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Status Updates posted by BrendenPlayz

  1. Thank god for AEW, Full Gear was a blast. Good to watch something good again

  2. WWE 2k20 grind begins

  3. wtf wrestling is good again

    1. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      Bobby Lashley is here to ensure we don’t enjoy any of it. 

    2. Brian Gillman

      Brian Gillman

      you should've waited 3 days before sending this one out huh

    3. Bart


      this aged like ice cream in the sun

  4. very busy this week, hopefully i'll have some time soon to be more active.

  5. Special shoutout to @???? @Arius @BobdaBomb @Sameer @IndianaDaws for helping keep the lights on. It's been a difficult time for me and to see these guys help out was truly amazing. I feel blessed to have such an incredible community. Thank you.

  6. happy birthday legend

    1. Sameer


      Thanks my guy appreciate it! 🤙

  7. BrendenPlayz TEW2016 Skins are now available for download: The Attitude Era and BPZ Universe skins.


  8. The most stressful week of my life is over. What a rollercoaster of a week.

    1. Bart


      Glad to hear (on Twitter) that everything will be fine.

  9. Being tag team champions was one of the highlights of my time on the forums. Special thanks to @Sameer for being a great partner. I wish everybody in the division all the best. 

    1. Sameer



  10. happy 5 years legend

    1. Jonathan


      I really made it to 5 years, what the fuck is wrong with me. Thanks to y’all for being a fun community to be apart of for the past years, here’s to 5 more, semi active, part timing years

  11. I'm extending Round 5 of the Trophy Comp to Monday morning. That way there is all of Next weekend to earn trophies for the final round. 

  12. Last day for Round 5 of the trophy comp! Remember to sync up and score as many as you can for your chance to compete in the final round.

  13. Just a reminder that having multiple accounts on the forums is against the rules. Please use one account only. 

    1. bailey14


      Does that apply to u as well

  14. I'm back online and I encourage all of our trophy comp players to try and earn some trophies today. I'll be more active in updating going forward.

  15. Moving house tomorrow. Expect me to be MIA for a while. Probably won't have internet. Should be on discord but not able to do any admin work.

    1. Father Georgemas

      Father Georgemas

      Hope the move goes well my dude

    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      Good luck mate. Hope the move goes well. 

    3. Julius


      Good luck with it. Hope everything turns out well and you're not greeted with any unwelcome surprises

  16. Been in bed sick for the last few days, remember to keep earning trophies for Round 3. I'll have the weekly update available on time Saturday Morning.

    1. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      Dirk won his NBA Championship in 2011 against the Big 3 Heat with the flu you know. 

    2. Sameer


      @Flynn were u sick when I beat that ass on 2K

    3. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      keeleys cooking strikes again

  17. 1 day left of this week's round on the trophy comp! Remember to sync your trophies before Saturday 10am EST.

  18. Congratulations to @Sheridan who will officially join the moderator team.

  19. Use the "preview" button to preview your posts before you post them. This way you can see how your posts look before making them live.

    1. bailey14


      Damn is that Preview u means

  20. Twitch Subscribers can get Premium membership on the forums. It has to be done manually. DM on Discord if you don't have it.

  21. happy birthday legend

  22. Reminder to sync your trophies before 10AM EST on Saturday.

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