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  1. BrendenPlayz opens up his phone to see photos and videos of all the inductees for this years Hall of Fame "In a fit of rage, Playz throws his phone on the ground, smashing it into pieces as he sees Sameer's name announced" "Are you KIDDING ME? You have to be... Seriously, how did this happen? Who approved this? I was never told about this. I would've NEVER let this happen. There is no way this chump deserves this. What has he ever done? Seriously, I MADE HIM who he is. I should be inducted for carrying his ass for a year and saving his career! This can't be real.... "Playz finally calms down and starts to make sense of what has just been announced, realizing what this could mean for his upcoming match at BPZMania" "Let me get this straight... At BPZ Mania, not only do I have the chance to extract my ultimate revenge on the man who disrespected me and betrayed me for his own greed. I have the chance to end a career. But, now I also have a chance to tarnish the legacy of Sameer and prove that this Hall of Fame induction was all a sham. This is actually going to be the greatest night of my life. I can finally remove the poison from my company, the man that has set out to suck up to every possible person to move up the ranks. The man that has bitten the hand that fed him. The man that has shown absolutely no loyalty to those who took him in and made him who he is. BPZMania my god. What a night it will be. I can end this selfish assholes career and ruin everything that he stole from me. All of that success that he had bult off my back, will all be proven to be worthless. He will be a Hall of Famer on paper only. Nobody will ever believe he should be in there. I will have ruined his legacy forever. Everybody will know that Sameer is worthless. Everybody will realise that Sameer is only here because of me. God I can't wait. I can't wait to finally expose this lie to the entire world. Thank you Sameer. Thank you for this opportunity to rewrite all of the wrongs. I guess now I should thank myself, for being great at carrying my partner, that I actually got him into the Hall of Fame. If half of my talents can be Hall of Fame worthy, imagine what all of it will be? I guess we'll find out at Mania, won't we Sameer?
  2. Congratulations everyone, you all deserve it so much. Thank you for everything you have done for the community, I appreciate all the years of dedication you all have put into this. Welcome to the elite class of legends.
  3. Not having any sport going on right now sucks big time. 

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      i mean atleast you have baron corbin vs elias....what ever would we do without that

    2. Zombiekiller


      It really be like that i feel you 

  4. Just wanted to say a quick thanks to each and everyone of you that continue to support the forums and discord to this day. You are all awesome. Thank you.

    1. Aladin Boy

      Aladin Boy

      well i don't think i belong in the category of supporting but.. Almost 6 YEARS AND COUNTING!

    2. Smith


      Thank you for providing this platform :)

