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  1. Intercontinental Championship Discussion

    Well done to the Miz. Unfortunately he hasn't quite been world champion caliber but he has done a terrific job with the IC title. Maybe he will get one more world title run at some point. Until then, he can continue to elevate the IC.
  2. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Smart move. Triple H clearly produces a better product. 205 Live has been a disaster and within 2 weeks Triple H has given it more promise than ever.
  3. I'll be away until Tuesday.

  4. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    So did anyone even play or am i wasting my time recording my games?
  5. Hi! I’m Noy!

    Great to have you here Noy! Looking forward to reading your content.
  6. He's a shocking announcer but has done good work for them over the last decade. Big loss for impact but if he can get a gig at WWE he definitely should take it so well done to him.
  7. Do you want Brock Lesnar to re-sign after Wrestlemania?

    If Lesnar is to stay its time for him to put over the next major stars coming through. He needs to be used for attraction matches or work more. Don't have him ever compete for the belt again, just have him have those huge matches against your top stars. But he needs to step up his in ring work. For your top draw, its piss poor. I'm surprised WWE isn't asking for more out of him. If he came out there killing it every PPV, you would think his stocks would rise and business would be up. Instead they get nothing but disappointment. For a guy they pay $5 million a year, he hardly seems worth it.
  8. Do you want Brock Lesnar to re-sign after Wrestlemania?

    Isn't it a travesty that Braun Strowman is on fire and cant get the belt because we need a 1 year long Lesnar reign just to do a mania match that most hardcore fans will boo out of the building. Joe was excellent this year too and couldn't get a run. To me, Lesnar's taking the spot of guys who can actually run with it. Fair enough if you have nobody whos any good to put in that spot like they did a few years ago. But now I truly believe you have a couple of great names that can run with the title and have a great run. Yet Lesnar stands in the way and can barely be bothered to try in any match he does. He's gotta step it up. He won't even compete until Mania either.
  9. [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Blake Griffin to the pistons is official. Big move for the Pistons and for the east. Happy for that. Clippers got a few guys and some picks. I wouldn't say it was to the value of Griffin. But I guess they gotta look to rebuild and this is the start. Pistons won't win a title or anything but they can move up some ranks in the east and stay competitive.
  10. Lesnars contract is coming up after mania. Do you want Lesnar to stick around and keep working? I say this because lets be honest what a terrible reign he has had as the champion. He seems like he doesn't even care anymore at all. I know he barely did to begin with but at least he stayed in good shape. He's far from his best right now. He can't do longer than 10 minute matches. He got stiffed in the head and lots his shit, he seems like he's just about had enough. Do you want him to stay? What should he do next? Or should he go?
  11. [XFL] Xtreme Football League Discussion

    I think New York, Chicago and a texas team are locks. I'd do a LA team as well. What markets are missing a NFL team? They should try and capitalise on a couple of those for the remaining teams.
  12. 100% shes losing it. She hasn't been featured for months now. Its a matter of time now.
  13. Should be okay. I just don't like how they're doing all of firsts for women immediately. But I do like having the champion defend in the chamber as the ultimate challenge to make it to mania.
  14. Plans for Dolph Ziggler

    It was a wasted moment for dolph. They should've done the angle on Smackdown or had the open challenge on the main show. Instead it was a forgettable return to something they actually built up decently well. A shame.
  15. Men's Elimination Chamber Match Discussion

    We should be happy they're building a new guy. Elias has IT. He deserves this spot, he is ready to step up and this mini cena feud is helping him greatly. You may as well carry it over into the chamber to have a couple of feuds within a larger match. That's always a recipe for a better match. You gonna put matt/bray in that there instead? Nah.

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