo. You want to know what real pain is Smith. You want to know what real stress is. It's carrying a freaking company on your back DAY AFTER DAY. MONTH AFTER MONTH. YEAR AFTER YEAR. Buts thats no excuse for me to take a breather and chill out. Light one up and relax. The Bailey doesn't need drugs in his life to numb the pain. To take away the relief. Only pathetic waste of space scum of the earth need to do that. And just like a no druggie does they find an excuse to why they do what they do. Just like you did. You want to talk about opportunities. You want to talk about getting chances. Well look in the mirror, have you seen yourself. You're a junkie why would any wrestling company give you a chance to succeed? Now look at The Bailey. Look at the Great One. Look at me. I am a Star. I am a physical machine that no one can touch. I have the it factor Smith that a no good druggie like you just doesn't have. Once a druggie always a druggie. Infact Smith. The Bailey Thinks your lying to all these people. The Bailey thinks your making a mockery of this company. And The Bailey thinks your such a manipulate junkie that your lying to yourself. So The Bailey signals for someone to come out as a Man with wearing a suit comes out with equipment. He enters the ring. Being The Bailey and having some pull around here. I have ordered that you Smith take a drug test in front of all these people here tonight. I got a feeling that you have taken some quicker hitters tonight. Hell maybe over the last few weeks. The Bailey is going to expose your candy ass for what you really are and always will be. A no good druggie. I am going to save these people and this company once again from being blindsided and let down by you once again. We can get this all over here tonight and fire your ass right here in The Wells Fargo Center. So Please Smith, if you can actually walk straight and find your way out to the ring please get your candy ass out here now and take this official BPZ drug test.
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    "The Beast"

    {We open this weeks Carnage with the sound of Julius' "Gallantry" as the 2x King of The Ring winner makes his presence felt to the Carnage Audience. Sameer and Julius had their first heated confrontation last week right here on Carnage and now it looks like as if Julius is about to continue the verbal war as he marches his way down to the ring} {The Death Machine walks down the ramp surveying the audience before stepping in between the ropes and reaching for a microphone. His sermon will now begin} "Let me take you back to the Summer of 2018. I walked into Summerslam the new BPZ World Champion an unproven commodity waiting to take on my biggest challenge to date, the King of BPZ Slim. I walked into Summerslam with the odds heavily against me, everyone writing me off thinking that I was going to be a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder a kid to far from his comfort zone. Well all those people were wrong, I walked into Summerslam and I beat the living shi*t out of Slim, kicked him out of his own stable and I became the King of BPZ! Now the reason I bring this up is because I want to compare this moment to the man who I face this time at Summerslam, the unworthy the pathetic BPZ World Champion Sameer" "See Sameer I was in your shoes, I was the man heading into this big match as the underdog and now you stand by the philosophy that you are now the underdog and somehow someway you use that as a way to feed yourself motivation. You may see motivation but I see delusion. I have been working at a top level for 12 months now while you are relatively new to this situation. I defeated Slim at Summerslam last year and you are merely half of what he is which means you are in for a world of pain my friend" "I am going to make this very clear to every person in attendance and everyone at home. Don't bother showing up to Los Angeles, don't bother spending your money buying this PPV because I will give you all the information you need to know. Two men will walk into Summerslam but only one man is walking out and that is me. 12 months ago I cemented my Legacy as a star in this company and at Summerslam I write my next chapter when I become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once..." {A familiar sound echoes throughout the Carnage Arena as Julius looks on in pure rage at the entrance ramp}
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    Blade walks down to the ring no theme song just going to the ring with his half of the tag titles over his shoulder with a smug look on his face. He gets in the ring after throwing a chair into the ring and getting a microphone. Quickly setting up the chair and taking a seat. Blade,"Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships at King of the ring, one of the men who put an end to the Big Ballers, and one half of the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions. I am Blade now lets get down for business. Look here, what was it I wanted to say, I said something before Emergence what was it, oh right I said I was going to tell you all so after I did something but what was it." Blade turns and looks at his championship on his shoulder. Blade, "Oh that's right won this didn't I? So I guess.... I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I said the Deadman's hand was going to win the number one contenders match and crush the weaker tag teams and we did that!. I said we would beat and end the big ballers and we did that and took their tag titles from them. The light at the end of the tunnel the tag division was going down under that stagnant title reign is now over. Now the tag division can now grow once again. The Deadman's hand stepped up from the days when it was just Kieron and I to George and I now evolving once again to what we are now. Brenden should have see this coming being part of the old evolution group. You either adapt or you perish. We found ourselves invited into a more illustrious group and we adapted and caused the former tag team champions title reign to perish. Now what is this group? Well if the names of who is involve doesn't give you any indication of what this group can do without a name alone. We have our selves of the Deadman's Hand the new tag champions. We have Ropati fresh back and ready to give you all a reminder of who he is. And the head honcho of the group, a mastermind who is smarter then all of you. That is Slim. But if you need a name for a group like this to give you any more indication of who we are well this is who we are." Blade points at the titan tron and the name appears Blade, "A picture is better then a thousand words. We are, no are is the wrong word, it is we have taken over. We are bringing a balance to BPZ like nobody has seen before. Capturing the Tag titles was the first step. The next step will be summerslam. What will the tag team be doing? Facing the first challenge who has decided to step up against the syndicate. The First Class Express. Hans and BIC. the first team to step up to us and now here is what will happen to them. They step up and now will they are going to get stepped on. You see I see this team coming and I am going to shut them down. You think teaming with Bashka will help you? Look at Bashka and look at who him and ask him to thank Slim for his intercontinental title reign, and then tell him to say goodbye to his reign. I might have history with BIC but listen to me carefully, I am not praying for your down fall. I want you to step up, bring what you did during the Power Trip Cup. Hans better bring his best as well. I want to face you both at your primes. Because when we smack you back down to where you belong then you can go tell, the Brenden and Sameer a real team just beat you." Blade flips the microphone into the air and drops it
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    As Hans walks into the curtain, suddenly he backs up, back onto the stage as the crowd is confused, before 'The King', Slim steps out to a ruckus of boos from the crowd. Slim has a microphone in his hand, as Hans stands in front of him before Slim begins to speak. Hans, allow me to introduce myself. My name, is Slim, and I am the most dominant superstar in BPZ history. And I have an announcement to you, the fans, the superstars backstage... At SummerSlam, I will defend the tag team championships alongside Blade... Not because I need to, but because I want to. Hans looks confused before Slim begins talking. I know, I know. You stand there, looking dumb, confused, why do I want to? Because men like you need to earn some god-damn respect. You talk about this new generation, this new wave of superstars are fools, brainwashed by these people. Let me give you some advice, kid. Your heart-beating, that's from the exercise you're getting in the ring. All this stuff you talk about is non-sense, it's comical. This, is a business, and you, and all of this "new generation" need to learn how to be businessmen. Businessmen are cut-throat, they get the job done, they aren't here to make friends and they're not here to make relationships, bonds, any of that. It's not about bringing your best, Hans. It's about being the best. And Syndicate, is that. Blade is one of the most underrated men in the company, and you're a young lion, on his way to prove himself, and you dare to call that man a SNAKE? Hans, look beside you. Xavier King, BiC, whatever he refers to himself as these days, is the biggest snake this company has. One minute he'll be your friend, hyping you up, gassing you up, and the next he'll be talking shit like a high-school female. You wanna talk about snakes, look at him. Blade hasn't captured the World Championship YET, but neither have you. You've come here, and you've been pretty good, but you're secondary compared to Arius, right? Does that eat at you, Hans? Knowing that of all these young superstars, filled with potential, you're not number one? You wanna know why, you're not number one? You do extraordinary things, yeah, but those same-things can cost you a match within a second. Ropati is a smart man, you see, he took my advice. Ropati hates my f*cking guts. I gave him a concussion, but he realizes, next to me, he's virtually untouchable, because I just have that... effect. Slim smirks as the crowd boos, with Hans looking unimpressed before Slim continues talking. You say you're not getting stepped on, you believe that you can hang, but history speaks for itself. When me and BiC go one-on-one, he rarely ever comes out on top. Add in a dumb rookie? It's a walk in the park. So Hans, let me make you understand something... You need to bring more than YOUR best at SummerSlam, otherwise you WILL get stepped on, I promise that. Slim stares a hole through Hans, as it's official, Slim & Blade will defend their tag team championships against Hans & BiC at SummerSlam.
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    𝑀𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑓𝑢𝑙. The scene opens at a BrendenPlayz live event, being set in Savannah, Georgia.  With BPZ Emergence just days from now, it isn't surprising that the promotion is holding events close to Tampa Bay, Florida. Currently the show is between matches when vaguely familiar theme music begins to ring out through the arena. Those in attendance have a mixed reaction towards Sheridan as she appears, usually a villainous character when paired with Jonathan, though she was seen in a more positive light as of late when she competed for the Undisputed Championship, against Flynn. "The Golden Girl" poses on the entrance ramp for a brief amount of time, before she struts down towards the ring, stopping to take one of two selfies with those fortunate enough to be seated on the front row. She strides up the steel steps and enters the ring between the middle rope. Dressed in her typical wrestling attire, the blonde woman gestures for ringside staff to hand her a microphone, she begins to speak. "Usually I tend not to grace these events with my presence, though with Emergence just days away I had some things to get off of my chest. I've been hearing a lot of talk about how people feel underappreciated, to the point that they're holding protests as if waving a sign is going to make them climb up the rungs of a ladder and grip a briefcase between their fingers, it's laughable. People have been speaking as if this match is all about them and their time to shine, and I just think how selfish they are. All they do is whine and sit in a puddle of self-pity, this is something that does not represent what the North American Championship is all about, a championship that defines a hard working continent." "Before I properly address my opposition, the five individuals that will begin that match inside the ring along myself, I want to speak about that damn party bus. I went to Florida and blocked off those roads in good faith, apparently doing such necessary work is rewarded with a fine for "public disturbance." It makes me sick, but it does not matter. I do not need a blockade and scouting to stop Hans. I am mindful of the fact that he is the favourite, that him alongside people like Yelich and Joh might have the experience on me. But the truth is that experience doesn't win you matches, talent does. Having a blueprint and applying it with efficiency does. Yelich stresses that he needs to win this match for he has been here three years, it is his apparent right, and yet I cannot recall a time where I have seen him do anything other than mope around, blaming the rest of the world and his opposition for his clear lack of talent." "I am more talented and a better representative to compete for the North American Championship than the other individuals in this match. Yes, I realise I am saying that despite the fact I am coming off a loss, two losses in fact. But what people fail to realise is that I am facing people I have no right to be and competing. Giving a guy like Flynn one of the best matches he has had in a long time, taking BrendenPlayz and the current World Heavyweight Championship holder, Sameer, to a rematch alongside Jonathan. I am facing the top people in this business and coming out barely on the losing side. This is the first time in an inconceivably long time that I am not heading into a bout as a clear underdog, and I plan on taking full advantage of that label." Pausing for a moment, Sheridan soaks in the enthusiasm from the crowd. She paces around the ring while holding the microphone at her side. Her free hand grips the top rope and she turns to face a particular section of the crowd. Within the second the microphone is drawn up to her glossy lips and she continues her speech. "For eighteen months I have been an employee of this promotion and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, the time has come for that to change. I realise I could have competed for the NXT Championship, potentially becoming a champion, if I really applied myself perhaps I still wouldn't be in the division. It is time that I illustrate to the world why I competed against legends for a top championship in my first match, why people continue to laud me with praise despite having a horrific win to loss record. I have been training underneath Jonathan and have made strides physically and mentally. It is time for me to demonstrate why yours truly is the future holder of the North American Championship and a future star of the wrestling industry." "While I find the likes of Joh and Yelich to be whiny and untalented, the only fair point they raise is that Arius isn't a good representative of the belt he holds, defending it once since winning it four months ago, it is laughable. While I am not an American I have lived here for some time and understand the history of this country and the continent it is a part of and the backbone, the foundation of North America was built through integrity and hard work. I ask myself how Arius can be defining such when he is such a silhouette and vacant space in this promotion. I am going to win To The Top at Emergence because I am the best competitor in that match and when I do I will be one cash-in away from triggering a golden age, the golden age, of this company." "I am an angel of death and I have been sent from above to dominate this match and that is what I intend to do. I am no weasel in spite of my height disadvantage. I will not shy away from conflict and I intend to fight fiercely so that doubters of my potential cannot say that my inevitable victory was a fluke, a stab in the dark. I am superior to Buddy Ace and Mikey, Joh and Yelich are beneath me and Hans is a favourite destined to have his wings clipped and meet his angelic demise. When the match is over and I have vanquished my opposition, and that briefcase sits tightly within my dainty little hands do not be surprised, do not react with shock. This is the match, THE match, where my shimmer sparkles brightest and the beginning of a new age is provoked." Sheridan finishes her speech with a smirk illustrating her expression. Without giving it much thought, she throws the microphone carelessly behind her, sauntering towards the ropes and promptly stepping out, walking up the ramp with a confident swagger as the audience reacts to her words in an energetic manner.
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19: Road to BPZ Mania! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ BPZ 2K19 is looking like to be a magnificent and exciting game and one of our main feature game mode this year will be the Road to BPZ Mania. Take control of one these 5 BPZ Superstars on their road to BPZ Mania! all 5 have a unique journey on how they reach to the showcase of the immortals. First off you got the Australian Machine, Julius who's wrath of destruction will be feared by everyone as he's looking to take out a certain icon and his path to becoming legendary is in your hands. You got this year's cover star, Bailey as he is looking to fight off mysterious masked figures as his path to BPZ Mania has gone in a different direction. Next, you got Flynn! as he plays mind games as he tries to become the World Heavyweight Champion once again. Arius is one BPZ's fastest rising stars however one of BPZ's mysterious icon, Necce, has his eyes on Arius as both very similar figures looking to go to battle. Finally we got the one and only, Slim! he's looking to stay on top despite several step backs, does he still have what it takes to compete in BPZ? Get ready for these 5 crazy, fascinating, and epic paths to the Road to BPZ Mania! You will have to find out how these stories play out when BPZ 2K19 releases this fall. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Mrs. Smith

