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  1. I endorse this change and hope everyone understands that this will be the best way to making sure things stay fair going forward.
  2. Firstly, I would like to thank @Bart for all of his contributions to the Moderator team, he and his team have helped keep the forums running in the past year due to my inactivity. Thank you Bart and we hope to see you soon. With that said, Bart will be stepping away from the Global Mod position and I would like to announce @Arius as the new Global Moderator of the forums! Arius will be tasked with helping with anyones concerns regarding their account and taking on extra responsibilites with administrative work. Arius will be the new leader of the Moderator team and he will oversee th
  3. Thank you @Bart

    1. Bart


       Thank you for all the oppurtunities, trust and support that you have given me over the years, it means a lot. 

  4. While MJF to me is still the best heel, I feel like FTR could quickly take that spot. Tully and FTR are a great fit and it just seems to be clicking. FTR are far better bad guys and will really shine when they get a chance to heel it up in the ring. Tully on the promo will be the icing on top. There isn't a babyface standing out right now other than Cody. Moxley is a face and is over but isn't your typical babyface, he definitely blurs the line at times. It would be ideal if they could grab another top babyface at the top of the card and get them over. The roster needs it.
  5. Probably not their strongest show today. FTR turning on the Rock and Roll was a nice little surprise. The highlight of the show for me was Tully Blanchard cutting an excellent promo. As soon as he started speaking I stopped what I was doing and listened. He commands the room. Which is great. It goes to show how much they are wasting him at the moment because he's still got a lot of value.
  6. best face: McIntyre Best Heel: Orton
  7. Warhorse was an embarassment honestly. He is a horrible ultimate warrior knock off and he looks like a small child trying to play a gimmick. He needs to stick to the indies where he belongs.
  8. Interested in seeing what Retribution does tonight. Who's going to be in it? Who will they target? Guess we will find out.
  9. The shows are starting to get back on track again, more promo time for the people that need it. The highlight for me was the Hardy/Sammy brawl. A botch made it turn into a real strong angle.
  10. Started playing Ghosts of Tsushima. My god this game is great. Love the combat. The standoffs are cool, just one on one fight to the death. The open world is stunning, the graphics are on par with the best on the console. So far the story has grabbed me enough to want me to drop all my other games and play this only. Can't wait to get the platinum.
  11. MJF's promo is easily the best I've heard this year. He is such a great talker and real asset to the wrestling world. I think it's time for him to get the belt and be the star of this show. Also Ricky Starks had a solid promo here too. He's someone who needs to talk more to get over. I don't think he will stand out in the ring but he can definitely be something a little different with the mic in his hand.
  12. Not sure what happened but the forums is back, thanks for your patience.

  13. Anything MJF is great by me. Jungleboy and MJF are great workers. Wardlow is starting to really nail down his basics and gimmick. Luchasaurus needs to figure out if he wants to be a luchadore or a big guy.
  14. Not much happening here. Cold feud with a decent champion but she has no one to work with that's on her level. Might have to get Tessa Blanchard in honestly.
  15. This'll be good but again Hager loses another top match. Hard to take him serious if he keep loses important matches. Cody is the right champion though.

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