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    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      I was talking to Someone on twitter and If WWE were going to do AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship Here's How They could have done It

      AJ loses The title to Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble, and Nakamura Wins the title from Bobby Roode at Fast Lane. And Then you can Build towards AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura 1 at wrestlemania 34.

       From there AJ Beats Nakamura at Mania 34 and then you can build the storyline Where Nakamura Wins the royal Rumble 2019 and AJ Beats Bobby roode for the WWE title at summerslam and then at wrestlemania 35 you can do AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title Where Nakamura wins NOW here's where it gets interesting 

      Wrestlemania 36 you could do 4 things

      1. AJ Styles Vs Nakamura The Finale
      2. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Sami Zayn
      3. AJ Styles Vs Bobby Roode Vs Nakamura 
      4. AJ Vs Zayn Vs Roode Vs Nakamura 

      Dont lie you guys would love to see AJ vs Nakamura  headline back to back wrestlemanias

    • Flynn


    • George AK

      I wanna apologise quickly. Last week I made a post saying how I was leaving, but since then I have missed the forums. But at the time of me posting that I was really stressed and a bit down in the dumps. But I am back now and if you want to slate me for it then go ahead.

    • Storm



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    • The lights black out in the Carnage arena, and when they turn back on the crowd Cheers as the "God Among Men" Julius appears in the centre of the ring wearing tape around his left shoulder selling the effects of the brutal match he had gone through at St Valentines Day Massacre. He goes to all four corners of the ring and shows off his newly won NXT Championship to a roar from the crowd. Julius then walks over to Both Brad and Monda and shows them his newly won NXT Championship. The crowd then starts to chant RUN, RUN, RUN "2nd March 2018, is where the great War will commence. A war between two armies fighting over who will be the most dominant army of the two. I have seen a vision and that vision shows a landslide victory for us, Team Carnage over that lowly, pathetic B Show Evolve."  The crowd go wild over Julius' last comments and erupt into a Carnage chant "Team Carnage will prevail because of me. I have experience in the art of War as was shown with my dominant victory over Two of Evolves most pathetic wrestlers, RedArrow and The Marker two Evolve rejects who weren't good enough to get a contract on this brand. You saw what i did to two members of Team Evolve, and i can only imagine the amount of suffering myself and my four brothers will unleash on Team Evolve at Bragging Rights, where Carnage will once again be acknowledged as "THE SHOW".  Brad is the current Premium champion and is the captain of our team, Monda, an American hero and a BPZ Hall of famer, Peter Wilchester and Ropati collectively known as The Commonwealth have been running riot right here Carnage for some time and have both reached singles success in their own right. And then you have me a 2x NXT Champion and the "New Face of Destruction". Team Evolve what the hell do you have to show for. An egotistical, self-absorbed, attention seeking son of a bitch Akki who hasn't been relevant since his debut. Sameer who i forgot was even employed here is also a washed up veteran who stands no chance against anyone one on Team Carnage. Jonathan who also hasn't been seen recently and people still believe that this pathetic team has any chance against us. This then leaves me down to two. First up is The Marker, a man who i defeated soundly just this past week at St Valentines Day Massacre, a man who doesn't have what it takes, a man who won in his debut by default which again leaves me wondering what General Manager Nate Long was thinking when he chose this weak pathetic team. And this leaves me to RedArrow, my fiercest rival, the man who took this title away from me, the man who was labelled the next big thing. Well he isn't i am, and i showed it when i took back my NXT Championship. It will once again be my personal vendetta to beat you down until you are nothing but a heap of skin and bone in this very ring." The crowd again go crazy and again start to chant for Brad, Julius and Monda  "Brad, Monda, Peter Wilchester, Ropati and Myself, we are the dream team, we are the unconquerable and we will stand tall and in the end we will prove that there is no more dominant force in professional wrestling than Team Carnage. And at Bragging rights, there will be nothing left of team Evolve when we clean sweep them and prove to the World that Team Carnage is the future of BPZ. Team Evolve RUN!!" Julius goes and kneels in the middle of the ring holding up his championship in the air. He then waits for the next member of Team Carnage to make his way down to the ring.  
    • We are LIVE on the first episode of Carnage following Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where Flynn dropped Slim as his Tag Team partner in preparation for their war at Bragging Rights, and on the exact same night, Necce announced that he will be facing Flynn for his coveted Universal Championship at BPZ Mania III.  The crowd are taken back as the theme song of the infamous stable “Legacy” hits. The stable, consisting of Flynn, Slim and Necce in an attempt for three young stars to take hold and run the company, however was squashed when Flynn dropped his partners and won his first World Championship. Finally, Flynn would step out, sporting a Legacy T-Shirt, the Universal Championship over his shoulder as the fans are unsure of what to think.  He has no smiles however as he continues to match to the ring before entering. He’d pave back and forth, clearly a lot on his mind before climbing the top turnbuckle to a mixed reaction, something Flynn has become extremely familiar with over the past year. He’d hop back down to the center of the ring before raising the Universal Championship high above his head.  He’d quickly roll back out of the ring before demanding a microphone and chair, both quickly handed to him before he rushes back to the ring. He’d set the chair up before taking a seat, cotniiung to stair straight into the hard camera with a cold, unholy stare. Finally, he’d break his silence.  Let me tell you a story about Legacy. A group that broke everything that prior to it, this company had stood for. A group that had it all, the talent, the promise, the hunger for success. A group that on its first night DESTROYED Evolution, a group that is often considered the greatest faction this company has ever seen however why isn’t Legacy? Because Legacy with all its perfections, had one flaw and that was me.  Because you see, I didn’t see what Legacy could of became, I saw how it could benefit me, how it could take me to that next level and as soon as it did, I ditched Legacy.  Necce and Slim, two men who before they came to me, had NO success in their career. They had absolutely nothing going for them and so it was I that taught them to have that killer instinct, that drive to be the best. However at the time, I only saw them for what they appeared to be, pawns in my game to get to the top and once I did, I cut them off. Little did I know, the sins of my past would return. Slim, our story has been written for the epic as it is, and Necce, my former friend ours appears to be drawing its climax.  You two, you took what I taught you, and you would go on to become the two greatest talents I have ever seen. You have exploded your peers in the back ten-fold and even then, you are still not as good as me. Legacy, we could of been the greatest thing this company has ever seen however only one man can be on top in the end, and I don’t like sharing the spotlight. So Slim, at Bragging Rights, I finish this once and for all between us on WHO IS THE KING OF THIS COMPANY, when I FKO your ass straight to hell and I finally can get past this never ending war we have had together.  Flynn takes off his Legacy shirt as he stares deeply into the logo before continuing to speak, looking deeper into the hard cam.  Necce, unlike Slim, I don’t respect you. You are in every way everything I am against. Chaos, destruction, pain and sadness. You by no means deserve to face me at BPZ Mania because you are beneath me. At Survivor Series, I wanted to end your career because that was the last time you were going to disappoint me. Even in Legacy, you were still the weakest member of our group and that is because you are to stupid to realize your own limitations. You don’t know when to stop and you actually believe these people have your back. I’m going to end you Necce, just like I ended Legacy.  Flynn drops the Legacy shirt, stomping on it.  Because Legacy is only a small part of my own LEGACY! I am the star of this story, the man who will finally beat both of his peers BACK TO BACK and PROVE I am the greatest of all time. Slim, Necce, I’m going to destroy you both, and PIECE BY PIECE, perfect my LEGACY.  Flynn lowers his microphone, giving a final cold stare into the camera. We are on the road to BPZ Mania, and with things heating up, will Flynn live up to his promises?  

    • Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 01
      Week Two, January 2018
      Fight Factory, Ontario
      Show Rating: 35

      Announce Team:
      Portia Perez

      Segment One:

      The inaugural episode of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling kicks off with chairwoman and CEO, Trish Stratus, in the ring. She firstly thanks Portia Perez, referee Martin Tremblay, as well as Allison Danger for providing their services for the inaugural Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling show. She speaks about the women's revolution currently taking place in the wrestling business. She mentions names such as Amy Dumas and Mickie James, stating how they initiated and started a change which showcased that women can perform and draw just as well as men, a change which the likes of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are continuing in the WWE, whilst names such as Mercedes Martinez, Candice LeRae and Toni Storm do so similar in the indie promotions. She states Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is the next step in that revolution, she hopes for a promotion that will break boundaries and make history for females in the wrestling profession. She finishes by thanking the fans in attendance tonight, and reminds them that they are apart of history.

      Rating: 77

      Match One:
      The first match of the night, and of the revived promotion's history, pitted young lion Alexia Nicole against the much more experienced, former SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews. The match was open, Alexia Nicole could have secured the win with a perfect wheelbarrow stunner early on, however Nicole Matthews kicked out of the resulting cover. Twelve minutes into the bout, Nicole Matthews dropkicked Alexia onto a previously exposed middle turnbuckle, with Alexia hitting the steel face first. Seconds later, the match was finished as Nicole Matthews hit a rolling cutter, declaring herself the winner through tainted methods.

      Winner: Nicole Matthews
      Rating: 26

      Match Two:
      A rather slow match between two inexperienced wrestlers, as Quebec naive Beautiful Beaa took on fitness model Silvie Silver, it was less chaotic than the previous, and finished three minutes quicker as Silvie Silver hit a devastating backbreaker, picking up a great victory at the inaugural event of the revived Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

      Winner: Silvie Silver
      Rating: 30
      [This match was rated on eye candy.]