    We are shown the streets of the United Kingdom, as we are led to believe that this is a segment featuring the United Nations, until the camera cuts to Slim, grinning, in a car as he begins to talk, clearly addressing the recent comments by Smith. I'm not gonna lie Smith... You almost had me fooled. Slim looks like he's contemplating something, nodding as he puts a sly grin at the camera. He then begins to talk again, explaining himself. The way you conducted that interview, the way you carried yourself. I almost thought he was gone... And then, you proved me wrong. Slim begins to talk in a whisper, almost giddy at what he's saying. And you know what Smith? I'm gonna bring it out. Slim laughs as he begins to talk. You see life, it's just a bad joke. A cruel one. We attain success based on the goals we set for ourselves, live by a moralistic code and live by pretenses for love and morality... But they're phony. Smith, me, you, we are self-serving. We do what's best for us, and we were created to do that. We can't change it, but you know what it tells me? It tells me that at the end of the day, no matter what we do, it's always in our best interests even if we lead ourselves to believing it's not. I had three very good friends, we're doing some illegal things. We all get busted, 12 raids our house and we go down. We're talking, we could do 20-25, and they're questioning us. We're 16-17 at the time, and my one buddy, he stays quiet. Soon enough, they get us a public representative. The quiet one speaks to him first, he comes to me, tells me we're gonna nail it on one of the guys. Three of us blame it on the fourth. He goes to jail, we get probation. Slim smirks, as he continues his point. Eventually, loyalty folds Smith. I see the same thing happening with you and Sameer, you two will eventually lose your friendship, over a bad decision you shouldn't have made... Slim looks remorseful for a second before beginning to talk again. As I move forward and forward in life, I am shown we are meant to destroy. Destroy friendships, relationships, people, objects, or my personal favorite... Society itself. Slim grins ear-to-ear as he delivers "society itself": To break down society, you have to break down the pillars first. If you can get to the people everyone looks up to, it causes doubt. Thinking. "If he could get to Smith... could he get to me?" And Smith, I promise you I will break you mentally, however I have to do it. You may win at Survival Games, but if you do, I promise you it will compromise your moralities. When you ignored Mr. Trenton I knew, I knew that the destroyer in you was still there. Those demons, that monster of destruction, he's buried in there. The same man who came out after me and Nate turned on you, the same man that victimized Nebakos. You aren't meant to run around with Sameer, acting like best friends, trying to conquer BPZ together... You're meant to be right here, next to me, destroying society. Slim reveals his true motive to his obsession with Smith, as it's something no one saw coming. Slim isn't trying to destroy Smith... He wants him to join him. This, happy to be here, play it by the rules Smith is boring. I know what you're capable of, it's just gonna take one small fracture caused by a bad day. Everyone says we are moral, righteous good citizens of a society, but what we really are, is selfish, savage, creatures. We pretend to be good citizens, but all it takes is one bad day to bring out your true... colors. Slim begins to open the car down as he finishes off his statement. You know Smith, psychology would have us believe that the things we express appreciation and careness for, are the things we care about most. I disagree. Deep down, I think we all know what we don't talk about is what we care about most... Because we don't want people to know what we care about most, because we believe in our hearts, we know what we truly are. So, Smith, to break your mental, I've been... thinking. What do you care about most? In all of your messages, promos, whatever you want to call them. I've heard just about everything except one thing... family. Slim laughs to himself, cracking up as he steps out of the car, with it following him up some steps. The mailbox reads: "SMITH", as a front camera of Slim is shown, with him facing the door with a wide-grin on his face, before he knocks on the door, as he echoes two final words... "Mrs. Smith?"
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    BPZ Carnage | 8th July, 2019 | Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam, NL Sameer Explains His Actions At Judgement Day At Judgement Day, Sameer changed the future of his entire career when he attacked his former partner and former friend, Brenden Playz, following their loss in the BPZ Tag Team Championship match. Tonight, Sameer opens Carnage by walking to the ring and explaining why he did what he did. Sameer: "Never, ever, cross your boss? What kind of trash advice is that? Why would I not cross my boss? Brenden, why wouldn't I betray you? Like seriously, is it not clear to everyone why I beat the living hell out of him?" Sameer looks around the crowd in shock, seemingly expecting the BPZ Universe to know why he attacked Brenden. After awhile, he gives up and begins to explain it. Sameer: "Okay, I guess I'm the only level-headed person here. Early on in my career, Brenden took me under his wing and people called me his golden boy. The people backstage, you people out here, the people that I work with on a daily basis, they all said I was given special treatment, that I only got where I was because I was on the boss' good side. Everything I accomplished was looked past just because I was Brenden's friend. For a while, I trusted Brenden, I worked my ass off day in day out to prove to him that I could lead his company. He promised me that one day I'll be the top star of BPZ..." Visibly frustrated, Sameer pauses to calm himself down. His face is red and the veins are showing in his neck as he speaks on such an emotional topic. He begins to talk again but now with a tremble in his voice and the microphone shaking in his hand. Sameer: "Then why, explain to me why... WHY IN HELL HAVE I NOT COME ANYWHERE CLOSE TO BEING WORLD CHAMPION! I've been busting my ass, grinding all day every day, Monday to Sunday, non-stop, for almost five years! But yet, I don't have a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship reign to my name. I guess I thought that I had earned it, I thought I had played my cards right and honestly, I still do. I still know that I am BPZ World Heavyweight Championship material and without that dead weight, without false promises, without a friend that did nothing but hold me down, I'm going to cash-in my Money In The Bank contract and become the greatest ever champion this company has seen!" After Sameer's exclamation in the middle of the ring, the crowd would be stunned silent with the only thing disturbing the quiet being the heavy breathing of the emotional Sameer. He would slowly lower the microphone, releasing the tight grasp that developed as he was talking. After gathering himself and letting the fans take in his touching words, he drops the microphone and walks to the back. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament James Ropati vs The Marker The first match of the night sees the continuation of King Of The Ring's first round as 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw', James Ropati, makes his return to the ring against The Marker. The two men put on a competitive match-up but the momentum from his return pushes Ropati that much further, allowing him to get the edge on Marker, eventually picking up the pinfall after a nasty Kiwi Kick. The Demented Knight Makes His Debut Tonight As BPZ Carnage continues as per usual, suddenly the feed is taken over by a completely black video. Slowly, a face comes into focus but as it becomes clearer, the face is revealed to be painted white with red markings. 'The Demented Knight' is then advertised to debut in BPZ tonight, in King Of The Ring competition against an impressive force in Arius. The debuting star is definitely set for a challenge in his first match but also has a great opportunity to prove how good he is straight out of the gates. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Buddy Ace vs Hans Clayton Next, we have the second match of the night as we resume King Of The Ring action. In this match-up, we see Buddy Ace and Hans Clayton face off for the first time ever. With Buddy Ace being the more experienced of the two, he seems to be able to gain the upper-hand more often than Hans but the explosive offence that Hans possesses proves superior as he is able to pick up the pinfall after a beautiful Shooting Hans Press. Flynn States That He Is The Most Dangerous Force in BPZ Wrestling In the backstage area of the Altice Forum, Josh Trenton is joined by BPZ Superstar and Hall Of Famer, Flynn. At Judgement Day, Flynn defeated Echo Wilson by forcing him to tap out. Tonight, Flynn looks particularly threatening as he waits to be interviewed. Josh Trenton: "At Judgement Day, you defeated Echo Wilson in your second ever one on one encounter with him, having won the first time around as well. With that being said, did you expect to win going into this match or did you realize the challenge that Echo Wilson presents?" At first, the only response Trenton receives from Flynn is a blank stare of disappointment. After an awkward moment of silence, Flynn begins to respond. Flynn: "Are you serious? Of course, I recognize the challenge that my opponent brings, I do that in every match. Also, I believe that I am going to come out of every match victorious so yes, I did expect to win. If I don't believe I can win, what's the point in me even competing? I'm a competitor, I compete to win so when I wrestle, I wrestle to win. Now, ask me a better question." Trenton is stunned by Flynn's response at first, stuttering as he attempts to speak. Eventually, he thinks of a question and tries again. Josh Trenton: "Okay... After defeating Echo Wilson at Judgement Day and not being included in the King Of The Ring tournament, what are your plans going forward and heading into SummerSlam?" Flynn: "You know what? That will do. Right now, I look in the locker room, I look at the faces of my fellow superstars and honestly, it shames me. I can't stand half of the idiotic morons back there but it's fine, none of them dare stand up to me. They all saw what I did to Echo Wilson at Judgement Day. They all know that right now, I'm the most dangerous competitor in BPZ Wrestling. Right now, I can promise that not one person backstage dares to prove me wrong. They don't have th-" Suddenly, Flynn is struck from behind by a hooded man before three more hooded men join the fray, joining in on the beatdown on Flynn. After Flynn is left motionless on the ground, the men reveal themselves as the four members of SSW Club, with Joshua Scott standing at the front of the flock. It seems as though this team disagrees with Flynn's statement. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Arius vs James Knight For the third time tonight, we continue on with first round King Of The Ring action. As advertised earlier, 'The Demented King', James Knight, will be making his debut tonight against 'The Revenant', Arius. To the surprise of many, James Knight actually puts up a good fight against Arius who has been one of the most dominant forces in the industry as of late. Nevertheless, Arius manages to pick up the victory and move on to the quarter finals. The Bailey Is Still Your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Next, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey, makes his entrance to the ring, holding his title very proudly. Then, he collects a microphone before entering the ring. He lets a dramatic pause pass by, raises his eyebrow and then begins to talk. The Bailey: "And still... Your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion... The Bailey! At Judgement Day, The Bailey beat Bashka's candy ass just like old times but right now, we're witnessing sixteen of the most promising superstars this company has to offer battle it out in the King Of The Ring tournament so The Bailey has a message for every one of you jabronis: good luck with your tournament and if you do come out victorious, just know what a great accomplishment that is, celebrate like you never have before. Most importantly, savor every moment before SummerSlam because by winning King Of The Ring, you will guarantee yourself an ass-whuppin' of a lifetime served by The Bailey at the biggest party of the Summer!" "As for King Of The Ring itself... FINALLY! The Bailey has returned to the great continent of Europe! But The Bailey has a problem; The Bailey needs a challenger for his title. So, any of you jabronis backstage, The Bailey is asking for a challenge and he needs you to just bring it!" After a few seconds of waiting, The Bailey is answered by 'The American Hero', his own brother, Monda. The Bailey stands in the ring, shocked as his brother enters with a microphone. Monda: "I know right now you might be confused, you might even be hurt a little. Last time we faced, I know we promised to never put wrestling before family again but there's just one problem... You have what I want. For five years, we've been apart of this company. For five years, you've been winning world title after world title whilst I was stuck, not even getting intercontinental championship matches. I thought that King Of The Ring was my chance, my time to climb to the top but no, once again I was left hanging but all of that stops right now. Bailey, my brother, as much as I don't want to do this, I'm sick and tired of you looking down on me so at King Of The Ring, it's brother vs brother, Bailey vs Monda." After such a personal response to The Bailey's challenge, his brother, Monda, puts a hand on the champ's shoulder which is instantly responded by The Bailey hitting Monda's arm away before leaving the ring and storming to the back, clearly upset with Monda's decision to face his own brother. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bart Hoogveld vs Bob Sparks The show ends with the last match of King Of The Ring's first round and it's a big match as in his home country of Netherlands, Bart Hoogveld battles the destructive brute that is Bob 'The Bomb' Sparks. Despite the young gun's impressive size, strength and power, Bob is overwhelmed by Bart's incredible technical ability and overall more-developed arsenal. As the big man becomes more tired towards the end of the match, Bart capitalises and locks in the Cardiac Arrest, completely taking all energy out of his opponent, forcing him to tap.
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    Stupid Emo Brute

    After a couple of days since the King Of The Ring PPV, Where we saw Julius beat Hans, Sameer defeat The Bailey setting up Sameer vs Julius for the main event of SummerSlam. We also saw Deadman's hand win a tag team match to have the right to face the Big Ballers at Emergence and The Return of Eli Smith. Sameer appears on the titantron backstage with his world championship on his shoulder. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will not be showing up to the ring tonight as you people don't deserve to see me in person with your own eyes and you also don't deserve to see this world championship here either. A couple of days ago at King Of The Ring, I prevailed as BPZ World Champion defeating The Bailey proving to the whole world that I am clearly the better man in the ring and also out the ring at least that's what his ex said. But I am not here to brag about my win against The Bailey like seriously it wasn't really that big I knew I was gonna kick his candy ass. At King Of The Ring, Deadman's Hand won a tag team number one contenders match that grants them a title shot for the tag team championships at BPZ Powertrip: Emergence on August 8th which is in a couple of days. You know I was really looking forward to this match because I get my revenge on that dirty cheat shithead Geroge AK who has manipulated you all into thinking he's some sort of hero. Oh and also there is that stupid emo brute Blade. Who decided to come out here two days ago and said some of the stupidest shit I have heard. One being that Deadman's hand is going to beat the Big Ballers and two all that idiotic talk about management. Clearly, you didn't do your research on me correctly Blade, which is pretty disappointing because you probably sit in a basement digging up anything you could find on me. Firstly I want to say though congratulations you finally won a match after months only to get your ass beat again whatever a win is like a blue moon for you. I also like how you try to manipulate people first off please next time mention how after losing to FD, I won that shit back 2 weeks later you know why? because he was the one that got exposed for being a complete CHUMP. I'd also like to mention how I beat your ass for about 3 months after I won the premium title back. So please don't discredit my accolades when my worse one is better than your best one. If you heard anything Brenden has said since we started to team up, you would have known that he said HIMSELF that and quote: "Underused by management" You see Blade this is why I am where I am at in my career, I am THE BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion, While you are a Stupid Emo Brute that has to fight to get on the card. Ever since The Authority ended, I have fought for everything I have won and I sure as hell don't need to hear some chump that hasn't a single taste of what success is like in months. As for Geroge don't you worry little boy because, at Emergence, I'll prove to everyone what they already know which is that your win against me was a complete fluke, That's all, for now, you are welcome BrendenPlayz fans watching from home or here at the arena tonight I have shown my presence tonight which is honestly more that you deserve. The titantron goes dark as the segment ends and Carnage goes to commercial break.
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    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.
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    "I don't need to speak in metaphors Johnny boy to get a point across, so I'm going to give it to you straight" {A camera is turned on in the locker room, where Julius is seen shining his Intercontinental Championship before Smiling at the camera and draping the band of gold across his shoulder} "304 days is it, 304 days since you were publicly humiliated by the next big thing. I compliment you for realising your failures 304 days ago but what I do see from you Jonathan is a new found sense of confidence. Delusional Confidence. See I have been following your return closely. Victories left, right and center and rightly so it has instilled some belief into you, a sense that you can still compete with the very best still compete at the very top. Although the thing is Jonathan it's not like you have come up against any real competition recently. You rode the coattails of Bart in your return match, you employed the services of a beautiful blonde to help you take out the SSW Club, a club I took out all on my own and now a few less than convincing wins against less than convincing opponents. But yet Jonathan you have that confidence. Inducted into the Hall of Fame, immortalised in this company you have developed a false sense of belief, and just like Mr Clayton so devastatingly found out belief is a dangerous dangerous weapon" {Julius sits up in his seat and crouches forward, his eyes piercing the camera lens as he continues to speak} "But you are right though Jonathan, in two weeks time at Mayhem we are going to go to war. There will be blood and there will be pain something I'm not so sure you are ready for anymore. "Piece by piece, brick by brick, limb by limb" I have heard it all before. The thing that I find common with most of my opponents is that they have this plan, this action that seems unstoppable in theory but they just can't put it into action. These are false promises Jonathan and you know it" "This Vendetta, this personal quest to fix an error you made almost a year ago, it's cute but it's weak. What I did to you in the final of the King of the ring tournament, was only the beginning. I have evolved, I have become a more complete a more dangerous wrestler than ever before while you have been declining, disintegrating hoping that you can ride the wave of the new generation in order to keep yourself afloat. You have other things on your mind, you have a tag-team championship opportunity against Brenden and Sameer and this war is not something you need. You have a partner who is dependent on you to be at 100%, but after I'm done with you "The Ace" will be nothing more. Think about your choices Jon, your days are numbered your entering the final stages of your career. You have a perfect end waiting for you as apart of the Royal Flush, dominating the Tag-Division and cementing your status as nothing more than a supporting act. Do you want to have it end in heartache or do you want it to end in success. Don't let this Vendetta cloud your judgement because if it does I'm sorry Jonathan but I'm going to kill you. The question isn't who is going to let me rather it's who is going to stop me, and that answer isn't you"
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    "Broken Dreams"

