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  1. Next Round (Tag Team) 1. The British Bulldogs - Under rated. Hardly mentioned in top teams, but they were great for their time. 2. Rated RKO - Under rated. I loved their run, Edge and Orton meshed really well together. Two top guys teaming and it worked. It helped both of their careers. 3. The Bar - Fine - They had a great run, I think we'll look back on them fondly. 4. The Lucha Dragons - Fine, nobody talks about them for a reason. 5. 2 Cool - Over rated. Only because that apart from their dance, their act was fairly average.
  2. Looking to decide the winner of the booking challenge this week. Make sure you enter to win a copy of TEW2020. 


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  3. Teasing a match with Orton is interesting. Feels like it’s been ages since HHH worked a match. Probably wouldn’t want him to waste that on Orton tbh.
  4. Trents injury is a tough loss. Best Friends are a decent act and Trent is the only good worker in the group. Now we have Chuckie T trying to pretend he can wrestle and Orange Cassidy doing his thing. I don't think it'll work.
  5. She would stand out in terms of her promos and character work. But her in ring work would probably be quite behind some of the other top names. She would still be a star but she would probably be better suited managing or being in some sort of management role again.
  6. Off to a good start so far in the series. Trey Young being injured hasn’t helped. We have a few road games against the LA teams coming up. If we can win one of those I feel like I’ve got the potential to take the team into the playoffs. Happy with the production from Rondo but so far Reddish, Hunter and Okongwu have been fairly poor.
  7. I can't see him being much of a player in either major fed. I think he's best to keep being a top guy on the indies. Maybe he can make a run of it in NXT and build his star power there. It would be a bigger gamble to do that. At least he would have high value in the smaller feds.
  8. Awesome series right now with Australia and India. Every session it’s back and forth. I feel as though the aussies are going to take the 3rd test. Will be hard to bat on this pitch on the 5th day. India just keep getting injured unfortunately. Both teams at full strength would be a really fun watch.
  9. COVID has hit the 76ers. Before that they looked pretty good. I still think they struggle to close out a game in the 4th and they will probably get beat by the great teams. But they’re doing better than I expected. Christian wood has impressed me heaps for the rockets. He is a beast and could even sneak an all star spot if he can step it up another notch.
  10. Keeley and I are about to finish Sackbog Adventures on ps5. Nothing but good things to say about this game. It’s got about 25 hours worth of levels to do if you’re 100% completing each level. Nearly every level feels different and most have a good difficult element applied. The platinum is pretty fun and the whole game is co op. Lots of outfits to unlock so you can always have a different looking character all the time. Probably the best ps5 game available right now IMO.
  11. Depends on the genre. I love depth in a sports game. Obviously the core game needs to be good but having access to the stats and analysis keeps me intrigued in a sports game. different for other genres. A good story is crucial. So many games lack a story but the gameplay is good enough to be worth the play through aka assassins creed. But to me, games are far more memorable if the story is great aka assassins creed 2 is still the best in the series because of the story. I feel most rpg games just try for that huge open world scale without filling anything in it. A lack of variet
  12. Personally I’ve always liked Jon Moxleys theme. It’s the type of theme that gets you off your seat and pumped for the match. Sting has a great theme as well. Suits him and feels iconic.
  13. This belt has kinda stagnated a little with Darby. He hasn’t had too many Matches lately and he’s just going back and forth with team taz. I do see Sting doing a run in and saving Darby Allin from a Ricky Starks interference to help him keep the belt. Plenty of options to feud with Darby. I hope they keep the belt on him for a little while longer. I wouldn’t hate Ricky starks taking it though. Brian Cage needs to stay in the main event scene.
  14. So who is going to take this belt from Kenny? I don’t think Moxley will. It would probably make the most sense storyline wise if it was Adam Page. I think Page has cooled off a bit and the Dark Order interactions haven’t helped. Other than him there isn’t any other baby faces to really take that next leap. Cody would be perfect but there is that silly stipulation. So I hope they can remove that and get Cody and Kenny for the belt happening. Seems like a money match to me.

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