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  1. Agreed, I would love more things to be added. Narratives we can't add though.
  2. You bring all these guys up just to reveal it at the start of the show. Makes no sense. Surprises are special moments in wrestling. WWE just dont care for the surprise anymore. Just like announcing returns in advance it just stunts any potential momentum.
  3. WAR OF THE IMMORTALS END OF YEAR REVIEW DECEMBER RESULTS OVERALL LEADERBOARD FOR THE YEAR REWARD WINNERS: Division One: Keeley - Choose a reward of your choice that has previously been used Division Two: BrendenPlayz- Reward: Choose a reward of your choice that has previously been used Division Three: Arius - Reward: Choose a reward of your choice that has previously been used PUNISHMENT RECEIVERS: Division One: Bubba - Punishment: You Cannot Sign, Trade or Release any Workers for 3 months Division Two: Brett Storm - You Cannot Sign, Trade or Release any Workers for 3 months Division Three: Elite - You Cannot Sign, Trade or Release any Workers for 3 months END OF THE YEAR REWARD WINNERS! For placing in the top 3, @Keeley @mikey0619 and Shiba will be able to REMOVE Creative Control from one wrestler! Please post in the forum who that wrestler is. Use the contract editor under data editor to make the change. Congratulations to Keeley for placing 1st in the first year of play. Please note: Aaron North was penalised 20 points for cheating - Bart was penalised 5 points for not late submissions and not abiding by the same rules as others. OWNER GOALS: The owner goal for getting a worker to 100 popularity has now expired. The following players have FAILED the owner goal and must inflict the following punishment: Please show proof via a screenshot that you have made the change by posting on this thread. NEW RULE CHANGES FOR JANUARY AND YEAR 2 Year 2 will see a host of rule changes that will greatly affect gameplay. Please learn and understand these changes to ensure you don't make any mistakes: MINOR SHOWS: You may now introduce a Minor Show to your schedule. These shows are designed to let you utilize your full roster on a weekly basis. Here are the rules of Minor Shows: - No worker considered a main eventer/franchise player or over 80 popularity can APPEAR OR WRESTLE on minor shows. They cannot be used at all on these shows! - Repetitive booking rules will apply for these shows - if you haven't ticked repetitive booking this is considered cheating and will disqualify you from the competition - As of right now (may change) minor shows will NOT count towards your overall show grade and TV ratings - this is strictly for utilizing all of your talent without the penalties - Minor shows MUST be on your current broadcaster for example for USA companies this is - "TEW Wars USA" please make sure you pick the CORRECT broadcaster. Double check with someone before accepting the deal if you're unsure! - Minor Shows can be on a prime time, time slot. - The shows MUST BE MINOR! If you have two major shows you will be disqualified. - Your show CAN BE on a different day to your A-Show! This will give you a smaller crowd for your show and extra ticket revenue. It'll mean your talent will need to travel to a new location to be on the show etc. It's up to you on what day you want your show to be. - Minor Shows can be a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. - Minor Shows need to be included in your monthly posts. Please refer to the Minor Show tab in discord for a tutorial on how to make a show. BROADCASTER CHANGES: - Broadcasters will NEED to be edited for Year 2. All areas outside of your home country will be increased to small. This is to help international growth. Please refer to the broadcaster tab on discord for all the information. TRADE CLAUSE: When trading with another player, there will now be