    The arena lights fall without warning, causing some exclamation from the fans. The very nature of many BPZ Superstars means that this could quite possibly be anybody, all seem adept at appearing from the shadows. Small beams of light begin to form from the rafters, as fans seek to find out what exactly is occurring. More of these candle esque lights appear around the squared circle, a foreboding image as the ring becomes more unveiled, centimeter by centimeter until the center of the ring is dimly illuminated. A single spotlight shines down from the web of lights in the ceiling, directed at the middle of the ring where a hooded man is seated on a stool, guitar in hand, to the confusion of the sell-out audience of tonight’s send-off show for BPZ’s Backlash. The anonymous man begins tuning the guitar in the middle of the ring as the fans begin to become impatient to the peculiar situation they find themselves in. The man appears to finally finish tuning his instrument and begins strumming a C-cord, two beats per measure before abruptly stopping, dropping the guitar to the mat. He produces a microphone from his pocket and pulls it in tight, inches from his lips. “What's that metronome I hear? Perhaps the end is drawing near...You never hear the shot that takes you down.” The slow pace of the voice lulls the BPZ arena as the man places the microphone in his lap, before snatching the hood from his head, revealing the ever infamous Jonathan Kerse, who’s met with a chorus of boos for his performance. With a twisted smile painted on his lips, he stands, kicking the stool back as he cackles at the exasperated crowd. He steps over the guitar and approaches the ropes as the crowd continues to boo him relentlessly, though it doesn’t appear to faze “The Ace”. It's not until the chants rise in their volume that Jonathan brings the mic to his mouth, slicing through the noise with vitriol coating every word. “SSW Club has been tasked with testing the fortitude of a newfound tag team. It’s simply a matter of confirming the inevitable, a formality which all must undergo at some point. I’ve grown to accept this fact. It’s simply a thumbtack sized hurdle, it should bear no burden for me. Royal Flush should soldier through this match with no problem as expected. I’ve finally realized that it’ll never end.” Every person from the Carnage Arena to the Staples Center can detect the malice embedded in the final sentence that Jonathan speaks. Jonathan, however, continues smiling as though his lips have been drawn on to his face. This enmity causes a hush to sweep over the those in attendance as an increasingly red Jonathan looks out, one can almost see the smoke billowing from his ears. “The constant requirements, the constant benchmarks that I’m expected to pass through. The tasks that I have to endure to get what I want. This cycle has been perpetrated on my career, I’m SICK of it. You want me to prove myself to you all? You want me to dismantle starling careers in order to allow you to hedge your bets? Do I have to share MY RING with people who aren’t fit enough to drink my bath water? Is this what’s required of one of the best to step into this arena on a weekly basis? I don’t believe that you quite understand what you’re asking for here.” “You aren’t asking me to wrestle with Sheridan by myself, all these little hitches in the road no longer deserve the respect of a wrestling match. You want me to prove myself to you? How about I put Bulldozer and Meko on this very mat and only pin them after they stop breathing? Would that be sufficient? Should I put their careers on a shelf for an indefinite amount of time? Should I hit to injure, rather than hit to hurt? Should I instruct Sheridan to do the same so that when you see SSW beg for us to put an end to the match already, you understand that I’m fulfilling your wishes?” Boos once again rise from the BPZ Universe, the sickly smile on Jonathan’s tilts another couple of degrees. This is a rendition of Jonathan never seen before, not a dauntless upstart seeking to make a name for himself, a calculated intellectual seeking to burn everything to the ground, least of all a hero. You can see hinge after hinge break away from his consciousness as he continues to speak. He looks into the camera, invoking the name of the supposedly pestilent team he and Sheridan are set to face in a days time. “SSW Club, you’ve done nothing to deserve this fate. You simply have the forlorn luck to face somebody who’d want nothing more than to never have to prove himself again. Your dreams of grandeur will die at the feet of Royal Flush, stepped on and disregarded by those who make nightmares reality for the fun of it. So when you have had the fight sapped from you, don’t look towards me to be merciful, look towards all the thousands who insisted that I or anybody associated with me should ever have to prove themselves again. Ask them to make it stop, and maybe if they want to end your suffering, I’ll only prolong it for a little bit more.” The volume of the jeers multiplies tenfold as Jonathan allows the microphone to spike against to the floor. He retrieved the guitar he let drop before and begins to strum it once again before singing in a hushed voice once again. “Now, at last, the end has come, you are all alone. Out of time, so say goodbye. What was yours, now is mine." "I dream broken dreams, I make them come true”
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    We return to the Carnage LIVE go-home show for The BrendenPlayz Survival Games Pay Per View. Before the commercial break, we saw BiC come out and address being the referee for The BPZ North American Championship, Yelich vs Mikey. After the commercial break, we return and former BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer appears on the titantron in his living room, Sameer clearly still recovering from the attack he received from bulletproof a week ago. Sameer would begin to smile at the camera for a few seconds before then beginning to speak. You see, last week I brought everyone to my house in Vancouver, Canada. Now I am here at my house in San Francisco, California. I wanted to show everyone that hard work really does pay off. I wanted to show everyone where it all started and where I am now. I didn't have a lot growing up, for most of my childhood, my parents were living off paycheck to paycheck and I had no clue until I got older and they have been with me since day 1, they have supported me through the lows of my career and the highs. The final week of Survival Games is just a couple of days away and this final week I face Hans. You see Hans, I don't need to prove myself. Do you know how I got that Money In The Bank Briefcase in the first place? I went to hell with 7 other competitors in a ladder match and in the end, I showed that I wanted it more than everyone else in the match. Then at Judgement Day, I cashed in MY Money In The Bank Briefcase and defeated 5 other people in that match. Then I went on to defeat who many call the GOAT of BPZ and then went on to retain against the most dominant man in this company Julius in the main event of SummerSlam. So yes, I did cash in my money in the bank, but I showed that I am a TOP STAR in this company when I defeated those men. Hans, maybe I am not on the level of Smith. But I am damn sure that you are nowhere on the level of me. For years I have put in the work to be a top star in this company and it finally happened this year. One year ago I wasn't even being used on TV, one year ago I was told that I wasn't anywhere close to being at the head of the company and what did I do a few months later? I made it to the top of the company. I have solidified myself as a Hall Of Famer. I have been proving people wrong since I stepped foot in this company at Survival Games, it'll remain nothing new but when I defeat you this weekend Hans. It'll be a statement, a statement that Bulletproof fu*ked with the wrong people. I have been here day in and day out for the last 5 years in the performance center and I have shown my worth but you Hans, You still have a lot to prove kid and testing me won't benefit you in any type of way. I think you may be going a little crazy ever since you lost to Mikey. These loses look to be taking a toll on you, Hans. Maybe you should ask your buddy Bashka for some advice, he should know a thing or two about getting over loses since he takes them almost every month. This weekend we shall tear the roof down and put on a classic for the crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina and everyone watching but you'll see why I am a former World Heavyweight Champion and why I was the top dog of the industry for 3 months. Suddenly there is a knock on Sameer's front door, Sameer gets up to answer the door as the camera turns to the front door and goes to open the door to see who it is. (A reply is planned, don't be a cuck)
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    Isaiah Carter

    Step up, Get Stepped On

    "Well well well hasn't this become quite a party" The crowds attention is turned to a spotlight in the crowd as coming through the crowd is the other member of First Class Express comes through the crowd, hoping over the barricade and entering the ring as the crowd cheers. He stands next to Blade, smirking at his upcoming opponent. "If you excuse me Blade I got more important matters to worry about" The crowd oo's, before BiC walks up to the ropes, leaning on them. Lifting the microphone up to his lips. "Slim. Its been a long, long time my good friend since me and you have squared off inside this ring and BOY am I glad its going to be happening. Because there is nothing in this world I would rather do then go back to kicking your teeth in and ruining every scheming, slimy, bullshit plan you have to win titles" "You came out here, and you said that you are defending your titles because you WANT to. Is that really it Slim? Did you really want to spend your time on the lower half of the card defending against, as you called it, a Snake and a Rookie. No no no, I see right through you Slim. You came out here for one reason and thats because you know you're losing it. You're losing every bit of sense of fear you put into the roster you once had back in 2017 and you are so desperately trying to claw your way back to the top and where did it bring you other...then...Me" BiC smiles and takes in the crowd response, adjusting his First Class Express T Shirt before once again turning towards the stage and locking eyes with Slim. "And Slim I know you have not been around recently but that "Rookie" you are standing next to is the extraordinary Hans Freaking Clayton and he defeated this Arius you speak so highly of. Arius is the most hyped up rookie currently in BPZ and that man right there ripped his title from him and he has held it ever since and Slim I know you are not good at this but maybe next time before you come out here and try to run your trap you should study a little more. Do you have the capability to defeat us Slim? Yes, you said it perfectly your self when me and you get in this ring together you usaully come out on top but let me inform you on something. This is not 2017, this is not the same Slim that held the title for 310 days....310 days...what a MONSTER reign that is, I mean someone really good must of come along and ended that right? Right Slim?" Slim stands on stage, looking annoyed as the crowd looks on hanging on every one of BiCs words, Slim goes to leave before BiC stops him. "Don't go anywhere Slim because we are going to think back to old times, yeah you may have defeated me before. But when the time was right, when it was time for the biggest match of the century. Who came out on top? That is right, the SNAKE you talk about. Slim...Whether this is some sort of revenge plot, a way to stay relevant, or to just try and turn on Blade and start another faction like you do every few weeks. It will end the same way it did in 2017, It will end the same way it did in the Power Trip Cup when I faced Blade myself. With me on top, raising the title high, this time....with a so called Dumb Rookie by my side...I'll see you at Summerslam...Syndicate. BiC drops the microphone, giving a slight salute to Blade before exiting the ring. Walking up the ramp and walking right past Slim, not even looking at him as he enters the curtain and leaves. The segment coming to an end with an amazing match made for Summerslam.
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    The audience are showing their appreciation for the match they just witnessed as Brad moves from the personal who attempted to help him, on his own now limping up to the stage, Brad turns back to the fans as he sees the respect they are giving him, but all that goes silent as the lights go out, leaving the arena to dark... The crowd roar into a chatter with some screams mixed in as the darkness and confusion spread throughout. Flashing of cameras and phones light up portions of the audience before soon after the arena lights return on for the live crowd to take witness.. A group of masked Ghouls stand in a sequence standing on the stage down the ramp from him. Brad darts his eyes between the three expressionless figures in front of him as he takes a step back but he doesn't waste time assessing the situation instead throwing a punch at the closest threat in front of him. With exasperation Brad throws haymaker after haymaker towards the masked men, the chaos moving on to the stage. Brad continues to send the Ghouls back but painstakingly they keep creeping forward towards him to the best of their efforts. Brad continues stomping them one after the other on the ground after they fall in the process, using the deteriorating energy he has left to take out his frustrations on these masked "inconveniences". Berating them in the process. They stumble, they fall but after a short while both him and the audience take notice that they are not fighting back. They're just accepting the pain, barely holding themselves in front of him. Just as Brad goes for a final kick to the head the lights once again go out but only for a brief flash of darkness... The crowd erupt once again as a confused Brad looks around him in a flurry. Turning behind only to come face to face once again with Arius who is tightly holding his BPZ North American Championship in hand by the strap. The man Brad had been provoking sparingly since Powertrip Cup as returned to the arena after making a successful defence earlier in the night. Brad exhausted from the intense massacre he just took part in with KENJI holds his hands outward towards the looming champion, the BPZ cameras picking up words of half-hearted bargaining in trying to bide himself some time "Hey maaaan, you know it was just...." before the end of the sentence Brad goes for a quick shot to Arius to catch him off guard, striking him in the jaw as the championship drops from his hands, followed by a second, a low kick to the thigh and a...but the momentum is cut off as strike is caught mid motion, shocking Brad whose eyes widen. Slowly shaking his head Arius looks determined in wanting to make up for lost time, losing himself in the moment away from the atmosphere and commotion of the crowd, he quickly pulls Brad forward kneeing him in the gut in retaliation. Winding him in effort to kill any semblance of reprisal. Gazing at the championship laying in the ground next to him he picks it up, Arius is looking to make good use of the BPZ North American Championship here as he puts his weight behind hitting it over Brad's head knocking him to the stage floor as he rolls closer to the edge! The Ghouls behind him, themselves battered, take witness with the audience as Arius passes off the championship to a Ghoul near by. The commentary team argue between themselves about the necessity of this moment as one argues about Brad getting what he deserved for his prior actions while the others comment about the brutality he had already been through that night. Words fall on deaf ears though as Arius takes notice of that cut made prior across the forehead of Brad, the blood leaving an imprint on the North American Championship as caught by the camera. With razor sharp focusing, zoning in on that cut and aiming his strikes directly at it he lands a few shots in succession! The crowd are in disbelief at what's happening after the night they have experienced. Brads’s blood in turn starting to paint the white gloves of Arius as Brad kneels looking upwards at the feet of Arius, groggy but conscious. A commotion takes place surrounding the lower levels of the arena as BPZ officials stand yelling, warding off Arius and Brad from the ledge of the elevated stage constructed for Emergence. The attempted efforts of referees flowing from the gorilla position thwarted as they fear to attempt to get past the masked entourage followed closely by The Revenant. Regardless, Arius takes no distractions as he kneels down to the same level of Brad, keeping his fingers under his chin, staring daggers through the man who looked to make idle threats to him in the months past. A feud born over respect. A deep breath is taken by Arius as he ponders the coming moments. He leads Brad to his feet, the edges of his fingertips seated as the two once again come face to face. Brad shakes his head in defiance, pushing back at the North American Champion knocking him off his balance for a moment, throwing a forearm at his chest. "Come on you mother..." before he could finish his words he is stopped mid-sentence by the patent spinning kick to the jaw bringing his body to a limp. The crowd gasp as Brad leans backwards towards the stadium floor below but Arius catches him by the throat as he pulls him back in. Some relief can be heard from below as the champion leans in to whisper a final message to Brad. Final words unheard by the audience before letting go, pushing Brad back with a second spinning kick to the jaw and thus allowing Brad to fall to his fate below. The commentary team aren't able to filter themselves "Holy Shit!" Brad crashes and burns as the crowd erupt, electrical equipment in mass malfunction below to the impact of his body. Sparks fly, lights flash as chaos ensues. The officials flee for safety from the hazardous turmoil hoping for the best. "Turn off the power now! Turn it off!" can be heard screamed in the distance. The reigning BPZ North American Champion can only look down at his work. Pleasure nor remorse painted across his face. As paramedics attempt to make their way towards the carnage Arius begins to step back to make his exit. No theatrics, no music, just the noise of personal checking Brad and yelling at each other to be careful of the wires. Arius takes back the bloodied North American Championship from the ghoul waiting patiently nearby as he throws it over his shoulder. His white and black attire now coloured in red patches in the aftermath, he turns his head towards the ring where the remnants of the match prior still lays across the ring in and out. Without a final word he turns away and makes his exit through the gorilla position as Emergence attempts to move on with the Pay-Per View.
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    BPZ Power Trip Emergence: BPZ Tag Team Title Match The Big Ballers(c) vs The Deadman's Hand The time has arrived for the tag team title match to get ready to get started. First the Deadman Hand's theme plays. Coming out of the crowd both George and Blade emerge, wearing skull masks at two different entrances within the crowd. The jump the barricades and get into the ring. The first title opportunity for the Deadman's hand looking to capture the gold tonight. Both men removing the masks once in the ring George handing his Premium title to the ring side trainers. They seem to be ready for the title math tonight. Next out are the BPZ Tag team champions of the world. Brendenplayz and Sameer the Big Ballers. They are coming to the ring looking to defend their titles. Both men have been distracted as of late with others things on their plates at the moment. Sameer a big match at Summerslam against the 2019 King of the ring winner and Brenden with his plans on stepping away from the ring and his big match against Bashka. Whether or not these distractions are effecting them though, that isnt seen. They both looked focus right now to defend their titles. Getting to the ring neither man looked like they wanted to hand their titles to the referee but ultimately they handed them off to the referee who raised them high into the air to show that they are on the line. The prizes that both teams want to walk out of Emergence here tonight with. Brenden telling Sameer he gots this and he wants to start things out. Sameer tries to argue that he should begin and both men get nailed by a dropkick by Blade! Sameer is dropped kicked out of the ring and Brenden is in meaning he is starting the match. Getting up before Brenden Blade nails him with a stiff forearm to the back of the head then proceeds to drag him away from his corner. Then nails Brenden with three elbow strikes, one to the back, then to the neck ,last one right to the back of the head. Then locking in a head lock. Blade isnt a technical wrestling in the ring but showing a bit of mat wrestling skills. Using power Brenden forces himself to his feet. Blade then uses his power and leverge to throw Brenden into his corner. Then starts throwing punches in bunches. Tagging out at the count of four to break the count. He drags Brenden out of the corner then lifts him up for a spinebuster and turns his back to the ropes and George hits Brenden with a high roundhouse kick then Blade drops him with a spine shattering spinebuster. Blade rolls out of the ring as George gets in runs into the ropes and hits Brenden with a low basemen dropkick just as he is getting up and hits him right in the side of the head. George grabs Brenden with a front head lock and gator rolls him to the ropes near Blade. George gets up tags Blade then jumps up then drives his knee right to the back of the neck of Brenden. Both members just focusing Brenden keeping Sameer out. Who now just got onto his corner. He stomps on the ring steps to try and help rally Brenden. Blade gets in and he starts punching away at Brenden. Letting him stand up then just nails him with right and left jabs to the head. Getting Brenden into a corner of the ring that doesnt belong to either team. Blade hits Brenden with a forearm then starts to grind his forearm across his face. Brenden pushes Blade away breaking the crossface move. And the count of the referee. Brenden gets to his corner quickly and tags Sameer in. Sameer gets in the ring right when Blade tags out and George gets back into the ring. Both men have a staredown. George fresh from beating Sameer at King of the Ring for the Premium Championship. They lock up in a coller and elbow tie up. George tries to push Sameer into the ropes but Sameer instead up pushing decides to pull George and uses his opponets effort against him. Turning and pulling George back into the corner where Brenden is. Sameer hits George with a few over hand forearms to the upper back and back of the neck. Brenden tags back in gets in the ring walking towards Blade then turns and runs towards George and Sameer pushes George away and right into Brenden who clotheslines him to the back of the head. They are now focusing on George. Brenden lifts and drops George with a sidewalk slam, goes for a pin attempt doesnt get a one count. Brenden grabs George by the head pulls him to his feet and drags him to Sameer and tags out. Sameer gets in he takes George down with a snapnare out of the corner, and then gets up and dropkicks him in the back. Sameer walks to Blade's corner and yells at him, "I will always match sure you lose!" Blade tries to get in the ring to get at Sameer but the referee stops him. Sameer grabs George and Irish whips him into the ropes and Brenden knee's George into the back. Sameer grabs George and lifts him up for a powerbomb. This is one of Sameer's signature moves. Sameer runs into his teams corner and nails the Blockbuster Bomb (Buckle Bomb). Sameer grabs George keeping him near their corner but goes for a pin attempt. One...two...no! George kicks out! He is refusing to lose here. Sameer then tags Brenden after starting to slap George around before getting out of the ring. Brenden picks George up with ease lifting him up then rams him into an empty corner. Brenden starts to hit George with shoulder thrusts to the gut just working George's ribs. Brenden is more stronger then George, but he gets countered by the much faster George. During a shoulder thrust George grabs Brenden 's head then climbs up onto the middle rope then uses his technique skills to drop Brenden with a tornado DDT! Both men start crawling to their corners but George was faster and tags out first. Blade runs across the ring and stomps on the back of Brenden then steps up on Brenden using him for leverage to jump up and nail Sameer with a forearm. Preventing them from tagging out. Blade turns then stomps hard onto Brenden's shoulder. Stomps four more times. It is obvious Blade is weakening Brenden up for the rings of saturn submission hold. Blade kicks Brenden to the middle of the ring. Stomping away at the shoulder, switching it up and stomping the other. Brenden tries once to spring up and grab Blade by the lege during a shoulder stomp attempt, but ends up collapsing under Blade's weight from the work done to his shoulder. As he falls down all of Blade's weight lands on his shoulder. Quickly standing Blade grabs Brenden and drops him with a DDT. Blade goes for a cover. One...two...It is broken up by Sameer, he has had enough of Blade and George singling out Brenden. He is going nuts with punches and elbow to Blade. Referee counting to get Sameer out of the ring. George gets in the ring and hits Sameer with a kick to the side of the head Sameer stumbles upwards towards the ropes and gets clotheslined by George and both men get out of the ring ending the count that George reset. Both men fighting outside the ring George throws Sameer into the barricade. Sameer fires back by throwing George into the side of the ring. In the ring wait Blade is lifting Brenden up with a military press. He did this to Bulldozer and Buddy Ace but they were smaller then Brenden. Blade lifts him up struggling to get him up. George holds Sameer still as Blade runs towards the side of the ring and throws Brenden at Sameer with a military press to the outside of the ring George gets out of the way and Brenden only hits Sameer. Rolling out of the ring Blade meets up with George then motions him to run around the ring. Both men runs around the ring Blade runs around and hits Brenden with a clothesline from hell. At the same time George runs around the ring and nails Sameer with his signature running knee strike. Blade gets up and motions for them to run around the ring again. Both men turn and run the other away around the ring how they did before. George runs around and hits Brenden with a running knee strike, Blade runs around the ring and drops Sameer with a clothesline from hell. Rolling in and out of the ring Blade stops the count. Then grabs Brenden and drags him to the top of the edge of the ring. Blade preparing to set up for a piledriver on the edge of the ring. Brenden fights out of it hitting Blade with chops to the back of his legs and pushes Blade away. Keeping Blade from piledrivering him onto the edge of the ring. Brenden shoves Blade onto the ring post Blade walks off the post. Brenden runs on the edge of the ring going for a clothesline. Blade ducks it wait he locks Brenden into a full Nelson on the edge of the ring. Wait this is Blade's set up to his finisher. He lifts Brenden up and hits the full nelson bomb onto the edge of the ring! The hardest part of the ring! Blade rolls Brenden into the ring then gets in. He goes grabs Brenden he isn't going to a pin attempt. Blade grabs Brenden's arm and then moves and locks in the rings of Saturn! Blade wants to make Brenden give up for his team and give up his tag titles! Brenden refusing to tap but this is like deja vu. Much like what Blade did to Brad of the United Nations Blade has Brenden stuck in the middle of the ring with Brenden stuck in Blade's submission hold. Sameer gets up to his corner of the ring but he sees Brenden in the submission hold. He reaches his arm out but Brenden doesn't seem to be able to crawl. Wait George gets up on Sameer's corner and hands Sameer a towel. Sameer looks at it and knows what George wants him to do. George telling Sameer to end it and throw in the towel for Brenden. Sameer looks like he is fighting this decision. Suddenly he throws the towel down onto the ground outside the ring then yells that they wont give up! George then nails Sameer with a running knee strike both men fall off the ring apron. Sameer narrowly misses the ring steps but George lands bad on his shoulder on his way down. Brenden got to see Sameer's will and resolve. He fights he lifts Blade up while still in the Rings of Saturn. Shocking not only Blade but everyone else. Brenden lifting Blade up onto his shoulders Blade keeping the hold locked it. Brenden spins Blade around using all his strength and hits a modified gut wrench powerbomb out of the rings of Saturn. But he takes out the referee by accident by throwing Blade into the referee. The referee is out anything can happen now!
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    It's all about Emerging here at BPZ. And on August 9th we will have the 3rd Annual Emergence PPV. Emergence it's right in the middle of the Summertime. Just a few weeks after KOTR where a new King will Emerge. You will see Undisputed, North American and The Tag titles all on the line. Emergence will come live from Tampa Bay, Florida at Tropicana Field. Who will Rise up and Emerge as the new Faces of BPZ. At Emergence we will also see the return of To the Top. Where the winner will receive a North American Championship shot at anytime, anywhere they want it. 6 Competitors will be announced for that match as the weeks go by. It's time to Emerge. Venue: Tampa Bay, Florida, Tropicana field Theme: TBD Advertised: Flynn, Bart, Julius, Arius, Big Ballers, and Plenty more Match Card: Undisputed Championship Match Flynn (c) vs Julius North American Championship Arius (c) vs Aaron North Tag Team Championship Match Big Ballers (c) vs Deadmans Hand To The Top Ladder Match: Hans vs Sheridan vs Mikey vs Yelich vs Joh vs Buddy Ace FDS vs. Joshua Scott Barbwire Massacre Match: Kenji vs Brad Bob vs ICON vs Mave Prince vs Keirso BiC vs Raven
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    I am Siege

