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  1. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Itami on 205 Live will be a nice boost for the brand but could really hurt his chances at ever reaching the pinnacle in the company.
  2. Champion vs Champion: Alexa Bliss vs Natalya

    Decent match for what could have been a huge program between these two at mania. I'm sure we will see them fight again.
  3. Becky getting eliminated first was asinine. Tamina getting the spotlight was again, stupid. Lots of botches in this match as well and it just wasn't good. I think Paige as a surprise 5th member would have been ideal for Smackdown but they went with Natty, which is a good pick but still the excitement for Paige would have elevated it. Asuka got a decent showcase at the end which was expected. Probably the worst match on the main card for me.
  4. I loved the unique match ups and the great staredowns. I will say I was a little confused at how it played out, especially with Shane being at the end and the Kurt/Triple H/Braun cluster at the end. John Cena literally did nothing and you could have blinked and missed his appearance. Orton got the big spotlight again which I guess is his thing but maybe Roode could have used it. Nakamura looked great too. Kurt looks old, its sad but he's just really slow in there right now. Maybe he was injured since his leg was wrapped but he definitely looked well below par. I did enjoy the match, it won't go down as a classic 5 on 5 but I liked it.
  5. It was a good match, Brock looks disinterested though. Really getting bored of the suplex repeat matches he's having. At least they have really protected the F5 this year and made the move really strong. Props to AJ for giving it his all and sold his ass off. But it's time to get Braun the belt and have him beat Brock imo.
  6. Champion VS Champion: Baron Corbin VS The Miz

    A bit of a meh match, not great, not bad. It was what it was. Corbin with the win, doesn't really hurt the miz or benefit Corbin.
  7. The Shield VS The New Day

    Great opener and of course The Shield was always going to win but still the match was fun. The Shield is just awesome together, I love their return but its sad that it will be ending soon. I kinda wish they could just team up here and there while they chase singles titles. But one of them will probably turn soon (dean) to spice up the RAW main event scene.
  8. Great match between these two and I expected nothing else. Two of the best teams right now in WWE and good for The Usos to get the win. I think they're a bit lucky that Smackdown needed to tie it up but it should help continue their rise on the blue brand. Unfortunately they don't have a top team to face right now, maybe the bludgeon brothers i guess.
  9. Who do you think will be wasted most on the Main Roster?

    I think Hideo Itami will be ruined within 2 months when he arrives.
  10. Thoughts on Lars Sullivan

    He's got a look about him that will convince Vince to give him a big push one day. I haven't seen many matches from him but just based off of size and appearance, he could go far. I'd give him another year at least in the minor leagues though, too much too soon may expose him big time.
  11. NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Haven't been following the product but I'll throw some wild predictions out there WarGames Match: The Undisputed Era vs. The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong vs. SAnitY NXT Championship Match: Andrade "Cien" vs. Drew McIntyre NXT Women's Championship Fatal Four-Way Match: Kairi Sane vs. Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross Ab Contest: Shawn Michaels vs. Johnny Gargano The Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan
  12. Personally I'd love to see these two fight in the octagon or WWE ring. Maybe WWE could do a shoot fight between the two. Dunno how that would go though.
  13. [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Man Embid and Simmons are fun to watch, career high for Embid today and Lonzo got schooled by Simmons. Great day.
  14. SmackDown LIVE Discussion: Nov. 14th, 2017

    Well RAW finally retaliated and they didn't have the impact that Smackdown had but it was still effective. Beating up Shane was a great message to send and Kurt getting involved was cool. Great way to finish before the PPV. Also Charlotte winning the belt was the right call but unfortunately a Bliss/Charlotte match has no build when it should be their biggest match they could do for the women right now.
  15. Star power, crowd involvement, storyline and then ring work.

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