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  1. What's your predictions on the cover star for this years upcoming game? Drew McIntyre could be a good shout considering the year he has had.
  2. Sorry for the delay, but Wallace has been declared the winner. Well done to those who entered, it was very close it deciding. Great shows everyone.
  3. Has to be Christian Cage for me. Cleared to wrestle, probably didn't get a great deal at WWE, Tony Khan would love to have him. Christian is proven to jump ship in the past. I can see it. Angle needs to stay retired, he's done.
  4. I enjoyed the heck outta this show. Probably the first Dynamite in a while where I basically watched the whole thing without distraction, except for the women's match. SHAQ was great. I enjoyed his match and the fact he took that table bump was awesome. I think it would be great to see him back and work a big man match with Paul Wight, cause why the hell not? It wasn't on PPV, it was a TV match, it was different and it was fun. I think fans need to relax on the whole every match needs to be great work rate, 5 stars etc. Jade Cargill needs to learn how to work if she's going to be more a factor
  5. I know it's slightly different but I feel like we just had this match on Dynamite recently. Seems like a filler match on the card. Best suited for a pre-show.
  6. Jinder comes to mind. Got the belt, did nothing but have shitty matches and bad angles. Ended up fizzling away back to being a jobber after he lost it. It literally accomplished nothing.
  7. I can honestly say that this shocked me big time. Yes he's going to commentate but make no mistake about it, Paul Wight will wrestle for AEW and he will headline Dynamite or maybe even a PPV.
  8. I mean I would like to say Miro because his AEW run has been terrible, but the end of his WWE run was probably even worse. But he's probably the main guy they grabbed that has done nothing. Shawn Spears at least had one decent feud, probably better than what he was going to get with Vince. FTR, Brodie Lee and Mox all had their time to shine since joining from WWE, so I'd give them a pass mark. As for other guys from smaller promotions, regardless of their push, you can argue that the national exposure outweighs what they were doing in the indies. Especially during the pandemic, most of these d
  9. Sorry for being inactive. I will be back soon

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      Can I have Chat Mod, can Mikey have Chat Mod, can we get Ryback on AEW Dark and can we get Lars Sullivan on Dynamite.

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      The Aaron

      Just glad to see you're still breathing.

  10. You know this isn't actually a bad idea. All the bigs guys in one group to find out who is the true BIG GUY. Ryback will win of course. I'll give him a fake belt just to make him happy.
  11. Next Round (Tag Team) 1. The British Bulldogs - Under rated. Hardly mentioned in top teams, but they were great for their time. 2. Rated RKO - Under rated. I loved their run, Edge and Orton meshed really well together. Two top guys teaming and it worked. It helped both of their careers. 3. The Bar - Fine - They had a great run, I think we'll look back on them fondly. 4. The Lucha Dragons - Fine, nobody talks about them for a reason. 5. 2 Cool - Over rated. Only because that apart from their dance, their act was fairly average.
  12. Looking to decide the winner of the booking challenge this week. Make sure you enter to win a copy of TEW2020. 


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      Please don’t just reply L

  13. Teasing a match with Orton is interesting. Feels like it’s been ages since HHH worked a match. Probably wouldn’t want him to waste that on Orton tbh.
  14. Trents injury is a tough loss. Best Friends are a decent act and Trent is the only good worker in the group. Now we have Chuckie T trying to pretend he can wrestle and Orange Cassidy doing his thing. I don't think it'll work.
  15. She would stand out in terms of her promos and character work. But her in ring work would probably be quite behind some of the other top names. She would still be a star but she would probably be better suited managing or being in some sort of management role again.

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