    Johari ► A Gradient Into Nonexistence plays and a strong built figure emerges from the backstage. He has a microphone in hand while marching his way down to the ring. He begins to speak as the music stops. I am the human embodiment of an army. I need no friends, no partners, nobody to back me up or run in to save me. I wont need saving. In fact, I am a nuclear warhead named Siege ready to lay waste onto this industry and absorb the charisma and popularity of others. Over time this horrid industry will be turned into a wasteland filled with my propaganda. It wont be saying "We need you", or some Russian nonsense. This propaganda will be the propaganda of a true hero, a hero who cant be compared to any other. I'm not Batman, nor am I Superman, I am a one man army. I will be the one man army who will become the face of this industry. He finally makes his way to the ring. Stepping in through the middle rope and continuing his speech. And if you are still confused on who I am... I am the man who will single handily take over the wrestling world by storm. My ambitions are simple, very very simple. With the enormous amount of rage and anger that has been built inside of me I need to find a way to take it out. I need to find a way to express my emotions, not a way verbally express my motions, but a way to physically express them. So I was thinking, thinking very very hard. What better way to express my emotions than breaking apart these pathetic excuses of "wrestlers". I will dismantle them, not only physically but emotionally. I will break each bone in their body, one at a time and I will enjoy watching their faces cringe at the noise they here when their bone snaps. I will enjoy watching blood pour down their faces. I will enjoy watching them crawl to help as they are unable to walk. But most importantly I will enjoy seeing me standing in the middle of this damn ring, raising my arms in glory, knowing that I am unstoppable. Most importantly... I am Siege. Siege throws the mic down and Johari ► A Gradient Into Nonexistence begins to play again as he makes his way up the ramp and backstage.
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    Global Series Climax Night 5 6 Tag Team Match Bashka, Hans and Epic vs Necce’s Gathering (Necce, Buddy Ace, and Marker) The match was alright as everybody had a chance to shine, pretty decent match overall but at the end Necce would pin the "Young Lion" Epic via pinfall. 7:57 Tag Team Match Shiba and Evolution vs Killer Machines (Beastly & Bubba) It was another okay match, Shiba was being a crazy bastard throughout the during match, trying to use a weapon but the ref would always prevent it, Bubba would end up pinning Shiba via rollup for the victory. 8:12 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Maasa Xaiver King took on Maasa in what was a solid match, as King picks up the win via submission. Maasa would throw a tantrum after the match. 10:12 Singles Match FDS vs Kieron Black Next up FDS took on Kieron Black, very solid competitive match. Both men trying to one up each other, good technical contest. FDS would pick up the win via pinfall. 12:34 Singles Match Yelich vs Alex Costa Another good technical match as the match starts off slow but quickly go into second gear. Both men would take each other to the limit but it was Yelich would end up getting the victory with a pinfall. 14:01 Singles Match Brad vs Slim Nextup we got Brad vs Slim as two veterans are going at it. Very good match, some solid back and forth action, Slim would end up with the victory after mocking Bashka’s signature pose and hitting his finisher to Brad for the win. 16:47 Singles Match Bailey vs Bart In our main event of the evening, Bart goes one on one with Bailey, and two put on a great match, lots of near falls and reversals. The match would end with Bart poking the eyes of Bailey and would end picking up a surprise win over the great one. Bart celebrates to close out night 5. 26:21 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 6 6 Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Raven, Hollow and Yelich) vs Big Baller Brand (Ropati, Sandman and Heel) In what was a solid 6 man tag match, it warmed up the crowd. Raven would end pinning the legend Heel for the victory, huge win for Raven. 8:01 Tag Team Match Royal Flush (Johnny Kills and Sheridan) vs Gill and ICON Next up the Royal Flush go up against Gill and ICON who are apart of Necce’s Gathering, ended up being a decent little match with the Royal Flush getting the easy victory 6:21. Singles Match Hans vs Bashka In what was an excellent matchup, Bashka took on Hans. Two put a performance as the gave there all in this match. Counter after counter, the crowd were really into this match. Hans would end up reversing Bashka’s finisher into a rollup for the victory. Both men would shake hands after the match. 16:46 Singles Match Marker vs Flynn In what was also a solid match, Flynn took on Marker. Marker would try different offense and Flynn doesn’t find any of it amusing. Flynn would get more and more angrier every time Marker kicked out. Flynn would eventually defeat Marker in this match up. 13:01 Singles Match Aaron North vs Evolution In what was an okay match, North defeated Evolution via pinfall, Evolution looks a bit depressed that he hasn’t won a match yet in the tournament. 7:19 Singles Match Mikey vs Julius Nextup, Mikey took on Julius in what was a very solid encounter. Mikey would go for various offense that would surprise Julius. Despite his great efforts from Mikey, Julius would end up winning the match. 14:59 Singles Match Necce vs Arius In our main event of the evening, Arius took on Necce in what was an excellent battle. The two told a great story in the ring, who are very similar in terms of promos and what they do in the ring. Necce would end up hitting a chair to Arius when the referee was down and winning the encounter between he and Arius. 22:37 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Block A Slim 4 FDS 4 Bart 6 Xaiver King 4 Alex Costa 2 Maasa 0 Kieron Black 2 Yelich 4 Brad 0 Bailey 4 Block B Julius 5 Flynn 5 Necce 6 Mikey 0 Bashka 4 Hans 6 Aaron North 2 Evolution 0 Marker 0 Arius 2
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    When Carnage returns to commercial break the lights here in the arena are dimmed as the titantron shows an American Middle School Cafeteria with five blue chairs positioned in a circle with five people sitting in those chairs, one of those people being Yelich. A flyer on the wall says "Conspiracy Victims Support Group: Fridays 8-10 in the Perrywinkle Middle School Cafeteria." Oh God. Todd: Hi everyone, welcome back to the Conspiracy Victims Support Group for those who have been wrongfully turned into targets of a conspiracy. I'm glad to see everyone's back this week and we even have a new member. So in the vain I feel like we should reintroduce ourselves with our names and why we're here. I'll start with myself, hi I'm Todd, and I'm here to support my wife Suzie while she goes through some tough times, Suzie how about you go next and then we'll go to the left from there? Suzie: Okay, hi I'm Suzie, and my town is convinced I'm a witch when I am not. I mean yes I have a longish nose with a mole on it, that doesn't mean I'm a witch. Luckily my loving husband here knows I'm not a witch and created this support group for me so I know I'm not alone. OJ Simpson: Well I'm OJ, and I was wrongly convicted of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. People all think that I was a murderer and that's simply not true, but I still went to prison for 33 years. My life has been ruined because of this, but now that I'm out of prison I'm making it my duty to make sure that I will find the true killers. Charles Oswald: I'm Charles and I am the grandson of Lee Harvey Oswald. There was NO PROOF that he killed JFK. The killer was obviously on the Grassy Knoll. And I keep getting discriminated against because I found out I was Lee Harvey Oswald's grandson through Ancestry.com and they sold that information to all of my possible employers and now no one will hire me except the NRA. Yelich: This is pathetic. Todd: Well, we'd be happy if you wouldn't dismiss of others hardships, I mean these people are going through things just as bad and wrong as you are. Yelich: Todd.... this is pathetic. You have this idiot over here who thinks that Oswald didn't kill JFK. You have OJ Simpson who's going to "hunt down the real killers" of a crime that he CLEARLY committed. And then you have a literal witch and her idiotic husband. You guys are NOT victims of conspiracies, I AM. When people like you come out and say you're victims of conspiracies, they only legitimize real conspiracy victims like me. OJ Simpson: You may be right about most of what you just said, but I did NOT kill those people. IF THE GLOVE DOESN'T FIT YOU MUST ACQUIT. THE GLOVES DID NOT FIT. Charles Oswald: JFK wasn't killed by my grandpa, he was killed by a hitman hired by Lyndon B Johnson so he could become president. Then they just pinned it on my grandfather who was just watching his president with glee. Suzie: Witches aren't real. Yelich: That was a stupid defense OJ and we all know it, LBJ was JFK's vice president, he wouldn't want to kill the man who chose him to be his running mate, and have you looked in a mirror Suzie? Of course witches are real, you are one. I'm done with you people. I am being screwed by someone or something that is making me lose wrestling matches over and over and OVER AGAIN. It is CLEARLY not my fault, it's everyone else's. And sitting here I have to compare my actual conspiracy with your fake conspiracies, that's degrading. I'm outta here. Yelich gets up from his chair and storms out of the middle school cafeteria, slamming the door behind him as he leaves making a large clanging sound which plays as the screen cuts to black and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
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    Jeremiah Flynn


    We are live on Carnage, the camera panning over thousands of screaming fans in attendance who have so far been enjoying an action packed night. Quickly, all focus is turned to the titantron as the screen gains static, before finally it cuts to Flynn in a black and white setting. Flynn stares directly into the camera, his cold eyes could be felt all the way up the spine of everyone viewing in attendance and around the world. After what feels like an eternity, he speaks. For nearly a month I was given the time to sit and think. Think over it all. Where it all went wrong, where I went wrong. I realized I went off my tracks here in BPZ a very long time ago. Now while it’s true I’ve never been a truly 100% stable individual, I must admit I feel like the past few months I have truly went off the rails. However do I regret anything? Do I wish I could take back all the cruel things I said and take back the awful things that I did? No. Because I meant it all. That may be a hard pill for many to swallow however I do not care. I don’t sugar coat things. I’m not a liar. I speak the truth and I put on a show it’s why I’m the god damn best this company has ever seen. Everyone knows why I’m back. You saw Legacy send it’s message however what are Flynn’s goals? The Undisputed Championship. A championship that’s held by a man who had some very choice words for myself just days ago. He gave a very long boring speech in a very similar manner to myself currently, with some strong flaws to the arguments and claims he made against myself. He assumed that he knew me. No one knows me, no one understands me, no one. You believe that I believe that I will run over you because you are just a flash in the pan, that I look at you like I look at all the others. No.... Bart, this isn’t why I’m going to run over you and take that Undisputed Championship. I look at all of my opponents differently. I study my opponents and then I break them down. Whether is verbally, mentally, or physically, I break my opponents long before I have actually beaten them. I believe Bart that you are a worthy champion. I believe right now you are carving your path to becoming one of BPZ’s greats. I even believe right now you are arguably one of the top dogs, if not the top dog here in BPZ. That doesn’t matter though. Because as you said, I am god damn Flynn. I am all of the accolades you listed me as but more importantly I am your current challenger. And you by the things you’ve said, have made things very personal very quickly. Going forward I’d enjoy that you’d please leave Legacy and my brothers out of this. I don’t need any aid in putting scum like you down. You are as I said an elite talent Bart. However for years I’ve been the man who puts elite talent out. I am the one who exposes the greats. I am the measuring stick here in BPZ and sadly Bart, with your “midlife crisis” jokes and your horrible attempts at believing you know who I am, you just aren’t meeting the right measurements. You call yourself “The Villain” and make no mistake you’ve fully measured up to that monicker. While I am no hero, I do wish to treat all of BPZ to the sweet satisfaction of me laying your ass out with the FKO and winning my first ever Undisputed Championship. A Championship that you hinder, a championship that I will bring to prominence. Bart I promise you one last thing. I promise that the next time I see you in person, whether it’s next week somewhere on Carnage whether it’s backstage or in the ring, or even all the way at PTC, I promise, no, I SWEAR TO YOU, I will kick your ass just to show you that the only current crisis going on here, is the one that YOUR Undisputed Championship reign is facing. The Camera cuts to black.
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    After an amazing performance last night in the Royal Rumble Match. The Bailey walked out as the Royal Rumble Winner and now will Main Event BPZMANIA for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. He Makes his way out to the Ring FINALLY...... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO PHOENIX ARIZONA. What Hell of a Night Last Night was. Last Night The Bailey Whooped The Candy Asses of 29 Men to Win the Royal Rumble Match! And Now the Bailey in Front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey Fans gets to go Atlanta George in the Mercedes Benz Arena and Main event BPZMANIA. Where The Bailey will get to Go One on One with BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. And where that Champion gets to go one on one with the GREAT ONE. Now The Current Champ Julius. And Yeah Julius is real good. Real good. The Bailey knows Julius well. The Bailey knows his type. Hes the Bad Ass. The Tough Guy. The Beast. The Dominator. THE NEXT BIG THING. But the Bailey Doesn't give a Damn what your Nickname is. The Bailey only cares about one thing and one thing only. And that's the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship that you hold. The Bailey doesn't give a damn about you. The Bailey doesn't give a Damn about your Mother or your Sister. You have what the The Bailey wants. And What the Bailey wants the Bailey always gets. And Thats A Guaren-Damn-tee.
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    Isaiah Carter

