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  1. I like the gimmick. But i dont know how it translates into the ring. It might just be regular bray with a mask on. They need to be very careful about this debut. Wait until a strong audience otherwise it'll start poorly. Im not sure if he can really bring what this character needs in the ring to be believable enough. Going to be a tough assignment especially with all this expectation.
  2. BrendenPlayz


    BPZ records a backstage reaction video for their social media regarding Jonathan and Sheridans comments. BrendenPlayz is interviewed for the video. "Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking". That's the real test of a tag team. Sameer and I have been through the toughest of wars and have failed. But we picked ourselves up and we fought again and won back what is rightfully ours. Now, can I say the same for Royal Flush? Well we're about to find out how much these two individuals want to pretend that they can make this team work. At the end of the day, Sheridan and Jonathan can colour code, they can wear the same shirts they can dress like eachother, they can speak like eachother, heck they can even wrestle like eachother. But we all know that this is just a means to an end for them. This is just a step in their overall goal and that is to be singles stars. They don't care about this division. They weren't here when this division was on its last breath. Where we they? Gone from the company. On hiatus, not a care in the world about this place. Where was I? Lacing up my boots again with my brother Sameer and going to war. We have been down this path for 6 months plus and we have showed that these tag team championships deserve the spotlight it has been given. I don't just say that I love these titles, I truly mean it. Yes, I recently talked about the fact that this could be my last ride. I wanted everyone to know that because this isn't a game to me. This isn't about gaining credibility or moving up the power rankings. This is about being the best team in the world and representing this company the way it should. After our battle, I do respect Sheridan and I've always respected Jonathan. But I know, once this over and The Big Ballers retain, that Sheridan and Jonathan will never be seen together again. It's just how it works around here. I hope I'm wrong, but coming out to the ring making a fool out of yourselves pretending to be an evil villianous group that was known for making mistake after mistake on their failed atempt at world domination, isn't exactly the best idea. Much like Team Rocket, the hero will always win in this scenario. You may knock us down, but we will get back up. The Big Ballers have been tested, we have been hurt. But we are ready to get back up and fight again. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are the real deal. This is the realest team you will ever see. Sameer isn't cashing in that briefcase because we have these titles to defend. His focus is on the prize at hand and my focus is on making sure that I do everything in my power to kick Royal Flush's ass. BrendenPlayz raises the tag team championship belt in the air and gives a smirk to the camera. We'll be seeing you two soon. I hope you play your cards right, because you're going to need a Royal Flush to beat us. The video ends.
  3. This is ridiculous. Why is a RAW wrestler competing for a Smackdown title. It defeats the point of a brand split and the wildcard rule should never be used this way.
  4. So far so good for this show. Its free and will get the fans more of a chance to see the product and connect with some new names. A lot of the guys on the card ive never seen much of. So it'll be good to be more familiar heading into their full schedule. Being free is smart because this isnt a strong show if its ppv. So because its free, it means they dont need a home run to satisfy.
  5. BrendenPlayz


