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  1. Such a great match. A car crash with great spots and action. Both guys gave it their all and the last moment with Strowman breaking through for the win was a cool visual. I love these types of brawls.
  2. Taker looked good. He looks old but he can still play the classics. This made Roman look great getting the respect of Taker. Now let's make McIntyre a star with a Summerslam win. Nice match.
  3. Decent match and keeping the belt on the Revival is the right call. I like that they are making the revival seem classy and rich, now that theyre champions. Seems old school but works for them.
  4. They picked the perfect opponent to showcase Black. With heyman in charge I think Cesaro will get a much bigger role going forward. He made Black look great and delivered a great performance. Very strong match for both.
  5. I'm a little surprised they didnt go with the co champions. But its the right call. Bayley isnt a strong character for me. But it makes sense in the storyline to go in this direction.
  6. It was a solid ppv as they continue establishing their wrestlers heading into All Out. There wasn't a match that I loved or would rewatch but the card itself was solid overall. The six man tag had its moments, the main event was good and I thought the Adam Page looked great in his win. I'm liking Shawn Spears. Hes carrying himself as a star. I can see cody vs spears at All Out and itll be a good one. A no dq stipulation would suit. Good show overall.
  7. 36 Fragments of Midnight Platinum Midnight Become a master collector Super easy platinum but actually kinda fun. A decent little platformer that gave me a little bit of trouble at times. It might be a dirty platinum but at least I enjoyed it.
  8. ROUND 2 RESULTS Round Two is in the books and while it wasn't as prolific as round one, it certainly brought about a couple of very interesting match ups. This week we saw two of the best teams, The Royals and BBB go to war in a truly epic battle that was down to the wire right until the final hour. Let's take a look at the results: In our first match, Golden Victory edged out Team Three in a low scoring affair. Golden Victory scored their first win of the contest and it was truly a team effort. Their top scorer @Toxik431 scored a steady 345 points to guide the team to an easy win. They also picked a bonus point with all three of their team scoring at least one trophy. However, for Team Three they failed to do such a feat. They take a bad loss and score 0 competition points to show for it. A tough round for them with @Lord Yautja scoring a donut and @Julius barely getting out of the blocks with just 154 points mainly thanks to his handicap. It seems like @Emperor Nate is in for a tough season with this team. Next up it was Two and A Half Men versus Platinum Maximums. It was the half in the team name with @James Hunter costing the team a bonus point after what he probably thinks is a good score, of zero points. @Sameer took the week off with only 126 points but the excellent @Meko750 (Raven) racked up 1083 points to carry his team to a win. For Platinum Maximums it was a solid round for them. I was very impressed by @Brad who managed 432 points, a team high for the round. He's proving to be handy support for @JohnMoynihan who scored 355 points. Finally the match of the round. Two competition heavyweights went to war in this one. The BBB aand The Royals. BBB was out of the fight for majority of the round until a last ditch effort to steal it in the clutch. They put up 8 platinums for the round with a number of them in the dying moments. Despite @BiC and @TheBeastlyKing's massive scores of over 2000 each, they still failed to topple The Royals. This week was @GeorgeAK's, he was the MVP of the round with 3811 points! A freakish performance from a player that wasn't scouted to be a top tier player during the draft. But ranking aside, he showed that he is a force to be reckoned with and he and @BrendenPlayz were able to steal the win for the Royals. Luckily for The Royals, @Prince remembered how to turn on his console and scored one trophy, thus barely giving them an extra point for the round. But with George's MVP performance and Brenden's platinum of the round, 600 bonus points went there way! -- Individually, GeorgeAK199 drove up the ladder to take the top spot this week. Brenden3 closely followed behind moving up 5 spots. Toxik431 has a strong week and moved up 4 spots and Just_Caoimhin also moved 5 spots as well, with a better performance this week. KaizinoYT drops 7 spots after scoring nothing, Meko750 moves down to 5th after an excellent round one and Sameer306's week off means he now sits at 13th in this weeks round. -- PLATINUM OF THE ROUND @BrendenPlayz Spy Chameleon All trophies earned Congratulations! Rarity: 12.66% -- PLATINUM'S @TheBeastlyKing Batman I'm Batman Complete Batman Rarity: 64.20% @BrendenPlayz @GeorgeAK 36 Fragments of Midnight Platinum Midnight Become a master collector Rarity: 81.19% @BrendenPlayz SQUAREBOY VS BULLIES DEFEAT ALL THE BULLIES Rarity: 85.29% @Meko750 (Raven) Suicide Guy Platinum Trophy Collect all the trophies Rarity: 86.08% @GeorgeAK Energy Cycle Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Rarity: 95.73% @GeorgeAK Mr. Massagy I am the glorious Mr. Massagy! Unlock all the trophies! Rarity: 96.48% @BiC Fullblast Platinum Ship Get all the trophies Rarity: 97.93% @BrendenPlayz Slyde Hooah In it for life. Rarity: 98.48% @bailey14 @BiC Jack N' Jill DX Platinum Jack N' Jill Get all the trophies Rarity: 98.97% -- Next weeks match ups will be: Round Three begins now! Good luck.
  9. Name: Brenden Playz Age: 24 Nationality: Australian Height: 7ft 1 Weight: 260 Wingspan: 7ft 7 Looks (be as descriptive as you want): white, short brown hair, tattoo sleeve for right arm. Short full face beard Archetype: Rebounding Post Scorer Position: Center
  10. After hearing about it for years, I watched John Wick finally. I don't know why I never waanted to watch it but god I'm glad I did. Absolutely brilliant, loved the fight scenes and brutal kills. Nice and simple story that made you emotionally connected from the beginning. Really well made film. Also extra props for big Kevin Nash for being in it, icing on the cake.
  11. 1 day left of this week's round on the trophy comp! Remember to sync your trophies before Saturday 10am EST.

  12. 100 platinums was probably mine. Which combines all the difficult platinums I had to get along the way to make that happen. Looking forward to getting 200 and the journey that will be.
  13. Got no idea who any of them are but I will vote NIGHTWING
  14. I'm also looking for a new website logo. I'd like to replace the existing: for something new. Feel free to submit your logos below, it just needs to be BrendenPlayz Forums. Maybe BPZ Forums as an alternative too.
  15. Its a solid card for a free show. I'm looking forward most to cody and goldust vs The Young Bucks. No Moxley for this show is a shame but it stops him from being over exposed I guess. Maybe expect something with Omega and him on this show. My predictions Omega Page Young bucks No contest or Darby allins team win. Lucha brothers

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