    An Introduction

    The crowd is in shock, as the man who stands in front of Mikey is one of the founders of the BPZ stable known as "Bulletproof". BiC and Mikey stare eachother down, as BiC smiles and walks right past Mikey. Going to a nearby microphone and grabbing it, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded piece of clothing as he begins to speak. "You see. Empires...they expand, they take over, when one man falls, another one rises and we capture the one who rises. Mikey, you beat the best, you punctured a hole in Bulletproof by defeating Hans Clayton, and while Clayton is moving on to bigger and better things....We need ourselves....You." BiC reaches out his hand, in it, a Bulletproof T - Shirt, and as the crowd takes pictures, as BiC leans into the microphone one last time as Mikey puts on the Bulletproof T Shirt. "Bulletproof....for Life" BiC winks, as the press conference comes to an end, and Bullet Proof has gotten stronger.
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    After the commercial break, we cut to Julius defeating Mikey in the first round of the King Of The Ring Tournament. Then We see him go on to defeat Marker in the Quarter-finals and George in the Semi-Finals to reach the Finals where he would go on to defeat Hans and win the whole King Of The Ring Tournament. Then we see to Sameer retaining The World Heavyweight Championship against The Bailey at King Of The Ring setting up this main event Sameer Vs Julius and when Sameer was attacked by Julius from behind. It is time for the Main Event Ladies and Gentlemen, Sameer vs Julius, 'The Beast vs The Death Machine.' "Gallantry" hits in the Staples Center as the 2 time King Of The Ring Winner "The Death Machine" Julius makes his to the ring, He looks 100 percent focused here tonight as he looks to become a 2-time BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion. My Demons by Starset echoes throughout the Staples Center as we see The BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion "The Beast: Sameer come out the back and head towards the ring to defend the World Heavyweight Champion for the 2nd time in his career. Julius called out "The Beast" in Sameer. Apart of Sameer that he has said time and time again that he wants to keep in his past but Julius pushed him to bring him back for this match bring back The Demon of The Beast in Sameer, The Part of Sameer where he won't hold back from doing anything. Both men representative corners as this match is about to start. Sameer gives his World Championship to the referee and here we go this match is on. The Bell Rings as the Main Event for BrendenPlayz SummerSlam is on. Julius vs Sameer, 'The Death Machine vs The Beast' is underway. After the bell rings Sameer and Julius stare at each other down. Julius and Sameer would exchange blows to the head exchanging in a fist fight as the crowd goes wild. After a few blows to the head Julius knocks Sameer down as Sameer looks stund after all the blows to the head. Julius picks Sameer up irish wipes him into the ropes and a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY JULIUS! Julius with an explosive belly to belly suplex to the World Champion Sameer. Julius picks Sameer back up using raw strength and a SIT DOWN POWERBOMB TO SAMEER. Julius goes for the quick cover but Sameer kicks out right after the one count. Julius would stalk down Sameer in the corner of the ring as Sameer is trying to recover. Julius is looking for the Claymore Kick and trying to end this match quickly. Sameer turns around, Julius charges at him but SAMEER DODGES THE KICK! Julius is sent to the outside of the ring! Sameer backs up and uses to ropes to get some momentum and dives to the outside a SUICIDE DIVE BY THE WORLD CHAMPION! But Sameer's back collides with the announcer's table. Both men are still down as the referee starts to count. Julius is able to get up before Sameer. It seems like the suicide dive hurt Sameer way more than it hurt Julius. Julius drags Sameer back into the ring and gets back in as the referee stops at the count of 6. Julius picks up Sameer and throws him into the corner and moves to the other corner of the ring and runs at Sameer as Julius tries to go for a running knee but SAMEER GETS OUT THE WAY OF THE KNEE! Sameer than would go for the other knee of Julius to get him down for a moment and then Sameer hits Julius with a DDT! PLANTING THE KING OF THE RING WINNER! As Julius is down Sameer would try to go for a Curbstomp but Julius is able to avoid the curb stomp from Sameer and bounce off the ropes into a SPEAR!! Julius goes for the pin on Sameer 1...2.. NO KICKOUT AT 2 BY THE CHAMPION! Sameer is just able to kick out after a vicious spear from The Death Machine. Julius stalks down Sameer waiting for him to get up. Sameer uses to ropes to get back up he realizes Julius is behind. Julius tries to hit Sameer with a spinning kick that would've knocked him out cold but Sameer reserves it into a PELE KICK! Both men are down, Sameer isn't able to capitalize right away Sameer is still able to recooper and get up before Julius is able too. Sameer irish wipes Julius to the outside and is able to get some time to recover from what has been a hell of a match so far both men giving it all for the gold that is on the line here in the main event of the biggest show of the Summer in Wrestling. As Julius is able to get up pretty quickly using the announcer's table as the ref count is at 4. OH MY GOD SAMEER WITH A FLYING FOREARM TO JULIUS ONTO THE OUTSIDE THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE HAS BEEN BROKEN! Both men are still down as the referee's count is at 4 Sameer is able to crawl to the ring apron and use it to get back up and get back into the ring. The Count is now at 7 as Julius is able to get back up to his feet and he gets back into the ring. Sameer looks in shock. Shocked that Julius was able to get back up to his feet after that forearm. Sameer uses the ropes to jump onto Julius and take him out but JULIUS HITS SAMEER WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Julius now looks down onto Sameer and gets in the corner looking for Claymore Kick waiting for Sameer to get back up to his feet. Sameer who just got punched into another dimension is able to get up as Julius stalks him down. Sameer turns around RIGHT INTO A CLAYMORE KICK FROM JULIUS! It looks all over for Sameer. Call it over Ladies and Gentlemen nobody kicks out of the CLAYMORE KICK from the Death Machine! Julius goes for the PIN 1..2... NO WHAT THE HELL SAMEER KICKED OUT OF THE CLAYMORE KICK! Sameer told Julius that THE BEAST WAS COMING OUT FOR THIS MATCH and SAMEER HAS KICKED OUT OF ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MOVES IN THIS COMPANY! Julius doesn't react to Sameer kicking out of the first Claymore kick instead he goes back in the corner and stalks Sameer down again waiting for the champion to get back up. Julius with fire in his eyes. Sameer gets back up and OH MY GOD ANOTHER DEVASTATING CLAYMORE KICK TO THE BEAST! JULIUS GOES FOR THE PIN ON THE BEAST THIS HAS TO BE IT! 1...2.. NO! THE BEAST KICKED OUT AGAIN! JULIUS IS IN SHOCK! NOBODY HAS KICKED OUT OF BACK TO BACK CLAYMORE KICKS. Julius asked for The Beast. He wanted Sameer to bring back his demon side, the side of him that he never wanted to ever bring back. Julius picks Sameer up for THIRD CLAYMORE KICK TO THE BEAST! BUT Sameer falls outside the ring before Julius could get a pin on him. Julius then bring Sameer back into the ring and Julius is setting up for a spear BUT SAMEER RESERVES IT INTO A PEDIGREE! He quickly goes to pin the 2 time King Of The Ring winner 1..2.. NO JULIUS KICKS OUT AT 2 Sameer looks down at Julius with rage in his eyes, Looks like a man possessed by his demons as Julius is trying to recover from the pedigree SAMEER HITS HIM WITH A CURB STOMP! AND ANOTHER CURBSTOMP TO THE DEATH MACHINE! 1...2..3... Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beast has survived The Death Machine The Referee raises the hand of The Beast as he is handed his world heavyweight championship after going to war with the most dominant force in BrendenPlayz. As He celebrates Julius gets up and stares down at Sameer. Sameer offers a handshake between the two. At first, Julius hesitates to shake his hand but he ends up shaking the hand of The World Champion and leaves heading backstage as 'The Beast' Sameer celebrates the biggest win of his career as SummerSlam comes to a end.
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    Gunner Flynn


    IUM Presents:Vengeance 2019 Prince vs Bulldozer What a opening match here. Both men having a solid run of offense and defense. A back and forth bout is usually the casual sight in IUM. And this was no different. In this 12 minute bout, you saw high flying action like no other but, Prince would secure the victory with a "Off with their heads". Time:12:53 Rating:3.50 Joshua Scott vs Siege A technical bout like none other took place here tonight. Both men have been doing relatively well since their debut here in IUM. Scott would stay on the ground game, while Siege would be taking the brawling side of things. Seemed to be picking up near the last couple of minutes, before Joshua Scott puts away Siege with a Spear! Time:16:24 Rating:2.75 Xavier King vs Julius:TV Title Tournament Finals This has to be the best match so far in the series! 5 star classic for sure. With high impactful moves, insane chemistry, top notch selling and overall lovely match this was a match to watch out for. Both men would use their full aresnal to full affect here tonight to try to capture that gold. But the better man seemed to be Julius, who would end the match in destructive manner, with a Claymore Kick. Time:23:45 Rating:5.00 Rick Tomhard vs Jack Bashka vs Brad Solid match here, but sadly nothing really special here. A quick one too, as Brad would try to get the advantaged with the power game, throwing out Rick Tomhard but is thrown out himself. It seemed the chemistry was off at times, but solid ground game by all three men. But at the end Jack Bashka would hit the Bitter End on Rick Tomhard for the victory. Time:23:24 Rating:2.50 Ropati vs James Knight Really good match here, the chemistry between these two was really great. Another one of the best matches in the series. Back and forth action seems to be a constant thing for this ppv. James Knight would go for a big boot but would be reversed by Ropati into a Kiwi Kick to end James Knight's night. Time:15:29 Rating:4.75 After the matchup a familiar theme song would play, as the new crowned TV Champion walks down,and into the ring, staring down Ropati. And holds up the title. Arius(c) vs Sameer:IUM World Championship match Once again another banger here tonight and isnt that expected? Both of these men have been on a role. With high flying to no end, chemistry that can fulfill an entire classic and high impact moves that end careers this was epic. But at the end, sadly Arius' reign comes to an end when sameer, stomped it out. Time: 20:45 Rating:5.00
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    We are here at Emergence, getting ready for what Icon has called his prophecy. But both Bob and Mave want to stop that. Devil Trigger plays, but the lights begin blinking repeatedly before completely shutting off. Static begins to play like previous weeks before Demon Mave, is staring into the camera with eary intentions. Next up is the man they call BobDaBomb, for weeks Bob has tried to get in the mind of ICON. Tonight we will prove who the better man is. But has the mind games worked? As Grandson by Blood//Water plays, Bob gets ready for his matchup. Putting that vintage chain on. He walks down the ramp, not laying his eyes off of the Demon Mave for one second. Now its what we have all been waiting for. The clash that has led up for weeks. And it all started with one simple open challenge. ICON enters the arena, stomping down to the ring, before surverying the arena, commentators in fear, everyone silent. He now enters the ring and stares down Bob. The Bell rings and we get this war started! The match begins with ICON throwing Mave out to the ring, but Bob attacks ICON from behind. Bob picks him up and hits a big lariat, sending Icon down to the canvas. Mave gets up from the ground and enters the ring. He hits a slingblade on Bob. Mave goes for the pin,1....2..... but no a kick out by Bob! Mave heads over to Icon for another slingblade but is reversed with a vertical suplex. Icon stands there with no emotion, before Bob runs at Icon with a spear! That is exactly what were talking about! The animosity between the two is crazy. But surprisingly Bob doesnt go for the cover. He picks the dead weight of Icon and hits another spear! He goes for the pinfall this time, 1...2..... Icon kicks out! Mave now comes back in and throws Bob out of the ring. And Icon follows but Mave has other ideas. Running rope from rope, goes over the top rope, flying in the air. Woah, we now see the risks, Mave will take to prove his worth here in BPZ! Mave picks up Icon and sends him in the ring. He now goes for a big kick, but Icon ducks under and hits the prophecy! Icon crawls away, with a smirk on his face. He slides out of the ring, and throws Bob into the steel steps. The agony shown on the face of Bob. Icon heads back in the ring, but Mave runs for a clothesline, but is reversed, thrown out of the ring. But wait what is this, a suicide dive from Icon. We usually do not see that kind of style by Icon. But it just shows how much this match means to this man. Bob now getting up, Icon doing the same and they head into the ring at the same time. Their eyes met, but Bob getting up first and hits a stunning big boot. Mave now heads to the top rope and hits the Demons Edge! Mave is able to get up from the pain, and goes for the pinfall,1....2...... but Bob breaks it up! All men now laying down, every man just exhausted. The crowd loving this match, and giving them a standing ovation to prove it. Lovely match so far, all three men seem to legitimately hate eachother. Icon begins to get up, and followed by Mave. Both men get in eachother faces before Mave slaps Icon. A competitive emotion turns into a bitter rage. Icon hits the conspiracy! Icon goes for the pinfall..1...2.....3...... Icon with the win and he celebrates. He now asks for a microphone and begins to speak. What did i tell you? This was my War and i ended it. As these two corpse lay i will fulfill my prophecy! (Noone reply, reply is planned)
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    Reaching The Top