a rule to protect each player if there is an unknown injury. If Keeley trades John Cena for Brett Storms Undertaker, the trade can be void if either John Cena or Undertaker are injured in their respective games. These injuries are ONLY if they were injured by the CPU in their world. This will allow players to make trades without having their game open and give them insurance that they are getting a fair deal. Please provide screenshots as proof if you're attempting to void a deal. NATIONAL SIZE FOR ALL: All players will be moved to National Size for year 2. If you have not moved to National, please contact BrendenPlayz BEFORE BOOKING and I will help fix your importance. HANDICAP: The following players will be given a handicap for Year 2: - Arius One Point - Bubba - Three Points - Meko - Four Points This is done to help overseas players remain on par with USA regions. (Japan subject to change) ROSTER SIZE: - The roster size will increase to 50 for January. This will be the final change for the foreseeable future. OWNER GOALS: Here is a list of the current owner goals being introduced for January. Some goals will be introduced in the next few months, please become familiar with them so you can prepare. - You MUST take a worker LESS than 50 Popularity and get them to 80 popularity by June! You cannot change workers AT ALL (screenshot and post on forums) please note: This worker cannot beat any main events or anyone 80 pop or over! - You will be assigned a random tag team on your roster - You MUST get them 25 experience by June! They cannot be an existing team, must start at 0! - Achieve 35 popularity in ONE area NOT in your home country! (USA cannot do this in Canada) - Must be accomplished in 1 year (by April 2011) - Your backstage rating must be 100% for 3 months in a row! (Starts in February) - Your number one franchise player cannot be world champion for 3 months! (starts in March) - You MUST take one of your HOME country PPVs and hold it overseas! (starts in April) REWARDS: - All rewards received from last year's play MUST BE used by the end of January! If you haven't used any reward in the last 3 months they're considered void. All rewards in Year 2 MUST be used within 1 month (in game) of winning it, otherwise it'll no longer be eligible to be used. January's Rewards: Is Increase your chosen worker for the owner goal's popularity by 5 and two skills of your choice by 5. January's Punishment is: Decrease every stat on your chosen worker for the owner goal by 5. (D1 5), (D2 4), (D3 3). OVERSEAS SHOWS: - Players can continue doing Overseas Shows until April. Once the owner goal for getting one area to 35 popularity (changed from the original 40 goal) is over, overseas shows will be no more. You can still do house shows overseas, but broadcasted events will be no more. - Your current overseas shows cannot be EXISTING shows. You must create a new show for each event you do (unless the importance is average). Once the show moves to above average or over, you must start a new one. REHAB: - Rehab will be slightly changed for Year 2. Any person who has been through rehab and their medical record is on the medical tab in the spreadsheet can have all of their lifestyle issues reset to 0 once their rehab is over. A lot of workers go through rehab only for them to still not be clean. This change will allow all workers to be fixed and actually useable. It's no fun if we cannot use the people on our roster after 3 sets of rehab. -- Year 2 officially begins. A new leaderboard will be in play and all players will start fresh for year 2. Amai and Bart have officially caught up and are back in play. January is due on Friday 11AM EST, please ensure you have all the required information in your posts.
  4. For my December reward I choose to Improve One Events Prestige to Above Average
  5. BrendenPlayz