      Segment Two:

      Courtney Rush appears before her match, gesturing for a microphone. She praises the athletes that have competed tonight, before exclaiming how proud she is to be on the first episode of the revived Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. She thanks Trish Stratus and Allison Danger for investing in women's wrestling, before going on to list her achievements in promotions such as Impact and SHIMMER, she states she hopes to continue her successes and momentum within GLOW, but before she can continue...

      Cat Power interrupts her, coming out from the back with a microphone in hand. She slates the fans for cheering inferior wrestlers such as Alexia Nicole and Silvie Silver, before stating that nobody cares what Courtney Rush has accomplished. She says those in attendance are here to see what Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will always be known for, sex appeal. However she states, that doesn't apply to Courtney Rush. She finishes by insisting she will bring physical dominance to the GLOW roster, and win the first main event to ever be put on under Trish Stratus' reign!

      Rating: 38

      Match Three: 
       &  [vs.]  & 
      This match was a hard hitting affair, mainly contested between Cat Power and Courtney Rush! It lasted fourteen minutes, however the moment Candice LeRae was tagged in she dominated a tiring Cat Power. Angel Williams barely got time in the ring, and was knocked to the outside by her own partner by mistake. Cat Power barely had time to react, as Candice hit a beautiful springboard reverse frankensteiner, unleashing great strength, whilst also picking up the win for her team! The show ended with Candice and Courtney celebrating their main event win, whilst Angel and Cat recovered at ringside. 

      Winners: Candice LeRae & Courtney Rush
      Rating: 32
    • A really interesting episode of NXT and could be one of the best episodes NXT has put on in some time. Vanessa Borne vs Nikki Cross will be an extended squash and NXT definitely need to get behind Nikki Cross. Velveteen Dream vs No way Jose should also be entertaining but as Smith said the match Quality wouldn't be as great as Velveteen's previous matches. And the Main Event will hopefully live up to the last matches expectation with a very interesting stipulation placed on the match. It should be a very entertaining episode of NXT
    • As the weeks of Smackdown progress it's becoming harder to understand what they are actually planning to do with Shane, I'm really hoping that they aren't doing something with him vs Owens & Zayn as if Daniel Bryan isn't returning it's gonna be a waste of what Owens & Zayn can do at Wrestlemania.
    • An easy win for Nikki Cross I expect as well as a great clash of charisma between Velveteen Dream and No Way Jose. I don't expect the match to be the greatest quality as Jose still needs a lot of work on his in-ring ability until he can put on a match with good wrestling quality but hopefully their characters are enough to make it entertaining. Then, what hopefully lives up to the five-star spectacle from TakeOver: Philadelphia, the rematch of Gargano vs Almas. I would've said that Almas is definitely going to win but with Gargano's NXT career on the line, it makes the match really unpredictable. I'm hoping Gargano wins because this is the best he's been in NXT and I don't want to see all this momentum wasted by him being thrown onto 205 Live. Plus, if he wins, we can have him vs Ciampa for the title which would be beyond awesome.
    • Damn, I know Aries suffered that injury and he could be out for 3 months. Shame that he'll probably have to vacate Tag and he'll miss New Japan Cup
    • {The semi finals match for the second ever BPZ Tag Team Classic has been a very brutal one. The team of Hollow and Kazma have gotten absolutely no offense in whatsoever and both men have been left badly bloodied by FDS and Necce. FDS and Necce are fulfilling a promise they made when they addressed the team, if they didn’t get out of the way, they would be badly destroyed. FDS is in the ring with Hollow, Hollow is bleeding profusely and barely able to stand. He’s throwing wild shots at FDS, but he manages to step out of each of them. Hollow goes for one last haymacker, but FDS squats down to let it go over his head. He quickly stands up and wraps Hollow’s right arm around his body. Setting up for a brutal Blood Rainmaker!}     {Rather than going for the pin, FDS taunts at the crowd, sticking up two middle fingers towards the hard cam. The fans boo him until Necce slides back into the ring. He slides from the outside onto Hollow in a pinning position, FDS turns around right as this happens.}   1...2..3!   {The partnering of Necce and FDS have made it to the finals of the tag team tournament with one final one sided victory. The camera zooms in on FDS’ face, he doesn’t look as happy as someone in his position normally would. As Necce stands up, FDS walks over and shoves his partner. Necce seems taken aback by this as FDS begins to angrily talk to him.}   FDS: What the fuck?   {Necce seems confused. He tries to answer with “What are you talking about?” But FDS cuts him off before he can.}   FDS: That was my fucking pin. I had that pin!   Necce: It doesn’t matter, we still won.   {Both men continue to say this over and over again until FDS once again shoves Necce. Necce shoves FDS back and both men get into each others faces, looking as if they’re going to come to blows. Jonathan comes from the back and tries to separate both men. They both stare at each other angrily, but the tension slowly dies down. FDS walks over to Necce and shakes his hand. They raise their hands up in victory, cementing that they will be going into BPZMania III for the tag team championships. Necce goes to leave the ring first, but FDS quickly comes from behind.}     {A Blood Rainmaker! FDS just hit his tag team partner Necce with a Blood Rainmaker! Everyone in the audience, and Jonathan are in total shock. FDS walks over to Jonathan.}   FDS: Go get my chair!   {Jonathan refuses. But FDS says it much more bluntly.}   FDS: Get..my FUCKING CHAIR NOW!   {Jonathan knows what FDS is capable of, so he does it. Jonathan pulls out FDS’ blood stained white steel chair from under the ring. He gets back into the ring and tries to hand it to FDS, but he doesn’t want it. FDS doesn’t say anything, he simply points over at Necce. Jonathan knows what he means, but he doesn’t want to do it. FDS simply points at Necce and yells “DO IT!” Jonathan slowly walks over to Necce, who is lying on the ground on his stomach. In a second, Jonathan hits his lifelong friend Necce with vicious overhead shots of the chair to the back of Necce. Jonathan does this until the chair is seemingly bent out of shape. He throws that chair to the ground and shoots a glance over at FDS with a look of shame in his eyes. Jonathan storms out of the rings and walks to the back. FDS begins to walk out of the ring, but he stops and looks down at Necce. Necce is rithing in pain from the chairshots and there are several welts and bruises forming on his back. FDS laughs at his fallen partner as he leaves the ring, leaving Necce to be seen to by the BPZ ring doctors.}  
    •   Ark comes out to roaring fan fanfare. He is coming off a hard lost to Slim at Last Stand, but during a small promo during SVDM, Ark had said to be ready for a change and some big news. That same night he was advertised for Bragging Rights to face Carnage superstar Razor. Ark pauses and spins around as the fans yell his theme song, which had been debuted at a house show. "We are the Warriors who built this town!" Ark slides into the ring and pulls out a mic.