    We’re coming off the last BPZ Powertrip show Emergence and the setting seems to be a hotel room in the Emergence host city Tampa, Florida. We get a good look of the room as the camera pans over to Joh, looking in the mirror while his To The Top briefcase is left on his bed. “I……….I’ve done it. After all these grueling years of not being able to get a victory to my name…..I managed it. God, that sure was a tough one though. All that mayhem in one match was unlike any I had seen before, maybe akin to the Money In The Bank ladder match a few years ago. Having to battle 5 other people to find my way to unhooking the briefcase was always daunting to me, but I know I had done it before. Even then, the lingering feeling of having to live up to prior expectations was always looming around. I haven’t had a great match record recently, to say the least, so getting this victory and the prize that comes with it makes it feel oh so sweet and worthwhile.” Joh backs away from the mirror and sits alongside the To The Top briefcase on the edge of his bed. “It seems like I was right when I said I was adding another member to the trophy cabinet. I’ve had my doubters in the past, I’ve been called a retiree and all that nonsense, but I’ve proven that I’m still going and I have the winning ability still in me. The winning ability that brings me stuff like this. This briefcase. The power is in my hands on whether or not to go for that North American Championship.” Joh sits back up, with the briefcase in hand and walks back towards the mirror. “Oh how could I forget the power and confidence my affiliation with the United Nations has brought me? We were doubted from the very beginning of our formation, but then we were close to a tag team title shot and now one of our members is in possession of the To The Top briefcase. Don’t worry, this isn’t the first achievement for the United Nations, as we will live on and capture gold in our pursuit for international dominance. Whether we stick with the original members or bring along more partner, this win for me is only the beginning of the United Nations’ impact on the landscape of BPZ. It all comes down to what I do with my newfound item. Arius is definitely no slouch, but coming off my win and having the United Nations supporting me, I have what it takes to take the man down and win his title. The date of success may not be confirmed, but the success itself certainly is. Joh smirks as the camera zooms in on the reflection of the To The Top briefcase before the camera shot fades away.
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Monday Night RAW: April 3rd, 2017 - Live from the Amway Center, in Orlando, Florida The RAW Intro Package would open RAW, before recaps of RAW's matches on both nights of WrestleMania were highlighted, showing Dean Ambrose's win over Cesaro, making him the new World Heavyweight Champion, and then we would be welcomed to the show by Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Bryon Saxton, RAW's exclusive commentary team, as tonight is officially night one of the first-ever Superstar Shakeup. Cole explains the shakeup is deals made between Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels to switch superstars from brands. Cole begins to discuss the rumors of the shakeup, before he's interrupted... ** CATCH YOUR BREATH ** The commentary team is in absolute shock as out walks "The Ace" Finn Balor, on each side of him stand "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson, and "The Doc" Luke Gallows. So with that, it's official, the Balor Club has officially landed on Monday Night RAW. The Balor Club walks down the entrance ramp, the crowd taunting them following Balor's loss to AJ Styles last night at WrestleMania. Balor steps into the ring, asking for three microphones as all three members of BC hold their microphones, with Balor starting the proceedings... Finn Balor: Rumor had it the Balor Club was RAW bound... Rumors were right. The Balor Club is here and we are here to takeover RAW. This isn't any takeover, failed takeovers before like The Nexus, the Alliance, none of that. We are here and we are here to stay. And this, is a guarantee... Finnn Balor will beee the World Heavyweight Champion in short time. Isn't that right, Anderson? Anderson: Of course! Anderson. Balor. Gallows. WE'RE THE BALOR CLUB! We took over SmackDown before AJ Styles was too weak to be with us. We'll takeover RAW the same way and with Styles gone, we'll last much, much, longer. Gallows: Diamonds are forever, and so is the Balor Club. Now, with that out of the way, would anyone in the back, like to be the first-ever challenge for the Balor Club on RAW? Beware, this isn't no friendly game of poker. This is business, and we won't hesitate to kick anyone's ass to ensure we get that FAT paycheck... So, anyone in the back... ** NEXT BIG THING ** Oh.... My... GOD! IT'S BROCK, LESNAR! The Beast walks out onto the stage, with Paul Heyman by his side, a smirk on his face as Lesnar begins walking down the ramp. Lesnar hops onto the apron as The Balor Club readies for a fight. 3 months ago, the Balor Club beat down Lesnar and multiple superstars in the Royal Rumble, where we last saw him. Lesnar steps into the ring, as Gallows and Anderson charge him. They get 'The Beast' to the ground, as Balor gets up to the top rope for the Coup De Grace... But Lesnar puts his knees up, and explodes up with a kip-up! Clothesline to Anderson! Gallows swings on Lesnar, but Lesnar goes under the swing and hits a German Suplex! As it's just Balor and Lesnar, a staredown happens as Balor, showing no fear, runs at Lesnar, but Lesnar catches him... German Suplex! Lesnar picks up Balor, putting him on his shoulders... Lesnar stands tall over the Balor Club, as Heyman smiles. It's official, though... The Balor Club is on RAW, and The Beast is back, with Balor in his sights! With Stephanie McMahon watching backstage with Shawn Michaels in smiles, both realizing how big of a get it is to have Brock Lesnar back on WWE Television, who could potentially compete at RAW's Exclusive Show, Payback, on April 30th, especially on Monday Night RAW, they're interrupted by World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose. Ambrose stands in front of both of them, with the title around his waist, as he begins to speak. Dean Ambrose: I'm glad somebody likes that, because I don't. Here's the issue with that, Brock Lesnar is a part-timer, and part-timers have seem to ran RAW for months now. Look at SmackDown LIVE, they use the superstars that are there each and every week. And now, instead of opening the RAW after WrestleMania with a promo from the new World Heavyweight Champion, the Balor Club makes their debut. Fine. Whatever. But Brock Lesnar? That's an issue. And right now, it's not a huge one, but if these issues keep coming up, aka in between me and my championship, the three of US will have issues... Ambrose backs out of the picture, as he walks away, with Shawn and Steph looking at each out, somewhat confused and worrisome. Cut back to the stage, Sin Cara stands in the ring, as the commentators hype up how we haven't seen Sin Cara in months, as he's been recovering from an injury. Suddenly... the newest RAW superstar's music hits, as the crowd go into a frenzy... ** WORLDS APART ** 'The Underdog from The Underground', Sami Zayn bursts out, making his official RAW debut as apart of the superstar shakeup! He gets into the ring, hyping the crowd up as he will have his first match against Sin Cara here tonight. [Match 1] Singles Match Sami Zayn vs Sin Cara Zayn and Sin Cara would lock up, and Zayn would make his wrestling ability known, wrestling circles around Sin Cara before he would hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on him! Sin Cara would explode up from the bomb, though, and use a springboard to vault Zayn's offense. Sin Cara would go up to the turnbuckle, to attempt a Swanton Bomb, but Zayn would put his knees up, hurting the back of Sin Cara as the two continued to go back and forth, high-energy offense going on. As the match weared down after about 5-6 minutes of non-stop moves, Zayn would put Sin Cara in the corner, before bouncing off of the opposite turnbuckle, and nailing his signature Helluva Kick! Zayn would drop himself down into the cover, nodding his head along as the referee made the three count and gave Sami Zayn his first official RAW win. Your Winner Via Pinfall (Helluva Kick) @ 5:43, Sami Zayn! Zayn raises his hands in victory, as he has joined Monday Night RAW. Finally he is free from the burden known as Kevin Owens, and starts his journey on RAW... Could he become a champion with no distractions and deterrants? The next match, as hyped by our commentators, would be a WrestleMania rematch, between Cruiserweight Champion Austin Aries, and Cedric Alexander, as reported earlier on WWE.com that the Cruiserweight and UK divisions have switched brands. So tonight, Shawn Michaels scheduled a rematch between the two men. ** WON'T LET GO ** The former Cruiserweight Champion comes out to the stage. He puts his hands in his head before exploding out, showing his aggression tonight as he looks to regain his Cruiserweight Championship tonight on Monday Night RAW. Cedric Alexander holds the ring ropes, peering into the crowd as the crowd cheers him on, wanting to see him win the title back from the arrogant Austin Aries. ** AMBITION AND VISION ** The cameras pan to a lower view, as it pans up to reveal the smiling, cocky champion as he holds up his title for all the fans to boo him in. Alexander is clearly the fan favorite here tonight, before Aries gets to the ring and says something to Alexander, who tries to charge Aries but the referee holds him back. [Match 2] Cruiserweight Championship Singles Match Austin Aries(c) vs. Cedric Alexander The match begins with the cruiserweights locking up, before Alexander breaks it off and nails a dropkick, knocking Aries back. Aries comes right back at Alexander, as the two staredown, before Aries delivers a stiff slap across Cedric's face, as the cameras reveal Cedric with a disrespected look on his face. Alexander fires shot after shot at Aries, before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting Aries with a Jumping Clothesline! Alexander would kip up, before bouncing off of the ropes and doing an Elbow Drop to Aries. Aries and Alexander would continue to go back and forth, and in the end, Cedric Alexander would be going for his signature Springboard Clothesline... NO! ARIES COUNTERED WITH A DROPKICK TO THE FACE! Alexander is stunned, before Aries hits him with a knee to the back of the head! Austin Aries picks Alexander up, putting Alexander's arm over Aries' head, picking him up into the air before dropping him down... BRAINBUSTER! Austin Aries into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Aries retains his Cruiserweight Championship here tonight on Monday Night RAW! Alexander sits up, in disbelief with himself as the crowd gives him a standing ovation after his electric performance. Alexander has a bright future on Monday Nights... Your Winner Via Pinfall (Brainbuster), and STILL Cruiserweight Champion @ 14:32, Austin Aries! Aries holds up his title on the top of the ramp, as the crowd boos him. Austin Aries remains Cruiserweight Champion, and the Era of Aries, defeating Cedric Alexander two nights in a row... Who will step up next to challenge Austin Aries? The commentators hype up last night's RAW Women's Championship Match between Becky Lynch and Emma, before revealing Emma has been traded to SmackDown LIVE as apart of the Superstar Shakeup. Last night, she lost her title, and now she moves to a different show... But right now, Graves says it's time for The Queen to take on RAW's newest addition... **RECOGNITION** First out is Charlotte Flair, as The Queen walks down the ramp, with her robe on, spreading her arms out, oozing confidence, the daughter of the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. Charlotte gets into the ring, doing a backwards split, as she continues to have her arms spread, letting the fans take in someone who is "genetically superior". ** AMAZING (REMIX) ** The lights in the RAW arena begin to flash a bunch of neon colors, as it's officially confirmed who the newest RAW Women's Division competitor is... Naomi! Naomi dances her way down to the ring, getting in, getting right into the face of Charlotte Flair, showing no fear of her as the two prepare to face off. [Match 3] Singles Match Naomi vs Charlotte Flair The bell would ring, as two of the most athletic female wrestlers on the roster would lock up, before Charlotte would force Naomi down into a headlock. The two would spend most of the match trying to out-do the other, before the intellect of Charlotte Flair came into play, realizing she was a better wrestler than Naomi. Working on the head, Charlotte used several moves to wear down Naomi's head, including smashing her face into the turnbuckle, a pair of big boots, and even a knee to the face. In the end, the methodical Flair would nail a Spear followed by a Natural Selection to make Naomi's first night on RAW her worst nightmare, a loss. Your Winner Via Pinfall (Natural Selection) @ 8:05, Charlotte Flair! Charlotte would bask in the glory of winning her match, as she would spread her arms before signalling to the timekeeper for a microphone. Flair would raise the microphone to her mouth, beginning to speak. Charlotte Flair: I have never, in the history of WWE, felt more disrespected than I did when I was not on either WrestleMania card. 2 days of nonstop WWE action, and you can't find a spot for the Queen? That's disgraceful, and Shawn Michaels, you should feel ashamed of yourself. But let's not mince words here, I have a point to make. You see, I was once the RAW Women's Champion, and now, we have a new one, and with the former one on the way to the pityful SmackDown LIVE, I believe I have a stake after that win against Naomi. So I'll give Becky Lynch one week to respond... Lynch vs Flair. RAW Women's Championship. Payback. What do you say, Becky? Charlotte Flair drops the microphone, before leaving, as she has issued the challenge, Lynch vs Flair for Payback. Will Becky Balboa accept the challenge the second generation superstar has laid down? Coming back from a commercial, the commentary team hypes up RAW's newest addition... JOHN CENA! Michael Cole announces that next week, John Cena will open the show and address his move to RAW, his next step, and his WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns, before... **LOADED** The RAW Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz, come down to the ring, as they make their WWE return last night, winning the RAW Tag Team Championships in a Ladder Match, dethroning the Revival as Champions. The Hardyz each grab microphones, as they begin to discuss everything that has happened in the last 24 hours. Jeff Hardy: One week ago, I didn't think this would be possible... But 48 hours ago, after Night One of WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels contacted me and asked me if me and Matt were interested in coming back... Our answer was naturally yes. Matt Hardy: We came back last night, and we showed we still got it, and we won that Ladder Match. And we'll be quick, but we just wanted to say, it's time we show you who the Hardy Boyz are, and we understand there's a revolution going on within tag team wrestling with teams like the Usos, Revival, American Alpha, in WWE, and on the independent scene, with the Young Bucks, War Machine, but we don't care. As far as we're concerned Both: We're still the best. Jeff Hardy: With that being said, next week, there will be a tag team turmoil match to decide our contenders for Payback, and we wish all the teams best of luck... Because you're gonna need it. As the Hardyz drop their mics, and begin to leave the ring, as they walk up the ramp with their titles in hand, before... **I AM STRONGER** The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman walks out, making his RAW debut! Strowman walks in between the tag team champions, as he gets into the ring, yelling as he throws his hands up, as Strowman faces Heath Slater, right now! **MORE THAN ONE MAN** Heath Slater walks out, looking at the monster in the ring with straight fear. He walks down the ramp, before walking to the timekeepers area before getting a microphone from him. He begins to talk as he gets into the ring. Heath Slater: Braun... I understand I'm gonna get my ass handed to me tonight. But I'm asking, just take it easy on me. I got kids man, and they need their dad to grow up. I got kids man! Braun looks at Heath, before snatching the microphone out of his hands and putting it up to his mouth. Braun Strowman: You got kids? Heath Slater nods, fearfully. Braun Strowman: I was a kid once, my mom, she, uh, had 7 kids and she did the best she could. I'm not gonna beat your ass. I'm not gonna do that to a father who's fighting to make sure his kids get to eat. Instead, I'm gonna give you a hug. Braun Strowman hugs Heath Slater to the roar of the crowd as Slater looks shocked, thinking he was in for a beating. Strowman points to the back, and the two leave the ring and begin to walk to the back together. Could we be seeing a new alliance between Strowman and Slater? Corey Graves is very confused to what we've witnessed as Michael Cole recaps it, before we're thrown to Triple H backstage, sitting in his C.O.O. office, as he begins to speak into the camera after last night's crazy battle with Seth Rollins. Triple H: Last night, at WrestleMania: Night Two, Cesaro threw his nose where it didn't belong and got involved in me and Rollins' match. I was well on my way to handing Seth Rollins the beating, and humbling he deserves. It's like spending so much time on the sideline wasn't enough for him, it's like he WANTS to be injured. So, he's got his wish. I just signed the official order. At Payback, it will be Rollins, and his new buddy, Cesaro, taking on myself and Samoa Joe. And next week, we'll have Cesaro vs Samoa Joe. And best believe, I'll be in the Destroyer's corner. Good luck, boys. ** HELLFIRE ** Back in the arena, the theme of The Union hits, as the United States Champion, The Brute, a man who made the infamous Kurt Angle tap out last night, Rusev, along with the man who has a match tonight against Kalisto, Sheamus, walk down to the ring. Rusev stands on the outside, as Sheamus stands in the ring, staring at the entrance ramp before the theme of Kalisto hits. ** FEARLESS WARRIOR ** Kalisto sprints out to the stage, chanting Lucha! Lucha! as he throws both hands into the air, before getting down to the ring, and getting right into the face of Sheamus. Sheamus and Kalisto face off, before they are backed up, and the referee signals for the match to begin. [Match 4] Singles Match Kalisto vs Sheamus Kalisto charges at Sheamus to begin the match, knocking him into the corner, before Kalisto continues to fire away, punch after punch to the sternum of Sheamus before Sheamus would headbutt Kalisto, knocking him back. Sheamus would charge at Kalisto with a double axe handle, and from this moment on, Sheamus would control the match, grounding Kalisto to limit his high octane offense. Sheamus would go for broke at the end, signalling for the devastating Brogue Kick, but Kalisto would dodge before rolling Sheamus up! One.. Two... TH-NO! Sheamus kicks out! Kalisto gets up, so does Sheamus... SALIDA DEL SOL! Kalisto into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Kalisto wins, defeating Sheamus! Your Winner Via Pinfall (Salida Del Sol) @ 10:21, Kalisto! Kalisto celebrates his win, as Sheamus and Rusev retreat, with Kalisto climbing the ropes, pointing at Rusev! Kalisto wants the United States Championship! Will he get an opportunity to gain the title?! Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Bryon Saxton all get ready to sign us off for the post-WrestleMania edition of Monday Night RAW... Cole: We'll see you next week on Monday, Night RA- ** GONG ** ** GONG ** ** REST IN PEACE ** The crowd goes in a frenzy, cheering as the arena turns dark, showing a purple moon on the big screen as fire shoots up from the stage, smoke donning the stage as in the smoke, you can see a tall figure, slowly making his presence felt. As the smoke clears, The Undertaker is revealed as he walks down the ramp, slowly, taking his time as the WWE Universe takes in the engima of The Deadman. The Deadman removes his hat before he gets into the ring, as he pulls out a microphone and begins to talk. The Undertaker: The Deadman walks the grounds of Monday Night RAW once again... Last night I slayed my demons of The Lone Wolf... But after last night, I felt something new, something different. WrestleMania no longer defines me. After last night, I had a heart-to-heart with myself, and at the end of that I realized. I'm back. Digging holes, and taking souls. In four weeks, at RAW's Exclusive Show, Payback, I will be competing. Against wh- HOLY SHIT! THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION FROM BEHIND! Dean Ambrose! Ambrose mounts Undertaker and begins smashing away at Undertaker, before getting off of him and grabbing a steel chair from under the ring! Ambrose gets back in, and begins to hit Undertaker with the chair, over and over again, before he picks him up, and smashing the chair across his face! The Undertaker lays motionless in the middle of the ring, as Dean Ambrose picks him up one last time, and delivers Dirty Deeds onto the steel chair! Ambrose picks up his World Heavyweight Championship, holding it in one hand, while scooping up the microphone in another, delivering this line as RAW fades to... black. Dean Ambrose: [laughs maniacally] I thought I told Steph and Shawn about these undeserving part-timers... Why so serious, Undertaker? Ambrose laughs into the microphone to end the show, as we cut with Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Bryon Saxton unsure what we've witnessed as the World Heavyweight Champion has decimating The Phenom here tonight...
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 1st 2001 ECW Is Saved! Despite numerous set backs from the promotions, and despite several people in the wrestling industry saying its the end, ECW has a new home! ECW has reached a TV deal with MTV 2 to air their weekly programming ECW Hardcore TV. Many in the company thought it wasn't going to happen and finally they reached a TV deal and with a deal with MTV's sister channel, things are about to be interesting to say the least. Addition to this, ECW owner Paul Heyman aka Paul E Dangerously has his eyes to enter ECW into a new era, with potentially bringing in new talent, usher in new stars, and more. ECW will truly put buts into seats. ......................................................................................................................................................... Ballz Mahoney Bill Alfonso C.W Anderson Chilly Willy Chris Hamrick Christian York Cyrus Danny Doring Dawn Marie Elektra EZ Money Francine Jack Victory Jerry Lynn Joel Gertner Joey Matthews Joey Styles Julio Dinero Justin Credible Kid Kash Little Guido Matt Bently Mikey Whipwreck Nova Rhino Roadkill Rob Van Dam The Sandman Scotty Anton Simon Diamond Spike Dudley Steve Corino Super Crazy Swinger The Sinister Minster Tommy Dreamer Tony Mamaluke Tajiri AJ Styles Billy Kidman Juventud Guerrera Mike Awesome Fit Finlay Shane Helms Lance Storm Paul London Sabu Kaz Hayashi ECW World Heavyweight Champion ECW Television Champion ECW World Tag Team Champions
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    "In My Shadow"