  5. BrendenPlayz returns to his office building where Sameer had viciously attacked Playz and trashed his office. He instructs the camera man to show how bad of a state his office in because of Sameer. "Can you see this? Its all ruined. Everything, absolutely destroyed. Years of hard work and success came from this very space. Everything I have built, my empire, my fortune, my dominance, all came from this very office. Look at it now! It's worthless. This is all your fault Sameer, you piece of.... Brenden takes a moment to pause and takes a deep breath. Okay... Have it your way, you want a match? Then by all means let's do it. The biggest stage of them all BPZMania is the perfect night for such an event. But I am telling you this right now, there is not enough room in this company for the two of us. Whoever takes the loss on that night will need to walk away for good. I mean it this time. No more comebacks. There will not be "one more matches" happening. This is it. You and me, one time only. The loser will walk away for good. The winner will prove once and for all who truly was the all star of this team. I spent months neglected by you. I was struggling to keep everything together. My business was on fire, I was printing money, but you never took the time to check in on me and see how I was truly fairing. All you cared about was the fact that you were on top of the world. You failed to see how your selfishness was affecting others around you. While all of the success I had was great, I never had a friend to share it all with. The beers we shared, the stories we would tell up and down the roads. It was special. But you walked away from this team for your own greed. Now at BPZMania, it's time for me to be greedy. This match will be for me. Not just to prove a point, but to get my hands on you and have the ultimate revenge will be nothing short of sweet. It will be everything I need to move on from this chapter of my life. It's going to be a fitting end to what has been a tremendous run for me. I have done everything I have ever wanted to do, but winning on the biggest stage and seeing the look on your face when you're out cold staring at the lights, wondering what went wrong. That will be all worth it. Because you will have finally realised that you have started a fire that you cannot contain. You have awoken a demon inside of me that has been restrained for years. I get in this ring to help the careers of others. This time, this match is for me. Trust me Sameer. I am giving this everything I have. It's do or die. One of us survives, one of us is gone for good. I can assure you, you will be seeing a lot more of me around here.
  6. Love a good brawl. We sort've knew Jericho was losing because of his touring schedule. But they did a good job setting up the win here. Moxley will lead this company well. He's red hot right now and now can be more of a focus week to week. You'd have to think maybe Hager comes for him next to avenge Jericho, otherwise I don't really know who's next. Pac? Maybe an exalted Matt Hardy or Brodie Lee.
  7. I really liked this match. Great to see Hager in there. Dustin works a great style in terms of being able to tell a great story every time he's out there. It was nice and physical and a fun opener. I'd like to see Hager in there more often from now on and in the mix with the top guys. Probably when they have the War Games match he'll be apart of it maybe.
  8. The women's division just isn't appealing. The match was fine. But Nyla Rose isn't exacting going to bring a lot of eyes to this division. Kris Statlander is good but this alien gimmick is ridiculous. They badly need to find a free agent to shake this division up. No idea who that could be though.
  9. You know what, Orange Cassidy has a fun little gimmick. Unfortunately the shelf life is about 5 minutes. Once people have seen that he can actually compete like we saw in this one, the appeal is lost. The crowd absolutely love him to be fair. But while it's fun, I just can't see it lasting. Doesn't say much for Pac that he took like 10 minutes to beat him and needed a really unneccesary run in to do it. Not good for Pac at all, but Cassidy had a great showing.
  10. Possibly the match of the year for me so far. This had it all. A great story to tell with two sets of friends colliding. Having to put it all aside for the gold. I think it dragged on a few too many minutes though. I don't see why the Young Bucks kicked out of the V-Trigger/Buckshot combiniation. A bit of a mistake for me. Probably too many high spots with kickouts to make it believable. They would take a freight train to beat them in the future. None the less, an awesome match that had everything you could ask for.
  11. Darby Allin is becoming a star before our eyes. I thought his size would be a major drawback but he is such a daredevil that his craziness has made him a major fan favourite. His win here was a must, Sammy G is quickly becoming amazing at making others look a million bucks. It's not his time yet, but one day he may have a major role in this company. Great match.
  12. If he's not going to hold the title, this match is the next best thing for Bray. I kinda feel like Cena will win though lmao.
  13. BPZ Announcers: "Tonight we will have a special appearance by BrendenPlayz in the ring! He's taking off the suit and finally showing up to explain his actions about Sameer! Let's bring him out". "Birth of the Cruel starts playing but it's quickly obvious that BrendenPlayz is not appearing tonight" BrendenPlayz appears on the Titantron as he is sitting comfortably in his office. "Oh? You really thought I was going to waste my time driving to this dump? I've got better things to do, I'm a busy man these days. I've got a company to run, I don't have time to spare to have each and everyone of you beg for my attention. Speaking of begging for attention, wow Sameer.. I mean really, how desperate are you to see me? I've been handling multi-million dollar business decisions for this company and all I've been told is that you're crying in the ring every week about how bad your injury is. You've been calling me out for weeks now and everyone is tired of hearing it. Listen kid, it's not going to happen. You and I are not in the same league. We are two seperate beasts. I am the creator, I am the master, I am the true star of the Big Ballers. You were a worthless, uninspired, unmotivated little brat that needed every ounce of guidance I could give you to turn your life around. I had Bailey and other top stars telling me to cut you all the time, but I always thought I could save your career. I saw you as a friend Sameer, I really did. You might of even been a little brother to me at one point. The thought of seeing you getting embarassed on TV every week by superior competition was just sad. Your career was just turning into one major disapointment. So I decided to throw you a bone. I got back in the ring for you and you only. I don't care about being champion. If I did, I would've went for the major prize years ago. I got in the ring to try and restore whatever credibility you had left. Sameer, you are the luckiest man in this company. There is nobody else I would've done that for. I gave you everything I had for all of those months. We dominated the tag team division and we will go down as one of the best duos in company history. So where did it all go wrong? Well when you go from being a loser to a winner, you start to gain a little bit of an ego, you start to believe that the words you are saying are actually true. Let's face it, when you told everyone that you were a beast, we all just smiled and pretended to agree just for fun. Nobody actually thinks you're a beast except for you and when you were getting carried by me, you actually thought our success was because of you. Your ego continued to grow and you started to pursue more. You couldn't just be happy with what we had. You had to get greedy. You had to fuel that ego more and more. You eventually went out and captured the world championship. I endorsed you like a good friend would do and I did everything in my power to make sure you would stay champion. But what about us? What did you do about us? Everytime we had a tag match I got a half arsed effort from you. You clearly had no care in our matches. You preserved your energy for the main event later that night. You barely would even want to tag in and if you did you were in and out quicker than a hiccup. You lost interest in us. You forgot what brought you to the dance to begin with. Your ego grew out of control to the point where you no longer had time for your best friend. You spent your evenings partying with all the women that pretended you were great for a night, rather than going over the gameplan for our next match. You lost sight of what truly mattered and that was our team. When I attacked you Sameer that was about reminding you just who the hell I really am. That was about reminding you of your beginnings. Sometimes a man needs to be humbled just to truly realise where they went wrong. I took you out of the game for months in hopes that you would step away from the spotlight and think about what truly matters in this world. All the money, women and power you can get is all irrelevant if at the end of your career you have nobody left. So Sameer, let this be a lesson to you. You deserved what you got. If you even try and find me and seek revenge, trust me, it will only get far worse for you. What I did was just miniscule to what I can truly produce if we ever meet again. Last time I was making sure your injury was temperary. Next time, it will be permanent." The titantron fades to black.
  14. I'm still alive, just been super busy with work.

    1. Marc Aaron Newton

      Marc Aaron Newton

      Keep selling dem pizzas, pizza boy.

    2. Julius


      Great to hear. Was getting worried for a sec 😀

    3. Bart
  15. - WWF Heavyweight Championship Hulk Hogan (c) vs. André the Giant Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper - WWF Intercontinental Championship Randy Savage (c) vs. Bob Orton vs. Ricky Steamboat - Bruno Sammartino's Retirement Match Big John Studd vs. Bruno Sammartino The North-South Connection vs. Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase - WWF Tag Team Championships The Hart Foundation (c) vs. The British Bulldogs 𝐵𝑜𝑛𝑢𝑠 𝑄𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠 Which match will score the highest overall rating? Hulk Hogan (c) vs. André the Giant Which two WWF women's wrestlers will appear on a WrestleMania episode of Piper's Pit? Richter/Moolah

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