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  1. Happy to see him back but honestly, I expect a 2-3 month push and then he will end up doing nothing. Probably teaming up with someone. Maybe Tyler Breeze and Morrison would be a cool model duo. If it were me, he would be a factor in the upper midcard scene. But I expect him to be in catering after 3 months with Shelton and EC3.
  2. Tough question. I think it either has to be a big monster type or a super under dog. I'd hate for him to be wasted to Reigns, but it seems likely. It would be believable enough to be fair.
  3. God that new Fiend belt is ugly as hell, bad move in my opinion. They could've done so much better with this concept.
  4. Nice show. I'm not a regular viewer of NXT but its no doubt that they capture exactly what the modern wrestling fan is looking for. Matches with a purpose with strong wrestling and emotion behind it. Rhea Ripley was my standout tonight, look for her to be a top woman going forward in the WWE.
  5. I wonder how far they will go with this. I'd love to hear a shoot interview from Taker talking about his whole career. Theres hours of great discussions never heard before.
  6. Got the platinum recently on The Outer Worlds. An amazing game truly. I loved played a Fallout styled game that brought something different to the table. This game really shines through it's companions and the overall storyline of the game. One of the best games of the year.
  7. The revival would be the perfect fit there.
  8. Not sure who really challenges Jericho from here. Maybe a Dustin Rhodes match to keep it in the family? But there isn't a clear top face that hasn't worked with Jericho yet. It may be time to build to a war games instead of focusing on a singles bout to keep the title busy.
  9. It seems to me that they have listened to the audience alot and this weeks show really proved that. This week we saw promos from various talents. We saw squash matches and short and sharp to the point segments. They have moved away a little from every match needing to be 20 minutes which is a great thing. I think this week was the best dynamite to date. Luchasaurus had a great return. Moxley was great and was made to look very strong with a win. They set up a few new feuds with allin vs moxley and MJF and Cody. MJF had a great promo and he showed that he can go toe to toe with Chris Jericho on the mic. I hope he doesn't join the inner circle though, he should be a solo star and i think he will but have wardlow as his muscle who looked solid. My only gripe was Jericho being pinned in the main event after spending weeks building him as an undefeated champion. It was a throwaway waste of a loss. Overall i had a blast watching this weeks show.
  10. They needed to come out hot here with a strong presentation since debuting on TV. I think they hit a home run here. This show had everything once again. Yes there are areas of the show that are weak such as their women and midcard. But their top heavy matches delivered. They had a crazy main event and a huge turn in the world title match. So many stories to follow this show. The world title picture is up in the air. The potential for a Elite vs Inner Circle is still on the cards. A midcard title could be coming soon to help give the middle guys some purpose. But overall, I really enjoyed this show. I just felt like I was excited to watch wrestling again. It's strange because theres a lot of guys in this company I could give two shits about. But I just think the presentation and the feeling that AEW provide in their shows makes me want to watch. It's early days, they're growing and learning. If this company can survive, one year from now they will be doing some really special stuff with a plethora of new stars at their disposal. It's just a building process and we're witnessing it.
  11. A very interesting match. I enjoyed the heck out of the contest. Cody took a bad bump and got a big gash which added to the match so much. In the end the finish was a little lame because I wanted to see Cody fight through it and keep going but the towel had to be thrown in. So after it, MJF decides to turn on his mentor. A huge moment that I think we all knew was coming at some point, we just didn't know when. I thought it was a little too soon for this. However, MJF has barely been featured. He is easily the guy on the roster who has the biggest upside. He has main event world champion written all over him. He is their diamond in the rough. If this is the moment that MJF cements himself as a top star and we kickstart his push them I am all for this. I just thought they needed to establish their friendship on TV a little more. Perhaps do this around January/February time. But it was a good way to have Cody lose without making him look weak. Good booking in the end, if they can execute the MJF/Cody story well then I will have no issue with their decision to pull the trigger now. Exciting times ahead, this could be a classic feud. The promos will be so good.
  12. Looks like Hangman got his win back here. Which is fine. These are two potential main event guys they had to keep both strong and even. They're backed into a corner because they don't want to do any DQ or screwy finishes. So they just have to bite the bullet and sacrifice someone to put the other over and this is what needed to happen to PAC. It won't affect him long term though.
  13. Good to see the Bucks put over another team. Santana and Ortiz are solid. I think they're a little over the top sometimes but that's just what they do. This was a good opener. It had a lot of spots but it slowed it down at times to keep it in check. If the Bucks are going to keep calling themselves the best in the world they might want to start winning a few though.
  14. A match I knew I wouldn't care about and it delivered on that promise. Just two girls who will struggle to connect. Riho to her credit has some support from the fans. But they really need to build this division from the ground up. So it's going to take probably a year before we really see it flourishing.
  15. Nice match. Shawn Spears is getting more and more impressive in this role. I think he can be a viable upper midcarder. I think he'd make for a strong heel midcard champion. He isn't good enough in my opinion to work at the top yet. His promos need more work and his in ring work is good but I am yet to see a main event quality match from him yet. Janela is whatever, he's okay but his look is embarassing. He can't really be taken serious.

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