    The show cuts to a scene where BrendenPlayz is sitting in his office chair at the BPZ Headquarters. He sips his cup of coffee and is ready to speak Well, here we are again. Another match, another battle and another war is coming. I gotta say, I'm surprised that the Royal Flush were as good as they were. Sheridan really impressed me, I thought she was just all talk and no action. But, she put up a helluva fight. Johnny was simply the killer he has always been and that's great to see from a company perspective. It'll be great to see him capture major championship gold and be one of our top draws again, I hope he can do that. Our match at Mayhem was a major success. The ratings soared when we were in the ring and we were all the buzz after the show with social media numbers spiking greatly. It's fantastic to see that the tag team division is thriving. It's great for business. But that's where I draw the line. Business is great, but when I take my suit off, that's where my care for the business ends. My care, is about this tag team championship title. A title that I've held for majority of this year so far. A title that I care more about than any other in history. You don't think I couldn't dabble in the top spot? Take the belt from the World Heavyweight champion any time I wanted? Be on top of the world and be known as the Undisputed Champion? I know I can do it. I know I could be the headliner for this company. But that's just not me. That's not what motivates me. You see, unlike those other egomaniacs at the top who only care about themselves, I care about making a difference. Whether that be a difference to my partners career, or a difference in reviving a struggling division. I insert myself into positions that matter for the greater good, It's not about what I want, it's about what the company needs. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little greedy on this journey. I love being tag team champion, Sameer and I we ride up and down the roads defending our titles every chance we get, it's a special time for me. I don't want it to end. I don't want this ride to go, because I don't know if I am needed anymore. I've always stayed away unless I was needed to help fill a hole in the company. The way I see it, this company is thriving. I don't know if I am needed anymore. If I lose these tag team championships, I truly believe that this could be the end of me. My purpose, my motivation, my desire will all be gone in a flash. This could be the end of my career. I don't want this to end. I don't want to ride off into the sunset. For the first time in my career, I'm being a little selfish in saying that I want to stay here and I want to remain the tag team champion to keep my own career alive. I know I'm in for the fight of my life. The Royal Flush took us to our limits. We were lucky that we all were out of the ring for the countout. If not, we may have been on the losing end on that night. But, The Big Ballers have taken a step back, studied the tape and realised where we went wrong. We know what we need to do now. We are ready for one more battle. This is a fight that we determine not only who is the best team in the world, but a fight that could dictate where my career goes in the near future. Will this be the end of my career? Or the continuation of the one of the greatest teams that the company has and will ever see? I guess we will find out soon. BrendenPlayz gives a nod to the camera man to shut it off and production cuts to a commercial
  6. Cool move for Kenta, I think this is the best spot for him. I'd love for him to get back to his best and dominate Japan again.
  7. A real shame that Goldberg got knocked out early. This match was ugly. Really bad. Both guys were awful and dangerous. This might be the end for both guys, or maybe they chalk it up to the KO incident. Either way, not a good main event match at all.
  8. Games usually start at 7:30PM, so we can usually watch the first innings at least.
  9. Should be a really good contest. Australia was pretty lucky to win last night against the West Indies. They can't afford for their top order to fail again. India have strong spinners which will allow them to clean up the middle to lower order. I didn't see India's first game but I heard they played very well. I probably expect them to take the win here, but Australia has beaten India recently in India, they will be very confident coming into this. The team is stronger now than in India as well. Will be a great game.
  10. Yeah not gonna lie, Taker and Goldbergs segment was awesome, excited to see the match now. Goldberg looks great.
  11. On paper it's a nice match up. Two big bulls battling it out. Braun to take the W for me. Should be a quick one.
  12. No way is Lesnar cashing in. But a nice little ploy for a few ratings I guess. Taker on RAW will be cool, at least it'll give the Saudi match some sorta build. I guess I'll tune in this week. Last week was nearly unbearable, I hope this week is better.
  13. Not a bad follow up. Will be cool to see moxley wrestle and see if he switches things up. Is this gonna be on ppv?
  14. For me, I'd go back to the first few days of setting up the forum and change my strategy on how to bring in new members and structure of the forum itself.
  15. The camera cuts backstage to an interview with BrendenPlayz who responds to the comments made from Royal Flush. Well here we go again, more people complaining about things around here. This time it's the classic line that we've been hearing for months; "ran by old people". You know why that is Sheridan? It's because people like you have never had what it takes to step up and take their spot. You've been here for a full year. You've done........ Uhhh.... Yeah. Nothing. So don't complain about "old" people dominating the scene when the young and upcomers can't get it done. You're meant to take our spots, we've earned them. If you want the brass ring, go and take it. All you do is sit a home twiddling your thumbs and crying to anyone who will listen to your garbage about how unfairly treated you are. But aren't you getting a tag team title shot after what? One win? You're getting pushed into a high profile match with a partner that probably can't even remember your name most days. I would say you're being pretty well looked after. But you know what's even funnier? You're complaining about old guys hogging the spot light when your partner is exactly that. A guy that hasn't been relevant for 2 years whose trying to hang onto any sort of respect that the three people that care about him have. He got into the hall of fame finally, it only took him 4 years longer than most. I've got respect for Jonathan, because at least he has earned his way to the top. He won his championships and main evented shows because he deserved to. He's a star for this company. I admire him and will forever respect him as a competitor. But I can't respect the fact that you two parade about wanting change in this company when you're no better than the people in the current position. I may be in and out of the office, I may not be able to be here as much as I want. But honey, let me tell you this. I still got plenty of ass kickings to give. I still got plenty in the tank. You see, I'm well rested. I'm not in this ring taking bumps for $100. I'm writing your cheques and while you continue to try and beg for a reaction every night. I'm healing my body, I'm training behind the scenes and I'm getting ready to defend these championships with one of the greatest competitors this company has and will ever have in Sameer. We're old, but we're wise. We've seen this trick before. If you think for a second that we're intimidated, scared or worried about this well think again. Because as far as I'm concerned, you're better off cashing all your chips because this is a fight you can't win. Get out while you can, or feel free to fold in the heat of the battle and lose it all. The choice is yours. We're ready. The screen fades to black and cuts to a commercial.

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