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  1. BrendenPlayz

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: June 19th 2018

    Shocked to see Rusev get this. I thought maybe Joe would get the win, would rather they save that anyways. It's a good opportunity for Rusev, lets see if he can hang with the best and if he is truly worth going with. With Cass out of the picture, there's a spot now for a bigger guy to grab.
  2. Well this didn't go how I expected but Ronda once again delivered a strong performance. She sold really well and her offense looked better. For her first singles she delivered a solid performance. She is a little sloppy in some areas but for the most part she continues to impress. The cash in was nice and it helped add to the match. I thought Nia went down a little too easy for Alexa but it doesn't matter. Champions are always practically dead when a cash in happens.
  3. This feud failed to deliver the epic clash they were hoping for. The matches were fine but forgettable. Nakamura loses basically every encounter in the feud. Can't see him recovering too well from this. Styles will probably move onto Joe.
  4. Ellsworth is back. Good for Carmella but it made Asuka look silly. Just seems like they're bringing her back to reality having her lose regularly. Making up for lost time.
  5. BrendenPlayz

    Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    I hated that Alexa won. She doesn't need the belt again she was champion practically all year. She needs to be rotated out for a while and rested. Instead we go back to a bad jax and bliss feud and possibly Ronda inserted as a side character to keep her busy. The match was fine I just would have liked to of see Becky win.
  6. BrendenPlayz

    Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

    Daniel bryan starting to get the great reactions back. Mind you it was Chicago. But good to see him doing well. He did a good job carrying Cass who is falling a little flat right now. Not sure where he goes from here. Two clean losses for a big man returning isn't ideal. They probably should have matched him with someone he could beat. If they play off the injury and say that he wasn't 100 percent and then start having win it might salvage this.
  7. Once again Rollins delivers another great match. Elias was very good and I was hoping he would win and at times I thought he was going to. Rollins sorta cheating protects Elias and maybe sets up for a rematch. I think Rollins should be universal champion so hopefully Elias can be the guy to get the belt if he moves up the card.
  8. BrendenPlayz

    Roman Reigns VS Jinder Mahal

    Well this was the shits. The match itself wasn't even bad but the crowd ruined it. Not surprised though this is a combination I had no interest in at all. To me I never understand why Vince doesn't call and audible and have jinder get DQed. Get DQ and then have reigns fend him off, hit the spear and be done with it. Why waste 15 minutes of this crap. If the crowd hates it then don't make them suffer it.
  9. BB are doing well as champions but it's a worrying sign that this got relegated to pre show. Just isn't much interest in this feud and the smackdown tag division right now. But good to see BB getting an extended run.
  10. BrendenPlayz

    Sami Zayn VS Bobby Lashley

    Poor Sami Zayn he got destroyed basically. But it had to happen. I can only hope that this feud is now over and lashley can move onto a serious role at the top.
  11. BrendenPlayz

    Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    I wouldn't of went with strowman. Just feel like he can win it without. Never a fan of a monster character winning MITB. But there wasn't another stand out winner. Strowman deserves the belt so it guarantees that at least.
  12. BrendenPlayz

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 18th 2018

    Big night for raw last night. Should be an interesting show. Reigns should be moving on from jinder so it'll interesting to see where he goes. Hopefully Elias and Rollins continues.
  13. BrendenPlayz

    UFC Official Discussion

    Disappointing to see Punk lose. At least he got a strong pay day. Seems like his UFC career is over. Only Belator can revive his MMA career. But it seems like he will just walk away and move on to something else.
  14. BrendenPlayz

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Let's chat about E3 and all the big announcements. Really looking forward to Fallout 76, the online aspect has me really intrigued and I think it could work really well if they can make it run smoothly unlike ESO. Speaking of Elders Scrolls, the big announcement of the new one coming is really great. Unfortunately a few years seems to be the likely wait. Dying Light 2 should be fun, more Doom, Wolfenstein and much more. Really promising so far. What games are you looking forward to?

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