    BPZ Predictions League

    Elimination Chamber 6 Man Elimination Chamber Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston - Winner: No Disqualification Match Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin - Winner: WWE Raw Women's Championship Match Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott - Winner: WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The Miz and Shane McMahon (c) vs The Usos - Winner: Two on one Handicap Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor - Winner: Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Nia Jax and Tamina vs The Riott Squad vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs The IIconics vs Boss n Hug Connection vs Carmella and Naomi - Winner: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa - Winner: Bonus: Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? AJ Styles Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Riot Squad Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? Randy Orton Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Nia Jax & Tamina
  6. BrendenPlayz

    Hello everybody

    Glad you're enjoying my series. Great to have you here. Hope you enjoy your time in our community.
  7. BrendenPlayz

    TOP 3 Favorite Sodas

    Pepsi Max end
  8. BrendenPlayz

    SmackDown LIVE Discussion: February 12th, 2019

    Nice to see Kofi Kingston get a major spotlight. The guy deserves it. Sadly it'll lead to nothing but its a nice moment nonetheless.
  10. I claim Marshall and Ross Von Erich for my reward. I claim Richie Steamboat as per normal.
  11. WAR OF IMMORTALS NOVEMBER RESULTS DIVISIONAL RANKINGS: LEADERBOARD: REWARD WINNERS: Division One: Keeley - Reward: 2 Instant Waiver Claims (Division 1 will have first right of attainment) Division Two: Bubba - Reward: 2 Instant Waiver Claims (Division 2 will have second right of attainment) Division Three: BrendenPlayz - Reward: 2 Instant Waiver Claims (Division 3 will have third right of attainment) PUNISHMENT RECEIVERS: Division One: Hans - Punishment: 1 randomly assigned worker will have 1 month paid vacation. Division Two: Arius - Punishment: 1 randomly assigned worker will have 1 month paid vacation. Division Three: Elite - Punishment: 1 randomly assigned worker will have 1 month paid vacation. IMPORTANT: Month 12 is due Monday 11am (EST) There will be penalties for late submissions. Please ensure you have all the following screenshots in your posts: Every show you booked for that month Every rating for every show you booked that month Your PPV buy rate for the month Your monthly finance report. Your popularity changes for your home region. (Go to "size", "track progress" and screenshot that data. You don't need to show other countries outside of your own). Failure to present this data will result in an incomplete submission and therefore you won't be eligible for any rewards. You may be also given a punishment as well as a loss of score. OWNER GOALS: A reminder that two owner goals are now effect, please be aware of them. There will be penalties if you fail them. The goals are: - Achieve 40 popularity in ONE area NOT in your home country! (USA cannot do this in Canada) - Must be accomplished in 1 year (by April 2011) - Achieve 1 wrestler with 100 popularity in 5 areas (Must be a NEW wrestler if you already have one) - Must be accomplished by the end of the year (2010) - You must increase to national size (by January 2011) Penalties will apply if you fail these goals. IMPORTANT REMINDER THAT YOU MUST POST: - Your franchise players at the beginning of the month and at the end of your month in your monthly posts. - Your medical in your monthly posts. - When posting an injury on the discord, please disclose what month the injury occurred and how long it has left to give the most accurate results. - Whether you are National or not in your monthly posts if you are division two and three. SIGN MORE WORKERS! Due to the drafting of CRDaredevil's roster, many people have now obtained the maximum roster size of 45 people; therefore, I would like to increase the roster size to 48 people. IMPORTANT RULE CHANGES - You must utilize any rewards gained throughout the first year of gameplay by the end of Decmeber. (A reminder that any rewards which have been utilized need to be posted in the thread) - There will be a break between December and January to allow both Amai & Bart some time to catch up. It is also important that you do not go ahead and book January as there will be a major rule overhaul. Next month's divisions are as follows:
  12. NOVEMBER MONTHLY REVIEW NATIONAL SIZED COMPANY FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT THE START OF THE MONTH WEEK ONE: WEEK TWO: WEEK THREE: WEEK THREE PPV: SHOWDOWN ACROSS THE BORDER (MEXICO) WEEK FOUR: WEEK FOUR PPV: POPULARITY: FINANCE: MEDICAL: FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT THE END OF THE MONTH: NOTES: - Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier join the tag team division - Dan Severn signs with BPZ and will team with Nathan Jones (87 pop) - Maxine is now managing Brian Pillman Jr under the name Catrina. - Bruiser Bradley leaves the company. - No title matches took place in November due to my penalty.
  13. BrendenPlayz

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: February 5th 2019

    Checked out a couple of clips. Lynch once again getting strong treatment this time with Triple H. They're going all in on her push. The injury angle and her not seeing the doctor seems a little silly but I'm starting to get on board. I figured if she's actually alright just see the doctor and be done with it. But now they're pushing the story that she might not be right so it's fine. The question is, are they trying to make her an underdog face? An injured heel who won't let anything stop her from getting the match just doesn't make sense. Look for Ronda to heel it up in future weeks I think. Nice little double switch coming.