    {The first round of the King of the Ring Tournament is now finished as we move towards the post-show press conference. Reporters wait in the room for one of the wrestlers to arrive and much to their surprise the first man out is none other than the current Intercontinental Champion Julius who walked through Mikey in the first round and has kickstarted his 2019 King of the Ring Campaign in style} "First of all Julius congratulations on the victory, what were your thoughts on the match in general? It looked like you were enjoying yourself out there beating him up" "I told him exactly what I was going to do, none of this should have been a surprise for him. He ran his mouth, he thought he could have a strategy for whatever I threw at him, but unless his strategy was to walk away with a few missing teeth, then it failed badly. If you guys think I'm not going to make a statement out of these young guys or if you think I am going to treat them any differently then you're wrong. I was on a warpath while I was NXT Champion, I became a star while NXT Champion so I don't see why they should be treated any differently. If he expected me to come out and give it only a 50% effort then he should walk out that door right now because this place isn't for him" "You obviously are the reigning King of the Ring Tournament winner but last year you came into the tournament far from being the favourite, but this year the roles are reversed and you are considered the favourite to earn yourself that World Title Shot. Has anything changed for you heading into the years tournament?" "To think last year I walked into this tournament just as a person to fill out the numbers but walked out the BPZ World Champion is something no one has ever seen before or will ever see again. It's hard to top that, but as you said it yourself I'm the favourite. I'm the man that's expected to win and that's what I do. I was expected to win the Power-Trip Cup and now I have a shot at Flynn whenever I want to, I was expected to beat BiC and become IC Champion and now this beautiful title is draped around my shoulder. To think that this year I come into this tournament more dangerous than ever before is such a scary sight for anyone who draws me" "You've got yourself in a pretty good position now Julius, you have a guaranteed Undisputed Title Shot whenever you want and you could possible gain yourself a World Title Shot at Summerslam, on top of that you are Intercontinental Champion. How do you focus on three different aspects of your career at one time?" "See what you explained right there is what makes me so much better than anyone else. If you guys have forgotten I was a Triple Champion last year and I would retain those titles day in and day out without a problem. I can shift my focus to anyone at anytime, tonight my focus was solely on Mikey and I got the job done. Next week it will be on The Marker and I'll get the job done there as well. There is a reason I am as good as I am and being able to place my attention on many things at once is one of them" "What about Bashka, he has made his intentions clear that he wants your Intercontinental Championship, when will you address that situation?" "Next question" "You alluded to it earlier but you face the Marker in the next round. You two have a lot of history so how do you expect him to come out after picking up a strong victory tonight and how are you going to attack that match next week?" "How am I going to attack it you ask? The same way I always do, I'm going to walk in beat him real bad and then walk out pack bags and on to the next town"These guys Marker, Storm I feel sorry for them because they really came here at the wrong time. They are both talented individuals especially the Marker, 2x NXT Champ, Premium Champ and Tag Champ he definitely hasn't had a lousy career but see he never could really break through while I was there. I can remember month after month facing Marker in NXT title matches and just beating him every single time, it was easy it was a breeze I never ever had to try and pay attention to him because he was always living in my shadow. He'll come out firing, he'll talk smack during the build like he always does, like he did before we fought at the Rumble. He had a good win over Aaron North but I'm different competition, I'm on such a higher level than the Marker that only a miracle would be able to stop me from moving into the Semi-Finals. He always comes up with something new every time I run into him so it will be interesting to see what he brings up this time because what he brought back in January before the Royal Rumble was pathetic and he paid the price. I embarrassed him and put him back in his place. I hope he remembers that before mouthing off about me" {As the reporters finish asking their questions Julius walks off the stage the first shot already being fired in the hype towards his Quarter-Final match with The Marker}
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    {We return to Carnage after commercial break, and after a brief pan around the crowd "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena as the BPZ Intercontinental Champion Julius makes his way out onto the ramp} {The last time we saw this man was inside the Carrier Dome in the wonderful city of Syracuse where Julius soundly advanced to the second round of the Power-Trip Cup defeating SSW Clubs own Sir Raven and leaving a barrage of bodies laying on his way out. Up next for Julius is the rising star Hans Clayton, a man destined for big things a tricky challenge for the Intercontinental Champion as he looks to make up for his Final defeat in last year's rendition. Julius marches down to the ring, smugly gripping his Intercontinental Championship before showing it off to a couple of fans in the front-row as he climbs up the steel ring steps and into the ring} "On a night of upsets, inside the Carrier Dome only one constant remained, and that was my absolute demolition of Sir Raven and the rest of his crew that call themselves the S.S.W Club. The enjoyment I had stomping a hole through the head of those four vermin can be unmeasured, I did each and every one of you a favour it's just that your too dumb and ignorant to understand. I look around this company and all I see are complacent idiots who are happy to get a paycheck and travel the world. I said that I would ascend on a mission to purify this company, filter out all the weakness where only the strong would remain and I did just that. I halted and destroyed the SSW Club with my own bare hands as their pathetic mentor looked on in shock at the chaos I caused. Josh, you are the exact definition of weakness. You lose more than you win, you embarrass this company every time you set foot into this ring and at Mayhem on June the second, I will embarrass you!" "As I look ahead to what the future holds for me in the Power-Trip Cup, I see more weakness. Everyone on this goddamn planet won't shut their mouths about the "Extraordinary", "The Death Defying", "The Phenomenal" Hans Clayton. But I don't buy it, I don't see it. All I see is this companies pathetic attempt to mirror the success I had upon entering this company with an individual who just cant carry the burden of being the greatest. Coming into this company you had so much hype, so much talk of how good you would be but then you immediately had stage-fright and lost in your very first match. How can someone be extraordinary when they can't even make a lasting first impression. You wan't to know what I did on my first night in the company? I became the NXT Champion which brings me on to my next point. You held that title around your waist, a history of great champions in its legacy and what you did with it makes me sick. I held that championship for a record reign, I made it my division I made it must see, I conquered the rest of this company all the while still holding that golden belt around my shoulder with pride. But you, you win it on the grandest stage of them all, and embarrass the lineage of the title by giving it up not even a month later. Are you too good for that championship Hans? Do you think that you are above the rest? YOU'RE NOT! I'm going to bring you back down to earth and I'm going to stop this hype train and show the world that you are nothing more than another member of the line" "So at the Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee, this world is going to see exactly what you are made of. Everyone knows what I'm going to bring, but with you its a mystery. Are we going to see the "Extraordinary" Hans Clayton who won the NXT Championship at BPZ Mania, or are we going to see that frail, weak man who stepped into this company as apart of the New Bloods. They say when your back is against the wall you fight twice as hard, but I warn you Hans that won't be enough when we face on May 17th. Show me exactly how extraordinary you are Mr Clayton, because if you don't you leave yourself open to a whole world of pain!" {Julius drops the mic, a challenge sent to Hans Clayton. He walks out of the ring and too the back. How will Hans respond?}
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    Jonathan swaggers into the view of the crowd, who've already begun their high volume boos, much to the delight of Jonathan. "The Ace" continues his strut down the ramp, composed in spite of the harsh reaction of those in attendance. He receives a microphone as he clambers atop the apron, and enters the ring, still unfazed by the deafening boos. He wastes no time before beginning his tirade, swelling his voice to subdue the combined volume of the crowd. "Underdogs are so very overrated. The same story of undying perseverance and gritty spirit trumping talent and preparation just because somebody really, really wanted to win. It's the story of the belief that everybody deserves a happy ending, that we should ALL experience a taste of victory because of our humanity. It's the story, Alex, that you've attempted to tell. Bragging about how you aren't supposed to win as though that's uniquely impressive solely to you. Attempting to paint me as the hare, whose oversight will be his undoing. This fable, like your narrative Mr. Costa, is an attempt to breath new life into the failures of this world, and it always produces the same result, utter decimation." The roar of the crowd grows louder as Jonathan enunciates his final syllables, no inkling of an expression crossing his face. There's an absence of cockiness to his words, as well as any sense of arrogance. Despite this, there's also no doubt, no small sign of fidgeting or tapping, just the absolute certainty of self-assurance. "This isn't anecdotal. This is a certainty. Underdogs have never prospered, they're the first to have their lights snuffed because they will never realize what they are. So content on hanging back, enjoying what they're told is "success" and never aspiring for anything greater. It's a horrendous existence, too afraid to take so you allow the crumbs to satisfy you. Perhaps one day down the line you'll lament on your wasted opportunities and realize every word I spoke never strayed from the truth. But allow yourself to be humble for now, pray that I have mercy on you when we step in the ring together and you realize that I can't be beaten by you." "I refuse to have my throat stepped on by the supposed champions of this company. Big Ballers and many of the sort attempt to weaken my resolve with claims of my true intentions. They expect that they know who I am, that they know what I'm thinking. It's always funny when they find that they weren't anywhere near right. Brenden, how many times have you heard the shallow shouts that brand me a usurper of the youth, seeking only to glorify myself. It won't save you. It won't save you, Alex. I won't allow chances to slip through my grasp, won't stop at the first sign of trouble. Call my bluff Brenden, and when you realize that I had the Ace in hand, you won't have to wait for your suffering to end. I have the Queen right by my side."
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    Bart looks at both Sheridan and Jon has a smirk shows on his face. He takes in the situation, takes a quick look at his title, before answering to Jon. Jon, I like you. I like what the new you stands for, and I love how you wanted to help me out against the Blacklist. Sure, I wouldn't mind you taking a look at my matches, not that I would ever need your help but someone who I could asks for helps against groups won't hurt. However, about taking my title Jon. I get it, you won a match and that's great. You must feel dominant, strong, unstoppable. That's great, but let's not forget. While you are a new person, I am still the same person that defeated you a countless amount of times. That talent is still here Jon. As much as you may want to think that you have a shot against me, let me do my first favour to you as a partner, you don't. The illusion that you suffered from a year ago may not have gone away, but the reality of that situation hasn't either. I don't need you to understand that, you have never been able to. I just wanted to have said it, as I am not a fan of lies. In a couple of months, you will look back at this moment and realise that I told you it from the start, but let's not ruin your good spirit today. With the smile still on his face, Bart extends his hand to Jon, who shakes it in response. Two wrestlers with very different opinions have agreed to work together as the screen transitions into a hype package for the next match.
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    Alex Costa