      Last Stand, I gave it my all. I went in and I fought and I flew, and I put on just another 5-star match like I always do. Unfortunately, it couldn't keep up with the utter destruction that Slim had in mind. He saught break me and end my career. He wanted to be the one to put down Ark Universe, what he fails to realize is that he can beat me down as much as he wants, but I won't be broken. I fall sometimes, but when I fall, I fall forward, even in my defeats, I make progress towards my goals, cause win or lose, my matches are some of the best of the night. That's been my focus, putting on a show. Well, that focus has changed.

      Ark looks up at Mania.

      My new focus is to walk out of Mania a champion. I sat and I thought long and hard about which title to pursue. U.S, Global, I.C. But I have decided, to pay a old friend back plus interest. At BPZ Mania I will be going after The Premium championship.

      The crowd cheers at the fact that their hero Ark was going to be going for a championship at Mania, after rumors started circulating he would miss the event. He then holds up a finger.

      Before Mania, however, I must once again represent Evolve in the Brand warfare that must happen once a year. I have been selected to face Andrew Richards. Now, a few days ago Andrew had the audacity to attack me during my match and slew rubbish calling it his ring. Now crowd, what lesson is our good friend Andrew not learning? if you beat Ark down....?

      The crowd yells “He gets back up stronger!”

      Exactly! See you guys have learned it, so tell me, why can nobody backstage no matter Evolve or Carnage, learn that? Andrew thinks he has been given a free victory from the GMs. He thinks he can just come out and overpower me. Which could be true, maybe he has more physical strength, but I know I’m stronger then him in ever other way.

      Ark pauses and stretches his neck, obviously not fully healed from Last Stand. Ark notices the crowd going silent.

      No, No. this is nothing, simply couldn’t find my pillow last night, and I sleep on my side so my neck was stretched all night. What Slim did was gone after a night. I have had and will have worst, I’m sure. I have hurt my own body more they ever can. Now back on track

         Richard, do not go in to this match unprepared. Many have done that and many have payed the price. It’s even more deadly with me now. I don’t care about brand warfare, and pricing which brand is better, in and outcast, I have been on both brands twice and both of them are the same. Filled with those who think there better then everyone, those who once thought they were better then everyone and are now broken men, and those who fight and never give up, and more often then not I make up the entirety of the latter.  You say I let down these fans, however the cheers I ger everytime I step out to the crowd proves you wrong. The only people I let down are those who bet on me quitting, on me breaking, and if your betting of that, then you deserve to be let down. So Andrew Richards, get ready, cause your about to be introduced to something you truly aren't prepared for, and that is evident on how you have started this.

      Ark drops the mic and points to the Mania sign
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