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  1. BrendenPlayz

    What TV Series do you watch?

    Watched S4 of Ballers. Love this show. Some other good ones - Ozark, The Purge, Atypical, Westworld and The Good Place from the top of my head
  2. BrendenPlayz

    What game are you currently playing?

    The no life of Black Ops 4 has begun
  3. BrendenPlayz

    Trails & Tribulations - The Beginnings

    Love the inclusion of expenses and the budget, a nice addition. Good luck, looks like this will be promising.
  4. BrendenPlayz

    Austin Aries To Do "Loose Cannon" Gimmick For Impact Return

    I can see him doing it well. He can cut a pretty good promo and he is a dickish person. Not a bad move from him to do this.
  5. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    First big day in the books. Happy with my teams performance, averaged 38 across the board. Big aquistion of Booker coming into my team tomorrow scored over 60. With his production I think I can certainly go deep with the roster I have. My risk on Tobias Harris and Drummond paid off. Both guys played very well. Drummond with a 20/20 game. Elfrid Payton with a surprising TD as well, I hope he can keep those numbers up. The surprise of the night was Spencer Dinwiddie, his 43 Fpts was awesome. Doubt that will continue since hes a back up PG but a 12th round pick scoring that, you'll take that every day. Ayton got 47 but hes on his way out, I wish I could've kept him but it was the right call.
  6. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Collins is a great pick up. He's young and only going to improve baring injury. I think he will have a big year. I am disappointed I didn't get him myself. I would honestly trade for him if I had someone good to offload.
  7. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    I actually had Allen and Booker down as my desired draftees. So it worked out well that I scored two guys I had my eye on to begin with. Ayton I liked a lot but he was worth the sacrifice to pick up Booker. Fournier was just a guy I got cause I needed to fill the spot.
  8. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Love your team. The starting 5 you have there is strong as heck. Donic and Parker could be anything this season as well. Really expect them to be big. You could win the whole thing. I just worry about Jimmy Butler and his future, bit too cloudy for my liking. K Love could put up huge numbers this year too. Great team.
  9. BrendenPlayz

    SmackDown 1000 Discussion

    So good to see Batista back! The tease for him vs Triple H was great. Orton heeled it up really well as well. He looked like the Randy of old there, nice flash back. Look, I know some people hate the old guys coming in for a match but honestly I would LOVE to see Triple H vs Batista at Wrestlemania. It was one of the first feuds I watched when I first got into WWE and their HIAC match at Vengeance 2005 remains one of my favourite matches for various reasons. I am a major Batista fan and seeing him back and cheered was really great. I hope this leads to a match.
  10. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    We got royally screwed with our picks. But at least you got a big 3 there. Pretty promising team. Adams went off game one too.
  11. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Big burden to carry Cousins season long but he will provide really good points come play offs time.
  12. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    First trade done! I fix my poor SG and also add a good shot blocker in Allen. Hate losing Ayton but there is some risk with him being a rookie.
  13. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Tough draft but here's how I look heading into round one
  14. BrendenPlayz

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    No doubt the Warriors will win but I'm hoping the 76ers make the finals. They have a strong team and hopefully Simmons has developed more and can provide more on offence. Celtics will be tough to beat but it'll be a close one. Lebron will take the Lakers to the playoffs but expect him to bow out in the first or second round. He can't do it all. It depends on where they seed. If they're mid range, they will make it to the second round. Down low, see ya later.

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