    It's the aftermath of the match at Survival Games between Alex and Raven and we see a couple of crew members helping Alex to the back after the match As they make there way to the back, Alex tries to dislodge from them but to no avail. Young Boy #1: We gotta get you treated, Mr Costa. You are in no condition to walk by yourself. Alex is visibly frustrated however suddenly he elbows one of the young boys in the back, before grabbing the one who spoke and throwing him against the wall in brutul fashion, before pouncing on the on the one he elbowed. Alex Costa: You idiots! I SAID I DIDN'T NEED YOUR HELP! Alex continues to beat up on the poor young boy backstage before Road Agents and Officials try to break Alex apart from the boy and Christina looks on worried. Alex then raises his hand in surrender and begins to walk away only to grab a Steel Chair and continue to beat up on the young boy with it over and over again Alex Costa: DO YOU THINK I AM A JOKE NOW? HUH? AM I A JOKE TO YOU? Officials finally manage to restrain Alex as our backstage interviewer tries to get a word with Alex as he is being carried out of the building by security Alex Costa: That was just the beginning. You all want to see me as a joke? Well then I am done playing you f**ing games. This was a warning to every single person backstage. YOU THINK I MAY BE A JOKE? WELL WE WILL SEE IF YOU THINK THAT AFTER I BEAT YOU UP TO A PULP. At Halloween Havoc, I won't give a damn who is in that US Title Match. I am done playing games and I am done losing. I don't care what it takes but I am winning that match GOD DAMN IT! Alex is carried away as the crowd and the Announce team look on clearly concerned about Alex's sanity and well being after another loss.
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    We return to Carnage after a commercial break following a promo from The Bailey. We see signs in the crowd, being waved at the camera as we wait for what is about to happen next. To the surprise of the audience, the big screen begins to play but it isn’t showing a titantron, instead it’s the former Undisputed Champion Bart who appears on the screen. A few nights ago, as all of you know, I was interrupted by Flynn. He appeared on the titantron and started a rant. It was hard to watch. Of course, I had seen the situation where Flynn was in on tv, but that night it fully hit me. It doesn’t make sense to me. How could a man, who has had nothing but success over the last few months go so far of the rails? It’s like I am facing a completely different person. The man that beated me was cool, calm and collected, this new Flynn is an hothead who can even leave himself clueless with what he is doing. As much as I don’t want to say it, I think I have the honour in this killing of character. Ever since I made Flynn aware of my intentions, he is unleashed a rampage upon everyone who he could find in a vulnerable position. But still, I didn’t see the greater picture until that promo of yours, or whatever that was supposed to be. I heard Flynn say the casual lies about how I had never beaten him, something both of us no is not correct. We both know what happened at Survivor Series, but since Flynn in such a troubled state I will live with him being unable to accept that. Then he went on to say a bunch of words, but by all the censoring I had no clue what he was trying to get at. The screen in the arena begins to play highlighst of the various attacks from Flynn, as well as throwback to Flynn's rant just a few days before. It ends with Flynn telling Bart that he is the star of the company and that the company is stopping Flynn from attacking Bart right there and then. You were right thing about one thing though Flynn. The BPZ management didn’t you let you attack me out of protection. But it wasn’t me who they were trying to protect. It was you, their Undisputed Champ who has made a joke out of himself within weeks. The sad part is Flynn, you fail to realise what’s really going on. You surely think that you attract fear, that what you do lead to excitement. But that’s a far from the truth as it could be Flynn, the only thing that your attacks do is give a little bit of satisfaction to the part of your brain that has turned you into a chaotic freak. What really shows just how far you have fallen is revealed to us by simply looking back to 2 months ago. At that time, you were preaching me about your gameplan, about how you studied each and every single one of your opponents. Now, nothing of the man that beat me is left. You have become an unrattled freak. You seem to act without a plan at all times, and because of that you have become an open book to me. While you have unleashing your aggression about my silence with furious but mainly dumb attacks, I have been watching you. Just because I didn’t need the attention doesn’t mean that I didn’t care, rather the opposite. I have been studying each and every single of your moves, studying you more intensive than ever before. Now Flynn, I know that you will say that you don’t care about any of this. You will call me a son of a bitch, give us some more bogus claims and go on with your day. But deep down inside, you know that I am right. You know that slowly but surely you are destroying your own strengths, and after Summerslam, everyone will know it. The screen then slowly fades to black as we continue with the programming, but with a big message being sent ahead of the Undisputed Championship match at Summerslam.
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    Kenji stands in the ring, waiting as the Italian crowd went from chanting for Angelo to now chanting "WE WANT BRAD!" over and over again, but not getting to Kenji like it did to his tag opponents earlier. Kenji keeps all his focus on the ramp, which the lights dims and the countdown begins. The lights then go completely out, leaving everyone in the darkness as they await for Brad, with the "WE WANT BRAD!" chant still at an all time high, even after the count down on the titantron. Then, pyro explodes from the flooring of the stage and the top staging above the tron. Then "Say It To My Face" blasts as the crowd starts to erupt loudly while Kenji drops the microphone and takes his jacket off, tossing it onto the corner post as he grabs a hold of that bat in both hands, holding it in a swinging position as he keeps his focus on the stage. The crowd roars loudly as Kenji doesn't see anyone in front of him, but he turns around as Brad drops to his knees and low blows Kenji, dropping him and causing him to drop the bat. Kenji rolls around on the ground, with Brad still on his knees and a smirk on his face. He pops to his knees and waits for Kenji to get up, begging and pleading with him to get to his feet, yelling at him "GET UP! GET UP NOW!" he yells at the rookie to do so, and he waits and waits as Kenji slowly pulls himself up with the ropes, Brad continuously yelling at him. When Kenji gets to his feet, he is unable to defend himself from the Codebreaker Brad gives him, again dropping Kenji to the floor. He looks down at his fallen pray before smirking. He looks over before reaching in and grabbing the microphone and he crawls over to Kenji's defenseless body before lifting his head up, grinning before slamming it back down into the mat. He gets up to his knees before getting to his feet and starts to talk. "How you feeling Kenji? You feeling pain? Or are you feeling nervous? Are you feeling confusion? Are you feeling the pressure? Is the virus that is fear running through you yet kid? Look at you, you failed to live up to any hype kid. A proclaimed future of BPZ! And recently, as each day passes on, your future has been nothing but getting your little ass kicked each and every time we are in the same area together. Your present day right now, is your future kid. You will never get the best of me. You will never get the upper hand of me. You will never beat me kid. Ever. Kenjison, prepare, for the worst pain, that you will ever, and I mean ever feel, forever.." Brad drops the microphone, eyeing Kenji as he slowly crawls backwards out of the ring before going under the ring apron, pulling out a metal table and slides it in the ring. Brad looks at the table then smirks as he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a pair of gloves, sliding them both onto his hands with a devilish grin on his face. He lifts the sheet back up before pulling Barbwire out with a loud reaction from the crowd. He pushes the Barbwire into the ring and slides back in himself. He picks up the metal table, sliding the table under Kenji, having his back laying on the table. Brad then grabbed the shirt of Kenji and then pulls out a box cutter, pushing the lifter up, raising the blade up and he uses the blade to cut part of the shirt, making it easier to rip, exposing Kenji's chest and stomach. He grins as he wraps part of the Barbwire into the holes of the table and makes sure they won't slip out or get undone. He then places the Barbwire on his stomach and chest of Kenji before wrapping the rest around the other holes of the table, sandwiching Kenji between a metal board and barbewire. He looks around as the crowd remains silent as he then grabs the legs of Kenji, hooking each leg under an arm of Brad before he flips Kenji over and puts him in the most brutal Walls Of Fakers ever done. Brad sits on the board as the Barbwire digs into the skin of Kenji, who's now screaming his head off from the pain he's enduring. Brad yells at Kenji and tells him "YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN YOU SON OF A BITCH!" as he keeps in place. Referees and crew members rush down and try to get Brad off. He refuses and keeps the hold locked on as other superstars rush down, trying to prevent Brad from shorting Kenji of his career. After a solid five minutes in the hold being locked on, the superstars finally managed to get Brad off Kenji. He holds his arms up as the fans are still shocked, but nothing stops Brad as he ducks under stars and does a Lionsault, sending Kenji more into the Barbwire as fans again shriek from the sight and physicality of this assault. Brad holds his stomach as he landed on the metal board as he smirks and rolls out of the ring. He looks at Kenji, who's being attended to be refs, who are signaling for EMTs and medical help as they slowly turn Kenji over, and the horror everyone sees of Kenji bleeding bad from this assault, the Barbwire still lodged into his skin as Kenji has passed out from the pain and blood loss, which sends Brad to deliver a bigger grin. He leans on the apron before blowing a kiss to Kenji and walks off up the ramp, as he knows his message has been delivered, loud and clear.
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    Sameer's NBA Talk Show

    Where I think Some of the Top Free Agents are going in the NBA 2019 Free Agency I think Kevin Durant is going to Sign a 1+1 Player option with the Warriors now if he didn't get injured and was fully healthy I think that he would be signing with the Knicks, Clippers or Nets but since getting injured I don't think that he'd want to leave Golden State until he is fully healthy and able to play at his best again. Now I have heard that Kawhi Leonard could be leaving and joining the Clippers and I could see this happening slightly. But I think that he is staying with the Raptors. Not just because he won a championship with them in his first year. He seems to like his teammates there. He won the Raptors their first NBA Championship so the whole COUNTRY embraces him and loves him. He also seems to actually like it in Toronto. Especially when he did his laugh at the parade and wore a shirt that said "Bored man gets paid"😂 The Picture says it all. I think that Kyrie is going to the Brooklyn Nets. If you would've told me this one year ago. I would have told you " You are stupid or retarded." But he really seems interested in going to Brooklyn. He's an east coast boy, unfortunately, this may mean the end of D'Angelo Russell in Brooklyn though If the Lakers have enough Cap Space to get another Free Agent after all. I think that Kemba Walker is going to Sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. I can see that he is a loyal dude and if he doesn't sign with the Lakers, I know he will sign back with Hornets. But the thing is, Do you want to compete for championships or compete to make the playoffs. That's why I think he's signing with the Lakers if they have the cap space for him to join up with Bron and AD If I am right and the Nets do get Kyrie Irving. I think that D'Angelo Russell would sadly be gone from the team and I think that he would sign with the Dallas Mavericks and make them a power team in the western conference. However, If the nets don't get Kyrie Irving which is kinda unlikely since he seems interested. I think D'Lo will come back to the Nets and as a Fan of the nets I have grown this season to love Dangelo Russell as a player and I wouldn't mind him coming back. This one was more so easy than others. I think that Khris Middleton will sign back with the Bucks they are coming off the best season in the NBA no point on to switch teams, They were 2 games away from going to the NBA Finals. Run, It, Back I think Jimmy Butler is going back the Philly. I think that He and Joel have a good friendship going on there and he wants to run it back. They were pretty close to going to the finals last year. I think they would've beat the Bucks too. If not I think Butler would go to the Lakers if they strike out on their first target in Kemba and Jimmy actually wants to leave Philly. I think Nikola Vucevic will be resigning with the Orlando Magic this offseason. I think he is a loyal guy and it has been reported that he doesn't want to go to the Kings. He was the first all-star for the Magic since Dwight Howard and let the magic to the playoffs so I think he will be offered a good contract by them and want to say with them
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    Lord Yautja

    The Arsenal

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and the titantron shows Aaron North at his home and in his basement. Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my humble home. As you can see we're in my basement because i want to show you something that i have prepared for the Powertrip Cup event. Aaron opens a door that's behind him and it leads to a dark hallway. Come on then cameraman, go into the room. The cameraman walks into the room and Aaron closes to door behind him. It's very dark but the cameraman finds the light switch, he uses the light switch and the hallway lights up with very bright lights. The hallway has shelves with plenty of different weapons on them, the cameraman walks forward until he sees a door on his right. The cameraman opens the door and Aaron North walks into the room. Well well you found the light switch. If you didn't you would have probably stepped into that bear trap right over there. You probably want to know why i have all these weapons here, well i have to get ready i mean... it is a hardcore match and Hans is bringing his barbed wire baseball bat, Bob is probably bringing an axe or something, Alex is probably bringing nothing which is what he brings to his every match, so i figured why don't i bring something as well, and so i decided to call a couple of my old friends to get me some stuff and well here it all is. It's gonna be a hard choice though so Mr. Cameraman i'm going to let you decide what i bring with me, please follow me. The cameraman follows Aaron and the cameraman almost steps into the bear trap that Aaron set up. Aaron grabs a baseball bat and he starts swinging it with his right hand. Aaron and the cameraman finally reach the end of the hallway and Aaron opens a door that leads into a room with tons of different weapons in it. Now Mr. Cameraman i'm gonna give you the power of choosing what i'll take with me. Pick one of the weapons from this shelf, one of the weapons from this shelf and one more from this shelf. The first shelf includes multiple baseball bats with different thing taped onto them, the second shelf includes multiple edged and blade weapons and the third shelf has small pouches and sacks with things such as thumbtacks, glass shards and legos. Alright, i'm gonna be right back just take your time boy. Aaron leaves the room and a few minutes later returns with a shopping cart. So... what have you chosen? The cameraman points at the nail baseball bat, and Aaron puts it in the cart. The cameraman then hands over a knife and a sack of thumbtacks, Aaron puts those in the cart. You know what i have a feeling that this isn't enough. Now if i were you, i'd watch out. The cameraman quickly moves back into the hallway as Aaron pulls down all the shelves and all the stuff falls into the shopping cart. Aaron then walks into the hallway with the shopping cart. There we go, that should be enough. Aaron starts walking back but he stops and grabs a duffel bag of light tubes from one of the shelves, he keeps going before stopping again and grabbing a sledgehammer from the end of the hallway. That should do it. Hans, Bob and Alex... see you at the Powertrip Cup event. Aaron winks and quickly takes a baseball bat and hits the cameraman with it taking him down and breaking his camera. The screen quickly fades to black and Carnage heads to a commercial break.
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    Jeremiah Flynn


    We are just a little over an hour into Mayhem following several incredible matches. Following a short break, the camera’s cut back the the ring, a slow panning pointing them up to the center of the entrance stage.... ”The King” has returned. Flynn marches out onto the stage to a large ovation following his first live appearance since Backlash. He stands firmly alone on the stage, his eyes cold, a slight smirk breaking across his face before quickly being washed away with a look of anger and determination, the same look BPZ had come accustomed to from the “New” Flynn leading into this years BPZ Mania. He heads directly for the ring, rolling staging into the squared battleground that he has built a large resume in. He demands a microphone be brought to him right away He retrieves the microphone and turns straight toward the hard camera. He holds the microphone tightly, standing perfectly still, before he finally breaks his month long silence, his voice deep and heavy, his words hung onto by every fan listening on. I am back, and I am back to reclaim what is mine. The throne, the top spot here in BPZ. I’ve heard for the past month of all of the new talent that has come up here in BPZ. I’ve heard of a new era coming over this company, and I’ve heard that the next generation of talent is ready to take over. Well as far as I see it, I remain firmly in my prime, and from what I’ve seen, there’s still not a damn man in this company that can lace my boots. Two weeks from now I prove yet AGAIN why I am “The King” of BPZ when I go one on one against Bart for the new Undisputed Championship. A championship that from what I can tell has been hindered by its champion, a champion that I’m told is the next big thing here in BPZ.... yet, where is he? It may sound hypocritical of myself to call someone out for not being here each and every week, however I am not the champion in this situation and that is where Bart has failed. Bart has performed an injustice on the BPZ Undisputed Championship as come our match, he will have been champion for 76 days WITH ONE SINGLE TITLE DEFENSE. If we are talking overrated, paper champions Bart is living up to the terms very definition. Things are going to change come June 14. Because when I do take that Undisputed Championship, I will go on to give that championship the prestige and glory that matches its name. It will be THE Undisputed Championship. The tip top of BPZ and no one will question it. Bart, I am coming for you and I’m bringing you everything I’ve got. Good luck, you are going to need it. Flynn chucks his microphone, rolling out of the ring and heading to the back, his message sent directly to Bart. Flynn is coming and he plans to become the new Undisputed Champion.
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    "People for whatever reason assume that I do not care about this business. They say that I am too busy being an aristocrat, mingling with the upper echelons of other industries and pushing my name, the brand which I represent, out into the open sea, floating my own popularity and stock for the sake of it. Based off the fact that I show my face here a couple of times a year at most I would have to agree with them, adding to the fact I have lost far more matches than I have won it would be all but confirmed. Yet to the trained eye, I am one of the most dangerous individuals in this promotion. In spite of the facts I stated, there is still a buzz, a spark of electricity, associated with my name. A tinging sensation which builds with every sentence I form and the actions I take following. Only the most insightful and intelligent of you understand my superiority, the brilliance of generating such excitement and magic with a click of my fingers through name value alone. I am here three times a year and yet I can walk onto any card I care for and form relations with champions and hall of famers with a curl of the finger and a whisper within their ears. It is due to my pure talent. My athleticism and star quality, traits which allow me to have such a delicate schedule and still bring in more revenue for this company than most of the roster combined. I have won a single match within BrendenPlayz and yet men with a multitude of championship reigns are begging me to look their way, to show them even the slightest touch of appreciation. I am the undervalued light of this business, a woman that never flickers and brings consistent glimmer and hope to a decaying, dying world. The fact that I can saunter in, form an alliance with a man who has been here for quadruple the time that I have and share a ring with the current undisputed champion, all while casually tossing the man who will main event the upcoming event Backlash so effortlessly to the side, should demonstrate to those who doubt my power that I am something to be feared, not laughed at. I am dining with champions regardless of the fact I am still in the NXT division, my first match within this promotion was against one of the all time best. With elegance and class I shall part aside the mundanes crowding my path towards greatness and my journey towards absolute stardom in this promotion begins in two weeks from now, where my new found muse and I annihilate the involuntary cancer of the Tag Team division before setting our darling gaze towards those pronounced shimmering belts which are just begging to be around our defined, superior waistlines." To SSW Club with love, 𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛 💋
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    The Crowd Begins to Chant Yes! Yes! Yes! As the Big Ballers look on. Flynn laughs at Sameers Challenge and then nods at Julius and Ropati. The Saviors start to walk away as the crowd boo. But then Suddenly Flynn and the Saviors rush to the ring! ALL HELL AS BROKEN LOSE! The Triple Bs and The Saviors have an all out Brawl with Flynn and Bailey going at it. Brenden and Julius going at it and Sameer and Ropati fighting. Security Guards, Refrees and even some active wrestlers rush to the ring to try and breakup the Carnage that I'd taking place. Eventually The Saviors and BBB are separated from each other after a wild brawl between all 6 men. The Bailey goes and Grabs a Microphone as the Saviors are getting forced up the ramp. YOU'RE CANDY ASSES BELONG TO THE TRIPLE B's YOU JABORNI BITCHES! BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEEELLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BIG BALLER BRAND IS COOKING. The Bailey and Big Ballers look at each other as the BBBs are offical as The Saviors look on at the top of the Ramp.
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    "The Bailey"

    He has done it, in-front of the millions of fans watching world wide we present to you the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion BAILEY! The first of undoubtedly many for this man {The feed of Bailey winning his first of 5 BPZ World Championships immediately, transitions into a video package showing the career highlights of the Self-Proclaimed GOAT The Bailey. Its shows his IC title wins, his BPZ World title wins, Royal Rumble victories and many others. The video then transitions to a montage with some of BPZ's greatest legends talking about Bailey. Brenden, Heel, Jake, Sameer all speak about how great The Bailey is and the impact he has made on the business of pro-wrestling, with the video ending with a compilation of all of BPZ's greats calling him the GOAT. As the screen cuts to black Brenden is heard on commentary listing the many career achievements of The Bailey} 5x BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, GM of Carnage, 2x MITB winner, 2019 Royal Rumble winner, The Greatest of All Time {The last statement echoes throughout, the camera turns back on revealing Julius sitting in a room, his head buried in his hands as he continuously hears the voice of Brenden listing the accolades of The Bailey's career Julius struggles with himself, his inner demons taking over as the moment where Bailey cost him his World Heavyweight Championship is played again and again and again. After about a minute, Julius slowly lifts up his head revealing a photograph of Bailey raising the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship above his head. Julius piercingly looks at the photograph before revealing a lighter and slowly burning the image. Julius once again looks menacingly at the burning image before throwing it to the ground. He exits the room as the camera slowly zooms in, showing the image of Bailey being engulfed by the flames and slowly but surely burning away into absolutely nothing} "This place needs what I am"
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