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  1. Big day of streaming with a double stream of TEW's Wrestlemania and WWE 2k18 Universe Mode's Elimination Chamber. A copy of TEW will be given away during the TEW stream as well!

    1. Ropati


      what times are the streams

    2. BrendenPlayz
  2. John Cena vs Triple H

    It's a shame there is no build to this. I hope they put on a show. I'd say it'll be a very slow and focusing on storytelling/crowd reactions with Cena getting the win.
  3. I'm doing a new stream series where I book post Wrestlemania WWE, with the first PPV being the Greatest Royal Rumble. I have 205 Live as a separate third brand with the challenge of making it decent once and for all. Can it be done? Can we keep both Smackdown and RAW strong? Who will get pushed? Who will be world champion? Find out in this series and much more. Full Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252257186 - 20/04/18 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252648138 - 21/04/18
  4. I'm thinking about doing a top ten video on the greatest superstars in universe mode. I'd like to know your feedback and know which superstars you think are the best ever and if you can, maybe a match or two that you thought was their best.
  5. Monday Night RAW Discussion: April 16th 2018

    Mainly a lot of midcard guys changing shows so far. Smackdown didn't lose their biggest names but lost some of their important ones. I think every switch so far has been justified and pretty good. The only one I wasn't sold on was the Riot squad but they have faced all of Smackdowns girls like 10 times already, so I can see why the went with it. Will be interesting to see who leaves RAW tomorrow.
  6. Glad to be apart of this Forum!

    Welcome Kurt! Great to see you here, hope you enjoy your time on the forums.
  7. Hey!

    Great to see you on the stream earlier today! Hope you enjoy your time on the forums.
  8. Bart's PPV reviews

    Id like to see some match ratings to go along with this.
  9. Bart's PPV reviews

    Survivor Series 2005
  10. Smackdown LIVE Discussion: April 10th 2018

    Very interesting to have Paige as the new GM. Shes a decent promo cutter, but her voice has been messed up for a while, let's hope that is temporary. This is good for her, considering I thought she was going to leave the company and be gone forever. This is at least something positive for her to do.
  11. Your Thoughts On WrestleMania 34?

    I will say, WWE's match placement was spectacular. They got everything right. Every big match had time in between to cool down. Maybe only The IC and the SD womens was poor, other than that, excellent.
  12. Your Thoughts On WrestleMania 34?

    Overall I enjoyed it, if I had to give it a rating it would be about an 8. Ronda's match was easily my favourite, she impressed the hell out of me. Having some intergender battles was a nice change as well, when its done like that, its fine by me. IC title was strong, Undertakers moment was simply epic, Asuka/Charlotte was a great match with a surprise ending, Naka/AJ disapointed a bit. But to me, when Strowman had that freaking kid as his partner that nearly ruined it for me. I hated that so much. To top it off, Lesnar retained for some weird reason. If you took those away, it would have been great for me. But the ending left me with a sour taste.
  13. feel free to book, you have a couple of days
  14. Hope to see you all on the discord chat for Wrestlemania tonight! I'll be giving away a Supercard code to someone as well.

  15. NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Discussion

    What a great event. Loved the six man ladder match to open up. Ricochet looked a million bucks, EC3 didn't have the best showing, but it wasn't his style of match in my opinion. Didn't think Cole would win, looks like the Undisputed Era will be the vocal point going forward. I thought Gargano/Ciampa was a classic. Brilliant story telling, followed up by excellent wrestling. If I had to make a template on the type of wrestling I like, this would be it. Storytelling is going away in wrestling, it was great to see it on this scale again. Strong show overall, will be once again as always, so difficult for the main roster to top it.

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