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  1. BrendenPlayz

    BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    He's on a roll! He might beat Reigns if it happens
  2. BrendenPlayz

    BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    Who's it gonna be?
  3. BrendenPlayz

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    Hopefully they do something nice for the Anvil
  4. BrendenPlayz

    Slammy Award Nominations Help

    I've got most of my nominations sorted for this seasons slammy awards but a few categories I could use some help with, Here's what I got: Turn of the Season: - Samoa Joe attacks Seth Rollins (TLC) - Kevin Owens attacks The Undertaker (RAW) Upset of the Season: - Johnny Gargano defeats Gran Metalik (NXT Takeover 8 ) OMG Moment: - Samoa Joe fails his Cash In - Sting returns and joins the nWo If you have any suggestions to add, please do so.
  5. BrendenPlayz

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: August 7th 2018

    Good segment with The Miz and Daniel Bryan this week. The feud is everything I expected, finally a positive step for Bryan in his comeback. Orton with another excellent promo was fun to see. AJ Styles stepped it up with a personal super babyface promo that I think was a positive move. I'd like to see them play more off Joe and Styles' history together, they have planted some seeds for that. New Day with the title shot is no surprise, they don't want heel vs heel even though The Bar would have a great match with Harper/Rowan.
  6. BrendenPlayz

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 6th 2018

    Great to see Rousey in action on RAW, the match was everything it needed to be and it showcased her well. Elias and Lashley was a better segment this week, thought the camera crew with Elias was a nice touch and it suited his character. Heymans tears was perhaps the highlight, once again showing why he's one of the best.
  7. BrendenPlayz

    NXT Championship Discussion

    Pretty incredible that ciampa is the champion. It goes to show that booking can still be effective in today's day and age. His size and look wasn't effective and wasn't that of a major star. But he worked hard and had great matches and a terrific story behind him and here he is as champion. Very surprising but very well deserved.
  8. BrendenPlayz

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    good luck everyone
  9. BrendenPlayz

    What game are you currently playing?

    Back on Crash Bandicoot. Finished the second game.
  10. BrendenPlayz

    Tables Match: The New Day VS SAnitY

    A tables match on the pre show... They just continue to run gimmick matches into the ground.
  11. Jeff is doing fine as US champion. A chance for him to regain his former glory. Nakamura keeps losing though. He needs a big win at some point. Maybe Summerslam is the time.
  12. Give it to Ziggler and let Rollins move up to the Universal scene. Should be a classic match.
  13. BrendenPlayz

    Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin

    Just an excuse to fill up time on the card. Finn should win, but I expect Corbin to cheat and get it.
  14. Retiring from fortnite. 

    1. Bash


      Finally realised how trash you are?

  15. BrendenPlayz

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

    Great to have you back 234.

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